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tArCOuim eitt Cr .aw iside t tfac. come a Theyfaint weeks to turn uo from civlianI Iuiba e e. to Nw a helr Peter
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ip do ..wodor0 ~ mric trikinn Irricg Againnst Progress?
MN *ece aiSe b nt'a strong Ct M aas ust tae
f g. st= =" By Bruce Biossat "" is ,
afooswist~t aS~k einji anU BOip labor movement By Bruce Biossat qpomite ofa .tUIDt alado A
'er~i coney isdisbursed mostly o assistant d e ...a
I N t. ted1o Oe W gtik against American Airlines, eight to b, nonstop, with t." -d
t IMapl it W.d agoes via Switzerland and into The sr Airlines, eight to ad ves rrtj
de bti V Su tuman unots an well. Actually the ialonB's aet domestic carrier, is Impor- a flight eiuaeer-the sama crew -Air- Dep th e@-1 theo feast.
sal S toa.e duloy a few men high in our gov- tant because t goea close to the heart of ar lines emplo aon the disputed ew pr but on
uc sth e a ernnt kow exactly where the progre ss. nia run me after w IM
(R uiwo ll ,000 It gets marked off Btantig 1 eipber American put new t did thg ..h pariah
dueti" and. "education" New Yo*rk adWlforppa,. This was a substan- trols r to their qwn. both kept on the committee t th, ervie.
SHaro stasen's Foreign Oper- trial adv *a r prey ua service involving a mut reai the cockpit cn. taxpayer' exp D r'thed 0a
Stions Administration. stop t ca or Daa. American a
Amssmwrp evio e P.leajl The problem is. Mr. Anthony, scheduled the westbound flight at seven hours, Tere SO Indtion this Dprt o t
2 S shall we continue to spend $1,000-. 55 minutes d the eastbound at seven hours, kin of risk. 6AmWric r ml
000 'a year if, first, these unions 15 minutes l s Ii coltee LpZ.t M
nmare gong neutral in the cold war? ein vid on
And Usecond, we can use the A CAA cheek of ight records last spring ths country have eater Ment in the 80 ue
money for far more constructive show ho that a one-month period regular or nhrgency airports
items uch as malp.taining the not a hegiipong n flight hadbeen"ch. m
symp osy orchestra at our U S ed S. .withing2 SIDE GLANCES ... Y Calbwth
radio station ere called RIAS. OK"cooing 12
ss5 on 0laThe symphony was fired because Up to then, all domestic lines operated under or unY U. a. ena.toWS.u-.. .. .
we wanted to save a hundred thou. rules *hour limit on pilots' ached- aqTred tOe uelt2I le ot -
iIsand dollars or so-and the Rus- uled cn sought waiver of this rul- tain. a first offleer with
be' "at ely hired most of the musi- new Oh gWat0iir. i ao r d i egl m
e llm clans, who have a terrific follow- nee.. T"uaI y one of fout m n as ilhe
-n Female sint JWet. V i It lIg and will be tuned in by all The Alrl lots' Association had lied fla comr- controls. ..
ab) 38 Berliner wo will then get Rue- plant to the CAA time check. It con--
3 PFarm 40 i' san Inted of U.S. propaganda. iu e after the waiver and It the t, u
Building 4 And it, third, many European Al schedules addtg 30 minutea wa t .fri l - a te 44 lavi wealthy. The 4upled the initiative for the t nothingg .
best 5Unit of 450 portico Now if Europe's labor people present rDw against scheduled DC-7 opera- tons etsla UImit on t .e I a 'r I
Si-d cdace 4m mdee don't want our money, dlike our ions. other the
" iUMt wh1m alt politics and have mllons of their Te- ont /
S .wountatn 50A LatinU) own-wy are we a1nua1ly throw. Their* founds its protest on the is- stop
l g a million bucks down the sue o argues that pilot who are lYIl
drT comprn at the controls more than eight might.c
hours__ to cope with the flying prob- ed sale**whla4
withth erseas opera- SPf, .
tionscarries Pan Amerl- "
doubt on the remsonablenesa of Th m sitaurance
Psalod lo f7y 1 aQ.1 (prodecsor !4shot
to thevn orStis tota ning from aw VW laia.

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rtetod ter hair armnISn h o re I' O the
net The, abW ..Wtlt

YOU'VSB iibAi y .diqicvered lory" cla? Or U fti r an d comfortably warm water when moving your scalp lIn j ,
hat the qjd uis.,' worn- brittle da evx are to washing it, as hot water weakens motae. This aqoon
n's hair IA.hlou- SuAn 4 windY iIN'ye r dir has hair that's slightly brittle or drx. eiartion and coran'snd>
Squite tru ibo r n, thing lost .all its. luti s you ia blue. After every shampoo, use 'a healthy scalp.
on n t ea womann is her print a pln re natural cream rinse. It. wl only ,
4ft l teture.sheen an make yrut hair more mansae- A daily brushing is
itaMwr n. you able, ba t will counteract bhe for the beautiful b t
Med A as a Startingth shampoo, bleahed efelet caused by too yur hair, too. t o4
e? ora red. ua" one tat' las a unch casd.o rusho our,
eal? 'our friends. special le tion- beat results. 1
In e insy'_g action. If ya hair shows Seal" massage Is most Impor- at the roots of yoer
.I r io ua the "croewning signs of trea b sure to use tant your hair-care routine brush out. Some o
too. Be a surqj-nr finger tips, and strokes but there an d
not your nails, are resting on about brushing your i
your scalp. Them massage by when youth amns 'are .




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POPPED WEAT-Pwed at light eagle on its own wwheat
. aid e- lMes at 1t1mr sales standing aSter an
gmges igtalret 'a U bl ites late and dumped out a
S *aoC w*hem. No e -a hurt. although workmen wor'
w! T& e d, $80,00-labtel strftlru owned by
m w almost full. It is believed
a dust eipheald oue the buemeDnt.


lntitttion Guaranteed by the State
Pays 2% IateretAuhy, o Savings Accounts


We snake loans with Mgrantes on first mortqea
or otlhr'seourltlee.
sc.- 50W.- 5 L$. and $5.0


deposits orb accepted Ito a period
of 48 .
ndilvldul safety depoift 'le y and
S documents, 'i .4l .


el Umral An st.t se'
eflme qit pl. I Sl
tL Do R0JX, CO wyms V.,

a n f s up. to uae ma.
Ls to .N VAL
.illllll lliIm, i im ,

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o WAWD mASeo
mor 31BA Senlne .


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AN *zOIW ()
Nefthe ide v.


If you mike a ?me.m
to a person'shone 1U. bm
who answers w ak &!14y JI
a muaage for him" idont
say. :1% Call bsckhW Iar


New Yor;
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Mia Boltimom i-
week) :

oy, Inc.
bl, C. "L x .
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M.V. "BINWA U (ms Tns) ......Au.. I
TO Ut E-INO IM DIRCT- "oct ,
MV. SAI"ANGO o.e..uetmm .em .......m....AiAU, I
i. M UTA" ......... ... ......... .... .. A
NA"R .. ... .. ................

M.V. "DUIVE3NsTy .; e..eI...... m ........A..B .,
M.6.. "LOC GARTH ................. ....,..,g.. 1

Of. I aL .3- ..

*' < f_. whifc l Tt's Mim's '*

; I W 51

I meas s
Sti blName
mIoa.s with
nmoeds at his

orth hasu 11 points
a pposto an opening
- u strng suits am
m~flq fos r a uam
s, nMakes hi second
I -e lsvol ad thre,
*t eloi fwe eye to the
* Bs M good stop
ini~d la&Jurth's Wd
.Ds btouth to go
fmd :oaol It he can
oI th Ub ult. South
do but to compl with


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ca:t e d bSart. but what eam, tb3,out
would eI di Iron id mm ili a| i
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weab boy dummy'sa airy

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11 .. .................... .. ox.. 11
............ .... .......... .481. .Al8l.

emas tZ 2M-Wa toN owErte
t--AiM AD 8 elm l&

Sgfti semi trip tare from Crtal 14 Nef t.t,
I ASeb, am FraMolso. wad SiltSle
-* .,ew, ..... ....... .... ....... ..I*S
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Wo' leak Sories
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Madfaon mis's

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Ah, thee glorious, glori.
ous sunny days Oh,.
Sthose poor, poor heads.of
hair! Juky for you, we
Shav a quick, easy, beau.
.tifl answer. With ROUX
mont you an repair the
:- amige the un imha done
to your hair color. Put
kee h new eolor, naturtlJ-
lookin color, Into pery
visible fray or (*iNd
strand. Amd bdth At-tM'*
luttrbuux 17 Oofi', Iu
can match your orltnal
hair shbde, or brlbtn it,
or darken it, as you'd lkN


r0 NOud'j IS AnU eS

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ued Forae
resent a lea

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.iL,,,0:, C II,

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readers sid It It ops.
AL tee s V1o

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- STEEL hCUT R-Sbet forgting nd nte tst methods have-I
bctod htbM@ F Baw. yf C W. IL to aike=ves I
Sturim ugh ttee4 The tough blade cub tee a ,
Emn "BOker poiSftid during 40 y .erad blacksmithg. He,
I dlams e the kufe driven through thick' steel without'
1 .i blade. .
, "

ist's Career


Ri; N.. UP now is used extensivOl in taim.
as ncet- factune of auto tire. More than
oas. os;Wr thete 1,i000,00oo0sar ear a ms rsade
ber, oa o a. eminst bya tyl attest to its airholding
e year.ldOlDr.OiD But Sp-tkob had a complaint, A
pop- .AftOI l Do-.tefu ss overhis butyl form,
eut into eb self tiMe. A member
rto e- club, hefond lessnd ei time
ItL. 0*W 0 30thy t inlo to make his course tour in, the
--. .. ,, .. ndd b ds.

one-lruit oe hot isad hbe was beuy..oha
n, years ao mian the division of eisy
ORaso- and ehbolmeSt lo d the
msed NalmaRenarh Coucil and a-
(syn- U. fls twi

dh, a But hio f saA sdly, that
',Sfals r.ti "*t e _, "t-


tGa baseit4SAtsep,

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the isol I
in a new ltei et
uniaveesyi ha

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days t o b e. hs
S L fG ,;W-.':'

speeet a:psa
s004 Whe $ o
anced out 'by a kM 'or W own
_rI -am.Off

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New gc

Usefulness W. O
"tM= Z-'I p--

oa of America's waki w i. Tha
terwaya Is deteorta rpdly bge tows
ad ma low ncd, t tus vr to t
aow. un a mnoderlsatia p lock" arou
ram gua In the near futuft ler am Ino
the uo was outlined re- co

Ohio V i eMMo Aod. pan -

IuD's aa campaign tht in
l r ls tbs itart tbe v bMol

an t provide a'
eta a way from Pittsburgh a
That work was complete In l
ins, and Incte thee Oh ha
become one of the worIi sajor
waterway and the .yp to a huge me t Cu
called ? nmn.f .i: IM F* at U.,

amount canuh b hthe e A
Ca, srg ?I tame eyer. l OVIAe, .T i

olns at RaviseR, e L repro- m o d
seated tie bulk of the tonnage. a 'IN =Y a
This wtel highway araated t'ofmopey..but

aIs)adce and tractor planto at ...
Pirmouth.0., and Paducah, Ky., .
But time and progre are be- A
ginning to take their t e of |
Io e er .on m m eru tcr a a f i t
Dam 4 a dlt orto nS Cannal
locks at Louisville, haVe deteriorat-,K
ed. Stone wall are crumblng
eae out.


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0 m Ml wktf *-


*velvety powder mod fqihm mI.o* l
* Smootbr than mpowder-sys onm such longer
er dryipg or shiny. Soft-ited Angel Face
* .ipt like nanig eine!
* A^yor A I Aq foe In yoar IhmudhoI
.nas slim n ivoyd- den Minor Came you
have cvWry&g you nesi4 forn glamoous new
complex, mad-i.o, puff ad heavenly
AgPacelt Crry it with you always

^^^H^ J'^'"Owl

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aY", .. .*-4 ts,-'k &

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G,, o^ |. ^

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tea.r tiaor
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4OW! for knbunt, sun-foded,
4ut-bced heir...

R e'4Iefor shampoin
Re.. .tl~ shaimpoo

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.. ? "-- '_.





a-el Ho hod
UW:-U< end..nM. Simmons
Q.M. dresser, dropleff
rtble, 2 Windsor chairs. Good
Call 83-5241 ofter 5:00

1nirogronm set, mahoog-
.Slmmons couch, good condi-
328-D, Coco Solo. Tel. 589.
LIK.-fl954 Leonard Refrigera.
^ H t 1-es. t. $ Whilpeel As-
Washing Mhie 250

: 'estinghouse washing
ril, like new, latest model;
'lead furniture Tel. 3-4893.
ensi Building. 50th Street,
:-1950 10-ft. Philco re-
r, 60-cycle. 60-lb. freezer
ika new $185. Amador 2193
r Pedro Miguet 4-6!2._ .
SALE: Mahogany diningroom
lt.~?r, porcelai.. Magic Chef stave.
i leI., El Carmen. No. 3-0759.
SRdio- RecQrd player
j7- stand dinirngroom, towel hamper
t cabinet; lamps. screens. shades.
linoleum., botorm tfixtures; lots
e 1ore. Hbse 8055-8, Marge"tao,
3rd Street.
:I-Double bed and spring.
7 M r' bed. 60-cycle refrigerator
0-cycle 16" electric fan. 25-
s' hinge machine motor. Tel-
Sj 126-A. Clonle
:-Magic Chefgas stave,
itio"n $65. New Cristabl

LE: Mahogany dningroom
ji single bed. new mattress;
thA choir. 114 Gotun. Phone

-I..- 6-piece set "Lum's"
Sichoirs; mahogany wardrobe
Iffrrored doors; full et ven-
f blinds for 4-forhlly concrete
(e mode by Cowesl; Univex
,l.projector. C@Il Balboa 2-
L .-4 venetian blinds 51-in.,
E high chesf. wall laom, 5dB'
I rnr wall shelf Balboa 2-
t[4 -^t lre jurhiWWtfor 3-

-Spanl.En- liIh stenof-
W ifownia wlb vot experi-
^JlSi'. type worL. Rijht sal-
,t 1hitht ,rson, Do not waste
r'lhNs and ours unless you are
nph yO .meet above qualiflea-
,IYtei Panarno, 24944._
,WFoHAIKE New Madical Cljn.
'& Night Scrvice. Central
S209. bePin Cnitolio T4m-
pone ?11.W9 Ponama.

SW S UA W" Y A -

VA3MAC~b zoo
H9w LEnw*-

H strmt IM i1

FOR SALE:-'51 Ford V-8 Deluxe:
Seomist green, very good condition.
Call Albrook 86.5187.

FOR SALE:-1951 DeSoto sedon.-ex-
cellent condition, rodio. Original
owner. Balboa 2117, fromrr 9 a.m.
to 4 p m. Jose Riesen.

FOR SALE.-1954 Ford Crestline 4-
door sedan. Many extras. Will con-
sider good used car in trade. Phone
Balboa 2-3069.
FOR SALE:- Leaving country, 1951
Packard, duty amid, radio. GOOD-
RICH tubelesj tires, fine mechani-
cal condition. F. ICAZA Y CIA.,
Avenida Justo Arosemeno No. I.
FOR SALE:- 1948 Chrysler 4-door
sedan, Fluid drive, original owner.
$650. Coil Balboa 2896. House
5184-t, DiabJo._
FOR SALE: 1931 Ford Model-A
coupe, duty paid. Make me on of-
fer any time before 6 p m. House
1557 A Calabash Street, Balboa
Tel. 2-3670.
FOR SALE:-Jeep. military. A-1 con-
dition, 4-wheel drive, pointed white
with red wheels. Ideal for Interior.
Would consider t r a d e for boot.
House 2039 Curundu, 3rd Street.
Phone Curundu 7175 between 5 &
6 o'clock.
FORI SALE:-1952 Oldsmobile-98, 4-
door sedan, excellent condition, ra-
dio, Hydramotic, tinted glass, sun
visor, puncture proof tubes & many
other extras. Call Lt. Horkins, Al-
brook 4279 or 7133.

FOR RENT: -- Chicago Bar, Central
Avenue and "K" Street. For infor-
mation telephone Panama 2-1095.

FOR SAJLW:-Ageweed aerban, Sp.
IeAl Club Re"see Sctch. Ryel
Meoned Comedien Whiskey, ,Rna
Caeer aWd Coae Club Gin. At mP
bar W, be H Ye 6 Diatfr eqt*Iou

I-binhtriptitt, w re -
cved In the office of the Engineering
land Constructuon Director,, Panama
Canal Company, and then publicly
ieonened,' for furntihlnei All plant, toolr.
equipment, labor services, and mate-
rials I except certain Goveroment fur-
nrshed.t Iotqdrs I. f dfr performing
efl work for itlction.of,T Busi
SheNlrs for j aog lemetcary School
at Baim.oa Conal Zone. Forms of pro-
1posals,. specfications, and full parti-
culars mqy be obtained from the of-
fice of the Cqntract and Inspection
Division, Room 343. Balboa Heights
dTelhptn 2-3739 or 2-26981.
Sped ficotilns nd drawings will be is-
.aed on a deposit of $40.00 per set.
Dieott wll' be forfeited if soecitica-


'.ejiU B billetnes
ip^A Street



FOR RENT: Beautifully .ledd
room, private bath, icob. ltar
cabinet, stove. No. 3, 52nd Strer.
Tel. 3-0638. ". .
FOR RENT.-Furnished room i dty,
and 2 rooms In Sobanas., Inquir
Calla Estudionte No. 98.
FOR RENT:-Furnished rom,. private
entrance, bathroom and kitchen,
facing Quarry Heights. 4th of July
Avenue No. 45. Telephone Z-5075.
FOR RENT:-Furnished room. Fourth
of July Avenue No. 7, upstOirs.
FOR RENT.-Furnished room for cou-
ple, kitchen privileges and all com-
forts. Tel. 3-5099.
FOR RENT -Room for single person
with European family in Bella Vista.
Telephone 3-2448.


ATTINTION G. I. Just built modem
furnished apartments. one, two
bedroom, hot, cold water. -Tel-
ephone Panama 3-4941.

FOR RENT: Furnished and unfur-
nished 2-room modern apartments.
Contact Alhambra Apartments. 10th
Street. Tel. 1386, Colon.

FOR RENT:-Apartment above Cen-
tral Theater building, Central Ave-
rue No. 141. Inquire Central The-
ater,. manager's office.

FOR RENT: Modern two-bedroom
apartment, 51st Street No. 42. Un-
furnished. For further details coll
Zubleta; 3-1802, 3-3337.
FOR RENT: Completely furnished
modern 2-bedroom apartment. 48th
Street. For information call 3-2448.
FOR RENT:- Best located furnished
apartment, splendid for one Or tw6
couples. 43rd Street No. 13, Bella
FOR RENT: Two-bedroom apart-
ment. maid's room. garage and big
balcony with a very good visibility
In a new house situated at El Can-
grejo. Tels. 3-5636 residence, 3-
0749 office,
FOR- RENT: Threeitbedtoam apart-
mpnt, living & Idlinqgroomi. rnald'
.*' ha twotor K 1,-i

w water: 90 .;p
$115. Fo information telephone
2,2416or 3-5322.,
FOWIRvli-l- 2-bedroom apartment,
llvingrooti diningroom, kitchen.
bathroom 13th Street No. 16, Via
Porras. Tel. 3-2457.'_____
FOR RENT,:---Small furnished apart-
ment, bathroom, kitchen and porch
Independent. Near Canal Zone $65.
Telephone 2-491-2.until 7 p.m. and
2.3584 from 7 to 9 p.m.
FOR RENT: Furnished apartment.
concrete. G.I. inspected. North A-
mericon neighbors. Regular trans-
portation $50. r T. 3-0471.
FOR RFMTr Furnished rmnt

. Ocenide cota&
PChra. Box 435. Balboa.
S.PaoSma 3-1877. Cristobao'

G;mllch Santo Clamra
Eferic refrigeration
Moderate rates. P]

Santo Clare. Low rates.
Balboa 2-1866.


Spend your vacation in V
where you can go riding
hunting and enjoy a n ic
Hotel Julian provides you cle
arid good meals. Arrangement
rnede.r-Write for reservation
JULIAN, Hato, Volcan, C
mn r... r6.1

I' l'. -

5-., rl

|, l f
eon roatp *
ts"4 GEO. F.NOVI
- Chmtmt A.
. C ..ia


riOR RENT i: Chnalet, 3 bedrooms,
servant's room with bath, garage.
Suitable for office or store. Will'
make alterations to suit tenant,
Corner 32nd Street and Justo Ar-
semeno Avenue. Call during offit
hours: Panama 3-4532 or 2-3174.
FOR RENT:-Furnished modern chal-
et: Two bedrooms, dining-living-;
room, garage, yard. Miraf lor126.
Trans-Isthmian Highway, PhIe2-

FOR RENT:-Two-bedroom cholet I
.Bello Vista 50th Street No. 43.
Tel. 1713. .

FOR RENT:- Beautiful chalet,!
o'nd 10th Streets, Paitilla: 3
rooms, maid's room, 3 toilet
porches, back 'porch, Spanish
garage. Please call Mrs. Vega,
phone 3-2858.

FOR RENT:- Furnished chalet, two
, bedrooms. 2 porches, living-dining-
room and maid's room $150. Via
Espono No. 2021 opposite Pan
Ideal Bakery. Tel. 2-3056.

Boats & Motors
FOR SALE: Boat: 31-foot cabin
cruiser 'Chola." fully.. equippa*
Phone 83-6262 or ee Stanley at
Balboa Yatht Club.
FOR SALE:..-3-ft. nWot boot. 93-
hp. Gr, rdeantly overhauled.
7. eWmIV WIN^t0 S? A.1
offed? geCl Balboail5t-712't

Real Estate

FOR SALE:-A bargain at $13,000,.
easy terms: Qeautiful modern two-
bedroom chalet, maid's quarters. in
ccol. relaxing "Los Cumbres." An-
des Sur, follow arrows for informo-
tiomn (Barronco.

AMERICAN COUPLE wats vacation

* iij----- Ut

BIG o Newhart o

., l T1 7 4 hbillIon.

nto a w ;. Ii
S 18f lncekl leveled
to 2.Daf. tftrousU.S.
...n> *f Makr "*r r> -'aii ..u





L i ke New, Rspair, re-
fitoth Banarub by Expert

Tel. ,44-4
, Ae. 4 of July PanamA

Acne. from XI Pane Htl |-
imet WIa mwlM Llquma
Open DaIly 'rm 10:00 a.m. ta
St.OO pnm.
Sunday tim 800 -to6 *0
tes d'** Sa e m w,

faour Mome in Co
Betqnet, S Ift AA.
fer -e dfatfee servi
IeF mI. N h ta il
a. Weldea r aee e j-m

Unorthodox U.

w g within 40 calendar days after opening venientlylocated. Tel. 3-1405. nrod. Call Sh.oner Diobto 2-4138. Likes Io
ofbids..--_-- FOR RENT: -. Completely furnished ,a m. -
rTTY. ~ n. JP.P FOR SALE: Chest drawers, steel upstairs aperteent in a two-famiy ih IllM l -
"k 'ar$ ft, .prrv .15; studio couch, pillows book houbs: Living-diningroom. kitchen. Ir IsIK laVelU. VEUJ Wl
S h..h~, n ends 40, Zenith radio B; fn. two bedrooms, independent maids I iSa LAKE CITY -l-( Wtl
.... ....- 8 2 M 3h oe .ghhfo Nea t
Tn ho a- Onkw 60-cycle $25; table lamps $15, room aid bathroom, garage tele t ns r one e"
S taLt0 0-- el able5steel : cabinet 510; hone. hot water and complete It i w U most unusual bankers. was bn
a cm, tow, .tar B.ige pump for small boo t $10; ahroom..Independent entrance to. o the Fourth of July and b
Sni oiy table, 4 choirs, brand aportmnt. Situated at "El Cangre- DUBLIN () -American ndeedepnt-ever since.
tit ? Jt new $75; cedor blinds $20; pint jo"-near Hotl-El Panome. Phone Catholics are 'tulA more ad ep
SgunSObmbocait, foot- 2-3545.. more to Ireland rtied glass dox," Cosgr tolTd the Unted
St$ie d Irest. new 535; Ford Mainline, 1952
sarw the.l of.ig- ap$?5 0 FOR RE:-Nfce tfurnished opart- idows or their church and Pin ein an interview sa1rt i aft
e- al t Kaml Ci model 1,150;Frigi aire dep" ent with reriaetor, gas stove therals. purchasing'. a Nevada bank at
, freeze 80. Bldg. 502- Curundu ..Mlitar in .ViPorras No I hundreds of churches, bt on. buit his system of affiliated tite
pla At a er'- Tel. 83-2232, between 4 &6 p m. M n nwee. via r t a tto 21 ak seven
__ __ __ _FO_ ElyT Fu i n t e 4, u allt a
a M. FOR SALE: Cocker Spaniel, blond .. ver the tt t, t at. "I'm glad to plead gerlt
"paid) greed. $50. Call Balboa 3709 Sat- bedroom, liv oao, kitchen, both. is tou ched 4 the The huky, 3-year-old former
aF t It urdy evening or Sunday morning. B V. 3 artslyst'r oit W k- leam l play n amte
FOR RENT: Double and single era in a ... ter explained that tos
liln ift M U th1 rough a- .... portments furnished, screened and .e Th lft view of the banlkin netei
SWItAr .M W A o t U I inspected. Phone 2-3065. clod, .. d thaat t I storms a circle com se
L ibt0 a te it ue are reas ou al s al ,_e depositor, the bo
-. u-kb nhv Inue T ihue M.ny m hot el service with clean bed linen three yoearomapas aft nd the thea
-aoi, Tw.w 3 6. 4 at .. ath wr with eacho
y. the WAVSINGT N. Street nefh or without meals. 43rdstained to A Wi- trying to get a bigger share
by the WASHINGTON (UP) The ..27. Tl 3 an e the pie.
PmoQiatsat '9 iPost Office Depfrtment philateli e l al T IlJ them c M l'nder our system, we try to'
t esroheoe s have agenacpy h indit cited that it ie tk. lforJu ust pnl *nt ab k gortst ar o
r*i'e 1said. Ing rtepI to oropy ith Presiden t rrlddl plying the.w.t1 m- me en tity," he consnued. We
:-o 'l~oisenh0mt's request f or e ef- .l .... 1 considerTI n. T ay Injury to one the
maple7' stain ma' m f irs' as an Injury-toall.
ew Th a forve rat less cost Pela e o 1 ami ml mre T ulata ui
n f rtotnse o payer. 1& hA a like a reservoir f d g
SElimination of an invoice form on WaU l.Mada guor t delAt s inoSa rlserv ir doeout av o
Se useA d by the agency in filling atamp i s a l r a t o 1and spread out ohe me
S V, orders sent in by colletotd rs ma n --o N on. a. wrought t g tin aI. land. The same with te
In Library :pereo up the service with a cl A brooe plaque enraved with most a c l fota piece I bank.
v -_ ste aavderble having in time and mon- likenesses Generals Simon Bodof medlirie e meepiglaai was w ,
Ce. UfP --r 7 ey. hlivar and Alexandre Potion, being left Whether the money in a ba
Stmnant of .one of Discontinuance of use of the made by loal sculptor LloydI er c ta s cpatee. int loaned out for farms, for homes
Secrets of World Wr om saves approximately 40 hours Barley will be presented by a nd. churMS a ait r automobiles or forar or
SIn tle s bmarlpe li.f clerical 4t e a day. According Panamanian organization to Hal- went in r W yst a i l business, h contended, "i
e rt bat dh 0ionm portal authories this were-tian Presdnt P Magloire, glass wHI.Nt froem immaterial as loun as it i ps to
elt ab ot phn sw avings of abot S00m a oa a gift from the people of Pana. and and to B The w l t work where it will do the ma
_%. "7ll.. f five Iav. ngma to the Haitian people. was baad toi we r man for all concerned."
E ited a TThe invoice form wae- discontio- The Associ de Arcaien- models.
Swbth a photo swin lueld on Jan. 18. At that time 6.46 to atno American del Caribe, Until an.s bege t .natrs operate under
tk;.IWe Peorda ersn were on hand in the a .gea- wh ia i prot te t Lke ity
In f Bear Adm. O I. Bylate February the backlog willsend a dea H to ago. t BoM tifl, U t a ,
rawford. cmader md abee n care of. Orders make the presentation. States wi. t eon- Si Meeker and fil Ci.
tie sobmaffB n fleet. previously requiring weeks to iMn To date. 105.75 have been rais- ceived in e i -- radio, godle, Richfield,
eaptored after are now being handled hour after led by public subscriptions toards like the o pictures New Plymouth, Caldw
e te their receipt, the project, a spokesman for the in glas..
1111il 0b 6 1 The faster service has been ac- organization said. "If it wa l iiousI l-d vid eam. Idaho
e ela substantial An -album bearing the ames o f tu eglas d at *
tinW e a-f. for the first all individualts s ofisc it Fllwiswa mod n aand' t
oaPw atni e this year sales making voluntary sm it ions ell of
-werr_ ip to hIiA,1uS0, or a 13 per will also be ire badtoo Gen. and resource s"overhes --m period of Magoiret t eaaeV mate byC siat
ani_ Contribtim,-from -I s. de. #a Invial I Sosb-

a IorK ra. Rllobtjetr Evrs Downes e of do-ettIlk, and we.go
-W flea W't m IH sil w~. tIsof No. E Bstudlalae Street. m-d "i t -

a nson a payable to and Mrs. DowasaClsiran of thea 111111 n dre n toft.
4 "ps-plaq" osplus"e

NEW ;XK 1 A- UP -" Mokeys
-the ost attehing them and
the cost of Lsi them.-s a a con.
stant tre or municipal
committee in. .
The committee has hired a mow"
key-catcher to rid the city of the
pests. He gets a alaryy of30 per
month. He as to-tempt the mon.
keys in to Bi trap with banana,
peanuts. FPr the lait, the com.
mittee speeds seven centa per
But tha ot all. The trapped
monkeys bgve to be led until B
are deported.' This costs another
seven cents per day per monkey,
The a mliipal audit also has to
keep a harp watch on dally ex-.
penses to see that the monkeys
get the food and not the men who
hed them. I
The committee Is now making
permanent arrangements and reg-
ula amounts paid for
catching -ad feeding the monkeys.

SImp"Id SelIng

Cul Clerk Servoice
ANN ARBOR, MXie. ((P) -
Within five yea, so per nt of
itemn now beinsold by clerv.
UP will besoid by sell.
according to bert .
director f the

1; .' .
v'_ ,..

The C

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mured unei W ll st to a -35 11
ed by 11.403 1r, 70. the *low- ar. .
eat powU 6 o t ir.. Thei, Pdr.e -"
be to t l < ,v f ,, A p rfl 'a d
ll those working or ld ur m in ThuaN ir
Jobe s roe bM e m 4 to SM Job= road by !,Q a JtW,
000 last mouth. Thi account for ts was a mh smaller aI
tb f- ;- thu*tunemYo. t, .the. u .Ujam i.e1yn- 0
A,0 Ift


buying w ro ;iL ;;ae 1 ---. -'
Inter toae v SeLrsm n NASHVLUl Tm EugJ V Both ame were dae*Ned a
functions traditional, I to (UP) Sen tve, ea- he u k thulw4
Sanplfld elng techniu will today to wdrk for the r i we

avabe to shopper, tiref ons. oathe te nesm ee i
selected satoc and cheok outs But the Tennessee Democrat's fn the November t0eae1;. B3st
oear door., victor by more than M,0 votes Ray Jenkins Bwho Sri a e-
-- er Rep. Pat Sutton in flute- cial counsel for t Se toate lip
do?'s Democratic primary wa tigations subcommittee in the Ar-..
a almost certain.Jo place him back my-MeCart bear neIturltie"',
tI ah Banker In the political limelight on a n.' be awou otan. -"
tonal scale forAB. State OOP C(airman Guy
monn | The drawling Tennesseean led said that if Jankin so '
IfOney In Use through two ballots at the 192 withdraw his name, beh Ie
Democratic national acaventuon oti tate xeutie co.
S before Adiai Stevenson got the mdttee convene to select a
o -- nod. nominee. nHoWvey, Dmoers.ti
Haon but resigned May 4, 11. wIth .Kauver himself called the e- nomination a Tsennsse- tria. '"
e declarkion that "1 wit m= election proof that Tennee e ualis s elet~ins. .'
forth have notid to do wFitas believe 'If all ia well with tM .e r.maed t.o work for*
idty -. e.kiWmllner h t i average man, all will be well Vwt*h e United Natlna, 'man's b
cia n who delghtei thea. l America." e for peace," e North A
Uon'of the reutatoMn of lnmine "We have shown it in the paUt o utaa O tlOranta thl Pet';
people in oer to further der -in the great majortieas Me I FV r pr~a-, "the NuWrenm >
own polUtcal ambtitons ways grve F r a n k lin Delano l trade. ean t aad 'Il
Robsevelt-and we have show it broad 'interfockaL poleles-"
Co i peatsedlybas di d again. ." he said. For hi s advocacy ste mm
w th asc ontrsolsimplb Suerin to a asmashing v nistlM OAu tton u ea.t
the U. 8. comptroller o afrnq, with lttuver was Gov. F r a n ku antr ."la nnllSt. *

im" by "issuing edjets and under of his expiring two-year om.' ver Siatt ".te'.*p t ,
taking regulations far In of BReturns from 13of t tate's 'the ba9r40nM sot-ur A
the' powers deIr leIated =n 2,501 Preuints gave.edaUVetr A -.1_-forheCri il k
Loes. *2 vots to Sutton's -.%,M Is bd tt b, .
and Clement 422 610 to ISA Mr d ve step to d e
S. of year wbhdr&wis former Gov. Gordon Brpqeg. m m."

Bit LaKe City Mb an om ",namnn-
a benk sataous and re tltd
t as a strict'y state b=a1 besaswe
of what he felt was federal-'"In-
The Continental Bank and Trut
a co which th M__
father. Jams E. .
lam, the family c1utroled a
banks In Utah, Idaho a Wyo-
SfI have contributed a n
to baking," he said, "ta
an mot proud ad I
standards of ge b a -
p-y. Through alari _i bu-
s plas, we Increased E t
turn and other bank had to fo-
iw. rm also gld that W*4 e
owa b able to give
man C the md eat
& wwi alow."

Debonair DMance

SO~uled Tdh

At Tropical 0*

iN c -' -I


: n

I a


Youg lady, 23 to28 yAr. o told werk as Adwvasg.
Ageot. Must spqsk .i wits SpaNa ai gB
For W aw tapp to 3

The Panama American Press, Inc.
from 8:00 to 9:00 L .


I 41Sra

a '. ~s


.. 7. .. .'t -
S'..tCA: N. Flu* ^^&E"

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V-N O -:
M -1A

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LNeaftwaMr 1 |
rat JulI Af&-6 t I|
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SpLyVWOOD--(NA)- Heny- you must have a Irrationmal. lowe
s aw d jGrageo '- Betly of It. Talent is only half the battle;
plq shSth M Mary Ambitio and Industry are' JlM ias
Z. ",, tt:,-r-aportaRt --
r WF iI'S al, zsS^tfSS .Isperansa Wayne lost her pure
It's itew- legal w 1, copies o pat income
d.A1 t uE .Vthe Ew* tan reports and other valuable
Sv waraM. papers, at a Hollywood cafe. The
e w "-at- a. empty bag was located but' at
Sok, the contents.
gd. F w ery Fonda's-" denying the m
a n ty, u port that be once considered him-
IF SNM t. Old to do tM M vers j
e it at Mr. oberU
4g A' wt Mve hestant abtM dis
u.. v'. *t -n t be' eove,".le told me. "WhenB
Sw -. play.,as 'irst produced seven
a. Fadfadsn bnYi yeas as"Dre was talkrof a iln
Bd ifctrei to framedin WiBt .ged acsh a
S pean m and isn't e Pe that I commented, ha
a setiCn 6 weoI te an cdtfi s jest, that I'd probably be too
S" ;f" i or t.'That's- how heb

cm om-_i ,t 't keaaty a th e sa ge age.t ,
'~^ #MSIfl Muirme to t-e --
st istie teed upi tTNet I isthSout.c
a bthe late R*et WaIc--CO to K e-idte earlier to -oe
ubseto, i top -U, iMoew

at wit essins t nv meet w-wat-a
l k Jonese. The printed's ink on this side. pf the
b aa -ee t'aJammil ever 4 Atlantic.But not for lack s pub
eb 4f-b l Usher Interest.
dP Vhw~ Gwe's a hapwm4a U-L starlet COliK Miller and
7ifi Jiro ^ eg evea ms orb nrows-
y'p ticaly. __
,French autoaoibis' "Car. -. ch wo w at fu-
,ousa" oncetbeloged to 'V &.P- "

0 5, 'U^puS. (s hit-aj rJ1
s e. I heese TV show." '
aa-Tdp .M be M^W tL a Of

a."& ally,,

dolir-IL. 'a 1 TV- --.

.- ..' -


o afte the war, EmperoW

at private sho
Ow empnn

ar d"-ae. b.
,-p the romimperial .
M n at the school. AsW .
Sq1h wrimeff a book on
'414*jv guidance" wbich cc*

a I e aaiar

aow ward l d fVt

donatons .a m

Some:-Japsest' i beve
w currentram4d to impiDor
. th&*cutern wa can be
On vny lta. -

The preige of Brtih Cr ars
stands supreme as .& of

as the oat, muwiifl J"_."
thero tor ,-
which plces a never-as
strain on driver and machine

Ba-lah and ore ig caS in
eveda, p Sa .v ad i-
tanee of 28 rs abd Incd-
Oermany. the t- A, a
brouSht o honoi
wa cars, i ado the iat
to String Moa, In a Suna
Oon Induded*; ,_
A oold O dC.oAu e
8A .Bc Cd.(C' -di n

also dity de 7Sh-ame
aal -Utro. inbem. o e
which peted-,0 Im.l.

The tetd d time
In the LeS *ao d

amo went to Mi Va ra am
whobeat al-comenh In her

Is t ,e to _n d w. _o

- e afo fyOfeaM=L

for Ie R a a

-uIt weld
In the stpuaederat
fngdn amytp6-.
ttrtof Ojf -4dvhc.

rr'"r "Ya -

"o w

t ,:l tars- work ibk evere/

lttea Adew- .i

me il at a lot o-u ce folks
li ,l too. ps of% ua; a. M at.
*ti fact, y goy, yer demn

'to word on this,. %am e ecr.
nim c ,a fram te t _Mtry
IAraold. This thIs 0ita&
joe by the name of the Teessee
Plawboy, but he look. atstad
ese more like a 'New ork

-r -

DON N ILL 4"Breakfaeat
Club," : URC): "it'fanl right
to have oan opa mud. Just-be sure
it isn't open at bbth ends.
Anyhow, Eddy says that e jots
heaps d of milt from p s like
New York, Chcag, Clevesiad, Los
1aa,*es dva a waiM bAsuim.

Le inm so much, l act, that
oer th. .years shIoe he out
firs record,there'e be
m0,00 000Eddy Areold rer
;ol. that,.Ar t".ki'raer saw
when se sw i field lof a itteus eagles, is. dgj let.
Ire you ae-tm a wi
the .Tpwssee fPwby's wbrk,
don't get ee ides is dtrUay
done lterby 4
Fisher' "Anytme was originally
an Arnold. record, s was Lea
Paul ad' NaM erdte "I Really
011t Wandta* w.
The .handsome s iner is known
In.. the V4rdi, t, 9a. one ao
; thes day s. ut rade. Hs
receded moms soa pon dozens of
different d to get ,it wa
be want t. t W maWest,
the Tha I Qot "wasl t
so it was uueleaf ". .
Ie's tried MA sever- i times

Like soe of the ba ,est pop
artists, EZdy tLekprett close to
bome which, in Is came, .Is a
farm near Nasdhila. He'll eome to
New York once in-a while, but
rarely. And hb. asdem makis per-
sonal appearances.'
'"When the spirit moes me." he
says play a few theaters, a
gh lub or a hotelroom."
The spirit gove imueQueny
these days. But his records move
It's an old, old storyin the rec.
ord business. A se o lopn
will tnak me side of ar ord
be a msalh, adldomo0te it to the
limit. But the other side will be
the one that etae hes .n, Latest
chapte I& Ie 'Thine SUm' newest

Engineers at the Re lic Aviati
"p, ee ly" 50,. fed

Watery t 9" t dhes. te's
gode astosn and -can. sIh=k"
"elimb" ad udhuwtew "fi'" whOit
mir pressureInila, d to ApHpl
catasaatdl exMMLz =U

US Denies Planes S

4j2,Polish Mer
Another la nd ew ., fi a c ..... ,. .,,.
or WfnfI canWW
ton..time, ," A 46d- &sr I
?'-I the v la i U Cth a Ul. him
Wa e s f rD.R firedte.,, e
S M-srf..... SM hai ..o WIRY

s ,o Basebals rding l the lor Amerl a a

lach are used to entrt_.. tvy. .The .Deprtment d
S Inlthe cattm. aMr lvot. ack mum.Pl-
) Tgether that 'ewon W t. w h Foreign office bra ing the toacScpt.
the., qthe low asue4tm

,'Does checker boards threIlayg with charges a M completely Ihe. TN I
H e ..e- (The a world champti% afdlmr W. "No Ae pane flred on .. .5W
C" t* chess player, SadmV Ity, re- aunv eIl or uhipf aq kind,?
cot. ICo cald "ancl" caUed.rsacsa roq, who mothter- Polish or otherwise,. In that a-
in-law'ran the P.o"ety as a oi& rea," the note said.
o lt.Wtll tn i and roomia oule for m It posted out that U.s. p an sW48MMQTO A t
'aY and e rms. were in the area on3l to sM*1 WThe4S rl
y e-Col. treet, the once-prot M hOs which, the W ai s .am t om0fm n tod
tania. a are deteriorated Into b-, wM dty re- tally shot down by Chsne@o- aPait '
etatic. a new cent years, and Urgo idd to munist p)f"e on Jaly .- a Channel 8 telet
'sTkection c'folk tar it down .. It conceded yTampa,a.
uogp, i off "Mark "A local floriWst i to erect hot down the R@ e4e i The FCC deed aoo
twain," Vi On a tent to sell floet a pottery fighter planes i ht to application by
f, anist, concern will Ae a. 1y a tla, Interfere in the reK.lon. Broad n C the
sar Peter e bums a taxi company tI i a r But I flatly deniedtb on pa Bay a
out, pla A o Rod- and Ws not yet c M er any vessel in the arps. The dec
gers., keW a .faan0L'. used .car -company wi be active Diloamati s aiour pi e res m
'For li debut, young there," Urgo said. IYvaay that the P6nahht year a01.o..
Ameri t Abbe mon may have tee designed i Two-o the em
mly doto o th t6t de- stt Fa d-er the Red propgand cam- eradifeavid laWan
nadt of piano musk, DEEP RIVER, UP paign depleting thR elE States csm. The maJoriWt
aThene aritia and ugue on The H Clubad o a "a' on said Trime -co
ebyrande and Vlaratlons Churc were dismayed to lear. i nn f of l inWa preferr*dovr-
% a Theme by Pgapnibl. Not to they had scheduled food sales for TIe U.S. Navy la ch p Iont benua or '
W outdone, Dam Myr tck- the same day, time .and plea shot down the tw it Red ca' live programs.
- Beethoven' t lut pI- They agreed -to. ro-edu, "to fthters also rfied on by a the Tribude' audio al
amo pila the lp. tao O. 100 or: avoid conflict." Result: sie day oaint bt did not better tan thatof.
em vie ,vitor MV.10., time and place agaa., return the 'feBay, C.L.'
; Tb.. .. Britun.,

S.... r. ..

:.OW- -. -- 81

Casan v Nihrt
sue. "Bs MAZes O'lewg"

n -r tamwn-

_Mak of Tl ADr n"
mpWV M;"


MABOARITA 6:15 8:6 CRISTOAL 6:15 8:20
-. Ahr.C mdkons
F A Sn Mthree Railers A Girl"
I"FAIR TI OAA" holorl .
SM.. "C*ANOYA'S Not MEoW'MImm Showing swN. a NON.


DBALBOA.Jf 230. 4:25, 6:20, 8:15
~ ~ ~ VA A -f .,i /.l -- km _






I' Il m m .. .. ..
LA OCA 6:IS 8:O PARABi :15 1:iU


Z 6:us It CAMP Elm, 6:15 1:0

." DVEt IN Theatre



L_ "-ZT; -su_.- AnK CITY. I TRY Us soJfEmw sTY FRIED CnICKEN


' and his ORCHESTRA of@ I" :

S" tSi


1 1 l at, i]L


. ., '.
, .' ., .
; :,U :,
!^.'. i... ,' .,
,. : :-* *; .:~

~- .w-




. 1

1 1 ll l

l ll 1 1 lll

i i I i I III

- I --

. ._~ I.~_



I --

. T -.,. m ?d l

. +-.o.".~

- -. -

---.,,:"- '- l <-

PA ...

-,,----;---- --~ a

, ;: .. "
.x: -. -v
. P.+ --
"*..,:" 75 *'
*" *- -' : --.


WYO...R. A.. "P) .-Prdon th-at :r a -
in PIbu the sah b

Statw they'd on a dizzy three'-ta i w s 2
r... oh' d 4S

B W.%Pg*bneW1sii d the Braveo
mei four.-run rally with wa own Lovnuth ) Tuln
yof m're son ea by Eddie Mathwa
rnth wii i -3 a-_ (g awndolitt viRh.
wm""n .4). n nS*, ,' ( ', M. .-

7-3t ai a i o Curt praons of
t he Ph le I te red to rlG aot L( P -a Jonf h. ol 1 -r.
/ attriumph over fSvictoy y, oeuthU r a ln the Cubet T "r L oet..Bree f
Pirate r s at 7-4. ole Polleta wild, Lonett, arbee
u auu streak" ti helped the Plilla to three funa (First Game, 8 Inning;) pe
l o e- nV on t shtBrutoin I d th ey Buffalo 000 400 10-5 9 thl.

thst swallowed the Hd- homer in the el hth enabled the Lary and Lakeman. Rogovin. d8
Ytnkees to bea the Tigers, 4-23, anhez (41, Iott (6) and Gut- es
y",toetri wr but the dhed i ens e their LP Rogovn. HR Nor- a
rfl gm 1uead u the wh a t h ey. -
t of freeh sr," f14 gue race by liIckn the Ath-
l a nLey, I just hope letic, with the atld of a five- (e eond Gamen ) 'l
t, or tn Dougald's a C-w i ning Hav ana 101 010 )8, 7 b
e in ame as e a double be .-
e notch- kowo and infield dn l rlksond Johso () and
her 2i ctort Mi_ Mantle and -snan. Raffenhberger aand e
e aumpiign lAst Dick fmehe bases. Al Aber 'bble. L' Erickson. '
afield, a refuge from the up the opher ball that ti
tlan Shreltbt ered his ment e i sil etback. rBob ea
it triumph In the oerf Nismn hit pinc homer rnto 000 001 000 4 th
d F o D etr ithe of.D he .at Othe 000 o0x- 0 ,a
.ptm off John Cuba; .bKar nse and Griei. wM
in the. seventh lnrl 4t t. a t relieved arv Byrd in e l(e 7 and ripgn. e
An the ral.hthf0p, t- 7the seventh and m ~e iin (
l a n ag Pe r e et l pitcher. a, HR a teens.
swl theMd-homernth cighthenabledthe La hem 1 lI^ M"aW Rogovini
Y tobtheTig stu, met And Jones

butth eIndians 'reta.' t irAm fetheLeIt inei, Hi Nl-n al
w oi or a Avlaa1 eleh. Aund. of (N.e ,A).e s r Itrniht t en,- roun contest a Ist lan No

sieto Is i e P ate W i e ale t o c op the champ. T i ron t finals and a special three-rout di
oe eome t 1 contat .rel! o e- tlathl all-star program. General adailalson
IIef a Itpa -. o ,ly $1 (one dollar). .

So dA- so l.e in Class

seD'M r w o ST. PERBUR, F1 a. ie year e tt, id ,
r oIh sonCbDahs(NEA) From maor leue r Alva Lee llmaL .

Pr s W II nad he laOM Ioh' o f tt e r 000 0
Mtes e hwn Ftred l y of the Countrrl Club oe Detreit here, Aug. (NEA) ro mla jo7anr le eis t van ee Hiy ,l a,,i
thet las ra'. lle t atOn h ent Tnd w i iaet.

It was aN eohi he e's.t waitho t

SIt e wans also to e the o so5 to
"* Cerot majoreaa., i lo
ri o inO lnand the last one of 11 or
a bE the last st nd in r wnn. .
i- fGlbert dubbed h4iom beAteh le
SBo u N-wnom phe bs Itche
i h r A te go ffst a sh as ddw oastahelkeke weight d la lm t travele. ad

deG eortooopo t -rs foplatrrth Ia enfrP. fatt
LOKm W Th COlived a lot--had hitched hi wlo *e
TN h ing arm oa n a ly a he wi
to Toronto.
"a spel a nd shipped .him
toWO6OSAMY KY 'eIOsJtarp ropin utmho
S-0three .f five starts but qiuGoe..
the.r'r dsutn ree in tid M .on.
"'ioh6e arm stPi hartM, Egturbig shl
t i '.b" .. 19retkuwuth A awaiting anther gele
lwoinke the one that ksed hi
o 7 .y3r. 3 .

GIs.' rst lall In I. L.
.i -,SavTabl!!e ""B ira Sevena

taee.'n h.thr etmlg o d b tarssubhoas iherSAu. -ry Kay ..- ofokI late but tlll can'telhh 4 4
V="f-or" 113m2any sihet4advuriai.rag$dInmWas The little A's anoke d oU N
Ieas u-lead nm Torolnto2 4
,. nlsht behind the combA owit a
-itc gof Lero
t hwhU asie gaane, but lvxthoife.IW
.. .iBuffalo spl rt ae ae
A four-run spree In.l
'.tr fo frth Inning, featurng pa ., "
y Ron Northey. carlastonedorofoef
,.. ,HON..t 4.Wh1eav5-ana tiOgB the2on f
Gilbot dubed Id Iec

Homers by Russ Ke a ,m It
BlWl Barbst carried Ric~ jt.
San 11-10bntrsaqe andker over U
Mbntreal and R ce*wom 91
BO nt scheduled, g






- ',-l-

r tme te ,
%IArm i.

Thistime, andy w Inutaled.i(
ia 3. i V oreIt, 3ely ., .. .:e

dark her~eeio n 610

ark woWb be reached toady, 0 -
Ah yand Bannister have i
ide it that they are inter. A 00 .
ted *a winning-, the raeeG .401S am
thei "W M aeeTThs ^5e^7Jfa.
me, tiy the y wia w at eh
ch other not worry about ad "
t clock,
They -May have to aswreubt r
meoto other six rs 1n a 8L
e dld, however. heir amost- se-
ou throat insyte from New
Aan EMpire reco of 4:-i.r "4!
. !pat ay ."a& m &i :
Other In toe field are Rich Vw1 *vile.
son, of Toronto, ano two.M. pit 1 mum_
at thelaiverts of Iowa- D. (
w. c Milligan ofi
Prthe an and INoy of

goLd DustAsPre-Tournqy-Choie
-lnf Naval: Station Loome

tre he Eow.that" eBrtleles l
wivd n ~nll.Ca e

o woIrs, imuvUwUsv, w&miu -o
Id % done *al klogcally have
Us tbV 1Parit we Will deal
fth the cases of the failure
fboxing.r Fi and l p IS
e general unemplomnt -
atIU that ektats oIn thle Ot-
ust. Because of this. fas
t willing to pay for is y
recreation bile Seer
asi are svalsble '
Consquently, the byb n tIO
"e to put the ashow on' t
id adequately oe lmto
uage further a
U game. Tbose wh
Enough to comu
U to give the f
Ott or go about Mr.
tBy d ov to It
ilourace the 0 -F
i (what eve U 1 tt-id
It it not our Idea that t d

My good" from the DOW Jim
iOd boxers do not dtueIt,

at it is unbelievabl. '"* day
the top-notch igtie ad
19 top-notch drawing cards e
meThe modem Mal-

n=aW" most local bexwdzebt
i1 Zone. This g o At-
r piahe k, I 1:n "ee
Sh theatre aiy fr
k same for tell
W ith the decline ofti.aI r
tal boxing ateriSa a

air. that
vno low ahe fast ..tln
a bring OaneW poduing-
"lat face the 41S *oP

-t t.h e l t I .
mk._ th._eo! enefae

-i at Mfgarit Gym.
*Searheaded by Jerr'y 8teur
who cored 22 point f e ras ave
-ge -of 19'oint p mI-ln the
Atlantic BagIobL e- id
ed by. Joe Oliver who won 9
Atlantic Baketba La high
iiiam e alr avew-

A late a m o to Se auad but
one who hu a d ..e and al
around pol-S. it-h. i dae
All-Stars is R U pet
Playing in only a, Us
managed to average l point a
game. in the Atlantie.Ba t
ague. -
A player who cannot be over-
looked in rounding out the alr
Ing five of Navy is Georoe
whose all around playing tn -
bounding, caring ail teaii play
welds Me 5 men ato % a st-Ia
plaing unit. Georgpe ,Ma : Q
th fih man in the rta f st-
ray and his main forte s tift.
up the plays Ifrom backc
S break. .

I gwn.
me gt
?ry a
.. G

Wt "- .-.* /, I'

the Armedo e
eras u d ~~ait'-
area s

l, -.

..d .mw ..

g ii.legiie---

B M a p s a
/,> I.i

- 5t".

.. -_ i ...+1;l ,.I -
OR.,#"" ..
T ." r
:., A' .-=: t .if





-Ow" l ^P 'i n



":- 'ci

. ,--1 ,,
., '' ..vlf-~i.


, a u t
wean hi


WA ht- ttsa .b .. otmoie s would have'

ias d t si unpeatmen..glkIt ar
was o t. "Tt lis, -aal amd .your W mmei
SM"Wahl S tetl tha b ,N.

t a ,olaQdtor B c et rit_ to bes ppo ,n troit nus run _at ,
Andpt that boy re didn't diapplaft me. Is lto te d -
erd oundight t h lstismy l fU ht with
"WhIt.VS 7 f $*BappoiatmBt. t C"a.rle"We
cdampif- wasaske "That to upafl from your ailure- to stop


I I II "
tcfr a OotMeat Zwt= thm be at oppnt 1 a run sato.
eamt fight thIs thm.0


It.__.,Mau ,L _ul,,o tat ,_ Y .tof S m,
lisp. 24IB, a e b" sb ad K a a r Charles.

"7 wa*od am hald fan that flht ahb I cm ralm to t falt


had an attend
m. ta..IM4e

o Is the one fighter who it keep-

a "u-

whiM yutbuy

fJamaicav Rum
* .. .mtma.c a .. ,m ,,
.e-. tl ya. mC wak -

* ct.;*gtl a.M M sauocr ow JAMAICA.

sb oa n ut.hit
sa ll e, *Io*

a"' t the vayme

Lttah Rocky Jones InWs pta
otaing As a hter e was a

as quiet as Louis was at ais Ms.
In the case of Jones, It must be
borm In mind that Powell was a
fa!aX ton o*rut bde hi M,
whereas the xodder mout of Ches-
ter. P.. baacdrot deulaioat e-

to the


Grocery bills we pay when we
s, the mte payments o
t.e hue we wahup every mornt
ar also--bu there irA e ertai
debts every sportseis pwes
These h ea never repay in cash

abi' belong to a sratlo a
rbdy paeMd on. o, cm only
make pa ent to the gmeeratuo
now Comm on.
When I was I, like every othe
kid of 1, I was subjeto ba
iaBfluenesi and o into
smokNla coramilk out 1- thu
barn, to ood Influeae Jm
forced tower a stiff eolar t
Sunday Sebbol-and to vastly
more impora t and memorable
influences ad mo lprmtt d to try
a real fly-rod a the pikerel of
TMnrtownill fe51d.
Who could have predictedthe
adult effect froam h eperieC
of holag a mJas .70
levr rft wheo I wu wa 1
It is to the outdnorsme who
put into our childIs ha the
real thim of bunmti aim d tbin
and Pat int o 0u minds the
spiritual meal=ina I work
In aw ow e debt.
My own fatr wa ever a
shooter or fisherman; s plea.
ure wa In wathie his youag-
star swat a basebal u tte dad-

md rBy BEANS *AR*MIf
SYe"Rs in Ns"ell1 League
aet e Written for NA -ie
hquhftW..AS wo- wa.n
QUESTION: WIh. rmr on
asecad sad third bases and
eme out the batter its a fly to
Ato s" a s mu Ims M cewer eftw. the ner a third
base ta up nd sawn after the
*rumer f -, base
't p and gu s t bird.t
SMi throws to msf d base,
...a M t ea.. aIle

.-, '
S"- "-. ..- -b-_*
I o w co. IXa mi ha". a ..m

.. -.-.. ."- .- -. U',7. ... ... _

. _ti' L -. ^.-'.._ -" ....-" a. -- -

R: Wi IG ST B UGt -was
We..a vn .a b wheja vt or
,ix y ea rt he beart ao ,
Saa PI school boay Sm-
. asslite at S sd wlith

'- -

M ea". ath w ami
ord teom to Los Aogelsr o
Sit with tbs. a .fl
Siv lee.rta Ihy not al e n

Certily be's thinking about
XInky Maelano. *
"I believe I have httet.phMl.

I'm ready for the top boys, that
will be good ensouigh lor me."
Gorilla Jones tells you that Pow-
ell has the fastet.hands he ever
saw on a big fellow.
"Make one mistake and you're
a loner," says the former title.
What does Suey Welch think of
his nMw ter?
Justtry to buy a pie of Char-
ley Powell and yoI find out.




of my two boyhood chums were
devotees of the duck heand the
f ickerings i They r took
me ante ri e ad eel adventure*
yred A.'s pop owned a cabn
in the PlyltMth woods, on a, lake
we listlnctvely pref ed to eal
! a U nome. The
Cabin lde _lt_ o I was
told. by Grover Clev and one of
the most aineere-etsen ever
to prede country's a

No privilege we r ter then
to "Mps red' father amd
hiad %Frdow e
a week ed. We to aw wood
for an hour or two Saturday, wAih
Cdbesa or paint anoe now and
agalns, but the rest of the time
was free e to kick bush-pilea
far eattaBdaf or 1r1 the cranter.
SsIAMp fr brilliantly
marked native trout.
Yet the week end. were not ex-
actly free f& t d old-Usme. They
devo nw boato ?howW
o mi tow to itter W i
ereLutow to legate the rdc p.
oRs whele a lLaSth bass
=a out a J day how the
adk of the w bk 4 washW
.tf down the 6 ady wood road
from thd e s rka tet Iaby. his
Prank s dead w, bt every
smnd aN&d. seetd s nk ng
ine mn aftbumiebel ofman
gmane that MN Meat
B pod Nremain Is My
eoy. toeen time I hos I cae

way W

am as hriaw

**^i ,B^^^-^ 8 W^-



m rlatral
14re lei

S -.11111 p, i

* ama lnin~s

JeffO ta aflr
son&a Spa u
'eta. m120

U 91UflrU

.... ;-. A.
1 .+

. .- "


' :. C- ; '- '- *' V 4
*... .' n .. ..

**1 j .':

.a .. .y-,'


1 "f,..:,"

and am convinced that

gives greater smoking
pleasurel '

I like a clean, pleasant
smoke. and that's why I prefer
VICIOYI, to any other cigarette.
The 20,000 filtering
'elements,fin the cork tip
produce a mild. pleasing smoke
which gives complete satisfaction,
They add mildness to fine flavor. Whenever
I'm worn out with fatigue I light up
a VICEROY. The relaxing effect
is immediate.


Mit Jeri Mellon, ems of the ea .sNimji '
S rnaceo a the Corp,. Hou.Md i.i ,O".de. .M -' :

Mokef the 1p rNW


.' Y--" ROy*"v.- -

... L9 -'s
I- ,+f
S =

" h s hewtuim.-"Y iierw"c icre $ i-:---:n -p' p .'

" c~~~~ t.' -4~ --LYl -;- :----. ;-T~n-

-... .- -_. <.' -'1 ',. .. -.-*" ,,.-- ;.*-*' "
"" -' -" "z -:+.. "-*'* '.'- -" --. ....

I ~





' i ';"


. I

0w ,

A. .
^* .

.,..., ,; '.,++'. '-. -,- ,'*l ': 'r/ %+ ** -
', *, ', '.'. ,' ;" ^ ,; ; '
I ,* .... "ll -t-T-.".. *
.,. -, q...7 '_ ,
.. 7.. '. .. .,- .
+, ":. ,-."



.7 .-'---- ---;-

' : ^. ^, *!.i..^ ",
::... ,: II. f% ^

"'*,*i'; +. / -' .....- .



* ... ~

j ....; F.f


"Let sh. people know the truth and t country is safe" Ablh Asmt t

Army Accused of New For tla-I""

-'Innocence By Diffusio n
WASHINGOTON, Au. 7 (UP) dious" to question all 30 of the W. Zwicker, commander of CImp general, two si walrl ,
Sen. Karl E. Mundt (R-S.D.) to- officers and he might only call Kilmer, N J., where Pereuas was twe brladte g ab three
day accused the Army of invent- "some" of them before his Ben- discharged. But he later -v the colonels, Iwo 5e cole-
Ing a "formula of Innocence by ate investigating subcommittee. 'subcommittee a list of he of- nes nud one. mo ,
diffusion" in listing 30 officers Peress is the former Army ficers involved. He said heo ulsd .t@et a date
responsible for the promotion dentist who refused to tell Me- McCarthy finally ot around for the n w Pores h ai., be-
a honorable discharge of for- Carthy whether he was a Com- to opening Stevens' better at a cause of s
mer MaJ. Irving Peress. munist. McCarthy's efforts to ecret meeting yesterday at on a na of cn-
He said instead he believes find out who was "responsible' which he also resumed in- sure McCart. e want DEFEN MAB ALL AT CONFERESl- President Nleigwer.
"one or two or three persons for giving Pereas an honorable vestigation of alleged cormvan- ed to keep ll able for retires ames gerty enter) and 3Iaikry Spdaer miVVennese made the decisions" In handling discharge helped touch off the lam In New England defense the special. hwer returned to the White H etU emfo
en SelsInade- the case of the Army dentist stormy Army-McCarthy hear- plants. McCarthy aU tJe Aubsom nit- bower. r ed to the Whito s m ie
aHeleng na Is bde- who refused to tell Sen. Joseph In', Be said Stevens gave the tee fnaldly t ttnae outtyes- atack on Ge..G e Marsha, madllr .orgf l of a*ol rv '.. -" ..r
Ai. t along the beach R. McCarthy whether he was a rmy Secretary Robert T. aes of the officers b Me terday what to be y rewa r o .u y.'
i, She attributes Commua. Stevens protested McCarthy's arthy did not release t em. a case o f .l ._ -_
athful beauty to early- McCarr.y agreed with Mundt questioning of Brig. Gen. Ralph They include one foUr-dtar the defense _. I S pe a t h ahd do t r -.t
aexerciaes under Medi. and said he intended to reopen turned out, he ad m"tthe
ranean sun in -the e which touched off his -... -wit.-a w t right mea n" at-
-yoss~e Io. The- m m 11a at ana l Hat --Old '. wt h A y ,openThearing Jul.1 Law-
haven't gotten to thRe its t, S n. M horse Offers To Back Up e c. f a
7 S. he has demanded for menths,that Fore River phip at t .Quincy, '
the Army teU him who handled0Mams., claimed wAothe
hRuckus t ,neress affair and court- an named on committee nH
partial te resonsi His nti- McCarthy Charges mnaTh1 -"b alyi m
McCarthy opened a sealed en- cmadeyo mrr..e)i.Pr
d"b velope, submitted by the Army a -ouo .P... ry."
n fl Uyesterday and said he found the Mundt, who residing at re than 41405 pounds oeod
y names of 30 officers, including WASHINGTON, Aug. 7 (UP)- Watklns, a 67-year-old former the time, apol to Parrish hou o ectan t
EN. Oer ma Y* five generals, who were described Sen. Wayne Morse (Ind.-Ore.) Ju e and ranking Reublican for the apparent .mistake. But erese ecthe worldly aoods, coi m o Tuday I,
-erma shipyard as taking an "active" part in the volunteered today toback up bis on the committee, said the hear- after Stening to the queaonin -.tretltr a'-rate emplorldl moo i trat f be met ats them to plae a
dar called offanoth- case, charges against Sen. Joseph R..ings probably wil not start un- of-Parrtsh yest.e aMod U and- their lfaflies, are to be mboa stantiBmn by a b whieh Atrportandeetttte sp4pg
of demonstrations McCarthy first said he wanted McCarthy in testimony before a til after Congress .cleans up Its "I withdraw the a. sent out by laa over the week wll t then to Tomen. in tra t the Atlab l
i. amny. requisitioning to question all of them, then special Senate Investigating com- pending business perhaps the McCarthy Pa wrrish b the n canal Como- rw Qt H. oeall M m mtof t S"le.. .,
e Army as Com sald he hoped to question 'some.' iittee. week after next. o tpi o P 'i 4 i wh refused a Loa to
l order to l* Mundt, next-ranking Re ub- Watklns said the committee :O'ay whether were Con r tr of the re h- iu y o Ja- of lto
lican on McCarthy's ifnvestgat- "I will be pleased to present will interview McCarthy when munlsts. He identify the other pAtr .aind bou ta 5 eriy rSy
n ,es Ing subcommittee, said "it looks my argument before the com- its nrelimin work is complet-Buffisalo, e whnl
S a many theft wi be if- Morse told a reporter. "It Is a lican has not requested an a The Parrish "errort was cited a ef t e ly t a
N= are s lo w m at bp OerI t-es e e-eL ad. roaTh h. a s t edf..I. ..
i' cultto pWItndw -." competent commI ttee." pearance officially but has to d by Son. Ralph Flanders (R- a a for fr tth euro f
y o te"I'm twigM to know why it h -some committee members" he Vt.) thi week as one of the ye- ti m ae tho wtr se tram-
M a ,the',my Mr t B. o "wi Me- The alx-man, bipartisan comr -wants to be heard. .sons why the Senate should r- notnato has oo re i sa.ti l. r. fil .
Sr "It mitte wa nam Thursday to sure C -
it^ l a routine ae e asM leveled Watkins declined o edt-
4 durinlast tow long the boa would
S taid it may prove too "to- we i d ake. The Senate oto
.iure lI 6, reas after com l1isK
lative chores an then return to ano sawid to r
w FrMiloel Morse was the author of seven hear the committee's report and mtlon about a
ts wo r o ersoUng of the 44 dharges.-ome of them take whatever action la neces- shipyard operated a Bo -th
S. te g Pin duplicating-wnich were referred sary. wLhBt Corp. The of
T& atr TA D IB Di to eseacommittee along Left undecided' as yet Is, A^tlth--......p a l- lif
Se r I with the censure resolution spon- whether McCaILrthy' request to m. a. a mt
scored by. Sen. Ralph E. Planders cross-examine witnease will be f thoemer atrimoVat00 .7Gibb1on trereofatdthe
NILES, O--P)-Edward Law, (R-Vt.) granted an a whetthe hear- fori 0Atr1employ" Id"th -fam i-u ere, and hisiOiI1Ott1ISndahi
a new whowored In the rollin mill al Inge will be open to the publicBra e lIsra of-. uia
pI erauee them-to street t wre for 35y ears, gavi aMe brs of the committee a- andpres. re setl afdt erOfl -m eh Theycom attar o, o a oU
p eresto t ithat u for a rOing pin 17 years re d At9 maet yesterday to Watkiyrnrrss aid the committee .nasBspentin empyofthe i
e cd has 'sine developed a ared the weekend examinln will meet 'again Monday to con- Can ot he.Gi-athatms thug- ffor cornersd Thn
a e 'or an Army ne a bu o lbakine n business wthber and Otarge and to decide next siderr thee and other pocedu ral e t at I. t in s el o. t

Ct, le. .eSaie whit h sl He t imhol comitte do be the subqusinomsb S oo aAruintoVa., thAttle Bid m nt Spai chat. i6 r.
weod German licewPlat- thIwehkf:Epcsopallan-minisestionse rat edT t ei.
Iaroumen din spu m ,-I Adartedt bak ng ommer- Ject o projected 'hearings andi Sen. Edwian C. hnson (D- WASHINGTON, Au. T ( VP t world, ncludin the Iron from a
erinyn their kitchen at home we ch. ould be dropped. Colow.)w aselected vcetcah Toi m Jacob Astor u, New Y thrk ihetncounrie. mbodeith .
l&ay. w ?he hlost his ;ob In 1937. At ovat yesterday' secret meeting. socialte, today took as hise wrdslt co me paraivel, M os ,
Ar a an first they baked bread, rolls, pas ure John C. Stennis (D-id nOt ier committee members are wife tallne Doloresi Mararet ath rS employee eadrltaip colecibon. is nt the anh --

htocwrTmrmy tfbom her m"othler. elaborate. with the Senate noxtnweek. This, ter wh.eethey were given aed* .rriv by plane fromans- wit rasr blades. To me the a ^ttl:
i rtry ad pies, but when the vol. said dropping of any chargessaM,. a Frands o s foR-S.D.) g ullman, dchbyter 's t. f ath-one ire mo-

and delivery while Mrs. Law oen. Arthur V. Watklns (R- the Senate tonreces pending a Mr. and Mrs. George muboan. Th>e 81 reptiatei moto ey the other time eaort,.'' SSi S W.
anirtS ag taht ae ar of dough oin creased, at yesterdays s they wereLran ed much bore (al.) tennis Beach insurance executive. to s fo the Ial r.acyl a 1 0 dlffer t in s

atlot a ben at am and committee will rule out any Also left undecided was th ed ed dress of pk cotton n S conrtion ay i T a .lpalsh blades. He rtnr ,
,sbt out one line after another and ruled alsea bt t that they coulp andr a ivin. The 4co ear-old Astorand d hisi t

thisfl~fi^ Sswon't lasBtoo much longer. of enough slgnlficance to justi- tee will make any specific ree- seventh -od ha carat hamand next Monday and esT W w manuacturyd .-, re, A.
Sit concentrated on pie. no action." ommendaton be proe or that nvestigae censure engagement ring. the f families, emo th h nevidua lt ra
w anow turnout 011 to 600ntr them might take too much Watkins told reporters the ted in an informal ceremony .dat i 1de mint of S anish cha ra

Sflgue teye worked long and issue or merely will report on CarrylK a mank stale and wearm wny total 42 persons. other country ain E p .. 15 EC. Sb ,
h ardenouea h and wil get out of tHe time. committee w hasuld elimith or f nate sof the hva- me of an Are the bride told re .AtMos to ide ert of Spansho- bo chan altr.aftollecA r. n
busiesssn. td to bar television cameras riouf charge "f we porters that we haven't been plan t lY a their PC wor; not at all- saan-made blades, stant tari A.
Scontleadinet bke pies for h er the hearing Ervin they weree should not-mke any sped- She said. se thout that her ear-old mother t b limited the variety;
best-customer her know-how. N.C.) said some- recommendations but should new husband had pinnuncd aret. .
S Law if proved, would not justify en He final action up to the on- the situple t a fveir win rute ews e1 o et e money can buy b lnmael a good .t

S a arned sureaa scie of a senator. He did not bly will file a progress aorts confause shrence hastily expresscalled a the first time te e tr wo Japanese blades wih he w
Aneelabor at e Watkins Said the ommhis,rtel whess for they were ven'wer or left by pe rom p withrazor blades. To me tshes. ,.
from her mother. with the he tart of hea t was te second marriage for th arrival here many Oe f the has
Se en. H i handl i es.the atualbakng until s thdweek may make It possible fore d lunch bthe bride' a ma. ferece is this-onerequre mour" F't ,

SltI | r il@ because It wod "not be fair' metuAstor on her birthday last The first rots of t of ns Gibton said. And aftort.11
--0ad delivy, ,while Mrs. Law Sen. Arthur V. Watkins R-the Senate to rec pending it M at a party a hishoeTe aSi res.Pi t.e m of ey the totally, her t ime taGib
u takes care otthe miing and prep Utah), who was elected charmanUP I nal report whiMiamih I not expect At double ring weddin wom ce here from ma Serra use saide h
se amro of doCHE h for crusts. at yesterday'ssession, seir d thcr ed much bfoony the bride wor a ow-ncktoor the Canal rn ac cumulated 1,00 diff-- .
and committee w rue ou astny Alsotopa movie saving th ed redpayers m dress of pink cotton and Aotructoio days, will To- of tawsh blades. He rta.rked-

projector designed primarily to aid Murderers, eoubeatersA forgers, fi rm T aBiSce mAp 't Xl ^1a1 Gfa and t*cb.
Theds ine eayatteoon, but charges wheichrIt feels are "not question no whether the commit- lace, arls gold als and her n Aport n tw

ns picture studies of the human pnd amony delquents tea m nm upd
He Ia s3 and his wife is 65. 'tIey fy action." ommendations M. the censure engagement ring. thet' Wfamilies, the two part ferent kinds of blades. .Al a
figure they've worked long and Issue or merely will report on Carrying a mink st~le and wear. will total 42 persons. "oter country In Europe...
nard enoUfP and will get out of the The committee has already the truth or falsity of the va- ing sunglasses, the bride told M Most of them arelerlpo- bon said his collection luded s
het has been developed at the in a $2,500,000 annteal buevision essporters that "we haven't been plan- heiranadeblades,

bUnversity of Rochester School of pected to ar even more in 1954. I eI- | l a
Hnee Law expect she r and radio microphesonersfm Flanders h said the commit- il e.wedng far in advance"InlddIn e t
willbutton continuerol, can be insanly he state Another third work a on

at fl speeds as low as sx rame maintenance. The final one-third UP A Korea veteran who hav e barricaded th themselves a I.ahe .o t e U. ft es.vte .
bAdvantages of the projector husband health ad psychologicalrs ic recommea iMons but should new husband had plic But orred efeI.pS _e ,' genun.e ea ....., --.. '
Selde better light intensity and man l td etor he lost they appas exprently slipped oat i r h time TShy _p Ttre lpl DLet J aplad l b@ e eg-
cton without danger Co-operato is the keynote of an eleci, ad the committee 1ess forl the troopers moved a. orf et ehd. ,alg l ha tr e-on. :

v og the fl. the pr Workers in the tex. hours lay te troopers. Itw an Arthur Orey a rril hhade mn a
The projector makes it possible tile teopeTthe state prison farm The slaying fug shot to death and Polase Ch ef fiernst boft 3p eamd
sto take odiary motion lectures at Radyway weave mattress ticking et Jam o wo four" Ce Ato on h r_ __leTe__a__ofO_.__

and pra ct them in slow motion, by machine. The material Is ship. cowering In a o after he and wounded in a gun battleWt-
inl Although low moti pictures can ped to the maftres shop at state two companB0eilhangl5u shot Cogburn earlier at the Hand- tben'Cobur _.
Ca s Abe ade by shooting at speeds prson hers wbre IBnmates cut with state polM who cornered son County courthouse, M o.s th o w a fn t
Lawrence church greater than the normal camera bolts o cloth lato Roperr lengths them in a a. aidk. S
.wll soon speed, this is not always possible and sew them Inato mattress shape. Hta b burn, also Cittiens were sworn d- hs wreS ed
of theG because of poor light edM From thearison the finished was catur ound- pates and others we
.sto The ew or M attresses g o the state's Nearo. ed in r gun- a s the word
S-thereto dcdt -f sa ntfl Psycabic Inste itute at Skillman. man, as W rn had sworn to A
Ssr phy when a uO Various productare distributed in believed n the area. number of officials after d
ambat b here this manner to a n atutions hous- He may baveb w handed, of- deri ted for sheriff. _am
[g^- _It Jdesirable Wq t Ing 35,000 wards of the state. ficers 8tA &* *MW 86foot 2 .32- v 1 .ath,, the
eludel It the iisonera the Army sa"G"
u ). Isie h a ma'Od a or tlA -- r POSEUR
4.....W n 4:0 we eat e proea whe license lfor an aMlWIeIr.sI-.
-t,... 4:4. .... .U. tp aretomed out. ments. a.-. .ti:.- v .-.
o tu an 4


__~ __

S 1-..

*A r aSSttL':

? :


Material Information

The Panama American
Portion of title:
Weekend American
Physical Description:
Scott Family Library Fund ( donor )
Panama Times, Ltd.
Place of Publication:
Panama City, Panama
Publication Date:
daily (except saturday and sunday)[may 12, 1973-]
daily[ former oct. 7, 1925-dec. 4, 1966]
daily (except saturday)[ former dec. 10, 1966-may 5, 1973]
normalized irregular


Subjects / Keywords:
Newspapers -- Panama (Panama)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
Panama -- Panama


Dates or Sequential Designation:
Oct. 7, 1925-
General Note:
On Saturday published as: Weekend American, Dec. 10, 1966-May 5, 1973.

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Source Institution:
University of Florida
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All applicable rights reserved by the source institution and holding location.
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oclc - 18709335
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Oroccan Citi

SRAAT, Morocco, Aug. 7-(UP)
warriors took up positions outside I
Morocco toddy posing a -thna of

S ARME HARVESTffl ll!n ,#i~lfinltdle l tuoi prote ti ti i t.

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Mh@f teis0 l&MlS'S follEwing a a t eto he ule

bo- o miner i .t* will be dit &sasse at o f had b een of-
bt lat In the board o

SheBworld o errcar- at eSaakspeo w na bte ase a r ourt- TheL atner
iw ee, Wow"O. A",.'P LS ifr e.a o cific Cho gare ScriTpps. of the nounjced las
--Syo a.rO n t;wlc .Bl WASet,, A. 7Io t s P bm srt in.t -hee towary. -Be *B o
SThe 4-year-ol d chairman
ay r5 notonL- iSW Frdo reiden is Co r omp ay cote

Sam h rld chAzo, .eton hi areuss n 1 = O,8, s t he
Sn1 l-s foeiin. aA t for a lut- oaerIAn theth roen th M

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a l. s. a thel US tedl fru edento Jly C tie. s i th.u nCole s 1 Scr adpdp tosd h t.o "A

ehn Ltseur. he.d be"A
St a fgc"esw. ur sow-f oaotr wo.o UiSe o rn t a tw h are u the ,
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ads the bg s m he ant dr clOur lem Enn m.t l aesUPde) carp oo .h lpe t Pe O ct h the eann n tb

Sles W aret A are Ca yiw, a mi31Ma e Ohio Pres in w1s88. It ws theS
it s slt. hf mean oft teaem m .uf thap al foiu be Pnnletni.aenofir nCe wp-peroin, the pr set Theuh
; ,o sl doplan ....

m e t ualBo s t te au t K rs re cetsL rwe alte r edI troactivb e o al n the Ci ,t-l rtio nwie thean ws p hpar-h debael
mera nsb thde n 8 twarpl o b. riPp cents nreae. Harodr o Macha r tore nlis 1 du In adftion e ft G tur Re flr an -
A t e i r e m cen t e th i ino es. lo and e e n tao r te bfte
od Lul rte ecedo. o shortly at dr the alrpian t- r
S te g their nto m. to a onererst Eb te

SwThe eare d che o actte Chor Ciu W ic e y Bb aa be a him
a COX a It an o -,nattd i Anelor taoe dn oeoi Clroerettl hi C r r of the d H as a

teleeo r ,. cl a et r. t
ia aa to tpaadadsr bhvo Pre d InbP turned dw ur

.UveW3 werIW e,, v e wwd.,Of cM'a to0k Castl, n S ruadyd
eo no maklaR i Worldffirt ae ent w ono e the

,Co.i a spe byh Rai ibow y will .
04 athe ir de e e m st .ePras hente vyd mall JI the o let-n at ati the
Me as erred Saier of lu n s %a nd.i, it was a

>Il~n l~~tir Lareas :I~k~today. o
32m. to W Dvisl..
Iwas relocated d
a. 1 R whsite caqL os Ag -two & *1y 1 seh c tle &o emYe. as e na s

sear -r t tw" Jdn the or the else a

isi VO a d wio IiC a~ethlW to UheetfA the at

tom-at rriets o. Is the Sono. sma at
W aso f IsUnthed taes Iawll m tohes* on O E W.Cely scthel r to 3li
W -b ft F J fm -W turn to Koreafvi a R ia un ion Iu s
a e n at I R ed aroda t so Baden -5 Ohio Pro In IBo"M It was t
C a n o f 4 h ee sa n d j a ft a c t i v ej-
retro tive 6 ed in the geer inoba nt1wieO P t j to busy an

at untrod v..uld bifi bia nX the gol g rdo and teeiinsak
^erfn^ ^ ?el!^^ C tes the in":

"Is t 'JoTnha ctLed M e l Ri inbow CCot wffopr f r Ontfr. IMe
was bb the bi- adt uarat tbC taw to mall which
SB1~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~~~~C on the~r^1"^* ^'" dr *^~t1 fPMijgpohoeti M*^U~- A5 lad^~^H

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gagNe eat be gaLN t a N dSMm't peg*il



B, ike to brot jaher Calhoun for a few nk e toots In te Iqglle.
otw y od friend "Doc" Tapia ad scp to St. LOuys,
id 3W. eulars pringl cold left me. lmo te y-bid
pl "MY"t m -e'e with v-Ollin0 at night and.wMAhnt thnl
M solution tin the morning, I .o see falfly we9 until
Doctors can find nothing to relieve them.
Mr. Calhoun poke of crop damagieom wo much here
Wli ;a MM wningup on a strip about 40 miles wide and a h.dre.d
S Iest long through San Antonlo's, but most of the State lJ Serv-
SSde' a trip to the Coast a month agoe and never saw AuCh a
S rop. corn and rice are high and cotton doin well Want
ae another trip to Falcon Dam soon but it depends on how
t go in %this disturbed world. Looks at present like no vaca-
47" o to kno*Boquete Is doing so well Intheir coffee, butoI
Us plenty. Many thing@ have gone down in the whole-,
' e market but it hasn't resaced the consumer.
The holtest summer in record, and it's everywhere,, but it
t.Alooi like some relief in in sight.
,.- ..More later if my eyes hold out and thanks to Judy Parada
Sfr.the paper and the magazine she sent.
i Bncerely,
W. 5. "Pop" Wright

-.penate Group Votes More

ai n an House For Foreign Aid
t' ', IBP-* -

ITON, Au. 1 (UP)-7se in the proram any supplies
ppA one Coin- X ap n recovered from
s ovis e in in because of the truce
116 for new foren aid there.
this year ,S.565 It voted, however, to limit to
i approved by the 300 million dollars the amount
of "tti material which may be
proved for military, used without being charged a-
iad technical asls- galnst the program. The net ef-
full $2,582,063,78 left feet was to increase the total
previous a&propria- prograln by 20 million.
had voted only Bean. -Burne ItR. Maybank (D-
i.eC.) M l8d he 2 make an at-
ee e camse on temt on the sIenata floor to
.."ah n s ffm r eliminate a.. ease bY nro-


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calen the Almelil
lement a powe'
Its European
'thie other day andt
smrets and hotels we
Ren who lead vn
huge cities, an n coni0 rfe
amd unions with scores o l
of members. Of cou
cialist who has ta Ias.wr
Is Britain's 1W.N i.
Clement Attlee. -
These arc gentle pople. Ty
are anti-Communist. M 9Wfv
champion us against B Soiit
world. They believe In dmocny,.
But they are anti-Capitalist. They
would nationalize all industry
whatever land they lt
ly-slowly, certainly, but definite
lyl For, they are MSlistb.
Now this raises a griat moral
and intellectual problem
The Socialists Internaional ma-
ny leaders of which a ora'tt;
veterans of Nazi and Asviet 9
centratLon camps, conto.or
fluences sharply mauian p
unions and n otional lab -t :
tions in England, Frae Get-
many, the Lowlands the scandl*
navian countries anu Italy. For,
in .Europe, virtually all uplous
have a political party attached and
every socialist of labor art is
tied up with a laboredra
Although the U.S. has spent
scores of millions of dollars bol.
steridg these unions ad .helping
to reconstruct them after the war,
strong anti-U.S. sentiment Is de-
veloping inside the European la
bor and socialist movement.
This sentiment Is coupled with
a sharp increase in the desire to
join the European unions in "uoil
ty" with the Soviet-controlled
World Federation of Trade Unions
-an outfit which Senator y
has called the main conduit, of
Russian man-power and mogey-
used to sabotage the U.8. and cap-
ture governments such as OGuate-
In Britain, for example 14 tbi
unions, including the electrical
workers, the railwaymen and the
miners, with a total memr bl
of 2,653,000, have demanded
Soint confenee be e
the S ilet's ._r..
uCO n ade oTan
Commune t
action of Fre*e raA
This lhtttr oraJ
some tim~h&4
--as- *MIdme .

Faint Priise

and they fall and thy get siek and,
they suffer -orturesand theyI
come out of It MARINES, in cap-I
ital letters.
They are treated to the most
carefully d lg aed sadbin. know
bh "P"U" u" a sw'=*an *- vm-i

4.' '.~
'A' --

* C. ~*.

. .s ..usft weMs,,
a Aut.llt4


said' m
IV I was

7M .

SErt or his ehi
9 asot facts, the
ormmittee can al
without wasting a
t"t r-: -.

,in-. o, o.-.. .V

orograme The House had lsr tor ow- g I an oa. There were o hommissionedh ldd. al aa a
,m.o L .. evwtehot the -a mis.100#vai sNe
Sto eln te all money for nc that er, at t d m ho MCa
, Me U.Nt program o an ew to U that youcant val Indoctrination School, at Partmee m f w cer ad not tortured th o ude' a-
Presideht B inhower oririnal- side I .Zch. build f t hirs by mouth College, and the Old Man the eb butn McCarth d repotts n th
1 r asked for $3,440,000,000 to anlal I 'tl I e "Ago a e dartige into made a dose laspectlen ot wvsy lr. I fell at Ua 8. ald &to the h dln gamu- a
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