The Panama American


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The Panama American
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Weekend American
Physical Description:
Scott Family Library Fund ( donor )
Panama Times, Ltd.
Place of Publication:
Panama City, Panama
Publication Date:
daily (except saturday and sunday)[may 12, 1973-]
daily[ former oct. 7, 1925-dec. 4, 1966]
daily (except saturday)[ former dec. 10, 1966-may 5, 1973]
normalized irregular


Subjects / Keywords:
Newspapers -- Panama (Panama)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
Panama -- Panama


Dates or Sequential Designation:
Oct. 7, 1925-
General Note:
On Saturday published as: Weekend American, Dec. 10, 1966-May 5, 1973.

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University of Florida
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All applicable rights reserved by the source institution and holding location.
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oclc - 18709335
lccn - sn 88088495
lcc - Newspaper
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I* e Group SIsis B ffMt Reds Still

All Agencies To B$ Hitf rd Ba on

1.A ....oa, ,,, -, "'i .'I-.,-Fd or Indochina O
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IB S tf and ENEA. July (UP) )9.Ay

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Delay eadIn Lai- .A...
SComnmies Stay Out Ofi UmeigI# 6KeetPdffing Out Ani-US Prop nd
Iy VB A-8 x la'i S,00100. A.d lmu t fgreu it this |hamed b Samollo) that "UA 11 speak rht language of nunist Chat wa
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M. think e Lenin's balo theme: 'wo teps opu's choice In GuLtemal. yp oiir ownt Amend- aDt at
S-mndMte W YORK July 17 (U) 4 q bond one step back.' And the quarter-mUlon eI net unft. come M.
of r n ter ha three Ir to ip police Communist from the Cape o t oci l Pe
warw. *alk C an d a 4a s- th ao Grande keep chan of farm editorial In.
S-W.a Ta t tha arorew -Me rebletlon In Gua atein- lug Pa
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ad Central u Be ye to at t did ." "&'...... on Thallad'
SCo_. True, for the moment the E ra I Mlxit months Red leet ruberand
Dreadful possibilty of a Cam- Th a m- have in d atemala l The Bolshek boogie by will need Th
-any^&' lA antis base in thisheMispher sl 17' 'good-wHIl' crntoa" keep alamminr the United Frus eal.tneer be bve "to
-way h"I .en e -... Co., an Ameri cern th me pes-
., Byut we "maodt : At .y. ,.an with O,-Wwu, the Arbenz em:- I Central Americt's blgg tt m o ents
v little Cost the t inio b ca, eul tn od many by In ng business. To prove that tt fr er. f Se
A S o stared a 4e vs w ld aie u- -In A a al our back faDo not b de- vice a id curraney to Indo-Cle States, our government has Just zF.- his ma The Rl
S: This nt I not ed alo Insists It ia not brought n anti-trust utff e '1t the ci- h
"'" n "eo t .. '"" '". of... e--. '" n the North -to- ant company. charging .te hot Bide, tTho..
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a cw tranedde fed to Me h n f foreign Com- and spli tng the field with no -
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tr ton. Arltl at a few1 ftafes WBaafter a h ppy crowd ran But stUll the eUs-brigade will d M. SamoUov i
." .the Commila la noI t out to cop- ar Mlteo Otle Pafde Hotel, wfld in tM ArbeI ream. Secretary of State Jo1i at now brain- *
one coinry but the iing Todkal-t walked around the run pt. or les realized It when e truAnewa triek It d
o-Its advocates are *not us-- It ja certain Ia oUo will Ing oo al mo aan that ad: "If the United Pruit F .r uitbatle forle for ihead wtthe
-.lIm Ilate-&but members of an now sit in aon made Ilove aoMaldatv paid a gold piece for every b* bthe war ftor differencese It h
the international teatm. the Mos- haS na the Communleth would atiit and tain and Paace
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Whe Arbnoven e h. "Pu" s the world central Amrican writer now ur hope the Com price -
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...". ..d Inability to

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E.. Imu

IWosest a"

S^ wnw~ son.o go m"oppan her injwuom a things wea
it aguacaes ents... m

'Bail ioniow the Old Panamanian cd -tUIlnSSD50WPr 4uc
Dilmm n.fn.v a.rop a PeM Il -
am inmyecond childhood. the
Ing Ina B -oqe on s few

hentoS, tre are decous .trwer it of the vb isom
iWcenta ound. Atthe otarmer d -of theseal arela to a ct
dat w t 4or e nex a.wtee. Uccahat look like Igote of gobe
S1esa gg, fres irom the hens, at eea cents
I..nll do go anoppan- hberlla ome oa,1t1:t (1 t wen
IM aelent atr acated a fo ero dam"n&- o.. A t
tl srenw taheO ila ad Pan na pe 1 _en cent a PO o"
ihy drendA, "peauna," really.k --p InrevserM,
I' em m tma ab g nrd ns
it four naceates threwtake Thextraay so ser "ualy hen
Wa.spcano eenus.ya am 'meric

hOWl ho.nae ,re ismou, from Pop Wrigl. I
.0 cents a ound. At thedotber an of the soanly igne ot Pop
ai t tfor cents and the hotel that look t eorngotve of tgo
sa0 cents a pound. gs, reshrom thle hens, at 90 cents obs
aI m gWe&a t corn three ears for ce5te ana. ot"f oe
te surpe atlnguavor at centior at h is Place, includia pColoneF t
frenidtrolnerae lardens.brh and Admiral Byrd.
"t not on Turaay. They tate Pop hursday so seriously nhee .N
oi cannot even buy a an nra Amer vicant to oqe a. bett
RotS _!,ehejll iseabout as dinf'rent from Pop Wri Am

Us tw al sp for The Times. bht was also one of S 1Pop o
'Um Mte of the hotel andjthe ,orange-groveoff OR

fact the $1e t at he Pop wh T e lime's we e by Bl
ip. Oe Army tha on nDr. Fbernando Tapta, now nue a Saint tool

Ihs special work In pychlrty. Thsi p er
..ah orthclimate, but, of o. eu t ne ot preu oan
lriNaa e on Colonel Ldtiandthetela a eatit
Sthe Atlantic Pnp the a m be' w m hAme@t
idol. A.savI
..more than Dr. Fernando TiPp.- now in a.-tby _tetool
i hospl Qa.Pof special woTimes.Ith Waonehof'tia llweho
hedtheA tlmati, but, of ati0' 10 one not, pre-loan
fa cttedicit Ie and he'Lima ,' iern

.... ...-9gre4

VA#UGTO2N More e bet
jobs f are om ljlta m
sr have in Ameria. w.a

S stt have them n-
a security of otir
What tMe Adma I hb
mn tryng to do and a dtr-
ned to do is to hp .eebo
y make m toresaid-
ow, what makes J ,
a first n at. rm O
have al Idea for.'i(
loeh can be dovelopd _
I s ptouDte
kins and selling
or instance, who had of
vision, sa" 25 years iglO Very
o us. Somebody tf It resulted a .
wtAle somebody thought
sold. 1Ga pda
it ad mat det Mai
.. out .-nd sold it. This resulted
the growth of factri to pro
television aset J
ughout ,the couetr I rt
Sand all sorts of peopl sell-
and servicing the seo. HUa-
ls of thousands of people this
r e anwd good Josn bectute
a product which wasn't eves
light of by most people 25
rn ago.
he point is you couldn't sel i
vision set until somebody made
You have to produce some.
o in order t he cycle
results i new o A Mbetter
,y why is it. that we .a
i high wages asV w d4 ;,
ericiF? There is a aa-aleri
SNobody oxer Mn en
ioa ean gqt re& tW ;
n. H Wgh.waeass4t
erica oply Decau' I .
luctivity is bqlag.:fga
a ed.
ie American's hands are no
er than the hands of a savage
n it coe to j cg thags
ajus~iwo l eui n
~a ean proddW'1 63e, ,iq
i more than te hands of a
age because we have developed
.ns 1 fW putting more power and
I into an Americah's hands,
muse he can produce more, he
earn more. Because he can
a a, he a have more
gs w ich thisc tryU n xr
he Aearican ca't have this
t4r er In ls hands uMess
.bd has 2 'I& MO UNte Ih ioe

;C ''

. .


r A"



Smoking And Cancer



I have not been overly distress- get to thinking about jass smui-
ed by the scare stories -about a cans and feel a lot better. Most
hookup between c arette-s m o k- of the jazz mui lians.1 I ow have
ia id capler, n do not feel very little right to be alive
the makers, They don'eat a, t d't
Deekui W ey hed_' themselves sleep and they genera lly like
with 20-odd years of bizarre ad- ca eli,, except aller. Many
vertising. Nor have I rushed off smoke reeftl ad' Me:ot f
to, buy a e. Nor will I allow chbalp s k M dl clara
Mama to buy one. They lve <. m. .to .
I burn up about three packs -wa,.. u A. @nfbe to- ,eep
bu_ a ;k I h*W .I bay ver. _BuI' a Ibe" iNey or

room. Let us face It, a lit phi
smells like hell, and a dead a
would serve as a substitute for.
gas chamber. Pipe. smokers see
to play chess ad wear reou
tweeds sad are ever jseloua tk
they aren soking a pipe and pha
Ing olsi and wearing rou
Th stab at r wth pip
th.M. dotti


vL I

colua-4 3% ma
Sabr'iTel, to w' votes
sl- vot.d e, dmialstrb i

5 vte?&o leAhwar an An

ired a eapitl
I a week t
I salay to I
* .Who

sposewui As
uw-rrU %'
-.r an ha
6owle f I

to i

bTIle how thee men wbo are ordered to
t iW.- xvernor on down, baa no conaderm-'
t tAe Job is AL Y their livel ant
S j to find another Job (this side of aes to
tmoa2, however, are most likely ust looking for
t hofmnW0a *r din I a looking for"
|^~c ia n aore pr lmleflde .i
S k Ih~annlo are not condone, hey are, ai !
.. dI e. T'h ey have abielhely no volte in whd.I0
: 1 Ayhwe :dludgment given their situattion. Ty
ou o'nuch holl, Ye an -IA ao t where woa u
te XRO You hou have JuC recetly come from somewhere
Intt buld be a,aeh easier thing for you to go,.I
Thetli I no i &f to your problem. If you stay and win
ir figU1 yOl w _e In a matter of a few years, the a
uaon Ong ~to the present day locka.operato
T'hn It o dut to train men whom you *ill .hae
tqger pre a the present locks operators hae
7bere Is 9feasIble sol*Uon to ur anit h fu
iber you home, whl If mi otne
lle ,ue. you wU toW d I tIQfe charity lt2h11 S M ,^happln6M
d. by d Entse e to be a disease nt wih .cud only e
Sd by falre tder-

kRadio Ack

Answ.r le .* im- P-l

"' ACO 4.Suuner (Fr.)
~ Si winutive of
atetia---' r
_T a -, 4 Huge tub
a n, ouger .

,t ain

l eMlt Irslh

s3 Asetnded

34 DeteMine

I ontmwin

forests 1 i J. Isn to order
to pou e l pseapere which
bte reporiater wrote.
They also had to vide news-
print for the report's presses.
Somebody had to g ou the fac-
toril,Wmh ms. MA cituh.. the
presses and lnoftp machines
which make pnMW # amjsible.
Sove haldy had to provide the
newspaper Mpl r k tirks and
which carry e -printed newspa-
per out to Its readers.
The rptOer b to have all
those t bis de him in order
eo et e wrote.
WItio l tt without the
inveatmeOt of individuals who
saved am apde' these things pos-
sIdbe, the reporter writing his
Bnef story wv ld not be worth
much. He would earn very little,
f" thee would be no market for
Q .tor,
Tre is no job tin Aimericrthat
doesn't WrauOlehe investment of
large a. sUi ofiey:Thbak is
a, eardina t tt ever woer
ta Amerind mU t remember when
he is tQu~ about what Is good
for himself gM.A future.
We st bt thIs poInt
we thik about
taiowm*4 ways that taxes can
be cut.

iM hAN

ai m- Mrtk agN W top. 5 r
Oimya tte recat frightenSed T
years the R mte anufaoj 0
tuWers 1ted dow a exggri-ala
dons in their aid 1 t .s
cIgarettes ere fun to smoke @ d
do not actually resemble a Mww I
vitamin or six weeks li a iraing th
ome. Of cofmi sey're bad for t
you but ao is* taeWr of Londo tb
amd New York. Seshow, I think u
that almost anythibg is bad or f]E
you, including life, which nobody p1
ha. been able to maintain for- ed
ever. Yob plaru and with life do
lbg enough and yqu run out of U
IL, '
Every time there Is a disposi-
tlo o brood abolt the evil effect a
of. an.ytin o human bodt I e

The Broadway BI
Fate plcke a I
And b haed s
goal; ,
At each ew bli
He fought with
And st i yatA
7ac'.k each
And ea bef
Fat$ 0|eda terry

.. -p d-

Mar~a ^Cbm"i

f. ad;

..-* "* 'A.

we .

But anw

b~ene aiPra

ireee mag deadpans that Zsa Zsa prm. age. Mrs. Riehardt (Christopher
f ets bedsahee. perfumed with M& ebb) is a lyric w ,too.
fighter from the water and wean -net-o-stud- (Don't mention that 0 around
ded panteez. (How do ek know bere!) ... Says WIa. ryiy:
pathway to he .dimT) ... Director JohnB A.n's ol et the money. I may
huxt flash: "lI any serious, dis. take a little me, but whem^evr
ow with purpose cumsen of Gina Loobrigda. tl ym aig somnae,ou geo t
w e ebvs t you cannot in nher bosom. motey" ... (UmessityDurwffly)
ever braver soul; (You go to yeaur ch urce, r,
phe fought Iate l o to i:) ...
Adams U oshe Was maot Ce ll DeMUme a-l wrists
"passing day. Ted Willams. met him e. wtthm leis qwu.-'Toh eIsat per.
r the staunch a guywh k You astarrvergive Is
tou re a woman. .e day ..* d of bd mases um p bum gt
m frao his way. pers ran at her name was Itfo lr hi a smaln r;. A -i"
Switch 3 different chaps in as many How would youm st. -you
he blejsed Fate's cosPt olyums (Blmy-B-y pr we asked flm a eebr
.. -.~gest.) Al Mergan'- pa cturaea at the
Ate a man of ..C.pafe.... e4arelMresers. Ms"Je.l-
Kay Armea ill appear l n uls a rt" dI0me ]k ga .
-Graiand ice the Deck." Fdflillment of a on -co Add,"-
?aAtermak promise of 2 Tearsoage4li
the Worth Star ... "Ren and "a MW7e4 GlIZ i..
I-._u .usmd bo will ave 8h *5'e Nw im
hm at the part Is aL. ... A Lov.Before" Is a waft to dream
au icy O'n a way) 4 tmue o ItN eae i4iMr dne t

g w 1 M1eci'a o r (iMn 4. FTheir ir he din beSarlo
...0a Emot_,

_. Lerse fusiw. W.u, u. ms _,the., wh eolve asoed a ra.
n ry dqlay psWeesnally and

s e to Is m ad i d .
Over 42 SUS Ckaek No UPS ahsave
"tette2 'em. thed a I!-" '
cwnM IIS ..rtytoaft a bS!,
gtwpest sbS r IawIua arc 1W hew to

^ ?sM smTAMs"Aet.4

low. a' -S .-

0.' 'elnt

t ;".--L

i SRaouL

. Small ..M.Bas a e




4~~ 4

- ,
S. -- A






~4~#~Y,"' -~


**. '

* amo cd b
eve, to tue

^Sfcty :m

i 'In
'-s o B o w l '.. '~

yz. r.

at Spa ce m SMSaUiw
Cb64J' 4< yab~to.

44 'e e k *. ~ H

S ^ m .s. UA- Wi ..,'B.. m l
..-... ,, oa o ....... .

S t 1 ............ .. ... .. .
M *.,-~.,,..,, .a. .

N~d "ielre Bnd S hl ,d:. < .. ......... ... M
k h S *S Sf.. B ,

aU m ., 3- .* -B^ c oia., ,,,p3fl "w .....S......... "
-caA. pI a R *

.... -. .- .p a. -.- ............. ..
; -. (... -'...4W s .
cam u'@#SOi VAL 1 mm

: *.DT ATMd- B 3 M I r. I (er nu -I

MA... L...i.......m.-.

'. .OggL. .. ... .... .. ....

.a s...3.... ...
,. ............

+' r"S 1 ^' "1 .,, i,- "'--- "--- -- -
an at..R: c. dw...'pm

A a .. _m ". m i0m. .. I1gl 1h--
u o,+, ,?w v,. -n *-,A, -- M_ +- d ;e
11Mam% ] --B &d li .. .. ... ,
H1ly : 6:1* .m B s:oo a_ adSe s eat i. m
5:15 M. se S s -m B"'" *"** i
||-. -S 2a- ,o ***o,-**:*:: m -
-. a T.n "o _,o:n J o ".
., ,%--.,--------,- --+ ----" .." 8
.I n , B Oe Bm o lV Ad a kB a ca--. ||
....... BT. tH. gg Cy Tdg. __,i .
,, VAL Goo. se" ,. -o-- ..I .- .. .. ............ .,. -
'al ui l ov d!l *. I weAm t. u............... i n

r OnNroes so s ,. an n- AI m ast s S C LsIi o O
SM.W. ..,i N M _
N Sm ,, CuAmr Alhs 1 S. mMs .

r- ..s. s. e n ..
.. d 5 11. an d y e ..- .. ; ..... I:

.'em.. .-. .T aags o"a- n..
Sundq Mmli.i 5:45. 1' od 3:00 a. *iB a m. A dla ltlam. BANu l eMm
M*a Mo: 5:8andtooB lL&Ni Ao n

1.. jE : A .. _m. _and V4 S
SaEmi"^*- ^ %Sra..t N**aS: 7 :2 .. aSSW. -Wmm ma1 um C
Sm. 5 -g..

VIEW Lr w 1' __ Sunday M ebomna ks dl:3 *O .m..

auf....w a, =: U .....a. wmv.,laU- S S 3 .. ..SS.

wi .j S "-" m' i i Clu. : -. ." ---TU--.- U A -..

do. .. .. .sp
." : J + ;_ r-. m e ,. ". .. = .", ,: : -. -+ _-.lo..p



, I I .n e .

Io b t .-,,

._ ** I M.

*- *
or ,er ..u "


posits ore accepted thru a period
of 48 weeks
Individual safety deposit boxds, for jewilry and
doeumnents, In 4 different asize.

; 1-Uc.mtl Am at
-w f ls or 96"K
8. A. De ROUXt

S.. ;..T a .. ,^-;.
24.., ... .m,
too, -
.. +, .. .. ,".je t

C** **. .'.f

I I .. .;;%,

1 l~l^Ra^^^^:d'
.~~ [j I^^

.... ... .... .. 4 ,,., .:L' b' -* .* 'P
"'- -....-:.. '-iP rtf,3 +- +- *'.,- .,' *I "+
'." .:': '+* i ri -i33J .W", (((. ,
S. '
*." "". I P
rn rlw

I,.-'" |



0I9Tt O,.

. <

eb s .aa,

f 0OURS: -
Pre 8, AL.. U to I:M ,.m.L
SANToUAi *ms IIt sa. to s em.

Nothing More

to *E a......s
. .. --. *-', ; ,,4w

-" ard o

Owe BY* C4M ~ OAl SMrGygm U *
re .. ii .... ..... .

' JFL eIll .- .

^Ml^ .''^^1^


. -1,

r ^ *




. 1.I
', '

Ii,. -
I~ .

"""' f^^ SL ^;" 1' ,-- t -,-- "^' -S^ *^
,- *P. n es MOW*tmoaw.

j --
ap hordes, but tn

ra star takes day (the l IRt 36'ealy 40)
ce ITodd, now day's bad6 re We; tt al xod
Is pour except Ia I one dpa a
coa redtl ia i O n voan is aren't a m at calbe
IN an the way, of tue g yerd g
"Paradise. least, dea't have Rthe fm
or a.. now and .o Aatw hem 4 the
S *r* ory sbou t.
.the re6t for "A youna slter today," he pays
cdipubdclty. "ca get one TV spot a wdek sa
tMsMi mak. out. Or a record eontrce
k Wh y sherild he 9o on the roat
tit-Fluc* with a band?- He'll tdk the nbor
&d.Oift-. cut, naturally. I wotdB't dvi
my own brother to sing with a
en and You never cn; te whe= r you'll
the t bands find a commerila.i d uwadatys
Ma way bac kThe usterat Boston Pops Orche
Conte' from tr, on MtA t '*a.jh* W .roon- .
.tooter, Ray Anthony. lelled "Look Sharp n iharp."
-It's.a aca ftonic., arraqe.
S tC ITo'e" meat of the theme musle' that i
h. :'- razorr blade company uses on it
.C I-TV): That's sports broadcasts.
l V./ do you call it? Dick's Picks: The summer dol
& NS DAR L: Oh, it's dgpms are. here in full doldrum
S hclfc t dre- .nd Best of the week Is "This O
0101 B, House" by Stuar 'Hnblen RCA)
oHtnderful. What half Also good: "Riot In Cell BlocI
wearing? Number Nine" (Vicki Young, Cap
-Itol): "Out of the Bdshes" (Ralph
*atyw wa tatndinj al' by him- Flanagan, RCA)- "L'Amour, Tou-
Sin .at~ito's I cordnLf .stu. urs L'Amour" (Roger Coleman,
Sdubb hi t oteW on Decca); "When You're Near"
s aum d recorded (Barbara Gale and The Larks,
.m Mk toork thaa ldoyd); "Nowhere" (Jan Arden
doesbt hav -worry about "RC'.-A h .)
i.M to. otM ai con, arfle a s l
a hores. He catn blow his you Bo M lr.jft1VM le W Wrqhat,
c a refrec. Columbia has a fin new collec-
loa ot, he talked about ion on a 12-lnch. LP., There are
5 He'a optimistic. Television some SgnTh e rs
.etod lupinted to three bums: %numders,"
'uw havef shows now- a fine a nd i h i ca; "Un-
aev Bet.r Sauter-Fini- til the Rea ThIng Conmes Along"
S oup, which is I s the.L^ y R a&&I" Dee-
p9rnro. ca T 5 eren-
staid, "aft ata ," a rson'
B. But ;ik chery comPoti ,on MGM.
*d ltat I eW Brackner' s ympny Wo. W 4(Ro-
t e my 'Dra- mantic) Is beautifully pl-yed by
l by R toH the. ague Pbilqrmonic under
'HoITwJ MWlem Ia Ot ^ t &ad, with
sS^~iSwH~i 1Weavv barit~fne Ferman 3661y. tbey mls*
E do Mahler's Kiadertotentleder in a
'rat a Lee two-reoroeff4 l 4 0..
"~~ .,..


.The PW Iic SW Ln.

l lRoyal Mal t .

S S.S. "KENUTA" ....p... ......... ..... ........ ly t -
I 91*v* "8ABMiENTO" ....<............I........... AI. "t
-' ... = 'mm,,~ m ,. mJ'-
1 M.V. "MRINA o (ri1o8,-ps). ..... A t.I
M.S. "COTOPAXI" :,......... ...., .. .....l..a..... r I
M.V. "SALINAB" .................. ; ........... n, *
M- ,, 'T m I"O PACIFIC .TS
L.... ..... .....July

THAT MiAses "wftN\. we
pastor 19 11W ftst sOttI *
.T. f ,',E r ..
0110A l. obNmnsvbi

7 ......r........... A .

Mrtt~al t hBWhtbout Ni
MAW,;.Oir~PMx i/

A^ eMrl"* str* A MA I +
W>KtMgA ageotM... |

___ .-__ -,,,-____ '

fV'Z~ ql


;.... .."
41m ." r,.
* .' .! ." ytt .. _' *
.. .^ -,- .i^ .....'iaB ..._

^.if1-^" ^flLMr4- -W^* uk X
'-* *-'. ** +
.; .. /**f-t **'-';

".:..^1 *
.' .***

. 6e?

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-. ... ..
.:'..^ ^ ,"
. ,. .: -,---

...... k,,

"Eight holrs of this 4 he

1 n



Ia K
, WW


;1Rnry.iUR~bju u





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AFTAh 91Uh f

-..pfro T

Melvnt's Friend


(OdlTfT-eeU cll 0t VnRxa
* .'". .- .A P L I

S %d &.***m at ;

OP WANg 70 W
T(E Ml .u

Fo/feWfP NO
re rmvt of* amtW iSWtf p .*

7. A ClasfledI. "ant the right elael
.., j-

1- .llfem 118 th n.b usts

, f ** l.

Len Calls

60i oui..U) .EN vfiwaanTw
lbu, IDo*N6UM&VL aEL1
0goW .I VSMUlato A


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81 J. A. WaLauAMB



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POW,- 'LL k

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s's sa ^**''^* *ig4


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WwtO *,l *

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1R Varw
Pk~iiugat sev-
00 their.

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faab t 10("

O itst boi
1.."N m*e* -

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t um parsn are on meA

Haifada~~onNo. 13 WMB
^1.'^ : *'. ,
Vtsiag Nat the 'a-

viebn'~t an the r mAmer

1k~pu~a5^oare atrtd
S~e&%,ior IL.Coka
A- A-5-2

b r Jr.,
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tar 4.3* .
6e s II

&4 a* vi ," ,l

AM' oKJ;
mM (D) I,!
ai 1JI?3 1I

law 002, AWt .f -K- t nphom Mrs.
Decoratiou. followed tthe.o d- r r A#2
edt .e atth thene of. red, V 1.we
white u faor tho tabe dee. r
WiattsI included MNo. -ale PPal al Palm .M wp .- f s
ptM.s- .Kay Baehar:.- the usteM Star Club wil hold 16 26 2 P I
ackh .li*a Bfnan. Mrs W 4 regUlar UotU imneetin Tue- 44 PO paw pa
Mrs., gt r 0 her Clr dor. All me-
ii. Sooafe The bidding of toda y' hand was
Ma. Kay..3J ulie h^ Wm' momwhat urual. Nortb 4lod't
ad i rn-law, Helen Col-, have _Lku. t1.'4
5e,-ftB. u rs O IB. -1 wama .ii.n ,
ey IreSne eq. C Mrs WS"

Este'e Jlhnatob, Mn. J3ia Jones, lermtM' cia do r. kfn-
Mrs ..much, Owe so'a r
Gaui,M .., Ajd ..terlra _Ar ,.l I Oea" _.enough f or .. to tahe do-t-K a- wire d
,lV M household jobsot hthat pe raise t w
MKrg t. .Mnnl.g Mrn... Jerry a ea gre .or-e time to B aby ittl otth id beg u di
Maltruccel. ao hr guest, Mrs. who need. to feel close toboth ot cL 0 o14 the i neg .The
ttter Mrs. emar May- i n raiw ade Bct to
e A, Mr a. Louise Meeks and ber You'll want to take B outa oun t extea f
ut ".aria WUoll : Mrs. dors i a the fresh air a s n2 p a
N gt Mr m onts. But n o u
Charlete M lMns Ala 0- *ity ar edamp day it s b to r iae dt a
ieat,'B Hlea. Pittman;, Mrs.n ke in ae h. .we In 1 well' pdintsmor out watue.r
GlaV By:S. Mrs. Magilalene aired Mom.And on wry hot and JUstified ID to SaMe
.ab.' W4K ra ,tathe hose la.. sa the ; a.
Gace Se aMa i him. ut don't lot h
fluXir, d Kilny Tinyrai.dMr. ray el omvpOaW lweah t top ime tow
XMaeer are~ wears. 'M ".re&of e haloeob t Wttbaid Ue a tt1 sort dsi
'- r.R Meets emaryMAY-mIbis ptadcularly on dak day ds 1 wa aloh

to mewbenit Ml n et of t p .nhe, .e for a Ihort w omd s diam
CIrc.. 1 beu home tn G. nbp. time, rathr f obt
oMrs. L.oA i emy was an dhar Y o uf 'llwill learn qtuickl to if h e ld held the m8M11 1
the ..... ". advanlUage of any enrtalty you '1u
Those attIo g included Mr. g orw.By i e n t ao sw un o could o 2 s w crforhi at e
uanw id- Mn. rs. B. Ca* he manucaksPow sat if he crien, ntift AM&tt 14ri5Laed
ta Mrs.Bir nes; te. weu hin a e n a firsist tl-ck Wunt te
aj W..Per, Mrs. r. W. whe ee ae peop h ae

Veseer C^ 5..,. Ma
Mrs, Go M- T. Drns, Jr., anld .And. as Bapby de yr staymr aingte t tit etofeids w
Mr, J. A. ilraSs. tird, i alsao getas m nore demad-i e
e r H. make sue, he. f _eatrd -the cna ct-fl what-could he
\lu leaen him pro .
Mrs. '1da *A*" Andbnbery hot a ndJf m s
4 e Wm- ert of. dia-

a theh wa en ys .hie tol
gueV ofhdimrmytfor a Ion So WWI
M A a s n r fw q k tua sed
ing. So *be you put Weto i wudad t. r lbWbt

paW & sp Lae. So"d WM iasOMa, Xr..n

'y air
ph. Al

__ e-72;,S navo; air fdL

o an
4ePn iaijWtotmg
t ound, tphncl, T~a~, |,000;
naval mine depot, Y;thown,
$a., $ooi ola .Wlod .on,

Projecta approved fo r the Air
Air efeane Comnmand lec-
[,.nl J .l -, .._ :.

unherety: lWxiQ APBJ
Aa, JDobbins AFS,
tan APB, B.C., $7m Tm
3eae Internat' a! Lirport,
St Develop t:

AFB,., 2 AuX.

kev. Townsnd .
To Be Celebrant
At St. Peter's Rev

.o, : ii w ... .
Charge of St..PetS'. churo,.La Some people. my"How are
BooT *mow cmlveS tl eu?" and never w.t ffr an an&
e. jonn H. _Towsen Vi be mr. But the Mmyou ua S &!.
celebrant end pr9ohrt th t e aad ise -the o0*
oilmmunis wtha tO m. wh Vreall- y te 1ted in you.
Suonday aftr arm.. ,ll Ike .t na- ,knk
A choral celebration, the oto e1to w. '
munion will bd ollo -
lilred payr and churc CA
at 7:0 4 Imp ba two 2%a ^
Lyrewder, within 'addreu de-. ______!
ivered at evewnmong.

Have Your Vitamins
Dail en y... i
aw4 :nlon them cainE

* Oaranteed irieno
* Nutritious
* Dificloua

Ask Wlemby mn


of Califof iad

Announces. that its new Panama
telephone number is


Nowl Aface powder
with aoued tint foiond

the 1ovevet compkxions


S yew sun abuamferusedl
Noe ariataeceMsry towear
pow truyas "bverw-up."
y, choose this exciing
m foiepeVwd bataryl
New-sheaur PomdPowder
shades do more than meh
yow eloiaThis dilfaerent
fiace powder alua d.. wou
60 fitnk "alowe f"ou S i-
the wadris veliest wepnow.

. '.

*fnrawwi wHW,. W r=ys
1 Mard Pfm CMt e-prss-
deL,. wilp eatdO.
First Baptism
To Be Held
At ChurchOf'God
Baptnism will be held in the
Church Of od tin Paralso to-
morrow ight. hinmrklnk the ftit
performance of this rite since
techuroch was constructed.
The baputaml service will
start at g pm. am.. te public Is

..;A"t l spq

The world evr, I
o. 4.,l ,. Ai+ ; -
more people ride

on Gdear Tr
^t f H '- *

4* .4

I if

:,*~ ~

XI ,--- ff^
e.: D worry about that

sipal to you to take action Now doesn't it
aa do something about.ob stand tuedon

-- z..d,'et ..oux given th t .m .
over! For Roux Oil Sham. sdatidacdo to t
poo Tint treatments conceal
very visible strad of dull -of p
ot.ay hair, give sparkling
hlightu and lustre, add for y t
subtl ,saim-lo ing color
that abassyour worry to


mo m="=* AUTO SERVICE CO.. I
JULIO VOS C .m- ,uu- 9at- ,-l.) To m&4W, -

W"acwA |3a

I ,-


In order tq effect ceritfii repairs, the
curretinlrhe in i.g; on.Sunday next, uly 1 rom 6:Oo5.m.
am.m i M endez Avenue feot s ) o)
stret ont Niew Cristo~ I (south sid.e) .. t
16th street, A T A
_-- k _1LJ -.,,..L. ^ -.. -.., -+* t +.',~ ". ,:

; r

' + .- '..


*. .- .
, *. +-. tts_-".f .+t-.-. -...,
L :_.--. ,-.. 2 ",. -..

. V.- A; '
" 1.-A

- ...

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. 1, .-.,

0 ., r.


t I


.. $1,-


S -

.I { ,- i "i
I ..,. l P
,~ ~ ~ ~ O at5^'1* A

,. .- -

"l ^ ^ .. ..

" '''' .' ',l '
.'* _'" .*. '-

; .J u
*^^iliMUMiaAD Aui

r SiSMfIt olewes. SL
S t t C A v e
leMtK w

0I) 4W^

n fl w 0


'33. 1AW4i ~ l~YI ~ ~ .

n omuss ma r-

t refriora-.

ao S60-.

E ottancai lo

Md diningrooM
-echinao t 6 chairs. ,
ttcao couch frame, mt-"
S pillows ; 20" Road-
I IBle rbo ncecWhn
ult, eil 9. Pon a -566.
hb..All hshoId furniture
Htint Ho use -C, c ter-
:Wt. Balboa. s
iLE: Rattan chaise lounge
tRquton twoestrand live seat
Both with new covers. R5A.
.dau. ___ "
i4s; Lu nte oy set Wedge-
"Blue Proith bone china:
or vacuum cleoner, 60-qcye
Console 9-tub radio-phono-
t; duty paid "BSA 125-cc
ht in 1952. House No. 2,
i Heights, Phone 3-1910.
1,E:-Wood by crib. springs.
'size $16. Ptbne 83-2139',
du Heights. M
U : Ma&a deningroom
insisting otf4UZ, 2 buffetse
rs; pointed ivory $100;
Ibed spri & rtfrets. per-
r $?0;-Caolspft 9.
g.ct ~Apply
Street No. 19, downstairs,.

hie-; rn -


FOR SALE .-1948 Hudson. Excllent
condition. Priced for quick sole
$395. Can bq financed or easy pay-
ments. Coil Curundu 5267 after
5 p.m. *' .

FOR SALE t- 950 Studebaker 2-
door. Cash only. Tel. Panima 3-
3134, 8 to 5. or 3-5320 evenings.
FOR SALE:-1938 Chevrolet, trons-
portafion,'.$100' House 5337-9,
Davis Street, DIable Heights. C.Z.
FOR SALEi--1950 Buk Special 2-
door sedan, excellent condition, one
owner. First $850 can have ft. Gear
shift radio, under-seating, seat-
covers. Can be seen oat 5508-B,
Diablo Heights (Hoines Street).
Sunday, 1 :00 to 5.00.
FOR SALE:-1951 Studebaker coupe,
leather uphoiatery. Automatic drive,
tres and point excolinht. Cdr was
never in 'b c ment. Hbpkn Nd. 63,
Fourth f July 'Ave. T. Balb
FOR SALE:-'51 Morris Minor, excel-
lent conditloe igadtires. Reason-
able. Boaoo.LQ.
FOR SALE -PdeRdrN8:, 4-dr' Blaok,
24,000 miles. House 741-C, En-
t a r p r t re 9-'- T .", .
FOR SALEE:-.'I9 Ford Ctm ible,
Fordomatic, a, s/w tires, low
mileage, cohdltidb excellent, Ieov-
ing Isthmus.-Phone Curundu 2109,
House 2321 .
FOR ALM.%-A949 Atal tarflQran



FOR SALE: Gaso stove, 30-gllen
gas hot watEr heater babi crib,
youth bed. Leaving Isthmus. Ponr
me 3-3073. _
FOR SALE: 50-ft. strt~ scored
lights for under duplex $7.50;
32x40 block top Quoartermisi r ta-
ble $2; baby bed & mattress wit
plastic double covers $15, almot
new blue baby buggy -$1; gren
upholstered davenport & chqir $60;
SRCA PA systemm & record Ipb t
$25; 3 wooden lawn chars $1.50
each. 1554-6 Balso St., 2-1'284.
FOR SALE:-Small maohogany dek &
chair; small bookcase; melbl rbe
Smattresses; record player,'r dlo
attachment) 25-cycle; -paner
plywood screen: Kelvinotdr.f refri-
gerator, 8-cu. ft.. 25-cycle; elc-
tric motors, single phase, 25-cycle;
boy's bicycle; 2-hp. gasoline driven,
rotary type lawn mower; wheelbor-
row. Phone Balboa 3307, Qtrs.
563-B. Hospital Area, Corolal.
FOR SALE:-Small piano, reasonable
price. Evenings up te 9 p.m. No. 4,
Apt, 2, Domingo Dioz Street, Pon-
Sealed bids, for opening in public, will
be received until 10:30 a.m., July 23,
1954, in the office of the Superlrl.
tendent of Storehouses, Balboo, for
generators, electric hammer. chain
hoists, loader attachment, sand blast-
ing- machines, Iawn mower, pumps,
tractor, tractor aend power unit parts,
sedans, station wagon, buases..and
located at Section .32" Balboa
rtomhopse, telephone 2.-27'0. Jni;
otIon No. 107 may be secured from
te above source, or from office of
perintenadnt of' Storehmesi, ol
boo. telephoAs 2-1815.

TOR SALE:- tR dlc I
0$7. Ecuador
Conel Q n
furnti I
Le H r WrIrA


Omao Clara. Low rates. P- ne
dliba 2-1866.

Papnema.j877. Cristabol a-,1678


S. Just built modem
f eAapartments, on. e two
bedrman, hot, cold water. -Tel-
ep -Paonoama 3-4941.
FOR RINT: Furnished ana'unfur-
iished 2lroom modem opot
Contact Alhombra Apartmemd, w10h
Street, Tel. 1386. Colon.
FOR RENT:-Apartment above WCe-
tral Theater building, Central Ave-
nue No.-141. Inquire Central The-
atyr. manager's office.
FOR RENT: -.- Three-bedroom
merint, living & dininglrooni md'S
roam. hot water. Tel. 3-2279.
FOR RENT: Modem two-bedrW N
apartment, 51st Street No. 42. For
further details call Zubita: 3-1802
or 3-3337."
FOR RENT:-Modem apartment, two
Ibedroom;1is6th Street No. 6, Son
Fronciscbo near Roosevelt Theaterw

FOR RENT:' Modem portie
centrally leoated, 25th St. East N
1. Tel. 2-0480.

FOR RENT:-.-One-bedroom furnish
apartment, private residdrie, c
plete kitchen at 48th Street, Tel
.ph a w3-1146.. '
FQOR RENT: Apartment. Bldg. 1
Apt. 2-C, Tivoli Avenue. Pbp
2-5327 .

SVia BelParlo Porros.
R I FOR RENT:---Smol( epartmnt: Be
3 room, large boakony. bath,.vefrigo
m- otar. Excellent resid*itlot'ectii
__- SuIitobh for entlan a loa
Pft&--. A -- 20, "

d '


-. If

O WS@'' -

KW 7 ast 5


2h. ace a 4-
New, m ... b e M Ws,3

In "c'rease i WAimn I Jy 17 (USIS)
-na. ,- flT...,... -R-epubiW *. an d- emocrati
-*-- ,, ImembersatMjoint Cores-
Mod er nowM oerg today elaaed for prompt
*. passage of r WomUIttee-approv-
Wl ped bill to revise the nation's
Aluminum hi iqelew Atomic SUerf' MI.
D e m 1d.Sen. Joho W Br coker, (R.) and
i oSenator JaMi 0. Pastorec (D.)
t fit y e w emphalii, the Senate Ihe bl-
S partisan prt given the meaf-
ure e this was shown In
GEO. E. NOVEY, INC. theronf response by
373 Central Ave. T&d 10 Ident isenhowera proposal be'"
ore the UN generall Assembly
Slasto Deaembeik for an Interna-
ruinAnnarwel tional atondic, poofor peaceful
L N U K K R L U V oth enaors~agre4 he nit

iln U AUV BoIth .,nat.*leed the Unit-
nD. ,L a"- ed States sho Wd operate with
--.l nations In l-aeir efforts to ob-
I ed r r'i... tain electfc power through
tt s CII 1 2S peaceful development of atopeic
a- ten *ymto, vt'us power. They disagreed only on
e- Moek b a Tlre whether the President or Con-
4 gress should control atomic datai
chage with .oter nations.


d- HOMO o vn CL.P T R i
- Cell ias hae Ustiate F,
on. Mi*T, I* alig,^
dv. 11 M-wft' *-".. e fl 11 S i
a ui

..u:r g wl C~


. a




| .



11 ---




ta in .,
COS a I at i a e that .
liset o chnge radleay the On the evening of July 19 a group of 33 V. IL. chol tecdbrs
aosD and habits Of Wne oftb 00 ore will arrive St Tocninen Alsrport an the MtANWP AIRWA*T
Ir important streams in the southes. tufght. This, group represents 13 States' and 30 different _tes
S Autd lue., for tourists, the new of the United S tatea.-Dr. Reece Jones, of Western Illind.State
dams won't do away with the College, will head the group, which will stay in Panamaoto
state's. Dea Riter, one of theost dayL
curious fea s of Alabama geo- dt
9=4 "Y The tour undertakeiby the d~xUnMVhsed vista and ) ch
V"ad River lies somewhat below will cover, besides the.WpUbli ,PWf Per. eu., ,
site of Uthe pr dams. It guIt ,Argpentina, CHM.le, a .m..d l b. Is ..
isa two-mile-lon am connect- extensive studies of Hipanic- d
In theCoe ad. the Tauapom courses will .omil. gmeS e.nr1ofiB ..oMAl I.e"0 ofl
Itivews that most. bfn his no visiting educators, wbo t4= ifc.bout Iffek.utmB ~r
cIrreht at al, and then again has and culture of Latin America in the Uted State. .
beW kowh to flo ohot and Braniff Airways has facilitated all arrange mnts I the
oi tdl.e lt.i mes. r th. tour, in line with its policy of promoting a ouh o ble
0 river s lS ^oate nerh the friendship and mutual knowledte of the AMOM ca -penlA,
$Rej? hisori Fort Touloue, a which Is the most effective mews bf preserving so ~-falr-
fewmils aove the pointwer~etr American relations. '-o ,
the Coos and Tallapoosa merge to -
form the Alabama River Fort TeO- "
lose was the site of one of the --
lat great Indian battles for the -
Southeast. .- ,, i, ,,
DeaO River was formed in the
great food .f UN,6 when the COO" -
and Tallapoos overflowed and ". : -- .... .
pointed,, cutting a deep permanent_- i. .... -, -
channel across the narrow neck o(1 _-.. -l W
lad. The water of the river's stands 1l ll /
monwlas m6ol$t of the t UiMbut fil. l ..' -
wlan thee .is increased. Jbuly IW ---.," F_
Jt iborthe Cooma.orthe TT-
lowsa aso It a.a>wo~ ., .' .' iT

Bows in direction O f
ithe now actt e ,;.

WAAINGTON.-- (UP) Your ,
personality h at ilot to do wVIt H .nMAlMiDatfll S n
your ability to drive a car safey, ...., B..-- -- |
the U.S. Army has decided. :.
lIf you're the, appy-go-fickY type r let
..t good at bluffing or a devotee df
nd. gambf a cotildn' o uOr
*ualli# as a driver IP the Army.

FOR RENT:-, Rioornms. Pueblo Nv
4179. Inquire from 3 to 4 p.m.
FOR RENT:--FuLmihed room in fai
ily home, setriate bathroom. Ti
phone 3-4024.

hI the FOR RENT:-4Fr couple, bi furnish- C
antary ed room, kitchm, gas, reafrigrotor,
breast Iron and wadshfub. 31st Street East
Or the No. 9. near Pilna. Tel. 3-1869.
a ba- FOR REN: day or month, beou.
Fitfully jriols mom. Privft bath.
1 -" "" I,

Ivalry s-R SALE ..7U) Chrsler motor, it
plgee- srbullt whk W lon of utng kv 4
9-e beat. For i informoen cal 4
II B S 1236. Monday
I MIR &ALE U 30-ioot mnto cmiwM
"VehIfte '," 93-hp. Gra nv i.
ri ne a compete over
S toolred,-K~ neaer somlentim
P.r candblo. 4 6o -kin
>. (h $1500. Tl. 3712 for n-
MAN" ma*^ *

I -*ad& insTIlif-1 For.*flBI*I

t Eea i l *," "

S 0B. .-; : ,

.. I "' ,: .:
T f- -1. :- J ..C..

-- ----- --- II


i" II lUll .... _


: *?;. .

-rF< I

;Mwtl t)
-u tar

i,.RP To



.r .. .

""s idontioa Fr information
.motor ootFer. O N call Tel. 2-2416.
3 -, b r -C.e.Te e omse FOR RENT-Nice oportment an cor-
_hone 24- ner of Mexico and Ecuador Ave-
V iS l~MW .. '- OR. RENT#.---From August 15 thru nues: Living and diningroom, two
ISW romW ,4I--l W.ll.-.dan J November 15. beautifully furnished bedrooms, garoa e and mold's uor-
WH810.... ,, W1 ite dUll 2-bedroom house in best residential ters, $100. IChampsour, Tel. 2-
]B. taert J. PetersOnl, .A ,--YN Y nurm; Id f- 2- section; one bedroom air-c6ndition-. 2419.
Chtaurch By-the- 1._. 6.rsa for 2 ed. Kffchen utensils, dishes, etc. -
..., a Patient at n I, rence. Cor- ,nduded. Tel. 3.0638. FOR RENT -- Fumiehed aptrtnint:
Blunttal~I wAlberta-^ V'^k~yi^"" Nov" ~aup- -"-- ^ 3 large rooms. suitabile for two cou-
U1, o last he FOR N.T OR ; T- 00o-6droo cholet. piesbathroom and kitchen between
an operation lt M on maid,' oom Tppae.. C01 brooms; one bedr ad with lavtorvy,
to announcements 4 s-e No. 9 AirportRoo 2-2418 scored and tilefoors $95. 63,
.chedeo% serv =s RENT:- .....w h..., Fouh of JulgiC s.- Hopkins.
WOO. 0n Sunday, _. two ,'on*"0ol qiertlrs,,lht FOR REN Furnished apartment
--V.M Mfilt; A. MON, A |LL |w IA el Jater, telephone Loi"umbras, Mile ol(|;ngr m, dtningrovM, two bed- l
the sh aim. andd 10. Andes Sur. Information Borran- rooms, %tove, refrigerator). No. 54 ,
and h en -co s house. 43rd Street.
s *8i '1 WAMWTOW (UP) A nas. FOR RENT:-Modern chalet: 3 bed- FOR RENT: Furnished apartment.
..1 rooms, unfuished or s emi-furnish- for oule only. Ventilated, central- I
ed. Telephone 3.4706. | |located. Tol. 3-1405.
"1 -k i si u. L __17;--m .-I !

F, FOR RENT:--Chalet on Avenida Na-I FOR RENT:-Top and cool two-bed- W. T. L U M
I ciondl No. 25. suitble for office or room oap rtment. Iblio Visto. Pr o f Jabm ... __
S residence. For Informatilon inquire reduced. Balconies. Call 3-0934. | ""
from 5-6 P~m -- .. ....M.1 D41, I A .M to I .M.,m
rm. .. ,.5-6 p m. -"- '1-FOR RENT: Furnilshed oportment 1 --- a.-. U) p-.
FOR lRENT: Completely furnished $75, including utilities. All G. I.
h house whh-office, three bedroomss. Panama 3-20 1
arag esard. Phn A3042-


* ,. ",

a staat


*Wil i wU VIt I L I
ra A FOR RENT 1 l
ame.g the. .atos top pediatri- R B I
cians ho lthat urret trend W ,H .da
W Atn hW _.w -sung = ITO TWO-|FO R RENT j '-- *Furnishe id room with l l ll~
.our-wee-ol, n*oa s Is *M '. Iprivate :th1 and kitchen privilege/ -,r,--,--
1Y based on the ne tsne of mmoth- 43rd St. No 6. GoTeL 3-5417 ..- ..
ers "to compete with am surpass BW auly
fiends." FOR RENT:---Fo couple, bi furnish- wi l;!g .*s proga
ed room, kitchen, gas,. re rigerator, the eo a. avesta
The Quarterly review of Pedl. iron and wadhtub 34st Street Eapt lUties be known to
!tries rpots that %ofree Ied No. 9, new PI dcina. aessan.


, 1 "
-,<; *H<.

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ftea rfsti *- .r *-a.: -
4.- (p) -Im.4 gw
*arted -lt fwi .. -- "i: *

[chi Evn Chieey
"* Has To .Bw

a i To Electro.ics
srea lJ*a R (I
wg HS*

L *
.-*. .

'_ JC __ ""

St'. .:,-i

mdT or AN"


wwaymp ye". 'y, g AM q z .
"-^' "--" ""' 'FOR RENT:-Small apartment, pri- ISp r,
"1. vote entrancp both and kitchen. ... | .N l
M.flA TftFlr Fourth of JuI ly venue. Tel. 2-4912W 13 E i' i 'T
o e s Too Ea ger during q fflc .%"urs../ A I "T '
a TFOR RENT --aidwrn aportinents: 3. MEOW
Fnr -8Bab( rooms, kitchen, both on Via Jose M L
6I w,.,uU^..v. H> I Agustin Araneo No. 5010-A. Tel- TS OilW a
olid F dA phone 3 -2121, rt

I s

every ie.'TIW t .
hLr w-. C,


,. :. .. ,,.* ...!? **'* ''*.;
. ..,* ,1- .,
'.L "* *f- ,'


'k "t,,

'.-vr ~r \. -

~I~.W C WA-I

^ II' t tvq*l' 51 th.. ln paf_,Nrt
Snes aaj tea daorhnla
te,,, n; ... aad Cy.,i .

k- oot Mr David 0or
" (MffdlalA~bLNfo Go

: cordially av d to ttend.
(CW4 &i p PaSe 8) S
right opdI t i N Wve ever heard Ad s. Few

on .. *'; ,*' S S K me p? r ,'
Dail..., .M .mnin, ls.AL U l. a

.o on a I .el u .

M ..S, "Nioi sa i do* M rs _d_ _y .
-r1w Z br x Ju a t1.

Tj ItN hook co mist P .

I5&,. ft mwdliars be 4| iaM 'u Deu .lt rrs heets wao er.

for -their M ary disi Mrs. J. .. ee n at 1 .
iom" at.. Bett We and J ae sea, Guests are qte to br e
braWMag a w matel1 at the dntheir bwn ead and sore pad.

thet star places starting Wsuaw
fdaur ...ahiUerv are hl- club a a ot thisDa

itors taS. n a ... Joa nile Ray Contry Club are i ed to be
ia oB ertches. says a headline, .ues t the CotUion Club at
w av been a ge! July, Auut and SeptembeMr.

She Talk of the Town!

Bc. .-.mpi a

? M ateoioH

lo de ummer th relatyl el
Mr. ooA-yI rw*

by Mrs. 1 l'abs parents,. Mr.
at Mrs. Arthur Cotton, and r.
turn with tbe- to their howe In
Rock Stream, N.Y., for the som-
ey wll fce accompanied
their uiese, Susie Cotton, whq
siend thw summer with relative=
In Brooklyn.

.4= COW B -

vr Gbe or *
that she's picked acting m a" em-

foot" ifsi
4t6 'andon to date heiress

btr, he locturtoa tle -.
wood ound sties in s t
wood sound stasies In 8eueiM e

b nd the

alng to Is
wugto as

'. .- tos tar in either "ftar ri i M" liai al
.iS. v S.iJ A for Stanlle Kramer or o Qur s Ia.tra has
MIN V.irs 8t less, of SL Bbeth and Sir Wafter Riteigh" eo acted h
Louli, arrived early in the week for imnird iGoldstinr be se rmisBM
o the iIC lt a visit with w Leonr lt re-wed altei
Lb rot r ads ei-law, try h tht te fro -pags myis
Cmtien and Mrs. William F. ed was a bar brawlaw Jeo kyepqpp
seU, o Fot Davis. Barker swung and competed with comes from
-- ehin of e a ekler. The downeg a stl t
Ge inL. 4ekJ man mtde remarks about Jesw st in "The
. Ulaom rm on Susm Hayward's earn, Say Jam:
Inm. mU.a Maynarc was thw cwar
Saallo i break. ly bellve l-
fastj-s t hr a al realdence, jCK pALANC'S refusal to ef every we
W Anday- givee his home ierfrf ad tale-.t least Me
les suefts Included Mrs .. aehone number studio eaal
Aa Mrs. Fras Camp the set of"The Silver Chaice ".
,~D, r hy... ms ..y strikes miiders as pro P tive

W .el lia note patel tbaes Cal,-Nva
Mrsdr .. oe C! patchedswithWsiDoug-
Mrs. mee rosIoss, a i bck as tIr Ina.a
There Lwe. er of the swank e lode, where Po-
Mrs. Bgsan and Mrs. Gpeche Tucker ad r Lne are
as rised to hethostes. e k.r.a.
."at mtoh e olsproaee abadcompete
LABOR NEWS Py in t d TaU
mhat mines ies. -
mks*.tsee oa h _sbl t l .s
a 0 wc ontRhUei to lii-

children to liv better. Thereby i- l l--
b oe way wae can be i ure Irl- r. le
that. We must be s. i- to Ill arV
more goods but better goo2 Ad s,,,,,M"-
cheaper goods for all te people _" .:I
of America to have. inmbarma yOu s I 0dy WI of
What makes oqre and better sJISU aIwd_.__ I
bi? More r pduction; more earn- ,o,_ai_ aw_,i.._
lg porer; putting more w power -. _UfIVJy.I
end better tools In the hands of d51 o2"
America so that It can earn high g.1u m. h ^IKr
wager, and so with that power and o ok d Mk mw. 7


ALB A 2:4, ,4:30, 6:20, 8:10




could hove
taken lessons

- i


Color by Technicolor!

l1 -r- --II-l-I-_o

----- -

IABLO 8. :.15 S:e ID IaO MG L 7:I
I iwas /ae "WSia l nvy"
|I ._raW. ^ Aw" | I i' aA2 I= bmml

- i l l I

the cham sdlou

afte" $"o amv

A:A r ATN 7:
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~WOSA .15-6.34


StW5s-9:A pA, 1-- II0 -- 1: Ma.M
,..-. M .pp-"f .- .

_o, who ied
-I, 4it, thia thBre.

the talent.
her lgh
l tanes, and
Ml-ft Maoe Weil.
I m et have say-
U AaGao arne
a tWfudabut btNaney
sever leao pretty
MM. imn wm't
I _Pgramk and Nacey
r A-Atha ds him.
Squote of the week
an Ster Ug after do-.
eas w 0 a runway nud-
Pollei Story":
"It was woderful to
aR lliblleu*. I fir-m.
it It I thI ntutre
man to d sth a danee
oe Ia tr ofe."

hidsot tue qwm hati re-t
and aetlecm teiito=haato do.g be a5d audi for a now sense
vlop bh inuto "~" oviet tof urpoa Io n t .
naid, art to damt" keont re.- VllaaBla
, loomu s, UV tn he influ-
e of wanto end pere othe

"cantlBuA t 411 I ththe m
a ,ins ofyouull. R h, hipL1 U- I
Toff said the Communis t regimes t
-has -ever been, aWe col IV .. -Inits
to controll thepisa o i r-st- L-det project
HiLI' t. aw: 7e program -of athe private In.
"Tne peoples behind the Iron dunry-spored Jbmndaton I.n-
CUrtliD need mostly h o eludes W edutitimal, institutions
know that they 1re iot fo a Iin 14' a.. ...... to. Be. -
InthMitI, t -. ,le-f F. orre w.e_ to Se
oThey wan o ft "Js that thefiree,' eil ." of tae .
ueop fl not ro without help- t t .
lnl thse esWTed people In addition, the fundatlon form.
their fight for dliverance. ed in December UMa, will award
"The farmewortk of revolution grant to 31 N"m'o CUeel in n
already exists. The Cominmun ta stats, and to t md.t l schools
cannot trust their own army. Ati 3S states. Tea two.year graduate
least three mi.ion Red a-ny ftewAlp als wI l- bn add.
troops surrendered to the Oer- yairl es .e ulkld the grants
man In World War u rather w #i be u i Ja all cases.
ian fighllt for mmunism. I 0h u. aj'am is des.-
"fince 945gOmland. have 1 e4o M avliniaD
deleted to the West... ofcIeges oPerelualwio tx
"Te CommMMluot regime hais support "te oW ftr _._ -
to ko Milonsf Soviet CieU- delo "oderg 5-,acAiO
znas & concenuttion camps. to lmprpve lW i* now of
IMoat of t tea ole have We.been ud" wt fr-iei.ality of"
zecmMd of t;rt-to overmrow ft ."e nd thingn. '

Combined Wlt the
ed about ploture. ae-
Michaels in
Sex... DMIABLout wit
p ieance, it en a a9 w s
AppeDal a the ior.en v.i, .
SAlso -

Newarel & C




I- -

.M A .l
,. Tfl
,4 .. "j i ';A
," :..,+: !PJ ?!


and am convlnswd that

gives greater smoking
pleMure I

VICEROY is the cigarette I've been
looking for. The filtered smoke makes
its special blend of tobaccos even
tastier. The exclusive filter tip
keeps my teeth from diaeolering and my
lips from sticking to the paper. My mouth
Is free from loose bits of tobacco. The
19-day test c~ivinced me that
VICEROY suits ne best.

Sit tht adiue eI WWMOT pUtr

*2 DeIlV~Erdm, outstsudta ~m~ear I.4iP~
seuspef mister I. Msepsd wfstgsr

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'whh y~euie~r 4 4

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.1 1' -- ^ .:A 'F ^ t f 9 -t l

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.... { ,' '* '. '*t'n
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Sluuer Want V )9 In Miami To igit.
}in. 'am h


TO I-AP' AtT'(
3gIn WIh w mhew Pano
t r..a I.,M. artin a-Om
-W4 Ii. at ln v


in ih. N T.( wK
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* ; m m

I-&w T VI ,-_. -



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i.:*L..- I: ^-

-' i : ... ;:. / "' : .' "-
fi ,...,..:_. f o..

:0 .g _

t;. l ." _=-0. -. Alb

Sgo Iy

' -- VMIAMI, Fla., July 17. ..A (7.4 i, ,: '
l-, -' Chico .Verona, bag 7.,
witi 'L.W YORK, inJuly 11 (UP). Branch Bltakey oDne sid "Gua welterweight from Cuba, azn
ka come anetherStan Muslal- but only if he wants to," alight favorite over
looks like he wants to a lot more in Cincinnati than he tines of Phoen, Adis, ti
hl'Pittsbitrsh. l.tIn heir nationally televi 6. S,
round "week's TV bout." 'Maw
gWgrataged one of the most Athletics. Al Smith paced Cleve- Some one waj in for amhuge
ar onempman batting land's attack with a tripl__ dou- surprise because both fighters -he-u 16 ura
of the season lastni ble and two nl e were loudly and confidently re- "
. to help the Rd sawee, a the eve of the bout. Pthei urh x
l ader fyrl thd e PhP lles Bandy or ear bup Varona expected to enter the
over third place in the his 11th victory f the year by ring at about 153 pounds while ae ie' t a e
Leau relieving Virgil. Truck in the it was predicted that Martin f bt ba co
warming up for the seventh and gaining .credit for would weigh approximately 1 e b lr
Bell confined himself the White Box 4-2 wIpn o pIounds. I
ble which knocked In Washing@Wn. Chicago climbed, a.
in the opener won by th game 'by allying for three( Mu P) ero-
7-6. In the 10th inning. runs in the eighth off Dean ULAN. I ulgy1ht champ) do..
really went to work in Stone. Roy Stevers honrered for, Lol. of Itapy D succesufull- de- p nOl 'a Pibarth 0
sle. walloping his 13th the Senators fended his crown last h byi181
i homers us a double winning a 15-round deciialon over I)ehtoI n MAmana. h (01)
fnati's i4 Aonquest. Frank Sullivan of the Red BOX cha lleger Jacques NeRbllon of w a 0
t o s s ed-a t h r e e h i t t e r t o d e f e a t e n g e r n d -a o e -j b .
S S-year-old Bell, whom Detroit, 3-0, and regitr his Theis fight took e at the rlup rth the: h
na Birde second shutoutin a row. Ned oel igh to e fote A a l.
taiu"ts le bet out- Garver was the loser. Vigorelli Cycling Ae before

in the side TESTERDAY' STAR at 6 io

ToHIH Al.Smith of Cleveland for th. wy % talk Wq a t*l 1
Moore has watched Bell drive Al ftrht I 3 0nowicz w0sPloyt f LWiu1e
i~olletng r1for h it11 peina1u Jackd aa
in a I of 1 unI in 48 hours victory er t Athle tlGes. a re et te Now wed ta 00 h Gam e
the b ,at n h ileahave kI0 r *i that sa. (11-) _10 110 00-4.
orr l f u lr h t d ef lp t i qf F o r Wa s r ton sai0 : neW "h eS NA -9 0 rew honfi f ye an i*t F r O II J. C
wl't. i- falt. inch Be"ll.s ve _TitsY 7t ,u ndll 8ikepe about It W W_._h01 'V 0 rstis slt
tr:o the gReds the Pirates tlt teoo aheli iears to diulol tost e w 0 sm.J e
tl 1952 because Rickey felt he'P yrG0 G rids ther baearn that elmer.
had lost some of his desire could A r theat siat i a ru 6 Ho upeI
ha t sy epr ie d t edayP ittdiurghI.A ahi.taio-or' d.0- r e .
not, be reNcqu d PPitturgh Former Ohio State All-AmericagAs the t s tatiocome er n ( ea. i. Brooklyn 00 001 '
at anywit price halfback Vic Janowics says he Iols and psreome v ry- interest rk "1 00
"He's with ," Inslts %l complete this season with Ihat's .nd WAy t the Dadst ]a (1 ), Wde,- W0e
general an agi b Paul. Pittsburgh and then play ro that's thie a tr stb ae and Cmp l, o0ad (i-
While Bell was moving the football with the Washin ersp wokareni lntnretbecause lldl
Reds up the ladder, big Gene Redskins. The Pirate bonus -they rmd a fari clubP ,
Thetdoor in $L' Paul, It
Conley hurled five hit ball to er says he received a 25- u- VICTORY SALU t ight contender e
lead the Brave;te 6-1 triumph sand-dollar offer from one Cana- Orleans, who meets Wilflt Brown July 2 at the Colon Arena. nr aa the re. New York 000 100 14
over the Doddg e. evsurviv- dan team. He asked 30-thou- gives the familiar victory h dclaoisp of boxergs at virtually tie veb t stand ln-th e 8v. ou in' 000. 1
.4 a rpcky 'stat i strike out sand dollars and was turned annihilating Federico Plummer last month at the Aren. way, but y do have to pa Maile Corin, MClll
nine nn and rPA the last 13 down. Will this scene be repeated next week? some ieilverlng'I Iase they ( and Wstr, k
batters In a ro ." J. -""oagonclub. go e i.61
But the eaue-leadng Giant The two Chica o teams in the 'lR logesn hlb.)So iier ,Na.' P )-andil B.rn
lost an opportunity to main National Football League haveo I'hi -l a- In '- came e'Milwaukee foer a reaie.t--n
"round on Brooklyn and stayed completed a straight player deal. vM J[L .ous Wvim Walter O'M alke, __who_
gnlyg a5 ames in front by los- The Cardinals have sent 245- vmads thp west Ochfly -hYor l -
ing a 5-4 decision to the Card- pound Ackle Mike Mrge aeto on
ale.' Ray Jiablonskl's two-out the Bears in exchange for a ,dot ,1 imeiantsig r..thepM10
hgle in the ninth settled the .player in next years draft. Metr.- DPU' I liI l Mmae pio t t "-. owno
ut ame after the Giants had pl DesBoriga Shranicoe. '---.e.--. __uea.M yo."11n.
te.lied for three runs in the sitave 1 for# :" c--",h t lea t sacon g.ihld
hth to tie the scnre at 4-i11. m'toI ea~_ ,%ytop Standhgs
Wile Mase hit his 37'n homer te Four other e watiol Leaue TYORK. July 17 (UP) only five point to nider's aver-
t st e l pe theThe general manager of the age.
tast base with ths r,'" 't )Parll~l of Gr~e41 ay De stelthe7r Pnor le. ofrl Satlon-.eYr
ver the Pirat. BlobBo R itlad ush o( bs'no ao-. oe...t g f.
nlie1ed the losers to iIx hit foi of .e. .oe _iw, e.m nI .lall.e .

oe a s M llh a...a.. o l rr d.. .. l .., -. -oo .

theKr nYe ~ g ~ Gran and Ric ed e n ew ma nq ofe ari lbue s-r Lne ballbC i O-
., TerryhMoor.rbeplbt. un e m a r. e : "e h convert l -wo thean i lmU aRoyels. 0 ,- 1 f
NG hre Moo2 c re r- ".in ..-' .Bh.)m r-< -,is into thm mtino
.Ut.tranflandeib o -. rl doh l rnin buM. o we t a d R ic n
A',till,"1neladlin the A's ouk, you yf0-o
Shidolderrde n ht s Slab anhise. Addrcredit for hisv itoy 00 910-
returnsDto the amateur o NEW YOR. hul y 17 (Upr say) heale doon eh We$rls sea a inalof t her aelne t .o tnree lSoyh e (I0 00 0 (9)
e r c d b l me Ih r e s a n t1 Ra'11%M ealtuIel.etW al r l b c u eo f C0 011
"Enasp t heweyburied one of the greatest I'll do the Wiat Ia man h ,e .rr 'iandldwreiWale nt themad -8. us (LP
for.tealt -e-t 5 al o u~Aiett-dlatof all sports writers yesterday. 11 11r, it the tbe m -o"u ID OO
u,.-lnin imrhortal n obb ons lie Joe ar w the amu, r O ne_ .._ ,. Nr oretaahteNEA-0t1es t lnoot 1. (N. 1
'OReDaon l tea i--i-un A e ni Prerro wIne oweeiTerwlite. ,aen ithiare I h
Ja imph. o leyo Ha rr W he ghttom ore gaoiote n al Tha.__D.dDei,-n erod 1 s .er.- rh. euig s, b n t ho,p oot earuta.6 i-
athe Auff Io Dempseyand G ene 0'und and (liken

fyRarle cacube o hearl oaur forser man agerads: .i fhe p ala d. goodr b e ,- -- -e eutiek 1h othmost win ner_ duri___ ._ ot rhe LP "A Ldwige o- t
tuhldrheravyfeih l.eadu ons ing hJaickbalaaltand er idrsysn -nan h mptemo .a"1 .. i mee.Rint pOu a. Ymttr
Theong l b Mfirther h o aenorao outlhe- wot li te ctnreoe| !fsAorlthee daryliht n Clale letornov'r e iint on theyLrC

beorkn an BUsded Bars onAebmaeld Prreos ts urwell slow wihhdner fe Dm._ _i tiner ithes at it.- al dlaua Univri a i .
I9'V bTiS :i here Bart o s aid: "We teusta o med a crifitc fy is !ll' D eInDetFor." ep
trraweyitherealreadyee.teling rnt ta id-easondBy thapioth, lyo ng
Iwe oh~r -U" ad Barto, wo erllanar, aigt "toWae p .d Onl aj fi ena in nheP fr aoto
6hbealreheIt enclmLoaging younig waAy o -t o aroducng Sth asisoernit. itighth_. :to.pulll. "out'a sta-

eplayersy" hittne n .eoer as o me prt s -- i n we of Dne.. mla s wlrd.l
DonMlfle B.Other honor ar all- Tnseahe .a.sayic foinr' t he oe the co "l._ intes A r"Nwer.sRc-nir- I

CArLeONlfilppina to heThen thes two leieres b .tlfl leadon T ne.l r n she-.e.t

veteran cro basketball plaC,.r. Those fo-th.Paa*wllleO flies added a P0a,000.
WFreddOe Scdus. has returned tolat
mi~andhsl alm martn as emylYre .fa it.m head coacsh.o
Schapa has b een signed to re-r a a pled dI c el. ,Ie
havgtepped u as athletic director.,le.f ..t i a t _t ie llr
IA 1.1 5. 1 Demhp..... nd Ga e t ls e --broe into the Nhtetnal'me wo Inil erslLen

ThOPICAL DCuA ^ 4byWayne In 1949. He wa aOiew doj Effective Wednesday 15th July new low prices
se last season ttoi the New Yorki have beer applied on F.httaneiOD ath
mt Uta e W RESt olsted0he;.eorof gongtuhavnanP saerifce ~endbes0"rbv-be"

Gran FKnIsterased hMark omealnlell n t Maidseason c i n hPePminlerf

"THE PLEASURES OF L&fW Juan Man skglo of Argen- Due to a more liberal policy of the Ford Motor Cor
his" Fstorddie B Gcracn phsi atore pany, we are able to pass on to Frd owners theas.
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anin haspppe up In middle of his aemm ta Ak why hi
hasn't done something odMmnise .own
Ie that uasit Ma, fhT ru N M M 9mo myr
hava ingutd anethe idea. which aould wow Lto Wu tW.
aiMAloal than the Aueiet lake. N, ne=
elmont wm try out a thin calld Sto.
them en the West Co0t, was nL o doad ntt
l haM recommended the o. ..
Naturally,- our traok owners annot be expete to rumh Into
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piledy. as any resaonspeson, i allN
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banovations when the" have really proved ttbendVea. Moving
stamrwayal How whtch can you get anyway?

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The Belmon experiment wtl be mod X it4 two
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hor~ads Belatedly.fte city, w n'sgo I osd iba i-'n. e
swa. may, I'ta told,'Iipose usuh nI In the "oaofa pui
Hl safety. Instead ot th 43, 46. attrla ted by.Mr. u s lovely
little wamI pan in the ,oente*. ield.. orob AM c may
decide they san't crowd In more, than lmt t roin on. .
ppThl would oeast the satem money and throw Gov. Tom Dew-
Ses budget out-of kilter. But, the May .would lie thatjust
w -fnme.

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7 WBA,' wm a be-
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aw i Udm p to sad koNe
2L t-MWn ot the tout4d Hr-
ian, who had been built up by
people who doan know a boxg
b heo a n oblin. A
Oft b*.rord of late, Valds is
b at qualified tor.a crack. t Mar.
cimao who would tl the Hdvan
See out in about three. The;
tet rpe6mmenOaUon for. Val.
S a ishis slie, the fact that hp
wIould be BOpe,a log e
/a d !t abilty to hurt ne Bo= t
i" 4Wther d. He hau also

Viald Cha .tok&@ I round Mn!
from ra at yea, looke_ ex.
elleQi .knopfkg out B Ne-

ing Viw feW outings for a y-
ea years made an, ll-ted trip
to tials country, i hope of making
t. majl eafgue as a irat base-
Inha. f New York Cubans; A the rapidly disappear
Negro Ledgues, tound 1e couldn't
hit th .L t.
so80 VALD 0~9 N oing,
wound aupp thr.exhibit wi
Joe. Louk. 1ft ng himself khock-
ed outla the. lat-ofe I i lptn.
Slaeowa;&edt.ldea-went hone,
ad d resa cb heascne
ltook' Js mtaKdal en and
pt UIm "In a m Au i5 Sun-
war r e%

Fadea, a heavyw at of t
and It meed _gL grid. Wir

I aWUMle. w
r boys. wil

-. .... 1. jfrom anabor lated vicaon&n
on oeing t4 o. I man bdis year.
"T MS AT 'lM-- ~e!lpety of fight In Nino Valde as The ournaspt will, however,
the Cubaist uhdu lRooky Marciano; (NEAl akW on sone, of the aspects &.
a -- nead-.agan battle for I a st
I o 4 sa in Jlpmle Des
..-- ---- m A y -l-, a -T. "--" iLnde of, Balboawill be bitterly
ValdesY ay ave-To Wait i H r nonor.
-./' "Both of thea young shot-artists
S .__- "- Ahave greatly improved ueir game
I AA. ce lasl t year and in the recent.
IIU 1111e IF rA 1 M a-- h mer-Club matcnes bbt6
Long ilmy r-r Marciano s.,loa :: ha,=,,
S.-.-- "cored heavily in compettion ,a-
N iW YORK ly 17 (1Us) Former henvyweigt king Joe These two fine young golfers
i.t looks- like heav"relgm o Lo.uis also in Ate lewk. will run int- plenty ot compeU.
ValdiS will have .w.t. to Louis, at pent in Bimarck tion neon.the-lesa as the Panmam
sme b~eta- e s Norat2ie .Dak a. .teree on a Iub .wolU b ee entire trom ,tlUcar
bout with cinaplon zRc~ MM- wres in tour, a ys he'd lUve the do Arias, 0o0 of Dicky Arisk. Pa.
ow._ m a .. r .... aN Oe s ver sia iSt Ifhe had Dnama' vice-presadent and gsolf-
arsmn scored .a Madround athae chance. Ioual ,There's ing star n nin own right;. el
Xo' WednIday nt ht at New not- h .I'd hrbb.ZAraseiena, lasto year's younger.
York over TaOMM P1u riC n l Aakedu he would consider beio n o e flaht cnaipon, Ricardo de la
taekson and the pre-fighta trainer or manager, Joe re uadia, the Pas Rodris u z
w1 Was a spWct U victory PlIes... "Maybe... It I could brothers, and from the Canal
would get thewinner next crack ind a Jack Dempsey. Zone thre wil be Jackie Ham.
at -mrci anoa. In th light heavwewbt l- mood, Pedro Mlgue's choice, Do-
Now managing Tecr 5. viion Ar~j-Moor vid Drennan and Jack Perantie.
arksnh ofnthe cIntaerlorIal ai o hd Jo iuin s *oaof. Thoa mentioned above and pol -
Boxing Clui Isn't s. prtain. uicl.| sin.eote e Au *sibly o ne or two oUrTa not en,
Markson says: "President Jim gut 11 tilg. bout in ework. tared a ye t are' all capable of
NorrIs of the ws n a return Moori ban beaten Jobnsont Io walking-oilf i :m.lrst pipce h9noi's
...title ht we Mr ..i... and lont ocne In nS- on display in the Sears' Agency
and Ezanrd Charles In Sp1.. m- U.- u bouit wondow on Tivoli Avenue.
ber, the natural challenger or This bout had been scheduled Ann Uttle's fairer-sex o I f era
a Iebruary,bout in Miami would fr rterday in an ru~~ re li workingup to a tourna-
be Valdea.' but lioore asked fow a post e, men-t ith, od.-- at the pen
A for Valdes, he's wUhi to ei The champion saiThd writing approximately Lw eIrv
fsgto Vl' i man thwpsri t need.ed moq time. to maske you .ladeWill be
re-t'nu Ir tt teed /wOh A.nq 37-yeOV-old MWore Ju-y2 teIr 1,01
of -e l a ma
ris CuS -li t .on-t aouteariJU ho. W ionthe'disoV afds
is d % 141, and 6 U rr 4e g
meal-E. d 1to c Tad.l t l rwhat- Moore wtoed,^ os se *mnue i pa nmar.-p, ad
k ,w&'.....o". 13s15, eht, hua~K low-, in ... i .

S'to a .' wild ave t qubm .11 a .e". .that il dim.
fimir f. Je on eeto furiourlol Iw lods. Mwe amd: "I don't,,og battle- wil tuh ace be
over 1 fiht being stoPped w tw Panma' Virina do Ia
Sar.?-.? 111 aK"Tfin't Saonta

a m..h puitr.a6.P.5b t's what I did And I was

so ped. uplei change, dashed shoved."
to. -k linked their
i t Swtb 'w c. *.Playground Sports
"When we came sto the ring ___
the joint was empty* WheeWI
Ilef with a .kaeckoutia the eighth. APKAISO
It was mobbed" recalls MUnager
aGlessi o ,- _. a1 Track athletes representing
OleAn. -,.. TFI 5who the pLralso school found the
U stOWa8 talffk pelves hooked up inA ^ aqi
a"t 'rewere astruggle for honors in the 1954
nn s, summer recreation track cham-
obod" s to fight glonahip staged oi the La Bog
,andhenthey playground Wgi esdey morning.
did it .* loiKa- be- -I ar lso grorwento ut
tweew the t U C as. to innex lmia coveted title lor
lbad wUvI ttl enthused about the tist time and despite tri
tralanin l.became fat, sloW, al- keen rivalry offered by oppOS-
st lethal. Harold Jobnson nug schools, the goal was attain-
I= AreoS. Eoa'" .a him palomnd a al ofO 66
lhk ,1.B,. ill, m a od Bb-dA lotn tintpl.ce* ..A
IB did the amse sand t a ear- U, withitsformidable team
ed tat ValUdesand wa trom sand to.mary br iancein
n But Valds U lenknoked out 0. shed bcond with 83. ue
I ,, m 0 ,. mo-nt- took the de--" Rj inbowc ity followed wneo 2]

bst aL Dito d. hints f a thi while Un-
aidsW IINi a fck were carrorae nd ms-

WSQ.. J. W M.... W uo a. -
S .- Nh "d won ro. I orland Murdock, ts. Fredaon

jpi6. ly ble to ieames ndOaynt
rm 4.16..M -- M r, fint Te 2t. hacapturedt in threl
low tog V first =Csemven secondhand

to t AM AN t Md efeacredit forthebig

to e te btterM, a man as whe Vsre Cal Walker and
be I IlU1 'h iCaw hi Daithrerte, dwokt 1

Iby -ldebfid wha p. sth a "A* aivrdlan. This.winn
pe--a -et. _aet' en Start, e, orSi
are West Jr., Whavinst won
_____ Murdock, Fred-

9Jp. 90_J-1 l AoIM James inds voy-,
f RUM j-_ i u mBBter lsa tewart, dVeronica
-.I. M VIeNOT" arnitt.Berta
qi 1 ah tuo oht nr s in the

w b t isUthing t in

Sboundlag bIall?-8Uad-
A. na J#Aer tMhC fio tm tf
Shm-.. war e

Cstuls as- r atter b.
ele Usen ma-oaul Awing.

tL 1ge-dulaIsa a V. sti

i W

meo .youtry who widn I n, ste 1n s.,
day the and d) flight but .
rumor has it that s"Me o- thuse TAU' "Ar =
yuager youbl ts awing msa _
m e. ,,New Htvef Ct
I~t1 Junldr OChanploship tour- Ralmo, whb, p
nament is satl laplng up to be ball coiah io
one of the outstanding goWng7 stamed aIsant t
vents 91of the Isthmus and i tI Vale UalvaMrf.

- .

.loering semcr v

)Us converse A 4STAR

r 1 .
1. ..
t us help you 011

}. .** r ''''' S

" 47 -

t l.Ave. '.T l.21'2 4 iII

So'w ,. q'!, _,,tOT)Al,.

wowI I




has literally gone HOG-wild to brig YOU the best uealeaenti i


HOG reaches 100,000 listeners in Panama sa 4LA1 one with a bfWag power 142,Z
manuaHy. ,t,. 7.. ^l
With the easy, better listening offered by star#Och L**Jer, Sammy .K&aY&r -l
Oloria fle Haven, George Melachdioo and others, spon so aqB sure-fire itles at
saes-dollar than any other advertising medium.'

PH O E 2 0, O 'wl
PHONE 2-301f NMOWI x ^ .



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Do the Ano wthe truth and the country issale"' Abnhm

ly 17 (UP)- TWE Z RA PANAMA. R. P., SATUB-A JUlT -17, ISr. ...

theenate nee w Houseth wad H u enGroups ups
obg tef, four IowS ena HsG
e taste of the ha
whie Caesar The march
him n his Jaws-
0, $1, jumped over doll." mug
fienct theNOn Compromise Housing 94/-,%iz
li-.neck-high ., Red .. .A -fl theer, .:, .n H t
waded onet-f ants
alked into WASHIN TON, July 17 (VP)- Ing new commitments could be New York because so feW per- receive a nsw chiter to provide 5houtir FMter ,* ? .#'M
of the11 A Senate-Houm conference comn- made only where local governing sons would be engible." he sauM. for private investi-Mt tfte fed. astr, ate
flled by one tremen- mittee agr on a corn- bodes certified the units were Chairman Jesse P. W oloot eral agency *hicr ides a S c-
atoa paw,"MisStorch om le b lQ'expand public e ed to house per-ons displaced (R-Mich.) of the House Banng ondary m e O i e -atpa oo g left to B
using and gqable Americans to b y lum clearance projects. Committee s Id he was 'reason- d e
of et andodaeed es to by3 c d ctte bill Cu
of about 30 person sbuy h.mis, with .ower down pay- They relaxed the restrictions ably cotain" the House would act satd withe tte6 rel ted
Sdments andlo e mortgages. An agreed new units could be on the bill Tuesday. era teNo "a Vol. today. V 11,*. -
tnod haein'sr n Thel mieas !,T Ao contains a provided when needed to house Chairman Homer E. Capbhart They maid-ffi ta e per.
rt c her help provision to bat builders takin persons displaced for any reason (R-lnd.) of the Senate L banking hao 6 to .1 yea.. earty ot a n N .
d to be clawed a ntage of g ent m action any governmental bo group expected Senate act ion Under the l*i; asere ab ,
S *ge nts gage nsur reapi dy. l Iv side would oppose the Thursday. mortgages to th an Two h td on
e a" t those which provision. The compromise would royld hve to buy s n ycaptlve ck n
n e atse figure hI current housing scan- "The public housing provision for overhauling of the federal quivaleat to 4 eeat the exthang: i ie pustberrof f a
ar did#. woul be virtually wrthlessIn National Mortge Asyn. I t .would t 1 value -of io 'gotrans. m H and6".pA
cry The bill would alow the a.dmn.. action. Builder s generally had ov er
S f t Itration to make commitment poed the Idea. .. .. -o -

6, deour.oig oo. neTM h., wor. m rom buying or.rea-lt os comtmn ,,In.
ON thK>emoff. But ht n-e tld ^" i e aerto. M e -00- Vit reped V
this would. mean about a OW, ,ad- ject.d was thee7a..tqF -orm s.on
an noft nrigten ditional its could be bit over 0 which would hav appled the ban Thes W1 At sn
01.ten o a dr t woe goug I Tole scono Iti of Pan- With regard to the dcl to foreimsk.. t fea 101

hn.e woul.T)laln qu ul d ls ots to a. Bivnrlslty. ano sailttitlon, social welfare, DILLON, 8.C., July 17 t UP u- and *ar ot throat ^ 8
a[ut ~.e w, not move tt 10 w iq e i4 U-dwell-.4 re y spoke =n t. main-- d, publ-i-administration, Ndgro farmer has ten cityed ]ungle to T-h' wfadae
g tr i 1re peaeroa is Ae eve opmena pd cii n- a a Marijuanailants ei
st ;bed lti'er ? lrbt i b Led Rre a toreport a tht e PointPtbai
Sth t Uhe gUc w balance Roers, mIPr ram h- Fou nd smd Mi Foua- ,on h.e-ri am S

*tr hh wb~d w no Li m is h ad At a ham a o
-ouBt-aigBt i.m t tw mo n U&of the Point For Progr am U to the economy thei ur- aril2t
a k n i. n.t e w oudrn to e io oat the Nat. w lprogramsi S lagriculture healthid Ioofe p al f, Mr.n o .I5"~sn
e .bth e r e or, ta onnstoi l n.i nl .e iabsott o l 3nhl 5I was a .

t :hh..oto r su-r to gs e of ro U,- o, A n l e l 5Yeis,
Saihasla e sman b- hli ird this ret, .c ,R. socal lma eeaaiefl a n t, ," i '
alr. as u.. ... se r rot, tho e Indix Ir"A ..I. e".

.. k V au y or. S i t r "i root. o 4

The or rit t, ly a,?p.p- bT 40gaqe *ajpn Ion. mo
t "Io8e mOi M- u: ioorm atis ~hl a pr t t

trot r forRB"a02e l ware a w l C tt thrd e theta orst.W the w r
becert arcclatoinulTINmotlndt n ion nto v.

g0*112 at Isast, Is vi Rgofou gnd s ussians MiH u ut ice toe An at
i Pama For Jae -aoA in The
Wpabl em. Thesdra-e aa ne gKra.ab d u ona""te Ia

nmp S1tpr a- l .".-n 1 n u i ent nCOl .onand t O ti l r By O BE Bwere .
'il nter ,. July 1 '.P).- .le s- e t Panama, contrh e PaInamanihn ernmnth Ii. h.b_.-ok..ote._eja bi 1 .. tt
Sho. some uewr
e .1muse i n bytoa l oto al. iri or. Cu a il y e uar"e nl.,.anI-eisl. l-of m. o,
hll~ite~lllilliiOuhaA, w1ed earryli out hl6V cMlpllg s n ndt, o ai-- m de. larw and nm l e
|, t:4 to -p- ..',
U .,. cN" '-._ In an ue itvl.. ..... ... urbf a.i- .fns are aid'-" Po nte fo ,

S.itle m nisnthnordeSm .nethoe workers wtll iatu iont t ..-
nnj!i.+.. j ,,a Authaoritatve Paris r oe a ,sawoldcondtoctetodughi .. .. Dtm'6" A IA' ....a

moved fto. E l i -eis._ .r I. and"n -,' --ef" "I- .. ',*_,a are
wel O. I u no Panama or dt wihuAi I .. ..eiI IId raIIsIwhat I IIf bed....oI te roopsBL I e i e I i a
.t or-io -- Ta'te e rt f:aoD-

-_ section. of ,.:ofAInura.wa......." wh iteV
tI I anamawIII r V4of Amrica t n r"-
ao me t het, maren in what tnoamaat .. .. ,,. M-r-h n. oul t..e U ohya t an VIt t oher .4.i a

wh v'toe hgm..ntib wi!
1e on-. u i itW d MerSAr-tW ao t 0to interior. Althoughta ".... tm m u s u i m on e e, hg"s.ree,-.o-
'r* i nm to- forestvnorth of ruris foring n ea foitto u0leavelari the woes sW.;xpnsesjfo Y i o phrgram- '" -
l-A,( UW-ctbcaAsu- -c"o _!

JI1ePAi4:ba n pPoint a, mer," ii gadgeeah
mo, .,ns andnhave no.t ronirprlbnrla Q;t "-od.
I4 ho heamiii W grou ofthe 49h nro for a vecW t costIto thelp a 11111 Gohern-'d i The Tjrbedo eIf rflstop.cue -
cooeeore.Sea ts because at "I I uO
Ji gh- 6= rroestimen was balm ant Obi@10 Reai sticallytIsnt-aikePthatMo. uts her C she en t'iw meli t
iai- n ori o ,oroil worki overt ve S he hwel oeusrRite. o Aan i
tWn-..-out. .0 ...............ona.l dti- a I l5woneVI oafo-tL'

Doubls figure "
&ALA ....1.:7
At~m' istl ..- t ,:i .,.
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