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The Panama American
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Weekend American
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Scott Family Library Fund ( donor )
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Panama City, Panama
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daily (except saturday and sunday)[may 12, 1973-]
daily[ former oct. 7, 1925-dec. 4, 1966]
daily (except saturday)[ former dec. 10, 1966-may 5, 1973]
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Panama -- Panama


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Oct. 7, 1925-
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On Saturday published as: Weekend American, Dec. 10, 1966-May 5, 1973.

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. V

Travel. leave


*1-- ;- .-,-, I a I 4


Assemby To Hear Ma or
-A .r-La J.* rJJLfh,

Peace Parleys


In CIO Row

Talks were continuing today
between visiting top labor offi-
clals from the CIO and local
union head.
A second meeting of Milton
Murray, secretary-treasurer of
OC]OC, George De Nucci, special
representative of John Riffe,
executive vice-presedent of CIO,
and the temporary p ident of
the newly-chartered L6cal 907,
Jose do Ia lsaa Castllo, t
scheduled to take place tonight.
Yesterday, De Nucel met with
Edward A. Gaskin, president of
Local 900 during the afternoon,
and with Castillo at night.
Also present at these meetings
was Gerald Fltzgerald, interna-
tional representative of CIO.
The istUng CIO officials
were caned to the Isthmus aft-
oer a storey rift between Leeal
N and mesea.l threatened
labor ranks here.
Meanwhile, although labor
leaders were cautioned not to
-eveal the results of meetings
which were being held this week,
asUllo took ieue with a public
suetigon that there n t some
racial element In thanutra-unlon
Ie, declared: -'ocal 07 Is
made up 69 wq4rk 1 f t* Ar-
my, Navy nd i res. Color
Or race n 4t a. a ftra nn wbleh


* r
* 3

S d emplD Tof..the Armed Swe m go' 0

nona re way behind Panam Can al Cso.r p
advantages of frewtravel to the State
ePanami Canal.. which said today It was being
sw mped wit applicat didn't have tim to step
late. -iow many of iw workers have arIe t-in h
and used the new travel bill in taking Sttatesl. -
The services however had another story b4eiD.
In reply to inquiries made, the three branches of Nte
military reported that:
I Na1) The Navy: Nobody has left yet;
...2 : The4p Arm Nt-ra tests have been rmpd;
"W~ ~CIT elementary School kids pose yesterday with (rear, I. to r.) William Wilkie, 3)heAr e
Iof te hpol; Tempistoclhs Ceapedes, consultant to the Canal Zoge schools suea- C: e ploe USed th rde ran
tendent for the Latn Amerlean schools program: Acting-governer H. O.'Paxso, ania Mis portation.
Paulina Williams, teacher.
n U e r way of clarification, the bus. rail and;.
Navy aid were ules here tohu
tle ust ;tart thertateide
CZ National Day Of Prayer Ceremoniesb = a

lnou; Dedication Of School Anx

det dta the and I have service section of school mllor. d
Sex t to en- the attempt pt e o wt to the attp t Uotto p.f Eduaestion Of Previous to the ceremony, an In procaa the Pres- tha btst ed c5
n or ergy to work fr peaceful t offer unon support to iana Pa ama advisory consult ~ inspection of the clasiroomg waso 1fcl. Patffl of tyerow. o ia
Sof ito nc er C of war-like us. In Panama., to the Canal Zone School DIV4- made by the visiting officials as "i aest hip. asto how e
fsg. the enasre f__ o-. "These attacks, are u"oair to sn in the field of atin Amer- an parents. Classes were held to aS tet, clal hrp w atd e
irePladu. t- Present p. were under- thue C1 which does not support can Education, was one of the during the afternoon from 4 un- barrier erectd belittle men be- l p to the East oa W
Stota rane any ral nd n guests of honor and also made til 6 o'clock so that the visitors ten the pople who seek vacations, Wll
v tw M am. iUa s trA te to the rep Pa-nama, a few remarks. could serve the actual teach- g on rt ugh i-. The results of the rey wfl
ft amn i 3p.bft t in "stomtirA-peace" agen- which is free from raela- prou- Acting governor H. O. Pawon, cing methods v spiritth* tlonanalres ara -, ti help them answer am* -
a an o*der to make re cy. dice."top Canal Zone School officials The guests were especially in- The National Council of said today.T deadline tionwith bome f of ,
)uuaes w mount the. ro- terested in the displays set up in Chatches of Chrit in the VSA day. .curacy.
at 4.L, When the the hallways and in the class- commended his Appeal to Its It was r
wiMetdeldge. r C % i S I ooms of the various textbooks, members and telW man Catho- today that s
't&he a. each iniUl p Cfl Pictures and equipment such aslie archdiocese atNew York said not eompulso I.- A
a ?wa S S ex -Nfrco Ics-D ea th S ca nd a/ wire recorders which are used it pubUgha Q& Puasdesn Ing In I ney
and coerre for instruction in the Latin clamiatio. h 1t4weekly telletin change .t
pats American Schools. and expected many chur hs to station, t I s m L
8 f I Stateside President Elsenhow-comply the quesee It
I among tho w h wn lf 'lerv fu C l ici er went humbly to a military Jew h groups also participat- and turnedn "
I $ g wIer.An. stran 1 IiBsVU | u M M,,j aC l chapel in the early morning yes- e@tin the observance, which was thI Mw a I,, 3
dls.,c ad .. *7 re terday to lead the nation in recommended the Synagogue tha t mb
a M T including the ROME, Sept. 23(UPI -Rsi- In out of the death of a pretty before Rome's "scandal of the urch bells peale d thr ough- t ted f tha'l. a Y
MUweasfrtaks on QUemoY ed Italian' 0talrster At- Roman party girl following an century" en fed him. He as Mehis and at Dallas the r willo uves iten. -
.Iolau of fa I= ..=e,: or. -.rob.r, erSSb .ou_ buest ,r eJ t inte rsectio was Army Employe ai p indate the- he O A Ge, I.3c (,),
.I."nVolvementat b l emn- ti government of Ma- menIt and various complIcations blocb.koed off so lunch-hour kin 'is the canal's. ntion to -Americn deof
saidsational death io elba s threatened by Corn- Scelba whose police measures throngs could pause and join in Over ne orkinp etemploes o delegates
'a ndal, .todmhis must charges that the death blocked a Communist bid for pryers. Wth t mn in the l atatr ay rtyo last n
further e das a was.hushed up and mnde to p power in 1948, sent 12 truck- t for t Americans there On oky Gas Pip the most on represent
of Wap f"peyan accident .o9 ratect Pof riotpolice to the area was only unofficial observance othe most a Hol rep
.je- o P sclo ai andotherProminent per- of the Sena to coe with of a day set aside by the Pres- An em ploy of the Army Post survtiy w lt
outline U4. 111 Zl e Ji .4 -on& threatened disorders n last dent for prayers forpeace. Engineer who was overcome by phS- West Coast-a 8000
.Pherona gave up re was little sur
aueQoins.clulg the summer homeina sub- Pledoni Rave u his high gov- night's session. re wm tte a: l" ras fumes -ftm a leaky pipe he nal worULe W -Bt -on
Out..alub outs Rqde ernment post "to stand by the ported from state and of was revalgag at Ft. Clayton yes- their free AFLtto ye .s.hdo to.
I cS collapse sa4m.e hours side of my son." He sent other riot squads to flclals and many mayors and terdayi as fecoverinag tod t will aSr-e -ar h ha
as antcipated by diplo- after his son.lro.wasarrested The veteran political leader, the Chamber of Deputies and governors auid they wer not a- WlerS aneon. a ana- and ship carrier briefly on a no-iapie
aBebs wob ap n. ot manslaughter charges grqw- l2 years old. had been ill even the Galleria Colonna, opposite wam of special observance ranan re t of Panama timated e thank o i
Magnitewer's an- "...A-. .-the Foreign Office where police asked by the chief executive. city, was lwoxygen at the t--ns- a
t t eW t w hhed spotted a number of "pro- The President and Mrs. Bisen- t. Clay Dr nd sn s where t lndk
SItto Bso &! fesaonal Communist agitators." hower went to a small chapel at then tra&ri d toorgAs Has- are a beva uch
.s on t aw in-- The scandal over the death of Lowry Air Force Base.' Denver, lapital.I e d
S the pecae- Wilma Montesi exploded Tues- before 8 a.m. to bow their heads H ital thoritle expected arrangements t
lB W de- B night with the arrest of two to prayers read by Chaplain Vic- him toe released from the ho carriee the i'Id. fo .
tas o 0t ir. mae, Including young Plccioni. tor Pennekamp. pital today. I "we will do so. We must also get
satlansl D@" A former Rome police chief also Pennekamp opened his pray- .
or" "was accused of covering up the ere with the plea: "Gracious Brer in the
*pt ut b facts of the case. Heavenly Father, mercifully hear renewed his ba
o'r Ve 'the It embarrassed Scelba's anti- the prayers of this nation on tary of Labor James .
kA Im a veir Communist government a n d this day. as its people Individual- in condemning gover mt
~last D ~ber. vided the Reds with their ty and in gatherings suchas of Armed Services
est propaganda fodder In years. this, come before Thy holy and"strike n."
But. Scelba was determined to most gracious presence, and asMM
Crewstand his ground and said he they are joined by the sighings delegatesw.
thad no Intention of quitting. of peoples everywhere." lution protesting
s A'-nst Investligatinge, Magistrate Raf- The service lasted only 20 min- off-duty militia v
SS faele Se, who questioned 800 utes and the President stopped taking employment a
arrest, weo e tto Rei to congratulate the chaplainonp n
Coel "JsU this afternoon to ques- the simplicity of his o rvance.res
nIe. et. ,e. oalalof official pre-
tecV thesaccusedomanfs. lurches in scores of tarpen
Young Piccl Is aIsccused ofa RochuFche
m- a"raggravated Bcitiesopened their doors to thoub
-use o drugs,"s theoldextwhopwanted to join in the ap-elty Wore
te"year-oldMIs hMonteaL pealOtoeGod to give man the

beach, Benefit Casino
A previous investigation had, edyesta
ait the o 'fl re, re Slated Again ed aft
A. deasath by drowning while treat- Dis will be erolag, roulette M
Also arrested self-sty afn sad ~hp s Chipsand I.
AMarquis Uo Montaguia. c har g- tuoyehaae haMds again thisW
with-ebeuan eekeudl when aaethher play- was
; ot an it eame st Mal *Cg
,, t M-,sa he beer. g r-.- I.

dis t= owo Aru

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V, f-

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-j~ --0-

,f~~~~~~- ?AA Ap WWV LW3,aU1Cp ~
. .... w .... AS
T, .u..:. .- mt -. .u~rtM ;ti .B~o~|: ,- .;*'

S aborNew.

8 MI ING Commenmtd
.-. ;. .J...... ____W .u __ |



night, Lana WaiterPldsm.
eon, Donald O'Conor, S lley '3
Ib A SlWinters and otW.e stars a( today. .
S E VMA IL 80 X introduced eachstudio's stars of
tomorrow. But the man whose star
Sis ascending'fastest here at the
| ., edge of Holywood thiS wodk just .gIi
e WA Ae .A trm er rebus el W5 h1 e Ap" took a quick bow, although -nis ap
S.e.s leaguve *g he bg me hadm I e awhlly we name and personality oon will -
,A B a.l- 1.'a have more impact across the a
i Id f v aarile states de in l a Imeft.t itI ueMs 'te Ue M e world than any o the glamooias _'_ a tag
suse mv e ieese a ns blshed iseth re e yd m bsaV ee.e figures who whirled about h I X.-
o hoatesp *te le e. I lun11ed t* 114 page leg111. 1 that night.
is lws gomaneadmly risueal t fe t do ,,em1e He is AFL president o e a r
St f esent l Meany. And the story huer, as
0 0- o- vital& aI ay whial will develop at ..
the Fedentio'l "3rd annual con-Yate ela
-i WHAT A SAD CLIMAX vention, is that Mny and his col. as a A
Leagues in the AFL high command The rockeust tes at Maa t
Balbo Canal Zone are convinced ME e CIO will two tora- tme. -T
I hA particular interest in cals aher peoe s the M ss d std rso e tee ane

eanot A ember even though el but the Uio I "in the xt t i Owlt
Sad laIpret me And thor iberhip. us be- the outde.
owerve, ocan readily visualirthe ser ate I rcua ions An AF L-CIO merger would make .
t will result it the present controversy of the IO iue the American labor move ent at

Rga1da of how the situation Is ewed the chartering of hy influential mbe
Local 907 h a caused grave and damaging results, and once against l, as.

oalr, jn we are 5 y us.c Ee s ct 0 L csnlees -c l% I% f E,. dad. bur te company, wrote a a, m t t
is I indicative the quest for of. .Aaowerof nc Ae the er ha Iyo Ngeewrr ego.
caMabler ofteknowz haver g o dad rto thou'y

to any height th A ey feel abl a tohi tt e wo se w tn e... er ma te te

COAeudno s r at abo In other r) o wordsopthetfhibrmih tharsieyi he wo uoldu s. Md To wLe the j ow ee, eay haavern ar
I concede that allr rat r cicova thead nta porthiec r Ice oneeno oi t uidoo fr Aao o eb ewate
feeI g tre fnel of dir t hinki n th, heischerer .e er in track to rkers tla t Die

andh h t a ow beat th o thet O ree wisest of uas e
lar stlce mt is the others way houn h u e d er n as t om b ine ond torga io a yara. v a.m z.)- p a Al ( TR SI LBS
.etr, ofan t we areptoso quick atd l I r ---- t n
,tiI i' eeoetL5 sou ctd Ino the t oEvenfBal It has te er700 A n d ch is d- Dre (P DOWN hn. : .d mer c el h, )ma tt in thetno l.-..S'.:s-ate

h Ndersh! tha It b owilt o antoo t e C oe s thoe theat ir Reth AFL sit *. uean and ran isaconventnon me d eei m ot i r tling t e n t to

Wh aove m picture of a ogreatsesoee e o.t _e he wo _se ede on what Loes sw e ra er h1 i" I -a h ad espe au re, he attio bue y rather examination b on eue actA
Suhu s ul andh independence of artsoetinda for which the.OAGe 00 edeatrloerdwy'oul ii r o trn tsll tp/smnM or ald

ftrivsna a ... banne Gl d has .aay eers ana non-eoms- eus a la unch er ortrack as de., s s -

ACHn b G wrAe T In the word w o i one of to who p tened k to Grvile. just ob e b_. w wr ... Big t reordig may slu. We rpre Nvy i. e ut.lities ha e "
r tItewil, t -thiscienate uinths, t newcomer or rane E a e "You Me TO Ive m ow no proeed, ari they fact he. ove .noe. e feb t
r-Ta 900rshor utldfenotonosTAffairsah CanmteerdGouria. litorchfoBt yo- Agir e Jy Won the mer'e adsAser." quest each c e

Aea the w hat such an yvdr of oh De Miana recover as bOW Msn,,,ce, a tMNdlO 'directorP.elo Is (June) Barnett. of Phoenix and that U.S a, ad supplies as. i L

ot_ a at that mo~nst..ansity they have p..ut up..t Mount 15,000,0h t workers |i s ed-. rushed by.ahLas Vegas dt sr ott.wedsB _. yGone Ra-sa.i, Elastern Bforteuilder.:,r yan'tcmment I. vde fr amorgaraeo n f the a s
leaders,fwh contact eouher. Moveltown. New Yorkers saw bar vWyis"Thsun Will Shine A- Figure," a new play, are very armoor plate. a -

for power r ls Dot me, we l letth it I o 'lmone anwd the ox-Mrs.. .. ean Carson a nd Pauline Myers) dr Howe eral tor
MWnue I e fitdelayInbuilding avitalpoi
Thed. and honor of the CIO here i;ncharter- Meany, Schmitir, Reu',er,-Jzitm uaveinosellatbot.ownl ady Y enIh

MO M A %,1-4. 80

"' Costs Le" To Sell
a aI n lpThis Wav I


s Reu rands W ollea The Washington Wire: Th -In. thar f int0091 .
present. ternal Revenuers are digging into her whenashe was a m i nd
. rsent, the returns of nearly eve major never gave her a tumble ... e
I The sentiment is reflected in the le"ue baseball club ... The first Mickey Jelkes are doing the mid-
long section dn labor unity in th hety election wager: S5 to town spots again.. ..Ad aencles
special- -annual report submit $5000 on Ives to beat Harriman say programs deal with vio.
here to the convention by the ex. ... The Herald Trib's Washngto ence are getting hard to peddle.
Secutive council itself. man Don Irwin will get a leave of That's Peechee! _. Dog TrackI
This report states bluntly that absence to handle the Ives cam. sportsman Johnny Bogglano had a
the ALF leaders believe that a pagn Gen. Adler, vee of the Big Sare. Mt. Sinai medicos
merger is in the "best interests f N.Y. Times (he commanded the found his neck growth-benign.t
the AFL .. and that its adon 77th Div. for the past s7 'years), Not mnalignant....The watch firms
would be n the public interest an will retire from the Reserves, Dec. blame the duty tilt on the slump
to thebeneflt of our entire cou. 31st... Peter Arnell (produeer of which has hit every watch compass:
try.. We are confident this goal CBS giveaway programs) has ny. Many retrenching...Two news
ran be accomplished ." given his heart to Cynthia Raidy photogs (INP and Dafly News) fol.
In any event, the planned er. of the Tax Doet... The day after lowed Ava into the restricted, area
ger talks, which I was toldwoud Maine went Weepublican "Fight, at the airport and had to take all
"really begin to narrow the ew ing Ike" won at Aqueduct paying the shots against tetanus, small-
remaining area of conftt,, will $730. pox, etc.. .The chomming blonde
be reld in time to give Reuther a -- .at Le Beauilais with Charles
chance to make some dramatic eno's Charles Mapes' competi- (Monocle) Coburn was Kay Law-
r t at the CIO's national co on is Barry Dania, who bods rence of the AP.
vention opening in this eity on bo's other hand ... Ivan Mofltt --
would like to make-Shelley Win- Chorine June Day, who recently
ters little Mrs. Moffitt ... Tom ended her long romance with Pupi
Behis d the sentiment, e for Dewey, Jr. may have a marital Camp, will marry his best pal... I
such merger is the tfct that flash about Yuletide ... Eddie Big makeup going on in the Police
Meany and Schnitzler appear' '* plher'U manager (M. Blackstone) Dept's trafc section ... Joe
have ed the AFL into a new era p not pleased over his meal- Louis is being counted out (of cie
of internal peace in this mamm-oth ticket's merger plans ... Anna- culation) by chirper Dolores P.rk-
and once feuding Federation. The nels .(former wife of Ty Power) or ... Pitt Oakes (whose wealthy
no-raiding ..actlgned by..the Bw- and Wtiter W~t. ,Baardi are a pater was murdered in the Baha.
erful 848.000member International v Tavern-on-the-Oreen duet. .. Bet. mas) and his British bride have
'Assn; iMachinists and the i0,. tyHutton's recent .rom, Chps. parted ... Robert Bunty Bacon,
S100o omber arpenters Brother- O'Curran, is iUving-it-up with thrice-married, and Fritui Eata.,
hood a fthe ave p pIB ;.* A avoc's the fashion commentator, made
good will .ia-elt his7 al their idyll publiC at Cafe Arnold
as D,-. G fromm a Canadian .so..o. .... It's a boy for the Martin
Dave Beak and Qeorge Meany
appear to have settled many of
their differences two weeks ago
when Magy was Beck's week--d
house guest'i The. di
agree evew-Preaident =isennewer
-but then a good section of the
AFL has always been Beubliean.
Then is iB atyauiioot*-
er issues i ltde net ateo .
by the labor leaders here is i
Creation oft history's greats labor
S_ to 1 ) i

Sm|world automoive ca
industrial giant. Fly I
BranIff'a i wusnperabl
a*t subantalel savingi
tourist mervic. Either
cannection Wlih mill
For information ed
travl agasu or B ru,
1o. 1. 0 orP ar e



OakG iAi e toon -uIes s answer sitioi.. p wil just
. .. Oak idge, Tenn. (home of add to the conusion around here."
.omm. ?mercy) has the However, the months continue to
brthrte In the U.S ... TaT of drag by and one of the Navyn
the Boolde-set: The chap who won most important tet projects a=
$12.000 with 20 tickets at Aqueduct. continues to drag. So perhaps it
S----- would be better to have the Navy
Jeff Chandler and Dany Crane use up a little stationery answer-
are a new idyll ... Jack Webb's ing letters and thereby help get
ex-wife Julie is being courted by the Navy won't have o pay for tee
attorney James Carney ... It's a to the button of things. At leaot
boy for the J .Harm'. Pop's mgr postage.
of "Can-Can" The Dr. M.'Max- '
wells were daughtergraphed, mak- PROBE OF AEC NEEDED
ing Private David Schine an uncle
... Abigail Adams lasso'd Bob Two supersecret agencies hither-
Ashley ... Phil Silvers and show- -
gel Betty Binder do their rende- _
wooing at Jager House and Ve Florence H undrsonl (lding lady
cubroom ... ernando Lamas' ac- of "Fann ") prefers Ira Berntetin
cent got him into trouble on the of the Feuer-Martin producing
Lux video show. Kept pernouncing firm ... Actor Tod Andrews and
the sponsor's name: "Loz" ... In. songstress Elise Rhoddu are closer
dustralist Geo. DeBartha (his fa. than the Series ... Te Bert
their was Minister of War for Hun. Copds (he's the drama editor) 011l
gary) married New Orleans social- probably never fo0et the Oate.
te PersephonComte a fortlght Happened on his da J.D.
ago. His in gift: A control- MacArthur,. publisher Theatre
ling interest 'i a Canadian mine Arts mag. hid aurice -Zolotew
Ta. Tes. oil less Josre Aber- to be his new eritic with two stipu-
cromble's weekly allowance is nations: Must never go t, an,open-
25,000. in nigh t, Se ow twiee
S -- before 1iw it. (Raf) ... The
Most lavish tipper in town is Big Broadway gis about the
Jack Turner, 36, of Moab, Utah. comic's wife who ran off with her
$50 apd IOO tip. .. Stork hat- psychiatrist.
chics Rud Michell a A y to beyond the pale of investigation
Hepbum look-allke) sal for m &-I
don and an acting role. The bon '
voyage podd was chucked by SIDE GLANCES
sugar-king A ur Fitpatrieck ...
.. -.i.B---- m ..i 1 -

pital MA
her by oqlstadr,
e DC4 OIponOr
M via W oW-f C6


van1ey a the nbad B1
Llieda tax' amortiatoio .$
I,00 for its Cheshife, a
'lant, while its wholly owned
sidiry, Indiana -Kentuky .
trick, ad applied for rapid am
tiration on $1723M .0 for
Clfty Creek plant in Madi
On top of this, Electric Knr
Inc. had applied for $1810.,
worth of quickie tax amortiat
on its Joppa lant as far bi

as Aug. 14 101. Ths was
than two years before the A
told Riekeblooper that the a
pany had "no plans" for req.
In such tax relief.
, amtt of faft, the ab
a sm still
an intere re a soDe
mobilization nally decided t
power companies did not n
quickie tax relief for war purpo
and on Dec. 3, l3, suspend
all concessions. Perhaps that i
why Admiral Strauss and the A
came forwar4-witL a new g
aiek on. behalf, f Dix-Ya
namely a provisioanwhereby .
AEC would pay federal taxes
the power company. In ot
words, e branch o Uncle S
government .would y tax
another branch 'o Jce Sai
government o.J alf of a prVi
power compaY. ,, ____,

B :s '".' "i

*.? *.. .-A.*. ,B r; :"

A: L


I u








ft. ,t.

4. f .


hb n tf S eary ve n d a
mP s e W-4 e

S. l landers (L- One .lg..-pla.e..dwent out Friday, the Baie Ever
--S M-.tlotion. told a I- had %greed tentative L -
ISAW.JC~~ff^ ^ ta e Aest interests othe earlO be hig
PartyHe in "quick nesday as the argeion on y lste
r-, He said the calling the Senate -
for the GOP Knowland id 9a Y CiI CRY
8.%t i a stro preelection no action can becould
eA. formal notie Is receLw to that
#'-1t1e nue on e d thamtt
S.tatemft ater Although e censure study the Watkn co ittee.anabe.
-w ,.tb" oS x-e l cmt mittee r wa working in the The special censure commt Coalrman A tder Wiey
l e ft lol tageo Its report, Know- tee hopes to complete S a i.-t) of the A to *
to ld^ 48%0 landOa Calf, port this weekend and matt a4gn Relations Committee ha 0
to 'T Mayt ee. hose tha head not receive it public early next week, pos- bposed a enaft seon now
Wdne leade official word fro corn- bly Monday. However, the re- on grounds it roeably would
for vte tola two. or mittee Chaniran V. call notice could be issued be- mean a -.cate oa ln poe y .f .
d O Wa tkins (.-Utahl. fore the group makes the re- da m te.t laltoerWet
w e rde t0a tr Bridgnes l But you would be perfectly port public. German rearmamt plans
) .ndar Bten. John Mar- safe In assuming that in the when the Senate referred Bridgesuald 1W a atement
ibRlP a era d4le out event the conmm1ftee reports to the censure charges to the six- at Concord, N. H., that he is
tivlgathe Senate leadership that man committee lst month, it "strongly-oppoed" to a pre-
. ie b tore the they have complete their agreedtocok to act election vote. He aid the en
s 'a elec- work or will have a report in on the comm report on ate "would be unable to con-
S the question a few days that a recall se the fifth day t eKnowland sider the report on its merits
SihoiS not considered son next week would b en- an Johnson d a formal without politic laying a big
, erbheat oa f the polla t5Aly possible." he od call. part 7, the de epont" P Iu M
S ow d sad that after Thus, if thefminittee fin- Butler said in .a separate awt *- a
apXenowland osaid*houteWn or
of the Signs a- heing from Watkins he will Ished Its rep Eg and a call statement that he believes both
pear to pd t to an a lpt ofer with Senate Democra Democrat and Republicans Coe etIes, pleasel
atJ '* sOn vote. ene leader do J son and could 'prefer to wait until after

Sefind out where the liar Cnowlad ad been agcona emmander Tells AFL
could, be reached a recall ing GQP senators for teire an essential atmosphere of
notice oese out within the reaction t the pre-election es- calm reflection.
tgoeo 5i h aon 8en. Edwin C. Johnson (D.- i n *In a a Fp
next two days. s f I olo) a member of the n. oalt mm n m

Cente e In M.D enver, peUS a -o s;
MENEMs sure committee, has said that Hy dl lic o un id
Slhe also favors putting off
DENVER. Sept. 23 (UP) -Thevote until after the -core- o
S. nation's First LAdy warmed the slonal elections. in
teoo mp 0 n hearts of more than 75 handi- LOS AGELS, Sept. 23 P) tc has been unable to halt
f, capped children, and youths o -The national comMander of ed aggression.
Sday when she paid an ughe the American agion today "The American Legion fam-
uled visit to the Deniver Cre called for a point of no re- Ily believes we haven this
T .Palsy Center. turn" in our dealings with the country the intelligence, the;i:
Shea Mamie Eisenhower spent al Communists and told the A-power, and the will to triumph
most an hour and halfat the merican Federation of Labor over communism," he said
center in one of her rare public convention that the adminis-I"We are convinced, however,
EN L.H. C1 IA appearances since she and the tration's present policy had that, thie government has not
President came to Colorado or failed to halt Red aggression, yet translated that strength
Their summer vacation nearly e into plans and action capable
five weeks ago. Seaboarn P. Collins, the na- of halting the Red march."
Stional commander, included the
ID Tetra welled in Mrs. Elsenhow- previous administration also in Reviewing setbacks in U. 8.
N R her's eyes and she smiled warmly his criticism by declaring that foreign policy, Collins said the
when a little boy, who is at- the nation had statered a "psy. "psychological defeat" in Ko- 19
tempting to overcome a speech chological defeat" in Korea. rea was followed by another
NA M Impediment, pronounced the in Indochina where "we bluf-
name "Elsenhower" haltingly Calling for a new foreign fed and were caught bluffing." '
rig aum S Mm when he was asked the name Df policy, Collins asked for a real. In Europe he said "our chief
S P! the President of the United stic point of view under which allies have raised grave doubts
"IerStates, chd woe his uabl the Soviets will be faced with as to the practical valub of our
SAnother chld, who s unable the choice "of either ceasing mutual security pacts
to speak or walk, made up for aggression or causing a war
his handicap by turning a a4gression or casing a war aho
beamingsmle ony Mursni which they cannot possibly Collins ld ,e. AM inot -1
beaming il. ls on Mrs. en- sB urvive.," vogat aOrll O f "egoin it a- e
hower o lone" but sahl that un ess a
Let your friends help you on your .." sa"showswe don't have to talka foreign pol o i
the time to make tr'l* s.- turn for Communist a gres-lon and vulnerable to the
Birthday, Wedding Anniversary. ahool was established a slon Coll said. "y tat I Communist world, He sal

COLLECTI Ofree nations, and on the ba beaPATTERNS es hb unist

n pso I can say goodbythe to im at Mo. She emte*rs c e Securit whichper.

ets ar-Te in occurred srtu d-t ine MARSHAL'S NOTeE OF SALEmh l.
nfore the President took off onfr
Sthree-day tour of the Pacific Notice is hereby gioss mven that the Motor Tn Vessel
M "rOCoast. Mn wuIa 8Dw ABRINA; a vessel flying the Panamanian flag, Registryt
oJUAN ALOMERAS The .students of the school's thatS No. 75 home port, RoP., a twin-serew ship of a
iT.u ..... Eg, sli aH H therapy class presented Mrs. m7,8m1 gros registered tonnage and the Eistonnae of 6,admin04,a-
... H A R Egsenhower with a handmade with an overall length of 464 feet. built at Moble, Alabama,
COLLE CTIN OFg of redTlow and Bye..14.llARTas Qum41fwil b sLd blieladersneaderbo rer of the
"Somtetimes I wonder myself" c in s lar s pk t lugs ae his viewnd ie sprang fromne re ean yPe nt
S aeMrs. Eisenhower gift. meAsng a ndl boat arg o, o tehe a of dsuinistrtotio'm b ter r t 0 os
ma matter of factfhaveit o Nooen c lmiaR ,- lPate o Ane n this court n tAN oIhLEitd Sates Di E CorASThOs
so I can say go odbye to im at ie Dated Ancon, Canal Z onei September aO, 1M54.I
the airport."shrty c oman ing.e emornm sun eSA.
fore the President took off on a

three-daytour of the Pacifi Notice Is hereby givensteat the Motor Tank Vs
Ucoast.WI-N a vessel flying the Panamanitan flag, Registry

D-o itol N relao.75l7ndhome ptcourt, Panrmai n twin-se wshipofr
therapy cla presented Mrs. ee o en831 gross registered tonnage and net tonnage of 6,046
Eisenhower with a handmade with an overa length of 44 feet. built at Mobile, AlabamaI
oval rug of red, yellow and B yV.Gu VARTs oinpr94o, will be sold at public auction, under order of the

ya to be used in tPress Stane t United States District Court for the District of the Canal
'THEt yotheEisenhower' farm home at t Zone, onl the 2th day of September. 1954. at 10 o'clock
N the rug-h, handyman tWill Perform such!al von Rettig A/t and Welh. Renso 1Y)pas
tribute rfromltheseWonderfulling ar un s and Co de Navegacion Anne, BA., Respondent, and

aty, pite forma baed onorenedor o
Mutheots radubs. The element Oo
Atie andoat spark plugs and s re n
senrtiAny treusae i n asthwatuserd b

sists of kraft i,1Wegnated with
Bakelite phenolic resins. Alum- M
iumo thee trei bonded to beth More than on man has been swept off his feet by a
Structures may be put up with- dazzling smile... the kidM of smile Pepsodent Tooth /
out screws or fastenings. Roof, Paste give to you
wall and door panels are availablecleanestof
., j +- ". to make complete buildings up to Pepsodent' ORAL r cleans teeth cleanest of
l d s m1 y my s Iength. wiydfecl roof panel mess. any l Midg tooth paste, clew even where the tooth
C4l 4 ith feet w a4 only 5 s Msh can't reach It your breath fresh, smile
S C Ie.u'e ucl The panels are joined by inter bih ves yo ib taste for hours..
lokg extrusions at each side, Use Pepsodent with amaLz racsn r regularly for
- V.,l far-dt I- ht making for easy assembly or dis- the dazzling ismcwm ur a L
.'do dib 'our f ly's te assembly. The honyecomb core
ii&IWA 3 yL Kfif MOalso provides full insulation. (Mod.
ern Metal Craftsmen, Inc., North
Feat *peaseey MSiaza PFls.) am t .MB
wA boon for laWe ande office
work t e h ave wt c pies

-s t-+o t -- to turn
I Ie ox-ahaped viait mtsins an
+ I -- :- I I elIeIIIricIal0 ,=ee orbo sep

." "a d egoy a cool-d
ning to the lottery returns
EIBER, ^our money BUYS K



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ice of Super Constellation or DC-49in ,
0* DIluxe or Tourist clam
For full infernitIM4
i-^ Wol.o,- P A
yqur local travel w
or Serviols Aee, 4
No. IS Thvl A
Tel. 2-U31 A.
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STA, A iIANKHAD'Sf rt-up hisbreeriTit were he left T ,
s turn to dway can't quite be it., With'di big change-namely,
"called t phant.The play she he's now a practicing
chose for r comeback, while full mudi' U .
sIf fun, 41o artificial and can-
: -trived t erhape. the best word Libe race,, what hath thou --- I "--- -
for her, is "stalemate." wrought? A boo in andelabras,
"Dear rules" is made to or- that's what. Reports from Allen.
S der for Taldllah-she can shout, town, Pa., department store own-
W/' 7~slink. fid sture, grimaced, d9u- a' Ma x ras ay ys*melnabra sales
ble takeThortle and go through are ,up all of Lt pet 'cent. I--
a full 1" ahish repertoire. It So &:e'1% a red-hot tip far you 1
S makes f qr laughing evening, but -by CandelabrO Pfd. -
when it NA over, you have the *
feeling y .. were tricked into i Jane Wyattf in town with Robert 'I
laughing. It's oral slapstick. Young fr the first showing of
O ; ---- their new'CBS'TV series, "Father
V Floridaf4l4on camps 29 of Knows Best," says she's a little
them.hayV ordered television sets. worried about going back to Holly-
r of 6taes the chain gang look wood to shoot some more the
slesylib, doesn't it? series uu -ai.
-o "W l'gt along so beautifully
S H. Allen Smith, on NBC's "Con- before,'" 'ays the lovely, New York
.' versation," pulled this great line: soilalite-actress, "thas t it seems .
I In the rural areas of Europe, for impossible to it "again. But I
SA centuries it's been the custom for think we probiMby will."'
behind the husband. Now this situ- *
Lionhas been reversed. Nowadays IIIIAi|a U VUIU'tiAl
he wife walks 10 or 15 paces WnV W" rJWIPU* U vU j.t n
ahead of the husband. And there's ; '
Good reason for this. There are ; t 'l I
still a lot0ofUand mines buried in
the gr ver in Europe." l.. .... ,- 01
k no Jack hnkpil- as settled down. I
Permanently. No more moving WASHINGTON. Sept. 23 (UP) i
; around, no'more flings in the cat- The.,A cu lture artment
tie business no more nothing. Just reported day world coffee L
singing, of course, and maybe protection .tl)W seWaoi exceed-
ome day.a crack at Broadway. ad onatimption .by one 'ntillion
SIf you Iih't know Haskell, tne gI ,'
above may not sound sensational, i eumsn published by the de.-
But he' been about the most mo- apartment backed up the ede- A
se t bile baritobb in the business. So ral Trade Commission's Jau 329
Mobile, in fact, that he even mo- fintin that this ar'a a
bilated right out of show business In^ese incoffee prices can.
;'* or a yia .4 not be eWplained nto teins o0 Wherever distinguished and .interesting people
\ suoply and' demand, th, Taget together, you're sure to find PALL MALL'S
Srfrost whicW hit 'lrail's cfeel attractive, bright-red package, too... for it's the
S JACK JAA (CBS-TV): There's plaitations in July, 1953, and sikn of a distinguished cigarette.
S a news arliz show on which the wh AH was widely cited as the
contestantss are given both the rea for last sorltig's hikes
questions *ad answers. Then they I ,ee 'cofee prices tally P have to gu who sent the sues- d d. n t cause any, sigfifcant PALL MALL for a reason. They like its
ton ink to decline in otral dcoff pro- f delicious blend of fine tobaccos... they
S- wh.. Jack's. the handsome baritone It said the world -crop for like its extra large size
- who rode-a te me with Dave Gar- tChe .19. t. .totld 41.-I which filters the smoke
roway on #W original Chicago 400,000 bags, compared with and makes it mellower.
Garrowa'yatLarge." He was al-. world coUuwnptpn. of 40,400,000 t ll
I so on last so a aso n's Garroway bags. and. most of all, they
s show (the nighttime one that flop. The FTC conducted a seven- like the elegance of
-ed) and ia now on two radio month investigation of the i PALL MALL, with 2
shows-CBy "Stop the Mus a I c" cpffee,.p e i es earlier this PALL MALL, with 20X
and NBC'' "'Road Show." year un q'tdrs tfoni Presi- more tobacco than any
But he bounced around so much dent Elsblhowr. It reportiod regular cigarette.
working hete and in Chicago and the Increases resulted from tof-
points In-between. that his eight- fee market speculation altd
year-old ,went tU six schools 'a' raibuying for inven-
in thr I That did it. The ald the o. y remedy
HMskellf w ta home in subur U l o be legislation by
ban I onecticut, the boy an- isrst mpt r
roiled in a school that Jack Cn-gernet cntrols i ont strict
sists he'll graduate' from, and the treiadng N sch legislation has
old days e forever, trading. ough evation
S'01,aS' Inough .several
'Tm naet lng a epin--for any.lI ntrotl in
thing,' oJac i ed a chancthe closn O s of the 8ord
Sdown fast Co ress. It Department
a t pl i ears eba k output- for r e ng 4-55
S "I ust got fed up with it," seon u wit reach r 41,1 00,000
Sys. spent almost a year in e of 132.3 pounds each, an'
eias. I'd always wam ed to be anr from
architect. I built some houses aand more
got into the real estate business. irrret .o ption a e-
Then I got into the cattle busines.
I larmd one thing I used to he 1954-55 croVWOuld ex-
think there were phonies in show he wa erage by
business, but I found out there i_ *c slightly
are phonies in every business." tIser ttan t pre-war an-
After he got fed u with being nu average of
fed up, he came bace and picked 41,600,000 -bags.


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*.B00 AWA 2

agavel 1 native to be usedf
M. pGiby der OI
MW tste. Sbertp Neutte- preseated Le with his a
iatseverde gatheriags ea Past Master CffK's Jewel1
7 _Tuesday. -eingIt- r WCu e
were Mr. and Mrs. A. A. Albright.
parents oft he nem tasterCoJA-. -
M. urtematte ed Mrs. Robert H. Whitu Mr. 2. Albritton, Assist- .
DeSEO Greek Ambassador Mrs. Win. J. Bright Jr. Mrs. L. ant beputy of the Order of De- ORENT tebal esekeri t baed
Ora- Atibassidor to Panamaa Ruppel, lMrs. I. A. Starrett, Molay on the Canal Zobe; Fred 11sy F rral
Athaas Polities *as honor guest I Mrs. I. J. Leap Mrs. M. A. Quin- C. Wllioughby Master of the Pa. fartrlee I s bland duckling wih fruit saw.e
S on Mofy evening tat a dinner tero, Mrs. Forest F. Hall, Jose- nama Canal Ldge atof Perfection, -
given b Mrs. -Jmsa H rtemat Ifina. Pena, Mrs. E. C. Valentine, -h.l sponsors theA Atlatie Chap. ... -- Ads b<
at heome in Bella Vista. Mrs. W. eitzn, Mrs. P. La _C- ter; Thona.SIth, M e ortsh t htav e bIn mad eII I
1c -Mrs., W.Wen.M l , yoetPacificChapteroOr-iby ..... ....State ,an of
CaQ"dh E.f- mbrea o 'Mrs. L. E. Torbert; der of DMlay; Charles Ha.. l hievemen yet to be attained. I l l
The Chli e Carib. Mrs. L. D. Boney, Mrs. L 7ent. mond, Chater Advisor of the Pa. Describe critical years of\.
bean Co r n and -- cfle Cha-" and Mrs. Harvey 196 and 47, e told of the conces- \
Mrs. tP Cos enter- PAA Wives Entertained Gullic Advisor of dons made s to often th
t n- last evenings .rs. Arthur D. Summer was Lrissobal No. 2. Order help given to tr who
t their Q uarr as for PAA Wives luncheon of Rainbow rlwere' sa ved from ye .-sd lE, when
H tarday, at the Albrook Drift- Tree ments an a fter four years difficulties the Monday Musicale
Saupge A Mrs. Sumner's dancing et hall at United States came to their aid tartsNew Seasel Neat Week
PM te.IM gublller ^,glUest was Mrs. Constant Chase, of the close instalation. with the Marshall Plan. The Monday Musicale will start
To Prel -Ancon. -- the year 194-55 with a meeting
MI .M' USi. PubUc Af-. Members att4hding were Mrs. United States Co l Pilip r Dur stated tht ring off Monday at 7:30 p.m. at the home
fauit of the Ui..Embausy, William Bird, Mrs, delson Curl,; Addresses Cesege Gap of this aid, with th a build- of Mrs. A. A. Rankin of Margari-
has a members of th local .Mrs. Eugene Freeland. Mrs. Ver-; The first GeneTfal Assembly of up of their .- 'ot omy f" Ita.
p. }res Met oA Monday at non Juilis, Mrs. Ralph Kassner, the Caribbean College Club was nay helped the W ern block om
Shis remdeltte, No. 11 Federico Mrs. Warren Millgan, Mrs. Ray- held Tuesday night at the Elks nations in Europe toIm prove The program m. Chairman, Mrs.
Boyd Avewme. mond Norton, Mrs. William Rhet;.* Club. Brazos Brook, with the standards of living, although these j. L. Sugar. has te program
S--- Mrs, Robert Walker, Mrs. Robert. president acquainted the assemb- are not yet comparable with those planned for the cqm ng year and
Parti Hoor Del Valle and Mrs. Forrest Ste- ly with plans for the Penny So. in the United States. Mrs. Burt Watson will be i n
.I Eaeld maW al y I vens. clal, an affair held each January charge of the firs meeting.
A ertD el rieds.Ave a des- I -- to finance the yearly scholarship It was Dur's opile-that France --
y pIdl^ .= y at the "Around Soul America" given by the Club. and Germa. agree on
h humWt ,1-'Club 1 bonor of: Flm so be bewn terms about teresit to Carbbean Stamp Club
J El& bWM-eirvo u ty for Syr- At JWB-SL'80 mday Also reported was the forms- each, thus enabiU the worried Poadones Meet u
ace U y Marilyn will As a special feature an Sunday,. tion of four special study gr s, smaller nations to fi In line with Instea of mt Conday as
hterthaphan Schooltat 7:30 p.m., the U80-JWB Arm-the Know Pani grop uner a common plan one which they original planned Caribbea
H Tia to, da. ed Forces Service Center in Bal. the chairmanship of ,IP. ap jear anxious to accept. Stamp Club ill hold a special
Amon a~b attending were boa will presp technicolor Pan- Tattleman, the liters group picture of the verse at- Balboa, -for me ember and
ltr. sn Man ,K Robinson agra film on, wonderlands of under Mrs. J. A. B o wsk titudes of France and Germany friends.
T r. a '8lubt, Mr. a i America- ,world affairs group Mr s. given by the speaker made it Baboa, for members and friends.
'Mrs. rli L Ven ..iound Sout America" takes Grady Hardison, an -'e new easy to understand the enourmus
SKe r' inan, Jo-y- vwer on a complete trip, Garden Study group under Mrs. effort that would be necessary to Casslepea Club Meets Sunday
SDryMa t e the scenery, people ana S.D. PulluUer. Mrs. Cheek explain- make adjustments conducive to Members of the Novelty Pride
asa, ene Ledin, Phillis pointof interest in each coon- ed the interests of each group and the recovery of both. Yet an op- of Cassiopeia Social & Sporting
HipSas Clara Zapol. Erna Bel- uy visited, from the world-famous their plans for the coming year. tmistic view was presented, and Club have been reminded of the
le M art Me Marshall beaches in Rio de Janeiro to 2. One of the highlights of the eve- ultimate success was envisioned, meeting to be held at the Flow-
laine Key, Marilyn Kelly, J. 000 feet over the Andes Moun. ning was the presentat lo p of with the probability of a European er of The Isthmus Lodge hall on
D. Stephens. Fred Felder, Ben tains with intermediate stops at Christ's Church Choir Guild. a Federation, and the acceptance of Sunday, commencing at 3:00 p.m.
"Sparks, Kenneth Jorgensen and such places as an Argentinlan cat- chorus of 35 male and female the United States as an assistant. All members are urged to make
Dan Sanders. e ranch and a Chilean ski re- voices. Conducted by the Rever- It was pointed out that difficul- It possible to be present as among
Sso rt end Mainert J. Peterson and ac- ties could be lessened not by fi- other items of vital importance to
A uer party was given at A come Fi l be present companies by organist ande K. nancial aid alone, but by g d be discussed, the reading of the
the home of Mr. and Mrs. Jamea to answer any nd all questions Lawson, the choir rendered three manners and conviviality among club's by-laws will be presented
Marshall of Los Rios by their about travel in South eric. anthems, Ave Veum by Mozart, peoplts. for ratificaton.
daughter Melinda in honor Of Ma- Following the flm-showing there Hallelujah from Judas Macc&- a T --h----------- _____ ---_
ryn Kei Thoe attending were w he inonrmal dncmg. beus by Handel and the Cher Slides from the International In-
S rkhith a L Dl l iltr S their bi Song by yansky. The formation Service were shown, room cafe style. Potted plant
Mey, KyiMman" q E-yry peEsonnel ublie of Pa. Hallelujah was Wutstand in ifin ving industrial and agricultural ferns and flowers adorned thu
ih andk tariIbvly el- *" "I '-BfaliZone, are tone quality, and all the compdl pictures of Europe, ain promin- hall, and were arranged through
-.rdially invv toattend. tions were exceptionally w elent personages, and pol tical the courtesy of Mrs. Grace Wl-
Mrs. Jeffers Entertains i co done he Cherubim Song being scenes in Europe and in the U- liams. The Executiv. Board act-
Mrs. John Davies and Mrs. Law- hristian Service sung without accompaniment. united States. ed as hostess to approximate.
f rence Ader were honorees last Federation BordHolds Session UThe guest speaker,United States 60 members and guests, with
f evening when Mrs. Richard Jef- Aboard meetingof the Pan&- Consul Philip Dir was then intred-I Following Dur's talk, refresh- Mrs. Mainert peterson as chair-
Sfers, ne Barbara Schnake "vt a F tno w omen's c on te "Am- ImeAt ot sandwiches, cake. cof- man, Assisted by Mrs W. M. Mid-
ed m ers e evening Bridge ties for Christian Service met at can flunce on European Reofee and punch were served atdlemass, Mrs. 0. Kelly, and Mrs.
Clubfor dinner at the Tivol 'the Tivoli Hotel at 10:00 a.m. on very. Itroducin -his t small tables a d around the David hen .
us. o --.- Mrs. rank Sulc President pros nion trPdlng the a U. S.

.. ...p l^HJa inso.PW ,ms.are the GatunJiowChuf c, _t.,,,' I
amu those arriving tomorrow 21
aboard Avianca's inaugural flight Those present or the Ssion IPRICES: ...,.... A30
frre Bogotr. were: Mrs. Roger Green, past D.J Y ..
Also on the first flight of "El president; Mrs. John W. Mat-. .
i.t P4name-." will be newsmen En- thews, 2nd vicepresident; Mrs. 1i| A WI NII'K Lost Friday's
rique Santos Castillo, editor in Laurence Chamber, correspond-, V V Wll. V!IslU l f
/ clef of "El Tiempo" and Dr. Sil- ing secretary; Mrs. W. C. Merch- World Heo ei ht
vio Villegar a writer and diplo- ant, recording secretary; Mrs.rrTI Hea weight
mat now directing "La Republi- Clarence Jacobson, treasurer Mr. l
ca." The two newsmen wil be Richard Sudner, assistant trea- C1mpiolSp t
hon" Saturdays at 1 Pem" by hsurer '.T
t aix aNewsme a t o e of a meeting a O N KIN l
L'+.. dPerio-L._t1&.l _he01 was. ejyed "

Back ECB SJohnA bright called As
a'" ""^ 1swho wil l TROUBLES

Mrsi orf P- aster In Demolay
tines .;,oh Master Counti TcaaS
Eeuma -, o rs who Vill M.I
serve a ware installed at Now-you dos'thave to let nature
Back Prem mro. pe an open Meeting of Atlantic Chap- rob you of a pretty skin just when i
1 ^ Clelia D. Jacome and hnr ter,. Order of DeMolay which was yo want it the most.
granddaughter, Miss Irma G 0 n-1 h, Tuesdaa evening in the "" I
fales, ae b back in Panama City ristobal Masonic Temple. The When a girl nlds tolook her Also: VAN HEFLIN
after a trip to Europe and the group of more than 150 attending prettiest nature seems bent on ......
United States. included members of the chapter, spoiling her complexion. Skin sud- WANDA HENDRIX ERIC PORTMAN, in
N..y.i. vs--l-- their parents and friends. denlybe*n todevelopover-active
Nv Wives Cnlen Leslie W. Croft, Jr., who has oil las. At the same time it TM L MA K
Th a"ai ubs nelect.i .ffi. completed his term as Master seems to get slush about throw I "THE GOLDEv MASK"
cersfe t E e.alOfe rsWiv coumclor, was the insmt o- ing aof-theevecruy ulation .. "
Club ,M A-zWug the Club' icers %ere C.Brn..Alor;-ideadard" ce .When thes "
monthaE-,inen on Tuesday at DeCastr, P.M.C., Junior Council. tiny, dead akes buiM utp into C 1.-- uirCucl-
Sthe Fort Clayton Officers Club.1 i D R Saedrs PMC enior layer over the porn openings- '
New officers are President, Mrs. 'D.e.c n P Tlhoe pMC there's trouble aed. Enlared .f -
Harry' Mnsom; Vice-Prealdent, Mrha and Norman de as pores ad even blackhds are on
Mrs. P. H. Dierickx; Treasurer,- Org nist. the way.
Mr" S .creT.arTin,'. eyi G d The officers escorted Rainbow T y Pod's recommends this
an_ Recording Secretary, Mrs. Girl as they entered the Chap- erea mbfu for ,four
and Recording Secretary, Mrs aoom for the stallation. t for t
n. N. he, -ns. was IJohn N. Abrigltt the new Master 'mier lVb'O i f "youn ln"
Luncheon hostesses was Mrs. i Councilor, e aren Stroop --oiliness, sluggishness, enlarged
L. Hovey, who was assisted by Worthy Advisr of Cristobal As- pores mad bl -kheds. Its- quick.
S. G. uckr. oNo. Se r Councilor *I's y. And it waorsY R 1r
W o as new mbriM O TomasF 1 Jr. with Joa.n X .. vA .I-.. .
It'M..^ W.t-B M..; ourson; hr ouncior, Da- Specii ..i
Mrs. ight, Mrs. .as_, i ,with Mdelon Ga- corrsfi'
dd to Sl rve Senir on, Jay A. Cul.-

Mrs. uClaek M. and Miss Brr ndg with _" Rpowleanyf ,

Carrie Satrpenstelx of Los Rios L .aLhindCp William ES atriria ath tygiwew
Sena i as nIt Cn tinal, James Sr. MFacer, wi San- .lamourtheyder
ltus fr.leda ri-Sve i*n ~ da Hughes; Standard Bearer. wkh ww id-fato us
sFrs Pamel *PreceStr,e Ma*C Suga .r ,
8M !'with Ma WR-udgP; Second Ire3h .-p ..
Svile, Fla.. is visiting with her Paula Ho r l l rson; Tl l
and daug -in-law. Mr. and ,to, Barry ,,. Davison, with E.
Mrs. E. M. Bennett. ann Kckhe f; Fourth Pere r,

A eonlrt of sacred music will Sixth Jei,Jwtnr. Way i, J o "h, x yo '* l
be pr ted at the evening Serv- I th Carol Newhard; and Seventh M .

ice at tdraler St. Lueal times a ee- weover face, .
Mart rano .t the Iviteatio of the lastal exeys, wi.halavsh 1-Mi.I a I
the AndN M tr CXaw eter, Brian Al. MiofPond's Vanishing Cream.
of'Baek, FPaue, Te right brother asMas- Its "keratel tic"'action l sens Y IASH Y EYEBRO
Wolf, Brahma and PareL ter Cou ilor-after hearing hi, in- dead skin oab- tsr qof? MKAKBUP I SHADOW PENCIL.
The Cathedral Coif g. lb Frees the y skinglads to func- p ore ftaF.4mask forMax Factor Hollyoe&EBi
section of Earlt C.- W a-instalation of the ti onormly. Aftr60seconds- M a yWe-ai favorSe co madesseomPd by

iiW ++-: a ve, p._ I",. ft-OWN MA MAX FACTORD.oLLYW09D
itaul Au nc and Mrs. John F. Thomas gave the tradi- i .* l A &d Nio rm of
[ R 1. Franu. were so-ho., Waal wer ta,- a sebay's .i m; Vmag cm.
v matheim: and espeb man he ll', a'dinIw a0 3 esraZ: mUreM Ar. co, 5. A. a. 3.aa2
[s] m ye ste teadi.mona. Af-v brighr pue s .t d --- --*
Ii b~ and wt t'am bib r-Be ait ---- '--- .1 i



ma Idepednc to Ft. Lara-
tt a le more than 100 years
ot is a story of'the
Y aon a representative
asso rtment of heroes, wise men
and fools making their way
through Indian territory toward a
new home. It is plain, though, that
his great interest is in the trip
his great Interest is in the trip
Itself-the problems, the h a r d-
ships and the simple pleasures of
ai hazardous undertaking.
The author, a descendant of
pioneers, has traveled extensively
in the American west, and his
evident love for the country com-
bine with a gift for graphic por
trayal to lift Journey by the River
above the common run of
"westerns. ...
The Man la Te Thick Lead

interesting read My Life la yo p perfect
It o (Grove). skirt le ght for you. Stick with it,
Other fairy tales and supernatural change your length just enough to
fears seem palld compared wih avoid being conspicuouss. Resist
the African myths ind Imagined ads when thy come your way.
experiences of Amos Tutuola, au- -
thor of the recent book about Bracelet, necklace and ear-
"deads" which he called The rinns that match are too much-
Palm.-Winpe Drinkard. look posed, npt poised. Coordina-
In hisIatest book, Tutuola sticks. tion ha ta Umita......
to the thepme okof what happens to ,'.ui r' L' t ha
mortals whe wander into the oreshtl women, know that
"bush" inhabited by ghosts In the nlw is th s to s toock up on
heart of M African ungle. In his cottons lor,,jelr lt umer. Even
own excursion Into t highly though it's a ..lang way uff, the
imaginative land. Tutuola runs sale price are so small it's
into a "copperish-ghost" and a worth it to buy and save.
silverish-ghos' and a wholly dis- .
gusting "smelly-host" who cap- Pink mink? Yes,,,Ad lots ofI
tures him and takes him home.. other colors, this fall, So don't
-'-- aak, my dear, is it. rabbit? It's
Madeleine Young Wife (Dut- mink just the same and sh, s
ton) does not quite live up to the ,proud of it.
promise of Mrs. Robert Henrey'as .
first two bdoks (nTe Little Made. Wash a synthetic sweater in'
and M a d e I sine Grown Up), warm water-in the machine if;
but It should appeal to readers you like. Sew it or ti eit up in a
who want to know more of the pillowcase before putting t in
little French girl whose life story the machine and do, check the
s a Cinderella quality. Mrs. water again.
Henrey is at her beat when she -s d c a
writes of herself-as she did a~A j t 4qItePds can
telling of her childhood in London rMilal dthe long
and her girlhood a a manicurist winter. These, cold- sn cot-
at the famous Savay Hotel. Mrti Mll a tense to
than a third of the new book f'3l'g w0 .8 E- Ien more
concerned with the Normandy poulPar, thek on sweet1
farm she bought aftel her s'iftj4 t tI l V E
riage and the many local chaf .
ters she met in buying and sett Salt (Oxfol rd Jnlvrsity Press),

thr's own t ore of t nating articles about atomic sci-
author's .ow feelings, as she entist., guided missiles, and flying
waited ot oW6rld War II with saucers. The articles, written by
her hlban4.and son in the Lon- Daniel Lang first appeared in the
Vitlta n returned to the New Yorker magan but here
f m,:and sealed down to rebuild under one tent they provide a
a.d replace that had been wreck. satisfying guim sof What goes
e or stolen during the fighting.... on in the minds of several men
who find tmselves inadvertently
Dr. Kinsey dispelled some of the responsible for the atomic bomb
darkness that concerns sex ab. and other awesome weapons.
normality. Now, in a novel a Brit- ,
ish psychiatrist tells the story of Land's smoothly written inter.'
a group of homosexuals. views with such scientists as
The Heart In Eile by Rodney Wernher Von Braun, who once
G a r I a n d (Coward-McCann) is 'worked for Hitler; Dr. Samuel A.
more than a social study, however. I Goudsmit, of the HBookhaven Na-
It has the mood and pace of a l tional Laboratory, and Dr. William
detective story. When youn Jul. I G. Pollard, a nuclear physicist,
ien Leclere commits suicide on are examples of modem Journa-
the eve of his marriage, his flan- lism at its best.
cee, asks Dr. Anthony Page to
try Wtnd Lefdercas motive. age 1. 40

J r

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i" STREET, PANA 23 (UP) --Anl 1-maicomtui t only one prot ntuon witne
A=UACIA inoa Vmin tlial which found Lt. CoL Harry told of PlemIng making detJi
A ,MACUIA- AvpDOS len, guilty of coHlbonting torp rm arka bout..lie uni
withthe ConmunIuta in Korea States in the duoa clasp
FAMBACIA VAl-D 1t-US sentenced ) im today to a dis- and most of them admWtted the
v se holorab discharge. also participate n pdoin again
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Saturday: 8 12 noon.
U Perni Aveume Tel. 3-1392
11 block from Lu Theires

feature of-pay, I effectIve upon Defense witnesses said Flem- pe"
approval ofl the sentence by the Ing read what was given him by ._At_. h dMs. --
Secretary' of Army. Fleming. of the Reds In the oclpses and, when hat ml t dq
Racine, wis., could have been the Communlats were out of ear-as the dr
tmetla r'to life imprisonment. ahot, made 'subtle a#ttm ~r Dau I .... M .-.
Fleming, decorated for his communism.
50 rvTle j bosh the US. clemina g ta d lea h "
and Sou8 .san governments, i nd 901110
heard, ..ti Itence wtho but hu said he was 'i..
.~ ltHa o*1d n toay. and did so to cn
t slInOay-if the Ben- mistakes bug tried ry- 'llt.!
itence had included confinement. thing" he could to it 1, mm e a .
Defense counsel went into a hud- low n-..ers.. ga-ee l-- wi Aoe. .a t
Ie On what their next step 'i prhiner. eVr wneses which Attlee n
wo bel sal@ he saved grlyed. "h :opslcoie
The court martial reached Its "' ,> .
verdict after all-night dellbera-
The ll.member court declared
Fleming Innocent of three spe- B
flcations in-the charges against
him. and found him guilty of four
Fleming, a 46-year-old career
soldier was the first US. Army
of cer to be tried on charges of
co iorating with the enemy in ,A; '
Krorea. -
The 11 colonels comprising the V .
court later withdrew to delber- ', ." : ?'
ate a sentence after the defense T'
issued a plea for a minimum ia
penalty. Fleming's attorneys told '
the court he exercised the best '
judgment he could in Korea so
"he and all the POWs might' '
The verdict Is subject to re-
view by the 5th Army which had I
jurisdiction over the trial. Aides i
said this probably would take '
five months.
The defendant has the right .

Mw .2-1544 rU N I TRANSPORTES would not be made until the Ar- U Ul jZ iJyI
IM Iellanconus my reviews have been completed,
NEW YORK. 3 (UP) -- H -. pIn BAXTER, A. FminI Issued a statement
Secretary of A e Erra T. NEEDED I t for 'W noted Position ATTENTION I. Just built modern that "although I lost this battle.
Benson yet arda ed Amer- od ; 'Ca finished apartments, one, twn P o p I don't expect to lose In the ..
can women to ore milk during e -diETARY. with extensive experi- bedroom. hot, cold waer. -Tel- Mover end."
and eat more me d vegeta- WANTED qu .nce English and Salrish dictation eohoine Panama 3-4941. Tels.: 2-2562 & 2-2451 e n 'e
bles rove that ty is more American co Oct dhd typing, desires position .with ..' In the end rilht will prevail "
t D Akindeep. -I No children. 'Pedro reliable firm. For information, caloil FOR RENT:.- Modern two-bedroom he said. Both Fleming and hLq
Be.on said suc oods are the 4614. 3-C226. apartment, 51st Street No. 42. Un- wife indicated they would fight
-very fotlndation of beauty." furnished. For further details all the case a far as they could.
Beniton'spoke at a lunch here Zubieta. 3-1802. 3-3337. BERNARDO'S Fleming was found guilty of
kickir off a 10-dv campana FOR RENT: Two-bedroom apart- BEAUT SHOP collaborating with the ed by
~to b~ beef an vegetable Kae nId 5 L..UU En aId ment. 2 boths. maid's room, ga- SO making propaganda broadcasts
sales pt. 3Q- 9 promo- age. Bella Vista. 44th Street No. Spells for them a and conducting Com- IS LAST .- at dir A .
tion ea naleon is bn iinder- t i '' 32. Apt. 4. Phone 3-0815. Cold Permanents and Tints. munlat "Indoctrination" classes his death off a cliff at Daredevil speed 15
takem by beet and vejet-ble in | r [ .. F T-Md rt, Phone 2-4740. for fellow prisoners. The act called for Adams to leap from the old modet before
raitriec to prevent sepsona' aIks sh o.Ver or m os2 F bedr aom i Across Pansmh Hotel But he was freed of several It shot off the ramp, but he remained in the car and was killed
gluOtrf the products from de- it I II Jo E iCangrelo. 2 bedrooms connecting "Castilla del Ore" Bidg. minor charges, including one when it smashed onto the rocks 65 feet below
.ln markets. b porch, living and dning that he once stomped on the-foot
ps mar0ers. o I rooms. spacious kitchen. maid's and of a pioner. Another charge
laundry room with hot water sys- Eofa prisoner. Another charge
enson said cattle runs thill HONG KONG Sept. 23 IUPl- Yul said his country did not tern. For further particulars please W BCOB the court rejected was that he
fall may hit last year's record Red China's-premier and for-1want to make the tight for Cbi- callPanama 3-4946 from 8 a.m. COMPLETE LINE OF told the Reds of an argument | 1i1V 1 ll
Pm rk and put even more lower egn minister Chou En-lai to a another Korea. to 6 m. WEBCOR among oerswhich led to Ik UW lV i
de-bast on ts.saarket than theChinesellOMMUHL W rPetplea "We don't want them (the A- ---i---r cement in dicipli-
lp t %ll He said vepgtable sup- Congress tbday "the people etlecans' to be subjected to FOR RENT:-Large 2-bedroom fur- -i --iogrs ph. it narhy area. i .. .
es chief potes, onions. Chin will never rest and the charges no matter how false, of nished apartment, hot water. Tevol I so .
aL ros and turnips .alo will pe w te will never aggression," Yul said. Avenue. Panama 2-0170. pl i received the rlie I
i simple. .. ave a l "But it we can have American FOR RENT.--Mo varn o a nrt, .e I. JiM N- but his,.
rilbaersald h ilnnot ..p.Y Ia n l Mllbioe can fllt the fight for 'P%6ne'3'-"491 i"' n i'" fi ap-hoard on the Brf 9 t
stwM lbute" to vegetable ., me a our own freedom and the fight vergeof Hl daughter, -- --
eeS i 10ra their rtio for freedom-loving peoples all FOR RENT:- Unfurnished beautiful. Patricia, ent white an ri.
ItM ton their h ver the world." modern two-bedroom apartment as the verdict was announced. WASHINGTON, Sept. 23 -(UP) cle several Wiln dollars IT
' an td Y llotaei" Drob- ... w aa iot .water, garage, all screen The specific charges of which -President Eisenhower probably the overmenti s nnuual re. .
I hSst a Mar -| h tia'- aLd Pl TI ed. in residential orea. Tel. 3-5322. he was convicted were: wll ask the new Congress io re- nues. ,
'-~-rlsresive adlmaginatlveo, -e. Pofj To BSt FOR RENT: One-bedroom apart 60P Landi te That he parcipated in vise number of personal and The adm ilst l' tm -
nrketing." ng and was- monitored r. meant, living room, dining room. For NY ropagand recordings des ed business tax rates next year but gal s a balanced budget, and .
"The iefft of '. informarton: No. 12. Cuba Avenue. o promote disloyalty and dilaf- there I little chance he will re. further large cut in taxes ne,
Aricultural problems cannot peReFoelinery Foiled FORRENT:-Mo derve r fecon amon U.S. troops. The quest another general income tax year would make this goal even
S alo e. helsold. The r nplaion. mun st C atly oo-r tent Mod' w ; room. recordingn udedo an appeal to cut. informed s ources mdicatedau e.. l
rdacs"how that we must tead to the aa room Via Argentina No. 55 El SPRACUSE N.Y., Sept. 23 former President Truman and today. Meanwhile President Eisenhow
racts sow that i we nmst IroutOeal Ail. Treaehte P eCongo." Phone 33164, 12: 0 (UP) U.S. Sen. Irving M. Ives Gen. Dou las MacArthur to Treasury tax- experts are er embarkedyeaterdayn an im
ioro.e our, marketing and mer-lzatlon ph is aim to 2:00 op.m. and from 7:00n was nominated as the RepubU- withdraw united Nations forces working on t, t rai p '.. -.w"F.-f -a 7t -t-' -" .. ..... ,o r pittr I A caTEHERAN.. ra- -Sept. 23 (UP) can Party candidate for govern- from Korea. p wo uld benefit pe ..reeefl* i.ea gA fr, Rl-
citing the need for better splitting A e from Korea.
food romoton Benson said unite to drive from Asia the Police arrested 44 Communists FOR RENT President Eisenhower anized and led disc sion a pension plan, and those recelv- can-controlled Congress.

def nf ajlk." ... e ai. ... -r .rl s a Red plot to blow up 0he t dNovsm b ere derationare niHsot
Noplease u stand. t Taiwan nosar biggest oil refinery. OR RENT -Beautifu i ndepe ndent November eleetons.United es were illegal ag- Also under cons o ae aie
"I Plust haitppen to believe that anywU.S. interference a'itho nists planned to blow up the Phone 3-3361. one-time state assembly speaker 3. A similar charge o e to the see- ital gains and losses,e n aop.ers- ed.alls taM.the rsi-
sI jus appentobeevethtan U.slib.rationTofewaen. rith during a visit by mem- was nominated by Gov. Thomas ond with the addition that the tives, tax-exempt organizations dent that House and Senate can-
sc' fiOds a. meat,, veteblesi beraton of wan. pr iiS.nery r nto me-" FOR RENT Beautifully furnished E. Dewey. who has held the classes extolled the virtue of and depletion allowances on oil didates thro out the country
and milk are themselves the very to Talwan' It nltlfe ande rs of the five-nation Interna- large room, kitchen privileges Bella state's highest elective office for communiim. and mining properties. face a "hard gt.
foundation of beity. Beauty l to the United Nations or an I ..Oil Syndicate thae bitter Mexico Aenue 69. Phone 12 years. National chairman 4 That he extolled the virtues But officials indicated an across- Presiden
m withinn" ,neutral country..' C "ited settlementaof theite fo5..... __-u__._ Leonard W. Hall seconded Ives' of communism" "nd attacked the the-board cut in personal income whmwvu air TOur Wi take m
.- n T .-- hIran's natialzation of FOR RENT: Large furnhed room, nomination o a s f e. ni a levies, sought unsuccessfully bythugh ashgn. O ego
ene-e e mtted the nese peopl-wil-e -ewT g a s. refrigeraor. st r h ties written for enemy pub se nd na
a "a I king 50erved a pIoneople Of China ~ erat was shed- ree East No. 9. near LoP.scina cheers and marching and sing- caton saor .emy pub rout of the question untiiltheiudeg House and three Senate seats ia
Slnchem here.1 lpstead. the Taiwan forthsaae ot ea ..hehe Cru- ---in~- I demonstrations by OOP con- Iet is in better shape. at stake. .
w ewRa st. t eoual por- of Asia. Ti mit P dw tnunist ti ti the vention delegates in the war The officer pleaded innocent As thngs stand now, the ad. today he was t .vsheMc
fa.,L an(d.jyables. its fleet f or o re-ld- T" MlnA7.M in l memorial auditorium. to allchares and In hlldefense a administration antidpate& a 14, Nary Dam at. .ePnditon_, .re.
a Straits an b set ofn wea- sources se cra id.Mu orMarinIn President Eisenhower's en- ende p ted e n 70,eN,90 deflct otar the cur'- and make a speech tera pub
pons' of Te i t qn." ur The police craCie o n the ontendedrnheplacated the Tnis meanth Psc p --h
n .u nCommunistscame t Fiwakeronly under mentalandphstareny Pa
TheoR so urged Dewey, who retires to private ra o o oo an means the President al-. .
S..o Rup sia's thIt tontwo= is mas k
PeLen t e u aup thie life Jan. uo in antelegram to medicine for other sick and dy-' am ot ertIn ly m a in l ateri fo i c.
S < t u r d i& i l l A t o m o i l ri c h a U-o n b y p r o t e s t H a l M r E i e h o e e x p r e s s e i n g p i n r
Armyp- I.ent. the alleged anti-Russan regrets that Dewey was leaving p the national debt. Los Angeles where.h is sched-
,Se nation Army He did Britain to foln Red t of some articles in the U rL e olitical.acene but said his Congress voted last session to uled to make two maor address
hina In exertionn all hr n press. disappointment la offset by m A lean, nervous man who lft the debt limit to 281 billion es, befor e National Federation.
.a,!grl st For lu e t rt.he protest was delivered yes- LOS ANOELES Sept 28 satisfacton that Senator Ives In Korea, Fleming walked into dollars through next June 30 -theof ReublWomen's Club and
i ,-uth Fe- la-tun` ilan ed that Brit- terday in Teherari.n UPI-Luis Muftoz-Marin. Gov- stands wllig to continue the nea. l M e ar e The ui the ciena oo ieowe r p
o u t n a aru oK Brac rwoil la m 'bdA sa f d r T hb e c e iin gs th e C it e nsaforwE ise1bo wtrtg ro u
fSI P S turda ai- p EATO te lower hose ot f Paroa- ernor sof the Commonwealth h stewardship in government f eadhe gi o ae do th i theeld ldnct e b t na l nl p.
h t Fe Sb rn I e ae lookepie is mKnt. the MaJUa. is now debat- Puerto Rico, arrived In Los An, w h ic h al the le can be was read v elof 275 billion. ttl e inaLs As ater fo.
wall, 15th of Feb h eStreet.n ti l the agreement hammered geles last night after a two- day rrlasglby proud. Earlier.m he had ad r he.e con-
nama rtv. llc .N- out In months of negotiation in trip from New Orleans. hI ......... sderd he won a abte Atthatpin the adme a g l mi. .ma

oe' ..o t afollw-irs of the in Itsh ba there e -aie Ine .and their two I r da r osn th e Punio 'what aond th presig close to thec 1 t
Smenher "We do nflt Amoerfln omm iwS 0 government. meanwhile, daughters Vivin, 15, an h, sape: dHoFn _f i andl wn c-golandPe Brs_
Sisar lyfonhurch. The rally rule DOrt n ad wan newsa editors to re-Marin said tr lw go et married without rVw Oe in g ug because osummern6 in llt le i v-r
P t fr in from at acieng ang y for- The trial was marked by an e venues normally ane hi short te..
will nat 7:30, "The It o Chira haslel power. Immediately afte h r --011re .unusual development In which of expenditures. Ae n .inM.

Die bh? d ay ny .and .air. ow we wont that bothe Ie and hit part bas CLEVELAprs, 0. -cUP)- The ss- e congssional
__ "no int ent _r etth~i~t~he U,1- id. e sprawling refineries at A- al he began work on the final ALBANY, N. Y. ....e-_lemst of the prodIa utlon witness-in The seasonal unevenness in t"x'with thE chie'-utive as sec

n s nl^tC te nw o ,, Solves "..... .
Sited. beida n chuied a Out 30000i ft e a ublc Staten lt ions eventually wberon-the were

km! rg r a eget the drnk'o m ti r h lo. b f e e n w ichrenG OUP Phadr onot Iniia ted th eiw T **
lWe doPaot nto get thet-'o o Pages of a speech which iAdamoski,4, was caught speini that they a il- h ed out by a feature of the 154 o .
United States Ive direct er M il deliver before the Amerl.g eniybut pe excu chargeemd h Adas assinttoth
.IVA splokeeman. plticlpation.In i .ruigle onlI xli them In the name of the can Federation of Labor con- him. They said he had. a --a---,--. -_ W a amts _. "In. Howa
: ea St and- o t the a- ntion hert. rW, "irpltee ..a..e t .f' tw nnts c
WMi'. Z.tT. Harrmof the VeLer- lniout his try'foign Pol.1i-trllan Oilov IThe governor a tnd il eyart oaeos ndadlefttheweddnmn e e ade
Snin the mala d, g .el flew from U rg at his home. When to ed lFound folhen cebt i rrowi ,
Si speak ic. e reflI W-,oyed l Puert aserd .ian=.U. whnI-co TAe T iokns, ie.
lar ._ l of FEVA eal suort nd aid. We want M ort n said tihe w atherliow gonna get marieon ithsouiroaenections are high. .

.0 Adthaae p' bd taolsoe ad heothro" hadl eoffthsdebtm t r'pnrea wa I*nI
t" ,Ipo lo.i of!n theeAmerica to elI us bild, l t o,1 Il aiftcu .hiob the tri war excellent andn dbril..l
mowdanall vIYand ules e i a 'air w WeantCh- ncs aw ejedieP1 marn uTteeomayhavebetoneofthe
tbe Canal, es e ante -to. i ht o tme, .ow n-.. n,. .e .. ..e. ....o rot. es-fwlvesmostavele--n---,euca
h..dsWe d r sl, n ot ill ohuat Is ocal law family' sTraileraTl leeChesapeake & Ohio Railway
r- o 14 1 of eohlAoreport"t hit it -alones2, h- .c.
ill C danu2 y.4l 3rrer said the drunkometer day the governor said he in Tra..l May-, tW-hinton,,Il-1F tais law cemhbd til.
gathers ,--- -tends to see his good friend, KINGSTON, R. I. ---{UP)- Prof. This was-a 20 pe teot
Jose Ferrer, a Puerto Ricati Eugene C. Winslow of the Univer- over IN&.
Sand one or North America's SKy of Rhode Island has solved It also was reported that
foremost actors. traveling problems for his afmily longest tamwas teat of NyoungR
r Ill _l1_leof am.: 4I,
osal Pilfering sr. pWinslow, an associate cheai ii -----membes 'W I
"and one half foot long ply Va. 1h. l a t r .
SALT L CITY --UP --I.. Wood trailer the same height and;je#Z|. u romnbi ci t- i
VA'S SP,,i,,, AY Jury was added to instlt --here- mwidth as his car. When he wants
N cently when postal officials rert.- tostop for the nillg, he can cranky "miM
"ij!,iiw g le.s.from the contract pa ,ate one and all. -esy
a the U t tajitol building.
r" The Sal Lake postmaster re- BINGHAMTON, N. Y. --(UP),

Sso.n the days businas a tell their aT Ahen the N. '. "l
ta114 ,, o..d .. f toI n .. the cv's ac. Three tad of ou .rw
i S ,.



Nro. ,I 'Ml.'- I
fourth pf

HI Strea NA '

.r 4W

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-C1)1CI~"~*rl-"Wrr ~"I




... ".RI F.-DAY
.TE--li Rl. FRIAr

I -- -
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gy u~ MW~U~W
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h# ~

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_ 'It

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-u .w-r'

Far a-.'

Mr.- TV series.
ofta hi Broadway
Blacl Eyed Susan."
Qutan said I. at Fraus.
lt a. inept uixga mlm


-~~e W-

AR .ANNI Daphe du Man-

She wareup doekftr ifa. tri-e, ,A
the aI'kdIK taotw of ,Pv. fall wi
to t rYOUR t w fetlM color
lok of Tie ummaer. if; Sail's a1
liver emplxfiobs, right ytd
eyes. Th2i'sirl (left) if ptlilign'
NIA Women's Editor All 0
w YORK -- (N ) .- Col- very
4 this tur aw. thw e nnai vet.

r- w $uw1

a -nWs onHI| I Ulul

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...... ...AM.if aregmdngto Qow
S.a" wl repe

SU wo The banked uthpIly:
aum h "Mse-r ts Y -"
Tee sota^ here, x r ttyearo.

_~ of t w TnArank ffnatra
el ,Say Jimapy abotat the pugna-
nthe los Sinatra. '' grnat with
seai. a0 aetorv e w*'teet I' cams
I& era tur= unt everyone Is properly
Ttwiv u ea IUUIha"e*.i*_ -* *

JE gIs aBut' waAn ews camierameu try
Sto property Ht Prank-Wow!
' .A,-t MeKay wil be Celeste

R~quim Mdss
atA Mo' imU"L be "S

I W' lest

4aImd 1a ear Ly report I
p least fo S :e' n wee laIiiri
There tsnso report at any
dead. An imuoflftal report said
hout. 3 persons wee believed
The Contracosta County sher-
lfst office sad the salsk hinh-

run to "Mol -
The v ne..'; office l aid arW
Sav dortonn and ntrMes In
the ara were dipped to te
scene or o,4dered. to W to
their hospitals. ,
Santa Fe headquarters In Fan
Francisco said the 13ear train
was car ryn1 pmenes. The
railroad said aI rC beard' that
t .let ars hd been flip-
pd ro r the raay-
.t GO& e
The scene of te t wl
nplacd about three iourl
of here along Orwood iead, a-
bout is m of M A&.

liefrain t), fto .ais'm
aSI cas torti"re the
it wth secn wre oFthe'
Santa M e too m at w n .In
exaty, L n On AUg. 22
?Anmoy 12.-i lMan ayeberm"as
and Injrg In that
wreck It a t off ta tack
oot COW it oR the
31.v e RD hen the
Ch6f w de 4 broken
wheel medlanim.
Scout News

of Troop gt )Iara loaw, met at
the home of MmB Alice t-elke
recently to deum the comin

9 1 -mmmum

.*s"- -;". ";-<*
:,. *r '*iLK f~t..
- '.T: "-

i. -, .' .
*^ -WfS
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A FASL-4& a I Faulkner

TiE Pow w o 'OI VSTIV9

Roth .-
Emee *
Ben Hecht
E KIND AL[VE H. A. and
Boaro Overstreet

p r ".eb M t wo-pleca, are. .. '
Ka isembleithaminel eblous. I Both th ensemble -codt
dtt and coat or may be a coat the.boxy su Jaket are done
vera sUm drew. hIlhtweg ad-me m twoe
ImportBd'collar treatments in- all-wool qauqere, c
lude the choir boy, Paritao, el'a hair e .

et Mhore For Otld ..
FumOehlnM" With
a Want Ad
You'd be urMi e n, y foel
on kihi, ar tw bodev rou bve o
Sol. you "w .eh 'am it
od dloply wib PFoumH Amilsen.
We Ad. ; .

iru .r swappb. ae we
,W ., i
. ..' *' i./ 1.' r r ." .+ '"


- G T--)'.- i M.. I *- ','''

7-" :i ,*- 8:0

A'Vi* k Opera"
rd "00, .MN, GOt"

,' -, :: : O:35mm
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... jU artqf .
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I*.M, WNW seaanM
i<>'*i doneiitaisnt

0" '17


t Time Since

[aSk Avila *

-o- i
SSept. 23 (UP
iUI cash in th
ce 1931 and the
ys and BtoDby A



ito ILJwnU

series lafi

NEW. YORK, Sept. 28 (UP)
The Montreal Royals, holding t
2 edge over the Rochester Red
EN in their Oaveknor'' Cu
off series, ateM to lin
erth in the tonight k
een they send et Blck
ren itinarrai e Red
ls in thi ed
h ame.

orollickin f Detroit The Red Wings, V Ished
de orollickiog third in the regular a plans,
dsr o Oone hit es ae expect to with
ans at ,edensday banner was Faszholz or L Jackson
hitin Ns"I aCuec m 'their bid W. series
l e at .346.
us .e Imc n pner to seven gameta- o
uke r is secondT ehema.a, peSyrdCse wo

ma-d'r bae-s ovrsam, h,'ed .o SSh
ally.schedt- heD -inthe .
l en 1by g et.- (! (d
:eor raise his L ns Ae7 -i t y nthe ..rth
ar to .397. Minnie Mifnoo i s a ,anree-a, y i ry uoer M ary Blaylock smacked his
to irsrunner-up an IeW., it tripper 'of the' play- SOMETHING'TO it
for two aibynst Cleve- atrakeoutc hLa i a4iggeqG.fey,a offs with Benny Eintara .on thelr 3-2 victOry ove
land's Don Mossi and Is aver- rooseo in his irat~t major leaIte bAse in the top of the antfor the team.
age remained at .326 with twlo iame, eating me niark o& 18 Ive the Chiefs the triumph and Tribe members ath
orsgames. Claevelad has CLIlerop o t.n the seml-finals series, four Avila. Bill Lobe: (mb
uvames. In to twp. Blaloc hit Glynn, Art Houttem
--a.f t time ih laque bat-d homers during the regular sea-
tini champions &l.44ed In the Spooner was Qoe phqrt o0 the n
re es9Ewas 1931 when Chick Ha-
!iet o the National ,.: tths year ning, gained credit'for tpe, vit-
Steltries meetjg onbetween bettering thI totk df1 fnne tory, his first of the seii In

SMe r 1 1 0 it heIcfor r llu r apprrn whl ,
S be.i s cured in by Harvey iadw t 'of the Csr- four pperanc I. Whle
jW,1,when Hans Wagner (.339) dinals. 'CrImin, the thilrd Toronto
aTn ,Cobb (.377)1 Moss boosted"hil tSord to &-1 pitcher. was tagggdVl h tba 1W.
Sbirh and Cievelnd I tal The linesaore:
over the ,WWit.'z 1a; xSh 'oronto 000 31 00-5 "T1
,"vt i n Cha'roieg a .ve1 Owens, Lovonjuth (7) and '
-CIIICAGO thAme"the American VierkorZ t fCrimlan .(7) and toward WP -
Players ab r h 0 a victories in a'vin'le =5E0.9y Loveneuth. LIP --uCrla n. HR
Carxa uel, as 3 0 1 22 1 the fabulaui 1 .. ,,, By-latk, yJo
'i ,2 0 1 0 0 In the ovi'ihet' Awnetrloemi
4-0 0 0 5 Jealt. XU'46S. -.4 ".,.
k lb 0 1 7 0 19 th b1 M4 I," aI laP',. I -'.
i00 10 1 beat the. Orioles. '4-i"
6. Of 0 0 1 0 southaaw Tommy IPmo of Wiea
,." ,I', 0 0 00 iankees, backed' Iby I ta1e
.- .- 3-0 victory over' th Sa *m.
LEVKLAD0 The nltcher. alan choked of
It.If 3 1 2 00'the hitters in the 6$ber Nationtl4
4 0 2 7 3i League game.. R'R60eo13roks
i3t1 1 0 Lawrence of'the. C,'diftla rats-
rf 0 0 0 1 .0 ed hbi record to 14-6 with a five-
al,'3b 0, 0 0 l' it.,44-3 vic rover t Cubsl"
1lb 0 0 8 1 and Miw.
u ;f 'j A O "O 0 1 Owith .nnitn'h a
U 7 ew 015 4B.4,.U 1 hit


r the Detroit, Tger th
Indian manager A p
er around to cheer. Left
middle row): Larry Doby,'
an and 84m DeDte.




Sto) 'ientine
ng it up at Detroit, Clev = k=. tiJemo)-
ie vIctory that cline d thI- a-n Leage P- ,
whi. e te other
to right (bottom row): Al Smith, Lopea, Bobby a
Dale cell, Mel Harder, and (top r a: Bi c t

ez Title las
l I 1 .

St welL Robert (2244) #nd Lo-
The return engaement be- (B
tweeno fetherwelgh champion L_ -
ghof Ythe hius Pedro Tearls a
leading contenderr Iskio Martp'
aie. napheduled for the Colon A-Play d A

I tbeir- previous title clash, oSpred ac wa, a M
m ,artineald Teals staged one P ubeddM F ;.
Pdib b rl e wi tesed at at he Fort s -,
Tes woa- on poo.
wt thll n acoen threa lyT aefcs n u aa A,,
ends remaining In the fight. early le d Of te t I '
.. Since that gl.t both boyasy ataand the4we Sig ni it. .
have kept e .wqnA/g. pv4g, inaO scrrt.' i .-. a,:.
i^l headT and uo Id PAIN& 4e &aha 5, '- '
^------w------ fk *B R W 'AA.Jkthka -- jT- M.aiLjgpLLiM^.IMM =tg i"l?" "^T'-Ju.1yW^l~W -i ..^

out for McOhee in 9th.

,-' Smith, etrickland, Avi-
ikson. Double Smith.
- Smith, Rivers. Sacrifice
Avila. Sacrifice fly -
,iS. Jackasn 'louneslays
ckland-Avila-Werts Left
k White Sox 7, Indians
on bolla Harshman
6. 0O -- Itarshman 8,
S. Runs and eotled runs -
g4a 3-3, Most 1-1. Wild
. HarsoIan'2, WP -
'(6-1). LP-' Harahman
I '

o f pthis baeerwi-j^'

rom the Pra es on the pitching.
of Curt Simpons and Robin
Roberts to move. within a gafme
of the' fOartpalame ,Redlew
Simmons poatedl a.aix-hit. 12-J.
triumph and. ItobamtAe followed
with -a four-lit, 5-1 vict9ry.
Harvey Kue u Detroit col-
looted a siagl,*4'>wt'.u'chanb '
to become;-the flras'Amei Paul Lamb-
Leaguer to total 300 hits In 1965
and the firat.Tie ever to rget o ALL-ROUND Paul
200 hit Isn eaeb of liJ ftsittwo runs, passesand' kieks
oampaignae 1 lifornia, (MNA)

for 'Ca-


7 ,,'

i f


S..... .,T ...Ua.
q wanL



-.' mr a mpPI
I- F.
.~~~ ;*r

i ." : .^*"*' : *
'C?"-^?1* .'I
W **.(. .s.' ?^ i. l

arb r ,W
0 *'*r,,?.

ROCKY LEAVES Heavyweight champion Rocky lMaclano,
on his way to Los Angeles. is kissed at New York's Idlewild Air-
port by his wife. Barbara. She avoids both the bandaged nose
and taped eyebrow Qf her husband.

Big 10 Grid Officials

Say They Can't Figure

Out Pro Boss' Charges

CHICAGO, Sept. 23 (UP)..-r from college press bgxeu. Bell
Big 10 football officials.^y they also charged they prohibited
can't figure out charges mude presentation of college scouting
CyCommiseluoner Bet eWl of the reports to the pros
National Football League. Ted Payseur, athletic director
.. i t Northwestern admits, In his
The pro boss charged Tuesday, iords, that "We're keeping pro
night that Big 10 Commissioner scouts out of our press boxes.,
Tug Wilabq and some athletic But Payseur saythe action
directors barred pro personnel 'was due to request- from- the
SFootball Writers Asociatlon to
Wotta Debut admission to the p
Payseur adds -"That rule has
SIANTS been on the books for a long
0 1A N time iade "some mis-statoe-
Players ab r h a ments" in laying the National
Lockman, lb 1 0 0 1 0 League fought an sight-weiek
Amalfitano, 3b 1 0 0 2 2 lawut "alone." ,
Dark, as' 1 0 1 0 0. Big 10 Commissioaer WUilb
Gardner, SB 2 0 0 4 2 took exception to Bell's state-
Mueller, rf 2 0 0 1 0 ment that the lO Iag, OM
Taylor, -rt 2 .0 .0 3 0 gone alone om&ug
Mays cf 2 0 1 1 0 week IV a~ul bepttg up
a-Rodln, e 2 0 0 2 0 2 T-V prIt rogram -
Irvin,. I 3 0 0 1 0 Beli had J "he helpi. o
Rfman. 3b, lb 3 0 0 4 0 throughout his salt."
Williams, 2b 2 a 0 1 0 Payseur denied the
Thompson, 2b 1 0 0 0 1 against pro scouts the-llt
b-Rhodes 1 0 0 0 0 western press box w mA to
XKtt, c 3 0 0 4 0 plck a fight with the a
Antonell, p 2 0 1 0 1 "We're keeping = eastt .o,
GrLssom, p 1 0 o 0 0 our press boxes," siOd P7.1041
Wilhelm, p 0 0 0 0 0 "but our action was due _
-__ ....prequests from thei -
Tetals 29 s 34 g rs Association to a10t a
slon.- Were ke_ SIag 'i t il
DODGERS other ple, tLo ..
Hoak, 3b 3 2 1 1 2 Krausetot ore
Reme, of' 4 0 3 1 0 cmmmat o= Blan-
Amoros, ct 4 0 1 1 ) concerninl thei
bodaes.Ib 4 0 1 5 0 schools that tie
Furillo, rt 3 0 0 3 0 alDthej luacrative T
Mar If 00 0 0 h
Conpn, b 4 0 1 0 3
81tnpier,, 4 1 1 o o100 SBo'"a' -t, a

a-Ui for blsy in 3rd.. Doubli- -
fa*4re6k oot far Thorepson In bow n B-

-_!* Dark, C mpanella. *i '. jInll
am (o
-. .. -+ ,. -.i I,, .

The records of thp two fight-
ers follow:
Kid Zefine UI W. Dec. 4
Manuel Prescott W. Dec. 4
Rodolfo Francis W. Dec.. 4
P. Ray Robinson W. Dec. 6
Rodolfo Ampudia W. Dec. 6
Leslie Thompson W. K.O. 5
Melvlu Bourne W Dec. 10
Juan Diaz II W. KO. Sb
Kid Chocolate II- W. K.O. 5
Pedro Teals L K.O 15 The
Rodolfo Francis W. K.O. 5
Francisco Gonzales W. K.O. 2
Pedro Teals ??

You Prescott W Dee. 4
Rodoue Ampudia : Dec. a
Melvin Bourne W. Dee 4
Rodu. o Ampudil W. Dec. 8
BlackBill W. Dec: .
Stevem Bennett W. .O. 5
Leame Thompsme W. K.O. 5
Baby preen W. K.O. 6
dKid 'W, Dec. 10
ttrIQOtWi o' W: Dec. 10
L lrret L. Dec. 10
e Dec. .
idiro& lartms N W A I.O 1 title
Men oure '. K.O. 8
Fresco c; eal W. Dec. 10
H~N pcoOttS- W. Dec. 10

FL Clayst Touch

K. iff time to; t*e Fort Clay.

VMi -5 cI

l! -


Fort Clayton wib pli
the Panama All-Stars
team at the- Fort Clay
ming Pool on Friday,
The All-Stars will be v
in part by members'
nama Olympic .e O ha

Minor Looplaleeutis*
r ^ C 1 a

Preparing$50,000, 000

Sumt Agaithst Majors

NW YORK, Sept. 22 (UP) be busy with a bi 'M -
The president. ot-a edn nt ehane.. .F' !f
League baxseU amS.. ays a from C oiag .
opof muo.I e e6=atlve Two Calo ii.
8 paring Ua .S &mag the Truv ',nea
President Frank Lawrnce. of pfaatMet.eU va-m,,
the Portsmouth -team says t l ThitM
sult $50,080.000 to be exact red flateim
wll be aimed at Commialoner im"w t-
lord Frick and all major league ss tr2
Lawrence says the suit wMl be Th u -M* 1 ..
based on damages allegedly suf- aI
frmed byMInDr leac. %ri- eW a- -T
cbles due to 1"T h,
and T-V br=da their P mi
areas. ..
Ohe waI tLaYev
Sad televiale jo i J L
mys Lawrene ,h 7 7 a= M "
Lwrence e y t m
what he calls r t olmtonh i..
baseball. And he .- -"I est l1 b
'll"be the self-appo T -
Lawrence saythe i a o r p- .
leage offieMi l i
la a federal soartter
w A and,d wi. l,-

batlse until be oAw. mse

O aft 'b
;-' "
,' :.No..i .

- ,
I'. .



~ra~crr. ~DU -


+,: ; -
i Il



!y -~~



. I

-in..~*d..j ~

Next Event

F--ootbal -


Su x-me .tera ue -E L

S"fuEd E66e Id
.lthm A -I4ai2 P atA nad M Vbe.d CoRlk

oW --oraHlsAs, "Iava. ?S, O er-e rase v. "altbT .
* babnt -n 7or ol td oin. Ca fm.d Nb thir rs .h r i a
m ImS loe i ...te George Washington vs. V.M. .
tr wShe. ke

*of mi, PB Fla.Nrc v. vs. Itd 11 o ce FlyW S5

!mIAr IIwp l -Akro- n T. Witatnberg a ax-_Kalmmlaeo o. wtrar vs. I
I i a Yea tad v iMpOni- KenHucKy Dta Wi -

A Sh wee i n a1. Ineor owir ng A reen the Woam Ket uksy No ml adiep i on
|Amrode vs. eo 2t1dm xe y Llee eyes on and
.i etor adt M er a e b Ia ntherm California a.itt. Nmermuc vs.a Pelnn a e

.o l b s.ho A an N r. x-;- vo. S .t ,o n ". V
tdK eNOWN x-lowu Teachres vs. North Da-
waasarAay, Sep. TU Hota State

,rse me oetw'" be x-Akron vs-. uWittenberg x-ornllamago IEr eer thatle Vu got .. g Illinl a .
fo b 4lein be- x-Adam date vs. K Pla fa Kanabs vas U.C.L.A. f
7M "7 j wl l onitv of e AStuben Aut Ca oh -Kentucky State Va... Win ar h ton-e te n th n t ih
SAlabama A and M vs. Lpe Salem
n t. Panama Club Arka. nsa Ban Va. Lafaytt vs A ad va.- al ba WOkLD oeRop VICTORW AMde alway ffAm lroongtor citcee

dge chMrandise8erefic e whic w nd IAu ur state v s. Lewis col- x- aLlnae littlp phah s Ien vo l Porhlich grou baei in o .uk T here wam foe foa

w-s l aerno, al e vs. oula Crnt rg St ate By FeRANKe FRISCH heae said, exceptt thatie .e pu ot Daa m id a b .
Ssh. Puldfi pill confilt Of mer- Iubcr c! Jh C nMaunao t hertn i. a r and whites tl e tthise ga or th e a ne Inthes and be o s eya d lie a
44M .s It Jrna tre x r-August naam I BD s ie. ndth a t ae e hu o ". Th c th aa VS.t Nam e e uan firs t lat pt h ag nsa t-
r "A h koao t r peba ly more eird h ,ings at first as a routine = p a n
EVEN shoud find plenty of use for Just raowin Wallace vs. John Col rusetta v American a thrills than any otr ball thismS Sei br the Y' keesn ptad
ote o ,s .ob te To Norwich r"oale I.'t is, of course, Ebbets Field, put Billy Martin in the World S. threw agaba the
A1WW hIu x lmt 1 -001 va.. LakeForest x-l aln vI. ao where everything can and usual- ries limelight., fourth game. the o
Benedict v. Moia Brow e s V. a ly does happen. World S e r adng 42, Walks rd coated r u*
cates with a total value of kX- oston U. Va. Brand eis Mllersvi te.. vs Ea. t, on BPl. two out ia n ninth
$ 80.00. There are three prime Bowdolp vl. Tuwtts ollcrs lItw e t .otet was in Fl etbush in the Se. Co w Sing ed too l d, rai 2-1. Bevea g d s e .hav
each e wek for the men and o Bowling Green vs. Miamir, Oof tat oI t hat it r i c es got ee a id s t he nthu. ,w ath Bvn lite ten d .AHste wrt-
beach wek for the aIdies and tre Bridgeport vs. New Ham rex- en vs. DBal state Pitcher Billy Loe$ eyes on a Reise spnwalked.t ac e ee Waee agn h a ed the l GMlewif
y j ...d ....... i....n.. e Ca a loet n13ep o college i Austin ground ball t.u T Snider popped to Gil Ma. ado
three grand prime for tend x-Cwa deas CrNtatebh v. N nore e Loe. came on in relie for the Doudard & .whe Jacke Robin-
SoneI r e u for. the la Central State va. Mrgn "State e- Teh Loul- D e in the sixth game and sonte a ball almost straight With the pout 2 asnd
sod one foMh J .A cm- z-Cnti A : _tA Toe o t" be,-l against the Yankees .hoerbi Brcl fd.,-thebmim n eteer

s+'1 t an w Bnte e la~Io~. a n.u of u the c citadel vs.MO WonIo vs. Ripo the seven- inn. wa te and ntla New York ynel o, ar
I i ts. h Tln. t B mont fo ows x-Clarke Vua Fort Valley a .tana State vs T as do with a runner tl Tt base youitt r am Indt ino na agT inonre dan eei, to
i s JM A er hCno v. ill Bill uncerem. dropped e ..Frt, apap Joe Col. waw long ws co utne
'.o e ond r e o f 2 A- ............... re-I .dn.ho gat t vs, e bag t*.onte rub- l bo t h ea H in t

YANtn.T8s e e HAsau e ankees pFl n m a theshn dr|,ec v Cl d O.M u. ai vs. x avr, o I o a Les D ot --o-e---n- m.e fB *
I er f that clen a stogd bennanto Vise d has bet come aenel t TOURNAME nn. Aholst Co zM Ortlho due Ra 1, w. t lh wr-was nthie aiar rule ov ens e sll. e. r
.I Yad1ae arebusy a ayint ti tha.i-gtre ien th ai tr ed FBnZUn ion Cdlae e bout Unn boa urg ba. It wAa balk, course, $at while mi m, o e a ed i Bee e s .

I I; k W1. Chos t0. ote h undPzs e a hhedei, norh arwardedotuln ad vs. Alek balltoo Mnur ra, Staertn vs. l c.t Col cai!.i. cri looe uns koed as c w.-e
i t t factors whish, ter five uo hsu x e thA player ll m l os n e s en y b 9 s
22t ftahea. bener llder lc t ap the le e M en hecon an t h w ortha m Neothan v.oll d e o d e Clro wn .a
he In won elpause they achieved the cade c om-1co-3 noes ahe /4 of is9 r ed I ves ande s ime' /B p hr b becme tb.bberto

8e ...n Two OLur 14dt vs. o f fealo Na vy vs. a and wee oth worrlda. va No drh the ron 4 secondmwrxWrd m ene boraseos
third very lose to rutheir level in Mike Gari1- pa thA r : Nevda V. an r 0Aa It w bte f.ur od ert liao
bullpen, a strong bench, Speed, the ea wtn onu tier fad toe acp ag r i aanr he -u in Holh s rn d w SupHeoly b wi a l e i cudg
Isp ande. players having a hot you Uenadearied i ntelign shot may be replaced as many o Vita vs. Stetson S tae Mexico A and e vs. Har- picig te Y am ac- W ith th.o wvfdd we a

frlaopsnthhp ofsfie wte long st00ur1na a contestant MAY Delawat vse.t Weshnt Chester CinSpl mmonin edu ah Yanee box k w thpuling e

Thoe t h d e a fro ecnt e mioee w i e, tat l ong eent as oerd Tl ae bbounder back to the 6a et e from him, on he ird a as
e A d io 0 t the ne.en da ut fat n dea W. wt th e ptonl che o. J y le h r o e .a tiema t ore bwith the understanding State
o r__ebeore e p. 12 do bl_. d d l on o- .. .... A and T--h vse A Idb --all t Cone ne o e uW enoe wng f ef l erges a wn ae D U h a w "
In t aedditi tg the w tae ld l r the ha t Wen alol mO da Mu e ha e iu e v. fotn Cle-orrt r a neD the vioA be thop oe u e bo a00 of fe knea fle 5
was rIsa thes Sod o a th l an been taken th cte then l.le i ed c le Va8 l e x Srn vs. So_ D l sT Cate Mce le.

W .teel I W eekly low lNovd in r eg worthn No r th ivlia coKrlWelege n vs. li 11 tdhbO n ree I
'" ilu we re helped. by deteorIG-at t a o Yankees MA continues oI At r~ lsto W. Va. Henrh was on firsr and Case N.XT: le l p e

An l"e redu n ln e ro- Ow. or br o" p- W& beth Carolina VA. North Caro- 0- rmeh f Au tqf an all h e Sa el-time some- box.orlde dm r
SA ANEaS aAD laHANCE FeRe W NN .I hlllb .rsh otri t tse mramanse o osol ur. x8.O stea w. e "" vs. wrence .ta
oa eexthlaarab eeneata or wom eisning away One of the all-time bitsd-n b s t Rm o3 theourwimesa Mgreagadnst

emWr oe t anmO m. wi-n Ihs gh seeodn tpof 1sq Le. Try c.. n.. wI ouhT D ,- -BE-L-.VISTA
Yankees would have made it sax stradht, even wnth their mound PRIZ n oo o s n in 1941. It was f oed outhwester Tennessee he
.. .. ... ,st ePrizes will be a warded .fo "D i1. ahd rTu leff ia. Memphs Sn-
m two ans, u's clubynn, ho won tonly twice i 22 three low medal scores i x-Southwestern Lou an game and Brooklyn wa le
so oe. sno. center afoPlder ar by b o o aeaee,the mens sond the low The final game of the sont Noth Dame vio. Texas L4wswith two out inte nint
agin t which pr .oddn wap es Otto r than 100-1. hit sOrra orTNe meT poe n rheh rn s.Cp on season wlns a eontste btWenuX Ud itrtiee Xa St. vs. Teeh

\ The Bombers, on werthe other mbr de. o Wt ,nine ofwhae 1yunor seotio. Pr.zes DUT be OF IUq Hq Sv Company and Alee LUtheran v. Capio a g
i ....-1 .sr .egrded as hn g p ..ed hta pek. the form oa mberchnda.., cerOt- St.belns able pitcher Litn Re".m 8r fleid vi. Northesoern |
Those three c consecutive Yankees n atshe Ps o er-I fte cepa e na Me url e dd C al he o o ld do e I Si o tute vs. i Super t
pe or t. 12 double-header debacle in over a pweller iod o f 141 Cen (4 weeks th Bolingmbersgu th touc mah Oregon tate vs. Idaho Yale vs. Connecticut knotting the Series at two
SCleland.cem iBauer. greener o we arledof batln cdie fca f w be aw or aed out a few long hits himSe -a lc Ro tarke vs. Corpnd I-

local sentimentand cased th cbl dot for aat tuhtea4 rade faoar foSlowct b as tpleam cntn nigh games ph staff In. c
st x darIn. 1 an oth merwise undistinguished Johreenner s Weekly as follows: en the thrn wie o -- fl Lutheran vso. 1Puget x-DO i
tof fl ou ten Athletics, hul d You l or wynn. Hanks t of$10.00. Jerry Steff o in right field ma x-Texas A and M vs. Olao
f, f.. so did Wilohlnbore lard Nixon of the dire proeh. Weely rd low mea Me FI nde i s n, eenr m A nd M--8 fireman
.' Weehs b tonxer fo r 19o54. Nixon shack- Section trough The first field, el ason was -Pensacola N.Athe vs. XForene .|i I. w mn en fo Iw
foo I manedwi Clevelan d to acheve a role Orc- t 0.00. scored DOn I Y ardc runb at ag-te n a. Memhis wpic Te
ad knocked htim out Ihn a fifth contend, In whpitcher in e Weekly low medal Unl muh fope hilander Aboe i tale to th le, tats I
.27O t a.e h cu bkaof hi. Rowl ws Mold$s.00 .. Th-TabWes 'n struck the hi-r!
wO thcti r: Oct. 28 through left tackle. eft tackle o st Princetn vs. iltutgers

I u a nly Arovtemee and Lady Luck combo.ed to saved In etooen s he wenly are Jot e. oonn, t Bosnough. -Trinity, Tex. vs Mis dwee

tw from tradigC.le Kelleror Jert _eth and hon.,otl age oo : Nov ,l3 iRochepsl "D" ..Com W .a- -Unos vs..Voermo ta
algr nf wootAer or t ae=r Index to th ve N LoW oDoe.din A Mh Inae woith points, x-Us. vs. bak to
York failure. nd O IwI--TY Ig a long ta.J gpi a&om iny's Vat erbnlt vs. aaylor
rdLo --.e 0 rd ine, t Chretn. HtS Company eomes Vir ia 8tat vs. Tennm e g1
YENS"...Low-ibLaiye s .restricted to o manthi with w5 po at w. -St lorbert thes.m
S.E., OF AC NOC EIPOTNT Low--.OWNNmblors 10.00 thhMica DPitaebiWmnIce a VCigtlaf Tech vs. Lawrene s
Inability to trade 1)11hD by n the penna~nt. m wom r arof the in a Gold maine o Ca90 hnom vA. South Dacota
Hank Greenberg. general manager of the Indians, who In- dren. wh tre good s t andin T Me Be DiD'o Staa thos

S However if y Luck had not been In Hank's corer, the above, alorede f thong t R Mh-Southerl noi-v s
in.. sent wmith and iincasse cur uit fof Ygitb Do a for t. m l spe Id a cT.T

M Mid.& i who vi A___________ a..1u. Y Wr Nh16 =p. CeMAW S S
r= thn l Id ldi te the ramer mew. ed up a M icia
AM-- On a do sble A Wh r0v si aU. -
like ledb ea. Mo Mr end We Wsi shter vs. Carneg __
I -',Ba ii ^B^&" +l iflthe man at third', -- Doe the rm- --We ina St i .. ... -.. -, i.i "-?I
S!- .!*e'' ner who makes second Credit Wa Unla i
sor b Dahlin Wet r a .. WM-hingt,, Today .25 & .15 -. ENCANTO Tomorrow! IDEAr .- e_., u TiS
.iml1= a. Y ,m.n f Mathil eag um A. No. z-Wheto vs. Northern .mieI WABOOI UM R Im
_Wht, NE.A Service Q. Hoaw are ground rules do. zW m vs. at W s R. in I dson, la t
SQUUNRaN: IN the last aning I A. G d le as up x-WihIta v. Utah State a aAD "uIt F TE
duba ifgla&d of a m.ased game. the b them ealub Thq over amtte Calor3s ia "AbSOM as. OgUteWe OMMMI
Si to s e n a a re ot of dIr. in- n. BM W .B
soa ot n* oIe "nI't t1 -anw Laa

* .* '.4- -

__lL~_ 1~II~ ____~_ ~~__~_~~__ ___

-.* _'- .'.

Face $'50 ,

.. JI .,:l ; .
J* 1f E 1

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S ."' A

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-... V ..' + *.
/ 11 "1 '. "." 1'- f i ii, i .

.jii .1.~.



le know the tart and the country is safe",- Abraham Lincoln.



N~Ma~f, QTtHU3SE~I~i~PA~ S*IM 3, i

a -- .~

MMs-Fr ce Yields A Lit e:

sus lnded Signal
O leaves For'a *am
.9 rW ash n ton, e t' ....
ras Oh an ecrmonent Issue
Na b Washifg ONDo ne b blocks le'.. tho after raising other n"arri that its trat chance for a direct eval-
y security ard. Athorit tish an dei uld potpoe a de ien at of Mendes-France's pro-
saId ted .Uit Frej er lortata Aou American lomats
Pierre Mnqs-ranc a- th many -anupldou and 4 The West German cabinet
S l taneous admission of West agreement on a substitute for terday the best guarantee it enauer's plans to seek rearming
tI 0uBin rincspae-e e lel e n-hepofort-oldsr t eGerm e oted y wlith in o A d
Germany to the B e the scuttled European Defense hope for aast German of Germany withinNATOanu
Sance & anithe UNe t latie C mmunity can beof 'eWhed mlitartia wa "the continued prompt sovereignty for the na-
t l Treaty OilattetWAw J )In Brusels, thtbeelfx tor- pr ence of the Unite States on. The vote was taken to un- -
i Germany hs iadatet eig ministers anunced they 'n the continent." derline support for the Chancel- DEaiOCRBAT GET TO Tlt aEgaging in ftoa t- h
Sly that it wou ot a o Wn l meet at The inuan at- The Suprepe Allied command- lor before he leaves for London leaders gather at adlanapole tor 100-a-lte d
SHAlM Join the Br0stle vi1itti 1tisn 1day to determine the epo stion er said Europe coul4 not be de- MondAy7 elect Edmund 6, Muskie; Indiana Democrati ttma,
J W i lvd l H l was given membership in NA- Cbnference on German rearma- fended without Getran troop. Grnther warned ag st Michigan Governor Menan Willams, and Democrt
S. i' + TO at the Bt:ai in n ?raite #ent and European security, He warned France not to e anyattempt Iestablish a"po-
43MSON CITY, So., Sept. previously a tsd a-delay ptriang next Tuesen- to safMuds a- iPe state" system In Western -
ie# *ountries are g&embi, 3 m be clsa ap e ea re-
--State police and na- before adm West countriesare mber ofast ermany becausetheyEurope to g d aghast
tn gardajmenw Irn ied up in Germany to dth Wfrth 3Atlantic both the Brussels anid North At- plgh block ay effective de- surgence of Oernnan militar-
ekand firt-ittered yard treaty groul~ e'- lantic alliances. ; .. system. ..
eIMissouri Penitentiary to- French agsrepit,-to the Ger- One of the Istit to be settled His remarks to a group of He said the best guarantees
S tt final awmsult on the man demfti ,*as 'sld to be at London Is the t eh demand French industrial leaders on the .rance could hope for against
de e cell blocks where conditional 'asdiUte of ade- that the central authority '-for eve of next Tuesday's nine-pow- me resugence of the German
0 ners still shouted deft- quate safe uards ant th re-f E*thope's defenses be created er; onterence In London were wehrma were the continued
S12 hoursof riot and vival of under the Brussels treaty rather Irreted as criticism of the presence t erlcan forces in
lwon. on n-d ka NATO. lone list of French demands for Europe, theatvlved Brussels pact
*of continent r controls on German rearma- and the existing safeguards of
Prisoners were dead. mens Britain aad the United ment. NATO.
,rdStes have insisted that NA-e sourfe
Sis missing, believed The Important Fret o es tates have insisted that NA- you get the continued Informed sources In London
d in the riotin cells over slon emers TO be the prielpal.. Instru- presence of the United States on emphasized British policy rests
nth house. rwO guards and top-level c 1a- iment of control and coordina hecontinent, ou have a very on the conception of German re-
were wounded, one des-Frane' n. i~j..ean- on of European defense e- good chance of getting the con- arament within the framework
if -ternativeo et r a Jyorts and trlbtl roles regardless of what js writ- of NATO. But they' said there
tot- prl- wa es plan, which wasle b rance. Prime MinisterW tonChr- te in any book," he said. was room for compromise with
-lam b- otsr,- lston7...- ten in a- bo-, he
to thepr s Onely plans to confer with-U.S. As th West prepared for the the proposals set forth by Men-
at 8 o5,000,000 as more me e o p Iretary of state John Fotr er ial onertnce on an alter- detFrance in his memorandum
fthe State police r Ganee Dulles before the nine-nations native the European Defense to the nations that will partci-
f cement fro that her T p conference on the whole defense Commnty there were these de- pate In the London conference.
.Nothr ion uridmie of a retren er opens here. They wll map telopiments: They are the United States.
nti d fthefl demands r position ot -the, eontrol.lia .. Dr .Eugn Gerstenmaler, Britain, France, Canada, West
p-up d f nth fonlht-longh A-de s., a ney and other matters at h9irnman of the West German Germany, Italy, the Netherlands,
up e ig long nt it blck any effec- t at time. Parliament's foreign a fl airs Belgium and Luxembourg.
authorti lvne W i ity i; A.erican officials are be- committee, said at Strasbourg But Dr. Gerstemaler said at
authority planned to System n intreadu glym eamy he sees "no chance df agreement Strasbourg that "on the basis of
ultimatum to the hold- that Euroe e e- br r that Mendesarance In London" unless France chang- what M. Mendes-France re-
s un rise, calling upon fended without Ge r-m an ht be agreeable t a "deal" es her positionn. Gerstenmaler, sealed before the assembly of
surender. The ultima- .toops. wl lRussia that could increase one of Chancellor Kgnrad Aden- the Council of Europe last Mon-
a s delayed evere, as French ,re e*tep it liluence in Western auer's close advisers, iaued the day, I see no chance of an agree-
elice spre l through imultoane en e. tst offil German, ation to ment In London."
Sto beDiwe no convicts many into both fie r and to Frenchieederbha bee n e neo*furope~L defense f lan s-e. -' "_ '_,,,,
d in hiding in the North Atlantic Alllandes swept ueor careful study by U.E. of- disclOhed by French Premier F ..
of fired buildings. Guide one of the principal stu fica- l since France scuttled the Pierre Mendes-France. ranI lUS novi
*bEto pe n Defense Commun ity 2. Informed soT red a..2

6 A r m a n rl l l t0 .. O e r m a n f o ree ael B u t h e s o u r ce s ... .-- _------_ _--- _.. .. ..
Fnuw ee is ^a strong feeling in sadBritain will insist on nclud- In connection with the o-
SWashington that Mendes-Franme Ing West Germany In NATO. posed move o es from 0 l r LMorge V. Allen
S- defaulted on private pledges 3. American Undersecretasy of ,aoca to the townalte of Ov os I -
rm S ure on would to get Sta Robert D. Murphy ar Cru, notices sng al va-
ty aplyinge men a "Red n The question nw s: What to the families concerned asking rr ig
pa armepder his form air a s he for.meeting the Red r Allen the preference for the quarters -
an tine hgaet(ron advice ofar. tand the lem O m WestA S available. hHINr o)
b s it was rearmament? Kn k OeoeV.
oasv pgtnitA r inent" American official c hope they tote "o e=been asked to make a list of theto Inda to
weread a de- AnAir i d are wrong, but they will be sur- T quarters according to preference. .hae een chsen
or oor ot..r Martn, S thee p ench Premer y Teddy Bear arters wm be assigned on a HOLLYWOOD, lt. M3 (P) itary of Stateen o -
-y Ai LIS. -,+J & -
2, ao. "will be ts ay real derstnd seniority in service basis in the -Western actor Cant Witr, ran and oi
S er was issued after a con- hearing." o develop between France ana HOLLYWOOD Sept. 23 (UP) order of their preference. 50, was "respoddlag to treat- adnito -

Sa meberof wan- n theunit. he rae was unconscious for bthe ousin D lon to have for t
ComaedmiennshoatchisIfnormtroFors are tobereurnedt

,d a service pistol hi consadv tlti ceI b n m s toen d took her home tOtce at Gamboa, accompany tlta found the veteran

asn d Wiesbade, barracks Europe "aeoitb, odsh n Westa. dT on atershe wns or i by a re aoa Sant actor hesterd on the bedroom vte ta n
o pu idon. He spoke f r a re Europe The stuffed bear l etcra ouncd. teava
w rUs W1iy, which The Oves D quoted wh eh "wl not oFa ttute from a elt n a department e b een the ous of 1 to 5 hol n m

3o1rted the eat yesterday, swanson u-was 6 t. ewhs +'le ad. the n of oher ore wasuncmad."onsciou S aturday afternoon at Santa ,
Ssereantst malseayling he "'ve hadsto brfecord so bu i be a of stability m t. He Cru to answer any question ather w
9 "ra W Ilod to make far. I think t sta sap at had an element o oquilbrium." He Buns P tU o ReCeiV oS tat mih come up. ao n t e Sf h veern
flrt or, i" onrs, to be tound h con- atntond te"aeul co- s v v Keys the f mnts will o
i my last t nlla. .e as, to erert d American P rms of the vacant acan om daor e nd
la ton my he id. option CASTLEAND O L Italy, be made at ths broke a pane of to enter THE MOS
Iwm Winrijrde-nwich .T i r-)t,. Thspoe rtan re e b potent is not sept. 23 (UP) Pope Plus x The families concetorned are the room. been ch sal ,
.dth.aev" ls Swanson asb"I e af ut pledwh with nMo France's broke a period of enforced rest being notified th th the quarters of--tA h o
for Martin Us 6ma d." ooif th rehofretier Quarterswilscene.ssigSaturday afternoon"at

t he earia' h t c tet b aproepo a n DC sub- to receive a group of more than in Santa Cruz must be occupied The actor wara
bon -peaefumso-reys t~otbea retmrets dltlme

Sla. cey t e taad ttiwtes ft-owr erm ament.l 00 American Caholc pilgrims, before any consideration can be riedto a tres t a
-land go tel- co' hesmaitn CndaS on televisionD f.italyso bed mater at th is t15 pme., Oct. b, it afterokeapane1 ofr gl mt O ven teroTHeal M e
estagewhept.23(U)-PopedPius IIsTe familiesdcocerediredhesoo
quartearsin4w-F rancesfbrokearperiodnofenftbeing notified that the
a he: te s li Thut Ger- including two archbishops and given for transfer to quarters iHe was bor n Col
a mental pres- man, of Mi ar aia' ge o cket" seven b shopsH. P aralso. 1 Jan. 1t!, 1904.
; ++ "" which The Ova) +' '' +'' W ? h" win not bo... ... te, a able betw... the hours of I to 5 h d in -41-og 6

- i

iAA a.

-. -."-

BK JAIL UAK William I. Cavanaugh
r) and Alle 0. Locke (left), both of Bosto
I nto a police auto in Hartford. Conn., after
a, Vincent La Rosa. also of Beoston, r"
ove through the city. Hartford Police Chif
Naid he. understood that Cavanaugh and
to Bostonwarrant Issued for the arret of .
,"ab%. wth aped m a m o8o4JulL ..,


LONDON, Sept. 23 --(UP)-
Britain has tranpferred a rocket
expert to non-secret work in a
rare security purge following dis-
covery that he onca was a .Com.
munist, it was disclosed today.
1utsnitativs ,ouroes sold Dr.
Standish asterz a assist-
t dire orrcte. ofdd a '-

eret ooCks ,pograsq,An which he
Was an pert on engines and fuel
He has been moved to- a nonr
secret civil engineering ob in the
Ministry, the sources said
They said the action was taken
" view of discovery of a past
otie cal of
Sw -
.J .

m and ami


'. .-. A

- -


AMy W AIMRCA Mkbud Apok-a to Nrr b Iy
'30~u.IMrs. 1 L AnuSWUdP guI?.mS
Wash. APWBOts A 19 Od.xi (00Am .; I. -
t_ Inm 4 e iA *th"U


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