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Panama City, Panama
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daily (except saturday and sunday)[may 12, 1973-]
daily[ former oct. 7, 1925-dec. 4, 1966]
daily (except saturday)[ former dec. 10, 1966-may 5, 1973]
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Panama -- Panama


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Oct. 7, 1925-
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On Saturday published as: Weekend American, Dec. 10, 1966-May 5, 1973.

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[ ___________________________________

7m A$U
#I 'JVt



"Let the people know the truth and the country is saf" 'Abraham Lincoln.






Reds May Drive Dules Greets

To Iso ,a.te US Of Churches R
0- Maj.
B LEON DENNWs for an all-out drive to isolate thie EVANSTON, Ill., Aug. 21 (UP)ithe
US., not only in Asia but also in Secretary of State John Fos- s
BERLIN, A (NA) Eur ope. ter Dulles, and Theodor Heuss, nas
Rin Indoina and West- PTefree arid is president of the Federal Repub- may
Sdissension seem to have con- reaching the eleventh. hour in le of Germany, are among those new
erA dissension seem to raVe con- preachigth o ne
minced the Redthat time ripe West era one of the awho have sent messages ofAsia
r blest U.S. official told NSA greeting to the World Council of Ti
blest U.S.:w ofe. f l s .hdu g rc hesw it was disclosed tof of,
Pravda makes it clear that the day. douc
Kremlin wants a Europe divorc- dUM
ed from "ilmperialst America" Luther Evans, director general list
and complete y at Russia's mer- the United Nations du- ou
cy. titonial, Social, and Cultural Or- to
cySuch a plan was also outlined animation, expressed gratitude"
by East German "Premier" Otto for "many years of support mie
Grotewohl at a secret session of given by the World Council" to ing
top Red chiefs, according to the UNESCO's aim of "promoting accei
underground anti Communist the brotherhood of nations." south
nfo nation Bureau of West Dulles asked Methodist Bish-
Berlin. 0Bdiam
Grotewolil went to Moscow to O 0. Bromley Oxnam, a mem- Ing
PeeG r of the council praesidlum, to belle
confer with Soviet Premier Geor- "extend my h e a r t f e l t good wU
gi M. Malenkov. He quoted Ma- wishes to all the delegates and mu
lenkov as saying: visitors attending" the assem- l
"Conversation of SovietAm-bly.
bassadors in London and Paris as
well as talks with a number of The secretary noted withm
West European diplomats Inpride" that he was a delegate (NEA Telephoto)
Mosow indicate a growing read-to the first Assembly at Amster- CLEANUP CONTINUES Two Alabama National Guardsmen
ipess ce the Soviet pro- dam in 1948. and said he has escort a scantily clad "B-Girl" to the Phenix City Jail. The
posal for a European Security "at tall timesotriedtto keepclose formerly vice-ridden cityn has been under martial law for
Fact." contract" with the council's nearly a month.
.kov gave him -ometblaag pean Defense Community in la- Heuss asked the council Cra-A
EASTS GROTEO n The offer tour t e EParents Pledge 0oKeep
::=7de Ruia.-but exclude the wishes to the Asembly which he ..ovt
U.- was first made by Moscow _saad"comes in a period of many ove wt
[+ at & Berlin Big Four meeting. political and social tensions, but wit
SIt was rejected bY the West. me spirit in which it meets and OO 0nint
IHowever, the political climate exts will help create an order- tou L

Sk -0 -- -

,teligence Shifts Carriers

eFeining And Destroyers A
eds Feinting 5

EOUL, Korea, Aug. 21 (UP) -
. Gen. Arthur T. Trudeau,
U.S. Army's- intelligence
f, said today Communist Chi-
threat to invade Formosa
be a red herring to hide a
tSout h o Seventh Fleet
rudeau who is making a tour
Asia trouble spots, said he 0 -
bted the Chinese Reds could ..
:essfully invade the Nation- WASHINGTON, Aug. 21 (UP) The United Stai
tChinese bastion and said he reinforced its 7th Fleet with aircraft carriers and destkyy.
tedl support.he ed hd the og- ers today in a move that emphasized President Eiss-
Don' forget that (Red pre- hower's determination to defend Formosa against Com-
r) Chou En-lal may be draw- munist invasion.
a red herring to withdraw st invasion.
nt from a move to the The ships, from the U.S. 1st Fleet which has beenit
rudeau," who commanded a eroting in the South China Sea, were turned over in ~
sion in Korea during the clos- nila, P.I., to operational command of Vice Adm. Alfrea, .
eoed thoe woods China Pride, commander of the 7th Fleet, which is charged) lh
id seriously harm the Com- the defense of Formosa.
nist military potential. The action followed repeated warnings broadcast
the Peiping radio that the time for "liberation" of Ch41-g
nkle' 324 Kai-shek's island bastion had come, and fiery statements
in Taipeh that the Nationalists themselves were pr*et
S Localing an invasion of the mainland.
.NO It appeared certain that Formosa would be increase.
Singly in the news. Red China, in a propaganda broadst
BUQUARQUE, N.M., Aug. 21this week, accused the United States of armed prove -
').-Allen Geiberger of San- tion against the mainland.
Barbara, Calif., fired a two- ,.
r-par 74 today to walk off In Talpeh today, Nationalist ington, told Nationalist Ol30Gt
h the championship of the China was reported to be speed- here that greater American
th international Jaycee golf in the construction of 200 as- would make an Invasion .. r
ornament. sault landing craft for an attack mainland
ie was 'liwA troke flahad of m n

nationalists are on the rise.

the war.
New hopes have been raised
that the willingness of the Mos-
cow-Peiping Axis to negotiate on
Indochina now makes possible a
settlement of differences on Ger-
"How much longer will Chan-
cellor Konrad Adenauer be able
to keep the Bonn Republic in the
democratic camp?" asked the
U.S. official quoted above.
As this diplomat sees it, the
present danger is that the whole
European policy of Chancellor
Adenauer may be written off by
Germans as a failure if France
(Continued on Pace 6, Column 3)

Gang Of Extremists
Arrested In Guiana
GEORGETOWN, British Guia-
na, Aug. 21 (UP) Nine persons
were under arrest today on de-
tention orders issued to prevent
them from "acting in a manner
prejudicial to public safety and
The orders were issued after
security police discovered blast-
ing detonators, a pamphlet on
the use of explosives and future
plans for sabotage by a gang of

iMlm board walt rii vl'r
Parents began sing petitions their Instructions are received
today pledging to keep their chil- from the Supreme Court before
dren t utof school I the board desegregating the school system.
of education carries out an order
to eliminate segregation in the Carter .has a suit pending now
Hobbs school system next month. asking that the board show
cause why it should not delay its
But a spokesman for the "seg- action pending Supreme Court
regationists," the' Rev. Bill Car- recommendations. The suit is due
ter, said he believed some sort of for a hearing on Aug. 28.
settlement would be reached in
the dispute before the pledges The Baptist minister estimated
are actually carried out. that "500 mothers and fathers"
Several hundred parents turn- Thursday night signed pledges
ed out Thursday night for a they would not send their chil-
meeting at the high school gym- dren to Hobbs school if the or-
nasium. der eliminating segregation were
carried out.
Robert Dow, counsel for the
group, devised the parents they He said the petitions would be
"have the right" to demand that circulated by volunteers today.

Tipsters and Crackpots---and Dr. San

A NEA Staff Correspondent
Dr. Sam in a windowless room
for 24 hours and then question
him over a sound system. That'll
make him talk."
That's the latest voluntary
suggestion made to police inves-
tigating the murder of Martlyn
Sheppard. It came in all serious-
ness from a psychiatrist fasoin-
ated, like thousands around the
F country, by the mystery.
The authorities, their case
gummed up with absurdities e-
nough now. recoiled at the sug-
gestion with horror.
"What does he think this is?"
asked County Prosecutor Frank
T. Cullitan, "A branch of the
Practically everything has
been tossed into the investiga-
tion of whether Samuel H. Shep-
pard is guilty of killing his wife.
Every crackpot thinks he can

bit a ditiaa'm-ow' stIff.

crack the case.
One man confessed he did it.
That was a Lorain, Ohio, steel
worker. He was admitting it
loudly in a bar. He changed his.
story in the cooler.
In Baltimore, a drifter who
claimed he'd worked at the
Sheppards' exclusive hospital
long-distanced a Cleveland pa-
per that he'd turned down an
offer of $1,000 to kill Marilyn,
then was offered $500 to find a
professional killer. An officer
flew down but reported the story
"was cooked up to impress a
There's an open season for
crank tips concerning any wom-
an Dr. Sheppard might have
known during his life-even
some who were complete strang-

papers that the trail led to noI
one else but his wife, Sandra,
back in Indianapolis. Bob allow-
ed three walks, four hits and
three runs, and was jerked after
three innings.
On closer scrutinity it de-
veloped that Mrs. Kelly had been
a high school sorority friend of
Mrs. Sheppard in Cleveland. It
was when she was visiting Sam
and Marilyn in California that
she met Bob Kelly.
She's been a perfectly inno-
cent friend of the family.
Another athlete, professional
football star Otto Graham, was
questioned along with his wife,
without results.
But look out. gals. The police
are on the hunt for a bare-look-

-- ng girl wno is saia to nave been I
Police were hunting a mysteri- parked with Dr. Sam near his
ous "Margo" he was supposed to home recently. A former Bay
have known on the west coast. Village policeman volunteered
Margot Peebles, of Detroit, a that tip.
former Army nurse, got involved "I couldn't see any clothes on
when her husband gave an "a- the woman," he reported.
anonymous tip" that she might Detective Chief- James Mc-
have been the woman. Police Arthur, by this time a bit wary,
found she'd never heard of Dr. observed: "With the clothes wo-
Sam until he got in the papers, men wear these days this might.
Mrs. Jules Lossman, wife of a only mean that she was wearing'
Cleveland automobile dealer, a sleeveless dress."I
Joined the parade of voluntary When investigators began ask-
information givers., ig questions of the girls on the!
She'd had some hugging and staff of the Sheppard hospital
kissing episodes with the doctor they got a hatful of catty corn-
after he'd rebuilt her lacerated meant aimed at Susan Hayes, a
face when she was an accident former lab technician there. -
victim. It was mostly "mee-ow" stuff
"I felt I owed him my life... I but they hit pay dirt when they
must have lost my head... Actu- quizzed Susan herself. She ad-1
ally it was nothing... My hus- mitted intimacies with the doc-
band and I didn't think it was tor.
important but I decided to tell
all to the authorities... I'm sick Police have checked a flood ofi
of the whole thing." strange tips. When a woman'
She felt she had been "the ag- dreamed there was a secret com-
gressor," not Dr. Sam. apartment in the third step of the!
S ---" Sheppard stars, officers dutiful-
Another mystery woman nam-hly thumped and pried to dis-
ed "Sandy" was mentioned in a prove that dreams solve crimes
police tip. That tip lost a ball After phone calls from various
ae for Bob Kelly. a pitcher forl people who wanted to get in on
the Indianols ball team. 1the act. they searched the down-
A few hours before a game in spouts of the house, probed an!
Columbus, Ohio, b read in the unused well. dusted wrenches n I

Dr. Sam's Jaguar for finger- and dark glasses gave him the
prints, checked his son's metal appearance of a flying saucer
toys. pilot. Things didn't settle down
A golfing partner ,of Marilyn much either when he took to
said a No. 8 iron was missing. wearing a small revolver strap-
The new "murder weapon" got ped around the waist while he
banner headlines, but after a was still at liberty.
couple of days it was found that
Marilyn never owned a No. 8 Tip-weagy police now have re.
ron. sorted tolkeeping the lie-detec-
tor machine fired up all the
Prime missing clue is the T- time and giving indiscriminate
shirt Dr. Sam wore on the night tests to everyone who volunteers
of the murder. At least three a clue. The machine has freed
were turned in, including one Bay Village Mayor J. Spencer
found on a city dump and mail- Houk of "suspicion."
ed in without name or address. Meanwhile, Dr. Sam has- re-
None was Dr. Sam's. ceived an offer of $1.000 a month
for a three-month lease on his
Of course, Dr. Sam didn't help lakeside home. Harry Albacker
keep the case from sailing a- of Lorain would like to comrn-
round about three feet off the mercialize' it as "a mecca foi
ground. His orthopedic collar tourists and curiosity seekers."

costume hasn't helped keep the case from saJiing off the ground.





*..'5 u,,Vuu pwB -uruiv an r af rurMoinr DoaU z7y uM wirr Wun ,
pre-tourney favorite, came up local press reports today said with the way we are
with an eight-over-par 296 for sufficient parts had been ship- aid.
the four-day, 72-hole grind. His ped here to build 200 and that
victory gave him a $1.,000 schl- several shipyards were construct- "The United States has ex-
a ip and the opportunityto g the vessels, pressed hope to give us greater
represent this country on a golf The reports followed declara-,aid in the near future and elier
tour of Europe. tions by Nationalist leaders that cooperation so that we can re-
Sandy Hinkle, Canal Zone an invasion of the China main-,alize and attain our common ob-
finished with a four-day score land by Generalissimo Chiang jective which is the destruction
ofT 781-84-80--324. Kal-shek was nearing. Foreign of Communist China.
Two other participants from observers said a lack of landings "It is just a question of a very
the Canal Zone, had the follow, ships and American support had short time until our task of re.
ing cards: prevented such an attack, i building the mainland will be aso.-
Jack Hammond, 97-88-96-87- Nationalist circles said these complished."
368. deficiencies were being overcome
Jorge Paz Rodriguez, 85-82- and observers believed Chiang's Troy Become
81-84--.332. forces were being beefed up to a Iroy OpS
Rodgers, 'a chunky, 17-year- level beyond that required forTurtleN bbers
old golfer who was medalist in defense alone. Turtle Nobber
the 36-hole qualifying round, On Friday Dr. Wellington Koo
carded a three-over-I'.r 75 for Chinese ambassador to Wash- TROY. N Y. (UP)-The aMof
Another prize, a $500 sports- -----w----n h in g
manship award,wenttoHugh;e do has e
Paterson of Toronto, Canada EmergencyMeeting Cohoes.
who ended up in a three-way Cr
tie for sixth place. The 708 teen- Called Of Latin dowgeeyhnsrmd th

during the tourney. SAN SALVADOR, El Salvador, urgent alarm sent them inlml
SAug. 21 (UP) An emergency of a 25-pound snapping turt
S st in meeting of Central American The gigantic snapper had w.
U Coste VI Livin coffee producers probably will be dered into the city from it
ho epoue~ ~~al ilb ee notect mil,]

Reported As Rising

Slighifly In July e
I -The government reported to-
day the cost of living rose slight-
ly in July for the third straight
month, automatically giving one
i million auto, aircraft and farm
s equipment workers a penny an
r hour pay increase.
- The increase one-tenth of
r one per cent brought the Bu-
reau of Labor Statistics consum-
er price index to the near-record
level of 115.2 per cent of average
1947-49 prices. The index was
four-tenths of one per cent
higher than when the Korean
War started in June 1950.
Acting BLS Conmissioner
Ayrness Joy Wickens said the
chief factor in the increase was
the summer drought wbirh
helped boost food prices sevr l -
tenths of one per cent. But the
increase in food was offset
partly by drops in new car
prices and clothing.
While declining to forecast the
August index to be issued later
this month, Mrs. Wickens noted
that food prices normally decline'
somewhat In August and Sep-
The hike in food prices occhr-
red chiefly in Central and East-
ern cities where fresh fruits and
vegetables were somewhat scarce
because of the drought. Prices
dropped slightly in West Coast;
cities. There were some seasonal
Increases for milk and eggs.
The pay increase for the
workers whose wages are tied to!
the price index will become ef-
fective Sept. 1. They will retain
one cent of the two cents an hour
lost under the index since last|

nlel next week to discuss the hawK River home and was d
current drop of coffee prices on a circle of curious youngsteft
the New York market, it was bay. 7"
disclosed today. The undaunted police went i.f
The Salvadorean Coffee Grow- rescue, risking loss of a fuo
'rs Association called the meet- two to the four-inch jaws T'
ng of the Coffee Federation of refugee from the river. Suee
Central America, Mexico and the ing in flipping the turtle over*,
Caribbean because as an asso- peace defenders lassoed t.i|
elation spokesman noted, "for truding neck, dumped the' I
every point the price drops our into an iron drum and carti
country loses $600,000." back to its home in the
r~~~.--- "f !

PLAMING RESTAURANT Firemen turn their backs 6a
and smoke almost engulf them on a fire escape at I
Town House restaurant in Boston. No injuries wereM
the blae estimated to have caused more than 50.00

A' M S m.- TAW.`'.,.,' .. '. ;. ..*;
-".. .' -...* .",^ *.. '
*,- .. -- ., .,'- ,, f-




45 ~







6' r.







m*1U~aV ,..ainmus~aa

Studios At .j g a t .. '



E QUEEN AND THE CROW-Pretty Lorna Pettis holds
per, a tame desert crow, as she sits next to a prickly cactus
ctorville, Calif. Lorna is now reigning as this year's Sweet.
cart of the Victor. Valley Future Farmers of America.

onto Engaged In Costly

SYear --Improvement Plan

'- *TO-(UP)- The opening make the valleys of the Humber
0Crtada'A first Subway -marked and Don Rivers pleasant parks by
Sw hVirat of 23 major developments 1964.
Which will change the face of To- 10. The multi-million-dollar ex-
ronto in the next 10 years. pension of water and sewage fa-
Milions of dollars worth of proj- cilities will be more than halt cornm
S ec ve been definitely ordered pleted by 1964. They should elimi-
a he money will actually be nate wells and septic tanks.
A spenty 1964. I 11. Three parking garages will
0 By that time planners estimate, be built in downtown Toronto in
metropolitan Toronto will have a the next two or three years to re.
..-.population of 1,750,000 compared lieve the parking problem.
Switch 1,250,000 this year. The area 12. The metropolitan government
Been growing .at the rate of is providing four homes for the
tAR year for the past five aged at a total cost of $1,0000,000.
S years. Tne first will be started next year
R. He' are the major projects at Newmarket.
-T' 4 .h11fted to follow the $50,000,000
o onge Street subway:
?obur super highways to ease anglaroo Can Also
i 9 cOngwstion in the metropolis a"ngaWo Ca Als
S 9i7h a, which already has more ia I
Scars.r capital than all but two $ IlOnl PIst
44 other North American cities. They
'A are tl"- $40,000,000 Lakeshore ex-
c presiway, the $11 500 000 Spadina SYDNEY-(UP) The kanga.
road express into the heart of New roo, that strange-looking animal
SYork, the $3,750, Eglinton Ave. which stands proudly on Austra-
extension and the $12,00,000 Don la' national crest and attracts
SValley parkway into & arborough. thousands of tourists to zoos, is
In addition, the Toronto bypass also a deadly enemy of farmers
S rom the Queen Eliabeth Way to and sheep men.
glad Creek will be finished The kangaroo is considered a
the arrie hi w be vigorous competitor against the
*^Hl te ,l e" shee ted "to car-

ye Toronto' harbor will be atoo and he nd
4ajn ediati result. It will stimu. Australia without kangaroos
Slatetde and encourage industry would not be the real Australia,
to o -ie here. but experience has proved that any
3.The Civic Square, planned for part of this continent with an un.
the area West of the present city controlled surplus of kangaroos is
h ros Bay Street and north not an easy place in which to tryh
i f Heenni Street, should be cor. to wrest a living from the land.
u by 1964. That's why postorallists and land-
*4Ille islands on Toronto's door. owners wage a continual war
ce a rosier and drier fu. against the long-leaping destroy-
ure. e metropolitan government era of pastures fence-breakers and
peas plans to develop them as a users of valuable water.
park and receration center, raising Some men In the lower West
"the level, protecting the shore. Kimberleys consider they have 10
line, enlarging the regatta course time as many kangaroos as sheep
and building a bridge over the oh their property, highlighting the
Eastern Gap to replace the berries, potential for increased sheep pop-
5. A rash of redevelopment plans uilatfoh in Australia's northwest
have been announced for the area frontier region.
around the subway between Col. The Kimberleys is a plateau of
Dlge and Bloor Streets, and con- about 144,000 square miles in
struction will start this year on at northwestern Australia. It is the
Least one batch of skyscraper place where ranches of a million
apartments. acres'are comimhon. At one Kimber.
6. The original Regent Park leys sheep station 2n,000 kangaroos
housing development for 1,300 fam- were poisoned In one season-with-
uels will be completed in 1956, and out making much. of an impres-
Sthe next stage of the slum-clear- slon.
ianee program on 36 acres south of
Dundas Street is expected to start Experts estimate at least 200,000
wsto kangaroos were killed in the one
7. There'll be more housing, state of Western Australia in 1953.
*some of it financed by the metro- Despite this destruction, landown-
poUtan and provincial govern- ers say the animals show little

S. A tunnel under downtown The Commonwealth Scientific
Queen Street may well be carry- and Industrial Research Organiza.-
ig streetcars by 1964. The $12,000,- tion was called In to help control
000 tube is next in the Toronto the rooms and its experts are now
Transit Commission's plans. engaged in finding the best way
9, T he metropolitan govern- to combat, without exterminating,
ment's green belt policy should Australia's national animal.

tWANT X1i0-000
: i OO


ffP9 landords and

amthrot oar waodI

iMm. Tmr to

4gtOS, Cbeck

Gwrfy woot .w ery wt every day-


hI- all other daly paperm Ia Pand combied I

A M 6'00

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,a ayl ae tri


fSOVIT CIRCLE-T-Mm Xtudlet of the Stalin central PhyIcal Cutm Intitute MacOw Ao
though wbat looks le. an anetat tribal rite. The students prostrated themselves in the circular
,patte as part a physal culture exetecise. Photo and caption material from oldial Soviet Source.

.; ,j .-I-C -C.

HORSE-AND-BUGGY PICKETS-Protesting a ban which would prohibt harse-drawn vidles
from certain areas ofat downtown, Rome, cab drivers in the Eternal City wind in procession past the
historic Colosseum. The restrictions are part of a program to relieve traffic congestion in the busy city.


POLLY WANT A TRACTOR?-Parrots in Paris get a free ride through the Vincennes zoo on
this open-air b. designed strictly for the birds. It's one of the zoo's most popular attraction.


Eom precious orchids to high
machinery to fine perfumes, Pan

priced livestock- precision
American's Clipper* Cargo

speeds your shipments anywhere in the world. Your goods are in
transit so briefly on Clipper Cargo that your insurance costs are
cut way.down. And you won't have 'damage and pilferage losses when
trained Clipper Cargo-personnel handle your goods.

For complete details on how Clipper Cargo can play a vital role in
your business,-call your Pan American'Clipper Cargo representa-
tive. And don't forget to ask him for a complete cost analysis. There
is no cost or' obligation. .* a.,,.e.A.

"It pays to speify Clipper Cargo"

Pama~: L Sihet No. S5, Tel t.06701 Coleon: Sls Bld., Tel. 1097
Xm y* --- --- _

Lrish Fishermen Leave

Boats ToHarvestMoss

- 0-

DUBLIN- (UP) -Hundreds of
hardy fishermen-farmers and their
families on the rocky south and
west coasts of Ireland are leaving
their farms and fishing boats to
become.operators on a $50,000 le-
gal "black market."
Every year, from June to Sep-
tember, they concentrate on har-
vesting black carrageen moss-an
edible seaweed which grows on
rocks near the low-water mark on
Ireland's Atlantic coastline. They
can earn up to $1 a day harvest-
ing this moss by hand.
For years a forgotten industry,
the carrageen business has sud-
denly boomed,-with United States
soft-food manufacturers as. its
chief buyers. They use it as a
stiffening agent for ice cream and
fruit juices and pay up to 7 cents
for 15 pounds of the clean, sun-
dried, unbleached black carrageen.
They bleach it themselves to suit
their requirements.
Fi6rmerly the men and women
who picked it had to do the bleach-
ing-to them a long and some-
times costly process, because one
shower of rain during the bleach-
ing period would be sufficient to
ruin the crop. Without bleaching,
the whole job, from picking to
packing takes from three to four
Apart from the newly found In-
dustrial uses for carrageen, house-
wives are making bigger demands
for It, as with womanly ingenuity
they try out original ano varied
dishes to brighten household
Conscious of the dollar-earning
potential of the food, the Irish gov-
ernment is seeking swifter ways of
getting it on world markets and is

Some People Can
Be Like This Too

TUCSON, Ariz. (UP) Geese
lose their appetite for Johnson
Grass when they can get food and
water without having to work foi
them, according to testimqby at a
trial here.
The difficulties that resulted
when geese were obtained to rid a
cotton farm he managed of the
troublesome Johnson Grass were
described by John Phebus as he
testified in his owdf behalf. Phebus
brought suit for, $8,000 damages
against the Marana Plantationp
Inc., because he was dismissed for
having spent "too much money for
Phebus said dismissal followed
his hiring of field hands to rid the
farm of Johnson Grass that got
out of hand when the geese failed
to do the job.
Phebus said that when first ob-
tained, the geese did eat some
grass. But they began growing
weak and some died. University of
Arizona agriculture- experts ex-
plained that Johnson Grass was
J uTjI food value.
4 100 water troughs and Dags of
grain were purchased to build up
the. geese for their job of grass-
eating, reported to have been suc-
cessfully tried in Texas.
But once the geese got started
feeding on grain, they lost interest
in the grass, the plaintiff testified.
He said they congregated around
the water troughs while the grass
grew out of controL

Knocks Out Flies

MADISON, Wis. (UP) The
farmer's lot is improving daily.
First, a man named McCormick
made a reaper. Then came such
things as the tractor and corn
picker. Now ranking in conveni-
ence with the milking machine and
the push-button barn cleaner, we
have the "barn-fogger."
The University of Wisconsin has
developed a sprayer-air-compres-
sor-electric-motor rig' for killing
flies in a barn in three minutes.
The fogger also sprays the cows'
with a coating of insecticide to
protect them from flies and mos-
quitos when they rettfrn to pasture.
It is estimated the cost of spray
for one season would be about $18.

considering installation of carra
geen harvesting machinery.
Already .one private firm has
been set up to seB the food. Last
year it handled more than 300 tons
and this year it expects to top this
target in dispatching the product
to expanding markets at home and

Old RR Station


RAVENNA O. -(.UP) -Plans
re underway to turn the long-
bandoned Pennsylvania Railroad
nation here into a national mu-
eum for "iron horse" enthusiasts.
The Midwest 'Chapter of the Na-
lonal Railroad Historical Society
s behind the project and has ar-
ranged to buy the deserted station,
not used since 1905, from tht Penn-
sylvania for $1 and to lease the
and for a corresponding nominal
Clarke Lord, Akron president of
he chapter has sold interested
parties in the community on the
dea and has obtained promises LONG HU
rom the railroad to furnish some reunited w,
2,000 bricks and slates to repair ending a 20
the walls and roof of the 79-year- riage license
Dld structure. he had n
Lord already has obtained such
items of railroad lore as old tele-
graph keys and a 100-year-old
get an old railroad coach. Plan
Besides the Pennsylvania, the
Erie and the Baltimore & Ohio
railroads have agreed to rum-
mage through their warehouses to I
ind appropriate antiques to add
o the museum. it
The Chamber of Commerce .rlT
plans to contribute labor to clean Sm ith
nd repair the sturdy old struc-
ure, and Lord says the chapter's
0 members throughout this area WASHINGT
will serve as attendants. WASHINGT
Members of the organization, are being m
ew of whom are railroad men, Smithsonian I
ave pitched in already to reno. Washington's
ate the station and hope to have -into a trul
t ready for the public next year representing
Displays of model trains also are industry and
planned to show the history of country.
ailroading in the United States. Initial steps
tnke.n when FS

Feeling For Old
Times Leads Man,
90, Into Cell
OKANOGAN, Wash. (UP) -
Harry Jensen Ambos, 95, went to
jail because he wanted to talk
about old times.
"Felt kind of sentimental about
a stretch I did in the county jail
back in '51," he told Sheriff- Gor.
don Jones.
Jones promptly locked him up.
The friendly visitor didn't know
the sheriff's-o Ile.had held a war-
rant for his arrest on a second de-
gree burglary charge since 1905.

Ohio Town May Be

Put Up For Sale
MELCO, 0. -(UP)-- Anyone
want to buy a town?
If so, Melco may be available.
It is being abandoned by the
Ohio Edison Co. because the util-
ity's power plant on Block Fork
Creek here is to be closed.
The town has 10 houses, a swim-
ming pool and tennis courts on a
70-acre tract.
It was built originally in 1917 to
house workmen and their families
manning the power plant when it
was owned and operated by the
old Mansfield Electric Light Co.
Ohio Edison explained that other
new plants, and particularly more
efficient ones, make Melco no long-
er practicable to operate. So, work.
men are moving out and only a
watchman will be left.
The c o m p a n y hasn't decided
what to do with the town yet, but
since real estate like this hasn't
much demand-though it's only
about 10 miles to Mansfield-it
probably will be torn down.

FAST REDUCTION-Louis Cress, of Lodi. N. J., visiting In
Miami, Fla., has devised a diet that knocks off 50 pounds in 50
days. The secret: Don't eat at all. Cress says he went on the cal-
orie-free diet because he wasn't feeling good and was killingg to
try anything. Down to 88 pounds, he claims to be much healthier,
mentally and physically. Cress is pictured here about to end his
fast with half a watermelon.


dero (R., Mic
public works
House, introd
gress to auti
for a new ir
the Smithson
would provide
struction of a
the Smithsoni
tries Building

S. ,

.----- -- .1-
NT ENDS-Robert Gottlieb bf Philadelphia, Pa., is
ith his sister, Mrs. Mary Huser, in Cincinnati, Ohio,
'-year search. Checking through the files of the mar-
e bureau In Cincinnati. Gottllieb located his sister, whom
aot seen since he enlisted in the Navy 42 years ago.




dterFoRe I
ANDOVER, O.-(UP). ator fa
tworyear search, the lI .wa p-I
dren's Home has locatal lapt
of five "lost" children o. atea t
by adoption years ago.
Mrs. Paul Maassen was la
in Miami, Fla. Her fost rmnt
tokk her to Florida 15 age
when she was 10.
Wayne B. Hayes, 57,
said he, his two bro
sisters have decided a r a
union. .
Ilayes said the
Five ahJdrea wa
otograph given
g.ip w ^

St. Lawrence River

Gets New Ferry
other milestone in St. Lawrence
River transportation was marked
recently with the launching of the
70-foot Windmill Point, a 13-ton

'ON (UP) Plans The Windmill Point required
ade to convert the only 19 working days to complete
Institution already from the time the keel was laid.
top tourist attraction 1 n |' .
ly national museum The new ferry Is part of a mil. .
the history, science, lion dollar expansion and service
engineering of the improvement program launched
several years ago. Addition of the DjTY a f u
of the program were Windmill Point to service between o a ag iM"
Rep. George A. Don- Canadian and U. S. points now oing]
h.), chairman of the makes it possible for river cross C .
committee of the ings every seven minutes.
uced a bill in Con-
horize appropration
Sfor 990,000 for con- THORENS Hi-Fidelity Record Changer ,','
Building to replace
an's Arts and Indus- C -* A '
A. Swiss Craftmanship At Its Finest "

Dr. Leonard Carmichael, secre-
tary of the institution, has de-
scribed the bill's introduction as
encouraging and a step toward ful.
fillment of the Smithsonian's pro-
gram to set up a museum depict-
ing the technological and ildu
growth of the United StatM
would be consistent with the tra-
ditions and the stature of the Uni-
ed Staes 'i;. the world.
The new structure would be lo-
cated on the north side of the Mall
in line with the National Gallery of
Art and the National History Mu-
seum. The new museum would be
more spacious than the old quar-
ters now in use.

Automatically intermixed 12" & 10" records
Exclusive reject, repeat and pause controls
Automatic record shut-off
Muting Switch
Tone-Arm tracking weight adjustment screw
SBalance heavy brass 12" turntable



45th St., No. 3 Bella Vietb"

Dr. Carmichael has observed
that the old building no longer is
adequate for the large number of --.
collections it must contain or for i
the 1,000 to 2,000 visitors it re-
ceives daily.
As described by Dr. Carmichael, /
a series of halls would be given ..
over to periods of U. S. history,
with exhibits reflecting the life and
thought of the various eras and ..
their part in national development. -,
These periods would be illus- ""5
treated with documents, machines,
costumes, personal- e f f e c t s of
prominent Americans, weapons,
and *other objects from the various C A N A L
sections of the Smithsonian.
Other exhibits would depict the Z ON
evolution of individual devices and ZONE
objects, with emphasis on the role DELIVER Y
they have played in the country's D E L V E Y










TEL. 3-0383




' -

-. v"

___ --~-- :r -r --T~




U-. *-.

s n .- ---i

r.:, m-,
v-i1 '-

I 77onTo.iw pains ., '

4, on J/arm Children

divider issto

NEA Staff Writer
Latest addition a the growing
list of double-purpose furniture i
the two-faced divider of cabinets
and shelved which can serve two
rooms at a time.
They're wonderful for the new
ranch type houses with open "liv-
1pa0 l a i me an | non-toxics enaE. A1a1 m ul s bt ing areas" instead of wall-enclos-
,'5 c ly k u p a geeitio f s ip an ONI lecau ed rooms.
with euamL The divider doubles as storage
unit and as screen between guests
.v -.... mn the living area and a dish-lad-
R "96ioutdoor play equipment for Any splintery edges should be en table in the dining area.
lhe toddler to keep him safe and sanded smooth or masked with l
happy in the fresh air while in heavy tape. Scaling paint should I find also that they can fit use-
D a But don't go broke buying be sanded down. fully into older homes, For exam-
ie, new toys whir- a season in If you want to pretty up the ple, in the 25-year-old home I
Sth sun and rain may wreck. pla)pen or toys with paint. buy live in. the front door opens di-
a small amount of time and] non-toxic enamels. Enamel is best ectly into one end of the living
ou c n slick up a few t- pe of paint to use because it's room. A divider placed at this end
40oitgrown by an older washable and leaves a smpoth, partially screens the entrance to
-hand-me-downs f r o m hard surface. Some aints con- create the illusion, at least, of a
Old playpen which tain lead pigments, any contain foyer without cutting down the
t outdoors s a great lead in the drier-A t g baby size of the living room.,
to a busy, another, will chew on praitic anything
cmy creqpr" safe out- aand paint poisoning. is (unfortun- Another spot where a room di-
i'm not watching him ately) not too uncommon.. vider makes use of wasted space
-breakable toys whichnd For that reason read the list in the older home is the w ad e
g "'ft swallowing (and of ingredients on the paint can square or arched opening between
them) in the playpen. It label. living and dining rooms.
a happy half-hour to
South. A boon to the m o t h e r 'w h o Because a divider must be fin-
bo wants to add a splash of co)or is wished on all sides and involves ex-
buy a second-hand the recent introduction of a new tra cabinet work, it costs more
heck it to see w h a t lead-free enamel. in, a dazzling than comparable chests or cabi-
be necessary. It only range of 18 colors. nets which can be pushed against
bars are out of Makers claim it is non-toxJc a wall to hide a roughly finished
San be- fitted back in and safe for use on children's back. On the other hand, some
and taped 'n place. If furniture and toys. The makers come in two sections-a cabinet
gone, you can cut off say colors are non-fading and base with an open shelf top so one
a and use a heavy pad weathet-resistant, Which mi ean a can split the purchase to fit a
a. In this cape you'd painted equipment could tMay out- budget.
Stue folding :ides to doors.
e pen in an open position. To protect the ou t d o o r pen To give you an idea, one new
S( rset rule on second-hand equipment and toys from heavy modern divider in solid birch has
V ,eW4 efelt is to scrub every inch dew, birds and stray cats, I usu- a five-foot-long base with book
.of it with soap and ally throw a plastic protector. shelves flanked by two closed
S owed by a disinfecting sheqt over the equipment at night. compartments on each side which
olutlon. Hose it off thoroughly This keeps it clean and ready for sell for about $160. The separate
and let dry in the sun. the youngster in the morning, open shelf top costs about $70.
T i One think I liked particularly a-
bout this unit is a sliding shelf that
II gives extra serving spate in the
dining area or desk space in the
living area
Another modern silvery elm di.
Family Fun At Home vider wraps all its advantages up
in one piece for about $300. This
Maociis -oef one has open itnd closed qbelf
wwH H w ~ space wich can be rea h ei
onr a e god
So serving shelf on the other. Thanks
wto a realistic designer, the shelves
ie' a letter hat may be an the rest of the family will decide are roomy, enough to take a stack
for parents who claim to go some place and they will of Sunday papers and thus help
agers never want to stay miss out on the fun." free t0e room of customary clut.
.That Is the soundest reason im- ter.
oer of three sons writes: aginable for a boy or girl wafting
I y from experience that to stay at home. It's the fear that You can go on up in pride to
Wi mily does things togeth- if he goes off on js own to kill $500 or beyond if your budget can
or1 en stay close to home. time hanging around the streets stand the rarified atmosphere.
three boys-the young- with a gang of kids who are dodg-
KWe have always done ing boredom by inviting trouble, If modern furniture does not
family group. We don't he may miss out on some sure- suit you, what about early Amer-
ancy plans. But when fire fun at home. ican? A new colonial maple di-
ta' i.s we put the fish- Parents can't start too early vider has traditional hardware,
ent in the truck and making home an interesting plac% simulated wood pegs and simple
limbs aboard and we for their kids to be-with always sturdy lines. Six cupboards alter-
e beach for a picnic the possibility of fun in the off- nate with open shelves on top and
ngle a line off the pier- ing. the base boasts drawers, cu p-
band and I are the lead- For children who are used to boards and shelves which give a
4-H electric club in our having a good time with their par. lot of storage spa:' in one unit.
y and all three boys be- ents and brothers and sisters don't
he club. In fact, it was suddenly turn into teenagers whose The warmth of natural oak plus
who got us interested in only thought is to spend as little the decorative effect, of drawers
time at home as possible. faced in striped British oak makes
more to the letter, but The teenagers who roam in a divider six feet long -that's able
thq important idea. "Our gangs, repeatedly getting into trou- to blend with traditional. or mod-
t' roam the streets, get- ble, are sure they aren't missing ern. All you need is money in the
trouble. They are afraid any fun by not being at home. bak and plenty of floor space.


W lod
"'f *1

eke Oldu Jomese fnf liew One



Functional and decorative addition to modern Interiloe b the room divider whieh separates
living and dining areas and has stonrje pMee on both sides of the base. Tbis two-pleee
divider of birch, finished In a wheat jhade, has a shelf that slides out om either side. Opea
shelf section on top is not Joined to base.

Inexpensive becals give I urseryu Gaiet


WBUNT SUGA n t PACe CAK I r Pm tb. m
"osend"a wh"h WON" lave defeated do tii liL
NEA Food and Markets Editr

When the dauntless Pilgrims art Our -lunch, served b a youn.
Srived at Plymouth Rock in 1620, woman dressed like a Pli
food was their first problem. The maid, was, according to the n-
stern and rockbound coast of Mas- erous O'Neills, very ght. We just
sachusetts was a pretty barren had the freshest and most beAuti.
larder. But not so today. ful of f r u i t cups s!t tdt.
We walked a few steps from the grapes, black cherries, orange ec.
historic Rock past the old fort and tons and frde pineapple ctibes
meeting house to meet Bill Dearn topped with fnrlt shet: t). New
and .rnest McGrath who run the England l a chowder, hg
American Home Town Clam Bake stuffed biked lobsters, potato'* ff
on the shore of the flashing bay. carrots in chesar sauce, pete and
These boys sure dish it out- nut salad, hdt rolls and amazing
clam chowder, steamed clams, bread sticks. -The sticks, made o,
fresh live lobster, baked sweet and slightly-sweet dough using *"fresh
white potatoes, grilled frank. eggs and a pound of butte, 1nt-
furters, baked sausage, fried fish, meg, cinnamon and- mace, and
corn on cob, brown bread, water- rolled in sugar Leforei making, were
melon and coffee. made in Mr. O Neill's kitchen.
Neit day John H. Golden of the How the' Pilgrims would Have
Chamber of Commerce and Mrs. enjoyed then that first Thaihs-
Golden took us 'to lunch at rose- giving day! Dessert was butter
covered Hobshol Inn, built in 1795, almond crunch pie."
famous for Its New Englapd food. 1, .
Overlooking P ym o u t h har- The Goldens next drove us to
bor, owned by Francis and Clem- Visit thiflowland House, then Gov.
entire O'Nell, this early American ernor B'adford's gave and other
inn has two kitchens. One Mr. historical spots. Finally t their
O'Neill uses his wife the other. hospitable home, where irs. Gold.
Both wonderful cooks. They dis- en brought out a burt sugar peach
agree about certain dishes so each cake with flf.y whit frting, For
cooks his own way in hit own sure, the Pilgrim- Fthers" eVpr
kitchen. Results are terrific, had it so good- -

.. .. .' ". ,.. .-- '.W





... you sell English-
speaking people using

Over 100,000 of
the people in the
Panama Canal Zone
area speak English!
And, that ain't

rsaanma's Vaw al waT fall-
OeN... NF4.egf is .eutisf --



- .. 1.


_I_i ~1 i~ _~


WV. 9f, ,4

~~~..I:~:: :::~

- '.~q: U

I -



I' Ml mmav : -i a'i .. .

". ".....I.. ;. ".~ i '=t ......... ..... .."i -1-= 9 -"


'i--, a



BAx *7tp"
i* ;
I 9 5 & 7 4 e__ -

r *hit

w 4 &Pt.e 4L.AI .+ 4d 4. L*i, ,nrnAr -..
S a4 ,a 2-0740 v -%070 0 o .J 4

.M la OF. ". camera uob wi
.. I 1 4 Am*set o at 7:30 pm. Min th
lb4n MM[ af--tf D& Cod 1 A. Larsmn of th
rietb me :l .=Ii ,, law nee sfet of FtL sch rner Rech of the br-i
& WU1l0" 4 a was zthe offtelattag mloterw a oe-of the St. 4ock g
r ne I Su gave dinner nt their rei g tIhrough the Northwest Pa
ML. ward cW. Ideace ir MlaVista in honor afs "r'dditonthe re r month]
Mr.was ae d Mrs. Manuel Calderono caliad s .dompe onarw
.Phi-atm who are lea-n .soon fr h. .
-Ile.ared the AnoneS a terestedr s i eel th
Saals -m e movie is cordially ivlted' to &
k "s M ..t. ..r i. dle r te
Her s I d e r. The t of Columbus honor-. A- '- "
h ,rm a ta of ed Mr...Eu ne J. Didier FrIday Laie- fA n ".
SW~ te eve at elr Home in Marga. Lt oGary H. Murblo
re a cea rita. a of Forei WarPot
Mt. Didleris sailing next week will hold a iet ttday
S p, ~M-.' V en. to a new assignment with at p.m. at be-o Home 6lr a1
mtre heaer, 9Uted 'ruit Company in New Steet CibLwa t
a ,oy, were Orleans.
irerf a2* e -eli-'ble are reei
t ade a p c.s ac ehelor Dinmer For I sel meetg ",
satakhd.- Mr. JoJn A.w& Hey, reer .te M=meeting.
eSn mtc Ln&aqua Mr. John Arthur Hey, whose Mre .s. L8286
;a e!:gayt. 1a)la l- to, MJs* Barbara Jonesl at. Mrs.'R+pe--of Post_3822.
ed egays barrage L to Mise Bwrbara J esFor fun her information plea
el a :Coming event was guest of .S.. .... M k 3.$.
i ur tiey, Jenaor hnora ta bachelor no-host party call Mrs. Robert Mcek 3.327.
M. yelpw organd at ttme American Legion Club given
pT around *ecdOr cby a group of friends and the L C lu.
Irt. er llew6 w Iwet brother of the bride to be Mr. Ato UAW wCb:
Spit rosebadi. Robert Jones. nThe-,m reue ner- mer.
ifl M o the a Club -swi Itold their reguila
a. mrte i. J era te, in Go6f ,eights monthly lunheo- aond meetings
,. MiciW ,d asj Mrs. Rene Genot was hostess at 'WdaM doy a .t t ary an i
Mir. 4dwase George tea at her residence in Golf vy Cl ub at Fort Amador at 12
i0er 41 the bride fHeihts for a group of her friends P. ......
e6r. a n Thursday afternoon. All members and guests are
eeifa:.s-ushers vIlted and those who wish to pa
SJtwil played Recenut Arrivals cards after the luncheon are v
te for AtBotel4uanzgete quested to bring their own pla,
IihdaBndld lurp sang'Recents arrivals at Hotel Pana. ing cards.
i monte in Boquete include: For reservations please cal
i~ng, relatives and Dr. Ramon Marmol of Caracas, Club Headuarters at Balboa 34
ered Iat the Fe: Venezuela, Mayor Joaquin Mar: or Mrs. Elisa Heurtematte at Pi
tvel .eGut e os, mol of Panama. Captain Cecilio nama 3-0566.
etls. ehMnue were Lwls of Panama, Mr. Carlos Rn. .
reeption. Mr. JaM- nertof Panama, Mr. and Mrs. Rob- C .. ..+
or th4 fir also. .ert A. Jowes and son of Curund,, ,cOUf IV Ws
bh to legupsts were Mr. and Mrrs. M. Engel of Pa- -
of the bide, Misses nam, and Mrs. Roy Mosher of
*er, Joan Saars e, Panama. ICb Scla Give
o a"d Car rgeant.C -- Farewell Luncheo
Lawrence Adfer, Wi- Birth Aniouncement Famh.r.ewel this tu tPu


lian A. Van Sl Jr., and He- Mr. and Mr. and Mrs Wiiam Stocking3 D held a farewell swIm-
ry ae__y pored coffee. of Boulder, Colo., have announc- ming unchon at the Hotel El
iThe biete bek was ilw charge ed the birth of their first child, a Panama swiammin pool, in honor
of Mrs. arsles Van Steeeberg. daughter, Linda Lee of John eate, of the Adbiti.
Mrx. AWgethemey served the Mrs. stocking is the former An- istrative Officer of the: United
1 c nette Godby of the Canal Zone States mbassy an Nw, Jo
-,, .,. Mr. and Mrs. Lyle O. Godby are Seat. w l. F
I maternal grandparents. Members present at th 'ch.
.fa a a-d. "- J rty re- eta Sigma Phi eon were: John Beate. illaiam
SH tAreyi P III Peter Berger, %'lloy
e y_ of To Hold Meetihg ,Larsen reddie Fid ue,. David
Me. .Afplld 1' #. 6lv-, The Beta Sigma Phi Sorority 7 .r In .

TL ~p.n'- 'm. at the club-ro0om 't the Cdm s
Smalo tejque.- munmity Center, Curundu. winners we John Seate, Jim-
.myLaran, Freddie Fidanque end
Peter Beroer ..... ..
The boys presented John with a
farwe) gift p a's, on which
was writ In on iginlpeum by
Douglas. Major.
S Hoste&ees at the luheon ere:
Mrs. Fred hDentp, .Ms.William
-- Arey,; Mr. Clyde Larsen and Mrs.
BY )W. MW IEL LAWRNCg far-can I count on them when I Richard Eisenmann.,
MRS. i: 1i 1 7Y yearir old, Sbe tlA 'old?"
lives w Ier daughter and this .a Utlpsa we can recognize our ter.-
child'saf mi1y. IOne evening, r. ror at an echo from our child- .
ceott, she tasked to do to her hood fears of helplessness and "' '
room in ore leave the dow. desertion, it can manipulate us in.
stain Wi t -or grandebildren to the same placative behavior
who ware Vo t itI a ld, w that charac.erizes any fiv-year. .-y...o- i.
i y tobrig her old who fears abandonment by j
a to t ceam and take Mother.
she .3k ean served. So JUST as this scared child will
Mrs.. at down and wrot a try bo be "nice" to retain his par-
letter. Amns other things, it said: ent's good will, fear of helpless
"All mt life people have told old age can blackmail us Into
me I was toVgeneous to my chil- gtbeous gestures we can't a f.- I
dress. Now hItII al old, what for4. We may yield to young peo-
have fI O veu this 'rooti and pie's pressures for smarter cars,
the food I e t" are begrudged to big weddings, more expensive edu.
me...." catiol- than we'd planned on.
Pz i -.' children be- ut our scared efforts o Wnd
because she Out children to us in ob B nation
e i e wreu r ill anotinsure us content Ina ourl
.4 l g.o age. We natural resent lav
ed m Sa e tooin e m to conve for w at we think.
Srottloo Is owed us. Giving In begrudge-1
e. zamt. selyw 'can epect only
0a80e that e l dg ivi"gin return. -
Us aware of oldaJ ge .T.oughohalless chlldres be.v e WE.MIIIOUEtL, -
U is while ar2sil r parents are their
a 6 6 meoet Ineelds. of m groweup p.ronI- 4 not. I keeps mum rtlawo reports
a pelhdUm w ae .are akose r lty. that he will martr Jealette
faseg '1 o of ur agig What they trust istreao rEdris. Seattle. Wh., hotel
panics .M tmve power to meet H&s ribs and h abote a
lathe eage ha 'made uIs. .ae g e ts hR ,--er ft. ,It ,,att-'a
.u i' i p oin us. power in moments of t and "'-
S atejs chlaldi sru *we have t .o wr1r g ockefeller, said he rws wathe
in s aieo .r a .Our peace rests moiot 1I city a to visit his som .
st usontae:r11= oof the ,mof a cm tol
w h feed sad ter us.

MISS JEAN AUGSTADT of Curuidim whose parent. Ray-

B igha School a anda zpmber of the e titlon.l HonorSo-
Mr. Aleguas. .who 'ls A .a duate of the Canal -Zofne Junior
,Cdlege, is serving with the TU Navy in Balnbptdge, Maryland.
SThe wedding will be in october.' *



IA Y/west Aid





Webster defines grace as "easy
Eighteenth-century poets laud-
ed grace as "fairest art."
Today the charm schools pro-.
mote grace as that manifold quali-
ty whereby a woman is enabled
to walk, stand,, and act, always
"with beauty."
However you define It, e al-
waes hs and always Wi' be the
distinguishing characteristics Of
any attractive woman. It s. her
'sine qua non." It is her poise.
That's why modern disiers are
creating more and inoe "objcts
of poise" for the woman of the
twentieth century. Furniture de-
signers give her household items
and appj ancer that are esy to
use. air stylists create halr-do's
that "work" and millinery design-
er ve modern women pretty hats
I t if, e i
sit betuiitul.

stays, and pleatings td
mfoahble accesseres. Why els
t glove holders that clamp glov-
es to purse? Why ,else te fold-
up .umberell ?
Now ~eently, 'grae is being
introduced to"another ittn. Grace
enters the realm ,er pictuetaking
for the modern wqman.
A camera has e. designed
that w8 gie women the feature
of precion photegraphy- but

without the awkward features-
the size- of a regular precision
This new camera is the Bolsey
B22 Set-O-Matic Camera made by
the Bolsey Corporation of .Ameri-
ca. It is a 35 mm precision cam.
era with features including a built.
in range finder, a no-double ex.
posure device, and internal flash
Boon to feminine poise, the
Bolsey B22. hs. an ingenious de-
vice whereby the user need set
only one dial the Set-O-Matic
- before snapping her flash pic.
ture. Whell she sets the dial, the
amount 'of light necessary for the
exposure is automatically comput-
ed. She then takes her picture
(ana knows it will be a good one)
without the fuss of exposure guide
and Sad eta.
dRr.. modern

It is wEh-shapedft carrying and
in its cape is not.,muoh larger than
'a air of opera glasses.
Scores in a case. o' natural-
colored cowhide en pert iched.
Like pod luggage, the lIsey cam-
era Is an accessory to _te proud
of. A, woman can carry* it and
knew that she. is livingup t o
Websteir's definition of-grace: "ea.
sy elegance."

Even the Stars Lead Us to God
By5 John S t*fg, 'e Author sad Lecturer in Astronoamy
MAN, STANDSiALFIWAY be- though it is, needs 4% years to
tween the atom ~id the star We reach us. From this star space
seldom look out ithe space or goes and on, so that light re-
contemplati the ateom with any- lqutlr-100000 years to cross the
thing but confustonand W r. I ;.of which our sun and J
.For most of. us, tae came ad e are but a part.
lorlmins of our UVs k(opB ourr ND OUR OWN galaxy lie
thoughts close to til eatth fti n m upon millions of other
which we draw 6r W0499uO. tinlwf, each of them with bil-
She oa.rtb wlook lt l oni oarAz Tiuy a so far
ao Ia thie weky W Am a moon apethat light from the near-
and stan wheel asK 4r"alon4et takes 1% billion years to
their patu aa nthegy moMaSMUd Rea tus-. ,. o
the earth. We iAntf hat of g who live upon p
creep about the thi ty earth? mailer than
earth andt erema ter tha
ains fr us the. uall are we, 5o utterly tiny that
'mains t"r us twe; eem to crawl within our-
center of crcr
tion. selves.' Here is insignificance S
uOW CANWKgo tI one can really feel. here a
undestandt eIt is lhUpillty, but not humiliation
earth orlits plae for ani more than dust.
in the plan of TO MIND OF MAN cfcn en-
the uvenre ift- Icompass the whole universe even
we never raise If he understands It only feebly.
our eyes beyond *ternig Here is where man's value lles-
our planet?. How can we nme In his *oul and mind, not. in the
the glory of Ood, who made the det of *hich his body Is conm-
universe and all things In It, if posed. And just as the mind of
we never think of anything but amn reaches out across the
the cares and worres of the eiptiness of space In search of
day? We should lift up our heads knowledge, so does the soul
and see the wonder of creation lovingly seek the Fountain of It
and of Ood. all-God.
The moon is the nearest of If the universe is vast and
celestial bodies, yet 23M8, miles wonderful, how much more won-
away The present boundary of derful the God who made it. In
the solar system is marked by truth. 'The heavens declare the
Pluto. 3% billion miles away; 5% glory of the Lord." Well did
hours by light time The neatest incola say, "I cannot conceive
visible star is 26 trillion miles how any man can look into the
from the earth; Its light, speedy heavens and say there is no God."
. + i" F ald r. SW erl Wah Mkit 1, D C

...a tasty a too


me topurchase them at will.
"I have always had a very
warm spot In imy heart for Pan-
ama and the Canal Zone and
think very often of the many,
friends I still have who are liv-j
ing there. My beat regards to
you all."

When your car is in the way
f1 a person who is trying to
park or move out of a parking
pace-move it.
The driver who sits at the
wheel of .deuble.-prked ear
ad let0 another p driver1
struggle to try to ge"ey him si
ir!al road hog.


special Ramp' .4/
Won r in Y i

WoM'an An ..for .dJao WA


J +each I.4 .. I

tanley Whaler, that wepr
eede it With some news of the
writer herself.
tie son Stanley, now t hr n-nd-
a thalt n are m e.a life for
themselves in St. Petersburg aft-
er an unhappy series of ilnesses
that crippled her .pe auently
and took the lives of her husband
and small daughter, Judy Kaye.
Pretty Mrs. Whaler ha a job,
and is planning a uture.
Soon after the little girl's
death last June ahaAtok"a cre.
tariaq position with a. surgical
supply house which emp! only
handicapped persons. Tho pro-
prietor handicapped himelfis
teaching Betty Jane, a pollo vic-
tim, to walk and ise crutches,
though it' i unlikely she Willev-
er walk normally,
Next month sae is planing to
matricuate in herwheel chair, at F
Emory University, Atlanta where u
she will study to become a med- I
Ical librarian. While she is away
from St. Petersburg, her uncle,
Richard Castle, who came from
the family home inI Roekford,
Ill., to share her home, will take
care of little Stanley.
The home itself is- a unique
structure. designed for Mrs.
Whaler's special convenience. i
It has ramps down whieh she
can maneuver her wheel chair
readily and me y other factors
which make her handicap less
Difficult. a
So that she could et into the
Gulf of Mexico and enjoy the.
benefit of swniming to retrain
her muscles, her cle desned
and construted a beach sled.
Mrs. Angus Matheney of Prn-
ama Ctethas just returned at- I
er several wekes as a house
guest in Mrs. Whaler's home.
Not only 'have Canal Zone old
timers now settled n St. Petr-
burg taken a constant Interest in
her welfare, but friends still on |
the Isthmus came forward and I
did what they could during her
most recent trouble last June. It
wrote the following letter:, A
"Dear Friends, 11a
"Through t his medium I
should like to extend my sincere
thanks to the many people who
sent their best wishes for the
future wrapped uld in a generous
gift of money which I received
some time ago.
"Since I have no way of know-
ing each and every one contrib-
uting, I only hope you will read
this column and realize you have
brought some sunshine into our
home.. .P,
7en to be obtalhed for bOur tew
Inomea and thes fund will nmhb. ,.e


The regular monthly meeting
Cristobal Rebekah Lodge. No.
will be held at the Cristobal
asonic Temple Tuesday at 8:00
Mrs. Phyllis Turner will pre-
ie at the business meeting, and
rmer officers will assist with
e initiation.
All visiting Rebekahs are cor-
ally invited to attend.

Pedal Pushers
and Blue Jeans
from $3.95
Silk and Cotton Blouses
from $1.95
Shert sets for girls
from $2.25
"Charle of the Ritz"
Just AAoevmena Avenue
and M34th Street
No. 2 Tivoll Avenue

LAST DAY of our



to hear and dance to the music

of the most sensational orchestra

of the Americas...

(AltHetiag with isaichoe Acarraga's band)
Come io load ihirt ad completly
formal dres for wt fan I


*.* -p x, *-t m -


^ ss^' ~. .**-

U V3


Gay, breathless
Youth captwes-

in the sculptor

le- III

Oter Mi


C -- U -i



it. v OM "

I I I II -



.~.... _. =-" "


FROM SCRAP MATERIAL, polio victim Betty Jane Whaler's
ncle constructed a beach sled which makes it possible for a
friend to drag her right out into the. Gulf of Mexico, tbhn ing
her back for a sunbath after her. swim. i-v'w v -
S0i. :41
'-Hac ,+--





AT THE EFFICIENT St. Petersburg home which frien 1
atives helped construct for her, the young widow wh
Lived in Ancon is able to wheel herself into the patio', t
by means of specially designed ramps. ,,,,,

'' : "P;r:



* -.
* ~ tisiL~
*~'~' .6,

-. r~.

.4 ..

* -. 7 i

I *.

e ld AA Apartment ts
S -Sed ',*nog vr f.i'"- F ASATE 'i~9N Iertu. -fnyl.- ATTINTION (. I. Just built modem
mosmoer -a t ne*. ble.' 6.30. ee .t cendi- furnished apartrments, one, two
C c No. Apt. 9. Phone t. $2, 'Z.-bedroom, hot, old watr. --TCl -
N'O.W phone Panama 3-4941. -.
FOR Ap ttfw turnitu you.con that FOR RENT.-Furneshed & unfumish-
SGas lov. retigerator S E C 0, O ed 2 & 4-bedroom aportments.
a o. Wi 'rent..aportment car yp. ally,. C o n ac t Alhambra Aportrrlnts.
f ..35 meilintly.Taleohono need in ftoni;lv. IOih Street. Phone 1386, Colon.
48 t~tilmes r dq BA P ,c gronl ': trel Theater building, Central Avy-
a" 1"leo1.orI t.I PrCicesgcuaal nteed n, ue No. 141. InQulreC etraMl The-
b 50*. F cF rh. muk c osthen
nv or onanton. Phone loc.l trpd.n other. manager's office.
39- volue. Vooa.xn't FOR RENT. Modern two-bedroom
FOR Leovngc Livlngroom. lose, and..imagine oportment, 51st Street No. 42. Un-
d be omset kitchen.O the use *tu-40op9r furn.;hed For further details, cdil
t fboe Zublets: 3-1802. 3-3337.
FOR -7-oite Chi ase ebond econd5"r. ,, FOR RENT New three-bedroom
S 5- Stt r- cone r apartment. living and dmlngroom.
s4 3 0 5tr0HeareOmaid's room,n hot water. Telphone-
-- -A -,Almost .,,w 12-. t. 1947 BUICK ... ~. ..$ 575 3-279
.2.or ....rirator, 60i- lR0 BUICK .. ....995 FOR RENT -Apartment Living and
.cyl. 2-3. 1 CHEVROL r ,, 795 diningroom. two bedrooms. garage. M
S1950 CHEVRO .. ;. .. ,895 All screened. Colle Gerardrdb Orega St
MISC.ELL AMn S i5 .CHEVROLECRI i.. 1495 No. 3 and Vio. Espan.. one blockon
V C-t949 'FORD ..... ..r 695 tror Hotel El Panama. Informaolan "A
S1 195T. MEROURYI., .'. 1.295 Ir, some building. o
.*A Tba itri19451 9 A.*SH 5 FOR RENT. Furrmlhed doable ora
t1B949 lDSl 895 bnle apartments, screened and fl
2- 46 1949. OL7&.(r -* 5 f iospected Phone 2-3065.
EXC5 '"' "' FOR RENT -Furnished -partments
SMcA)LtA.N. paOne bedroom. hot wmats $60roo 0
c bedroom apartment. kitchen both at
c O 7.* RO nT 'f fuinirhed, ho woter ,75. Viao P.
n 4 .escbrf oAurself.. rra 101. Phone 3-2568. ber
S FOR S W% `FOR RENT Modern two-bedroom ,,
Spartment with mR.d' s room. 'Lin-
C o OL.N coin Apartments." 381h Street No. at
FR. ......3.... ..c abin. FoRrSALE :--195; hv.lt8 FOR REPan T m 2-1046 duringsd, Fourth FO
1F filE. -i 40 radr scthoone e -door, tnes. superb on rl,..f Jy w/s/wm wh

ghert ar Bolbe o Yaih!-Clrb. Call s enente, screened SuNtabhe for one
"u-@o ArBt 5 v l, O I tireso leother andunvlgn r-Uphlstery. FO RL T
to nd b. n- ar Can be sn a e N. 3, 4h
S95co or 0.taoe $2000 m08 T 3 Plankl Stat, .Balboa. R e .
See Otrs. .044. A4xn. GoU Pon- Phone 2-3654. _____________
S --. -- FOR SALE -- 1952rd-6Custom- FOR RENT -Room, furnished. Fourth
F c line 4-cLoor 2"t-nes. superb condi- oo Julr Av4nueOesbederbroom with
'Xeif;'.good ctiton iInformation: Phone 83-0185 balcony. small diningroom & kitch-
rn Balboaa aht -Clb. Call r o--- eneiie. screened Suitable for one
Q FOR SALE:-Nahb'5uper Cilub coupe or two persons. $65. Tel. 2-4912
siajit wth' .inboard i 1941 mbdel. Rado, good tires, new or, 2-3584.
Snboard upholstery. reor recently over-
hi in, mn- I o do k houled, now braoe linings, Cr in' FOR RENT Large well furnished
Wdt.T. ot Fib -4172 excellerAt c9Kndlon; ce $S475 room for 2 gentlemen- or ladies.
S a., to 4 p"; 8Z8-3463 or Call Balboa 242896. House 5184. close to bus-stop. Private Wnrtronce.
.33^ oftt' Parsons Street "Diablo screened, quiet, private bathroom. -
FORTet ar, Can be sedn anytime No. 34, 46th FO
FOR U5~ Eti SALE-.--Firot. i in111r 1aid Street. 1Beq.Vista. pi

mJ P A'2-all. l- r pmrivt-bath. Neer-. Hotel l
:v pnKfW*ggW o Panama. Meals available. Call 3-
b.'oc* 422~7.: FOR SALE -1952-Oldsmobile Fordor 1782. 201693.
Sup-Her 88 ydramofic. two-speak-
fm Reward. C13tr.. other extras. Dr FOR RENT
WA a- i*~a l.i%~k 111r lr, I .

Real sFtate
FOR S J -Oniv $300' dwn pa
emer, alo Nuevo lot with lah
and woIVeT. 631 metre's $1 75 p
metet. PATTERSON. 2-2346
FOR SALE;- Wonderful farm. ne
LIpftOjytwO large concrete hou
eS.iti acres on highway. with rfi
er swImming oool $1.500 dow
r<, $6.500 PATTERSON,

create block hose opd 4000 mete
ao' Gorgao for $2.000. RUSI
PTEF.SON. 2-2346, Ponama.
r$, $40 monthly. large house
i uSlrs.- ftor down
s r. 1000 meters, Pedrega
T M N, 2-2.4..
,n, in5,0 monthly. Lefewe h~us0
I ree bedrooms. Price. $7,50l
TTERSON._2-2346. ____hu
Fe reaf estate service: Buy. sel
rtgoges. insurance by etperbenc
Sri f r Thomft~s A Estri
S lenods. Phone 3-1069, Centro
a. 259. P.O Box 3404 Pbonam


ramlich Santa Clara Bouh caetgewp.
Electric refrigeration, gas stoves.
Moderate rates. Phr on 44l r
4-567. ..-..... -
Santa Clara. Low rules. Phon
Balboa 2-1866.
ililb. Oceanside cottage '5111
Claro. Box 435. Balboa.. P
Poanmu 9-177. Coistoibal 3-1


OR SALE:-Ageweed Sserkeb, .-
clal Club Reserve Sek,, -0.I
Meunted Cenedlum WhbIde,
Cortes and CaseMl Club SI. 41e
ber or bedege. Yoer'J.e 6 4eUiea
sole of mercharidise will bh con-
rcted on the 26th of August. 1954.
ar., *Corpi Eichange, Rodmon Na'v.
ahon. Bids will be accepted jn 4ryn
e, or dll of 4 lots up to 25th of
jguit: '954. "Merchandise to be!
Id: Greering cards, articles of aloth-
t, jewelir, fiOurines. Xmas.di.9i.
ins, mechanical toys 4chidds ...,
men, cosmiesi. ,
Dialed bids, for opening in public, will
received until 10-00 a.m. Septlim-
S10. 1954 in the office of the
neral Manager. Commissary Divi-
n, Mount Hope. Canal Zorib for
0 only empty metal drums located
the Commissary Division Wholesale
scerjes, Mount Hope. Invitation No.
may be obtained from the office
the Supplly Director. Balboa Heights
from the office of the General
inager. Commissary Division, Mount
pe. telephone 3-2653. ""
R SALE.-Orchids, palms, shrmbs.i
small and large plants fprtWd),j
many varieties for planters, (etal
trays and stands. Leaving peo -
nientlyA Lpust 30th Mrs White,
12-B BDaoa Heights. Phom 3-
2330 "'
R SALE'- Girl's bicyck, ful size.,
excellent condition, House '875.
R SALE:L- IbhfIh Cocket Spaniel
puppies. AKC registered litter. Al-
bro.k 86-3198.


ANTED:--Good light sedan. 1947

__!!r.rl.r f'or. i 33185 orL.J o VU 15 Must very clean. From
FOR SALE:--1951 Studeboker. good .- .s private party only. Tel. Miss Nunn,
condition: buffet: dining table. FOR RENT:-3-bedroom. chalet, ga- 3-1660. Ponoma
- l. metCall Ponomb 3-493-2 rage, maid's roOm. .Suitable for of-
V_ FOR SAL --198 he fice or store. 32nd Street aond Jus-Bal0n Is 0U .
tFOR SALE-194Arosemeno. Phone 3-4332 or
Stibe. excellent motor, white side- 3-0790.
woll, MororvlL rodio. Phone 5 -
I 96. tro rdi. Phone FOR RENT:-Beaut Iful residence of li11 CI., UL.k
orFO SL -l9'Qf5'i5,5f three bedrooms, hot woter. ;rroce. Siie *11 iel
FOR 1 evroe door If interested phone 2.3035 Pon- ,
gdan. good condition, low mileage. grWh
SPh 2o-1796. WASHINGTON -(UP)- While
2 PhoT29 .FOR RENT: Modern chalet Two jet-propelled craft have set awe.
Po.tionn O feared bedrooms, maid's room, properly some altitude records. in recent
Wscreened and ventilated. Lo Corras. Years, an older and gentler meth-
I- WANTED biolingalfemale Dna. aquilla, good view of Ponoma GolI od of ascent-the balloon-contin-
iED i Bhngual female a u...
S manren secrtcrv. Preferably ha.r CluPh. $90 monthly. Miguel Hive ueS to be used.
HB ^ ^tbr t erPhone 3.484 As far back as the 1Uh century
rh, p'roandbo keein cier- the balloon was regarded as a
en,:e References required. Apol, workable means .of aii -anspot.
Co' Cetral American Trons ryr Piiori The idea was first put topractlesi
e C HtelWofrton. Colon. R P D 5 use in.1 when he entgolers

S' (C tinued fre ,Pg1) o France-filled a linen bag wthr
heAted air from. afire and
de-laysaI decidionon EDC n uch leased it. ..
.onger. Hydrogen also was first used ih
.e11783 wherJen Francos Patre
C o b d t Already the cynics and extreme de Roz6er, the first man to ascend,
nationalists ar on th rise In employed it to soar to 3.000 feet.
- Wet Germany. The rightist Free. Less than 90 years later, in 162
S L' .Democate .are contestIng with the stratosphere- was being enterePJ
- t'E.leftbt't Soiol D-emocrOts the by two' Engeishmen, Glaisher and
F Lr iolte oft champion of German CoAweT.
unity and natid naclalm. I e
Wa i i Tno 1935 a hydrosen-flled balloon,
They are890 ming thlat ul enerI dubbed the Expor rese to
Sof9DC-.lOausted tbs Pus^"" 'M1baj. Willam I. Ke ner, Capt. Or-
eFrdn r1 oD Pno putp8 ldtha t Abr Ac h 'ant
1 Cenwa l American Transraaiot .iwolkA Anderson and the late Capt.
Gnai/aintermay. n RoDw develop an Albert W tet-'- as --rewmen.
S. Eieven h a half miles u, the
'1, I ti.d- ,thr e-d.tabind the ag tore. and the balloon dropped
60I' Rqa 0 .Ill totl b' west Il toward the. earth. The occupants
very thxsJ lii "ftd, rode the 3.000,000 cubic-foot bag
Chancellor Adennuer I8 79. He m d balled outJ ustm, before It oe-
% Iwatsa tos ee hl pro-Werteru ploded.
fpOlicy aet so firmly while he
i'.. that his ucceMors will find In e13, Explorer 700 0000 cu-
W e'tGrm~iltT r hard to change. bie feet larger than its prodecesa
.v h o a .n m sor. carried Anderson and Btevens
v U t self e o an him- to 72,35feet, over 13 miles.
i. Ii [ cOnITent lo In Itirnat nal t :Man did not go -.beyond this
affairs do not laUt and seldom, height until 191 when a Navy Sky.
'(*/", recur In history. rocket plane went to 79,000 feet.
I Another Skyrocket, piloted by Ma.
"To le"*n- tm defed t u toirtne Lt. Col. Marion E. Cari,
^.-' ^JU. look 1110 5.4&tam. lMnot to climbed to 83.235 feet in August.
On It W11a11V tdhe oNU.S. dig- INS.
om-nt ~ma t"New,I t" aes- e r
twe to. h mdft Wd60 Gennay1 The highest over-all ascent yetbg
and ola her wil th r tc. to i made by a balloon, without o pa ;
Sthe We lt Auroea Mnaushity.", aenger, is 131.919 feet, j st s ort

o e Think I& Hot? Oct m, at wa e, Pa.
S* Could Be Worse Irish Make Gains
hlehe ta hcY. n In Tulip Market
IhBadp WI T L h-- --"eborwrhB.ry canrbedthk 1
Sa ful fort. est o thin ti DUBLIN -- (UP Irisah tuin
11511Ie#, Jq reb sh ed f gas In the upper at to. ave ade their mark 3 America.
claue ll Phe la'olfe n Il eathani three yeao, Ireisad
dckig. This mdeI, fr' w9mr has built up a huge Import mar-
I with p Wm CA bo t "e Iaftop Itef it. .t for that shield, CGe. kt of tlip bulbs to the United
eal NCh *U orloeetrieCo.., seientits say. rtSteu, and orders eo uti0e to-pour
Youd rt y be boured up. a11
A l Ynarro amw layer of
Lease te the son's ultra- I~eo .lrish top8 industry is eon.
Sv t aye and prevent! the more.iStratd mainly Os a 5W-acre
.deadly from reachlag the fm at F .ila. near DqA air.
%%- cm p si oawuwept low oime-
soe ntt eimewlodt It Is r i the of.
i Mlllmr l I gr rays penetrate teW onen fkaTy ohist o erA_1l s ry.A
# %* *mI hroe^ u gm Mmalkt. Head v f amw t itt ort
,- .lvieet could to hve eaee Haui
-, ewPAN AM ,o S, I. psilad c4 eatremapy a m a 11 aa the Is eir powo lI aerid,
a~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~0 figAim g vil FiC.,Sinitssy ues n rdr otsh opu
ren'd be brged p. ?

'' "~.'

W~ J.


N. ., *
p '* .'7'
1 ( ,

ui p thwee a hutew. Itf agop Bl & seeR Ot .a ew
-f a 1wwen comble giih facndea. ab m Aep timall
e-^ aiisg cjahouituoiiah at m_____i OO-j;VB -<>ft

I ______________________________

fa n'-scope Antque tu0ehi

S(UP)- Australiann Wi e .wp.rt
astm aOnks have completed con-
structleaiA radit4elescope which
thyclaim Ii designed to see fur- By .JAMES BAAU mnngt
their anthi yauy other telescope inR. ___ I
t -.l .. NE PORT, R. I. -. (P) A rune."
T 's. $3e0n oo nineiail dek is hmdso e No bmeina: t et.4
Tip mop: poe n t nine months 0 l.Id
buibiigTSL? p Instrument atn cost b u t it Isn't anything you'd A Aid&
bulhig. -tiIustrument at a coat want to move around for fun. he wt 0,3
sfe the rario. in Dat t$ A i Wea willtetheradio one o* te nation's most famous the entrance Vie
tele tp-study island glaxies pre-Revolutionary homes. The re- pa rwaysz i thbe
hun cf .m io of li years cenly restored house-operated a Uhf nat oui.*
beayi t u own r sys- a hlublic exhibit by the Newport It from. th : .-
tem': Wbhey see mayr give me' Prebtvlrtion Society-is furnished FinAly,
clue u tr'4 ecttr&of the uni- with colonial antiques valued at in the dining raam, S
verse, nearly a half a million dollars. way to a feont padl .. .
T- People who Iqok at them. say, "This- Is the 0rlae:Mf
i m e- rratus h. wo rns "Wonderful ... magnificent ... he said, patting in'otg_
1,000 et long arranged in a cross Ah!" But that's because they're on foot high Goddard de=- l
pin north, .south, east and the safe-side of the ropes. No one about a,,o. "But, A' .."
weat.he aerial Is report to be asked Themto lug any of it arouidd. sometlb14 'tlnbi O 6Ph
the 'vbfd's most powerful, but s Is arrived too early. The mansion a mept iptIP.1
limited to a fixed radio frequency which once housed two colonial ingof moving it.. ." -
and, u perform only one func- governors, wasn't yet fully in. or- The rest was inaudible fre
tion.' der. Hoibert Smales, Preservation other side of th frof t door.
Society director, led the way up- a .'
Audtrais- are' particularly in- stars.
teied thp stvdy' of galactical "'~at'~tk bedroom whererfdn

velped for this Purpoae. These ra- tion ded" he said poin t In Tw
a the ew instrument was de- the French fleet during eh ev- in
dior stara. they are often called, down the 200-year old hallway.
ar eXax 0i ". beyond .our.iwn. Like ."And tbit is the dining emom table ITTS1JRGH -,(JP) -
ra ,, h itin et ila, that 'lW]ohgs downstairslw Pittsburgh 14,t:
y emit faint radio Smales dragged the 200-year-old anyihore-the city's sht
w ves which cabe e1ed u on able that looked as it it weighed has been towed away-.
earb ,by tightly densi ve aerials. a pound for every year to the top mooring."
S.Bcompalng information ob- of the stairs, neatly blocking the The t o-decked. flating.i
%' i0 thesee radio emissions only exit. a landmark for five Tye a
i t hem ed by "r radio "This stairway' is-solid San Do- junction of the U M ob
art-of ,theMilky Way, r dio as- AUllegheny Rivers in ffd
tr d ners think they will be able Point district, has- .uttv
lo kius soWething out alaxies l Let wa for Totgress. -'
in 'the vastbess Wf the universe Or Let hattyooi m e e llb
beyond the viable region. r iugij.* ,.. FIV _Rthe teumendoira

r'reign a g L igges LOUSviLLE Ky. (UP)
Here are a few simple tips t
PITTSBURGH -.-UP)-- Foreign American Aumobile Asaociati
languages soon may be as qom- offer ctar o e ~teU ol trBi t
men in the classrooms of Ameri- or expensive reaqr-s:.
can grade sc6dol ade sa the lo the fuel pump goes had o
three k s- if crreot experiment long -trip hi spring 'or early sui
prove successful. me, probably meaps e d
Children at the University of phra, has been insure
Pittsburgh's F a u I k elementary cauie v porolog hg speed ai
school are 'being indoctrinated in becqWs of damlage-i t has receive
either French or. Spanish in their frosw aomAtica added to ma
very first year. They continue the gasulis during winter monttho
lessons on up through the. eighth It is possible to dete
grae. i when' the automatic trausmissic
During the fqrst year, the in- or ofoeW converter needs new flu
Strpetion is limited to only a.few ad because there is a sensati
minutes at a time two to lour.peri-.of .l 'ia.e or power loss durh
ads a week.. THe.youngaters-leam aceeleMtlo. itfl feels. much tl
tIhr first word, (naily t*ris6gh same sippage with a neoeham
conversation. They dob:'t. le to el clutch.-
worry about grammar untiL they '
rpvlb the sefith grade. I Excessive tire wear at he sii
Si vlr pgranms are un(yo.ay of the tads usually is the ream
ln sf ne New. York and Caiforma ofo .ude. -A on..'qthe lire.
schools, while regular foreign ]an- the teje Is wer Va e. sft aide oft
guaue instruction fqr ll-year-oldas tread.6.ily,r.'A JW spots, .1l
will begin next tall in Chicago. whledk pi'Q dot of lij
The grade school foreign Jan. F aft sound- Ie.
a. ,classes got under way at the ratt tedor of'ar ish'.p
Fau school last year whn a- a aIb as .tile-widlow. Ti
groug of first readers received it wi9 teW'*Ilbdow down.
pal h lessons. .hs year,, the WitenVOr abe a autn m
firat grade class is studying bile, mskeyor tests at differed
Freneh. speed. Bzals. for example, mi
To prove the -classes at Faulk work' road speeds, but wi
are suc aesful, several parents al- grab at low speed.
ready nave started taking Spanish I ', '
lessons themselves to find out what -...- 1-,1-
their children are saying whea they Bi5nghamptel Judges
shout phrases in an unfamiliar May Lose Some Sleep
to n g u e a r o u n d th e h o u s e BTN. M Y .I- ( P-
--- BTNGHAMTON, N. Y. -(UP).
An economy effort may result i
police court judges here losis
some sleep.
A proposal before the city coui
cil would make it possible to rot
the judges out of bed at any hot
of the night to arralgn womO
charged with cimlssal o&OM esai
er regular court hours.
The city like to-avold 1
int two a I matobfs isarth
l.J jail as ordeim IFby th
: /state corr eve mle

sent t1 the. J.j )


ked at
rbd' In



STYRACUSE, Y. (UP)-The tion shZuld bdSe P M
next time George Eltgreth decides create mall for visitors to' itrol on
to go after a fly roaming his bed- and the city's only. ttl caft
room. he'll think twice before using was in the way.
a towel as a weapon. The picturesque ship:has moved
SThe 50-year-old Syracure man to spot fArther down *MTiver.
- bagged. his prey with a swipe of andn its captain, ffl ha
he the towel, but he also shattered a didn't like it a bit.
bo light bulb and sent his wife to a "Two h
Shospital. had 'gra's here, 4,^ n
One of the fragments of the buildings were
Smashed bulb pierced Mrs. Elt- state avd cdty a l
m-groth's thigh and the wound re-put the gra -A Ba L. ,
quired stitehesibah!" I

AL \.

e i when meven iraues tol Ni a c Car
S!. Germany. MretU. O0 the eight Wgri
ll ined to vw1MU. IL. L g
,I CEorado City williImt4ww0. i
: Te.,- .. C"&a-.B.-.


MpIW~a umg~v u~*s

v~ ~ :-^ 9 k ok

CrioCar bon


1____ __~


_- ..- .---.-.J.A

* 1-.- .3" 4 ..i.

. '. ", .. -.,
-.,' ,
*' v^4


-... 11-' .' ;

77-- t..r.----------" -^




W "" I# "
SCoiplete CiepaSLeBe Bro a .

i Thdundp ,r o b.
"* E JI cldq. WON hL M T I.-. .
__ __/


- i.
*'-4 U


S)A NTIt. ,"teso to Murder" wh en Barbara Stawyck Is saved from
down hundreds of feet tothe street below by homicide detective Gary Merrill, belug assistedby
otherrolleemen. .

'Witness To Murder' Keeps

Movie viewer In Suspense
Witn to Murder"- a tale reminiscent of 'Sorry, Wrong ing on actual location Wsites,
well-calculated -t keep you i.n Nuber," Rowland, director of "Witness To
spense-opens Thursday at the Perfect for his role of the vil- Murder" wheels his camprt e t
CentralTheater. lain is suave George Sanders who of the studio and down Holywood~s
adds the right continental flair main streets and byways for ltey
Ber 'even the credit lines for required of a German-t r a i n e d sequences in the film, the baek.-
this action-packed United Artists scientificc .mind. Throughout the ground of which is the lamor cl-
chiller appear, the pace was set gripping drama, he piles up evi- ty itself.
for an even .of to- light enter- denee to disprove the witness
tlpre ewr lain that e. murdered akFo. Chester Erakine, who pr ed
auo 9% Ia, ailds'room te ny* ..
murder con ttod. As the hard-boiled homicide te- screen 4iW
.... .. tective who tries hard to believe been called a shy Orson Ues
Barbara Stanwyck impressed the girl's story, Gary Merrill is These talents, are bombine4 ,
the preview audience -with a. corn- outstanding in his sympathetic, to a suspense yearn with-a smash.
pletely credible-performance as highly believable interpretation. ing climax which grips the au-
the witness whom nobody believes. Indicative of a new trend among Idience long after they leave the
This is ier Bst'.prtrayal to date, Hollywood producers toward shoot- theater.
-4 ---.s 41

1.LIV kO QQUINTS-With the recent death of Emilie Dionne. separating the
ian.-".tpI. k, Argentina's five Diligenti children are the world's only living quin-
lrp.ahlio here as they celebrated their llth birthday on July 15. The quints, from
,.AOe F rao, Maria Cristina, Maria Fernanda, Maria Esther and Carlos Alberto.

'4:, ... ..- ''


' bapt r Op
*'tadks pilp-trf

F TRAP -~'sBf g ibe Cit, Utah. Safety Council helps to make its city
1y destroying abandoned refrigerators at the city dump Here a bu'ldozer at-
W potential death trars. According to the Nationa! Sdfety CounciL.81 duildren ..ed
S 1 old refrigerat rs in the last six years.


In H atet Adventure
with -


-* m

with Rast Side Kids


"The Woman They
Almost Lynched"
Plus: -
"Perilous Journey"
with Scott Brady


"Noches gde mW Ma

ml_ I ~


Geographic Brief

WASH INGTON-. America's new
robot telephone exchanges for
long-distance use a tape-punching
machine that goes into action as
soon as the cad is dialed, the Na-
tional Geographic Society points
out. It takes down the number of
the caller, the number being cal-
led, and now long the conversa-
tion lasts. If there is a busy sig-
nal or no response, the tape re.
cords that tac,. Later the tape is
fed through other machines of fig-
ure the monthly bill.

Most fishes need company. A
goluisi~ put alone in a bowl can
become so lonely arid frustrated
as to actually wind up b mental
case." But the bloodthirsty pir-
anha fish of South America are
so afraid of each other they will
try frantically to escape through
the glass walls of a tank when
two or more are put together.

The original ,
a decent habit," a. full length
of dark clotl r~ esch,
sure, was required (iress MO" ..i-
dents in most medieval universi-
ties. The hood was a-common part
of civilian dress and had no special
RUGGED DRAMA OF GOLD I RUSH DAYSI The glue that sticks U n i t e (I
States postage stamps is made o.
Marilyn Monroe. the most publicized screen siren since the a popular pet among suburba'i
..... .........". .__.= ^..i,...,,,e I n I t i m l is not only palatable but slight-


i+. -

rties, nas -'er lrIst chance iLi I U "" ""y""'Y-.-n rw -O lI nutritAous w- *
20th Century Fox CinemaScope production, "RIVER OF NO lyn ous.
VIS-heatre.Tn Damone Wants Someof.t.-
TURN, which no il Tuesday at the beautiful l air-condition- The small cocker spaniel- no, D a m one W awnts Som eo1 lk
Robert MlAtchuwakolie of the most sought-after male stars In a popular Pet among suburban
film capital, -shares these. -omatic momentos with her in.'a and apartment dwellers- was a 'ng
ged Tec1color outdooram set, in the great north To Sing Love Songs Tod
ring the gol-ru- days of 187 with- Rory Calhoun, the dark In explaining their appeal, u ryT f L ove Songs
hinder of the rather tarnished past, featured. -- Ad John a t. Tentory court
-physician, wrote;: These gogges ,.
are little, pretty and fyne, and d '6 "
ought tsas theelicae By BRIAN YOUNG igay, serious when I want ., be
ness of daintie dames." serious, ready to do the to-w a
sokIi for tol the de icate Vie Damone. M-G-M singing' when I want to do the tow4 and
The nesting places of the cattle ,It. Lif Aticend and "Hil the happy to just go out for a Auioe
egret have not yet been located Deck. is considered one of Hol- dinner when I'm in that f Id-
in South America although the b wood's most marriage minded His hair color preference.,l
". r J v^ ^i '^ 'bird appeared on the continent .30ung bachelors, out one of the' solute, blonde, brun.ate oz i
MOVII more than 20 years ago. Flocks most elusive. head.
VIS ..TV "have spread from British Guiana He wishes, however that he
-.- 'to Surinam, Venezuela, and Co. w ere interested in someone ro-. te doesn't care how *
b\ = lombia. They are also new ml. mantically. -I've had enough of dresse"h o6h9e.
ei so s'" "pi *grants to the East Coast of *Le living alone and .rxeprting Ib hat I P -
Ur "M '0ome of te -, be nice to have somebody t4 alK C'
Screens. Esther Williams says sensational I s on the st.. .ds are Europe broke 'the Grietal mono eo. tent. lan ecs-'1 0
R,11"e a c t ,v e u n t il -g W 8 o n o r co v er 'g irl s h or- e is ,k-ii te c i m 6 ^. -
'l be active untl'he's l oking for .. r r.. wh.. o esem-- poly on silk making back i the On the eubet of women hes li pngimg necklines.a o t
fudging fr om .t-e-dt b lit J f le m movie v ns. O ne o f t asmore th c ry T o m k k fluen t "'1 alw a look at a g irls ;ihe nsay s. eelt an ted t va
mette Kellerman wh o made lurid books has a, cover *o ass torture to smigle ouk a few of e es first. If she has blue eves abel feeling And the Jeaz.
andp, drool -a the ngit a er for Esthh. e forbidden silkworm eggs from I'm pretty apt to take a second abl ofereg the bilt h
e-dpa hh, th e s er oPerstae -.--.. '.part o.ercotn. theb
e-piece bathing suit, Esther r Wins.ersia. ,f." loo .. .oart. Know wat I mean.
ght make the grade. Y b ge t s T n Ife likes sweet, nautral and _----
knnette, whose I story Esther PAT ROWLEY'S biggest secret Tremendous numbers of la sincere girls, but not of the gla-
yed in "Million t Dollar Mer- stles, migrating with the smot r mould He ants to marry v T -
,id," just returned to her Pacific s, once wore deep gullied trails a working girl, but not a career
lisodes. home here after an Micha Rennie sa'S heIl duy between highlands and seashoreigirl Or one for whom the career Ut1 Theill CVIr"
lht-mOnth, Red-Cross sponsored an M in Hand br his iEcuador's Galapagos Islands. is all important 1 just want my
tdnth, Red-Cronssa home ,n Holly en. Only wide enough for one tortoise b Mr amore -
ar of military installations wife and son, or ,, n gnly me t u rs torltoedthe fe to be Mrs. Vic Damore,"
I san and played my accor- when the mysty of hi mother- s t t gullies forced the he explain.. Producer. man who got
n," she told me. in-law's death has either been single re all therin likes girls to tr) to adapt round with a worried look
I told the boys, Listen, you're cleared up by Scotland Yard or s a e lea s themselves to his mood. -I like a assistant's face.
going to see Jane Russell. I'm given up as unsolvable. The case is Americans sent 121,000 000 girl who is gay when I want to be -- '-a s"
t a nice, little old lady, I said, over-a month old and two suspects ounds of mall to overseas se Egotist: guy who thinks if
I to tell.youpellasotheltruthshave.b-eensreleased.
to tell you fellas the truth. have been released. icemen during 1953 large airfilled bulb and a glass hadn't been born people wold
e never met-anybody older than tl tube containing water. When the i wonder why.
M.' .. Confusion note: Model June Mc- Galileo, Italian astronomer and air became heated it expanded -
MGMetteon erscreebiography: Cale, once a arga Grl, plays a hicist invented a practical and pushed the water level down, Starlet says her amboitoo" to
GM did a. wonderful job. Petty Grl on TV's "Where Were thermometer back in 1592. T he thus permitting a gauge of the have a spare foreign car'.li.. OI
ey had a beautiful girl-a much You?" Where was Varga when it instrument was made up of a amount of heat. trunk of her Cadillac.
beautiful girl-playing me. But happened?t ^ 11

it sort of broke my neart that they
only showed me as a swimmer. I
have other' talents like singing and
Keenan Wynn, I can now spill
it, was offered the sun, moon and
stars to wiggle out of his MGM
contract so he could star as Alex-
ander Botts in the teteversion of
the "Earthworm Tractor" stories.-
He turned down the loot, with:
"I'm sticking to the movies.'"
EVA BARTOK, the Hungarian
goulash who was Burt Lancaster's
leading lady in "The Crimson Pir-
ate." gets her divorce froni Wil-
liam Wadsworth in October. ..If
Warner big shots have their way,
the 11 pictures made by Rosanno
Podesta before she was tagged for
"'Helen of Troy," will be withdrawn
from the foreign movie art house
A Broadway show,.for -Alexis
Smith may- separate "ter .from
Craig Steyeils fara wfflIhtisWall.
He will remain in t 1ollywoad to
star in .te televersion of "Talres of
the Texas -Rangers."
Movie dolls are screphni-
't 49''":'S

Career switches: Arthur Ken-
nedy playing an escaped killer in
"Crashout." Johnny Johnston as a
prison inmate in "Unchained."
Lawrence Tierney- LAWRENCE
TIERNEY-as a policeman in a
TV series.

Alfred and Marijane Hayes -
he's the author of Humphrey Bo-
gart's ne xt, "The Desperate
Hours"-expect the stork in De-
cember. Their third. .Mari Blan-
chard said ta-ta to the agent who
hoisted her from a bathtub model
in a camera adv. to stardom at
U-I after a flop start at Para-

PRAETTY' Audrey Dalton, who
took time out for motherhood, is
resuming her career minus some-
thing she brought over from Eng-
land when Paramount imported
her for "The Girls From Pleasure
Her British accent.
She sounded like Vivien Leigh
two years ago but now she's spout-
'ing the pure Americanese of Ann
Sheridan these days as a Yankee
doll in Alan Ladd's "Drum Beat."


f:1 8= 6 0 -W | P. M.


--end -
Lovely Singer



pn-uma- .s irwww.., I

mou .U"'"mm You are fW lt* elml
viaoHM 9am CHWAt ME M iracl, of ., ....hri
-D iqch m q* wondrous moment as the
M-..S!* impoial nmigt of Rome crashes
egainstlqhl ,, .... -

MONDAY ** ITo f V'
1*; *'i:-^I ^ '

- Diablo Hts. Z:00. 6:304".t%,
Clark GABLE "1,.'"*
"Gone With The i .,
Technicolor !
Also Showing MONDAft,,k-.
Pedro Miruel 2-30 IM

"Decmamereo 1



Ata -~

S '



I .

/i' I





5'i "~;I~' ";S


tI t


Wide Open. Class



Headined Preo.

Gaonder, Sugarplum,

0 t Note In $750 Race

: 'A wide open Class "B" $750 seven furlong sprint
Shifiines today's Juan Franco race program. All eight
,*^ lAded starters rate a good chance in what should be
.;,-thrifrer from start to finish.
"t fuels choices are expected t- after forcing the pace for three-
t 4oyonder, Sugarplum and So! quarters the distance.
However, Merry Masor Valley Rivbr paid $6.20 -
SHeen. Relampago II, No whichh was about par for the day.
S Jaqulmazo are also ru( .-owever, Gonzaga got the
yeiO bstantial support in the oonshooters off to a fast start
with a $89.20 win payoff. Gon-
r, which will be ridden zaga and Devonshire Club, win-
ter V. Alvear, scored an ner of the second, formed a win-
ea to-pogt victory in t h e ninq first double combination
Hart Handicap to for Class that returned $377.40.
S '5f z f ghbreds last week but Alfredo Vasquez, who scored
.aS-I-mpressive that his owners with Chepanita, Burlesquito and
lalid to move him up two clas- Chispeante, was the day's lead-
Sesln an attempt to haul down ing rider. Jose Bravo was the
a purse. be under runnerup with two victories.
jP ajlum, which will be unue
th capable handling of Luis Gi- The dividends:
as usual, ran a creditable FIRST RACE6
e0O d to Merry Mason two weeks 1-Gonzaga $9.20, 9, 1 .806
ago when she returned from a 2-Another Fulmar $3.80, 2.80
Sloag.layoff. She s in better shape 3-Atom-O $15.
"vow.and will be a tough nut to
c.1k here. SECOND RACE
c ftNot with A.fredo Vasquez 1-Devonshire Club $8.80, 3.40, 4
to gu'lde him, fairly lew 2-Batatazo $2.80, 2.40
., alw the stretch his last time out 3-Prestiglo $9.20.
,', t h ithe DonNeco delai First Double: (Gonzaga-
Guitdia Handicap. He returns to Devonshre Club) 77.40.
action in good shape and should THIRD RACE
be ,i the thick of it at the finish. 1-Chepanita $9.80, 2.40, 2.20
4erry Mason will get the bene. 2-Tampol $2.20. 2.20
t" "; or, ,,ias Aguirre's expert hand- 3-Don Goyo $2.20.
i/i46 1,WO weeks ago, under an One-Two: (Chepanita-Tam-
Sun'.,y ride by Johnny Gongora, p1ol) $13.60.
n Mason rushed down t he FOURTH RACE
hoMetret to ni Sugarplum at 1-Burlesoulto $7.40. 5.60. 12.80
t1-wire, He could pur another ?-Dofta Chila $7.20, 5.80
t e | 3--iel Canela 17.40.
S ,elaipago 11 (King Flores) and Pulnl,',: (Burlesquito-Dofia
.,0 N.vyeo (Jose Reyes) return from Chila) $F..
lo tfs wiho better than fair work- FIFTH PACE
; us their credit. Speedy High 1--Don Jalme $6. 2.00. 2.20
Heaven (Jose Bravo) and long- 2-Redondita ,2.20, 2.20
a, ot specialist Jaquimazo (Alejan. 3--BagdadS TH.
dro,,ycaza) can't be counted out orS XTH R 0ACE
is probable "'rcefor-al."ourt Prnce 80, 2.20, 2.20
S en other other interesting races 2-Wlrepre "40, 2.20
a-' lnciuded on the program. 3-DelhJ' E AE0.
alley River, which surprising- SE ?'wTP PACE
I lyWeftt off the mutuels favo- 1-illBma .0.20. 3. 2.40
r te in yesterday's featured $550 2-Choic Prond 13.60. 2.60
t aS, "E" seven furlong dash, 3-'True Plue $3.80.
swed unusual early speed and Second Double" (Courtly
.W with the pacesetter be-' IPrince-T4 S12.60.
re' lng command at will to ie GHTH 2 2.20
m three lengths. -- ev t 2.60, 2.20
iwuz overcame repeated 2-rlsu $.20. 2.80
e.rference to close a gar and vdis .2.80.
"'. r -second without beinq a a:..',a: (Val ey Star-Grl-
to the vinmer. Royal Al- Nu) $8'.6.NINTH RACE
S _gtorheld on to wind up third Chispe 3.40,2.20, 2.20
0" ; 2-Chingri $2.40, 3
A T 3--ertsan Counteas $4.
francoone-T w- : (Chipeant.e-
*r aChinain) oil

Ir-4, oneeJal
3"a-B ya
6-Royal Robe
7--New righton
t-Roy l Emblem

Montmartre 1-Valley River $6.20. 3.60, 2.40
Mala i 2-Bendegus $3.80, 2.60
Porta.., 3-Roypl Allicptor $3.20.
sWaiu.. 1I-Joe $15.20, 3.80, 4.20
Charming P i2-Tomasito $2.20, 4
A. Maijd 3--Julie $9.
Sugarplum ha I
Dark SsetDancer s Slablemak
Souvenir aI O Tast Cops

l Wh ney Handicap

Juan Franco Graded Entries

P.P. Horse

Jockey Wat. COMMENT
hockey Wct. COMMENT


1st Race "I" Imported 68 Fgs.Purse: $375.00 Pool closes: 12:45
First Race of the Double

1-B. Bridge
3-Black Bull

A. Ycaza 105 -Showing improvement
A. Vas. 110 -Should win off last
A. Gonza. 100x-Longshot possibility
J. Phillips 106 -Nothing recently
J. Gongo. 105 -Longshot with chance
A.. Mena 115 -Good chance in mud
0. San. 105 -Dangerous contender


2nd Race "G" Native 4% Fgs.Purse: $275.00 Pool closes: 1:15
Second Race of the Double

3-Tilin Tllin
4-Tin Tan

A. Ycasa 108 -Distance to liking
J. Bakes 103 -t-Needs longer route
V. Rodri. 108x-Would pay juicy price
H. Reyes 108 -Plenty early foot
P H .a01 fiR _TTallUv fraotlnia


6-8. Velluda A. Gonza. 107x-Por effort in last 5-1
7-Piropo P. Rose 113 -Dangerous in sprints 4-1
8-Malaya A. Mena 114 .--ack In top form 2-1
9-Volador J. Gongo. .115 -Rates good chance 4-1

3rd Race "B&C" Native 7 Fgs. Purse: $350.00 Pool closes: 1:45
1-Don Temi V. Alvear 105 -Ready for "payoff" 5-1
2-Rabiblanco A. Ycaza 103 -Improving steadily 4-1
3-Yosikito F. Godoy 102x-Needs better rider 15-1
4-Portal E. Cana. 122 -Seems best on form even
5-Fru Fru H. Ruitz 105 -Shoud be close up 3-1
6-Dalida P J. Phillips 115 -Will score soon 8-1
7-0. Wonder J. Gongo. 110 -W flight it out 2-1

4th Race "E" Native 7 Fs.Purse: $275.00 Pool closes: 2:20
1-Don Wende Mena R. 102x-Doesn't seem likely 20-1
2-Preronero H. Ruiz 112 -Could take it all 3-1
3--Metto B. Agulrre 118 -Dropped in class 3-1
4-G. Bound A. Vas. 118 -Down another class 3-1
5-Mufleco F. Godoy 97x-Not with this Jockey 25-1
6-Concejal A. Ycaza 108 -Last wasn't convincing even
7-Regla J. Phillips 105 -Longshot possibility 15-1
8-Marllu J. Reyes 118 -The one to beat here even

5th Race "A" Native 1 MilePurse: $375.00 Fool closes: 2:55
1-Merza Matru J. Bravo 115 -Distance suits style 2-1
2-La Enea B. Agui. 115 -Racing to top form even
3-Sixaosa A. Ycaza 115 -At .bet in long race 3-1
4-Ocean Star J. Gongo. 108 -Gets stiffest test 3-1

it SARATOGA SPRINGS, N.Y., 5-Biscaya K. Flores 113 -Most early speed 5-1
S Aug. 21 (UP) Social Outcast, -
running in place of his stable-
"By EANS REARDON mate Native Dancer, won the 6th Race "G" Imported 7 Fgs.Purse: $450.00 Pool eloaes: 3:35
24 Years in National League 1 Whitney Handicap at Saratoga First Race of the Double
Wr'ten for NEA Service | today. 1-Royal Robe L. Giral. 113 -Dropped. in class 2-1
Fisherman, which took the 2-Darlene F. Hidal. 108 -Dangerous in mud 5-1
QUESTION: Batter hits a p lead at the start, came in see- 3-Tempestad R. Gomez 115 -Improving slowly 10-1
Zu along the first base line. e nInd when the Alfred G. Van- i 4-r Boss F. Godoy 102x-Not with this rider 20-1
fielder ajoes against the box seats derbilt colt passed him in the i5-Charming P. A. Ycaza 105 -Rates best on from 2-1
t A fan reaches out and home stretch. 6-Lujoso J. Phillips 106 -Dangerous also 4-1
t bal loose and he drops Social Outcast ran the mile 7-Oorzaga H. Reyes 105 -Returns from brief'rest 8-1
any ruling here?- and a quarter in 2:04 2/5 and 8-Lord Basur A. Gonza. 107x -Dsappointment thus far 2-1
S\ paid $12.60, $3.30 and 52.S60.
eia. It would be up to the Fisherman paid $2.40-and 2.20. --Cambist J. Gongo. 105 -Must improve more 10-1
s jadgement here. If, in Domquil, who came in third,
W tl the ball had been paid $2.90. 7th Race "H" Imported 6 Fgs. Purse: $400.00 Pool closes: 4:05
dtea knocked loose by the Second Race of the Double
the rles give mpire te Bi h I-Henry Lee G. San. 112 -Ran well in return 2-1
tl of imposing a penal. 2-Mr. Foot J. Phillips 108 -Nothing to recommend 50-1
t w h he teels will nunn y theP rif.y Rthr s _3-A. Maid J. Bravo 118 -Dangerous in mud 2-1
ferce by the fan. "r K ftS 4--Gaucha A. Ycaza 110 -Not good enough 10-1
Who and how much money 5-The Bouche E. Cana. 115 -Another disappointment 3-1
Was Involved in the deal thatsent 6-Paris Midi J. Cado. 108 -Not against these 25-1
ob Porrfeld from the Yankees CW l S 7-Newbrighton L. Giral. 120 -Hard to beat now 3-2
to the Senators?--Harrison Ne- '
son '
Yankees gav e the LONDON Au. 21 (UP) 8th Race "G" Imported 7 Frs.Purse: $450.00 Pool elbses: 4:40
e orterfeld. TomRussia, once fn extending its QUINIELA
w. ,. .and Fred Sa...rd ,ad ""irlendlv'' loo toward Britaln ,t
Ir e anFr-Soethpaw Bob ruxava Ihas- invited two British soccerai 1-Proud Pearl J. Bravo 113 --Seeks repeat victory 2-1
ha iviedt eo British soccer
01refereed to control Soviet match- 2-Remero A. Vas. 115 -Mutuels favorite even
there anys thi peculiar e. 3-Fairlyable A. Gonza. 112x -Poor recent races 19-1
I there anything peurgess of 4-Tom Collins F. Hidal. 108 -Excellent effort last -1l
s catc h Jkyau Trot The Football Association an- 5-olo Joan V. Alvear 108 -Returns in good shape 10-1
S-..iis catcher.-Jac Trot- nounced today that world cup 6-Toletao A. Ycaza 113 -Tougher competition 5-1
-A e .. cch. _th,,k_ fi-. ,_ referees Bill Ling and Arthur 7--. Emblem K. Flores 110 -Imoroving steadily 3-1
Soa left hand t f te l f i s wi acept their vatOns 8-(D. Maiden A. Mena 110 -Rates fair chance 4-1
because of a nerve alnjury. toMoscow. 9-(Bedulno B. Agul. 113 -Good chance in mud 4-1
r ra ok f the Yankees also
Sers n, beof ie eanokes l foe invitations came from the 9th Race "B" Imported 7 Fgs.Purse: $750.00 Pool closes: 5:15
B~aWonly because be lkes football section of the Russian ONE TWO
thi wbv Sports 'Federation. Ling and Ellis
-ill spend five davs aniece in 1-High Heaven J. Bravo 110 --Returns in good form 5-1
SRlssist ext month, refereeing 2-Relampago II K. Flores 122 -Could score at price 8-1
Friendly ltatches. 3-Noveno J Reyes 118 -Returns from layoff 10-1
zillt, wh o refefereed the Bra- 4-Merry Mason B. Agui. 110 -Could score again 4-1
RU zll-Hungary contest in the soc- 5-8oft Note A. Vas. 112 -Dangerous contender 2-1
cer world series In Switzerlandl 6--.ugarplum L. Giral. 113 -Will be in thick of It 2-1
this summa, will get a timely 7-J4aquimao A. Ycaza 108 -Longshot specialist' 8-1
tri nUchance to. lok at stern Soviet' 8--Goyonder V. Alvear 108 -Rates horse to beat 3-2
IIf training methods. Only today.
Sin an intervfw in the Tondoni
Sally Herald. he charged Brit-' 19th Race "D" Imported 1 MilePurse: $00.00 Pool closes: 5:40
S'h players are "soft." 1-Dark Sunset A. Vas. 110 -Excellent effort last 2-1
h n ersn A- Meana 113 fill fif ht it nut -1

Lm, -*

VfW 4a


1L. **un A --tu gun ir out
J. Gongo. 103 -Early speed only
H. Ruisz 105 -Better on dry track
A. Yeaza 108 -Not good enough
R. L Oil 115 -Distance suits style
B. AguI. 112 -Better race this time

11th Raee "G" Native 4% F~ Parne: $275. Poel doses: xxxI

2-Jal Alal
4-Don Oreu

J. Gongo.
0. Chants
J.- Bravo
R. YeaA
V. Brown
B. Agui.

118 -Was never better
112 -Group seems tough
IhR -Den8erous contender
115x -Usuwlly fractious
11nx -'*er;ou' effort here
115 -Seeks third straight
112 -Returns In good shape


Fishing Where

There's Fish

Well, the *arfit have finally started hitting in the Inner bay
area. Nine were raised last weekend, all off San Jose. Three
were caught One was taken from the Alkbama, (flareman's
name unknown). Another was caught on one of the Army boats.
The hlrd was caught frpm the "Who Cares."
The fish caught t from the Who Cares was a first in more
ways than one. TE present owners have beed fishing her for
four years And it was the first time they connected. About the
time the owners tarted fishing the Who Cares, Billy Carson got
himself a bright new marlin rig. He fished whenever he had a
chance and then it was way to the States for college.
Each year he would return to the Zone during vacation, get
out the marlin rig and make a trip or twb. When it came time
to start back to school the rig was cleaned and oiled to be stor-
ed away for another year. He returns soon for his last year but
he will have plenty to talk About, because his first marlin is be-
hind him and the stillbright marlin rig Is waiting when he re-
turns to get a Chance at the big one.
The Panama Marlin Club will hold their annual tournament
Nov. 6 through, the 14th. The barge at Pita Bay will furnish the
gas, oil, ice and other supplies needed for the contestants. Those
planning on making the trip have been asked to let the com-
mittee know their needs as far in advance as possible to insure
an ample supply.
The rules are about the same as in the-past with the.excep-
tion that the largest sailfish can be caught on unlimited tackle.
In the past only up to sand including 80-pound test line was
eligible for sailfish prizes.
The prizes this year will again be left to the winner a
choice of-money, fishing tackle or trophies, An entry fee of $15
per fisherman will again be charged. From advance dope it
looks like this will be one of the biggest and best tOurnaments
they have held.
Capt. Donald A. Kurz and Capt. Hirmen Daniels were aboard
the "Alibi" week before last and were among those who caught
their first sailfish. Welcome to the "First Club" fellows a
week late but still members in good standing.
This so far has been a very good year and we should see all
records for number of marlin and sailfish broken. We still do
not have the dope on the results of the July tournament. But
in the old days when they caught 300 sailfish in Panama during
the year it was a good season.
During July of this year, counting those hot entered in the
tournament plus the registered fish amount to more than 300
and we do not have the results from three boats.
Speaking of boats, we e saw one last week that is out of this
world. l Brooks just bought a new fishing skiff. Why they
call it a "skiff" we will never know. It has over six feet beam.
The boat is powered by two 25 horsepower Evinrude outboard
motors and will really get you thete in a hurry.
That Is one outboard that with enough fuel will take you
any place in Panama. You should be able to see it any day now
out on the drift line if we know the Atlantic side fellows.

Gold Dust

By Herbert Moise
This is the third and final chap.
ter of "How Boxing Can Be Re-
vived In Panana." o1
ltrwious cbspters we dft]
the causes of the failure ot the
Our opening remarks regarded
the general unemployment situa-
tion on the Isthe Isthmus. That, we
have no control over so we would
have to alter other situations to
meet this general unemployment.
Aside from the unemployment,
there are so many things wrong
with boxing that it seems that this
game has lost its "prestige," so to
speak,-a prestige that seems ir-
retrieveable in the- face of the
present apparent obstacles. How-
ever dismal the future may seem,
we have a few suggestions that
we hope will better the future of
boxing here.
Suggestion No. 1: To you box-
ers: Make better presentations in
the ring. That is, give the public
a good fight-a fight to the best
of your ability.
If you have to take another job
that insures a steady paycheck,
try to avoid jobs that would inter.
fere with your training schedule
or one that prevents you from get.
ting enough rest at night.
When m a k I n g financial ar-
rangements with the promoters,
make sensible contracts t h a t
wouldd leave no reason for discon-
tentment or future bickering. And
last mentioned because we feel
that you should remember and
uphold as a goal:-Try to be a top
notch fighter always. Study and
learn'all about the game you are

Suggestion No. 2 to Promoters:
You promoters should realize that
you are dealing with human be-
ings and as such should expect to
meet the gamut of human traits,
actions and "way of reasoning.'
This is the most difficult of your
tasks, to get the people you deal
with to agree with you. Use tact
and be lenient with the boxers at
contract time. This creates an air
of friendliness which in turn in-
fluences the boxers to better per-
formances, with these better per-
formances, credited to you t he

This is a chain reaction situa-
tion that benefits all involved just
because the man who started it
did it the good, friendly, honest
We mentioned in our earlier
chapters that you should get on
the "limb" more often to promote
fights. Just what we meant by this
is that you should try promoting
local fights-call them semi-pro
you would like to-and reduce the
usual entrance rate.
Say, how about charging some-
where between 50 and 75 cents for
these cards? This tan be arrag-
ed if gone about the proper way.
We were told that the comals-
sons will gladly reduce some of
its taxes to meet the lower e-
trance. Material for these pro
grams will be plentyful.

Surgestion No. 3 to amateur
boxers ard commissions: You
ivs Pre the future of boring In
Panama. Live like fighters aMd
learn i you can about clean #v-

ing, good sportsmanshi and the
general "do's and don's" of the
lose Ineag ter,
amS"atea-r -,<' You
rilieavor always -S make
this branch of boxing clean, hon.
est and educational. Kids a re
your tools, learn about them and
award incentives to encourage
participation. Above all, do not
exploit these youngsters. and
what they mean to the game of
The incentives referred to above
not necessarily be monetary but
could be a credit of some kind
that will be totaled at the end of
the season to determine the high.
est scorer.
Our next point is not so much
a suggestion but more of a ques-
tion to those concerned. It deals
with the taxes involved in present-
ing a fight. Our question: Are all
these taxes.-necessary?
Suggestion No. 5 to boxing com-
missions: Approve only fights that
you have solid reasoning to be-
lieve will be worthwhile seeing.
Only lately in Panama, two semi-
finals had to be stopped and call.
ed "no-contest." It could be that
the fighters involved refused to
put on a good show but who gave
them the right to be in the ring
at the same time when they were
not in "the fighting mood?"
Another thing Mssrs. Commis-
sioners, meet regularly on your
schedule dates and discuss the lat-
est happenings of the game, stop
promoting your own fights and
above all stop favoring special

This is the third and final chap-
ter of "How Boxing Can Be Re-
vived In Panama." The ideas ex-
pressed are strictly our personal
opinions. However, should o u r
suggestions be followed, we defi-
nitely think there will'be a revival
of boxing in Panama.

TAJ w G<. T I 1 -W L F% a
NOew York 74, 44 *7-- x-Cleveland s- $ j -
Bockl3- 73: 4T -`Z 2 New York 88 3.- 4
x Inc t8 7 Chicago '80 4 .04 8
59 A88 16% Detroit s 4833
xd osh qV41 ,470 17 Boston 33
x-. Mi N, .471 18 Wa n "
.C4 .4l 71 18 Phaded ph oia 3 ftS
Pi 44 76 .3 31 .x-tinore 4
-TE gieMaoe net nlud Z-.Night. game Me" 4

S_ ... ( aWd _. -
hiMao at 0St. O (Ngo a a 15 0

Ji (s Co and
Nichols (9-9). HR- oer (34), ud.on (8). 1 aer,
Siko (2). merer (c) ad t, WP -

Cincinnati at St. LouIa (Night KlS-,. HR --Dager 0,vWhite
-Game (10).

Pittsburgh at New York. (Post-
poned, rain).
Philadelphia at Brooklyn.
(Postponed, rain).

Swinson poses with another
beauty, a 48-pound king mack-
erel, the largest caught in the;
Morehead City, N. C area In
eight year*. (NA).

Chicago 000 101 000-1 8 0
Detroit 000 001 000-1 6 2
Keegan, Harshman (9), John-
son (9) and ,awatski. Zuverink,
Herbert (8) and House. WP -
Keegan (15-7). LP Zuverink
(7-9). HR MIfloso (16).
Cleveland at Baltimore (N).
Washington at Philadelphia.
(Postponed, rain.

Errard King

Cops $100,000

American Derby

CHICAGO, Aug. 21 (UP) Er-
rird ing won the $100,000 add-
ed AnAerin Derby today to be-
comethe outtanding choice for
top three-year-old honors.
Irrard ing replsly had
won the Arlinlton wetOV to
also become the seventh ars
in the history of the turf to
win both races
Hdty Jrokantop at
ond until ey Et t "theoma
stretch where te Kit took the
lead. Hasty Road could not save
second place and gave way so
High Gun.
The winner received $63M9.
The mutuels paid $10.2 $4.60
nd $2.0. Rlh Gun paid $3.30

IN THh IRCLE--0 0.igs pooem wn me wtoe ox n uhi
aft er n the 200th h ofNi5 laor ae. Th
Brooklyn fIrst sacker reMched that number with he. 30th of the
SMason-the fifth straight year he has ht that many. (NIA)

- 4-:.

- !


i-~_ I -- --:--


_ )~ __






S. i



, p



STie eep G u y The r be Lin e

NEW YORm Aug. 21 (NZA) -
Over a season, the fellow running
major leag club runs into a
few U.N.sized problems. tequt-
Sy, the nlway to solve te= is
W nmnigupa higher bar bill.
Talent uip ovides the ig- '
et puolers. the Te a f It,
f o3Mu get u plty of layer inWTh
Vas e plaop-weeky days. Tae
to now when to get ri
t you have.
On more occasions than the aver. Th-
age set of nerves can take, a ame found
is lost because a pitcher was gt bass,
asked to. take the sweat off his V in tho
dy with a shower two tosses ago. consi
Or, an infielder, as a reward, for At
Being kt out of misehlet on rivers
th ben, kied away a double ou
ay grou"der.on th
IT 10 RAST FOR AN onlooker
to say, With absolute authority, It's
that the pitcher should have been those
taken out in the third or that left. that
hand hitting outfielder should have just
been in right. But an aWful lot of sassy
thin s crop up to change a man- their
ager thinking when he debates
moves such as these. On
Take Al Lopez of Cleveland. The fishing
other day, the simple business of HIGH AND MLr--AYCh e Moore, 'w t sweat off 22 pounds for his a ht- "snor
ate0 being knotted before his eyes hea welgt tldo edit lh'ld t, t.o w r pt i b n Jte Doni
switched him off any thoughts a- ls, Archie, oate and o wokonts at rno. he can t Rock y he won t
bout benching Al Rosen. have to take thi / wentgtooff. c k h(Nurson)
Rosen had swung his normally "' we... t o
potent bat for a stretch of 39 Re
chances and only two prodetst of -A -
all this effort fell safely. Altet a
tt o .Inc Davnll8,kto a toueh toos amll forJoe contest at Detroit, HLoon uffed A .. Eis
up tyuaru u oatg, but the In willa g to learn, his spikes along the dressing room l
o o oe at a. althe Lake* orst floor debating whether or not to a
ae .bench his guy the next day. I w C ,
While he was doing it, Rosen.
walked up to a mirror nearby and
began to knot his tie. Lopez watch-
b, ed as the ends of a fashionable An
piece of neckwear were spun a. Texa
round. "oil M
.. .Rex
In asone, the National Amateur golf bac m ionship has open
deterorate into a farm system, or tryout .amp, oer the cash-.near
and-eatry game. To the average player today, winning the man
Amateur means little more than a chanee to became a pro. Caro
Otherwise ifisti't eveT important enoughto defend. both
Apparently Gehe ottler,* 1958 champion, pauses onlylo Masto
enough to permit the lmeramen to get a picturq.o h hThd
Ins the fat-bellied silver mug, which is emblem o0 1 soWTho
noble and sporting in ateur golf. One of th6 a of Ho
the "h0dlfm horsemae" renewal, which be i x in De here
ttolt, ik national tournament with def on. cha
If an amateur golfer looks as el o to a star, body
he doesn't have to shop around. h tra? finds him- first
selt in much the ame poslti9 Aschool catback Ith ber m
All-Ameries promise. All.he a i ba and listen to
the bidding. Littler h 'that 1 eagls.. Well, birdies, aly- Bax
way. And, beside .6b Jones said couldn't nit. fying
The hustlln harts amongtie Il-and-ati manufacturers mer
.who exploit Their equipment chafmpionshi pefortm- SURE STOP ....Vlirl Trucks, lt of the White Box Is. firing his way to another 20-game was
ance. For instance, the day aft Furgol wothe Nt Onal season. fe Indians Bob Lemon eads for his sixthstraight season in that circle. (NEA) round
O 1 ew ver addvertiemenit$ the f he ad d
,l-bp bal:1T7he ubtlety, of e thatif the Abo
DUn 011 go9d enoh for n champion it was good of 200
enough for Henry J. Hacker. a0- Kt8i cRiBd of tnh
The manufacturers live in holy dread af the unknown who RlQBble w
mbt. hot and win a big on..with driV tgewrePaints U. w T UlA Dale

1y. he wo h hOOtin0 the new Ettersoni Fly-Blow Dimple Aractal
NEW YORK, August 21 (UP)or hig
The Montreal Royals are
THIS WAS TERRIBLE O- making a strong stretch run in
Consternation boilea over and flooded every sales depart- One of the nouveau rice South- thatoerackohalreagaine i
ment in the go01 equipment world several years ago when John- eastern Conference football pow- winning touch.asr edhi
ny InUlltW the LO s Angeles Openmajor fixture on the winter ers is heading straight for the car-
tony withIa rpt rp blL." mehow the manufacturer's filed et (and this one isn't magic) ifThe ex-Brooklyn dodger right-
AntaM le~ tall the way-, heeded. As far as could be t persists in flaunting all rules, hander picked up his ninth vie-
ot evenDr. ae, had endorsed the all. suca as they are, in recruiting tory of the season last night as
k me n women, are under con- talent the Royals downed Havana, 8-5,
trat -y.Dthe et4upmelt of various n anuifcturert, the in- Dot be surprised If Jackie although he needed help from
t-N ; lori nti Smr era te-Parker, now toiling for a year's although he needed help from
dlyd Ie nggoverned national reate. Some operate Al Me apn C d akeses Ed Roebuck in the sixth inning.
on the of tckt b ng their names. next year by return to h Ken Raffensberger, another for-
WaIeSen t, foro example, stll rospers in this field, although States for a National Football mer major leaguer, was the los-
bn atd of golf for some lime. Then Rosen glanced at him. States a atIng pitcher.
M gan had always been a ayrol man until 1950 when, Aren't ou temr ted to take me ue ling.. n
jut ibtotte Q90 tn at Merlon, he dec edn p son- out of there, A?" he said with bak to aes rnie e dates The Royal's latest victory mov- N
sor!s ball. e 7 'waytlhe Bantam wAs iittIh hls ano s In those ased them to within two games of
dasata L OOEDTHENnF.Thet lORe started hitting after the Ail-Star
ewon wit chied dor knob. The decision LOPEZ LOOKED, THEN FO. break and-or a blind date with a the second-place Rochester and
dlsitbr t4M % atoweeky eq ount the manufacturer would ED a smile in return. "You're my stunner from Milwaukee's envir left them six games back of
h iopto th arte wmtase money th br e and was ons which has led to an announce- league-leading Toronto Maple
met- of.o..p...d.there. An-Leafs.
I bUan- d.sil hkers maintain a close lodge. They sore than just a few managers m. nt of faU matrimony ... An-
ft lld10 hook themointo competitive biddinghave found themselves inL opez'.otther whosi workk has perked up
k tmt It com e ubid g h fou es "nder the stimulus ro ince' The Leafs turned back the
fe a t er tell you the together and d- action. Charley Dresses always Tam Shater Wor winner Bob Red Wings, 3-1, in the comvle-
ce *tpay. o' o .after the Merion cident. In any case, was one. Early ..m hs career, he. o tion of a suspended game of July
i t crM 8 en n always fell for his pitchers,' Tone ski, a bridegroom o six months R er o e
ttheon the pown l intrecentuyfearse- k c more-chance sales talk and leftand no longer the carefree bache- 4,but Rochester5took there-
ne thei tro I the manuacurers ee oe trm Only nx lor who once missed playing in a ularly-scheduled game, 5-3, in
tabs on rOU Lit ervenhally signed with Spulding's. threw usually disape dV-S Open because he overslept 12IInings.
At g it must rtled him when in4altive strangers, rom Charleywsu v a eared Atwo hours hRi d d d Ottawa 12
a, I ,ex d n sticks in his bag'and the make of ball ing clip. A big Texas oilman is behind 1 Richmond downed Ottawa, 12
ed Pretty soon, of course, he got the idea. Checkers. the Kansas City major league 1. behind the two-hit pitching ofI
4.- 11-+ I. ..hibaantbl hm teex itch big oi..-A & L man 6is 1n1.Earl Zeiser, while Syracuse edg-i
O' mpanla st Ililes to be sure. Dressen found an answer to this bid, and the stumbling block in Ed Mathews ed 2-i.
rhetoric. He timed his walks. The early aegktatont s was that d
-8S OF (TARS GONE the way to yank an errant hurler group wanted him out)...t groons retar te no a
from the mound, he would start Sr Willi ams o
A u Only career players, ouch as Frank Stranahan and Dick hollering: "You! You keep quiet If Tony Trabert successfully de- linois tweor years ago we ouf fo
r hantinue tto play endlessly in amateur champion- and don't talk me out of this. I'm rends his U. S. sin lea ten nris football and broke his leg aft-
I t to have a gift for lolf, they almost invariably Whenever the subject of chang- Cincinnati trainer Wayne Ander- r which he ran the fastest times
turand-c rry gatns. I it any wonder we no longer g pitchers is brought u, asey ... In desperation, he took his the last of the hatcheted West
h u n hAade taed pro after winning his first Aa- tegel, as manager of the Dodg-isters to the Redeg medico, wo Pointers Of '51 still active in col-
teur? is lofty position in the sport would still remain unas- eng operation and two weeks' rest e fortealas tng can- Youngsters enrolled in the 1t,
sailed, but another player, Francis Outmet, Chick Evans, or Law- BOOM-BOOM BECK WAS ON -a diagnosis confirmed by a t nr for the Illini. ... To give yon er tereto
ion Little, perhaps, would be the yardstick by which all-time the mound for Ste el at old Bak- leading dermatologist, who clear- you an idea how loaded Oclaho- Clayton Summer Recreation
oamteur gfeatnes is measured. er Bowl in Philade and hed u the trouble. ma is, one of their captains,, in Pr touram enticatdn Thursday bowl-
mloved on, incidentally, to beat the pros and win the was not doing well. n fact, Hack A P college coach in the East .t Gs, is asecn which marked the Thuralavevent
Open. So did Dr, Cary flddlecoff. Likewise Julius Boros. It Wilson, out 1n rightfleld, was is down in the dumps over con-a ringer in a series of meets, exhibitions.
has aors tnnn 20 ara an. amateur (JOhnny Good- throughly exhaust from chasing stant changes of administration It had to happen de-t.:, and displays during tires final
ma)t ble that no amateur ever aga long shots to that smetor. and shiftig athletic poliy and. the rhumba band leader at Rut- week of the came season. The
Ce rIel a the lading t oiathe am. makes no secret of the fact he'd tsher 's in Monticello, N. Y ha entire week's program will cen-
baot xl record at.eha1als. olke to be back In the pro game, written the Eszard Charles Mam. ten around activities in which
a qutter cet aty t oWil where he started. be in honor of the heavyweight the children will be able to dem-
the saues l) ~ 's ama ur golf. 's ben went ov- We riffled through registration h er trin thertheir accomplishments
ag' N J e, siicei *. orl ea at -- _a n d cards at press headquarters for Between hou'n'meg is there a during the season.
Glebasi Z 4.r its. Ultlf ng "- le ..... d, the All-Star football game in Chi- sports pundit around who hasn't
ma Butdob efore-Wal a soma- o- n RrsentiN flatly predicted Cholly Dressen Prizes were aw srded to Jack
tobefore --Walter Pau sob; Representug will return to the majors next urke. Herman Wilkinson Don-'
..... ..t- W5 But to blow -Northwestern Universrty; Pos I, aid Rosselle, and Nancy Coursey I

'h ama" g i "t h i i=lteaXai tu a hurledd tion--Publicity Director; C o m-, as as members of the winning team
^ tp don'ste a9mattur lo enoughgh toSh hthilto right w11a. ments-Our academic require- In the junior bowlers league.
up .ag lply dlnA4 thteUr e nouthe-WblBe I bangdUP4 the wall ments are too high.".. o nr~e i e rn
t .ra; -ere Wfa u out. TeIhe fine publicity hand of Dec h0an5 dleS ue series score of Doc went
Think" gtwas another hillie hit, Kearns can be perceived behind to Jerry Skelle9. while Charles
S--son um up, grabbed the the yanking of Mickey Walker Zeletes bowled the hih game I
SbaU l perfect peg into back into the ring to engage in a GOLF with a score of 123. Sallv Hodees
second. little sparring with Rocky Castel- captured the airl's high series
Sal. It's an All-American final in with a total of 382 points.
.. --* ^UNDER STENGEL BBE YAN-1 Doe Nardiello says the- chances the Canadian amateur gol In the ntemedite o
CF *f* g Eh flUE U have it miore than their of Rocky Marciano's left eye cut championship. I the termedite n
F te ngs Philp re o4btuftliag talent and out being opened again by Ezzardi Bill Campbell of Huntington, nrles went to team winners An-
Sof it hgs come a 'layers' pass-! Charles are decreased because West Virginia and Harvie Ward, thonv Warner. Francis Om -ott.
pft mt -ise tl"iead with bM es. word: "Don't let them take you before stitching it up after thejunlor, of San Francisco meet in d Brenda Rivera. Small-frv In
South, even once." June bout he removed scads of the 36-hole final today at Lon- hebetinners' league. Iathy
Wel-wou teps ad rugs beOim That's because, at the season's old scar tissue. .... Ralph Dupas, don, Ontario. Crisp, Judy Pacvi, Robert John-
outset, Casey juggled Irv Noren the New Orleans lightweight used Both won lop-sided semi-fina' son.,and David Benton, were .
Repairs 0 MIa bhome Uie aew into the Yankee outfield in order by Paddy DeMarco as a step to matches yesterday. Ward-a 29- wnners of a three-game series. .
.L Clife tt e t r ue to give Hank Bauer, an Ai.-Star the title, is still only a junior in lyear-old automobile salesman-- M/gt. and Mrs. George Zel-
A. f t rigt lu outfielder, a short rest. i school (he's 18) and he i trounced Lyle Crawford of Van- et were In charge of the pro-
Well you know what Not,... "as has a brother, Tony, who's had 10ocouver, British Columbia 9-and- etes we re in chare of the Cro-
been going. Bauer? Oh, he get. a pro fights and is all of 15 years 7. Campbell-a 32-year-oid stock. and Mrs. John A. Mereth. Mrs.
chance to play now and then- old. .. broker-trimmed auto dealer Imogene Lews Mrs. Josenhine
when Gene Woodling is assigned to The fatb'w of J. C. Caroine is Harry Haverstick of Lancaster, t risp. Cait Wiliam Millard and
the hardwood for a short rest. )a former tru r ar the lTniversi. Pennsylvania, 8-and-7. 81 T Raymond Haggard.



d in all 48 states is the black
and of the several members
at family, the small-mouth is
dered Number One Boy.
his fighting' best he lives in
s, and I don't believe that
could get a better match than
e 100-male Current River, in
ouri and Arkansas.
s the vast army of crayfish,
delectable midget lobsters
keep the bass in trim. And I
between you and me. those
Ozark crawdads can lick
weight in smallmouths.
a recent survey of Ozark
ng, I spent an afternoon d
rkling" the Current b ce I o w w
han. For he benefit of un- washed sports, a snot e4 m
ply a plastic tube witb'lner
xmouthpee on one oed, a
SBaxter Draws caged rubber ball on thecta O
you can keep your hea4 .e

ly Joe Pat0n .Wi,.
JO e PI started in a big led' t*Me4
eo t matu au pool and while psad 6. to
the main flowIv I ould B but
pthaI I wented eisSldt
notice the crayfisNh seu tJ roVe'
the rocks below. Ever de
By UNITED PRESS looked I saw them. It b* i as
18-year-old from Amarillo., bonana
s, has a tough assignment For variety there w wls
onday when the National of horned dace. sunf .. in
teur. Oolf Tournament gets and small catfish wan -t.ek
ng. and forth, and of courW %W of
bass fry which parent
SBaxter has drawn the fa- consider a particular
Billy Joe Patton in tne With all this food ol'ar .it
ing round at Orosse Point was no surprise to fin'i llthe
Detroit. Patton. a lumber- bass loang in the shadefi the
from Morgantown. North bass loafing in the shadWif te
lin.from Morgs low amateur in ledge, and as I glided hirUNhberand
the National Open and the further downriver, I Id Sned
the tionar e that If I wanted to see Mwas
ers this year. necessary to poke unda ieiltdg-
s doesn't faze Baxter. The es and brushpiles. '
more frou n the Universit There on the bottom, sI, a
uston says: "I wouldn't be Tall bass, possibly a, pom d in
if I didn't think I had asala .,possiby a, pa
.e to beat Patton. Some weight, and facing bim.. Wp a
hasc to plea Patton. n the crayfish perhaps six or li-g hbt
round and it might asin th e inches long, waving hies U ck-
-udd" m... as weU er fists in the face of Amei'a's
e. .greatest gamefash. :
xter led fh nation in quail- When alarmed, crav pRu-
for the amateur this sum- ally scull backwards
with a 153 for 36 holes. He alnygscull rarckwards VIcy
eliminated in the second the Ozark variety fili..rock
last year. Each time the open mQi ass
ut half the starting field approached for a bite,' c y-
ut halfs on the scene and most fish pinched his nose ent
Ie golfers are having trou- on for several minute fin-
e olfers area d course ally the bass went off 1 bking, or
Moieyth the 1953 runner-ura-soae course somebody else to eat....
Indianapolis. and 1950
ulster. matched V",,1.)f'Ia ...rk sill-$A ij ,
ice round. But most of t We elous -The 'lA-
have been In the mid 70's wo.n iute by NBA frvs '
iher. s'dy A v




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Sailings: Every Fifteen Days for: --
Houston and New Orleans '
Bailings: Every Ten Days fort f'lU
ew York Philadelphia Bolti fre

(Gulf Vesels call at VERACRUZ and TAMPIS0O "
(MEXICO) every siz weeks) ,, -,
APPLY: q' .J.I.
Wilford & McKay, Inc. ,
Masonei Building, Cristobal, C. L uJ J
TELEPHONES: CRISTOBAL: 2998 1760 2 I ,"'

I ,,,yi 4~

30 3:10 5:05 7:00 9:0,(
In The Proud Tradition c I'.'
Third Man" Comes Carol
Sensational New ThrtilerI,:2



with JAMES MAiL-
Ciaire BLOOM Hildegardem,f


1 I' "1

-di 3g-arig


".'I ".



WVT r~(~~l~~^~r P 'w rouc~g








S "Let the people

i ng

know the truth and the country is safe" Abraham Lincoln.


**HH1t1TYNIl X-H .----- --- -. -

iddle-Making's Still

NEA Staff Correspondent
ROCKWALL, Tex. Next time
you throw a saddle on Old paint
for an after oon's canter
through the countryside, there's
a fair possibility it came from
the cluttered little shop of Geo.
H. Vaught.
A tall, thin, friendly fellow
with sparkling blue eyes, Vaught
has been making saddles since
migrating from Murfreesboro,
Tenn., some 50-odd years ago
when he was 16.
One of the last of the old-time
saddle-makers, Vaught said:
"Saddle-makin' is better business
now than when It was supposed
to be good; that Is, back in the
horseless carriage days. We're
usually 30, 40 saddles behind in
"Some of our saddles," Vaught
admitted, "encs up under some
drugstore cowboy, but most of
them go to saddle jobbers
throughout the nation. We've
shipped them to Michigan, Ca-
lifornia, Alabama, Oklahoma,
Louisiana about any place
there is a horse and a riding en-
Vaught moved out to Rockwall
from Dallas around 1925 with $35
in his pockets and opened a shoe
repair shop just off the town
square. Soon he added saddle

How Willie Got To Say

'Say, Hey' On A Platter

a -

E14 W JX


SADDLE-MAKER GEORGE I. VAUGHT: "It's better business
now than back when it was supposed to be good..."
and harness-making, and gave "Business was booming and it
up shoes, was easy to get a job. I just
"I ain't got much money yet," moved around the country hay-
he laughed, "but do have a little ing fun and working when I
more than that $35, and I'm get- needed to. I've been with Vaught
tin' along." since '49 and reckon' I'll stick
Almost all of Vaught's employ- around."
es have been with him 15 or 20
years. "Another of my boys is a war
'They sorta drift In, ask for a veteran, Billie Jo Rogers," Vaught
job and settle down," he said. said. He's 22 and learned the
"Most of them have only been in trade about as fast as anybody I
the trade since coming to work ever saw. Fine boy. He's been
for me, but you take Bill Mah- with me something over a year
ler there," he thumbed toward a on a veterans on-the-jbb train-
besnelctacled little man busily at ing deal. Not many like him

W ins,

A- eri can

Read story on g
l S '.' .I


work on a -and-tooled job. "He's these days--newcomnerd tp the To O ld Wa ys
82 and one of the last of the old- business."
time floating saddle-makers. He
__ has been in te trade 64 years. "Used to make belts and other
leather gizmos on the farm"' said
"He's quite a character. He can Billie Jo, "and kinds drift into ORRVILLE, O. (UP) De-
stand flat-footed and jump up this here trade. It's a good way spite the impact of modern indus-
on his workbench. He turns out to-make a living, and I like it. tral techniques, the manufacture
his .share of the saddles-two or SuppdB--i, gonna stay with 'I" of pipe organs goes on pretty much
three a week of the 20 or 50 we "In the lpaig," Vaught went in the old way.
make." on, "we have a ebupe of leather The Schantz Pipe Organ CO
Mahler looked up and said: sidelines. One is knee-pads. They here, now in ts 80th year, is o
"Guess I've worked almost ev- are half-cupoed shape pieces of of eight remaining in the United
erywhere in the southwest and leather cotton-pickers strap a- States, and some of its methods,.
southeast where they have the round their, knees to keep the such as rolling out thin sheets of
addle trade. I started in Dallas rough black land from bruising a "tin-lead alloy for the pipes-
FAN, star of ama G d s when I was 16 with Padgett them all up. We did about $20,000 dat back possibly 1,000 years.
M S FAN JANIS PAIGE, star of "Pajiama Game," delivers Brothers. They worked 20 or worth of the things last year. e company was founded y
iMt platter ef song about the Giants' Willie Mays, "Say, Hey," more full-time saddle-makers in "Another little item is toy pis- Abrahm J. chantz and is
to Willie at Polo Grounds. Wllie's on the record, too. those days. I moved on to St. tol holders. We did a gross of run by two sons and three gra
Louis, later to Albuquerque and $10,000 on them last year and ex- sons.
'BfNBA Service Silver City, N.M., then drifted pect to do more this year. Those Of the present operators, only
down to Buford, Georgia. I've are about the only sidelines we grandson John Schantz, 34, c n
NW YORK- (NEA) -"It' worked lots of other places I have keep too busy making' play the organ, and he, tog
Liver go," said the big record can't recall. saddles and harness." with Raymond Price, are then
xocutive. "Songs about real peo- ones who can "voice" an organ
pe never get off the groundt" Voicing is the process wherebya
.That was a few monthsago. ce Court ar pipe 's tone quality isestabis
Saybe that' executive is singing O icere company has builtor
'other tune nowadays. And the ranging from three rows ofpipe
e he might be singing is call- -totalin 250 to mammoth
d, "B, Hey." It's a song about Cam p ipe Instruments, correct
I "real people"-the NeW* York F r Muc I P Cingly more expensive.
Giants' slugging center-I Ider, John Schantz explains that the
flle Mays-and it looks lie it average-sized organ can be built
Wight get off the ground. in two or three weeks, but the
h ge of the groFT. SHERIDAN, Ill., Aug. 21the Americans in prison camp firm just doesn't jump into a ob
"fact, apme record people (UP) An emaciated lieutenant No. 12. like that.
eethat "Say, Hey" may be the colonel, brought before a court-! "Many came back alive," he "We don't start building an or-
t on of he summer. The martial on charges of collaborat- said, "including some of my ac- gan until we have visited the
.uUer season is always pretty L ing with his Communist captors users who may well have been church ordering the instrument
*Ilow-ia the record field, and this in Korea, said today his accus- lying buried on a Korean hill- and have made a lay out of the
uin ter. 1954, is about as slow ers lacked the "guts" to make side." pleted and assembled, It is takes
as any have ever been. So "Say, the charges to his face. two years or more.
g seems like a good bet to Lt. Col. Redham -C. Rout- The entire organ is custom-
wrae up the juke boxes and Lt. Cok Harry Fleming, 46, Ra- ledge, defense counsel, asked made, and consequently each in-
pauts a little happy noise. I COLUMNIST DICK KLEINER: cine, Wis., went on trial on whether "extreme duress" was strument has its own charactir-
S tno song is the first product He may have a hit with Willie. charges of leading Communist not sufficient justification for istics. The company makes evy-
t a new song-writing team, and Idiscussio sessions and making acts which otherwise might be thing that goes into an organ.tx-
.e-half of that team had never Worner and his friend. music propaganda broadcasts for the considered treasonable, cept the keyboards. These are pur-
ore even tried to write a song. publisher Jack Spina, tried for enemy while a prisoner at Py- 61l. Fred C. Dyer, president of chased and Installed.
several months to interest record ongyang. the eight-officer court, said he The pipes, which range in length
thalfl 4Dick Kleiner, con- companies in the song. They had .would take the question under from three-eighths of an inch to
f the NEA Service enter- a demonstration record, featur- Fleming was the first Army advisement. 32 feet, are made of wood, zinc
t column, "The Mar- ing young baritone Jimmy Ran- officer to face court-martial on and an alloy of tin and lead.
'The other half is Jane dolph, but there were still no charges of misconduct in Con- The principle change against After an organ has been coin
who has several re- takers. mun POW camps. The charge Fleming said he "part ated inpleted and assembled, i take
songs to her credit, no- s against t him were disclose the preparation and making of apart, shipped to its destination
i.m"ea Heart," which Ju- eN ast im were hiscosed Communist propaganda record- and instaUed. One of the grand.
recorded. Shealso No takers, that is, until Wor- only last night, when his arrest ngs designed to promote disloy- sons, Bruce or Paul, then makes
he official WAC song ner played the "demo" for Mary was announced, alty and disaffection among U.S. the final tonal test.
rarvin' that branch dur- Holtzman, director of artists and troops." One of them was an ap-
1Id War II. repertoire for Epic Records, an The court-martial began yes- peal to then President Truman
r and Miss Douglass affiliate of Columbia. As they terday but was adjourned until and Gen. Douglas MacArthur to Auto Safety Seat
Wes Itroduaed by Ted Woeter, say along what' left of Tin pan tomorrow at the prosecution's withdraw US. troops from Ko-Bel
N .York press agent who A ey, Hol tman 'fipped" for the request because witnesses are rea, the army said. ltSUndergo t
I regro alu-players on barn- song. That means he liked it. scattered throughout the coun-
tours after each base- But he said, "We'll do it if you try. Fleming pleaded innocent. Fleming also was accused of OLYMPIA, Wash.- (UP) --Th
season. He suggested that A can get me Willie Maya to ap- leading prison camp discussion State Patrol is experimenting with
01rabout the sensational Mays, pear on the record." At a news conference after Vie groups "reflecting views and automobile safety seat belts, smi-
chSe catch-phrase, "Say, Hey,"i Worner, who isn't a Broadway session, Fleming s t e a dfastly opinions that the United Nations lar to those used in airplanes
Va -ettig a big ride in the press agent for nothing, inmedi- maintained that he is innocent, and United States were illegal The police unit has one of Mt
p-rMihct be a good thing, ately said, "Sure, I'll fet Willie" and said bitterly that "none of aggressors." cars equipped with safety belt,
W er had never tried his And then he proceeded to get my accusers had guts enough tol and users of the car report ntis-
ata song lyric, bdt he sat him. accuse me to my face." Other charges were that he factory results.
dover one spring week-I Mays and a rythm and blues .stamped on a private's foot while The officers believe the bel
ato the words to "Say, s ringing group oa ld. The Tren- Fltai, who was decorated en route to the prison camp, and should be attached to the frame
Douglass, over the lers made the reeed lor Epic, by the Krean government for that he informed on two fellow of the car as well as to the set.
-end, set the words to ad a hit was bq. meritorious ervi said his con- prisoners who got into an argu- In many accidents the eat is tan
I i See, eaqy. duct s or the bet Interest of ment. loose by the impact the cdil

niTWn O WAi wroe oi In aCtion. In recognition of t.e.graclM -ftbie s 'ana1Ia-
shostsas for the mUtkrypersonnel, the YMCA provides Engi.h ct l o aU Panama-
nians wh6 care to attend. '

.^.^I -+' C tG HURSDAY!

dmOf th I animation act ashostes EX
around tw b e Mil* attad11 1ci" _
Ask"" MCAo

lboa T Has

2-Way Paima-US

Friendship Program
Better understandd n g and
friendship between the Panama
and Canal Zone communities is
being stimulated by the Armed
Services YMCA at Balboa.
Under the direction of Mrs.
Abble Linares of Panama city,
100 young Panamanian girls
picked specially by Mrs. Linares,
entertain the American military
personnel at the YMCA In a va-
riety of activities.
On Wednesday evenings there
is American-type Square danc-
ing. On Saturday evenings there
is always a lively orchestra dance
with both Latin and American
music; and Sunday afternoon
features a splash party in the
swimming pool and a social eve-
ning with refreshment after-
Each year a queen is chosen
by the military personnel, and
she is crowned in triumph by a
high ranking officer.
Once in a while Panamanian,
dancers in the P aamahian na-
tional costume entertaln at the
YMCA. At other ti n Americans
are entetrained in p'iLate homes
in Panama.
One of the most spectacular
activities is the course in flower
arrangement directed by 4rs
Pat Morgan In which the at-
tendance of Panamanians is ap-,
proximately the same as that of
Americans. This flower arrange-
ment course culminates in two
big flower shows a year.
Classes in English which the
YMCA gives for non-US citizens
are also highly attended.
I All these events to promote
better understanding and friend-
ship between Panama and the
United States are chaperoned
and carried out under ideal con-
ditions. The participants have a
wonderful time, and the spirit
and behavior existing at these
parties between the ladies and
the service men Is above re-
The net result of the efforts
and activities is not only a bet-
ter understanding between the
two Republics but a personal
gain for each of the partici-
The program is a two way pro-
position. The YMCA directed bv
Arnold Hodgson, aided by Boh
Worsley, chairman of the social
committee, who is assisted by
Mrs. Abbie Linares, provides for
servicemen and Panamanians
wholesome, well supervised proj
grams which are financed by ,th
National USO, and the Commu-
nity Chest; the Panamanians
give their time and services to
make a stay in the Canal Zone
more pleasant and entertalfing
for the' servicemen.

Pipe Organ

Firm Sticks


A; I

he turns out two or three a

I. '


.... 1I

Aww ELM-


_ **

F..,r.7. 0


.- r .. I-
.*. *S, ....
* 0.
P ~ *. r
~i qP-~ ..~..4 -.,-.a-
S..-. *4 .,. -

I *~ /
L ."
~..-.. -..*.~*IJJ.-n.q..wS...... -
~ ~..L


I;. -4

-* .- r 1 -

ror tr-sf.ihr7r
B^ ^^^^j .glew& s med~l-f^^e ^^^


Lay.qUt sad w
Do. p1soes to *due. at out
P"ea6% bnchee lJimy1- 4


-. L at I' -

L l.- IV

l qh41ep ku
46be led


*14. -)lInr ~.loe." -
5. Wh1- 3t ,mi-as A,

a.. a.,
.9!~' .i

~u~- Is edal

IS Oi'ui lft adl i
"of W 3batheeumdo010
Cut out. r (t) 117 obhes Btan t; a
loag. % teh wide. place e c


Sabwilrttis Avenuit., AT

L. U A 106 ,t
WMA;; o4t hoit 4 0ri di
& A. hap Ai< ott06 *of m6s toit.
23 knloft *W'Sr Ap had
vtical-l.te4rY .ar9 4 t4I9a th e
'IrobU.b.te top with0
At the ivethat *f t

is. m n

ow JewUple b efo an a cW". s&"bnow
-8. waS S t-nt Us s t

reales:,t.l1u 1 : :S- r :rne .p I
iMeMotr1 am ll be sai oWb wetL`tat.Row *

IV&towa iD P r fr 7r RiaRir \

-- -. .. .*' .'.
4L ~e t.-. -. -. < (( -<>^ *--"-

MA tQ the twirling #Ad swirling
Snoodlies In the tiat kettlee at the
W10to^ep $aptory .aStv At" aA W wus A lat rgh A
uamS o f ea souch M wrac04iotUe,

11." w --Nw-JwI Iw I -r J ,lw. o,.,,m

11th book of the

*qH l^ JI a i-,.

flo *'s

Wi ~S

* Build an El fo


diffesat .f ro
y .s r4. a .. If'4

f te ww at s *

y V A y b. bute ifo
tlw Watb I to the same tomorrow ua it Is today,
Uw. day after tomorrow wiU have the same weather
as g-terday."
It s rhii today, and'it raeled on the day be-
fore yesterday. The forepater'i prediction proved
eoret. What was the weather like yesterday?
P9 --a spaIiee4 al eqr, misasm

Se. m *.me --- .--

cane, 044 With aig2,& otters of the ap-
bet ri te y a*t lMttitrs t the ohe
ets u4m"a Mow loig will it take y61
t0 "d a soobject for each letter?
live youelf a time limit of five al-
uteO. Obje t, aty be used once only.

Dad builds
for the young-
aters to a treat
for them, of
couw bit b heru s ow
for NlOmWlf and P
Motier -ae wen-
a 6o0MMtiopn
It for ie otber
rao, Ptad an
be ple4 p- at the
prepot e leeon
w uear ad to ar on
wallseOad wood-
work. and Moth.
er can appreelate
It os a place In
which bitlaUo pursuits can be confined.
Matlerla Bavrboard or similar mooth-sur-
aced wsotboard; l t achbe; plywood dowl, di-g;
itged, al e se~t % ipami for blackboard.
Dimesiona wW dpend on age and els of child
dren. Removable torage box at top (for chalk,
crayons, water oolos. etc.) Should be within euy
Consult paint dealer for washable paint for black-
Piece of Inner tube attached to les, as Indi-
cated, will prevent sliding.

Fun With Crypto-Crax
MAJ. TWAM wrote a boo RoW auomunly
v callf a clal26 wib IbllWO something he once
said oa the subjeet Of olassis. It i premwted as a
simple ubaitutloa oplblr for you to solve:
J T 0 ."
Cryptic Hint
The mne-letter word and the repetiUUone I would
enable you to ideatiy certiln letters quickly and
solve the whole Orypt without difficulty. prom the
introduction you should also be able to decipher a
seven-letter word Immediately.
Iq(4 aflmm f, suO,sA e lr oa 4io uwaq etui
ma io *in .. ow Ji1fn-qoUn ps 1sa4
o1 --I iI i|CI V,. elal(t


WnH lut a

ea yoqr part
using .wgyoeI or
colored pen e is
an animal that to
hidden aWmong
the mnua of lines
at right can be
made to appear
Just colr each
are t accord-
ane with this
color code:
S l .'. JNlue
B ....Black
wr 3rown
R ... Red
0 Green
Y. Yellow
T ... Tan
Tp make tan,
us brown light-
ly. Wlhee black
is ladleated, ap-

tan 44 oi, nk

The you'lI have
abel oll pletur
of the bIrI of
bostW-the Uon.

..4 Y '


C BANINO fish after they are
- caught sometimes takes the
Joy out of catching them, but
there is a way to make this task
easier-with a. scaling board
This Is simply a piece of board
with a large nail or spike drivel
through one end. It takes only 4
few minutes to make, and should.
prove of eopatant value to the
avid angler or, more probably, to
hil wife.
The is la placed on the board
Seasy part of the tail pierced by.
the spike. It cannot slip from the
board as scales are removed.

Sikh +isdo Iromsthe ible In 2

(I-Oae ofJ Jooh's erva5antsdard quantity. il
otf Co bus ship (2 Chr. 4
>lal:ripenit. 80-1 Il- arer (Fr.)
Si--- .- -+ S *O" f roPer ,-Wh- t ar we all ia Chbs. ,fri-t 6i o -n
? ~ dte vlipegt come eaL J (oGai.c) I I aI

W IL | 1. JA IT I s --Io I IIWtsitsI l |I -

Wy iI 'Kw' iill rr-

.- e ..ig a-gs B- s C ll-,MI Byaels-.i, se1

w^ ... -
l~iPW~l~^^H~el~i'^'^ *--^ ^-^ ap^wteMr

WVfTVH bhas his oppofent all
L 2 up tor an mbu it
takes him lust three moves to
complete his plans. Can you plO
the strategy?
White moves first, up. tbe

It 4M fI- np, nI yft^
81 IT &amJ a*ou qTAi 3

. *

- ,


A Scaling Note :


1. 5

1 1



- + ., ,

* .. .


* *.;~7.

~ ....


4 '

1 IA


n~-zs~tes~fta -" wmi


nGoom"M rvLag I

* ,

r~L~iY~ ~tr ~m

.4., 6~.

.4. -1


I did NOT pt lost from a poratdal'


I-"~f ~ r "~~)- -I.


'IW o normal to me! Why do you say he drinks like
- a fish?"
C OP *, Authi

?' YOM atUe PISH wl



St"NMI AlA.L r
)^WISST:.*rQ IW^WO~.grr


". ;7 a

,, .-'even .u. A....A.W AW-U*

"WhM I -sm aatl m crazy about, I buy ,rt-ui -thn
Sit deant tnmpt e any mor."-

or Meets Critic


..CONS Est1N'

* ~ ~,-.

WA LCB~wMM-w~ is~cA.T~ng 0MC 1

Pma ^^"s^ 7m ^

W.a^ b.^ u .H






IkQjt W

:'.b Jo b
ki1'* "f%^




.,~ .~,..

- U






-I -lul "m ----


4'?* -T

91 IK4.B-






-*. 1 ~L
I" j^3&a



w^ s? .. .. *:*.;'... ;. i
, w~ i' ,', ; .-.. ;.-. ** ', ... :

;' r" ^ s .'' '. '. .
l ip,
Y-% W,


.t~. 4.


Ns ',2;,







k atert an




ru t-1












--AJ --L





"M E .'f


r. .' *


* PRISIDENT REMON cautiously listed the points
La which the U.S. government had made counter-
proposlts as the "first round" of, treaty negotiations
Detweek PanamA and the U.S. came to and end.
Withbut going to details, the Panamanian Presi-
dent said the U.S- government has made counterpro-
posals on: (1) the increase of the annuity paid by the
U.S. government for the use of the Panama Canal,
(2) some degree of economic cooperation. (3) equal
salailes for Panamanian employes on the Canal Zone,
(4) equal pension facilities tor all Canal workers, (5)
better opportunities for Panamanian commerce and
16) the return of lands and waters of manifest im-
portance to Panama.
Rem6n admitted that some progress, had been made
in the negotiations, but he admitted that "there was
Mill much to do."
The announcement concerning the treaty negotia-
tions, made at a press conference Thursday, was fol-
lowed by a report on the new contract agreed upon by
the Panama government and United Fruit Co. of-
Under the terms of the new contract, which
must first be approved by both the National As-
sembly and the company's board of directors be-
fore it goes Into effect. UFCo will pay a 30 per
cent income tax instead of the present IS per
It the contract is approved by the National As-
scmbily before Dec. 31, the company will have to pay
an additional $1,700,000 over the $2,100,000 paid by the
company on-its estimated 19i4 income.
-- o----
Traffic Judge Sebastian Rios revealed Wednesday
that in one week 76 drivers had paid a total of $1,780
in fines lor speeding and other traffic violations. Last
M nday alone, seven drivers were fined $50 each for
speeding. Two motorists paid $A00 fines for drunk-
o giving.
One week after impressive funeral services last Sun-
day lor Dr. Octavio Mdndez Pereira, founder-rector of
the Panama University, the house of higher learning
was still without a new rector.
Oifers to accept the post were turned down by ex-
President Dr. Ricardo J. Alfaro and ex-presidential
candidate Jose Isaac FAbrega, both of whom declared
that other commitments made it impossible to accept.
People from all walks of life attended funeral serv-
ices 'uesday for Jan. F- Bletor, well-known Panama
businessman who was fatally injured in an accident
in which an employee of his, Miss Elvia Herrera, was
killed instantly.
A native of Holland, Mr. Vie.or came to Panama
from the U.S. in 1940 as local representative of Con-
tinental Carriers Corp.
0 -
'Three Panamanian boys landed at the Santo Do-
rningo boat club Monday morning after drifting all
night in a rowboat in Panama Bay. The vessel had
drii'ted away from the site of the boat races sponsor-
ed by the Santo Domingo Club Sunday afternoon and
had been the object of an intensive land and sea
search. which was called off when it landed on the
beach it had started out from.
Following closely after the return of labor repre-
sentative Holward Munro from Washington, came
word of the passage of the vacation travel bill and
the five per. cent pay raise.
Munro, who is legislative representative of the Cen-
tral Labor Union-Metal Trades Council. returned ear-
lier in the week lull of optimism for the outcome of
legislation geared to help Canal Zone workers.
Most Zonlans were overjoyed w it h the vacation
travel pay bill which they feel Will now enable them
to take those much-needed Stateside jaunts.
The details of how the bill, will be worked out were
not available on the Zone 3Iet, and probably will not
be until Presidcnu Eisenhower signs ai to make it
it was generally understood however that any fed-
eral employee, eiil:r of the Panama Canal Co. or the
Armed Services\, would be entitled to free transporta-
tion to their homd if they have worked two consecu-
tive years for the government.
Meanwhile, a pay raise of five per cent for 11, mil-
lion workers wavs sped to President Elsenhower
for signature. According to Senate majority leader
William Knlowind of California, the threat of a veto
hangs over this measure. He said any measure hik-
ing postal woes. and not carrying a corresponding
increase in -postal rates "was headed for a WhLe
House veto."
News that the Washington Hotel will be closed
the end of this minth came as a surprise to many
Zonians, but some felt all along it was bound to
happen. The announcement was made jointly by'
Inversicnes Motta, wii:ch had leased the hotel for
five years, and the Panama Canal Co., which a-
greed to terminate the lease. The lack of business
was blame I for breaking the contract only seven
months it was signed,..
Five defendants who faced. Judge Gu'hrie F. Crowe
in the Crist6bal Division of the U-S. District Court
were given penitentiary terms of one and two years.
Two Panamanian burglars, Dennis E. Watson, 15, and
Rosalio Navas, 37; and purse snatcher, Jose L. Ro-
driguez, 17, were each sentenced to one-year terms. A
two-'.'ear sen ence was Imposed on Auibrey C. Boodyv.
39, who pleaded guilty to a second degree burglary
Tne fifth defendant, was American seaman Joseph
P. Oreenfiehi. who tried to delay the transit of his
ship S-S. Cl"'is v i.:nmiwnx the steering wheel. On a
chare2pof " "iin i ~>..i the navigational facili-
ties' hP was'son enced to serve one year In the p:!n-
_Sltew'nde:l sentencess were imposed on a forger, Wil-
lii mni B'rTey a former Ilni'keeper for a sub-cont ac-
lor and Conrad A. Boyd.. Jr.. found guilty of burglary.

a ? .i bv was onrly injured slightly when

;3 'ir d



/ a,, --- !l '- -.:

. Tesis of Col6n will be a busy man lor the neL,.
month. The Colon Boxing Commission approved hiI-
scheduled championship bout against challenger IslI
dro Martinez for Oct. 3-and a ten-round battle again
Trinidad 126-pound champ Baby Face Daniels Sept. 5
Both fights are set for the Colon Arena.
Martinez, 127. leading contender for the Isthmisi
featherweight championship, Sunday night cooled otf
Nicaraguan 126-pound champ Francois GonzAlez, 19M,
in 2:39 of the first round before a sparse crowd at
the Col6n Arena.
Martinez, by far better than his rival, knocked down
GonzAlez three times and drew blood from his mouth
and nostrils. The referee stopped the bout after the
third knockdown in accordance with the N.B.A. rules.
Black Bill, 128, substituted for Beto Scantlebury a-
gainst Kid Allen, 135 Y, and proceeded to punch out
a decision over the sluggish Allen in the six-round
Juan Salazar, 119, decisioned Kid Zefine, 116%A. in a
four-round preliminary.
The other prelim was won by Carlos Watson, 135,
on a decision over Daniel Ward, 136.
Mrs. Loly de Lazzarin's classy American-bred five-
year-old brown horse Goyonder returned from a long
layoff in excellent form anda raced roughshod over a
group of horses way below his usual class for a post-
to-post victory in the )"0 seven furlong Harry T.
Hart Handicap Snday at Juan Franco..
The special Class "D" event was run In honor of
Hart, a former manager of the local track who helped
to nurse racing back to its feet during the difficult
early thirties. Harry was the guest of track manager
Alberto de Obarrio and presented Carmen Mandujano,
a sister of Mrs. Lazzarin, with the special silver tro-
phy award for the winner.
The head of a syndicate trying to buy the Philadel-
phia A's Harry Sylk revealed the terms of his
offer. ..
Sylk owner of a drug store chain says the
Mack family was offered "about two and one-half
million dollars" for the club. Sylk says that would
clear up all obligations of the Macks and still leave
from $800,000 to one-million dollars for the Mack
Sylk also says executive, vice-president Roy Mack
would keep his Job on a salary basis. Roy's father -
Connie Mack would -be "honorary president." Con-
nie. Roy and Earle Mack would have a chance to buy
stock. Sylk says his group also would spend another
two-million to renovate the team. That money would
be used to buy new players, build a parking lot for
the ball-park, and get a new general manager ."the
type like Bucky Harris."
0 -
The world record-holder for the mile John handy
of Australia is finished running for at least one
year. r
Landy arrived in London en route home from the
British Empire Games in Canada. He explains the,
layoff this way: "I'm very much overweight, and I've
been running steadily since November. I'm out of
training. And my foot hasn't healed yet."
Landy gashed the sole of his right foot when he
accidentally stepped on a photograpehr's flash-bulb.
Despite that, he ran two days later in the British
Empire mile and lost to Dr. Roger Bannister of Eng-
land by five yards. Each broke four minutes in that
race. *
Because of the injury, Landy passed up an invita-
tion to run in the Highland Games in Scotland. He's
flying to Switzerland to watch the European cham-
pionships before continuing home. Then he plans to
take a job as a school-teacher.
A teen-ager has broken the unofficial women's re-
cord for swimming across Lake Tahoe, Nevada.
Elahteen-year-old Glenda Ortlip almost broke the
men's mark while she was at it. Glenda made the 12-
mile swim in seven hours. 57 minutes and 13 seconds.
That knocked 14 hours off the women's record and
came within 43 minutes of the men's record.
But don't think that Glenda didn't exercise her
woman's right to change ner mind even in the
middle of the lake. Coach Mark Graham says she yell-
ed mid-way "It's impossible. I'm just too cold and
tired." But when he tried to fish her out, she refused
and Insisted upon finishing the swim.
Middleweight champion Carl "Bobo" Olson had to
make two trips to the scales Friday before making
the welpht for his title defense against Rocky Castel-
lani but he made the weights and successfully retain-
ed his crown in a thriller at the Cow Palace at San
OLson tipped the beam at 1601V one-half pound
over the middleweight limit on his first try. Castel-
lant hit 160 pounds on the nose the first time.
Castellani's manager Al Naiman immediately
claimed the title $or Rocky when Olson was over-
Sweight. But the California Athletic Commission dis-
allowed the claim and gave Bobo two hours in which
to nare down 'to 160 pounds.
The' two most exciting rounds of the Friday .night
battle were the eleventh and the twelfth. In the ele-
right while bactracking and dumped the champion
venth, Castellani clipped Olson on the chin with a
for a two count,
Olson, however, came back in the very next round
and bowled over Castellani with a wicked right that
had Ro-kv down for an eipht count. The rest of the
fihht was like a hunter stalking his game with Olson
the hunter and Castellani the hunted.
The decision was unanimous in Olson's favor.

he was struck by a car on Madden Road
The accident fatality was Armanda Jones. who dis-
.embarked from a bus and then was run over by the
back wheels of the same bus.
Three sailors and a marine were injured badly In
an automobile accident which occurred on Randolph
Road when the car in which teyh were driving crash-
e uto a '^ 1 over The injured were
l.Andrew .iaNoy Joe H. Isaacs and Marine
Upl. Andrew B. Casey, Jr.
**u.tU Pi. -y.*"

mittees one s~d s traltr .Antherm
increases t1e penalty for hirboring fgltiuves or
concealing persons from amret. And the third
makes Ita crime to Jump balL
These three were a wariap, I.a the next Oft e
of weeks. M, r. Eisenhower will be busy utgaig
many their bills into law at his vacation head-
quartes at Lowry Air Base.
The Federal HoUsing AdmJnistartion suspended a
third employee of its Los Angeles office.
The FHA announced the suspension of Maurice
Golden, assistant chief construction examiner in Los
Angeles, on charges of irregularities.
Sin c e an investigation started into the housing
scandals, the chief appraiser and senior cost examiner.
in LOs Angeles have been taken off their jobs. And in
Washington and other sections, several more high-4
ranking officials have been fired. have resigned or
been suspended.
o -
Former Italian Premier Alcide de Gasperi has won
tribute in death that he never received in life.
Italians of all political convictions expressed regret
at the death of-the anti-Communist leader Wednesday
Even his arch-enemy Communist leader Pal-
miro Tegliatt sent his condoleMass. Words of
praise for De Gasperi came from a|,ItaUia poli-
tical parties. De Gasperi will be b in Rome
French officials reported an exodus from the Red"
River delta in Indochina. '"
The Freiih say'that 50,000 soldierss a6d civilians .-
mostly native Indochinese... .ave left heir homes i.
the delta-area rather than accept Communist ru*S
under the ceasefire agreement.
The French have been taking them out by air an4
sea since the ceasefire began last July 27.
Along with the refugees, the Frecnh have received
another 400 French Union troops from the Reds in a
prisoner exchange.
The Communists made a propaganda show out of
the exchange.., leading' the French soldiers to the
border line with bands. They forced the prisonerS
to chant songs praising the Reds.
The prisoners stopped singing as soon as they cross-
ed the line to freedom.
The news of the military last week was is news of
movement with a small and capital "M."
The United States commander in the Far East, Gen.
John Hull. says the American Second and 25th In-
fantry Divisions will leave Korea in the "immediatO
future." They are two of the four divisions the Pen-
tagon has decided to pull out of the former battle-
The chief of Britain's Imperial Staff Field
Marshal Sir John Harding says British Common-
wealth strength in XKorea also will be scaled down
A different kind of movement plagued a 'Swedish
Air Force pilot at an air base 15 miles south of
Stockholf. A ricocheting bullet from his own cannon
hit his plane, damaged the throttle and the ignition
control and almost downed the Vampire jet fighter.
The movement with the capital "M" is getting un-
derway in Frankfurt, Germany, the headquarters of
the Army colonel who recently, told Army wives how
to dress-. The same colonel Jofin Dilley now is
going to work on their children. Dllly says he's or-
ganizinz a youth program to keep the.children out of
Pope Pius the XU... the head of the Catholic
Church asked Catholic Bishops throughout the
world to take antien against what he calls ilnde-
cent modes of dress, particularly In the summer
season. *
All the comforts of hcme are parked in Mexico City
today, after a non-5t. p arto trip from Alaska.,
companions traveled 63-hundred miles, non -stop.
Louis Mattar t Spn Diego inventor and two
T'hev y v the wheels never stopped turning.
Mattar says they had three flats, but a special
hydraulic iack enabled them to chance tires from
ihe running board of the 1947 car while It was in
Along with the Jack, the car contained a washing
machine, a TV screen, a portable shower, a barbecue
and a built-in bar.
lfe~pite.the- acenriles' Mattar says the trip was
-Lqh in coo's. Avd they'll take it easy driving back
-.Pn -to San P'.cgo.
"We have to," ssay Mattar. "the car is falling apart."


Review Of





HIGH JNX-WkoW M Noe, Md Dowe M d
Mdl, l eu bt-y r-od ,aaSw p cn you Wto,
Wh Doubroke h ann. Woodie broke his the neMt day.
Whn Dou hd hO tolW out. Wood followed sult. The
am comi flax pursued tbM r" ad fnuMpol

-- -- -- I


I"IVT.L' years abeat buying a NiA srW,.-
.How .W. th -at tuppo e sto know yi .w M a t mor yo
w ...'" t

. -, -. ; J this o.-ry I got you for your .

a r at -- t a -
.. '1 -- -

a aI

.-56 79 90

^-- -^^-- aa---%-^

99.t oo F lot,103. 1o

9* 5 w -- r-^ -^ S8

JOS66 017 t1

Ul 1 II2 isI 155 *

(i i7 e 118 19 120 121- 123 124

I a a a27 128 129

1i a a.,7 -
a.- --- S3 -aa a -a133 -

^II^I^l~ll~A^^ A V

tute for
19-Ore .vela




41-Of a
tal beam
over door

ened "


101-Edible ,
ing pass-

a-River in
6--Soft copal
11-Beard of
12-Eat into
25-Tree of
36-List of

45--City In
46-River In
feet used
as oars
* (poetic)

grass for.
94-Tibetan :
98-Old card
103-At a
105--Animal q
108-Place in
121-ME jr
ler n
122- a ,I?
124-Native cN



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3 i 3 iP;i 1':'I:^f 'j i 7
^'Jl""-!!", 'PAGE TfCr
Wr^^b~?VIP^ -IW,



-- *I--- ~



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N M P on -M- nw

CoLoil Owuau JL17 ML o

m Kam. fm am *- *- h a
Pon nip lowacq. *w 4sra a
wPo ower v. HN *a*#N" 0; -


Herewith find Sunday Crosewor PuO-
ale No. 544. published today.
Aswr for uSalaty," July 11, Cwypeslp4


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EDITOR'S .T3 :-Ttoe.BAMo f the ntd Mi ,Atey o
who auntbhi .lttqe. be peblished lat d .N-
Christina RoTsetti- "Amor Mundl -and "When I am
Dead. My Dearha" wa Indvertently mitt#ed from the

The people, along the sand .
All turn And look one way.
They turp their back on the lapd.
They look at the eaa all day.
As long:as it tket to pass
SA ship keeps Valng its htll ..
The wetter g Ount like glaie.
Reflects ast~aqdlig gulL .
The land ma," vaayore;,
Bt ;wner th~.b*h tAh iwy be.-.
SThe water .coe. ashore, .
And the ople :p op k at tl"w.. .

To Any *t* ey reatep ;

The witch that came (the Utthered h)
T, whsh the atBS iBlth patt and igt.
Was once th bibitly Abishag,
The *ptue 344* of BoUywood.
g~o many taI fr ,great and good
for you to doubt the likelihood.
De early and& a*old the fate.
Or If predestined to die late,
Make up your mind to die psta e.
1ike the whole stock exchange your own
It need-'be occupy a throne,',-,
Where, obeY can call y, 'e6 0.
S6me ti hat they knewr;
e on-t yt -.- -
Wa e M tmirworkl tor you.

Qr keeps thw euad 4shai being
ter to r J
Wth bouyo u 8hlplMr lid.
Than none-t a. Pmrovidf~p lde!

a DESIGN a h
I found a dimpled spider, fat and white,
On a white heal-alL ioldng up a moth
Like white P eo rigid satin eloth-
Asso red ear tersf death and blight
Mlxed rea e&gO the morning right,
Like tie o dientib witches' broth-
A snow-d slider, a flower like froth,
And dead wings earned like a paper kite.
What ldt that flower todo with being white,
The ys1de bl4e and innocent heal-all?
What brought the' kindred spider to that height.
Then steerd the, white moth thither in the night?
What' but design of darkness to appall?-
If design govern in t thihg so small.
? lII --




-* 0---


Pearson's Merry Go-Round

It's amaug the length 'wbeb l tert s et9 01 *1 stata
senator wiL g to l o oe o
their ex-dIeagues without pa e i a wne a tte
themselvet but aa-paishoy as f poe- .1 VA 34Ver e ile Pbtth, cofMiekogas

state to ~ Scsmmitteh t: tao lei lt of n theo fsosine
of f s and long-te n writing that ft w e t to rwSati.
S-Ue.Sr.agvd tead ot atheapproal ofa the R a n
tively mend mosltlon of counse of and three 1 t m rats. She "ts Is the first tim 'yevever
the Mc r- committee attached her letter-to to e poll that been consuted on the appointpies
Swas circulated by the committee of a state members" he remarked
BrI ate. it 1s true was high)t clerk to a friend "And-L can't -unde.
unquaifiu f., thais job. Bt his stand why I'm consulted n w"
Rep I 4fagues, instead lf g.eaerin e t baad gradually per; sa e o
e, maneuvered to elated t Capitol 'all that the Butler of lafnd -aimd' Me "
blaVOel t,, Margaret Chase White he ebk. tabke. a b-and in Cathy tm, saed wth f reset.-
8mm 'f2Maine0, hf Nlbeking the matter. It didst want Brew- vations, leaving five Republicans
him. a Mt; however, was hto 'ster appointed.' Ditksen of ilmtis, O'ing Brewster with reservations,
smart to fatl ifno the trap. it developed, was tte senrat two withet.
-o n r w through whom the White House "
It hePNens that varitm Repu- was operate l In te ,ma- The painstaking poll on whether
can'leiders owe Brewster ot. ouvenhg, Dir w to Me. ex Senateo Btwter should be
Vice Pres4ent Nixon owes hlm isr Carthy ai .M him he thou t c e sel of the McCartby
thatS: fBrewster loaded him Brewsters api aet was risky Committee was te e o the
through "mystery man Oruaewak business, and he a better hold Democrats.
during Nixon:' first Smate cam- it up.
paign. Disen of llinmisowes him At first Symgt and
for makiag him chairman of the McCarthy promptly got peeved Lelan of Arkansas were not quite"
Senate Campaign Committee. And gave Dirkseu an hour to make up sure w1 t to do. However the
McCarthy owes him 4r help in the his mind. during that hour, Dirk. Demlrats hela caucus and con.
Senate committee ladder. sen is reported to have double suted Senators Russell of Georgia
chec kedwith the Whil House. At and Lyndon Johnson of Texas.
So instead of turning Brewster any rate e came back to McThey advised that the Democrat
down for-the relatively modest job Carthy and refused to sign. either e approve
of committee counsel, they ma- rewster.
neuvered to mut Mrs. Smith in the McCarthy promptly e *oveyed ...
peositioa of the vindictive. venge this to Brewster, who get sore- Senato.-Lwin ofNorthCarolina
.woman, atta king a man when he perhaps justifubly sore. At any wasone of thefirst to obj t. .
was down. rate, the ex-senator froma Ma e remared" sey.out o 10,-'I
went to the younger se"Otr hfrom 0,000 ppewe canp ick someone
Jockeying over Brewster's ap- Illinois whom hat h ele- ,ore u -W ,
lotntmenatioean when Senator Mc- vate to the e n irmaeansb. of.the 4 to ',/
Carthy, eia o the Govep- Senate Campai Comittee aid senator "ie Kne Maesachnut
ment OperationsCommittee, set a told him he couldbe tm derstadisetts .had been uner treasury
letter to eacI committee member mhis position view of all he'd ftno Basil Drwe" r. pblsr of
asking them to sign yes or or e-' done for him. a INew edfori, Mas., a ar D*
guarding Brewster. McCarthy put toes, a strong Taft Ro erbftg
his own name at the bottom of the i Dirksen replied that hI refusal. vhohan hea ed n Anedw a Demi .
lit. Senator Mitdt of South Da- to sign didn't make any iff see crat, death Seator Cabot Ledge.
hotl was a the tho. because Senator Symington a MiXs- 'r S w dy to Msul ,
W souri,. Democrat, hId told, him the Pert- mrystr, '.ao a sir"a To r
PUT T m WRITING Democrats would all ruse toman. t Kimedy was ose
When the clerk came to him! Brtewster then accused Dirksen In theta fia& showdown, all Demn
Mundt OK'd Brewster, but told the 'of working with' irmlngton to Oerats voteC "present," thereby
clerk that it was on the condition block his appointed .- giving the aati-Brewoter epbl
that Senator Smith and one-half "All -right" vielded Drksen, cans the excuse they wasted
the Democrats MI the committee "I aig'l Thei old co* ae from Maine
did likewise. was black-bald
I He did so. But be also attached
When this message was. con- a statement that Democrats Sy- All this maneuvering consumed
veyed to Mrs. Smith, she sent mingto3, McW1001a and Jaekson more than a week of frequent bon. ,
e bek "Lt's rede this t must also SW to makeatos between bs sena
writing. We don't wart any triple lid. He types this -amlte. TheteaoaMt beleas wa

-5'' ~ f~i



_1 -: "


, W'^ -+., ^p J:'r.,


108WTON4--(NNA1 -4kn. highblthum l mto *no s.
Sl.- .. ..- ..*. ..... .

cm Ask: Repb .a..
-Are& du wa

I agl e I t
h ely"v it.k t Seat o hBym to

amren oreturfed trom t e a rie b tA f n
T thearedgriale aav y m .Lst. i
tiger:. te limb the pu aith .bags, th.

tOt I the INA wa. t OLe S- r
Se. Gore (D., T ) ,fa ae trs M L& Artr

tovleaned in o o t tbstbite "Lt, wh fo r some on tae w" o i I Pmll d h er wei t .. in 2. i _LSV3NR OT_)
SI o taght w ast BA. ht isa n ini a
Wat didWa tb me either. m be.ah e was An e his

e.- ,. Eer to s efent pat too him to t H

.S ale ryws rh., wr c I p torul n w By l ( M RtM R a r.. b
Pe. Pl ma_ a youl ngo ladyit ti e t i i sd w n ed er lun lre.
S~figey I I 1?MY bead 161m tsof gitsi

,y r turned rom the rids ,ab t16 to w hd a t e /sell tad
W the lady oa side. eu. tvet" saS r. Larseal
adv f- ohate on f the -grea taIa ol ar for s e ofp tIthe whefi Wh Po te Pr 6 g.

ea h eirEAi s IB tOL D .... .d e .-At IT wn Mr. add r .r bplea Mort

P tOfar b. SO 10of0i ue .. .s I e alee.,st a h ,ear ea .e inW ain. (rIt s4r e p i oome them es -Nota on l are
Ow i le at Uea? tehMi' i tp m i rel s house, bit theI des l l it. TM new home is riee g next dewe
'he" Of ,em. wl ad ta tothe olpfamily hou e Sweo BPwell was Int B1 7.Sid CLWMIV N wa BaTO)
Ar.Pa-eo haol *i Wfagt>S^ d Armt I rs *a W U hlywpeoea st al Sto gest Dnar ?
tnifisetyt om i Ayear.: iides.rl .eto. .lt al de a t l ) re w

"eIhl1 hI10 e itrm t f to rm tt saeak Enlis a a t a e B atverao, (s ri d'on Ite w ll tlen t y ie s to bld

Vice, Le w l amof al rulto ftgei-er gmggafo withos baa mere lo s. BFore t)itethe o cown i. to te hesre' a orig .ie srpIns m ae.
Nw YO tto et a n Vw. fi r c Wht doun til hens
athr s u knotty a wth te a de a .r he a h eata tto, t
th lasse.iht rmyi w.. ttwhee erapam a cae e the e tCa DT Iaiko
A oice"rs ve a rmade ,e ie s a i hea aion "ltle D oine oie andewent LitElasLCO C i TohI

-P iUlW511 1 i a -of E Ifl! coU b.ume. l. ure aid ) tso ntatelarthae adwonScol of the
h A n n the judge. t to tmunist s coide when
C h M p le faa tea h B C. .f. o to e w as DrillJD a a nd l es,.a
e enerl si ", It ma POW t ave thied to e a, tt his i ed t the it cheo w!" t yiaawi de ethe p e o ha
e we t ry to w a t a It ruminto several era i h e rack-down on tho e you y and et Jers ey d across
advi f .om one of the greater st D. ibdollarieor some of the whote affix.Wot PromptedePer- s p. ..e ro t aInres .
an-a--in his of tthis generatess" m t. n s" Nsticrd to their m ail. (Wel e ne Me w t fudis s d ee. The
il '0-" GB I au with no es d.' ?) NewAw t sh e b tfr e opedawien tw erB, ntin ed or i.fcy t tn

l t 9" ^ 1 to*l*Xal'^ ---t___ .:wbLeonarde.. .ignes witho Eleiabetheren s atruitpripaMa te!"tiitlk e
--- -Le A ross liJea Adms: "M jnelea tad o m4u sichlees f ar-b T the jud e Gao in o-teise withthe cowm.
l r ar stiB wll" I o nr wes r ian stag a d Cle o Irba PrerI widit tWh e y is rioholders, r m t Z, al.
-e ,iamben ylad s l he a: Div yos happen ig e tFoet e wI h %een the Aeric -, Au the t aoess wmai
SbA be ;r "a o Ca nrad an s r oper gtt ayts ae )htt. the yta c e tThe ae project. Says

up the as orde edya'euradert An toessiahmetM. ione Brn-ils t eyes wll matrimony t will tae r f o years to build bute
iI i.t. t "fh a 2 p1y4 mesta-M a m ooke Tise sh e Mib a vbit' the k. S .e, oetheres a er-ofid in myer name.
L ivethemM I S "ai 1 wth. .isr rw ame h" an d e sockhe waeser's fasloe ero s in W nt comNe ioner t he theI

W ttNatt a asTet, W., has hael Cyr have b Sheach r. What was to Victor Vita, a beauty school l ar it ul rtice
a ,be he min e w up with w ing s ek At ae' c or agd ua sia s avrfu. he .no.braePao is tte o wit ththe co
Various world b the my weepi s b eu in e lo her nhai over te little D y Worker, Please Copy: The

Ada.wt stay of Ia t'Pai h egas in basis. (It sure pa off.) Het the J person Sehool ofis
t bte United S tet-deosa W Oct. i Newest e Uit r d SO o n -t yl tinku there rea

, -with the "Canad i s e M n c y Graner wils. S
"Chwn *awoS' aedt l it hM BCiean p lave sh herl eldB t i s"it aloai Womed o) wasry ine J.D. ales, a
ng a aog of a pro .mpppy De mp. e Itat fO Wa Greek sa his n ew bride l ift b e siro Ark. ito full t'aoing n ohesein

a m Tro sw- s the eo a in er a B adf alt lWes, hco n o me-.e n ow. at e U .ot t oefatL
gh h Sm e.. tandh- f oudintewnyt" so drtter est o ao n h pie o nliyked" "nos .ih
co rthe minyu ae owearlag jbdge'bans(]Kay hescabri corts -

,.L.~~~~ol wife met you Cast l t -TwaL" .e all (art e Clu b io a dem) -as tuolfar Mleo=rs 2o -)t taker.A
'-u- 7am e ve the ande T is ( obb-srlie Cny J... t5er ) a-_s u e 1 will come
ir.eadiead oh Calonadn grin- at come. TheyI te doo prheed.Mar
is written faro da ofaw=late
Aberla which f th aaiean CAts ostutmer bsignr tua ot r
.Lqiforactors ". Tv er form ere en h M e itu i o, tiden Athekorn
: f Ele eso i en thioter.2 Ntoht odm ix d upt,
fowate Iaindy, hs war in o r sct, rn g e ar Pderi ht o and tetativll esc inr Fm rltelcome
la de ro a e Sat eThegrandth oe-judg e ys.Butthe d ill orld. Mae
t io Canaevroblen s the Cn rin(oebbfr ohrhe yhad
loadedwithsalons but nosets.FireI oheitteirowoiir themeII h e surprise d
"Ols without soCanad ranchswilles eet i t."


wafe youlay; nightst.'.atstage andas4 derulw (aidt peiCtlhowb aoom luck t hosthe t4a1 sh I "Oh Rwell ohat
rwin h a s f re e dt o e d s an l oido
jaeflen*etNwi eiiysole rn isGec o oa n p hn thehad

Project 13-A





S. ..

, '.. ; A4
4 .. ,
A. .: .".. ." .

Here's the view

4,' -. 4



Ued, or nrjeo;t* 14 ^,-"VItL. xs..wwmart B. ,
Boer. ]eTe oSM ptl ',a.twy U le. -..-- ;*... ...* *' ,
'-____ .- --.', .
PrWjeet agi A a Wt1.1..A"
MW,. 16to OMuu.,e.0.8h..


Trattor-mounted drills (there are two on this caterpillar tractor)
open vn holes for the dynamite. See how the overburden has
been removed.

I saw it in the




_a.... k Ia .m n ad an mnm ..u. .. atso.s .ise :a

-t lieg l ,r1w.i co"' 4-r e -
.'<7Ir .n V'M Il'.^*. .ni^^ .y -r


S, A l.


14* t 0 -<

' L .


Th bte eba bats" ae b a i ks of dyamitu e in the hands
of,. Af;'tBen's dynambelote amt P tC lanpgtor Wlle

The sise of the rocks can be Jdged lI eeomparisn with the 12 cubic yard truck

Nine of the track with capacity of 12cable yards each, keep
roling. In the backgro d can be seen the aeo Grande reseroir
where the reek wil be dumped.

The outward appearance of Coatretor's Hill (left) and famous Gallard Cut hasat changed yet.
'This photo was taken August 14.

..iN Nhasw l i> f ai a sfa area. General actlvltk Is seen m t*p of t r 'eAi i iis, hovels., trucks and a jMAn mez
i. 1Tc L c U1..A I 1MTJI 8risw g l p sMX.MI A Je all spell ACTION.

.- Is

-V ~ WI t

L '1


...1 "'^, '* 1

S ,1

; ,4
Am "
'^'"* O'

*,', A


i- 4. -. -. .;. RO C -R
,F- .- I -v* -~-*t? .,' .* ^; -*" -- ; ^* : *. H ^ ^ ^
"1 -4 .-- -

" >' -T
, ** f

11' _.-r


, R ., ?

I .




I .

,3 I

Y i


f .



____ P 77--~ ----





I *d

- -

I Ifl&V F. IM -1M

I I I I I sr 1-.- I ~

T E Gxceu.
ouTAkE/ Enasr OR

S" -" ,.,-


S(aT MILL/ P1oro ITH*
VE:/ r


w( *' *~t!


M%4 $100 TO PUSLUsH 0Ne OF0
I Ik --^* --4

a6 W T& N V.-# IT wAMA9Hmw-o


* *,~( *i*
* 4.. *

: ~fi~irPI~

I :


B C1

\VU FOR <1,


| .. -a 4
. -*. .,,

" *'i '"' '.?

.11 l:
Cq. LI 1-I


i v4DU --4
b=^- -tu

-. K

* '3.









- ...- .~. -aI


I--- vnabs&,

- ,I. -

v v

4 w

-: ~~


En3 THAK vou 1
f ORC6tp Ctm

0 TAWE 14
r CM 4 ^e wHait.

'aX XA Te / TEL4 AmM L TWH. wYr OU nw,
S US aveyMy DpeTAIL .. TWUTH! vu
^^ftS~.AIEB1 Wo> ^^ff

sV WLL ..GOT -4T STARTE.u -.

GEE, rrs ,ORmM~.-,,T.OF




ro ll I | I eri

MS A Et, M4 q
~AfAo \^~ JEva

I 'eCKEI~l-E~acKG.~J
To REA&Magot

LL ^ A E

114 WeA

6wALLOvweD (GuLP)



I i S- EN




~-~------ ----


1i N1



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