The Panama American


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The Panama American
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Weekend American
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Scott Family Library Fund ( donor )
Panama Times, Ltd.
Place of Publication:
Panama City, Panama
Publication Date:
daily (except saturday and sunday)[may 12, 1973-]
daily[ former oct. 7, 1925-dec. 4, 1966]
daily (except saturday)[ former dec. 10, 1966-may 5, 1973]
normalized irregular


Subjects / Keywords:
Newspapers -- Panama (Panama)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
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Panama -- Panama


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Oct. 7, 1925-
General Note:
On Saturday published as: Weekend American, Dec. 10, 1966-May 5, 1973.

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University of Florida
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All applicable rights reserved by the source institution and holding location.
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oclc - 18709335
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The Senate and crowded gal-

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Mi mby the Ireds off HaLnan I- whih Up lives pM -
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acts of Red Chfatewaghji
Officials in, ton *||i
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day.. Autbouftttve, oniMOM hn
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.40 r. m *av m .I NW # It W .


Ft. Kobbe, CZ.

u 'Thls is to "01 Oorcaught."
Would have answered your letter sooner, but I have been in
field, so I didn't see the paper until 25 July. .
Your .Ugres are pretLy accurate, but your reason."n about
ite of time is out of line. Whether or not that review was a
te of time is all in how you look at it.
The Army doesn't produce a product to sell to the public.
It Is supposed to produce a product that will serve the public in,
time of an emergency. How they go about this may seem artange,
(even to RA me) but with all the Interference from outside in-
terests it is a wonder we retain people for 40 years as was the
case of the man we paraded in honor of.
When a man goes 40 years or even 20 years of constantly
being in the eyes of the public and being subjected to all types
of criticism. he deserves a farewell review.
I've paraded In reviews for retiring sergeants, colonels and
generasi. In fact all ranks, but believe me, they are no waste of
The honor bestowed upon that man was forthcoming and
Just, and what It does to many troops wh6 like to parade makes
It a valuable morale builder.
I like to see those guidbns on line, the colors of our country
and regiment waving proudly. We have to have that feeling of
unity and strength; that's what a parade is for.
To some of us, this is our world apd we chose it to be. For
those of you who do.not feel this way. you can consolte yourself
in this philosophy: "Oh well. 24 months isn't a lifetime."
M/Sgt. Michael J. Cafone,
Sgt. Major. 1st Bn. 33rd Infantry

528 Merced. Pace
Manila. Philippines
Dear Editor:
Ever since I read of your wonderful country in our Oeography
book and local newspapers. I have always been Interested making
s,- i -lends with citizens there.
'-',. I am a 15 year old. Filpina oirl and a freshman in commerce.
'"" My interests are music, reading, movies, stamp-collection apd
ew.4 lover of sports too.
I would be most grateful if you could help me have pen-pals
from your country.
I know aside from my native language, Tagalog, also English
Sa little of Spanish. Oracas Sefor!
Guadalupe Mendoza.

Among the Trees

tre tee
j; tOigamena

56 Evergreen tree
57 counter
S5 Gaelio
50 Townships

Peter Edson




great effort to make an Inter.p-
donal issue out of what Is' now
called "The Keefe Cae" has been
accompanied by conderable mis.
understanding and misrepresenta.
tion. It could easily stand a large
amount of clarification in the i-
terest of public enlightenment. '
In the first place, It isn't the
Keefe case at all. It shoud po
esy be called he Kee eaIfi
case. But Keefe is a gbod Irish
man around which patiIts en
rally. Scaletti, being of Ialian de-
rivation, is the forgotten man In
the affair. No group of patriots has
taken up his cause as yet, though
he is in much the same pickle as
his buddy Keefe.
Richard T. Keefe and Anthony
Scaletti are two U. S. Army pri-
vates who were stationed in
France. Army records reveal that
Private Keefe, 26 of Riverdale,
Md.. has a record of six courts-
martial. After confinement in a
U. S. guardhouse following his last
c nviction. Private Keefe was as-
sikned to a base near Orleans,
There he met up with Pvt. Sca-
letti. After drinking considerable
liquor one night last year, accord-
ing to the Army record, the two
soldiers got in a taxicab driven by
a 65-year-old Frenchman.
After a time the" two soldiers
choked the Frenchman, pulled him
out of his cab, beat him up and
left )ir.i at the side of the road in
a serious condition. He was laid up
for 30 days.
These details are usually not
mentioned by Private KoefeA de-
fenderF, who are no* rather nu-
merous. Thc Defenders of the
American Constitution w o s e
president is retired Marine Lt..
Gen. Pedro A. Del Valle a fabu.
lous World War II hero himself-
have taken up his cause and are
collecting money for his defense.
Their version of the affair as
published in their -news letIer,
'Task Force," is thgt the wo
G.I.'s "went out for a celebraqen,
got a skin full, and decided to take
a joy ride. They swiped a Frech
taxicab and pushed off for Par
It was all just a boyish prank.
Anyway, there is agreement .on
all #ides that the two soldiers Were
arrested in Paris by French polae.
The two were charged with ft
and violence. And then 'the story
began to take on Internktional
Under the North Atlantic Treo
Organization S t a t u a.. of Fo
ameament--anoroed bv Pream tt

F sow i, -, W&

I.,a a
apf ni

l as. n e atreine

to Champipon of
o w can we
we It s .entry into the

n ately the dolat
,Wf older statesmen are
s in sue

Krea,'there would
be soo ,Jorea, and unless you
Dlease ere not onae day
longer dbtinet.
'grit his determination have
made Korea what tt is today. But
His- efusal to cooperate with
others may tear down the very
thing he has built.
For when Rhee leaves this
earthly scene as leave he mist,
the man iely to succeed him is
Lee Bm uk, a fascist-minded
dependable Who' could, embrace
eoiummusm with4he same facility
ne embraces republIcanism.
Such ip our diplomacy of look.
ing to nott to future.
On sutchs' Iri t I ou
noley. In an i arm Ainrlhd with

horg-, "w.- -;''


hban a no entri or ir.

pore ycan no dWKrean

ovr, 1 "de


te tremendous po"Ueld adv
tae U.N. saprt.

But while 8 ut' a sta
nas, -North now imbln/e an

0 are-tAt
maawlle, ,Wh t wO
L wUVh orea Ithe mS.
he npl ud i doa
Year oa even In five yea
ure the a mWhuVidead

6 Prayer 20 rewdly 1 Rag
6 Aerial (comb. knowing 42 Pilfered
form) 23SKnd of tree 44 Negative re
7 New Zealand 24 Regret 46 Birds' hpsi
parrot 27 Tide 48 Wither
8 Brazilian state 29 Greek war godSO City in Ala
9 Biblical 31 Crystal cluster52 Newt
mountain 34 Island (Frt.) 83 Tear


4 Operated
4TPuster *

apS' kiblns
US Aideloun look
^. ^-A

INdlIiMi Vegetaheu Dishes
b, awh, Plai4rS

Way- r weA W7u wwey *cn nw wo imU n w uW i um an I, U- Toso mny* -fl*s vi *a i..-w I *l
ote in the U. S. Senhaw make the 'draft work, and why many of which seem to disappear if it wouldn't t idea
195--Amerann *troops Russia won't accept a pact not into mist in order to make room for the world to to on vacation,
Otlone Europe rm be rJn to use atomic warfare except in for the next Imn.l bellyache. so that thp innocent. bystaners
the courts of any. NATO country ag. antbwry. might get a little rest It wouidnt
ply or violations of it laws ommi and and tffc lamb. ny ctn each hurt the world even a tiny bit.
26 ted off a military post. There is cancer, ot course, which world- saker hat raises its troub- Not to think, not to worry, not to
Ths irim ome say is abettd by cigarette led sku. plan, not to brood, not to figlt-
Thui f a G.I. commit a cri smoking. You all remember the story of just saspend activity for ee
martial., i he is off duty and com- We can worry about the flare- the boy who cried wolf too of- months. The world has been too
mits a crime while on a as, he ups in South America, and about ten. When the wolf finally came much with us, lately, and I for
may be arrested and tried by civ how to hold the line in Indo-Chi. it ate him. I think we very well one wish it woull go quietly a-
r illan authorities, the same as any na, and about Great Britain's at- might be working ourselves, into way.
citizen of the country.
Privates Keefe and S aletti, tried '
by a French court, plead guilty, *
It is admitted on all sides they
had a friendly judge. He sentenced
-i them to five year the minimum C -t a
under French law.
S The men were given solitary con- D U DTU
flnement, Keefe's defenders repre- By LE rlORIMR
sent this a being excedsilve pun.
ishmut. Solitary confinement un.
der French law, however, means
that they hve private cells and Hollywood & Vine: Jane Withers' million buck eompeUtin en TV with Renaldo's current efforts.
are not in a bull pen. They were settlement from William. Paul Moss Jr., was page .. .MUttn Berle warning up for hisW loep. glmull
not given.hard labor and they have one this week. Next month Vantage Press (a engagement of the year at the Sands la Las Ve.
[" the usual prison exercise liberties. v.itty house where you pay for your own) pub- ga, Aug. 4.-Only town rich enough to aay bim;
Under French law, they could have olia.s a: book by her. ex-husband's father who takes two wheels, four crap tables anmd battery
been given life imprisonment in a forked over the million. The title is "Rough and of one-armed bandits roing 24 hours a day to
penal colony. Tumble" which is probably how he feels.., Long provide his salary.
Run Honos-go this' week to Lawrence Tierney,
That's what much of the shout- celebrate eighth month on the wagon with
Ing is about-not what the two sol- nary a lp... 1'oil". nn and Uncle Sam. t
diers got, but what they could gether on S aettement of his tax claim...Mar- Dames Are Dames: Robi Roberts the glamor
have been given under "treaty th, Ells, beauteoUs ex of industrial Paul Ellis, doll, not the pitcher (but both have curves, at
S law." has the movie colony 'thinking it's Pierre La Bob Olln's for a farewell with actor MIchalM.On-
Mure, (author of Moulin Rouge) but she's plan- re before his trip to Hollywood. be's te babe
The drive Is on to get the NATO ning to marry Ed Heard. the inventor... Erida barred from Morcco ever since Da.tu d
Status of Forces aeemnt re- teele. of the Jalke headlines. Introduces herself her. The t him back butot l
pealed, to have American military in Hollywood as Gayle Roberts... Attention All ..P Castle, pretty blonde stw of "The
criminals tried o by American Movie Execs: your secret den of iniquity in Eh- It ag W t" s makg director Oarr
courts and to lo France re- sanada is no longer a secret. wait far toe l He wato "Y11" but rbt
lease kef and Scaletli. If enough now... J (of Carousel) the mer-
fuss raised, this last might -o and no foolin' with brunette eetul
aceompusned. Natalle Ore. (You hman he's dliy about her? l
The Right to Go Left: Same eager beaver, ...No matter what they say (I mean others)
There s o harddp angle to members f the left-wing ADA ta a p i.gefr e Kelly does want to marry Oj CaMsai.
i the e l that weo's onn of m Co texts by usia. ce-_ to f <1 c'r e disussing the plans., but her mfluiy ob-
is left i s two ren appp the hand-on-hip set-af~r tN 1 ... Attention Argentine. Playboy Macce!;
er 40i s ;I;Itadfr new members for thec ampusa ch a re .- i WFllims, your ex-wife (he. ao narried
the anmY f ha ayand fam-o ans fer 9inuifratle Action:.. WOnder wh 'M, v phk e es. remember?) is now datlp Walter
ily allowances of $8.L a month. State DePL crack-down? Gen. Mark Clark's hr- Trotan who ased to date Joan Moadeull... Pat
This t hav happenedeven vestigten late the CIA will find that Klnsqys Crawl responsible for Vie Damome' serious
if he had-bee tried b an Amer. ofr bth px were'transterred to the Centa In- note. Not a sad 'one, either.
lan judge or court-martiaL Mrs. tellitee Agency.
Keefe has suend tr release of her 'A geny.- 0-
huseand on writ of habeas cor-. o -- o -
U. S. Court of Appeals de- sxisb Not I:Cover fl Roomr laIho
pusia s. of Appeals de- I've Got That Old Feeline Dept.: They're-say- MgaL e5axpe5t a h
Inn R dro areturned to the U.S. Just In time to Pk A&Ator &~his steaks mrae (bt at edsatly
help- Bobo count her loot... Recently severed r). 1b i 1wsted his watters at the Vpga.
I Marchlone iof Milford-Haven (Romaine mp- In: "Te e 0k f ww It Si
son) 1&ton Manny Wolf's with Walter' N- 4WD..i mneIr Iwi. X solie
t. 0 N. l chols Jus it a plain businessman... That's Me. Be eau that ehtrietm
,* *key's voluw t1 n) dln n g at Hollywod s.,h o ,. 4 -,1
with Hugh S s a minhtyttr ane .
1 and. is trying hard for a thearieal er.., her I No oety: Prince A is mnoff
__ __ _____ romances: lila Darvi and Gaston Hakim. mid ba rM severed. His xcellaey (qe




N.T, ndM g
!o s t en e loo re ie
thelas. e1s.) at WI>&]UM leIm hli i ^t

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ l *.- ': ,> b ..ia --f

-wlen you -OK '-D AUbW&r Ike
Vista of Syngman Rhe's na
e9hty, years you can une
why ir is emnaimes. difficdt *m
deal. with, Ou~dithose yes .he
has been beaten with bamboo rods
dally for seven months He
writia at o fire. -oe has
had his fingers mashed so her-
ribly that even today he blows
on them to keep them warm. He
has had to wear a 30-pound can-
gue around his mnek and lit with
his feet and hands locked in
He has spent seven years in
prison, 41 years in exile, has had
a $300,000 Japaoese price put on
his nead. He has been rebuffed.
He has been disheartened. But he
has never eased fighting for the
liberty of the barren little country
which became the symbol of free
World resistance against the Com-
munist world.
And having staged that fight
and suffered much puush tt
you can understand why-whea he
talks about resuming war against
North Korea he really means it.
One Monti WarT?
Though the Ameriean Army has
cut off his gasoline, Rhee has
carefully hoarded gas, stored it
in secret caches until he has


raritv thout hapag ff

Hill said the farmer's shafo .
the national income is at tk
"lowest ,point since the..
stI.," Yet he sald mUr muId
ng pqwer "i absolutely ess
to keep the wheels. o.
ant ndustry turning at a
pace and to heep jobs for all M

Farm income fell about 4,400
000,000 during 1953, bh said. "Th
farmer cannot stand such a l
and neither can the rest of the.
The Alabama Democrat Pelt
the marketing costs of .Uwplv
acts to exmRdo that eoon- moM
would not benefit from lower go*
erment guarantees to farmers.
He said a farmer may get a

A. "



t* -

;~ ... -~



Did you ever get so completely
fed up with everything that
wished the world would
summer off and go
is about the point I've Bit jw
I just don't want to consider any
more problems for a while.
The summertime is a tired
time, and there is little about it
to recommend it. except baseball.
And it seems, in recent years, to
be a catch-all period for all the
nagging problems that are left
ober from the winter and spring:
Among the things on which we
can dwell as we scratch the mos-
quite bites and ponder th pois
ivv ia th *iuati. in R z sinl k

- -T~

__^ ^^ ___^ ^ ^ _Room*^

' -* ,* .


titude toward Russian trade. We the same position. We have been
can worrt about nearly everybo- shouted At, pounded at. hammer-
dy, a where, w what weed on, and punched in the eye so
lfe 11 doin e dtt along, eve- often thAt te capacity for intel-
ry day until cin; piles on cri- ligent reaction is about gone.
aisnd__ W i -getsr -punchy. There has not been a day with-
Im he McC i sons nons ense out a crisis since World War II
Imecif s r clse l tb being fl-Iended, and yet an amazing pum-
nished, bt we gut to start worry- ber of people are still plodding
ing pretty soon about ts effect on along, a little fatter, .a little bal-
the elections. I suppose we got toder, and little tireder but
and Jimmy Roosevelt in politics. still mobile. The calamity how-
worry about Junior Roosevelt lers have retreaded. their tonsils,
and Jimmy Roosevelt In politics. but still the world doesn't end.
We can worry abput French
futility and polio and the Italian Little, bush-leagpe Wars come
political situation. We can worry and g9, but most folks don't get
awhnut the hlah osat tf l ing ald nlmv un i4 them .iandl mn,-,.a





Ft Iist

.o- :4 4'
_" i f,. '' ,1


Sid abmt

'.4 3

", '* A *,', -
tWinE 4 Wtiin

-*. t r e, nbc r un- ',

.. i,--- revolt iI .st' rlin (o=unali sudetin t ire e
I an n a or or w

S 8 t ee asnt- o oaa of prisoners ,eal. undrthe
b o a~ F th ;srt W er-' -i re oee t Nee l C, -
treva l 'EasE Derlin. -

t uoo yup ith e alt preithoners r mthe durmoig ti -
JIaRW rL OeThey bnt o o be ie drh
11' eA berars fWithou In l

0"i Aw t a I ftc bawl

';s e_ tr e a vI M u onceutra- mn d. moIr Eiat. Gefna
... W0,,aotdlliahte ,g an Wrd,,ytobw t -i.
*P I* Iu ertla -tmhmin theaoc ats of te B

and-rmore n- A i -
~ ~ ~ ~ 0W W W" I, ->- -de nBdjalMn ocfta n nr AstGn
H ~A ." i* *. oncnpof(r adU edtobW ter
JfH ll falc retei &te at he tea5ort"o h

.... f ? -aniS. i b

more SM= Sbwteriati on
^^^^Wursaflon m-, %eant to .
.ti .a aeat t .-e t.

.r1 ho1t er gp t o papppe fr be i a
,, l~* 0 ar.e s s of a; th" t o a
X morhe 'h. 4wandobe
f, WORMO.i o a wm an an
met ,. a of spaa.Sdo13.d. A- houmekeep-
ar wIdAx rd!o e antsa th- Is t, esbe able to

^-^B.WI Just had K.aupt dream t ouldt %tf heek gen.

rltUhI eeansite be more on a
l--w Wf w plane..
place for me ere." My is affected .y the fact that
we wsl*kd together to the It's pousible sow for girl. to get
P. Potudam place, the tiny square l lod Jobs' wh" they get out of
ai, ag freedoms tomsay college nd they don't have to re-
I Watched him sneak back ly on men."
the U at sector past the armed A typical comment on "what a
Cited guards. college education means to me"

ut rtlly.



She said w l ege edga tI o n
help.a g IA a -oab and that
two salar ,mies tter than one
in the event jnrriagse.

for the w e I is he

Raid AWcluded .bat the only
ray of hope a odin the es-
lays wars a 59 re e state.
menC s that a o t v education do.
velopd a re t t opinions
of others. '
"Oily a handful of girls, how-
ever subscrilb6 to this 'democrat
ie Wocept" added. "It's the
mailed who 'y edd up -begging
for equal utrigu g.

(UPk-The military junta govern-
ment announced today that 11 9 of
the 5.00-odd )pOWeed _Commu-
ists. Jailed ine the fall of the
Arbqns regime have been freed
with a warning to "keep out of
Previsional President Carlos
Ca.IIo Armaa addressed the 119
Pironers just- befots they were
tieseud. Re advised them to
fwork the land and abntail from

Uist activities.
An ofcial anouncemt
So- Rnvanmmt.K is. lnvujifl

t itr|

Watch ForT

.. ~ ~ ... t,
^ f. "1 .' ..


Big Sale


100 Central Ave. Panam&

~' '.Ii
** ..r r^

I Urd it o

,a- A- A- a A

19" Kmg
.. :-. -

-- W- o ",iuaura 9.t. sum
"l-dearXpefor other,.
f of-Bz world, It was ao.unt.

Gea Smathers (D.-Fl.)
a~d _q for his op a.on
t'1 iP'ene technical
St.M35,0, -ad. to
parta the worM. ,
., /liaU ede by letter, which
Swas'-ade puc today.
endent -OW s.ud a
feetty in a .ry ,g forward our
pMe/iC J sa e the
haa.lit Ie limoads of
intesalat Oo miwulM as rap-
Sp 'thtme fands can be trans
Sated Into sqwifnei programs," he

"If such as increase tor the
% L-tinAmeriee na woer to re.
Sa ttila funds ava l-
aM. r t of theOw world,
-this f rins 4610
reie ob'ctiv1Wsin thon-ven







Grdle 'May Hold Clue

To Thornme's Last Hours
0o -

r dTy, f nipped showgirl may
e shard th last passionate
hours of Montgomery Ward
Tuter before the mail-order heir
de, a cooper'ss investigator said
Iaw ; "
:antr. Goas, assistant chief dep-
ty coroner, said he believed the
.could be found, would
to tbhoue' death.
He added he believed Tore
died of .excesses-both narcotic
and sexual
SThere w plty of evidence a
woman had beenpresent in
Thorne'r tiny studio apartment
before the year old heir to
300,000 died June 29.
First, Ge id, there was a
plat emid girde.
Investgtors also found a *lece
of faial tiue bearing the bright
red Imprint of a oma' lipstick.
ad mouth, a. eppaut, a hairpin
Pa- a towel eatc d with faceI
iA waIs evidence of nar-

l os a J. been coordlnat-
ing all t a I gat
tI -0e poztn *g l.,aWeAd OMI
dd the a woman w .with Thorn
the ti"e r sldrtlY
",asawfte = ce s tggealI
1 a A U .U ew sm
wag he m g s e ewase.
rfr *hs. E L .

Gios formed his impression of
Sthe woman's stature by measuring
the girdle and said the dark bobby
pin also found at the scee sug-
gested a brunette.
He said several factors-caused
him to doubt that one of Thrne's
society -girl friends had been in
the apartment.
The gidle, e said, was of a
quality likely c be ued by
a debutante and the- compact
Before e died TO changed
his will to leave half of his-wealth
to his fiancee, pretty blond Mau-
reen Ragen, IS.
Miss Ragen had been out with
Thorns the night before he died
and left him early in the morning
of June 19.
Testifying at the marathon In-
quest into the death, Miss Ragen
said the girdle was'not hern, but
that the lipstick smeared facial
tissue might have been.
She said she might have used
the peace of tissue some time pre-
viously and Thorne kept it as a
But she den ed emphatleally
that Thorne used drugs and said
the evidence to the contrary must
have been -panted."
Although traces atof drugs and
alcohol wre' found In Thorne's
body, a team. of a ss still
Is trying to determine the exact
cause ofThone's death.
The inquest is scheduled to re-
sume Thursday.

aiinwi I



Tw ru yrug -w.w win.qm m "
.. -, M.tSNU g-
v *e. ,.tm for Ca n)lorn .
Won rI.* "S A Twry
t 'U.r; wy.

. /-
.' -. -'.. '



I'm.t closbne

my eyes

to thsfact:

The world over,

more people. ride

on Goodyear Tires

than on any

other make

Now doesn't it
stand to reason
that the tire that
gives the most
aatisfaction to the
greatest number
of people is the tire
for you to buy?


"wS unr *B, ~RANO) TBIeme -UI s

(Cwarr of amer A w S I 8L) 2. vs- 34 -2 a


Coa MtUich


July 31st. August 7, 1954

Be smart. .. be wise. and please, please, ECONOMIE
by taking advantage of up to 25% and more reductions en "
thousands of articles in gold, silver, diamonds, aid


EXTRA SPECIAL! Lowest Sale prices ever
sale Prm Price
for 6 piece In
place setting U.S.A.

Greenbrier, Lyric ...............
Buttercup, Camelia. Chantilly,
Etrusoan,, Fairfax, Rondo,
Lily of the Valley ............. -
Strassburg) Old French, English
Gadroon, King Edward, Noctrne ..
Melrose, Sovereign ..... ..........









- .

'V- '* .i ":-.,

F;-; .




,/ ". i L .".-. ,/T T







*A ..

-. .. ..
' :' u -" "- *

Pto aiperalt"s: there is al ied sojnday. Satiel
posiblilty that the ---
Mr. peepers (Wally Giovan, Mart;i l host On Du.
ds bride, Nancy (Pat. Moot's -"Oper Cameos" tells his
for next season will vacation pa iS t bit of con
arrival of a mall versational antipat "I go to
i the i sprhk Italy this summer to discover sing.
&A 'a worried that era. Italy Is the only conta where
l change the 'La "Bohese is the
o a run-of-the-Hollywood. pablum.
il how, lay aside your
present proprietors of In this age of electronic mira-
O are very aware of tnis cles, It helps 1( a gu can read
p polbiNty and will lips. At least, that ablt came in
with every dofiar the spon, handy for H a ryr _nik, con-
ks to contribute. ducting on ABC-TV's 1 od y
---. Tour.' His earphones went dead
NBC-TV "One Man's Fam- while Nancy Kenyon was singing.
ries s s bowing deeply from He couldn't hear a lilting word,
lective waist these days. yet he had to lead the orcnestra
Eva Marie Saint made the and accompany her precisely.
is in "On the Waterfront,"
another name in lights Fortunately, he's pretty good at
the program's graduates. reading lips, so he managed to
nt jins a string of beau. lead her throuLh on. entire num.
so went from the Barbour her until bi earphones were fixed.
to bigger and better things And they finished n a dread heat.
Sinclair. Ann i.ranels. Rlia

'others too unimportant to
~pt g oe to show you-one
O's family is another man's
mt incubator.
ot being a gossip-type column-
I shut my ears tight when
de Kovace began talking about
ib Adams. Miss Adams is a
v beautiful. very charming
Mle who sings on Ernie's Du.-
st TV program, and the two
an. tem. (That's gossip-col-
it tak, meaning they go out
L e's a wonderful girl," Ernie
hbib big brown cigar steam-
* way merrily. I tried to steer
sM avusatin away, onto the
tneow Pauel show, "One Min-
se, which he's doing.
It's a great show," Ernie
S"We have to speak for a min-
ttooat we get on
What make t so
b- w-e don't know what
Mt Is ahead of time. Hon.
,% It. if we knew; it
Sbe isastrous. But back to
quick change q1 subject Mar-
dts MarmohotK are small mon-.
and are a far cry from ma-
ae wraiedaots" iraie
7-Ft nw one if at the
ad rm worried about him.
,g~ n eon- ear.-
Sa .l

Maiem g pwW

Writte a for NEA Service

ff 53
i6K 106S
6 42 T3
9QJ306 g 08 I
*9843 *o106
4A107 6OXI8
j 1OTH(D)

either rid vul.
Saoth West wbK Nest
16 Pm a6 Jam
44 Pam Pm Pam
Openln lt -V Q

PerhM South should play t
dW i atd no-trump
stuiau4 f M m.r U, .f- Mlja MO



4..--.r..M^,,-w ,. ""- .
-il.a ". ..

'o..; ,.+ ,AAR,

my's jack, and these cards were
good for two further tricks in the
The result would have been the
same if South had led clubs first
from his own hand. West would
have played low, and East would
have beaten dummy's Jack with
the king. West would then have
ace-ten over South's queep.
The only right way to play.the
clubs is not to play them at all. In
other words. South must force the
opponents to begin the suit.
After winning the first trick with
the ace of hearts and drawing
trumps, South should cash his three
diamond tricks. He can then give

up a heart trick to either 4
after which tat oppom
either begin the clubs ok1
a ruff and discard. If
era lead the clubs, they
only two tricks in the ui
Is therefore sure of mn
contract by this line ofd

The Pacific Steam Navigation Company

Royal Mall Lines Ltd.

II':. g

lm"R Woe C '-; ., ;'.', '

m~ -
- &is*p 5UDD~W

..............................Aug. IS

.tla a he An ex ert would make four
t alght show is. one spades, b6t the actual declare
Brusad, but It's cur- wasno expert. He won
St New York; the
ist I underst a a t
a lot an a dubs.
aand hobbs we This eculat wa probably
I Iobtes assak e. Mbiful e nU, b t N
Sike poker. My ecre- don't do Sth oeh goo. No
three address books- matter how he pyed U clubs
n ess, one for social, he was bound to lose three tricks
er players. -Say, do in the suit.
poker? She gets on the
W red up a game and South acutally led the first club
business. It's really very from the dummy, and East nature.
o enough of this nonsnese. ally played low. South put up the
about Edie--" queen, losing to West's see. East
y,' going to get mar. then held the king-plne Qver dum-


& v, sco" ................................A 7
M I A ................ ...............Aug. 11
.86. "LOCH WOGAN" .........................July 31
M.V. "POTARO" ...................................July 31
S DIV WNDTI ................................Aug; 4
"LO H TA ........................ .......Aug. 11
All aDan Iheat to (Ihange Without Notiee
PAO~IIO EAM NAVIGATION CO Cristbal Tel.: 164/5
WORD 6C. N IPANAMA-Ave. Pert #, TeL 3-l.5/8
I BALBOA-Term Bldg. Tel. X-18

Golng Into Actle

LiAlIuD 4MU WM...Ah..

~~rz~lu. harrg

M ,- 1gh l .m

am TH1
M vs




U, AUARLA4to smsMuIV

1nto the Alley

le 1~'"/Joi CIC

F AW 4A 1V

asVI uAm WAI


-~ -~ -- 4.



-F- *..~

5! & S.~WIJ4i~&


, r Thl IIhu




4 --

AU .U--"
AF Fl~r .

S4 ~

4~l -



What Nowt

as masim +Iu

lit N -



. a



CH. BI VOWvTo wow %M
4 6000 ?P10% S:ME3=6![
smp VOSIT %y4 '
9Ak I 99084485 M
90t4 ^h.str


---- -

, .^

D~rftl IruY


*q 1



the,. f A

mus sfore r ,ie td Statu
an, w x sth. M a .

and Mri. Whfi ,. &*
arrived gently In Panama to

City Bank Panama.
Miss o Cebrates Btuthday
'ilrgsn M udaugbtr .-9f
a aI
Panmau rads. the s"liteent
b her birthday with
given her
;P llballroom of the U.
Ct a group of her

Spastveral ee s, have retfUi4
to their m.. la Plnama.

MiWs l-kiia Laeabyo, whb Js
visiting e the Isthms with her
brothera4g1aw' and sslater, Mr.
and Mrs. Raul Gastesaoro of Be-
lla ViAtW, the guest of hopor
at a ',tel -rty given by er
hoaiti at thme&..i e
Mr.;nl Mr. QPGallado Arn Mlts
Mr. lAn* Mrs. Juan de Areo Ga-
lMad:.of.( Gold Helghts were hosts
forC. 4fti mt ttheir home
in lb a d t M. A.mbassador of
Poems .fo'. I0me, Max lReu t-
+ m wtWtlng.O the -13b,
E.I "* : + -


1, August U, B Atk

th rmsary ol tCub ir .1
BoeR Road, Balboam -
.. 0 A ,; .
LA.WAL i.BmtlR -
All members of the Inter-Amerl-
can WoIme's s b Cooklmg asn
are invited to attend a h
to be held at the Albrook Officers'
Club on Aat 5.. Reservatons
may be madby teolepoi ,Mrs,
Ursula de Ventura, Sa-3311, or
m. Mary W .,.upp.l, 2-m8. on
or before Adgust

g-o, with cash b pris. w*1l be
played Tursday night at the sum-
lie r Go21 it
The pblic w isd. to etmen.
Natual g" Segy Mee
Mr Waltarn -L6day,
wfl address e woelbers of th
Panama City. NatColoural ide wr
be uty eon the topic Get Better.
Ac"uainted With Our Plants" at
i104d rer monthly meeting o be
held 0ed1" Y at 3:00 p.m. at
the Gorgas memorial Laboratory,
Panama City. Colored slides will
be used to Illustrate the lecture.
Visitors and prospective merm-
brs .are cordially invited to at-

Scout News

ri scouts

If. you choose washable beach
lyu'l save nO Irou-
W. tat Bneat, s "s-
yTiaf- -eV bile should be we-
Washable and large a-
b h. Ul everything you'll
need r* at the beach. hame
9f t. yw M include a
pou, he other asr.

A smIrt Idea would be to L.
elude some shampoo along ith
your make-ulp and untan o il.
Then you'll be able to give your
hair a quick shampoolng after
your swim. In addition to sham.
poo you'l need some bltoy i.
for a quick set and a pretty nylon.
scarf as a cover-upAWr your pin-'
On your return fro the beach,
treat sour aceeu*ore to a
aud ing. Starting wi6 yo bet
ing suit. Dunk it in wems soMip
.ud., rinse it several l V,,1.tlm
ben it In an airy, oft .
to "MY. ^ WrV

PRNIAPS more than A
you' h dp are a ,i
Syolur iNUh et. Beauti
Y= oth =aGe date .ivi
Pr. =u f trough I
.a sure g ol ersdnaa
're a hou
a career rl, .your hand
most of your work for yoo
why not treat them well? After
they'll have to last you lif
tebmaa f am ther bp&
of hand beauty. But, some 1
rinse their bnds tm soap
water-u"d Jet it. go at
throulghly clea your b
scrub them and your nails

Women Pref

In Cars, St

DETROIT, July 7 (UP) -
meat Wh% style autom sbil
learned never to -tl 'he
That's one big reason so
pastel automobiles are ru
around nowadays..
There Wv s t t w
c0aly all eats wt lx
only 10 ger c ,tpr. ;j
tion's auto o W are blaol
Harvey ae4-1ce rAtside
General Vd Corp. and
of the cororon's styling
#ys one g reason for th
In "+en yeai rk.M women

efor estar -itoa tlr
4ever bees i- the Ii
' re not. Iast.
ae said, .'L
trsit bm My

SPd h 1004.1 Wrb-
Am u ingitoin to pNfoifuam ta of
i-.I thI (5jw y1her capablhltiet uaimml tlon
, ,-ce N is 6ficials therf ".
S t a he In t"to remain
Shree for anot-er iat under her
filing all brush in warn, but' nbt viaa, but may not work.
hot soapy water, n, drythem
ifUa01l K p- g ba*l th cuticle of -- .
ng your nails with your towel as a, tell-D C
earq you do so.
care- you're .psou(lrs about
the tbire q aw Bds or i f S
R'or they awkward, bald -
s do expmai uW them. Firt, H
a. So, raise your right up as far "'- W. I
r all, as- -pos b,-lak, I t and jour rv I
time. ranr for abwt I W.i eeub. Thean. (U" W "_Louww ,,;,o
Oaig do the smmeN th r left hand: U--) .u .. .
FoMnM Anmat this ezuxem six ti mD a O i110I14tO a R enattOr' S24sight
and wit each hI you do- this congressmenn rin elec-
Sec "tion t t oa a-M-u tme
d. os, muEr mo re daxod pour hands 20 y". o 1. not a
hwid, hav m. Major issue.
To e nljy oI n e mraaonal
Eighth District da ,i. miber of
P the polStic I lah
Fer Pastel Shades t of
fS |S wwLong, a dentla d Stb of
former Gov. Earl R. Long and
tylists Discover o"*. '
/ The 70-year-old detlast whose
big=lt claim to plical fame
- he Bet he thlaks en are also i- in Loulsag is his nme, op-
have fliced by the tereasang use posed by D. Ridle Jr., .he
wom- of color in today's ears. man he beat in a runoff for the
"When a person buys a oar. he congreksdonal pot in 1052. Long,
many buys it because it Is well enli- who as seeking his second term.
mning neered and soundly, safely con. is backed by brother Earl and it
structed. But he also wants it to was very unlikely he would be
pratl- look nice and to ride comfortably. defeated.
i now He wants to feel little bit proud Earl and Sen. Rusaell Loni, of his car. I'm that way and I'm R ey's son, also are backing the
.. sure most people are," Earl said. 4f te's senior Sen. Allerk J. Ellen-
Nit of Most of the big push in bright der. In his bid for a fourth term.
4dief colors and pastels has come in Altheugh they are backit El-
staff, recent y6ars. lander. Lqngis m, which has bn
.1 is A decade or so ago only four a distinctive tra tLoudsma
or five colors wer e available: Pol.c sieW 124 ,hr
,_ Combination colors were practical d thea ,1.24,









Exclusive Dis tlbuto:
Irving ei Com r. I .A., L 2. -1









-. -,.' ." 1

A \. -
B. thrtry it
way ftolore *0
the p wh
tener M &tIe
topic t.he mo

beim *fw

Vtl- function. -`
MUEfRIENDS Mrs. Lullita IcFarguhar, vice.
S- president Of the International Girl
S Scout co il ed the off-
e cers aof the t Handiceaft Clubm 'aL
SNinas Preferidas" wlh e re e: lda
S Sawyer, Troop 8, president t Bi-
l leew Mayourdl, op 8, viee-pres.
i idIt olet Gasdin, Troop 31,
S secretary Claudette Sawyers,
i Troop 8, assistant secretary Glo-
SB ria Brooks,. Troop 3, treasurer
Mrs. S. WIIM, business mauag.
S- er sla Goodridg., Troop 31 chap.
-: la1" ne aid. committee members
Doids vbvnqn, Yonus Joshun,
S. Beveray Goant, and OiUnda 3
,intcefs ee& Mrs. riare.
I.s Mrs. Doris *Robinson, Leader of
*wal hold-her'Us- Troop 31 invested the
Pu d f I ew Girl Scouts in her troop: Am
meitr p m_ Howel, Olive Lamont Cynthia
etc. Olbviouy she Lamont, and Yvonqe Ameer.
I Chesterfeld's ad- Mrs. Thomas Sawyers, neigh-
borhood committee chairman,
Id any one by the was in charge of arragina te
. aid, In oder to program and serving the relesh
". 1 4 mo which followed toclasing
sMit ir*iura'b"4 remarked which Wren givn by
irWgint~d im Mr-, AlaC B. t ufm* Intemna.
.~... ...- toal Gir f d. to .
^ --- ,.. ., ... .i "... ....i u i" s- 7 if f] .w- ir ^n L "

{ of w X ofwM
| ".. -. "

* ~.I;' .~ -
4- -. ~.. -
J-'-'-~z. -.7~'Fk~P'~ -.

a well-suSaed, *sftabqi
bfor, your sunglases, too. You'll
- ompye. all. traces a ud ms-
tan-~bil which may haeactmu-,
lated in them.
Finally, after removing every-
thing from your beach. bag, give
it a good adding. Rinse it In
lukeWarm water and let it finish
drying outdoors. .
I By washi your beach togs
and accessoras after epch wear-
ing, you'll keep them fres and

Aj IannIrJ

p for the ohr extreearng.
Some older women whid ve
learned the art of MakePup. pos-
sess gooad figure and have ex-
cellent clothes so se O uher lbe
tunnin But a few unbecoming

mb anesm prevent them .from
bein the poised, e tr wIe rey at
trahive women they should and
Lhe ithe woman, for instance.
who'll whip out her conpf et,
comb and lipstick to repalr her
make-up cr a crowded restaant,
near's conversatenl.
Or, another, who twddes her
unseal bracelet while er friend
desperately tries to decrbe her
new dress. mern ow
If-both these women knew how
sataoing these maunmnms wore.
"f the battle old be wou.
The other half would be to acquire
4 u-tte l e-control Or pois.d .
The first oman cMl win her
iner partner's eternal adminra-
tift bretreatingi the powode
oo m a p~~ a ry ali. (AN
this way, she w 't reveal any
beauty secrets, either.)
The second codd learn to wear
her jewelry just to complete a
smart coattume. And ne she
Saon her bracelet, she should
fge about it.

Have Your Vitamins

and enjoy them atine
farm fresh sg from


A-1.g ,m ;
NJUDA mm--** BBH

all carl

le tisert as extenor
the er .e
mat a, w'nf the
or more than 85 per cent of
a sold today.

Ava ardunr His No

To fro hantr
Film tiar Ava Gardner told her
bua a manager today she had
no immediate plaD to ask for a
divorce from PraARk Snatra al-
tho20 h she has finished her aix
weW residence in Nevada.
.Ben Cote, the star's manager,
a Mis Gardner telephr oed
him today from Lake Tahoe,
Nev., where she completed Neva-
da residence requirements for a
"Miss Gardner told Me she had
'no Immediate plans fo a di-
voce,!'" cole saidL, I
The star said she would remain
at dake Tawo"r aomter week:
and then retuUV o Hollywood.
Cole said hteaumed that slee
Mi~s Otpner and S nat re
tgil estranged she probably
eventually would return to Ne-
vada to press for the decree.
Jamaica is. the largest island in
the British West Indiaes.
Ocarina is an Italiea word
meaning "'little goom from the
insitrdment's resemblance to a

uu ,wu per cuuI. .
' At pseent each of-. the five
makes or cars turned out by GM
are avuilible in from 14 to 19 bea-
sic color groups. And no two
Makes of the five have the same
colors. They all have their distinc-.
tive shades.
Pastel shades are gaining in
preference. Light blue and light
green are the most popular now.
Dark irese, oe of the top
thmee colors a year age, now is
down to ninth place.
The taste of women for colors
isn't the only thing behind the
move that is brightening up high-
Paint manuf acturers have
made notable progress in devel-
oping colors with high quality and
e sier and sIylilts have
worked carefully to encourage the
demand for color also.
In addition to brjghtenln up the
outside of cars, the stylists are
takng advantage of new fabrics
andpiastsc to make the insides
morn alorful also.
"W'reo aiming to give you a
real psychological lift when you
get into your car. We want you
to eel good just sitting there. The
car shaold h that attractive, teat
plasant inside" aone des 1igner



No uundicaed powder c re-.
1iev your baby's Diaper sh.
Dimper CAfW. Urime Scald sad
PrNey I Nea u a u Ammeas
Powder does
For Aam s Is speciaDly md.
sua to nmird, priect mad kelp
WA kibulasdkia.Absorms aaM"
tar wma~ llky---nd is so oft,
It WII hwm by haalo^
f IrJn isi Gd Amns
MUiSllsdPOesport oy.
*a36'-- Aum at -r -
SI saI al *m can s"
W. fefiJ.k oe kIH

i is as" rnq Wa mwewo.
The veteran eUz1ter rose to
*Dower as a frend a the Kln-
fish, and In 196 weas elected to
Huey'4 Senate seat by a ble
mal rlty after Lonk widow had
served out the Kigflsh's unex-
pired term.
Ellender. who Is eampaignlnt
on his- record. Is opposed by
Frank L ellis, Louisiana's Dem-
ocratic national cmnmiltteemaI.
and state Rep. Gilbert Faulk.
The closest conresMonal rac-
es loomed In the Third and Bev-
enth districts. In the third, Rep.
0dwZn E. Willis Is opposed by
Dudley J. LeBlanc, the ortainator
of HadacoL In the Seventh Dis-
trict, Rep. T. A. ThonWm0ii 19
opposed by John W. Clark..a
lduber dealer. and Sam Tarlet-
on. a vqteran and newspaper and
radio man.
Washington, D. C.. one of the
meanest cities in the United States,
is Heated chiefly by coal.
The variable star Algol grows
dimmer and brighter at fixed in.

- f fc "16 ?..,



by -

-Wesack AmericanW
Tel. 3-1791. r Panam ':

Only V-8 gives
you the juice of
eight (rush vep-
taleisa single
driL And ik's
"so alidos! |

Faltering Philip!
mblmftb m, Wiu t bmas.

7.4 eas -0O Sm *k, sew

'F- ---JJ* i

. -. -."" --" -'.



f *
** *



-- I --L-

il tM---

..... .. I.
* *.. .. .. 'T *

, -N



I., x

I. IATO sOs ,.,
hldu Atoseinee A*ve. 59 05.
13 La Cartaquffia ___

I -


L! I contour choir, less
6 rmdth old., specalW custom
u- yctl $ for $150.
193, 3rd Street. New Cristo-
g, a phone -".176, Towpshend.

E: Refrgerater. very good
co. tion. 6-cu: ft. f0.cycle $85.
-NoW, 031, 4th Street comer, Cen-
trol.Tel. 1458. Colon.
S5 E:-Automotic Bendix woah-
hlnoce. 60-J. 5100; al2 so
Visleas. Phone.83-3282

POR tLE:--Norge refrlgeFtoro. 25-
cyctg $75; misc. household gnodf
Ho& 6398-A. Los Ros. Telephone

ORP SLE: -- Deepfreeze 40-cube.
25- 4y1l easily convertible. Also
misc HHE. Navow 3123.
FOR E: K e mo re 25-cycl
wril ir washing.machine. excellent
pn t** vonetloen blinds: two
bhem roll shades: kitchen table:
f fr Wfe o of Iick-t afte w,,In P-
*x nao y 10-foot 'otios. House
109 Aradr Rood. Tel, Balboa
Lt-4 25 cycl FrostFree
W lnghousMrefrigeretar, 9-cu. ft.
U .ti4 lnt condition. 13-B. New
S Tel. 3-2740. AM. only.
SALE:-Diningroom set. consist-
t of table, 8 chairs, sideboard.
otAf,t Also' pieces for llvingroom.n
cheap. Perfect condition, Ap-
we. Federlco Boyd No. 31, be-
9iond 12 neon & 2 to 6 p.m;


P sshsl



the village of 3us
district on a trac-

ini qonal. guadstielt
wlq~ie and drove toe vIsa-

ty atrnoon, Jordan

ll e and recaptured the


.- -IIou.liryP, S

35 h.WC*. I


FOR SALE:--- 1951 Forad Tudor de-
luxe. 17,000 miles. Duty paid. Ex-
cellent condition. Phbon 3-4753.

FOR SALE: 1954 Chevrolet Sport
Coupe with power glide, radio and
whitewall tires. Price new over
J $2600, will s&Il for $2200. 5864.
B. Diablo. Smrh PIoaf. Toi. 2-3678.

Wanted Position
BILINGUA. accou sant vith auditing
background offers services. Address
ABC. Apartado 1402 Panama.
seeks employment in Panama. Will
accept sall tart. Tel. 3-5350.


FOR RENT:-For couple. big furnish-
ed roomn, kitchen, gas, refrigerator.
Iron, dnd wostub. st.Streaet East
No. 9. near Pcline. Tel. 3-1869.
FOR- RENT:-.Clean, comfortable
rains, furnished,' maid service. No1
5 S 'I' Street, opposite Tropical The-
. water. Telephone 2-141. ____
FOR. RENT:-NiceyIV furnished room
with private both, near Hotel El
Panama. Meals available. Call 3-
1789, 2-1693.
FOR RENT: Beautifully furnished
room. private both, double couch.
icebox, stove, kitchen cabinet. No.
3, 52nd Street. Tel. 3-0638.

Panama Line


The & S. Abcon of the Panama
Line 4s scheduled isiled *sro
New Yo*t today witb a total of
144 passengers for Cristobal and
2m4 saengers for Port-au-Prince,
Howard'C. Petermn, member qf
'the Xtbard of nrat ataAof the Pa.

Asmeals IRMAr ei. sr'es*dS
as caetel Ave.

'.S'SSa-i **


- ~K.


DR.WENDEHAKE New Medica.Clln-
ic, Day & Night service.- Cetrl
Avenue 209, beside Capitolio The-
ater. Phone 2-3479. Pa rma.


FOR SALE:- I camera: Sped Graph-
Ic 2 l 4x31. Graphea shutter & fo-.
cil plane, optar Graflex f4.5 lens,
4-bottery flashlight, 3 cut film
holder-nd I film adapter $150;
film chose. De Jur 2'4"x3' 4" en-
larger with Brusch Lomb Tessor
* f4. lens. like new $75; easel.
Townshend, 193, 3rd Street, New
Cnstobal. or phone 3-1776.


MO6ERN POPULAR p i a n o plaoyig,
Squicly., easily. Success guaranteed."
Benneft's Piono Studio, Tel; 2-.
.1242. Panama.


LOST:-Black & white cat. wearing
collar & halter. Lolt at Williamsari
Place. Balboo. Coall Balboa4291.

Aubrey S. Wilson

Funeral Services

Set For Tomorrow'.
Aubrey S. Wilson, a retired
Panama Canal employee, died
Monday morning in Gorgas Hos-
pital. A native of Jamaica, he
came to the Isthmus in 1904. He
fied at the age of 64 after a long
He was formerly employed at
Commissary Division as a butchr-
er. His last place of work was
at Hotel Tivoli,
Funeral services will be held
tomorrow at St. Peter's Church,
La Boca, at 12:30 p.m. He will be
burled at Corozal cemetery at 1
Survivors are his hon, Lloyd.
Vicente, Arturo Roy Nally ahd
Zdgar. Daughter, Mrs. Myrtle
PUN Moran, Dorothy, Orac,
..anl avea grandchrt-

.; 4 k

RESiOC"e~r~ -

Fosm'S cnrTAGeS, e*
Somnto Clara. Low rat* ,,
BSaboao 2-1866.

gro. B ,x 435,. B .-lb
Panama 3-1877. Cristco3
Gramlich Santa Clara Bsmch wtt
Elctric refrigeation, *
MOde rat rte. .Phone 6-44
4-567. -

FOR RENT:-Small housE, sr9oms,
bath. kitchen and garage Clam
and cool. 44th Street No. 22,A,
Phone 2-0335 dr 2-1961. ,

FOR RENT:-Concntue chalt 2 aol
rooms leach with& bathtooMa))'A
dlningroom, kitchen, porch nlA)e.
Son Froncisco. Coco del Mif I
Avenue No. 20. Telephone .


ATrINrToIOt I. Just bUZ t .mdibm
furnished qartments. "- i. "WO
bedroom, hot. cofd wvter. --Tel-
ephone Panamao 3-4941. "
FOR RENT: Furnisrhed ad ufur-
nished 2-rooin modem opart s.
Contact Alhombra Apartments, tth
Street. Tel. 1386. Colon.
FOR RENT:-Aportment above Cen-
tral rTheter building. Central Ave-
nue No. 141. Inquire Central The-
oter, manager's office.
FOR RENT: Best located furpnihed
apartment, splendid for one or Jwq
couples. 43rd Street No. 13, Bella
FOR RENT: Furnished apartment,
North American neighbors,, $55-
$65. Tel. 3-0471. Easy trans$orta-

FOR RENT:- 2-bedroom apartment.
$90. House 2112, facing Juan
Franco stables.
FOR ENT:-Two modern two-room
apartments with- poth oand every
comfort. Parque Lefevre. Colle 11.
"No. 22.
FOR RENT: Thre-bedroen apart-
Swnt -lw 9.&, Caln 3,........ 4. .-

". W FOR RENT:-Furnished one-bedrmom
The complete advance pa ger O To so modern oporment. garage. 168,
' t tor' Crl followow,' M iss Via Beiisorio Porros.
,,.ongMo.., n ,e f Suez Dispuie e z ir.
im;iarM J .- r tt Mfss He l ew *rall furs,shed, water heater.
SCAIRO, d ly 27 (UP A re- Apply 43rd Street No. 21, Bello
I tBr. x,3: Q and 2 Abu Z agypt source asld today
r. n rital and Egypt have at last F5R RENT: Modern two-bedroom
Corria and reached ogeement on the prin.- apartment, 51st Strpet No. 42. Un-
tWolden; Mr ad Mr. Ra cple. or British withdrawal furnished. For further details call
fac (~um..Mr'. Carmen r. I t.rom the Suez Canal zone, let- .Zubieta: 3-1802, 3-3337.
Gr nif- 0r three children; in tlln a d spute that long has .."...
Dfl =\Th .a" Mjs Mar bn the world's hottest Scout News
N J, Diipat MenGMiryibeen oneoft tScout Nws
Ad eO Ditma roublel spots. s
a Mrsl 1 D t The source told the United Family Picnic
Mas Mary M. DIevaltauskas; M or- Preas that agree d nt on the At Fort De LeAtep,
ma W. Edwards; -Mr. ad Mrs. pr a o a ettlemen a Gir Scot had Girl Scout Troop 33 of New
ay Eno and Mt. and Mrs. Noel een rac1hedat two-and -one- Cristobal with their leader Mrs
Fanstworth and three'children half hour metinm at the gcv- R. E. Cox, and Mr Cox enjoyed^
lr. Mac Bo Fersen; Mr. dand ernment -wat house amid the his- a family picnic at For De Los.
d.'unest, Funt HaMr lton toric Pyramids of the Pharaohs. seps Sunday,
En; MIstF Oliu .L. Fr et: It was the second meeting g he members of the group .
.-a MiNd n a'ince British Secretary of War eluded Mr. and Mrs. arry C.
Nirs. Aim e ins.d01pSeama PoWth jo yed arolut a
l, M .Halfe A Glenn; Dr. Anthov Head flew here or Sea n with
andM lr rving Crad Miss Nor- the week end to speed up the ne- Patty Mrs. Leo Rettinger with
ma Grad; Mr. and Mrs. J. A. otaiatimo e. T e Will be another Janet, Katble Brian. Eillen and
Glaham,; Mr. and M. Edward J. meeting tonight, and British Kevin Cox, Adra Lee Nash, and
Gregory Mr. and Mrs. A. sources Al there p-r obably Ruby Hall.
Gromes; Carleton F. Hallett and would be a Joint communique -
daughter; Dan Hammerman; Mr. afterward on the progress a- Explorers Have
and Mrs. Gredy Hardlson and chleOve. Picnic At Pina
m; Mrs.. iwn & .HSearn and Explorers Post 6 enjoyed an out.
"o cldrt; 'Io. Helen R. Hoer.- ing Saturday at Pint Beach, at
an; Mr. and Mrs. Charles W. which time hey cooked lunch for
ora. Walter W. Houhon: Mr. eN 0w w a group of friends
d Mrsd. Joseph A. Howlnd and is the time to buy Mr.R. E. Cox aecompnied the
two cdre p ertes. following members of the Post,
We te s. eleton Andrew Bleakley* John P a b o n,
Mr. and Mrs. Edward C Jock. Weaea, electon o Br n Col, James
of ryald tolo t prop- Brooks and Bert Klabtz with their
el; Mr. oyan Md r. nHoward. M arty. t a a d -l ee ts, al guests the Misses Carol Newhard.

Waiter F. Kunkel; Dr.-and Mrs. esy J U. AljceHawdga EilenRdgers

o Wolff m .pany Lt LEGAL NOTICE




x 15
with your
old tire

. Ant Suto and or
f, Mr. and Mrs. George RECAPS
eter Mr. and AMr. Clar-
; Mr. snd NO WAITING
Mr. Me Tlef; Mr. and'
&t S. -VAu a 6 twa 670 x 15


S *-' a-T
R-" o ', iV



Uta feitpubm Coert For The
Dim a m"t.. Z oCe ne
S. Dtl% = of Balboa
uan I. Aonte Plaintiff. vs. Cermanm
R A te.D t Sunmom Case
Noid 1.e .S.I lDocket Ct Action
To the above-named defendant:
You are herfeb required to appear and
nsW r d.o mmple-lt a the bove-a-
-al rm u lamaEiln sinew days aftr
the irst pubflltlon.
In case of yor failure to aser
and answer. 10M ent will be e i a-
gilnat you by dealt for the relief de-
nindfea In the eamplainr.
WTTNE M P Honorable Guthrte F
Crowe. JuwM. 1otted States DWimct
Court for the i oothe Canal Zmone,
this July 2. 113164.
tC. I. 1Cgsudd.I Jr. Clerk
mya 1 Lx,. ,Jr. Deputy Clerk
To Carntu It. LAponte:
The fa wmmo 8 Is served upon
you pr puhueaa punait to the or.
der the RatCi e Guthrle F. Crows.
Judge UnitedM Stat- Diirt Court for
the bDiriet of the Canal Zone. dael
July _. 14..Sei entered and IA i
this action, tMoqhe o of the Clerk of
said United la District Court for Ibe
Dtvkielof tlAm, .on July ,. 15
C.- T. as4km&B -J. CISd

.NiV9 SV11V

IT 0*Iy J01

- ri

, -m 3,

Nw, ...low ico0

i l l e'm m
ew, l low eeg t

Moderzie now

Dabgem" saG uf
*, ***.

to fit S W ,,. ,w.dow.

7 CGentl Aw ~.a '. SnWua

Special Saner it

Harnett Duni.
Das. A. Id.



uomu. onxc, n- ctna.
Cal for f t at
oA IKo mam
Au low T Tel u-v a '

shop around first then vis
us. Selected lines of amUJfer.
speakers, changers, and ear-
tridges. Service and demoe-
stration facilUttes.

tClu stel r
Pama 3 -3

6Uth 8L. No. 3 dela VIlat

Packer, ShIpper,

Tel&.: 2-5MA & -2451

Tour Home In Co4l
Boquete, a "1t. AlL.
Famous for IMgami .O lee

nmM-- tull o .
rummpay. t

Parrot cages 2 -
49 Via Espafa f 4M
(Beside Central i


Carbon moaid done b I
an odor. .
First .aude f ..-
the United Statei*ua='bj
ty MuteMa '.de^,
Acid wlI no*

lyiMg Cdeed to i .


Richard C. Zeeek, who was
born on fthe 4anal Zone and
lived at edr' Miguel until h
famly |tet fer TeiRs fowr
yeas. ,l*, ha I reported to..
March Sk Foee Base, CAB.,
for a f ,olrtoek tetlalir en-

Lamfm T zV Cadet Zeeck
will sar .bw senior year at
Texas Tib thki fail. MaJoring
in eleotttsl engleering he
plans to apdy to the Air Force
for a elsuMtiom as a atpdent
officer paoi his graduation
next sprint.

Ranlbow Ciy Gym

A idf lnprvemeat in, te

'"Thsi new building a a seal
prod that the children of Cinal
emploXes ar reeelivng modern
uied facilities a d if an
example of the interest. taken nla
the education of out youth# by the
present Canal admisatra t o n,"
Paxmon stated.

He pointed out that -the commu-
nity of Rainbow City is -rapidy bi-
coming a clean, neat. livable
town, one that "need hide its civ-
ic face from no one" and that it
will become even better in the fu-
Paxson also urged community
cooperation in manainaing the
townsites in the Canal Zone.
The new gymnasium was dedi-
cated during a formal ceremony
which was attended by a number
of community leaders and Canal
officials who in addition Pason,
included Henry L. Donovan, Di-
rector of C Affair E
aser, Superintendent oos,
and Jefferson Joseph, "PrB
of tie Rainbow City Civic Ooun-
F. Hainig, Princjel of
te Rainbow City Ocoupational
hIgh hool was in change of the

The building was formerly lo-
cated In tie Atlantic Side comu-
nity Chagres and was ntly to
ta new site which is 4adja :to
the piaygrouid area devdped in
Rainbow City across taw. dreet
fromt he high school building.
00n of the first events
W !Pn t be new MUiO~tg w thq

k5WttZuinbtusln ~5i~uu

or Mew YVIOlene
TUNZI. July 27 (PW)- Pol
unmded up several, rU
waueet early today Ii tha local
naye quarter as reports of nw
vtolemc e mne Inb MoaMoWW
Teau P15Ui9Wr ml .bAtu W -

I I s


lao ~ ~~ flfellw *IEhW

cou I 6f.=6lu an nl o u ; ue

ne. D A
:. hi
Police dat eMdc
ea ,SO.yej-M, 3A Wn
hammed tl
men,. a black 3flroJioinQI3S?6 ccl
dealer, .
He d juAt tat. uh.
un *TO tro
ed 0fttn; I e1n

regp a N t- po o

cuamB leader. acii X^qx
tour (Consttuon) a of
bargainn,; ftromf the postiosn of
conquarors. '
Colonna said the Neo-Destour,
whose leader rtbib Bourg-lba Is
now in France, UI "l ever makp
any eoneeaaiop. Qn the contra-
'ry, they are only eater to inst-
Lute their 4ictltorahIp and eli-
minate not only the French, but
also the Moslems of moderate
Mendes-France yesterday ri-
celved a telegram from the
French Family Union of Tunats
exprasilng confidence in the

atar over the o a t radio
mying he had fld edt to worai
r German reund '
Theb Wat Gear m.~ -
lent amid te tat an
Tvaltble evidence o tar In&d.
atad be had beeo hired to the
SOL WOtern oafl believe
owa e mu ed to bawaicast p-
fib, under thei Ineauc of
A few days ago he wa en in

S1. m

'-*" vwm wt, f aid VsiwasI
e. TVo YWr"nI.s m


'M. actUaive antit-
itS feel that tl mreel
moWaMnt should have t
amted becm t t Is a b
tn Dpowyoffon-tMtow
the All thsi
wrp allowed to o rat
tros well-known argMl

RJob' h

- -4.9

- ,. ....1

,J:*^- ...



__9:. ;..; ._Y i

-'-9 F






- .












I C- r







* 9s 'V. .
,A, 9 ,,; .. .+.
"4 .. ;'-. -.,.
. . . . . . .

". ..R .,
.. .;/..+ .

,*.r y*'.,"'

,. .: .

o w04

- momerta n the set

Radio Program

Your Commuity Statio
S(Tileph e: 2-36M)
Wheri 0OMW People Meet


Tod0, Tueusyr, July 37
3:15-Freddy Martin Show

- as weiht has his reads
aie tan Satra. .
It won't be a fam ine 'a nfor
tA of C C. DeMPlle' "The Ten
Commandments." Each oegets
.seven mon eth contract .....
Yvonne de Carlo Is hiking some
of her own cash into the new pie-
tur aeo'll make in inland with
Alee' Dulness. It may be Bernard
Shaw's "Arms and the Man."
Nean Eddy's ditched pla., for
a TV show.. .
"Sftting Bull" s due for a Aug.
19 premiere in. Rapid City, JD.
The picture almost bea le Pro
ducer W t.. Fran last stand
when Mezlea money bm jen out
n him, but 1500,o0 whls ow
moolqh saved toe rm'se scalp.
vinBerlin, whoshould know,
is predicting vocal stardom fo r
Marilyn Monroe; Log_ hours of

laeil sings it a new
Spulsnesg Like Win.

Hair stylist Vicl Vito cut this girl's natiury Oa ita (upper tpe n spi -t o beutr spar tr, u rin to w r hc
q Its's w e.A.s. t ar ahe e
euts ),llshape hq hair isma aftnasl heir haIN when cut ecrtewtly, egI be s es acare eq a$
wiuh straight hair. however, has another problem. ke di a shampoo anO that's all.

By'ALUCA HART, you should have a st alght hair age, Vito thinks youa may doea, you can cut your .ha
A Beauty Editor style. Th is s especially true if have .chosen e wren hatr style. time in hall
your hair is rather thick and of He suggeatst youa t'v4isualhe .
A MAJOS beauty problem that medium texture, for s type of all the hair styles that utilize
confronts most hairdo-conscious hair is mort attractive in acurls, waves, or fluffs and decide
women during the summer is that straight hair style which is which one of them can be adapt- .
of finding a hair style that's cool best shaped close to the head. ed to your face and features. WA
and easy to care .or. They don't On the other hand, if your Whatever hair style you may ,,.h .t
want a complicated style that re- hair is naturally eurly apd you decide upon, jSat remea .er Mr. tWs,...,r
quires an hour each night to pin find it unruly and hard to man. Vita's important beat 3tu for
up. And according to most worn. t- a pretty head. tY.or bs rdo bAA 91t
, the ideal harct is ohe that .h.. ph come within the natural g8 ,Ceagt ATe
oe'trequire cuttingevery week. }. / 1 tendencies of ypur ha. It ir. .1
. What women wants to Inte aOt W alt d .
er a n a .to dash to
Mft~ufc~i 2ha?^bhsatew r i. v -.. :,( r^i, iway..A 14 sJ; APJ .w'.i..t-.*7 t. k ^J .'r^ *J1;l. ..^ ,B ^^

*C 8WS- U(umw Jtoesr. QottahrtU bride-.
.. the ma where his fl bb improed bhIn dur-
* tWelor pm. In Chiao, Ill. Att arn cgio Jm. they moved
struckk to Doroth9s home In Evaaton. She had the keM to
Lib aa uad shortly att. refaing Joe they wee married.
. *. 5 -
WOlam foldkn?, Eleanor Parker, John Forsythe
Star in Vivid Adventuresof. M.Gv's

r M o: -.; -. .



R agW aggage MF r

7 GAN a d ;. A crusadr for the free-and.
ODINB i_ f ,t 'fe TJT I With basy hair style is Victor Vito,
7:15--HOW n SC- 5rW," PArm, -may have to famous hair stylist who ofern a
INC,, BE, Th fin. ad a new title. ew realistic and practical attU-
7:30- port From The US lan Y tudes bot hair styles.
MOM i.^" Y ^J _F.R1W "That's "A, dur my professlnaI
8:-Wtw i rica s or cwll 11him in life, says to ave worked
8:3&-Cavaeaft Of America te ouble role t r -oBertO Men.- to emancipate women from the
( VOA). Re 9 ?. .. .. .ofweoe whp need for continuous hair care. My
.l(VOA)eleb aster ceremonies sh t em p men from
9:00-You Asked For It (Re- introduces the plot and s average objet is to enable every worn
uests- please phone be- guy who acts it out. a to take advantage of the na.
re 8:0) -- tural qualities of her hair, what-
1(C0--Comlcs (CBB) Projection room th11a: Colum- ever they may be.
11:00-Mualc Froq Hotel El Pan- ia's "on te Waterg ront" is
ama rammed tht y and "What I am doing Is to r e-
11:15-Nelson Eddy's Penthouse shock that made scre5 e classics verse the popular view of hair
Party of "Little Caesar" and "Public styling so that women will d e-
11:45-Music To Dream BY Enemy" back in t '30's. Another pend more on hair cutting for
12:00--81gn Off triumph for Marlon Brando and good looks than on hair dress-
Director Ela Kagan. ing for attractive appearance.
Tomorrow, Wednesday, July -- "One of m y basic tho u g h
AM. worthy Bromley, the British strictly unorthodox beliefs is that
6:00-8ign n The Alarm dol brought over by Paramount any woman can wear any hairdo,
Clock Club (Requests for "The Girls of Pleasure Island," f she has the right hair for it.
please cl before 7:00) became discourage about her So long as it comes within the
I7:30--Mornlng aln Concert movie career afterthe studio natural of your air some vrsio
8:15-Church In The Wlldwoo do d her. She's returned to her of any style can be worked out."
8:30-Musical Reveille n2t`ve London. Vito works on a theory of
9:00-News comoletely natural hair-sty in g.
*:16-.acred Heart Program F. Scott Fitgerald's uncom. That is, if your hair is straight,
9:S--As I See It novell about Hollywood,
10:00-News "The Last Tycoon." isa- its way ,, I 9
10:05-Off The Record (Requsts to Broadway a adaptation
please phone before 9-30) by H. S. Kraft. nispects g ard eam t
I1:0News FitgeraldM was about the
11:05-Off The Record (corit'd) late Irving Th one-t m e t
11:30--Meet The Bntertaier boss of MGM.
12:00-NewB --..t o we
P.1. Scripters of the moyk version --
12:06-Lunchtime Melodies of "Mr. Roberts" are goi ber.
12:-.Popular Msserk trying to invent nooensive This Is the time of year when
:00-News wordage to take he plce os the some older women decide to go
1:1i-Music Of Manhattan play's mey la Picture ona -diet, after all.
I:30-.80na Of Thi floneers verso, byte y wll draw In d nation, they may resort
1:45-Radlo UnlrItty (VOA) frpm the homas Hegge book for to dr'as "d" diets. These c
to0-Date In HOWood additional materiIl. mala of black coffee or
2:15-SInging Am breahkfat, soup for lunch, and
3I --Texo D seke Show Kirk Dougla wpinted his salad for dinner.
2:45-Hank Snow And His Rain- way to stardom in "Chamni, ." is Ge m
bow Ranch ogasthrowing 'M sles % r effrt toa
3:00-Pest&val OWls Withouta callsseleffor
2:15-1ammy L ha for seven slugfest witt AssortedA saelte look. But, you cannot
3:3.0--Musde For Wlsuiy villains.S gAIn streamlitlnefire throu h
4:00-Feafureteviy r Caval- t--rvati You'll ony lose bo
cade Of Ameiica (VOA) His pals say there's nothing o sld healtodh.
4:30-Wbat's You favorite wong with Edward G. Robinson. 81B1 L beit harmful, "fad"
|: :0:-Wes Jr.. that a good movie break won't dis a avoided 'because
5:35-What's Your Favorite cure. Theld isachingoa set. they create real hunger for th
(cont'd) erThey cannot provide yo
':-00Her.'sTTo VeteWas (VA) Hal Peary will shake off the wth fuel, calories, or es-
6: 1G-LUE RIBONeSP ORTS Gi ds ---- a tiu
:1- IPOT "Gildersleave" Identiflcati soon tial ts to carry on your
ROVIgT In a Joe Pasterk avie i" starig ,evey r, atimvies..
d:20-Melashriba Mnslaml Fernando Lamas. Hell sport A Your w docto Is the be
c:--10&. T WOOD IKWW Latin accent and uncork a rich to agesult if you are eve
6Wbaritone singing voice.S ha t dietng.D
ing on-your condition, hells
: *RO IAN U '"a M one for yos. Whatever it is, yo
7: .ra n naI Dean MacDonald crbes beb Ib.
p7:3" -t.wo.,.A To Speak Thursday'i i -am of weigh to be.
D* .t At anla, ,. l^mA [Ofc u ftN your overweight
At Balboo -YMCA bem -IsNlees thanten
'9A-rMebo P 4N.a 'rhe Vo y Rev. M. Richard Iean plan eur own adfe dietlJs
J t fSlma. be. *acWkf Dean of the Catbe- n dowf -fe sweets and starch.
,:dral of St. Lake. will naet ai Res. Reh fr a celery stalk 1i
11SSEL th the Balboa wTMCA-UO' -'1 1"ss1ad of tat pieoe of cboe.t.
T*A-a-gad. daYe "e-venitg it 7:3s0 pM. AM y t ea sunbstitutei&a
I:s-ios s This t thbe fifth naos of h at a o w
nln I-t a hi1t!M r of e a d dessaetrt,
le astied 11m c. you're da rway to leaning
m*-fl o nOn tanfollolw ing W yI le the t l of permsaa sil
S Rev. AleTA dN.a Z A-, wg
CV"- pS Clv -, bid about q ,-. 'a
o ad Ptyte.a0 yer awex


ON particularly hot is, som
girls feel that the h midity of. I
'as sufficient excuse for wear.
Ing summer playclothes to the
The- last thing an executive,
wants to see a woman employee
wearing on the Job is a backless,
halter-type print dress. Off-t h e
shoulder blouses may look fine
at 'a picnic, but they are abso-
lutely taboo for the office.
Dressy summer dresses, with
several petticoats, clash violent-
ly with a business background
These dresses should be saved!
for after-office hours.
Simple cotton dresses in/ a be-
coming color are the smartest'
bet for the care girl. If she
feels she must wear jewelry, a
plain chalk-whtie necklace, with
earrringa to match, will lend a
note of coolness and feminine i t y
to her office costume.
Buqness-wise, one of the big-
gpst mistakes a girl can make i
o appear at the office with her
hair set. in in-culs. This is the
pet peeve of both coworkers and
executives, who think that a girl
who ties a turban around her
hair to preserve her hairdo is
advertising, quite frankly, that
she doesn't care for her job and
puts her social activities first. '

OPENS: Friday, July M- at a.
No. 9 Tivel Aten.m


a drama by HERMAN WOUK


at the -

S. i fl *e.b.. !

July 30, 31

August 2nd 3rd:
8:30 P.M.

1 .



-- --;"

_ __

f',:' I







- 0 -

eese, Robinson Agree

giants 'Back To Earth'

'; NEW YORK, July 27 (UP)-Old pros Pee Wee
: Hie~se and Jackie Robinson agreed today that the
l^,,ew York Giants have been yanked back to earth
insisted "it'll be a long, hard road," before the
eklyn Dodgers win the National League pennant.
beat Sal Maglte and they run slxth-innin rally during
S d terrible," Reese conceded which they made only one hiL
the DOdgers' 9-1 rout of the
ace Giants last night. Carl Erskine meanwhile, turn.
It llthe.'ve got a sound club ed in a five-hitter to gain his
t3e.y re not going to panic, 12th victory of the year and his
re no more panicky now second straight strong effort. He
we were three weeks ago beat the Cincinnati R,-ds, 5-1.
they beat us six straignl. with a two-hitter in his previous
S i e" outing, retiring the last 23 bat-
.J loss not only marked the tera In orders He twirled no-hit
of.Maglle's four-year mas- ball for 3 2-3 innings last night,
Over the Dodgers at Ebbete increasing his hitless span to 11
but was the Giants flifthll-3 innings before successive bit
is)5e ht defeat-their longest by Don Mueller and Henry
streak of the year. Their Thompson. coupled with right
Massive b:ven-game lead fielder Carl Furillo's error, pro-
had dwindled to a mere three duced the Giant run.
Ha es and there was talk that
DWfurocher's bubble had burst,1 In the only other maJor league
That the Oiants were about game yesterday, the red-hot Ml -
tbow out of the race with waus e rave to in thB ldto oh
thunderous a crash as when they if-th straight win by beatingethe
u"- f Ored it Pittsburgh Pirates, a-1. on Gene
"B-- nb "* Conley'a four-hitter. The Braves
,.t RRemM and R nobInson re- Jumped off to a 1-0 lead in the
li0uld to ept the theory and first inning on Bill Bruton's
h an&lor Wait Aluton was in- triple and Ed Mathews' mine
^' n to Maree. although and add,3d another in thp third
S. ,dolyn'l Wpentiuan" shrug- when Bruton mingled, stole sec-
Off* 8latmighrt'&.deba.le it ond. took third on an ini,, Iut,
E i"anot he r sa ae aln a and again scored on s' le Iv
E M',d.g" n-Matbews. In the sixth, Joe Ad-
Sf ------ Prock and Andy Pafko doubled for
"We're going to catch 'em allithe third Braves nrn. '-,'-
Si4' trsght," said Robinson, who'mi-sed a shutout in the last of
' Sed ot three hits In the 15- t.l-. sixth when Curt Rol:erti
a" sMault on four Giant pitch- tripled and scored on an infield
S, '. "But. it won't be easy. They out. Tall Gene struck out six
VS S playing bad ball but they're batters and walked one in notch-
Sl t em. Maglie looked no Ing his ninth victc;-.
tt er worse t 's in he pitched
llt .us many times before.
; RII Win because we're the bet- YESTERDAY'S STAR Carl
i aBi.bqa club. not because they're, Erskine, Dodger right wander
10i collapse." who limited the Giants to five
HJI i lObl~naon and Reese have 11"A and one uneaimed run.
ygjUK a, us needed imnetvs In f1,e-
.|l~ywN.IK." Alston said. "Now It',,
bd.Aston, Carmelo Costa

Decisions Former
Smo- o Vc Toweel

:y?'V in fmuirt i'ladt nu't -, .... ..-. ...

I 'RE,

and third place Milwaukee is 10
and omf ayw .f the e.
CWin & one 1aM,
followed by St. Louis, Philadel-
phia, Chicago and Pittsburgh
A look at indIvIdual races.
shows Duke sanlder.of Brooklyn
leadingthe National League -
anqd he majos hitting.
Snider has, average. No
tops the Amiericn with .358
Outfielder Wi1e Mays Is out
front in the more home guns. He
leads with 34., six more than
runner-up Ted Kluszewskl of
Cncinnati pd HIak 6auer of


"j .


Virginians. ,
Toronto edged ,Havana, S-2, in
the completion of a suspended
game of July 15 and won the reg-
ularly scheduled contest t, 7-0.
Rochester faced the same setup,
but lost the completion of a July
15 game to Richmond, 5-4 In 11
innings and then dropped the reg-
ular game, 8-3.
In the only other game sched.
ruled, the third p I a c e Montreal
Royals defeated the Ryraci se
Chiefs. 6-3. Rocky Nelson hit a
two-run homer in the fifth to back
Ed Roebuck's six-hit pitching.
Cliff Johnson got credit for To.
ronto's suspended-game. triumph
over Havana and Rudy Minarcin
limited the Sugar Kings to six
hits in winning the regular t Ion
The Rochester-Richmond a u s-
epded game was resumed in the
nnth inning and Ken neintsei-
man, who pitched the last three
innings, was credited with t h e
Richmond triumph. Jack Thomp-
son scattered seven hits to win
the regular game for Richmond.
At Clark hft a two-run homer fr
Red Wings in the ninth.

La Px)ca Senior

Softball League

--- NEW YORK, July 27 (UP) -
Whatever the final standings,
STANDINGS coach Johnny Riddle of St. Louis
Teams W L Pet could windup as "pinch man-
Norge 7 2 7t ager" of the year. Riddle has aI
Special Troops, 5 2 n4 record of nine wins and two loq-
Carta Vieja 6 3 687 sea while flling in for Eddie
Navy" Comsta 4 5 Stanky. In his latest managerial
Albrook Flyers 2 7 .222 stint during a six-day'sus-
Oficina Moderna 1 7 .125 nenslon imposed on Stanky -
the Cardinals won three and lost
two. Over that five-game period,
NEXT GAMES Riddle used 17.pitchers.
In the America n Leagub man-
Wednesday: Special Troops vager Cay tengel of the an-
No eeday. Alrkees ocon mplptF a ml .or' lne-
_N Aib.... _oP L 'Ver M jup Oh e ,ndI n. worry a-

CLASSIC WINNER -.Owner-traner Ja3 IonH I
happily with hisX si_-yerold oheatnui 2 .ot
the non of Postin-=MtSner scored in 1i._,000 ai
Republic of Peru tdUe1'sot Sunday at the Julu
track. Chilean JoWkey Victor Ordofez rode the w
Ida de Rovetto and other members of the Roi
(nephews of oellone) are In the winner's j

:xfht) po i
novgh, afterI
ded one aele
Praeco race
-nw. Mrs.
Motto family

Yt -uehmt, hnew-

t b Aoterahes.
I otartag f the Cs-
ri probl.

eat Mo d L Puerto
RI"o ~a Vne I e lubfrom
Octhe r seon. The run wlee af-
fanctk hsnt mu cause of iet-
Bo nults Indirectly turn-
righta t4-tieadiectly with win-
temarkafter yestUnderday present
s 'a.ewss aMon. t tohey hay In
tmef Cibbean ea thres most
ntmesgoe9oe w et y winter teams
8J t ee Da been no word
on AokGreenibmrg's proposal
for int-ledgue game& during
the regular season. The Cleve
land ge pral manger suqgesto
each major league team play 82
gamia with clubs in the rivial
league. Greenberg says the plan
wbuld help attendance... but
Hank hasnt much hope of get-
ting his plan approved.
"You tudw how It Is," he re-
marked after yesterday after-
amoo*l ses0fon. "They have to
defeat an idea three or.four
times before they consider It
Beore- the Meeang. flve
Anmerlan Uwma club e tflelils
Cal Frank lane Ct
*al", *OVI--% Nbf T~amH.1


_L IOHA,'Oib e I Age
C/i -t Kw- fdfw4 t im Bee raOtit ". ... i". i|' n. i" '.
('11,!) .md Oiimiato .+a .* ':.*. ... ^-"

pttMigh 0 0o 0 eooi0 4 000 ----3-,0,
Op~l .(D!) 0.01d o .' ss;'.'. 4; 1.+ ,.:
(re 4 4-h), eT% oLw andI U l. || 1'. *'

Sweet Revoue-USto
.only glums. ,. ,,..e __ ,:.,. .'_.
a '


Weairmn, c
b-Um des
Ratt, a-

Corwin, p

a-oux. 2b'

ab r h 0
b 40 1 7 0
S 0 0:. 3
3 1 1. 1 0
3b' 4 .1 2
40 0 0
4& 1 1
a 0 1 1
20 r 4 0
0 0 0 0
1.0 0 .. 0
2 0 0 0. 0
0 .o a. ..A
0 0I o'0 0
0 0 0 0 0
a 1 5M24 5
So 1 0 0

2 2 0 2 0
4 ,.1 61
5k 2 .,A.' 0

ma .

ed Jkla- ..

rn1vds ltuHnlakdn6 mem., fu, A

o ', .

'fr 1' hits and m 4 n,
.e liunhtp. The D Odfe
fRnel4 their att'pdr on
a weer'. tvniwf tPe
0 .tto'_roq t with o three-
*-. 4' -<

h.- t

hews: 2:00 4:36 8541 -
7o:35 .:a prm.',
Adventure torn from the
pages of the M8d WestI


.. A, N, .

- mA

*t I I

Costa, tenth ranktql feather-
weight,. outboxed T o w e I
throughout and prevented Tow-
e! from getting a chance to
score points on the Infighting
In which -the South African
The winner weighed 129 an
e-ipTred to 133 for Toweel.
Vii appeared to be overweight.



U X 3.8...5:9
L K *^**
.st '

"Repeat Performance"


with Purfett FOSTER

T ,

Bamk NIght! 30.O
Ray Miflaed. In
Jo Payne. t

OUMD wWBjID INC." (11-12
"h"hal Of Cedar Rock"

*i n n'

I'. -
- .~ ~

AB H' Ave.
C. Jansen (CV) 30 12 .400
T. Peterkin (Norge) 36 13 .361
0. Raverau (CV) 32 11 .344
Rive L21 7 .333
Djorld (CV) 22 7 .818
oif. Qegus 16 5 .313

Ofictna Mederna 8, Sp. Troops 1
Roddy Prince's Oficna Moder-
na stars ganged up on Special
Troops and administered an 8-1
defeat. Sidney Tulor hurled a
stunning one-hitter for the vic-
Bergman went the distance
for the losers with an eight-hit
effort which yielded roundtrip-
Ders by C. Brown and Sidney
Tudor. The hitter of the day was
C. Brown with two safeties in
three appearances.


Loop Standings



(Coinuleteon ef game suspended
July 15 in 7th Inning)
Toronto 021 000 000-3 11 0
Havana 010 001 000-2 10 0
Johnson. Crimlan (. arnd
Griffin. Rogovin. Lopez :3. Hpr-
rsa (7. Cueche (8) pnrl Nohle
G 'rrai(7). WP Johnson. IP
- Rogovin.

(Comnletlon of rame suspended
July 15 in Sth inning)
Wnrhester 000 001 100 I 0-4 12 1i
Richmond 100 n00 010 31-1 11 0.
JTackson. Jacobs (8), Mar1ll'
(10) and R r a n Nardenli.
Upintselman (091 nd TphbarJeck.
Johnson (9). WP HeIntzel-
man. LP Markell.
Montreal 10221 000n-8 13
yrci'ise 0- 101- 001-5 n 0
Roebuck and C. 'bown'mn.i
c'"24ford. SMrin (. KIppow (8).1
'in3er 40' and 4putt. LP -
Sanford. HR -- -elson
Hravanasone 00000 4 6- 1
Toronto MI1 113 Wx-V'14 1
Mbre.'. .b.1 (5),,, L-'
(7) and bM Na art and

Richmon.d 3 4 .1
Rwhentp r WI U6 nl-1 7 2
'T hemal. theUmsor. F..--,

-l i -. .'.-

stop eo he could dMe an e
field of Gene Wed0lag,. fV
Nogen. snd Hak Bauer. The
only bitch is 'Maptle's bad
knee. UIt migjrht ot hold up un-
der the fa starts and stops
required of a shortstop.
"If I shifted Mantle to short,"
says Stengel, "I bet he'd hit t e
hall farther and throw harder
than any shortstop in baseball."
The Yanks, who trail league
leading Cleveland by one and
one half games. think the sched-
ule favors the Indians. Stengel
notes that his club just finished
seven cames against the third
nlace Chicarro White Box and the
TIdiean and. tonight. onen an-;
otber three-xame net at Chicaro.
That amounts to 10 straight
games airalst the two leadine:
rivpls and Stengel says it's touch
nn him team. "Those iames areI
like the World Series." savs Ca-c
sev. "they tire my guys out."
While the Yankees are strue-
eline with Chicago the Indians
will be meeting sixth place Bos-I
The Ped Ro'sI stir lureerI
Ted Williams took time
off yesterday to cheer a ran-
epr-.oomd fouar-year-old boy.
Williame took an automrphed
h.iu mnd other presents to lit-
tle Michael Cloffl of Boston
and provilmed to return forr
Another vist. The youngster Ia
blind.., and doctors rlve him
j,,st one month to live.
Only two teams New York
and Brooklyn have much
m ore than a mathematical
rhonce in the National League.
The Dodgers are three behind

by .Is k ew p' arg semi-
Prrfbuatl ar bal with
the AtWter. Calf., Pakers.
The OlWM wuma left h TRnk
heew if't aPost wt* aBali m

in uns batted*4 I
Hodges ahd Snider
second with 83.

SLuos leads
are tie for

Vic SeIx Cops

Penn Net Crown

For 4th time
-By United Pres
Defending champion Vic Seix-
as won the Pennsylvania State
championship for tVe fourth
straight time. 8eua beat gouth-
paw Art Larsen, 6-1, -1. 4-0, 6-4,
In the final at Philadelphia.
Left-hander Bernie Barten of
San DI.Mo, Texas won the Cona4-
dian championship. B a rt tn
romped over Koeekamo of Ja-
pan, 6-4, 6-0, 6-3, at Toront6..
* Wimbledon champion JaTrolay
Drobny of Egypt won the Co-
logne Internationil tourney in
Dermany. Drobny won from
Ernat Bucholz of Germany, 4-8,
0-4, 06-1, 6-2.
Sweden clincld the.European
Davis Cup chaTplioshtp by winh
ning the dotie M match from
France at Parki. That tvesg Swe-
den a 3-0 in the best-of-five se-
ries. Sweden next will meet the
north ^American Zono champion,
still ito be decUidd.

24 Years In Na.SUI*.9d-a

QUESTION: Is there ny mit
to the size of the catcher's itt?
-Julius B.rsto_.
Answer: 7-U. c si 1 3*"
a leather glove or msi
sie, rape o r eigh. l WI
tram of the Gaftru .I
gloves, a ipoea e Z
Wihelb's kinukle bp.
Q. Who eompead-UK ote
Murderers' Row? ese 10
A. W*Lv Pl L,*
sel, Babe Ra u K
Baker of dhe T
Q. Who hed f
al-time hMti --ng -
bois. -. .

Tit rs. com l -l
h. ere diltHaMl .11 li v
stII lives aisni .
Q. What aetwefr- X
uer has thei Ml

Q. Didn't
World Serieso Hm
lies?-Bob Bw _
A. X&
asider IS
^r~su SJiLfle

Mack revealed he is t to .4 .
buy out hi. brother, .MtErle, -_ _t RAaion -, _D-
emt majority control of the _'. 'UAt I.S
Ray aBEarle onc agreed to 4-Um f ikobbiha In- ia d In
lrivehlmb aWritten option.o0-his ; 0 ,-.-1I. ,.,.
"haregf.stock. -- changed i..ooT *-- ._, .- o .- ?
hami d. boy also a he-m 0rs ti,. mrn RoblamsI now hlas nanl
has received offers to purchase Ree. RBI oO., eros, ord.
the Athletics... IncludIng oe (MuelOr re -..wa'.a .
from Kanmas City. rot i **t ), Reese l n 2, 2 ..
Earle sayshbe defrottob ( is RO- (nees scored on Iieba' b4li Nat Peeospeh. Jsesoa-
terested in getting out of bae-. rth), kmkine. D bles -- vle, V4m.. A -4u,
ball if the price is right.,. but d.s, R0Ifk,_ Thaompson, awded eamsatl H,, m -
he adds. "Go sak MRep I re he b kneO, an. Triple A- Roblmo igrely ia theo 9
is ing to get the mope oros. Don eplay Erakine to try *ver Coluua," July. 'S
Regarding Kansa ty, a Reese to Hodges. Left on Bas .
newspaper in that city the New York 7, Brooklyn 14. Bases Peoples, who had four t l
8tar reports it may have a on balls Ulk e 3. Mag ie 3, including a two-run homr,. ba-
malor league baseball story lWlhu .,.;. Co .wn 1). ted in three rums and was the 4
within two weeks It the oIty IO D l, ei 1. Gel hottest hitter in the gsamne.
votes bonds to buy the local sta- 1, C.. -ts f
mn "11 In .1. t
A two million do* Voa- 8th), 1-VV In IuS i a
aUon to buy Blues Stam -1/: c 1. Runs d Roberts, 4Aerdeen, Cla
of the Newoa g owne\ edrms I Ma 0.e 8c N r
American Asaa teo a si a' 1.011 l. new r
- is part of ,000,0ono d l:* M e ,
/orgram. The ail hlmWPTgboi wlo -n
be decided by the V ot e .erP-Mgi( .
week from tomorrow. Th,. pa ..;
'Ver's editorial says -. "All ...*
have to do Is stand reedyft... this

sports BrieIs

NEaW'YORK. July .7 UP) -
A five-year-old lahoOs m-
"Count Flame" led _almtuu.
the- way to win the KlWgMbunl
Handicap at Jamal._

moved to the ffrt in thel
quarter-mile and led to the 61
s. At the wire,. It w Cooi
plame a half-length Wb fsot el
"Dtearbh" The enof '0a*d
Gtovea" and "6O eaeM 5u
mtmd- rM md 'r b ,m it
esit sonof fM ....
-it's the mfo .,n M -Ife tb

sOumds oveor a fasD Aw-
memods ramedian

ta Use .O~dow~f '!f

; *jve-w *pWt :

^'w ic ++ ..

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Johnny Riddle Of Cards

'Pinch Manager' Of Year

'2 (UP)- i

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.x;~ : ''~ '

ten -

V enti.WlM, lose or draw.
d. ollco ,-'fundL
0. reM" 'b aely
uJfnesui 0592ispabttors A
oa canat aeforpt a bp .on
^BImet wi, o rdrw
juos B~ti secttorspai
*A.~,~ aamrkfpink nlF *twir

* ym/"uLw. -w> -"iM justk datU .* ,-,- =- .
M wNa.MUWLL- *a .

. Oen. Plhal is going all out in h effort to bring to Thalland
a world champion, and ait the beneficial publicity and prestige
S wicl would accompany that achievement. .The- Thais are not
a little f~eaou of thle in the ttd apan has at-
tained with Yosh"o Shk l's rim to the f eight championship
of the world.
1. l'Dsppolnted over Chamrern's failure to take the title from
.Carrutethe, n a battle fought through a tycoon. the general nmake Sonaktrat an even better fhtar for the Cohen
4 match.
iFleseher, who was a rlngider at the Carruthers scrap, and
S ill be a judge In the September contest, was commissoned to
send over as American trainer of top qualty.
As a onaequence, Al Ulval, of Ahe good old Brons, who
handled Rocky O no and Tami Maiela, alred Is working
with Gongklt In a government camp 0 mil es fro Bangkok.
S ilvaul la to step t for six months, and will recve liberal
tee, plus expenses.
"I have found Bongkitat to be a remarkable boxer," says
Silvanl's first letter from Thailand. "I am working on two things
S-Jo improve hlisleft Jab, and to make his work to the body more
of ttFe. His footwork also needs some attention.
V .' Obi am also needs is a greater appreciation of food
.va, and the benefit of massage.
S II '"I am sur that when I finish with Songkitrat, Cohen will
S find hiP a lt tougher than the little fighter Carruthers beat
by just one polnt,"
8vai .has been amazed by Songkltrt's adroitness and
agl ty. The bantam cop was Thailand's champion, in all classes
u p to 130 poudsa, ln'the ancient lamese hand and foot style of
fighting Defore 'he rai out of competition, and turned to what
they ca "American style."
ainmkata hI will be I In Oetober. alradI i ,tht' Uaht

i ha*Ja~I.. H uM *


~~X~B~! ~ '4. ..'4Urld ~rl: ~ j



Playground Sports-

The tennis tournament held
at Diablo courts on July 16 was
won by Diablo entries, with the
exception of a Gamboa senior
Single-Senior Girls: 14 Over.
Sue Taylor won over Ann
Riggs 6-4, 6-4.
Sle Senior Boys: 14 Over.
Winters Hope won over Joe
Single Junior Olrls: 14 and
Nancy Middleton won over
Sa.-ii 'Anv. I* u nder.

Stengel Hopes 'Yankee Pride'

Takes Hold Of Ralph Branca
NEW YORK, July 27 (NEA) pered "good luck" into his ear
the pennantwinning intangible Brasca shook the man's hand,
known as Yankee Pride catches thanked him, then walked up the
hold of a player the dby be signs block to his car.
with the World Chpmpions. His shoulders were squared and.
In personal splendor, anyway, there was a slight smile on his
Ralph Braes fitt in with Casey face.
Stengel's rare collection of dia-
mond plutocrata. Ralph Branca was going home
.ietod his wife-not as a w shedup
It didn't take the discarded pitcher any more.
BBmnea loma .*'a eeiviane the RsVrwas a ank ea '~ a.

S .. ..
r p sURi Y

p a'reatDoestrt y a word. just
t about that Willie? he some-
.wwantd to know about Da Muener's
Mu ellr _.mca hit, that all that's

ened up and aiodId. "What's he hitting norT A
lousy .S4, that's all They don't call him The
Magician fot nothing. The balls he hits have
Then in the amie breath, Durocher swung
back to what has become almost a religion to
"You know," he aid. "somebody should keep
a chart-a daily one-of everything W
(Maya) does. Then we could look at it and I'1
bet there isn't a ny here who could believe what
it would show. T'o- just does so mny things
you can't remember them from day to day.
Mays -every other sentence was about the
amiling-faced youngster across the room In front
of locker 34.
"You see Leo. If Leo says so. t's all right
with me," young Mays was saying to a fellow
who had approached him.
His cap flies off as he paes third,
And he heads hems like an eagle bird!
This mutual admioatiou society between the
brash manager who -started this season on an-
other of his familiar "spots" and the whirlwind
center fielder, who has made Nbw York fans
forget every Giat hero of the past, has not
gone unnoticed among bae bal people.
Willie and Leo. That's the oul-barreled
answer the Polo OfoIuders have given people
who picked them for the second division this
season. They ae interwoven baseball-wise. On
"one hand you have rocher, the steam-'em-up
gu who slw m s the right move when his
club is hot.: y ave Willie, the Amazing
Mayas the y y id.
Without Leo May easily could be a mixed-mo
kid. He might havrJund. his way onto. a club
the manager V wN lh 'would direct him, move
him around lke a chess pawn-and have Willi

. ."....
net. G:V I he lean W
UI ? tohyi r W,
haven't told an d
he om thi t
cotch 709" saw.
or not euwnh iSS
i aeld Setsi Pe

hadn't told him u o th wo
move him In center field a bit
ten. And against a oage_ lde
suggest to him that mel'ight
him up f d ret htMI Gat wituuapa
But that alL
"I let Wllie sun wild. The second
base, I just say, 'Hold your hata. lth
to do anything.'
'WUllie, he doesn't woarybout
body's hat. That's the -thing f
stand in the eoaeh's box t hi t i sli
have fun watching hbh.l :
*, ,..:..
Wile doesn't may muchW. .a
with record. Baba uOl 'a
runs doesn't mean a thrA hi
as at his leak before wa
Wille'a answer to everything l
manapr r'l his Idol
"He Just great," Maya tells, you.
pitcher voice. 'iou do all right iltld
risht by you." .
Maya went htleas oe aftnoo .
Chub Feeney leavin- the clUbhouge.
"No hits, Wille," remarked
Feeney. "No hituno par.
"What I care 'bout hits.' reped
"We win, didn't we? That's what I
to win." .
He sever senter lik e h hai Im :
The other batters get the Wm i6
('Lyrlos roni "ay Heyl" by Disk I d
Jane Douglas. Reprinted withpeI
Muslc Co.), ,-ie .
NEXT: Willie ad Lee meet i .


'-*I ~ *'

i Te '1s mateRh witb Cen haOf thi approval'of tUe w&o
r ehampnLsuhlp committee, of wioh Bb.Chriatsnberry Is cha
i r .mapT. The winner of the Bangkok scrap se qded to meet the st
ivo of the appoachln eonteat in Mexulo City between Na
r -Blools, of Ot State, who won the Olymic flyweight title
P elkli, and aton Madela of Meido.
Eventually, the winner o the ellatinttions will have to con
tend with Pierre Coaemyns, of Belgium. Current ratings pla
SCohen Na 1, Songitrat second, Coaemyn 'third, Mala fourth
Andre Valgnat, of Prance, fifth, and Brool sixth.
It may eve~ come to pa that the IBC will be persuaded
take some agniunce of the bantam, the forgotten fighters
the UASA.

A eig to remember

'ise ir na more whoesme ad pleasing drink
th good SWootb Whky ad the is ano tS
-mgoal than alc* & WeIs". Disfod aNd S &l..t. .Ba.f Wm is i .g
LSooit as a en mL mmB* a -* for
*lat&VWhhwe"uas*tieIecalsfor& 1 *

Ditild and ottehd ian aS4e.i

m*. .* & ... -.. ---.m .?L

.-" *.
s4.- ,

ANW .atl4" s e .. peesW, i.tLaNS

MiK~I~A5 U. UL A





Wucpl 0 ver Ty W qAWy. *a...-
ing are the winners and run-
Girls Single Seniors:
Barlow won over Engelke 2-0.
Boys Single Seniors:
Lhelie won over Lodvelady 2-0.
OGrls Single Juniors:
Chambers won over Morenoy

uo Boys lIngles Juniors:
Maloy won ovr McOraw 2-0.
SAlso held at Diablo Gym.
S Of interest to children, espe-
Sdally the teens, wa a box sup-
per and dance.
Winning prizes for the best
wrapped box were June Barow
and her escort. Her box repres-
ented a football field and seein-
ed to get everyone's vote as be-
Inr the prettiest.
SThe winner for.the best home
made corsage was Donna Jones
* and her escort who received for
their fine artistic work a tube
of lipstick and pen.
Dancing was enjoyed by some
75 boys aid girls.
Also at DIablo Gym, a slumber
party wa had but very little
slumbering did they get. Why
do they call it a slumber party?
A better name would be "slumb-
erless" party.
Going on at Diablo.right now
is a fast and furious baseball
series which consists of the best
three out of five games. So far
two games have been played and
they each have a game a piece.
Gorham, the heavy hitter, got
two home runs for his team.
Kishmeyer slugged two for his
team. The teams seem about
even in hits.
The boys' ae on both teams
range from eight years to twen-

With Mrn. Margaret Morris
calling ball and strikes. one
can always get a laugh out of
these games. All be can hear I
the kids sinrggl three Blind
Mice." She Is asWo manager for
both team, so iae an not af-
ford to show any partly.
The kids. took advantage of
those few days of beautiful sun-
shine and hope to take advant-
age of the net dam so they can
get the five am played.
Children at DIaHb Gym. This
summer are enjoylay brings
their lunch every Frday and
having it plcnle style at the gym.
Bach on bri two enic book
and xchae thm. They Ma
tbt their let bo. They run
off treasure hunts o eahemft-
er butae. The odrZen at ie
Ume or another haye won cokes
this smunetr Br afftorts in
dCuimtw c L

aiiv9 snwiv

T z '-

that be could still throw hard,
They take the position that the
Yankees can do the rest. They did
not care what the Dodgers and
Tigers. thought of the right-hand.
er. They bhve,a. opinion of their
owp ... and perhaps a different.
"'Why shouldn't e win here?"
asks Professor Stengel. "He's big
and stro E; showed s -he ii still]
swift. And this team don't hurt
any pitcher." .
rancai the r y who was sup
posedly shocked beyond reclaim
when le made the pitch that cost
the Dodgers the pennant in 1951,
echoed his new manager's re-
"I had a bad back my last two
years in Brooklyn and I just could
not get going this year ... so far,"
the handsome 25-year-old explain-
ed. "But I believe I can win
here. With this kind of a club,
you've got to win."
How does it feel when a pre.
sumably washed-u p pitcher is
handed a contract by the win-
ningest club in lbaeball history?
"Good, very good," said Bran-
ca. "Who wouldn't like this? Look
at this team--Manle, Berra, Wood.
lin,'s wonderful."
Branca revealed that he was
shooting for the job from the out-
"I don't know what they were
thinking wnen I asked if I could
pitch batting practlee," said the
young man whu wp 21 games
for the Brooks wean he was 21.
"They might have thought I was
just doing It to slay mn shape,
but I cane here 't show them
I could make the club."
Ieagel said he compared Bran-
ca wiRth' wamr of tb pitchers be
had and tam. slrCd him If he
wanted to go to work. It was as
simple as tht.
"You don't have to worry about
anything," Cosah Turner started
the bufild-up Job on Brane. "Just
throw that ball in there with
something on it. We ot the guys
who can catch it."
As Ralph Theodore Joseph
Branca walk out of the Stadium
after signing a gate attendant
grabbed him by the arm and whis-








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I Poem"



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en II'

Is Tactics
"Let the people know the truth and the country is safe" a
, Joseph R. McCarthy
defended his controver-
-hunting activitiesoto-
aid that Congress ought
RheeWill Seek Fast MiilNry,

aestino members of itCon-yngman Rhee planned to U Rhee said an independent Ko- headed Vice Predent Rich- ete ed
f witnesses.
tt President Esenhower today to rea seemed almost a h ard M. xon and etr. o A. ony prepared forormer
throwwor ouullt "faiU..rer invest pport behd a dream when the ommunts n- State John oster D Army l o-
.procedurs-. the Wiscon onm k R se
em-d WASHINGTON, July 27 (UP)--vehted unification of North ani A large contingent ef U.1. of- "e: gva- a.oub I ..t "
kg_ from turning over secret (Up, South Korean PresidentlSouth Korea during the fighting. ficia.s and foreign diplo.mats, handshake 49 inh hi
Wisiation to members of Con- Syngman Rhee planned to urr',, Rhee said an independent Ko- headed Vice President R4ih-. meters and nbr!ed Gem.
s. Preside nower today to~rea seemed almost a hopeinss ard M. xon and &_aetaay..of James A.*" '...Fleet,.formser .1c. +.
.throw full U.S. support behind i dreanmwhen the Communistsin.. State'John Foster D qa,.gave th Army Aeududerimn o- Fren nurse, U .S Cn1
acCarthy's free-swinging me- fast military and economic build- vaded from North Korea in 1950. Rhee an enthusiastic welcome rea. I F oe n r 'Ns -- '"
and his dispute with the up of his war-torn nation. "But your boys came to our after his long airplane trip from After rieawt an honor
have been the main cause Th. 79-year-old South Korean rescue," he said. Seoul. .. guard., Re n a motor
toe stepped-up search for leader also prepared to discuss1 "It we only hed had a little cavaloade t oue .
procedures. But McCarthy at a White House conference (10 morm courage, we could have A 21-gun salute boomed out as where ohe'_a ,e we_ rwore O I n eU S S ta .
. that present committee a.m. EDT) what steps can be pushed on to the Yalu River and -the 79-year-old statesman step- welcomed bey recent and Mrs. -
Here sufficient. His own taken toward the eventual uni- Korea would have been unified, "pecd from his plane. .E lenhower. WA l July 27 (UP) risked her life to tavy 't be- hh-i ''
lmittee, he said. itoperat- fiction of Korea, a goal he ha-=- They spent the night at the WAuse u lyrd f orlies o t
inder an "almost ideal set fought, for most of his 11iF.. Whteo e r mon a- rraube. de Da nBienwleA
At a formal White House din- ar vdO WheS p B o us e iuAaheres tmoving rPhu,b.arri d Ble i',; r bravou ash e e l-eml ,,ub n-

nything will positively nease communists, Koreans have iRh wl addr" a loint S- The shy freckle-faced French use re wit in a
attitude trke a near dependence and our own over Conn "I do n deserve th honor t-.

dadjufntment." These rules ment, our lives are not ours, we h alon n Aia o I have nly dne my duty.C" ,s Deo lar eVos iith"wh M
ngressional Commtteave no freedom Just as Pat- Terdn the Indoch4h peace sad modest kla c he Galard. asort-aleeved unit of reach
t e hurt by Con- later rik Henry said he would rather "nfrtnate." he isenoers entertaid arqu de oIa. fl h..1d ]i&h a Z" B l n
onal interest and at the e than live a slave om inst let Indochina go and what es e snyette ame to the United row of. clouding t i o, r me
ction for the ndvdual see to t that" hs wrtorn coun- et Russia i a French citizen e to
,,,etteesitoeifnvret-clo e andete aoutorIwo ldce.eod w the eC onp. o1 ain msit h.a
TaiahIweithe "Jpnseandthaterothe Y r tding n an or pen nc the nur dhe,

nA Re HiPl ... ra oud no ren alve he wl addressajoint been a s-r t .t St. eneeD-.1

a ttude day without United States the Hugra reltionary a," h tGe*
tent w. help. ou riivelyareComnoit ou w KUnrht mt leader noayf Krek th, whonr vievem oaend rethe men of p rles | It t S TOU
Ie ain t lPe o ath icaritHenc ied how terrible sit is a oro sion ef Congre tomorrow, ae ere In 195lw sh o rmi d uf r v w

eprov hie dot'clde fth unfno maty hn e'sne ahe a r 19 de whiae- an ieh t she stepped ot a Sl T"-o
ael. i wersd a eie ie a eu let an a so a har- was ha flecl to ta heroine d ot o thmerlscr 0 t "Iti for t
mQarnxim rume. O Rhee o said "G viac highest we o "Di ioni on tW he area entire ree world yesterday whe A feos era t f
e ontr Bovar, he contend Thatr avseh6 onb r. thei C. ot he oer wnor lld con u be e oUSo t LOSSe S .od don a go-da h tail en- dte

.totl i a r a uitn ndess h Re ad to a VIENNA July 27 (UP) The wlluhl-sase ibetonext,
iedence and our own overna st n" tofh n-st."Idontstedethr sev thi honor lag guilty to th". petit 'ey
aadjuto 2 o'clock Monday g our lives are not ours, of I abenteela la e ar larceny chrge Lambert said he their o Dlan o
S leeway to look af rsien charged wither "con- outh Kortu ean newspapers de 've Not se the Marquis o one fln htnorrowed" the acket because Prdent of h
S interest and at the die than live as a sla ve le rbed thisnao anniversary of the to fe coal and that the Unro- wo raining. Two days later, 8. Ambasdo ill o

W pcinatdone a t maximum Rhrowsolhd "God A oity will are w, going.toruc e d o? dustateqs .of the guesnorth a of gesth however ponce revealed, he put vt Col6n. the l
d ,ction forh the individual see to it that" hi alanr war-torn coun- Clar Panama ti It's no secret Sovet Russiar is in 14 ha l French' citizen t bee wrst t rhed wa o fr. auet o, 1
hJe said. trv shall be ..nted. ou forworld'conquest." been sopnored. gold-,,s on a g3td i e..

ng where te olzed those who came here In 1951. the mm durn yar b per It was stated court tht beel El Paat
Time got 'cold," saying they pre The moment ae stepped off .

aboeMs cUd crDoGala.prelate, described bwh all nO whowas formerly
To Resume dWar i urt t we mt r lo b Wi ^l lb
S do owners who igh Yugosw imVans boflDionhSignQPhIn'theoP"

whch all dog muave their government. Mark Clark, now retired, who .

""Church authorities had not was allied commander of World i
ma expectedd his trial to start until War 11.002,-,.
e on Bo iar igh d-Augus went on tria in Cetine was generals and a eaarty ovn 10-day al en
obtobal. Concernedrshouldwworkeno
.Montenegro. today on charges of u ol tothnco 4 a tsl
eisAra ite ae. y 2 (UP) -Thefled, the .l--year-old dbfrndnt cimse fuh .
:oaal Quarantine Station oeIs ArseniJe Bradvarevic. InSeou Itorean Prime ofal Czech Communist Party ole t26jacket, wtth $10. Th
.'open from 2 to 5 o'clock 71-year-old Metropolitan of Minister Pyun n T ha hrie s in.ePopiehbelongedto".Zr
,itrnoon, Monday through Montenegro and vice-president that the CommuntsactuallyrthatW or n R opnav complained whichet sale, o. g o
or between 9 o'clockTSat" f the Orthodoxr Synod. the actuPlynh atngI loflt c mones ofo ae- son., executive aseacrearyosi.
ornreplannring itenoo rel the o- a lst because miners refuse ut. hpn,
istrdct office w Tl be o- government body. fie nrean war, In spite of the a wor -In pleading guilty to the petit Duritn their sta P
.1to2 o'clock Monday ArsenjeIscharged with "con- ,South Korean newspapers de- Ss erd ethe log of one mlon "'rWed" the met because President t -ep-Jll
soiracy aimed at forcible over- scribed this anniversary of 'the toS of. coal and that the Pro- It-wa raining. Two days later, U. SAaJ
throw of the present political Korean truce as "a day of 4a- duet-.of the north a&dsoviuth however. paine o revealed, he put visit C ol ,, th e alieq~$
vccination cer t If I c t aI order," spreading racial and re- tonal humiliation." distrsctth
be taken or mailed to li ous hatred" and "slandering Mark Clark, leaving El Panama this morning.Vin tf the i st ulz-mo "ths ofcdry to te a n. o.rulle mofy
Section in the Civil hiph state officials." 0 t -the Comnistsdutin e:th e lt s ay'fiar dssopped by i7-n a peryItowasst cThbe- la
ufldig where the licensezTe trial,"tainhe Communpctn du-riyp5acb
issued. The anti-rable nwhedistriclt courtnbladceina. Gen. Robert Wood, who wa.sfrom South America where t.year_ ac proof at _he centforthe samereuson. des losing ijbthe former Tick ,h will e
will be given free of expected tn last abont-three first cha~Irmn of the Goethais completed a' two-week tour of Comunist aemere m y P gThe -news"per also criticized Janitor is now faer investisa- at

Also iin the group were R. K.M------------------. .-, ,-. -.... .

Morris, former Chief Quarter-.
master, the position occupied bY
Gen. Wood for ten years starting
in 1905 and F. R. Johnson, who
now holds this position with the
Canal Co.
The oldest Commissary Div-
sion employe whto is still work-
ing, Frank Williams, was als on
hand. e served under Gen. VICTOR MATUiP- LA I
Wood, having begun-his job with"
Gen. Clark, who as Supreme 111T PIK E
the Canali n 100. +
Commandoar of the United Na- W ILLIAM BENDIX
tions In the Far East signed the
Korean truce exactly one year
ago today. now ta serving as Su- W .
perintedent of the Citadel Mil-
tary College in South Carolina
since his Army rtirement.
Commenting on world affairs, .. ,P '1
Clark said "Soviet communism is
a hungry and Instiable beast
which is unceashl seeking to
swallow the world and mus
therefore bo stopped.
Clark said that "-t I had had
my way, I Would have sent out
planes to the-other sde of the
Yalu .i.aKo.ea.". ...n-.n...;.
me. WThe Epn."T:alwa --A .",
-. ; l -: ; ..i.l" ", i .T_ .h e" ,, .- -.
"'" '" -'+ "'" ;'"' "":'" '"Ti""n W S W- r
= ... : ,.' .;= :' : : .- -:z .' .. :' "." .. 4 6-

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