The Panama American


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The Panama American
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Weekend American
Physical Description:
Scott Family Library Fund ( donor )
Panama Times, Ltd.
Place of Publication:
Panama City, Panama
Publication Date:
daily (except saturday and sunday)[may 12, 1973-]
daily[ former oct. 7, 1925-dec. 4, 1966]
daily (except saturday)[ former dec. 10, 1966-may 5, 1973]
normalized irregular


Subjects / Keywords:
Newspapers -- Panama (Panama)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
Panama -- Panama


Dates or Sequential Designation:
Oct. 7, 1925-
General Note:
On Saturday published as: Weekend American, Dec. 10, 1966-May 5, 1973.

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University of Florida
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All applicable rights reserved by the source institution and holding location.
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oclc - 18709335
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r bay river valley
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hroughout north .TIAtm.
Frencha obavers eld the

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The reports mske lear tie
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Eylby tbie Chtnes Commu
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endain warshpbls, whs,"
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fl. nlrtei Sir Winston
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attacked. .oa de Coasun-
t errtrlaal, w.aterw .on a
utar flight fin flinhore to
Hg sKong. .
piltm Capt. Phllip
iwn an Aorallan. nfl
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wbhe toen wth CemmiSot

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The om suts may have
staged ji attack to test Wem-

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Petfrit rceny
changes Bris
20-Day Sentence
A Wf Jaidlesentencrwwasia-
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mmObt. l. -.11 minlarian rescue era
| eglgL -.gis conducted ov0er t Na
I o sall r ft' the Bril tivillin air- 9.
raiteers mn three an was st on, the tit&Ved p
Yof weghna not| nsent two carriers-the Phi- rewue
8m00ponads a e weight S ea and the Ho -to
itha oo. h area Saturay to guar reu -
=Lith e oiceasntoen talers yas snoueed by e- -WiD
Si fthep ilo r. of State Joln Poster Dulles -
Divtadn st Mount Hope.- after an extraordinaryu toplvoel
'rence at the State Depart.
The. last ea of be I S with Vice President Rdrd
the Comm Divison WaM, Wixon Defense Secreta r
mae last whern contr ch ies 4son and other ler a a-l
for's totai- ore then $6r7tha 5T4
1000 waere w d to seven A0p The mission of the U. S. carriers Lt Genevier
pl e from n Republio of Pan and' their planes was to "conduct raube, "the
Iam O il ,-otect further r-s ndP hu," arr v
S"ewl perati ns"y.three-week
.nedom. tees in.
D rtee Nabbed sw Ia. I=
Dflprte N rb r F a rU ha on. "dellber. theWy-ear-
P 1Return To CZ at* tdown b two Cmne Idlew -
Communist based ig h-t r air- (.
A, fpt In 'who was d0; crlt" over the en sa Unit- me
monft. 1Y.s y in the Ba 4 of-thistionCl ofAtebarbartlyNam oera.d

zonn Chi alrmy h aspelo. lon of the
De t ulk A. Morale, to the fr the action ment, and I
DepArf Lulu A. Morale. 0g dheWe OM Cathay sir- Minister Pi
waived petslMnry hearing t a. Th Red the action. Lt. Galard
mdralig hi the Balboa MaR was "Indc entirely avdeotal." ed by the
tra' Ot. The caM w The. Peiptl regime .ed Ce.- Irren.h re
btind er for trail In the U. IL pensthon^the famBNes of the meeUng the
Dl"tfid -Court. vietsm. sAfter me
-- The U. S. action was certain to IdepartedN
Moraies WJ picked up in CInerease drastically the tension ed by 12 -
n ,ti is. He i now in %I .between Red China and the Unit- polt fr
$150potn bag$ t0ls ed tes.tck_ r"-"

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y "POSUM -- 1 aTHI UA WN6" CPI

I The Mel IeM I pd f5eedes oeo aed bm al bem ams

N jy...diub* eN., 4i. o.'t I. linet I I <*s*' p***u O
.IL UT-hhn e as ahe er sswpm. n
^me- kep iM -tale limue f *Mf lae. i
wf lue inNa OWheld i. sih e
.in ew bepa essom N O -- oasislby ISe elseemiea oplaiS
segm u is led eOs e1m mseei9


It Is a known fact that the Clubhouses are cheap but now
M the ave come up with a new one. ThiBs apparently tops a1
ow ther outrages thai they have tried to pull on the public.
There is a mail order nhose in the state of South Carolina.
. ,the name of South Carolina Mllsto that sells merchandise by
'-.hU the same as Sears. Roebuck & Oo. and also puts out free
.etaloffuei the same as Sears.
S These cataloues are sent to anyone free for the price of a
n lnyMost card.
XS^tt9Lythe Clubhouses know that Yev .re Is
nbaso what do they do but put th se ina eson
ews stands and price them at not 150 like The Saturday
.ewt but at 350 each.
.ulte certain that the sal are very heavy.
An Observer

A umr tol-- r"vious Iu zzl

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InW ammares 8 1 ..
can be burned ina meW
wi""th the drop *
There, ss 0ho5s
hee, A

ownBut a agree on the' power of
say the Soviet fifth cotumni i this
They that M
inside_ the eplarlr8t. W
a ani"BesFrance" and i
of having set Paris a In
to Prague. Yet there
equally well informed
endes-Fre lanl e.
But all agree ore the' powe
Ithe Soviet fifth colu i tn this
inside the very plants| t
spare parts for our i .
guns and tahks. .

call out 2,00,000 dih hm he
munist workers last t a to t
strike denounced y eGYM11.
the Communist party ., an
rep orkt o rgas. o. '-..

ts omst the Peer Edson it Washigto

counter action by our. nds
,#aw "oti cn ored tower prhe campln erned verthto i

hich clanti be re e s f W (s tthe heolwaot
thuist tionland 'Mr. Ptetaa. '

I oeAdmilni ,stre.3tor Al- Air' Foree et aircraft. ttm
The Com st y antoert ole' offe the er aso'. n'tem a o as..i.tdisi e both
counteraction byour.fri

Premic. who proceeded for a codepence. the social organization -d UNAEl- Army ar*ad
which cannot be revealed, quietly They noted that since they had headquaris s i mp coan rocket he t Sam
gave tough French veterans of tOO been there the last time, the place Friendly Sons and Daughters f e have been no dea nor ItI
Indohine fighting Job s In chad bea redecorated. Chartreuse the Friends of Mr. and Mrs. serious accidents -roma either r2u art
factories as the Reatit and and drapes, dove gray Franklo" Pieroe-has't last been souroe. yet. topoultry.
tank plants. The Yeta walr, deep and luxuriopaly com- smoked ut. Army-Chemical Corps ist t te
of our GI paratroops who saw ac- fortable cordovan leather daven- The enedit, it seems, sho p a research mhePr o
mopjin'the pampa St h a dy o the l at e Was t

ion pand

ad to be fair to
a dnDy but
neat in charge

Pier in a spot
there the nd-
etion of poaul-
w FAoif and
Education and
"UN, the Ag-
However, alince
rood Mand Drug
e been cuto a
timawn. Tabor.

.i ew m.., p* "." s .to
puI' vI 111 a

Profit 1

A nu e Of I
*ews -e h *"E-'V
^' -"ML W.

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o w. IN4by bo o '1

d yo ee a sudden h "pmen In he-r pl
"DiM you MUMie a sudden improvwment In her playing'r*


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frDAA WmtiA
ISW* cg *'11!

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that our friends had begun crack.
Ing party strength and discipline.
This was the cae in the entire
metal Industry of Paris-in Slmca
and Citroe i, as well as In the
Renault works, despite the power
of the party amongst the workers
in the Bed belt towns around
But some of the government of.
finals who worked with the anti-
Communists against the industrial
fifth column were fired over the
July 10 weekend. Without govern.
meant supWort our friends will be
beaten back by the Commie goon
Matching the fifth column among
Industrial workers is a Communist
network, among the farm workers
In the lush French countryside.
Our rural finds who could use
a little of the loose money poured
into this city by some of our aen-
cies, report that the Communists
have a .inerk built around the
old Red partisan apparatus of the
ladt war. 'ls rural fifth column
is oompltely organized, and is un.
der intrum ols to do nothing but
wait for the moment wten it is to
receive Soviet parachutists at
night, hide and guide them against
our troops air base and material
depots, nt to mention, of course,
the NATO headquarters under the
truly peat General Gruebther.
Anut.Comtnist. -arm workers'
leaders ate doing some counter
Mnida.and are publishing an
o. paper but they
aveW *mesl to continue this
wr.lidt A trying to match
what Russians pour in.
So these's no doubt that the Rus.
slam saboteurs and troops will be
wel received behind our lines-if
the dignal'ftr war comes.
Meanwhile, the Commies have
So arrogant they boast in
Ssthey did receU-
that wt sabo e the land if
Franee rt telfl the European De.
ese Ce .ndty chatter. And
They have a minimum of 50,000
tratd ='er Irund "troops"
made up o husky miners, metal
wuib s, eekwaUopene and Jut
plaI& thugs Aea g their shock
S wsuch noterl.
-eu b at-h "Cameleta do
R assault po-Amoriean pub.

Rt the atd body of their ffth
muu like their sple
II f BSI tab*- n

.. ".* i

-Jod watI

hoal meden izatioe" 'mAolp
one of the, vtors. re
barbecue pitT"
Ts was a dirty dig t the FHA
scndas in 'granting government
Insurance on Title One loans for
swimming pools; tennis courts,
barbecues ld qtIer luxuries. But
Administraor -ole took the fib
right in his stride.
"The barbecue pit is up on Capl,
tol Hill," he cracked. "I've been
on the spit up there, turning slowly
to a deep bursn.
Sir Zafrullah Kahn foreign min
later of Pakistan, aa been in
Washingtod for several weeks and
a guest of honor at many di
mttie functibus, At one of the
affairs an American toatmater
wa aoplogluing In advance for his
inaility to pronouce correctly the
distinguished statesman's name.
"Don't let it wprry you, said

cenuamuy m atasl r W uNmUM
current Democratic adminstrattm.
ast he worst since Franklin Pleres.
Mr. BrowneHll used the idea. He
got some letters of prtQt p from
Vemot, which wa President
Pierce's native state.
Tom Stephens teh a Dewey
campaign worker, now President
Hisenhower's appointment seat-
tary-beard about It. e thought
up the ide for an organization to
honor President Pleree's memory.
The gag was batted around Re-
publian campaign headquarters
In Washington In but afer
President Truman defeated Dew.
ey so overwhelmingly, member-
ship evaporated, Stephens revived
it during the Eisenhower ca m*.

carry out this job, this wasn't
eocensue of witnesses beh.
Ohio Rep. J. Harry. McGregM P
Public Road subcommittee eado,
this year.
More than half of them who es
pressed an opinion on this ao
et were against turning eer gar
tax revenues to te states.
Ingeneral, the more pnpulous
states want this revenue. h, less.
populous states, usually th larger
western- states with the loigest
road mileages, want Federal aid
for hihway coustruin and. are
wlln hto et the Fe ral govern-.
mentt ave most of the ta.
Either way, it's the motorists
who will pay the bill.

New York Confidential


How It Happened: Roy -Cohn with him ... Bob Oli0 (wasn't he Gulie (the panties) Moran mI a
disueed rb i Uon plans a flter?) awful tender over mod. ver ceramic
with WW- two s|O atW the e aaune Haver ,. Here' a George lItdldi
Stork. "Wat do abut new way of killing two b n ,with .or the cover .
me reslpuatV" e .ed .. me tane. Th lett lst reud: ie TV
All you.e*n from here m t a lie Gunther, fonnbrm u, slnu bd --- ,.,
i abueW" r told h ai. "What r and publelst New Y y r IIhe s aos ... .
about tI. wh have writ. is new GOP eadldate for Ae-. J, the sft "-"(. u
ten me- letter d byman of Broome co-,tyanrd i... f.A gI.'.
telegrasiWlIthat te retewarry Dorrie, local a r. wtji
ag tiu Ry N"M ROYt Club ea pacerely
.."N,. .1 be a pawn i (i) Cha Ouit"ae a&t' f
Ultical way .e a bat. both bet. E I2m y. -w
ter m a yu has .n ---
Walter "Get Out v l e Way 4 a Maid With a Kao: t- L. Vga
you're tt cold a -
time," k: TI na a.-l-e; _
tes nl July (A

another flr the ovettw, de

over As Uivw u ?is .
_m dr from the I.Mo
t a n &" f W ) a W Th w rM m l 0 | m i ^. I u = r m M t e e

,p uife. c a a. f"
e^ ^^. Ii '" ^lS 'srviaver ,k .j
or mee i a m m ., ," k* ;. -_',, ---
owl~~fo l! i ";:it''' '"
or ,mya ll I, -t;.,] l e" .

S, e neo lax methods widespred We I

1. poultry, often ctv" ohare'

ered with ar and ellings,ar er vof e tni at
thrown indiscriminately .on the purcha of .
market. The. Menbes ar simp Geeramv-Wpaklng. ta
cut off, and the diseased parts are former ve been
O e sold inafry a offer- ISe AW". W,
iug readl-tp-8 Ak Oi
breasts ad Ilber featured parts. a r
2. The poultry comanes tat r ts
submit to iu on aIe het deres
nagging the fArcultr Dept- w d
meat tto-1e t {to aSUaN ..-s for e Jst ,_. 'de t
industry pr-sPure was Wha.. A bl

cracked down on P. th no

The sitaosis or "perot lever"u is er e 'hA
,epidec Ok Teas, "w.h e It may ,
Plate t EMaye swaepibg' l M" ?'' a


By Cabv4I

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World, Is valua he tll

tarily. .
S "We mst'Mm -iI
o a rtly-4 ae o Iou
dominntleo .'.. o _would.

proea a b poh: unanda... n a ham ith s
isty of mo eS h- than 't, e to W Iry s ot ne
Sa o p tate ad f hemai. R A' h s In I

ou, ? Bto better ths me ia deratoras./m pa5'-- .. I
$ Mrp^i all 1 nmany Ways l The Prealdeet returned.fro d an Ponsibly of the recent
if to a phig4o school. Vow example overnight tV o Cip Da4, his atter -fib
chaoo h Sow.l e..._ te sm n p d lie taep t to aii e a the .World Cri- Presl ent pllo s tr ca l w ;,it -G
n8 a, i w .d. e. It is t !an Endeavor Udlo., ma lserna- for-the-moment autentmaUo nil
d d eittr house to get mere ,, I r.hp ..w tonal organ Itti of protetant dw lonny. bm te mvomncednd Its
states i d 3) fri eorldWA ce h rosn

S- o e -ell thedm .. the fall, the About d,0e delega te. fromh al .- e sotG mn6ter in
4frt ortr-cflf A e workvMego toe the rtdeta. stte pra ood n the di lome n At 1 statement o
.'ft wa moved yre t U nt i tries gathered her Saturday for tat... gnter m- oias ." latobI
S wo i e hl the v day o entk on. h does not use m al stda s, th
s me. _. io w would h feo. tbek tstte= the rvthotrlta nie Vo ..
ar tTp gete more gaslinyl. cchoolntaeo it Gene th
e s o. iual o t. p blems of the momen t, he
_ ,,neve- o brredtothedriver to int dr frm qutt recre s, Duth HetoldthedeleCteshel sron-saide Se
b ,-InO gI.tI- eo to i oa mo. befa e st a r.-i I Om the oo n ou courA pUc emnts, ast roo. eet lr m s, wto rth n ea I I
o o uY e pant e hkes into te new us the present dretor, at W- rom the reree carac hower n t 19 .eeco,
ter rm rt They had npped up wooen Con of Iby, OhoT r h p ouss te alism. But it cannot be true I a It
aue o of c s od om am ettr aonly government a rm th e permine t a re to
t.hestupd..pfdM- ,. not t.ssO of wieple- win thatseoayp p for
.m e an f-eo r powsm lons,. ,a r
., .o us o ,d agd a fo oe ~h t om o.d

.rdaKh U oon. ,.iatW*s'e d inge t nd buil0A, t ,.e air o l,, te t eo ,,tiauhrity 2-r,0 -de lg-3 .... ,,,ent eoun I
t o 4 hwo1eeeitwtth w-lows L others. Fre peple do not hek seo0 smttmn

iOlK OF C, e eed t .l io ws and to 4, | Above..8s stdyg saturdg for ca. .Untep d In a tur ay 0eton [ / m
r mON ore i. e ith**b that t ... ../5

e n vearyk Sull were mo te ino the peomes twan hay-t tofe evtrytheeg (C o."S rasko rem r lPevaer e v B3
andStt S the new agi ascho r ad{ byt o oom to theas.I s AhK o the file lday s, h pe on t hv oes not 58M oier ah bro k
aolwouldsr d Sae h eth e .tota rthr tai oern gettes orthe l 8In th l toa rng. Peaceli lar rezsoetra ha lwoa the loNat Demcrat eu
eeigehm"rho s ogot pwrehle canaq lne It V tdsto t600e' A AK Quhat uearepade he s tbeelbrsr Qesoe OP t o p D*D t B .b
re-cposi utio n eo th hhrate t ino th e awo s d oprper entl Th peto r a ftherful Dy 8w JA3 s w h $ H o the csOeheeFc on r In d. leio
rnetr gap b d Yth aL s. Then dtrot wn o F iam d Colemat n rof"flrom tho Mrt i L .AT iomseddo dmosp s ee ntioa Thi se. rdl c.didt s rdo me
ane goernmen .y y ad mde loe2 su11 othe 12 hr k10111ofIpdu c pla e df t "s wth heea m oo- intres nrset r
aA ~in innat of tohe a ol cen hr al The-1 3xtantemgo.tht was -deductsbesually ladruetheer__iodn_
eCle.near0t Ai m "o oe t DstredButhiietcaL nnASot JulyBlodello

-'0. olderaise W t wh at. st a wrd.s T Jor.ksod ba a mromoto w ht .R eo K Q opicl relembers .aspet Gra- are the 3 p er s cetBoB bre
e Mled h ous e litershd rg te ls cow a rd ergso tAto, ATB s stui Q rotd o Sup r D D

Lheatar theo oolis tanu pid. wead sed o the woodenla he Co lelaw to theatyamOhio, WE&T woa ed t o dicus bu G apa rently WM forced nt330oa
causd tre at ancial thet foors f gricultur lI0 fad~lies t s eromthi. ables to accoodat the with h oseoomsic isn m ryno;; ; w thih w8ho al "I arl"
inkeleng o the educonoo had f a d. o Thebls dome to stun o woeto 'uc and h dedauts" itytOe Democratn
Wt *Wlalgunleg e f or .beo fIssonW bar '. oters. aEEDEDpe6 Qpleelore em er Fseek rt e Al all.te

sthneo a f anadto sthoaL t.d opr N r s h to sing.t u oro t l "o
_7pdtbnof te thlessNOTENDO *hio OfOSWAD JADON'
its pro~m~t wrttenOW-M $01iesKkk wal
ernmnt-on b d*ed y ths n funo-onerwent6ffto hs =1 a- *;t 0 N Y.ConidenialFor htr TO

any 6:11
one f e e cetral.46~in antigo. t We = at & th fros ft e 2

WORK-OF*20L- SUTEI~e Isstudlq 14fng or Acoutedin aturay' letin
a on. e of he Prolems ows MWtwo brses. b o 6. Bradwaymuslea try.G'wonr, forgoenrShvsha W30
2U Mayknol scool akes Such ere o] te ba-lof willstor dveythiS *s
ftit ladog trin M ujtl soolhadto rombay o um o oion. AKJ wih toseloos, e desnt avevots t 58,98 fo Raph ar

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nine. Philippne Fualu -

Lux Venetian Blinds


No. 38 .F. de ola Ow .
(Automobfe Row) --Aw'%7-
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u tM j e1 t d ,* uno dMMt .. aed.SRlou

I=n an eating mow e-- =1a d fari--m mi asem tms.2

No 7 Aumoue Row Tels. 2-2086 and 2-3172
!I :'1^ T .' ~

131510 R ,i w e 7ww wr v,
and and gravel. But iron cem t,
lumber and roofing would be the
costly items."
Until the Fathers secure the
necessary funds for this barn,
chiefly from American friends
they will continue to use odd
rooms in the school to store corn
for the chickens and potatoes for
the. boys. "The chickens ma
even have to move in with eac
other. to give us ropot to store
the harvest in some o the crops,
"Father Coleman said sming.
"For the present., our stable is a
lean-to built against the end of
our buildings," added.
The plan of the agricultural
school is to Improve crop yields
and herd productivity. A
very, high per en tage of cat-
tle of the region are toub e r cular
necessitating the boiling
of milk before human consump-
tion. With the help of the-school,
students will learn how to control
this disee and hbow profitable
it will be to mainti disease con-
Although it rains in Molina on-
ly three months of the year, the
water supply is good through the
use of channels, .-or "aequias,"
used to irrigta the land, The
M aryknoll Fathers hope eventual-
Ily hrogh experimentation with
fertilizers, to mnprove the entire
agricultural region.
The school is very happy- with
its tractor. But this time and la-
bor ony emphadsw the urgent
need of oter meder machinery.
An iletratiion of th e backward
methods used Is the bailing of hay
with the elp of oxen.
The students who are ambitious


announce tde arrival


in 300 colors nover seen in Panama
SThe Largest Aworbteuat ia he Republic

at Ctd;inw my Fe ges

w. e t Cie YT.. Sas You Rquet.
., -. 1i

k. M-.61 O

The M-,n '. t "rai -o: t AgD t.
Ve few bride dgal should takes citing cele ( ) to
be automatic. a na ives nearby wide-pen Maryland for
valuable information to our pa htlife and to Hyde Park to la
ner, well and good. If t doesn't wreaths on the grave o D
forget the signals It may boomer- Many complaints about both. As
ang by tving valuable nfomaon for the-first. pay the carpers, w
to the declsrer. spend ta.-payers' money to 4et
When today's hand was raed 'em gali. second, how come a
West opened the Jack of spades' GOP administration doesn't find
and East won with the ace Ea Republcan president to honor In.
prprrly shifted to the queen t stead of controversial Democrats?
clubs, and South won wiiththe sce don't know. I'm just repeang
South looked the hand over care- what I hear.
fully and saw that he was bound to
lose, three tricksi t black suits Struly Not Peronal: Million.
no matter bow he plaid e hand re d g Austnt is a cute prac
The contract threordepended o tical Jer. If you go to one o
Losing no trump cks. hs swimming parties at Fire Is
Since there wast much p eint land be sure to bring your own
wasting ih rtiaees or tears on this suit. Te ones he a out to his
sort of problem, South onanue t dissolve In water. What
by Ilayi downthe e o ar Le Sharon, pint-sized
East b an a signal by llayIfg tho blonde H-bomb who wore very lif
three a hearts te at the Latin Quarter last ea.
The failure of the deuce of on almost lost a ob in Tokyo
trumps to appear on the first trick because he refused to pay ee
inrigud Soth. He entered dum. baggage charges on her costumes.
Smy with diamond and a were eld up i San Fr
trump from the adumy. 5r agent o up .
produced the dce of hearts nd Communist working as stveores
deelprer thought about mtersn Fra nce put sugain te
Very csifouly. tank of oil millionaire Sid Barka
An echo in trump is usually em-. oete while unloading from
played to show a holdingn of ex. transatlantic liner. P abl fig-
actly three trumpr SUce East hap- uatd gas was too comm o n.
opened to be A fairly steady IAdld It
nmgi ve 'p Y r enme orld But Who w "ts It
ling the fact that he ba d Nth oe ployU
tru rl~ant ) are Ivane. I n their,
It -idn't eem liky to dclir countries, (i ludg _those.
motion if he a b star ted Wtt three P t. e ions' share o
trimps baded by the queen. tmlo u expenses. Taese trip.
Hence delares'ded topayl onspeapss po
East for three tru lac 4e n stand by helplessly while
queen, whc e tht srame dishonestemp oyes smugle
"ueen hi W 'RI ta"t w 'etscontrabad !n and out. To froI
ueen was now bout to drop. ctrband n an out.ose
South utU tm e kift ofClbs and Communist countries bring serets
drI the blank queen, thus a repts back home, return fre
IsurU the shaky contract, briefed to carry on the cold wap
....maybeum. t West had against us, like humps we
a few etioice remarks to make p It.t .Yo uwont r ad i
about useless signals. The moral er" pper here, but eve
a good one foIr eb i-Ardod, iTn is fed up with the world
the trump echo a 7 boonve dog le. TMe Select Committee
for those occasions when you must on E" ates disclosed that Eng.-
Iorm your parb en at the land lashed 16 milon pound. as
expense of iferml"nso m my. Its share on UNESCO last year,
S p ibe ump e.n g responsible for seeing
isa osb trum _it was property spent. The Co
N atura G g m1t~mom is for callings halt. News.
Natural Gas Use C:P@r editorials demand al funds
ro ing I b cut off.
wing In y Dateline, Hollywood:
NEWARM. N.J.-f() A dred Turner working behind the
MoM.M6 pipeline exfe-r. pro- counter of a Bev Hill men's shop
et sp iding Jw jersey Is Laea's ma ... RubEroes'a pri
wiad- a&ea- vate nickname for Zsa Za is
tural gas service -a ev before. "Gabby" ... The Nicky Hilton.
The Gas Ap h ftatur- Gloria Rhoades friendship begin-
e' As i in f sa. ning to look mighty serio...
Vey Of natural gas egfirtt og Mario lfensandes (he owns Neai-
data, reported that ae9RO e the eali) got a license from the Max-
U prokeit to eliver IIMS.OM lean govt. to build a high power
cowcfeet1 of nature la I- day TV state smack on the bder,
were eopleted. & T6 aM ount beamed to Los Angeles, whis has
would be enough to oPWhr A local video el-cl.e in a dither. e's
gas ra5e5i far a L Y in LA. rit now, buyer up.
The emorm~es eeaal-lbfe pro,. meet, w. eh hasm the g a
ad services oam*h tywne, dither tS because he& young
C[Vi..&, last Onr= beken, good looking, with muce No ey.
Newark, Paow a M=- Mapoers: It may be
abrm, =e ws9 sweetheart, ifV mi COW
xbv o ad ral for a gS g, wear
lem4 I" WNWI t- hie I

I 7 .-,-

he should b eleted..
The Democratit National Gom-
mlttee hai shown no indication
It would come to terms with the
Shivers' wing of the party if he
Senate Democratic I e a der
Lyndon Johnson, who did not
even bother to campaign, won
renomination by a 3-1 margin.
House Democratic I e a. der
Sam RaYburn, who has served
in the House longer than any
other present member, won
renonUnation for his ttnd
term by a similar margin.
Winning the Democratic nom-
ination Vn Texas is the same as
winning the general election.
The governor's race claimed
most of the interest. The fight
was more than a battle between
two men-it was for control of
the Democratic Party in Texas.


eOmoe ,I
las kWoilht,
snd beeutv



1 lede s ,-r




fA \.^)m~edyour ae
0 n yew II .t *

I "A It 'sTime to WI i
Switch to a I i B '

and Dress it up with a fine
Priced. ..from $4.80


with the



device that mes
full protection


x low.*


B ItN*".-4


and Remember..
You can Collet your winning in


.. P ..
TNIfI V I t a I r X0-it

, ,


v -ge



T .. .. .. ,.L1 ,

old Sailo

W TT"'T.-. fT T TT--rY P _,.. ...

_ra." the new reograhper, is resaMuible for this
starring Marion description of reado commercials:
old home week for 'They go In one ear and out the
gripplag fi I m ether."
men was made -
ver from New York
.e J., and the cast The most bosiptable New York
almost entirely from apartment lessee is Mel Torme,
actors you'll the alleged velvet fJog. Whenevr
lie Eva Marie Saint. MI's away, he turns the place
James Westerfield, ovr to atV of his old Hollywood
mptaand others you've friends who are in the big city.
Of times. They look At the moment, Mona Knox is
dn the big screen as using it-she's in town to appear
at home. on Mike Stokey's "Pantomine
aere many in the field of
aIste therter who sneer at
Bosh. they sa. Or, on TV TOPPERS: Herb Shriner
pooh. Not so Tony Ran. (CBS-TV): A fellow turned up in
town and I could tell he was going
Say is currently in the Broad. wrong he started taking tooth.
onoedy hit, "Oh, Men: Oh, picks from restaurants be hadn't
I" He took over the part eaten in.
Ta created. And he says
Never would have gotten It's so nice to have a house
prt i ft hadn't been for tele. around the Manhattan.
((b) his television bap.
ave drawn hundreds -
t~.(a) first, being of a Herbert A. hlbrick, whose ex-
You probably know Pperiences as an FBI agent within
byhis other, or TV, the Communist Party led to the
Weskit. Wes is Mr. current TV series. "I Led Three
Sthe Wally Cox TV Lives," l9 the best thing to happen
be got involved with to a sponsor in years. Philbrick
was the romantic just bought himself a general store
played the young in Rye Beach, N. H., and dutifully
boy. stocked each of the 87 products
I liked comedy," which sponsor his show around the
ay, "but never had a country.
Iat it. Along came Mr.
and that was my

. d the most. of it. He
i Weskit into a very
i tchracter, and suddenly
as a comedy star. That
er ppearaqces-one
opposite' Judy
and then came "Oh,
Woele2I" Randall is car.
never have been eon
rI Oft- Iomedy ftt he
a comedy reputation
Bgpoed In backstage and
to his ex-romantic fact,
ve never before seen a
Say. And.the only reason
FW was oa ehim. And be
Sand when he makes
& appearan"e.
S#t rI the wlspers," Ran-
, .-. lley Iy, 'Oh ,that's
'aa on Mr. Peepers.-'"
gb*W6, a 'ts on a tings
Ia is Ione ef e few that
Bgl~~fcIKSli utii j mfa,^


Great Wh

New Orl!ua wervi
*8.8. "VIRAGUA ...........
8.8. "MANNA" ..............
8 "Aoao .......
*,S. lR3 ..AB" ..........
*B.8. "CHIBIQUF'" ...........
8.8. "AV NIR" ..............
* *MMsanims muAitmee Cb

New Tork SrvneC

B. A NGA" ..
.NO ......


LA8 VEGAS Nov. In 3 days. The little boat WMA
Raymond Goodwi escorted up the Tiber River to
n te sea, eve Rome by an Italian
boat across the .AA Goodwip said. and Imere he 'y
sought out one of the and a Providence merchA, F
in te world to make asur B. Thurber, were guests e
amount to somethg government.
Goodwin, 77 ret M "I was a gigolo
superintendent of yachtsmen after the trip,"
Monument in southern s win said, "but then I had to make
Death Vallee. He spt | .Jt i a decision.
In the scoring desert wa "I knew if I wase ver to a ont
claimed t lives of mI to gM- to anything I had to make a olan
seeking '49'ers break.
During his retreat from the ea. And' he did. He left i thriving
Goodwin invented a hI. msic store and the presldel
ing composition that is the Narragansett Bay Yauit R
watched Death Valley cB i Log Assn. and went to Yumia, eAro ,
an inaccessible inferno f a pretty dry spot i nitaow rit
the nation's to- tourist nELlirs and He eventually settled inDeaVi
met his share of notable. ley which is as dry as they conm
Goodwin was born In _- ri ..h, doodwin worked as a Bturea of
Conn., and moved to Pro I Reclamation project engineer
R.I., where he developAt., the project, later tried his
love for the sea and yaelUg, hand at cotton farmin, highway
In 1911, he and two other tM engineering and surveying.
sailed the Atlantic to Italy a Goodwin discovered his highway
21-foot boat equipped with 8a8 l ad paying composition by accident He
a two-horsepower engine. scrlped some cheap oil off a grav-
"King Victor Emmanuel 4f it i I roadbed one night to traf.
offered 5,000 lira for the winner fi to pass. Re-spreading oil.
Sa trans-Alantic motoboat rae,' gravel mixtu-e next day, he found
Goodwin recalled. "Thomas P l it to be like asphalt av which
ing Day, publisher of a sea mOgS cost 10 times as much.
sine (The Rudder) was trying to
promote the bce here in the .it New Boating Urge
ed States, but he could get no
entrants." The discovery lea to road super-
thDay didn't give up. He promised intendent jobs with the National
the ing he wodget the smallest Park Service. Goodwin sirvwo at
boat he could find and make the Yosemtie arI Sequoia in Califorx
trip.. nia, Crater Lake' Ore Yelow.
Went West stone, and finally death ially.
The Death Valley job put .
The tiny Sea Bird was refitted win in contact with the late famed
for the trip and made the crossing "Death Valley Scotty."
"Scotty and I used to kid eaeh
other about who was going to bury
the other." Goodwin said, "S.ptey
visited me in the hospital ter
I had been hurt I- a traffl caccl.
dt in 1 M2 and I told him I still
O MP N I was going to bury him. He mid
'you might do that, but right now
I've got the edge on you.
ite Fleet Goodwin looks with pride M o is
accomplishments at Death Valley.
Arrives His road-building campaign began I
Cristobal in 1938 when 10,000 persons visited
the monument. Last year 3,00 I
......................3ly 31 persons were logged in the blazing
.....................Aug. 5 valley.
..................... 5 Now that e Is retired and has
...................... Aug. 7 put down the stigma of being a
.....................Aug. yaehUng "gigolo" with solid-ac-
.....................Aug. 14 compUshment, Goodwin is getting
iuled and Gemeal Cars the a g urge again.
Glittering Las Vegas Is a good
,; distance from the ocean, but Good-
wina has another out-vast Lake
Arrivs Mead Jst 30 miles away,
ACritol "Who knows?" be bald. "I might
consider piloting one of those fancy
........... .......Aug. 3 hotel yachts around the lake.
.....................Aug. 9 If he does, he'Ul be wel qual-
........... ...--- 1 fled .Goodwin hiu,_ wdia h. the..i

... ... .......... ug.
. ,a.;. .. i .!.....Aug. 1
. ..

* ,' ,. '.

* I,

'. *03~gWeN ..
~., *K ...
*~it .71

,~.. ,...-~
*1. -




wI U-l ;

UUTS. AlMD Mi WIA 1p Rainea
l~llllln '1'fli VOKqMT, W
sums."a o ria&" 0U Im.
1W16 "M

M at you get for be.

'ar taking themselves

at National *ecre-
i convention. And
is "Mr. District
P a e tapped to de-
h i addreu at the
A 'iat of County and
Attorneys convention
. need now is word that
Irop it giving ipano lessons.
S-Barstow, the talented cho.

Spoelal round trip fares from Crtl M- to Mew TOrk,
LeW Angeles, saB FrUnelssM sa
To Nw fork ........ ..............'.......;Ij.
To es ANals &anId an rantoise. ..... ... .'s
To beittIle ................. .............
. .. ., .. .I
Fwbtalhtly iunswaoer mvioies from Critoba 4.
New Orleans via Santa Mara1 Clobto.
SB.. "CHIRIQUI" ..... ........................ Aug. 9
8.. 4OCIIqUI ...................., .......Aug. 23

Aunt Pauline Relnts



fmaItimr 4 T, SiT; MS. wAa, LSOMa
wA mWonl jMWiTUne ANOAPotoar61ZEI
L.NN~aW WNWIT rr...
6,TA nWAITwrIT.No fl^


Food lfr the.ah


a r a uIn

-* ____ __ _,___ r A
Ap 2 v a A
; z OUT

.uaW ICrTM5S
o ,es ms
,* ..KV, NOICy.,
^ A

'Blueblo ds' Not
In Social Register
world's only true blue bloods are
not in an ocial reni according
to a University o r nl O. aW
logist. Th are era e, lobsters
and crayfis. a m U
In. a special study of the three
of marine lif James o
edmond of UCLA, ftuns t hat bu P6OK
blood is merely the result o a
blue copper pigmyLThe PIgSSetm
serves as a vce "for oxygen l
the three Just as red iron pigment. g
hemoglobin, does in all ed wooded

b *i & xqJ


rv.vmAw 1 awu
on-AW vi. war
c0'0mi W&T





'tmel f COhan


msap. I'*m &I


as 4 ., W .la ^ .. .





II -


- I .
4 *' -



,_ AMauiC.t( 8"i

inds Up H is

ath Valley .


S On



I 1,-I

~lar~si~ ~~

- .- 14 -' .

a lbe -h sw

Io .me Mt.m .. :- P

he las Frida aa t
s. Bon0, -3 10. Nor

tio t. wm e wi attend theo

reeaea Augus" 14 1f
a?**:U I did f t
Hotel Tivoli, Ana,

a ll 3e
d weB u l
Ve mu of F-ig, Wa oreft

Mrs. BoAe, C 1

Art Exhibit At 'WE Gallery
A Thnew art exhibit tetli
athe work of Mr. Pal Colb& ,

IdAboi TinW exhtlen .which wil
Hoemal util Aut 14 ios bl

G" .To y a"4.

thl is evening at T:3 at the Pot
NOrW rlTliSS o Romo Curtndsu Road.
Oil Agrement .Fa. w.-S.urday .
im u,, t The "Qn( de las Americas"
In Roor aS 'oB -1NOW Oleas
90DAlptsu tore, TACA In.
j iul.36, (" P)-the nor.. tan a.tIJsapoAr ot a
.weS- li. otodaey l ashion show and dames SeiStar
tw .e O a st r n",, n l O .of
dl.4ralbti Gzeoip,,ge n tine e; is 4 beodonated. 5t.,Pa-
di by teea$rinet 1 the e-

we Ce f the Balboa
Wa* t3slbsntiv't Lqndon as Union Curbh will hold 14 oth'
No.wyTk rtT Amis s, Tuesday in' =the hu
o" h.. i-.Aa.a. i ewt p.m.. Following a

I. ".

* D ^nwand-b shfl .

4hmVf original -rce
S- ....:'. "

I .-

wlt when a acore a

awht powlc saUl as
" od attcr on for

ibaa ton ro. unrymw we
*arot =nu
W uomU decidedV" to-med 11e 10,-

th. amutiv committee ated
on tbh sideso the lntmeoutlo-
lo te b arh ma

! The 10,008 Do g ip calm va -
qer walked'ou lt 1j to
p the ring of two ork-
ers in the turi 4epartsnst In-
ter-plant truck druIra^ alas
member of th loal )owt e
trike, muttlci off the flow of
part and I" aterial m
The shortage of parts at other
plants Idled another 35,000 work-
erq and hated 6 per cnt o tIe
firm's a inbltea of Chvrylet,

Il dI, ad L4ar Angee aeou=
for U&te other. pat ,,.t
TI loc" AedW out 1t Work-
a" anpeO thme, wa a
u IW ,

uums m l

De bpe rie sadered
To Take 2 Morts
to i Ca pet I
Of Coope ered
.ROl E, Juy e (tUP)-Atlce
uGaapeJ, weary ad wbae:.
id nine-year stnigle agabf -
tid' hests and-l ow=m ,I
Sbeen ordered by his
to ake two months complete rest,
I was. dialoed today.
A close assoelate of lMr It-
te" od Uited Pre thir teh
Metm-tlmespremier, now 13 year
eld4 woo me rain "gea1rel
R was emphasaied that te
doctors' bad diagnosed no sasee
lainent but found It a isea to
order De Gamperi away from Sthe
uy-bhry of Rome political

De Gasperi's friends said there
was no cause of aoarm so long
as the rest proves effect1e. Rome
Wpolitical.leadIpr have le. t that
e Gaspe1i a appeareApale and
tired f r veral mest.o
At *,e Naples eoages of his
Christia Democrat Paty i n
lunet' !f&"qw y he4 to .lan
aon .otie wnh mounting plat'
f = oa eliMbing stairways.

,f_..z "t

S o-


, Ihbsiel es

MEINESZ Iorooom. ly U -
(UP)-Fire swept a b this
city before dawn e eMday lea

a violent camJpbg ,tO self.
tefromatb4 rrnA.
Moulay Aomar area oft lues, a
poor and over-crwded hany-

ter of the buildi&s0bathe uburo.
/F hft hundred pople were
kao to have ied
Polce believe the death tell may
be higher. i
Just outside aeheos, okew ar-
onist started be n the forest
of Zegota. h s -
ing the nigatv
al by ealy today al
acres of lbMLi/ ,atfi

ofat er. a a -ar I the
M reos do a.Fe ve re ee

out last ni a W to
lemonadei 'are Wm .
The word was spread by young
Mneea s I of n two o
treated mepsa ay Arabs
The extreme natoesaHlits also
lave banned tobae --be cause
he lightd up a te i n the
native quarter. Tobacco shops are
favored targets bfor obing.

Argentine Firm'
Buys French
a P)-The Ar
t n b la km no-

ume..ln a .., e oa.
i'4d d .10o..t***0.
atri at spa s ithe

Ji5 iat iM m -aeaiu

wu- twe.L a

hotel blew up here last nig.
The lflon which rocked
this LuV town wf 'be-
lieved caused by a g leaM.
Explosions demollabed the ho-I
tel, lpa_ a teWea throw from
th euhore. The 0a.a pro-
prietorhis daughter, a maid
servant and thrw unitn tilled
residents were d.
British territorial pdlers on
maneuvers a few milo up the
lodt at ZeebjrUgg volunteered
toclear tl ..A lcs o-
fictal saw th may be more
bodies under. tWe fallen aa*n-

JWB To Present .
Oratorio Artist
Tonight At Eight
Garci'a Gome, Coombiu bail.
Imon and outstading oatorio ar
Is, 'be pe d to Concert
i t, at 8: pm. at the
IJ Formed focs Servie C.
ter, In Balboa. His accompanist
will be MAN Jaowits.
General admission is $1, fifty
cents for sdete. T bere is. no
admissmn itay er-

Inventors Find
Answer To Fumbles
At The Keyhole
young Ivetoras have scoe up
with a keyhole illuminator that
they think will eliminate mush ir
rotating famblin h e Od
Charles M. lhilips and Francis
X. Diai,. eash 3, bwed.%
battery and a m ab, walbch
.tSee kaiasESu
Phaips said he Mad Whi partner
coueired the Idea after "ar of
fumbing" at lockedd .. a
baby i one auhand p. in
the other. The gaet e o
weB their -w homn hey
took out a patet.

CAtkiherts F f1



bI~ootg ofr ftl#WRWonx

want any trouble" Yes
ol "Abo ut ai time
we Wi ere venthe aad
Iantma trmi, Ven
Mald. "Abou 2129" Tla
them bit me oer the hea
partly.-led wine bottI
e others otan4 __

I a
31 M-1

to woere

e% Stheo.K
SThe tonrnf o re t'I De-i
n t lt .dol es SgSs
ta@ m r in ther atnh
hopd to t Mneajt

d4t irrittes the .easlu the

ne of
d with
I sad

SMARTt to ages. know eow
important It Is for them to get
t hours of aeep each night.
Soey reaifs deat leep
essential lr bo u. healh a
A yr glance at your teen-

ficlent sleep. Shea the girl with
the d Un ar kin, and
brigt, onaird yes. 81101he'8 ab
who's last feel t
at a party or dazwe. In other
words, he's alert, radiant, and
full of pep and energy.
During ywr summer vacation,
you're bound to egag In some
outdoor sport& And a day spent
playing tenn, swimming, y.
:en at hiking certainly shu
e oliowed by a good night's
seep aae rest.
Chec you bedroom before
going to sleep Is -the vantilatorn
sunfoiient? Will you have plenty
of fresh bair? f you go to steep
in d slightly stul bedi ,
you'D awake feeling al=tly
A d you may hla a
*;^ .[ _. ._. ..... .. .

-W War

entity n your Ibt.
are the most oo table
or hot weather.
You should have a good mat-
tress, and eleat, smooth sheets.
Z a cooling effect, try spran-
rg talcum power on your bet.
tom sheet. Then, spray your top
sheet gently with a light, fra
grant cologne.
Remember, for youthful good
lookl you need plenty of sleep
and the preftlest face Is a rested

\i M E N.. ,

= -I As* &sI ms -slAg m$g bi-l 1' ..

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na Nna Namd uti Mke fit shagEM.33I MWd 0Aid S w S tms vm wp.ri sm- (IBM)
The tetes tal ea e, Smm mu g imM ap t, .mne- "A- ad ,wE
-. -
PUS Signed by ALUERTO ALEMAN, Oovernor of e Provbwe of PanamL. 0d. 47et U .
o od .* m A. -- ,-
wfrll: Uwdetor COtes wo. -e4r n se14
Pabl Dlde A. Io, 4q-1114 .. W.VMi

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L they Sa^ r t he

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e 7

N UD ", ag ,
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Complete Prize-wiseag Numbers in the Oriduury Iswhg No. o146, Suadayt July 25, 1984
The whole ticket ha 44 pieces divided t two-SAeries "A" & "' of 22 pieces eaho.

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__ _

--- ~T~j=-- -~*

S.oun Aver


- ** -




'-..r ,t4~.

O W.- ATt_"* .A _." r D AT''1
Y er~ios,.- AT-u
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.7 f.,. .

StCIADO I Weef r Is

t* *f ai Jute AT* S.
*. ,. ,- a
'3. ':n .,.L
4.1 i a _


I Juiy Ae. '


s -


Centml Ave.


V tonblinds, 25-cy-
F i to60-cycle Thor se-
wshing machine with
a w as attachment, B-

eMen fo Anador RoOd.
F | ------
d .-Westinghouse refrigerao-
cycle 9-cu. ft. 575. 4th of
A ue No. 59. Jeff.
t-S1omboo livingrOm set,
4 chairs; 3 tables, also bam-
dlnl m table 40"x60". 6
,f ; Kv ator refrigeratr, 60-
twn, 9-aK. ft. deep freeze, self-
w oelue model 5260;
n a ran. re,. 4 burners, cen-
Srill. oeeM separate broiler, de-
model $160, Ave. Justo Aro-
dea No. 92. Phone 3-2510.
.S.ALE---Wordrobe for $80. like
- 19th St., Guochapoll, House
oo rnI!. _I
.$ALE: I contour chair, less
1 6 months old special,custom
I ery, -cost $220. sell for $5150.
193, 3rd Street, New Cristo-
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LE: Refrgerator. very good
fion, 6-cu, ft. 60-cycle $85.
"4031, 4th Street corner, Cen-
'lI'Tel. 1458, Co!on._
I SALE :---Crosley Shelvador refri-
r, Magilc Chef stove, almost
Ricardo Arips Street No. 2.

j..Wallet with valuable papers.
S Zadny. Reward. No questions
* ,Return to Hotel Roosevelt.



BNaIonlist World News
t. meeting would
WthiU ezt steps which the
S nee might take
dom t on of
a te doubt that
lm fAer Chou En-
dsf tor the 'li-
of ftrosa would also

-hihl-v uaced sourc-

mt ~ll




FR SAL 11 Ford Tudor do-
lurx. 17,000 miles. Duty paid. Ex-
eelt condition, Phone 3-4753.

WN tA l:- 1941. Q yobil. new
tire inrmance:oild'.$100. Nawy
324., a till 4. cll Navy 3310.

FOR SALE -. 195.4 .Chevrolet. Sport
Couee with power. glide, radio and
whilewall tires. Price new over
$2600, will sell for $2200. 5864-
B. Dioblo. Smith Place. TeL 2-34 .

Wanted osihion
BILINGUAL accountant with auditing
background offers services. Address
ABC. Apartodo 1402 Panama.


Real Fooaft
FOR SALE:-Residence No. 12, Uru-
guav. corner of 48th Street; Coun-
try Ho.mne in El Valle. For infbrma-
lion call Dr. Aldoch, phone Ponamao

is the time to buy
We have a large selection
of resldenoe income prop-
erty, and building lets, all
at4ractlvely priced Mat with
easy payment.
S Inquire:
Wolff a Compay Ltd.
ath Street No. 1U

Now Flight To West

tartles Berlin
aIN. Julyv 2 ,(UP) -The
report p_ another fliuht- thi
rflom mmue to ifre

r ,ethi

awet rano b0Too wf

ITe elald they could not s4
otonfr t he bureau's reWora t
nli fadSelnt a hbel foowrl
ie magestber.le the myAar

ven~u~es ofan afd dad

AlfouMO WeftB Dei dtv ool
ficials said they could not so
confirm the bureau's report
Benn residents who follwtvf
oqu follow the fictional B&
ventures of cloak and dacrq

SRiley Will Never Be The Same;

SHorses Walk Into Retirement

MRILY, Kan. (UP) Brbwe watched the horses leave.
te end came to, m tn He is a farrier for-the vin

ariika n'0 day. -
4 rt so;ary
He s..d he was earty to ee the
horses go, "but they're going to a
the pasag o the vern pood ome-and they deserve the
."wnd mounts from the Ar et."



* --i .
S.** ft .

u"r -

" .

*-I* rp
16* Wa%#

- -a- -. t.-zi

FOR SALE: Wooden 'desk, offt*
chairs, safe, floor fan. Call Pon-
ma 3-5335. __
FOR SALE: Remington typewritr,
excellent condition $30. Call Pana-
me 2-4919 after 6:30.
FOR SALE:- I camera: Speed Graph-
ic 21,4x3 /4, Graphex shutter & fo-
cal plane, optor Graflex f4,5 lens,
4-battery flashlight. 3 cut film
hKlder and I film adapter $150;
film case. De Jur 2' 4x3' 4" en-
larger with Brusch Lomb Tessor
f4.5 lens, like new $75; easel.
Townshend, 193, 3rd Street, New
Cristobal. or phone 3-1776.
FOR SALE: Reol Valencienne and
linen laces, also nylon straw braids,
ribbons' buttons and Spanish maon
tillos. 6pen from 9 a m. to 5 p.m.
Tuesday through Friday. Ave. Coro-
nel Jimenez. Perejl. House No. 4,
Apartment 2.

Estelania Whllams

Dies; Burial Today

Estefanis Unice Williams, an
employee of the Mini stry of
Health, I bor and Social Welfare,
who died at the Santo Tomas Hos.
tal yesterday morning, will be
buried today.
Miss ..ildams, 25, daughter of
Mr. and Mrs. E. T. WilUams of
Panama City, died of coronary
thrombosis after an Illness of one
Funeral services will be con-
ducted in St. Paul's Church by
nehdecon L. B. Shirley at. 4
lot, afe wm- the wil

N i

Ove Al Indocln
TOKYO, July (UP)- Conm-
uunist leader Ho Chi-mlAb told
his followers wa "confdent"
the entire nation of Indochina
eventuaUy will come under Viet-
minh rule. Radio Pelping reveal-
ed today.
- Ho called the Indochina truce
"a eat victory" and promised
Ito t henceforth to "consolld-
ate" .Idochina.
afdo ae aa riven the

it to con-
sale unity
lenee and
the coun-


I that the, mlU-
a lne Is a "tem-
dlation measure"
m'not mean by
xidtbcal or terrl-
a were set up.
will surely be
."and our com-.
a their country

r ait -aad" with the
rth to "nsoidate" pace.

ty (VeE

Dong Par-
"have al-

sign our v*Uapee over he
maneuvers of saboteura of
peace" and "mut endeavor to
recover and build up and devel-
op our forces n all spheres ao as
to materalia emplete Inde-
pendence fIr the *atr land."

Former Nozis Rap

Adenmuer's Method

f- D nJoBiL. Geam.
L PD Cmancso zap-,,on

1:w o *.


Santa Clars. Low rates. Ph
Balboo 2-1866.1

hlUps. Oceanside cottage, Sante
Clara. Box 435, Balboo. Phone
Panama 3-1877. Cristobol 3-1673,
EST PLACE for your farnily's surnet
vacation Comfortable Club Coam-
pastre in cool El Vaoile. Only 80
miles from ferry. Newly remodeled
under 'American management. Caol
Tivoli Travel Agency, 8 TivoH Ave.
Tel. 2-0465.

ramlich Santa Clar Beach cottge.
Electric refrigeration, gas stove.
Moderate rates. Phone 6-441 or
4-561. ___


FOR RENT: Concrete bungalow:
. 3 bedrooms, 3 services, parlor, din-
Ingroom. bi, closed porch, kitchen.
maid's room, washrooms, garage.,
hot water c on ns $135. Son-
ny Boy. Sobonas 810. Tel. 3.3041.
FOR RENT:-Smoll house, 2 rooms.
bath, kitchen and garage. Cleon
and cool. 44th Street No. 22-A.
Phone 2-0335 or 2-1961.

FOR RENT:- From August 15 thru
November 15. beautifully finished
2-bedroom house in best residential
section; one bedroom air-condition-
ed. Kitchen utensils, dishes, etc.
included. No. 3, 52nd Street. Tel.


13th Street No. 21, Son Francisco.
Inquire upstairs.
FOR RENT:- Furnished apartment,
Independent large balcony, facing
British Embassy and the seo, re-
frigerator. Suitable for gentleman
or Iddy. Ecuador Avenue,. 30.

FOR RENT:- Best located furnished
apartment, splendid for one or two
couples. 43rd Street No. 13, Bella
Vista.. ...... .
FOR RENT: -- Furnishedfhl. e_
North Anlrtcan nmdOi ,-J Sa

PUr, I; WRpawyw r
upstairs o artms In ain e W
house Living-dlningroom, kitchen,
two bedroom l. Iependent maid's
room, eora|Jelphone, hot Mater
and comuiMfUihvos .lndeaed
ent entrance rtment,. atuated
at "El Cangrejo9 near Hotel El
Panama. Phoae 2-3545.
FOR RtNT: '.nlid apq tment,
August 1st!, Iroom, lln-groom,
kitchen, bath 75. Tel. 3-1648.


FOR RENT:-For couplet big furnish-
ed room, kitchen, gas, refrigerator,
Iron and washtub. 31st Street East
No. 9, near Piscine. Tel. 3-1869.
FOR RENT:- Cle o.n, comfortable
tooms, furnished, mod service. No.
5 'I' Street, opposite Tropical The-
ater. Telephone 2-1541.
FOR RENT:-By day or month, beau-
tifully furnished room, private bath,
double couch. Icebox, stove, kitch-
en cabinet. No. 3, 52nd Street. Tel.

FOR RENT:-Furnihed, one or two
large, clean, cool mooms; all modern
conveniences, private both and re-
frige.rator. Goad neighborhood. Peru
Ave. No. 65, tOwer left.
FOR RENT: Two rooms, one fur-
nished, other unfurnished. Private
entrance and both, no kitchen.
Centrally located. Colle Estudiente,
Phone 2-2994.

SRtENt-Nicey furnished room
ih private both, near Hotel El
mam6a.. Meels available. Call 3-

1789, 2-1693.

FOR RENT:-Fumlhed rooms in the
city and 2 rooms in Sobanas. For
Information Estuflenta St. No. iW.

ht r me g'imilng of the
mitee of manaement. Arm-
Services TA.C.4 U.S.O.,
shop R. f. en, chairman
the non imtn committee,
nounced thi apsntment of
L RHgh M. Ad. C., US.A.,
the ommOBte of manage-

Arnold is the mskeernp and
Construction dctor of the
Panama Canal G.S ad recently
came to the Canal Zone from
the Army War coaee at Carliale

CL. Arnoa's poltent to
the committee brin to 19 the

The comotie asmbers are:
L. a mnto cairsa;
Outbi Crowe
COL. ySan Drake,
A leal A.fam v .V.f.
5Tbhe e. bets. wtt 9.
Mar 41h,

i _

W, i

- 'W "" -' :;i^'"''! -,..





Moderar! .ow

M e wt m j a n m e u t
In Pans=&fr raamum

t79 Central A. -- We. J-U40

Is ~a

DOEL um.

SatUr day: I- a9
a Pori LAs-e TaL 2as
(1 bloe from 1M tweS


soIB omnCa CLUs
AWU CM RrI rttauf
straneea aL

ganuf noteilm 1.M.

Seamrdlnt jt W
noincairi, macn osd <

ath St., Ne.

ella YvaI


Tela.: -U5SA 6 2-51


. .. ,- i

HAI a&padtfate of Balboa
Hgh School with the class of
1M, left yesterday to report
to Walter SB, kw Mexico,
for da1g ith the Strategic Air.
ComenL For the past three
years, he has been at Albrook
AFB with the 5700th Supply
Services Squadron.. He was as-
signed as an aircraft resact
fireman.. Airman Graham la
the son df Mr. and Mrs. Alfred
Graham of Los Rios.

Jap Prss Didh N

Cosidir Vibhnlimh

Soldie 'Rebels'
TOKYO, July 26 (UP)-The Nip.
pn. Times newspaper,. n explainl
ig the stand by the Japanese
"press for closer relations with
Russia and Commuanit China
said toddy the western national
"lo prti e" eeause of their
support ate French In Indochi-

WIps mVwambac kgronndwor
Consist su pport, me Thue
said. "But theJapanese newsmen,
regardless of their ideological in-
elinations, were critical of the
French conial rule..- Therere
the troops fighting the olonikd
re were not 'rebels' in the eyes
of Japanese.
"'Antpat? -toward the colonial
ruler is common among all the
Asiatic. T e Westerners who comi-
der thq present Japanese ,pes
ractin 'sardonic' must frs e-
liae that the West had lost prese-
tige in Asia because of its sup-
port of the French."
The Times pointed out that all
major newspapers in Japan have
aied fr a switch in the goveth-
ment's foreign policy.
sm papers are not elpsing
thl eyes to the" prospects that
Indochina may eventually become
a second Red China and extend
Red tentacles to Malaya, Thaland
and Indonesia," the newspaper

aour eomIe n Col
nequete, esM F s.

wle ua hwtFkRwa T


Parrot camge $0 ea.
49 Via Espakfa TeL 3-6411
(Beside Central do Lecherlas)

Egyprs Premier

Icusses Alms

Wth Newsmen

CAIRO, July U ,-(UP) Pr-
mior Gammal Abdl Nassr d
lat it Egypt looked o the
Indoina war, as a fht for
nd not as a Commust

eakLng before a press eer
the youthful rem
"a as i any opa-
t o Or anyl ust
s there b no freedom"

it be "IsperWim In the
-" to-. said. ae he
Bter said gae "afage
artbe o e e.In."
mr'el &M14


"But that appears to be a wor-
ry lo Womorrow."
The writer also said that the
cIrculation of major newspapers
run into the millions and that "if
the public doesn't like their edi-
tnral tones the paper Obviously
have to change.

Svpb LeIdNerlp

In FWling SNps
MOMS W, July -(UP) -
Admiral N. E. Basisty claimed
today that Russia leads the world
in "crpatUin armored fighting
ips, ielbreakers, subm a r i n e
and topeUo boats."
ast ad &dohis class in ex-
press article commemoration
of the qationally-celebrated Navy
. He adaed the ruludler-tat
re iarkable Inventors and
scientists, A. S. Popov, invetqr
of radio, and A. F. Mosbago,
designer of the first seroplane,
came from the ranks of Bussiht
"A-memsber of the Academy (O
Rusian Scientists). A. N. Krilo
Wav tl osomdnoer of Rsia's anI
lMnt -- rm _

of the- gwuent and. a ale-
Iasser said he thought the low-
emafemt's relates With5 the N-
mA B arstaod were normal
sdce the Brotherhood stepped

Ifgyt yoth movement was t
S reminee iot the Hitler a'
enhb nstie nd was told
al thef Gard Zsa' a
put of pt's itay desf 01
ak t s tihe tmelans be- 1w
teem lest aad the fl.t

-.- ".. ;-! -..*M ; .". _I
CohMba, Kids

t Su er
In The Summer

ratheo c danam to get eadnough

m ..statdblenthatey punils have,
unBod for summer iouaed.
W Sat' mre, theyI won't get redt

clIsmeeub worke m t
rathe, 3hs t to tiadvned

back I to. atte up w ith aei r

he remaining aret involved"
sit -grrs working fomer redit so
their I to et be advan ep
lmber d aer tothan Fe u.O ele-
mEnt s. children have enrolled fori the
summer whool. Of thes. 800 are

by Detroit Court

DETROIT (UP) be in Sllaw
Stmbrather th, wanted to changer.
Part-Time Name

eupok, 47,1wanted to cange
k~~rfrat~~fianr 90,~a at o

Red Ambassojo r
Calls On DUlfes

State Jo Foster DulM at noon
today. 4
Zarubln', a t did not
ape, of tar
The subject
rubin to the State Departent
was not Imnediately known.
At least 30 varieties of sports
fish ere caught ofa the .coa st
North Carolina.
The Pacific ncean is rougher
man the Atlantic.

WM basa bad t a
w l -ha "to *F '

Te cvme to Arm ed ii

"sonm sadfl *'
bblhere and in hnd

most are tl."
pleasure to o*e*&a
who knows whit wat, -a

But when -a uet
sure, "then the

" t'ISt

Lively stamt tau _
camera as s handed
In the M.whe t .o *ly
ton, oe., where e.waa arr-
edi n a 59LM
nawll* s.ylr 'of"Tl ron .

l- .


Has Big Cut Thri4) Jn Noe'I v4


ed iOn Glselet

eetaculr grad
ILD at the omtn
entmure dm "1




~m ~AMgOi

R.. L


- ...* T, -. ,; ,;

'.-.-.,. f:

FA1 de Pab0BasionU I|
Octal Lree.


Via rNoU8a-1e

,,..' 1i

,- .. '- .,

_ _._

- -m


'- -

. I I

m m mk-

- ---- ---.-- ~.

,.- ..,





I ,

I -





I p

. .l fO l,


I .mmq emqq -ui mq m m






. h I k


a -

- :** ,** .
.' .-


-E .

m'ji us r t p g -- t
Ovis ... 'o `A gust 1

-had thr ou gh" i the 2te ._ te. ,.. _'g
o i.abeSe ws Relatl su b.e omdrpnlte bl to spend a l
t- .. /e i' s a FA. Ie a ,

ana II t ilms"h Fth Gtro
day. & o"i4i the S-

.0n,,iet ,' ...nd ag o 10e Gan o ti nairpo Ji e e Le N W,, e ha themsievesthe
won by 8if, F, At Gllet Frank i w er NW *doy .ot a-
A Mrs. R. L ves, uM;Nco So :0s p.m. .:0;,P.M
M. Mrs w lo, Mrs. Io G L. FaI H and Ce. Nbblp Grand ol re de.

t d...wr. I :Clown Ir s Lone Survivore

iMpimn, a in.l. [ .au.In s e wi Famoust iou i
raa -.a _,_AmL lFasi y 0..
R oi "li Oeft Hon LYWOD July a (UP) -whole .an laughed it up in the
On, 'd augwiht hiseRan p ossIb^le when It as waisam e ssatm couAe.
i :a' '" 4 se an" v iT1 'hey called themselves the
Sir s. r "W arner o sthers m ar
M---H n. uA~' UP na or******i~illlbii l G By"r.. and probably drew man,
toe's m er and alo w I Allen Jenkins or Una erkelt la s from a y pre-we pub

U0h2M 6' WalIr past li e ay b ach ofr- com be..
r 19Bet i rande S veo effor ei ahe survr ill
ever y ptrsiincluded atd s v
leasti 'em, often two or three All Jso I ala bad

: up a sometm e New York-borh aosp tad
ug.. k m croon dtt anub o. dvan

S"S E_ n -' -" .'
_ li W b lt the suit w"Be'
But th Ides isnat luMy to Map

the liei Inspired by heaiti
when Or-syehlatrit bid hey
00, al u w6rk in t Ve

Pbut the suit was
dropped whm he agreed to comil
down his hair and wear putt1
foe place as thbe French emper*;
The star now i good
may be du questonA D"
ts e a.,Land his tw
with Fox, but he lan't avoidly
comment about "fifth rate, wls
ered, caustic remarks made about
Ne in Hll4w"ood by people who
Mi be (S.u ed..
"It doemsnt bother me, though,"
he confided. "In the long rM It
really doesn't matter. Iptellignt
don't believe all the non.
ene about me. People who be-
Heve tI I Ignore."
Patrie Wymore is being sip-
l in oe about the big
%Wtery and theater tour she begin
in August in the U. 8. It could
be she'a worried that Nora
HNymes and Lili Damita, who
were Mrs. Eoll Flyno before
her, could attach her salary for'
Errl's back alimony and chd
SProduct hungry movie studios
tried to onag a film version of
"Pe or and Bess," shot a a stage
Kftaydring .the touring company's
Angeles engagement, s
But the idea was nixed bly the
Gershwin estate and Robert e,
director and copreducer. Hell fil
"Porgy" next Ipring wijth the
sume cast but In standard o

There's a new clib at Fox -
Ciarets Anonymou .... A mov-
e cur designer is about to spring
pol ka dot mink o n the wld.
White mink with circles of black
mist mink.
Today with taxes so high, says
Dorothy Shay, a girl mdght .just
as wen marry for love.
The Sterling Hayeen Betty
Hayden separation IW't keeping
the star from seeing his kiddles.
Took his two sons and Betty's
Idusiihtr, hbi a nrvlonna mnrnIdrm

. y _W i .- ... J, ,._ .'. -e s at

w i 11011 w".ith .. ...
.yl program ot lenn to
walk all over aga I progress
so well I have a feebg bI
il to tarow t. away
tie me the 0iia6 S over.. tI
temendsiy apw, with my buS
band an myd m -., ##
happy people have Qo.a.ndeap. "
leransa ,Wem. bheam,,
mu apYs bcame P Pal.
ett, the PeruvIan Wbeat, Is ih .
th bouse she Ie occupied
with John Wayne. The masimn
figured in their divorte cuase cd
was a clash point until Chata
agreed to move out to that it could
be sold.
Johnnie Ray's beating Over hip
ow Binen'. .
"After thi," he tells it," they'll
be cal me 'Laughin Boy' in-
whisper, "Isn't that Chester Mor-
'"Unchained," being filmed at
the California la.tiuon 4or Men
at Chino is Chester Morris' first
movie alter five years on TV.
SWearing dungarees and T-shirt,
he was stltit a8t a table in the
picnic area where families visit
inmates of the prison.
He noted a buzzing at a nearby
table and overhbard a lady's loud
wh .per, Isn't that Chester Mor-
Told that she was right, the la-
"So Morris is in HERE. No won-
der we haven't seen him in pic.
tures lately."
The name of Belle Darvi, the
new Fox atr, will pop up in high.
er court hearings ofSlmone Silva's
immigration case if the legal blue.
seat to-prove that Bella came to
"owed.. Simowe's lawyers and her
producer boss, Al Petker, will
seekto prope t Bella came to
WHoUywood without a labor permit,
but was allowed to, emote, an-
how. Simon Isn't being given the
same right.


Ith !Ith-nj.wl p O lng. .ls
the lue r. and puik mewl es aarril'e
sink et e
Well strike me pink! At st retaining t
that's what strikes m t aio t ,pe '
the new h me us in shown ne light
recently at the usmer urntre Orlieta dei
market in Chicago. Pink casts its 'lated ito a
rosy aura over wood'fin._hM, u-. | i.ed- grou

cent onahon- salad sa.d you'll I
see it hot, sultry and sophisticat-
Pink is crisply tailored in strip-
ed ticking covers for a converti-
ble bed sofa and deeply textured
In nubby upholstery on p lush
couches. Delieate champ a n e.
pink enamels are-seem n on m.
porary chests, cabinet and bed-
room IrLuig Or y" see
nk ru e to *fft toi the
as on provlAc al udtare. '

otmny aw are stro ntg ci lied
Bbatrst whg textures care tie
housed to point l n interest. I
ral we el O eh a b wal.
inut and ma ioor.i
Not all. the home world is rose-
colored, however., Clear, stilI
as many ways are strong contied.
ers for color honors.
Contrastng textures are' &lWJ
used to pont up lowd ,i
Ugbt ar.. dark.o- or..finis
*AMlkik lx^. > i_ r dl =M i_ mi'

ae i a ttallauerla nriA aoiss
In wa asas legnaa walN iaasi:
,1.^ .f -

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Seas iae e. .. er r fl t
"Hugh Herbert's dead yo a strictly so that old

bw" he said sadly. d Frnt new can -m snot' rp s
Mc h ha moved bag a1n bag.-d e sed tot maki e est
gage to New York to wor.kl TV. w thkTvt Wed osuet kish se
plGled w i to do a picture a d sign. rd, to consider the bhom
while back. but the gang's pretty wt maker-hostess vho entertains at
n busted. uB" ey 08WA JACOY and home more often these days.
MAllen, who aid be hadn't plan- ALFRED, SUZINWOLD Qenerally spc.aiking, coeteipo
ed to be an ator, gohia .tart Written for NA Service When traveling across coun- ray nd traitonal styling a
in the chorus line In Baltimore "Please explain wu yr, try the Smiths saw a restaurant on more relaxed terms with ea
i 9i FrSom there e went to iowed wj jtwo me"ldsat' thtdat looked all right from the other, borrowing ideas back and
Mr way,, modedtLns .re o d t. t. I. outside, but the moment they tgt lke tnei sors.
"ues la he y tom s sue aK: sm or,' ru es at ws wle throkj the door. thy designs, el e

meI In "ikhe 5 05ne., ater melde. separately and.yoU walked ou--much to her ea- Coverselt, taditnald
gageteu trtNowobokoto Wor Tv. ae i
"This facengotome in a i thm tain brrasent, are often oJmopnied adtheopmer

oneilnghatom. N ewvffi into a samba? What about snishouIdn't have been ea- toned to modern needs-. ie elg
e and ee theprretsr is retaatit shou ave been, forA cas for example has et
w spending with the waitresses separate melds' d tr e e i athng el on
"lWen, tw si-heo .pscmeln 1 aenr- e alod, _,l,.,o.,
'o 1 tel. rsX2hr aout meldm. Thies aploies both tor e-------- -
to rob the Joint. We cop uence meldsa to o ee
Boadwaypes me nd Im esy.,o td, e m n If you have separgate melds of..s
I owner was cninc.ed he'd sen A-K-Q and 1044, you can joi n 1 ..
Ime on 'wanted? 'p5ters5 them when you at Jackt the n irl / i I A r
.Yeah, Je. sied, the : tte8tnJdo even bo L_ I E n y Clean
old days are goem ver. s Fr. ankle to b put down as separate melds '
was in town tihe other eight when A-K-Q, 10-, and 1-4 and wait _
they played an old Chester Mor- for the Jack or the seven to make
risa movie on TV and we were both a samba.
in it-playig a couple of stupid t is not possible to add two se- i
detectives, uences into an eight-card meld. J.
"The picture was.made l years or exampl- suppose you had A- I
age-we looked lke a couple of Q and r*-?T you could not a ll dyr a ai I
boys." combine these melds with a 10. I-m-- a.m Is ....-e'
--".-. .___-__ No sequence may cosmst of more
Among te sigers of the De- than seven cards.
laraton of Inpendee was one If you have two separate melds ... .. .
clergyman, John Witherspoon. of three kings on the table, you l I I i ,-lif
-- may comie them into one meld ..
An expired patent ca be ex, of six cards. "'ou may add another -f' i ha.
tended only by a speelal met of king, to complete the canasta tor c I -l-li
Congre. eyou may add t wd eae to do
that Jol. but you are not obliged to I I'
,o'b"t-Jint.l c do so. You may join the two melds
.e Wa. .cn .. fle wheI it is ;: ur turn to play, or
'you partner may do so .at his
me-on \ 1it Te aenese of wild eards coai
So ys a sel. I plicates the matter. It quite all
rI mie(T d ri ght to combine K-K-2 wI thK-
--|,cle o f Imeld. You couldn't add K-K-2 to Cioph Plus
SK-2-2 because you would then destroys mouth odor gives improved mouth care. By
,7he pitue eaave F meo r wthm hree 9sp y eardA.
hav a mel with three hw car udn it regularly, preferably after meals, yoa can have
U n1 t iton wild card io melde K nd a clesn 1 fresh mouth l day long! Cla teeth beauti-
l your partner later melded K-K-K fully. Ask for (ihlorodeatL
g- od aas a separate meld, you cou ld
b / combine them into a canasta at
tler g J hf ilh dn Wihn i ter turn. But itfl you first
yel ill el SW fm, ,- later separately melded K-It2- m
id a l imallai b you eoaul not com U them
liM gagihdtda hIibii M lg ll- -. d I easurn oimut aUM cud-t |
-.ri ul-i-----i.*M-i The I is thai .m t add I :\.
*e5a w* M*MrdM$0 a wy eers t h a ean. "' J

** __I nuatrat cards, is leal; in pai tt t
I MV the second :exampleY, o are add. nlmylido so a s i f
Oe ,,, The geeal pi !.l you 1 .. I '
ellI *te kan t omiave eIteo elis
SI been mined in te3 pi ;
.j.' ^ ffmeld. you cou't d ler ad whato ini i ,-


-Tia ."Man Ji i Att" I

Mwvgarita 6:15.
Scott READ?
taes. "Thle Pflatli)n

Cristisi6 6:t$.-

"COn8 W's oBiHi
Twm "I Tff JJI

, -

LA aOCA 6I5 S:10 PARISHO 6.45 .
"Aqlnst SYUoajs" "Coqnqut.ofCto
SOata C ,:)5 8:0 Camp. -5 ,
E k*Wlti- tbu&


,I +

Fresh Mouth,





S'-.i si"s .. _ew ,ot 'tH .- .

-- .. -


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'. 4 '

0 **OOH 4

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L '~'.







I .:

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- 'Cl'

-',I4 "*;,,--" .' .


, T.


M 6U4-F


[ter Loop Problem

"j3e Discussed Also

;' ** *** S


i i o R -

Jack N1

lRecor d


. J JACK CUDDY -orge -added a -
m- By 't e ls r tal a o nl y- "Stt. .. .h e Y a. o. -..W ;
.EW YORK, July 26 (UP)-Hank Greenberg's ma m0anJo if Joe Stni WJfe St-
proposal of National vs. American competition n aDes Lod s' A.their am ot ne
the regular season was slated to be consid- tI wound up. -.Ano la .O i w tat
or the first time today at the annual mid-sum- m o. .y tot disast Excet a .-"
meetings of the major leagues.I. N ,4,h I 41 e OnEn 'Hlm
Z ; neral manager of Other player requests submit-.. a ,e
e ndLans, proposes ted by attorney Lewis were: Championship Faght Classy. Joltin' -Joe Brown, 136, he lost si t ad possibly new 31se W- ilr 1) No
j Sach major-league club (1) that contracts be offered n. of New Orleans, last night mada. a han a d bo 3t-t p (E .S.'*.'
$ S against teams them by Feb. 1 instead of March J. Par, Rodrigues -9z ortf work of Panam light- ,Jol -' ued t to m. games the
League. For ex- L. (2) tht March 1 be set as J. Hammond weight champion Wlr oleavew th<., I 5" er,
s would schedule the date for all players In- S. Hnkle 84 138, by stopping hd eim e uIM on d .uL
withS each National cluding bater men to report J. Des Londes the fourth roun with a the 8 w 00W5 10 1
"f"r i.-Wuto " traii camps; and D: "ramllch U, wicked riht hand to the mouth. fight M _..e of i. in a Ingbe game. Milw -0 v a _, a
Bar.H however, the A.Paz Rodrigue 8- amp; tarted to cut douwnf2redo w5 t tekh ed alhfmn.h W
supporters be-o3a oppontioI JIon P s eratlei '90-i t0thodcally from the second rfgh B oNi strikeout 0s by Bobae
d hisTschdLane ot t ch Chl- 1. | S Meeee T8h. e l ,aSe. s Clevkhnd edurdr th. season ape nd .y 000 001-1 .. li

m der i n hed er- n i rsceu_ M. Arosem ena 4c105-k.e11 01-d.10.1 etFe P ai co sladn momen his we o t .analt tr eimd 2l e ,
maoionizeud,_cedutke'n trs., Ihydon en0r tm Jo hadf 1 ll yo Cw ihn t ? the to Wm Matu m.tte mie

a today at etherrif NEW YORK J.oung ble a a mon th Te thsk th l tyear e mMleft-and 100 000 000- 4 Ga
S eson batrn however, the A. Paz D D guen 10 dropped t frdo was bleeding from uts on of the _e ral oc1as1ons. erased t Whi club mark (3-4). oftan or
eton w expect- .other trilth theNew York there 90.t h ide of his nose sand Panco i a was the of trikeouts ainile gae aBnd Mrhos Detrot a
elms, of the New YorktJ..Driscoll 89- 90- rl s 1 0 Harsia 1 1 -

problems arising I1Y-nkees, hit a1 0th ina d home under.s right eye. The nose whor.s.Lae ofdr o two.l pan- set by Wsh twite and tied Lj (-,)0 a0d Cooper. W6a1 t ( a i.
..Wtr baseball mIn the riun yesterday to ive t frHt amswas t near the end o, the first cho bed Itbl .uttrouht- t coamd ta 5-2 victory .In the -
es. place Torong Senatorntos D. Drenan o5-4 round, ou t aon d with both Harsh ad opener of a doube every irt nand
opposed.a dih vls.r "tT H me o -05 Joe boxed carefully while seek- eye virtually batter the Bed Box tarti Phiadt. 14-7 (sd u
wuertainwhether anyjuui o1wVrVd B. Arosemena 105-1casteadily faline = Ois mmen- naimauis of esuomu e B triumph IRtr athelped bat Ch? gh r (at 0e.
's" w ber taken J. a Pnoon104-1141 '44I tnihoe ad^ ^ Hfe row5hese 1 tW a ar anRh Dav )B 0m 00 1

,pre(e7,.ch..-lA "lb- iaesd1..1. / Ba-k:e.tbac:Leaoe ,W.-redo went down but qulok- pU'lokg nwent "' o Wiliam' on a scw- 000 100 210-4 14.0 k.le nd o.a (Po)O .
,.es en,.-. 14,-, .. 4 sa.. 4*3 ....'- lsr- Leage hreaied his feed. Referee Co- to Hanko,'-' w' I, 131. by baf,," -"add the sandy-haired r -- 200 000 000W y 0 ro Bumrts. oS1a1
throe e dab malor- Y ,. STANDINGS lon Brown tolled off the au- a unanoimeotlao so. Bar- southpaw afterward. "Minide 1(2-60) ssd Bhep0rd. RobertSeon. a dd
praosa *ailson Andd In the other games the third toa"ce"h count then wisely rows outpoita l Kid. (MInose) told me I had the 18-8) Colum an Se-
the meetingsaorub be fourth place a Sugr Coco Solo 2 1 okat B l 000
'atnwllerti a-0uOn11O1droppd oof6

taema Ks e twineae, 7r a le and Fert Kobbe 10 3 d was bleeding Wlfredo. blood at the end t .the firt most 'redaking stuff all day (eon Game) Phadea 000 001 ost 1 a
o w.r~a ar the while th OttW ADeties Albrook AFB 9 4 l692 T Caldonia lad bled pro- round because of a deep calp r.d h curves andx screwballs. Pitt 000 001 010-2 7 0 ...."
Sinjuriea to their vaexpectua- with the Buffalo t win- ort Clayton 5 8 38 uel froigm a ht de cuf his nos e wound Hea conued to bleed A pit of er like me cant Justa ing Cincinti 000 001 2ix-r o 0 Larn (-S r 1.
g the winter lirball In the run t ad the Speolal Troopt 3 10 .281 h.oawas out after thendof thad first cho.bledfr arthe remoder o.t ar da, friend .-) and eAtw.ud J- n (4) S
n they cla second, a. Arm Atlatnic 3 10 .231 uno xedicial reports whileaed that of the thrillin attle.atter Don toen, who feels he a son (a-3). Smith, ant d a ley. As0 roth.

letnesetleate in reo Left hander Hoarr r laefferr zxNa Pacifc 0 6 .000 with-both-H-n uha-n Us t all out ery, (S--
restor m tonsr sapng trln De the third osf Tom't athe pich. (o--WIthdrew from league) h w.i... n 1nhtheat Vood (0-2) _, e h r I a
e opod.. InooRW rdu iMikeG. Three are on tap in O against the ropes wch r mh ng ,t international Loop Standings

Swrant fewer restinltions rn oorr the, edwW.g ln Basketball schedule for Tuesday Iosllarshaded lhome ke. ru sDnd -o--
ds ~ hbb t T. N Ntorman Lewis, 1 Bill V' rde1 haterll d for Roell- evening T ,,I d & '"T"c"* 1 cu, Mlchels doubled I .n-
Tn. b. 'bmta ester ti each game against Ri, | a dl Tlo I la sd others, run as Gthesso went and-Tas W L P h ladl hIai 0)
u'srobawl tTrt+he owners a ond. o hit atwopeanhome.r Front-runnwnaCoco Solo plays 11 Wif S cec. l tIt head to stay wiamn thewonsin te o th 33 0 00- 3

.dlUat laer deaeLea- the sixth inal of the sec- host to Special oops in a o'- e .l-th.- Cbico tarrasquel Rochester .s 39 .14 .l 000 ao-. o t
t. e Cr.anh club. ond game as the .Red Wings put clock etlUe while Ft. Claytonu -do- b The openiomereng preliminary n the seenth oft loser teontaeal e a 48s .... a i
a i _r that each.' I on t three-run slly, to win. r visits Fort itobe and Albrookthen wisely rows ou pointed si (Mie. ..- -told ana I had the _Eller and ullummboa- B-
onatrere&lyt i. vat otKobbe &WAlbrook n1a -M elnran P~ms I~a

The at

eM Lg J @ The dividend8:

ea e '- tw oilty m WWB twow 1u V a te ** .U g
S. h C -" is fts. Tro"p., talknf them by ooL ,M .h with te e full e th
be weekend, owners of scores of 9-46 and 81-48. PIropo II finished second uand 2.4 losers lead offW Ford
bie .leaue Neate.t. trick of the day wa the 0pavero wu. poqr third manmy .-Dm JIn .8J M 1 the Blth but Eddie R's
miamdonr Ford Prick of thre.-httter itcher Duke, The Kobbe-Clayton battles lengths back. The winner, an 3-Can0 $5. pinch two-run double tied the
Brs and George Traut- Earl Harrist .ad Harold Erickson 'have both been real thriller., overwhelming favorite, paid $.- Firt Deoable: (True BDae- score In the seventh. The Tan-
uhident of the National put together to enable Buffalo to with Kobbe winning twice by 20 and 82,20 there was no Danel) S2&4. kee hero, .however, was Andy
oln of Minor Leagues. the second game against Ot- three-point marines, 69-66 and show betting. arey, who singled with the
elude Arturo Benochea taw.. Harvey .ernia bit a two- 79-76. And in the Albrook-At- The start wad good for all ex- THIB RACE bases janimmed In the 11th.
Ssmlilfo de Aldrey of s homer in the eighth t break lanote series, the Flyer have cept Follow Me II whioh refused. l-C.heaimta le.M, 6.
weo, and Lieut Col. Ben- a 2- tie and win the game for taken both by counts of 78-75 Pavero rushed to the front and .-.Naco 53.60. Frank Shea of washl.gten,'
uldanado of Venenuela. ErtckUe o and 72-51. set the pace for the first half of One-Two: (Chepata Na- staked to a hree-run d
the race but wa passed by Pos- cho) B33. the first aIntar, won ahi snt
-^ ^^^Bi^^^^i^ ~In games played Friday eve- tinovich down the backstretch FOURTH RACK after elght lases by
s oning, Coco Solo maintained Its and finally folde completely 1-Jaealla (Excluded from bet- _etm petreot, 11-S. Siagles
"wentofthelptl UIen a two-game edge by beating Fort turning Into the homestretch. ting). by Te ot.h Mickey Vernmas,
HJI Clayton by a 909-89 count, while Pin PoD, prominent until two --Marf.l 7.60, L0, 40. Tom Umphlett and Jerry
.^ 3 .n Fort Kobbe moved into undls- furlongs out, ailo quit cold in the 3-Mamolete 8.40, 2.2. Snyder plus a's error by Al
i oM o n wntg aputed possession of second place stretch. Piropo I, which showed 4a-Co Valor II Lho. Kal ae iand a walk Awdthed
Ato gi taws bY trouncing Albrook AFB 72- unusual early speed, moved to Qunulels: (Marfil-Mamolete) the three rein for the Bera '
mio e yof m h oe iAinAB h -g 54. The third .es e of the eve- the fast going Postinovich In the SIM-. tor5 in the flt frame.
--an ...... n lDe ...... i ni ning saw Il Troops jump stretch but could noth collar the FirTr RACE The won their firstW
L dWoA Hi* iof Ih Iii antod7 a t-e for ft spot by nip- fast oiRg leader. l-Postlnovleh o8.M, .2M. doubleheader ee sa 1o by
SAT m i ng Army AtlatnIc 73 to 69. Victor Ordofs rotde Joe Bel-r w-Plrpo ItM. hnibliun the Orloles tee. -4
I a-m e pI lMa F ri dn e- lone's alx-year-old chestnuts hXFTH RACE and 63. A even-run r In the
Catnb- 4 cu And horse, 1-Dis8overy p n.t2, 40. eighth 8ming heltied wie AlJ
For t I -mo I nM WowA ndi suThe secondary attraction tas -Bose Sma to victory n the ner
1 r li wl W W M a real thrltUer and wound up RACK while a four-run rally i the
K, 5. L Ii IL wlth Bae Royal scoring by a 1-Lady Martha M 5., 3 .40. seventh made Bonny Dwoi the
B^ BIlt W n nalngI halft-lenth ve ng's Prise -Vauey Star 34. u winner over Den Larsen _t the
While Amorto, which wound up 3-Roya Alligator nhap. LaMen hit a homer
Itow: lteo s. o n- fastest of all, finished -another Second Double: (DLiscovery. pithe 5% i n3igs of hit-
LLA VISTA LUX '- :: ll f ll S half-le bck. Aleandro Ya Lady Martha) less b before suffering his
A: V SL- I pi :h m, I n 7 3 t .a pUotV B'.arge- Royal to hise EIo HTH RACK 13th defeat ... o
MIAMI AOAINST TH ,.. .. second succemive win- I-Tm Colt 8WA.0, U1L, dro moved rithI four
i ,, Clark's schooner Kelple prom the bettors' point n 3--gCharter elau ". g. aoffit place in the Na-
GANTEBRSI *led the Claw "A" windjammers view, the bi t at the track SSeri3..2 t eague race inytathg
S, cro finish line at the was the billg sweep scored by Quila: .(Tea. ColliAs-Char- the Ca di nals, -1, w ethe
STHEI MIAMI STORY" l h Club Sunday to longshots I the last half of the I) 1 e-setn lants bowetothe
with hi6w by s good margin over a pro ram. NINTH tAoCt Braves, -he
field of ix curtain-rasers. Kel o e.a $67.40 to lead I-Turf Lodge .. g. Clem bine hurled a ix-hit-
i *o- .M1warry e prer _on the Club's the upriin. TomCollins return- --Athys $3.20, 3.2. ter fur the Dodgers but had to
ULLIVAN a e gnd almo won d. $49.80 aniLady Martha 9.- 2-Wiload. 52.36. be balled out by Jim s
E the first, l plark stin for the Clss 80 to e mae the moonshooters One-Two: (Turf Ledge- when St. Louis loaded thet fou
S* "A Dry Seen series of five happy. Athye) $315. with two out In .the in
I Lather Jed.Cm. Ruben (Cabinhe) Vasques, who TENTH RACK HuEghes struck out Rip Replyaul
a ADLER nt. vvllt be on the sidelines for a long I-Barge Real 513.R. .i,. L on three pitches to end the
II E IA ITRY'i Captain Clinton Bayerst s time because of foulariding with -Klan.s Pri .g, 3. gme. The dodgers sored whea
... .Inca, a Tahiti ketch, took sec- Pavero and To H Qina, wound 2-A-ierie .60. pvedto be the wi nma o.
- d y lace on cor recte tim The up the da,' ,eadig oel,4k with ELEVENTH RAVE Harvey Haddix in the eiglth

n CAL CECILIA ecIa m n somewhat6 aog ln.'. .l. .. To m U-Bh. a, 5.4.. Reeme'. fe bunt and 011 Bodges
wih with rein toward the finish. T rN11.
f"- "n d""-P a... .. ."-'f" $ fini t lsh. The ... ,, Andf--Leleo, an ex-D bidt d
HOUiDuNI sathilamn of the onlestanth hisfTe t aman avos
0 Weekend Reeae 2d udlmened, however. n oi three runs feW MS -
Ad venture In the Cleas "i" race, Valjeamn gwn
CURTIU Whbllnsq Itarboat Merry Widow fourth than othe
sland of The Northl showed her transom to the day- Iler Ruben ame to
"" D.. leTs with a clear win over the two more runs in ttwSe
ably Ias-txhetby his ub-teen son o tu .nr
C-b r n"THE GLaSS nd daughter, brought his 8tar- atr .th t o iadth
hoat ,pide across the finl f Lcst. Lei To SeD s FrIR k Zi r
LAN LADD kid, insist theY'r going to have a Hou SS Wayl th e aBSs
obse a faatfe ootng hwgh-poavet- a- pee -eA m b .be meo be. the
( A P j L ing competitor but was disnuall- ."si when weM wm Mu a 1g Warns Big iBw hI
CAPITOLI | fled for falling to round the Ad i *, m.- mm Am irse. odi n
ninki Charlton Heston, | pre dronce bue duie to hup-3 T Jmwe M Ui.

of r with raind b SDe efinitheTrest of
aTH 0 "IAB rNT i mitn orprftateon o ethae detouer 4
SIn Tehnlolor ., layout. Hot onmpetidon will be U b -h Stom t S

With z-Sishi tm-fm the f*
cm a _s IT_ __ foI btlhbea,, -ghhowANAM

CURTIS th11ObSsi5'aME Rtvboat MryWdwoNff
oJamTes' Ntewart, 1 "0 showedhed r tanosret o deter-
; P Gifr t her hudll .- '.. ..
49N 4..Clv Knt m rsn

TESTSBDAt 8I7a l u- 200 000 6 11 p
II Xiii 141 031 Oz-U 13 0
(shtrt Game, 10 a ,ins)o
Havana 0_ 2 0 .000 i -o0.10 1 ..Pricl, ie (2). Sarr (8),
Montreal 220 010 001 1-7 11 2 MedUager () and J soB.
Blsylok and McCardle. P -.
Rogovin, Raffensberger (9), Fanovlch. Virdon, raim,
Harris (9) and Noble. ehman. Wood.
Pabbro (5), Hoqd (9). and C. -
Thompson, Howell (10). WP -
Hood. WP Harris. HR Leh- (SecondGame, 7 Innings)
man. Smith, Clemnte.. Richmond 01 01 1t-3 6 1
-..... -IRocharter 0 W-018 Z4 8 0
(Second Game, 7 intiaB) Babenight and Tabacheck. Pi.
Havana 000 000 1-1 5 2 cone. Jacobs (), Markell (7) and
Montreal 0 0 102 x-4 5 2 Riggan. WP Jacobs. R .-
Riggan, Virdon.
' Iott and Guerra. LaSorda and -
--- (10 Inaincs)
(First Game) Toronto 001 021 000 1-5 11 0,
Ottawa 101 003 010-6 12 0 Syracuse .2301 010000 0-4 9 1
Buffalo 000 000 002-2 7 2
SPowell. Landeck (1) Schief-
Wheat, Haag (9) and Watllna-l far (5), and Griffin. Meyer, Lov-
ton. Lary. Swartz (6), Harrist enguth (6), KIpper (10) and
(9) and Lakeman. WP Wheat. Bfurautt WP chaef r. I-
LP Lary. HR Taylor, 8upUl- Lovedguth. HR IaMlat, ow-
2o. ard.

1:15, M, : S, 7, *p.m.
*ua.i-BND Ru*ABmli
AMWOffTnu v- 1UGGT
CAS LE Ge KANs ad&
* (mam COBUlI In"
vouOwr "T'O Ri TC




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8.-. ,.
i;' '
' ...** ,"' .

I'' I 11 -


-- 11- -IrilH A

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lake mot itW
SBt. u club and

Oin 5al t ? Izo Iek. aa wor pwed, wpt f his ad-
Tageaelan ad hurt St. .a p
Wa my loas imusubii, os. and owe
lthemil3i apolsy," u r eoret5t.
k ..i a W" preMantedto
SIiwaithfasLeoant tw ioBst l nis ed aisotl-
acret thoat Busch and his baseball drain
Traders toebeen ww Bs. todd atma;
6 club. o brlintly inatt houM nlt 5 dth place, well
under g oeark
iI a kata heof emanrmglnJishlan. But
he h s teIslearningM twbunsuint of runan gai 1 sch
of incident d ftmeata the tohetur ie pa of i msuch-

While stkwas attmhosa.ndsof
mmta ttele heated hiepteL bar Simeies v Ateleaar.
WbSn: PinelM dee edthte fair ted. tho Name on-
WMu as wa d. W. t4i U ndelent

-Ye. It was st. uls, an the Incident turnished a startling
corroLtto e tlw'tieU- reoOgutln whlWb hp envytod the din-
mod. T'rhom w*troi hlhlt' ofW `bbSaU mUM :
S 'thlt we* the'aim.StO Loblm.mine ball pArk, ip whi ch
WhIyWItt of the YInlMe. had bose.04ed with a pop botle
t chelebated SOptebe13br I Meuib fer the Aht~eriua League

The oral dem trton of last uda fa also should
l9 to makEay a bater manager. Suof he Red-
BtO lwanht to wuta tt wat to d Fy
*,ia concexit that the cheering over the forfeiture was a
warni to Muggsy. as well aat r ed la d ting f oiene.'
Joe Williams es on nation. pealel l sabelituatg for him,.

* Paraiso Sports

4 The Silver Stars rallied n the
late stages of the final game of
p a playoff cag series with the
Bilak Haws or mhonrs i m th
1954 qummor eftnatitm Bask*t
ball lalsU oa the Paraieo ay-
ground. The score was To0 to .
The defeat sufdred by tIhe
Eawokw w disav ot tMg fot their
FMo eesey t% e lu -m--
No -Ii Uof the0cir-cuit.
Steampayed undetadball
I s the fit ha and ooe as iaf
.L.11 l..M O &WmuidbdOtk


Campaign On For

Im N r
NEW YORE--(UP)-bDe 1y. S.

er eoea as the
pay dayr, m that the word's
vaas muc appeal as

I_' ma0. Predent
giirU to Procaim Oct. 1

, iYe dow ad seo,,N
mae lr ia's AWe know ne i
"nN 'dam-S lams ag.s a theN
-,,,m o

"Ai* wh they shem l have
rMbe Utetalan ha' isee'* werton
na tr Us.aItT r-i Wr aUt eS
Senate: ilse not ohW -me.

A watwe ats other e*ua her
wiMar gutu on. "

"And, wiMG te you somuN e.
lMey utcamier to n saos weus

brorenser nmm I
tri o ida cugrl. g ', r doW a
'tetade tNh asyreust iuudsa's on

ar ist TC Poreer me ansas wth
i mus ma ioremark t i
kf 'as we.f=`ring to oeaG n
JAiM bpacI culd IBS edyor an.

9t es.rtm mAe coe am s e
a OM uh ra out bthe lire.
Iuat jiuimner 'Knows now to use
naut pitcher they got. e's
prety go2epaoihr. my sa. L-I
UAM o10 0 M got rooa n. IW&U,,
hi oB did. Beaten prtty I

wo, t dim% bef"go .
bleal, te gr1eatesto tlpbut.aI
a ever tocome out of Kaeia Ia
itny was aeat r. to' JoAf An.j

"And WhiM the Brooki. 0.were
taodkn' about the vakute"s, u I'
43ase went on, "niabg I ier Iss
raniln' up u lam am iu winter

tih falls where heylives, and he
cohis bae Jddst rea y for an.
h.n tAnd h don't lose-aSga e
tneugql, toUt to celebrate his
fd baitfday andrr Hung richer
.by ptromlyute, w ct ft* n er
of oaratori jit edy r a"ny

iaIo' the' gIn n, a ceaterfilEd.
OSW& tome as .wn.ory ough

He means Willie Mays..
"Then the other Aoutfielder who
nearly bets us aloe bin the last
World Series hy was in. He
comds around pret*god during
they worry a Im Noboo
They talk about theT ales. Wel,
can bet they're talking aobut
This time Casey's words were
directed to Monte Ibvl, his brok-
en ankle completely healed, and
swatting home runs and batting
A4T siame his rest.
"Them fellas were looking- at
the wrong club," reiterted Cas-
ey Stegoel "anj they ain't gon-
na catch hat now,

La Boca Senior

swe- Softbal League

Tems W L Pet.
NreaM 7 2 .778
pelal Troops 5 2 .714
GwCfarta VIa 63 .667
Navy Oonmmata .444
M brfok nyers 2 7 .222
Oficina Moderna 1 6 .143
gsld -
%3E nETG AM0
SToday: Oltmans Modtern vs.
Special Troops..
SWenad:B Specisa Troops vs.
urda: Alrk years vs.
SrIday:. Speselal Troops vs. Na-
for a -

%*Pie AA Ave.
C. Jansa (CT) i 2 400
L T. Petarkin(Ie)S o13 .361
Ls the qHa~nu (CV) 33 t .344
E M. fttBak 18 6 .333
aiwr Dao lo 23 7 318
"' Marpa(I) 23 7 .18

h 4

tb l ta.

ver hit a golf ball for pfey
eads for the practice tee to'get
bape. That a because thl sl-
y bm uual lot th ert
*ro waS**bill b *'-- -tJ
to it at th orld amnl p,

Chicago, -pays off in In street

a cool ,00 6. I& other words, he
dowa't have dto gotag
Aad, as we may, Its all b
of Geore's pride. It seemsthat
bak in 1944I the people vhfb rn
theb Vctory pen apt Chicago were
Iddina Gaorge thar t ther c&
pion, Sam BAd, could boN Jug
MeApaden, who had won May's
Tam O'Sinter Tournaneat, then
merely another fiveflure
Well, Geor pot hi baek up
a bit and he told the A"s, 'wOty,
let's see if he can. I'l put on a
speuol match and. we' ais it
the World Champ=ousbLp/'

Well, old Jug must have been
looking to retire from the tourna-
ment trail, because ho w.nt out
and beat Byrd in a 36-ole match,
That started the ball nollg and
it hasn't stopeL This ar'4 gol
week at the Ciag dub sees ex-
actly $S08200 in prizes the Ulne
for hot swingers. The bi uONis
a solid & O 00 D i taking the World
event.-with another $50,000 gur-
anteed in exhibitions.
The guy who wins this one has
it almost as goo as that garden-
er we spoke about who dug up
those tqmato cans in Sam Snead a
back yard.
.Bat pdo% e who 4" likg
thet* s powth* that saf
over the prospects of seeing some
of the dou ;-Rost of it, in at-
area tt, an ofie in Wasl*
too. D !. -- .r % f -11

set 5a 3w6 l l rcoa ffdfr high
temparature that day.
Now I'm o established meteor
ologist and the.only .tilng Iknow
about weather 1 to come inside
when it's raining.
But I do know that Chandler
Harper is gfg to be- Jn awnfor
this one and he-i s till Mburning
after the way ha lost .stI year's
event- t fat l iofotbpag we d g e
shot ofL.wiWrshmte.
Here. is my answer to a tough
go If course: A g. .who could
drive with Byro Nelsca's scour-
acy. hit a long iron like Sam
Snead handle the medlnum irons
like en Hogan, the short like
Paul Runyon, "utt like Bobby
Locke or Lloyd Mangrum, get out
of traps with Gene Saraen and
scramble te: Al BesnLink.
the temwerament of
Bobby Lohe., who always seems
to be thinking of tea time even
when he misses a two-footer, and
you have a guy who eould. wreck
any course ever made.

s4 Ters t Nall oe
Written for NZ A rvice
aid on first base at Yanke Stadi-
rank Mfns. The T rs' sec-
ond baseman ade a swipe to
tag McDougah aMd thrw to first.
retiring kowruL Bill McGowan,
umirin aIt l base, Immedliate-
ly caled MeDoa i eut, bat Bll
MeXiKda., working au sed,
rd thLt hbe wasI 0e. Whose
decision was 1t?-Pete Glaxer.
Avswer: Me I le y. He was

elwas eet t "D A eio
MSt b

Q. What has been ly IRes'
best.seasonal record with
the Dodgers?- BE Petds.
A. 14 and I au t easo
Q. What is Eddle Lqat' cer-
A. W5o1w 1.

.fre uwnae;- Awe.
Ag. I.


i!. "

S man.OTE WComo
New York (NAD4 Bores
i4, w 2-.. md h ly eaa jatown-.
o imam Who

POUR GOSH SAK(S!I'Surpdit wa reflt o e Onmgs Tankseu'
dreec wonbw Irv on .as he pamloltt o ,bt d lItying
the number of-It garnered' by the outfieer la win wwuwonr
his homir nmpin, lt th inth Inning. The faq hted:r th i grin
blon=dt iAw winning pitcher of that day WhIty F60 1Korim
i ted a pheno npl .500 clip in his stre (vIA)

Bear Bryant 2,

Notre Dame I

LEXINGTON, Ky., July 26
(NBA) One of the reasons be-
hind Bear ryant's leaving Ken-
tucky was theway his recruiting
policy bae d.
Bryant h amanunced Kentuc-
ky would hav e Nfurther Interest
In out.o4-state football play ers.
In oompensation, Bryant hoped
the ste university. would get ev-
ery one of the good prospects
from Kentucky high schools.
The compensation did not mate-
rialise. Some. go! Kentucky.- boys
atill went away from home.
A particular lose Was Paul Hor-
un, No. 1 Kentucky high school
AlMygrl A. Hoarung went to
That made the score even be-
twen Bryant -and Notre Dame.
1t was, one piece. Seye.a years-
I dd inOd e $* oTr ij jd

in March that Joe Oujesky, Tex-
as' alest high-school tale, had
decided to enroll at Notre Dame.
There was an Item Iln. the pa.
pers again the other y about
mind. He will elter.TexasA. and
M. where Bryant now coaches.
dear Bryant has a keen and en.
during memory.

Meet the

Taste Triol

Here are three of the world's
greatest tobaccos that, when beautifully '
blended, make truly a smoking treat.
That's right, blended. For, like
many other taste treats, the secret
of cigarettes is blending.

Turkish tobacco, for instance% supplies
a very particular and Inviting mildnass.-
Virginia, with its golden tobacco leaves,
makes a smoke that's testy and gentle.
Add a touch of thet fine Kentucky flavor
and you get LUCKY STRIKE- .
.*the mild cigarette with something mre,.
That's the way to oake a cigarette.
Blend the finest tobaccos of all the world
and combine them to make a smoke '
that's really pleasant.
Uight up a LUCKY and yeutI see that Wis sol


No better combination for smoking p0 Sut


. -.




7 10

.1 -

I a .



i a i ] | |1 II E



- -- --~-

;:..~B-' r r~,

\ -

ILA. .
**: 'F "*'."

': .+.-+- .-.-.+.,... ... ::, ..... ... '+ +....

.-. .. .. .,.... ._..,..
.1 '" ..41

jt4- ';: "'" ".
k, U '+ '-", ,. 'r' "

I, But

f Seen

"Leu thee people know the truth

countryy is safe" .Abrm ..i.". .. ,

SW steTex. lE B AAII A, JULY s2, 1954
"as triukiing in tod ay tod
on's Democratic pri- 'Aare Iay

il .Western Big 1hree Draf SteW
I o ie ineas lue d n ov.2 Al- 11 hI050a Jue
Iln vote and Ralph" I
%i of ne. u.2 -b..*exltvhra

S To Reject Russian. Prop .r-md
Svote from .01. gaveW"r .b P, Ua P. .. .
of' Austin 620,406. I urmoe wSoviet.Rus-
tJ j. Holmes a n oI .t ldl. v beIthe nelm xt
1c,20l7 votes and 15,- WASHINGTON, July 26 (UP) pper Pravda said In ,ie oe name of Russia's two key stel-If Alo I i ?" e woud
M,'0vtsMd1,WAHNT, uy2 per'eSoviet note MMI r thea 1 ololtoaK pr to w a IlOti
M respectively. -The United States opened neg- editorial, *The Soviet n I Utes, M. Molotov's proposal to were "o mine
: who led Texas Into otlations with Britain and the most important r hod a conference on European later Pe
oe fold In 1952, out France today on thel wording ot the international sl tanm on security. mi.r. to.: .,
oprestie and hls po- a diplomatic note rejectif t Rus- th* correct settling wherwof. d- A communique on m and aeiihe As to t commu f" butf ME
on te line when la's bid for a Iuropean security pends the peace and secu of between the two premlerai Poan d 00 Adsto t naconni hC- b ulga
an unprecedented conference. Europe and the entire wO In East Berlin last night. Then. d entha e of te" one t-
as Governor. Dem- Official said the allies regard "The Soviet note was relied they agreed that the etna 1. 0-,en He S.e e
imination means al- the Soviet offer as an ill-dis- with great Inter.'t and approval rization of West Germany .nm,gan fortate ing." his wife' Mtasi *u
tutgmltle election in gulsed effort to throw a now in Europe," but, "It is chiarater- Japan threatens pes"ee is AiMa Ch dise dle the "We've etIndoehta go, and 1
block in the way of the Europe- latic that In Washingtd* the and Europe and must be e* sea coalw' e arte going to let "
mocratic leader Lyn- an Defense Conuunty. They note of the Soviet governlnt posed by all peace-loing po- hue. d o tel v
Johnlon was being re- said it will be turned down cold. was greeted with extreme ntelll- ple. Td toohee declined to comment on
the Senate by an over- In Paris, officials said Premier erency...The ruling trces of They agreed to Increase of rid In ri s t top ee Mr.lenhowe.
il, Sa.ut three of Pierre Mendes-France i.. in no the United States are 0frtoned friendship, culture and trade be- vialt; "I wo rasr keep silent on
Con- mood to.venture idto a new conr- by the obvious desire of urdpel tween China and East GermOs y. -tat until dl to President
%Nkf election were ference with the Communists lan to settle unsolved problems The communique said "Woth ,,InAm. laenhower' td e in Anwer
early-tod. when the western alliance might by negotiation and theba- aides" declared their determna-. U5lF ri tr. mi to ueol ow n imtary waist-n
who stayed in Wash- be jeoprdlsed. chlve fruitful and co- ion to continue the. c s fe atn pof st-ble
Ws embroiled in an Drltsh sources credited Lon- operation," Pravda said. c' ac between peoples, ntema- Iht O I Dy r thes war ad pssiabl
senate filibuster n don will back the United States Moscow radio commentator cooperation and inter north
day in Texas. for all in an outright rejection of the Boras Leontev, joined Prlda in tonal and friendship to refuse O Rd Sl North K
rpe red h oscow proposal. Wet rm tresiain the Soviet view of the to tolerate foreign terference T I R Sol
ue Daughter as Mo was reported ad ntpossibility of "peaceful OeOiSL- In the internal affilr oft Mte IA
y a ground of states with different own lands or violation of Austrian ganoas Sous. toUI
va.. now ast- est prley w wouldd deal Ce and economic. te. national sovereignty and to, .byt.e i _
death blow o the .ropean Observers here believe" this all in their power to bring rA..sUttl a nt w, i toi
.... Aruly plan. themeris likely to be dominant a further lessening of interna- pr kat t nhem,
in Soviet foreign policy during tonal tension." and otha.. id roi, a IR
S i diplomatic note to the. focorth phase 'of Inter- d unique said bothlT^ t rcommniq e i Ur e l f V
.... sThree ala declared'.turdayn tional relation. arts discussed the questionof AdItd UU W IWip NY&
mnll h the dochinra truce reached OIn the other hand, Com taltt he smaitenance of peace in A-I Loowas Ew a l, C., J
Mil t Qev has opened. t4way ihlnese Premier Chou n-la-and ala sand rotewohl assured hou the sth inme .aMtevenson, l
Lor a-tseement orfther inter- mt German Premier Otto Gro- hin government agreed with the murdred during duty o nee, southern belle ith .
i Sliu.e .tewo have accepted in the Geneva Indochina agreement. World War Two. blue eyes, was officially
t, lrope ae.te hal .ld ,..' most beautiful
S]rotea Dn Ites oUnitre...

.eoCo bl
nl. Austria. Jpl2 2L ed'atnhol A sul to *. Tin tohoLitotld ater Miss
;sboin b *.eNai- vy s Race n1t ;on-of nsotiinaonr r

with a fan- e w Fhh remr nation Nvy "It w I haderved *.l
e and towera in ble our. It ailea d rtal, when be ni t i re a rem

j. t.. Tn ject of diI tuson n "with regret" th reignatitm f d to respond when An- S d abt
fbron D wold convey to thehi- understood to Oraner t o state that there appearved to ,,. ba| o, Melhardt B D .h
Shoruses show- reh Premier the claims with a real of stp the be o eru re tonof ur- t rid

1 i arh note. l l aadlt ow the eSenad- i nn ke otblaie rt nbtl rtM eesta who hawhnb kett hat alkr WI-? nwehta FidVdy M
+k^ .on. O rench Foreign Office offlr- minteatilon for evaluating d trmnonn S oun a .lthi herOf
he ke2strA midexpectedtomneet wio hatpy S ncretyude dcal changes In the N I uofaon-egwoationlscom- J Ir a
the Austrian nation- M198-t I andc it aboUt 4 pfite Thoman is elated to ansept racial policies, that I felt sboonfy eftive"thdO sor MUbirdt, producer of

elr~ted rect of dgeeiniloete un- with Igre n thr ydresad Amon Nary tepn he listed ath Sha e nn tee t fi bAkeo b4u.t
m,.p__,bs ,_oe doubtqdly Wail M be the Sovit rangtoer, a Negro. r t asked M.dy help noC.o11- CIs iy e k ou a .. o .
i l e Iwo wei le os "n'U. A latter to Otinger, beingpre- pleting the 'job," cnaqn 1r iddges. WKra hCon tira 'r n
roldchild' o ay a Ind formd thources lsai d thae pared for Thomas' 'angnatu., Is howeverr, I am ob g o ,w her twonas tatth tre origIt
n unbrokeni while, the Soviet pr, u r ss letter of:rel stl- comsoned officer. hthh a r irt m '0 ab het i The lecture Ioe s being sponsored oam~ll h

*. sd Faren ha mimered tway'to* nat1on ostas dated June 2a5. Granger, exeative director of b 2 t rror this T BDAr JULY T by (he Panamantan Soclety of right of the alta.
_Y di day at e M Lr a BW took' note ,0 ta and other the Na lonAl .titban League, an an High Low Archtecf and nineers. Co- .
Sos etFement of thie Gr- sIt as tken iprat. problems se d si an adviser i ~ .Talk sol Toert. Fat p

SCnoC and a mod i the wer "not to the late yFofialswhen one o s

" ,rprosel in the latest sufriltl enan g or direct rental, as N,.aretary. took 7, ww A I
to .los e a red andwhite dspe- a ste he liste (U) -h Chrto Aa a h n Plaev rh C- le hn
iPoc rae holding ta the e note was a strong bte id i range ad hadgie the ton in early .a Ir e tW w t *. .
which W turned in- to al Mendes-ranc itiative ID Nto memoranda ce last Granger conthe post of i
kreently, the at-Wet strugle. Soeter Invemfg toehlu ne maor consultant to e vy in sepr- r.twnU'- as er-A-in J Winet-on men make ul the

I er claim same? The downualt Party newse leases hale s hb up In con- timber 1953. after belag assured crd rH r "iSh .ry ry.east of the highly dramatic plia b
guest -piofoaldtwoandedieand artwmed olmsgdgareovdetseeloy m eo Ct Mutiny: Court Mart- Hilte-fab&

6d t G I r .* | y3| tourot-a tpalm ea Sthawh -agthey ,Val r" h nv wltbenprewfaptedeby ^^^^^ ^^^h^ by
thS ha i'"t-'la tenay .. Nbtewrs I 'aroadr y smento eor Jwhit and a wereo -aio ae t
ands .. ii radio mmamered wawy 1o'1 natlot'iTho.a mItd June h5,4 Oraner, eave rector ofambused. byo201rorithis. i DAW' IT. by .the. Paamaa Societyorht of Ie-i.
I U i dU t new took' noe the aId otherfthe Natofrutl ivdln e, an mornitn oa ..... Frd ow nh"

SIcai t GIrli Helps Bring N ew Lned To FranMoetso Crippled Chldromen t .0aArs.. R 'd m. t. 1411 &C0O, 1'_s1m.te,.r.CMA d ploer_ o-
Se t constables also were wound- lo.

0Sa e br nttleovt t he. t outeftnareop1t o nrhs gi et warned that the tour The m In role wiPa be P taken mmaePM.
etnd dayeshl,~t-"Iogt- tolero waswn eglakd th w roli. rae o ..
a i" r' "b.r oa dservl, as si I.t ot o.hen of he a imohn, p AwetUer. t:I5 p Ia se
II I ea ltl r eo vietrse sf rte i en haglect ror jaall ares s roared. Gis irde oainnends ponord.&R.
a nad waditeoa!mereotUorri armed dprr te weJre ,.I lGaner reatI erelwakde d. mothers .gc ,o ig.
ra e eotwso srgb G eaf madlning.tetAi JU h YneTa b r the
rdi a I Okse n Mco bel etonve soowrterpth elNainat ande a .gea-w Frerch mn weuand i-r.
ciiIwas turnedoin- to zVe-aln dipormatictioitiativeto NNaowrememoranda since last range ro11 a neet:1 t xe post of wciPnaasthenbpotherof
cliJ samGe? Th 'iul Partnewisusherhau c-weerbrde 1953 afebeing .b Si wklarted s thetaour
_Igh _- __se__twfothe_ _08_&A The

.,ofaal mbestarten twe lthoueyta -l h heakewe a wb e presetd -i
.Be utfuloi -oprbiemFor Jlwuat Adiser7pin.a
lens ambushoon theamaanpeeaahingutonne Square Plaaiyesr

SIUv to have tht _inI Tu Iwerola nghti sr1, Augs land.
l o se a red a n d H el. at oN wdi dTer a ft Of 1 sp a t h a r med rCOf t h e P a rty W A b -W asg ei nteltieedAh a t u h T w o M at a et oa t th eW a n g t o nPin_ .o

c mrebrally hldang bat mee- It-waslearnedetha thestourgbrolesawilldbettaken'
got sij1w ba dethei l Cobin hgnplannedtoday 1a

,_w stunems", t oezahse tstherotAhe ofeteh ePIivmel ambush p naes ,, o"w err Ite hTr rolef
recebtly.f r onet.eA.h m.ajo rfconusutanthave .f ItSao-i wtait tbe forerurti

PATI -7a "Ienete en Mame makeih .e'

ther .u...a Part yewer e etlsie a ad een lyng in wit fior
represents a ;lfe th wasrrtd/ied-t n
h-,ed.lnd- verame ; the o imerawnutinyHfeyUtMar-

-'earoldb.shototheerainnr.s,,*,, _,m.,ts in.r:shIinig, theger'
aII emdedin Iss Intdredhator s tthm ijt
.^^^^^,d^imcrowwas rparte to,

Ar ,AM to Paralyzed Chidren. ".m"to
* l J Park-, ..*-, a- Im '.k. -
so: center oi ts kind to ibas* 4 p a 1ow
e .,. .-.A ._. -
,' .. .it. vw,+.....s-o-
., p. ... /7...



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