The Panama American


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The Panama American
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Weekend American
Physical Description:
Scott Family Library Fund ( donor )
Panama Times, Ltd.
Place of Publication:
Panama City, Panama
Publication Date:
daily (except saturday and sunday)[may 12, 1973-]
daily[ former oct. 7, 1925-dec. 4, 1966]
daily (except saturday)[ former dec. 10, 1966-may 5, 1973]
normalized irregular


Subjects / Keywords:
Newspapers -- Panama (Panama)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
Panama -- Panama


Dates or Sequential Designation:
Oct. 7, 1925-
General Note:
On Saturday published as: Weekend American, Dec. 10, 1966-May 5, 1973.

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University of Florida
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All applicable rights reserved by the source institution and holding location.
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oclc - 18709335
lccn - sn 88088495
lcc - Newspaper
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Txouser Theft
.Lods Culprit "
Ii Balboa Jail
Por a ing a pair of troue
r *a a rted car, Arado
"We sonten 1 da1 y to
The Balboa e this
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samias defendant guity or
te petit larceny which occur
a ,ttoagotoa at 10:30 asa.
longed to Carlo A. B= ,L Lnd
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tefary.He was release two
weeks ago.
Barbadian Dies
In Clubhouse
At Camp Bierd
A 7-y-.ld Barbadlanat-
dent ofColn eoliaed yter-
day at ae Cam ard Club-
hose, and was dead on arrival
at te h110".
lk was-WUam King, whoe
bod wwas transferred to
Ra~ftoi where an autoprpy f

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y both Injured w an
taken to

The ship's- t, Pasam
tse men ere.Mnta er end
to theyi waid be flown
their homes In San Diego.
The 300-ton American Beaut
carries a 14-man crew. .

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Of Ike's A an '
WASHINGTON, Aug. 10 -(Uf
-Secretary of State John Fotr
tulles said today that R Ausi
latest note on President
bower's plan to share atomic en*
ergy for peaceful purposes. was.
was 9 percent negative. .
Dulle said the United States
has "siked the Soviet Union
whether the reply should bp in.-
sidererd sO per cent fegative-
In the meantime, he said. th
government is asuming that Rus
sla means its reply to be a coan.
plete rejection.
Dulle said negotiations with
Russia on the atomic pool )*an
had been kept secret b e e a se
some persons felt better p
mightbe mae with the Ru s
that way than through dlome.
,He said he il sorry to yeto
report however, that priv te
talks id not work out better an
open talks might have.

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LNUW' ISu MAn ludin ie many books by Panamanian authors,
is avaSlable to he youngsters at La Boca.

Attlee Party Reaches Moscow U I
MOECOW. Aug. 10 (UPT- The party arrived at Moscow's The
Former Blsh Prime Minister central airport by special Soviet Steer
Clement A= ee and seven other plane from Helsinki, Finland. :i B
top-tanklg British Labor Party 29on
leaders arrived In Moscow today They were met by British am- an n
for a two-4ay visit, en route to bassador Sir WUlam Hayter and Hei
Red China on a goodwill mis- other officials, zam
sion. zafo
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IsId planet XTY-, Is
at birbmak. Calif. Tu- T
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t only Sad-eye makes me h, nteration Bl Voontd" G"
ish I couldwi te omestoom, m 1t r t wa h,, eoark artole

sof olBe wod sy eThat's mr, H Blue, dt neaw eaS
Scan his poms in't whic the bt, gust D i est
o i s mar ow" 19 In l Kai- Ie n59l Il 11.: 0

ta t Im-oBae uap y Gulch Pin m e, C. he. ult wil s a t hat t
S .he made hi mark deep for revivig l the F
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to4 strike an apple that set right there, m outlge ned by iSparks. -
as" Br maid bey eools like I NrtA Correspondent Fro .
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Sthne r I ht s ulwe t he r t he t. s tthhert -ou a s S t t e la s
when mane t hs mark id e d a h .r s vin atthe a cladmi leagsr ar a t I d th
o t a Inve th e te aher's t ead. theou creep, Pm olan re ta c..ers. .nAla a
t Z KnIfeito the air ee strategy for ctairn oeve, b

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gtad bng ar e istheon ene c ht smart trihe er Bl ue o l.roe loora Sen k-
bat--ms p htre(h tha.lthi, mpreson, .) lhe "h e e s a a A, s ch s. 'T .. se a. m t
I think t was he throwe d too slow, lIiorts during eve aoM s sin lM tb Rh c -....w oof la. _- .Itn -sih a e w..-
Fj" Bu this myt upon the well tire a bhignt red rctric o

you canm t acher oHe sn le ta ii It all rted when ao e or s o ent
.t AClrh ohre tet theee las a r o r a lrassi every d 22 atfm pinol p a out et Iour. to hor;s b Mpav o

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l it t aesul ?n't want l Ome s aru t i at e to m at sa nn o s h myeana stepor w il a eervae andt yrw wlika note r e ios utht ho hiam r seersa wotah s he .o f am
l ""- "h"ers be ..r; ""til knives miss. "

fMorb It rm) thansficionS i a blb ust es e repot ar ther senator ar in e they traomskThae whse saufep t Th ete 's loous a t o ssible se of ensuroeagainst l wt h wme hoa I thsec iatT solhen eres Is Wjovthr .1e
or pele m in na l u OS.Rl oragd speebflose tp 0sin e fr moltc ade arex o e es aling them attlar and exe riaoe n m to i hehr ei btof tate show that d pb l cao te1BToment; to I. sk on Isw
o -. s n ia Iea ve s t matter, shots than at any o aer ryme. I t Watkiins dOes t face the without recedent In .- .] Is o ed H e is asaen adeaJn e .

B so. .e A 26S.ew n, da-ther, menmor who ws thasled m -orId tem unti 158 a of--- t or .e Itfi ~dat Se
But lthw p ernted onr t hre EZoavin said:bmes ;. Oe no an Ctase_ la te Mt aoaen pWett n ougtt l, a ..ll 'isvefib-en ASm ober dve..hav
. a lecture rif ti you about the cacu ou Henry BlueD t lanaug e. of n sr m-rtyLo-" ob
Tit her ptobem i ns gh alirgtndeortsCphreygit o a h Sradfae u (D., M'blishl beeie mPs d ad.

B st a os. ie an I tse rt we sthe lf razo, ca ll e our rest to
a ndNYOULUaand tale of woe. an In He haod a statimport Mcanrth vrivrs 50nl0nr

t lov tut Ih aet 8the bt I m, for a glass Orha -f e M-a onippt adtte whch neaey run 0. m

i: aso t olu D17 Gtul lter-, cs P h d a dpmidst of as ..peech aBt TO f f ver ohIt
mt WW for now.Bue, to drink some by Ifi BI t mmm. i e

Veghe tab cap t dedht rackls too tHotuhtdebainsd orenaival avis-By hrYO

Offices ove inpreawy.kidigl aesed him i er trying to

m d to sta boo Me athat eary.'on' e b sop en n is m md er t e eoft
. g to in' how, dr. ;, _., I

M e pe ona cRnarItoan fr ate o ho'ai serve on the spial The outstrandcaori l sfu ss nu W to. the j w oba t Te
cam age fp n a e ar m reason, news h t ea ve a ctes.,ru 10
tnaet, tuadltr on ev d : __s m a h r ct or o the six sentoors named told rvthe u .resn
o Itaen 8Tr i Y"andOhtles wo nCse c jet erlie wat l ctio e n a Nrothey. ahi an a In ty shadow of a ( f.
e u etabl ow ehrerm theblata ke. ra d le. ts a te mn. wr e &ld n t iane c i _saf e t w o positions ot t'sT ee. s t -
A rsm dre ta ae Blue,g mop e ag ble tonh s posng for obar made am of revndontetem.hl n b s i : M. -w Tl '.wi _eiherbe srceidoasT mPus o.I owi
r isor, m n bj st mattrcr shots hethan ainya in the o e i tr e thpiowh ar* e

f YOr th a lian raoer. spueetdm o-rilor ose d pPr liotih om pli m i qsc mixe dI a Lsandeprnea pl arg te baie- pul iion Io pirsatotl
. ..... .. Coer ar lvomters ag 0ai l until 1911 aindi .oftoron of b.obwh to oles bo.O1 1
so or a Chies on the t one, shaving said:w the biity tarr an a teyn de ty use, athe l o u l 5 y risne of ou r oi s a n na. Nn ie ad t

euus t n ,Mb re Is C tov a tht hedlb l World t et" ofUah e lte favbabve at o u t ie member of the sa P s to "e r

ut that' pri tedr thereoin P ou. Az r ztin-i o mbers. Pr- othf a bP.. W n .i e s, ers Cut Cour
Itmaynlse .m- na me ain't, Hinry Bluef tuts, not,_d
ts ha Pe' rTated 2 gtn s. oTh y ones r oot hg doat of the Rua.n o =trstU ow o o ln s A a t. eh~le I
o dlals g o n al Itest i b e y the y eca l r ota OCtan. ts reht o the es*

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andyaltough",hetn to a-nhot deate inside naval vi- wf cooirn

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Ioa cduAn r teys l n eon et aty rla an O ea

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P nulees and red tap e m a' g 4 k wA olt, heynM l ye d s n t e n h nIL e v c i w ur N w p e s oI- e

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6an truth than ict4on in his br id, pIn Czclrrivk thrcraft, combining t oe r c he A ""auis roesu a rboye iwproeedbihfhmI ott

mo r tharn this I leave u I ,d, hour t e a. ability to carry atohisgout bty Ian is.- eofth r p H Ian
so Red Faced Chiefs won't ge t mort red, loa d7 4t. Oe thatohaulePd by World tivePmembereTom Plessa a

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sa goodd night eabllt's timefor.b 4R e er was the only plane capable rgein w
f HEfRY iLUEase onI of thwo new memapo[Wng er Jd Aant

hnmostranportantsiaiofe b we w l r c mSoe
Ur t of 3 uotai missioarmnoos of thha whole Kof.t IfyuoaugtfemSAy s. O M
rede t wasn the destruoca Ten ahuit. s' i e
I3ate 51 Sottish tiao get 10. we'l lectryc power damstByfrom acO.Today's ChalesaItts screen

Ofameme of the Voice of America For A ming: t heav sen doess w her mother to agr nt for he b eaut ablt Pis aohvbeltoeretd n

have r ome a c ng house for mentary oid es that the M ou.eld like to bustit 4dr. Hdint Eacm .'s
ACROtob5 Tribe sig wi thra hi tthe Iron Curhis att tin to tlel b vild ASCAP feud ( 7I -wonCder b vo(y) eaCplan teit~
Hardy type of 58 Royal Italian tain -Vffleb pft-fun at therCom (whichc antic ps America's music).pCraii Ord and e yarilyn central area such hep-21e1B
p ointaWbshe57an o neelea t th deactor. of te... t too lg age th
Cluden So Trial famed caso Cime sizazler weir the romance ba met writes ahivera' fer wolyIsmot

silkwormrags&M ea h th aorns?" is the U.S. Attmorn tey 'd spotnAi. But in Spencer Tracy 'Z Ml w marrted to one 2th
pge r2 -Italianriverquestion.ofrimhinal u d tst oku Lance" b a ty I a763ad de516opr /16 TOA .

Te-Fit n"e mob have a big desa an cam of hir a bab tryiantg toIwoneo the showP laces ska
Upper foredOtt tell of teet over thhtb J Ame n etolypress a boyh .tr
r 7wuiatotheicambe ft Communist Parign li sh doO'tI" estrson s w ewoo"wtut yuW. it jh e ftt q.'

Da~ngoddss IGrafed (er.)9 Gil's ame 4 Lese "f yo can4et wo nw me- ti, INlabded *6--a C
AN~om fel 0 Guma rior3 Asa~cweiht 6 Vx brm, e wll eclce ourtaxs b poe mb ws tyin to aptre ~a?% Amin .. Saip I&N Wa Itto RYO



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p.~a 5TU

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C( dhr Kstory
Lectures Continue
Weekly At YMCA
Tile course in church history
at the Balboa Y.M.CA.-U.SO.
coninus to be well attended at
is W gmlyThurd&y evening as-
rnr hmemplw the Ra.w Alek.-

Ik =M1,a uw y j ;,*
o ele lefau'r ieoA'
r.A I,

dUMD ideal
School,; in glener-
. *ndl .*an uim

so=s time each er At a
Uher agi.eotkl15kb


.*.~l)4j ~ W1-:.

Girls HANB.AGS 2.

Don't Miss Thenm

No. 100 Central Avenue Psnaun&


demand of y watch the qualities that yo expect
of a as g likaiUtwe secretary. Here afe two NIVEM.
SAL walteb that combine these qualities: left an
AUTOMATIC.- firnt elass watch with an engraved
dial, in a wrkmg selld gold case. It Is melfwtndlig.
ight- -ONIODATIC-4
CmAuMa eam yUe wrst. It "
t m- &he mm d the

t~v~e ~F

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N. y. C. i ti
Sto flu m r IturaUa'IVl e"e
i. 0m W ibe&a Zsa
crow .M abowl c Wp

D:' D .t.h t- lcotlol* Gabw
Sou t ta Rdbi (and t

on a ).-

yaigsm -rotwua was a wAay
mdk. fe.hto.d t eto rweubb a

Meagat smdmoarsyar
rithe purty for duthUeirft

memot eCJ.dpir
A beaest card PTV-wMD be
pun at noon c TWray *t
OlWhomi of -". A. L. Sttt agr,

&t ., ,7
S / & .
4 '. Actuil eei4lenot


Joseph C. Lrmeta
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mmma"e ad*$ mto, Dap.e
C. -W ....' n '.

arAM~ iai**hH an

.Ih imal .., rs C ., Hlsd .
4..mIR aspires, ,,r -- A,
M^^M,, tJ -,, ,.-*


Only V-a ies
you tme jsIce of

ddesi a miagle
sdrink.ea- dtk
aod, ,d'.f


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''rDUTY, / /tIch










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'. r1iturn indictments "I believe that the day at far
of." a s for the honest, law.abiding cet
lrt of a scheduledais gone. The people who. suiold
was W. L. Sowell, be in a state of fear, fear of the
Alabama toxicolo g i s t. law and its punishment, are
ef formed the autopsy on those who through the years have
M Patrson, state attorney nullified and set aside all law
M noise who was assas- here.
..MrUlftr promising to "Fear is the only thing L
out tehe. can set us back In our dus r'
was state investigator Thn underworld is on the run. .
hlllips, holder of about 300 It is frightened. It does not know
ua issued in the Patterson what to expect next."
and ~cores of others report- Judge Jones cited the necessity
1 volve crimes ranging from for 'a full investigation of the
as to traffic in drugs and cowardly murder" of Patterson.
too He expressed hope that the "mbr-
W's 0inrge intaded for witness- derer soon will be identified and
wen as the jury, Circuit indicted."
Walter B. Jones said testi- Several top state investigators
should be' given and indict- said earlier they had a good idea
returned where, the evi- of the killer's identity.
Wpe jutified them without fear, Since the Patterson slaying the
use the underworld is back- state has replaced all local au-
Sthe wall." thority here thrown out and re.
am aware of the fear, which drawn grand and trial jury lists,
many, of unlawful sets a- closed up gambling dives and sal.
ast'them ,when they" stand up oons and charged a number oat
honky-tonk row figures with vio.
Judge Jnnes said It was to the
O| s P a r"shame and discredit" of Alaba.
PO na that the state neglected the
lA Phenix City situation for many
I1Despite years on the grounds it wa: a lo-
Vei cal problem.
fBut recent revelations, he said
show that the "monster s" of
crime have reached out their
VASHINGTON, Aug. 10 (UP) "slimy tentacles" throughout the
he House overwhelmingly ap- state to "debauch the electorate,
wed a 7 per cent pay raise for to buy and steal votes, to lead in-
nation's 600,0C0 postal work- to crime officials sworn to put
today despite warnlngcs by down crime .
Lubltca lesrs that it faces
he House 4Draved the pay L doew f
nreJectIK an administra- i
effort to I1 the measure by I
lag it back to a committee
d346to move was de-Of Yugoslav Pact
he nzeasure, which now goes LONDON, Aug. 10 (UP) -_ The
2 ne ene ad a doubtful Telegrah said i an #dl-
was strongly endorad by "a"
luiont would 1 torii today the importance of
Sunions. It would give ithe treaty signed yesterdaW be-
&l employes a temporary tween Yugoslavia, Greece and
cent raisea minimum of Turkey"transcends.. the aensi-
a year and a maximum of tiveBalkan ontnlers which It is
primarily designed to sfe-
Ital coat to the government guard.ned to af
I be 154 million dollars a the one hand. Turkey is
it before the voting, acting nqW strengthened for the role
bloanr Leaer Loslie ain she is beginning to play In Mid-
dene de ast and even Aslatlo de-
id that Preasdent Sisen- fense. Her treatwith Pakiatpn
or 5pW e r*i g; 9 Se t at$erat f"r an Mmdi'-
floeJ.lf fp i ~al on whi r. lit Wi ope ad, v fti
SHe.adl-thetbet intllor due course embrace the Inter-
aI tlAt It willU not countries of Ia and
me aw. Per1a9," the Telegraph i .
4 sieno.vt hoevermayface "*The enlistment yesterday of
s of &,vot, howeverid two Balkan allies increasea the
Wn"iLb w ca.nid Potntlaet el ecUveness of the
Abe', WAS 11160A? yintributon Tu fy m offer to

s oa u flaicnk.e
na nd milli rates bu the aild. "
6al5most when Dmo rat stroke remain to be
edalmost solidly easeat it. when settlement of the
rer then force the sep- t t healsthe breach
pay bill to the floor. betwef tly and Yugoslavia."
'- "It 'Wud be natural for Italy,
i -n dMin-.d tuo, to join her fellow-
SH3ah UlE J P memU21 Of N.A.T.O., Greece and
Bi d Mww *UW W Turlayln their regional alliance
sh Blood Pressure iakes with goalavia," the editorial
Ssdiy, have pains around
bt, daches. short breath. In- *;d a,
Slgetion, paJpitation. and swolem "Nor,When the Trieste issue is
Uikyo can set almost Instant resolved, would there be any rea-
Ewf iths HYNO 'a syp son why Yugoslavia should not
WEit forYNOxtoatyandf enter the wider north Atlantic
OM ruwr to atew day. family, if she desired to do so."


^ I i
. '


I*Roff .io? Thank odn
L77 --. -"l -

The Pacific Steap Navigatlon Compay

Royal M "Lines Ltd.
M.V. "SALAVERRT" ......... ............. ...A
S.S. ,CUZCO ................................. Aug. 1
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B.S. "KENUTA." ........................... ...... A ,
M.V. "8ARMIENTO" ........ .............. ...g J _
S.. "DRINA" ....... ... ... .............. Aug .
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All USamn Subject tao (aunge .,lK .ef
FORD CO.iNoB. A {siA-e-a"'L

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* I. ~
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Dangerous Man


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SIt' Money In Your Pocket

* Smoke the dst cigarette In the market Bar none. ,

* Change TO AY 20 empty packages of "Panamd" or 30 e pty
packages, Dos Reales, and you get a ticket It plays oW
22nd with-the National Lottery. "

Win $1,000.00o st Prize-$5o00.0 2nd ,rize-$250.oo 3u w .

9 Credit cerieates for the above amounts wi .
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(NEA Telephoto)
PMITS Mrs. Julee Loss-
I, shown entering a car in
Island, is said by police to
We tearfully admitted that
t once had a crush on ,Dr.
%uel H. Sheppard. Sheppard
under arrest in connection
1th the slaying of his wife

D Will Run

SRecord Of

Ird Congress
MINGTON, Aug. 10 (UP)-
Btional Republican Commit-
meod today that the Eisen-
dministration has halted
SDeal spending spree"
t peace to the naton.
einmttee, in its publicsa.
C sht from th4. Should.
we Republican-control-
1jCongress has earned the
the "Can Do" congress.
11.124-aA Gnnhtaiw.








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"Let the people know the truth mad the Pntry is sale" Abraham tm

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Political Leaders

Lining Up Against Bao Dai Regime

SAIGON, Aug. 10 (UP) The premier, are reportedly counsel- Dalts of a Vietnam soldier In pear 'motivated a desireon
defeat of a Communist-directed lIng Ngo Dinh Diem to step the center of Saigon Aug. 6. the part of i Vlut m In -
riot neari gh ted down. S outh Vetnam authorities d st e t a
ceasefire eve developments oday Clashes were reported thitough- last night that in the past few the south noW thA the w r is
in South Vietnam where political out South Vietnam bet een ays numerous" deserters from ending.
leaders are lining c u strongly a- members of the HOA Handandthe Vetmlnh ranks have ben_ The.os l
ganth Vier Ngo Dinh Diem s Cao Da secs and South VIetna- making their way to plJantations author esae, a such d
government meso troops, Including an at-In South Vietnam. Itin e o n may In number.
The eas refirees roet for8 tempted a inato by CO They said the desertions ap atar an1o opr opr-
t on ,

Political obserputtergrs predict oules t of theFortyci, to helpm-
overnment ater proment mand said the ships weald b
Inpolcal leader have made 'unerda he com sd of Fre
The ir dison, at ent witCachi, 25 miles bI onS i-. Sd d Adm. Jean -biators stormed
northwest of Saminis ,raised the Rd aministrat on were
death taln y or ilncidernts of a VietnamR up l n tns
South Vletnaip toW3In the latAnorthwest Of igTn.
the HO Hao sect last night vio- and villages. ey spearheaded In
At the same time o th e ViU ..n Delft Cnhul Tant a lvr
ernment, through its envoy at thq wors the 'odtbekt rue
Saigon, Donald Heath, promised ...wa.signcea t.... .....r
to aid South Vietnam in eva- was sinned at
cuating refugees from North trahiarts dropped
Vietnanm-,. ",." tra,.port- _r anhr17
ei "" Haiphong, the port ity 58
Political observers pedlct" "" with 1tie help
the possibility of a coup t with the evaeusaton *1 the Red
against the South Vietnam Riv .er Delta. The'-blh ca--
government after prominent. -. .'' mand said the ships would be
poitleai leaders have made under the command ef French
clear their discontent with the L. Adm. Jean .abi .e
presntadministration. n.-- Red administration .were
en. T"ran Van Soal, leader of ', springn up openly tow
the Hoa Han sect, last night vie- and villages. Tney spearheaded

the committee said. i nam premier for not sett up
ste reward," It alid a national union cabinet, while
its wa wiK o I Socialest Partyy eretary-general
1r&dAn s Ng o. Dr. Pharm Van Ngol, in a state-. ,.
mi-1,t? nta o l newsman, took a strong 1 0
> bommit e itea Id tansinat Emperor IBao Dsl's d ...
W seGao. eie E a l. regime. ',.
leyN a 1gn law i t tefr tical leaders are

0l -ai aos .-

s p r e e a ar t he

2W.l r Prc teo" ofothe

* ,.wto A iX. b. ull. ed In exl from'-staof oo -
p made east
- are being stabilize
Lawtee Seaway is on RIO D J ZANEIRO, Aug. 10 -
to teal.ty Com munits (up) 1- a e Brazilian govern- P.f
aty risks aave bee n .x- mnt habe ni sentenced to s
Smo at a d i th t government a the public es f
%t and forthrIght- dMmnination for the confisca- ANTONIO APARCIO
nend shington. taon of his newspaper, Estado 0 o with a $ e o
V an the nation is at D aOf Peaulo in 1937.
In a ruling expected to set an Richard Condon, the Mar- C atonsulttions made by Con-
P -committee bV I aeImprtant precedent the his- garita fireman, who spearheard- don and Ignacio Herrera, pres-
inal'Democrats.for "a. -.f Latri American journal- ed a campaign a few years ago dent of the. Puerto Armuelles

Ss l i Jude Julo Ignaco Boim to aid a Panamanian farmer boy Lions Club, with a famous Park
's .am l. .. th a government is 1 overcome a facial deformity, is Avenue N. Y., past surgeon,
ley law revsions, the 3poflhble for the suffered in the thick of another cam- has indicated the need for fivet
vote Constitutional a- by the pusher through cois- pan to ald another little boy operations to correct the defor-
i and statb~e' d fat I. cation of his newspaper. oorn with a visual deformity. mites of I.ttle Antonio, w gho I-
0 Estado Doe Sta Paulo was Spnored by the Lions Club so ha. cleft palate in addition
confiscated shortly after Pres- of Vuerto Armuelles, Chirlqu, to the rotrualon and malforma-
emad e tohe p ident Getullo Vargas launched the new campaign is aimed at tiono a l pper front mndi-
Vr preoraD oi b e his authoritarian "New State raisin $1,000 to send 5-year-old I ule
2 mdeiag oa and was not returned to Mes- Anton io Apari co to New York
en bingovernm quite until the first Vargas ad- f or plastic surgery. The Park Avenue surgeon, who
. i&W a ne m a M ministrationches overth rown.en a s efe to e an d o
*=mad to 9hu Sen5t P945. Wtrks Condon, who earned the titlera poar refer dto remain anot nose
5the 1937 until 1943 and from 1943 tol tan" for his efforts to aid cow-: etea o o eratpors, w, wioll
*u ~Naionl C~uP 1945 lived as a virtual prisoner herd Caalano Domninguez, now a i extend over a period of from
30 said the 1senhower in his 8ao Paulo State tarm. grown boy with normal features, six to 12 months, free-of charge.
ati on has passed t he Judge Bonftn sentenced the has been named asecretary-trea- However, about $1,000 will be
mark n its drive to bal- government to pay the publisher surer of the fund, which he .n oA o .r t a n-
budget." 5,500,00 crusetros, or about'opened last Week with a $5 de- needed to cover thesexpenses In-
Sthe administr$300,300 at the present official' posit with the Chase National olved. These will Incluees deand $1250
i this while t exchange rate. Bank of Balboa. weekly for hospital feeso and $20
ta urouraI wk vt p weekly for room and board when
uar ry logram wN ll to --e-the boy As 404 In the hOSpital.
SeTrly M t enThe ooeratnh willbepeform-
ek Ce t h Vogy ed at the ottan Eyea r,
oge Looks e a in Nose and Thoat Hotal, in

i-wr Bmc m e -TVA H eadn 1 I ~tThe o1 W w co.h the Puerto
To Become TVA Head Armue s Lion m and Io
hope to be able to raise, will npt
o Include ttansportation costs Ad
WASHINGTON, Aug. 10 -(UP) cate, that he would not describe Condonr Upod that the
-Brig. Gen. Herbert D. V o g e1,1TVA as an example of "creeping;Unitedto Co a
S"Aug. 0I' Preside te" Elnhower's choice to social m." Eisenhower once used provide faM
l~sEr a tak "" lM%, said today he believes inA1
e r tthoe asibility and wisdom" ofV also aIid: Condon who left the Isthmus
laM phopeqi o # TVA and hopes to improve that 1, would "defend the integri over the Wvedekend to visit reta-
tsa l|far4bng roL. ty of VA" aisinst encroachment s in th U.S., will remain,
Sa- S .cn Gore (D-T e n n.) by private utilitiesbut does not the States until NovI. a.d
s-a John .JonC. tens e (D-Miss.) p- feel there must be "a marked line meet At on a
.a- & IbytheBsl cPublic oas 2 I VA needs ex etra Energthe boy tg ar. UW Md'
fix a Committee. whes theysaid a .ftrbe elIt should be a matter of all ar .or Mhis hMai
em thl w Itthour hearing Wtat they had gol e Iha)thulsants be built by and 1 between open("
o,, the a i bean favorably impressed a nd ie oWfAs agency rather Preln rs ofA -
which h a would aup iet the nomination. than private utlities. Prell of-h'll 1-
a*. IeThe putson om l t Weltf avoteon Heeb AesTVA should drawoshN
S....... later today. up itswh recommendations as here by D.
,, -b. t should Club ,~d5~fOthe=.
,"-o T t V 0ga1 nag en' ut s ola d te i"a bof
*6 Xam : v MS apsktIVA boos. Budget Bureau n carrying outC
WIRn1hdikkdfto eeit ats were in reply Antoioe
T..A i t b Use 0 19 or lack a t i-- Views on a recent Balbog te Ch -
co]tiovTF satifi -do-i' nt riml ou d e r tonal "n-w
An .,TA TV Ahe MmlVneer gy mail ot .
com-m'- ontract f 1r1'to the
.,are. Cate --

i. u a sytdem to It P _-
,- :-.- .-y... .

with the boasthat alU Vietnam
would be theirs within six
Authorities admitted that the
structure of the state was crum-
bling and threatened with col-
lapse. o was the national army.
The new form of violence In
war-wracked dohna reached

one raiFAM

noilWe. from Won to mom
Officers of the Vietnam gar
son pleaded with the Villagers to
break off the attack. The pleas
were ignored and the garrison
opened fire when It became a
choice of shooting or being over-
Authorities agreed that the
presnt regime was helpless to
orge an effective front against
the ruthless efficiency of the
Communists from the north.

Tank Battalion
To Get Buffalo
For A Mascot
MANNHEHIM. Germany, Aug.
IM. (UP) The U. S. Army's
510tI tank battalion, whose In-
signi portrays a buffalo in hon-
or of its Indian-fighting prede-
cessors, will soon have a real one
for a mascot.
The unit's members have
pitched in $250 to bring a live
American buffalo, still bottle-fed
over from Pennsylvania by air
freight. The young bison was of-
fered them by the Lehigh Coun-
ty Game Commission at Alien-
town, Pa.
Troopers have built a coral
for the animal, and are con-
sulting with Frankfurt zoo au-
thorities on care and mainten-
ance of the 250-pound buffalo.
AT&T Announces
Ability To Carry
Color Television
The American Telephone and
Telegraph Co. told the Federal
ConMunications CommissioJ) to-
d It now is equipped to carry
, television to 47 cities, in-
wi m six In the south.
AT,&T said It expects to be *-
Ibleto serve another 47 by thi
end of the year. -
The company said It has equi
ra t make clor
avalble to Atlanta, Jadkgln,
NMs., Memphis and Nashvilie,
T19M.New Orleans and WI,-
IlnlecC ookesman said, how-
mine AT&T aB
necessarily mean at
i Iatons In those citil mnow
IV V to broadcast color pbls

Guild Will Give
'Ktir And Tell'
Au. 19 To23
S-4i* teatr Oulda Inex
^Ndtw, UKs. and Tel" wl

wo iitht".


tatol dyo** German police front w5 isoeiei ui1i. .-

2;000,000 Workers Inv'olvd

In West German Wage D.mands
FRANSWIT, Germany, Aug. ment leaders said they were rea- "bl e4mal asgeeat ilat
10 - Oi West German workers either. Thesonal rapport and u,- r ou f eeoMny i. unable to
were q sr'ike or threatening to Uc\service union served en "ulti- .ear..
strike, sy to enforce demands maaup" on. the (govenunmet to
for ler *ames. aVl rolast l ghbtl re-
Some^_gu.! r.Ru y Iron negoa wage -lea L This wasL '3-
0, 0W* s v..o Ruhr~ T.. e.ewas
and slwfers and 260,000 min- ignored.
ers wafe, Mud higher wag-{. I,
es be._. V month 's end. Rub coal and stedl nion e- re f
West .ertany's trade union eutiVes said their members were vI
copgrei* dec.lred that the post- "all set to strike,"
war hofeyloon with mangdment O f 1, -O "
is over because 80 percent the But a powerful member of O f f ... ,-
count?'s labor force earns less Chancellor Konrd Ada na u e r's II., .A. A
than 833 monthly. coaltin government. Thomas C
DeoK.head o<"tke inflawal Cz i t s:_ ,_ t e.
That's not enough, the union Free emcratlc Party, ch tdo
group cluimd, because gs cost that threats were being used to at.sOJ. wt .UIuU
60 cents a doaen, goad bee 90 "si toily.
/ents aM% dregs show.$10 a
t 't The :Ctech wa d I the
ed aginaboutawm o- but made it into the
In. IHmburg, th 15,000 men A"t-ican. s or of Abe city. 'ra
wbo t,. f, a tte Soviet of Germany, tbe
atreeelb' and ele- sources said.
vator mrve stayed away from *_, The Caech ke aerms th

I9r ws d ,' dei.F-. Aetls e he le flat
B a,, ct t ri Sme .. ll. .o' .a.- t -n .,d et sr .. ...

Smt,- Says -P .Wi the-
ISi rl nH tr by i,, ., comf ta margin,
... % su =I % measurse
.twas tee sm es of f Impo. -
mIf W M taken on his poalcduring is
W A _HIM T ON. Au g. 10 (UP) de s. f e. _a
-enAo(ourke D.: d Sn"Prapproved
Ra.) s said st nih he aPremier June I1. ms Indochl-
(R-I.) saidlast .M h na, ease-ire bargain won a 471
senhower adminbstratlonAe mostC 14'ote. --
significant accomplishmat has ..
been to prevent a "major de- Today's test was the first of
pression. two through, which the Premier
"It's been the first time In seeks to clear the boards of all
history that there hasn't been outstanding problems so the na-
a major deprenion and. cataS tion can concentrate on the all-
trophe following the terminal important issue of the European
of a war," he said in a radio Army plan.
t fervie '
He said the RepubU can ad- Later today the Assembly was
ministration ended the Koreanscheduled to vote on.- the -Pre.
war, "held the economy o an mier's request to delay discussion
even keel and prevented disms- of his Tunisian, Moroccan an
terous dips." Indian settlement polclaes -unil
In answer to& a question Hic Aug. 27. That will be r e
enlooper said .ese a ,Me- Assembly has held its -
Carthy (R-Wis.) wotUd eustr debate on French ratMlation of
"some daman effect" if ththe controversial European Da-
senate votes toensure.hhn. But -ense V onity (EDO) treaty
he said McCarthy would be which would brlng 0000 arm-
helped if the Senate Mails to ap- ed West Germans into a eontl-
prove the censure ptoposaL mentall defense force.

State Department Frowns On

Ending Ties With Red Lands
WASHINGTON Aug. 10 -(UP) has considered the qu__ l"tI
-State Dep tetied u l am nited States aloe ..f6
today a 6X&ro d Imatdo bad toade e
K pgvsl to cWt domacd the Coat
eotntdDa tsuch a movo-vWit-de
ldmor nI3 r 0ntry more h a p
Th said. .,

s Starlet o 4 t

Ike group. a"

eggmece ad
o -W fte

jE i

get the Wst. .

New Acting
Cnal Chief
Paul H. Freedman. Assistant
Supply Director, is acting Dire.1
tor during the absnce O- ou
of F. IL. nT.dW
Johnson.Is sailing Friday on
the 8. B. Cristobal for. a short
vacaM oin. the United States.
. R. ord Asistant Superin-
teident of.the Mor Transpor-
tation Division will act as Super-*
ntend during thp absence of
RW. Am t was announced
by- T,. son, Transportatioa
and rn retor.
anAdams let Tesay by plane
for the Unted States where he
*111 spend a month os vacation.
House Would Give
Charities Property
Of Enemy Aliens
WA3HINGTON, Aug. 10 (UP)
-The House has approved a
bill autbortziagthe President to
tArn ove to philanthropic OF-

* ~*hi;imi

'T -*'

-1*', '~*1I


imii im=im m==um

fiw =



. ... w llb %kP- p



!' :.."A -. --

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