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daily (except saturday and sunday)[may 12, 1973-]
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Oct. 7, 1925-
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On Saturday published as: Weekend American, Dec. 10, 1966-May 5, 1973.

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Seagra's VO.

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r.. hx^r.I- .' 7T N6.

O(NA Telephoto)
- Aakchi E ubWM one of O1 JIPa-
smm,~~dus064 in

S d oay rom c e' officials told htm he
on Prblems

J~i ~Aross Sue th

AB (. Judge Rice denied Walker and
"lnJumntlon against the school
,nd said be. wr the as
aIts. own merit omtr .
tbe-u- at O hCity, mrace" anwhile

e rious conse- cou- to be ~~mitted to r eno
s Ju isore. n llo e. A three-Judge
ov s said attorneys
t r o t e te Court
SJudge. Rice denied Walker and

tf basti s. t COklaoma Cityo munwile

Snth .r sna had indlal
have r mu- cort e a r it itted to Re
s tcout will hea theu case.


lt nisort to peo-

thai "order w
when two Milford
is leoed atter vio-
its are re-opened

.white scbol the
I of
I re-


for ad-

"mhe writers on sedsl proeb-
lss Whose view T *oqued
with approval by the Sluprmen
Omni know nothing of W
volvWd In the Clanrae" di-
met where ,00 Negs sheo
obUldrmtl e Ina the ame
s 2 3 whIte ehildrn, B yrn

He pointed to "racial disturb-
ances,' wet Virginia, Dela-
ware and Ohio as a powerfulu
UmamW for continued sepa-

. Vbmbhttulp
relbe tmat If the
ing no em-outh
state eldMa a
wheMreifr perce"
Sa relal
serious situs
In such counties
when at effort i
the raes." NByrnae
The mnon-Sooth
Byraes referred t
the Milard mrial
fve Nhoo uothea
reabint "rer ANU
and a "Hlke" by

belev the first i
tio In gi eaWors,
rmila bad the

T1e West Vh
nsol -Wed
WOUen.we g


people should
re such feel-
a in the border

13 Injured

In Chiriqui

RR Accident

Thirteen persons were Injured
this morning when a psenger
coach jarred loose from a Clri-
qul Matohal Railroad train and
collided with-another engine was
following close behind.
A cow on the tracks near the
San Pablo siding between David
and Puerto Armuelles caused the
driver of engine No. 101 to apply
his emergency breaks according
to reports reaching here today.
The sudden breaking of the
ienlu cause the rear passenger
coaci to break loose from the
train. Caught unawares, the
driver of engine No. 110 which
was following close behind ap-
plied his brakes too late to avoid
a collision with the loose pas-
Saener-fllled coach.

The accident occu
7 a.m, today. -'

New-oin Ba

A new-born girl
found arrin e 1pN

(NEA Telephotos)
WRONG IMPRESSION Actress Rita Moreno (left) tells Holly-
wool newsmen that she was under the Impression that It was
a mix when police arrested meat-packing heir George Hormel
on a narcotics charge. Hormel Is shown at right in the Holly-
wood City Jail.

Prices Drop In US

rred around -
SnFor Foocd, TV Sets

WASHINGTON, Sept. 25 (UP) said the drop from mid-July to
The cost of living dropped mid-August left the consumer
I&l y two-tenths of one per cent lt price index at 115 per cent of
month, chiefly because of lower average 19'-49 prices. It was
baby was food prices and "substantial" the same as in August 1953, but
bushes in an cuts prices of radios and TV I$, pr cent above the level of
Sdeo la as _ae.tu government r .poreJ 150. --

hea the b s r, invest-
at, and found th infant ly-
the busheS.
te baby stl had umbilical
ord attached to its aaveL
ienfa&nt was ta"ah to hos-'
V l and found to be suffering
fro several burns, as i an at
te had been made to kill her.
The baby was later baptized
Ana Mercedes with Dist. Atty.
i s Augusto Lopes and Mrs.
Aan.M e ra, who was the first
r eon called by Aiapu when he
|ond the infant, as godparents.

MP Says Arab
Arms Purchases
Prep For Israel
DLomON. Sept. 25 (UP) -
Labor member of Parliament
Anthony Greenwood. in a letter
to te Manchester Guardian,
d.claed today that Arab arms
paurc/ as are ,for one purpose
only for the 'second round a-

"It Is a sad reflection on the
b rupy of Western state-
=an hp tat almost its only
positive policy for promoting
e ppers to consist or arm-
t = Germans in Europe and
the Aabs in the Middle East."
G| eanwood said "...the gov-
iaeknts of Britain and Amer-
ea epabetwitched by the pros-
pet 31 a powerfully armed Arab
league as a bulwark of Demo-
War (of the meaning of which
w le in the Middle East
out Irae have any concep-

M bf
fe-'so, fue, medical, ,e
a i sdren'iShoes.
The Bureau of Labor Statstin

Two Tots Drown
In Gatun Lake
A three-year-old girl and her
baby brother drowned In Gatun
Lake and another sister, aged
seven, narrowly escaped drown-
int last Wednesday, Cristobal
police reported yesterday.
The two younger children
drowned near the ville of Vino
Tinto. According to police, the
three children of Salome Ruda
were in a cayuco, baling out
water when the craft capsized in
five feet of water.
The oldest child, Eatervina,
grasped some grass in the water
and pulled herself to safety.
Her cries for help were an-
swered by workmen who a short
time later recovered the bodies
of the three-year-old and the
New Polio Case
In Gorgas
A new polio case was reported
yesterday at Oorgas .lspital.
The patient is a young Panama-
nlan boy who was admitted to
the hospital Thursday.
The child Is two years and
eight months old. Hospital au-
thorities were informed that the
child had been ill for about five
days before entering the hospital.
Although there is some muscu-
lar involvement, the case Is not
considered a severe one. The ill-
ness was diagnosed yesterday as

Emperor Bao Dai Pulls Rug

From Under Vietnam Premier

Northern aste SAIGON, Sept. 25 (UP) -
itage of N Vietnamese Emperor Bao Dai
ively sular sent a bland note from the
tlonW wl artm FreMch Riviera telling tottering
as 0larendon... Pemier No Dinh Diem he is on
i made to mix his own, reliable a races said to-
Sadded ay.
hern tIncide&te he tOeff state told Diem
Swere i he causidered him henceforth
s, tol from ba and
lt m l l e sources aid.
NeiTo message. received beforeI

S a ." .-bit-o. ---. y" a. 'I b.

0. .m

If, as seemed probable, Bao
Dal had thus definitely swung
against the premier just at the
moment he was able to rally at
least superficial support from
the powerful Cao Dma and HaM
Hao sects, the tragic-comic tus-
sle of Vietnamese politics be-
came more confused than ever.
The army, led by chief of staff
Oen. Nguyen Van H nh, arch en-
emy of Diem, for the moment at
least remained quietly on the a-
lert with precious taken to
avoid any c t.
French auterlWte are still re-
sponsible for te manutnan sof
order in asgmesM trna-
for of nm! Wt Ia this a-
res has not een mpleted.
They too wOS es the alert.
Report said tha Diem t
try to bring amAMNO te 40
men in the ao Dal andSe B
private aureL.. as "rim3l-
rthoe he .
t~ beAA

The urau reported a six-
tenths bf one per cent drop in
food eqts, which make up about
30 per cent of Its index. Acting
CommIssioner Aryness Joy Wick-
ens Md the cuts marked a "back
to normal" price movement that
followed the summer drought.
There were "substantial" price
'eductions in fresh fruits andi
vegetables and meat and eggs.1
AU caut of meat shared In the
drop, reflecting Increased mar-
keting. of livestock. Average cof-
fe prices rose slightly, although
cuts were reported in about half
the cities surveyed. Bread rose
1.5 per cent.
The index covers the changes
in the cost of market basket
items bought by most city fami-
Mrs. Wickens said price cuts In
television sets and radios show-
ed up in department stores and
other large furniture and ap-
pliance stores. She said these
establishment apparently were
meeting competition from such
outlets as "discount" houses.
Price reductions for new auto-
mobiles, gasoline and tires were
offset by higher prices for auto
repairs and higher street car
and bus fares in several cities.
Rents, fuel, medical fees, chil-
dren's shoes, group hospitaliza-
tion fees and In some cities,
theater admissions rose.

Secret Indicment

Rehned On Miami

CUld Slaying
MIAMI, Sept. 25 (UP) A se-
cret. two-count indictment has
been returned in connection
with the brutal slaying of little
Judith Ann Roberts. It was dis-
closed today.
But the name of the person
charged in the murder of the
seven-year-old Baltimore child
was kept secret, pending the
suspects arrest. Circuit Judge
Joe aton would sav only that
"a capital indictment has been
The grand jury was reported
to have returned the indictment
yesterday after a secret session
in a downtown hotel. The jury
heard testimony from two Mi-
ami homicide detectives who
had been working on the weeks-
old case and a private investi-
Casino Still On
At El Rancho
The playgroud benft ead-
so. wich get unerway las
lght atl B e deh bow -
ea, wle sentame 1 a=1
e Wsritew aht l of
water, it was -*

eaeb Wht. -
I e a $ad"isue art dfa Am-
armeat spem- e t ors
tbas laygrqe h lia asss
0 1. -ii a-

Dien Blen Phu's

Gen. de Castries

No Longer Hero
LONDON Sept.25 (UP) The
London Daily Express aild today
In a dispatch from Saigon that
bitter accusations are beatg hurl-
ed at Brig. Gen. Christian de
Castries before a secjet French
arm inquiry over hiswconduct of
the battle at Dien Blen Phu.
"General de Castrles is no
longer a hero. The semmander
of besieged and broken Dien
Bien Phu is today a harried,
hunted man," Express correspon-
dent Russell Spurr wrote.
"Every word of the evidence Is
secret. But It is clear that the
inquiry is developing Into a bit-
ter battle of words between 52-
year-old de Castries and Colonel
Langlals. another .vetean of the
siege," Spurr said. ..
I"French officers look the other
way when de Catties htrfldes out
of the hotel," the Ekpre's dis-
patch said.
"They no loner stop to salute
him, to bow anq smile as In the
early days after-his release from

Pilots' Attorney
Must Fl Memo

By October 25
SAttIbmn a a t f e n lanama,

The general counl's office,
representing the defendants in
the suit, will have to answer by
Nov. 24.
Yesterday, arguments on the
demurrer were presented in
court, as well as the defense ar-
William S. Tyson a Washing-
ton attorney, who together with
Charles Ramires, represents the
lots, is expected to. leave the
Ithmus tongt.
The laint who make up
five-sixs of canal's pilot
force are cl about $7.250
each for basie.' y, overtime,
"stand-by," ho U night and
travel pay since y 1951.
The suit was filed July 1, in
the District Court. This is the
first case to come under the
court's jurisdiction which in-
volves the Classifieation Act of
1940 and the Pay Act of 1948.

Pravda Says O0

AgreemnG 61ves

US Bi Inroad
MOSCOW, Sept. 25 (UP) -
Pravda said today that the
Iranian oil agreement "opens
boundless opportunities for fur-
ther United States economic in-
vasion of Iran."
The Soviet newspaper said.
".. the United States urges Iran
to implement the oil agreement
hoping... (It)...will speed up
drawing Iran into the Middle
East military bloc."
The Pravda comment follow-
ed an announcement here yes-
terday of a verbal Soviet pro-
test against anti-Soviet attacks
in the Iranian press and recent
sharp Soviet criticism of Iran-
I an mary maneuvers near So-
viet borders.

World To See


To Blame

For Disagreement

WASHINGTON, Sept. 25 (UP) The United States
and Russia have agreed to make public a "full exchange"
of their secret talks on President Eisenhower's atoms-fort.
peace plan, the State Department announced today.
The United States was updeortood to hMe taken the
initiative in having the recordpadblish d u the world
could see where responsibility lay for o ac igreemeit
on the plan.
Mr. Eisenhower unfolded his proposition in a speech
before the United Nations General Assembly at New York
Dec. 8, 1953.
It called for establishment of an international agen-
cy to which nations with individual atomic programs would
contribute materials and technicians to exploit the peace.
ful benefits of the atom.
Secretary of State John Fo- Lode, Jr. told Vlshineky he
ter Dulles hinted two days ago would be happy to find that the
that release of the American and Soviets were willing to cooperate
Soviet arguments was being con- in putting the atom to work lw
sidered in the two capitals. peace.
In an address before the As- "But, let us not forgethe
sembly last Thursday Dulles w of teMr r rve e .

broket aIve mon2thse on Ixpec to
the plan Just the day .before he said be welcomed te
spoke to say that they were ll putting the item o the
willing "to talk the." But and insisted the records no
Dulles said the n move gave the vote was unanimous,
no indication t a u l "had Russia.
receded from its po01- vishinsky made his state
tion." before the 15-nation steering
-Ipo t. a. i mlttee.
Diplomatic i sid The committee action put a
the talul e a.oeonto the U.N. proam an Amerlea,
woeald show mt e S ted proposal under which plazis
states ha mad repeated of- the United States and seven allis
forts to get Russia to go along for a peacetime atomic pool cmd
with a share-the-atmas plan be discussed.
for peace s a first stp to-
ward greater armamet en- "'The task is not to eoafte
te*s. ourselves only to proposals.for
peaceful uses of atom ic rgy
They added that exchange ruat also to reach agreement eo
would asnow too that the Rus- the prohibition of atomic we.
slans "had not budged" from peas," Vishldasky said.
their position that it was better He then said ho had no oppa&l
to simultaneously unconditional- tion to putting the item on0 t
ly prohibit atomic and hydrogen work sheet and asked that the da.
weapons. elsion be unanimous "so that our
The United Nations General As. position is clear."
sembly was meeting today to pelacet
formally on its agenda a debate "We make it quite clear," VI
on President Elsenhower's 'atoms- shinaky said. "We declare our
for-peace' plan. readiness to continue talks."
'Ae AW ay' 10 .-- --
md inc Of a Swiss Specialist I
a surprisingly W wlthe Treoating Pope
record show Se eeasMtee vote
to be u"anmos. CASV OANDOLTO, I t a ly,
The Soviet Union's Andrel Y. Sept. 25 (UP) Pope Plus X13
Vishinskydnssted that the Krem. underwent a two-hour trat
lin wassinceremI-noatdesire to ment of strength-building medi-
hold further talks witsth United cines today and was scheduled to
Stat on the pro ut to. spend the rot of the day re tla
mic energy to peaeful upes. Swiss pecilt Paul Ni ,
The planwas pw p gdUlast Dec. who Feturned here yestoday
I by President Elehtower in a after a short Visit to his hoW jn
speech to the Geoaral Assembly. Switzerland, administere- thee
However, the Soviet delegate treatment to the 78- ar dd
made it clear that Russia will en- Pontiff in the papal bedroom.
ter the "atoms-for-laee" p ro- Niehans treated the Po o0V
gram only on its own terms: That through his Illness of last winer
the Western nations first agree and was called back th Weift
to unconditional prohibition of all when the Pontiff suffered mild
nuclear weapons, recurrence of lat winters Ie.
U. S. ambassador Henry Cabot cups.

f .A.W-

on& u W 0 3dSIB DS Capt. earold 1Wh e.
o h f a ap l Mr ee companion to his .
W at e who was shot do
LUft3. f .mabt. and L1 6


- -,

iu 'm,

irm ., f .

' ..' ,

*. "7.. ,


:-' ; : -

~__ I^rT___




L. ,,

'+; /-',..- .-..- o


^ .

. V

SeY. NM aea 9 o 0 os 1s4. PANAMA. *IO P.
SLapW*oW PANANAe NO U-0740 *S Loans
0 'eCN OPegu, 1.70 CaNmmAr es-tw Ug stflp. .sm moWhW
e, msso Rt'ndsMNTA'riV NUAS Powwm INC.
45 M A Ala ee Aw. yiW Ye et47 N Y.
fm ixn oe8Io MMM. ,AW, ,
wo E*:A -MN. -M AV.NCE--. o


i The Mail Box k *n open rm f oro oe lsd au oUThe Pom Allw
m. L ten are eived gfraftfully ud ooe bandied i s wholly eoe

t Ltef Wn p.blh I "..... n ev
ViE m tiyv h W Wethe n halted to T e aMrt e VE
dnat of, a itW "? ft" is hel in ate c coumid e.
TInowiple*mowa n 0 mooseal fore, atateeatso 0 uose
SI!in ito tanmFEEe TR AV-


Labor News .etUM otthe igal

Comment .

LOS ANGELES The gambling
rooms over at Las Vegas may
never again want to see a labor r.. -
leader. The last one to visit the
Sands Hotel dice tables there wasi
a Carpenters Union leader, N,
Charles Johnson, who walked away A ;. ,
with $100,000 In winnings as h h
headed for the AFL's 73rd annual '
convention here.
T'at's one way for labor leaders .,
to take other people's money-anid Y
just about the only method, f
some angered union officials here
have their way. The outraged AFL
chiefs have been sending word
down the line that the day of the
mobster, the shakedown artist and
the goon must end. There is no
way of knowing whether or riot
the local labor baronies, which axe .
tied in with the mobs In many

h a been areas, wIll heed their natlo-- i
For several weeks now, a big story In the newspter as ben areas, w I hd their nai l
in regard to free vacation travel for civilian employes in the leaders.
;one. All welland good for Pan Canal employee. And now I
es that civillankemployed by the services .(Army, Na nd Air But let's put on the record the
otee) are also eligible for this free transportation. ItWs agrati- fact-that national AFL officers are
ylrt feeling to know that the U.S. government is so coiderate tryi one "Sollyrd went out of theam-
tf If citiens away from home. but I hav^ 10 to s eench Liquor and Distillery Workers Un-
onalderatlon .nd thought regarding the are of servicemen Liquorhad to be oillted from his n-
nd their faSiles. Perhaps they feel th once a man dns ion because he has been worom his ung
he. khaki uniform, he' should be more than satisfied with with the tough heirs of the old
steady monthly, income. But the man in khaki suffers the same with thCapone mob including George Sca.
tng 1ffor the folks back home as the man in the loud trUppl lise and "Little Atgle" Pflano.
To cite an 'example my husband has a year to do of our Pan- This weekend, Cilento, whose
mw tour. l use the term tour loosely, since rare few service- Union Weltare Fund rolled up
ma have honest choice of locality. some 40 per cent in expenses on
We have a ,ew-born soh that both of our families are anxi- the dollar, was dumped as warn.
,i to see [beir first grandchild. My husband has 60 days ming to the top crime syndicate
leave time accrued, but can we take that leave? No. For chiefs like "Little Augie' a n d
he simple reason that we can't afford $400. "Longy" Zwillman.
So you ask why don't we save our money? Easy answered -
ave you ever tried to save money and still pay rent and utilities Cilento is one of dn inner core
orr apartminMt in Panama City? A dollar can't be stretched of men in the AFL whose active.
at far any more. (Where are the comfortable living quarters ties have provided most of the
hat were roirt ed the serviceman?) scandals which have hit the front
Now compare the monthly salary of a service employee to pages-and will again make news
at of the lowly serviceman. Where does the service employee as the current welfare probes get
side? In quarters, of course. Where doerhe do his shop- under way here and soon in S.
1i? Iln M eqmmisary and PXotcourse.; Francisco, Kansas City, Chicago,
Howet seems to have fared, ok.eetter When it comes New York, Philadelphia and At-
oiacatlon Wt His are free, while the seMftithan must deny lanta.
is family the,same comforts and luxuries that a service em- In informed circles the dumping of
loye expects and takes for granted. In informed circles the dumping of
We must scrimp and save for over two years in order to make the relatives unknown. but pow-
hat one long-awaited trip. Of course this may just be one per- erfully connected, liquor union of.
op's opinion and perhaps I am a bit prejudiced and bitter aftqe facial is considered as significant
rtrugglng for two long years in order to spend $800 so as not as a move by Teamsters Union
o wait another year before we can go home, but I feel sure there chief Dave Beck aimed at ending
re other service wives faced with the same problem. malpractices in the multi-billion
If I am the only wife to complain, then I apparently am dollar welfare and pension field in
rely a frustrated neurotic, and I owe the entire 4..8. govern- his powerful Brotherhood.
ment and its employes a sincere apology. Dave Beck's move was made oA
nBut f ithw r are those faced with a- similar -situation and the eve of the opening here of the
as I do, erhaps they too will voice their opinions. The cl. House Labor Cdmmittee probe in-
ilian's wife ha ained their free ticket home. Why can't we to local welfare funds. Beck's ac.
Jy the sa nefits?. tion was interpreted as a warning
.1joy the ,a e A Servicemaan's wife to some of his people. The Team.
S___ A sters chief, bucking considerable

I Mo Actrss ?

ACR1ovaAf, Afi
I MovietA4, 7 Territorial
Charlotte- Jurisdiction
7 She's a- Mourning
performed band
13 Wrinkle. 1 Most unusual
14 Citrus tijt 10 Grafted
R10 Grafted
15 Raved (her.)
W Fenc l 11 Bavarian
position (pl.) river
17 SenIori 12 Promontory
18 Equals 20 Rounded
it Withdraws 21 HospItal'
23 Go by resident /
26 Compass point 4 physggcla
27 Ripped sai
31 Hops' kiln 23 W2St e fte
32 Route (ab.) 24 Selling
SDance step 25 Asterisk
35 Lamprey
38 Ona e
37 Nobeman
39 Cornish town
40 On thefti .,
sheltered side
41 Reformer
44 Blaze .
47 Nomads
51 Venerate
* 53 Man's name
54 Retalltt
55 Genu "s
56 Female
57 Ensnare ';
IMeasure 6 6,
2 Russian ferw
3 Dispatch t
4 Potatoes: I
6 Department
in France -
-*- -

yrd-^ iiii i


* er'y issrZ! -

e"* Mim ,Tuoto

t eT to Previous Puzzle

L A o "


The old Warrior lurched in the
other day, holding a fistful of
clippings, and she was madder
than a wet hen. She said she
wasn't going to stand for it, and
when I said stand for what, she"
said the way I always made her
come out in print like a monster.
"People are surprised when they
meet me that I haven't got two
heads," she said.
"That's strange," I replied.'
IICan w.. T I 1..., k think n vn..

o"....... -- ..omeow al"riways inn yovu
opposition n his own union, de- as having two heads. And you're
manded t h'a t the Brotherhood's natural-born heavy, ike lmy friend
constitution amended to give the late LovisWpel m,. young
his nat l olce in Washington lack Palance.'
Iftunds, don't know i
Beck inade least that he want- brunette, fat o a or aort.
ed no power to order the place-"Neither do I, half the tine,"
ent ofthe hundreds of millions sezzi. "oetimes you'ree londe,
of dollars worth of welfare insur- sometimes you're brunette some-
ance or to see that any one agency times you're striped.A lot of the
or person got the tremendous com. time you're ft until you decide to
missions involved. put me on a diet-and then you
He put t this way n a copy of a get skinny. The only invariable in
letter which he's distribute to yor makeup is our disposition,
his membership by printing it in which is invariably awful.
the coming edition of "The Team- So she went on tosay that Earl
star" his union's magazine: Wilso called his helpmeet the
"he International (union), it Beautiful Wife, and Freddy Oth-
seems to me has a moral if not man calledhis gal the Bride, and
legal responsbilltyt o its member" that Bob Considine had a kind
ship on the Welfare Fund matter, word to say for Millie, and that
"Welfare Fund issues could in- Lennie Lyons was always lug
volve strikes and pickets and
strike benefits. Welfare Funds will
become more extensive and wi l
grow in their importance in the In
collective bargaining relationship."

|, I (Editors Note: There are a-
bout $20,000,000 in labor -man
I agement fun4s today. They take
in some $3 000,000 a year. But
only $1,000,000,000 is paid out in
benefits. Thus the funds are in-
I creasing at the rate of $200,000,-
S000 annually now, and this rate is
expected to double in a few years.
SI I eck then salt hat, in his opin-
Ion, "Welfare funds should be ap-
proved 3y the International Union.
It should be ascertained by the In-
ternational that there is nothing
In a lan pending adoption which
would bring discredit to the In-
ternational or any of its affiliates.
He also said that he has "given
this matter of Welfare Funds and
the relationship of the Internation-
Salt to it earnest thought and it is
still my feeling that a Contsitution
Sal amendment will be necessary to
provide for international approval
of the principles and procedures
embodied in the .Welfare Fund or
plan. Such an amendment in my
view would protect the autonomy
see A of our. unions (and) the mem-
S bership and international."

Should Beck succeed, he will
give terrific Im tus to a break
with AFL traditin which in the
past has been agint centralized
control over l chiefs by an
internatson i n headquarters.
That new approach could solve
many pro. and end many a

Smov.ev *wy week*. .owly-



1 .

,.....* I

0 -
ging Sylvia. and Hal Boyle seemed
to like to write about his wife by
name and pedigree.
"Nobody even knows what my
first name is," she walled. "What
have I got to do, write a column
myself or go on television to rate-
a plug in your column?"
"You go on television and I'll
snap- your spine," I said, "and
keep your hands off that type-
writer. I know you can't spell, but
I won't have you monkeying
around with the 'I' key. Be more
to the point if you went out in the
kitchen and told the cook to quit

burn the 'aslt Wir e -some
new. faces around here including
"But the awful things you call
me," she counters, 'Mama,' be-
fore I was out of my twenties. The
Old Lady. The Old Warrior. The
bur in' your blanket. The thorn in
your crown."
"Look, chum," I said. You
are exactly one year younger than
me, to the day and hour, and I
know how old I am. We have been
splice4 for 16 years and I have had
to fight for ownership of my pants
every single day of those sixteen
years. I may be a husband but I
sure ain't no press agent. You

catch me getting. coy in print
about my home life and they can
turn this battered old U nd er
wood into hair curlers, because I
am through."
"Well," she said, "Ines Robb is
a lady and'she refers to, hehus.
band lovingly in hetr pic, She
calls him the Head of the Clan
Robb, and las ajays wriltisg ice
things about him. She lets hi*s win
in print."'
'The only true sstsfactioo I get
out of writing this thing," I said,
"apart from money, s that I al-
ways figure to win any. bate ;I
av. withy for pblic
ttion,'Ua to- LeTn
any in- -uta en we m
down to .the bottom pof-page t0o,
that is where I start to roU home.
It's little enough reward."
Then I went on to tell her that
she was a prop, a stock villain,
and she was Mama in my wAd
and The Old Warrior as well, and I
wasn't going to disillusion any
male readers and lose the source
of my best dull-day copy. Then I
beat her a little bft, and gave her
simulated'skunk coat to the Sal-
vation Army.
Then I went to the house of a
friendto write this, and now I
am running away.

ernal Security

By Peter Edson

0 -
WASHINGTON-(NEA) The Owen Lattimore, Harry Bridges another ready to step into his
new Internal Security Division of and the like. shoes. I
the Department of Justice is just His aim is to get the Depart- What the backlog of 45.0 nter-
beginning to get organized under ment of Justice docket of internal nal security cases and the load of
the newest of eight assistant at- security cases on a much more 15,000 new cases a year represent i
torneys general. He is William F. current basis. T.ompkns won are the numbers of first reports i
Tompkins, 41, former dope ring something of a reputation for get- on allied subversive activles in n
and racket-busting U. S. district ting the New Jersey federal court the U. B. Each of them must Me
attorney for New Jersey. docket brought up to date. That investigated, even though most of
Among other things, his job will helped bounce him into his present them do not result in prosecutions.
be to administer the nine new job. The 4,000 cases do not meant that ,
Communist control, or antisubver- His principal activity now is re- the Department of Justice is em.
sive laws passed. by Congress in cruiting a new staff of about 40 barking on a witch-hunt or on t
its closing days. They cover such attorneys competent to handle in. thought control.
things as increased penalties for eternal security cases. Some 80 law- "I am extremely sensitive about
bail jumping, harboring of fugi- years' were transferred over from protecting people' rights," says
tives, espionage and sabotage. the old internal security section TompkAns "but we have to .
They include the new Commu- the Criminal division. But to han, protect the government's right.
nist-infiltrated organization law, dle the new internal security work- This job of cleaning out aubver-
forfeiture of citizenship, the grant- load will require a staff of 100 and slves can, however, be done
ing of immunity to government an expenditure of nearly a million right."
witnesses, the printing press bill dollars a year.
which makes subversive organiza- Few people realize the volume By "right" he means through
tions register all their printing of internal security cases which admissible evidence in regular
machinery, and the so-called Al- flow into the Department of Jus- court trials, and not by-smear, ru-
ger Hiss bill, which will deny U. tice. There is a holdover backlog mor or slander.
A. pensions to ex-government em- of some 45,000 cases. About 15,000 As an example he cites a recent
ployes convicted of a crime., new cases were reported in the paper-back book on "McCarthy-
In addition to all this new busi- fiscal year ending last June 30. Ism" wh)c he picked up while
ness, the new Internal Security These figures seem somewhat waiting for Cengress to act one e
Division inherits all the old cases preposterous on first impression. of his new bill. In a chapter on
in this field formerly handled by There just aren't that many sub- Owen Lattimore, it was mentioned
the Criminal Division. This work versives in the country. FBI Di- that 14 witnesses had identified
includes all the Smith Act cases rector J. Edgar Hoover has put him as i Communist Tom0lons
against Communist conspiracies, the number of U. S. Community checked up, al that ~3 re-1
Subversive Activities Con tr ol at around 25,000. ported it .a hearsay.
Board cases, espionage, treason, But with this figure must be eonm "- .t #f people would e to
sedition, perjury, contempt of Con- sidered the fact that every party have me dsno0oee M*Car V.for
gress an aomic energy security member may have from one to u"S this, e sayf ids.
ca.sS. 200 fellow travelers to do his bid- "but I won't do It."
Also included are the old big- ding. And for every Commie put the senator onl at
name cases-Harry Dexter White, in Jail, there always seems to be t he D Qubu


i~~* u~ ______.LL'

WA I 0TO Deope the
Ua4,419: and al ofwuorar
round o headquarters,
GOP frstftists hav several im-
portant moves up their sleeves. Or,
as FDR ued to say, they are in a
portion to pull several rabbits out
of th hat.
bt 1 is a series of In.
dictments of high Truman offials
which Attorney General Brownull
has been nursing. Originally it was
planned to sprng tease shortly
after Congress adjourned and as
the political eamnaign begin to
warmup. T ida was to stage
another n Dexter White ex.
pos similar to that which Bnwn-
S pulled out of the hat just be-

However, some Justice Depart-
ment officials believe, this may
backfire. Alo the Indictmeunt of
ex-Congressman Joe Casey of
MassacHseta, a prominent Demo-e.
crat has now been dismissed by
Browneolla s are a htla more
cautious. They don't want any

labor InvestiatIons now being
staged by both Senate and House
committees. These are aimed at
discouraging labor coantributions to
the Democrats, also at reminding
white-collar workers that labor had
a large voice in Democratic re-
rabbit No. may be a probe of
Communist activities whieh Sena.
tor McCarthy ha. been talking
about, but which depends asome-
what on bow far the Senate goes
in censuring McCarthy.
Rabbit No. 4 is increased spend.
ing This was carefully planned In
advance, aqd it's eoped that the
full forest of the spending will be
felt within the next few weeks.
For instance, H. Stassen's Foreign
Operations Administration is buyl
in g 10 million to of coal mostly
from the distrned area in' te
Pennsylvania West Virginia and
Kentuk coalfields.
Recent budget estimates show
t h at'ss sdSo
spending his year aft' Y
Thihert baen 'Trman' -de
spending by about half a billion
dollars. This includes ways,
farm supports, veteran ad, ous
itg, 91pp4ig subsidies, dical
al o eEmsenhower's i ta 'non.
mFltary spending has now been
upped about a billon and a half
dollars over hi over original budget.
This hs a been gradual, and GOP
strategist believe it" Will have
imp ct during the election cam-


cfairman t eae ore
Relations Committee, who leoks
more and more likeeaa statesman
compared with another senator
from Wisconsin; had little ie to
sightsee during ais recnt tosr of
Europe. He did, however, manage
to get one day off to vliit his re-
latives in Kongsberg, N o r w a y,
near Oslo.
The Wisconsin Republican both
of whose parents were Norwegian
immigrants, didn't know any of
his distant cousins, but he speaks
Norwegian, and a fine time was
had by all. Instead of the usual
press photograph, a few family
snapshots were taken, and Wiley
was thankful for a chance to stave
off the diplomats and relax with
the family.
Though he gets along in English,
Norwegian and German, Wiley
knows no French so he ran into
some trouble with French Prime
Minister Mendes France. The
French premier lost no time In

aying that he disagrad with a


"Thesplrit of lI
plalne4 -.. utat the
=ugwumi join
ala. bDC Itselt ayI
the spirit boamias
Aft&r Voe manal
fereace prooeeaed'1

,L ..

Senator We
ande mathnlsac.
A eoar peslne
in td e

Venial iure over]ee *
Wisconsin trovewa ig

Junior senator t

farther ul reiivaler
Ao a many aie naa

uret sin Aems ai i tta
sontring down a tigureetr

found a man and woman

not ng to do ws it
90 coAnWee,.. l gg

runsnfor aeot L dnt want to mist
At a

an1,doo an aore to tlis yar
founmpared man and
land fl as,00din M us tag.
uw, srow sat sice elrs hmaunM <
ber l persas lcaultg da far s has
dropg more to do .,4JUO b. -t
l goreturhlto nt was

cent of the total population, hr
lowest in history.
Talk may boe cheom an
delofers cons onl'1. & Mot

oer cost, reuxpAyursi
181 for rw.crding fils
the Congre nal ecor
Senatorial oratory, w
much hlghem-about eit
higher. During the,
Senate debate, the
tor cost the taxpayersanv
of $8,258 for recording
This is the average, S Ce
ators ran up much higher i
ing bills, while some laecOiI
bers seldom opened their M
during the 83rd Congress.
It should also be remei
that here are only 96 sat
against 435 House mber
accounts in part for the It 4
Ity in the individual re
of the two chambers. The <
A bill for the two chambers
nateo-72,850. House -
750. This doesn't include ret
extended in the Record's a

what he
"You sa

not dead."
"That," countered Wiley, 'la not
what I said.
*I said the spirit of EDC is iot
The French, however. do not
nject the same meaning into
"spirit" that we do and Mendes-
Prance still did not understand,
Ob Wiley had to elaborate.



-m ByCdbr


el in l lthw'I
ir *.Vf **

3vS~W fl

Old Warrior


- ---* -~--

- -f

J -t -

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-I Y1 ~ ? .i.-

. .,
.'i, a

I .,


~'w~ '1
p.. 1
A -g

- 4 (- '. .

'. '

. ***OI;v Hv -r : :
ws. ^--^^^^^^^^r

' -' .


S ...............

, s FE

!)4 I.J,

MR ,to&A",1W

Sa n .. rBn W P....... .....f... hd, in i .,

SA spt to et colndin Ifpt io, ata1& p r t prt o gh t e t n Id
-.. s.,-s o .. -. z"Vz.,. ::e::: sumr1 x .
U aim.... .....

ai o.Ch aW", nme.mlrwraotdAL
taenl l.a:o
w -* _s ... ........... .a th

WW ''' eonn. m *!.Sd .* t'^***ouncddetdio n lan_ lt
I3 ... -....!;..,-o Ig 4 P by; -, wet -..

ma, ,d .--,aW .1 A k d ,

S sS "" Dffle, be tn ferrd
-OMNI*40001 to the thedrl of Lke'

Ns. uro WIBn raSf k b lNe mr
seD, a.. ,- g a E he tqal
i a I __a 3r -i s cIESSS. -. aF i. DuffSeo who has John mn .a.M
am X W.n 1. s, k m0 *0 1,0 0 W 0 "-. ,a a sy

A r 1 a wa .M vt it we athV& cares nast t.r.

T,, d^i- wi i=..... 5;.., as t r a-.ory hd
s.." .. ,he Cathed.a. oat ho St.Leues
Van nDIr I Is

T a a-- a

a. i0A1W aua. b- '-O "p ,e a
and. ..tto last" I

e. .."ite ......* P

04o. = wl by
TOa rMOoS-auemBIa Dim

Sad I, a3 4 0
awN raa CM=.,........ h i bewa

4 ..,1K -1I a t _7'a
la.. im ,op
S...u., Da .,y ne=- Ie, U"i. t .tb'e'

*. W. sta y h.d.o
p UT133 3OL "

-,. .... skUfl tha tiolum ar r gs am,

:$a N M 10- I

I. ~

' *-. "
-. .* -

--.-. -,

.. notr.C
Hfflff I
.~~ .*r IW

100% DinaN TaouMb 3*
aeth kidOt f IN ou a n .
mMntUE a ymr a d ah aMyI
wwk youw bi
DMer M NmoO -

^^r-, m p and wow m.$Irn *
* wg and dumabbe r ieww.
3mim mm wa nO(O*1
'*" "'ftl^^B.&lA^W t~rf^^J^^S^^^ Vitt


' ^



,**- L ',
. .1. '* *


LA -!M ,';


. -, I .. ; ..:

r "5-"-i''.

m,, ^^^

". 0- o *.
.'s REC a SHOP: 3Betty "In my ars with Decca,"
J who d with "Joey, she says, "I've Men many singers
-lther o l n MGM called come-and, go. i always say I'd
F1 Was My jert You Heard." rather be Jke Sophle Tucker-hbe
you whtt a difference a claims she's a, standard act. I
can make, -etty estimates guess I'm getting to be a stand.
make $50 10h En this record. ard- act myself/'
year ago. se was singing in She likes singing new seus-
$ kill Mountain ,reorts at $40 "I'm nt much kof a nostalg ,"
ght, she says. And, now that she has
I*.'- -one hit under- her cumame uad,
Xallestk aough 'a letter she 1eIs e. o new
from in Scotland, soags. t thifsbud.
that of "B_ sm- nep .t1 ed mA 6 t
bho" o..bng to be a of it,"'I hrn abig grin.
Market Nver there. The And tl1*i nr th chance of
St e hi the retailers that. ha .
je handling r the counter. Thie iet that so many top gal
lT you 7 rdh # thi e Scotch singer floUed her recording of
Ld atin r thmu, it's because "If I Give' My Heart to You"
Sforgeot that old Scottish say- doesn't worry her. It's sort of flat-
-It s a. bp)richt moonlett tering, sad she treats it as a Joke.
r t, senor.' '. "Ca% I have your autograph?"
o --. rshe asked me. ."You're the only
Except for qattl and Edna, who person who hasn't recorded it."
w. in on tho wings of tropical
Imllanes, the gal who's made Richard'Hayman, the harmonica
St.qexcitem Ut In New York as whisk of 'Mercury, is planning a
a~ouner waned Was bene Connee. symphonic reeorfding f "Clar, de
BWswell, that I'. She has a big Lane." He'Ol o it a Ia Les Pald,
hit record for the first time in and use 75 tracks. Se swty-flve
five or six years. harmonicas on one reeird should
SShe is, naturally, very happy be something of a new oHUs. If
"about te whole thing. So is every-' we can stand it.
aft@ one else. ---
-I -lDICK'S PICKS: Capitol is. out
'", TV To--s ; with a new group, The Cheers,
* TV Toppers which is in the new rhythm-and,
SSTEVE ALLEN (NBC.TV): I blues groove. Their first record.
don't feel so good today-a couple ing, "I Need Your Lovin' (Ba.
*f autographs bounced. zoom)" should be a hit. Other good
ones: "The Hook" (Rits Robfins.
For the record, the song is "If RCA) "Closer. Closer. Closer"
:.. GiveM y Heart to You," on Dec. (Connie Russell, Capitol); To-
as. She wgs the first to record the eight's the Night" (The F o r
hbllad. followed by qenise Lor Guys Mercury,); "It's a Shame"
Major) Dories Day (Colombia) (Freddy Martin RCA) "*R ac k
inah bhore (RCA), and Monies It{ome" (Betty fiutton, Capitol)
wwi (Capitol). "Never Underestimate" (Din a.h
i I haven't corded an new Shore, RCA).
-. 1 aO' for sosme years." Conee Whao'l you have? You can get
aa s kshe relaxed in her loiely it on bnw pop albums, whatever it
t:ment overlooking C e n t r a I is. Jazz plans -- "Oscar Peterton
.ark."They had mere making the Plays Pretty" (Clef). French son
"... sons I'd made years before. The -"Mol, J'aime Los Homms'
..- Jockeys would play them, but (Annie Cordy, Angel). Folk sgs
S lds -at weren't buying." -"An Evening With Stan Wilson"
Connee's been recording more (Clef). Pop singers-"Wh le We're
-. n 20 aa0 Yu. She was one of the Young" (Rosemary Clooney, Co-
signed byc Sca, which Is this Ilu mbijl.",, Let. lo.g GoI
year celebrate its 20th birthday. Out ofMy Heart" (sly Eckstine,
And, for a tpi, she was one of MG1My I
thegop recording stars In the busi. If yu'4ikb to see how good
A. The, afrthe war, she lost your &hlraph is. Uste' 'An,
S as the i kitnbids and new Aidve thig Wi'ik Fidwty"
$tars happened.. (RC4). T=is test record, featuring
Talent will tell. though, and Con- Robeirt R ellH Bennett and a sym-
iesi back -where )e belongs-on phony orchestra, is designed to put
your set through its paces.


The Pacdific Seam Naligpi Cmpay

Royal Nall Lines LIt.
S.S. "COTOPAXI ...' ....... -.................apt. 0.
M.V. "SAMANCO" .. .......................O L... 3It
M.V. "REINA DEL PACIFICO" (18,0f TMns) ......De. It
M.V. "SALAVERY'" ...........................Sept. 28
S.S. "CUECO" ....,............................... Oct. 3
M.S. "DESEADO" ........................ .. ept. 5s
.S. "DUIVENDYK" ............. ..............Sept. 7
M.S. "ABs Ott YE" ......:...,................ ... pt'. 27.
B.8. "LOCH'RYAN" ........ ...................... ...Oct 1

AnI a8 anSu ATo e a

u .0.. I NC



' '.', "i

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-act \. ochfb

a8lUngs: Every Fifteia Days for:
H uston-and Ne.r Qrlans
Sailing.: Every TeomIs tfor
New York Plilodep f$* more
(Qutf Vesels eal ast SSV f i A. TAMPICO
(MEX IO) "z "x K:Wa)

Wilford & McKoy, Inc.

____ ___ ___ ___ ____ ___ ___ ___ __


1 4

I"IL .~


Faltering Philip
Phflp's Ift fi Illed with bndl.
ell-wrn stps m ad rus be m,.
Separn weaM lWs his home like aq.
?. L ClUs da.t, I~ns the right e rel

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I'1 mT.r110HMAN
dPi n FLAW, T.W
m riDwscmwl
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owl __ ^~ i^ p~--i
FzVF:W-V" M^^MSNiP.0



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OF ;
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P.Iastof National *f. V
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tif. d' lflla .e4etu of ., ',

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are .her e _ye- s-s are toql
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.S vr mat t h lg. hav
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U m mSSS ,h aw nd pri~mt'v as tel toSt h tee groatet i

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)'_. WM_.:. :z deramW .. delo? p of tIRE fISKaEnglih o
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am .,-jfr c fis ha nd.r... r .b P lo aI ett ings!
"S O.... t o a the ltS r |
aSa&,. ,e .. 414 bo A

sitede door prizw be a b M I'!
" u^ i l e L 'I v 1 d a1
I* a-ie od priAes for pot. .a
Tckik -t a A g .er s ,i
rt ube WBiausedL membiaer. a tre A g,

a. .*' ?
"*h'j af't1

Nr4, Vwe ae ttr tBtb
%waimmma e*- e
u:ts u. se, tI:'nk
RER: home at the Hotel tUsl
Mrs-con"m pewk tdiWtoARhe

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teao dum a chd"
iMmln t. br-
Pa.mbg her

'AN Fit ". _Y
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%Maupim- uaws.aL.e, a ea t A o ^ -r

I. wfaw _lDXe whord iery tihe tarke o
with a fzieudslf ,1W cd '. lo, .ik
ew Au he .b,-water.i.

oner htl O H arr; eni t fto, ge
S slt V Tr f th &l if n

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Ir ae, Irf^., ft ,S 0

.a T Md good- l. it
ea i* because he t11igtt bn oiewlut4a

out this m disU We- any i, Dati la
A our Yeads. i'eatraour "a, t
t ?a a er-a h go. a o
smu ay wornb r. .
looknt-fnor. ta good $m Duft9 tba
Ht dl ever the sawns the he&sper wnt for eve-
fw'oi~ bgtlrto to sIn. S that

ved, -dd Oaft it
iii; we rve no right m rd~t -,U%-
mUNft his bta f aft-or mull"'01 b" <
OU.i atthis dttA- away. nW1, bW1'
in car heads, Saw" yNwte t n annttpr

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kis adp% ao
bee 1me mpaise -gel "eeds

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...... ,-- .., .

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j^- -1 : .* .- t* '

jl Amile AM andN a .
,O3 5 p rXA3MACI
us mito tmflenss

tv3 vw ~A^TH ONI;

'CA-Mt I


FOR SALE: 16-mm. b brid
Ampro movie proleator.
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9P~db &!--;L L

Ancon. '* ." "" L *="o q"' deluxe carrying coae, $420. TOal WICHIS SL-b t q h la Ol t0ot- *
lR SALE:-~WhitpiI washing ma- FOR SALE--'1951 Plymouth Cren- retail'value of this equipment new, fol, modeln conwenllence, mod-
ep,.25-cycle, 1 yr. old $ 0;re, brook club coach. radid, duty paid, 51.290. WIll take $750 for Ih t Oerate t. Phiw 6-.441 r 4-567. of6
S or, 25-cycfe $50; .Cobra- 'clean." Ofib ina AmeriA n owner works. Phone 2-3069.ENT
.!9 radio phonqah combino- tronsfrrd. ,One 2. 4 of 3- -FOR EN
ten, mahoganyw et, unCoss 06________ DEMAND CLAYCO Li4CK$1a-ThIey
nled neds repair wo.k. Best offer FOR 5LSE.-,-1952 Morris serve eir T p d re eeA _-l 3 oo .0
S ^l kihen c iets. don, duty paid. fully inOred. mVotk"
713J 2nd St. Locona, after excellent, clean car. Price $1 peer.0S .r-02"FORiseNTdi.-nA 8;;PVita, 3"9 Sree *
D4 o'clock. Phone 3-4050 Panoma. DE ODUCTOS D011 ACILLA, No. 16, For Information. plese tel-*. W
.FlphjSALE: Tan -tpiece mahogany FOR SALE:-1951 Studebaker Chanm. S.A., No. 7-47 Via I pef. PlHme ephane 3-0082, Ponoma,
drawing, chest of drawers pon "Starlight Cou ." Good. can- 3-0160. FOR RENT:-M dem residence, spa-
.nd tables. 50th Sweet No. 51, up- diton. $650. Conbe seen at Cu- clubs fenced ground, overloong
I 'from 6 to 8 lm. rundu 2105-D. Call 83-7236 afterr FOR SALE:-New Hampshire chicks, golf courne,.nine rooms, three t bte
LE:--60-cyc 16-inch elec- 4 p.m. 25c. each, September 27th, Phone rooms, suitable one or two fami-
.iiWfn$ S25; Singer pwng machine FOR SALE: 1952 Chevrolet Club 3-4910. Ie. $150. PhnPan 2.0083. ,
9r 60-cycle wth control and Coupe. Erellent condition. 5965-B FOR RENT---Concrete 2 bed
; 60-cycle Kenmore washing Smith PI., Diablo. Phone 2-3026. FOR SALE: Pedigreed Toy Pupe. rooms, maidbt s,
hi In very ercondition.Purple Ribbon strain. .K.C. is rooms m tiets,par
S1458 at Centrl & 4th St FOR SALE -Leaving, 1951 Mercury. tered Amomys (Toy Teriers).t- or and dinga kidn
Ane r N o. 4 0 3 5 In q u ire 4 8 th S tree t N o, 2 7 We n mtver y s m ).k a t- a nte os top G o i e in .N da r4
FOR AE TIFOR SALE:-Due to trip. almost new tan trim. Affectionate and playful, responsible porty only. For infor- 9I
FOR SALE 1954 Morris Minor 2-door. Sioh Ideal house dogs. 9076 9th Street, motion see Tony at 91-, ellsarJo
Street, House 2122-A Curundr. Colon. Phone 723. Porras.
Real Esdate Phone 83-7142.
C h front lot FR SAL iAe I FOR SALE Unique collection 400
S onado, a mts. 75c. Chevrote vrfe'-perfc con' photographs of France's Artistic FOR RENT
rn mt Phone 'r writ edition 45 Stree. t No. 19. Phone Wonders. Baroin. Box 573, Pan- BA
lSS N' AITiNTION & I. Just built modem
A- PANAMA CANAL COMPANY furnished apartments, o.e, two
n R L NOWOFFERS EMPTY METAL DRUMS bedroo hot, old water. -T-
dance lessons by leaving your nie AND EMPTY SACKS FORSALE ephame anoma 3-4941.
s is of obtaining phone at Hotel EL narna desk o Sealed bids, for opening in public willFOR RE : Modem two drom
IIIrmn onewri telBEtc 106 Ba atbe received until 9:00 p.m. October
temw 106'BU boa. Clse will.19, 1954, in the office of the Gen- ortment, 1st SteeNo. 42. Un
side. Oct. 1. Phone 4.614. be he Teen-agers, arrived eral Manager, Commissary Division, furnished. For further detoill col B E
couples viduals. will Mount Hope, Canal Zone for 500 on- Zubieta: 3-1802. 3-3337.
eyi ~lt WIIteV -* 'ly empty metal drums; 5,000 only FOR RENT: T*o-bedroom a*ert-
Siii -- empty rice socks and 5,000 only meant, 2 baths, maid's room, go. Com,
@ l w yela r Ms' C ON: Bros. The. *empty Doy Feed socks located at rage. Bella Vista, 44th Street No.
years, S, ng. Advanced or Mount Hope Warehouse of the Com- 32. Apt. 4. Phone 3-0815.
STivoli Avenue. i 53-3150 eve missary Division and Mindl Dary
Sings. Farm. Invitation No. 14. my beb- OR 5ENT:-Apartmnton4th of
i, trained from the office of the Supply July Avenue, Phone 3-4579 .
Director, Balboa Heights t from the FOR RENT:-- Fumished. apartment.
oftjice of the nerW Monafe. Co.), Phone 9-140,. .

f .':

I~ ill

I, Dbokcase, tObis,
I2-A Brazos Hts..

V-'n seimt of
Ipr m for bad
^htam* Cbta

with C-75 engine just majored,
oirframe overhauled, new glass and
Interior. Located Colon Airport.
Phone Cristobal 3-2915.
FOR SALE:-You know the best when
you see it. Wouldn't you like to
give a try to "BESTFIT" Suits and
Slacks? 'BESTFIT" alwayL has the
latest In Patterrts and Styles. Santo
Ana Plaza, Panama; 11th Street.
opposite P.R.R. Commissary, Colon,

Boats & Motors
FOR SALE---One rTot of motors 25.
cycle. 1/6-hp. to 3-hp., excellentI
condition. Phone Cristobol 1540. .
FOR SALE: 25-hp. 'Evinrude out-
board motor in perfect condition:
Used three months, $300. AppW
Cardoze ( Lindo. Ancon Avenuf
No, 88. Phone 2-1544.
FOR SALE:-12' boat in perfect con-;
.; dW ito$0 Cedoeir.dln-
do, A5cen Avenue N. 88. PhopNu
2-1544. -
FOR SALE:-"Alibi 36" cabin cruis-
er, fully equipped. See at Balboa
Yacht Club ar-plmne 84-4171.


p "rf iN flf'..' -betdorw 'fr-"
nished oportit, hot water. Tlivol
Ave. Phone ba 1866.
FOR RENT: Completely fmirnhed
upstairs oporIeit In a tw-femily
house: Living-dining room, kitchen,
two bedrooms. independent wmid'
room and bathroom, gala0e, tele-
phone, hot w.tjr and complete
bathroom. Indupndent entrance to
apartment. Situated jt "El Congrt-
lo"-neoi Hotel El Panama. Phone
FOR RENT: Furnished pertment:
2 bedrooms, living & dining room,
service, kitchen, rned's room. $75.
7th A Street, PrquaLefevre, House
9, Phahe 3-4436.
FOR RENT:-Cmforable apartment
in "El Cangrejo": 3 bedrooms, par-
lor-dining room, maid's room, go-
rage, hot water, gas etc 3 beth-
rooms, $125. Phone 2-146.

FOR RENT:-Fumished apartments.
two bedroomL S85; also one bed-
room. Bello Vista. Phar 3-*1648.

FOR RENT:-Unfurnished three-bed-
room apartment, two main bath-
rooms, dining room living room.
porch, maid's room and bath. kitch-
*n. laundry and garage. Vwry cool.
Locatr on 4tn o'Julv Ave., third
floor "Aloh." Rent: S100 month-
lv Phonw Panae~,7E-.4or 2-
-.-- i.. '

FOR RENT-Lar co.i COOL 2 d-
room oparltment, Ir.e b
Priced reduced 493 .

of $1 O gaud
MOUNT VtRNON, W. Y., pt.
25 (UP) Two -bandits who
complained "'this 1 he l
way to malb a'.# '"ag," '
drive-in 1 of.

The unmen l eld Mour
bank employee t. y. for 15I
minutes while t wited f"or
time-lock os an a ,tp e
toclW an



Polle bei
laoAn an to
state alarm. Boi
belived t be al
A wfelomw

9IR* l
67 -*7--A.

FOR RENT: -. mrnish ut
apartment, alone ViOh1 E .t
fia, houe befo" bano..

OR ,

Isrda..miow e
loo !*rr i t, -* 5o v-v u iw^*aj

can c : K he. rfre tor.
31 t St East No. 9, near Lo

TO, Sept. s (UP) T -
MW $M.& the thi0w dhla -

r Vwmsb rm a ar

11 hm

SALE:-Tabtp. 4 chairs
Siep-ladder. 8-ft. S?;
,tru I SL work I$P
A2, Gf FFrangiponi

WIm v

bloari" -

lent :.1

-f-i -i~"



-I=~I-~-. -' '~ '~ -

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XTj, T.$


, iK,," ..,l'

i i .i.i .- .- --.. -. -i '

1 -, .

I~Epr- I

-i y .. -

.... -- *.M)
$dtfn the earth in fntptlc terror!
1;1I -;3 S :N 6. 6 -

y Vote Put Off
-j .

I (NSA)- 1404
ade Porter's P s

M .. .a M _630w
W"E" tean-
trses or Me. rIdDe.e-t-
I ggpt Im lwan O M '' a Lwndon Johason a-

Adrwsto Sbtudio press" ,nt doeeredoi But the'
a "for a "-e":. .. aa
-Wa- k We I ues yp pW e en the.
wame tam h bddat diisN=ibe hter as a yA jea7"to e came. It
moolaL Boris Earitff. Rert be patbaed
A Mr takain Tepnessee Ernie on radio: This would have given Know-
M,613 a t.eoths 'f "The ieslest thing I've ever land time to recall the Senate
i=- t, It Jeane Crai seen was an ectep s eating sa-1 next week-as he earlier indicat-
has A gdrews ho it ; e- ghetto." ed Ue was ready to do. But the-
the ars for "D in the STAN GEBERG en "'It's GOP leader saod he wanted to
" a joint Anglo-American BMAP"- ive senators ample time to stu-
P 'st21Jiasoe am the report.
FIM ad Ai.

ta o "cMOl OMI ha
M~cleavies, *yo0trw a
Ith water. If it Seats
fif lla d a het
iLuusedag on the "Ok.
etMri. Gordon Me-
'arbaW A Lawrence's
halr. with: "I wish I
iuk-r HBN that."
r oq p table ceompan-

m. -ws T*-NO w Wa .
told m on the Us"OdIeat1 ,
S ey're tee aBkd
mau be a way el e
sic, de edy o-a a BtUe. l
nhe Da*n A ms-Priste Vm'j
torio Massimo bambino id expect.
ed before Christmas. Medicos have
ordered Dawn to isvhe her movie
emoting until the stork completes
the missioW.

06-5IayingWoman Found

sane By Two Psychiatrists

i. 4I ept. ratesd the frst convlctonon
1 0opyC" 1 I- ground the Jury wa allowed. to
s mne-ami the scene athe sayin
TI May- .wbut the ad.dant balmg r .
S .hae = pt. A new tral was to have be
,m d ee- lhed last month but Canno's re-
InathM quest for a sanity examination
,beX'hR=* i d- pdostoned it.
CannOm said the woman "hap
m i t 1eblchia- lost a lot of weight while tin
port in ia, sleeps on th e inof
'!! reuit her cel cot ad keef her ead
e nP men. wrapped in bla kts.
=aia' The case-wa brought back intoe


I bte e

Pi I.

with -

I U. .

"SILVER LQDfvTtchnco/'6r)

Pluu: -
(InM *.3M)

Ike Promises Further
I-m-m a Rmi.

Elections Io Erase Union, Bustil
Butler (R-Rd.)d orgiy opposed B1.0 ANGELES Sept. 25 (UP) AFL President Georg aeany andthe nleh-bstlu -prevlsons.
a ter d)trion o e -President Eiseniower promised after the 18-minute talk, praised But even though tas i t a
( thother htnJ, us. Wane yesterday to seek removal of "u- the President's appearance be. poltlcal dlaaMus a4 Mi em-
Mo *(lH .o : j W: a union busting" proviplonso f the cause, he said, it indicated the crate vete defeated It. I'as
Me (D-Ark .) Taft-Hartley labor lw.I Pe.ide. t reco ed "the r it alg t redomme"a that
flanders CR-t), whq W the In an ap a before the of free men todifer on any t we a r~yl-the Ta tn11 tley law."
CUTu. 4.i M@C"rthYh,, ,. Ameriean Federau on of Labor sue." ThQ rPresidqnmsam t bten shad
ta ae rlyshowdown. convention which wound a "promised this revlah In 1
Slan'a. announcement, Is- three-dai through the Let, The President wiped out any and added. ."II at to T te abe
su at his Oakland, Calif. hom e told the d legates he was. a obvious tesleon of AIM leaders to sa to yothatI kept. that
marked a angel. "hi ,V friend of labor who regretted Con- when he shook hands with. proi se."
over the past tw~ days. es' failure to revise the Taft- Meassy and Joked: r I am an earnest friend of the
Hartley law. man who works. I respect a&W. ad.
Only W----, he Isa t He reminded the union mem- "Wel, I'm glad to. see we're mire what organized labor h a a
was ad-- .~-~ sd eSn. bera that he had promised to still peaking. done for this country."
t Ulcn~~s I Mor M n*r work for changes in the law in The federation gave him a .
ati womau eec t~ s 15et 2 and he intended to keep that standing ovation lasting 24 se. Polnling ou that while he an
tS rmatS ieen es Pledae. bonds and then titled back silent- labor might not agree on every-
U% s i "l respect and admire what ly to await his remarks. thing. "I think there are a couple
closed owlad waspc Rei erganiSed lh*has done for The President. with & smile. of oer things on which we a..
meland s on a pheeld beetin meeting oofie apple At "I understand that by tradition He listed these as ending the
BrWainds the nsurhe was stron the AL convention the Preaien t you're complete rely an xed absolutelyod in Korea, ci security re-
ly opposed", b caus te ussue flew back to the summer White non-political. Well, I can't say vision and Az.cut.
could not-be con s ered fairly In HRoue at Denver. what.a relief It is to address a
the heat of the election campaign. He said just por to going be. non-political audience."
In setting the Nov.8 date, Know fore the A-L that he did no ,t x- TO-A
land said he had been advise m by poet too-friendly a reception. The A roar of laughter put the con- TODAY
Watkins the censure committee's convention during the past five ventlon in a more relaxed mood
report will be available Monday. days had been openly critical of as the President went on to prom-; 60c., k.
Knowland then explained he was the *dianistration on labor and Ise he would study "throughly and .r ___, _
not calling the Senate back next foren policy. --- sumpathetlcallyU its differences .-"
week because be wanted senators ButtePreident's quiet, bu- with the administration.
to "have ample opportuni to mr and personal charm quickly "hm iimlon"
study the tesmony am L re. mlted any open hoatUity and he He won loud applause when he
port, to assure thathe ulimate drew the cheer and applause said "we both do apree on fighte-I
action of the 4nate would take from 750 delegates and guests ing communism."
place in an atmosphere ~ e from with his promise to revise the
pre-election tensions." Taft-Hartley law. He then launched Into h IsOF
Minority leader Johnson said.In statements on the labor law,
advance of Knowland's announce- include a summary of the various declaring, "I regret the failure
ment that he had conferred with con lusions. I to revise the Taft-Hartley law
"a large number" of Democra- The five general ch a r ge a a-
tic senators and they were "reaJ gainqt McCarthy are that he: -
to meet now" to vote on McCar- 1. Abused fellow senators with
thy. But Johnson also indicated "vulgar and base language."
he would accept any "reasonable" 2. Abused and impugned the loy-
date pro byLKnowland. alty of Brig. Gen. Ralph W.

nine dlMerent sectons. TIae re
w hbe an latred less and ep-
arate seetias an eash .of the
awe g-en al areaga
McCarthy, with a deuonmd
eeehlulu n ea eh.
A senh section will discuss
33 other char a on which the
committee held no hearings. The
cAmmittee presumably will ex-
plain why it did not look into
SAnother section wil discuss pro-

elon In- w York last Feb. 15. 1 In
Zwilker is former commanding |
general at Camp Kilmer, N.J. .'a
3. "Incted" government e m- inm
ploys to violate their oathof
office by acting as his personal IndoS
4. "Contemptuously" refused to m
comply with the request of a 19- That i
51-2 Senate elections subcommit- a8w
tee that he appear to answer r
charges against him. 2
5. "Unlawfully" obtained the
so-called "FBI letter" which he
produced at the Army-McCarthy-
hearings. McCarthy also was ac-
cused of presenting the document
in spurious" form and of letting I
it fall into the hands of colum.



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,- r._-jB>',. T m
"I.ANDof D.o ,

r____I_ __ ~

TO ..,

ng Lac

At i eitRon bra
lier .e hisI
migh0 not v
At- the the' ts e n
denounced "wiecrackin as
d intelleetuals" who c 4be
country atlUelzdng, those wNlit
He gve a,0own de 0 S |i
an InIlht: ."A mn
takes more Or than
mar te te ton than ke "
In his HoUw Bowl t
onee Wednevy night theM
dent told an audience of 'H
persono that he wanted a *Mib,
lican victory In the conn .itJ
tions to ae the goverenren
from "dete ttion, stagnation
and inaction,


55O55 rft

aon1 cleaIl
4t Nix010rT


DIABLO HTS. 6:15'- 8:05
"Wings of The Hawk"' Color
-- *- -
Suaoy "DUVE A*CQpg NOW

ftnday "l e 0**C*O TI E In CA"


T-T RETub S 1 s" -w

%' saw "PAmOG&0._mso"


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,~h* ~

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MARGARITA 6:15 8 BAL .6:15 8:15
Tchnmicolorl-sNumy wis of Thme m I ,.-'4 AHt '- m-Abe
S 'I B X ", d -
8 A L B Q A2:3D :3O -A3P-135' *blVatIJ

mui-4u -

FESHil -* 1153
"A major mrneon
picture evonl"
CM...M S.. A..Pw
force and
dignity l"
U"f W Blyhelm...

"Disleinguldedp. e. p.wa*,.
S. .n ngeihod ,'Al

"A gret fSm. t

Sbe sur pesI .
"****I A- I

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I ^~Lr h-~jl-A BB67 -B~lKB^f 'k
kilw n-rI f -1PtI*t**gi

on yw dial*

Phone 2-3066

- 'P





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Plus: -


*p ,


-mo AsTr

.t. ', .2. I S~

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~_IIIl^ll_ ~_~UUI~





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sV. T-.N.- ", MW ,..,.3 rj.. .




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afeio he' recem.
p, .ri
so U
'Mmiplsif n a=.

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'*. ^A !'; '" .'- *
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myself I

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,.... +^^ .:^. -...o.
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i. ... ,. .- -:'. ..
S ,^-j'-, ... ";. ". ..

* 2,...'"
* ..'~. -.


Don's 1-0 Victory Over Mor Syracus Gioardello ScorU N
Open FbalSebdhs
iis Could Earn Start For IL Cup Todghl Decision Over 'Tiger' Jones
NEW YORK Sept. 25 (UP) ______ ___
It'll be rlghtilander Ed Roe uck"
W YORK, Sept, 23 (UP)-Don Liddle, the (1814 a rlnst righthander John LL
used little left-hander of the Giants, pitched Montreal Royals and Syracuse
squarely into the middle of Leo Durocher's Chief open their best-of-seven
dSeries plans today., rI es. a
Lddl, employed. as a spott Sanider and O wit d Roebuck an f M r e ach urn
sljr hurin foo th sea- homers to lead the tosemiina I and each has had five
hd ball to give a 6-5 verdict over the daa of rest. Roebuck, who along
t a 1-0 win over the white the Braves won a unique wih Ken Lehman paced, the
S.In the' opener of a dou- doubleheader, beating the ed- Royals to second place in thea f e..
blheo*er last night. The Phil. legs, 4-3, in a suspended game regular season lay, scored 8-0
ruted southpA* Windy Me- and then downing the Cr and 3- triumphl over Roches- YUP. this Isthe new Leo Diu- -
's air-tight performance ni tca two the Lips locker r ms has been
m a I candidate y one and Jim Delsing In his first rt Roebuck toss- replaced b the said Sp encer
Droc od the hit homers for the Tigers ed a three-hit r and was in Tracy... roof that the Whitey
rrin her teCleveland's Bob Lemon e0
artin he e ee e ommd ll the way, while the Lockman-Durocher feud was so t "

the d Indians.victories. The Indians mustin hits nod to Leo in listing, reasons for a r
d troubleOnes with te Tetoreaan Meyller, a lean six-footer, pitch. the Giants e nnant.... .,
w^h such left-handers as Ed Lo- s with the i ed an equally brilliant three-hit Ironical at Dale tchel s
pht W)tey Ford Billy Hoeft e 12Yankees' ague mark 1-0 triumph in his second start ch homer should have clinched i lAms Ps
al ea n and daay bowed of 110 triumphs, against the pennant winning e flag for the Indians... T he a ) -1
to Ted ray Ters, 6-4, Toronto Maple Leafs after gai only reason he Was retained was lea tdy. n'
;o' + ,.-+ .... .... ^ ............ tract+m o ....,o (l,, choice b.g f J;slgmeins... ong cam- gPams Ao r' n;1du -ea. ncy._____sfrs start
Wilfe Ma Giants' spec e d aros cone e athe Ath- leftwith a 7-3 lead in Fe smith waiver p a price....add k o tr u
SUacul enfor- 1 .+ collected Senators beit Ithe Red B ox 1-0 The winder of this series will there's never been a more devas- altL

onl,'*%-hits I. .+ o .!e dur- ont ,. mGetr ar .n o ... r... t. i...
n hits I t tries dur- i 11 Inings behind on to meet the nampion of tting running trio than Johno a J :
In the doubleheader but retain- Stobbs' seven-hitter and com-f he American Association play- Henry Johnson, Joe Per andW Atsbr N 00004. ( 1 ,
d his, league batting lead with leted a sweep with a 6-4 win in offs In the "Little World Series. j Hugh McElhenny of man r oot 0 0 0s0. sdt
2.345 -figure. Teammate Don he nightc a and the Orioles Francisco 49ers.... Perry ran a sburght (10-0= ItpBrow (1-fL -1
l1r, however.,"creasedhsllile. V T dck'sbiOdl Iddle H hundred, "MElhenry ws lsad (wll.. .. -"-
(First Game) lightweight of "he trio Is theIC 9lin. i u .nelnnati 000 10000-3 B 100 0
GIANTS pound McElhenny, who weanurs .:Milwaukee 000 0I00 1l
Pl era s ab rI h a out six pairs of shoes a season. aw ...... "--S- lnwmith (5-e 8 _1 fI Porterfeld, Pas .al (S.-)
oc man, lb 3 0 0 12 0 ... He's called The King by his Vete fight tr ain Al retminek. mo. th .(T-7) and Korcheek L. Pari e (-7)1
Dark, s 4 1 1 0 6 mates.... His first contract with formance at defensive and of big POere has received offersnd C. randa alS.' y t(11-) Kemmerer, HS n and
Mueller, rf 4 0 S .2 0 the '49ers forbade him to ques- Doug Atkins, the 50pound Ten- several U.S. os for .h ih Gae
Thompson, 3b 3 0 1 2 1 Yea can discount rumorsof A former ham .con- servi.. of Isthlan er Mtlwaukee i. 000001-
Srvin, it 4 0 0 2 0 Loue Boud a being chopped by tender who's now t -n weight champion Pero vJ k hones( 8-). 0rale and Ba l 10000100
Williams, 3b 4 0 1 3 1 the Red B because he's e it in there say and bantamweight Spahn (-12) and a Tr s (1-1), Mat
Oaraglola, c 3 0 0 1 1 for another year T.... Tom w.he reason you the sam f-vin Borne the Pama Aler- (1-),
Liddle, p 4 0 1 0 1 key has never abrogated con milir refereesalways drawinlo learn today. Only gam esscholed or o (1-0), an
trt....the choice big tight ".usiginds... According to the.epu, ""
Totals 3 1 8 10 tHere aIsa clue to the out-of-rin Between youn'me hu en't we also received offe
araer of Rocky Marclano-: a calling Ro Mar c lno edr in C abs pad ev 1 t rk n C
P H I L L 1-8 couple of weeks before the Charles "Old Blood and uts"... noer countries in the pAntilles. I. sre h I U 1
Ashburn, cf 4 0 1 5 0 fight we played table tennisaM Pwith The off n rea bn ,studed r" e
Clark, If 4 0 1 3 0 the Rock In an old barn at Gros. n and a decision will be made by
Lopata, c 4 0 0 4 0 singer's and slightl'gashed jour ajl orL__l Teals' handlers after his ached- .ars e.p '
G; riN t SFl1Hamner, 2b 4 0 0 43 fhoree'ad ao a .r while re. (ae- d --or uled 15-round .ehhMploD8shlPl For nl iLI" i
Emnis, rf 4 0 1 rieving a mash... didn' se rhimo d botag it .. In Running a or a s Jo
b-Torgeson 0 0 0 0 0 again until after the fight In hise net Sund Oct. 3.
Morgan. a 4 0 0 2 2 dressing room where, 'midst thenL 2h r n od Oct. I -
Jones. Sb 2 0 1 0 2 tumult and pandemonium of pho- '
yrostek, lb 3 0 0 0 togra ers and. reporters, he Sat l By6 UNITED P=5 LN. in a Iidi t, ep t. a P) ln
I- .DTckso.n p 0 1 1 aItae w ithhseyebrow torn and his va mg-yea w ,L o_.o
a-schef 0o 0 0 Cnonesplt open and swa n l
+: '.l w. o0 i olive to1 h .- '. 'h s ..
I'Tolak 11 0 S lT you're urray?.' .ba"s m w. m-
a-Popped out for Dickson in 8th meant on Rocky's after-thebei NATIONAL RA E a
b-Ran for Ennis in 9th. swatting: "e= fite ean't be "ii. -'
New York 0 I0 rM --1 It. was a fterlA Giant Hllwaukee MaY N a 5 8 l IB .4 IrOL "
hlPhiladelphia M M0a 0 h 0 game on the Braves' last visit, Mueiler, N.If.e so 9.3 a29(UP)m-Coc a t- wlo f t.
and we Informed Willie Mays he S under klyn. 51 18 1 o Oklahoma City veralty has ae ding o the season. Ducky
Errors Morgan .RBI--Muel- was batting .3o, same as Duke Mutl, St. L. 5M 10 1 ., ComeUP w ith some strong, r- Asays- Thyhave My.resignatio
lter. Doubles Clark. Triples Snider, but trailed by onetenthKlus ,0 n .5 1 1 .Cl fhemNAA rl against i| Washington and IT leaving O
Mueller. Doubleplays Mor- of a percentage point for the bat- -- h e tb F Prs "Ie team after the final game on wse atte,
son liams -LokmanDi- Sa pointsg ta sal C LEAGUE Parrack calls the rulo "im- Sunday."
son Williams Lockman: Dick-~Say-Hey, pointing to a sallowlMERICANLEAGUE .... practical....unnneceasary. -bom-
son-Wyrostek. Left on base --fifure couple of lockers awayp e tltely useless and a detriment to The ruegnatien of Harris I-
Giants PhIs 6. ases on i Brber' get hi for me.Plar .and Club B R a general creased pe uat Over
ba ls''"Dj n2 dle whballs c. c-kes "n LDnle A2, Mil- ... "Yeah," r ld Magelte Alia C 1 1sthe' rule will .hwhhe ryman- .iiiU
_er 1. .0,- Dickson o-2.Ldewthisaeer, 'on-e. ifle,--hi..,u h 5 in. in ar a-"it the rul wi w er me ok ma
CHAMP SKIPS ROPE lathmian 126-pound kinin edro Te- Miller Hits off- Dickson 7 n way or another ...Andsr e.Noren, N. Y 41 135 veal s-dooli,, ad e, s hellt geohGt Ttbaseman dde -
sis prepares for his 15-round title defense Oct. 3 at the Colon 8, Miller 1 in .. Passed ball ough the last tl~e Maglie pitched Fose Cx 636 1 10313 t r1 he a2d iber college basketoow-- me n under blti t llysoarty M
Arena against No. I contender Isidro Martinez. This return clash Lopata. WP -. Liddle (9-4). LP against the Bro1s thisseason he Kumn, Detroit 54 81 20 l@0 ,ths he wed't ,e h-announce -theh o.
between these two classy gladiators shapes up as the "fight-of- Dickson (10-i20). bLankd Stinder to eastapult Wolea --hoDti 56rr-, k etec rliser of olee baset seser e ea, ut ckUl g. -
the-year.' Their first fight was one of the most thrilling ever I nto the league lead ..N arracksurpi d colle e cas e suc r to Iarris unatiln adth
witnessed at the Arena. H/U/rWe've never tle --, 'r, RUNS circles last week by sending_ his daynight.. ed lthe
.Sports Shorties the.e luuew- edl,-,4as.. g footwork. The twioe-a-week es- Griffith aid Dressen an ager of e. xth
las at Navy..where there's some M ay Giants sion aind when regular practice scheduled to meet in New York Ducky replled-"I
dInascontent reported a. a oiag starts. Parrack says the dance on Monday. The Washin But if Dresen the guy I
BOXINGb'*gfal... lessons are voluntary and there- president says he also will ta h luck."
iVAN t4he1v11uMw-Herb Gray, Texas tackle, would PITRCHING fore do not break the NCAA rule. with two or three other candl-
: In boxin lht-heavywelght be the AUll-Americea dates and admits oneis Wh Ha step
HEUSEN champion Irchie Moore wants a ars to come out of Baytown, (Based on 15 Decisions) ok Y ankee shortstop Phl l-onday eh e wla haaWai
title fht with heavyweight which also produced Tom Players and Club W L Pet. ato. Griffith also may see Jim- Serao 3a Wsian.
champ iocky Marcl.ano. Moore Stollmandske, Longhorn end in '15, Cons ue White Sox 18 3 .a my Dykest outgoing mauver I 3) .
..I .has returned to aami after a and Kosse Johnson Rice back Feller InS 123 13 S O.f o Baltimore., atooi an el
South American u ... In 'U... The youngest in the brood Grim, Yankees I026 .76 sc is rp t is ntahe
mur h fup mt as CUl New York matemakers have of the Iowa coach Is named Tom Leon, Indians 7 zato he rtainlyIsre
m e_ t ~ .I lined up four October fights. larmon Evashevski for the run.- Antonell Glants 21 7 .750 interested" in the chance to years later. Harri.
Slot...ak for. They- pair featherweight Lulu ner before whom daddy swept a IL pat, Yankees 12 4 .15 _manaWf Washington. The. little A eight-year hit h l
Van Hos'ewep Peresz and lightweight Bobby. path. at Michigan... The b Reynold Yankees I. 4 .70 ott a "However, I Iucky went ack to
Woods Oct. 4.,. Middle eitsI ter for tackle James -lay Wilhlm, Giants 12 4 .*o don't know about own team." ton In 1950 after n
_DTed Olla and BQbbyDykes Ot. Cleveland Browns is the la p. l l g 4 Rizsuto hints he wait to see Yankees to one pe1nat
PattNtersoend n o nd taua .erdinand a14ts
---also Ot". 11.. middleweights

I tit Guaranteed by State Former Wuhlngton quarter- -la ePI-
Ny on Sa AOm York iant. at least, for the flV' THE SECRETSI

DEPOSIT 5.(J which makes im, inelgijeto --
suit up for games. Coach Jim 1
--; .....e Howell sa3ts he still thiniks


depositss orfoccpted thru a period
-..f 4j weeks.
Individual lfeti'tepdat boxeie, for Jewelry and
i 4 different o lass.

... .... T + ,oils
^ ^. v v
S ... ,++ 1' 11 e

Henrich will round into form
and be of help later In the sea-
son. Helnrioh j 1 completed two
years in erlee.
Veteran hale Conerly ahd
rookie Bobby Clatterbuck will
handle the pwat for the GI-

In baseball, the new manager
of Baltimore am he one tried
to buy Brooklyn's rooMe ourth-
paw. KRmt teon. Paul Ricbr
he ws manager of the Chicago
White SM w tOrped down.
8 rMEN Mii4o.Mason

CeterfieMer Dob of
Chall pla 1= has Dwo
Sb., AeiW r2 -wpi


Developitg lervius n

Viu -MemAds, IL
Ne. 1 .. Ave.Panama, .
TeHL: B843-..-.IM-


. -Jo t .L


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I /7W' --,r

4' 4 -. -


*te Win.OigOis, o hyNo orld- SerSe.
**~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~e a^ *10,00 suit ags*~ S ^ ^ ^^^^ ^^^^ ^^ ^.'^lML

'.. By UADT G-AYiON Dodgers' Reese

whe..go-As L.'s M ost

m mumm, si. slae1 W1' NEW YORK, Sept a -(NEA) Mghn the
-Lwbethe Card" b r -epelle -Pee Wee Rese, a sron candy contributed
Red Sox i malb ... them date himself. MmminateBs i- moving the I
g t wbi tw, the trioUs contemporary, Alvin Dark, from fifth pl
SNew oc hib hap e Iely as the National League's most ries,
Onei U s a he law p vrages on valuable player.
s aie Shortatop Reese enyed his But the PoL
ii a gae band of ate year e _pecia at bet. oat how mu
f'rst served aest iu vain. effort to Their captana
tub Ctait from bald the Dodgers together. ball on a dail
,.. s 34--- -

MO 9IMY PE NIFFIED--.t, "Oh- It wAS nothUng" x.
r .on .. t.on' Mai% right, accepts the congr.tula-
toa qofvieD .Rin.(NEA)


Decin ws thrown a a M O the- its e had th
134champlonship of the NatIfnalague, their 17th pennant
atlnc a Mutrie set the fashion ba&k to ..
1;.was a joyous occasion forew tork fans who certaly
were very much in the majority among the m-.,92 ho saw the
GOlants ahieve the mathematical certainsty with 7-1 victory at
Ebbets Flld. And it was a poignant event for supporters of the
Dodirs., who saw their two-time champions routed by their most
* hatdenemies. .
The Brooklyn story, which Is an Important one, with inter-
Implicatons. will have to keep for another time. Thiswas
day for the olants and their bickers to acclaim a game,
team which has won a second pennant wihfm four years.
ilfa66 a day of triumph for Leo Durocher, who had to win
lj~iob, and turned a spectacular performance In vastly
-Ace iY''53. with 70 wbn and 84 lost, Duroch i
e o Orounders into a championship. From the tuck
S also-rans. Leo. by the Satn of hiW leader ,
s and by his acumen asa leaer, toppled a BrooWn
i which ad been nicked, almost universally, to make it three
S ht everybody can like Leo Durocher personally. Not every?
6-es atmirme his attitude toward the business of competing for a
S ButLeo first hoodwinked the Braves into trading Johnny
tml to him, and then built Willie Mays into the standout
= =O* lyrof the National League. These two winners he par-
ad k Ilflly Into a pennant.
Like him or not, this man whom Horace Stoneham had
-dared to sign again for two more years, is the manager of the

As the beaten and dismayed Dodgers fell back in sorry re-
treat, held to five scattered hits by Magle,. May$ rose to his
jipath under the latbush lights.
Week by week, thi Negro lad from the deepest sticks of
* had pulled the Polo Orounders up with him.
Then. on the night of their. greatest, their climactic triumph,
deliveredrd a double and two singles, drove in one run and
red another, and seized the batting leadership of the National
'from Duke Snider, .344 against 340.
n the night of Brooklyn's most severe trial of the year,
nl achieved nothing m re notable than a walk. Once he
A. called out on strikes, twice he grounded to infielders, jam-
An Into a double play, The once mighty.Campanella also fall-
jo Baudge a ball out of the infield. Truly, the twilight of te
Loo'- s ha on g I Mays was the master's key to the Giants'
V=ic Here was a rare baseball talent, rare but thor-
a greatest arm in major league history. But he
ow to use It. He went after grounders lke a
usly. He made catches with an unorthodox
y odbasket, which committed hi- to a chance-tak-
Sshould be taken in hand and taught," Leo's critics
let Mays be Mays. He handled him best by not
S him at all. There would be time enough for coaching
Sdoa next s' Leo said. rightly.
T Hey" pa d off handsomely, and already he has set two
all-time Giant records, for extra base hits, with 85, and home
'* gp by A right-handed better. with 41.

The winntn of the pennant was a rFmarkable team Job.
mt MhM as e mtributed by Maya and Antonelli, with an
to Alvin Desk,. the surprising Don Mueller, and Marvin
#w pitcher *hom'the Amerian League had tossed to
eI may thank their scouting sn For
y ChTarlim Orimm. Leo mu hT me-
whi n the manager of the Mlwakee sclub
Not of t els -7 record, the deal stands out
te meet au in the history of the old league.
Mema le a this era of pitcher s arcity. A
whs e- of a run of the UMte game

5 t Polo Ormidme hsave their pennant, and now they
lS indtUdraatc adnt. the World
fttb WOe Cllaftd dlub. which will open at the Polo
'a eohas been aaswere The raoe has
; i nJ LqBB^ weI Or WM 116hes t An-

ybodyyaad e~i80ipda

ngwm over-
in a
points to the
ass and deRth.
the Giants bad

j Alvin Dark Johany Anitesn
Professor Stengel recall eet a
Harry Ireeheen, the little south-
paw, winning tree gime s from
ate BooM in 1948 and the feat
had been performed before. Bre-
oneen worked me second and
sixth games, finished the seventh.
' In ter 1951 Series with the
Giants, teo Yankees were fresh
out o first-flight starting pitchers
when It rained on a Sunday. The
Giants were ahead two games to
one, Oh Saturday night, and Sten-
gei wasn't certain just who he
would start the next afternoon.
The Giants went to bed that night
licking their chops at the thought
of getting hold of a secondary
steger and busting Ue Series
wide open.
Bt tAey wLe Sp una4 ay
mo-nsn to tl~~dOsUu skt a
small-as ed deluge. Staegel and
the Yankees had a reprieve.
Their big pitcher bad the day's
rest he required. The Giants hd
a day to sit around and think how
tired they were as the result qf
their long run down te stretch
and the playoff with the Dodgers,
and how they even got in the
Series. They were finished. '
In 1948, the Braves won a flag
in Boston with a simple formula:
"Spahn Sain and pray. for rain."
A lefhanded kid bonus baby
was riding the Braves' bench that
season. and his presence in a
Giant uniform 'today brings back
that old formula. Johnny An-
tonelli, you see, stands as the
Giants' main pitching-h o p e
against the mound-rich Indians.
There is some question about
who will open the Series for the
Giants. The majority pick An-
tonelli, because he's young, big
and strong and could pitch three
games. On the other hand, if Sal
Maglie starts, he could pitch the
sixth game, and The Barber Is
still the ace.
American Leaguers .tell you
that a left-hand pitcher has no
roentaSe against the Indians'
attngoe&r. That belief became
popular because Eddie Lopat's
t stuff was so successful a-
gainst them and Whitey Ford was
&e most formidable pitcher the
Yankees had.
Behind Maglie and AntonelUl,
Leo Durocher has Ruben Gomez,
whose screwball on a given day
can make him just about as good
as they come. Don ULddl, a
cra ftyleft-hander, would be the
fourth starter. The relief work.
ersa, Mary Grissom and Hoyt, Wl-
helm, each with a freak pitch.
are comparable.
Then as Casey Stengel remem-
bers, there could be rain.

M M IN National LeagM
Witttes for NA Servean
SU STION; With a runner on
first base, as batted bell hits an
unpire, then the runner. It the
runner out or a he allowed to g
to second bae?-Jim Mulloy.
A wer: T llBt la d.- I he
Muer mat retra toe fIrst base.
0 With two strikes on the bat-
ter, a rummer baeks for second
beas. The better fould Ups the
an and W ld eateher M W t Is
the runner forced ts return to
firett-ob Keldher.
Aubbok. Te. -- desA) -et have
to t Weav is ia h tipfourth e
the coach r.
Q. saw mw or the 1003 CUee-
land WorldmSe tos sinaer wE be
An. aeI-sIW yeawf-B Low,
LA. D'I RisebIftesl,

Lubbock. Ter. -(NEA) -De-
Witt Weaver is in his fourth sea-
son as Texas Tech's football

Colonial Insurance Secures Lead
In Major Bowling Leae&u
The Colonial Insurance keglers
smeared the Max R Stempel &
Son team all over alleys 7 and 8
at Diablo Heights Clubhouse last
Tueday night by bowling three
games of 917, 107 and $43 for
a new high series in the Major
League of 29 5, with the 1075
game being the highest game
thus far bowled In'the two-week
old season.
, Taking four points from Stem-
pel put the Colonial In defi-
nite 8-point led in the eSague.
The Stempeleers were short one
man, bowling a fou= man team.
and were unable to take a point
from Colonial. .. -
LeToumau;-W0 o u s e,
rio, toOk th pointsfrom Mu-
tual Insurance of Omaha. Dick
Colston was the only player on
the latter team who bowled over
.sob Waggoner led the attack
on the tempel Inrasunemen
with a 050 series, followed by
Melanson with 691. Colbert with
l8, 8 art with 879 andm oyer
Zeletes led with 564, followed b
Schmidt with 537. I
The H. I. Horns tilesetters k lt
with Seymour Agency by taking
one game and pinfall. Joe File-
bark again hit over 600 with a
617 series, while D ,Thea fol-
lowed him with 578. For' Aey-
mour Huddleston was high was
39, the high series in the league
for the evening, followed by
Bates with 578.
In the f match, Local 5 5,
split with Pueras y L
At uda e ahigh for 4
local with 589 and Stephens led
for the "Rteddy Kilowatt" boys
fromthe Fus Luz with 594.
including the high game of the
seeking of 234.
The AtAs arden of Panama
City announced that, as in order
leagues, the bowler bowling the
highest 3-game series and the
highest Individual game each
week will be the recipient of a
free Italian dinner, complete
with wine. A as consequence
Stephens with his 234 game, and
Huddleston with his 639 series,
each win a free meal.
cores of the matches are as

Local 595, NFFE
Glelchman 189 152 191 532
Hudak 172 212 205 589
Blind)' 155 155 155 465
Frangloni 162 180 177 519
Jamlson 180 138 195 513
858 837 923 2618
vs. Fuersa y Luz
Stephens 189 234 171 594
Thomas 182 149 159 487
Allen 159 199 140 498
Anderson 177 168 181 526
Best 161 -- 161
Lowance -- 138 171 309
868 88 819 2515
Colonial Insurance e
Colberg 214 200 172 586
Boyer 165 221 188 574
Hart 206 200 173 79
Waggoner 170 225 210 R65
Melanson 162 220 200 591
917 175 9432 935
vs. Max R. Stemsel & Sen
Wlber 159 160 186 505
Daley -- 167 176 343
(Blindl 158 158 158 474
Zeletes 172 192 198 564
Schmidt 178 188 171 537
815 849 887 2578
Burgoon 168 199 136 503
Iumop 181 169 171 517
Meroth 132 134 167 433
Janowski 191 179 168 538
Baker 200 222 206 28
872 93 844 M18


vs. Muti

H. .

vs. Sey

The ton t
and team tA
weeks of play
Colonial Insu
Looal 595, NI
Seymour. Age
Puerta y Luz
Mutual of Om
H. sIoma C
Max R. Stem]
$t Son

S ehns


*J '"

lued a tCO.000 suit .lab"st 00
leveland Indiana in c aeM
rith the death of her it= .
Irs. BeMo unable sUi S
end, Josepi, bscasmi FruMm
Cleveland tame last Jufly ThI
ad and did not recel= e fef
oedfcWl treatment at., W
lans' lrst a, .room; 4j fr

"41 -[* W 4 n


J .

Nominates Dark lHarridge CaS

Valuable Player TueSdyM asmn
a and Johnny An- which de falls to
her Giant who rate up in tc v omx More or r lv *T 1 i
VP balloting. They And he has started every game l Se. 2. (P
most generously to the Giants played this season. WASINTON, Sept. 25 (UP)
few York Nationals Playin out the string, tae quiet- -Amerlean League Presideit
we to the World Se- spoken former Loulasana 8tate Will Harridge has called a meet-
football star had a batting aver- lng of club owners (or next Tue4-
age close to .300, He had knocked day in New York. They'll discuss
lo Grounders point in nearly 70 runs, battingrom the what Harridge cas the "Phila-
h Dark has meant. No. 2 position, and he figured to dephia situation." He says noth-
plays winning base- wind up the season with 100 runs Ing will be done then about mov-
lybasi in a style scored, Ing the A's, although it's assum-
That's pretty good playing for d the owners either will approve
anybody, but the Giants yell out, or reject a shift to Kansas City.
S I I"He is leading both leagues ini even owners must okay the
grounding out to advance a run- sale of a team, and six must ap-
S ner." prove a move to another city.
N e The Giants mean that Dark, the If the A's move to Kansas City,
backbone of the hit-and-run at- sports editor Floyd Olds of the
Itack with which they hope to take Omaha World-Herald says the
full advantage of the Indians' de. Kansas City franchise In the'
r/ fense, is a master at moving a American Association will go to
runner along. Omaha.
"If he gets on with a bit, that's
nal of Omaha fine," Leo Durocher says. 'But The most talked-about players
169 158 222 549 the big things he worries about is in baseball is Karl Spooner, the
149 152 181 482 getting that man up a bse. If we Dodger southpaw who made his.
148 188 135 451 have a guy on first and we want major-league debut Wednesday
118 199 171 488 to get him to second Dark is the by striking out 15 GiOants. Dodg-
170 150 163 489 guy to do it. He'll slap that/ball er catcher Roy Campanella calls
----- behind the runner, drag it-do Spooner "the greatest lefthand-
764 833 872 245 anything. r I ever saw. He's the fastest I
-- B'ut he'll move the gu&, along ever saw," says Campanella,
Hama Co. and we are in. business some "right-handed or left-handed."
208 196 177 578 body gets a hit. He's done that a Campanella was asked If Spoon-
146 193 177 516 lot, and it never shows up in the er sl faster than former Dodger
180 183 179 522 box score. He just grounded out fire-baller Rex Barney. "Why,
149 201 148 498 or it was a fielder's choice. Y there's just no comparison," says
201 202 214 617 the guy hits around .300 while Campanella. "Spooner Is the
-playing a bang-up game at short- fastest "
81 9355 895 2731 stop. What more do you want?" fe
Talk about the Cleveland club A Youngstown, Ohio widow has
mour A ency having a breeme ends when the
188 159 105 492 name of Dark is brought up. He
211 175 258 889 is the nine-inning guy general ._ D Iy
152 178 157 487 rated as the most dangerous of pOpOTS Orief
192 170 216 578 the Giants. He is one of the big ul Briwf
170 165 183 518 players of the game. -
-- '-----"He grows on you," says Eddie I
8U '47 974 2714 Stanky te Cardinal m n a g e r RACU OP TIE DAY
bowlers who teamed i.with Dark as a Brave w ,_^ a., ,5,(U, P i-
0p average bowlers and Giant. N WT YOR, Brep. a (UP) r-,
andng after two At first, the observer figure The hreeear-old "Marty
are as listed: Dark as a Solid man, but not much tu ed In the best raee of his ca-
SW -L Pet.lmore. Watebhig1him for a bit, thereer yesterday to romp .ff with
r. 8 0 1.000 observer sees Alvin coming in on the $20,000 Jerome Handlcap at
7Z, 6 2 .750 a slowly-hit grounder andstarting New York.
ny 4 4 .00 a double play which appears rou-.
4 4 .500 tine from the stands, but which Mrs. Jan B ke's bay geldin
iaha 3 4% .437 brings a yell from the Giants' dug. grabbed the-lea at the start of
;o. 2 6 .256 out. he one mlee4gt,. gradually
"That was a professional pla ," pulled away fr d. Jock-
ise. 3 5 .375 Mlanager Durocher would say lat. ey Stan :.g.Alf artyr i
pel er, "the kind you win with. Most length to fraWikat the'ialf mile,
1% 8% .187 shortstops would have gotten on. Increased It to six lengths at the
-- ly one man on that one. It was a stretch and won by seven over
Games Ave. tough play, but our guy gets two." favored "Fisherman.'" "Full
6 211-0 So, when you're doing your pre- Flight" ran third a length and
6 205-1 Series thinking you had better one-half behind Fisherman,.
0-1 send a little time mulling over .
9-4 hghw and fleet Alvin It ft sa" tory
S19-5 Dark. Hes good man with a bat a IT4e f ak l It
S 19 -8 in his hands and matches his
0 18-0 work at thehte In the field. tii '
6 187-4 The Playing Professional, as covering ft eoinelb
S 187'.1 teammates eal him, is not the minute, 35 and four-fifth sep-
S 183-0 kind you lose with. bonds.


-"I ,doC

and am convinced that


gives greater smoking
pleasure I

I love VIClROYS because they
taste so od... and because their
exclusive filter tip keeps my teeth from
discoloring. My lips don't stick to the
paper and loose tobacco doesn't get
in my mouth. VICEROY suits me to
a T! I'll never switch to another brand.
Have you ever enjoyed the taste and
mildness of VICEROY's filtered smoke?"



;i *.'~


hi. is the acduiwVICo OY filter whiet inerum ourm ewsl plaesur..


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? "
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~muS't~~fNL .
IM PARA -bei w

*-- ***I



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-4~.YW-w9T~. .~ -


S ** -, ... .... ,'-* *

IT. .p 2 U "F L- mI k "n& ,' 'h" uha hcoitu y i' safe. 'aaP

SF LeaL Playoffs
S American Revma

ti pers o Fate

SWASHINGTON, S ept. 25 (UP) "Let thnA people know their truth and the country is "4e" Abraham Lincoln. oredrlm
I .The United States demanded. m p "
oday that Russia break its
aontl 'aed silence" on the fate, TWENTY NINTe YEsAie PANAMA, R. Pn SATURDAY, StEPTEBEdfR 9l5M Vo e CiENTa
Afqiiht Americans aboard a '
8uleffqlrtress downed by SovietI

Indet note delivered by t I mp roved Personn el Pracs
American embassy in Moscow to j
the Soviet foreign office, thei
United States insiste at he FedeRusral rs-e a rged authority to check and eared k leave enef federal em-
,ccurredAMust, NFFE Delegates Told
Th 'United States bad asked e e s
cTher no explana- DALL AS Tex Sept 25-Enact- alty to his country i beyond ques- with employes In the legislative compensation for fdera mr of o
tonWhy the damage claim nent of Legislation and establish t ion. branch. ployes. He lauded career federal
wa calculated Nation ment of procedures designed to "A single bipartisan central a Johntovide an partialled for a halt to employes for their efficiency and
improve personnel practices in gency, that would have complete "further raids on the annual and devotion to duty.
At state Department also the Federal service was urged authority to check and clear fed sick leave betlefite of federal em- (
announced that ambassador here by speaker* addressing the cral employes for security, oyes," and also urged eat a. Steps taken by the Department OOfIEBEATEN TRACK of the Sante 1 e Rairoad's luxury pusaggr S
7 Cabot Lodge Jr., had beeni biennial convention of the Nation- remove avenues for political gain lishenwrt by W x a cutive of the Air Force to improve per theSaP t of my about three miDs ons
toul at r o W
lark United ofNationca .hSesy loves would also save the Government to provide an impartis I and flung age were described by
alltt o' byi pr D. 3 'hmto of at least f, I,
il to circulate the text of Senator Olin D. Johnston of at least $10,000,000 annually by prompt adjudication of employee John A. Watts, the department's
~ -page note among mem- South Carolina, former chairman eliminating the separate 'Gesta- appeals from all types of adverse Director of Civilian Personnel. He
`'be' of the Council. of the Senate Post Office and Civ- po' divisions now existing in each personnel actions. said that & sound basis of person- II I I
il Service Committee and now its agency," Johnston declared. Representative John Dowdy of nel management, "based u p o
hoe Security Council rec ydenttly ranking minority member, sharp- Texas, a member of the House mutual understanding, trust ard s II aVI Jli
Co$Idered the attack by the So- ly criticized the President's ac-I Discussing the federal retire. Post Office ind Civil Service good will," had been established
9141e. In that incident, occurring increase bill which had been b- which would permit full retire- gressive enactments at the last tivate sucht rams in the inter T. I
Sept. 0, a U.S. Navy plane was overwhelmingly passed in bo t h ment after 30 years of service re- session of Congress, incluli0 g the est of eeffie.ecy, morale, and e I l | r- r I S I I- ii
down offVladlvotok. House and Senate. He forecast gardless of age and increase re- so-called fringe benefit law, the fectve service." -
'T', the note delivered to the that when the 84th Congress con- tirement-benefits more in equality insurance law, and unemployment He stlWd that "the pen d er
l'iats today, tlh United States venes next, January "a mo. e- poey" a personnel matters I ,
quitable pay adjustment bf will : vital and that this Is the ebee- WASHINGTON, pt. S5 UP) The reviorus rmn ait
Sbe the first .order of buaines," ..v...e el the Air Force. IS.crtayrof State. John ster to have a attdetve t
i Based Russa to join in sub- and he predicted, that "itwill be Watts said that improved su- Dulles leaves for urope tonh on one said
the Oct. 7, 1952, incident enacted regardles of a Presiden- Warmed with possible warinr o Hitherto the Germans rr
armedslt poiarble warnints oithertoethe Gr main s peedtw Adtn rsaida
Ie International Court of tial veto" i pervision is essential to better ad- a tough new Amer eanu if AOcto write a lateral, er said ca reO .
ce if the Russians continue Johnston asserted thrats te s ministration and factors. Aed nent is za cied tatly wt.the Ruias, Nown it the Wnt and a
predeny responsibility mustige taken to public "restore e and are a fair pay scale; better telS on reaMig West- Gerpany. was they have only pled md shoud be hdu
Srestige of public service" and tion methods; better train a secretal held consut the Western power. should be held but only
..Repudiated interretation "there must be a stop to t a nuing program of last e negotiating any separate ot
acontinuingprogamo at-andpa- I neotiating ayse
t the world Warx 1alta a- broadside smears, s h o t un at- a continue program of staff as- ed to fly to London for Tuesday's ran. .o
tent that the island of Yuri, taks, and blanket assaults that stance an advree on the hand- openly of lue-power talks on the
the scene of the incident, have done. so much to reduce ing of personnel problems. West Germanln crisis touch Ied off One informaIt sa the Ger- Some f r in
lawful Soviet territory. The federal employes collective y to "Through the high morale of by French destruction of theEur- m"would a* romheflat o a Germn Btl
Eua1 States aids the Yalta a- the status of secon4-clWas citiens each civulan employe," Wattsl open defense pc unity n to negolde with Russisatl France are breaking trough
tsgrant Yuri or in the public.eye." each kvan epo"Wt oean dtf.a =,y n "',- ,
t did not grant ur or in the public.eye." said, "maximum produativit, will Aides said-n- isi.e wi gloom here.
ioter of the Habomal is- He declared that "the unwar be achieved. We have a big job that t t Ger- eaer said he was convince
to the Soviets. ranted insecurity facing federal to do and with only smal I n- maay- oi a wf b re adyo
employes must be cast aside," creases in personnel to accom- cl e.l the .twhoeasha mePie r M. an_ el
and said that "there must be cor- pish t." Dules was be in a ma Sd i ,, with u esse
"mnm AI Baml ied pDiete restoration of the merit sys-n of concisation and coo erl me hve achievedi dlomats w
edfor reorganization of the U.S.laed the national Federation madeathc mn W oo ae s rd wr d -
tCivil Servicn e Commission which,l of F eral p es ant the e ioa- quet ie ud .
hecharged no has become the and fr t ttfse la cneutv d
". polls commission' and saidp er so r ted i r i" to Wee esresre the aomN d t er

t Cr ol on kAu that in order to restore that the omp- publi-sirt r pn roc t e or taf F e O OFt PNears Trndd EMbo
f"from oethedng job abf 'a political personnts GIfLe -a Ae otr Buhead" Rd L Col m pn G ws (Ad do e $

HuJt-leane carol wassa change In viding for retention and transfer ing. found guilty by a courtmattal board of collabor. with hevy n empusi air pow- started Tue.ayat spe,.al.sta,.ons S..mpo'ed but +
directionn and a udden increase ( f caer' to the Presia afecte by the GovernmentReds while he was a prisoner In Korea, embraced la er instead cy to combaareI on
| in tped, ou mmerrbetwe lare divorced ct rom that of the Chir- fe. th and daute on Madn. lmin wa n e e organition'k t di seae Iuli
ight and todayw that weather man o the Civil Service Commis. tonal offers f or er o i e forte t sme
U eIb omlies reapt Neari slan We must take action to edl- i r eounsl on t mtt epree ied r A ea
li. orbeing warned. aide- minute politics in appointments IThe speaker emphasized thatel is consideranble talk ihem l ve t iad
Sra _o, the apr oae oftslour- and presso." .. 0 proposal s made by the N. .F.E. particularly in military .,- -1 .g H .
u 31ta h o t oh p fre invoariaby chances fhoriter o aperdphe -= Ab _as
jre -arol on active. operate Johnston," stated that "prompareds invariably the interest of secretary of sritate was also placed on oneSPAIN, Tr
Said In a letter to sen. e estvorable"consid rai on better government for all of th ted O r a he would n, he DesP b ing the island's monkey bon

Theodore Franci reen (D-R.I.) firing of veteran eploya l Some 27 babWouldes cinere born tret Am a poputio ew eever r
Il accu dthe Carol w commerchange Invidig fscriretention and transfer in dfoundgulilty by a court tmarial board of collabora wit etaif st. a a eor Dr. Peat sl execs i o r

eee mat Tuesday of havince to le oy serce." p t R h w a rit week according to the aync emtitut eshol irflo.- utive council to raise the ban on w mped a btnpay a
ton ane economy" which The -regislatr told 4he NFFE Rdwhileerweekly hospital repoi. Seven- sWe ard omin a ovr imit o st.endi them and to approve a then denotd sax a ,t Js cond
1eoa p ic urring o tweenm- reduction tieat te pce"lures wife, Gladys, and daughter, Mrs. John Madden. Fleming LI n thi reeso boneak of te disease.0 monk lwfull ear
dw w .. s. .sentenced to a dishonorable discharge. r am e

I lve t foreha sto ear er and y P resent law should be medl- s.wab
epaat deals weenevsa oUnitede Dr. A. A. Peat, director of e fi e was
00=i 11 to report at a time fled to give maximum pr- .otec.1 sepa po Strate deale wU
n est Germany and otl services, timated that
when radio, press, and ter t son Bveterma to ser oslrv- eats itut ould city's 112000 inhabitants will e wc led e n or I A ..
pubil media of com munication ice but at the sam oe e tGirls17 Bos,10 toe heol n the sidel ines. inoculat ra within 10 idays., ,o. o o e
wre notIne active oeratin t or ted out, fears opal same period th secretary state was ro e-.

.heodore Francis Gren Providence the pu.) firing ofem eran employee SAtotalmeof 27 babilents were adIntCraite hatr he wid otue t in el Two Panamanian '
comintnued a daily t cm er scriisae l ommlyithout regard Canal Zoo oplone hospitals during the l io eee e official saa Of 21 cases of yellow fever re- Fre rivingdtuc w
p. In Muayh 1953 ani H to legth of servdce."hs n p t 203 were discharged during ithe f nortat any pian o orted or suspected, 19 were n e a loa the Ing m
e tTuesay dro when wkl al Seve- w e DC substitute should fop. utiEuro nve counctd in t o raise the band t he sole for trspasln .i
aidene aon my which The legil tor tploe whose NFFy eeklyno Coon Hospital and Dull was d toth m and to d throve far was ovqlm s ear-. -
tip, ll w c...8t .Varnanp of the eonvderntion t y" a s e "luabelinGof tge en of the hbables were born this meeting as good partnfobo to un of $5 to $10 for each monkwalined... oweyer

eeths straid. mn f a m the meame numbederre dicharg- committed" te need A urr that of a young Briton who on. tedp0 after sd.

myI. the weather bu Of the 1 babies born at Gor- question once and for atlltte a in Pte judis ar atl ear
ysgram Is haddn A devastating Ion Hospital, eleven were girls "ationd e tory basis."ldhe
-niks mi the Providence, R.o ect ton o_"_Oawn- __Three deat bs_ we..rereportdatsubstitute shod tflop. Sih rti*mates of Trinidads mokey ,_ helae on o

f r .n-e to eight *ploves in ton-or-uM wu -ea.ivity because HospitalduringThe names and addresses of r ting a IGo prtneany tiriy 2 0 0
J-anuar 195.when Ia ProviEd ence ,tt._hbie p l' a i, -rA the Porenta of the werl babld- sovereignty, political partner I Inni
n per dlscontinued a daily ity t' fan. comusm. .... mitted into orgas Hospital and h~eln is needed" one official awrn .f 21 cases of yellow sever re- were fin.d... Edmfund.

_d__ewe__'"_,---- -. ..."E P.e into coLo Hospta and Dures wa mid to be 'fubly death from th d EKEND RELEASEwa Cmi ; .
liion reing weakened, Mr..... a d ge-c is..t. Iof i ti the Geiman/tracted te disease whie hunting ite L
bo the weaeter bu-i ra oW fo thr e 17 baDies born at Gr-queson oncedr for all' te unglc. .."-
D pe onrogra m irs eedas a lU a. provi, uldela oix were boys. n Hewr wsald tohope thatFne".

steacr. Joined th Cagrounds y Lawrence SanchEo Albrook uld c gand"e tach a e deal
al m on during th' first The ATC the tests doba-addresses e Ilt.^lof gan AtiancT Orga Gra aily-i
two te L January according by will e-Pebr- aCr Mr. and Mrs. Ivan a.nd h lodeI .-; E. IU li i

SB o ou pipat o a p Boulder, n eIkeB ra at t a pry ater dedicating a Touel, of Diblo M an s.o. Geran t re .
toa.l -nna tu f S M an Mrs A- H. Lina. ofpn. .- "AluUR y gdka^^^

,Y yW. ti7, Memoswas among fense and federal Civil Defense --. s were born to the follow- adds4t tht-e. we .
eg1.. emplo red in the Administration. Ig: Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Wilson, Bumt1o lre "lhar
te0. Belneendl assigned to It said "public officials, at ick-W of Port sobbe; Mr. and Mr. 8 atL! -i fa as t _i
the .6. hMedi cal Clinic. men, miners and others in south- iHall, of Rio Abajo; Mr .ar am il franc were
.14w nurses hired in the States western Utah and southern Ne-eMs.a. l. lae, ofAb kMr. and ar=ybs
san M. Bo|tanoe of Santa'va. ... A. 3. Paa, of lk Mr. w oa are being advised of th and Mrs le e, Al f aist O
and Mrs. StanlNey ers, R Al-M
artons oalif a1 The new series presumably will ae Mof F oand Mr on.
t" oNew Briton aInvolve more work with the ta- Mrs. f. A Phillips, of Parl-i
u:Myrtle P. Shillling t!a" 04 mltMMa I+IL A.Phillip, Ofall-tm i 'llm
otMell te PN ShYorln.tical" side of atomic wfae gn1 .=tofso-ces
S Vierr.e Yo andJ. rather tha nstraltegic bQmbin Sx rls andour re e Gm substit.
91 SixJ g ,. irls and four boys were mwgt
.Vierra. ofSan Jos6, Tests involvino,.large-.cale,-b II, ..a Colon Hogital .during
hir an losionsIncluding h y der oFrme
,Positions are: William P. 1mb "shots." usually are hela' TbC=aus ndaqresewo 1wtr
and Eeson A. Conthe Pacific proving grounds. The1 gilam a da'wre: a deOf I
tr ards.'A" s"A- ot 1The United States announced ohe "MonI e .~isa&Ct llnm ad o .--'-'
Catanzaro3. rd A&5slttntLin the United Nations last July,/ I IMsPedroIIII ofCohIn; &padU,---: .. 2
. Engineer on U. Tabo- there would be more nuclear tests; ~ !I1Ms. Adan errfratof Co-ii Aa.
.fts R. Coonan, Jean C. Earl. in the Pacific but set no date. City; M aste Pa
ale taft nurses: The AEC uses sites at French-
aa.oWnd ussafLhV. UurIoffromnbpewAaposTrade-
'eeR. DuvallDr. Rssl man and Yucca Flat near Las Ia Mrs.A.. 0aw
Dr. Joseph C. Jenkins vega, Nev., tor testing smallerlWIU M- 11"- .- m.ow y
IHLanpJoen. Dr. Ce atomc weapons. such as the a- L I ii Igo Id .-, .andON.-e
,.om--Peres, Dr. ime sW. Itomc artillery shell fired there 'KinI6li II e Ia I .s--g", .i"_ e-
arlw. Dr. if or Clr 1` 3 .h Cofn 15Tolln .Wp..-...h.3.ea e
u a. d rTe hazard from weaponsbde-:7Te
1J : a ed tonated In Nevada is nowhere ,dlAl-
Hlth )urqsa*Elha-. neafr as great. asWthatfrom te ....j Ir.wawue III.dosgo
Burleau, lthrr+es.hv rawns~hsecrticism.--. e ."en Imllll i .... ur,,ea --~l .
etfi BMrphy, Social orker,ibli blasts in the Pacific. whi ,ROLL 'IBM 1=rs t.b--V -be-
ToTehncian. Halth u date, theA AC has set of InveniIr..-I I do Pt_ as Am- _,L Owe
Carol Wl"d.-C.e"131explosionsin-Nevadaof oneImanEft: -am".A".W"Ni
zwrnlnal Burau, ortA

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