The Panama American


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The Panama American
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Weekend American
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Scott Family Library Fund ( donor )
Panama Times, Ltd.
Place of Publication:
Panama City, Panama
Publication Date:
daily (except saturday and sunday)[may 12, 1973-]
daily[ former oct. 7, 1925-dec. 4, 1966]
daily (except saturday)[ former dec. 10, 1966-may 5, 1973]
normalized irregular


Subjects / Keywords:
Newspapers -- Panama (Panama)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
Panama -- Panama


Dates or Sequential Designation:
Oct. 7, 1925-
General Note:
On Saturday published as: Weekend American, Dec. 10, 1966-May 5, 1973.

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University of Florida
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All applicable rights reserved by the source institution and holding location.
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oclc - 18709335
lccn - sn 88088495
lcc - Newspaper
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Snpng In Word't Icebox

Slashbn from the we.t the Jce cap whidh site atop
the world, the U. S. cebreaker Barton' Island made an
extensive suwpn this b4mmer. The NavX was
making a ptidy ofle Ice breakupp in the Bering Sea and Ber-
Ing Stra ItL o.%far.l6*i Scientists acqompanled the expedl-
d ,h 5 collect qp water and Ice for further tests and analysis.
SSS4rBd, cut through
from ts east to .roes. t1q path .,ap thul. make 1he tqo ships
fint to complete the passage of McClure Strait. It was a Joint
Canadlan-UIt project,
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Great White fleet

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20=3 -' z. -t L;.e /ent J! uz ".'
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keyed to par due natuy-of o gray to e the brows a
",di if o'

colaher or hter tha wl makle or the eyes mrgerl

morbIlie^l~w tategtry, torie this sark eyebrow p inc can be
to awar e you p e te conven- e to i the eye, mak the
robe it shour Iunce of a Dre d powder comic whites of-theeea look even
mer uIaU= a e, too. pact. This excellent or tre whiter i fnal touch to your
keyd, o, a due' of Yom ~ to .g.i.accentuate the .
son's&0*0o.11 hw5 Qvtday. ooskounrt ier oonentatrng always ono
no k or ame and handomely-destgned. the part of the and
w irobe w look i htly al- A bright red tk Is. of blend it up ward toward the
lo inl hr hew fall cith And ,st for fa. For great- temples.
Wahf To Be oAt Heart Tr oib Ie? Get Up!
N O 1 3;,,t a !l o k ev en

AH.ING1 ftIIa. ats "'. weTON -A I ^t OH
low inW e'M ldhp ndcoa 4 ;x fr a iorge at tmpe n .r
dor Tod Be ,eo-'t .Tr o. e ..t Up!
key bOUM A o__ou LtA pme ,
Amni I '"s S, ~ me~r. ,
WAIiO-iTroni9,- Mi .WoXin. '. .= = -..n m.,

- -raevtd by Dr. per
Kb oI North Wa~u at th
4 intema"onal Congress 0
al Patolo here. ,
ti and figures which he ha
gathering for the-PaR 0
on disorders tel
SMe it Job a man can bMp
, s far as it offers proteo
rom& heart attack, as Is
laborer. This i proven ta

down and climbing the stairs
the second. deck. The corona
death rate among drivers w
many times higher than for t

SWhere can you get such
*/ .

U* 1

S, ow yea ea fly dire a

landies lasoft J t,
'1 I" iul bftum TqoM. ato 6.o a ,


ISM N w -w--UNP:TRI-P'
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S 2-year


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., .I.. FIDU ..C. .DE.. ,.PA...A A
BAN 'ODE ()LON o" C D -E .. .. II--. ^;

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,. 60~0


rr~FP?pl4,-; 71-:' r~CT~+ -


Su abrics needed
H f,.*' .'

ratindo neen-ager room can rs say ass as ong as 20 yearsom

sp ularly hen there sa Lie over base cont*mgs of latex,
A ^'!

I .

Ing to serve as be room a and Undoubtedly you daughter ha
EW YORK (NEA Redecdries n few hours its m -
o rating a teen-ager s room can ers say, lasts as long as 20 years
S present a problemumo doting par- on the wall. Coating da clear plIs-
eas particularly when there s a tuc over base coatings of later
S', budget to be considered. ,Thus, it can take scrubbing and
- ner, the room probably is go- lots oe wear and tear. ob
lng to serve as bedroom, d/n and Undoubtedly you daughter has.
S Inc gathering place for friends the outgrown the furniture that serve.
S brcs. floor coveins and wall th edof h rough the subteen years.
per should be abl e hard Replacing thee pieces need not
sivear rugs on t th up to a. stagerhave figuren of
r.' comart thrifty drapes and you 'll make use of unfnised pieces
,d atchinimu bedspareds takand be ally vorhich can hearing plate to her colo

.-r uae with a m inimum of sewing iocds. If she has other obbffles,
S om pastel sheets.. Easy to la sturdhe cany o servk away at them her.
der, too. Keep two sets on hand lege ,ears. v./hasne'u probaKjm
1 since this will provide a fresh set deveoim a stro blym ecaating souse
u when needed without giving the of her sho u and provide andoade
p room a dismantled look. room st once more, tis time
i -.., fuf need not constitute a ma. to her ow Rleas. ^ :
ar aonse. The on are m n y y addin de a rorith player and
i.n[Inexpensive rugs on the thus letting her have the fun of
l btt today that offer smart pat- building her own record coieoc-
and colors. Most of these tion, you'll make healves. room aa
need minimum care; take really vorite gathering place for h e r
hard usage without showing it. friends. if she has other hobbles,
S Pa fthiark cost of redoin your shne can work away at them here.
Daughter's room an, of course hang usually welcome some
b ie replaced by putting at least time by ...Wes away from
I e of s beerating on a do-it- the famia. Oirce~,.
I yeurslf baui\Whan you pick a The room should provide an ad-
I wallpper, getJH_ that o ffe r a equate study placp too, if It's on-
I bMhoase of tuM#]ation and rug. ly a painted desk with lamp.
i pi wearing qualtes. She'll want bootshelves, since
]i .rl'te'S a.coated fabric wall cov. this is the ago ,t. which she'll be-
t ,ewg o the market that comes gin to deveeop a r frary taste that
phti a reedy to hang. It wil last .her a UIfune.

SFori iV With A Foreign

V-Atr TaFOr Oml ;'.
-a ,tg :.~'

aMa md with

de A uA
.~N~ L ,

SY nvOR MauvI N,'
NEA od and Markets Editor
o --
Sr s plentiful now and, prices oen or large fry a pA ovrb enod
-fit more easily into your rate heat Browifl dpo qUily
So we asked Mabel Steg- on all sides add onion and cook 1
qf New York a distinguished minute. Add salt, marjoram and
a 4oonomist and gourmet to broth from mushem. Cover
ta veal recipe with a for. tightly and allow to inmer over
eont. Here iL her Oriental low heat until ehps are tender,
f about 0 minute.
44eal Qops Oriental In the meantime drain cheat,
(4 servings) nuts preservingbroth aaC ut in
slices about b.ino thiek* Add sag-
veal chops 1 inch thick 2 ficient water to the chestaft broth
veal chops 1 inch thick 2 to make 1 cup. When tLs aw
kitchen bousuet, 2 a-. tender pour in %A dup. ot cheat-
fat, 1 tablespoon minced nut broth. Combine and add earn.
t1 k apon salt % teaspoon starch with remeaiing chestnut
aar 3-ounce can broth stirring until saue ,s.thlck
b broil, mushrooms, 8-ounce and clear. Add vermouth or sher-
aer estnuts, 2 tablespoons ry desired. Add m and
tablespoon vermouth chestnuts and let et ; h
optional. but not boil about 5 rve
chops aall sides with immediately: with, ib i 4
bouquet. Put fat in Dutch rice. .
, _-----I---m--an-,-.



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I)omen s

Rrc,# oit 4
-~~' i


r psas (anil a blt~~ t) for the high school set are ctat|Wpis tl.a m .-r.aultan maa.rt skirt s,
cordury this year, to soap and water na-taUy. Ze1ia belg9irwem with .ge.M Lae-t I
(left) Is for toreador pants worn wQ t W) ?tE er1 .M t "are -strd y.
neck purvew. The dropped skirt (center) sauNrkee rhte uset J

SBY GAILEB DGAS are worn for ,1unin studying getting a big play on campuses
Sbr bike riding. The short skirt rising ede over the fall skirt,
%WYORK0 -.(NBAr4-Wit the comes etiplpped witith ts own Last year, slim and full skirts.
teen-age set and on thb campus, cotton sorts is considered an, enjoyed an equal popularity.
toreador pants, thelr ee-length alternate to Bermuda shorts.
skirt and Bermuda sorts are rat- Cire fet skirts are still going
Vg the bilgegq Jelture Zebra prints are back this year strong on campuses for date
hrs. In the toreador pahte. And solne- wear, usually paired with cash-
The skirt and thb Bermuda- thi new has been added to mreqeq sweaters. College girls
length shorts, both worn with eordusoy: A lae print that looks palain p eIeaI the
knee socks go to class on some taking-an edge over thefull sI r eweled ofe, eve4 t .
campuses, but for the most part Generally, the narrow skirt~ Th neater' look prevails t all

unWe ar ou s0. I
cfWae go a111* tou re

amd wash best at ust warm tem Rse (H
fr both the sudMM
d-e rd d t)but esuret onooth
r They should be wo #oc~ts ..ollars, and
ith as a hue, saior collar. For .
the bride's frousseau the collar
is made entirely of lace.
an eteli111ne touce) are: san

of mental braid, oters have
metallic threads woven right into
the erial.
ththk by lodLmj at
thoes 'IJ asnd a ,lbe robes and
peignoirs. that there's considers
ble diffcldty in washing them,
nd rsebng their soan, daMnty
shape. NYlon tricot in famous for
and retaining their clean, dainty
appearance. i
Y, these Iu~ng

i c s appearance and wash-

and must. be Wseed t
arately. For instance, a corduroy
to can be washed in hotter oap-
than its atchln rayon sat
i __ h Y


In a crowded home. a playpen
is a great help. But start puttai
Baby into it when he first spends
time out of bed. At three, moptla
or so, wen he's eM oyg the
sunlight n the floor, kicking and
tfsttWU let ldA do ItiS'tath
atretchht.' let him do it in the
pen. That way, he'll be used to

the bars and not consider them o -
A AMERICANuite u oenive wLm he .
Wives and daughters of serk've Fat w o m e n overflowing the
.to, W-crespi stage. uot I personnel stationed t. Germany shortest of shorts and.brilest of
plaype wil do aB the time; are reportedly ndlignant at the halter tops-varicose veinmakins
A m ast h av tsaw to explore American colonel Whordered the rng patterns on
Sand inves.ate. ladles to sonml op when they their es.
and inve t"ig. went out in ge olse. Women and girls in in curiers-
I' r i, h ........ _-_ .. hearing hot caring how they at the
8w d edanlWod11018dowid N arket if they t look super
E T- A ID $ ^ "oa lism, b the dcto on S3SIDSE Sat evening.
14 td% you, that Baby's crossed wo0n a aawSp; Women in blue jeans ad Midle
I Aeeai ted eyes will go strat e p pushers aoe figus cr EpyW
lo wI f But relatives@ pticularly in elb MW wi; Iand ealceI-n skirt .
T -I get upestand wrltae I, r" d Pii
man s, ln" otahan- erer neatly Cor petely oering up the shorts
overhis bed. Af ter wan om.
Inrth e U mll teIf Uthe oon! seemeti In
u u er afl. TUe best ig up A -Americwea vid in ,t- Y, Amerlean women as y
Mt to enu the- doa=his to an Ml Pai0i19Mes everyyearto make
_. .to .ad.toI the f e bhe gets bestt Aid
Pe th s uy ho e.n ea. rt n alr-l
SM ding Them. new i m t
rh OUgh tasaAs tn her Lt m suburban am seas
o r inf ''" I Abaii rd- and '1n aMnnitf to lMekthisaearket ad

colleges. from coast to cpast.
Sweaters whether worn outside
or tuke into a-skirt, are never

afl Cottons M/iave

le, C0o P

Sew cotton fabric are being
introduced for cool fall weather.
Some are blended .with silk or
rabbit'k hair, sOm 4 with sued and
fla el. cottp asses ha eaz-
e a pla in the budget a
fasdhon-wise woman'i fall ward'
robe because of their washaHlity,
fine styling and easy ironing.
e The pattern of these dresses
are exciting and varied. There
are embroidered motfs, fruits,
flowers, hearts, paper dolls and
doves. .
Striped cottons are more Inter-
sting, too, featuring thin lines
pf Lrdeacet colors. Plaid cottons
tr sparked with embroidered
Now the homemaker is being
offered cotton yard ge that's
wrinkle resistant, perman en t ly
pleated and embossed or crinksled
to make ironing completely un-
SOf course, it's always a good i-
dea to double check the tag of the
no-iron cotton dress. Sometimes
the no-iron feature of a dress may
depend entirely on the length of
time it's been ift the-dryer.
Colored cottons, of course,
should always 6b w washed ifi
warm, rather than hot, mapsuda
and should be dried -at doors.
'If you want to avoid issuing
any cotton garment, reipembar to
hand press it while It'. damp or
better yet, while it's 8rlppttg wet.
Smooth collars aMd eiffs, hem
and seams, and all ruffles.

s k on .7--PK aM
sake! a

ow caA yo. e esi
ig Mr w0pr
n, rentd- rAt a, ay,,nd nvlt-
ShonoM, 't7 pracally no
Moy ,tou a n ier witrea i ?
That a the piar tr os er
Ing lasese who lphpouse ltem-
porary _qurt r a husband
who's doMn at-tt*p the Army,
fluilhing a o course or tac
B1g a oenstruca job in a re
mote boo, town. .
Furnishings must be good-look-
Sbut they msat also be light
wd t' and sPouaving to k-
o*wn movu osts. r so heap
they can beleft behhid when the
Job is finished. At leat that's the
thinking of a youig couple I know
and for whom, I've been shopping
around for Ideas.

Here's the advice I gleaned fo
the. If the room or partmenI
isn't as nlar, airy and snn -as
the want-ad sa try. at least, to
creae the Whe i through the use
of color and lghtscaled furnitne,
If the landlord okays it, paint the
walls a light edlor off-whte, pa
elw, e pinkish gray of light
eie. By the time te walls are
diry, you'll probably be on the
The floor covering can pace a
gay color eeme and t h e
sa me time/Qda Uy otng de-
Ae. Ue eor least oenaive
tC-- gs Is atm ae"a rug.
eL, I an the ol e enamel-
paint sh which is baked on as-
"palt-saturated felt. It may be
bo t for about a dollar a squar
yar or figured in roo t-size rugs,
at about Il for a 9 by i size..
Before you turn up your nose
at the suggestion, take a kook at
new pattern Modem plaids, til
straw, brick and spatter -dash
patterns ate bright, but not gar-
Ish in coloring. Some companies
have trandated their expensive,
popular linoleum patterns .into
low-pricead fe^bee items.
You lay the matter l as Is
without special insallatio and
trim it to fit with heavy saasors.
If you wind up on -n -unpaved
street (it can happen) you can
then handle the problem of track.
ed-in mud with a mop.
Secondhand stores may yield
good bus in frnt but the
offerings" have usully U pick
ed over. A sagging upl re
chair that needs a lot of pahi
and a new covering is no bargain
at any pri -
Yer tight, folding
deck. chairs wh canvas seats,
which repeat one color In the rug.
Rattan chairs ar ialso eqor-
table and iznexnensv1. k-either
case, they don't add -bulk -. a
limited space. Watch newspaper

Ads dar s ofe t th P fat %
S .tob whwl J u marked
Sway Oths f ,eak.
a. et deskJ a work
~*pae .sM me fU star-
of1 P&WOO ted o
taut andr Dek
tom and anawwores
wIt tubular a r
legs' handle aU. be ass1i
a rction the p e',
Anot r trick worftember,
ing i thue e tdak_ e tr.
ry cloth or bath towels or tier
curtains. The darker colors com-
bine oalboking texture with o-
Pacite wich insures pricy.
So.that they won't I ok as
though you'd snatched tltam off
the bathroom rod, apmI e a.
scroll design across the etllne
In heavy white cord .wA ton
When you have more Iumagha-
tion, apply i ividual
touches that give a room chbnec-
ter, A big straw basketfor ex
ample, to hold the newspapers
and magazines p orderly o&onfna
mont, or a real4f arrangekene
of flowers or fruit to match a still-
lif picture on the wa".
^A M

TRE freckle faed teen ager
often grow impatieon whili
waiting for those litt brown
po to fade naturally and di-
ahe may take steps to remove
thim on her own. withiot con-
suiting anyone. She hea f
facial cremsa that prmise im
mediate results. And ose sub-.
Jeete her youny skda to treat-
ments that could resist in far
worse disasters than ordinary
First, .ia order to know how
freckles will react to taetmens
you must know what t ara
They're caused by .'feiar c-
lections of pigment la ttf .
formed by the. pigmlet tls in
order to protect tissues from
the sun's rays.
Freekles are situated d -In
the skin, and cormrodiv apl
tions of strong tehmicals,
enough to thels
May dai t0 skn *8 -a,u
rounding te tEkles.

~.- ,.
w'Ak~~.-.pj4,~-. .. -
'F **~

.*, ,1 "" -

- --



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-.% --T
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M M n 1


A W1WWfl
-~ us1:
4.;., F V.
~..t-; 44I~t*
S I-.- I __



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I *...*


eat on eaa lear a-
"a, t a" wea, ay
_son. 1.7


vaii d ,all*aOft .-b*
~nn lNewmus mnf o l5irtav. ix *t .'
r ot
fld &ZZ aute neirBt lod NeO. I the feared

3 BRA l TY CLUB OP1374 Oct 1
Mrs. J an Cag cormery of the
Summit Hill G and Country
Club, aq anno leued the opening
nxt Friday of the Brasi Key
Club, on *'' Street In, Panama
City,, just off Fourth of July A-

C ncort At St.Lake'W
'i 1 Evening
choir of St. Luke's Cathe-
6 win present a speela cow*
cmT thiameng at seven.

Five Isrtipam Girls
Atendlug Penn ell
-*'e .y lthmians who have
eo.'red l the term at Penn aill
Junior College, Phambers b ur g,
I P:., Incld two seMod year
dents; Mllrene Idabel Gulsado,
daughter elr. and ira. tAis K-
duardo GulSds, of Sella Vista
and Miss Jeanette Astrid Wolff,

da ter.,of Mr. and Mrs. Herbert
Rof Golf Heights.
.Fwv Year as are iss
Manuella Arias, d thr d Mr.
aadMu, Juan B. Aflas of Bela
Viea M-9las'la Sonia n aKlMtt
diag Mr. and Mrs. Johl
_An ti cNatt of Balb.a; and
M Barbara Joan, G le by,
dsuer of Col. and Mrs. George
ft. Ogsby of F. Amador.
Mr. Shearn Speak .
To mia Ea ihi
spiaeralt- re ular m n of
Bets Chapter of Ba Simn
on WednSeay Heve
and t l of tour m at
Iand, ui, Ir-
lat, France, Germa I *
alld ns wee maa
"R "o to be e& e
1. t. Joy Bukart w o
eastfbt e eveulag. Te. white
elephant a won. By Mti. Eva

nlow 4, Z.ldnmUd

.oe b w a Up


ntomon"i 7:30

aeti Uewllt be .be-

Aam Camra Cab lt

toNeam At It p.m. ith vicoll
edishla tein lo=epam. it'b
PSA competitoX t ahtl eeac
member C d"hd to ar fte
sdes at a geral ubjeot= l
auon. All DiderMOWd be prp
erly marked. 4, a
A et. 1l da 1 om "lM,
h U. be Moti.
Anyone interested Will be wel-

Crletaal 3akb
Meet af tI ..a.
The CbRebelah Lopge
Nole sel ftm g
at the M, a l .e I.-

Scout News


Mothers M an 0

i mod r oe
o the hass
ICCKIzcNC your wairdrobe, obe the e otf tweedy altu ad Union 1hu
you'll probably find you've over- htd to with tweed teure 7 pin. to d
looked one Item that's gnae ai woolen ertswear. com .aU r,
opt for color liarmot y thi, fall- .4
houery. The new fall clor 141
order to achieve that much-de I. ..
.4" "o't;ook..L fC! OMPARIA 'CHIRIC
For evening wear, yo ltid -_q l rl g .I illl
cobwebbysheer sasnda '-b-foot o* ..I .
.iery i, ni&a.t tiate *,;- (Chltiqui Milk Pr
goad. Mbe or gray to we with
Iour paatl ,rd! : colored dre...
clothes. To wear with alWae $400,000.00 a com
costumes, there are smoky at f.
black tpnes or dramstiany Th ui Ceompany will Oper
lm eksiag to fnaUet Ithe lf o. ual to piedw

Dcoratlon U am bln
stadn., too. trarn< e
with < aafSt .ateeig A. P .tewa
safver swn ote a a S -
lng vhmmerlnj .teto Up t, .- S--
slem dark wi -iaure Sire S
vert pah leui tk. trim. -

tie welt. AM a fQf&I .f.t.o .

" J:.: t*; t" /- BI" -_ .. W.'-- ,"
Yet hws mu' 4 r a ben t < 2

^'- t ,'I~" J...' ",. 6m : 3 0 .b


C.d.. .le: br- .
Im an

rX to
to add tol
newl comn-

' 4 -1


Tfoan viA, b o. t itanyios, -

Wu Siay, roal as LagFolk A few iversitee are n w ao-
wGir roa'r olrl Needle-
triti, Catering, proema Newtory
Vor personal gpowth-dtetature4.
story, Psychology,eaophy
Travlo ues, Zook Dscusions,
RAtur Study, ForelgUnSuanga-
*. A few universities are now of.
farin- popular courses esaling
;H testrement problem.. New
ork City leads the country by of.
ifg .some 30,00 diffWret acU-


sunmhlne bright
hbbS. Norlellt V-AMP by Tea



How ell oHe Is Cared Fu
Millions of babies throughout the world have
grown up healthy and trong with LACTOGEN .
there milk mot similar to mother's milk.
LACTOO s now enriched with vitamins and
iron to protect your baby
agat anemia and nickel.

'BijllA gitl Ual hTr

r st

T` -.:rr

Faltering Philip 1.
nstw"t me in nmeseta wison.
ieel-wOe slopIeaa e he eeam .
eWasn WOw lolem ft hoe t" ao aM.
?. A. Cleoide s thie ulist dulfl


***---**^ -M i iM- WMI





oducts Corporation)

mmon stock of 610.00 pa isha..

m a pht Iw the Povirc
et powdered wole mi nD.
4 40. W

t' .

r & A selates
m&d Street
l., Callbrnia.
* pla- ha beenonew ,
xodeiadion inN&h 1955.
vE~rall Speaking tdedni

* md fuR detajs go toi

mr fl, lu Blding
ra.ii lcardo Arias

,,AA 17ro&. -

PV sqg- b.,),.UM 44..


3 $


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!R Ffrt


2171 4\


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fr* **

FAsTs fIJ95I$-7 HK. 20 MNU. NON.STOfI

.I .
f '

, k*? FARES -*90

Guest Airwys flight makes immediate connections n Mexico for
all of NorthAmerica via connecting carrier.

E q

a mmm"

Save Ti A to M .. n
Ou Away* to M ..Dougas 4-engine acaeft



*; A*.j
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'-" '.. -- *
uMrs.VI. AwqINT.:

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y more &a.
,_^^raw W,37

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1m lhI IrI w w-a~~~~s w 'rs~ i~,:f~nr ..4,rrrrrr7-,rr~n~~-.t'rruu; w' ,,-'-.

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'MOg R ,B cOcupc 05 asp,. T It. "' ...
imw -Ii"- W J' a

jjU0e' W'Lss l .l.91 ... J
'-S aflsCASS9-

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".Q- "t '- ,- .... ..

Parwque Lefaue 9 stret
I 1o0 Celntll Ave.

w io i Wia






C I L '
s-,.jj a

^tfw SI 4 0*i -rtdM^ ..m
R SALE:-Tble, 4 chairs mop FOR SALE:-1953 vrolet by or- PANAMA CANA ANY Pnom 3-77. C
20; sp-ledder, 8-ft. $5; wird- inol owner. 4-dr, deu, powr OFFERS EMPTY META SaUMS

chiee, 25-cei. i 7r,8 O $ e5 rd.-..-- Mount Hope, Canal Z for on- erots rates. Phone
fr 4 $50Cbr FOR SALE -951 Pl mouth Cr ep metl a k WILIAM0' an
rabn trunk $15; work bench $S5.'"r, ;"h r AND EMPTY SfACto bedroom. Pbone PS

bLed A pt. F i rF esipani 5 O aca l w nr MSt r F ead e o f t L
I t o-coidif bt reolved until.. WOil.i acbok2-186

er 5. Mm kitchen cabin et.l 269 or 1, 1mi954, ision hand Mof nd DairyAMLICH'S Snta
Qtr 13-J 2nd| St. iLocona. oer F Invitation No. o 14 m y b ob'n. modr E
chil 2 -..... .. I yr. OW MountHop, Canl X 309 on- wate rates Phone
$ C-cycl$o$; FOR SALE:- o 1951 Studebaker hon- Slfom t ompy el .nly000 Hye
br"ok club cuch r. d mpt ice.Blboa H 5,e00 only tWIgA Sofrtoo t
e 6-inch a0 pln, "Storlinhl Coupe." God py C of iFoold md locateod o felrl M r o rn.No
bl Sl.ine tronsfnmrad. CPhone 2-0694 or b. enl Hoe Woho'of te com- bedroom Pl
over 5... l kitchen c into.r 0691.y sion and Mind, Dairy

r"For.FuInit5on No. 14 ele FOh- R RE T

14 8 aaCent &tt. FOR SALE: 1952 Chevkt Clubr FOR SALE:-1947 Ford Coucfid' ephone 3-0082. Panm.a
rc o. 4035 Coupe. Etxcellent$650. onditl e sn at C'd choir "ai ra Monoor tmls.- FOR RENT:-dA chalet, 3
FOt f e-4 r werh control ne$ Smith PI., Diabl. 'Phon 30236 aft or chi. 12A Bro Hts.. olf course, nine rooll Vista

F Fo Cabbe, Phone 6270. ^ .1943. rooms, suitable one or
WtR ; -Zi Beautimur living room OR SALE -Levin. 1951 Metcury. lies. $150. Phone Pn.* 3
a'w I w-65." No. 16. For information ploori
i in ery god 3-0082, Parmnar inlit.
1458 at Control & 4O St.RSALE:- 1947 FordCupe,,
FOR35 SALE:15C hevron)letClub' eak, chair, large gardentitler--OR RENT:-Modem rall
Z30I26 p-bb o 0i, orchids. 12-A Bral Hl. golf course. nine rooms,
OR' 7'E7:-- Beautifut living room FOR SALE:--L vn 1951 M tcu .-0.
Sf .tpieces, hondearved. Phone Ihquire 48th Stree No. 27. FOR SALE:- AIPLANEI 'Ercoup FOR RENT:--oncrete cha et b
3,' or 3-3672. l_____k C-75 engine lust majored. romns. maid's room, 2 tt
.. :-6-piece mo bed R SALE --Due to trip, almost new oirfroe overhauled, now qlan lor and dining room, k
O&i:-6-pieeb maple bedroom 1954 Morris Minor 2-door. Sixth Intpor. Located Colon Airport. and garage. Newlt palit
esstmc ides bed, innerprinfl mt- Street, House 2122-A Cuundu. Ph Cristobal 3-2915. bu r s op. Good nei
tress lamp, mirror, drr, chre t. Phon 83-7142 top. t
s$ Call Albrook 2280. responsible party only
.... .- FOR SAL5:-Vou know tbe besf wheo motion see Tony at 91
SSALEtFOR SALE: 950 Ptakord Tudor, you e it. Wouldn't you like to "Porros.
rv n L. I "Ultromatic. radio, clock, oiter de.- Eiv-w to ",ESTFIT,"Suits ond O neiA
Reairtllf ,luxe, feaotres.Excellentmchanlai l ET has the Rmee' '.a
-Real estarct ndition Ct o a st$3700. Asking fsl.Plttern s and Sthe.FOR.RENt : .
_ _____-__c,. ,_ froJo._._.J, $1000. 59S Bavono, Ancon. Ana Plato, Panama; ith Street.. Ao.rtmeugs '

Sboo Gpse Phone 2-2401. Rlt & Motor O RENT: Modem two-b
-MIeuLlln3eou. _" *c" .. C apolmstment, 51st Street No. 4Cn I
s of obtairinn I_ S O N S _o__ _^__ _,"__ _-_**,._; ._i__ _'O_ fu

SVacet .saaers by ory. Sight reading. Advanced or FOR SALE:-"Alibi 36" cabin cru rent. Bella Vista, 44th Street
ciiti- hetr 1st. aeinease. Phon,5t.3150 eve- er. fully equipped. See aet Ba b o 3 Apt. 4. Phone 3-0815.

.?.l.rm>I li^^^A~ifj,on|4f,,J )jPo' ,.ol 14 Ave. Phone Balboae-866.
-.}00 .._ Ings '. i Yacht Club orsphone 84-417". FOR 'ENT:--Lorge "op fti
E 0 boer fulkfquiPhoerooms. $ 125. Phone a-10 6.

"&........FOR REI_,T:-Mrde a.nd cool 2-bed
n rin 'El Cangrelo": e bedroomt pot

Granted wage n wear' El enc'" b blei
FO "FOR REFOl:oLmre 2nd cooR 2NTO
trt edjn major eI oc erience room apartment. l rge bolcon
'i it onet t hid wh probably Priced reduced. Coll 3-0934.
1 h 4 .1U-. h4 hilcdition .6P hrisobal 15 FRRENT:--Mdm 'on- bedrOo

ca'psib wand nrly ltacat B2ath, ed. amds
aJ'r r b r Si t r dn dnewIv 'n1 he'o .I L tll 36in g b l wole nr l i gly4n 4 om m t endc
in no et from th Series. He rnotw

forth. New t..I acme ou h1 oa h..-
tb BM sne rI "Eled ? rithhe Ged rdintse pofr

e tay or awhd e, .,,, ,oed -eldo -
to trm dressing room Fomdsrm,

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e aleno tell a lteth lsrand o le
thirdjbaseean wh n wa artePnriced aredu a e d ovlng 9o 4
lea scion theahoMtampnt,ampererednThndS

ant te.e.allin k$0b.eo wl l ne. t -El esa er
Iss shasmuh ex8Mccim hentPahama3-34&1 K sadwe n
tEs? Ab de wreaca tp h sll A tetromsr" iv alrew ker.s4.

On.fiogeeu the hmrtaaAl FORkTE an wasm
tdoyer 6. w .rZa C-I Td"m Lo en
o IN ho0 ..t t et hint o
r W Ioo ea s an`- sut toehone.oeth eing -A S -it h--Co mfortable.wr riallM e e

OK A lo wor h e acn's dpo ss s yew en an d n o n h a l oa e & vea o
ablegr bq er iesallAfra name,

'by am tree* mItNcFtrl

and kiled It wIth a "medidce ov
i#~ ?dn ua1 on aetin ath-a oaio
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wuou e vg pas1; Ielwes a.s. .. ... ,.---'dencei o"fotfb e r7
" .~' t l : *, m .l ":; "

World Bank. d4e Sodwt.
y1 .^ '' *rj" .^'' '( r^ *

SUS Must Cut IInort TIatsfs

k Zc'V.ottM lan nabd
I tdy the Xnvqtora Onited dor, Nicaragua. .,' a g.. .ESSaTi .Jsgo- In the ao u dt t= Ia#1 tiM4, a
: .I. W =4)4,. -P-O on a 'year,.... ..)to nk f t 'llau -- m "a _-.. ..

i a -t TUibh aa The-e as, loransvt
s tnce its aetart ans vmade h tAe S
not out bU le this ^cu tr .. la ns cudes. railroad
WB Blacksat4- flag d 'mt- a ooutruatlur aS'
gueft ft OL thr A fticoftoeectric and thm apr

f .t f. ... the lastr five years, n al k's nlth annual report.
r m approved, Ohe Fide retb ,ele

te beene emlm ae t" o an d N the'sup fla
Sb 44 pat In Nl119.
id wrker In the Mo et minist .'s But Black tonedd ag a s
egram nesyufacturers erin; too ejreao6
-ai r...term..s tiraJIMFor=
ir e w M IO mt "becoming serious." he id. Wopmeht
8 U. 8Army Kr oidons of *P"We must -at this stage of the T hebas director of market.
t utu Mrs. eanda e ad the sdeKeery," besaidt' ln vted a number of tries
us hill -ading happened in the '

e rrJansdement will be Black reltera-the
S oee Iter ul to wslemdnV thm, into
such as housing and scol 4rend-In

diRWWASCliJustifies the estab-. keel
, n ofanoar reported e r
mar/s,"ce workers, aulted in the li
oe chief, who leaves %- mroe oan
h fsor Washington aid That The fs are
G de Nuoc '.report on. underdeveloped o

Do% no l m'tofflelalbeg



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" ... Z ._ -- .- v. .. :, ".-" -
' '" i z. '." Y..-^ '9. -- -.- -j T -- -.


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TVr t Roae
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-'. .A Q ..**T ..T Y* W.... .': p.......

t -roo r. hostels

aB "~adoWntis rea .as Pha .m d Iti n
I=,oma" VIth.

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w itL. slol eBilrou is. atG'o t n Mara W I et
Somme *bwc t hi *O In 4 $ e *

brita, tnse of relati dbon a telrson."
a .. of 3 nab. fo 2
WaThti iw PalwS etre party. AhMt& thta thw s
Irb 'd w ,. Dt 4 ale- d whie I made a i re

I0tli'te d'19Umt Rumeon=T. "I. l "

.. i. 0% C ..^ R"d And Wiles
I ,'W eezteye alloye d thai
Ivtu "Isst nsd m fldendaws QW. by ICO,7 -(UP)-Alm"fed
ft I 1.4 dm"l of cat at -W PGPWl:" of
Ev .twa p rln at 'mmurmled, running over the .but lttin is aill
h1aB~ AMlMLIrs. n, wo a names al the players in her mind. Ot in ts campaign int
home at even in the ev sh, I'm sre there's nobody ter .
-in P catdif ne l e' cat aed i."
S rn. Miss KUwor draw herndf -Ttrear ago, pat or
was 0iI A thte `lilOdm. op- Iboiu ghtJ; "T'he certagi 040,,p00 o, out ou t totl b
n b long to me. I loaned im to you TIM lat Is mrmentest,
r t show. happ to ribs Te poeg s e anl t Asl t ...
ilu ddgonr goat *h. fartfo, and Lionel population of U.aoo00O.M.
Vwhie h amt I & lst of therog inth. Ust
pant la t mp t iloni07. decade hau een made in the
. Mrs Is i to* pl Intha t younger ge groups. Large auth-.
the's r In W" wer C10 11- beor f old ler ppl attend free

9d~ lA.- d ,Be1ft #or iitehra p
Atos wtu> brin g petion. Mrs e a a'ft "7 a nntnadiiiattd. againstH I|MB
m 'bi r dl m a to t b di vldtifad, : Ioa.Pred et Adoo
eys~" l~. ifellr. returne.d Rts down, business or-
.Naedasmitioibankd labor u-
t be haye-been ooperting. some
with. bwIi., o afferfnpi aid. o lprovJdvei

-- --- -------- .

Ignl" Alar

"His eyes looked like olives that
just popped their pimeate." JI |


Tundty "DRIVE A CSSOKSt r .:

MA4WARITA 2:30 6&1.5,' 10
Van HEFLIN Julia ADAM 3 ,
S "Wings of The Hawk" -tkCW.
H. I-Meafr THE feia LEACIUAi-

^W^ GVEL 3:30 7J~
Trt Newvr Steeps"
.:" .. T !ss -r pm-
I.' ~ ~ 23 & ', on. t~fV
T 1t~^ Tuersay "MMassacr ^
aMW 'I'( I o-6:5y^
ISTIS 2.30 6: M 115$
'"How T4.Marry A Mllionair"

_ ;-- ~ ~ ---

p w amrsaft p Wro : I .,

- -~'~--` -~----~----~~~~--~- --- ''


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IN Theatre -

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,'-'., ,, -- ; ... "* .* .. ,; .* ,. *" "" 't, \ ,'. .' -" *'" % -"*- '. ,^ ^- y y.
; : i .' .. *. .. aR 1 .
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:HOLLYWOOD--NgA) Clou- with Cardes .LkuIt than with
ups and L"ushots: Seo ivel pho- any other actor in the world." I
to auphy for Gina Lo obr-fda andaw
other Italian d film qu s his Hol- SYLVIA SIDNEY .rote a Holly-
[lywood glamor babes grfen-eyed. wood pal that sie is seriously
Sut here there's a censor behind thinking of retiring from acting..
every camera. Yolande Donlan, now wed to Pro-.
Roman cutles pre bustin' out in ducer Val Guest, has straightened|
newsprint and in magazines in zip out her British labor permit and
py poses that would tax the blue will star in a neW flicker in Lon.,
pencl supply of shuddering Hol- don o under, Val'a production banr
plywood censors. It's the greatest nr. She's the MGM chorus Chtl
theft of what. press age lntls call who became a star in Londoi.
"space" in o6,lywood publicity .--
story.. B ot there's no mystery
about it. Keefe. Braslelle'e reason or nixz.
"I've never net or seen a cen. ing in- ItaIlan tarrer, "Sc0urge
ser m a film set or lot In Italy." of Massimo":
That's the answer from a 21-
year-old Roman film lueen not- "I'm no expert on thb subject
ed for her acting instead of her but there are certain political v
undressing. lShe's, Mlly Vita* dertaine. I the script Wlkh I
to'a plyin BobH0,pe s wife in daft dig.".
*The Eddie y Story at Para.
mount. She als told me:. ._--_
4f; tI dialogue UI Italia' fl=ms Is Andy on the new Amos 'n' Andy
eOagoed sometimes but no age radio show:

' "', 5'W
* ,, ,

%W YORK tTAk$) I The company, headed by Moira *ear- Cyril Ritehard, Margalo G I1- television but she has
nw o ter sea u n d er r and bert Helpmanv aet more. Kathy Nolan and Joe E. & nw outra
way on Weedw thomth with out across the country a Narks phy in support of Miss s r4i
Shakespeare, James Ba*rri brief stand at the Meptan Martin as.does the star's daugh- provw It
add Robve among 4We Op era House ter, Heller Haliday. li it in nrmer
plrwrights eM r y Following up Oa nI debut as a shekibr tan. it to
martin and T tit! a- "Peter PFa" Broadway playwright last se"sad One '
meag the stars and twoe Britih with "Tea and Sympathy" Rob- the int's (
companies among the offerings The production ofWSir1aames aert Andersea on i k for such -e al .I. *"
pmailsed. Barrie's "Peter Pan" in which bis secnd try with a ew play. Pan" wUeh hes
Mary Martin played on the West "All Summer Long." based on a and asai and "A
eare will be resented Coast this summer, is being trans. novel by Donald W e ts e 1, "A eight's ream" which wEll
by d Vic producon f "A ported to New York for a run. Wreath and. a Cume." The cast is corpanied by Men d e I asa
Midsummer Night's Dream," This version of the Barrie play headed by John Kew who receive seorel). That is an s imortt
which made its bow at the Edin- has new music and lyrics by ed critical .ealaim fr his work Ldono, --"neBoy rdleQ
burgh Festival this summer. The Mark Charlop and Carolyn Leigh. in Anderson's first N P, and spoea R the Twenties by a,
Kerr's noter, June Walker. newcomer named S yw
B g Tallulah Bankhead's last ap. It will have an cat.
N |pearance on Broadway was in a This month will ale
rather out* rIa sna go awaited Goini
^ ^^ ***l~ji^PJ^ TH ^^ a eBBB~eH Noel cov^a's "Ivats Uvcs.'th Heno, a lrJ~y~jitj
.-After the u ran al that play en which was'
she devoten hrsoi to radio xiU the Abbey ha*.

too low &Wheey ried -it an inch
or two," Milly sod, "I was sur-
priied an so was my mother. It
o oed no MO'than an average

serious Mess, Eddie Cantor is
,cing, hopping and cavorti g in
Shis fmed, television seies,
..m.Slo wlaw "17U Eddie Cantor Theater." His
medios, hee! Eddie over and
-- told him to kick up his heels all
C .. "tIS beha eased.
NO~. m al -"" ." Television I's lmaportance-to-mov-
0, nArmyNework 'es notee: .Cmy'
SOh Army Network Da.after, Kevin McCarthy's
SAPPORO, aan -- (UP)-The slick emoting oosite Betty Hut-
U.S. Army's Par ast Radio Net. ton in NBC's Tins and Spurs,
work is an ad man's dream-but Aied Artist upped him to star
he ran't use it. billingalong wih Diana Lynn and
With a captive audience of John Derekn "The Annapolis Sto-
American military men -tuned to ry." '., N eky Hilton was with
English language broadcasts, corn- a studio messengeLr girl, Arlene
meral writers would have a pie. seoff, at the Luau ... ecom-
|ne. However, Army polic- fr. mended in the celluloid cops-and-
bids forcing hard-seltilg spot an- roboept. derick Crawford
ouneeme n into the ears of this and Ruth Roman in "Down Three
captive audience. Dark Streets." A thriller.
When commercials normally are
heard-at station breaks or at the THERE'S NOTHING that doesn't
Sbeginnng, middle or. end of pro- meet the eye in Miriam Steven-
grams Army commanders get son's walk out of her U-I film con-
their messages across to the troops tract after winning the Miss Unl-
In brief anouneemants. These verse title. That's the word (rom
spots" may be des i d to her cous in, Hollmywood's Johnny
further fire prevention ca .aIs, Grant, who told me:
iw make soliders eost, cons help "She wanted eto go home and
safety drives, raise funds for the finish her Mst year tIen colege. I
Red Cras and other- charitable knew It the frt day after she
agencies, or similar 'public serv- won the contest. A movie career
06'1aeUvites. ojst didn't haterest her "
The Far East Network conslats Johbnny's hea pd for his own TV
ad M stations, serving listexr in show, "Seven to Eight," on NBC
Japan, Korea end OkiWaws, Typ- ev morning at 7 A. M. starting
leal of these statmoM is FEN-Rok. S t. Helen Hayes will be his
kaido, heard mostly by men of the t guest star.
Army's First Cavalry Divisen and 'sa "For Sale" sign on
Reional Camp Crawkerd Gingr Rogers' Oregon ranch...
i n a ing e0 here Latet word from Ier Lewis'
Sconsistoi i e s on bo be laid
Si Ustenera p'en oe f ae up: p "Tdefluite." Dean Mart,
i .mr -drama, music,- spmrtad m a while, is sa Paras u
aws. Dise joeker and 16Med rw khve rmt=ue next nov.
| st ware top ftaereit e. ON Never Too Young" to dr a B shows are pMet-1 re Getting Too Old."
d usg tL e._f quote -from Mar
s .ie
-Tod. th =.W~eetD A*diD*etdhto Kurt Stecer& UiMM-.
pinsa Its shows w*L-Ht*enoe IW od Vharles LOUghtolL 'Phe
jjebaj^ ~ ~ ~ act 4)8" NOWlpr-U te t^

em-is to worry abeaj audity. I
was on a leaI Palpanlnt set
once and. I n" 0sene sheriped
W It o e cothes down to her
bra and panties. Everyone tboaught
- wasdeighif --"
SEvenMiy's mother, who is In
Hollywood with her, was idq-
eyed hen a worried Paramount
censor dashed to the Hope set
Wee Milly was wearing a corset I
for one shot. I
"They say the corset was cut

,- ,' i. *' ^. I .: ,7 '

Imns 140)D^

N 0.



I f o
i s ""* e II
-.^.- ... ... .-, i. sell Engish-*
speaking people using
adio !

I. "-*****are k~ff^
"A 1. v m... uslm 'o
Il respedtl" -lo^
"Billent... It could herdlyl
be surpossed I mv. mmn'
"**** 1 A nrmmkeWbt Aml
1 9(tfRlMng *. NuffllingI presflffd
bw Wwine ai a p *
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-Bilfo'ns -Bsow On Br-oi

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mc. 35m .TRO Pl.-" 'A. I'l

Eil I E aT\A Ar-C^ a~rf r *-o ^Mai'
i'l^^p jA^^^. As L t^ o~ T

Over 100,000 of
the people in the
Panama Cai Zone
area speak Ensh!hl
And, that a't "

MAglm ', I
FEMT -1*183

"A mio rmeo i
picture eventI"
--CieiiMi lmltior alw
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iratoats Choice



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O.. i .l .....-000 ...... -.I I ,.. ...

.Fishing $

s Prize In Field h.,Fsec
-0o- -
.Councilmon Rafael Marengo's good sprinter Mirzoa-
.todhl todoy goes off the choice of the majority of the se-
lectrs town the featured $1,000 seven furlong Class lshthr last Wiek hasbe0pelw. t dolphinn and sall
"iA" sprint at the Juan Franco race track. isrts Itgeing th s
bo ati c In ionforA7
n' b.een uIac is very alw iam 7".
a~.o in improveted ro shape a ong dTtwoI RACE .o d. d ar1o o the Atlantic nd around
the piers ,have bu-
)6wee s ago raced to an easy vi- 2-Chingr t p rs a made $.20 .F ben t rgh5) 1e
d to over a good bunch Of Class W o
led0 W4.usoetied4tO.rim mor, dope from JackOD G

N o te i nn aD *75 0 m i l r a che I O s uih a Se o
day. Guillerno Sanchez will Sbe8 EVENTH RACE Mim an send romod aay to tw i

Iti-e Ls l? aris Midi146 -Rn0. 3. 0, .a Piia Bay area. O Nw Y k D l
t ClasA od t e ya m 20, .0 We recently received.( his report 'arip, 21 pages At

.day. ule asr .od t b e- Te :rdra$320 320
oflacuIaeIIn fTrha ,i0n. T ar w l best and aren ow Pittsburgh 2W00 010t 5 18 5vl
Spa-tclan. l3--Merry Spper $4.60.l f asi ish r sed t bth e
will pe 1o0 t Mira- l Second Double: (Gauchs.- OIs is nRa offte e .. t kees r it.. L aw () a -d t1
ge d hiever dangerous King's Prii Mh 58o.re4 only4 keeps it M ed,. La () and tvl.
Sh is own plesur. do not hope to bie (6) apd Cam -
Prim oerraeasus uaiclud w 3-Til mEIGH H20 AC10rovethe best0ho orh t. 4 j p o k of 65 days fih- nG-.a P ToWdyer (11-). RW( 7 r

opveraiefvlaelar or s Bafide haarsdod r .Pr2e: (7- ) Pool closes: h:r 1- Fto en 1(7-1).
r Pn ca ardme l mpiion at l-isnn Pelner $8.40. 3.20 2.20 andlongeon others .. U as Frank 2 (1" a nd ),
S2 hrdleJo elsii yCGongora wh 2-El Re alon 280, $2.20 2 awouldlo the atm)so rplea.Ita lthz 10 ehi 0o aen- re nd ( 1)9), 03 t(3 :[ 1 .b 1

.e t ...$ae. cossDvtently o-V equipment The coach figured th eN1ttane Lions would need 3o 0l 153 435 2 1054

"r, fcs ^ o 111oo 11s g .... .?, s .,?. *, :--_ ".,
ee Road l ack b performingo eo 3 .y 0N (:0. 00 6Pe 2i-.r I Pool closes: I ri l). GR u o- ta() -
, ,35lea.Ves it u p to r00u a KOne-Two: ( u rTp O.r /-c,) 'l o :r00.. 3o o **2e1t 1. 63 7 t 0 00' 0',0.i J.uil1 ki1" -' .

TNot. Ster* imr ing NteaYRK'e TENTH RACE J u a Fraecond Ra de d tEn Dries 8:00 to :30o. .( a 1| h-M8 4
p o while Soft5.60. x 0
i lust be at his bet' h i npoatinovlch $8.40, 3.80, 6.20 1: 0deonhsa.:0 to 0 .5 7 7 28 n Rc.a ay DaVi (7) ad Btn |3Bel
to ractther ni engly starll 2-ue A0 7T.Y20,RSV.4P B ronstae doaidsy W. COMMENT ODS toa10 :00. .16: 8 50 '33 711Z 27AIuMlewukuolesh I hate

. t h. .. .in isu Brown su c oe 5---PIo0 Orte 1.-2-ard to beat here 1 5 ( A)-- Ro notin.
Te" o la r ra C a ,0 3- ama 620. "I" I td F10.P mr: 5375.00 Pool closes: 12:45 10Pe b:30$ t0o 11:30. (- 2 4 2 l d1. 14 auer (41).a o e o a "T
S ednetue on thie O Co lgo ae mll 4 on n ac e of the Double closess: : at would liel e t We d 4 23

ot.r ravesi outir nd ap _P.nnSte 14..llinos 1 v r 11:20r h .o0.:2 t2 .m6'
hJiav S TBnl .y 1D wlma 9 1-Naranazo B. Graell 11 -ockey wll la week -1 20r0 a m e s h r b ) -

Thl e ne st pt payoff int.he 8r|glel 14, Northesrn $3 2-Tinrgn 0. 6nchezgora 110 -NUnknown quantity 10-1 -h12:30 to 1:00. e1 5 lo nl ins n e ut tb o 3 10- .
straight ol o rf amer I '- ua chus 3, 3-No de la .nster Hurley 110 -Must improving slowly 5-1 1:00 to 1:30. -a 4 3 is dt e t inI
80 nd $1t. Che 'ur te L ---prodal T. OBravo 1100-Lat was dubious 3-1 2:00 to 2:30. INT 1 2 No s 22hl1 I U 'D W 0t ul h0en

other win rs were ar d th e D.' e 4Go 18-nLa Nain s. o3tPrescott 110 --as fair sped 3-1 o1: o2 00 p tiery o d o .t- e s a B tn o i
htoefeinereand Don r au.. MU I I oru s n 1 .-Candelreze Ortegahe 110 an werly toot time 3-2 2:0 tol 3:007. t 4 me e a at he 515

te rode VOrdete. rI._do qo .4 Cl mIon !8--holy) B. hMorollip 110 -5Has owing womprovement 2-1 ne erme out two ourth-period 3 repe.
w oth e rur lesip .inc e enifT al uaee 1t4 9-Ika) V. Cast0llo 110 -EbaO-Dale even rm e oun ou r downs for a 27-14 Go 0over one .w.e (.ou
S ei North Carolina YORK, Sept. 25 y- oredArmy UP) Second ac CtheDouble :00 to : e30. i bo 4 all
Ssd aefs leAu2 ne l l h u0 ,.a'G" Native N1-Fn.PAe: .e Pool clos 118 ngerous here 5-1 : 0toin 3 0,o years, 31 t1 I reor aele t b b s
--oP rm'oan i to : rhoe l 4 Mine 't A. Oonzntez 1O-Ikey an3c1pa 8-,1 ,. Bon $2 .2o 9 43 a By 0. Su garuee ate (U)ti cneGt
Ra.- e1 Raln.g 8 3-Ta Lady V. Brown x-otMinni.,g recently S 1ep .1i0 b to to

n MirCEes 41. 3--Golden 0lass BAnchez 90x--Seeo repeat posertyrmance 310-1 favorites to But a burly team erto hip N rkatam's terr and have to at ge
SS-Mre F ir $.40, 0. BOh late 8, 5Ind 0 4-Corn PhOrtgall 111 ard toes beat heon form -1 o 1 e o t- al n thi bo e
Olt-.Our w ne"3.0. 2doAute 6- Rioma A. RuGonAle 110x-Wiouldscore again e i 9n-1 at i aey a htuay ied 20 yards. They put t college head ball "The timeout rul e wouldan

r Double: (Cormorant-. M esota 19.: Nebraska ? .-ierra n elluda E. Darlo 110 -RDangerous contender 4-1 ew s a i la hed O n o th ron S ta d i it ta' r I
tktol thear odereng n syvt ho rule.f T n py o te w 1- in aeSSosIeis

Molt r algwr) Ool n50. Ohio Un. 13 avier (0a 0 home two long sco. drives in 10- td., t5 The receiver gets 2.yards for er it ae ntrerle for play-, oo

. ot-herr Time $2.40, 2.20. ns rqutte4 1-Dnny Boy B. Agtirre 112 -Hard t beat here even J aunt which wrapped flp. Notre Dame to ator le a h1 to trim tme o a e eamTon trouble ins that
fly et d o Georia 1dtteoriao Te7h 1 8-.lh e. irado 110c--Retufes gb udood lds'ts knoe w-e one r T tw therI o r th e th e cumerate. O a

'i me n- e ne r VPI 8, Wake Forest 10. 4.-V do V, Castillo 110 --Racing t best form -1 -, Halfback o rd ) Ca- Brennan. l you still have pressure on to hem.nthe elfor 25- end mo s
'd dFOURTH RACee Aubrn 4l, Chattanoou 0ady and Bobby ad ig .eod t .i You haven't lost the yardage you the3 Jy .jgen- W
0 $ p e1maront i.80, 11.80. Florida AoM 39. TC sCol. 14 two to 2 Shdowns ar It ath d Playingi before 5",594 t* a n s, o in t i aaj
Sathrel '. TVgOinauel 21. MI 4th Race"G NativeoI 6%nr Fgs.Purse: $250.00 Pool closes: 1:315 O : 8tb42no eal 1 U Gi M r

Fulrate$e: (Camron VItal AKSNpt 25.-TODAYSeodRace of the Double, 2ef h3o1o
" rank outidr V ,eOutte 21 nd Yaleia e 2 1R 0lno 1o 5ibill2 10N b th t am before ill- 11 e e lllle f er a eO-A E II

t p, S C i As r e l D anie 118e-pan wel r lrot wee -1 () l n t as ewl oord o.
up do tone;two bda ckn-daa n as 14ntMtinet7nA-512o

ordTrinity A. nlias 1 4.-0 t- r8cone 0. Gorala 10 -Rahto be last -1 e arlli oad its ther LanB iRAnt e epted thyron PRICeS: 0.60 th- 0.
aetedapal. CI2 athea Star m1, 1 otn n-3 2-inTean d 6ngora 112 -Uow qanit t ws he e anll 10-o1 A it as
ash t 2. TA mric t0 1 -o6 dTI M.Hctuloe 110 -Mush improve mores10-1
d ) IC t hefu l te)am2 deB.own IS7 i P h rIpt d onA- hlo e i t a n whe n I t

S-ia. OGraldoe x -Couldscore again 5-1 ue ed h ey. T2 oe t e r ol

Ina" A rmyh20 bVIo. Ruiz-108-W l-lerd1,o -n now 3.1 elpbos debwud1thnewr Peonbsll seaulssclegShnte
oeather*ienuw mi 1 Wi a a. Presot 110 -ates for saeed 31 one ofooe ras useode tm
e rc-do Don G. r ,Oeo r 0 n- led 6tw C.e eorS r dMeiirisod in e i tn t nt e t re tat
aftoerl1agamro ofee odtte. Alievesthotgaa14,Clemson
SCIho) B.(re) 11 ao am w t e en4 deer in3edni iso twoee ouredrth a psttom erd ent ouw l

taive gorth Carollaatega11 d tL 25s saS t.husetsored Am 3ItArcth irdn -open-Il owatateCyclonesoreIys o for 0 he e rU; As
gm$10n o iRltlt.8C0 VIur AuS. g*ter n Olle 24t Ra-eS Nte 6Po s 2:3 0 m t~e lossh an 65 t m K al I t .! b d n tnhie e. e

KCm rnsses26 or aa A. Queastlo 1103 -20hould w oreolasr i even t soan.n r ErerT,.Yers before pt Abe441-ng
DPr. 3.20.-- B5, ete. Burrw 0x-Ratonese good cc-1 5 r (P w o0 IJsomm ArNT AT ay ae eP-llcue

e Whnt Uv, Mes- a-Blsoa J. Snrcte 108 -Toghlc in t last-1s 2rc a1ll wsr e e g ru b su

a a. L ". Osrasa 11y -oi-Could score ngain at3-i Ne tAhr a.npt ( f)co tbnerb samsk l'b S!e
S AC 1M Pe BGAncheo 110 -RDarepeas eon tarnet 3-1 w s(UP) e twoten Cr l t h aiaed twie cdarytol e a e i
Ste -----b- o deteat eaee tera m or cod nt
a F. Preseot.40 2.2. OosteaoreIa11! R.atsbest on fm on1 o te ba0 hesonysHa both tinoa sfopedtat yare
,~, o 6.,30te 8Ha tonID r
'" I-."ur anc 30s tea06.R arl A. 0.Naiv ezsl1 -C ouldscore aai. n Pouown a l d 5 .today witterstunn ind1
uFrpo l (Crntt- nneckymState1C.lNebrsa-SerrelaB.lMareno 1108-Dange rou ltsoere we uge t -to fourth 30& 000isuno d

thO-ioneUniv.2 l a ErilqueO 1 --ton re entform 1 a-1 the on dds to K e reh ira d AsENfrto t. -5 (.
M d RACt(0i.) ith(0 )htat 25,Moran homet wngron dritvaee i ast donsef tor& d 2 2514.Victo rulevfurYpBa^hy's toh.
Nor.0 2.0,2.0.thCa rolina625,St.Polh a te l f ,td0t.and ig-th s ubborn b utIn Ca efob
....Florida1,Tch12y-iors.anBoy B. Agurre 112 HRd .to beat-here. evn a-.Nt a 2 stile s

43.T n e19.-- cmthdRace "G"ImpOrNtived 61Fgs.Purse: $450.00 Pool cos:: 315 I aItonIn 5 al,3 tortae
-- ViACa.Br o f the D-2.loubleffort hhed n.,, ogbina. passeniorsignal calew rp
ua' 1 3.o,.1S3.t00 -Ar nT ateh21,. ll3" 8-0 InP the yale en forwo to d summer sooat
2-Doni Maiden A. MnchCa 10ix--Return_ foro payoff 5-1 bae fa nivnc len lastr Deery than mb rsayY CENTRAL
Carle tolt142f40,2.20.Ofcoi n eC:.'Philsipsr110-Rhtesbea loseup4rm tw o h p e f a
Judart .4 2 Teip ptn PaS te" Iportega"7 1thl fn2Po: $-5ND.1Wo pay nice o dd s 10.1 Dukest i naUniers t19- 7n t o t hersasnd ln"eptofe ree o LoveS te- gTHl iO
ofaaotheadedbyHalboth16V. ttuloda 115 -Must io ve rmmeore -1 Pennsylva-ta, th2-0,y

al$.02.0,240 Nat0thRam ""Imported 7 -Fgs- urne: 7$3.00 PoolC loses:, ugame l defeatIndPenn'shi*stur P-- l hOe ipd on a b lo Aputand a" I

.$..rIe lua L. Giraldo 118 -L oksIgoodihwrku 2 -1 andeMaow, tondth 2-0. a bohfor a 19 to .. 7 ,ctory _z eot i

I--To k Prince VisquesI 115s- firsrt a.hpdx-In -their intap.
SLOUn1x ped class mIntheIlads
7--DlkSuet) V. Rodrl. 117x--Droppod in Ue 4- powerful ns fmthe &r a smadshit ezhbon of dsmle-
SH. Rut 110 --Good ruom& raM 4-1 minute. winp power at the start a .the e* :1
S: uilt up an 18-7 lead In the
S..-Dark M. J. o06nge 106 -Us~yn eu wi 4-1 ng senation today In NORMAN. Okla., (UP) ,
Roed IL Olraldo 120 -Net tI.a C" t=r25 5-1 moe Dawn wupa
= t=IUlOS Prie 1. ae 115 -.l m.g 3-1 .-'evenfour ,-
4-4MN..te.0.s. t_.,_S 10,,,W -9

Ads- to I*
121k Mae* 3U Na datve 7 F.Pwrns: UM al eleses: ram
..u I ho-- het' eves
-M.oG rm 3 aee -R 04I *Utop tam 4-1ees 8 m -W_ _-_-___-two_.,_ __ __.

N 00 ALM m f-. cic -ami 6 --..


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44U heItIt's tound out n, DUCKS THAT WRAR TURBANS
and had his trouble blxed. ^ i... *. M all-time By WARRZN PAGE I M
i'having Mantle at sotso wud & I*=1td pykn eurLN
lad V07rutiB 1009 to wo A ln butS" at thslf We-make a big hullabaloo about *
^ % -- :004 no- kss ffyi.eft%= A S' s w^
totdf stuls-iva hotsopwh can axge molWt lom- =W6 t ry year several million duck V ^
k v in this. day and that's like sea&use the Giants and the Indian met each sther in long stemc are sold. Ducks t@*e
.. ..b;eral s' M seriesevery spring they knowa sye, giv- c. n h a .ds
!tress ehw mthhWifet long i nCi anadaseveral fat fortunes to
=__________ In_ dead st an d mhe &to her husband. make duckbreedin rushes
venus deier sandin nho Armies of duck-shooting et
ones in the ^ tTe apparent belief on each side that It wll be able to call rise up to scream frustration
N ft O $ GSM the tukn on the other club, and common confidence in the books when shoot seasons aren't
Pf -a..which Leo and Al have compiled on the batters, might lead youe ajred to their ng or to shout
totfeeariXthrstodgyesGAOL.halujah when the word comes
pthe tyDfiniteyfof a fine hatching season up north.
Dut W n(ByBut the classic has a merry way of making the dope look Nowhere else in the world are
So. c ly or fIye ynVears Casey U M~li that he wated nDO so many sportsmen so concerned iSh
DETROIT (NEA)-Doack Walk Sl.repo for the Wor ri. "The more you think youover paddle-footed birds.
w'th' erad otbe a who sa know about theU o th er teller, the more likely are you to fiih But the ducks we have aren't
your".'edDg et o nse behind the eight ball" observed the sage Professor of Yankee a patch on the tremendous con
L** elfanse, Bcentrations that occur elsewhere
started as iaemen in high school: Stadium. on this globe-and some of them
MJ:rL .Jaaa H~ Walker and Quarterback That0n Casey d have soot n9 3epor, whelal eit ited ar- in what would seem to be t h e
on..ksn Ip.L th e irfoo all careers a. traced to the anxiety of George M. Wels, who always de- most unlikely places.
H d9 = bI Par a139 a High-ye r 5 foul richer, Jo nny Neun and Bill kiff to dig the dope.
Rrtti gaeParkaerplayed P they heled aps the Yank es just went out and It's reasonable enough tha t the Resper of the Royal Game
t~ A passONd&ran 75 orZn i 11 on hled eras theyir js wn u n.don0 h id-itom C flats of Proserv lea Irsq's young sprnts.
aw .1 -I s e m uwtoBo'
ap 'P aua n won On era lugo nSouthAm. man-ki ng too ou
__MP__a__More. In any event, the coming classic will be contested by two merica's tip, or in the grain fields shooting e by the marsh edge,

t'eens Irr N^ Wx by* th mas ---e--- -d^ e, ELRfS' t W K TU AON n n huhflmnw
Idi5 A ~JJust north of those barren land4teewr uce fdcsI
V... of the polaest, rivals in Its 51 Years' hbtatry. o1 oo.e4eI therewere bhunchesot ofn cs In
of he aliea rial InItS51waterfowl, mostly 'geese, wouia sight everywhere you looked a-
The Glian and the Indians began playing each other I n show in tremendous n u m ber s. cross the sky.
long spring eries 11934, when Bill Try negotiated the ar- There wing clouds are so big that And behind, us was desert dust
t. In 18 years. with three 2out drig the war Clevtl Sn has even Van Caemn Heliner, who and gravel, cut only by the tracks
won 133 games. and New York 125, wIth s ri the has probably csed ducks and of camels. Ducks don't mind a
Oan took 13 put, of 2L geeq to more odd corners of this little desert, not when there's Wa-
tkf* ~earth than any other man living, ter5on it.
was open-mouthed at the flights (Distr*ibutq by NBA ervice
SAW SLLEJ pIaST I mI 193g, v STILL AROUND 4nd any thoughtful man would
S. realize that the spb-Arctlc areas
Cooking as the ya th-t the Hmol 8w of Euros and Russia must raise
%Mkants t e ira a ro sw the ZR-t tIe of birds Just As do OW
S. PmRlap '. 1 e inco.hen te Po aMy G n ts fir saw Bobby Can lan tunzdras and northern
S weO aletd tt r h wrh 15 Ioa aeller.u t w would et ducks in
ifri w n 129 1.58 -31 4 Boy s arounses stang plbilitY Mthe desert, In the lands where the
Wrigh 1t2 Ion that first World aers victory which eluded hisn so tr camel is a work animal, not &
Nordstrom 5103 66elAfhe1908competon-wiW the Braves. wOPOnlf ij e zoo curiosity?
0 Permitted four blowsg, tTZ aeIraq, fr exam-
3 MS I IN 3 AS It was dat hV t r illM therGeants got thsit x sti We, ThSit land; once called the
alimpeoof Von"er. ,otly tningo, faced Ju "in den of Eden for good reason.
o men. t ee 3a0wed n M Z them. Lelbker's long foul w'as contains many s are miles of
A York's chief acc3M in'shak ,desert, tru, bu? i-also holds the
two muightff1ivefs that presum.
nL That Gi *0 Otants were W static over eller. 3 a rd fBill t ion, o TI
aThatrdletiiliiein.the l
m 17 1 le t annouacedat i s the gstoste pitching In the raw I hat m gris and the Euphrates.
M80 in In in 1y wen 1 9e. their coorsto Basra and the

w t 71 g7 1 Deo arDtyell dmeasund qlot acres or even
s U Feler devoted himself through the rest of that p e_ In hundreds of

the a. -Dyr | a opener* or even *c hundred birds. e
i T l S I've ner seen those marshess.

I seasonrto PilingoUPABVe1 ytIwho a
gIne on _in u T. F uiLe en those m arsahs are tin-n bt pa
am180r--*iS .24a.8me es t oute l fer athOg t a trd tO ht oufruntol iv million Bof
gfb rho 11 ayin Th ly51 aassettatesin5On.tof them our

1' f Y O s eeW! : g sW eback wave th 7Isf yeaam l r a u d i t an d Y our cancelled als

r gd etnsle, d behind the best possible
W0K~~~~iy sa M~ji. elabt'~w E .Avoid 10Sw er thi
In 11whe you
#nea t _V09 ofemound o~, u

^^^a~~~~f.* Neu Rolfiai;^^ CmflbVW|EEP Eft
C 6 the ai al ew us .eI Sobsow*odd species that never fail

*emion. X W Y M A ) a G oT" r -and 7s 1qu-- m-ofoE uropean
70 1: -en "uly01 is c
7W ------ wick Iai senaq on Wed- r0t!TIgese.Thsowcon
'W I'" rt no wlAS he fo lows fi~ red at waterfowl
~~~~j L~~~*f **M 'A in "Was, e W eotthrche ollow. lmars8Irnhtrynou
with os htas agostnt Johny ridysCevln heV5 addyI
O-t wo *oh inre, o een fot r anhundredb's.
I'to.never sen thore marshe
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194 em?~4~1*~ a ~I'vetinevoersen those -maSpecia
whegia ig fights-WoriAries in, u

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NIO, .,a. Saw".1AvoidAss wldborsetAri, heCH A i
Up tkdoetf wh uen, youone ony tou
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to hew irion n up cia
17 7dl ug 3m80ind -

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f Mn for NSA .mlreei
S8TION: The base an lolk:
h thwo out in we last ha
i-minth inning. The batter
atto enter'ted. The runnw
CbaS emroe the plate
patrea to be t winl
'L the runner on first
lees 'not go to second. The
i thrown ute that base. Is
inae apt or, with the win.
run ACoba. Is the game fi-

Answer: The runner Is oeat
a force play, which means the run
does not count ad the game goes
Into extra Inalags.
Q. Is the-cpteher.considerd part
of the infeld?-Gerge -Wayl.
A. No., Neier is toe pher.
'Tle Infield Is made up of flut,
second and third basemen, plus
the shertatep. Ths the tern,
when YoU a an eeptiona
good*ft plisher, lIn.
llelder." Te catcher has an en-
tirely different job than an I n-
Q. Can a wild throw ever be
scored as an assist?-Mar a h a 1
A. Yes, In atieMs which see
a runer caught after be tries to
advance oa a wild throw. The
player making the throw gets
credit for s an aslst.
Q. When is a team allowed to
protest a game?-Bob Wirth.
A. When H eels a violation Of
the rules haa been committed. A
team As never allowed 'to protest
an umpire's jufgmt.
Q. when a batter steps out of
the box is time automatically
caUed?-Jack G4dn.
A. No.-He ut aask the um.
pire first. UIbtteps out with-
oat time being called the pitch aIs



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(MuaCO) every six weeks)
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ng bills by in-m There's sno standing in "
g all over town.
kecks are permanent proof of bills, pad,V -
kind of receipt.
sft o[ money which is only too possible
cask with you to make payments. Make -

it ificwt tday and open a ai Spec-

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Emotion Gave:

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forms Of Human

Added Strength 7

CLEVELAND, Sept. 26 (NEA)-Some time between 3:10 and 4 a. m. the morning of July 4, Marilyn Sheppard died hfribly In the bedroom; -
jo her comfortable lakeside home at Bay Village.
It was an act of violence.. Someone stood above her as she lay o n her bed and landed 27 blows on her head, the storm. of human emok
4ion gving added strength to the clubber's arm.
SSome time in October the courts must turn their attention to this shocking incident A jury will have to decide if h*'usband, Dr.Sanwei
H. Shappard, was the one who launched the blows, as charged.
i The case of Dr. Sam. as he has come to be known, has been the subject of debate in households from coast to o "i-a murderrytjterx-
"*hat has caught the imagination of the public.
S At 5:50 a.m two hours after i cult to figure what kind of a
At50ad, bltdgehourasafter
Varilyn died, bay Village May- bludgeon was used. .
or J. Spencer Houk, a friend Cleveland police have center-
Cud neighbor of th Sheppards, I ed their attention on a set of
Iot 4 phone rall. surgical wrenches, tto of. which
Vt was Dr. Sam. "For God's were found in the truck of Dr.
hSnce ge erdh Sam's Jaguar with the keys to
Ic thinly they've killed the trunk still in the locka
,11he gasped. Investigators think they can
When the mayor arrived at trace the weapon for a few min.
the hoend and his wife had peek- Utes after the murder.
ed into the blood-spattered bed- Scientific lastrutients, th e y
room, he summoned the town's say, have pheowh atraek fto
handful of police,. blood stalls, whjch dripped from
the weapem, down the stairs
SUPURBAN COPS. 1t.9 the basement where they
tend it was washed In a tub.
There were three phases of The trail was carefully wash-
the-c e'which made It so diffi- ed up later they contend.
cult tt-the suburb's police had They think the killer "wan-
to a pfor help, first from the dered around like a chicken wilb
county' and later from the city his head cut off" then settled
Of down to clear up fingerprints,
F na Ifwas taken almost blood and every evidence of huw
1com gut of their hands. man movement.
Itlo dllla an open and 1The doctor's story Is a
shut case of bone invaded by pie ope, though vague in de .
*g psychopatlie4hug. But at the The guests can testify t at
same time it. ave evidence of PROBSECOTION witness Susan the evening *as spent watchim
being a domes crime. Mays toldf fIllelt romance, a TV movie with an oddly pro-.
The things b were hard to phtic title, rangene oiday.
explain an 'absht which the tri- The coroner, the local police
Swill center are: and Mayor Houk found no evi- DIMLY REMEMiERS
dence of a weapon that holiday
Br. Sam's Injuries. morning. Dr. Sam was asle on the .
The weao used. f Puzzling also was a missing couch on the main or when n
The motive. T-shirt which Dr. Sam had been they departed after midnight. SBPABD FAILYSLEM seem"3nenomay happy t ot e su,
wearing the night before at a At the coroner's inquest, Dr. face. Here Dr. Sam and marbln team up UiS wster-u#dingr
Right from the start, the ef- dinner party in his home with Sam said he dimly remembers
fort to solve the crime ran into neighbors as guests. his wife trying to rouse him to quietly In his own room, he true, would have wpt carted a-
the first of these. The home and entire neighbor- come to bed, ten giving up and heard a abise downstairs. way by the intruder.
INARTICULATE hood have been raked over since leaving him aslee downstairs. he say he ten ekd ta MOTIVE
in the hunt for the weapon and Later, hearing her shouting, ba y haired Lan dew k MOTIVE
D. e e a w, shirt. Iv he dashed: to the second floor steps from *a eeuse to the lake
Dr. Am. exhausted &nd wet, onventional divers, skin div. only to be knocked out at the beach. Again he was felled In a Eaally imortant-to weigh-
his face swelling from bruises, ers and divers with mine de- top of the steps-"clobbered," Sght. Ing the casein the caase of jus-
was flopped on the floor hang- tectors ave gone over the lake he -said. tie will be the motive.
Ing over a chair when Mayor bottom la vafn Regainin conso fr
Houk arrived. DEAD the econdtime, this time lyig r 'The prosecution thinks it has
He was almost inarticulate WEAPON. half In the water, he says he one in the admissions of Susan
but mumbled something about Coming to,. he looked at his climbed the steps and called Hayes, 34-year-old former tich-
.4wo intruders in the house. The mi!oV-the blows were wife and found her dead. While Mayor Hook. nician on the-hospital staff.
"'Membors of t.ho aeppard s o stra t it is evep diffl- checking bis saon, still sleeping The weapon, if his astoyU Is She has told them of a week
.MJI ve 'I l eadingf9 0zns ON She has told thin of a k

Z-1E W Dr. Dr. Shop-
TwiI a.'diathad his two
Taxman Nds Hollywood Hanmers
brea"r. Richard -and Dr x .
vUerate an osteopathic a
t village. Dr
-amh brothers whisk ed Dr. AJ
Sam offo the hospitalsmond A BY ALINE MOSBY other stpas of tinsel town still them, or whether toupees can e tue becape he leave to
rthey were summoned arei and out of hot water over used.a duotons hai plaue entertain armed 1eA around
home. HOLLYWOOD, sept. 25 (UP)-payng up to Uncle Bas. mhan a. naldetn of greaepai the world.
Dr. SAM'S INJURIES Errol Flynn settled his income the problem of how to pay land. .' .
,ax dispute this week, but many whopping taxes, or get out of Jack- Benny madea -apar-
aMs ;;at he htened the con- Fly*n reed to settle his ance to a his gains
e 1 30 ,rjlcko tax bill at haf dell b .. His.x i
viversy which developed over 3007i e 7 $8flO0D,000bwithexcit-
3 Bam!.injuries. DOLLAISA: !iY In .lg tsio

toh-thae hospitals to the fa ta. .te. too. n.hed after one6 ptire.o
V.r Rd b oteredsonrsheud-

SCOLLAR Si^ -^ .1 ION"=100% benoffe jobs But' oftb an d inrd Bergman were aiong
at stand thatrphysicald iRt 1- uisf o h ersarey Ine -o e a

whof a patient comes. .AL'h rent h tr 4he n d lv ae no d corpor-
.L bos p _,iTtal *Authorities UI* S*t" lu h *oae.a sew. *tnfirst annn. W am tno50.a;.9
woen ted because question-:. .A, a~ Gro hnUceSm4
laruwas. ayed and limited.T ft ~ I lapd l; their btous movie firms et us-
1hmerelh a debate as to the -In tax iPlut5, too,16-anlhe after one. picture.
exte.nt itthe injuries.i j..( aterule% l hs asFe
He wasvisibly battered on the mi KIiffi'r.m ry 1ed JyearstI~s
riat side of his face. d*,u '*w*h- in,- of rjan.4dyIgi egawr n
-COLLAR S 1UI-0%o 9 ~7o. hadIgi egs-wr *n
The orthopedic collar Dr. Sam eita6 ein ha A uins o.tanvs
wore-ia mills: to the public,ja 1000h e" 0 li Wm adblsfrte-ir
a synMl-of tbie conflict concern- NP s.wno'* dptf,%ei 4
wa~ eralijuries. n nILn1 tax mew&aae
4adw sat the outset. htD tg fsil h
hi Iug* sob ~knneck. Medical -athe Years the gove*. tn 1099 th ll. the
esihmlater sadd it wasn't oetdt
hind-te-earners molu to Ot eTa
of ai wfp e 00orbiirSa. MOine u Me~t iout l -ucmne. A
Vyth very factI&a*V ltoa a (,010M
Xht injured. It ai nhtrund-a lferleevvn*. -
K, wbhe e IWo dd?t

91 1 ? 1 t7 1M I5 M 19A 11 9a 1%3 .14
THERE'S MORE DOUGH AROUND--erssal Income during
the second quarter of 154 wr at an annual rate slightly lower
than the pedk 13 gure. lower. to the recent reduction
in Individual lcemne lax. disposable (the MeonM people
have to save or spend) has kept imbuing duari pu At two
yuhts. D lspabetaee h now sIme N2534 b M. highest ln
I. S. btory. It hu bieMsed alo"st 40 per eat, slace 19.w
PUe chart dws v eMr l In.. I V eM te tVLOt ax laths
of UK V. Data m NWAma (a iudwM CuedMu Bnow&

,3p .- 1',,

%;~I~ ~
4 .4
:~-~ ~..
.44... -




:4' ~ 2~- -
~s~fr .iA$


ly-located home for $31,300 and
paid the mortgage off in two
and a half years.
Besides a jeep and Jaguar,
he had a Lincoln Continental.
There were family parties,
boating, water-skiing In which
both were interested.
Marilyn taught basketball to
schoolgirls and a Sunday school
class. d s
They lived. .quletiy, Dr. Sam,
.wpssjbsorbelin 54 work
eTRAN8E lhIt-fuRE
-It Is this strange: aitorem 4
normality,. c .ted a mon.-
strous brutality, widely sakM
the ease of Maris
dur-*r so nigu W ntrio
'The defense, of *earse,
blames everything on Ae mys-
tesiaus !ntruder or

tor tastestocenvkeepl r
the truth of theirted.
The prosecutors 111 se
the motive theories aM a
There was no evidence et.sV.M
ual attack.

^Plfj^ ^H menant ae ^
f were hoe f da
4 antifc activi- jsy
Ovpwbhdnmd by the intrieg iw Z&AIR
cffs, the Pocet t ioo ma.
ny peple trampover the pre-
pe tromp overthe pre- *
les ind he house, 1 so
They have' bee" c f6166 te1?
for not arrestithe hba
and jailing him immediately. h
"The case would have been
cracked by mmetnter veque,- wag
tioning in the first fftrhours."'k
say the Cleveland police. Io
M r Ruk e n if, was
mred Sm could' av de it" with le
Iaa month befhreh- was augrs to
tested, oive
the laMbaow o
Ow bmBt after

fe ro"s
-^^^te"- when11' i
ws warins ia6 orthopedic col&
r ad pa&me ordered
.'j%1m to quit it, ca rex a reval-.-
vex $Saed t hi ai "for

Pubil feellag was riding
.~ Shotly after the. Creed ^^
and Press d an edi-
todal titlid "Someone Is Get.
Ung Away With Murder," Dr;-
Beam went to Jai. ^ ^
Police tried a few days d
nonstop qoestiening to bled. hIs lw^^
fti San, blaed hat. US-
.4 atil toto 4w-
bSe V 4 w
-h 6s aye In $UFO
hip cl~ lsteuAgo ball gemswn.


" t !r '-



* r ~ a
-~. ..A,-







out;M 4



r *

" ** -" .


IM 2/66d







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