The Panama American


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The Panama American
Portion of title:
Weekend American
Physical Description:
Scott Family Library Fund ( donor )
Panama Times, Ltd.
Place of Publication:
Panama City, Panama
Publication Date:
daily (except saturday and sunday)[may 12, 1973-]
daily[ former oct. 7, 1925-dec. 4, 1966]
daily (except saturday)[ former dec. 10, 1966-may 5, 1973]
normalized irregular


Subjects / Keywords:
Newspapers -- Panama (Panama)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
Panama -- Panama


Dates or Sequential Designation:
Oct. 7, 1925-
General Note:
On Saturday published as: Weekend American, Dec. 10, 1966-May 5, 1973.

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University of Florida
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All applicable rights reserved by the source institution and holding location.
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oclc - 18709335
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known along the Stork-El Moroc. row. .
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Christmas" (4, hisW aw Deeca al- form of radio" you
bum) Is Is original recording of Nov. 2th gu iteed-tI3a'te the
s ago. It sold over ten mil- date Richard ba the
Sa -decided wnot to 'L Pt .
improve on p tion... .Produc- Hall. (End ) .
er Geo b whoelped father Brando isn't -mad. T
"Pama Game" and On Your down .a pere deal for wa-
Toes (among other shows), owns terfrnt.' It wi t.t least ten
three oil wes now gushing like m blloa bux.
Niaga.s ., .Hy Gardner's book,
"Champagie Before Breakfast" ITn "Dear Chlles" dialog in-
arrives Nov. Sth. .. .It' still early cldeai Mar i ae is a sort of
In the season, but at press-time, frledhip reeognised by the p
Red Buttons is leading J Glea- lice.. It's one e t m top
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of the principal avatars of San to colum. Kyle

Orleal JCazz." (an, s that Bop- "I etting a
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The Trib's Paris deputy, Art I We tivuianei
Buchwald, is in the Belgiar. Congo shud (for -t
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mbraeeadar of the DonI-
gpoican Clon an d Mrs. AEL etoer -ach meetpup notice should au
raladinnern Til and rise or

Mra. Ungn4Prof. Colm. 'red hand to 1he mice.I
t Wbe" d t and Mrs.
6was won Sal a who were visit's R IAWC Grp
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ol Thei e AWas Pro. que and Dr. Igles-as A meeting of e Bella V s-
atd are lcMr.atNrs attached to the Cumiarenis He Commi houl
Cl b r s. M n o cal Department of Educa- the later-Amer ca W omen', se -@ soR 6 e "9
eert m nc- .,at the home of Mrs. S&.
nets with varn- Perkas Entertain Abbott, i088 Parsosh St., lali Every year, right after school wells in halves and toasVePt sides.
A brief history H. M. Consul of Great Britain Heights. ne we let our younger son Arrang 2 halves on each late,
scope bf work, in Colon and Mrs. A. R l. Perk- The purpose of the meeting a "Back-to-School. Prty." tested d up Then co pinge
aembemuhip and Ins entertained a few friends at to discuss plon1 lot the benefit is little celebration, attended h over tlem. rvo
m -atorv wa l dinner and bridge on Thursday wlich will be held el November. by his school friends makes the m urredl d rt).

esveri.Gue wre) Dr. Ra a eel g Ma n. w te rh ea NeW raseR h state a- seid end ba auila b tnes pu daute

ote an's ther De.oye, Di. Hmar and-- --. AltS Dialoeeigh a Hiss thurk b es, un a o r tdy and wxnte r, annoue to- a a 1ea to the Publ has er as f
ar oogana uriCe- hisoaeduetatorsoattatheo (ivi-sunny-ricune etHeoomeipteflooers onttoare bright t ad

al omDa omhs eiron catc a Ishn h rernso foot moun e edt at ta ct la e s torm Vay)
m UsoM. Hal M )meet l MondaM hornedNam.Oat 9ih a g a1

mn W am Osn a n Aieo knsaertait ott5 R 8s ary mla S St E v ends uto at ter o eUa wnser ct.o a truesubte. My e eared t tcrlo a tf erlee llv. and.

atd by inr. Mr. and Mri s. Max Delvalle Holy Family Chuen h in MJ gae Four e ses baon, dieyAse. boosted by a sharp tsp in corn- t o the coat.
ave left for a vacationsre. in tshe a will have their regular mth dib-szed alon, lied A merci al building, rose this wk The CARE off in Panama CARE has also de availablef e WO e sow (left) a li
wnrndamted in- otes. ly meetag on Monday aftem oadr d u -s M ed green per, 1 I a to 25.381,000 prom a t week's has been raised to full stature as supplies and material to assist of the plo copin'
natlvA. --- vena. small peeesnounC'leap bone- *192931, Engineering News-Recr a mission, Paul C. French, CARE with training course for rural in all.wo& plaM
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Shisan ewrstationwitheS hcan s en ouget1 tep fare organization's uhe-aqar y With the establishment ot a full watto-repellent-O
Worcestershr t ste pound One ear ago, building con- tern in New Vork City, mission in Panama. -CARE pack- asftcollar e
La man, edauldosAuarin, i M te R esr e r shred- tact Aed $288citI At the san time, French ap- ages to moat of the free world an dep I
an MelModayht parents, the Ambassado ed about 1 cup), I t o s hm- private volume this week in- pointed Mrs. Mary G. Lwrie as can now be purchased herR. Ad-C
nard. wo is of f pin to Panama and Condes osayltaScieyO burger rwals, eludes $45,000000 for commer- mission chief s or Panama. Mrs. ditlonal self-help programs fb .
hmus, was a do r. bago. MR1 building, or n74 pei cent-more lbwie has been ase r vbisnpg as Panama are underway, a lo a' egI with bc-tko
S- aIn a. large, heavy skillet, corn- tn the average week to dateI CARE representative in Panama with CARE's varied assistance to esabe tiedrpn
residents and ChurambelesFt By JAMEbitNNEoSN bat obleonion.s gn P the publication note. "It also since the beginning of CARE's social welfare in general. s lerat ways.
SPanama Ci.- Professor Alba and the ChurumS Dy ir tei beef and arc Co modPer includes $83, 600,000, for mass work there in January, 1953. She t
was Sthe next bees of Spai, who have. been united Pans3mac u hrpn eat a ob a 1Wito s dusntotiain and $39S0000 for I-- o well-own1 the IRthmul S lt Dam t to a
ke Ce e of mont in Pants, were honored tucky Is famous its ham but J 7 a t "to6ham more than teivol er weeknt hping leds. tMre. Lowrwitbeacnt
p eg% I s o f s st mPn a a o rde rin t C7 s a u c e H i g hwlys$ 4 5g00 0 o r a m s io in c h i & f o r kP a b m M r s .E l-h* r aV
w ^I Loulavu".8c!^ -(UP&jan Ausria building" ye cent havin .ive"^ 1b "* ; cu b F~ .
a@P!ceonmeitIn aamWMhuflNdsi ring^ 099'sinall d o& o 0yas r.Lwi ilb w Lw mt s

Snn-t two years mFeresea m'B
.the Newcomer's Club, has Z

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of the



NEW YORKER Is the sewing maphlne on which you'll
sve on dresies for children... Your ow clothes...
Mo artic. sewing .
AL, 4 c--1sd u dd
M bwp sewing.
*''* *.' ..^f ^ m~t **-AS^


~ ~- ~A


sy'we am onwvsse so a awman
for viA gOermets, and that
me aare =served ham at every
home they visit.
One s Mr. Watson's favorite
dishes is Chicken Creme de Voli-
alle, a delicacy much easier to
prepare than to pronounce.
Mrs. Watson is the wife of the
district.manager for the Southern
Bell Telephone Co. The couple has
one child-12-year-old Otan. Both
the men in her family like vege-
tables, Mrs. Watson said, nd thi
makes shopping and meal plan-
ning easier.
,f usually do my planning ms I
shop." -she said. If od looks
good to me, the rest of the family
usually likes it woo."
Here is her recipe for a, fmily
favorite, the Chicken Creme de
3 cups ground lehcken; 1 can
mushrooms ground; I cup cream
sauce; 1 teaspoon melted butter;
1 teaspoon grated. onion; 1 tea.
spoon minced parsley; 3 eggs beat-
en; and I package unsweetened
Mix chicken, mushrooms and
cream sauce. Add butter and beat-
en eggs. Aix well. Ad parsley,
onon. and gelatin which hai been
dissolved In a little wm water.
Season to taste with salt, cayenne
popper and WorcesterirUe sauce.
Put in a greased mold and
steam for 1% hours. Uamold and
serve with a rich cream mush-
room sauce.
So Where Are theyt
HUMBOLDT, Tenn. -(UP)- T.
P. Bethshares began advertising
in 1891 that his grocery "wants
1,000 dozen eggs." Maybe he nev.
er got them. His S A. L. Beth-
shares, operates the store now and
still "wants 1,000 dozen eggs."

I .

Restaurant e
4th of July Avenue (Opp, Anorn .a.t Offfee)

Now an excellent new Italian "Chef."
Raviolis, Thursdays, Saturdays and Sundays. -
American dishes Aad sandwiches.
- Menus are moderately priced and our service
efficient and corteus.

NOW! for sun-burnt, sun-faded,
sun-baked hair...

Roux color shampoo

Ah, those glorious, glori-
ous a sun ny days! phi
those poor, poor heads of
hair! Lucky foryou, we
.Aave a quick, easy, beau-.
11aful answer. With ROUX
ments you can repair the
damage the sun has done.
to your hair color. Put
fresh new color, natural.
looking color, into every
visible gray or fade4
strand. And with Roux's
lustroux 17 colors, you
can match your original
hair shade, or brighten It,
or darken, It, as you'd like.


according to directions.

I *ramw, vue I
in operation
of cheese.

Sdis i
a diali



The Best ,Food in Town

Delicious Shrimp -ocktail (supre')

Lobster ennldw FleloMI

Lobster Newburg

Shrimp wviburg

Shrimp Drole


T-BoneI 2


Try our laous FRENCH ONION Soup







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S Actor

AitiIWI. t

i.Sam 10s'- 113amIEn
4 lUnteeled
..^ ht4iwm O parent
tEltala 3 brightens
S- 3 P 25Measure of
i Dae1 NpapN Da dlmutive oi
ads M1 2i) 6Otherwise dward
SCachlues a27 Palm fruit s3 Horseen
IB Slejr oab.) 29 Row so0 Female sait
'" titans 30 German river (ab.)
Wflatlo 31Cabwy 42 Auault
MidI ~ito low point of 43 Mbnes
l minimum 44Donate
S MilitaT radios (ab.) 45Dry
JtI 3inisenistyrF Unt


[ 47 DeA olish
48 Paal e in the
4 Sleeping
furniture (pl.)
sl Wi"luke art
52 NumberI
5~ Aoo
48 maw i f

. '.$ slpt in hi..bed...wore his pojamoa
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,. a


selasmi erwy Fifteen Day, for:
Houston and New Orlegns
Sailings: i ry Tea Days for:
New York Philidelphib -, Baltimore

t(Glw Ve mail. at VBRABORUZ and TAMPICO
(mIEMICO) nlVy s weeks)

Wilford- &M aOy, Inc.
Masoale BsRif, CrmtSobal, C. Z.

The Pacific SitIn lavig

Royi Mall Lines Id.
S. "KNTA" .................................O. O
M.V. *RMINA DEL PACIFICO" .....................Nov. 17
M.Y. "RBINA DEL, ACIFICO" (18,04 6 ) ....D.e. 1i
M.V. "SANTANDER"* O...........................ek MO
M.V. "SALAMANCA" ............................Ot.
B.S. "DIEMERD "...............................Ot. is
8.8. "ARNEDYK" #................................Oct. S
M.V. "DALERDYK" ...............................Oct. 22
8.8. "LOCH AVON" ............................No. .
e Salnin u7ec to PACIIC CSTEAMI NAVIGATION CO = r 15t IM34/
S, o. 0 PANAMA-Ave Per6 #. TeL 1i2t1/8
IrORtD Cc, .BALBOA-Term BOf. Tl9. 8-9011


Great White Fleet
New Orleans Service Arrives
8.S. "AGGERSBORG" ..................... Oct. 21
*S.S. "HIBUERAS" ................................Oct. a
*8.11 "A STEAMER" ............................OeLt. 3
*S4. "'LATANO" .................................Nov. 6
8.5. "MARNA" ..................................Nov. 18
*Handing Refrigerated ChMied and General Cargo

New York Service Arrives
B.S. 'WJMON" .............................Oct. 18
8.8. "VIDEGGEN" ..............................Oct. 19
8.8.. "COPAN" ....................................Oct. 23
8.. "JMOR ................ ....... Oct. 25
S.S. "MA AUtJRA." ...............................Oct. 31
.. "SAN_ OSE" .................................Nov.

Weekly sailings of twelve passenger ships to New
York, New Orleans, Los Angeles, San Francisco
mad Seattle.

To Los Anples and $an Francisee-.. 4270.00
To Seattle ... ...... .............$365.00



*e PANAMA 2-2904
.._* *

.'. ,-'



3 '., '.. .,
, 4. .

. .
.1" s*


SCatch On, 3it


Courting bh Combat

UYIC;~11 1'



Telltale Letter


x- ."

Start Search



*3lrAuA'Se rFOP

S On Seeeod Thought




w tb

SA Throh Job

usom1 EGoPLE

1ON 11

SW, =

., --Z*l
.';-. ..' "-, ,' *-^ :'^ ,. ',: ,, : .>:*' ":*
.-. _. .v "-. -:.,_t .*- .5 ,-^-' "-1 ."' ..' '- :."_
. .-.-^ .-. ; ,.:: .,,;. .....- .; .. ,,,.

-, ~Ds,

! SA.

.1 -



Vt'.-r; a~


-- ------- --- --

-- --

E .I




S I ,
\,:. *' .


.'". .. .
, ._ S J
-' ^ .- "-


.4. ; ^ ^ 1 *,
.-. .- ...'i;'- '

- N..

,. "-.. ,,
.. ,-- .'
,. '

S -'

!. *~


S ..* .*

w a

i- n .

o41a. i-w,
* *i ;

,j... ..
P' l*


*k j* Ue *g

Noly Day NoM:.Sa &. USM a

."., A;-m Tay I

,li, pp o ,. I
soI moy IsaM: si on.u and I
j^ 'f a
aIes'IaS: Mla .0 I 4 -

, t

onl uns -
*iS u Wao a n-m.

3oiyp. I vi m
cat*ealD Class: s:xs 14' *we -
1 .4. e e s s0
on,5 m isO uit. It fanst

e 1 pian.
Cn ~ 8 6:45 pA. aO sat-


a -ss.
The ew.9Ham W. Bmldwin
Cafl3=. churnC sms.L
10d MM uma.
I Il^^gc.
a s.
ISmx. tiusnttv H~pa
I:w S .qufww a.uS
.C. N. .SAL

pA. -...s .. a..

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-P ............-' i :0

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M ,... .. ........ .. I u.
S........ ....... I
E a

I t u na .......... ........

Is ti o '

iM L10 *Ma ...*.............. *"6
hy'l iia' ago""" "l

ai .............. 5
d .... ...... .......... I S BM
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maLi' a tL ia ln-M



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^{TBij^t.iBf^^TOrH^fj i i 11 ii >
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^^ /jBS^SHlf-' '^.i'- ".-;;.
iSPB^ai^Eii^QSi^Bs^^ ^^ 'f^^^^^~ ^*^^^^
aBMrA*"1** ^^^S Bi(**'

*l^^:1-*1:, ,

CtI Anr arl a IU
Cor itCl -30 pm. ea Tu eday
m2nd TnHandrday2

Bob rl;; am MA** L and *O
P2 i 1"- 1 moae ..s8

Novens: TOP.m.
uc .c.l: e o.a. in _.

car. T p.m. on San le m
f 3-i 1-,- ( -u -'1m
mSIT4idl pm. -flW-

Aftw: a. M

l5I.' d

n .'. i "-.,. -- t:'.. !

Vn m 1. IL Shr. ArchdaBtn
Rva .o. *ua.&A now Cm- ]

imo TM L. .a .
r s ev. -

- "'
10m9d. CMdy -maiiA"aff.

14 pa sl lf W

-~~~ Baa,.*^^w'.

--LII nIf~l^^ ^fLAl~flJBMSSB



VIs pip. Wi' m ,boo

ao -s 0-Lss. M


S.6...s... a

aw6 .S -
assail*l ask
"t 2^ om

I. Cms.
i.......... '

? a

:mien to J.ommunlsts ,..
utilities rest -t

ot.... e b 'mGot f ther wl4en i Mn -.. hein io n 5 -t

?T'" t" J,..nhltk ? k therefd ur.n te..rea
K the court' first butlnea ea
Sof its i-5 ten Thej usticel, 5. Decline to rlfntatd a Q
n0M I o
1 tt ,' "lionS e. d R t Hl- Aiflxr iD WO.O sel ,

15 U presented to olne llled _with an EasternThree
t* hem forw "VIw. l.ll" m ki all 65 persons a- **on wi
&I_ rew w tl e t al a reed to board the airliner. a e
S" review will- ketedfor heir-- e 4 short
sand, d d w later will be Court Panama On. J
2 2 4 9 i tbadeddm d itwn later.# fr om .
m iThe a ston e. is one of the T^ Fws w *-_*
OpnMWdllgad 9 Mastimw Int the court aOled 0 v erv the
IqM~e^Bss-s-ste~sseSBB ,o hiearz U r. Itnwvolves the ^ L _* I
to hear mar. it IZIYOIY8 the 2 h An
validity of edition lawsnow In &utl Anniversorv ona
I he s am -e.* H (, < in yohofe tha n th ree lot his
The :ame tract S t ourths!o the *tt. Court Panama No. 10,06I A n mSe
i s. When s iot 11 s apeeifically it involves Pitts- lent Order of Porteterg, w Aor edd
n a turgh Commalt leader,Steve serve 20th anniversary this70 e
S ..,most t Nelson, convicted In 1952 of ilo- evening with a function at the "t
Snatin POant' daw to oveM Avenue.i s club, on National was for
ap." M ln th i k1t wee ot.e Tonig ht's festvtlet. which les rdn
at t were a u The Pnnaya Sa upreme acheduTed to get underway at 9 C alu- t
S to an h Court reversed the conviction on p.m., will be preceded by a cee- ar
te nie_ grounds only federal law ap- mony during which the "Sub- "*ela
Alfred i ws, plies to suc offenses. pennYl- lIme degree" will bie conferred This t
opened e nine oi vanlua apd the attorneys general on retired Chief Rangers. cross th
l seemed anno 27 other states appealed to The ceremony will begin at 6 $tamped
T in semaed,. i the high court to uphold state m. at the lodge's courtroom oan over Ba
iAo other lead have slitlon statute. st 7th Street. own wh
any better. A union spo eaman said the .. the Idah
f queen of clubs was played action on the no-strike ruling Home Work dr-"b.
from the dummy, and *M Jaye may cause labor unions to seek From
East, properly played low. South horter wage contracts in the SPOKANE, Wash., -(UP) H. cruos Li
hastened to draw truppp, -since future In contrast to a current Calvert Anderson, executive ecre- Kan., M
the opening lead milghthve been trend to long-term agreements. tary of the Columbia Inter- mery, A
a singleton. When declafrr led a The court, In a brief order state Compact Commission, is do. at which
low trump from the dummy, East with no opinion, refused to over- ing a little tutoring at home these mine by
played low and South wen with turn a ruling ly the 8th US. days. His stepdaughter missed ust weather
the king. Cirult COurt .of Appeals that one question. In a qmrner school, He sai
Declarer had to get to dummy thCCIO Pac nghouse Workers examinatli6 a ( WashUinktn his. long as
In order to lead trumps again. He violated the Tall-Hartley law by tory. It was "Where is the Colum. PvrP.-"'
led a low diamond, intending to striking before their contract bis Basin?" Florida I
finesse dummy's nine. Sheinwold with Wilson and Co., expired in
was ready for this play, however, 1948. *
and deftly put in the Queen of In other major actions the ,
diamonds Dummy won *ith the court:
atce and led a second trump, Jaye 1. Refused to reconsider its
winning with the see of trumps. June 7 ruling bringing under
East naturally returned a spade, federal regulation some 4,100
and finessr-lost to the kin,. West natural ga producers who sell
returned the jack of hearts, and to interstate pipeline companies.
East carefully discarded club. 2. Left tUin0g a lower court
Now South couldn$ get to dum- decision tat states may not ban i-
my to repeat the club finesse. As racial regation n nterutate |S
a reult he was compelled to lose raroad. "The Illinois Supreme !" i 1 i
one trick in each suit. louth ac Court ruled this was a federal
tally drew afoeurth, trump. and issue The U.S. S supreme ourIt
cashed his high spade, after revMily has aIsued ever rul-.
which he Led a d14awod -to the Ingl barring various forms -ot Jr
Swdummy .w h. s. regation in InterstAte travel. .
Ema won with th g di.- ,reed to decide whether -, ,
pos and got out can rs-. uPont de Nemour and '
preserved la dag rst

Si1*e ., -tric s of t.e; at diYHdH
yl.Alow-din. bright home two tricksWn thea P

otrNee ork. molWi <

hme FuhrimaiL.I.
e coastal range
le PUs n ir.lU
ise, zi., -
1: Ut tL
there i oMarse
heyewei Wy., .
gemp,.T ,
ime he was to
Shis uftet I

-.J. 5 .
4$.. -


Your empty

packs of

.RST... This stuponduosluick Super 1054 Sedan

SThis mke 1954 Sdda

* iUCQND... This mognificet ChtvIalpf Lux. 1954 Sodan

*' "'*V t? "* "" 't

tar worth


THIRD... The d4igshed Opel Olympia Rekord 1954

For .vry ten empty packs, om
certificeft and two chanos to win I

Win any one p1 these sensational prizes of o
Contest; based oi the draeicg of the National
Lottery on December 19, 1954.



1 I



* ,. ,, '. ,

- ;. .,

* .



nw your

-. 4



lOA IA m
. "Y S.-..,, -'- r


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"'." ~y Ir n .' -'-'.-.
*** .'^ is '^' --
..... 'i .* ; ;:

* YOU, CAN, PLCE YqpeApAT 14.At:
-- E *< ._ L. -^:^ >- i*,?. 1 511 iFF*J E.. 1 **- '- '-'Na


r rAM6UDO i MroUi X
MUNM 4Ia 0 July AV. A J .L
aWv"M ine Av&l. amd 3 9t.
I1 Ls CarrasqulU

H s&ron no. 5V

r 'Hmoes

: Te dape-sie party
514bedcee- mensle. com-
rem ied, in most elusive
I I dha et". Siltable for
e- bsiMee exeactive et
liating tele. Fermrly ec-
Sforeile embaeles. lI-
INited. rileese pelaee
fem 4 te 7 p.m. or 3- 9 t9 .M.
-,-Two-bedroom chalet at
ores (Barrloda del Maestro).
NT:-New chalet Golf Heights
bedrooms), unfurnished or
furnished. Call Balboa 2870.
NT-- Three-bedroom house
ireflorsNo. 188. $90 In-
.ot No. 190. Phone 3-5586.


D:- Unfurnished 2-bedroom
irtment with stove, refrigerator.
t.water. .n El Congilo or Bella
I". Will iay $100. Call Patricia
, American Embassy or Tivoli
Ft House.

Real Ertate
t.E--Large residence located
iMt section of Bella Vista: Four
s each with its own bath-
ftwo moid' rmoms with baths.
dindr m yivng room
goad for en rtainln .
rounds aloil around, five
il.yrd with fountain, -etc.
t lreasredb'o price with-
Ilar. Phone Panama
r. .0763.
M -On account of voyage,
6 wit gbod rent in San Fran-
- 1949 Chevrolet convertible,
ct condItlon with payment fa-
P o ktti h treet # 19.
P~~lt~ fcN

that' rtjsftr i*t r maown
for entire bultdino. 'ith ~ el
-in yord. HOPKINS, # 63
'ily Avenue.


,urnshed room,
lgoe41 t. Ap.IyNo. 34.

1, isW s Aid room in fam.
haift. 45th Street No. 14, Bella

CET:-Furnished room, Ae.ri-
kra.ouple. Kitchen, refrigerator,
ivate both ;7nd Street No. 14.1

FOR SAL--Used carm, very cheap.
PANAMA AUTO, S.A.. # 45, Ave.
Joed Fraulisco de le o Ona.
FOR SALE:- 1951 Dodge twq-door,
lectner interior, new tires, 24,Q00
miles. $700. Phone Pedro Miguel
FOR QUICK SALE:-1951 Chevrolet
Station Wagon, very clear. low
.mileage, new pdnt, $1.,100. Phone
FOR SALE:-Chevrolet Pick-up $300.
Phone 4-567. Pedro Miguel.

FOR SALE:- 1948 Nash Ambassador
S5-possenger coupe, radio, heater.
white-wael tires, seat covers, goad
condition. D. J. Quade. 2-3373.
5624-A, .Hecker Place. Dloblo His.
FOR SALE:- Original owner selling
1951 Buick Riviera in excellent
condition. See car and make offer
at House 587, Bciyano Street, An-
can. Phone Balboa 4409.
FOR SALE;-1959 Buick Super 4-
door .edan, radio and Dynatlow,
black w/w tires. House 0924, Am-
odor Road.
.FOR SALE: 1947 Oldsmobile 4-
door, 8-cylinder. 2 new tires, $300
Cash. Call Cocoli 8101.

S heflunienwiis,

PFORSALE;-New Hampshire chicks.
..,,Phoae ,2-0295 or 3-4910.
Sealedh for opening in public, will
be reeive.d until' 10:30 a.m.. No-
venmbe t. 1954 In the office of Su-
perintendeit-of Storehouses, Balboa.
for boiler lobbied at Barge Repair Sta-
lton...Gambo end enipe anrd part'
and Dump paort lOcated at Section I,
qlbh.a Storehouse., telephone 2-2720.
Invitation No. 127 may 'be obtained
from the above sourcesqor, from the
Pfi.e,, of Superinterddet. f Store-
heowss telephone 2-1 ;..
O 1B ,-FinA Bosfm BOB bd
P^ M".ttea ^ Clar, Pon.
I lb,

,TA-Y .W, PU -
VW AE:-Meia buffet $8; 2-hp.
rotor $4%Q 1-1i. $25" t,4-hp.
St0; 1/j6-hg. $,. .- 25 cycles.
76.4. Phon& 23'5a

FOR SALEt Double bed Ibleached
mahogany), very reasonable; three
floor lamps, two maple, metal. DI-
ablo 2-4327.'
FOR SALE:--Oak bedroom set with
dresser and stool, bed with springs
and mattress and bureau with five
drawers. Phone Cristobbl 2284.
FOR SALE:-Metal bedroom furni-
ture, desk, deep freeze, dryer, vari-
ous other household items. 6th Ave.
"Coco del Mar," from 9 to 11 a.m.
Call 3-193J7.-

FOR SALE:-Kelvinator I' l-ubic feet
60-cycle, $225; Philco rqdlc-pho-
nogroph, table model, $75; flving
room, bedroom, kitchen furniture.
AD for $150. Via Porras No. 52.
FOR SALE--PhiIco combination ro-
dio-ph;sograph, 2 speeds, 60-cycle,
excellent condition. Rodman 3504.
FOR SALE :--Three-year-old table top
range, excellent condition, $.75. Al-
brook 334-B, 86-3276.
FOR S'LE:"-Dish.a.her., water pres-
sure operated, rustproof, portable.
Name your price. Call Balboa 3490.

WANTED TO BUY: Smooth tires.
suitable for reconstruction. Rec.n-
structora Naienel. # 7 Peru Ave-
nue. Phone 2-0406. %

Gene Trader, expert Stateside. hair
stylist, is now beautifying many
West 'Bank ladies at the Genell
BIlis Cocoli Beluty Shop. Her per-
sonality is charming too. Call Navy
Aboard El Panama's cruiser
CANAL TRIP-Leave Balboa Dock 17
--7 a.m. Wed., Oct. 20. Thru Pan-
amno Canal with lunch $10, chil-
'dren $5.
4t.rnger's Club 9:30 o.m., Thurs.,
Oct. 21. Visit ruin of Porto Bello.

aboard. With lunchand dinner 15.
For reservations phone Jungle Jim,
El Panama 3-1660.

F .O.. .oU o FISH FANCIERS:-We offer a vorietv
FOR LE:--Collfttlon coins' Soon- o
ish Colonial period. Pieces of eight, of goldfish. 7th Street No. 18, Son
reps, gold scudos. Call Balboa Francisco. Phone 3-5587.
!43 7. ., ,-l.D -. A I "

F6R SALE:-BendiK,(nonomor auto-. i J"
motic wsher; 9-t.'poralain West- PRnnt & Mnoters
* .inehaB. refrligetr; 1.2-inch as.- _
.3peed fa. All 25-cycle. FOR SALE.:-Out=ia. d cabin cruiser
.a4o In excellent condition. Also with'1954 Evinruda 25.hp. motor,
I ~01 lprd. Phone Balboa 1003. $98p' or will sell bnat with acces-
S s, $600. Con :d seen ot the
9, I Dl^ n'l PFO TAUNUS D.A.ER, Agencics

IrvOl I

.-.,- *- .. *5lwlr I
aITO-to-inch boy's bicycle in'
ze/ Rips ,,b4?
i ,= "

. MW I fra.n r4 'e l -.
!t Wane Ind.. and Buttal0
'Weather bureau Itself
1W trouble keeiag tubs
I after the hu GitVepe' w
built Myn Be a. s
St. annousngt th
would pass near Washinit-
i".p,m. was followed aulck-
toother report moving iu
6t to, p.m. A third
t timed Its arr lvl
La 7 p.m..The bv
ar, el "has been ov_.
ki erratic In history."
UT t. Maxsy WSt
Is trek Hurricant e ev M-
l* te* before he ato A
f5 the hurricane lsift
I d vyen tetMay ta t 4a e
Bt remn ale sterm
Own. ot1fCOnway. NSQl A1ew
ITy's ~Uf recnnnmo es
lsfto the howter i nIs
da crew watched I.
MlM)med aihore pt Myrtle
ju=V about 20 miles from

-Navy iV then turitia .
[-btoind ani flew bark to.
imNaonvle Tla. NTval Air
*r and wmit strmailhbt tn bet_
e after 10 n ours of
Ig the storm winds, v
teI followed itsa errttc
EJIJ n the Caribbean Ge.
SAtlantic Ocean and un
for 11 ditys. h rmilne.j
Vttbtnea maOlP 91 eeo$ffi
"HMO Its iflhj'n-tarbu-

teta~te^Ei ,*

YI! I (II/!I-- Lese
pLtle -a Ie

bekCy S

.. -' ,

xI. -4upIP "



toes, modern conveniencwp, rod'-
orate rates. Phone 6&441 or 4.567.1
Philip. Ocea ide cottags Sant
~Clar. Box 45, Bulbi. Phone
Panama 3-1877. Cristqb l 3-1673.

ATTENTION 4 I. Just built modems
furnished q rtments, ens, two
bedroom, hot, cold water. -Tel-
ephone Panomo 3-4941.
FOR RENT:-Furnmlhd (y unfumrih-
ed 2 & 4- bedroom apartments.
Contact Alhambra Aplrtments,
10th Street. Phone 1386&-'Clon.
FOR RENT:-Apestmnets. C ..WO.
sea ApartmeatL. Ph5a $7,, Ces.

FOR REN T: Beautiful furnished
apartment, one bedroom, Vi Eqp&
f* o, house before Juan Franco.
FOR RENT.-Modern apartment, two
bedrooms. Centrally located. Phone
FOR RENT -Modern apartment, very
coo!, screened, dining and living
room, two bedrooms, large kitchen
and balconies. Jose de Fabrego
Avenue No. 22 lPasadena) fac-
ing Panama University. Phone 3-

FOR RENT -Three abortments (fur-
nished and unfurnished). Bennett's
Photo Saudio, 181 central. Low
FOR RENT:-Modem apartment, fur-
Dished or unfurnished, garage. Via
Prras. 46.
FOR RENT: Small aprtMint in
Parque Lefevre. Phone 3-5246
FOR RENT -Portly tarnished or uon-
furnished 2-bedroom apartment in
best residential section of Bella Vis-'
ta: Goroge and maid's room. Phone
2-1C8? or 2-0335. ,
FOR RENT:- 2-bedroom opartmen ,
cool, with sea view. No. 2, Uru-i
guOy Street. .A :
PO E$T^ pih twh.be4eom

ras5 '2
FOR RENT: Furnished oartPest,
North American neighbors; regulor
transportation. Do you need' one?
Expecting your wife? Phone 3-0471.

Help Wanted

WANTED:-English speaking maid to
do housework, washing, ironing,
sonne cleaning. Must stay in. Call
2-6318 after 6:00 evenings or any
time Saturday or Sunday.
WANTED:-Maid to cook and gener-
al housework for American family.
References necessary. Phone Colon
WANTED:- Experienced nursemaid.
Call Panama 3-2586. 4 7 p.m.
Saturday; 12-4 p m. Sunday.,
WANTED:-Maid for general house-
work, including, washing, ironing
and cleaning three days a week
BRING I EIRINC1. Apply 604-B
Cas.ados Rood, near Ancen Blvd.
and Administration .Building.

Umsless Money
BRIDGpORT, Conn. --r UP
John J. Paaso, '75, who had 6-..

Garbage ,
Is not AR..O_ IM.
You. ce an ost.
of $he odefr ihs

And save

M, Central A. Tel. 3.40


.Iz4 Sc 9 p.m.

'WB l .to*'Wat
B L *J '_ f|;ii|e|o

DeA. A. em MLA
a 1 A ..
Setrday:5 Ii al.
ii block trao La 4ifre)

General. Re tuane us
(Mat ser A wrk 4
guaranteed. (Day Night).
(ormer. a 5. A. L,,
ITel.1Z)M lift -.

-"- I a .
Lee cmwdwl tIe

Physical Thray Ultr Violet t
For Sore MuaceI, C malcr heuma-

,rport A d m_ and P an*

Tivo 44th of J'4y) Ave. No. 1
(next to B= office)
Dr. C. E. .A A D.D.J
Former FFellow iueto r Georoei
town Univ., WSal.nton, D.C.,
Former Disrict Dplfit Pedro Mfiuel
and Oakpbo. C2.
Spedelahed In:. PROOTODONTIA
(denture and ildgSewerk).
AIRBAWVn (mew teehBique
for denial fiuoas).
Also services in: X-ra Sur I-
Perlodontle and ChUdren D
Phone: PanamA (2j) 2-11
for matmei. ,
Hours: 8 a. i.ti ol n--,am. toe

New Search On

For Sdel Taeiw

At School Level

el : aa a.- -
eommI'diteM ctr ool s fe Mj. Ta
D. .(left) etlmated r faout of a
simulaend *atomic but at O, d o
Fandiw a eoce eHeiquastsett
t I~on. E. f Asptant, Cutef of 'tat, '0-, A
CAR -'I t far B. Army Photo by Bgt. W. talaO,)

Disaster Control Staff

Preps For 'Jack rf 111

A three- and-a half hour com-
mand poC t .tercise designed to
test bWth-.tL Armed Forces comn-
munication system and s t al
proeedure.invaolving d is as ttie
control, was held yesterday ins
preparation; for the fortheoling,.
Isthnn*m wdi "Jackpot III."
The exercise InInvoed solutions
by the se of t6 Joint Task
Force 1 rttr Di s a s te r
Control emulate problem st
upby. C. I. W. Wilhbur'Xi d-ms-
ter control eetrise *dreeor.
Is emphhelted thatr,tfts' wt af
exercise for miltery .eommeandme
era and their tpf and did not
involve Ditv f pb0_ $Il and oth-
er actual di rolforces.
At p io
irAt ,'0 a.p. ia p art"

a* f wire e nurred on
PaIcic s~ e at' CDt&H, R"u.@Mu0
th north side of Rodf an, t o-
aii, Diablo Helgha and Diable
Terrace. On the Atnl c side
severest structural damage fel1
on Gulick and argarita wth
lght damages and casualties at
Coco Solito. ,
7M atomic lbtts put kl e t-
phone, and teletype wie co&qou.
nip tlon systemS out of conmmi
san with the exception of Joint
Task Force Hemdquarters a ft d
Fort Kobbe. AV a' tsult, Joint
Task Force He resort-
through Alb=o 1 roce Base.
The Air Forclf, 1 1, relayed
all Task Force vnptUB quea. to
their destination. .

The exercise all pbr-
stional chanuWA OP. tethe _ne
coMipnder leVels4 A tet4 l
umiaw from the Aitaed Fore"
participate in eI a Ib l.rs_
o"Jackpot 111 IIT WW te*-
-oat con .a *
queersi of the "I 1 0
Air force and at pnN
gduater control ea

In World

WASHINCTO.q (iP) b n]AW we w
school students throughoutrae d r te p
country are invited to comet in aliTcra built
Ithe l4th annual Selnee et ate in 103 dil
Search for total aot, $1 1 ptb lanes,
Westinghouie science sc airaft bi
Forty finalists will be s said the alri
rrom thousands ofe ntrantir ,4a0 civil p
rticipating ub private and" i r t
denominaLm shgtoli. = I
The buy or tirl, wh"M #, phe lane
around siea. p orMM whose Po qu ae r car
Judged the most g
receive a I,0, p Lnd i n.-e e.
scholarship. ga ho
ranging f arom 2.o$a i*MW due
awarded to the18M rebaii.
The awards are Mado I
ingbouse EducgtIomai
which is- Upp d by
conducted by '"ienee of
America, admalisetoedil. ibB'
Service. A

,O in the bank, was found starved I The 40 finasb
to death i nhis basement flat. to Washingt to
Ienre Taent t
Repaid Feb. .
AUBURN, N. Y. -(UPI- An be ann
Auburn m has squared his coU- the essd=i,
slcae ar 20 years. He sent s10 boys andi
tetott atAonal Harvester and lent preoIt
ga be stole 't during the de. scientists
i %e letter was unsigned. mention
e*The b
A Sid-
jg near here is
Old and is 134

et mlit

ast 7rk


The-Joint .Task Force
Bsartr. Cpxnrol is beaded


. .-.. ,, ...i f .*-. ,
: -. '*. ^ '
., '.. .. ,** "

';.^ .- .

'- -... ..0
7-^ -, .5 .

", -r -1' .. '
4 ; .( i ,.; .;. .- i
? -...* -.. oi

^..v; ...,^

ane now 0o

I Ven lora
cbow forth four a1 *1 K lit, ,&clIrg t
oEn '* "l tf th
ad ez. u d In .qp. .. .* M


i -

Cttenil Av 14
o. 3 Lottery Pla
fourth of July Ave


Pamue Lfev e 7 Stre m
le0 Cwitral Ave. -_. '.fj 'i- J. Fe& .e la





via .







. I


*- Z *

'"Ni ): r C.&4 D

" S' *' "": ? i7 FT v :."
: "' ; **-- "" *r >* ^ ^ .


; ;., ,-:^ .


= s

- f ,
. .1. -.^

V; &




irw i Bm -% v I

'Vt 71 ~

.-,-.~, .~

r N

S',:'I;..- .

it pesrnfofth*'~ a'W1
tir.!ii .:. R.- ... :

nr^ W i .... ... i 'v~ ^t


.. rl t .. o
;'=C e Wi~

Plust The World Baseball Series
N.Y. Giants and Cleveland Indians.

- Late .ho: 11:00, p.m. -
8* S 1 A' 'OW N i
wttbA jwad Dulli

A and MOJ




Episodes 10 and 11
"TOkTO Jor

. "w"wC

witA~i, *Pi

.he. -.Yw M-le

..arry Brown, fed-
said emergency store. tni-.

paterYwe said e had toh
In Out eak O iOTwJaever equipment 0 fM0- ase-.
Srthe wate shortage at ser
h PORT Ow PAIN, Trinidad, reach several mll os of dollaTs rot i n said 2 pumps and ap
t. 16 (UP) .- A currentt out None of 18 c .ul e liners or feet. of pipe are being. ure.water
ed n thre eaths so far, pub- he ouris se is now expec- ,000 feet of pipe at tb

olie health author ,ities said today. e d to make the tIlt. Ala.; onL pump and 1egia e-
A ourth death as specter Trinidad Government has of pipe at Commerce ., 6
In. an rnndo Trinidd ed th f following statement pumps and 5680 help e m e Nor-
l opera starobert city, wherrill anss a shlapely hensi ii t wua diclos ed2 .o -
noculaton teams began work- bout a tra between e catiol nts and 2 tor
dih oT srred [olo an Ve neela pal a 'emergency stores at C tll-
Trinic r August, when a about d. Records 3in Trinidad r boro on p ad
ftll stricken. The two for se Vene fee virtually ae e Txhoaus lled.

utbes were alo f Y florom wa e equipment from Noroasince vi,
nl jngle eths. Trinid d and made wate thshortage at
o-- ville, N. C.
PORT OF .W.UrPAIN, Trinidad, reachseveral mrellonslof dollars. Brown sd 2 pumps A2,
Oct. 18 (UP) A current out';.None of 18 cculae liners original- feet. of pipe are beingouc1 at
ork of ymedicalo eer hvi.resl y scheduled traffic call here u red, g W nety-x, C.: one pm
edin three .deats- so far, pub- the tourist seeion in now expect- 6_0 feet. of pipe at C e.1
le health authorities said tod ed to make the it. Aa.; on pumllep and 13und ee
A fourth death a suspet of Trinidad Government has of pipe at Commerce, .-t.. 6
n Sanellow feverdo, Trindve. ad'ons. ed the followstriing statement p: mps ad 5680 feet of e
e second largest dr ckty, where mld s toha (1)co rqqrecto of areheos a- N.
einoculation teams began work- bout a trafificata by all between te aon ts
I he a tatester of dates fer Vcolony aeud Venaezuela. at N.C.; p ps
SThe tree d s occurred "often n unoresultg (2) and 2,s00feet of pipe at
ain io early August, when a about condnnms in Trinidad oreenaboro. %.C.:L one pq p"and
Bin ritish hunter who had there aft a creation of tra Ia0,400 feet. pipe t OWan
Setof thcentral jungles wak on between Trini a d and Vene .C and onepumpa .00
9ttftally stricken. The two for several days. A Venezuelan feet I pipe at Thomasville.
M r, fatalities were also from team of skpert0I aasncevisih N.C.
jfbvt tentral -jungle areas.' Trinidad and -made a through
i.,it rector of medical services, sad traffic hls been resumed, wlACH|I"
Bft ._.h- authorities_ were digap- redtrizttoan ; permilssble under lw -o -._ -w-
Im p e with the result of their internatlqdil Sanitary Regutja- L A
mini uatl-yellow fever drive, taone. Thae restrictions are: ft tfR 1 aw
AusW- the" vac e cliomes in 100-tot, clnation certificates by all crews
M pust be used'with- and. passeftors of ships plong Now F V o
ft i k 0e .:A ttr of m inates pfrer Vene zuela. a ; ., ....
rt e opened, often resulting (2) -.DO tWt-lonof aU a IN Kii. Finlau, 0at. i-
i- wworthlthousands olf dal-icraft-ISr^ WnSW.a over-
mh .. .. .. ... .. .. lht ; ,. aet a O O f a u r -- i n
,_ dhti~! -ft lett..of the outbreak on ,MPlZaa lv w dok l]aifde ,wt. l ^^^ "k.-i. h

t s
on a



GATUN 7:00
Suadry "Indhmictla of An Am AleAm WW'

CRISTOBAL 6:15-8:25
"Hell and High Water" Cinemaco6pe!
Ale Showlgw SlUDAY & MONDAY!




U Soon!
---- OI

alLAIr AItM 1bMlDAt

2 COL CUTLINE ..... ..(nside) ... ..... ... ........ ....
CAtMEN BKIGHT. ilefti (iuartennaster employee at Coro-
ral, receives a suggestion award certificate from Lt. CoL J. .E.
daudet. Executive Officer. Quartermaster Section, USAR-
CARI,. for a suggestion adopted under the USARCARIB Em-
oloye Suggestion Program. Bright's idea suggested the com-
mand-wide usage of a new Quartermaster carton opener.
(U. S. Army Photo)

Supreme Court Tos

Suit Agoinst Eastern A

WASHINGTON; Oct. 16 (UP) tereilaim and ented a
-The Supreme Court today pre-ludment aiat i
vented the sole survivor of an 1ie _
air crash that killed 55 persons The appeal court
from ing .astem Air Lines or reinstates do x'a
$3,00M damages, throw out o e i$1
In a brief order declining to ment.
c insider the case, the court left
standing a District court of Ap- Normally the ay
peals rtuln setting aside the be open for mt&li
claim ofl rik- ls Bridoux, a suit. Howevae, i aL
Solivianpilot whose P38 collided dealing with rts
with an Eastern airliner over the. diater a
National Airport in 1940. grand juiriOat
March 14, I a1
SEastern originated the suit Ip ol1 orithe arll3tef.
an attempt to collect the valqte crlfudge MtttIO y
of its plane from Bridbux, who ruled the gowe t
was blamed for the acidet y responsible.
the Civil Aeronautics ~oard. -
doux .answered with a i0.000 Both the
counter-claim. Then he left the Eastern have
country for two years. On wo- which Invol e .
tion of the airline, the district llon of dollar the
court here threw out the coun- the crash victim .

I P Special Added Attraction!

Wome 's Auxilli .ar"V S x w s

01 -S. Pelr's A Handsome Photographic Record of a Jou

In 40th Year From Milan to Naples, Through Florence
..* and Rome!... .'.

A corporate communion and re-
ception nave been planned Dy Tne
uomen's Auxiliary ol St. Peter's
cnurca, La ioct, in observance
of their 38th anniversary.
lae auxiliary is tne 9ldest sar-
viving organization of the church,
and its history dates baek to tme
time when at. Peter's ha d a
cfapttr of the Daugnters of the
'Kng K s-wa a BaManted ytb.
r' #ta A Wutiary.. ,

ia sh tid wVe, eee
taking care of the. aler. It has
also-engaged in charitable work.

K. A. Fagerholm, chairman of tomorroww morecniv co mmu
fi m Presieent' ""1i l. a body at the choral eucharist,
last night the task of wein heo LOVER BOY-J-ete the pmS- starting at 7 a.m. Tne reception
two largest parties this strat et o affection.-on will be held in the parish hall on
g ly placed nation on Rusia's 'h duckc-haped salt sha-. Monday evening.
doorstep together again folow. The lovebirds aOe owned by Children's Eucharlst
ing. Wednesday'ssplit The social M. Howard Wibon, of Indus.- In addition to the choral eucha.
Democrats and Agrarians split trlpl City. Mo., who says the rist, the Rev. John Spear, priest
and forced Toerngren's resina. tomance is steady and some- in charge, will celebrate t h e
tn following a ilpute over times violent. It seems Pete gets monthly children's eucharist at
the government's wage and pre angry because the duck doesn't 10 a.m., taking pl a c e of the
control program for the next 12 return his love. church school session. Parents
months. may attend with their children.
Delegates from both art I e P m 1 m
buiddled for three hour last sfnielit
beoreB-deeding to meet again to. WEEK-END RELEASE!
ily to work out a compromise .
whch'will enable them to re- | | 1 Il V -A-In
form their coalition. Fagerhnm I
agreed to accept the nomination __ V _I 1 _
of both parties as premier follow-I -
ing a talk with Psaaikivi and
Agrarian leader and former Pre- PRICES: 0.75 -- 040 SHOWS: 1:1s S.I 4i:04
mier .Urho Kekkonen. | 0. .. .4 7Se7 9:10 P.i1. 4
Scout News g.. .-* PAOQRA CAM.CHN.

LPeack 12. Ga.un .I .
Meets Tuesday ---.
Rcouts, will me"t Tuesday night WJ 1,'
:00 p.m.-at the Trefoil Hou se
All new beys wisbhin to loin
the ack- are spr ed to attend
with their parents. n
The nesti g places of the cattle.
ret have not vet been located
in South AmericA although the i
bird appeared on the-etontinent
more than 20 years ago, says the
N a t i o n a I Geographic Society.
Flocks have spread from Brittfi
ard Colombia. They are also new

UnitAd States. PRIC", 0.60 '. 0.30
SHOWS: 1:" 2:30 .- *,
4FOOT ITCH o, -6:, 0 3:55


v ..-

To Be Shown with Feature Proteseotio

S .' W W : -' -
SThousands of babies throughout the worldIu.7
grown strong and healthy with lACTG=4.#
l the milk most similar to Mothers' J,..
_ LACTOGEN Is now enriched with vltonl W- '
SIron to guard your babyick
aguaint anemia and rickets. J* M

%%- I


ft.686 M vlb farfs seNer s
ilt awaylkal -becauu
p. i ati. to
iir*? "s'^^,-fr'ThS

*O BJU:R.O.-

':- s.o-...... h n o ag m i

," '-1 .6---A&



'- ', V '' i ... ,

-i V- W,.i.
a;r Jg j ... / *

* ~I~ii~



-- V





IABLO HT 6:1 58

o___ew, -U&,o ._,. -

.-A Mnn iool "I







r I

T "

S~ ..'


S-.. here- '

Iere And There

; ., $,

A q .i ;-'.. ,


- a

welve-Bout Boxi

l.afed Tonight Ai
', ts.,

* '.'. ~i
.~ ,~-I

7.,. 'P.
* -q

.t U'
b 11". J

0. .
k o, I
<'., *,: i^

*.' FOR HUDDLE-Vlilanova comes up with a radically diffei
luwdlee. Al save the quarterback and center stand straight
'facing the line of scrinunagr.: This enables nine men to wi
tL defense as the quarterback calls the 4Jinal. (NEA)
, l -. _.m^-_- Ji ---

for NEA Service
lon and exasperating
the epach had worked on
ung giant who come to
campus as a freshman hail
as one of the really great tack.
esdra, s had been lust about
I -ad evething-,sit,.
h m In ar4oi
*wa Whela'N sanlOYaery
the eoach decided. tbqre was
hnce left. If he could make
6ica mad, it might help.
ought to be ashamed of
Iff" he snarled Into his ear )),.
e opening day of practice.
Wtt wh at you've got, there's
:X you shouldn't be able to .
44 field. Why, it -I
sprbe I d have been the
championn of th e
.:.,.I "Yeh," he replied, softly, "w
'proad slowly over the what stopped ou from being
flyweight champion?"

..She slept in his bWd...wore his pajamos

SRiE Spt ere

7 Z a Mb

ng Smoker ylu 50

Ft. h Raise Mon ey FT Ti

Armed Fowces boxing fans will PHILADELPIA, Ocet. 16 tUP) hlel "m most
rate National Olympic Dy aer's beloved al t el t m in m r
big way at Forth Kobbe. fattes beloved Ath e nd h o s .e -
when a scheduled 12 bout boxing The animal g tursaDutI, moved to 1R
smoker will be held inU"LifellnermThe azI glreodk- X.- *ahd title on OW. ;A.
Arena." Starting timeIs h7:30 in the Ahr sh l eal dy ealed-a re. le td .
pmt to Kansas ciy4 1l011ot1 "" 1"The
Fighters participating will be hen 10 ra beamed
from Fort Kobbe, Fort Clayton. $m3 17a T. w9111oneTo puto roo
Albrook AFB, Coco Solo, and thn 75 wh co are toi
al Trperma b Ct cago reNosae Armatter lto_ of fils t ti
Bantamweight Pvt. Juan Al- old Johnson, Johson a r c t even t ,
veres-Torres. A Company, 33d to move the franchla toM Kasas the A r
Inf. Rgt.. will be pitted against City. have had no a have
Pvt. Marvin Henderson, No final deion in the con- r of th been
S Albrook is scheduled to box Pfie. fusing financial. situation will be has been my .agn aVI M tioR-
Billy Lawson. Tank Co.,n l RCT. announced inti 11 a. m. (Stho u. ( o th re M aot
in a lightweight contest. Junior- Monday bu ta member of te t Monof Ue- T ig It.. .^.
welterweights, Cpl. Raul Calde- Phil a de I p h la busineament's beat solu se ^h
ron, Fort Clayton, vs. Pvt. Fran- FrOUP said d' money already "My last
S Di-ll A i in the till." Anothera out s ty, one of. ba he wc kIa a
33d n. Rgt.-cloe to the tck family saide thet g" buy
In the elterwe Iht division deal probably would hat been s tates, B area obo 00 Chi
t. Abel ara. Fort n, yesterday but for Roe of 6,000,0 -I ot of the Saxton, a arold
will test Col. Ernesto Ramo-i-al-t o al .e o the
ueroa A Company. 33 Inf. Rgt tra in an official American from buts i career vi-
Siht-middleweiht PIt. erome when the club cha ged actual fl cts theorie." r'" o h ar -Jo -
GladowAOkl, A Comoanylyd Infdt. .Johnson l 1ie B /ta lo and-o sOIcli. .
Reit., ti scheduled against SOa Under di*k`eWV Wilit for ap 1 ,0 t in talks one, however, ext o n
Donald McRay, Fort Clayton. A iI expected to be a eta wIch tut ,- doesn't to feel too well
2/c Pault, Si th., Albrook AFB, on MoSndays-yr-6 I 0011 000,0M000 in lu have already even If he wins the title. Jo o y
Ske f. i aarnerCo- and Earle would ibe bouht, been received." has a aldayadate in a New York
co oio, ein a middleeigbt bout. with Roy rad tain an l aCity ail Walting for hida the a
Pvt. Ed Tarverb.B Co.. will fight and an official pealtift in 3te ak ,i--S.......rute the fht Is over. ioreived
rent PLt. Robert George from Albrook to notify Primesien y~e Wita- -tar d ofithan8 tichets
at FB. ol Monday. ti- ae E and me mind, 1 a lack Of mobility in
The four feature attraction A thoroughly-confued John- definite' be a d the rn, Saxton is a definI u.
To e fores etnreattract ons o n, meanwhile, sad he still u, di m*-" derd*.'
will find Sn. Pex Houston. Cocothought the a hold be st l f' Stytoukesemoededo
Solo, boxing PFc. Henry Akins, thought the team, should be describes Is peuar- Styles wouldd seem to detewIame. ,neAi
Battery C. 504th FA ., in a sible fhthis.GalIs at his bes
tery. ht vAn. InI who are vitally Int eI in a slow-uovig opponent.Te. .....
nor-wevmteiwelght event. In keeing the As In PhIldel- Kid usually ps and mov anen.eabout. owaver. the Kid's iht fl[ a borln ,
event joe Collazo-Mareigutl, phl." around this ty O f fighter, sr- ne seros matoueh mot o. t't ,I *h even
Battery B. 504th. IightsnC ad o-n to two unidenti- in him with at bus left him -than an tra set osth un- whhe14clo o- Ms
Battery B. 504th. fig t CPl. fled men, te Ph ladelp up at-is,stenormalaln cana- drum he-es to beoat.- but.e ha%
1eroPere, For lyt. is composed of IeonrI Strick, do these things. But time and ft, both Jab and- searint hooke
0Col. Jack ONeal, C Be rsma- a truck-traIler -manufaeturer: an accumulation of ovr 100 always as been his weapon.. f
t h ine o obbe Paul T. Harron,.owner of radio fights have-Irobbed a lot of the -'6"aha" l.ui
ship Trhy in the Fort Red Grgscheduled station WIB G: Barney Pisher, bounce firm th t ad's pg. He Sa n, by accident or the
aBoxinst Pout. Richarm d Natale, oil and ae'-.exautive; showed -thls plainly in his try fo has .. din-mre wixd gemha
a Tos .i the lhtid By RED GRANGE Arthur G motor tracking Olson's. thtoe re re ecld
executive: Josph Leiban, do. In that one, he tried to e W.eiilher. avon fans re any mo try
dlewelght division.LighheFav- Originalnla erartment fe filal: sadord still moke than usual aId bo r two.oa them elearly -I at that t
Caweights Con des dori Wareley, Ior xlot m m te: Ar- he couldn't pick his spot -for frlightf ls in succession.- which comr t with Ba
Clayton. nd Cpl e nfe ature UESTION: er me-ou thur 1loenberg of thUe Food Fair ries agalns an always -pUn saw11 Ruby Goldstein throw lio-e 4W112 a 11e11
planned for one of the feature lSTI Ater to t t Wili A4er. Olson. ULivip inel an6-then master Eal-,"I pahe it ear i
encounter, iste clock started only upon oreaW"n g cintracter e could come into trouble ton otqf the rng for not sas,
Other 1;igh lights of the eve- of ba?-e rne. of th was deatood against Saxton because of this. le.Jay 1s g kum d~ ~ I bet up 5 ..
tohaveIn0Johnny is far froa flash when
ning will pit Bobby Riben of Answer: Iti ss otrts "O'00the od In witjohais 0 jopf..he b ,ibutmhef: %am. a---, .

IW contributions IWi be *,.-%,
for the National Olympli iy
fund raising campaign. f. r
Q. A team couee eut of tm tile,
huddle zrdy to run a play. Rmacb. 61
Ed Mufligan, b.ev tmo
such a WAY that several blocki"g" "-4, .. '-
MsJoin s mezt-intheinar e

ellRoy M ack der. ,
the A, Iometime a inew play Is
called for. verb teams to"
To Revamp As ""., u haveigfas
but e are such that if
*ere is b& near enough
SAN FRANCISCO, Oct. 10 (UP) them N a lean sht, .they
Eddie Mullitan, baseball play- auto r head for .another
er and executive for 31 years, defended -hi_ pel do temi just ,
said'today he and ,Magck wilg as mno& "d ot of
Join. forces in a top-to-bottom *- .
revapi iplng of the Philadelphia Q. When d lsear Bryant, the.
Athle Tca if the A's are kept in Texas A. I1.. coach play col. .
Pladelphia. lege footbal?-JWm Mulloy.
Mulligan, president of the Sa- A. Brygs- was %a edat Ala.
cramento Solons of the Pacific bama, WE* ~D" SI, in the
Coast League, said Mack had mid-'U. "
promised him the Job of general avId nIa m livinced that
manager if present negotiations '"" "y
w th 10 Philadelphia busness- m
M men are successful. Ja
And. Mulligan am. If he r r smoking
pets the post h wIe Fra tnk givessoking
(Lefty) O'Do of .. ....ado
the PCL uenn-.- ..-SoA"

Wma -p A W -o a D iego-Pare, 4 with
........- -- .... .. ..... him as field masassr.
S"R,' woy wants me?' Mulligan
'. | said. "But he's got 10 men to
deal with and maybe some would
object to me. But sinae he' the
rime mover la this deal I think
A re l Ction of t will go through.
S"Roy and I have been close
friends for the pat 30 years
''* g 1o t \There ls a lot of work to doup
t at there and with the ol' left hand-
a er (O'Doul with me I think we
can do the things Philadelphia
expects of us."
O'Doul was reported "very
mueh interested" In the Phil-
adelphisa job. He has long been
mentioned in ceOunadltle with
major league managerial jobs
b. but has remained in the Pate-
fle Coast League sdnae he came
down from the Giantsa n 1925.
Mulligan, 00, after a long play-
ing career, bought the Salt Lake
City Bees of the Pioneer League
in 1939, sold the club In 1940 and
later bought into the acramen-
to club.

.,,i GON ~Carlsbad Carbine
Of Former Idol
-" Bowen's teammates are calling
him the 'Carlsbad Carbine.
Bowen. Denver'i 18Sf- p-o u n d
quarterback, threatens to
wreck every passing record
held by Sam "The Re.".. ,t,h-
E.te* very, now in im Cana.
dithan League, comes from the6
same New Mexico eity as Boww
and was a n *id .l~ sTa
OR" in a oo
OIweR set aboutlto bre.
Etabevetry's malks. a
i Irk

;-; r .-.. p-... ,T,

VICoy is truly a clean. mild,
plesat amsoke. Its exclusive -
patant. filter has 20,000 Oe tdn
eleientm to make your smoke
move ejyable. And, of couwme
the filter prevents your lips
from steking to the paper ana
keepI aJnoying'bits of -
tobacco from your mouth.
That's dwhy I smoke
vaMICo s and recommend- them."
S. .



A'~, *~

"a: i,_- 1 -"
. .. ./ -_ ,. .-'.a
OF~ .L

U "r 'i -. .

-i~~.f S

Z '.




4 .....--..;.- -
U-.. --

.*'*^ "^
'- ..- '<
T IN f+..++..
41,"+: i i _

, -. i

4". I

4 1~

I',. ^ ..I
' .*

"i"[topen the Cate Jd aa_ ka a--rnd bypi
---] ao.mch o mm .m tr ran over too fort
o The 18 squad, with .ddie a ,r in U last us-er4

Yotl- d defense honest. the pSwed and be gnorted-
S oa d fine defensive ball nU means of a 6srd tackle,
." 1,,th nn&n nd no, ohr secon tw e.,,1, t,,k p.o ,
form unt.. .r- TO f hrS5ma t o

nn au bi dt and s the one W line-. e m

a,,,. i.or he "i thtg a t.. goal After the .,.n daro so i, the i
po tot Thleg omai n t a Ol as the-." boys played de feaut bal. held
.e.e-u g .o.ld.. m, n th. AeM ash wat.a.p -. _.el, Te2ip. .
t e ) entire. > p_ fl

twDam., ca *S Nego Catcher owar 4
room .I H mooe_ o!- -fw _p eo r .ma o.. .e r72 ann M rge H a 461 Oook innm A '. "le ": TUE CoSMOPOLIPA Honey's 38u. For t.he Beareins,

Yo have n blhis th tkoei o TC h. T1he seventh wee irst h team snd hs are as

and uw I pbelieve this ee kg oungh 5 a o r..3 ldr r o a n p e in 4 g h sh arp eethI fa ke ol n e a t M e nad s
a1that h le abi y a os tr h asa wih 1 and tet soul Pout a-- .oi f.
S ot s.Iadclaesi o 'r r tbe tSeo t p aoeted on b tehe baIst al othr s ero m Pa t done ex p ointt tan --ft".
pm,"an .01'

sncrersa and 4 tOf Tar 9 -12

LaBws r et, e agues-a thate sid C Crr conma B VAancento maerda thwe i tckns thd B a-12erou -

staiiiiiiiiiii-= $C beball-wa hod to the ETexarn L ea gee. 5 13 s ald r t hrel tooe Iause leabut ae y coulint
in ebusiess law when not Be a seth ettathe wasyer-o hr oow ,b ereigr
'v o thi k -.. out. oi ng the freshman team on p to by e r re a- arh rs ossont aolter e ds r c e I the in.a s
,'wndow ps,3e eOe. eas ner ao l n Seag ue r Ath n s o l a oenr lltedeout e a ne d6 8o3 the 8Tea- d t Te thedd 2 hi

Satb Acent, tnoe *ssv 8. Han r kn n uted3po 501fi a nd m do eage eonris an
ant im taukw skiee to .r oItself, as* fau asn who med who m rbtrdentpe Pob u len" t h Tu me' s ou6 we13 and Iris Wa-s women are asof roow
a.l ll10c -. htoineo whot ror
h t eow bav ei con. r ,dntent maotgbonrwern toil oldrivng38n'here 't uchcoroneos1- high game.
Toro ndo w iingc rs, i a o.t hi e h it eig in Alleys 1 anr 2 found au tougheN
r sow nward or pitchers s Vir Trck Hal there team tak oil r team 34 to Cunning Coffey

o.a l ho had brief trial elopment of Broo new e and banged out a 3-at point while Morris contributed
O iiiiiii..iiii.i1.i.-Notre Dam ^r HN a d Lou. t Browns and strikeout star, although he from the Lucky Five. High for 2nd Wilber made two19
.e ll est went Th Ptsurr P tes r the powerful Hellts were ob points For ier team er
r iIrt'i .iree 411... T sn o

'^^^^ ,,^,^,^1^H vn aU the way. chaj-ed right-handed pitcher Ed Lowande's 538 and Virgin cored the o y touchdown. I
-."rel n aan e thWi to fromttheUen l eth Lerunn -
a Po CeMar an k eAr Woodchucks. The two
t e atom.tied othe first gamewRO
an the ln raesnscivbm and 92 alfo talijd

moand t were A1 W drandh d wi, f e

ortree % a t50. ha ede. to fr te
oae l ared t2 ti y whileI
l aue-tis tri.o s -a i th e fer Ltluo t. e c" d
aia slebal-w ouus- t. 52 and rge Harvey 461 took nA eue play we find

1." br hel or n .P an d8 pier mies w migy shaN te th B arr once, wth Me, arv
portle n_ e juiw .e Al lcote to Kansas Qty. a nd knowing outs 3 point vic- snd Pederson each contributing
togout -Andboysonplae b tory fro a doomee 0 ra p t, ea. hould-

.Y -et tme, e l mnyr PauinLfive. The Termites' game were vn's 2 oit ca me as a result
power t bg c_ cent manae were iCof 6 an o a numerous scorn oppWrtu-
n a hold ft FortWorth the ex League u 's 1 alo e the aus s but couldn't hang

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inFaBuan k i-es amon from Depver of
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assume his searvig ot contract, Vhi sW
year and was toexpie PN 31. 81IM.
However, Houdas 3 out nd 3 la : .
BOx Tnflelder. and 14 plot of Lou m
winners, is., i Thu op new ,,0Iow I
an4 too often topsy-turvy a&Sn of T TopW.
regime. .. .. .
except for 11941.; wbic brought him .lh mle.b .
not the world Uchanm htp the" years mter,
happy for Tom l asieanway.mi aTi. Hne ha eI
out limitN He has poured million Into j ai
and sought no profit. for hf imt is
cess hat eluded him. G and ere A TU
Ieady to sellu out to a .ulnicate organlbed y h 0i
The fact s, Yawwg oever really
merely huem. in It. and then on t
To b d have bought theoaYnk after M-
CoL, acob ^wpbrt. The lateod Barra vlpead I
sell out In. thteub and purchase the w amrk
Zddie Collim wOuld not Tccompn om new a
of lolalty. YqyVksgreimqudIntales.

the Boston ,mn .tht 2 $..
other story had, it that Cronin t. iat was
and accept' the genera n ml ie p of t
from father-in-law Clark Orifflth unless Bonodreaus.e- i.
In any event. Lpu hA gone, and no thlEe r e.i aq .0 .
-lbility that Theodore w recant on nh retint aUi ,
ment. It will be relollected that when Wlam told- I .
bba all writers that he. would not return I'n 16, Yawluo I|
"The training season Is a good way oftf. ThinM may
Tom kn0w-the thata JOureau was oui6. |
The dy the oZsold Infieled* .v g |
So ft 'res -PrPMe.. Croa.nin sO -.
4Maybe some of he o da. like Billy Coslo. now w le
in our Infield. Thre was no sense n lying y -
C "Ofn waS certain that with Kelt gone, s Ou .
Place LA00 bo s baby Mo is lineup
third bdl^-ad dadnot us Oonsolo untll many weeim_
Creot-d %B o Rd ot into a hasslase lat yar
reofunoto ,e Xt"Mi on to ebntruotlon. TI
thou ft .Aheat ago hmd slipped so baily, he j '
Woltei w pennant fight. o
donkob r' hand figured that the *l
ir fi th, and wanted log,

Bialtloe to Cilago at 2 in the MdrJa. The llli l
game asheduled until that night u wau. s l
disre.gadethe ooW". of h-ft men becue wanrf
the do alyhis home la'n fave. I1. LW s numl Aor 4dlr :. |"
UP. ,
, 'COP AMI M g J :
hehval lin the aor of majOr bablls The at sv
ehlfts in the Amre ca League within the lat month, an i
Is on the way. UdheI@Qst wil not naja a pilot fta
The managerial shuffle began with Paul Iti _.r M
from the White aox to the Orioles. He Inmoaltelp
gns aS h1 field leader. Now Paul will have to
As Jwimy Dykes lost out In Bao MeB
faOred VIh A third shot in the businoM of pqlottIn
Bucky Harris., fired in Washington favor .1
ien. went to Detroit to replace Feddy .a Ot. '
AUll these moves unqueattonably may bi t 't W
Can League's stem reallUstlon that it had fIt all i-is
tIonal League not only I prestige, but In quality -,

Maklin the manatrlal failure the Pat fW.'
lack-'of Initiative Is old stuff. Let's hos te thoe
merely the prelude to a grand revival of over-all





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errenuanyP n m ;
a. a. ,t,

'German and lued s-t "Let the people know the truth .
have completed drafting
th ements aabollhihngt IRTIETHY EAR PANADsA .,` ." "..
oc0ted fon statute and re t or-
ea n independence, officials ,
a dun ccd today.
Jft wrk was completed in 1a
taVmpte spurt at a session
., R:Democrcts leonE
n dermaJ- ued.committee e '. "'s
of"Urts lastingtuntil 4r a.m.
Th-txu1LAn cedld obe
Mi Pd signed by Chan-
Ollld ~~adeuer an~d thre I"
whenthey meet in Paris next
X,. The agreements, however,
go ihto force only after ra-
tion by the U.S., British,
r and German parlia-

Te experts met undei they
ship of Si Christopher DitW .,0..
Lssel" of Great Britain. Twoalo*e
wooing parties had' been set. u. onltst a.
to tund .out the Lqndon deci-e -
pt leatherr groups have been ou'"rf
in Lonod Son. ON, Oa P)- a sent
0 here 5.tled a re- Ti Department de
othe Bruilits. treaty erh been
S armament control u- ;-ance the,-
expanded trety,..- w-t the r
so 'weapon and troop levels,
functioning of th new
saUp. on agency. a fomfm-
other worked u a direc- bMita
t -8U hmeqlltarters bt- 'he
1tsMilitary power. M tmvnstig'atnc-e
Drotocol covering Ger- oOastfrok o
Sto NATO. a
of State John Po- no
a Is ucbpdled to fly aaIm.
P Wf1rmeWednes- a
Qleor Xdt ed Aden-
pt nrany expect- of th a r statement
14 ne rtt emi~ e
... .. ... : .- ---. a & .o li ti
-DMIT. -TA.E--Gov .Wflam Bta)tton ort to.
hands with Defens re r Clhttles Will. ( )after "
Wllson's speech in o.-o m tol t aZlnd of o a1500
that his "bird dog-kUnI! dog" remarks had been in "un- r
fortunate platake."
a -ofth-co,
,id a-,.06=--i..
Ledger Thurrday oe e. o -
Nt (,cnammuniat ,el7j;.Jead e4 wMilart
'li h M ea t .s3 0i-V" rw
-sien fltowr ftuehss a mnlfl naare op.- -
didowry-Air Force Base, C0ol... ? .e 0
offes. *I;aowork as neit on his 54th d th, D -el'sZai*S
,with ekamuntwaureaumes h h.Sal \.
he had no way. of -i_ .
8eorety whethd thi "middle 1ta.n
edc.te t' ,dw d t about teachqy she knew In 1940 as e De e d th the
control o$tt o nemploymentUp sae a lIGae, whom she had seenA statesh one.
'I nPtplus. -at a Communist "'ront" meet- tcnIoal aid'aw t
sen- .. ,., {1. wn .as t1e candidate's sistr 'Th* hlt executive axerGuate ala in .

Dmotss ra tiseomi- *f omne arah.rt Case pradlcted po.ltiqal .UNCh ef ..
dente .t"he aomo he._OP. 'enoom wt'stoopo low as
ne t~ o al g ba.l- Defense wU to at h (Case) through
the *wnw 051

loting. e t t e of their help their e .is are going to help
chief worries Is the disser of ca
ooerconfliNne, whih theyt Republicans control the
fur might es 'erome of their 425-member E 218 ieaets to .PEM i "NCsenhewer, ap- V. ".
cabpsign workers ato lt down. 21* There f tour vacanoies. p frdta4 MSd eX- .,--
Another Is ome by dependent I, fedh a of
bal- Iftense I t-(Cue)-through
aI' Mgigtoat hearpihis -1?.-

Publicity OP' le4lers were Rep. Fraider fma of Ohio. pru QeGlerade. vacatio edoa a.w t husb and dI iefll.tess
optimistic. Viqe, President Rich- lp heir 7014 '0F s R Iks ce
and U. Nixon paii here today expertss In' t*th parties were 'lri. absa ash- put-tn lo
his tour of fl teas .convinced e cautlqjatbout guessing n'(- di4les taking office ia t.-week
him the ca campaign outcome o con-
has begun to"rll." He said if of the u ic& ste, watch the r lo' rap
the present mitrend continues his fl.ew ruled 4 majority of Toa..N iel_ atd we
party w retai control of both seats to 1 ratio m Pm- maz Indiane.
houses, bea' and one. dent. apo t a, night on thE l, .S !-: Drs r, .
bconi cultural pro oden
Privately, however, some GOP oth'sides.agreed the outcome gra pt his admia- White Etin he minute
litionihno clear-cu:tdr be' clse an th foPrtunesw of tre a tInfothee
forecasts except tat the House or two mat .might a e
S--A election wili be "close." They s the dif Teao between P ruld9t, accompanied i6 pah s
haut i tended by f oigure they have a good chance Dmocratic andRpublican con-L by bowr. wr, rove to, weglt on
ofese ri" w o l retaining control bY a few o .t with Mrs. John & tafft Bodes
_-h vie., a C. the votes-possib gvm or eight .. D. .lImnhower's mmoth"re t
be Isni naura linke But they also cascade the Deaa, With such a lgebalance or, bot1h warmly embrac '*'leehubs
iot its height whna aocrats may win eontwol by a nart east, the new on CIl!- her boarding their p down lauin
st eprrow margn. ,trd P. Cae, t la cand- for ti t to Idlanapo. a rie s t
*3 : tus.~ etrtteRteront. t"wn

U t than S9me of these OOP experts di aey, assumed .ded al gifI- a the White House in- The two
not agree with Nixon, who sat.qanqc. The Nqw Star- slated I the Indianapo g,
... .. .. .. us sali as : onhuartisan, GOP .
bi~d b fardm vote ina the tenipton
oorthco,*bR congressional eat
U* ''tons.. ,....
let President left Den .
C vi, Isad that on Oct tji
2 w Is in New York oiChths""rel
to ad the Alfred E. Smith
me Tuaner, the chief exea
6 bnnd i. eo n .
ut s t witheago
H fl.paiididatea and absct" by
I11 4 fuethyhv aIod hne ~hwoer. -Id mroe t.,h.D. .. :,
AD$. Xi~I.Sget's.moth
To.-o-ei "pa--l- -ov,.or eight.
14= =9 7.'- -: r'tu "s ""

J ilt suebboth.a ., '
butthyasoconed..aanersofth SateF ce
-ftIs' aatndcnA L_0 q-lt' ak n.u- hr bmt

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