The Panama American


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The Panama American
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Weekend American
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Scott Family Library Fund ( donor )
Panama Times, Ltd.
Place of Publication:
Panama City, Panama
Publication Date:
daily (except saturday and sunday)[may 12, 1973-]
daily[ former oct. 7, 1925-dec. 4, 1966]
daily (except saturday)[ former dec. 10, 1966-may 5, 1973]
normalized irregular


Subjects / Keywords:
Newspapers -- Panama (Panama)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
Panama -- Panama


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Oct. 7, 1925-
General Note:
On Saturday published as: Weekend American, Dec. 10, 1966-May 5, 1973.

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University of Florida
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All applicable rights reserved by the source institution and holding location.
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oclc - 18709335
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aB ratlte at
iariah Te. 7a

, Conn., for
It the tirst


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ecoo, Fl

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, A&r USS Mont
1ifto: the Guo.
craftt carr*
.at epecte4:
i Trn. .a


unes taenh ow -
35at d may beiwu

the# U.r may a
Tdayen. order
-, Aim~nm Ae ima
hatt poY USimilar p-
1a to the law "ve beenvotd

.A spoBan the PAma
t Caomrtny lained jo7ay
thhe acblon A eimse~hoarwff
a joutine annual'procedumW.
The Aftbrnrifltn8 Aet ft&-3


"o.. t --. ,
maJority pe the
1wa. a c uc lt.-thouh,
-. Th vote mn*O"0
w1i1 continue to ea aPof0
the uh'a's nsw rnan-ml
tIu. at thoe int ntutes d-
qurt4rs In Princeton. *en
vote: *s cast durig a31ins
meetng of trustees .- ew
Yori n Club, .
Other trite beld S
include .
(Di-N.Y.); Piofes#0E-

Parao c~i
Drinks Kerosern
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-R-- i ,,f' ^ "--- ,

Sback of1 he o B In
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i a"' ee Ges Npire

Try .T iT. Shoo It Q With ice

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Patrol As Mhethe
and bIa -
I.6 W= =",AA
diL _];i i .. ~am ,A ~- w ,~umm~

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oby e t:MttntFJob dM
not reurepoutliX Awae.


1ATO O.ct 2 -.

110"nuip Pade C a

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Thff-i~r armsu jifisamnt wmj
del1Ve,^b to~rbtoz owrnmeM
frpin n at
Comian wcot began.
The .UW twb. comm. t.

inggt In *ftemen made bfar
toeou thM Oua
MaInstl Milhave

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aed8 heo
e withlm
idOWlrio nm
W, tdIatlons
: ifwntries,,
ahm. bad N

tot "
tu naval program
to "ritn.i In a .ow ofOew
d modm ps."
He dlsclots that the Navy
en will authority tobuild
a. fleet of ew-type destroyers
and escort ships which It Is
'ertaln"- w deal with the sub-
marine menace.
' speaking of the "great gravity
of the lub;i'tne threat," Car-
sar Md: .T feel that we. are at
M crackrit that ba4 err and
1 aeary reason to be en-
'i"We cannot anuch ne cornom-
.acently count on our agn
w.P to Injure retention of his

. r.. <,
e 5dsald-Alxua's present build-
S dral "is capablerofpro-
150 destroyers and 500
.p sbmarines withl two
t 0 years.
3anny knew of no :aircraft
atets in.the Soviet npvy but
I Mald the 'Rusdans hve tak-
o a tip from the U.8. Navy and
'laced'air units under naval
-In Sibqrian and Manchurian
terms he said, Soviet surface
aircraft and submarines
ually carry out exercises
lvfusly designed to develop
offensive and defensive

'mO -41

me 0oa, BU6 woP rog w rsuerw i
and L inTa. alleard te
plane as d r,Capt. MAWe
n. fer the crew of ta
ir.raf carrier to protect fe
ga ken tebold and mai
are included in the shipmen to
eHonduras today.
1v1 eg at first the Po-
b eh that some of the
U.r. 'who were fo4
vti Mbe evaenated to
tE"niNBU te, there were mO
m ntrapgflentf bein
Ao to n to latest reports
froa-Mj Bp the victims wil
'be am to Puto Puerto Cortes,
wh*T# the. United ruit-Co. has
fu ~ftto provide for them.
A pitlaon of heavy rains In
the i $t m hours was forecast-
ed. S..main problem -now in
Ho a is to maintain delive-
riesof food, purified water and
mdis to the hundreds of
peoiho have been marooned
on -round by flood waters,
Iand ,p epidemics.
It reported that rescue
opera sby the Honduran gov-
emrnmkt assisted by the United
States; and Central Americm
c o u trA e a was proceeding

The tant chief of staff,
plansjM operations, Air Force
Col. uslow C.,Mors wfde-
signatd today asRbes'c e ,m -
Comma.1 Joint Rescue Cam-

'arlM .
The. Ll
Ramon V
clan, tM r

For A A.Al
Tom.norrow At
Arnold. Reav. d 4
man for te Na ,tlk
who died ay ai
cer and a Gra
Church 1,4 "m.. -rt


A dativeof w
Mr. Arnold womre
Satin Divisiot':
had been with
His wife has req
era be sent, Iate


nr a

I. ... --

Motor Parade Of Fire Fighting ,.H

To. Start Off Fire Prevention W.a-

motor parade of firebepr
v.O.,mentm rn the I tinn

the. ire treveM
es 3o rid6 ws
w lt the n mtAd

ach of te Armled
held Monday on I
kn In. A

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mii is' eM tate- *M wee d I The PeMW 1
,K%^I^ ......*** t "^ a-
ag s mieps qhg nd a hapse is am phe p
k*ign ,aeas n upi leg mu ga r WMe*
i loa lteW I t 4m eeslesa. f
own" .^ w M lo wft obUs @PWM
M i -*1 *I-GSW' *" "*



?. box Ed.: .
We have been wonderln if there 1 anyone that can pre-
' vent a serious error fbsm being committed. We refer to thl
whittling tway and eventual abolishment of the construction
part of Mwe l Nanae Division.
We ta h m ed in the last aw at first IncMaalm s
.4nd tha as the mood old and 3lidlng it*D
*ongMn into a shrunken Maltea wDivision New
a maint s .a .division due to GAO recommendation, Is to
S ease all construction activity, all such work to be let out on
In the mn ragraph advocating this move, the GAO
blandly reports It ed when thwe was still w oonstruc-
-Id-Un unit av.alae t. 0 e e w iMbltmce of re aonible bids. A
: ilob was bid o hish by the sole private contractor who consent-
* ri to bid that th good old heavy equipment section (that was
about to be scrapped) had to go in and do the job cheaper.
S Wht ba0 ep a1 all the heavy equipment his been sold
I "ttte eopbotw u w ho repeatedly bid high

S tt-. ui "i 6t lekst dl niuleous of a heavy
,i or est etrophes.,

7k Cat-Skianer.

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stalked the AFL c Vii, a
mechanical monster M5a40tmhi
the toughest of laN.ll
mie Petrillo of th a*eicians,
the teamsters' Davoe h uif tba
stage hands' Dick Win.
IIt was a job.killing r In
true Frankenstein trVk- a
I automaton StilU in the xpiment-
al stage. And no one what
It will do. But the leaders
me see the develop o an
automatic industry I i next 10
Mars which wil wiN W" the Jobs
of hundreds of thoan of work-
era, who will have to shifted
ltse new occupaition..
iJlhmie Petrilo a&d BS musical
ne,, for example, ar Watching
with fright experimentation which
may completely eliminate all ltve
music :rom the movie and tele-
vision business. Reieerehere have
now developed a technique of re-
pr olinlg musie without ever hv-
in an orchestra or a siJsi play
a single note. *
Here's how -it will work. Tolay,
when music sla 01apan ter u" In
a movie or broadcast, t aad is
first recorded a ta the
orchestra actually a The
sound is Impreld ton
resulting n a a of i .l
varlou shapes ad adhil. a
shape, eachshan
and emits a diffe a
of tones. This is Ib mu e'fYO
hear In a movie house or eMjou
TV set.
Hollywood techneicanm now lie
Shown that a sked ais, who
can also read muse, U I ku
an original mus"cal so and
"palit it on tape In a new proe-
eo, without a note ever being
l t~a the laigns i ted th
au like a M orel tra. Carl
to, ultimate, hftwon't be I
years, musicians wilM be
eliminate@4 and replad by a
gle man who can r a- usie ad
has a knowledge of the sound bier.
There are scores of wondrous
developments inside the studio,
but the one which most startled
Dick Walsh, president of the In-
ternatial alliance of Theatrical
itae _a Iloyees, involves a new
jid of puppet brought here from
Italy. It is 10 inches high and op
stes by magnetic processes. We
the puppet is pu In front o a
camera 0on miniature etIt look
acts like a human being.
W t tbes'delike qreatures
to the Bitras
d perfected i obvious.
WI h hAa hae u b d Suime



S* T-w #,k

Rep ublcan Efforts


. PIW AN .. W '-"I
Abrw ay, ae*a ; r
clnc it ... .+'.. ;r

tan f. in .
WASHINGTON (N.A) All. of the Maine election ight put n tratio
Iut RtepubliCan efforts tp keep con- a dmpert ri futuare letito a
tiol.of Congress have set a pace The National CItizes for s t o
pf, political activity in hls town bower congression.l.m- I ,. .M
never belot equaled during an mlitte has' a tme i ia .
off-year elpalpno. of' per psU i .1 ,fuj i
A veteran employee of the Ie- time volun eers loane 0fro1 V*rl oi *... .
ublican national committed left ous or aniastiom. Its budget is a wha
Office late last Satur .half two third of is issues a
after having wrkedal -already, ? .
e U .rk aly s. yd ath.a ... ...-dSik it damie two, xtc man 8*1i1-
to* Wa .tryingto4eleet Ike mounthm ag0 M :
over again, the way wq a eleetion. .( ,
^.Cld Wiow e..m ,.Ki n 0^ -^ ^!

iar-imww --4wr
a NctB~it 4 i8wl tiver
41 oip ans (prefx)
42 t t, -grain 3O3tibb"
41, 4f 5mio 3Iodenemian
S plateuon I i Mindmase

I/ I
ititiutlem Guarsamteed by the State

Pays Z1.0/ t. I Aamully on Savings Accounts


We make loans ~th guarantees on first mortgages
ofr other seurities.
25&. g 1.^ and $5w

i Md period

]r je"Wery 4nd

i .sot.atftt- te

The t Republic alationaIl cornmm it'i
pA* being Ml1_y tee is operating o. prae ca a mittee i peS. -
Fe taGodW vedstafffS adhibe spea The citizens a gup offer. Last bUt t aaT
ed the L g a about am do the net ing any kind ofet9 cSdidtes indepentaU t. wi sed
study Of the f v g few weeks. whch they happen to a quarters is the ationa Jed. "
maeneaa frightened those Five persons have been added One of the mos$ prafe$#ftlral an eration r a peWoamp l h .
twho lea3Ua Ufl s. Treto to e speakers bureau, a couple leat publicized IIn th thiek Its permanent, f-time. st
M A-iL* ,dw4 ualI to the public relations staffand of $ie campa fiv Ith PUw- consists of women and about
aItd tmah e ititl a 19; tbere has been a big increase in cannatioacongredsel dmi 40 fairl .l *e 0vunters don. A todaio itan
and the '5 tot is still skyrocket- thenumber of volunteers asked in tee. It is a permanent loranl.a- ag varleBs hees. .tody a st,
S for such chores as stuffing enve. tion financed by otributo ts pu i uin is to gt eut l
New atthines now permit any. lopes. run b GOP congresbi hlaladsh the wonmi Vote r Republcan u1*ndC
dy with a re to mox his own A radei and TV expert,'Bob Al. a staff of about 16 pubte relations candldatpS. ud .
ktal In one maehlne and in- lisan, borrowed from station KT. mdn and eight persons .lv do sta. 'Ther's iMase II n mon g 3 Sam ChoseU
S pure oxy on from another TV in Los Angeles, is the most tistical research and wrk on fl. of the group an state a mt p hismea .M
.If the brew is t Strong. overworked new man. He's turn. nanelal matters. Ce, with tbUestlon t worn. kt U
The teatosters report that a sur- ing out 30-second sot radio al- The staff includes artistry who ea and the, p14maJforIk s Iroups. o ,domallthe
Smoetis summer of an nouncement making up short delgn billboard ada, pters and The latter tle fairly ndlipendcuing down c
vending ma1l' films of Ike fqr local T use a newspaper ads for spile S and- ently. airlines. Since i
slJens tson..It di- giving advice to all candida dates; speech writerp'bho have On the- DInrtic side the's m ss Ifar-flung
aP.hoith, T who ask for it. prepared kits with matitlil on ev. s just as rtl bebaing p troutes abrc it o .
ore soda e lk a fastest drug Th total paid commilnee staff Is ery issue, and expert' Who turbo in but thiy t have th best chance to e ehon...
stor sda jerk cn only set up now about 105 persons. out films and do special o' reb. nor the fads. They have potlg ,mn
about 190 sodas an hour-and he A committee spokesman admit Its counterpart on e Snu se comparal el
Ib't keep p that pace too long. that the million-dollar estimme side. The national Repu eaa sth nation w 1sta s
Also the mleine works Sundays ma# be a little optimistic becats atorial committee, has only -two 0 persoup five P'I
iad holidays without extra pay. contributions are not coming in a permanent staf mel bers. it persons .. it and 0-'l, a
..rea.. now nea i 4 mi ,I fast as expected, and the resu main.ob is to ee th nrlt iR congressional Mti staff. ican that '
machine us Gross receipts :"'- .. pon.. A
IM3 aro estima it the $1,. Three times AuoA
1W0600 u -whilchlhe teamsters ties Board, '
belleye ascost thousands of dell- routes can be
an siles people their jobs. 4,1 h as recom
10mae V Schinery also
1 t In the AL culinary t be
and wa ters' fields. The costs of g-a
hitchd e and dinn room stafsos e
a liminate! by. machines iairlines ant: t"
o' on i nsimig not lunches.
vtor p a .N'ew Jerse.Iths SIDE-CL N
in-plant automatic ,feeding of its i i" .-
people at lunch time. Scores of I .- -,'_--_---_-_-__. -_
smaller firms are following suit.
staursnts, may follow soon. ."

A s. auto plants. home-building



ft ii



f *3~~

*g~.*;, 4

up on its 3300 employmu
were five mayors. All
their paths crossa,
rdoalluef rtldoi aV.
I opaeato W. R. A. t



- i-- I~A


a \



I .

-.i' .1 *V'
"3t IE;-- --, "
.* .. -

Labor N



P I -







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.. ~J.

* ~ j~.?r
t* .

W U'

;t 1 ,I .


S-)- 5WilliamdB M.0 wed

.. .-,, re eom bte .ur. re-

r rIr iec? t commend
di I.ehn. a "bill eommitttee rn qto i

Jan&P lMltdn. au)da0plea In llama uth 8orc sitcationa
Sarice anu sol.a. .t 1 .. at San 'tr censu re eonuld t ar toe t a ce

5h?> .^seat rec lommen dued He said X'utW w miller pxenth
aernes Ildhag 'aggg) atbe .censured on t w meonmthe.Sen Idviu aroteh Sen
r J' o~t~tand Bo 9v ebonkta
'Ibisehaves- which DR.
Ss>A .. ,>own2.i k ad. se o committee '-to heat.
I'.F. .llABa ."11: Is rOereo *whdem to t that id.
rA; IUr hRe hjs tW .rSw i cner F o r t h e s e r e w s a
D"l i" d10 B.ulng .* M- na o.wml meet Nov. 8 to "the propriety nation
.seto.........., live bmaittee'srecoi- would seem to 'that the
000400. W h I Ioh are subject final Judges of 4 matter, the -
Sd and amendmentof th a ter. individual nection withf the Se rved technical o
u......-.,;.. aate, should nvo.me_ on and

BP.owa:a too on a s Trox&- .-" a^ $ Wa HTnt-eomu ire some bs nenhave saidtanley cat oppi Duff.
X. .2B'" ........... isnd extme rhtw i es the letters ca the committee Holland.

Bug fc mo .. ............. sells whopre trying to bring down his a "kangaroo ".,
ta O-r BAB Vl the y wivam otb ceptions gen
sueID the greats th* fargr,
Nof osehas Aot commlttedS. Mt of Same aof the eedieat care' om n ad
tuerd ..-..m.dth......... s houe the government wa not to ed cen ure M rthy wa deniedrd
an. Aoblo al dhhdetailed study ro- te re- brick oval, are driven in the tbacescen
e R porrltn a -.... -Crowd." Allied Artis s dram atic ac t u ld ltur
S"L ." '' cI hM a- t e t e....... ... ......c.... 1 the x-m a m tt pens aadt the Drive In Theatre tod
'*-" usab .m DM, ct. -iUr AP)--MPremier Aurth" V. wl,,(R-U tah, These cars are drivenite pb owar a f t te sar o'I
"B '' ... ... t .................. M last nght in e in te, s Wtl te eonmit ter known ra e drivers in the tltor which
Ki. a u nd.... .0 S"oftotbr ofIttl e o vere hMnisnov- te h ave pc eltlihat 12, 0 4 let- ons D u ke N alon H en ry B an s s id
SCa em Mt's hadl-ng r of the-.Wilma terms in conneeti with its hear. served as technical director.on0 ki
8..aLmM v sTnheooffici.alvtewas2941to 264,1 They obriginallyran abut 20-to- William Beaudine directed from- aa screen-play yl

.. 0 a oge a to tapered onffeo afbut I t o- in sup- Helene Stanley Is cast opposite .
nit...P.e. "i. a etean-sweep vist o Port of the Wisconsin Republican In the featured cast.a sutae ltsitui v
bIOWSPALonWednesday.and Holy CAHOSPITeRedsleftwng Social- Watkins's office said.Several R WWatson. Louise Athur. Harry Bhannot, Don H

p* t ..eds wh-*e-re trying to bring down his a "kenaroo etto. .
CA .5 = 7.9sm. e0 :30.A. -, .OS... IovSIpentIn the controversy Williams' bill -exceptions gen-..-
:.SatU'rday;A- ndVNA. AO ODMA O last Saturday, Scelba won feted In defcI.'Mcarthy
715 p Thurad 'el r Fir st F'0 oSelly Sa' *nd Ch c SehooL KeAn i.t..........2 510 aimllar vote of confidence in ing the en su airings. The Mi
kaDvatm. m.a uPtany e r. ma U as. the itanli Senate by a vote of 114 committee rejet.d t hi s' argu-
.7wCLAYTNoto 97. .mentsa In its trqepr.
,~as .Clam: 5:15 *-i4i"Os.M on r m .O..' r''12:30ssV Last night's government victory He noted that,-both counts oh
Ya Lot aim M4U tame after Scelba told the lower which the tom ttee recommend.
-eu. lurdar...................3. 03.m. house the government was not to ed censure, MAlrthy was denied
1mr,' (3 cows aln#. .-vAduae -blame for allied "hushing up" of the right to te on precedents
-, ".8a SQ ATLANTIC SIDE the ircu surroun dI n g set by other members of the
a .Qe ro'rl n%%"me. n IS the mysterious death of Miss Mono Senate.
Sunday School(Educaton Can- teal, a Roman party girl, in May Watkins, Wbp' was upheld by
11-- 1;35 't lte)a........................... e: the si-man mittee, had ruled
Vrm.ram IRSPUc a cbisc Ambdmmi........ .Mc Carthy c4, not .cite past ac-
1o.AmtIain,.sb AtteignMinis.might aye paralleled

ad "4.0-- Miss Matest during analleged confine his testimony prece. -1
.ont.......... e ia ilod1esof a -styled no- Senate or itstiommitteos.
., .i........... tol-. l'iams also asserted, an
bi-t....rle sgnned as foreaigXn that the Senate could not venture
UA.AL fATK .. minister tw-we tks ago. a member for a.tls wlltc, took
Ric ............... a o ,a-plai V
.. ... ...................M... s.

-.-.u- ., A b e P~a~doL,,1 ._ mA. IT
,, .. ,. -. ~ ~ ~ ~ ~~~e l+ot= V "f asatted mm !. ., h-~'

,t *1 -

k'.. 6' ... To

.ai e. a Man"





o dgm

SelL -.

InW -

ain Ravi.nel 'oie m *a.
ct'-o C ,la aftr A.,.. Man
o ,n Sa'ny.
Convert CM 0 p:N. Thday
and Thuntyar. -
RL, '..u .' a~m.
"Sunder Maume: *3 _1 d I10 -ra.d _.
oafn:t o ieo. s and OO, dI A

CoaMrt CalD:T Spm. m Monday..

c U 3:15 l Su.ndy.
ere;d Sent MoVm: 70 p on
Ccowrt ClanIm: v in. a n aThmday.

p4:jliMm; m JA. I1:00 and 0IM0
Holy Day MowSi: te a:00 and
:l s p.m.-. '
Cngsmimla: Saturda: 4:00 S.0 and
TW as0 9A AftPr eaS ms-e 0.-
Wiraculous Medal NoKena: OW and
Cateqi A : A fterU uMan an
l t nonm r it M da y M dan.
trndaytqMrav: M an a mB. .

sOT fP.R -Mt- Ma.m
C:onfomoana: 4. 0 O5:00 &d 1:0 IP
Minsculol noMel ReNvear S B.m.
on Monday.
Catedimap cum.: 3:45 pa. s -Tulawy
Tm-ae Club 7: 15 .m. Wad Ai-
do^riFriday DWOUIP7i0 p ST. JOUBJ ~-Ca.
&oly bey NMp ( f:45 and :0t.5am.

=o MMh *.6- : 60 and

on *WeSb- d o* w
"Borrow orsel al cmanSs-

Sn 0 om

I also 1 419 TN Mh.B



Churm *f TIe n olf Caeurw
U =vly Un o ay a aim.m Bolcom-aI

nev D. OMbor n
.s a. Hl n ebab d o

.-ray er: ar s -I
w s. rn 6a chre-
UP J _eps' Church
2inL O ralm-

10 Mi, C- -M B
adfl dI'Ne scenes At -i

(Owk Keel WainlllSMR) -
ta* 1ev.MaImleJ. J llPeln

s.m. 2-9"
659 mmB. Eols CgfmAIun.
si. a.m. Choual udharlt and ImSU
'm a *. .

Hll3 AT -

Sivmth Day
Wream SWiPIal Cnagfl^
*tflC'LhoeLI .m. Divipft

. poww wq
LVt eat

dMt: sdi

CHUnc lOr T"K
Ia o ,o.
L3 boa C... 6s a.m.
nda W olhip .......: : m.:.
uN .Mu. Service .......... *:3 p.m.
dw Scho-- .........
Third Thursdayofach month
firW5s" 0'F.a1l5BU- Nazren*
Radio Prognm c mtundey monwni
ve HOXO t 8:46a,

hAT INAI Bp._llua sjT,
BUND$.350 CJB.
Difie Worhp'.:::::::::::....., ,'0p
Divine Worship .......... 73 p.m.
MeetingJeftis and


same nn oa rnu

to win the S inate vote. can wien ne w s sworn mn zr a:
new. term Jan. 3, 1953.
The vote emp on a government This was shortly after the aec-.
moton which d n rt "This tions subcommittee, before which
house is of the tailthat the gov. he -had declined to appear, had
ernment's line of conduct iz the concluded its bearings.
face of the judicial investigation
which. is underway has always
conformed with a dutiful respect .
for judiciary power."
The tfou government coalition
arties-thf Christian Dimocrats U1 I
Liberals% Reblicans and Social
Democrats- Fined up solidly be-. pn
hind the. Premier in last night's
vote. .- l -I

many 0wpaon st oo outs

A' / Women

SALEM, Ore.-(UP) Eighty
per cent of the lookouts in statd
forests of Oregon are staffed W
women, state forestry department
reports = hw.'
rey. range frm .Joyce Pearce,
17, a lookout in nortnwe rn
gon, to Ns. Alieo Haston, TO, a
lookout i t$be r part of
the state.
Mrs. Hataton has been looking
over sutheri Oregon forests frop,
mouantain'tp towers since 1942.

./. A

aln .O.W. a4j e00
a IwwiP w.un 6
I Woinip ..4.... -..

- 4
* '.1

Your bily-your friends-and yO
yourself will enjoy the warm, relaxing,
and educational entertainment found in
the music of a late model Wuhiter Piano..'
*tMJMq Imdli h onAM p* ft
--i W eIi r Mut l bd wm -i Wuulitr
ma m am irep n 1m mm ut -.
Jam pb.
7110 Bolivar Ave.
Col6n Tel. 49
Y -Sat We IrNlft W'



S nquaF4 I uwperir yet awrprisingly refm
sonabtMh prl Became being distilled right
here io riq it doesn't pay import duties
YVinico4 U ,S.A. 0Dvid-P nemh.Coldo.


;* "
-. "-

. .- -:j ,..
,.:.-. '. .+.:

- .

- .


- a

The Jewelry Store' s

^ -owl>^












"tf| S. p, ,'-

*, S



L 9

* I







. s ,

. f.


u. o e : .. -.

i ,dersecretary- ,ys hePa gam y
S.. .. ~ INC T. 11 7 r1a7, CHARTLlMR M s

Tax Cuts Badly Nmded ie td.
Oct.,2 tUP) cates expenditures of 64 billion, BETW .IN .EUROE AND WEST COAST
i tl tra.cretry Marion which i 10 M less than. O SUT AMERICA
today further tax the actual expediture in fiscal _____OTH A
pm leied" but can- 19&3 and $S. W les than TO CO-l.OMA -ECUADOR, PERU AND CHILE
ertaken until the ad- in fiscal IM4,
e duces fede ral But he also id the budget M,Y. "SAMANOP .. .......................Oct. 12
deficit for the cun fscala M.V. "SALINA ........................ C......Oct. 13
ioa*1 income can be 000,000 higher tha wa as ma TO UNITED KH 0OM VA CARTAGENA, HAVANA,
thus increase the ed last mua7. About two- NASSAU. BERMUA, ORURA. AND LA PALLICE
r taxpayers. He aid thirds of this was because redue-
Sheavydefense tions excie taeswere higher .V. REINA DL (18,000 Tons) ......Dec. 10
abepaid with a small- than those recommended. or a- ro UNITED K ODOM DIRECT
e "" bi per orsor..timated In.the budget message
r. aiaddre singI a seminar last January, hae U. s .S. "FLAMENCO" .............................Oct. IS
mn ar ktln, did not set any .8. "KENUTA" .................................Oct. 27
S utpon top o ,400,000,000 an w an oA
ho ea0d the a4ministrat on had TO NORTH PACIFIC PORTS
_lut intoeffect tis year. But he B.S.8. DUIVEN ....Oct.5
'-.S. N., ....."DIEMER., .........................Oct.23
e as isei Is Proud Owner .......a....::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: O
S eatgo" to tax reductions. --
Prt idents Eienhower is ex- A. A ll TO UKONTINENT-
Mted to ask Congre O next f I m|lSS as. qLOCH rYA ......,........................Ot, 3
,im_ry to revise a number ofi ...S..OC.R AN,...... ........Oct. 13
Sand business taxrates NEW YORK-(U me wornm M.. "DRINA ....................................Oc. 13
Phae is little chance he wil en collect china or lms or an-
PQmmU, u another general income tilue furniture. Mis tdna Bailey All Sailing 3Bbjeet f tlhane Without Notice -
A, -,- ,-i evand, 0.,oects bells. PACIFIC STRAM NAVICTaNN W# AM= e].: 1634/5
be, bd-- Mse.Banie), ,Nt, -r-identof -NAMA-Av.onI #5 ------
.e..r. oflblal are world Ithe American BllAsscition a IFORD CO C. .LA.-er B*. TeL 3I7NS
.aserys off tc roposag roup of bell collectors, began heir
Which w -ld benefit pe-sons re- unusual bobby in 1 She was
ceivin r.Urement income f, 1rom routeto England for a visa an
--' -- i ---1 and tho rceiv a friend asked er to bring back a o "
St Income fr.o "foreign sources ae lenof nh d w te bells. M i
S te ch ngSS e sc h ef-fl a my was so entranced w*ith | | M.,. -,,-
n l8 an the. r e ll- is ofa Eish oh FRUIT M a COMPANY
F hoprojso ind Cha oel chie- them she brouh alt U borne for her., u R A' .. O e
JU rqurgyl as in taxt reat-more selective.
t of capital lns and loes n an interview during the

jttIenearlcio p ntoftheen off a a m y er alest Sa. ".BUSA ........................ October 6
nftlional ncome.. bell is a tiny copper -'ne less than S.8. "AVEN12" ...............................Ocober 11
But sFlom ad it would be an inch high, male in a Callfor- 8.g. WMAmI..A". .......ctober 11
,.nwise and Irresaonible" to nia copper mine. The largest is s.s. "PLATANO" .........Otober 16,
S snake reduction not ustified bedy Chinese gong dinner bell about S.8. "AGGBBOBG" ........... ......... October 21
g orinment budget eememies. 20 inches tall. I *S.S. "HIBUERAB" ....... ................ October 23
The Cleveland women freqently ........
Folsom aid that through lectures on bell colecting, telling Handing Refrigerated Chilled and General Cargo
e*wie tax polee" the, adali. stories connected with the more
traion hop to expands 1 famous ones.
tion's economy "reduce-, re Some of those in her collection
atraints" on economic growth by have macabre connections. New York Service Arrives free enterprise, dR One bell,. about 15 inches tall, is
ols In tax laws,. remove 94- made of bronze, now blackened Cristobal
ett and asimplify and c ll with age and has a man's head S. "ESPARTA" ..............................October 4
Sthex law. arved on the cup It cornea from S.. "MAJ0" ........................ .October a
"An expanding national incom Africa where a colony of nativs 8.. "A GA" ....................October 11
old mean an expanding tax niny centuries ago made a halbit 8.. 'V E ...............................October 11
She aid, "thus making it .'r qo8ing bells in the Image of A teamer ...............,.................tober18
Sto ovide fr the heavy a rager who wandered into .. COPAN" ................................October 22
te of fense with a decrees- i..t Then they cut off
|1 0 m e of Wig a- t e bead anffered t Weekly salln s of twelve passenger ships to New
iB am adm a *tvie of th "MoI t ," sal Miss Balley York, New Oleans, La. Angeles, San Francisco
et o the currenJ trial with a y of haste, "have and Seattle
Xm.e t- 3 0 ~d1- more pleasant associationn"
Special round trip fares frm CIstobal to New
"gar" Yrk, Los Aggles1 San Francisco and Seattle.

Sm. ,ST 1C AND GVr OTS U.s.
SSallags: ery.FifteenB sn fo; TELEPHONES:
Houston oaWN Newo rleans CRISTOBAL 2124 PANAMA 2-2904 "- COLOi 20
t,. I

salSatg: ivery Tea Dars for:
New York Philadelphia Baltimore
(GOdit fssa eB at t V!RACRU2 and TAMPW O
(MuzXICO) esert ts weeks)
Wilford & McKay, Inc.
T MaEole BaliAldg, MCrltbal, C. L.
TELEPHONEl: IaITOBA(L: tt 1761 -2535

i J ** '7

* *. -~R *



S .U .

vWEL :. *.

-u ,

-- ^ ^ ^ ** ^ '.

.^l"p tea



Telling 0oloa Of. .

* ~ V'7'
K *---~** "'- *j'-*'-~. 11
., I .
**1*~C'*4'* *T7'~

A,, 1.1e1 P 05 l


1 IU~ha ~ -


TAIN EAST --. Dimteery nC-

" YL iI-

S yfwj'yRoadse Classfedo

rm a iRlO or MARIA Wa~Rs

-'" Idea Gone Wrong



And Doling Good Job

0I '4

-.- -o
** ^ /.l^ ....... ^ -- .' 1
-^-- .' ^*^'.T

O UR se sswq se


hO UP!..-. i
D9J1)AY Wvi
r11 ME TO
c: LL

'6 0 N

lflyestlgetoi? ~1isej -

a lax.A.I

+! .t ft.00 OUT Olt WA!
.^. irT. *-" :** *

Lv/ LU

, I' .
hL .:'

Li ViA




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.. 1 -

. 1 fj

M i


. i

BY .

~ ~_DID mMrJpA~ NRWPA#3

# .... -:-":. f -' -' go G
"te. .t.. "^ .... "., "^? ? ""****- :,.

o -Br 3Bthcr
tfu. Waa q I
V St B toror fpear preag.
T utlr,'0 __.1. .'_A ',N d a d

M.altstsae y$d sweat utyle sa
ersauteed SD hg., *O etb, in uttele Is
i ste oee r of the pleasant
aheel~Zr~C sk inedd"-.

,,~ ~dul Isamng-. es- eL,..._ ,, ii a ecendnt wben

,c .... ..e tln da t rF I ..f Me. eer W m

e ter disr o Panama i An e o nd aHere's hi r

rBwi llt efteop it oy Cre tor .- ..mce.. pe. Urno.e.iter .ft.h or freashly
Sa W.i ;on Att r.e CtCd InnIm cae or

."a e _- ,archpus o ne r Aevdozen bis., rth ioy at sraod it sadret ttll s
ri a in dusatrl 1rals I taon ps1 orS the ab w .rof ther plr peasant .b
SA c, xr. ei o ma N dewp l aoyr .ummen anr .eMr. Mal .in, i to O asesfendant of whaling
e ther guet, dvnighty depa rtmet. C. A. r t ae Witum thar t
who maae reservere haly s3 meonbre rough witdrumbs. ason wth lt
Sadan ll be sered. I la r natives n Panamaat s s and Mfevisr u Motr ,CoAo Cp Cd p eppera Here's wh rei
S er, ltbo to the group arqd tan ivison of the an.l dot withbe iter sh or freshl.

at o this event -a doouumoary flu, anal company. wa under fame un tilloeO
dar co n fe rhe the birth yesterday t serve atll w tallops rar
be owd by t h be held dur- The gornd aMpi at l
bh?1 aostsndieUd. hy. The first will becw I s...CapetCodssSseeled C 0

f.r which f_.usi will be bault, M .. this session is Joh. oD a- eaterday with a lve-Y who own the mammoth aid
al-dby the 71at Army Fr- Ftoal t lam. Ft. lano Mr. wM- crowd o l!W0 at e t-Ilotel In sas Roc8 ouf.d of
-? a Dre of Ft. Lobmbe. He mng th e wen-- t-. Ooueuter, asked us to their bome
@ia ingf~e u a. inv te. lnght ut the lu
~r America ,ego Newspecrmen'r Buildrsin d .br. te Of For lows Use one shqilow aean i dirh i

_pai. al p tsrs th nIhbe ROTCrn S.I Alberto Boy llsa C e on oway Padamanes in her
S _, proamxn, The schn is ,-BOW en. mrte t+., Mrs Cecflia E. de ias, even though G .ouces.
pa of Ea nd- te I Wi1th year. anr Mrf. Chri ta ter is worid0.famous fr it fsh
,t;wh wld a s remainn for eont ond in s City aL witr and se Cape
vand Cuba, wl guests, Tua a tr. C. A. E. eoano sd pl medium rer
S whoareservapexchange impressions with rom Aon who ha retired frols b ead rumbs. 86ason rwi Slt

ttq11i3tl~rit ". B. and Mr5.^.^BurnS ei GOuJrd"a 'Miss Magdalena (an- Abot 3 cheese bals)
inl advanceWll be se, rved. at lo ige an kin es, pas. acrvir inotorT., M ndper prikleit
e Arias r be own. Drain to rm ol, about 10 to an of

btd: ik Agu pE ard Een~~r e n Mr MxHeurte- Norway ardines. Place e adlne in
t e Atotoring ShettuckSoollF r.
meg id wboinn this

uesic det and e rs.'urns i e daughter mf m Jr, Mr. J itndo Jr ixigbowl and add wo 3-oune

SCMr. and Mrs. RoeUllo Orillac, Mr. packages of cream cheese, 2 tea-

and Miv'Rogello leiaa, Mrs. E-
milia Fabrega nad Miss Doris A.
.* .- '- .. .



m ,

, A *... .. ,rl i .. ,. : -. .

-At A*-
SAUnLe I" ,e Bb o
Fo to atay ionaOSbilM
S wh t Doughton wsU in Laurel
D he asp bills ar Nov*, I, the sa of
through the de- Con erat Arly Capt.' J. H.
3e B I end of Doughton, thn oervlng with Ge.
World ar II de In ih sleep Robert E. Lee. Douhtons mot-
esterday at the age o 90. or, Rebecca Jones Doughton, nam-
The rugged old man of t h edd him for Lee.
mountains, known as Unde Bob,
Farmer Bob and somametmu Mu- His ability for arithmeticc mani-
lay Bob, Uid after 41 fseted itaM e arty ad atsekhetd
er In CongIea, He had served ers elected him president of the
Is chairman the powerful ways Depositors and Savngs Bank of
Aid m oa 4emmnita 4fr nearly Nreth Wlbeiab,. C., i 111.
30 years, longer th&an aqy man in In Congress he was a rugged
history. figure. Aie lA mere an 0H
He become chairman of the pounds on a 2 t 1 ysique. He
ways an4 means cMmittee dur- was bald and wore as 15 shoes.
ing the first edmtnistration of l-- .
Franklin D. Rfooasit and serv-
ed pcntinuousl, wit the except
tln. of one RepobHean Congress, m l
untH he came *me to his belov. *
ed Blue Ridge Mountains to stay- .
on his doctor's orders. He had sWA Dps A oss
ieen in declining health for more
man a year.
During his long tenure Dou ril
ton spoured reciprocal trade B W
laws, t Social Security Act and
a series of revenue measures MIAMI, Oct. I (UP) An
which, climaxed by wartime tax- easterly wave, often ra forerun-
es, imped on te naton its nor of a hurricane, swept across
heaviest tax bills o all tme. South. Florida sad central .Cuba
today causing numerous own.-
Doughtoo's last. wakeful pours and wind up to 36 mph.
thoughts probably were of poli. Par to the east, 800 to 9001
tis. Thursday night, in the living miles east of t0e pritlsh Island
room of his home here he talked of Bermuda, a Ato with winds,
with his son Claude about a Re-lof 50 to 60 mph raged across
blican chilenge hext month shippin lane 4'the Atlantic.
to lse the seat in Congress he "That storm 4/valmost in the
Feld so unyieldingly he never had middle of nowh et" forecaster
opposition from his own party. Leonard Pardue said. "It's half-
SDouhton, whose public appear- way between Bermuda amind the
ancea had been extremely rare Azores. It's too far out for us to
since he suffered an attack of give much attention."
pneumonia in January 1358, was Pardue said two ships, the
have made a political speech Caspiana and the Dulvendyk,
Monday at nearby Sparta. H e radioed the wind velocity and
went to bed in good spirit. the location of the storm as they
A servant found Doughton dead ploughedd through it.
sa she wpnt to awaken him for The Miami hurricane center
breakfast about 7 a.m. has no plans to issue advisories,
Son the atorm because of its dis-
"He appeared to be sleeping tance.
peacefully with une hand on bis Small craft warnings were
face In his usual manner," she hoisted on the South Florida
reported. When she couldn't a- Gold Coast because of the eas-
rouse him, she called Caude who terly wave, which extended from
discovered his father was dead. cocoa, Fla., to the Cayman Is-
Funeral services will be held lands in the Caribbean Sea south
at 2 p.m. tomorrow at the Bap- of Cuba.
Usat Church In Sparta. Burial will @The skies are dripping wet,"
be in Laurel Sprnas Cemetery. Pardue add. 11But this wave, al-
though well developed, has
In Raleigh, flags were lowered shown little or no indication of
to half staff over the Capitol anI developing Into a tropical storm.
state buildings in D o u h t o n's There is no circular movement,
memory although he held no pub- yet."
li office at the time of his death. Pardue said the wive was
Sen. Alton A. 'Lennon (D.NC) moving westward at 15 mph and
said in Wilmington that "no would be over the Fort Myers-
man in the History of our state Tampa coastal area by tonight.
has rendered more distinguished Miaml had an Inch of rain
and unselfish service." during the Morning and contin-
.I ... uous showers were forest
Doughtpn's retirement from ohthroue agfte nou t
Cong as at the ap of 8 did not tonight
nd Mu pubi eaer. me ac- Th4he O eao ezel at
feede4 Jpestbpp _hnlpl tA- theufaki.U IE A i

t ^t

INtS A1T add bps wautpEitfl
M id* itinlCUl P ...
VHoU m AM AW M .M M* .6

NOW! for syn-burnt, swIPE
sun-baked hair.. .
color,-refreShing .

Roux color h

n hve a quick, asY!!.
Aifu thnese oVftW
mea you an repair.
-dam age the sun has,
0 ^ to0 yur hpolr eler.
#freeh new color, nattRil
vel qi gkooking codr, Into e
strand. And with r. ki
Sluatroux 17 clomra, f
can match ybur. orl**I
\, "^." ~ hair shade, or .brighM t .
S'or darken It, as you'd, k&.,'

S according to lirctitu .

*"" -R JtX
c o..lrO 7... -...



end am .convnid tht

.live gs smkinM

vuItov is the perfect cigarette
tar me. Its exclusive filter tip prevents
my lip from ticking to the paper.
My teeth are whiteaudziprkling asgai.
" Ili7 filtered amoke is mild...
at d ever so tasty. ViCIOY is a great
M dbovery, aid I wouldn't exchange It for
S my other cigarette in the world." ,

a* yt tM I
",' "

&Make the 10

F : ; : .'- -. '

S. .. -

1 --9 '
.~~itr */

tion campaigns that year.
Flintya an d rugal, Doughton
waedagainst waste and fought
for strict economy. sW bad bit
diffeM oea of epaions in tax mat-
ters wiLt Preaalent Roosevelt,
but EDR called lUm one of the
mainatays of the New Deal and

ou. CiM

e Lroe mina

IT'S a rare little girl I wh
doesn't enjoy sneaking into Mom-
my'sa eosametic kit.l Moat five-year-
olds are irressitibly drawn to
bright red liUpstick to pain a pret-
ty mouth like Mommy's, or a
huge fluffy lamb's wool puff to
pat on f ce powder to tbhir heart's
Nafl polish rates high on the
small .girl's list of coameice fa-
vorites, too. There's a. dual fas-
cination in applying it for her.
First, she feels very grown-up,
doing her own nails. Seconiy,
it's-a form of creative play Bor,
About this time, you ve preb
ably given her a battle of v t,
less nail polish, hoping she would
accept this and leave your bright
red and pink nail polish alone.
but still retain her interest in
keeping her nails pretty.
You can even-go a step further
in encouraging her to bett
grooming One miniature mnUl-
cure set contains all the mani-
curing aids she'll need, pl4a A
bottle of hand lotion and re-
mover. And your little girl will
be overjoyed to discover that the
nail pol isn't colorless. but a
pretty shade of pale pink. Now
every e can see she's wearing
real neil polish!
You'll have no trouble deder-
ing "time for bed," either, if you
suggest she spend her last n
minutes (after bath time and be
fore bedtime) grooming and pdi
ishing her inas.



M-- L!

Lobster Thermidor
Lobster Newburg

Shrimhnp Newburg

Shrimp Crwte
Shrimhnp Friedd
Fresh Oysters

~ Stoek


1-hus m

TmdorI*$~ak /,


S and -


vit %'rikU^J

Suf TuctF


A- ~

~FY'~ -

-.~, 9



The Best Food In Town

Delicious Shrimp Cocktail (supreme}


Try our lammB FRENCH ONION Soup





5 -

* 1

I r _


_~ LL-- -- .I I ~~lil _

- ,g+ 1. -

. r ... ... -

--- -r- --- -. --~--:~---

, ,

II u

n --,F ,.-- .- ...


""1 ^ a4W

*1i'." W

" "'

I'S #4JAA 4MU3ICAfl q. AN

-: ". .-r '
.' *' .. .
.. .. ....... .

* -. '



,tRes SIDO, See..- r 11,
3 M 5l t aJulyu Ave. & J St.
JWS Arenma Am. and 2 SL
m Le Carrasqudlu

so -


Central Ave. 160
No. 3 aLoMy Pla"u
I Fourth of .uly Ave.

H Strewn No. IT


AgCaela lternal de PublUcaolene
46 Ctaustal Ave.
Paque Lefevre 7 Street
150 Ctrmol Ave.


j. rco. a

Household Automobile-
F :E---Chin cl0t, glass doors. FOR SALE:-Panel in good condition,
5 1 S. lMouse 5191, Porson St., Dia- $150. Panama G lf Club. Phone 3-
b1.,Phone 2-4255. 0831.
FOR A -Modern bamboo Rattan FOR SALE:-By original owner, 1953
l 'oof, set. 9 pieces; one dress- Chevrolet, deluxe, w/w tires, pow-
erilTolrs. r e stve. Colon 8th er glide, oil & gas filters, under.
St 806 9 Apt. 9, Sta. Isabel. coatled, low mileage. Point, tires
Pone 1130-A. and upholstery in excellent condi-
Iton. Phone Bol. 3036 or Bal. 2697.
FOR SALE:- Complete set of furni- R5' ..... .. .
oture, nearly new, for bedroom and FOR SALE: 1950 Buick Spqclal.
dirang room. and complete kitchen Very good condition. Call Albrook
utensils, including gas stove and 3178.
-refrigerator. All at half of the orig- FOR SALE: 932 Ford 3-window
.inal price. Purchaser con secure, if coupe. Will make nice hot- rod.
desired, the apartment whnch is 508, Curundu Heights.
beautiful. For information coll La .-
ImportadoraSelecta, Phone 2-1 483 Position Offered
FOR SALE: -- Household goods: 4 ---------
beds, double beds. Ration 3-strand WANTED: Experienced English-
living room set. Quartermaster din- Spanish secretary. Apply in writing,
"'in- set enamel table and choir, stating education, experience and
Weitinghouse 9-fl refrigerator. salary desired to Secretary, P.O. I
S;nger electric se*;ng etc Box 619, Panama.
House 7S. Ap A. Brnebv Street. WANTED.--Fast, experienced, blin-
Balboa. Phone Bol. 1459 1 guai secretary, Responsible, good
FOR SALE:-Deeo freezer 60-cycle. appearance, initiative. Phone 3-
large size. 16 cubic feet. two corn- 3497.
portments. excellent condition. l
porcelain., 325. Box 252 Gamboo. WANTED TO BUY
Phone 6-151. |1
FOR SALE-- Bedroom set, bamboo OPPORTUNITY:- I will buy piano,
o with chaise lounge. 38th Street good condition. Call Panama 3-
-No. 12. c 1909.
LE SSONS Wanted Position
ENR 0 LL NOW for your Ballroom YOUNG LADY of good appearance.
dbnce lessons by leaving your name, desires position as Spanish-English
phone at Hotel El Panama's desk or secretary. Studied North American
write Box 106 Balboa Classes will university. Write Box 1442, An-
be 'held for Teen-agers, Married con, C Z.
'couples and individuals. We will AUTO PARTS SALESMAN, with 10 E
40oAtact you upon our return. years experience, specializing in di- t
HARNETT & DUNN rect orders from U S.A.. seeks em- c
LEARN' SPANISH by Cenweasational ployment. Phone 2.1273. [
Method used successfully for .15 Is
yer. rs. Romero, Estudiante St Help W onted 1
7-A, No WANTED:--Maid. Must be good cook c
F. OR SALE and do laundry and cleaning for r
family of two. Should have refer- Ii
"'"- a.t & Motors ences. Apply Friday, after 4.30 t
;' .... W .......__ (p.m, .and Saturday and Sunday, o
ALE.- Beautiful lot in Las after 10 a.m. House 8229-B, 6th s
-. braes, excellent location. Owner Street., Margarita, C.Z. 2
g fotr States. Will sacrifice. WANTED-Maid for general house. F
e Cristobol 3-2979. |work ond laundry. 362-B, Fort
S-OQne Elgin outboard mo- Clayton.,


S FOR RENT FOR RENT:-NicelyI furnished two-
i rUJ J- / bedroom chalet., suitable for two
S:' Room i "couples: Two .kitchens, bathroom,
_.. _____"___-... .. refrigerator, gas stove. Overlooking-
R RENT:-Room. furnished. Fourth SAS Commlssdry. Via Belisorlo Po- F
f July Avenue: One bedroom with rras. San Francisco. Phone 3-5024.
balcony. small dining room & kitch- FOR 'RENT OR SALE:-Modern two-
enejM. refrigerator, screened. Suit- bedroom chalet: Living room, din-
a be for.orne or two persons, $ ing room. bathroom, kitchen, go- -
:, Phone 2.4912 or 2-3584. rage, porch, terrace, yard with bar. F
LRENT:- Nicely furnished cool. Rental $125. Phone 3-0276.
S sleen room with private bath, in FOR RENT:-Furnished concrete cat- -
Cftpo Alegre; mels available. tage. Including gas range and Ser- F'
Cloi 3-1789. vel refrigerator. On Pan-American
FO" ENT.Room, private, in resi- Highway in Arraiion. 6 12 mile
deal sector. Phone 3-1282. from Rodman. Sign at entrance;
ORENT--Furnished room, Amen- -0 ~ non--. _-- ... F
'eam couple. Kitchen, refrigerator.
Inspected. 4th of July Ave. Phone
2- Zllm2./l IbA
"QR RENT' Bedroom with living ME-T N--S
,g ren privilege, kitchen foaplities if J **
Lesred. San Francisco. Phone 3- -
i930. Call Sunday. "

RENT:- Large furnished rom,
merican couple. Kitchen, refriger-
grtor. 31st Street No, 9, near La
,iscne. Phone 3-1869.

A Moinh Alter
~~ -- a a


Special supervision given to'children
during play, and children learn to Co-
operate with each other in preparation
for kindergarten.
Call Balboa 1214 or 1334
Tour leaves late afternoon Friday, Oc-
tober 8th and returns to Panama Octo-
ber 10th late afternoon. 2 full days
sight-seeing, swimming, mountain and
coastal drive. Quaint villages off the
"beaten track." F o r information
phone Jungle Jim, Hotel El Panama
Balboa Express, Pan. 3-1025


FOR SALE:-You know the-best when
you see it. Wouldn't you like to
ive a try to "BESTFIT" Suits and
!ocks? "BESTFIT" always has the
latest in Patterns and Styles. Santa
Ana Plaza, Panama; 1 1 th Street.
opposite .P.R.R. Commissary, Colon.
FOR SALE: Pedigreed Toy Pups.
Purple Ribbon stro.n, U.K.C. regis-
tered Amatoys IToy Terriers). Par-
ents very small. Efack and white
Ion trim. Affectionate and playful.
Ideal house dogs. 9076 9th Street,
Colon. Phone 723.
FOR SALE:-Cheap! Fire extinguisher
on wheels, No. 76898 "Phomene."
new. Capacity: 40 gallons. Tested
to 400 Ibs. Purene Manufacturing
Co.. Newark, New Jersey. Bargain:
$400. Phones 3-1791. 3-1039.
lids will be received in the office of
he Supply Director. Balboa Heights,
or General Manager. Commissary
Division. Mount Hope, Canal Zone.
mntil 3:00 p.m., Tuesday, October 26,
954, when they will be opened in
public, for furnishing 4.710,000
pounds of Fine Granulated Sugar.
aorms of proposal, with full particu-
ars, may be obtained in the office of
he Supply Director, Balboa Heights,
*r of the General Manager, Commis-
ary .Division, Mount Hope, Canal
O SALE: 'Singer" heavy duty
sewing machine, 25-cycle, fine for
plastics In first class condition; al-
jo 951 Henry J, @ 'xcel ft co-

wadawers, 4 months use, $140. On
easy terms. CASA ADMIRABLE, the
NECCHI store, on 18 Central Ave-
nue, next to the Lottery Building.

OR SALE:-PUPPIES. Bargain price
$10. Puppies from Italian pedigreed
German Shepherd. Address: 2nd
Ave. No. 94, San Francisco. Phone
OR SALE:-The American Educator
Encyclopedia. just like new, $45.
Phone Balboa 2-1796.
OR SALi-100l share Panama Ce-
ment $57 each. Paying dividends
$4 yearly. Call, office hours, Cu-
rundu 2298.
OR SALE:-Philco combination 60-
cycle Lionel train. 7 cars, switches,
table. Sacrifice. Rodmon 3504.

New Books

A collection of Wise and
NARCE Cha ter 24 charming folks tales, collected
To Meet Today At 2 p.m. by Henri Pourrat and translated
The regular quarterly meeting by Mary Mian, an American
of Chapter 24, of the National writer who lives near Paris, Is
Asociption of Retired Civil Em-ao- ns the books place in cir-
ployees, will be he n the ba- culatlon during the pat week
toom of the Tivoli Guest House by the Canal Zone Library.

ViAncd7 at 2:30 p- Member2' ."Treasury of 1-rench Tales" is
may bring any guests, particular- the flrst comorehenalve collec-
Sly eligible non-members. tion of French folk and fairy
? l tales ever mpadp and Is a land-
IIIhg- C0 p At this meeting, in addition to mnrk In the folklore filed.
S-thp regular routine of business A complete list of new books
. PAUL, Minn., Oct: 2 (P) legislation beneficial to retired rid their authors announced by
.e State Claims Commiaaon employes which was passed at the library this week follows:
amended today that the the last session of Congress will Nnn-fictinn: Subipct Headines
b pay Leonard Hanklnuj be discsused and explained. '- U.. Library of Congress:
on Springs, Ky., $300 a .. rP.rreedom and Loyalt, in our Col-
bth for tIte remainder of his Cristobal Womans leRes-ummers: A Tre"ry of
s compensation for 19 years l" Meetings. .i. r h tSummer Pourratr The nr-
rOpgfu imprisonment. he Executive Board of t rhids of Panama. Allan: Tne
Cristobal Woman's Club will be ook of health. Clrk: Elment
kins., now 58, wasucon ted d in the Red Cross Building f Railwayn sla qllrn,. Genial
urderng a poUicea .a n Wednesday, at 200M., with Railway Slm Comoanv: Ma-
Mnneapolia banki yMrs George Roth, press i d en ,rHils, imndlln. Tmmer: and
ente d to life Impr- e est speaker will be Judge World Wide Tral Regulations
SsMaylng was later tied to Guthrie Crowe, District Cour, made asy, Joseph.
* aer-Karper gangs of blt, tid1 e for the Canal Zone. Ficton: Tower of Tvor. Frnn-
irend kidnapers. Ameeican Guild Of Organlts. 'ea: Dead and Nnt Bir C.
wand k apr I Go HBld Meeting Tomorrow Prescott: on the Strs.
$.1, after 19 years of In- Members of the Is b m I a n cherf: TPvond thd F nvit
WA aned aI f ireless l Branch -fthe American Guild of rointrv. Ptlnetnrf: TTonsa pprtv.
t*fg'ed f-rHai ( Orlants AwUl meet at the home Tinner; and The Lovers. Wil-
frtiutStr the attr- of tMrs. A)bie de Linares at 7: ,wn.
hl .In. tAhILM PI1m tomorrow. Programs for P b--es
l b Pro dscussm G OUD ProbesPlan

r f sord prtlnt Members are asked to bring I A 8L':D;o e|;--
"L <. .1 lOrgan volumes, which they would To Narional ize
Sbe to contribute, for use
_O a l ending library. i Mexican Fishing
-,- ilt" ml, or choir masters,
bleiag-fmembersp, are in.* COCITY,Ot. 1 (tP)-
t a ert ct Mrs. Lnares at The-Mmxican Clamber of. u-
ol tPianama. ties today referred to ttee
_'"__- __._e._ __ for study a ropsed Aw which
.mo:: .O ] would 4natona ra" the Mex-
e'tnfshinghI Itht I aryfnda ex-

J ]J l- ptic Si e and will The legislattan would limit,
.,B|Ject. Landmarks commerreal fal g rh to|..

Mio and Mr. Doro
Swl head tVhe aeml

.xecan citana &Wa Mexicans
W m s. n raring from,
_ to $4.000 wmWbeprovtded
for pirate ishlnrb" 1 foreign-
There bAve been frequent dis-
f al Ml sauthor-



FOSTER'S COTTAGES, ona rmile past
Sant Clara. Low rotes. Phone
Balboo 2-1866.
GRAMLICH'S Santa Clara Beach Cot-
taoes, modern conveniences, red-
rate rates. Phone 6-441 or 4-567.
WILLIAMS' Santa Clara Beach Cot-
toges-rockgas, refrigeration, two-
bedroom. Phone Balboa 3050.
Philp. Oceanside cottages Santa
Claro. Box 435, Balboa. Phone
Panama 3.1877. Cristobol 3-1673.


furnished apartments, one, two
bedroom, hot, cold water. -Tel-
ephone Ponamo 3-4941.
FOR RENT: Modern two-bedroom
apartment, 51st Street No. 42. Un-
furnished. For further details call
Zubleta: 3-1802. 3-3337.

FOR RENT: Two-bedroom apart-
ment, 2 baths, maid's room, ga-
rage. Bella Vista, 44th Street No.
32, Apt. 4. Phone 3-0815.
FOR RENT:- One-bedroom, modern,
apartment" across from Hotel El
Panama, "Glorlela" Building. Apply
Foto Holcon, next door. Phones:
3-2407 and 3-1179.

FOR RENT: -Modern apartment, in
El Cangrejo, 2 bedrooms connecting
both, porch,"fiving & dining rooms,
spacious kitchen, maid's and laun-
dry r6om with hot water system. For
further particulars please call Pana-
ma 3-4946 from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m.
FOR RENT:-'2-bedroom apartment,
ground floor. Furnished $95; un-
furnished $80. Front and back yard.
Very cool. The best that you can
get for the price. 43rd Street # 58.
FOR RENT:-Furnished & unfurnish-
ed 2 & 4 bedroom apartments.
Co n t a c t Alhombra Apartments,
10th Street. Phone 1 386, Colon.
FOR RENT: -Apartment, one bed-
room, furnished, North American
neighbors. Regular transportation,
$60. Phone 3-0471.
FOR RENT: Completely furnished
upstairs apartment in a two-family
house.- Living-dining room. kitchen.
two, bedrooms, independent mald'i
,!M onso rs'z2o

3-1861. : t A .2

FOR RENT:- Furnished opartmnentL
Utilities Inr"IdedqPanamn 3-:_o-l.

FOR RENT: -Ruied..partamt
for couple, small family. Via Bra-
sil (Pattilo Airport Road) No. 121.
FOR RENT:- nt,
living room. p ; df11 r m,
garage. "Hispanid ulfding, i No. 3,
Colle Colombi.a.
FOR RENT:- .-bedl ir t,-
"Maduro Buildingl. LAi El Ca lino,
Phone 2-2844. .

FOR RENT: ..ld Suq two.bedroom
apartment, living and dining room,
maid's room, $55, House No. 9,
7th Street, .Por4ue Lefevre. Phone
Panama 3-436.

FOR RENT:-airg qpand coal 2-bed-
roorp apartrdint,. balcony. .Bella Vis-
ta. Sea view. Cdl ,3-0934.

FOR RENT::-:- bedroom ppartmqnt.
unfurnished. cool, tea vie'd. No. 2.
Uruguay Strder.-.

FOR RENT: 'Copletely modern,
new, two-bedroom apartment, very
cool, wll .located, with city gas, In
* Via Argentino, "El Cangrela." -
FOR RENT: Apartment in 13th
Street, No. 21, San- Francisco.

15ako lp grack

4nali/d. Sport

tion's ataen would have better
figures if t.he took up running, r'
throwing"a sns or javelin.
So sayi Mrs. Frances lazupdt
Clevelan alatlona chairman I,1
t h e Afatr Athletic Unlace
women'e track and field commitO
tee. MrfrRa:X ski, an att aetlif
iandsmelp-blt WOMan of 3 al&
nher o' 1wO, WaN Ametiea's
champion weman discus throer
in 1948 entry in the Olfl-
pics in Lndon that year.
19!I- 1.'

"Excel$ f tminL"
said. in m ,r We he*
snort dObI1
figure t
Dorts ... n

year's .
Trials %m" m
"Lets I i
Mke Holli.-:

A ch

fu thee
their n
held e
low ii~l&UlBiww~Bf~E W .I


Ask ,r IfW ier for
lthe New Weldwood Glue

for Ropn or
Sett Af Minutes
Pack:iftm"i dyube
Read to Ure on
WoX4 Pstpr, Cloth -

Geo. h e y, nes.
CentWra A"e. 27
,e 1 4-6 1 1

Learn Biltoomn Dancingo
at El Panama Hotel
SStudio. We will be
closed from Aug. 3,
J&- Oct. U.

Sill bro bek th
b htst Cteps
rachamad thsi ew dance
Cha Cha Cha.

S- n *na pera.
!aturdav: B 1 name.
I rom vm tL h-treL 11

near Bazar ellpabel,
*- 56 Central Ave.
c *4 8kb'* ELGM
.IAS .

g~sa~""3~a ~lnaii"~r~

SUMfEi*eid (D a t).

-omm D
2-up 's- *4s

CWL< WItte
%/ ps mmbgual.o at

! P .f~f

Mn 0ordll ~o )

tolIbraM l o

i3rd Sirthda

a fzn, Ieretit & .ai or-

daiy.= today butIt w& be a
a ateasison as aed to
years. .
1 Left famed states Is con-
to Bethesda, M., aval
I <al where he I ring
-6 atroke. No vidtS._ out-
de of cloap friends wll hbe per-
mitted and there will be no Itate-
mants nor picture-taking.
Relatives .fear any excitement
say women his condition. Hult
asa been alow recovering since
he suffered a slight stroke in
July, foUbwing the death of his
wife in March. He is not as alert
- he oce was and no longer
Sor watches television o
agens tp the radio:
a t day comes 10 years to
Sdaf t fto the time he
.t. 2,. a.. t deate *0 his
la f acti y othe e at tDe-
ment though his redgn-
did nt take efftet until
Mrlr. 30.

I -- -- ---- --> --_ 1 .i ---.I


public ta week
Bonds.- qw o i
ranged '-ti
Ahorros silti s
doza dteWoM
annual ereat, w-

so us. mwar a
avins Bar
UEvle. CI
lt'pat se to

ZW-^Cer -t-. t

ARMY COMMENDATION N1o- awarded IMI/8gt. 'dwatd
K. Skelly by Brig. Oen. W, E. Laldlaw. chief of staff, United Btates
Army aribbean. In a ceremony held Mt T1CA1 1 Hesdtu;r-
ters. kelly wap .ayarded. the ArknymCtndBg dt3
Metar Peadant fr mneritoriouS av ice whb*,eavlW i irate
of'n ialo.tlendBnrteB United State, rt
Pacllc, from Aug. 9-404 t Feb 22 194. .i 2pohlto r*
as- acting hlef of- e. carrco n id'il'd on. co thoe-adiftant
iznart l. anlaervisAdu atl'dlu ased t eaS& sei maedeif an..

M Un* W* t ** *,- 0 1..

ft 9 6, .., 1%.
*. ta~iit. DaV~.s

Byrl om
uited Press StaU-Caon
, IICKWS, A. C. -
smartly groomed Satn
ye#l fbr red dresses bous
at railroad in, the Unt
thde 9.6 e i
whichc hasn't had.r
I first run 5 X .
Mrs. Ethel A- W42 !q
eral manalmr 1t- ,
which make one~roud
from Pickens t
the Southenq 'Ai
.C.. ei7ht muwiles a1w
The raneoad's ti

6teme of a Oaf

piuwa. pagauy wi
Hen ed at We

r "* **iWS ril

wiasr IEwp wa
teer in the cab


* Sate iis hard
a to break the 3:
tunsin the New
L Santee, on p
workout time s
rane he hopes to



P" -T


adoff, waa.l.

Via spafta No. 34

' ...-*L ^,, -


---- ~r


I __







I -------- I --''-' I -""-


- --.1--0-0




_ ___ ____~___



I _




* *A : 1" 1 '"
'l ,! ]
".C .' .'* .,

. .... :, ;^*.,- -,. ^ ; .
*" k ... ;*..' ,* ..' ? ", ', ";: ,' i "" ^




. l -

9 %-i., ,. -:.


imnee, was trapped in the

mer M 1to go" la thec t ch for 'at
-U ,.to tap,,chor foin owr Mau

b dmk. h t or a b W

f;.r .,
te r '"

'" "

Er y Day

m6 4,110.v SIm

* "-i-'-

-... R h neAormy to put your bely o e tol. .
bpqbeepin*ao4efbl hiphet qcA-isui-qa:
4t6 eineela! itkrdiv elemqnta to 6wre norulql 2
.F -- dplily by Nit, LACN 6E
t eaud s now his the

M i dop suing hopes 1 and
l gmuard eg*tist manepia.

, A KS!IMFr.d o
Zt-~-_ ~__E

ml ,

I ^--^ -;. ; .^ ..f .' .. -.

:. i 'J |
s | -%? B

WAY.- .' ,
. .. ; .... '; '^ *-.

Th mi esnt sire
't 't Mothers'



M iI : ...,:,.a..,t

",." .. .. .. .. -a


WL "

'" -r-.r,. .^ t ::tt -"
Lw -'/ ":

P e -- aI t. 1
S *tA- K A
- lao:,


V ''a
toss a


l a ra aaa .i r h ae jr of In t- a a
WaitM 4 000.gWVE pre hot water a- a part'-ermama

GALVETON. Tex. -U- A rom witb tam- sai e ba.on bits on fllr a hOLLYWOOD- (NEA) .-.o. "l A"'
roman know e r tratb, ant u e a h e d f. wood sad Grau te:. Gary Cro ,"

ny Wody Norta t awitut m carrot in t ptern: t h ed rod. Mar
ever operate e bl n .ton and B.r.? tr. thn|. toen rate a Tew e
e, she w the Save time in ha two-year Army e rn Romlees
e g clothes p time Labor, 'a ~ .... MarIo -
-ps. Lopa -ae ma, n-a,-, and hi. w, .boe t Mita, a for
-. .headsSO or codan ht ar wri LaAa teir lalnab, w r. sa l.
la in ye, there would tutas you Ge aafroyiCn Sam Weller. for an at e Idea
h a $e l e Buas ytThue ase will come up -"
such She a Mrs. Norten would within a mont.
a with auch "much too busy learning the When cane *ea t o chairs be- C o o h
t as lotls, nwso f." gin to sas with hot Casba," the Tr Martin-Marig mm'tes beleaft
Sr od o a b r a l ieto make executive dc- b.. Th wi the a noae ved at the box cM, statlo nt ny
eel i b ch de Mrs. llorth-th read "Fay o lndoner w Is
lletiye, /a't dismayed ? tons I.nuad o.books,.and la later I w.nd. who gets he lmney.W- IStoirke" on Oc.l.... .
anttdsan herre.L;-za -._ 'a".baningwill a.d logMari
Shad ehr job. years dlipd with her father eve m making waown drasries, a sad commentary en our b 6s. atantic rumor a a
of the Ameruan Stleaning the iside working try nalbi .- withoTaoa. nea" gets aroancerumo
CeeCo., one rof Ie o business, bound huttont .i'll find ad Joano
in the nation and tMhe ei credited with having a ornamental off-ea o it wmrm...p l- -_-a reader:ay tIM.aam i
S..B ;ewil attacks a task with s9i- oratve Ac (L tedes mipek @3*90 PN d
Lasg Ch. ot ldoo the MU; un0ess0 and completes it with aspct ah days e I from
S. o. ; s o a eoc toronss, s_ ?PA.TCRlO MADE n EAST W NS"t' ear of ,h.. ..
LMooACo., bankers. Slp. prefers to read and to NZW YORK- (UPY-M met BudIAboth an He por tda
1r e aso chai~ma~ of the e. s a accomplished horse- socks or the m of the SSATly is osw n "", cm m in
beard 6a the National Motel Co. manB sim Rifled withW 'patches now Lfor ,, C._abia will
Mels the W. L Mod r e'prmise toobu expand his empire, wheh make ella out or.
iOe's d nver Lake scanoes remains to he seen. be-yzCaew;bw"5theed o. *atamesth In
hg aa.L SlfUeraS So aer eidn sah she can do it. patches coe i all white, pastel, .Evrwer what happen ,
Sa e our Pek and standard color sortment. l at

." taft l'Oticud sach trea
*. M, f GrAN w APIDS, atih.- (UP) I ..... ehis sa

in t a do sisipt
'be mUd, ad a sarr ,be@rna1 .anta

A m* ,r -- *


when bfeM treso complete gverwhel the emotti
. as does Unliveral-16ttnatlonars Techtnicolor masterpiece ."Map
nificent Obsesdson such a picture must be considered an extra. i

Ocobt releaeat the central atre, a m
perlne I" Og ra of either x w flnd It possible
Too et6edit tq thin superb acievn between the
Uant pefiloniMMa by Jane Wyman an4 Rock Hudsen, the po
ful loveR=s ty b.o C.Do1uglas (the Outiora ot RTh Robe")
ienap1 t n1 mood of the entire fsoiuctton would be fu
rv dareltu Obs I0s ithat perfect blending of story

requires use of Oe reuisacitator .a treai re suci
owft~ by DM, PhUle who firom asudden b
o. when e of t p A
not enough, 's reckles t Wman.
bh%,hli $ i r in ath autoeb ltjwy and app
tof toto MiSs O as a a ort to
his et f e coies the an o
slon that of the ot t
told 6nthb doeen.

t a lore. c a eni
mupt h a sMI


"" "' s
0 ; %.g,,0


C-". t.L (c
P." ,fl ,-,

I&v you seen the.. T oe-`, ,,
catalog wbhc ath beAPrt th oEflstro Sfli
of Science" ht aJust Ins ? eoouite C m" P' te.o tigts
Is i moyst andisy pLester is dean I hi-
hefor er hf reri inimpersona.on O Ted Lew-
tioe of Its Akid enthse .World. kil oI5f t he er. t.o. V
You car not nlm obt a Orday.ei wit in,
b applyingtothe2 local IM "oG ilO.Co Fe a ra wiDa J1-e
Sonaf Science" in Panama, b a yn eand rv. B"Hey ou
you can see all the articl es," "s emy, ct."
quoted in the catalog. It's tr'ta .
a.mahin what can .be ..o t p3OSEC4T3 ROOM flashb:
them dAys In the itne-of hobbli. White O tma a-" Paamount's
8M toy and youUa at frsgt picture in bib, wide and
these for either ca credit. andsome.VisI alml iIs THE hot.
Come to Canal Agencies, S.A., day uAcusiel of the year. the sing-
Cathedral PlanS(R dG th e ngb hoofing and slowing of BINg
corner -from Felix Maduron), Crosby Danny Kave Rosemary
Telephone 2-0324, P. 0. oy and Vera-Ellen, Dean Ja-
Panama. Lger',-motng, =d Irving Berln's
Advt. mu*, add up to a Hollywood

W, .W. e.37 ..

cream a fu frIfl
with ai tay w .
refrigerator harsd 4a
ture as I tfremes. The hltdei I
off aaton alflrtt -f
ream e the soft-
stage. ( rto rd. Co)


DUBLO HTS. :15 8 :U GfXO0L 7:M
=I Carton HRTOW e woBm
C oetYOUNQ -t- FAnrrRMi
"Ser ofef The faoms" r mpeut Draw
lsud" "IfKcSMI It BCn. at m m

"I Unusumal




ogMBOA 5i



I' -1 I -


* Mickey roolaY
"Drive A Crooked Road"
uadaw "acaUG31 .1 Tas MCfAS'

A Akr-Condht nond
2A30 4i- -30 8-:35

T L ..
.m, .m .t 'e..T

. .. ..- a

70-T* P


mwm M';'

___ __

"MARTlas M h .
Ain llwWmIWM.d ia.*VS ,
iinui 11 i t el

~-ur Ym(n ~ ~I~ LP1

... i .


r ~__i__ L__

- -Z7 j-. ._





4 ii, -. -. '2''

. -'" i

* *. I,

.. -, -. N .

."1, *-

.-ed-Hot Gia

r Four-G

By LEO H. ]

Y fl Giants, sensing
ries ehamplotsh
w Don Liddle aj
4 indians today i
A Spectacular four
L three games and, with
S kapinned againt the
t g st serving' ln ans will
r "wtttal eir 23-game ace
Betaibn who lost series:
O 5-4, %n 10 innin s and
W work g with only two
Mdn of rest.
lnary, Lddle, a fe-foot-1
Z left-hander oblinV d in
tJ Bobby Thomps Qnohnny
ibnelU deal with Mllwaukee
Braves last winter, might have
Open by-passed as a starter in!
the Serie, and ordinarily, too,
Lemon would noV be called up-t
on to hurl again with less than
a three-day interval.
But these are no ordinary cir-
umstances for either the 01-
ts,.who entered the Series 17-
10 underdogs, or the Indians,
who must win today or suffer
the ignominy of .becoming the
1tlt American League pennant'
Wet to be bowled over in four
straight games since 1914 when
tha milpacl Bostonn Braves eli-

mgated the favored Philadel-
pa Athletics in a clean sweep.
Since that time, the Glants
also defeated the New York
Yankees, four games to noth-
in in the 1922 fall classle but
the secqnd game of that Se-
ta._q6.dlted In a 3-all tfle.nd
a'leeicaJly, could not "
ered an uninterrupled
ot=l48"a"e sweep.
4*ie high-riding Giants, who
epured their last world series
beating the. Wa4hington
in five tames in 1933
tl~ly played the Indians off
tei~puuns in defeating them. 6-
S frda. o con
ant drVi Wert. who cn-


Liddle To Agnt
S*- .t. 'P P.< .-r. g(' H. 'c

S- -. .-- .--7

ints To Try Martinez, ulIdogs C

me Swe Tess Ready ti Season's


2 (UP)-Tho.e incredible.For Title o S.'ws tw i ta
a quick kilW l th first g.1 h.1

ahnug hZ*f i at
lp since_ 193, wM..s..nd Qto6 .f.ld
ain t the I -1lddled Challenger Isidroe artnes f
ashotthework bId endisthmianfeath 61hteed e eodB
SS champ Pedro Tesas-Y Y y .-and _2iutqai.4 over on
-game sweep. wound up their training seasons m ne a e
inecellent condition o tomor-a .-,led attaLd to reah the
come pitched brilWlantly dur- rownight's 15-round champion- B 1O.s" two-yard line: Bill
ing the 7 1/3 Inning.s h on shp bot at the Colon Arena. the en pushed. ovbr on a NEW
the scene, limiting the, to proceeds from this eagerly a- Irback sneak for six points. M
four hits. When a double by waited return clash wW be ad- The tmsra point try failed. The 1954 t
pinch hitter Billy Glym nl anI ded to the fund for .e agdi- _Wt of this .quarter was ph ed loor ris
error by short p Alvini Dark cultural farm for delinquent In .field until freshman Brmce dans l
helped the Indians to their see- boys. iat banbooted Cristobra in the ipalor le
nnd run, Gomez followed with Martinez seemed to be in the le with a 65 yard punt, carry- Each
a walk to Bobby Avila and'then beat form of his life and con- to the Criatobal 15-yard vorite-
deelded he had better turn over fidently predicted that he will l .' five-tl m
the mound chores to knuckle- relieve Tests of his crown. The the. 1
baler Hqot Wilhelm. champ on the other hand says loa an eah thae rn o fa vred
that he expects another hard dowyp, the Bu~ldoa, .using a suS- WWlp1
"I told Leo to take me out," battle but has Martinez's style k with the running won th .
Gomes revealed after the game, solved and is sure he will repeat of halfb ki Larry Keene, ar- tn
"because I've had a. bad cold his TKO victory over Isidro. td .e one-yard line. Quar-
the past two weeks and it was The semifinal will be between etysi Scott went across for who
getting hard for me to breathe promising Jose Edwin. a former the toucdwn. D M
out there." Caribbean ar" Cent'rl American -Dke
Wilhelm took over and struck amateur welterweight cham- ,g a. halfback reverse. Bobbe
out Wertz to kill off the final pion. and the flashy veteran lkiee wIat around lft'end for r'd
Tribe threat. \ WI'fredo Brewster. th, aint;akith, tel1- T1wa
Edwin rules a slkht favorite N r tdeathkffnatened 'fr the Amer
The Indians were noticeably tomake a triumphaht pro debut, alder the half, atlbo h an
weakened by the loss of third Brewster in in fine form and this Balboa had twn long runs called outhiti
baseman Al Rosen, who eat out bout could turn out be just a back by, penalties. juries
the contest with a painful leg thrillio as the title fight is ex- r fro',1'
injury that forced him to hob- peced to be. The start of th second l 400 a
SUIJ rw icnui-P Pz L~ai

ble through the firs two games
Hank Majeski played.In place of T -four-round preliminaries
the ailing Rosen today and went wilI ad out the program. Car-
hitless and after the game. os son and Hankin Barrows
Cleveland manager Al Lopez an- III swso punches at the 135-
nounced that Rosen would be Pmd eight limit while un-
back in the lineup for t o sO beate)t 'arciJl Molinar tackles
contest herd-bitting Manvel Prescott at
128 pounds in the program's
"There's no sense kidding our- opener., ,
selves," Lopez said. "Rosen is our AItlefon r mires range from
cleanup man and without him one db .r to $8 for special ring-
we're in trouble." side spats,
!Lopez also aid that Sam Den- n Th Fir ys
ld replace George Strick- ,The rw
a at short stop in an effort to
in more punch into the line- POST AWADOR GOLF CLii
up. ezl- sinee the left-hknded ORT ADOB GOLF CLUB
Lid dl will go for the Giants. AN.NOni CAR NE AL
Wally WOstla e will he In right "OlBh rAPANY HANDICAP
While no team in the history .* 'iUMENT
of the World Series has coe y TtJOH CRAME
back to win after losing-the first "L G JO- N CRAMER
three games, Lope reTused to thisd
Usy die.

"We've had to win
i a row before thIs
A ,R it," Les sai
k3~eanfl y w

year Comgby of soTier annual
ePS baidicap ebampiozwhiplto u rns,
W a rL m rat 1 neroat at the trort Ama-
^% dfl~plf Cub 1 dnriigte period

^vain tsaw lue mu os nr )
hole due to fumbles, with the dP-,
feni nv tsin sain niaviir bril-
liant hall, Three tJmes In the
nu4rter they held off the 'lMers'
scoring thlmats, once on the 1-
yard line.
The most spectacular ulay of
tbh, game was a.wetuted star the
end of the third nunrter. Ed
scptt. usnae an option plo. car-
ried to bin drho. from the fl-
"wrd line to h% 5s-vard mnrrer
tbhn Dromed ti..hlflb I No-
noleont who seawnnrd 50 yards
throwuh te firlastobal menrrAdAr
to nonre sip iddlp in. Scott nass-
Ad to ,nd Don Hluff fpr,the ex-
tra point. ,
ThVe slt. ouet'er won featrurod
hv defransve plav withS nwthAer
tpmn able ti mnintin a s Vtain-
ed drive. Cristobabl. in an et-
temot to snare aBuin.,opintd iin
with a Muafln stteek, hut tti
the wrk nftf defWaidv, h a tq
Parh wIT bnu'ne aw t A lAt c
all nnlllfd thwtr tiemp o

One a
come t
of the
the Ar"


.4. -

s iI

5, ;. 4 :.W-

'II 1 'I'llII ;....,I.i ..
20-6 J




0 Ited 8 S
(UP .... title
M hty White, sf ._a.onal,
In- Bill of e l ith
Sway, V the 34, a g eotwt from
the r i Pa Wof
fet fa- Broo The Pee Wee
ousting the stole o ght .
,Tnk~ and
bktwtvuly Al of cprd and El-
1pub r sest but the
S.- -bat-oin0 won out
0l here Royt elm(12-4)
gave thelanWt t best relief
k recor*iMtmr Wtai m and plve-
md land o hea- with -Don
MosD ) and Newbouser
thei maored

the Y
are the
here ag
set and-

Larry Doby.
Ted Elusewk of the i
toppled two bea bets
league. n LJg the home
te from Edu thew
wIveo had "b u. th(
bed &ft-i aurW :' nf ig kC

. ...

Ih, rf .....
r! if.

Fl, ab ....
nun, rt ......

aa, b ....



ABfB 0 A
S4 1 113 0
,4 0 -1 3
5 2 0
.5 1\3 2,9
.3 21 0 1
* 1 -0" 0
si 0 '1 3 C
2 0 0 2 5
.4 0 1 4 0
S4 0 0 1 2
0 0 0 0 q
' 10 27 12
0 0 0 4.
0 1 2 2
S 0 1
l 0 3

'Y'~' "!-'ID~

an& ^

\a. %A *a



oei bflan
Da e

homer, later
env Wodd

n..o wdian

WriA e te'
QUWBZf: 17h
Dame gae4, the

r^- _^

pi- one out in i
rinmd ager Leo Duroc?
SMon te rvin and sent.
mwNies' hero, Jim (Dust
Iet. his customary pin
op the first pitch
Shodes drilled a ring
S to right to score two ru;
* last run turned out to
p dertsive one although an a
tr..Garcla aided in t4e C
Iblrd run of the frame a
wentt on to score single ru
te fifth and sixth at the e
.o relievers Art Nouti
RA iNarleakL .


- 4.,.

A"- -
- zr:-A


setting foth the conduit
pl!y. 'v
Priae for the touruami
include ten new tubeleis ti
double bed mattresses o
single mattresses or comic
toere of, plus eight TAS(
tries and a special'husba
wife prize.
All elub members are ei
ed to be re that they
least dneHsndiap scoreli
days thereby establlsng
tive handicap for tomrnam

IWue P"
T*RRL .-...

p 4

s .1

_m .be' ThN 4ow net game will
M b nexteThuruay nloaht 0 :7:,
October when they nwe. the Athletic
ions of Club at, thon StadiuS m.
ant will 1sl1boat dowsCitW
iraes, two e i ,t downs 9
f four 19 yvds 3Uing go
bination 2 yds Pasing 5
CO bat- 5 PaPi attempts 17
and and Pass completed 6
1 Pass intercepted by 0
ncouasg. 5 Puntsa ttemuted 4
post at 28 Puntinw average e ya.
each 3 8 Fumibles by 4
an ac- 6 FumblAm recovered by 6
nt n,,ur. 65 Yads penalized 35

Iowa State Cyclone

Earned Nickname
AME, a. ,-T.EA) -Iowa
State's footbl sal returned to
the seas o. one of Ames', hito.
ric football -e when it ment
Northwestern ig Evanston.
Tn in, fthe farthe' late Pop'
Warner.atarte his eomhing-Nes
reer at Iowa State, mines played
the Wildcats in EZanston. Iowa
State wrdeflnitely, the underdog,
but wo#, 36 -0. There had beet
cyc onein the midwept that year
and esfMl/ally in Iowa.

Fotul Results

Chat SaZ Tampa
Miam1 l DIS 0, Bayloer 13
Xavier,ia. 11, Alab ta Stete
WichitgsPr I Drake 8.

nU Ckttiry shirt It hounlig the

ly whir with a patented, stm one-piece
,- e Neithe heat nor can ,
.jusenCflantiry shirt is avagaMein cnolC .

? l ^t t 0ive up
pJ- & n a d. l *
"rR'o-. .

rekse ate
will hae aa
U34 record. hi.ii the e-
ea Le_.. W*,W ern i aof
wtein t leDgr ua ig
*eholdM Alex 4O es the
Same ub, a .

DETRoIT, Oct a (ct ) et.
a. manapr PtyHaerl M la
lc tn the' ,ajor ieagw:.
V103 after _10 -Wit-
0-M !,Detroit Afqd

Nutnson a be,
he couldn't get at yt
har4sa' left the Wa in
fats last Sunday after anag
the the last four yeaih pe S
year-Old Bucky says ..
fired, but Washlth n kpw
wlark GtRffith s8a0rSa phg
I HNr has managei arl
"Mt he's spent l.&yae tn in
sBpat* stretches satW
tn,. five years from ,
through S3 -7 with the
two years wth tbp Yankse
with the Red Box and part ofa
seaapn with the Phils. -
,iBehW amw the Detroit offr
came so suddenly .he w.a
O.*f it. '4
A %,arrb tells it. the
,ifdot -Spike Briggp I n-W
h inedtm Thursday.' It tMA
the first offer Harris nI.

Sand possible l
"ea l t, you one thlinftV,
'Nono of our

ay h toee 51w
., t I "

.s .r "** .* -*. 0, 0 1
Nag, ...'"*,.,.'- 0 o 0 0
otal A 40 437n10
a-Singled fo r %d.
b-Struck ut for Gatea 3rd
c-GrouW out. fdr Houtte-
man in 5th, ,
d-DoublUtjor he an n 8th.
-roulerDdd4.-t Or Narleski
in 8th.
f-Grounded out for Stricklland
it% 9th. i

New Y6rk (N)
Cleveland (A)

lob il o11 00-
000 000 110-.

uwn fans w 5mil S parted
bY the running. f rd who
sored -four tuchow. nd two
extra points. StMl added one
touchate o and paed to Craw-
104 a co upe, ia touch-
down. WU Scored a
touchdown and added the extra
point or his team.

lb the other "r" league gaine,
BArleys team rompe ov#r-Bel.
am team 31-to Valentie
vet,,aafl .s.a .a.

e et.*wme M ielwaf go yarda A*o
rrors Gn. ardy %A touchdown and later scored
Dark. Runs l Maya 2 two more T.D.'s and -also added
s 2. ts. Westrum ,One S 1 point. Roat Hill
r, Smit Weshit afht pass and rakrt .up ana
Thompson, 'Home run other. eanpter whlle-j gcor-
WertB. sac Avla, Wil- ln the last quapt Payne
lien, Darl bigw pla toured 'for Bellamy In -the
rik, Willian d Lockman;tS quartetl --
Stri .land Left O.t on e'....
New IQj Clevf The "C" league. .
led (A) 5. p'SnoGH w 's well coach the

I (Lockman% S (SSMi, were Chasen, Roe
Philey, Aviu qk otb IO k tole. Roe thanp
rca 3 (Go ra point. or 'team,
PW). Hout o Romero scored a touch-
_t2), Cm o 'or his team opa long run
2 1 VsTme Wt ^ addftg the extra
Me, l.s, fuenod cobedtamo s tooo sow in

&iwo0-0. ulic
r-- -. oar-
a.Umpin alan-


d an -
7tAW (paid), 1} (BASt)" :

-7 ,.1S?1.""1

Faeidv Is Pflgre



F.SW. 'w' r~
;-!'- **~
'S -


r -


'., I '.


I-_ ._

"-* p v



. .p o

Fg~j. -1 -* -6,. -i; o- .

' : '". r .. ;A m..

2S<4 :* --.',

Al .,a .* ... .;


*; -" *-: :- ; .*. ._ .*
a "

. >. .-. ,,:-
* A., *
-A- .. .4 ..
L,. -.' .' ^

". *^ .' .',


-, .. jo-... r~A' -

,a .

Violation Of

-,n a at ;;.


ot em

-A aw

rkn Firat

nt ^*^W^

if. ?
er at iu
I is a noi .



i r lt,s called i Bo

o l&iRef d Ro er Wo at left tadce, and a good assortment
a E to wed right tacke. ning backs," he tstifles.
n r r o Eliot warni Penn 8 pe's That, plus just enough passing
K bsaMr. f oe poents. to Make the running gaie go, is
well i r"Pefa State has a smart line about allit takes.,

Is Of Footbal Teams
|I NlmanggAR i awca i .TaAs A-M N Vmf

pwir a1

BEAT HEAT, LO4 GAM a..Xamus eotwban
helmnat uand pea c TUams ChrMtiau nmhde
teaperstu at jawrenn vehette Maccklag a
./ -

A4 @p! to
0 0--Et C C 5W.eobt. aa
0 0 0. Lt V t o 1 -- t okil PA .
6-To ,.,--,c.
aLS.t .1. ""0 -t Co0l. -Pacific a n .-Cen o

FUKW *itt N.-a jj a e~1 O.!I--ht.Ric
o* ,, -(Ntu 1 0-WaR 7--

ft.. N:.. R, Oro''

0. a-aNo lrO. '.UJat fa~u rn l -R
o O.t- t -S tleoi
NErml!n1 i i su land.

O. T---*ah. gjnla,
u.a& N. D1.1 6S". No. C at 5 .
a 5 lrse .SI- pN.N t eAr J0 .

s wI m r rSt.IANSAS N. NI r:4 et.WA A 0 at R MamOnie
liuebsw A5.St.n 0.4Is TE. XASt15
NiaanAn I2-t So C A
I ) j a If VULSL g w.2-41

EL20. L 0.-ata. St.
oMoll 'nWA iac4 f. o. o
if ha. um5WaI5 flhimt

-. t Denver a. reTh. wim tiS oai l n
t a..e u mu M ca.,

a at. a.Dallas"cI t-Iot .-Ca
uaraak cIjjfaI. trd SA ~ ~ In7 UC ai 'aI0. 5-."/
NI h~blim ~ oa 1t14: erh~ .geo.tad

aat r t '.
t'arrb 1 1-a a a 0. -
NIL ftn. 1p -
.T iEt U3P

-. "U"mon. .
KAJIAS V."N17-i" -erK--0-8"--B ., 63" m

it -"t "a ygek N.
is ran" 14"a I.%*L t. 't 13N2,' 1.2749 o. Caro.
I .*

*. P Pan"

t la..arKA C

a. MAP=
L. Rock Q II.-It stes
isl0. Aor mo o
IRaa NrL*a .2r 0o.

two 6 31 OREGON N biill AU OO


gae ians -'
reached the end. Jude VCE-.
cry would dot have touched, he
case if he did not feel we wouldd
"I give mieior league baseball
two more years-and than It will
be non-ealtent, from coast to
coast-unless the demands I ask
in my st ar met.
ere ant3 1 minor leagues to-
day," Lawrence points sut.
"There were 59 five years ago.
There are now about 202 minor
league teams. Of course, my suit
represents a little less than half.
"Do you know exetly what will
eause the death of inor league
bail? Simply this the majors,
through the man they pass off a
a commissioner, Ford Frick, Se-
fu to even look at th 'flAa
hey are doing with tselek Jd

;b adnasting o m ajor lIaue ol e
the16 1o0 "1 .-e '
"E Blnedmont Lealue
7tS,0 isita whole this year. I
lost$ 1 0,090.
"Theie pa years, my attend-
once has been around -40,00-in-.,
stead of the 155,000 we u ed to
have. Why?r Because we have
bite majof' league radio maits
ino town .each day plus a
wee kl television show eta major
league game.
'I don't want these blacked out.
We can't stop that the people
themselves would yell. But what
ba want from baseball ift cut
o the earnings from this bia,
neus. lThe majors received os o
thing like $10,000,000 fromthese
sources this year.
"What we want is a percentage
of that money so we can. operLate,
that's all.
"There is a rule which prohi-
bits major league team fr o m
playing in mmior league : re a
thout pain the cw. in-
volved. Th.ole should apply
to radio and television, too.
"It is simple. But tell it to Ford
Frick. He duebk and says noth ig,
He has ben-sitting around, dor-
ing noUtng, while minor league
baseball collapses.
"I'O bring doQwn to the n's
level. My Portsmouth clubpro-
4ucsd eddie Stanky, Hatry re-
Been Back Wilson, Pie Traynor.
1illN holson great baseball
w"1he Atlanta owner, Earl
Mai, says that his place will be
a p.acixs lot in two yean.
4ro leagues have folded.
:= r league ballplayers kre
mtigty hard to find now.
4WN the minors out of buad-
fe where would they be devel-
^eMONK i league ballplyersI
_10 1i0 ualderably more or a
*ttMM unles Ford Frick wakes
PM gNaersea

quarterbacka k

L TURNING Cae oCali i
erecei vin deep-heattrt
m e rib musle.j (NEA). ---- -- .
- ; ..- r'

'Trdition Rivaries' S

With Better Foot al R

.......w .. -. .... .. I pac. 2 (oA

NFiW X1H, uCt. 2 (NEA)
Mach fall, It it the custom her
q. a national football ached
"Oh" It over a prominent or
9.the wall. and let it guide

T traditional rivalries were
built, boys rocking and sock-
ing ranfrer for an old oaken
bue. a little brown jue or what
ba yar
pitch tabeootbeI
la across the conti

on itl

futurein in win ikS
ets or Uttle brow
ticket deal with a
markets which p
000 tickets,
pe akviymu
syntet a t It





. a -- .


- *' ,

1 .-,, -. -- -





S ~* i k^rfPitba rll

k, fA

Wr.T W,! .. .. .. .. -,' ," "V



" p

*. *^. .

I- ** II."
\ "' o\ r :4' ,.B '.

t '-;



Swlil Tells p


d. Poland
YORK, Oct. 2 (UP) I I
rSwlatlo, former Polish se- --
police .official, said today 1
is t strong surge of in-
urrest In Poland, which "Ln i
aunist government Le the people know the truth and the
aider control by Ru- .
mass arrests. TWENTT-N-IT IAM. PANAMA, 16. .. 8ATU
.whether the unrest .-H .NAMA,
m nd in a revolt by the
wl, wiatlo did not answer
I7 dia B surround d by the
itself," he said. "It the i
ay l has a big security net-
In the country, based on
dl Soviet model." I S J| '
,'_Wiatio, a former lieutenant
'of Polish ecre police
NF internal security offi- S ,olve s Arm s C I -
c. broke with Warsaw last
December. He is in New York for
teerlee of Volice( of America LONDON, Oct 2 (UP) A make atomle, I&l.leeal -or
.M*dcasts to Poland. "solution has been found" oh the chemical weapenj unless s
deadlocked arms control issue at elflcaly authorbeM by
fLll"fi. the nine-power conference on treaty organization.
l German rearmament, it was an- He also proposed that they a-%
Sounced today. gree to manufacture' weapons
Belgian foreign minister paul- only- to fill their own needs.
M d rm V Henri Spaak announced agree- Both were Dujes' suggestions.
ment on his plan based on corn- Some of the ministers were re-
The first meeting of the night promise proposals offered by ported opposed to this outright
,e or. .e.u. hfted this var lAmerican secretary of state John ban on production at the "A C"
b s the ~tensiontDivision of the 'Foster Dulles In a bid to save the weapons in all Europe:
Veinal Z ne Junlo Colloege will conference. Ten Adenauer hade his big
fs Monday, ^irt haso been Spaak credited West German concession, confer seonrees.
liMuned by De. aRogser C Chancellor Konrqd Adenauer reported. He promlned that
Hackett. y with making an important con- Gersmany would voluotarly as-
Hackaen cqssion to allay French fears eept A ban on the prodeltion
he c..sesa w,,ich will meet over German rearmament, of t&e BC" and heavy weap'
heday are elem ntara1 nd ad-, The conference once again its borders.
-- accounttin,e Leaptary returned to the optimistic at- This was what Frapee wanted
advanced shorthand, ele- mosphere that marked It be- In thte place., -
ay -"typewriting, first fore French Premier Mendes- Dull8 had propose that the
nd b I Fance's demands caused a German ban on the production
.Ines law andco A nag last nlght. of the "ABC weapons" be made
clot ing general effective for two years.
S eStw tpanish and element Speak said on leaving Lancas- Mend France a thrown the
acholo. r House this morning after nine-n n conference on Eu"-
S g arious engineerln draw- en.e hard bargaining among ropean -'fase Ipto,-a major
ich will a held minilaters in an unusual sit- deadlock last night at a moment
ttdtday niorninps, will hold I n limited to one adviser a- when the ,eeting had appeared
i Mt .sion Saturday plbete o on the bt of suc .
.itober 9. I lutlon has been found. The d k whfh threaten-
the except tin of the Ad btor has made a big con- ed wrek theconfe arose
en al and en- ceslo wen he he sad to fr6a
w all of His was echoed by his demands for a pe
ar per week. other ts leaving the con- armaments ool d bit-
ln Division ference ter. obe na of t teWest
,, ne-our gpaki a propemm er natos eekig to. bring
grid Thursdays. tday sug deadlk West G y into t deene
Scouirses .which over the arms 1u be of, uro
'meet Monday solved with a et a- under' the Me s-Praee
a mnintmum of m ng the poolthe would have ears
riffy for. l eo ero v-r such thins
.&"-- F"'o
be rA


a ary is safe" Abia- krIw
+. ..'. -.. '. ^

ai~E, pIo-inm 3lc isis

cnrol P

a.*m .'-,

Bit.8pokesaq. sald the ?orati

ack e ju. ttontr
1ffences arose out of te no bfcom

The ipokesmea eK-n Ibt Thei
that the conference accep r the ree

bluntly dllQudy' s Ute n
mle mnnar ent pool'an no rday
r. He as r efieved Thurin ra Fve
lo i ead re ted I principle thotickll
sidetrack e lme. ntroda
The pokesman said that The
"while appeared Thursday declare
tht therence co nernwa oer the over a
hqmp, a&p In respect to rannr- would
ultea coIer this was not so to pe
last night.,a' maint
Dul es t a I en aee to con
Sbl"ntly tf he a alnted ln ts,
States r ad to .Or, ever Fore
Control of th ditrbetrion of Eden

I Utsany ind to NA Op 'Pac thedo
Sib aore this deadlock develop-'rday
SA British apokeman d the renen:
aulties over Wwhol estion '
se "controls of armaztnts in thrim
b.onnectin with the on of this
Getmany into NATO.' Edei
*'2tfore this deadlock develop-ap'ro
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a 34Xday-Javler Pat .taMnt ip.
Solar preent el aturehr S l. ud
Biaalsh miht toniit. All.nlu filth1)

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S spent' ne.yes-
J "trem9ly ooper-
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S re.lmat the
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of, nteit to restore
hia sch a wAy it
vArto b mtiffid and
tit three powers to
S r in0s Gein any and
e oenCupy West Br-
peasueq o- proteja)
SSeggetary Anthony
de S strongg appi to
tes. at. the end.ofyea-
tigasking them to
the grave Isasues that
tak e
Ib ,Is Agerdea's
Ett-of aurop it
i urged t: conference to
d to .Crem
ied Nurope and asldd
Sbe a great disappoint*
If *;ere technical matters
stelaes to success.
British lDeanmf. ,. re-
ca nvius;n;aM d"_

Plan strategy Sessiol .
j,,',Il claims will be ..
S. WIVER, Oct. 2 (UP) Gen. mun that thy ea't pk oft
Alfred M. Orunther, supreme on a at a."
Allied commander in Europe, R. lt
will hold a strategy wssion wth a position of pt" eaid.
MPremdent Eibnower here later TherWetot S Add, he d q not
today o implementation of the believe that war "between the
nie-nation agreement to re- western wers and Rusa is in-
store full sovereignty to West evitable.;
S. ermany.
The conference with X len-
Smmbl o t t. Pa : Isul. Mipn., yesterday, hower coincides-with the sched-
brlawere pltid Gruenth told a news confer- uled conclusion tof e nine-na-
in back salarl ionce the Western power 'still tin tika_ 9German kearma-
'for the t- t. not have enough strength in d overeigaty in Lon-
work YesterdaVyqwbu Europe to hold out against&&
jon.I al-oult Cnunoat nlaggression."
d.1ro laIeb.beemwported .thec
T inlan, the. Mtw oaldve hoaryy degree from en *ThPrienI otherth At-
tayetr wko t sro d we'ree lent T sregtX'Oratian, new
0 bid e "PL gWah. smooth com- oe; 8, rthe d tPlOyment of
is week at mR AC. a in the ro Kremlin" andur ont
4 1o uthe- UiA. District iat"he does not believe Ine 4 11 & .forc-
M at Abcon. left a l 1t defense of Europe is 4hes ruenher
Ah Wit t German bo. u
Sw ureops of Von." e Eo Vvpents con-
i' He would not enlarge on hi
sl id nent. concerning A1li e11 eretaryeof ta thnr Foster
qo O.f IOt. lIt e was realdpec h6re
so ctaliCI* u Said K(i? In lurope but he as' PuIes wM zpecfet report to
'eli.b 1 for e tb It '"t within our power t.e Sresldq.t bY pone today on
te I to prevent war tby building the tondon talki.-
SP rntro? al ace .system oewhitl rI hs
S olt ON woulderno notice on the cona ^ The Prwident,, -through his
%e p _asta press secretary, Murray
.h,.as no reve_. .-d/he ia keep-
S. eron Warns clse touch with the Rus-
'rdB s aMrmnament plan.
h O a l s Rusia. introduced the plan
'S f-r^U n'AffOirsw p'hch sfor prohibition of
8,,tUni.n Affis ea o "s destruction in
S 0BUNOS A r e p (ene Afsembly late

n ureb ficials todi_, "The" Prident. is watching
tiea'1., i "t ol Rt In antradee uni _avlopent ver.s

B iFclrflw Rest
-p"".. Octo. 2a ltd.Ai ; Isft t e eo-
l2 o rcan oMolt at thir
M a mdinnn fut day of st yesterday.
lMJrdPope wIWorestetisopd a
trs .erU 1 otate s on

DI% I ,, f uldayOff illftUYeterday.

deltfxdia-an-is ngls


.u uiSft e rIf1 n
urinb. ,
doOT taptales and other id
be on sale. '
Feature attraction will be Los
Churumbeles of Spain,. who will
play. front 7 to 9 p.m..
Games of chance at the Far
inclusde-the popular r"Tmbolj,
whereby .you always win 'a
prize for your ten cents. in:
eluded will be lamps, dollars,
valises, sterling silver items.
The "Noah's Ark" proved ves
ry polar with the childrIn
vestdnday and m ls a youngs-
tFar weit 6t carrying a baby
chiclk rabbit, kitten, or piuoy,-
or b*. 'KTen cents givos a nlay
er na chance to win tbese nts'
Exi"tlnnenat toqleB t will in4
cl udft -ted Pftlamnnlan danc-
ers 4,r ornng traditional dan. -
es ntmin.
gIly 4" f-idcrw place a.
Pthe -.t.JbvIer RtS0ol on 4th
r:p9-1y Mi1. one blo0t
froki a IspaB Admissionn 1
ten c its. *'. Dr"O-'41 Will
used fiurrbame pthletlo e olni
"'mnp 'tbh.boy"n' blhno..T
Fplr rth at 4 o'clock in ti
R_ i i-,the last day of the

to regtar. i .
tor r falf n^
Wt.wquld coap
wy,,would Aerian e

biIl Protested
PARIS, Oct. I -(UP- t-.rael
hacked France to inter In-
tepb's seizure of a ,fteleU ln
the 4ez Canal and tb l th,
go'etndment is arudyt I
ieat. "sympatheticall$, l-
Malals revesled erlyv WoTO
x Crs' 'Aff d nif faiBM ),WOuI'
UarvWe;Wntrav. dmlpi e
+wtv of the -dav, the'elglh
i' ear. Re w-, S eWeiv t,
t director qeDP11 for polta.
,n nor ,iald tVA Xl P0 Ot
a '.ot only a bra"l af the
tinople Con*Won 4f6
I t a firthqi4'0 Adefl-
";aeinst th- UMOted NR
Vi'r ty $nllucll'N reaIluM",r
191. wbich cifufmi h
p desit from i ferin
wtgh lIping in the Stzeu Ca-
Wit -;A.v, T

JBnd, t P
re an untjm
ribastttpri for-tour
a e s a
l dere tb > y n. I
Wio a now e-
M enroll ts
il yktua ll the
iomaeo adile
Thised nh aI

poetft on boi pi.le y.-
",W '" co y P duS,ld +

t cheidren0
parent o.l bo ys an
ibtin, gchwi
llsted area '_ .

Sare of whopfett
-fore' the

H ,wdmastt +'7 ....yer .
vised a hof-i~jrtw,grn Pla ,
the chdre~^~ntewoe
6th o.ol.tis~ it rents u,
bdfo Cal~h^tu for bi
INIcL~uld U. a,;)
wlteV OB~ ^sw
tetfa e, jax(';Srpt rmuw

to repair anes

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You'd bette
mat. Carol


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