The Panama American


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The Panama American
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Weekend American
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Scott Family Library Fund ( donor )
Panama Times, Ltd.
Place of Publication:
Panama City, Panama
Publication Date:
daily (except saturday and sunday)[may 12, 1973-]
daily[ former oct. 7, 1925-dec. 4, 1966]
daily (except saturday)[ former dec. 10, 1966-may 5, 1973]
normalized irregular


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Newspapers -- Panama (Panama)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
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Panama -- Panama


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Oct. 7, 1925-
General Note:
On Saturday published as: Weekend American, Dec. 10, 1966-May 5, 1973.

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University of Florida
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All applicable rights reserved by the source institution and holding location.
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oclc - 18709335
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tiff, M A ut-

.amnounced today.
,- -- O -- union troop--n. the .
69..t 6 of V etnm!e 0 -Wh
WASHINOTON py ) l ve xlun ex lY oia .r oing to submit to PARIS, Jh '24 (UP) Terrorit-ridd
n. os **.. e n e. -aa Y t s m oI tY W. Morocco todob me the sumberone pr
lflht3S b r iat er follow yr.dater. moving Prom rre Mondes-Frac's
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S.o..p.otQ) 'fora' "bas Y'. 4 enev r betng work- votofaomp roso l to93votufromi
Warns More..s.: .s-r-.. r..ut r o ,
w'-oaubide nor or, -n t l which striated" label. 15 used oni i'- Inochjng peace he
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etmari and the Jan- -trZLI

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-Smtby two.o.

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to .o-l,3umoving -a -

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gaslte Mr .r.. -n.i uanla .at h avoe. arw
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lif of V0Peata Isaroomun o th heleft l a re l Wson sid ithay p rotres, but to r mo sttrlo ugh
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_k-e .".- lsate. nolrte .rrrTru iand Frm" er- r

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of. th e WPtw n f w a"r dih .. .. ~ -dt. s .m r llrgt u a alnter rnheih r o"dgl ets rmn l A frsh ve ]in
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Rdn Adwits Buu-edrawert Murd SrOwaka
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1idIs kis n eo 1 ao' powered beuaks (tcyoel) i I "

em. ke, J, u 8 asu-ar..w' he.
Heht 10 t l WW O -n evvf- i a thr ase mi naa

wa: W osMte ca up s psel f or aast S t. lousBemd h s ad m at s
hie to~ t reIl ated she Iiit A bmslt NteSa stou

em -y, H d i a arreted nearl said. e tm, .

ten TuofwH|.
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1 5vM. ,- -
a A, &a. .tw. t a
Flo & --- j T k I ;&t l t

.' t- were saI m ar u e aa, e.
He told m a ahabrdftablhl
waa two Whe it started to 6idday-

Fto iii hotel roo. "He looked surprised and. tAf
she pw I agers tomess up h
unued drilg pants," mid.
ing with her for "Then hobe admid he's been
*pd her. I 'the ,C7yp Hotel room an
Vthe hotel. UT07eol (for at.-
ed to Bat at. iM ft am Ui 14 Old
m he was em- told h e he adlM the m e
aped there AaStl but aaw athineWb stoat t h
ip he was picked girl r her death
a was on h way .vely told office he
Tex.. to visit his been mworki ia aroofing' ai
man Iff sOe Oll*al for a"(
f aor-whom a pick- Louis firmnfor the paut moa
been ilued ear- Authorities put out the ate
* Authorities,. was order for him after his
eaw hitchhiking employer inlA Ba t 8t. Loul,
gbway 66 about $ reported to Indisanpoll p
it of St. Lous. LUvely -W become e sited
'W Rowland and he read as InSdaTnpesm a wsafh
k aid they per Thursday, as he stood bealide e.
cause his blue MIs Poore's wa f
fow sports shirt b a hotel m tld liay.
aeriptionan their sald she had been dd
, 6 Thraday or Pl

'meri .a..n ig bc.

Wisconsin CMGq
Gets Liberimn
Court Appro .

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I the U. S. lit Pilotless Bomber Squadtl g. W Wiurg,
Germany, demonstrate the Matador 4 uIy de-
scribed as a ground-launched, subsonic J able o
carrying different warheads with the A piloted
bombers operating at medium

Cooks, Waiters' A atd,

'Sequoia' Protect ..VIPs-
NEA Staff Correspoadeut

WASHINGTON, (NEA) -As Always there anre more self-
the wife of the new Secretary of flaUling U "jJatketrU' eq.ied
the Navy,; Mrs. Charles 8. Thom.- wit a e 1t0 t) M
as hasi Jt become Washington'l g ts aboId. In addition, thIL
top hostess. She happens tj have h carries two lfeboats and one
at her disposal whale it takes to other craft.
give a top-bracket official party, Although the Sequoia Is intend.
Tot reat visitors and other dig- ed for the use of the secretary of
ultarles to the best navy-style the Navy, a select a who need
hospitaUty, Uncle a prove to official ente~aling are6 ala
the reta of-tat serve with on lend list.
ae "=equt hom," 1 'to1t shit, Prowy palry aidppers l lan
the'-S:qW18 1 ant, tsl *dwn Iclod -members o the cabluis
crew and some unique pttty-giv-. little cabinet or Chief of Staff Al-
Ing features. .. iral dord.
Per ilutee; Jlls Tho Is Some oia users to 4a
*m of the few hostesse and have secretary of De
or sI whs cook and waiers W4fl- MnM Ovate C*
lpped with speelil FBI -adPoesmaster GeOrl 8i.
when the uoa lpaty'il, the yacht U
t"elI, bth- 'A'si WW
Wdto this no less tha n .Svea such hoste w
ulgt-sticks stashed ., ass u and Mc an be
W Q tll each am u-htRA EMR S*. t.
et with cabinet member n aid -he to- J
& Dt P C'sF qust lnT iabto ar d, eCa. naus. ll.i h i,

IC. V brD ofuWe
but" Wr. S4

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One Viol :Of Virus Is KitwOe

Whole Bunny Population di France
1aiiif.w fthe reason th TV sontl vuoney

a it an e, h ID- W h t 1o n d-
a I w Gon' e Rt is
Whole Bunny, Population Offran

! Mrill have ceand to
ft took W two ear a- one
S of the dread Sanareui vr s
to extennlpate the rabbit pepue
,olt ? l depart. l lK*

e r e.ot a fot tr\ p t
uxtarW o teata urtound-

b :peurto. of en p re s rano t ai
4t.EftAd Z7 tarn bO in- a rewetTe mhlf wia
t pe dIn outh reprint a er
,.wl~nit oeatuqyi and isles of sun ad annul-
11 .0= ou i tice baa fall.e

hi i' s- T he ".MYinatura" war
id sprad under way. Recently P
t wowe Dmwle maafilnmdto
s we sotH ina the t
to dated is mam.
at~I -S siis Sots -
and. BW)W "W"iiM'(er
ton *aud Wncthraflgths .5
tasfmms bhe len
aon- omse easlAh, afla
i fBIB te iAta I t* I

rolIn won
town at
i to be
ai sd

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& is e. ,1. 5-:50


0:00 VCorar l O P e i DC ,I .. .

0445 V "

Ma s uldTeNth
a i _. *_, i_______l K.
11:0" 0l lI(m'd.

: .- '^i* ". .
n i t.i .o : y "
1 1 N.. ..N. .. ... .. ...s

I bld a. UA."." (VQA) ..Mothb ..

M o ai. n Ts As i M OM i ....o. ,o a b t -o
12:15 p Lomch.* pt' "u. ,

U s o A NN@ A. ((oO) We1 Br Yo.y g> 8 0T
12 :, .
l:4? ma. T am avae l an Mule' \' T a T: l*
_____*i________ r f lb ta ."

...*: ,- .. u---- 1i *

l:50 I ,. cTav ..I _. It -
.0 408 6 01 v -- I '. i 1 "'w *

,,:o ..o fo ,h 1n

3:;15 00 A le

3:30 Ta m 1 1. .. ."

I -:30~ BaA IMF -.

CiW..YelCk 'WaIsyou. a
9:15F ., -L -I.-A
%"OI -- -mI I ..-
SPORTS__ _______:-. _______ ~4
9:45* ____IV___call___A

Pm..i ____ .... f_ --
S i -:io-e. Medal .
,m "oM C- ., ,. o .. ...
111"5 N I .C.

- -d"E----- -- --------
:15 3S NnOW I, (% eAss & i

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i- .... .? ;- ,', t .d a

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MOC: i5nK -
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lt, Orj if
S a ,adelarpei. ,
s who art always Ioo

Plwt at oipeell fatfusO pigs %
te thaemarket in tl anUxZt

D. = aw also feels uut
ytJ -leekst. o ck
o thew quah~ .e na pr.
tut meat.
Various animal diseases contq
ally give the farmer trouble. A
ve virus has recently been- de
to an enc ad m and thus m-
munise, in s e operao
large numbers of emk s asw
as sall ur bearing aimals.

, 4. ,.. \.'.- &.' ,

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The'a sAaf
O,"when he
,otlo n.. .e could -,. ,
tired ohoed up ths
down." ..

Anchm F
SAN .CS (UP j ...

vice r'l eonbe.
.UCLAu .

y waho drink at *
an-aet, befor dinner e ,
saoe rn vinegar ard at a much H
wa yo ," Coto couaeled.
.. .' ..,+, ,+.
I lApe

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t; *,n ,.'
, bIJ.^L-

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your.. Nw
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TW isit Is TWh

f" TOPS n mp Of
', .. -. L '



3,800 ft. aftitw In thb
Chiriqul nimuntijng
and stay at oh.qring

reaw a r el
.ieU ar.e


A t I


Remarkably Moderate Rates

* ENJOY cocktails by the fireplace before an inviting dinner
" (Sunday: Doin Veam* ftamotus ..ergaaboard)

SL9EP under woolen blanket.

* DELIGHTFUL wpk* and horseback riding.

* EXCURSIONS ~ih picujes pIa~iuise edby guests.

For Further Informaion And e6,Lertvdons Call



I .

4 ~C
4 ~*s ~

S-- ,, ebe *. an a.
.o 5L MO iimw'TO .viNC m."
a.A.s .." ,4 .. a O I c o'

<,y~ljg~l~lasqt ^ rf~f*.

- .','


"B" Street No. 1 (A ~ e e) Te P.i

.1~ ,~.




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-- c" ,"". --- -- -- 1

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,Ar ,-" '-.. .. : .. i

. .. -' "* '-*^ ..<" ^* .* afe fe
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... ..- x


* .. -- -, 44
,- "/ .*. .. ; V .'- .*,H,
,, '*. : : -,* 1 .
', ^ *. ;2 ""^-i** "... s


'"Savll~u. Is the word, and the poupi
rwapla before a window wall. Use of
am Boo Mbpl at ho rems lae i

NEA Staff Writer '

you've ever picked the wrong accent color o n'
tic, painted the walls a color is glimpsed
t dashed with the, carpet, or doorway of tw .
de any similar error you know splahlng.bright rug-,
t it does to the ego. 1 you e y s "ho
very homemaker aspires to ture around every '
a home that will reflect modern principle. for
good taste and skill. But the it will also spa. .
Nplon of home furnishings and equeUnO a focca iaf
getions frm which to choose eat extends to '
0etdmesa more confusing than e, a wlindo ntaer
television t as well a tra-
tcently, I had the opportunity ditlonal freP A ce JL sti ,l"
p ,view an educational color- gouping of treq chair t
a~ sllde-film which seemed to I low table hla f t of a .
to providee a practical sum-. or example, 'ivlted the .'
y ofaqsic principles of home to enjoy the ylw.
a*sion -- IMiAature roim sets point
all "Creatin. a Ho the the concept of rrangiig
Su by the wm-ture to ahi q w@W I
lh-l doonsa League of, in rod tl ,tOl
o offer a concise guide
IkS you'and me. Where a u u y
W sort of filmthat you Is. lathe
we at the woman's club er mseale w-
a dehool or when shown alMshings. .,
Sby the lr ,l depart- Iin dut .
AN In ad on tA
lainoital i

' A-,
.cow .

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'-- -. -.
IIXd a an aI

Taty liAh

Flaor, To Cold.Ct
,. s

god ma~keke good travefng cam

BD G1L1E DUGAS n afry are he fashions that In dol* eler a thut have 4frsze fo entu tup.
. bid NBA WasaW OMtr womn ta r'e. a
n re. 1 (NA) The the loa print Is a handy or spread over thist ire 4prt a ite
ulamer ela th qLut of to have. A cinch to waa suace. some of hel
diAotw an d a breuew to dry, these dress- -n linad
t la the-at as oar print in swirling geo- This year. prints ae d-
ae .light 00 l war blooms, on i


'tie way f1
for aposure
of thu atmn w
dit6n for a l
Too mUay
at the beh



s, an mlo-

t tan ou toim

u.for two minutes.-
and soft.

Sdown for anger
elm, when
'away your

. Finally. be o each-
S lnth ouf time
After you've cov-
0s91i two minutes.I
Iee down for another

,-NSA ro ad K a, w
t64 cod cut seascab To lu e atfamg until bhidad.
* lmegia *meo .Bs.'jdt Ttfna


iiKII-^lM-ih~**R Ii iirHf N 1

*6 *

to build a fire.

"... zr


vvau. vri9 .E7O Li7P WrA

O P* .1
X*t Yg*


}PVwI M m1111a14 Mlhardware, shelves.,slefal m
Elallsa besim a pla y place, with Jo St i*i

BY KAY SMERWOOD satin-finish soft
NEA fSta Writer patterned with- r1W
This should be. m
A versatile waj-huag unit, easi- 4he eyes than W
ly and inexpensively assembled bright colored fK" u
at home from plastic, plywood and Narrower shelv
metal hardWare, can be all things are supported On.
to all ellildis. It' "grows" from brackets.
a dressing Mad bath table for the I bought birch
infant, to a play and work table for these ad
for the yo er, and then to a low and white
desk for the student. Relying a ouar l
If needS caage, a homemaker yard to Pr-e*t tae
can apprairtaft it for her use in wood and forml t
kitchen, den or bathroom. Easily pified the home
portable, it can be as large o r FoUowing the i
small as splee requires, direction, i' fAud i
Pondering the speed wi th cement is usedto
which much childhood furniture plywood.
as outgrown, te space it takes Absence oftr
and the dqtft f tlkes in the bud. contours mde i f"
ga. I t. a this unit for our easy matter .
OWnl e va reom. Perhaps are bound withsmu
you'd Ma a doser look. I enlisted 16-1
To assemble it took no special of the housed M a
T;or acoautleated eqmpment. framework. We
e sramew Irs made of foot lengths ao
perira"Mi awtal strips and their strips, even UiT
im a lotted bracket, assured t
ylU y Mhave seen in store be enough to
d iay and many homes. TheseiW str r MM
can fle d this metal hard- in the wa abi to
ware at many retail stores, and For added r
sp sare bsldy the foot, in any screw were uugd .
S yo require. Holes for (With the ai of 1
= are already drilled. onestrinfirst tq
2t three extra-wide brackets tions on sees r
I eded wnre ordered through the firt one, rU
te hardware e sto from a buil- level, sfe ,seno.
_q a a ,'able To aa .a -
M ,i x 33 for baby. t a
S three a ito slots at ei

1 the shelf un derneath or a
t tr InoWf.all foreree- Pall gdnarrow
S jits, a d pers or SUPlhLa.

3Ah& t ane of the and suchwtld eas
gy later as' eWll want r belft
5.2glasso ti| te a gler in U vace. I ,I

* 3-

-m '. --rew1
ed skyla
Pr- atful
r polishedm -
tf supples

pealgs ow
*^" ^S B


.,,. .
:;, ",.-, ;,.
., ,. -f ,=.',S

T ," '*'

ture iro




K.W MAf itM |- t *

."l". ... /'**l at t 1 ^
,.' < ** ^


.wis lop zWiYF, JU
t .. ,' '7 .

fte SPORT. R .-

Wide aaChoofinS16

Plakely P

'. i. : *.-: '" '--4 s

.. 1. .'
1' S I t+ ... 1+11+ 'r''+ .1;+

4 II '.

*:~ 'I *.~ *1 ~'A.
*~ i.*.

of. or c-

be "endus

'flo ldfr to es.

.~;1- ~7~~,
I> .'~
.5A p
~r;5 .42
.~ /



.. 5*.~

.bodqrewd fr-rant rI. G & as
.'* tcuiona ontoWI- m-ndiMit
tbdouh thriving coffee flam aM
.Lush onu. e a"- i; "
s .ide. .

in the cool of the evening, bfs
nfireplace, Momen will mix you
your choice amid the talk of th
Idres. And if the dy startsmm with
with nothing less, for Pa
pets a.r everybody's delight.

A Pinawonte interlude ists A,
health and happiness. .

I *5' ~


ii.. +





L ..

j *1

. *' .- ".

f~q t?~&Cbba

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"* r'. ,, ,' : -*, ':F tlo ',('
-p^ '

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A* k>~1~' V y*

55 4.. A

* at..
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9.-S ~. -
'9 9.. .5.
*;~ r

; -- ..' ,' C ,

* 5~

* *5'*~

* 'rt'

I *. 9
.,m .
'.5 .y.,
7*.4 F

Enerl t .UrM ,.e b
* "the Wpay was by die
nter -Anflt4ct$tt aConcil fvhlt*tn
without etint
In 1946, COPA, evryie calls it, was formed
to provide Ponilma Mith noatbni ir service
to princiIpal p,'. t '4TecTn Airport was

e -, *

S aa~ Ua .S.a .. rat.5 r -

los.. , 1fl., ama ow
gr ls."..I
f to more end more pices, including
Do.C onm, Puerto Armueit, ocas del tore
awd San Blats The lickv paskeger number
IlOWo0, Mr. Adolberto Jol, wjl get full use of
his silr pass!


~ *-'~ W a

S. -:. 4;:+ ...
, *^"*,+- '...,,,,,, -;

.- <. ^: .'l,., l ^

v *.,' -. ,,+ l
.., "" .. '. *^. j

.," ..*. ****
^ -. -. *f.1

' '+' *" i:
i". *... -"" *

^ 1 .. ,.i- *.
....- *, .i '" /."+

M .TIs Pf.jI, lora 7-of a nOn wihim a ,det. was
S S to OPA.





CObn. Wilfr
*o ^. 'ft-edtait

* 5-i.
" f'.
-r)~qr 7j~jj

'A -' :; -. .* ,

.. i.F T iL % -..n ..+. .... *.i :.... .


4z~t4. .7--a-
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.to 3 not.W ',Ai

.. | .-.-., W 4.12 ,

r .
K,,m. I


++ ,-' V .. N' )
'" i- ,^ .,. *.;'".

.. : -_. u V I
: *...;' !-
m 'S" ," ,[ + .. 2


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' ,;' _i

------ --~-II-



, ,:7.",r ,, A *r vlf, -.


* *;. .. : *'
b .1 ,'- .'

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. gI'',

. 'T 14 .-t.T. LOCAL "


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.E. b r oe 5150, FOR ALE:-Ti-4wceqU
S9c.. ft. Abok 86- AW
... "e--xce llent operation.
.,- nermsring mttre, Amador Rodl,. B_ _
m llSo1w,0lmi.-

S bru, e ellent condition. n 8-4153. -u a n i" tm-. ;C' i A istobal l 3-1673. ,e

________. be __a FOR RENT -*,SSge
: c-Vaonce..r.f ,l.. ,,i w...Mi ie- w i e ,ni-i"-ed in -
IU 761ri" r -t SALE"-how j
S*- 4 through FOR REN.: Cool, well furnit 2 F".

..o F norc n 2yd ,o nd c. to i C; FOR RENT OR SALE l-Furnshed
On-9 tnd mle m on h8. F oirlW1 r. n d os bS re sd00 Phoe 6 10 odernleW .a

mat io nn FO RALfES SO N u.dFOR RENT:--Modern house, 4 bed-
Aipie ma e for in bO rlmt "n .- u, -no....45-,C 0 ne rooms, 2 pbaroo tchen. .a V

ats $.12 50 RGANA-chANOl-e ciPANAMA CANAL C PANY rom, raeo watHer Telephone51
6-.hF o.P' be_ CuMbws.'.Advdon "bath i erc,

. 9 a .S S O-.n & 10 left Follow a i Si oo tl o wed F- ET C oncr eteI n. 2i m d h se'E '

. ce Thor e lie. iti c d until 10:3 .am; .. rooms with bathroo e ch ne

We 142-. N td WMTED esa e FOR RENTGit 1a_-mn e F s R ,
b' os from officeof Suthr kitchen."i-m." ofII.

.i no "ae$ .( roomB l a rage. hotwarer. l oo a2- Apne fhl UO111
$Itsi d aw er chi 50,each A *CuAe 3-3943 P Panamao uando bitmd
8-3208 -. ....-"r rSAW '" ERS T e PWRITERS e PnSALEa .
r n Ire- 1 .dStt No. 6, B Corfu"ht i, r. ieibf Crdt Stet.Te. 386.fCoion.o -n aO rUZ,--fl

i.-. washingattaSc5met ofnt. 87' Coll:EProf. FranzMof i,, -n nouse,. ,a tSnranc oCocodelMarNo.Fs.2-cy- n; NNoV 141. I I Central Th V
t 1. th o F FO-T ;. .. I l T wrSAte- I bct l v the.e m- 20. er3d Stree. U fover6hA ,el.

;a'Michisgan Prlam toS
Wf ,dti.oIWas certain .

y .r

- .--


Ir -

.be a
l la when
his love of l

l SESed his Vasldt O W I '"

c c In tOCSS^Obo Snhe Ar- ar p lsB In'
. l l boI t d es "edh
cb ,_, a w" tee.v w t

I s tcrh Ilnghter Intehptor Bqu- veterns,

t S'h t sgl In 1950 blow above reproach., r stated De
.ton hRY ,F rr W m e^.o

retrured to the 2M one, but "ew y1 *1. .
not for loni. He called into E o ,e p .A Cobr t
att o e ,
l io r nllao_, rom there, IAIntbi*..ere her_ e
a Aaeht to R ec Mr 1hcey WAVE B.
a.w'.i.u h. 'hgr t r =
eh. M iCdhi eht trsatind!. w". j._.M

.'-f ,"- -- FOR RENT: Modern two-bdroom Jre F. 1952 ,0 vyn recai. i- eS
Soprtment, 51st Street No. 42. For -i pn d an..Jun_ .4. C-w
1h ImFikir r/Au rs, lfurth details call Zubha:.3,-1802i "" m, L toB5 ,
i r i ,or 3-3337. -_ U -bbolith 'o. .. & r e,-S "

L "'" .FOR RINT:- Fumfshed 1-bedroom
A (Oder portment., screened, near Hotel El
APem, ,--.t. IPn.e 3.Ia... "26. inII w Hto n many fishn are
"w Ap atO a n. a -. I..:- -p t- ,a-- e '" 1 ..'I ,* -.- .
ration a non 4 the: tric; phone. Tel. 3-1405. as asor bccheceht xac
Foreign Opertions AHami1- rled couple, without children; c5n- t oga1sC. maill 0ua i .KIIJ b ao a cI ,.te _t k,-
signing of a contract wIt thhe. R s uplO Ao bJter
ur- .C mmenweith of Pt .etto Rico FOR RENT,. -Brand a opartmentpo speakers, ;, ad A.- T ( aipar ceu an fitition, be are to t iii haib
to condut an in nationalO 133hStreto.21.Son Francisco. tridgfs.Seieata sM ewh a. emhual i*eE^
technical coopeAtten training InSuire upWtS. Strat fati.s TThe ipim o b either side of th UnMI b l W" if
center 'ftr participants from FOR REINT Two-bldroom apart-. stan. I. 1pe da w ..
over 40 count into ego Int f- mbnt, mold's room, garage, good Ja Ti e al_, td. .i7 o ilI .
feet htis month balcony with very good visibility in a ak. n year'ir. = cT
.. new building, situated at El Con- raes ___ a. The new conrtict continues i grejo. Phones 3-0769 office; 3- i ted by water ,-air, over its -Ben e" iTe n -.
ber oo tative tBg r 5636 residence. body. brtle only bWpmP tam-The J14W to t ot .
ea. .u'begani n Intcoin FORe whNT. ril h tionalp th W
- 1950.l FOR RENT:-Furnished one-bedroom,dg ) ] rlle "i Oleo'
toMpan ayr modern cottage. garage. 168, Via TROFICAL EE Seflat a .d. emali r
island. They repreete almost Beiao Por.h. N. Je -ostal S.v E with pi *tt r W H I
It, every country 'h vwA leh the $8, .o .d ea3o1. oa H M ,w. ue t
.ut United States Oaverngient r7- F RD D. of war'. BI e l .ora-o,. M m
Ititipates in onoml q or.t..R- F R I banks. The Po1t Depart-
* nical cooperation. '. -- ment is ta e' s l'ar ,et '
he s "Hood i realdaeiiteonant.
'bPer Ahe.MAN."o *.. --'R- !In--h alNPRE lo31?. .R aU, "; .. ... ,
vocatioal a l D t- ^)R RENT:-For couple, bl fuinh-r BAA TR. A be t-'l ..more
D. m nt of uI -i ed room, kitchen, gas, r rigerator.
iu-i versitv of be be rnand washtub. 31st Street East Packers, Sh N gg :
,ge. 'tlzed, a tu- No. 9. near Piscin. Tel. 3-1869. fMooe Mary ,dB 1,ow i '
0ns titles to on .'OR RENT:- Clean, comfortable Tels.: -82W '1.M61 old ite h"
the f nd raoms, furnished, maldeservice No. century, An hib IDiranged
gr Cor- 5 'I' Street, oppoelt Tropical The. as r f o.'are
n sOer. Telep;W 1W^ r rt
P AFOR RENT.A fm4Ilpd rom with PANAM M- -l.. .t
l 60, 43rd Street. Telephone the. -...

You Cou.ld-C t a'S .. ,.
^ UFA Quite A () a A PAN ** A I.

a length and re tl the- ACUA RIOTROPICAL t e'
a the ewtt Ih R ub-c PrET SHbOP ao Cea
,O u t used i t. a va hnstIbmround cop- Pa rrot a we. 0, "a. WWro11Ub- .-1 +" 'al.
rt lig ri l .per ine bei ge l el 4 p north. 49 Via Eapa Tj i e. 3-M 1 tol t ma
nduial elopment, labor, The belting Wetin 150 tons se an
lpublicthanetec-laar o. m Indsq g g S olrca
sto bellini soae iw a5 yearnaole ro s "f "
in onwrie~th~rsitmcu i vto transport,- ---le spliced to-b e a eSl. ,-dier.,a
d Omeafv- t ftAlm 2teof thea
tmu elM am Co. at-Wit Is PerfectMien tAS Aruo mIONAL' r M. ..
Pa ne.! I : .bH tt Rob --in ,. .:.Ai.2s '

firns t as ,. or .. ,.average U. .
reck basKINGS 6 -- W
pubKe ai eithr -a retau"weandaar a *. h .R ," W,. ,

I ", !ioaa i *Wyau ^ .. _'+I'ms arerrect^ M"r l iF" 41' A^l.m ,I -
bw1 o-L- .. ,. e .e m. or, a .w i b wee m I T, *. I I

ci p P" L"t ,ssM.I ry .-- ,, .:.' t/ oee....,;
and ma hi. .. -- d Ilm 0

o. ".liPC_ e &.- I .. -, 1-- inches. ,.to-A- WV.^. .,.
L L. E I & O 'u Lilollx, Invq lml .dN~liW. "M~u + wile,.l F _. l il liita. ,- -,UKi W Ca... .. .. ",
an "f .in eti thP.., 11e +ar"," ~ l i ._o& ,a ,-' W,
SW be lll ,.. I~Oy ee i' eOonal n so"" il .;.4l Il'," ;,
Ig-411m pll ete 0um e 'tru m uaie m .- ... l i ."L .- : .. .-'. 4: ++ + '" ; I
a y., lii g l s' ~t y i jOl lma-" -; -.m= +". .. m
pm Wdnsdy tVheEA
better -tn MIR, ,,..n,. .p ., _+ ,, .i~ .
-.. meo" mbosidom ,r a.',m ..." '" h mt
W. ~ ~ ~ ~ Pap CiH,-Y -, ,, .t ,-li e -, n d-- +-,+r,+.i,,. ,..+ t...he..,
"~~v y "- "'".'".'. -- .".. 1 '. '
al Series--.At '.-,,m:- ....g ,a'te.r R- A. Art:.. <' -.+
q :' "' +-< y," chief of "th'.e G rou" .'n"d.- -" 'Ji- "
,.r ." a ... -i"m'n,, win s-pea- o-fC-"11111-111+1111...illey S.%
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ Ce a.-m. e- ..\ ., .. ... .- .-.....,.- ,,...le.. .,. -ti- -. : .-+'.- .,. --.









m dh

'' --





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I 1 :

n.J.. NWW naT- as

I Salln Nih feshed tii
*hei. Air rns at

ianile t Oatoier.

./I W ^ y- ; ... ,. --

am adne en I Feeio

WBK atn arnd AceCM" Ls
m eBall Atdo i BaRidse,
a eboedtfrom tbhe

In New Yor


'- ,am.
Z P. ]PA .0d M=S j r.

ea. The President of the Mrs.
cuvigd & 4" Mr. GilPrua~
of pania.

*. -- c .

FRItin' im-MO
W 7 dl prospecting '11" .


To i Enforcid
prrTn o (U () A-
S Caoun Jail Warden Carl
LDvyesaiy he i'it ad u his
guards ask the o oathe
cells, "WatmR you hat" dfpite
. Mttle-bbown oeal law t a sates
an inmate can have his favrtls
beer fr the ask l-aMd for free.
Dye mays he'll ave no ru
with I BqtWi. Bitf a thiraty j-
mate d for
or even an occasto l stek-tis is
within his rights under the old
"wet tnasil" statute.
The law slfas oi the bos.,
vtn og it is more- than two
eariesod Th- -onlycn
made ie it was eaed Feb.
173, te It @ PONill ... .

mayI "l ,tijer, or Seofr-W
solea for and have any
S food from what place they
ples ... without ese.
.. I

'was a memaid


[A. -'C

&: "*'~a

j _.. n~.a 1 J. w_.l n __

jGret' P gress Reported

Aga "inst Seping Sickness.
I .. .. r -...CT C a Prow
,.."I c. : ....
LUAND, Agt(p.UP) -Vie- Because of dlSculties I .,
tory over humaleelflg sloknesa, lg and St. yIlng dense f1
.tile Mnot drt iNdfa'of the long- mobile Poilase media
time scourge o latmral Africai, ee fraed t. to ad
appears *t1fl, .p in Portu- wholesale ijechm, the p
guess Wet AMe.i tbuvels ntitrypanosom is

A, e ei -atorU a
4, 1 t ?54 this year.
Carried mail by the tsetse
f yp iaste (sleeping
i l) weaker men and p
nts womes ro child-eariln.
At its .ror*, it 1- a killer, -de.
populating whole villages.
Although not such a problem
here, animal sleeping sickness, a
oe dlufolt tyfe to tentrot, is

at ferlo al.*an&. 4 sr

iso, audi he breeding of cattle
tim e tq .. tease are result-
i in me progress. The batr e
l le disease, er, wi
lleongie experts said

r" ,
'"i "
"'" '" ." A,
,q' ,

* (

p anp midoiw to iUves.i-enaemuc
In people, sleeping alekaess a
ears in its later stages as a
ver, with a tendency to sIleep. If
caught early enough, It isa ia.
tivelye illy cured.
The biggest results in the 25-
ear batetl alaint human sleep
inl siness Portuguest We
Afridc appeared between 1M &M h
1951. when new ese. were 1.
duced from. 4,J8 to 00. In. that
period, a72,M tastives w re
amined, reducing the index of.'"it-
bulating virea" [ daic regios
Secords A'Wvd,
Although hubtan deinf aiS.k-
en apearn defislb the
wane. tho bjnu aJwtuag iUtae
sae still a great problem. D
are still not th final r
i breeding ( se nlat

be complete donuatoi of' the
tsete fly itself wbhk live n
wooded areas :. ong watetedhragtu.

African Game Sti

,I Big -Attraction

a oval
dI haou

uDualOlgi W gM .gl

usat bouque t 5f t
si stephanotis and v"e

.Mi. Dlvid Beerajl' bee.t
,an for Mr. PFer a Mr.
igtlard Fender, .'e ', s the
bride, and Mr. 6w Wrj,. were
the ushers.
dA buffet lcheon for three
Hundred gues,, was .aid at, the
Vestal Ameicna Lg- n Club
fHouse, mr t xhi the
ceremony. The pabate'* of the
bride received 'w*' mesbtrs
of the eddIg a -
Mrs. Fender, =m r 6.,.t h a
bride hoese for the cmales an
afternoon dre of elphbinium
blue late, with wlk. abs wore
white orchids.
Green ansd white- ianiemi flow-
era were used on the brids ta-
ble, and music was fwumiaNd by
Jerry Korclk'ir orchestra..
Later In th. ,day Mr.aai Mn
Peterson .le0t hI ,- s
trip to the Pocono Mounta-is. ihe
bsd a ."*dau 9
she us athing see ,
kod w m ..0' ir ,
They td A
on Augut 9 where they wll aSa
their wle.. .

v e members of the Faert DVi
Oflcerw Wivs,' Club entertaed
Thursday aftWeoon wits a tea at
the Officers' Club to honor Mrl.
Elton D., wife of Llsute
nint Commander Vftwntead, who
Scompleting his tour of duly as
mmandin.- Offier of Fort As.
vi, -nd, to welcome Mrs. A. L
Spelt%, wife at Lientensat Cqlsoel
Speltz, whe will assae e abes
relinqulsbhd by. Lieutenant -a
nel 'Wlnstead.''
Mrs. J. F. WMaly and Miu A.
Douglas were hostesses for tb
occasion. They used white ginpr
lilies and red iadilI with wWl


tlWYFershikiL ,
fraw d coppersoanr


51 tw.; c .r

+ __ .- *'** ,",' ,,,L .' 1
'. ... ., ..; "I .


4 ...1 .

NTr mAdiat'. ,

... *u -l i- .'Fl".- -


Jack Jlnw.n, upl..


.. C.A -

"*-' T i.... P,!. ._-"'. ..,I-O W ,


*1.. ,
'A. Pt *'

* .mtI

- C~

IT -


M #r. s or.u.f. -. .-i-
emof. #*xwrldys mot "
s, m,,blg tcod asitir ..e ,,

Breniff' I Witf gp f nwir
service 4bs tIsi be- w uaiFs Lensp war
...,.'. !!li@,f -. ',, ,M ."I ; ..*.,.- 'C... +,
- *. ,.^fc ,-^ ^-.,-,-' a '-.."

t:- L.r'I-

V.. 'I A

'.. 3"3..- }

S** *ft
I ., > "*df

,a' 3


I ----

0 ; lffj


" t- .

" .iI"


. -. .. -- .. .- -



a.- p


. .4

Y :,. .*,v

SPiropo II Contend

S Te ,Stid. Teite tut horse P
the.' of the majority of the per to:
Sfeatfired $2,000 a1ded one le
m Clasic" fbin Peruvfa-bred horses at
rFtanco-race tratk. -
Viai'o rdones will have the Agudrre blocked i Ww m
le. u'-on Jose Belone's stretch- Vulcanizado eoi .AM

Burn. Poatinpcub has been
e- against better horses
, .t3 hee will meet today and
:mvl'id be abp to wlsif hbe is in
_cj m .

,s es etally because Blas Agul-
r d who will be abod has re-
d his winning toc e.
S redPavero (Raben- V a s.
qu aqsd the Follow Me ll-Pin
Po. entry round out the five.
b- e field. Jose Bravo will guide
allow Me II while Enralue Ca-
nr" s will pilot Pin Pon.
S Tie Stud Daren's. sper il-
leas-bred four-year-old c ep t
mere Florera seeks her third co-
eecutVe victory since regaining
ferm when she meets A groi
oat lrrek's best horse In the
"B-C". seven furlot prlnt
'h is tOr secondary attract'nn.
aa, which will be ride
,neIcerJack xlder Blas Apt
W eftS i:: st. w perform.
ki former tr" a AmnDion' A.
up-ead-co liae B .
msing Solft Note, ar".-run
"Bnv soym forumw t niiit
,g'sa P ,iea'd lot-t pe
*Jaqum" o.
.L wrie v pens'e a' naett
'Br0' a40U w{ b^Noyhttr

ias ,wl Amorlo wet e
ue"d In lthe, top class

SWscored easily ove
p t-" the 'atter f1 off
r-4 .rt. i V-..,- time was
-- tn Florert": f-r
I'- iame dietanc. on the same
.Vt Tl$ ,000 "Jit de. Con-
0eteg" ClamVeom upg
Aw. 1.1 Aor'io can be counted to
oi".a retur.. b)t s beut form.
ia will be ridden his regqstr
SChPlr Victoi r Pr'r'-.

Sso't l .wl b' Sqft Note,

o ,. And. to A to-
*istory wh ohie,
4 W'rye th blocklnh ef-3
u against pl a~ce flnish-
i, rentle 4 at

-- a ,, ,for.
..,' :- .or

clubhouse *
way. down -
Victor Ordof
canieado trej tw le
Merry Masn waul ...

Lezden and Vulidanilsd bd6
gained some groodd In W
stretch but the grq hornrse
under the finish 1ne twvwsn-
one-half lengths to the 'pi.
Vulcaninado wound up one
length back of Leiden. ; -
Merry Mason returned 11040
per win ducatt. Howevol ti
day's best win ividend wn iM
mo's $24 price in the second
Jockeys Alfredo' V .Kie
Floras and HWta? S. S tA
saddle honors with two Wmo-
riiA apiece.
The dividends:

. Wi. ,, .

.80240 '
-3 m U.
vlw., tle: (Llose-MIe)
) 2.80 '
ru F.- W. o
1-P. Con .0, 230 .

Oua lea (Don Goyo-Con-"

i --)cean Etri 5.u0, 3.$ ,
2-Petlie P ht.. .
I-P. counted A'w". 4.0,
2-KeoinhrAt (M'.i 0 2

3 -- t nfnflf -a
pee d4 poble: (PFuIn

;.', 10.20o

Va L
ar nt-at


Datir '~'

IO. 2.20

ie1 ,<


V !a

-. ao S
- ^em Releasei
dewture II THe
of tThe HI)til

fr4S ~tsn"


m A A





^C1 c; o (
iaterthlntent Chat As inM
I The Aged .^
^W^^-- II :tht 1

Imported 4,4 F.I E APool Selei
Mat I Fie .]"UePS
a. cRVnU g odebei"
B. ANZl. ^107 o `0o
A. u. 110
0. Chafls 14 w much
A. Yeas" 10 place hor0S '
Native 6% Fgs.l"mWS. Pool lsps
Second Rsle of .40tIMe
B. Agul. it -11 um aWe this i
A. Reyes R. 09-- look
.F. ROsP 1 -ch lower
H. Ruls efforts
R .L. Gil 1 ou
S Florea 10 --NDn Off last
A. Mena R. 111x-,Ogainoreftain
.: Orte. 97x-Light wegt helps

3rd Bhe S"'.nlers' 4 .FOtse: UMl0 0Pool lasa:

1--Lota Jia "-r

6- briUa

A. Mena 110 -Wsing early peed
. Camp. l05zx-Moa on a farm
A. Vas. 113 -Must nprece more
G Gomez 114 -RaS wel In debut
' a Bravo 110 -Reportefd Improved
_J,. Valdl. 112 --lMa fd worljouts
A; onza. 102x-Frac ouse hampere

4h Bace "I" EMN 7 Fis.Purse: ITS7.M Fool close: 3:

to : 97x-Uknally unpredlctable 10
I-C. o .105x-Worth lS hrrend 10
i 116 -45head thee
uMarIl < 3 J 105 -Nothn eato
'--Jachamn 113 -Exelued from betting
-.(C. Linda 7. ,. 110 -Lon ot p e lblllty ,

.b, P';ul o s l roe -lC ,
I -Dangerous ct4tender 3
a- o V -Best recent res evi
t .Vak. I. -Depends on start in
8-(Ph Rona e i. Ca m -Should be oclme up. 3
Mh ae "" 6--i ornS: MS F Pol elo e 3:
2 oR6er fthe Deafbo

- wYIiir~

'C. -.:

the t A
Me AMt


and .a
Sto he

Wa- a

e pa



1-Coqurtly A, l would tilt itout 2-1
1:01U V&." a rious effort pow 5-1
4-Wad V. in.lble S a1 week 10-1
4..-A .aid A. Tjril I pve, here 4-11
-RasV. OiEdo. L S3 i even

sli Mac*I fJo14fl1 oloses: 4:6

1-daluhtlo 3. Cata. 11 -Km dn taposi tonI.
2-*D. Maiden A. Meta 10I6-Or 1 6sijpet 8-1

- Martha A. Vas. 110 3 e .11
8th Race "H" Imprteod 4sM -PeelM elms: 4:41

5-T. Collins
I 7-Oharier
9th Race "0"

r. RUM:
R. GCtoge


.. -
11th Race As' Mas ,t MBe Purse: ? -le .:
3-Biscays Va. 128
2-La~n-L ,h-em '110 2 1
3-Naby 5t 1d iomS 5-
4-.-Mats ^.:r. Bravo 1U -.oUid"brlHer even

A ta t aI


tl of Me I"
1ll tryto.Vufj
being the
r whHe l
ith. In the'
A t.1l a.
sn Junior
their fIrt
Is fn A


h Air : e,
a subsiA


1 00 2-5 10 3 2
300 1-4 10 1
S, Newhouerl
- "I'i. (8"9th -
w (fth)r 10,y^B

&iA. rA t

oula (N),

Pacific Cae Loop

Officials T Meet

Tomorrw Evening

-, L' ft~Y~7WW~Yt r~
tim n.
~( hub
.. hip'? ~ShM~

! u -wVrE
e Leafs

as. t- o-
.-. B_-. U-h.

h : .

L --, =&tt"
". ni mm'* I ;4 '-

'.t1 W.bflyin 3 *
4 .- -n 's-- -


-fc .,...", -. a-.

' "' i"

a: "


' ''- -


Pb. Sn
a- a *

K !

* "- ;- : ,'.


, .. .

' "-::



A 4,*:t to '1P

.,... .4 .4 i .. e ,../ .
ir. t o .

ttexl. osse s.,IP O1 e

b1 -*l!56 1 .e1 Sd O WG l 1PSI'' -1
1 i.,
mhau *,au've Po ll"O hve

13 eU4 I. .. 24 RoalV 2 a 256 aa a u

ha252 ti ehe beat. pe7

.. .. ..t. e........ our o h dmpt

:Olrorr to....r,,~~lei Fan an e Ts erIF
21.l. bUrh hI25
r1. eTowart........ 18

S0 Winnrt Ma u
.e.e. ..l.n". ". ... .rt.u .. .

e a ~ tp Sos~e r............. .<.. 261 1 ofarea

new-v prow ce -cia Clube lnas .g pt41 2ttoaav
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