The Panama American


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The Panama American
Portion of title:
Weekend American
Physical Description:
Scott Family Library Fund ( donor )
Panama Times, Ltd.
Place of Publication:
Panama City, Panama
Publication Date:
daily (except saturday and sunday)[may 12, 1973-]
daily[ former oct. 7, 1925-dec. 4, 1966]
daily (except saturday)[ former dec. 10, 1966-may 5, 1973]
normalized irregular


Subjects / Keywords:
Newspapers -- Panama (Panama)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
Panama -- Panama


Dates or Sequential Designation:
Oct. 7, 1925-
General Note:
On Saturday published as: Weekend American, Dec. 10, 1966-May 5, 1973.

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Source Institution:
University of Florida
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All applicable rights reserved by the source institution and holding location.
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oclc - 18709335
lccn - sn 88088495
lcc - Newspaper
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ia today in an
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sterained A SAoviia tra
pretty Am who Th
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rs eer who '
ar flew fro I aucow ie Ur
Iuband KNt, forjar see d see. So
iry of the Amerlan ambasy Je.
"sCW.cow. t
Mr. Sommerlatte and Ihr hus-
and- were forced to leave Ru$- ti.
k. Tou Soviets e4trei her oall
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THE MAIL...AX 8 n .
fi of Protool, to sp
-- .-- brittle from running into
The Mrl ix b on a am for e f The Panama Amee sen Elsnhower ha
SLtm s are siwd eit iy end am be Is l 4 wbef idm re tl returned from Deo

L' It! e4*"irfu Ws h. lK to
N MM^ 4-10, MdiurWii he ILthree-twt e
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.f II l we nes t ield la ul e 27sf9 de.
Smp 0 "n ISn as f d.
Queen Mother ElUabetb h of
PEN PALS ain is in WashiftSton N
F 4AL 4 during her tbrwweek
104 Yorkville Avenue to the U.L and Canada.
Toronto. Canada Prime inisterYoiid a te
is. r uli.Dtk e
: W Si r: Mo. I- st
Wru pileause be kind enugh to putbleomy request for pMn Sts r W.0
ieii In'or newspaperwiD set forNv
My principal Interest is stamp collecting and I would like Premier Pierre.Mendes-ptv
very much to lave friends in Panama who are Interested In ex- of France is due the week ofA
Sstamin. 8-Eive or take few des
: you be unable tost myE. o~s please pm- a i.
letter as to an organization that you cona car c asist met .Austria' ChS
ThBa you very mies for al on d. Rsab will fItow .

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eurs trul before Thankgng
Deals Young Sir John Kotelawala, prime min- o A
later of Ceylon, Is de Dee. 4. a .t st
Attention Zone hblefs: lnethe rcessia will le t Up Ia r p
Impthe. Christmas holidays, but
Cf Paul loire, president of,'... ""he.
Who on earth thought up the asinine arrangement of pay- Haiti, will b here Jn. 2. i 29. Ie
+ment done for work at the Fctrical Division? What a stupid Prime Minister Mohammed All m,
idea but it's evident there is one thing." 'Pan Canal doesn't of Pakistai6 on his official visit to -
I must sa y. itanama t one gets corteousattention tyouso a palr of toy -- -- -
' it customer. So I shall return to having any and all woerk "As you're going t have .
one In tha shes In Panama. Thanks for your unklnd Inco-D to fight Indians the prime min. -AO I
Ideration. later was told iy National Prese
Club President Ernest Vtcero, '
Boling Mad "it's probably Just as well ou I ir
.... --have a cowboy the family.'. !.
,Anwer to-.r.vio qPUE- -* .ct
S L AnUwer to Prevlo PAfter Dehra Secretary Charles s th
ittle MoE Wilson bad a his celerated MAN ABOUT TOWN Gerl was first betrothed to Macy issue .. eaney K be u the
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Sin the etagon sat down at his Te J Bryan rids (he's the married Bill y taty tt
tACO p Correlaiv of tywriter ad aed up t odal Stevepo iter) are di. forced N..' per-
1. I Princial neither iae directive, for op-ert dre vori e is the eno ending pose to ao th n gua tp w. a aa pressed
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11 Vocally Coops nator Able, ker, Charlie Dog, Aders are repo'rd under. Her ., Which one wUr be we for y W.
12 Mouna Arrivl (ab.)., 1indi dispatch form. s hereby next ma y be Henry Cornelius, will be Elizabeth. befo a a r g
nyph 8 ScottisUy during the designa- if his divorce comes three. ..- the long'lilt sponsor ofthe u or stam for Nixon An
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S a yn, J Dst bearing Dinah WashIingtonAa rap) neymooning with of the new play. "One tary a a trve atanthappened.
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View" l Alabasal present Gordon heads to turn ... Earthas tt has, She's Serbian nobility Prince Yale guard.. .. The police or Oe a g ote to almost eve
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. Mostunusus T eme cream cheese, moner Key Norton 3 ifonths ago. (Cotmilnq h a sl stagecu rity, riT' ~ .
37 Walking tid "Do t rush me, boys. Jan. 1, .. The dy r we no ted
S. Depar E I. I tr date." --- -theN.Y. Times hadn't covered l th "L -fewows," rpied the WASHINGTON PIPELINE
Sb., P I A correspondent in London re. Av Norring, the Hungarian Bruce Cabot estra owif Dr. Shppard m 4 aie f I s One hundred thousand flass of
r a re.porter to Cleveland.h 11%.

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T e I ma tlna m t i t O p en ram" p people were under F ao gind..Th CaIr... bo a TWh dteel tr _me hih s as tratgc. lioaquid
tth6tF9 ,ew ssvO I t.d M, t S.t weds ceh. ag.' ,.. alotner that
1 tpe. ic aprebnc as omi n oserw GA atd .-c.urCommission. .
: /oai cMr cialthatewt by The elofc Jack dwell nCntril ne a EhesR u.i^ic new^ ml ^ *
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S*as ipon. the .Coast showgal Kir Sm tD rta A E
"The appoinm nt. was at 10:30. ag eer N. Y. w m Actreshs nee o I Sybil M s
O"Wn de st flton whether the uce daily .. rdo Ld is Ann Coe lt eevee ta
thel next morning I tr the (their "tr Blue Book'

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Ser "T he uta T Ged hl o ak ...
mo'i "l 2191 = = =l othrat SaY got bythe Gwee RkHelh It ste "...C"eles"eit'sNO; a lnhe' I' V fo"d Wt "

cond inrla her SRom o_.ut_" l!. Pa l tde H r I n' l bs Jo a,"-or
Ps oCve a.o e dept am. .- -... .. Nn q"i,. 2
program might goet ae r. f Sor .. Teoege. eft happe any. 1E
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Ne, "e-955C --TheCoo-nw soon.,Lam. P might take Ita totMexico" or a quickie

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Ci."hed S the t _FlakesHour.",ago Errol-Flyn .is., ...._I -.i

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" Making Room


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- + -/ -

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.- w -l r .
tn Wiyer? Chevmlet's ydwaiy!
*. SO.Y

Prefer a 2-door sedan?

1s. .


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On model iI do? ht more

I o .. '.. .', ,5..
you say Station Wapm? Ah, Iadyh-ab,
i u :* -.
". f ', i,

want is here!

could you wish for!

sir--wil you look

Siemotoraic liet for 55

o tires (they're tublo) to top (lota lpwerp), It. a whole new approach
Lto .die ro"wiedcq Cos IwI pt ick ste ud elya wan... e color

( 'r. a) .'he p wry PU waS (new V8 and
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two nsw6!u) .. pue^k. d )s fqt (atnded, Powtrglli& orOnrdriveN).

*OldJIr SP a. rs



More than' a W,. a .w CONCEPT eof ~i-cost
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While You're Browsing Around Check on


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"freedoms of the Press'; Fre-
dom to get the trmmunit dtrintit
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He declared the first four would
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S.- B AA.r W.o

S ury hwn Thtg hs

f Mrs. Sheppards Battered Body
CIBEVELAND, Ohio. Nov. 5 Dires examination ended with "Garml a dd not deny .t .
S(UP) -Mrilyn Bheppard's trn adioadent for h Chief his eet bed had arslt
and hacked body was pictured to- defense counsel Wiim 5. Corri- affairs, but trailed that "W
Sday before the jury trying her gan was to take dp c ea-exami- bpper proof, _ew Mat
..husband for her murder as the nation tomorrow. .e v his ,lIl te'
a:ate beat down defense obtec- AMt. rsameeutor Jea M ea- .We wl o aer
on ad showed red lde en td the een-m, despite what 8Iaus
f het woman that "t wr. War ty say, there was
Dr. htppard bit his a" Susan in ders and a
W fl. pd ied hMi eyes shut parterlar frmed the asc. lo." -.
8 a* D an tT s explained gra.d tr lde muder. Mahon rupriaed observed
S .q.s screen I e darkI ment, id eidee eIp. e a th
enS ourtroo prove that clash between Sb rtateien emat. dl state Bat
I .- teto rn down his pard and lively, 31-year-old i t wi ask the makum .
SAc ase qnMQ d how M- over outside affatf en mnt. p
and he a *od h ead tate's a
Debase counsel objected rion othe e ents l thp morn- I
.8 tl the hwi of the a t Day D and
b, au tl Judge Udward BIythin Td rfler'f t" polated Se
Sev1 l th protMsts. su at Dr. rd.
"Her head had- been br y *
aI" aA e lasted one hour beaten." ahe id of Mrs. Sep.
. It started with a pard. who was found sprawled -
of .ead woman's bead, cross her twin bed in the comfor- A
g est wounds the t- white e home in sur- st
.ou eadr the ban be,
rsat behind "Th hNws all rushed arhd bu
S stsarn.g m a eon neal early tra out...The 9
.e denose was obraen.dL" se a -tn- -e a h
de i Def ense orn Fred Garmne t aom c tk s awhha'
y lrW i_. d, e eountred b= t t e-m e nt P****6 *MR. hb
Sw.en If with a doderiP in Oeprdaa c
aderle 1t W,. a Otlevdant lov nt husband nd
The ve o in the father, wo ould not have taken
folbwed he sderption t.e a human uIr .
end, but without ecept o hey 'The laT flour months a the
S preaeda their hand bird gat= t married Uf fMl ea er e
I ,: eir aces. The men sat qety. and n Sh ppard.wr tui Eayhing's ew about
L Adelson entered ix Mack-ad- et'" aGarmo said, standing be-
S, as state exhibit. IHe did The counsel said phepp ard
not tnelue u copy of as lide made arrangement to take care
showing broken teeth, nor did he of Marilyn and their n, "Chip,"
explain the omission. 7, in case of hj own deqth,
:e said whoever killed Mrs. Garmon said prisoner had
4 heuppaIB 'trek er -a times, started to buy home in whicb
wih of the strokes falling on they lived and ad lacd It -In
her head. He aid her. hand Marilyn'a name and taken out I
were inured,'identd from try- UIn liW an una u H ce with L II
e ng to ward the blowa sad as b clary. l- ,
Se ingena was torn most "oea tht add up to Irder?"
bL he demand. Fp Great Li



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New fleans Arrires
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A TA a ........... ...................... .. ..
*aadian eferanted Chrlled 'ad enrws Cr

i ., Nov. 8
R ..... ..................... 4,

.. 0 a.s9 o av. L ea, .

SeL S PMAM rrA lv-90
M *P farm CrfrtobN l

. I ,- __ _*-- __H__i e l

Yerk, New9 Orleans, Los Age .$ Fr .0sco

,. !York 0... 80.............. .2
To Lf.r Ai ai and San Franohfo ....27000
To as". .*s.. s.......... ....6..6$J5.00


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fr"om ink

,o tuate B a o .fl olva n.d
!,b-entaal vjbbeen b$

At ,the ,, passenger Air station
:7 grease. n uS l it lnom0* ToA aui rt oai

Sral:. Al be h o. f Ii-

Sa e .lra b N d a y a ir

1|.I. .... .. ..,.; .;-l.u d .s .lod or bl. emmi, srea ro-r.1 t M r- 'T 0e VT0
Sluences n ty a n the a- r
,Cr i.~t.... r m to Yom. ah onl at0 "_.
aa.- S owe to con .,.lEene-the vot" t a club coup Lo the Two-o, tonstron. Iah in | o .

"lr5a S retaa t r DemocrWtle Gow. bert B. and sport and convertible r wbas geaecond bo Oute tu- 1e0 JOetl ati
". ,B r t e .' r a s o .n der ag.a' T ,, thetle. B A oir e t o ore m d. Clem"n A. fi l A O ;, ,h t

1 .t h + .. of .....5 ^ .. T l .. o- h a o .op ons and 2 two-one combl In relat e obsurty la t Mayor J s
... .... vC been. he ,deredao hs nations available. day. ..onced ,that lw ful- .

S2^ ith i. e(atdt hd, eation t e ^ R~ and He told the e fla litelon next
ret r etnmoc 1 .amo g1 4. "haoe Hdles beAuull-o w hen h cir

I ^l& ah gp sfled AlsdetmM Ct ta ted official soun p to be totourS *
'-.,.ly, Two -Te ad I1 "5 i. n w p i .." i e h d .
eir soiled a two .stwo a am"niad ab ptlr to whinc O
--in N s ) aa -trind"

S(D-N.B.),i chair- a had ben re e.' an rld ad a teuton ,com ioru i an o iOt te p-
mered ughtliturseanaInwtoni.e.r. : talln
& e a.peller bd s. NaindnAnd At,

bt 3.aTwo-ean SPECIAL.PRICES Yotg dhld a isy..r

a club co up iii the Two- mo nstr o f To ( -5V
r Dand sport and convertible wu ic m Ji i
SOT a of t pounded o ou e r ru a
Sr. ndln Thre wi .4 sd oom e ComnA A ., -

'I n.?l V Ma it. ofteMs nd t ne cms in fre .t i. .b' W Wcr t ID to s... Th. I 1pN ,

tJr" "h -"r-, availableaoie. -'' a ce st. t t w-
a~-ea Ch~rol Maare I: into

, ho.ble-Ute WJIoWoi .. :. ,-*. .' : 'f B | '-B~uf.^ifi^te.. I ,. ...*. O. MT CHI N .. .HO L
.4/0'U"4.t.I dl t-aIn a.nd .t u-t-- a wyn -" U

S b a r newal.n fo t,, 1 N Ti
De)= t A" _-sl -g IBM" % k....

r -ia--ng to*olsATUR AI al' wIl-. .
`4h1iAle Ieh esdf tta.. ed
Iniemly B nd .e a-among14 ,o t bodi aws o ,. -." ." !
lion te-hf-utlnea notp an the Oneutte,.DT Two-Ten an d

j + I 610 In I ly r t w P R I C E ,J...
0 .... U ITh e c le ln with It 1It
t 2W(ed PaaF a- 1eSI11_ __o
++Ift lan and Wll -c-ntinue dans In all ones, two- air gg 10"081k f f".

oinne4 0. .bbu.
'and I o, to conowo,= ones the v a du .=,p k .Tw-o aBe nyo toI l on.m :

e ratte oee-.. in rt 13.anTd sport Aend canvaTtb It waE the Abd Rme Irndrl n

.# odor a frmcoup e n the. Bel Air Sere. tory that ouch

II: "vrao '""-~.Il fd,~ i~L~ ~l'~~, b r tllno now .o.. w

.m mM-3ALSirhe
iX T,,k+ ,ere,,wll be.24,.olid. M color Madema. n.+ ; ],

+ "M-n /I r .lative oy bsc. oourirty n. ..
N orv W'1h opti ons a0 21tw

/. RHme _old n ,!,_,m ,i.,us
.!'a A!s.=V -a. .SP Upoeta4 A t hat t d officials Nevountan strainn at .llg .'nd go

_IntbnF. ./t so-,-_
.=&As.In the.Cg.1Estislm ef1m ueI,


.-.. :, W i V Shs t I k s~ekql6l Thi luiarui ua.e, ,o ,ike major sytm .ges I

I i is a

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,;r ,.b~ y "-' 'a g "a ~ a ""I ,b .+.- .-"-3 +,-,.". -...,.,"'. .-
.. -b .ti "",, + ?- .-.' "' "_: +" C ~ '' :.'.

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- Miulma
tr 12I words

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9.1$,,- -*"


u*3U801 StreeS WN AS.
.H a. e u. aj t.
l N o ot July Ave. &'J
ardto Anre AvA rand I IL
Ip Le Carrueoquuls

i- .

oA satAU MAWnoo
r.ife a;u wL

SSltree No. I

SHousehold Automobies
FOR l:-AIll porcelain 9-ft. Wel- FOR. SALE:-I.%.49 Bulcc gvertible,
inghe 25 cycle refrigirotor. new fpp, tires, upholstery, duty
three 4-ft. and one 8-ft. bamboo paid. Call Melvin 2-2116 before 4
blinds; plastic rug; Simmons mat- p.m.
tress and springs, heated wardrobe; -
dinino table and chairs, and other FOR SALi .-Exceptlonaly clean '51
fumriture. Dal C.Z. 4-542. 4-door Pontfac Chieftain-B, new
S w/s/w tires, puncture-proof tubes.
FOR SAtE:--Wll let person buyinm Hydramatic, heater-defroster, radio,
furniture %take over modern one- 27,000 miles. their fine extras.
bedroom apartment, 46th Street. Dial C:Z. 4-.542; -
House 27, Apartment 22. Phone -- _--- -
3551. A 2 FOR SALE.-'48 Ford-6 Club Coupe.
--'- --- custom body and interior. Call An-
FOR SALE: Whirlpool automatic con 2-3405. .
8wi4', 60-cycle. used two months.
,Phone 87-6147. Claovton. FOR SA' ,:-:953 +Hillmrtrl Minx, cx-
___. 4-llent condition, clean, 19,000
FC. SALE:-Gas sove and electric miles; Kob. e 84-6116, 7:30 to
reir;gerator, almost new. $160 for 4.30.
bboli: tale and four chairs, for din- --, --_ .,A._-- P
eite, $ 0; two gate leg tcbes, $3 I SA.J:-r-'42 Chevrolt Plc ,up
c-'-: -l Pcnamo 3-0816. good running condition,. $250.
RA SAtE:-Foarn rubber Dunlopillo -- Pedro --Mige. -
d&aY mltcess. UsAd only tour FOR SALE:-Due to tri ,11951 Chev-
rror hs S"n'-rior condition. COll rat2--door sedan. Cuba Ave. and
Cl':6n 5282 E st Sret No. 58. At. 8
FC CSALE -Lr ge r. 'tove,_ kitchen LEAVIIJG ISTHMUS! -- Sell.n 1950
tC!e, bedside toile. two straight Chrysler vyelbw convertibte, white
ch'f. fold ng cot. double bed vl.h s deall o tires, good condition,
springs, ma;tres and two pillows. $1200; rrahcganv kneehole desk.
e 72 Peru Ave. Apt20. 20. $5 i mohog9cny bedroom r et: Twin
S -- beds. innerspriin mattresses. cress-
L OST rC FOUN nD eo/'low boy, nCliht table,- mirror,
Call Balboa 2585 week-ends
- O....S---- --. -- -- ,--- or arleS 4 00"
LOST; Saroll package with keys. at afte- 4:00
F- lfse rthrrn to The Ponama Amer- ; FOR SALE
icrn. Reward. ,
S-d .. 'Rear l Estate

NY Tines Official UNI UE OPPORTUNITY to buy Two
S. 'd three-bedroom chalets lust fin-
c*> eE -. U |e-I_ ltd, with wonderful view of ocean,
UItflfllW IL IIelon e/ p.dnally large rooms, porches.
Srvdrits' bathrooms, large gardens,
p1- Price4 for quick sale against
le uddeOnlbn y laong-term payments to the nght
.EW 'YORK. NOV. 5 (UP) I CO, SA.. Avenida 3a, & Calle Za.,
Nifv NihOla r.. .e ,1 76 SAn Francisco de la Coleta. Phone
v:B oflrildent and sc'"retqrv j 3-402.. ---
the New york Times..died at his IKOR 5ALE:-BUILDING. corner Fiftl-
hfme yesterday of a heard at-' e arind Twelfth Streets, Son Fran-
ta c isco. F. Icia Co, 1 Jusfb Arose-
t-- mena Avenue.

)el %B a a.tterney and certU
fi publi; accountant conthF
ued Mh ileal pradtlce, a ter join-
ing the Times In 1916 until
named #oarery of the newp -
per n 19l 3-'
Re,otantributed a wee
rolumn to thea
ualtness section an
finished his next
h- was stricken.,
je became a dir r fd theo
7 ,ae in, 4135. He also was chair-
rI-n ot the board of t abChlt-
tlno It.Tenn.) Publisng Cd:,
rntll thiU year, a direct~ of the
Times Facsimile Cor,, and a
director of the Sprce Fills pow-
, 'a* Paer Co. Ltd., Of Toron-
to, Crin
B i- n t weden the Ion of an
Ai mlan father he w brought
to t United state. as a child,
.%t ded New Yoy' public
"UIs iand Adelphi College hi
po lJyn., and after prlpate stud-
.lew,mar dmltted to the bar in

APPLI ANTS forArmy Service Club
(wdan) desired. at Fort Qulick;
bhtWeen ao 26 and 40; graduate
accredited college with major in
recreation or related field, United
States citizen. May substitute for
college up to two year paold ex-
perlenee In social, recoatlonal o
simNar organizations. Apply Mon-
day, November 8, 1954, at 10:00
a.m,, Fort Gulick Service Club.
Moaor U.S. Company desires high aole
Fiber, aggressive young men (25-
351 for sales job within Panama
City and the Republic. Excellent
odportunity for advancement. En.
glnring background preferred.
Mustbe bilingual. Reply In writing
to Sales Engineer, Box 819, Pana-
ma, stating complete qudlificotions
All replies strictly confidential.

S. ER m ae1

1 r flved b:hlb wife, Mrs. l
le Tce June Barning Nelson, a
a .ter and fo sons.

.a '.E, ,'r mo nthly" meeting
of unit No. I. American Leglon
---- r AuxiUlary will be held next Tues.
InL_ .. Jf U.1 Iday in the American Legion
lJ t .rs Clu_ Fort Amaor, at 7:30 a.l
9mt f I tae be Ctlltintlpand
: pe el" business pertaining to
-. (fAriTwyin l -Fqture BSo
W out having per his'ne D,"
oRa ID e writer% bleot f yrflnterot% program h a a
a woAd tu aIk Twain been planned. Iana Chiarl tal-
ha evertb left Solid im- ated Paunamanan artlet will
n I atA I'e v tAle on Panama, whlah
on tn~eed "a decade ile *will illustrate with 'some of
his d alth, atanr years her work.
o, b whih do not find a Thoae members having pal.
i atory in the celluloid lera or montunas are ruqes
t0or *jtalry I n
Spr fADe ahd fi bd'or the Thankgivi

a wora r- may bright to, this meeting.

cou., ."Man. Wtth A Millon," .
artiiregM-I Ppks and 1~f&M.ed eeunatiabel &M ra 1)
N 10 at, te ratel et thaIt r d rot
Through ilted- .Oppa "to
g3Md' Tthe' ,no .o. .I
9 nr popular of Twat's OS to the J et Abl
4k t of t o o the p.te.. p ,
t umethey fv thW ie executirve-,
,wlt are, of eour.e, -,agi. more wholehbe d l
wyer." (3); "Hcleber- port from the De tis
3), and "A ConnectU- mrm b own people," Ge
In King Arthnutd M .
I a, The uper."

iq, .mL I_ ofe.A M, ve. sr ji r

: ~v~*'W

-i oul AGENTS aR ct OF

Pfque Lict re 7 1tg

S I I I I I II II"- "



- *9.


ATTENTION. Armed Forces Person- Gramlth's S'nta Clara tt4, C r;
nel!--Combo of high-grade dance tags. Modern d nvenlmi e mod
musicians now available for holiday etoe rates. Phone m6. 441
festivities. Phone 2-1282, Panama. or .Pedro'Miguel, '

FOR SALE:- Magnificent new blond
Spinet piano, African Avodire case,
perfect condition. Must be seen to
be appreciated. Owner leaving. Will
sell $200 less than cost. Can be
seen at 536-B, Curundu Heights.

FOR SALE:-2 chromium and leather
club chairs; 7 louvres: three 26x34,
two 3 1 x34, one 36x34, one 39x34;
I set'of white disl4s; 3 small ta-
bles. All at give away prices, any-
lime Saturday. Ho-ise 55) 1-B. Dia-
blo. Phone 2-15662.
FOR SALE: 1951 Morris Minor.
mangle, kitchen cabinet, rcdlo,
Ming tree, venetian blinds, louvres,
prlltiion, rugs, pictures, lamps. toys,
clothes, kitchen items, auto acces-
sories, books: miscellaneous. 569
Bayono, Ancon. 2-3715.__
FISHERMAN. For your convenience
open until 10 o'clock tonight. Ev-
eryhing fot the fisherman and ath-
lete. ADERNATHY, across side
street Hotel El Panama. Phone
3 0264.

WANTED;-English speokjngmaid-to
live in. Must cook and help with
children. Call at Apt. 6, Col(e 50
40. "


The University of Panama is of-
fering an Intensive Spanish course
for Enlish-speakling students from
November 9 to December 21. Class-
es on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and
Thursday. Intermediate from 5 to
6. Advanced from 6 to 7 p.m.
Registration for cr lt, requires a
high-school diploma or its equive-
lent. If the register is.not for cred-
it, there is no requirement for ad-
Enrollment at the Secretary's Ot-
fice in the Administration Building
Main building of the University)
from 9 to 12 ind from 3 to 6.

WANTED:-Trcycwlth chain drive.
Call Balboa 3479.

Tropicakl Sollg

MadoFirst 1954,

,,ltTrpipalllergn, the
liter maMe of the Canal
ZOR,,.TIP IOW C eo, whioh has
nt rh Do1 9h.lbont-
m niy orD" -'aontl-
ly sflr-1 ad its at ap-
S ce he currentYear on

Diana Skinner of AbMon, a
oph ore; s this yeas. editor,
n a Jen ,et Be dro Mi-
a freshM, il business
manager. Other pbr of the
staff are Justir Wong Vanice
RobIer, Donnalle oaher, Nira
Ieye Roberto Rowley., and AUee
MCelvyr who drew the co4er
plaetre for this nnlber.
Included In the magazine are
stories by Elaine Clark and
George Cun, and n article,
"Accounting Made Basier," by
Wolliam Bingham, winner of a
prime for $15 n a contest open to
accounting students of the col-
lege, and sponsored by the Na-
tional Cash Register Co.
recanvass closely -and would
hold public officials responsible
for an accurate copnt.
The official reaanvas might
tale as long as days,

Ave. J. raaete de t
Ora No. S...ffty f.eet dr
T"tli Cx1eefBw

I -

l S tK Wi TTA L Is wmlepaqL
Santa Ca. L. w rUi.a.- fmpw
SBalboa 2-1866.
WILLIAMS'. Santa Clara Biech Ct-
tages-rockgos. rafrlgrtio n two-
bedroont Phone Balb)0S. ,
PhifM Ocensilde ctgga SWet
CbanStt w me

Roms- "

FOR RENT:-Chalit. 3 b droom,
baths, garage, all convenienclm
Phone 3-07-1..

FOR RENT: Thre-bedroom reWi.
dence. quiet, by busl[hq, 4tconwr a
riences, ample grounds. -Clf I J
2G72. _

Ap "t A 1 -

ATTINTION &. I.. Jtc'bu lt od
furnislHed oporhet, t o
bedroom, hot. COll* a 7ter1--T-
ephone Ponama. BM 44l7. ,;
FOR RENT:-Furnm g unfurtl-
ed 2 &. 4- bedroom oparf'ents.
C. Con ta t Alhombt Aportments,
T0oh Steet.'*PO a- K. 1 8- Colon.
,FOR RENT:- 2-bIaroom apartment,
ground floor: Furnished $95, -un-
furnished $75. Inspected, cool and
spacious. Parking space. Inquire'
43rd Street No. 58.
FOR RENT:-Furnis#ted aoprho t: 2I
bedrooms, hot water. 'SuClble tj
couples. Military inspected. fl,
Porros Avenue.,
FOR RENT: Furnished apartment:
Bedroom, living room, kitchen, bath
$75. Phone 3-1648. ,
FOR RENT: Completely furnished,
upstairs apartment in a two-family
house: Living-dining room, kitchen,
two bedrooms, independent maid's
room and bathroom, garage, tele-
Sphone, hot waoir d complete,
bathroom. Ind dent eltuwhce to
apartment. Situated at "El Cangre-
lo"--near Hotel El Panama. Phone
* 2-3545.

FOR RENT:-Furished apartment, 411
screened. gas atve, Frigidlaire..Vii
Espalea, house ore Juan Frnc'o.
FOR RENT:-Cool 2-bedroom apart-
Vista, with garage, maid's room,
hot water, etc. Keys obtained up-
stairs.-Phone 2-1248 or 3-033R.
FOR RENT:- 2-6edroom pilrtment,
13h Street Vao. 16, SarrFranclsco:
Living room, dining room, kitchen.
Phone 3-2457.


FOR RENT:-Room for bachelor or
storeroom, San Francisco. Phone 3-

IHobe. -

WANTED: -" House or apartment: 3
bedrooms and' servant's quarters,
good neighborhood. Caoil "Hotel El
Panama." Room 215.

Waller tiwn

Dies In Arknsas
Walter 0. .rown, well-known
retired Canal employee, died
Wednesday night *.ayetteville,
Arkansas, as toe-sult of injur-
les received '-.t ,t automobile
accident. q fi* a3 yea old.
Mr. Bn tlwie were
on ter church
and had l l 'front of a
Fayette Thelr' car w
struck by e' %ehicleand
Mr. BrowJltrowu from his car.
Mrs. Brown escaMed serious .I-
Masonic funeral services are to
be held Saturday In Fayetteville..
Mrs. croj a daughter, was to
leave by pAe Thursday night
lor FayettUvllbe .
Mr. Brown is survived by his
wife; two sq9s,'-Wlter 0., Jr., of
Balboa and Jack, of New York
Oty; by the dculhters, Mrs.
P. Aln of Omboa, Mrs.
Homer g .V.- of Balboa and
l,' W id Igradch-n dren.
A s r, Se L. Daniel-
pS, lives iD HouWen, Texas.
A native raw. Georgia,
the Canal
.. ~Comblhisslon.
of a brief
J the early

At the time of hi
E ,S w^?^7 9


I ;

r -,. :- ,
i r,,1


CEO. F. NOiCty, iNC
Aye. CpA* jjst u I

-. ; ;. .- 1
Pj H' __ IA, e m i l l :
B- fm. an
U. & W. lp
ame^A? ab

(I belaca 'MI Tltretl

i wal S lUw -upS
(fat so' cok
guaranteed. (DCr& fight).
(Formerly at 8. A, 8.)
Telepbh=ms: Dy ,4
Nb 2,.M35 .-em

nPsl l2yvia "%n VMS
rs Mus.,s~~&a f I ar.
AL5, hi"e end Pa-
Thea reefS uM, Ce-Ma .
3 am. Tl % .-
Abrours oead Paitini,

I; vi



Equipqtp nt

mn-F Rsear
Ut BiL No. a
** oTL -mu

TIvoll (4th a July) Am. e,: UI
(next to aranf office)
Former Fellow utruet. esar.
tdwn Unit. Waihi'hlg. .
Former Db W CP i* e
up(elmle t: de~Iameg -"

Phone taane Al ( II) th4l
H Iu: I te i-t, ..

IC 111_LL

Gets No Her
From DC Judge
Federal Judge Charle F. M-
Laughlin today threw out. oif
court a lawsuit by the atilant
Lawys GOtld deui"ned to pre-
vent Atty. On n. et Browm-.
elir. from pllacing group Cb
hid subversive sat -
kic ~ INhn C1 -oft
ste t .
trea p set
atons. Tohem 1
hearings before o Y
Activtes Control Bo. a ..
OQpd a ,. 'had 'rgum
that Brownel i ot th
tan isatiagon m s tofi a &
branding" a of L :;.
.* *

-. '. .


i L

, '- : .*(
9 ** ",-i
*. ist '

*' A '+'.

--4 :r ; ,- -

I.1 A s

U !7.-..,wp, w.,-, pr n-u sc name. w.
The a.o a oS ...L
W( Iey rwe m i-. of Iw
it AlS tightteji$ id bye at a hero
fli SE,_1Make a p$tuae tiso png
Thgt n one can s
ti" In -theL LU Wp P mM
S ig ? ."....

oau atthey, m ay.
the of I dly fteitCs s!rd

Pr Slenm t they haq Safp' 10, fk was
qu at s a d 1L

nA Cn c.pan fom & a' .. .A
ny varied BUrus e porIb. ALoa el ud
Council timbr a",cE- fr dd baly to Ater;lt60
popular Vote and-tbdIa se se U 'l t t(- 3et his bO'ip i'
tndtirely voluntry- .a so gcod* that -*h.. iould &W
salary. *.e d%
T" The "'d p -. i. s o. do- .
to b p Pre It- t. 1 The Ch ^f
Recently o e l ,oft alM .it aore
munity problems once aarnad u M pr n Beres sa3
lamck oT aderate .erta imlBmmAn- ,, ra n "o ct '-i+
C n c l m em *electi by for 's tO 5*A3WF aUm ,. tOI

entirely volun -tary adwh tt ieuo lt ha be '
mir ag.. e esa... that s0dle

The Wouns ttsr delad thcoldheI

ernot in ordlr to '-ecure eome
surplus buildiB which 'could bg
used as a 'tefl age enter.
The Coundcilf wa len-a build-
ing in Mlf rlita,-jrmerly ue-
ed alt' at _F + i Lh % .'ip,
Ten Ae 4.l .'t t agm48
will ma%4i d iat
expense, Ibut. -C IoIL l
slst them in. A.sppOrit 4 .
The 'teen rAsar h adn
some of thor.n&.to. ar z w
gtlntathe building into sha, A
ending CivIa CounCi 0oboeltte
will srve as an advisory gro
but will not interfee until askd
for advie.
The CoIniUhaI deb aided toe
annual Gu'I Itt lald'"has be'e

Itas a well as i^Merea on-
tn E" mr es
IThe d Fliatestr a a a
lotment to umWicaOgctt coun-
i preoideat Frd WorBln, "Wi*l
help us to eastinhbted entlge
our efforts to aid th odmmuunity."

I *. -

- ,. .

e i *4 2%. own.

,.1. J 1 .

C U.

S EL N by


* i .-. ."

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Comermlates Credit Card
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SaYow e Paince, Maauh, Frane Gradt r
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heiP been drop ed ew longshof that apece J. Phllps 110 -Nothlng to indK Prablet UI lupor tnd' .S ai
.. ... o ral. o d, .R.;.. 6-- ,0 Dista n e ,. t.,
Seven Cla.s-s .F" ported tho .. 0. nche 1 -B eady to
, .'..o ia rid e n r the f.a tur* 00a.pi In o 100. -Longshot- N &

lguideMatruth. Ys 1-Tilin Tilln P. Bnebe 107 -Nothing to recommend 15-1 y~a!BteS Rl S1 rll1 J. 51b Eie.t .k
and could go oat the Ju F l tco race track the National Cha E. Pit 113 -ood early peed 1 Prd. e came through
a orite mot pwe- "- V. "dalgo 118 excellent eort te thd we n a row to le To B
Yom .5n. 0.liTenotI ltterh
lt lu n Lt how the G. Be 113 -houlcore d the been winn
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ViiCtO S .while th d i ant. 1 Rates goOd a.., o r ,e rI.." 'h s.La s 1 .....
Elw, 1,lOagshtf that -a tler Pce J. Phillips 110o -NaotnInf O-.Md
to i t pln-a- -. if Ortes 1I ould .e cloe -1 ls s .
rThem up on se4eral e i seod Aitod Ra nos 1s0 -Diveral 4istaneS ooo-1-Lo, la1
coag ron lPr A. Yeass 112 -aotgin rS .-R Ctaitht n Fr. 210 lbs.
tO Ila', R' f Ar = d' Gngora c105 -Improvingo r/l -, B M .
OGranero ci dr -Jr. 16hp o i- i r l M m A d H
,. rd y ot s 0 Tthe iealmd.'b lt S ebr
..Pr.. ..Joe Brava IF LO sm -one
.e rm oone n. tt dprtme n .rI forb l sr. 170lbs. esnin.t we ekoe l.
= Iguih de -Matruth. Young -Thi Tili n F. tibni 107 -Nothing to recommend 15-a bJa 19ar RO iet hnorrell, w I rieft In mall.
Swas a fastclosing cnd w O.'Ao n (UP)-. -Cadnro J. Cadogan 110 -FADoein' again -1 na u h r RT haen m t anr 1
behind M Regalo la t Tet da ThI ZOs ALre. s D-cntnu Ae G-I J. Reycs 11x -Lat ad6esnt 3Sd 1-1 TbeiM I h- co Set inu ebs. Bndolatwi

go In8M today to cor-J Re y e S1 *130--lM--tH i out son' m er ooe otae are.17oIf othrh e so-IC
MUUi ** ^tho st Wst, h-ationirCi le .HeP 1ts 11-GMood asl fspeed 11--IeAnto- P F urdy. tBe peqp Ul Ad a tam a
SlFOt flLeggota nltuc FobluclhA I most p idalgo 11. -resclsnt arWV OtN.b Dros ittad we ,, in a row o e l Wnauo To e
rsrleite. F. Hialo:f0ox effort,

Pueeohincbe wound up fo, A 11th -Couffd rv na h n taeru i 6auW FIB A t hene M of ay Oh
r1i that "me rae and Wfiasl 90t119myhi R. Hules 119 -Gad early rdont 10-1 ig^ ^ !, onStooB the IM'atan hi e 10-i0n, labs
EPre. 1t 0 ega0n 108-Pr ,o rg ri-' h a rerh e or 10AMnrourbt to
S ofh-n t at th 1s ea --rDe. _I.Score Ao 10 -- o ll s mu.h

?Nour o o- th .o. t h,., 3- D A OmA lales eg 106x ance Inwa u drr J 8-l ed f th*anA y g .c...ld te'n h alnut b a .. I wr .C....- n u *
S Latest Iagu figures show the 0 sE. OSAne 113 scor &Paf -y55 Mdigherthb his roM d the pie e t
ould be an ImPrDovment over Ramw-cu1 Ar. in fanit 1fit -h centi C toq s sook Io

-d o iyilrl i-s Tsd twl' hne (BedBNlvr V. Oa.Ine 11l --Poweruli eorY lae T2-" V ha--. Rdane the p P1iSrit1
.CIaRermo Sanchezs whor herU n the W s t ad, i Dive ision a er of Tf n I Orclnta6educ. 0t ook1 rLI0db
S tead "kr a C Imp. other conte Perse $ Pool l tion. hatsC 4M s1
Can the hAFrmhch LeadsW kalse Maetes Aisa.
';, o0CeO. Ins-haV.e gained two thoousand,Ne e.I oRce Ntl__" 61 3J1e swo.P."I" -05.4 hi d" .
S.tfulh pai d Mwho _it.e 7n8 o Rs. ths 10 -?- ses. One thoou- teJeoe -1 175 roo. en Roinsn sn the aie 0 hi
74h two 'tins but ti t meh d ,612 yards heu -Ito ria J. Raadt105 -Ds ay do lld 1e 0t diyud Itoec wuo nt. The dtokb ath whichOe-rdaroRp8-
v1Inglr'. ....... nrSSinog. OSu. e oSuu power-1-t d, ,An.lauo 11.0 en Me ef rrcf m .a -to ,t F f td.ent. -ft 'l

I -to get,' plenty of bak pg 1 1-Volado1r' J. Rodrgues 113 -tShould be woe i 4-1 d any vI175 weg. d cames Imn Sad Wa l if ralsM 14* v& teaon UPd
Pirtea Hmutuels. S an-t F. is!*O w on-c u. 1 j. te. 10B -R6 l.anw el t RT L se da y 1am c
4OrD nlero. wiolno@*Kl h li dt16usnd, S3-PICaelr CASl A. Yeasa 105 -Nothing recently ef 1 0-. 10_ ___-1_ __ ___ ( f w I 3
zs. inalwaysd a e o dangerous c arthr rand. n -l F. S ah 13x -Rain to n top Co M T-1

ir^^^ ^ C 00- ar "dV=-whth -NeiaFe S ** 6 -o ide opn L ad b it4
tender when dropped to th-oA. leeftt-gototo apn-1

Mdwhoppln^oddm .l 411h. 14- U a. N AlJves r 115 O n -Rates g n c shapce &--1 .. e. to S nd ln wA 8 T v & oon 1
b -Pe. He has a lready- e A. se.r ,e e 1BP0rx-Cu sores, 8 rdeo
, vtos i...n C -it-r but Bears t urn= the. ole u-, ..;6'n, o rI.eo 113 -Conlo on thch 5-1 b arsrsoeo tr v. Brown T 0ill.Trsfiht I I g .mo
mbeenun abeto er crd- top 01t i,," ShtoutT
Inandrwd and 1 iyardsgao t 6uFrh Ch Chri 6b Csten r MemoryThe ----
: t e %AM. 7 %e 7 $37l5. :y t .0.- -, .All oh.e o "- continue -- ismteh
_Fr ... rt shik with 13--ms ,ddo aniYs Prne ap. Ro4s 12,5t h.rRas -. .,%tD N ells T m7r wgSaf.g ,1 7 hAs -- oonn .- bs
l yard 1-old 3T o A. VAqueU 115 r-ates sure hane forr I.--1 e o o .
The pec- etc-persted 4--Neobl? dear 1 -pu awi ga D Iey Ro,-1 ,,, IT.My -Ipu OMGern Ir ,Tom f y book#sad -s
ISAG* -* A %-overstob o.giveyou
Th. 0-en ma aS rlItel Ie# Ithe ahe 's X4 .11L4 sutlly lmse -i D e ay s nO leal or lsrete" o m iPve'ou 1 ,, cture r, r p
bpe'swtud top Sorers l n th. a8 oYoi Native. F R.s.iP e 8i.t Poil elo o &resoa why h ould' l ha end lrh np. a rt,, molll .
Sther The how York Gianlp tsMt resi.r e s term IxiLrese to .minium .
Sare. scondinthdr January, n P 7. dt to. e e I40,
SIn another 9atnote. ePits- the Dot b n Walt ueropo e l -
.burf is h ghtes rs signed hail- ". ba e a 11 "r aa of e e a t dl p n e roe .
(a ) IO .wt Dickovt 2-8. Windsor F. Snche t- ustgoBbackdown IthinQain.eoveras basketball coach at Be-
-bong~ Prince g ) pIobably. will beout M* rest 3-D. Duohems A. Gonziles ki--Sllm chance In mud II1 Vllr*DiO". very Nigh school'ln Mssachu- b-
:MU the sason with a, knee in- 4-Black .-hba V. AlvmW 112 -DangsroUs contender -SoctchereSwes BotoR ete.I
S"ijuty. .110l=na undernt eur- --Cop orsa A. Viqus 115 --Rates chance too -i-'11on1is mSa ct "e o rher Smhieolis r m"I i n 1
W. Pltt tod : to Eor- 6--Portl B. AegvNr a 210 --WUl fight it out d w Re-
the kn : 7.M n 0 ,.' .acho Ife -Mutmuo. fvorite I-dea. businesITl d
ollege fiua halfack. 8-(o6-Rauclis y A es A. 0. l Dyes chance too e- Medim sied, t DrOoe pskebsl foot- ,- N- sn
f Chat-id Mmdl o GeorgiaMI '' '~ IH 0pld ofea ut

e bray il. lRn8 Oan of der-
N&Iont uo v.,. R. Mug* 11i --. -,.-. ,m r.-+t" 'ou.+ tq no wo who e- pitch to a p i,-e V=,-,UWW=
#14.m. iets after th t10-Quo ma r wh the i-rlhhthedat Johnny ain, wtWg f bne--
OlPtm i Vias 10 -'-h~n wl last tm r eaye days of the (igloRGdoAN 112,In
n.o J. sina" *n l3gPaye Ia,,tCp a t16n. a-, who the NoYrkYlrankee m veteran. -I mean ,,doldt" at.
..... hpl4 -*, C. A Vu 110 wla--Wsn rank- Bain polled the largest vote oackInday of the t
+' Hhasr.naid am | .-Ab. Z. ... F. .uehms 105x--Z t was torrie I--l any candidate In the Walnut a% rlp, I a[ W fmmsdn
"-Flambaro -- o t nt114 t-Could at W .10--hl
lass Lee Dikod it *. 1 In Ridge balloting on Tuesday. 4,aminon at Curling,
hR- DJ= o AubUrn will 6-Tom ColliU Z. '#& 105 --Likes e 115-1 The 3-year-old r, Is rd- d n eubowlint on l .ee, t ci -
coich I Sm.lth team... Dai 7--(Cas i deGu o A. Ya 112 --PPoOr recent efforts --gJ_ a our-flght- ln 8qriak.-sot Ts ,r A. and. t re eMs 14U.
iis will handle o-(BS-du"-o- B. Aguirre, It -Powerful effort last 2--t 2- ty rhps wo s in-.o41 A.and 2.-E.Swann -theocres41
figsAdIUnkSixth.ullers of TrintyR&. Cam- nmess G. Th 1
0th INorth. __r._t,.Id_ _, 'II Rellnbk -Favorites bridge, once praisedme lavishly I refltl I Vimu.IdtS
It. Rc ip 43 ter a solo exhibition I staed No. Cali-Poa 4a r a(llexiaitllnnis 14
I UIN.Ec"A W1%IA*h"nmi the Thames. The great Ali .
1-Ji's Up J. --ad1I 00dRtes good chance Oro of ocket billiards C n 2 a
I -jg' u ..6 ,R te go d ha ceS-1 lfame used to study my s Ile. Thi CLA 20 Oa
1A6. I Dlst t b heavyweight champion James :. So CIomla 141 Stsmlead 6
4-Our Fancy -. Ot oga 106 -Ran well last time 4-1 t
"a-Jermy Anne A. GonsWh 10x--H s change too- 5-1 5i-
6--Newmlnster 0 ijdo 116 --Wide open ra e t2-1
7-Caono 110 -This could You'll be glad you wojted r he 1
IL" la ce "H "W L PouW _M -A -LI- .1 ..I & b ., n ew. 1955 Ford.-

e 1--Corists V. o1at3l -ol ends on Sat a--1 y .
3--Cyclone Malone F. Rose 114 -'-Should mis hero "- r33slpT Mis Ns _IeyPe tO t.
4---Nob L Medo 118 --In another w 10--1 d-lu_ in 't t f
CV. AlveaT 115 --Returns in gbood shape --1 kd. They prozlse
~5i"a~ 31 6"--,M Dear Boo 118 --i eonder also. 4-1 ~i. Y p iO O
_7-C Prince A. Rues it. 1Ox--oould sore at pIce 8--1 brddadten
f, d 6---A. Mdald B. Acure 110 .-Dangerous In mud --31 lt Tohtandjn rle ek Yal
i..inln& A. Y 113 --Could scOre .in ,3-1 bars 'woien n b
1 n -bed O1tsa 10. --Regaining form slowly -.. 0ffi la ecs.ently 44 je one
S-u I 1h. a "F"Iin. 7 FgsPurue 5500.1410.- ]l cli.s 5:41 exceptonn to that T .

m colji l--Newbrlghton J. GOnoralS0 -Chance in mud sgh 15--1
's,41:50 tee y will Make ,m u 6-11 Alligator J. Jom 115 --Tou4h fm .in miud 4-1 the coaneUl pp r's mLpoT4f1 m!:.
AI' ames ipi'e. 5...Or--- ro A. Vtsque. 11b -Rates -hmceher~e ---l o two fOotbm e th ge
r Qbhm- -.I ~ 6P. Cquntess K. Flares 11I --Alway danlger 4-i son. Two swek uo she ooo*ed
,. 7--Dlziprncss J. Bravo 11- -Could ge up 3.- the
1" 1 n. :, lth. Rae "3" NatIves 61 m Purse 5375.I0.I0 Peel clues -- de.
ea Ts 10 --Has favorite rider 0- N5vy-4 W,+, ,' "" O
V. Srtwa 11B -,Ead .to I here L--2 P; ~ : = .. ..

-, W- --=Pr a-n- a?. C Y-----. .
3-421Mi I nd A. e1121 Z ea o')iblt 4-e d t@UALRTY blWNDA*LITY 4'
"-Dal& T. Fre. 120 utu.l Aert ) even PO: w p db impil..~. s
he nl:*. :5 i IMadeWmN-eRPckd
MONO sl. .TOn sad SA W gd Dal A'
Another Ford V8 triumph-wait

.olo for the S I5 Fo. d.

IA eAl 4.

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By lnT 8anus
Written tor NBA rvie
.HE southwest-oW any other w
titono f soar as, that g.- has .
:nd oad -felow fullbcfks who
ul hamnier bil away isa -
.wmnmt's Umne-'ny hards'- tii n. B]
. n'., Imbsoulh. ofh exa

rammabed .ioasn.



iue l WSe ball r h1bi that Incued Weverl frqm the
Ra arm 'Wit.h ti o ran an o c-
d I up to. Walf-w am.,aeu i e ,a n" .11the othe.R
I m feinted. ,K-o e The s hie performed I
ad dpped add Ple aweaeudP
The referee, of edurs bloew p time.. ...-
the whistle as he got to tho .O
ALL OF WHICH SIMS to to ie f '
S s t Sundays Scouting
overheard eO Lmar, t he
r arv-= Inu zi#M-- tinv Saturdrv
Vlht.e on "'" '" o-

- Fj Yes," M 5sh a a",.
sb a eastold.
caetainy adds to
the confuo."
shaking his head over the ruah
ofiplaser problem round the
coleglate id ~r d
Hamilton, the bletc -
rector who t l cobAh-.
.nd came u w l blg wil
i n a row-w Zwp ne ,r -
tered theo C = th
|four boys o eleven
"I don't UzdMa it nlo he tI
It i i -10it AD."he.

I toe s-usp on the bsds F
41 ru ae year ago.'
aek r moved froi Wash-
an i ahl M-asllen, 0. to
us advent bapleving thi h
a brmula for everylt=ai
n oly two regular iaemen9 r-
sdvo tothe Jwaa lot
verad diat St only i
everthin was a -lot



AT NOTBE DANM, Terry Brean. llar Sf .
tan, with only a season's fErl te a VE*
me coaching between him ane SMOt m isn
ag's Mount Carmel Hih, in. th a*UM I-R
ritId winningg streak r a a oQ. wa1s
Ink. Leby. That nrul him to IO U. fmolier
tb, o be ha d it broken, a Amerles or is
the tarted off on a victory skein fablT-Cuck
l pialers will do eonilderb- .
ly ttr thn all right. A.I
One of Brennan's flnet assets. dtalM IIU.
humility. Whi lhe didn't be-
h he knew enouh about pro
toting IM pars s rougt t, a
aof-the oh who dow t best, .
.Browns. li iai
Brown is the most Meat mao
erof hich"ou h
me -I amf 'fit
a lot of other iap msuspeoUtt
that all he ad to db ia5, sI^
A young mnm WI* al.y le.y. .
S6'01' '

) i' T. ,
from a Fl=mu

Sth m -/ n I simv an dN
ith. JIMY BBrteLIN Theyone woea Army acoutn a coble go wide? What kind of doc c bah eoae8 hr
SBryant a paul Amen. T ohe otn wOfgmida hen r ee
SNoiv (NA) immediately went to work, pl m the W
bln a e team g charting front of he pm rew p terns t
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hsint g out, am they fil front dam of hoavy i plays foot- tsr. uW on thiro and. touc
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no job turned in by the win- Army hs done on Navy over te hrts to his co a
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te fial sore ore he meets them. Army touc hdol i then A h
quts.t sld ..e te r$Wco Bryant and Amen In actionn r, it might rsctlo a .
These" w te tit a sco w B an d A he in to t lae, rnt sea
retoo euey gtn a tne n were strange. At one- POt In Nvyplay getr olp me onld. '
t e-o t op to the game, the entire stadium and When a scout i sa work,. he Ij lV
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heir so u tem t p hess box crowd were huneng" 1ee nothing bMt'the team he is
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se. Uwaols an w aeth aha the Irish line for one foot nd watches a ame more closely.
e works a e w with his ltem dad-ckn blouchdwa Tb e After the game, a reporter wi
-but m m never eehn comple silence o the turned to Amen iho is the Ar- W
aygame. um as Navy bega barking my end coach, a asked lum
Se at m what he thought1o SJotre Dame. Seam
Sunday Is their big day. While f was on hii fat, holdr '" really couldn'.tell you," ne
he rest oo the 41 Iq e, isquleUx 1 et
Hse t o thecothpna Is autetlg field glasses. He seemedto said. "1 wasn't watchingg them at Gale
oig through th.psapers an ib more Interested in this key all."
s? from Sa la pla than anybody. .t Then, the twoacouts, who had
Oaeha from Califounia to tor- plut in a long afternoon for At-
a pick WRM out r L b4 .Ivy fumbled on the play a rtup to lISe. Theyhada
g sorg t haspensdgoltothei Dame recovered. T day coming up plu a
So ,m go to their crowd roared and the press box e week o normal ausistant
tw. went hito a flurry aD activity. oachin duties with the Black
S-- rnt, however, took It all ll
There, they alt down and a ed uUtly. Wpd-T e said to .y the way" Bryant asnheed a
iaywbeftflbm i* to 1 An Amen, whoo'was busily jotting Western Union messenger, "did
ith eot ad 1he sadh a rdt raMm of the play. yoft get-the Army ucore? Some-
Prrts on next wk'P oPPo.- "teoh." Amen said. "Moved body told me they were winning,
Out of. .thup a little on It, too." 7-0."
Out of this almost the ---
ntus patter Pay B -wl ...
e* t.t 6i the next palturay. A little while later, Aipn had -
8UW you e, ab become i it ss&I M. N otre Dame was On
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iUT MfD t," Uays Anna Wong to lae brother Arturo, tmh ey
Predential Guard outalde the Preq cia during the FlPa
'a celebration. of the 651t anniversary el|ts independence. The
rmy photographer covering parade partlpation of Army, Navy,

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colorful etlon
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SFlag Parade,. Adul o, a well as chIdren, ma be seen marchtOg along
ates troops ftrd the CSl Zone spirit of good will Note man In lower
nglse rnon-commlsfobed. of fleer i*charge of the U. B. Army platoon, flo.
eada rterm nd Service Company, 84th Reconnaisance Battl n,, Fort
_lf t w Va. t there OT the V.y Army platoon from the Unid Sltates
' Joint eolor Guard, comosed R my, Navy, MaNte Corps and Ak.rForce
Sterear o tb Color G0uard I the Marine Corps platoon fJron Rodman
oae, and the AirForFr platooa.npm Albrook Air Force Base, C.Z.
(OS AWgy Photo)

PRICES:. 0.75 0.40
A Shows: 1:00, 3:.5,8:18. 3i03


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ed or thrown.away. A 38-year-od Army sereMA. ThIs 11W n fmc;U 0-upled a o. 4
The new 195 Canal Zone il -Manuel Francis Rose, Jr- Iw -IU!"P91A then Wi=; Alrwor eupitionedn mnw trraneft t
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