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Oct. 7, 1925-
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On Saturday published as: Weekend American, Dec. 10, 1966-May 5, 1973.

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Cr. 29
SEP. 29




FtI fl

An hoar long bidding ba'le marine superintendent Ado
amnu to. w Y ork =nll Von ZedlUtz; but he took no pi
ho o ii liWers l the bidding.
\. nd ..,. a, t Attorey Varian. who bou,
.ISA-3-A the ship, is also attorney of r
t' I0 incom wth van acien, amir
Us. Dastriat Court sn. and Do Castro ofPan
..the. lbeint lM
In the a uc --tioni. (Hal
,totosa OIn-Orientai- sen o/Y). ubellate chaulr
ug -,,e -d a t op resiem- that owners had failed to fu
bpled ,stakeha '-ok--xi a er paty agreement
VMS 'y th .'Aru a is
s prnciapme i sent t
The successful bidder put a gedtIn New York.
sudden end to tireome r AttorneyStobride is att
of' so and o 51000b suddenly ney of record with local attc
of ferin four-hundred grand for ney William J. Sherldan.Jr., 1
theS4-foo *t. 7l ton Sab- the intervening claimant,
rinaar h lwe Swedish frm CrelLit UtI
Offered c"On Sai l Pff. a r o
8A., which alleged that 2
.. owners stI owi
n two preferred mou
Sabr alu eiwa

-' 4 5MILB AMPUTEE MARBIED Clarence Mosely, SS-year-
"1 old QuMairqle amputee of the Korean War and hi. bride, the
f. Iormer Ruth aw, leave the church after their wedding in
ed Hawthorne, NJ.


ade Season
a, a -.- ILA N a


'Guns For Germans'

Barely Endorsed

By UK Labor Party

Sept. 28 (UP) The British La-
bor Party conference bare en-
dorsed a German "contribution"
to Western defense by a cloae
shave vote of 3470,000 to ,3,,-
000 today.
The 1269 delegates who cast
the votes of 6,093823 party
members also rejected ag olu-
ton opposing German a-
ment by 3,281000 to 2,1l.p
It was a victory but &tie
one for party chief C int
Attlee who was prim Ins-
ter of Britain when Cold
War broke out and may take
over Britain's Cold War course
once again.
It was a defeat but a narrow
one for Aneurin Bevan, unruly
leader of the party's left-wing
faction who had cut himself
loose from the party leaders. He
said the Americana were lead-
ing all uBrItLn by the nose on
rearming erma"yM and draw-
ing up a Southeas As defense
The Doited States, 1ritain,
France and Germany set a se-
parate "B 1o4ir" meeting ~lth
GermaNy or this afternoon to
/lun t u m ,.tnet nf fOlhMfa"

Attlee opened his Labor P&ty's
great debate on German re-
armament with a warning that
a disarmed Germany would dis-
play Western "weakne" before
Soviet Russla's threat.
The man who is Britain's for-
mer pr me minister and may be
her next pleaded with the del-
e g a t e a not to be swayedd by
emotion" when they took the
vote that may set Brditain's fu-
ture course In WesterSefense.
He leaned over tO emphasize
that while endorsing a rearmed
Germany "one of the overrul-
ing considerations in how to
prevent the re-emergence of a
military Germany that may a-
gain throw the whole world in-
to war," .4
The labotes are In the
mineerltm to Sir Warten Chur-
hil's Conasemtl t pub-
li opinion a toI o t they
would win the next e noe If
It wer held tomorrow.
Attlee said yterday that
Chiang Kal-shek and hi fol-
lowrs should bs b etired away
to sane plaee to end-their
lives ina pease" and that A
Chinm hould be ad4tte t4.e
th. Soathat Axia ruty Or-


Tosses Obstacle

Into Parley qn

German Armame

* ..
,, r
a~ V


-0- -0
-0- -- ;
LONDON, Sept. 28 (UP) France tossed t net
obstacle today in the way of restoring German sovereignty
and rearmament. .
French Premier Pierre Mendes-France reized the in".
tiative at the opening session of the nine-n"tin confer *
ence which seeks to unify West Europeail defenses by
presenting a packagee plan" that would link both the
exlsive Soar issue an# strict control on afmaments to a
finaf German settlement.
The coal-rich, 900-square-mile Soar aree has been
a chief hu of contention between Qermany and Franol
since the of World War II. Controlled by Germony bew
fore the wor, it now is controlled economically by France,
which also dictates ift foreign policy.
West Germany has accused France of trying to take
over the qrea completely and has demanded that, at ths.
least, it be internationaized.
Mendeta-rance did slot tllwman dashed forward
the conference seeking a sb at n r
stltte:ft the Drenchailed Ell- t &arA NorE A
eAftsln haer -aso. I
ropean. D." d unity Ida M-ansegd'.eathe rSM *

C ap!- a n both 5-. m drra o- e g, m f*bleem,,a r ai. d oun he the

the Pric .Other .ty a0 4ar5iy toni, hor If ,mement. Dllul ho

"t ies@ ,..oal a on wi.h Ch init, too n, oul have given to ,h
I ate r t e ore *a Mn D ia aod oie di

IM at "hem% "IS OTCa C Pt Corp.. f Ieda iiold e rtie wa to Pm Tne ni r teowar malhl- Duel? aaurr I eda h od s
V4_ yA oanA Ba 10rn nd the Ale return a fule trampled hat In h s hand, I
}Wbag 28 n* Aponsor: Miss N na Brown cut so? fmer Labof orm minia. ofm 5o a "very Lood start' wr photbk rapher and strew
IIe *rmt.. 8 *a w t an pon or-a Adnor erpleded that O erma-e purpose ty nto Lan-t Y.
s me r ewto bal Bt a e o sy o fi a pTon twth C al n o t e h u wo un o h e given to the ous .o r rd soc
e a oct. 7 at eISd A w belmeve the right thropean De se Dutch ama Drk
7 Ccfh i. ,d h be ry to understand n CommuLni ty and would accept ker accompanied Dutold Mn
ine F. a nde are C.ULUlC.hiso .. ode n a mee iate adherents armat en minister th mt joh n em
i' P. 15t Lt. Leroy. n a Cri- AUUTA, Me. (P) -- ) b wbor ar u Att erl y s id it w s nyboy'e dUnoIcrimlnate a a, t her. I, Fnto the man db ro m hi

I r]a bHshu I be rhetr I "ed 0wch t oul som Th e crcilei rmanow r c y, 0h asA lo ure res r. hi
IK"er fth S esesa tricTa umn Bats as"f g or seo to en t l nptoeace.end"sferaelTheo NeulepSrlS egnt Frdelaceestela o uu

rMInorp of-, r aS S? Sv- Slbo Rth efom e Labor prime mini- off to a "very good tartin toward bar elkdngi a ne
15 m lnes. lto pe i chool or thhe ROTr of b Th it rg*ta borae rr d a trer ta wit th swpi t ra ntd oean ari lo eArfeser 1oan
I aOer I od Germ anma don Cled oo e aee tlrhat dn

ma sse wrene4SD ret m or a tt t tV tto a- e .Caerent een chtnaa At em leaa t faciu re mean ,s
Onsorwer helJn ther I Cris- f rcer K l-sheObei nidonwth u epralte Esi t aane frd to aq
I Mw oTh oew er f return Y ou haer s rgi gn t .
Sllbe IC a e p otberat ab t a he It er AI f sr h t thoritO btie e rh r ECeaA

eIIt Btr oe rT 0 als ed tha e inpo gs fmma A rdi all A r siondmd res o "i
eu m anyd w it the Wen t

C a i t asenee re a t et C ttf nto oth Foa reUn wl sl y a ry fei t c ould ma sPoo Tpe in
tiyW on t iyPatricia Kienat W on Ag _' ybW OP0" about

I, aB ,oloi..', as %4 a.the .0 Of .of st a. al ep tetoheIo.rn -Wss, Cur' tertr a C so theadd
trip **ad 13 minutes te o itu i cerl O ter; b othr y Aat % =v swf a gr r .ed onsarkas ar d eesme th e
pIi the MWeadedmber Capt.oWu ia e ~ mis Jae s r r uth a4 f ou e to e wIt metdu-r e ia n er o in eu rop. Gen

oIe J P jfof t o f M lpe d i- It o b a o i a "eir e y i e Mo ste t of the m niser s arrve a O enther, frnoa
Set e c ember canla n*e rs.Rn wand Ttict fo tffeIda ,ho'e l bfoheS odaedt by a in te o Ag Gtis man pih te t.
100 to e mom- bein ard sevent yea Ri oprr socialo demca GenrIa reign b b ha ve

e S hs or y -.h s.r gm an' erCapy I tof tte .lngd wUM M e t tT
Fowcn v O thn e e a. Pti ia tt Cs h relae N"ll U and "e .d e 3-- Rm -t a a hel e e
Whr An t he o Erw s Is arle d b =C. Wilo wh J.o r Alater Msi Joa the ro uri n as sa t- th e fres t sessla on wert ate a ofi tan
7 Tactics forte hI to*d. I a tray theh Hmiister- Leser Pear saigd

Pope t Ta f h ,c Y Lt gr x man s pir w ith aft erard. toicn b G bomb.
taosfserredZthe Schtes. r ecet- and Min the bIf il n" '"Me start, Cndie n aoi rs B t
in recent h oma sdre t bl he rBlaancd .., nipoot a t Tae fe te of the Aut7 H e d hi ludrcn
Z;,o whe3Netllcrlands, aBelai and ar eissn

taW u Z a a 11 tn Ctr thoun rta on thi

IlIAto 5salgn the^^^ S ^^ % ^^^.a%^
"rThe orereg dWatsGermn
Thotimas an d 12ake em anfi dlv abtedd t i pledse

WOB e 1 L -t. e. Ant e at Cris- AUGUiSTA Int- al joint Itr(7en Aas sipaalo alon a t Germa dy, 0
CIO abed M E School m laureate o t --Amy gum" whetherRedCh a wl Idlesiged t d id.
orrded gut" Ad msih aor Gra rLa

Drna.Ds 1dtoThe ference openemth
Anu11ta m te h A nufLda nd t hat nate is t2e Ue op=fro through out Jh n Fosterea rmed l. a n tsot e aol
tons Into thin Jainc o wd

PUP o loutON s mvisit d th

mayo d rt

p l-lS

*^ A fr, .- *---..^ ^ f-
*-.'. c^bu ^ arm,"

-a ..-i

a it ,-
t sn a 1.6 oa
1="r SLW
I Aei i~fi M ot 1as
gjttg^~t -As-

I nv-it
me J..



A A'Hnw A'? 9



S. --




& > f U L-b M
JFW v-t CAL-.&- ra

Or H IBi *

~w, -~Frar~.~paa~n~ms~*"~- .~~i~ni,%mn~i~gF~*~$qgill~PP~

:II-. 1

fJan.'H W wWw^U^t.//L

f t, -


V~~fl f
--?*: di


,ps a i NhaikI-g U A P.. -I. -
T9 mncc K **ats P.Ma.a. o*r
S," neui u PA*NeMS NO ;-O74FO tS Linea
-.* C, a ei, AoneS. PAMAMMCA. 'NAMA
* OM ; t5^ Ca'klh AVIN= W e-TwtAS tth ANO t 4 tINTC
*iIi *mOa kMMsaTyiOvis. sOaUA owanI. INc.
40 MASI I AV NW VlEm iar'.N wV.
mWo. U m evA Ns .so1 *2.c
U r II ..*. .. '.V 40




s4- The Mil sea is a pes erson ee du s oe T. P ins AS
*. Lonenar se sNefrod g sodhell orlbad"d is e who. ,t
N ye. ea a ea Itema det be n apitse 4doen'* ** e'*e
L~ we f PO IN as maw Meoto
flsrne tos o dkee o iWebsOI 0Wlle1d0to*10 P6.00
Watmy of War tte ri Thik eape essms oe 6esNpmu0ibli l 1 te0at04s so p"WM
IMI in lIo*n ffw 0r-,

Doubtful Alice ("Mail Box," Wed., Sept. 22):
*RegpdlRg the Bake Sale to be held at Coco' Soo odi Oct. 1,
this i not just talk circulating Ino" g the Atlantle Siders
but an event that persons here have eagerly anticipated for one
aThe fact that everything is baked by men is not outstanding
~a gourmanl.or a true lover of fine food. Robert Burton, the
mnglish philosopher and writer said, "Cookery is become an art,
a noble science; cooks are gentlemen." Among those that have
been successful In this endeavor we can mention Oscar of the
No comment as to your husband being an average male, but
in our organization (Branch 59. Fleet Reserve Association) we
have an excellent cross-section of that group of enlisted or
former enlisted men who are making a career of the U.S. Navy.
They haven't the on-the-job training that you've acquired nor
.. an they muster a collection of recipes from the All Hands maga-
*.. --. Nevertheless, Doubtful Alice, I invite you to view a spread of
"'th ir gastronomical creations on Oct. 1, at the Navy Exchange
building. Coco Solo, at 9030. You won't see better especially
down here.
STo answer your oueptions:
1. Last year's sale was most certainly a huge success, finan-
cially, in Branch participation, and in customer satisfac-
2. All the delicacies were sold in an hour and a half to
patrons who were predominately, female.
3. No customer was carried of in the ambulance which stood
... by for those who might get trampled in the opening door
rush or for those who might overeat.
Hope to see you there Friday, Doubtful Alice.
Gordon E. Jqnes, AEC USN
President. Branch 59
Fleet Reserve Association.

The Pan Canal's personnel department continues to astound,
confuse, and enrage me! How can any group of college men be
so thoroughly and consistently inept? -
After getting reinforcements of high-salaried public rela-
tions, employee and labor relations, and employee training officers,
their bonertI bigger, It not funnier. ,; .
Beldom hie the employes been wrgr aq more conlfuwsd
than about't l so-called free transportation. The blame fbr the
confusion, ruthors and, misinformation must rest with those who
profess to know public and employee relations.
Why, for Instance, should the employes be bombarded twice
with the same questionnaire the second differing from the
first only in its transparent effort at casualness with its banal

any foaway aicua sstum 5IeUW 'q W *** **- -"
kortaionf i I
The object of the law is to reduce the high rate of turnover
being Induced by the policies of Inept men. It was devised to cut
down the expense of shipping terminated employes and their be-
longings back home, then paying inept men to interview, employ,
process, cogui transfer, train and utilize their replacements.
There % ra t being given aay her: the mployes have
earned the tr tion they will get ju4| o %ny one of them
would it t e quitting at the end of tw|el'rs service. The
savings UAcle will arise from not having to ship household
goods of quitting employes and of new employee replacements.
And above all, in keeping the hard earned know-how of the re-
. turning employee.


SItalian river
SRiveor ein
nA, Texas -
12Drink made
with malt
18 Storehouse-
14 Stray
1U Meadow
1 Pardon
17 Prority
IS Consume
20 Noti
22 Cubic 'ters
24 Enam
9are er
,26--.ur 3ver
in France
$8 Indonesian
o' f Mindanao
.2 Lateral part
S31 Part of "be"
32 Pronoun
V Exchange
1 Australiat

. 41 Natural

MU 5 ic~ti-TIptiumum

LCtL IffffiSrbal'1

1 River valleys
2 Oleic acid salt
3 Tidier
4 Coat with tin-
lead alloy
5 Follower
6 Persian town
7 Roof finial
8 Networks
9 Prostrate
10 Printing
II Attire
19 Obliterations
21 Valuable
23 Sorrowful
24 River in Italy
27 Distribute

30 Exists 41 English river
31 Three-toed 42 Approaches
slothi.". 44 Noblemen
34 Elon iad fish 45 Flood -- of
35 Fa&OiRriver a rjver
of turqe 50 Scottish
36 Igdores sheepfoeld
37 Preposife 51Unclose
39 Church (poet:)
festival 52 Air (comb.
40 Spirit form)

Labor News



LOS ANGELES A ,private
transcontinental telephone c a-I 1
from Undersecretary of State Wal-
ter Bedell Smith to AFL President
George Meany was the tip-off here
to informed Insider- that the
United States is preparing for a
showdown with French Premier
Pierre, Jtendes-France and his
global partner, the SovietUnion.
Secretary Smith called to tell
Mr. Meany that NATO chief Gen.
Alfred Gruenther could not fly
here to address the AFL's 73rd an-
nual convention.
As the report spread through the
convention that the general would
not come, rumors cropped up
swiftly. For a while some AFL
leaders believed that the growing
coolness between the administra.
tion and the 10 500,0O-membeel
AFL had provoked President Ei-
senhower into cancelling General
Gruether's appearance.

That's false. General Gruenther
and the State Department tried
desperately to fit the flight and
speech into his schedule, but
couldn't because Pentagon and
State Department officials have
been in almost round-the-clock
conferences. They-have been de-
veloping a politico-military pc/.cy
for a showdown witt. M e n d e z-
France. General Gruenther, who
of course knows the disposition of
our intricate maze of bases, oil
pipelines, military supply depot,
and the distribution of manpower
and aircraft in France, was there-
fore indispensable.
Despite the differences between
the AFL and the Eisenhower ad-
ministration on domestic policy.
there are considerable agreement
and cooperation between the two
on foreign policy. Much of the
work of the AFL's International
Committee is dovetailed, some-
times daily, with White House,
Pentagon and State Department
activities from Paris o Tokyo.
The showdown with the French
Premier has the complete backing
of the AFL.
In Mr. Meany's keynote here,
the AFL chief put it bluntly when
he said:
... I might suggest that some
of our diplomats ask Mr. Mendes.
France which side he is on,
whether he is with the United
States or whether he is with the
In fact, it was the AFL's Inter-
national Committee which, in the
summer of 1953; first warned that
a French politiolan by the name
Mendes-France was secretly meet-
ing and making deals with the So-
viet ambassador to France, M.
Mr. Meany, along with AFL vice

1 great ,en@bitageolbnt over the
, years-and, of course, the funds
with which to operate across the
- world.
At the moment, the AFL is con-
sidering the dispatch of one of its
Asiatic experts to Indonesia to bol-
ster the anti-Comimunist m o v e-
ment there. It's' in bad way. The
stakes are enormous namely the
lives of 100 million people and a
strategic mass of Islands from
which the Communists could do-
minate Australia and *New Zea-
It was not accidental, therefore,
that General Soek ato, chief of In-
donesia's security forces, was here
the ear part of he week, consul-
tingwith AFL officials,
Another project which the AFL'%,
International Committee is pre-
paring is a detailed plan to slash
the flow of all materiel from:the
free world to Rusia and China.
This would mean urging our gov-
ernment to insist that our allies
etnd all trade with the barbed-
wire barbarian economy which
uses actual concentration camp
in return for Western commodi-
The AFL's specialists would have
our government then compensate
the free lands for whatever-finan-
ciallosses they suffer a result
of refusing to do business with the
Soviet. This could be done, the
AFL people say, by backing in-
stalment buying and consumer
credit in Asia with a billion dollars
credit annually for 10 years and
by subsidizing foreign companies
wch would care lower prices to
increase sales inthe free world.
There is much mote to the plan,
which would be expensivee but
not as expense as, o final
conflict in which the Soviets would
hurl back at us tse weapons the
tree world helped them build.

Ridgway Dedates

New WAC Clir
IFT. MCCLELLAN, Ala., Sept. 28
(UP) Oen. Matthew B. fdg-
way, chief of staff, dedicated the
new Women's Armny corps enMter
here today as the training base
for an "Indspensable" part of
the service.
"In time, the center will oc-
cupy the place in the ldstory a
the Women's Army Corps tt
Ft. Benning does for the Infan-
try. Ft. Bill for the artillery and
It. KFox for the armor," Rtig-
way said.
"Women hpve proved that
they can perform capably and
effiiently many of the tak thA
had formerly been consdere
exclusively within the p otin
ol the male soldier. Thut, tile
Wacs nave pWoven th msvs
Indispensable ia backng vapil
upporting hUftg men.
Wt.dgway noft tW WA VAC
was organized in 1 Its mIm-
bers were aasibthd only J. M "
clsses of dy ibu- now ur.
algned to of the $ 3
tear flllds=.
"This new center will serve as
the heard of the Women's Army
I Corp nd will enable the Wac
St er perform its present
mism better to prepare It-
future- -&.rulremtnts,"

W, ..Y Down Et
..y Down East
9." L-n-

Atlantic Air Freight

By Peter Edson
..,... e

Walter Winchel e

N- New York '-

Menue of a Girl rMiay
Dear W: Grace Key anrid
Ole C re not btrthed a
most reports misled. Ole.
told me "It is a courtship." He
hasn't yet asked her father for her
hand He is unhappy over items
that he wants to marry hpr "fo
her wealth" and because she is a
plovie star. "I have a prosperous
business," he said, "aqd as for
waning to marry a star, I met
and ie n love with Grace before
she da coup of hits" ... .His
ex-we- ene -ny. is lots bet-
ter. "'I be all right," e told
chums on the phoe after the
news broke about her series of
hearts !. ... Ava is the one
really working Intimates ... Poor
Vera Mohnr, tne young Beril ac-
tress Znucktried to geta .visa
in '50. Taken to a hospital rav-
ing: "I am so beautifull I am so
What the newspapers didn't hear
about Detective, Mchane's bad
break: They ad he lost $2 a
year salary being demoted from
1nd to 3ra Grade. He was about
to be promoted to lst Grade--
meaning an extra $500 ... What
happened to actress Pat Crowley
who got that big build-up from
Paramount a while back? I hear
she's getting the Chill ... Tal-
lulah gets 15 p.c. of the "Dear
Charles" box-office plus 25 p.c. of
the company's profits. The top
figure for any star on Equity's
roster ... The Russela Nypes al-
most won the $1,000 Billingsley of-
fers to the first baby born in the
Stork Club.

The "Pal Joey" script for Lon-
don had to be edited. Name of
colyumist Walter Lippmann was
changed to yours. Management
said: "They do not know Lipp-
ran over here." (Hmm. Fancy
You!) .That Cuban oil news
you had is standing up. Cable
from Havana to locals says:
"Schevarria Number Two well
flowing about .15 barrels at 4 a.
m. Start drilling well No. 3 next
week" ... Inxadently, Raymond
Duser (mentioned in the Canadia
oil scandal) was once Mayor of
Paterson, N.J., and 1950 Man of
the Year in Passaie County.

TrIb' Hwuod man said Edw.
Dartrrfc won the Academy Award
tor "BteratI" ..FiQ Znne-
ma! won ,t. Dmytrk, may.get it
wlt1 "Cinia" .-._.ue Justice
warren's dhtr Nine and Hugh
O'Brien have rezoowed.

If locals can't get premiere seats
for "Star Is Born" Oct. llth at the
Paramount-the Lila Motley Can-
cer League has choice tickets. Or-
ders cheerfully rec'd at my desk-
plus donations, of course. .CoL
S9 Rosenblatt, who got shot mays.
triously had his swank. Soth.-
mpt home blown away h the
hurricane..MGM and CBSu go
to court over the teevee rights to
"Show Boat" ... Walter hrnton
is suing model Pat Donlan for 25G
breach of contract: Claims he dis-
covered her and she left without
notice. .... Ava is blamed for havy
ing a United Artists p. a. fired.
Because Gina "got more space*
.. .Henry t will bs a
new tome on Tune an Alley with
this corking title: "Vamp Till

ITheo ew Versailles revusical is
packed with elightfu entertain-
ment. The Verailles is always a
safe bet when you want to enjoy
a feast and some fun. ...Vaughn,
Monroe opens as. single at the
Statler Oct. 8th ... Teeree pro-
dLer iLebman and his star Petty
Hu n are laring and starting.
Insiders fear there may be a twin-
homicide. .Mrs. Horton Foote
(her husband auth'd the forthcom-
Ing "Traveling Lady") inherits a
major share of her mother's 4-mil-
lUon estate. .The Baron and
Baroness HoynIngen-Huene (Nan.
cy Oakes) will be 3 in the Spring
.... A N. Y. doctor (initials RSM)
flew to Spain yesterday hurry call
from Franco.

Feelings ran hig h at Ebbets
Field the day the Giants clinched
the penn Conie,- Deismond,
Bkly b'ester and a &,, I photog
reportedly taded let ...
How can they let a t, ted and
beautiful girt like Pbyl I H Nstay
IIdl 'Put n, the nb, ar.m ih

WASHINGTON (NEA)-Some American and Trans World a.r- tageous for several reasons. In- so ethingwil eve
unfortunate White House assistant lines. It's the favorite pitch in the a ance is lower because less Add eyebrow lifters: J o 0s Cochran and model Vickl- an
this summer got the staggering airline business to make Pan-Am ianuaig s anvolveu anu conse- Ferrer (Rosie Clooney's baby- had that glazed look at tee ah oy-
chore of boiling down 8594 pages the whipping boy for all troubles quenty tuere is less chance ot doll) has an article in a movie Plaza Lounge.
of information into the one-page and to denounce its "powerful damage. -Aecause or the speed 0o mag titled: "Boredom Begins At -
summary which President Eisen- lobby." But Pan-Am and TWA in aueu ury a menas less me'cnana- Home" ... Blue Angel comic star
shower insists on getting. I this case have made a straight-. ie m ihe pipeune anu less InveT- Jimmie Komack. and Ballerina Diagnet as a full4,gth movie
That was the size of nthe record forward, understand able arlumentI ory generally for a firm Joan Raymond are at the Meet- didn't et me at all. (Pull-Dee-
which the Civil Aeronautics Board against the Seaboard application. Th peed of flying also permits the-Folks stage Johnnle Ray Dull.Du ) .Oops, We, have
turned overto ke onthe applica. here obviously teestedar a seller to reach special seasonal d his mgr are about to divide. $114 for the on Fund from
tion of Seaboard & Western Air. ies. Pan-Am and TWA crry th a seh s sea Vedd bitta sitcheayshun... Fer-I. s rns
lines for a regular certificate to passengers and freight between marketing a hurry, beeve that nantoo.o Lamas' ex-wife Lydia won't Wa. t D .
fly cargo back and forth to Europe. the United States anturope and the potential air eg bu leave the U.S. for her Argentina (thTmovie stie)
CAB listened to the arguments operate all-freight schedules. It's pyhie potential air relt ho ,l e ti ,he U s he no tx ina t rno the )r

Seaboard should get its certificate. The Seaboard answer nto that ably anytro dtheeboats can eit^ we r h w ,e ..ust rike' a -
for, seven years, during not amoo hho d t An- --teU on the ieeh eoene I hear Itl ..., .
has fl a" Uilan i iea 1 eitedtnd n h t l u s g
-1 .. Yom its e%-. .. rm
this summer by a vote of 8 3-I t their p point. .Iy arrayy p jro e. she went.-.jus like a t it
Because overseas flying could in. question obviously convinced'CsAB,.I *,a ib bulkca rssaged" onybe..use iSomeBostoncriticIs" -m
volve foreign policy the Persident Since after the war Seaboard has i dpetroleum and heavy main. "Por t Yn but so godn Sl o wecus W, Ii
While CA as considering te cargo planes and s nowetg Seaboard's.big complaint n all -where to cut?" tices and star R ss
case heat was generating over it delivery on four new a-car of the trouble they have had uto 0t00p e heodrr s fullri tplay) ap
because .theold question was Sur nations. Their volue date-is thatthey have never really It sez here Tery M re otmd st backers played to cap-
raised of whether Uncle Sam was of business was in the neighbor had a change to develop this bust- out that a girl didn't have to rely city nightly, 3too. ."Star Is

Since here has been a long de- flown a lot of goods under govern trom CAB which could be with. uster unveil C Addams drunkards wanted om th e lU. S.
lay in getting a decision from the ment contract. drawn anytime and wreck their horror drawings (from he New America Is omitted from the latestuo
Waite House the heat over it in The fact that they have created enterprise. Yorker) in oo form next month edition of Bartlett's Familiar Quo-
... Clevea ndwn't weaeao ae-.Wn n....B. .dwa y .... S .

Maybe the delay In the White the firm bras about most. It also erit to operate which held Sold most of the Hotel pace a panned in all from the trade papers but

m has insisted on reading the name s carri bySeaboard. To ce te they will be able to at- bequest. From the will of Alan & Turned out be th
w hole CAB transcript. Actually he Euroipe there is steady flow of tractsmorbn .estlrveshetl w t by et %m ekl tion s...B d i
doesn't-have to because thebasic such things as clo thing, office ma- to make ani ll-out effort to o ei ll have hit i nt the Yo Gid Friday
issues Involved can be set down chines and appliances. The flights the air rtraffice business. mar.
for the president rather quickly to New York ,from points in Eu- In an open letter to the Presi- _
and briefly. rope carry textiles and a buqdrred dent; Seaboard has appealed toJulie Wilson .(at te Persian
Opposition to the granting of other items. hi to uphold "free enterprise" Room) eus t u r t
certfeste has come from Pan Shipper for -several reason. In- and grant them their cetriflcate. Replace Mary Malian in "bo-'ac."
-"______ in London. n he.justespurn" the

Russia's New Attitude

By Brdce Biossat

- -

No one expects American reporters stationed
in the soviet Unon to be able to report the truth
of what they see-except now and then between
the lines. What is anticipated Is their return
home. with the wraps on.
Such a moment is now at hand, with the re-
turn to America after five years of the New York
Times' M ow correspondent Harrison Salls-
lI. MIresportfea important reading for the
w roe world.
ift ob.ervatlon, his principal message
0to" p3 eoi e Russia, is that the Soviet
!iMnliWeI not lk any way abandoned their
lf.orld conquest. They slmnly have chang-
d way of seeking It.
The late Joseph Stalin was a ruthless, bludg-
eoniai, Inflexible autocrat who ruled single-
handedly. At bom he ground the faces of his
people, and broad his stubborn rigidity drove
his country into many blind alleys from which
it could not escape.
Salisbury points out that the new rules, Molo-
tdv, Malenkov, vhev and Kaganovich, are
lo more graceful tactes. They are dis-
Iand adaptability. And they
wh e mde thUelr sq ahebs effectIve and even
it &a' ayof less harsh police-
___gftoog bur stresses that the
b&O hrorm A In boekto proportion.
tI addition, te new Soviet aders have turn-
ed he urou of ater volaneseof consumer
goos, o e0016 6 fat ordinary Russians
le pWddw by military dictatorship.

So far, the average Soviet citizen seems not too
greatly impressed by these apparent Improve-
ments. Suspicions long fed by Stalin's callous-
ness cannot quickly be-wiped away.
In foreign affairs it us a different mater.
Russia clearly has scored notable successes at the
Geneva conference and- in the partitioning of
Its policy of "sweetness and light" has en-
hanced ,.eutralism in Europe and helped to
create tle climate in which a timid France could
reject KC. cornerstone of Western defense.
In n Itralist, circles in Europe, men evidently1
bellQe tiat the United States, not Russia, Isa the
trub~ln oer.
But even though we may have more consistent-I
ly appreciated the peril of the Communist alms,
Salisbury seem to think that our own diplomats
may not fu:ly understand the danger In we new
Ituslsian attitude.
He quotes a Western diplomat on the point:
"They (the Russians) speak .ao pleasantly, so
apparently openly and with so much commoil
sense that you must constantly remind yourself
whom It is you are talking with. That's why, in
a way, they are more dangerous than Stalin."
There Is the essence of it. Stalin was a brutal
line phleur. Mal ekov and Co. are trickt for-
ward passers,
Obviously they are already too smart for the
neutralists, whom they have beautifully fooled
with their new offepte.
We had better make sre they are not too
smart for us as well, or tie free World will W
-;- ^ : ,


W I v N '

lead in "Pajama Game (on tour)
to be a dramatic actress in Bucks
County next month.. .Next Good
Housekeeping has an affectionate
piece about Abel Green, the Vari-
ety editor. The byliner is "Richard
B. Brownel," who is akeb Hy-
man Goldberg of King Features
. That remiun me. Treeve
attractress Pat Bos is lawyer
Bartley Prus's d0W. .The

Not bil.$Iris ofe et-ts 'in
fceys ome w hM~rrteu ItN'


BALB14A 6:15- 7:45
I IVUi'.,sn fwi i /
Sauc.l,. l.AhiblJ
II sn .4wl !/



.or istp
Wiaesitay 'AITr
wommO MIGtI 7:0

Thui **NW OIN Causor"
"Drive A Cr*ke, alm"
we. "*AsACMi CANTON"
IA'TIN 7:-
Yabun. WKt I Cel 1_3e It"
MARGARITA *it -: *:

we*. *. > n Co can it

Leae CAfto
MTr -Technieftel

I. I
wool; | "AAOwR

_ I


- L~~~ ~ fL ~----~-

OE n M
.......U.. .. .-] "... .. ". .. i l n""" "

----------~-C- -.--

__ _~___~_~__~ ____

I -








mlik i


Wgga 9t ems Wes Wge
"I dm -~i J -
.. .. .. ,uam

'' +





-iItlla e u o01
actroatin of the ost political
Uaeatr, tbo I the I thuive,

tdeai-d to a sd the exacing
ot al n seo, have been rC-

taut but uncertain Wetr
proval fraoss per cent of the
dstet. Yet 61 perS ent of theI
tpame elAtoitrte confess in an-
Sother straw poll t prefer the
(Dem at4ra* to the epublcans
Medd to be bs BO 1ple aU

Vice President Nixo las w
named I recetn pollsamong t
fol fost pot rtical dempntor
eaufidates ,o' the future. Ye
Democrats oneefully sa that h
has been drawing rat er sma
aieowds in states atfe or leading
toeocard the Republicans. A tell
g omen? The same nappg enth
fo r. Truann 194a 8 wresdenti
W a candidates e endure. 'Ye

democrats eleully ctionsay the tre
has queen drawiongably favored th
Ofmore in states ste or leadirs o
theoard House ofe Repreublicans. A tell
g who faced primary ohappeneositio
within their own party; only member
enoct too muchir candidates for thvem
bN. Yet in Maine, thea Repubnica

stronghold and the first of- the

ane Wyman appears in her
most challenging portrayal in
Universal International's tech-
nicolor production of "Magnifi-
cent Obsession," from the book
by Lloyd Douglas, author of
"The Robe." Rock Hudson and
Barbara Rush are also co-star-
red. Gala preview at the Cen-
tral Theatre on October. 5th.

s Are Comwl gnhng

power s Pularity

states to decide between the par- d
ties, Republican incumbents won "WWU UEWIW U_ r
surpiriingly small vote mar- *
- Part of the RepubilHan strat- 6
: ifruient's national polai- M rrow
y ty Into local votes, always n-
- prtant in off'year electlens.
ITha puts unusual empadsK .The newyorgta.i._ M ie
on naonal Issues. e'_ Appreciation Group will hold a
if As Vice president Nixon said: meeting tomorrow at 7:45 p.4 .
- "To be brutally frank, a Demo. at the USO-JWBrmed Forces
it cratic Senate and House would Service Center In Balboa.
d torpedo the Sisenhewer admin- nderte direction of pfe. y
y Istration' magnificent wok now rk 'ndethe durrcyHiogn tte
Af at Its midmark." g meets to e frst ansd third
The Democrats' answer is toMWedetssu, Of t mon thrt
attack frontally. nd on apna lten toan espechau moreped
tional scale everything Republi- recorded program, with'a IC U--
can except the popular Mr. ZiSi- period. .
enhower hhisel. Yet the elec- peo
torate's answer dipcloses little of The program for this coming
Its sentiment on national issues Wednesday evening Is as follows:
which remains rather mystify- Symphony No. 4 by Schumann,
Ing. 'Symphony No. 4 by Mendelaohn
Nor Is the political arithmetic and Symphony "Fantastique" by
any more revealing. When Con- Berlios, and also Symphony No.
nrss adjourned, the House had 8 by Schubert ,
4 219 Republicans 213 Democrats.
e one Independent and two vacant MWltaIr personnel and their
al (Democratic) seats. families (,d the public of pana-
t The majority margin thus is ma and the Canal Zone are ln-
e slim, yet the few seats that make vited to Join the Music Appre-
lU the difference hinge on six hot- location group at the USO-JWB
g ly-contested states Wvth a total Armed Forces'Service Center.
- of -29 seats in the lower chain-
Sber WestermonT 0
B] In the Senate, the fate of the ... ,
A present one-man Republican ma- Collaborate In
Isjorlty Is llkley to be decided in l
eone or more of the twelve states S cilogy R Book
d considered touch-and-go for el- O' 'O D
ether party. The outcome of the _.
other 25 Senatorial contests George W. Westerman, mem-
flseems more or less assured (ten er. of the International Soclo-
Republicans and 15 Democrats), 1gical Aociateon and the So
l with no change of strength in Iety forn the Study of Social
Sthe Senmate involved .ProDlems, has been -invited to
SThe tdminlstratlon party'sscollaborae In the ritinrg of a
Sask-accomplishedont, ly once In look whose aim ls to-make a bas-
the midterm elections of the contribution to sociology and
Last 50 years-is to hold or en- International understanding..
a large Its Congressional conti- Westerman p ent
ients.-not a neasy task this year. Westerman's assignment. will
S Of course, since the Maint cover a complete chapter on
elections, Republicans clearly Jrthnuan culture. Hiswork and
I figure on a tight race, ad the contributions of the other
t Democrats have allowed them- collaborators in this historic
selves to be more hopeful. But project, will come uo for discus
the cardinal question again slon before the Third World Con-
seems to rest, as so often be- re of Sociology to be held .n
fore, with the independent veot- E rope n the fal of 195$.-
erns. Pam0m--
The primary elections, in A delegate from Panama to
which they, as non-party-mem- the First World Congress of
bers, do not vote,do not votell little if o in. Zurich Switzerland.
anything, about their feelings 1951, Westerman presented a
toward incumbents. in 1952,t per o thetheubject: "A Minor-
SIndependents and those some- ty Group in Panamt."
times slow to go to 'the balloting
places gave Mr. Eisenhower more
votes than they gave Republi-
cans for Congress.
To hand vctory,to, the Repub-
tans they w*l h1bave to give at

as who thin year run without
benefit of a LPresidentlal ballot. il
SThe Republicans' major pros-
pects therefore lie in hard work
-they made 127 campaign
Speeches last week-and In the
President's popularity with the
Indeed, as long as it remains WW
uncertain whether Maine was an i
accurate index of things to A O
come, the decision may already
have narrowed to the six per ft
-ent of the voters who told opin- \
ion pollsters recently they had
not yet made up their minds. M'al

FREE. .saf outdoors I
'(* *--^ Ef S DII D E D

/ --

Made in New Zealand by



nquilestiuM l supMeor yrt sppingly te.
sonable in prieud Becaue being dltill righ
here in Ctrisqui it doesn't Pe0 import dutbU,
n7r )rr acn
Viico &lum.,S.A.


No. 30 Foo. d la Qsa Ave.


loz-44arh es

Ek OI rospeu ty
For Puedo RIans
LOS AMELES, CUalif, Sept.*
.(USI) Luls Mulos Manr1
OoveEcor of Puert lco, to,
delegates to the American Fed-
erqtkf of Latb'm nagonal con-
imou-" aT.1 a yeM "r -

IhUy re o by
SeO or not very lone _,al -
'"%IIr achieve oUr oal" Mu-
Og Mar n alerted. "It will
mn that a poverty-striken
will have worked them-
selvM out of eono hopeless-
ness in a brief, htor period o
V20 yeara."
The delegates accorded M)t(os
Marin an enthuslatk reception,
rememberinli that 1yeats ear-
Iter,. as a delegate to one of the
orgaisationl first conventions.
he had intrdued resolution
against di Inw Latin A-
meriea and had been a strong
Democratic leader In Puerto Ri-
By the free choice of Its peo-
pie Puerto Rico is associated
with the Unitedo StatqA a com-
monwealth. the Governor said.
The convention delegates una-
nimously scorneld any plans for
peaceful co-pexsence with the
Soviet Union "bised upon ap-
peasement or co promise of the
basic freedoms."' The sentiment
was expressed in a resolution the
delegates adopted alling upon
the people of the United States
S01 the free world to "take a
firm enough position to con-
vince the people of the world-
including those behind the Iron
Curtain-that there can be no
compromise between freedom
and slavery."
Also approved was a resolu-
tion which called for Immediate
setting up of an AF of L com-
mittee on atomic energy so that
"our members can be kept in-
formed on the latest develop-
ments In this field."
The convention reaffirmed its
support of the U ilted States In
another resolution, and called
upon the United States to "util-
ize the UN In the future to a
greater degree than It has In
the past."

i, ab- *thi

Jitery Parents Bolt Doors

As Police Seek Md. Killer

(NEA Telephoto)
WHERE DEATH STRUCK TWICE This is the home of Mr. and
Mrs. Bernard Goldberg in Springfield, Mass., where an unknown
assailant stabbed to death their four-year-old son, Stephen, and
their babjysitter, Lynn Ann Smith, 14.
SPRINGFIELD, Mass., Sept.28 Police Capt. James McCarthy
(UP)-Jittery parents were ad- said "this ease may be long and
vised to bot- their doors lSt drawn ouC" He Indicated po-
night-while pIsAe huntedthe lice have unearthed but a few
ma, killer oftwo --children., 6lues to the killer's Identity.
by-stter nh Ann Smith, Plain clothesmen mingled with
14. and Stephen Goldberg, 4 relatives and p a r e n ts when
were stabbed -,tilmes with a Stephen was buried today. Au-
stilette-type knife and then thottles thought the slayer
beaten with. a hammer Satur- might follow another crazy im-
aenty rful th. I 1i r pulse and attend the rites
parents, ear the r oldberg sobbed hysteri-

Ing door-bells."ed to comfort her.
The double-murderer was be-
lieved deeply scratched on the
face in a struggle with Lynn'
Ann who was caring for Stephen
and his six-yearu-rold brother d
Robert. 7
Medical Examiner W. A. R. / '
Chapine said Lynn Ann appar- i
ently put up I terrificc scrap" V V l
aghast her raging assailant.
Her finger nails were broken
and her wrists badly bruised.
"The wounds Indicated the
assaults were made by a de-
mented and powerful m a n,"
Chapin said. Lynn Ann's body
was found Saturday night in a
hallway leading to otephen's
room. Stephen was found dead
in his blood-saturated' bed.
Robert told police he heard
screaming and that he crawled
under the covers and put a pel-
low over- his head to drown out O
th~ noise: His mother and ,la.
th, Mr. and Mrs. Bernard J
Goldberg, were at the movies.
A ':dish of candy -left. fr the I
baby-sitter was untouched and
her copy of "Gone With Thee
Wind" was laid aside with. 27
pages read. -
A banana peel and apple core N
in the kitchen Inoicated the
girl and the murderer might
have shared a snack before his N E W %
outburst of savagery.
Neighbors said they saw a
"very slender man," about six I
feet tall, on the porch of the
Goldberg home shortly before
the beleved time of the kill-I
Police today questioned sev-
eral men and 25 classmates of
Lynn Ann at Forest Park Junior
High School, where she Was a
ninth grade student, in hopes
of uncovering some clue. T N E J
Also questioned today were an i K
East Longmeadow youth and a 7
Thompsonvflle, Conn., man.
They were released.



DUTYaca fa4"4.

hi is Space



E W L Rr T
e- 'r





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= vIcai, French Argentines Can 'JEZEBEL' COLOR SPECTACLE STARS *b 2 MM
kials Wine They Need aim
s BUENOS AIRES Sept. 28 %
sOn U flI ,l ON (UP) -Are Utines will be able to. ..
buy any amount of wine they
wish, after October 1, for the first
SgIe ne e rOXNGTON Sept. 28 (UP) in five years.
ercan thl~~ French off i The Commetrce Mlns t r y an
i d Aceritical series of s ouneed today that quotas inef-
ire .today on Franeeseet since 199 are no longer nee-
thre to alshi its troop commit- e nsary because wine stocks are
menrt In Indo hlna unless It ntw ample for the e o u n t ry's
more U.8, idd. needs.
u s: Aid.At the same time, the ministry
pprliminary meeting over announced a slight price increase --
atho weekend, the ranking nego- for common table wine, now sell- *
nited St and France pnt. The price was increased by
ttaging I etnnam a single s than a cent a pint.
*te of liberty." .

siderable negotiating would beIa a
necessary before the two coun-
tries could sete entirely eye to eye
on ad and other related prob- Must Tone Down
al ap for discussion in the FD

The United States is expected edest woman, "Sins of Jezebel" bring a spectacular production .in AN
to ive France some encourage- LONDON, Sept. 28 (UP) Six gorgeous new Ansco color to the screen of the Lux Theatre anotCo
meat bout helping out in Indo- of Italy's most volupuous movie Thursday. i i i
ehis during the next ybar or so queens who are to be presented For her first Biblical drama, Miss Goddard to ideally cast as
despite American bitterness over to Queen Eliszabeth II next the beautiful and wanton siren who almost wrecks an entire king- MeE N U? /
Frencbh rejection of the Euro- month have been asked to tone dom by hitting its men and even its armies against one another,
psan Defene Community plan. down the clinging owns and making her name a lasting synonym for evil..
plunging necklines made The star's fascinating performance is matched by the capa- I
American Frenh officials them famous, movie circles said ble efforts of a strong supporting cast. Featured players include
aeree that in e of the today. George Nader as Jeh, John Hoyt as Elijah, Xduard Frans as
170,000-men dre e s es- Ahab. Ludwig Donath as Naboth. John 8helton as Loram, Margia
senl to. any co- The six headed by shapely Dean as Deborahand Joe Besser as a chariot mechane. Carmen
uen to, n a n Fren coh ,inai I brids, arehto attend d'Antonio Is highly effective in an exotic temple dance directed
mnUl t assault the three as- a I n festival opening by Mickey Raset. Advt.
stated states Indochina. here et. 25. They will be pre-
sented to the Queen, the Duke of ALLEY OO
The American delegation is Edinburgh and Princess Marga-
headed by Undersecretary of ret at the gala opening at the
state Walter Bedell Smith and Tivoli Theater. HEY,
Adm. Robert o. Carney, chief of Movi sources id the organ-M ANY
Adm.Rvabl B. R...-l CHTizers of the festival had written I NI
-Naval Op .- to the sialx girls asking them to .
Te r h treatr'tle affair as a "royal Great W ite leetM
The French .group includes night% d d.ot to appear with iWl
Gen. Paul Fly French Commis-too-liecklnes. New Orleans Service Arrives '
stoner In Indo;hna French Fl- Cristobal
nance Minitr dlra r Foure, and ..Ch6a to accompany Miss i _MARNA" r F renh .ni. Lollobrigida are Antonella Lusa- .S. "VERAGUA" ..........................Sept. S29
u Lachambre, French Minis- di, Miriam Bru, Anna Maria Fer- S.S. "MARNA" ...... ...............t..............O
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tisO with Indechlns. stills to be named. S.S. "AVENER .................................. ot 11
8 *S.S. LATANO" ...............................O..c ,to. 3
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M PvC Th- Pacific Steam Navigation Company Yk Nerl,, sAngles an e ral
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S.S. "FRA BERLANCA" ......................... Oct. 116 R
S OF SOUTH AMERICA- 8.8. "A STEAMER" ...........................Oct. Is 40% T'M ~6WMW
TO COLOMBIA, ECUADOR, -C 8.8. "COPAN" ....................................Oct. 22s o1mm%4
S.S. "COTOPAxr ........................9:L Spt. 2 Weekly sailings of twelve passenger ships to New
MIV..'SMANC ... ....... York, New Orleans, Los Angeles, San Francisco "
*r rMmmw -A EM, ***** *** .*. -D i ,


Ikay, Oeolat

9--r-0.4 NJo w n I


BX 3.SUX8 TU.1


Another Prisoner

't Nor TI MUCH 4TT

rTmE 6COUND4 % tB DR.

FUNT Cool Thinlking BY SAT 5AV


.. ..


That Hairdo





WpA7* WR"L


a1ew That E1a

S .I





-- ---T--- -II 11~11~ L3 CI



A Rush Call


'I. f
C': ,- I

.~'.., '..i

*a.~** Y'$


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t '" ( I .,L.'....w t
. i; .-< T^ ^ltwi fc .1
.I.' *^; fT .**I. .^K ^^ ,!^

on he eone wc

-in o f.thw i rArpr

S" O "o l render
a ISider CeAmnvid.

.... fArr t.h. a r- "L' A odl
bte e on N l u oiarn ..
1pt th 7T r 0 8 o. t e ... .. b ,Dn

b.pofUth Poa flls la ue e *t.. ''-i raate A-, te Advt.i
e \ rst anniversary o his tainS. ( OU SO ,b Md

,pow er aa. neCte
rue ner. :, am b". NO 27-1&$ an

The spokesman sal "at the a reved ere a.
KINGSTON, Samalca, Sept. 28 cased of 3,000 prisoners are Survivors on the It us are
(VPI -- Education Minister Ed- till under consideration and her daughter, Mrs. Agnes Wit-
WvnAllen todly wired thanks to that freedom has been denied ter and two granddaughters;
iV.IthColumbia Teachers s wI. aeacused of "-aro. Violet and Vivian Witter.
cltimdaItk trep1satton-of clouds cxrue.. Also surywarhC.. ariuhar-
l on t- son are a da e and a son in
1*1. b ig.., ..-rhter of Ja- -e ..a a "nd.Ki ...e .
i ral Farnwr Prei1- -An&

W .'- nrY. n r
tgobob M n0 b31

oalendOtt er,

caiaala, at L

-. theCostse P-r*kn

man .force

pt t*ef anatt end"

!: ~ ~. -.. .


hAa il.

N ew aria A-nnie
* Am" iaa aly .
i to a .kse pr~ti faati
irrbitaed skAbetore

Teacher of

Registratin. i)l opet fQr .Pre-.
Scohool Tots and First Graders.
'For furt ,*r. Information phone
d.Ro -

*I. i -

., of .lrt Beauty.
T -*"



!.n. 70

^ItotvffK?-" **"


1-.' '"m-g' "' r

S '- .
, ., -., ", 'r *l .
, ;- ..*. -'; .-M .._-.-.. .= -. ,.

leare'sj t

Dd ap 3 btf-

tu accouDted for e y 1ie

every $7 of the nat6a' over-all
165 bIlllgndollar rouction of
R e lda d a4 4a year.
Son trado i %abould be
a ltl 09re tha in I every $7
this yar.


a .-~. 5~~*~


L *^ -'1
,, '. .
-."< 45 ...W

,- II .n s.' '

,' :. ^*

-u On SYwmy wn-iruction VUI *&4*
boom th U o. o' al ptlia .* ,
p ro J e c ta .. .'- L I -f
W, t

* .Ic


15 see
.. a

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* .7.
* J. **


_ ,_V

rn> -, ~
F** *


41 .- A :

MO '- 4- "o .'-: .
. .. l _. .. z i

* K
, b,.;


a f
i*' T. flinr of


ata In Cira~dj
- *..

sMW I. A.S
in the no-

u.e5 w .I.wu.
It -7~ v au-w


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4- I

l A- ,, ,LT4,

Altt w.,f~ *^fi^

* qee aihi- *.- >.- -.~ *-i, -.*. ,. -..M -. -.

*r ',

" ":, Tl ...
"1 "- *'- ../' '* .
,, ; L ^''
-*BeL^'3xAf ^ *

t"o ., ": ,ii m 'A
-I w I ASe. u J a CA M "AguI. ds Ia ,*~ S

FAMA CIA W54110 LISam Vx
g r Aw omI ofUi y I[

o. pbe om aprt
naid' rboY, gO-
44th'.~rt No,
. 3.os. .
rm aoaA t*v two
a 0 ng room,.

L...slI^ ,.nnprt~Aft'


FOR. SALE:-Leqving, 1951 Mercury. FOR SALE:-VYu nauioit t best beno
Inquire 48th Street No. 27. you see it. Wouldn't you like to
feOR SALE.--D ia a try to 'BE$TFIT' Suits and
194 E to trip, almost new ?lacks? "BESTFIT,, hol,, ,has the
1954^ ,ofrr Milb 2-door. Sixth
SSimre,. 'Mou. r22.A ,urundo .latest in Patterns and Styles. Santa
SPhone 63-7 142 Ana Plaza. Ponama; 11th Street,
- ."e -Ch'an opposite P.R.R. Commissary, Colon.
FOR SALE- -1950 Stldeboker Cham.FOR SALE -Siner s machine
pion oon bnci.n, t5-$550. Cu ". moc ine,
pron. good t ondt 7, 550. C portable. 4 months u '$65. CASA
rundu 105-. Phone 83-7236. ADMIRABLE, the Necchi estoblish-
FOR SALE:-1951 Buick Riviera. ex- ment at 18 Central'Avenue, next
celtent condition, new tires. Phone to the Lottery Building.
Balboa 2-2984. -FOR SALE: Child's hig h chr,
FOR SALE:-', J Ford., $700. Coll stroler and potti-chair, like new.
Ponama 3-5708. Phone Balboa 3516.e-

IimR,*-- ern P' Iht. tie-' FOR SALE:-Choice, beach front lot,
i -iear bus it b 'g9th Stret -of Coronbdo, 3860 ,sq. mts. 75c.
. 47. San Francisco. per sq. mt. Phone 4-498 or write
'.- -. ....... o Box 3.06. Pedro Miguel.______
E RENT:- One-bedroom. -oderh,Wf- -
T rtm-ent acro froslr Hotel El WILL SELL my L on Merritt Island.
'an.arn, Glorielo" B ply East st Flora where U S. Govt.
to Halcon._ nxt 4' 1 CW, Ch.. os.
.2407 and 3-1179. 1 t. C hao -
SRENT.- 2-bedroo pa p t.. M 3
othroom and kitchen, m i d or i Sl
nfurnished. Second Street No. 6 iFOR SA :i-Loving the country; a
que Lefevr----- hour fr Panama Gity n Lidice.
I RENT: Furnished apartment, Capira, with everything necessary
ne room, kitchen and bath, all to spend your week ends 'vaca-
rreened. 1I.lla Vista. Phone 3-: tons. Sltuted @ VO iet fom
S-48. river. No. 29 1. th anfrarlis
c o. Phone 3-5565. old .
t RENT:-Small apartment, oppo-

Rooms Martin ha
-- ithdrawlnI
RENT: Beautifully furnished date in
prge room, kitchen privileges. Belli tlal e.ecuon
ste. Mexico Ave. 69. Phone 3. ti lCctio
553. genclo Batist
RENT :-Room, independent, ge- Orau San 3
I in residential sector. Inquire atta t Will r
th Street No. 28. Apt. 1. re-election.
Orau'B acll
RENT: Rooms. Peru Avenue counCl' o
24. el lao rin
RRENT:- Nicely fumished cool. Stto,. ..g
lean. room with private both. In AuMenti. wr
m Alegre;mealsavailable. Call tqua h rere
I7 ,. rem. polls. Ths
-"-' )o]1 laci
RENT:- Largo furnished room. -
merican couple: i then. rfrlr-
tr. 31st Street ait No .. j


. 4*5. mnnUl Of

Ctu Bb0 28
RaoL'MWrau San

FOR SALE:-New Hompsgire .chicks,
25c. each, October 1st. Phone 3-
49.10. _______
FOR RENT--Cemplete top fleer, for
offices or other businesses. I Justo
. Arosemena Ave., F. ICAZA CO.
FOR SALE -Boxer female fawn, one
year old, AKC registered. Phone
-1501. *
FOR SALE:-Cayuco $25; girl's full.-
I bikeccle $25; Groa'bow 0dtqr-
-tows $1 5. House 875, Morgan,.e-
toue, Bolboo.

F-- SALE: Singer electric sewing
machine, good condition. Colao
13th & Melendez 13099. Apt. 6
FOR SALE:-Singer sewing machine
5- drawers, 4 months useS 140. CO
j ,.asyt"ms. CASAADMIRABL.E tr
ECCtlHstore. on-.18 Centrof Ave
'ue~nSt tq the Lottery BVJlding

Boalb & Motors


FOR S .-J.One lot of motors 25-
i cyde.'T 1Jhp. >to 3-bp., excellent
condl one Crl.obol 1540.


announced ne is (Continued from PagE 1)
as opposition can-
e Nov. 10 president. rearmament, a key' question at
.. 'the conference. Gruenther has
for Prtsident Ful- said NATO has the necessary
ta said that 1t Pontola,
Mart.- vithdtaiwa After the meeting with Men-
run unopposed for des-Prance, Dulles conferred a-
gain with Gruener and late
on came after the t M) IUIa 1 otegn Minuter

it the opposition Then he huriig to No. t
evolutlonuy party Dowsing street for his first-
entation at th meewnl this trip with Prime
nM thM at each Minilter Winaton Churchill. ,
W-ilbe five re.- Informed sources .add .q,_
oft the gove told Churchill .
mmlg Droerrive Fraeqe, `as he .*r.en ..
oppm Sundy night, that the United
woui back any aatIafM-
to-twy tEuropeta deqta.l
I = far S O a It backed the .
S An aiutb tative American
u-'on with i rcse aid t' was obvious i*at
ldto. ask e If there l* tto agreement here
y uWy from the aL. OermI rearmament is
poponBUedIiniteiy a r*llOn
f eAm erla *'forward strategy"
.umIWWa e necessary.
WarOal The 6uW- did not explain
I iew. far American "forward
,.*,. us*. strategy" woumd be revised in

ed by the It aIs th tactic of putting
VpFWal O",, Co American fighting men into Im-
ra : mediate ta where attacks
*tu i ate mmst be migot opposed t9 "pe4-
&avaIlable fot It by-pass Fniwe' and
day Iat OoDr t. -eek. to spply Ameriean amA
i.l& Rt .aft ps through the
Sthe es or 8 lp5hu a
tfltiBad-. par tal revision, or It eauld re-
l .AA 1." to ~ r ipberqi Strategy

* 9L'

~. '..


emi, rmat, hoelc
ero9 ute. Phone

FOR RENT;:-Bechfrn house with
srbecue pit. Good swimming and
fishing. Sea Cliff Acres, Phone Sol.
3022 fatar 5:00 p.m.
SHRAPNEL'S furnished houses on
beach at Santa Clara. Telephone
THOMPSON, Balboa 1772, *v-

Pillies. Oceanside cottages Senta
Clar. Bs 435. Balboa. Phone
Panoma 9-1877. CrIstobel 3-1673.

FOSTER'S COTTAGES. ons mile pest
Santa Cl re. Low rates. Phone
Balboa 2Y-16. e .


FOR RENT:-Two-bedropW cholet in
Bibll Vista. Phone 3-'713.
SRENT:-A one-year ld et;
bedroom 2 bathrooms,. ch
Ilv, ving-dinjn room, gafegab
kitchen. big yard. No. 29? -11th
i*n Francisco. Phone 3-5. Ti.o

FOR RENT:-Modern chalet, --
ro: 2 bedrooms, furnished 732
" !Sters eanced. 43rd Street N-t 6.
11. e3-0696. *
PF TT:-Nicely furnished -
chalet, suitable for
Jes: Two kitchens, bth ,
S r.gerator, gas stovrt Overlkth
SA$ Commissary, %W Beli! P
Jrts, Son Francisco. aone M 2
FfC ENT Compltly fu shed
V.4 1 icddtage)1 3 bedroote liv-
.l -cd~nng room, kitchen wj h. In
b111t .tesidentiat' section ,two blokr.ks
fra Lux 'Theoter. Suitable for two
or three persons., $175 monthly.
Appdintments: Call Panama 2-
FOR SALE: House half finished.
terms or cash $1800. House on
Trans-lsthmian Highway with 2500
meters of land. Lots at Porque La-
fevre: 300. 450, 525,. 600. 750
and 1000 rhaters-Cheap.. Gruta
A;zul street. Rio Abajo. House
2 3 1 1 M r. H a l. s

Muriel Butcher,

Tom0orrw At 4PM
1Plneral serves wil be held
tomorrow at Dp.m. In the/4an
Miguel Chuigh, for Mrs. Muiel
Butcher. mother of five who
died yesterday in Pastaml
Hospital foUll*ng a Ilong Ulanea.
She was W 4 years old. B drild
will take plfe lan tle Herrera
Cemetery. ....
. Mrs. Bu I t sMiryved' Iy
her husband" evin A. Butcher.
and. her children. Kelvin Jr..
Gariw. rt~wFi.falnceU sAd

Wood. Paper, loth

60. FN Hotey, hI.
C. omtAe, 3


* 'S.- -.
.'-.,v *i'*






L" .;"' ;.

... ..,
4 9



FaekeL apsis.

Tel.: '-MUS& l3-l

Cold PM0R"ia Tht .
Whe^wa. "474S.

. i.l


L .~
,. .I -. "
... ..fc -'-,' ^i1 f .-- -, ; -< .- :' ,.

"* Cr jftji alt .i ] ^ *.

S. ,. .r~ ?. -

.M ..J. -.


^^^B ^^^^^=M*~f~^^-

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*-,.. .._'-. .


''s ** s diem&

-. g1 r *am

* .- |.

* .- 1. *j~j..~jp.')~T5 ~.
?-~ ~>* *-**-*

~ ~t. .- -


B---" -,4. -

.L~~ ~ I-
-': .'- "..,i' ."
,;. .,''-'ii'.- .'" ,'" '* .. ., ,,*, ,. ,,

L.- .; ...^ : ? Z

J ._. 2 4 .,
-R .-.-. .r ..* -
..: ~.. 7- A .- ,.' / i

A '. | ._._,.'. ,.. .

OK .


^, Upli@$ TMry *

1 9. j"- *
ri 4. ., *1- -.4


RI Fdf-A~t'EstateSA


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!.a-- T.. I

* A' ... --,,


j cTEDA,57135 33 135 PAAM A IRICAI -- AN fldBVKW' PAIN! NEWSAP





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-Mud Mamtehn-



with -

DRIVEN Theatre
Sm. .



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Plus: -

V IC'T Or I A.

AIO: -

with roder e

with- *,.
Raj MUran

I I I- I. I I. I -~

Sut News
L -
t a. Wt r S ela .I M .Re'r, *. t .
Soat wc uoer e Pal blai. od pe, dairying,
m m$ panal ast and 1e0-
h5 PSiSTk at the Pacifc Ml; ty; lwi* -oa .ileIsk cm
at rSot sW ATOOlRboB n and safety; james
apnrt rang t .d yd ntlong and ub-
t1 nbei n it alatlMw cuteb*n-
Robert C,'*oruw,. sAt Boc (ip in the home, cooklg, fish-
es t andrtadsc or-tr, hikin, m
t airman ll a witness and ety; Ie9
u1S at whichover i1i5dopl ahe .public speaking;

SW usoe, an,

arid Scoette, citizenship meitT a tr nJeay

and flremaik Twad.Troo p.
agd PatOt Morris 1 st Muler,

V e lNmeruler; merit ,, Clar
oka, stW, isat lt mbin g,
li speak ltho 4ep. I N

ir b s t ahna aR 0.60 .M0.30
It lr, ,firt ad and MePERFE
nabma. ller, I the EXTRAOp RDINARY I

the fommt C, hooking, home r
rparst, personal fite hy plubc
l bUo. health and at CarlO Pe,
kerry and ome rec re; tar
Suchtinerl i Brooks; e odcarV-,

Jeg andMil oer and loas Pde, 1
nodgra, firt t aid to animal,
public health and safety: bronze

Troop 13, Ct. cobbel merit badges,
Mike rreaoette, citizenship hen-
mmup, tty, home and nationm-

andute firemanship. Rob ef t
Raltonc health; Phndr, ele-

pM bogublc health, wool- S

r 7ng; Jess Miller, citoensp In
the community, cooking, home
health and safety; Carlos Payne,
ather; Robert Umberger, baa- J
ketry and home repairs; tar
out, lark Brooks ; Life t. ..outo +
Jbse Miller ands Carlof paynoe, d C
Troop .1 F t. Kobbe, merit;
badges,'warre Doyett fireman- e
irty homeaid and mechanical
drawing; Larry Dial, reading;
PeWdlDordscbolaerbp: Crroll,
Shute, flremanshi R o b ert gI 3 DIM IION AN
Ralston. animal Industry, elecl- ark y yT
tricaty, plumbing, and railroad-
igo ze palm" Karl M aiden Claude Da
Rvert Ralston. public -health,
Troop 17,t.1 Clayton: meritbo
badHes, ery Anderson, hoe
repairs ormnuo Andersoon, home

, < YmitllC ll I "t ."W .. '::.rooand t-ted to make ,ul r a on the M-heUh ln4B. t
Baby-Sitting Youths Ki Little Boy h '. and tried tos ilo Australia Backs ,s..n .h p- s- 4-..
Swwords m d ors ssm tmaDoan found oun o
i tof one of the youth. Steffen i Igreater optimism that one year
enWith I F _J B t Bucles so ndid not may which one. ago because "there has been
I"He wouldn't sand he I S r .some defnitenprogr In I aura
r -- .... --.... "--"just clung to miykno, k--i ndle ,'rm, ber o( important intnsUt.nal a
POtytttew were charged oown. I'for- Wee dimrs. wo XII N Now York, ST HI M
Oae ndowth we.Im e r in.Id mlke .e d.we laeloleme .the s
rtodywth beat iI- ,Zey r ed s -way fro my t ( rir n at whch Southeat A.
Y A mUs today -enorsed the,
monthowd Harrie to tmy el t f when knees, and he wetd fall down United states ams- ela treat y organic" tlen Wl I
death wth their fists and belt n m u showed he died of again. n d M framed ea mn
kle. _I bem the Youths, l, n a n. p 'tpl o. t ttlly the mort sme t int =
.K0neth jamnies Brehwer, 1. no .ar eat .. bhebe, to ut th. e heaIdan th i sp t hn ato r p lea menfu utemtwonal onterence. of the nl luat .S.
and SBerjIatMI Wt MeorOw.,l at happMee. bcuebou d. .u tlnd-0 Auatralian External AtfairsY ar .As.b .
fae wthDew t mu r er M n aid he slapped the br by st r e t By thr Mania treaty we are Nse ahA
W. t- ef nwth rdhbef ior e fie o w.-d-en ma ybe three ortourt Men -countryhoe d.thathArness.inI. -- tutn ourselvesn.Intopnt
They aid Tommy anBnoyed to eat lunctthanthiOhters. They took the buckle eAnd of nuclear w arfare.sors that Th animal k dner-
them by nl o This and the fact that TOMMY, the belt and struck the baby o nuear ou. It defends I at-
htt168 t a A M colOue It defdlds.ltelthef it Is at- ur' 6s ree M
at m Aths, _tI Cldn't .e ral, times about the lx or- He said Australia welcomed tacked,' Casey said.
I So theyOA took him Into the byn uand slammed him a. last 'Mhuray by US. Secretary | Nationalist Chinese Foreign ..yfcS'
SPR L F 1 t floor of State John Poster Dulles and .Minister George C. Yand

Abeo soM is de -imindMo \

Mary e





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for "John 0.

-..-*. *
I. ~A d.


Where can you get such an investment?--




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rats mcnr


-Wynn Set For Johnny; CZ Boal Fans Gt6

StiOn Would Face Sal hance AlCourseing

U n ft LEO H. PETERSEN Boating enthuslats n the Ca-
Piress S pyo rt s P Edo nal Zone will have a last chance
United Press Sports Editor to register for a free course in
"Elementary Piloting" tomorrow
NEW YORK, Sept. 28. Giants manager Leo at 7 p.m. in Room 104 of the Bal-!
-"i oher, who has the unique opportunity to name boJniolle. citizens
p t only. his own but also the Cleveland Indians' years of age or older, the course
s Starting pitcher in tomorrow's opening game of the I onsored by the Canal
)(^Woyl Series, was expected to choose today either local unit of the United States
Sal Maglie or Johnny Anonelli. Power Squadrons, and covers
a agu or Jonny Anon ch subJects as: "Eauipment
f"' .lghthander Maglie (14-6) that, "This Is going to be a tough and ht s" "Rules of other' CRoad
W0.Iteb for the' Giants, Bob Series and it could go to he A "loat t s r and Pllotins "
,(23-7) will -hurl for the limit of seven games." nass," "Charts nd Piloting,
tW southpt Antonellil But odds-makers continued to andothers.
"W3!o'Ild be opposed by Early make the Indians the solid fa-' ,Clse wl meet.. e ,efo. on-^an
.#WynWtV'23l). ," vorites. In addition to the 17- 'a-h f h""" e h wk f.or a.
SleOeland manager Al Lopez, 10 odds favoring them to win the' 10 wee der J
so) brought his Solidly-favored Series, the odds-men also made SouadronCommander, R
01 AS n League thamplons to the Tribe e 6-5 favorites to win Browuothe Canhalized that
*I 4 r -Athis mornomig by train, the opening game. They quoted Squadronu boat handinex- that,
WrWhdelt possiblefor Durocher to 10-1 odds on the Indians sweep- n. e i. necessary, nor is it
) ftpU bhth openrint'game pitchers ing the first four games, 20-1 peroence is necessary, nor is it
Mi flen';Albe announced yesterday on the Giants doing the same esr the course .
0 tMldtmention of snatching Maglie thing. urnt the first retraton
with Lemon and 'Antonelli with "It doesn't look that way to During the first registration
Wynn reserving of course, the me,". insited Lopez when in- period, September 21, 25 pros-r
i s toThe Indians' favoritism was t rse
L Commenting that the top- based on their brilliant pitching
he 7. odd.avfritng the -staff, led by the "Big Three" of as a few spectators defiantly
In "tight to Lemon, Wynn, and Garcia, and waved Indians banners and some
me" Lopes obviously was hop- backed up py such famed veter- disgruntled Dodger fans booed
Sa*to gain a slight batting ad- an. as Bob Feller and Art Hout- and waved placards with such
Sa*, Ttge by these plans,. teman and such brilliant rookies levenrs as. "Our Hearts are still
* ,lemon and n'W n both are as Ray Narleski and Don Mossi. with the Bums."
,1,irifi nded Itchttrs. But Le- In addition, the Indians smash- More than 50,000 New Yorkers
.W ts left-hatitffd and there- ed the five-year reign of the and visitors are expected to lam
-I&tb flures to hiti 1tter Against New York Yankees as American the Polo Grounds for each of the
I~ fihdnder MagHetthAin ganst League champions by winning first ,two games. Crowds at Mu-
Jefthander Antonellf. Wynn,. on III games breaking the league nicipal Stadium for the third,
.lWW other hand, I a "switch" record of 110 wins by "the 1927 fourth, and (if necessary) fifth
'4 ttt'and could bit right-hand- Yankee team that included Babe ames are expected to aoproxi-
* ,V'aftnst Antonehell. Ruth. mate 80,000. The sixth and
'I 'mlf cher has p6rmised to an- On the other hand, Gaint seventh games. if necessary, will
-ntbmftb his starting pitcher at fans point out that the In- be played at the Polo Grounds.
-4*O e aid of the GCants' final pre- dians and Giants played each Since these are the two largest
Series workout this morning at other 31 times this year daring parks in each league and since
Sp roAunL d Lopez is spring tralinin-andthat the the ticket prices have been
S to fGow immediately Giants won 13 of these games. boosted this year, the total re-
a selecttln. Durocher, although brimming cetpts are expected to set a new
jM her won't be making a with confidence: b e a use he record.
last-minute pick he said as thinks his 'teaih has "the tools" That, in turn, will mean a
long ago as lest 8nday that he to win the Series, wasn't attach- new record winning share of
already had sidd the choice In ing too much significance to about $10,000 a man, topping
his mind. that record. the record $8,280.68 check
Whichever .pIagg combina- In the spring, .you're playing picked up by each of the win-
tion is picked fotjhe first game, to get the team in shape and the ning Yankees last year.
'f-L # ftIhL r' O AtoneDlb pitchers are just 'experimenting The Giants are out to improve
the o!A `'comb atlon is instead of beatingr down," said on a poor World Series record.
-d td r. t't0e second Leo. "Y'ou juWt don't' play the They've wgn 14 pennants in
af n Thdt rV,; which also game the damelway. The Indians modern times, but only four
*will be 'played "it the Polo will play it differently in the World Series. The Indians have
3 s.When~tp .scene shifts Series but then, so will we." won every World Series they've
o leveand's Municipal Sta- The Giants were given a Series played in but have played in
uum for thV titif game on Fn- send-off yesterday in a parade only two.
t n Qomes up Broadway and a City Hall This year's Series will be car-'
M t afnnd '1Mike reception where Mayor Robert ried by television to every stateI
Isac (19-8) o.f the Indan FA Wagner told them, "all New in the nation. In addition, it
1* a Wl e "fe hurling Yorkers want to see the Giants will be carried by 753 radio ta-
ials. .,, bring the world championship tions in the United States 100
The Indians underwent a drill back to Nc, York." in 14 Latin American countries,
yesterday at Cl land an4 at m r's words were soe- 79 in Canada, four in Alaska,
the end were warned by Lopez what beIed during, the parade and two in Hawaii.



Dine and Dance from 8:00 p.m.

Tesis-Martinez 8o

To Receive 2 &L4e

CHAMPIONSHIP HOPES Challenger 'rdro ?Mart lne goes
through a brisk glove session with welterweight Florentinp
"Baby" Hawkiis as he prepares for his 15-round championship
bout with titleholder Pedro Tesis Sunday night at the Colon
Arena. Hawkins, one of the better e alltst, decisioned
Ernesto Reid at the Panama Gpi last Sunday.

beautiful silver trophies which will be awarded to the prize win
ners of the Gamboa Club Championship Golf Tournament no
underway. Qualifying rounds were played over the past week
end with D. Deane emerging the medalist. First round match
will be played this weekend.

LAM and his Orchestra

' ,-




SDressen Signs

S2-Year Contract Wi

Trpe Washmgton Senati s

The winner of the Isidro ...
Marines Pedro Tes If-round muwto I .
feather wegt championship W e Th ptS (UP) disco four different bi
The Washington Nat have a 1ague club, approachedhi
battle Sunday night, Oct. 3, at new m oner. pt season nLaklan& Heh
t C Colon Arena will receive or t s pad seo ,Okland. He
two beautiful C lo ver trehie 1t Former rooklyn pilotOaley msIt all u B ng.-"X
be tl er e. an a signed two-yeamr- Iavt been a "
was learned today. conStract to mi the m eor- y t ong
from this fight will go to the ln Lhelrub- al 2 -b-is ---
fund for. the ultur mated at $5,000 er year. i Ta
for delnquen oys. Vice-Prdent Cal Griithof u l 2
National Guard Chief CoL the Nate made the announce-
Belivar Vallarl ofPaaa e at news conference InL Over o ea
St for the w nne of the f lar f th fred B
= y. Sf ked About -e York. e se h lv#4ast F Brooklyn,
fi hta manager rom 1d1t4od 1n. He 'sYOr ot.38 (i
ht. w pennants the last twoyasJo, Sept. i h (UP) .-
n their fi rst meeting, Tests but t tothe Yke s a Wll ,
won on a TKO with only see time in the World Series. last expected to e the ~hi
onds remaining after an epic fall, Dresen Brookln after fo te Syrace tehtonight
struggle. Up to the time the contract dispute. Chr ey s the MontrealRoy s, down twoil
bout wa stopped, the fight managed the Cincd, games to Oeo, wre down two
was a thrilng seesaw affair. fro. rm 1934 Ctoo with m W ted to
This time the boys are re- Dressen spent the 194seamon Roeb 'of CreS 0., in their
ported to be in even better as manager of the Oakland A- ovewrs final es.
shape and a repeat perform, corns of the Pacific Co A- st The winnerof the st-of.
ance is almost certain. How- League Will the on to meet
ever, the unexpected can never Reports of a return to -the the Louisvi ollue oe, wintee
be discounted in a boxing majorleagues be cr t of the American Assaton
match and this contest could last week when resen a leintyo nhe"Little SWorld
end_ in an early knockout. in New York. Owner Oriffith a. Series. 'e World
The expertt" are almost mitted Oharley was one prospect The Bwoyals, defeat, off,
unanimous In predicting that By a quirk of -oincidence, the champions must iwin ,z= It-,or
this fight will go at least ten 56year-old Dresn seps nto f ce p e meliminaot o
rounds because of the excellent the shoes of a former boss. He I e
h b8%" He i Lowignight.f -Roebuck sarts
shape being displayed by both coached under Harris in 1941 tonight be will becon
s .the Yankees, ms Iger Max Maon has his
ket for the bout are As for his new job, Dresen back to the Wal and must
ready atle at ,the Caa said -"I got what I asked for." counter with his best.
Manhattan in Coln. More Chuck adds he did not ask for a In last night's game, Glenn
will reon sie all day Sun- three-year contract. Charley Cox pitched the firt five in-
ody (from ajm. at he Co- says he will pick coaches at a nings, but let the ame losing,
on Arena. later date and explains the 1-0. Lefty Ken Lehman took
S m *Walshington club is 'ot entire-wover and matched bir Jim 0-
The semifinal will be be- ly strange" to him. wens, named the international
teen the promising Jose Ed- Drss says -'Whe I was iLeague's rookiee of the year"
win andWilfredo Brewster over with keesI remember lastweek, until third baseman
the\ eight round route at 145 seeing :d1 Yost and Mickey Forest Smith tagged him for a
pounds. Edwin was the ama- Verofl ,.3Porterfield pitched basses empty. homer n the so-
tr welterweight champion off6r'#'%y thenn" Dressen venth that gave Srac e -a 2-1
Central America and the Caib. victory and the lead in games, 2
bean at the last "Olympics" in to one. The Chiefs had five hits
Mexico City. S Rj3 iflv SA&i to the Royal's nine.
Two founr-round preliminar- VJ II The linescore:
les are also included on this Montral 1 2
star-studded program. General The .a. ty Volleyball Syracuse 000 100 10-2 5 0
admission Is only one dollar League f' wung into ac- Cox, Lehman (5) and Thomnp-
($1) with ringside seats scaled tion laikt band for the son. Owens and Lonnett. LP -
at $3 and $2.50._ ope ning < we re Pres-Lehman. HR Smith

S-ident "C..B...... r Giscombe I
Sand other" Mrs. Una STADINGS
ne 5 L Ji Genored t Teams Won Lost
S" Mrs. ore served the first Syraeuse 2 1
ball over the nt and it was re- Montreal 1 4
ow Py H HI turned betecombe.
k-5 Ilr iurau e BokW ormsSandy.SaddleM US s
he lmndL between the dnu 'r
e ....I ---wy-y g ir With C, i.
Balboa Bigh anJplor High and 15-. b h wi5 W&
SScools intramui program for' acond g -Ame een CARACAS. Sept. 8, (UP) -
14-556 got underway. lat week te St. Joseph CYO and the Bandy Saddler last night knock-
with 176 boys placed on teams. Teo 9. The first half was won ed out Baby Ortle of Mexico in
Touch football is the first sport by CYO 1to 13. The second the third round of a scheduled
offered. wa rt to Teso 15-11, and the ten-round non-title bout.
George Case, Intramural dl-third by CYO 15-8. Saddler, world featherweight
rector, has been busy all week The third game was, between champion, put Orti through the
checking the height, Weight, and the Chrit Church Atomiceos and ropes with a punch right after
age of all the boys so that they the Rainbow City High School. the start of the third round. Or-
will be placed in leagues with Atomicom took both halves 15-6 tis was counted out draped on
other boys of comparable sie. and 15-0 the ring apron.
Three leagues have been formed
with the largest boys in the BOW THEY STAND BROOKLYN, Sept. 28. P) -
Class A league; middle sized boys Unbeateh Carmelo Costa, tenth
in class B; and the small ones Teams Won Lost ranking featherweight, laAfnight
'n te class C league. Junior College 1 0 earned a split decision gva-kOene
Beginning on this Monday, C.Y.O. 1 0 Smith at the Easterw Pgkway
there will be four games play- Atomlcos 1 0 Arena.
ed each evening that weather Teso 6 0 1 Costa, 129/4, outpunched
permits. The first two games will High School 0 1 Smith, 129, during the last three
begin at 3:30 pjm. and the last Teachers 0 1 roundsto gain the hod.
two at approximately 4 p.m. The
games will be refereed by Mr. I" "
Mikulich and Mr. Case. Any boys
who have not signed up for in- I
tramural and would like to take
part, see Case at the Balboa gym
thiser; sr t o BODY ad SOUL.... MISTRESS OF AN EVIL ERA!
Other sports to be offered dur-,
wring the year are:. water polo,I m hi l

GETTING THEIR MAN John Futhey, Princeton backfielder,
is tackled by mfullback Angelo lannucci and end Vic Lomakin
(left) of Rutgers after Futhey took a pass from Royce Flippin
for a gain of five yards. Action occurred in the first quarter
of their game at Princeton, N.J. Princeton won, 10-8.

. The Best Food In Town

some Of Our SPECIALS






fROI 7". TO9 P.M.

TeL 3.1405

^. J---
IT'--'.~rfw Bf .-* -rw~-* ** -.., '4

!AYw -

RIOORDS RXAK Al Lopez manager of the Cleveland In-
dins (center). ymbolcally "breas the record" after the In-
dians d-t-- the Detlt TlIgers for their 111th win of the sea-
m. breaking tb Yankees' 1927 record d of 110 wins. Helping
him i Early Wyne (right', and Bobby Avila (left,. one of the
batt o a In the 11-1 victory at Cleveland.

, ,.-' .





I I ,






* Mido.Mul ifrt

At's meeting' held at the 3al-
boa wlng ente, tM.e alba
Mens $ owlin 14a ome, ry
dhead the
league or the enaingl yEd-
ward schirnme was elaeono as
iest icdkt and C. A. (*c.-
oraaees 4WtteMI5
dore Albritton was thleen to be
the La sbtab U n o
he member reeled w the preae
money .froS tal Irt _umI
ession es .& : ~ _The
RaUlroatdis" t ca talned by
Ted A lbritton won the veted
anrmny atoes for baofig copped
first place with t.l t out eof
a oedbl, 0.lTe .hel "JVy Bogers"
team with 37 oite swan run.-
ner up. The "Hot .Rods m te
took high honors for theh t
i mhe ers -with tshe l'obs"
took the high eingla afr.
Te Iauie Intend to tart It's
regular 1954-B5 season on Thurl-
day ept. 30 using alleYs 7 to I
at the Balboa Bowline Center.
The Balboa Men's Leatue is the
oldest oranulzed bowlltn league
on the lsthmus. startlan with
a nnnumbet of bpwlinr enthusltats
on the Old bowling alleys In the
Balboa Clubhouse nd xrowine to
-an 8 team lewue when the Bal-
bot Bowling Center was estab-
lished. "
The league is open toS 'bwert
of all averages and applicants
for membership should contact
the Secretary for consideration
when vacanees occur. As the
league sto a member of anid o_-
stes under American Bowlinr
Congress rules. It cannot accept
applications from-bowlers who
partictloate in unsanctiloned
The annual meeting of the
Pan Canal Bowling Association
of which R. J. Balcer Is nres-
Ident, will be held at the Diablo
Heithts Service Center on Sat-
urday, Oct. 2. at 3:00 p.m. ,
The association is the local
governing body of the American
Bowling,. Conerea under whose
Jurisdiction all organized bowl-
ingl i held. The association is
composed of a set of officers.and
San Executive Committee and
hold an annual City Association
* Tournament. to which at affl-
l athd.boletsn ae eligible.
The last such tou.asment Was
neld'j ebru at Albrok
Air e ase.-Tr1 ph1e4,5 f -
lswhed by the Assoon were
awarded the winners of the va-
rious contests in the teaI. dou-
bles and' singles events and cash
rizes, furnished by the en-
trance fees paid by the con-
testants, were awarded the win-
The meeting next Saturday


Ffj* u a sr. ,V aM -oxE3-I- *----- -- -

W ". ..." .


"S *.-.,

S-T .Succ- ess. : o

Tourny Success; Hoverson-Comp ion Ia
.-. ..^ r


Allan. Team

Tw i t... Twidrl it...* i...
SeWthe sllar en the V40 Nk"se Ceery
slhts wo't wfeM. ever
You ea bend It or twist it-ive it the
- roughet treatment, but the revolutionary
new collar on the Van Heum. Century
shirts won't wrinkle..e Neither at
nor humidity ca m it wilt. Also ask
for Van Housen ipt sirtS, P iM
sa& UA VWme r, Uedfiww,'b Avegw-.r
&an haadkerlesfa

Letter B,,x
By Vernal Jones

This year they had the hitting
Casey Stengel has proven full of
So all the Yankees needed was:
The pitching silenced the Yanks'
S big bat
So Stengel could never keep on
his cap
And as a sign he kicked his
For his pitchers to get them out
on strikes.
Poor Casev. I know exactly how
The way the Indians Won their
games In spurts
So ais year there was only
Over in the Yankees dressing
And so the faithful Cleveland
With all the money in their
Even money from the kiddies'
Bet it all they beat the Giants.

-- hi ~- -- -



1 5

* (

SAdvertising dollars do a BIG
JOB when you use HOC to
reaeh the multillion dollar
Panama-Canal Zone market.
HOC hAs more listeners
than any other English language
Station in this BIG market...
has all the top-rated
programs... And, there's more
o wing... And, gives you a
llsteners. Yes... Sponsors
6n HOG radio...

wil set te date a r o e r et
tousiament to e he le The npopulr anual Mi M
the pce. ne mater of. the ort Broo e olfi To ura
c-t-rovery. coMig the eli- meant again ended n a aue-
ll atyof ertai bo le pa- tful note Sunday at the Braaoe
clp t t inU anou aed tay Brook Country Club. Tht yer'
a ieU other m tt of I- reenwal was won b Jim over
portance will be bW ht up forlson and wood Compton whe
aun aid T of Dm- andreddy Meliner-up Ui
ta a we a-memer leaguethe the finals.
repeeatatve are urged to at- The wines were eah pres-
tend. ente a ew Mide MW& lUfrl
watch byt Csmlle' Jewelry

Aft f U AWIreceived a Pleasiof ,sterlini
l A n M Meinger played
ob ... .. ..ves.on I -but
l-li M--akkf f- lit T"nt quite good enough.
At NMIt"rll The winners were a bit better,
The Atlantic h f as l ootl k .75 without a birdie
eAa Twilight. Baseball s ond MS pas only on the
a officials announced that onde 3th and 17.
heir lat 154 meetin will be Afterlosingthe first hole to
tM the Margarita lu spar, AlnoandMsl r too
t U t 7. p._.M yimpor-No.Iaona par and No.3 ona
t.fac e league birdie. N. 4 was halved and
.for the c .iti.ang oeas the mot Noverson and Compton took the
important of which Is the alters-next three holes to so two up-
ttoi done to Mt.LHopeS tdi Allan ad Melalner used their
which do not provide foW grand one stroke handicap on .the
stands in back of the aiWmi.Ud eighth to gO into the ninth only
nor provide ample b c Asm Pone down.
space. .. Allan nd Meliner won the'
e aue officials are trying to tonth to even the match. They
figure out how much more sx- remailed. even through the
pense will be involved to over 134h Then Doveme and
the loss of foul balls hit behind Fo k the 14th and
the te. fitoa d
_.erUi lowtothen11h and
AtlanticTwilightLAeman- wonout 1-Ulwhien the final

purchase franchise are urged to The cards:
attend this meeting, ParT 444 354 345-36
Compton 454 354 346-37
Allan- "
Meilslge 543 385 445-39
Par 443 544 534-36--72
Compton 543 544 544.-38.-72

In The

Svy Footballils More

Than Pressure Type,

Bertelli, Lauding Eli
NEW YORK, Sept. 28 (NEA)
IHerma Hickmn e~~- ft, it seems,
more than a' laughing populace
when he pulled stakes at YaIle 1
two years ago.
Htekman who chose television,
left the Eus with the first bona- I
fide football coaching staff they
have owned since Greasy Neale
was an assistant in the mid-130's
to Ducky Pond and developed the I
great Clint Fraik.
Hickman's last acts before shov.
ing off for the silver menace in
your living room were to bring .,r
in Jordan Olivar and aides Jerry [ -
Neri and Angdlo Befit e who a.
was Frank Leahy's first tailback "
at Notre'Dame and in his junior 142 i
year became the Irish's first T
quarterback. Olivar, the Phi Bete -
Kappa from Villanova via Loyola "
of Lo Angeles, wasr'named head
man as.. a ,sort .of emergency'-
measure.. 1 '
lio skhWk organizing and.
shiar tutoring lifted the Blue
from a mdribund outfit with a de- i .
featlst complex to a -crisp 12--2
mark throughout the two years I
of his reign. And there are ex- l i
ceptlonaliy bright prQspects for |
the immediate future. ;, as
Bertelli, who is taking time out i S e
this fall to expand his New Jer ey 1.
liquor'store chain, worked with ;
the New Haven freshmen Auat au-I T a -
tumn, and testifies that the Ells -. bJorda 4
easily could be the surprise ofthe
Ivy League.
I out -that Jordan tip.oal decathlon
has some sophomoreslike the July ~4
ones who usually migrate to thi Lewis, 195, does
Big Ten. Notre Dame or ball regalia n 10
Southeastern Conference. He rat- 100 offers was si
ties off names Quarterbadks Penn State.
Dean l4ouck and Chaltey eet, "I'. teu you,
Halfbacks Dennis McGilli, D n said A iteul # .
Griffith 'and Al Walker; Fullback Dame on atri
teve Ackerman; and End Paul Nero boys have
SCta.h h fIre, but this one
of national promi
Bertelli found Ivy League foot- Bertelli wasb i
ball much morefun than the high. young Terry Brei
pressure game played elsewhere.- to succeedLeahy
"It's informal he explains. at Notre Dame.
"The Yale kUds call Joran, a thought the
wonderful man, Ollie, just as the i llEarley. theI
Princeton kids address Charley he said. "enM
Caldwell- by his first name. It 'school, but he
n't Coach This or Coach That. herenot l ong ago
the boys play because they like !m alt
to or because their fathers played .nYoucn, ht T
or' .m account of tradition. Most You cice" T
of them would be delighted just a godcon'it m
to'e ,photographeina toNotre Dame."
I '1 of t kin .can't be I --,
driven and handled like young Along The
men having free- rides on fotbal I- -l
scIolarships. The job calls f iI
coaching and Isychology, and Jor WG -
da, who hae been, is-a master of PWGA GOLF V
getting the mot out of a squad AND- O "
f ti r FI" : FI GHT FOR IM


m year 4w*

I 4 & L Pho 2.3066




i championship,
s the 100 in foot-
seconds flat, had
supposed to go to
here Lewis is,"
'He's at Notre
ick scholaranip.
played there be.
wil be the first
Silence "
surprised when
mnnan was named
as head .oach
job would go to
backfield coach,"
n was after me
e came through
o and impressed
erry Brennan is
ike mistakes at


The Black Warriors, weak de-
fense in the closing stages of
their soccer encounter Friday
enabled the Red Devils to keep
their undefeated status intact
when they squeezed a Jast min-
ute goal for their fourth win
of the current intramural league
for class "A" boys.
The Devils, although victo-
rious, were outclassed by the
Warriors as far hs team tactics
were concerned.
Poor luck played havoc with
the Warriors from the inception
of play. They dominated the
situation throughout the first
period, setting the ball through
the fullbacks with some fine
shots, which sometimes hit the
goal posts, and at other times
just missing by two inches or so.
George Hinds. Lionel Blades
and Elmer Gordon were rather
aggressive all afternoon, em-
ployinc a long pass that worked
magnificently. But lady luck,
which tolled for the Red Devils,
proved the deciding factor.
Gabriel Mendoza, a busV inner
ct forward for the devils' eat-
fit, was the man who found the
range for the winning goal.v,
The Primrose Girls volleyball
eight, playing under the cap-
taincy of Veronica Walker and
moved to the top of the ladder
by virtue of their second con-
secutive win Thursday. Their
victims vere the formidable Pa-
lomas u under Adellsa Ioyce. They
were a .Ulittle off when niavliOR
the net. The result 15-12,10-15,1
15-13 .. .


The undersigned hereby advises "'
the general public tlha -

is no longer an einploye of Transporte
Baxter, S.A. and nto obligation or respond*
sibility is accepted for any debts or other
transactions in which he may incur.

*onsportes X ir,
-- ^ ^ ^ I I I ** '^^ *^A ^l^ -^i^ ~ i

You can't afford.

yesterday's tools

for fodayf's
figuring problems.. .

Sve mney

A Bunough Diek Addin-Sub'
-tact Machine, fr xakmpls wa
turn out a hu voahml wak Is
a fraction of the time handl m&
renieMo M pe ewtt pWoke
mtaon neo prot f M A*e it
to prove fws ouwh. idvtslM
... how itjppt f iW

ASk yOer irreuglb Ma to yweswtw-*


ICIIC F--- a- -a

' 495 '" -.qi-r. -~~-- ~,~~~~ a~~

I I III I II I I I I r I ----- I I I I I --- -----~---- --------- -- -- ~nF-m ~



-- ~-- -i --r

Spooner Should* Bqj !:

There SoonerFor BumS

By UAlRY GRAYSON 'We, I B a .ritU
NEW YORK, Sept. U (NEA)- a ttlwf. Ae rwyaa.o.
Krl Spooner st offl a rash of es sapU catk es
elllg in Brqoklyr when it woa as phe u a m .aso ws&i
too late. L anauaiu, h.e can 1)6 u
"Spooner should been here lea oul s uli. 4 -suk
sooner," was the cry when the roil andssa m smm s .s (a8 .
23-year-old left-hander up from Wnue Mroolu, n. to1p 6 M
Fort Worth struck out 15 Giants lt ior q ,pa.$I aai,
in his major teague bow. cefowat bia
He's faster than wa r Rex Bar- pitcher ir ah ks60
ney," says Roy CaaapaleUa o e ruua*a .#O A 60

I liked best wa the way he came Ald fox Grfflta-
over with the curve when he got like ihu, wio ap. re.
behind. I tested him. I wanted. e maUa, -K tas
to see his change-up when he Sota uw mu an*. M.
behind. He got it over. He'll be spendW & i 41Lm% more a
great." lir a bvo" 40e841-
At first glance, young Spooner anudo O -A00sl s..
seems a iar cry irom a drrt-class ____________________
atuete. He po" ses onVy seven
teeth of au own. hii ee are a
Ai& as a horse player's wallet. So
flat, in tact, unlt no wears xo(t.- .d *-' ._
ban snoes with baseball spikes for yi
support early each season. w
Iaere is positively n o-t h ing LONDONX -4(N) -
wrong wita ooners arm, how. the torn S-eArll it'v3
gavel, and he nas tho cockiness of re pr wen 4 *xk -A M M
tne grand competitor. l
"I think I can win ue p hasere," .'e Is, iiso"
he says. "I won in the Taexas an,' HM"6"1a -
League pretty good, and, 11 ike r,,.l Gi- w' ie --T
Campanela tells me; if 1 got 'eam --(arin U-- eq- L
out oown there, I can get eam ou thea ... sem
-up er' arrange nervous u*
Spooner, who established a Tea. view oward oterm g ei
as League mark with M strike .aryl0g P1war.A AMi.
outs, cost tMe Urookyn club ex- role has 4140 under t s
acuy Mu. It justoox a little ldg- meon. :.
ging by. a coxmesent bird dog.
treg MuluUe& old 'riple A.i --.
lad in 19N, uepred a $500 bonus. Enc tm0 Twy.
Spooner pointed out Mat he had WABOOI -
a ** dentist bi, so bcout Mullea -.. -
vy tacked on an extra C note to DenO C. eefealfi
clinch wHe bargain.
Buzzy Davasi, the Brooklyn ^tobert a|
vice-president, says he would
have brougut Spooner up earlier,
exceptl ta&% tne young man was IDAL -,Today J i
on Ue shelf with a anee injury ',MTN
for nearly two months. ^ A ....rD
Spooner's confidence isn't Urn. C Wpoers -I11 !9
itea to his blazing fast ball. He UMn OF WAMUir
doubled in his first time at bat in
the majors. "TAtK ThAILM s sh
"Cal you hit?" he was asked.


--- =~- -~-- ..

'p7 y

iDlSAPPtAR~ICNACT-Dueking a cose pitch by dene Coley
of IBi"rav.Alvinark of the Giants prPctically aies
the Polo Groi Umpire Babe Pineh caUled at ballsDe
Crandall, glove above the umpire's head" mitted it (NA) .

* ,i Sr L "

' I

V< ..A.

.' -" .


- "" r'-r ",


L em on

I te 15 .d Sei e .AN INDEPENDENT i :N DA LY.Mz- .
-iaet thf2lo Grounds tomoriow .' 00 Chin

ul eh tonellwas' TWNTrY-NINTH R PANAMA, l P.,TUElMDATY,PTEMBER tS,lM 1..^ r -J aI|5, brought Into I
I ente following L workl 1D-~rW W'v eliye e I'd
bit by the Giants this morn-

~. ee.....a lr ndhs "-e by il ol Drart."

and he fair is to en.Joseh R. McCarthy plans lm F. Knowland (R-Caluf.) and committee." egaged in picklng the: pets h' bmy
purpose tletic equip a stiff battle against the sug-Lynon B. Johnson (D-Tex.) Sen. Sam Ervin Jr. (D-N.C. e taxpayers and the f10 tpi p ays Dr. Nat
funds or a trtt mnasum. tested censure of his official The Democrts National committee member: "The o lootover o the m Na- -
I th n organized conduct b thWkin cor- Committee likewise withheld mDttee acted s lely 28,the on Committee r h drouh t intose
'self b ut hll th e m o re slg a

a nd friends of the mittee the Chicago Tribune re- comment. of evidence...its actions wre S 'Jor h
forfthe ledIta

Sis headed b Mrs. Irving In a store from Washington, a powerful and respected figure en. Edward The (: Carth sha have
tt the Tribune oted McCarthy a in the senate, said at Atlanta he 'r have confidence in the co- forward t the time with e popular be-

.. t saying that eate vote of cen- feels "reasonably sure" the ten- hnitet...therefore the olmeit- teee o baek up sach charts. It* hower.r th other snses
mIeans f change, different to sure against him would mean ate will back up the comteteeyte's recommendations carries ao yewholiviartotantOe e'l d earke1
Poana scene will be high- that the Senate had given up although he said he did not great Weil- weight. I ^el it "The mm tbers of the subcom- lerynhog te m br ope. We are two
"h-Uras well as door prizes, muct "spw"one enoh o ower to nestigate want to prejudge the asue. He d be improper to comment tte were senators represent- Ju o hampered by vision.
11us foods, and variety acts. matters in the executive branch would not say how he will vote. Sather..." ing the peo le of a sovereign rI can establCa Ush dir i ,ea ,S39""/t.
day will boast different at- of the government Zwicker sal4 at Chieago he Sen. Karl E. Mundt (R-8.C.), state, it aded. -The were per- fIn otjhe-r5 h) teaho smyels
actons. The fair will begin at "If he Senate upholds this "naturally t was pleased wth chaomman of the Army-MCCarthy forming oto ielal dutrs of the or "ie Er see %o g
Safternoon and last into report," the Tribune quoted the committee's recommend- earnings: "I want to read the e senator Is erth- aturaUa ..'
fnlght. McCarthy, "it will have gone tion. as far as they eonerned full rert beforprtore comment th oeaus 01 hi5. oor my o tah bfor e ad
.a long way toward abddistion him. Zwicker, who was en cen St.uart Symilagton (- n, but this d not sptherhhe, stpc
,riday at 3. to commemo- of its constitutional right to route eto a new assignments In Mo.)e who .clashed rer atedly intvo his conduct, and outward i i lmt
e 2nd Anniversary o the investigate wrongdoins in the the Far East, refed the it e Constitution exprctbto t onl
SBoy Scouts there will be executive departments." comment. y-McCarthny hearsin: "No mkes the guardian of t : oit o -
de from De Leaseps Park, McCarthy is bein treated at Sen. Ralph E. Flanders (R-coulent." honor. p rr ohruom hmtihteeere or rrDR.NArTANDet oBAB*"Vieirb s
4 1Iouts, G irl Scouts and the Washington tor a sinus ailments c ensure charges, was "very well Predcted senate will hold "It is the opinion of re *elect mtirateonoro- h? y- a other's life, and 12 grand- ready to liv
obaerns Band will take part. McCarthy, according to the pleased." He said the judicial cenainre. Action isjustife, but mitte that these charges of ne raht unasrt chtddae ld- It hand whenevn
rival at the school at 4 Tribune, said the censure meant atmosphere in which the hear- wont hurt McCrthy use tical waste and dishonest noth traord t Albert as br- Dete
alongee warwaized to ward abi h a u. n er h ol awehe cnseor tuaritoet miton eeali iknoeriebtm mthis doesom ar the read of blood presur eon
atrtmon of their camping fight any move to limit the S ensure much stronger, set-those for him are for him iuncia ry and unjust ed." t ou not ehiDlal. Beforeilt i
TIes nd fiersafy f ate's power to h nvesi I ar Easre edorte or 10 ar ce, thoe aet him The itecbl e o
t dBo .Sc outs t oer a bet eetb wh let d m smrieesom e roa-ste cod-g r arren th a ei bsM. t.The rdithavsm f lba mli n closdn ly -Oan hy l n on
ra om a be essMps. par, Mcnth iT r beinttredatyed at hmSenalhid ob. Flanher (IR avconfien ce"e inthonor. ctH agirer e- s.hrgs :shou evber i DR N AS bn :ispoem salegea

u meannd...eateshelf b acku he of areeommtheiosoaa
an aters erfom- ested tod the Sen- ou, contumous attitude to vote nt the elect so still as not answer the H oes howe reresen w
tes nb cenl w iSoue ts ani- te hashingtn for a ths aiglment iciarasul chnestis t"er omie othe arei senateow i. potp t rel qit i. te raihe r ofp i th mihesectjsle yo u owse a- st her ed -bvion
as Fai r. tsdees, n"ot maoitth t coidtees i r ofg the Senate ewhoilityjtd ei merrhemtrti'sg ra aa bdalt oaa to heg ytea wtee th eh senator e me e v at

uods andht will takre pat. Cmarthy. ecigotherebn p olase. hoe s oidl"etre Ah o sotefhe but co. mitne thag tese chfa se ofvre ai hto u mnsee n. e sh i Bfh. nedd
aivaln at the stcel at-ftrune si M rthe ctlensr eat ospees hinwhich ar-oh en' Thurt eCa rty becs po.ohstitic.alat addisthatoe s t r cisdthig etard ad Alewas nae billade te n hae di apth

airio a la. oe r do curb investigative a "workmanlike Job." b will mttee: "The important thinto c tuted. It, sd further, Mc -otlleen Y tot bdbee hs poems.
igA pora assist lany admuin stra- "consider carefully" any ars w American aeGple s theAfn t Carthy hld a"duty" to testify The dext ty of this blinddo- other's htn lo e.

show Ibasinog e tion in power tho cover u Its mient on the eate floor but the ,iant scommaun m. a t ead did not have to beubpe- -tor is only matched by hi hu- HeWa elected deputy wbef re

afte roenr and laR sera will b re prt," h th T quotd the committee' n was r ecmmen of the Belnge:"Iatett he a nte ntaction group a0 cla w ckr wnoars W u onde ot- he Necraly A1 7, Sm 1 4 deA
Ssthe Centr a ,e u Mccarthy said i rr the evidence "seems to show ncon- llpart 't s been ned. ilty. The confidence and ref- Untn, hejfedthebusy life hhe war on an Independent

'daY night will b TrpeoTribune story.m d trovertibly that the senator from pnayeu by Senator McCarhhy. It's etdu on fhis t entoiewr Ordfr a rcou dte ont Anero. Netn the tIcket an is I oM -
featuring a buffet of Caromment by individual se on- W isconsin adoted a contemptu- t0bad that the S enate wd n't ee id T he committee said Mcarthy wtohn evset rw en ar eed miife daot r oAfr unieirl oni
at 3h.. to puto enSaw r. n no18o
n ant h dishes and ors Indicated toRda the Sen- ous, contumacous, attitude to- vot e un after the elects" so stilh not oeanswndred e does, however, represent na ho aikept abet- the a
n dancers perform- ate is wn for a hote t whether wa o uEstly rtefo pe "ste tihewtha aothyie t oe Se C si
Ical dances of the various t meets next month to aonsid- tee of the Senate without rea- repr nta can h t the elections subcommitteernalt the sigt ofyste Je ity-t devlo nients d Fc^ ne,
Aeniionvsarsecymitoe:htewiuringhelaodetectable to t-i aveocnll ae .
of Spain. o r censure actn ainst Mc- son or se icaton and was en e e (rd-Ore) Whether funds ven h tIo o seidrhed toIa l t o sand 14 oculiots could ttn
nday night will feature a Carthy. thereby obstructive to legislative who fle seome theo re flht communism had been us d of hs 0-yer-old wife, Louse, eve his ht -
r' anS4h a neo The srefu sed to take an immediate Goreen: "I am in fayor of rati- room for douSet abaet the factw Whether"certain of h s of-t
y from 8- p.m. withstand on the special committee fying the committee's recoi- that M rt h eoliuete dal aties were motivated age of 44. isent eraled round me. to the cue ofthe blind.
letsindinlml a report. But t was plain from menations unless Id hear cn- hemsannm byelf-terest"; .peeo el en d to o -
Te, ublc is Invite their reaction that the Senate evincing arguments for some th- g a seo otpoistnemsent eti r certain, ofhlse -e mate is his second wife, Man: practice medlne without ,the -.
a l the aver Fair. Reserva- will not match the committee's er course of action." of ic tethe Senate lith ntl t'vities ei n senatorial election et0 years hi Junior.She lht of dy," he recas. At r Mimika ese a sta
so' the bue. Ts ma1 -b le unanit tmity. Bhe arrest: Does not beve t the arfe dtl was d a ofon c li mpi cl wen e i w arem helped him overcome hre dee&p -some of his patients c
'ther"Dougtr ed The report recommended cen- .committee foud ffilent gfD:m o th: ip Idslea' fear dr to mtven qn. Ale' nres er l 1 y
or through sure on two giroeunds-that Mc- rounds for ensur. "I do not o the t 'On the Zocker count, rthe ade an he, c t oo o aac. e ss nt a veger an, e s a non-
ei n a. d archal arthdy tted te t of gre wth the theory of con- The committee found that committee said McCarth knew espr which beset him wen certified midwife and a nue, smoker. Hs great relaxation Is
t l he te a nd tha he abused uinl senato exept for Carthy, n his attack on the 'fore he questioned the enera

L 4. G en.ral Zawreh, Rwce.r in ques- Iave reana" Zwlken was "a elections subcommittee and ts I hat Zwicker had been ordered "My e her mae e econ. Two nurs anst, heIs very proud of hav ing
f sho, w c se.e wtin) notoess..eion to cooderatrl e drice ron was ct s an- ar-old son- besi seersudlere s The clinic runn onda com- ade him onp-
Ats. fmlo sector indicated they with Sentor tthy..and contumiou, and denunciatory mor n Peress, tagged b carthyo nir tY is
Shsag a a d kt pw oit u no But the ma-i hosrgtiit to be j n- eand was obstructive I to thie 'ti nist."i
variety ishow a o y af a i w thheld comment at i"considery.." lative process." "" I h I" 0u I0 III II
could study heIt said Mcarthy's letters toIandi mae koepa
y nigelr lifeuards w ill be rep oortribu neina myJudgmentwaslascasenofrtheIletSonatgrouprar"early ZwlcVerwasa"rloyal and oute EHT
S-or will makes "vigorous and n." It is "very doubtful" that cungthesubommittee, accus- there W no evidence thyato..fc-m00 .1heP.
o'Sb.paihdwand ,ofrsrindt ed f a vtoa touMcCarthiy's failure to appear be- Inl these committee officers of Zswicker was lying, while the sei Shows: 1e.2e:4p5-. Adm. Prices: .75-W.40
a n sp-rordm Oae s O wndLcomplyotwithwensrdenlleconstucommit-ethe eate1te i rtee d shwhedn
ti desPof theepro. wush Ato lestrp two hothdarm--the-would wrrnt censure." mn wnsthebr ire bodofthelleles, hnndegto
oair nm, Jssr tther Wtl- A. W Roberteaon (D-Va.)-- foes not ink t"uroer tha proceed in o hderly fs Io in subomteeIn fen, or to data.
oltmorVc hlo, 1i be s aid their present disposition is comment before Shenate meets. complete thelr duties". m r t BoIhetherndsg doe
e0 eOrphan- to vote for censure. Two others- "I obeliet'ive It would have been Marthy hiaed written thefo ,h.cou de
rdgo Fnihtwrlf at ur Barreto (R-yo.e ansd Tbetter had th sete elections subcommittee its nbves- Pair
Man ofacM to soewhiuch getsrcss e m ocikver b.hiren ta tioed r ses o thro t aTon wasor ro ichtlitiefat hcly. aisr id by hldit."ndsar Suc e
at 8sp.m.,ol i be dicated they would oppose the report prionr to the election, o he said that2inspent m bn r herCelete ON NRresd e o
reporttra* Autmii wnashplfrom nche o eunlesrsod tobearc ey to inquire e riunteo hh mbe l Ire
& tra';i. Am sirvn wil. Among the noncommital were templated Wofhen the iSenate re- w e "guiltyoat stealili os st earieo tio",r lls
B .. A-.oTher epoMr trecommendedy Rosdn-cthb2ittheee PanaDmanaonutror LOUsM l
""d h:lntu 6 rrd on his female compaenionyf
rQ gh Mrs.Tior rfLesphnd ncyda byhthefirrde drowned yesterday In the 'Nwaterss
a b e3.ort h ro u grnNrn twoh o dd o tdrator n2ou n ds r e n n o ton wne n t th e sa w
e Sdenn eandW eamr ngseatorfoth being sucked under while stand-
Gid p M nad c Iaur d oer O f O we ons." itte Daaoug teat wabt deenop in on
tioning o theylethero bsinas te ov. has mr seoriytsp ove r net -o
nfsept. 28 -.-(UP) -La. tomobile trip to Florida might the chld in so many ways i"The bruised body of the little less when he too was caught nii
wttrney Jane Robertsotdke five days. would harm or murder that i orl wus found on the rher snoriyodng what appeared to be quicksand.y
'e wasInc tda waov Theoroo nvteattend rost oe.t child or ermit aed y one else iof July 7uin a manrove thick. Both went under and drowned
o d t'lwud o ,Btwhoh tlt tthe wesi Tghet ate attorney s offce fhrc co r l rh hrthedlfgin-i
i t heto do It', se a-ed. et beside Bisayne Bay. aboutbefore help could reach themomati oe
ibadgtiton antatis ', e l a wounl ry to prove ransom The little girihad justcItaiecfrtheRsenbergIfrom other bathers.
kIp back to Miami yester- was he motive behind the vi.ed from a series of throat home troohich she ws tk. ao revidedet
trial nt"'. the kid- slaying. Sn operations at the time of her en. brethersm, itnee (addtinY. ro et
r o f .eadeath.ta sdyin gwhlt he evi S h2-,
.daugbtsi. Judy was snatched from a The 43-year-old Roberts was Police said ish had been drne dids.ervcs forto
ofhsw sofa where she was sleeping in acccred n ot the kiIng In a se- string ted with a strip of hermFune halpreseior -
atheBalhmovio officers Mr.F and Mrs. tarry Rosen. dSy by the Dade Country g randImorrowc ya
ster midnht and then ber sore July 6, carried off jury. o
return hole for trial in her grandfather's car and State Atty. George A. Brauti-te mets copleetirdut"s.
eatedly denied he kill, strangled., gain arrr ved in ltmore Sat-"'
-utitv Atefor then sre. didn't do it and I don't urday with the indhaebent, but ,bd rtnh
forthers.ow ,;wht t know whodid,'.Robe.rtssaid ati apparently eiode no move tondcn twsgpwaI yiD
pim.,w atp he pandas of 'the extradition hearing, arrest rroterts until late Sun-
ho flaird" ,Ddeco unter Deputies Earl day. Rt..
d '+ Vetour .!d..W, _.cCroryI Au2t-gm's handling of the odaamna
ted becase".'m put handcuffs on the Baltimore' arrest brought criticism from OfYhs
trialwilshow my~attoey and led him to a earBaltmore offlcals. The office O OOdweyson o i "e

e a-nd. thatr ac ~ompanedohm to the noorof igationofthe sta a.torny'ps -,V-c.o"Naylor
uo sidi tend the hain.. wert as she4 from Baltiore."
mo with kise.him d.Tecou.tyhcircuitacotclerk
thpe aub ehe later inssud a or m iamidcoul a when
... ... u.......O.g. attorney Robers would benbrought Wt e 3CayabutW

..."I nt thrown attorney Itrtwedndatedber bou'0ht-ttos
that wasfdrmly convinc- trial but in3coins dI tlhefoUndas
SOd of her husband's, innocence would be during the next court
mK.. 2+ Intended to stanid by him. term which starts Nov. 1U. te +a dih n
41M firMly convinced that Usl1tlnaor oifletak would not
AnI ihunnd is not uloty of Uhe dard anyPosel e moive for
Wu o our daughter Judy, the butaslaying which touch- rOusly, Wickedly, rapturously
M do I believe that he.has ed off Mismi biggest man- "
.iL format. oas to who did hunt. "4 Mmgadparent& of te__ -- __
Wpoweto. anyone would want to-aswomen d
OW, O -"I can't-aliIit" ms1
Sosenberg "Ijat Can't.
ANSI& "te
irmam *at A _AL_ _ML AMOL e'_fa .





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