The Panama American


Material Information

The Panama American
Portion of title:
Weekend American
Physical Description:
Scott Family Library Fund ( donor )
Panama Times, Ltd.
Place of Publication:
Panama City, Panama
Publication Date:
daily (except saturday and sunday)[may 12, 1973-]
daily[ former oct. 7, 1925-dec. 4, 1966]
daily (except saturday)[ former dec. 10, 1966-may 5, 1973]
normalized irregular


Subjects / Keywords:
Newspapers -- Panama (Panama)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
Panama -- Panama


Dates or Sequential Designation:
Oct. 7, 1925-
General Note:
On Saturday published as: Weekend American, Dec. 10, 1966-May 5, 1973.

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Source Institution:
University of Florida
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All applicable rights reserved by the source institution and holding location.
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oclc - 18709335
lccn - sn 88088495
lcc - Newspaper
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ral ,.. ,* o
I,.. I,.I seven Now York theatrical
S ertics can hav.completely differ-
1.., a *a reactions to a new play, and
p.nI wetimes, as 4n the case o "The
Sr Tender Traps." they spilt widelY.
*. The reactions ranged from "a
real laugh champ" (Coleman, Mir-
ror) to "pretty thin stuff for a
whole evening" (MecClain, Journ-
. .. al-American).
. .~I.' In between were comments like
ljh .'. -extremely funvy, but it even al-
i. .i. -ly diales you bsause its point of
klv, -, "view revolves -Hke the lamp In a"_. .
. ;.; lighthouse" (Hawkins. World-Tele- am
a srn..a & Son) and "thereIs a4_lot
*' .o ,,noise and motion in 'The Teti-
si .-, der Trap'- not much entertain- were ore shows, then a ear a
nent, times however" (Atkinson, i half in 'South Pacife,
Times)." Gnu"Eumdmora,=
S,,, You pya your money, and you the bad In theu
=eto nUtMre. uu imay. r W
a can be U
li"ut the life e eritle can be ent with lams

a: 'when be oeveid 'etto t. s-
?', W a nreb," wrIt*e byl ud S .
no" 1od "
hi Barry Krsx* atts' review ws t Sl osg with
r', f the two et wihS-atIe
.f5 teAe. 4 15 inits
they talkd mat wld But not w imprO
io di t meentolo, rthe play. be d ved, Ad ihe learned iS
S may type of songs. Now shl
sde toa il M of ex- a brand-mw Epic record contn
S second grades in hfo your (int rlease-"Dear Dieary" a
'K er teach, Mlus Me nln,"Kiss Me") and night-club dat
is fne and ndyd 1 ess you and TV dates. Teacher has be
her bUt. promtod.
A &da to everyone else: Miss Me.
Mulen ios a pretty, dark-halred S, elny Ktye, incidentasl,
colleen wh graduated rom teach do so asingin hmaf
ithe Ieobllrade to a promis-l -d.sway man Is
Sang ea in& d couple taig vocal lessons, a .N
it thmp One-'ump wag make k debut In a few wed
Ssangingh lame to MarTy Mc aE want to Improve his bhle
~, r, utehq.ggested by Sammy Aveae.
she was still Mis MeMn w a U Scherman, conductor
t, t.and &ffl Wt the secondgrade the Upe Orchestra Society, lik
Sed to teah uo encourage young eomposi
.1t.asand I dings her efl s aeason, he inaugurated
RI!,' 8 1 .kW- woilin't "open house," at which comoip
f ,! ebte ter. era showed Scherman their wonr
ome anatell their He heard 00 scores by 70 co
a hpet retVe t teacher pours, and six of them will 1
jwuty vleS presented by the society this u
...p' "I'm sa aidA "Mis Me- son.
r lino d Daddy He'l continue the "open hous
4v*-intw didn't again this year. He eess compc
n you gog era by appointment only, howevi
othe radio?" so write to him In care of ti
S- u-, ,Le OHrelsutra Soelty, 35 We
S.SL, New York 19, N. Y.

^ *NBC-RadIo): I wi lk
at bar a1nd tha bender, ot

hn dowFnwon A su erywherbt n
had on _e pf my to s the situation in the grin
to hao be ibadk i ihti ndr, where tens
w. at. o thWtr ar ued I
rortuiliU 1 -eMulen was e Wyaserve mainly as ja
able toglf-a- kmswer- ket e wheels and tS
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S was It was her ft ave Corp.
public-6 f coice, backed up by ..
a o34le dheatra. Wire shortage
19 1 asteaodumb to be seared," ST. CLAI- E Md.-(UP)-Rsi
_a 1nMeMullen-McCoy. e't.s were wiaut epho mone
A 'Me am- an Involon oi 0t hours here when a tAid
l ItlS rL''i a f hink l-nk climbed several poles stm
r Into BroJay .. Me Kevel highway and s
r a.hattan." r e0 &Jt of cable.
14!ORT orVMAR WA1WA1 NU Dr, r

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i SallIg iVy Fiteen Days'
Houston and New Or
SallngsX Bery Ten Days es
New York Philadelphia -
(Gaul VeselI eJllht VERACORUZ and
(MZI,) eery x weeks)
Wilford & McKay,. I

Getating It Straight

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The Other Ml.


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at V monte, pear auraijan.

P- p tomorrow Bew,
, to r. a Mr s.

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L gue AAmeri-

Af. n w trimo.ting
y' 4g'

W%1 ^^ss as'^vh

V^all those

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Charles. Pbdhl
OU9Se 'wpIrabd
NA ] ln mf. Phelan, the Imn
a r.- a l Mr. 1don L.. Phdes
of Blal. w~s to leave fr co-
co oa for DlrdIge.

d.^ fr t ti Wr e
*worn nto I a t ridays

boa Y.M.C.A.-U 50
Major Voit M. Sink, Chaplain
U.S. will letulre op the fla
et ."Exil andh alet' Ci
Maj Sn Is both ban, Chaplain
at Albrook Air Force Base and
Confmmand Chaplain for this, area.
There is no earge for th e
oune. ,
ItiO. Aekeman R
iM t. Katherynme .Ac an
agnon c re l urned y. e
from aalz weeks trip -to .w
and other South Aedrifan COW

Mrs. Mdeille
Miss Gertrude Joustra enter-
talned at the Tivoli GQuet Hoase
yesterday at a misceqla n os
shower honoring herlrtUr, ran.
Katherine 0ou0 a1 Melcille, wbhle
marrageW asv September evan.
About i Sd attended theI
bridal shown

buidorto pismaa.iirs..ean
MClmn, wa, th gest on iW7y
i(iwlme of the-- SAM.Wks

1,-.were r, we W arL

Dr. arlnJoht onrS Or of
147 rgas lseri astory
SPanama, has left for.ea trip to
W ogto, D. C,.
Canal Pta Wives
MH'a Ne-stems Leaneheon
A roup of thirty wives d Pa-
nama Canal Pilots entertained a
Saturday at a no-host luncheon
as the Army & Navy Club.
Weadntl Gf 7 e
Tbq Ambassador of Nicaragua
to Panama,' Mr. Adrian .Cuedra,
has left by plane for Nicaragua
to attend the marriage of Iis
cous Miss Ruth Araa*,-to Mr.
Mario de Obaldia of Panama.
Mrs. Maria Olympia de Qbal-
dia mother of the groom, ias@ al-
so et to attend he ceremoua. -
Mr. And Mrs. WIs
Entertain At Home -
The pro-consul of- the British
Embassy end.Mrs. Sidney WinS
entertained a few friends recent.
by at a cocktail party at their
residence on Via Espala.
Paging Darwnl
ALBANY, N.Y.-(UP)-Anthrop-
ology was the most popular
course at the Rusul Sage eve-
ning school this summer. Of th
adults oqtt j s aGoset i
third ar e aWylMl .nfthlnp9 g.



iI Mms. eanueagg ese
SO -U Um l..... .
the uWte 4*

ad ,I:* B tone >. "
a s h v314 "t Ih s'
.1 Oe r on opa. And o

o a, d lo1"t. wbfn ud.aee. s-
Sthat b a ader- -to -h ndltle the

eratures aMa issued thandbeto
Sthlnb ha t. foded with epes or the paa-
"Ith o te-t. th toton of r

can hukd the el rt _a- B ut the short'ntin' bPad U dy
ny that unloema turi or ometthnes or in
ied ad dots own_.I. aihen of tan a home to
way. Rather it it wie ma t sp
Pne hinder aeItrairta 1% Butes&h*r rttid
ny9' thatr. or. y anelean 116b. ln r t-

wy. Ratr Itjw w_. ts. aurriM frtent IU hf sam 0tea-
senses be submpl the lom -ion the on at no two of the
leg purpose o'f a r. hundreds of Ir. he received
One must lea a 41 Ue1r sgol- from wel meani fR 0 e11 re
ftud wre verW at i te ozltactlr aluke, dl hN d
ever he may e. J UY own folnula tor musing the pas-

"onrrw conea ot lod what Bread. Nelson Eddy utile. -
I cannot have. If I b aM ad about .. ..
loh, fta assure lgn tha tlove 1 cups sihtedfour
external th lnim ap d my sm or. l cup light brown sugar
row and dias Wh m he is 2 caio butter r other short
coathrtaMe. What I hive lost, erl ng
since I have lost ts n.mine. V teaspoon salt
It can only cause d s hundmfoerrt
God urgently d thatt you, Mix flour, sugar and salt.
the create, gt out is way. Work In butter and preas on a
Ah, beloved people, why won't you floured board and pt to a haf-
let Hwlm orl inch t hickne. Ci a to desired
It would notb beto lAg for me shape and aoke in a moderate
to comment u eoncen- oven, 25 degrees to 50 de ees.
tradoUaof though 4vSoed by a 20 to 25 mItes. Makes three
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let Him =1P"" .' Inch thicknes. ,Cu to deasr.


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We IrnA'd bout In southernn tar an
California where the Panamint to use
Dangae tnhl1i. 4.iS *n1 *1<- I..I __

Two cu ahradded green cab-
bage, 1 cup shredded red cabbage,
1 cup sId celery, V cup shred.
ded carrots, cream French dress-
nombine and toss In large salad
bowl. Serve on crisp lettuce
Creamy French Dressing
One small clove garlic, 1% tea-
spoo_ salt, fresh ground pepper,
tvo-t ird cup salad ol, one-third
cup wine vinegar, 1 tablespoon
fresh lemon Jqucb, one-third cup
heavy cream.

soned salt a4 pepper --e
remainln lg dente.
"ripen" Of" il hou..
serving. .
Gree-,Gold Carrots !
Two bunches or 2 packatj
carrots, 2 tablespoon veri uhy
cut green onion (tops and aH) e
2 tatespoons grated dry onis
butter or muargarine, salt anq

I a_W r- f l


Ms. a.faghas of. F .t Meath
'Mr. Josepa Cunningham of
Hote Panamsa l by air yes-
terday for a month In the States.
Ist rip Is in the nature of a
busman'ss helM" as he is plan-
nn to attend the conventions of
tbe ,An mafm p yt fTravel
jISlnn Frammncisco, the Na'
t H l Exposition in New
exposition in M~t, anad te Ho
tQlnagqems. Asoiation ale
Gi gO Mr1. ..lo di
.*Fltl wi. b dag manager of
^J^ ~ ~ & tam

mother-in-law, Mrs. John lt -'
Mrm A. H. B.': liBkn, Mn
ert Leigh, M. ba tbert Tele
no, Mrs. Atonlo Alberols, rs.
Humberto Leignadler, Mrs. Jose
Maria Gonzalez, Mrs. Jose Do-

Usull Vty U .

wtch his wolstilwhe it uightout
there rah~cet *"*

We still have some


S- .

1 -.

** ow. "- .

.:.. A -I M "0 1
'Came todfty sad chieoa 'hp ous you n~eed

I! Foods

,, -' .



| ymbab*y o n eat .ourishing Heins
"4light hem the jar. You simply
In m rator and heat to the desired temn
peO hti.Ad t'th jawri an be stored safely d
conveniently ttor. Each jr i it
own Muitary eoatmin.r for ldftoers.
Heinz Mhby Fooda come to you as flavorfti
ad 'turiaijg as 'the day they are paded.
Start with Heinz Baby Foods now.

.,"Mc su .L... ..-. cos

l, ri. "

-l Sby flir ime
" t. D nIf


I' -r~- -- -

S. I- I I .. *

To Announce TME

In This W4(S F IRAFFLE..
t ,va S r


o PG

* G

J. Redmond Capt. i. C. McHugA

hillips Dust Stanley RoUtson -

.Y. Scott H. Fidanque






I f

% :;


/ "..'

H|^ ..-1 :..,-^
^ ...-7U

Ir I 1 I 11
A -.W3.y*I |~

I- ..
r-. -

-F~r~mrrlr .-- -'
2? ft

a.' ~ 'rtr'rr-i- -ct~r -
- ,". ~-J A ~.p '*''r,1-'-..-.. I.
a ~ ~ -~ L ~ ~ .Y~4 ~ i. I

~. ~r ~ ~r.
.2r ~j~M4 .
.'L.ra jm ~a~j4-,av

.. "r. N -T i .
.,n = ^ t .-F

*'~- -
*1~',- A -7 ~yr.rrwE'ww
* ;-aj~4i ;r

~ -. 3~5 .~, -
a *~fl tAn

r 7.. "

ii -~1~-
4- &

-. ; &

urazunu_..u _
a meat, ,,;


1. 17

1 S ;P: f" .* I.
Y- *Tww f

- .,



Sslrt. Cta
mama is Carl





A' 8, I i

lkwotbe Fettes and
Vt~.* *




cmJi Ate. 14o
'No. ia tWIVIMT


"IB a MA MS Ba
ALE abin mos boat, No. FOR RENT:-T room cholet, in
5 BabodmYatht c.lh4 Call Navy Bello Visto. 2,
"_ FOR RENT:- all screen-
ad, two be f bothreamn dining
... Motorcycles Phone 3-5 .
:. a ;lndian motorcycle. Best FOR RENT.-"n liv-
'd Nov 2628. mingroom,, dil;iMwnkheri, two
J K0R RENT borhood D Phone 3
1ooR FOR RENT: residentiall
.house with A- 0"171e rttilqt.d"
)*1t :-.-Furnished room, Amer.- de orai.riT m'sB-% etC.
I guple: .Kitchen. refrigerator st 48th Street No. 18, Phone 2-
arJi bathroomo. 32nd St. No. 14. 14 ..

JfI4 rSb' Iwpsa irh
IW~~T Upright piano. WInthrop.
CtS Lond, 3rd Street For infor-
f~on phone 2-2354, 1-6 p.m.
SSALE:-BosiC objectss of CIvil
-tO1 .oerrirosrtence cotirse; drntft-
$ Box 171. Balboa.

;.:-f" W anted '
S- Ei-oerien-eat nursemaid
.' e care of m child. Good salary.
5 No 39 Central Ave down-I
t, or 9126 Bolivor
.in front of the Post Office,

FOR SALE~:-$od
motor, radio. Poctis1bO& 2719,
8:00-4:30; "a r 4:0, 2111.,
Room 316. .


LOST'- Between Anton Commissary
and annex, Iqdies Eulova wrist
wr.tch In'cript'on on back. Call
Amador 82-5148.


FOR RENT:- Commercial site; also
" apartment. Colle Estudlante No. 85.
o l'. ea Aid Inquire at Bicycle Shop, some ad-
s_ Aid dress.
d. F i ,; -- t --* sW ^ ^ --- ^


FOR SALE:-Ook bedroom set with
dreuer and stool, bed with sprigs
and matrfess and bursou with five
drawers. Phone Albrook 2284.
FOR SALIE-19 veeftaon blinds, fits
Zone up-and-down house, $75.
Cristobal 3-1851.
FOR SALE.-Servel rfrigeratar, per-
fect.conditioh. Phone 2-2791. Bal-
FOR SALE:-Hollywood bed,.double.
Phone Panamas 3-4229.

FOR SALE:---Procticolly new mahog-
any bedroom, living room an d din-
ing room furniture; also General
Electric 60.cycle I10-volt refriger-
ator. Can be seen after 3 p.m. at
No. 5, Uruguay Street, Bella Vista.

OR SALE: Frigldaire refrigerator,
t '25-cycle. good condition. Leaving
* Ihnhmus. Phone Panama 3-2106.

Miucellaneo s

~. ED!-- Siamese kitten. Phone
BWs. Briggs. 86-7277.
WANTED: A motorcycle in good
condition. No. 5, Twelfth Street.
Son Francisco de la Caleta. Phone
3-1451 (after 4 p.m.l.

US Sea Caplain
In nnlima knn Hac

tMh w -4 0 ona0g I-= 0 ll lem 1wn 5Wm. ,,UE
ordinate efjXts to helo the 1M,Mo Japs Tr ble
anaCityWould low Passp0 Troubles
Yy k.-the Obhlrp no-I flvic I
Stotal o Atomic Bomb "HONo KONG, Oct. 25 (UP)-
t a 'p p 3e6. th Ato mic Bo m-American sea captain Ben
P.. .--,,i-the Bum oh i LU 'Kraaner who spent 18 months in
1,e k <.-mltteemor.. TOKYO, Oct. 25 UP) A a Red Chinese prison with two
W clfitconn. tottl of 14,000,000 Jpanese American. correspondetns, has
oc -4od.- have signed a petition for out- run afoul of U.S. passport reg-
I roM ~, bhas de- lawing. the atomic and hydro- illations.
r'-'th;,e aDro- gen bombed, Ifta announced The U.S. consulate here has
Sv Tfhem fla t tiode fW meeting of its spon- not given Krasner a new valid
B thNov.of nQthe Chi q t pm port because he does not in-
SThep nt was made tend to return to the United
t sof #. petition Sates 91rtop some time. instead
7l.iV A hto;i6ve em-; has taken a job with a ship-
*or 4 d01 Jo as its marine an-
r t "_its ntne m-
..namao s, p Sfisherman er said today he applied
eaAn.oheduuled or next go o. a new passport his old
,tq Sviul' futmda ,, tp ex do ng his impris-
tcher j fire and the ...-. as soon as he got out
Ru, vi 'ink -&. .hin with newsmen Richard
ww 'I. VIalIptpeios Auplegate and Don Dixon Sept.
-Vt fo' l .4I 1o on.ulate told him the
,Wb oMSPOW .k!" nation *ould have to be

ent In Washington. If Kramer
Sr wanted to go'directly home!
.Plegate and Dixon did. he
have had a passport Im-i

ylin? pas-


inn o Aw
Sover WUlls
wi .y &Amn.n

STloe. Tx.


I,. consulate official said.
"There is simply nothing we can
do here rules are rules."

eI plans to go to Australia
oo to pick up a freighter for
t employers but wlU not be a-1

Al 455I Biallon

,] During September, 20 out of 26
ST. JOHNm ,V L ( ) men of the 45th Recon. Bn. pass-
Ye, t- aa ed.. the high school level GED
,dl-rla ." iSi l s.nd (General Educational Develop-
Id to. mak.e one b oking meant) test and received Army
u a tu-t." b 9! res i was l credit for 12 years of schooling.
eacre oo d~aity I e tgr 'The test, taken by the men at
Charles S. Sumner said it tookthe Fort Clayton EduCation
six men and two trucks to remedy Center, is given In five parts --
the situation each of which must be complet-
___ ed with a passing score in order
Pe lee Red to obtain credit for the entire
WATERTOWN, Conpr -(UP)- test.
radk J.' ClVo of New Britain The men who participated In
Sctg harg this program were: Cpls. Paul N.
bel Me polit ee car M-Bgt. David M. Russell, all of
Ca1l g wag s q Hq and Svc Co; SFC Conradi
a l" .. -Cinq-Mars, Cpl. Kenneth J.
leinasmith and Pvt. W RI
W a Ha ncock' Jr., of Able tble
tp) SM Harry Outhmller,
Siame car tm. Charles A. Simms. william
ble a a passerby to steer Malabre and Luls A. Roldanl
A was Whi Ruiz and Cpl. William T. llaml,
driver all of "Baker" Company;
Id't see Joe P. Cross, CplA. D
was fot N. Cook and Travis L
from "C"~ Companyair-t
uel Sierra and Chrles [
kIeman, Sgts. eral e
and Joseph H. Grift. Cp
ry P. Boslough and Pvt.
ultimate oIS
ton and "sput V+
at the 45th is to
up to that at 1
Io graduate. .
Requiem M"
A requiem mams
morrow at 8 a,
te Mrs. JuVMe 't"
City red :

AOgeela internaL do ftblheaclm
4 U Ces l J-vm e
S ht ra o L e wfe m IT 5rA m e
UP c M a53~

--I -

No; s"IamMyA

WILLIAMSSt.o S Oc laro'
bedroom. Phone Balboa 3050.

GRAMLICH'S Santa Clara Bwch pt6
togas modem convenience, madd
erote rate PhofA 6*441 or 4.567,

fPanama Jilm. I7, rlsoal oP4'WP75
FOSTER'S COTTAGE, oaft mile" a
Bato a w ro2t1 86 P



ATTINTION 0. t Just built imoem
fumished opartmwfs, oef, two
bedroom, hot, cold w teo, -.?el
I phone Panama 3494, ,
FOR RENT:-FurnisHed & & i-ms .v i
ad 2 & 4- bedrootn mo jrtenn.
Contact Alhambro ApatJmnts,
10th Street. Phone 1386 lon,
OR SALE:--Completely furn. hd 6-*
portment. Con be seen' Sunday.iCoH

couple s. Military inspected. 82,
Porras Avenue.
FOR RENT:-Unfurnished 1-bedroom.,
spacious, cool, apartment in best
residential district. Phone 2-1661,
during business hours.

FOR RENT:-One and two- bedroom
room apartments in house No. 45,
Avenida Jose Francisco de lo Osso.
For details call De Castro, Avenida
"B" No. 24.
FOR RENT: Completely furnished
Upstairs apartment in a two-family
house: Living-dining room, kitchen,
two bedrooms, independent moid's
room. and bathroom, garage, tele-
phone, hot w a t e r and complete
bathroom. Independent entrance to
apartment. Situated at "El Cangre-
jo"-near Hotel El Panama. Phone



WANTED: 1949 to 951 Ford,
Chevrolet or Plymouth coupe, good
condition. Cash. Call Curundu Hts.
2130, after 5 p.m.
WANTED TO BUY Fom privote
owner, 1951, 1952 or 193-Chev-
rolet, M.G., Opel, Ford4 referred.
Write to Hotel InternT.onal. room
603. ''



By C. T. D-i
.I have just read
ative and entertai
called "Stock BU
Sam Shulsky of,
Jodrnal America:
apartment I. It ha
pointers for the n
eon. the most 'qe
hand will find'

candid camera
Vii captions ta
offices and
.Mr. Shulsky
and more peop
hae been buylq
various compax
realbe they caM
1promt of them@

d Ilstf

n j n t % M

- 'A ~., '~4


I *'*

In Carrying Case, '
Drat ,Contr ,

Central Aver s
Phone I-"1


H block fra L=

General Repairs, tune apd
(fast service) all work
guaranteed. (Day .Night?.
EmNRY C. WA IJz, Pmp.
(Formerly 9t eA. S.)
- Trelepnes: --.I-alZ
- Nlgbt -1X111 .- 3-44W

IYsicai Thezrja7..Uits 7'
h l M1 i
r Bore Musle, .Ch-roje elhrm .
lbrm, AfrdU Lumbae ad 1Prt.
Tired Feet, Suie, Csc mad
d. Camblloo hm

lVOu (49i of Jaly) Av No. is
<1ext to Drawin office)
Former llUow Pnruqtor = Gearge.
to-m Ut v,, wsm Iton. D.C.
Fanie DWiW4t Deaftist Pedrq Migug
Bad ==mBe., C.2g
Ueelalle- to- FUomhOflTOseMT

o~,a IL

bear Bazar Espafol^
56 Central Ave.

ch (anges
"rasr Bat' Luncheen
atRervaion plans have
Bled for the 'Cr
leeon of the Inter-. efo
W alea's Club scheduled t
.Fosdnesday at 12:30 at theA
brook Officers Club.
. w tpo i to .te.d a
t telephone one;: th
oewing- Mrs. Robert 0. Matl*
tey, Balboa 3646; Mts.a- et
Dunsmore, Balboa 1484 :orpr,
I a Heurtematte, Panama 3.0
Reservations are $150 each.
Members of the club and the*r
guests have asked to crown the*-
selves with a transformed wa*~
basket, flowerpot, saucepan, op
other creation, and join in th
Prizes will le awarded for the
most inspired chapeaux.

Balboa Woman's Clqb. .
Executive Board -
leets Wednesday
The executive board of the
boa Woman's Club will mee. &
Wednesday at 9 a.m.. at the JWi

rear ftUM

... *. rf .
FOR ta Tas weeJ tad gall
in .he _ofi h*t,. E, -'gM
t, uummme,' IL ._, USA; Mrs. N. Mo caid, 3In Uh,,be aI
and Jose Trinidadn a L yt Ry Dan:2".
Couch and Rddid tAt m s i
ZCanal Zon Boynoe S, ap qfe Boy cotta f Anlsri
port trdm the Csai Zoe Community Chest, t e-drive or wniao d
Cana(l ,Zon PGAtl) rSo

ana one S ScouG

Learn Better
Editors note: TIs tt
in the "Red Fease b4s1*H
depicting the ll eg
Canal Zone COdianulty dht. ,
Approximately 1100 Canl
Is, ranging in e froa nye
17, will partlela in integwat.
ng, exciting, a Y Amtruetr Jy el
Girl Scout activittle thfro agyout '
the next year largely beeuase.o
financial, support rallied during
the next few weeks through e t '
annual Community. Chest, fuznd.
raising campaign. -.
At the same tlie, these gIAr,
under the supervip.on of the Ca- '
nal Zone Gil Scout Council, will
continue to aid the community
through their manifold volunteer
services throughout the Zoep.
Who asr the Girl Scouts? Thy
arem you i om girls. They, are.
Is who are learning to be bet-
r lens, better. world
bora, and resourceful and ynat-
Hie idividua lp.
These irls. e n r o 11.e d 1R

h out beyond the
ty and country to
ts are In bli-
girl for active
in a Girl Scout
ig beautiful she

adds to her -own beauty. wen. a
Girl Scout finds a' need and Ie*f
a willing hand she has become
a reliable citizen, Lr
For a girl In a new commun-4,
ad we here are considered qu
transient, the Girl Scout regi2ra
t'onFcard is a "ticket to ua
ship." It is an openx sesame".
an immediate meeting witloI
children, adults, ac ivItI
play.. "* ,
-A girl does not as a --mw
bave to bear sorumtnyaid,
ration before a me.t
Girl Seat meanstl!
,ehte and ewg' y
ro.ves a ne ir
S age of een. At.
ate she gets her lit,
a group living, her ,n$ l
eae of democray 40 t
learns to Vote, slI*e, .I

.At the'age often.. sa roqre
e to the int eite- qpgrai
ad Is.intoduiu teot td
O and play, to b'e a
ad~m 'tgo carrY 1 'ton
'At the ageoft tlily
mes a Senior

Adults cane
man and woe
7i% active
OS in the baIrl

Iae in the Ca
buaicil. h is



lureh C
I jhm m

i. iz $ -

-- -.. r.- y -.-y ^,, e, -.* .. w- f ..-+.
PACING00BO for the R ed-Cross Gray ultru at
the ObrI "Ra oe 1. Ia Canwl Zone Senior i 'Ia
-Kirchner. who, 9 c:%evW Ab teO ebap amso
Eueen Is' one- of the aproxate0Jy IM.8l t rGrl Sot rawg- ag. froM, seven R to f'., lmI. L rt.lPat, AIn ,mtictif
activities under the guidane of th.canLMWoafe OlrlBout Cunn-
dl, which la-a. agency. being directly hru lu4daof
the Canal Zone-Communit. Ch2st. (UL %Oy & to)., m
work by the fambii. Promise 402d One father ut it -aptlr "The
Laws -and program of I Sceout girl my boy,1 m ess, a-i ol -ta
g. rie m.y grndBallrea. aa..e,
More and more fathers each Interested,kinthe ind at wo
at are becomlag, nfmen she is am U Ao be,! ..
thelGirl Scout movement because In ehgrlsbh .x and adRlt.
.they realize they .ast take. as the,, _utsare. _work g..
mkuch interest In fAkeir daughters'gether qwraa better tenor_
ActWtles as they do in their sons' row Ay deu & Beg t A ,,t;er gldW
. today,

ht. 1 w

is, dL.. .a

S eay -some U

eHie ldca- -' re
the, adty and a.
ut for MA
L_ to a ddsin^wf

The peo A

5'(UP)-When Iiht be- ste mllng liaia
introduetMr e upaw mi sp-
h gear next stt wearing
its are going in the i e f a-ea the oife, accumulate d a nJts *A4
r to make it seratcheb uTbght .i au anW
l, gems. Ma- ighne~t ob a es ie t
Swayed by l
Desire to to
r betorbs w be weatn.
min. their bde- W -
rale or make. Those ma oare
taoterl-tny"' o 'to
Sr, shar down whether O a-, I a.U .
t c cost cost of rea. r &l e
Sex- to co d .
I:: I ., Whn h fl aI Iut a&0
hed the temuation e tI.wari f
.ei g l at .* *ye. a

o at the -18M
is-In tTho I own l be

ar swen "'
Ap ske

oq&t' i .i-
( th Pi c tI S g aIm ImI ordw: IIA


A i~ i i
J W + I 'j i i .

'I..-' '~

3IWAOO sMee Mr U
^-low ewu Agull 4a & J s.
J J-fwrad


41 _- ? 'a
rfw -I'\" Q,- .

' H Strat Noa, 1




;TT ..

J I I i [J


whomk omm

--- r --;- .r ..,___.'.r





, 1 "J,





- '




.? i.. ;...Tri-,- ^'.+-

.;Ig ;.-.+, ;. .^
." ^,,- .. i i i~ .f~

,r *^. ."-

:. ; "'.+ "' ,

;. .+ ,'
*" .' '

0 '.. I

m"- mesiN.


' OistI.'

ci. $~.%. Ay
I Jr

,aye~r vr~r& nyb....
- ~... .~~aahaaaaaa..

. -. :L^jy ?_ Vt N.$L
. .... .. ... P '1 ,. "'t .. .*-'y.:^
*-..: ... -' ,,j ..; -, ..." .. .
.... ... .... *. *, --,*^ -^ ^__ .-
^,1-., '- f aw-.' ..- '.. '..L,, k.. Z So ....a .

*-, v"., ,0,
,J24W 21>


',* rrrw -. r.,
.. .", .m4 14.-
.* -.I. i

lobl BlllaT^: *v


4 ,..-"q l



Sa f h SI t

.s aIF .,a-. s ,jw A .9Iis

n" 'a .... .. .. t a B -h e s lo s d"'eci
.wt I L*v ." adheodd,, ad" -

news MaSn And t named
d 4was4w ato d who wore Pippo- hI to uch

.o .,d .= ..". ... .. .-. ...'. B......I a.
"IT person? *said *produfble mind abouR W e oo

u ,* b Chite Caw o jm ufiW iyo nUd I f{eel certain that the above L l ea nd o t1e lso n a Ame

jftWte AIrmtar Wna e rh IVU ) e thlan I eacners education thel
- rtee a* ii t a w he?' j *I nn- t' -i the aste mmant The I-paise statement Io. the .. e aid Joh.n W. Grt,
?n w" N a -k:'" an r e lame a4tory, but in rIc i. ... representative.
LhWallrag statement repr Tis statement heir av or .lla
il e acontaci"twLthi'' taWbInA'rmare Asto w sliuitation and loc l ti brriea faccytvry eI
* c&ioal o aiur ionnar Boe.res bi g grammar and M aM Cb" f ith movie rons.tape corderprojector and erpubl ic-address, tns3t

.lllN -itcilos -l f"s-Prssoner of War Welfa' DALLAS, Tex., Oct. 5 (UP)-. The United States Fore vi t. ,
f Tia mal Aseation." One hundredI Guatnaalan ia hool Operations Administr ati o n al of a.

Si '' i a ia h e.--certain thatachers pread oit ato ive eu sponsoring the ouraes. An FOA who arrived
., .S j e Oveh ae.a-d. ""t.' te,-"rthe two 0-ttngene -... western e college toayt to st spokesman, Wilam. Rex, Baid Calia Olveroo, ift
t the lr democracy on te scene for southwete college were elect except that ie

Mb' _p 'orde fwmv~r '0i egtau n et te epage. statement i e ease they have the seated I h .
tw- T opatof f awiteh, of represent three major areas of Only a reew of the atemaln URed States "to
.ee_. ., m. i et Oe e-ucatio n arrived in Dalao ye teaeen .speak a ,nglih. n that w oa abte ee
"-- -- ~, t a teat e terdayc he l lspred t e s ol u u .p sto uutem n soPrreident CasteA o had to eay
r'tthe K .ieSo United 8aa t egs feals T N.' J. UP..--A gups todll ege dispatched to Armas pulled the names of the i
y s-h ethe ho rt er amear ht deis an h e rioua institutions. The c out 100 tea her s out wf a barrel dur. cetato

ii sjfl.ajq supew ra It s They 581 m usnewere delgn.l00 ewhon er oft f linguealpro sort hs
' ,a (asre, D .we e .oliay i mi ed to riek d their mind of any ing a lottery which see'ted them.
fore AB@. c. ,r.l- i 10-ialow mi with t .. enl cause by were afra tideay that mt ave been plant. They are supposed to reprstlent i a f o. U omdmuo t a me, d sort of ched'acherm.s- p d te n e o te. .
ftlak % 1"Att t a lere ll, Po t ers on Wh r brALte x., giOct reverse.2 Newsmen talked to the s re 1 it.
S BSL-N^ h.. w.t the Chi -se to- sre ---ds-^ a 'd T teachen epreen element ye, trdat buat none,. *w'3.2S
th6 -" -e e to s '", .n eed t ary, secondary and vocational say whether he was aoutela
th ge p ottru t as W bt e mnsAer adhi2ws t-the r-se d vatrtion. Arir tiona State oTeah- U.s0 or anti-comu nit a t. Buarr dur-e
Seea I. oorm, tW r rd es Ctheywoll s eges Ta a nd the Us- l ore the revolution, the Guate -IOIV N

-!%after yea ef a le : "Aea "wth al, he held i", e trL._k ", nlversity of New Mexico are the malan Union of Teachers wasee we-
itee dy 'B ef a meeting faa it a .io~o t in ca -r r, tn yS-bcause .destinations of the 9men teary portedly one of the,largest unions
'tos=." a-l--e- eaity y oPy(tong. Tor N n O.1.. teaches; the University of Texasin the communist system, end all
t1 4!t o1r111 as at Austin and the University of teachers were required to be .
Swri twchth i S in*d Theetachers, r enht ot soe eastwchersa. "will get b noeeatneS
-f :eee dared t fin"ooduestlerd Th eon. A ona State Teach-C U .solve. or .antI-communst. Eu

dO-,,L Fo. 'idm Club's i w ,m: ." ons. Ustrutor, programs Iin Aerican edualI-,out.P
after youe Coar lays. I I[ & ... .eD-envariousit nes y e xi c au t e t e m l ia Unio of Tahrwale

",coascom-sebye P. ah-e md tinan ts,^ce r .satosfte ee n t a y rtdXy one o th Isres u nions

't itx-Prisone he ep one Wi ft .,
a C WhoML4 ....r W .e' ete hes:willth rseUni ersityof0texa nthe om un ofistst andal Our----,
= 0 ard g st Wt tiadthei Unisiofa te ers we ir b

forewhenee,-Ja me oe eris., ren.y e e n P Aria d ia at. Tcn m thae send That uno s se ha beoien i s

eg, -o ._ ...o,- t .p a

Si i^rP .P a dycIc.ys daPlicl, l;US t..,a'mq .....- e. w a3 o "g\ se Se l no, -q ,.
ft Wh itleh"Led $ tnda1 it ;ts.' i atnde.S *a dca The teacher "wil get er la

SI .-.'._-i-".-.- iorAn ediuc mtni .,Bt

-!* pir of I~io! wid E AAM S4
eer aan t kig Is Cahltiandml hm sanloropnyll, lus

_,.f.', L ,% 4 'I th,_-iidet-n. *t The ao st ot nevere le e t a rmy ... I o th ._large-t. ,..
oM; t'IT& Ie.... ailoi ow NoTw mtley -sa ithe s o ii a I rn m m m.ii

"" i',i" for I- cation e"r.I"
"I -el 503 I ri a l atlerIwhowee InI g I any Dems'bu
dm IlaT8a"aa.ok" l o'h .a ld osI "went so lhpi ng,0 IM a II

160,meutllghq Its no.3ft

ris rwodf JD le-0e 4 i, buh1

11 ~

orated laviihly with
body feature. detie el
ares paated e, af,
SMa eyralys. hetd bid
pit n miTindhLA 1w
4 ..,,. MTaenfe a d a n
W r of aas an ona
taucc, Wax One *b4pg led to-
= edetwome ..orMeipaL
1 celadn figure,, a a y.
i.^. memoranvP ,greladen$1
Sthe barometer twmn
blbhloimhy of dock, two cerenite flea
united States," mantle style, and finely
eom, an FOA gold eagle. s.
Meyer, a IWeldig. si
o visit farms, says "the thlDpg". Isi
and-. other A- pounds and "0* about-
idruina their I

** *
TA -asuL:U
kottflr liii
rnna uuoa^/in u

Greg. iw'riw

Af LA 15 -

$ i4.t
P. T
12.1 ,n
.4 .11

, ... *- .Mr
: :.-. :. /


at mak
.. "'.. .


L V ..
S. 6.....0- f- '--.


S WMfadorW CAMmo-nt Tooth Paste con.
taliu lota of ChlBroph.-otfatie'a magic
sAbetanceaied by deniste ldii)d ilnt prepe
Srtlome. And ito plated poUlating -t
li. mid ii.aur* te r t ar y o-er

Chlosodent doesW't.Awt ak ea-t* d d r
tat destr it. Clorandat d rl,
dneablty P*Sr- M, -W 4 la

Ah*ir uar o Pt m ia s la ci. g i t b"v
I i ; m ..i .mt m Iv -
fet^ ^ ^- '... ** .i n -'ll i I .. '. iI f-,-I i 'I:I.

.A '.- ,*


0' 3r./a



- a:.
Jr f



-'* r!
I i

i -."- _



Wm ________ TRW PARNA.A

I.. 1.,:',

J L{ ;. .,,
,'_ ; ;,, .. .o ./
- .. :;" ...,.i., -. : ;...
,., .
Ia.. r


- ~
":~ .1..~:

- ,..r u

M R.I.

iv -_-

erfect Record tist A'

oses 8 More S&hools Rei

NEW YORK, Oct. 25 (UP)-Collegiate football
a wn to 10 major unbeaten and untied teams. Ills
r JE. ect records belong to Oklahoma qnd Arkan-
sZ 'I the Southwiest, UCLA In the lar West, Ohio
Shte afid Cincinnati In the Midwest, Bqston College (ur
a~tnd Bucknell in the East, and Miami of Florida, ring
i''. t Virginia and Virginia Tech in the South. ap
major teams fell from liamson calls the 1"8-pound Cas- '
l udeaten and untied this sady "a fine back... a fine com-
S kend. Wichita lost Friday petitor who always does the byA1,
anturday losers include thing against you that hurt the tlor
SnllMl, Minnesota, Boton most." .
Slmverslty, Mississippi and Colo- The victory gives Ohio tate
LiYale and Cogate played to the b 10 fid. and an Inside ,ae
Ifl t!ie. t' track t "he. Rose Bowl. The'o
akmbly the key game was Buckeyes still have three Con- has a
ohio State's 31-14 win over Ws- tference games .. agalkUt North. h.rid
n!. It was rated a tossa-up western, Purdue and ian rie
9q, though Wiseenain was The finale against Mich .an I h
S ed second and Ohio State could dec the Roth e Bowl bid "rre i
ta the nation, because Miohlman Is the oml y
Ma*in. led. 74. late In the other team unbeaten in Big 10
: i tBnuarter when-iOhlo State, play C
broke loose with four touch- The nation's top-ranking team g
owns in nine minutes. Halfback Oklahoma -- played undbr
v ,fi r ."Hopalong" Cassady wraps In. S 21-9 vt v over
i,: It off running 88 K a n s 8tate. Oklahoma'
1rdU for a touchdown with an ground paie, was tod muc.
? fcterceited Casm. Next Saturday, tie Sooners, r m
= a dWos Woody Bayes of Ohio Into Colorado... unbeaten until Appa
ftpand Ivy Williamon of Wis- Saturdav's Wto-6 upset by No9. Boone,
agree that play broke braska. The, .br"a* lUn topt" .bosen
g t gaime. yes says ped the ColA4 ru ingi atta Bowl a
S ere couldn't hrve been a bet-I and Colorao did title through see on
ter aii to catch tlA,ball." Wil-I the air. ,,.. ,. oppone
--3 -- M ID. i alOde
, -.So Trounces Tigersl

S* AM ,' K.', .a toaC
125,0 At Mt. Hope Park iwet
".Al Wei
So to prop
By TREVOR SIMONS and one loss of yardage placed fight l
bI ,, -the ball on. Cris.tobal's 15 with Slit'
IMvcVWWI twice in the second Balboa In possensi, On fourth middle
and once in each of the down ott pitched., out to Tim and Pe
;ltd and fourth stanzas of play, Hots, playhg his first game with 10-rou0
dMa ggb. DJulldogs dim- Balboa. :ot9 unleashed a pass
iemarked suer'lority over to Herb Raybourne who was In
i, Hh C Seool Cristobal the Tiger end sone for another whe
San eay 2-0 victory. Balboa TD. Balbda failed in their age" w
Balboma s now-run effort to convert and led 13-0. urda
T consecutive victo- Both teams exchanged kicks as Hellos
i aree years of being un- little action followed for the 13antac

score a w. over the for share of glory in faction
4 was in e lnal meet- riday t' e contest. With the
of the 1951 seusBe T es possession. 2nd down
the muddiest fid' of thue i w dsa on their own 40 Si1
nadeth b con- yard line an's pass was in-
... .b 4a ted ,I1 on about the

OA b tlp a rter Six leo
on th v ite-9uih quarter rWsto- Northc
Syard line and lost no time b-J put up their only serious at one
pa. dirt when the second treat to hit the Balboa pay
S apmd. dt but that too was cut short N
vry first play quar- alert Balboa station. With ev
a oott completed a rtob al on. the Balboa 26 and Univ
|Raybo*rne in the e a uMcgh running in the avent
|enea gah- saekf.eld 4.timbled and the 2-.
o's fresh- Kee beeI s clear field
bMall o ap 11 and
i^H ^ ML M 1 tfor m .al a own dogs m
d6og s ard to the an effo
r in belt. tJoal score of lock e
Sh ~or. led td plek wound
kick up point, and wound without
yard line and up .. game 1
S d, Raybourne Th pt alive Balboa's with th
te up and racing hopeof g for the season practicec
wa- Thner 1 before W Havinf lost one Wolf's

.*'1. .

air of penalties. gamWJ r College the Bul- ball te


ady For AL


lnDEI lIA, Oct. 3
- The ipes transfer-
owaer el, the Phil&-
oa MbdUaeib the aew
mmen l.,amigne.
and of (w lotalo ..
t "merif0n se ak
:10g the NW In-A-
o el their StI e to the
, wbleh will keep the
In Phllaldphlawa a- .
sed last nda, oe
f appr ,l" of..j e
Sfar been
Sprained on
proper time" had ..t yet

1yurts Bnells

liachian State College ot
North Carolina has been-
to play in the Burley
it Johnson City, Tennes-
Thanksgiving day. No
tt had been named al-
as~ t Tennessee State Is
hired a strong candidate.
ywelght champion Rocky
no will fly from Calfor-
Chicago today. The champ
duled to referee a bout In
kee tonight and manager
11 says he also will listen
posals to promote a title
2 the Wisconsin city.
Idy night, at Phoenlx,
weights Jimmy Martines
dro Gonzales fought to a
nd draw.

tley Stable's "High Volt-
on the Selima Stakes Sat-
at Laurel, Maryland.
cope" took the Trenton
ap at Garden State .while
" and "Good Call" scored
two divisions of the Cor-
Handlcap at Jamaica.

orts Shorties

el HllN.C. (NA)
ttermeh at guard give
Carolina Its most strength
ersity, Miss. (NEA) -
ippi place-kicidng experts
booted a field goal since
3 loss to L.S.U. in 1924.
ust face J.C. once more In
ort to hang on to a dead-
d '54 season. Cristobal
up their home stand
t a victory and have one
left on the Pacific Side
he college eleven, a game
ally conceded to Jim
much more powerful foot.


a. ~

:.,. ;V f

""' \!,\ *, ,
---I Te itu

was name,,l:fp resaent ofr me ca -

Two' Fav s Eimiona
l l Tourna .

Tw'.ot the favetes were e0l-
mnated in the so roun of
the IsthlJlr.Table!Z tor-
nament a-the r-M
day ig ht.
Frank Durham one of the
tournament's s.ed players and
last year's third place winner,
was elmnkted by Hiam John-
son, 21-16. 0-1. i-U. .
from the Atas Table Tenls
Club, also went down in defeat
at the halds of Jame Webslt.e
The score was 21-19 21-17.
The results of other matches
played Saturday are:
A. Joseph defeated A. Vargas:
D. Leacock defeated R. McDo-
wel: 20-22-22-20- l3
A. NaufmoIL. A.
- 8. Indo defeated F. Goma-
lez: 21-4--21-5.
H. Gilmore defeated R. JusMta:
L. Moreno defeated V..A,. -
tls: 21-6-21-18 -
M. Preclado ~dfetel W. r
shall: 21-12-21-,ML.

Ce aG Pri awl4in.Nlber io thae Ordinary Drawing No. 1859, Sunday, Oct. 24, 1954. :

i %C' /

First Prize 3668 $ 44,000.00

Second Prize 6014 $ 3,2 0000o

Third Prize .6349 S 6,600.00

I. = U

-Pi., IAL. .PriM NeL. Prth Nw M MMiU kI N Pd. NI. Pu w PIMd
SnS I n 5 1 M5 I 5s r
aim mum u s au mI w M I 4 15p 1 lrn hM ~uIUi U 11.K 1 O 111,11

4sa sj3 li i~t H 25^^ ,
!mm mo I S4 .0 ass at.*
] U/aL IUL IM INI s M IN A G l 11M t IM S 13LO
In." -'- -2'" a -'" M

A4imoslumo Derived From Pint Pl*h

ma Ma6 rU s m V O N. am e
118 1t .
Its I--1 -
91' =B I B X
I- 13 A.,

ri i- '.... I = ISI R "Ili .

.- .
.' #

pa; ~~wtl rs crived From Second Prize

.D.WFrom Third Pri ,

: ,,: ..- -, *"^^^ !. M ,"'}
n is IS i i SM
were sold at: First in Herrera Province; ond
m Ineladed a the hes Nt win. erwty-.We
.oSpr-ses the two series "AO" a. -

er of the Province of Panama. Ced. 41 1
PubR ICARDO A. malrDa


A. Clarke d0feate4 G. Wada=o.
1-1 0-25- : -
S B l heated Z. IL Quiras:
G. Grannum defeated 3. Pi-
flate: by default.

m. AtcOnhap dfeated 7. Dix:
S Dftlatchdefeated L. JON
feor: 1-X1----MI-19. '
0. Brown defeated B. Gittle-
ma: by default.
R. Ruppert defeated J. Gor-
don: by default.
J. Robison defeated J. LAon-
ar4: by
el n defet Oampbell:
21-.-2!-- .
'J.Bolom dlfeatd R. bol:
Ei. Stleer dete r Vtank:
by default.
&. Davis defeated W. dward:
by default.
.D. Blumenth .deafeSted iAn-
sorge: by default .
P. Cromwell defeated t:
by default "" ".'
J. Horbelt defeated L. W h:
by.default. ,
I. Cha tin defeated J, IP.-li
SR. Kbourt deoAtee k -UAv-
tence: by OGMu4 .

o. orannum v4 3.. Dv
J. IH V v1 '1"eL.SL
J. Brackini v A, .

A. Neum ..

D. _

bl. ^t>^r -,r- f

ago .. h e ", .... in
eviivWn. N cm_

d "er* i A" e -tr
ttt ; sae ad ,

volarl, G nu me I snad
somp Bay.
Jaqulma broke on top but
was quickly Joined by Nuvolar
which got off Imt. The two fore-
t" M, aso de
Dame II soon dis0 ed poy
Boy and continued hr advance
until she took command. ,ad
Meanwhile. Came w h had
beenratd lose to the closely
.lere moved up gra-
dually aod., e asecnd
place )EiuvoMi aad Jaqol-
ma ,quit. o fi out
entered theI me% a =
length toe t eG. .
Don j" L a bad
taller hit
best tide d dte he
backstrech Joni"
with art
M. con A he
way down maetrt_ ad

lost sec .ple N.oa1S. '.J
jq Kuvolar
fo h l-ftoe
fo*1d a berth tto
Owinntrs yester-
day w3 d cor-

oi2- r.4im P 3.'40.

I- 2on Gura T.90 ,22;
S-Mettq $4.30, 2.40
qumntsla: (BnI Grau-Metto)
/ l T. BACK
i-m olaibo 4a, 3.2.20
-nAmat' 4.40 .iX
S3--B- ,'8 Lf .
1-Fairl le Il, 3P,6 0
2-Roya Emm $5,60, 4
S -rDiscve $4.
1-Lexden J. 4.S8

Semon. -.Ld4on) SU3l..
1-man 7.20, S. 2.6

ol : (FB-Ddhl) SLi2.4

2-martla ey Ls $, 4
Ia-P is Midi S 1
One-Two: (wCmnmtBd*at
loy Law)
I-Cames $4 .40. 9
$-Don Cut 0.00..

os ttf3r

*W^ ^wnr.. IP-9^)2

r'~i ~*~~*' *.'* -
~' ~*~*

.Ca-New. W. 8. W; 7
McNeese 7T, .
Mema s t. 27, ..7
Florence St. 30, M
/lon 3 12
ILoue e 37, I <
Jax. State 14, Aus Pay 14
Army 67, ColumbIa 12
Navy S. -PenS. -6
Pittsburgh 14, N'WUstern
Yale 13, Colgate .1
B. Cross 14, Bo. 13
Temple 19, Brown 14
Dartmouth 13. H, aLd 7
Bos. Col. 48, Bp'oeld i
Maine 35, Bates-0
Colby 20,
N.gS 7
Amin .0
Vermont 41, S 4U /
'Cornet 27t, e 0
o1e 4
'I ebsterm 'IT,. a r 0
Hamilton U J ford 6 /

l le W. es. 1e
l. Bt*a *nIM. 'litven 14
obart 32. Union () 1
Gettysburg, in h'berg. 0
4 0 o
Drtxel 6.
CaeglO Tech TOW Ui& J 6
Poo0 is 18, oShepned I
pMn. W= 21, 12

Wore T, Coea Ouard 0
WIlkes. 41. ,Trenton 0
Grove a, hah 1
Ia St. a.) 20, ethon I
Newport 40, Ham. AT3 1
Rochester 13, InS p. I 7 I
Cal. (Pa. 34,Up Rock 11
BrockptL 12. Co i 1is
Hiram 31, Mthaa (Pa.) 27
Millers'le 0S, at. Agiles 14
Bloomaburx 4t 0
Scranton 8
Alfred 41, I ac 0
Concord 30, rty
Ohio State 3 in 14
Michigan Mnnesota 0
Cincinnati 23, avIer (0.) 6
Purdue 27. Mich. St. 13
Beldelberg 0, ld-Wal. 6
BuI ota 3,, tts 14
Oa1homa 11, Kanamb state 0
Iowa 27. Indiana 14
IKent State 41, Marshall 0
Oh Web. 3% Oberlin k
TOIleo 38. Bowlngt oiven
Mianm (0.) 4a Ohio v. 13
r'ordham 14, laruete 14
West. Res. 34 Buffa

i0 A
Saa e ,t S. an deOna.) ,

I. 1
a *


"U u


mI ToU

4 alm S (Ala.) 13

; 0 *

1.1, donB Ned
iat W 0 XOa&2 W1.

ad. .
S (R) 21, Dak.

a.) 41. Iow, W s. 14

6 '- .-

'.IW t Tax 14
b:., A110.A*J

. Tech7I


.1 0~
m ,,- i-~


4. I
S."*-. l



L i

_ -.- 1 '-_...-. I -.- !a

-c'aC~ IF 1I1_~-


*^^*^ ^^^^^^^^^*^^-M4 JA UH Saw
^lT^ *$??.^M'Sff..l*> sm to4^ H<**i*:4
s~jp^^-^ ^MT

" I

O n



ot- *




i; "-<

S* I. '*

F *~* 4 I~ iJj
.bA4-'ga but rbewLu We

J jh

If. *ri~.
t .'?r.Y

- =S U U W: ,mrU W. P.t. -;: -* ; : -: -. "

nth, 1i es. w ali'. moe ea e

Tha t'' te

flS1 SS5S wii .--i t thatl i6wCou
.tl "W U hl. noa vbns

s peddle the ran.
thine o mutate Or o i te omrit, conhel,
i t ,eg *.M M g 3 l a m a t

l..t .A.... rxa + _-,,n, nfe fiurea, Hurt an& novelty idbd
Cii Ms._?_ e. ,.whI a tll.1 ff Wlthow contlnnMtor

It bes- : tf e lberican League In. All of a t ud-
den.. o.l.% l has IPWome ly a haky
and o an, t o toxe t 9. I, you don't
lpwW a money. bMi Aon, that bo, bis'k the

7Wd r ew th bin

nd- o ,m i -
r and i it u ffy ort of
t boewpM e"kfneu i IJ~ oqnn.t

tad the arraet. and ]w It could be
That dwMt diMbftOMMUl1a9ve:'rf ,< odf.Ulm
616- AfI ~a "A= SQRTU$ A d. h



_~~ U _

, .

." 1 ", "* "

:; ,.** > ;:
; -. ...

*< .4

1 4* ;*


D. ..'
... .^ > *.



Then, hemai, quietly: "All
ight.t next ts Left jg.

This wtea-Seamy Boah hi
paths 4 m

asve, tyntoUe*o Pt
,one. iet tem Lf g.

Am ususily nuea
stonine tS ev-ry t-
ronder hbW a1 MmLU :-Irk a

,t a Ua ttiMwoJfUfJ

'slm l5RfL.m f*9"

MfSunder a er I
bin't ualp 99a. e
Jtbwirllttoshw e %.
Ktortntod ^tdww'o~ to
uaff hfinelvwi~e^ the

i,' .'

lt. .
1 C>..- :. ['i.

. r1, 4 f.

'4 Dr. Sprs,' -he .iw d.
Is Tse & Aee,

dureethe new "24-aeod. r

elation a ins d Ib
tisa BeIO. A %aP A'1 e u-
kei red to g t 40Iis .d u ,

FIdea Is to prevent sf gt
the pro coaches e mbehi e
rule inanlino.Ul.
Coach Den o J h3atthe
Boston Oel5u .tme i.s
"the biggest ate the as hi.
taken In a U ea OrO

say It un do Bot aW6" 1
Sreat spectator cntst,. ,
Al Get?! of the ar
r e ^ bdo the
back Into ultnWC..mttlt

t ots away wMaAu mto

Several ecwbes believe even
24 seconds is too 49
a shot. MWaule aUJ 2t

7ay, he ltpk uetice andl
oh. the average Sot Was
taken within 1i sconds.


- I* :+
!r .
,c ,

.: .

an. ~ I

'. I


* *_r--

" I Al-l W .- '

Sthe ..
The 'dotia W s out lAOt wMk,
the IWS^ th ala

'in 1to i

has donated *1f-,JPaW teophies for gfle.
hA In
Bethen% ava^tount~d co ti
our pce'tt-'y-

1,. a -Ini for the .lkMM I.,
j. .... .. .. '-.
Ti n~ciimii wwftot ik&l

On a

- :. '


-. I -,

* *4 .AM.


Whon good

get-t. ether!

LUCKY TRIKE cigarettes are
milder, nd more pleasing?
There's a for it The getting
together t the top-for'taste-
tobaccos ofthe world.
Yes, blendibireq secret. Mixing
aromatic Turkish with -America's
'two great flavor;tobaccos:
golden, mild VI pia sahd soothing
Kentucky. That's, the way we
make LUCXQES to make
smoking more enjoyable for you.

,Sm v Ifun oand W fun (
to smokeLUCKIEi. rembwd to give
a pltiont Ilf i'o your spirits and
they're gmooth n Iwft tt, .t. Have y
tried a L ofWY lately? Bnmuse
whew you light up a LUCW youl see that IflrMI


I, -
....*:^ i. .

jjpKY dpSTM~'fi~i rI r "WI.h

..'. -.. ."1 ^, ,,,
.... .^ ,..,i

i t '


4: t

.-.. ,



-' >cktJ
.1" **'-'


- A; -M


,; _


:: : .i

,. ^ir"

N a0 "a mENT

"Le' tde people. t .i i '.

TRIm p ma^ n p. w

US Backs,' E'ff

-Shaky Vit
Dr. Fred .. ...
rotf FPedl- WASBHINOTOT, Ot. 2 (UP) state of vietom.itm off froit eua
rsgtera erve Me- -President Elsenhower has Itsa.northern portion1 b th" -
boi in idaeuand. re- written Premiet Ngo Dinh Diem dochina trcee. Th lom s-a
ntu itis as he of Vitnam assuring ht n otthis led Vlitmlnh took the no Ie n l
one In country's npott in ai. effort to tion.
tAWEMuled co- strengthen his governiztNt, In- IAnt -h;a
'tIe 1Prize formed oule8 Mbid today. But theie offletk% l ire on
IX.. offiI talid the Wte United 8tew ho t aNwmi4 many .0W,
m _-gla for "reforms" by Wesn work eout ago SodIWr c
regime as condition ef the his Asfan s6qntr add "tt* Sir AnE
aid ly disfavors"-.forts: 0 1mend
But theai-.the "re of him. ..
the letter' Is to. strength n ,h Detches m Saigon U.or
I hand of the present goemr- te letter was deUvered to bleak
meant" agnatt attacks from Saturday night. ture sotin
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threats of a miar d'tat, In the letter Mr. .Eipowgr Harold B.
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,Virki Iy "uon M _thew; (g non of Amador .W.''
rdi RoadBallbo .Mrs. Moresewa 92
A native 1V eQueec, Mrs. Morse
Uved i in fr u 6t7 I? un-
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mrrted *iI a 1" 0' Mrs. Shannon.
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(NIA Tlephoto)
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ticut and-New York. '


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Dr.p 0A smaid -
big, tsmfiSw4 64 ry to "lfigultl
whi'tbl "der weapbi
otl6iMlan end Asmt. CO,..
have 'ied .iie ,i.ia ,
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et to agree on a jW.'
Seven women =an fVG. mes,
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wih r.ihppri erir il

,4'I-i LA..L

Army HaIts, Production

Of Vaunted A-Cannpon
WABHINOTON, Oct. 25 (UP) The first modtl Intended foi
- The Army has q1letly stopped firing was staiedn 194 Man
prodn. 1t.g.l atomic cannon, it was ready for S 4 I- 1951..
was ed today. The first atomic artery she
en sid that "cur- In history was flad oun
wlt pigmentss" for the 1953. at the Neada -A-Bom

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