The Panama American


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The Panama American
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Weekend American
Physical Description:
Scott Family Library Fund ( donor )
Panama Times, Ltd.
Place of Publication:
Panama City, Panama
Publication Date:
daily (except saturday and sunday)[may 12, 1973-]
daily[ former oct. 7, 1925-dec. 4, 1966]
daily (except saturday)[ former dec. 10, 1966-may 5, 1973]
normalized irregular


Subjects / Keywords:
Newspapers -- Panama (Panama)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
Panama -- Panama


Dates or Sequential Designation:
Oct. 7, 1925-
General Note:
On Saturday published as: Weekend American, Dec. 10, 1966-May 5, 1973.

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University of Florida
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All applicable rights reserved by the source institution and holding location.
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oclc - 18709335
lccn - sn 88088495
lcc - Newspaper
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-'. '".,-- .h' ., na.' uets-ia 1he or
1 "- '. l.-lirn P. 0. BNx 134. PANAMA. R. OP P.
-- ,f -.- g sra FEA PANAAA NO. .-O440 (5 LIN us)
S j .... I ADiso', Avi. NEW YOVu. .71 N. Y.
1. '" "" j-. _._- H ir i t.1

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Labor New s



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S&ov IN CA% 150A o 100o -Joo t
S.---LOS ANGELES- If and whe
..M TH .ADRS OWN COLUMW there wil be sharp civil wa be-
E MtwectheAIL B t cal staf, the
fatwo groups over policies the
fight against international and do-
Smestle Communism.
M A L 9 AThe fight will pivot upon the
-strategy to be used across the
The Mail en is on open feotm for riders of The Panama American. world t e O's per
are received gr tefully .nd are handled in o wholly confidential mmnent staffs- there wV be no dci-
ference over whether or not coin.

Syeo entlriIu a leffer don't be Impatiest if it doesn't appear the munsm should be fought.
I.Ltte. ere prblished In the oder received. This- became apparent h ere at
hwy fth kep eh- alters limits toe q pag engt, th. he Mth Annual Convention A the
L Mtfr wrte "I iahld in f, t r w nfilenct. CIO when it was learned th' the
Is newspaper usnamelo responsibility for statements as opinions oe bitter behind-the-scenes con.
,,t r --e er, the fO's foreign polley ex-
mp pert, led a fight for putting the
A CHRISTMAS MESSAGE CIO on record for recognition of -
Peiping China to avoid world war.
Sir: He also would have had the CIO .'9 he l
urge an increase in. Eest-West '
Again this time of year comes round trade between the Westers demo-.
I With lots of happiness to be- found;. cracies and the Iron Curtuls lands.
To each of you Christmas ios. The original 48-pag draft resolu- a
Sspeclally "Dwayne" my lit le -. etn on o d
May Santa make you laugh and sing recommendations. .nse proposals
u, And bring you oh! so many things; Were fought by a group 1Itby CIO
From we who are so for sway national counsel Arthur Glhberg. -I
Comes all our love this Christmas day. The thtoe sueededIns a ting
S you id, my darling wife down to 24 es the size of the
Tohyou Oleieda.ue e my darlngwife CIO statement cn the world crisis.
However, the final compromise
S I send my love and hurt and tears did not denounce trade with the
M ay God.bless you throughout the years. Soviet-dominated lands. The reso-
lution which now becomes official !
SM.H. CIO foreign policy, said-
The (1O understands the need
of toe western Eurcpean nations
Sto increase t r a d e, both among
_Answer to Previous Puzzle themselves and with other parts of
Versatile Actress the world, for expanding trade is a
S! sign of an expanding economy
I "But reduced aid from the U. S.
ACOE DOWN1 bhas not been replaced by any senr-
ad e WI oua. measures fcr increased trade
I R adio a""r, in g I Wlno btotr lat with the U .S. For
D4ut table tat reason it would be un-
Sshb also has 2 Concord. ireald ;L t countries whoseS n t .
appeared on 3 Perch IP on trade to give
the TV rik.made -in nocritical
and in fins with malt mmunial nds.
11 Inirm I- dlIng ) Ie 'inspires that hopenY i at
13 Armed f eet emperor an,. w -1 4 to, political fires m u a mih lo lhe
I4Stalr D emon m nymph 36 Greater many counLAe around the rim of -! nigt- *_. i -
Stalr 7h i D emo e 13onter i te Communist orbit...ui" r 'tne, ws n cg rt5
E5nlish T n b. Th r a es 23 Poignant stature 'it must be pointed out again in It is one of the axioms of show Hl was on and on the TV screen Itself into a, such as taet in t he o
versionss (ab) oAmperb -) 25 Orns of 37haMast fy aniscussion eof tO Ioreao pot- business that a man cw be on too until you were sick of.the sight cf Henry WA,l a ce unsueeessully Carth or the ante"l--If I wer
I Haream room. 8 hearing 38 Balloting lc., tat.Red China and ue bcv- much to where awe-fades into cal- him; he talked until you were sick headed wken he got the boot from
1 stri Ir O I Open-mouthed26 Cereal grain paisces aea themselves are vehementUy loused accustomedness and adula- of the sound of him- he charged the vice-presideney. Nothing came .
iOstrhl lookers 27 Short barb 40 Hastened and equityy denuaced How. tica dwindles to famWarity and and did not substantiate until you ef Wallad' party, which started ha
0bird can%0amatous 29 Extinct bird 43 Part of a e.v ei msa erenees Det w e e n familiarity into contempt. Like a were chat7y of belief Ishim; and out as fuszly-liberal an was teer-for' a
SMexian 11Pace 2Cliek-beetle church (*u tactics.and A.lrategy are gpat, you cannot creep ,too con- he got mixed ypn la side-bat per.'e4 by the deeper pinks such as a -a-t
pea st l Small genus 33 Tell. 48 Prohibit tnruga. l-s t:an MU staitly in the public eye without sonal involvements with Cohn and the late Vito -Marcantonlo.
the radir of herbs 24 wbbon 4Ssnst r oaysi'age; ojent GUeorge yntting a swat. Schine until you wondered just Nothig I think, would come out
S Borde. Dower 5 Sewing 4toman br Ise Mean -n.' ree 'raue -here are. other hoary axioms in what business everybody Iras.4 o -a 9 M-j'hY-heded right-wing.,
t Soo property implement 50 Dative (ab .) t son pmmn e secretary all lines of rorkt such s not going at the time, oup, since the mhfn has cast off
7 Ciulrplate i. Ij .lily vestpne, asted Red ler elephants with scatter-guns, He was practleally read. out of most of the final tatters of his
Cm Jnina,'- dentawed .the' end of all ad nt pointing llmrs without the party the other day when the lnity. Sea does not
8 Entangltrace with iron Curtain countries ex dting fists, and n being vo. President congratulated the Senate make Im0 9rta ,- even nspra-
antiastrongly condemned all e o =a of erous about persona ignorance censure committee; his blast at t a- Fla'sra. .
ato recognIzeRal Tse-tung's gel.if a closed manth will buy you a the Presdiat as s a weu
o.nmen6 reutation a wise man i against communism eart cauu for
L -- ince the^te., .,tst.Ar 'Z Ithink o" eotrin bu rbake bue m thy' ."'the fact.t,
prepatent, Mattlew Wail, anairnaun l ,In, 5. .a"'
Whlr ..."ftee, .theA_.'s Srea- and j:
4- t- ee,'a a od thisP h


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, a

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am action group, nas arequen CAex- ar li g 7' 4,7f-,0 I
coriatea tae Soviet's ur ve or vw 1: grea 'r ne thig thas ar
trace. Mr. Wod, dean of At'L pult pblicH etee A t McCarthy's efforts at iit be e twas
icy maers, ns enouncea e ed to a contmpora ta ls been rreposibility. It new, finest tter e
iussians' urive acr trae as a cov. He had it .mae double-ked ad irqpo that was over. t vast attention Somehow be
er up xor military re-armament. brassbound. "He blew it almost d at conuson u rne to be a sort of -child
SIesre are oound to De snarp wantonly; ** jindind his Later ht- evic star1with access to his own
clauesibetween Victor Reuwner Iblbbe e s b .edk .cl
an ais -g'ro.p on, one Sipe ;and-WVa N5''ch arsitUwea t'e t l launch- i
oi andf stones' op w7 otner terminable rear 4earin s with Himast at isenbower was ill not he a great deal more ~r o
Wenl anu t.octa stuAMAe merges his rudS, W, i n- thiwW-iot-" bad W-ttle ro or'6JW0 eCarthy, beyot h
ganu attempt to writ'. policy icr ability to sustain statements he thtowln ~kao at teachers' a few.futile attempts to crawl ack o
sumue iuui alla-inciuaive AL, con. presented as facts, with his avoid. dow in ri for a deserved Into< the public view. Joe talked
j enuonu dance of direct answers, and with tenin. too much. He was on stage too
aere also will be conflict over his--it roved eventuallt-unfortA- .Tb .iSoI e etoat t and the flowers turned to As -&tI as 2
S*the atnu es towards ine many fea- nate pu lic associations., C McC w0. hasw forIlt al
cral and state investigatory com- --Nfor r the .
Su fiMees WalCin are piubing Corn- t''r 4 -. at ..f e .S
muntsi acivaty ou the home frcnt. *.e a .e etrt
'aIle ut cnventon criticized i was.h
the outlawing of the CommunistWia
pa'ty tais year as "a sign ox wei- 14.t "i'd
ness ratner man of streoagm," 'Iinse
aeiegates also said that uie "por- -. .
uonO L tnf umfinunuist Control Act L b* e- e t
ot 1954 providing or the brandang WASHINGTON-r(NEA)-An un- feels rA t of Na t wee ab ti
tr'olea' uuns constitutes a an- ate's M arthy-condeming at Prsi s that they ev
trous first aoep zowars state c- has just leaked out. If madepla te as is w she t match-book o has ome up exeeuttvep ath .l
trcl of all trade unions. American known earlier, it might have hadj oMrs. lwith the t et 1 Cnss. But e1
trade unions will remain a bull- some influence on events leading "' gue ss of the candidates none of this is T e t a e
wark of democracy only as lobg up to the final. vote. a in who used match books to lished .
as they remain independent of state It concerns Joh G. Adams, When a otwon Mechaled Brats
licensing systems. American labor chief counsel for the Arm&.n who wo o'w daw. elpl
has and will continue to deal vigor- wa. a principal figure in the row ag a tl y Mr, Oliver, ra in The politician have W t Slot all
ously with the Communist problem b tween. Seaqrry Army ireen ..vate life, .made by faith in c'Icu2attin rma nta. '
in the trade union movement." Robert T. Steven and Se-atr Me- a neye a -_se lttes to wpperme t- First it was ul.N AC; L e
'Also blasted by the CIO conven. Carthy over the Aoy Cohn-D vid ti ng ee th e er the elettio, and gt es t Rand's.humanbrainlw has
tion was the loyalty-security pro- Schine case. 4 tee a woman caftm fom f 1 es a. Of the W peredicte a Deasoa tte -Isnlid e?
gram for depending on "secret in. On Aug. 30, John Adams weat p iD 'iffble pand expect tressmea i'i tl over CB last November and iaent K
farmers" and allegedly b e i n g to a night ball game at the Wash- ee .t any vital statistlie to prom atea'tat*wayw out o awIy. a
"weighted" against government ington senator, Griffith Studimlle- thalsh said. '. pote ig et aa n'e Perhaps bec sej i thiS.
employes. There was full-CIO cri- There was nothing unusual about e lo Deocrat used : t chine the
ticism of the government program that, except that this happened to lashgta gl sttIa \ ,' to sort out the 1.0 ests
fcr screening security risks in de- be the niglhtefure Sen. Karl A MVe d out nw. '% q A nw Co0 mist gog for at their testbabdiai nnler IS New
fense plants .and attacks on the Mundt's committee released its Oi- eseegnemW to be s r ha en reveiealnr a Orleans 1sA ee But about 3a
Civil Service Cdmmission chairman nsl report on the Army-McCarthy dia El P "ab os- P.m., before some has
and the local state investigating hearings. It was also the i ts th for europe nan aurt a that
bles. before Sen. Azthur V. W "' are fr Jr It. Jon 'a ire machine had e to rNiab ca
There were no such attacks on special committee was to b n 14 p sect AmL ga ej i.(1i w hl e f.ep
allthesecommittees during the its hearings n the McCarthy ce he 1
AFL convention.. To the contrary, sure resolution. of A o in. i i #, u -S. e '. M
many AFL officia.e have been Adams was seated quietly in a d h _..F isWt t-t
work ing with tl groups. The box with a friend, enjoying the Si. At .10; .vo J hq ASMed Co out.
AFL's report can inrnal security game wh who should join t t
a game. when who sbculd join t ae i.e P the
did not attack the.procedures but that ardent fan, Sen. Edwin' wit 4 a.l "
oh new law on C munistdoman- C. Johnson of Colorado. Jono .. "r
inated unions. In fact, there ,is a was a member of the Waso ( ofqT4itt be f c this ei aJd .
statement that they helped revise committee, and his right to a dsa: ivsei l t -
the law to the AF 's satisfaction. 'that committee was being ,hal- '(Wea l WM a
.There is no doubtof the opposi- longed by Senator Mca apa?'enka -'i n
S of.thee AFLe r ad CIO too om. lendedby et r t .Ma m
s a tre s b Adams the t nothing
me'lstsrate O thee !nodoubt tha he time, but later he
the strategists of the two groups what would have happened if setbi
w h o vel rIn ? fedoertion photographer had taken a pictP1A

ow t nted at be n take anwho
iSw i, P ^*.otented ,"la p "111*something ou tf it. Now th I r I "I 'I I ^ I- "
ta t t.Y-.-.UP) -tb heat s oa, the story has co a t..
t Edward .. i. Edith. S. Green, .
his "sinBl *e*ted Demetcatic cMof
p t from Oregon's thi
I stTerest .....
came anul. .._-et
musical saw s ago. He

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p j" 4I ,. Et" w. gu "
!," o -' I-:; -... .m.. '

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make pomqbwg.hsppy '"WIf,9
help thm to -help*., we' s

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ifst.ts hell approve of!
S ook -ties-
shirt. -'fos P ooibe

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I t t-' 7 ;_s. .
I Ju torosfmlena Ave

t-^ Tel. 2-1h3

a ZO.8 Btx2140

- 441



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Ond emeral Meterv shmped a na w Isi'Mae onMe
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.I -oe n t good de, t one i pretty -a s f-rt ;- ge t *i
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sh, .^. ask JeW ^ as.' -s. ;

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Sroltdchanges all youri 4e l card

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forever, th quibtlovblliness muf.


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a't en

-t. 444

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yo "-".^:. *M*o
f.,.- Ts -
sf .'.., -'. ... .... -:.-..-

Ut i##hvng Mochn.

: 'W Ei-t. n. t Pa c k i n ; g .,

i- Itor thpt moves an; :onrs the
et pr ia cane-1 whole unit. The I 4gs of '1U, 36"
aut i, y areas td feet apart, are u d t eir
rU4laet,.the old hometoad to. ends on single Wleek.`&en w eI
*ner. pp tures, but nowadays mounts a 38640 4- py batlcon least have a surefire way tire that stands mte hfet high.- and
Troving it on the double-quick. is valued at $5,0. .
4ise no longer unusual fcr houses Before the tournalmover engulfs
tap.atedbP lfr ga site to as.a-" house. pUa*enae im .Off ,a
at a two.a-day clip, a n d, and water and discounnect tle pipes,-
hundreds of houses hive been ;iand arrangements are made with'
moved out cf the path of Noe:i utility companies to remove tele
York's southern state parkway as .phone lines and fire alarm bdxes
pelU as the Pennsylvania and New. that stand in the way of the opera
Jersey turnpikes by a single house- lion.
moving concern, acordlag to an .
article in .SteelWays, magazine of A rigid steel frame is then posi- I
Amerian Iron .and Steel Inasttute. tioAed under the house, cable
Biggest thing In the. big bWpera- bloc.cs are run down to the frabie,
ton, says Sftelwaya ., Is a machine the entire house is
that is "like nethint. else in th 'electric motor Into the ofthe
world." A.oge, iU looks like a men machine whore it hangs swupended.
strous. mibegotten tractor-witl Setting the hcuse down at Its new
a house aboard. moke like a me-. site after the move is just a mat
chanical boa constrictct that has ter of reversing the procedure.
closed its jaws arou yl something i
it can newer hope toaswaUo*. To una Sailbo t
Its owne,a houer-moer, Jaie Protect Saidboat
W. Hartshorne .i w the orestoWr e i "
*$100, o rth every nicke.. F LI ht in
Ruadloats can be h itSYv ni

S Called the "tourftamover" thi To. avoid da*sge, Gener aT7 -
S... chinW was built by the R.G. I- tre suggests this:
"' Mfau Co. of Loliew, TexaM:
It was used to rersone. .rms frwpi; 1; Run a No. 6 wire from the
~.~ared concrete ho m until Ha top -f the gays top of the
shorne had it re ilt tosMs p ast-anid even ttH farther.
cations. It permits' him to
house-moving ojbs. Taiter. with l',t Run anotbi- wire from tht
p. expense and withOut the neceitity bottom of the g ys into the water,
Sfor jackin up putl or to a copper plate atth e bottom
dollies under them. of the hulL
The body 'of the machine is a .
Shngr seel "U." At the closed end1 That will. lj, he lightning a
of the "U" and slightly In front of safe nMetal pt~sfrb top to bot.
Sit is the giant dieselpowered trac- 'tdm.
'4 .. .

Great mite rect
S New Orleamn Service C "
S 'S.3. "TLAJAN" ............ ... .......................
S.8. 'MORAZAN" : .......:./., ......;.;..:... 3
S.S. AVEMI ...... I .....
I8.S. "HIBERAS" ......... .. ........ ....,.e, 25
S.S. "YAQUE ," ..................... ...... .. .
S.S. "WYFJORD" ........ ......................

**n' A)ries
8A. -M iAt0 ................................. 17

IS. "r AE no .............. ......... ..... I

,W~eeyI ilpaMO of twelvepaenIer IhisA to New
1,0 A Is to N~e aew~toB rjets 'Safl id
.0.29 a ta5 % 'h i *-

Specd refa trip faT Chrle CtSr aiaJt ta r.
York Los Agelem, $as Frac o is k e

T s ; An & ".nd; in; Fancico ... .$270.00
T .. S ......... 5.
I .pf

fI 4 2l -t i
L",W-; -

PANAMA 2.2904

I a


- "-

-'*. i **

F~-- .4


Have you tried th. new
and delightful "fresh Sfvor"
of KOOL cigarettes? Enjoy.the
perfect combination of their
lightly mentholated tobaccos.
i Get the most out oT your
cigarette. Draw out its


.4. ": freshness when you moke.
SKOQL refreshes yourwouth,
S. and threoat... and the feeling
Slasts.for a long time.

Feb ow the
penguin's advise:

.. ; '

Vrf.! l J aS Mtt" t41 1*^**;g^j*.s*i!^

I?~1 i

B t.., r.


* 4; ~ v
,' ~

*T^ ,

----- 4- -- -----

S..i. ,

|A%* A 6
NMI^ -

- .
* 4".' "
.. i *- .' .


14 '



.-.bS r. t.
4'.. -^

':;. ., .'^ ''. ., .;-_,. \,
.- "._',* ;,: o '.. .


4 "-.


't U^^




for Bonate




R| *.'*** t

su. J

44 4


.4 4.



._'7777;ir- i" e
k ', -. :

P, rI.uCiE, fA

4... t4.
T. O

,.- .

f All




- ; ;.

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-. 4..f. ".^
... .-t.



rw LAO



". .; .:""' .- --
**:> -' / ". .....

_ ~~~__ ~~~___~

', : '- I



,V ,-f"t. '-: -...
*.. .. = ...," '

-* 6 .


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-. .*.** -
.., .'* .. ,^ ,f


* '4W*..~ ~

". 37 j.w
E _: ,, .,.-, J',-*.. ',,'-
,-.. .T.I 'I...: ;._ .,. .
^ ""* ** '*.',* -"* -. ''
r .- -. ," :-;.'-. .-. .-
.te Q' ,, +- 44"4?
p.-.,;. ;, ,^ .,1.:..*
c?, .'.." i.:- ; ... '-,.
i.:; ^ -.-'''i..., !'1 ,
, ;..\s:!.\' t .
;- "' ";, **. **'

,a < ".. ; .. .,.--. "

yip' ~ a4410~'d~'~ .~,.. a4...,4: !*si

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=I -=m*

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'. -' 9 ; .f :' '1 ,

-1 **- : -. -

W t .l.'. I-.. ,- ,

14A.A.% :.,Li


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* 52.2..

$ II

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-- u whim

\PS77 if4
lotn cav t Aata
. e ono ,dat". ,
45 econna smaie .i at t i

,;. ,:.- '.!: I t..: l ./+- ,. .
....."" t- L A"..... ....+.,+.,-
, I" .
, .+.. 7...v '-i,..i- .

The battalion's ckekt insigi
.shield of yellow denotng
r with a pahlm tree ndie
he unit's aetivlcatlo and se


il I Y a el I ... ..: .
rva Wk* .Lb, io... .... .... ,.,.
s lK D ...........-.+ ...........f --IL



lor homes, stores and orgpantions of all
i Ldescriptio and s ; ie lit your
2. need andi prs ," .

"J" St. Nso m ,;,. ..
Onan until 10 n m 'l I' ,



*W #klft In 7lw1.
Strioate pld fld

if ,, 4u !


XT', ..
C',s" -*. ; -^ *g

4.9k p
-. *2.

.. :..

"-" They, t i f i .


- 4,'.


4' ~; -2.


, .. A -:- p1, .- ,' "p .

C a- O *r I.
.Stronger very Dayl
Thousand elbholat s duhor ugte nld hay
Grown ayif sand'' IihBhy witO.rLtVGE.Y N,
the. mIi.aost 10110r .Migt atf' milk.
LACTO Ipti new nrich4 witHl mis and
fron to guOer to d*
oalm .nem.. lu nd ea..-
r" I .


ri a *

No. 2-1 ConuA u
ww .na-., "E.- A'

No. 6 Tiovil t

-. ,.- .. -- -."-. "-.-

. ,-

... .. -S "-

' Ti .
MM^|^I|- Ai ': 1.AiK "J1-' r"i -4

-. 2 .

r '

. -: .


v .m~* .5;
-'2.~ *

" ..

-4t* "*. -'i .
lit m
A c. ,

4' -:1 *

A -~ *~* "~r




^;- "-.'.

..',..-. -.




L_~ _r

,. 'i

....t ..,. .. t the Caxal e Also appe ,, a*e ..... .... ... ..... ,w
.. .; ... 4.6.M il ?on the crest i $theA "coE :
.a,*.e a-.
..- -' ,,- spl^' l ri '+ "+.., -cell "--'.."
ats -Green Is Metl Pereb Chanes -Swbivai4 01Wn, *
weeitt .e oI",11 "1111e Ue a r adAnd ,ees,-,-

f9 niht..t4 s4ih 5 new deaotes thr arepewer THE LOW DOWN. PAYMENT.

--- .- "W ridge. Bt generally bi7.. mod-

aditer Miss Amnanda At t h 4 the45th rehi sto gala
ea regular sght as they
th. m iRe .their maneuvers in The 4,th tra"s Its is ba "

"j ri d e. u t t a m ob S t'e a. -,T u t,,

Se motoreats who have ctats 1' ATIO AW. 41 (AUTOU I
S.awsown, we a not we Wre u s a.. theyCanal Zone sbomal4 h ats. AT-
ueind their e mnauve n in i 1eArrga be it neage back

Ie o with ao mea t o thfrth e a.inoeS b%

S v-AtoOfthe a r o isi o ad the 45th
S. t, p plrthy tTh elne 45th A..r.J. f s .t .
a to reonotr, s ut. HOUSEHO.H oo ...

I an oi The~oy have been rseene l- a i ed a et n eal e. a

witarhead- most lr move- 19* twafo- Dii -web
.. ...- ..4

motori Swho have a eort01n0 le isi l AT A ,. 1 (AIi n it OW)aing U -T .

dlaWl a f order an4 p rote ct life On e cn. 1 t7 1 8 unit of the-
Tro putvry s late ir'vme eh J achunitseo ot Cvaly.,arsent

v iY Theactu0al a. o So mf e the o ti va .. v the I un. :M
.- -y ha bee trained, cwalat Reconn, ia. Squ -d* *--a. ., .l lo a om s o .ers. tBe nt ron th Jan. ol, 1tT D. Panalir ..... .

and sectho take ot1 for CepomPaeora tCanal Department, Cai Zone.
r other place the hblme s Fe.- .Have you d f '
af ah i tor simeld tave During the M Sept.
It A .P 2* .n 2 194 and s att f

Under the command of Lt. CoL Car Cooke* Cal on of. 13,
.-D. L~ ~t rthem .-Air hore, h l9o tere au nod o w s the. ...h

become adept at observation and 4 Ta Battalion trained and -
connivance uting e veryt4tB g participated with the 13th And mo-
f. tedhe arman e on was a ed Division e In World War IIce. The Di
Swvtdedwi tec and jut plain batallon was awarded atte
"r-o(1)t o defend b1oular analatin it s thed- a d. Me o al k
cand. t rainngn S mintaine i nge- T
l r n ad order ind pr clasroe Camlfio. cat mae qf r e g :.,uf.t

proa llllllhi-M per tins h e.5 receive aid foe e. n jo1 w t kl t
Tdhe act jb of the Ou ti t and so m te I of tT P a a
should .. hve ev i e Hondurab. reeSApnignatedsthuMed A
and sarhe th e terai f or t Cemay-pn Bttalon o Ma y 27, A eati.
movem ents would ian enemy ed" the edReplace-
iUart oh othe 4ath e r ed 2 a1m.t eo iaa n Feb.,L fS
CamoCokhead.Cmost.maUl-a1move-3g.- ,.*....R'/..dium-.Dlal
D.mL.en thoisrhtype.of strata&. /On Dec.1, 14, the 4sth Me-
beTrcome an the oetio nve reaeimndhnd.C "avalr inedYellowaaluminm
e .nved both taeoretand prae, edDiron Iworl~d Wareand Da UT

S-vio the wea'a aarge bar. bSquadrontle wa
lrest r and i. rters building 45 iath sec d issa attained a '
i one t h.a, woned l Cavt lryn aROer Smtih Htn. .a. WT C 4
.... a -h.e re Gron the fr aon Mediin Tankl Departm alan wK with.- ne

the quadraplac'eare the building serv Cars and allotted to the avo houru Wah
4 2p 1 and ae at

-. In which de the subordinate unit. Regular y of the United C
re houdl. The battao n is con. Stae by aeing redtoown ed othe
S posed of Hedipt at ole ron 45th ReTan ssce Battalion t p* a an.
., e Vsehi Coles anie AB, C, on c lidaton oe awarded battle Pr
a rona w. e Itbivo l aidnd a fecmr t and World Wilerd. W i
.t-ma.ri.btdown Sn therve.l latest nit ampaig n eorgIne for theO.'T.9PM
aTerialob sedvation aortKen, la-ett..Eup. t.,..6nTaMay ,94&

th tall center bueen 'familiar to asrch ltoi te Another Smash ,,, ..... -
.a utgr lc aytonf t well headquartersat iosadenan wi.t
therqua th ehubordinate eits u Re"a'OPEN ".
tHeseedti Fo ant Sen. 4a-5 thRe.alasnce -Bayt ., up', IAP0
,*. ". oCompan, CoMes i ,. B Meanwhled the 4,dth a. LM
Dan eratis .F asl

;., .:*

,- -





",P =q

A- ~

au.1~f *vyy1

-'* _-- .::. *
V :....: .- :.

~ 3- *AA*'"*


-. ', -'- *
. .- -."* -*.:

S.-- AT


pff P B Jul SIreet No- 1
o 0 N$A I J J ulJ Ave. & J 8t.
Ae., m T oan .
..i.. AxeieaA. an c S


Centel Ave. 14*, .
3 No, 3 Lttaiy ,imadF
F'aurLth of jUdy ATe .

- -ri Street No. -' '

Agenlan InternsLsd. Po llelm

4a L h..r ,fl.|
l Itmre L Vaa I '..euI




1A~ ~AA A.
"~ ~4t" -.


In Carrying Case
3 Draft Contro'
SFor Home
A Camp
S only $5.9

S Central Aveg. tl
Tel. 3-0140

1 pm. Adults. Pre-teea .
_asegeH. By appoiimens ony.,

OP P.LT0!! *

il blo* ed -- Lr Taw' s

w'a s -

,va tue upa
teed a. DRIP. Trop.
ia- & i-)
.:I:III! ,-


keop a long


-. -A. -3- Io



I S D -S

Poe. 3.0985

urn OKs Ike's
te Of Union
dress For Jan. 6
A O DeE. D S Ct -.
eSam Ia e (Dde Tarl
t Eisenhower se
the presidential oW th
day after the o maoitjatc-
w4th Conpmsa coye


rltfl ts 73Janm 4,

FOR SALE: 1948 PontIac 4-door
sedan, Hydromotic, radio, good con-
dilton, $475. $100 down, balance
financed. 19-X .Gamboo. ,P-in
6-379., ________
Faw- ---c z o ---
FOR SALE:-1950 Cadillac-62 four
door, excellent condition. Will fi-
nnoce. Phone 2-3497. 1,
FOR SALE:-1941 DeSoto Custom 4-
door sedan, excellp et .codllorY.
Must sell. Also autorrIbld rddidr.
88-900. ,
FOR SALE:-1950 5tudeboker, well
cared for by original owner, $600.
Phone Panama 3-5320.
FOR SALE:-1950 Pontik sedn, 2-
tone, Hydrarotic, 28,000 miles,
$850. Phone 2-2984.
OR SALE:-1941 Plymouth conver-
tible; 19%9 Ply routh coupe; table
model rad4. pZ20. 104 -X--,B
Gmnboaa. ,,_ ,"f"-

F S -B1 Ch

FOR SALE:-Bequtiful 1954 Chevrd-
- let Bel-Air sedan, w/s/w, 5000
miles. Exactly like new. 0599-A,
E.yona St.. Ancon. Phone 2.2744,
FOR SALE:-Nearly new 1954 Chev-
rolet sedan. Balboa 2-4466.
FOR SALE:- 151I oa'd, Victoria
Fordemoati, duy free. Sell or trade
for light duty paid car. AIIRNA'
THY, 3-0264 or 3-3765. 1

FOR SALJ. -rlN950 .ie so a, j@
iffent condition, radio, leaftrh. gr
Trebol. 76 TCentral Av. 2-30041.

Boat & Meoom
FOR SALE: 14-ft. heavy rowboat
$50; new dinghy and cr top boqt
$60 and $90; uised 2VKIp. Jhn-.
son,. 12-hp. Elto, 7T/.hp. Evin.
rude.' meioent-.eanditie.-beemn."
able. ABERNATHY, 3-0264 or 3-

FEVA P. 10

For iidsg ar
7" B .
.lyTfe 10 f~At their an-
na m 'IR la-. da iea

DR. WENDEHAKE Medical GCinic,
209 Central Avenue, b4sidtC, pup-
li Theater. Phone 2-3479. iO-
Night service. _,____


quer, contains no lead pigments.
Protect your children arhd pet. Saf-
eat paint for nurseries, cribs, toys
'cages, etc. BeaoNful color Ferre-
Wrl Infernacnot., S.A., ")" St.
FOR SALE:- Just.received iogpleje
Assortment of Dr a r y Fixtures,
Cra ns and accpsqries. .Curtain
Rods in.all sizes, etc. Ferreteria In-
ternacionol, S.A., "J" Street.

PLY CO., "J" Sl"J o Ne. I, Phe
1-1060. ,...
FOR SALE:-Mon's winter weight Im-
ported tweed suit, size 38. Tailor
mode.'Like new. Phone Ponama 3-
FOR 5ALE:-Tape recorder, 2-speed,
new condition, used less than ren
hours. Panama 3-5163,
NiR SAXE:-C60ker Spaniel puppies;
A.K.C. regIsterrd 6 weeks old. Coll
'Balboa I7I? q4y evening after 5
o'clock. Only to persons able to pro-
1ide good home and cre.
FOR SALE: Ho train equipment,
complete layout. Ahnost new and
unused. Balboa 1717 any evening
after 5 o'clock.

FOR SALE: 14-In. sidewalk bike,
baby bath, day bed and mottress,
Lounge choir and cushions. 720-ik
El Prodo, Balboa.'
FOR SALE:-Boer pu ,. female, 9
* weetk, $6QPhee 3 fiambe&
FOR SALE:- Winchester .22 target
rifle $75; Underwood typewriter
$38; Kapok sleeping bag $16;
Hqmilton 17-jewel pocket watch
S f2; 1/4-hp. motor 25-cycle for
pex ,wp.a $. All above, very'
.- tood qla1on. R.C.A.! ironar fqr
4i prts.'li Illg good h*otor. 25-cy-
cle' 3.'50 oll BWs .22 rifle, poor
barrel $.50. PFneo 2-4455 after
6 p.M aty. ..@ A
FOR SALEt Spee Graph camera
ro ti 1 ori newn
Cj~j lhiklJ ilafBu CW JT2.24

SHRAPNEf. fumWlhdhs* a on
, beach t 'Santo Clam-.. Tlepho
THOMn. Polbo. 177 v-2,
nings *

Clips. Oceimsde s onte
Po 7. nt 7
Gramlich's Santo Clara Bwich Cot
'tos. Modem convenfliems mod-
erate ratM&.,heo gGamboj 6-441
FOSTER'S COTTAS am Wis pa0nst
Sana Clar. -- Pon
Balboa' 246 h. U
WILLIAMS' Santa Clam raeds tat-
k-^fj, --il l ^ *A-- -JT~i AI
bg-,ecKimd Mmgonu, g
bedroom. Phone Pai6 90.

FO ET-ar1 th,, starig

FOR RENT:-For 15 mo th starting
February, completely furnished 3-
bedrCma house Paltillf Heights.
Coll 3-2052..

Apamiau -

FOR RENT: Twobadoomrn apart-
ment in Bella Vistta Call 2-2601,
Panama.s _____
FOR REN:- Oneha-bedrpornm apart-
ment. Complete kitchen, new re-
frigerator. Basement in residential
house on 48th East St. No: 3.
FOR RENT: Furnished apartment,
all screened, gas stove, Frigidaire,
Via Espafa, house b afo r e Juon
Franco. .
POR T: One Or two-bedrom,
, fuishd partments. Gobtdsl-'
* dential section. Phone 3-0276.

FOR RENT:;- Furnished opartmeits,
small, very cool -with baltany, Pri-
idoire, gas sto e. Bella V l, Tel-
ephone 3-1648:

___ kFLw^^?y*y_

FOR 'SALE--2P6 r.M seftwlng
machinne, kttch-isr fsA,'thd's bed,
. boards, chalr, lImi i 868 Mor-
gan Avenue. P, .170 .-
FOR SALE:-Z- j -ueefrigerator, 86
cu. ft. with fmsre t, .53-B,
FOR SALE:-Houmsehd furniture 9nd
other artides. Going way prices.
Phone Panmw j1'1 1 .
FOR SALe:--W4i l refrigera-
tor, 25-cycle 1 fltk top, good
condition,. $200 5 CoIl f.~.5 before
7 p.m." -I, ,Co l A '_

FOR SALE:- 25-ySels; wahingr ma-
chine, heImboo livin v om jet, ven-
*ian bobd, rgfripgntor$15, etc.
AdOR M 3SAMLo r o-7

ACUA THY. 3-0264 or 3-37"5.

FO'R ALi-Frilldolre $100; stove G&I
$35; AnlAg table, 6.dchirs, side- cfi
board Id0; two lamps $10; kitchen tr
tobl.Zchairs $6: Holywood bed Il
S$25, A. for $200. Apartient a-I
vaolla ith purchase of furniture.
947iF aIser, ,st Phone
Quwar y 449 s s


WORKING COUPLE, no& it.rn or
pets desires vacation ih Co-I
nal Znes begInning J 8.i Woe l
SAlbra*.325ar, Ganimbe o648. I

FOR SALE-The best Christmas gil
for yourfomily: Concrete house. 2
str, r ooms. Price '6,000
Produces. monthly rental. of. $39C
SValue 0 be.doubed.In foure'ysa
R Io e terrs accepted. AGIE
'CEt t 1069S, 29' Central Ave
Phone 1Io069.

G th
/ ,Ala., a i. _ll..-
P |tmr. nwo J 4f: ,wor to
I .., lgambul 'iml nareo.
lfa ,peddlcn,ho -o-. e ao- -.. '
dcMi at nearby FtL Ga., At
wA .p-mCtod -eral in 4

brt faster., S -n

ra As, toning l dict be "
Amyas the Indictmen i one e
Rcphflgr~gp~mqlflj~3-rst, !

.. ;.-..,, .
|: ]t "l"-jifc -'--". y:

, *; .--..3 A aL iy .l

I|IPI --^ 4'.* % *-" ; 'B^ I.
lLTC~ M L4 I- --.-** .IVK *

coau In for 'ome t
,ANd theatede. who u
S s .

A' L~--

T :r'


.L i.4

@OR RENT:;.-One.ijraomf
, apartment over frtn1 Aw
pony on Af 9-a ROe |
monthly. Cla.'0m t. ,

tairn theA DIable ClubIouse *- -. : FOR RENT:- One-bedrooln.apart- I .. plantst, 0o

Jamcs E. DeVaney, Air Force, C, W' A-et Irees er cener,
Post Cmmaar; O L.A Dec 20, t 8:15 p.m.
.e O l z Help Wanted The m-slian. w. aa pupiln o
non, Army r.v-f and- blm SF 1 -Arthur dq Greet, who was a pu-
er; WoodrowW. Dejemette. Air .- WANTED:-Fulltime maid. Must live pUil List ind Richard StrausS.
orce Chaplaig; Thomas H. fr the in. References. Panoma 3.0378. ,.
Crowm, Army Tr~ger; Bert I. Twenty q. from the- : ut returned from
Brown. Air Force, xecutliv AsAlbdo lA Pnama Cl- ucces ut concert tour of ou8
(qm Ittoe (2 yr): Oharles A. Will M r Air C*I IS Ar America, where he also wuo
eeihaas Army Executive 117ytore f J e are E.iUa albyy rented on television In Sao
Committee (2 yrs.); James t. t ,iam_ Paraty by .lo, lBrasi and Caracas. Venenmf
MDnel, Canal Zone Gavem- esa r. SAI nAdquartea T n r-Al a
met, Exe'utlven commiote 5 G rep Toi Ups 1 CrlOoi. souap d nistla
mf *e t)a Co- v, oo 50 penta for stu cents. There i
-u-t have.e il u le ,t. KaHse iiets n.o chare wfor military peren-
ti eB|t' 'Si the lay who AAsPV RU E iUIUNI net.
meca Each
atal icem,. IMiA a gisft of The Sdlvaiko Army at jloo s Ti y onfrt predeybls
der the o. s n -othi whi bt wrapped will open a Christmas soup kitch. achduie .fr'this date is cai-
Article 3of.Ar tbr t paper with en this year in addition to its an-. eMad.
tWel VII r y t d's unattached. nual Chriqtmas Cheer program,
t 2:80 the y5oBiers will be fir the pop. This is the second
S taken to the light line where year the. elfire society has un- -
Swill hee te-apportun lty dertaken a Christmas program. OLD MIRRORS
SC News amlne drrftof the ,o tu ,n I d,. ___Ot
.. ---k oqaaMs. wl we"w Lo as &i tel' o etioand Jnd iv AvE NEW.
ade P- When the "' all:. :: the1 ." -tfoen" may con-
thin e 3 3 5d. o 56 IN TWO DAYS.
T1?h. A 3suo te Bwtrict1 wair d wi be treated to ice CnCa toe.n Panama2 2 -
OfCoU at the Caal Zone ir cookies 'In teas hall of Pacf o Setvester Callender at theute
'fanning ara yAj he& at the r wie do I am ot le Cendera Pri&s are moderate.
S"i..^. A..Th".I oft 'Dec .. re a r
i at 2 .. c Harrell of tributlc. ot codes, toy, A. W B Rs, C
tM S e o tharng C l other ufABRICA
oo kSeior I of artlcles, oo fhi i tmax Chad
ie boa, will of ta basktae set to De E JOS
ces o tos d aSiduldrn ioa A de Febrd1o S D.
dDoa aUp a helready Teo re- IA aRAaIana
ceived U national Ci etra A
et" last J nd at IheuBIo het hoop leader Ba ork Nanr the Brity. 1ra h
.* or h i. si.h Ab i0nhedor, 1SO; the Nation- PATIO KODAK
Itrted do New al Breryof janama, $2 a and m
tsm program. ts Tel.:
urm: Pa from Fort Donations wl continue to be 2.2272 & 2-2222
"nfouna~t b -lfirwIN at as u er;.s acknowledge tAsn time t ime. I_______ _


Ai A A

A -. 4 A. -* A:

.,.: *', **. ^ --. '",- 2
)'14 *- .


<*fl. .A.1A

r* -T


iift ,tmt,,ro ,

...-., ,.. m rnmml ... ;
-"" % w '


'*Ot : -'
^-' ~b ikS ,
;s"'p -FI i

:' -:.-." : -' A_
:.. -..', ,, .



. ? '.;.


r -Y

. .. 7 r





rhes e


GAnoA t8W
a 444 m 'S $"o 41 A m i nt"

Si MARGASMT 6:15 itS

Ir 4TALAO IIP^' Thus. tcAme M-*DmDI"C

_ __i- .-i- iBi i,.,k ,^ .... .. "* ':: M.^II^" *^ B|Bt''l -- "BBaBB ".-. *^ ^ -- ",, U "IH.'.^'''"""
m m ..a-:.... !m SW i I _
.a;"".. ,I .",,'..V t r m f lf a'm -"- -"ti'


.WI. '-A'

. I

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Tew Infomnatter and m mnconS a-l yaw vl Itnm 4
kraniff -t.Aveald TWU It, Ileph. 24976S, H.t1l
EII Pa~M -11I40, xt. 130, 9w PmnamI 3-4724
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4Lt~t0 mL. WRRN.wiLL DANCE NEXT .MbNDAT tfn Club bt the C w. IORa. Walker M. AlderIon of the
DEPICTING LIFE OF THE MElSSIAH Chibt, C bean CoM= q ek Iio Chuvch Wil But y t up10 ep"
A ballet eital depicting the jfe of the Meolah will be Cosetelertealn The s Civi Council In- .ters of twr of
i tril by the students of Mrn. Geauns Uaibergor l For CiL,OGaltan items altldents of Oamboa to t s.Iat bridge
Satl.S nat Albrook Air Force Base next Monday evening l 1.Ifsico Gaitan,_tt9c. ,-come and sing. itse. b. ..

ce recital are residents two months. The part to be mandoA. Costello at Qu rt Mr. an Antilq Arias The Decatr c
o r lrok API, between the danced by 'Mis WInberg would alrr Heights. Later were hot at their C mAlp- .
1 4 two and 1 years and normally be given to a student of Staff, Caribbean C gre hope last eve n it'
been studying the art of that had many years of ex- and his wife were hosts tor a ner boring Mrs. Ate 1a f
t dandb since June of this perience n ballet. dinner at El Rancho.. Pool de 8ol who la nIi anw gresi w
ye Prior to the start of the -- City on a visit to hMr eeea aa r: .. o v R
being started none of the The general public i fated Officers Wives Mr. and Mrs. Reynaldo 9Pool. between 0mh a
S Ih ren the recital had re- to attend thercital for which At Albrook Sponr Mrd ty, l. Ure a i- o R I
e|d,, dance training there wil beno har.. ,^orau. Danaub,- Mr. a r... -Jose .amo Gui: er co aitslE h ,p e- ,Sl .. .J
t brrwhhabe'O.{The Officers' ofado Jh. al to entertained re- catwr at thenas ore the Just rwho
TA BING brook Air Force Base will spon- ce n honor of the isitor id e stands.
..ofeassnal dance teaeber for Pn nlNR lTONIGHT /or a Christmas Formal at the ,It war lh b e rom o to
t :"ut year',"bs under:The DYfGEN. HARRISON ffier'nW Cleub on ThurgA Elmer Oarb II. os oo t dpproach *I
4" 'h'eout compensation of ter of Defense for Nicaragu. Loeh newto
her oW e t to e h e l. rng Dec. 23, from p.m to a .= ap proa h L-ag." .
S_,,, 1 who arrived yesterday as an of- For MUslooi ty with l hway rmnii from 5rn De. g., ~ rf tion
Se reeltal to be resented Is fetal visitor, wll be the guest of Music for the affair 'wI be Mr a M. LH. Ostid- cator to r a distance of eight Sa A .ht
t Mea of the bildren them-. honor this evening when Lt. Gen. supply by th'e B.ty er, C ouxeih, ,miles. t oeobook
e4lA atn4 I. p1rtlenlarlv au- and Mrs. William K. Harrison. club rooms have 8 Seven rThe si. vewithin- Itw. ..Weetire to N;, Rtorcmi- W s book

beenrde tor rate inataedctdlthWaGardner QwAto.,V&"ywife1-m.a
for the Cbhristmas ea Tro entertain t a recelon at he Christms o e o r .se t le iew as r d s
....fre One.Q uF r eitxhts. ,, o o Vh asereentransferred-.eere In sisI to a e a r. ./ e a
h"o tr s' O uA e t.t members of the wo e .. .t'u.slubN. ouiton with the .nter-.mer- The ivl os b de was lt o
P+--lead solo of the reeliali Yesterday Col.. Gait 's the Breakfast will be servW 01- ?a netid'' ywiththe., A u lnThe n Sods ni efr,. .u nTr uh I#V
performed by Miss Ate- guest of honor at lunbernn t.wn gas 'o he d wance -_ndwhm"_ "ropfloor-e. a
e", who s been a dred at the Quarry Heights Of at 1 am.lish, to atve o t a aind .
invitation to all officers snd turn to page 9)usersymJl-st4wi-re
.decided to take a 'c dr 70haksO
;%. :t at e '
"Whe ubuy a FRUIT'st
o,- -otsh" S b. W IN
,-t,, A A '."t.Butlthed onw. o ma .1.
,.,ask for the best.! OGO.-RBu th-' --mterialne
POWER' Now is appropriated a a eo
souri near the brid site and .F .ho boc&s adt and
j7 Army wlinoefl ~tkay have wives. ~ wfia n ,tea t

GlowThe first otractIFlet tomap
'O .C o"A"- No :- ---,-,.

thatiU guarjfteed Wome n;who use

fl, fl, we gotzsnyl tar-

Nowhere else in town
,. Jsai.t remn u t;Oriety! ".,

Nowhere else in town
such a top selection!

Humorous, Formal, Clever,
for everyone on your lit.

- pomdsM aed 5 pounds.



I M I15N'S and LEW1
';4 across from the A .0,)

Yom'd think Chri!tmas, wag

SThe way f*.y n' ft
sK P such a huytebuy


anl select yours.

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trftm.a.t.Lr* 972


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Radil Canter

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....WMo atg a, .t apre reserves and save us scopl
lot, us us *co0omr srre at sammy.
.*l ilsaforyon, a rti Dulles sand economic aspects of
ire construe e but aPresident tMai took ov^erthe di on. tofrt I14 must not be overlfook.-
ON I3 .ent .A tnto. i some deta the pw ed "in view of a ptepped-up cPM-
"moer- t s.^ p ocratileMr:d
aflt roadisbsed for ifamiies.e

^e* vkA Bobjeetrs for I1SyJPam sere plandw it "a ind ir. pared that the proposed program
'Ia5mi d th e i b 'elsaiithe k i re- op l d for Asia has not been
^.^e i L But it *d that the emacrat. a assee will b* ter.
r more aeb beore n e been picked.
themalFt on the so l n aO d ol
_. "I te gD eothe DmocrXMA SPECIAL
O. (0UP) e a Slr. to eopetate with new trI on a lona-rneo
dn trdle ot evt ntses p oueen oS7on b
(iEBJ u' BWo"a" l,&,o^St 601 DatktIo| leaders dajtd to con. I .er in, on itprove- CA & A
Split me on foreluh and defeae ritu and an a py boost o AL
-L. :. 4. The Wte Hou.eWo eiP.sktmthe Proe. tnio detarfl or amounts
.. ...; ., ha w ideant who dondueteda e defense n for. -admbi tra
ttab II%-it ebdt ra
Snself, ephaed p t Residents and Personnel
fllg on a st ad prothe legislators came a
a. m htth areW annt peeconomy as WitpreIB It will be b N DRe
ifi onre hrdhi atomc r- St had tem DURING DECEMBER
gofe rup e taltiit force to meet the threat of t Hmpby as been cool
t" o etarI h -o i.,to attack. t- a e-idf and cme Democrate
1'* O(nli bearl'ta mafoedfteft The sirelent, In a reference to an had said before th
e strategic ad tactical atomi at they would prefer an
A, 15 -ody hantorn op weaponS. also saM tbe size of the of "Point Four"' help to
Uadd lt.e Wi 7oo el~it x m~irtaryetablishment nm u t be ^trteveloped areei of Asil.
a .-r 1as: 1" war. hearigw part t of new aWponI de White House said that the
r fisleseand tattegy Ahanage. President, in dluiRmind his a.H -
'a .2 t, W etW.-di he. wa ftt-r onaf State John Foster tonrrl ddense bripols, e : sme
T b p- w IthU ailnm DuU, Forelpn OpertlUon Adm. fat the r ty dthe ation in
Sd l mtrator laroid Sae, and ts ae ofat bomib ob and
Jwli D-. & : f rance PRandal, the PresidenAt's t n ra depended not a the
K orrMlie h Aw speaisr con e.ulrtaentic fnre adaic al rd-Uaht talttory eora-
oDe.or drol .15 W M f fu trade, review the adminlssths it.... t
lo f m9 a wo Ifrdoi FN ro;1 i lde SIGN OF Secretary of the Treamury a J w li
V t-.e .v. o'u o -Diretonr Rc land Hugbi d i st ai.. e m A
beau osteASee4 Sh
*-^ \u. euaed the prospective fueiS! mtuA N -
who ad ben left i S t By GAYNOK MADDOX teLion, but comments by the Co h n ot e
a 4hr birth. Ne A lr and iMdp in s hes i me sindcicted thiey have, n. | th e aw -" he rr
Aee Eotl -a fin bule, t figure %t'h., t r. the Iual + .th.* V\ n
iS -s Frlendnesb" and god are yer wh I'orn, Jewly Stt't nt J a
Shst. Tht's One partcplnt Aaid admJinstra- il e Stmfe n
.ta^eemaabdf-tlabwtt oP e" JIib 5uch Utron spokesmen Indieatqd the Pres. I).tae Arc0emenve.,&f'. rn
ta l mi .-.qll the most wonderful fiends 'dtopl In, cup, o bout the is e v ain the current ...
crtibfefwvW Mrs USaid nt punch and soame Msac- with you, eigni- 7 *p o r
it ,A'i .,ut lea ing that lax near the Coristma trege and

r4 rflpi rth ... .,,t wi.g. 5.IT .T.. A0 t .1 .

=ffik.A UA

S ..n.. p.or W r
r hard fdo me to on the .lRussian 'River, 40 mile
said. ITb y were north of San Franeiseo, noted for
ple..". Its apple orchards and vineyards.
e U6 d at Guersevile Holiday Pueb
4 Two (4-5-quart) bottles red table
at Spt. wie, chilled; 1 (-qut) bottle ap.
,ul by,' Mr- pie juice, chilled; 2 tablespoon

1 .- .1 I

~Dt^ C4R4G^AS

IteL 2-3451
Opposite the Public' Market

Come and see our beautiful selec-
tion of Droapey and Upholstery

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We have just received a wonderful.
assortment of dress material.

fre-- 8 a.m. to-6 m.

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Limited Quantity In Stock
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S wtita h.

It takes only a second-just, a .
"flick of your writ"-to opmen a
can of Heins Vegtble Salad...
1 tempting a1ld that's made with
Safreah, ju 'y vegetables, diced,
cooked and blended with Heinz delectable May.
r He~ia Vegetable Salad is a delighul apt
S.t. right with cold meats; btbo, u*- atoe-
or awdishes perfot for hm m, dimr or
ibektalis! For a convnaent, deljioup. dish for
every occasion, buy HeRm Vegetabe Salad today!


[I 1 r
B + -J j ^^ H S^ -"'

TO r? roUR Ns)s Atw on

Rif IB.. "" 'a i

* JS C-;M


from Europe ',
Beautiful AsborAtmeWn
earring. 5 brajels
pins neckhmace
21, j

For each $2.00 caah urcba
in Cuenta Coomer .dC l
receive a ticket for ur.OM
take plane Sunday the 2.
December National' LotM
drawing with the 4 numb.
the firat, second- and
-^ --- t .

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dGoge Washingon- M In Bi^ Fvort
I,.*i t Rt.i. T tle.

*est ery tighter'shfold have a .I pro o:-ptrost n .n0
I iefe en'Ing ..... h .


*- r f^S.H .S ^^^^^ d^K^ Mile^ ou toih n aabat Dt*L Al dition Are
State, So. Ca "Bo O" g son Jose n'

for a and se hge a 8ton Ion oer Big Favorte D. n ner

pressive Victoei hes Te t ai T e t -

.Ststs^^ Oe n l de o mnd wh
Saii h nt t S n FRANCISCO, Dee. 18 e r t
40V (UP),-M Mddlewe ht chaion L'u L
t et y a w yesterday tapere4I off for fe -rond MoA ,. gm

s t-n. k lostitle bout tonight in Ban Tan- bat at e I the d
EW ORe vDec. 15 (tun-A trio of defend-Co lseo ut toniht hi Sn arad bot i ande Da- b g.g.
,gue champions--North Carolina State, South- Both went throghDInl, 5

ola led eorg ed Washington-brought a nic A n th fIiete

S o andn Gon nh fe n s nd abo th n ooheO whavo e at u na. Dand
e ,basketball's wave bof upsets to a halt today weigh today. Ols n remain a th n

h' aesto nhe 30 g oi nts by h e wloes H Cobe aoe w e on h retelevised by ( a n aBS).e lwoee 'n t1 ,Mlut e.
imth impressive victories. Cee a i t Neither fighter sh thed hae ve
,Mnn t atiintInth alsw
All tree won easily, o Ien k haO a t 1

.lamrted 0evenatidney Aanas won (No. Oon shoud oroy htw man cpet oing hadi .din meq e an Mo atn. D, 0, .
t a s t t o a c t i o n i n t h e l a s t w a s u p s e t l a s t o u rt n gt C n c n inesh om iilur e .r ha n ouo t n el W i th e ds

ays that saw 11 losses nai, tied with George Washing- B*e Unt ed r hat f iguer.eLgog one rli h th h hin ast lR illon. in o
d ottC as. nae teams. los.ton for the No. u19 spot, going weighed more t.ha rwa tet u I ri i taom u W

e-seas titoeas itwalorip e A85-l7S. utr thua (cla hd1 bend Olsolns ate-Pon h hat bween mf 38xa theapupU Jafr he rophy fne ap 1-5 ponds BtOO Dee! 15O Ta^'goo. '] p* MB~
S orth Crolina State had down before Western Kentucky, pounds for any. leght. Sn.- MS ewtaxAto r. % O o~ tthw e, t~h, h
e4slest time as It walloped 85.75, but that b ash had been Olson says: -.h-"I sh uld be Rbeo .tak e les, o, fo" ,
emm u 12-72, to tie idle North figured a toss-up. good fight, but I expect to win." "bi .. take A ot
na for the Atlantic Coast In other league leading games The Langlois camp alo is con- aI .
0 es- (TefCa ifo nia. unb ate

ne rc the l ted loas l et noigt: 1srt L arch ore 28 ldent. Inte rpreot n a d otI oc tto mrirst lU 5 hs s"d Y ,-(,EA>hSo WctoS w

, e thern California. unbeaten points to lerad tie, wPennsylvania 2n Kant er oasays -We will gvc 01- 3l "s ""ote w '" ll .
n l o f Pacifica 5 win over Nay B tont rete ur shot at the title 1 0 g.t
ad77gonlerofoth Navy nbesr

Conference, trounced Ha- dies' third straight A as; Ha tmt within atr few mo,

'-ote Lear sank 11D r free throw In the Two fighters have volunteered TO LCTVRE wld0ottoilt.' aarrnds p a'
-t a ond t oe w closing mlnutep acd a total f to help the widow 'of heavy- famed sprinter Harison Dfl-. lsthed to r,, thel k ,p l e
gning monarch of the 30 points In, the game to give weight Eddie Sanders who died lard of Cleveland winner of Isthm t# Dee. 16,S. his NlW .h.followers to v ti.Des -rZ ge.v
ern Cod nmerefn et.ondeL m( ta 1t6OPt A"illardW
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es Wake Forest, 94-82. bright:U Sh,) steeloBowl Boston. Heavyweg ht-t B e r t Olympics atLondow ird tThe ontr o ad 1 heu neae r Of bOt

Kasrthe sixth victoryfor runeronPgdCoga er noTuotxnel10 oN.N9M
toehurate fight T"ledo-W eg an* dy 1 b0 cometer nhih hurdes Dnsthee T a kl A t e ,. 5r T nsr
North arolina State three-game wining streak, 80- good opponent and give his en W d l both 2'lto ,I Sam- ol I., Ark.S
Wolfpack, currently 67, as Pitt's Ed Pavlick outscored tire purse to Mrs. Sanders. uel.M a-"o .
he No. 4 team national- the Raiders' Frank Patterson, Whitehurst says he was the last G n cl'botDea Me h sa.oa
als will come right back last 10 minutes to beat Virginia, I late Olympiacchampionowas.Istop-the a t'o m .- 'w. Va. Wesley=
N 7h hpb i at the 7 M i 1thft hisN orm h" Lou a~, IM.
~ wtNo, co-67 tonightragtainstac 1at2-69,0 despite 28 pohits by Virm- ped b Willie ames on SaturdOay. w i- a-
.'barolina. Clemson held rinia's Buzz Wilkinson; Baylor Whwtehur0t say1 -"He ws a rel .' aiy at thei Colon (Mli)'59
lose only or the ed all the way to beatOkla- iceboy.I'd lie to do all I can TURTVANTODD WINS mororereru by px es
itiIutes and then State homa, 80-79, as beonDicksonO help."in-asby tg suc ltfa etitedbl"e7
Middleweight Peter Mueller of ter .te m Dick D
I gu -clin'ching half-" boun:ds;oot )Decker's 25 he Sunday's .22 rf In c- man Dayet 1rde I thm
4i.of 40-24. six-eight led unbeaten Detroit toa 08.18M00 f his next purse to M.brtionQf "Dick ,M n Day" and IawardedIV.i .twelhtt .h em1110
t erk led the W pck wi over BuffaloDuke unced Mueller fought on the may aIa be ttened, the :. aaI lual 5 .n. a. e p .
point, but 1ll yrbo- Davidson 107-75. 'despite 5 same card with Sanders on Bat-ndue to te threatening 1954 RIPlMPI
o ha d30. pointsbyoweatherInthemorning, but the ship$for -secondI
hemh alifeornad ,a p int ber B los uers HobtrsCobb:uncdevLri
Calf48 hasWonkedMara ha24being no scorslorr:than 391 the year. Terof theseh&to
taly, w has. olnts for Waihington and Lee out of 400 amon te eight were il Jffr nham 8/ t a .
Oraitht gaies and Sy d oneySports Shrshootersthatok tt Follow- d i ttivBln B,, _* ikotlx'few
11-closee for' only ta lt Sydn home-courtygame,s 73 willrebyhofr sthmian to_ ye s saortin erDick e a very- A trltld event -
't oh, n" t h em b y 88 o v er T ulsa, th e fi rst loss fo r B y U united P ressw .ll rtmathesmwer e flye ars, m. o-fteo w an ale ,,. e :
bas tha n Troladp. pite Bob Pattersons l ntOr here wh 'es lower than thYt tOwn e he a cii I i d -ra d ,ri
halft2ime"Ia d'27 polnts;34id Criatal'so 25 points won here with aweslowlr"than th0" wwtob lDoi,.,or h, d a .o Balbtimorehy A _t,
deesion ur (Calif.); Boxint promoter Jim r Sturtevant Todd an ancient In the Batei. TO-& the two fur-ondiemlpnar between
-.. ',. ".lu -h .paul, tro h Quincy, has told his lawyers to gue the and notable tropical :character,- erennial rivals be DIw-eman ea. ]uoe and Ma ial Mohinar
Snendous comeback and "Wichita defeated' Regis,2 nagaz; e Sport* whluatratedsforte wohisbeen making threaten.'= Taffray thetrphy wasA t 135pouds. mOOk- Dec. 15 i()--V

utT"-tStnaonS41t n rkatpe.
,sasnbt.o t n ht, be t n't sth y the sthy fired_ a perfect score of 400 with ,14bitternes, but raher to h ofIO.- "ala'e 0, two.-m e r t
Stotl otaln LW aA ll e (Ngo. 1) s"iti Lafayet- Fabtball 24 'o over the fifty yard range r friendshipp ...b.I.
a e W Vi c Ao U?,..Zois he* imiCleveland Broawne have to take first VIaM*, and th r dup- i this conlactio dr l G af :b ;ase
,-, u vl t -l ,fic a to D ic k D ill mh a n tr o m- D I a -
ntnldib cmCleland's top Dk and ll afraY, as tha -
-a-@11t t the 50- tr course, and w t requEnt re- )abek, 3t
Ito"gen,"tthntheat ethe pinil combsonlto.arrl- p 4_N:*.
nightC (No. 16) come from include: ameriCan uNsU, Manoa-tnallh aned a ntin cases the teacherses to .Ita1 7 i t _r.., vhiz.h3 .'2 g'pe S
1.6& Iou St., John's to fac wea chusetta-Boston U Rhode Is- sonal del with l as r hispeir as much pride n the. explo ta of Tot1lw
D*~i.a eas' oer.favat St, anensme'L : St. LOUI, (Na. 17)tire.ld-B owU, Colpa4-Penn St., respective scores of 398.28x and 'f pupiuentf he I re -im p ----lost-T1
ghtame lbackon .h 18) rebounds Georgetown (D.C.), Manhat- be icap-fewit togotandhe stwefornyoers aoab
ga 00oan fo-e e Ma .",. gan. Se-to Hah-oranton, and what she-could to ruin Dick's frp' thisy: .I tulw4" pf 5 0 1 0)1 Gros0in lr, N.Y. -.(NA bb ie
lastanightby-. r i(o.p1) e atonght Toledo-Western ghl an 'day by compiling 30.-25a to "ompetitr Ditanee Tota as 5 0 2 2 center fies. and ttXGpieehs i, %0ol
I'as-,. 046...... ...fcew"..' ,..-. ... ... .quee t.o seco t;dyTodd 0yd 400-a l teshtt,rf -1 1 aLake htve ueda c -m e o-thetake
entire match w as fired in a finq uchffr pa 0 Meter 3 -i Bernard, 2b S 0 1 4seo .,...wo

6 sfact.Sthat the spiritLwhNchre-.JISlndBrwn ,o d .....fS
.Dk A VI S T A aleads erls .yd 31-l Robinson, 'p 20"s0 -1-"'8,xad......n

t__tbNOrtssotruck out for rtgtw (DC)
TOromaant-tThe-Most l$ altkgeToy ouSefue.00G0004102

p ""olct me&y, You ,Can ddBuy Your Children "l-, m&b
edhBomunoalbw a "t ri. ,ot sTumble",i, f .,0
Dourneks, Torineeliern.S" N.Y.itl-0 a. '"-
"b"n0tStrudh. A ut b2: cat-nia 4.4. d a
..ea4;tson RBons on 4 ba h era Tf*4. '-

et "macIn B-i/w-fndI an5M 02:ard,2b 3m0134
j ..rbOrro (es-2)I
llama, P1rekel)e alti:,

He's i p_:- t:l6, d .. cn

He's Uncerain"
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11 6'hin49
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.con5o e sahid the b be story w
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ttilt ,:represented. ,
A t told five diffateAt guys
'f tas," said DaY "atd I can
St r. ir, ace'us ditos said th
f the articen'JiSt darn good
it. Didn't .e- have to use
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Secn prise: 20 pieces lottery -
sto so I- r'slo aw,.ons men wand. They w ist watch ta could wa--nd is C" 'v
tickets. O itpioe chances. Fmetherweight Division stand the steaming heat of tropical jungles... minded. That rBrtish G
tickets. 1 pieces chances.e- teban Melande-R o b I e the freezing cold of acnic "tqms.t, tc ty' has .selected- a Offci.l S
R e c a u s e 'o f t h is S un d y xe- 1 2 4 o f r t ao e C. Z d & .5 t e xr" +.
trao rdnary drawing, te c ,isioned Ledu tlene, Q de du&t of desert winds. A watilteal Barsh N ,M iad Air Force. -
SkmtsraI teinn i P Ig ining up under the roughest jols.;,. tor ftr I, yfolier I fwaig yeou 05 s -
rnes utilized long:-flyungn. .. ..ugjot
m6 5 dpms ^ "Plefts andwi ers ts waO like duck... andngodamAnyu i.oh t always.-yolU be gld you piced #d I
bis cagbt DBroes In the corner with fltlss
- Th Tor P fct" our timesW attacks,
but each tame s stopped
STh A ft .the offensow ibolos that wa" sT a a ..
u ri M en Rota sur off. Omega's anuwe was s m .

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"Sr ti' 75 L2 t ""-'++; +:

..i.. .i.S -f..< ...3. a n.'. _. I, 126 of the i ird. wit- S. 8B e lr e .

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Sgat e wll r fo eFore v e d a u t Se.63 DAge t h .d the oat th e **t i i
or, 255%,-,aedoary.ttn

lJacks., 141, t 1.4 Hehid fla n n ie b ack and e Ga d t 311 bysS on I t-e.o1 .1
.s te aTgaint .'eaDon-Dto.hi teo
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wfltJS i to -oYbbe.. t Pan- gay t... bai t of thPe idi en- b -ntt t rl m 5. e a l
Sot, plc stadium tonight d c ve t lg away. tedRoodhard thid El t fi. A le of Thlee Ru
*ow' he* *at. 7:90- open at t Fe talent fisticutvy rnd th4 Albrook hour went 'ae'a onf ana buy, v lu Cub b
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at wt S tdmne war abru for b Di.orle er h l Br a.. so on a .o .Geonrbg eb.1k81 ddam e.c ar t s tc o peative A alo t a s e
e Bodamen against Chartey Don- the An hea tworsht ritt han at 1, of fort ameat Cdsled dt nneeto. hcs tho Cmistubs John our- Dec. fwith im
gl*'w" Douglas h racked up one bolr. Herbert H ,. n Mar ,, 6!| won over Lto re feree merWio'cak ed with ,78nd Bob nCatK. (aab1
c Di ai hSisawt n ay -o. o S windmp.g y s. of b fttelobbeo d.a., nthnu rreted us, cmpeng So-Wonr2guS.ri bgtle s 7e al I5tnrm.
yers. Joe Jade no Vie t* B V. m ankees to, lortor nes .K ?t 34 econd of the laueht D Thela won a fr- tan Mrs. John W..e
sMi Jacosesd- who pro- *lthe 6-l atk DJnner odaakd otheJurubaAt -VioScdesr pede
b N a'e timsMtnuI Basl. 1ny : they de- lan lArla e ho t otm cont, pt wined the Heavowclt Dlvipl lto of PanaM. with .i. 2 la Mrs.T m
Ste teas d eg, vl the PaLama y AromH dvantage aIen thbe cl t tnchei n onf h gaiuPG e o 2 k to .--p w s,
tr l gh at th stadium J a rter-wp to big Bill Byrd of battle. Jackson s eo ugh on aa fo m l Gtornela. C of Albrookal t ana At... d. ner card26 b4 ler, i5s.
ed ia. si th.t-qbw letnKobbtt the S ofoiteechadpg fegh inches InIet ,hefightr AFto la.d wcSle hsrbswe Seyo togCericuesl 1935h18 matter
n ithh ardlsew e ban wy out losr. waip scratched from lefdh reot, but the, toss Cmis sed 5iortr Top TesDweraom Hahle t

Sacob who pro ewdod George rcled leverly to kep e ............ 31 21 Mr
cry tagi imU a Arthur urni rhealeve d shimmren 4hcm nwho mo sed tldr s. re1, outfo effective range of outh-'Powe arage ... 24 7tonf pri s
i d out that. aroff. mTe -e.sms .:... u e bevhly b wpop iy from epI Dill yth s ped t aw throm atoni a N.C. Hope i anama ........ 941 Ba. e M r, T9
gine 6 oh thef. -l ^ "mlert af.mic left ha.d gave away l o os e enough ried to e d with his sweeping synonr Agece .. 1 ,18 R a er ad Mr
yi^!M ''--. SK .S **! B. :, fRO r.h dn.d fveinches in hea .tii left, but theA4e mlaased orl T10p Te4 Bwles Hatkl-M. 4a &
ce L ra re? ererehim l ta in lwe ehl w era 1o1. of Georse 'riovee. Hope appeared ontreak .. ... .. .h.t. .m.u. .e. 26 titio ena e .
a ti L r d itr One ou t. e atl monsr ousd 9u rRH won a awkward W i;arryng the attack, ...............;. 8 T Tl .
> of i S S d "S'.J e CA *d Whe wild ng eya big-wephn .W. / ni^t
-o-a: e ;.eteewr eaa t s d h o .. between *e third round 'arid et.rooundho WusIw{ h m^e,, Im.ddown there at s metnt pe d, oeorke Calbet .,.......... .'_ 134 -S t_ wtfimd pine.Baal" __-..,
mna to dwurn-ed anld the doe l uehenl *f' -T a I SS e
right fiser "*~u g.. Jpr n fler h t h-s a few stro' rights that seemed to have lt o effect a .............. 81 oaptarned by
-1y aAre Mtl t tare war InW i ft8 ranf
e npow he h hold ng at seced e only for? cha put Tored dawn twice the r as Hve clutched at brtt. 0 1
ealt mnn Afvne enm-r n his laurels was ion the third to take the his e, 'G. to Thm es 234 106 161 5 .1 4 ,44-. w
sanltyr bimlgie h- h ners on an lntlW I out, the dan- Mi endes- obl te of Fort With his wi1 know-how do wh hUt. u o n co.tlen Anderson 21 18 1 '8 87f. high aver
n4 win oar thr h art e e rt s Greff was valued t e 1952 Caribbean kg. Hie a better condit cuing. But f to take the off as thh e Stephens.. 211 183 1 i *IITerhunefo tlgh
S, in w eeinto load thte bSa oturted bl second fentwel c Tares, conron int e frequently m fans yelped and "edto Crookp '_. us a n8 x rn ]neaner'. Greene .sor
but -a pt bakehi wynt wgo w ao.pontin bo-p n s hei los thess gahied th, the ro es at the tu ero1 o-- and to s. hlt .

tteelf to ab th oere as nos a on onion the v l 'th 310 f 487 lu a -. Igo
pqtne close scori.a niptil th bottom of .id velterwelght tItle-holder, Chuck Lincoln, 163. of Fort fanst
t1. a. floe $ow t-ho sihen OMPS$."! te fweo i u h th h... I 15 5 iam m ui t

I so .w r- Sthe oud uStJn Ko bb e w tdivs .ooker laoshtninnCtE, won dropper eornsroo d's noc er.o eg 578 Mr isge ep
hto center k Pablo rectient eeoations l ast Jacs

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pitsot. u te ang is, n Hewyrow trmtt.Br .. thnats rugged fror your rougncst, 4ougesit ays.
t' etos riA. dro0 a pop-up between ht fights last- ear due to llnesed
. t hy were an second. Dickens forced Phil- At the ofne of the festivities to
S sp." lpsatsecond, e ardnl aat ndr. Sd a tudy.ih Brig. G W. t ..*.............-..1. o _
an added to lhwr' dl6gle a .to left brought awSrded t, M -** P" ,,
is a coarse hoax and that home Harl for the bogta rddrYankeeophie.lo t nma dddengs plad a sclas- l .''. .i ae. ........r ,.r.k t o s to
as well as the manager's final r sn. r eview ofcs-turday'r ssults; **
aiton16' e In heir u D o
they got WOO ftor thAt of the ninth. Churn walked hhi o u od s: .si .n*th
pnam the ove." lias Oqorlo tanned. Austin Jose de Jesus Ro a-Ouzman, f.. i** a p gu ,i
is wasn't so. Nothing was singled t8center, Stryst ca Se of Fort Wbbe, C.Z., deal- a Df ta .
I reporting, that iwah how eto to Joe Tuin.ellwho oned LoraS Dln 110, of a.. ,
thq lie det-ctor. doubt right scoring Chain. camp TnMRrt o 'i '
r Austin rounded third and a n probably the slowest fjght rk he .J o l.....anl O -.
nted *e w-+l^e .^.elm/me s.N peaed to ho ld up, decided to try of the night: i gained the .I. *. */*' eap'illl4
to score, but heitated again be- advantage ah er an even first
fore taking off and wws out wt round. He scored on left Jabs and
i bn~ethre the plate when Dabek took the w ught crosses to take a lead over
S* throw from. right field .on the Dingul, who tried to counter *
bounce between the mound ad with right uppercuts. Dingul cut
the plate and threw to strWy-o his oppoteuahes a lhailiap withn uleft In. f
1hcovering-t the hird,-b it waa standstill OtLYMPIC GAMES. p
*Le- -. ~Bay Dsbek wo, had been a boxers scoring freauently at 1
RayI Daeks w hor had each then's face. efftoa# ed the 0ye-
re ofeefbgethlhown I ohre fPnmw Panamw"eh Dsw ewet Diisi whe.l,"

nlteo three tripe fr a perfect ^aul Calderon, h118, of Fort P*i 44. .h. Omega. e .* h. .
night at the plate. Claytobn, CE., deciwloned Lone.l toiu th Helsinki O/- a m m
-=eked ameth t sawr y t stihethtwoe-timemtAStRe r-ool t e o h e C m gp tn d aitthef rsc b frat id eA $e. n t Wt to_4 III rfr

The le31 a u has announced Tortuserf, P. ioen-e hrijh swegtiduinhg Yankees-Stmoker Ae RieraolN w11 o9 Cam1LAveer receiverdi n

is originally scheduled for Friday tactles as be sbealthilCy kept out fa w ie3 2t of thr M en*
ng. ht wilL played Sata of reach of Colladoe s. uaiy- se./. Year rante .
atSriIsfte potent lett d rights alde- of asM rt o. f'ri. .
A ll"mpon B ara n opened itti a barrage of fnien e .;i. en2.8 i' *pi
is rwill tour of blows which nced off the
a ttha.anheem forg-.tae tO n vea head and sho ors of the bob- n:-tpdt-..2 -1, .,
danced it onat the Sta daeoe dopnrenough...

their numbered to be e i- amotest -aw. s.wol *
gible for dnnog the foollwtthg Cmh atd ld
.n de Mimi-inplef tbutrfs droppeda moissede tweeOTtofi ht H o pe r d t o U yies. *- .... -* "" '-' 4s
-C am p Tord,.guero w her i th y w ere e for edere.'"-"t-p pd

rihtN ,a .Sp lt iii Heon 6 bell That.rthekindoofcvithe3ri dth .ovem- ImpartialH ......
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T d n S V Th 7 ,. .A .-... -. ....

T etir G i a eil p ah

LiD aring Daughter' Afila tta e
, ...... "Let tw people know the s a.thn d the country i-, if -Abraha Lin.oln.

' T.IU WCEiO poUahed, suave, beautif u 11 TIITIETH YEAR PANAMA P. WEDNESDAY. DItt 1954

'- ttainment to a house pack- Ingly that touchIngly absurd .

atim- d performance that theaterR ad To ry
oy u witty, three-aoduct omedy taimpetuous and affection ron

suburban morals based on Jean daughter, proras Connie, the pre-
I o out to lay? Yes my y over th atae with a sort o amuel H. Sheppard pad. shou at the handsome, 30- to tbh once on
from floor to rafugh ter s, compulre of mgliterd atye tat i.rder defen rested its In the wind-up of hi cross-year- defendant. t eacha bonen

S5 the storytain rose o wh at hapis fulrghtencngly nd fiery id case today after an emotional examination, prosecutor John J. Sheppard aa bl wife was aec
o when Mothe Murray s yeault- e pathetically nuoi n scene in wnlah the boyish-faced Mahon gradually increased the murdered by a larg, bushy- e sta ard
hn nmpson's) pastin NewCanaan, g Roberlt Memmnger as defendant buried his faue in his tempo of his questioning and ha-red Ltruder. e hass main- bl ed death
a erous not anedt, reaches out a Murray. Ewoaerd fart-ooi fmct and wept before the jury. raised the volume ox his already talnedS teadfutl that the slay- aftqf an mS#l itis rela-
4 eherous Doot and trips her up lather who spends far too muc Dr. Sheppard sobbed a his t t ther .HehaB
a moment when. In order to time in the piddleof Long l. slain wife's aunt read to the ju- aing woman, hs e,
Sthe young and headstrong land ound for his family's a letter she hs-ad written ust other and gener-
Slwitty, three-fct comedy talbmia and affection. fe rather write uso hi so oman,

backpedal furiously on her the picture of oucr d father- JoOnOd to deathe in per b edls 1e arr tin ta te 8 C
burba r morals based on Jean e af s Cono te d as bo w d -
I fed M n wn deraned wth CLEVELAND.O., Dec. 15 (UP) 4 of -year-OlMarlySh-p--booming01tlhewas .kno

ih out to lay? tyest. imy ly over th e 'sta o with tcesort of lDr. Samuel- H.ttheppard' pasd ho tin t.e-a dsome,30-. 1wt once on, ees v gtdp

da4 eten I f, as Mother Murray Norman Mite ey, the sin- wmurde r deene rested Its In the wind-up of his cro-e of Maho de eh and .m-esa ;ppl-bone in
| tired, tired of sext" or job a s the boyfriend who finds a it ter." Bote s t o fctr" tlat beat
hto that effect, n there may his fanese and her family aemoti onal at prosecutor John Shep rd wie w
Smow amnon the audience mos t too much for Ahim. mine D wese an boyish-ed. d the murdeedbYa ,bushy- i e thm i prd
dnte, in enfelt agreement Do h Keith is nine as the Muad,- ar.e cou she We inhistm p i ed i6ne high-pen ed eat
t. Maybe, the theater's ray's maid add we hope to se th thee ieaf eadtaneteatth the a h slay- tum e hei herl-
roupation with sex her up fate he n bigger who apend better parts much Dr.heppard sobbed as ounhe

'sp enough ant ye to as g a futre. o S eppara, Ipaded case." blheeryin reah at
inardeler eo tm Inetheminsoh ifLng Iesd d. dv BofH t he d sas nl thl
mea aomnt whenal ot iunie toa tns t the aistande of rln s It- was l a ini a n to the tJu- oery urust hed tO ta lake
t.hs young and headstron land B ound for his family's good rt a letter she ha d written uostg e u r s- e l ot f he sai rwa In -

et t whe fom forelly sh e must becomes palinfully aware ofer th e aln c on. p- cor beig o d of nd 1 g t thes -at e r a

f ya ere a the treitnd of t ies ter-ar othe I escn Colmm n loes eJug app3d- -0 k ir e
I ghte and unfaicr,"i Sheppd shoutedt
P ckpedalnfe urouMylonner thel picture.f loo rad to fathe geoned dato dea thbinre n rbedl ta -01dusan&.MLLI "

ep g of It;oornof9theplayers mnd en t of pr c ions b- in aetn b bt h side
ho t heris het lprithiee ot- comde mror a ndworeg profeon would e pMarelyn had informed the. e Thn I t e ba a r

Theo's isetedormsntnlne thetired difraauntec tMors. Mary Bromwn, that she oa p af t Miss Ha a nt atthe
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