The Panama American


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The Panama American
Portion of title:
Weekend American
Physical Description:
Scott Family Library Fund ( donor )
Panama Times, Ltd.
Place of Publication:
Panama City, Panama
Publication Date:
daily (except saturday and sunday)[may 12, 1973-]
daily[ former oct. 7, 1925-dec. 4, 1966]
daily (except saturday)[ former dec. 10, 1966-may 5, 1973]
normalized irregular


Subjects / Keywords:
Newspapers -- Panama (Panama)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
Panama -- Panama


Dates or Sequential Designation:
Oct. 7, 1925-
General Note:
On Saturday published as: Weekend American, Dec. 10, 1966-May 5, 1973.

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University of Florida
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All applicable rights reserved by the source institution and holding location.
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oclc - 18709335
lccn - sn 88088495
lcc - Newspaper
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ix PlI U- Rep. Vltor W1eke ham
S$aecod S tary n the U. 8. Embassy in
r i el Flulanan. Mrs. Sommerlatfie,
0hzred hd sla pped a Russlan meoret no

rits K

.-:theft -of .w.'l -' ,

a oe DiMag io Wit's F ully

-pOutside Marilyn s Hospita Door
iUP) sh hee put .f. an ",e. .. .
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, ana c1 O w: louui,.pla
Mende Pereira's note satd
some time previously one of thk
sb s from the Nat* church
bhad been stolen and a -satempt
had been mdeto l.break into
the safe whfteb- elia are
SWith the exception of the
pen, the stolen ,relfs have no
commercial ialue.

tnIr.wa 4-eewu .10 I. w"

ede sto aoect a- Is all-
ment -ro which the curvace-
ous blonde h1 sBuffered for
Marilyn revealed ubrtly after
she a4DlMagglo .epoated that
he planned to undrou-th.e.-
erat onb but yete da*e -d
the surgery ad tnO to do
with the breakup.

QwVCame The Rain

I pat= 8 of .
esv soer. t* be*" ,
I te ro r 1-

water. Car parked b.lld-
ing hs .water o hub
s. while a ,bus esO f
through asrd.
nthe al
AM +h ugiof minu

- -Arish Aa

gro lduob visit her in e
and shrumgged, "Wy
should he?"
But DiMaggio brought Marilyn
to the hospital at 6;55 p.m. IT
true Monroe style, she was three
hours .ate In making the hospl-
tal'r 4p.m. deadline fo .surgery
. The baseball hero chatted for
half an. hour with his ex-wife
as she lay in her bed in room
SI, a private room with pale


NDO' o 1 (U. -A

? S to be thken
within r of their birth to
re botherd are not handed
h h ttltdl by tsteId.
De Fritb ed rt hb
plan ise the. quOlopM. in
MheaHop of ComAIi W -thisU
week. two mothers whoanrsed
ewn0 babies 'f 10; -O
II tholgbt it ws on

tearful tka A R
*they had to.De
he pMi to'aM

.aid thought it waS a good

3 Dutch Navy
... i. Due Here.
or 3 y Confoab
.,re o ers of the lPA
-. B.
E5W~~~~AIW, or a

"W'U a L WI Cll,
leave the Thurday.


The drill barge was expected
to continue dynamting in .the
channel of Oa iard Out tonight
to' break up large pieces of rock
which fell when a chunk of
Contractors HiU ll, sha into
the Canal lpert Frday.'
The 5,000 aubc yad icktald
which narrowed the af t wide
hat abounnel dd not hirbloc thone-wayoc
nrmaldbeen trafeo -trough the
The ror dede ahich did not
dis urpecterd o wtelve broke
rook rand perIrm g i t clfa-
upre lab 75 ftoet, wight'
feet wideray tnd. about 1ate
that about one-thrd hill the tok
had been removed from the
site. .
The robapnel, which did not
dlsturb transit, wa, sjeautd by
"weathering." A na ay frac
feet wide, and. about 15 ft.

Ito of the Dredging Division
made their dally check of tbe
channel before transiting oper-
ateoi be an, a"and found the
.n-est M ated 2 114 miltU
CUTlc ya&s or rock will be re-
moved 'by the -Tecon Coop. of
Tea which won. the $31,000
bid last August and will require
about 15 months to complete
the project.
Federal .Pay Mike,

May Ieppear .

aW the* uef last wees t
TAM] MIL Fedentt
ef Fee -e a eMWs


the .aikmot In, aoa, 15.2,
when ~ussian M ig ,t 4own
another Superfort.
Am" in the Fa
Bat, r ytotdays Mg

vAny cla= tag lgat- R

what ei fanr
*orlw .Is gigfated frmby cArt
6 T e o thof e
btefor Woaie fiUr~rMi. vM I

Tthee OftTI. M
*It drew a o on from f ab
U.S uenatorq tBhlco. ito fr{h O
* Senate eudnledrw Paft
r Kno --Dr. Arts. wiM 7f1
1d or a dip ton f a few

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M -W ANO PUB-ILIOSANg?- .T or 'iI .5m{'"i N tl Its;
.' 7. k *MrTPr C 4. PANA,MA. R. P"- -
S.7 TaLIPONE PANAMA NO* 2-40 (5 LINl. ..
PFo941eN g aSlNIsrATIVi8% JOSHUA 0. POWCRe.. ING. ."
S41 MAOINi# AVEL NMW YORK, 17) N. Y. -"-
LOCAL a* w ~r

SONE VlAR. IN A3YAN I ,1 ."'4.00
Tis s I S YOUR FORUM T CMMo O CO N there
will be mo rivat eyes i- t.
SLSottSel Stter than TV has
LH E.-.+,a.i ep in a --- .....
ade o te fite history.
M A IL*They won'tbet eyes of swaB.
Smen behind
0 o at at ,or
The Mail Bsx is e Opn f lorum tfo r aids Io The Pasnma Amerleeai a i gat i 's
ItiFaem emlved grateofllY sad ame h1ndld k a whl seyen thai';TV fiction It canb
it. s rm"nest. .iretonlodi. e if-,nat these anti-crime ea-
a I- yea eeribl a lor dat b Impet I t r the xt Weduesda and Th
n. sl eay. LeeMa m published the Nord mcev ed. .a. will be a convened oa ol pu-
Phs~ase Sp to keO the les Hmeod tON -s laug. 4 ea convent of P98.
-to Ides flt I ci.left. Is held in ., iEor
S Ideknti e nse lmr i msld i ate f eam e o ibd by o d citizenry because -
P. Tr ned aep er a eno mpea l n sb dseledem so many cled men behind so
exrON sdINa loners from readersmany co badges have failed to
S w- c- time mobs w1e t4. -
tQUESTIONS AND ANSWERS ein ai A"do azen i S r
Please advise thru the "Mall Box" column whether or not a Ceil gators of be a t w
letter submitted to you must be signed In order that It can beo rhelAssan. at
published? In cases where a letter I submItted ad Ais not. eda agtp dta any a\ of t f he .i tL e tstan p
a of it? if a letter is opubl sy tary secret.
sent to the proper persons for any action they r And sees7aay? n at.oo;.
I the originl letter sent to them In a ca se of that kind or Is E ha MO"RAM "l p e b"
copy of the l tter forwarded? The "Mail Box" I s on e f tha aec msl tn t
Persons can IndIrectly complain and 1 believe ad awer tO h. t ofing ow*
above questions will enUlghten the public. e on ihome mc c o ny ge itto ra
'DITOI'S NOTE : Letters m us be dged t e publish- of his hCA* a .t
ed. Unsilned letters, or unusable ones, re held f resort T ome firom the ati* o
bible period of time. In the event eontrl butew all thoe Of A
Tey slater sent to Fil 1 No provision Is made I 'The f h t a to the C ,
Mall i to contact contributors. salss mnusal cekew B-a aaltimal or u t Bo o aksa
d neta Presen t thamselv., o nees a l u. A Waain. e xepe i of tie AOa.). r h im T re n e era r
writeoms ed I nstrietmst seaedaoe. Mr. n tsll D1. C.a Misal, New an d BCrt o a trng 1 over colored teiva s so eroal
SSdoesn't know whereSadete ,hMdes out. e. r. !-n hloa '.. a;. ityd r Bs'o gt Der d NBC o I
3 .. W .. W a, 3, Calif.. and1 ort of_ thet 're bs ea l a orsrtaeoo d *ID to
S 4urs wh ire so m1 any D paci ational Bi wh a CBS E Te com-
lo w u Rand &An Cal P6a 1 Pltit d H that lad oedwfo. yg-r
lab.opre wf nou a.s lon *At,. ..t
.e av sm .. Mitchell, ttos has was Ivited u aiI
I.._ _no_ __as -_n_ on_________eve som__em.b__e meen h forie a long but q ,le -i AV i'

di WashingtonAT By Peter Edson No_ hetea wo t Ne s Noeac

licPe or eN t t the time Asolweder,
bads of --ed ----,robe would be hre war not o eo tel-
Stu that .m f WASHINGTON (NA) .. This description of America as "the live at e ParkP th t erred i m as ws '
sh la oi .r-Is how B det Director Rowland malting pot." youngest PDR so John." nte a, werp -ot or and nothing to ahow.f hi a
3le ion maomt,_uionlof- Hughes sums up the effects of the "America has not melted and mother's hobia very near. I fact th seems so dete C poram Sheesly e C
s and yen big e bY Eehower admintratn's 4,- molded all the peoples and cul- have a. couple t favorite Demo- mined to prevail on the question offcialtswitched o0
the mobs who've mved in on 000,000,000 cuts on federal govere- tures which have come to it into crats II the family, and I hope of the anttrust laws.
some labor 'unonsment expenditures since Insugura any homogeneous, dull, gray, me-they have one favorite Repu- He doesn't s to er who But the unanllar spectacle of
Why that loud lAce on Capitoltionaday, 1053 as they affect the dre standard 'type,' says Si- He dosn'tmocaute wobh li a C ho ofce wR n too
lv' have average weinglyeal: s cllmanodhno.ea h V r b of labor Ju Ist so Yl. a aNBCoBS swthow t on antoRCA letn t
"WhOh tme n have "On a a pitaldt basis," says "First genldilot Amerleans re- Anna had el udlatl swe i later much. The set, uned to pch up
opposed to t haeInvestigationsa Hughes means that we have call i their uroean roots with a9 Vs a SMartin Durkin and finally indue MCa hs a rued
The ex FBI men and former reduced expenditures from the 6 embarrassment," be adds. "For e eli show f
federal and .eit posentors Who per person propoedfor last year the second generation, the fur of tht himof.r li mar-hs resignation over the TIe.dhow m torethan afussy r m
OW rXlt the i r!dO l 4 by the past administration to $1a having a Eren-bok an rie y her ut, r ler i act. Now, f Ike.,doesn't Of the CBS pror .
committeeShnow th oerir per person this year. This is an other is a maeier of indafferene s Cvel t. "She a fm the d ik to Cabin embarrassed NC

ild .i nation, or about $OA this western. world so that itv T oS g eon-, t e co rabe C a.rsl
-, m' family?' an show a proper Ode in the abde FOrseALaS Ihta Co thm
o- rots which extend back toolr public Wiot p FOASTALLS .VIA
h Charf e E. Btures." ose .d. s r w Th e g a bi diffenerence w .. -
An **( shown with owIru U. and Mrs. Ils ua"td aeany getting glte a hl Dild Ag endree Keyr bsis 4 S for me to diss 1
Y it W It om gettingquiter and k se..? ot.c I do DtO .consider a proI
W" pjS liFIX 0 na a the Foreign Opora.
i tof wAlats, ,endtheir d Warrant11and o ut of:hefuror caud bhis secretary of state in Ush ftl ,-he sa m AdninraHn en
Bonnie Jean, ., hon a s h Ie o t he irlnUnited atiens Aff th at IDeMocrti par omes to Rlieving sumer
'He habenasking for the oil- story to prove his blidWhat the ofar Truman, Adld teven tl.
of -,- I h hieh he n o4 po#olitiel cartoons that Word Health Organisa$lo n-WO son andthe ADA (Americana for rthedistouslhfoo
hdisti a to uo lnedhis, wh mark. One car, -4i doing a good Job: Democratic Aetion) which is afar r the disastrous flash floot
i who d ut ed An Indian doctor working on ma- cry from the Democratic party ofth
criou and w hich, rnw Tl t his drawing, 'lon!m one dog large control In a remote Thailand my father.msalerathei:011
om oficiaiion, which will eiae form o another-" before i smi It on. village asked a local tribal head tolimnreauve ntheorm
tinfrom 8 offeal inves.i.f a good out of man few question: "As long as the Deoraticparo ra
,sources, already ip the Hed he heard of Nehru? "No." ty i under the control of Trman, lnternatina orl
tor Inlthe field. At ond It---.-Had he heard of President El- Stevenson and the ADA I will vote nova and jut what stelp were
Mr Unkindust cut of last week in senhower? ."No." Republican, 'again and again and
rWashingtonwas rfershce to ex- Had he heard of the United again."' s t trag s u s t t
wI Ote .by I- an Gov. Harold Stassen of Minnesota, States? "No." The youngest Roosevelt told the It
crm conveO 5 o0. ucto* enow chlef dispenser of Ameican Had he heard of WHO? National Press Club in Washington ince P i t Eisenhower h
Teboyshae' ctod out naid to foreign governments as, "Oh yes. Mr. Who is man who that he had no plans to beeomt a et a puncfaicyof ust Aelv
agenda which a d h ol dest youth In America." His sprayed my house, and we hive candidate for public offe w, can fare surpluses to e eve dia
workwa work was described y an obvious- had no more sick babies. Very "but I don't take myself wit of tress abroad, the Forei Opa
hda-drool.e ly unsympathetic critic as'"ba. good pan, M. WHO." of running for publc 4l- tons Ad miitraoion a a.might
tatV ane i ing e nae mIn!es aand allenatig sometime. us wh"t it war" 'ltoep
tl oborId i o ,Og friends.f." He as described as John Roosevelt Republican ms e John Roosevelt sei" s 'i sal Rr
m lntew i "Doinl qauit wlO at t, tee." ... of the late lrast Frainklln D. 4aairsan of the CI ME .J-rt FOA is hanise teallan,
_. -ftlRo4o men "--"R f answ, h e ersfill-senhower In thiseyear'sn.t
s. ThIsl' tM union Assistant See eary of Labor dutiu tgr pg aln wi hs As ft takin a oneo problem, explained Mr.
Rocco C. 81eilflano whose faeer famous Democratic mother, broth- in tills administration, W Says T Wha Breyer of the ild Cross.
And d_ i- was hornn in Italy, Aoin't lik, the er and sister. 'haven't been offered one." door of04 was epand.
areas,0was stedat her desk

laW ieWt oei IInnaw! lowt Nwith the .s

imat h rquo p se n Imi .eek so recall of tIle e sr pll mU
:ihtepe the 1on BROADWAY SlOWBOAT Colyum Iten: "A very unhappy beaus but the Stage- Dti,, _W i Abacs a .up bl at s p tim ahel -
Tuo nlks e the Joan Bioudeli's intimates sus. Joanne Rio called me to sa sae blt is Plyd wajp wemauna| -
"u n"n o n," h.L dreds n soon. I Is Jimmy Caon, tin without okay from Lib. hndatter (3eehs
thm- ae sigl u, the mob lMel i entlphe,,..Theg fror- re 'H aou -

-tyou sl e. Some- the untr*uIst started ... The Theilig for h m ass u r (m a l 1"" .-
T umsDuchess rfm coecestglo trde uehen o riellga are Tip for' t burner: C.oos
owld*- a o l dct a with the for author Gesr rey h occa. Hi Tyrone Power and Mg w toet to the Jewboiche: .-h

cae moreyUon bu the ,mobs, on. iha was quite a sthne75 It was a 'epl -
o ta.. t ntx whla the mobe now the other' t. lucre ble. s the. Smith C IT" , .. b ...rporatona night.. W was that l Da y u .. a
w y .lr giage about between V. Vatwo as q o sole by w9
er's h a nocnders re. and e er N l .. BarM r hi s n t .t, ...
WON d etle to"al
O n te the JreMarlle w as
____Mrs.J. DIM s ( Ar. le t
StasThe ,
old b. + :.... ,

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Cufg Your:partnrwo S.

ta.surl btl &f W ..' h hearts
e lku' otA reusually ekted to

LESUStIOW.-- 5A a ?sphing h suit a ay O t- th ne bc trat e f ao
0e o agi reet. t .et
south and ,ump 1 s by' .or ,
wo ;saved J U front d- a -e oo LtMha4 a a,:dd a.s ;.,M -y.a y d solid cor r
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Sd. mo 's .Alwy zs.jgrei. ead t7i sGeoeral" a.l .Cl
T ke Thne Jo faor R braoruspades be ose atTerior oad exteir finishes.
S, st ably, South swtched to clubs, 'U tones sad Dep colos)
easinthag o the w and a e, Rl tAhe
West inventor has patent i rufn a lub in hi hand outh

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ootbIIb tha free filneseanhavew" "U
claret to mik ia double ~.'
t t d trnia ra t R LX PA N AM R
'W f: '- buouAi-bomay be hoind A A a M a

ytop *a feI .sra e HorrorA A Tve., No. I,,t: 2


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ablySouthsxicedknowlhow .tbttoos e_- to"on
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The Leoders in Style
Now leads the Para in presenting new

at11 1 4 nS.. 14:
n inti O.
-^r~~l MA1.955& ^-


No. 27 Automobile Row, .Panama Tels. 2-2086 and 2.3112. -

s y- '. -' couldn't ask for anything flaus tha

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It Costs Them Nothing
All Slips Ending lan. I Wi
Check YOURS! .


.ais to choose aMovado!

a u t o
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bhto bbwa de.b made Movad their .
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BXateway ISwmsa
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35 Bird's home 441 Rat
19 Billiard shots 46 Comblid
0 Annual IncomeT Asmovate
(Fr.) 48 lqutltive ,
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Interesting stoe
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a rseoru un* Mr N.

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U0 Was. r.e VrIE. Wr,

l- Mrs. J. Brown, Mrs. C. uase., nT She- sistedC by Jean
MIpe Ves orumsaierna and guet Mrs. Eikale, Mrs. Jug Joyee Eurkart, Eva Harts
U,.. We' aa Sergeant, Mrs. A. 1ha,, Mrs. .. apt lfle Robert, The .itu a 1
ar. hle a, Vn Kisenater, St n, XMrs M. Stth, Mrs. A. tae was decorate wit te ore
.a a Anaaauj pa mua u xi"wii Starret, Mn. I.Stockaun, Mrq. only colors. There were vases. of
oauet tid e releriut Von G. Thhnedeau, Mra W. To nsend1r s pr, e t werer k-
d(AM.isA. C t. Vne". "aeT
isc pet o In chi0L #1Lr d,*-- M' t ,.sk- .. Sdo

rS 3 tBrown,' Mr. C. ueroorey. sAwyek -ad .j
-o V "m -e o. and kueTt Mrs. le, a IR .hoyclp IEEvai s ,a:
Ms 30a 'Pn M h* S._Mrs.G.a-6. ey Bor 6 rl.eT e. Ritd ua

her olk n hter us tr. several Mr M.Sith' r.. de s table was dee at the a
ansu -A" 4415 s i V,. .M S'' : rrete Mrs. R.- Sowkman, MJde & j

day, maindina h Sp e
Thompon, -Mb.-"W. Tf n no-

fleer' Cb. Mrs. C. Itot. Capt. W and Mrs. Artt ur:Ze Rt!ere S
welom" '".. Vo ,t. $atbMe n at teb fl
AMl a. I D e e,. I Wre&w tend--

S=4.'i** A W lt ..e 1 Mrs. ....- lag d tlb a eeaea. L.n

Mne. g c a,. es o PLA. G d.- Mather ton o ,t1de t o ft
hers who ae Mrs .o A dnor weeda g the mat i b. bere
AMrs. St e Is. 'KawMnles, 4 ae ere, aE Mrs. A. r Mary.

Garder,-nd, M t. oest N.all J olis.trud won the doori hep It also W G tinf. B R OU-
2Jr., ra. la rls l Mrs. The'dance was arr b Thl increasedd by 5 oyce ." lat

Mrs. George Still gran- a O fficrse rad eCut b. other
Anne Truhlar. inia. tt. r j nereases, stuck to. ua it of
SMis Peothy p i e "riage gas me s twhRe; rt4mw afle,' Wltt oo ,r-
as Soth -Urn.opp w a 1comee plr The rpa t flMVt tIo
Katey ,'i le..indini v ts al yo0 r h

ere five yep uosian.seR p

saa ell .I'ti- requd- oftie1 S of C S a
ce 4d.'J&tmatcr- t Club fi ..mi. e. Ice s of Re wo epat;
da,:. Gad t'. C.l '. P M hen ', t .-:,o Y A"- 11

Xrardner,~tcd. -Mr,.--; F 34t a9 'n' a It P ^.. S

Mrs. Go9ore Sti.nemsne nd.Mlr> ---- f tarotoe olf t hergr

sia kt t, g 'ff. Din -
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of .te o .' ew r SP.P 04an l am t y pelp;o!w d I f s8

Mer^ .,ta-l..B! mat. sad-,,t,.t ,+ -,,__ an w q.up ..... p :U
for A at or job*ib:-s 1110.^ '.* .^ ,-'1 '.-


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,'4 ." a .. I~
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,+-.-. o+,.+ L,+ .+ .i+ -.+ *_, -: ... .

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Yen ca t baby's fl.o

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f e iarf, ilb FTood o sie to y as pure,
doliMloM and nbil'ing b the day th T pMak
SmIN* amo 4tb tbexasu, i h",a Haeinp.
,.,any i-one ,o.the, a i l ba ever hap- .

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;Th~. 'ims .p 0 g'h'p t .ost
istecetg. *Ker fin
eta for this program. '

bt dd onM wo af

a ae d to r the a*ul ta00l
m.,w Itemp .at lathinf
o n a~dT tor the an t er
AtlbiUs dispijy of ".Uslec.
-!&6e Ae tlt Needlework Guild

Hiay SAlonsA
,The officers are: Mrs. Raul

nn t tre ia via.W I-

g saryr Al mae a
The Alumaae Assoeltlon -of
St. Mary's Academy wil hplIts
regular monthly, meefugI in to-
morrow at Tr30 p.m. in the .new
umnae Clubroom .on Sth -St.
,Melendez Avenue. Colon.,
Th. annual Christmas party wpl

Newoemern Chage meeting de

4i S.
'ertMa I

by leat .
ls. Prtlber Nr-Ni tET
let Ram CQhie f SWfgy
.Van i4h ,
aOT' MO .

S* t any otber frabiman
girl." Miss Rangmoved nto a dor-
aItory. Her father, P. Carl R,
eng, is the college psidnt.
Due to Veteranti Day holiday,
the regular monthly ametng of
the Newcomers Club wIlT llT
held at 120 p.m. at tae Cristo-
bal. Union Church.
Arrangementm have been made
for a guest. speaker. ,
Any newcomer to the Atlantic
'side of the Canal.Zone. Who has
arrived fiom the States within
the pat two years interested In
joining the Newco Club
please eail Mrs. Tony Johnson,
me mbership chairman~ 'at 8-ps,
to Mrs. 1*. Wilson, president,
at 37I-8! ; .


.. ........ .... .- ^ .t... ).. A.. a 3
',ns &y. "CA W-,
pe u .*-' .S:.-+
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',- -* .- :" '" .:'
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*ROT *' *, ^

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1* p a ,

- 'SC

)ne Hand Operation


e Obtafn Exposure timt Ii


e Sturdy herMtetlcally- seal



* Most accurate for Black A'White '

and Colors

c Ideal for the Cine Amateur
** i

e Limited Meauring Aner

- 7.


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-. 'S- .- '61 ".. -.--* -I..l*

4 k i t .,;9,

, ,': At



Suchl R.B &aa .

'And ,Here Are a Few f UieT ucky. Folks Wk


eC.W.O. Robert W. Cox

-' Sgt. W. J. Price

* Eulo Lupi

* Hugh L. Bar

F- e dedco Turman

\ M &: U aE

We're Taking Ordern Now for .


Selections Leisurely by WhieThere's PlMte
L ''

NO DWN PAYMENT--No Carrying Tnt *
S. .- -I .

Or Hidden Charges
) .. .. JI



Your Trademark of QuaWl
Ratta-n furniture Avalable at
gac Pa e. Nationali..tisa4 ute,
I frn 4th f July Ave.;, ad At Our S
In The Arena de Colon Builling i
-, W. R".,
"' "" '". tY


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.- 1& '~ 'C-. *7C' -- 'I.-..-
eta's.: .t"'.Jx '~~b.........4r~..; -
' 4 'fl A. A

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; *^ : .,.

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A. .':*
-'-'4. A -i



* Capt:W..G, Holste

* Sgt. J..S. Kudlinski

* Paul Reynolds

. J.M. Weaver

I* 4- ..J-
' +.- _. r-. S 'W -. 11,



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I~:-----~i-- __~._ -~~... ..~-~

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a" -* : :-I' '' 1 ?.
-ols_,hold A046 MR...PVa
FO RSALE:-Wivloltl buying FORl SALE 191 P&=Cataline. Panome CanL l C mp. any prl6-. Ed
furniture take oVerr ,-ode 1400 miles, xxcel.lnt condition. posals for furnfshing 7 5% oS h S e OfSj..

. Phone Panama 3 4457 door sedan Ser king DR. WENDEHAKE FRMedical CAiJ nic, L U1 i g tt
alnt. .g. 4th u bed, 1 Pei 3-573. 9 C med ntal Aenu bek. sder.1K C to I

SIL:7- 1partm h d ob FOR SALE TO 1950 S rd VU F. pen R g i'nr 19s.-, a a.

n -A rmy A Fc"tw PTLng tt' -r U,9ub3 bil o 1. y oung m 4 2.r it dbi. ftob -toe aiini tulei.. wdm ^'--^ ^--ffia'^^ n iJ( Ki, l_ I .t .M gB
Sf .c.omle am po rco SCa, EnW r, o x 819Stton, .4 FOR a N o l E:-16-3 Invitatnin fNo. 1 it Es.F. Y, INC tbfled
A Small studio upright anama2803-3347.officeoft it
; 9-cu. ft. Wealshnghohse re- POSition Offered PANAMA ,ANALa 2C815. C NV 2w otp t tve
2,,Rest n arm chairs; o SO IEdOEI E4 FUR noSh
chirs; single bed conditioner; A MAH NES FOR SAEdill bk4
nd Army cot4. Phone 2- br a r i .ve young man 2 Sealed bids, fr in i n ic, wN w t, Ig rt Ia t
-L in roo et, mod '.lty an R, E le Ba, 5 int 2uper- in aPandma domo Pena eriskitchen. | ll
after 6:30. 5619-C Diblo. ob wthn Panma received uni -2573m. v th e
ph 3 s1.4moder. oT ertunity ofaadv emEEit. trn I Sre Bl for P45, i tre. mhon2 7Wa r l I -
r. p oA oo bk round preferred office furniture -nd macIn ltd O : a tment. n t eg ba a

f --Caompelte reittaSr'rendwOtl to Sales Engineer, flox 819, Pona- o 28, Es',boo. 55nvit=-ti6n No. 137 i d mele.e :, '
cost. Free estimate ery A T r s y confide ue br fm ffic uper S : ., A arj e o.
PAE:.- Fi s' L E S-SO N S r SALk Mri Mi FO RT: F napmtwent U r ut the.

mr ach cyl ISITY OF PANAMA Ming tree, venetian blinds. Phone 3-0269 or i "

SGFOR SALE ,akish-cor emb er F 2Rud Class,- Bam, c fn ,2-75. 58 e A M...,d bothron-.. P.. -. 3I2056bN
nsaa. ystcha0 40tMih Street an esd ayru and M S Chr m MF r N r et
exeln con ption. C911 *bkiar 2- so, 4 mes

S I.. to: 5 pmIdl fornot e ty e.Il' tf romNSMII! YO iB $ I .ANer 1W do n tl- rr .;, adi .

lent. f the reg ist .er* snt* ,for rad- .i .,a,,nd spe-f".t ef, ciu coo, ,ne. 4f..
chir;ls ul ile Adaing of; thrion unieityn dW Thg AD MC dHd to N O Iand their ad-

K ^S ^Lj,,^^. Sm... rtu, u
"and Ary o e2 12 and fr m f 3 to 6. S i e I n H h a IR:. n i T DN .= 6
o ir 6:30. 5619-C. Diablo. Is'W ithnPnaab ecirntil103de ... ... ."..ta

WmTDodern."eheRepublic 24e Coe

3I.444opp (Sonitf P)'- # ot.E enantoTtr.use thefr- .i d IRS a t was b t"*u4t
S BeI g ba roundpr office f a Cd vaw loaed IN RE ,l Td old bhe g ,t d esio te Bet

l Rattan furniture mti S, n t e e t Ud a i en r

yl m, smtota'c mlt q ira e t di f rh e a n r mr e bt e of atf E o

nereb a eiidte of delivse daauchduled obrams selsroegeor sh an A
lelMesIsr d .nI. sue fr i M r iod Ka00e .s i e Ti end so:o ttCinau Ad:s ul SAeEu dA !f l o
nt rmran Tre ot m ahor __._ pr oofo t d t vh nber '

0 ;foot stool S9. 50.S SF "ORSA LE:. .n"d ,'1h.o 'sMnr h
i, Pheone2491,Pana da. mn gelk tche rofhte ro M olUtrn" -lnoopn t B 4o Phoaneto ne an a a p.- nL te i a
'SALE: tlWhirlpool automatic holai said e tob a

6147. partition, ,,, pictures ".apm "- s.. epNTt-mt t t cAaad r ee tery .o o 0
p o$200F t. Claon 8c1lh s, plkMImaud b au R orm o L c atu d m
far t BshS 4apo k iyea seuldens towutn tbookd.i'9 Mthh 20. 7ere ifs ublske WiV a.___ _m__ _____

JRS Lr e ll e rBand dmo sb u annfr2 .h e e u erandl baohre P a h es .1. ocwIhicn hows
asa1nTusdadiW thedneday St.. doens sh eduled fos r tPoM.orrow after- UpIar t., t3wO111a e n.: tK bw

BtaekuS' StSB d tf o om alzmeMreyde noon fato o 'clock in anat Ai' elega uM Of nit
Red U s," T, o,.- :itfro tdNrhmr-,Both.-.......
so. .,. .o n-oT eto o. Yt7pm a m o C u=l-willenthea bi ..... f i
OR-idSispcnseal ohort thati e se foow h etr- qieODONi C em tery .. sal.s w iss78eers < icmne a said0 o BtAe swhu.m ro
hih, ., B i In-o rlaedh. ;- her ,_ r othe Saerv-nW libd e
om 5 p.m. lent. Ifithe registeroisedotrfrio s.*ig n

..,.,,,the ofo of h. vie h chlrn 8iu O- Co and, oll =
hin l C o ne ter s; fath e r.m b a glro is n n ~-.. v o v th ee ap.,v>t.

o ws r l ach- kt?5e t d m e. e r n Ilz wa s te irhrd t n the anl y do u Mr e W, m 1\15 it .
oro en;Vl90 6hanerd splanu #W "Is ntsereaCoot4 u In,
dte.sttee rIo on onei f n l thof a- M Ite ris
t.ttn mip hand other Is allies plan es ade srce -sai..s in .ijles e e . In bu lata Pcn OtAd& ad Hdurg hAin erbu eshwr
Red Chinanmeutly has 1.41- LwIscientistosthe#w
0re nale hinon te A ino rth i iat oay .Nov ll te igr to,)-b wsCI thoir a ny form. 3uf pem beuo

ShouhD by t re laoedn h he a r ug of. Co n- Se-t pW5 t o doI.. om. ok _eothet 2iMP**o
o,,~~ s.- "Ift19 to .11 Malek to.

Hoelrreda.n5e smo e n. BB o -
o oor I al erd i. her share oi t 3 uian waetehiceisthIs.

blr gong r There one ld areng and uell Tuoint c the was. thynicaltthe
-low""r "C For WA nunho ._,1_"Hotel E"hL "eINC
tiu.ild- ala and R.. uu a D --inesperirI1s
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l@Lb It s im a "n--l -
... uop ....A' I.
Par" riWWI i -"- -:nof ugioslav ,a ast ol a,
,..Iby the the reception wune

teJVthne of am Jai este In f the0ri t In 10""""
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After WincdIl .i .. ,t
(CosbtlueO from Paet ft r2)t f ort

. g gg**,a "" e rlktC an -. .
Said Deb : the problem ? bmoy the he 'Urmaw titley to .e.......b
-,hours before the.--.ul d forRb et.'
C tnto the way Jane f r'anom t19 ..,t Yt anllea it in the south MM. Ho Night and day"-
Music publisher N CaMieelt. .;a q6eenl. l s Tsae.0.Core ,apt?" l Cihs ie uaV
h ex o (,ngwriter Maibe, Wayi )) h, ei htiso ui 2 w e "i"se ca e" pl1 4h o an on 1Es
.11 ic in4Nbaemo Dl
ls at1u8'1 an Leon Shamroy came to the radio show in .llyood.,
.a Mart Lind.ay :mea n re er a B. ..t.-. de. ii .Th wll atand to opinion of Marlene' sngin
sati ?...S e weBya ,"wi,,.,,,sW,, ,salid Nreao "i've ootV@ t. .'
v.,.~.oo' in the I about d after. s -W, a ndAer".. tai, broke 6, th, oth d, ,a
i 10 Ma itu tM I insiders The uHijhDepari ent pli. pillar, the lovely in Ray Bol s the cutting room of a studio we&
ciay. h oe.ffl b .TA oen ashlis de"t. cutting eom neast d,
ay tt ae rp .final .n February d aesA ogf
S ; ,..- ,. ;s1.n .,e o t d tr -
.r..h the ..W dod At
S a Oln h t _ka the iIte n ial le y or ly not havL any- o l .. .'
STm aodowith .anne Ri o but ort in d:

itrI taton to theTh s e tars, Diana
D, ..'.hs- ,. ; t h e Aa t t eilt

f 8 T A= P sdifcatfW fAW
.iu i,.. News

klbgqt Grace elyin theei t the.ana et ca in'& tie a f Riand
lth, ,a .love jeehm e' a ,ot^ t C. .Peirg the nofntPi
a!r wlc.I .If -. or l t b p l a c e k ld e t .S t
r -e w r so aor s olt U saind ther W re O T Y .. ... te artw oPp0
&elhIrl] W i lsla ub t io.e t I indowsI n th'e n poi sa n
tu...Inreuunuo l'to.n atfSbimhwa 0W Ml 1 Aiy'thlgti n V atW thph -S ou Y1 l 6av g-

two..J0. ft*S W 'I- l n.s -tM- Nytookrt at hs..w a
thosa orof records-alums itr t w

l pa cka M J 1 : -+ a go=
o. G h o, e!' b, e -,.-,*an tn"aid:
ladit2 a I vutr a provide, and tf ourse can re :
C VM t i., .. ,I rtI 'T.o ep la 1f i

'wow. swebo% siots. I c *A i

......... S..E ij^ ,t

00W. anthe of ^^*** liiteft Orly r

three.,"-. A-I I i .'^B^^B

,.-. .n -RE .. -. .. ... ..

I b p.a Is1 4l .M 11 Inch
* rge Bg i h'I1guake the s aidnlm Ug miles e




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.; '-. .~.; ,

'ALL .' ,7. M

PIK '. AVAIAfts,
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3 ..



don't-"miask" bad breath...

S-d Itf itwith
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^^*D~lofClog* ^^J&keq
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4- J .a


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t, I '" '- '*." *'4 ...-"-. .* ; -
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,r W1 pMpyfuwww -emvewB S. Uu ***L
ithiM 41. B. radar defense sys

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*~, 2-.; -
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Mlb~s to Imam.teleation of the three radr "fences" to
w& fGbMW the aprti. lWWilte arrows show apprxmnt

Pame anso ter .*mhhwda.
wide "Islands" i7&. A&U cab Virgimi. 07
decks Uke that above It's -NOWlar, taret
S_ .. ....... bi sloe I -. -,
protet CMaa fm No. 8.S.-t then driven dow (a lly a farr. I t.
a distanees fras -known Rn- le be h a-is, to bMJ a doek @#. a .tha t m., a M ,. .

noM ^-O^;&aB, t lsfwa~d on to
J .rwI& *h9H1k WW U -

.* *.- .^*ttiw'v""'""*,+ "-"""* o*. *- ,-r,,
* .s- ''" .-:' 1**'* '1\ -^ JL '* -- z. J________ ... .. s *

..'p^ *., < < T 'L ,. .
^ ^ *.' ., -a F : ....* -, "'

. ,. ... .. .... _: .


*n front of P. R. R.

r o
in front of

Just Say: "CHAR


Pr, z w "N .br-' ",

_.1." O ..m petdeiue-wln Numbem ii

The wthopl ticket has 44 p

First Pcize

, secondd Pria

Third, Prix

a r t at e Ti.v d.
s democratic Recpe For Political 4Pe1e0

SGaGg Nixon s Slanderous Activities ....'ht
ket$ "pWASHINGTON- (UP1 ed the Democrage h pr L don tJo n in o v ,, n Iasear" .a
O -Democratic natbnao U n, t ,name the ,time, po-electlo Unews oon
A. Instan ce"oany v osne va B.'e ouree 4!c' d f were
., I.A. ^.)i a mst ^ w" of..anyM e Texas senator hinted that loae sous I-p tr* so h asthew
VO Wo-t, 6o0mij" astrb ata ". W
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ble wneas tro Cwith aon,' s a as, emocratsmight frhelp a eori t flel
Rthe ewDmocratic gross. the vice present ao r roe Iy White House- Congressional reI4-
'Mitchell called on Nixon to "re- ought to inform .the American;. opt r .
tract and apolo e" for "vilify. eonhe e .,-tvitalissue T W ae ald top t e -a ..donbut. -
D-e s duringf ther reen Jo seurt iand %h me House'a I r e ad.oas snt oW mawlq Xo r 0 6w,
,WE cog hie. T 1u e sst hreat of Cuin ce feemem" iet th e vise th atget., .l Pu 0 v
es it B vi e c t ory, filtration and subversion," al Deoca on w e inp .s ea h
,sad ats l ar .ep- said. er o what form President l c i"hn -ine i
'_ t !'...he&"-R Mitchell sals'he 1 ---*h seaower's h e consuto _tl..on w tes _Re -."pub ItWua rl _d i.O .
Ito ''Rera."a wr ,th.,eirW ,1U
d ther.Hft, n tut i t e... A+ta is IV isharmaOny Nmov es SOP <.
SI N hi on on .ue is da e l cam paign had died dow n.(. de d qW:elIot hiro l r t o ro --. .I ot... .
a s -ofc o/WI Demo. He said he wanted iit leart' u h h olafter uthe 0= t noroneye prO Iu te IN D=
-t ', -"tralto i *. b. e understood "that our protests a- ted ...... ..o.leaders-of. e..t w ll. .. .... -
.... r7wt o 1r da ndy d- gainht h onai to W t. th, e 0 l ln o*n .t *g r
aAvw" the viept m -. of smear and slander was o e

4" rdA,. i- mu-". ehal- Sat. dayby Senate Democra 01i beir AF
"iW them- 1 inore d, and le cret itoi

liV l' a...... "J .

"" ,',Intwoseries"A"&%"9f2Pec OWeacI.W

.tion '"M the flst d (d y"..,.d4,dVi
lei -9 -755 13 2 00 0Con res I",'.. 6 .-nm,.

.-2 7....At"*. .2;=1

It" A va 32"*7-7,-In"- -t

end e'vdiulEJ fas0W.~ I for- one
"whkt next?"

g .; A"rrt"e.t. ..

-- -u. s
:,.. .. -; f B o -

If'E iii ._ n'. 1



+-" ---pl. -af;t; LA M.-
n6 -- ^ Lm ,'. l- .
i-ii. li~i ii '. -iilt ~ > il ni~- im'" a

,+ *** i ,' :-- -..: s- r-, ... .**.. -- .
. ; '2 .. '.
., fo-.'. .: ..

- U
7~d~' I

.- ..

~j *1*~~




- ; ,,



.. .------~~

* For all d
* For all po

,~~. ..L~


*. .. : '.-. --, / -" "' ;.' ,., "

,~ ,,'~-.............- -. .
L pow., ...41 Sum
;-.'.. .'^ ^ .- ^ ;- .. .. .. .,. .. ..- .. .. ; -
" H .'L, -, )V't;.l'.- .: ,...... + '." "'

.,7 ,I.t: : :,. .. .


,- -,... ..

, 1 ..'. "" 5.-"r .,,
. A .^ ^'-.t. '' *;4 a. *

;r -F'. -

," .. o..,**.
"". ; y s s : 4 "'- t r t.i. s i ". ,
S "' "5
:., ..... A ,. ,. ..* .-.A
'' +. -,; ,, ,*" ,', :>L"f-" ^ .,^ -. 0 -,-- ,.,. .
's^ ^^e ...- F.--: .' ,i

4.... -. ~'~F '7'p~5j*P~U ~. -
.54. .5.. ~
.4 .. -
* C

. I.

" ..
S... ro

-" .'. ,'" ,"p. _
':'. +, ,.!_ "Iwo"

Intgh on 4
I M' ', 9 .
. ,.e!.?

not to be- c SnaIl at 8mn v-
tatlonto,Molot6 to.o to Wam-
?'s t w one of mrnco

roe a o ?t law-
S y t which

sal ekr.Tad o, ?,onu"st nedet.u-
athte 7n ehst A -

thim : M Tat
s11 & asdaun a.,
of tomue t.1e theti

01 es i1' hsv ft n 0
Chagn aW h ewortk.

lea Mo ll r f

tolm l to Abor

I- rr w Osw

.who I a bapltSL at t, ty 7. .
IdoS .

tu someto so hin h a mi a a m

cluflna nd ih t m ustflfl j f l -.l P
to mf ans n ms tt *
U W s t chA it w fle te t a.e.L

j bUT, mibaon, No.. 3 (UP)
.'0" feet. It mA-"

Barnum's Jumbo -
Npwbo Rinsre -a. dropped tMar.y

College I4~ g facel~tg niversary of the rtd at te
for t oe e ait o a. alen rphrt ammed
S.... port-
Uft e t w .. And hith .etr.ed
a t mr m aitboth e ed in -eriom

%JJkJ WJeuntS bnd
.Np r afla sl igte tr*h oe aIaY

tat t if with burned andotnwi n
.o~f00 d.. ..l_ .*... ,.


.l ,5 .e- mr.

ro o. '

4 wr




* Fonal chAilrw

* For ll poecets


I o --".
op" o ;P,.m, .. w .

40 woos.WA.,

I .; ..,


S ***'' '.
5 -

5. 44

1 -.5. I
.1. .~. ~

I ~

A 1. ;...-"4

*" 1 .


~s~* Cs



a d -A ; .

le"W 'ui J .',

4m ia pe, l aw l mim tlla
*. .. ,

-. .. ... 4 ,: ,; -rL..

. .I" ;:.'

...-. **,;'- .

. ..', "'.' .

.. .o "


tChoice of Five (atesays




to all the

" Stoponews at any point on your direct r
,4 ,

When ye o with Pan American you'll
Sy in the gmoat modern aircra-Q-youa'll eoy
the odoeltaMe accommaoda os d As-
.. ...- b t themadeOPw p. ,
... .,. .- .......-... e,.o.m .:,ee ,.,,J_ .o ......- f ,.,a

A h mr-Na. priiio.h mt o. -hor w.o acm so w .. m .u, ,.. ,J-
S0 _. v A Lw -'

KoiMuses as (fte use on hou- lsse*v p *.

ay -..- ... **. .. .
S. 1; 4,

S. ,. .. -. .. ., .

'-"-" IF
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ c .. .-

* *I


C 5..

5 .. *'~~1
'*'~ *'*'
5 "'5 1
0 : 7: 5/ ~
7 Ii
'V -

35 r t.-f.t
5- Is

~iI A' I
~ "ISO.


U. S.
I ; i.!;. :-tt.

oute to the Sm&e* -
,". :" "- .. ...I'ASA .

tATMLAs with its unspoil4 fw
old building, parks and rehgs,'s e re f \. r

astenang with it colosrful. wa w ''U n -
Indian Vilgap ow die meit i #e o l e--''
.' .'-.; ., 'ii .t -....;+
MAY sIAt lnd A&e ramc: t Ontgypk,
rans4t&i CM1itl. dwaZel
Jal Alai players and you'll fiad Havans

'abunab n ,. t'I -'-s'
L *-Ih W!a8 vaetiW
anid &ar n., ou ~ Af ai. : .. s -els e 'uli 't'
priilf h p Tty "it -.. t'
Rio Gradb riyer. .-( *' *' 'Z-

"" ; 11.-'

- -- ----

--- ----.- -----r ---

. .. i l l n u.1

n .

-: ,-

- -,-

** f". *

.- .

, th6 t ,.'


.. .,6. .

SlA., Oklahom", Pu

4i. Cincinnati Perfect In 'Top Ten' ''".....

YOtti, Nov. 8 (UP)-The Uhtf jor -
Sandrr untled football teams l s downt f 1 'i.toi' "' rd
Survivors have a rough road to rave
fL Oe .shUma, beat Iowa State
. e nds o. -..

't,, ho nsss, "' a e" 1 ba k. j'a .

n.E pgZia htg. ar 48
S.v.. T h ..- 0... IT. Go lII M ex I o's

onu)r and uo ar fo thee Oklahma nIow haop L ei ft tli
o W roe-f Or T whne 14 ss tr 11 8 fs.. vi- Pi5A Mpanea-bU t owac s 2-14te
b en B' the B hUckey diag e- a e i iftht sut ca. hr Al a i beat R e p 8 5,

,iL ng f r pi-_ g Trahe punted r k a nsas stl st p er e0 ar e n ho. esoi ei d. s y.tear m er.t ois t1,i ;.... .

Sinn Fbiner raes To Fifth -To ro In eW rU

3: *** bea t. Y, n 8 .
ttagte JandA.f orathr eeoiucdowsb, com plet

Me::lo, frou where It will 2 be
"-ijbb n 17 bdeteru ai' ad Oka n a r dsow ha .e

o.I -... f driven to f the Dtartn, po int at ..
.. tn Sa n fen -O th anm RACE Tuxia Cico Mexico. p.Pan_,ti0.

: B Eagg ho at 1-Ja W tSl2l a0, .80 2. Of. The race will be run In five l,'" -i^-e- .--"m'ia
,-'' .4 t mn tea d wlth Purdue urd -'".
u'. Mihian. p The other Mam i MIA of Four m hi are On a ve
.oe ow State. tem to dro fromi the rank of paying the racer, and tile car

noA hort a nontllago was l- -i err wa the onl m ajor Clypper also N b pov ember 19 ,s d '
S nhoma A-and-M. doWs In the lt quarter. Au- mat and sports will r
and NkebutaMud otbke Ch-ldress Pe one of he world's and Keli "Mof 1_ wh 2 to

Ire per for merour ya tt ole the most ep eIn 3a r A nthe u e
cud be toulbh score, thleto.oh e Italian 1 ner- dre- b" Juan .r r.os moun-
Sat .-teman .."order t the RioGrn-

-- e ie beUl One-TA, A Man el pFani e of Areflyinga, te

ME1.rn E u roptfth Pe iub from Barc pelona to o.

Ik p -lp'at "at- Carrie y MissAi fr e
Snew co- Atlrs) t. From NewYrl ,
S.a ghan u n .- -,r co v M ,ecoanr4eM,.
Ste wi me ot he ,driven to the tacrtnr offi-nt th

n wa H on eahhr whrt 1-Valey Breafe t.u0, 6.060. elal ppaoy to car- bds e runn
Sre per former ai d e-- l Jurstlee ry out e a i. An

Ci'ements.pill up a e- box of theq Tale Bowl. So Miss the contraob by virtue of which he tytroltattPn
ui nt Msve-cone out ri.e b-trn iof S ITH RACE wat w od of the United Press this Athletics baseball team woe halpffi IOla
M i a with her lmrirl M owhly "l q drA lman ds.n ts, ariee- I Ju and d had ered t a to

8ab enouOh 8 refiner plungeAfatour'. 2 Oe -a e lI a rs st ongu --r------------- IiVbmt

C as n t ie in e i s t er $h6 M OVy a r.
l- @ey To nhtn)h4 A & r solrn-n tin)

ark p-sbofconfdence, I-p ormorant tocA, d. Lotd t owfh anee o s Ao fero oe On&-

periorty ver the field and he s-Hurleano $. 0. ll.2" C. d ..B ; .
went about winning the race by end Do :

nand Lden while -- OhaToesLottu. kept hip tae
psd the money. EIGHTH RACf eerie e ..A ade ava Itl e tf th EN

Idri o Banchew bon- V. Ql .go2, U.3J I rhIlg I IO l
S intNin erct a. r -ou)r omA B a rtce Mlu oyd k
S' triumo h .us t heldo her Vu f, s-- l at the amei on a I

t x ni t k unl h a wooden cip-board, precatrously 19= .
S 5 and h pa h_ f ihorst 1V (Vaey Ba, tr S.. -on her l ap-. n e was _,,, ...
they were standing. i Clark th. UnitY -
edtimn d the raw1n the track's I:She tcgre aayesCnoes toahr TaCS In P lt .rold

imnhhrt announce that a t.exda d the .dpres. b .nsouther n e "
el teram eye proDr.l 1 2 .we : herei St i .lk eld b, .

.e.. nt a1. l l) -it d ai the first woman vt o "hCh-
ru ter wday foi pert, r ever tp have d sover- y ",--B

eA Daiy.i ._ a ed maotr footbas Ikep at the PRIM-E "Tri_ i._

o lknkl diSBvnEnr'B ? yaTsmACa CottesrEU In asv Tesray
dri"to"e cthes of t r eting ,in t

ofndfi derece 1ra n a, Lyd tw at hei ao cai c one of
f.- Thwever. fl ldt h her 2 aed ay t od oa the U12t .0,,h m h ost horrble daslo-my L
et aboun liningthI- rce. b lyeai od ol e ) i u bi frs w e '. !
fulla lengt over5M err .yg N M- a 61rA6.edirvem b e r -1 I .i9" (
/g I cas wmi ndn Wu outh am -a Ly ly L y, dn ithn Ju an the m-- OHIO
a m onev L t as y.. EIG ,T r C t .aAnu l F an e av ailable t ,, t --E
l b ,i i .1 x e ._ e -Itim m m


... a-.A ...

Li =

OU.ira' "~ ....lhe|' '-
.... ho, ,,

I ',I ~~, .l.. :v. .

., ,\ ^-'^ .' .- ., .. ,,'- ,* .
** :
*%, ". '" ," ,:''.,- ', 'w ". '. '
,.. *,- ,, # ;._,. ^ ^ ,. ., ...^ .: ^^ ,. .
*",'" ', ,' .'. ". ;, : -' *, .
,'* .. ,- ,, ... T -* *,, ,. i, -,
'* '*.. -- ; *' ',":I *K f:.,': ^-.. : ':,, f.' "

|' '




In, Go

L. '

tef 11 0

Dan 114
ftam 9

wystfl 20
laova I
tol U


AM= u
384 NA)I 0

t U
m 11 1
rthmore 19
lavmre 13

y Rik. 0

Molvervtn 01

- and War. 1:
on 7


In arewI
In a mw

,rmIL W

shot 144

* *up JIMu

Imn 1
Tt;a 4s

.utlrgh 0
Wton- 8L
8 t.

.em1 a 1

letrol 14



;3mlit,. ISM ..* a

Wtll the core tw 4 MW"
mnb 9"arterback -Wm I Taede

MAW 7ot. ,a. O .
Ol 9. Unn. Dulrth.0
Wla state

24., Arim w H

ay~z# SLs
-. ~t --NOXW

.. .@

I~ ~

(NrO ( l. 14).
*'The Vt~aelogn cluunp. 4tt
box thli aCeroonm M a pd
vorkout --or the beneft r"Wti
W Boxn. Commadeln.
max Ekw Ut
ralaa bont R a = Ehame w
"Wlla-t JMmajnn.aTils ham^j~~

r the 268 l'Cabt
is i a .p 1" .
a TO Porelce St. 8 M
.,be .l_. .' .

W" S5?0.0ford 1"'
ialh.ppi 49- Val 11 '

Racig cke U~. iBA.
raeas am:%eat day r -uputs in
w&&in 4c we-aafota

- am
(MO) 14nJAM0. U




'- I
.5 1


such asu troilt, Temple, YtA o n -a;m '
G Ie C IsU N'
When bk a team net a hao .," by m ao tlsgp. kw..'

whiB a,_itAr.Vo to- iiai fred n ol

Jhtwh mu. atlistiwl lwhoa iho W-tePttfi |nur t wDlWO~ut.r rif4 ule
befsrq the one. .tartd that thi wa g te, feat by O Sseto the
M. .rton .e '.r Ba_-shoot...tjr* h.
Art takeh on unbeaten, once tied. aale in thn ew'lBa
llne R, me ln the But., Thin iU other rItUlt wnonwih wt m^nTdl ll rpto- th.o-rS^-
oerry.t llt reaT. T tone fi.or .their ... h A.fvrUl.t-l oie
-.i.. t_ Od t wm tear .it te an.,,, lq w ..lin- 3-fc-lii?-: !ii Jftlfni took
stinted feioeity. acoring acftda and scads. Qt tWU@a Thfl l5 is dl^^& ^
somthllng -aa rule, t lha. asoh .wd tenim .D.oc .I t ea is o "t b
Cadets were cable of _mniomung violence of tisn -4a_ at wit l ir. cwl muc when .e
ViMri a gWreathanve felt It In the second half. The CaE9* figr a tu*o
to handily enough, for the upl reason .ey are a te 1
Atrme take at stronger league. Hopped u.tinho f t red 49 to take
ave the o Ms.r to du wIit thte result. me l wm .. thlis lI.ea Ber 19 .pre wai
hve the additional advantage that corneal of *prIt practice, hgh ft the day over fth.tM a
which Ii denied all Ivy League team.a plu the uperior physical of te course and war pmrt
fltnew charncterilytl of service teams. larottandlnR as she fir
t do wt the- _i result* MW M. aOern.
have R~lsWo hift OfMA. PEIgor, 100 UY Vias

saloteers in tle e -Heward Coaseh of the Tear election
may want to know aouthe eligibity of Tom Pam pretty
soon. The retired admiral l an Interim each; he e the
seni as Pitt's athletiae'ds etor. When his regular ede. Red
Dawee, beame hmesltailuhd.1 Hamilton teek over the wt less
PsatI er and they proceeded to rack up three a a beow. ehIm,
beating Navy. Northwestern and West Trginla. While Dawsim
w t qM on laid the foundation, it's equalty certain that
sa a gave the team a vttal lIgredent it lacked, namely, the
W i nlurge. No eoa Interim or otherwise,.ha dne a mor
&u&*a or a meI su u job up to new .2" hMe valiant old-
S sea dof .W's salte armflnI w&hmat

S' be-ovr lot "I, e
thiut rdtt o wrofti t bt beate,5-and an*5
bee motrUshed 3 3 minus 2. mak 4 cre-
mony out o tWe try f uetra point t. ite,-as
an stant who cals (or a rubber -_bW th*4bahl
Is alital Rly tmo t the d, A the while the
,center is forced to remain In an upsie-dwn posltae griping
* the ball, pa he follows the meticulous prepas aons and waits for
the snap signal. Apparently thq Princeton center decided he
could take.onlyW o muich of this nonsense against Col ateI r-u-
day. so be V ot rid of the ball before anybody was W ,-t.may
have eiot the Tigers a 7-6 Win, but even so the young ma was
not without sympathetic understanding. -
Im.p. of pise-flgt manage, prots1s lg wr
by, a rt 'grsap, threw a pleket ine around the of
boxing ealisstN OMr ne'O ikets carried a banner whish
read "We ant weh A eabebi, who obvihely has firm ideas
as to what Somstitutes work stuck his head out of his 'car, sad
S"Wel, wh3y don't you bums get a Job?"

of 200 is believed to be a nm 200
yard outdoor record for competi-
ion bhert In the Canal Zone. al-
though official records have not
b kept In the past.
Thes iores:
Prone Stand Total
B. Bingham 1936-x z173-IX -7x
B. Jafray 193 156-29 3349-4
JL. Orr 196-3x 149 345x
Irvy rapfl 185 15171x 336-x
N. Keller 177-3x 156-1x 333?4x
A. Turnr 179-2x .106-lx 285-3x
N. Diman 189-Ix 17 276-1x
W H. ', .. 1
Keller I-Ix o0 A'V x41

Although Bill affray came In
second In the final smallbore
rifle shoot of the 4 season
held at arfan Sunda, he ill
finished the season with a com-
fortaile lead for the Balboa Gun
Club's smallbore rifle champion-
ahp. Jalfray, who won the Ca-
na Zone smallbore rifle cham.
pionship in the Registered Tour.
nament held here in Ma V, Was
S points behind Dick Dilan
wi one match t go for the
.club champIonship. DlMan



Its gleaming white bechme
gently pped by t* sapbr-
blue surf of the Atlantlc
Ocean, are but a short die.
stance from glamorous &iu,
nos Airea With its 250 hotels
and gay ihf clubs, Mar del
Plat is th ideally pomplute
mseide resort There you can
bathe, fih, play gof .0 try
your luck in the worid'se lr-
gt cas Fo ar chadi d of
pawead seem.ry doat nof
the grander of the outhrn
laim district or the Impems,
ive Iguasi Paugt
Your vpeap esatashe min.
u* 1"ieMp obod deily

*dr thilfty l Pawd ls r.

liud-ho Gulfl-n-nype PnM pro-
econtstfllI forte Talm..
erous d was unpopular with,
the other young coaches thn a-
round .... only benun ha made
MfootUan A eigt -a-Wi
Ot setting a torrid a e d-
vtln to duty. .. .. -ecnd, of
to headman Red
6 ii...'I
BOf nd 5l $eve o(bfk

tlink I'll letSteveoa tbI l Ats.
1iaI.', i at a ittle itam
end we can always
Warmd i Staow." 0. 0

Vie Ptln4'Sl o~l is
e threw tree 'l1I

r Notre Dame ..
.an C o Florida p,
g' coo1 coach, a ,
a Seminole al Ptan

ei take 0f that jet be carries
aumd the heart. If he'd lay
olf sack laesyneraeles as 4ugh-
nuts befoe hme. .
2he belly play off the T that's
S around the country was
d Fed little Eddie Leron
In a practe sessionn at Collage
of-t Pacific back Jn IM *. .
SJohn Rohde at de,,w
ri t was ulauvterg the
i wefo ee d lv lP1 ad12 a I
iMff.f ohd war n_ the make
Ia iu as usul but Edd
-the laa nd flippe
i ~r


Oita -, t ..
(r 4n '
thhI 'M
ai wh~t~e Buis

mw i,- wup wnmr.i
big George is serf~il
touchy-about quttiz
B Ig Crde .1

nm very

joined the Armed Forces d left
the Zone ., Otoberr hone was
unable to compete. In the final
needed match. Dtllman was club
champion it 198.
Jaffray's winning score total-
led 3445-175B out of a possible
3600. This was based on a total
of 300 shot prone a 60 shot

ahots prone and 40 standing) a
worthy of record here. We he
and Jaffray fired neck aitneck
In the prone tournaments, DiH-
man as for ears been the out.
standing off hand sht in this
are. Both shooed have out-
standing average prone for tihe
year, -Jiffray with 99.47 out of
100 and Dillman with lM. The
"Ma ste r"'' : clufaton, the
NRA's highest, only calls, for 0
out of 10.
U gham. In winning Bun.
da came from-behind to
1 d PlDa spot In
te. .A wore
T' tie year was S31- X. Int.
been a a.
00Wooer aSU year. e
league rence wa value
to hm to cf
c nomb ili'tis euel.
lent pIandatg sc"4-4uenout.
In ttr place In the club
flhamuiin lil v" mte. Orr,
a junior girl Orr
tcamet .
seam AM,

ma rts that
el -Oorgie
tora ea
1w -16 a ra-
Iother hi.
.g op
!Ds dute
mob th on

'writ 1aN' ivk ...
out guy as he walked off to
Yankee Stadium turf following
Notre Dame'sr memorable 04 tie
with Army in 14M6.
As he reached the dressing
room, he went over Wto Jobmn .u-
ack. The quarterback had suf-
fered a bad day ith his ang,

the Cadeto isvturbsibd Mmold
1TliexAf fou r. e4 w iTme
Liuow s ih ~et~^ r?
Sam, ;6 _

my United P.o

TuRmain leadii ""ten -
-tohi to lte".--. rve t l a-
leah today. fo the iloiLwmin-
ter season.
White ltlei won five ll a of
. tarts this yarw often e ar.
rying mts than l jndsHls

ng.Itle t=w' e is-
anDm or..e. T WtM IlOat
awlsyt-ps wteo.FoN

What's the secret /

of these A


A touch of this, a pinch of that,
* and a bit of something else...
blended together make a
French sauce a delicious treat
Blending's the secret
and it's the same in cigarettes.
You take a little Turkish.
with its sweet and pungent aroma,
mix It with some golden flakes
of pure Virginia tobacco,
then add some cured Kentucky
and you get a real -smoke.
Pleasing and, pleasant.

The's the way we make LUCKY STRIKS.
We blend the finest tobahme
In all thO world to make a cIgairt
that gives a pleasant lift to your spirit.
Ws fun to smoke LUCKIES,
they're so smooth on your throat.
Why not light up a LUCKY? You'll see the Its o.



ECA. Uir, P N 0 Nil' K
EI -cA.To Alan .mKey,i
age ,gh -MSAe I&.d,


LUCKY STIKS' tobadcsi t Vir-
ginla ebacco grower, the Turkih .a -
vhmn and the Kntucky Cl L '

h as





I -

NO lte.r combIllo n for ,iIstiL

- H11%A- H I' ...v'I..
yiif^ y-,-.:^:or



+. *..o ?. ., .-.*.
.-" :' ', ... .

*.' ~

jc.jb -'-k

.: ,i.. .A .% .

- -- -;-- -. -


im ,
slear '-k

"blurs" and becoml opaque '
white, nedletO i
are av thatno

or f s vah
should be iven the indin" Si

4 o,\ q.ieU
elesnUlMU fe operative to

inches wide with brli i. of JIs S'11m8at
badger, abile, or ox-hair. Be.i re W S L .B .
uWe, bnhe houldci held uu v
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S Reicthy'san leadenhip to ide you?" the rter continued er on thip But I ont expect that wou

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o.,a dl 'Ne npbR8the senator predictnghis owown. .L

by ll r otes, liberal .Republicans are out to u don't t n wan mn rom a. i Asket about. le
!' A- f t.McCarthy soid he expects the jKnowland) will vote to ceffsure menta from anRepublican lead&- NE W be a ID. bee." lapaidi o (II S r

Rep u r f 3blican leadershipnto aide you?" the reporter continued eeroen this. But I don't expect that would uAo Te 1 pharacd It o
S f-mo.w S. Ith himi n th e ateful debateo- "I don't think the RepIb n t'l h go;alongwith h s." W ithSenate.
i uerth Mayo Dr. ver. bis coAluct an a pena toz.u Sen. Jo w ho ap peard on l .

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.aa in his opinion this won't stop the ah ethe Cae .was ask-ng r d. W b Oht 1' "Bar. whSh L I
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mfof threewbeks agSo in IllynchiMg bee." prejudiced aglnstl him because 'a[W_ E

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e j bIe6 oAmerican day th a t be doesn't knw of a hit nat" e omm oct a n a. -n' ro e -
my Democrat who wil n 'vot a ."loathe"M MoCirthy. '" re- o u te n. e "'

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othecooper sa down cea Te And McCarthy's, r1 h. D m tc. .ab at ... n ...
f American shutter- fMiends said.eexpects only t &,not mf tlns or since 't wt9 Son
p on ..-fourth of the City'so26bout 1t he lerecriticizing the Wisconsian b auio n for. o111461400 d inger

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1:,0 smtl-utes.. m. that McCarthy be censubere:ad by. mi an .ataitor. i.onno a d., two t o 0- -a I
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hep Wios, Repl o tn atso eseibe bad set. a- the rm-d bhenate Poll
16 by a ward members of the re tionwa stf "now ,if^ sde I ;

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ether n res In Senate hlow i A,_. oI vi u'.fRu lie Sad l .' ,

Mira Te Dhooges b ordered ttreby i U''
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i.po LA & S en Tlrancl, P. Case (h o W 0ersts M ak vm erchairman.. I lthe time of the work Itoppa
soll s ft h defended Sen. EZdt w in C.ensre.f the"subcomm-tt.' in;Jan".h.tnan oo icnlr ntis a
lw n so- (D-Colo.) against urMe .. i' s ipy fe thae subcomi ttee In Jan- _mnh'a O _w ta an i o
%.W 15.. charges that .Johnson .. .l ,_ in5 K re ie tbat ID$ ........ov..
odor Of. Iva e-bland against him. Ca 0 p A T 1 *+--n-n -_;1004d twIs-a t."I '. T, M .' No.
Ssad Johian "leaned O ver back- wouldn't
.. W guards" to be fair- to M iCarthyI& gre o el "oturnedo.- u
.. ..i.,-erete s on of the Waltkin s hberdr su., A,.d.f. ,that bed a bank of910000l 4, 11. ,a
met Z O debat-rois-wll *....toInform a nts." tured Yesterday a ferw hours

s"emsbeot tw V'mjr" r dee o things out o f the file," McCarthy arrest,

,o mi,, o the 'o"most ofthat l- ormatiof i M mYvolvingmurderin' th 11- yar
Teahet Wions he uln tMcCarthyhaesomsaihehas Police said all the stona
d, J requie CBS show,e o o" mu_t captured. 0hoogang
that. Dmc rats e rvoeerd'lieral tono CA'hl .rsdaylilstole t&ldlrpiostils and, I..
ise. -lthat liberal Republ i lessae at the ip- Sy served'as "P :."s enator nn'a ke he ..r. s.

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