The Panama American


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The Panama American
Portion of title:
Weekend American
Physical Description:
Scott Family Library Fund ( donor )
Panama Times, Ltd.
Place of Publication:
Panama City, Panama
Publication Date:
daily (except saturday and sunday)[may 12, 1973-]
daily[ former oct. 7, 1925-dec. 4, 1966]
daily (except saturday)[ former dec. 10, 1966-may 5, 1973]
normalized irregular


Subjects / Keywords:
Newspapers -- Panama (Panama)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
Panama -- Panama


Dates or Sequential Designation:
Oct. 7, 1925-
General Note:
On Saturday published as: Weekend American, Dec. 10, 1966-May 5, 1973.

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University of Florida
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All applicable rights reserved by the source institution and holding location.
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oclc - 18709335
lccn - sn 88088495
lcc - Newspaper
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NDotf h Cops

Three 'irtS'
S 4a albo C two pplee who were
atee Last In oppuW te di-
a birth to a baby ban frehead-6 L
t his iaorning in the days and hours at Qaw
Solo a ospital t1 "
a'rs local rate!
:"Thlis 9 to 11:0 .
e 1 na ever -o ate, Monday, 'AO to
Pana ranaliSWIOiSM. l0am.: Proc To

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y-uatRL. Ui.eL
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Vote Genius For

SMr. lnhower'tOld hia new ,
aaedG *a t of NEW YORK, Oct. 27 (UP) Adi I. '
da.. r he died last night the Republicems wS4wgigsf'
mia ef l m_ greuui.T
t e fint about tSe a i for
tain i"t toy &of To"M M
a taout or i i

I wi e nL withbnar-e or t :' "

Smw ed Eiehowr admisniutsti a"nndifbr
Tit. Cogre by gnu nai wlt

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K^r^ PAB^^Ae, tA
Fella. in their basulnettM w
tle i."=s. ."0 side byM sde In

Aep tht-artmot o fwee 25 maw- 6 fe-
ane of e t d i n btna itaat
t Sutl3StM f OJ a! -_ rae fl M into-W nw

At leamt
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ables be
in Sits

F ltow' mothm; then M.
:rgg 'ti dren under 12 Sellowa| aeri.
ui patti eal s w bi e q -alred-
S spal tr nortation. at-
PEtsea t. to ah patientl- cated
their nme, duttlo, (to
wiM ard,- setion pn]b$d) as
re1W s diet-to help a0f con-
fusion at the destlnatlon'
Aboqt half the staff otColon
' Hospitalt dbtora At y b ehind
r t W t p things moving, fle. the
tnlw. took up posts at Coco
_." ,i.,,r' u.o g
Onu ambulance was kept In
reedwness at volon Hospital
_j d ld any emergency arise, but
r M a* Completed at Coc solo, the sam-
a bance wSsernt to the new hoa-
h real pit for duty,
Tere wa only a little rain to
uano U' mar r activities, which be-
r cuti gan promp at n a.m. Later t
WOa cleared m. fgpt waoervy-
tne wa eft to al p tie at 9:j, ust
veemkr m hnri-the trmfsar w.n

* aid

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DIN to -5 TpoM t

O T Will Fight -ys .
kLPuama Municial Coun-
Mosquito Plague on *roved a r a last
1 e hring First Cecl-
iriqU :Pel Rmon "M atorlous
u anttles of DDT,wet lighter" of the city of Pan-
sm to- Oh-rqul yeter,
fbt D, fUt of Hu iiUn.eion wiM receive the
fq.lowipg reports #'W3vei'fkeyu" to the city by vir-
reetly flood tur of the resolution. Delivery
A t now' affted by 4 wIwl be made by councilman
_ .f fquitro. Ll. 3 X, Garcia de Paredes on
B GaHIwdar chlotof the Nov. a.
AM Campaogn De Oh .the same day, President
parten t, has been In Chiblqql Remon also will reeve the
since to make. a spr- "gld keys'" to the city from
1 -e anti-mialarial pre- aisa City Mayor Miguel A.
thai at should be taho,. 0dsM ..I

intn two- --

mo f of the nation'seo-
.omty.caused false fears- among
their : le, and turned the coun- t
t,* natural resources over to said
. I.Lfew."

S w there is one laue on lton
h ey are solidly united. per
*thyn can't acblev6 ay v
flhorm ofunity, if they cant
a tron and content
in foreign aia, In d- Am
fe in econ policycviU alm
eur and the eparatfon of Ame

Po.r Marilyn's Leading A Quiet Life;

St1l Homeless, She Sleeps At Studio

. and the end of work
Ourrent picture before ahe
mow)v a. new house.
"P ail flying at the studio
a Udwlt mow out until
the utows over," the sweat-
S explaied on her movif
ermn't ev .been think-
.Labout date or anything
S course," he ad64, "I
boretomnarvaein sarej~ -a

t the baseball hero. In San- gulsh. ad damage of her
Monicas Superior Court to- heal,
tow would be "nothing ex- After her picture, "The Sev-
UptaL" Marilyn must state en tear Itch," Is finished, the
nples of how Joe was men- curly.topped mattew plums to
y cruel to her and caused take a est, "maybe out. of
"mental suffering and an- town," ali 'aM.
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...A NAMA AMERICAN Larsen The Colosut f i -flhi..
,.V,: I- uAls Pu II ?N YO PANAg, RWl'lrMN I ,
UMOuaeD nuN InO Wjmmm
IvT R. C. BOXl '134, IP NAMA. R. M.
spuisps PANlAMA No. f 79 Linra)g
: oN OPli* S 12.11iS CENTRAL AVENUE 11TW*3N 12TH AND 13TH ST 011S A N a
F reMIts (IPNiEsNTAvIVEs JOSHUA U. POWERS. INC. -V hI 0 nt .-" : #.
4 4U- ,4 MamDa= Avg. NEw YoRK. (17)A N. Ya. Washi
LOCAL my MAILs R In VAX I.100 824 0e o .
,r e ANr. no. A r.m o.5o 4.00 WASHINGTON ( --1 '
8' cause tae Senate ad use i' "
It lsU6M A Ig Ap OWN LUM.N presenatives can't are on wan
should be tao next compriur
iS t be m,femrem f .rt ef The lPas Ameless. general, the ripest patr o a a go
SmaiS l nse s'h eWly 'Iesfe llalplum town nas.gune beggag.
I t ya MiViti E lhA.ter don't be impotlen if it don't eppeaur the Aond e report is that De, im.
L e ul..iUhedine te order srleeee I, passent wasa ewe ela, k woeuse WN
Skeep e the nr limited teo as peg length. to strie a low tor te agree
S -,' dM t le'tteer writes b held in ,ride~st confidence. government workers anu give ia
This nmewl emesumem re m ponsiblllft for stateomeft o eopilins ob to trrank B. Weitse, we act-
u sed le Sen hem sud.LaO mg comptroller who has come up
So -- e comptroller generalJ i boss r ao
Sof te General AccouBmtiAmtog in
v.^cn is an arm ot uon&r S '' u
i THE MAIL BOXA asa to imal Judgoa.wta.
S tir money ally.
**To isolate the ]oo trt politicss
S OF C LONELS AND CATS as mucn as p0os1Dle It W&a made
a presidential appoin-tment i
who, would have kicked the colonel's cat; witu P salary ou zpa0A pert

I I teld tIi at ihe po where it sat; term and continue to receive tne r
1 would hive e.n most infigitely usror same flaury. bcu
con uct wouldsamensalylry, to tup Supreme
o rao a brusisea on Tbby's poor... An appotmont to the Supreme
Court is about toe only Joe you
C M Ahads6d of Osris, ye .ods of the Nile, can get with Uncle Sam which is1 I
itlh your anthemas thi craven revle, that good.
i tr this greatest of insuts, this rownilg indignity. Like's apparent decileaj to.orep
i t aiming a kick at the Colonel's poor ktty. naming a compurolle, an let
Congress decide who noh- ave I N .p
the ot and at function, may they greet him with scorn the job, has created the rent
pE ounahment unendin, until dead and reborn; stalemate. t
this realcrime le his fate be disaster. It's no secret that the NHouse -s
That o? nothaving applied the kick to the master. wants Rep. Sterling Cole (I., in W
S-Just For lcks. N. Y.), chairman of teb Joint Con-
-grossieal Atomic Energy CommL i
SMir. to have the Job. Ana the en- e at. geral
Several months ago a letter appeared in this column in ef- ass has selected it secretary,
S rttlhss for some of the cas- at Mindi Dairy. The Mark Trir as its candldat. _
a* tSo wU excellent and many kitties were given homes which For: a .w weer, reently It t
he I badly needed comi o m k I se. a...
.. .....*.: em. e d nd than t n. I red
T he a opuIstion since that time has gradually increased G. PFrO (R., Me.) would geot the
It. .asi.wca are a rlo a vitablat one i u necessary to anyone job verber and pero r thee te reit to
So et do t 'one or more of theae fine cts. t Jou. --- Several yealt ne Deaocra candid
SWam D Edgar Hoover. nm ... whyver know what A.J. L te w Yorr o harpl in race .. r

looks 10 ya les-and Edgar out cov speelalties ... reer the dept othe N.Y. treet a for publish scenes, got the AFL and Team

.^. Hoover af both natives ote Tak Lucy en. She wrote T'mes .. Was tohandle leged ed Information. sters to put up McNamara In the i
District Columba. Both a beselle psych while th at s of them with Democ primary to offset tty h which dead with
"- rWePle -corme out and .ick your kitty. SWeUitSI mind up feu on re out. e hd ..t WiCa r i
.liv etseralso avltlble at the Humsne Society. s .iderer t a war Ipe hFF k illn that louse, but thanks fdorollwtHes' dI-m
Sc a atbr e r a r orse St s oe w arTe like the credit. DutchY!' i 1
--Mrs. Wiliam F. mith. aFED Edrll a Htoovruat l mt.ed vrer nemy wha ALur Lhe eie eYee ieU. S eral ,iase Demoertcandidate pa
ari Dthre. Edger iHoover. nalUms F hover knew what AJ. Llebll, e Now Yorker t a f to
Weltset ho 47 years adend thy are aobi run in when nota Itrfhalwmwa p c- oediot ad
looks 10 years less-andi. Itdar out cove0ri pealalte. ...eiheoriadePto N.Y. Strat hural for pbILAg- icefles, got the AFL and Team-
Hoover e both natives ths truy mn S wrote Time. ..; ih J was tol halale edclpufied lnrman. t up
District ofColumbia Both baean a psychiatry while scores of h Democra to offset tihe
Sthe eren ae eting Scoo t o.. Tb1 sports eal i e s te a and
.r .lh n '6 In r fhn.-addese e A tt ed in n ca .

ee c. olonseof d cah th faierdot t e Mr sa n 4a "int"taes
sall'wene mssafnoer dhe ws o e m some a eheo The only t ea t l t e a ed
going fogu e se -toi graduated porter bnhl iln, sh wrot five0 rleabot whfea hesbalomee
Sam the. ie an be columns fa l r r e Jseedlinae"lOerooe"er rad
Weit llesrtdi n GAO a es. aiet ieor Prie. .ethe ia at ee a sy th
nicknamled "oev" at that time, Ta"mtrs bna veeri ran tn d t. a a m ra a
after the ut rae he orlt thec9 M 4imoverag e Cat
ay., Hoover had Sothe m3c0- &all whr we lihnmpoe ba 'ore .Fl g oaly ca Iw
wd" when he Aint Star d intn too wm

mr a m u wl b Eowith h soats.r1* a stoap 9u0s16 e a er a 8 to dNs s l de eallo er- ro .o
"ec asA inAU

S aon t f nber e beo- au wrter eht mg Wth ur s it
0e0entheml s atetu .Afor tw.W isao
Smllyer m rn a lover nehe bacte- h. thaanagPrts a fe anr y awt s thhad- aso a 1to

lion i- ct o at o of tea e trtowrliten e-lWonrt Rthtathe I Po commapederotheAmcn:uy hcrbu aldntienrinth etl h liticapoaned wpbiacs. the ,guon. A chck il ore iea
Story wwhieh Crch w adter m qu~e n the teit t .. Ca o herolIndl hlloce.ihed ina tore e lb.eion ... rheo or" P

B. y D*o wfth howo brtEw awnele hitchie th e Atim Wrr en b e M rf in ey. k. ao iitt l-et .oo aa d th 7 carCrhon Wre
r r ptrolo in Wa nltsnl had at- 4nack' baw ath espiperal am -andrcynicalbutGPantdthisd--alte Iinre o
a "o" o tuOc ob 3 r t wab l rhed hiWeltse'4s ffor s ra c up el e .i sh n d Amer oundc an 0 tiAe t s .. .s tfhte o roMato e:g _de

1abwvha- bvog e W the bsohr-hired Foout h- hthhe -- -. I I eobin.are ti
'sn 'n'-Iar0 beof Ptariint raIW the eettasmhdn li ane iei aaroun t lenedwsehat O eareararit ave thwart edAa&tof a8 time as l f romn J my d
1.yea ,r W noolled an Wait-. malthematician Imes (Herald1"n.I i lldl.) .tnt of Ws.vrl'

1 g y e *PMres dent im rime ,e wrote a story p a t act? est stores B an' re. Is been crd out of e
$eeI a tety ,and Coment whose thae d n ti tho A t Braceou.teer from A eM-thra
tmore tnd me until Vitiela bea Oa..rihsn utM 2iitoie.d

: (f many fahonb LM, members of th. d con thrl o man their opera. iue te tT A wk' eae t t ai

h travel rewuharlv on o der mond in his Al- to a athent. An g Wlea circulation Is the nfe bwood a port.n bateatibra ime

SLMs au a ~de4* air- ^. *GAO u ob is mount g within the day aUare was Informed .Tttrm0ses to fight oo h .e,. tricks and contertp used by da8 nesps.
b ".e iueor o si h outurir hri i nct& an e op toe great help tha* .nwasf to learn hren e ,secoa he lhthep aea to Ihncreae Jowrea e s se Das lo the kind om interstate war at

[>o a Brbftf haa named a twon.lene e ^liT Ps' Mineshas grven eveiy agency in hsadsta m. afraid," said ..rar l in Winkte paveWar the Found-ng ate soug ht
it g the ledge of grat the thman didt .. Was a ew paper was on de- to served much ota t
travnHimt Hult "PlySn utch- hc O and r eourest c t e hai fr h n you wrote about dtpsa teerc hs nor ck, hrae..sIrne gives a dani .oonouethanone
,tin IS, aun. d iidCaribbean. In Panathe tieda cofmsely k tthe Re- n af iculties 4de to buye tm h ee mt lliolk. itt Et ctDese. service tur n edtna

nman" In hrnear f KLo te Defs and s Post Office since doMley la e to hoai a weeke no t Set stoe. wce toura a ntat-lo t e A.
S od (lothe Its w the
A S onsis dayOthrough improved doorman, tober ro- It was larsoe strangers ar ade by The afor 2 .. Senator Cordon ddnt even

xsont/ controls. om broughtnapakathe for him.e"It, t Tammany Bwoa IlIJoai!i erodt
aheWaFoDcorpore M f cdeer thver stn- 'eor bs, : itutr5s Demo Iwas o the eo-s e
.. President;oa-we.thO iNton eouIs.n r

4'yf^ h low^^, oa. 'Dub put huiht e orded the mur" Freedom of emma I, usaAxret

: ....

" "w en "brave "
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W-ag of, ,
wsheonly lime Ameri-
hee oar ar.


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C~L~jt~'B~I8018 59iiL~

of w

ae Congr But
Brookly' s *lo
is opposed y
uian Dsn O'
lave gross

net eommitb

mn ~e~gliag

r at the co-
Park recrme



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f--S. :;~&

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- ,. '

. -T .tf-.-.-
.- ,; ,; .

For (


AUTOMATIC ..... 395.00 315,00

No. 343 .......... 300.00 216.00
AUTOMATIC ...... 375.00 276.00

P N-t Irons ....... 9.00. 5.99
Au Irons ..... 9.00 6.25
/LIqu m. ....o.. s 45.00 33.60
Pereolators .......... 39.65 29.65
Automatic Toaster .'.. 24,50 18.40
Eleotrio Mixer 3 speed 22.50 16.90 .


Baby-Leather Case 87.50 .69.50
Media .............105.00 79.00
2000 ...............110.00 $2.50

1/2 Tor ..... i. o -iStlo 296.
3/4 Ton ........ 4000 33940
1 Tbn ........ 28.00 4170.,0
.1"* J

"Diana" S k..
Stand CablmAt
Wall Cabinet :
Corner and W-A


- .'-..


Rube bas interior and -eWt406r finishes.
(Light tones ud eBeFt cd )

$5.75 gl. 6.00 g.

General PACTI CorporatIonl hk.
(Pi4tura Genrtal, S,4'. '.
H" Street No. 30, Tels.. :

<-1 ^iim\\a .


* tfrlt

*-. W
*-. ;. -. ": .; .



.1 .~

Speciayrour opening; -

Fow dff"l i" S cale
.154 u' t Scab. -.
; ', .. .' "I., ,_.''

A0 : n 9 L
;,21 "* ";' ^ "i "" r "v '" I '*' ** "*" 1'" W 4'y '1 l' .?'" -'.'"

..f,. .... ,..,.p...*. ,, .

"At '.:nd ^-. .c y 't g l d"-U "- e Pr-s o "e.o...t f t".'e "r '
.th e .. -.o"d .

'Yi-.Ys2 w4 -.,-,. -. ". .'.ny .me etr 1? ta:L ,,t ijS

, mM g^ ( lnW, lua .dt, O $.. ..b wooP ,. r.Tx the 'P) -"" c o e aed' d
t c e1^ 58 airenoctw Mrel me s b ere oe la g in crand 'Rp
Ar.s eyd rI aio ry n asFie t Aamdt btyo 4e a

A! ra $sn- ntrWd wit re ugt.e e i ,,I
Imtalh rethm^iio t ot f e a th oece ht n t

Sf worklt ing a o- ,By, S ..1. Cause acvked. -- .ltI.abs

as. woi-buiz bwqce th *ar -,te A O e. .ewn, wa'eel. AoAe.erN end s efo) cm up 1h wht h
,*Odd av a ma lrnha* pro"!flet t i ar omoe l
re hon an f ch ca b hity .t I eeU VM. dra Jo-Umiis ef fe l te ltI

.., i 1 hvrree 8 sr vion o htilu rd o- red one has been a o keep a ad. erts .nto lush gardens and probed
Saw hi t me ma y made by C e Wilson w tpm u n M turned the1 pe netrating eyes n
i Ilveag ste meax that the a* admInistration battled lhe o btrougIarl tIn t r or ny Jacuellne Hyngag a Universlty of the flea. wotume ti
InI conr sctr Samue o to eliminate the de structive fish. Ptia e r at phoe;
n ~.. w ., r killer. Mrs. U s reutly re^ Wor Healh O tn r has

nh .. ae re l te dshe believes y duat.. coastal thenrl of thp fleas
1Ber d p ueo at ad c water with chareoal may be the The ae s. to

_._ a we r codion and t o e is t n o d-
Aesk JgycI s a The orgs n anism, the one-celled thectat this was not a ple as it
Su ands proraa ktems sc. IAd a 0 ranodinium breyls, ordinarily it looked. a.
Sv present and quite Rarmess in One expert, after painstaking
earth or e s waters. over, and this effort, came up with what he
i- i gs, e will cone isat has pulled s entists, it a simple flea tras. Any handy man
ti month lesale pride A staning-room Th models aware rehearsed for wit suddenly run wild andt feorm can makTe one. he formula:

elo the ali-cotto aow over riod of several olonie of highly poisonous "Get Ia e truncated cone, in I
d last Bat eeks by Mrs. racely John "blooms the center alo te inside bottom of!
fobtAt l the ti Everp eeB prominent t member of th The "blooms" color the waters which a plate with a tin i affixed
Sig w t a at the Pacific Service The Guild. Prop and stage io, cause an irritating odor and which filled with a e
S1. d.Uvt l sU.were designed by Ar- de rive resort and fishing nduse water, flyto, or aloouhd, a unnel
Sr r wmy C pt. John clthkeru.rC a of business and reent per- of hh ourglass shape closely na
SI th ro oons frm using b e m In co m- o ver a cpt E .n
tit.$= theheer indstobat-l d earl y anpetition with dead and dying fish. meter high outer waly
nt based on prices. scores more were turned u cir r ivr Only aeFor dd mrn booinheeao sboe
spared with nr long beforethe show was aufched- 328i,- 4. p ot culture the leroscor- Thlednto the upere utpih of
A ust and l0A in June. 1810. tlec1 to get underway. ganlim in a collection oluas nnell wic, togueter Wth oth
odt pr. .i"er.'-2", '" 1bo balerrs. and vials ere. the *I
cent he bureau maid the deline 6 P the deadlyeresdtide."oa t large ls alne in c yu
wayItha t a It ,.6cnentra e ngo ,lag
othan offset .e.... howev. Ih0 club rand. ......... Wilson found out what partlcu- yith the receptacle. h bright
h9 ..o. prices 4ore. 175 nt d h lar weat.ier conditions and what 83:T0e funnel Is then removed
fi wer.icstmdcanararntthe-tdthtth-so cn
fuend personal care7. rtemsn not be repeated, abundance of particular food the contact thus being ealshed Isbilew Nerl6p Ihpqaq 10
pe' ac i caused the organism to breed with between thoe dust and the in .i
h breau osaid ewc While the winning creations battle spe odntriliduce the the container Assoonda ha
.rcbro, ht y "ooh' and pa. swarming.t qitees some pe xpt he rean and In the bfidg
prices "aaala dalped asdfa din t mch I fish to the "bloom," andhd tojum pand and
oi *to womht quickly te d a. dMoorety are trapped."
-iAs"antrom: e r a the oe auden nWe .n e flea Is ea Jly recogrIled. As
lme bredc the womano vahbridstl seerl For some reason or other, the the experts say, it Is a "small
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fI G .S A V.IvsN Gr I wDaytime-Mothe"r Daughter sculptured silver. Fresh sad
The ComerceRDeRADIOntre-."u" olume TaesVSteele. .ogssslmtao decor. Come in
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Mrs. R. Gelate Mrs. I.-Wbodmnan "Simt Seulpmuye". 6pch place r s
Before NOW '.Before NOW coo e'*tui *Cion. --aChl-l-itd.mno w..n..
7 feet .........,95.0a 5f31.00 1 band *............*35.00 54t5l isetPuello Mrs.8.;arrows -.
Sm e a dw.e........ 410.00 30500 a bands -........... 58.00 Mss c.Sm EM rsT. Nsu -w goup
9 feet .......... 435.00 31r:50 9 bsnds ...........125.00 83 00Eenng- 1. ts t l.
M.1 Saet ......... 595.00 439.00 RECORD PLAYERS MisE. MeaquiteoMrs. H. Moore1J h
78-R .L. ...............175.00 75.00 Miss M. Prende rsat 8diloo"rmifoe cud p.

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S That welJ-known shadowy figure,
M traveler sat returned from
P .op, told 1ls story about the
S uitlah and their somewhat cool
* nation to TV.
When RI Alexander Chdogan be
W hama of the board 'of
TC, Re lt he really ought
hav a TV t in bla home. He
lv? 'r" before, S he got
S ain lov.iy Cdnea Chippen.
didecablt 'Ltady adogan de-
l the only plate in their home
r the set would fit in with the
p would be on the stair land-
Ji And t It sits-rather diffll-
el to wa, but in very good
fm- o f B-rli h .
oem lm r -uShner's shewu. I

wrote in to say
tit {e 4fisst became that's


vcaeoss, a netesicNln
some of my fiMands to the hospital.
It nearly kcle d Wynn. You got
ta take it slow."
Keaton, you see, doqs speak oc-

Carol Brace, who Is presently
s*ttesm Isml am- an Nw amr wh ha.

or y to volc and lks, write to friend
S that one ig thrill be got wa
S "--- 1tbeeeonbereumendoeady friendly'
tr tBhsl deadpan face o itt sewarsd. b
o rest of himdroa oil wa swr d
dropped "I e ad he wrote
rund to ew York to do a TV "e d the

way. at t a 8 Iresi denr of la re aten
moa"series. And e licgnsre Now York. It mea d strange t
"us$. t .e Ivas eO havle. butravel is far. ad e r teap
Sleiabiou t onlva U seof being r'Seow he l nie arn wetKoiet
athtt en jai peosr.t hark ate

.m the and n SrJr p- i i drive, "it
a iotthat b'alws Dsilent. He's as a I tuned gade
r. fnt cra ma tic ro enandvalble Nod thr "l dIt the
-buth t s the nw tivoeal wor for met tremendeo theater re
which Keaton will always be r e- art
don'tN e to eit PAGoddard lber en, vic.president
tsm "b e c and o n!$waysvof Columbia Records, has pro
Make t lue thhve a onr duod Sa tabrous, record albveum of
pno lmJUj CIvhlLWpL .songs called "The Con.
whim e 76 ute CUto a a album has essays
with aoin ondraft. ,mas.wn Ill as ro
S uthrow n o stdru the .lAbere ron wa proud of the
a tlbu, but wanted some re a
a lprovl o of hi eorts. Sohe
11 ft for !b*Civil War Round
T le: garup of experts on the
pnldaudng historian A 11aE
e edevind B freidnt Carl Haver.
"InOL'BSRaDao- prems director
S i6tty fORaD ("Conveaera tion," Gee CradalL The group gat
ado): only trouble i it their st endorsempt.
ta t I h enjoy memoriesi-but I can't 7 -. "
r te e on Auto's Point Job
neaiff doete shwphe arc ne a
t d'e t do emet I The Stares

"But TV $s gr~ii nd aTo o lanl kni r
a doe S

achm .o'a l lder. But It draws

reIn etodrJusnt0t Ne on-than anyaOfdbhe
h .tea, do ant awaytiht.hee lutg model.

New. Yaork het PhBow l sdhee" b Bltim oreweivld a day
S B t Tat a Tg to l to a t and s Itrfe Mik
Rubee.jsoaub.stuffm ha aeowysht

everything else ed the sun at b
,pa red, green, yellow

Sl to ha vey own n gray, nd en.
Houston and New Orleans
New York Philadelphia Baltimoreb h
~1aC se.a'dbe th bamewn- the gfo ft e riotouba tola

-$oe hav be bosheme. Het bes kbla icll thC

C d HOLLAND, ck.-(UP) Ru. .

SRutger. Wi.ll be prtly to
sayste blame I ti g, "ern ent h as wov-
saiwe have bleases at the

mwi jm nw tmni









Filr the Bmnks -

ACROSS 3 Domesticate
S4 Saunter
SAtre Without .
Hayworth or hindrance
5 More or R~ied.
9 Tit for 7 Firami -
;12 Ancient Syria' F.i e.
14 15pk fish
15 Puaclimu dures
17 of lamb stte 30 OChinee
i w11 Labels (prefix)
S10Reach 8l-Deeds
1 5.ank s2-Td together 33 Pointed
1 Suffix 22 Prd gs 35 Retiring
23 and 24 War god of 40 Sponsor
. feather Greece 43- and
44 Balaam's 2 Vend Field
27%--- and abets2 Sobriety 45 MemA
- Blanc 28 Dred (India)
34 Stomach
so of
37 Rat l -
38 Slender
39 Hurried- I -
41 Distress signal l -
43 Moisture '
44 Fruit drinks
46 Most
aftectionafe -
49 Ointment
s63 Mimic -
54 Soft fabrics
So Legal matters
607 Famous r I I
English school-'" I
S8 Country hotels
59 Abstract being B W
60 Tear .. i
1 Baseball goal
I and rfin
$The-- P
L- rta .I


Have lots of fun. Come on in, and.get every-
thing yqu need for your party MASKS,
FUNNY DISGUISES, plastic ppl k, de
coratlons, hat%, etc. WE HAVE IT Al

(Opposite the Ancos P.0.)


- gcr ts~i~r~c.

* (.~.494% .4r&.4.
.4 .4 .4

:'.'- A ^ ^':d -^ A;^ -i^^
s4.' '-. 3.4 --- "-F-- ,-.-
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. .. ,.., ... -=. ... .. .- .... ., ./.. -, ,O -. ;, .,, .'-
-.,;:-, .,.v'.9,,
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....,4 '; ..-


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'14 Talk

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You Sald It, Oscar

"Aa.&4- .I

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h 't yoU heard

Every mother aould recognize teething trouble-rmtesleacss, in.
flamed gSm and e .gtt. Thit is tlW e ffr Ashton & Parsom
Inn w (,P.;CZBofen-e a pomdem
reduce high tespustCe wIease hbaWs dip.
e .s and 'soqha 'l to restful leep.
They act vargems and are absolutely asa,
e sure you get the genuine Ashron &
Parsons Infta* P~ewke-eak fmit an by
'_ __a"'.


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gatos~l mona-8~

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....... J.S Wi
.~a 1 'a. w ,
1 ME WEU.,. I aor t
iRa FI60E2BD-s7Ma's
. f Aw' eSELF p PECK
S 'EM--turt HE-
^ pV L "- .m ,

"W. 4n '
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"*"^ll...,- =- Bl-
a&ilI E E"t .*, l
WA'.~~ Sf~; ibu rj

Caught by Cireaumtaet


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3w.> 7>d.'.. &o hr..T ou.h. m"U ~- .--LpL7 .r ll. .. .

2 br w n B k 8mto u s s- Fou s b t
an e a o i to ta"s 7 :-.. .... tripfpEa' .e
.. ..... pf e a ou e d tswte.. y"--t.-n',c a '. pflUra
Au & 4 Saerd 4fAdl

ldr at Gatun as we r e condemned to believe that stir over medium heat until m
.k-- Thus When I atow .

S. are ruled b our onal ture comes to a U boll. R

3 IT i that nature in us which is Fornot to know that awe pos- Thm. warm co sauce tor
:M e On Monday. Mis An* Elytrai------------- seOs a nature which God himself r ce cream ud etc isan))
IMAMS lift t 80. la4 614 I can not acceptable to my rader, I azed, prepared nudd ng
.: l.le: o; M .. -- o. d cannot tell her where at thek for l erl--ea mix.
Sclera 1th tA another. Thof any modern Pe that oPr Ctlae e Bance
hom"e'. cdsc parents l. w. dbe-."' reproach," it cannot to ivell us what (Makes ser e)
,.g-ee- our sell 15. Four slices butter N.alo, terms. I fe. Thy involves at it eado s to talk a quarte filled, cap. sugar, paka
Mr. and nr Janodole o 8 aMEMBE wOUl some bout our "person, it "-ream at and pie
She to P m C WOULD AO E u, "See see what a badssions, unde- a Spool. utmeag.
"- M ft ""a 5 in C d, OUt do you ed onselovablnce ant Whatir. called
St t. it t 0 the ego. But even or most learn- Pae buttered bread quarters
S. -- b Pleae write yr a colum o nt he a p psychologists have to shake in a baking'ds. Sprinkle with
date wod h. do- our? s"s wo i aa. waut ptheen mid, mk
.y_ .e of daug htrn, A bll t dwta rea ood ture wants_ e thfr hd e.when wae ask them to cup of the sugar. Combine remain.
a a nl Aa aboard the paoty f ee means what the de says: YET without a definition for wen aueepn. C
chid rehel au Gham w e iOsure, 0h". ,e w Jare condemned to believe that stir ver medi and um heat until a
Mr. ha b d t arnd P Mrs. J--6!0 What hat -een nde s twh we are ruled by our "personal.- ture comes to a FULL l or Re.
for ru r Ca Bh I departmo a o definition o the other word in ty.he self that has taken ot overbr

.....n d n S any aeneral a Conuine o ..f the Panamete rurP. No thu we expert e our "perdonalty" begin .iost
S. biSrthdayment was the American Lthe term. My -readne el e' skiing, In my option t s a most d slice. Sprinkle nutme
Sattedd a convention, o hat Is them oer. structive reserved A Serve warm
IT is that nature In us pia that (bwe Isposo Thisw warm i de to b the eefor
On M Vs bfhu"onday Mie s m ees WO a rnature which God himself lee cream, pudding, etc., is an))-
t .P-ronounced "good" Is to be at the other Pierson .a.,
ld r. o. /- Yo~~o~~.~i th mercy of any nature that op r a Chocolate sauce
ot...e' paet l f-h hau personal N One package chocolate pudding
"~ow011 Mr.y Mudsi m a. Rodolfo .ari EMEMBER YOUR. Mh, hurt by a child, it eaon scream at
haer to Panama CILt WOULD ALSO LID 1053 us, "See, see what Obad, wnde-
'a hous In M.l! after a vacet, in Cla, ft YOUR GUEST sirable, unlovable nature rou

Ut as t pifw 6 a aited State s ad M have?" And with no recess of -
aean-emaf Cat- --r-b--ns" i .rM Please write a column nt he a self beyond It, we have to lis-
ahe al. drs a us i mgat, Mr. and' Mr Chit 1 guest who is always a guest.-b ten.

c on Mithe three botle of ra. foartl, Mrs. L. D. BoPri bsvre ann nibounetdtt the Speak U
ve '.. .a.s .onaeng m ifol E. Sulvan with rs. E. Bruce lasthe Sundtates. Colon s e eyou can do somethxplain arg-in with our personal.
Sna nsdo headed r Howard wn and Pdepha, Pa.,ia and ontrtainin e have elya ed our "goodness" or our badness"a
Snthe First" by kDer.on, eer doing it.- it would g betuUst to us. And feeling the sren e s

P oehe F s t e sa s rt o
K ak.Dar-Soa r Br l th Mr. Campbell, who Is del*rtmelt once in a while to be onto Combat of the self that has taken It over,

RACommander o the Pa n a-i a IS .rm. 'No tha we eet our "Personality" begin s ss saost M"
ta d a n an folk &ont e Ce Department .of the American 1L- I o someone else's house ost at once to behave

Liase i M _o.-, Batty hn No r. R wen F d o Us Thgo a<
attended a eonventol, G usewe. had them over. But (All rights reseed NEA Se.

Se 1 o4 GMtrn i am o- Mrn ichacd 0_ Stou mnders It laa would a change to be the lee, .ttle quae of AT
s0ca rep l e-oM twoul G da mbn gaIt guests now andt hen. tah ma y
S*I A iOthat p"ne couple we frequtFentl on-eo

1kd eIst at ao sarieay reMrt fiv dollar Get/-- yor l
an doL to Ot r et aboard It a teerts even called me R the

a. 011t J2 Ancon ft= lc and M rst s. aso- pbs to ask what we waer doing a-_
Taab an aa cus a nr 7-sea ry W. Plo.;Ofed ateni Vista wCo on a particular holiday, b auspe

lae oHSt an :Ihe carewhi. eOber a do es~ bNuri wsus: epr n t A
Sth traveled h n in t h eir new they hadn't heard from us regard
by -th r m W F. Mbel* ar while 1 ates Na "ag picnic in our back 'yard.
s, *4a ft ad M a~. F. al York ther hao a reunion- r -i just e a ds ais
tha ,Lss .. o 0"he W 4m -1'012 W ,. asnd ames Fc. N. .and they l ,o have backy Obue -- ..

aamE ft lb flt ed fts of Pan kpa s etruplace. [
lfrr te- .foa- .h MCoL -the bWr are a hvinw at 14do o
ach D. w aW. bo otrlAvenuc, %= RoSk..N. 4 $They love back-yard barbeces

tar lae the hot dt ea P-t-on oi the G.t i e Mmr m Paap 's navM carr a tot B B- ie n
cron ethe a h eeb btle r aty wo leor. metal a ar wesfam st L s CtPa bkoy Jro., are av ai stns uthe
Dr p ue wa ste re and. D. C W bith he for them o 'have he P a-
m eis cant frc o. .L a w rist hrc la y acan do a seth
ah N atfor the a t h; Mrs. W. -pgte om'ahhh I:s he a wd l o
ee, on the three bots a f ray, fourth, r. L., D. Bnoney obt, have announced the
Meat n D^fr pe rfume which a wi Mrs. A. E. Davis and fifth, bih J. son, Charles Patrck Se U
one ma g ant is donating for, Mrs. X. Sullivan wft Mrs. E. Bruce last Synda at Col6 ROs. d- S.r you can do so-metwfi --
0, Bradytd. -ppetaL spk up. Invite your fries to ---
Sa Christian Service t and wen e anr If you .are tivino a cocktail
wi l e tp~.y byFe s eet" how much they enjoy to ofour neits asks .
Aillt Gals (bstrch get-together you sep in,
7 : te-ssp'dr, .:aJ sunes1. dop't c mentioning the fact
aa tu If 3"a could have th..e

'5 11 .Nne namads:- a-.merhee "a "The Church's One F a on. on Is to drop your 'qt
is at Mfi~desWillu Ovm- nore included: Mr. 3L Thim- Am thee; tiondy gave the nat .mel0s .atir bone sad 20 nt. Im
%oy ..oyn-, anb r. G. F. Of theus aEA to speak p,. it won't be longMESSAKA 'ar
S ecConney da -r.Jefu Church by ore your new friends will be
WofMtan cMrs.Ch Slaughter of Gatun, Mrs. Frausn- the reorse by Mrs. A. thaw Imposing on you, just like the old
onn Coble HeigWll 1" Cof Mofgan, Mrs. A. F.Tommy Union th 05 SATINA also makes ya
r le be Gibson of Gatun. Mrs. Do Pollo ups. W. C. Mehan ave the eauiur.;-ivmlifetoy
MAIL. I y, 4In. J of K Mar aita Mrs. Tax Chbk of recordIng, secrets 'r a port,
...i k 11"t. JO Gatuiro. ham Rowly of Gam- Mrs. Richard Stouau-r gave the One litte square of SATIq
4111;2W.L6 "k -Itivera my- hee and Mrs. A. 3aggo14 Of Ga- treasurer's report, Mrs. L. W.
tunu. Chambers gave the coresponding d your hot stamr make y
at C I ar s p ,
V AY._qW as as st. vlce-preuuucth" .16. BuiSelo
a rn CA.Garia int. theta coin-
with prizes duringr a Fhkpvi th. o-- I
loweeft Costumel fertra.sentonce andzpa6yer. Mom.. Gt your
Jar- u. 0W CoUZ Capt. a nd# Mrs? ..AL*, WV Wrlh t ot.a.a W I

maS.lon Awachmy f l Ge .5 expected Mrs. W. Paten wonokr ,ngn- of the day singi "The 0

L. w4Z4 w vf
l~itbd e-yhAuverar_,4w the best looking man's ou. raw*LWP was' attad-at" For tb k hsugh.

Absolutely 0 uarsatedt to t be a af. tx
T J da for Ca Zo rndw s .... $45. ... T h' _.. -- Ba ..
El. ~'0e

LBi geI leeri Zoe re,.n es ... 53

t -OE "mI
.. .. 4. .. -) .-
,^'^ S^K ^^^ ......,/,sr1.*^ J'^^^*^B-* *^^^ ^* 1

i-_ B a -l gM ~a ,--aA i.--
- ~i;.iii ii. :1- 5 "~m p

14: ~. -
it 1'Ma.#- tzt~h~t... :~.N4:j btt.~..
-..s-- s.,- -. .i:5...-C- *f~.%C.

.-- L- a.


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:. ,, ..; z. .. .. ...................,...
. -. ..- *. -. .. .-.' -- .
*,, .- -, .: :. *,:: ,. '. .- ..;.
- _: : .. ._ ._. .--


.r ,, .. .. ,.' ^ :i -..,^
- .- % T .
..T. ,

-sr' i
-* -: ""'

to our


for this week to dream prettily.whI. rid-* e
n ? '1018 o' IIALLOW .
,o1f .,pg a. yov*, awo of-t,...

lIght *ISS*R necklaie ad .tt. I
.f. ataItMAy low pces. ,;;.
.- ..-. .; ,,

... t o --- ;

_I I.

mu ironing
A added to
our wrk a

-.' i p -

kWrand the fragmeM ipmWat! ,-
ATINA keps yourtr
much longer, give. t*u 'o lovely'
ug, fRinM and a'I a appim.
"'M;SU SATINA todayW hpl*-! "'
vantage of this offer and e t
maagnlbnbt pearl necklace Y f

I' .'* I
ecklac by going personally to#

2 Aau Melnde No. 14-109

s is a limited offer I

, -t

, 1-.3


eBB'HwfHMwft: ^ify .j~ta^


s $5.951





" '..1 %: I. 9, -
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* S- CREAM *Wi"



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c i S M~~T -kQ*.~~C^ : ";"itlalf*
...r. ..%.'_-. -- -[ "? + r f 1 1.

A.7 *,

,.0 r0Se ;a tion seeking act es

THE S" AA, A4iER ICA NOYRDA?.S 'SU.S. :e em l !' rs. r areaOW a^tSi
nuses kranm Ar. Z IC I. oARMACIA hL OiCI SfEtIC eMOeSE- OL M p a

l touth o IulJ ve. C central v. i '. perior co t, .

-r.-ESSIONAL RE Hnao Household Snfurnrshedhousea : :16 a thn n--
L E.n PHARAYL 0W beach atNr Santa Clare.. TpIoe t dren are 1
0FOR RENT: Spa lou resident F SALE:--Practcally new mahog THO MPSON. Balbo 1 pretbree
house with top floor, ventilated, any bedroom, living room and din.* nngs. "nd, S is. C l.s
PORTABLE PNIC garden. grage, maid's room, etc. ing room urnture; also re FOSTER'S COTTAGES, omd mile t pot radineot
nmr I' East 48th Streer No. 18. Phone 2. Electric 60-cycle I 0-volt rriger- SO Clara. Low rates. Pho nS vorce acon a d
T= *AXMA AV W Mrs.Car51. baW
1456. ator. Can be seen after 3 p.m. at Balboa 2 8 been Intiate a .
(BbR ORRENT: Cholet, rcent con- No. 5, Urguay Stree, Della Vi st. Wi L aoa, a.o ihto6 tot Sat
Sstructed, 10th Street Sn Franco Westnghoue outoma- tges--rockgqs, refrigeration, two booked to sail for usk Frit e dent and sor ov
,(near 50REN Str-et : TSwobedratms, FO outO oma- THOMrP. PON, Balboa 'I0 parents. br
Said's room. Information at Gla- tic washing machine, like new $95. er e aboard the An the e actor a
bear' Office, Phone 3-0364. Federico Boyd No. 29. GRAMLICH'S Santa Clar 'BSih Cat, anama Liine, aW "tin 10 the intimaoles wah" oler m
SFO SLE: th bed wrubbrid toes modern conveni, m- advance passenger ,
~C eF inneFOR SALE:-Youth bed w/ruberi- d erate ratas. Phone 6-441 or 4-567. Miss Jennie Oreenpoon li the -
only b RENT nb Street, Balboa. Between 5 and PhIlglps. Oceanside h. t Oflgy passeger saedlderd to) '.i1 S '"j'"
Clar. te vessel for Ort-u-Pu,
IVe IIN lneoau pF.R E:--Refrigerotor 5100; Ken- Panama 3-1817. Cro -1673. Ha. E. C. Lm the l
Rn qWLV.27 OR IlT:- Commercol site; also morewashing machine $90; Em- R RENT ve o theen hel
hne-4* 'ent. Calle Estudnte No. 85. person 12" fan $8. Coll 2-2602. F r t IZone s among te preery JA rtc o.ot a the1 .prt,.i
hoe- ,lnquRE at Bicycle Shop, same ad- FORALE: Beutful hard-carved Apiarltent expected amonewadn NeW o. r candsal Zone ommnt Chet .
I NNT: WAREHOUSE. corner nese nroom se, 3-34. TTENTION I. Just bulk modem se f et ( I
Sftst, art nd1 Twelfth Streets, on a furnih ed apartment os, t Ao r. Janet M. A iugt:, rs. it.-e BAN FR SCiOg. 27 (t' t Ti i i
PONE rot WARhonUa 2.. le W bedroom, ho at, cold water. -e ab H. aBernet, M or. and Mrs.(o e --e- altose rorela O-o tI h of o
i A P fehone -= Fr.... Woo E d 1 ehoSne Pnm 4941. Fred Bitter Mr. ltat.lot er Katy aves se Ih I
al.s ~ ,,r m no Avenue Block; "Michael Brpl: FMr. Tokyo tomorrow in the wdup of thp Canal Zone Cos t am "
.oS t Misellaneous FOR RENT:-Furnished W unfurnish- add Mrs. Joseph T. ope and athree-Week od will tour o Chest).
Lst Amc Ig OCE--Experienced as 7 ed 2 & 4 bedroom apartments. son; ?Mrs. Margret DeLon; North, o0uth-u Central Amerl The la t eof o glo '. Om nd ne .,Bq
rirOition Offered WANTEb TO PLACE:- Experienced Coteact Alhombra A tents* Mis Marie n. .Edelon; Mrs. ca. wide -sop of ac on h-i a a sS
aNlm, Spanih spe akng. Phone 83- 10th Street. Phone 1 6, Clon. GaEdmonson; Mia Re F. He will Ae San Fre nCouno l e orat
SnANTED :-Teocher for high school 6262. FORRENT:-Unfurnished l -bed room. Elveiero Miss Drtbara A. l international prport via pan s o ker; iCs o An. y. .
pu"l to v En R hcle o FOR SALE arspacious, cool, opartrnent 1o ba s stDr and Mrs. Augst1u FO irtG reson e bn g .
TEfr Pne-48. residential distrl ct Phone t-1661, Jr. and son; Mista A rle L. Fo- Okazakl his tour Oet. 6 to hep Ctial one mall at it
rN tepA. -une up' Ior. nle or female Do not an FOR RENT:--One and t*L'bdromm man: Mr. and Mrs. ect r M. e day he le e i
rast serviceS all work not qualified. NoN time to teach FOR SALE -Indian motorcycle Best room apartments in house No. 45, rant; Miss Helen it. Gbbe; co. re n ta iO
Mrs.; elV_2orC.Tsat, lheewjT "nWOO e cllt

oNt .*ANFffer. Coil vy 2628. Aven ido Jose Francisco de la Oslo. .Miss sally O1u ; Miss 0ste 1 hle Paulo, ot. oene r tic p i n on he mm eirahd .or -
N C. ALDRIF. Pr Fomr details call De CrAveida ili and Casey ah Oth e o of son a the .
r tat aO. .o r F o. 2..Coe Helmeric'; Mrs. y "e manei h omity a dCanal Zn ;N

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-r. .....ALE" 195. C.aodillac, nblck ,.- Crejwood Model 401 and micron,- ____ ~ "Emma E. Kl-ger; Mr. an. Mrs last week. one towns and .- iltary ei
Ahscal Ther ( VUlrm vieln doorE n-, with rahdo, hoeter and phone. Used two months. Recorder FOR RENT: Comp letlv furnished 0. L eroy Koontst,; Mrs. : ester he- ,s in Meacoa to;t he are 42s t, tImaeinevs
s. 'as sFitseth.and .TExellent condion. alone cost 199.50 new Wi sell upsdirs apartment in a two-fm UsLmbaratM.ihnetlO. kerityereANt he .a.ned.cul.. .Ol adlicoutX7111111 Lt.l""

AMPCi o ~ pass.C Ford Coue. 7,000 OR LEle" Ili room and bathroom rage, t e- Maorie O HOwrd Expl roup, boys 14 years of with the Canal Zone e Be
"WASCET 'LL2ANEOUS phone, hot w a tr aprarnd complete 1p thMMr and Mrsl-. At
T Iltl' t son C All grounooa Conch- on pian-1ccordeonA 120 bass, .22'bathttr -y wit Oka-ave.slmoerthaMwaslpe
0 1tBlor Ciha Wymer, 2-2373 or hanges.Likenew StoelaaM.Pakyn.t owinthroom. independent entrance to Qaa01uade and oz1 2dare1f R1sen' en11
t 1a0 2e6 ShModpeWc Heelap W nted No. F9 ap:m.ithedt -lMrs. lordon saage; Mrs. Mar-lF-o.
A. Cb21 r oepgre- director of the' n..ooDpn: total of 1 awr n sut Dp0_ c r the
l...mi fRiy. Good 2 4 -a" "oy. PnmMust uno Froneda-raadon; o ntdv l, Tnu. emu jna yoAo spent duannJ the .,,ummer re ra
SCEL FORercedatat Smoot 2-3ra Virginia L. 8tarike Mr. adend Mrs.wdf1L111,h.

SI ia.-.-..------- L3fsergeant beMsang.eved headed for ol Steened, Ftulgd6, gas .. w -' A n Fo and dis trt wr orn I a2.

WT f aa* CampoAle r. ntuario Raffrfle," she once was a Red yothleader. o w hiap1: 3 .tehq,-ln,
"I'H t CO -enfeST oS Wimall faty. ood eflay. Mst un coo comfortiad r Hotel El Hela rHeaterdaughter of E N o lir

pacu S o nquireNo. 85 Cmnt, at. and Mrs. MM Hw. deter t t w tre s w loyed as a clerk In the An

TR^f"ORIo11 .e S-hAeln83 SAen dt. ho be.nndmlMiss Llo-eoyeUCo .arbio A o O
,a nr~roi u Newsr c qg m Imada- Nw LOST i-Doubl cabl-c lens (Leal na. FeOR RENT :umlhd -bedroom re d th a to -
i -- i ON- P) -Thirtye count on the 4-brad ina vote of German You athOrganzat n a ularly to accord soaal -
te elect 37 nators Nov. Vic Prsidnt ichard M. Nixon small town near Leipig on to the advancement ae-
rty control of the Senate to organize the Seate. MILWAUKE (UP) The once- J C ed Sout t 1a b -

I I- o th*contest. The other races The...holdoverDeoratsneed up with a agic eye" to replace eA |A r ._._eld of hh _. ., r s.
Sin 24 more seats to gain control Ty e cold "am eye" nr Htel El Helga Hate, d i Wr-.. r m have been earneU i e
85-Co.n.3ail5Baan ders.e HtHHc or ep lbrcestee.rr N~atie reonalbno.m s 9o. AoOttenn to oatf5. _, b ios eS ,

r. n t"rol ar News US e Senatecould ly spot scratch-outs. wN .Y.ed advanced ranks. Thale- ri
Ma h e c yeste P.-2 -emae
Sresethe thin margin oblitera au and th like BIRT ()- st r ward Albrig i re do notnclude .the a

[N C" ." h e -td alC.adive cootrollabck-eed the Eleven of the Democratic nomd. in doc)uaa. mctig to VA-ad. project calculated to generate and Dscklis wth a ak obobt and deroot.
"ty OcalT pat=ioanal H It jB NCT- (thIPe --Thiwort counees on othe ond m e, Fr t eum teans enough electric power forl U aUll Lebm hu t t oAf n unit orlerdr -
AS. Gre red elec he Dem hean Y outh Oganization entk on a radial to accoe planned by Wttieo Ms
S U Ncn aso* wst61. s elect 7 senatinors Nov. Vice Presidenet Rcharld t. Nixon i e VA p small town near teiptg. drl e lneati r in to trhe advancement acv-
iSli b labsutpriltlr control y4 of the Sente tho organize the Senate s. MILWAU eLei UP) -Io The- urilh T, l have been.coatlt.- 'd a
Sthe prentatn l outcome of about halt GP counts Ve" seats sive res ntratn dhat omte Iand of the Middle East for Its L vi corrals a ord e leader tranlun ha t been w. a ,

S -a it h panel 3 to be filled this yeartwo each in new "eye" an Immediately spot somber mountains and tourist re- ad his lives t O- ed wouth aIncred Interest. e e*
Snderfot, ent Nebrsa d New Hapsire and any rre ties whether in ink sorts, this ancient Phoen a n wm. he Zone.e lW o

nu welbo, swimmand A7 of two seats would one each in South Daot h and Ka pencil or yin country has been plagued for cen- breed themw of WVm to The polls of the Canal Zbone 1939.i.e wasofe drlli p0*
a ad n testa. Most, of the tihow Introl of the Senate to the sea t Under se, whch looks tries by electrical and irrgation fishermen a sarubS. Bl Baoots CoupocL are frtn.- 1ct ottleers to bm se a' g tLa
S. rL Ioat ess,. The other races The 1 holdvS D o 9rasneed up with "lAic eye tamo rep ficn lace ci latnm a Imlen b traff duty and,
f ron, one to ,-----._e- th_ mle House, whn tere all have been promls t he battle tor ed prtioiEf pr anr ts.d out i In 151, the Lebanese govern- What started a i t boar- om ofin
St ta .. se an at stake eve two years, c needed for a majorirows str by The VA th new eepetns ironic I na fullnie r rep ta .he l on te
ofnpatrol-- to er ati s aepirefihtin to hol end aordo elaare da leye could i ptwo t sclarlch to s unch a three-year'stiady of "i cra inY.-Ulk. sponog 1rans..Tl nee byl *
ra Lnemomon7rida -;yS ,Mc reas-.e thin margin .ob.itoera r ,0r and th, like EIRUT (Ue-Aa-)--- n Y W Mbr l S mql lt urs o not nlude e m. Se ..-..
s yiJ t h'l ttolf Bp*. elb.$.,hu Bowenaver, dtoeated the alet, en oucky, emoassachusetts, The doevicue cordingg to the VA the Litani Riv basin to be fol- 0 nd sacks t a idin obcat and tebrd t. n f,

.taplained in a talk to be year. Ohio, Fegon and lRg. II sniper swith built-in tele. 4 cost tar-.30,000. t-m.
ii.raymonM Geor, cout Thee vacans isedt two yersneee m q f r ou elecriiec power or a -t of 10 ut de
K- ....- t' o- ,-"ehooeram8 ts ataes. Maine ret These se ate no. are Dhel- and their fby.nils. d an as wel as to spple e r lt or an t an oyd t W
nbow Cy Occuation- elected. Margar etu Chae minority, onat also expect to hold t h e Previ e VA depended on the megKaraon a wn Iompared to elapt in n
._hool band, under ats or the (s ) t its election s. 1, eating hey hav at eye dete a costly and time- ply thuer trogthon "red wrige a x e bl-

.104" f .sld'Pr9 besi de ,t to b fille *to Nora c. Moutatins into the or common a rc / I7 o.
paoide tilcb. b.o.l ftli thoe arsh Cn ths year tn Oklaho West Vir- consumfing pcesa of i nfra-red derCay here y wn er. ra lacr a ranr o f n. mer a- l -Orn
r o.u of _lU_ whIa conveineu-,s Jan. Demats s ntu where thencpnclu. on thAlready known as ththe restntert n t
lW Ing te eproram the 37 ea at a, 15 are veteran Demoauntsd e" seats W. Bark Vt om KaraoutMddle East or ts corrals a r ta bn w- I W'i i
o1 for the held by Rb ano ad 22 le forble s ysenoravti pr esI new "eye" Sn immediately spot somber mountains and tourist r- ad his litvestck ss,- d wt incre inter. itda oate at a ee
? olr. ?. a. Democratsne and one is inder Other states w leereasr ke nhid ,e Dmanyora t rre s wheer in in sort this nclbe I woeek-end crowAsh d h a, oe 1 31o1
wei wbo, swi~ce rammg .h of two eats woon ot and Ka pencl or tn unt haseen plagued r en breed them, to Th pol Ca1
.in ests..o of e tw atrol of the Senate tothe aa, Under b. SMce, which looks tunes y lectmca1 ana l guonf rmsen lay Boy Scouts o l i'- i o rs

Raamsl.^ourblcans. ned ow 1 r .ro like a televohsl h n camera, l amper-idefieneis. .* l..nd t o'+yj
rDntov1 lthe ,House, where al Barng upsets, the' battle for ed pbrtlottt'of pa prs stand out in In 1951, the Lebanese govern- What started sum. rlobY bb boar courted of as in aha'to4,
rnt o l owti t* .or .the lt l ma the sseye IU do+ -
e at. se every jtwo years, eontroLo, the Senate s narrows strong contwat. .s i .nature haslment asked the U. S. rations a fuitime B Is urraMWe
wi. b t d- a eme4hlrd oft the six-year Sen- toT es 17 etats: Cari Col- been changed the original signi- Mission to Lebanon (Pt Four) laid im ts
Spire at each biennal do Delaware, Idho., Illinois, ture will tnd ut clearly. to launch a three-year ttd of craw

...esocalPiesdates.rMaiigre- .Thouelseatsno .ar held by -- ,ortedare 8 and o1rs o.t. I. the giant r .ars As e"'
0249,fromr2tt35seas.taNo. ..Muntinsa... /...
avene Jann, 5. Dem arteStuIsrKentucof whetn thei "" .
to he 'ram .f .the....ea4 at ae, 13 are veteranemocrat, .W. Bark- i from .u.rlaso .nd td-nw ther9 o buys' at,.,

..... ...jAlegre. 7Ue. u lRa af Deot a one is inde- Otoln states siadey Duocrat esoervofr ieaer sall..bxes
cool,,comph.fw aenearblicnsEl.HetSa-Heaber, daughO, ter of othba.sinsiwilloberfa",i 'wo nd.c..wa "

they helda', only airnweoina,,trget In- ,.asy

P ada, Oo. Delaware n-No.85sactscoiSg.Ia about halfsr st- '.-........
Avuutio t f -t.n-a,-aies b' aueiadfatooand
At-.O....U...A -S ,an .__ ._'v .

's Match Book
"E CONlection Aids e -

.inFEstate HuntGo
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Now is thq time to fall in love with

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o4""""e.._ w -.h MnFI ~ I 42 "-e N
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fW abejM te a tau IpbeI tf-c MIs ar a ewto star In Eat-Wet vial.
-. ---- R?- "Sd of -" The ovee a a m ovieevr d W et Nteht t lme ,
Sl-rt tmWic. closer to Fnch 8 4 Double Pass o# .
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B"o f if,= T w her i nb ack rgn a t u a n V

rating, not Betty did the -r Turner's answer ato British .e. Ala n tet
Ga ese t z."A Lsn-.ler'a0sW[rt-

o- VGidl.el ha.4 critic i0 sai-Tg was "too fat": I "Otoe a u n d1 t eir-aoa,
op-bB .l g r1t gthip ih t A n Ids oa i ew n a ea in Handhs" but Xm inclined tq be-
Bet wd hav t ssa a ibath veat the and Is more ax.
E 'of -swk."- .. iag arit in 'e Sea Chat. traeordinar than real.
t the n tw amI si ga v the' -- Te bi ddig is only a means of

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DSeE CAeUlawho': st eO. TfATET ? Wesll theore the se of dial s
n apr -i'ree sen'nt a Bre CoCby Rba the con2 .e mondP Wat ecominues with
a WasS r~L~~~ f-ase- lfora hewdtelr wr alwmo I queen of clubs dAummy play the
setuementis g edthe i .... -fors lra en- an

mnoife e a gtonter1 executive y o Pap s, an ondimodk ishoiforton. Eay

Lasieaon e at Inasr de om d -o can wind one diamond trick with
that said ton oftadeti on M ar one. o i ner .tnthe .ee but odie'ts isge wild
F "Daddy Long Legs." hth ace, bte tuee f lamod
She nude flia y stO e -laru the.ora e. -- I
crman Mtre _,tae.. .. (Ce h Mum- This unuy )ualjfwr is stoh dno-
t, is starring in "The Peanut Thi Mrs. pa #ot a' deliverynous tI' to defeatthe on t De
Mat"an exeeimental film'based boys pushed their way into a ct t

arlih pastry. s shedding Wiam i lice she was aloe in the house darer an lead spades towls his
Wa'sweorth, a descendant of the with three maids w*n the d oor'hand, giving na one t-wik to the
'. N U biqll raing and one of the maids see w ver avst a to takes
movie business. Waltr Plukati stood there with a ox oJ Sro- t. T ugh spade Wst b an g ari v
del erostanme for th ceries. l antee the contract. e
tim pst, shl vueion ofiG e in en' E.thoue deeas t this p, be rea y tr oi

s" that will star Pier An. When the md rAtested than awa his au e of ades The'
geli at MGM, no groceries h en ordered, defense is still sure o one and
He first dre the assignment at the man pulled out a gun, So only one spade trick, but now it is
liKO in M for Dolores del o-Uone to two other men, also Wet whe wins that trick with the
and 'has been bired for the ob Negroes, who sto.o behind him, jack instead of East with the ace.
every time ce then that the and pushed Into Wt house. My ,spicous. nature prevents
ela has been announces, me. from believing tids hand ever
shelved. e The men herded Mra. t lwh en took niace. but I must compliment
.and he three maids to the oel umr. Albarran on his lively Imagi-
Susan Shet-al, te Miss Ine 1sr. locked the door and then',ao.p
rIen'who was zoomed to star- ransackd the house. They rip-, ...d
oam A thea ew Brits film ver- ed out three of the four tele-Im Oa
mion of, "Eomae.and Juiet," says phones In the house and fled11 Duims| tsr1 21
that hor first p1toro was jllweu without molesting the women. Vl n9 1,, ,1
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730c abover eAlpslAlo
h.A a I Ay h ta N CE., Frane, Oct. 7 P

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L sthat crash ed Su ay witc ur A-s
Fmeric aimen boa.dee. "
In quick successor r mesue
workers dent-aitd the remWnats
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e.' wUwr wartime e.-, Ia-t ds
rtt ueel atu.i_ It crashn
marigei dte t Chitms.hi.nuua la i til.o


- T'r -

S(K fThe Vokce) Lanza T n
ThTrieste Again
To SinfThis Thee On TV Prograftm l
Italian Amid
HOLLYWOOD, Oct.- 2 (UP) Lanza's second video appearance ala mi
rMao Lmnsa male bia second a on the S-Showero aStars" i'
TV Ma e in lee-lsthn a gram. the same CBS show which
mItomorrow night when be provoked croa of "hoax." IA AIIn umcs [
loosens ahpl ltinun pipea to The temperamental Lanza will Wvy1u Ri e
v0e 1" Tabe pulie lon't lot iag an aria from "Tosca" and
voie. the popular ballad, "Some Day." -
"Th oie v Iqce is bte a .than 1 Hperformance will be "concert I (UP),m H
% e -ct- style" with no frills or hoakum
ed teo sad rt Wildly excited Triestines defied
how.-i the big hullaboo about "I'll be wearing a.full-dressa wind-lashed rainstorm and
trepordings bel two ars suit and I'll stand rig t in front broke through police cordons
old-everyote shouted that was of a. microphone. And when I'm yesterday in a joous demon-
a hoax and that I'd lost the voice, through, nobody will have to wor. str&lon which forced cancella-
"Well, the public is all I have ry whether this voice can still tion of the ceremony returning
to account to, and I'll do that produce." Trieste City to Italy.
Thursday night." Mario slammed his right fist An estimated crowd of 200,-
To pove his point Mario u n- Into the palm of his left hand and 000 persons, aol.lvious of the
leased a blast of notes t h at moved to the piano where his fierce storm, blocked all traffic .
shook the windows. vocal coach, Giacomo Spadoni, Into the center, the city and
"Actually." he said, "I'm a ve- was waiting for him to continue into the waterfront Excelsior
ry. unimportant man. People love a practice session Hotel where the handover cere-
m$ voice, not Lanza. I don't even "Don't think I'm going on TV monv was to occur.
want to take credit for the for money," he growled. "The British Maj Gen. Sir John
voice. I Just want people to know government will get most of it. Winterton, Allied Military Gov-
I'm not abusing it. Out of billions Anyway I don't have to worry a- ernor of the City which British
of Inuaps born only a handful bout money. So far this year I've and American, troops have oc-
are biesed with great voices. made a quarter of a million dol- euppled for A1ie years, was pin-
Mine Is one of them." lars and I haven't done a day's ned aboard th Royal Navy Fri-
Firoa the time Mario first ap- work for pay." gate Roebuck In the harbor..
S e h He explained that his royalties i E SMNG-Prdent Eiienhower naho s
f efred to his voice m the th/i......M crowds to fomll pass control mile aa-h etell 1 WHW *
person-as if it were a separate from record sales keep him hnde- c e Re ub leaders in 5 w4To1W 1Ci
i. He'sottento the pnd.y wealthy.The singer of the clt to Italian Gen. Ed-wankts ennt

rate on a movie career," Ma Beae troops to take over a Ce ur
ier-e" he- h "Bt plamno, o ing t.o matesdc,," ume s ar-h-ae !
*ahtiam (Baa1 (ao added. '1will1 go on concert tour the city. .f. .e. '1 0
S"el .ifi e um exa / and work in opera.I'veo had hun. e-eHours before de Renia's 10:05

Skic Ui "TeP Ar i t t Ao imb of welesern whds.e-s.e. .r a.
WASHrNGation Oct. 2UP) eaion and without e oarene surged into the tsmtia slowed sa (h-uianm ansl iwooter se.n- wSoe te-t'o
The l em Steel Co. has un- Phones." n ra own the Ilia voy a co e to serve on d. censure ew b. r
drakee a stud. .of the use of ,o siawtahoe on di n of the ew.'dy (Wt ng *"is ade
atomic o to dra comm Wer- ftLa h srope. u te sa d they. faled to n- Sh.t m ers e s

house Electric Crop. for reseah jr'.. deM,,berted onlt.w One old man Who apparent t fy vace tremsseno Rcaerd, M. 'SK-SSch'eleda ga-a d made
tand develop ment work on an a-y h. 5 iye Teoehe qId not walk braced himse nci ot tas p-re(UPanrse" d netor uedt
,18ae aval vessels, such a s a in r- d o s ol eho o tterdav World War I uno r o _cu anansts ou repoArters v Wall,.

carerO .n erno an "L weeong when tae convoy cidpasse have Q.nuo rs.m pre, bo fy el
Te anpto sen Lu or Lon o h Is Itale o c pti tee no on

hmake a sharp departure 90 gov-. hassun e"ing by" da udge UnI Under t he agreement on T A enatOreIpol'ra s orleae
' ameIat polcy. Dfene S.cre u da la sentence, este, Italy will recve on e -oen t e cau e k,. e aenade nos.w'
en l todship proec at o ay urm out. nro oo enteefynni
y ear for economic and other rea- y wBta ursse o N A niob oo c ine B 8 0"o consm o-er e preoudice rrmpea

sonf.c tonal Guardsmen in nearby Co- Allied troops under the cowed moms menatesun zea y torsy be. o r t ,
Wlson aid at the gtime there e rae a white hue- n f Brt oivsh asJ oen- lc enurea or nia -eees aburSe onhi boh-
were special adantae in ato- ipr earb r te ylte fen Wpunterton beuan tlea ng r. mten. eitaspoi w. 0Ter and.h
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house Eletric Crop. power for ic.h At the time only thewo One old in who aprny fy vice reeson d M. mma.seied agaimedd maTdeb to

absurd e velsemen.t work on lhot a 15 minute ws bea forte cild not walkaned In the territory. wan tnvts iTejumced e.oreoe of a- t i
tom.c r engine suitsb .o .mn. .wn its verdict. Jack- an open window. He ore a app.te hm. .' ..
Bethleem hals been as oiated rom o the Ruell Coutnty During arm uosnr ean e wtinsin o u rep norters "I will' e '
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Ient polcyo e of two shipld- S ed to ll her wnd her smallntence este, Italy will receive Zone A eu aecnarube e Me. reage o h
ry Ciarles E. Wilson had ufwill a 0utomati aldy be appeald I oturterrItorthieytgoets lasen
pnmded ther warship project olt he d ano Sourt. via wthilled. pere complete control eaormer c enrmy ua a toNov. .,.
diesar for ec to use atomither re- thearm e of her husband bToeydNs- t ut Ameodment tunt i'.ch het .
stous. other isthe Newr ar-henthe attack ur PLACRVLnder the corn- oAtnoun d not name te o e e elerat
Wia id ac t th a ti t hme eti onaslbea id
wers sp e ias adhne i ed ato- red b. on Ge s ek after the mandof British M en.. S ir cen.ure iemr r uiw auge. abu ie oi T i-
brue A utr nrodanfrtres e Pam thehn Wte began leaving g uen. n aidpi w. ihoser ani
ce mo In iets nu woa prct n b" ater p intedrw t tI he zone last summer and only l ei.nma01i to answeteMb ns o- "
rt Ia vses nuear toor t t imne o he ra Bts and American sl- a ae sections uomtee ot lie to
ems u ic Ms f ias a h Ith ue A lir Sleained ien the territory. w La cX ;p vestigaeJte lM aleAos. i ealofv-au .uHnd Wi

Bethlehem has been associated rdem the Rusose County jail. Dunite alovst O y ers. o e -LEAo Ens 9w,. e1 "1
rgwith the developments of macin- The young woman, the wife of cupatrlon. f allied troop nlhs were al Wn sin Repubi. an, wn more !al g SS
ry for the Nautilus the world's r lAan stationed steseay W Into the streei"t sumsr, aeu raoeirer orec "modes oill
r-ao me oiesu mare. and aer toed authorities she was rapedin oAnce. T n an t en te ighuo .
sister sub, the Seah Voi. by a Negro attacker who threarh- november dur.n. riots when lrsito-en e anie aug suo.- a l- m.g I
It also is. one of two ghipbuild- w'd to kill her n nd her small p.n-,taUan demonstrators were mce oaiscnre poAUe)o inn nonteris whe*- ad wa
,,ing concerns working underA ga- cil. If she dId not submit to killed. oralrie cisn arme Arm y airin beIr this. A l, tSi41
ent contract o W design stu him. The woman was living t was cite by Mcarthy as a
dies for ships to usew atomic re- the farm home of her husband's I Toayt's Iron t Amedment wohlunt." acop lsh twh c
act ors. The other ois-nthe Newport parents-owhen the attack occurs PLACERVILLES. CaUl-UP I tooonf te et se enat se te &a .
News, Vs. Shipbuilding and ery med onl e morniangw after the par Charles Potter., ofarmi.ceGen t to un n i.eaiod nose flamseg...i not on. t
dock Co. In its few prect, Beth- ente went to work and left her Caln.. wa. uninjured when his a w t an sewst wore, mpa-In for tetidme ^ !n
leem's Qusincy Mass., f acilities and her child at the house at- 'to pluned 40 feet oZne Hiahwatysumm iadithy q ueton ged, a oyn e, .o A., s
wril mae risingg inuclar so ier s f l one. IntheteSemre-afevhaedreaAt w BriprsvindusmrieryBo.hsel action euiase fe Most y Ilk I n&y Ias h

reaco tess.tec dn tkss- augwashedfistiHwe. Pe par. on in e .Se..e.... Iuwtn(mt
weigh AECo peat- a cc sic t I .P to tei allghwa andJonsonsing (C ole)iandm r thu vly psnthy

-menU- and-a. t eoe tm, nteieoi uredee his orloil r m h s ag -pr toJc Hors hN s md Uk 0rno 'his ivn'mnM
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,irt atomi sma landbse .hey Mdaterithie msemer. yaseanae erprovyeonc.. hto W. Mcart ake o ne xpain h w con. lze-, .-..A -. 4 .
'Th is studiesw iebolaloraycwe _______"_______,r__ot __whe nen__eiini .'. -.

teort ms r p i ns d r e -u S EM m M ad y at t ie Sp oarta, t, accu-sed amitIouc.s ia
thavesbenwosiernthen to life' PSaU a st ohslycon Thoe

mendations next year. t brings a- fd W. gets are a-a-b o
to c o number ns w deinndependent sd no b i to i I atI n. i m a de Ib m eansf
sopooes ton ex the dev idu WC AT y ERVCE CENTER T T .l TOM 41, fB
ouament coftrackor-ang prctor. Thevice cracdwn began -- ifrom-----" rn tring h Hee si I

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i Qic Mass.,,faclitield thsaofof.I Re II Liftn 1 3 a "&SAW
IAnthpaofG -n ,,-S=, 1lC
fretsrhtwaer Y Pattersncywh hdben- Whim. I ae ed-tcn En mi ncrh"
oneygenerls I ., -rtte x
report Fise fidinsore an d recoi n- bal e en _'_ _---'-' N-'-- a ed -,.,,.-,--- --.
to ITp tenumber of l.independent .. m,.,'tm.n"m- umm

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CAIUTOaL .:I5 p:35

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k' 3r d A 'tte,.' ,- .. "' w
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,fyM "_____________^ ____T PAA, AMM^ .~ .NX^D r .

4;-;?-W ^ 7"**i- ,ri **.- m 7 --
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*.t ,, -.V .+j'.-j .i..' -.,.!. .. ^r- .-jtr i- '...,, .g..
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J .- ... '*

( 's wMeet In New York By *ns 4

.g Amerian Le no President Will Harridge has scheduled The six-foot, 11-inch Pelix Lotus khrif
eting in New ork at 1 am. (EST). The owners met former Lon Island Unlersity bac e between t
w ok t befre the World Series nd later in Chi center settled for ... weight ch P

At the chica. stlag, they aproed thi sale of the had demandlly have signed lon T
S to Arneld Johasoe Chcago realtor planning to i ove taedFli from FBat a n. a. .
"M .,A:" wil.rem i: nPh la.lph a.--. 4 .xa s .S l-a k.+ + .

Steam to eKaiaes g ity Later, lvke-president eh a an off-season trade for Conale n and Ti wi 'l.elt : -o
th Ade e wouldeptTa er made mmnA I -Inch Fi x a nlthe a- tiL Nb e..

t s: re4h" e da a pnd 8at tndh o nedal thehad denhndad. Ther c ocia th a nd"e ons E d". ae i I

S ea t rebound wie Lang Comm. T. Longhon out wort touchdOemb points -y-ok over tle 1 the new lavi cea thel Pd n
t heA'sndecide deul d ,ah deptenoffe n e- rmade eby= AInontavath ae s sem wil he a n n the et eon a*e weld n ine -It &alti'is the f t lll g
soe;,t ik o w l Simmons and A l shOif.' nx a th buN.r- P .aM rdee u t-e. iWf_ i ; bu Red: on Iat

.- Ie md* f forward Jim Fritscheoe otx- out for eig round e lee n a gamei andalet sur. beat ttnddd 72-0.t Oregon oe from Tc the ladies touinsi. oA "Bett nt
'Va n_ 0 Ui _r Una sven-nchfrite played retrmah. Frae won a Price aahe dont nter etate.h fnleon sot UL week- mentw for the nlaest few yehr. w .
S ld e nds s ixth9ree-. gradu coach explirn. -"No boysnlave Vio Kelney denioutswrs trier1 Thn tournament ws e lv. r t -l. ilven flri J-. putte"
o -' lpio T On. To mIwas the fifth highlesta o- The n sdi no boys we cut to "rub i better than

Sab 9 enniS TOUrOr cmpion Cmolate nwffmake off ac b "b:oys wer-e record "'ow the third yar's Cub quship. "Rg" f The
Sd1ay when I11FOOTBALL .t other comeback t when told they can' play." 1 Price con- and fourth yastring men played The toue-neeot cdiente_" e..a on Turadhy, NOWf.
111 aenMuray torice to cthelates"deal..- '.op- ..r Iwq ...e
i -Ta't ee l rr Panama Btay Re wobawon tinueotuno season anBoyd wasmove n and out moe te el th to than thoe Aoo eduled

vedneohe urerorlow.f ot,-yeavld enter- h f i taher payd r L7and Fad IS wllonaIc e ol ove. T ho e p mr th i O
1.. if ,,. .41a p strandyto go ra a end ue eothi n r t n ne Vi tackle tderb ormray weeto hs and i Ts country. Cs N Ad bl t i xaome" 'on ad
T.T..rebounds with 5nv8tr. Formila faerweIt b dope...d ob wer.. cu C ru t t'o IIila- eflnbht .

h r e r uid o21 r D l km eeh ooth General adC ion will b ae ofnly l oarp ted( bys woreoh doO ti h a S os thire aO' Clu Iy tmuo
sAnother trade wasn made t- ( e mar wRinwhe eat Ano there coac hld e In Dam nin Thert round matche y. t

a defeated ourn-S.; .^"ohnall.? Stnle Halli2 ton game last Sunday. are scaled *t Mt and SChldren happier frame of mind but San't enth Pardu eight. Southern the Wolen' Cha m tont have proven to be a lot of
day when Fort Wayne sent sue rd IM.pouvnd. c.on L. .Rod... o Frals- 246 mted'Xi IVS p il 4 _ftl Oat kll_ _. '_p1111c'

orge anJu mlao D Ti 1 t1321 of 168 gmesare ached- ae Oe botarck wl be ayrged 6 son ULA has beysn aimed number California hth and Weet Vir- Tournament have been tan aad tletentrye oto l
Ken Murray to Baltimre for cis and Lu noW1

forward Jim Fritsche. The sinx-out for eigh t round ar in f lames and l str. beat a ta s so a 2-0a t he,, to m I the as ae
e ot, even-inch fritwhae played reborn mte h. F rI10-21IIwoic W ell b ner n Price retr Thea Thed.oid ayse 8 w tte.oi t
a e fA H hamllned Murray wh thriller the ient tree i I tvt gb rah son a t al. Iheta" si p h ua ends
TTstinds six-three is agradu rd. coach expl ait --"lNoboy ae t eu tet plo K lle Th-esa touemmshnt w t
SofS St. Bonaventure Former letmlan feafli rwe ht bmeen dr ld, no bo*s were cut to "rub ItA KIAN "IIH"MA 1- Wu.,1 ...-Gn better Mthan

Ithr Aaleeen nunrneyachampion eChoeolad teo 1will m e offy ihon r s r no boys 1 nre reo rdt how the r MlQ. thirdT hIok o
he tackles P anama n Robison tlenues -"Boys move I and out morean then A r e Ulrtaut I 1 fthWi tS nkall Sho

oC 21 1-1 voD 21-13 B. 21-168-1. Winner Loran- Brw- ey ar end efilth? andwi9t lrotr IJM oa'd *
C. Hl eo.tea nyrannum, l 1 -1t t of 18 games are l ad- The o bnso t vs- E Ie n r ix- rounder st I s pounds alN. of H H I ll cany timl As for game,. It Js it so hn the took part in mturn ar *.
S Isthmian table tenn 2 uled for tomorrow n -ve oist a n offensive centerfo. r.3- h. .. f athis particular gmoup, e don t club Is well balaned dow the Trop n hl I i. ae p
Sunday's mnne In ClerlLarcA. The opelt prelUmi~nar Nw want to Dela o e on Iot at t all." line." the l aMr.'ia ai q
monvend uptothedq~uar L.ternfollow s: res were Johnny Rapacz will be -out be between und-coming Daniel Players ordered out of Hill Hall UCLA got SH points In the Il& eon E4 Natirday, Oct.

st night at the' U8 Co- lin ith a Vnee InJhrv. Two otherWard and alrd D. t Sam wil continueto as l tuilon. tut poll T three more than Ok-
vt o of l m o rve. Ol an ts will be off the .Inured BruCe at 1o3ounds in la our eroom, board Cad Ilaudry. One ofAlahoma h ih led three sight f AO B ow
hei Tenni Clur- H.orannum J vs. Julio .rDa- list and ready to eants therounder. the nine I tskle Serb Grwy weeks. Ol-lhoma and 0q Bate CUna n-

-of r t I6 Ae -rid21-1 21-1. in. Winner L, n-Browns. They are end Ken Ma. who w replaced In the sartng are tid lfor cond Akea is N *M
S attmee and h General admission wl e onA lineup ychn trd byBob Flnn. fo rt Arny ih a d e

ofuhimT 62,2-7 no l -1 211 8. Jh Winn ern J oh- track 2-2. 18-21b W rn
Sdefeate rn ohn Hall vs. Stanley Ha21-onBoth missed the a () one dollar. Rnde se Another coah shouldbe InDame Wsconsin The firstround
SJton game lst Sunday.1re sealed rt 14 sand$tn ds C dren happier frame o mind but Isn't enth, mPrdae eight, 8 outa mlthee. Women'sChamplm a

C 2m 1whle JoGhar.ty 13-12. Wi nnnber Siaved-Juhas bee. -meord o number Cal ornia ahnth and West Vl r- Tournamentebe
Sohna vs.T U R F cents. J W a r one team by the United Press gina 11 a thereA

so 2 Te. ANOLBe -year-olds seemsU O ay s a'
.the t JohnHall Jos5do,-, 10:2-1,8 W9-in. nWinner, likely fo the st o rse e -

m1fCI 1- os1no so Woh money C will e total $169,3me t COtaoEL 5.3-tA St IOO TATDeIC e n.' l
S1-19 e be more than, evs.Stanle. a 4 o. eu o .- U S

rue L teomfe try willbe.oenUe MDS Mleren s n o1 d ? ss as weSwsse y ,LSA3 7.
Alex v.SJaMmeR dollarW w inner man and the indvid- anarb 0.3-I D,11 V.U e I* T T1C T E 1 1 i
mqo b 1 IDal e lbed star 1al2. rInda 2-18, 21-18. Winner,- eullta ary aRIZONal uTAm) 1 DaMi seou-ri,. .
Lhvs.R Dy-21112-2.Brown 1v21. WnRup er. p4 Utah 21 I

l entry wil l be two dollars. o i ,.
FOR M Le ], 2-, 1- ai wu ner, B menter.h l-t va lCat bytif t t S S Purdue Is--

on- D 21. the ew ms r.e lom n dat. h .-- o DA. 6-o. S Carolina ,NE S4o-.lbD r-N3 ima,. 2 JS -1 e.
Mno"lf E I 4ndo. -8,M-A8R E1 Winner, Ba a the _inSDm w.ll ,t eto c n a M aTAts. aktls st. UW oW LIstSR. e- an 1
3 Ai rh15-21..Wners, P -Maduro M. wAtchisonvsN. .. D SteI ." -s.M

w....s ." "L^. P lay dID 7O 1. "e m. N !e is 3 "..
C A Clarke-D. Lewiok4 6.2Dy- 21-11, 21-2L. 18-21. Winner, sqtUtah 2 7 We .1.

DavisVa..Blgro un s ports ha lbyby i t.. al lCO AmET

epo' res T. Picanerw!,erP. nB. LEAD TH WAY Wine r, o.. 1: 1 n; l-.. ..
J. HorwellOVs.P. Camn S a ,h U 001L Wt
toJ1, ha on Theu t week ws filed with :a i. t d' 1' 2A-M S
Hobl vs.onC byet P w lcnnh-. N'll- tam

Bo2'11 1- W 1"f ndlS-o ,ed fta eomle N.I t41 al"a -- i
rena Fr SP ILak fu r teamd wlad do w -oo w B 1'. ARA Mm ha E "
K avld-J. e ordSo. NTh u111 211"4 s a ,

O N. .a O h P.. S N.' b hun .-4 r N .
Winner.,h iA.4 -Kal LN.-at Srtatn D. ,
d our tas N' .La.-,A ."a t.

a. loa i un c .lub trap and skeet i w w V ezu i a. 'ra N .t 9 ,1 6 NN -
fBro n 8aturda eternoo n.. O.--TIne MobA IIA-r n Ji m awin 'O_ v LA, 4T O o ;--- IT
TheS match will be betwe -- TJ Oi0--toNa]y 0 I PailA" zu :$-IUII 1 rae F R1N taAK I104
teams, from an ok Fdel. and N.*--ar.. C' .-C 32 'lhnP2 wm.- w.C r.e1... 4 3-M r
21take part and 13.oCbi_ 1am will 3 m 4 0 0 A sou.

GmrtN weLUoe.s i,. am-=,7 N. "- S

ual entPy will be two dollars. 0.----t N ll-Darmo.ah -0am 4, t. CaL
ThIs purse will be divided via .t u N -at. .N
faiftoarngClutwon the 2?w H :.?BolyM Cr.s is do21 N

"' SIG E '" nd the -n i m w l |1 Wa ardvI 14 Clem1sn .t '7 C a S fue.N -
have to go all out eli durday.n 8 12e OI -at Yale in t7 w n A- S3 is04 m IS O 2Stat IaIs1 ,a n
aThtwo match S Vtur.tiw e n o 0.3-0-Ala". "" firPass m. 0.3:Z .
Wa, oIY.I.N,6,a',..o.a- it- Npe a N .. a u. ,: 1" t._.__ __.I-
ple-e~ ateam Psoygrom Au Sports inoFidn DDSON x.-A..... i A N.M-. S.. ...w

Theo t m? -en waf ,filled wihne ,1u- 21Prnce-t Won 9 A .10.-h U1f s e.., ,p-it." in an: a 'I
dallaraDer manladd he3-elI t In I N0- Clo mbirIM e 0Wa N
SUMMER.: l well betmwo ld dole D.0aw1 W-a ..
be..,,s.s com fableN vollb ll-U touram ent. s alu,,na 16L 23 Dake u P"
..purs e will 3be di .dva Wyoming 1 N au m l 4

rs N vittle-Bu _ogs, Nan'.2-"-- .it A-N.

-3 .50 -- dn-- da-- our-. X D- + .......-aNm
aged to win the first game a- inCa in 12 mea a I -- 14
TIEED NOITHCOOL ti and thensaetl h In Ht I pIdNur mar.y
S game. The thriller of a o -sa
oo cured In the S-.. MR A.M-.N
"Aln mneof Little ~WeI H S
Is as eaen nasinfirst UINAIIOMA DuK
sateh. 'scaee.,.a.ia. "i
i~l I W, but In
-o',ei te Neville- -T"- "
.their toe eve n314 .
w e.t on to winby9 It ,N

._ 1- ,.,
side -at

13 1.1S-

. -..'-

Br Nowr..

led To L

p~1iWW. I

ed with b

lSid oa

* *' M M

bw- t

SiOw.tho tilj w n6 MMy, Uo of 10 newmene

0.. I.. N, O .RAB,. .

a i t; atw ._.thed and we u g e

in O n):tr oafbwl af d b t.few Holi-
WI 12l br llthe .haW eouid bae lwldn fortlM o indy

iteo r mcri -=Ms n Thehbals Peti woumave sreto

te ,le the .ie r In lor., wgll, a he, mu k It fieve-,-
Nt it n ..a.i 1 n. t a. oe asrling. w on n em eny
ret Oh. eon not eam bseb n exe utuivs ome fromn
adr a aei eoae cront.of te Red o wa. a

t. .Iai'v aw, m tan,-. "Me o
tar r Inw othr aaa~w v wlr
oo up 'aple off, isnt hero *t Hemth-un es-

Tooany front-office men it ofafme.Yol devll of in te know
after t sn would ae filled In forth Dandy
Ltl Per in' criL and the QlUnte ti wnuld have awnpt
the,~ firiMr fro the In#IdIa In fou--well tenD, MUGa It flve-.
b~ut..MfijbiW* t IsV alw0as = Aesourin6 when the emergency

For slome. trown not many baseball executives' come from
the ranks and fewWf thOnr hbAdo touched a-tjih bate~dn the
Way to.$Wto rF tower. E -enrg W., exa10mple, waa
xmar mkafw '1 Jo-o the Red Box was.a
ABMroaw the man who 0t4rtod at TI a os ad,
their lonjt vity run,, On, tee other juMaB0 INUM. waI
teoo up ererr'Barrow left off. Is without undof-the-gun ex-
perience of amy. kind; he is a succeep because of industry, com-
mon sense AMd s staff of veteran aides whose been-thru experi-
Sao$ be resPebtI a.I
Too maen front-office mad la 44V dvl Auto know.
It-allm after a couple of taat laps u tbe {Qiihg cabinet,
whi*f, probax17 alns.'sa much i" aWhy threI
A s W thAWdealing too.

wsa onomI e pI ouRMtsiua g ueuuve. -rA
on athal eloe f his Utivae days, but bae"
every, t i'he nade a move in thatdirection
trutIMfly, btunmhaa did, stubbornne fibwom
are tnow beginning to recover.

rFt heBauly

uthe Olmore
a the Glants


S .. I p of I

%U*r I'c' 1 w



-^Bll s
1 -B-I '^^tiBlB-


* *% **._',

did tAe usiaitKs, 6f any. Neit.
er did the Milwauee club of the
American Adsocistion At Brade-
Am, Boston basbaall writers had
the Brav.s re-rnlng to Bravea
1Wd, while t' IIr Mil wauk ee
counterparts pointed them for'
Wville e UWtte Brownies ply-I
Ing hbietion games across me
contilent ltimore writers ad-
ded to the muddle by covering
ill Veek inFOrida. It them
developed that Veeck had clos-
ed witevMryb but the other
Ameica1n League owners and.
those of the International to
transplant the Browns to Balti-

LY was outt hand when Com-n
missioner For erlck at last got

bSt. l* we 'the Ame an
league owners denied him per-
mission to move his atrocious,
show to Baltimore, which acqir-
ed the franche the next winter.
Veecka hasiMne been In Cali-
fornia "layi ng groundwork for
major league baseball" 7- there.
Thi means disrupting whatyas
long the soundest of the Triple
,A leagues.
Meanwhile, 82 sorely injured In-
dependent minor league owners
have sued the majors for I0,mil-
lion for what they contend is vio-
latlon of territorial rights through
i'league telecast ,
It would seem nto e most ci-
sual observer that there is much
'or a co mlsioner to do--if base'
ball had one in something more
than name. ,

Mritageh S4andCtai

alff., had decided to
her education at Yale
el" OHvar exploit
does he want to got 1

Svr -Yale's tree hed ca pa s
*nd-quietly thankkg one alal a
Iat the team he coached has a
IfI by the. name of Shugart as
oa V nSWUn I'm glad i
didn't make," ayd the insurance
man who walked into the X 11
head coaching job by accident.
W.Wheo you have even one
TLore.Shugart around to toss at
the other team, a Saturday after-
non In New Haven can become
a pleasant place for a foot ball
Shugart is a 32-year-old senior
who packs a bulky 215 pounds -on
his 6-1 frame. The snub-n o sa d
west coast boy, as things now
stand, has a fine chance of bei i;
the first Ell All-America since
IPaul Walker, an end, received
national acclaim in 1M.
SShuart, If be sticks to eany
,o e -e remotely, row

mo a wheson awards. e o
4:e44 for- example, the Cornell
"M i pphomore4eaded cleb.
Vth Denr Mc-Gill making that
r. Excitement tag stick, ran dl
over' the' Big Red. From the
stands, it was a great display of
running and pass.g by the Blue.
DB.a gpy watchag closely
Iould see a little more than that.
He could see, for instance,. Shd-
gart's big No. 63 getting off with
a. cat-quick at, fire 14-knock
l'n s, block in succession. On
two drives that. brought t oucb.
downs while tjesame- was stil
ti ht, it was wart's Mo ring

thing for a
was awesome
Ied, 77, he
his middle
tp cause A
san to fuei
abd the EM
In success
from right to
Dnel tajke, 1

.Tom Henderson, who brought the Cornell back (E
candidate for the spring track tant item. He never has his feet
e ad, he's a ld who herem. rmly n-
Awth his knees knordng a Defensivly he ita the mid-
eah other. Hes no&Vng dle guard so.we t"ht Ye, in a
i .lbmeal straightaway, It a -3. m ts.,Ml neback-
to ai a e te count Ilp somebody glm.,
bop-n her does which makes
fellow go. Vry few tra line play,
balance is another. Impqr- you see, get past'. orn Shugart,

Dawson, Hooper Again

Named On United Press

SBy STEVE NIDEK .Corny Salvaterra of Pittsburgh,
United Press Sports Writer a bright star against Navy, con-
tinued against Northwestern by
9H YORK, Oct. 27-Len Daw- scoring once and setting up the
onpff Purdue and Baylor's Billy other touchdown. Mackie Prokett
Hooper are making it hot for the of South Carolina scored both
other quarterbacks in the running touchdown against Cimson in
for an All-America bac k f i el a rturn to his early season form.
berth. Tiey Branooff et MIl sn,
.nlred In the Army gamnb ap-
Both newcomers to national peared for less than li I
prominence this year, they were. tes against Mumesota tair.
med again yesterday in the U- l Mg Ofatt Nioh ga1 'm ri
i Pres backfield-fthweek tar of Its five t&ohdawnS
alang with Linden Grow of South-Picky Moagie of ga
em California and Howard Hoa- I yards against T land-
ki". Causady of Ohio State or .a and in bornin ..t]a
.)loang performnea n slast Pea "" l e; ,
S- Buddy Beason an r Preon
It was the third time Dawas1 Carpenter of Arkalnsas oam. up
made the IU four and te a l- 8as a forward passing eomblna-
on rui veek for reoepw. tlUn to down Misltoni. Paul
oft a sophomore, Dawson ahs Lbrson of California 'i0. twoI
come back lfke a vetern after tOUfcfimown passes and iored
booming a marked man for his once in a losing cause against
Maly successes. He tossed three Syracuse with some .em.ulance
touchdown passes against Mich- of the form that won' .tm an
Ian State, completing gains of Aill-American berth lft year.
N, 17 and 73 yards as he boosted
hi touchdown pass total to 12 E B Sutton of North Carolina
for the year. .and Al Doggett' o Lousa i a n a
Hooper hit three scoring pass- SOate ontriboted to victoies for
es In Baylor's 20-7 victory over their home teams.
Texas A&M, completing U pass- linemen mentioned prominent-
s in a row after missing his ly: .
first two of th game. E"D: Don Holleder, Army;
Crow, ovehadowed a bit In Dean Dugyer, Ohio State; Ron
Ida ow baekfield this seaso i Kramer, Michigan. Bob Nolan,
by saopbhmore Jan Arnett, mami; Brad Millls, Kentucky;
broe aet with tkre_ touch. Jim Pyburn, Auburn; Lamoine
de*As against Califonia and HoIland, Rice; Don McFarland,
twiee pmeed on fbles at Sthern California.
twig.. Ioumed on fumbles at TACKLE: James ay Smith,
key jetg. 1n the game. -Jylor; ay Hill. Texis Christian;
Ca- Adywsteaked 88 yards with JiBmy rown, Georgia; Len Onis-
n lterceted pass to touch off mnelL.
hio, States powerhouse against S Pen Paul. Rice; Oaa-
Wlonsn da later added 39 nouns Cochrane, Oregon.
yaa'6 JIaht leading to another CENTERS: Hugh PittA Texas
sore. Christian; Don Wilson, Rice.



O ,Man-In-Mot1on Iro~ of his moves issd.
Writeu to NBZA Brvdee lIshat business of moving from
Wg Ihis right guard poiin to trap
QDa Ot: What 1s the rule tackle om on te
phI h, which forces a .team is something Mich college
watch Just been the victa linemen can do," Olivar points
Ol a safety to kick the ball of t. -
the team which got the points? Shugart has another offensive
--Jack Morrieau. move which you'll have to go far
answer: This rule, whie sees before finding more than' a cou-
the team sMored, upon making a pl of other collegians who can
free kIk froa Bts ewn m*, comes the same .
because the ulesmep fgise a That 'the lay which m him
safety in a pegaty forpr play straightean t the nap
Athe team athe and drop'ek step as if torote
part the peae the paser aa te end com-
Up. the b ilto. .a ina from hiside, then whirl
How o the off picials algn and barge across to lead a eross-
themselves on a play9--Joe RR-buek through the opposite tac.
A a l Saw" ftntalkl For a 215-pound bman to
lu s Mta bebOld the move like that is something. To
.Wen, the ae lbe i- make it more startling is the fact
Sdi e The that Shurgart is not considered a
iht m o-restr min s a tert ft

|.' Hurricanes Normal
t ir w
.. Fast-Starters
..... .C. .RAL GAML", fPiOt. I6

e 1 mi



f 2'

um Use sugar auws. U sneemo
bad been ranked'ftth national
I3 i
'The lom threw sMLaulppt In-
to A three-way tie for seaund
place w lorida and Alabana
who twere upeat on the
they *. hace to move
o 'Au quarterbsoe
Al et scored one touch-
down and directed In marohea
for two. othO nA- lading hia
TIMers at Bat n' to a"
to 7 et victory overlorida.
A- 0M- .rd tehoIewn Pmunt
tn b~" 'uaek bby
COME ML ym, b by t
Ctlwis fru a pbaY
I ll.State a to u@41tv-1
eI e, Alabma.
w'ese three upets threw a
m e riGe eorgia am lante othea
W lead. 'eorgla'i Mohpnort
studded squad haa t ro onfer-
ven wins aod 4hjt et. l v-
aapr IorldsA i Alabama h

seon, however, who Georli 1
each hal three wis and one
Bulldogss now In au1la

GAorgabas mmowdlno urn, ead
with ton noo victory over T
a fired up b ut wl Tune.

Flba Bob Clemensa Boiped
through right takle for five i
yards aad.4 toucabownIn the I
the winmargin. 1;nmailnStohbe
seen, however, whether Georgia 1
can hold onto the lead. Not
known am a year, the n
Alabafma Ptori Auburn, and
then get a week'off bfore mnset-
ing Intra-atAte rival a
Tech, The Oeoreltn hV6bee
beaten only by T'tas4M Sto
In another maurPrie nd a

Wllcat g u"rterbMk Bob Hardy:

stralght,'a e in
true n- Iords State to

time VtI fest. Temaeaaee was
preued before taiback Bobby I

III i .. I _

0 af eor th
oat Cnerenei- |
Shaped up

II *
It .*


with the .
back who did playi
h injra teammate. .

Wgnt Vit a o_

13 to

SWo1W.-Ow oM W Ito.
tie. t. ...I
Bio fldtW Uliuae.uw -w

- -

0 .60 0,30,
2:-, 4:35, :, *:W9 Pm.

Fm M-6-MI

* *.


.9' --


'. v-- -. ..
?7, "\^
/ :,-,*** ', .

. OOa


*' *

9` 'Z




" -l-ie



-~ J.~~~y1*)~'
-*I -.
.4,~ .4-I

v I.

*- -r -"4---.

f Irt 9.z

.C .. .. ... r. .oo. .('P., "): e.. .. .
.' ."n h o i S ; ',. -.
'.I.srue:I nIllnois: ;. .:,' o a .. e-r

~ roohho hN Copap Wivesroml os

!iii -

e there will plenty of food and un waiting or the statements listed out of conthte d bro a e arsonist ae ae thrg the at- S i u fM ,
S e d n e d.. .Jtend ., marry pre .t h. ..

B rbeiou ot h r ndrew' Church. rsh e down tomorrow rappe in e e ... .
IS -r e--e-rb hUNe ICE in s ty -he Broip l. I n o eindayua wf bu- 8 Loh _n .de-c-e u- nj uo ug.n .ama-, B'donee

n_ ces l.ito b wmember ofe one e op t h c e ratinln wasonm an .ofe waheg-a"ebP Ioio-o. ed .t.ed r ta- : ."7'".. ", .g
L a'i m r"red .aom ,I :l w ,u .,- wStr tton has promised to
I 0anagig edi- tor*eo
oftam n eore od- 7.1

Semsocsrr teliei anldfor sheriff rOwtt e o d flea

S orm~h er Adal teven-s nate N er at exadri NO
". ... :q son, who had appointed Lohman late yetrd. PHILADELPHIA. Oct. 27 (UP) home dt ed St--"-urdy ,
S kO. S, Oct. 7 (UP) above the tol of the 1951 floods to the parole post came to hismade pub-Mr. usan Oraham celebrated t e., wo t .
Sl le today ofthe Poar t wlch 275 lot'defense with a ah large that The government al gUZo a nnount- her ol0t b i Zone. aouth U td ire at a r

"a .." e,. pera- their lives, itrattoo had resorted to "un- ed the arrests of 47 m mbers ol dy with a ro tthat "I'm Maors, ru.,..:. .- |,
Si Some W ere Oficia w ich Lohman purport the oslem Broherhood clu to weatre wepef o 0 i 3* 0 f 3
.Ital oween posntwar, estiamaty be worn a ler moay ight ly d: tg our m ben of ts exec- r A to a cua n Ca to
i ter* lone tcol coins forud the world's needy "I don't know If to beie te comf ttee. given her on her birthday our The Rothma Cla t h
rhi B ofo- many o dyndod -fled the on hattid w evdd nyu ever Is Reliable rhood rts aid the years ago. pany said o W id tr
c" i ollei en haatlni offic .vers ao afr anOe le o b uIng abfind

t M lr: l-. tal ,h one,1 puaye, buas o. the to rA b-ncde a e odeh a t'S apta tRhi e epn d t w ,

an srllo9nl ti Itisetbehatch h tIn-Aprate .gptna mehtely high number Premier Galal | N r'
b ;IC ." ; -d e r.a,--- ***. ^. r P. ^ ',B-

d .heppr or er urdAer Trial Jury
a;Margarta- ai Ctotol of where, the mo ney in their UNmal ives ta were, o l oes

coluandsent to h the United Nations children's prostt w tews?"-dva per-gove. tt hii.UMk In. 3k -

wlled te Collrct e l.oodd of upsp emptory c leniges yes ter rdsbr dal lc aId ,scwomerded over the t'forc im tuds Edwerd Blethin r rlsrets0~o iPE at dJe h

ere wiill no nee d of giving th e party-go ing children that The tape as on whe d" and up to th brotbeeriond head- ot ( itath
In the form of ticka-or- tried ats it has been announced to draw adoiinal r nmes w a a..nua t t

..wiltagh ,deep mud n ll panel r be seori.. wihq uart e rsai It e i I I? !..S.als

Oauot oO f 3""".mt. hhadnb the hthBI nrndsinatthe.E
ter plenty of food aond fun waiting for th e statements lifted I ., I

S :and. l. or maske d creatures wh en they arrive at Stratton then said he would blaer erze a tercel e .mda"sse a'hout
gob Aldmisisa.MtheBdlbo ra U nio n.Curleter-e rrier a housetafe

Tera of h th bao C h t Curch prodh and play l the or higinal Members'ofthe,

he mosscm. .Ad t, ll frclh., t in re=sOr.etri m a pe ith wer sa--.
al o, o nuer f oir unI snvited to join in the fun bly th- a rks in I a 1952 c hand 9 The.riotrs".mieAlt or o e dan w
h.. Mrl i n r g a f H am iawI LAe R Vnes,.c t..2,e( U P )
cupr a oVne of the participating churches.paror at a time when he the

el l so a tbee amem powerofone.ofthe .c .w udia m o e a chlenred.. ..
o l y e am n o e ll operating y was rman of the State Pa- e l-soakedItsg ish U e en othO
attend~the varty. -A UNICEF cup and costumeA row a the of a e a ond ea b ulet t le o
tuneadIteedotday dow t-o dinw onhs eo- d g e ef

litere Ireel."AgtaolrInmA.m om nique a o m" --a.rp' *" ,rpr as*

O~dm a TheChiagePoi eWive I to a. dmerve w, theate e throughout, Aoet y t o thep onusewuln whtei iaofo be t Ie a -w
to: Ita fil-. e aD ne r sui t a int c t Olhc a enlamd cha nc- for. ula eng te. 01- .."nk0i
Lobdo-man~eri. by reports ofue"inteodedptoh .0ndpho-tspiw k of I:fIr- ft Iarm "

,#.m today ofutheP r e nlot'eh nte ht o, Pali caeW o,,, thatThe vrea t alofnIhr..hbt y-, ,,i l lI -.-

the arrestd oe ebea of toay w tha
e"imated wrcancesrve
4,ig r to file- auftuder suitfldainstotbadohenol reor.ding Reiabl rr o

SI n andI -tmlest s tre- -hdk ot p

epsfeard r tTrio! ilur%0

T ad the. ohefarosatd hincs a l .. E l
1.70 worsethantotw reoughtLobhe 1)...lannedltoab elsmi -se u"
ir 1e some3 of D w indlesyW ithn C ha Oenh brdfuTn lbs
to l A.l l uhi rtn14"me3.n mior ireports ,.d R i- .thago.
or ,144with f od' S 'tonce. suVppliesprLLafrde0,oct.e- be learned hisded ieeL ,01
"iI -bm when the. sVA apt-a nt of damae ( ) h m e r oI rW-st, alid ono trim ae
i, A ra-T.loasto meT e .ryheJ ur y wucde not beDr.'ea d -0- noent ttte othe8
41ialupisadtuisoarsii ieweedsi.d.spr

ad" ntrdirIU' n their suburban proc atK-b-aI
Bay Vilageme committedbthe Mrs
The go 'WMd the dis- ,Byh te h
ever? .... criMe then attacked him...4
cl M e. M O.._... ....
Vii J c 3 orrlau; S hoep- desteh .
Md.Is Me. counsel, Opened the becaueW^
UM _.l mth day as he has on jury."
6.L..ceassionsc- on-with anOrx .
s .; ; ne.. -..
in -Q-- I%=. lla ,when I came In thl sbe"
l, .llil sm. _L Ce- la'WP M"r"-saie d.h"Can you -i.
a.a.evect. this hag o
m .N. .N: a le" i m.-'. jurors? b@- Q at .
And ohmise p-dleinhed Bbu w o
=V11Mexcept durg.
MOM dr a and after "e

N J&"i M W H photgrapbhstherW
.ft be 31,0 moroep

4................................................ ........

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