The Panama American


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The Panama American
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Weekend American
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Scott Family Library Fund ( donor )
Panama Times, Ltd.
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Panama City, Panama
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daily (except saturday and sunday)[may 12, 1973-]
daily[ former oct. 7, 1925-dec. 4, 1966]
daily (except saturday)[ former dec. 10, 1966-may 5, 1973]
normalized irregular


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Newspapers -- Panama (Panama)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
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Panama -- Panama


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Oct. 7, 1925-
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On Saturday published as: Weekend American, Dec. 10, 1966-May 5, 1973.

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University of Florida
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Or. Narmodio AtIM!
president of Pfvwmyf
ute toarrv hasfoa
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bAe..O. a AM .W

_w o. P. Knowi2ndo (a t. dd o t

h ,uu d (P) lsc. lour,
t em* J burglary to6

r "S Chi *, 'eS
g Senate Repub ea@dera2te

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GuaplquA0 = uin a =tistu

9a.0Wroia6 BritIsh geologist
8UF'hoUtdtm his own: He re-
ZaVIa-on the seriously I 114
tW now Ion to be Pam
6' ihch r"tiquilred tWt
and the turaof
1 1, vat in the lu~ag.

teC b; Aw dore om Co.

#iCO.Um St mps
8enwVerterq, ,s.

T Its cna lub o wntA a. a.a
hrsed thao e
w a aelsoemabd, ia t h X w ebyd u-
Snterday on grodefendant ti'n raf Iat

_lac:ked.jursdicton. The dil rWs el
TWety-seven night club own- att,,,p. s"t
Ko, 14 performer and 35 anetod t yw i a
a &oe ehargsd that the walk*.
t of labored hen sieon. T1 e fK i of office wi fo
m refused to c et ga
t'vlfa fund, violated the n e- '
., ?t tly act. oAR Of
wer federal Judg.e W- .. L le
4d. Opbell ed the and aol trwa1
UKt yesterday on grounds that tive dJ
Jacket Jurisdiction. The guild ri X. ?weU a 1 J fiftaym
aved dismissal on da are ^ll;pt.pruidB~tu
Pof affect commerce and Wymw, Mrs. tbeet& and
or..doesn't come under the Wlckbm.
Aftt of labor legislation. The tot of office ev. be for

#t~q .MA
i4A AR4f"

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tt d5inB ta od not sola.
-arI t nt dec
m, it i N

*' *'~. '4!WW


.& s > .17 Q %iNTirAL AVENUE *STWI4 12TH AND 13TPIl TI rMO
.- 'MA. AL N5" oeN(1. ( )N.V. ". I _Ii
bav iO T 0 7 ,ByHVICT.0
191 M I W16.60 40.00
it"' a dirty ,


me Mienaa is a o m f seM d es of Te PmmA Am
LeHess ag eeglved p6e. d esd *Rd .dld i a whe ly es
iof Mo-0-IS dem'tt .e m'phalent ifIt den't appeOe ge
Musn dxe. SMS oo rf IN thei @d. re lived.
o r et p o h eue p Nu""Be MWat I po e "I't0h.
110119eF whese bs heM ino sertise e
asnepaper easetsu mm ueamsplblitky for statemeltsas l
ar ian cdueatlon Week is an opportunity to review and
S SOU of out hool, and to trefthen home,
B-nity eo rst/on.
1,j. =W~ was only part o your statement to thePfrk
Via touft y r Cal Zone Schooto. ,N you
k Uaft ww I do that it ls Impossible to accomplish these
am Bak'e tme.m If! you are sincere In what you ga ye.
*-y toM rnall p1mbh cooperation that la so
p UItiS R elit^ to peak to te princlpl or
ran afe afraid of the teacheI
J i SI wonder if a Parent Teachers Aocatn I
d notu pa t till be reluctant to Ppea u
Mi4tJepart of your Job to remdrethat fel-
tr I Xhould say, remove the reason for lear.
fear of one. principle or eWeaers be so
S ell for our school system and it ii the
we parents r asorced to hide behind the Mail Baa
a.elelE ilr gul'tlorW of the high school Junlors:
to enough to hav-not one but two
gtB4 hash th o bel to do but
Sto their home work only.
onms who really suffer.
s hud be treatedd as su o
r'gane and carrym
4''r^e mucous-
was ete allure in the CAM

S,.0 m
; A
il .,'.-, 7.7.' ,' "? ; .. i >/ :....

made anewa aw gbtws
Apatik pilot w'e6 t
ad previous toist'i4 c
flignt and will give our by. tSer
and more ace trol
persionic plaue.
Ho nywel also makes artillery
ximm clu, Jet o.rn _".., (>"
W tope, aoew orilwip e aon.
ti-rols oauger. Diaonea fo0 dus
can hurt the bo s blnind *he big
guns and in the planes as wei
a the co Itself if the
fault amre nocaugetla e there'
a careful watch ier pyaftem
of production tro tft which
I'll aoon desoribe.ns t ic
West., rework, -Wslo .and
halting of production linT Lwue
deftve machines are removed
from the assembly line also coit
-And this Is a very competitive
time. you get a measure of the
uaisubaca suasered oy aireralt sup.
ply firm rom te faet ta in
me past S montna, too Air force
cut l12, 0 recoprpcaung and jet
nginas, wort a gallon ool a halt
dolar trom Its oraen. You have
to ad low nowadays to 6 W at's
left Wuaste ano scrpping of half
1at6beM equipment can e the dUf-
arence between winning aa Air
uOree, Orance or Navy order-
and laying onf hundreds of work-
o the union at Honeywul -
Loeal llU45 of ue A L 'reamasers.
1e0 by Bob Wisnart got its bu-
Omftoor onion shop commibte to

'. *, *, '"**
^ -.. .-' .:. ."-
,t ; .^ ..*;.

, *, .
^'-. -y
S "; "*

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Ashamed of "ae $iUA E
-. ',.. B
.y ARK '3
... .

Fer e$bord Wa born in Il the armed forces since the ugh she la married to Toots,
the t d i the South, lee official, ad practical, nd to be Jewish, and .
and, was A up boyhood by f s egiation e d come to pass. of.. f.heathe., so I gt
a f r ,lave plymates lc _iasx .tlcU .l. e lid p id .with e
were a w OS y huht- full abNb-l e d- t of. i
a* MEwfrend ewwI lWpors J ia sIami fe itbe. f
aMW engas whh RMe5 pa As I can a1 m .

5 Cu1 l
1) mdfMtI
a fts befoe
klb 8 bo

p. ,:.

conrWacti. mwa us a I"" can remlr, woat
about unelopyea members 4but broken down its M
aere, we are very lost con- ortane.. ahoot quai, Is a
traci cotsa & o t Ur ouinemtOer." 1 at Morocco and CW, Son Can Is A
w; 1 Some e= Loen* a Rome rlo Is
woieh Uaou warned that he Y i"prees
WSitair w t ap he S lSeow of raca problOs Y Bahot iSM an
worm1 i no sweet aop ti
develop, t1at the u~ln has
"a reiMs to produce a fair
d ai fi 6..SLOsrore i d no : ..I
-.- 't inatonf (. Demo Cra s
waste ..iae amaatan of r
r ( b y a ma- ,
S I-, becauO tals can 1.
WAS m" l |In neathiscan k
lke, r
We, land. -(NBA) a By c
I w' Mlaftr td hi pe P. led that Senate Alai-al
.... idd more on p
I -asue wkth ma
one reason -

-' .o-'..-7-,

t r.o- ,o the 1g

S*i ,
A l d

.' anw cofn,
Bis this? I
ting time out
e around th

ie House JIM
S -term ele
threw eove
into the fight
-handicap. 'tId
television and rad
.1"Vence which a
PHMIAen of contrat
Slr mpanpin mo
r and a ,
t arey weren't
the trend.
SWhat happened.
no more m an g
eat of the roa tlip
I start thinking aba
of the 1964 .e.le
focts about 1
than they d
Sof Preident 1
o' nbs ,

f ;"

I- the ag

4,' *'<
emu h

. t.- ,. -. .

H wa<
aI ga4" Dg

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It looks

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1 4r

^I f ^4 4' yi'^.-^- ^^*^,'
,J. ....... .. -. ... : : .
." f :;. .. : / :; *. J' '- < -7' "
*, '' .... "" %.**" +^--. *, .r -.

-. ., ,. 0 .

'a *'*

Ia:L ...

"l" b'." *B 4* -

.h !

I ?,S. K,.,
^kp$ Exwrcise Crwfue

t A Clayton Theater
,-e -

a A wtULove apl s disas Mter on the Canal one in
"-t ,th event o ic t
Se was held COL 0. B.
r i Singeon, the'

totals "and thae' th at ne
Cal are enCoa repared Solutilize alle
Sexprsd his b eWnA to cope. w an atomlo
SmilitA y acd oal-de 't also added greater vo-
miember..He m.ob- Intqer participation is noes-
tue4 thaturovem llexeesl sry.
U 6o I commen- AMrs.. M.XMes, President of
the Distaff xective Council
SWashburn. xercise voiced the opinion that on the
T Difa t r COntrol, sum- whole Distaf women volunteers
Entire e oaSckpot' op- had accomplished their mission
Slaincdhow the and that tremendous sources of
ee ne e u e mald. He lso vontwe assistance were uncov-
stated ths future exercises Will ered bY "Jackpot III."
d to rectiy those er- At the Sritique'l closingd Brig.
VS o "Jackpoto er-' Gen. W. E. Laidlaw, Chief of
oioWfi Washburn's critique Staff, USARCARM, said that the
.eXphlanation of the atom- Joint Task Force Disaster Con-
b -~6eotructive potential trol had Impdoved i abIty be-
lt. oL A. AIS mll ss beneflting from lessons
'sfCf lm ~ n5The pw learned in "ackpot" exercises.
II's Ialkw er- He am Urgd that an civilian
Sand Ojat per- dlqtafters edurn ng to the Stao
On Atmic effectiveness and their acuird knowledge to
as to control and minimize Civil Defense.

I $ IIB Club Ownqr Joins

-. .,f Mriii M-
Nov. 9 (UP) Robert Banzegan former U. 8
*. *.former, owner postmaster gan ral. He later
CardinalM. today bought out Hannegan's Interest
in an ao three- and, in 1953 when he was sen-
t for a control of tenced to a term at Terre Haute.
Ward gad CO. Ind., federal prison for Income
SrS"M ng for con- tax evasion, he sold the club to
of mail order firm Anheuser-Busch, Ind.
S Wairman, 81-
=LouS Five NwU.sS.
hoe trying to unseat
ao. fight.' Wolfon
m more than 500,000.
aw dtock. WASINMOTO, Nov. 9 (UP)-
-ambhie could not dis- Five new senators took thetr
s sociated with imn oaths of office yesterday at the
l&take over Ward8s start of the special Senate sea-
I x llolUtaton sion.
ie compiled L
atI of the Be- They were Bens. Charles .
h e Commi- Daniel (D-SC) and Ernest 8.
already Invited Brown (D-Nev.),appelnted some
j to him time ago to f two vacancies
"i'on myndependent caused by deaths; and newly-
oi yofour behalf." elected Bans. Norris Cotton (R-
lt rLeted ,the present NH). Hazel Abel (P-Neb.), and
management for going "a- Roman L. Hruska (R-Neb.).
ist the grain of present econ- Daniel and Brown technically
vcttd ad thikLtng." have been senators for several
Sthe Wolfson weeks. But there had'been no
no remedy enate session since their ap-
sto obtain pointments so they could not
.court Is take their oaths.
nd Vice President Richard M.
hliwJa keeping p Nixon adminlntered the .oath to
d a 21-in pro- all five at once.
W Ig I seek-
mea.d maaagemet ti
.ywlth ole w ore ...r .
V s^ ia UI becomes

S si ad he claimed no

as' a y oth

Ivm' .ai% i itlleaed .th e

~l -7
SS^^-^O 19Lr
Ohi ts"^ thT\\
ll M ^Si~u~the~ >aii2a .- 1..0U-I

ip h atef
r'_^~._^^^ ^^,^^^j^^f~^^~

i -
n do

S i e .-
so opt

Ker comes dwn ag ecti
W Convair whcs made I
C. The pne clrled:
a orpple nose gear b
t the 16 persona aba

Htw tedoua't i g Baby b-
the ar nwben be' learning to
walk, How muchmi re efficient
to pop him inthe stroller to go
sapermarlting. But there is a
compromise betwen one, whihi
takes up hlf your day, and the
other, which givee him no inceh-
tiveto walk. Wajk him over,
with one of you pushing t ha
stroller. Don't hurr him, let him
look and poke about. Keep hin
mor g by poiting to something
i=te tg ahead'but don't dra.
him. When you've shopped and
he's tuckered, wheel him back.
How ida love fancy hats!
Don't discard your old ones or
father's. A big collection Is won-
derful for persuading Baby to
keep his head covered and for in-
door rainy day play. Inexpensive
and fun are the cowboy hats, en-
gineer's hats and Indian hats you
can buy. A yellow sou-wester Is
fun for rainy days outdoors and
more wilingly worn than con-
vefltonial rinlats. Does he wear
it backwards? 0. K., it keeps'the
raIn off- doesn't it

zwelbaek, a aube ct ear-
rot-ha's teaching h Wto feed
himself and now is the time. to
start. It will carry along easily
If there's somethlzg he can hold'
and nibble on connected with
each meal Using the spoon comes
later. *



The Panama of the'Panama
S the first of three Paen ma
arerr to sal on the new winter
schedule, Is due to arrive i Cris-
Stoba tomorrow afternoOn at
3:30 o'clock from New York with
67 passengers.
The vessel will also Inauurate
the new winter northbound
sd edule when she sails from
Cristobal Saturday afternOon at
o'clock with 28 passengers for
New York and two passengers
Soaked for Port-au-Prince, Haiti.
Passengers sailing for Haiti
are Mr. and Mrs. Alphonse Ma-
The complete advance pas-
senger list for New York fol-
Mrs. J. E. Carlook; Mrs.Marie
, Cicero; Mr. and Mrs. Jerome
A. Dtner; Mr. and MrsN. Nelson
R. Clark; Charles Goodnow; Mr.
and Mrs. Irving Holllngashead;
*Mr.. and Mrs. J. J. Jggard; Miss
ateia Kemler; Mr. aa'Me, "W -
Ham Knox; Mr. and Mrs. Walter.
L LUe; Mr. a.nd. 1.,I A.
d UML W: UlM

* a.

-' -r

.. .' .


V ,.S E L.. .r. ,
L 'IN .. T JT.. ..i..



about 10 to 12 ts. With 13
points or more, South probably
would have jumped to two no.
Since North held 15 points and
a good it he could see that the
combined count was probably
enough for game.. He therefore
raisedto to two no-trump, after
which South promptly went on to
the game.
The game contract would have
been easy if South had possessed
two stoppers in spades, as he
thought he did. Correct defense
held hm to one spade trick and
defeated his contract.
West opened the deuce of
spades, not the queen. East put
up the ace of spades and retufnd
the suit, and South could make
only one spade trick.
When the hand was actually
played, South finessed the jack of
spades at the second trick, and
West won with the queen. West
returned a spade, clearing the
suit. South could not make his
game contract without.-setting up
the clubs, and East was able to
gain the lead with the ace of clubs
n order to cash the rest of the
If West had opened the queen
of spades (tie lead that many

Ford I I The style leader in 1954 moves way

out in front in 1955. Coming soon.
I i E

There's an eal.

faster way: :

to do .o booWk.pi gI

h a Bsmaougl s&.minatio ur figure work
- ft ofit-w$31not only gt daln fester, more
aemuratey Idpin greater volume, but your
eot per jo4aw will drop sharply .
Askn s to IeOuB the aXoid ap Burmiohs
Senimatic Aommunting M hmm You' em
Sad itp shfor m

'". "

t *.-

/ -.
* ~:a*r~*

* 1'a~~ ~
"~ ,-b.,-' _


ritn for NBA Service

XOmW), W

AQ72 Aio8
8743 9 8 .
*543 *JlO$
#K43 0 AB

North-South vul.
N*eth r s,B -al West
16 1 IN.T. Paws
2N.T. Pass 3N.T. Pass
Pass Pss.
Opening lead-6 2

A response of one *Mtmnp to
. your partner's opening Uu ally
. shows a count of about S or 1
he points. When .a opponent makes
an intetyenng brd, there is no
&d need for you to b with so poor
4 hand. If you do bid, therefore,
o, Wo sw a good hand rather than
a poor one.
In todl'ss hand, South's free re.
aponse. one no-trump showed

d btuc~arduc


-- .I _

E .
l '.

PARIS Artist'p sketch of the CuUateral of Notre anme.


It's thrift season time in the 'old world' now -
Hotels, Holiday Resorts, and even Hideaways all
welcome you with low, winter season rates.
And flying Pan American, ybu save
up to 20% (Nov. 1-March 31) on
your round trip Rainbow Clipper fare.







A round trip to the (nmortbl city.- Rome can
take you, if you wish, to Holland, Belgium,
France, Germany, Spain, Portugal, *
England, Irelond or Scotland, and Switzerland .
for its winter sports all for tl"e price of the reduced .
round trip fore to Rome. Additional Stop-overs
in the United States and Cubp
ore also possible at no extra cost.

DAILY FLIGHTS to all the Mpaor European Capitals

Conult your *
travel agent or 7t [ E L L I il


Pnsem L Seest No. 5, TeL 2.0601 Coleta,i Sd gBM., Tel.1097
* SStM. R. PAA Ilf
I-- ... I __^~ ( li am I I iI q i ^^^ ^^^ ^^^ ^^^^ ^^ ^^ ^^^ ^ r ^^ i ^^^

.. _" .-'

a' I,


* .


"" L |




-... lf
'. ,," ..
'J 1

2 -A.







.* ". t


v\ 9
P f. I. .

T., "T____a

New colors, ie sty., i

upholsteries. Wait for the 19

S There's a unique Broadway to- Oh, well, just one more bop
41y behind the man who's stage Joke. This one from Danny Owens,
manager for George Abbott's re- of the Four Tunes quartet, who
vival of "On Your Toes." His wonders whether a bop cannibal
name is Bobby Griffith, and he's would eat three squares a day.
worked as Abbott's stage manag- -
er and assistant for more than Fred Allen's new book, "Tread-.
30 years. Last year, Bobby turned mill to Oblivion," traces the rise
producer himself and, with Fred- and fall of his great radio pro-
erick Brisson and H. Prince turn- gram. It's More the biography of a
ed out the hit-of-the-year. "The show than the autobiography of a
M,1ajama Game." man. And, with great portions de-,
SThis made him, automatically, voted to scripts, it makes very
a big man. He has a big office, a funny reading.
charge account at Sardis and he
Sand his partners are planning two The first script is that of his
more large shows. But the habits opening series, the Linit Bath
of 20 years are hard to break, and Club Review, way back in '32. Al-
when the curtain went up for "On len was a sideshow barker and,
Your Toes," there was Bobby Qrif- commenting on the fact that the
fith In shirtsleves, working away sword swallower had Just guloed
bacitage the' same aa always. down an unbrella Fred had this
speech: "He'i pitting something
S "I'm the luckiest girl in the away for a rainy day."
world," said Gloia DeHaven. Remember, times were bad in,
Maybe she's right, and maybe she 32.
isn't. It's hard to tell.
I Tommy Taylor, "Sammy" en
She says phe's lucky because "The Goldbergs," left his costume
she never has any trouble making and make-up ht In a osutcase out'.
money. side the seals' swimming pool in-
"I can work when I feel like Central Park, He managed to ber.
It," she says. "If I want to, I take row bits and pieces of costume
S ime off t ave some fun. Then and another make-up kit In time
when thebils get too high I just to go on. But you see a seal
, call up and say I want to work wearing black shoes, gray trout
there's always been some users and a blue feulard tie-grab
thing for m-ether a nightclub him. He's a sultcase-snatcher.
a l 0 eaneds over and kn d lueor sed w a
-.telcis ili h wyfraun a.

The Pacific Steam Navlgat l CM iny

Royal Moll Lins Lid.

M.V. "REINA DEL PACiC1CO" ...................Nev. 17
S.S. "YAMASKA" ................................ 1
M.V. "REINA DEL PACIICO" (18,0 T0n) ......Dec. Le
8.S. "COTOPAXI" ............................ .. Nove. 15
M.V. "SALINAS" .................. ........... .....Nov.
M.S. "LOCH GOWAN" .....-.....................Nov. l*
M.V. "DONGEDYK" ................... ..........., .N n
S.S. "LOCH AVON" .............................Nov. IS
M.S. "DESEADO" ....................... ........ .N.. 14
AU Saling Beet to ThsSe WI M1tte
FANAMA-Ame. FeA #M.Ael0. 6-2/S
FORD CO INC. BALBOA-TWerm B4r. Tel. *-11M

S They Found .
o* ... .J .. ,

* V a*


S *.

"${ ,y ]i
Cheat Sig Expert, HajT
# ,

*w N MeNEILL ("Breakfast
Club," ASB-TV): A wise garden-
er iali saver the seed enve-
opes: They're often just the right
ize to store the crop in.

UAnd I'm alsto the lest girl in
t he world. I'd mwv rather not
work. As long aI d some way
to release urge & sin that's
I a t a be at
a r er" gP I'd much
fSt a ithan work.
So maybe she's not so lucky, aft-
e*. alL And there'i more.
"My two ia and di-
orce a e B a tradis of
M tof My husband1 cT Wa't n.
Stand about h a pople-
We~ a differet species-we like
S talkto each ohe nd have fun."
W-Adtbere's r or.
wIh- could Uve the tim

IVwent to
to dp a p tre-
S '-andI Was there for
Sd I was ing the
.ed to get back."
yet more. r
fsmlUs always been In
ines I tInto It But&
ay p hI afathea I don't
fi o Wther Fd have gone
ate how busines at an f It
I been for my family."
"Gloria DeHaven who ails her-
! s -elf the luckiest girl in the world,
webes she didn't have to work,
has had two unhapPy marriageI, '
can't live were she'd ike to lve,
p'nd. im't ure she's in the right
Nothing like being lucky. I



Great White Fleet
New Orleans Service Arrives
S.S.VINDEGGEN" ................................Nov. 11
*A Steamer .....................................Nov. 18
8.S. "YAQUE" .. ......................Nov. 30
S. MARNA".................... .............Nov. M4
B.S. "MATAURA" .................................Nov. 15
*Handlng Refrigerated Chilled and General Cargo

lNew York Se

ne Hefftna4
take part in I
..a*mioA Weal





ie Arrives
.' Cristobal
.O.G .... ..N........ ......... Nov. 14
............ ....'.(,*1 .... ,..NOv. 15

and Seattle.

Special romt trip fares I Crisiuaul to New
York, uo Angeles, San Fraldsco and Seattle.
To New York ......................$240.00
T( Los Angeles and San Franclaoo .... $270.00
To Seattle ................. ......$365.00



A girl Isn't ophitletd until.
he know how to ,we a s aki
without being deprived of It.

So That's Brooks Norman

. tart Search


e PANAMA 2-2904




r solit a umits i~ai~wl egr

* 4".7

unOI s Nurm.ii wm t ', .*| .
[I9^^W.WKS1L \ W
A 9 W AMwwrt L -

On the Stretcher

3? IA!
- -*- %-,

nusca.IA's rop

- I~fl

.... Wemded In ALtion

"r i -. -..
*,-t ..

u LOADING auao
*.- ; *- ..- ,. .

Ir I


MA Os 00Mo .IT0 o0Um WAs -
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- U!Z~f~t .

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Deep Ia Thought





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IhLL~ r'~lru~t.


- *

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-* ., '.,

ip .. ..

S ..... .. ... .

: "... -" ..-. -, -' _._-l -

!, ent w iit 1 n Yo a Br
it ". .. or a me4. A 1 rIt over

4ronp. 5n-ates onrc d Ii..Ad
'L William J*&llir, preimnt.of AA
mugs & ^stA a T O 'i",rvest torlll "_ ILC, b",,ntild ,
dY5 :,ado i'n a 10 0 Kcu 120 IC~
Seh W. a1should be 'r ora tSo ha ento..
f.1N.Y.) of the 1foush..ther natson~awoewn f t he ele-T
SEirigy Commithe4 trick poler industry." Lh ttiBs 19 t
.4 d .A u aale fo m e oi coi- terie powar ind str
In bYttaresaee in qoe or two Cln no n 1 u 4 d that Gov. orha Sofd Btht2
S. lf Edgad r &. Dieon and n"...e.
7aA.r$ sW f.o wtes .,. o t g ul*tity. om v es
SWho head the combine,

Wrenkds did intt appear R be
St.ernous, an '
,^% .. -Thctiv u 0ve AEC members rei .r : '
alitte mme lately ar the r
eting. wih Dixon and Yets. i'
gp rdmmis-l onnrs and the two 1
C boa Wmn's 114ity execuhves opeynes care-
orwTr.ld, however, ~hat AEC
hoped Sio trthe conte -e actr e al- I" '
.et at dCivic Cen cu e b uraday. .
Pda4 i10,iu mis assurance, the corn-
mitts agreed to resh e dubu c
Guest speaker will be Mrsa. shtoeproosa Ple
Steoenson of Gamboa who wlnearag on fthe proposal o rmerp
e. lturen an. di5spay of Se- Cp eneas called as o w itw ess shme ha ps, m e.fg TheseI an administration request -hat ri
lpls hurcand lamvsal a epse Nwaive a 30-day rvieew of thae eon-
.sh plaques and several rup Bo t2rect s5o work can begin s amedi-
The club ifas extended a *nv!- atoly on the lO-mtillion dollar
.%-alosf-.SCto attend o sd em plant the Dixon4 Yates
SOPTOZ taoNIN rllen Dudp and MohpsNorton Mt pns to budt at.on so
fseaure of thoe n rtalmsent .at th^e bil Vete>Hrans Day I Ben h Bev r me a bIers .._ 2t $
1to el iv6n for.'cIUity at the Lego C b, t. Amadol Sl ee W It week the hearings ber post-
S-t tomorrow night. Tomo o 90ed unt3l the contract was ,x-

S-A MaWEow le orrw ~eld teuar az wdat nthe Ail eou te hanfterted&t
r Aeim ,n _on -s f 1 I r commencing t.e's au'rl,8 wly, ".-
tJe amrli o ed ar Ii being re-ched. day.walUi period. He cited I a '50-4 Door Sedan, "6'2", Rad-o, Hydmatr
ha e r is Sdarulghtero m gai tet will provide .otinuous because of Thursday being a number of egal a trh/ eBments.
rfrom p.m. 'tIll midnight. hi day. aie 1p m' of the Ie ei, t Bluea
officials have romised a dstinguished mltary s management' comm t t legal requirements reader t 3 Door, Sport Coupe, 400
d s and surprises galore, dent. The honor of waring co ttee ohil m aee as usual, a"t. for tb.e jlntt comr 'e etheom
a iltop-ihe floor show. DMS badeg, is bestowed upn' mee o th adGveM1 r4Door, Sedan, Black, Al E |e to
a ltde l or show aeadets o tesenor class w ho .as. .clle d as .- i n- '
tisnh' Dancin -mbave displA ed outstandla q ed.
e Show," e Cana tesin leadit scholasse Bl- Meets mady .said he Mim i Valley
oe-d e f p i tu d o T e T~Uorr Ca u b oel map s a l .- g e nw r ai l u a C th e o n Y a t e s C ioVtO LcTon -
d. ocal- Td cuando Coete.dal iMarI n-atnly CHEVsOLET odhemie uS/,Vall. 1145
Co. rlvge c .p fr fr '-etiga "stl. a pEVUOJET '50- 4 Door sedan, reen,..S/
an Sotoot Inc Mis1' pt e ats.jH*'skHpant the Dix Ya
fe atteracftive'.teso 104 5fllf- Ik .- -
Co.etCaWt the bso Da her to M. 5e m ttbe

1 -oonvi oeho0l uffalrs .a a meniher If the L..i s tr u o ,. .They .
be rmal Slock C Cl'b, ,the Gwldonwo sfl b

C, m. sand loor company. th e' is also,
Gld TrYets TeaIght captain of the swimming team. b, dn yig**na thut the
S ll -. M" Uer Aris n ertomalasrwthe mno wi ea allowed to ael pomptn," M
is o chose four women The Minister of Labor, Social t h ayh wole n
aao n will take A saee to- Security and Public Health eator- Tomy meeto will be rom .._,
t tomorrow at e Guild gained at a luncheon yesterday at II a.m at tht o rs
1do ilei.ginn-4o at 7:30p.m. 6otel El Panama in honor of the EdwRrd M. Sowier, a4e, .

e, stars Fred Derest and Hoc and Mouth Disease Congress. Cadle Wm.
ra Johnston. i-
ay is scheduled to be Charles MaeMurray Ipeek Ambasador
ld in the middle of De- ilr. Charles Maconurray ah sf Aart Ct Cl..
r from a trit oo the Sta ThetCiletebnl Woman's lub will
s and prospective mem- meet tatrow ps at the
I hel!b baoktage a r o wel- Sale Family I" Vstrsorc.91
pob n r trydus. Mr. and Mrs. Frek Sule of In the absent of othe tted O
nGatun have as their house auestv Stater Ambassdr e a auame,c
rh their c son and daughter-in-lasw, Mn. Solden Chipt nVhad oIpa
t Mr. and Mrs. Lawrmnce B. 8le, scheduled to ades ee

a npSd,"Deananand the from Formosa and will leave Nov. Amerleap EuHd94
rlle TCa r oft theh 18 men route to adNew Jersey. Mr. Caslr ,e Hydrm e $945
Shda iostCAncon, -tat sor alo Service on te '51 2 Door, 8 Radio, S/Cover,
tmemiber of h Cathdiral Mrs. card Returns It wmU Nis..sho work o No Hydrsantic $1145
b hld' on Ths M Vernon L Card of Gre- problems it is de to solve. 'S ONVERTIBI/
u nuieseso p Mor teIr, of tp and ors. e An stey form W Wst .ae p'52-CATALINA, "8", All Extras..... 1645 .-
was the recipien t of zny a tn-n will be made for"ti5e i4ansim a .......
I may ions before her departure eter. ncht workto be done bhy th "'
-r,. e Dr- Aeong other festivities needed for the pooI.r. u, Door
honor wasa tri to Mrs. Corn r's rsl-Ost ___eoeDyl
.. who The Crtobal and Gauo. l MERCURY 1949- 2 Door, Spoi. s
lcud- chapter, Local -CtO, will plan

-b rssh. union office tomorrow at 't:30.
t. wbr t All chapter officers, stewards
c oso w T eM ero members of the Oatun and ari-,
akep tcu Lt. adG liyn al tobal Women's AuI-arote urg-
i byMeorial 1oth P. e r- ed to attend.
Al eros nerse RdCrs 4 dr mi OdCrso

'All -andthe Awfra s at leg.and .

b e Om tes l w -,--jL* s
i ~cAf.MI S
--any ....or.b. -T.

411A-,COlsON .
a A ..-,.

a .
Wof U f- #VI '# "t ; '-3 ,1

-.,l i -ll!o _, Jll Ii A i .. W y -. ...-. I

.- A, '- .Y Cr Pma G.M.c. .

'u.... .. ..........'_....".--'.,.. .. .. ". .
'''.. .-.--. ..S.W'-"
lift is OldON RO

N' '.4- .-
...>.., ,,7. .... .rA,,.,,- ,. .. ...... ,. .
6 L:":" '' z, ': i i"" .- .... ,



, e


.M 4

-Wmonws-- dk

S. ..
o ',

T4 ? 0#6

-^r?^^ *VQU CAN WPLA"Ct WRA T 14 -

RlalM rMOADO e iel U,
MlORBlUN MO a, July As. A J
jMte jaMiMMM Ave. and I3 Ot.

- -

FOR SALE:-Will let person buWyng
furniture take over modern one-
bedroom apartment. 46th Street,
House 27, Apartment 22. Phone
FOR SALE: Small studio upright
piano; 9-cu. ft. Westinghouse re-
frigerator; 2 Rattan arm chairs; 8
straight choirs; single bed mattress;
shelves and Army cot. Phone 2-
1749 after 6.30. 5619.4C, Dioblo.
WOR SALE:-Living room set, modern.
$250. Phone 3-4944.
FOR SALE:- International Harvester
refrigerator, 81'z-cu. ft.. new, un-
used, with factory guarantee. Cia
Alfaro, S A No. 28, Peru Avenue.
Panama City.
W. SALE :-Simmons sofa. 2 bamboo
chairs I I with cu.h ons), 2 bamboo
en tables. Special price is sold oas
lot. House 74b4-A. Las Cluces St..
Balboa. ____________
iFCR SALE -25-cycle 9-cu. ft. West-
inghouse refrigerator. e x c e I e nt
I condition, price $87.50; mahogany,
frame screen $2.50; all-metol
^ kitchen table $10, oak table $2,50;
bookk shelves S2 50; Quartermaster
'b'dining room chairs. House 5619-C.
tOR SALE: Whirlpool automatic
washer $200. Ft. Clayton 87-6147
FOR SALE: Complete mahogany
bedroom set: twin beds, Beoutyrest
mattress, chi;fonier, dressing table
with large circular mirror, night ta-
ble, Iwo'Cloirs, excellent condition.
All for S300. Phone 3-0368.
,OR SALE :-Westinghoue oautoriatic
washing machine in perfect condl-
tion. BEargoin. Federico Boyd Me.
No. 29. _
.'R SALE:- One metal L'uftl, tw,
nctol tab eas. 536-A, Cliisa St..
Ancorn. I
I SALE :- Refriersio :60-cycle.
i a-cu. it., excellent 'cndkltln. $115.i
'*sth r(et No. 9.,Aptr C.0 oft
;er 4:30. "'" *'
S ------n--k. .

CASA ZALDO ASdnge ilternaL d blUcaboi-elaee f' F-AMACIA
Cen lrl A N' r CIal Avy. 1 "GM
No. 3 Lontry Plaza Paique Laeevre I Streedt SM
fourth of .uiy Ave. 160 Ccn-ral Ave... d I



FOR SALE:-1951 Pontiac Catalina. FOR SALE:- Remington "'Noiseless'
1400 miles, excellent condition. typewriter in good condition. Cia
0440-L, Frangiponi. Anc6n. Alforo, S A., No. 28, Peru Avenue,
----- Panama City.
FOR SALE: 1950 Standard Van- PanmaCty.
guard, perfect condition. $400. FOR SALE:-IBM electric time clock,
Phone Panama 128--3-3347. for office use. Cia. Alforo, S.A.,
FOR SALE:-1950 Cadillac block 4- No. 28. Peru Avenue, Panama City.
door sedan, Series 62 Asking FOR SALE: Boxer, male. Phone
$1750. Cristobal 3.2571. 1271-B, Colon.
FOR SALE; 1952 Morris "Oxford" FOR SALE:-Bell & Howell 16-mm.
sedan, excellent condition, 18,000 movie camera, model 70DL w/3
miles. Phone Panaftp 3-4050. matching "Comat" lenses. Camera
S..* like new. Latest model. Call from
FOR SAL:-- Used can. Brgaelns. 7 3:30, 3-1594; after 3:30 Coco
PANAMA AUTOS. S.A.. Jeml Fran- 3-594 er 330 co
cisee de ht Oua Ave..No. 45. Solo 579.
O ALE: r o o FOR SALE: Police -puppies. Justo
FOR SALE 1946 Fod panel, I ton.. .3
Paint, battery, 8-ply tires all new, Arosemen57 Ave No. 99. Phone 3-
$500. Easy payment. See Saul Al-. 3 -5
varado, "Motoirs do Colon." 2-
O 166ro,9. d oo .l PERSONALS
FOR SALE:-1952 Morris Minor, low GEORGE D. BARB, JR H.E. European
g(leoge, excellent condition. Houme od:ustment techniques. 75, Calle
ATe j Williamson Place. Phone Estudiante. 2-B. Hours 10 toI
2-412; office 2-1261. Dickerson. 3 to 8. Phone 2-2525. By appoint-
Miscellaneous Real Etat,
DESIRE TO PLACE excellent house- FOR RENT:-Beachfront house Sea-
keeper, nursemoid. Call 275-2148,' cliff Acrs. Phone Balboa 2-3022
duty hour.'_________ __ after 5 p.m.
SINGLE AMERICAN desires small fur-
r.ished apartment. Coill Torres at FOR RENT
2..4944 or Hotel El P!ama. Room r

Wo. cited Position FC RET;-Clean rooms; .maserv-
1 -. 5. "I" Street, oppos-te Tropical
EXPERINi D -Calidetor(rent)desiresI Thezier. Panama 2-1541
position. Responsible, energetic, re-
liab. -Pprietor security assureRENT
with ollaoral guarantee. Write. F RA N
Box 112. Balboa. cz.___ Miellanoua
ographer, with excellent references, for offices or olher businesses. I,
se. s positio- In gerlerol secreta- Justp Arosemena Avenue., F. I a-
rial work. Please cll 3-0334. z3 Co.

ttf Civic Councils Is CZ's
a .!o M o 1, d .. "


Gramlich's Santa Clara Beach Cot-
tages. Modern conveniences, mod-
erate rates. Phone Gamboa, 6-441
or Pedro Miguel, 4-567.
FOSTER'S COTTAGES, on mile post
Santo Clara. Low rates, Phone
Balboa 2-1866.
SHRAPNEL'S furnished houses on
beach at Santo Clara. Telephone
THOMPSON, Balboa 1772, eve-
Phillips. Oceanside cottage, Santa
Clara. Box 435, Balloa. Phone
Poanam 3-1877. Cristabql 3-1673.


FOR. RENT:-Cholet, 3 bedrooms, 2
baths, garage. Good neighborhood
Phone 3-0771.
FOR RENT: 3-bedroom house at
Miroflores No. 188. Phone 3-5586.

FOR RENT: Concrete bungalow,
three bedrooms, three servlcws, par-
!or. dining room, bigp closed porch.
kitchen, Maid's room. washrooms,
g a r a g e, hot water connections.
$135. Sonny Bo, Sabonas -810.
Phone 3-3041.
FOR RENT.-Unfurnished house, two
bedrooms, par lo r, dining room.
kitchen and large yard. Belisario
Porras Ave., San Francisco No. 85.
Inquire at house No. 1424, apart-
ment C. Carr Street. Balboa.

ATTENTION G. I. Just built qpodem
furnished patdtmAnts, on, two
bedroom hot, onwo water. -Tel-
ephone Ponomoa -4941.
FOR RENT: Moiter apartment 2
bedlpoms, maid's room 2
s .ifrmg-dining room, garsorl s5j
at "El Cangrejo," G Street No. 2.
Seea De Castro, No. 24iaA9e, B.
Phone 2-1616 Panama. .#
FOR tENT !-Comfortoble o* n
furnish .bedroom. North Anrr.
loan r.gulor We r- o
tlor...... *....3-047 1. ''


S L.


if fCneh Bhrar.
Chew Uip 1t Jr.gwa,
They Ca. bSt4g With

Chlordane aB Rth3.n,
Which Are _sImt
Against OnGrtadi a
Soll Worms. Gi-e.p-r
Result 'on the Clflch bug
Ave. Central 27* '-. )'14a0


sa *A n*m.. 'ea
Saturday: I T "nora.
s Pert AvA-= T, a-l
iI block trfbilhetii

General Reppar, tu upg
(fast seMl ) all, wok
guaranteed. (Day A Nighbt).
(Formerly t -. .A &L)
Telephomaeu: f,.y, ,m

Plyical y. Ill, Wolet,
For Sore, Muslnuc.rmne Rhe a.
slam, Artmha LM ate *Sf s.
Tired Fet. BunFen, Cain, Ad
8 .on. -7 Tel..I-N4- m*.
Airport Dead f lPl-Ii "ltir. i

Electronic. fEuipu-t

ia 11

W~we wet 1 seple aas
k -. reS Int M
. .Presents

.y,.Tsuesday, ~ov. S

SMartin Snow
For Tuesday
a Review: Proudly

of the four C inal Zone local rate
Civic Councils.
It is not a governing body but,
rather, a mean by which the
four councils work together; it
serves as a general liaison group
for problems whica affect more
then one of the communities re-

'[all (U and AF). Heded by Ellis T. Fawcett,
-s.or l o I woo also selves as president OL
Inets--pea Plolfoe the Paraiso Civic Countil, it is
e 4:00) compcsea of tnree aeleglteas each
I from the Paraiso, Rainbow City,
V's Your Fav orite Sana Lruz (GamboJ). and La
,'d) Boca Civic Councils.
J d (USA) t meea monthly.,changing tbe
S lORSTa location of its meetings so that
-W' ._' u'acn of.t.e particitatmg councils
(M ClOotbipsnd BI plays host tu the Cmngress once
Durable 4e : overy four months.
!AR OROAN MIL. Meetings of the Congress are
opn to une members o0 the com-
r A ^ CB t t where it iL.meetiqg al-
Si a l Ouli none but WOoggvslt mem-
DY'S PE n have a vote on the matters
3 _ARTY (B ,audqOer discussion.

:terMixtur. (BBC)
eu Asked For It (re-
tests-please phone be-

t Sta ',.
weduai Y M"s

-On The Alarm
e tClmb (requests -
haoe before 1::001

I tal Reveille

Tit o

Record requesti
phone before 9:80)
.h Record (co04)
i 'I'." I

Although it is a comparatively
now organization, the Congress of
Civi.. Councils already has a
AIalber of plans under study
e it hopes to put into effect
a short time,
ohese. is sponsorship of
J' .e baseball teams
pi .inhtdry season.
O aiso is working
olt pla- by which it 'can offer
Prl-s for the best-kept grounds
around quarters in each of the
foW communities it represents.
Already well-advancd ih an-
other project: programs w h i ch
will be held In -he various local
rate mimunities to build morale
and raise the. general cultural
stadirds. according to Fawcett.
ITe programs would bring mu-
,nding speakers to the
$ 'sWi ate -communi-
C on.r4J Cilvia Councils
1s sourceI revenue and lty Chest

1: .]Dancing Party

Flu nAi
-tlb co

ALLEI, Okla Nov. 9 (UP) -
An explosion bfew off a wall of
the AlUen High School building
today seriously Injuring the
principal and causing lesser in-
uries to an estimated50 stu-
dents, 125 of whom were taken to
hospitals. I
Highway patrolmen at t he
scene said here were no deaths.
but 13 of the Injured were hurt
seriously. The explosion occurred
at 3 p.m. as F. Q..Plekle, prin-
cipal of the school, tIe.mpted to
light a gas stove i ap eighth
grade classroom. Patrolmen said
Pickle was in serloup condition
at a hospital at nearby Ada,
Robert Witty, news editor of
the Hoidenville. Oklar, Daily
News, reported several students
were suffering froin shock as
well as cuts and bruilss. There
was no fire.

Witty said first aid was ad-
milnitered to at least 25 other
youngsters. He said two cliss-
I room ,were left a shambles by

FOR RENlT T7 eoom 'aplt-
mernt, g r9 S r. a 's woor,, near
U.S. Embassy: Ave. Justo Arosen*-
no 73-A. Phone 2-2341.
FOR RENT:-Apartment, facing Juan
Franco, No. ,135. Phone 3-3747.
FOR RENT: Furnished apartment,
military inspected. Via Porras No.
FOR RENT:-Modern I and 2-bed-
room apartments In house No. 45,
Avenido Jose Francisco de la Ossa.
For information call 2-1616.
FOR RENT:-Fumished apartment, 3
bedrooms, living room, dining room,
kitchen, .rnald's room,, service,- etc.
Call Panama 2-2011 for informa-
FOR RENT: Two-bedroom apart-
ment, miold's room with bathroom.
New building, $75. Phone 3-3356.
i Houtge
WANTED: House or apartment: 3
bedrooms and servant's quarters.
good neighborhood. Call "Hotel El
Panama," Room 215.


e kas part of the roof of 0. ..gpj j- r s
thejbrit and frame building l -wi*t
ea In. a,- laugh with
4ool_ Supt. J. I. McKeel was
those allghtly hurt, Wit 1

4Okahoma Highway Patrod
e three units to the scene ER
andkational OGuardsmen of t4hi
c SAOr Il8 in east-fentral Okla- -
hoet were called to duty to help v
hapb the emergency. '

-T, ,
,s Dlemim
* b *. .

SCOMCpCIt VkIEt elimi.
nate Selector tells
when ric tempera.
pentMe-every fiber with
even, comatula mit-fine flow.
S p large capacity-
) tura# ianbtap water into
dil M vapI eeam i seconds.
IrOu *mt --- ;
SIRECROVW--o eori.
__i6- a.t rear of

"- Iw'Tinlent Terms

Ii llwar Ave.
I, 9"STIkksS.LA.
.1 rSaog

(sest to Jft
Dr. e K' UbtA, D.D.
Frmer r1oe istrnuter .eorg..
town Un, WWae B D.C
a04 Gabo.4a, L

Abo *V-ia: X-ray aMFS
Periodronict s ul
PhoneSe:1 bai iti ;

ltOd prices, IllU 9J-

the .. in

for the. Uited Stae s lI
In' r; a at/JM
c6,t 7MSeptopher 19
h1 "purchasing value of
In September-based on th1
dolrUBg equal to iR
an Incleae of 0.5 per en over

TUslh bthe dollar o"ir J

onr 5 cents., .
CaW*Yed with'as n ya
food prices were dqwn, l

Thedoalulnes were p d f
stoal of 0.6 In
land n

Hey L ook!

11 DaysYiB

Firmen 'sAI

.u'. i
I J L J 'I)1il(llfM l(

* I

FlOrmer republican Rep,. Clifford
P. Case warls= td .to the U.8.
Senate to NiA Jerdey by mar-
gin'of 3,503' vote over his Dem-
ocratic opponent, Rep. Charls
R. Howell, coomplete.oficial r -
turns showed 4odfy. -
Democratic Psary lemaden aid
they still weai cntemplating a
demand far h e .recount
of votes cast In r Tuesda
election, h ever. .
Case's pluallity., b d on Tre-
tums submitted forGeti.atlon
by the sataWs. eontaila, wa

wre different nettd4.
41 a fewmvse .
A po a, at .New. J~ey
Democratic lhe (quarters I
Trenton said there would be a
"strategy" meeting to diauua tb
officiall figures.. .
p -

'' .ntroaceWiT uemsr, fant
V. Burke, prelftient,; Mutual Aid
Cl I .
Presewntatlpn of .Award to-es-
say onteWtWilners, UMrs.Datsy
Robbuon, present; pcic Ar-
my-Mothera Vunteers Club.
Praentqtnon-of Atlantic, and
Pacific Artiy Mothers.
Pretehtatoihi 'of Memorial
A. E. Osborne, schools
UnUeiZng of -plaque, by Mrs.
eeballos and Mrs. Ivy oayle.
Dedato Prayer Maj. Roy
-Hi0dy, chaplain U.SA..%.
ftl pal Addreas, .Elmer." ',

It f st5j

hl ~- ~ p.

-.-~. .

1 *

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sonnel Pe .....

so in the6 were
of ste an 6

mwndere selected for their leadership

dress, command golds, And now-
Tankledge of d nd s

s .s pCaiosed teoftnig
Heavy Ma G Lionel c

commanding General, USARCA
able to attend.

who p "pr,
Fciloate ing the review aom

tiion wa held in the Fort Kobbe Iw u u
their units. .
Those chosen to act ANfcers
werAt the elected for their fleide -
mHilitary me was unveiled. The
dress, ofm Fae a permanent d Vw- U

playedge of ca ied photos of out .
standringn, intbersof the d RCT
who hatee dstin shed t iv
Battaliorman C man d and veterans of ththoe Korean eon

ed: First attGea, Lionel: Sgt. JameIn bservane of Veterans Da
command Generbattalon commanderCA the Pacific Arm M
sRIB, VI emirs. S. Richer Ms- Club r the Mutal Aid' ub
restein; Cp me ca was of Para -'

Iea, and' pe Charles B The ceremiloni~es, which wI ba.
Second attalon : Sgt. Ro prece ma at St.

Barthlett, battldin the Fcommander; obbeph's Church n Paralo at
theater attended byp. Hermrnan adm. Thursday, will et une-
other offiand P. sch by
At the racettalion the Lelin Boy out followed
Hall of Fame was uni d r;led. The
Hall of Faroe is a permanent diV-
play of capll ed photos a autd

standinff memberC Robert Keld pRaue ada ". "
who have tin uihed themnleves
by military or N athletic battachieve-. A mmorive plaque
ments. Ioring 16cal U. Army volunars
Battion Commander andta ndveterans Cpl.of the Korean on
their staf for the Breview inchid-.lct will.f i unveiled Thur daY
ed: First Battlllon ryB Ja e in dbaerva6eof Veterans Dao
De la Cruz, battalion commander; aby the Palf c Army M ot
staff melnrs, 0pl. Richar Club 4 the Mutual Aid' alub
Prestoen; ;L' arence McDan- of Prhare :be
liels, and pf2Chdrles Buffaloe. The ceremonies, which will
Second Patta on: Sgt. Rolando preceded.,rba- mas at St. is- i
Barthlett, attion commander;, qph's Church.i k araiso at '
stqff me hbers, oCpl. Herma.n a.m. Thursday, wll. gt underA -
Santi.Muniz; Cpl. Oscar Ojedh way at 8.%.m..wlth the raisnf

Freytes nd P. J. Fisher Invoaton, ofthRe anoschoo
o, Lyn c-,
staff memb.ers. .C.. RbberN .erthe 91jWre.s a od l" e. '

Lync. c. ... .. ..

S/;.- .i .


I .Another o VS umph

for the 1955 o-rd. -

.3 --


*.I- w

Panama and na 1
an thbg.
BenedLction, 2v. PW ,
Walters, Pastor W,,, p.

* ,

-. V-A. .

travel .
training beln con dut
13d Jteg1ment.l .1 bat' hu
and the0 telMd Jtdfy
Battalion. Later In the .dy thay
_.ll.d'on .t, o ab.t_ _.
Caribbean Command. Ty..
proceeded to- Corosal to vtW
Ordnance Maintenance bope.

Oulick. ..

wOoNSOcE, RJ. --UP).r
*An plant for a- city-ob fot
to bring alopg his liagum WheL
appeared for a dvl-s *am eli-
nalion. He borrowed a r.-frnom-a'
Janiter. ,.

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*44~~~ 1.

-'~ m-hIabt b -. tIkA




*4% J

"OU.Trqt in MALAYA"
es ",... .-a ..W
C~uette C~mI~t ia* Eawlnu
A'fTN'ItN 10 iio not remain in your
car in the terrace of the Drive-In
.Thatre We have jUt'-trtalled aut-
Awnt chairs for..y ac!tommoda-

',%N! IJ

Mi 'LL.1F'

- with -

br! BOOTH Itloet RYAN

wth Co ..
"ChQC'lPA. ,

with John ai

A0 %

A") ~ JneFi e Fond year-old dau h-
to p ftor f FSndnaawill try for I
aaI n earer when ohe com-
Zipa oIet ars Popg16his*
klame 4 y .... .mer N o w Y h. -f
Alm I t a bwith, g movie tyhoqn .da
ld" ~lh ,ood stay. Inside reason.
a rnd, Vm o f mnaion of independent- fik-
uag hrp4any that O'Dwyer wil
er awlss-wn f rander. e O ..TWOODiddlede t: D
nightmare that alCost ended hr a ThomTo MNt bell's uphe
eer. the ayor of the Town tele-
Pla yingas f d marin "There' os a, was dfeired a kitten bern

rmlal Rhf _r ewIo' retha a a l bl i eo o at.iH bo r i -. ...
,tt he told me:r As D in theme :" ",.r*
and IS mi, -I" e"d "J 'I was the most bitter actre is r I f."o
tbeworld. It didnatraim faatsn
th a opened' to me.Aftane tr.seu b SlvulofB t 't ncaster' t pi. -
trathobi U tu oel" bdum truu-ft "Them.Kilers," is lifting eye-
monte oraa A tWl- t mark tha $.A 1t out.h with- th
remal It wu tl n t. I hat I gr ew ra
up -and lot my theme music before it 1 1aga I
'1 stopped being an actress and W the themes rtlP...Audrey w n'
ed in urn at Mel Ferr er lea ed ry decent of you to offer your assistance but we can't
radi w. ts"a ies ,t .. lR. I-e whoeaen to'ar Uo. .... 1foW .BEAT ITI" __,_

h v.O.eingest oi ',. .. ,
w"b We- bllso se aga being
t Ta c of ise at bI t arti u r yearles Chali Jr.,
Ithe c of Ythe C" .gh.vlSusanCoor ki.We hd so

reveailt 8 elthoV'ofe P u sno=.t Colo Ters oom or erhc e a te, "but nowE
.Huh o twiM marryIn couple. mou ths'

W .. ,e w t..d Now
.,eoioen I A Mn aUlld Peter. V0er4shcm6,.a ller y m
sro e' P ar 'ne '.. ov esry lefowy sa i .
.1 to ch. oIback H

....AComms debate ofbt TO

....i ral a. ,ai can c oer e w aM t o e u aslmso ae Uet lldne o
o s a y who's e wIG :n Wi. ldborlte nwhoh qir t NO-
-h ...o pI or, .e., .

.. ... wgas n.A wi totrsar1krlin n year, Vkoly
dea Mbe-ra., the 19n -t mod.. teto'l b ider hset rsthed Tt
iniler ordes- Bha5t7h t.nalygou sho" L the debate.
(0 V a Wie3dm ource- mc -od-_"the_'
"' fhdtely all9- s will pack 'em intoh td a er Ho-.m sin's f Iratf-the
nLdr' aed atsthis h em, despite hisw teM. k .nl'ofRsh acRo efrteyTeit I KATS"wd.O treaty at a
a w ln, ecr, .& v mo heal no r rv,, Pren ,,who c rmopla tis mummer Ira .K O ,
went l ot, deat t m .n r fsro5.. ".m' i s pred ec esisq Dav id H Boyne, left. G unte r
rg,41ing order was W- that the Po
t~- crashes a reca u~,roY d W n r.-situation comedy series. done vsr the ,u r;f 1SignsT
It .Ptr.seStR shand re. allow ed. 21 .days I
,fouaaade" r,8 o o %... young st rstr e 10 6Iozilr and ~ QuR OW.. r
the -thyear-old9a5 agrd to *e d y
fled .we ar .. .s. s about 8- .+1" -. ...-. ,-GDIN

Orw'e' L, DI LOwhenTH
It ? t l. law- Va" bon4t1.11ad

. -

I ? l ',".. T. ~-q :*-: ".r' *'" ; \ .4.
;1 ** '. 4 ; 1
'Ir.LS"' 'r.. i *'
*., i & .^. ", t ,. '

i'.A '1J. '. 1 '- t .* .. .; B :4.
*, '
"L~ '
"a i~ I .. / J --?: ;' l i

BALBOA 6:15.- 8:25 |DN AS 6:15 s:
Saal mEile r Ii
to* le ""*S
'~ ~ ~~.Ei kdl- **it'r

. WAR0Tt.FO.R lta.

-^WWWstA P;X '**

w-i "4d*w.t BB





Debra .Pao t Whirls, Wlwe y
In "Princess OfThe Nile"


". "' '-
I, "r,. ";
J. 1 I \

i -k -.
ii Wf -V *,
.'4 *4 i
qn. 4 '

* 'J' .,
. ,j/ ; .
L *> .,-u
S'. ,:* .

iL j f i .. ., ,. *


Winsome actress Debra Paigt lowered her bal- -lu.
for the last time in te puppy-lv romances that have
scre= repertoire. In Panoramic Production's Teh or .i
"Prices of The Nile" which also stars Michael Rmlale a4d.l j
irey. Hutter and open on. Thurd .at the Bella .Vts Thl I'
Voung raven-haired, Debra Paget literally w herIs V ,
through. this first of so-called "grovnsup" rn 1s that have bel '
assigned to her.
As the Princess Shalimar of the title role, Deb ch
princes and skillfully plays a game of intrigue agalst ,
conqueror, ana then, at night, fraterises .with her
Tasra, Temptress of the Dance to Incite her aubjects-to
against the oppressor.' .Adv ,

u ---- -~ ~












'Give me .4e A
Fwtw To Wh
VerarWa '.

*W~'Y'~ ~r~r --V 4

_ ~:a


* ?f .1


_ _J__ _


_ ~~__ __

rr'.~vr~(~hk(ls~~H ~- I ~~ tIPTIr" ..

tL .*

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~ A



, .- .
^ 1 ^ ^ l *- I l l l l ,

Lea W.* -h ... "- : : '

Celebrants Consider Atlntic Leo-n 4pres on Swfel IP

A's Transfer Biggest Poy gue Exf
The Atlantie Pony Lea gus held
its first meeting to get things
News'Story, rolling for the 105 season. Thef o,.
News Story Of Year w- .. =,, ,
was very little interest shown by Ve ne J r I' uIrlght W
parents or friends of the le amp uned In
S- as only six people came out A Ibrtlant
KANSAS CITY, Mo, Nov. 9 (UP) Jubilant the meeting, the our maun two boxe u afteoon
Kansas citizens could think of little but baseball to-athe a Me and Carl rd to n t
day after learning the Philadelphia Athletics would oh Por M ott .
e oved to the cy next season. at s cesfPony League lly ths o yer-
ate's successfully this yeu" as
be "n'eb t It has for the past three, bme L for
aeball was the chief topic of fer of the A's to Kansas City was of the parents of the boys pla- LAM :f ain r I
ewersation. News that t he one of the biggest, If not te big- Ing In the league have got to COLONIAL INS C. WINS Max R.ip -l with. _Is
Athatics were coming to Kansas guest, story of the year. Radio and show a little more interest. The AGAIN; SN BOWIL W ch"W
it was known to almost every- television stations wereswamp leag ue can not operate without IN AO lbr $ emno eek
o n. ed with calls when the newshep. We are in need of score. .. ... -0..6 "W.eek
ousewlve talked about It a- broke about 3 p.m. yesterday. keepers, umpires, publicity a- Dan P enta's Colonil keg- ster 6 A
roas the pack fences. City oft- Newcasters nterrupte program gents. et lers took hree point l4at Tues- Zeletes 1 S s CoIon ldr A.
le discussed It. A bartender to read freent bulletins. List- Two mortat changes were day night t Major ling chmidt 20 173 ss Mrt
Didn't know mu about theeners calle their friends to made at this mehet s$ing. The age l d ene a t Maj err moth
er had little to talk about. find out If they had heard the of eltlbility was moved up to he ageeIagglo MW s L resine 8 4I 86 5m9 willl noet r e
M ssa City's e e blasted. d news. Everybody was In a "a k a rl 1st lfa boy has not reah- Other lead o4 b m-lw e n n tl ...
irs o.ef having a major le ague me out to the U ,game" s1 rit Ar his sixteenthf a b oy has not reah- their lead fo4hs h Mtel Of Oma annou n
me were dohtlsl, n yera fob t he d, h ramsu iyctch e the tl year siorthw fr a of al ------ ha n "ewt J '"a
quck thn you c y on- March 1st he is eligible for play. ouseboys incrlead re
3 ra The te o a n Miack. Heretofore It has been August19 for the 6 Le uttenber g er 156 i 2dpo 181 558 Wilmotl the.n ,
te n City, n Tie ba sped een staer o 1st. This will give those boys not Tourneau 5e lso. .. 18 12 210 5-5m members MarMteu -had
i% .N adE m City, the b.k even staged Imae- ready for High School res thus far Blind
Sray le e'le goversins oft a "baae Mbight league pay one more members below Oronataa .I. T 7't 1 59 36 and when t bou did not m

iadty had eleubrated t o sp- would b y the t. Louthe batter out at first as thae c ta when against 001 8 74 o meet new t another aya
t s ,theelubfortrsans- n n s l-M r World may be. The rle is the same as aleem to l r low- dat. r
here. t then a Philadel- Ser's. t ick In regular baseball, dartr g cIda a
aThiye a t cthmollowplayr ieassAwere se-o s37. 1e4es -o ssc nkwnSi.Sia.s anag ca t 'mi s re
Smwrethe. club wd s l b fort he doy the d sa waits y reaso.and w oli w. tha nt eh has signed ith o ut ot-. .
cl en r a osed. lU ctehd at ltheatrstmieo r ow s Colbert 13 305 26 67 e L Crai m me
But this time, the move was the A's earlier, thousands bought u ieree in
al a td b the Almeru i tie- to I rnov_ the citay woul ll, RwaIn D 'h a oa- a... 8 00 19 7 5caoms A. 4C9 t
.eButwten andoeue bsea M.R.A.-Max T anders, J. s.,ames T a o17r0e 5th e he hma ob son

aeb an aiM eons ready o u rt iicknr athr b n r k. a ow
", '"" 'a.t The O fro llw ow i ng I.paet i 56 tie t sirugnt aniuu f r clTai m e' n of

da. 'S Theywere odiny. tight 10to te PO eradlo rd, lo teat (al th mereei wl a" r olorr M. tdatehe. s igntiduwit .d G Own t at'some
4U tLef thairmbythe cq- hiis Willia Weia,27w a Nov 2 CTh

toe".hEast.W. h en. Kan sanmit. baasnxo*get b w e o lsO hig h o r .it the Sh O, Gr mu le.uaa r s wes
a h mvewa ..el'earuraw usands Mbough tW i'.usual ..__L r Lou's- .ii Loan at.had, b -n a., b ,,nP

B0 o tie, sClLre e ,ir thn stsuorratuwe isi t w 4 he d t
t "th erA md eri Ca iiketys os" lovrtr ston yMu e wh. 1 O. 7 .a o, e h .as mga -' -te p
Sal n-sso e d tnr s J am whe in .nna poud[ .h1 ot r c -Areaf un eo-

,aJ sh Catch Gawlin 8Fix5 Rhig -, eit J. e6.drngs
T hey TOereoov.a-t t oae bt eelam of P aen e i o leon TinA Ke In
edngtowedto move, n the o seao oslons wid ith57and.y 09h eo C mmlAreNnrmer d torseef rthusidenta tract Nv
,11;ta m i time"ttheywy.Phillips illabei, 5d over aee ting-their77 -_"h- nt d. .19 1 -Masem antd-ors' of A

atet- e ntr e thefu ma .ae an se.leted n s aIonu aMaon o d ....ha
as. e ,llow lo.o,. wi o e I an late tamh will ha- KDSWACofeOlwdby,71Not,. .P)o-' A28.e.n Counet.N. J.."aou nce i lhe arns e. N
t 141 brbe are reported to ve been marks were oo avail b substitution has been made for d on N 18 and the r ort
.Blu es boThedow1o Rofi mei o thea rqooin
t0an d allteam ends wet i e4onthe owae An :Qi al 8 4 ott inue

hi thhirs i into ontrh m oa si *earn hadbettrtsterv

6^^^^ ^'E~ s~ s^%A^ .'%^%',- U 4IthNwoka ymulfaiO"ii 4
m.w Rbace Track n rlnd ys Theto meet ToAnthony, w but oi wou u o l

/t ean abre tee Bildt. Jet Act onM will run in the aeymoUr Insur'nPe Agencn we e annuned as oow: Dtrnd. ,uttered a ut oere the w ns be an ci ton on Liht Be ta --
.alhiuee r 4 4 r ady t Pmlso 8peo ald Nov. 20. Jet.At c t surpriuieli kndeked over the ) T tt y. trann Oweit9n -har a h tl-ldC m r "fe dt vs. RobU t
it'a3m edia. therwnion o .nthefo r oamrge Handse l oertd .wui. sb ddt Kitlew.s or a .hie,. bowled we h ponPeCor for the Nyov. 18 ard bn- do t
h TlOnWu lr for Stakes earleotn .he year second thme yamw hip en fe o 2046 a n ee 30teds215N *l.amro Sb Sheroeroerl ge yl .ofA leper tn oad rat"
t1e In Lnbeer, argd, 1 he p house an er (b Plar r i len, o

SaaWCW-.If aggk-o nSW b Wright year-old exrcis bor died rei- mann lhd ior stmor hith I- "free Maca" wneek- shlub roun 'l-BnN semifirtnlin.any ate Va W-
'ws. bo ath erl. terd.ay fomu arei.1l. followed bwi-~Crly Bates with the tic m tohe ga-e is< led. Ko v are b8ck Ifn theater m Byrd, n o1Brt Kt.
.- lthe w ch noght, uo laermen ren-dThSchming.terd masRaylRoinrso53.naor Tu.- Lur. ytephens (c) The score-the mere drc' D&- wg divsons oco Bolo'K
S~.~ ~at the. P onyhLe el t and Lae rA a e rdsoh t whPch rived r Aulsritral itu hii
T fr o eoPn Colonail hns. .. 30 2 3 r1-ealal

',u bla, was a pa i the ner future as an i- n Mutual of Om a 18% 1 8 Modesto, Cwfna snd n flU.weilrht title n.ddtdon .

.. -'fs. e1 fal pou' flhln l s, o 'd m 5 ere uo ytt a -oldwhMA Mrw toheNam Are rO '--
,rhab er ... en a ch, who wi p m e.tin Audrrdt r

P aef The ten leearding bowlerA ot woo o o t te
th e, fre fh 200 s, c, yar

4'.o be Noat 14i San Brancisco Unlvi s ace re- Cof.fe .m 209-5 -sa- Mv'eLrht59t 01,e erd in tmne fdrow ay live a" p FOrt he-ci ov Ramoet nT rf .a I ra. M
Sturned with the Cardinals by Balcer 18 203-5 (g) Both aw ard a B to .Pn. Torre. F__ Kob_. __l the et
'l nese -.dwildd the htoin _Mel.andn 24 203-0 all pl r in Can .tw ightwelhs- ery Akins, -a y .
S tal. Dr. Ralph llo-Colbert 200-1 F ithe n e a1. n ach, hm an ,

90 a. raaa 1 a6 Matson should be ready Waggoner 4 196-0 (h) --.m .. G* ", Da phJa ve rma re.u.0, Arm Aantc; nd yenlo The m aet .M ls
aolr. d.ra( players iar-A ogsh -Te D oadl
thmeiyw urn. hae lme. D o- ngest imeith 152-25 aKids .. oba de 7 In Fao abbe '- -

ak El-lsworth .,,- .00 Colstona .*d ilane fou t. or rtl-. t wel htaand Hrod or a.- g y .
5110resrereoredrovb enmarspwerti avaly.1Ig obns I qt 'a n p 1 substit

IL C forannual swank Of Minesrwearwl oal- r or.

b.alb atn d oow ba bewlo ,anid er a peTer f gag' 'c b k". n fih _ton, ha pp. lo.faip ialar, set v.Ra__

I *i r eaide.o etActioRn ew i orll n. n theos ....s. une Ae 2we-e4 du nn e a folllsot:Ue tmeur .a sui f. au v b Pein aco ognrAt, Ai- __uay.igi m- wd
e IIt S n-ow m tay suRogirsa...g 176 te22 e w theso 0. or 85 .y i r ", tnt ra oe t .
wege 3astnwo t.rhe Roame r Han .um F er- y u. ed Kilowa1ts or3 d aine~ o wee wl o.1. 'i '
1aught by the 3101y fromfla to aturday 8andth Withrsfor u C p int t ble. mr thism lei theo e, V. 18 la e"o

aT Detroit The Llons lallaC o t r
nogttak re a ingtheoear.0secondrtimetmenhepe ed etito ac ig t W liae

dotad-frm a pr srl fll8e b0 13 Be wh the asaa.
faoard aseetheyonteM 5 F.Ltn(heA a the T Tomembs ofDei,
4, winh ls-hwith45 an etwtha year, sewrea r of the.fet s le ueluw h e in stg1
tulned andoDelawa. rMtTo ksp la"r Un s ubs 'itunaet ion binat de fo rhloo ve mbert o .18,adOD aro
.3 Tird 2811ShIn tis cuntrIy, the th=rofa75ort

s ,oo.- .I 'e., 1 ... ". .... ..'
ma b hig last Theeed. e L el o s, NFFz er In 'vL
six games drew almost 216.000 Frd ats
fans. a average of 1,000 a lelchmian 198 221 225 644,A.4 s f
pas. Hudak .282 212 188 632 thr. *payols have altie
_~_ Bowen 145 170 158 473 SorB I5 er -,. ., ,.
FranglonI. .160 215 194 669 Isthm f. Sed icear.
Jamison 143 177 130 4 l his rment Is man ..
08wled5 2777ua;
Tand Ifa Ivbea .27& w ,
S.,mour Ageney araa vsd esA s) fiu or Ind.
bt, Inthe aM" ,- In "04s 1
S -o ", rIN .70 195 564 the @pe #A#' "kJ

M A, M GMs17 2 1 68 2031 S F *
.... ,: .cm .I:" ,a.-tk,._ ,. M .' "I... a o I
200545.. m 17 mM 4?'n
53,,... -t
ova. 1W

44 ~

g:t ~ ,-

S781 9u18 igI






a ..

"L' "w w-3

:J.A -

.. ....-B ~. -.q
Na M I .-V

MAWpe to NOW"o
-V spo -- '
.. .

dwhile bhfs a
toiled futdely agathe Sb .
-N W-Y rs 9 4

Skeept i It

,. lon handlesr.for baske all's
;, Ian yo

ept de I have to do y ma

sto dulAwheth1

r-ait himself rth t he

.Laks wrsf as a oed owner nd
tbOAW g iSemoral manager, not to-me.a
I'uR.sw '" ezeoutive vice-president?
iekdWon, r of s lt
I got three little boys I go~a

ever o tred is c I s kin g
handles a ftor in isret11
by O ha t h. e ave to d
wan t to. be poin

JO-E W ILLIAMS aMoaded1d y

Wne -NavyrBob-a*basketb' Jimmy crooy piey ,

NpossIble-BD Arnold. has-been,
with 0 g ofWStanley 5etehel, and how he A, I's true.h eL
a1 WANere-eaaocaato himself wi thehe

Other boxing champion, old or new, and there as a on owne

gmo al.It YpCaU0 s u ic-sidentM

AA2A :-

1t o n Je 'firtinrs)

nal w .n isr-.,. 1
,.jy _,,C, ,4

L: .', 'c ', .----

... ..... one .e- ChM t rt
V:men nexo u 4 w atn he

pih fere w' iatr

rthe qup aye udh bad P0
Snrea, are' to~q out aml
Gun C*Ih-and Us

ayhcks iss And w teams w
.mmpetition. AIM,
Swinner Oher e
ca zone p ice re. ohM

thpbt e eot d the Id .
th bl Wed -NO

SM 'Wre.aln e
eT AY frin o at r n, a.ool a
about he 8l0aLG= s- A|
strouf s, oterlo, imheM

N of Uv .4 n Wllw
edm Zivnlo ow, 1

ad J Pror

he b e on he ose.fwc r soldof the fMiChl.
a or was the bt r saw.
betot t he ran into a knocout punch
or six asecnda leo in the last round. Calling
et, took nothing awa from Oroien, of course,
nt well ve been, at that. O'Brien was a vet-
ar lents at a te time, so Ketchelia mmortaUty could
y have been based on the specific fruits of thatfight.
e$ o extrd y then Hlly. Papke

was j as oo ar ehitdI said Attellnd pWke
S thmo five tsaein the ar t ron d othe daya oe, Papke

S of fa t ar the eoort 014 conre on
ase wJ nut aea ood a hItte mid AtWL IHe had
fly@ e. km the first ronad the day- he At e t

Mt tad more Ol %for it e fighter. oui
him. And he h -
KOl Nro C aMpHIn to 15ni eet in ring sade d
0it 6 mlwalght. ad d ear-
aAU. Witor of th ono w toa uU anapY t
AM red the, atfor the a U
Semory of 4:

fii dd a

,I toughtbMbwas
not the6u of a n W40 e


* .r with which a art a. reanh ..
f,tiOtter from W- A. Parsons, W. ridwell Parkway,
EBL8H^ r *,A !M -*&i-M WuaMl W" hMe *a j '%:4

Saswy adi -ft- Aio t i aIie -Isd
22, anoZ,=iBbhe uud ,a
o sInexd. up"er pl ay, cadta, to ese a
Trail at Balboa oo for further beillead, can
information, or appear I pern man m lateral or Paralld
Thursday morning and inquire a- to l age-a long as (on
bout the omainta. n ao to ..m.n


Shooting XI*
"And that poor dope oAuldn't
maxe a ,,re With a puit o oal -
oiL ." said Doe, concluding a
alatribe about a guide who kwih-
ec up his hunting trip last te
Doe was fight, he'd in effect -L
ben robbed ti a good part a
his $4U-a-aay outfitting i by an
incompernt iuneaa b kn
neither tue country or 1- gaPine
but ne nad" forgotten that .te
outfitter bad ben up .lri the urt
tougn problem of igni up, at
tne las& minute, anu faor pretty
small pay, a man ready worthy
of tae name oi gaide.
A guide eAn make 0 break a
sporaman'a trip, but a truly l-
eu guie"'. not easily oM by I;t
takes a peculiar combamuoa ot
woo s savvye .ndmrntait o ef,
game haitv, and seaUte That last 'slan't always so easy.
wat strange quirks of U "a. The flrst browald I ever saw run.
ture as umanuesmaie by uIue, to ning around the Alaskan
mace even a pauablk gui drizzle looked as big as a freight
Sr. I -vas all fr banging the
And only the beat of them haTe critter prontq, until BWkis Jude-
the atioea quality Of t ment prevailed A lesser guide
atteson au P .. .ia es might have let me water my trip
game- hims it W6an my money for a s o ad-rate
e -upMorw rug.
kne im 1t. W1 I once heard him 6utlfne the
abusmenea will iMaleb true sportaman'is erdo In phras-
g a s w ina both auneaot and ualnted. to

hbikk ami


No' ".;

Itwt irouh Bento erger clubf.
ilrdent, an-doficral odoe to e l wI mhe hei ronsid up.
Iers r, tonfides. wa a pioBr eit order td busane
S alary quabbfe.'DisicUrae fa George when he became
and disgusted, he quit. Then general manager of the Laker
Ironically, he bought out the vol was a visit from Jim Pcar
ry men with whom he'd bee r Dugf Martin and Ven MlikkNal
talking salary. sen, the veteran backbone of the
It was through B e n Berger. club.
president and another one-third They all asked him to reeonsld-
owae of the team, that this er Vs decision not to play again.
came about. INo soap, said Mikan. He was the
"He was associated in the fans' boss man.

f ,

Season NOWI


SA i

* Tab. i' d ana k.1 whif eauae

* Take advantage of tow Thrit Sean fare
ip &et until Mgh SL
, Yourd soicof Insi| tt)ILu8 ,erviee

Ya r f4sa t "

, 148 .m! l 11 4 ....
Ye^t w^^ -^boi e ^ o f^ ~y r'^^v^ -^^M

tem .ll tiake part in the tour.
i on$ 'saet

name. Scoring will be done by
shooters with scores confirmed
from-the pits. ]Experidnedt per-
me a.from the Marine Barracks
wifl orkte the pitsgh asuring
that the relays will go off as
promptly a u possible. Shooters
Itne been uested to -oper-
ate. m u t kthe program off
me by being on the firing

UAI --r Jut

aM pedut w i jt a
h,,$*4 -
^^ A.klr

b j

. r
'-,. \ '

wIm bring t out the

mie. W AY-.
G* rayo E
de wyo.f-ra -t


EInc*,fo- T

W, o.j

i, .';
w. _. ,

r ~

You'll be glad you waited for the .,a

new 1955 Ford.

i' -



4'" d "

S.. .
,~ .+ t 'W ,1,;:


Pan at ry
0"Let the people know the truth an,4 country ie
&,'_* tt ''-' ,.. '..


.,psy w '~ ~, -" .. ..


L -; .b + i .'; "


Nixon Blaomes--let

On Loss Of ProMcCarthy

; USTOID Louis Maurice
IS18, i- by police to
j contesed stran g i n g
Scnaal, 19, is sown
he was taken into cuI-
y at KzalamaO, Mich.

tfle league:

Its 5 Boys 4

6 births Were W PI!

-Vice President Richard M.
Nixon said today political lead-
ens told him the Republicans
lost leetion support from 'pro-
MeCarthyltes" In three aid-
we state because of their
"dlsppoatmtent over handling-
*f t6 McCarthy issue."
Nixon said there was a feeling
among Republicans and Demo-
crats In large cities "who have
traditionally supported" Sen.
Joseph R. McCarthy (R-Wls.)
that the administration had not
handled the Communist issue "as
vigorously as It should,"
Nixon1 sad this applied parti-
culay,to Illinois, Michigan and
He said that west of Illinois
the Mcarthy issue hurt the GOP
early in. the campaign "in the
sense that it divided the Repub-
Ii llt on. he said,_ h e

wanted to amend its original The furor
censure resolution. He said the the Senate ua
aim was to make it conform wib a motion by
hanze in jhe committee report. haxt (R-Ind.
Mcarthy obJected that it the revised
would be "completely unfair" to form that, I
allow the Watkins committee to where charn
make last-minute changes in its in the origin
"Imbecillic" report. He said the favored this
committee-"made their bed and It then wa
should lie In It pow." ly-disputed


.. a. ..M la..

cansu g -itfe by teeaou

o In, Halian. sid he of a f
'tt e f wU deeply ud I-ed of and
tio. atun m h" S Yi( ) on

a stla 'is fa theh aame theJuilla en- Ha
theWI deeoe has a high y te
op^adoia rlanon a ear. rie!

d .tbhQgala "an" tn Te-
t* .' core u ioUka. y

or fo-l Bo weO an ( r oh.g
.) st. poaria;Elmir

whiMh 9111n en
rshe toA =tnps o. fgur in jad. Barth Roa4
o e e ber, rvg* spa ulao on JacksoBn s.
... ) wa .u. u Th- In.t. red
'ii bne By n death )" tKC -dlo- l.aon-
Wi .iam B. 0 wtaad. .ILMh e w.a ut, id t
.e btt vI$ to L-r,P- 3 fci4l mS.l ? 5, a .
IV* ca nI p m IIIi J

g the i onth.weald gre a judeial a
.p ort.Von 5 byMwe" .te forme B in ,, 1 "x'

of m a d 0.the Ho gave his viw ozthe S
meer ,, t-ion In Interview w. -i -,ona
I,-V'- M wasi-';,

r dharge he took ey
IA .,not to orthrow
, n SrP regime, .
dttely after herng hia
ultythe tribune' ad-
d f w days so Abdel
could cojaslt with his at-

tradesman, r 1
n & was .s arrested
*lght shots were fired at
t, prThey Missed the,
T, wh was" addresosing
g sald they found AMen
. of smmunitlotenjo
et and sai lie ad-
M a member of the
Sthe attempt on Nasser's
bblundred ent
'Vie r 8t!fe'aairo,.
o L 'ftl,,

~rt Spurns


abet~uothot,, -

as MR a
&l Idw
aed person f
hTMIR 10
t| ow -
1RJC5 *em.m
IIf. **.I,

Wwagqa. .. Mm.g ,-, K" 1Y?

ration ,, t .
":the ant il- Om ai ."" ..ed I"
eu^ttsan^ourtrnrtia ed GI
j ry had '
ddpvDefecms To' R.- sans
orati v ictor Congress -- -- .
would "deprive )MCirthy of his
committee shairmLnshIs.O IVIENNA, Austria, Nov. 9 (UP) "As a resrve I was not sent
Nixon made the statements In -The of ical-Sovief Army news- to KoreaI-l IHad anticipated,
a copyrighted rview with U. paper today published a letter but to West. Germany," Turner
& News World Report, a week- signed "Sergeant William Clay- was quote as saying.
ly.eAws magen.. ton Turner" ot the U.S Army In HeWlber Germany, U.S
Nixon emph ixed bis state- declaring he q;asynlum in Arm uropean headquarters
*Mtn on M _arthy were not his Russia, "wher freedom ex- coni that a Corporal Tur-
ulmon, but th bellefts of "poll- ts for the ip an. ner, re C by demoted from ser-
% iiS. leaders tnd pollUcal ob- U,.. auhort .sald:a William gi an, oumartial ruling, has
servers who are pre#y shrewd." C. Turner was, bont without been l from his unit since
Meanwhile MaeC by and leave from the. ; Second Ar- oet. 9 undeclared absent. with.
ie. Arthur V. WatkIns tanI. mored division Mi Germa- out leave.
Wl .In .ia _a face-to-face ny-a corpoti.. .-ijt demoted
ehanle yesterday minutes from sergeant trcourtmartial. The Army identified Tur nr as
iter the 5 to. opened It$ The leter, d in the a emb a of the Second A or-
s eson to Communist oP Oesterrels ed Division's 124th Armored Ord-
io e h against chlnchy Zeltu" (Au s trian nance battlon of Mainz.
Carthy.. T es), said... he eled for a- The AWO soldier's home wua
'MiCartW_ brusquely challeng- iUm "where, rep ftedom ex- listed as Water Valley. Miss.
eWatkint' .efforts to file a is for the si mple -." A 1 .S. Embassy spokesman in
"corrected" copy of a committee I ask for the epic.ce to live Vienna said that the missing
rprt recommending that Me- mn work in the So vet Union." Turner wa last seen In a Ba-
hy be formally rebuked on the letter said over Turner's varlan town, where, dressed in
two counts. napa"W clvilla. tlottles, he rented a
Watkins snapped back that the A Volkswagen.
changes were lU minor. After an Oesterreichische Zeltung said s
hour's stormy debate, he thrust his appeal was granted. The A erican zone of Germa-'
a opy at McCarthy who accused According to the newspaper ny and the Soviet zone of Aus-
lof tryingto keep It "secret." report, Turner defected to the tria have a shOrt common bor-
Te report -finally was filed Soviet zone of Austria Oct. 15. der below the German town of
witb the senate, clearing the The letter was dated Nov. 3. It Passaa Bavaria It would
wAy for formal debate to start said that he had been called up therefore have been possible for
0rrow', e af tr bav i served in Turner to drive directly Into so-
Stold U. ,. N a &the .hAmy from 1945. viet-occupled terrtory.

e e by Wat ma announ attackse-
Wiii that s e- vecIel censure *
TSetme. w le wh s h ou eaded
c.,_.,tse j.heheaded -

NY Retount
Hamrriet' Lead

.a a of l an the five
N ew York .

ren. trying
r for the g

4 -

Senate iepublean leader Wi- ot of a s
liam V. Lowland was drawn in- tant de i theu t i"
to the atumentwhen he ob- ton of Crn in North V0et-
served itt Is. not nuas. o ... b .
o conpgrw2 Wa committee to .IO was asked If hi thought
make changes in a report the returnto Hanoi of a big pro-
before lt formally fleW With ionatth ooi e alredchmen
the Senate .. had left w- desirable. "f t
come back.thy will be wen
Tempers were short llp r aved," hie n ed. Asked
the Senatgt ~ Sen. OGrget. other to ipelfy what branch of
Malone (M-Iv.) obecte to activity be would most welcome
Knowland's dea that the r 9 Ithese ben, he S : "Branb-
should be no committee heari s I ofeconomnloi Ity .
during the ensure session. The VIl l prudent said
Knowland countered that- "we queto forte h-
should give priority" to the Plal tIfd o On b ug-s" or
sure prno po en. e Wrm n -- a ate mce ,ar,-- ---
ker (R- dft agreed, saying ..e Burope *a "id stdy.
would not want to try a ear. To m6fit othr uetionsa, H0
before a jury that "'ad a most- gave brief and -t 4 aner
Ing downtown the belt w to es
Ben. Dennis Chaves (D-NM) and North Viet", he ai$:
announced that "I.m ready, to "The best v a iy nt .Is
vote now." He a"d the esUr mutual comprehesion, pereot
debate "put the Senate in loyalty and reCipr oal onu-
reputea over the wqrWi' dnce. -
l said he -.wa.s atb
wR and appeal t
tors to be open-m d -. Freedom qf The

Before the Benate seoal, WM-
Caithy received atit erv
lce -medal from, a{e
^*^-Ij& mi il .. J--Jht tj

Airw.OeJle -

.OIlUU .MI ,MCLGWJMwM "'--...1 .
a "an hanetlO tof 0W"' TEOCIQALoA1 Honduras,
ta, And fratera l@.Maie t,38SB-
keep America America .
The Catholic War V:._n jety_
New York also resented il
Carthy with 250,000 protesting the Proposed. MS. e
I" ^ ^^ ^ 7 ^ ^^^ ^^ ^ ~i .'^ ^^ 1*"^ **^^ "^1* ^ "1" ^

President Hayes n .
Sand yemrpdaring
time he sme wn as
tdi r.
Sas a

-'M e sl i
"then the bouk row

TW~f~fiST..efe~os YkO

i be the Wlst fi
. ,.

* ~ a

:w~vA~ _





nIel to
* nM t~he

''T;' -

i L

I 1-11-1 i _-~--;~~l(r -I--~ ---II---- I~---I- -I ~

- I


: -






. T

. -.=fj


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