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The Panama American
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Weekend American
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Scott Family Library Fund ( donor )
Panama Times, Ltd.
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Panama City, Panama
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daily (except saturday and sunday)[may 12, 1973-]
daily[ former oct. 7, 1925-dec. 4, 1966]
daily (except saturday)[ former dec. 10, 1966-may 5, 1973]
normalized irregular


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Newspapers -- Panama (Panama)   ( lcsh )
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Panama -- Panama


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Oct. 7, 1925-
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On Saturday published as: Weekend American, Dec. 10, 1966-May 5, 1973.

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University of Florida
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Offer Believed

Than Panama Wi

Negotiators Returnin

WASHINGTON, Aug. 18 (UP) The United Sts
and Panama announced today in a joint statement-wiat.,
State Department has proposed a series of modifications .-i
the 1936 treaty in the form of a reply to Panamanin
The spec~i Panamanian negotiating mission here wiV_
soon return eome to present the United States offer to he
government inanom6. ...
-4'- The brief announcement, marking the ed of '
"first round" t tly negotiations, gave no-details oft i
J .Unt.,-d St atA, .,,d,. .
on- she'^ ^ The" Pomuiton mission, headed by AA (
Octave Pdkoaiy has dweisa 1

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StFnert The o -t s to0 the edM to s n~e lr ae, day Pret -iden
Ce Britainv I f, d osheg e i 9 e nte red- of aa se rolpr. i trol D

va..k..-S. c.Mlow t firn tt -.ce .. a,.., ,

ma "pnU wit9L. of., tcW win return to ElIs ittek. It V __ ft
The Fkrrt -let, F co "S -- U nfig
,,, ;,H..^ O! =..a, P acher In Red Hungary .g
Road er ays Freedom Inredble
ter. an i. doofcutr s re

UqWer o h1. hue isrth
,"r.,O ffi r-iAo Nweae al.rJA ug.1T(t U P to C t a s se nI d t oa u1I
aI M ee NawiriholdLng Bhe IllA ee.av ,.t5tonx ter, controversial ;uv .btoh Ie cdmble was not

follth oh eesdetn sa B It ^ t oda the chur eh i sdWh e It w s a

___ __ ____ _____t __o__ __fta_ n ative h from reem thlb bM7h to poee
.- Nde al an "no a p to ptru G r A0. lob u

wIngitd. tfeea cin InM-dh
SnWbTer bl .Zn,!no."-ng UDeportment raw
nB rosed .* at 110114 1 000P1fea d eres inte r ahid thef c church t, rai th et eOaIined th
Bv forbe ham even baown aome i;Ci" C a10i

Pmi Ynear o .,= S mile Cnul of Chre e

w B W T he14 ., b a o , e ~ g, B M W
ot-of'U'- fwit ... wl p

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that UXO. N f therIIniRed-U-H
5"" W.,,

to POM'weelynew Cnfeene 'menSas Feeom ncedile


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1 OPN oPi, la 170 C-ENTRAL AviNtl'e rTWEiN 12Tw AND 1 THI

Labor News -And This Gent Wants to Join the United Nations

:S S I-


v" Lng preferential 20d Class matconvention when he denoa te
AAA .ter treatment by the poat office de. Income Tax as socialistic and
ILPANAM Aii m f-i,, Way of a Man With a Maid: That spite our tickler last year. Many urged its repeal. What a winsim
21 carat sparkler on singer Jane pro-American publications can t platform! Gov. .Lee is the hottest
Morgan's pretty paw was put there got the speal service, however .ting in the party toda seems
by Arthur Olsen, a Tulsa oil king, Wonder why? destined to end up as leaderaof
well anyway, a prince. It's from the old Taft wIg.
WAI A*$the Hartford collection (which he eRae There and Everywhere:
boughL) He's allowingher to wear The Rith Cron who teaches dane. East Side, But Is It Badt iOf?
It whileit's for .. Lance Ing at Arthur A lurray's n Sn Edwin Pea, J 's carbo
Reventlow (he's the son Barbara Francisco is Marilyn Monroe's tells me Humphrey losart is l
Hutton said she wouldn't leave too cousin .... Carol Bruce (ashe's a barred from Kl Mareame
much to because money brings hit in the Londa "Pal Joey") (which Jack Lat Iba
Sheartaches) a tly not wor- holding b hands like mad with John dezvous for )-
*he ~ -s~&~ t __ ___ __ heafrtst hese of o stak)atfor dugnt-
ried.. You d have seen him Mills, who owns Imeytown's "Ls d t
= 11oor T. A IL a 1%L. ,
CAN FU YOUR NUslice and feed pretty Cary Latimer Ambssadeurs," a i chi ed panda So was a w
-r Fsome folk Just Nlorto 1 the first tOresbites of hestook at ._._.Empror will wrong when I *_at all Was
a LCae Ene for utnce, rankVarco, saMhis year-odd the Pygmalion. amonbe the podow- fforfrtvn the cueMW n the "VOurW V ^--M rngi*M s ~l
P -- -- -oIn. .. o w r of susie im ti

Si W

fay Maid With a Man: are't
dS the English stage enough?

gagagg abidge stalk.dderel

a Frank r remr. This WpllaS picture of the old and
Uwf homers was taes a UeG attMeded a psiak 4 AkrX 0.*

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IF" lN uNxo Nfwe.- o nVANC0 ._ '0o 0ogg By VICTOR RIESL-
," S""N" "188N0 "0 V C. --- ByVICO R EA wAmIGTON.-w4.n five Lover-he hI d better afon.t. a...

THIS IS YOUR FORUM THE READERS OWN COLUMN MADRID Only wehe was al t4he t.eherdafundrthe / e lae r es t

ThMisw L".s o .,s at roos.,' of Teon *---ma round atarvioantds o he labor _pwardthea be t ,eve iu f ar tw a buita i ena" board mei
opNp-ouQiNtdion .o the Federal aeherve. F uwth
Soc handled i wly pti- ahed quarters an aedstnt the ia-]emasrend tone R o- h _requed o apo t

.,FAREWELL m.oest raorerker Un ione ohlefioeeekt he Sr oay th weey o .d, the wti
HeA dIhdoubeCoco Soldto paradise" there. a*atdla Inde i wa tolf that Snatol Haitr
esIn Naples, o ee te c -e ttembed Mount Vrs- lieh lmd t ond paledn,a r rene oueto" t o radntthe

de mew uvius without benefit of transport, oto l I wihon ass icfuIu did no de
.SIf ntedr: ae er eleavigr younger men strugoom e ,- rr erould -.Not coi na.... Pat.eeah.mer-so nechrthe ssary on.
This newspaper assumes no respoeiilibe ft the acetadsqeof noJonIin bast Berlin, he made te dowithar ho igway houpnorwls twkoaddital b o a rdrb
ow Itoaffluence of free labor .in oar ca pre" WthoWl d b s-~o O lart then'rsiea and Poul th
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A leaving younger men struggling" tshabilIat owle asry th anw. --doa l ee ry e
To all you nice people in Coco Solito I bid you farewell, far behind him in the volcanic dust t b_. .o n as orc ro .w. .co nrp as ,i
reogni am e. lostt on the verge of extending for another year. edge, standing on aledge with A 'e red e i on..t
ae w e or years. Twhen he summed it all t sr admineu tration refused to Duang the Truman oidminlrtra

ha --r should jet let the other CONGRErsM-N NEED A RAISE a pReere uiaint. M ar-
I' fellow write the rulestelevision and then d e of n t hEccles made headlines.'In the en, ougt p n od,

y onA TREE IS A TREE pladtitwthatoway.Iohewwant I'l e t u p siy Iound s kange coming Truman demoted Eccles, which
what not. rough he called the shots." e t chou done his share let the reasu dominater the Fed

all te OoAohisinuestintwereimed at ****beo g es .. of critigioing Congress, but in my eral Reserve yoardu otohe
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scretobal Post Office. Take a look uealin kids. Ive grown to fond of talk about t problem far belowT sin oe ba s na. tr
t. you jerks with the straight-pipe Fords. I l misa yo u very much us. For weeks he ad as ed-in. r Co e s bill ror o t a-o. g Treasury anthe federall Reserve
__too. This is killing me, but orders are orders andr'I must go. terrupting only to ask questions byl I I0 00 Ifo- 'ig-w, t. uly ehalf r,
re co mmgnizebomour diplomatic corps and missionshe od osm the. oas
recognize which have fallen over each other Soviet By Pete Edai e bn rend of Secretary of the
.-Hadda Nuff for years. Then he summed it allb ack t a. tion this battle between Sec
up, there high over the IMedter n Treasury George Humphrey. Their
ranean: ofa the T eas u Sny der an d Fe a-
Answer to Previous Pule We should just let the otheressmen and federal judges cooperation is perfect

f Camping Out aowroe ate rles, and ten Sot 11 e made headlines h th eot, a ht g i rq n
A TREE IS A TREE fellow write the rules, and then t o It may sound strange comin Truman demoted Eceles which
- kt S Sir: Play it that way. o Ifhed wants it apfro oe wo as do shre s eatered
rough, he called the shots."_e2l B e t o u o n- fo r crticiing.Con gheress, ut in e r a y R e re a

tobal Post Office. Take a look at the .concrete pillars there.,, learning e rules set by the en- o..rsCoge.s ins
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1 g --oW e a rytW ill e w eL n a d listed n e d to th e ta le o ., l p ho ot$s. y e n e m c h a irm a n w a s o n ce
ang r "IImucn ..n.tar0,Mu, 4 SI e o an d t her o n asked J o Tju t how lP atds t as aPr siy e nT Ean r e athe Treasury and iiasar udus at
mu h irt would take In American ahoAYTbeost lbstiYdor. A as thiap y n
I u d' dorars to compete with the SovietSin Wa ane, aheenB end of
A w R"Pr v...gover nm ent on th e Italian labo rB Ghe-tree r.umrpsutnoeorge aum phrey. eb
S Gr Nassorealto atriia i on essmen a federal ong on sl- However, many bankers o t
COI PasoIre almt sdverccretof mhim char. WASHINGTON--(NEA)- The But why West Virginia should South Dakota. But there are votes aries tat few similarly qualifiedout that this is not the function of
At-hadn 'tevternocicure timFtoS Something for Almost Everybody be asllhted is something of a&mys$-even in $15,0W0. profoessonle men would worke
--Is.p aPthink in these term, s. ut here w as bill was pt ron t r e ay on tn RsI

2 Aeid8 Stuck In mud An, t store figured It would tak oe h fRivers, Harbors and Flood Con. rampage. Public Wor Com,-"m ,itte membe coud affor ut workh
9 Paradise $16,00,000 a year. Well, Becktrol authorization bill, sometimes It a been noted that West V. roved this bill is Sen. war r nothing. And the resultant leg- So when the Federal Reserv

Vi 0crfhme sm ma sreerdte aoensfo thoe Edward frnothing.saAndthewrrisunltl a. dba E rr cit ori
SNRegotion Sop-makng play for global stakes with white mptu reerred to as the a as only one Republican on Martin of the Keyste ta iat ould beepetedbenBoard has five member te
Scc4 Or .. .d"bngresl onal i po r ..delegation.The e moreli ei a e rcn The house oe t ep seven ; and when has no vi

155 Love god s eo rl ad I Pod log inland states get their share In hBa million. government economy, has alwa This wrtrha eas toshve cam I
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t 7 Church seat ic r Emb a ,in lce 1950. And this was thefirst representatives are all emocr au, or te end of sen and ust who ot kickbackngres from their staff ecer d

Nr 2om he U. fdasfy s $725 million, Columbia River Basin system, ltent to approprate money for aears However I am ceks from their tai
2 k ti, solo 29oAugm n u dedts e ofnBretihGu, a-a bil ne fan a e We rt i enp a.Uta s hat nna Riv er, Pennsylvan- tiedm mih t t cthie anew a retioosal n re e -.e c 7" -
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Soioos 31 Staid 43 Uncu d pie thing. He bought aly 25 years. It Was inevitable that however, as there s sn ppropriation. It m rl Few o n in an jb the s s .
4Dwirom w ed, 33 Narrow person the ittle Italian Federation of here would be onweten con-aover Copitol Hill ge a ounts ats Senatane thoe o a to m maintain two hue n- othe .t th
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sse L_.- ^ s, --wa- teat8 te enen d etions for reelamation Projects. >15.000 for Cold Creek Dam. i cost a cent. hs chances are hil. Sator-go intaint dhoun-
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Interplanetary 40 Music 47 Ireland counterpart in Italy of eck I By LEE MORTIMER giant
..7 Musical plane instruml"ents 48 Simmer Teamsters Brothenhood. The next &at bllon e dolaars"as thy onoses -.l 7andat paid. f ohU iton around to tt. t

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0 Rua cwlittle courtyard.Ithl dornte FISCAL POftTICS DvTshuoninNwCYomosb tc
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Soff ld thelsaur but it will intro. Kicking the Gong Around Co. ovelyhas Sydney Chaplin (Char. They've got that Old Feea: President Eisenhowr got a n inKo

duce hard-head, non-potica l u n- caine, one of the most devastatiing e's brother) going nuts. Starlet Cathy Cias, ophest chorae fried tip ove te week end that -
i onism to Europe. No politic, no drugs known to man is back m Peggy Maley, ho one switched in town a the Park Shatbe n e rest of the U.S. was leasant--

social Aust bread and butter, the country the sent almost imo fb rom a British peer to Chicago Mermaid Room with disco jockeyndtSatd
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' I" m AI I l* .6 i "


Congress Overrides GOP Leadership,

SApproves Outlawing Of Communists


Congress overrrode its Republican
leadership yesterday and went on
record in-favor of legislation to out-
law the Communist Party and
make membership in it a crime.
The Senate approved the drastic
* bill outright and the House voted
to send it to a conference commit-
tee with instructions to accept the
Senate amendments.
House leaders said, however, that
the action was not absolutely bind.
ing on the conference and that
new language could be drafted
which the administration would fin
more acceptable.
The measure still must clear
the conference and get final pas.
sage by'both House and Secate
0o"re it goes to the White
House. Unless changers a re
made, It faces a possible presi.
deatial veto.
The Senate approved the bill,
81 to 1; after toughening up the
version the House had passed Mon-
day. The House then voted 208 to
100 to accept the Senate amend-
Thus the measure wound up as
a double-tough blow at U.S. com-
When first passed by the Sea-
ate in a surprise move last
week it made party member-
ship a crime. Now It strips the
party of its legal standing as well.
Yesterday's action was a clear
triumph for Senate Democrats and
a rebuff to the administration
which opposed the legislation on
grounds it would drive the Reds
The Senate first passed the mea-
sure last week to make member-
ship in the Communist party a
crime. When the administration
objected, the House Monday knock-
ed out this provision and voted
merely to strip the party of its
legal standing.
The Senate followed through yes-
terday by tacking its "crime" a-
rpendment back onto the bill and
returning it to the House. The
House then concurred in the Sen-
ate amendments and completed
action on the bill.
The measure now contains all
the features that both houses claim
were needed to outlaw the party-
the drastic membership provision
and the milder clause to deprive
the party of its legal rights and
-The House approved the bill des-
pite a prediction by GOP leader
Charles A. Halleck (Ind.) that it
would never become law.

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.ruit Salt" In the morning. ENO'S
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settling to thde stomac. Thus
ENO'S "Fruit Salt" dears
amy impuriti make you
fe d dull and heavy. Take y
"Fruit Salt" sthe ain

Eno's'Fruit Salt'

Halleck left the clear P eter- AC
eace that Mr. Esenhower w President Demnies AEC
veto It on pounds It would de.
troy-the effectiveness ati-Com.
statute books. Was Favor For Golfer
The Senate approved the contro-_ -_ o
versial membership proviso on a
41 to 39 vote and then shipped the WAShINGTON, Aug. 18 (UP)- Sena
bill back to the House by a vote of President Eisenhower fired back liamF
81 to 1. indignantly yesterday at Democra- Mitche
House GOP leaders had planned tic National Chairman Stephen A. back 1
to send it to a joint conference Mitchell's criticism of a govern- Mr.
committee to compromise differ- ment-awarded power contract and weekly
enced but Rep. Martin Dies (D- offered to make the whole record prep"
Tex.) got in first with a motion to public. Althei
adopt the Senate version. Mr. Eisenhower told his weekly words
"We have vacillated too long," news conference he was astonish- reject
the former chairman of the House ed that Mitchell had pulled the The
Un-American Activities Committee character and integrity of famed once h
roared. "It is time to act and end golfer Bobby Jones into his charg- he wo
this conspiracy once and for all." es against the President. He de- kinds
Dies said the Senate bill would fended Jones as a man of imex&el- But
serve notice on the world that com- led character and probity. that t
munism "will not exist in the The President spoke out after a priv
United States." Mitchell had repeated his charge ter an
The sole Senate vote against the that award of an Atomic Energy Jones
legislation was cast by Sen. Estes Commission contract to the Dixon- Afte
Kefauver (D-Tenn.). Yates utility, syndicate was a famed
Mr. Eisenhower did not say he "aendal" that should be investig- that o
would veto the measure when ques- afed by Congress. reom
tioned about it at his news confer- Mitchell noted that Jones was a contra
ence. But he expressed a clear close friend of the President and cate.
preference for the original House- also had an interest in the Dixon- in nat
approved version without the indi- Yates syndicate. matte
vidual membership provision. lic
The President said he want. He made the original charge be- The
ed nothing done to inter f e r e fore the American Bar Assn. in porter
with individual rights under the Chicago Monday and elaborated gether
Constitution. Any act tending to on it yesterday. the A
obstruct the work of the FBI I Some Democrats in Congress and gi
and Justlee Department would be came to the defense of both Mr. er con
against the best interests of the Eisenhower and Jones. But a num- ceptio
country, he said. ber also said they will continue The
The "crime" amendment was to press for an investigation of the of a
fathered by Sen. Hubert H. Hum- award of the contract, regardless phis A
phrey (D-Minn.) who caught Sen-! whether Jones had any connection Tenne
ate Republicans off base when he with it. author
first proposed it last week. -b ill a
Republican. Sens. Thomas H. would drive the Reds underground action
Kuchel (Calif.). William Larger and nullify antisubversive legish- tonP
(N.D.) and Mrg ret Chase Smith tionalready on the statute books. on the
(Ms.) joined 37 Democrats and Before it voted on the key issue the p<
Sen. Wayne Morse (Ind-Ore.) in today, the Senate adopted by a 62 less th
voting fore38 Ramendment. Oppots- o 19 vote six minor amendments Mitc
ag were Rep blins nd Sen. sponsored by Butler. in aw,
The originMcCal Senate bv.) nt One would declare the Comm-a. was a
Republicans on the spot poil t nists a conspiracy against the gov- order"
call. They eins on there hadspote ernment of the United States rath- without
against the administration or a er than a political party. term
against legislation that had strong
political appeal, in this election
Sponsors of the House version .
claimed it would outlaw the Com-.
munist Party whereas the original
Senate measure would not.
The President objected to the
stronger Senate bill on grounds it ... -

Power Contract

Bobby Jones

ite Republican leader Wil.
F. Knowland challe nged
ell to present .evidence to
up his charges.
Elsenhower came .to his
y meeting apparently well
red to answer questions oni
tll's .allegations. He chose his
carefully as he brusquely
ed the criticism.
President said he knew that
he went into political life
would be subjected to many
of innuendo and allegation.
he said he was astonished
his innuendo should include
'ate citizen with the charac-
d standing of his good friend,
er words of praise for the
I golfer, Mr. Eisenhower said
of course he had approved
mendations for awarding the
act to the Dixon-Yates syndi-
He said, further that, except
ional security cases, all such
rs should be open to the pub-
President then told the re-
s they could go singly or to-
r to the Budget Bureau or to
tomic Energy Commission
et the full record of the pow.
tract, starting with the in-
n of the idea.
contract Is for construction
power plant at West Mem-
Ark., to supply power for the
ssee Valley Authority. It is
-ized in the atomic energy
waiting final congressional
onents argued during debate
e bill that TVA could supply
power for 140 million dollars
ian the syndicate.
'hell, in alleging favoritism
ard of the contract, said it
warded under the "personal
' of Mr. Eisenhower and
it competitive bidding. He
d this "highly irregular."

when there's bread rich with golden Parkay

fine Kraft product

Its a lp-mocking treat after
school ... bread rich with golden
Parkay Margarine I
Parkay not only tastes so golden
' good-it's good for you. Becouse
Parkay Is especially enriched with
Vitamin A. You'll love to se your
youngsters gobble it up.
Serve dalidows Parkay at every
meaL Try It as a seasoning for
vegetable, too... and for baking
and frying. Parkay is always fresh,
always sweet-asingI Thrifty, tool



N. Y. Confidential
(Continued from Page 2)

Panda-merican I presume) t(
meet a mystery "admirer," thi,
week ... Mme. Rubio (plenty o
chips) enjoying the candlelight a,
Billy Reed's with Ernie Byfield o
the Chicago Pump Room Byfield&
... Did Robert Young sail to Eu-
rope to finalize the deal where-
by his pal, the Duke of Windsor
will front, as President, for one
of his coal companies?
I Wonder What Became Of: Ru-
dolph Halley (whoever he is.)
from the District of Confusion:
Wasn't the real purpose of the
AEC filibuster to stymie the en-
actment of there anti-Red laws
(which are lost by the wayside.)
Ask Wayne, he knows ... Some
committee is overlooking a great
bet for an investigation: That is'
local graft, corruption, dope,
gambling and the works at Oak
Ridge, Tenn. (in Estes the Giant i
Killer's state), near the atomic en-
ergy plant. Rumors of classified
emplo3 es going into hock with lo-
cal loa sharks to pay for their
sins. Makes ,'em easy push-overs
... John G. Adams (remember'
him), well his resignation is on
Secretary Stevens' desk and Stev-
ens' is on Ike's desk. The former
will be accepted this month.
the latter after election.

Not Munich, Not Geneva, But
Atlantic City: Dean Martin and
Jerry Lewis kissed and made up
at their recent "anniversary cele-
bration" in Atlantic City. Despite
the rumors elsewhere, they have
no intention of splitting. They are
not mad at each other. But they
are mad at their first friend and
booster, that's Mortimer, because
he intimated that-their first paid
performance in double harness was
a the old Havana-Madrid in New
York, not at the Jersey resort-
where it wasn't. O.K. boys, the
line forms at the right.

Add New York's Summer Festi-
val:. Town's biggest booster is U.S.
District Judge J. Skelley Wright,
of New Orleans, a native Louisi-
anan. He gives up his month's
vacation every summer to sit (on
loan) in New York's Southern
District Federal Court while our
judges take it easy.

Warning! Wolves at Large:
Some characters tap the female
college alumnae lists, then pick
names at random and phone with
a "Remember me? I met you at
the senior prom," followed by an
invitation to a Yale or Princeton
hop, which comes off as a drink at
abar and a struggle all the way
home. (Make them show their
sheepskins first.)

Bad Timing
congressional candidate hurriedly
submitted to a Concord newspaper
SeWif Ot the speech he was to
deliver that day at a Kiwanis Club
luncheon. Half an hour later he
telephoned the newspaper office to
hold up the story. He had dis-
covered he wasn't scheduled to ad-
dress the club until a week later.











PreseAvensa is a new and marvelous Quaker
formula. It is a delicious preparation of whole
oats combined with powdered milk, vitamins, and
FreseAvena not only has all the nourish-
ment Of the whole oat grain, but also its deli-
Clous flavor and well known power to refresh.

It is an Instant drink make it la notMu
flat 2 .r 3 teaspoonsful in a glass of milk or
water, mix it thoroughly, and you have got the
smoothest and most refreshing beverg you
have ever tasted.
A tin of FrescAvena really goes a leh
way serve it to the kids try it y lf
hy a can at your grocer's I ODAY.

A '*l


The luranl O Drin

I I ~-


.,t t..y_ I




Sting UNNW


NO.- I-

- "s -. wfgalia

Mexican Paradise Is Now

. Opened Up For Sportsmen
S By JAIME CABRERA consuls throughout the United
'State.s toissue hunting any fishing
MEXI(O CTY --- (UP).-- Mex- licenses. to practically and appli.
ico may become a "happy hunting cant wanting to make the trip.
grounds" for American sportsmen. "Previously, the consuls were re.
S once awlair sponsible for what the hunters did
* An American hurter has won .with their rifles and ammunition.
governmental permission tc bring Today, that has been eliminated
* sportsmier. south of the border with a simple method by which
without the red tape that previ- cons'il.- issue licenses to anybody
o(usly barred all but thq most de. showing up with good character
tA;'mind,'l certificates from their county
Tcx Purvis, of Jackson. Wyo., sheriffs."
said ne bl:eves- Mexico's bark to.1
natu.i'e attractions now will bring Income Reinvested
big egar, huiters and deep se,.
anler. "in h'nrdes." Purvis said the Maharajah of
"It tonk tree years of iegotia- Bombay, Hira Singh, has asked his
tions," k'he aid. *'hut we finally got company to arrange for him to
the official okay to operate R year.' come and hunt jaguar, lions, tigril.
foundd serviLe for foreign sports. lo, pumas and other cats. He is
mr.,. bringing a party of 12 Indian as.
"Before, there was a lot of red sistants and servants.
tape for hunters and fishers to *We're honorary game wardens,
come into mexico. Now they can do and on our part the laws are going
It with their full equipment and to be rigidly enforced," he said.
ammunition any time trey want "We're the first to be interested in
during the open seasons." preserving the breeding stock and
taking only the yearly increases."
One-fourti Cost I lie added that income from
licenses to foreigners will be re-
Purvis, a retired army colonel, invested in breeding and creation
said his new company, T"'e Purvis of additional law enforcement
de McIcxico, S A., has already been agencies
approached by mnre than 3.000: "However," Purvis said, "I have
U. S. hunters and anglers who' deliberately kept this company
want to come down this fal!. away from government agencies,
"Safaris here," he said. "cost on.! as this is a very- specialized busi.
ly about one-fourth of what they ness."
cost in Africa, and licenses are' His company has eight promi.
about the same as in the United nent Mexican associates and ex-
'-4..tater. pects "at least 300 or 400 big
"VWater.'wl, doves, quail, bear,! names to co"ie down this fall and
jaguar, turkey, deer, javelina, lion, hunt.
S monkeys and "rcsn and salt water "For fishing. we'll probably get
fishing cover the wide variety in twice as many, and we wouldn't
stock fur American sportsmen." be surprised if the 3,000 sportsmen
The outfitter said his "-'easily who have approached us make the
workable system" permits Mexica I trip, too," he said.

House Hands Ike Major

Victory On Farm Issue
0-- ---
WASHINGTON, Aug. 18 (UP)- As for possible political reper.
The House handed President El. cut.s,ons, ine President noted that
senhower a major legislative vie. the administration's farm propose.
tory today when it pushed 208 to als were developed after consulta-
47 an overall farm bill placing Ition with every farm group in the
flexible price supports on basic nation. He said only one small
crops and dairy products for the agricultural organization object-
first time since World War II. ed.
The House, which sent the com-1 Mr. Eisenhower said he certain-
promise measure to the Senate ly would ask Congress for chang-
for final congressional action, o. es in the new law next year if he
vrrode stubborn farm bloc oppo. thought they were necessary. i
litlon. Farm state congressmen The most controversial section, i
fought a last-minute unsuccessful approved under heavy White
bttlle to retain the present high, House pressure, permits Benson
Tigid support system. to set price supports at anywhere
-The bill gives t h e President from 82% to 90 per cent of parity
most of his farm policy goals. It next year on five basic crops-
lso affords Secretary of Agricul- wheat, cotton, ricc, peanuts and!
Ezra T. -easmon a. cance to Porn. \
'"I or.e that lower suppot'ts will role- .. '
duce huge and costly farm sur- Price supports on dairy prod-
'""fltils and lead to the GOP 1952 ucts will remain at the 75 per cent
asqpaign slogan of "full parity at of parity level set last April 1 by
5i market place." Benson. House farm bloc leaders
In last minute debate, Rep. Har- had fought unsuccessfully to raise
vid D. Cooley (N.C.), ranking this to 80 per cent.
'Democrat on the House Agricul. Parity is a farm earning power
iure" Committee, said the admin. yardstick, measuring the value of
4stration had won a "hollow victo- farm products in relation to the
2y" that will backfire on Repub. cost of things the farmers must
ieans in the congressional elec- buy.
!A-po-verful mid Western-South.
Cooley, who called Benson "a ern bloc, composed of both Repub-
Boy Scout in the field of agricul- licans and Democrats, had been
ture," predicted the farmers next able to keep supports on the five
spring will "regain some of the basic crops fixed at 90 per cent
things being taken away from of parity since World War II.
them today." This was a hint that Tobacco, supported at 90 per
the next Congress, if controlled by cent under a separate law, re.
the Democrats, will reverse to- mains undisturbed.
day's decision. Rep. Dewey Short (R-Mo.) pro.
Even before the House action, tested in the last-minute House
Mr. Eisenhower told his weekly debate that dairy farmers are
press conference he believes a taking the biggest licking." He
majority of the farmers support said the 75 per cent of parity-level
tht overall goals of the adminis- "will mean the liquidation of ma-
tration. ny of our dairy farmers."

stuffed with strawberries, garnished with mint
makes an eye-catehing dessert. .-


Accepting General Cargo For:
Saillins: Every Fifteen Days for:
Houston and New Orleans
Sailings: Every Ten Days for:
New York Philadelphia Baltimore
(Gulf Vessels call at VERACRUZ and TAMPICO
(MEXICO) every six weeks)
Wilford & McKay, Inc.
Masonic Building, Cristobal, C. Z.

Half Holiday

nFRSCm" AND Rm Ivg O Start Over *n g~man&" A

ALLEYO O Something Goofy at V T DI


Too Much

CAPTAIN BAST Always an Emergency B tLiag TV&=





The Best!

so W, I.OOSY,\
aVes wlOmcN'
e TW5a W

NA%4K L.IIC 1ff S
NouTv soE To
ggU' aoTT gagg
>.WATER <=S~<


TN' WAGON wrH r"




p. .., -


A) 14


SX MIClA3L 05 WJ5?


EI I v


___ _


Sf SALL.N OP s e
* DPA J nuMr aoAW40t'*_ ( 1

.'," .. ,



J q

cial and Otherwide 9

4 &Staf/k

t34, ranaema

9l, 5037,

4 iguu W ev BmA &1, P.*. j a ld d im U. 1 41/, i. Ah 4.
.A .H-d A. ."d i f. .. .w Pss-. 2-0740 .o 2-0741. 4"ae& 8,30 10 ... .

MI TRATI OFFICER OF US EMBASSY They will return to their hnI-e
AD MRS. JOHN SKATE HONORED AT DESPEDIDA by plane the fourth of September.
e Adlistrative Otficer of the US Embassy and Mrs.. ,
joe# S te 0 their daughter JAmee Sue, will be honored
this ei"gy Co(unekWr of the Embassy and Mrs. Robert B.
,Metmg with a coektatll bffet at their penthouse resl-
S itted to the affair are friends and asoelates of the
eates the are leaving about Ag. 2, with their young son,
John, en route to their new station in Slagapore. Mr. deate -
has attached to the Panama Embassy for anlm t three years. -
Mbs'Seste has returned recently from the University of Texas.
-French Ambassador
'abbi, Mr* Withln ment of their daughter, Lois Sue sak6,To t at ter-Americ
eu m Inltaeims Scheidegg, to Mr. Thomas D. Bo French Ambassador to Panama
To Dauter's Marrage nasisal, son of Mr. and Mrs. T. Line Vae will give a ch
Rabbi and Mrs. Nathan Witkin D. Bonassag of Maplewood, New inSpanshon"French Dipm
or pabth hove sed caught. NS2 Jersey cy" at the Inter-Amerl'ar Wonm-
to fthm rriage of t eirl uler 4 en's Club at 8:00 p.m.
Nami rW, N0 l Rg reserve Omsers Grp n members relatives and
loNew eork. M te4 willHave Cocktalls gests are cordallyInvited to at.n
S, sea of Mr. Mrs, At Abr Satrday ests are cordially vited to t-
J eSdteinberg eoPeeksklln and The Canal Zone Dejlartment tend. -
Ci k city. I Reserve Officers Association, wil Nathaniel J. Owe Unit W~4dlig ceremony will take hold a qocktail-buffet Saturday at To Ho)i M t u
Thursday evedal 'August 7 p.m. tn the Driftwood Lounge of ul Meetg Tdybusiess
~ cha. of the Jewish the Albrook Officers Club. All re- Rhe rg tr monthly business
re Beard Center. serve officers and their guests are meeting of the Nathanel J. Owen
.cordially invited to take part. Unit 3, will be held today at the
V-tkljh*We have also been aent The Albrook Officers Club alsl ho147-Bm of Mrs. Louis Leek, Quat 7:30 p.mrters
for9, JA wedding reception which has extended a welcometo o al o 14-BoMrs. t Lloyd ick, Gregg atwill :30be Pto.m.-
* l held at the Army-Navy ficers and their guests to attend oy Gregg wil bee
COH at Foet Amader immediate- their formal dance commencing at Hamostes Grotto Meets Friday
ly following the ceremony. 9 p.m. The Hamada n Grotto Meets Friday
IlssWit9ln willbiat y7% The Hamadan Grotto will hold
ss Wtkis wnbe attend. #eby .d its regular monthly meeting Fri-m
a jmM Of hnmor, Miss Claudia junior GM day night at the Wirz Memorial
Teoleb, Of Pansma City. The! Elects Officers y ge hal, 0t Balboa Road, Bal.-
brodther f the, MiclaelI The Junior Guild held a meeting b. The gathering star6s at 7:R ,
Witkn, will serve as best man f;r recently at which they had offic- boa. The gathering starts at 7:30
Mr. .telnberg. er elections. Those elected were: P
Mr. Douglas Madore of Colon, President- David Browne, Publi- 10 Pr ams
aad.Mr. ebert Brown of Pater- city Managee. Leo Odenz. Rd 1 r0 f
Sse, New jersey, will be ushers. The club welcomed two new mem.
MiNs Wlint i selag hooered at bers, Maria Teresa Aleman, and
a qaaer of parties both In Pa. Ronald Legglori. 84
tama Id the Canal Zeae. At the Junior Guild meeting on
S- Thursday the program will include
RO 3*ra To Tke Robertsens two films, one on Square Dancing, Your ComfnBluity Station
Mr, and Mrs. R. G. Robertson and the other on Show Boats.
of Gptun announce the birth of a Any teen ager on the Isthmus (Telephone: 2-3066)
son on August 13, at the Colon that would like to join, please at-
Hoaital. Mrs. Robertson is the tend the next meeting at the USO- Where 10,00 People MUt
fbrbmer Mary Leach, and Mr. Rob. JWB Center in Balboa. Presents
ertson is a member of the Can. "- PreSenS
al Zone Police Force. Bridge Group Winners
Winners of the duplicate games ---
Schedegg-Benasia played each Monday at the Tivo- TodY, Wedesddl, Aug. 18
Engagement A enanced i Guest House, were: first; Mr. P.M,
Mr. and Mrs. C. V. Scheidegg A. G. Stiff and Mrs. P. S. Mal- 3:1. mmy Kaye Show
of Oatan announce the engage. colm: second; Miss Anne Allnut 3:3 C-Musi For Wednesda
and Mrs. Frances Gettman; third; :00-eature Review: Nelson
Mr. and Mrs. Ernesto Kohn, and Eddy't penthouse Party
fourth; Mrs. E. Boone and Mr. Eddy'senthouse Party
T. Wilber. 5:30-News
--T Wilbr' 5:35-What's Your Favorlte
PiAtor in Aaeo (cont'd)

Masters Edward and Joseph 6 00- rNa VAt
Carons of Wellesy le Massa. 61N SPORT
chusetts, arm snudln aie mouth Cale
of August at he UA ot .itbEir

Annognces the transfer of his clinic to 33rd Street
No. 30 and Justo Arosemena Avenue.

Yes, with CALUMET-the double.
Aing baking powder, #
your baking is sure to come
out perfect, light and luscious
Overy tidm Get CALUMET today!



Tonight, hursday and Friday
8 to 8:30 and 11:30 to 12 tn Bella Vita Salon

with his 21-pc. Band and lovely singer Ivomne
Come spend an unforgettable evening dancing and
enjoying the terrific music of this sensational band!
Clarence Martin's orchestra also will play for
dancing the rest of the evening.
Ioer s al l i cha t i *. ebt efo do
.. SorM er- -g (e td *r
vWta kY). C16 M,-111,

owa-. ,

A hkbfe imod

8:00-Musde Y7 ROth
8:30-Famiy Theater
9:00-You Asked For It (Re-
iuets please phoae be-
fore 8:30)
10:30-Nelson Eddy's Penthouse
11:00-Wayne King Serenade
11:30-One Night Stand
S11:45--Music To Dream By
- Tomorrow, Thursday, Aug. 19
6:00-Sign On The Alarm
Clock Club (Requests -
please phone before ':.00)
7:30-Morning Salon
8:15-Church In The Wildwood
8:30-Musical Reveille
9:00-Baseball Today
9:15-Sacred Heart Program
9:30-As I See It
10:05-Off The Record (Requests
please phone before 9:30)
11:05-Off The Record (conit'd)
11:30-Meet The Entertainer
12:05-Lunchtime Melodies
12:30-Popular Music
1:15-Music Of Manhattan
1:30-Sons Of The Pioneers
1:45--pirit Of The Vikings
S 2:00-Instrumental Capers
2:15-Singing Americans
2:30-Tex Beneke Show
2:45-F-rench In The Air (RDF)
3:15-Freddy Martin Show
3:30-Music For Thursday
4:00-Feature Review: Family
4:30-What's Your Favoritel
8:00-French In The Air (RDP
6:30-To be announced
7:30-Report From The U.S.A.
8:00-Paris Star Time (RDF)
8:30-Elizabethan Th eater
9:00-You Asked For It
please phone before 8:30)
10:30-Nelson Eddy's Penthouse
11:00-Music From Hotel El Pan-
11:15--Serenade In Blue (USAF)
11:30-One Night Stand
11:45-Music To Dream By
Explanation of Symbols
BBC-British Broadeasting Cor-
RDP-Radiodiffusion Francaise
RNS-Royal Norwegian Service
VA-Veterans' Ad mnitatatto
VOA-VoIce of Ameries
WRUL-Worldwide Broadeast-
ing System.
tuedy Se tir
Poke said a -ye r-old boy stole
i an automobile at nearby Wtdort
said ed it to drive and
Sachod a 1 I

BEAT TH' HEAT with deliately refreshing frih vergtlble
A ad t ad mmer appUtme




__ ^ yG.es4"

She is engaged and about to be
married and there is just one fly
in the ointment. Her fiance's best
friend, who has already been
asked to be best man att he wed.
ding, obviously doesn't like her.
She says she has tried to make
him like her but without success,
and she thinks this is going to
complicate her married ife.
It shouldn't. Not if she will real.
ize right from the start that in
the years aiead she will probably
not like all of her husband's friends
and that very likely some of them'
will not approve of her whole-
On the other hand, it is entirely
possible that her husband may not;
like all of her friends or that all
of her friends will take to him.
That can't cause any trouble be.
tween a husband and wife if each
is tolerant of the other's friends,
whether they like them or not. '
A wife may wonder what her
husband sees in an old crony but
if she is wise she won't point out
his faults or lack of manners or
whatever. She will let her husband
enjoy the friendship for whatever
it is he gets out of it.
A husband may think his
wife's best friend is a bore, but
if his wife enjoys her company the
wise husband will keep his opinion
to himself.
Marriage shouldn't prevent a
man and woman from selecting
their own friends and they
shouldn't have to defend those,
friends to each other.
They won't if bot4 take a "You
let me have my friends and I'll
let you have yours" attitude to-
ward each other.
But trouble is sure to come if a
husband or wife starts running
down a friend of the other's. And
if they limit their friends to cou-
ples both like, they will narrow
their own lives.

Korean Knack
MOSCOWN Ida. I (UP) Mrs.
Haungwon Kee is one of the star
pupils in a University of Idaho
typing class. The Instructor, Ken.
neth Puckett says the Korean war
bride, a beginning student, types
g3 words a minute with 90 per
cent accuracy I although she
doesn't understand a word she

Costume Jewelry,

Earrings, Necklaces
from $1.00

- Tailored, gathered
and Circular SKIRTS
Just Aroapmena Ave. Iand
34th Street
No. I Tivoli Avenue

Now In1" ig
wfh Iner sop
GS to pour, rImT IwMr LSp

M Ni SM i

Registration 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
August 23rd 24th
Residence phone 2-2363


the hilarious comedy of youth
by F. Hugh Herbert
-it the
behind the Ancon Laundry
August 19.23. Curtain nightly at 8:00
Tickets available at Dagmar's,
Tivoli Avenue or call Balboa 3461



"If he tlked,"says Charlie
Chirp, "your canary would ask
for French's VITA-RICH
diet of Bird eed and Biscuit to
keep him healthy, in One fe-. 3r,
and IJnofft to sing! It's a ompie,
beautiful food-and a terrif treaty:

World's la rgs(i liig


For your special attention and care, EXQUISITE
FORM BRASSIERE Co. of New York places at
your disposition the services of its o6isultant.
stylist, Miss Mary Martinez del Rosal Wo will
gladly attend you, free of charge, durrvithi days
starting Tuesday, 17th to Thursday. 19th.
Showing you Exquisite Form Brassiere's many
styles and latest creations.

Your visit will be most welcome and appreciated.

Hoars: 9 to 12 soo 3

I tt
te6 pa.

MOTTA'S Col6n, R. P.


_ __



1~ II I r~ :- .


I_ __ __~_ __ T__ ~_____


_r I

UGUST 18 1958


, T---..-.
* -





--- Minimum
Sfor 12 words

A I h.'


Household Automobiles Apartments
FO SALE: 25-cycle refrigerator FOR SALE :-Used cars at rock bot- ATTENTION G. I. Just built modem
unit, almost new; also hair dryer. torn prices. PANAMA AUTO. S.A.,( furnished apartments, one, two
Cheap. Phone 2-3408. Balboa. Jose Francisco de la Ossa Avenue bedroom, hot, cold water. -Tel-
E--- No 45 phone Panama 3-4941.
FOR SALE -Zenith-Cobra rad,o con-
sole, original price $395. selling FOR SALE -- Pontac-Sox Chieftain FOR RENT: Furnished and unfur-
price $223. Address Betanio 82U. r de uxe 4-door sedon with Hydra- nished 2 and 4-room modern aport-
Phone 3-4098. I nmatic Phone 2-3584. 0597-B, Bo- ments. Contact Alhambra Aport-
- -.-.- ---. -I yonu Street, Ancon. ments, 10th Street. Tel. 1386, Co-
FCR SALE -*Westinghouse refrigera -- -on.
tar, 8.5 cubic feet. 2, cycle-,s. 2 FOR SALE:- 1949 Chevrolet sedan, o.
years old $130 426-C, Porte Et 110 black, white tires, excellent condi- FOR RENT:-Aportment above Cen-
Ancon. Phone 2-35 t For information phone 2- tral Theoter building, Central Ave-
46C0 nue No. 141. Inquire Central The.
FOR SALE --Light oak dresser, chit- ,- -oater, manager's office.
tamer, mahogany vmanit y, steel FOR SALE: 1954 Chevrolet Beloir
tdreser, table 42x4.. fon, eiectirc convertible, 3C00 miles. $2650. FOR RENT: Modern two-bedroom
mixer, wasvog mrLcire, venetiar Telephone 3-0547. "Edifico Moa. apartment, 51st Street No. 42. Un-
bhlind' 9x.0, radio Phone 2-3584. durito," El Congrejo. furnished. For further details call
0397-8, B ayno aStreet, Ancon. TZubita. 3-1802, 3-3337.
"WANTED LOST & FOUND FR RENT:-Furnished or unfurnish-
'W AN ITED ed one bedroom apartment, with
SLOST: -- Male dog, red with white smoil kitchen, bathroom, porch. For
Misceltlaneous circle around neck and white paws, information see Fabrego, East 29th
...... Boxer-Bull Terrier type. named Street No 18, rear of "Mercodo
WANTED. -- Wringer-type washing! "Hit." Disappeared in vicinity of Vosco", 10:00 to 12:00 noon and I
machine, 25-cycle, good condition.1 Magnolia Building. Informatiord of 3:00 to 6:00 pm.
Phone 2-6375 whereabouts to Henry White. Tel-
S.--feet, ephcne 2. 1410. FOR RENT: New three-bedroom
WANTED: Boat, 35 to45 feet ---- apartment, living and diningroom,
:twin or single hull, with or without LOST:-Brown mole dog, 30 pounds, maid's room, hot water. Telephone
power. Write particulars to Brown, crooked front leg. Reword. Call Al- 3-2279.
*tBox 2873 Cristobol, Phone 3-1047 brook 4227. RN
_4_________--- _________ FOR RENT:-Furnished apartment in
tsCE.'LLANEOUS FOR SALE duplex house. 9th Street, Son Fran-
w.llcLLAisco. Coall Cooper 6-206, Gomboo.
1 lttSTIMATES Reconditioninaond Boats & Motors FOR RENT:-- 2-bedroom apartment,
4 Reupholstering Furniture. Advice in h--livingroom, diningroom, kitchen.1
Interior Decorating. Call EUREKA, FOR SALE:-An 18-ft cabin cruiser laundryroom, maid's room with,
2-4632. two 25-hp. Johnson motors, bathroom, garage. Alberto Navarro
velocity of 28 mph, Spirometer, Street No. 53, "El Congrejo."
iEED INSURANCE? Hospital, Auto,! controls and a trailer. Call 2-0181. -.- -..
Marine. Life available. Call Hatten, You can see it at 39th St. No. 26. FOR RENT: Furnished oportment.
3-323. N.. Suitable for 2 couples. 63, Fourth
ep W noted L ES O N S -July Avenue. Hopkins.
el W ante MODERN POPULAR no FOR RENT: Modern two-bedroom
MODERN POPULAR piano playing FOR RENT: Modern two-bedroom

,AN'TOD: Experienced cook with
references. Good salary. Telephone
ANTED: Nursemaid. A r b o i x
' Building, Apt. No. 6. Front and 5th
Street, Colon.
S'ANTED:--Laundress for two peo-
* pie. Call 3-5335.

I A EDD--Good light sedan, 1947
950. Must be very clean. From
S ; pilOarty only Tel, Miss Nunn,
3 Panama.

taught Beginners or Advanced
Zez Bennett's Studio. Tel. 2-1282.
I '-G reopening Sept. 7th. Registra-
tion 9:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m., Aug.
23rd 24th. Balboo Lodge Hall.
Residence phone 2-2363.

Position Offered

experienced private secretary. Must
be skilled in shorthond and typing.
Knowledge of Spanish preferable
although Spanish dictation not es-
sential. Apply P.O. Box 555 or tele-
phone 2-0690.

| ,enate Expected To Approve

Hoover's Nomination Readily

apartment with maid's room. Lin-
coln Apartments," 38th Street No.
35. For further information call,
Panama 2-1046 during office hours.
FOR RENT. One-room furnished
apartment. Best location in Bello
Vista. 43rd Street No. 13.
FOR RENT:-Modern apartment,
centrally located, two bedrooms.
Tel. 2-0480.
FOR RENT: Furnished apartment,
one bedroom and both, Bello Vista.
$45; also at $75. Tel. 3-164.,

Cabin in COOL Cerro Campono Moun-
tains. Telephone THOMPSON, Bal-
boa 1772, evenings.
fPir4I. Oceanside cottages, Santa
Clara. Box 435. Balboa. Phone
Panama 3-1877. Cristobol 3-1673.

Gramlich Santa Clara Beach cottages.
Electric refrigeration, gas stoves.
Moderate rates. Phone 6-441 or,
SHRAPNEL'S furnished house es on
beach at Santa Clara. Telephone'
THOMPSON, Balboa 1772, eve-
FOSTER'S COTTAGES, one mile post,
Soana Clara. Low rates. Phone!
Balboa 2-1866. i
FOR RENT:- 3-bedroom beach front
house. Coall Bolboo 2-3022 after
5 p.m.
FOR SALE:--Suits and Pants, BEST-
FIT, superior quality at very low:
p r i c e s. "BESTFIT," Plaza Santa
Ana, Ponama; 1 1th Street, Colon.
FOR SALE:-Agewood Bourbon, Spe.-
cial Club Reserve Scotch, Royal
Mounted Canadian Whiskey, Ron
Cortes and Castle Club Gin. At any:
bar or bodega. Your Destilodora
FOR SALE:-Piano, Baby Grand, two
years old. Party leaving for States. 1
3-5227. Panama.
FOR SALE:-2 woman's Topper win-
ter coots, brown; 2 men's winter
coots, mix gray; 1 foldover travel
bag, brown; 1 Pullman suitcase,
black. Peru Ave. 89, upstairs.
FOR SALE:-4 used tires with tubes,
760x15, good condition. Navy

FOR RENT:-Room furnished, Fourth
of July Avenue: bne bedroom with
balcony, small diningroom & kitch-i
enette, screened. Suitable for onel
or two persons, $65. Tel. 2-4912
or 2-3584.

I -_-_____---11

Packard, Studebaker Merge

In Try To Stay In Business

DETROIT, Aug. 18 (UP)-Pack-I gives the new firm assets of $251,-
o ard and Studebaker, the last in- 400,000 and '-out $85,700,000 in
Dependent survivors in the auto- working capital
IWASHINGTON, Aug. 18 (UP) a mining engineer and business mobile industry's fierce competi- Nance ..... e president and
The Senate was expected to expert. tive struggle, pboled their re- chief executive officer of Stude-
taemp speed approval today on President Eisenhower took the sources yesterday in an attempt baker-Packard. Paul G. Hoffman,
ote nomination of Herbert Hoov-. unusual step of accompanying to stay 'in business. Studebaker board chairman, will
#t, Jr., as Undersecretary of Hoover's nomination with a let- "We're not here to play the be board chairman of the new
State to replace Walter Bedell ter to Vice President Richard stock market," Packard Presi- firm, and Harold S. Vance Stude-
Smith. M. Nixon asking for Senate con- dent James J. Nance told his com- baker president, will be chairman
formation before Congress ad- pany's shareholders before they of the executive committee.
Hoover, 51-year-old son of the journs, probably by the end of overwhelmingly approved the in- Nance said the merger was nec-
1ormer President, has spent their this week. dustry's newest merger. w essary to improve the competitive
past year as Secretary of Statel "We're here -to decide whether position of P a c k a r d cars and
Jbhn Foster Dulles' special con-1 The President wroto Nixon we want to stay in business. We Studebaker cars and trucks. He
aultant in settling the Anglo- that Smith had notified him of can't go it alone any more." I said the move would provide more
Iranian oil dispute. his forthcoming resignation to Packard stockholders voted 10,- working capital, reduce unit costs,
be effective upon the quallfica- 923,968 shares to 1,191,234 in fa- provide a bigger dealer organiza-
'Smith is resigning this fall to tion of his successor. vor of the merger. A total of 1,- tion for both firms, and improve
epter private business. 926,846 Studebaker shares w a s chance for m ore government
Smith has been undersecre- voted- for the consolidation with contracts.
;The Senate Foreign Relations tary since the Eisenhower ad- only 28,274 against. Studebaker-Packard will be like
Committee immediately approv- ministration took office in Jan- The action, the industry's third the "Big Three" in that it will be
ed Hoover's nomination at a iary, 1953. The White House said major merger within the past 18 the only one of the smaller firms
lhtily called meeting'Klsat hightihe agreed to serve only one year months, produced the nations to present a "full line," a series
5th the nominee present. Chair- but had remained on the job "at fourth largest vehicle-maker. It of car and truck models covering
man H. Alexander Smith (R-N.- a great personal sacrifice, both will be exceeded in size only by all price ranges. The interchange
J.1 aid Hoover made.a favorable to his health and his personal members of the "Big Thre e"-'of parts will reduce unit costs,
impression, and that he knew of life." General Motors, Ford and Chrys- Nance said, by eliminating costly
no objections to his appoint- ler. re-tooling.
ment. Press Secretary James C. Hag It also left the industry, which Term of the merger give Pack-
:erty said Mr. Eisenhower agreed at one time or another counted ard stockholders one share of
Hoover, -who# residence is in to let Smith go "'with the great- some 1,600 independents, with on- $10 par common stock in the new
San Marino, Calif., was born inieSt reluctance." Smith served as ly six companies. The lineup now firm for each five shares of Pac-
London. He Is a mining engl- Mr. Eisenhower's chief of staff in includes a "Little Three"-Stude- kard stock. Studebaker stockhold-1
neer by profession and has been the Mediterranean and in EtI- baker-Packerd, Kaiser-Willys and ers get 11, shares of the new stock
a techM;cal consultant to a num- rope during World War II andi American Motors, the combine of for each share of Studebaker com-
ber of foretn 'government. later was U.S. ambassador to!Hudson and Nash-Kelvinator. mon.
He was graduated from Stan- Russia. At best, however, the trio of The firms had combined operat-
2qrd and Harvard universities as new firms could hope for little im-ing losses of $11,720,220 in the
,ESIDENT. INmediate success in denting the fn o hs t. Te
;__' RESIDENTS IN THE .market, Last week, for example, irst six months this year. Th-ney
CANAL ZONE General Motors, Ford and Chrps would have gone even deeper nto
We offer you brand new elec- ler produced a record 98.4 per the red if Staudebakerd not have1
trio Servel Refrigerators 6 c.f. cent of all automobiles turned out tax 'crditsarmounting to $ 000.
.r- IMAKE R -tInO S work on 25 and 60 cycles, in the United States. and Packard
", v W rl I~ $150.00. The consolidation of Packard -- --
"' a' MUEBLERIA EL DIABLO Studebaker, whose histories both l Di
CM' l Ave.. Panam. T.e. 2 date back into the 19th Century,- I p m

Wben you find yourself $ltCei
a theater -behind l wp nt
wee bat ob tructs your view, I
mites all rtght to ask her po-
A If she wo~ld m minresto-
I it. 'f
Se weman should re t eiag
el to take off her hat, fWr she
be eme who has forgotten her:
imer, by leaTvig t a. .

off thel Sest and
aL iee lots in OW
Panama's most
al development.
l & Company Ltd.
5 th Sreet N#. 22
d6. VOL *n

General Electric Japanese Island;

To Build Engines Many Dead, Injured
STOKYO, Aug. 18 (UP) A
For A npercarrder 115-mile-an-hour typhoon riped
across the south Japanese island
of Kyushu today, killing an es-
WASHINGTON, Aug. 18 (UPi timated 39 persons, and howled
The Navy yesterday announc- on with slightly diminished fury
led a $4,786,000 contract toward the "main Island' of
to the General Electric Co. to Honshu.
build the power plant for its
fourth super aircraft carrier. Up to 20 Incher of rain accom-
The machinery will be assem- panied the raging tropical wind-
bled at GE's plant at West Lynn, storm, undermining roads, flood-
Mass. it will involve about s88,- ing rivers and sweeping away an
000 man-days of work. undetermined number of JapU-
The power plant, consisting of ese houses.
steam turbines and gear units,
'will be similar to that being The bodies of seven typhoon
built for the Navy's other three victims had been recovered.
supercarriers. The complicated South of Oita, 19 persons were
engines are the most powerful buried in a landslide wbheh-c te.
I ever devised for ships, stroyed seven homes. Thirteen
The fourth of the 60.000-ton others, officially "missing,* were
Forestal class carriers will be feared dead.
built at the Brooklyn, N. Y.
Navy yard. The US. Army said the ty-
GE is building the pr,-Pr pnoon had caused at least 1,-
plants for two of the sinprrar- uo0.000 worth of dan sZine A
riers already under roncirLIction struck the Amami Od im -
Westinghouse is buihrina tne lands over the weekend, Sand the
machinery for the first super- final storm bill was expetd tO
carrier, totaj millions mor


Protect your





* Iity

au ins

al Ave. 279
1. 3-O140

Dn, A. and E. OnRLLAC
(Palmer Graduates;
8 12 and 2 6 pm.
Saturday: 8 12 noon.
8s PeCr Avenue Tel. 3-13"
11 block from Lux Theatre i

Packers, Shippers,
Tels.: 2-2562 & 3-2451

Across from El Panama Hotel
Finest Wines and Liquors
Open Daily from 10:00 a.m. to
10:00 p.m.
Sunday from 2:00 to 6:00
Rapid Home Delivery at All Times
Tel. 3-4758

B 0 0EN

No. 3 4bth s.,
Tel. 3-125
Bella Vlsta



FAITHFUL IMPLOYES Gold and emerald pins were Imposed yesterday on four members of:,
the local Braniff Airways staff, who have completed five years with the Airline. Honors went',
to Mrs. Maria Teresa Barriga, of the reservations department; Roque SAnchez, station man-r
Later at Tocumen; Manuel Ricardo, traffic representative In Colon, and Camllo J. Kaled, ac-
countant. The above photo, taken at the informal party given In their honor, shows from left
to right: Mario Ubico, coordinator of international sales at the Braniff headquarters. in DkI I
who is visiting Panama on a tour of Latin America; Camilo FAbrega, sales manager InPq. -
ama: Sanchez, Ricardo, Kaled, Mrs. Barriga, and Braniff manager for Panama C.. Melvin
Doolittle, who made the awards.

41 %.

ms guided m ile-named after ti 'wtiafn.tee musmge eOf t
lied for test f tlr at the Army's White 8sand Ptarol O aGr NJ&
ire by the Army Ordnanee Corps and General Ueetie OemNafy.
iles both as we un and for research In' the sser atmeihers -



SNEEZE-FREE-Lee Gregory aiulates a healthy sanM e a b
starts to do some farm work at Bethle m, N.., wh fte
National Hay Fever Relief Asociation hs set up I I
terms. The air s pollen-free at the farm, but Lewi
I emea II ts hBw.lto a...h..

Faltering Pilip ,
nurfl ISe Iflmd w"th b le.

Peu ritfoReded,

Under Considerallon

For Thailand Post

WASHINGTON, Aug. -18 (UP) -
- John E. Peurifoy, Ambassador EXPLOSI BBAUTT-Berm
to Guatemala and one of the 1 0 In Greek mytholog r-I read
nation's top diplomatic trouble Project Hermes Is a Joint venti
shooters, was reported under It was Initiated to produce m=
consideration today to be the
next American Ambassador to
The dapper, 48-year-old diplo- IIdshl itI nallsts
mat was said to have been ad- ,
vised of his impending transfer MHauil Im L aml m
during recent consultation at all edI n Iio oVuII
White House and State Depart- B W G a d
Bale WitWIh guards
He would succeed Maj. Gen.
William (Wild Bill) Donovan, BELFAST, Northern Ireland,
wartime head of the Office of Aug. 18 (UP) Police battled
Strategic Services, who is re- four suspected Nationalists in
ported to be in lne for a high court today after the men, all
White House job. There were re- armed, were arrested as a se-
'ports Donovan might, be made curity precaution for the visit
psychological warfare adviser to here of Queen Elizabeth II.
the President.
The four were among seven
Peurifoy recently played a suspected members of the out-
major role in stemming Com- lawed anti-British Irish Repub-
munist influence in Guatemala. lican Army who were rounded up
Wearing a pistol part of the shortly before the' Queen flew
time, he is edited with being here from Scotland to launch a
the center of diplomatic moves new passenger liner, the 20,000-
during the formation of an anti- ton Southern Cross.
Communist government follow-
ing the recent revolution In The four men, armed with ex-
Guatemala. plosives and a pistol, originally
S" were arrested in the village of
4 ttiland. s backer of the Newry on the border of Northern
propled Southeast Asian Trea- and Southern Ireland. Two es-
Orgmanltion being formed i caped and were captured later
southeast Asia-Wet;r Paciie when police rounded up five sus-
area. Peurifoy Is e acted, to be i pected members of the IRA. The
on hand for, the .fn meeting other three men were released.
set flor.Sept. 6 at aRUk, sun-i
mer capital of T he hlalnaes.| The four, in a protest against
Peurifoy held high Stot De- British rule over the six north-
partment posts before ull-ent ern countries of Ireland, refused
to|Orece as Ambassador, the to stand when haled into court.
Truman administra.ton. Guards were ordered, to "assist"
S them and a five-minute battle
-_ _-,___ -'. broke out in Newry police court.
The men finally stood but only
after being pinioned by police.
All were bound over for trial.
The men .were charged with
" endanger life or cause
S.s.. serious injury to property" after
S' officers confiscated a .38 caliber
._..- .revolver, six rounds of ammu-
'l nition, three electric fuses and
one ordinary fuse.

withn tbhI qu Im
we1- co nIe1got ftM*MIS

The -royal visit, carried out in
a heavy rain, was uneventful.
Some 5,000 police maintained cr-
der during the'Queen's four-hour

French "Angel'
Back In Paris '
PARIS, Aug. 18 (UP) Gen-
evieve De Olard, "Angel of Dien
Blen Phu," returned here today

?. A.

,after a 23-day tour at the u.9.
during which she was decorated
by President Esenhower.
The Air PFrance plane bringing
her home landed at Ortly report .
at 1150 OUT. J -

wer tey saJ, ,r3 M.



LIBREkIA PRECIADO 7 street N1, n
MORRISON *u o .july Ave A J St
' JustL A, oeme'la use and 33 St.
182 L9 a Cal tF Ulia
i Ias.,II II

ti Street

CASA ZALDO Agenles InternaL de Publicaclona FARMACIA E'TADOS UN1OS
Central Are. 149 45,Cenler Ave 149 Central Ave.
No 3 LotlerP VPaza Parque Lefevie 7 Street 50 Stret 4 o. S3
fourth Ou .uly Ave. 160 Central Ave. J. Fco. de', 4 a Ave. No. 41
No 5; Via bMpafia No: 34

.1 0



33% Off

until sold out; a limited
uasrtment of
Be&H Mowell

8 and 16 mm.
Best equipment in the
world, American made.

Plaza 5 de Mayo
Lay Away FW Xas




~a't ~~___ _



- I

~ L_





~'. ~L~ r ~:I ;~ ; ;



. -, *.4 b

DBGMt. Ptrolauni

: iat Crouby)
"Oreat Missouri
*jdhn Paynq)

$125 Is CASH!


Big Steal"

"The. Capture"
Teresa Wright

Edmond Oi'rlen
lqt -'
Mickey Rooney

Sca/ and Otherwise
o a Ct

"The Command"
In Warnmercolor
and in

S |N Trul'lg KeIea=M
Marguerite Chapman
George Brent, in
"Mow Bait"
Diana Dors
' Exciting
From Beginning To Unao


r ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ___ U- 5 -- --- -- -

I Admission Prices: |
0.50 023
(A Love Story)
Plus: Kent Taylr, In
"Western Pacific Agent"

C Pafl party Tomorrow past two years is asked con- MOVIES TV RADIO
Fe 'Pahuma Press and Radio q act Mrs. Duke Wilson, 3, or BY OSWALD JACOB -5
,and Mr. W. Soimin will be Mrs. John Sugar 3-2561. Written for RA Service by Ec7kine Johia
ho4ob ob W eatocktall par- --*--
ty from s to 7 p.m. at 4heir- resi. Studets' Parents To Hold _"O
dee in Golf Heights. Fair at Colegi Jaer I NORTH U HOLLYWOOD-(NEA)- The tract guarantees that his name
Dr.. Somin is in charge of the A fair will be held late this, 4 None Men: Mark down 1954 as the year will be. written in big letters over
Medical and Pharmaceutical In- monto by the parents of the stu-' 9AKQ 10742 in which Robert Mitchum landed the title, Tab is remembering:
formiti6n Service's office in Pana. dents attending Colegio Javier. Tne ; K Q 87 3 the first movie role in over a "My first role was wirh Linda
ma, and is a recent arrival here. purpose of the fair is to raise, 44 decade that warmed the cockles of Darnell in 'Island of Desire.' The
funds for the finishing of the sports WEST (D) EAST his stony heart. | next year I couldn't get a job in
Of Mrs. Jesephine White equipment. The benefit will be held 4 Q 04 A Cat" and Bob, a champion carper three pictures for Edward Small.
The wqnen employes of thel on the new school grounds on A J10 -1 4 when it comes to. scripts, wear- I'Ve needed the work badly. Peo.
Supply Department, Naval Station, Via Espana, on August 28, 29 and 0 7 2 ing the- look of a Jasonwh has pie think oure fabulously rich
coco iolo, gave a 1mncheon n h on- 30. ." 2, found the golden fleece. when you get star billing. They
or of Mrs. Josephine White who is Merchants of Panama h ave OUT- What's more, he's admitting don't think you need to earn mon-
leaving.Setember 3withher hus-,been donating merchandise and 6* 4 that he's working at the business ey."
band Mr. Robert W... ite,. to phi ts. of giving a bang-up performance Youngest of the Adonis group '.
make oteir .lion' bie S1tates, and'not following the line-of least in Hollywood-he's a mere 23-
GueAt' pr nted Mrs.',: White i4earaguan Ambassador's Wife .A QJ 110 11 65 resistance as he's done in recent Tab has a chest-heaving love
with aI un caf purse and oth- Ret4urn Neither side val flckers. scene with Dorothy Malone in
er gifts. i Mrs. Adrian Cuadra Gutierrez, IW est N ag u th "I was Just marking time for 10 "Battle Cry" and Is waiting for
.' wife of the Nicaraguan Ambassa- p 2 Ps 4 years," he told me. "I got'a lot of the verdict on whether he's too l
Among those present were: Mrs. dot to Panima, returned yester. Pag sA.* Pass 5;4 terrible scripts and I had to do much Clark Gable's junior to be
Josephine White, --DCI H. F. day by plane from Nicaragua pi, : 4 paus pa them. But you Just can't steal acceptable as a screen lover. icr
Hu and Fiscal Of. where she has been for a short, pis money from people for doing north. "I had a horse in one picture
eer, Meysdames autn Biscl Mary visit h h s ^_l_ I..*A ing. It feels good to be doing a and a radio in another," says Tab. I
Danie o, thea hurhll Ni- I opening a A picture. To take up time just "I'm glad to get a woman in a'
la E Ruth Ryan' Jean. Crri-Birthday Dinner to fil up a theater program- picture for a change." 1i
gan,. pa; Tm, Jane Watson, Salvnaorean Ambassador aid that's not important or necessary."
Doroty rerro, Ceeeli Bush, Flor- Mrg. Francisco Lino de Osegueda The official records of intrna- -- IT HAPPENED one day at Par- .`.1;4
ence H lison;-Mary Crpap.Do- were hosts at a dinner at the tional matches are mines of infor- The mills that grind out stars amount as a guide was conducting ,------ -
rothy Douglas and Misses a y Embassy in honor of their daugh. nation for bridge players. Today's will turn slowly in the case-o tourists through the Cecil B. De-' ...IN. TE PASS .
N0owaNi'd bAO te vea0on. ter Marta's birthday. hand comes from the-oftletal req. Robert Dix, the handsome, look- Mille bungalow. The group passed' C n G THE PASS or a
Thnerfllowing Navy p onnel ---- ord of the World ChampiMahip alike son of the late Richard Dix. down a corridor known as De: Japanese national employed at
were guests also: W. Gordon, -. Leaving For New York [Match of 1954 held last JaOuary The "Let's Take It Easy" policy Mille's Hall of Fame featuring the U.S. Army's huge Second
0. CuieW J. Sbanahlan, Cal- Mr. and Mrs. Roberto de 1-'a in Monte Carlo. Like the record says the 19-year-old, is by mutual framed stills from the 69 movies Transportation Port Command C
lahanS.2d G. -Gurdia have' returned to New of the 19s nmatdh, it is pbh= N aed agreement with MGM. he has made in 41 years. is one of the duties atof the hel-
York after., a- shortstay her visit- by thi American Contract rdge rThe Dix name in lights might "If these walls could only talk,"
Newe amm la a .ing their relatives and friends. League. bring mom and. pop rushing to said a tourist. "All these stars. meted security guard. Both he
Go.k t --- theaters again, but Robert is aware What stories they could tell." I and hs felow-cltizen are part of
TheTW Club s ATavera Sch Few American er uld that sons and daughters of other "I can hear them all now," said the larse manpower pool of Jap-
aine a road eh C riokrt OpeCl in inu Snsemimbr make :n opening t witO the top stars have nosedived after be- the guide. "Imagine, 3000 people anese who conduct key operations
at ra e Counry Club The Tave Nursery School North hand. Karl l the ing pushed into stardom too quick- saying, together, 'yes, Mr. D- under American superision
on will accept registration onse tnoAug-,i.ered t wo ly. Mle.'"
7 f'us.L ; '"" "' itrat a 26 _27 before onmning the consideredd his hand Woth 'a tO 1 I ha tn llve nn to anmthin I -.......

A clabs for newcomers school S eptember 1. bid, but he even aftried n to a the taUll, ru ged lad, who photo. R .A
has stayed Ms. For further information call 2. -lae when his partner, Jean graphs exacy like his father, told Rev. Armstron
P alm- as u 1497 or o4-316. ese, made Jump bid I tbs to me on the set of "The OGla Slip- 11 Be
An moor to t Atlantic -----------s att sut... iper," his second movie. "People 0 .eCturer
Side', an 'a rto has o l Stetn- heldtiLor- exppet me to be jut i s good an
S" ..." E" lrt1 tin ] g At 'Y' Thursday
J10, xtIII's ge to hi boa5 10ft I Anie. nn'eh history course-.At

-40c larer, won.tle fewAd .ticek e fc dee into its final sessions, the Rev.
r w.w s W i M mi y with t a ree a- bearts ia ..., ..till bed William H. Armstrong, district
. Di 'n 1 .'o t.N'b III fm Ih and thought 'daedd Riard i t superintendent of the Brlitish
oIt waa obviopm that" h i to' oi 'a s fs ta a Methodist Church will speak to.
plMITHIrELD, N.C., Aug. 18 -. draw trumps without.losln a trick srg oowibecameesigned t morrow on "Wesley and Metho-
WAHIGTON, Aug. 18. (UP)- (UP) --The Highway Patrol call- to the miss kg. 1Shnoudh take rbefor his death. e dism..
Rp .SPahaSer (R-Mieh.) .ed on e Society for the Prevemn a finest or should he pipy the The meeting will be held at 7:30
ed yesterday at Walter Reed tion of Cruelt to Animals to day see in le hope of dropping a EAR decision p.m. in the Y.M.C.A.
l .Y He wast61. to do something aboutgOtess Mc-hblbnk king"Or othe big decision on the following Thursday'
alver Ca to do oe h about Chess Mc blank king startedfor Michael il Chaplain Robert B. Herndon of
Dr.'George W Calver, Capitol Curtney, the "goat man" whose t he third and final year of his l will lose the series
physician, said he had been ad. Junk wagon is attached to 24 The percent e play is to finesse MGM FtCltract-andhe's saying of ayton will close the series
vised by officials at Walter Reed goats. for the king when you have only y t t e'. y* with a talk on "American Protes.
that the congressman died about The weird vehicle blocked High. nine trumps. In fact, it is still "ith de nds on re: what hopens in tism.
2:50 p.m of cirrhosis of the liver. way 301 as it moseyed along to- correct to finesse for the g thit dearMG whas thae i to he lectures are open to the
P-.Y .w. iyr M twthout charge.
Calver said Shafer had under. ward Virginia and MiCurtney re- when you have ten trumps. reoption se at the end of the time, public without charge.
gone srger three or four days fused top over. The goat man when you have 11 cards in the t n me at theaend of ther ti he
ao an served a setback Mon. s a familiar figure through theis .proper to play for a one-oneon thekid o stores they Eisehangsho er Plans
dlay "South and most authorities havelspliton the kind of siltoraen d thes'e1 huw
I given up trying to budge him. Besse was well aware of the me. I. ad no picture during rhe,
North..aro lna m"first year of my contract. Now
Shafer a member of the ousehave four and e Scarlet at TO Leave Saturday
Armed .orvices Committee, be. ficers hoped that the SPCA could played the ace of clubs and coming up." n A .
S cogressioals rice in take action against the Jessup, dropped Steen.'s black king. cmi g Hollywood My n Vacation gOn
rH served in each succes- a., peddler on grounds that he As soon as West led thae a of w fl d child a re hire nt' mn
siye Congress until his death, thas abused his goats by making diamonds, there was a slight prehome We'll see wat happens." WASHINGTON, Aug. 18 (P)-
Hif wie died only a short six: them tr.adge two or three miles a sumption that he had prospects of home. We'll see tarring flmPresident Elsenhower said today.
ae, Jly 5, day pullingthe wagon. a trump trick. Good players se- in the crystal ball forrMike andhes plans to leave Saturday,
former newspaper reporter Some of the goats have bleeding dom lead the ace of a bid suit in thelamorous Mrs Elizabeth morn forMike andhe plan his vacation ead-
editor Shafer was elected a mu- hooves, they reported, and others against a slam contract in a total- his glamortheous Mrs. -itElizabeth morning for his vacation head- Denver
lnjud in Battle Creek in wear bandages. About 12 .goats points match except when the "I don'taylor theinkBr so. I'd be rather He expects to make a rador. served in that postuntilpull the wagon with the rest tied want to make sureoft tha nervousAbout it. She likes dramaiand television broadcast from
his election to Congress in 1936. aft. because they also hope to get a i S lie s Irma tevso a in
trum trick, and I likt*comedy;.though I'm Denver some time early next;
tr suspicio was coned, aware that the light touch seems week, reporting to the nation on
when West failed to lead a..pade, j to be exclusively in ,television the accomplishment of Congress]
You are cordially invited to M--a'sat. Wthe secn tric. W asi a these days. d during th-e last two y nears
.,You -are cordianyyainvitedstoHMOalstrtpthe seco odt riWetw hde:. The President's plan to'fly tol
Today t. T- n oe eol dsu m o urel tr to make dum SHELLET WINTERS might not Denver this weekend apparently
Today and Tomorrow to meeth would surnl. etoy n dig it, hut Tab Hunter is saying: was based on his own confidence
.. ., declarer from taking a p "I' not a star. Billing doesn't and assurances from congres-
al /i t o t./ rhrvoueth at "make you- a star:" sional leaders that the present!
vf K o3 The fact that West fared to Even with a top role in War- session will be ended, or wind-
Smake this play proved that he was ners' "Battle Cry," and with con. ing up, by that time.
Expr Consultant of the anxious for declare to take the _______ -
IWest could be glad of a trum
SExquisite Form Brassiere Co. finesse only if he held the bl-
Iking of trumps. On this reasoning
Nsw Y rk *se pt up the ace of clubs on
of New York the first round of trumps and easily
made his slam contract.
-Who wilt *e visiting us for only three days.
Miss Martines Del Rosal will personally Sewing Circle
rupervp e your fitting and solve any, To Hold Night
probleni you may have with your Of Fun Friday
alier.. *The madam Adams Sewing Cy.
cle will hold a night of fun at the beard

9 to 12 noon 3 to 6 p.m. day. "e en yOU eard '
There will be games, dating
M OTTA S COLON, R. P. .i tainm t provided for the enjoy-
ibe furnished by an orchestra.


1s, Ashton Prsons
I^^^'Ss lit ^ IN CASH PRIZES! I i d I
On th.Ser trie:
Asns a Mi steoe te C s Bav r aNtn should eoWie teething trouble--sestless, in.
__in ,,e 1. 6mma*d ip.g and es ha t T he t bmt er Ashm & pong
UINS MK J m r"-I "CARNIVAL STORY,' ,Isa m' tPowders. Thesanous powder
UM-JMOn=a"CR IA LSTORY[lg..o high tpfMreu, ease Mbaby's dis-
II MgH^ SIn -nWUmmC L4 mu And soothe inMBm NosdW saeep.
is"n WayM in Tihy m w pswaaylys- aosd alm ey ef.
"W ITHOUT _.. IP ,v..'m we-- An ,ib

ATONEMENT Through the
streets of Great Barrington,
Mass., Hollis Wyman, Jr., walks
in "atonement" or his "sin"
of participating in the atom-
bombing of Hiroshima and
Nagasaki in 1945. Wyman is a
former naval officer.

Double Feature!
and -

Plus: -


& Orch.

At 9 p.m.
Plus: -

''- pa.

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Thurs. "Any Numbw Can Play"

"Toughest Man in Alzon:;
Friday "ACT OF LOWV"
MARGARITA 6:15 7:55

. 1


STony v
I I .. .

LA BOCA 6:15 8:30 PARAISO 6:15 9:


SANTA CRUZ 6:1S 8:10 CAMP BIERD 8:15 8:45

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and his orchestra of 22 professors!


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at 12 p.m. '

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fer -four

a j

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at 9 p.m.

and "PAR IN B mIOI"

9 W.

-. .. ,= ,,

. ___ L L



JEW_ _

* |


MFT, AavONr If, 9IOM




rausR aIwG


Take Close Ones;

Won't Buckle In Drive

4-3 Win Over Tigers

,i2nd 1-Run Triumph

.,.NEW YORK, Aug. 18 (UP)-The cocky Cleve-
1i7 4Indians can point today to an amazing record
1 Atwinning the toughest ball games-those tense one-
ysva affairs-as proof they won't buckle under the
S#ounting pressure of the pennant drive.
Last night's dramatic 4-3 con- victory.
4uest of the Detroit Tigers on Max Surkont pitched a five-
tw runs in the last half of tlhe hitter for the astounding Pl-
lfttb inning, with Bobby Avila's rates, who now have won five
efSi driving home the winning straight games as Frank Thorm-
marked the 32nd time this as drove in three of the Bucs'
a that an Indians' game four runs with a pair of singles.
been decided by a single Rookie Brooks Lawrence stop-
L ped the Braves with seven hitS
- The Indians have won 23 of and rookie Joe Frazier led the
ose pressure-packed games a- Card attack with a three-run
S smtonly nine losses for a homer, his third pinch-hit circuit
iHant .719 winning percentage. clout of the season. Jim Wilson
.4sa con rast, the second-place of the Braves was tagged with
eW- YorX Yankees have won 21 his first loss after eight wins.
-run games and lost 11 for a
uaTrk. while the third-place YESTERDAY'S STAR-Bob-
VM1agd White Box have won on- by Hofman, the Giants' substi-
ly 17 while losing 21 for a .447 tute first baseman who wal-
mv-lk loped two homers and a single


Ashburn, cf
Morgan, 55, 2V
Lopatas, c
Hamner, 2b
Kazanski, ss
Ennis, rf
Schell, If
Torgeson, lb
Jones, 3b
Simmons, p
Ridzlk, p
Konstanty, p


r h
0 0
1 2
0 0
0 0
0 1
1 3
0 0
0 0
1 1
0 0
0 0
0 0
0 0

Totals 33 3 7 24 8
Williams, 2b 3 1 1 2 2
Thompson, 3b 1 0 0 0 1
Mueller, rf 4 0 1 1 0
Dark, sm 4 1 0 0 3
Mays, cf 4 3 4 2 0
Hofman, lb 4 2 3 13 0
Irvin, If 3 0 0 2 0
Katt, c 3 1 1 7 1;
Gardner 3b, 2b 4 0 0 0 4
Antonelli, p 3 0 0 0 2
Totals 33 8 16 27 13
a-Struckout for Ridzlk in the Sthl

S ... i. to drive in four runs in 8-3 win Phillles 000 W8 61-i4
None of the Tribe's earlier over the Phils. Giants 402 100 10x-4
stingle-run victories came un-
,etr any more dramatic c r- Errors Dark, Lopata. RBI --
mstances than last nights | .. ...t. .l Mays 2, Hofman 4, (Katt scored
*hriller at Cleveland's Munici- n Trn lton l on wild pitch by Simmons in
SJ Stadium. .It was the In- 4th), Ennis 2, Jones, Katt. Dou-
d'ans' seventh straight win h bles Katt, Morgan 2,* Ennis
,nd it kept their lead three Triple May. Home Run -
games over the YankeeL oo taHotman 2, Ennis, Jones. Stolen
the scoreboard showempn toan Bases Mays. Sacrifice fly -
the Yankees were romping o an ---- Katt. Doubleplays Dark-iWU-
,14" ,decision over the Pniladel- liams-Hofman 2. Left on Base -
pafa Athletics as the Indians Teams W L Pt. Phillies 4, Giants 7. Bases on
ean, to bat in the ninth inning, Toronto 78 46 .629 Balls Antonells I. Simmons
Iruaul )3-2 and with a total 1 Rochester 75 51 .595 3, Ridzik 2. Struck out by An-
Sw.three hits. Montreal 71 54 .568 tonelli 8, Simmons 2, Ridzik 2.
01 Dale Mitchell and Dave Havana 62 64 .492 Hits off Simmons 6 in 3-2/3,1
h lley both rapped pinch sin- Syracuse 60 62 .492 Ridzik 3 in 3-1/3, Konstanty 1'
0i1 and Bob Lemon, who pitch- Buffalo 54 69 .439 in 1. Runs and Earned Runs -
11 the way for his 17th vic- Ottawa 52 76 .406 Simmons 7-7, Ridzlk 1-1, Anto-
,,slashed another single that Richmond 48 78 .381 nelli 3-3. Wild pitch Simmons.
the score. Al Smith was WP Antonelll (18-3). LP -
and then Avl cr"' a YESTERDAYS RESULTS Simmons (11-11 8-3. LP ).
to right to score Philley (First Game, 7 Innings, comple-
yflthe winning run. tion of game suspended Aug. 1)
rge Zuverink pitched the Montreal 000 109 0-10 11 0 ndlVlfl Honor
toute for the Tigers for his 8th Toronto 000 100 0- 1 6 2 ividual Honors
loss, but might have won with
better support. Detroit commit- Lehman, Mickens (7) and C. a J a r
'1r four errors, t'-"e of them Thompson. Barnes, Shore (6), Races In M jors
fiauotg in the scoring. Shaeffer (0) and Griffin. WP p
A nch-hit, gran. *am hom- Lehman. LP Barnes. HR GfttinCn lIOSer
er 'Bill Skowron featured the D.,Thompson, Stevens. Getting CIloI
Y aS' 15-hlt attack as they ---
scored their eighth straight win (Second Game) I NEW YORK, Aug. 18 (UP) -
and Oth in a row over the Montreal 400 010 000- 5 9 0 Races for individual honors are
aevepSh-place A's, Ex-Athletic Toronto 100 200 000-3 10 0 getting closer. Duke Snider of
Hai-r Byrd coasted to his eighth Brooklyn leads the National
vict4, his fourth over his ex- Lehman and 0. Thompson. League with a .353 average 14
WIpe'* Powell, Hahn (1), Landeck (8) points higherthan Stan Musial'
L, Chicago Whit4L x ke t and Howard, Griffin 18). LP of the Cardinals. Irv Noren of
k liei htope a1 w1 Pwellti: -- JLroU Morton, the Yankees tops in Junior cir
dou -heaer p of the Taylor. .. '* cult with .345, Minnie Mifloso of
rlfre Ololes,-. and 3-1, to Chicago trail by 19 points with
tove within nine games of the Havana 000 000 100- 1 4 4 .326. Willie Mays of the Giants
Billy Pierce gained his sixth Buffalo 123 210 04x-13 13 Q is home run leader with 37 -
in and Don Johnson his eighth, Lary and Lakeman. LP arris. two more than Ted Klussewski
though both needed relief. The of Cincinnati. Muslal leads the
en straight. HR Northey, Hoderlein, Ger- 109 11 more than Snider.
S. e, Boston Red Sox moved nert, Hicks, Formental. I b l
a g e of fifth place to I n Here and there In baseball,
1 mertan League with a Ottawa 001 001 000-2 8 0 two Milwaukee newspapers -
over Washngton as an chester 021 400 00x-6 13 1 the Journay and the Sentinel -
by Pete Runnels set up Oohl, Robinson (4) and Wat- say Ed Mathews of the Braves
E innng run. Itngton. Fasshols and Burbrink. will take a wife at the end of
e National League, the ,P Oolh. this season. Her name is Virjean
w ork Giants stretched their --Lauby of Marshfleld, Wisconsin...
4o two mines with an 8-3 (First Game, 1 Innings) John Simmons of Missouri has
in over the Philadelphia Phil- Richmond 010 120 1-5 12 0 been named baseball coach of
s as the second-place Dodgers Syracuse 000 000 0-0 3 1 the year by his colleagues Mis-
to Pittsburgh, 4-2 and third- souri won the college "world
Milwaukee had its nine- Fine and Johnson. Owens, series" this summer.
Winning streak broken by Zinker (7), Lovenguth (7) and
SOuls. 4-1. The Chicago Cubs Erautt. LP Owens. State directors have decided
t a twin bill from Cincinna- Clarksburg, W e s t Virginia,
5-O'on Howie Pollet's five-hit- (Second Game) should represent the Middle At-
and 6-1 on Paul Minner's six- Richmond 200 202 000-6 9 1 lantic District in the Babe Ruth
Syracuse 000 000 000-0 2 1 League "World Series" which
i17 Hofman whacked two started today In Washington.
for the Giants as south- Habenicht and Johnson. Meyer. The District covers New York,
SJohnny Antonelli, the ma- Lovenguth (7), Zinker (9) and New Jersey, Maryland, West Vir-
top percentage hurler, toss- Hyman. LP Meyer. HR-Mayo. ginia, Pennsylvania and Virgi-
Sseven-hitter for his 18th Dyck. nia.

F speaking people using
I "'English-language

iu ._.___ r REMEMBER111
Over 100,000 of
the people in the
Panama Canal Zone
area speak English!
And, that ain't
S.7 HOG-wash!

%bitOmanm .I&no gm5l ll-



Marciano And Charles Begin

Training For Sept. Rematch


'Bright Future In Store

s For Outspoken Dressen

Unitd Press Sports Writer
NEW YORK, Aug. 18 -Chuck
Dreassn, who wants job security,
is sitting pretty for the first
time in his baseball life.
The outspoken little man, who
quit the Dodgers last fall when
he failed to wangle a long-term
contract, is a cinch to be the
most sought-after man when new
managerial openings occur in the
major leagues. But he has such a
good deal with Oakland in t he
Pacific Coast League he can af-
ford to be choosey.
It'll take plenty to lure Char.
lie back East and yet any club
willing to take the chance will
get a fulltime manager, who'll
pitch in on promotion work as
well as strategy and often with-
out being asked. They're even
beginning to appreciate him a
little more over in Brooklyn.
"It's apparent now what a great
job he really did for us last year,"
said one Dodger official. "That's
particularly true of our pitch-
ing and particularly true of Er-
skme's pitching."
Carl Erskine, who wound up as
the kingpin of the staff, hit a
shaky stretch early last season
and was pulled out of regular
starting rotation for sharpening
up work as a reliever. He was a
bFg winner when restored to start-
ing roles.

The Dodgers aren't ready t o
send for Dressen again and per-
haps never will. Chuck wants
long-term contracts and the Dodg-
ers regard that as poor policy.
But other clubs islue two and
three year pacts and a good of.
fer might get Dressen back this
way. Where else can you find
a ready-made manager with a
better up-to date record?
At least five clubs may be In
the market for new field bosses
over the winter. if you belive all
the rumors.
There's always the chance
Casey Stengel will surrender his
Yankee job one' of these years.
Jim Turner or Frankie Crosetti,
current coaches, are said to be
leading replacement candida t e s
but you never can tell.
Charlie Grimm of the Braves,
in solid with his bosses, is re-
ported to be a bit worried about
his health.
Bucky Harris of the Senators
has been on the rumor-block
and so has Eddie Stanky of
the Cardinals.
If the Athletics move out o f
Philadelphia, chances are the new
directors may want someone more
experienced than Eddie Joost, this
year's rookie leader.
But Chuck likes Califor n i a.
Maybe a big league club will
have to move ou' there to get

NEW YORK, Aug. 18 (UP) TeamW W L Pot. (iB TOana W L Peit.
The usually mild mannered New York 71"44 .17 cl a 3 .73
Rocky Marciano got a little an- Brooklyn 70 47 .598 2 New York a l 3' 7
noyed yesterday gnd threatened Milwaukee 86 48 .579 4% Chii 0 7 1 *S 5
to walk out of the ring at hi. Philadelphia 56 58 .491 Dttro 52 4 .4S SS
Cameramen asked Marclano to St. Louis 55 1 .474 16y BostO8 M 6 '42 34
use grease paint while posing for Chicago 46 71 393 26 Philadelphla 3 7 .331
pictures and the heavyweight Pittsburgh 44 73, 76 28 Baltimore 39 79 .331 s
champion refused. Rocky finally ___ 45
shook hands with the photogra- TODAe'S GAMES TODAY'S ES
phers and then sparred four Phila4elphia at New York New York at Philadelphia (N)
rounds at Grossinger, New York. Brooklyn at Pittsburgh (N) Boston at Washington (N)
Manager Al Weill says Marciano St. Louis at Milwaukee (N) Detroit at Cleveland
weighs 190 pounds. He will con- Cincinnati at Chicago Chicago at Baltimore (N)
tinue trading five days a week, -
resting on Monday and Friday. YESTERDAY'S RESULTS YISTERDAS REUIvr
At Monticello, New York, Ez- (First tianie) (Night Game) S
zard Charles began boxing as he Cincinnati 000 000 000-0 5 0 New York 200 030 060.11 15 0
tuned up for the September l. Chicago 010 004 OOx-5 15 0 Philadelphia 000 010 000- 1 7 0
title date with Marclano. The Valentine (10-10), Collum,I Byrd (8-6) and Berra. Pbrto-
former champion went two Baczewski ahd Seminick.' Pollet,carrero (7-13), Fricano, Sima
rounds with Coley Wallace and (7-7) and Garagiola, Cooper. and Astroth. o
one more with Al Smith. Charles
did some road work as well as (Second Game) (Night Game)
playing a little basketball and Cincinnati 001 000 000-1 6 0 Detroit 00o 001 011-3 8 3
ping pong. He will take tomor- Chicago 020 400 00x-6 7 0 Cleveland 000 100 012-4 7 0
row off. Pod ,elan (7-6), Savranky, Zuverink (7-8) and House.
Nuxhall, Collum and Bailey. Lemon (17-5) and Hogan,
BELFAST, Ireland A former Minner (10-8) and McCullough. L .
heavyweight champion proved --- (First, Twilight)
his courage in Belfast today ny (Night Game) Chicago 000 000 110-2 8 0
criticizing the present crop of Philadelphia 000 020 001-3 7 1 Baltimore 000 000 000-0 7 0
Irish fighters. What Gene Tun- New York 402 100 l0x-8 10 0 Pierce (6-7), Trucks and Batts.
ney, who is vacationing- in Eu- Simmons (11-11), Ridzik, Kon- Turley (9-13); Chakales and
rope, had to say should maie stanty and Lopata. Antonelli Murray, Moss. nd
Irish blood boil. (18-3) and Katt.

Tunney prefaced his remarks
by saying that 70 per cent of
America's best fighters when he
was young were first or second
generation Irish.
"Now," says Tunney, "it's a
bare 10 per cent. Irish fighters
have gone behind the lace cur-

Jones, Grimaldo

Unbeaten In Chess

Qualifying Rounds
V. Jones and D. Grimaldo were
the only players to complete the
qualifying rounds of the chess
tournament sponsored by the
Panama Chess Federation un-
The contestants will recess for
two weeks to prepare for the
finals. The four highest scorers
In each ounwal!%LW
In the "A t grop. h ne
lt4h ,scorers will form Class e''
anrdall the others Class "C."
Jones is anxious to meet GOr-
maldo and has Issued a formal
chalenge to play against him
next Monday at 8 p.m. at the'
"So#*edad Cubana' hall.
The final standings:
Won Lost
F. Perez 9 2 1
D. Ramos 9 2
R. Garcia 8' 2
S. Guerra 8 3
N. Plotnikoff 8 3
C. Rodriguez 7 4
S. De Leon 6 5
L. Lince 4 7
J. Hughes 3 8
N. Ayala 0 11
S. Veral 0 11
R. Corachate 0 11
V. Jones 9V 0.0
J. Evans 8 V 1
F. Denis 8 2
C. Cumherbatch 7 3
W. Wolf 6 4
M. Herrera 6 4
M. Conte 4 6
N. Karamaflites 0 10
M. Emiliani 0 10
M. Denis 0 10

D. Grimaldo
A. Miro
E. Rendes
V. Perez
Z. Zamhrano
A. De Silva
A. Sierra
0. McKay
L. Arce
Dr. Fabrega
A. Plotinikoff

last Place Rid

10/2 0
9 1
4 6
7 2
7 3
51/ 4
4V2 5
8 2
1 10
0 10

Nlght ..- (Second Game, Night)
ignt Game) Chicago 000 200 010-3 11 0
Brooklyn 200 000 000-2 5 1 Baltimore 000 001 000-1 0
Pittsburgh 102 000 01x-4 10 1 Johnson (8-5) and Lollar. Ku-
Podre (7-6), Meyer and Cam- oava (1-5), Ch and Court.
panella. Surkont (8-14) and ney.
Shepard. e.&
-- <(Night Game)
(Ni00t Game) Boston 000110 110-4 130
St. Louis 100 000 300-4 10 2 Washington 200 000 001-3 7 2
Milwaukee 000 000 010-1 7 1
Lawrence (11-.) and Sarni. Sullivan (10-10), Hudson and
on (8-1),Cranda Koslo, Johon, Jay White. Stobb (7-8), Keriagaks,
and Crandall. Marrero and Fits Gerald.

Balboa Swim. Pool

To Be Cleaned

And Closed Friday
The Balboa swimming pool
will. be closed all day Friday,
August 20, for eledal, it was
anMoaced by the a Edu.

Ma te ee vision forces,
and t is expected that it will be
completed a time to have the
pool reopened on the regular
schedule the following day.

Jap Swimmer, 16,

Smashes 100-Meter

Breasistroke Mark
OSAKA, Aug. 18 (UP) -
Sixteen-year old Motol Kimura
of Kochi set a new world's
record for the men's 100-meter
breakstroke tonight on the
first day of a two-day interna-
tional meet at the Ogi-machi
pool here.
Kimura's time of 1-10.6 min-
utes clipped six-tenths of a
second of the official world
record set by V. Minachkin of

Clayon To Offer

Stiff Compeiion

In Cage Tourament
Ft. ClaytoS has mauitaiMed a
position of middleman in the Arm.
ed Forces Bamketbuihea s d
hawwtir 0rtff

3S M"., I

have given the "league tea
Kobbe, Naval Station, and Albrook,
plenty to worry about In games
played against them, and in some
cases have left the floor on the
long end of the score.
The scoring punch of the team
is carried by Charley Scutly and
Bert Wilens, who are among top
eight scorers of the league, and
can be relied upon to contribute
their 35 to 40 points a game.
William Simons, John Devlin, R.
Chatwin, and D. Lypke are the
rest of the squad, who see quite
a bit of action and are usually
members of the starting five. Look
for Ft. Clayton to give any team
a rough time, especially if Scully
and Wilens are both hitting the
nets. Remember, August 23 the
Tournament at Margarita Gym


Russia in February.





Scores Two Shutout THRILLER

Wins Over Syracuse OF TE
NEW YORK, Aug. 18 (UP) I "
The down-trodden Richmond
Virginians, 31 games out of first-
place and deeply buried in the
International League cellar, had
something to cheer about today
-a pair of shutout triumphs over liii"
the yracuse Cbefs.

The Virginians, behind the
three-hit pitching of eurveball-
or Tommy Fine, scored a 5-0
triumph In the opener of their
twi-light twi-MUll with the
Chief and then cme back to
bang uu a 6-4 victory behind
Bob Babenteht's two-bitter.
It was Fine's eOhth triumph
at the year against seven losses,
whie HabenIcht now has a rec-
od of 7-11.
he second-place Rochester
Wings picked up some
on the legue-lesuding



Sunday at the Balboa Gun
Club saw the pistol shooters a-
gain trying to outguess them-
selves as the club ata ed another
of their handicap pistol matches
in which the shooter has the
privilege of naming his own
handicap. It you're hot familiar
with pistol shooting, it sounds
easy, but don't bet on it until
you try it one time.
Archie Turner proved himself
best guesser as well as a fair
shot when, with a handicap of
50 he fired 549 for a corrected
total of 599, just one point under
a 600 possible. The weapon used
all the way through the match
was the .38. This was somewhat
of a come on to get a good rep-
resentation from the Police out.
There was a good representation
--in the person of Sid Hayes!
Irv Krapfl also took a handi-
cap of 50, then fired four points
too much for a 604 total and sec-
ond place. "Dude" Lucas, a pes-
simist, no doubt, took 100 fat
points and wobbled in with a cor-
rected 607 and third place a-
ward. The rest of the competitors
were all too optimistic, they
couldn't shoot as well as they
thought they could, especially
that old long barrel Texican, S.
Todhunter Todd, who apparently
assuming that he was going to
fire 552 net was only able to to-
tal a measly 513. In other words,
he "fell out of bed," landing in
third place from the bottom,
that is.

The scores:
Competitor Hdcp Net
Sullivan ... 80 435
Turner ..... 50 549
Krapfl ..... 50 554
Lucas ......100 507
Hitch ...... 82 508
McIlvaine.. 60 525
Keller ..... 45 539
Hayes ..... 83 491
Todd ...... 48 513
Francis .... 120 430

604 (596)
607 (593)

In a well fired and well con-
tested pistol match, the Balboa
Police team defeated the Balboa
Gun Club at the Oavilan Range
Saturday. Scores on both teams

Robinson Runerup

For Most Valuable

, In Sally League
AUGUSTA, Georgia, Aug.
18 (UP) Clarence (Buck)
Riddle Jacksonville, Florida,
first baseman has been
picked as the meet valuable
player in the South Atlantie
S League.
League baseball writers made
he selection which was a-
nounced by President lBady

Riddle who will be give
a trophy by the scribes, at a
Jacksonville hne town gnse
later this mouth wom nut in
a close election. Tie fe see-
*nd place wre CaJ e U Io
Maeon... f-imberet 3Mes
of Jacksemavie.. and Al l k-
sten. a Sgavau h mbsbsee p

were consistent and high, and
winners and losers alike had rea-
son to take pride in their team
performances. Of course, the
winners could take Just a little
more pride than the losers, but
this perennial rivalry is close,
and has resulted 'In tremendous
improvement in the shooting of
all concerned.
The police score was 771 to 3g
for the Oun Club team. However,
top Individual star of the. day
was "Nobby" Keller of the gun
club aggregation, with 194. S61d
Hayes, Bob Engelke and Hi Over-'
all nullified this advantage when
all three posted scores of 193 for
the minions of the law. Scores
Hayes .............. 193
Overall ............ 193
Engelke ............ 193
Toland ............ 192
Total 771

Keller .............
Turner .............
Mcllvaine ..........
Krapfl .............



Proback ............ 189
Blades ............. 184
Wells ............. 183
Little .............. 180
Hitch.............. 178
Mills ............. 177
Manning ........... 173
Howerth .......... 172
Lucas .............. 170
Hatcher ............ 152

Along The Fairways

Golfing Gossip From The
Amador Ladles
There, were some good scores
turned in for the "Best Nine"
tournament on Thursday. One-
half handicap was allowed and
the following four out of the 16
participants came in with a net

Marge Lord ....,... 85 (Gross)
Ethel Perantie ...... 82
Barbara Rhodes ..... 98 "
Bev Dilfer .......... 91
On Ladies' Day tomorrow
there will be a "Replay" tourna-
ment, % handicap. One replay
shot may be made on each hole.
Besides the regular weekly tour-
nament prizes, one golf ball will
be awarded for low putts.
Another Ringer tournament
will stift next month. The quall-
fyng roud will begin Septem-
ber t, ad the tournament will
run until November 9. There will
be two flights, according to
handfaps. There will be prizes
for the low gross and low net m
each flight, and a prize for Mtost
Members are urged to post
scores and correct dates on
handicap yards. It is not neces-
sary to pout score cards in Ladies*
Tourinaut Box unless actually

at )ob a badiapper, and n

- 4,.

Gun Club Notes

_ L_


__ I

t~l"~i~c2~;ir~e;-"~t"s~Y~i'"t~""-l-l- ~jtCI~~~TV_'J




J .. -'-*-.


1 iMagglo GoodBet ToMake Hall Of Fame In "5
.' ,O *; C 7 ,. '. ..________*_____

,Jolin' Joe British Racing 'Driver Setss ,rieis Canal Zone-Istlhmian

Missed By 1 Iena AmericRan Jr. Golf Tournament

4 f| I 1Third-ranked Straight Clark Pictured above are two young ..
Ol- 14P Speed Records For Class F *eb "dr. : r n T*-oT
V" "NIDE do"""ublea tennis clamur pionshav pr at ament to me played a"op e into-
Sy mTEVE SN-r o Chestnut Hill, Masachusett. boa Go Club, August 26. 27 and
United urn Sports Wit .Mrs. Ma~rgaret Osbhorne .Du Ponlt,28. Both are good young golfers
^NIW YORE, Aug. 18 Joe BONNEVILLE S ALT FLATS, 179 around the 10-mile circular and Louise Brough nine-time with impressive tournament rec-
_DU^th glo, merely a uest a r it .Utah, Au 18 --(UP) -British Salt track. champions also won a second words. i of rr
"lthe recent lal of le exblla- racing dr er Captain Georg E.. Here s a break down of the round match. Margaret Leight of Colon, repre-
...ton gme at Yankee T. Eyto, set 17 ew Interna0on. new Class F records and the bid senting the Brazos Brook Golf
14 ood bet to become tull- al and American a records ma rks: GOLF Club won the Isthmian Ladies
fledge memb..-er o -.f baball's yesterday for Class cars on the n the American nationals Class Handicapap Tournament held inmo nni
honor co......s by nexto yr Tamous h oneville Salt Flats. F; Defending champion D o n 1952, and was runnerup in the
ag hoed elation to the Te Briti. sportsman nearly 400 Mile-The new record Is Cherry scored an easy second same tournament in 1953. At the
.^^IIDI emhdy linni mfon 14 testh dmubledt e time for five of the 121.018 miles per hour; the old round win in the Canadian ama- Coral Gables Golf and Country
Hall/ "^^ lo, t,^ed ?. by o nd aw existing records and substantially 108.24. teur golf championships at Lon- Club sh.' placed fourth in the Flor-
| "^ls t?"'. ieinte r "lft- ta is far inlcrtased the record time on the 400 Miles-The new record is don, Ontario. Bill Campbell and ida State Junior Championship ia
the leading candidate tO other 12. 119.98; the old 100.97. Harvie Ward also advanced but the summer of 1953. She recieved
the fot Smer V. .... The 57yarod 500 Mile-The new record ia 120.- 1952 U.S. amateur winner, con- her trophy from the hands of the
l___ u TDBut the fo-,e Yan .f thel The 57-year-old. racer completed 62; the old 99.48. gressman Jack Westland. with- great Sam Sneed, a bi thrill for
I l^^^per, wnho retl _. after his 12-hour. run in the Amereian 1000 Kilometers-the new re-. drew. a fine young golfer. In July of this[
season, Is the le e of the younger national class with a record set- ord is 121.22; the old 64.83. ------ year she won the Isthmian Junior
*i aroup of greaits who'll bfte ting 120.87 miles per hour, bettes 3-Hour--The new record is 121.- Girls Championship Tournament Ii
elrined In the near futhreat Ing the old 65.06 mIles per hour 48; the old 64.82. RACE OF THE DAY held at the Panama Golf Club. I
Coopersetwn, N.Y., along with record by more than twondlivs per 6-our-The new record is 121.- sArAtO.A, N e York. Lnes. wo h as be e layf
the stars of yesteryear like Ruth, honu. o 9; the old 65.69.A Lnn Jonesw as bn pla st
01HIGebhri H, Cobb, 8phaketr Cy Yot as'g In the International Class F, 12-Hour--The new record is Jockey Eddie Arcaro and a colt ing tournament golf for less than in r
....Fox, ubbell and Fris h. Eyston's time was 120.74 miles 120.87; the old 65.08. named "Domquil" teamed up to I one year. is coming along fine in i -
,Ev en -Ted Williams. nb per hour and the old recordntime 500 Kilometers-The new rec-win the Mechanvville Purse at the local golf tournaments. In
to make It as baseball's finest stood at 105.48 miles per hour. ord is 121.06; no previous record. Saratoga February of this year at the Pa-
r l er hitter, e n't get in Eyston and his relief driver, 1000 Miles-The new is 120.34 Six went in the mile and one- nama Golf Club she won first low -
SSti l u9@ ander psen rules Ken Miles, 36, of Los Angeles Cal- no previous record. eighth feature, but the outcome net in the Panama Canal Finance .
even it be carries out his 1 iL, chalked up the new records ub- In the international Class F.: never was in doubt once Dom- Bureau Tournament. In the PW. .*
AM O THEODLO KTaoe b fted d* eto retire at e d tof tc i, T der what officials termed ideal 500 Mile-The new record is uil took the lead at the head of GA monthly tournament in May. MARGARET LEIGH
ncebntwee o naa t, left, 5, and Car on, track conditions. The two drivers 120.30 the old 1U.29. the stretch. Arcaro rode the dark she tied for first low net at the A.d Club for t .. Jy
Jr, ltbtweus Lake M Cal4f. As of last year's ruling, no covered approximately 1,450 miles 1000 Kilometeru-The new rec. tray four-year-old to a two and Panama Golf Club. WG s b to
-gIt o Sam Teacs rIn eligtble for by tin ehe record and sped ord is 1*0.92; the old 115.69. one-half length win over "Priva- In a club tournament at Ft. A. PWG she Grstiowl f m
tnetRdy MnnfB8 t~te. WA aca Wrtters osoitg ^c ter ou veyt r US 1000 Miles-The new reodi y *one iran third mador Golf Club she teamed upAt. the ^ Gabo Gl CubIaI
until he has been out of the during the gruelling 12 hour test. 120.13; the old 107.30*. 'The dock ca ght DomqulI In with Sandy Hinkle and they won Agew Cortes Ringer
~~~~~game for five years. They drove an alumnuam- an- 2000 KIlometers-The new roee- one minute and 53 seconds ovefis Low Net. In July at to. Ft. men hlfror lay toJ1m u
p er,, .....waso winner..for ladiesi a.-
The only exceptions were cx- eled, scially desed Btish ord is 1219 the old 105.47. a fast track e t
by dato. hadnovesa olled10 MG, caled the MG Experimental 93-Hurd e nw record is 120.- m returned $3.0 280 oa Tuen tl ath Pan
S-and that kept DIMag on the Id tm 6-Hour-The new record is 1 2.. ___ e r o
elgble list, He polled well over 42 h l 1.4 d arkerhsseason. Cobb compiled a lfetimn u e reor is 121. lu t h. wa.un.ut
JO E T L AMm S 100 j5 1 Sark of .367 and Rogers Horns- 42; te ol Coach Budd pa r ke r has An excellent record for Maci
The rules1953 r ed. ene wpth .358y 12.Hoti--The new record is 7 i0.- trimmed five rookies from the a t
Th_______x_________ ae rules are donsllneda ti de ende wi h 58 74; the old 105.48. Detroit Lon football squad. ,_ ... '-. golf. We are looilntufowavir,.
stars, are .ma d.ite t oht h ly bh champ, three times a mot val-- Parker asked waivers on Rick ,, having these young adles n _yl
*ecls te atg eIproi- an o Fae ad t fat thtat 3 bleo layer and still going Kaser, defensive halfback from the Canal Zone-Ils lnIan
eeis the batting order Is prye dom l te right-handed, of Fame and the fact that strong, has been a leading Car- Atk I i Toledo; center Joe Selasky. of ment and we feel sure th
the Brookly as get to see very few left-hand Itsa preb- ckeBll .Tere nd b ll dinal star since his rooklIe year AII 1et1 Cu Detroit; back Ray Westort of display some fine oilf. .
among the livingno just11 I ,l.v difficult,,+, ,,- I' th Coleg ofrIaho an half
ably ast as weL Otherwise, Duke lder might not .i b Mara lewernt e mlt In 1942. His credentials are an- ... Utah; guard Norman Hayes of The boys and gis of the.Ga
amenx the living. ut winter proe^. how ditl thentle all the way. D the Cotlege of Idaho and half- boa Golf Club's Summer Go.:S
Something happens to the Duke practically every time he it to W -in election. Feller has racked up all sorts 0U0lD || Y|OCC back Bobby Rollins of Colorado creation Program and the c
seesa the botakI ranc b 11,f d GofuCl, su mer qj,,
sees a left-hand pitcher. Here lately it's been his back. The So, of the cr.n r-- fewn of records for the Indans in the A-and-M. mittee wish to express our anp
league's leading hitter can be going along at a devastating alt, M are. ire W dm, ae matter of strikeouts, victories W ,j Afilr A I n 7' l ---c elation to ohnny MacMurrt
sound a dollar and seemingly as strong as seven horses, wen, ,e,_.B. elr a a- tbie and high finance. Robinson, first TUIITJU Oy, tu CJ The Boston Celtic basketball the wonderful Golf Clinic hja m
all of a sudden, he'll buckle over and moan Robinson figure to ma Negro brought into oranlnd club has signed a former Kansas asreiynat Gamboa last Friday andil'
"Oh, my aching back." fore ln_ u baseball and the major leagues, The Athletic Club football team State star. He's Jim Iverson. In to see him out again soon,
No need to summon the club doctor or the trainer. Every- them It's strictly a u. .I might make it on that alone but will hold its first practice Wednes,. military service the last two clally at our party on the 2
body knows the trouble, a left-hander is going to pitch against There are nvo "au atc r*tbt he doesn't have to. Jlckie has dai afternoon August 25 at the years, this month .
the Brooklyns. sons" why a player Is electedbut won a batting crown and M Ba boa Ralroad taton Field at -Thanks a mlion Johny.
The DUke had another seizure night before last when the ou"r bookany man.who ats .0^ award in his first seven seasons 4:30 p.m. Middleweight champ Bobo 01- ______,_J___ ,_ _
Phillies announced Curt Simmons. who is odiously left-handed, I _a season "ly longs, at Brooklyn. All members and prospective son has run out of sparring .'
was Igoing to pitch, and It cannot be said the reaction of the l ~a did It In 1941 and, Robin Roberts of the Phillies, members are urged to attend this partners. Yesterday, at Nice. 5Aut U Nil h-ft
press box wa tht of an enlightened group of men. Unfor- te mark ie all themore fa pre a consistent winner on the first practice, and should contact California, he cut Benny SalkerI P mB
tunately. the same was true of Walter Alston, the Brooklyn's "e in view of th, fact he also mound, Is another likely candi- Athletic Club President Bill de la and Bull Halsey so badly they I fno a. on from G,
ma erled the league in home runs that date for the future. Bob Lemon Mater as soon as possible. can't work anymore. Manager 2acksob. ...----U w.-B 1'-- -,-
The skepticism of the writers was no more than thinly veiled, son with 37. The old-timers of the Indians and Warren Practice sessions will be held Bid Flaherty has put in a hurry- *. rp. n ,.
while Alston's attitude seemed to Imply a direct relationshi be- Insisted that home rus and Spahn of the Braves may run a Mondlay, Wednesday, Friday and up call for stablemate Maurice t
twei the Duke's att tress and the act that left-hand hi igh averages don't mix but Wil- good race in the balloting somte Saturday of each week. r aer so Olson can get in mofrei n r r-
twein the Due' stress and the fact that left-hand tough ... 1 ""'
aren't supposed to hit left-hand Ditchers. am xe m with tremen- da Coaches "Mac" McC a u gh ey work before his title go Friday b,*c Ai1e r c
entunetIpn. tok donsste-hccas. ot cr s touh to gain admittance alnd Dick Cox will be on hand to with Rocky Castellani. roC LYNN JONES U aisu -
Ir~ q uec' thA thle wpa the second tli* I awe _trthiermore.dV-&u n s only ertWo Hall ....O elhl+ q" nd that's a nndhorthe e way no e~Wittall?pl be. seleet l~dI(khd vr oda winning blclu lyrombination,ha e nn a sd boxeda S our r oudyeteda

i he attng aer ge than e mb' dspeat hwed Terry finally admitted that. spots must be filled. rth ml In training. I,.
ivrnavr antly heflain L b altpayrsand thesc hle ngrnwiR one 143 riI* _* TODAY '1
pennant fl~ht. \ '_ ., "W ~ ~ m L W ... ,

The writers, and presumably Alston, too, seemed to profees s *
a astdlahment, if not conviction, in the Duke's ability inledi-
atcly to free himself of all suffering the instant a right-hand
pitcher came upon the scene,
On the prior occasion, referred to by the writers, the Duke's
back started to act up like anything when the Cards announced
that Harvey Haddix, probably the best of the lefties, was going
to the mound for them. This turned out to be a game Haddix
didn't finish and just as soon as he left, the Duke felt fine. And
when Alston need a pinch hitter an inning or so later, who was
ready to go up there and swing against the right-hander who
had replaced Haddlx? Why, the Duke himself, In person, in the
The Duke also had a miraculous recovery the day after he
saw Simmons. The way he hit the ball against right-hander
Murry Dickson was a caution. The Brooklyns won the same
three to two and the Duke drove in two of the runs (with a
homer and a double) and scored the other one.
However, the Duke denied it was a miraculous recovery. It
just looked like one. His back still ached. He was hitting Dick-
son with his wrist. Normally, wrist hitters are a dime a dozen.
A.on said the ball the Duke wrlated over the 40-foot high
riht-fleld wall in the PhUllies park was the longest he ever saw
Shim hit.
It's time the writers started saying something nice about
the Duke.
If he isn't the most powerful wrist hitter in baseball, who is?

The Duke has never won a batting championship, but his
current J34 makes him a formidable challenger. That be would
much prfer to swing against ght-handers than left-handers
Is und. W left-hand hitter wouldn't? The Duke
o.fM.h noapw aand ainst the south paws, a
41ff of 80 2 gap addix (his season, he's 1 and 10,
a.. B s 2 and a a
A.iing back or not, the Duke says from now on he'll be in
there against all kind of paws, including grandpaws, no doubt.
IWseems to think t.ciumtances of his quick recoveries have ]
been lrratloMilly l'tti tetd. And maybe he's right. Even v
medical men can always~explaln certain physical manifestations.
How about the fellow who gets a twinge in his corn and
says: "That means a ster .I coming up?" Must it necessarily
follow that be Is afrad* face the storm? It's the Duke's back,
iit. Probaob jus aan *mrgy anyway.
Of course, the u_ tduain and the convenient ache, as a
menas to avoid a sr atlon that threatened to be un-
pnflttboAb hai a of Ingenious practice. Not only
ve hitter d the iek bay to escape certain pitchers, but we
ve a w nacoun tably discovered their arms had
dd2 r_ sor day' i gaeMlnment sent them against
a power-pa e4 batting rder.
QOur sympathy to the Duke. An aching back is no joke. But'
event if h fails to get a feeble fnl tick off southpaw pitching, *
he can stl do the Brooklyna more good in center field with a
Riove than anybody else.





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Rock Hudson, in
Edard 0. Robinson, in

Maria 74hz, 1.
'V.a ~m

,,.~) ~ .. -~ .. --



- c <**

L1 f, ** .

* .






.....o-ad story an

.Red Army Boss: mI116


DownsChampagne i H

M.3SCOW, Aug. 18 (UP)--Soviet F r w v w v
defense minister Nikolai Bulganin
clinked cocktail glasses with U.S. Letth people know the truth
charge D'affaires Walter Walms- "L th people know the truth
ley. Jr. at a reception last night
and said "'Down with war." ......
Throughout the reception at the TWENTY-NINTH YEAR PANAMA, R
Inionesian embassy, celebrating
Indonesia's ninth anniversary as
n independent nation, the gray-
p ted Bulganin made toasts to4
. j waiter removed the cork
fro a champagne bottle. The
corkj burst like a shell from
eand Strelsiuganin and done-Peer
slda ambassador Subandrio o
4I~ h115 W Z"A(ondRh

rru.. PARIS, Aug. 18 --(UP) -Pre- forthright denunciation of the
yet'ss use these instead of can- mier Pierre Mendes-France was French scheme. Belgium, a stand-
non" Bulganin quipped. reported convinced today the Eu-. ard bearer for European unity, re-
At one point during the evening ropean Army project will be bur-I acted cooly.
Bulganin o ushered Walmsley, high- ledcompletely unless his plans Prime M i n 1 s t e r Winston
eat American diplomat in Moscow for changing the treaty are ac.I Churchill personally stepped In
dM'ing Ambassador Charles E. cepted. to assume command. of British
Bohien's vacation, nd the French This was made known. before moves In the clash over theproj.
and British charges d'affaires into Mendes-Frence's depar t u r e by ect on which the United States
a separate room to drink toasts train for Brussels, site of the Eu- had staked its European policy.
gto# ae ig power rs." ropean Army foreign ministers' Churchill called all his top ex.
communist Chinese Ambassador conference which begins tomor- perts on Russia, France and Ger-
Cifibg Wen-tien already was in row. many to his country home.
theroom when the four others, Mendes-France was carry-i ng Britiain and the United States
walked in. French compromise pro p o s a l s appeared to be standing shoulder
hw party came less than a that may make or break the Eu- to shoulder in a warning to Men-
wegt after the festivities t h a t ropean Army plan on which Unit. des-France that there can be no
marked the visit here of the Brit. ed States hopes for Europe have new negotiations with Russia un-
lK.d abor Party delegation on its ridden for nearly three years, til the EDC pact is ratified.
way to Communist China Before he left, British ambas. Western officials predicted thatI
sador Sir Gladwyn Jebb rushed some compromise would be work-
It was another in a growing to the station to see him off and ed out at Brussels between the
I OtL of major diplomatic social deliver Britain's urgent pI e a French proposals and the deter.
ewaits becoming more frequent that -rance give In a little nomination of the other prospective
oscow with representatives the proposals t s necessary members of EDC to maintain the
o ae non-Communist nations, to rescue the EDC plan virtually intact.
__ ganin was in a merry mood Mendes-France s main a r g u- The United States has plugged
sent mnodefendingemm a h hian The oUniteddStates has hplugged
meritn defending his amend- hard for adoption of the EDC
'Ione toast Bulganin said he ments remains that only he offers rat which would set up a six-
wg-a professional soldier, not a hope to the West of getting any treaty which would set up a si-
dinat, and "all soldiers think kind of a European Army, author, ni rom Wes Gem a mer-
a011 is how to get their pen. ritatjve quarters said. tion from West Germany. Amer-
atel. If Mendes-France succeeds n ica is pushing the plan because It
Also took a poke at diploma- utng across his ideas for alter- feels this the best way to get Gern-
Sng or modifying the treaty, the man rearmament for the west.
own with protocol!" Bul- chances are better than even that I e treaty, which was signed
said. "If there were no the French parliament will ratify more than two years ago, has
hpa mnt ra eeratified by only four of the
col there would be more the long-delayed project. si Ee nations France andy
= ;rity and more spirit. Some- It he falgs, the European De. EDC nations. France and
l see a face with a pro- fense Community is expected to Italy have balked to date.
t smile but I would rather beeom. a dead Issue. Then the Mendes-France has proposed a
se.a really sincere smile." United States would be expected
o*ne toast Bulganin said the to make the "agonizing reap.
fi U sUnion does not want war. praisal" of its foreign policy in
S are ready for it and we Europe which Secretary of State
w ifght if it comes but we don't John Foster Dalles mentioned
wit' war," Bulganin said. "We last December.
don't say that because we are
o but because we know what With an integrated European
war ." Army made impossible by
France's refusal to ratify the pro-
gram, rearmament of West Ger. '
Joseph M. Spellman ny in the American and Brit.
ish zones would be the next step I .,. .*
Sn l a Mendes-France was ready to
DP In l- 0 yield a point or two in negotia. k; "

LiUIs BL DIi russels. It Wa noiUW
Newsof the death of Joseph however that he would not yiel
News oifhe deait f ponsm on his plan to confine German sol
M. Spelman. retired Panama diers in the project army to thei
Canal employee, Aug. 3 In Algiers, own soil.
Louisiana. has been received The first ma that M e n d e s
friends on the Isthmus. He was France is scheduled to meet ii
60 years old. Brussels is Belgian foreign min
Mr. bellman, a native of Al- luster Paul Henri-Spaak. a strong
Mr. Spellman, a native of Al-,advocate of the present A r m
tlers. was employed as a ma- plan which France has not ratil
chlnlst In the Canal organiza- fled.
tion from January 1939 until Major attention will be focused
his retirement because of phy- on Mendes-France's first encoun
aal disabily at the end of ter, expected tonight, with Wes
March 1950. He began work In Germany's Chancellor Konrad Ad
the Locs Division but as enauer who has maintained a dis
transferred two months later to ereet silence
the Mechanical Industrial DI-e David K Bruce, U. S represent
vision where he was employed tative to the European coal and
n his retirement. All of his steel community, paid a call on
s._ee was In the Balboa shops. Adenauer at Bonn yesterday. I
pr to his employment with was expected that Adenauer an
ft, Canal organization, Mr. Mendes-France first would dis
Bpeilman had been employed for cuss the future of the Saar.
O 125 years in his trade as a Bristling hostility to France's
a xiahlst In New Orleans and proposals for watering down th
lty. .. .... European Army plan threatened
S n_ survived by his wife, a to defeat both the proposals and
omer and two sisters. the project itself which is depen
f Puaeral services and inter- dent on French ratification.
UA$ were in Algiers. Urgent consultations went oi
"''r last night in all the capitals con
s*'hoa '4*, cerned.
Adenauer conferred gloo mil 1
Saturday, Aug. 21 with his top advisors in Bonn, and
t ah Low with high American officials whi
3 .aimn. .............. 2:29 a.m hurried from Paris to see him
:0 p-m. ............ 3:08 p.m. The Netherlands came out with

- i

s *- K l
Fl ^J.W

d liiiiiid l


series of treaty modifications in ,called in Jebb; the British ambas-
hopes that he can make the pact sador to Moscow Sir William Hay-
more palatable to the French par- ter, Britain's chief expert on Ger-
liament. many, Sir Frank Roberts, and the
The United States, however, is permanent head of the Foreign
strongly opposed to any weaken- Offfce, Sir Ivone Kirkp a tr i ck.
ing -of the treaty and the other They consulted lengthily this
five EDC nations are also expect- country home in ChartwelL
ed to oppose any basic changes in
the treaty as it is now written. Jebb was ordered to inform the
Should the French premier suc- French government of Britain's
ceed in getting his revisions adopt- earnest desire to have EDC come
ed it is believed the EDC treaty into force at an early date and for
would have to be resubmitted to France to come to terms with
all other members for ratifica- her partners at the Brussels talks,
tion again. This would result in a authoritative sources said.
long deaay.
Churchill sent Jebb fling The United States and Britain
PaChurchill sent Jebb fly to have already agreed that if the
Paris with an earnest ea EDC is not ratified this summer
France to compromisean rear- West Germany. will be given her
partners and save German rear- sovereignty under the provisions
Jebb, Britain's ambassador to of the Bonn conventions.
France, returned to Paris car-
rying Churchill's instruction aft. lA
er extensive consultations alHil Ug AIVlIIi ULIk
through yesterday and dinner _- -
lastnight with the British Wime Blast Detonated
minister,. B li i Detonated
Churchill also was letting it be
understood that Britain, lik the
United States, is opposed at s-I Soviet beria
ent to a Big Four parley W h
Russia without concrete f a. ANCHORAGE, Alaska, Aug. 18
tions that the Kremlin has ehang- (UP) _- A gigantic explosion
ed its views since the abortive, possibly atomic, was deonatieda
conference in Berlin early this In Soviet Siberia In 1951, wiping
year. out possibly more than 200 wal-
Churchill, serious worried 0rus n the Bering Sea, a Public
ver the late of the EDC, last night Health Service biologist reported
-- today.


Everett L. Schiller of the Arctic
Health Research Institute here
said he previously had been un-
able to reveal details of the
strange mass annihilation be-
cause of military security re-
trictons. The curbs were relax-
ed recently and Schiller was per-
mitted to reveal details of a
study he made after scores of
deadC walrus were washed ashore
On St. Lawrence Island about 40
miles off the coast of Siberia
Oct. 24, 1951.
Schiller would not say whether
the blast was atomic. However,
he said he believed it was "other
than conventional" and disclos-
ed that a gelger counter showed
positive indications when held
near the walrus carcasses. He
said specimens of the animals
were later sent to the Atomic
Energy Commission which re-
ported there was no radioactivi-
ty present.
The north coast of St. Law-
rence Island was littered with

(NEA Telephoto) es about three weeks after Eski-
- IKE SIGNS NEW LAW In a ceremony at the White House, mo reported hearing terrific ex-
President Eisenhower (left, signs a $1,363,000,000 tax-saving plosions late in September of
"n revision measure which he described as a good law that would 1951. A hint as to the enormity
d benefit all Americans. Sen. Eugene Milllkin (R., Colo.), chair- of the blast which wiped out the
man of the Senate Finance Committee, holds one of the pens walrus herd was contained i
with which the President signed the bill,, the fact that the skulls of many
Is--- -__ -of the animals were missing,
S||. flippers were ruptured and car-
e H tceisp dasBesiwere-crushed as ifnby argi-
Hotly-Disputed Atom Bill hand, Schller said
I IyUS,nritishFremch

iiGets Final House Passage US, Brilish French
d -" --, -Po
y _Seekif Easy Out
o WASHINOTON. Aug 18 (UP'-- The compulsory licensing fea- R ia Dr amIl
The House complete congres-,ture was not included in an ear- V Ru al ro )osa
h sional action yesterday on tne ller compromise version which
- administration's hotly disputed the House approved. But the LONDON, Aug. 18 (UP) -
atomic energy bill and sent It to Senate rejected it and tossed it American. British and French
the White House for President back to the conference cormmit- diplomats sought today to find
Eisenhower's signature tee for further revisions, a soft way to reject Russia's
Final House action came on a The conferees also conceded to latest bid for another big-power
voice vote after limited deh It Senate demands and voted to re- conference on Germany.
The measure earlier had caused quire the Atomic Energy Corn- They met after secret sessions
an historic 13-day filibuster In mission to give public bodies were held last night between
the Senate when foes called it a'preference on the distribution of Prime Minister Winston Church-
*giveaway" bil. atomic power. Ill and his top advisers.
As finally passed, the measure The bill also authorizes the Britain and the United States
opens the field of atomic enerv' administration's controversial want to say "no" to Russia, but
to private industry, permits ai 'Dixon Yates" plan to have the authoritative sources said they
greater sharing of atomic secret. AEC buy power from a private almost certainly would leave the
with America's allies, and paves power combine to replace elec- door open for further exchanges.
the way for President Elsenhow- tricity purchased from the Ten- The Soviet proposed in a note
er's atoms-for-peace plan nessee Valley Authority for a July 24 an alf-European confer-
The legislation was approved government atomic plant at Pa- ence on European security, with
by the Senate last night. 59 to ducah, Ky. U.S. representation and Red
17 I It was this private power in- Chinese observers.
The chief compromise provi- vasion of the VA area and the
slons, worked out by two confer- 'lack of an acceptable patent pro- Without awaiting a reply, the
ence committees, would force vision that touched off the 13- Kremlin next proposed on Aug.
private firms to share their day Senate debate. Democratic 4 a Big Four meeting at the
atomic secrets, on a fee basis. foes had threatened to renew ministerial level to prepare the
with all competitors for five their talkathon unless they got all-Europm conference and to
years, The conferees put a five- 'what they wanted in compulsory consider the German problem.
year limit on the patent provi- licensing. But th West Is reported to
slan, instead of the 10 years the feel that te Soviet has put for-1
Senate had approved Many House Democrats who ward the same old proposals
Chairman W. Sterling Cole iR- previously had opposed the bill that have failed before.
N.Y.) of the House-Senate Atom- because they did not like the ori- i
Ic Enery Committee, told the ginal patent provision voiced Will'm B. Childers
House the patent provision prob- their approval of the new clause WI
a.l. unconstitutional. today l
The first bill that I shall n- The original House version es In Worthington
troduce in the new session of the would have given Drefennce to
Congress in January," he said, private firms which wanted to Willam B. Childers, once hoe-
'will be to repeal the provision build atomic power plants If orary Maor of Gatu, and ,for
of this bill calling for compulso- they volunteered to share ttheier al perilt ent of construe-
ry licensing." patents with all covers. But tos who hee to build the 0G-
Cole said he yielded to the there was nothing compulsory ton a k e at his home In
Senate on the patent provision about the provlaic WIttO. Ohio, according to
because of the threat of a "new The conference committg Ma t erte Ban the Isthmus.
.U t he said be found agreed to take u the whole I V wa lT yeors old.
It a 'dfitutt. distasteful sltua-iquestion of pat again a eat lHe itwed by his wife, two1
t"on- January. daughme and fm e t ana.

TEST JET TRAINER Test pilot Ray Morris takes North American AvAtion's modified trana-
sonic Jet trainer to the air during a test flight at Los Angeles. Designed for advance pilot
training In high-speed flight, gunnery and dive bombing, the swift two-seat trainer Is a nodlfi-
ed version of the Air Force's Sabre. The trainer sl rated In the 650 miles per hour clasgW has
a maximum service ceiling of 44,000 feet and combat radiUa of more this 600 statute miles.

Dien Bien Phu's Heroic De Castries

Bound For Freedom From POW Camp

HANOI, AiA 18 (UP)-Frenchi But French authorities, at a Force 0o will take part in the
authorities told a press conference press conference here, said they mass evacuation, French officials
today they believe Brig. Gen. lieve the Vietminh will release announced.
Christian de Castries who defend- the general tomorrow the anal. Among the senior French. offic-
ed the fortress of Dien Bien Phu versa of the day on which Ho era tio Communists said would be
until it ftll, will be freed tomor- Chi Mnh came to power In In- turned over with De Castries was
row by tme Communists. dochina in 1945. Col. Andre Lalande, CoL Langlais
But, they said, they feared the The French said about 1,000 and CoL Francart who were cap.
Reds would try to make a propa- French prisoners will be freed dait turned with him at Dien Bien Phu.
ganda show of the heroic soldier's ly at Viettri and Sam Son under It was Lalande who led the he.
release. the new agreement- reached at roic attempt to break through the
The Communist Vietminh radio Trung Gia in weekend talks with encircling*Reds at the.head of a
announced today De Castries will the Communists. gallant wave of Foreign Legion-
be turned over to the French with naires from Dien Blen Phu's bat.
4,910 other war prisoners in a re,. The Communist announcement tered and Isolated outpo t Isa-
patriation operation starting today came as he combined operation belle.
at the North Indochina city ofto carry between 250,000 and 1,000, Hs last words were "Breakout
Vietri. 000 Vietnamese south away from impossible. I can not longer com.
De Castries, who was last re. Communist territory swung into municate with you."
ported in heavily-guarded pris top gear with the disclosure Unit- Then French pilots flying over
on camp near the Chinese front- ed States naval ships have begun the smoking ruls, of the ortress
ler, is said to have asked to behelping ferry the refugees to free- saw th Leionnaires swarm down
released last after the rest of the domn. the hills .with tomvmyguncheatter.
men captured at Dien Bien Phu. Forty one ships from U. S. Task ing at the outmumberi.g Reds.

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Coco Slito
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To all you nice peopl. ^n^l&VSS
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MADRID Only when be wag
coopeu up in some puna il>ug
higu in the European aky did
Teamsters Union chief Dave Beck
sit still during his trek across the
troubled continent. In London, ha
made the rounds of the labor
headsuarters and taunted the la-
bor party chiels on their junket to
China. What wen they trying to
do, he asked, make a fast dollar
for Britain out of trading with the
In East Berlin, ha made the
rounds as a vibrant example of
the freedom, the influence and the
affluence of free labor in our cap
italist land sharply silhouetting
the mockery of the dreary, moth-
eaten, starvation wage "workers'
paradise" there.
In Naples, he climbed Mount Ve-
suvius without benefit of transport,
leaving younger men struggling
far behind him in the volcanic dust
.while he waited at the crater's
'edge, standing on a ledge with
nouung but 4.UU0 foot drops on eith-
er side.
But he sat still long enough in a
Trans-World Airliner, in which we
wok oil irom Rome for Madrid, to
talk about the problem far below
us. For weeks he bad listenedin-
terrupting only to ask questions
whicn should nave been asked by
our diplomatic corpa and missions
which have fallen over each other
for years. Then he summed it all
up, there high over the Mediter-
"We should juat let the other
fellow write the rules, and then
play it that way. If he wants it
rough, he called the shots."
AH his questions were aimed at
learning tne rules aet by the en-
my. We had, for example, been
'ji.efed a few days earlier, by
mo Pastore, head of the pro-
American Italian labor federation.
a* nad listened to the tale of
woe and then asked juat how
much it would take in American
dollars to compete with the Soviet
government on the Italian labor
Pastore almost slid off his chair-
It hadn't ever occured to him to
think in these terms. But here waa
an American labor leader, who
was also a successful businessman,
asking a typical American ques-
tion, fastore figured it would take
9X9,000,000 a year. Well, Beck
dion't fall off his chair. You can't
play for global stakes with white
nor did Beck exactly write a
checx tor 918,uu0,oalthough he
could. He went out and did a sim-
ple thing. Ha bougnt fiat car
lor the uttle Italian Federation of
Transport and Auxiliary Traffic
Workersour friends who am the
counterpart in Italy of Beck's giant
Teamsters Brotherhood. The next
morning ne presented the car in a
little courtyard right down the
street from KomeV Bed _"Umon
Square"the Platxa Del Popolo-
aua told the little Italian tea msters
union tnat this waa just tne begin-
waa had gotten Beck was the
Wnat had gotten Beck waa tne
union, the omy competition to tne
"And This Gent Wants to Join the United Nations
. .
Pork Barrel Bill
By Peter Edson
WASHINGTON - Something for Almost Everybody
bill waa an appropriate item for
consideration by the Senate aa
Congress went into the final
stretch. This is the billion-dollar
Rivers, Harbors and Flood Con-
trol authorization bill, sometimes
contemptuously referred to as the
pork barrel bill.
There hasn't Leen one of these
since 1950. And this was the first
one drawn up under Republican
congressional supervision for near-
ly 98 years. It was Inevitable that
there would be one in this con-
gressional election year.
Even so, the bill this year was
a relatively modest affair. "Only
a billion, doll.
from ll.abiUion to 9119. biMteo tor thH
the three previous pork barrel bins New Wr*,
of 1944, 1049 and 1910..
The House of Representatives
originally put through this year's
bill for a still more modest 9888
million. But the senators of both
parties upped this by another 9170
knowing a good political
. million, knowing a .
scarlet union which could tie up, gj-. when they lt,
uauan ransport at some- crucial > ^ current bill would provide
moment, dla not always nave car-
iare for its olticers to take trains
across the country, lt* officials
on wuom the U. a. must some day
countactually had to hltca rides
or take third class, compartments
on siow trains wnlle tne enemy la-
bor tederauon chiefs lived ra lux-
urious apartments, rode in big cars
huge building in the
something for 49. states plus Alas-
ka and Hawaii. The coastal and
Great Lakes states come in for
the heavy gravy on rivers and
harbors improvement, and beach
erosion, which would account for
some 9333 million under the bill
as reported to the Senate. The
inland states get their share in
the flood control section, which
expenditures of
and nau a
swank embassy section scross. wouW ,uthorile
trom the U. b. Embsssy and In-\p2s million,
lormatlon Service. i The six states omitted from this
It reminded me of British Guiana bU1 g0 itr Wert Virginia. Utah,
where our friends could not keep lrtl0II11 Wyoming, Montana and
up tne paymenta on a union owned Idtho j^ V(ltirB itttei 0f
jeep aud had to aurrnder it. e- courie get theirs in the appropria-
un, was tnat the enemy finally
captured tne government and Uie
British had to retake it with Her
Majeay's warships.
Beck asked tne Italians how
many transport organizers would
bo needed to retake the field from
the enemy. They could do it with
eight and asked Beck to under-
write them. He soon will reveal
his plans for Europesn labor lead-
ers, who wsnt help to organise.
Not only will such sid help beat
off the saboteurs, but it will intro-
tlons for reclamation projects.
But why Weat Virginia should
be slighted is something of a mys-
tery. The state certainly has flash
floods in its mountain stream,
and the real thing when the Ohio
and its main tributaries go ra a
It baa been noted that West Vir-
ra has only one Republican on
congressional delegation. The
two senators and the five other
representatives are all Demcrata.
That's probably an improper mo-
tive to ascribe for this situation.
however, as there is log rolling all
over Capitol Hill to get authoriza-
tions for even the stBl pretty solid
Democratic South.
. The states which would get the lawmakers get around to it, they
Bllara" aa they say In Important money under this kill snay approve the actual spending
. This compares with tor rivers ens] harbors work ere c4\majaey on these public worka.
from |l.S billion to 91tf blHien far Ibe: l u VM | en, the candkUtes cei
South Dakota. But there are votes
even in $19,000.
Incidentally, in connection with
the heavy tugar for Pennsylvania
area authorizations, it might be
noted that the chairman of the
Public Works Committee that ap-
5roved this bill is Sen. Edward
lartin of the Keystone state.
The most interesting political
fact about this last minute, just
before the end of session and just
ire election bill, however, is
it is an authorization. It is
an appropriation. It merely
the projects have the okay
Some years later, when the
$17 million on II
California, $19
projects. *.
Delaware and Maryland, $101
million ror improvement of the
Delaware River section of the in-
land waterway. And by a Senate
amendment, the Delaware River
would get another $91 million au-
thorization for work in Pennsylvan-
ia and New Jersey.
The big authorizations for flood
control would be these:
Lower Mississippi. $94 million.
Kansas River and tributaries,
$83 million.
Missouri River Basin authorisa-
tion increase, $144 million.
Columbia River Basin system,
$190 million.
Susquehanna River, Pennsylvan-
ia, $25 million.
From these large amounts, au-
thorizations taper down to a mere
$15,000 for Cold Creek Dam, in
voters. '
we're gonna get for you,
-if yon just re-elect us.!'
re are already on the books
control project authoriza-
_ for $4A billion, of which only
$2.2 billion has been appropriated.
And there are also 2198 authorized
river and harbor projects to coat
$3.1 billion, of which only $1.7 bil-
lion baa been appropriated.
The difference between appro-
priations and authorizations is
largely politics, worthy and desir-
able aa the projects may be.
Democrttic Sen. Paul Douglas
of Illinois, a sincere believer in
government economy, has always
tried to deflate these public worka
authorizations, when there is no
intent to appropriate money for
them immediately. He has prom-
ised to try to cut tola new au-
thorization bill on the floor of the
Senate. But since passage of a
political hoax of this kind doesn't
cost a cent, his chaneca are nil.
York Confidential
Kicking the Gong Around
on Lflfl i el Ov Ws4* e>, uui ** ** ** ~ m ----* ------------- ----
duce hard-headed, non-political un- came, one of the most devastating
lonism to Europe. No politics, no drugs known to man, is back in
socialism lust breed and butter, the country I, It's been almost im-
Beck warned. It will also help us possible to get for 98 years and
win friends by winning a decent V. S. Narcotics Commissioner An-
waie for those kicked around by slinger made it that way. Now, for
those Italian industrialists, who'the second time since he's been
seem to care little except for a fast standing up to polticos, it's sup-
buck Such a program will help ping in from Peru and Java, the
take man an Italian family out of only places where it's produced,
the cavea and the shacks you see This, is why the bureaucrats over-
clinainR to the ahclent Roman Via-! rule Anelinger: Peru is dominated
ducts on the city's outskirts. by a Communist-inspired "Agrari-
From Europe, Dave Beck will'an Reform" movement and the
take time out for the AFL conven- striped panty boya aay we can't
Uon In Los Angeles next month offend them. It's against the Good
and then he will fly from the West; Neighbor policy! Indonesia (that';
Coast around the world, asking the Java) la the undercover spearhead
Co- lovely has Sydney Chaplin (Char-, They've got
lie's brother) going mita. Starlet Cathy Collins,
Peggy Maley. who once switched in town, at
from a British peer to a Chicago
gangster (Joe Fischetti) and brag-
ged about it, la machine-gunning
cupid arrows at producer Freddy
Finklehoffe's heart-----When ex
steamship heir Edgar Luckenbach
and Java, the gets those phone bills on his calls
to Yvonne de Carlo they'll look
bigger than a ship to him.
that Old Feeling
oomphiest chorine
. ... .. the Park Sheraton
Mermaid Room with disc jockey
Art Ford ... Johnny Meyer (he
vas the country's number one
check-picker-upper before he got
a sore wrist, that is) and Lisa
Hill .. Peggy Ann Gamer and
Bob Wagner, I mean the actor
Model Annie (her middle
Laurie) MacPheraon with
Coast around
same question* in Asia.
of communism in South East Asia.
Quarrel with him on the home a dagger aimed straight at Aus-
front if you will, but at least we'll tralla. Yet Anslinger can't get
!et something done on the world funds to cut off the flow of a drug
rent Maybe we'll win one or two.far deadlier than opium, morphine
skirmishes That would be a nice'and heroin (which come from Red
feeBng Chtan). Fortunately cocaine ad-
dicta are comparatively rare. It's
so costly. However the Kremlin is
planning a big boom for us. The
drug completely destroys the body
and soul. Those who use it end up
as killers or worse.
name ia
Mack "Cutty" Newman, the liquor
mogul, drinking milk at the Moo
Daily Worker Please Copy: Fra- aignore
tier Hunts book on General Mac-F^ _____ '
6NOOZERS-On a hot aummer'a day some folk Just like to
UkeltwTuke. for meUnce, Frank V.rca^ asal to yeer-Okl
grandson. Frank Kretner. This PP-^P*t^<* 0",'d
young sooozers was taken a* tbey attended a picnic ia A*ro O.
WAlf Aft
Arthur expected to explode with a
Klitical roar shortly before elee-
n. It's a down-the-line-defeeii*
for the Pacific War hero who call-
ed the shots that might have saved
the world (except for HST). .
la the law firm of one guy high is
the Administration doing work for
the Red Chinese gort? Don't
Only asking .... Evan the
that kicked the Commies oat of
Guatemala is infested. Owe ef its
aboys (rating kudo* from our
) is a secret Red leader mA
will flop over oawnl y when the time
Is ripe-----Dairy Worker ata re-
eeivtag preferesstial Jad Gasa
Way of a Man With a Maid: That
a carat sparkler on singer Jane
Morgan's pretty paw waa put there
by Arthur Olsen. a Tulsa oil king,
well anyway, a prince. It's from
the Hartford collection (which ho
bought.) He's allowing her to wear
it while its for sale------LossM
Reventiow (he's the son Barbara
Hutton said she wouldn't leave tee
much to because money briaga
heartaches) apparently not wor-
ried. You should have aeon lam
slice and feed pretty Cary La timer
the first three bites of her steak at
the Pygmalion.
. Way of a Maid With a Man:
,Kay Kendall, the R"g*> stage
Dateline. Washington: According
to the newsletter "Human
Eventa," Majority Leader Know,
land will reiterate his demand that
wt get out of the U. N. if Rod
China comes to when he speaks
to the VFW on Aug. 99. Hope so.
Response to Us stand no groat he's
being talked of aa a switcheroo
candidate for Dick Nixon in '98
... Real front-runner among toe
dark horses for the GOP top nod
that year is Utah's brilliant gov-
ernor, i. Bracken Loo, who stole
the show at the race governor's
raSMoatiua when ha denouncd the
_ lacease Tax aa sorlaHstic and
afktte ear tickler lasi year. Many urged Ms repeal. What a winning
Lee I the hottest
tor traaftoeat by theaast
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The Eebth Crm who teaehos dea*
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. Bet Is It Best Sido?
Edwte Perene. John's carbon copy
teBa ase flaaaahrey Begart la still
swank D Morocco
fwhirh Jack Left dabbed "a
dcrvoes for aeatlemaa") for slug-
ftog asai Rohan atestarte in the
seated panda toeideaC So I waa
rvasr?kaj end. is still barred, tee.
WASHDGTON-The five gover-
m who discuaaed the flfty-bil-
Uon-doUar highway program with
Eisenhower at a White House lun-
cheon the other day found them-
selves veering somewhat over to-
ward Ike's ideas despite previous
Remarked one Republican gov-
ernor afterward: "You know, I'm
beginning to feel almost New
Not all th conversation had to
dp with highways, however, for
the benefit of the Southern Gover-
nors present-Kennon of Louisiana
and Wetherby of Kentucky the
President toM tola story about his
election campaign.
''/,Ivisers told me," be said,
'that if I went down South on a
tour I would get a corporals
guard out to bear me talk. Well, I
decided to go anyway, and aa I
gathered momentum, I began to
realize just how big a corporal's
Sisrd really is. I sever knew bo-
re it could be so large."
NOTEWhite Elsenhower and
the governors were dircussing
990,000,000,000 for highways. Sena-
tor Cooper's bill for only half-a-
billion dollars for school construc-
tion faced rough sledding to Con-
grass, largely because the Eisen-
hower administration refused to
bsck it.
It may sound strange coming
from one who baa done his share
of criticizing Congress, but in my
opinion it would be a tragedy if
Congress did not come back this
fall to rota a pay raise both for
judges and congressmen them-
President Elsenhower urged such
a pay boost last year. A commis-
sion was appointed, a recommen-
dation made, but now all haa bean
Congressmen and federal Judges
are still struggling along on sal-
aries that few similarly qualified
professional men would work for.
though some sre getting tired and
In the old days, the Senate was
a rich man'a corporation, where
a member could afford to work
for nothing. And the resultant leg-
islation, as could be expected, ben-
efited the rich. The House of Rep-
resentatives has featured those
who got kickbacks from their staff,
Bi vate expense accounts a la
ixon, or skimped their families.
Pew men to any job these days
have to maintain two houses, un-
less tbey are corporation execu-
tives and get paid for it. But a
man must, keep a home
district and a home in Wash-
, especially if he haa chil-
_ The expense ia terrific.
On top of this, few people are
called upon to work longer hours
San a United States senator. While
e rest of the U.S. waa pleasant-
ly week-ending, the Senate ad-
journd at 9:07 p.m. last Saturday
night. Long hours have been the
rule rather than the exception. Sel-
dom has the Senate adjourned this
summer before 9 p.m., and this
does not include filibusters when
debate continued all night. -
The ordinary citizen working
such hours would hsve gone on
strike long ago, whether union or
Yet most members of Congress
are conscientious, honest men.
This writer happens to have ex-
posed irregularities, helped send
four congressmen to jail to recent
years. However, I em certain
these do not represent the con-
gressional average.'
What's bound to happen is that
if congressional salaries' are not
increased, the caliber of our legis-
lators will go down and down.
Since congressmen hesitate to
vote themselves an increase before
elections, I suggest thst the House
return after November, when th
Senate will have to retun to vote
on McCarthy anyway/ and then
both take up the long overdue
question of congressional and judi-
cial salaries.
President Eisenhower gota
friendly tip over the week end that
he bad better appoint a vke-ehatr-
man of the Federa 1 Reservo
Board or face some hot speechee
to congress.
Under the law, the President is
required to appoint not only a
chairman but a vice-chairman of
the Federal Reserve. Furthermore,
he is required to appoint seven
members to the board, and for
months be fallad to do the latter.
It waa not-nhtll Senator Hubert
Humphrey of Minnesota made a
speech accusing the President of
deliberately violating the law that
two additional hoard membera
were appointed Canny Balder-
ston of Philadelphia and Paul Mil-
ler of St. Paul Both are good
So over the week end, the White
House was told that Senator Hum-
phrey was ready to deliver another
speech if Ike did not designate a
vice-caairmanalso necessary un-
der the law.
All this may seem like unimpor-
tant financial poltica to the aver-
age taxpayer; but it isn't. It af-
fects the credit structure of the
nation and the amount of interest
you psy when you go to the bank
for a loan. For it goes back to the
traditional battle between the
Treasury and the "ederal Reserve
as to whether Interest rates will
be high or low, inflation up or
During the Truman administra-
tion this battle between Secretary
of the Treasury Snyder and Fed-
eral Reserve Chairman Marriner
Eccles made headlines. In the end,
Truman demoted Eccles, which
let the Treasury dominate the Fed-
eral Reserve Board.
Today the Treasury still domi-
nates the Federal Reserve Board
though without headlines. The
domination has been entirely
friendly, through the fset that
William McChesney Martin, new
board chairman, was once under-
secretary of the Treasury and is a
Kat friend of Secretary of the
lasury George Humphrey. Their
cooperation is perfect.
However, many bankers point
out thst this is not the function of
the Federal Reserve. Its function
is to remain independent of the
Treasury, of keeping the natlcn'a
credit allof from the politcal dic-
tates of the Treasury. '-
So when the Federal Reserve
Board has five members instead of
seven; and when it-haa no vice
chairman, it's e little leas lode*
pendent, a little easier to domi-
nate. That's why the board got
along for menths minus two mem-
bers. Ike's financial advisers in
the Treasury just didn't want then
Peck sports an eye patch bear-
ing the Marine insignia during
a reunion of the First Marina.
Division in New York. Peck
lost bis eye ra Vegas HIU
.___ fighting in Korea.
.,> "------
By Colbroith
"Vgajr wrfe boners pane ton ytu bring homo an
poetad s^eet-*!** tlwsyt tlMM doora!"


Congress Overrides GOP Leadership,
Approves Outlawing Of Communists
Congress overrrode iU Republican
leadership yesterdsy and went on
record in favor of legislation to out-
law the Communist Party and
make membership in it a crime.
The Senate approved the drastic
bill outright and the House voted
to send it to a conference commit-
tee with instructions to accept the
Senate amendments.
House leaders ssid. however, that
the action was not absolutely bind-
ing on the conference and that
new language could be drafted
which the administration would fin
more acceptable.
The measure still mast clear
the conference and get final pas-
sage by both Hesse and Senate
befare it gees t. the White
Home. Unless changers are
made, It faces a passible presi-
dential veto.
The Senate approved the bill,
81 to 1, after toughening up the
version the House had passed Mon-
day. The House then voted 888 to
100 to accept the Senate amend-
Thus the measure wound up as
a double-tough Mow at U.S. com-
When first passed by taw Sen-
ate in a surprise move last
week It made party member-
ship a criase. New It strips the
party of Rs legal standing as well.
Yesterday's action was a clear
triumph for Senate Democrats and
a rebuff to the adminis\ration
which opposed the legislation on
grounds it would drive the Reds
The Senate* first passed the mea-
sure Isst week to make member-
ship in the Communist party a
crime. When the administration
objected, the House Monday knock-
ed out this provision and voted
merely to strip the party of its
legal standing.
The Senate followed through yes-
terday by tacking its "crime" a-
mendment back onto the bill and
returning it to the House. T he
House then concurred in the Sen-
ate amendments and completed
aztion on the bill.
The measure now contains all
the features that both houses claim
were needed to outlaw the party
the drastic membership provision
and the milder clause to deprive
the party of its legal rights and
The House approved the bul des-
pite a prediction by GOP leader
Charles A. Halleck (Ind.) that it
would never become law.
Halleck left the clear infer-
ence that Mr. Eisenhower would
veto R en grounds it woold de-
trey the effectiveness aati-Com-
eaist laws already en the
statute bosks.
The Senate approved the contro-
versial membership proviso on a
41 to 3 vote and then shipped the
bill hack to the House by a voto of
81 to 1.
House GOP leaders had planned
to send it to s Joint conference
committee to compromise differ-
enced but Rep. Martin Dies (D-
Tex.) got in first with a motion to
adopt the Senate version.
"We have vacillated too long,"
the former chairman of the House
Un-American Activities Committee
roared. "It is time to act and end
this conspiracy once and for all."
Dies said the Senate bill would
serve notice on the world that com-
munism "will not exist in the
United States."
The sole Senate vote against the
legislation was cast by Sen. Estes
Kefauver (D-Tcnn.).
Mr. Eisenhower did not say he
would veto the measure when ques-
tioned about it st his news confer-
ence. But he expressed a clear
preference for the original House-
approved version without the indi-
vidual membership provision.
The President said he want-
ed nothing done to Interfere
with Individual rights under the
Constitution. Any act tending to
obstruct the work of the FBI
and Justice Department would he
against the best Interests of the
country, he said.
The "crime" amendment was
fathered by Sen. Hubert H. Hum-
phrey (D-Minn.) who caught Sen-
ate Republicans off base when he
first proposed it lsst week.
Republican Sens. Thomas H.
Kuchel (Calif.). William Larger
(N.D.) and Margaret Chase Smith
(Ma.) Joined 97 Democrats and
Sen. Wayne Morse (Ind-Ore.) In
voting for the amendment. Oppos-
ing were 38 Republicans and Sen.
Pat McCarran (D-Nev.).
The original Senate biU put
Republicans en the spot politi-
cally. They cither had to veto a-
gainst the administration er a-
gainst legislation that had strong
political appeal, in this election
Sponsors of the House version
claimed it would outlaw the Com-
munist Party whereas the original
Senate measure would not.
The President objected to the
stronger Senate bill on grounds it
President Denies AEC Power Contract
Was Favor For Golfer Bobby Jones
WAShlNGTON, Aug. 18 (UP>-
President Eisenhower fired back
indignantly yesterday at Democra-
tic National Chairman Stephen A.
Mitchell's criticism of a govern-
ment-awarded power contract and
offered to make the whole record
Mr. Eisenhower told his weekly
news conference he was astonish-
ed that Mitchell had pulled the
character and integrity of famed
golfer Bobby Jones into his charg-
es against the President.. He de-
fended Jones as a man of unexcel-
led character and probity.
The President spoke out after
Mitchell had repeated his charge
that award of an Atomic Energy
Commission contract to the Dixon-
Yates utility, syndicate was a
"aesndal" that should be investig-
ated by Congress.
Mitchell noted that Jones wss s
close friend of the President and
also had an interest in the Dixon-
Yates syndicste.
He msde the original charge be-
fore the American Bar Assn. in
Chicago Monday and elaborated
on it yesterday.
Some Democrats in Congress
came to the defense of both Mr.
Elsenhower and Jones. But a num-
ber also said they will continue
io press for an investigation of the
award of the contract, regardless
whether Jones had any connection
with it
would drive the Reds underground
and nullify anti-subversive legisla-
tion already on the statute books.
Before it voted on the key issue
today, the Senate adopted by a 62
to 19 vote six minor amendments
sponsored by Butler.
One would declare the Commu-
nists a conspiracy against the gov-
ernment of the United States rath-
er than a political party.
Senate Republican leader Wil-
liam F. Knowland challe n g e d
Mitchell to present evidence to
back up his charges.
Mr. Elsenhower came to his
weekly meeting apparently well
prepared to answer questions on
Mitchell's allegations. He ehose his
words carefully as he brusquely
rejected the criticism.
The President said he knew that
once he went into political life
he would be subjected to many
kinds of innuendo and allegation.
But he said he was astonished
that this innuendo should include
a private citizen with the charac-
ter and standing of his good friend,
After words of praise for the
famed golfer, Mr. Eisenhower said
that of course he had approved
recommendations for awarding the
contract to the Dixon-Yates syndi-
cate. He said further that, except
in national security cases, all such
matters should be open to the pub-
The President then told the re-
porters they could go singly or to-
5ether to the Budget Bureau or to
ie Atomic Energy Commission
and get the fuU record of the now
er contract, starting with the in-
ception of the idea.
The conract is for construction
of a power plant at West Mem-
iis Ark., to supply power for the
ennessee Valley Authority. It is
authorized in the atomic energy
Bill awaiting final congressional
action. ...
Opponents argued during debate
on the bill that TV A could supply
the power for 140 million dollars
less than the syndicste.
Mitchell, in alleging favoritism
In award of the contract, ssid it
was awarded under the "personal
order" of Mr. Eisenhower and
without competitive bidding. He
termed this "highly irregular."
IV. T. Confidential1
(Continued from Pag* 8)
Panda -m erica n I presume) U
meet a mystery "admirer," thi;
week ... Mme. Rubio (plenty o
chips), enjoying the candlelight a
Billy Reed's with Ernie Byfild o
the Chicago Pump Room Byfield;
... Did Robert Young sail to Eu-
rope to finalize the deal where-
by his pal, the Duke of Windsor
will front, as President, for one
of his coal companies?
I Wonder What Became Of: Ru-
dolph Ha lie y (whoever he is.)
From the District of Confusion:
Wasn't the real purpose of the
AEC filibuster to stymie the en-
actment of the anti-Red laws
(which are lost by the wayside.)
Ask Wayne, he knows ... Some
committee is overlooking a great
bet for an investigation: That is
local graft, corruption, dope,
gambling and the works at Oak
Ridge. Tenn. (in Estos the Giant
Killer's state), near the atomic en-
ergy plant. Rumors of classified
employes going into hock with lo-
cal loan sharks to pay for their
sins. Makes -'em easy push-overs
... John G. Adams (remember
him), well his resignation is on
Secretary Stevens' desk and Stev-
ens' is on Ike's desk. The former
will be accepted this month,
the latter after election.

It keeps me
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Not Munich, Not Geneva, But
Atlantic City: Dean Martin and
Jerry Lewis kissed and made up
at their recent "anniversary cele-
bration" in Atlantic City. Despite
the rumors elsewhere, they hsve
no intention of splitting. They are
not mad at each other. But they
are mad at their first friend and
booster, that's Mortimer, because
he intimated that their first paid
performance in double harness wss
a the old Havana-Madrid in New
York, not at the Jersey resort-
where it wasn't. O.K. boys, the
line forms at the right.
Add New York's Summer Festi-
val:- Town's biggest booster is U.S.
District Judge J. Skelley Wright,
of New Orleans, a native Louisi-
anan. He gives up bis month's
vacation every summer to sit (on
I loan) in New York's Southern
District Federal Court while our
judges take it easy.
Warning! Wolves at Large:
Some characters tap the female
college alumnae lists, then pick
nsmes at random and phone with
a "Remember me? I met you at
the senior prom," followed by an
invitation to a Yale or Princeton
hop, which comes off as a drink at
a bar and a struggle all the way
home. (Make them show their
sheepskins first)
Bad Tinting
congressional candidate hurriedly
submitted to s Concord newspaper
a copy of the speech be wss to
deliver that day at a Kiwanis Club
luncheon. Half an hour later he
telephoned the newspaper office to
hold up the story. He bad dis-
covered he wasn't scheduled to ad-
dress the club until a week later.
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