The Panama American


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The Panama American
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Weekend American
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Scott Family Library Fund ( donor )
Panama Times, Ltd.
Place of Publication:
Panama City, Panama
Publication Date:
daily (except saturday and sunday)[may 12, 1973-]
daily[ former oct. 7, 1925-dec. 4, 1966]
daily (except saturday)[ former dec. 10, 1966-may 5, 1973]
normalized irregular


Subjects / Keywords:
Newspapers -- Panama (Panama)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
Panama -- Panama


Dates or Sequential Designation:
Oct. 7, 1925-
General Note:
On Saturday published as: Weekend American, Dec. 10, 1966-May 5, 1973.

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University of Florida
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All applicable rights reserved by the source institution and holding location.
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oclc - 18709335
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lcc - Newspaper
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Mrs. Seybold -

_Oes New .Messqe. $I

Pound Conditionsn

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The CoribbW airlift. of
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The-malo problem now, acrdng to
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force that is vastly nre power-
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It the movermuet oen't
boost Uia endit for the Air
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BSeiis anmnoed u L
It a new ecrtance slat
'aonatlons art O f i
current rent and bh
get' lmttatlons."



S'also announced a major i
2 In the rotation system for i
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that, "would be aboeker for Cry tch owf f
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State and ftames

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For Polio Victim-

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Smeetitng aft Tvolt OuGest whe te
e on. sluday afternoon.
re ular quarterly 'meet-
[Chaster No. 34 of theiNa- NW
A omulatmlon oa Retlad sama
P70wIll Convene at 2 p.m. n----M1
Tivoli barroom. BaSdo.Ci
4dditAn to rel bu- 5 -r
member wueits ll to Meeowutfl
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Sd at-
0 new tepuents are out- The

Public Law So. 665 makes i
nent the temporary raise
3, pelons enacte m pe- ei.S
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Labor News


By VI*? E muL
LS ANGtLES: The Soviet.


international force snch as the
Russians &Arst ue during the
Spanish Civil Wr."Pu
TH MAIL BOX algade will 'ea
I I."M.A.I.L. .B-- C0 X... 2 .Ri. I
~Powerful international army cc t ar, teis
1b -e 0b~ .00 Win letum am 10 an o A-n. '
j ee. Laest Srt rewlved 1se18uy e and 6M hAdli 4 *lgr used by PeIW "to liberate South. 4M start t&
dI l i i t Asia' -ewhich mena that I ap *Ne at
S ribste a letter don't be, fa aespear 0@ F Tse-tung sand,,he am= pIR. u asalo
der. she paNhaw i te aeo ho plan a new $ieks c I t B
| los a hold is ru hat's the iate rprslon pt on0
Tka smewue sem ssai m sMis s we ilaffa the s tartln r ad tM 44e
in iqm trssWems, international MAdnes"M
foreign ey tatFL h
-c.-~= ,o Th A!Jorin sorso who dialistle boondoggle" would 31vr
wIo. e inltere nate dhe?" byk the ,e h
OU DECIDE THIS ONE of the globe to report to atals0
of the Federation' a 13d intusl S
S convention n the Hotel Ambassal. e v ilPa
My long and undoubtedly enjoyable silence to readers of dOr. .

Ih;se P ou Dhoen due to my nav & bea aor patinoi t at Bann 00e a r M
t w sThee AFL's internatDiornal l at I Kra
live & 1 1 so 10
t~he United wse nnoeta taloulanegho a grei=slson. Thee amintens %o
% tterten ne ieieoaer. an e a na l l lsts are among the i I
be porntnowe w world's best formed sources e e
leas D=nvrere himself a Repulican, has come up with tile worlv' btest of .orlsd mealgos9 he .4
-4activities og void cc -alm, S1v A
1o!l0Win9. aofnt of an "1nt1il t as "A man who take it 0 0 = 1 'V
more wor rfani necessary to tell tthan he knows. t t thL C eera at
Now lffp up A" how. the wi etana with regard tony uins ion MeChines
own et aun tcung woo the anrpt of his prom confer- l l b able to tela our go g pma
ee of Jtily,20, 1954. mnteVs esin aimbor thofeoa

t268 1.AN-Mr. Preside in the debate Ien Congree p esq onira T a t a
on the f r.gram, there have g rots of a consumer t d. hae sedl up a dd ll sl t at
fo\tthign price of A I was wondering Ift oe was this same t u d
in 3ou -tn wsh epland ters that yoB -got. ,you of as" whlel sup.'dIh

45v beanIe? broughtsue
ean ah te eeer Oret a consumers' revolt. U al with some
A. V W hwhie here anl there Ile had heare r of the high E eermost *Uqrtive legal argto molaim b
price of and cost of living. ,Dpcd It, advanced ments dpratiOn Brasoner-ag*Wr B
in ergu twas.usually coming in rqm 40otht inrnew lseb e tom in Korea.iland

I ,. &ae hoer oneethate wAnNnO Nowed thirsAFL o p ko pe.wn Nor
programs was hat, difficult task.autAm e Free Trade Unmia acadee a
go1 117, h fieht the thh This toy of the coat- theports tainhed Sovietaied Chinese btn aeeoewAo

forin t he P"esidhtent nsaid "wh~ben one thave SO hany gn oder up wafae asU ~ Ad much ofr his toll rga ansplao h
In botasoelyetals you around thpecoutr and wel do the kin d of uger fame he httruhCnrs unrvs h c. Ies1 tv rmI

a o e eabnow y bad 4oia't happen twfogne seas hisguhs at| swasuff tleisswi
0 tol no. inthanli army. dke' it fo Ike's Barainl A average din'h
lon h '^..'sort of Asiatic "West Point." To it a
On r- band President Eisenhower, ahs s middle-ofe- have be brought some of the

S'-rn d A s a "non-intellectual" and a non-egg- brightest Or eetal Communists. eflc n oul ha t
heah aec to a report In The New Yr ork Times. The young men have abeen saes r n Aai bl s M
flr taeaitr. writing orom DenverA sayssi a that the n ee the awai" le thee cae uo te el of d
an his the election of honest and Ihntelligent men to Burmese, Malayan, ochine u wt
Congress. Prosidetit Eisenhower conceded that dramatization and Indonesiala Communists. WASHINGTON (NEA) Ito por. Nor letiany so e enaute'. nod thai, (W
S of the A istratt6n program was a difficult task. But Ameri- Once in the militry academry White House has quietly revised source lug a plu& _d it teoes foi

Sw alqBng if thee got the truth. This il a rather com- they are trained by a Soviet oug as Ike's batting average on how AmerIem, 1. Vew a -A. arcomingt a
nthe Preident said. "when we have so many in modern pu sh-btn warfare, as nmuwch of le sli a m as e t o r ue w
Jlaaziauchltidn the tountry andpt well slaive pogra landsov thinc Arkbwe dIp o
win~~IsI~~v ra 3'tsrveyrga s
use-10 Iin n Called intellectuhaa and the cougo and pl the kind of jungle' and he hit through Congress do sn revise the immigra net Ik t ilethe 1e .is ha P.,
howilt Vrons Ja ever ybody wise -day h8Be to agree geara fighting e n quiar on A&ta from the originally ad n n o uped There eaDemocral mtinr itoms to esutded. itwyou 110811m *e s A
I h Ie *I at i terrain. When tyis officer .830 to .513. in that l |k Ike' IIIet for the Kyrealdeq didn't hold AL A

TheIe seiallly resident Eienhow6r I corps is operating i high ear, it When Ike's legislative man Gena ir l ie e fa law- am4 min as
c ev tt sp At actual or n will bWaoe used as a cadre aouno WIiton Persons. gleel cal R should be displayed. gpaly state I *-v is t wa
a. 'ead which the larger army will be reporters to announce the or There are several reasons for claim the bulk I W
f-ehoun welded together out of recruits figures he stated that the nwe Uhs failure In the case ad-the regardless of wTheI I"r ae
t afrom Soutaeast Asiatic lands. dn had succeeded in gtio v reserve abill the Pentagth didn't orats ? i Cogress ive
SThen the aggreson will start of his proposals Passed and f bd come up with a-plan soft oof course thef be
IC A i fa br r it 2pl ra th tc ed e o to war te *" failed on c. Some items, like the n ow is sues con t ut a

i d smaiaa.. ttB -~ass. 29Se eagle llev mdm dt jointlyan mos edo the y upiis withis bllbs Aout Tow Speifie- Bo isia laytge routry waa I ut.o Bunchst h onhnes 6itro cuwt ~ ooufS f
1 Con ev o Mt0Sa The n4pw p which i r s eam mA wagen t have beeno thoo fnew te now
ay ac#cAshniahe a04

4 i wa lausto in

5Aaetwt~tt -T. 10 F^it 31 Slwrm. 47 os oE~fc Its prm ovbaq er n Pipwng, mgade. staish frmigth accpount or part lito whekafte was assedtaed nto Apartisa gilfet) n ogSot AON iANA htwS^ adtra
1 l tformerlya t t e in e rtny a rmyt r of
.colony& 4 War* god conv An Je*n aom t med l PeRa
h eist h 5 Iteare ide 3 pe I revision of n curent e i. t he o rt. isrny b t te eds the p he a n a te p o k e
S2e7 rrPets G o I Ma C a reversal to twood, old fas. o cn e sa pa o e h.s- Ine n p In tes e a
Anial~ li i in- baUn~tai to that uIke was "overl h eo"- adnldttta~we .l~ltw aodrta..~
3H b avrir cPraft 5 o ie lIoned two-power aances swhic breakdo tI here's ae ha Ie ws e t
mon6rded fabric 7 Permits 28 Plateor 4 playn fe say that if attacked we to War the administration fa ry to ome not resultand the enis acted The y
ite 8Year.(a) 29Sea eagle .4Nevada city jointly and immediat ely up withias on e sped. ike Mhliticaal haw out .fit, eon ,
I Ccpanion 9 mast 30 Smoall pastry 46 Operatic polo quests which the Presidecu ead a gA significant aspect of the n tw t=e g up
see( ,,,. 10 rAcility 31 SilkworkA. 47 Most of it It was alprm over the knowledge made. This might account for padt lHst of what was'paseed and not A partisan
*i 11M Voward the 32 Vend peop are that the ile rational A amy of the of the discrepancy between the passed is that thexp are not a lot vee ower ov a Iro
I WSt r Ot's sheltered side 34 Pigeop pea wslems exoviete Chinon could M in the two vera les. s f controversial parts of Ike's bw thengep in the seain atifoh
mother 19 Smooth 3V Deep hole 48 I.tearing field very dsoo which, eempted No bill for a now military re- le program left to be enacted The oply -Ving 's a" t
H21 Alm .38 G by aircraft 50 nlished the AFoL poliy makers write: serve plan was offered. Ike had intes law. there's a Deam a '
B veth 23 Nar 40 Slight t t Heavy low We propose that our gov asked for an increase of the minad Thisa fact has a. bearing on both Ike will have his education
I Libya has 24 Writing fluid 41 Parent I P oIl pl an xa.l the current campaigns and o the ties theehly roud out te i M 108 c
.alyaoed aqdG8artl 43Ithp many 54Bustle ing course of action: ... full coverage, but no b secomph. possibility that Ike will be stuck time the 196 elections A- tional Petroleum Reseave Ne. 4 Delta
fj o Exchange futile 55 City In The rearmament military political ing this was dropped in the hop- with a Democratic House and round. would not be flas4 a
Aurice premium in its desert Netherlands and econ c ... tow& preserve. ..ld n Io bean Keo6 n aue t
tr ing the nLt6al indqpendence and C- Congress aHowever wee t I e
li~ainal terr integrity of India, Dur- h another Stea the tower
Indiates me, 'Thailand, Pitan a.(where. a 00 the |
S there is still so at a old Owen l Wo b s
SLattimore era ) and Indo*Wlt r Ordere -.I it New. Yor E r;r
Snesia .. (andi8 no effort to -unover he.4mAN wat
jaletprevent the a m f th or *ies. rgl
eign-imposed Mao tng regime My An orfower 'N e w sv I
into the U.N." BROADWAY SPBoGbT Mayflower Roubey whea Honor Gallaries Ot. 1th ... A n ally been o sdreftes b D-m Veo
Now compare Ms statement Medal Detective 4cfharne solved am handing out. summonses l der in 44 0
11bwith those of the Belish Laboritas. Celebs About Town: The Bob his last gem robbery was burgle bunches to the horn-honkers. $10 Intenor ga
such as Clement Atlee, who, at a Fallen (of the World Series) of another $18,000 in ao less an fine ... Rita Powers of the Iamea o h W
state banquet in Peping, congrat- straight aorom the P a to the a week after be trs switched to Quarter girl-dept ad IDon X AwFNG OCAIIAL M re
1 at elated China's Communists on Stork ub. for a 1:3. &,m. nack the Bronx for holding an -= the (same show)
their revolution and offered it the .. Walt Dior do~dii5,a large over the champ's head Glenda steadying .... The next 'I To get tbs fulnl a e.-
I Labor party's 'n pd experi- head ofps wit- Farrell may hand in her notice be- cleuaup of undesirables will -,Fin essar to do
IoeatgmFor anl .,IrW sin'ge thea6wepaof due
Labokra party's "hhe cause she didn't got the promised the' West Ts. t 7e Dine use
Waot, s bllng at "Home Is the here." .
It's gratifying to weord the d Wi- Fauliler sea time her B'way career oer ward a w le gms t u
ference bet thd British Social- myse f gn A name wasn t on the marquee ... Manhattan Murals: The Roeos
ists and .labor. Onk Corn *The Michael Dunns He's the so- cow-gals lassolog ee
working people eve that eo- glum (aleng and clety maestro) expect their iMage with their ten bea A.. C
existencethe dentist any downbeat ... Teevy producer The Whiteahouse, a botel
world swinging sharply left, it IsJohn nad and Nancy elly (at Dick Gordon (his wife Kyle Mac. liet at 34 Bower' ... The tow Is "..
BC~a11confo to see the AFL's die- sis )h xcted about their Donnell Is taking Renovocalli) tpleg-show when the .tnp-' '45
Cdain forLtrallam teevy show thB abbath... Danny will next wed ba heiress d other famines relax
*,- c-- utKaph ingte Inside of a Frances Greene .e doctor lnhon the Publi LAbrary ti~i
a ht a Inedys .. .Geogesays Dorothy (Lucky Strike) Cal- .. The signe ago tomatoes
-- ___- ~ SM vies t, (still The Dape Dsa) en- lias and groom will get twinfanti Lexington mwp "Do Not
"u" SYti te~ MAeidhow-----------Vincent Kenney (an atome SqeeMae v aFm r.ears"**-
g PenanoLLmasa Alen DahI scientist) and Margard et~g h river fwigthrough lob
iDIIDI~inUI~f decoratifl0Me Park Siearton lob- a McCall's man) merge soon .bj of the Cotl Canahurs n12
by ..Mae West (garbed ID wto Jack Gould re ineds CUB job Gaeaemuch Village.EW
PiusU frs from head to opem-tee) at and returns as radlo-teevy crftic .-
~~5 Tavernn-eathe-Gres. .penerbr The Times. Times IqageyTe
Spcil ~re S Tru a- Re ther sItaa wh Me
a evieU Arm C sper "And what i your Cocka-Doodle-Doc De:iut be- ies, a bed et
zlbbean has pu isied E i~ age?" ... "Tmay have It," fore broadcast tieaACone a le't abeut In .he

LIsr s evmaWih amd 3SUa tha a __ aa epr se** has one ae
a ntoalredi, ^the stanor Aber Wnskasaro Watkins) marr eprt-n Wh.k~ .
II..t, pJesatS..on aes.Te evr ota mne.A eassem uie
the canst same. ew 'F4p *Ir ... .
Thbt 7y5 ea el .. Te. I il e aso u5. te~.. Patip
Irene ofwem the "bauet r noer W i tim u t aim et e ar q J =a~ p .
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books de 1*..I UeBeda la: EMay leel tes ( hb

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Bell & Howell

Coql. .. AiConditionedl

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fis, -nSuch as education the
p radio and television Here, ;
ai are still da. ls y .da ,
R He jd one cae in which he
add I program bradcat by
a "11b wevllon 4ato n a in a
Soutbirn city are Wuder the di-
rection of a man with a regard
of Commnunlt actlylties streteh- ,
Ing ,,ack for more than tenl I .-L .T FI
L Hoover urged anyone who be.
Ueve he has evidence of subvor-'l *w m^. .
Lgive beha.lor to turn ov e
Informaton to the FWI.-_i _*

t ld to a un oIs lder by a
.-. a eanothe,.. i e e, he Cid a
m nofmor WMI., bWed as an

bws tha~t dire1 ^ ct or-
ert on-Ru la, addressed
e 'oflte fA WnJ houghout 'the
-----. '* ,1 La lConi.

*Ip ^unll Mo"lld.. ,
Slee that he is

.Comhig Dow,
eIonedusly nand weys
,, Iow tht or ,u~eedirect or-
--- wot_-euQf+ Parts

: .Whol. po",
imdgry Sirs

Al- ., .-

.. .,r

lgt fabrehipudlinaN g sersucker, all readily
-. l. .. Many in the BRIEF model,--short
sleeve and knee laingth.

AN MW ga gp9 o
All short slaves and washable. Solid colors and
fancies. Cotton, rayons. Twenty odd styles and
each style in its own assortment of colors.

IME-MAN SoA 4110.
FOR BOYS Sims 8-16 .
$1.95 o $4.5 M.P. 4.


R aoT Enze Wss

Single or Double Breasted .
R ar, Shorts, Lon, Stouts
Kendr hrs, Longs,." tos

I'r D -L




1RAPLESS $5.95


i :: .. "--.


- -_____LJ.


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* hoiee of Supet Coaste~totM li
lb De 1i" or Toeridt ola=r
ki^ rforthor asumheimi

^ 'wotm~I mAr AM"

I .

Has lblad
21 x 21


I .


EWYORK, Sept. So (UP)
Coffee prices will be slashed 10
to 15 cents t pound by Dec. ,I.
Industry sources predicted today.
They said consumer reaist.-
ance had cut coffee consump.
tion about 30 per cent. '
"The law, of supply ana de-
mand will push prices d own
further,", sa[ one leading cof-
fee roaster who declined to be
quoted by name,
"Prices must go down be
cause we have more coffee a-
vailable now than we had a
year ago,"
Last spring, the Industry was
predleting continued highprices
for another year or so. Coffee
men said coffee production, cut
by, hetvy frost in Brap1l,
wouldn't get back to normal be-
fo that time.-,
UnTIHi therO we mmor eAff




demand of. youear watch the qualities that youa expect
of an administrative secretary. Here are two UNIVER-
SAL watches that combine these qualities: left an
AUTOMATIC-a first elass watch with an entraved
dial, in a sparkling solid gold case. It is selfwindlng.
Calendar on your wrist. It -sl ^^ m i^
tells you the time and the
date. Its ease is II Kt. gold.
Notice the elegance of the
lua and the legibility of
the date.

These are all in perfect condition
except for being a little soiled
j- ,



w ~~-f 'e ii


ofci c oe cheap
M country Prices tumble
a s medately. som
brands slashed the price tag a
much a 10 cents a pound.
IFrom WasUIfntfn lant wee!
came news destined to se
prices even further down, ac
cording to coffee sources. Th
Agriculture Department said- th,
world coffee crop for the 195S
54 seasop totaled41A400,000 bal
-about a million more bag
than were consumed during tha
So far this year, price cut
have shaved some 40 per cen
off the Increases which sent col
fee prices as high as $1.145 1
Looking beyond 194M, Industr
sources aaid increased planting
especially la Brazil, also 'ahouli
heftbring down coffee prices.
"Wi never retur to th
25-cent coffee, such as we hai
In- 1935, but coffee prices ar
coming down," one company ol
fiarl mid. p
x-Envoy Declares
Rshtog- Diplomats

COaltg Anxby
NEW YORK, Sept. s0 -. (UP) -
Joseph P, Kennedy, f o r m e
ambassador to Great Britain
said today that the "rushing a
round" of American diplomat
Is creating a "sense of anxie
ty" In Europe and is unbecom
Ing to this Jmation's poeltion a
a great power. -
S Kennedy returned aboard the
linereUnited States todal
the Une United States toda'l
after a three-month visit ir
France, Italy, and England, lI
a statement to reporters hI
was .critical of the effects oj
both American diplomatic op
nrations and American props-
ganda in Europe. -
Xennedy said rush trips tec
Europe by Secretary of State
John Poster Dales and Under.
secretary Robert D. Murph)
"created a bad Impression."
"We are a great country, and
we should act like one," Ken-
nody amid. "We must stop tell-
ISn everybody in Europe and
if East what to do and let
them work out their awn plan.
Then in a quiet manner we
should smy what is good or bag
fm it for us."
Kennedy msid Rumss VOW
gnda was more entectta than
American in MWrope a n
Latvn Amerla, b.ame the
Iislanu s get down to talgn a-
l"Mt the eemmoie fofj
w-e tav,- l wete.r t

It Is a. pleasure to park in front of Casa Fastileh now.
We will gladly pay your parking expenses.

i. .

Six Colons .

slogic l &Mt

With 2 Pants


' With ItPant

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Peter Pan's famous Inner Cirtle.,' a is now better-
thlan-ever! Unique, new Ca'sngtH Band hugs lyou
stays right in place all .da, tS; Nxtra rows of n"a
'round the cup-double stlUf through and throw_ g
lninng-add extra firmne pirt, uplift. ,lande
always wanted a bra th at never ride up, cut
and now we have it! Come in..]phone or order your

. -Y
P+ + li



M- *B ef"-- *
AjJK7 -Sf'



Opp. Anoon P. 0.

,+. *
.... t,^ -' i. Ul

,~kft rrtril






D J~

it's the wonder f4,

f '.. .


neI l DNI






LIE WILSON, th e ~supor-
or', Oous songstress, is back at
tl 1'laza's beautify ul P e r a I an
it in New fork with her col-
I n of s iht- Wsauey songs. Ex-i
tl for a citing' edition uf the g
po ballad. "Jocy," her offerings
at 11 special material numbers.
a n# igoou ones.
hAing tb. course of the even-
S '$hc introduces her iccompa- 'd .
nisri nd :cntioni the pe-dple wwaeo
&wler gowns aund hats. e it. like. 9. P
a s t g err, shi fails to cred;t, the B un Cobb Roebert ag
rc#f'i "rsof tl d bpeciai material
Q. a ctuailW t cy do a gredt
dea towar~d king her act so Buff turned to radio, too, to keep
cpUl ha more or lesas she same hours as
Wait thi sotry needs is a :er husband. Together, they bad
go. L1g-ce. jiplfjg for such for- much sacceps on CBS.
toien ltteroeo as special material
iwvrfs, gag rnitoerS and thle uist Now Mike Is in a play "Re-
w;no dnlied douga-uts ening Figure," wMuch will bit
Broadway pwan, So 1sf figures
On th v~,0 ,subject of gag she'd like to do a play, too, agap
wres, caon sl the new CBS.'V so she'll be working the saue
sh*' 4'tFather ows Best." This hours as he 4oes. And she's read-
Is J R 'YoungJane Wyatt ing scripts now.
V3 lce. You ,. Who owns half the
o has atblie of 11 Newest New Yor hangout Is. a
Wr, ould be about place caUlled simply, "Goldie's
ienM h wNew York." oldieis a southefrlr
B o wt, thywho first became known to the
Evenf l t write, the Broadway crowd at Fire Island-
can alwa bal: a big summer resort for stage,
newspaper and allied professeios
A tel 'spot" commer- -wih his "Goldie's Fire Island."
edihas a f wristwatches, His real name is Louis Hwkldu,
fat pow ger ale and tea, and he plays a happy piano.
a another merchandise. Now
little donel has been enlisted iHs new restadrant:c oe k t i11
l C Seals, and there lounge. i inderstafLably crowded.
nreasonl ~shouldn't be ust: He seto il to have the idas touch
na tueessfs. .--everything he owns turns to
the New York Tuberculosis and Goldie's.
HM i Association is preparing a
ueJ of six such spots, some 20
ands long some one minuteRo u als
SHalf wi pe g the sale of
1 a and half willl be health an-
nftncements-get a free chest R- Missin As Pads
ar every so often and similar
tuay Is the rth year Scandal Snowballs
t1# New York TO group has co-m.-
ned stg h announpcements.
1 gradu word of what's PARIS, Sept. 30 (UP) A
big done w York Is spread- snowballing scandal involving
I around he ation~ and other the hi rhest police and security
T3assocaW re getting In on authorities in France over leak-
act. Groups In Pennsylvania, agh of national defense secrets
ssachusetts and Iowa h a v e to the Communist pirty took a
ught the latms and this year cloak-and-daggrr turn today
stations In those states will with the disappearance of a Red
ar the T spots In the pro- Journalist.
aVltmasseason. II

-*"%WSe afttle...

"4,." *.'< ..** .... ... "
r F 2K .. *" -;-
S .1h

-~ ~ ~ ~~~ 'i4*. k .

;oI. ,.Next M n-.I 'h. ..

'Fo Next Month i

I.- ..-'

1ou-11s nJob
Am book Is title
14-10S1" and WE

"The use of atom bombs and
atim ils In this exercise 'ds
rlntd hut diEll not bknocb kut Im-

blished tomorrow by Mc.- South rea In June W o, but p ant h id te ale
p ,, t hd e Gals,
.I- It came.I a "Jolt to wmsaid. j iurand pro, cov-' c
rMacArthu "oec-I- rwCan uo toa rat extent 6
eie ate In the fa I o f he author quotes a Far astthe effect o an atom burt."
hat ou r A eP Force a nid disfkptch by Hugh alpte, He said he refe ring only'
c potential would keep Red Unt tof the Unlsd Press, wJem t..'es ad,
from barging Into Korea, he describes as one of the -~t -,..
oughby quotes a "commen- most objective of reporters 35W.a -atrategic a., weap.
written by the general's, Korea." oE wi muich rear powers
Bal li wrote that ntellgae SHE8 'SOFF-odel Pt M
1 knew what the ComInut were G. -rath, we-M vesheets. o
little did M acA r t i r emag and knew Bowth Ko- it a power by bombint- i netal sheets I o of
that by one proves o_9rra w a going to be invaded 1In Il ,, beyond the Yal, River, an a.iplane In Seattle, Wash.
ter A .wouldT becqnveyed toJuqOs.0'3IM Waa n U. S. blbioekade of the China coast -she was takng -t -, a ,ht

re Iwceo.-ml m onm arena ry' surprised when he ... was 0a, _,l' by ".Wed o t
"lt- would p. undar the dUrecteo to undertake the de- But the proposate were "pi. ---,
tharye obefi immune from tense f orea." geonholed" somewhere betw een'
destructive action by our Willoughby said part of the the offices of Defense Secreta-
tary forces within their own strategy which loomed large nt ry Gen. George C. Marshall,
as; that not even to save MacArthur's ouster in April Secretary of State Dean Aches-
lives Of our men or Insure 1951-the threat of aerial repris- on and President Truman, It
e safety of our army would al against aggression has now said.
permit the Air -Force to become a commonplace Item"
the atom. bomb on millta- under 'the Elsenhower adminia- Willougby relates that MacAr-
rgets and enemy Installa- tration. thur opposed use of the atoriic
s and troops... He said after MacArthur left, bomb in Japan in World War
"That the Red Chinese cm.- the 8th Army carried on under II as well as Russia's last-
er apparently knew uet a other .generals "one of whom. minute entrance Into the Pac-
on would be forthcom Ing James A. Van Fleet, was fully tic war.
Ge en. MacArthur d4 n.t certn as MacArthur him. SPECIAL DieLIVRY -The
Sone ofz th ? bckeat self that victory .over the Chli- MacArthur is quoted as say. Post Office department will sue
,e z recorded nese Communist could h a v e Ing that "Russian participation this 20-cent special delivery
t ardent Truman b1et$ hal if the politicians had was not re nired." stamp at oston., Mas., on O.
ed MacArthur inst ea d of simply given the soldiers t he MacArthur's staff believed, Wil- 14. The design hows a special him to a "sa V a.g e word." / loughby said, that use of the delivery letter being deUM ~ed
brutal" firing as Far East The book said the Joint Chiefs atomic bomb brought "pr e m a- by a messenger to the recipient.
wander, Wi ghby n- of Staff "actually approve d" ture exposure" of a national Coloring wlIl be blue with the
_lbhese Com w ml MacArthur's pro poals for de- secret which led to "intenalfed ttering in white-face gothic
power could have been des- stroying Chinese Communist mUl- Russian espionage."



4'- ^f^^k^


Table Desk




PHILCO. Freezers, Air-Condi-
tioners, Electric Stoves, HARD-

WICK Gas Stoves, YOUNGS-

TOWN Kitchens, RE VERE.

Tape Recorders, FORD Auto-

moble Parts, SHERWIN WIL-

LIAMS Car Paints And Thin-

-* -

t' te iowt g wier condI-
tim u baeaon ,Utrecore
In e expeted' ,o~oc. ,,
a sna violetydur-

^W I Rainy ad l*:
lons ^ beome i'enated
*igrnDg ctober andheavy show-
eB maytrl speetai-eer the
entire Ithmusn at ww ..requent
inteoS. l.IM1ELk.ely to
occur o5 3 dn dU'tited over
8 hours a a Heig.hts and.
31 daya ad 16', ol h at Cristo-
bal. The ye1ge anmouat of ria-
for the month Is 10.57 inch-
at Stba Htgt, 14.31 inch-
r at M=ddehl PC and 16.01
Ieteen ,at Cribolwte Variatona
between tw wettest and driest
Octvoberempti.wr aw. 20-27 to

23 inches at HaDohe a Temperature: The monthly
2.71 1 Inchea' at P mdmmean air temperature will be
b -twe-n 7. and 80 degrees. The
,, daily maximum and minimum
5 Wm -temperature will average U and
It lrT. 3s derees on the Pacific side
SiAE WErbD and 86 and 75 on the Atlantic
a ide. Highest and lowest October
temperatures on record ate 95
an degr and degree s.
SRelative HumMity: The rela-
-, C'J".'- t ve humidity will average about
88 per cent at Balboa Heights. 90
per cent at Madden Dam, and 85
per cent at Cristobal.
Winds: Light variable winds
will e val direction .. will be
Im -y offshore. The average ve-
loity will be between 5 and 7
miles per hour.
Sml Storms: Local rain and thun-
derstormn will occur quite tre-
quently, apd during these storms
Most smoking manners are the wind velocities may reach 30
same for men and women. How- miles per hour or more, but
ever, one difference Is that while l ier duration Is too short to
1a man may smoke while.alking cause any appreciable damage.
along a city street, it s st ll con- West Indian hurricanes may.
sidered In very bad taste for a cross ship lanes in the Caribbean
woman to do so. Sea, Gulf of Mexico and western
Atlantic Ocean, but their usual
Once LADIS didn't smoke- path Is too far north of Panama
now al that Is expected ot them to cause damaging winds on the
is that If they do smoke, they'll Isthmus. Conversely, they usual-
smoke like ladle. ly cause a 2 to B day break in
smok i d the routine rainy-season weath-
er with moderate to fresh south-
ernlybreezes and fine sunny

Dan,.-and 4.l17 t 6 .83 Inches at
, Gouds and Suabhine: -Mostly
cloudy akies will, prevail during
October but there will be p av-
erage of 5 hours bf sunshine per
day.. T'Mae will, however, be a-
bout 5 days during the month
with no sunshine at all.
Fegs: Nighttime and -early-
'QIti1ug "o may be pected
quiteJa fquetly over tht Gail-
lard Cut section of the Canal
and the central secUon of the
Isthmus along the Trana-lath-
milan highway, but none la likely
to occur at either Canal en-
trance. Meet of the togs orm a-
round mtdight and m be ex-
pected to- Dalpte rfde 8: 30



3 % .9 .. -.

hE~C Atemie-.~UTOMOBILE RQV."''

'*,~ ~;'~:-

~. u.v .-g


i stm ... e mema

SName ....................

I Address ...... .......................

| Trade M"rk of The Singer Manufetertn Co.
Smen a= mew s lt m s m rm W wi e-


. .~;1 .. .

- z;Ma


Announces The Opening Of The

New And Larger Show Room Tomorrow

Friday, October 1, 1954

Don't forget we'll be expecting you at our' ,
A I 7 : .


Stain and Water Repellent Fabrics -
Other Fabrics in a Bevy of Colorful

Triple Twist Cotton 5W'd or
HOW wall to waiL. _

-.~, ', '.


-j- 9.4

~.~l~z~-ll------Illlllr- -.- *-7 m


b~', ~ ___
'adhe~ Ut

- i....





er, etc.



'" :3



. j .-. .*

i' '

.lbf i

. ,.., S .-
.r 5'

q r q" -
v %






Rft** > -*'*-

.: rCYi~ s,; -TS1Z~

household Automobiles GET RICH with only $12A Buy your WIU.LIAMS' a Clra Beach Cot-
.... ,e xot-FO.AL ---5--Fo --, ticket today for. the 4.aponment togee--,g rfrigeration, two-
Drln $ALE. --60 el cf-Bendix auto- FOR SALE:-195 Ford, $700. Call building at El Cangrejo, to be raf- bedroom. Phone Pelbo 3050.
S c wash. $8. Phone 2-6371, Panama 3-5708. fled on October 17. Call 2-0740, FOR RENT.-Beechf ent howe with
e 577a, Diablo Heights. FOR SALE:--1950 Studabaker Cham- Marino, from 1:30 to 5 p.m. barber pit, looda swimming and
SSALE-60c Cldpot re- pin, good condition, 450. Cu- fishing. Sa CliffAcres, Pho ol.
C j ft.; 4-burner rundu210.-D. Phone 83-7236. FO R A .L 3022ofrer, 5:00 P.m.
: gas range; ok desk; 2 metal dress- URGENT SALE:-1954 Buick Rivierao M I M eacHIAtPN LS furnished houTses a n
aer; 2 vanities; one o4-bed, con- Roodmoster new, used 5 months. beach at S nt Clare. Telephlon
pete. Phone 3.2449. Seeit 8 to 10 a.m. and 2 to 4 p.m. FOR SALE:-Vou know the best when TNMPSOIN, ale 1772, eve
+7 C i ThLlTa ot Argentine Embasoy, between Ri' you see it, Wouldn't yu like to nlings.,
St UN cardo Arias and Nicanor doe Oboro aive try to BESTFIT Sutts and pil l i S0nI
S_ _streets. le___cks? 8ESTFIT" olwoys has the CIo e.. lss 41SIa
'5 AFOR SALE:--Panel n good condition. latest in Patterns and StyTles. Santo pa m 3.1877.'Crseobal.
t ult m 1od $ Panama Golf Club. Phone 3- Ana Plaza, Panama; 11th Street.
NTION ,. justtbuils mod m e P.R.R. Commiss4 Colon. FOSTER'S COTTAKa one mile pat
Sh o water. -Tel-T FORQt Tydor. BodyFOR SALE;-Singer sewing machine Balboa 2-186.
____ Pom_,_- ___ fir good tiresLl "' e' $300. 5 drawers, 4 months use, $140. On ..........
Sn o P .nome W-4941-. Pho rundu 52 od t 40 terms, CASA ADMIRABLE. the GRAMLICH'S Slata Clara B lac Cot-
; F9N RENT: Modern two.bed.oom Phone Curundu 52 r NECCHI store. -n 18 Centrol Ave- tloes,i ed.rn convllences, mod-
prtnment, 51st Street No. 42. 4 n. ... nue, next to thel.ottery Building. erate rates. Phone 6-441 or 4-567.
lh1 d. For ,further details callo -. ._ _" .._. .
e,: .3-,180. 3-3337. FOR SALE FO SAE- Pdi "'d Toy Pups. RENT
-- --- urple Ribbon strain, U.K.C. regis- r RE
NT- Two-bedroom apart- toJ Etat red Amatoys (Toy Terrielrs). Por- .
lla v 44th treet No. FOR SALE ov count rytrim. Affectionate and playful. FOR RE :--Chlet at 15th Street,
-Apt. 4. Pi 3-081. nice clean p1 t Interir: One Ideal house dogs 9076 th Strt, No. 117. Phone 3.1866.
FORRENT--One-bedroom. modern, hour from Panama City i Lidice, Colon. Phone 723. a No. 17. Pho 3.1866.
Srt0ment across from Hotel El Copira, with *vrythi nALE 10" m l tnecssay R RENT:-A oni-yer-old cholet:
rni 'ma 'Giorelo' Building. Apolv to speod your week ends or vaca- FOR SALE: -10 i"t m l'turnin g3 ,drooms. 2 bathrooms, perch.
-a-Hpa -n, ne* xor. Pha i Situ ted 300 mters from lathe with all attachments, m eta living-diningroom, garage, ,big
*o24 and 3-1 179, door. Phon river, No. 29 11 th St.. an Francis. cabinet. South Bend drill press. kitchen, big yard No. 29 11 th St.,
co. Phone 3-5565, Tribaedds. Power back*sow. 702-D Curt4ndu, San Fr Phone 3-5565. Tn-
FOR RENT:- Furnished oaprtment. A Phone 83-6128.Sa boldos o P
bedroom. For information tel FOR SALE FOR SALE:-Cheap! Fire extinguisher
SB atu & Motors on whl, N. 7o r 2 bedrooms furnished, 732]
FO RET'-'- do dottmAt',tr nowCapci: 40 gallons. Test met rsfnced. 4rdStreet No. 56.
uZ nd floor. Furnished $95; un to 400 lbs. Purene Manufact.hring n- 0 .
S ed$0 Emlont andbeak yard. FQR SAle:-r6' ALIBI, bunks, gol. Co., Newark, Nw Jersey. sn: n one 3-0696.
rn col. I Thc best that you con ley. hiot, refrigeration, $2800. $400. Phones 3-1791. 3-103 FOR RENT:-Nlcely furnished two-
,t o.Th i d.St.t. 58 Phone 82-2223 days, 84417 .-1 bedroom cholef. suitable for two
L ~s. ----- .... 'evensnbl'olIoVocht Caub. WANTED couples: Two kitchens, bathroom,
FOP RENT: Furnished apartment. i refrigerator, gas stove. Overlooking
Illudin refrigerotor, good sur- LOST & FOUND Mi.enaneou. s Commissry. Via Belisarl. P.
roundinbs, modern conveniences. rr1s, Son Francisco. Phone 3-5024.
tiged. screen .$55. 112V Bell- LOST:--Loarge Police dog, black and WANTED-- 2-hp. 25-cycle motor. FOR RENT- -Two-bedroom chalet in
srio Porros nar Rooseve tTher. ton. Answers to "Rex." Reward. Call Balboo 3002., m.,; 588, p.m. BNlla Visto. Phone 3-17" 13
FO#RIT: .--@em oportment. In Phone 3-4840. El Congrejo. I E I N F R. e o N :" .e l
Ef Cangrejo, bedrooms connecting LESSO U N FOR RENT:-New concrete chalet all
.thporch l iyirnf & dining rooms. Help Wanted screened and fenced, hot water, go-
spacious kitchen, maid's and loun-I H LEARN SPANISH by Cenventlesael rage, maid's room with private serv-
dry room with hot water system. For WANTED'- Two dependable English method, used successful for 15 c, two bedrooms, etc. Chalet com-
further particulars please coll Pona- speaking maids. Bring references. years. Mrs. Romero, Estudiante St.. pletely furnished. Martinez, Re-
mo 3-4946 from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. Apply Quarters 524 B, Curundu 77-A. No. 2. tauranoe Estudiante. opposite Banco
.- RENT ,- O e aprt Height Fiduciario. from 6 to 1:50 p.m.
FOR RENT: -r- One-bedroom oport-i _Helghlt __ E N R 0 L L. NOW for your Ballroom -- ---
S ent, MClduro Building," in E dance lessons by leaving your name. "'.FOR RENT:-Hou nd farm at Ar-
COngrelo. Seven Lanal phone at Hotel El Panama's desk or rain. Phone 3-5801, 3 to 6 p.m.
~'< T--3"...- B-tmnt '.... ......write Box 106 Balboa. Classes will Cn -
living room, porch' ,.ininr room, (CoeniCnued lfroem la 12) be held for Teen-agers, Morried FOR RINT
-i ~ i. ^ "Flliseniiidi' I couples and ividuals. We will
ge' l eC l-lo i dN' o. aboard the 8.. Paiam for, Now cota o upon our atu. ROWRO
_le olp .. .York W make. bib honme JlSo HNETT& DUNN ...... ,_- ... ......
Cq.lf 'RENT! -M-odrn two-bedroom Iowa r ty, Iowai. go I .T--T-----D---N FOR RENT: Beautifully furnished
S rtient, garage, maid's room, A native of Altha. Florida, W rnted Posi 'lon lg .nI loe ..vilg .ll
t3> I. 7th Street. Parque Leoevre. Stephens jfirt entwSed the Ca-I r, V- is t Mexico Ave. 69.,Ph n .


Packers, Shippersl
ISED CARS T M 2ovem.

g phonoplhs at

la preore tape.

OVER ic Age pe

STOCKED o ,y-Indstry
NEW YOR, Sept. s (UP)
The atomic age how mat
it ne.sary for thA Unite
States to be aWbe s-to moblli
its combined- ind MWtliL
Is-TU .e an a

-- U ~-
Scouttng means 'to k e p Scott, Troop 3 Je Beher and
watch' andtoday it is veI m- Albert Nahma, Troop 4;.Budd .
portant to keep watch o our Bennett, Rusty Snow,. Edwar
moral and spiritual development Suarez and James Walng, Troo
and to perpetuate the spirit of 7; and Phili CarroU, Do" Met.
our early pioneers," Col. John ler and Paul Morris, Troop 1L
W. OberdOrf, commander of Al- The 4th Arc Awar4, 1 dy
brook APFB, told membeta of the and nights of camping, was pro-
Pacific District Court of Honor rented by council 'campiM and
last evening. "There isstill a lot activites chairman Rtssel
of pioneering to be done and a- Jones, who Is also director, Camp
moa you who are here this eve- El Volcan.
ning will be some who will go Worale thanked Troop 15, Al-
forward in this field." brook AFB, for serving as the
Oberdorf congratulated the Host, Troop and gurnining
Scouts for having earned 300% freshmen and the court, clo"d
more merit badges this year with the Benediction by Chap,
than last and congratulated Ea- lain Volght Sink, Chairman,
gle Scouts James Pederaen and Pack 15, and the singlnP oLTanas
Robert Ralston for having earn- led by Past Prepident Vincent
ed tkeir Bronze Palm. He cor- Blava.
mented that parental interest Woraley, past president of thi
was very Important in Scouting council an Pcifc district ad.
and that active interest was vancement chairman presided
even more important, at the Court, assisted by neigh
In Introducing L. Oberdorf, borhood commissloner.~XIrby.
chairman Robert C. Worsley
thanked him fdr his fine assis-
tance and cooperation given M S. eybold
Scouting during the period her
been base comMander. (Continued from Page 1) -)
Lt. Gov. O.'Paxson, council four different school activities.
president, expressed his appr- also sat at the speakers' and
clatlon to the group for other as honor guests.
fine t. tereat Seoutih and They were Linda Potter, rep.
the fla O-b tScoutleaders resenting the Girl Scouts; Jda
W-e-N U 'ompji n- ward Corrigan, Boy Scots;
tary[-ofH T laScouts on Michael Greene,basebal l
duty or wr cr and Elaine Hastings, tennis.
tfl.en c Included on the dedicate.
.ighi awaed of tjo evening, Pgram wa.a t wret aua. .
PIwere hool"c ren of t"-
Ir Oamboa anM span vipepi
Vlro!. btan ,
--' ... ru lTll

1. Phone 2-1273.

I' i'l' I E1"U W neer w the Dredging Divisfon 3-1789. -
iii)B IUJUI and hihad cotlinuous service
S ithtaeon to the e1 M WFOR"RENT: Cool fur nsd bed-
mRte tthe P nam Ln it.trutc i A en yroomr gerntlameh tele-
f retirem ent. r e V Uphone; kitchen privileges, $45.
Before coming to the Isthmus, RB l U To INM A 2-5265 Panama.
Stevens served two years with WW FOR RENT:-Fumished. large, clean,
SMdte the U.S. Navy during the first cool bedroom: Twin beds, inner-
World War. At one time he was UNITED NATIONS N.Y. Sept. spring mattresses. private both, het
\ Gambos Chapter employed with the United Fruit 30 (UP) The United states water and good neighborhood. Peru
company In New Orleans and av another $10,400,000 yester. Ave. No. 65. lower left.
Gamboa Chapter of Local latir was 2ad assistant engineer to the U.N. Korean Recon- FOR RENT:-Beautiful furnished 1-
IO invites all Lobal Rate with the Panama Line. struction Agenc y (UNKRA), bedroom apartment. Via Espatia.o
rkers of the Panama Canal Following his retirement from bringing the total US. contribu- house before Juan Franco.
Co-Canal Zone government red. Cana1 service, Stevens will Join tion to 84,302,615.
in Gam and their fant, the Venemiela Wvislon of the Ambassador Henry C a b o t FOR RENT:-Furnished room. Ameri-
to a an important Engineering Staff of the Orinoc- Lodge Jr., chief of the delega- c n coup*- Kitchen refrigerator.
I pt er._. at the Gum- Co Mining WOmBps,,y. Ite. presented a cheek to UN- 31st Street E ast No. ., near La Pi-
Ictjs ter tonight at 7.- Tarr. be -in Pittsburgh,v M. He noted that 25 cino. Phe 3-1869. 1
oA lete report on current Pennsylvan, and -e-red two members and .fivenon-members FOR RENT:-Furshed room, Amer-
developments will be years with the U.S. Army during had given 10 million for econo- icon couple. Kitchen, refrigeratorr.
S v en, the first World War. He was first mic aid in South Korea's rehabi- 4th of July Ave. Phone 2.5202.
S W. A. E. and art-time em- emplaoyeq, .th Isthmus as a litation. .OR RNT urnis
oare epe ly urged to at- foreman with the Commissamry He said the United States also R -F ne bedroom for
S.. Division"i2". -bad made available about 664 coupql, private both and entrance,
Z'...n WM+" be hold to IHe +A S. tmllnion I funds andrisupplies for $45.. Bella Visit Phone 3-1648.
S Elections wil also be held to He was prootd to ware- cllijan relief and economic help FOR RENT:-Room. furnished. Fourth
the follwIng vacancies: Vice houseman In 131, and became to Korea up to last July 1. He of July Avenue: One bedroom with
r cha_40, Ast. Steward assistant to the buyer In 1I3. He asid an addition amount is be- balcony, sm4ll dining room & kitch-
ciLbairmn and Stewards' was nmate AhsU nt Manager of Ins considered for the year be- enette, refrigerator screened. Suit-
cl seocetaq. the WoleDlg Jrygoods Depart- inning July 1. able forone o e r two persons, $65.
--- met s1 and was .promoted Phone 2-4912 or 2.3584.
halan Nau Asseeatiea to Manag. of the datnt Public Rece nation F
The regular monthly meeting In 193. since 1953 bels been FOR RENT
-0 the Isthmlan Nurses Associa- SUperintendent of the General CSe Fo, Visi-ing I f n
willl be held on Wednesday, Products Brnmch of the Cenmmi- Sret For.V iting l el eous
etober 6, 1954 at 7:30 p.m. In scary )ivislon. He will make Ihis.FO L__ NT .s. tI ET ,t .E- I. r fi
2M i pa r of+ the, Mararita "ure home In either Call-or ERInsh p MOga eRnc T i Stne, soreetc ae E o o f
it .ve be rtS A publuW rW eption will be held
R ob;e 31eni of the Kenx Waed b athe itfl c Service Center on
Rtf at Co e os the Tuesday at 7:30 p.m. In honor of
i. k ?.on tShe t01c. 1939. _'l T. D. Matge, who Is ex- of1W u
1S "m Mte0 of Tropical Fire W.. aitI to thrive ere to be the S o .
i. iases. was transferreato the Mechar4- uest of the Bethel Church of IflllC l
cal Division. Since 194M he as Gd. San Miguel. A SU lCO 1
AU members a request to been mpyd as Matenance T d .W e
ted, Mch .,At Gorgas Hopta ----

aARWPORD, Conn., Sept. 30
St (UP)-The Travelers, insurance
-N f 1 W IIr S companies, which paid hundreds
J "L. o thousands of dollars in claims
0 1... ...........iafter Hurricanes Carol and Edna,
P B L600 x 16 .2.95 U Hi announcedd today the esta bl iIsh
KOO I .. ..' -A 1C'**tMo n~ent of a privately o w n e d r
670 x 15 ............I 425 | arch organization for the ptudy
With Te r Old Tifg of weMt er,.
L*e" ries el~a th e first of its kind in the world,
ThisGearate.will .be known as the Travelers
Weather Reseach Center. The
a ency will Investigat weather
T T. TIRE EXC E III .pr l o p..., en,. t ...
1cidents ropert damage high.
$ t T ^ 24AW way cottikOn artA crop'losses.
President J. Doyle DeWitt said
"7ur inesti ahlona have reveal-
@a that the vast areas of kapwl-.
ab" weather have been u-.
We & I-xr asta.baumem ati











But he warned they tace.S a si
.. "task- of unprese ima n
tude" because of trhe' de -. e B.
ment of nuclear weapons. jae 3
'rIn'oop ;N,-4
"The debt owed industry bf Stan Yates, (lnp I nde -
our military forces is one borhood Comm lisater M ,
which can never adequately be omas A. Kirby and Star Rana ofinSs, t,
described," Shepherd said. to Clark Brooks Troop 15, and S., ot t o thO pW
"The great aucoess which Paul Hodges and Robert 8p lr, nplaning hadg imm Into"
our na on has had on the Troop 17, by John Terry, Institu- project and the S n
battlefield are traceable, In a .lonal representative. Troop 3, ay nt xpense ware
large degree, to the initiative, imerican" Legion Post No. 1. from a fancy dre1sslU
energy and genius of our in- Maj. J. W. Miller, chairman, was happening four years" t!
dustrfal power." Troop 15. presented the follow- fore- the"-ang Itself was clt'a-
Ing Scouts with their Merit Pited and opened to ships,
Shepherd said "there are Badges: Frank Townsend, Troop "It thus Is with great adinra-
very few segments of Ameri. 3; Joe Behat, Albert Nahmad, tion for this group of wosme
can industry that are not par- M iael Nahmad and Solly Tous' that I dedicate' oar new play-
ticipatiag actively with us to. sick. Troop 4; James Pedersen ground today.
day." and .Jon anodgrass. Troop 10; "AS we formally inaugurate
Ske Bequette, Troop 13; Clark this recreation area, Jet us re-
He cited the. textile .and Books, Philip CarMol, John Des- member the Initiative and -v
glass industries, both working loge, Terry Gibbs. Gerald Hurst, ison of the active members of
on development qf armored Jmsse Miler, Carlos Payne and the Cristobal Women's Club wi,
Svests, and said the food Indus- Robert Umberger, Troop 15; under the leadership of Mrs. H.
try has produced a new ration Warren Boyett Donald D'Augus- J. 811fer MI president and Mrs,
permitting hot meals during ta, Tom Ferre l, Larry Dial, Jim- Pierce H. Murphy as chain aL
the early hours of a landing my Peddicord, Fred Shute and of th educationalom t.
attack. obert Ralston, Troop 16; and established the first of our c
Leroy Anderson, Norman Ander- publicc playgrounds. May te
Shepherd also lauded the son, Paul Hodges. Edwin Jaglel- deeds of these pioneers awaJ B.
construction, plutic, electron, ski, James Reynolds, Mitty Mus- in us a greater sense of app -
Ilcs and rubber industries former, Randolph Shine, Robert clation for this very pl y-
their "determination and abil. Speir and Stan Yates, Troop 17: groundd" .
ity to provide what ia need. and neighborhood commissioner Mrs. Seybold then went .n:
ed to fight .. Thomas A. Kirby. "It is significant for us him
iMrst Class Awards were pre- In the shadows of the oetl
.... ented by W. M. Stock, institu- Memorial t9 make note of
Wi alter W/,i,- 1J Utional representative. Troop. 7 fact that consideration to W '
IWalter Winc eil ourundu, sponsored by the LU-:need of providing planneypliy'.
(Continued from Page 2) m. Club to Frank Townsend, ground 'areas for
IIu~ ioTroop 3; Mike Nahmad, Troop Canal Zone towns was "
spots' new version of the ol6e: 4: and Roger Umberger, 'Troop undertaken in 1914, the year li
I esterdays." 15. which the Canal was opened to.,.
S / Robert Dunn, Institutional the ships of the worlh, by
Broadway Owl: If Police Comm. representative, Gamboa Civic special' Study group
Adams requ. they say his suc- Opuncl No. 10, presetned the for that puwMne b
cessor a Capt. John lennox, Sad Class Ayards to Richard o e W. Goethals.
* now in command of the City Hous- .
,ing Authority police force. Adams
may inherit Adrian Bure's poet
of Corp. Counsel at $i,000...A ,jt.
eran producer-showman has intl.
mates worried over his Lost Week-
ends along 2nd Avenue rOne *
of the town's top ad agencies has
folded. Official announcement due
this week .. Bobo lackefer ihs '
surrounded by Iuvestumt sooa
II .for Boston heiress Conaile
e left for YIo giving Pb
lUs Kirk a clear field with -NC's
Ted Cott ... The en s mmust
Ihasve been deetrear hs S

... Ava gal Met s n '





-a ws

- -.--


-,o M- .- +;

'. -

" flM4ffIdiA


r________________ -__ "___ ___ ,. *"- .





* '~AV' K

.-. ,' -_- ',


(~pis ~


,\ by! sie "
tv ,

YWOOD -- (NA) x-1 emotini
0 Yours: There are wencCart
on the faces ao some iy-r


Er man" in a- ollyWoQd di-
m announcement telephoned
office of a newspaper wire
lee the other day and asked
the head msn. The report
took the callrecognimzd h
Sand when he summoned the
=to the phone he whispered:
andle him with care, bos, he
sllow "wasn't mad Just

,. j a wa thing resaly,"
story was
An T .. Net, as
a. sa" k iet"
berleO- haded for

phoned idam ftm Paris at his
Luau restaurant-in Beverly Hills.
The conversation:
MARTIN9: 'Hellodarling, I've
got news for you. I've divorced
you. And I'm getting married
1 T E V E : "Well. congratula.

PMATINE: "Goodbye now."
(CLCK) End of marriage-and
U-I Is filming the amazing war
saga of Audie Murphy, "To Hell
and Back," on location at Ft.
LawSi, Wash. Most decorated here
Audielfys himself but a younDg
draftee, thinking he was just an-
other movie actor, paid him an
unconscious tribute.
"You know something," sad the
mew QJ., "ye LOOK like a
8HORT TAXIS: There was
many a blunh around town when
Sam Goldwyn signed VIviaN Blain
to recreate her Miss AeIe role
in the film version M ."Guys and
Doll." este her iBradway hit
in the show, ovie makers over-
looked talked Vvi r many
a film. It's va a hWixrbrom this
LOOpWpt Og1pV**- p t*:*tq



WmfliWoA"K 4 peIV

6;674a 2,
V Naem

q K Q J 9 8 7 5 2
6 10o
Both sides vul.
IIsek Wast Nerth ISS
I t Pass I 6 Pass
gV Pass 2 Pass
I 9 Pass Pas Pass
Opening lead-, IC

The hand shown today, played
by Alvin Roth In Iast year's na-
tiomal championship tournament,
illustrates his skill at reading the
West opened the king of clubs,
getting the encouraging seven of
clubs from ast. The contuation
If the ace of clubs was ruffed by
Alvin Roth, the declarer.
Roth naturally led the king of
hearts next, and West took the
trick st once with his ace. West
looked at d ummy's lon diamond
suit with obvious distaste and led
the king of padres wi an air of
desperation. Eat s aled encour
agement with the eight of spades,
and Squth won with the ase.
South now needed to guess the
diamond situation, since 'otherwise
he would lose one trick in each
suit. The average payer would, of
course -try the da)nd finesse
and lose to the singleton king. Not
so with Reat..
Roth drew trumps an d speculate.
ed on the ftmwl! df-*& wmhand.


m a,

eSi p w* a aw|W edidan't have all five of
(/t rwit '* 9 Sr- B-n w ?e ,te edsd mn, fr then he
ni would hol the king of diamonds
ju$i i on h13 as -well as the otbhi high cards
Bg s an"N a. d ," and would surely have bid at some
me 3 'in w sr t ond The I-nl stage. Likewise, West couldn't
Syou tng o cstatring Bob Mitchum and have a six-card club suit without
SHavilland, will have Dr. Lueas ever bidding. Obviously, therefore,
r n in s occasional TV performing heart surgery, making West had five clubs and four dia-
a fatal errors and coming to the monds, but West could not have
conclusion that (no human being the king of diamonds.
( Lidn n Is perfect. This made it clear that East

Over Fro

OON, Indochina, Sept. 30--
) eprsentatlves of two re-
sects brought into the
et by Premier Ngo Dinh
Speared today to have
over i a bid to end the
y prenulenarmy crisis.
leaders of the Cao Dal and
SHOae reio s. iecty.
teadof following Diem's lead,
tad the remeier. They
de him a virtual prisoner
own cabinet and extend-
I peace overtures to rebellious
chieftalnaOen. Nguyen Van

t was Diem's conflict with
whom le tried to -LMt
banish. that started t 1 he
pand brought the country
!-the verge of civil war. Diem.
ot troops, asked the Cao
and HIf Hao leaders to
him ad bring in their 40,-
fe joiei4 t cabinet but
bi t UnFon armies Qeal-
sand prevented
ened obser ve s-rs said
ment between Hlnh
government could be
soon. but th temper-
o m wth the re-
ii~trmae were still many
of deep unrest in
S,*overnment today banned
SBalon newspaper, 'mll
S 5 d u.- Ttg Do
tiUn. was hw
aets. ar-

sto *Nham

lBkBBr^ i^sh^~feW BlkXl
at gggac a.

-- -: : -.

^4wie /oa ne4tclwia8

Olamurous night clubs. gourmet
restaurant, spectacular sport
evet, horse. racing, opera ad
numerous other attractions. Cm-
mopolitan Buenos Aires ill ar
taly keep you wll entertaid
- you' love it!
And you're only 12% hem away

by Panaepa, t es fnet, fastest and
most urim ir Msrviom in South
Amriea T-e praesrissd ilihkt
e weeks Do hasM inter dm-
rIma, famous fe its mecive
iFoft Loaungesl d thrifty M
Paclifao, offering the utmost In
tourist elm eorns rt.


PRIZ" S $150 $30 $60


The title things that upset great
bl grown men are a real pu aly
to women.
S hen man bows his top be-
cause thre is a button in
froAn his shirt or gets a wild loo
in )6 eye because he can't fin
a business paper he filed An the
pocket of a sult. his Misu loo
at in wonder andnd mzemet.
How n a human beinl, who
is ull grown and pressuma1 y .in
Ms. right mind, carry on such
about a trifle?
How eap abig strong man be
so helpless I the face of little
annoyances when he can meet
life's big demands and respons-
bilities with such fortitude? ,
When a wife gets topauling o-
Ver that problem she usually eith.
er concludes that she married a
great big baby or a great big bul-

She Is pretty sure other men
don't act like that in the face of
small mishau asnd emergencies.
Well, here's news for her. An
Army intelligence secretary on
leave from her job in Tokyo re-
cently tattleteabd qn ome of the
Army big shots. Seems even the
most orceful soldier and leader of
men lets little things upset him.
This secretary claims that Gen.
Douglas MacArthur was perturbed
when someone shuffled the neat
array of 0O-odd pipes on his desk.
And that Gen. Matthew Ridway
became Jrqte when someone ockk
one of his choclates.
Maybe it will be some comfort
to the average wife to learn that
even big men have their small mo-
meats--f she can. Just remember
It next time HER big man throw
4 -e' eitsg Opter in dls-
gut. nd gitss a look in his
e because som e has nsepr-
ated the sports section from the
rest of the Paper.

Scout News
a*A. L aliJ*.Mali Iuna'd

F =*u b*uu mu ug
M vepws e awl n f wi ou *virw-
B ~rve in: jws capacity. W.
H. Mok,- ; Gen. W. E.
Laidlaw, Ft. Amador: A. P. Ray-
mond, Cristobal; Capt. Wn. A.
Thorn, Coco Solo; Col. H. 8.
Tubba, Ft. Clayton; Wm. A. Van
Siclen, Jr.. Gatun; and P. A.
White, Gamboa.

had the singleota king of dia-
rnonds. Acting on this reasoning,
Roth led a diamond to dummy a
ace dropping the singleton king,
and assuring his contract with an

ad Ab
lI bwew

he wlolt d
ui ae wrn.

, nH(y epees
and opeh a
wid hme..
;" bo mok



Camo e Ie dl A wg o pir p.eie
FA&" C0en %VW, Q e A20M9tM. WS s FeW. h L A

MOUND BAYOU. Miss.. Sept.
30 (UP)-Delegates claiming to
represent 500,000 MIssissippi Ne-
groes have agreed to hold off
attempts to enter white public
schools until the U. 8. Supreme
Court issues desegregation de-
But some 2.000 members of
the Regional Council of Negro
Leadership, meeting here, warn-
ed that organized efforts 'to
prevent Negro voting and ulti-
mate integration of schools
would be "disastrous" to Mis-
sissippi white businessmen.
Delegates called for "Immedi-
ate opening" of the state's grad-
uate and professional schools to
all races, and urged all N e-
groes to register and vote.
They voted by a margin of
two to one, however, against
seeking to break down school
segregation at'the public school

Tavduntil the Su-reme. Court,
outlines methods by which de-
aegregation is to be achieved.
The court will begin Its study
Dec. 6.
Dr. T. R. M. Howard. councll
president, predicted that a I1-
white "citizens councils," form-
ed to discourage Negroes from
voting or entering white schools.
through "economic sanct I n s,"

6. e.s



uav a

I11 --

w*uWAeaos )W harm to' Memphil "tat e bigf
wilte busine"A than to No- mall oder in the t
arwaoewsd. wof the uth" by7prbIhSi
Such abilo wouldd Include a rg' t-tate aW
retuung Negroes credit. fir I na g o oedr h ;lbU To a y NI
them from their jobs and re-I gro-owned establdsUmeIt 13 t
fusing to gin their cotton. I state.
The Nre lead suggest t e d Howard, a Mound ayVo at
that should Negre be refused alslan., aid the delegate rep
credit, they bank at the Negro sented some 100 State NeO
controlled Trl State B a n k of1 civic and religious organlntoio

lrkuh M Si.

-The State Departnent re-
ports at an outrek of dis-
asters in the uranium mines
of Red controlled. East Ger-
mny has helpe spur a grow-
ng ood of. refugees into the
Western sector.
T% department made the
disclosure yesterday in a "re-
view" of the German refugee
situation. The report gave no
additional details on the mine
accidents.-But it is known that
the Communists are pushing
urealum output in an effort
to outstrip the West in the
atomic arms race.
Jesse C. Johnson, head of
the Atomic Energy Commis-
lion's raw materials division,
said last week Soviet uranium
production is an "unknown."
But he said there Is "little
chance" it matches that of the
free world despite frantic Red
use of "slave labor." I
Diplomatic officials said re-
fugee workmen reported that
uranium mining is being push-
ed so hard -by the Commun-
ists that many mines were cav-1
ing in, presumably because of
Inadequate bracing and the
the lack of safety precautions.1
These workmen were quoted
as saying people were afraid
to go. into the mines because
of continuing disasters.
oMst of the accidents were
said to hive occurred in the
Aue area In German Saxony.
A group of some 2600 refugees
who fled to the West in a two-
week period early this month i
included 1087 workers. A large
number of these, It was said,
quit' the East because of the
uranium mine accidents.
Thl Ltate Department said
Dr.' Jts oI. Conant, U. 8.I
high commissioner for Ger-
manyi. reported that about 20,-
000 East German come West
every month.

~T4 Delay

the hole as you drive.

PROTECTS AGAINST BLOWOUTS: Sudden blowouts with ioner tubes
are usually caused by the tube being pinched by a bruise break in the
carcass. But a braise break in the Tubeless tire merely causes a slow
leak. Plenty of time for a safe stop. It changes blowouts to safe s-s5s

DEFIES SKIDS: Tread of new B. F. GOODRICH Tubeless tire bas over '
10,000 "ORIP BLOCKS" that wipe water out of tread path for better

THEY ARE EASY TO INSTALL: No special equipment is required. Yet,
initial installation is done by our experienced mechanics at no cost to you.

. CONDlMIICAL: CompaGeOe price'o a B.A. OODRICH tire with t'U
price of a regular tjie and you will notice that the diff'reNce is, very*
in comparison with the advantages which you receive. { -











(Originally established in 1865)
P. 0. Box 2140 Tel. 2-1913 ,





iiw Ciwil


i :

1 .

- 4 .


N 'p

e. *U.s ..

I I< I


i ` 7._ r

- -I 1

L. l'


~~C~v,'rr ~s ,

~JII~Ln' '

= I

SEALS PUNCTURES: 'New "lifesaver" Tubeless tire can be run over
spikes without losing an ounceof air. Beneath the tread, there is a
layer of special gummy rubber which seals against puncturing objects,
when the object is removed, the sealaht is drawn into the hole, sealing

'. I '


: i



-. .. -. It

r fuiy ~ecr~~d-c

- *-~p'~-ti ,rrnr


,. '.

-Employmetn steel plants -
i.. --in the United States is down -
.,/ ;, J. p < t p en be o ehe n" B y r-, t'v ..' L J.. .." "
m d L m e because of the iin- JID-
dusry u 'exh oaned s ro much f he SicBety
S07419.0., 0741 ,-... 90 ...d.oean ,eanWar, a British bape towCof CLARA C SALE Nto 'a
.2-0740WSteel expert said today. Mohear l thst JAI nex e tc fr

ea dia Gason s aid England hays .marks Colon.a nd
.. d.i y at, mirez, Lelani Estripeaut Navarro eo such problems a e n embeaherMbers of the ,audience Ehe o,
f A CmImn R ATHUR c jW NO Liz StanIola GMonzales R A ara facilitrie s "grew gradually" dur- at ieet sO rnt meetings have taken "STMAS
'M.aria del Pilar Clement, Diane Phr itishveIreoen 6 1hand 001 ,Ii id.a
"dierprty ,theIe ,.r uN r.nosuchproblembecauseherI ManyMeMbers Of the ,ude .''
'. of CommodoreH.Lz a o2R, r et "e d ul r.tan
of ommdhe mencita Galindo Arias Maruquel Ing the critical years" from copies of the addresses and used t and pounds
e officers f thalI Bd Pardes Ida Aaro Es 1950 through this year. them as a ld book for tour1 red
panders.C.h Ew yd Mod Ga o. 1ofIr lauhdmra o Cathedral rea to s In packages, Fi pirnitu (forme rly on ehibitlon n our salon) Chaa,
I peaut. Lydia -MorenoGasteazoro, rksm aarou n C anhdrglass
h blagoa Alicia Quadra, iabriela "On the other and. Amer-.Plaza. Tan d g lass ..n.L.Lh ba
Young.. .. r Fabrega Diaz,Gisela Fabrega alnnn l herste The city of Colon, bigsa I ri reer, gn cocktail)
O A Plans ung lade om six to 14erehLa Tapia Perez, Olguita Hi- now has exceAs capactv and ler, may not have aa many points sante bowls and vase) Toy costume wery,
1 IAWC Plans Y old wll exhibit sports and ice pie.. AlidaNovey Morriceb ]Bet- will have to wait until her of interest left for the history iv- fresh to"i e iMeweurhrs
'annualbuffet dinner cel- [ part frocks. Lit oAzearraga sey Novey de la Guardia, Irma economy cAtches up," the ex-r as that of Panama but what ga ts lgarette jas~s (sllver plated), Lem:
ble. sh oe k has, I s asrihsase -nga Ibl o
ebr .t the eighth aiers wr h) will pla. for the shot G aunzales tCe.Mlare i rTeresa Hin- pert said. ble. N oe k s t t .To fre tong 1oon, Straw handbags, Individual coffee
the Cal 'unit of the Inter Amen- Tht, by models %'ilI include the cape, Vicky Maduro, Becky A- better hthano Dothy Melendez,ofgssalt IsmallUonion, #lced; a uews oode, Strw handbp, Incs

c 'as (lb- aill bie held Misses Annlctle.ltjpeC4u1t Soq, ria, Th6mpson and Carmencita off the Quebec and a small group the "Star & Herad" who i a awh eblackers (pPP )eren
the "'tar & erald, whai bay -Cov._,a. -s*'.pahft1dd.-btWu ad sia n p ,
Friday evening. Oct 15 from Aminta de la Guardia Estripeat, Van Der Hans Paredes. of local officials and their ladies, staunch friend of Colon. and it a Cer. th e a
5: 0to 8 .m. at their clubhouse, Irma Cectlia Moreno Ar6semena. with cold tr, rig the waer
and Mtlendez, n. Rita Morenu Ca Caearo. ida Saturday night will be Spanish ers Club Plans Dance Dr. no has be asked to a bbil then reduce e nea
eckets are SI e for adult' Lope. Levy, arre-ria Valla- night. All the entertainment will he Tigers Club of Colon isDt n to pasben a ed many slimmer untl fork-te-der, whi ch
0 ceta for c ren under'rino. avie ce er z, An. b. typical of the various region sponsoring dance t tes to appear on ope of themeSt
ears e In auel ei he n sponsoring a dance at the Strang- els because of his interest in undRemove tongue from wa-y T -0
2 years ageaue qu Ma- inpain. The Count and Countesser Club on Saturday evening. Ar e histo ofth ace but Cooly.
largecrwd. ufa Aria-'eMra (isti- ol Uabago have reserved a table mSan-doBoza and his orchestra will recent trip to the States has In- end of tone. Slit ufrom thick ik I
r t na Porra Guardia, Thelma Cl- o twehe for the authentic Span- plaUt o so en
na Porr Guard ar play from 8:30 p.m. to 4:30 a.m.relateder it frominhi.k
Ioung Ladies To Model Fashion nimcnt %idal Rosita Arja Solis, iSnuonner. Other reservations ate fr 1 Tpeer t wil h in s :. end to Up on under side. Use a. ... i,. .
Javier Fair Quteriibe Aria, Soli. Zita Marl- beig received. Nursery School Opening The d ianet Monday.Th pri to loosn the
Fashion hov. around the newclDloNrp a O Sunday i hta amaht Barran The new Jack and Jil Nurs- place, the Hotel Washington. Alln t ck end. Pull nd pl the
S swimming o will hig- z' Carot .aiedes. Judith O cn Sunday night Pana -eary School located in the base- meetings are open to the public. e reful not to-rgthend surface.
II t tomorrow a enter Ferrer An ra Enrique- American bullet will be feature ment of Cottage 810, Hevea Pla careful not toroughen surface.
ta ment at the thr v i: at. a (nnle a Daz Os- Many reservations have already Mararita will begin enrollment Ft. Clayton Officers Wives
egio Javier which start. tumor-,sa. Viola ia.bel Guardia Arias, been received. The orchestra from of children from ages three to Meet WednesdayBeefTgueMean Style
r (;aciplhta 'reriadno Aries. Ruth I Panama will play from 6 to five tomorrow in preparation for The Fort Clayton Officers'
te fair will open at 4 p m at, Vl'alha ., Pilli de la Guardia A- 7 p m. Los Figaros will entertain the school's opening on Monday. Wives' Club will hold their lunch- One cooked beef tongue, sliced;
t sch giroundclo n Pero 'Hi hleman I lp 'r E-kildsen Arias, Ai. wAn their songs and guitars. Parents are asked to register eon at For Clayton Of 1 medium onion, hopped; I me-
re a bi from Va daI. Paidr lcazaMaela Ga- AL 8 p.m. the well-known child their- youngsters oas s pos- Club, next Wednesday t 1:30 p 2 tablesU fat, e love r, 1
rta anovtory-telling, handiwork,re Please make your reservations be yenne r, 1 teaspoon WorO.N OMiti
dante^^^ umber^ The Dol, a onIdiidalchldcaeandf Tuesday call Mrs. D. S. Shine estershire sauce, salt. -
i )aFEaCt TBrit~l8 E hjcornipanied by Miss Lite Lewis at refreshments are feature foreT uday a rs Da Se oo oaepon at, I clo egr5, 1
SrRFECt TRIBeEmpiano. n e ures ef the 7-3148 Cook onion and green pepper.jnW. S"oed'.Col Cana.
t E th l T he piano i itd daily schedule planned for the fat about 5 minutes. Add garlic, .n t *.*
tothfThe public is invited to attend children. St. Luke's Morning od tomatoes, dash cayenne
wo the averar. Reservations or Ladies in charge are Mrs. L. esTomorrow Gi Worcesters, ace d r n Srve
Sroi Rare Teodoro Arias, Balboa mein of the Morn tr 5 inte.Sere
I or through rMr.e.s. Graciela D. de 3-1406Ml.SinLkwllmm cooked tongue.'
.., "' tA At ma bMarchal, Panama 3-0645. Saint Luke will meet at the home tsgue. S r15 inesSrei
Junior Guild Will Mrs. PayneReturnsof Mr&--Harry Willis, No. 1 Cuba Tongue Spicy Sace
Cl C rreheit roay ielore Vista has returned after a month at 9:00 am.
Z College. Club in Canada. Twelve slices cooked smoked
The Juniior Guild, under the m Canada. Those desiring transport tion Twelve lices ooked smok
direction of Mrs. Betty Haber- Arentine Ambassador's are asked to meet in front of the gue, 2 tablesoon buour or
stick, will present a play entitled Wirle Is Honor Guest C cathedral at 8:45 .m. anep e juicetablespouon
-Special Edition" at a tea to be Mrs. Carlos A. Dominguez. lemon julces, cup brown sugar,
glben by tne Canal Zone College wife of the Argentine Ambassador, 4 teaspoon cloves, V T cup a cedi#P ,, / r'
S Club honoring new members and to Panama, was the guest of hon- almonds (optional).
girl students of the Canal Zone or at a tea and canasta party Melt butter in saucepan. Com- q q'r r
Junior College. given by the wife of the Salvador. bine tbproughly with flour. Add Se Lage
ean Ambassador, Mrs. Franciscot juices sugpr and cloves. Bring to says Selio a
The tea will be held -next Mon- Osegueda, and by Mrs. Tinmoteo a boilf. Serve hot over slices of .
day, at 4 p.m. at the JWB-USO Suescum, at the latter's residence. tongue. Top with almonds if de- 'Cream your skin to new beauty, 1.Circle Pond's Cold Creaa
S (Center, with Mrs. Samuel Freid- The affair was a despedida. ired., as lovely society women do. Get from throat to forehead. Th i
man as chairman. A business I- at hiddu dirt that hardens and leases embedded dirt. Tiasid
meeting for dil embers will pre- Visitor Honored
cede the tea at 1'30 p.m. The Ambassador of Ecuador to Cornerstone To Be aipre-openinsecourag s ColdRi.
Panama and Mrs. Hugo Moncayo "* a1[ "ae poreb. blackheads. Pond's Cold s.T'
IConsul Fetes taptalit entertained at dinner last eve- Laid At Paroiso Pon'.ldrCrnnciis I
Of HMCS 'Quebte" ning in honor of Dr. Ponce Lu- designed to sof and IUft (w of g rew fr soft .,pl
At Dinner P agestyy' s Con que, a visitor from Ecuador. Church Sunday ithis enedded drt ,-make gs a now. You'
Her Britannic Magesty's Con d Church Su nd y a -
sul at Colon and Mrs. A. H. B. Mrs. Carstatphan o l ro ka-*rer in-'or, dg
Perkins entertained at an infor- Fted by Pewomen ome o T Ce the new finer
n al buffet supper Plstevenstla in Haeq -r ror th.-P n ele
rof C t. E.mW.Slind ryes whol"'ttendg,' .r.a
": n co adipg.officer oP the Cristobal Y cht Cl Iu -
nCS Queo, a light cruiser dety evening lneludMd Mdmes
which arrived in Cristobal yester- Wlam N. Taylor. Robert Laats, r K Ot LE' '!i
day and sailed today for Halifax D. J. Markun, William T. Bailey o de Island. D. s j
I Guests included seven officers and James Roberts. The dinner atange t light wit a protruding St. Alan's Ispi all4
honored Mrs. Ruth Carstarphan, lower beak and a distorted up- Anglicans't th e celm..
a writer who was here with her per beak. Because he can't -""
husband and children and chil-.' pick food off the ground, he is *en. at'
dren aboard their boat "Shell.- fed from a deep contalIer at his Taf s Widow
back." Rutherfordtoo, N. C., mprovps After
Gp11 Operation
b oroth C Se CINCINNAT, Ohio, Sept. 30
(UPI Mrs. Martha Taft, 65,
eof widow of Sen. Robert A. Taft,
Teachr was Improving In a local boa-
rBALLET TAP TOE |pital today after an. emergencyaI"Tfbo
BALLET TAP TOE gall bladder operation.
A friend described Mrs.
in'L unpacke4-beantiful linlian Wreaths announces rTaft's condition as "good as *!V S S
'" Registration still open for Pre- can be expected." She waoi tak- :'-
f P.-. "IGETAPLP School Tots and First Graders. daytfrom herhhome iajhe, .
ART YOUR LAY AWY PLAN NOW, U TO P For further information phone arom.
', NOVEMBRJ 2t Bliboa 1751''

'E Have ou cried Chef
RTURE RE I I u t C he 2Z al SAUCE? tAhppp-us
I'-Lhaniem ALBUM! Seasly delkio s for trey
EN*&L t 21w 1ST" PT4ON 8 0 UT/ U O .ai a tg o O sks
_SO NesSld's EverReady AALEB s -O

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ladsb baumd ""
S lW N "
A i ,
^^^-^-^-1 ^*f^ ^^*I^-^^'SI

rdody to M. s, t we'mabsabafr -
was&. Get s--to

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Made light in thn Mr o i' P T

Delicious, refreshing ,x@

10 f glasses.. .from
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eprea00t in Ch Doy.-At
Dee's Sauces which have w
dhe pram of Italian cun
arm experm' SPAGHEIT
SAUCE WITH MEAT make any paghe rravio
a ay matL

. -71.

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_4. 1 :- -'"


IChef By-Ar-DwSadwioM
c sl -dwhm or with
mAu. A eombD d ana
..ow so i-
' r t i o

* Ct~C5 --tn--p.. .C


___~ _~_~I___ __~ ~r______~____

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; ..." '-. .: ..-. J.k'. ,,. --
). .', J .. ^ !' .g' .:,
. *" '. "' _,, ::._,B^ ^ !' :, ^

: -' 'I. jI t-.,
& *, -. ', r *'** "' .; P" "; .V*
y .,- .. .- ^ i ,*', /' y ,. -

~3th'the he

(NVA Telephoto)
I aI*INSUBB 40O=T Washington newsmen swarm around
1 heands outer epate Censure Commttee's ror
reo nd the cenre of Ben. Joeh McCarthy (, .)
n two of five eneral Wq

ft'I GQ6 THE NOWSB At Chicago, Sen. Ralph Flanders (top)
" I.Vt.) Sad Brig. Gd. Ralph Zwfckpr (bottom) read the news-
iiW count of the special Senate committee's decision which
wqmimded that Sen. Joseph McCarthy. (R., Wis.) be censured
on two.ot fve barges against him.




. ... SM
S *


. 90 0 w a



-VS -

~a 0A TOS
g~,?- :~ '


aesumrs a unapman, TI TH
gere, Klviette, Bender and Ham-
burger of yew York and Don
Loper %id, Marutia of California.
Miss America will see her first
bullfight In Lima's slatoric bull-
ring on Sunday. October 3, and
take in the other sites in the'an-
cient "City of Kings."
.She will leave Lima on Octo-
ber 6 and fly to Santiago where L


S2:S9 4:; 5:4S 7:95 9:

s:15 :t Frit* "3oAT SIOUx WSuW. I
LA 5BOCA 6:15 :00 PARAISO 6:15 8:30
"Wa' from Wala Walla" "DECOYT"
SANTA CRUZ Sll 7:50 |AMP BIERO 6:15 7:25


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J" i lco

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Bwatmr -a u

Late Shows-
Friday --- 10:30 p.m.




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SdUi. i. o* <
"*Md *' 1



M1 d1C&A'Wbyf Iy
A now & irw a p..-n

A 0; --'t

Sl 30 (UP)u t* flo u .io
.h o nesnnathn toSdtay Sents si *;c
.._ _,-tdeau lead arsetn g

a ,rns, w r r' "b h eDn r ar Oeti
stb c en. B;, .uto &R fri .Idth
or V$0x1 fashion l.

Inh -wtahl isi Wetr poner
titleBwgamitt tof5 to-t too- rfu^ r,,l D,,o.,, O.9IJr
P e"'S au u t etheahor kd'tI Amrnf RU tipS. e e

Tr w... canty of e as
SVWf H. G. ite Seobtinraft lit theC
Sel -,ee. 1h, h .. r"' Ihere. c.lo pleceeih hno'S n5
!Inm1 a i ItMht w e ae, S,, h !, _

b t o be Ia n that wenat -n atel noeu e t o.d ote. de C-
wip aw thm. lto hten nt. t the iw of "no refu onte" whb ay-
e l_____,_ M^ rSwasoaS t-tti-
e e M on "wek f eewoou r, nd ,o o member of rthe family f am l.

it. J .au i other rt mrerien- hd orn w ie hn p e romplve _. in b.oe
co n triebe n- fr% ien a S ... a. ,.deho llle.] h ,fehbe -. 'sd a ho nd I
eane, whole Mrhy h th EIatawa strc ten e M Ameterica 1M5. Lee oes clothes and weIa
tnhat an" a ve Comm oi tod-to ,_ .. .tuS ., bIohh rgr* e _dbru- them mith the ease and flalttot
Sb.e o C l red e .usnt, b er. ..50 oln-vexperienced fashion .m delo
.. '.. .-- .- a whi~olariupl whh goea with the She is "thriled" over the ejljnt
& JL .we / A .. I & .to cntle her studlea to- wardrobe of "Everglade" f ic h-
S.Miss America To Make wn d-er_. evma wichan weri o
,I A b .S aR S E, I- d Lee a .T- .- *
rj C ad naIOlard.shwwasha

o m ri BAL Tor : aars.ohieve-e BALBO A
L antin A faorte -obba
mr ft 01 4tf. ee"aterelnd hiele hD& had
Lovel Lee Me....iweter, 06 her pra'es call.t for a ptre wi= t ,h &rthhe ha&- STARTSm
SAmei 155, aaume the role pahc with ead C ofc'S teorAt heri onseanr s a- SATURDAY!n
of unoffca n Uons i Industry and the out- MI SSt
a e aa grrow when Pstanding fashion 4elners of t ant m Timm INAS
leaves Miamh on. a wo-week fly- the country, and a gala dinnerheh. favorite ortaMnd s he hlds mi rEe. f i d
hug tour oh lao South American dance for five hun-re people a Red Cross ife- avi badge.
ntia gra and Par and how e bee- he ao ays goo gameof
AmeWican Airw ays, fit of the Elizabeth Bakey Seton tenni s Lee attributes health, s
The 19-year-old CaUfornian, Foundation, of whih Mrs. b-l beauty and hapwpinei to Awhole- so
ollfya bAuty._ and fie. wife of Chile's President, iss ome living habit, poise and r c h I
Stent, the require eni oi h e o t ll vrehW
Manual Mrs. America Pageant I i : 0w
wir.clo be received by the ATo CENTERa "
iandBraTil and show Northm at m oso
AmSfinot oas in .s ,ci THEATERS TONIHT! Is -":A/
It n show. n the various .......ii
Her Sowth American oood wil .A"15e8:1 Dl '6
selh Lancroft and Company, l .... cls6mna I spSea ncer TRACY STT
originators of ",Everg r ola- "pal B ad, f father's Little Dividend" I \ .SA UR A
of i an d al contributor to a textile IndCusry a d h rut nt i danc-
also presented MIo Meriwethatr |iPDRO MIGUEL 7:940rs ,I fgIS,
with a complete wareek6di ath o 61 75 h f$
ill take her from MlkCliforni an,-Foundati o. I- .. Ix"w l
m ".n t-iag n u p oe an dir eC P i i l ing s poise
The first stop ofMie ss Amerits
director sof tPer whoi* WSH INeiG / 1, v, oR o L-O CEUNGT E/R
kens DBiiSon. who wil accom- e v'n JOHNSON i
A ameri a n co tto ir n imei ha TJTH ATERS a h Ta W i ,t fiue .-

Lotu ldt. L
t oc6j5x W
visit on his

0 1.4

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:-M O R
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ilu. i iev *T ll
mm.-.-- -"

; MarKe

Across irom Hotel International


Armouer's mo Ham 73 Lb.i
Top round steaks, Eye el the Round, Beef
tenderlolns, Flet MIgnons
Dog meat Plain 15 Lb.- Fortlflu d




0. *..RABITS.

m -.- -

I .ft. .
1 -.______* & : :! ^ *^ .^

. .-


fL. .

I...-- -- -

.m ,



- "IC.


" '"-,I

M TOU.,-
by Canada'sm
}tawS. Ca
Vatiean i

Mld I

I .#W'

I7 J,




. r -


- ". .:

ruw 0 6

SPANAMA w A nw t
, "4 ; PM IAM .. :- .'N."

nt' Win MH-- ~TwiLi
"9.. ... .. -. ,, '. r.--, .,-*t.l.y

. 4 '" ,. ,.' ". '" :f :" ;,'* :'.' *-
t '"' ', "" :v / *- *" "' "j ". :.:.

1~'~ ~qw



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--- -~- ~-

YiAx_wop F

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r, ") ."

Versus uAHtonel I Tesis Plans wA
_, lX ab r l bd e xR
=lmithT I1 110fn
For ond NY Contest Avl 11 n Order To Make ur a
-in. Ordur VTo, ~ A
.We lb ,0 4 11 1
F' :aot'lz ,, d d e o N a 0. 0 0t .l "- .- ".. .. ";"
SBy LEO I PETERSEN a.00 ....0 0 1 a
S .h mt troue hmson, c 0 -0 1 0 3*.,: I, .,'l. .nI ,.
'^- ,in .... ^ ^ ^ B^Phley, 3 0 0. 0" "''.
SYORK, Sept. 30 (UP)- eoeW, iac. thT e a s o
e erew'which upended th0e suppoed ly i nv eM t h 'I 0. 0
w even money"c tody wereto arprke t the rec c'Pao0r 1 0 0 0 .,.-' -
S$rookitr' Dodgers to win the N national League Strickland, sh 3 0 0 3
0t01n was "even money" todayto makee te reV- AL, o *
eating Cleveland Indians a bunch of spear e-my0nn. i0ooo 0
in their latest drainatic hit. Lemon, p 4 oo 0 1 1
w as the startling turn also who pitched the clincher a- Totals 2 1 t e i
World Series took 1 gatnat the Detroit Tigers. Wynn NEW YOIR- K -
.e of the New Yoric 01- pitched three two-hitte n the Players ab rh a .
dramatic 5-2 triumph over mat month. of the season Lockmah, lb I 1 1 9 0 o i
irttans in yesterday's open- A fineempeitor of all- BDark, -U 4 0 2 a y. e r
S the Polo Grounds, around skillWyn"n also is the Mueller. rf 5 1 2 2 o 0d
S'Durocher confident that Clevelani pitcher who gave May, 3 1 02 o 0 -
i botat. to win his first world the Giants the most trouble Thom.pon, Sb 1 1_ 3 3so., r .a .
hip in '15 years of dur stel 2p ame sprjg Irvn, If ble s ub 3_1 -i o h I a
SJohnny Antondelli o make t by the Ianm .11 ..e Williams, 2b 4 0 0 1 1 I '
a row for the Oiants while Durocher, although jovial over Westrum, a 4 0 2 1 0 atqst thes i res
r Al Lopez stuck with hs the opening triumph, refused to Marlie. p s 0 0 0. 2 t, b-t Amalin II/li
D-eof 23-game winner Early claim the championship. Llddle. p 0 0 0 0. 0 .rd aid, I don-t a K
Wynn to hurl the second "We'll just play 'em one at a Orissom, p 1 0 0 0 0 I tot cach t.
Sr the Indoans. time, just as we did during the. d o.t e t
17-10 underdogs when season," he said. "That's the', Totals 36 5 9 30 -,8r doubtts
lea started, the explosive ticket fo us." x-One out when winning run latest ple-~ ot outfild
tar'z. bowncsa~l today'smeconri re I nsved the op"edLei h U"rwre
suddenly J.ound them- Loez, obviously downcast, scored. saved the opening game for
no worse than 6-5, pick point ed out, however, that the a-Announced as batter for Phil- Glra:-" ; or ther.w. re twisanii
for both'today's,recond game Indians never .'expected a cakq ley In 8th. on bune in the eighth ni btH flt
4 he series as a whole, A sic- walk." t-walked for Majeski In 8th. C eand when r.d-hot Vi o.
today would virtually make "We weren't sursed at the lled a o strikes for a.rts C lvld whi -dride tr ht L .
South bets." for no team sortteam e ran into," he Strckland In th.. over W11 I. head In aente fild .
er won the firs two ames said. "W knew it would be d-Ran for Wert in th. -
aseven-ame series an fall- tough we ex pct it t bee -Struck out for Began in 10th. '-m Fbow-tt W "
tBo win t he championship. tough the rest ot the way. But f-Hit home run for Irvin in 10th, lie straight bos thrpd "'die
none game dos count us out leveland (A) 200 000 000 & ;s ran btr war th etwr
S Brodway. bookles ran of a seven-game series." 1ew York (N) 002 000 000 -5.field 4a rrt tW.
over last night alter the Neither team 'w expected to Errors-Mueller 2; Irvin. Runs teps way t low
i flashed th e lastoni shing make apy radlcal change in Its Oatted In Wert 2, Mueller when be ea'g tthe /ll C yr
A lead in tl National Werts. Home Run Rhodes. THE CHAMP RSARPENS Panama Sfetherweight champion for Cleveland.
and prl ided the cash- y stolen Base Mays. sacrifice L. Pedro Teals punches the ght bag in preparation for his 15-
e renabi6 b them to beat "We're stronger when Rhode3l Irvin, Deh e. Left On Base round title defense against, challenger Iidro Martkl as at the "I hada good d on i all
Schaiunge of the Dodg- is sitting r ht beside me on the evelnd (A) 13, New York (N) Colon Arena Sunday night. Proceeds from this boit will et the way," Wluliet explained. o
It was the Mane flair that bench wait for the spot to 0. Base on Ball -Lemon 5 (Dark added to the fund for an agricultural form for delinquent boys. I ust ran til got it"
bd Sthe G)ants to over- pinch hit an win the game," Mays 2, Thompson 2 Maglie 3 d l n 'Anyway," said Willie almost
da oaN top'bea,. odds against Durocher explained. (Lemon, Doby), 0 r iasom apologetically, "any. biil that, is
edgers and become known That made it almost certain (Mitchell, Doby, Pope). Struck Isthmian featherweight cham- debut. He Is scheduled to meet hit that high ought to be
S' I year's "m le club." that .262-hitting Monte Irvin Out MaglIe 2 (Strickland, pln Pedro Teals plan to score the veteran Wilfredo Brewster. caught."
Otandlning n the first day's would start today In left field Smith), Orissom 2 ( Pope, Glynn) a decisive vetory over No. 1 con- Edwin and Brewaterwill battle
were Weaazting& Wllie and probably remain at lR
were the amazing Willie and probably remain at that Lemon 8 (Maglie 2, Irvin tender Isidro Martinez in thep r eight rounds (or ldm at a There wasn't a single obse river
y baseball's reat new star, post during e entire Series. Thompson,. O.risom, Mueller). Scheduled 15-round champion- weight limit of .5 pounds. willing to go along with Willie's
te equl iig amazing Nationl Leaguers were confl- Hits Off dglie '7 in 7 (none ship battle''unday night at the Two four-round preliminaries observation. They were too buffy
l Ier jxe, iCm (Dus- dent, however that the Oiantt out i 8th). Llddle 0 In 1/3, Oris- Colon Arena, .will complete the program. Mar- comparing the sensational grab
e e. It was Maj re- would achieve the first world som in -2/3. Runs-r.R. The champ would be practical- clal MoLna, unbeaten in four with the catch made by Al Glon-
e catch of Vic Wertz' championship for their circuit Maglie 2-2, Liddld 0.0, Orlso. ly without any dangerous con- pro outin tackles hard-hit- frlddo of the Brooklyn Dodgers
in drive one of the since the St. Louis Cardinals 0-0, Lemon5-5. t y Ptcr tenders left If e can demon- ng Mane Pr scot at 12 on a drive hit byJoeDiMago
7 t c bes I) World series beat the Boston Red Box in the Maglle (Smith). inning state superiority over Martinez unds other IrIell pits of the iYankees n the 19 '7World
-wIch ~vd the game 1948 Series, Pitcher Grom Loser r and would be able to take ._ad-H an urows III aganstSels, ad wi es: ade i
thre- un pinch-hit "'Thtekatthewy the Lemon. mire rlck (NL) vantage of the many offers he flashy Carlos Wtson i 15- by Brookn a D e Bade d
the urth pnch-lats beat s ive games this plate, CharlieB (AL)firs as received rom several con- pound match Carl r in the 12 eres
mer in eries history- year," said Obe Paul, general base, Jocko Conlan l(NL) see- tries in the A)tles and the General mission s l onl These are regarded as te pipp
n it .nanag9r of the Clnelnntl Red- ond base, John Stev.en (AL) United States.n dollar ($t ringside tickets catcepi m e.
Lined with e adroit, al- legs. "T hey'e a tremendous club third base, Lor W akeire (NLI Teal has trained harder than dollar t i It n es
not ,h lly overpow- in close ga snex-1ey expect to left field, Larry Napp (4L1 right ever for this fight and seems to .a .' d.en wantto -nlM .
.1itcn that Durocher win 'em abd 'they do." field. Time 2:11. Aendance be in the "pin," of condition. toe esatches and whit
b. picture in this American Ldaguers, on he 52,751 (paid). Receipts (net) The same can said of Marti w beterl
e s o pener so closely other hand, were confided t at $10,9057.25. aea n 4Iconfident of tn
l the 0 nLts,' formula the tem hicg et an al -time t -- A ~.*h o T. .e, ..
0U01Atory in "the National league standari'd- l11 victoriegls Te8ls ywonR o
ue rae that te odd-mak- an was blessed with one of the seconds rem .ing In aull .,
kly realized their cal- finest pitching staffs of modern Tw after thrillig, gruellir0 W
0 ..erecrdhistory, eould reouVer from aIts rn de isit eaxp cte
the strategical advantages. still ago overf Map' rn rk- NEW YOR. Sept. 30 (UP) witness this "fisht-of-the-year.M" ca of ayss de bl
.. won the opener_ with his No. able o e ad the astonishing -The proba le Ileuns for the The semifinal shaves u. as an- I uer of e h ? -hl ate. .i
s- rter and hid No. 2 reliever manner In wh h Rhodes du. seed game of the World other sure-fire thriller. Jose Ed-a- a mid-seson gae ald hePco l
a r-now stands dy with his listed bid late-lnnin pne Series: win, former Central American Grounds "was a little better.
W inner onell'-,to hitting fqatae of'the- 4 cam- CLEVETAND NEWYORK and Caribbean amateur welter- That one Willie grabbed one-
his bd-~ lever-Hot pain. mith, If Loa'man. LbAweight champion, makesthiEproEw ~m whanded and collided with the
a baerti4m up In the Mays, the 23-year-old. Negro Avila, 26 Dark, am ITiU 'wall.
taunt d game. center-fielder who won the N.L. Doby, of Mueller, rf
tand the impor- batting % after a truly lab- Rosen, 3b Mays, t Cricket Meeting Mays said he thought maybee ..
gettingn I the riahtnulnous. a tced to the Wertz, lb Tompson, 3b the w anner catch was a bit bet- mHghLe
th the win- the win-base of t lt field bleachers. Phflle or Iv Set For Praiso ter than yesterday's, well as In Senior. and Junior le
Sofie second,:game that has 450 feetMro te'plate, to make Westlake, rf Irvin,if a catch he made on a ball hit intramural play from Balb
Berfs pq uften thanhis great cath on a drive by trickland, a Williams.b this season by Gu Bell of the schools le take a look at the mor e
ers uf ten thnhisgreacat a by Ithis season by GaellaoiltseI
."Wert in f, eeeighth inning Regan, Westrum, a r ,P .M Cincinnati Redlepg. A" league play.. Lewis Bate- ole oteel
tonelllianm e one-time Werts' smash-with Larry Doby Wyn, p Antonell,p CA FILL YOUR NEEDS "Bu I don't want to compare mans well balanced team wt s ne
us bust of the Boston on second base and Al Rosen on Umpires: Ph.te, .harley erry The Philip Morris C. will Ien sd Mays. Im just t oo much for a l b ardenalttea mew new-I
DurOchr- was coming first-looked like the gamewin- (AL): 1B, Jocko Conlan (NL): hold a meeting at the Paralso 'ball-player not a sports writer.jtea m as they rolled to a 33 to n anA aeu
S With S pitcher who coin- fnin blow. 21e, John Sevens. (Al); 23. Ai ball park Saturday at 5 p.m.b- I don't compare 'eir, nt ; I just catc i score. Scoring IBatesn's t A a em
l 021-7 season's record and Instead of a triple or a three- Barlick, (NL). Rlrbt Field Feol All members of the team are a'm.? were: Pablo Salas with thri Ivited to a
S.& run avera e. He is run homer, it we another Line- Lon Warnek (NL). Left request to tend. ,touchdowns, Rolando Cbhanh and me to i t at :
S erful, hard rowing putout and serve to d.d 'id Foul Line --' Larry Napp Chester Ple son with-one touch- ~a~la Gynlaum -.
; who t.. a s ,u-. '. Mr (ALr ,,dow each., 8corkn ton ater "
a ar se rfoe. iri autec-Boib L mon'swrtut uThe ndersigned hereby advises ri g d wsman andPe thr rd fourth P
a banking e the 2-2 Bob Lemon's first itch and lift- T beat VIYtor Anra" eagealy
4 e oebuli tie ed it just inside t right-field Tthe genealpHCtht TN &oy Watson, AlRui
, th I2d-la- 11 It stood thae' way until the foul line and barely over the 11- Pneas em ep o a to ira- ..
-l"LMdmit .n regular I east of te 10 en May odrew foot wall for the game-winning EGBERT WADE THOM'PSON ,rw. ane e. t 0.t.. I Co*. soeon
,. pltche Oad won hree of t y stole IL '6e A --- o..Pol.... ..s. ,ow--- fluaty "I.-ellagthe 2nd quarter &aas ran -O1s,,r, pn.
aMes of the entire ca... T he forced th intention- of 52751 a w ase XP O g ected to be sno on r mpoe o f Trausporles. wIa I la d Wch |.era rd m n the od qaate' In "C" league play,- .
ed W e-I 'Ditched ab L o ah .tenin lnicraldh9 nth d e I r re nodgrassran 22yards and Win-Sotts team scored .
,, WYJI. ll+hpl .ihe" t S.A.Baxter. S.A. and nO obai nation -r rp.enr

i reed cap acityame outRh4.. 0h03Th myw e. o -- .t game of the day. ad Richard Sco
ote ak in the game that I Rhodes, who hit .383 as a and room for abou .000 stand- or-sBaxter, bees. mad George Shba, In other "B"teague solay, Alex wS hesar
:. -t W t -r o play and Ing the re r se. pn, lit into 111th games. Dedy 1118. "uh'am oed toecondspeed ,lt shange

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a sbriec of the two ema Let flirel ight r it C SB h laot to bers" han. ngenthe 1Mnot ,oe pe a i

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i. af. e aotet e 187 i. -t ome, p a box near oftuo la anal Bone .
u.15 0wia 0o1 3 alo odt.o h.i.m rs.o.o t.2bd-s's- -- s ther -e -c-, the er .. ,a eb rt th n. -.

Nowc a sere d t 4 .r, th wi me AVi 2 ,o-' -Allh, .Horu n a, a '1 Po. e mitpi or to._ h .aa teC erd w t

thi ad vg- of r I-W -

Sa n SaBt Brown hlave tos the NA TATION the 4 ins J. W, Ow thu hundredd .dou- w or e of w
t h. st wthe A er o the Te it ipela 60 rDa ro fa tre ot to tne the m

Srwh. C d overtime and tk d tre amld tou the ..vr 8 4 openg of thihp Nteam tIU. einant. r v.
Hdeero peefarf. ThTh TEtmitallhanehan 1e 1r4o newlo xalwaimi

P eroerdto .n Redlands Jamboree and t week's work- tM and hstele Franker Hot lit g u n4 Ul Laht's chair wod cold gho thi ctomiry fought contest that Junlor la han
W.u ttIn t C a- we for hm Handoi 0c 0 8p 0 variety r e rdsw a .e o -- po *" t.
Sth and Crstobal fe an ch aiat wh the or 1 18 1 t d lnge

Skeping thr fner croed Hed only muter one s 12 Ia hntense coe- gh-a Mboa

.gt. 11, 8S o .* asutms- i Friday night at Balboa and' Mwere b Hgioir h e ap r hi j rcedhmgtorere from coach- hon Josph. spread of Rain- Pmith. Stan .
Woodbcuks. Joe f s B 8 3 nl t eon fter 11 yt bow City caivi C emceed b i 1Jury durtth. thea A
t T J.. th WM another help to Wood- I at Notre Dame, was never n brief open ut cemon In w hh the

Bes. W .3W OM |.chuc_ caus. Ro tihe Wa-eh 2d BCOTT f A COTT 4 er o f n- ---- .... he Pe.. _/m ent. Ro, er,, rbourneoof d .leo-li'"Uned
_gt raf la 3l .n sa t a 17d. 1to, 1 w1 y hoeMI ilm n abe a t b teR e- ac_, WeI ly o

to._ lg 10 ..g.a l Pa"ns...m T t.a..h 1 6 16 47 old telnsio hre rn AI s and-u.. d oltos o atk ore, ar
thll: I rt t. l 7r M fou.l d ePn Luck r ak 1976 e 7 45 a1 4?lha Note Doae rooterse tha e biao. the 1 overflow erowfns .w rithewll u Me te

S- | plve continuing to n ain Ro a 0 i 4 w the oul-ar anxe- The report on the even' forethe nd
neareddn" aAee. an P Mtheirst weae t Do Cte league nbyet iw m wIc 10 mth 48 g La h phyr caay pent actilitil. would -e inco test artal -
-- J fb o rthe ans ky e were t.wACe e kW n th fnal aore .w ". le y Bwad, veteran star of hut i -
%l 'I 11 1 IN. .oIe' Ms4 dit ul R eo57. 1ad 1a 1of 4l4hB PWE. u lne brsthl- e. smd Ad levelan d eCsnar" wt D J. ~ f i e
V .0. s001. WItrenthe Wuri ht. 1ainer a _e4m--l UThat u 'd i paL CToI _i_ .oons Knowl s

.g scr Tg er n i r werr n 1.. 1.. 50. 0a9pping bualaex man who hur- Melkle called a good. fair rame hu iub r i a ar d e AlleysI. 5 d found Lth elW e o tDe wril 9 170 1 4 to .iNg+ e r o ol h e e t u Aor. ayo tsm. -
HaIfoule neWato2 1 10 4 tr af i ter Twtorrin t tar pte r. -tb r p )q e.
sarmeif season.OMtgeetbW nt po s o IN. 8 t 1148 time W 45 enjby could take it eay. When together n c. Chick agal ..
- Ht r a. V ea Rk rn Marcella Thom,,a 9 8 4M 144 afored how he felt abtut the Polo Norte t he frrst onteft Ec noyh -- o,) I f .it

-- Welcome Home. They lust ot dtuation during the Inter m 1 and Barris against Dep. Butler WAHOOt d1d1
Sm caon in e POST on. Leh replied "I w n the nihtep Firt game be
O ls 'Ii ,trte fo arat 1 1 10 m retty aaky for 1 wh ie there. gi C at C:00 C l. earp. The c Portma, in
as. f aW dusGB oel!- si, 7 1 185 at oncte DI w that tems Ien com1mb nit ang fcr rom Colon "CAIRO ROAw r
S.TSmSe s aote r hl the prte t 1 1W oM dton, I calmed down In a hur- nvite to ty B ntet y Wl

'a. rt- I W.n bo ooRomM wuean *ar a' h s coau s em.n ofni nri W a .. drnfmon Wlr de aed and wIl be,-I n td i

m s ld s te e oo w& n- RO D s r SC N a s1e.o .r for the first, t rhe in r Lens e Rog n -m'f "pro
E lle* PnN Ler's *63a*n**d re- brtsa 175 142 131 416 Lauan thCeot n pooutot whe ed s- ClUer'ey o Pnt eeA0.

V iate novs. orh .-ef l ia-- fa Tehll y weroup". ufo r theT e ehar 22 156 16 11 "4 t wts th a o s unt fdars s Mai a nGole. Penn s a afMh Mt. L -'
lia AAT P C NOBR Tia.ES 8---: :helea gam st i seginsser1264164 16bythoed n ver, atrced te.I"dt follow ingol hea I

4.G un 6e We hIGBOO ohafrvaoa p n.6 816 ,04 w8 to- -e ak es I .damr d-. heo-. ItA a be e. "w at
w sive csnMt u.reng to rem in Iner on b lind fo*r ttatlalnl on 17 8 1 2 14r83, 47t0 at chef thm p jl i ons ue a t"th f cn wer sohow
firsttpl v eoInietheuleauerIzn-er eery game lanto seao wlthot ine otrferean
Ltoao Snta B-daa w S tad iangs th 3c1 wAforITA LEAGU l7h IM bi tr "An tna that mtks J mu. a h

q. R.e Tendseibovislme n- Ithiswas.wo a r, ,e U s fsa s3r was os- Fe anddisvl nat Tr'n q .. "
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Sst-nth re i .h dhetP iuit6h mi4dtAd1G i wh n -Ct rei u w n aw ter the w arS semaiing, brs-tes Sdlovaa. endC i ai"
thetra p Tigeh 2 s tofe a e tape fo r the Tr mitesP a awee ISOincr a tep s in whio huar-n ^ wepaicll ledtawgoodof ai ga ehi.auibh Is

an.~ajoA. d ent. K ,1 r dow tA- tnd dr ethe Wong. re1591e l 1stw 1 to2t4.-h de,' ,. ,, lU
6m11 12 12 36a nAtlaristobafefrtaheka nfrsheklf Tonight'spactivitntieshwill brinag.enntvdtry
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 Trintt 48h a n .i
4 ft M th sa FN w. f t f O S Inlws eao aftmer 11ye and a 1mes.hLeef hope we dave on thea ere Eary Mmtt hoeentl aa

a A ad M. aittat d 0 ps the stt dnd e aIe turn out for all of our senaltNa? J tah ndorfer In y th rnit f plea o r fr t tro t the O O t t
u I T* 1a. s. YeinwahanotWolerheo Lesoet fWo odhrsJ Lo. te 12 150or112en5 acton, i ctal mn in a hu n aremidnvture4 totr boern Sofandwldwer

2'-n 30" te- ey s ghan A1 5th 1 wh4h The iruaaa follows17 ,53 ylrIs h d keBreno rn Mi hi evr Metondal We dned4IAN3.
yaternati on.ale pats..rosf.rtht Bell- tlee1So114oo M ednr Five staff, gv rtri to D 's rugh F riday.,

120&-T % mh an1 44 180 238 60D1NIs
o*777r 1174 7n rns g&gaIa g&iemnrwho shtta te Ta- Is DL Na ve .8 I

Aemnoysvw. iaineoG CLUBy M ge ro r -o
Fives n .i nutodr. e i nii~o w-atoso fn-or B vs OGA4 W Nor om wT gARa iu e agfrnt iNetri e in 7e L r eo rth tepI t

To snlwt of all tis tphale I atte eason The Pod O52e* On of our newest plm. ace M Bad WaIateas. late
.fa *_* 4-Not Rod.n s o ..* a (6l1y6) menre1T5y 8l52 1 47 457 game.oea- w t a aU
-i-afi.----i-i-- NOTESi ,,- S-Buikeym e tob ynk. latlG m slre f k-o1 170 9 taken each Indy wi lle n cIdy ol d EAhah

SCs tanker v lutefled 6-Pather o be .n out sr the tour ent- to co1m. 4or he13 T9e awar..n. orp tomgoe, Pei ISts h, &a NaoEu F .
wiginiaUnione.N rth -Theriete. 7th toe4tere3toelo W L Rt WINwasRS olf btt o wsta p_ ented to prienwtpforow the toura.-I paf l n tg fol
nsnl vs G eoge Wantt retire C aa A--8nn s held at the Golf 6c.b la1st W t ae m aes f el aA-e nS

2 1 t. once tSau a y 1e aas ab a_ At er the !e w e ,o rrtakeh w be ents a- t i. _i tqoa ih

sh as wa an. rfdeen. Im ow W o Brdo Pogtkov r o r T ex F airway e tfo mak ingr ,".he-.
S-. b I e hlh wllbeed th ardau and i wll have to a ..... n-..

Fo the i. stat
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'- S al'.

- c- .- -l Tim: I.N- 0$o2, a8:30l -a Thm Wna a- We have panto hae I I RAND
C "ll .. W mt wl bea -Tour a Om an of i O AND...
_AMb f ierm Vy 1'71- 4 183-5 nament with half ha1a Ia ath Ws su l a
La _flI f av H n 1. lowed. Mine thole only i bebeto have aoe ma wi each
g Ib ? ,! -. be m-. vI MftW 179-1e = = A, Pbri1 be g i K ,ve s o? -- I-. 'A
No-w +n 171--v O. Ik 175- or low .. ... low t._ AM IS.. tot" an_ l I'mn -
IS- ,i .R o--a pus .... i -%17 -i be m f C
S g-_____ ____I


W. Pool.
.+: ... '^ -- ,+.. .:.- ,., ,+. !i*-
+ :.- .% ..,=5p ....* I ;3
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to ad walked sx m ^lwasreal toughln the^ ^ B ^S^ ^ r' ff '^ ^WiJS S^ i^ :~'^^
mmat iLeague JmIt amRh a Yor katt;n4 "
toda th te pd -0 lead ove r., Winera.nee d too tr o Dle A. oi---: .14-;
with ampin ChsnleveadIndte ia h innng-theer o tte sn

ning pIther J h n Aa.l .- Wa., .. d, ny rpfl
Iants r rpa that k troloas Amh er E th
t mm te Jim "Dusty" Rhodesl w na wastherladn.. 4..e11-_
c the second succssive day. Rhodes can*" :w. "

m with a p inch s ngle in the fifth inning tos Deta id the ntr otet d

Wil. 0 wlat conhult w te aea- race astd t

Spch l. ........ 0.15 powers o INNIN placement o ASA ^-1" hr. n t eM *^
atea lo raad mant wae ich out r rea ets.ou ftf aPkmb e
a h ovmer the right fiune de to n 0tre i that to Uited ac so win h
v Yorke s Insurance margin.t l=turetain o" o mingio
th aide toiany e ln d,

t failed- rget enough run d porceddt atd ense org an at on
aili s o sed 13 base runners, hoe no erro o 1 He flatly rJe a o Frelm
Fcrops ht q~trol over Amner-

JMn lel h IPou Mpie. SECOND 1INNING ^ W^ S cS^r nh a ma
m.iBob ronedni aka Ltanneeonmlns imH n e faor th onrtiun oen to bc
tgmL e losers' only run, o owas the c an a re d ttheees ovrand o
i h In o:ler nt left t ohafield',o ,kAntonel mhDui s nldther Uigt ed Amt
rn ol e sh e a r ro r m will consult with the fitrested
tch. .ot .ef arpow erpnlt a cement of a-
lpite clo"Ady and misty weather, 'Mich cji merl=n offshorePocWMn

Ost a a lantgo under ale9 nntdot the a'ngaurtgemncorent4 Ba phe itN A But m ae m
none left ~~~tohat 'sth e fia eat wsioVthe art ItrPu edS h~a

WPT I Stric land popDed obt to fitOby a nlped op d an mte o a
o n sone run, two rie, n.roen. r o-n. ...t. .i.Pie rre e d tes o ne t Br l
^f iffwth three -left. F ance to hoenlargte pm. We.ta e t ou r s l g
on- w l e the norfiant e:or n d Dr kma victory he w on es ter d n th co 4ay
In.rBob. rounded i ntarkecondoutNo ai four om s ofi Bri-'tie" h

nd. by was Muelerorolled'out, to sec le ft .e sinthec iento a
a W W ally: ; none oft' .-'- line. Pitcher Early W ynn eacri ;, zation 5

.. .. ..f riced to third. Smith struck n out. .B r :.n A --,Dl- i _IAmer-
i Avila fouled out to third. u leato s

flea. Antonelli akld riht.Nocaromremai
B : ; IIN o ru ns, eo hit, no errors, one MiIthelco ftmerat hel dai e .h t

^^*^ L *--- --- U --- J ORTH INNN wa to th irud, Avna wa Ropes d thse- mothsoi torisI dert lipagtbe actie nthe Eut h ^ --- ^*i--
-on9.o-e rer, .- I:h I -e rangten patis hiwork y deo u "-""aten se ," "
nd r I a t ft IIGiants: Willie Mays flied out o ,.I,"t Westtheucrronaowh ere Bi aboot h newaNA *A cr40, A

|7lilj~-----center.W Wyn stE^ ruck ou.Sihlake. bnouncedl buosored Noent-usriesn pof sand Isolaytionit t lefor ranery whic P has inlae ago ^^^^^
walked. Avils smashed a hard, th rum ght fielod. T msoand s oo annquneent ofEuo f tohalne irttat Brtish dvs ons ser a- asB g^H wRs-
~lE N T "A L RMP l mig'ti d Wto ri ght. Hank Thompson bflieda o n the .at er Wo s Fen c A neran s te gtftur. lope an f Fren rD omte mI 1 ,.'a.a.

to left. Mont eo Irv oi n a a grou wtned ot dea left to pceher. B nu be ofat- a ct n b Fdeon, e ala n e h. I pRed ta said.
o 't I No runs one hit, no errors,T hit-n ros ,aom o w#1 e aton- erman t2 'A M
S non e r r one left e o la ef e ra w as- the first."e r.Paul er m- .Sma eigt d)." -.... .
,"{ .... .......... 0.60'- 0.30 IfimiiI. .late bffM hndes-r eehas. n
..-. to bargain shatrply for a West- IU teewsa s~mn

ona flied tri es rion No runde dot Unted n tated in d as den maany days mairelasnsaeFn cm h said.
itos. hort. Wertz -si t cee r pae sourceto sack ad th..ea dfene at Iton meetp ingn do twepledg *.
X e DD D -lIllWestlae walked. Strla ck a1nd Fr. e ., .It ouacked at nsDrthe .ea isd otheere aone -powerth an
N forced Westlake-at -.econd. No if t.... h, .osw~em ; :-

LI W~tR 5 llE-RLEASEup Vi Espaia tothe erry ndian: Dav PhmG, p6nhfroM his- igst ftirwo(S!a Inewas agreement OA- ^^
S. 'I iSeruns, one hit; no errors, aw left. t mI deg or en Bd Sd.^ t'.rsa .t -. .
out. WesWestrum flied out to R _ilvq, n .. .z_ i-ld ,

o,.ooYo..-a ...,94 .W .'~ nonlPs
left.l eland:skied to right.DNo bomIO ,.

uns, no h ots, no errors, none Duttit Roes ona h o mreric-an ond one trof itert on e ad d -,M
oeheMays, ound "vlscw Bn Xing alotba n g ibed h ms trefhst Ic ou.. .. de se
FOURTH NNNwayeeto-rd and odres to s e-n ,. to pricpate h ,.ichst..i....h set eD.a-
.ondan the relay to the plat. te.d1he- Un itd Sa ts anded rone D efo n se em Cmpuny."

i "^hI Ih i I Indian :Hemeined oub to W Ulams str uek dout to We-ou hNoe anoturesof i and igbo ottn b l ter-a-. l .-'. .

gggggg H etwnpn rumns hu nroudedrorst two lefnd promised to G ommfi withr Th cwerise In bsised O L
Smitnhwalk od.n fohrl c overd I B nrijhthdoatheoti- rlFtra somn igthas on th
I m ,[W .iwm ,center. Wynn struck out. e -it h t ofnel n od Wll m s e nnt o c .oe t. o .a l.anc e e o '"It vchtory -, tt .
.Iiwalked, Avila smahed a hard rum a t secondther. a rr- r h! nd .e n stren that Briti h divisFons serve a-a wak Iwa-,A
,,. iIdrive that was knocked down bye Lgon t dhe Aomercoan lr.eph. fighter onside French troops on ti. lyg iven^. Vnw -, ^

^ H[J nThraon i wthho. nt hrow towi l a n b rn iead out, ir to pitche- pra ets cble oaftlu-ingba yo coni et ti ntto balance the paol do...s-aw.
I 3M S ON Ann W A Thomp rson whn the w tse con d gou, n dedousm t _n" tpd a re ir w ned m r .- le olpenaa
"- |v-- i.EalapoTOEto get Smith. No runs, no hitsnt wo runs, two hits, no errors h t o m omoHes bfos e itnte aon of G-ersmany.n- secon -o-eM
ano n h o e wl errors, onneft o left. seoon Din esBri t Pe a rnfc e rmanh re Ps armament Af
G iants: Lockman struck out .. ......ei 'este wihutasli omi t dtat

Darke bounded of toi s-ho rt.atu-c I N second edramaue dmove e aby the hfrom Briftain waeO-ngdte.States..fto.-nelthat then- h
filedd to n ght. No ru s, no a e will E 'i Aed S to a tes ias nmaany das m ine ueeoas the Fre -h C l. o ll he sti...-ll.
SVhits, no errors t none left y India ns: triekl d e t.. PupoIt ac thenthepowlwdso
..I FTH.Io N NI. VBegand in edfor Srigh lWn n, o -trful" now look" America n de- French Ambassador Rener a sa

th SrePrrHiNN iNG il o Heran stnud tourt. Hann dou- s.i h ............ ..emiitr ad epnen at
A*nl-di n agaiost the left field wll.proegd'e. L lhEnrofaorbbom.;DnC- e n mMaoegle wept as, Eende li vered.... .. ... .
Indians: on skiedr t o lef Smitho e t t N ns-NA.U h. A lie.. .. too- the m B tishr in t e mu l

will give a de.tsostriatio of' diansS1.^ 6 Loka fue 0tt ncutre o pe t ea s M pESh%
ir3^ campig aes. T Bnts Dred o s *his sman rear maen.ooa O randast detan.-
1 Rosen singled p rght. Wertzrune ,onMr rono errors, one left.o U.S. A F. uartn erseorm--
IL, ..|,. EEA'Ikliad to left. Westlake struck out. Glantz:D~ark -singled to right{,, mon~ mef u- 1 'i
iNorum, one hit, no errors, on Dark nm o hdto second on awl;,ee nno ---m-ncedp w herul t. Cl nm i

lilben. ared Bypfitch Melerliedouttocaeil ari e-nBrtrainaowncto re- 6u .
Giants: Mays walked. Themp fouled out to the catcher la.Note. t raihte -win Tun.--"- _.

..he.Canale ton ri v belal o nsed htthet re uich
S o lo e or h tMaysoin runs, one hit, no errors, oneleft.'e o the coae h fighterschow aa r to
It r"I on hrthiu s Dalty enodes pincmhhtl l, lr

fogrien b sand r of te tdeanTsoza lls leM. AvINNING o et, yher.modbelforehte utcan cr n-I'Nw
LeaguersIno s ceol onter t o score u. o ae e Eryk opean deviense and aby
ii4% f e g Cleveland: Avila w md. reeby mboW .ei
i iounte d out to first. R, hit Men'nee-tfan e won one ofddallD. 'I I
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