The Panama American


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The Panama American
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Weekend American
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Scott Family Library Fund ( donor )
Panama Times, Ltd.
Place of Publication:
Panama City, Panama
Publication Date:
daily (except saturday and sunday)[may 12, 1973-]
daily[ former oct. 7, 1925-dec. 4, 1966]
daily (except saturday)[ former dec. 10, 1966-may 5, 1973]
normalized irregular


Subjects / Keywords:
Newspapers -- Panama (Panama)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
Panama -- Panama


Dates or Sequential Designation:
Oct. 7, 1925-
General Note:
On Saturday published as: Weekend American, Dec. 10, 1966-May 5, 1973.

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University of Florida
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All applicable rights reserved by the source institution and holding location.
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oclc - 18709335
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P PANAMA., U. or P.
paA 740-s' i. LI"I")
:*xpypjk. AVI oxTVS ARI.ND It.o
..w... *ago N* 4l
1 AP AN.CA .O. 19 .00
'- 8.1E10 4.00
', __,|_ ,a.


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wa nlh Ipro4fht; .S.S....
mpetlng with her frUetten
wa a Ipain; fight!"

- '

Asiatic Monarch

An- t 'sr ,#l .
|n r1 to Pevlous Puzle
iyI HlBTBHBI i~iTnunfl

OACRS 8 Native metals

IaS ...' an
K ',. 1to3HtriMt
l. '-.iCubleii "ter
ma iS *-*aS

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7' ,
a', & n.

Many of these labor ip
diplomats and advifae,
during the Roosevelt-Tru
Migrations. Others were t.
ed by John Foster Dulles. r
all of t6-Deaoosats apat
were held over. Today ty are
'dog vital work acral the West-
era world.

for ae now I o I kow of
noe who a -e e-

ma itd M

the ,CO 7abl 9e
which has.- fe
WhDite H-usm.
been' ot

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course, ^It
Another WI
veteran byp
Taylor, who
job as
for the auto w
ter Reuther t


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-. .. -. -.-- ------- too, man t
the StaLe
:" eourale. t

hThe Odds e at lod
th.4 L itCom

So road to their

aid. it


* omli~au. IAney
r policy, which
accepts and en.
Is Ed Vallon, now
Ola, The
expert, er-
fe allon do-
a wlding to
r movement
ristrying, te
t the utd
-7e' nM used
ouwtpoBt on the

ar IWhile m iorganizaos.
E' M l have been critical of
L*S? ;United Frun IV VState Dep
F as worke it and neow

lThl iss a 4a=( $a."
n bnana workerL af company's
twelr coas west coast

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a-P C.* *l g ~

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I.. ;

By viCrom .
A central source in'
has been Wprt n ovefmta|BI
certain c61uaristiS
counts of the State D
John Iatp .Davies,
China nhad."
The Ib pact of bthes
left the impression t t
special stockroom. is
Dept. building jampa
1nel equipment, Sno
ere whirt are used to'
But from itis Staff
lobe T'he moral of
fed Stories hasP
was fired for bei a"i e
I have nowhere a'
ftaton of iver
State Dept., but I.a. oS' o
or 60 men in the dipiat i
lee operating on thr t
labor front who d t r y
rom accepted policy go
to the public wfth it. %f on,
many of them woren tk-
en by the State Den t
out o labor r gei h
are bitterly ant-Re Oan, whose
ti-Esenhower and l and
wntch spent smlli defeat the
GOP in the recent e lItn

* -
- -'***

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salir a I I;

then ri fatuat wth

As a kid I paver cried for
tori. but I begged ud plea
for bpa, Little did Iknow t
tbereo wld come a dy whe
wold rd the young Ru
vith it. loathing. Belauer
aly M:y glut al Mr.
e l pid amalgam. .
Wlr he found- the needs
awa I never know. but
OOWI'W.twdidn't rui imort
thftw fo Know What.
rnut a WkUkey and we e
s S s Sd the Rusm
all the cig
id t onand young, pr

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v i.

Spa mSong

--- .-, '- "

Y women. There wni't any apari 'a
o ments or new .anr.or. very much='f=ul # pi e'q
gas. But man, there was plenty of Upitab e ( l
d Spam. hi, Pe onr anotb
I we to id.f i the b aid t of i0
their was nofhand ch and did n re
;you a peioe of ritlmeat at a

t teaiop. delectable
into the. world
I When I T .t- lind.ed In Casl. Snam tn tna

JDturE BWE rneW
.4trabs nw ROw
lt it wa. h l

, das tbt m.
AI ofs~p Mr. a
t fr *Hmf *ews



dmarkt.' atrn
bldw&s, .u


o I reabert Spam *bt fIr onu
tiid yan. Jap, who' -got hgry -nnob4 '
was pig, to come Ott of a ua to
steal -gma thi gs. ded la at

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. t adme, to.
so Iiat the =d

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t ~% .
___________________________________ P:

-. k <' ...
"j ...

- I -v.: ,

'I 4 I
i 4






No. 6 TivolI Avenue

MAIN STORE No. 21 Central Avenue


4aflI S?%W' PC

' -- '.. .

. I "

Continental Casualty Company

Chicago, IllIneig

is pleased to announce the appointment of

4.. 4

Sanama Insurnue CompanIy, inc.

Via Espana At Ricardo Arias,'

Campo Alegre
(Banch Offic at No. 12 Tivoli Ayenube

General Agents

for the

Canal Zone




Now, in addition to er protection service offered you, Pansma Insmrsce
Company, Inc. ioffe u. complete. a ajwomobe
and cameras foater, o their caWalty coverages wrkttea L ai f America'


JP.. -


ops -Igo
.-~s~,sr, ,,,,,

-. .. .. ..

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-.:. Irc.
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Start s ti-
'. .. ..-
pu, .+ ,. ,. 'i +++., ..% -, %,+-~a

f~ : r~ i 'I
~ '

a" a', ... ., ", -. ?.,..

S ou V., lso makes t,1
pe* t d daughter. '-on.,.

In spa. .l, .-g,. .. a ,compl- .
.; Cuaran
8, ,, '- l dfl or beautify l
.-. ,

-fubhlon-n.. U$r everyb6dya ask. '

. .you've .ahi _-*Ut ... also makes .1W
Perfect gft ete i t.wad daughter. Idon.
. tarnishable golden altihinum case, rimmed
S In upauklin',.pt-ifie r-. a complete
,- r wardrole, a upiching suede banhs.
,,\ A u.a. .oo. :
1 m

S.' ~ ,.
\ -, j- eo
\ _<; _;'. '


ch i; *eesehbif isw-
Wednesday to-; members %of ages, pqlumnbie
"o of tubrulals b sm lar prwa for e. e v
SFiUr R d Cel, a P ,el months..
On,t tt l the blUit Wed aelity Doflst Ca0
Pd thepdltbi 03reuossed sramiration to
b U e C3m- work Ott-volunteers amd
'great itg tI the faet
e thesq h ba n bt wg ht these edWl' were bhelnt,
0se 0 aof P eSa a valuable fatilea and
ugh i a gift m vidualk therto were
Speop nite 4 tet able toBb them for t
0' ,e-Instbn aselves ge waasoccompanli
Mi slrn L'abor,f Heal her vislt to te imnaslobs
anA [It.Wel.. e- "- IIda 'de G lbemtt
Powdered i n "one-bottle"
,pakages has been in ditribu.- E %acI receplt of the el
ton under the same program and It alotmets also
since July, supervised and man- given at tten leaflet
ased b the W4nenL Auxiliary deaod t da of preps
o OPAT (Organlzacn Paname,. the foods -t eeral sugg
As Anti-Tubercul ). reel -1 a maximum
Pa amanl4h o n, assisted n tri be realized
North AnTecun resident e of their 1 t ma u
e Replte d.the Cnal Zone Dr. Biaspt Jr., r
and -y saole naembert .Qf the presented I cArdo Aril
renc colony, have bea work- Minialr bor, Health
ing as volunftra to reduce lhe Publf Wel we, rfhile other
powdered mNilU from bulk to tending Iluded Mrs. 81
mall pakYseta homu use. Pow. Chaplnwife of the Uhited 8
dered milk and chet*tayve been Ambassador; Mr. Robert I
minger, Charge d'Affaires,
FOOTBAll TROt E Embassy, and Mrs. Memmit
Mrs. Mary G. Lowrie. chief o
MILWAUKEE (UP) Mar. CARE Mission to Panama;
quette Univrsity football teams Maude de Canavaggio, preai
have come to dread 'the results of the OPAT Women's Auxlli
when a lineman scores .a tooch. Dr. Amadeo Mastellarl, Dr.
down, Two years a0 a. Marquette par Arosemena both of O
taclft Fht Scaffidf, picked up a Madame Lionel Vasse, wife
MicilgaA tate fumble and ran for the Frenc Ahmbassador;
a sore. Marquette lost, 2-1. In John eybold, wife Of the (
the 1954 opener, a Marquette uard ernor of the Canal Zone;
Stan Andrie, recovered a Wisconsin Miss Lucilla Sogandares, of
fumble in mid-air and ran for a Panama Department of Ni
toehdown. Marquettg lost, 52-14. ton.
' _. lndf, ,;obda~cnsn~s ~cll 0adrs

Ai* .

and -
the A YOUNG PANAMANIAN, wide-eyed by her good fortune, ti tP
utri- recipient of a weekly package of gift cheese, allocated to ht
family by OPAT to Ta patients of the Dispensario NaloMala


I9-, I,- 1..

BO& O-

,"'WMMc l
a i.c

Rattan Oinang Room'Suite


0g ~~ All Nylon or Triple twist Cotton

Rug Pods Available in Felt or Foam Rubber.

4'. -

4 .. .
Any Size Any Color Any Design Lamp Shades .
to Suit all Types Lap Bound in Everglo to tey -

way. Priced from 2.25 each. "'

0 /'

The only Stain and Water Repellent fabric oh the
market Ask to see the demonnration. Modern-

iste, Floral, and Exotic Designs Availbe for

Slipcovers, Draperies.


$. .

I s


.1; '

4 41,, -.
... .... : :-;., .. --j : .

-: ",'..' i '- "
,. ,:- J -

t ~it,



'* 'r': h

J q

Felix's Traditional Christmas Raffle

1st Prize $1000.00 Gift Certificate

Your'.F9NITURE HEADQUARTERS will remain -

Open al day Saturday for Your Shlpping Covenience. -'


1. .. V m ...


B,-~ i
4 x

F*^ o....
I 4~

. .:. ,

7" ~ I

~cT '~1

. I



' 1

i,_- _



- u

A~ I



S*.- : ^ .. .. .- -.-7
.* .. ", .-

- .r.) S'n^^^^^^,S .--

Along the holly-shaded by-ways
rTin Pan Alley, where the miE-
letoe-mambo grows, the annual
ash of new Christmas songs ha-
egun. This Christmas-srng busl-
es is to song publishers what
the daily double is to horse-play-
on-a big gamble for big dough.
Most of theM lost their little pink

.. .. "l" t't *..'.. .. ... .. .. ... -. .. .
_Wm wzlI" ""h t f -. *i

o -

1 There are too many new songs
to list. There always are. But thp
pie that will get hte biggest prc-
miotlpu-mand thereby has the best p.J Com, Cab.US? s.
ehace for fame--is called 'Home, -
or the Holiday."' Poey C'no will $15s00 to erect, Is one of the most'
ecord It for RCA. And sing it on elaborate sets yet planned for TV.
his TV show. And probably whistle He's building a throne room, ban-
$t in his shower. quet ball, bedrooms, courtyard,
S. > ein ven in entrance gate that must
Card Bruce appearing in "Pal cpUa e on cue before the blows
oey" ai England, takes time to ofa a uttering ram (the beams are
write long letters to friends about balsa wood and sawed almost
eor impresieons. This excerpt Is ;through).
'"n reading al the newspapers For celor, he's using mostly quiet
he regularly, it has suddenly grays and browns because.the col-
dTied on We that there is no or cameras heighten any shade.
such thing as a gossip column ... Eben bright colors, Riggs says,
whieh I thlik Is father wonderfully are "grayed" down so they won't
rfrelng. ... There is no empha. be too loud at home. There'll be a
i on clandestine affairs, malule, few spots of bright cclor-a ban-
ous gossip or the kind of probing ner here, a flickering flame there.
hto r e's personal life that we
find in our American si-called gos. It should be quite a castle. Even
asp columns." in black and white.
Oti Riggs, poor fellow, Is trem-; Shakespeare off-Br0adwax, too.
bling. And that tremble may be theI A new company, the hakepeare.
forerunner cf great trembles yet I wrights, has takes over the York.
to come throughout the television vile Jan Hua Audffrluam d has
industry. an In te re r stl ng produedti of
i M"TweUth Night." U's Shakespeare
Riggs is one of TV's top-flight with the auence up cls like Inl
set designers and art alrectors. His the Elizabethan days. The stage Is
present project is a monumental T-shape. with the audience slt-
one-moving Macbeth's castle fro insg all three sides of the stem.
Scotland to Merrie Olde Brooklyn. The effect I to bring the actors
There on Nov. 28, Maurice Evans closer.
will do a two-hour version of "Mac- .' "
beth" on NBC-TV's Hallmark Thea- iyaded. By a
ter. In color, yet. strinL of Ame recrding art-
----ist. s t people down under
TV TOPPERS for'd er from Pover
Ar o ndil Doulds
JACK PAAR ("The Morning are
Show." CBS-TV): Q: How do you D r
live an exciting, thrilling life? JI
A: Do everything no hands. nhe
expected cr -
And it's this color business that Cole, incidentally just signed a
has si full new seven-year contract with Cap
Itol that is scheduled to net him
tied. He has designed a castle full i t I scheduled to net him
of color--nice, ubdued, castley col ,Msh 00. How many juke-box
or-and It i llle ane .ol the grand- ni'ckelss that? ,
est castles Bred has ever seen.
But how will bkat home? r--
A there's the rnl (Am I a the ol es r
wong play?) As foi t aRt oun,
ftembg, the me vtewer baa VI3Vuu
i great eentrol ever the emlrs that i i V sM
wrist the home viewer can eac a. ..*
the aides of the colors from whits tocS rW Au
to roy red. R iom
"I tremble, at what the colors I arr a s em
will look like at home," Riggs sayr e ble
"Once I saw a color demonstra.-
tion, the same show on 10 sets.
There was a different shade on ,Et t
each set, and these were engineers t a theusats.Is v 5a .
tuning them in. We're liable to
have a magenta Macbeth in Scars-, y t
.. .. ... ........,In Y _-Ar a

alea ana a green macbem in New a
"The human face is the only
point cf reference. I the viewers
get the face ;col correctly, the
other color4l fa l. into f"
As mpre.t'5.E. color st '-arte
bought,&Af PCdeme mere. and I
more oi atm. ,
*s STQIt wOFhw wll coAT te stA


.. ,"CW, .o


Great White Fleef.,

New reai Serice, i
S. ". obal
*j. AQUE" ...... ........................ .Nov. 2
SS. AR. NA" .....; ........... ....... .. ....... 4v. 24
S.S. *E ATAURA" .................. .... ........Nov. ,
*.S. "MORAZAN" ....... .............. .. .....No. 27
*A Steamer ......................... ..... Dec. 4
sH ndlgl Refrigerated Chilled and General Cargo

Weekly sailings of twelve passenger ships to New
Vork, New Orleas, Los Angeles, San Francisco
a d $eattle. .

Special round trip fares from Cristobal to New
York, Los Angeles, San Francisco and Seattle.
To Now York ............... .....S.240.00
To,Los Anftee and San Francisco ....$270.00
To Seattle .............. ........ $36.00



p.. .' -, '"

4,; ~ .73 -.. -

.. -4 .i.e .u

N .. -.

* W 51W4'~

hBd Boys






*" rB


-. :1- -*.

)' flgl mui

- o ~..a..w MoS-
laeEiE-oasm t, nl

a th

AN IjS ri

* WflLL1

iijT A

8. 721 -


5! j. L. W1441

Actlg ft PeRaants




--- --- -- -'

Same n un

W *" .u ama 'l

4- < .

. a- l


nvw sp





- ,/

'~i-J- --

MR -

/ *


. "r -

iffMw MA)t AAy y AwiTn*
r.Kco 1R ACNa...
*^^^ i-^ .''SBS.t' '^S1

.nw, 9Lr 9




at tue ,im
tat the *
i Smcrod
0l. The"-,'
Wwloal; Da



ib!fa 41 midtS mA
twa in-the field <
!, mechanics, hyi
Snavigafitb n.d


. 9'^,^." '" ,-- -'* o'.
B i i ''." ;, -, :'-+,' ? -i
,.-". ..._* ~f : '-,"r .-+.

.:i: :%:

a. 7 -... 9. : ., .
.w f '** ....'. -- .. '..,, .?... .. ... ... : .B i .% .... .. ... .
",*' --:'*; *' ', ,.+ .-. .._ .-.'. -- .: -. .. ..' .- +."* :+..: ; .' <
S .. .' ..'?, .
1 fl?' ;A :'A-., ."
'+3L .. : .' :'. "
k ." -" -+
Ilt. Prr.:a .~lr~~i sl~ ,it .- .-.,,.._ ..,:. -. .-

*," '+ *+ ; -. -- '' "I. .
A.1. S.
.T;. 9 9 i J'NA~j'-"
.. .-,:,.,, ...- .:-: ..
..... '*1..: *^ ^ .*^^ .


- .2

I i
.+:-.. .d

annotes ti..' l

7 -
.~ :;oe hber and Der at t liPRANCH S T E,
-* -, .' :" :
+t v .*d .124 Central Aveaue. xt to tie Chase National Bank. See our outstanding ,

Yk,, 12 y 4 .. o s tC dI BI e St ore a* a loaPt our M: -- ". --"-*^

.- .. W"..... i. .' 'A ^ :,. 1

..... S. / o

CAN l C INNER! ...-
I o es ry S,0Ut im e or kpid credit purchase WINNERS may choose
dlirilg Nov*iHber an4 December you will ,re-
cevte numbered ticket. Prla winning tickets ": "d '
will be those n accordance with the National erce THEY wis
Lottery Drawing on Sunday, Dec. 6, 195is .
.. .... .. ... .... L :.'

* .^ ."-*.


, .

MuRanw 10m3Hc e to cM^t @' a network of j t N of the models and
N tOUr 8uI siC t 'mlra g aubv at" aM ,io ni trd .se- wer vean by the
oo"4pthe me a k 'I d
g up th PlonFqe. "oate ueler and Robert Ik
ommunibt C hi n ," "When will Amerira awake?" of tbt IBM Canal ZoBe office, and
r dplopatic recogp- Semter demanded. "When Will we'. .ogego E. Aflro and Gilberto
Wilso,. Jeer did realize our danger?" SantOs, of the IBM office in Pa-
b e "th d Vf na ,$. .. II
SM T~uiei,-, Th" "exhibit is. located In the
NOPPOL, Va. P-UP- Maurv iudtdl'rium of th Liberal Arts
Ih h-School hiere ordered a'SOO i BuRdtig of the hUniverttv, and
e afr .e dproof ll buldt around its will remdin opec until Nov. 30.
S- 'I Idsm cotwt ifs eem- Vldting bours artfrom 9 a.m. to
e- f-.'+ ..b t.. th noie. 9 P.a?.


I '
,# i

'S *-- -- .



**, s V' f-r 5 9 9 t

- .1

Made for men whovalue their time


Rolex Oyster Perpetual-
A _t ., .,rpetua

i '

C '

I .

t9. ,


.. w w W .." .

." ... ., .
It he flO'H P- SfratoStt ik V

W E 'O 0 4 :

.f: <. ...

I -
' 9:

U -

*:4 *'~T-t 5.'*xea
9,.Y4 rI s



na.eLlatitudoe and an

a chr os"oeter .n e into being
S. through two great advances, both made
Awe r by Rtae. THis first was the development
of the ;les OystarVae by which, after
i t Ywf research, it wa found
tpotieo feued parmaanry the
oua- irut ofa wat-froam the.
itruaio of dust, perpiration or water.
.. ae ncqn was the evolutIon, of the

P th. Oy.t.rcaee,. kep the wf.. ato.n

M elo r tadu ab rOical .
a- nmu me *n--

"he SwiN+ Gor-
^l IUOfa amadag af tt

*eekvy.k .-

'"^-:" *' :" ":u -... 1 -

ah. I "i": Ot :i -

'I. ttlIY (; **"*r "", M

:'-I cie-ryt r

"wh.isrr ear


i .r*
: "
9, ]



-. .. : --..

. ^M "* jki.-J h^ *" __*<> rfr-. .- ..r .-'
.&A.f>k~/ +,"'

-ra ,P

pamyd fod tity ov ~
3,000op00 taot il

'. n,: v. "- .
S i p.
- -_ s ., -.

Tae other look at that huge Th Pntiac c aassi i a
e t of SafetyF Plat gle catalog of all that's new. Azk. .
wwl --- ariwidhi&enid nev heavier "X" fame fi- .
,,...^.f Edf-MadteilnqtW both the Chiefain and Star
Sw *sat d ." the lnamt Chief. New wider-spaced
ot the. car-length p parallell rea springs. New
m a ste rpliee' q bigger brakes. New cir
b.tWoF r B, t balU steering. New to
.:|si44".1tr-mat- sig, New ing
(b Altusurloes newfabeFtt H Berefs every Seftature

Q "li t I o w
". 0s"ol-keye&d. to. t & i"to ", gie
o. s b ; :f" + ,e "';..-e.,,e r ea


& Sunda
.-.L Il.k. ,
+ +-;+ ',-+' id A .,(1" +

.9 .,,9 -
i ... -
; : + : '* *, '

- ""
' .



I .u

.9 A..


S, -.',
' .9 -' m- -" p *'-
S- ... .. .
; *^ny''^^

9.' :
MA^ 1N;

FIRST f $W0.00)

2nd PR. p 0.oo
3rd PRIZE$: 100.00
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Ad.:. LE
IS MIA 'ECIADO 7 Stret No.
'- flOlieO 4th ot July Ave. J StL
4", m ".. DOMY
I, Juito.Arlimena ve. and 33 St.
1[ La Carreuquillla


Catral Av. 14
No.. S ~otuery Piza
Fourth of July Ave.

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MlUL sBBVIN r:. K WIw3 T

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Sl KIDDIESi Have your photogrlh tl k FOSTERlik e patL
: .HousewHld Anlmo __i_ __f__g ^ Odl"Po-;C",,.-
en with Santa Claus Thursday, 6-8 SSat Phtone thei
FOR SALE:-2 loom rubber mattress- FORSA 1950 Codllal 4-door, p.m., aid Saturday, 3-. p.m., at Bel ti .
'11 'And bo spIlngs, L-shaped me- perfaccondttitn. Foe m6re details BALI A TOYlIAD .WILI ta Cot-
hoony desk, Instantaneous water cdl' 3-2165. Panomia -AL.tao rg .os. t. two- L. fU
hater, deluxe Folrl ir, rbdo-"onab
h ter, deuph e Fwlr odair,4 brass FOR SALE: 1952 Hillmon scanF, FAL 1m 1e B l .lu il!

S' t oa s.p re 9 8 FOR SALE.-Reerd plFO E, 4 3-s pd ra ss 1,Pana. t t ..-u1t
' Jcuc f e-cyl, ec hes n FOR SALE:-'52 F Forder n- 25-cycle, S25. Pbono ivy 2293. GrMlitWh's Sta oClord ech CotA. -
urch--e Jan. '5 3. 0,00 mils ,
-di ch ar. Cala arr line. Call Navy242-. -n m-
II eubi~e S^SOaPr e Ca"i Na" 2J3 )UNGU JIM JAUNT i2 Modern Oanvwnlieces, mod- --^z'ws^fe^-*^th trft, A lC fl O'aV&
S di on. 00.' Pan m 3-2. F SLE: -15A Pckard block 4- fu ) UG fUll erte ratets.Phone C man t,-441 A e t W: s
L :-4-plae' wic r s door sedan, Ultromatic drive, $950. days) CLUt CAMPITRI (dey or Pedro Miguel, :4 67"/. g, .. ^n1,1. .
t- d 7ti 2-4327. Dblo. o s 651-A. Spend 7the wee-end i t mount-oains uTO O N iFo Sh p
Coldspot refrigerat 653-A. monan E lS -1
SAOR SALE-- 19 Mercurv 4-door. of El Voile at lively Club CompestrR N p d.1 y I. ,
Mrcur. ln Sight-se 224Z.2 ) u ronAMpprtation I tn. r. b Aor i ort wef -
i&- ..80, o10-Cn Tovernilla StWT.. Balboa, _.-. o ry C lub tht). i rm Ae-f-ii2m- rs 4- "---
r m e SALE:-1950 Chryi r c rti- Fo tt ar l e en 10 nd 12 noo, b Anoutstand emple o refrigeration a t -
NTED: 60-cycle rfrieraorn, excellent ondtion. iiotD onr return by lRio Mar l undy after- tam jly ftt.l .u ihd, U canv rm .-i- "-o. satr Fred than, egul DOric blM b ll Is O S RF
SMerden hCs a. Call ton h dup' bdts. __,__ cndnoon for swim. eonc lpi eXclusive residential s'c lat542e9 otr B l, andwltulr lthlep. di
sedan duty Hotel Tvoxcllntoom 368. o 9rdy November26h. 5 p.m. 24 00 Aa n*, '-1660 ? Voight institu d I$5 for teci paat four yo. dIscrpecimnatnoh gn a.
o...PoR AL C s Tour leaves El Panama Hin ti Fr- tior Suitable for di omat or busiS- LIADM*S thDUNeNlt. fh( ti...
Pai Ji mP .FCrurupdu 4t .PVten. 1. 0s t1coi as roust"sdig ape to p
LROO dance s. s forming nb w Askinee a PO ELL'S Colon C296 ll each rson Club Mr. Journey Pe Beuette p 13w led a6 rise n t oit.. S
I n-4239or 28-13660 a fer 5 p.m Bargin. 8th Street No. 27. Bella 5ld-foshioned Th No. 50 ex r see Mr. Fobre- r- llyHA 'dA .r potof the co p- T volue.has e hrimp Beca e theden or

tHarnett & Vlt. lub, 1'a be held f ebruary an a' seondmot portent premi ahr ha
S FOR SALE :1950 eChry Posionnvet f l0 Ed 1 noo-e, u rhe imfe'le HFhm, a ndStn m l. te* o grornFfeagaes anthn. r'raa rt-t nt 1
OtOPSTEDm Igts eeing, her ne hhleta. flrecononte foIre ,l tngli -f, Rer0ep
S y r or, b, yo black top, excellent JmI, P mettlss Sdc0 r Wia b. r w r s. a n ral ,ma U Fr th an c m er rmi at et rptp a n Et-
hodL sh e ten hl' bts.C ,convdltebn. Prced for t aale*pa 1 ua h eeps.p r o ickpUl n and rWit n or 1 hth 0 o-t p shrimp a d ay.ple'n h h
Oli, c n e i se1-11 at0. .41 11 t1 0
Htionk. o loteWly T built, Rooml- 3er68d ition.. I I W.nI? iU ,dlUninud. 6h A( WoMrr. abight i l taimnilt rel enue s taly f tly t IStou er.m tnpeotlo Sie t
edN -ri House 0922 Amodor Road, Bhlbadt FOR AE:-rfl rnlue m O -' orei, xAl- UoiI. iSpus nentatil qf Pack I-tLpr yearstn atim .elt l 'at lnpe ati u
Phone 298i94. t ei nonr, 90-hp. pomer d ksll i-Off peUoly v w .m n eseualt ttIra*' PIe ntenreslng tnd snil de fl d jq 1 thl
2988.noonWor;wiMCst*Cmmh.hon t-h o Si a 9-.. ru t -19 aea r cot th e e n a rdL i td ti"
'-L ESu So -9. 26SBevlnnCFOR vSALE:-19 Ch olrn* FOR SALE:e- B r r pup. fm., FOR $E2T-.nts Vsex ,2bedoOi ert c1 nedi ipiatn Dfo -em uF.c ? r i s
WA NT ; ALE h son r 106Ja din Aveew. G lsbo rv. r, ta is ruadt i d n al ratSinun tr-A boat cereD N. and ,a w rse t~res i-
LLROI dance class fteming nbw Asking 0 !. b 2,29&6. Call Mr, Journey, Pa i n,rp Eei v po lr t 0 th i;
I' for rls ohd ys from 11 t Ii FO --De to urelr FOR SALE:.-- Floox moald -lped ilb'rl'sa -at E.. .e e., t n the ever h potlltaett iisa0f an a P i LtB
years old. Register now by calling Mercury sedan in perfect candition, reeopd-ptoyer In mahogalo 0 net. .q t jji jJ7f, i,,,ljig,4I B org- Tritl the Eagle." A puSeSwll ie f to $400O,0O. Angerile i04t_ Sn '.F lseo. .
2-4239 or 28 1 3660 tfter 5 p.m Bargain. 48th Street No. 27, C ella $50. SoStreet No. 50.IXrolo, p-m.f d T mhnary report of the scoetoa)$- TbTDvoluacbahisr BIease thr demn d -for t
HMrnett & Dunn. Vlirta. frub. _h 1_, .""I FORCitn.29.' ad. tO be held Itsl Febtu& W P m 'sI seoond'mnot hlapgorta nt p g br imsrtwt's428.Thusdgood Heights. Phoei 32Ot. Miguel A. 14to p trlct~b.tpien and m by o bananadi,..iw a -a h
ALE -. '. ontd Pos9ition K- t C en. te Prraes, S N oa:IlrsrIe. tem. B. Mtllory, ds lhelding o ul. pa bIn tmar jad'iyrimp.. i :et
'OR Po^Sitfionte ---dK, --y. ,b, l. Hoi, ,W/./W ym. a,. ^. fte' ,t-ederfo-t In a.-art oJ rimiQ o, ^ a.s ,
-EEng- rOctto Tye 332 huj F oET In f l* whe 1anmet tf2l ro Rep
WAN D '-housel- be w laktpecln. ae no hot. T M trinotlSo gr'oui WS, .. %n ln o rt ipt tdc nl
fo rhr A fl ed UfJi_ o u ve*. 27, s mt .g.s 'fni O e UVV 'earn, han..i. o& ight), Wnilfc monuly, t 't ict .s d ti na t e DO M L bI i oi W

dnb I C.lsto'oFOR-SALE:- AIR nTIrcl n. o mo i s FOtr E -: 1 s2 eie ep-ownlohe ld I cTi,.. Air Ofldbt u thel bar- maa l wldaden In ^d e
prce T oC. l, 912 p erf et es n FRoCon RSo er u p emle, FORae RET -n Vsta o-b-a wlonpresand r aundI c 'i tan Cafeau e.t "bio s. is nw nr ha. ben
rlnl ginds, illlht'ond eft hand W lrl b l 2-r29.I. '7: tied 2 CallOr"Joony,.242 by o ert mo for Mikel BPd .3tho f ,-The atP-u.o-

C.- giu. Phone_ 64&37 rom hae;inn LroaRoor. :ro orCL IA T M Sdpitroiondinin, room.P' at* %ll.Ftn Niobt). .u"-.- 9t i rn. -Sl ajify i 'the c0uq t _V Inn.lto
tl1d by Jr a Iin, maid's qu14tFrs a garage P:s cotntr, _5;e1 FOR-wSALE:.yaloor modeblus i f rs. Iiil
,uo I bPo Apl p E, widll f; ti"arCe,' Oit his
2, rlll i oL a.yl. lrn.. 'tyears old.'Reg'i4 iH +floe to $000,0"..
FOR S Awibylellltboth er1951 sePan etIn9perfectco n- sao n.m '. z redl Na thaniTi o d'hrsa ii'Un tPeed ue aEg.
6-423 or 8-13 5 Bagain 4tSreadNo27 BellaveS0., S treettNo.tlma 271'e 3 a bobc at ee epI, Iand Iiitsu h and eswrl af c- Pref h l a'nA 1 f tblade A
HariatCa Cm- mum of ix PhonV D ;2ste-P. our-door 't .b heda anroli if Prp r ot /FOR. SALE-,- oer pluon t femeldo, FO RIENT:- i-non Va 2 for en M ifnt Raemak,
tires,"C INC 27 miles; d.teu.ltMtaeonai wr, Bc wuz helpede-i out o1n4 tl otm
.. .A.K..-ied. Phone 6W377, rom ch0le : DnLng room e-r un par- maR. R n,

.. : l ;.ttirp~*dlonlIrg lro .. ..... t!_ru.,, ,TRAE...2 tel -' ansltr m-n t. o 4 It wh, h
".-oeond 1aU fry. .-.w., E *54 ao r i
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ild tomorrow
Lcens See-
Civil AfWair
ehlde#tt. of
.ic Councils
,1I a r s

tl .....------------ -
Colra Vt8 1r OB EN7-UhfMrnl rtns-,N NirTt
Gulick... 2 I ta., titwi h1" I, Bdm 2"
FOR SALE --Tlvar radio tronMitter,* S ifl ,l
lt. Litre boa irV micmrp oni andN. Obirrlo Stret, I Di Cattle. DiL
crystals. Cell evenlngt-li-. Avenule .No.. 24 wr-16
FOR SAlE,--4oils Ralelighbicycled MM k .- a -.
month'l use. 8058, 1Oth Stree, .
loti, Aparetment 7.-

r t 1Is liv- eSilver Fir Beetle lea se p

me attend- s. S-.P)-A .H- mmnlf f 'lurmot" Bu

Drkg. long K ldlN0onl.
eni 191 mokri crs o ors
I B :b 1 and. rt iB, Ipctllvik' 8' I WX-w iHFOAEi Pran!n;
Sha~n, i, J ..a l ,< a

todyresterf JutlyA E

!. IS t!Riv alm tn s reist 1W i aowni d flto vacation quatm,'
A f f t h It-l oMbt Se r ar mnt at Elc CoI%-
W i N l l the l i t t all e l C hurch
ll-:Wt/ It's.*Oita l '. 1"

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O^R(UP"i be fmd .fo ta the iec. '.
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months. a. .A O. elW'W .- ..
explor e seAilo. Soe p TVA .06e Bottom
explorer sTL k.
TackeQu 8uadQi Caln of ab
Taciatt. Skippe 6 i 1 na -c -_ w' -F
roted to a. vbW, *- m Zti sfrd Micas
Bata^^y Inf fOR' fu C.

tion. Mate Henry .an. i- lrn
10, Gambos, announced, 'Wr A. L ertA. e see An ority las
ir-.?^^ s^" A. I, B ow. J. on, k oy lake
their ship was planning on A Kruginn, Herbert I. Fem Grftve'e
host at te December brdde and Albert J. Mellon, d capt.f TVA o- ic s W shave offered t
ball ofhonor. .-,e Hawklns Sack 15, Mlbpo contract frwMeoe to rec
stituhrsInatteae W.R Miler. imairo athe e.timatedOS tn. So
cubmlriern u..lie. o., oa 15; Albrookn EKka& valmable toitalma roytiy be4
inCrosbry, diPin elIr ro ons al sa tI SmpUng it l frr
.Etelle, &f-,J sA-i. AterD9. .Thc*- lPk1 i9,. alm Lake r etenvi
baugh, .Pac 9,; --.ak, We o
arr iet etata-rtador tta up to er t
B o g gs _a irr.o oH.2 .. ..M- o y i ce ,t S l eti e r K W0 & i i e OM i t;-
man Dlle, PatL' Sl board l( .i it ibta 4ri r electr l i
stitutionat-reregentbte. R, loway.di, a haeat breot, r-ar-
Cr~iy, tiG. T ablo; r saon*.r. xflin Wml n id ti er "u .
i Orandot tr-; A. 0. M. cout U4 lve.i The sca t Noleh
A. J 1 W, am- Patbk .SC. 4 W Sl don *m
boa; Mko "1Ut ki .Mn. Breath reliW how to meu par. minig np hthis area
Harriet J4 J. qA ns o tIa a l,4;t tin.To utiversand
ahaDefle; as. Canter. agrIt, Lt. Col. 0F. Mainfing closed by tributaries. Rockresiat
ra, wfC, lUlJoyee. Itiu;h, leading lit tlhe ' "A- rigged country a dumped
Lucille Rsteti CWO let merica." A w W l*teSpar a k ol U it1
Hurst, WBfli .dl ,..O. retfre.lopn .u....qd. "
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U.* f i m choir Dodge- ctif Ha sU
...r ,oviit Adi no s Mass 9' -. 5-" s' 5''
64 o.itM. .At St. JS 's 3 V-8s 2 New Sixes Reopeiit
.Fo, b Presd e nt .The choir at St. John Baptisti
Lie t pAt It. de 1la SA Church will be hoao -' he
.4t as th "tieol In antil d e-. C. B. m ih as, resident of the; s offered for the Dodge KIrs- Chrstph 9
tJ- .. .I.a -lf dP ro t d 5 .' Export. o I hryslerh Corp. woand t Dodge l anawuay- nN vS. te

Ma ael O up icl's An hS *i bdeorportatW ^ s W At the sa meih NOOL w UP> ar. aroughout th 7 worae 19 Dodgie M develops top performwoai, should p p
-lb.Is- Hollywod m ts luoe l. ii s' ue.r tended ii i.l R .F. wlweco to- Wop Aug aneto developed for ...... .

J-'='- '"" .... .... '" r4mO -. .a-g efficient nanIt ,w. -desi lk the ecient t A o t..- a"-g
lt pP o e An tl nw V-8 engine ane on non-p ium grades of thrnougtm e.eY

"In siko. mns you inrSe ri Paed abou t hma e uio se.' fl g An improve nd me power- lycinder eo n ine, caen W, aye
Sm dtw. I nwlA be -- nd .u 6-cyclder engine has ben A similar but uaihty amaller charge, will ?preach
km~a t beeau- venev- Da Thomawa tie a introduced in the Dodge Coronet Ied -pcrllde dge w develop- t 'Our
Ifeprtcti dt6Ioolemb e bt6.Thl teconolcal engine de- or the 1de i Dod ge Kingewayy 8tht. Chrtstpv
Y today a IMe guid bob hbs nose. It's l aot .t velops 1 horsepower as com; and Dode Kigaway-Custom Se vest Pestival Wl bhd
b3"ca.--".i o i lots ,| qt neh wio' th- _eC- ove s

tTelvhm ateds y u ,th, roe h at could verply a e tlsa t i t- Wek"'j enle I othe 19 modpl. e .
teght hw it h ?l be in sh kands lle "- nose h0e s t bamk h6 e Thomas alid announced new 1 --"GIFS
t sb.:b e.. "Chad qb Q.r. wand moare powerful V-8 and d -. :
tn s.i-. ., er t he. assf things' opu radic pla s cylinder fegines to power i"theA J n Iaoo
about C~our 0s64's emit.
lmod -';+-' ...... ... l sdesig n.nd

h i S. Beres for 1Sos.; I.t i "-o tr
rZslapJ rntp t io-ItoSt". M W.fIs alse PRICESe d more powerful v mf l
S wi "thl ant i s d wta r's w cvr Dval able with a choice of three
A' ...r..N Ny l&ert rr e ultr o md Jee trnsmissons oo all r195 Dodgehe p ....d
. ... .,"._.. hud l r..c a'c'b.eif^ T .InczNe the Power-Pl. -.

sil I be ; e rn er rtes iS of hoblpt oof-fS 4,
ro eEt tp e l every week, but Ti e om r -. s t p co Astr -ta ourr .an s b. ee tsp g relin shl ri, p
.fI-t nW U Sol ""a & Alawlr .un ,Vr. have waied f r' C rn. e I the moewes Jpery del uxeSseries '/ 'v vlds afno-rh

A t t Mitrhe can't undertn wat ll telefl It'b de for shobowm ''" wh- ee* fe t t no lnrs tor of
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window4wtS11 .mt kalsto a, were Snbn-'lm antdthe odl -
P joI sy- u two Sets fo r.k "19S."

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... o.. av n.a.e drW engineOf' siEmilaoroWr desigtn. *
usrbL'' r. aS rnoru en to 30* ..
t lr' pi LU Week posters or' itfam ers.r
m m the offica-l Book Week andcrAnd Agentgns
esa mloirtment mnigned by iLynd Wa_ i, t ".1n!vJnd
-.Book W kr whbflhi_- n DIESE Mff Elopement

0OWfunh -44e as 1919t hanssmi"iLes's Read"1s B D- DIge
As em imm .......f arIAS __ ;( ;. : ~nIl ~'1 rd +i ROLL Y WOODi Nov 13 (TIP)--
T s opleoa t oyea l r.s 1_ sta r MltCi 6l7nor and n i.
i no dt h n l .Jadm wikh their authors announcdS. by the Tb cmpet.lstofbo B-ean said totipy they
Iath ....... .. .. Library follows: I .
hears ansi of hqPrtdor the first part of lVeun
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ik~~:YU h)i)&4~~ P.'6

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134, *nama*

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':*. Ls h r Paui 2a.0760'" l-, 7, was 9:00 'a 10 a... ms
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CANAL NE FIEIE BALL" ends. He was- ttioned at .A T roiom vention
N AT OIIONE L PANAMA ok Field during Wirld War. U Ie Phoenix,
AT. HOTEL EL PANAMA d k a M iv em, popI alT^ rs. Ah"e.ix, of the
d was also a c vian'emp" pored eIn
SZone Firemen'a Ball will be givin the Panama Air Depot Yg main
with a Iare goe U that in- 'He is being acDiomnid r por ley
Donovrd of Vs ,& Hfthts a .y Mrs .r v .U ,a
at of the Paa Bomberos. aed at Tivell Guest House4,t. t hieh held a l cent of sons of
f'-Irtre4 adlit 6dstee Tg their visit._maddKsptr.e 0 BronepThe
.-al l din Aeon to the Hotel will add o ate g candlem ot.r .i n nosdr e
soottI.illlgers Aanounce-Birth J stG wbWhFic 7'-the c
M;. and Mrs. Albert 0. Ter, M a t.The prhO
t a r (er of New Cristobal have.n Mr. Har change of w asked b -
,-Stewa rts Alh ee ... uneed the birth of a daughter. usts a. gwere. k Atty.P.
Birth of Daughter r. Wednesday at Coco SoloHoa- n W. o Pittab datein aCO : id.
Mr. and Mrs. ". Robb Stewart ital. "andm.MisS Spialo0_ 01 of It Inart, a-
t Vi o. a Page aqW ^ ^fi l
r. Drew Who of Dallaes, Texas, have announc. -; ...w u oma Paage Saa.a .ptormed Go ,earneda~l .
A friends ed the birth of a d~ghtermn Nov. cuadoe Ambassador .Mback Inn h
to the U. 17. Mrs. Stewart is the Lrmer Lumebeon Host Also te Me~ s ;r arn "very o sduc, i byi h
e me Miss Molly Francey if Panara C- Dr. Moncayo, the AmbassadoaloSr Maj-spt. C1t, d guests and ti t- ore rn In
Panama ty and Colon. For several gum.- Ec cuadorr was host at a lunch- C,.omer, mae.t son no d to follow t or M l t.B e a- ,
rienmers, before her marriage, she NeI Wednesday honoring the First ise M. ori.elr n the fue. O' 'la .
r. Drewwas a student.. lstant one the cretary of the Peruvian Embas. ry RuppeL, o ah E The incl t AFL '
Amb*asa. editorial staff of The Panama ab, Mr. Rafael Sanchez Aizeirbe. Rogers, Jesile ai i R udley, confronted byth AFLt
i .to Bol- American.. teFrqal grandparents and Frances Tuir, -mb ors n fingf of .-
.e are Mr. ana Mrs. Perry Francey rs, Gruber Is GueSt peaker Medames: mJa,.o"- hcers onven lo- In 2A
y.h Awere Xpr Colon. Crundud Club res La Rocca.-No FoldRtenlS oB
li a S00 d- ---- A. regular social, meeting of the LucAlle Taylor a."I the3 tF tfae3 -For
ee Former Resident Here ndu Woman's Clb .was held Stln n ar'acee achusettsa r o S '
SOn Way To Stiaago v o ,n,. a the Community Building in U lbertMarret. e Fol*ed OalSmfnin RanSof dresf
uai niu Costa Mr. Frank J,, voe, who Is C rndu, Wednesday m or a in g. Re la. Hcse vention tMfrd is., C N1, o ..F )-. EM .ad
aaon his way to Santlago, Chile, Mrs. L. Zent, president, welcome. Mlls, ea omb l, J 0o Phoenix b m, pp M.arlA hnOa and rh '
_hs tilBd nowhere he will be stationed as Sec- ed the mbe.or and guests,landJA~ Crook. Allue Jeno fflcla, am-t, erE.Iral nominc at oP into boo.. ..
Budapest and te Near and Secretary at the United introduced the guest speaker, Mrs 4itfen, JMO ^Gr. Ben- nation btti t f to contu"I bookse Rate a
time to time, and also States Emb on--DIana Chiarl de Gruber. (Mrs. I- dixen,- bora Ichas. eke, come Browl cAFL U t e Oar- n i
State epartmenl in the lsth wite Angelini. au le.a at* ana Hinely, Virg iia An- p enrsIne
_hingt-n. acquaintances with many olditend). She gave an interesting nabeje Lea Meld.a .$ n her.i
talk an the Pc.llq Rmtmln nek na maz iGra0sd. TOlPeler l cqive nual _7.... "ee

J B1Vriugh .. el Heart ra n a olub, ed ha been M t
Mrs. Edrisna Jon a. ne, Jones daonwl l.lupnb rn lbeiahe ae
a le Jewely e C B ons"., ...n w h06 .s gurdI 3* f*0

S' -B i hO p .^' it Rites In Arien R04 '^ 8 i bW^^ '

,by earthen cors, mde adto The New MYork ther. L.t
combined from native e rmi- US mi~ M- lunch club f .sdltors, ChOn, I wahen his father w I ro
eral pigments. Some nad a r chael rates. artists and bualnessmen, d ye ars as- re- i on th ro
Colombian design, a~ d te Mr.setved seted a statuette "The r dn Dmna c fa aralo.
fruits and trees A-p IiAtes lmond Lady," to the, trete
also displatd .. and Mr. and Mrs.. DidLer Pegler was "nted F
a mn of Panama CitUPA standing eod ree;@. t
reporter and col
6-WESTERLY, R.I.--( Men As ,a s tri i..
and women were.pad on the 25 wlnne o "
same jury for tip time i or also ha aitRw 81 p, t q
Washington Countygr upe~l6r .out. sente the "ollainiKt 4oA Rt' 5"
*. The resul-..e JrtQ clal AK -O,,.
reachbrammsilet, Ila ot ning .

hLL i&h ofMy0 u!
.ano 1` -.Ye4. and owli

,i,. orowd,
F thip. lons
I-, i P'ie.r -A- .. .
W A i M g"it vp 'A ki -.U0
hr T ki

'*--* i *n # .. ... ... .. ,

( itNL sON D POf

W ;Lfood that j"n him complete ocurainini t
wtsM feesn o ht Nemuar ium
-_Ow ,pumi i *' -."' ,"-."
i. IALI ..COM K I ,t Z ",

. ;.-RaKtioo.ia the famouss dog food p.,hd wtth
,\ititerd et .,. cbq .pt e t uh, S. GOovatmett ba~Se me It'so tbsemneo fod tat
=nd, do oda-fiat-now that Ken-L-laG '
tala chlb6rojhjfMin. MAtIb f -
-tb w-L-Rat no N on
Srll' B ,NO to .
'^^yttv~tf1yr o ag~n M

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it will p--

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P. O Xas 314 TeL 3-3lS
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i are delighted with the
| the ..of Heinz Baby Fobdp
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-., .... reea.loucy hat aPolnc ytoa decision
.. .Prae iecally, this phify han't r fbrehbildrenA is s-h work.
workedd tco well. Amy. her 1..
-'hI, in tr-ol d-daugotter, is a inveLpr- I we min e them sincerity
"r.J 4 a, r. ii arguer. ndo, o X s ,a little sel-con-
SA ._.--.. _,qe14 temptl fe L we ir.%-it
lub, n T- t ust the other day, for eum. rade a Urthepr iate thinks ita t
s l ap1m P. Mrs. Y. came to ah de son has led us t the decision. t we

.e.eall the thinking that hed leow r our bored d ,but wait
01LfaF th to it. And as usual, Amy behiv -her to ask fori t herself.
01, hmo sement- ba mher hd agaid- I It is, of trse:unfali of us to
..~Ic.. 0. anvese hadn b. me
.6 4. d ed her case against blue 'emis.'expect Amy's' add Jimmy's to al-
a -p, t ._ pen, the c her child said. "But mothery vbways agree with growaup think
re. m new .,Kaia t~ra a tray w don't understand. You .... ring on blue jeans for aho ol,
*- ,asb. Perhaps'lfIr. might sy ay-, omu chores, late parties, etc.
Variation atd tt loa' faf :'A year 1054 o uej n ..Seant ore They don't possess oar ee
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t-" .a6, tba. I V.t M. ea, a.f;' MInr. sP, rtw Af.t.. f raIng sW. It yp want, iear'all our conclusionn.
Irl., I S.. h'.-- .. c "eP r of miebanlebcal reIs h.ief _56 tlm, let me know." I
f Eia B.A l m .-.~ wheelblsage ao put decidos so d becty I Only too often. teea-age impa-
v a Pne Or 1 hr th a I without theft "why's" may be d IUence with "exp aia parents
Y4WerothS rO VaSbo irita n- Pontlac: fr f$115 Inaeor# llSSSS difnchlS "^ ^^ is ag with cur pres8-
7 ol Joe DI. little diffletit for Mrs. is anger with cur uMrspoen pres-i
iserd ke Ge:t zte drose. ttw ta'....' "- u tA -x oup models are If so, let's take it eas y. The sure for agreement with our
'ebp.ou th eor f te t l iac was Giest i i ove br l) Influence of a "Doit.beeuose-l- point of view.
4Tloi,' brarti, n sy o"han e. ,, Wtion W ,n" rearing is not veroome ,
of_ .Ap s-. ,Th n w ear hu- .10 tat ot telthe Plntlan b y in one day. ving oar tender If readers don' believe me, let
thr ibe an emergency or1 Ia I WRt t i year. to e years under autho.ty that Iakes them discuss the Question with
yea ~me awayt d r .h n h a muc as point of squashinn our pohaint of their children..They may be most
wi-,ue- to .know what .our le ne u att e T hloder b h lowet to that 'uthoty L" -
. .. ..l i g ?, ,a-t. _l:i l h e l p t l l ol l uIn at.d ,
v!aepnsuos p with a r --F 1raend,51' Wdverl' vision. and So we snre likey t) 1'SahL -
vwtiW a pw ttc capc; It M S^^ "dual'. 1 I= i>bvcer room have been JpbW that our policy of "explair~nK"
o,, 19 .-,(UP) -. .gr.ile bar has mpdern ap- yra o e eydcso we mk O c
"-- ,.*CommeunS F t Gor ortmpr csl c O et plae air sc a the car Interior. own children s really ur aipal i
y have se ata.0 d five Es Gera.sT9 hadlamps. d play a bold for .their approval and eadre-
3t. 'r. budgetnlg closely for mans to ie. .ipriioment and new treatmUnU wit futuristic The new bodies with panora- meant.
baby a arrival one item you can fpur to a total, ct,49 yeAtls pris. ir crescents o*bv them. mic windshield, and icred We don't fool them, of course.
pass by .'on charges thei Wpled for th. glass at side and back have 20
tor Af t .west, the nst erman radio saidt Pontlac colors for 1955 sho percent more "see thrg 6t gh' --
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ance & iIrv tit a au. eot s aid the ous sitting in EE. for lighter nd brighter .toneld* around rear windows.
m.ay t' y tn er.vo aboit tort. and Schwerin convicted the "Vogue" two-tmn which brl
baby's we a t to- East Germant as es for the ecolr of te t of the r In all, 12 body styles are of- ."
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he's tti w 2he AWh'' run hrmr w macht Gen- body, adds greatly to the stream-
he's n the doctor will wch eral einard Gehlen and the .
bi.evervy aaoftb, a a7w a y b Service.
a*e se his foEa ula l rt is ahtd '"r litrt rm. .,
and this is all yU need to k ow. w on trial as alleged agents m Sote baby .
If you're givea,.a ir, Use tiem ethe Gehlen- mganizatiln. One i mniery, shake
, pri .Aiem r tbhat 'endant in Schwerin was found fo 'cjil irlI I r on M,,.
tt. e l this g~Olty to have worked for Ameri- ,ld sros1 itch .ting of ea r a ,
al nal. Try to weigh-him at can In teLnece and the West h a rrom itch, tin o eat r
the same time ed day every German Ministry of All German .~alli children kth.. a-rd's t so m-
Wk Wfith the bam clothesti. 'Again.noonday v M
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willm h YjIt m ore tu t te Actress Maxwell, ... wl d to

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eart Curch at Ancon, C. Z.

Panalti Naveulbe 19,'19541.

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piay ofnew mns rcWandite
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-i, ..i
* Cotton Printd' Satin
* New Cord Ma rial
* Printed P.opitn
* Pleatd Material
90.. yard
* 4PaillI
In evory color
* Cotton Straw Material
* Taffeta
and don't forget our
Nylo Hose

id --topim -v-youW .. to fit every --
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every writing job. '
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tRBntOO-ofrs 83 dffhrent'point
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. a trulyberaon o be to be
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,Y, ESTERBROOK dealer will help:you
mak, ogft tions.

efAkg MPorn- n Pd Ponsel Se. This
ErMnUa oo ounatafrn mindmatching
Puah-Pecil st I a popular gift cholee.
Each mattohil peeik incavellable ia
beautifully deigned regular or thin lead
models .... write for months without
reloading. -

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.WT ONE DOLLAR a down payment and you'll
Come today and edbsorlbd to your CLUB and we'll
minute rush and solve your CHRISTMAS .aid N

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* V

ive Class B Horas Tr

Sexden, Vulcanizadb


Juan Fran Graded iEtries

TR Seceondary Featire s oe w.t. COMMNT ODDt
Secondary Pi ImP. TPar 50 001 -Pool closes 12:45 Be H ,
--- First Ibas of the Double
S Five Class B horses will vie for a purse of $750 o-A M. caJr I0 o to or recent e Baorts 25 A0
er even fuongs in the feature race at Juan at l b sc1ne ac-ng to to fmorm 3-2 B N N)-
er seveno tomorrow. ngs in de f cns '.l us115 Rates good ca e3-1 NEW Igo )-
~anco tomorrow. -~5-Legal Frolic A.A cM lo -Could score at price 5n.a-1 ElS. a 7.
u4-Cars de at 1 15 -Impressive win last. 2-1herhasrush
.4 e. sho fd e particular- su arplum returns from a ix- S--Royal Signal 0. ChaI II -Distance to liking 10- E I
.7 re L t from the fact that week lay-off after a disappoint- 7-The Bouche A. VA i iW NJ R -ropp e in lass 4-I 0-d..
e ',swill be ridden by the in performance in the ye ar--8un's Moon K. Fh .1 -Likes long distances 10-1 Oh t
vmot outst di g Jockeys at old- Classic. Lul s iraldo will .hi ir, "ap a"' ,,
eths rak, at present. Iuide Dn Antonio Ansulzols err
tnt mire. ad. R TIm rllree .VS." Pool cloe 1:1s ty ite Neves
I Mllionaire will have ensanal inn Felner which 2. ai "I" I. 7 F.Purse 875.00 Pool elss 1:15
Blas Arre in the saddle after finished third behind track Second Rce of the Double o t ...
S.av n dr ed from Class champion Main Road in Class .Rt um x-pfoot- o i
ahe w Ese a winner. A last Sunday will be ridden by --Prestlglo A. Bassan l0x-Nothin, to Indicate 1-1 Ithr, ny rs he eer elo." '
h onare also articipat- Guillermo Sanchez who has pi- 2-Delhia aue 1 --oo hne Simera.n selL Hoover is a real tie. i-aer
the recent Indeendenceloted her in ll her recent races. 3-Paqucs V. Orteirr 110 -Returns in good bae 4-1 S flacal htoryf Sant A
aat I which he failed to sinn Felner led for six furlongs 4-Vamtiresa J. Chuna 1M -De~awerous contender 4-1 it eemi thatPaul rreira, a The 70-year-old Ca w a In Our Town
.in the money. in last Sunday's saven-furlong 5-Chic'sa Ned R. L. i! 1*' -.Mbnulrt be close up -1 Pie graduat-e f !ding up at t Jamalc ha become so oTebra te
S rzatoats, also a recent Class race and should make things -rflenn Ptar L. oirP-do 115 -Wll filht it out4Pure graduate. w ne pro- tt pt many sp ortt fowqs remember when he w
S eA former, will have Jose Bra- real hot for her opponents a- 7-I (loreno 0. 8e. e ..ll w-mnvlPr steadily fessesto ow.. m osaensatlon ent p er. ,
S o,,up. Bravo makes his re-up- gain.this time. (Paragon A. Ycaza 105 -Copld be In money 3-2 Th .tory. that FestM want, Thnia wa he er wy.from entityy .lUtwn
tsne after a one-week res- Happy Abode, which will ed to a bi name par .at In o join others ownersip of he ls al
"When he rertedly sufer- 'probably be a mutue outsider, -L-afayetb deplte pa e dis- a He h a of es.
pulled a. will have the advantage f tAi 3rd: Race "D & E" Natives 7 Fgs.Purse $100.00 Pool closes 1:45 abilitfie. For what Ib'couldn't oa 9e s rosetti, Barl Avrh
track's leading order, Ared do on the field of eopbat, he O'D91il Leatyome, Jimmy O Joe ad Data
.', y .. IJ I I Vasque s. O NE, TW O v vow ed t help his -in ter in "nd ^v.f l ud.
The secondary feature on to- another sa. He i certinl OfstBh s-hea eao
r 'morrow's card has Chlngri, Lex- 1--ue.n J. G6ngora lnnl -Rates outside chance 8-1 y e hfu, for he iy now the rtin effec- barst Pa .who eent. --t i. ~eittsbu n Ptsfm
Sden. Vulcanlzado, J qulazo, 2--ull Flea O. Chains. 18 -Was never better 2-1 tive reAte in the flow archi-. greatet rt l ... ly marvelous
SBarge Royal and loso In a a-non Orau G. RAnches 11I -Has strongest finish -1 plas 6 much so i t, that retains aiunique of oul. "We o m lto
S Class B r ce over a distance of -aden Bond R. Carrvl x--othn to recommend 21-1 NO stue I olbomb gave him a Purdue majors. One a pitc~ then.aa an outleldsr The
) ', one mile.Y\ i-oaden Bound A. Yea ln --sll dan rous 4-1 & blanket fpr meritorious service, O' !Onnell deal, however, historic At the time the o-
This race could prove to be 6-Okinagu J. Bravo 118 -Returns from layoff 3-1 IN.Y. 15h etc. fielder was sold to the 4t for a staggering o75,; --or
forar t aday d sen a od Ian srA K rr, top/ flight pasi receiver, lcagy unheard o brf.
Sforwardoa day onona 4th. Race "H" Natives Purse 275.00 Pool closes 2:20 n ottanding or t s on ot," atub n admt
P ^sS S Sls s ^ w sff <-* *^- thr. ""years. He be on one of wa?as Putting i on^'^y tf g';...-"
a tsUINELA A' t-' Haw m1-tsme great. No e v es two partners thought Iwas dify "
B-E ,.0 lS- -raI..... AlongtThe Fairwcys led tIb ukd In grn4 gainingg .
SLittle lI -Loteria J. Bravo 110 .,Tockev should hblp 2-1 last sb, is a stdkout kicker
S- I eague 2-Sierr pVelluda J. Chuma 1ns -Usully close up 4-1 and punt handler and a sure ,t ,, n, ...
.. .... ---.-S.13-Don Wende F. Rog 118 i --oW earJy speed 5- PWGA LINE-UP tackle. A report has Coach HbI TE -.NTB CANDAL
-'l Tllln S. Carvajal lfx-Would pay fat odds 15-1 comb converting Fuller into a cen- O'Connel never got s chance to pov he coud mate the
1 PACIFIC LTTLE LEAGUE IL--Piol- A. Aeulo .l5x-Nothlin to recommend 10-1 Saturday, Nov. 20 the members ter. This. Odngster was the rage big league grade as a reguL operative. Cetai m1 a'n
i m TRYOUT TOMORROW a-onldn Glass A. Vfsnue 114 -At beat on dr track 3-1 of the Panama W Golf t hsHonoulu Interscholastic Glata made him the pat i an attempt to brb
S t e ii 7-Avidl n B. AoulrrI. 1-i -TIBTorolM ItmrAdtil E Asen Association will t in a as a fullback. Simerson, abrus- taket e" n the cl series of the '2 penanraet
'f '^ -j *A The initial Pacific Litt le 8-lnceridad R. L. Oil 106 --Run-well at time. 8-1 double-header t the heBng lFd d 1was tabbedas old Juldge Landis gave him he boo pe rco ad
S'0 League tryout for candidates for I regular monthly.and e 'cle wtar whie ast ".lat I ot hln. aid s1r. wtrab, he .- dr ~L ,
,, th Paciic ULttle League for the the Pre idnt 'Ou Tomuna- Roolt. truck. I hhe had l making of a firt-rati
S-..1955 season will be held tomorn th. Race "F" Imp. 7 Fs. Purse 500. Pol eloses 2:55 ment at Nt ama lub. e l. theven Ldi realized.. t.he wats only a s
row morning 8:30- at the Pacific -OWClub.
o r" ,Little League ball park on all- -R egl Chum B. Aulrre 11. --lard to best here 2 DPurduT Te t from the Islands to coaesd toarelaying to Ilb 3rom ase~reb -
24 not,. ebdato PpeI-htm from base diffi
2Purdne cmntlwos. With the freshbl d s-lterna j
4. fAr 2-.4evonshire Club R.L. Gil. 110 o-M-ts tough competition 3:20. men are four more Hawaii ladt. G-inani o eo0 stirred r'Stb to a ad hum ty
S.""tr "o14ys m, old will re- R-Scv'thia A. Ycasa 110 --Win fiht it out 2-1 I. Robinson, A. Fleach, B. Di- amonuth finest of last years all acc"rorts- very difficult thing to dq) when he tuind ai
S,' ort on : in the e Ebor Brtho eis -noned In clasa 5I-1 gradtin-c. They are anE offer ot $1, per year to police Sa Bta-nt Ia,
0 .. 11 ..ali d 5 age g'oroup 5-Rarriroe. G. incebs ieU -letter each tl"m nut .-2 pin ~ a Did "Of course, w tttn ke that.
..-wlill re rt Nov. 27. 6-R. Alligator A. Mena B. 102x-Longshot possibility 10-1 nn, A. little, Dan- Kanae, a ton and rstel said r l lut
o, f To play e Leag ball the ell. netn has queen, and he wrote me that new and gron oblem deh
*fl, .~..J&.Aug. 1. 1955 and shall not have 1 3ts. .35 ve teran s r qito o( the. Hon he felt
.;;'. \r Iboy must be 8 years old before ------ 'e t.lne tn h ,r, eHon ofnce .more Important'to nMatlonar security than ever, and that
reached 115 and sha not have B6th. Race "B" Imp. .7 Firs.Prse 100M.00 Pool elos :S-35 8:35 lulus Avterlo tiser, and a orIoe he felt oi was hitr etY ta fiZaln-whe he was. Thls lua is eon
foreAched hu 1 3t, bIrthday b- M. LbDig, 8. PCZrttle, E. Jud- Islrad observer wondertg.. They of the great ame nc o.f m 'i .
frre tAuust 1, 1 r bort Ce the Da bl : thw ot Ierarira Hoov recommended spe er Drayton aa
ha e urrent Thoroughbrea F ,- created
e < 1I -Parts M14o 1 tV.t y es r.t hmisedM Aalm aHoove
ewou t l au1d V. Alvear 13 lona odds M a, Rae Hughes, M. mlwith member tracks from coast o coast. apts, however
.sbanl- have been sent to al 2-A. Fulmar A. u t iu ? o oover tVst u .115-t l V
S lElementary chaols on the Pa- 3--Etat Barge V. Castllo 115 --* Jfn wiint tarmt ge t- les,
;- cUL .G -rr and wrtbe pased out 4-FlambroCo M. OuVr 1 Mi P-Ratie ou ~l tside oance i 51 4 Islands as the g reatet es 0 .

I, mgW W o ff. redtah ueolo.a 5-515% e' st$a:b4e NF. Tpa3., Di, b- slnetp r.s an h' C s s-ha
ridlanrMAILus C ,n.: -,to emistedU 6w-diL & 1 I If. p/ .. tv. o lel hi cont. a m .'
Wlatenattq 7 Wai 1-Proud Pe a.l oingt 14s01
.df d el tion t t l ese P WSrn q T o 1 .. .... ,
'.' at ,POpe a ".pet,,j- P m o..hR-f.... ,m 4 1 4'
Inuarsl~~~, thr a "mso 7th. Race F" Imp. I M milePar"e ssIo.00 Fool, als 3:5ohe f d concern a~L e an.~a

..laSo, IIIiU.S -Narana, L. tteraldo 9 ch ance 3-i Cp R. Martld. SorsE. Dial, nwv Gee W akeAlIslan d.the Trieaayn theisA oun t ha suh inse the is.d .toabt
asiedoh,?dL d- yn Cu Pafc-ifcid anaseo mIs the 4-..qeass 0Ide 119xT -Ath in te t2- up Cr
a Ben m A ork the worm o l'd -hv l Ee. poavds, bfetrh lcvim thisk as.
We W st sisas icO, reh team.t e -to u. -ce. B"-rns,- '*"- s -. ,'m c.L aa. o b

B -rN R ote 4rea ndRay- WCe:nuat 4.1 R.faery. Me at, a. rhip- wltingfo ArE 'To se IrI
fa t must 2he deV .8=tas 1 F-2 ran Fml 4-1:40 and j0b nee TSeme artachc O ra the afri Redas W roa m

and .i the Lea a Carenmad any bo u. -uelater O "t ced tomui hd In a 'se rnd sl sil I "
Sedtorepinat s tole etstereon .118 in,- .thtrnmt d i iw: "1 a
Ltl q. g 1. ,. aa h ares a d bik e 4Ae SnVnal into1 ,, 20; l 5 ^Q P
the days tat-ther agogo is Alal 3. Sutrre 113 --ww.never better3-1 3. Mathieson, M. Potter, L sopomores and, liki Z "I had been a hores ph r a t lo with the usufl npro
a t r to r re agou p is are r Pud

I.te B. I-j^. -Dii^e cla of1h-.4 'b D oo n.0,Cara
E liste. do.ra. 11t -*o -J Uoe 3-1151 hufoo~. e D M-ti.tor l eo bo. dtlacti t' ar reprlie, when te c n S I
f 2 $- 3--Oklamnr A,. vquR 120 a clas 8-1 3:4u E n A. rei ce trac of ny own.
V E$ im T 4-Naranjaso O -_. ..-/ tm*.L. tie, c. :5 Ste. 7%e ?:: laattin th .roeeL7,e tae It' o'tmbelc
the ......... .. d I- --Jttle ue R sarvahds S0t-.'.. t ue sa-to a lie "- n Hr gonplI to 'ic fro
listed o;. 2-t O.$, /rr- "0S 3-1... E-.- Mt 1, M. -- '-f, LIare fo Pl'u I"In4d been a horse 1

.." up...... er....s,,,hBhrson'
:f V -. ihs 0a Eve neeno 115-1 Dut aa.. iTo, e

ALl OX. 6-Sate Aftus-.Mi 3,Ace 110,Cd aIn mudonly-1ge. Mrin.X iaCoto
Peterborough, on7-LoCod. Juan on IP tat tprcei0-re1
RTACONlu-eAN. Barge RalNobco vlo s 115 0-astuwgh 25v.n5 Evenosusta

,4--1-Tspt r..+On 1o .y 5-N. Emblem Jj- 115u-P s-4 IMa. Ma lu ral lllory, m Dl. rall QUiSTOlNh teeme: two a r 4 Fi -.
aTeeth l -11 -1they say 2-h1 PWA nt ba r- auc, hre'li .e ._ L'r ,~"|-~", '
WnFmos warm GUI.m beltnB
___________ -Devhony Made'A.- Y as1 0t Ev4-1 rn amen t is .anned ho theM cessay yardaflo a 'ck- 3 '7 I
S." a.o.l.t,,n yr".dent: th e sets 1cr, h the s-o -. ..-.+ :'. '7" :
'Ilt8 e data n les O.di T dA n-: Is... ..a. I
DRce lp.7p- o e the Ts art i

r'sr *illionaire KM CO. rr. lir ,1t a V.. R.Iand.
H Fle allowed. Plf, 8 l reached or grbe lmOnn4 Sooper.
Aveh Na e 64 Furs ; oo hdap soQ S. t.iNo. Ita w.hajO.
saeth at,:. cr .e n thogh
class 31 eTh Aatlso bite lowk new wi-Af of the barn HI , h
Ruse a-iO Panamaj Cnlub &ee wi-l be Ge orLs-vl.on'
to ettimeo nk Borsobe

A IMRace 'Im. 7 p." dd9R1,Rh..pol du -an a ID.

t 7r E.-t I
.... + .w A. ., ,.. + -. _; .. +



_ ___ ~__~~_ ____ __X_



w .- t. ,j t- ,; ".." "" 'r \

- qns -.Fi ~~"7.....

., .... ,.. -, .:.* .- ;.
t-*4& ^


s.7 f .

r, w -
*ot Ie I

B .

Nov. 33 wm beo
or ;the lOWMa,- rn

upcer& auwouw -4

e coaching a

i .s..*....I .. w1i

14.a.. .. 1 ,.- t .

. ,. .... 1 -B 4M
ute ......1...8 173 150"490
Lar.bee .... 1 8 10 5
M83: IS 7 301i

..u ....1 1.7 0
Ndor .-....*.11 117 -' '
..... 190 1 45k
et,,.... ~17 125 M
uadIap .... 21. 17 23 63
'. 'r 1,w---- 7. 5..a .

Niok .... 15 I6 15 C
tober .....13 128 148 3l
TObS; .....2 148 172 44 91
WsEuW AAidO 148 6I 442
laca .. 4040 1

6 Vit5tS.78


atMd tihe d



.hip. .hen s.ums
workouts to pare
Sa or acco ofthem- five
p on e hardwood. cho

After the allowed h t
Injuries suffered on
S- sand the rusBhed we
S balketbalH and I.geta
take the floor In.the
elof bhe.ashMoZwA
So r otr'tried d
>& P~t U Troneeme, H|B 6x

ai up with Joh
o-t0 "1 inch B. ,r
mm* won a letter for a
Around theae two
*pe to buUd t "a
... t he a d t mn .t If

n the o cha-t

S fift rownd ted ~~et'a
cwhh of t the ae s e M ., .d-
" ."I W three hhm
Sl it'- w i t h ^ 1 z

I etsor J.0. and Ba-'
lh .aT e C Oa

vim~e C'ritob

layground Sports

" -

as vL

srabe W lotinfu Aamedrsn 'A

PuC. -Montlinuas.ten set s- i
.. ,., .. ..
orl.i .l ...4 l,.

d ran

viS o ur


eta Iaf. d F.

heab anypE poeqmnq
ri t -8i has not bee
t coachIIter

eyel, o4p
1, the *C0 #e?
onvaftlft wit' al

way. sU has elected a roster
su* I tobeltw and has sch
twin. dadbaa workout
tyfw r them'Into
)rce";^tlve.blt 4W machlfery
-* "

weB poyp vol.(
lip and. tak-
ipot in t bd'
:We thef
bla aemad.Se b
1Wr enpgge, i

p -gy unoWseII
7w wie the gif
46ir ruias 16-3 aa

N.jm49 AAUU tneir school t TA
'rot In points gaJna
for the volley bsu eA
uW e goeM to Alfred T es.
S q the boya' st
RIF..- f s.oquad,

Si .

any x
* .r.', a .s

|Smith maEl
* 1 "1 s*






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,* Iuf *,N[NnTD a t

(.C. : .' '



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Dr CA' ve. del F

*. f .
S' .


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; I'.

*56 .7 11~

pA,.,. *JL
..I. V

~.: V
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Y'+ 9l.*. ~) .4 ~i ~i~cr~ C-)jP I~., *..S

I e a*5. aIms ..a
s ... ... ., .. *
., .r .
.. \ r.. t t,',-

* *
"t o

* .su

* 5 *.
, :

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- ,
-. < '. .

:--.., .,.


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-- --i


no .i


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R C.'



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---- -


' CL~Crcnr '

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J. '*~



*** P -,. *

" ; > i- .-

- ,, .
. ...2 .; ..4 -
, .' -; ''
** ..? "'' '' *r .'"* f

,, ('- ",';.' t .. ; "'. .


I i thl l l a -i kn- w

."A c .%


tIe truth ad country f We" -Arhai Ili" 'o
.-,_.__,.-_____.___ "


S PFi Believed Unli.-

est 1Fre e A -e
D eb 'I : Je e .-

of tsi. WASNf 1TO1, Novw 19 (UP>' (D-Ark.) ided with him 'd final recess wte, Leman and tl? he sal.4" Ls
aiTogo be on -Sn. d tp the pmate rejected the move, 78 rulbright wer the only dissent- ththg to li- m k
,tda that th .:.".to re b .d'a re n roe
SDother aa g L ,t oe Ufller, Fulbright sought In silken tones Dirkaen scold- Ita run-ar e by
ai It n- despite ,ome .thaui.thaftlmouB consen to set Dec, SO d Lehmian for S that 'there Is side
re the- rece or a showdown ote o the een- the enat ca ju ... M- an
0 Ian e uM'a lin1gbo tu -\Ist9re Issue but the move fluinkdd as soon as the\ revolving doors CAr age A p
t Ohflrt ofiS t xM e-iueto de out when Ben. William Jen- of the hospital" lethim out. comDn ... no
Iczssednu ur qaoys ot the ner (P,-Ind.) objected. On .> -"Where are the common char- bwh look
uftt be- late aeerg
nte .'n am I.... .,m Tp
fteft W tot eeaurn e ITl
Hermann Fild Leaves Lwr
;a4,, A.;d't.bow .^. w t 9 A f r' \do n p.the d- don
'Cuan Ate 5 Years i fhe

t mr w GOui archt roaInm In Wtet eu
dt aESaRatbl0*w91 hl rt a (d r ns o Bo tri ;
to^Sffif~n~od0 pxlm¬ th0 tlir~len ago fle Noel's wlefHt HW e0re ?l10&d A. 8 (Mke): Mo1l olWr

He IL 6ln terland & #- --- p d o el----: ,o r.
vt ?ontoela free dit" .fro anbd 21 RedsAAr t1
111boothe r .. An Ot* l oaf the 8 law- Cbristlan -R-Ad4I. V 5
, ,"e -,E EyNoel Fields, to g
S S e Aglo" I CR4 secret Yited nwill Moth I taiFed | Werslt. Ie. i
-t B.born wiN obel 2bith. n es 6
T. ao f-Both, RavndWlOjd. RLIN 1'.101
fir^% f Bka treatment of -cauked l-i do t" love a
Im 10391 boft ..pa1m. .
.. .-.I-d- .

' I.

aee lutp.

- :% ..^..

JM.)M~ *w,*

to *E v e d

.,OW- w ,t .

'eee Sunday o l
f driv ~ lonwIde frtund i

h Idr ,e toefre
employ- butlip ofWsron pounds of as
a*"ver surtplua U S to nearly 40 as
or a oar- country .E ..
Wt1JnR d The aserh i t thi Washing- les of the A e
at labor ton ?te r w 'l be one of the or r
e at- tho ua be held
s wof wae ha enk throuhou w which tobbu r t y
the tn- th yth eder-i bo ".1e e .a
S Qtae tat 0 religiousee free s d b
.no to-.
ritv l; 3SSi oanodrde
ltTheo.o.BWWil on, a- l
uard. ia&r. ice executive 0,1 tinf OOM I
on. of Northon
America atrate at t.s

jhelp l. .. hm,:adowed bsy "...ov
appea s J year "share f m~n to]y~n a,
5 t ou~ Oler m"will be 0
i p ay'or n adi' e TUute

outrllg and wi beOthau-
federal 14 Arc ltralnf e

thpa n l I us chairman eo heatI.
Sie- a otrbuted w ill
S p.rOvl S.., ,Of foods for Y .e .
Sunhemourld T voles throueh- a eo tn
moethe* ap"ileforat1uso.
h: out l;ae wce~funds will b e r l .
pay for a dmMon and dis- Yob nWkesnn forM
ore f agencies. W .i )w&
dsit e Agricultural u'* th ex

tan a TT i e. eatUP) ,
wholesale t ewi atll be"




hand tso
h apreated."
,SeS. Garcia,

e wouldithe..

MIN to .

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-- f .A / *. .

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.2'V -'

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-~ I


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.. I ,.


vy'l -^.-^''

-.. _WiA .


ri~8bc~i~na,~naq~?r..t. .,

Full Text

Majors May Expand To Ten Teams
Read story on page 8
Manama American
the truth and the country is safe** -Abraham Lincoln.
(NEA Telephoto)
DAILY RITUAL Deputy James Kllroy removes the handcuffs
ftS?Dr Samuel Sheppard right) prior to the renewal of Shep-
narri'8 murder trial In Cleveland. Dr. Sam makes the dally trip
^from \ln cell to the courtroom handcuffed to the deputy.
Pvt. Tells Court-Martial
Lt. Once Had Him 'Buried'
"AUGUSTA. Ga.. Nov. 18 (UP)
_ A private testified today ihat
a lieutenant wnose ideas of dls-
cip-lne allegedly boraered on ter-
tjism once had him buried with
omy his mouth exposea and or-
. (uered a cross stuck in his teeth.
Pvt. Rodney R. Steele, Lown-
. desboro, Ala., testified on the
; second day of the court-maMai
oi 2nd Lt. cnarles C. Anderson,
24 on 17 charges of brutality
'during basic training at nearby
Camp Gordon. .__. a ..
Anderson contended outside
the court that he merely had
tried to take short cuts to rigid
'discipline and training so his
men would not be found want-
ing in battle. The defendant,
who won battle stars in Korea
as an enlisted man, said many
Amerlcin lives were lost, there
DeStus the men were not fully
Sal. W. B. Came. Anderson's
counsel, pressed the theme in
cross-examlhatlon that the.lut-
lawed defendant was only try-
ing to "shape up" his company
by-his drastic measures. Several
witnesses admitted the company
"came out" after punishment
was meted.
The prosecution finished Its
case after Steele, under cross ex-
amination, admitted his new
commanding officer last week
ordered him to bathe every day.
The private had testified Ander-
son also made him take a "sand
bath" because of his untidy ap-
Col. James O. Wade, deposed
commander of the 8.000man
Camp Gordon Replacement Cen-
ter, testified for the defense that
"Anderson was one of the best;
his reputation was excellent." He
said ttiat a company was "less
respofilve" than others In train-
ing 111 Anderson was assigned
to 1&, then lt completed training
with honors.
Lt. Col. Morris B. Montgo-
mery, the regimental command-
er, also praised Anderson's abil-
Colonel Wade was relieved of
the replacement command and
the replacement headquarters
d'ssohwd last week as a result
or t&fStnderson case.
Steele testified that Anderson
maf'eliim do push-ups the
f>rellnnarv In several alleged
nstanees of brutality until
he feff exhausted.
"If this man Is dead he
shonIB be buried Steele quot-
ed Mm lieutenant.
Hewjald Anderson made him
ro'l estar with arms folded, then
Instructed Pvt. Jame* Hlou* of
New York to "burv" him. lout
shoveled dlr* over him exceot for
Ms mouth, he said. nd. on An-
derson's further order, fashion-
ed a "little cross' from sticks
and stuck lt Into his mouth to
mark the "grave.'' After he lay
there five or six minutes. Steele
said, he was released.
But a day later Anderson ac-
cused him of being "very dirty,"
made him strip to his shorts and
bathe with a sopping rag rubbed
periodically In the dirt, Steele
said. This was the "sand bath"
treatment laid to the lieutenant.
Pvt. Paul Ferguson of Coates-
ville. Pa., got a sand bath at the
same time, Steele testified, then
both men were forced to climb
a tree and shout a coarse phrase
Pvt. Jack Caudill of Elkin, N.
C, said Anderson had him rout-
ed out of bed at 1 a.m. during a
bivouac exercise to help with the
hanging by the heels of Pvt.
James A. Wyatt of Bessemer,
Ala.. V/yatt testified about his
ordeal yesterday.
During a recess today, Ander-
son told reporters he Joined the
Army 7 years ago and "I still like
the Army." On of yesterday's
witnesses said Anderson made
him do 130 push-ups because the
witness insisted he "liked the
Private Blout testified earlier
that he had "burled" private
Steele. Blout also said that An-
derson threw down half of the
company's rifles when he found
them unclean at an Inspection.
The defense moved to throw
out the charge that Anderson
"wrongfully" threw the rifles to
the ground In violation of Article
134 of the Military Code of Jus-
tice deallne with conduct to pre-
judice good order.
Lt. Col. James P. Healey Jr..
Atlanta the law presiding offi-
cer of the court-martial, grant-
ed the motion but was overruled
by a vote of the other nine of-
ficers on the court.
Temporary Halt To Censure Debate
Seen As McCarthy Goes To Hospital
Senate leaders considered call-
ing a temporary halt to the his-
toric censure debate today In
view of Sen. Joseph R. McCar-
thy's sudden trip to a hospital.
Sen. Eyerett M. Dlrksen (R-
111.) had plans to Introduce his
long-promised compromise pro-
posal at today's scheduled ses-
sion. But with McCarthy out of
action with an Infected elbow,
the whole controversy was plung.
ed Into uncertainty.
Sen. Herman Welker (R-Ida.).
a leader in the anti-censure
camp, came out strongly today
against continuing the debate
until McCarthy returns to the
arena. "I never heard of a man
going on trial without the de-
fendant present," he said. "That
would be more new law."
Sen. William E. Jenner (R-
Ind.), a staunch McCarthy sup-
porter, declared that going ahead
without the central figure 'raises
a very serious question of pro-
McCarthy and the Censure
Committee appeared to hold the
key to what happens. Senate
Republican leader William P.
Knowland said he planned to
confer with both today to find
out If they "want the matter de-
layed." He conceded the Censure
eyslon time table could be
knocked out of kilter.
Debate or no debate, however,
everyone seemed agreed there
should be no showdowns In Mc-
Carthy's absence. Sen. Styles
Bridges (R-N.H.), senate presi-
dent pro tern and a McCarthy
supporter said today there
should not be a vote on any
phase of the issue "while the
man Is lying sick In the hos-
Sens. Homer Feruson (R-
Mich.) and Wallace F. Bennett
(R-Utah), sponsor of a third
censure charge against McCar-
thy, took the same position.
Bennett said "McCarthy, as the
accussed, has a right to be pres-
ent while his case Is being de-
bated and certainly when there
Is a vote."
McCarthy cut his elbow in
Milwaukee last weekend when
his arm was forced against a
glass-top table while he was
shaking hands with admirers. He
was admitted to the nearby Be-
thesda, Md., Naval Medical Cen-
ter and officials said he might
have to remain for several days
if he did not respond to treat-
Sen. Arthur H. Watklns (R-
Utah). Censure Committee
chairman who launched a new
charge against McCarthy be-
cause of his attacks on the com-
mittee, said "I'm sorry he's hos-
pltalized" because "no matter
how much I disagree ... my
Christianity teaches me not to
hate people."
Dlrksen did not reveal the de-
tails of his compromise formula
In advance of Its formal intro-
duction but Informed seurces
said a version he showed Mc-
Carthy's friends did not mention
the Wisconsin Republican by
Instead, lt declared that "abu-
sive lsfnguag'e by a senator can-
not be excused but that the cir-
cumstances under which the re-
marks are made must be taken
into consideration.
In announcing his intention to
submit the proposal tod.y, Dirk-
own behalf, although he had dis-
cussed it with "a good many peo-
ele," and that other plans might
e offered. .
Actually, however, Dlrksen's
proposal marked the first big
move of the McCarthy forces to
blunt or at least soften the pow-
erful censure drive. There were
all sorts of opinions on the
chance of success.
Bridges said yesterday that
a third of the senate stands
ready to support a compromise.
But there were a flock of dis-
sents from other senators to-
SenatorsA. S. Mike Mouroney
(R-Okla.) and Edward J. Thye
(R-Mlnn).said Sen. Arthur V.
sen said he was acting on his Watkins (P-Utah) had swung
(NEA Telephoto)
FACE OF GRIEF Mrs. Frank Mazaeck sobs uncontrollably as
she clings to an unidentified person after the death of her
grandfather. Mike Maggl, in an auto accident at St. Paul. Minn.
Maggi was killed on impact as he.crossed an Intersection and
was carried 150 feet on the hood of a car.
Ms T* Construct
School Passageway
Are Considered
Bids for the construction of a
covered passageway between the
Balboa High School and the
gymnasium and for a covered
bus shelter at the Gamboa ele-
mentary school were opened
Wednesday at Balboa Heights.
Five bids were received: they.
ranged from a low of $5,190 to a'Cuentas Comerciales S.A., ceie-
high of $8,998 on the covered I brate their first anniversary to-
passagewal, and from a low of day^
$981 to a high of $2,075 for the
bus shelter.
Apparent low bidder on the
first project was C. A. High and
on the second. Isthmian Con-
structors, Inc.
Retail Credil Firm
In Panama Attracts
10,770 In Year
Originators of *he "Cargelo a
ml cuenta" charge-account plan,
PRICES:.......75 & .40
t n *. ,:". J-*'
'5 p.m.
the Savage Pcrtra! of the Devereaiu 0-
Race Barriers bunted by Preiudi
Broken Lance
Afro. 'PIANO ENCORiS" A CinemaScope Short!
0.60 0.30
SHOWS: 2:50 4:30 6:40 8:55 P. M.
This organization has empha-
sized the Importance of advan-
tages derived from a well estab-
lished personal credit. _
In Just one year of operation
the directors and management |
of this Panama firm can well1-
have attracted 10,770 affiliated
customers, and given an ener- 1
getlc push to the national econo- \m
my in educational training of I
the individual on the merits and,I
advantages of a well established
Fire Damages
At Ancon House
To Be Repaired
Repairs to house 0433, the 12-
famliy quarters on Frangipanl
Street in Ancon. which was
damaged during a fire which
broke out In Apartment A. Oct.
7, have been authorised by the
Panama canal Company, lt was
announced today at Balboa
1 Heights.
Apartment A which was al-
i most completely destroyed by the _
(fire will not be restored, but the I
i four other adjacent apartments'I
I which were damaged by fire and
water will be repaired and re-
The repairs will be effected by
the Panama Canal Maintenance
Division in the near future.
Senate sentiment againts any
compromise with his angry Tues-
day speech denouncing McCar-
thy's attacks on him and the
Senate Censure Committee.
Senate Republican leader Wil-
liam P. Knowland (Calif.) said
he Is still hopeful that the de-
bate can be ended before
Thanksgiving, with a vote com-
ing the end of this week or early
next week. He said he did not
think "there are too many more
days of debate left."
Services Planned
In Stales Today
For Slacey Russell
Funeral services were to be
held today In Highlands, North
Carolina, for Stacey C. Russell,
longtime Canal Zone Post Office
Inspector who died Sunday aft-
ernoon In Highlands. Burial was
to take place in Highlands.
According to word received
from J. Wendell Greene, former
Panama Canal treasurer and a
close friend of Mr. and Mrs. Rus-
sell, Mr. Russell had suffered a
heart attack about a month ago.
He was taken to the Highlands
Hospitalone of the many activ-
ities in which he had been in-
terested since his retirement
from the Canal Zoneand was
believed to be Improving. Death
occurred at the hospital sudden-
ly Sunday afternoon.
A number of former canal
Zonians, including Mr. and Mrs.
Greene, Mr. and Mrs. A. C. Gar-
lington, Mrs. Richard Randolph
and William Russell, were ex-
pected to attend the funeral
Mr. Russell's former colleagues
in the Postal Division, with
which he was associated from
190 until his retirement in 1942,
and a number of other Canal
Zonians have sent Mrs. Russell
massages of condolence.
(NEA Telephoto)
NEW EVIDENCE Cuyahoga County coroner Samuel R. Greber
(center) carries a folder containing material he will present In
the murder trial of Dr. Samuel Sheppard in Cleveland. At left
Is prosecutor Saul S. Danaceau and at right, assistant prosecutor
Thomas Parrlno.
* *
Sheppard Defense Hints
Of Woman Accomplice
CLEVELAND, O., Nov. 18
(UP) Dr. Samuel H. Sheppard's
defense today toyed with the idea
that this wife's murderer might
have had a woman accomplice.
Defense Attorney William J.
Corrigan questioned country cor-
oner Samuel R. Gerber closely a-
bout a nysterious imprint of a
woman's foot found on the Lake
Erie beach near the Sheppard
home in suburban Bay Village.
The coroner, a veteran in the
witness chair, returned for the
third day as a state witness in
the murder trial of the 30-year-
old osteopathic-surgeon. The state
charges Dr. Sheppard bludgeoned
his wife to death last July 4 aft
er a quarrel about his amorous
extra-marital activities.
"Was there an imprint of a
woman's foot on the beach?" Cor-
rigan asked.
"I didn't see it," Dr. Gerber
"Was there a cast made #! a
woman's foot imprint?'
Dr. Gerber said he didn't know
but that the Bay Village police
"showed me a picture."
"Did you do anything about
it?" Corrigan asked.
"That was the detectives" Job,"
Dr. Gerber replied.
"Well," Corrigan said, "you
were trying to solve this case,
and the imprint of a woman's
foot on the beach would be of
supreme importance, would it
Dr. Gerber said it was not bis
job to do anything about the im-
Corrigan, using the legal wiles
that have made him one of O-
hio's leading criminal attorneys
gave the coroner a rough time on
cross-examination, questio n i n g
him sarcastically about various
blood tests and microscopic exa-
minations he might have made a-
rouhd the Sheppard home, and
The possibility that the defense
has a T-shirt which Dr. Sheppard
may claim as his emerged today.
Corrigan entered in evidence a
dirty T-shirt which Dr. Gerber
testifies was found on the pier
near the Sheppard home by a
Bay Village patrolman July 14.
It was one of many articles the
coroner's office had collected in
and around the murder home and
which Dr. Gerber produced in
court today at Corrigan's request.
"It has some stains on itdid
you examine them?" Corrigan
"Rust and dirt," Dr. Gerber
replied in a tired voice.
The state contends Dr. Sam's
T-shirt was so soaked with blood
after the savage beating he have
his wife that he disposed of it
He was bare-waisted when the
first persons arrived at his home
on the murder morning.
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