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The Panama American
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Weekend American
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Scott Family Library Fund ( donor )
Panama Times, Ltd.
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Panama City, Panama
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daily (except saturday and sunday)[may 12, 1973-]
daily[ former oct. 7, 1925-dec. 4, 1966]
daily (except saturday)[ former dec. 10, 1966-may 5, 1973]
normalized irregular


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Newspapers -- Panama (Panama)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
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Panama -- Panama


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Oct. 7, 1925-
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On Saturday published as: Weekend American, Dec. 10, 1966-May 5, 1973.

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University of Florida
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Nor Politics

zta S nearly all we know, and
10 0 for a strict line be-
ween l ration needed for
he *re ed judgment" of vot-
rs, a technical and military
ata needed for such- pur-
The. scientist said the
=ost rtanj objective of "our
,nemy.t to spread confusion
nd adiust' among us."
.But eqlred that "we are
arry iI -N the process now
Without ld prompting."
a principle has been
d "abhorrent" to
iN the basis of shhple
putting in jeopady
en did important war
Ipr use they express un-
op onions, and denying
men Wght to make useful

selentiflc contributions because
of youthful Indiscretions."
Asserting that "suspicion and
distrust are rampant in the'
land; he said "this madness of
ours" ls.much more threatening
than the post-World War I
watchh hunts" and' is even a
greater momentary threat than
that of a hostile power over-

Pitcher Seybold
Pitcher John 8. (Guv) Seybold
wound up, let fly, and the INS
Fatlich Teenage.,basebai league
season-was off in all directions
yesterday afternoon, in Its own
new bell park beside the Little
League ground.
Catcher Adalbert Futlich and
batter Sigurd E. Esser were rap-
idly yanked from front Ilneop-
erations, umpires and spectators
emerged from their f oxhole
and the Pumas went on to P 13
to I win over the Palomas, last
year's champions.

'Junk Mail' S-

WASHING Jan. 1 (UP).- be o
Adverasling .care
asply to "Housholder" ort
ltron" will not be jamnl latl
boxes after Barch 31. Ch.
Buanaadfeld annmnoues
unk maff tU-aitle
will be .onamed
The prpctie was diet ar"
cassefneat- 2 melits -g.

the aterxt of t ise anrvw:
Would you welyei49
iatic negotiations w

-At Ye negotiations betSw
Interested powers with agl
-f Eastem question ma U g
|I periencef of t
See, whernw.
Spub.c took -...
Snegotiaton 4ra

QWould yi wele 6dlp*-
co-31renor between the heada of don.

Uuf Iettefitatt? ret-^if n

A:: ls eonget ait muat.
be Ad ft of fn t ree-

of a pbitive solutioo
thion of a conference o the heads
of the government of the ao 1
powers. As in inown. the W4t-i
emrn powers at trying to soie
separately the most p rtalt
int natlonal questions d pa-
ticularly questions rel ating to
ermany. Barely it lea -tat
such a policy canpt fefllw
ed while at the same t.Me Slh-
slons of a four-power coaUereano
are.scattered among the lpeop
The point ai, therefore, W-
conermeae of the bOM of
governments of Franep,-nasd,
the U.S.S.R. and the UA.
should not be confronted with
theee andotlfer separate aotUn
oa-questlun which dameand -
planation at a four-power con-
Q: What in your opinion is
the main reason for tension beW
tween the Soviet Union and the'i

xu s ui-
see *adlt
i stppd

ervie To Be
nuremsmen and lsate home-ftoea M

i -

nman Frank (
9 the Sepate

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do IV"tths

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Off The thei eld)

Sww Aid 1Hes

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Moralns Slie Case*

Chardtis i The WIMdweed

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rW The sMean amit
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NIrut 0U Mashanes.

M urr e hre

WWIy league I, (k

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wAGs for O raNt

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KEEP YORK Jan. 1 An re wa fitting recon ta i
of topchtive look at sthe creative manto who has probably
Sholm, Sweden. art Mn the Unit- nreaest ln flu we o 1*
Bring to mp d abov umber of great weal Ae yboI '
M above nt _. owed that the M, "

Names ive anl Hming mercan wrn

L i^ ucessFauler and Branco.m

cre plad, the nw bn the ter red a

as rmed, ew b o s k number of new 1*l1..
pNiEW YORK Jan. 1 -w-A re..wai fitting recolia h r it -l .
tropctive look at the-. creative man who hae s probably m
11no pTrosming at in the Unit- reatf t influence so tea 4Wii 6-
ed smats during 'the pas t yea e r on t10UM Action X &M a
brihns to mid a number of great toel Am-eica. M.l
peuch sadneona ss to Aerll an come Faulkner' my ia 'm" T i
d ace evemt.sic lers. ow. shbb owad t rat the lra
II has extended thn ed t ii-
rtcNamel s es beani, Heming. meaca writing .
w, I. Fulkner and Branco _
Of Tee thsei o fthe now bym- E ven more. ensuo _
IIeld eeet ,we played, these be en this seas but there
AtW permed, naw boo k number of new w500d diaob
pihr,,ad, now works of painting ervel has already dwt,,i,. ,dk-
ini W re exhibited. tall on teur I weA by
eet irement of maristro Acont Heramton Baso
Ituro Toeanini ae the death Mf inow, 1 dVer9. jb-,q
the eompoier Charles Ives meant- Reeves. r tp'ttert
muce Hh is dness to Amerian connues y the experiment
c troer and ver orces- "The SeGrubbed,' as a lraXN to,
er de t d oa rdi aUv'. ob seveuritya ler oWher atait p ,

newly-named symphony of ot e air and Lovers" and
brilliant' mu, Toswani drilled musi- ways leadership
attention ana tclah e among U.S. .film makers -g. .
the a world' s dgeatert symphonic out a better-thao-a

or0 atnts. oafuit( woorthwhileabyi,
ritea l ueles o before death witi M. m. v, iW

lmerfas w rt e iUa c t e was thwe,
e fh o a Ar.Lur mig r C ryn aq
SO 5wMllda, ioe an be lian are not repreglt -
IM exe thi ate he beh m this eason, but there -lLlt
and wltue m to -b a ed wa few giood drama,. "Ei.'
-wilg :i6 erd n thleh a. u Particularly. .iipcoaldor
'Yet a _u artistry onti. Herman Wuitk' .ti ',4
=0el to thrIn lllioi. and not ona .his bestTselU .vl"^|^
thy awrd the medium of t h Mutiny," and "Wsr
w o-fdty recordings wprhih fas" by a new wtI apib
have had great audience accept- Reeves. "Mrs. Pattera il_ le
&net. His inspiration continues a0- the expermenl furM ,lSn
go ho ish i o ver own rches-/"The Seed,' as e a. N. ..l
tra whic, eeb folr! ,w disband veteran Maxwell Ader&f,k
meat on then'maestro's retirement, to be the standdut ps l

concerts in recent month%, this "The Tender ft'p1-. ',_N;l
newly-named symphony of the air and Lovers" and "tb r B
shoed it had lost none of t he Figure" help to UPbotd. ,^i|^
brilliant, Toseanini-drilled musi- ways leadership in s aspOf
clanship cenductorless though it the medium.
is--that won for it a place among U.S. film makers 1l4q... tac1
the world's-,greatebt symphonic out a better-baa-avef|~--Hut-
orcanlations. .:- / of worthwhile oct, f tf
In Ow feld fi teratm A, |- matie and m} ..

cnti m to produce. with &R high dr-"atic "U, inIIT I Cws

The award jo trneitH-i__j.g- .. ,..r sl norn" w"CywM ,
way of the covered Nobel prize IJones.LJ .

Mint. MeuMO*


Ck' KMIwftHM (WO

Ulai~ 1Nai'ah

MaesalsM agi *'~


the Ali fM 11I IL

lw -l w

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'IlL. (VAI
N..,,f ',

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a2e -0740 26OW. l to .&4

ag gagall

r ~ ~'r-~' -t

* ^'- ,


Mr. sad Mrs. Glenn C. Dough of Margarita have an.
nouned the engagement of their daughter, Elizabeth Len.
eve6 to Mr. Gerald D. Stroop, son of Mr. and Mrs. E. C.
Streep of SaraOta, Florida.
Miss Dough, who is a graduate of Cristobal High School
with the class of 1952, is now with the 15th Naval Dfstrlet
at Ft. Amador. Mr. Stroop, who graduated from Cristobal
Rh School with the class of 1946 is employed by the Ter-
zInaW Division of the Panama Canal Company in Cristobal.
Plans have been made for a wedding at the Margarita
tUhon Church on Friday evening, Jan. 14, at 7 o'clock.

Gratha.-tdrigue Couple
' Leave For New M-eleo
Mr. and Mrs. Alfred J. Graham
who were married on Dec. 15 in
the Holy Fthily Church in David
by Father Cosick left recently for
New Mexifo after having spent
their homepnoon in Boquete.
%Mrs. Graham is the former Mel-
a Alf6ia Rodriguez daughter! of
4 Mr. and Mrs. Gustavo Rodriguez
of David, Chriqui, and Mr. Gra-
ham irthee oa of Mr. and Mrs.
Alfred R. Graham of Los' Rios

Th ,Unien Club held a: sdththo
for t'i vMembers yesterday eve-
ning at 6:0t.m. It was followed
by the regular Saturday nig h t
El X Pams Heotel Held
Egeg Party Yesterday
Yesterday morning at 11:00 a.
m. the Cabana Club of the Hotel
El Panama held an eggnog party
at the'poolsjde. Lucho Azcarraga
and his orchestra furnished the
Music for dancing.

-El Panama Resumes
"he minagment of the Hotel El
PanamA has' announced that with
f iy season past, it will re-
s the popular' Sunday Ni ght
buffets in the patio.

Lucho Azcarraga and his orches-
tra will furnish the music.
Steamship Heads-To Discuss
At Historical Society Meeting
On Tuesday evening at 7:30 at
the Hotel Tivoli the Isthmian His-
torical Society will feature the
arrival of the steamsip compa-
nies and the Panama Rairoad to
the Isthmus.
Mr. Enrique de la Ossa will re-
present the Manama Railroad and
on the panel for the steamship
companies will be Anthony Ray-
mond, Michael McDo1ald, Robert
J. Boyd, iJmes Roaerts, Fmer
iel a Thomas r
Pittsburgh Attomney
Visiting Here
Mr. G. Roy Keltzer, a well-
known attorney from Pitts-
burgh,, Pa., has arrived for a 10-
day vAit on the sthmuaand is
stopping at Hotel InternacionaL
He was entertained on New
Year's Eve by Mr. and Mrs.
Frank E. Hirts of Diablo. his
longtime, friends.
After hisvisit here, Mr. Keit-
zer will continue to Quito, Ecua-
dor, to continue his vacation
before returning to Pittsburgh.
I New Year's Dinner Party
Mr. and Mrs. Richard '. Ma-
honey of Balboa entertained on
Friday evening at a dinner par-
ty for a few friends.

How Printers Kept Secret

Momentous Court Decision

C 1~ e ago
i~werld katt been
of the
rPress, revealed
t secet the ver-
Jcleared the du
o o anti-trust
aa year ago when
tw" men from its
, headquarters to
to &Ir a trustworthy
'ere.fially chosen,"
Mi blok off part
ilhe work and
n manager
Sto incharge of
the better part of
it $ next I2 months
f- acting as liaison
C., heehre prin-
t and the US. gaov-
afd .-deadline,"
Swoud-rewive the
the pro-

t by 9 at

we were
2*, afternoon


for publication, and, Clovis. said,
"top @curity measures, were put
TW document was placed im-
mediately it the coippany's safe,
under seal, where it remained un-
tilt ec. .
"At that time,"' said Clovis,
"there were only three men in the
world who knew the final de-
I They were LpBuy, Clovis and
Clovis explained that on the night
of Dec. 1 his men set type, printed
and sewed the first 4s pages of
the document which were of a
more or less general nature. The
last five pages, which contained the
court's final decision, remained in
the safe. -" I ,I

At 1 am. onDee. 2, an' hour af-
ter the plant's normal closing time,
a group of iand-picked personnel
began final work on the highly
secret fle pages. Clovis 'said he
had assembled the group in his of-
fice early that evening and ex-
plained the importance of secrecy
and the disastrous result that a
"leak" might bring. Trust and-sen-
otty'werethe only criteria in-
volviA: i %is choies."
"(bat that group said Clovis,
"Only 6ni ma had been 'with us
less thb 15 years add some as
Ilong asI0 years.'
At 8 a. the job was completed
and tiecpies plaedIn the eus-
tody of BrMk's Expres Co. At the time. Ogren was charged
with Ue delivery of M copies to
mitesed parties in Wilminsta.
Thst eopies wer pu on a tfnta
ander ar rd, and Ogren -
rally thi MnUtLBL a.m.

W .*b"lbe


Emch note for Inchuslon in this
column should submitted In type-
wrien form anm failed to one *Iof
he box n amber lited daily in "0o-
dal and Othurwe,6 o de1vr vred
by hand to the Nofle. Wi.ce of
meetnss cannot be aceptd by tele-
Curniad Woman's Club
To Hold Meeting Wedeedayy
The Curundu Woman's Club
lwU hold their monthly meeting
on Wednesday Jan. 5 at the Com-
munity Building at 9 a.m. in Cu-
Coffee will be served before the
meeting. The hostesses will be
Mrs. T. J. Bembeneck, Mrs. Le-
roy K. Bendixen, Mrs. L. D. Bo-
ney and Mrs. Paul L. Au Buchon.
Arts and Crafts Group
To Meet Monday
The Arts and Crafts Group of
the Balboa Woman's Club will
meet on Monday at 9 p.m. at the
home of Mrs. L. Saarnen house
1542 Mango Street in Balboa.
Batea painting is the group's
special project for January and
February and members interest.
ed are reminded to bring their
Canal Zone Col-eg Club
Meets on Monday
Members of the Canal Zone Col-
lege Club will meet on Monday
at 4 p.m.

The Book Review Group under
the chairmanship of Mrs. F, K.
Van Zandt will have charge of
the program and, will present Dr.
Dorothy Moody who will review
several books among which will
be Hadrian's Memoirs, by Mar-
guerite Yourcenar and Love Let-
ters of Phylls McGinley, a book
of light verse.
Mrs. S. E. Esser and her com-
mittee will serve tea.
The club will honor Mrs. Ruth
Getz who is leaving the Isthmus
for the United States.

Hot Canape!
NEW YORK -(U)- Look n
for a hot canape treat? Try. his
bacon and apple combination Roll
bacon strips around canned apple
slices and broil, Spear each to
na toothpickiad serve hot

Today's Rs

Women Cosd:

Take Up Ou!tlig'
CHICAGO -(UP)- Trouble with
American women is, they don't
uilt these days.
"They're too restless," said Mrs.
Bertha Stenge, Ametica's quilting
ueen. "They're la.r ing something.
ey chase from store to store. If
som3 one gets sick, they raise a
fuss and run out for nurses. They
have no patience, for they never
learned it never practiced it.
But Mrs. Stenge, a 63-year-old
grandmother who has taken all the
top prizes for quilting in the United
States and Canada and has had
her works displayed at museums,
believes the art of quilting is here
to stay, even if there aren't as
many women wielding the needle
now as in the good old days.
"As long as there are poor folks
and economical housewives," she
said, "-here will be quilting."
Mrs. Stenge sild that quilting
knowledge is one of those hidden
skills that help a fanlly in the
event of an emergency, such as a
devastating bombing attack.
"Rags and tatters may be al8
that are available," Mrs. Stenge
said. "The woman who can quilt
will find she has a very practical
The slender, gentle woman
shakes her head, however, when
discussing her own three daugh-
ters. Two are married and one is
making-a career as a dietician.
"Two of them made on quilt
and one tried two quilts in her
teens," she said. "But none of
them quilts now. It jqst didn't
take, I guess."
Mrs. Stenge said she began her
hobby by entering a newspaper
contest. Friends taught her the
needle craft.
A native of San Francisco, she
attended the University of Califor-
nia at Berkeley and showed talent
in working with colors and design.
After school, she went to work de-
signing stained glass windows,
which required the same skill Jn
mosaic that her quilting does.
Her exquisite color sense and her
bold and dramatic patterns won
first prizes in world fairs at Chi-
cago, New York, and San Francisco
and at Canadian National Exposi-
She has captured numerous hon.
ors at state fairs and other quilt-
ing contests throughout the nation.
The Smithsonian Institution in
Washington, has asked her to will
to them the "Palm Leaf" quilt
which won first prize at the New
York World Fair in 1940, she said.
Her most recent exhibition was
a "one man show" at the 1954
Women's International Exhibition
in New York, where 33 of her quilt-
ing "paintings" were displayed.
Mrs. Stenge's husband, a retired
attorney, didn't pay much atten-
tion to his wife's hobby until she
copped first place at the New York'
world's fair exhibition.
"We all went to New York and
trode in-a car they use4 frvl4t-
ing royalty," she recalled, '
'-C '



Ballet Tap & Toe for Girls

Baby classes for Pre-School Tots.
New Classes starting in January.
Limited opening for New beginners.
For all information Call Balboa 1751.

NOW! for sun-burnt, sun-faded,
sun-baked hair...

Roux color shampoo

e 1Ah,. these glorious, glor
Sdus sunny days! 01
those poor, poor heads a
I hair! Lucky for you, w
have a quick, easy, beau
./ tifil ans.e.a Wtk th RO


I ments you can repair the
damage the sun has done

to your hair color. Put
fresh new color, natural-
looking color, into every
visible gray or faded
strand. And with Roux's
lustroux 17 colors, you
can match your original
hair shade, or brighten it,
or darken it, as you'd like.



according to directions.



DITRm :ToR: 41nf NA' s Passi
5sk se~a. 4 assIersay q

OAS Will Hold Children's

Congress Here
Advance preparations are mov-
ing forward in Panama City this
week for the 10th Pan American
Children's Congress which will be
in session here from Jan 10
through 15.
Delegates from most, if not all,
American Republics are expect-
ed to arrive for the sessions which
will convene at Hotel El Panama
one week from tomorrow.
The Congress is being held un-
der the auspices of the Organiza-
tion of American States.
It will be inaugurated by Presi-
dent Jose Antonio Remon of the
host country Panama. -
Some 200 people, including dele-'
gates, observers and secretariat,
are expected to arrive for the con-
gress designed to map plans and
study ways and means for better-
ing the lot of the children of the
Western Hemisphere.
As with all uch conferences
under OAS or United Nations
auspices, the general public is
welcome to attend the business
sessions, within the limits of the
space available.
Tentative program calls for of-
ficial opening _f tU sessions at 1
p.m. next Monday to be followed
by a plenary session at 4:30 p.m.
That evening the chairman o f
the Panama delegation will be
host at a reception at the Pana-
ma Golf Club for the delegates
and representatives of internation-
al organizations.
On Tuesday, Jan. 11 there will
be technical sessions starting at 9
a.m. and 3 p.m.

Investment field

Needs More Women,

Expert Believes
Mrs. Rita M. Welly had her way,
there'd be more women in the in-
vestment field.
Mrs. Welly is the militant presi-
dent of a new all-woman organic.
zation known as the Investment
Women of Western New York. Its
purpose is to further the interest
of women in the investment and
securities business.
The group, which Mrs. Welly
"got the idea for" years ago, would
like to establish a scholarship "to
educate women" in the investment
Mrs. Welly, who has spent some
28 years at selling and trading se-
curities, says women can combine
their kitchen and office talents and
do a good job at both. But unfor-
tunately, she added, most men
have little confidence in women in'
the securities business.
S"I don't th nttgiff aht,".aSm
1"punky MrsoWeUywtioi know
as muckr aNi s e i, mul

Jan. 10-15

A .technical session starting at
9 a.m. .n Wednesday, Jan. 12, will
be followed by a luncheon to be
given by the Inter-American Wom-
en's Club for the delegates and
their wives.
Another technical session will
convene at 3 p.m. ano! in the eve-
ning the Lions Club will give a
banquet at the Union Club for
the chiefs of delegations and re-
presentatives of the international
On Thursday, Jan. 13 at 10 a.
m. a plenary session will re-
ceive reports of the committees.
Another technical session will
convene In the afternoon.
Friday, Jan. 14 will se the fi-
nal plenary session and passage of
Session. will close at 4 p.m. the
next day.
That evening, the director of
Panama's Social Security Agency
will entertain delegates at a cock-
tail party.
At some time during the ses-
sions, the Doctors' Wives Club will
entertain for the delegates and
their wives.

Home Is Where
The Heart Is.

SALEM, Ore.-(UP)-The home-
sick convict is going home: back
to Oregon State Penitentiary.
Robert W. McCarn, 58 set fire
to the Oregon Pulp and Paper Co.
warehouse here in hopes the ac-
tion would get him another prison
He pleaded guilty to arson and
was given his wish-10 more years
at the prison. He had been released
only last August after serving 17
years of a 20-year-term for arson,
committed in Klamath county. He
"I can't adjust to the world out-
side. And besides, all my friends
are in the pen. I want to go back


nce agaiDl... .

first one of the season ',
from tonite after 7 p.m. in the patio
Marvelous way to end the holidays ..
feasting on the magnificent board, set''
.by Qur genius of the cztirnary ar'U .....
and dancing under the stars to the
music of-LUCHO AZCARRAGA and his
All for a mere $3.50 per person!
Reserve your table now .
with M-'. Maitre d'hotel &"

A Kirkkby otel


Faltering Philip! I
hiiWs life t -le with brues.
Well-woren ste and ew be mu..
Repstr would leae Ils bome like asew
' A. Classified. 't the right as


0 1f111*#A K #-I

witl be closed ill day tomorrow

MoN AY, JAN hr-Y rlTO

.d R"N VN TO RY. .

4't ; *

- b

See for yourself

this wonderland


Slanamonte 4nn


Alt. 4000 ft.

Av. Temp. 659

* In the beautiful, cool Valley of the Moon.
* surrounded by gushing streams, lush orange groves and fragant coffee "fincas"
* walking and horseback-riding during the day
* relaxation in front of a blazing fireplace at night
* graoious.hospitality combined with good food, good coffee and good drinks
* short daily flights from Tocumen airport to David
* transportation to the Inn available upon request with your reservations




-,, ~ ~i


' am

' )

_ 1 ._ _Iwo

1 a r I I i n


I ---- --

1 -. --) --_------- -------~--~r_-- III I I __I I




-- -v


. .,- .. .. .. .. ....
-.: .. ." ,. ..
-.. :. -.,



iY Containers Can

S2ou j wice


I. -

fashioned from decorated metal eas mask eoloeful
keep o giving all year lo. Hole puaihed in the over
a slip-*through for the yarn.
NEA Staff Writer

o ever been so entranc- hole and smooth the edges with
m pretty wrappings on a a file to hold a ball of knitting
t that you hated to untie yarn or string. The can will help
Sna? Artful packaging is keep it clean and untangled.
but fortunately, for 7um- Small, flat boxes with hinged
Nra ike.myself, ready- lids are appropriated by my
S Mterging -has developed so youngsters for their crayons and
ab me containers that chalk. If you receive a large,
e "aW- s t gift is splendidly beautiful candy box that's tco
MRr at s- pretty to discard, let your daugh.
ple, long after the last ter use it for hankies gloves, hair
fruitcake or cookie has bows or barrettes. Wipe it out
from the tin, the con- carefully, however, and let the a-
r still serves a useful life. yoma of chocolate air out before
year, you'll probably count you add the trinkets. I sprinkle
your post-hcliday t r e a- sachet powder inside the perfume
decorated metal cans flat, the contents.
tall and short. Better than I've also found a sturdy metal
ithem on a shelf for possi- can an invaluable addition to the
next Christmas is to put toy basket, especially when tod.
n setvlee now. What can dlers come to call. One can (I be-
with therm, to some ex- lieve it arrived filled with fruit.
*ds on their size and cake) now holds empty thread
Ispools, big buttons, short lengths
b of knotted string and a few sea
ever found anything bet- shells left over from some excur-
Soeping brown sugar soft sion. Exploring and playing with
cylindrioal an with tight. these objects keeps little fingers
that arrived two yqars momentarily out of mis c hie f.
with cphies. S r When the visit is over, the lid
p'oles pUnehed -Se goes ba he cam, oorraling
exs contain these od i& neatly and safely
e. punc for the n a .

a'n ousewgvets e Chance

.u I lr m/ Ie,,lnrvaaanda

- -- ...r-

S-- 0 ---
jY ALICIA HART the heart of America, which all
too many foreign visitors miss."
JINGTON (NEA)-House- Mrs. Leopold and seven other
;#ross the country will soon outstanding women leaders have
S.hance to help personally just returned from a two-w ee k
't the effect of recent survey in France and Italy under
eist propaganda junke t s the auspices of the Foreign Op-
Russia and Red China. erations Administration in coop-
wom" .from France eraticn with the State Depart-
.c gre t invited to ament, the U. S. Information
i s two months to Agency and the Labor Depart-
hand how democracy ment.
he will .t be conduct- There they met and talked
t 4osel ided, banquet- with 200 women, who are active
't.4nr so ftliar to trav- in government, professional, po-
h d the Iron Curtain. litical and social affairs, in order.
to select those whn will visit their

Women s


Les .AJnd Fleet SAre >A


EDITOR'S NOTE: In this So, in addition to the attention doesn't r-can that I don't find their chance at being on top. I
story, written exclusively for we all pay our skin, hair and some new muscle that screams rest my legs on the back of a
NEA, expert advice on how to figures, a dancer must sandwich each time I must get in shape chair when we're home alone. A
have beautiful legs come from in a let of tender care for her for a movie role. It's not neces- woman who's home during the
a girl who knows all the ans- breadwinners. And, as a newly. ary for nondancers to go through day might find it restful to lie on
wers. She's dancer Vera-Ellen, wed, I can't et down on the this kind of rigorous tuning-up, her bed with her feet high on the
whose long, shapely legs are floor in an old practice outfit and but the exercises prescribed for wall sometime during her sea.
seen in Hollywood's most lav. do a few grunting limberings-up. shapely, unflabby legs could ions of housework.
ish musicals. Her current pic. I must make all parts of my leg make a good basis for a daily pe. And, of course, the skin of
ture is "White Christmas." care session attractive t h e m- rinod of leg-limbering, the legs should get Its share of
Shelves. Wear something comfortable tenderness.
BY VERA-ELLEN And this, come to think of it, for your session of exercises. However shapely legs are, if
Written Especially for isn't such a ba. idea for any Nothing is more awkward or pe- the skin is rough ana chapped,
NSA Service woman. culiar looking than a woman do- t'll detract from their looks. For
Legs come in for their atten- ing exercises in a housedress. A me, this skin care is essential be-
One important thing that being tion, whether you're a dancer or leotard or shorts make nice ad- cause movie cameras detect ev.
a dancer means: legs and feet not, and no woman can go wrong miring for your family. ery flaw with a magnifying eye.
are your fortune. If they don't get with a leg-beauty regime that Keeping circulation going in the But even for women who never
the care they need, they become makes easy watching for the fam- legs is vital. Walking is the basic go before anything mere critical
temperamental performers a n d ly, too. commodity for this, but don't for- than a box camera, soothing lo-
their owner, sad to say, is in The exercises that I do are the get to let your legs rest. They're tion or cream should be in the
trouble right along with them. classic ones for dancers, but that downhill all day and need to get daily dozen for legs.

}uii or Cotlonw3 t4avi U Lon5.Jor4 oLoot

5- *

', .- w if w-.JW %'W"fISW

New design In seetleoaltoa is this three.Meee set, iJ
'to seat six people and versatile enough to permit l s eita
-to change the furntllure about in her Ilvisg..roin .j

NEW YORK (NEA) There best to encourage this, tf
was a time when the bride, proud. things for which the
ly surveying the three-piece over- when she shops for zuam
stuffed set in her living rcom, Quality uph-o steire
rightly assumed that this trio should, accurdt g to utW
would keep her company for a stylist Morris Futorian,
lifetime. ... vy frames of kiln-dnef's'
But no more. Recent surveys wood put together with do w e
made by the people who maxe pins ana animal glue. (You can't
surveys show that the little really tell yourself if it's aimual
woman is inclined to toss out the glue but you can force the aelee-
eld living room furniture every man to comess) Cornirs in the
ten years and replace it wit n frame should be relnWft0( wttn
completely new pieces, to her fitted corner blocks'. fr e x t r a
huibane's complete ana ineffable strength. (Get u o wUn on your
delight, hands and knees and pm. Yeou
Ine bride of the 1920's chose, may nbt finsa out anwMng out
of course, nice, heavy, drab piec- the salesman will think yo have
es that were ultraconservative in and otner snappers wail be Im-
design and wouldn't show soil. pressed.)
After all, if you're going to have Coil springs, our expert says,
the stuff around for a long time, should be made of high -carbon
what oyu want is practicality, not steel (tziese go boxing when y.u
glamor, twang them, like a harp) and
Today, women are color-con- they shouia be attached to ome
scicus to the extent of demanding frame with steel -wirej And be
lush turquoises, sooty blacks anu sure you get toose cafion in
even pale pinks. They want fab- foam rubber or quality rubber-
rics in lighter weights and they ized hair.
don't really care how the living
room is going to look the years Furniture can be roomy with-
from now because they're gcing'out being bulKy. And it .bheald
to change it around anyway. have clean, modern styliag to fit
It, however, the honlem a k e r in with most modern eeMot. buet
has a practical streak in her na. decors depend chiefly on simpli-
ture and her husband is doing his 'city for tneir appeal.

Enliven fresh Snap 8es'it

With Onions And Cheese

NEA Food and Mqarkets Editor

that glorifies nl the meantime, peel eions,
. It. combines leave whole and palee na sauce-
rated Parmesan pan with 1-inch boiling water and
ans. % teaspoon salt. Leave uncovered
and quickly bring to boiling point.
as and Onion Cock until half done. Theo, cover
san and cook until onions are tender.
5 servings) Onions cooked by this method have
a milder flavor.
snap beans, I- a milder flavor.
in pan, tea- Season beans and chions with
nd small white margarine-or butter, ground black
ag water in pan, pepper and additional salt, it de-
argarine or ut- sired. Arrange in -servuig dish.
ese. Sprinkle with Parmesan cheese.
it off tips and Fresh cauliflo ier -s another fine
e in saucepan vegetable. B j.9 tiust be cooked
water ,and .% correctly. ThSWS we pass on
r. Bring to bao. these Auggesti ns -

Here's a .recipe
fresh snap beans
white onions and gi
cheese with the be
Fresh Snap Beai
(Yield: 4 to I
One pound fresh
inch boiling water
spoon salt, 1 pcuw
onions, 1 inch boiling
si teaspoon salt, m
ter, Parmesan chee
Wash beans. Cu
leave hole. Plac
with 1-inch boiling
teaspoon salt. Cove

....., .....V3 ........... gn point and cook Lujnti crisp-ten-
U.S. wsder, liftinthe lid 3 to 4 times How to *lb Canlewer
"We weren't t sure during co g to permit vol. Cauliflower del a stro a-
were going to be ureci v kd," tile vegetable acids to escape to vor and odor if overcooked, du t
Swere going to be re ceive d," osq retain the green color of the beans. the action of the acids and the ac-
says Mrs Leopold. findwen tion f the heat on certain of the
"But everything went fine when flavoring materials, te ay be
we told them some of the prob- P J cooked successful by any one of
lems women face in the U.S. Threy ow a whOic the flloe n me ..s: _
were surprised we even had any. .1. For whale et aower o m
I think we managed to dispel the a todera n a e wa
idea that the American woman ter in as n a
Is a glamorous creature who just 'a y ant until c hp-taoer, met4 pro-
has to press a button in the wall dues a mnilde' or, however
.and a meal comes out ready to d more of the a are s .
et.". Cook, us i -tb ba-l-
Most of the women Mrs. Leo- Train moetifIued (left) forase i g'this Judior edon with stand-awWRdNCE ( gl s iostfool. -- trewas aa T g l he owhat- cayn in, wrinthehr th oer-
H iI r.Lepold and her group cmdronferred alndandlewotbak. Wide, praled g oalin e P seendtfull lsenih sW against |_n ..lla. j au w emIt strik e a g iero womn as he a esl o durrinth frs al of _.thos, -.
with will net themselves make in sfr e gjtion wiThwide, unfre !f g m h id lnEopsetteo af hm m- thr _1d _aby a' i -- -Is. .t. rstrk p ari r gnditr stoe hard S lgh e o ntre tlave th c -
the trip but will suggest personspfin _s ---ui__ because the feels she caught to to 4 times to permit the sKIM ot
they think ought to be repre- know instinctively. gases. to
sented. BY GAILE DUGAS on square-cut necklines and lots An tale told of Gertrude Law 3. Another mthed Is to b
One of the major hurdles of, gof neat, flat, standaway, collars. irence, a woman who knew how tbe cauliflower into fowerettea soa
the program is Security clear. I NEW YORK (NEA) The I to wear her maturity with e mag- cook ONLY unt.eripttlA 13
ance. long-torso look, developed in Par- Princess lines and empire seam- nificence, us of a party given sr t small amoqut oi wat a -.**
.is.. a ntyerpreted byw Ameritan design- .ag f are particularly good i nn Jn- ,n by the university at which she saucepan. This method ok $
No women with Communist lean- ers and apparent in resort collec cr fashions. But the longtorso taught. At first she panned t vegetable s qut no
LeeM di wings will be allowed to enter the ions, is present in junior cttons, theme is developed n ot h e r wear a wonderfully flamboyant flavor deveops.
nM lusni te alean mes country due to the McCarran-Walt- too. ways. H i p banding, gather e d,- o dress that represented all she
*A fa heneis w pue nt e daertImmigratione Tadt.ITi fullness and flounces set low are' -- __ _
bore amrdi*ntI ImThis lean silhouette with raised all ways of achieving the elon- BY MRS. MURIEL IAWRENCEI Sisterhood is her current prob- was as glittering star. be
I Mrs. Leopold emphasizes she bustline, slim midriff and lower iated line. Pleated skirts, nota-. Ile it 's a b aresp let reonsioe uie Th dered. After all, she de-
I e .. M n to whth the baby and the do treon red. Af tr t, s
has nothing to do with this hipline is handled in several bly permanently-pleated cottons, Mandy was given three toys .o.witheth U d ol, cided,. am guest of honor as a
._..either way, but she adds, "I per- ways for the junior fi ure. Us u- fan out from long, molded tops. soon after her mother and babyier o neaper, not oner. professor, not as a star She
the European women scnally ho e-and this is strictly ally, it's coupled wir a wade. orci lner came home irum tne nos-i Reponsible "big girl" behavior were a modest suit and wst Jthe
normal guests in the a peersona view-that the timeIspreading skirt and thus is kept' Cctton prints are gay and pital One was a doll that drinks, is p.. aly n r an hit of the evening, as befits a
SAmecan ous- will e when we can reach ounglooking amusin, take their cue from ma.; another its set of bottles, npplesju now. Every clay she has to guest of honor A terrible frm
some of the people who don't see' Even though the necklines fre- rine life, sea shells, commuter's and sterilizer. The third was a are tenderness ta't once be- And that's the key to the sit- err bl yow iths Ha
things our way." rauently rise high in he front, trains, newspaper print. Colors'doll's rubber bath. Through these longed woolly to her. So sne wal ution. Represent who you are _alIt h ,,t tn stb a *i
anltheir expenses,' The French and Italian women they o low in the back. The shimmer. paling from the very toys that would enable Mandy to be espectany greeay for it. as we and what you do at whatever the ut hisfee ,- hes
to finish, will be taitken will start arriving sometime in deep V is used most often but bright to the delicate Victorians imitate her mother's actions to fees anor brother, she may not occasion may be. _u. plhin fe -t etwt,
'by the government. lFebruary in small groups of the U cut is evident, too. There shades, including a whole range ward the real baby her parents want to teeu ner doii, out to come If you are the. mother of thelhands cluci te c ,
and Italy were chosen three or four, are narrow shoulder straps set of mauve and lilac. hoped to keep Mandy from be- and lean against us. Instead of -bride. be the mother of the bride, Lower him gently t
i meat due tom e Iing jealous of her brother. wanting to imtate Mo oer, she's not the bride. Be c- g.Ia he' up ainC
ButfMaay sneommunismd inter,more apt to wat to imiitate the backgrmmd for your maughter, fitute ,t b t vat for
ounies. i But Mancy sathsed little inter.D a we ba h eima n sue may in with her color scheme for the him to learn to at down i-
ea the new prnot be too disappointed. T h b y 'uub. n may develop mcua-. goaund.
..t appremate- won't press her to play mother veient ji clian li our I te paty is in honor of ta- Hee's ouch mee spgo
ally 000 oper to her doll if they wdl consider ener we'e dressing ham. ther w toman, don't try to u feeding
are frankly her position for a moment. She is U P thig D a yaDr sctioh vn her. Dces well tw esm*feedtrgtolt
e. warmth, ar barely three years old. T ag thelogical feet- ost her, but don'tstrail le Jst
f Marican house. she can imitate her mother's g new tsersm, we won't eompaetp Aid 'rolled eyes. big bib-a
wintfamf ltheLtures toward this doll that Mae -. other kind. We'll A"t,4t m(lR s, If your asstooe a let
IE EEy figure presents her brother, she cannot m fr am r Mcy, nons 'ht w, eut It sesspell.
Inv"a aLt e:PA experience the feelings that m*t/- hors l s brother is ta e t of ytr a to bea
W#l r DIMr' But she may _have_ d to rel__a__ _i by ap :;'
bist to her own toward It Aren't t h I5, too. And M pa a it Is fWtli
I ed, jealous little water? Can't we ia yottaher. kv a ierdos, I
olic ao. th en let M treat herdo at e e l aunt
ress h togive Itt gsJS nev ble angs a ww 1 ,1V. a g _I*"
-'of motherhood'ua -ifti a ue M "11WlUr sr

il^ ^ ..- "


e: -" "

-"-r .-- uw'.


---------- -- ---- --~-- -II ?


. At"


.." .,, .; .- _" 4r.. --




in nations, in their
dollars, are turn.
.'ltMu's Anrmdni


-PF eiapoameow We

Is are a 'Me a I
And, you never know, next. year
wv.msy al be singing "Ach, Du
lH.ebr SWBoom."
So many openings were sched-
uled along Broadway for $e last
week of the year that there
vesk't enough opening nights to
t W-" S go one show, "The
Tmdift as," had to hold' its
1i -~~tm me'h"t a matinee.

L tb.. 'aeresa pm- an
o formal to a first after-
yout Wv .white tie and

The -s to cancel "Life With
ather" B CBS-TV have been
cseli d The network
mano lettis th it qlick fod aa
ew tims spot for the show. So
Gate With Father" will go further.
Richard Blmber has been a sue-
cess in various forms of show busi-
ne" for many years. And there's
-a reason.
STV Toppers
WBVE ALLEN ("Tonight,"
NJCTV): A dry salami?. What's
that? Oh, I guqssa it must be one
with very little vermouth;

"'The set of my success," he
says, "idf .,lve the people what
S they want. That's what 1 try ot do.
SIf they want music. I have a bznd.
if they want magic, I'm a ma-
gician. If they want mind reading,
I read minds. If they want instru-
menutasts I.Tlhy a. volin. If they
want comedy, I do opmedy. I give
lei hatever thO-y. wa*."
b-produeed,. at this point, a
quarter from his 'right ear.
Tht phoophy of give,'em-
providing you've got the talents ot

MEMPHIS, Ten.--(UP)-A sev;
n-year-old girl asked a bank tel-
ler here to give her "all nickels"
for a 1 bill.
The girl took the coinsto the
thlecounted them and returned
St. uame teller, asking f or
"Xi:" Again, She returned to
the tble, counted the dimes, then
etmw-4. to the teller's cage, asking
to tef artrs.
rVIt OT the world are you do-
ing?" the teileri asked.
warning to count money," said
te gi

S' ..




BUFFALO, .N.Y.-(UP)-Retire-
ment proved teo bhowiag for a
former teletypewrifer operator, so
now he is hand'lings jos in sub-
urban Amherst w e. lives.
..n chee^ ,din, 69,
btPrgetired ,i he oc-
cupied him sf around
the heuse. This qet s f did not
satisfy him afer ~4. years as a
teletypewriter min and' Morse te-
legrapher. He talked to the town
supervisor and ended up with
the following jobs:
Secretary to the police chief
clerk of the town court, clerk of
the Williamsville village court, sec,
retary to two judges, registrar for
the local draft board and property
clerk for the police department,
Named From Building
Scotland Yard, headquarters of
the London Metropolitan police;
got its name from the building in
which the London police wer e
housed until 1890.

NOW iTr STats5 :- CA tN
P 0 4

a linober. (Or- is it an Himberb)
But supposing they want a fall-
scale show?
'Til give 'em a full-scale show,"
IBuber says, dragging a reluctant
quarter from hi left ear. "I've got
ife tailed 'Flim-Flam' which will
be along soon. I did the book and
the lyrics and the music. It's about
a magician. I'm enthusiastic about
This multi-talented man takes
his multi-talents seriously. He is
currently concerned about the low
state of both magic and music in
the world of entertainment.
_ "Magic, like music, needs stimu-
lation," he says, making three
sugar cubes turn into five. "Now:
how can we stimulate magic? I
think my show, 'Flim-Flam,' all
about magicians, will help. But,
how can we stimulate music?
"I'm going to answer that ques-
tion. Most musicians would be
scared to answer, but not me. I'll
go out on the limb-I don't know."
Never can tell what nuggets of
information you'll pick up while
watching Richard Himber do
tricks with coins and sugar cubes.
The new ANTA theater opened
with a play called "Portrait of a
Lady," starring Jennifer Jones. It
was a colossal bore, but the thea-
ter itself was a tremendous suc.
cess. It has real plush carpets,
comfortable seats, a bright mod,
ern decor and everything but a
good show.
One of the characters in their
play; died between the first and
second acts. He was lucky.

No One Busier Than

This Refired Man


* PANAMA 2-2904

~it~4oi. Veal



!%,-, ,

Return Favor

CAT-T E ? You! USP NA'
a:7, -- I...l.u i~-aftd

Checking In

m t -


,WHNN litJ ME .. Mrg Wanda Jennings, "Mrs. Amertica
of 153" triet her hand at preparing a dish of Italian spaghetti,
under the watchful eye of a chef at a Rome hotel. The St. Louis,
SMo., housewife won her title because of her proficienpy in cook-
-ing, meal planning hnd housekeeping. .-


Great White Fleet

New Orleans Service Arrive,
*S.S. "YAQ E" ..................................Jan. 1
S.S. "BYFJORD" ..............................Jan. 6
*A Steamer ...................................... Jan. 8
S.S. "MARNA" ................................. Jan. 10
*S.S. "HIBUERAS" ................................ Jan. 15
S.&. "MAUBLLA .....................................Jan. 20
*.S. "YAUE" ...................................Jan. 22
S.S. "ALCYON' .................................Jan. 27
*S.S. 'MORAZAN" .............................. Jan. 27
'Handing Refrigerated Chilled and General Cargo

New York Service Arrives
S Cristobal
S.S. "MAFALDA" .................................Jan. 3
S.S. "FRA BERLANGA" ...........................Jan. 3
S.S. "AGGERSBORG" ................ .......... Jan. 16
A Steamer..................................Jan. n.10
S.S, "COPAN" ...........................Jan. 15
S.S. "COMAYAGUA" ..............................Jan. 17

Weekly sailings of twelve passenger ships to New
York, New Orleans, Los Angeles, San Francisco
and Seattle.

Special round trip fares from Cristobal to New
York, Los Angeles, San Francisco -and Seattle.
To New York .............. .240.00
To Los Angeles and'San Francisco .. $270.00
To Seattle .......................$365.00

Baby Market

WANDA, WERE $2,500 0K LY
672OELLI w eouOE THE msC
r-PeNWE9'. CiANO U1r
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Only Excuse




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The Strain Is Terrific



WOW Sou& Hr caRg& -
TAeLxNeroTo 7Hi o CePIC
FuN1. SLu. F0o" 6Mir
ras Wscsail

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OF HI'M'EM~~ 'A I r*
MHMOD! i .


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w cosvw."^KIfSE
vow k5
110 Bm w
s~ow J /' i~mI/


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eP40c%=R. NWTO JACop
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'm( THE"uwE T im9ALMYSE
vouiftPS ClarkE, AS AN CM
iaEB VE .WgC w iB~sys L Ot Tgm-*B

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ClIADO 7 street No 13
4in ol .,uly Ave. & J SL
Ps.Aowiena AVel. a.d 33 St.
"vim, ]Catraquilla



S'11n You Have a
ou Need
W Amsing Natural
g.stroyer. Kills
l Reduces Mass
o iit. Money Back
of Satisfaction.
t 0E. F. NOVEY. INC.
S 279 Central Ave.
, TeL 3-0140

Central ave. 149
No. 3 Lottery Plaza
Fourth of July Ave.

Agencis Intetnal. de Publicaoiones
45 Cenual Ave.
Parque Ltevre 7 Street
160 Central Ave.1

Via aeqi s o. 34 "


149 Central Ave.
50 Street No. 63
J. Fco. de la Ona Ave. No. 41

S I reet No 57
A I M A-

FOR SALE -Whirlpool outomo-
t'c washer, I l0v., 60-cycle, 30-
gol water heater. Bendix clothes
dryer. baby walker, ploy pen,
crb. sand box. 48-cup coffee
urn. bamboo blinds, 1 10' l 2" gaS
pipe. orher household items. Pan-
ama 3-5130


SFOR SAL -1951 AJS motor-
cycle. 500 single, excellent me-
chnrcal, eiec'r'col condition.
'i ev porr. Phone Balboa 2993.

FOR SALE:-'51 Mercury, A-i
condition, only 25,000 miles.
Must sell, leaving January 16.
Call Panama 2-0346 or see at
48th Street No. 27, Bella Vista.

By United Press
Bride of the Conqueror, by Hart-
zell Spence (Random House) is a


PENTECOSTAL (Assembly of
God) Fellowship meetings. Please
Call Albrook 6112 or Apartment

FOR SALE:-24-ln. saw wlmo-
tor $65. Phone Panama 2-4831k.

FOR SALE:-1951 Buick, excel-
lent condition; one sewing ma-
chine. Leaving Isthmus. Cocoli
3987. ,
FOR SALE: Household goods,
leaving for States; 1950 Chevro-
let coupe. Cristobol 2384.


BOQUETE is o tropical paradise
and El Panomonte Hotel is the
best place to enjoy the Valley of
Rainbows and the cool jmountoin
air, altitude 4000 ft., overage
temperature 65O. Air mail or tel-
,egraph for ries opdresermntions.

past Santa Clara. Low rates.-
Phone. Balboaw 2-1866.

WILLIAMS' Santa Clara Beach
Cottoges-rockgas, refrigeration,
2-bedroom. Phone Balboa 3050.
Phillips. Oceanside c otta g s,..
Santa Clara. Box 435, ftlboa.
Phone Pbnamo 3-1877, Cristo.
bol 3-1.673.

ence Bright, Rene Cedeno. of Squadron 15, Albr ook; District Vice Chairman Wa
Don Notle, Post 3, Balboa; Larry Saal, Squadron 15; Donald D'Augusta, Crew v
and Joe Blackburn, Squadron 15. In background, left to right, members ef the
niain Robert Herndon. Vincent Biava, Hans Pedersen. Col. Paxon. Robert. Wora



Fascinating tale of the clash be- FOR SALE: A.K.C. regtered Gramlich's Santa Clara B-m C. Ta.t.

r l Star nSaturdao. Jan. 15th, at Bal- of Peru and its Inansplendors. FOR SALE:-Gold, silver evening
AC b or -teeThe hero and heroine re a liprs, n, 88, $350. Cu FO R EN
LoGraduates)ger ONLY. Call mornings l- usual combation.Nee Eloisa, in dFOR83REN
C nOURS: boa '-4.79. after 4 p.m. Pno- the flower of her youth, goes to .Mdee.
it u rkn -8 p 1 ma 3.-1660. Suite 111. HAR- the New World to marry into no FOR SALE: New Home pedal Apartments --
" rdA .- u '35191 NETT & DUlNN bility butfin ds her betrothed slain. sewin machine, excellent condi- o TTI O I s bu t A large rball and Blackburn; Crew 1a Donald h ae
r Father Gasca, goes to Peru em- modern furnished apartments, I bridge of honor was held at the D'Augusta.
ap Repars P~owered ti store the crown's or Walr A 2 bedrooms, hot, cold water. Tel. Gamboa Civic Center with 121 Vincent Biava, past council ALBANY NY UP)- Ne
L TRANSPORTES dy et r and power. .sorway s Waler Cops Panama 3-4941. awards going to the Exp lorers of president, presented the follow- ork state's traer burea tt
thF R -uA ..apartment e ou p .- ----the Pacific District. Included was Ing Apprentice Awards: Post dared a little about the seth
-0 eairs. tune ups Their deFtiny is tothwart the CA| TO $aVA AIC 1OR RENT:-Spacious apartment the presentation by Col. H. O.iThomas Alexander, Frank Mil- 01Baghdad w
service all work ambitions of Gonzalo Pizarro. To on ground floor: 2 bedrooms, un- P ese, ckonc bi,. o0 Tor, ms Aen, Fnl ol B d tra.. wo a. -
deceased conqueror of Peru.Goa.4 3Mrd Ste eN o Sr 58.- t Pot4 H K peers, J
nted. "D..R iht". ... brot d som an ths 0a H rtthe -.. 7; h $*even Cruces Trail medofals to PostJi 4 Harr Keepers, Joeph among friends adt .u
A a is clse to his dream of an Smugglers Hard Time s n Ship 8 She w pat
on.: Pci 2.2583Cap ba s winatingeGame in teempi re.kFuneanth e for e *the first to take the, trail 'Steve Childs, Edward Cunning- in "happypat h S, a
aS Calypso Is a Fascinatin Game isndepend nre s t OSLO-(UP)-Three new police fice or clinic on Jsto A seme- dui ing the 1955 season and had am, Ronald Johannson, Eric toga and Lake Gorge.
A. oe ns anc G ar uoses. e pwept r of cruisers have been stationed in the no Avenue No. 73. Call 3-0294 Just.cmpleted the. trail prior to arsen, John Winklowsky; -Ship
D l EA iO' c r a t mou e th of the Oslo Fjord to give al- the bridge of honor. 10-Rex Daisey, Donald Ryter, The bureau people were
Ste for NEA Service the written wor a eo mi chol smugglers a hard time. FOR RENT:-In Vista del Mr, .... Herbert Spector, Edgar Speer, more pei lxed by the young. a
"Whens it advisable to lead of mercy; Don es on The number of smugglers- furnished apartment, living room, Receiving the medal sponsor- David ate; Squadron Re- in the Philippines who -a
Sour partner's trump suit?" asks beauyt hewo e toden nsr- piteering highly on the sky. dining room, kitchen, one or two ed by Elks Lodge No. 1414 was n Cedefio, Kenny Fulleton, booklet telling about p
1 "rti a calypso fan, one of the first to ahe charms until the htin rocketing prices on all kinds of bedrooms, porch, beautiful view, advisor Wesley Townsend, Thon- eorge irkland, Don Loehr tion in the city."
.T write to us about this fascinating their charms until the f ting siwine and brandy in Norway-has cool and quiet location. Phone 3- as Alexander, Joel Esslinger, Gary Overton.
'new game. over. eaws in two sym- creased heavily during recent 0276 Don Noble, Frank Miller, Cesar Those were just o *aa
lI. 'You lead your partner's.suit if'eThesconflictnseesaws InNtwoysym-iceased hoavldrragnreceht0276nkeMillerwresew po gi miks ee
You canlead the ace. In the lrurt bolic battles-one on the battle- months, police claim. Nieto and Frank Townsend. Gerald Doyle, council explorer the letters the bU r ecefved in
dealyou canwould l ea d the kiace nghe outfield, the other int he boudoir. The Only a small percentage of the Paxson stressed that complet- chairman, presented the follow- two months from .d' rltrie.
deal you would lead the ofR I action takes place against the au- smugglers have been caught, ow- s On a ing the Trail was not an easy ing ratings: Post 3 Donald Another came from a divi5i .
our partner's suit ifthe four aces thentically colorful background of ng to the modern methods they trip and was a real feat to ac- Noble, emergency skills, voca- passed er agent of te
ad already been played. In eh- the a. the.conquistadors-food are using and the old-fashioned complish it. He called the r-a tonal exploration Post 4 -railroa of Japan. Wrote at

to when soan surely mlead falconry, religious cerem oes1. m, e t ct S NEW YOR K-(UP)-Rd pr ted w

d o r wser you dress, cosmetics, baths and battles.l i nth at l. .atfs t er sce De-emtse l an h l r r X, es. physi- while hw
i car le ard leads w ,ly be Catton. historic. al t creasing numbesin o rutchiand West from one of th e.nation' bth onestA cal t it ness- tna Cedefpo, emer- MU ti eiC it
int d a the see. He will Pether t with h. s Stilhed a German freight vessels engage in bert Van de Kogel, World War II Chaplain Robert Herndon, n- ionCal skias, physical fiexplora- visitthe u
3 95t suly win the trick unless some A nppo eaiio rihe smuggling Scandinavian wa crack ski trooper, and now chiesef titutonal reprStatesidentat ive at t. Marv Hughey, aviation, emer BUFFALON.Y.- P-A
tir lar trumps If you lead me, e oft he first issue ters. ki consultant for a l eating Newd la rom thpresented to events. d y physical fitness; Jimness atromotion gimmick a loal
'hi however, all of the cards Intheforewo o eo r e vessels, watertight York sports store, (Abercrombie Cuntry award to Eagle Explorer phy Kirkland, physical It-departmfitness, vocaent store at Amercan oe

ti- It. a-isme a ar in Hr s, mgevtent eifsthe somwpr e- od,, on on him by his motthehr. Blackburn, emergency skills; bred-in an odd wu nhiay
Sy "ave ref deprved teils a ab et isl i .u Van der Kogel has come up with .e chaplain remarked that Saal, emer ency skills
No o advantage unless your etims later by the Norwegian contacts of some advice on how to get started his 19 years of outing he hysical fitness; Mchael elly The store offered a $5 merha
Gloadnsuteto ber s emggth ssels e i rhat i t Vn yr Koo), Wsord Wart tiD b .

Slead is a sure wnne aheatton, storian who wo sport the at'sthe word to neceemergency skillsphys dis ticket tis season
u .s er 'sa *od as the ace. He will ulitzer prize with his Stillness a t crasing numbevofut c o and West. from one of thenati on' best-Ale Cura n ring ert h end c tnc e sk phe can fio t srl ti]

soo.D..moer oter p later on.der wofl alcad thsr rls inyoa n e te Io C a report Here "re the tops: ,o h i D oesnd Aucs "klsnote gode r fte
S trick with a small ard in his suit the smuggling n Scandinavian wa- crack tions, recent statistics show, that Key items: booperts that fit (conthief stittional representatiward. t Ft. Marvin Hughey, aviation, emer anuncer put on hi.

S(2 i trump leads in just a few words. dore R ski consultant for a lead ing New ClaytGamboa, under Skipper Marvin Hughey, Mphysichael kelly. puck for the $5 payoff.
SY hav e advantage wofhen you lards In the foreword oft he first issue, because they slide les Holmes for upping
n p. to d your own suit. You also have Bradley Smith; and many others. port tore, (Abercrome skisie the moment ou fa facilities, decorating hall, secur- ge Kirkland, physical fit- departed
anadv tage hen t ar oons o s t- Population Juw s thusp preventing eg cures. t emus ant she Gra nl
not v in a tricks a th small card "Sometigmes c we shall talk about dhoein e riao r i Donald Noble which was pinned lc emer A k, skill; Jhoe key Leaguc
havedeprved great men and what they did, and dop i t Norw n fjords on him by his mother. cNE eRgeny skills; fired-in a d a

Si you n tu ur sometimes we will talk about the it is claimed. They are fished out Van der Kogel has come up with chaplain remarked that L y S emergency skills, f

havi i niof advantage unles u m U IsegfIooessa MAPl dh cer S o o s kT
p e a uml.later byS the a N orwegian contactson of som e advice e on how to getr. scartedf, cap I Norwood Keel Paul Cribb andp

A. D ere's second reason Suppose who made the gre wspaperme n 7,659,000 and are expected to have glovesandreceived his grepetroleum testply. Coat Mrs Poolas aviation, emergency skills, physi on
Ser od leads your partner's suitha ut togethers ae in etoerial his a total of 10,175,000 by 1965 accord- ce with the elly to protect District an d prcem- al NEW YORKma, De Wilkinso. 31 (UP) lions made her debut as a ae.
or later, someone is noll t the Old West, which ought ing to the Hfrome Baltic ports behind slopes with nary asunburoken bothe slopes masn and past his medauncl prto Noble.ent Heiressph Gloria Vanderbilt, has tress in a summer stock theater
ly to ongue a suit th e a trump. give the fans of Western lore The the Iroadjacent counties of Los -a nonspectaculre ar but neverthe- Robffert C. Wore d his services to work with Donalrated her 7-yearold this year. She has also do ev
ThT suit several evenings of reading and Angeles and Orange, for example, less common, ski hazard usual excellent ob in presiding husband, symphony conductor eral television shows.
e will have a chance to usmake ou merican people are doing and will grow from their present 5,212,- any Scouthe b iridge. oo g ad- Leopold Sotkowski, to devote all Acting is but one tho
O ONTIA trick with a small card in his tilting and becoming." 0Norway has taken such propr-7000000 in1. ThEquipment ish at the battles dIfmportantl awards we rented her energies to an acting career, self-expression which Mi Va.

y t c alvesoe That makes i The book, Pictorial l history of the next 11 years, the HBI said. should be slow and easy. Keep to at the Bridge of Honor, it was learned today. derbilt, well-publicoed as a epoo,
S rd sort the rds ou the WildWest Crown) was writ. noting that thesouthern area has the lowms: boots thand fasten ontoo a The willowy, green-eyed heiress little rich girl," has tried. She a
la'er or when you wan. to playten by James Horan of the New 62 per cent of the state's popula- earners group if y ou c .c R Taht, district commis- m oved StokoSokewskihs 18-room so paints and writes. hart pe.
ethin a trick wI Y ork Jour nal-American and author tn, with 40 per cent of it ai Los try toushw ofi-skunl s or re oner presented the oowing town house on swank G r a be try he

Ssall card if you matdhindkssui The editor o f the New York Post. were based on an expected annual the learning process. Qui en mhe collect Doald Noble She took with her the couple's lowing a sensational cus t
m in: -rs Surgery take i to kep fou r decks The authors have assembleS an growth rate of 156,000 for the two sun quits. Late afternoon sing is horsemanshi Fran ownsend' two sons, Stanley, 4, and Christo- at which it was swore tha
IL pd ildaen entistreo only fu u the sit imposing auain on y of oldJensen; A King's Funeral, by Theo- est nbut it pointed out thtboth fatiguing and dangerous. mark1927, te lasmanshtp-year length (one foot over head height);' op nd set p ene at mother tried, to teach her

j n e umpa n'w avtorrt bem oubad men their gals, their habitat the tota s might be even larger as .t Griffith first aid Ha kiper Marvin Hughey, Michael Skelly. puck forr, not yet in her teen to ak
-- You. henavtg In Nis d B ia Ctk by y __ 5___ reacohsuetthey n Charles Holmes, for supplying

S.I5 la yo. own suit. You also have th anneroffeadley Smith; and many o thhe yearly growth rate for metrrs. ers first aid Je h rwho mar cocktails. The mother was exo,
Sd ore thWest was opened last four years has been 230,000. zshi iow feels she is maeventingture enough but Gloria was taken from
ada A ritagewenouarouto of Thme oilutr e lateio oUtnaws who HBI estimators said the 14 coun f te sy all he msico n t crtizen- to pursue a career without a and was raised by aeL aunt
1someTI oAL BEHIND- athu sbbve a graphs ato nslithographsadIS tr tosuadron15 r a hadvi orGor ianSer a tt t
chance to win a trick with a small paintings in full color. ThIIln 1 .C r tn linan 2. Skiin k is a hot sport n oheLapr

S a we A an admelike Butch Cassidy, 000 chose Los Angeles county and use filto3help cl earEhm of a R. Tac ett Herring Others said Gloria has been was twice her age

.... a Ijcrdliyorlowl truplsit.lou herojetiy has sph owne thbye greatest growth Doeo eJoe West. o., Bakers- p"rowln-" fitne- s Don Ryter, the play in which Miss Vanderbilt came Stokowski.. t.rd wife 14
some other plar (including youProscaltin Histor oi in Texas has the period from 1940. while fil with its weight. Into your suitcswimmng Winters w have a small part nexte and Al Pool and hMexicis orcho City the next day.
Ef iredl oh.e imagrinatiaon-of thousands Orange county haserican Histopped torianse an-tu 14 southernckaim tdio Herbert Spector, month said her marriage to Pte uosuueae

IISi ii i ,n.d+ richly awarded those sturdy nual list since 1950. tu to back up hs elaim that cooking0 s win+_tting Da Taate, The white-haired Stokowski had or, who at the time as als. oge
enough to do something about it. !. i. the long skid marks at the sceneegoking^ Henry Ehrnan, Jr, Bo immediate comment. three time, older than she wa,
Ili l l SISor, of new mnulti-ilto-aires -were not made by his' car as had camping k^,- b ess, The heiress to Vanderbilt mnl- made her "delirious with joy.
Forallofthese re s it were born of those cky to estimatedbeen reported by investigating offi- rwood Keel, Paul Cr basket- nd
IIIIatB Mstrirke it rich right away r dogged c rs. rerse leather craft, pho aphy
I^^*|i^For al ollfdeep wehs paid ofr. Among su lat s On the strength of the pictures, Squadron 15 -- arenceu Il s ilMT
C e good idea toter was own trum Two New York ullenewspape Muncpal Judge Doyle M erare expected to hae repaglovess, marks- andUTUAL & I jelly.Coor
I II ^^H^^^^^ l ~l U came an ol mana laer in lf than Muniolpal Judge Doyle M ill er rgnjhip; Rene Ced3fo, first .
suit or to lead a suit that belongshave put together a pictorial his. a total of 10,175,by965, acco droppur faed the care against t. NEW YORK, Dec. 31 (UP) ns maWest. ; oge V. first
to one of the opponents. it is nottory of the Ol d West, which ould hav e C ompied by Publishlders Weekly i ou against sunburn on the slopes man and pat cpncll president Heiress Gloria Vanderbilt, 30, has tress in au

I a good idea to lead your pa rested there but adventure called Fietion --e t C. ae re his separate fr her -ya-o d this year
I trump suit. i several evenings of reading and i Angeles and Orange, for example less common, ski hazard. usual excellent obIn presiding husband, symphony cond uctor eral telev

Sit advisable to ue four'v ngalaydel LOVE bridge. The following ad- Leopold otko ETERNAL-w to devote Irvall Actingg Stone
decks with the same back when 3. The first trie at the slopes awards ere presented her energies to a acting career, sele and ela
you play calypso? That mankes i The book, Pica to t he next 11 years, th MPEY said should be slow and easy. Keep to t the Bridge, .learnedtoday.erbit
i^ i nhea raTe to dr be llg-eHEAD-Hamilton Basso RICHMOND. Va.-(UP)-walter- ed h-eire .ss "lt-lr- chl .g,_J l, has td
very hard to sort the cards oute Wild Wer oth thw of the i K.Gann theThansgivlmg and lest thihs montha- -onto--.' 'e. aeies l
somethin^elsex I York JournlAd he did trican and author i NOT An A STRANGER-Mortcent of it in Lostry to shoundw Rowdy. ff-skiing isfor rec- ner preta r ar

aotteAbgn Bethy afteryearsofheartbrrak- Thompson ,.' 'n. S t f a l
esn't r e a II y matter t of several other yearbooks of cartbrea Nemsu-Fetise Six days later p the dog merit badges: Post -Frank uare ..on Monday, just. after the Wb s

Mr you .use(curdoI Wt. an duesepareg eteors andar repeated failure. But. THE POWER OP POSTElm home He had had to walCk 55m m s,b .ra-.i.e a w o a e c o
b III "a slyflth oord its o l d ke oon paltl THlINING Norman. Vincent cross two 1rmre and paa through ek 4- p r ene ast uh r r t c J,. de to tal be
tete b Creag embarked on a program PeaLe three towns.... ,w-
e to itk os twhhet hans hee1 Af LICOLN--Cofarl Sand- _0(UTOMn0E s0W)
atbefretheWestwaso laHns t th o t owfeels she is 'mature enough but Glori

IAiWrLsobmeof tre n later .wo_ estimators.said the n- s.ipwo.wonatloa -,home .-.repairs, derance. T She s1

~k L-

--- ~.--_-- --l-.-1Al- ---~~--~ i

_ __ ____~ _1~ ~ICr___ __~___


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LI;I:T:"P~;~a~.:''';1 :.t :.e

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*- r ."," ". '. "
..T* J.: ; .*'I .. -.. ,, ..""


,rMUI~P~ .

'a. ~ ~

BurL fater

16O~ o~ML


- I .
JAN$T. -w th-
-. JAtCH ,QNT Y fV'T

X Theatre". 0
,, .( :1B X3:1 1 8:58 p.m.
1. '406 FERRER Viman JOHNSON

DORVE-IN ..T. (. -. CECIIA Theatre I'

with -

Also: -

0.25 0.15

SI i


ICplI GcrIngTo he Ladies J

4. ""tences
S. Sunday
~'WOOaNEA1A--, The mantic star reputation to play a-
Ye r vi*eW: With 1954 a~ie olonde, MaLine an Doren, wno 's In
moduten cut in half as olly ne w blonde dazuler. Another
wood coacm treated on better mov er reported booming business in
ies tea)l, makig became as the same."
importaOt enmnomically to Movie
alteater fisr making. Big A survey revealed 32W 3 old mov
o d es showing on TV and one wag
"I think I'll open a studio and
start making old movies for tlele
vi son." .
T0 1I Most interesting costume of the
'nyar: Maureen O'Hara's duds as ( MatII h (D., Mi'b.)
s was June Alyson's ca Lady Godiva." She kept them in .. .-.Coy*.u.. (D.i
bc w S g ne hAtlyt ay a. sC_.i? a teacup.. A movie trade par BY 'ALICIA HART G. Griffiths, a former chairman" .
g eS &rte wif_ t he; 5.aU rmid called this a "Memo toro Centra C fittee. her second term in the Minnesota of Wome and t
ing, emi e ii the ducers"-"c tis DeMile ohas found A of Michigan's State Democratic ing, for Mrs. Knutson is serving extremely active in the Leaue
d reA s "T WA.HINGT --- ( A).sfotnCentral Comfittee. he'r1Wsecond term in the Minnesota of su-J
version of "The S.rike." his oreatest film stories in the M"ASHINGTNt.Women Voters and the P
Bbe Just to protect u l be La es' Da opCapsit o BOTHl are lawyers, and in legislature. rs n All o
et..girl. the year w shce Jusread theboa e Hill wuhe e th gress con- 19' they began to revamp Mich- Of course, le'll resign no All of the incumbent congress-
.11, n'who made a movie e venes on January 5. ,an's demoralized Democratic that Washington beckons. "At women were re.elected this year.
e. eo n an artificial leg M N BRANDO'S record n ber of 1 women aty Go. G. Mennen Wi the present my big est worry s hey are: Graia ost (D., Ida
zooMedtALON BRANDO hi career. will be intheHouse of Repre- I11n 1953Govl.Go.Mennen Wi-otheso she' Iaubs. "I w0re Marguerite Stitt Church (R. Il
Mai West made her debut as ome to anew higi On thesentatives.1In addition the re liams,awhofis the third partner in them all Out during the ca m- Cecil M. Harden (R., n
S b entertainer with electedan SenM. tar aret Ch a their law firm, appointed Mr s. pai Edith Nourse Rogers (R. Mass.),
a entertainerwith a caustic remarks ith:Smith (R., Me. be over in, Griffiths a judge in Detroit's Rec- aen Mr. ith Green comes Ruth Thompson (R., Mic h.
of n lemega at The S l the Senate, toin bin cg the total of order's Court. to town she'll be an expert on Leonor Sullivan (D. Mo.), Edn
e a a the nonsense about me. P eminine lawmakers to 14, an all- "ATmng other things, she a g coffee, although she proba bly F. Kelly (D., N. ) Ka th arine
no SYRd:CwhoSbelieve i, Ino eme hi terrific cook," says her proud won't want another cup of It.St. George (R., N. Y.), Frances
li i e Four more women won House husband. "But to get her to make During her campaign in Oregon's Bolton (R., 0.), Vera .Bu.
te, s ,- Disney uonea t the famous seats ths year at th expense of my avorite dish I have to invite third congressional 9st ct sthi he anan (D., Pa.) and Elizabeth
nex But fI ctngresmen a ie orowie, which she serves with coffee hours.
S I LANZA "sang" with the lmed series on ABC. grumbasg ever the loss of their ice cream." This was one cf the gimmicks i p
Oe earoldreo There's business like show ml nons se a safe t "Politis used to be us my which accounted for her vitoryhi ll
Sa ow and on re h hc ti e t ma obby," explains Mrs. Griffiths a e, t over Republican Tom Lawsd iM h e e
e a d o-and 19U provedthere' s w a lthouh no it has stkn over per the fe
reputatinproving. no confusion like show business replacements m although now i t has taken ov e wi na m t o w
h*-Aft't &tms" .re.prove. ste nt rnEileenCua" as a musical fol ris F, Blitch Vt.Georgia walks, me int*'it.'JOne' igt' bak:in ativ 'WasRamed theo utstan deeksin waihoa +. wantedlI
lowing theBBroadway hitEof "Won. down the. aiwlie. 1946 an elderly lady interested in high-school girl in the state of advertisement in a theatrical pub.
p wtstgug~-Ia supers utio sus uwas ownas.%a.musical.which 1-'-esides being one of the to u r women's rights. .called up. .. n- Oregon. Since then she his been .ication failed to disclose a sin le
Al upwditio w us. e on wasnbased onSColumbia's one-t me w ladles in the House, she's a asked me to run'f statergre. l ompiling an outstandlinlreccrd ob applicant, the Marine St
a i w ?thebori.d o n drah i atic hitthe same "My ister real Southern belie. She's a DMci- sentative. in educational deivic affairs. of Marineland, Florida, sadly an
e br id draat hit, "My Sister t, like the other three. but her "I declined, but when my. For 14 years she taught in the nounced that the rarest thing in
go fer r bridesmaid. was ex e slim figure, wa y dark hair and band heard of this he told public schools, and she has been the United States is an unemploy.
.a *" y hi t u beco uer y ou'll upwe gladd to run.'"dvedorpoie araglo 'e 2. 5 r-
hiby TAudie Murphy's cousin. Fox purchased the filmusical lamn brow ees ought to boost hCall her ight-back and t@o edo ig -o l Lr P rpoe tramer1 *.
t at rights to another Bro adwa ipprtisanship 100 pr- cne her you'll be glad to run.'
Wn- aro.. "Am ercA's-- S,- "The, Ki and I "-V which a It's 'bard to believe tVIA sptrk- L, rs.'Griffiths didn't even win [a
heart" but were tcld to forget it. ~. on "Ania and the King ot g bue nette who ia's was elected to the state M1 .. 0 cl d
Bei t cas rer" f r duced by the same -Fox studio e 4year.ld mother o a' legislaturewhich porte Jump through
Bestcasting er the a s auhter and son aged 22 and 19. Pretty Mrs. Coy Knutson be- hoops, ring bells, raise flags and
was F Brisson's, as he started Jones tinted summeiheouted veteran came the first woman in Minne- CNC NATI--P)Fo th roughother rout mo
oursed rR sica readness withed these 14 con- Congresfan W. M. Wheeler for sots to win a seat in Congres CINCINNATI-(UP)-For th reserve
ml d Rue me ical "The G ir sicT -"m e Hadness with thes 1954 co the Democratic primary nomina- when she upset R e p. Harold second consecutive year, this fall's Through trial and error, a trainer
Ritob." a% xeut dow10 orders: trib tio s- SuheH ed Hr de trion, t hleh is: the'same as elee- Hagan (R.) last Nov. 2. registrations-on American campus- finally was successful in teaching
e *l -s Pai a Itra~ l aa Hose on Her" and. "He Showed, tion in. Georgia. And no wonder, for she w a s es set an upward trend, the aquatic mammals to become
a sweater-but none on the imag Them What He Was Made of When Since 1950 Mrs. Blitch has been one of the most appealing and Dr. Raymond Walterl, Univer- peformers.
nIII00to -ie Midsed. the Fireman's Net.'! a -member of the state Senate, versatile candidates ever to con- sity of Cincmnati president, an-
r.tie.d as A e and before that she was in the front the voters of the state's nouned the trend in his 35th an However, the extensive re -
E.1adtter retired as Archie Georgia House of Representa- ninth district, She's an accm- nual collegeuniversity enrollment hesrsals required, plus five shows
on Puffy'i Tavern. .. Herb. Shrin tives for a term. In 1948 she was polished singer, organist and choir survey for School and Society, edu- a day seven days a week, proved
"- { AI "elected to the Democratic Na a director. She was formerly a national journal. too much of a task for one man.,
in the lookalike! league with Marl0 NV J tioni al Commithtee. schoolteacher and 4-H leader. Covering 846 approved universi- A decision was reached to hire an,
'Fos.! 'His ean planation: YAC Just the other day attractive "IT was my musical training ties and four-year colleges-94.5 assistant to share the training
.. 'c lSYRACUSE, N.Y.-(UP)--Stamp Mrs. Martha W. Griffiths, the which I credit with getting me per cent of all such accredited in- load.
Py Monr6e, landed a Monroeish clerk William Ryan in the post- newly elected congresswo m a n through the campaign speeches," stitutions in the United States and
Grigory 'Peek skipped his ,ro office said a salesman "r e a Il yI from Detroit's 17th district. flew says Mrs. Knutson, whom every-. territories, the1954 study shows inm- The Marine Studios guarantee an ,
6r. is golng real good,--theyve looked crushed" after asking f to Washington to look for an one calls "Coya." As a child, this creases- over last fall of 6.8 per assistant porpoise trainer plenty of
..d e t o.' help in finding an address. apartment. Bu' she never had a was the closest she could come to cent in full-time students; 9.1 per fresh air and sunshine, as well as
sad twatred in a dramatic movie, chance to ind one, for too many pronouncing her proper ifa m e, cent in parttime students and,7.6 quite a few fish each week.
"I don't think you'llfindthisin friends and well-wishers wanted "Cordelia," and it has stuck ever per cent in grand totals.
BOM IOPE decided it was time "f don't think you'll. find this in to chat with her.' since. The reporting institutions have
,,"gest, our wiggles aren't even the Syracuse phone book," Ryan The first Democratic woman Mrs. Knutson's sparkling blue 1383,750 full-time and 1,895,280
that's wh Pmthrilled about this. told the salesman. "It's in Utica.' to win a House seat in Michigan., eyes and pleasant smile have grand-total students. For the sec- SHOWING TODAY AT
Ibey'remas "d films anymore. "Good heavens! Isut this 42-year-old Mrs. Griffiths scored been winning her friends for ond consecutive year there is an
.0 give the public a new Bob Hopb Utica." a stunning election upset over years. upward trend in contrast with the Diablo Hts. 2.30, 6:15,7:5 r
emasoie Jokes and crash Rep. Charles G. Oakman, an Her husband, Andy, and 14-year- preceding five years of descend Sheley WINTERS
his ho.lJow.t "The drivyem t.a "It's Syraceuse;" Ryan' replied. Eisenhower Republican. Her hus- old son, Terry, are used to doingenrollments following the exodus o i Keenan WYNN
vis eig beat on Kim .Ncvik. a "I've lived herp for 35 years." band and number-one fan, Hicks their own ccoking and housekeep- world War II veteranstudents. TENNESSEE C RAMP"
"You an't make those boy The man was so unhappy at the Monday "STALAG, 17" M
u cabi ." nes that he practically crawled _I. ._I__,
away from the window, said Ryan,
4Ep "11_' turnA, .eeerad who realized aftrwardthat he was 2:30, 6:15, 9:41I
t61 -41%9.he 1 A,.&yfr..he-an ow henwasA S EF_ I I jMargarita 2:30, 6:15. 3:15 G

Cap$.' .AhaUb In "uy. VM.-IB _due o; anI even greater suuck. iI 16 W0Q 1I
beaded, 'scarred and pegjegged He was looking for the:e UtiC
role bt in3ed: Knitting Mills. and that plant is
eM girlehases bo teU no longer in Utica. It was fove
y the S ven Littl to he South. -1 lji l J L.
S- mI0.75 --m0.40

SPRE-RELEASE j g .3:2 5:2 7:12 : *

what e wean. iBut | B
dont my me I me

That is Mi Lp talking to Edmond O'Brien in a provocative
mRwMotion picture-a picture which talks out loud on a sub-
I jct t people whisper about
Te are sine of us in Hoywood who believe there's ai o U
"iWip" audience waiting for "grown-up" pictures-such as 4







gie Sentiece
nile DHnqu.nls

sens who appeal
ordered to.!go '
day School each,
The T9y
youngsters do
ers." They'rek.l

SUaday S io l off in advance !,
SCATINE, Ia.-(UP)--.Pollee Church leaders
strate Nathan Hoefflin sen. Cg Judge Hoeffia ,
s juvenile delinquents here to attendance.
ay School-and he's never had The judge said,
wo-time loser." Tparet judge
the past year, 20 young per- a fine nt






S .'.. ., .U-t

and .m .w


edro Miguel 2-30 7:0( GAMBOA
* Maureen O'HARA Dorothy MALONw

ATUN 2:30 7:6 Crist6bal 2:30. 6S1&
SAnn BLYTH Air-CoCuti
Colors cinecroS t
DM. "SONG or TE SOUTH" Also 8
r-Conditioned A o
4:05. 6:25. 8:45 oL

- 0.30

: ^^ t III -- II-II-I[ I ,-- l
-fkAl i 1: TC
r [ mg -' :':^-^""" "

(LA.sCa *
oHm W, TRAT NU E .
-1 I A .-. _-





_ _

-- -- -; -- --L -- .) I


---- --~r-- ~ ~---

,- ** f .

;' I '"



-" :, ",'. .

.-.,-' .. .. W : .

. ..i . ... .;. -. ,+-" '- ^ '. "'' ^ ^ w f ff i ~ '.;i

tstow Choice For $650 Seven. FuroBng Feata

, ..

orntV aUey Hughes, Arthurs Tonight's Starting Hurlr

iiWas nftenlerrs _

-Pacic Little" League
o Comrie's vastly improved Westow is an ci Little L agu
pganimous choice to score another victory n SetnTr r Tr
oon in the featured $650 Class "C" and Opener Set Tomorrow
*furlong sprint at the Juan Franco race
The Pacific Little League 1955 Joe Prill
which will be ridden light at 103 pounds, will have season will be inaugurated to- Buzzle Rathgaber,
V Ruia, raced to im- his favorite rider, Fortunato HI- morrow afternoon at Li.ttle Ray Caldwell
-to-post victory in dalgo Jr., in the saddle. Vulca- League ball park on Gaillard John Watson
last time out and nizado will be ridden by improv- Highway with the Gibraltar Lit- Fred Chase
going much stiffer ing Jullo Jlmenez Jr. while Bias ers playing host to the Spur Bob Dilfer
this time, the "ex1- Aguirre will have the leg up on Cola nine. Hartman Smith
stringing along with speedy Valley Star. Opening game ceremonies will Ralph Edmonsont
n. Westow's light im- begin at 4:30 with the six teams John Zelnick
?103 pounds will also be Vulcanizado gets In under 104 with their managers and coach- Bob Bowen
pounds while Valley Star will es being introduced at home Peter Whitney
carry 115. Pinino also carries 115. plate. After the Introductions the Richard Kelgley
t, Vulcanizado, Val-I Nine other races are included teams will march to the flagpole Tom Perantle.
newcomer Pinin on this program. in centerfleld and participate in --
She five horse field.- the flag raising ceremony. GIBRALTAR LIFE
Srecentlyh will imported At the conclusion of the cere- Louis Lombana
local debut. Chil Balb Yacht Club y the teams will retire from Bob Brandon
t Rvorite, will guide underway with Gibraltar taking Charles Rager
favorite will guide Officers the field and the Spur Colamen Tom Hutchinson
hIa will be o.l LecL fi at bat. Governor John S. Seybold Jerry Steiner
w w goig will throw out the first ball to Fred Orr
Balboa Yacht Club recently e- officially open the 1955 season. Jim Wilson
elected the officers for the corn- Starting line-ups of the teams Gene Hermanny
ra nco IUps Ing year. Robert L. Knapp was were unavailable at press time Dick Ebdon
j elected commodore, John Han- but rosters of the teams are list- Tom Hanna
y' CONRADO naman vice commodore, John R. ed below: Cecil High
a deGrummond secretary-treasur. SPUR COLA -Bob Adams
Mal)done Leal iFrolic er, James Z. Knapp mooring Curty Schwarzrock Gabe Hartley
auble Roserea master, Joseph M. Schafer rail- Roy Watson. Dick Snyder.
ble Ja4 la51 way master, H. P. Burchett -
I (e) Consetda house committee.
Ika The new officers will official-
El Regale ly take over at the first meet-
re Proud Pearl ing in January, when the outgo-
Sarge Copadora ing Commodore, William H.
ere Fan Clark. Jr. will hand over the
Vuleanlsado commodore's flare to Robert L.
Piddllng Gaucha Knapp.


Pacific Steam Navigation Company

Royal Marl Lines Lid.



.............._.Jan. 8
PCH e ................................Jan. 1
I GOWAN" ........ ....... ........... ..Jan. a

n SVubjet tO EkNe Without Notice
*W AS NAVIGATION CO Cristobal Tel.: 1654/
IANAlMA-Ave. Per6 #, Tel. 3-1257/8
IBALBOA-Team Blds. TeL 2-1005


I..'. 1 ,,.


(NEA Radio Telephoto)
TRABERT IN ACTION Tony Trabert of the United States
Davis Cup team goes high for a ball in his match with Australia's
Lewis Hoad during opening-day play at White City Stadium in
Sydney. Trabert and Vic Seixas scored four-set victories for an
almost unbeatable 2-0 challenge round lead over Australia.

Ie Macarena Plaza

!a far 11 program for the comical group of buffoons
that have made so many people laugh
During the season

? i-- ULLSL--6

r'now ticks bWing and football with
Jr-TMe Atomic Ho ptal, Samon's Columns -

s0aUctions $0.25

A I.' i.-. U a.ui." $. .

How ar you to know before
you buy it?
By the label: genuine Jamaica
Rui is always marked:-


SuMw M auct Aseoddbam (of Jamai ) Ltd.,
2 KiL* Avemae, Kiapm.,

'. Hone
lit Rsce "H"

Last Tuesday- niht Colonial
Ins. Increased their lead by tak- I--L. Frolic
Ing 3 points from Le-Tourneau- 2-Corista
Westinghouse. H. Colbert was the 3-Vampiresa
star of the evening by compil- 4-Chic's Ned
Ing scores of 214-237+213 for a 5-True Blue
fine 664 series, which was also 6-Coronelilno
high for the evening. 7-B. Windsor
The Colonials 2920 was second 8-C. Malone
high for the season. Melanson 9-Patriotica
followed with a fine 634; Wag- 10-Pavero
goner also with 629, Boyer 510.
Granata was high ior Le-Tour- 2nd Race 'I" Ii
neau-Westinghouse, followed by
Billy the Kid with a poor 552.
Banks the "Hay-Hay-Boy from I-Wild Justic
Balboa also a rookie, had 490. 2-Firenze
Local-595-NFFE nosed out HI- S-Lot 0 Troul
Homa & Go. for 3 points In a 4-Jig's Up
close match. Gleichman was 5-Prtigo
high with a fine 572, followed by ---Sir Boss
Bowen 561 and Hudak 548. File- 7-Roscrea
bark led for Homa with a good 8---L Lady
555, Thels had 532. 9-Our Fancy
Fuerza y Luz after winning the 10-C0. Brand
first game by Qoly 3 pins in a
close match took Seymour A- 3rd Race "F"
agency for 4 points. Huddleston
the rookie who has a good
chance for the annual most im-
proved bowler of the year award 1-Yosipongo
was high fdr Seymour with a 2-ULboria
- fine 614, this by the way moved 3-Nacho
him up into the 'big ten. Her- 4-Sherry Time
mann had 527. 5-Fugo
Earl Best anchor for Fuerza 6---Little Blue
y Luz, always a strong contend- 7-Pregonero
er, was high with a fine 596; 8-Jal Alai
Earl had plenty of help from
Thomas 582; and Stephens 580. 4th Race
Max Stempel and Son split 2 th Race I I
points each with Mutual of Oma-
ha, Ted Schmidt having a fine 1-Sinceridad
season was high for Stempel 2-Manolete
with a fine 574; Nelson, also a 3-Volador
rookie, came thru with a splen- 4-Marfil
did 511; Colston was high for 5-Piola
Mutual, moving up to No. 6 spot 6-Consentida
in the bir ten with a strong 630. 7-D. Chila
Lane came thru with a good 555; --(Don Pitin
and the Johnny come late kid 9-(Villarreal
Presho with 530.
AT THE HALF WAY MARK 5th Race 'Non-1
Standing of the Leading
Teams and Bowlers 1-L. Dancer
Team W L Ave. 2--Sin Igual
Colonials Ins. 51 8% .931 3-Ika
Local 595. NFFE 31 29 .898 4-Conquistado
Fuerza y Luz 29 31 .885 5-Montero
H. I. Homa&Co. 27 33 .897 6---Histoia
M. of Omaha 27 33 .881
S. Agency 25V 34/ .881 6th Race "C&D"
Le-Tourneau- th ace CD
Westinghouse 24.V 35 6 .879
Max R. Stempel
& Son 24% 35Y .881 1-P. Oountauw
olgh 3 Games 2-Ci*odau
1-Colonial Ins. 9065 3-Chilgrl
2-Colonial Ins. 2920 4-El Regalo
3-Local 595 NFFE 2901 5-Dixiprineess
High Team Game 6--(Bar One
1-Colonial Ins. 1075 7-(Pontillo
2-Le-Tour-Weatinghouse 1048
3-H. 1. Hbma & Co. 1036 7th Race "G" In
High Ind. 3 Games
1-Wm. Coffey 745
2-Earl Best 693 -8. Of Scone
3-Rolly Oleichma n 683 2-New Look
High Ind. Game 3-Proud Pearl
1-Wm. Coffey 279 4-H. Lass
2---Lane 277 5-Falrlyable
3-H. Colbert 268 6-Amat
1-Bud Balcer 18-203+15 8--Courtly P.
2-Wm. Coffey 39-199+15 9--Salustio
3-H. Colbert 45-198+ 3
4-Ted Melanson 45-198+ 2 8th Race ""
5-R. Waggoner 45-195+ 8
S6--R. Colston 39-194+ 1
7-Earl Best 43-193+27
8-R. Glelchman 42-192+38 1-State Barge
9-J. Filebark 33-190+26 2-Pincel
10-R. Huddleston 45-188+13 3-Paques
H. Colbert 214 237 213 664 5-Copadora
R. Boyer 159 161 190 510 6--Delhia
Lowande 157 148 178 483 7--TeIpestad
R. Waggoner 236 192 201 629 8-T. Collins
T. Melanson 216 192 226 634 9--Henry Lee
__________ 10-Sismo
Totals 982 930 1008 2940
vs. Le-Tourneau-Westingbouse 9th Race "F" I
Burgoon 180 151 164 495
Klumpp 140 211 1.72 523
Banks 158 174 158 490 1-Postinovich
Granata 167 222 1786 565 2-Blakemere
Coffey 211 178 163 552 3-Fan
4-My Dear
Totals 856 936 833 2625 5--D. Club
Fuerza y Lus 6-Turf Lodge
Stephens 171 234 175 580 7-Hurlecano
Thomas 160 191 231 582 8--Vertlcordia
Anderson 140 150 170 460 9-Greco
Allen 206 171 179 556
Best 184 192 220 596 10th Race 'C&D'
Totals 861 938 975 2774 1-Westtow
vs. Seymour Agency 2-Pinino
Herman 186 171 170 527 3--Cormorant
Hicks 166 148 187 501 4---Vulcanizado
Armstrong 171 159- 131 461 5-Valley 8tar
Huddleston 172 96 246 614
Bates 163 149 191 503 llth Race "I"' In
Totals 858 823 925 260 1-Keliphrase
Local 595 NFFE 2-M. Rouge
Oleichman 215 157 200 572 3-Gaucha
Hudak 175 180 193 548 4-Double In
Bowen 188 164 209 561 5-Newmlnster
Frangioni 617 151 169 487 6--Joe's Flddlin
Jamison 177 146 168 491
Totals 922 798 939 2659
vs. H. I. Homsa & Co. P
Thels 172 167 193 532 F
Gaumer 157 163 178 498
Cypert 171 191 153 515 G Ae t
Rogers 195 157 166 51 GRA
Fllebark 188 206 161 55M

Totals 883 884 851 215 MA
MNax R S pel Sn p! Hoe
Nelson 175 19 7 571 HO
Dallev 147 104 186 53'7
Kaelin 154 182 15'7 493
shlmer 22195 177 574 New YoI

Totals 847 973 584 2784 (G
vs. Mutual Of 0ma (GUM v
Albrltton 170 171 167 508
Luttenberger 171 138 138 447
Presho 170 188 172 530 W
Lane 177 174 204 5U W
Colston 312 202 216 830
Totals i so a n51. 29


'uan France Graded Entries


Imported 7 FasPurse: 54W.00 Pool losa:
First Race of the Double



A. Ycaza 110 -Runs well for rider 4-1
F. HIdal. 106 .-Nothing recently 15-1
J. Jime. 109z -Excellent effort last 3-1
M. Reyes 112 -Good recent races 4-1
J. Phillips 108 -Doesn't seem likely 8-1
J. Gongo. 115 -Beat cheap field 10-1
H. Ruiz 113 -Hasn't shown much 10-1
B. Agul. 113 -Could score again 2-1
F. Godoy l10x -Quits early these days 15-1
F. Rose 108 -Longshot possibility 10-1
imported 4% Fgs.Purse: S37L5. Pool closes: 1:15
Second Race of the Double
e B. Agul. 112 -Blazing early speed $-2
J. Gongo, 115 -Showing late foot 10-1
ble R. Vas. 115 -In weaker field now 2-1
G. Ramos 97x--Was under treatment 15-1
V. Alvear 108 -Seems much too slow 10-1
H. Reyes 110 -Could score at price 8-1
H. Ruiz 100 -Early speed galore 3-1
J. Phillips 106 -Usually close up 4-1
G. Pres. 106 -Has shown nothing 15-1
K. Flores 115 -Dropped to weaker group 5-1

Native 7 Fpg.Purse: 5275.00 Pool closes: 1:45
M. Hurley 115 -Prefers short sprints -I1
B. Agul. 111 -Poor effort in last 3-1
C. Lino 108 -Returns In good shape 2-1
e J. Jime. 109x -Good early speed 5-1
0. San. 113 -Quits badly at times 5-1
A. Gonza. 100x--.Longshot possibility 8-1
J. Bravo 118 -.LSeems best off form 3-2
F. Rose 118 -Would pay nice odds 4-1

Native 8% FVs. Purse: $275.00 Pool closes: 2:20
Reyes R. 100x-Unpredictable racer 10-1
B. AguL 120 -Good recent races 2-1
Mena R. 109x -Returns from layoff 5-1
A. Gonza. 10Bx-Not off last one 10-1
A. Angu. 113x-Would be big surprise 15-1
R. Vas. 116 -Hard to beat here 2-1
H. Ruiz 111 -Trailed last week 8-1
F. Rose 116 -Hampered by bad legs 2-1
A. Ycaza 107 -Dangerous contender 2-1
Winning' 41% fgs.Purse: $250.00 Pool closes: "ca1
A. Gouza. 105x -Has shown nothing 10-1
H. Rulz 112 -Unknown quantity 15-1
R. Vas. 112 -Reportedly improved 2-1
r J. Padl. 10fx-Belongs In coach 50-1
J. Bravo 112 -Microblo-Own Power 1-2
Reyes R. 10Ox -Improving slowly 5-1

Imported 7 FP. Purse: 6580.0 Pofol closes: 2:35
First- lace of the Double
S. Carlos 10 -Hard-ruf mare 10-1
H. Ruiz --Better ea* time out 3-1
J. JIme, MIN -Has beaten better 4-1
A. Gonza, 1~ x-Will fight It out 3-2
F. Rose 115 -Returns from brief rest 3-1
V. Casti. 115 -Unknown quantity 15-1
M. Reyes 115 -Unknown quantity 15-1
ported 86 Fsp.Purse: $450.00 Pool closes: 4:05
Second Race of the Double
F. Rose 100 -Suffers from "heaves" 5-1
A. caza 115 -Will be ready soon 10-1
J. Bravo 115 -Returns in good shape 3-1
G. Pres. 110 -Doesn't see likely 10-1
R. Vas. 115 -Returns from layoff 8-1
A. Vas. 113 -Could score again 3-1
B. Agul. 112 -Horse to beat here 2-1
V. Castle. 112 -Serious effort now 3-1
M. Reyes 120 -In better possibility 8-1
Imported 7 Fgs.Purse: $400.00 Pooe closes: 4:40
V. Castl. 112 -Post position helps *-T
J .Bravo 115 -Doesn't seem likely 15-1
F. San. O11x -Would pay nice price 10-1
G. Ramos 105x-Nothing to indicate 15-1
A. Gonza. 97x -Fastest at getaway 3-1
J; Gongo. 108 -Showing improvement 3-1
V. Alvear 108 r-Will improve here 4-1
Reyes R. 103x -Nothing to recommend 10-1
G. San. 105 -Reportedly "ready" 2-1
H. Ruiz 105 -Could squeeze through 5-1
imported 7 Fp. Purse: $500.00 Pool closes: 5:15
K. Flores 118 -Dropped another class 4-1
A. Vas. 115 -Will fight it out 2-1
V. Alvear 107 -Rider only handicap 3-1
V. Casti. 113 -Sharper than ever 2-1
C. Chavez 107x -Must improve more 15-1
H. Ruiz 113 -Always dangerous 5-1
J. Bravo 112 -Seeks repeat victory 3-1
A. Ycaca 103 -Finished with rush 5-1
0. Ramos 100x -Too many other sprinters 8-1
Imported 7 Fgs.Purse: 5650.00 Pool closes: 5:40
H. Ruiz 103 -Was never better even
M. Reyes 115 -Unknown quantity 15-1
F. Hidal. 103 -Rates fair chance 4-1
J. Time. 104x-Could score at price 3-1
B. Agul. 113 -Jockey may help 4-1

sported 4% Fgs. Purse: 5375.00 Pool closes:
F. Hidal. 115 -Nothing in months
V. Orte. 115 -Promising newcomer
G. San. 108 -Should be close up
A. Vas. 115 -Like longer route
H. Ruiz 108 -Was good long ago
g R. Vas. 120 -Form indicates e



DI General Cargo For:
ilte: Every Fifteen Days for:
stoA and New Orleans
UtsImn Every Ten Days for:
k Philadelphia Baltimore
ms eall at VERACRIUZ and TAMPICO
W SO) wecry ,s wemo)

ilford & McKay, Inc.

-. '" : "' "" .

Sodamen Try

To Gain On

Loop Leaders

Teams W L Pst GB
Smokers I S .A8 -
Yankes -
Sodamea 5 11 .l1 4n

Tonight's Gamer
Sodamen (Arthurs 1-3) vs.
Smokers (Hughes 2-0)
Saturday Night's Gae
Not Included
Stanley Arthurs of the Sod-.
men and Tommy Hughes of
Smokers the aame -l
faced eachother Ia
- will again toe e
night at the Olympic
In last weet's ganl-H hL
emerged victorious ahe
gave way to Alberto Oaorio in
the sixth. Tommy showed his
customary wildness in tat game
giving up six free pass, but
permitted only three hits and
one run In his five-inning stint.
Arthurs did not fare so well as
he allowed five hits and five
runs in only two innings of work.
That was the game that saw
the Smokers garner 13 bits and
ten runs and which was a veri-
table fiasco from the standpoint
of competition. However the
fans know that such one-sided
affairs occur even in the majors
and the many thrilling games
they have witnessed thisseason
more than make up for last
Wednesday's game.
Tickets for Tuesday night's
big doubleheader between the
Yankees and the Smokers i
Wn on sale all day Tdeday at
Almaeen Grecha, Aneon Inn
and Qlub Flamingo.
Winston Bro 'steprture to
his home tdwn a tl s topic In
Pro League circles and this
writer wrote Brown on Thursday
asking that he send some kind of
explanation for his decision to
go home. If and when Browf te-
plies, some light on the matteW
will be passed on to the readers
of this page. .

Flyers, L elinen

To Tangle Today

At Kobbe Dimond
Albrook Air Force Base's soee.
ond-place Flyers will elah with
Fort Kobbe's defending cham-
pion Lifeliners Sunday after-
noon at Kobbe's diamond In the
top interest game of the Pana-
ma Area Armed Forces Baseball
Albrook, upbeaten s ti the
9-4 14-inning loss to undefeated
Special Troops last Wednesday,
meets Kobbe in a revenge match
after the 1954 champs upset the
Flyers In last season's thrill
pennant race.
Special Troops moves ever to
Coco Solo for a meeting with
fifth-place Navy while Army At,
lantic will be questing ts first
win at Fort Clayton, which lha
two straight shutouts to its
All games are slated to began
at 2 o0 clock.
A schedule change Tuesday
sees Clayton playing at Fo
Kobbe in an afternoon game.
Wednesday ;action pits Special
Troops against Army Atlantic at
the Fort Amador diamond and
Coco Solo against the Flers at
Albrook's Beam Stadium.
W L Pet.
Special Troos ....4 0 1.0
Albrook AFB 3 1 .
Fort Clayton ...... 2 2 .
Fort Kobbe ....... 2.- i2 J
Coco Solo ......... 1 3
Army Atlantic ..... 0 4 ,Al

" as Dh -*

bsm a r. A. We"t A 4

:A f.flSS i

__ I

I -



rI mw m

" "*- 1'







.O. -% k7 '-A JJJI%.'JJL /.-

,"^ ..^ .
*rs*n' .

I 'oof j Vasquez II

II [r I Feature
..- ----' e^ ^^
*I Role Again

^ .le fThe famed, group of eomic
a"r fri.hlure i' lte bllilbtrs who have been turn-
aM S W i is I fsbmnlua te Ig In such brllsat extibitlons
^^ r^?;ams ^ W S .IS B at (he Macaresj bullring this filH|
JsEF 5f er Nth n afternoon wil and at the Bsan
of n thm do sot gtay warm'pl
.o which sakes corn farewell performance.
5015*parts Such comlo stars as Loela Pu-
parale njt.s-in many ,
of th leY uSales, Chariot Torero and Can-
I$ e.J... g,,,. Mcold wteear a ells ttinfla II will be seea lfin ae-
J^^for uiyargeand colorful ttn for the last UOthu. t as
fiesassast~lsh won't be look- I Each of the absoveentitoned d
ta f -es except in the will go through their aal apts
_warahst seoun waters. So the plus a few new ows.
keynote for ember and De- % fVasquez II the youthful bull-
camber sf. t k slowly and re- fighter who has been a revelatio
as they3?Sf~' wus a mot go aga"lub: t* feaure serious J
e a because his two first local outings, will
te fla ar sot ner as active a/.again be the featured enous
th- a o' o -- .-- [ perform er. I
....hoe 'you' prb c r In addition to the two bulls to
ably find nu d or taot f of course, say atNo.e8 as opposed be fought by VaqueN II and the 1clU AT
of fight hebaqse Rio's in prime to a No. 4 for the larger gam comlc attractions, a ball wil be h nine t
_- -as so mStream er lies get their big p il 1 fi ght .r : am ong the audien ce. h .. -. r
S S'a paly in winter salt-water fishing. Admission prices range from -
r flies, though sea roving speedsters eat 53.00 for the first row In the
nick- crabs, clams, mussels, and the hded section to 25 cents for 5 |
These lke, their major item of diet is children in the sunny section of |T ior
.: K lative- titfish. Consequently, the stream the stands. Tickets may be ob- f
Some er is the whole show in salt ined at the Iberia Restaurant
posts'edg, Bend cwaer" o th ize of te fish (opposite the ranama Nationali
,w at te hre ,, Hnk and the Fueus y Lu.) or C h a n
- i "f retnt vely hooks. We generally use No th C har
tro*Se tut of anger or cur. Ion the species sought. I have
Inaitt oumlg ha y besti caught tarpon ue, to ity or sixty 1 a I B
luc with b-rightly..colored tlies. spounds in the Florida Keys on RI n aM a.'ND" a Dy o
or e hitewngs tefull The legth of the wing should II U fQ NEW YORK,

I* -^ -SaB in it elc, -h
o wed oatch pick be roughly 1 times the length W W W _w -we were wrn
and on e an t all.orasge of the ook, although the length ed Irish of rig
eral t ,, to Chr.stma. is greater in salt- water lies. b- bieast raill tlevis o
Ce k ~ld ~ .. _v sr a e s m f e ht at the m ore a jeb i ee i
tide. There were days when skim' normally long streamers in fresh h or,
ide Tas jutrimming the pond water often cause short strikes ,as would be
e tu a t the rl, but Decause many ish nip at the ta That has been
i shWoue.fld p tohe on the fly and, not become there's no lot b
fish would Wallop te ooed_' r tw wasn't Iris 's dc
Don't forget that fish such as boo happens less in alt water h Before going
crappie;,i~ white bass,. bream, and This hapen less"in salt... water, vnninn
cr as-i-, live bl t kel aters where the enti rue laryr apd y ] UK O fill you in on w
etea l the entire fl pemng, although
as re.ud ab lie o asalle hook (Distributed by NEA Service) Writte for NBA Hervley the squawks we'
sheuld t"" -n -m dy who likes ba,
d'' "access to a STV
,painfully aware o
Anto elli, Has Most Loads missing. en
On college bi
the network picks
v --/, -.. I IA m i 'Square Garden
5m By that timid
O Dishes, Says Westru 1s uarey ihe
",.t. I i season, in two ca

- 0 --

... O O <1
.ouqun x ll i, r.,,J n
(NZAR aor Jhi V. el NorPe h~-

etwoona had a rst forkal World Sre,^.^I ^B
Series at bat ... I

I t11 talr u the plsea, We
for on average of .273. He ba tt r 4
in three rnp, walked once. G
"I hit a coupe of othr balls m
I' good," rge~ th tog, afloat i'
manofti ecnts.ct wtho-at emst **|
two of the last four world Seres,
the last one after batting no ma re l 1 rynto b

centel4b e m hote was py-. '$,', A BIG GUY by the name of
ing me wrpS." i Hal Trcsky had more to do with
W tr e us tll i ...BBB.. BB making me a member of Yankee
Westrum re maolect *that..J usmt 'ii "'pennant winning teams than any-
Sbefore the Series, Don Nued Mi I Ii-er ody ee,
uuAesoled he use a heavier bat 2X4)II i I i& od ese
u oe u tr. t ion met.inr a r It started with a slide into see-
jus- -*o.e..ra.o fimth on l ,e i I I ii Iond base in 1941. Trying to break
the bl.a tran;" aa__spl..anted son I Ii I up a double play, Trosky, the
"l as rta .inder ano the s I I i i Cleveland first baseman, slammed
suis wIlr oae nt. a S I ii Iii ii into shortstop Frank Crosetti and
T fact the Westrum does the nicked him with his spikes Hiss
bul of the ew York Nationals' l eg burning, Crosetti trotted to
catching with a. lifetime m r the dugout;
league average of something "e We're ahead. You better come
.230 atO sss his tremendous abilI out of there,"-Joe McCarthy, the
ity as a handler of pit hers. ii manager, said to him.
"No, Im fine, replied Crosetti.
I once asked Tonm Sheehan,w e th elo ahead sit down--ll put
was the most Important membe WrP W He nodded at mes
dof the clu se. w..... t.hey ...... y 1 This was taking place five-and
Tha wel Ho fllo ovr 8RK 1GNshalf weeks after t he season
"That se p f el ovr SURE SIGN Wee Westrum's opened. The Yankees had started
there paking the best use of al1[ bn vraSestessteya ih izt t set-

the catcher's-mask, chest protect from Kansas City.
tor shingurds the tools of --- After three weeks of play, dur-
,, oS.NoS elub ever w in a g which the Yankees were t
out lever catcher. That's mUez, with 2.29 and 2.88, respec a slump, McCarthy called Priddy
Swhy battihg strength and speed t ively into his office. Jerry emerged in
.so t y are sacrificed ERA anywhere betw tears.
S there" 3.00 and 4.00 is good. Anything "I've been benched," he said.
sMiaa meant that without around 3.00 is- oxcle. Sal Nag- "Gee, that's tough, I said.
Wetf te Giants might not lie's 1 was 3.36. Don Liddle. A moment later, McCarthy sent
have AntqmefltMaglip, Gomez who pitched 127 rounds, had a for me -then I was in tears as
i~ddt Griesom a n Wilhelm. 305 m k relief, H o y t Wil. Crosetti and Joe Gordon took o-
Crtu, they would not be as helm worked il 111nings, Man ry ev the second base business.
effec 'ive thu hm.Grissom 122. Wilhelm permitted Two and a half weeks lttr,
effective WItot 2.11, Griason 2.36. Trosky cut Crosetti- aadu c
It Wi orld Champions' Carthy put the kid, Phil Rliaufo,
Bpitcbi tt wh ich Westrum Why does Westrui single out in the game.
r t o talk. The man w h o Antonelli? I got two hits and Crosetti ow
nows it,~ aet lrders it the "Bcas Joon h'th a Yankee coach and a good friend, I
o ms t u we and "Because Johnny bas the bestdid not play regularly again save
mo Jfotu e ba ol e tools for getting the other side for the war.
ouet,"~ y explams the one-time All. The story here is that Priddy
SB Minnesota high school foot ball didn't, either-as a Yankee.
"Of p 1)atioal Legue pitch- snd basketball player. "He h a a When you look back on l, I
e *rs whoa rth ~er porp the m~ost loads of dishes-five or milaht have some the way of Jerry
who th 0 in th six of them. He has a great fast Pridy and Taftthe Yankees and
rs bail that moves all the times all those World Series had it lot
M as 7curvdeand a reslg o00 been for Troak y' slide.
I_ am t~ i nh.-i cbqeu o ti b the M~adh one **--
gand 7c For a by who is st WETS I Jimamy Carter.
otdhe h as b

E1 imrnn.,n I Zt7> 11 I.. a -a
a llrner

a us-j y righthand pitcher
*wi ,awl more games than a left
9IM0r, but thu won't be true
|1W to case of Alay Atenaell.
| aold win 20."
& y!'talk GitM
Switb wus .tm~iru "-wIM lur
P ^seyo ga.ia

I1 rA^eSS
I" j^^ j _*~c t. --- fi ^fr

.......Ccteges Juri A

Swag They Once *

B~~~~~y HAIRY GRAYSON ie ren k
*,=" m.." I Cgy
A CHARIOT RACE with all thE -hta
t "mmus long was the super-cola Term
ra co Sof the Tmoura ow
~~~of Hose. In Pasadena. Igra eq
aOSomeone did ge t the bright Iea more .-
ol t rM rbn nlbringing Michigan to southern are "sk
-California for an C past-West gamien m ts and a trah
II with Stanford, Jan. 1, 1902, but for other things
.U UlI some reason or other the game The r
warn discontinued. The promoters dena c
-obviously didn't know what they game seed J a.
in3Q .....,.. -- t.znt : k had. ]Curtis r .daM
;"h-dBagh and .' ,,i
It was not until Jan. 1, 1916, that BMarquette .
"."EDElJ the East-West game was revived on. oil man, got &
ec. l2l l A o e a permanent basis, the brain-child while on a aDose d0l
p ;ing.: : ldof Lea Henry, a California alum vate enter ..
nus, .as I recall. Loneatar Diets' THERRE A NO ,
in- th colege prbalWashington State ou gar attract. games thans qp
,ion. s' ... .ut 1 ge eed nation-wide attenton to Pac-, at-the Ga
ro n a coifeic coast football by nsmacking North-South, .
.lacked ............ State. as_ asFritz Pollard and Brown, 14-0. Rubber,- Lem te
) YOUR PA h 1-Referee Frank Udvari buttes to break up a Oght between about e
to6 suof b the a s and the Bangers' Jack Evens while other members ., For such a tremendous money- Where squias
he M tad di got Gardenaaick u tsquaredan e fo Neatrn a a g e t games,. t eedlewi atA
'nb Th Trotse and aNew s ok clu play d to 34 tie. (NEA) Game h,o ye was slow to crack ,at the I his. -U .. ....-. .. e d b catch on elsewhere. T he East-West C
at'--Shrine game for Crippled Children t wa't alwa e-a thu
judgingfr1win Ban Franeiseo was not inas- Bowl
Oi'gurated until Dec. 25, 1W2. It was ly close to bigkl
Soutgrowh of a baseball oe ol nn wg
ad Itwafostre unCati mid-Dk o'sms Balan.,

TV Basketball Sked e B b e sist whl
moving, and that's astonisog In taken over, had a
view of what has since transpired. n an opponent
ige TV B sket a SkeputMIAMI GOT INTO the ar Jan to, Ne far wester -
BREDER the first 10, were meeting on the Well, i. behalf of the a psors, 1, i M9 a witt amio o rie of FA l DJn
et M same program. wedo have a complaint. p ta Orange Bowl game. The da Univesl ot Oregn "a
aee. 28-- (NEA)t A other night's pairings the dull game7 on T V, you're gwe tn ey hadI A g rbaide, hed o .a..".tf--pure
g in suspecting weren't that -divergent, but t's ling to lose untold thousands f tm New York. There wasn't so mawet and east. He we
gang the college probably safe to say that nine high class consumers who might much of a rush in those days. I*t Aml ma
ion schedule so TVlewers out of 10, g ivon a Etherwise be sold on the tneuits If Fred Digby, Harry Martinez The Crimson Tide stEl
romissing attract. choice, would have packed St. of drinking, smoking, dr ib ig and Dill Keelf didn't organize the l comi from behind to 1
lacked out. John' s-North Carolina State as e ars and borrowing money. Hk....e s., 20-19, ino to i
the situation, but the game to watch. Instead they if we were thie spoascrs, we'd o spcac l., ga oe .
behind it and it' got Manhattan-Cennecticut. insist on leaving the TV acheduleO osnecta st, amt-l..
ing anyway. It sure looked as if the t o p opens until the last minute. Ther 5 a tdid mor.nne fo s,.,i
into this, we'll games were being held back to we'd decide which game shaped bai and the Bi o wl. b-.
hat's ben hap. protect the. gate, and-= darned if up as themore appepling. Thvt'p .p anyt i n .ta has Hm
Judging from we were going to see something the one we'd televise. 'e .way l. for o r, sine -,
ve heard, anybo- hke that put over on-a nice bunen we understand it, all the college e es- "
sketball and has of sponsors. So we questioned on a given program share equally n
et is only too Irish about It. As always, kAb was in the TV allotmerit, whether or ...." *
f what he's been in the clear, not their particular game Is put By DR. PHOG ALLEN
"The eoleges set the schedule on the air. Kansas Coach ENC-
isketball nights, a month before the season open. We don't know about you, but Writtem for I13A Service TODAY ltwa
up the Madison ed," Ned said. "As I understand we have children who watch ODAY-., &
action at 9:30 It, they Just tried to work things games on TV and" we think they QUESTION: A defender ruts in
e. the first hame out so that each of the 1eeCal reserve the best., at right angles to a player
d. So far his schools woeld have about the dribbng the ball downcourt bats I .
cses out of three same number of games televis- We feel so strongly about t the ball loose. In doam so heavy i
re didn't make ed." that we intend to write the spon- body contact is causq. ho nor-
ent on first. 'he That's the way the network uon. sors and tell them that amless mally gets the four here? Nat
were shown New derstood it, tqo. The progrant l- they give us better gtmes our As-er.
*Pitt when La rector sad he-eat in on tie scki- kids are guingto pive up l vic- .
beth ranked in ling complaints. ___ em for New Years Answer: Generall this foul le
Llled on rthe dribble if the de-
d n wrlasei Ja5 hiple
"" -.. ... .. .. .. 'l "g" fo r a e it
a ~-AeC referseeal*
a defend e wa r
I the bll without causlg oM et. .
If hewas and contact stuI result D M-
edl t woahe cailedllgsamst hls.
;;: :n in l I ~~~~. A player triem to slip thog lb ~ ~ L'.' t v~,
for a lay up. As be does so, a d IJ E GA DIA'If
fender guards him closely, pre .4
vents a shot. What's the best wa
to get out of this jam? Bo
A. The player should stop turn penn -
awa from te defender ,ad puss --,
the all to teammate. bi-nte
I ; ,i Q.Ar there many big-name II*w.m
college football players on basket **U u =sa _
Reichard. In Double Pr ainrj
A. Plenty of themd starting wit H ug s
and an AUl Amerlca basketbLl
plJesse Arnell, Penn fine "Thy hignI -r


THEN AND NOW..Sammy Baugh raises Herefords on a 6855-acre ranch Hard by Reotan, Tex.
In an extraordinary 16-year career with the Washington Redskins, Slingin' Sammy set more than
a dozen passing records that remain in the books. Texas Christian's most famous football name still
keeps his hand in the game assisting in the coaching of Hardin-Simmons. (NEA)

.. o __ _

'" r .' = : ". -- ^ l. '



Nowl First Timel Only on BIstI

to "' ,

i a }. q"- ;
f2 ..
7 HRS W l 'f^^
LOWEi tr ... ':/ ...

t i i i '* I '. '". .
* en Arw.ys Mf Nlim5 mesurb ItdM 's
sw *n ef Nmen Anm i*veutaneflr

^-- ^^^^ -
Fly Quest Airwoy to Maato
... Doglaes 4-engime utreqft

..-- ?".iUo^^ H^H --.-*
gu, ll,?

Mu,-r js-,iH^'-M 't *-. ;1
--.W .V~l ^j^ ^ ,^ ... :.:. .
i VP '* *^ M ltfi


~~&?'9'~~tt~ciA~z: :


.- -. '-%-. -.- *..
'- *a. .= L .- 2 --


.v*&~ -.7


9 '


L~' II C- I


_ __~_~_~


I '1

. .I






.. :.- : : -,'- : .* .- .- ..-.. ,
* .. -.- 7 -- "^ .
e1- .. a.1 i.. e. ..,. .-:,., : .-
Lea e. ,.:
:_ _^ ." .fa ^ ^ y .^
^^^W ^^^V ^*I~~~ar Pl1.^^" '

L .F./'"









1945 1946 1947 194g8 iv.4 '1 *wa 1 *, ...". '-,
y tfe end of 1954, the gross national product is expleWt.l t be
$355.9 billion. This would be a deCr9ailse of $9 bilQlO si 1U3'
figure. Despito'e the drop, 1954 is still expected' to be the 'second
High year since 1945 as shown on above Newq chart. The0.. I
national product includes the total output of goods and iezvites lp
billions Of dollars. Data from Council of Economic AdAM se.

COMEBACK -City housing
S cpRnstruetion could reach 1,130-
000 units In 1954 If construction
continues at the current pace.
If it does, 1954 will be the sec-
end bat housing year in his-
tory. The top year was 1950,
when 1,396,000 units were
t rereoed. Data from U. L. Do- I
SpertWt f Labor.

THE FUTURE LOOKS BRI HT-After a year of slight adustment from the warbils peak.
1955 Is seen as the threshold of a gradual rise during the next 10 yea to new height f produce
tivity and prosperity, a still higherstandard of living for Mr. and Mrs. American end their kids
tivlty and prosper work weey, ad less unemployment. Thr at's the general forecast (details Illustrated
above) given by Dr. Grover W. Ensley, culled from a report by the Joint Committee on the E
above) ven by Dr. -rnomic Report, of which he is staff director,
no....c eprown- ,

,'M '441 "4 -43 14 "- -- 44 w4 aW 31 -as ~ 4
w mArket basket during 1954 was about $10.10. Above Newschart
itraes the cost of the average market basket from 1940 to the
S ploenmt High paint for the period was August, 1952, when it cost
Sthe shopper $11.08 for the items listed; low point was mid-1940,
whoe th4p sae basket cost the shopper 4. .


1945 '46 '47 -48 w 49 0 1 M 1 a a5 -
ICAR PRODUCTION STAYS HIGH-The automobile industry
expected to manufacture and sell an estimated 5.4 million cars
'during 1954. That wou!d be the third highest yeir on record,
-topped only by the 6.7 million cars madein 1950 ahd 9.1 million
produced last year. Low point was 1946 when only 2.2 million
cars were turn e4 .L

100 --.-- --

1910 '15 '20 25 30 '35 '40 '45 '50 '55 '60 70
GROWTH OF U. S. POPULATION-Latest figures from the ,
Department of Agriculture reveal the U. S. population has in-
creased from 92.4 million people in 1910, to nearly 162.4 million
in mid-1954. Above Newschart shows population increase from
Lj_ 10 to 1954 along with projections to 1979.





Is recently heard
her first rectWl-ih full -
chestra. She "w 40g -olm r
Virginia Fleming ol r
Inc., who already a 1
aided as "na unusually gifted
singer by eminent French mug-
cal crites,
Virginia Impressario, OabliIt
Desurget, who Is artistic Diree-
tor of theusic Festival of Aix-
en-provenc6, as confident that
he has made a discovery in this
pint-sized American grlI.
"Her voice combines the bell-
like clarity of a choir-boy's with
all the lyric qualities of a nat-
aral coloratura," he pointed out
at a, rehearsal. "For me, she is a
phenovienon in music which
happens once In a generation.
What is more, she has tremen-
dous musical sense she could
almost conduct an orchestra
Her first rehearsal had the
members of the Orchestra of the
Soclete du Conservatoire de Par-
Is, conducted by one of France's
leading maestros, Jean Martl-

Congressman To Ask
120,MO New Homes
For Servicemen

Rep. Carl Vinson (D.Ga.), who
is scheduled to become chairman
of the- House Armed Services
Committee;.,ald today that he
will ask Congress to approve a,
plan that would provide service-
men with 120,000 neW homes in
the next four years.
Vinson said he will sponsr
legislation that would allow the
government to contact with pri-
vate construction firms to build
the housing units. The homes
would be owned outright by the
Under Vinson's plan the
homes would cost between $0!,-k
000 and $1000 each and the
contracts would be let to private
builders on the basis of low bids.
Vinson said direct construc-
tion of the military homes will
be much cheaper in the lonir run
than the present system under
which private operators build
and rent housing units to mill-
tafy personnel and the 'govern-
ment pays the rent Indirectly
through quarters allowances.
The government can acquire
title to such projects after 50
Vinson said that assistant de-
fense secretary Franklin Floete
told him the military actually
needs about 300,000 additional
housing units -for servicemen's
Vinson said the new houses
would improve the morale of
servicemen, help keep good men
In uniform and act as a spur to
the construction industry and
building trades.


it *1

- HAIL *

smile and'somfe a" matle...*
non, applauding, spontaneously
at the end of her first aria. 4 4

VirgW pa'UIaio te love of
mulShe.'lloves1 nothing els -
-wa Uihetrited frsm her motfi-
er'~ *AdLr4formerly a con- '
cert, 0U Chicago. Her fa-
Yl-ming, .
th urnal- Us.t e I

a has speng
and r fa .TV at&-

eths inU 41 New .

SSid rafiaS "Tile last note I .
se sm ile d a
Virga studied opea .oles with
thereat pratoh donna, Frth ied
es thiel il New York.
Said Vrginis "The last notely
rThis pved from liane Hempel *
the buy sorecial whaid, the ust-
age visto. sme"Too mand a rtle at

Thers,a tone' p. of the team-
Splalned ual Inth a very a singer, wi
gives uldpofan Asercan
ayery attractive appeal on
etage..8he is also completely
natural. aid has mastered that
very difficult problem of what to

This 'poor lite rith girl" 0
leads a life of alwt mnonhastic X.
the busy social whirl o-tbe av-
erage visitor. "Too many prtiesx
pl Ith a very oallic shrut
of --the shulders.6


S ,:- .,



D :-. ; tl
A1 *

.,.- ..~

5^^ -'...

-- 1*


20tur.Fr tmt UAIMUL F. ZANU SI w.... d
- TE

$1.00 6.50
1:00 3:00 .S16
..7:20 9:30 p.m.

coLO by D Lux

In the wonder
of 4-Track

The Danmcing Sklave Gir The Thundering Choriota
the Golen Gdsal The Anntd Pharomohd
6 The Legions of the Hin6 u
S The Glories and Trssgreusons of Egypt,
3300 Years Agol
The ory o Sinuhme, t T gyptanm who forsook
gwhlvy for the peubdmlioflovel

rF. p Uo 6 A"q tt neruth and he country is safe*'
A -- ---------- _____ ..^*

uaqgaa.vi4., SUNDAY, JANSTARY 2,5-

7-' ~ 2

-~ h..-
-. --4


-w .. .
".- .- --.L* *", .' 4 *.-- .
.- ..m .:-*-*^-.: ,-'. ,:-.:*-,- *


'~0~ I '

4:, 1


.%7.' ~


* ---. -- .



f i

,.. /

n :~3







.. .: ". ,.,.vTS..


-. ;rt?:Tjwt;7:...z -




H AVS o a ereen thumb? A
ooG g4 W to Aind out is in
the itches. There, as you *Wy
aup diWsovered before, is a gdr-
dentg challenge for any season
-ome in which you take t Mud.
of pot l tWk with the grocerki.
That s to asy that right at had
-ts tehe frut or vegetable i in
aI on the food shelves-are the
aed or makings of a number
o1 attractive hose plants. Nres
are wM e emples:
Carmit To plant: trim tops
to less than half an inch; roots
to an inch. ill bowl with peb-
bles. Inert carrot sections so.
that only stern are visible. Add
sufficient water to cover roots
but not to submerge tops. Add
a little water each day. Lacy,
ter-like leaves should develop
within ten days to two weeks.
.'Rts, turn- p. A ere st
Plant the sae as carrots. eet
Jeaves are ruby red; In comhinAi.

Helping Yourself

A CONTUN u NGl ot o, le.t-
ar (Mt or recent "fcnowo
how" for .home ratemmm end
hobbyisto. Watch it for book
about your particular idPer t.
Cheso by CLARK KlNNAip
Alqtsftt pecoglUpI MaUsal,
by-C, IL Glibs-Bith (John do
GOn, Ina., 2P. : %;-,50). il-
ltouettes, botcs. ad details. of
practlUeay all mswta planes in
use, including Russia's.
The Slltary blackbird. by E.
Cleph Paleknr (Vanguard. 62
p.; $)., 5ow to estate a
raven, by ou who W-satc-
count that bolsters belid in the
tenet that the most powerful of
all forces is kindness.
Bulling With Logs (Govt.
Priptfl OQieop No. Al:38:189.
56 p.i):. jlasy-to-follow pleas
for weor -. d construiiots w
hav aikerl a n ftor cabin
and furnlitw.
Folk games for AI by Michael
Herman (Barnes & Noble, 99 p.:
$1). Directions with piano ac-

guns and ammunition of modern
American & European makes.
Net as comprehensive as the title
suggests, but a good primary
general guide.
Lots of Knots, [Lta of Fnn, by
Robert Jay Carter (Carter Toy
Co., 32 p.: 0c). Instruction in
dientm of different kipdl of knots,
nooses and hitches In the form
of stimulating cartoons. -
Three Dimenslesal Projeetion,
by Earl E, Krause (Greenberg,
125 p.; $1.95). All about getting
pest results tBAm stereo-photog-
?phy when Oir.aW ng it.
Materials i Methods In
*Architotab edited by Burton H.
Holmes (Reinhold Publishing
Corp.: 510). Selected articles
from the magazine Progressive
Architecture on the most impor-
tant developments in structural
design and application.

I- GIVEN one common word plus
a letter, you an to ana-
scramble the combined letters
into a new word of entirely dif-
ferent meaning. For example,
RIDE plus W is WEIRD. Go
ahead with these:
1. ODOR plus P Isa ........ ?
2. SAME plus B is ........?
3. TORE plus 0 is ........ ?
4. VEAL plus O is ........?
"*aa O % ".1nou
'Wue-cl "ooj-z liyIlv


tion with other plants .(see figure
A-a combination of carrots and
beets) make a effective border.
Turnips produce a harmonising
green. Horseradish will develop
arrow.bhped leaves; is a dis-
tingulsd. plant in Itself (see
figure C).
Any of the foregoing will also
grow in small pots filled with
sandy soil.
Sweet potato Grows to either

a plait or a vl* (Figture B shows
a swet potato plant). To grow:
cut potato In half. Place nla a
jar or vase: cover part way with
water. Keep in a dark place for
a week or ten days; then trans-
fer to a window aill. For a vine,
pinch off all but two or three
strong spikes when they appear.
Oter pleat qggestlon Lentil
seeds; .orange, lemon, lime and
grapefruit seeds.


"fU *number square at left is
S.rNmged so that the second
row of nubters-386--is equal to
twice the first row. The bottom
row l the o uM of the first two.
The object is to rearrange the
numbers, putting each digit in a
w'posite, so that three new
of figures are made-the
pecod row again equal to double
the first sad the third row the
sum of the Irst two. Can you
do it?
*' 1 *1 :AOi pJqi :8 *' *p :aO
. pooe ; I 't ;c a oJ a, isMewv

R ight on the Buttons?
7 OR a trek -you Wa make:
r FTalke a p1i" of platle or oil-
cloth and miae two parallel
4its along the center ad a small
hole at the bottom, as shown in
the illustralno at left
Insert a piece of atrin through
Sthe slit and poke tbe ends ef the
sting daon through 'the hole.
Ste two lirge buttons to the
s firing apsg
S- Now ask om9oU to release
5ttj ;I~ JlO; t removing
oer ofte buttons or enlarg-
'g the be.
Try It yourself before reading
the solution which is given below.
For a party pastime, give each
y guest a chance to solve the prob-
Lam and keep a record of his
0 time..- A prize will help spur
p Aouil@J i16q *i1 pu ; is *W S a IJjn im4 1q semi
v6 aoeanq mil ls ma g "q- nin n0op (1sll 9U il
q Poue1 01r0lo eo 1-s .n4aM eqM aua 1 1aiiuW

Somwe Digital Addition
M R. NIMBLEWIT offers a new digital prob-
lem for a wintry day.
Each letter represents a digit from 0 to 9. The
outside numbers 6, 8. and 9 are digital roots. Thus,
the digital root of 3612 is 8, because 3 plus 6 plus 1
plus 2 Is equal to 12, which in turn is 1 plus 2
equal to 3.
"**Have a go at this word arithmetic," invites Mr.
Nimblewit, "and you will have fun. You can do the
same with digital rooa as with numbers-add, sub-
tract, multiply, and divide. Here it Is addition and
will serve as a double check on the correct answer."
"*ql mnoi jno;j o aso
iI Xinl iqlle sig onl sld ai qi Its ai0 BA iunq |ple

Give Your Tongue a Teat

RTwixt sai thick crumbs sit six thick sticks.
One old ax openg oysters.
Cats scratched for sorap of scrod.
Sylvia's shoes showed signs of snow.
Sam Secwo rts sgs swing songs sweetly.

Hot Scuff
,AT .pip. is
vv never smok-
ed .although its
stem is always
placed between
the teeth ?
WYHEN does a
fire show
anger ?
ai usqM d*ameat

Rugged Determination
"I'D like to buy U ii .. ,'
a new rug for
my guest room." 3, A
said the woman "
to the salesman.
"What else rug /
do you wish?" /
"Oh dear, rve
forgotten the di-
mensions," h
replied, "but I
saw one two feet
longer and one
f o ot narrower *'
and another 5
feet longer and RUG SIZE
two feet narrow- WIDTH FT.
er and both cov- LENlTH FT.
ered the same .p
area of floor."
"Then this one is just the right size," said the
What are the dimensions of the rug in question ?
SiOp seej uoi q *pis wsi XIt i*oIV

Pencil and Paper Fun
POR a diverting party pastime, supply guests with
pencil and paper and ask them to do some
drawing in accordance with these Instructions:
First, they must close their eyes.
Next, ask them to draw a snowman in the upper
right hand corner of the paper. Now direct them
to draw a fence in the lower left eonert of the
sheet. The snowman has a broom in his arms-ask
.them to go back and draw this. Continue to have
them hop around the paper-drawing a gate on the
fence, a walk past the snowman, hedge, etc., for
several minutes more. Then compare papers.



H i color TV in the making-or at
least a variety of it with which to
toy until you have the real thing.
Cut out and mount the TV set and pic-
ture strip on heavy cardboard. Color the
picture strip with colored pencils or cray-
oea. Color the set too. if you choose.
Slit heavy black lines on set, marked
1 and 2.
Insert film strip through slits.
Move the strip gently from aide to side.
If you are artistically Inclined you may
wish to create some film strips yourself.


A DM8K or
oa-d is often
needed in the
workshop for
drawing plans. ,
making material
lists, cutting pat-
te nr s etc ., y et ..
spacewlse, It In
luxury most
home craftsmen
can't afford. Here
is a solution-a
d e a k- drawing
board that liter-
ally tucks Into
the woodwork. It
can be easily con.
structed of odds
and ends.
Materials: tabletop ply-
wood or other wood: crosspieoes
-23" xi; supports--' x or
other lumber; miss. lumber for
shelves, strips. etc.
Construction details are depict-
ed in diagram at right above.

C RYPTO-QUOTES are sayings
in which each letter has been
replaced by another letter, the
same letter throughout. Solvers
are asked to decode the scram-
bled letters and restore the orig-
inal phrase. The words below
were written by G. K. Chesterton
and are timely for New Year
resolutionsts who have sworn
themselves to punctuality. Here
is a one-letter clue to get you
started: C is a substitute for I.

..tjojiq IVJ) s*in alto e
31 p*JUAGoS p sa] e *Aq I BJs a ut0
-qalDo I jQ Alm100 &%L.. Ile6BT

O fig ures
are Involved
In this dotograph.
One appears to
be giving the
other a cold -_
shoulder. To dia.
cover their ide-
tities start at No.
1 and draw a
continuous line 0
from there, dot
to dot consecu
tively, until you
reach dot 65. |
Where two sum-
bers appear be-
side one dot, use
the dot for both.

Wrong Nos.
Q : Why is
1.000,000 a
very bad nulm-
Ajqfnuoan o *S1 3i
Q: Why should
the number
288 never be
spoken in refined
company ?
(001) OA) *1 11
Q: Why is twice
ten like two
times eleven? -
o* Ai aIUl1 Oi1 Uo
89 UJil I1A UPug
ownuag aaieauuy

Can You Name Them?
IJ you can read
Srebus writing
you can read
here the names
of two widely '
separated cities. r
One is the name t /

other r, capital. 'T
city of a Midwest ( ." -
state. How quick-
ly can you same

For those whoJ I
have trouble [;
findag the u. a.
cit y, here's a .u- --- ---
further clue: it's
very speedy during the month of May.
w a ul) IaiodwipT' *(o 'A **SO) *etqSoZ sesO -

It's a Question of Net Results
IF a certain substitute center of the Shouting Stars
basketball team had scored two more goals, his
Average for the season would have been two per
game. However, had he scored eight fewer his aver.
age would have been only one. How many goals
Sdid he net in how many game?
esegS mt a flu I msqiIg siegsia

* I





By D. K. WoodfMa
S IROUBSL now, study this doodle from several angles until it
J uggets a deinite object.
Is that object anbial? Or mineral? Or vegetable? Or a corn-
elatUon T
After you are absolutely certain, turn to the solutlpn for apl en-
plasatono at your sdbconsatous interpretation of the doodle. (It may
not be various after all!)
UM aUrnIn M MJ ea. Bqi Oqa *aldc*,. :iqi PI pi p
LU wO 1aToi 03 uel 31e nM oitqeJl l Id *fqlioo sqo-uoWiu;q w
* Aiwua F wp j(aem es a i n au" *wm II *II e -wj-siqmeA
ADFqsaoL JoA 01 s anp q 'Mnd =! atM A g -'IJ
UPW a&w j.1 M" -v I"aes o eq Ise8 j s ien

ABC Exetrire
E 'Is a the followlag word
= ta for eela mg vowe.
RTw7y wWS-0,e *4, u vMd
qiin *p'A -0 ito wesW at

-l : twnie:
SW WI@L 5 -wsai sn -
I go -I '*

Party Perker
VMOMO Net -a outdweor
mor mampos 1 party:
emn fguest to .rawpe of
ftur e fae ti eab gag p a
1a~hs aas a WenWa. At a vmeo
-V e t k. OWh" we
'o goam sn s (m aga es qs
"W---es altt Mugsa- -


I ujnz (nosswoo Wi iWisdouu 9rot the kible

By ufgene Sheffer
1-One of the places from wh
the king of Asloria brouj
men to the cities of Sama
(2 KL. 17:S)
4-Joab killed him at Hebron
Am. 8:37)
1-MSdierranean country.
14-Sped. '
15-Apostle creed.
16-Auricle of the ear.
17-Son of Abeia (Mat. 1:7)
18-semsale ruff.

26-He sad Moses talked w
Jesu during the transfiu
tion (Mlt LT3)
20-Air comb. form.
3SO-Lachrymal drop.
31-Those who sorrow.
- served this idol
39-Anglo-ldmian weihts.
40-A eM ofdast of e (0
41-Note In the scale.
43-Six-li satsia


57-8. American monkey.
58-Goddessu of dawn.
64-What is the 17th book of the
New Testament?
66-Extinct bird.
68-Growing out

3-This high priest commanded
that Paul be hit on the mouth
tAcds 23:3)
4-Mesures of land.
ith 5-Propagated.
raW- -Born.
7-Shot for Edward.
9-Mineral springs.
10-Deep hole.
1 l-Indetnite article.
(2 13-Wile of CEimelech (Ruth 1.21
20-Name of the stone that Samuel
placed between Mizpeb and
sben atS1 a. 7:12)
en. 24 reb a
2-S-Distguishlng character of a

I' a" d"
to aee t

SwenSs, Ut-Eos 5 svehb&

4S-WhirL 52-Deml -
44-Deep-bodied fish. 54-Artifice.
45-Arba was a great man among 55-Boxinga match.
these peoples (Josh. 14:15) S7-Sallor.
47-Courteous. 58-Greek letter.
48-Three-toed sloths. ,0-Plot of land.
49-Minute orifice. 61-BlUsld.
50-le feared John the Baptist 63-Internationsl language.
(Mark 6:20) 85-At home.

7 b has this situation well
s a band. He cl-se in slow-
ly but surely to win in three
moves. Can you chart the moves
he must make to do so?
White moves first, traveling up
the board. (ings move either
up or down. ot ourse.)
w.eU q *%sl-n siM l U-se ii q
W qaM 1tt- *Ueasls iJ***9V

caMWesMW rnleO sui.nsI

-8 .4

-5 -6

'-.-. .'a,
*-r- ** . i ** -W,
*. '. **i---'.

*I ~


I W1,


- *:" ;r C ; =
fa J -c A _. *'-*,''*.".'L -^.-_-- "-; .* .-_ ": .... ....


_ _q


77. J7 7--

_,- ;. .'

* 7
-I 4

, .' .
. ", '*

f. ;j Ir *". ; ,

-- --~:lr n,. -- -.

., ;d




r. .


^ *':,'. ,

'.4 4' .,f*

POOR CAF wonders why its mother didn't warn it about cowooys during
dup time, near Tucson, Ariz. The call is branded before returning to. range.

Airmten discuss a search nE it
PITE record enroll.
D ments, United States col-
leges mUst take a seat in the
back row *hen compared&
with production mark made',
by the Air'Fortle. From a'353
acre site on the Gulf o4 Mexi-
COMEDIAN JACK BENNY becomes serious for a change as ,co, the Air: Force train-
he talks to George Redmond, March of Dimes polio poster 'ing machine, the T'echtnai`
boy of 1954, at a benefit being held irrn- New York City. Training Air Force, has pro-
duced one.million graduates
in three years. These gradu-
ates are charged with con-
ducting all non-flying train-
ing for the Air Force. TTAF
turns out weather observers,
radio repairmen and intelli-
gence specialists. The head-.
quarters of the school is at
Gulfport, Miss., and-it works
under its parent organization,
the Air Tralting Command.
-It has seven technical train.
ing basis from New York to
California. Leading defense
officials have credited TTAPF
training for decisive air vie-
tories in the skies over Korea
and guarding the home front.
., i '5,'

' 4N

.5J. *. .
* *-.
* '~57I

Radli student i s st Audng d d at Kt*utr t Mtis.'lde

st. election campaign scene in the United States except that
m.nd the'spgt isWest Berlin. The city is covered with that
c s their.candidates and blast those of the opposition.



ACTRESS ILONA MASSEY makes a pretty target for the
cameramen at a gala (aren't they all?) movie premiere in
New York. It was joint benefit for infirmary and a hospital.

*.. .A.

J :.**.".! ,: .^^^*~ ..,o*^l^^^^^^-jd

Airmen or. .xchningl thelr views on on airborne radar set undergoing adjustmei

* ^ iS. ,--1-. v ,-' i % '

1m es mlfm or cramCe
e ta1portation the
W* *KJso&M~ms

I -'


* 7

~~, '

~.` -: 4;

'*** --

.. ~-- .~

r it, '* -., >



*4 ^
A ..Af




'f *..


S. ppIte






Because it blocks visibility at the bridge near Rio Grande

Reservoir, the top of this tower will be removed. 's the
West Bank of the Canal about oppose SUmmit on the old




i ~t




-e: Re e


FRENCH APPROVAL OF Ge r m a n rearmament
means that Germany now moves to the center of
the stage in the cold war. Despite the narrowness of
the vote in the French parliament, the decision may
check the dangerous melting away of the position of
Chancellor Adenauer and enable him to push the
West European Union and NATO treaties through his
parliament by big majorities.
There still are hurdles the most formidable one
in Germany, where objection to the agreement on the
Saar basin is strong and bitter. And in France, the
Reds and neutralists still can make an effort to de-
feat the German treaties in the Vpper House of par-
liament, the council of the Republic. But that chance
probably is remove.
Premier Mendes-Fiance and the western cause in
general have won a victory of importance. How great
the victory is can be measured more easily by con-
templating the alternatives than by adding up the
benefits of German rearmament.
On Christmas Eve, after the French parliament's
stunning upset defeat of German rearmament. Russia
was perilously close to victory in the cold'war in Eu-
Had the decision stood, France almost certainly
would have drifted into neutralism and NATO would
have become little more than a dead letter.
New negotiations might have been held to find still
another substitute for the rejected European Army
and for the West European Union plan for rearming
Germany. But while those negotiations were going on,
the situation likely wouldhave deteriorated generally,
especially in West Germany. By the time a new plan
was, drawn,. Its chances of adoption would have been
poor indeed.
In fact. Adenauer might have lost control altogether
In Germany while a strong drift towards a deal
with Russia at the expense of the western allies devel-
oped at Bonn.
Russia now is likely to make good in her threat to
denounce her mutual defense treaties with France
and Britain and to reinforce her system of alliances
with her East European satellites.
And all the Red states probably will subject West
Germany to a terrific drumfire of propaganda that
ihe will be trading away her unity forever if she com-
pletes ratification of the treaties with the west.-
-- 0 -
An almost-unbelievable mixture of. weather all
bIad -- lashed the U.S. from coast to coast.
There were earthquakes in California... snow and
ileet in Michigan... heavy rains and fog in New York
...snow in New England. And western Pennsylvania
faced a threat of floods.
More than 24 hours of rain, plus melting snow. have
made the water rise steadily on the Monpngahela and
Allegheny rivers, which come together at Pittsburgh
to form the Ohio. Residents of low-lying areas have
been warned to prepare for a flood crest tomorrow
morning. And parking lots and railroad yards in the
so-called "golden triangle" district of downtown Pitts-
burgh are being cleared.
The subversive organization list is getting bigger.
Attorney General Herbert Brownell has notified 27
organizations that he intends to add them to the list
on grounds they are controlled by Communists.
The organizations have 10 days in which to request
* hearing.
The 27 groups are scattered throughout the coun-
try. There now are 254 organizations on the Attorney
General's list including the Communist Party and
the Ku Klux Klan.
Heiress Gloria Vanderbilt left her famous husband
conductor Leopold Stokowski.
Miss Vanderbil, moved out of Stokowski's 18-room
house in New York on Monday, right after the family
Christmas celebration. She took their two sons with
Miss Vanderbilt 30 years old resumed using
her maiden name when she embarked on an acting
career last August. And her friends say she now
'feels mature enough to become independent of her
67-year-old husband and \trike out on her own.
They were married nine years ago. Stokowski is
3Miss Vanderbilt's second husband. She is his third
0- o -
Vatican sources say Pope Plus hopes to read a
belated Christmas message to the world Wednesday...
although his doctors are against the idea.
The doctors think the strain of broadcasting would
be too much for the 78-year-old spiritual leader.
But the Vatican sources say he may try to lessen the
strain by recordig the message in sections, a few
sentences at a time.
0 -
A -Judge in Cleveland gave a lawyer a chance to
back up his claim that he. can prove Dr. Samuel
Sheppard innocent of murder.




) k
1^ ..:| r

'' l .

"&.-, :- %.-'

* THEu DAVIS TENNIS Cup will return to the United 0 AAMAhA and zf ai_,
States for the first time since 1949. Tony Trabert to- welcome he New 'li 't
and Vic Deixas made certain of the by beating the throughout the Isthmus. It seemed to
defending champion Australians in a doubles match ning of a prosperous year for Panan u
at Sydney; Trabert and Setxas pounded Lew Hoad dand of an economic boom.
Kei Bosewall 6-2 4-6, 6-2, 10-8 to give America an Many Canal workers, whose ew Y.
unbeatable lead. Trabert and Seixas began breaking began FrIlay at noon took off tor the.
Australia's four year grip on the Davis. Oup by win- some stayed* behind to celebrate quietly.
ning their opening singles matches. In Pan .q City the Hotel XI Pm "
Another capacity crowd of 25,578 watched in silence ion Club i 4sed an eenn of of t
as the Americans swept through the first set. Sexas as plans .ere being complete to mam
held service -to give America a 3-2 lead and the chal- orable occalon... .. .
lengers reeled-off the next three games.
Hoad fotiid his game in the second set. Seixas again Meanwhile, la the a- an-
held service to close in on the Au4sies but Hoad also naoueed It wai ge st et
held service and took the set, 6-4. Beixas and Trabert alreraft N~ a.-a fru
seemed in doubles early in the third set and the Aus- sweeper gIm to I a 4efspue oI .i@N.
lies drew even at two-all. Once again the Americazs Canal. '
pulled themselves together and the Aussies spent the They announced that bthe r
last four games almost entirely on the defense. would soon be placed in tactle tI
The final two singles matches, reduced to mere ex- AAA OrT ..
hibitions, were won by Australia's Ken Rosewall over ThO Syreepers, in place ov the .wl
Tony Trabert and Rex Hartwig over Vic Seixas. beo constant alert, rqady.t' gd Into, actta, on 4
o moment's notice, t e Army s ja. '- ..
The Cleveland Browns have broken Detroit's two- Permanent inatalations. th= ou. tih n
year grip on the National Football League champio0- for the weapons *tll be eonttructet at later date.
ship. The Browns beat Detroit, 56-10, for their second o. --
title since joining the league in 1950. The best news for Zonians this Christmas season
Cleveland quarterback Otto Graham wound up his came in the form of a seven per cent rent decrease
nine-year professional career with perhaps his great- which was announced by the Governor.
est performance. Graham threw three touchdown pas- Groups throughout the Zone flocked to express
ses and ran for three himself as the underdog Browhs their appreciation for the reduction which would
rolled to a surprising victory, mean money In their pockets for the next six months.
o- The -etal decrease, to become effective in
Lumbering (,esar Brion put another dent in the Jnmry w announced for a six-moenth period to
comeback attempt of heavyweight Dan BucceronL. end in June.
The awkward but persistent Brion made good use of Most eonl5 a wer eVo e teeidI b tb-alaked a
a seven and three-quarter pound advantage to take new.erF of Canal adiinistratin lto uim-
a split decision from Bucceroni at New York. Judge pm, wle a big gtp 1 e that
Jack Gordon gave the nod to Brion by a seven-two- he I rat Would remain etaeaf i_ -R s o Js yl
one even count. The other judge Nieke GamboltA- Members Of the-Paeific Civic oUncU Iinmediately
gave eight rounds to Brion and two to Bucceronl. Re- dispatched a note to the Governor expressing appre-
feree Ray Felix saw it the other way, giving f le elation of the new lowered rentals.
rounds to Bucceroni, four to Brion and calling oni The cut was slated to save zo s a t0tal of 70
even. thoand dollArs.
Across the river in Brooklyn, middleweight Billy Me- -0
Neece made it four in a row with a decision over A decision that the Papama Canal Co. as a lande
Bobby Dykes. There were no knockouts although Dykes lord was liable through negligence for Injuries sus-
slipped in the second and third rounds. taintedd by a Balboa resident, Mrs. Marian Wagier
0 who -was hurt falling down a stairway, was handed;
German middleweight Peter Mueller knocked -out down in the U.S. District Court by Judge Guthrie P,.
Ernie Durando in a weird fight in Milwaukee. Cr w.
Durando knocked down Mueller three times in the Tb. Judge said the plaintiff mnst return to courg
fourth round. Mueller floored Durando in the fifth at soae later date since it had being agreed that firq.
and knocked out Durando with a right to the jaw in Issue of ability should be' dteInlned,
the seventh. o ----- .
Durando's manager Al Weill stormed into the Elght hundred American ctin o are ea
ring as referee Dauber Jaeger completed the knock for duty -in the niai Zone wpg' ilected fra1 t
out count. sides of the Canal Zone for Jir sagrvice for ihew
Well threw water from a sponge at Jaeger A4d year. "
argued bitterly with him in a corner before calming The namngs of the chosen 800 w re 'a-cedl i the
down. ury box and will be used whezie a patel is re-
S- o quired during 195.
John Maglio, a six-foot "runt" on a team of giants, '. .
dribbled down the court, turned and pushed a shot l0-the o er side of the border, John H. (Jack)
through the cords with eight seconds left WedntAtly -Ovth, wh .e jeSt arm wa amputated as a result
night to give State an 85-84 victory over Minnesota In O -! tnu noblre- e.desn an a was im-
the finals of the Dixie Clapsi Tournament at Raleigh, proving it the San Fpnanb.. CW.4. .- -
-N.C. .. McGrath was in sert os conditten follong the ae-
cident in which a tru as*desqMped bhis nel truck,
The State-Minnesota clash topped 'em all in but after the amputation and several blot~d'4ransaf-
importance, matching the nation's No. 2 team sions, was reported Improving. "'

(la te) against tbe No. 20 team, and in chills.
-First sub Cliff Hafer of State sank a goal tor an 83-
82 lead with 34 seconds remaining. Then Dick Gar-
maker of Minnesota pank a set shot with 16 seconds
left and it seemed the Gophers would take the Dixie
tory. But then Maglio. dwarfed by several near-seven
title out of Dixie for the first time in the tourney's his-
foot teammates, took charge for his game winning
In the same .tourney, center Dick Hemric of Wake
Forest set a new major-college scoring round for a
four-year career in leading the Deacons to a 93-85
victory over Southern California for third place.
In other Dixie consolation games. North Carolina
unoset Duke. 65-52, as Lennie Rosenbluth scored 29, and
West Virginia beat Cornell, 79-71, as Rod Hundley
scored 24.
Another sophomore, center Dick, O'Neal, was the i
hero for Texas Christian as his 30 points paced a 77-
63 victory over guest team Alabama in the finals of
the Southwest Conference Tournament. After Alabta-
ma held an early 9-4 lead, T.C.U. was in frpnt all the
way as it built up a 40-29 halftime margin and breezed
home. Bryan Kilpatrick tallied 18 for T.C.U. and Jey'
ry Harper 16 for Alabama.
In Southwest Consolation games, Arkansas took
third place by wiping Texas A.&M., 74-70, as Buddy1i
Smith scored 24; Southern Methodist trounced Mene.
88-63, despite 23 points by Rice's Terry Telligman aad
Murray Bailey set a tourney record with 34 points- tr
Baylor in an 89-75 victory over Texas.

Jdge auel Blythin ordered a hearing Jan. 8 on
attorney William Corrigan's plea for a new trial on-
the grounds of new evidence. 'That new evidence,
aid. Corrigan, will prove Dr. saat Sheppard did not
kill hwie the crime for which he how faces jittS
impris.1ment. k .
A valuable part of a -wrecked airliner's dargo
apparently has vanished.
The London Evenin news reports that $1,400,000
worth of diam ds appeased from the wreckage
of the New York-bqund plane that crashed on-'3hrist.
&Day t3wc, Sootland. Twenty-4ht pet'-


in one of the mail bags- aboard the plane but there
is "concern" that, the diamonds are missing.
In Washington. a court tof Military appeals apbeM
lier officer husband to deag Ir Tokyo two years n o.
General Walter KrUeger's laughter "' -4rstabbing
but as plaintiff in A tvil adon. She and three iem- I
She was sentenced- to life in prison. The deeisMon
hinted mainly on the degree of Mrs. Smith's tn-
sanity at th te of the killing. .
-- -0'----
Singer _7 Fitzgerald also figured in court news-
as fpla f. in Civil action. She and wthreet
of her ty arb e suing Pan American WorId .
v W ar20-tOand dollars, charging they- wU
^ ^feoam it t to Au*&"-a b"*M 6 of rim

-e. .-;- ., ,....- "
I.-,.. -





DxpL~ m:


*q-a.V ~ ~ ,- ..9. ,

qv -9 .


z i t a tougt ,nouin-

.. as 4t tid 84 _u. t g

BMSSwA L.a l stu fe rnbi the use- of 6
t dwl g a coimiecdal claw at Chutuml PIlo
el ia Thiwan. The l-rei Operations Admin,
ed Av Chine an x Dagib typewriters

*L~-~- L .-- -. -

P-W,#4 i dy


S ,- -,

i- .- ., I-9 1
," ,' .' -, .,, w y" .. ': ." ..'" F -, "

I .- "*' ". CiDlW .. M ; "- .--- -M

" f .- ^ -- r. ...?

B i, -, ,, _'- --- -">.-


awklike 681-i8rd of
bird cuckoo
Sma.daek ftwly
Ricked N-Rouge
bambsoe 54-Teller
bieooteH BOdw
Pier.e .raw
with a T--Stat of

wra t al .
_iju t isate
par% 40-4a
Mver 10 UP.
w7 m WM.

42- udaUta


84--Part of
86-It is
tory out.
S funfus
9--Fabu- .
rticbmh u

1.-Of t le.,


berries .

ul-cout1ry ,



oft iri


I-BImma -



nmating a
kind of


ed by

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Best in Ftos & Features

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4. *'~K*. ~

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e % 4r- A%

.-.. .4, ,

k- -

*<* C i --


. 9


VOUKEo *Yv MRsiHN WouuVmuLL m eNas
e7, H STREET P. 0. BOX 134. PANAMA. A. o, P.
TELEPHONE PANAMA NO. 2-0"740 # L kW) .
COLON 40rictI 1R.t79 CWMRnAL AvEult BYWENt 12T *ND o11T *TraIeIT
FoREION RlEPRmtETTIVe-. JOSmU W. pWoR. .. it
4W M NTH. IN ADVANOt t .7" W a2.



By Gene Derwod
Moon's glow by' seven fold multiplied, turned red,
Burned fierce by the coronal limbs at last
Out-leaping insulating space, a-blast
The searing heat meeting round earth ahead
Of the scorched geold's course; and I a-bed
Watching that Increased flame and holding fast
To pulse and pillow. Worsel Wo shadow oast
By chair or cat. AM people waking dead...
Barth lurches spacial waste; my room is hot;
That moon waxes her monstrous, brimstone disk;
Thick fear stretches before the febrile light;
Green fires pierce at my clenching eye's blind spot...
My burled soul, rising to face the risk,
With one pure deed restores the natural night.

---- -


By John Manifold
Odysseeu heard the strens they were singing
Music by Wolf and Weinberger and Morley
About a region where the swans go winging,
Vines are In colour, girls are growing surely
Into nubility, and pylons bringing
Leisure and power to farms that live securely
Without a landlord. Still, his eyes were stinging
With salt and seablink, and the ropes hurt sorely.
Odysseus saw the sirens; they were charming,
Blonde, with snub breasts and little neat posteriors,
But could not take his mind off the alarming
Weather report, his mutineers In irons,
The radio failing; it was bloody serious.
In twenty minutes he forgot the sirens.



(6/8) for Sixth Platoon, 309th I.T.C.
My John Manifold

One moriling in spring
We marched from Devises
All shapes and all sizes
Like beads on a string,
But yet with a swing
We trdd the bluemetal
And full of high fettle
We started to sing.
She ran down the stair
A twelve-year-old darling
And laughing and calling
She tossed her bright hair;
Then ailent to stare

At the men flowing pet
There were all she could
Adoring her there.

It's seldom Fll see
A sweeter or prettier;
I doubt we'll forget her
In two years or three,
And lucky he'll be
She takes for a lover
While we are far over
The treacherous sea.

with and solutiUon to Sunday emsword Pus.
ile No. 56, published today.
Anwser w Sunday. WNv. I1, CrypteMlp: IP53.
1I4saT GAME.

Ew#y64% Peak awf



-~ -

Pearson's Me.ry Go-Round

WASHINGTON It was't in-
tended for publication, but the Jus
twice Departmeat has qiety kept
a reoendl f wire-pulln frem Cap -
tol Hill to sewoe padeons fr ex-
The e-W shows that tse with
the UB Ve wnged O ten tis l
p oitber rst rin their
eioWly rightW those
equally deoervin, without the puB.
have aet.e .
This eok*upn is now al&e to re-
port the names of congresmen
who have brougt apltical pres-
sure on the Justice Department
seeue these pardons. Here is e
Missear's GOP Coagressman
DOewey St not only telephoned-
the Jstice Department but sent
House Doorkerer Tomrn Kenamer
to the Justice Department to urge
the pardon last week of convicted
tax-evader harles Prettyman., Jr.,
of Neosho, Mo.

Congressman Wilam S. Mail-
liard, Calif orn.ia Republican,
brought pressure o thoe Justice
Department to get two Sa Fran-
cisco liquor violators, Walter Files
and Joseph Frucht, pardoned.
Sen. J. Glenn BeaB, Maryland
Republican, also made inquiries in
bealf of two ex-convicts-postal
violator Cbarter Boemker of Phga-
delpla and tax-evader Albert Wil-
kerpon ao Baltimore. Willerson al-
so get help from a Democrat--
Congressman George Fallon of
Top Florida Democrats Sen.
Spessard Holland and Sen. George
Smathers intervened to get a presi-
dential pardon for Delma Carl
Suggs of Panama City, convicted
of embessliag government funds.
Georgia's Congressman Prince
Preston also went to bat r a con-
ivted monsthinar, Geor ge W,I
Burnsed, Jr., of Savannah, Ga.,
who was pardoned by President
Eiseohower after serving two years
at the Chlicothe'Federal Refor-
matry. Georgia's % M Dick alo-
sell also irwarded a letter to te
Justice Department,i pIleading
Baurned's case.
Political strings werealso pulled
for twoe recently pardoned tax
.P rern-NeMison ,ns of Newport
c, aliff., who got help rom
Z gan s James Utt, Califor-
ntaX can; andTille Wilk of
Lakew Ohio, who was aided by
.Wmitan Michael 'ig.

President lehwewo ba eseat-
ly pardoned a number pofla
violfatrs, thanks in t to e
grem"l reoSIMM. lMm im de
oh- C&6 6 Cole
ne f GOP S-. W I Par-
tell; arry Lanmay oDf 3DeRt who
persmaed a Pesylanmua ne.m
crat, Ke. Thoaas esai t
maka telephone inquiries; iVIa
Weier of Florence, Wis., helped
by .am. John Byrnes, Wicnstin
Republican; and T. Psle Fry eof
Dallas, Tex., wh get political rs-
sure from Texas' len Price -
iel and Cong. J. Frank W alste o
Dallas, both Democrats.
Another postal violor, Michael
Moroni, who sent a threatening
letter through the mails, got. a
pardon through Connecticut's GOP
Cong. Horace Seely-Brown, Jr.
Louisiana's Cong. Overton
Brooks interceded for Harry Mil-
ton Hatch of Shreveport, who
served three years and got another
five years suspended sentence for
-transporting stolen automobiles.
Florida's ,Cong. Bill Lantaff
helped get a pardon for Harry
Duayne Smith of Maimi Beach,
who was convicted of evading the
amusement .tax.
Just before. Christmas, Elmer
Kerr of Union City, lad., get a
Presidential pardon after serving
30 months at lewisburg Federal
Pen for misapplication of fands..
The political wires were pulled by
Indiana's GOP Cong. Ralph Har-
Mio6r offenders who have beeb
pardned reently with the help of
ptat congressmen include An-
toio Paes, Mineola, N.Y., helped
by New YVrk's GOP Cong. Steven
Derounian; Cl yde Peebles of
Charleston,-W. Va., aided by West
Virginia democrat Robert Byrd;
Albert FeIi of University City,
Mo., assisted by Missouri Dne.o
crat Frank Karsten; and WVOed
Toh* t of Pine Hil, N. JX, aided
by- New Jersey's GOP. Com.
lea Wolverton and Sen. Robert
'wo ex-Gl's also & eeved presi-
detial ardons this year. Arnold
Besycutt of Baughman, Ky., sen-
teneed to ew yem far deartio
et Uh a wMb e hlp -w
Ceng. James & Geed a s hUu

Ma offleer, was pardeme tw
the intervantla -teo ng. V.t
Merrell, Arkansas Demoert.

Three-year-old Pamela Brew, a
brow-eyed, brown-haied war or-
Pham who is ".Little M Anvet
f 654,1" called at the White house
the ether day to promnete the Am-
vets~ "We Remember" drive. This
is a drive for children Iwho lout
daddies in military, servl, and .
the Amvets are planning to e. 2.
a television set to at least e or- '
pbans'.home in every state. Presi*
dent Elsenhower Mliked the idea so
much that he gave Pamela a crisp
five-dollar bill. i
"Aren't you going to say thank
you to the President?" coached
al Keats, director of the fund
raising campaign. ,
Pamela did better than that. She
put her' arms around Ike's nece
adi gave him a big hug and kis.
Later Amvet Commander RLf'ism
WUlsn substituted a five-dollar bil
of his own for the PresideMt's con-
tribution and is framing the latter
for the vet group's headquarters
in Washington.
"3.nb Ofer Aretic
Low-flying plane raided our Are.
tie outposts just before Christmas.
but instead of bombs, they dropped
Christmas trees, decorations, par-
cels and other goodies.
The Air Force reversed Santa
Claus's traditional JoT ur e y and *
sent Christmas lt0 s within a few ,
hundred miles of e North Pole,
loaded with gift;-for, or snow-
bound GI's. Altogther, 25 real
Christmas trees, 10 artificial trees,
1,12 pen-and-peneil sets 2,40 e
dozen cookies-provided by th
Air Force wives' clubs of. the
Newfoundland 'bases-were dumps
ed on the far north outposts,
Individual if paaes hleta.
key dinners and hundreds of poe .
ot-book novels were also pare.
chited to the isolated outposts. .

Smyrna Figs
Fruit of the Smyrna Aig des
noet grow from a fewer, but Ot
tales the flewe inside the wat *
of the f~h The lowers must ~
pORte" the ig wa* 'a



Ste^. ^ A

- I


. I

,,wrfl -13

4; j, -T

asi .I

I.TE. w
Eds-i-I. .

PA' .

Manidured mobster Frankie Coe-
tello ad fried Albert (The Ez.
eeutiomr Anastasia and other
brethren in blood 'who have "enm-
nections" inside labor have been
boasting that the gosommeut
would never get them, hit them
for ineeie tax evasui or deport
WeU, ti seems that Wisensin's
Sen. Alexander Wiley has some
ideas which conflict with the op-
timism of the aoys. Wiley hopes
that I=M went be such a happy
new year for meem. Me wi pres-
sure the Income Tax Bureau and
the Dept. of Justice hfr prosecu-
tions t the moos on something
called the "net worth" thery. This
"net werth" interpretation of in-
come tax was upheld by the Su-
preme Court about a month ago.
Here's how it works:
A date is set--for example, 1985.
The net worth then of, let's say,
Frankle Costello is estimated on
the basis of probes, income tax
returns, rent receipts) etc. Then
another date is set. Say 196.
The new net worth is determined.
At the beginning-- 20 years ago-
it may have been $100,000. At the
end it may be $1,000,000.
That means a total increase of
I.0,00 in assets. Now suppose the
crime syndicate executive report-
ed earnings in his income tax
forms -1 only M50,00I la that per-
lod. H1w did he get the additional
$400,06 even if he could live on
air and never spend a penny of
what he earned? Obviously unre-
ported maney mhst have eome
from somewhere. It was never
taxed. That's a criminal offense.
That's what Senator Wiley means
-and he meaas to push it hard. ..
Millions of dollars worth-of Red
Chinese dpe is seeping into the
country, according to Senate prob-
ers into juvenile delinquency. This
Red herein in enslaeving "thou-
sands of young, innocent Ameri
cans," the Senate wil report seen.
Many of these are young workers,
whose skills will be needed in de-
fense production.

Because our Senate probers and
the Jastic Dept. and Harry a-
slinger's Federal Nareotics Bureas
keep else watch on this most sub-
tle of all afitration techniques
and .epert it to the U.N., a move
baev 'ad recently j the UN to
trainer its narcotics division eat
of New York to Geneva. There it
would be paralysed and could not
act against Red China.
Al r I exposed this move, ma-
ny women's gSops, including the
W o m e a's Christian Temperance
UnioM and the American Univer-
sity Women, deluged Congress with
copies of the eelma.
New we're apparently getting
soma action, The Wte House told
the State Dept. to look into the
matter adl the State Dept. has
ordned .ai ft embassies aeroes
the wer to speed up reports of
dope smagging and dope salesmen
everwhere. ritish and American
Inteten trongbout the Orient
are reperting that eo of the real



4 Vki

This is the season to report that
the most spiritual of labor leaders
is the new president of Local 614
of the AFL's State, County and
Municipal Workers. He is the na-
tion's only labor official who is also
a priest-the Rev. Albert B. Blalt,
Catholic Chaplain at the State Hos-
pital. Appropriately enugtg zthe
eel is in St. Peter, Mien.



it of aO,00 weeuky-double inat nBesin The De Marcos (Sally (They mean excess).. United
of "South Padflc"-at the same & Tony) are at the Persian Room Artsts expect their mt tn mi
theatre. Of course, "Pacific's" giving competitors lessons, we as- plion rcsaser with "Vera Cruo -
bigger "aut" cut the cut .. De- sume F. Sinatra has the Co- starrLn Gary. h eo" 'Biz"
spite the Yule lull "Witness for pa crowds on his team The like sh : Tony rane, one of
the Prosecution' is a Big Winner backers ar "The Tender Trap" the principals of the comedy it..
and "Bad Seed" is a Hit, indeed., ust got other $25,000 melon to "Wedding Brea kfast bu y'd
cut up. Making two thirds of their in G'wich Village only four months
Investment repaid. One of th ago ,-The employees at months
From the Headlines of Dec. quickest payoffs in B'way history. TaScred Woman, the famed ft
IM: "Nab 4 In Plot T6 Murder (Thank you Walter darlinmg!) Ave .st ;;re ,old the (Eugene
AFL WaterfrontChi ef." CaswelU Adams, the sports scribe,X they'd prefer a Christ.
From the WW of Dec..14, 1953: was Olin's floor-show the other ma-s Auct io.ra. r ay christ-
"The waterfnters are plotting night Get a owl with: "Har atd M for a worthy cause
the rubout of an AFL organizer." about the pregnant Pen g u in e. party. Mr De tsaimed he'd
Seems she was with Byrd in the match the $ sd... e
Robert Q. Lewis' reminder to Aptarctic t" matc tem $ for The y gDave
careless drivers: "Alcohol andton added $,0yonFund 1,Hugsnix74 Mr Den.
gasoline make a wonderful em- t_____ on added 000 (Hugnkixxxx!)
balming fluid" Peter Arnell y fred, rent of "My
tells about the drunk who lit all Lawyer Joseph Welch (who be- Lovey Songed, To co-parent of "My
the candles on his birthday cake came a household face duriNg the the ir), wrote it in 0 minutes.
with one breath! Ofer Goon- McCarthy hearings) made his first Roy is the chap who composed a
esakes! Mary McCoy's recording, appearance at the Stork Club the lyric about a dance he'd never
"I'm A Big Girl Now" (with up- other lunch-time. In a clash with seen (nd sti an t) neThe
to-date wordage), has hit a cen- customer Roy M. Cohn (at Wash- Hucklebuck" 'ti"lT h e y banned
sorship snag. It won't be released ington), Mr. Welch indicated thetall Christms poddies y at one ne
until the offending line is jerked: famous restaurant was too chi-1hi work. Last year sa vep wax eawt
"I want to pose for calendars like for him. He appeared to enovy with his" year a .p cawt
you kaow who" His staffers his visit, at any rate. A girl 1 erra (Ie recently rep rt .
report Bob Hope's Jan. th Teevy tog asked Mr. Welch if she could ould f for I ce-cream places. )
program will a click. The fOr- take his picture. He said be wish- We &Mit. rO eS-cramwb la...
mat is Hope's secret Singer ed she could "but you're too yo Patti Andrews invited 76rawerra .
on Cherry inherited an oil well to understand my reason for say- to her Christs Party anL then
.a yer ago. Gets him $100 daily, ing no". This statement cancelled it wha t she got hooked
peerl feat ... A scene in War- eludes me, too He prob'ly fo night lub. (Money Madgot
peess cattlele Cry" left preview still is haunted by the word "crop-or a ni et club.(honey Madf)
uk s gasping. Dorothy Ma- ping". which was mentioned so bcok review: se book is oa
lane (s a lonely wife and Tab much about that picture of War porous s a colander." (He means
at~er (as a ditto Marine) caught Seey Stevens and Pvt. Schine. it's fi holes) From Cue
-tr the9 review on "D eep In M y ,Heae rt":
9e scene -at "Seventeen" ma- Betty & Jane Kean appear wrs armithMa eivySee and a dbi
gae the other afterneen: A Ethel Merman on Jules Styne's as schmaltz a nshepriod nie-
8"km ratin 141'in- 'Showstcpp program late in le nal dl c om pi ed".. a ..u( a
A eobeasotabluge foam Jan. It will be staged in f'wood.ha!" e means&w aura 6i of mo w

~air-muaw rfl


*** A

I 0


I WASHINGTON- (NRA) -F. B. She apparently reeogised the pie have the wrong ideas about
Lee Civil Aerenauties adainistra- Catholie cleric, however, for after farmers who he says, "need bet-
Stw, predicts that air traffic in examini the plate carefully she ter public relation."
IaM will be double what it is to- said Speaking to the American Agri-
day, and call.' attetium to the ex- "Father, I guess I'll have to culture Editors' Ass. In Chicago,
threats to the U.S. poetim in the travagant use o airspace which take your word on this." Secretary Benim declared that:
Eas sprag from had Utimse In- plaes must allow for, to main- "The farmer s too often presented
firale ad sabet ta-Commu- i sa Disclosure of full reports on the as either a bed phuto-
nit Chinese filtration beinmore "A morn airliner covers the atomic energy reactor accident at crat who has just made off wth
etetive tha Russian ndi S miles betpreen New York and Chalk River, Ontario, in 1952 have truckload of eld Ifrom Fort Kaox,
actvity. Much of this Red (absee Washington 0 not mere than 75 focused attention en the U. S. or a weak, vaeillating hayseed,
sabotage work is done through im- minutes, include maneuvering in Atomic Energy Commisala's u.n who is willing to trade his birth-
ins--ad- mosey for his attem he terminal area," Lee to the usual safety record of only two right for a government handout.
ed.capture of key unions in Wings Club. radiation accidents and exposures "Of course" the secretary has-
Orist comes from Red oplum.- "Under our present require- since 197. tened to explain, "the reaFAmeri-
We'll lose the rest of Asia before meats of 10 minutes' separation In the Canadian accident, a mil- can farmer bears s relation to
we know ... between planes traveling at the lien gallons of highly radioactive either of these caricatures."
saTh me altitude a black of airspace cooling water escaped, flooding the
The AFL ad CI high cm- almet 3 es m long would have,plant and causing it to be shut Radiaective cigaret tobaccos are
mands will meet in Washington to be reserved for this airliner down for 15 months. But there was being used to study the effects of
Jan. 4 to attempt to work out during instrument flight. This no less of life. smoking on the human body,
final plans for a merger of the would limit occupancy a that alti- The first U. S. radiation acci- Chairman Lewis L. Strauss of the
two organizations. I tUe meeting tude, all the way from Washington, dent occurred in 1948, during ESi- Atomic Energy Commission re-
gis wed, the blueprint will be to New York, to a total of nly wetok weapons tests. Established vealed in a speech to Chicago Ex-
submiltta to the ArL htocutive six planes." safety rules were not observed, ecutives Club the other day.
Clunc i in Miami during the first our men burned their hands and
wbek in February. You cam expect Government bqreauerats are apt one burned his leg. To make the tobaccos radloae-
Dave Beck a&d carpenters chef to develop Christmas shopping In the second U. S. accident at tive, the plants are grow in s
Maurice Hutcheson to fight against problems all their own. For in Argonne Laboratory, Chicago, in dially designed greenhouses. The
giving CIO officials more than two, tance: ji.19,a sudden increase of radio.- air there contains minute amounts
possanly three, seats a the aign Mgr. Edward McDonough, chief activity resulted in overexposure of Carbon-14, a radioactive isotone.
council of the merged outfit of chaplains for Veterans' Bureau, of two physicists and two tech. The growing plants absorb this
SB ad to make a quick purchase at nicians on an experiment. Carbonl4 through the leaves.
Dave Beck's colleagues toll me a downtown Washington depart- Immediate examination of the
he will not quit in 1al. They say meet store. Too late, he realized four persons revealed no evidence The leaves are then cured and
the teamsers' ehme wants a see- he hadn't brought enough money of radiation contamination. Hospi- the tobacco is made into cigarets
oad term until 1962. At the mo- with him. He explained his prob- tal rest was provided but within a in the regular way. When the ciga.
meant, Beck plans to fly to Asia lem to another VA chaplain in his month all four returned to work. ret is lighted, the Carbon-14 goes
on Apr. I anmi return via Israel office, Rabbi Morris Sandhaus. Subsequently, one of the tech- up in smoke. The effect of this
and Europe. .. Generously the Rabbi said: "Here! nicians, Mrs. Walter KcUlman, smoke on human tissues is then
Take my charge account plate, and brought suit against Argonne Lab- studied. S to the success of using
Bek will be gone six weeks, pame later." oratory for damages. The case was Carbon-14 as the tracer element
according to present plans. Mien Monsignor McDonough agreed, settled out of court on payment of in these experiments, Admiral
he wil return to prepare for the thanked his clerical colleague, hur- $2,250 ana never went to trial. Strauss says, "I am sorry that
dedication of the multi-million dol- ried to the store and made his there are as yet no final results
lar teamster unicn headquarters-- purchase. Then he handed the Secretary of Agriculture Ezra with which to enlighten those who,
probably on Labor Day, with the charge plate to the saleslady. Taft Benson thinks too many peo- like myself, enjoy smoking."
star speaker being Dwight D. El-
senhower of imo Pennsylvania
Ave., Washington, D. C.
Several city poke forces have
alerted Detroit gendarmes to
watch for an invasion of a new
aneb whish wants to take over
teamsters locals there. .. -.-- o -
w i ---- THE BROADWAY LIGHTS ped on one and the highly exple. clan, who made hl chickees dis-
Within two weeks the first ac- slve surmise made for hilarity appear right before your eyes,
ive unionist ever to sit i the U.S. Marlon Brando discussed world .The auty ed, inzadently, is has retired to a Nevada farm
Senate will be sworn in. His name affairs with a little.Old Lady (can- leaving that job after the New where he raises them The
is Patrick V. McNamara, Dem. of dy-store prop.) at 58th and 4th Year. To start her own consultant pocket version of "From Here to
Mich., for 18 years president of the other 2 frigidayem-whle fi- service. So If you are an editor Eternity" sold ever 2,375,700 o.
Loald M, APL Steamfitters. He ancee Josanae spectated mutely and beautiful (which is close to es, so far. Sir John Gielgud
has the reputation of being an hon- .. Snocky Lanson's word-failure impossible) apply to publisher Is wanted (at a hefty fee) to star
est man. He could enhance that on the TV Hit Parade (during the Mrs. Ira Haupt, who ought get on a teevy network. But the '-mo-
repuaration it he called for a probe Yule finale) made you ache for the job, anyhow The Robin- ral turpitude" charge is the .bar-
of several locals of his ow inter, him Nancy Kelly, star of son J. Peepers will have a child rier Red Buttons fired his
national umion in which the mobs "The Bad Seed.," asked Sardi's in the Springtime. In real life 66th writer.
have infiltrated and which have for the table location where her "Mrs. Peepers" (Patricia Benoit
hurt our atoshic defense program. Greatest Romance flowered. "My ISwift) expects hers. The program
.-- lucky table," she confided afterproducers planned to have the Would you happen to be in the
There's some good news for John the opening nght as she waited'Peepers baby arrive in the Fall, market for a pygmy hippopota-
Lewisr coal digging followers, for the Sugary reviews Chor-lbut wives will be mothers, you mus? Only $3,600. Trefflieh's on
many of whom are tragically on eographer Balanchine has agreed know. Fulton Street window-ads: "Will
hard times. There is a report from to waive all dance credits in "The follow anyone around like a kit.
Denmark revealing that American House of Flowers" playbilL Herb ten" Overheard at the S-n.
coal now eam be sek cheaper there Ross now has that headache The newspaper adverts for "The ,mng Rocm: "He has the Broad-
than Polja coal, "evea though the The business in the tryout town Silver Chalice" movie were chang- way reach. Fast for a gal-slow
freight barjes from Poland are for Clifford Odets' new show, ed overnight. The censored ones for a cheek". Geeo. Snearing's
frely a freatra of what they are "The Flowering Peach," is so showed Virginia Mayo in a "Pa- new pmeh line for J. Glessoa
from the U.S." healthy-staffers expect it to be risian" kiss. Guy Lombardo "And Away WeGold!" From
Let's get busy and sell to a white-fac "Green Pastures" is raving about a tango called Variety: "Unfavorable reviews
them.. ."Fanny" is making. pre-. ".Blue Mirage," imported from drew a plethora of refund "

-, r. '- ",

S, .

V .. .- -

'. .'

Seldom seen view of the Panam6 Canal is this shot from the top of Zion HHIll Zion Hill. r iss p .10 t d tak.ts.p
. point from which to photograph the Canal. It is possible to get to this point if you.have agility and plenty of 4 l
elevator! In center foreground are some big shovels and giant trucks used in the work a Contractori'Hill. Thao- .
by the way, although much of the 400 foot hill has been reduced to elevation 27Q or lower. The- diannel of :.-d,
ble when the rock removal began, but now only a tiny piece of flwy*Il keeps a s.tafl portion of the Pana-di Ci rfT
view makes the channel appear narrower than it actually, is for it is 300 feet wide at the bottom at" nat-rrowest

V i." *'nt r
] '
,' 1 >
**t}-;'; ,Al
i *'*" ;** "
^ **^..l ,'^
'' >
***'*.-* *" "-?p
!'-^*--.. .r -I;.


ta~ ~
44,' A
.';j~ ~V'4

..r,, ,

4 -

* .4

&~~, 4.-^ s:,

-S. .*'-*.4 S
.7 -. '1 '* A .* > A..4.

mel is action is shown in this view o two aii
locks.b 1J the right fo(renop ip th o


T.. .




< *

1^ 4orsels
**, e. ,'
***..Tfw* a eMt'
-y Ste.U~

In November we published plc oiled and mended, extra grass
tares showing some of the riders can be cut to supplement the
at the Pacfie Saddle Club but horses' regular meals. Of course
aot all of the available pictures it is not all work and no play at
could be used. these stables for there is plenty
Those who read the earlier ar- of time left for riding and amuse-
tide on this saddle club know mooats such as jumping, and play-
that the youngsters not gnly ows ing tag on horseback.
Their own..hboses, but also care Some of the riders also find
for these and keep thein th good time to teach their horses tricks.
condition, 6 course there iq a' Fury, owned_ by Linda Malone of
full-time caretaker oftr4 fnm.- Balboi, Is a well-trained horse
ises who a f eeda the who will count when asked to do
horses gigt. so, He stomps the ground the re-
These tie-.mlnded youngptelrs quested number of times.
are mimyp la 'noew that dry And when Fury does his
season as 'come for It. means stratehing ts'ick, he looks as if
rides up ti-l tils around. the he will slip and fall as his legs
bills at- Pdro Migel, rides into are stretched out so far. Yet he
Balboa, and Jpr one girl, rides to inalstains his balance.
Amado'. Dry season also means
that the -idfrs can have barbecue tMembership In this saddle club
suppers at the Saddle Club with- which is located in back of Pe-
out having to worry about being dro Mrguel is something that is
rained out. .enjoyed by young, and those not
A sufuiy Saturday finds many so young. Some of the riders are
young people out at the "stables" in elementary school while one
as this place is popularly called. inactive member is away in the
There are always chores to be United States in college. She is
done her. Horses mut be scrub not the oldest rider, however,
bed (this ia quite a task) bridle for many of the proud fathers of
trimmings can be polished, leath- the children often go for rides
er reins and saddles should be themselves.

Riding "Starlight" who is owned by Terry Lee Glynn is Terry's friend Kathy Hague.

-- .- i


k a t h as A a
"Sunny" doesn't look any too hap py as Andrea Lunetta hoses her.

Jesaine and Tonye

ip~.m"Neus aa4 ;I"~t~d
4 Mika A AL
k. Jatv luaMz"w! f a-*laf B


ae" t hese houses m N Mthi U a .,9" ." Ba
*wam Loaet and "S*amnin eed le*kis and Wi mamre had seM, Lya
MMPased e o tip5 fw e etf..
m 9 '. 4 ".'- -- -': .-
ue~.i t~ dsa~ d~Mw u~w.




-rw ar ^ z ..-

A, .


a I
.r *''- -
-c.-. *t.;

I-. -. K-.

i.c.t;~@Sp t *i I
-'-~: j- 'r.- ** .
~*. ~ *~* .1
'4,,. 1*'

P 7.6.
-1'vi ..M~*i.v.
;&rP.~ ~k$ar~9~b
9 Lv

'I -. I-


This small boat (lower right) constantly ptrols the Panama C near aoitrd Ct c k by

soundings to determine if any rock4rom has tumbletnt wtww.

ilj~in4Wo W 6 Ao6o 4 -I..
'-"p1a I.. .. -. 4

; 7 *m JI I '

I' *






i *




' ."

~s. :Jt$-J

A ...-me* s.9 *.

0 wisAid
blurIf /



- I




-4 *


- -a% e- W

.7. .i:"




'-A -


Dip 'o &




- *, a


.' .


, -I

. .,

... I

IL- ''



.~- ..~---.
- a
-. I

f,~. ~

I ..'


i IN TI.

*t*e*tpIbibp* P..'>*--*0--- iAMA4klm"*494 .t- .. -

:-;ii ,. -c~

1 __


.i--.- I'- II


S.'.' .




7": -%J ` ,

Pp. -TW

I- -'- 01.

^ <-4

. DAP.-DOT JuSrr" momeU

10 MAW, ij%

GEE a, D/fIt
iftiiii ii i niiiiiii T i i r








SPeaCH a~tD PIfH ]@

__ ~____

ich. -

,-* ..,
.,1 :*'', 1o







W h

1 .



YW FULAUW Lr .- ITAdT ,Doesw

XFOW ON=AtW ',. oUiCA I4 ,eR KA WeQ MR


- .3 -3. I


~; 'Ii

L ^^^ w^


""rOC Lm

'~ -'* *1


isLt >, -

Aw .-w. Alp


* sI



' *-H

*r '-- .


7 -..--.- 5-.

.-I. -...




MOA tfa

bLow kce ur eMs
I w


s LZ



I ~i ~~e7 -Ci;cFi ---

T rnf xT fisa~" *JLo'e
-TI' cC '*.C4
A Bwl


. --dMMMftmmw. On



ya ;

wl' ^

- _LW

.. ..g




~ Ib~r~r


.t .. .-



an4, F.

m, ,' -
[. .' *, ,..

d ''



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