The Panama American


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The Panama American
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Weekend American
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Scott Family Library Fund ( donor )
Panama Times, Ltd.
Place of Publication:
Panama City, Panama
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daily (except saturday and sunday)[may 12, 1973-]
daily[ former oct. 7, 1925-dec. 4, 1966]
daily (except saturday)[ former dec. 10, 1966-may 5, 1973]
normalized irregular


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Newspapers -- Panama (Panama)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
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Panama -- Panama


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Oct. 7, 1925-
General Note:
On Saturday published as: Weekend American, Dec. 10, 1966-May 5, 1973.

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University of Florida
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All applicable rights reserved by the source institution and holding location.
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oclc - 18709335
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A seven perO t decrease in nWtals ,
nalUS-RAote quvers on the Zonuewes a *
wCowrrnJ thn-&#ybold.
Th.ethristm present forCono empl o
effective next, and will continue, to gdE ut
a period of six I ths.
The rfoJ JiscUwC i tins on overall sving of
bout $70 00t the ad, mnd "reflects th. extentt T
to which r dvctionk 10 4 ( been achie*eI s rough
opertming pitrtices by-the Company. .' .
The acrots4-he-b unt, Canmtal official lsoi, i OW
was made poiol i. l iminstion of non-recprdl
expenses and eddbctli .dsts In maintenance X s fU4"...; :' + *
It is to b .ppie to4cay to weekly rent
charges. mfr ppy .awiph begins Jan. 2, 1954 0r
through the bl pop, Jnse. .sL

In annutehIa U b

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k belt fteross nor
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ezing rain and sleet
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Ab te o j Dhivop a. 1
Af t 1.betterw lis of twi0
sons, perform asqf tai* cnt-er a

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The ket a t C o coa t abnle bera nAo t tged -3 *ah s 1o n
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beet aci a a vmdmu. M o muwer'w. uiy J rm br din o ,ec ma than th bil 6 or a t
bae iaon m me-Grr k"m, .I but W
...." q)-byaa-tAir Ts tat

10l+I S estokdetaa?
28-a ao u Thr ps osd nte r tear stowpsiec hdm bo t60p

,s twt insme of lthe states pf ere.t ea ,le Fte .bjp'Ularly p(wRias w nd ae jA sda
AMelawn rntsa m me t
00tZM L-cLe s y Io ta.m -1.00

b.for ,anuary a 0 a

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bed"e"r" ,W- hbIneadly day.l otIsi eif
tha datmeshen r.-N9clearn=ube=.tio steera i,.o

"T5re q r onstant r pta ma
an Csata Riea mudi duoSt-

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S. .s- AMA. "M.CAN AN
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S"'. H Su m P. 0. BoX 14. PANAMA. R. OF P.
M, m MVANCi- .. .70 5 1.o0
l'mia fooMT, IN ADVANC-- 8.80 11.00
I ow> AB., HM AOVANCE 18.- l2.o' 0,4.00
- .o- ., .-1-- o \


SBThe Mall ABo is Mn epen from for ooeders f The PIani Amerien.
oere se*Ved, grwlfully nd ame handled In a wholly emaflde1fll
1t Vm aembit e ttew dea't be impatient If it t e eappea Ike
wet.df5es ae pubsd i. th eidar received.
i Hil e kp th e Ira limited to ne p agk h.
a la se ufrers I held I nstrictest Zidmae.
TiswS r me um rspwnsibility for statenme es s epllem
,mplsed Ia Is ttSo m readers.d --
U, -0-
4 The time has come when I must retire from active duty with
RWealth Bureau of the Panama Canal Since'July 22, 1923, I
beena employed first at Balboa Disnsry-now at Balboa
st Aid Station in the same location, aid directed in all phaas
y work by the local doctors and nurses, a group that eonsist-
ently centrbqted to the welfare of the community.
*WV I realls that retirement has Its compensations, I ac-
oepthe hlo with some regret.
the *eoie o the community, both adults and children, I
sMah to extend ,y y attitude for their manifestations of kindneaa,
.41ortesy and resiest.
tMu, incerely yours,
William Tomlin (familiarly known as "Tom")
i parentss I
o. Now that the Parent-Teachers meetings are beginning to
concrete results perhaps we all can look forward to better
Ioar for our children, fewer officials in administrative post-
jn nothing, fewer snide remarks from some of the offl-
w o may be removed, and better cooperation.
A look into the future will be the order of the day. The0
boa Junior High School Is already crowded beyond capacity.
Mi often 35 or more students to a classroom.
DIpte the leaflets handed us when we thought of living in
Zone telling us of the superb school system to be found in
Zone, so many pupils per a teacher Is not a fair teaching

Next year hundreds more boys and girls will seek admIsslon
the overcrowded physical plant that isa Balboa Junior High
ool. Has anything been planned to build classrooms for those
ento? Not that the eye can yet see.
A, funds lacking to acquire more up to date textbooks?
* do some children read from bqpka with copyrghts acting
forces and even thirties? If funds are needed a start may
rr well be made by slashing the salary load with the abo .sh- t
f several supervisor and so-named assistant Jobo in the
rtme ent.
S Tobe honest with all concerned what is the need for some
the upervMisor? There is positively no need for two super-
a t condutt the athletic end of the school system. Spend
at money wisely by acquiring a competent full time Instructor
thee Balboa swimming pool. Last year a man was on duty at
be ool full time. This year such Is not the case.
Why doee a school librarian have to teach classes in addition
3e her library chores? She certainly has a Job to perform in her

ents. another Parent-Teaiher efetiat ia schedule for
* C d h to the meeting, parent. You had'hi
I what we long ago needed. With full support of parents
Slek forward to lee deadwood in our school system, fewer
Ip from administra or eling f to do somp-
Mr u*their -t lJob knowledge, and more aid t


Labor I a

e v higher taes on

time class of blue h e oupon.
cUppers and arIN ear .ig J
of dollars i -such divld them.


Wht'll It Be,




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A. L

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v* -.

HoweVer, regardless of how Igh
the tax now so toR d-t
dividends, It w ot ect the
million of dollar annually and
soon will give hm a self-made
headache. For there is qpetly
startingjn Washington and en Wal
Street a drive 4o get these union
funds and treasuries taxed as
heavily as private funds.
This fight was sparked In great
part by the virtually unpublicized
report that the pile driving, tough-
est union chief of them all, the
teamsters young powerhouse, Jim
Hoffa, had two of his funds buy
51,000,000 worth of Montgomery
Ward stock.
This gave Hoffa control-of some
13,000 shares, a paper profit of
I2,000 since his fund picked_ up
the shares and annual diyidends
of some 39,000 tax free dollars.
This stock purchase last week
by the Michigan Conference cf
Teamsters' Health and Welfare Fu
and the Automobile Transport
Drivers' Health and Welfare Fund
stirred considerable whispering be.
cause Hoffa bought into a com-
pany over which there is a fight
for control. Heffa has friends in
the camp of young Louis Wolfson,
now controlling 6,700,000 voting
shares in Montgomery Ward.
While Hoffa's 1,000 shares can't
much affect the final voting in the
fight to oust the administration of
Sewall Avery, it may start a move
for other unions to buy in and
help; Wolfscn in the battle for tht
bim mail order house. Hoffa is one
oflabor's most influential person-
alities now, with powerful follow.
Wings in at least 10 other inter-
national unions.
However, Hoffa said he bought
the 13,000 shares strictly as an
Investment. So we'll have to wait
and see how those votes are cast.
Drama, too, was added to Hot-
ta's purchase by the announce-
ment that a section of his union
was launching a wide drive on,:
Montgomery Ward to unionize the
company's nine mail order houses.
So the Hoffa move 'into the stock
market created a stir. But it is
far from setting a precedent. The I
roughest kind of survey indicates 1
hat unions already have hundreds ]
f millions of dollars "on the mar-
ket" and are making millions ef
lollara annual In dividends. i
lhe u as -hmsels and their
mda hold blocs, of les In U.-.

WU sa. b

SThe Voodoo Boy


As an old enemy of the frauds measuring instrument of other j
perpetrated In the name of psy- folks' frailties. I could have told
chiatry, I was slightly delighted to the kids this simple fact years age, i
read a news story in wfch oto and, as a matter of fact, did. I
psychiatrist is quotable 1sayj Tlere are a lot of old- tired bae.
that a failure for eight btembs lee lying handy. One Is that a ner.
ef 4he prfWesslon to agree on W ous nation has sought an excuse I
particular .o.Int"'/n__a for its nerves and, seeking
Dates pOa it i inpeu- enmuse, has looked for somebody a
tion as a trustworthy selientifle lorovidethe erutch. The voode
procedure." dtors served admirably. They
This would be Dr. Tho fla d the ego, and listened (t
French, sa.oclate director of confesslons-and everybody 1
Chicago Institute or Psy to confess he bra i
InS rtljon ag exS. so came to W S I
-In I WA sni


n by otU
Fa fi6

a. T A IvesmeIes a s me patyeou, usome
., '*. HI m L tee bel n mortges as
AWS 4 O 4 e n1 Dave MeDonald's united s.f
i..s abtlresdil *de I workers recently revealed that as
i mmeiSlW of June 30, 195, it had $11,251,55
--- --i (n i vested In securities an a-
ST e ?Of 7POW(.)" i crease of $1,811,528.21 over Dec.
a Isd 31 19L. Just six cacubs. This does
L : B IB TK Ent not Include an i4vestmenltsWhc
t L0 eW might have be de by the uteel.
i :Mf:Wter NS dMOutttbd 470 SUe Ac co.rdin tog the rtelworkers
qItKi^ d E Dain P Etbs-. central financial reports r-
li1a NArti"le u id() I of Ilua iesa investments brought the unime
ft%:VUl=W UK1so1R.lf4J "square 5llfls a neat ,117,87.92 profit. It also
S 41Presmo oLua made an dditional profit t 7,-
foaa u date d 4 iM2 gssee Gl nawder.) 315.3u-on Ce sale of securities.
'.- *wSim(!SOtm) 4s l lmlnlie $he ib t of Mnions which also
it M, ea -o 35S f) baeve mide heavy Wall Street profr
SAsseverate 3 4 Bitervetch its is too long to list here, for it
IN VqW 46 Derlun apints (ab.) runa from .brTye "a to retell
gcg v lerks. That's wat diaturbs ome
>Sa.!5"?s eas busnes circles. They ses ab
vss) the USSd. r'b
St i blocs of shares an perhaps t
Sexerting an influence in their cor-
a- W|or Ruore tfor example, hIt
-, already demanded a voice in theI
Union pension Inte

Smay be the Astreea's personal holl-
0'tho the fmd.
Half a bilion dolars can buy a

T ~op Dec. 38 (UP) A
forest office apond wian said to-
day that fluency. communist Poland ha
made lq orml hut down ones Labor
tabllablng diplomeAto relations
The he n overtureasn. t

latest feeler In a In l
at" caM&Iaubeh .
Say be the rw ron
|day, too. a

SAnermal f lys
W11a OS9ntM

.ie 7 won .lilU imA tm Fii,
Dr. Prench. -made t vea t a with ,.s sn Us w .,
additional statement to te ande man's treamis is 7- a '
that psychonalayala had fallen &bet's c d t lsa tt a an p "d
"very uncritical an Wah yw eonrder that I herw Wl o5l ethia S UP s
habits n tereg t pa- y skilled soul prober rmhtted o CA ev a
tents' emotion syln.toms" Whose wife left him to be neabtr ber e truhep 1 r
The Np. I con b reached dog, who lived elsewhere, and has i ed by es and tsn br a" .. 1A .l
was that since a psycatrist is a he was able to Justify the a rabe ad country streleee t an ai llowin these to
human being with hi owner l ure then I should not go to for a eat tm r years, and the T d eal allowing these to
bias and special person ality, e any ga ret trust as a adv r a r on r ae nty m rt r w km
cannot possibly be an infleie r my own problems. He would -th racket. ,far ca i a o r
.....o Capitol .Hwever,a or
Chinese tetnlrlaaam wll se-ttoeO
l i I m me i I exit visas untl e Reds star t I-
k.ieasin American in exchange.

Walter Winchell In New Ymorkj;;;;n
Return over 2I,00,000 in% hin.
ese assets fmre In this country.
A Newspaperman's Christmas trnational-there is generally a story is published by Eternity. M Truust-amuer
*' newspaperman. Inevitably, every -----
Lighteg flashes across the hor. tporter.. learns that for every Dailies reflect the magilfcent joe O'Mahoney of.Wvomint, one
ao4- of hIstory and newspapers craven killer there are thousands and grotesque panorama of Jof'the 0 ae rbu'ers ev
reced th r. The fire and fury of valiant cops, for every corrupt events. The iroes and agedes. r st t busters e
are the stuff of headlines., ra politician there are countless hon- The triumphs and the estivals. osn'e t b .x-e tow biek
tory doctrines, the destlny of a- eat pubi servants, for every Nptlonal calamities international eye on 'the Dix Yt o astrat
tiods, I conflicts re blood tyrant there are million debates penonal misfortune. Mui- O. Money, who hl pd ide
death. w ng lanet ce people who desire to walk .in der gnit by the flash of gunfire th ecuritiesan d
theb sn an gives o parks. t and have their children the horror of potential atomic de- mi s whe wasa ueant
A r epo covers all thi vaari vein pe atructio, e socry of diplo. for pra the public rather
lOa Mortl exeL'ne A one who haa welled In a maey and' t y of certa I.' S redn nd- who
of create PnOnt t,,,,epingWall .wh
ifiW ao tf ravUe around a mess appreciates the light, a news- poUUcal ideosa11 .. Jr ditoria* h" s e Moldin Cor-
,ias M rves-to convey t .l h.paps rman's knowledge of the ats ponder treated opinions. A t'la-"i, SQEC
man advenur. Crime n ci ti =dow aspects of our existence Tey must be Solomon and Shak. Act, has ais d the S
and terror on the ba-l R iS intensify his faith in the are and beat the deadline. hom:esthe whch oa to the
ia part of his ob to deenye of hum ,. Profounda jud ents. a0 m
dead emotions ft human g rly, the people are spiuay or rltdiculous. y eal yib O 5 ftf wso te
police precincts or the rbble Iaetriutble compleities of iviliza a t a the
umpires. Noerbeles, there c -- ~ offer solutions to i ra t he won-"
comes a period wh iqveers Headlines express history rather ponderables that have baffled an-
tragedy, er lin tAbruptly. Black fragments of a elent prophets and defied the Cl
ety and the raliant fae a oe seriaL It is wll to re- eenturies. J -
hugging a toy eeome page uIL however, several Yuletide Significantly, the acst popular S
event. agleally, the earth' I -page banners. Bead them trial ever composed is noted *
ing perila are dimmed by derive.a sense of pride grati. s its touc implitiy. Of
shmunmer of a. tree lifting a and hpe. Of course, tIn s course, we to the ditorial
star. mightier than or assuring Virginia-there Is a San-
The most momentous scoop ore absurd than blind opumslam. t Claus.
day is almost 2,000 eJs v a' l d eavry sane Individual today -
Peace on Earth,o 4 d W to-M a have some terrifying doues Reed four newspapers and dis-
...-..- bou.t the future. But it must nev- qver a fission more perilous than
A colyumlt wh prowls he be forgotten that Chrimas in the splitting of the ato e ex-
city comes In contact New 1 w errifyin for the Ma- tenive leavage between moral
York's almost n Wake I Christmas objectives and material pro esa.
geons of ove" a eM asan cold, loody and fall Page m e M barbriy
race, ito& f r Ame'rlaps de0o*S fl 4 .As e dudOestei diseovi-
cruelan toe. But s In the Battle of the er new p drug.
tide sea a l ays m int r a 5 wasn a0 oeu qerns the
ae of fr out treeps ia trea. beinforms e
nation. Te A U. S. tAepS. to lfp. mia c? t eve mm
mtopolims sm. 8to2as*a w mosB e S O d one s feas ,.

Trade tnleiss, Iso
of the most power
Japan. He l rnms
follower of


-wo w'. V '"_
:. -' .;*l L- -- '



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r IK


a deep seated
her btherme
id if t hi.



M4 -.:--,, i .- -,^' ,-. .. .. ..- "* P .,H- .MM _.: j f .: .

.. 1 .-. .- ......- '* M- Bt .K-> ..-.;. .,.. .. ... .* .. ..... ...* ... ^'^ fs


4... .5 p.
~ ~0W'r-tm? ~uFw~,

--- ,, ,',- -

" ." ". .

: AE-t'mong boyar went dwil to Sb what theb
1 JhaejtitC iW. uON look at te 9pMFOMW eixg-5yed chi
e phtographer miUaged to keep W ace 103 adib ih to'8nd out

' ,: *

& 4. .

woM f(or NA Service*

NORl* (D)

y "
1 6 01s


I .e hst* -I ,
I VK so

North's opening bid-- of on1 no-
tump, In tody's hand, int
tion i better for.- -thkf or
no-trump 7. Asidelfo: -
ributio, owevr, North hal the
ght sort 6 and fr th opag

South's response of two .dia-
monds was not Invitational in ay
sense. With a good hand Sut
would haye bid three diamonds,
r two or more n-trump r he
might have bid two elub tl
Stayman convention, asking Notr
to. show a major suit. South's ac-
tual bid of two diamonds merely
showed a bad hand a long dia-
mond suit.
North wasn't particularly fond
of diamonds, but he had sense
enough to pass before matters got
any worse. Neither side pad a
really god spott lay the hand.
West pened the Jack of hearts,
and South won with the king. D-e
clarer-taen blundered by leading
a spade back. fest won the second
spade with the jack and promptly
led a low trump. East took two
high trumps and cashed the queen
of spades. South struggled on for
a while,' but he eventually lost a
total of three spades and three
trumps, for a one-trick defeat.
It was correct or South to berlin
ont he spades, but he should p
the nine o spades from the dum-
my Instead of putting up the ace
This, ducks the trick to East, who
cannot lead trumps without gvin
a trick to dummy's king. If Eat
falls to return .a trump, nothing
can stop declared from ruinIg a
made In dummy. The wader

i l StorMi Danger It'ate st

Otn Record Says US-Sog P -NEIport
-. gay

W,0, Dec. 28 (UP)
-The l. Conservation
Wrlce,b u Wred In a hush-
h re .that the danger of
dpy dust storms on the
o .lns the greatest on
-ttarlea ned today.
repo ~W conditions are
as bad last year and
n ezx"efdt eo of the parch-
193014p t1jWirUng dust cov-
iad who R.r and forced
uaonds falUs to migrate
to other are=.
A few more* weeks will bring
the season when high wind
swept across the Plains states,
Ir a'Soil Into clouds
bo kinc The sand and
salt spread thickly over newly-
sprouted or even flourlahing
crops .

a- l1ll 4

Weekly rep.ortM from the
weather bureau &how some blow-
ing Is already taking place Last
week's report said the drought
continued to become more crit-
cal In the western parts of the
central and lower Great Plains
with "eondderable soil blowing"
in western Nebraska southward
through the Tesas Panhandle.
It said dust "fIlled the far
east as the wet Gulf coast."
currently 944 counties In 18
stAtes haye _been.declared
drought disaster, areas where
farmers are eligible for federal
aid programs.
While somp counties have been
dropped from the disaster list in
the past month as conditions
improved; almost as many have
been added again or listed for
tha fi t--

R-eportlag that more osll Is in w" .
"ondltlon to blow'" than at any The latest count shows
year's end on reord, the Con- Oklaho7's 77 counties ak
esrvatIlo Servile report said gnated drought disaster
conditions are "half-again" as 181 in Texas; 41 In Kansi
bad as two' years ago when Tea- in Alabama; 69 in Arkansa
as, Oklahoma and Kansas-suf- in Georgia; 28 In Louisilan
fared serious dust storms the in Mississippi; 82 in Missou
following spIng. Nevada; 19 in New Mexil
In North Carolina: 46 in
Because of a reluctance to Carolina; 90 in Tennessee;
produce a Mcarte," Agriculture Utah; 832 in Virginia; 19 ir
Department '-fficiels are not oming and 22 in Colorado.
saying mauch boti the report.
m oll yCtion Service Chief
ed to discuss it with a reporter.
Officials said good rains be-
tween now and spring or unu-
unally light winds could do a lot
to ease the danger of a serious -
l"dust bowl." I

But it was also pointed out
that the only real answer is to
have the land "coVered" either
by crops or otherwise in the fall.
The more acreage left without
cover this winter the bigger the
dust storm potential next spring.
A recent weekly weather and
crop bulletin report said winter
wheat prospects declined In
northwestern Texas with "much
acreage going into the winter
unplanted and what is up strug-
gling to survive."

A, silver cup is pretty, but a
small plastic one Is better to
tart Baby on drinking by hm-
self. HeW be able to wrap his
btod._ around it with greater



Cocktail from 16.95

Evening from 29.95

q. *3L!~.&,
*J F. -:

, des-
as; 68
B; 124 "
58 5 C
ri; 13
co; 39,




S6- ~ft toa a "4-tfkyears ago. .J kkpt th, -when it.uted roots. Transplanting it to a pot, shba n
h6ti- ia slow progress. Suddenly it started rally to grow andt hqs bad
t yrear. .Aew months ago, when it was blossoungL it even reached the

I.' *
~~I;. 1,




ut News
in agance- and to Jay Blalkowski, Wm.
a i1t ot Bird, David Eberenz, and John
s on Riccio, Troop 18, Coco Solo, and
SFirst lass recognition to Ae-
wl''. thur Lawrence, Troop 12, Gatun.
't'; Carl Newhard, veteran Scouter
~ te lfnhIc and district vice-chairman elect
H.i& te for 1955, presented merit badges
_. -. 47tank XeLeon, Troop 1, fish-
sIeatI fig f and muelp; Wm. Hogan,
w tueW Troopt, citizenship in the home;
leader fr- COcC Olunt, Troop 8, home re-
were iin. pairs, mechanical-drawing, and
rei b 1 d g reading: John Ambrose, Troop
;out-o-rama 18, home repairs, first aid, and
Gatun and swimming.
SWPeb..12 at. The Star Award for 5 Merit
.he remind- Badges was presented to Cecil
GOunt, Troop 8, and John Am-
er.the ad- -brose, Troop'18, by district chair-
let advance- man Vie Young, who also ex-
ae4, with pressed the .ppreciation of the
ks wad district forth use of the base
aslf-y, of 'faclities.
o The closing ceremony was in
S e ar of Troop 18, cotaster
Imony was .j ca ,^ with,' .?L rry
Wayne Neel, P: ading.

R^ BK.Open 6n Sow

~tOw oa rd Motors
Fto l~i Sontiogo, Chile

beta i t Property Disposal Offletr,
A up ere- US. Army Caribbean, today so-
ad spfa- icted bfds'for twda ouboard no-
ut .e aor tsle and a papctble chai) saw,
ate in Oble.p-
1 be -
to pee-


e hat, W e zmot ca revet ..i .by .-
from- mhing the duekig If Baby must sleep in strange
e spades. f West puts up srroundings, be sure to take a-
Jack of spades, South. cand 9n & a familiar blanket or toy
to win with the ase and a carry on your usual evening
m the nine of spades. The rmtine o ease him off tosleep.
ders can now draw dummy'* w .
ps, but South can set up his TIf oU let Baby sit it n ha
f spades as a natural spade chairble or stroller while you
argue with tbh automatic wash-
ing machine, be sure he's located
well away from any door that
I might fly Open In a rush of hot
wa er. BtIt s sood to have him
with you In Buz a situation for
I you might not be able to hear
,were in another room.



Calle J. B. Sosa No. 19

TeL 233U.

ve* *


Dinner Jackets ............ 29.80 to $33.50

Tuxedo Trousersa .............from

"Walk-Over" Shoes (black kid) ......

Buttonlere, Tie,, and Handkerchief
*set ........ ............ ..from

Swank Studs and Cuff Link sets ..from








-You don't need money...

Just say: "CHARGE IT"

And.. r renmber CemMec
Colo, so viit M oo Se.'
opposite aSlroad Staffo, ad
Just 5 Your Name&



.5' -


New Jersey $2435.00 Cana Zone $2498.00
'. ," ,. t.

* ~~ .1 ^

.'S .p si a

and dPAR E I

and ,N IC"

SJET O tf .-4J


there's' hoday magic in every .tyleteo'atwh
New Year's Eve and Egng pa ..-.

79 Central Avenae
TeL $-11 .. 1

Under a Blanket of Stare

Food and Drinks at The
Same Popular Prices


. W *a-s ". I ^ ^ .. .i. ,.

S FOR k-

e. c
- .* .. .'.. .'*.


C-41. E-i ".R Oat'

- r. .


II II~ ~~--~~--~ ~~~~



- 1 i]rio



_______._._ --.

ut uni


1 1

wv few yeard

* ,1



. "V


Vep A Closetful Of Help On Hand f

1.' ........... ... .," .".;.- ,... ..

*G lbIaeM helIp you to ak*e 0ih of duaMail rortla.
SPlaill palls for suds and rinse water ae euay 16 empty, wont
Saru paint If they're bumped against woodwork. Plaster paint
' uard rotests the wall during eleanlar operatloas, and towellmy
wristet prevent water from tricklino down this housewlfel arm

NEA Staff Writer


frame can double as a dust mitt.
Pails are pails, but flexible
plastic pails are pretty, easy to
empty and won't scar paint. But
I do like the eval-shaped, two-
compartment metal pails, too
that hold both soapy water, and
rinse water.
Keeping cleaning equip m e n t
clean is a chore but it's a neces-
sary one if the homemaking job is
to be done correctly. After you've
waxed the kitchen floor, wash out
the applicator before the wax has
a chance to harden. When you
rinse out the cleaning pail, draw
fresh water and add a little soap
and w:sh out the mops, cloths,
sponges or brushes used in clean.
ing. Hang mop heads up to dry,
hang brush heads down.
Don't neglect to wash dry-mop
head periodically to keep their
efficiency rating high. A mistake
I'm apt to make is to keep using
a broom or mop head after it's.
old and frayed.
A new broom sweeps cleanI
iand a new moo head certain

The Pacific Sleam Navigalltn Company

Royal Mall Lines Ld.
M.V. "SAMANCO" .......................... ...... Jan. 15
. M.V. "gANTANDER" ........... ..................'.Jan. 1
M.V. "RMINA DEL PACIFICO" (8,000 Ton) ......Feb. 28
M.V. "SALAMANCA" .......................... ,.Dee. 30
S.. "YAMASKA"............ ............ Jan. 8
s8.. 'LOCH GARTH" .............................. Dec. 31
S.S. "LOCH RYAN' ............................... Jan. I
S.S. "DURANGO" ................................... ..Dec. 2U
B. .LOCH GOWAN" ..............................

PAU W si Sublset toa 4 sr
,<- -_ .P .,+ .

185713 I

-.. ..

E~.,!*~-'. 'A~ -
~ ~ -

".,.+ ,t ... .. I..
.. .. l Jl + ";r .. >fc *.. '
.+^ff y '^^^-. ,i^^ ... .r^^ w.-f**.

., I T"

:.. .+',* -* .. .. ..,.-.. .*.-.., ^. ,. + *, -.. : .. .- ++ <.'.+ + ',
-, ..+ -. : ./ -l ^.,e^ ^
... .. ...I. 4B, .- I
-....,+. 4+ .+ _______ : :.. .. -

~_l~ L ~-~YYI .v~--~r L


li-' rflU

#ow~Ulu Se~t~i-

iq 'iij'qir'



All Set


amOT ,le-<

0^a u you should I
t h vacuum-sean-
m- the major jobs of clean- d
I, aay n
To msie l ntless dust cloths s
you soakk ordinary sheeting.
sbirttag or *ven ;velvet scraps in tha
bct soaosuds mixed with a few Me
drops of turpentine, then wring was.
them out and let dry. moes
When space is at a premium, NIpI
select a long-handled mop with aulevt
interchangeable heads for wash- t a
fag and waxing floors. And any ,9
mop head that slides off a wire 0bw




'. 'I

SW Faltering Philip!
Or Asthma without
fbsl Pe Intternal 'hiftp's r us filled with bruise'
developed by a
a Iborm ,. OTws5 PellU-wom gopl E ied Sips he ues
bus reachipp ,M
to ae you thr paihm would Ism I il home flite mnew..
nesolveiv and re*
moU. U. IPr- A. Classlfleda. fas the right elMlw
nns s"s
ho .wh.lsr, gin a
I 6rom your dru
hueh better you m e
how mouk bettaw 5.

No Clown Now

Not Interested

ii r

vaeatl '-







Excuse Me!

10 AlVAVuIW0
A" p~ T MM.


ARE o"u
r1'9 Aty-
fa&TL L-.

Office in His n at -

js y TH'ODWNO' I
Vail ^yn 9t^ Ir..






UA- YAS,AMY ~1 A6 To 2='1
ms "9.rCeAt *PbS Na t
SAR Ie s-t Ptm e ige W 1I

What cleaning equip m e n t is
really needed to keep a home
ship-shape? Presented wit h a
marvelous array of devices and
gadgets, it's di ffi cu lt for the
rand-new homemaker to decide
what she'll need to keep the bon-
eymoon cottage in order. A broom
closet that's undersupplied means
mere work and less efficiency.
And an overloaded closet i n d i-
_.- cates space is wasted and money
may have been spend needlessly.
Although any list is open to de-
bate, I talked to home economists
to compile a list of essentials.
Ycu should try to have:
A vacuum cleaner, broom, dry
mop, wet mop, lintLess dust
cloths, sponges, two pails (or a
two-compartment pail), wax ap-
plicator, polisher or poli s h I ng
cloths. 1. myself, -would immedi-
ately add to thi list a carpet
sweeper especiallyy when c'h i1-
S. dren make the., appearance Afo
l f: A a fast and reauaMLeasiul .-




1 ''A*

i .
I+, *

B '/ .'

- SI&I~~,WiP4
~ 'A'




*40N. MA* .Pt' D, DAO9ft H WV U)t6.f.M% -TO
M- OfT A
waw10 oj ("~^ f Ot# tt 00ti t'TW

. .... -









*- a -?

u. -...-
'-*^*a -"',A .'.-?-- *i'-^.'o '* I.'-. ...-*A:t ^ j ig fa **.>-- *

1,oar fos N ew tar a t e
n Mft r. h ater of t.askr t he

am wot e-wa N. affE trlu ntull toH

SS. t^ ,Sth.,! J ft W lkern wo wil oleAv er.
as o Sa 1 a trainACantihe larce we the e- early.
00k h T o H ot eir p wa fet, Maleof .d ]r, a"hMs l.ui rst
a erc. 1u DIV, -,Mr. $1101 0eb r

(ar @ae4sWa Aeel lfor hsr vel ss fo pe
w M marIs to lae mitts nd e white b J a art -
4aWtbay 1s11orchids. / ute si astcr stman
Iffitte dwith' f"W, ow,"d 0u Jb"a o r a0kwclose b

of -ghenAsma"oofthe novelty booth dM a lot ofent during
1,rdu Fair, to he- held as a hotes ivf sh d s t
a e Ann Schrant:, sister of the b a Jto.tu foral top in otto (left) Is wora
te er td s Mdre a bodice accented w lt o yeCor i n
dd S lla e train .-Ch m brlacetwag the me-

4 I UWL M ir bead~ and brilliant. She card to e staple foods to two who Just drop In during h holl
Co. Aeb- p ndee orchids,' which rwere ge, in P ama, the Bell mt ou to be comfortable, too, is
Sm o the is to wa reC e'itts C ~ white w theA- a sal-p lnted cotton, quilted s oil

.... .orchids.ti Set M a and alio give -,.a
0 i oria tthdei ore ll lod trensgt the A o e e dithb
s bew ll s i ohdevera ai rt m e nor, "Cane "I o ~ eeoth d a lot of e un

fabor a Shes rlAnnASchrFta, sister of the bride a Ehi to
.10 Et rnd Made a bodice auente aty"l I the agreed by the membess or at, has a n c ny edging of blay e

Sbeads and brilliants. She c-r vU wpE ag Christmas if. Foe- new
14nMy decWdE *ar t aheI death silver bewh' witer peafv, and til --nOCcd r e d t q
hr husband a oeis l vr d b i wh is nd oer a a Cd, d e Frick Carolyn Coggbn' Company
w befete. Her lon glover and cor- aloo Ann N a epa, nd also give)
V i '-' ohen -sage were wh al b.ite. lb

Mit4Jy at Mt .PeSgy Wo t aUef teSaate Contains 368 well printed pages
,he"b.,th Das lato inteAigent W LPt
0110101 S-Gtif with 3 at Mt ra chebl, Jue r ,Alprt M EneL
l atWy, Mis hu- tEqAwt advice about

8hrans WrNmar- swe wS equins. Her gloves weNai ar A, "Tfskc reip. aly oI
teIlw A t Ateart Wit- of told lace and eor coi3 ad Rflaa iSbesrt ., h iVbeiueve in combiningthe very e l1t-
't .-rbife w ch T e cor for reh gWing ner o. Fth ita Sigma l, d eat in modem kitchen convrvn- '
eval T guests at the a Chese es with the very warmest an in.ol
o a Y a edv thec ms, fashioned hookbook.tality and makow
nCs Alexre.91d6 tsthem t Awag _#ftm Four new

iS iktf&- , w aree c of wiod.o Let'sand

..bywt a o l rae e recipe and muikook.
S. -a wen-, ; : phy- double t was of' tulle over taf gM 'Carly Coggins' Company_ i

ty at-home clothes are many. Fashions for holiday wear com-
or and a truly practical warmth. Favorite fabrics for these
lveteen, cotton lace and quilted cotton. Bright floral prints
ack velveteen for sharp contrast. The young housewife who
the holidays (and all of her own housework) will have more
o the occasion. Designed especially for at-home hours, the
With slim black velveteen pants. The blouse goes either in
k lace. -Most households have a certain number of visitors
lays. The one costume that will get you by gracefully, yet per-
the little robe that's cut to look like a dress (right). This is
r warmth.



,s ySA i" r.



on a'Group of




79 Justo Armemena Ave.
Tel. 3-1126


Linoleum, Rugs and Linoleum
per yard 40 yard

i fi ueeesar Auddat
Abratlm'm IUneola.
And President Eisenhower, thi
first epubli a Prsident ina
years was nofflated there in Ju
Democrats also may lean toward
Chicago for sentimamtal reason
It wsp In Chicago they first mom
asted Franklin D. Roosevelt, the
only four-ume winner in Ameri
can history.
Only three times'in history hav
the Democrats ailed to elect a
presidential candidate_ nomana t e

s r P Tes nMu ,t inm er- Lat a.HCo convention. The los
afl'tforms,- .press ern were George B. McClellan who
11" .., decrrati 0ns a pped Ld inn 11M4; William
bth usk the same aaigr Brjen, who was defeat-
ed by*William MeKiwmly On his
al NatdMal C6m.- first for the presidncy 6;
S osaeommit. and ai E. leagues w was
t, R ate there Jan. nra ver by tei senhower band.
l nd consider bids wagon two yarls ago.'
In s play Meanwhila vk ipresidat Rich.
t 1 t M1 convnto, ard Nixo arri vd In Miami late
butler, the newlylect- last night for a brief vacation and
if iof the Democratic told reporters that MeCarthylam
oe, will make '"will be alminor issue in 155."
oa oaventiea site one "That issue has been pretty
el of buness when much determined," Nizot skid.
over his pest "In 1.. it will be worth MUt
minor news stories."
has a seaitimental Nixon said chanBces for peaoe
Nf. Republiesas are better now than they were a
lad .oia. It ws there, year ageo "largely because the
ga, at the ree world Is stronger."
ast Iau oom. He defended the rentc cutback
no ted John the armed fares aa move
St candidate for "based eon a deterdathum ou
lost In the io 1 e- thel highest level that the way we
.... will .Ke our'- RmoYe t year
as a ental will b us a R ,o n e Ve do-
at t the GOP. .d swu Im Ar-lesI omey."

B"r, "c esh,
.Ti, O Besniem Ear Blas fir StemseI

CLU 4:15

raJ Ja Beard is Mgi the ld ma
orf me.a n I 4acges, packed
S r seductive rapes for all kinds
J of fish and sea Iod, the familiar,
Sdor, k H t r the Year, the unusual and even the fantastic
SPY erts but all wonderful eating, Beard
S onse on mahogany plaqe lures thereader to hare his own
-was r filed during the .mprs enthusiasm...e think this one of
l v ceremony showing an in the really geat books about fish
d seription "Alpha Captr, I I Acookery. 441 pages plus index.
. gmaPhi, Girl of the Year, 1M54,
- Peggy We ."President Poy B Cookbok by Poppy
e Zon gave a welcoming speech and
resented the plaque n honor of Coam (H*,- ,)
. Pat Morgu, the chapters' A f r o n t a I attack on kitchen
I director gave a Interesting rdrudge-y, Ppy Cannon, noted
I a of the cpae d asivlt es food expert, snows tlie bride, and
O chtt Pgg ofd done. her everyone else, how to make use
c Th of .the aif A-. of the canner the bake., th ready-
Swal e each r to mix ete., to rn out gourmet food
tippbl each y ip rto
-the MC dingthe moat for in Jigtime. Recipes fron the most
I her chapter colo art of the Unltd States,
Gifts wee exchanged a 1d all tra ated in terms. e the new
s amesand dances, were enjoyed theory that these days drudgery is
unnecessary even for the most en
et.ate~ r M.'ad ar g U dthe orld Ceekbook by
ent. wereMae5)
Thompson, Mr. and M Ed Wi Myra (Do ed
son, Mr. and Mrs. Gordon Frick Reviewed earlier in this column,
Mr. and Mrs. Al Zon, Mr. and 464 pages of recipes gathered on
Mrs. Jos Copello Mr. and Mrs. Miss ..sde's travels. Lively, prac-
Bills J. Cude, Mr. and Mrs. War. tical and civilized.
Sre Morse, M. and Mrs. Cyril a e (
Nalepi, Mr. Aid Mrs. Jo ph b Kebabs (from C
Wert. Mr. and Mrs. Staaley, Rob- Cagglas' Company Cookbook)
ertson,. Mr. ris. Wflliam T.
rNal, .tr and rs. larm TraTk' Marinate 1%-inch cubes of lamb
lr aS ir. a rdson Balbd e' In French dressing to which a little
tienand guest, Jane chopped mint has been added and
Martinjl eand guest. tt chopped. gallc, about 1
Tablespoon fresh mint and 1 clove
I bewel For MIn arlwr glarlie per % cup dressing.
es Cifo Rye Al. Alternate these with canned arti.
lr t e br P aul rin choke hearts, canned ptto balls,
were hd esA ana little red or yellow rlo- tomatoes
owr on Sunday at th Am .to fll the skewers, a broil. Try
Navy b Ft. Amsdor, i sprinligerylhtlWithCU
Jean 8 erna. whose m iage powder bef t -roiing.
to Fra J. iHydela s et f fr
this v ng. serving table where Mrs. Miles
Ho usts at the affair and Mrs. D. A. Shuff poured cof.
were L. iaasri. mother f fee and served cakes.
the bride, ad Mrs. Hayd, Plans were discussed for an all-
mother t the roo day boat trip to Taboga on Jan.
Invited to r ipate tt h e 13. The next meeting will be Jan.
shower were Mrs. Lundy, Mrs. 17.
D. Reece, Mr. .onaxd, Mrs. -
D. MacDonald, M.rsG.G. ustra, Rhythm Troop Entertained
Mrs. B. Thomas, Er. R. Cures, The "Rhythms in the Modern
Mrs. i. Watson Mrs J. MaLean, Manner" troupe which pforned
ir. W. Hirea, Mrsu Flow at a benefit at Balboa Theater re-
sn, Mrs. [ Nolto, Mrs. I. cotly at-which a considerable
Gaftrmr In. W.Webb iMrs. W. sum was raised for the Red Cross,
w ~ X r er, Mrs.will be the guests- of "Harnett
t. K S, S Wilma Midalo, and Dunn" on New Year's Day
= n-so = D.rgant Miss Ger- in the Bella Vista Room at 7 .m
Trade :o ra. HoBter, T"h i hvlte are Barbra ;ar-
I.t Mt, J. Kfr ker,'5 Parker Jo0 K. Cos-
le. ad Miss B. I Rogers, Nancy Mirea
P, a e r

THE NAM'S. THE 8AME- t- Alvin C. Vork, rljt nepb
of the famous World War I hero, Sergeant York, is congratulated
by Ma.-Gen. W. C. Farrell, after receiving his parachutist'
w at Ft. Bragg, N. C. Private York is a membte of the 82nd'.
"~ _..~__._ Airborne Division.

W, p

Perfect patterns and colors for every
room in your home...
Living, Dining, Bedrooms also for children's room
come today and choose the be!.j


I FOR,SCHOLARSHIP Thomas Wilson, right, presents $00
s chorsllbip awards to winners of the- National 4-H oitizendaip
contest. The lucky winners are Cephas Williamson, 18, left, of
Americus. Ga., afd Sara Traughber, 17, of Springfield, Mo. The
| award was part of the 33rd National 4-H Club Congress, Chicago.j

Ihe Crunchies
ChociloF hoWe





SkAtlaLg with Taw. JuW
fm short pr wil hdd
p* -leht.

Lo* fe dA onweT a mo em d
in tin ommimt red amd d



Deioerats thresdy are
rty conventoBn sites.
MsChleaeo ad Atlan.
3, are amog the
i,'but moro.entrles are

the most to-
rate acutsa is wely to

Scie 154
W tessle ceavention

[ m



S .i~


., .,. .' .

-s ..~,-....
2, -

"l 2' '
:e .*

Au WeAul

-. '-if


.'. LERI A PRECIADO 7 street No s
STl4 ( ISt ON L a JuLYr Ave. 6 J at.
S JWo Aroseitiena Ave. and 33 SL
"-_ 2 La Carrasquilla

Conrl, AMs. 149
No. a LotLery Plaza
fourth of July Ave.


Agendla iternaL Le Publieaclonei FARMACIA S TADO5 UNIDOS
46 cental Ave. 1 Contrl Avm.
SPfrque L4vre 7 Street O Street AN. o4
I -- ii S Ave. J. fro.,do OnaO Ave.-o.u

Via bMpafla No 34

I H Street No. Si I -


gestulons for Frastical


for the Gardeb Lover

H les

C nItral Ave. 279
s Tel. 3-0140

4 o! 9 p.m. Adults, Pre-teens
' T-eeigern. By appelintm.nt oenly.
Morning. elboe 2-4239
1ter 4 p.m.. Pename 3.-1660

i 'L aII
* i O C. O c HOURS:
1 .... Ia 5 oaL
Saturday : 13 noon.
Prm aeM Tel. -1IN
I I1 bloek fra.B Lux Thetrei

FOR SALE:-1950 Pontioc Super De-
luxe Catolina Hardtop, Hydrama-
t.c. radio, fully equipped. Phone Al-
brook 86-2277.
FOR SALE:_-i1954 Chevrolet sedan.
210 series, driven 3000' miles,
$1595 Balboa 2-4466.
FOR SALE- 1950 Oldsmobile-88,
$750. Call Qunrry Heights 4148.
FOR SALE -'51 Hillman, good con-
dition at good price. Calle Uruguay
No. 2. Apt. _
FOR SALE.-1953 Ford 4.door. Over-
drive, radio. Phone 85-2130 or 87-
2190 --
FOP SALE -'54 Studebaker Starliner
Hordtoo. See to appreciate. Call
Noiy 3353. Locona 723-L.

Real Far,.
FOR SALE -Bariiin. Chalet on the
Trani-lslhman Highway, 15 min-
utes from the crtt. Constructed in
the modern Gov~,o settlement. 10C0
square meters of land. frurt trees.
Sweater electricity. Has brook on
property Facilities for raising chick-
ens. Only 54,200 Inquire at No. I
Central Avenue, Mr Sotillo.

Boati ,& Motors
FOR SALE:-Outboard motor "Mer-
cury Super 10," in very good con-
dition and atof a reasonable price
Call Mr. Novarro. phone 2-0870.
FOR SALE:-Auxiliary sloop "Vega."
good condition. Many extras. See
Smith, Cmestobal Ycht Club, any

IC, 209 Central Ave.. beside Capl-
tolho Theater. Phone 2-3479 Pana-
Cri ibal Service Center S*i $i.
Phone 3-1642. Mn. sldlw Loaen-
zc, maSaer. U.S. Personnel *nd
FOR SALE: -The popular itillo
del Oro" Coffee Shop, corner of Via
Esplo facing Hotel El Ponoma.
Reasonable price for cash sale. Tel.
2-1011 or 2-2411.
FOR SALE--Steel furniture: Dressers,
beds, chiffonier, dining tobies, ma-
ple sitting room set. electric trains.
House 580-A Son Juan Place, An-
FOR -SALE:-Dininqronm set, 60-cy-
cle refrigerator. 1947 Kaiser. Phone
Ouarry_ Hights 3147, mornings.
FOR SALE: Two female, one male
Pekinese dogs. 86-E Coco Solito,
6th Street.
NOTICEt The c oo I mountain air of
inquete puts an edge on your ap-
petite and El Panamonte satisfies It
with good food and service. Slenn
under two or three blankets and
wake up hungry and happy. Rates
and reservations by air mail or tele-
graph. El Panamonte Hotel, Boque-
te, R,'P. I
FOR SALE/-1951 Buick, excellent
condition; one sewing machine.
Leaving Isthmus. Cocoli 3987.

Helo Wanted

WANTED:-Maid to cook and gener-
al housework. References only. Tel-
ephone Colon 992.

ail Repairs. tune ups
service) all work 1 I I
teed. (Day &-Night).

at BADX ro. )
.'i $0 Service Loop Games

-. l... ----

Oce mnide cotf"fgI, 5Snta
S Bof 415. Bolb=o. Phone
Pinoma 3.1877. Critobal 3-1673.
UiMPNIL'S furnished houses on
br4ch at Santa Clara. Telephone
THOMPSON, Balboa 1772, eve-

GramtlK's Santa Clara Beach Cot-
*tiges. Modem conveniences. mod-
orate rates. Phone Gamboo. 6-441

FOSTER'S COTTAGES. em mile post
Santa Clara. Low rmis. Phone
oaoomo 2-186f.

WILLIAMS' Santo Clara Beach Cot-
tage-t'ckgo, refrigeration, two-
bedrwom. Phone Balboa 3050.


xclalve reidentiol district: FOUR-
BE0DROM mansion." suitable for
two couples,-business executive or
diplomat with discrimioftlng taste.
For more details see'Mr. abregao in
bock of Mercado Vesco. Call 29
Este No. 18, between 10 a.m. and
noor; 3 and 6 p.m. No information
by phone. _
FOR REN':-Furnished hpuse.3 bed-
rooms, cool and cqrhftrtable. Bella
Vista. Phone 3-5283 'f0i I to 5


ATTINTION I. Just bulf modem
furnished mportmenti, one, two
bedroom, hot. cold water. -Tel-
ephone Ponama 3-4941.

FOR RENT: 2-bedroom apartment.
screened, 56 Porras Avenue, $65;
furnished $80. -Phone 2.2316 or
3-0234; key Apartment 6.

FOR RENT:--3-room apartment Ap-
ply 1080 Colic Las Dos Palmeras,
FOR RENT:--Apartment, 2 bedrooms.
completely furnished. 43rd Street
No, 21, corner of Justo Aro~meno
Avenue. .


FOR SALE-Leavlna fo rope, ur-
gent: tArniture mod-W.' Chi n a,
brand iew, teakwood Cffee table.
writing desk, screen, n r tables,
house bar, chests. all dep oorved.
Half price. 11th street opposite Co-
leglo Abel BrevO, Co* Cordoba,

FOR SALE:-RCA mhobury console
radio-phonograph, 3-bard, 3-speed.
Priced for quick sale. 2-2542; eve-
nings 3-3319.

FOO SALE:--Dining rooMift*,.Washer,
bed spring, Innersprin -.. attress,
steel t9ble. waffle Iron; other Items.
Bargolps. 1431 Corr St.,. Schilling.
FOR SALE :-Baby furniture -Crib and
matching chest, flne condition; also
playpen, $30. Albrook 72I6.
FOR SALE: Porcelain"Otilerotor.
very reasonable. very good4 condi-
tion and household furniture. Call
Balboa 2-4355-or 2-43.1.

LOST:-Wallet with key holder. ded-
ula and Canal Zone identification
cords. Reword. Please turnn to
Malconm Manwilter, Seco.d street
No, 1.1 Viate Hermosa.

S C01W,
LKrAKt a Cha Chia MC *d Tam-.
borito 0' Guracha c I 's Rum-
'tI S. mba Fox T r WMaltz *
.'jiti-g & Charle"o'. 'tudlo El
anomw Hotel Suiti 1 ,Murs 4
to 9 D.m. HARNETT & DUNN.

Panama Line


lama Liner Aneon,
ed from New york
before Chitmlas, is
V in Cr tobl tomor-

agreed to support a inltnmli
basic pay raise gf.fw et
he 1.7 million Federal lasifled
and postal workers.
ThW PI not be rvealed un h
his legislative program to Con-
gress next month. VntWl that
time, according 'to ThamAs
Walters, operations director of
the AFL 0ve5rzt xnlpl.ye5f
Council, surfmlses"a to what the
Adminlstr~$ion will ask will be
pure guess work.
P/.t Walters asserted that the
unions are just as strgly op-
nosed to tving lob' reelaalflea-

tion to a pay raise an they were' measures to nforeln
earlier In t e year. The same pogey and the national defense
holds true for any proposal to program.
tie in an increase for posal Walters said the employee or-
workers with a bike In postal gani atlons favored the straight
rates. 10 per cent pay raiss which Ben
"Pay raises, Job reevalugtlons Olin Johnston (D., B.C.) and
and mail rates are three separate Matthew Neely (D. W. Va.) and
and distinct problems,'" he said. Rep. John Dingell (D., Mich.)

January IsTime To Plan Picnics,

Bush Parties, Weatherman Finds
I ---- S ---

The following weather condi- bystrong northerly winds rang-
tions are based on the records of ing in velocity-up to 30 miles per
the past 48 years and may be ex- hour or more. The winds alone
pected to occur in the Canal are of insufficient' force to af-
Zone and vicinity during Jan- feet navigation seriously but:
uary. they are usually accompanied by.
Weather: Jantary is normally heavy seas and sells that at
the first month of the dry sea- times may prove troublesome.
son and the weather is the most The mAxinum wind velocity
pleasant of the whole year. Oc- for a 5-minute period i1 not like-
casional short showers may be ly to exceed 35 miles per hour.
expected during the first half of
the month, particularly along
the Atlantic Coast. Measurable
rain will Ulikely occur on I I da a
at Cristobal and 6 days at Bd- W
boa Helghts. The average total ,
rainfall for January in 3.16 inch; -
es lat Criltobal, 0.90 Inches. at C r wiL
Madden Dam, and 1.03 inches at ,
Balboa Heights. The range from
wettest to driest JanWary On _P--,
record at Cristobal Ie 19.20 to 0.28
inches, 3.95 to 0.01 Inches at (EDITOR'S NOTE: The fo
Madden Dam, and 5.61 Inches the December issue ot the mi
to none at Balboa Heights. with the initials "A. F." whlebi
Temperature: The daily editor, Arthur Frankfurter. T
hIlghe and lowst teo__P tlems at the Canal Zean Ibrai
ture wil avags aS end 1 4 4 e u Bulding continues through Det
Sgre. at Balbom Hsebt d
14 aqd 77 degrees at st .. ,
The pompISPar sma l ed Mdaly'
r alo t "e Atlantic to

I ,.


he o

meat employes hqve
gIz behind most oth
for several years in,
keep up with the rid

nivin. -' i
Previously, Rep. Jopa ge
(f-Mlch.) said he W*ill
a similar measure In the
Thae boost would appil 46
all grades from top' o .
Last Au=ust, President Bison:
bower vetoed a Federal wa
boost of 5 per cent on b in
that It did not provide 'or tOu
increase in postal aw to help
offset its cost. .
The AFL conve~nt in om
Angeles last Septe caud
for a pay raise and i1rifteMd
Eisenhower's acttim. Aft Prat-
Idept George Meany told the deo-
legates that the de6sion o
signing the :b51 Sh aMst "n
the very human question ft
whether or not the employed 64
getting a decent and adeauul
wage to care for qtekftIaalp,


llwing editorial,.apeaI.f
against "Art New-' a
are these of the art mtl
he show of Matisse rmpr*eue-
ry msemeA. thab R lAffSai,
esber) .

S S '' ED




Phone 3-0985

The course is getting drler, th
blignchter, the drive. ar going
tf, the scoe lower; bu
jtO late, th Agewood-Cor-
.t*ier Tournament has come

It you are not home sipping
iur winnings awy, It's your
wnm' faIt. You either didn't
ticracte enough or play enough.

'Who won all that AgwoodI
i. Ron Cortez? Well,
flist, and there arejo
ersn it look like X lab
lle had a hand in thi
Iftn: Norm Lewter'.oh n
Wikes. Sanford, W. KMO
..adles: Pearl Trim, Chr Mc-
H, 3 eanor Wilkes, Edith Jud-
C*, Charlene Howard.
T.ou may pickup your loot at
Grs ~ enoa Go Club.

SOrleans (NKA) -Whie
J bll team stays clearL
N tre Dame's basketball
wiU be in the Sugar owl
t here, Dec. 21-S0.


Wr UmM1M nPmso swept ineir
tUir '-stalght win and' Fort Clay-
tn humied powerful Fort Xob-
Big man of the day was Dave
King, who was clubbed out four
days earlier by Special Troops but
returned to hold Kobbe's Lifelin-
era on a neat two-hit masterpiece.
Clayton nipped the Lifeliners, 3-0.
Charlie Hnsz became the third
Troops hurler to go the route as
he four-hitted Army Atlantic, 9-1.
The scheduled contest between
Coco Solo and Albrook Air Force
Base was- postponed.
In the top match Wednesday
Special Troops risk their standing
against the loop's other unbeaten
squad, Albrook's Flyers, in a
night contest at Fort Clayton.
Fort Kobbe plays at Army Atlan-
tic and Coco Solo goes to Fort
CIiytAo n the afternoon frays.
Sing, In blanking Kobbe, allow-
ed two Infield bits-a beat out
bunt by.opposing pitcher Jay Ger-
hait in the fifth and a slow
bounder by ULloyd Wileox in the
.Meanwhile, Clayton put o ver
two runs in 'the fifth and another
In the seventh for the big count-
ers. With one out In .the fifth
catcher Bob Mohn and King sin-
gled successively. Then with two
down, Al Rose, Clayton center
fielder, rapped in Mohn with a

M Championship

"C l 1ght t7:30 p.m
a Gymnasium, what
UC up a lbly the decid-
i o e Interscholastic
Baketbau ae, will find the
Balboa High School Five trying
to take the measure of the Cris-
OSchool Pagersi
r o previous meetings
the dogs edged past thi
Tigers In fiercely contested
games. On the night of Dec. 3
at Balboa, the Bulldogs nose
the Tigers out 48-45 in one over-
the'-perld. The e game .sa
0og twrivals go two overtm
perto witl BalA wninnng IT
a "s en death" overtime when
Lee Rigby dropped a quick as-
ket On the.openiCB tip-off play
I, basketball fas dsraw your
So aonCulons about this third
S lng. A win for Balboa Higi
vlds them the chamPlonashp
ahl win for Cristobal will
a tie for the chainm
M3 and necessitate a play
Ii a s.hanever wonm'a bas


S'nose, .w0 had walked, lathe
seventh with two out for the third
King walked five and fanned
four while Gerhart walked four
and struck out six.
Hinz superbly scattered f ou r
Army At:-ntic hits while getting
11 A's on strikes and walking but
one. The big right-hander w as
never in danger after Troops
shoved in a tally in the fifth and
then mauled Army Atlantic with
with eight runs in the sixth. He
lost his shutout on an outfield
goof in t.e seventh.
Lefty Dick Scott, a Brooklyn
farmhand, showed tremen do u s
promise by fanning 13 Troopers
in the six innings he worked. He
got three in each the first, fifth
and sixth innings.
He gave up a lone hit until Hinz
singled in the fifth-frame counter.
Then Troops combined four bits,
four walks and two errors in the
big sixth. The big wallops were
two-run blows by catcher Bud
Kugler and outfielder Moe Mir-
man. The latter'a was a two-bag.
Right-hander Gene Satterlep re-
lieved Scott, who tired noffcea-
bly in the seventh and finished
without incident. Scott w a I k e d
eight to help smash his fine show.
Ihe shutout was halted in the
seventh when Hal Morey's single
passed through an outfielder to al.
low Carl Saufley, who had walk-
ed, to scored .

Pcic Twlighl

Leage Meeting

Sailed Tomorrow

The Pacific Twilight League
will hold a meeting tomorrow
night on the second floor of the
Diable Heights Clubhouse at
7:30 .m.
Ths will be the final meeting
of thb League before the open-
ing of the 1955 season and all
Managers are requested to be on
blad and turn in the rosters of
their team.
ZAt tS present time only three
_t4as ve been entered in the
Letan~th the. Lucky Strikers
unliDon Bowen, Paul Mohl's
A p Legionnares and the
Waouif Disllers team to be
m aae'by Bill Carlin, Jr. the
only to date. A team
eom p d pr*sonel from AI-
Irt"Wr Bae had been pro-
M urth tearsto take
te Balboa High hut the
In erens Informed
this- week that
uable to enter a


naus 6 TUrW f.JUn rrm.O. I.
FOR RENT:- Furnished apartment,
refrigerator, G. I. Inspected. Via
Porras No. 99. Phone 3-2068.
FOR RENT:-Best. located- furnished
apartment. Splendid for one or two
couples. 43rd Street No. 13.
FdR RENT: Furnished apartments,
from January 1: Two .rooms $75;
one room, kitchen, bath, $65. Tele-
phone 3-1648.
FOR RENT: Furnished apartment,
reasonable. Regular transportation.
North American neighbors. Phone
3-0471. "
FOR RENT:-In Vista del Mar, fur-
nished apartment, living room, din-
ing room, kitchen, one or two bed-
rooms. porch beautiful view, cool
and quiet location. Phone 3-0276.

each oolem for heheld a to tib
Celum sho eld L mbtted Is type-
wri ttn ta 'dl asled t eo of
the o nui Me dea f 'Sn Mo-
cial and Ot Pa or delUvied
by band to the ofe. ue. Ne of
meetiup eamotb e a ceited by tele-

Alpha Chapter, BSP
Cancels Meeting
Alpha Chapter, Beta Sigma
Phi, will not mpet today. The
next meeting Is Jan. 11.

'Turnpike IKiler'

Sentenced To Chair

Maintlains Innocence

OREEN8BURO, Pa., De. 28 --
(UP) John Wesley Wable 0,
convicted as the 'phantom kl-I
er" who terrorized motorists and
truckers along the Pennsylvania
Turnpike, was sentenced today
to die in the electric chair.
Wable- a baby-faced former
farmhand from the hills of FUs-
ette County, appeared before
Judge Edward 0 Bawer .sll
maintaining that the real kWeu
was "Jim Parks," who the state
contended was a fictitious ler-
"I was unjustly convict-t
the newspapers," Wable ei'!-
ed. "I am not guilty."

Richard Ho ies

RP Residpt .Obs
In Cho loHoe
Richard 3 S
resident of t.'a

had Balboa, how se hed-
uld to disembark In Oristobal

ihr. and Mrs. Elmer H. Benson;
Ha H enson: Miss Celee
Paul A. Dowell: Miss
Annet ihrman; Mr. and Mrs.
Miles Gordon; Mr. Russell Kee-
agn; Mr. imd Mrs. Leo J. Kralza;
Mrs. AtieLaufer' Dr. Louis J.
au Mr-Lavinson; Mr. and Mrs.
IN Wonvey; Mr. and Mrs. B.
t.Mayrd -and infant; Mrs. El-
SMi'Ur; Mr. and Mrs. Ema-
WR New4 an; Mr. and Mrs.
orge Neumann; and Miss Do-
rothy Norch.
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Paul;
Miss Jo Ann Price; Mr. and Mrs.
Nathaniel D. Reich; Mr. Taylor
Richardson; Mrs. Frederick O.
Rangle- Prof. and Mrs. Franz
Schrader; Mrs. Mary Schwartz;
Mr. Frank Seymour; Miss Kay
Stanley; Mr. and Mrs. Anthony
Teanos; and Mr. and Mrs. Ed-
ward P. Walsh and two chil-

Ike Names Oulging

60P Governor Lodge

Ambassador To Spain
AUUSTA, Dec. 8 (UP) -
President Eisenhower announced
'odua the -selection of John
Davfs Lodge, outgoing Republi-
c governor of Connecticut, as
new ambassador to Spain.
Lodge will succeed James C.
bunn who will become the am-
bassador to Brazil, replacing
James S. Kemper.
Kemper is resigning to return
to his Chicago Insurance bust-
Lodge brother of Henry Cabot
Ledge, .r., the U.S. representa-
tive to the United Naton, was
defeated for re-election In No-
vqneoe by Democrat Abraham
SohiALdgee and Dunn no1mn a-
to will be submitted to the
I t for confirmation n ext t

-I -Its a veteran career dip-
lIMIJ&gnd fopaawly served as
0or to Italy siMd Frace.
BB te~rded Ws one af txetop
|di _ain the Amer-an lor-.

the Attia Side. The mo
meah .A teperature b
80 -de s e i th ibt
78 degrees at Madden Dam.

Humidity: TheoTelOtlmv ha-
midity becomes lower the ap-
proach of settled dry season
The monthly mean for Jan-
uary is '8 per cent at Balboa
Heights and Cristobal and 79 per
cent at Madden Dam. There will
be considerable range between
daily high and low except on
the Atlantic Coast.
Clouds-and Sunshlne: The sky
will b e 'partly cloudy most of
the time and there will be an
average of 8 to 9 hours of sun-
shine per day or about 75 per
cent of the amount possible.
Fogs: Nightime and' early
morning fogs may be expected
occasionally over the Galllard
Cut section of the Canal and
the central section of the Isth-
mus along the Trans-Isthmnan
Highway but none is likely .to
occur at either of the Canal en-
trances. Most of the fogs form a-
round midnight and maybe ex-
pected to dissipate before 8:30
Winds and Storms: Fresh
northerly trade winds will pre-
North and porthest -winds
averaging 12 to 1. alv per hour
velocity on the Atlantic Coast,
6 to 8 hour Itnt cen-
tral section d &to 13 )nlae per
hour from the north and north-
west on the Pacific CoaUst are the
usual oo turrdnr.
Storms of the "Norther" type
occur infrequently in Ja u.ry
These storms are characterized

US To Supply T

Wi Whel TM

Next Harvest

WAHlNQTON, Dee. 21 (UP)
-The United States has prom-
ised to give Tugoalasia enopgt
wheat to tide the Balkan nati3M
ovfer criticalm gra shota, a
state 4lbpartment (orffiil said
*% eactamount -which the
Uttlted tates wl su will
depend upnhow ur -
lavia watU hw xet a -
V1m ailig ab*1t' but

-salemn In tihe ter b.ltp rso -ao t ,s.o tiiaitha
color of c.vals the lisivp, introspective nniaom e.
the midst of thE tetiviltes-the ddek striking l dnN
at even the fighttest human piure has to as ht .1 _
really counted and what wUll; above all, the sense of 4fe an. of
living quickened by almpliftion and concentration In t
and place: is this analogy with his art too forced or too pelokl
It is hard to be othea than personal about Matisse's art; t.ha
always had a private-1ace, even in the most public places.
"Now, strange how quickly since November 3; itlooks digoEr
ent. Only four or five days later, the undersighed happened
be seeing again a large group of-MatiSMs he had known well
years, a dozen or so of the relatively late canvases of tbohe .]M5
Collection. The artist's death was, of course, in the forefro t t
one's mind-yet almost as much as his l0on illness had bae ._-
the last year or two. But now imminence was replacedoby wiat
Ity. And the point is that the finality had already made't .
works into Classics: something of the personal rappeWt ad to '6
-perhaps only temporarily,.but nonetheless had to go, to m.
room for immortality. Right now one sees a Matisse, like a moi -
tain peak, through the.thinner, rarefied air that implies a
yet defies measurement .
"But could one new really take measurements; .44t-m'-*
pletely the critic? It is early, and the history of art l0ht -
history of history, is in reality the record of judgetA.s :b,. .
vised and revised again.
"Apart from that, there is also the personal tough.
phrase's banal aspets never existed for Henri Mativse: Vs0' .
acteristic personal austerity, which helped himn towaN ,
nence from which alone he could operate as a a t 01mm
sentiment, simultaneusly excluded all sentimetf ity fa.
man as it did from his art. Still, personal touch there
for anyosie who ever sat alongside Matisse in the
i ent onMrthe Boulevard Mon a or In one f the'
cessive studios in and near N e To a visitor who. bo11csire4"(
and worked at art, the white-bearded artist who ipQbll -
cautious lawyer's way, with. low voice but with ln pblMI-
thority, could s eiy become a sort pf professional .paternl im
He certainly awakened the re-pect due venerability tIa
with it, a spa*k kindled by his often sharp eyes or d sudde^,
smile. And though his reticence and dellberatnels Vofar n
preventive to any unreal demonstration of affe-tlo8, 1
possible not to form a deep and serious attachment for hm. ,.
spoke of art with a love and understanding that ne cod *-
for from more people who make, study or own
"Atleaft oBft can today try to exthistoEra,,
It looks bigger now, and has for ten years, thane t any
In his lea. Ail--
His W se of color toward the mat lyrltt fonrm .oft
expressionism Iste bai I mpulse o

93r; 4bets 0 ersar of the
.WO4 toddy. "
tlon of youth for.the angular of P Itj"
to W n an revnal wi take place, as soma
MawtiUsse-laem, tas e author of his own poetr
as the stlmulant of ters in Its wake--lieore tha.,. f
has 'beeS and Ja -,he twentleth-eatury way
Matase hasu dm tbs'iw' curiou. gift ot hks-
tion over and past ordinary barriers tL,ft .
painter, have po ed, .P6tl thi e airw
by way of the O m-ied at uOSIropr,

even Japan. Ike t beb of h..
heb 0

"Like RubeMs tool late.ace g ,
direcly behind ope


Lawn Chairs




i- ft1 0Af f P IE



. ... .... : l n -- I

I .

I 1

I -





. .,
; ,., "








'* **.M% i -S'~
*.. p .,- : -. .- ,

' '

* *~b .~
I .

*,~ V t

I- -

.' *." -W

": "liK- "-t l' -'*

- *XA 'bhW5EjWAXN
) *, 1- .; .- .-
* .. : .y-: .
r' + i l'.rt 'k ^" ..
mm m B^ ^ m:
f' .-aw w s i

.Ati *S- PEA S

with Robert yarn"

fllMr wu~Af

aM,: 1sat, v 'B:* .ja
with MIC3?T fl.LA!E3
'013pD'WIU |

r r or Im Luwt
8CltXagm Tas1 sMPD CL .

with MXE 8PLuA
CZrsU 334277

. .laygi m m -


'* '

-- Also: --



"Klt.ILaL 81iA*31"

: ,i i Clo
. ", ,: **

W.P." "pe, ar-o>, 1

f .s.e. lx, Scotland Dec.
su (UPf- British aviation' ex-

I "best o 19M: Croawby's lather. to ea rth too oon in a Chratmas w
arGao, About her future: ---- iDay oi and caused a crash that I wasa whirlwind three-day
I h I'always have wide bor-. Alan Wilson. "Men never make iled personas stay in New York for Rosemtry
| anid marrowhips." asses at girls- I Dieo dresses." Ab4nveatgstiton disclosed the Ue kert, the ten-year-old Houstona
A whds of the doubdcked Tex., girl who ou NEA's nauona
,iy Durants, pausing to Jean Hagen, about Jimmy Di Britishwhl of thverseas Airways strato- Little People coloring contest. She
r before a TV show: rante's mambo: cruiser d the earth 40 did everything tourists usually do
t bt res "Jimmy's mauto er furret in New York-plus getting ed
Sa e s a" say the least: 's te one yArdir the and of the run- by Johnne Ray when sheer
S .. we e man l s wa at restwick Arport. ed on the Jackie Glesn show
S. r a n- noe." tourists have THAT on their
yards sway in flames. Three of Just efte Rosemary and her
e the hole t dy ffscn appearance: the dead were United States re- mother, Mrs. land U
1 haveu s late res In fas hio. dents. They were Dr. and Mrs. for home there was afring e
an DpIas*. rhlin her line Love, not diamem, Is a girl' Walter Myland, of eEvwt, moment when their return tickets *
Sshe V Kirk D ouglas: best r blamedd. is a I and e neth Da l, a couldn't be found. Frightening for
S*,gy- awl wedded husband.' m,, B lift s li~~ inS Broe ve, ..Y. everyone but Rosemary. old M.', eto. at
Jan August. "Why it thing lght persons, including the "Gee," she said. "maybe we
S. M s e always lk gr e i n n l, C W. e- can stay here." want to be te f*hest m tan
H ;*- Tag-o"en a en. p refer fellow' ts wallet.?" rt, survived the crash. cmer. e o
is o aat know what; Agatha Christle's "Wies o want to keep on i
r.George Gobel's deadpan suggest Transport and Civil Aviation courtroom de,until somebody ags
n ittionr to a pwhctog rapper posing him Mnistry expt were sent to m y that Is Brodway's ne. off the t, le
1. ema,'e a doll: "Shb' for a magazine portrait in colored: prestwck after the wheel fur-t o "
i an old-faihioned gl. She he ql change color a Ulttle if you rows were discovered. Stewart plays b dow n cs
S41- em 1.be1ftr aser.S everY wamnt 1 a '1 had talked to the experts in
." "--- London adding to the belief
-Joey Bishop, lamenting his ca- faulty radar guided the big plane ree rsor eel
A film queen, telling story to sse in Vegas: "But t least down too oonr's neek med
Settle son: "Once upon a time I won may a Caveland-Gro- T ministry e t made It," and then Miss ralste las ae atic that "be wasn't the temper
Swas a daddy bear. a mother r. i.-e n pe we other surprise fr you ." mntal teor type.
b-e .r and a baby bear--by hoer several landings on the Francis L. Sullivan amd "If yo're look for lrL

*51 Sscar" Peter uindway Hayes Iabotnfa the s s faond taaray toda In a p
maiae" r Peter Lind Hayes, about the silanwtoy, in ap COPYCAT--avanmese dancing starlet'MildO Wakamnatsu, left, tries to pattern her costumes ad cia (No Relation to George) yes.I he sld, "I'm ant your i
S~tgle ambling spa: "It's the land of c s me after shapely Jane piell, popular American film star. Jane is shown, at right, on a el help thigs along wih great work hard, lke in any
ch cutlie lChrisine Martel you can't take it with "you." ed con tr ol approachr w Hoeyw od gat during filming of the movie, "Son of Paleface." h perfo e es. s
erieywood I find W I'm William Powell, playing his age when it craesed at 31:0 ar.

...w '. ... befo. Tlrhea Atomll Age /IraltB A p5lIl l llqu Ja In ibasebal--you have to man eer w, .
a* reoas evserb-but as Dc in the lm version of |r. Christmas Day. Stewart, a voter- a amIn the realm of opera, tenors Among this y- a
gs before, land- The Age A Jarofasb- the to hats Xn
aall 3Spo Roberts': "I's a great relief." sanpilot, had made such l- The Atom A Presents uDiiemma tarlhqumkes Fer loe onhas southpa. a are: sais w
""'1 Corinne Calvet: "I like emotions The plae was gled down T. mfew of them .round, bNt they're camedtater. The edsd
tA CAMPBULL, Drel/ --I 1ove, to give them to people." through the pre-dewa snlt and l I of r aill lightly auts. This is to inform loo eti "ad
over a choice eeath scene i murk Vc radar to a ceiling of a- TD f F o or p0 you of the discovery of a rational terea sae h
ttl C" S ,bot 400 feet where visibility TODAT WE A CAUgT In 'Oazd. perhaps even our phy+ sina tenor. ,. ,-
,y,, "is i really LiVG~A I Ei pams w. w- reported l J t 'the MAM f ot st. ,'de s truc ion. j t.'. .reat
-" ; ever, 1 p~es ldn ut 'or be hum TH SAi E MOAL LAtW, be- El Tuoer SC an'. a er ,
r ater dining in to r ot f the our bpo e u m clams absolute nu sprayed his throat. It

r ng a1l.. cl msaabsolut

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fhlsloolnerw, "buta,,P ,.o .... ...IIro ibout th'q-tsture, this much can of hom destroyed ome, on concert tours and h pea a s t
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Gr ar about -ol design ndr maintenance of ti Ifl e sacrifices of our people, heavy Ty-henian Sea about 50 miles TV T r ru l
lok my worse th power plants were increased w utili to this sacrifices. The responsibility to ornorthwest of the Messina Strait, oppr pu ,h m ",
0 "design and maintenance of stomie NW YOR, De. 8 (UP) ,m !end were like- measure up to the demands of arc a volcanic grou which in- STEVE ALLEN ("Tonight' Dink v.e a
"--dy- wer plantd wrm increased from r."a YRK Dec. "6_ 'i _P,)_ wise limited. Rut sacrifice rests upon all of us. The ludes storied Strom cli. NBC-TV): (After a woman in t~h e i"n at t."
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" ''W"-P zeosnto hsear aencear eieeaMsrin een ork h adoe- io ,d oa- in nte, Ae .it.e .reats?. e r... ... M w.u
Saret go say. -s uchous aie nt a sac esllts" meat oSte Di ., hm a U cno se ENM Ih oPerital Thefirdst' shocks, r eoru .Ste1ea eoyt0 i soans for ar.U
m-ow a o .enow The dveel odea annoned s t, erx- e soure jMitht M aontitleh this muchntost can ofnt homes destroyed. l noe on ,onc-ert turts

o o L t;,.u.--- .p.ion If nolog nex sume r. Dane pi refuits given enemyo o matem alwayriualdme. munications between the l landsgdte ot str o cntm he R dy Fror Frrdy
x-. Co 3.juse; "le says' The poresent quotis canmn qu e. rartmItt.fThetipo le 1th at nli nkcwasestabishedatl Amera oerste risn o ou nan seThe reoL ,aid th,, 5,0I^ ars_ which -. e hun -s. .ov" e,
se give is of Anr otherers bufs, lieunenants aemid Qt ithe haot orn-si be sid to be imnfii, a is te s oalronqe int.he eohins thae nd temin, but a tr o e t ee mosey Just i itd ch o
R; be o andlieuens a ca w ill te y said ltwoofhe nin0e cliis power of Ali God ofloer- fies of our peopled in the s Theirs report ated Shat manil T Vu The obmers til completed pidns fo asher
bte os g gin eroin courses tinhene ofic te fwo O mN mr tths sar if meshe of mtespasi m Lt t o fltheisto la e M al na ry adt lsat trtn m
any power pngts were ainppaches eo-er e a'ts the wehnedws of ilarledvhanwc roup wthein'v dEVE ALLEN sdla
gan- o ,ane td itenavlc os adt NW nO say wi waste lmtend But oasnner ot risetoo. the aon ta of hi hardest a ien. arbouy0 "Whe t the I hi Vr os "no or
ri BMrodn. pw W h g rles w -r n te n rm sefl io the M nner S aDe il liv ew at thsq u i n e; home atr are s Amrken at thep Traidi cahe l; C
4b0 5 h enL otN.e ers wils At MIT. sofe rs will study da Mukogee, where Diresa moth-' ATOMIC reiarO may hlp hegatsh doide eofor e o ll- square mies. is compsed of the business,"rr Tuter boy

I a m entor los development andconstue- or ae re to vea y t a tis s thiosrtaii h onr co nes ofetw extnct iAw
Shouet or of nrpo vesl DisnyJ oed the i par of rhat spiritual and ma to meet te spiritual demands a T
.ouees, "'wet o course is primarily for ben- opat.gntof nust.e n t1u9 and Nre c a A oAt. aeaT he rers sathatute sco t -eres e onts l p o
S orat ofm sret- or meargy. co uc si c
Jack-- aout movies on officers as rewit ber c t. "wtlon, although In l91M heaceacrrce tee nsfrom th meage iving as bithermeanio Terwiloe." in to
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r told and egineeringoure, le of-floors Sotaetef I y Ora l man to fnd the ecapge d of the noble Cigs rorDldito Inctheld thea year
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would ouf mgineers maer nin twns, four-ye nr-old Dorothy Aby dr Man laberatd tee energies of a eles whi woe useld by their "I've decided." tuker says dnle wal at
;--, .Ich grls Ar th ulear sowero in tallations. mld Diane. Others are Wlam, wards ati etea t ato ony at the coit oy h previous occains firmly "that when I'm years on untl 5 ne mo
l- se with A e tare A mts ip ed number do the Montsr e ; David James s, 6; rover, a tt hnn e ssenw tl chis c oe rativrea nss e oxont t nies. a e o nlyt o.. .o"
.thr, ,, Ta c onsrt, 10. the mver moral law a forth in dependence on the the worst s an 10 years. m t s
schm1,gaool of reactor toe vesaels. mse joined the gaeo God wi liberate
souse% wt:h ai in resarch, dor a.n impa reoery for disreardiAng thi h is is own or Rge spiritl i I t I I I n
f.ier that s ,,eflne oal rel wha or- in dsln law of Oq wI ainly energesfrom te tyrnny of d -n
4O_..y h t b kille Th Nav univer al rec- o our peopeS thom l--n--sings of this wor- ld ..
,ve up officer. tainpr wiac Sooth in rM u i e
Bn'eThw as at or A Morered a sncar meohnib loaned to Pr-hetuniaeasalswftmra of 4i ad fe a I te M

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navalzing in resefarchno'=' air TYO Done... The, (P) ft d sead oota will man.
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ILt M UL I, ..which i Th euiuld a to 11 wa ds coed today c a.. inforrenatin A dm ir able PlAN
wtr- indiation s am "W e reler tfis wi oth o

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-...stat. whic c e eari ertis mn th, o t
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t a1o ro are s7D e, X 5 3117 siidOnflt$O Wm nk thai t fE

e. -ni fg ...

M It w~~RIas James4gagr tsl4 aes asLe
-. . .e o sa .. ...
I ~ b aaet da gj, n1:t7w ms. s

fl4? FrP~T4r~.l;s'tf-'i -

' ''. ;



.. .. '
, .. .- .- ^ ,y


T* A.

', -, A n .
.* .i :: : _
y ssaws^* u vmivws

* -Lr-


- *-

,'6 -

tdte, Sot

Season's Is

Yanks Cop,

Yankees ... .............

..6 P"AuasM TaI
First Game: Tankees (Ladtke
Second Game: Tankees (HaMd
SGame Tin
SB.,y JHA. JON a.
The first doubleheader of the
eason Mgets ,deray tis eve-

5 at ta, k st0ut

he juuipea? 'P
,d BB .. .

Lie d for his
def N de
18 ho, experience o

sa fp h or hd i
,tag ekhas b u been
aout wetting a try-
Sth b.wlt* Toledo of
el"s. ke Ameriien Asso-
bait 3 A Bbs bo$ Pesn of.
e'* Brown coito ret up at his
mine. I. iU% inte last season
idtto rip- to his home
bywn e ag Leon KeIlman
Weeks ago to convince hiM
wA n up with the Bodamen,
larea Intet hasu been center-
S around the hoy who made
5fd1in the etaitebut has never
a.ed- same.e at the BtadiuM
-% ct i.t* t what they
iye been eagerly awaiting when
S*w'tt-ta f 1slflee on the
T .. g *that V

a an


ha To Open WhwJ

Twinbijl; il"!
Osorio, E. lbh- S 0

3-2 ThrillBe "arri:b,0
Prescott rf 4 '-
Pqwis, c2 2 ".0 1.0
GUE TANDGS Ooro P., ef 4 0 4
Won Lost Pet. GB Churn, p .L
.... 9 4 A9 ----
6 5 .245 Totaels 41 l141t
.... i 50 *a2 out when w Itnt ,t a n or
e 3, su ers Players a r a
as A. Sa Graft, 2b 8 S
ES- At Pana : Falls, If 7., 1
o1-) vs. Sod4men ( eha1-.i) Phillps, rft 8' .
i 3-1) v S. ammn (Brow 0-4) Dickens, 3b 15 -1 1 1
e: 6:00 p.m. Marolewaki, lb' 4 1 21
The Smokers got things start- W as,.- 4 L 0. i 1..
ed off in the first with consecu- Kropf n, cf A '
Strive doubles by Nasagon and Dabrk, c i 1
SAustin that produced the first Harris 1 0 0 0
run off the game. 8trysa. p 2 0 0 1
e In the bottom of the first Rob- Totals 47 3 7 4 3U
SIns retired the firs two bat- Harris hit into double play for
, ters before Howard Phillips dou- Lawrence In 7th.
bled to right, stole third aLnd Score by Innilg
came home when Naragon threw oo 000 100 000 00-2 121.
wildly to thirdin an attempt to1 C. V. 100 000 010 000 01-3 7 V
nail Phillips. Nar n was ive Runs batted n: Austn, Dick
an error on the play but Parrns.'Ru Earned runs: YAnkeesti .
deT 1 11 o a "^ *Ons. Earned runs: Yankees 1
and Tuminellialso-seemed to be Smokers 1. Left on bases: amokV
cau ht npping. Parris appar- er 13, Yankees 9. Two base hita'
Sens l was completely surprised Nauagon, Austin, Phillips. Dilr-
by hillips' theft and was not ens. Sacrifice hits:, Bernard,
ready for Naragons throw. Tu- Lawrence, Rob nson, Naragon,
minelli seemed to bobble the bal TuhineUl, Phillips, Stryask.
in backing up the play alter the Stolen bases: Phillips, Graff.'Hit
Ball went to short left field. by pitch: Lawrence (Z. Osorio).
SThe Smokers went ahead In the Wild pitches: Robinson. Struck-
e seventh on a base on balls to out by: Robinson 7, Churn 8. By
Prescott, Robinson's sacrifice Lawrence 3. Stryska 2: Bases on
and Naragon's single to right, balls off: Robinson 3, Churn 2.
n the bottom m of the seventh Off: Lawrence 3. Pitchers rec-
the Yanre thr ittao nd the evakn ord: Lawrence 2, runs, 6 hits in
the Yankees threatened to break 7 innings. Robinson 2 runs, 4 hits
the same wide open when S Rob- in -2/3 innings. Errors: Smok-
Inkon ran In to trouble with a ers 5 (Nar on, Austin, Bernard,
hbaes-loaded, no-out situation.Curn, E. OsorloT.
fMany of the.f thought Man- u, B.osorlo Yankees 3:
pr Graham wh a about o (Dickens, Graft, Phillips). Win-
yank Robinson w hd e n Gr- sing pitcher:. eStryska (1-0).
cham Called time and strodert sin pitcher: Chun (O
the hill. But'Grahao decided to oubleplays: Phillips, Dabek;
go with Robbie and Dabek, the Robinson, Naraeon, E. Osorlo;
Next batter, forced Marolewski Wilhelm, Graft, Marolewski.
Sat home. Lefthand hitting Bill Umpires: Williams. Hinds. Parch-
i Harris batted for Lawrence and men. Time of game: 3:43.
hit into a doubleplay, pitcher to
catcher to first, and the fans Osorio then suffered a lapse of
Sent Wild. memory and holding the ball,
put up a hot argument over
The Yankees tied it up again In Hinds' call while Dabek gleefully
the eighth on PhillipS' single and scampered home with the win-
SDickens' double with two outs. ning run.
SChurh then came in to retirethe it was a weird ending feo a
next batter. name that was probably one of
ti t h, most hthillinf wavr wit-

nessed in the ten years of


.< -i
.; 1 -* ',

* :.\ -

E'^s win.I.
m6a to
t H
In'~d a-

fbree Uy rmat
ays -., two by t
and the other by tl
-were reeled off,

_y n=.- e .;* *;..** .. .-. -i* M "it t tack" t_ n"f -
Dabek got with a single aroceedai and It was' evident
n- over short, Ltyska bunted .d that they would not have missed
w gMstbe hn O#orI.tLh- the or orlds.
th $ ball andthe-n t wIt was ,another feather in
le to ernar cotei ff the Pre league's cap fo5 pro-
d Sttak and rb ad- dudag rea4 fighutl eoampil-
It. vaned to thIrd on the play. tion and even the skeptics
Jak Fll to short left seemed to be convinced that
Id M ZMU Lattrertlft'-to there' is geoli' to be me lleck
in third when the throw came in of a battle for the champion-
rs to Parris. Parris threw a strike ship during the next five
"e to Elias Osorio at first in an ef- weeks.
n- fort to double Graft who had The Yankees announced at the
kg been way off the bag toward se- game last night that their pen-
he cond but Gratf dived back in nants have arrived and will be
he and Umpire illie Hinds signal- distributed among the rooters of
id hin afe Jn a very close play. that club in due. oourse.

aW m m im



*ULrU.X *


h M"Pit S:.... 1. .75-.40
S, .,6..S av. I.-.S. S-ow t x. li. -
i: .- :41 *7s,1J m0 4 : 6 41 1:46 p.m.

RHUBARB Sxmoket players Oet to it) Pabft ernprd, Hal
Naragon and Clarence Churn ggt a.dision by first
umpire Guillermo Hinds du1ongtibAott=m hMlt of thi 14h
iniln of last night thrilling.;wasea &-the Stadium that was
won 3-2 by the C. V. Yankees. Hinds-had just called a Yankee
player safe on a close play and Yankee catcher Ray Daber trot-
ted home with the winning run when Smoker first baseman
Eplas Osorio completely forgot the third base runner while hold-
ing onto the ball during the, arment. (Sottom) Manager
Stanford Graham of the Smokersa rives t to bls ire in ^telling
off" Hinds as the umpire makes his way to the, dressing room.
SIrate fans can be sean in. the background.


Oe o( dfe

-..o pues!


S .* 4


' the first ad third s ets -
fore eatlastling then In the
nerve-poppting foui set.
The whole victory reauire
exactly 106 minutes 42 ol
them for that fourth set. Thi
Yanks raced through the first
set in only 19 minutes, the third
in only 21.
Hopman conferred with the
Au sles after that first set and
then switched their tactics. They
walloped the ball between the
-criss-crossing Americans and
succeeded in taking the second
set. -






Si "

Gas- l5-1:4

PARAISO 6:15 8:3

SANTA CRU. 8:15 7:55

.wJnm Xhoa IED P A


I.. sINs PF j-I

p t.

. ..-.hL .- u .-. r,.-.


- ,, LU


E. 4 -A %IS". ....


.k "

*~ .


' *.1
6 ..

W !.-* -n .

* q 1I~.3Y> .




1 -__


_ _T1

~ _~____ ___ ~~____

~ ~i~

J 1 -, "',

s wa' '' "' '"'n h"n doir- '
8YONEY,- 4 A 4r4-UP 28 R T-iii"
S;- Vic"-." "aid f ... ... -
eVrabet fto.J -" ,( 'pas' 4a

A boomln 'foreh by Tmrbert

Cup for thie first tme asinc 1. i hl ..
It as in-' 1356 tlt Au a. y o
nwrsats Cle t plrom the Amer idlesem es ,,or n ruS .iriuiS t bB
three tines a gailst u.. ebal" ,ine ie, add -1 BliPs
Slenges. Though nd.rdo in to. w.u onl 0-gume winners of s mouth.
otgrimly to keeD the pown also led i etrlkeouts, ose e
times held off the final disaster Srveug of LL sAu1 '1 ,
when the Yanks were at match -__...._ brow in the siah : ..
r- point. j. JmdeiojdEtnaU.In
3Bdt SetMs nd .Trabert rins rf, scored It 7-2-,aa &
reachset match point fw the However, referee fh
fifth tmes in that 13th game .. eurprisinglF ote(
pi-st BosewaI barge. Tha 5-.1..aI The Ui?.
p ss"a hNa. buew0r seB b """cd '-
Trabert caught ibt It on his fore- IU V ,-
band and laced It hard into "h e 8portt Nws In M Is- NARD TO STOP
the. eorner. Neither Aussle ae of Dec. 0, annauneed that
could lay a ra0quet on it. 5te Pittsburgh "Pirate have Wablltn, D C."
iTse 30-year-old -leixa, who i"ed pehe PetSti George "W U ..
these matches, leaped into thA ton Graft of the C.V. eankees me aI mp e
Ind began poding Trabert on to New Orleas eJ the .Clas
-9the sloulders.if a oathenAsoia. i ee
T tespacaity crowd oi 25,578 KohOreks wai awprite of jh Ikes n.!-"
ats White City Stadium, which e- h
avuad sup 'attenae a o SO IG T YO URSERVICE C EE

atn aniou sien n t hro0u THEATERS foNIGBT! "
icans 'at thue winn aAmrot. Boalboa 2:00, 6:15, 8:00 M DO BtS. s6t4.
May speatotrs rushheed I ermron "SWRt.ONG W!IOr TTbWT;.
the stands to congratulate the A OS T~ch i TBi
laughing victors, but Rosewall jwi' T* ,bJIiCOOhYr
and Hoad, who raced tO the anet dan n s eMAIn I.
immediately reached thd them first .A -
hen the sideline, manager ar- I
ry Hopman of the Australian 41U5T4I
team hurried to. congratulate .m
Bllly Talbert, America's captain
whose prediction of a 5-40 sweep GAM A. A
now seemAs to be as good as gol&Itd. OG O'

t mwas Te.t hisoe-lTNt woS
TieS'0-- y a- old- 13sias- who f-t e i -



^s-.1 -


.- ~ -.J.:

r ;~ -~ ~ ~
~-4V *~"~

-o -
* 's.- .* 4 --je .. *"r. .. \ ..


- 4A =IF

- horse c
obs weagl

out thec
Alens of
he estabo
who is I
sio no i

e, he's
v sacrifc

P 4deUC

digtahued by Willle layw' league leading, bowl over corner, 9s-o1, in
i tead Is too fine to write ,y the opening round of the DiMIe
ow, hes 4te M lk, liSke a pgod _lec at Raleigh, C.,D We
w, h6' Jidto. U p Ue, ,Duue and Dayp
er .atthe btchoendi aladvanced MUt mi-nt

4 up in.a wild mx up with 1ao Duir Qr g e..
is heur .ppalatol.n Furi o tonight even'to one of the greatest rallies In
away The.Rdhead if he had r. the owde's history to sufer
dvnt. Ain, he might have wilted under an U-86 upet eby U.C.LA., In
ever tlknOw for sure is that Furillo the most dramatic reversal of
e was forced out on Sept. 6, not to return form of a day wgleh also aw
b. "-. .14, 1 th-ranked Southern CalO
bad ot& 20 games to v* and- L bow to North Ca. la, 61-58,
att~~ aversp in that. mn 1'th-rankd BO WHall ..r-
e, go it al a-out, atry. t home court.
r, be. woI tlry LAnshy. t b as.eid No nme.n the
WEKQRT OF NUMUM 71 ee gto ie nn acuseoi
* ths, any p Yh sser eMth s Bar'-s t4eme
r B done. V .aI 0-08, with

UnnI t th ,entu-ky Derby mince 18W i ii r*I-peM i 8p m m
only one tfdy ja o nt. eth CarBan tate goes on
Sto .iluehoe the thJ o meet North Carolina n -the
omes out to compete r 4? round of the Dlite cla-
ht of numbers is 5 t the lady horse, ls i e co-faveG Duke plays
the dowloeentt. e t a p" lerout Moinesota. North
heD do we ha t We mathe su Car liast n o ad bt coach Frank
Si the National. Junter Q M of u- e-ulre',s "-lowdown style," and
only important one I Co l enbluth so pota Prom-
varrln degrees of ability, including -bba- -O rates lf p downn*
'r e Cnta got ftrom the Brave 'd Duke reached the seco nd
getting another chance, this Mthe wit rou with t ;2-19 conquest of
Sa.. ...... __thm.-rti k* West Virginia while Minnesota,
more abdllant In 1, Md 0 with 6-4oot, WI-lnch, 275-pound
mrave o*o.ast r. M.a 's ml Simionovp controlling the
R6 moved _ap s -1 m .boards, ouUashed Wake Forest,
never come cO;.. fActs- he needed h 81-73.
oe-fly ,rue even ato W to 4 0 y. LaSalle, Duquesne and DAyton
all turned In dazzling perform-
-------- SOW m" t Mi anc before their New York au-
S nes but' Itfach BllWood-
0_5 ^'a1 "W- I Ut a "l' ueln who are the talk of
ati- heW tI tod-aw.. An l2-point
eSw, th 2undardog and trallg by s
ehas shMMiJdp lnahe aod haswaSSW.-

Ir.XWWThat's what fIls ye"~tl
AB ucs. Ralph GugU"- left. and
will n the East squad, we Lwrsonwu

Boxing M4

Be Bette

NEW YORK -,.(1
re a ew .
Yo. uat the .r.n a rfl_
televdisig the beak busting. .
do such luck for boxing. '*
Saturday Night Fights mnN)V -
caught a switch, of advertising
Wedemaday night shows, t e't.
cast froin arenas around tne
country have a gocd rating,
Which is what keps their. her
patron happy.
The- safety razor people who
beak the Friday night productios
from Madison Square Garden
sa0d to be a bit unhappy, but
is because of a strong county
traction on the air. They've
too far with boxing teleeas|t

interested the s are l
soar science, are r ow.
dia.g vag -st o
2...... 2) ire mw

N rt~if.-

, A
P^al t !

en Sy Th

r c5f W

eaet sU nt
more rectnt o deeste set
Pierre Lanibis in San Freleoco,
Sid o nrfatoutcedthat Bobo
Olso' 6heac would pe
excsicvel W. lh Inter et ll
My B ope.rUy s rert tha what
the alanW' reay mnant was
that Olson wuI4. managle mIus

pus $10,000 ektra for each outing.
SSo esi4mill continue to get the
young savges In your parlor or
ub gratis and for hothing.
Bdoig men agree that fhe b
Should be better aff without
whic- has reduced the num-
i.t- smaller clubs to its lowest
a nd. created the most pro-
Sderth of material in the
.'at the so game.
W l Mirk ex so tow. shows

without TV
that Wa who might go o to,
the mixn event class quit and go
to work. That Isn't bad, but it's
no good for boxing.
Little attention Is now paid to
preliminary bouts. The millions
of video free-loaders see only the
main bout, so th e rest doesn't
matter. The result stbemsealod
matter. The result is te same old
fzces in the preliminaries, or boys
who have no business fighting.
And'no new,talent being devel-.
Without TV guaranteeing a fl.
nanceal success, and thrown on
Its own, the IBC woul4 have to
find worthwhile performers and
put on fights that would pay their
way at the buckse office.
With TV out of the picture
neighborhood clubs again would
thrive -.nd supply Octopus, Inc.,
witt what It requires most.
A live audletee is the only so-
lution, but tht won't come back
until the fhts get too bad for
even televiion. U

T,4.--- n, aL

MUU~ UX 1O-B 0

Although the. 1alm .k I
lost the rvieWYtSr Wo tt
and Note, t A i
thotr greft pini of 1alt.1
Rod be the tWW t knoc
Pums out of a repast perf
1 by Bud Curdts aid
8U v, the'Paloioa have I
de and offee In thatr
vor, Wiinbet and Vals
the Ifeld ae co'
thaen gnie l prB
hot to be th eryoya

With ladt year', holdovs ad
a nice 3219 O k lot 11 0 oungpster
to chbiee from. It wM a 0 IJ-?
prise when the Peloma handed
out their uniorms lat week.
While other elubq are til I t thi
process of weeding out their
talent, the Palomas are already
down to their layer limit and
from all lnd leatlomns are goin t*
be the leading contender again
this season.
Macaws Look Very Strong
With the return 6f We0lu
Young, Tom and Jerry DUrfte
and Tom Pitman. the Macaws
seem headed for a real ood Pea-
son. For the first time in fotr
years, the Macaws seem to be
more than a match for no less
than twd teams In thi league.
and wfth lady luck pmilinr Jnet
a Htte b.l ey may well be the
teem to eon fhtpemant.
Losing both r an boys
through InJuries d MeKeown
leaving for the Statls has hurt
the Maews considerably. But
Instead of knoeklnw the team a-
part. It has worked just the oo-
nosite and the new boys are real-
Iv sbowine their stuff In an ut-
fort to make the Macawe the
team It should be and no longer
the easy mark that they were
supposed to be.
Bobby Priest and Alex oberemn
seem to have mailed down a
starting berth. With Thar up
from the Armed Fordes tAe
League and Johnny OhsinCh a
Ir finding bimself afe Wa year
on. the sideunds, this may well

Snonee Ae's great t
Sas fbecllegIttmate stars A
S a hSalft Otgain -handed pitching and viog versg
even made the Hall of Fame. One yearthe orite
i .48. good enough to have won five of the last u
_ that year he had to settle for fifth place,
ywas another npod one. In 195 he hit .343,
ir by 60 sonts. That happened to be the yea
te to hit .408. It I quite possible that switches I.
father than help. Peteo lser wa one,who founl
hitting MS to wf the title with the Brooks In '
r, after swearing 91f.,

* I -

" ~~win i n for IItve-
I7a a Ohio StateS
is iay 08itW-
Deskausa merely order-

t. the. ukeye
/J-o" high
wts a
m 6at, of Ualph Ga-
afi U
adotMiaas a half
ibau wme


dso in

)ints -and w- s pec
lat" he earned an ovation fro
ie Garden .crowd and .
Idndly handshakes of Niagara
ayers when he fouled out
portly before the end of the

The Festival Tournament, the
Garden's biggest show of the
Regular season schedule contin-
ues on Wednesday with U.C.L.A.
playing LaSalle and Dayton tak-
Ing on Duquesne.
SWton r al" perfect 7-0 rec-
ord was splled when Rs
Lawler of Stanford connected
with a push shat Just as the
game AMA & es 1 1ai bad.
tied the M Wetho 35 seeadm
left on baskets by Ed Petrie
and Riehie Long after Stan-
ford held a 29-27 halftime
At Buffalo, N.Y., the Queen
ity Tournament opened with
mother upsets Georgetown
Inaventure eomins through In
ea final minute to beat Co-
a, 73-71, The victories by
9eorgetown and St. 3onaventure
ela ed a 28-polnt ow by
eordham's .d Colln and a.31-
lit W ree by Columbia's Chet
At Houston, Tex., Arkansas
added to the day's upsets with a
'13-88 victor over Rice while
Alabama edged out Baylor, .0-
01, Texas A and M defeated Tex-
0s0,60-1. and T.C.H. beat SMA.U.
14-71. In the opening round oJ
the southwest conference tour-
Detrot downed Toledo, 73-8
and Wapne dut-.. ored Penn
State. 7-66, in the opening
round of the Motor City Classic
Detroit While Missouri, the
tDth-ranked teatm. pulled atwI

I oa

Written ITMa-service

MY first break came when I
was teaching a business college in
Johnstown, Pa., which Wid not
have a fotootbal team.
I went to watch the Johns.
town High squad practice, of.
feared several suggestions to the
Captain. \%
Tie team did not have a coach,
and my career as one began when
the captain asked me to coach
Johnstown Ngh.
My coahilg at Johostown
High at;act the attention of
Pittburgh C4etral High. MAft e r
coaching teI. I was engaged as
freshman lo arl and varsty
Mketbif sad track coach at the
University of Pttaburgh, eon.
tinuing as a high school teacher
tanfd foubt Glenn S.
Warner, .i whom I had work.
but p.e contract as Pitt
bugh' football coek cai.
led for ore years.
My l*a5t break eaul In
wa.-tlmen I pm
eeftWiztBF l BtufefjJMIn.



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All deliveries of our BEER and CAN,


DRY products will be suspe d

Saturday, J nmuary 1."


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De sense

ooabtpgMe, Panama City. After
e interest in the Christmas
Sluse6 of "Rudolph, the Red Nosed


To US So

Drphans, old folks and needy
.nbering in the thousands ex-
t4ed their thanks to and their
era for personnel and de-
E"t4 bf all U.S. Army posts
d to1e.h 18t Naval District in
I Canal Zone today for the
Ousands of gilts that were.glv-
'to them over the present
istmas holidays.
n atraditional unselfish man-
for which servicemen and
itr amijes are known the
Vld over,.U*., Army organiza-
no and ArmY and Navy wives
be gave gifts to more than 1,-
posr, underprivileged and
bpacl teso men, women and
Idren of the Republic of Pan-
a during the paPt few days.
F regents ranged from toys
ce'j =team to blankets and
Il A y poet and many mess
.os bot ides of the Isth-

'V4fflWi at to Presnu .um won
"- vltdual pnsheti, *
.-At Fort A aor, happy fPeY
-4 d rollire figures of It
aewal boy from sllo de 1$
oltfa s arrived in two busses
and promptly "took over" the.
consolidated messn ball of th
.% Company, 23d Infantry Dl-
'uon and the 7S44th Army
,pit. Here they ate their fill
4 turkey Qlnner with all the
pimmings under the kind and
*thhful eye* of nine Catholic
u and the Mother Superior
Iiivm the orphanage, along
'with several service volunteers.
allowing the dinner, they
m Taken to see 30 minutes
e artoon films at the post
atner, and then were off to
Service Club for a party
US preo ts.
S"lllghtlg the day's giving
was the distribution of hundreds
Of expensive toys both at the
Asice club and at. the boys'
bhWS through the cooperatlo
dE1ewls Marx, one of .the world's
kest toy manutacturers ho
Iimous for his charitable con-
tbutions to children all ovqr
US world, along With the Armed



RR'INfer WASmNGsDTN Deed U i -(U1t0s) Pres..d"nt Uamfub a -or f bli de er to bes re aad lt
,, ve V f the i1s un-Def a e. woffliumncagted to- edre thesilt" "a"n"todropoinsee willo m ab. e ton a

s Pa G ive s -1 year as p8at of drive to That w cd be li
ay Kthey careers mre ate- ..0sor .a p.,'[lon dolplarsinwh the o.

I -- -- I track e, bw beyef." ...
lags e overall cost w ry planned b Sbeov sorme-e .... ,.""ar IM which me
mabenef rts are nc luuded, s uach as im-01l9 .. a"a/
prvaicbm n ror reirry m a elone or -e hi aee dlas
turkey dinner and receiving presents the irls toured the post with their soldier gulds/hw If rcom ihe n. e Cor ess -S aiibn e
.....eIarftMArtilleryBa ttlon m sfom t l- o en '..; /
displays. Above, part of the girl1.naause with men of Regimental Headquarters Company Defense Secretary Charle sS\. bOb ffitoal saWmh

h n (U.SF aArmyo ph ot) e lso n plan th o ak the lawmak.l a c g -

o'ld a l a posts, the children were venu orm w ust tt e .w M 'e-
efruit, nuga, canpy and .ral.. /wof a ol the new mora-buldngViiN,,,- a b. D'f.' .ll
ie lu ave resen ar as pealt of a U drive to Te el

Cl-b bro fh m ir ad cr m t ie n f an thWiges c ee mr s tClur BPi Yons iti
S r Thevn peral cost will b e t ome
S e what higher when ourm repose
m pa n itybenef its are Wincluded, sue as .i-
ervicmenhorsMery X as h ,bettermedi-

eveon ealmber 2hMMr s o al e cansere for t epeie t n of serv-
hee t b r d er eB nled th 1 o reHighcoincidene -or not, si o r B o vingsil

Shall I F. of thon. Le Fort oter slsh. n the num r of menI
posts, ths children were given uniform will Just about offeelt thh
fruit, nuts, candy and presents. |bt o f the new morala-buliding

on Christmas Day, the offie anas p. Onr Dec. A
Wives Club also gave present Tisibaane ould be

and a big Christma. 4lve, men fIom rlbof o -grW .

315 persusoda pop and toys, much to the B--- G em .severalemr a 'Soe t. CAM Ps
var home for the aged In Pan-ormer y TA U, Korea, Dee. e --(UP) 1 neci
e cirl from the nstituha llenged r a ed his 14tg a o v' S'
Anon there Foret Clayton woH- year son sentence orr espin- o atnb sq n headqusr- wa rAtafUd .r .
end's organl y ation, the No1 n- One Defensh e H D epar tment- se e li spt Ahimria-r h P atIerie eSD iq.a t
commey el rioned Offcpresen s source conceded the question of Nola bot8hE dlAen f

Clubesbroughtl52hargirls-i ....cuae sentehs hal-hu oap ed -nd f adro t.e to military benefits and the number thBos t e H ris ao 8 o pillaiatlo-i
SanSAT .Harl Du mt f te 123Clbbrnu toued othe m il s e ormiina o oth f men required for a a c -the r h gteffectivetWi iam

severale means sealrlst...aryo tonle .eta ,L ee Rreg mch t o snationh ton siste o defense are "not completely -- ed tbo etr o

sohse mennha lo lsoe c h lld oe ]t reas ote oe e dof1 e lCeJa. byaU H ah mnki- miylesenar ha bt a t ni S aStn n
hI mpn rwedwn eoThemeu lncded the Eq Cor- r lated. d oerlt. 3d W D of .

tiBe stte ta c m on the sm all nl -e noted the o military o chefs bot 138, o th. .-

eortbl.dC o N Ao Rionec o hand w e r to& on tm y earsl n tIn a der s id 2 .. ,i-
qmBattey, 6ti WG re n te pipca p one taion ; have argued that b ighslb USpay oe n and hee mdast _
the Fort Clayton Dt IpeAe r lit oats and thlice Ia lro l -the-

andthe t a of the FoSig prt f call i. of the Armed r v c i 8 e-ifi t
Chrmn, oe tL i werx rph an ho ere tompanyt. The gis then utonh Wioth inbte siledan Mn a. *u S uelen e l

Sad the po viewingvd *iiLomgara or er her o
thlo ere- wasi tl pp.obt thOChristmas displays. wentt teoNi.00 0 e,000 oe
On December 22, Mrs. Donal4di q y rob eperuunel.
Dickson and Mrs. Ruth 3iaOkinul, dk

yepristdvest of the CFort Rob-
rrettoabsofter.hIn lemname;. OnWT eaIemHtDary

Sadd Hq Copaiyton, hundredsof toys d planets ra.lfine the pr is,
were coece a the Cu Regiment went to the girls or-unu V Au- .

rphlnage with cookie n ice cr est e S oe aar o a -ev o .

leedup, pnd-up, voally ped and dd- e f m te boor nat
erodelight e Veterans of Forethe younggn The donaon conssters\ e IFRA KFTon' Gl---DTUKoeaDc UP
28Wa) -Former A to the L Ccpon area rmye I Ooa -- Ch wa
Following day, Chfor t he dmemlTey hih the U.8De- Finn eO' ena belinan ed.mmh Tg l.
Thiy yountrs, 15 dinner at the Regimental Head- n ar mnt, nd his wt e hal d iis or
qafres onom severe to esngt years of On th t i entencefr eon- snehea ar-d en oor tt l
sgx yershifss t aw rf tu dinner at no wore des tios dlwsews h tntno -ed asve te to1 teeirCt..t
p na le P ama, were fed weallre purchaseived presentsand a n l _cin, of EverettM s. alu C s .Visit.$ preaL 2 b l dt e
MS SRGEANT, Sgt. Harold Dumnmit, of the 123rd Signearlier ined the post, examining with yesterdayse. quarter ca s- Hoi"thend hIf ther.
Support pany, Fort Clayton, wait on little Berta Lee Ryers, much fascinate Pon the simulatedt know disclosed h

-- I se t wasa ye the n14th Military eior the aged e Christ ma- Etv---e F "s nev r -hoaed any aln or .... .".m.'h
eve Ptthe Signal company meshaoon.l. She was one of Many little mornr. girls-r ns U i d -io l-ungrwi--df..
from the Centro VocacioalJustoArosemenaportifom in l-i w Also on Christmas Day, 29 sion court here for "transttin teadingforh.ed with .tyear.
M city who were feted Christmaons Day byn AmaCy unity t small boys from Hoo ie ldvdul prelen for pay tor the Soviets over a pe -
Ft ao anFa aner amee meo orphanage aod of tw members of the Fort Glik lee

r-lito ys t lu who ate w her t .theti tee .'
"tl wore enas." Due to c an At another rtl st.c Do r isn ca t meutt n4t. q, l e .. a .. .

unerUlaete aptper the famet shat busses the ttHoan od ay the
sometoysfor eeht alde re e nred of Panamabt MrklCn l asr. d T dellyo sedr wr
i ad b eve raldU.SL nAai d, Tes li.ooan llsenten ofopene herebI -lle1hy thenwenttot-elthte" "hirebuddfr19
t oIbIwhtited i ost an cnumedle b on the darec, vnh tae ns l g rdt e op aBe r m a t y.
ran- Cuntothaargeumobtaober fuit .an sodap o Af erth y 0 3,d eInfanry, Mot a#-
era bothatteSevic Clubuandm lnthe hildren were tan Company ; Co m y 3
tetto. the He ta C ompany Sld;oN o lhtexense.clu*dirctress ,MrsweDtrisctpr
Cla us.wE-achrwasrgiven severarl-%ecea-dmb ,w Mrs Ern est uch.bru t eos B uo

MerrydChimstmate washlad t bs orphanage riwith egifts Y o th.wtALw g

n a ddtion hundre.s-itur of tos cda te nsilsandblanketsssi-ap-e-lvetcour".odte.e..,to- hisbd -b ungrf
.ilitary Rese-rvationa.ndoswered.OnnsWedan".e sda, y morniM ori"thantienWe"ernsor cFpis.ader.M p7AglHolyacum.elrina 0,

-:. '.'<



I I r 'I ';". -


S ,lj .

" "Lil.


t -.-

o ._. -,

". ~ .. .y -- ^ W A .,. .,-
ife -i" + -. -- *^ .*- "*"-- .* -
,.^ ,*; +.* ..

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