The Panama American


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The Panama American
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Weekend American
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Scott Family Library Fund ( donor )
Panama Times, Ltd.
Place of Publication:
Panama City, Panama
Publication Date:
daily (except saturday and sunday)[may 12, 1973-]
daily[ former oct. 7, 1925-dec. 4, 1966]
daily (except saturday)[ former dec. 10, 1966-may 5, 1973]
normalized irregular


Subjects / Keywords:
Newspapers -- Panama (Panama)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
Panama -- Panama


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Oct. 7, 1925-
General Note:
On Saturday published as: Weekend American, Dec. 10, 1966-May 5, 1973.

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University of Florida
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All applicable rights reserved by the source institution and holding location.
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oclc - 18709335
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.n o l ..s r .. iday he had a, "perfect..right"
F Qtakes optt.I1aras 1om( P A an to call one of bl maccusers- /
'Now Takto DAwarsa=in Ralph n landers
-Thas htlye amrh QUe Oy, Sept. 11 (UP) A ne insp the Is- VE.)--." e "l-(,
BOSTON, Sept. 11 (UP)-The year' most p i than In the the last mysteriousnee onl- l" In*d d0"m E
hurricane hit the NeW York area today and slammed into huue hme. earmy p ofh veterans ofas Ch arrive Zt rt tet man
ew n dwt w1 lnty they learned their has moved Intoforcehit not f cr cm j t
Now Englnwith wind to 135 mlesothe hard way" the spokes- positi poste em and lns around oy forth because he senator
At least nine persons were dead os an Indirect result manod theshed a p nen. iiame toC.hase hiefUo dr l ge 1 crippling o heio surroan -t--
of hurrione Edna. .Thousands of coastal reldents fled Mot othe Ihe a re shs e. d w erto ethe s Raton J a rltoks a t t i ha i ou then0
out to sea where a rel Chinese..flew to this threaten- JVek x&W gut k..
their homes. States of emergency wore prOclaimed n to maneuver against ee lash ed Island today. Omeaj, aan a man seniled", you have a iper. WASHINGTON, Sept. 11 (UP) 0 iia solurs
three nga. t =winds, he ==1 %aW Stmaseyou have aper-
the New England Teties. amteur owners of smal states of the Communist ementm atf fat right to say be's seni said today that the question of how fund re to be rs
Telephone serve was out in a number of areas. vessels, who were hardest hit troop spread eat on a now pt of our freedomof ed to provide free actions for Panam anal Zone es-
ago, were ex ercAsing- t he a.o e
Power lineS were down ever a wide si tion of t middle, during hurricane Carol 12. days the a from w n the Strait of e r pyes rem insto be det
atlantic and New England states. Transportation-land. thy pirecUtons," he said. "They border only seven miles from ast ei o" chargeshe fagi Mc thy A spokesman for the Panoom ColComony IEl
-1101,and r-w dimilpted. hayhavoM eanwhi l twa
have anchors and have Q remon ranged up to sidthe T oMeanw fthathe abused fellow senators. knew of no consideration h b fr
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the ot o I t Inthe liand s o l order to Increase maneuverable Red ChnC were m f charges referred to McCarth question because it is so new.
'A t he 1 t o the li.s es?. iy In tlpwlqna at l.lur, their de r i g l e s A .aruv.- d we. .a I. .-oSIr ..;et io b. c usi t ne w .
ontAuk nat t of ty in tht quarters R n l rdment Korea during the n t i FInders as "senile (Despite this reported "no c sideratin" of th pr.
e U Teoat rdpoliefean oto eohe whr e h othew a man with a no and take he, aeno Canal Co. o l'inu offer cation-
O*Lon Island w> cut o.tfiroi .P..' Uw. """1."@ 8 i*sr "at-i aue.. J* bSa e ht he ye I (50me1 0 n Co eohto o theotgg
e ute pere o bel h pblib lilh bmn e pepI I to quit their COS lieved to be R m nn155- =-an one to d emnea l add teo t u d liefe n ad o erA np r
evacua FDRtJr Aed500persoe s Ia 1TheMr 14r 0 to agood quiet ace. bound employ. .the,.free trh ywr wrbti
e ethsr t etorero up a l gr e ar d o Bto to ,McCarthy freely admitted wredent o-ifto motion. /
Bwere ai dy iago when ware- 4,e eln Brook- Ca sa tle-seasned front-
fie rar eanchurcese e n of deen.M-AdrwenU tS dah "I was convinced that he wla dor (Some 19 out of 26 em oe 9 mu i the
sd., esami- huchschoons and o. ,.iwUeo.--eo"dorurdao
tie a we erl to be light- public p hivatoe buildings. a i c deOh l e eanw "senile". He said he May have amliomnam r d ro
on stion. un e o o to the oor o f lew to Qe- Two light bomber to d It on ore thanO ne oi en t.itldt'anott.

This thse u reflt wereth e than 1,000 elephone J emooc .nvmton WI Iil ith keyf of his third and t. will caion.iSn
d workers nd agewhecles f h bd for t In rohe I s nooul It w ander who ntro- n
6hpi ha e s t to th c an Pn are nation for Governore up re hm .b. duced the ortinal censure mo- (oevca e not under hir ee vacation trip pro.-
ne a. Winde d nw ed with sections of aff to cn er w ith Geno the abre on that led the creation o Li). drawn to J and
11aned Nowc a iAtoMelip pe Ptth bli New York bomber wg w the pcal committee weighing
Eunrdesme, a ln New Ty trnade expAedico leade. tooheveet had pteodualy e i n plae -of thei lark air Msenie" charge gthyant Me- A slan- employment o mhe Bu om fetar
wer an h t early omorrow hed ed a to whether he would base, north ol Manila In the Cart Burea had a perfect r t rommendaa t t i

11re. C. c flew He Act betiovi .ed.
Thiso t ime t D eand half b iF T hea n tp hont o en t7eioo f w lThe third Will go to Johnr o snay he was senile"

ion T leih m pay io on record In "thp moit sdt housing strength T e Pfth a c matter, BuBur whether it wbll A
tm. iwore iandne r tha le favor of hib nomnston, stood lslato a ntlon h ev headqater was o thed 17bacthk to A Tr I not p d aca mat
The orippingt added out to th center. A and Penofmile a and cheered a the nmeae on own arba, about miles It wasoy Jan, 2. d who o--
ird w bufftd. hor w reported at Brid" f the radet Rvel M of the Sabre an d Ho t on that ledwth, Pe creation of Sions).

=sd ,up." "Ma lTi nnM ch i Enguid And Back I
to l. a o th I by Neo i to 1th fighter bomber r will ia peoer w l s

ou atggl Gd lao looer mised icho- newO pirogm oferhraidrbut didot hoots it wen it sho flew co
alreN ng by train and is expected ng t e nan d freetuse: h FHinCrorfamp bl on fom worem enoug the Nationalist cg h
Nchgsaisew m ie- snikdamteeB dt-h
Ssv te s th auli reach Bo to, early toR, oew as to whether he would basveno of mantlarnteCar IB a onnet ra a ut"yob tpeeH

aroLi 11 (WPeam dan. TomW.q -Tar U bterepth 3oft East Fo-in e -ntheBurhea
Prso W s wn"menteh from 33,ofI1tonS Tlx. ws a ml
eade a te ent P held In $5,000 ball today on m a p A government spokesman f and merlr susjctillnnet
ew rom car of involthbeforet atary man- 1, e refugees aOkroea the tan r
Maine he laughter in the death of Ms n r ltfl t Tupa were member of the d ce he wao driving

etad -ie tine Officer Vincebt J. Schmldt, I tavi ll Communmnt youth corps in Ru- stheast o route 13 about 20
tax a h Ipm oi ed of Niagara Fallman,, N.Y. ala o of Chicago
Sbte chmd body wa found la CHICAGO (UP) A research He Quoted them aay whc k sedan pulwedied
l tda te militrecordry road be- tea hs come up with ree even if they were aked pat at a traic light.
teen Camp chan and getio to help solve the n action's ever headquarn "to terror and back ton He d heheard a hot andur u
nturce, e San Juan. JACKON, M., 11 Increasing problem of what to do behind the Iron C we then re ech a the edawill not u the re
l d was buffet rt Lt Ptrida 8. Weter, (UP).-A proposed autonal with the aged. The tea fro e would resolutely ref go raced away.
Gal winds of mileshofHour Coer, Pahour an Arm nur e amendment of permit MIaitaiptNnois Institute of Teehnology, back."I -litatloNadO. (P

ot Court tarr wa driving stem as a means of maintain- 1. Setting up more od age S- ounce what a on will be t rI cn nA
Sher car Sunday night when the Int segregation cleared the tutions in city areas, fewer ruotaken with the r42 mem- B
ar n and were expect- State police said that tides House today and was sent to the ral areav. ban U Ters ofed the pa a r oit ye Fora- lcaf.enplolet' who P o
SUUwere rehmdt's body wlashi found. Senate. 2 More foster home for the a A

sawde s l id sandahg e saI d she had called for The resolution, termed BA "last aged.m rll n
sers teC 1 ht.e 10n d nturehser s w frtheda nm Ia of s s'trtin' w e esewodeAght freedom I a e te M
shel aaedisCrosthed-Coi Ssitso dsticfr mnth, wthhhr last fe days to changemypro graheoaid A Peiping roct eo i pn ie 193, told po li

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u0el lm-e 1ddirmind:.he said. ot o "Let me ma e n en teiseni:hdwenr ha. enl nfhter het41torh look tolrla seldttpulheda-es f
Thise r ho Stod n too ad t Pa intriedt hn to kill him
terday wle d quired t hing clear, my candtewidae -merto make the FRA wsorkt r foie oro Lan ir uh ght dha B Force s and turns dials to ae
groceries. When he returned has not been borne personal nd the benefit of the peop Philadelphia tried te lan or p cies. Here are ome of their ob. b ber hre the other day. pller run loose, eines cnk
Nwptyirs S m resolution next we. Wit 3 s my contention am going und it an aid avoiding sd. ea Motor Club: Their destination: Laken- tons.
Gre ggIndrlnB is inltealt. f tthse 4edno members aweondy pldtid cttedih*tte oeo intPeteformenmwhoareAl ontewha

It sai dJa Rsod tyihear gg om a b placd will be the same ormal as t n wome out But only three and a hal ours te crw had a br ew

da b e ws in T he 1 Hos. aO" 5'6B candidates examined, 23 strip them in all three depart. After take-off, the crew was gtoet-a "tan-to-one" uwitc-
cities Iermendent goes to te weefrredfora cond met. back on the ground at Cars- hat makes certa thinsp-
ith ia bdy iM public fN York must ratfcaton Dec. 2 oe wo t onndabts fi ere wel, its msson successful pen ten ti f th r
rerRoosevelt also Promised If cho- new p rams offer.rhwen it shat hid hs car

She would proposept. 11 (UP) a swee- He have too many igadminstrtionwind, signals andwindow.
t omm mana has eect- limits to ut ith. In Actually, the crew members What it does is speed thNationast
-cthe ias Fir ng state financial nd free d 47ng program is a motorists never got nto the air, although eel depleted meter and

secretary on char of help aid program to aid small ON encour re agemeon their own and have a they experienced all the sen engineer's dring
te anolethe asintvere a that caused by AN JUANPuertoRico chance to adt their driving ad ton of flight with a few emer conditions, so on
LONDON 11 (UP). ou toaypt. Tom W. Tur- of fixed laws measure the tedium of coc t

i r.heolothy 8etrig W THeoast sad Ramania's d.Landrith;. trc tosell forbesto SE? 37Ho ilh-ir TTheysalo thought we bunch too n on mrB tg-range di"".
a'Persons Cathedra ated fom nor,3. of ivingistonry dBTred a (8d Wrm (8)- or instance. a t LEtANON N. H. (UP) Mr. wiy toher on highways What they ew was a Curts- to a taret of which thehe

dyjdicoveryc a^ note' thml We Isae IUaaudn at homs (er _n). iIP.-Judso p1 re than thea e as dad sadMr.Merton Gos agree there which results in more stopping Wright Dehmel Simulator, a.11e- er Itself is capable
ied lan te along Tm cntl held In $es5,000 ba toer day declare oR oe twie e a aeone aev been a dauIII momentev e. than in Europe. Of coura an e If the tpe now in wide-"A-
roo. ry Dag ao l a Inor per. (-Armgn (h vernmn (en)t pork pa d h f of married lifev They soen ted outi Amerim has more spread use for training pilots Thus. on te Ao n sn myt as

eains of sach a structure fr to lcearve the nation "in the Mn-lwtuke t"S9 t 1 p 'aet ne alm and p e wee mr e mrtwo of their own gency light procedure, both for cimb were at normal ra(4
d9bmees fdast bm -WP rsarc Heiter thems en ksedy a

MAie to mg was h erInap to t dfronaer to- nhder i),ses tti th a trnw "te errhaver't a cnld we Sonmetime, tehey aid t an irubes were again dt noml -
a1 nttm rtnee nea l SanJJua. CNg nt ." GMe.a Tys. t.rem o at to bO mfbboardsd. lt e2S0 rro motwrt reproduce tr ete.t sd.n
o OfNIigar a711s, P .iY S. We bte po s c stionnal. with t-e-edC tem f tnetould eolute y outhoogoin R acywed on i ,tuway.2nAbou
"rX--osr, a"s a1 Mn urse amedmet ofpermt MssI~al-.. eSIlin thIeoUttoTclbacgop
testifiedeyeste.dayin.eo r l to--od abolish I oIor Oeco-mmended:es ar The g quoted men m sIhnten eo o 1 oa-ik s vedap lted/
S un thmn litwandrbving e- stem a s a nhaComeUpIW,-etttingauup m oe een ifothey iw etrc askdI wrnefod ticrl[igh t.
twherCama u nhtn anwhndthe ngw segregation cer t he tutionsity aeasolfewer.inmu.sta win..thsthermem-rdaotnand
Santu obj,-ne ctSaneJuar.wherieo tdy n.g b w asMi n tot he. -o b mafreash.iher ofe tn ies rec h ia
WSchmidt'sWt body- was fo-undp--. Sen-c "15"" "-'"Ate. More fo$tsa ter homes fo OthewouldUresolutelyr.e go r acedrstoy.
fm orl'YesteCam rdaya' OfSu ereorpi t" meablsu by "sliauthor. Postponementod: o The- government notan-
that Turner ewsaid s. hadcalthm asr.e asol u,.mean "las aged. PSettingCupkmreHlage. i oAGO-(-aontltell thamore rdottt h
0 rol gitl. S aid&V. e .o aanbefore ,Tstrte d Hos _a .nn-. states haverslawsOr b ta ina liorsidenPoet and nr *ophs. from resn om-|.,gud ,
marke oat actahu atbe had-waete1544raniWsrhonfirme the aeis ous eaig-- t ':-ldem ppen want tioi bei dlebk l-aelti_ f w hikdrl ve rec sihpr o re, b o ks o like rel thno-except e
2rteal oledol" nurs-e'21 ethe rell If at curb- legsatietatesavemloaviesteev. .t'emarollaCnAGOb-(UPour-Pdritving th at ,l n s







--. --- -



- -- -~- :42 -- -

Educathie is for Eternity

WA s s to "epWi is Wn mosl teed ge m# nds f a suit
JI after am rls' amm m df 1l"M a""*
scbohl bellm ras IIUCATION, ,aT IhWjl
MaOWes U~ a .N to AhD ftcd, is to hWApp
feol sag. sk rda Is l be ha ppr. u a hat &ai," .
elUn. ah knob ,d t dolet euA- md duos ma b per*-
ber duty o e to It that her son happy, Is his attitude toward
Uldre an aductted. If chil- God. Weexplainman'spresence
d.a wn amerey little animals, on earth by saying that he was
parents could atiNW ,.. dt ,,Oed b, Qod 4t1W s .i jpea-
.by takhwcare of a ckild's bodilY plIce In Bis divine plan for the
Uds. owev., = rord. Beth parent sad Chi
oiwce these c- need God and knowledge of their
dren have been Iplace in His plan.
given the pro- The source most of the
aims gift of a ww'1 unhappinesB uneer-
ra onal mind talntyabout Oodi exatence, His
Parentshave !1k" purpm in erevw ".A4_ 'al.
stric. ogatm ? tn UW Wdestiny, w at God e el t
t po vf us. i art of* 0 educe .of,

.th funda1 ental facts o ths e.

or neds b To I AT m'MPT TO ANALTUT
Intellectual necessities. -. tna body to see what cbeml-
J S SA, BODY C ES calls make It up, meanwhile
OWfo fo0, i 19 the mind irages ignoring the vital principle of,
Strut te ole and 'oth- mns life, hise so, Itobe sup-
tg btt w t ruth. ,No w par1t rt c ell l To mae* up laboUraW
or~th te namewouldlt 8740ins Of laws old to "f to
*h~k l' r ch i hld go hungry and mebtlot OW 7"M 1 ioorce of
lo" t m the eS5MS aunei lawnSOW y M to ulWd
trlton of laBorsmnI. a houseMonZ -7
The school is a real part of the Parents and. teachers must
home. Thus, home and school send their children oft on ,hb
work hand-in-hand, never at journey of life with a road map
cross purposes. For a house dl. to happiness. And they tca no
vided agalnst Itself will fall. more teach the child to be Iapy 1
Parents abould be interested n without God than they ean teach
school projects, should be con- them to breathein a vacuum.
t aWW rot.a$ w. WOOWa I &A

Chirese General In Mexican

Jail LoksS To Freedom Soon

B, By ROBERT COT, refugee," Mow said. "I have done
C Y \ nothing tow reproach myself for,
MEXCO CITY-(P- Pang- either legally or morally.
* &b Mow has been ilo alL two "The Nationalist China govern.
yrs, ad a U. S. court lau ruled meant is persecuting me only be.
St '6e' 'owes the Chideos govern- cause I dared fight corrupti .
n ,eL, $66,35803..47. While waiting for a final aed-
S,"Bl i'm happy," he said sion, however, Mow admits
Sas a co portable el, ur- "things are fairly comfortable
X fleed with radio and books. His here-much better than Formosa
I attractive blonde American seqre- would be."
tay Visit him twice weeklyd,a
he hopes to be freed "very, very Safer In Mexico
soon." .
* Two years ago Mow, a Chinede Miss Kelley, who has been -aso-
i r re o eeal, skipped across eiaed with Mow since 1947, brings
4 Rd Z Vrdif ter, one of history's th e 50-year-old former general
biggest elbezzlemnt scandals ex- books, magazines, food, medicine
Sploed r.h Wlshintn. and clothing. She was held eight
* He W*l abused 4f lining his days in the same guardhouse within
' pockets wt a large share of Mow before she was released.
Generalissimo Chiang Kai-shek's Vowing "stick around to help
S$W,25,000000 fund .!or purchasing lm she Jelerin a modestMexlco
:American warplanes. City .partlubmt and ipen.s Mon.
When Mexican secret agents day and Friday visitingdays with
'csaght up with him Aug. 9, 1952, the Chinese prisoner.
Mow was living royally in the Mows changes of winning his
nearby resort town of Cuernavaa. fight against tradition, took a
; il secretary, a former New York lolt when Emllia Poftes Gil, a
Model, .Ajes Kelley, now 33, was wmer predenL Jbe. Itw legal
4 rested with him. ii re sntateiye to Natioial China
Sl-~I te case, and a Washington,
Opposed Corruption D.C., court later ruled that Cling
SI s entitled to collect $6,368,503,47,
k.?ow readily 'Admitted helping plus six -r cent Interest, from,
S self -to "some" of the money Mow.
.bit claimed he did it to fight However, te one-time "father
saslnat corruption in Chiang's of the Chinese air force" said his
0 emosa government. He asked Mexican attorneys have assured
Mexico for political, asylum him that Mexico will -now allow
The documents that mean free- hi to' be extradited because the
dom or extradition for Mow now putnahment for embez ement in
lie on President Adolfo Ruiz Cor.- Fotosa" is likd toe more
tines' desk alter two years of severe than it would bWin this
shuffling t hr o-ru h government country. He'd "ejbably face, a
offices. ing squard.
am confident, Mexico. will 'That' why I don't mind it too
recognize my status as a political much here in prison," Mow added..


MAI OF BIUTTER-Artit Ted Csrw. o fa rtsno-.
cm powme t a aode a be w om a -Dairy
Uit tinttfr tor hdblat ftt ta Ur Cte ran. Mar-
S I, .n *treat in the Mad of Catiforta ootet ftm Sacrm-
adW Comunty.* wl have he lkenos prmIved as log -s sol
*i S_ __


*** ~uiei~4,,,Jy~j1ajiJ


A.M. 4:00.






*S 45









P.4 12:05





t D$1l DAY


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*f',, +/ +-


ft" Melodies

m 'mm* ,,* n

.S.a i (WO
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A rew (tm=)

S: Lak Tab""Ua t

Aharnoea MVloies

R",.- ,,, ,,,s
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TM Beakee ShowW

Hank #064t,
eri q iw
fWlnlr th i

Off The Record (Oase'd)

Meet re. m imfser

uadk al Madal *

Music Of Msnhausr

Son Of The Pionsm

Science SarSe (9SC)

bn01,a9me" Capers

Sitinas Amermiom

Hk rear .

Sammy VA Show f reddy Marndi Sh

Music For Monday*

WhAts YoUe Peds t(1)

Join The Navy UsH)

mNelchdsri MUi'cal

Here's Jupe OrimT

" ,: T / ,

Psdb We Haill
(USA & At) 1

Music flw TiMday

CAn Y n AN

Whet' Yeour heeri (1)

U.S. Army DMad (USA)

Life Whh The LyeM(BC)

uEYOD1BS ______

3spor Prow The

Mae) Theater (VoAI


Heather Mimiu (BBC)

..... Isbe-

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fa atwa Aniew (U 1J
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Ww. Parne (VOA lI

Somt AM 1:

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Ilws TIh (VOA) -

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Mew The Imaoww *

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Sweet And Ht*


Music Of Uahasmm

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Spiuk Of The VibkA (RNtl)

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Iek Launche tuyOfIablic Schools;

*Top Qiery: I t Ti, For .m Top LStep In?
Ident ElsenM hower la chl
the mcsitoutr9 wehe tudy
the Amlesican sool system ever

ala wile has beset U. educa-
tion since before the war,
HIs sOtion. s Ial a ti
when ihooal are % re
their fors to the b
body in historyaL t eah t-
et number of = vd
educators have et
The Preslet is wrltlg to the
governor akl g them to call
state nferemce o. BrIt wn tod
educators to nreake evalue-
tions of the gINtof the
schools. These conference, he s -

ference next fall.e hidh. It
solutil e to the i p oble s of
American eduoatsn.
One of th.e most lint t an-..
awers President i e l nhow er
hopes to get frd h the e~sference CLARS M INA BRAND-NEW SCHOOL ahows what's been done In pasttwo years as school
Ja whether or not the cliea of construction hit its All-time peak But it isn't fast enough to keep up with record enrollment.
the country feel.the time has
come fot the federal government
to step in ad provide money to
help the states amad local .com-
munlties build and tolerate pub-
lic schools.
Federal old toredpe atlen has.
been an Issue in Congress since
just after World War I. As school
problems bhAve mounted, supo ort
behind federal aid h ron.
Mrs. Oveta Culp. obby, Sec-
retary of the Departmenb of
Health, Education -and -.Welfare,
stated the Administration's pos-
tlon'"as she opposed a bill recentliv
which would have given 250=
million for school construction.
She said Congress should wait
a and see what sentiment there
was from citizens at the White
House conference. on the ques-
Congress appropriated $700,00
to finance the state conferences
and $200,000 to pay for the final .
White House meeting.
Dr. Samuel M. Brownell, W.S. DR. SAMUEL BROWNELL: ~b9
Commissioner of Educatlon, is cold statbstles' ond a tidal wave.
following up the President's let-
ter to the governors with instruc- at the highest rate In hisry
tons to state school officers on during the paSt two years. But It
the details of setting up the con- isn't fast enough. Hundreds of
ferences. thousands of students will still be
S. -- forced to enter- classes In fire-
Dur. rownel also reveals thatotraps and ancient buildings this IN ANCIENT; CRUMBLING CLASSROOMS like this one, thou-
r.the all-tme record enrollment nfall. sands of students go back to school this fall. Photo from U. 8.
schools and ll-time record enrogs is .fall menI The esden fall.nt is appointing Office' of Education points up need for more new schools.
38,000,000 students. That Is an Nell H. 'McElroy, president of
increase of 1,892,000 students in Proctor and Gamble, to head the the profession. Since only about problem unless there is prompt
elementary schools, 219,000. more White House conXPreDce. McEl- 45,700 qualified-graduates for'the action.
students in high schools and4,- roy,.throuwh ike work on the Na- elementary field came out of the One of the most vital needs of
000 more students in colleges. -tional Citiens Commission for colleges last year, the net teach- industry is more persons trained
TIh tidal wave of new students the Public Schools and on the er shortage 'Is about 72,000. In .physics and chemistry. Yet
rei i from the war "baby Advertising Council, has already More than three out of five only 867 teachers qualified to
o just now reaching the helped bring the school's prob- classrooms in the nation will be teach physics and chemistry were
country's junlr and senior igh lems to three attention of the na- overcrowded. fy 1960, It. Is esti- graduated from colleges last
schools, Dr. rownell reveals. It tion. mated that there w l, be 8.000,- June. In addition the potenftl
n hon't s h. Colleges, itt .-' -* 000 itor"childre_ than there. s upWt tea rs of any ariencee
a Will Inlveys. Hereo re somuwf:tht facts on dre now In schools, to cause an has dropped 56.3 per cent since
Cbld'statltis, Dr. Browell the current conditions of U.S. even more serious crowding 1950.
says, prove that the country. will schools which the Avertislng
have totriple the present rate of Counrxl -reveals:
school construction If It keeps up' One of 'the greatest needs Is
with the increased'need. Withinfor elenlentary-school teachers.
five years, he claims, the courn- The minimum need is for 118.1000
try will need 720,000. more class- new elementary teachers to take
rooms. care of the increased enrollment-m
School' construction has been and to replace teachers leaving

SOME ERROR-Sgt pIobert 0. Burdlek, tamed with the 12th
Marine i Tokfo. Japan, wap out of Juck W'eb me tried to cash
this check.; It was erroneously ,ade out tor $IOO51000 and also
$75. depeiadis on .how one looked at it.. Becmu. it was bati
right and half wroe, the cmee* was warthlss. Brdick got the
check from b*is other.-


Seet cGelwatl Cae For:
BA A mT A GVu roml= USA.
eMb en: e t in ty fwer:
Houston and New Odeaens
Saato at peery Te" Days et:
New York Philodelphi Baoltimore
(Quw Vwel eam ea at YAct3 O a.t TAmco O
(MEXICO) every -as
'A.'PLY: .
Wilford & McKy, Inc.
Ma+e B BX Crab, al, C. X.
uBwael morsc L : -e 2s5

B^ "' ^*; : 1^ 417_1;

Sleeping Sickness
Drugs Being Tested
University of Texas medical school
expert has gone to Africa to test
new drugs in treatment of sleep-
ing aiknesas.
Dr. A. Packchanlan, professor of
bacteriology and parasitol-
ogy, -found three new drugs which
have succeeded in effecting a com-
plete cure of laboratory animals
Infected with African sleeping
sickness. The drugs ha~re been
tried on volunteers ntd have been
found safe for humans..



Now Avalable
A Swiss

3 speed record changer

For Only s49 50

Hi.Fi Center
INO. h- 4 th SI.,
i r-eeN' *a .ml st-a
>AHc- et*ll Vteta




A fantastic selection of English woolens and beautiful
synthetic blends from the U.S. in lightweight and

R4 00
4 01

"Haberdaasheris And Tailors To Men
Of Good Taste."

5th of May Plaza-
No. 25 and 71 Central Ave,
Hote El PaT mI Oppoe Rltroead Station

B1aOy sad NEWoft a a0ea .to e Om with a well-plaed hmayp emeI.aeO ,
|U deveradve tamnoftun tlie ur *aoute to l 0dtVa ao" for .0odwate. or hr wI
BY KAY SHERWOOD table with a talllamp. You could too'sharp. Darker o asque hides
NEA Staff Writer add potted plants for balance. lined in write can ie good lig8h
Then an easy chair can be pulled and still blend with e t*<, sck-
Home life will look brighter this up so that the grouping becomes ground.
fall. A concerted effort by lamp a natural, appropriate part of the
and electric bulb manufacturers, ropm scene.' Don't overlook the value of
lighting engineers and decorators three-way bulbs In givinga room
is aimed to make us more aware Another note of caution Is a hospitable appearance... ul b
of the importance of a waillighted sounded in the selection of shades. which can be adjusted to low or
room for comfort and beauty. Try to keep shade color the same medium output of fort eaeral
The fussy, fringed lamp that relative value of the wall color, conversation or teoevewing can be
dominated yesterday's parlor is she advises. The contrast of white flicked up to high wattage for
gone along with the- unshaded shade and dark wall is apt to be reading or sewing.
glare from.the old central ceiling /r'
fixture. In their place we'll hear
more about lamp ensembles, light
conditioning andd multipurpose E
Most recent stAp towards the
brighter future is the selection by -
a jury of three top-notch ho m e
fashion consultants of 'new lamps F a i
which merit a decorative achieve- I A I
ment award by combining the:
best design for good lighting with I I9 A
tasteful, decorative effect. A
Price was not 'used as a basis L lI
for judging. You'll see award-win-..
ning lamps from $9.95 to $150o. .
Talking with one of the judges,
Gladys Mille6r, nationally known
interior decorator and author, IlY04,=4 ym i
picked up some tips for selecting I+ M, T
think k of your lamps as fur- T
nature, not simply as accesso- UTY
ries," counsels Miss Miller. a cI'A'*-- c '"*
She advises choosing lamps clis iMvua, Ne As
with sonfe thought both as to their
general effect on room decor and .mod
their purpose. Three guiding rules ,
apply to the art of ensembling
lamps, says the decorator. One,
al lamps can match but the pro- i -
portions may vary. Two, shades
can match but the bases may
vary. Three, light and dark shades
can be mixed harmoniously if you F
stick to the same general mot PURER .
SYou wouldn't, for example,";be U E
doing a room justice if you added .
a fluffy-ruffled and decorated I RICHER
lamp to a tailored modern decor. | n
In this connection, her point of
view on the use of lamps in pic- I- FINER
ture windows is interesting. I NE
"The lamp in the window has ChlJUTTER
always been a gracious gesture of
osp tality,"she says. "Used in a
picture window that over-looks a '
block the view. Into the r o om.
Sometimes, however, I think the --
lamp selected is too ornate, the IUTFER
shade too fluffy and the table it's
resting on too high. Made nla New'Caledonia by
'"Lamp and shade should con-
form to the general style of fur-
nlsbings. I like to use a long low .' .....


at The French .Bozaar


Jrom Jrance
selected group of


NAVY. ..
with beaded eOM*ACT
and EYEGLASUMI to, .*M

iI ~Easy and Safe ParklIg Al Hawrs

Opead daSy Stnay a" until
I ate in e e



- __ I'












'~ --- ~-~-~~~~`~~ ~-~~~--- ~- ~ ---



r-_ 11 --m







-- -



t lHot S ff'Recipes -SOA Success, Put It First ()

F There is something deceptive marriage instead of being walking
aiout the phrase we use so lightly to sacrifice the ainess of her
these days, "marriage and a ca- marriage for a cover. ,
__________.____________,__ert ____m n___.hn__,_ear__o __ So the girl who re astes
It o women into thinking they carer more tipa Me
Scan really have both--when a business ta o rnm
I ld eauteklig they can't. ean' yeo .'.
L o kbnd havesla good twoyle noy rrres w a wob r halo a goo
ia i itself HST .k 3 5t.[k, o n= g h.
Ie, a woman cam have*agood uiwr R I'. U4).,' t,
aWie smart eno and i he 6s r the wean h .
thusbnd has no .ohectians, not rine ad a jo. or se Jn

of that outaide Job in terms Hif a ting thot can be sacrlf it
career, her marriage Is bound to ever stands. in the, way n er
sufer .-career. .
'0uSeoaue a eaeer for either a I ,
,r woman must be of first Sure, men hvo arerand
lz r ncee. And no woman can marriage. B that is becate -een
have a satiufectory maria e l can affor to put their arers
less the marriage Is more mp- .first, knwing -t eir w s go-.
tant to herithan a gel in topdtte marriage
,Ni' oeaS t ,0 o s ase has to be y al _ut4 nrtriage has to m
to eee her ob any tme at first With one of the p nd
to' s ber any time that the partner.'tbo must put i
i .. ,k great .L .. tere On her. a

WFIRZMN serve tabse bu.ter.
#t500 .1 4" *Aod Potooes at 4eir= male. 1 y
E uad Markets Editor
I shelter Island, on the tip of Long en in Tabasco-buttermilk mittire;,
Island, N. Y., has a large volun- roll in flour mixture. Brown chick-I BkY MRS. MURIEL -LAWRENCR! We willpursuel w deand,
tar fire department. Chief "Tiny" en in hot idt -inch deep in skillet.I I that he be "oo" ai eect
i .va and an s men have a fine Cover; reduce heat and cook I :EMMBER Prst Day credit on us.
rd slowly 30 minutes longer. Drain on of School-quite lrly.
So has ti)e Ladies' Auxiliary. absorbent paper. As a result Johnny hiha gets
They'have ma e the Volunteer .' It was a warm. ~epteamber day. scared h will let s down. H e
Fire Department one of the most Barbecued Scalloped Potatoes I had a new d of blue-dotted becomes tneertain of himsdi and
active social 'rcaps in that part of (Yield: 20 servings) swiss with red buttons. And my that Important First D a y of
the oountryT. Their dances and din- hair was braided ior the first School becomes a frlgtening test
ars are ig news loally. Twelvela (5 pounds) pota time. As I was handed my lunch instead f a grand new adventure
Each fireman's wife makes up a tos,( adld sced, 2 medium box, I recall someone _a yi n g, in independence.
latge pan of potatoes, chicken, onlo*, usl[e4 4 tablespoons flour, r "My, doesn't he look e a real
etc. and taker it to the rty. The 1 PUI merican cheese, diced,". schoolgirl!" ... C--r l
i like New England_ re, 2 pteosoletalt, up butter or Rdleetln the fs that aW fil*rers t ur '. *ea rflam a thm we learmen of aterausle is of Ught aWak e b s SOIwas sent forthon mythree e
lost o Th~e's mrrgt L*,4 cups mik, scalded, ideserative point of vled asu WllS a s a hiM are these Iw up a square mror to imlrelve prepouei s. mir w ee
a.rt of fresh caught seafood an sasup, 1 teaspoon Tabasco, example. ASIl4lef a. neM*-eA-g .da t gesigar it was use close. toe m atch the natural-blohed weed trahlore mile c to mycountrysehool-at
-l Silvard, proud of the L : u il the potatoes and onions sense ofA-ty.t-Iat4 t4p
Auxiliary gave us two of a 15%'x 10% x 2%-inch shallow. .
SI recipes half the cheesrinkle wiand salt; dot BY KAY SHERWOOD ample, may decorate the -ace of porary Patterns border the glass. Off-side framing adds a con- Once there, I marched in lines,
T'. aab s ilk ihal the cheese aad salt; d NEA Staff Writer the polished glas. Designs are These can be had ready-made temporary look to rectangular told a teacher m name, drew-a A LITTLE bit of seif-inspection
.Tabs~e Dttopslk Chickef w half the butter.~ ~Isometimes spaced over thl whole or, if you're a stickler for match- mirrors. Rattan or bamboo withred a 'ple aon yeb* paper and is necessary for the teenage
7 (Iheld:to. m servings per chicken) ; MIRROR, mirror on the wall of the glass as in a modern ing, made to order from your carle insets, for example, form was gven a cokle by a little girl whose nightly beauty routine con.
n- ba Topwith remaining potatoes and You don't look like a mirror at painting. Or they may be lim- own fabric. Laminated plastic a wide, two-sided frame for one named Miriam sits of Just a bath or shower be-
i AOne-cp Taabasco, two- ontn Combine mlkcatspep and all. cited to one side or corner. They in clear colors frame other new mirror. remember that fore bedtime
Stitas cup oosalrmik, 1 (cup flour, Tabasco 3 ur vjqilXtueese, sa. Topa Pardon the paraphrase, but strange from stylized leaf shapes mirrors. New wood frames make good- anguish ofa ny kind,remember thatough In addition to the allimpotant
iteasd)ro saler-frytr, 2 to 3-up.. t remainu kle' parsley. cov. catches the reflection of new, to realistic animals, birds and Narrow mirrors to fit the nar- looking-glass com panions with fered an ish ofa ny kind, though o o the arser
Measure Talsot- r, dut up. butterm er p ie ike Wlth perley. Coy- mirrors that will rate a second flowers. row wall space, or to hang off- new furniture. A. relatively centa i elt disappoit me nt bath or shower, there are sever-
Measure Taaso and buttermilk er wfi cBake let or a onu look cme autumn. Perhaps it's. One unusual mirror is a large center over the chest or cabinet, small square mirror, as an ex- when Miriam told me' that her other things that must be at
into a shallow dish mix well foi Bake moderate ven because I'm growing older (and rctangle in harlequin pattern take a new lease on decorative ample, is built up to handsome mother wouldn't let her walk tended to each night if a g i r 1
with have less of a burning interest In Gold-leaf backed mirror a t e r- appeal when framed In slender proportions by a wide frame part of my three miles home with wants to get a good start on the
mirrors as strictly functional nated with eleqr reflective dia- brass strips, simple and clean- made of alternating strips of pol- me. road to beauty.
looking glasses for primping pur- mondi forms an all-over pattern, lined. On the other han d, wished light and dark wood.
o0,,h/ poses) but I'm intrigued by the The same company has Intro- wrought-Iron frames are getting Teardrop and free .form shapes THE point is, that, from this Starting with her n ati r eed
A eq be e sJ mnoo1 4new mirrors that are mainly duced some conversation-making fancier with more curves, scal. pep up unframed mirrors for present stance of fair knowledge mart teen-ager knows t needs
decorative, frames, too. Plastic-lamina te lops and greek-key desi g ns modern interiors and offer of myself as a real schoolgirl that brushing both day and nigh She
Acid-etched designs, for ex- fabrics in a variety of oontem- noted. partial peek at the new bonnet. day to feel much of anything but can get really good results by
,SA Rsehsesatisfaction in my first indepen endin over, and brushIng
GOSSAMER sheer hosiery, In dent adventure, hair w th her head down.
eyteatching colors, should makeAles
the well-gnoomed girl look twice To view of this placidaexo e ics a

erder to look well in these currentashioable fus about it. line tr too.
new stockings, your Jegs shouldrentashioable fuss about it
so'oh d b th's o, .. .. .. I suppose some doubtfulness is Next, for eye beauty, he
sh~nid be bound to color the expectations of should keep a careful check o*
Made of China, many adventurer. But the anxiety
t ,r too heavy) you Glass, Pottery Day ofSchool seems so exaggerat. l
to thi attractiveness by i ed that I suspect it. become dry and brittle and drop
g them soft and smooth- nd Leather For when we hand Johnny over In this case, nightly application
t Isar.ndI"NBy GAILE DUGA8 to his teacher, we are delivering o vaseline or petroleum Jelly to
tilk condition, you cand in our training. We sene oh the eyelashes will help to in-
the ,oueondition, you can any's school behavior will expose it prove their growth n prevent
ve them or use a depilatory. NEW. YORK, --(NEA) --Color to the expert and critical eyes ryea
th d proved sat (with e iphasis in pink) is ap. of his teachers. So we are cared.
tor parents n hew lamps for the first O The face and neck need a
time in moib. than ten years. BY making these great displays creaming each night, too. If you
Thee # a depilatory cream out With the revival of color, there of devotion to Johnny, we hope
'UW that i, 'its maker claims, comes use of sparkling, glowing to prove that we are conncwan don't care to lve face ekam
orlpess, stainless, and when left materials to light up a home. And tious mothers of noble intention. on overnight, at least apply it
r To le egs for a minimum of there's one other re~vaf of im- for 30 minutes, and then tissue
time, removes all hair neatly. portance: the use of glass in Well, it's no good to be that d It off
pot relate treatments, pendent upon our child. While "
If your hair is of fine or me- Polished brass goes on in con. It's nice to have John ake a
dium ture. leave e ream tinued popularity, used in e w g ood school adjustmentn, wake an- Next to brushing your teeth,
o ala s. Te with a ways in combination with new not afford to involve our own the last "must" befor e
h e t e ,^ a plee or gaoze, materials and with color. self-respect in what he does. exercise. Do *onoe satmle work-
t ., aa a om Cpntemporary designs stress outs each night, like. teuehing
your 3tgs. elegant simplicity that will fit If we don't have a selftrespect, your toes, and you'i1 feel yourself
TbehostJ e .. 5 the in with decors of all types. This quite separate from Jobny a ..
his behavior, we become slaves ently relaxed' to fall asleep
eseam 15 ust before you prepare her legs thi- i smoos ties, urns, cones, cages and ta. to fear that he will humiliate us. easily.
ribse th ae of t easily. n depislato Iu,'. odor*. a meym Sucme ofgh thmers
to U"litwai, a m e with candlestick and foun ainm --
.'er whe" of-time Pmotifs is the lamp color moh "

Glass, pottery, composition and
r4im AHeavu leather. Sometimes it's teamed
9 4 with white or brass accents and
sometimes it's used in place of
black in wrought-iron cages.
/ ^ f d But color has been applied to
new lamps in terms other than
... pink. There's freshness and
Baby's a "pet," bur remember awareness of home furnishing
titt pets are babies, too, in that After a reducing program, the trends in the new milk chocolate
tlr reactions to dangerous or mature woman may discover that turquoise, soft greens, blues and
harmful situ-tions are elemental. the flesh of her upper arms tends golds,
itch Baby carefully when he's to sag. This is because the weight Polished brass is shown in new
tch Baby carefully when he's loss was not accompanied by suit- combinations, with crystal, black
'ylayng with the dog or cat. Baby able excercises. or newly wrought iron, walnut
doesn't, mean to h u r t, but his aapl and mahogany. Crystal
pdllipg and punching can make There's still time, however, to of ers elegance with a contem-
the most well-behaved ani m a I strengthen those flabby arm mus. porary look in clear or crackled
sappish. bles. A daily schedule of excer- glass lamps.
cises, practiced faithfully, w ill
bring pleasing results. a o
First, stand with your hands at L f |h| 1 1
I, You can keep Baby happy, and your sides, then raise your arms
I 'py over your head, clapp ing the
budget-bappy, at the same palms together. Then, row your I
te. When Baby is 15-18 months arms from this overhead pot-I It i n
he's a natural candidate for tion straight out to your sides, CHICAGO -(UP)- Long, short,
"do-it-yorself" movement. at shoulder level, with yur plans. or tall-you can put your- height
t- ....... moveme.. upward. Do this ten times. advantage in social situations.
A nest of cardhoa boxes, an., This next exercise is especially Dr. John E. Eichenlaub, Ackley,
d$ pll box with a sliding draw- Igood and easy to do. Stand with Iowa, says there's no rni.son why
eri and. a plastic cup hands mall arms outstretched and m a k e anyone should feel self-conscious
strae ciataae r with an easily fists. Then, holding your arms about his height.
i swable ryer wLJ keep him ti as possible, wave them up "Let your size help you to gen.
to e-er I and down as fast as you can. uine personality and respect," El.
aq ipBd and happy as would 'Work up to 12 times. chmelaub advised in Today's
t most *xpeasive toy. Health, a publication of the Amer-
Now, grasping your c I b o ws, lean Medical Association.
'- i cross your arms over your chest., "When we look at a big man, we
e Then, lift the arms, still clasped, look upto him-if he simply meets
y "wears" his carrots place them over your head, and our idea of quality in his dresa
eatt* g them (turns the Ia them back down again. Do and manner, we find him impres-
.A I rebellion), this ercise 10 times. sive.
.. I ev nicely this time, while you'reI "After you've settled into a chair
'a week or two., waiting go t your arms in shape, beside a medium-sized man, you
I M suddenly try not to call attention to them feel more at ease and more com-
IMl aMaJ in any way. Avoid wea ti.g_ | fortable with htm tham wt some-
S d e wi Ins dresses, and espeialy I- one at either eod of the atie male.
S ive yeur highb-back dresses. Until your arms "A small man can arge with
M atioa" fo I have regained their r fima= keemess without giving offense. He
Sen his "hate I hoose dresses with s h o rt or can easily win sympathy and sup-
M* e e i titlhree4uarter sleeves to eonceal port by simply remaining mod.
I lhtes et t at e. tem. ___ t."..


lDW. m0 Dier -

0 .

".. a.


I __ -



",I fa ..O-
da ,,d .^<^


J~.14,(: ..Ri 4 &L.

Box 5037,



. I.gloo's A Classroom In School i


/. ..mi 2-0740 -, O LA1... 900 0 0 O.".m4

Sbd Sept. -2 on Front Street be.
twoen and I St. from 9 p.m. on.
SAll women should leave their
r m mBe wIkn Mrs. eksels, No.
M*A Mar aita or at the
h, at their earliest conven.i-


Mr. and Mrs. Stephen A Sasala, of Cleveland, Ohio, have
announced the engagement and approaching marriage of
their daughter, ary Jane, to Mr. Joseph Messana of Detroit,
Michigan, sen of Mr. and Mrs. Frank Messana of the same-
1lty. : k ,
Miss Sassals, who resides in El Capgrejo, Panama City,
Is an administrative assistant in the Point 4 Civil Aviation
Office in Panama. Her flance Is serving with the United
States Air force at Albrook Air Force Base.
The maritge will be an event tember 28, when Prof. Alfredo de
of text Saturday and has been St. Malo, eminent violinist, and
set for 2 p.m. at Albrook AFB Hans Janowltz, noted pianist,
ChapeL: will appear in a benefit concert
under the auspices of Christ
Miss Sasala holds a commer- Church By-the-Sea.
e l, airll n pilot's. license. and is -
a member of The Ninety-Nines, These-artists have been recent-
In., aniaternatlonal association ly appearing in recitals on the
of women piots. Pacitic Side, and music' lovers on
Sthe' Atlantic Side are looking for-
SM uanw is a- graduate of ward to their appearance. They
WayneUnive'sity, in'Detroit, ald will repeat the program given by
Spcts to ,return there to work Prot. St. Malo at the Natonal
board a master's degree. A mu- Theatre in July, with an addition.
sccln, he is presently director of al group of piano selections to be
% ree-te ortohestra at Alibtok interpreted by Prof. Janowitz.
Proceeds frhm the oncert will
R be in aid Of the Christ Church
Christ ChoreBry-Sa Organ repair fund. The present
Plihs Concert On Sept. 28. organ, whlch was purchased from
The best that Panama has to England, has withstoood the.rig-
offer in the line of music will be Ior of the tropics foe over forty
presented at the Teatro Atlantlco years and is in need of an over-
in Colon on Tuesday evening, Sep- naul.

i Black Christ" Lecture
Scheduled At JWB-USO
ARTand COLORS! With the cooperation of t h'e
SDiablo Camera Club, Ithe US0-
A UMMI A1U VA ,JWB Armed Forces Service Cen-
AMA A er in Balboa will hold an illus
P D T treated slide lecture on Moeday;
SOON PRESIDENT t 7:30 p.m. This lecture willbe
1 presented e by- Fred'Busch who will
show colored pictures of Porto
Belo and the "Festival of the
1 Black Christ," which is held each
;year in October.

Military personnel and their
families and the public of the Re-
pblic of Panama and the Canal
ne are cordially invited to at-
i U _--wA. 0 .1Rn k*- 2

lose yur shirt

on wrong



By UiteJd P

TI Year The Yankees Lout The
amnt, by Douglass Wallop.
(1orton): The way Wallop tells ,
the Bronx Bombers' fleag-snatch-
I streak ontlnued unbroken un.
tni"U8, when the devil teamed up
with the Washington Senators.
Joe Boyd was just a middle-aged
real estate salesman, with no more
than a spectator's interest In base-
ball, until be sold his soul to the
devl on'sa contingent basis. Then
he suddenly found himself trans-
formed into Joe Hardy, an out-
fielder for the Senators and one of
the hottest hitters in the history of
the. game.
Internal intervention made 1958
a season for the books hard on
the -Yankees, hard on the double-
Joe hero of the story, and in the
end hard on the devil himself. But
it was a great year for the Sena-
Wallop, who is described by his
publishers as "that most forlorn
of men, a fan of the Washington
American League baseball team,"
has parlayed a dream of glory into
a rteamlned version of the Faust
le gnd-a fast-paced fantasy that
should delight any fan who ever
fancied himself an overnight sen-
sation on the diamond...
Lt. Col. Anthony Deane-Drum-
moond in Return Ticket (Lippin.
cott) adds his bold adventures to
the growing list of escape stories
written about the Second World
Deane-Drummond was a para-
troop officer who dropped into
Italy to blow up a bridge. The plan
caied or the party to make its
way to the coast to be picked up
by a submarine. Instead the party
was captured.
Deane-Drummond made his first
escape from an Italian prison and
reached the Swiss border only to
be captured. The second time he
escaped from a hospital, reached
Switzerland and crossed then oc-
cupied France to the sea where
he boarded a boat for England.
That was not the end of his ad-
veture foar 1 dropped in. the ill-
fate&sttc on ArnmeM and again
was captured. Though taken pris-
oier he hid for 13 days and nights
in-a cupboard within inches of the
Germa and made another, dar-
ing escae to his lines.
Return Ticket Is exciting enough
and Deane-Drummond undoubted-
ly was a at of indemitable spirit,
but the bo suffer in copari-
son with schste es as Men of
Colditz and tbh Trjan Horse which
dealt in agree detail-with the
group efforts wic made escapes
possible .... f.
fThe Dream of Albert Einstein,
by Antonin Valentn(Doubleday)
is a biography of the man who by
thought alone "unlocked a door of
the universe" and- caused a new
age to be born. Here is Einstein
the incomprehes.ble, &he dreamer
the realist shown with such clarity
and ease of opsoslition that ids
story unfolds like a novel.
Miss Vallentin has been a ebse
friend of the stens foA.years.
Her first-hand knowledge and her
skill as a biographer predude an
intimate portral tof the genius and

There is a four-day classroom
n.ataid. navigation In
enal hygiene,
s A on how to
In summer there Is an 11-day
course in woodcraft, fishing and
nhutta n4 the mang oh fres
in weather,
Jasper National Park nar id-
mOton, Alberta.. .
In Winter the course goes out-
doors in tents at Haren, 150
mites west of Umnon on, where
the same th are, taught un-
der M*hiW
Thenthere 1 a week at Cam-
bridge Bay on Victoria sand
0 mles north of the ArctClr-
le on how to livein 5 below
se tempeture.
The airmen who take the
courses carry nothing with them
except the emeoency equipment
now stand4ad ineae Canadian
fighter a nisraft. It weighs less
than 0' pounds and includes a
one-man ding a rifle that
folds u to nto a 14-Inch
space% W-way battery-operated
radio, and other necessities to
snare fish, notify searchingrdr AVING AN ICE 'tIME: Lt. J. C. Keane, USAF (left) of Chic
least 14 days, and t a t ,fo wkns e and- lt. 8; V. McKeagae, RCAP of Ottawa work together on
with which to build an ice gloo. walls of their igloo during .course In Arctic survival
The airmen are tan ht by Es-
kimOs how to build their bwn where up to 70 inches thick. ole but requires constant
Iloos--and then they live inI When A .net is.uqed, two holes intention in-the biting Arctic wi
em fowr a.week. They are have to be hacked out and the And for summer fishing the
taught how to fish in the Arctic 'net threaded under the ice with ien learn how to jigg for t
in winter time, which involves a stick. The- more conventional with a piece of .red flannel
chopping a hole through Ice any- fish-hook style uses only one bacon rind as bait.

a. Ir .I


f Forshining
brass and copperware

Bowling Over The Ryal I

NEA Speial Corrspondent
LONDON -- (NA) The life
of a Bucklngham Palace a*rd
Isn't all It's cracked up to be
If he isn't saluting Americans b)
mistake, he's being bitted by the
Queen's dogs, or falling on his
lace In a faint.
Take the Americans, for in-
stance. All an American tourist
has to do to cop a free salute
from the Royal Horse Guards -
they're the ones who wear the
scarlet tunics and the plumed
silver helmets is to wear a
bowler bat and carry a rolled
The reason: Junior officers
have complained that when they
-11raorum honmt

ma3 Sae oeept. I i; -- Wal across me pUarU
nnua rummage sale of the m" '... in civilian clothes the -
rch of Our Savior will b e Frm 1900 to her death last to salute them.
month at 91, France's legendary Consequently, the oR
.. fiction writer, Colette, produced n tdr ,uh .a....s
al U fEml II dt r some^- forty major works. Her biog- uards hav ordes,
l I ... Margaret Cro.and. sy anything that moves
S. B I GIIa a V L "She w8o 1a her. Cokl quickly, "bowler and carrying aI
iln because each time she wanted the .. .b... c
I m"money they would bring." When it I The bowler, Of coura
Became fashionable to w rit. e abou rented, but it is well t,
unpleasant peo Colette was not her that a b se Is pn'
able to follow fashion but this whichh in any cse t
failure did not detract iom her darby" lin ngland, at
Ion Auxiliary popularity A ca n to horse-race not he
to Tuesday Sidoflie-Gabtiele Colette chiefly t ak a 1
serican Legion Auxiliary through her "Gigl," a short novel Anyway, It lakes a In
* No. 1 will hold its regular made into a successful Broadway tore postcard to send tc
thly meeting on Tuesday at play, and "Julie de Carneilban," at home: "Joe k oes,A
Sp.m., I~ the American IA- both published in English in pock- taking the teat
Club, Ft. Amador. There et-size editions. Now Jfor the first ham."
be a social hour and refresh- time, there is an English language .. .t .t
Lt. book about the fabulous French What ke to
writer. Colette, A Provincial in is not0so much a sal
nea's Auxiliary At Paris (British Book Centre) is a technicolor production
"b of Our aveaor warmly human book that probably that leaves the air.
at EMteeti will lead American readers to de- .dust and the tourist
he regular monthly meeting mand more English translations of shaken. Here's how it
Women's Auxdiary of the; her books.... e giaardsme,, lits
uh of Our Sarlour will The buardantt
I on Wednesday at at Sebastian Snow, at the age of from his shoulder and
church. Mrs. R. L. Thomas 21, spent two months with meteo- forward. Up goes his
be hosted for this month. rological instruments in the Andes
_and then set out alone to follow,
Iahal-Margarlta the Amazon from its source 0 its 1_, n_,
s Cemai MeetIng mouth-3,500 dangerous miles.
e Crtstobal-Margarita Civic The young Englishman tells the
cll will meet tomorrow eve- story of his trip n My Amazon
Sat 7:30 pim. at the Margari- Adventure (Crown), from his an-
oer ae Centter swearing an advertisement in The
emoI (London) Times to his playing liPANAMA AM
'7_______ chess in Pars, Brazfl, with three
Austrian girl-wrestlers after his
S Pl Ure ,hazardous-,and oft humorous- l _
54 Qflac Unine-month journey....
ra t dace wiot c. sH. aia makers, -

roay CA ase Wo d".ffiw
Oa for Pi-rechool yer t b out u s o
kidmo *nand Chiyen oght y e-
wi (ie fmaps an Th ioar ag

dISTER n re e .It b a ook am-
med91CK wiwh maps I) n a,^ ^ e nd facts ___________
108 tm Seote 13 ve place iPa the world
fai Babe Il aeart ge m- g A very credita-
I alboa 1151

uards fail

to come crashing down again, as
though stompiW"- snake
But the gUa. are getting
wwis, Nomw- the. look for a Guards
necktie betoI'e saluting. Also it
helps If one carries a rolled copy
of TheThipme under one's arm.
Weeding out Americans Is the
least of a guardsman's worries.
There aire the Queen's corgis, for
example. A cOrki is a small dog
with a face like a fox, a rump
like a guinea :tfowl and sharp
teeth, as -yearold Alfr e d
Edge, a. Grenadier Guard, can
Alfred w as- ting for his re-
lief at Buckingham Palace re-,
eently when Susan, the eldest of
the Queen's three corgit, was let
out for her morning run.
Seeing his relief approach, Al-
fred did a smart slope S. But
Susan, who was ess and
consequently not rp c t I n g
much In the Way 'a greetin,
ws startled p" sank
her teeth into ankle.
ollo old guard's cus-
tom, Alalsted the impulse
to kfe the cgi and stood his
ground thout .wincing.
Back at the barracks. Alfred's
coiEfl4n officer was coy. "It
w t, bite really," the major
4xplv ind to reporters, "rather
Im of a playful nip." A Buck-
inminam Pace spokesman a-

Horse GuardsI

greed that "bite is rather a lrge'
word to apply I
dog." t1o Suchasmll
Well. was It a teeth marks,
says Alfred, rolling up his trous-
ers to show the scars.
Not all guardsmen stand their
ground as well as Alfred. In fact,
a Buckingham P tlahe ceremony
Li hardly complete without at
least one gutaotman fainting.
They fall easily and in pairs'
backward 'and forwards, but
usually "at attention" with their
rifles h t their sides.
Rosy-cheeked, six-f o o t Lt.
Rlphard Totham, of the Cold-
atream Guards they're the
iOnes who wear the bear-skin
shakos got 28 days confine-
ment to barracks recently for
falling on his face during a re-
hearsal for Troopnig the Color.
For, technically, It's a punish-
able offense to faint on parade.
A. guardsman is supposed to
know Jp advance if hle is likely
to be overcome. "He may then
indulge Ip the somewhat un-
usual military practice of suck-
ing barley sugar in the ranks,
or wobbling on his- toes. .
But sugar cubeo- and toe wob-
bles are no cure for dog-bites
and Americans In bowlers. The
scarlet tunic hides a heart filled
with anguish -these days. The
head that wears the bearskin
is an uneasy one, Indeed,

American, ...

Ruled with
smeehat Will remain open for the Season till
goes: September 31st and invites
his sword
thf i last week's visitors.
right leg
- The Management.

- -,--- ~---I,- -~..- ------. _~e ----.-----;-. ,~ -

tonight-totnior w
your hair will r
sunshine bWight


o04 worth of g

fo nly 0.49

./ at the t,



S. .



pes prtures. beer av 7 1-L op lowew tn h
esIral plateau.
|The Lowest Rey
froms Penama...


Iou tas travel tek e OA.JL "
CoMta OleU and the fly dires to .
MIAMI with omjy one sht stopover
ina Managusa ad mvana.

Coast Paa Amerikan WmUe A
w f aa y Travel AgtaL



a .or a.r
to HAVANA .'
/ !8548

- .-v,

Ruddy Yanks With Bowlers, Brollies

d II v

I __^________swim__________ __ __ _

9 ",1 "

- r" ',W"IN

s A.

"Of %thexi

-1 -


IDR ,n



mt1Sitao3s BA, anada..-
<6 *044e a
atop fsom one of ah "wr d'1
most complicated mactda
the primitive rld of survival
=one word's most islated,
unnhaed d dsolate areas.
Because more and more air-
craft a flyig over the orth-
emr wastes, every pilot d air-
crew member of the oyl Cana-
dian Air Force la being taught
how to live in the far north. A
growing number of United States
Air Force pilots, navgators and
radt offlders are also taking the
RCAF aWrvilval courses.
It no eS M classroom course.
Spokesmen for the RCAF point
out that "copdltlons facing a
cret'w tead dbWn in the Cana-
dian Faaor ar Aretie would
Il be severe, and the school
operate o.te pr le of dup-
mcathug adi eirgcumances .
nead nnfr adwcott E. Alex.
d. of .OVNcmar, a former
memrbe of the Ryal Canadian
Mouflted. POice whio heads the
school, says "you have to know
how to make the North work for
you, Sad all the courage and de.
termination In the world won't
help you unless you have that




GOING.TQ SCHOOL WITH A NET: Arctic survival qtvdenta at an outdoor classroom on i amyi,
bridge Bay. nerhtern Canada, ha'l in their dinner-a trio of big brook tiout-nette Uo I
holes .i seven-foot ice. There UBAF and RCAF ferd learning how to stay alive in oae a.h a ofB ,.
irf the am o lakor i tv

where the pilot comes downo he
Is armed with a cookbook which
tells him how to prepare edlble
dishes from plant life and ani-
mals found in the ArctiC.
The reeipe are not for the fas-
Udioua, but they will keep a per-
son alive on dishes cooked up
from bats, snakes, mice and sea
cucumbers, as well as lichen, sea-

Ssi.oAy. ra* I., Ia

"k Ao Mmuu
-lt "^ti4-"werdu.

** : -.. ._ -- i Lr


p uIS PZZCIAIO t Street Nt
UOR*S0N Julr Ave. & J
iroO DOUiT
just Agpseme Av av d L 3 t3


Cental Ave. 149

SNo. 3tttw YlaaM
S fourth et u17y Ave.

H Stret I&o. a


.FOR LE-- 60-cycle Bendix auto-
AleI. Phone 24371.
FOR SALE:-Admirol refrigerator, 9
cu. ft.; new Kenmore gas stove,
reasonable price. 5344-9. Rainbow
Tel. -1l%
ALV -2 dWlrefrio Ir or,
od condition. 83.4223; -A
Crndu Heightls.
SP'A Or-e9 r12 Aminsater
t hene, -3Sg4. .
ll. S le wih t parlor
Ie lbray ta" *17.150;
I Ofier-dining tl l
12,s11a Phone ad 2- 5P
0461-Reftiflator. 9-ft.;.va.-
,'^ it e ; ,1ll matttss,' two
.singt prlpW 1 es; lamps; two.1
Squndr 11 !584-.
LE-60 Thor auromoa -
lotion S12; vaeow maple
*tq se with c9hno closet $50.

F E-Mahogarv Itvitgroom
* > .3)-piece~l $70; Friga it.. 6-
il, $60. 603-,.fort

F L.\ ry hpndsome oldi
Splate tqs service compoS.
.:th .fWl pieces: 30-1trc
Irttqy orr feet, 2-quart
T. coffee potr. su
a-Keme. Waste bowl,. wates
r design. Reas-
11-44 B Parsons St.,

i. P'ilico refrger-
7 9 t t condition.
h 2-3065 Sun-
ora 21mworkinga hours.

Navy 3812.

FOR SALE-- '52 Chevrolet Deluxe
Club, Coupe, undercooted and seat
covers. $1250. 5965-B, Sith Pf.,
Difblo. Phone 2-3026.
FOR SALE:-1952 Morris "Oxford,"
excellent condition, duty paid, full
coverage insurance. P a omo .3-
4050. ;
FOR SALE:- Leaving country, 1951
Packard. low mileage, duty paid,
'r-dic, fan, GOODRJh subetess
.ttres.. ,Pr $1 .200 ICZA &
CO., 1, Justo Aroseimao Ave.
mFOR ALE:- theap, ahllA Olds-
mobIle-8 sedan, con ttvely ovt-
'hoaed, duty jaid. 00.O:; Le v-
ing Isthmrus, Rousseau 8sA. XRhone
RbdiMan 3rT69.' -
FOR SALE:-1949 Ford V4'2-door
blue sedan, engine, 'bodY andv ytes
In Good condition. Price 55 or
best offer. Call 2-3185 after'5 pm.
FOR $SALE:-'49 KoyOser in d con-
dition. Bargain, $390. To see: 801-
boa. Commissary I toxi 'Sfarid)

Regat rtate
FOR SALE:-ln Soto Cloro, 2 hoys-
es 2 bedroom-l tiled floors, good
furniture, Rockgas stoves onl ice
boqLs. ee Keenan at Sento Clara.
1 I (Spalth COequal
hu t Spanish c me for English
sm sdaudents freo September 14
to r 21. Classes on Tuesday,
W ay and Theisadv. Beginners
frem v t.o 0six. I tereddlate ornm
six to s Advancel brn seven to
eight. fanoh elseedl *"Md.

Btoat Motorg
FOR SALE: 34-W. tabm' Cruiser,
fully equipped. Phone 84-3244.


v. Agelt ow

34,m r Ae


GET THEM while they last, at EL
CORTE INGLES' Annual Sale! Com-
plate suits from $4.95; Ponts from
$2. All guarorted, LOW prices on
credit terms. Just say "Chalif It."
tral Avenue.
announces the appointment 'of two
new Distsict Dentists in the Gotun
Dental Of fi ce, Gotun Dispensary
building. The new associates are: Dr.
Melchor Sayoc, who holds degrees, in
the University of the Philippines ohd
San Francisco State College; Dr. Rich,
ord de Castro, graduate of the Uni-
versity of Pennsylvania. Office hours
ore 8 a.m. to 3 p.m. daily except


FOR SALE: Upright pibo, good
condition, $75. Call 6-196.

FOR SALE:-Boiler, "Power.Master,"
15 horse power, automatic. Suitable
for laundry or dry cleaner. Panama

FOR SALE: 2-year-old pony, spe-
cially troined for children, with sad-
dle. Phone 3-4156.
FOR SALE:-Singer console, electric,
practically new, $150; Domestic
1950 cabinet $90; Sewmor Zig-
Zog, new, unuseJ, Hollywood cabi-
net $180; Pfaff, new. unused
Necchi Distributors, 18 Central
Avenue, across from the National
City Bank, next to the Lottery

Sealed bids, for opening in public, will
be received until 10:30 a.m., Septem-
ber 21, 1954, in the office of Super-
intendent of Storehouses, Balboa, for
Aluminum Angle, Water Cooler, Rock
Crusher, Wall Fountains, Flatwork
Ironer, Hoists, Lift Truck, Vegetable
Peeling, Carbonating. Dishwashing,
Gasket. Bolt Cutting, Tinsmith, Valve
Refacing Machines, Stock Pots, Shear,
Motors, Lown Mower, Paint, Pumps
and Parts, Tractor, Circular Saws,
Gate Valves, Water Meter Parts,
Pneumatic Wrenches, Hand Compto-
meter, and Calculator, located at Sec-
tidftI ,'".olbooS tr-houw..telephone
2-2720.. Invitation No. 118 may be
obtained from the' above source, or
from office 7 tf hperintendent of
Storehouses., tetphe 2-1815..

FOR SALE:- "Royal"'student tvoe-
writer, reconditioned, needs top for
case, $12; deep sea diving helmet,
pump,; hose, good $12; RCA-Apex
ironer, hardly used, oorts missing,
25-ccle, chep,$5. Phone 2-4455.

Smak usng

Unils Turned

In Big Ones *

FRAI -eal-lhn pla~ a part In the artltie "work" of 2-
SW*-.* Christine 9 e right, as slater BW4et4, .oblIginlly
IO hr trao & .. I tw B Artist
. aa SHe t thin ay tota, Od- O te x
S England, carnival week.

i vie i. pri te mabe w
eS Ti a.V p.oaa ,.
Ss s- ... .. -. .
". .

^ ". \ *: "^''-M..* -

'CHICAGO -(UP)- Several pub.
Ie housing authorities have adopt-
ed the practice of turning tvwo
'-" rts into one jig one to
provide for large families.

'-Acording to the National Asso-
tion .of Housing, and 4 qyet pr
ment Offielils, the e*xediet has
I'- ,,,eA b,, housing authorities
at Detroit, Youngstown, 0., and
micago at costs of as little as $80
and no more than $600 per dwell-
ing for the necessary remodeling.
All three authorities are merging
units in projects that were built
either under the Public Works Ad-
ministration program or the hous-
ing act of 1037. One reason for the
Large proportion of small lnits bui
then i- that the 1937 act set limits
on unit costs rather than on room

Panam And All
Latin Amaert&
Rodriguez Drug Store
No. 15 J Street.



lessaly. Thereb a
Dr. 8choU AD-
\Dance. Arch Sup-
Mart or Remedy
for most every
c Common foot
Oritop. National
Jlso Areeemea a
TeL. 3-2217

143 Cotral Ave.

S J. Yo. de la aOm Ave. No. 41


Spend your Vacation in Volcan in
where you can go 0 rlqij& fishing,
hunting and enjoy nlcr climate.
Hotel Julian provides you clean rooms
and good meals. Arrangements can
made.-Write for reservat
JULIAN, Hoto, VolI
Under American
FOSTER'S COTTAGES. .fT mlie lp t
Santo Clara. Low rates, Phone
Balboo 2-1866.
GRAMLICH'S Santa Clars, ach Cot-
toges..modern con Wiedul, snod"
erate'rates. Phone 6-41 or 4-567.
Plmpe. Oceanalid ott
Clar. Santo 45 f
Panamrr 3-1877.C*

b1dr6om. Phone Balba 43050.
GINEI.L LISS' Santao Clara.
House. Overlooks ocpan ...surrounded
by. dhade trees.. .private stps to
beach (2-min. walk Gas ratgeW'&
refrigerator....o ccommadotes 8.
Shaded playground with barbecue.,
inlg-png, badminton,
quet, punting green, horse h letc.
SCall Navy 3812'.

By renting a cottage at Sonto CNira
Beech, from the' 20th of Seombr,
thru the 30th of September, *ill
be contributing the ehtirE, ilntI to
th. Mission St. Clare's Buildng fwnd,
a"d will enable the Eplscoppl Ch
to start' building the mission this dry
'These beautiful cottages owned re-
spectively by Mr. Williams, Miss iisns,
Mr. & Mrs. Farr and Mr. Shropnell
have generously been offered oa an
incentive to help build their Church.
The cottages have practically all
modem conveniences. Rent one for a
week or week-end. The prices vary
from $42.50 for the week to $21.25
for the week-end.
Call either Miss Genell Bliss 25-3812,
or Mr. Williams 2-3050, or
r Baldwin 2-1715.

FOR RENT:-Cholet in the old en.
trance to the Gol Club (Corras-
quillo): Living and diningroom, 2
bedrooms, I studio which can be
converted ,into bedroom, I a rg *
kitchen, porch and spacious yard.
Reasonable price. Inquire phone 3-
4364, Panama.
t-OR RhNT:"-Attroctive -beaoroomn,
2-bathroom house, completely fur-
nished, for one month, Sept. 15 to.
Oct. 15. Also large patio and bar-
becue. Phone 3-1027.

FOR RENT: Two-bedroom chalet,
31st Street No. 24. Phone 3-3084.
FOR RENT:-Modem chalet, 2 qd -
rooms, ftiorfs room, hot water"ini.
stollotion. properly screened vnd
centiioted. gdod view Panama Gif
Club, $90 tionthly. Miguel jt ;
Phone 3-4544.


ATTrnTION just built modem
fubrished wl hnctwsh,, tone, two
bedroom, ctld' wte:. -Tel.
ePhonts f4i ,l4941.

FOR RENtf .aed r unfurp iah
ed 2 & 4-bedroom aportmentsr
Co n ta c t Alhambro Alpqrtments,
10 t Street.. Phone 1386, Colon.

FOR RENT: Modem two-bedroom
aportment, S1 t Street No. 42. Un-
furnished. Fpr further details call
Zublda: 3-1802. 3-3337.
FOR RENT:W-Col vocation quarters,
furnMshed, 2 bedrooms. New Cristo-
bl., Ot. ..1-Jan. I. Coall 3-2897.1

FOR RENT:- I-bqdr.o apartment,
new. No. 96, Via B alfio Porras &
18th Street, Sorn Francisco. Phone

FOR REiT:--To couple: Cool apart-
ment with omrace close to 4totel El


Ask your Dealer for
the ,New Widwood Glue
... re

for Home or Industry
Sets. in Minutes
Bonds like Magic
Packed In Handy Tubes
Ready to Use on
Wood, Paper, Cloth

eo.0 F. Novey, Inc.
Central Ave. 279

LeaRn. alom Diancing
t E Pa-l ama Hotel
SStUdio. We will be
maci froms Aur. 20,
.to Oct. 1.
n s w bfl a booek the
In Paso D*bble*. Matbo Ona-
rachaa that new dance
M Cha Cha .

On. A. ad 3. OXILLAC
(P r Ottsduates)
-12 d 3 -6 p.m.
a turay: 8 12 noon.
l Pe)r Aemue Tel. 3-130S
(1 block from Lux TheatreI

Packer, Shsr,
TelK.: 2-2562 2-2451

We print *II kinds at Sport Shirts
and Dadges Sigu.
Colon fast.
Oxceetlt UwC eeu t Wetk
15 St. Est, Ne. Tel. 2-47

Sports Briefs


Dates selected (or Tay off
potpne games, ap ced
byLeBague ,Pescit an
Giles, Includp 'tat
P rgh, Ai xd
for the night o'3,
and Mblwaukee. at.i l a
August 5, to be p.l rt
of a doubleheader 12.

Pthst thinking by Cole
played a majol part t Pi-
-ates' 2 to 1 win ove'lt h
nals, August 26. With h_
runners on first and IecondL I
the sixth inning, Jerry Lynch
an led to right field. Btan Mu-
sala8 throw to field J.tan Mu-
atehapt to nip Frank ap-
peared to be ahead of the run-
ner but Cole, from the .am-dck
circle, shouted to Joe Cunning-
ham, "Cut it off." At the same
time, Catcher Bill Sarpl was ye-X
iug for Cunninghant, letI e
throw come on, but roe Roedbi
first sacker heard Cole first A d1
cut off the toss and Thomas
crossed the plate with what prov-
ed to be the deciding run.

Panama.. Large 2-door G.E. refrpl
gerator for sale $90. Call 83-2197 When the Braves tagged Carl
or 82-2285 during working hours. Erklne for two homers, An-
FOR RENT: Two-bedroom apart- Igoat 30, they raised to 2 the
ment, 2 baths, maid's room, go-I number of gopher balls served
rage. Bella Vista. 44th Street No. by the Brooklyn rightUaMde
-32, Apt. 4. Phone 3-0815. this season. Last year, Cad
tagged for only a2 rouid-trip-
FOR RENT:-Beu tiful two-bedroom pers.
apartment, Bella Vista, large hol- _
cony, very cool, $90. Call 3-0934.

FOR RENT: Two-bedroom oport-
ment,' livingroom, porch, dining-
room, garage. "Hisponia," Colle
Colombia, 3. Screened.

FOR RENT:-Furnished one and two-
bedroom apartments with refrigera-
tor. Federico Boyd No. 1, Phone

FOR RENT:-Spocious oportment, 2
bedrooms. No. 69 Mexico Avenue,4
$85. Can be seen from 9:00-12:00
noon only.

FOR SALE: English moto-cycle,
"Norton." LevLna lithtmus. Apply
4gth Stret No. ;7.

Wanted Position

SECREtARY, exeeOencAd, wants extra
work night* and we e* Phone
25-2486 Ma or wte Ba t 5?4,
Blbooa. _

*a9-- J

WANTED-- Two-bkebom houe or
cholot n -El ia Saf wi*4
cisco. with omple ece. Pa a

The Reds pulled an unusual
triple play against the Pirates,
August 27, with each of the outs
being chalked up on a force pla.
With Fran Thoma on second
base and d Gordon on first lf
the sixth inning, Bobby Adams.
fielded Jack Shepard's smash,
stepped on third and threw to
Johnny Temple, who touched
second and fired to Ted luasxa-
aki at first to nip the batter.

Man's Skull
Repaired After
24-Year Wait

POW .AD, Me. -<(P)-- Os.
ear SIltk bad to want al sot
quarir od a century ohr medical
advanc~iefore he could have an

Sa0 h ad a sevea-lbfive-leh
hoe hi sll for 4 year. The
hole as so la that a piece a

ftd ts. a rare sugi-

ways Ramip foreman F. H. Cover, 01-
aa they opepare to load this monari
national A rt. The owner of the
Paid $2,897.55 to carry the 1,600 pou
ml to Cochabamba. Bolivia. He said'

-' That's ~wi p ea Pn American Ww'M Ar,:
d, and fItht ervicemAn AnthOny Vfeatusleg e4'
oI dt one t Jna .bnagge at Miml M tPI.~l-Jhteob -
, BolivAn. mereuant ruel Oaka. 8szymB mm ,
acu baggage with him on his light from" M N i.
inks ioort4ined clothitn samples. '


($179) waMan increase of $70 aboV. the 2952 A4; fs
Ita Income In the eight regions of 9 b U. S. during 1952
In the central tate with a rise of Illper individual.,
a decline.o $14 per pA


,s s.aurti ras
WI the per cap-


An Indian warr isr tlung roi a cf as part of the ctacohrI"Totem TVn-lin" number,
of "ROSE MARIE" MO first Ctnetai&coe musical, c A he BELLA. V B3A Theatre on
Tuesday. In the insert Ann Bi~yth and FernandoLamas print f tie musaol ronance takln
place against a background of the Northwest Mouited Police. 't stared in the film version o
the famed operetta are Howard Keel, as a Mounti&, Bert Lahr and Marjorie Main. The lavish pc-
ture was.filmed In olor at Jasper Park, Alberta, Canada, against the -gandeur 'oftheme
Rockies, and at Mammoth, tke, California against a background of the High Sierras. It was di
reacted by Mervyn LeRoy with the book and lyrics by Otto A. Haibach and Oscar H.umerstel
., and the music by Rudolf JipUl and Herbert 8tothart.. Adt
II -----I I---,ili- ll ----.--- I-.-- -IIII '. J JI ,




.4 ~ -A,.

.. ....
,~ -

P MONT.( ) N

r^-r-J, kL.
WH/ coiO ? -.'-

AM. N.M.

I I ..


,, ~. ; II I- ; -- -T














- I

I ,

".N p,,-,.


I I= --. Al



R he, .5.,_ ._.. 1 p.m.
a' 'o .. so JOT VES OF

c 4.! hS- -w---- U -

... .* l Fs
I r0 s *. ... .. rd J P

-- .err S m, t p aa A sA.L --ll i .ulk r
ash WesiA fgZdt"LAV AN-A IM

__ ad acdreS -h ace-
8 K ntsa lor gbuur-b -one -oru ormanA T, rt
Ai W &u In some .Yom-.,w oa rtdar se n-e SVo VICTORIOUS, NV
dOamt-a ein lty WearI DEtATED--Tayl CaldweU"

igAst? theae un C*op t tPaI re i OAL sBox Frances
I t ifMr &Npuor n tl gt
courseeSattf l s reguw r "NEVER VICTORIOUS, NEVR
roy a9",,r witth DEFEATED-Tayor Caldwell-

OS'Was, iA% annual iinulmer -onN
w~r. in>Uat Ws woa ark f wcI a ttrfldJIttC aI TEo E HM WLLERE Harriette,
5 fl0456 theatr*Ar toe bum of Aic a W

.. Or so say some of oP GILollo
WW9S"iinki a m taln beauty wi-l Bon b aeen im
'CArki"- ljd2Aw," a' withbleklic fol pirduded by 'United
Arytiig.'lhf stari with Irrol Wjrnn. I

ikeelstar SpaI J i 9. "1 lrtb
"or kit s 3re11,dutn lics e
I e t g a ls g rough..


' '.' 4


Fu.uF.. .-to"
S:N, 1:4, 9:6 p.m,
jiPA- 'T
li,,.mi :

your favorite StWr
Sft -- .

ECILIA Theatre
SMASH DOU BL .M &* 0.3
-Barry smUuVAN UnuAr ADLMR'

Vincent PRICE, in

trcrTOa 4
6.35 .15
Chmrltqn Beston, in
Jack Palanee
Joan Jlntaine, Ih
"Fiht To w"
Both In Tecfnion or!

4, 3 w. "

BarbaraStanswycr' .
IrlM-PT "
-.. y. m '*,.;

v II ---- .I "I.. "I""


That.e Fello w 'Sabaka

Of India Now Showig At
a- -0-

Bi Ffefa Tomug
Gene Wy Is regarded as a
pertfi tift, an untiring worker
and an outtan appraiser of
talent. N tOkU Ls Caron from
a ballet in Prance and made her
a film -star overnight In the Aca-
demy Award winnilg "An Ameri-
can in Paris." He thinks he has
another film find jn Ballerina
Claire Sombert, a lovely young
Parislenne whom he introduces in
"In vitation to the.Dance."
The film fortunes of Cyd Char-
isse Vera Ellen and pebble Rey-,
nolds also have so red af t e r
movie dances with him. His oth-
er .petiers aJve included such
gamorus girls as Rita Hayworth,
udy Garland, Esther Williams,
cille Ball, Kbthlyli Grayson and
gaoie er deoeda i't hesitate to
ick his favorite partner. "Fred
Astaire," be sayk,. without of-
fnding anybody. They did a
ene together in "Ziegfeld Fol-
lies and eyer since havformed
Hollywood's Number One mutual
admirajion society.

"Sabaka," an adventure story
,filmed in color against the magni.
ficent pageantry of India which
'provid es theb c pctaqo ao eating
f the film, is being- shown here
ths week-end t he Lu Theater.
Printed In Tefhnleolv, the pie.'
ture was filmed In southern India
with famous radio, producer Frank
Ferrin making his tibw~as produ-
cer, writer and-ditet rof this en-
Schaning screenply. T
Sa abaka," a 1nh.o Artists re-
lease, concerns a young mahout
(elepnant trainer) whO sets out to
brake iup a cult ofo fire-worship-
per$ after they ravt burned htise
sister and her husbind alive. He
is opposed by the Rajah's general,
who resents the young boy's inter.
ference in things military. The
isad through mang wise and un
usual use of his two pets, an ele-
phant and a tiger, which he runs
loose in the jungle, is able th
bring his, quarry to bay, and re-
turn to his master's good favor.
Ne___r__ _d__Bradw ~Newcomer to the screen, Nino
Marcel is cast as the boy, with
Lou Krugman as the Rajaih. Boris
Karloff plays the role of the gen-
it-t ickse ah di-Wb-4eral, Reginald 'Dnny, an Eng-
digging," eement-mlIdn, carpen- Ush resent and Victor Jory, a
try, crating warehouse boxes and member of the enemy cult.
rnn ti atol t p Spectacle plays an impressive
sthanaton dtoopu art in the stor
fKelly troughs school. Herwanted
to become a lawyer. when he en- see for the first time on the
tered the university of Pittsburgh. screen, secret H i f d u religious
He graduated favoring a dan- ceremonies, fight between a boy
ing career. By this time, he had and a leopard (the real thing, no
his own Seho 6l of DancingIr props or trick photography), a
Pittsburgh. It's still doing busi- Jungle fire and a wild animal
nes."stampede (which also was not
Two days after he- Arriied In staged or rehearsed, but caught
New York; he had' a 'Broadway in all its gorydetail by the color
Dancing role in "Ldave It To Me.-cameras). The score, reflecting
dAfter "One Fbr The Money" atT d the true mood of India, was corn-
'Time of Your Life," he was.posed by Daksnimurti.
starred in ',Pal Joey" and of.-
Sferl his M-G-M contract.
1 His idkes for dance routines
comeA o him at any. time. He was
of dancing with anirdted cartoon
figures first struck him.. When he >
gets hn Idea, he can't wait to go
t6 work on it. He sometimes es
wakes up at night with an idea
*for L routine.' But, rumor to the
contrary, his. feet aren't dancing
when he is asleep. I

HONOR CHILDRgN-The Sear Post Office will soon issue thesE1
stamps deptin th panting of children by famous artists. Left
to right: "Barn' ZEill von Mauclar," by Friedrich Dietvich;
'"Maria D Medlci." by Angelo Bronzinp. and "Child Eating
Watermelon." by Maurilo.-

CUESS WHAT?-Its color Is
red, it has a "n on its head
and resemble Satan. Actually
it's a tomato grown by Tenny-
son Freck, of Asheville, N. C.



at the



,& '9yf-i
" ~ ~ ~ ~ F i ; A .', '* r ; .>"***'


-------tA ------



Tw.o .mid trip tickets to Costa Rica.

c e .u r.dy-tet .c hems

.s .
ll .-, t. 4 Auicn r Ch.le

i mamman

,set 'a .Ato l,[ t rrigl. .
-I--' .-


'lkM g s C s "ril -'



Portable plastic Cooler and 12 ball point pens.



Table lamp.

6 Parker ball point Pens.

6ea. dressed, fresh chicken.

S00.twetter of credit oN a uew
S1M4 B1uck or Chevrolet.
0. of yme favorite Suaveld e creum.

/ Desk lamp.

ADMISSION 60 and 30c.

Iii I I___ __;-~--s ._~ _

20 ea. Electric irons.



12 take home packages of 7-up

I ea. Duyan lounge chair.

3 bottles Kings Ransom whiskey
3 bottles House of Lords whiskey.

$100.00 letter of credit.for your favorite
"ORECHA" Records.

2 .psses-eaci pass good for 2 perseas
for six mouths.

$60.00 IN CASH
Thr1 b the courtesy of the patros of
Lucky Tuesday at AUTO-CINE

590 Keogg's sugr ewe Pfps
A big "Halei" asserted basket.

3 ses of Beer.

- d4 -r

Wash & power glse-
complete "Robberized" underc6aP


A letter of credit for 3 bottles at

* EL EMPAL.ME.....
Two baskets diock-fall f aOtif .)-|ji_.


C R OW N.: O'kj
Three casms seda.

* 300 BARSAVA sl!

ON TIg -.R


. ,q. *'


*" iV

M W-F T".. L '1
iulli' -ll im ***-? *, **-*"~"

_ m __ _~_ ~_ll ~ n r_ ~ __ r -U- _

- ~ -.

I- Colofu- Ad A
.-Colorful Adventure F
"* ** '.C+t^S ^

--- -- --

.. '

-`' ~'~ -- .. I --r- -------





- --- --.--r~

-I --- ; -p~_l*; Is -eLLY~I~JL~~

; W.f '



i!, I- --



* L u.

.n51. -d
I i **IY ^




Alormina Gets Chance Indians Increase Gap; by

ToMakeUpFor Classic Magic Numbr Is '. JOE WILLIAMS
o -- -- By UNITED P*8M to a 3.1 vtory e the Ath- TS Waer 1 hUa
Reginald Douglas' classy sprinter Alormina today will NATIONAL LEAGUE AMERICAN LEAGUE ,r.s ondiat hook ...- de3o Ia .w t
et a chance to make up for his "tough break" last Mon- m Ne ork as vand 102 40 another gilant Mlp toward .the setuhpa D. Stone, who aI. rfe. Obyot thisisa m a .tter e th
-lay when his stirrup irons slipped at the start of the Labor Nw k ork 2 0 1 enothr bian te a CardStn too .a DSres. wis stoe rr "
lClassic. B'84e7 82r .5 8694ew Yo5k 9i46n674 i... A-e--rio, ,l .Ded
MPhidelphi 82 67 72 .482 20 o7o 893 747 ..0622 13 Red 80x, 3-0. while tile New York advantageof pitt sr As a matter of fact, it appear that on of thereasons Al-
The speedy son of Royal Phoenix Taormina's HopeCnenAti 6 7 .72 D8o't 82 79 A 0 s ta a- tivt tof a tt au ap
ill match strides with the horses which finished first, sec- t Lis .c3 'o 7 16 .4A 23, Ph e 8dthm O e43d o e o. ""
437 2 = IIIh Plr HI*t h C1 Up 3 lower
end third in the Classic Amorio, King's Prize and Piabugoh 49 .3 401yBaltimore 47 9 331 55di les l. Sl...t .. Piraaer a uaid n ga t f
Millionaire. op0M9I tly ajced worked. ten. ce. as wet l as the learning, to work with youn,
four pounds $.-t6 At their .A mCco "2he PhiladelphD i Phillles swept .kill..
.. be low. rzatoat returned $5.60 ndYork at Clevelad (2) morro at elanto an ex- a doubleheader r the ChcOMaley Inferentiallyte as much a a baseball
Cfo d $3Cicoat rho Cube 3-0 and -2. Herm therig last win r. en In answer to a question he aldS iI
..on is sated tol ST RACE Cinciaoti at Pitts rgh (2) Washington at DetIor, With two weeks Of the sea- kehmeilr allowed only two hits dont ow how "ton ins to do with old player. but I caI
den by Freddy Rose again. Alabarda$620, 320 240 Mlwaukee at Philadelphia (2) W remaling, C I e veland's In blankin the Cubs in the open- guarante you he'll get as uth out of a young players as any
ilas Aguirre wi have the leg upl-Albarda so $623.20, 2,60 M Louis at New Yorki aESTERDAY'S RESULTS magi n nuw stands at er, while ib Miller coasted to manager you can name."
rill o, King Flore a ll gudk3-eta-imo .d6A0 Boston 000 000 000-0 5~ 3 seven. Any Combination of an eas vic in the nightcap. -Loses $1,,4*,I Gamble.
wil.s Phandze and Luin Girao -Is-ONA RACE Cleveland 000 010 02x3 6 7 seven Cleveland vi tories or scattering t hits. Chicago This, i dentally, may or may not have been at about the
hande D4kk Millionaire .om-0 $18.40, 7.8 7.80 YESTERDAY'S RESULTS New York efeats will hand committed f errors in the ec- Maey shook a pair of metaphoral .dlce 00,000
I2- Matruh$10.60, 13. Parnell, Kinder (8) and Ow rthe Idi thennant. otdcgame.
T.e 2to4pweted Alormin car.d F3-orontDllo $5.80, St. LouL 212 020 000-7 80 White (8). Houtteman (153) o u e, ptn 0n Mntwiluy
SThe topweighted Alormina car First Double: (Alabarda- Pittsburgh 101 000 000-2 6 3 and Hegan. LP Parnell (2-5) .f the -finest games of his career, games, the I tw Ing ht s oe ed m ou hi o der p .yr,
iets 124bgotnd0 Am0rioD6 AtHoIRO)a a40. .. HRPa--nerte (14) ( 5set the Red 8ox down with fiveentertained Reds, and the The gamble O ey took was that he couldget Ae o
King's Prize 120 each and Da THIRD "RACE. Pohoky and Sarni. Pepper, r (its in leading Cleveland to its Braves were At Brooklyn. Orl- year Snd one more pennant out of them. Unless thereas a redy-
llonaTr, 11. st i-achaln 520 4 220 Law (6) and Atwell. Washington 000 300 000-3 4 0 102nd v.tory of the campaign. finally scheduled as day games, Mix. instant miracle in the offing, it looks as If he lot
te t handi change. m 6htone r-auain 2 $0, 2.20 Baltimore 000 000 000-0 5 2 h le Indians, meanwhile, got on- both contests were postponed It will serve no point at this dat to name the played or
ta e r 1 t na t 3-Don Orau $p2.20 F GameStone (11-8) and Fits Gerald. I s hits off the combined until dusk because ofrain, oIdentiy the club, but the offer was 100 percent enuine and the
S However, there One-Two (acalNacho) (First Game) Laren (3-19) and Courtney. iants of e1 Parnell and Ellisr _owner who made it would not .have had to worry over where
n i n t," Chiladgo 00 0 00x0-0 a 0 a iner y his next seagoing yacht was coming from .
h tht the eougB $11.40 Cei)o s 2 (natd .orny tidr -Yws
S' arp as h as one l $10, 5.60, 3.20 Davis, Cole (1) and Fannihg. Detroit 01 00 il 00 -2 134 0 .whte Box rallied te TO UIT, ROBINSON ds. Iust po le.howeer that ia 0)a-- lsat
Prize and A rio, both 2-Villa real $17. 0, 6.20 Wehmeiter and Lopata. Fricano (5-11) and Astroth. league-leaders a it u in in lay-offs for he or seven years, and O' aey hadw
e e a Aoof 3-atrena $4 Garver (14-9) and House.. the ei of ever Kinder on mories of how tIse four veterans ha helped make irklyn
S oa" er Alyint wll surely 3--Blscay : e3.20 l r .a sin by Ji He oan, a sacri- (Reprinted fromlncna te Spoting the most co tly feared team in the league
ers t ts e fed Whe tner m eu ol ooer. (10 aIn llnnp) fic are o errors an rrasdoublended to retws) This s nof toreuy.fromrdbeo theedt et e Is nosay
not tore pla i Millionaire hes ea 6 .0 (Second Game) New York 202 000 100 0-5 9 1 Al Rosen. about the Iris h, o f onr one. 'atl y either hive loft hearts

Cilnd A sOs" i mo let s0 e 2ro--o. FuFT a 4..2 ,40, .20.Pollet... (R ,- 19). 1 0 0a01 sore0 2te w-1nrio g runato tie 40 LANS TO QUIT, on payINSON or soft heads. iy t is just pos ble, how ess the mana il uta -
a fealtrhas all esirmarks uey-Black Gold 1%3, 2.80 Philadelphia 000 102 41x-8 12 0 Liopat, Konstanty ( and ninth on f thsir game and Jackie Robiso denied h emotions heri arnsghehalo counting the rate for Brookl$k third
t hrill dAlrmin willesurely SIXTI RACE eBerra. Harshman, Johnson (7). then*won it the 10th ont Cincinnati, AutA 2k that he straight fhRo7pnMnshp
11b (10)hipnd-S.oofrScon e 8.-0.Po.60utsinlebyllereme-9 ) and L opar.LP- 8)n oP n out single by Chico u Carr uo' Intendibdtoetrtthe close ofoh.
I able to hold s f ftto's be1-. Of Scone $8.40. 3.60, 3.20 MIller (7-9) and Lopata. LP (1 ). LP Konstanty (1*). HR off Jim Konstanty. Pitcher Bob the current season. "I definitely danger of an club owner creating similar com)1lcaton this
ad Amtorlo is left to be 2-Anothe $ Fulmar *4.80, 3 Pollet (8-9). rra (19). Cain scored the winning run aft, intend to ke on Iayin.," said Year. O'Ma`le insists he will not dlschss the pral situ.-
SSEV 3-Flam THro ACE er he was inserted as a pinch the Dodger aeri-outfielder. tion, deals or trades until the season Is over. which i, of curse,
.EV. I rSE-NTo RACE $ 3 runner for catcher Sherm Lollar, 'I realize my Indebtedness to the time enough. But there can be no possible mystery as to hs
Sthe r piective humding. 1-Charlier $3.20 3 U f t who had opened the Inning with game. It's been good to me and I problm andwhat he has got to doabout t. The Bum must
i- nc"ivded on the card. 2-.-E tersun $3 (e0) .o IrCO? a BelfsIfS a double want to keep on playing as long be rebuilt. Youngsters must be brought In. Most of the ldsters
St5Srsv's ninth race prodfe- Scn-Cr Deible: YStonc Of yogi Berra drove in four runs as I can. However, if I find out I have gone as far as they can. An era has come to an end.
t m ing ret bent se of Sone-Chrler) S oa -- with a homer and two singles can't do justice to myself and To guard against a precipitant drop In the standing until
wj sm'acident. Mb'tutef ? PP or iehOD w. b tbut it was not enough to insure ive the ball club its due, then the new blo Jells and the pattern of a new champonshap
-rle AtvS. which ran in an EIGHTHwCE P.P. Horse Jockey Wgt. COMMENT ODDS a Yankee victory. Konstanty ash- ill tre.e structure b s to unfold, a skillful blend of rookie and veteran
with t tl"o r'ted Chie"- i-Peil Cli" 4 2.80, 2.20 1st Race "I" Imported 4% Fgs.Pur: $375.00 Pool closes: 12:45 sorbed the loss while Moe talnt is Indicted. PeeWee Reese, r Instance. certain to
S .J3c .wp I by er3-"Ov-koletar m0 *20 First Race of A DOuble Martin_ gainedthe victory, his Although married and the return. Just certain to..go is Jackie Robinson.
i e a vnd wy 3-ee -Oulnemim .0(R gaChum-To-2 M sixth of the year. father of one child, Catther It my Infojmant is correct, Robinson's lon in. popularity
her ea I when he Ouint': (Regal Chum-To- 1-Chely E. Orte. o00x-Imroving slowly 10-1 Iip other American league Rube 1Walker of the Dodgers In Flatbush has been as conspicuous as his loss In proficient.
Sdashed t ropes' letazo) 2NH 2-Esqulador J. Gongo. 103 otC quite ready 8-1. da. games, Ned Garver's three- has been reclassified 1-A by Robinson has repeatedly threatened qlt baseball i tried
-bt even-u E 3-C-uormuorant F. San. 100x-ot with this rider 15-1 his pitching carried the Tigers the Lenoir (N.C.) Draft Board. "Nevertheless, hot or cold, he goes th time," sas my nform-
halte. l-R_.Bliss $26.60. 3.20. 2.20 4--Our Fancy G. Pres. 10 -ano class 10-1 ant. The Infeence was also rather plain that boy had
Luls iraldo was tossed 2-Chispeante $2.20. 2.20 5-Marianina M. Hurley 112 nrou contender 3-1 | got himself ai per berth In
Vtoe air and landed flat 3-Vallev Star $220 6-V. Breeze A. Mena 113 -Will be close up 3-1 Bubs Let AI* .. .. i
heA. He was unconcous one-TWO: (Regal Blis- 7-Flora McAdam H. Ruiz 106 -Early -speed only 5-1 Gettn back to Alston, he AI bl t A
h taled' ofut reportedly TENTH RACE 40 8-Limestone L. J. PhiL 105 -Retutrnasfrom layoff 8-1 Getting back as other Manaer the Brooks mba thav hia di
t- al hut reportty TENTHRCE 9-Espagirico K. Folres 114 -Should, itke It now 8-2 ie r ll l Dressen On paper looked as If the r ookie fro. m Montral
rd conlosnesse ont thea t--SM atote 80' 3. 10--Legation Reyes R. 100x -Qultsi atter-irint 10-1 been handed a team that coul4nt less, a team t hat d
v d after receiving treat-2-oft Note 3.0 ----- I forceful enough to win by 13 the year before, ud fow had on
S i 2-P.Dawnil 51t0 $2.01 2.80 Second2ndRceofDGoFNative8. Fish i -Newcmbe,.a, w.t=,, to boot
S -P aw $.40.80,c280 2nd Race "G" Natv 6d .Puraseo f heooI sAIM:1 Ih ere s S te.
riptw 3-More -- 1-Tuira V. Brown 109x-Nothng to recommenllt 10-1 he's iowhatane.a" ht .21" min .1 ai d 'n -- ,
as theseS ron e 2-Manolete J. Phil. 113 -Could acore again 4-1 rllo Is .292 against .844, and n (tod hey to lfip ag
On Pr "had alter s- rinr T 3-Burlesquito A. Meny 110 -Last was poor 3-1 InaceLACO on the bases any more) is .316 against ..3. Beei
t Vllys, rI n l an i r- Proton J. Reyes 115 -Back in best form 3-1 By FACO and Hodges are pulg their weight. The Dital' Do
tys and starhlemaS Chi ~ C NR 5--Coran J. Gongo. 110 -Was never better. 4-1 A few months ago a group of fishermen were sittitg around The hitter have always carri the Brookly pithers La
Sotasted Chisoeante By CONRAO 6--Yosipongo V. Rodri. lllx-Rates outside chanrie 8-1 a bar In West Palm Beach, Fla. swappi yarns. The One .tt- year practically eve man in the batting order had one of his
aed v one-n-on-l -- 7-8. Velluda H. Ruis 110 -Dan erous contender 3-1 meant that was made that night for whi we could se no bas latest seasons. When that happens, it's a freak devlopne,
b after Aty fell Vlle, v e1-- rirc Valley Breeze 8-Dofta Chila R. L. Gil 113 -Hard to beat here 2-1 was made by C. F. Johnson. and it scarcely ever happens twice i a rw. Alo the Bums won
after Atys fell. V --spaglirico I Tai Als B. Agui. 118 --Jockey ma decide 2- off on i pet theory thatSept erwa their easier i as year. Jt ma e how much tro
Shunftrnts- ung on to take show &..JsI Al al .R Ycaza 115x -Early sa d on harl Wb of neet th Ste theo th le r e
r 60* .2 -4Petlts YailkOt- 10-oe aa x ry only mouth In y t .when there goodjhng to be tomenofthe caliber of Maya ad Antonel m
'W-*.wivrner paid *26.6n, A20 A- tel Cnela Marfil ----- found anywhere in the porld. Giants, for examplee.
S.i20. He was ridden hv Au- ..-.Tameto Metto 3rd Race "BAC" Native 7 Fgs.Purse: $3508. Pool closes: 1:41 Last Friday and Saturday some of the best fishermen and Als et ton imeaset the gentleman, ou fs uL t i on
B Mn. Other w$.t winrs it-iack Sambo Gaucha ONE TWO fxing boats in Paami a took advatage of the long weekend h ^Aopres sea me Ras A man.athu tf
e Atom-0 ($ I.40) In the 7-.$lerry SlIpper Batatazo fONE TW Oto fish all the way from the inner-bay to.ePina very t ,o them. .A.o e fl...t.hbush..eot'.a
?nid r e and Malaya ($10) R.--p-lIcito ..Tilama i-Don .Taime M. Guerre. 107 -Dangerou5s in mud 5-1 saln pointed to good marlin fishing. And believe me, it-'was an out ofthem. mAnother follow e me spe oula
b Ae third. r.eeeiemero Dli*xrincess 2-4lablblanco J. Phil. 107 -Ran poorly in last 8-1 optimistic group that set *rth in search of old man marlin. mount Of mileage out of thesmple ormula. m
.nlasi Agdurre kept uo his win- l._Alormina King's Prize 3-Petite F. Rose 120 -Rates best on paper 2-1 Monday night thp ame group returned to Panama Total have hard of him. Joe McCarthy, by name.
4treatr as he again led the 1--Pebetero Lajoso 4-Daniel E. Orte. lOOx-Distanpe handicaps 10-1 results two questionable marlin strikes.
Bne-eys with fo"r victories.- 5-Yoslklto M. Hurley 120 --Could win again 2-1 On our way home,.we got to thinking and began to wonder SHOW'.fl AT YVOURQDE 1"
r Port-l. earlier, Regal rt h rtie s -(Golden Fan F. 8an. l08x-Rider handlcas 2-1 it perhaps Charlie Jo en's theory was correct. We, of course, OWI .
*.' antd Mirzatoats. Of t i oe o e 7-(Golden W. H. i z 107 -Ran well n last 2-1 hate to think that there Is any time in Panama when the fishing CENTER THEATRES TODAY.
I.rre hd an -ny time with --------- Isn't good. Here was a group of expert flnermen out aftet mar- __ .. ,
Clz at s 4 ll th fMeir-eMel Rbach, bonus in- 4th Race "H" Native 6% Fgs.Purse: Pool loses ith no results. B r, there is he r side of the story is -
Clsa ohe fimDmr "eler," phri cloteBaeQ E4 'M and we would like tq ive you a few otihe results so that you Diablo Hts. 2:30. 6:15, 7:50 Pedro Miguel
I 0was off fast, ebied fi.elder. has rejoined the.Brave QUINIELA may Judge for oure whether fishing is good in Panama' dur- 4- s y ..."OOg
nIy Abode. under restraint following a six-week' Naval may judge for y ,o a er fBshinXr isgood in Panama' dur-
two furlongs out- where he cruise to Quebec and Havam% 1-Plel Canela R. Ycaza 112x--ftould be close up 2-1 Ink ptmber. Ipuse0 .umn
S giv hwo s heaend twhred aei R th Qb x mber of 2-Plola A.Angulo 112 erous dopetrider 4-1 As far as sailfish were concerned, every boat in the group Luther ADLR
P toore by five ad and raced a- RrOTC t theis U university of 3-Risita A. Mena 110 -Wi Ilnrove here 3-1 hooked several. Dolpn were, as usual, a nuisance but lots of "THE MIAMI STORY" GAIROA 4:
t Note. by fVirgive nianegths vwher e he is senior 4-Marfll J. Gongo. 114 -N ce ort In last 21 tful to catch. Bait U lentul but a little hard to hook. M 'Men of the Lady*
oNot Virnfa whre U4 a e .InoorI 5--Con Valor II E. Orte. 10Ox-Shul close up 5-1 The 8kipjtck IIn offt Galera ran into a huge school Mon "GREAT ADVENTRur T Musdar
u'e lattr W_ t ten int After the. Augnust o., re s 6-Cosa Linda H. Rula 116 -Rates -tn mud 2-1 of fish that contained among other things many large wahoo. ,
e- unlnecessa ry tight.u u so2 r -u e h The Boltura, fishing of-Tro Rock, ran into another huge ,_ .
10 lost grouna but was no box statisticians, checking the school of fish hat oaned inbow'runner doh bnta heA h I lae l
Ptch for the winner when free record of Dick Hall, discovered' 5th Race "E" Native 6% Fgs.Purse: $C. ool losec: : ooln oflare -ahoo Tane a runnsedor tedaehin, bonitaGAh N 4IA:- -TOO .
;anlado wound up a poor that the Pirates' outfielder had a e uoses:2 And large wahoo. TMe Caimn niin raised quite a few sailfisih 2 : 7:0 0AA -O/'
rd after being well placed all driven the ball beyond the in -Metto A. Mena 114 -Rates-good change 3-1 caught seven. e Tin Gose raised sever alhailfi h T r "Go $o mscow"
. p n way. Relampago n was field only 75 tir".s In his last 200 2.-0. Bound F._San. 97x _____yhnd_-1 JON andcaught._h_ _uhe al oe th
wer prominent trips to the plate. -Itnsaba R 8eyesH. 103x-Nt g to ni ate oand caught her share of fish. The Hula also raised n8 caught
4--Alonalto R. L. Gil 113 -Racing to top form 2-i her share of fish. The Who Cares, Sea Witch, Nola and several Margarita :30. 6:15, 8:00@ I l :34:1, 3:48
S5-Tampol L. Giral. 113 -Should score aga ven other boats were put there raising sailfish and filling their Ann SHERm IAArN meI. g
I,--,5-Tempol L. Giral. 113 --Should scoe again even A..-., ,.,.+ .o .+.M.Stoorlnn-o r WAYMM.


| Great White Fleet
SNew Orleans Service Arrives
4, .8s. TALAMANCA ...............................Sept. 24
S.S. "AGGESBORG .........................Sept. 24
*8. QUIRIGUA .......... ............... .....Sept. 25
.S. "BYIJORD" ..... ........................Sept. 30
S*.8. "VERAGUA" .................................Oct. 2
8.8. "AVENIR" ....... ........... .......... Oct. 11
ending Refrigerated Chilled and General Cargo

New York Service Arrives
= Cristobal
1L U I. m l J .O ............ ... ................Sept. 13
-t i NMAML C ................................Sept. 4

A .................................Oct. I

_ Waekfy sal of twelve passenger ships to New
SYork, New Orales, Los Angeles, San Francisco
8 and Seattle.

Sm roalln trip fares front Cristobal to New
ji ate Auigele, Sa& Francisco and Seattle.
ITO eMYor.k ..................$240.00
.b L- Ant and Sand Framiaco ... $270.00
SSale ..............................$365.00

2121 *- 4AMA 2 04 COLON 20
M." ft *mmm

Ith Race "H" Imported 7 Fgs.Purse: $4400. Pool closes: 3:55
First Raee of the Doeable
1-D. Club R. Ycaza 105x -Terrible race last 15-1
2-Hurlecano R. Gomez 115 -Dangerous in dry 3-1
3--My Dear V. Casti. 113 -Returns from layoff 5-1
4-B. Bridge A. Mena 113 -Improving steadily 3-1
5-Albeit H. Ruiz 108 -Any day soon 8-1
68-Oaucha J. Phil. 110 -Hasn't shown much '8-1
7-Black Sambo B. Agul. 112 -Stiff competition here 2-1
8-(Delhia 'Reyes R. 103x-Nothing of late 6-1
9- (Joe's F. M. Hurley 113 -Not ready yet 5-1
7th Race "G" Imported 6% Fgs.Purse: S .M Pool closes: 4:05
Second Race of the Double
1-Keliphrase R. L. Gil 115 -Rates chance in mud 5-1
2-Greco 0. San. 113 -Improving steadily 4-1
3-GOrlsu E. Dario 118 -Recent races poor 8-1
4-Granero J. Phil. 108 -Is- n-and-outer 5-1
5--Batatazo F. Rose 113 ---Better each week 2-1
6-Y. Prince L. Giral. 115 -Hard to beat here even
7-T. Bouche A. Mena 115 -Good resent races 3-1
8--Royal Signal B. Agl. 113 -Seeks repeat win 4-1
9-L. Morros M. Hurley 113 -Also won last 4-1
10-M. Slipper V. Castle. 110 -Must Improve more 3-1
8th Race "F" Imported 7 Frs.Purse: $500.00 Pool closes: 4:40
1-El Regale J. Gongo. 110 -Unknown quantity 25-1
2-8. Barge F. Oodoy le2x-Not with this rider 25-1
3-T. Coln J. Reyne 113 -Racing to top form 3-1
4-Scythla J. Phil. 10 -Showing Improvement 5-1
5-Tilama J. Cado. 113 -Could score asan 1 2-1
6-Explicito L. Giral 115 -Hard to beat here, even
7-Persian Count. H. Ralu 108 -Unpredictable 4-1-
9th Race "F" Imported FTs.,arse: 1500.0 Pol dees: 515
1-Verticordla F. Rose 11 --Impressilve wi last 5-1
2-Remero L. Gtral 118 -smeems beo on paper even
3-Westow R. l. Oil 108 -Must improve mere 5-1
4-Bolo Joan A. Tesam ltx--ates outside tbaee 8-1
-TIxinwrincess J. O tgo+. 113 -eoturnin to life 3-1
-8. Feiner A. Mena-110 --Dangeroa ratleader 2-1
-H tH. Ruls 110 -Poor recent raes 5-1
8--Don Cuto G. San. 108 -C d take it all 4-1
$-Welsh Fox A. ValdL 118 --Notblp to la h ate 10-1

ownax wan uoin anan an occaswwo n noo.
So we leave it up to you. Is Charlie fight or did we just ex-
pect too much from last .evkend?
One thing for sure, when this paper hits the streets, we will
be out there fishing for those'dolphin, but this time using the
tackle that makes them a truly wonderful game fish. Snag your-
sel a forty-five pound bull dolphin on a spinning rig and you
wll see what we mean. Will also give you two to one odds once
you try It, you'll come back for more.
We have several new miembe./ of the "First Club." Will run
complete details next week. However. there is one we would
like to tell you about.
Last Saturday young Bobble Daniel left for Pina Bay aboard
the Viking with his father for a nine-day trip. Bobby is ten
years old and weighs ninety pounds soaking wet. He joined our
First club right away by catching his first sailfish in Panama.
The fish was caught on 30 pound test line and weighed 118
Here is a ten year Qld catching a fish of that weight that
measured 10 feet 11 Inches qvrail. We would say that .is lots
of fish for a fellow like Bobby and he Is doubly welcome to the
Sonny WUlliford reallymad himself a catch this last week-
end. While fishing on the Atlantic ide he snagged a 51-pound
barracuda on casting rod andk Drher. thai is lots of barracuda
for a.easting rod without star drag.
Bill Brooks caught a tir -pound Bonita on the same
triD and that is a lot of bonita for light geat Seems like the
fishing down the coast is picking up. but definitely.
Last weekend" Mrs. Miriam Glock made herself a nice catch.
She sorta snagged a sailfish with her feather. Guess the fish
didn't cooperate ard take the bait the way she Wanted. Anyway,
she wrapped the hook round his beak and ,ought the saitft
a finish on 30-pound test line. Looks like the Olocks are get-
ting to be quite a fishing family. _
1th Raf "A" Imported 7 Vs. Perse: $1,000.1 bool closes: #0
1-Alornmna rP. Rea 14 --Post-to-post attempt 819
2-Amorlo B. Agel. 16 -Back In best form 2-1
3-K-in's Prise K. Flores 130 -Bard to beat now 3-2
4-Dark Ion. L. GiraL 11.2 --tes fair chance 4.
11th Ba4e "B" Imported I WfmT e- 1400.00 W Poel cosesM
1--onta rtre Reyis It. Llxtz--Neds better rider 8-i
S-Pebetero O. San. 11 -Last was revealig -2
3-LuJeMo R. Teas 11- et ealy foot 4-1
4-OCrada Rals 10B -Q-GOl ser at More 1a1
I-Mr. Foot O. Pres. 12 -Alems way off orm 1-

Technicolorl I | TA om
Mondar "n*PO. TTS -GO0 a

B Ar A :3 4.35 6: :45

a -'- YTA SUMAC ,

OCA D* A ......a .. P Ao lu -
*_ rs__ _l o

-- DI4oIu-- es4 1 .|I p I:
^c ACIt IS -T fl5





_ __


so I. -s '" ', *-*
SUNDAY4 iSarTMS35 It. lal


.- ... ...-. ........

C hcago GridCardinals Nat Holman

May Go To St. Louis C.C.N.Y. Cage

By UNITED PE .. ladleates Janewles might be

S'anud ea1 01 h 0% t
Voteh. Vio Janowisa of the te ete
Pit FE)Vn r up"one s em ean glm* U

wa" o n t ea Chicago ptt 4 ro .
at Ohio State won team says he la open om
the Hman op as ase a- po tomove the club to t.
ll. o cit io
Sm the alter Wolber say such pro
oto -laln would be given 'o
t e'iO t bt a ii ongldoame butu adds the
ii t t I O Ni ,$ort t sale and we. Am
N ow back nla foot- not ekln partners." s a Y
ball oocac Joe Kuhaa. Wotner. W would move te
ra,nts onut- that Jani ma-rket"
wl h n away from foot. Wolfner says Howard Batr,
t wortwo years and willneed board chalrnan of the t. Lotar
to re-acclimate himself. Wa- Chamber of Commerce, has ap-
Uto coaches are speculattag prcd him on the sub of
aecato er may havetakn a lot scopal that no commlitpents
of md ftroit h ileas. have en .d e
Sanager a i The a bosas adds that
Sthe lrma *7 he needi s a guarantee of at least
were bilss hb e .000 eustoeras per game be-
hip adte hi to. tay in forn opening dliancsulo on any
SS e wVlI transfer. Wolfner says it would
ilbsd O W to, the take a gross income of about
est o ritn hbe wants $.00,0 per year for the team
to try baebab again. Bickey to break even.

etar, Martinez Start

Pedro Ted Itthmian feather- ed since turning pro two years
welgh champion, and leading ago. Since losing to Tes, Isidro
contenderl MIdro Martine are has s cored lockout victories
hard at woft ettn ready for over' Rodolfo (Bean Jack aI)
thei gerly a wael return Frarris and Prancols Gonsalez
126-poin 15-round chaflion- Isidtr Iced Gonzales in the
ship iatch Oct. 3 at the Colon first round and needed only five
Aretna to stop francis. He thinks he
Prdow ed -from this aure-fire can halt Tesa r this time.
thrifar will be added to the
Snd the ariculturd school S e "taklg Martines, Te-
for d uent boys in the pO- Bos has chalked u three
vnce of olon. The bout is bh straight iterle. e eked
sponsored by Mal. Pator a eat ay Melvin Boarse in
mom. president of the school Id t and pueihed oat easy
mproec committee. isleons ver Frantoge Ceolon
o s and Marts staed a Garcia and bosi Ottlas
em rable battle for the lth- Th e Oct. program Includes
Ta"e wease a s with only two four-round preliminaries.
eight secuI rnManing in the The .semifinal will be between
1ith ana final raajL Pedro, forinw Central American and
isqa ser w leading on the Caribbean middleweight ama-
' retardm ftheolffieals and teur champion Jose Edwin and
SwouMl otgew the eontest cagy Wllfredo Brewster at a
even if It hadn't been stopped. 145-pound weight limit.
'The fight wosL a "knock-'ehm- The preliminaries are also top
dow)cdra -'em-out" affair from flight bouts. Carlos Watson
tre Ow ..BWfbl. The fang were neeta BawrowraI at IM pounds.
On eto bughoutthe arows riding the great of a
pnAcked dpgfost. The ftit Dtolur fight winning streak.
Vwps ahou; ew up to the 13th The other prelim pits unbeat-
'round. &fom t6ere on Teals di eIden Marcial Molnar against
the upper han4 hard-hitting Manuel Prescott
Now Martines gets his chapce Prescott turned back the im-
to redeem himself and avenge proving Battling Siki in his last
tie loss1y hoehas ever auffer- bout.f

SFofering Phiip !

,...-woM if mad -- s be -ses .
,pabis woade i his b6ae rk. new.
e L 1am sti s right elueI

:-; .'-.--.

Coach Again

ear l 1960 a oi
man to bak in sold ob ab
City College of New York.
Holman's 190 team won both
the NOCA and National Invita-
Tournaments... The only
It ever happened., A. year
., even players on that team
W0 involved in fix scandals.
New York City officials aqrend-
ed Wolmaf in November w 1952
for "neglect of duty... and eon-
duct unbecoming a teacher."
'Holman fought for his job un-
til he got It back Friday. He
a ed the suspension, and a
t eman trial commit-
tee voted l February to drop
the charges against him. But the
New York City Board ofbiher
education overruled the tral41
Again, Holman appealed. Two
weeks ago, Dr. Lewis Wilson -
New York State education com-
missioner ordered Holman re-
instated to his faculty lob with
fuP back pay. Friday, City Col-
lege officials made Nat Holman's
dream come true. They made
him basketball coach again.

24 Years in National League
Written for NEA Service
QUESTION: The batter grounds
to the shortstop who flips to
the. second baseman to start a
double play. The runner from first
base runs at the bag straight up
and in the second baseman's
throwing line. Is this Interfer-
ence? Isn't the runner obliged
to duck?-Felix Dattolico.
Answer: No. It Is up to the
pivot man to get the throw to the
first baseman. Pivot men just
throw and let the runner worry
about getting eat of he way.
Q. Howm any times has Cleve-
land won the American League
pennant and what teams did they
play in he World Series?-Louil
Campagna. -- i
A. In IM3, the Indians beat
Brooklyn and in IN8 they topped
the Braves.
QUESTION: With a runner on
third base, the batter hits a short
fly which the shortstop leaps up
and tips. The ball keeps going
and the left fielder catches it.
When is the runner allowed to
tax up and head for. the plate?-
Bly Wasdell.

Answer: The i stant the ban
titck the sertstW4 geve.
Q. How much did George Strick-
land's batting average pick up
when he was traded from Pitts-
burgh to Cleveland? Morris
A. Strickland ht .177 It In
games with the t BSes, seared
to o in his ftlt fll yetaie
the Tribe. He's hi well ever msee.

.. you sell English-
speaking people using

Over 100,000 of
the people An the
Panama Canal Zone
area speak English I
And, that ain't.

1. I --

1 Htm. siema!0 n Th national j unor wuimuna vup
.They arm, left to right, Darle Hard; Montbello,
f Miami1, 6k Patricia Stewarlt, Indianaplis; Ruth ,
timoe; arbara Breit, North Hollywood, Calif. andI
Medical Center, Md. (EA)

Well's Boxers Wi

CQnfidence And

Third of five articles
As Sold to Harry Graysem
I got a couple of things which al-
ways have neen the trademark of
how me and my fighters get a-
That's confidence and loyalty.
Now they are nice sounding talngs
like what a president of a big
company tells 25-year men at
dinner. To the average guy, they
must seem strange words to use
when you talk about something
like the fight game. But they are
the two most important reasons
why. a guy named Al Weill, man-
ager, usually does better than just
Take Rocky Marciaho's first
fight with Jersey Joe Walcott
in Philadelphia. Confidence. and
loyalty won the heavyweight
Rocky had taken a good licking
in the Pth, was behind quite a
number of rounds. If the fight
goes the limit, my boy Rocky

"Y'12 h bitbwin' this fight." I
told fl.- 'You know what that
means? It means you are blown'
the heavyweight championship of
the world. And you may never
get another chance."
Rocky shook all over when I
told him that. It shocked him.
Rocky went out there in the -
13th and stretched Walcott with t' Al Wet
a right hand punch to the chin.
All right, Rocky done the EXECUTIVE-Since the d
punching; but it was confidence he took over Rocky Marcila
and loyalty that pulled him into Al Weill has been boss. (NE.
the spot where he could throw .
t4e punch.
Since te day I took over Roc- hind, he knew it was serious.
fy I have been the boss. knew it was up to him.
e just did what he was told
and while he was doing figured It was the same with any fil
the whole thing would come out er I ever managed. I never t
fine. That's because he knew I them how much money we i
wasn't making no mistakes. He going to .get or anything' 1
had confidence in me. that.
Rocky has been loy to me all
the way. Not once did he say The-41ght that got us in line
something to me o- anybody the title match is the same sto
about him not liking things. He That was the Joe Louis fight,
just did what I wanted h m to do. course. d
So, when I told him he was be- I always had a dream,.A




O -

Wishing Editor
Undersecretary of State Walter
Bedell Smith, with whom I have
fished on oceialon, told me a sto-
ry about base fishing which hap-
pened more than 30 years ago at
a party given by -a well-known
tackle manufacturer for a group
*of Chicago anglers on a lake in
Michigan. 1
The occaslioh was the Introdue-
tion of the first fly rods made by
this company, which previously
had specialized i'ubait casting
equipment. An the s t s
were such n4tioily knbwn ex-
pert of that da s Fred Peet,
Willam Dl, ad Clark Vepable,
men who had created fly rod lures
and feather 'minnows, or who had
#on national casting champion-
"t was inevitable that in a
group of this kind the Usual fish-
ing arguments should develop,"
Smith recalls. "During such a dis.
cushion one, member of the party,
to demonstrate his point that the
motion of a bass lure was more
important than its size, shape or
color, ralde dhe pantry and re-
turned with a carrot, a small ear
of corn, and a -frankfurter sau-
"Rigging these with treble
hooks, and using a short rodb he
'popped" them along the surface
of the water, a method of bass
fishing whi, though now gener-
ally practiCed was net wel wn
In those days.,
"'He produeu a strike on the
carrot and the ear of cern, and
might have done so with he
frankfurter had it not iatgrat
ed after the frrst tw r three



I have seen fish caught on ob-
jects like bottle tops, beer can
openers, coins, and jewelry as
well as delicacies like cheese, bo.
logna.- and pickles. All of which
adds up to our favorite bit of fish.
ing advice-it ain't what you do,
it's the way you do it.
Have you seen those new Fiber-
glas-reinforced plastic rod cases?
Well, if you're a fellow sufferer of
the aluminum and card board
school, track down these dream
cases because they won't dent,
warp, ust, and won't break ex-
ept under extreme duress.
; me I saw came i SMnch
4-inch end 3-inch lengths an
they have rubber caps at each end
to cushion sudden shocks. This is
othe nae new material going into
automobile bodies and best bhlls.
<(tMtr-Wtd by N&A Service)

lay Pro fiot
.*,rFoot -





It's easy for everyone when you pay w1 -
a Chase Bank Draft.
You can buy the draft in a matter of minutes at one of our convveiqntly. ;P-
located branches. Put it in the mail and soon it's in the hands of the '.
payee. He has absolutely no trouble collecting a Chase Bank !dtaft as
he might have in collecting a personal check.
There's no limit to the amount you can send by draft. People use them
all the time to pay business and personal obligations outside the country.
You should use them, too.


'7 la "' 5i- *


G. -..


Richards Ma


l ttaburgh manager Fred Ha- I
ney commented on the pennant
race yesterday afternoon and
said he hopes Leo Durocher's I
Olnta take It all. Haney says he a
hasn't any personal love for Leo W
e11t waots the Olants to win be-
causae of what he calls "the great
job Durocher is doing." Haney
explains -"When you consider
how Leo has shuffled that line-
up and maneuvered his pitching
staff, you've grot to take your
hat off to him."
The White Sex seem destin-
ed to wind up third in what
could be, the Ist geans for
manager Paul Bichards. It is
uad made Obelieved Richards hi br red, Janelt oedis.; tte down Chicago'sm newel con-
effery, Mersosn f ros.; JUdy tract offer and will take over
.telmarl Gunderson of Army as general manager of the
Clarence Miles -P realdent of
Wiat the Orioles s Ian iChicago, but
Richards says he isn't going to
meet him. Richards says: "I'm
n Wa not going tp do a thing until the
season Is over."
L White Box v ic e-president
Charles Comisakey hinted he
may need a new nfanager for
1955 when he announced yester-
day that no decision on Richards
the guy that could Ik Louis. would be made until after the
since the night Arturo Godoy, my season. The White BM are said
fighter, lost a spilt dm,'ision toto have offered Richards a
him, while boxing from a crouch. slight increase over the p 0.000
I knew Rocky Marciano w a he presently Ics hearing. Reports
the guy to knock out Joe Louis. from Baltimore say Richards was
It was, like I told you earlier, a offered $50.000 a season on a
matter of styles. I three-year contract plus a bbnus
If attendance goes over 800,000.
I call Providence. where Rocky
was training ik 19U1, and Charley Baseball's man-in-motion -
Goldman answers the phone. I Bill Veeeks says Los Angeles
tell Goldman I'm matching Rocky will get a major-league fran-
with Louis. chise when it gets an ade-
"AI, he ain't ready for Louis quate ball park. And there's
yet. It will be a ear before he's the rub.
ready. Louis will knock him out," Los Angeles residents recently
Charley yelled, killed a bond issue to build a
"Charley et away from the civic auditorium. Veeck is afraid
phone. Put ocky on," 1 yelled the same fate might kill a plan
back. to enlarge Wrigley Field in Lop
Angeles to 55,000 capacity. V eoc
No trainer was goIng to ruin aays the money could ber
my dream match. privately. cod be raised
Rocky got on and I just told Veeks ect job at the mo
him quick: Youre fighting ent is confusing. He wants to
Louis." become president of a major-
My boy Rocky says great and league club in Los Angeles. He's
we hung up. That was all. We league clu I
never mentioned money and for also looking after the Interests
that fight we got only 15 per cent, of Phil Wrigley, who owns the
he sale t w Chicago Cubs plus the Los An-
the smallest percenheage we ever eles Pacific Coast League team.
You know what happen d. Veeck formerly was president of
Rocky weaved and bobbed a n d the Indians and Browns.
confused Louis. Then he knocked
him through the ropes and on his
head and we win by a KO In f t..
I'll show you how confidence
come in here. Rocky never said a s a u. Lua
word, yet he remembered when a(91s, stitff=meles ana we le
he was making only $300 or so alt mak eno msea oIt
for a fight and I got an offer of
$1500 for a four-round exhibition
with Louis. I turned it down, and
Rocky might have got peeved, ex-
cept he was confident 91 me. He
knew he'd get Louis when I was
ready. SHE'S UNIQUE!
So, whenI took the Louis fight, AiMEN AMAYA
he knew it was time. CARMEN IMIIJ
It sure was.
NEXT:RoeiMrclano can be PRESIDENT SOON
champion for ivemmore years.

Today Prka .o .;'
phows: 1:36 X-tl B-e .3,5
7:0 9:M pJ'.4 q,
Three outstanding asteas-44t.
gether for the first time. In
lhe year's most exlct, .
lerl... !


Enconto Today .3 J,
Kathryn Orayson, in ....
Red Skelton, in

IDEAL Today 25 & .11
Charlton Heston, in '.
S- Plus: ".
"C3EA ir iiE'

* I





v 4

Send Your Payments Abroad

9, 1,*

of the City of New Yk -

gIlbg .-lCrlstbg l-Ps.log -C i-a v

old,- ^ -



- i~t I


_.... ._-1~---.


, A


10 *


Veeck ays the akingD for
he Los An les.A s
Will on doas. Tat-In
layers, the ball park
or hts. He ay It.w t
0-million dollars all told to
major-leagse club in Los An-,


Sdi ans


I. OfM


Graveyord . I
Of Monitor

Still M ystery...........
* ;"ATTERAS, N. C. -(UP)-The .
Atlantic's fead"graveyard of
ships" sti keeps one of its best Let the people kbumthe truth and the cow try s' -o
t:guarded segrets--the watery rest-,,, ,,, ,- ,, ,. ,, _
Aog place of the world's first iron- PI3
cladCghting ship, the USS Moni- TAA-
t or. I i iM i.
test attempts to locate the A
wreak and salvage the hulk for Around The World On A s
museum piece have failed.
.14V v in a party headed by
R. T. cMoullen of Dundee, Msh

Yantiroung Audsad HU- Pmn It
and LE, .Hagglurd, adivertslfamousI"AWa
-;to de6eMJM L even whether theI"
"- wreck they probed 20 miles muth-.a'
eatt of Hatteras light was actually
that adthe Monitor.
the bottom 10 to 20 miles offshoreUN

Maritime history records that the
Monitor, after its famous Oattle
Ivwith the Confedegate Virginia, or
rrbpac, foundered in a storm
ffHasteras and sank Dec. 31, 1862
Even the approximate location.
the hull remained a mystery
r more than 85 years. WiIAN travelers Drs.Jentach and .were bounding along a road
ay experts doubt that the hulk he .e n ey yre rred toCOme O An sleph at as i wal .
irvst l r'SP. ~m tairccst it &ndeambed oif t torv/l orte- bta /t
still intact. Others here believe r rWe mo yc.s wonere f h-chyderm r e, but
atablaeexpedittoe probing a. decided against it and ambled off n ot moo rpidlyortetoe apcre
that a salvage expedition probing
among the hundreds of Wrecks on
Sthe bottom have only about oneleftrfor Monte-
"oance n 500 of finding he Moni- Then Itwas Up to.Rio de
.Ar. If It were located, costs of and don to Tlerra del
the hulk would be extreme- hulk .I
The Cnfederate ironclad Merni- A-
aw blown up by Confederate a ea_
before the fall of the Nor. noi" and
SNavy ard in May, 1862. O tof the
t40 11g 1t inhthey .had sunk
s A Catl Jenteeb. a duate of the
t% iiral of Vienna, Is gather-
;B H _[ aterial .for &hO~k on the
kh m Afric Mla an
di Aith neia Ie's also writ-
1n tobe ot .theitrvelm. They've
hb'et n w showIMk. their movies and
S' OP-lrturln along the *ay to fl-
oBTON, Te-x..UP)--Albert nce their trip t and down
y, a 5-y pographer, th world
.J,*a-pound eat t acts like
osometimeIs a ke no other VBefore they l ot bitten by -the
earth the rest od the time. travel bu Dr. Jentach had a
tance,Toby, a four-year- good n editing U.S. news
an and Ang e combina- or Ve W read Vienna .
a hunter's best friend. He ae n by ;
"-ints" winged gam e ,J n
iletievs, master shoots, and in- A tria.plWofradnttryasnqUiet zg tHe desert. H EHnlg onl mean o ghit crs
retrieves. -ly pratct~licng dentisry IIerll n
re 'qi .e desn' dtb f -Untry. They met on ;h st rom this gotakin p provided by frIendly Inhabltantw of
*M t. 7th e t a aoasls. ,, .
,"Ad be doesn't disturb a feath- In the Tyrole Alps abOUtit
V s 1 b eartay said n wt three years ago and decided to
.To by has been hunting with hims Jn forces. The question was,
st a mfor three years. What would they travel in? Wol-
lshow hm a gmaen and he hftm had a motorcycle but In
.Asup," his master said. Austria it is against the law to
S Passing birds get a low growl drive it witb one am.
om Toby, but nothing else seems .
.atter. Bartay said Toby doesn't So naturally, Wolfram decided
t or play with other eats. to drivelIt around dhe cIdd.
he sure likes ice cream," When they'd bought er sup-
m' r added. "I split a pint TRAVELERB ON THREE WHEELS BY CHOICE, Dr. August Jentach. a" Journalist, left, with beard, and Dr. Wolfram plies std -saved uP out 600
~ith'b~ everyuightMaystiav
every night, any flavor Hannig, a dentist, round Table Mountain on the outskirts of Capetown, 8ooth Affica. Though Hannig Is minus part of- l. dollars, off they we Moat of
S by i not particular." right arm, he does most of the driving, and finds it no problem. On the.Iront of their vehicle, the young Autrkans otut Vienna thought it a-good
to see the world have attached the flags of various countries and jurisdictions visited. But most of the insignia have been idea, but Wolfram's Ather.said,
a! vj whipped'to shreds by the winds of four continents. wben yqant o mdn, the
weeds gsow atron so n ,sure
As though Panama City were- Journ al I) Augusnt Jentach, 28, part of his right arm In the war, traveled 1600 kilometers oter a he'U be all right August's fa-
l Cnn't a strange-and curious enough 'and Dr. (Dentist) Wolfram Han- drives it, ant .August equat on prohibited rogte, tLey h ak- thr
Rd-inl VIeceplace as it is. it is host today to nig, 31. The Vehicle? You name top, taking motton pictures a ton movie*h of al the tri CAhl-f r.
STm. L S -o hing even stranger. it: it reminds us somehow of a making notes'as they go.' ca and South Amri
sailboat, rides lUe a catamaran, erosn- .crossed As the p I t Is n th aBMW
Mylonas, professor of art and Probably the rarest sight ever travels on land reoghasmth by The re untled to showutc barel. Aes.lftan g.t.
tAeogy at Washington Uni. t0 e seen on the streets of this wheels. You may reco nize it by thie turg andtell about hunintsd thal)ol
it has reported discovering tey is the vehicle two charming the sound It make. fo real- their fantastic adventurescthe spearp 1rhequiss,
SarImportant vase Ave Austrians hav chosen to take ly just a motorcycle side through Africa and South A- of- eiian natives Vho t Wke C comes
nGreek soil." them around'te world. car-but you won't bel It merica at the YMCA in Bal- the Wt men were g di aro and open pack-
heado university when you see it, loaded w ith boaMonday. night at8:0. them. .agesjar am e.
head of a universityBId e i e o
I ical expedition to The names of the handsome, 1200 ounds of equipment. Besides extensive moves of 'h
rted the discovery 'in young Austtrians are Dr. (in Wo fram Hannig. who los e Sa Deert where they After about a t THE MOST OUTHERLY TOWN in the world was mong
t university offia. He the out-of-the-way places into which Hannig and Jentac
Ittwas found in an excavation M asau AndHiys
t at Eleuss, 14 miles west t}a
ta halfPoe Mnd His Snak* i gu &u jr stoves oked their wheels en route from Vienna to Panama. It is
thens, andeepIn slein g bags.
I cities they no trouble Ushuaia, in Argentina, capital of the Territory of 'lerra del
He reported the ase as about, .; use peopleualwayseinvite
witand a h6 t ofeetgh and coVusual br- By DUP-LY HAWKINS ..e to Vit."- Fuego. It stands upon the a anel, d has p
with #aintln a of unusual bril- e isl
ancy. The paintingsm1eo the story.sI
my. The laintsing the l story y e NAIROBe, Kenya (NEA) Mahile d In the country, sometimes, laton of some 1,200 people, excluding the habitat it
the blin of the CyclopPoly Anywhere e, Masau and hl rl o have a little trouble. lkew enitentiary.
thedity ntortey
ms by ysses a nd the stGorgoys. hundred nakes J would hardly bep. Pper taidme they went down a side
Pejar was broken when founds nelghborhoos.heroea. For Maau the dity tt r road in the Andes in northern ,.
at its pieces were still lying to. is a sip] yp, with strange, trolu and came Instead upon a "
L theirr ylonas said. After clean- filedudown toots.nAndetla A few.weeks ago," e k of gan of smugglers with sk .. ... -
in a special solvent, the pieces filed dow deat the klpdlp old doatoi was sh- something in bottle. The smug- -
ere placed together and the pain Butn er in dea -rr et to- p .lp with a club n ,era wouldn't y
al could be seen. But hni 0000 white-hrting o ayour Andrew, n born's he bottles and dloled in on the
Te vase was found in the an-killers have left no room for8,0a0wht found e with travelers, macbetes In hand. ,
ent cemetery of Eleusis where queasy stomachs or snobbish ford chop Mr, *be. Wolfram stepped on their ma p ".-
r ad 30 graves ranging in date class distinctions. Prayers for dk ,e r e *anl d bAne
10 B.. t 30A. D. Masau and his snakes are said .:--U-"-"-
loses said the vase dates every night.-,.*,s, the wldreaded nihfl valowdndwave Thtnlllr oi-
n the wear 650 B. C. There are Week after week, Masau col-o u e n dtoCk Iro dg la aide the cave.,
a few jars in existence from lects needed evidence, unvelling to d windows and
}id. Moto atheswe t eOMau h ne b 1st
teedfor restoration or the secret caches of arms, ammnuni- hh4u n1Io hell tot""
of which they were tion andfood andloatingmiss-
g rounds. He's the most success- T, andrItasnto ts
thatthe Mau Mau battle has th dn ne "i-r "

His weapons are his lethal thu hanS uM ti s
snakes. Africans, in general, hate -toc ba hero sleeps ... .
A!.snake, but Mausau has always M of' .l U N~ u36 a- t luakerJut out "0(.
loved them. He never ventures veer taa ik bhos Lma rake csa s rv
away from his hut without a co- og auwf-- d.edot. t h tae on Itls As t7vl_
IN, N. Y.--(UP)--- Arche- bra or mamba in his pocket, and theinsm l~at -.e lims o
'wor~kln on the Fort Wil- at night they share his bed. Inm~ ea to.d o.-crel-e-ndM-ste-.r trvlr atpe fa a eerg
l restoation project at .Last week he came to the "' =,- ..i

*or t4 Villoge have un. house to show me one of his !L oS
a ca of French and catches. NAIROBI'S MASAU AND FRIEND: Otalde hot, fange' guards,. C l eter With o i eta. -other
ar"relics, swee. .-the o
's. w."Are you golng to sell It?" with sweat and he licked his would be worse: the marks of N ijager Woes UFici54 sobeh Stud
were om .digg ingasked. o to sl Lips in undisguised fear. fangs in his cheek and the gr laup to: Augsit l F l d D Uj
the 0no-year-o Masau showed his toothless "I know of no Mau Mau," he ual death of polo=L M Ida. (UP) Waltram e .e
they ered a Tower grin. This one will help a lot, said. "What is it? Me take an l dt, B dlgis ere.. But
p.ll et, a padlock, bwana. He Is a very god bad one. oath? No-never." As dozen befi san Ei .rJ Iinter in SS-
h d held fortress I think I will use it to see if NJu- Then from the depths of his done, he made h day t460Mh Fe fora SANTS BARBAA, Cali.--UP) el natives of the Fijis as part
a ReA Rangers guna took the oath last Friday." 'shirt, Massau brought out the quickly. He admit-ted' tit wi ha r. ,uch at t rJ.d w a. f"or sa ,estiation o ther ac al
Sa e la' axe and a Off he went through the cof- snake and began to repeat his oath and, more iport an_-t as 3 am e.s-an _. mIrO N f rtrattr and maeup. Be .l ale ma- eu-
tee fields to the Pot where question, idly at first and then that, named he Man who A a a n t M t o s a O pi nd hdy
rolo"u ethetMau Mau oath? 'dhe close d closer to Nu stem-to cnaz -d 2 aaneral cadmuan
9 -setem 'l .fAnd how many others frightened face. table.Massan's I A to N Ork. Dr G seupt nl a
iurly ihtandb tried to manage a grin. he'd taken I t, Njuna knewh ellyigtatUon. ..
ID"--te--.1- werebeaded would break It. But not to tellplexing jig-nmw 3 .
'? '^ A -4" J "s'1' .%';" .;'" "
-^gy~~~~^ .% "^iS^B ^ /^i~r"^^




.., r

^".. *:



LU 2/66d






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