The Panama American


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The Panama American
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Weekend American
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Scott Family Library Fund ( donor )
Panama Times, Ltd.
Place of Publication:
Panama City, Panama
Publication Date:
daily (except saturday and sunday)[may 12, 1973-]
daily[ former oct. 7, 1925-dec. 4, 1966]
daily (except saturday)[ former dec. 10, 1966-may 5, 1973]
normalized irregular


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Newspapers -- Panama (Panama)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
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Panama -- Panama


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Oct. 7, 1925-
General Note:
On Saturday published as: Weekend American, Dec. 10, 1966-May 5, 1973.

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University of Florida
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All applicable rights reserved by the source institution and holding location.
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oclc - 18709335
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Loss Of Lift

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At MaryP&

EASTON, Maryland, July 16 (dUP)Y-S.Stut
reported that an explosion ;rppid thr a
plant at nearby C hterton, d. S
300 person are emliy n the pli, .-
Police said lo n of i "flob1aly wav
lice reported t, explosion hovily do ne t li

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t o nite yahe for. th De
ilv M. MolotoT estufd today to ment.
yield toy of he major pon
set forth In the West newest AiL
c-th-onor" proposal for *1 A

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, trucks and whm units
slo in thea awsh' *4. jy. 4

pat week from theSftAtep.
Doo a Nomes New Miss Cuba
Trying Officer Won't Submit

ppoU ainIgf t r To o Vaccination
the C~anal s a will .NO BEACH. CaL. July 16 u, jt. _.ttP-Isa h) -- FW20l, -old:
SIn 0o p04 %W Mnu Cuba ent= Ia 1
.yl i-'s _. Universe beauty contet today
W fl refused to submit to a required
el He mallox vaccination, and as a
l l _ni wife. rem. muat undergo a medical
t. "e the check up every day until the
vacated IW- lea A. contest ends July 25.
S trap ferred Mina Finlay told U.S. Public
wt ago to the Divi.- Health officials "I might get
Strector of slek and I would not be able to
S.since his perform In the contest."
SBhas been Public Health officer Dr. A-
i.Tfilpocer. d0lph Zetterburg said Min Fin-
M .coiaje ,tthe Canal lay did not have suiflclent evi-
organ t m. Crell Unl- denee that she has received a
t wbu r *he Ihas een em- smallpox vaccination within the
lo research .eaclate. leat three years.

itd.n ied'
HANOI,, jdchina, July 16
(3P) -Zeurnd French prison- i
fen hig ed aty that nearly
Sof heic French Union
defedegr of DIen len Pi u died
on a 0omunlst-enforeM jungle
"death marh" after the fortr
The. prhsomers' said Brig. Gen.
Chrlutl De Oastres, command-
er of t.u fortre during Its gal-
lint deap, was taken by his
Red captors to a secret prison
on the lne froner to pre-
vent recapture" by the
The areturne1o prisoner-sick
& the Frnh In an exchange
with ts .Comaunists on July 14
and 6-wlde iComm unit bru-
eldt n : agonized dea h
oft elylee .frtunate comradeis
durlnj Jle aurch in steaming,
l r d.Wjfom May 8, the
day ate .W. *Bien Phu fell,
they saWd i French priSongri
muurclpd in l lines northward
to Thafb Ha
Many efn...en on the forc-
ed march weire sick and Wound-

1).And France Heading For S

C NATO European Defense C
SLEONb DENNEN Premier, the Indochina debacle
-%A W th e had to lear the hard way
.. d what seasoned U.S. diplomat t
-ian could have told him or the
m for tilr- atn greement w wi
omm.u- andr a lt worth the paper
at Istlwritten on.
ted, for the There Is no lbiganay eebte
I*t t told able seorees that the
S've anW.-longr ear old Presser, pi
IM ve a "euretsanr*t

eISMGas- ment&areadyInhispocketwhor
me proidtke French National
FPAepingc. AaI&- dochins by July20 or resign as

We the agreement
ed by George ees,,
fleely C Io-lteiso
- w .e US plomats
This is one of the a
t-day secret
lyto be an
t for future i
of our (tr ade

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Death Art ? atTO F
B four-ai-oue-b* Uw ti
The Communit ,rds prod Molotoy avoldad pt b
ded theme a id shout m-tah lk andebead
ed "baulen, beut." (faster, atdee for
t h .We ones terns Tohe loe,0S'fre
ster) honorable peace, soon a he n
."The men wo fell or could ad finished d his Ae th f.
not go on wer left to die where MWIooeVasI Menades& i--.-,.
dro," e son workedback through the aid
h'Nearly60at on urc CO h a t!o
wades were n adonedOn cra st the polltlqal cont be
jungle tralsr." ttlem t and (subsequent hult- us "n' t- d "lu lt
urts~ ate-s "aaist breach of an t- g wnS a p ,yo
Putting H is mut fte. e anded ny.
F t In I ter the convesaM ended The committee saidsooi
Foot Into It a Fen delelgaton apnA will not tur
WASWITON, July 16. a t ry ious. 0 ee "it whe e them
(UP) ,Counsel for arwitness r ,- titenlthen ta u
at a osesun-AmericanAti- tergroood no "no themrbas iso
i of a client by. Th newest,inal offer was ena t aof w
ne meCs. h Idrawn up by the French and contln
Re. tit Clardy4 (-Mih.)Brit ishfter lightningr trito toS
S itt it f anybody hadpariso br, UaS. Secretary of State T h fl i

u p he f a thte g1wd. e a Bt i h
erigs to oectlhwrs be-lw Joa ataitoed coom. Dule re- voted to iAnthu M
R p'er de north n Indoyhi- mou th e 1ysrdayl In aid for,
n -, s mwyeors nh& twam me ohaUndersec- the ne wly" ,i

ollow esR. a d lotaWe efoe oWalte of 3 ede lt otche t'oa e
d;Is let- L S. a ab. :munlist Dug. ^"

MR.werpins dohen Lh wrturn tof Geneva slrngeuty to ha .
"n hey S Meedbese-r0rance did not ap- "tago e rt
h rpear the di over m olot eand
Tlere fep r a.e o toge grou. u app to It F
npOwdownnor. as "n t rbne o mf MtY"
enu beftol hops o. .. ae 1Bie anl y rea-ist
strategy for the war or resigning se." Its

exrThe eeatMetM .aTnow Iat-whatrs

- Marunded irony that the ATt A
eoboae been hag-rith.i-d-n nin
d on comprooisow proposal Tunm a ree W,
tfor e Oeu un ito withe in de h largest state -W the N
Riv defa In northern Indoch- at the 1Ith. trty ntions ha.e bt

32Lspectre of a d O wantedato tenfre w i
is s est of the secretave leav th e *on aaucey of' th efc w
agi. U. ord on the need a homes (pVebly A ameV I o two
Therench kept= their pa. m for the West but appat However, It a Uthe
Mosow-PepWinr Axs did t. ly ha written off tmA. prance to tre"hfs Mm
They let dAwn Mendes-Fr1r mcebest he enld hope .fT T war-Dtefense

tt-rn TininyEMtAIL BOX

forr .W4iforU its within a --- .

!n sonjoets, scout anlthe ineedl 1 bqgnsuq(preferably A h-aol f ew Uinrt "

have had argery to peed

ta A lM a fl the olf ON

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sLabor VmeM

See aw AM Ave.n In labrorS w p n J P
,, _1.eM sumi*

George Meany, t Amer-
" gab ne on Ko4w You.twl t,, p. d l + I. ,s .... ......

aTr Mai as onT1odsa"welm eft, "sre ogA Pemm Aef tGEORGM.
imTe Li an b m Isatefulhs ad are handled Is a wlhoMl al- *u mt, AlLent E t L
.,M --l sad Wh0elIcau". ,r" imeat, A L'
Sidea lnet mbole pefisnt ItItt s'tOappese abs W1.SANRGTON:-Iaw 2 need
ame M Pi-. s ie -amm "of Is e d positive edership .. n
gnto Ningotofor";Of rid peace,
ae r winv Wal a lrt sidaNs.fredqM andd
hib awspur esagsu u9 uapspeaUiby 9 u nlaSI vs igliso Amles. is ow that
0 to so,-provd mainta
THE LOCKS LOOK as a' Just and co foreign d
po licy. -

The leLter, which u parIt4d in your princely paper July 3aw-ha. Cie Zisel= p* admin- 10 wlag hi? ea
i a fellow cab," oM ,ow abow Eo l tatee peYJ 5ImO P ? It ji time W d sock.,

rnatsmeane t tnoalvesas i l alo td I as men. t le Spies o b .

see tracing among the orpmtiiatlons of tsne Zione tbrodgn- war and prevent tome V"
-. wa we must be stoiea grow
SIt is o a mere truism to state t 1. an or an sat ln Is the_ .- evei st moger. -,
the inhvi aua. 'rheretore, It l o a. ou. to e that w ma ..
theindividNhal;, nd, thmu, arrive "#. tJus c"grcluta--e"n Our strength don in part,
the quality of the organtlatldon. I wal uses for the sate, up our great mn a resource.
p Sn ?craft smen of ne lots but diiOul; or the an qo ability -toe thh e
Swiuse all the U.8.Rate who arkto the stakes after modr. weapons wk in tre-
Sd intellie appratal e O xw ond s t here t em quantity.e o the r ih.Ms l awe slo
[diedofcourse.. -. set.hey can save in ugti money to return1 .1me5 n ,beto e .eno ore itw-7M
d.eared n fa, stlloantly, with charadtr: ano se that hum ft. The re direct of varis a see she whed she had never
is arngs blatany a lsplayed bY the craftsmen, even a tyro at;U OfofAmrca liesiitt asd cted ttse. sln t.g
who return to the states possess, to a certain extent., I Of life they have aeas ne k e-
linet ons ila r-t e spirit that m any sons ann erec war tboem selves. It les ,Ina A Me a o t ca l t-
% mnr an rl -- same spirit thathya,, -..
Ie onesdiedoIn many wars that embodies attributes th uneiuersble faitr in Ae.... t o pa
Ssuch- abiton, initiative, and love of competition; ar .e nol c i asmh land of social, 0o ticalad -- bhe et
these thp very ..a thtaot..e caof .ofithaustible opportunity tor ha is convinced the tise
of which that has rles so ahe bat"t, 4 e trIs ca better homes, better education and White Bou.
of which that fired In an other s tha essenttlly e wa;e-as a land dedicated, t ir i
vbe i d a fired i able to live midsts station as ese~ntil, the pogeta- above all else, to. human progress. P lrsr tla Re- Later e e tw
te otiueabl to live mn itya stagnation apd ve and thu, Measured by this test we Ave ctme he wll vote i hat sh deae s
men with ability are qck to leave and I us lost ground In the last two years. nis room she was ae .
leta that. jecous drive which is unknown here and which is Administration spokesmen con- uy 0d too o isUa de St .,r a. a.Brt
fe stay and this is the tragic part fellow "scab" upturn i the nearmk O ture, butb- of an. -oa e- owends
are the loseet, the phlegmatic, the parasitic, the degraded,ness still is in the doldrumture. F i r an* ote
5 ethe ei n iphuman relations, the Incompetents In their tatory employment t h is fallen i-0 ae 'a e ve a
ance t l dk of ability to reason, they must ncessarliy .be go ng down. Millions of a donal n m ny vitamins nowhie hr Lni t rt a r herb i A "No
d by cotat emotions that are fed on the most petty workers have suffered sha*p cuts steam like a locomotive, every sassafras (for s), b Just five. d s.aOddly enough. le oa seasr s they
Ss but true, sadly.T0.0 men aro.^ The baen ar nd re a t pIv s r m In, i v- Iddlyolurdvoin *st vil en opthD a. .. as...
; a but ue d ee n men ar the arrogant, in take-home syh p to temporary e I take one And the box says a touch of w bane 3-ail mold wasu one of the ng. hod a on th Flanders
a, dissemblers who make up e lar ayo fs and shorter Work weeks I4m aranteed rate against pov. siphurOhiodr
h 6 be. Tese are the men who brag about t ir This a a to a tremendous ert ad weather, and traffic ac lasses make in ._ .c a ve p nc omoserom md. r Pland ,McCarthey will lose hi I h
ate ds m h m ave'd monstrat- loss in purchad e gwork e a ts, ino a dditlo. to the .milder laid In .a stoeek of a a To al ive w ofne of seome i c lanship. Fae they control
ably In the above category. So,felIo w The economic xp of is et, sunchas .life everlasting. few peao.ks of ce hav e o, A lca. We an bAndo- t.o Senat -e
51. e easily; and do not judge too larsaly, for ministration don't A to realseBut itts, nt ,. oa d a. a.. :et
rture, their character. And still, In due that economic revival depends sceitIs made outmolten p t. the medicine cabi ,comes me portion of native Hever the likable and
9t colndemn hall th h ou anyr ueo stgr a b e rsig u nu e mae o d o o aund a a avee doai usus Ie the anated ae o
\~e the evil repute which the ma ojrtty of the ands of the great masses of ti ft he o mte more hom, n nos. bmee oding wis ut myso oexe kanb aab on ai.. .. P5 3 c.raW Ldn Joho. n f .Texas, 105 .vy.
Jtbeefit by have reflected upon the organization. Hut our people. They appear to be tflihis- The ai.i en rots.udde tahed from a g u=m n a Rat l wherethcas rea ws -or ca ^' *
aon thatuitaof the mob If they are pres- relying upon sheer tat Ul-This swith-over from theh e claws old m ees siblea -ol du. lthabe aped te Osba Se ....tfo o-,. Ja itm Maa &i. "=
n-- .". ... :'bootstraps. Our economy just ..- a Irtu ost ofunt ) he n0) ,.4- Nst v- ipe. te ea e-.
d- oeequ't work that way. It is esle an e ft- Ie o.a -PO motere .
*' because the goveftment ...-,I.y rr su.i mo.s,:
Stor Idiovide the ce&aJ Ia t .i
S. b is,thr when they go ..

-y e to b o robwe ms. with you n those with low in. e a t' adm it a t to wpn I S on't know ee o .
r d~J~o~.ooa4 set. ay the ick w eHminimum a e d on .ycd 111 t CWhen am t fagf .rle get to Ishaal senators, such as l l. at o
y b t program ande -It-,isl..o a few nnonesttdore. a ns prn tngto h a.| I :Arkansas -H
S TaO. o -e W ene t icomp n used to simn down people whbse assorted animal anatomy yqu shall him a Mhat a. t o bet ti lleaBd -isaVetto
Fllow esh. tion stand nervous tensionsa vry from insom- were lra ut ato et wet. set na teoR ieas rd thra .e-
The big ast t remember nia to Insanity. One psychiatrist But he was mostly orhis chfriste. wit -eoug wai a 'I .ii ps -
that America cant stand still. To s sit's the most wonderful th e pass td hea-twig eal i roots trade on the aid. All n o 4
t-nu-we. t grow.MA- home aeeinUyean of work ngAd brnised leaves ad such. Is is !ew sheOp for a
Sethmwith the insane. venereal dis s e all he Hal Py' pethusoe
s _t a. i th e must Well, I hetrd about the beneficial had a reputation tI maw. t. gr 6wthe h er In. It ,to, to
Sa1 read your o .lett to Lh Jo for, d as well as aspects of anabt oot a long time much money, and cased p tto we all ought to Ilean a Wl
ove panassik *r Idr s r- -ptaoff as one of come miles for his specify s.I.the Mr. hyfe.'j-ie .e e y te. shy
nn wt & 83hnthemcures a was always disease of gonorthsa we got no. rather, eae bala e u
you t re n ei ad dstration has. squaw!n" abou- I apologize. where until the Invention of the picture.. of the aequ-_oe .i t lt tem take
to 1 imiatment a scab #T In the faed to- provide- tb leadership pey 1ca uashnently ab they The matter has been toau
jaecesMary to make Aiderica grow. -a don ectef aisle. They &nd aicibly
Utet, tbasIc facts and put them in pbltc viw. It has fulled even to pvail upon fl* aded the ln of l nw

Th aonpre n record of a Congess re- :cna walked to the rostruma teams that pulof the
Sfour ears *t H. *, ashoollag. iAt ste end" of thm. that pi.-od, .heI t's own party once -..a .w .... .-s 1O out challenge hsm-udeppt 0ere th. left off an d'l atS
h;ato S %aneeole t & rn endI ,4xjt them In nrde fld enoeon. the HI4 NEA)--.Atnuoqe tc moot durable factor otmGer. rinisumP hue Hinis li stoa the oa%, ot one ie lagu
t f hesmee -.Un.~"~yar.tof andme, abe nai ;rletrnilor o our foreign her of W a. an, anti-Communs stiety. ,C hll, Secret. t tD. seqr lr a critical 400-page ..e
.on duos an- for.the ._itz e mel a' nOr-- h4 'even more dra. gusted and ang by the tac.cs .-- Im. e og ls meal on McCarthy's finances had L.AM. oh galsor ,

maht benefit by I instead aof ju.llra'ulta p.d two- us anB our ales The sitd ecided to io eby boycotting r. port o.eve reached a G-teman situation .matJ.o -" Teaa Oi r |l7 la
have to undermine them and become' a sbubit*., chaotic. will not kno either buy or or anlm.a-on pressure tactics. Council. 'There we a_ _te, The reason Lynd1n John iaizs a ri '
".r intervecL.g In Korea, the free eat WisenaOg products till- Farm i -...u F"deratlo, threw lined up to mt the du san ducked the McCarthy issue at that luy.I.
deacribas it e "anyone who works for wages lower than, or con- agalnot another world v ar even some action t. o cu their junior gresmen in an effort to win tmes Secretary Dullee elaim e ,________... ,_.... ,__.
Edi.ns contrary to. those prevailing." ough the premium wa: heavy. senator or get him out of Con- over. U S. Chamber pt Comm American position to Wir Ano ,wr Wo iintoMn
t d U InohY. Yladles~o:w~ho~cdo tak te f pcmaoo acl iets mute auto id A a .c b iasue T o p
when no ships are transling),-Let me ask you-What do the greamion in E.urope wTould mean ebac than answer. They learn- the house Agriculnure cofllttee tet tlton to the ectrty CShde tree
acs)xs do?-Now let me answerlNothinlgl feay just sit there war. -.They know that the North ed the trick from him, and since had approved. .llh. to four, and then wp-ewShdetree Mc
on their reading, -hile e have turn to_ end tig Tr ty Organirationhe fought thit way, they would In retalIation, National Farmers' baa abstentons 4 a SOl ws
SMny c p oaAi youkhairea do to undorad They recalled that the senator groa labor unins a can This- decisi a tbad. a r SBottish river -r
h- earsalte.) as wel as the-other craftsmen, have ma them that lhe same-holds true in Asia. once tried tO et advertisers to sumers groups In support of high- major role in the downfall I3Ireland T EEIi
long as five hours at a stretch drawing their pay by read-We should take the lead in forming boycott a mat e whose articles er. por levels. t- the Communist rote 5 rt 14 Speed contest -8 lxii e reot
la t.laftzn ee el eonblrh, ton f o a e masn fore heawecoanal isrtrhor....o tit
-- A1fair.s at 41e .. heW!An.

a.t+. eamplil -American peopleP fl 'a.ooir rtr he -mnmitrs pro- one 'J tasterU aMetric IN T -tertotrtain '-" *
I am also all for lifting your so-called Iron Curtain, as with Am p Wahintare watch- gram. r
Stnvestigatlon at all by Intelligent people would pave the way werereeP h war slesoemn Ing with f he develop arpmentch gmr. n 28 Ve turms 29 il .44 Cave '.,
Return to the Ulted States. But then, any red-blood- d. wh time has come to put of West w s : newest cabi- Sean. Lister Hill D., Ala.) told Twenty_-five .per- t. Me s Repetition a us uical3,st gAi 4 o
Se- ulusade on the road. net Ministry for the story of .is somewhat unusual Maxwell Taylor's Inti cl 4
F4 j lM.complain of and relieve the Compy of that tU. Aa Created last Oc- given name in a speech the bher Korea i goingtoes gisg Ir2tru4mtl .u 1Hered1ty I
tober, :t i headed b a Catholic day. time. 50 ish
A 106% American Craftsman M/Sgt. Elected CDUpotelaa, Dr. Franz Joseph Hi- faAer war a coun tor.
Wuermellag. Dr. Hill apparently wanW fhijl,= iwk of a fladig A" 1 ever i W 1 n'l1
BPrgXV Of C"lavton while at tat l uance a Ministry to become a doctor, w n -at e tothe tioewMa ts aa DIs r ib
f Of .. Family sounds like named hi-n in onor ate. I I I
Something to arr a welfare state Lister, the great uron who frt Intensive. training however I i J k
Nb sm S nociet~y ato its? ae elopment, the brought the discovoaes Pasteur K UU B Sa e Rag m
...- .... plan l to hate it, take an no re- into the operating- oam. a e ". le-t A '
E..l-i r a X. sXtabideaux sponsiblllty which can be carried Instead uf that, ister Mill be W have Me '
of theU. Arm hospital has on by the y, the community carse a lawyer. But as a sma ub s sUvaleet 1 the "uaue-
JUSTLIK S YOU-ya r beens elee esldenof the Fort or the chunk of Congresa, he has woAk ed o
CIyt .Rely Name Societ at its Itwill a .itselfin than o a d s 5 du e_ Ibi..h" )emsItor"
aenaalg.di dbo officer told altthe tax onfamilies, payh and hospital l igs _oeT iy."a b rstSa
F0'I I jB--(Hi-1m at Mbe sp rnoComamisions subsidies t Im families, grant r- t '
a ta E.. maria. s "..- .family On his ride fromte Washilgt- -I bwu I i es
e Mess iveas a Vice follow. houlg end w the ftally asairport to the white Baste w th *a 06"K and t
evil.dh __b a me," ; :a+ .. i ,1 1 O ..l
gd&heas"No"%.N. gh**4d.. .LArmy
close- go IS b*t 60 d&ich Coi alPr places RabT
Raw# uisncuyearas-lace.
.,.,.i s"inP..A.CLASSIFE

Us, U. -

... .. -. ->- ., .... ~~'j~ z 7 L ,. ., "- ..,. ; .. =
-- .. .. -:- ., .i -,:., : i ,i' -: .Aft,,
++ _--- --., +Z ._, / L ,L '- Z J,. .. A

w *** -'.p i :r': .. "!. ".s -
.'.,.. _.:"'-r,; ft"---"' ": "* 'f.Bf
.;^ 1 ,. O




.. I I .t r.
sq Ae c. critical e. l-d-
ate arnas omo- by tgee9sh te to U ne w s
o W bam lts, hdileh d
i iRi be l
tItA we aw he
fe.eruu .d, however, i h at -ilv. defense 1u it
A a h le sm, can be "te a t which ca ba lostpg in
th 1A4p- CamIers eTrying a tuucent e

,, t ta,, e at,, ade p Cloyton Service C iu'b ,t!"..ut T ,
w hramigther cWieselt lre tntr m rce i ;wlYI-
en Cut To p or "a buildingil defense fi-'tls,
.appreoriatmna; es ab mmlttue M '
any 1o. !irof

ed mausiles amse could be launch- the Men Dam area, accord-
t sides slubm ies.' did n.t 4 lac t ontSe rvie club direwtress Iw
cifty wht these platforms might Basses will leave the Service
S saibe. 1 ClUb at p.m. and are scheduled ai aM a.
He said "tomie weapons a to return about 4 p.m.df, INs ||ii





oston are n '2emn
"I am e.Ahe opal
ity is fthe United
evacuated success
dx hours with the
on, and I stress
loo, of New -k



New Tires RECAPS
67 o 15 NO WAITING
$1495 tire 670 $1


H AVAA. July 16 -(UP)--Two i T
men arrested far apsuing $15,000
Worth of Bogus bank of American
C LD EN'S DEPARTMENT travelers' eks in Cuba have
jumped $10,000 bail and fled the
country, it wa. announced twda.
Roberto Garcia 'abala anm.Al
dres Lamas Castillo failed to ap.
pear la court yesterday and po.
lice have learned since that they
left Cuba by air for an unannounc.
ed destination. -
SBoth men have several allases
New Baby's alt.Occasion Needs -Garcia Is known also as Jame.
Roman Cardenas a-, Juan A.
de Leon Zelays and Lamas as
just un acked* Pablo Roa Nunesz and Emillo del
.Carmen Jerez-and each was ear-
rying an American. Guatemalan
and a Mexican passport when
"flimbl6" CRIBS wired all they were arrested.
around, smart and practi- About $200,000 worth of phoney
cal models. travelers' checks found in their
cl model. possesion were confiscated by the
CRIB-PEN easy to use. Argentine Plastic

Table-model BASSINET h Industry Shows
alunu m. Easy to handle. Rapid Growth
Very comfortable. WASHINGTON, July 16 -(UP)--
Tthe Commere. Depart m e n t'
"Foreign Commerce Weekly"
e "Taylor" BABY STROLL- said today that ..rgentina's plans
E colorful. ti 'industry has made aapid
ER, colorful. growth in recent years, and I s
considc.-ing several projects for EU
new products. !
Co ot plete assortment of These products include produe-
ROCKING CHAIRS in light and polyester resins.
and strong aluminum; al industry
.1^A JV TAttI & BENCHES In. t The Argentlia Industry during
TABLES and BENCHES 1 195 oueed 2.15 metric ton

io '' a .iqhor producers
VISIT' US BUY QUALITY of oldin mai reals in Argent.
na. Abot.t 500 flrmM of all sizes
It's time to make your baby more comfortable I ther anufmardmaterials for fur.
T h e Commerc. Department's
office of technical' services had IT
previously issued a detailed ana.
lysis of actual and potential pro. WE WIM
duction of plastics in Argentina.



SIL m IDon't for ge! now is the tin
Story the delicious "Snow Ci

We ore unpacking Peaches B
.. Red Baspberrie Sit
SBarbAcae spits.
2 with .ceMrous i Asparagus Cuts As
ao*. .......... Butter Beans Cu
Momaa rej hi French Green Beans Ba
w gu-tit -lr*p, I Fordhook Lima Beans Cu
hblak. 15. Brocooli Cuts Br
Magha tRe racks of Chopped Broccoli Br
wrought Iron. Camuilower Ch
Black ...... from 1.5q Corn on Cob Cu
Kale MI
Whele Baby Pod Okra Ge
Black-Eyed Peas, pe
lDiced Petatoes F.
SStanding a- ..-ys, Squash su
modern, Iron from 5.95 Turnip Greens
Cases for keeping
papers, very at-
tractive and mod-
iron, black -each 7:95 Orange Juice Cone. Gr
:'lltle ll adwme-nt Grapefruit Juice Cone. Ora
for Iowan and Lemonade Cone. I
gardens ... from 1.35 si Li
Brmone masbtmys for Orangeade Mix
table ......each 4.75 Breas POULTRY
La.,e and I. as*al arI- Fryer.
Meat lamps, very med- I
ern ................fIrom lg.F5
Seta of tree feMida tables, F"ond,
meltl sad im right colors," Handds
ideil for gard ep terrsee HOcean
*r bar .............3ea 5,: ameuar



paragus Spears
it Green Beans
&by Lima Beans
it Wax Beans
occoll Spears
bopped Collarda
it Corn
JxU Vegetables
een Peas
ae A Carrots
Fried Potatoes
opped Spinach

ape Juice Cone.
ange & Grapefruit
neade Cone.

Chicken Pies


lie Row






. *

4' 1


I .,

Credit emrns .&tended freelu


Remember to Favor the TWO for ONE STOREC


Participate In Our Free Weekly Rafflie

COREUI 9N9 n Oaid ARISMN sIrf riT ,TI.
4Sl9 is cOLi'IfOI, sTR(F* fr,.AffN.4. DrFCO1o0 ". U/1Ofktae4Jif5



7.7m I "."* ".










- --- --- -----

__ 0

% ^*-"*-f ': ':. ':,i:y -
.. :- ,* .W -
,. .. "' '''" "'" ,,
*._ ., .... .f o. -, .~ ;... ". *** *.-...i

= .. .. .. .....

* **- -?1'3.,'.


-' r~n

. 't.


, .1. i-,

R -,
.j Ua .,d...:

O RATTAN available from 1 Strand to 8 Strand
Sag Pruf or Conventional Seats.

f ',"

e to


m .-t




F T T_ T..'_ T

:*f you've ever wondered why
t.n" all summer the dog days,
Just take a look at some of the
1TV summer replacements. Dog
mghtp, too.
Some of the crime 'shows on now
are pretty bad. Call them police
Denise Dareel said she felt grog-
gyt Too much sleep. She has a
116ory *at lota of sleep keeps yoU
oking young.
"law Dolores Del Rio in Mexi-
co," Denise said, "and she looks
S, it she must be about 50 or
so. mh sleeps 12 hours a night.
So ; I sleep a lot and keep
losing young. And then some-
I think, you miss too much
you're asleep. Maybe I
wait until I'm around 50
start sleeping long hours.
is best?"
't all answer a. once.
Smith' apartment is a
man's holiday. Miss
is billed as "Decorations
on the NBC-TV "Home"
which features Arlene Fran-
pa editor-in-chief. And you'll
ii y to learn that a full.
esorattons Editor lives In
vry tastefully furnished apart-
t, indeed.
g living room is large and
and uncluttered. There are
yellow walls, dark green car-
g, and the upholstery on the

r large, comfortable couches and
chairs is a brown-and-white cheek.
Neat and effective.
TV Toppers
little boy always finished his eve-
aing prayers by asking God to
make him a better boy. One
night he ended, saying, "Please
God, make me a better boy-
and this is the last time I'm
gonna abk you."

Sydney Smith sort of backed into
the decorating-via-TV business.
She's t h e daughter of Loring
Smith, the actor now in "The Solid
Gold Cadillac." She was an act-
ress and mddel and even a school
teacher for a while. Then she got
on TV, conducting a show for
mothers over a local New York
"I found, through 'mail re-
sponse," she says, "that one of
the most frequent problems on
women's minds is- decorating-
what colors to use or things like
that. So I began to concentrate on
that phase of things."
She concentrated so hard she be-
came known as something of an
expert, even though she's had no
formal training In the subject. But
her ii.nate good taste and common
sense give her efficient authority
to spent k.
From her mail, she's concluded


Great White Fleet


Orleans Service

S.S. "JAMAICA" ..................................July 11
B.S. "OROTAVA" .................................July I
8.S. "AVNI. .............................July
B.S. "'tOLTEC" .................................Jly 2
A.B.. "ORmIU1 .................................July 2
"JAMAICA', ............................ Aug. ]
*IadIlang BMferatesd Chilid *d Gand r. i r|i '
1., .

Nep Iork Servies


SI B.S. "COMATAGUA" .............................July 19
S8.S. "ALOaON" ................................. July 24
SB.S. "BERBDIA" ............................... .July 26

Weekly sailinl of twelve passenger ships to New York.
New Orlas. Lea As aleo. San Franudso and Seattle.

Special roend trip fares from Cristobal to New York,
Loa Angeles, San Francisco and Seattle.
To New fork .............................. 240.00
i To Los AmpSIad ISan rB*tbeo .......... MS.
S To Seattle ..................................35.90

Fortnightly passenger service from Cristobal to
New Orleans via Santa Marta, Colombia.
LL .. "A AA".. ...............................July 19
.8. "C" .... ..............................July n
S.S. "JAMA.ICA ..............................Aug. 3
J. "CIRIQUI" .........................Aug. 9




g W MM

Lm!t 4w

Life,.SpanSti tGing
, .. ,
The average Ameila Utving to an ge 69 compared 4lh
a life expectancy e e'a-In 1900. as hbow on cmt be
low. The gain over t hlf century was greater f'r wgtgth,
whose average l lgt h 1 lofIN rf Iased from 48 to '72
Life span for mesa lupeo d from 46 to 66 years. O
million Americ an re_ ovTr fn 1953, compared i
little more than th Aet la 900, as shown in chatt,
below. Population, IuWntu w rose according Y.
shown In chart, riht, below. Data from National Indra
CoOleunee Board.

Awmre Number of Yea


I 1.


j 61.6

0 65.2




'30 "40 '50 '5


that the average American home- "The only way I can tell If some-
maker tries to keep up, with the one I know gives a good perform-
Joneses ir decorating. This leads dance she says, "is if I forget
to two big mistake-, that I know L.em while I'm watch-
"So many people," she says, Ing."
with a decorative frown 'put too -
many conflicting p.tternr and col- Robert. Q. Lewi, t a k ig to
ors m thc same ro I'll get a g tRobert. Qo
er from somebody .ayingethe friends ftom Texas, recalled a trip
letthave an oriental rug and polkathey he made t"fough the Lone Star
dotaveupholsnorientry and striped wpolka.. Sate some years back. He was
oper and floral drapes-.dbut wopa- driving with Texan who sudden.
how they don't feel happy in the ly slowed the car and pulled out a
room in the road map and studied It for some
roo m em minutes.
"The the s e a ten-
dency to ca with ,Acco to this road map,"
furniture and You e. Te a~. 'aliMnisemnchz
have to watch ou t. Just In my property."
keep what you i.-ed, a limit the
vases and flurines and lamps and Guy ` Lombardo Is -having so,
junk to a minimum." much fun as" 1 Ptqdie-he's X"
And, don't try to keep up with sponsible'for "'Ahts' at
the 3Jose. 1hey hPve rotten the Jones Bea Maripe
taste. 4 Theater-that asdy's he's in the
Producing field q Itay. He won't
Shirley, Booth says the hardest give up orchestr- leading, of
thing for one actress to do is ap- course, but fr90m .on he's a
praise the performance of a friend. two-timing Guy.

-AkI ii l

' A.. L oPur W, e



WR~si MID 515 15Uu~


Got Itl

Exercise Coming Upj

. *_, 5

sOUTS AMI isfsr oL5lA LU






.4w) *~'ih

S. At Last, Progress

.. On to he Museam -



51. T. Mmmrs



Fl w ..-...




-..i_ *

.1' '.24'D'

- I ~



h '~..

* *



0i e .. ..

I amoeD rrmwo J Youm m


PW 9ERP^Hy.S=,

Lr~- -r4+- -- f

" O .Al


* ~ ~
* ~'*','



"d -----
at Cat a
ARbe -as" h,, i1 a& Rv suw
,a .. -... *.' ,- *** ...* :' ~ t f j HL W > ~fU BO T. S~~ ..mli. r~ S u __ nl, Hrnm lH, ,- ,o"'*g
sow a a.. ."a. Tav ,. .
sB iFgr f y uii i teiflwt*'- which feA ik Bluncf rf^8? ^^S~ lt Uin this yea tW
H nipi wt OJwly th raga.m. In 1he110mpTa H

19! we wa- Pnotf tnd. her rsnc a' se ars Tet yrlaphsrlsof
A. ~ i -ii, ofnon frs. 1 ,i bea r.A h shrCrl tteRaoa. ten I el Wout w`9r "dnyet
K, ', ar ati ans h ..tgte I_ Pftt thushh wic a611 efar n a aresked be 1A n is a hee ai
J~~~y VW4 Dwald .^" ^fl MilleS~n rr ws! I." 32?k Z 5w.S .AaOTim mwt* P4 Wt tR ftw a the new plans ieraft, am "g^BB, baskt-t.
to : m ak e 1 0 10 4 I n, W to M r e r 0a b at 1 :30 a m. b a l W se m B a nd O N
_luoe, D.%. C, ,t. the t all diKr .La." Ja imie Me" preview the b" p o rpons.og r soe ri.ia s lvem
H ow t ap Mrs. il. he. uG actoresIt to Ir ebd orMvatio may A be made by tlinkthehl, a p S2eS lth SSep f5or So
R avr t .r. Cal eraa.s wM hamlo Rev wnoyn .w Chosend"Y"n ut l
F r. D i x.aS m th Mand M rs ao b "oMl. thl, a .p b D e M rs l-. T rin m p b t t am e cou rse d a0 3t;
Mrs. oml M.a to, at to, Ahi M3 ey A, Ad R rs', Strephe To Nedu dy, a sers of t rrmuam in ll

4 om n heIthus ajo mih Mrs. Baile 1. R.H ner g less=
A. Mioltler si& toteGvT, r.R ra= l r.o Mr& Rn Mrs. A o~
an, -or. W Di. Wa M It I other Circle of the ZRosoa. touchingo youth. where DtD.A o
a Mrs. b Lon.MW NM rs. -. 6L. sq AvelmprZbos-, :30 p.m. at the home of Mrs. one whoiets hs *reistratioW
rick,r ae Mrs.. t rs A. g eeet w s re I. Robot S. err. 74-C Balboa Road%. made in me. sine Camp
Elaine Childress, MrSa'Gs D aud- for dlat. toor TU S ete

Georgeupe SFaillmani atW' Wr toes Mrs. J. M8. Ostnse 'rW. J.o wil be, alraf can beeetigg-oe
HLk Mrs. Mr&^ R. F. MM ,=d ra "Id door &5^ ^^
H lley, M.Oate uke,. Mr. r .. V. d was the s Dorse, Mrs. H. Irons, Mrs. Oi. l each week, earlyregistrao !i
Eu.-rd Motl etM, oFhe Chairan M tr chsr ofthe Inc-W. R. D. dlchelen, Mrs. 1. N. M..i Lwmn will aie-es. .
dMrs. A.' Roby, Mrs. Shtoman Mer. Mrs. WiUlim T.B.uey pr. Curtis, lX. C. R. Swsher ad a t m S5men am mp 4= l
Thos. jwLe' .V i.r4s1. anS t .& grou of hn a Mrnlds. It. S-.. =h d adres linessesou ito
14 4111titch, Ulrs. I'MA o .. an- M Playroom" which ib in Ino11e of Mrs. 06ing encouraged in.
Harr 'aim Mrs.. C.F. *. wrola and irected S LaChir, who wil review the Wa p o n a a r rse .luqdpz.viivedd
Mrs, Otto upp, a 9es, wMs The yOsUngators, who re. cb. book -w"S Are But Leaves." child, sypplymg thme nd or one
Fr. BedPrdy.. d Ln of.. members oM the clb, rolee.t lk NChote :alers
I% ""w _wret Jimmy ift Judy _Ki, To cole Club of the Balboa.
blArrive Pane CalrfWonat Van RiehnQud, &o k Mulhollad, Union Ch-. r'. hold its month.
I' Major David 2. Smith with his Cat' y MulhollandL Ubby Drennan ly metigt in the Church pFrlor
wife and family arrived Thursday and Steve Barleyl on Tuesday,. July 31, at .3 p,
aboard the Transport Gibbons Guests et the luncheon included m. FPoagl a coveredd dish, sup-
Sfrom California to make thei Mrs. Mrs. Stephen Beau-. per, teroDll be a program of
A.ome on the Istm. Mar Smith ryl Mrs. N ailey, Mrs. R.. H. A .. under the eppiBle
Hmis m.iot Assistant to tr Gov. n, s. R.. K. Brarw l, Mrs. It. "-ad Urn fs.
emor of the CaMr Zone., F.E. Council Mrs. D. D.ouM C ham.
e- Mrs. R. L. tEsquivel, Mrs. J R. "
Card Grom Lonceim Hunt, Mrs. A. P. King, Mrs. A. Srl IntoJeted couples are Invit-
SMrs M A. Quint ero, M r s. Jacks, M Mr-. H. S. MUrphey, ed'to attend this meeting, which
SGeorge Stillman a:Mrs. Forest Mrs. R. Oetso Mrs. J.W. i al ways In interesting get-togeth-
HeU were ro-hosteReh far the reg- Rder., Mrs. V.R. Rich. ond, PAT PRI S
ular monthly meetiUg of the Curun. Mrs. D.- D. Saddler, Mrs. David SPECIAL PI CES
du Woman's Club Card Group Senzer, Mrs. C. W. Simmons, Mrs.
luncheonheld at the ommunity W. R. Shaw, :rs. V. M. Snyder, EVERY
f Those attending Included Mrs. Zinmerma, rMis. A. Blanshaft,' "
0. E. Michaelis, Mrs. E. C. Valen- Mrs. L. E. Fontaine, Mrs. J. IE NT Th C N .
tie Mrs. William W. Heath, Smith Mrs. R. F. Mulhollnd,
Mrs. John'W. Matthews, Mrs. H. Mps. W. G: Nelson, Mrs. W. G. iATURI)AY.*
SF Benthal, Mrs. A. Lyons, Mrs. White, Mrs F. 0, Chapelle, Mrs.
Babette Salo; Mrs W. WMeitzan, R. C. Queiones, M,. Gordon F!eld, N
Mrs. T. Thurgood, Mrs.*Melinda Mrs. J. W. Verkalk, Mrs. Terry. A N D--
HI A. Bembenek. Mrs. Beatriz Lilb, Mrs. Nichols.JMrs. R. S. F.Ixott, fI W^
SMrs. Alan Mils, Mrs. Carolyn Au Mrs. Henry KIbsgnard, Mrs. '
Suchon, Mrs. Charlotte Kennedy,
Mrs. Sylvia Hagborg, Miss Elle SUNDAY
| sKirchner, Mrs. H. A. Stariett. W S -
.jM Mrs. Llowellyn Zent, Mrs. L. E. A T -AT- -
U^Torbert -:Irs. Dana HinelY. Mrs. r~lia~l ^ W
4 ader, Mrs. Rk.barI ICIa r en, "
Mrs. M..A. Ed, Mrs. T J. Reich. l l g ,
.art and Mrs. D. Boney. 0 6"-
Quarry Heights Woman's Club
Luneil 1EIRA I -,U P,9R A R K E T
Th regular monthly luncheon -** ,* W ^ PRM R E
of the Quarry Hojghts Woman' t 1N Ali IN ,M I
Ci b wff he~ld e.daAt -:" "MO fi I$ 'i": ^ Mon tIerri. Street --- Near TROTT The CLEANER

Mrs. j=mi Mc~nla"ea s^S-l^^ frr hif'af ^
,... wd. -0

.Interesting lecture on the *"D.clar-' teecif r im
a. wpws- a r P000111 In mik dri ft ...

k -I oo ft "" -'" *I in il d116 W1Sf


_1, --



_ ,I

Then are also available 0Z additional
vtece of IUs magninct pattern. Finest
s standard liverp te.

I r'


' ^ a

--. lot,



IK, ;XI an J
ther Bt:Z*& hi Now and
Ased ROnMnt. Ai0 Ref-
Tel.: 1-4011
.41 A, am "w
We Dedle with 8muU




I P.p In a recent udy of ty"
S ilk onsumption for a week,
it was fkand that aeenty-five
per cent f tdpmk onumed
wu usd M bw eage. Tha 7
lars 4 uump a'n Iwa by l
boy who dmilk an @vIae a 7

W 5



The leavening of life,
snappily dispensed by
.~~~ ~ .' ttH..'**-i ''

ss A


e *im




L's ailin you and If
of a lift from living l
band are Just the ones
:e3 and lifts you right

A Klkeby Hoel. [
.-.: "A *

Nothing like dancing to cure what
nothing's ailing, to gRe you more
Clarence and his all-Pnamanlan b
- tog ive arm on dane
hVI eb .hlrsW-on Ae dowAnczm

*I ar. "

5 I



Juot on'T( he many eAW
ps in 1De *W illvr by A
& Baneso dase e es
sowr 125 yea
Attractive discount fo
Canal Zone delivery

Dining ad danelng
an event at n1 Fanamli

0. COL




;d~c~ce~ ~a

They're the growingyears... when the activities of
plaad school are making such dmands on young
You-the parent-must select the best milk to help
youngster 6 tw tsler, tfagr, and mo alert. And
nowhere could you find mflk of more consistent ex-
ceentce ai Klka.
Klim B rich i r flhe basic food essentials-with
ample protel, vitamia and minerals to build firm,
strong bodise... and study bones. Pure, afe Kim
is the choice of mother and fathers who demand
absolute eliable nk for thei growing children.

Sbak ing suocc, uwe
CALUM. the T double-acig
bana powder. On CALUMZI
today and try ftl

Wafts. Bowl
Sugar Bowl
26" Tray

Tea and Coffee Set consisting of:

da.ncasr ro9s

is available on SPECIAL ORDER for
MIRECT P IENT to yer Canal Zahe P. 0. Box

my jo

- r i

i .:



,- ; *..' ,, ,. .. ..

*Mioern U fl
Excelsior 55.1
French Rad.s

Tel. 3-1713
Automobile Row Noj


., (f 9A




nightly from 7:00 p.m. in the BALBOA ROOM

Lancaster Rose

More heat with less gas,

10% Down Payment
S3 Golpes Club



C >1.:

*. o ;, f -,

W. rq:. I Y.. W ...
-: ,- \''" *.'.
.. .s''; -*'is .. -'.'f- i d .* .i.jL. '

* ,., ~ '.~r.
*Ly ir

.....'.. -* .. .'^ *
L ._.', ,i. -- -
:-^ ^ : '< *':if
|: ^ L %/ ',;" ,-.;


e -.,... .- ii 'i.-


E 5mwr : t A A 0. .ALUnu Cet hbSccemm A MACIA *.. *i0!0.IIUA-
R RFOTO DON A rM A N A aLon erI )faaANA SI s M ar

182 La'hIo r-,,-. ,C arrsayulei _Q 16 118 T f t -
reassaL *QJ 1041o It.. VIC at b h
THE PANAMA AMERICAN *NO -D 4-3 a m. "17 i d of o 4
FOR ', SALE _r_ w men D .... % the CAM Et d s mn i ln a the=

Household Automobie MTeUhene. TnH s TPROFESSIONAL : 47 eT
FO, SA, : Oversize "Holyvw E Ford V 2. F ORddoor. FOR : s ALtove,. :-0.Ggaas s 2.9lo boa 1"A 17 AevenCng -C. O wwe a w eea. a i
bed, 66 x6'.. innerMpri..g m. *exceleht condition, b.heater, radio, ,. gas hot water Sheater, bo cse AA LAcA.."blru & a a nm. John 8. Sbssabold, wire o.t
bedwins Xpageam status enough wGsm to the woodiretond af jbm. CPazfthe
tress $80; single bed complete $25, 39,000 miles 5 good tires, seat youth ed. Leaving Isthmus on reasonable. SNo reservations O3 N.T. P T.imply mixed With water. The Oal one o nor,
vacuum clean $115; gas water covers nd defrosterCll at 491 ma 3-3073. necessary. Dancng every Saturday TOsimply m ie lAp ora d ith expand t h an formed ao aot ern, tbe
heaer $95gs sove. Phone 2- h o uy Phone oppoint- FOR SALE:- Female Boxer. I year night. Noie & 4a m an Oplg lead-AS 4 *.,, gorurm texpeclteda. toad ee fe tin th
003 or 3.4175, Panamao. mt 21107 Ponoma old, fawn color; complete set ApLS fshed he dD he en nde of thoe ring fm
OR L-nIsthmus: Goas FOR SALE;:-1948 Hudson. Excellent McGregor golf clubs and bag; Trop. SHRAPhIL'S furnished houses a d po poibley the enof OPAT thub seeulofa.
LE:- Leaving bOptv o condition. Priced for quick sal e icl fish, five aquarium. i automat- C CatSt Clapnr a oabsin In ot v Te opeina bid of two no-trunmp nrUs assigned to Paint IV at th pr. o
ea y- ic compreor foa rating. Call eCOOl o O Boa C etually ows to points. In CARe. The packaMOo which are Present t the prnea- ptiamh,
Sprtment.Via spaao, A merits. Call Curundu 5267 after C.Z. 2-4437. oTelephoneTHOMPSON, albah w it today'1s hand South bid two no- 1de Up II bed M. CUvaggo, M
t t. 5 p.. FOR SALE:-'50 Studboker.o vening. to take 5 w i s off trump with only 21 points. Never. pl o-flm wi r s Lowrie an Mrs. C n wre
FOR SALE -Westinohouw refrigera t r Et Santa Claw B c g s fen.
tFR SAE -We9ut. $ house refge-5 FOR SALE:-1950 Buick Special 2- good condition, very reasonable; 5 Gramlich Santa Clara Bach cottage. t ef ew ue theless the peg bid s highly ted early on them, were Ri o Ara
Crsit L door sedanexcellent condition, one piece wicker st ch eap. Call 8- le rbrigerati on go stoves. r lw eSe
rito Aeal owner. First $850 can hpl 3it.. Gear 6195. s eModate rates. Phone 6-441 or Now, Whendever your hand i other- Tie powrm toethe

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hife r-dNr urdefrtietr seat- 567gwas Jalousi. wise suitable for no-trump purpose. The mi powdr is ag from secretary general of the
OR.SALE .-Norge refrigerator, 60i coversCanbe se a FOR SALE: 50-f. string e you are justified in counting t he peple of the Ut States manln Red Cross Mrs. Gab
'ef -d.e r tin.g $r Diablo Heights Haines Street. uarterm Santa Clara. Low rates. Pho w d ty, about one t extra for a strong to the people of Panama through Lop, stant director
cri n deluge model n ThursdayFrida y or Saturday Sa y black top er tres 2-1866. fal ventlwo emfor1, five-eard it. In today's han CARE and the Ministry of La- ial Welfare, Dr. Gaspar Arose.
515 electric ton. 8-nch. 60-cycle FOR SALE: 1953 Plymouth Cron- plastic double covers $15 almost FOR RENT:-House dear beach, Son- vreae lM y Soua d renta l the could surely count ron his t rh.ocl Welfare andr .
$15. House 1582. Apt 'D. Gay- brook 6,800 miles. like new. Own- new blue baby buggy $1; green to Clara. Suitable for family with a v tae t fouth spade to provide a trick. t
ilan Area Balboa. er leang Canal Zone.Quarters1, upholstered davenport & chir $60; children. S beds, spacious grounds. fifth spade to provide extra
_OA---__------ inrefraer--_ -- $25; 3 wooden lawn chairs $1.50 Wonderful vacation site. Bf1 Week, Mo nW Whenot hand was played ina
FOR SArLE-9-o. porceaelain eftrwer- Albrook or call A2broo RC PA s & reor playero ohl theo teaat mansyute J ,,u iiry G oeupud S tip'
FOR S FOr SALe:--1951 Ch rolet 4-... r each. 1554-8 Salsa St., 2-1284. month or balance of year. Very with p Wo euJcaray Cr,0wUh th-ot ho hs
ator $60; three cushioned cairs Pig. w/s/w tires. Phone DAlbrook op ene wth on n sa ae
7 each work bench. ise. under 45200. FOR SALE:-Small piano, reasonable reas I nrmatio Balt opened with o nly one ade. Sevh
hoemetal tables chairs 9 red- price. Evenings up to 9 p.m. No. 4 3224 or contact odia Smiat Aluminm aloe hardware eraof them played the and right e '
wood porch screens I bed. Phone .FOR SALE -Ford Apt. 2, Domingo DiatSg Street, Pan.- entrance, Seoaclff Acres. Pane a n ma S uhfatured tre re, since everybodypassed the
S. house 331-B C.bra edition. Dutew pae, rd. Federico Boyd -,. am. Phillips. Oceanside cottages, Santa in Panm for Panama, bid of one ade. When, however izensn
Sd Anco-n 'a Pnon ue 3-15 p. FederR F SALE: Radio tronsmitt Clara. Box 435, Balboa. Phone to fit any se window. South ope e th no-trump, i
S-- R6101, with coils and tuning units Panama 3-1877, Cristobal. -1673.
SRR e frigerator, excellent FO R SA LE '- 1 9 4 7 V ouxhall, econo foo rt h2h-4d n od0 m eters, T el. 3-r-
Fo RSnit Lr$ e b8;2 broe frd. a all 3 5. .... 88.tN Ecuador Ave. No. 22. FOR.GEO. F. NOVEY, INC At one table the result was quite WASHINGTON, July 16 (UP- prive convicted felons of ot
cn i.on 0est, bibool, for uic k sole. Call 3 5154. FORr RENT unexpected. West opened the deuce Thd House Judiciary Commttee and office-holding rights, but
So. Te.Poo -4. Fc 3t ORCt-- a9 v31 Fbrd coupe Dut PE O ALS"_ mA.-- .8 of spades, declare's strongest suit. today approved President Elsao- no revoke their citizenship as
pc.d $200. Phone Balboa 2-3761 .DtpayENtL A hart or a club openmg lead bhower's request' to strip American such.
FO L mahogany dinin FOR SALE:-19 Chevroleta GEORGE JR.. H.E., Eur would have given declare much citizenship from Communists and The louse committee also o
SRSALE:- Mahany dnl r : Chevrolet -Air GEORGED Rt R Eur- ATTENTION 1. Just built modern Special Summer Rates trouble. others conv.t of conspiring to mally pigonholed two Comm
set! table. china cant., c thai sedn, L 19500. FORn d7ustm Tel h t urn apartments, one, two South won the first trick, and overthrow the govenpiaenty Ist-contr bills sought by Att$l.
eQ .M tudio, cDchi Srieteh. frae, m- sedan, 1.2,500 miles. eg'ceuent con- pean Adjustment Techniques. 75 furnished apartments. one, -two overthroww the gvem en, t t-ntra t b A

i 2-1529. Cl E ---- h dihnut 2-0. TelThphonebld on e-m hort.
M.sudocoucht omead- edition. After p.m. Balboa2-1529. Calle Estudiante, .2-B. Telephone bedroom, hot, cold water. --Tel. Ste k-Couow lost the diamond finesse to East's The measure, requested by the Gen. He Brownell Jr., in fi,
tre. 3 Fillows; win- FOR SALE. 2-5159. By appointment ephon-e Panama 3-4941. a ietal H tIuma king. lEast returned the queen of President in Lid State of the U- vor of setting up a speciqi com.
maOter bicycle: boys 4-piece win- FOR SALE: 1950 Studebaker 2- --c -nlsdihe, etc _...............______. ____ -- -- t hearts, and _oe took one atr nativ Core w ouldmisote budynes e .
ar surt sze 4) Phone 2-2566. door. Cash only. Tel. Panam 3- FOR RENT FOR RENT: Furnished end unfur- hearts, and South took the ace at union message to Congress, would mission to study the question.
t3134, 8 to 5. or 3-5320 evenings. nished 2-room modern apartments. t -e once. South now proceeded to run apply to persons convicted of in- Browne asked for bills to let
FORouses18 rChevretg, .'Contact Alhaiombra Apartments, 10th 2 tin, t bse emba. the rest of the spades and dia- surrection or rebellion, advocacy the government "liquidate" u-
FOR SA LE FOR SALE:- 1938 Chevrolet, trons- Street, Tel. 1386, Colon. A. Chao ea. Wales monds discarding tre low club of the violent overthrow of thenions, business firms and other
Sportation, $100. House 5337-Bs Srolm, Aut 15 thru Learn b. Tmbei'te from hiis hand on dummy's last government, or conspiracy to o- org.nczatsons found o be Com-
.. Davis Street. Diablo Heights, C.Z FOR RENT:-From u st. furnished FOR RENT:--Aartment above Canr. oxen. P asule. dianbnd. overthrow the government by munlst-infiltrated," and to bar
SBoagi& Motor. -. November 15, beautflly furnished trial Theoter building, Central Ave- East could save only three cards, force. suspected subversives foma d
FOR SALE bedroom house in best resident nue No. 141. Inquire Central The- Hornett Dunn and had to decide whether to save It would deprive such persons, fense-linked mines, factories a
FOR SALE 75-p Chrysler motor ed. Kchti one bedroom en ir-condishesio water. manager's office. two hearts and one club or one whether native-born or natural- other businesses. "
rebuilt with ne tion o u in I Real FPlSate included. Tel. 3-0638, FOR RENT: Three-bedroom apart- heart and two clubs. Perhaps he ed citizens, of the right to call The comitt e, confining its
Sbot. For furwho dr0M&on R L- -hle ment, living & diningroom. maid's -- should have guessed right, but it themselves. Americans. tentative ctiun earlier this eek,
S oSherwood, B 1_6, Mona fr L.Ot or 0, se- F NT: wo-room, hot water Tel. 3-2279. wasn't an easy malsion to make. Tliey wuldM ioe their right to tabled boOt bills in AWor of a
throughfor ony $2,750: 630 meters maid's room, Toppon stove, cool. uuuArinD! He actually saved onlyone heart,
through tY fronting Trans-Isthmian Highway & No. 59 Airport Roo1 Tel. 2-2418. FOR RENT:- Small apartment, tri- e actually veO e heart, vot ud hold public omsubstitute Rep. Fr s:
FOR SALE: 0-oot r cru 55th Street near new Los Angeles FOR R -d c h vote entrance, both and kitchen. t. aL Ol mwher deupon a he adk from dumey could not obtain Amei Wal al
"Vallente- 20."93-hp. Gray mae Deveolpment. Exellent lac2aton for d h Tel. 2-4912 during office ihoursC. ud geter, thus e Tstabelsing selar. hae to register with the ovde- ment o a 12-.member eoma dion
tine engine. Just completely over business estbisent warehter, telbres, Me OR RENT Mode two-bedroom a ers last heart as his eleventh et as aliens and m uthbusinessab
hauled. Joot and motor excelled or home. Missner, 582-B nan 10 Andes. ion Barron- apartment, 51st Street No. 42. For as Ftu Avenue Te trick, s ry yeAr .-tir et blic to survey 1.
condition Re ady t o o. skin Blvd.. Ancon. o's hou further detailscaloIubleta:3-1802 II bleak from ties
$1500 Tel. Balboa 3712 -for SAL -'L C oCet Las RCum F- .s.T or 3-3337. M ." .:, /,a ,en.a a many staes I 4 -" an
." WANTDr :rYoui. nsempd f4 r 2 FOR IRENT -f.6a or Cur,mfur- ",.PHOLSTE fi "d ,e .r la oae
forme at ion.s be br"T s.2-264a-3-243d o hf ub s e be inde-. trowl gia n
*l or .edI, rpendent re m,e -Apches, garage. FOR RENT:--Modeum apartment, twt ALIT a aude t r ave laws require bl e '
nd to help Pete wa u EncF" Street E bedrooms. 16th Stretrejo. plin carachaeach a dayear- touter on ple ight un wearing hat

s aendoff although he says he hasi* St_ rtn_ pe_ English ond Spanish satng__ul_- _mk hou_. _stop in at Panama_ er. About 25 _nche_ had to be ___o discover alinks walk g a- appeared to be a space helmet.
,- urnace- In h new home I oJ o-er .. _.-nsBo 028 AconzC Z. lt rhre bodr dwedFrancisco. near Rae--velt Theater ..i ee k a ser look.
r" e n WANTED.M-Young nuriemid for2 FOR RENT:---Fholt. -'atO-s Curm-- -.roo. apaFrtment KtUflsUUeTeRINaa lar
SMne toy the court wasildren wreerences. C ANTr-obres.D'- shiem.-- Must know EngFR Raent, mr aa tp oren, .o bla es. orelocl Tgeworthy and ffe ware' aid o wae a ood as'

Car Jac ler Rn al* t -s. FOR RENTN-Smoll ideol apWrtment: a repairs. ttryoere t r weapo s. patrolman said: The skonk

P. el ~nidor telephone 2-a31l Paul Robert Gordona 34. on rddh a Livngroom, Io. kitchn, etc. FACLITIM Ispite of the weather yes- den club how at Csntife, was worded so gnran didn dyo
Plannelboa)r duty wth ndDr Albertrmy, also paid aFOR RENT:-P`tlmI C.e Darien o. 04, treet from 4th Tel. ss terday, at least two women when kun wandered out of catch It.

IIE D -- 1. 1. Tel. 2.048.0. COMEI f trbo no ev anceo Thdpoe llerro dow b
prror, ECaPngreos m furnishedsm adllhl edroomdivers who had word f or sev tl.resen t felony laws whi djut t it an

l. wC fine for drivi a ndUgS. gC leang andCol41he FOR RENT: Mdern two-bedroom aparta-r l ( n es h ata- Shetook alm. let fly with the onedod
I al mas-.a. wnnon oBn ooseve Streent Navo. 22. rear ict HONa the par2-0335. ment. Including Strefet No. 42. For ad e took oil water rock broke the Liberated, The luncheon wiAw be hlT.t
A arewell g et-toetherno- FOR RENTi-- mhadern c ohalet: 3 urr detais, cll Zbieta oosev3-1802 W. T. Lproteons here th e k walk dazedly away. the Panama ol Club.
i' g Harold J. Peterson, m p Ii.rooms., unfurnished or"ser -furnish Porras nearoRooseveltrThe-cuontinue her voyage frot the
Ing plant owner 4tor, l wtae heldlJ ndeBe dBAllCh e d.ooroun J3-40.rom -ewl i ,r Un. i n gd mNW .LJ-
Friday, July 23' 13a 4 at the' FOR RERi.- itedKingdoombed-oo S. I *mo. -ewZea ... --
*A I coni C p 6 C o I 1-J 0r s, hod t wat"urntshed or un- 1. Shw Ba W a A uV
*v o oro l tion-Ofut rederoom FtEEr-teounaYeU( N
'don. ard(Ol Building 30 -osta Fernando on. oWANTEfD:- Single girl about 20. !Exposici6n TA7699-2--1227 49 P E,"BOOK' U h.adbeen.doko udWsincewoeof
la 3,,. bar. 2.PAllaar anriaonm. anit Fraow _. Ir TRANSPO 954

-I oo w a Must be goodtyp two years or. Exceent residential section. AusX T RI A .A .sw ( t .s
O $2ned5$ In Balboa Magstrate's mus b tyit u m ,ndtertaut-ustk
S All friends. areInvited to at-,Court ths -morning for using Ec lisheand English thorough FOR RENT.- 2-droom aortment, written by leadlnjagedhwr- h le sheta slide whh Oorneer- It's a tough summer torBenware wa startled. i the
tend to help e Pete a rmn e rso Encose photograph. Darlite better mcdern D".eet Eangrejo Reacha dayear-sknks. It's tougher n peop ght of un wearing wha
mendoff although he Jaya he hs o, ,oStewart. coEnglish ando panih, tatingcquon C. ipink house)l. stop im at PansAhdke
two frrnaces in his new home cbChdrn were fighting over a -..." -. FR RN-Oe- bd Hi-FdltyCenter for icd off all three starboard round wearing lange head-IBewae took a closer look The
hieine,. toy, the court was ''vi when WANTED:--.Cashler. Mustknnow Eng-.- apartment, pre residence, camn- OCO.blaes dress helmet wa a gla jar. -
bY... ......... Mbahon, the father of one of the -sh and Spanish. Apply J. Comp ate kitchen at 48th Street. Tele- OrMe 370 p ,assen gers off he Mr1. George F wTruwctbrthy and rEnwaeas ais was hopa
't&ckets34ilLa be ulbn rtleipants, stepped-In to set- Sons. .Clhoeha.e Mr. Albert Pease of Westb
60 Jack..J t r R.... a matters.'here while the ship underwent Me-, were driving along route 17,pened after he broke the jarthe
Ja ck Jior2-nevle'or R' "mater F RENT---Smoll ideal apartment:F repairs. yeteray on the way to a gar-parolman said: 'The skun
.Wife1or telephone 2-2318 Paul Robert Gordon, 34. an M lir Darieng Oo, ., kitchen, etc. In spite of the weather yes-iden club show at Camden, Me.,ltook off, and I didn' try to
duty with the Army, also paid a Col:eht riengro.m street from 4th Tel.,2-A ss terday. at least two women pas- when a skunk wandered out of catch It.
S fine. His offense was ieav- af u .Ja.I.j J1,,v AIvenue. .TOC&J/% ELECTRONIS. .sengers were enthusiastic about be woods nd ont.the road.
GK the scene of an accident. N .li 3f FOR RENT:-.Fulishecd one and two-T A LELETONC the Isthmus. They had bqrded Its head was caught In a gllS
manlan, was fined $5 for op- n .IPhone31,, little. car. Ms. Peasee got out, an p
IDP1 ub an overloaded truck on ssmiIj -i = Blboa looked very active c up A rQck. The kun skt New ofcers of the n a
., IED ; G O.. a~d Highway, plu4 $100 or FOR RENT: Aptrtment. Bldg. 14, thOeY reported. And as for the Ice and looked at her,.. PA .chaptr of Int.rnational liose
ma,,r e pasrmeaapecifiedetime.M...lip 3.9 .wMiles, w/ of 2-C, Tirolp Avenue. PTone (5vliAene E and cake, they'd Eever gauged her problems She dat wtiwl be istalled tomorrow at
A IA 31 1V, was lined driving ommandant.of.the f-JFOR RENT:-Mo Mpdern two-bedroom ;4.mnr sala, Cgmjany, agents for the Mata- She toook alm, let fly with the couned today.
staton wagon %on Roosielt teen_, Naval Dtrict, 'is the aportmrentj- 5st Street No. 42. For rqa, said she took bn oi, waterlrock, broke thejlas. Liberated, The luncnnwil b held tt
,,Ruic Chej" 4 bUfiesod-_e- or3-333.h ph. s .. tG .
-"Baton" _wr l.ger tada. 29 and eta Alcia route. rom NewF RENT Sl d-....___T Naw

foot freezer: never,
been uaed but very'
shopworn originally
3510.00 can be
financed ......... 295.00
standard" 30 Rallon
ass water heater -
Bsalted good
eaudition ... ...... 50.00
-John Wood" 20 gal-
I a gas water heat-
er almost new -
perfect condition .. 80.00
Seadi"a" atoma t I c
l n machine
Itsy checked -
-aslstcondition 96.00
DelIxze 4
uor ras stove;
SeAstic cook-
very good

re erator*'

as P I j, o ne wme me Initials Move r.
P T F M SCW o_ p ltp a eRoqu ea A. Sal- [FOR RENT:- Furnished apartment: Tels.: 2-2562 a. s2-SM
1i8e, Minister of Ma- One big bedroom and bath. No Panama.
rine, ont k of the sub. kitchen. $45. Tel. 3-1648.
I ill v Mrs. Ia flf tending a sum- FOR RENT:--*t located furnished
W fe XtrextO coursee at the apartment; spidid for one or two VgI f il
SPAWS, Ju 1it (UP) --Pre Univea of t.n Marcos. Lima, couples. 43rd Street No. 13, Bella
Communist Maurice Th Peru, nla ali .eted to visat the vista. "
left Paris last night board shivl at Ca FOR RENT: able 2-bedroom To Sg h i
Orient Express for Moscow, a.Wh- ,-_ t : s .r. -.transit- OR,- U"I-
companled by his wife and three it the CaSh, Admiral Miles., apartment., water and garrTe. V.
enm, Ministry of the Interior of. Captain Thomas L Greene, US. in residents area. For nfo...rmation
'-cal Te. 2-2416.
ficials disclosed today his Chief of Staff and Dr. Ger- all Tel. 22416. T I A
man Arambura L., Peruvian FOR RENT: Fumished apartment.
Thores sudden departure took Ambassador to Panama, visited PereiIl. 2nd Street No. 11. Call Group n of the Womenn's
Communist circles here by ur- aboard the Tiburon. 3-0533. Diary ofa t. Paul's Cho ai
r!se. No mention was made of The two newly-bull subma- FOR RENT:--i aortment on cor- sponar soprano Beane -
it in the Communist organ L'- rines r mntly completed trial ne of MRdexic a Ecuodor Ave- ardson in a' concert of satc
Humanlte and no explanation of runs. Built by the Electric Boat nues: Living d dininroom two music at the Jamaican *B
ah sort was given for his trip Company. Orton. Conn. they bedrooms, g ro and mald's ~oar. auditorium at 7:30 tonight.
The calling French Communist incorporate the latest technical ters, $100.o omlnpour, Tel. 2-
searetary-Beneral, who has been advances la I tabmarine construc- 24 9. Mrs. Richardnbii w iwll
In Moscow off and on for med- U. acconmpanilled by i IZ
t m ent space World War Ad&a=t wul al o a if
It was said. be re- FC-" v MSt NT ae t,=W others .
r to the oet capital for UF 's Kad others.
Saceom. ._____ There will be no aills

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rtteh chair of Bt. PArl
tureh at the 7 o'lock vidil

Mrs. Richardson l|
a the rector and ori pf -o
be All Soula Church
'oek City. ,; ;"

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T he. P- WA Tbd A Eveniti.r *'

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every Saturday Night from 1:30 on

No Cover

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i b a the b lad es of Squadon GVPo ey the firm old its to Pha Gros. whoe m eev one th e Embaa n te the honorzem- a eelphi charity anizaUon. By of the largest "wIndfal" profits tA
A thd thi meas ad the fim "got yet disclosed, said the A re
S~bta t Eassy tlc f pan, nd Mrs. Hitch- the windfall f the b g eted his original coat emates Ap
wvmo he'd fp i ttib on" .te o -fivelv novelts clack. corporation and into their pock. for mortgges as too low r an ad.
foMlo Mwi th-e lm Malio n-Fot Squadron winVes and eta." vised him to raise ia estimates.
m.n wereaalnt fan t.J frle--d. we. present. In other developments: Gros samd he subsequently sub- gire.t a
r Alfred Gross, -e of th pricl- matted an eastr te af hundred T
npal builder of the Glen Oaks VU- thousand dalla or w hb i e h
Acocktall W. at "is Coro ISolo I

,, a Pactf slde Tgin Beneo, ueens wa approved. H d "the fct
a- A e York testified he directly got that I claimed to b more ef.i-
t er's Club member cu t tax etha r he New York cent and o~ ild for less than
o at Capta sadital,"cnic1atsm o by bus for Aoon s on.
MHD ACo... Ceandte. Ir s sthL by for luncheon at law firm of which Atty. Ge Her- other builders made no differ-a. y ib
..... itre the Hotl El I and sh bert Brwnel, Jr w a member, ene" to the FHA officials." wll r
m an .o iTun rhe Sneo s e o -a ian' l atin rlc
for luoeseh fr't eoaho
teApneldM."a d ladies 'a- '- fv dludedepeeeeT
rs. en.edSC- c asr. -.d Mrs. HMarriett Gon"alz T hiTob.el-
toott themes what....... &sPow

avid Jios et. sa l to ne b bto .. h vn
ewho m route to that coua It s ry, e s e we, I
byr. Betty hopn, Mrs. Dor

*o aoctmtpajried sl ia Govetn-ee ^ a- PBasaaaaross. m
Ter n -oed their Jour- E be
woney s by plane lTh atemty. aon brr -in

Mnrand Mrsi N Albern, of a l t th oS U
Margarita, have as their ZuhIts, -M 1
Mr, r" v _ur. of fltmall, New -. ..C1_ *Ia

ofeh unners__ _cream te ..A:_
-Cascheld par Lde "W "a
TVe to and their ofk-fr'otdgeeslo of W SlwSw;Sa- TSJS

tobcoek, whoTalto
soon WM.4e f p rm the CocA Solo a a
poaie Staton I be saintered with N > e al l
Ce"ant Commander aYktid Mrdheg t thatI clame b m e FRNCH'S f

By o u o.t a e, we0 9 d h t oa c rt cr k c Sie ad M Ulto fr l ots th a uy IT O
it-...a m k, who .s > .A ^
,leave tomorrow, to be rtatined tH l./n e,
at Jacksonville, FRi. a byart, exuiveoMta
M.-.. ,"-- -- it to a ciuty..Wall -Ion-
Wnw.wOReMldsiesY It spreads bette-on s
WIe.O. held It gu.anMrs 2 arndwcnt, cs- It blonds t
Te W.t.Z.O. hed at r .lar rdoubleeaming t m that gloriousrich
ienand;sr. ohnahe. 4; ow-doni Ken-I, acDnT -
Sa la attheBfl muta flavor cant in cooking!
eneia Iatelith i Colon, ndne- Were M air beCA SoNatue
da, with Mr u D evidKa~an prew Wirt
s Mdi rs. Mr. Alegre K ndoch /nd m m au a yo on m Bend today for "'Seasoin Make The |
Mrs. Kaplan served refreahments '> / Differneo." Writs to R. T. re Co., Rochester 3, N. Y. |
to the twenty-etght members and // f^~, 1
guests who attended.
A set of Jewelo was donated as "'O
a door prize by r. Palpide Abbou
of the Inte0t0nthi Bazaar. It aJBl s beter
was won by na Zubi TawachF. b
There wit another w.ue.o, Mn io s i 1
Coral Chapter OEME. Celebrates-r a SML lA
Mb Aaversaty -'7

h AnnBvers with a d inne
Co the sttd meting Toes- m/cinnPa

no GWStun 'hag newel vol
tjmandmade ad from both o T the
H o Jr.,he lea v to. Crud eem Must ao adatded h thi
d Pal ckson orllvINerbyqa

with amazing new CHLOSRPHYLLIU

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smoothly oaver u r. O '-
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Feather Foundd0
A met itettering, smasew "
new liquid craum foundatim
In thee subtle tine ''.
to giv ywkn a
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a Iin matt fmih.

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5 J

A ~Y4~WjL7W'~' -* r
V --.

iormrna 0
OI ,

ainm Contendor T le

lark Millionaire
Vo'k re

Reginald Douglas' speed king Alormina is aT
. almost unanimous choice among the expertss" t
chalk up his eighth victory of the year in tomorrow's
o i'atured $1,000 six and 'one-half furlong dash foi
6the track's Class "A" imported thoroughbreds.
-4 The five-year-old bay son of much too abort for the former
't' oytl Phoenix-TaormIna's Hope track champ.
4.ow6 tote top weight of 12si Jaquidlazo. which electrifie
! bounds and will agaIn be ridden the crowd last week with a sur
Tiy Alfredo Chinito" Vasique. prising -34 upset victory agalns
h1al ockey has euidel Alormlna a group of up-and-coming young
h idtultiusly easy victoria his;Clas. "B" horses, will round ou
4 'st.two tln-e out-- over .seven the four-horse field. Fortunfat
-Srtss and one mile. Hidalgo Jr. will guide the veter
' Dark Millionaire, runnerup to an Chilean-bred son of Jali-Qul
~ILhUotmina over a mile the last romantlca.
ojjgireDouglas' sprint ace ran o l Ten other races areD ncluqe
. rjteto be the second favorite in an iezIqt proam tha
- tle mnutuels. Steadily improv- should prftvde a full-quota o
'* aYfwjandro Ycaza will be a- longshot winners.
Lionli shMrs. Carmen Navarro de
S cr-emena's disappointing coal I r T'
An his t t outing. Dark Mill-franco lips
onaire weht of f an overwhelm- By CONRADO
g. favorite to defeat track p -
l qamplon Main Road and lost l
" 3anY fans when he could notj I--lama Silver bomlni
even finish mrcond. He wound up, a-Arlaval A .I nae
ast fading third. The short dis- 3-Daniel Don Wendi
utncU and light impost of 1051 4-Coa Linda Juan Hulnchi
.71 pounds could help the son of -BBiecays Baby Ro
a( tocktfella this time. I -Westow Valley Snta
.r,*. AnIorio toting 105 also, will be 7-Kellphraee Sun's Moon
-" if lighter than at any time 8-Gay Spot Stone Of Sconi
Many months. He will be rid- 9-Grande oDame U Leides
.,AA. v apprentice Anacleto Me- I0-Aloroinm Dark Millionairi
SS.The distance Is believed ll-l-_ISlta Sineerldad


- Effective -'.eJnesday 15th July new low prices
nave been applied on


i, VOue to a more liberal policy of the Ford Motor Com-.
pany. we are able tp pass on to Ford owners these
-. Savings Immediately. Progressive reductions are in
,,, the king and will be reflected in our selling
".rracs within the next lofew months. Watch our
oricer. F.- -r-'-ze and at the same time enjoy thq
benefits of using top quality replacements.




Telephone 2-1036





t 2:45., 4:40, 6:15, 9 p.m.
romance! Action Suspensel

1 _^ __ __


%Vrs Spicy... It's Girls-Ful...
It's Grand Fun!
(Lee Plamr de Paris)
a w isubUtlet -

Holdeah in

* U I ShowI I:M -3:H
L U X j 5*4 7' :15
"Creature From The
Black Lagoop"



with .


I Plas. -
"Drive A Crooked Rood"
wfth MieyO O W,,

CA "" 0 0L DO
Spanisah DoDe Program I
Cantnthl in
N beSANltir ARENA"
Abel 54ar. In
8'N A A -obANOW


Juan Frai&o Graded Entit1W
..... ... ,

lot Raes "H ImIporteI SFu.Pure: 840 .0 ePdool e es : is '
.'Vrs an"' f tha ,.- ,1Double 9'.
1 I-Tama A. a af. 1 -Gtting steadily closer 1 To
o 2-4.oDomino B. Al. 110 -Jockey could help
-Gonhaga .R..Oni, 110 -Not aaint the e
; 4-L. Trouble R. 110 -Could score again -1 Mnttdal r -.
r Compaors A, ,110 Must improve more 8-1 vav5a-.
7-Darlene 7. We WI u.-Rates good chance !n.
Snd Race "H" Imported 7 g.Purse: $400.00 Pool eles: 1:1 tw 0 .
d Second R. ae of the Double
1- Quo Vadis Glnese 112 -Any day soon 5.( ,-1

-Don Wcandao S. Canv. 117x-n favorite key handitance 51 -o t

5--Danmel Alfaro 110 -DShould score e raly even (7) d0h,s-
j-Souvenir V. YaBrown 110x-Could coral the wayn upet -1 0ord(8) 1- 0. L

7-YoA.pono ma Rodrl. 112x-Rate air chan 5-1 8) I- .
8-Aon Grau A. Mona 115-Uosually tracUous i aovenguth. ... Bl- ...

t 7--L. Molly V. Brvow 113x--Notuls indicate e-1/n l lll1L}-Ii 0 *^,H IL l jtf?^Y^S^B
3rth Race "r" Native Fr.Pumse: $275.00 Pool eloees: :U Ottawao 000.e. 10: 0
1-Don Wende R. 11s -In favorite distance 5.1 .TWo. J6)1aId

2-Don Jaime I. Floras 118 -Ready to win fnowed syn SricusZn r0. H 0 s

3-Daltda P E. Ort. 105x-Light eight o u still lower -1 puffao -8 .

-P. Countess Congo. 10x-Rats never better 1-1 Own..-TAW le otp
5-Valey ear Bravo lf20-Seemhould s ore easily even M -l ..-'.Y.-. Sa-, '
6.-Souvenir V. Brown 11:x-Could score In upset si--

-as Itno Corna. 11-Raeektes repair chance 5-1 W A ..

--. rBb Ko.Rore 1--th18.. --Betck tin sop S-fom.:P l4 Hittng To An Extreme
8-Don. rau A. Mena 110 -Usually fractious 8-1 ...
7th Race "F" Natived 6 Fp.Purse: $S2.e00 Pool oles: :36 o Ede t a h alwa "
toesQonx Todoavnto04p n001,04310 0.

uqle Sa e R. U allydisapv 115 oSinta 10-1 Johbe o om e uhs (6 m

2-. MIasn A. VaM. 113 -Against wea cited e riff nT Ja Revye 1013-Nothing t forecommn 10-1 ow t 'i A 0 "o, n-t. "h "t ,7WO
Sr a m e C. Linda Vas. 113 -Dangerous contender 3-1 o(74).

8th Race H" Inpored Fs.LPurse: $50.M PPool 4:40 n amed ias of- an o le e J"r "That'ise eh;Rte. .. .we. ....i l, ever ,Se?
"eaondd Rafeel eonndeft WeD.bew*. oapi, er_, .a g t twe
S6-Ros.a B S. Cant. 103:-Hast .shown nothing --1 TROE...HMO

7-L. Molly V. rown 1-Nothng to reIndcat 15-1 e .. ,

-ICe-A li a A.u 115 -8hpreo siv a wo lus even tha g, 8 A"S ehaeb sees l' th. .. ..
8-(. Iuincho V. alne. IlOx-Rates outside. chance 1-1 541"g

5th Race "LD" Impte 7 dFs Purse: $530.6 Pool eloses: 3:5A Man-.M hI wCR. a i li-t -- rg.. i '.e- e i I.

II E o x TWO harder Serncea. T m a gr -. Ina t e ra. Ai i n I keSH m ] "lf i -Sr
I--A F.n... Rose 116 -Back In top fet 3-1tok asToraig.hs .l oe e whP ,.

7-VatbpLRa J. _-O. l0x-To dert o n us 15-1 .ilo t3 3; o v tab 1. y t l a
-M. atJ. Bravo 119 -Muurels favorited-even R

6th Race "A" Imported 7 Fgp.Purse: 8500.6. Pool closes: 5:35 {[alanc wited tant of LottT usMan anna u Walery
1-P.outes ongO. 101x-Raes goo cance -1 5ievies ndn ati t iz d t h F r C rryin
1-Wtowina F. Vas. 110 -SeHard to beat here 3-1 g ners oaee weig- coud hEe

-Lcy.athma F. Hidal. 110 -Not tin top fm even nk fu It mde" twUad '. so ta *i | B Bo B eBe an B U i,
RDme I A. Va. 118 --pol geo t eotd even Plat __d ooln fli ting Tourtg an n s Exreme

1th Race '"" Imported 6 g.Purse: $56060 Fool close: 4: nam e s ptstte tt Tm o at h. a so
SecondIRAce of the Double p*'r thw '0" of
IC oun*e"' ss 1. l.210 -VastlyImpovednoe'w 2-1 ThWOIS n the

2--m1sto eF. MRas. 106 -NotHartingst to-hee 8t fnd thndsfontn mnrd--r, ghdgader Croin

4--D. Million AK. aores 105 -Easily next best 3-1 win. The final set waa-neck and b. "S-t e Ih
-(Norao VDw12Nibee dms l h' aI thed i
ith Rae "H" Native % F .Purse: 5 P l closes: 4:xx a n D i-GS n Cura'e aid u aI ii
1-irsta A. 3o -orm Mioin tect te ti to da da righthanded, thn Mda
3-C alor n R. V11 Hgl al Tou oad hIM in ebhik aag ll be -t. b
4-OrMd@lnter A. YR.a 13 -Murst gdon lowert 4-6 4h6 8-6 6 ob ,"a dtohid,

fi-Mincerldad V. mdal. 103l-Unpoegitable 4t e dard of Snited Qusb an' freutfu u arspl..c
Ath R .. Impeo. l is-C e l:nmdl- I Chme dan ebIc l adoa Obwisp 64rneo-ntenaubesnat tB viJ ai -un II
A. Vas s. 115 Impres Dvo wo 1o tP veennow- t ..Ru. .W l k'r

yeagrl, Athkept h o lftera.l.mpa --. --
ONETO h ces sy. TNe COREY5 ifriesa. ne i tL
Y Rs.113-SHrdtoobatwillairmt then foe rat e E h eWHELAN
4-nFe Goo11-ood h 10-1wth thew Indedins. dvles a m gSar ie ia

Cleeandhts otonIsrf o.eret in "-h d be
albiers shiftdd n tod q ht aae"R

iF rIii bove the .300 mark, hisipe-i
t ure might help the. n m ore
the local club. Easter ,as V9W U
e mbroliled in a
with aTanager Lies
who shortly after uWseto
by Taft wlrht. i.7 "
Easter, bere comlaj bat-
voiced a preference .t go to fU 1TOR O i
I ." --- --4"
Diego when the Clelast *4h Am.. "OLENLDE.
Aaetmade it ela" IOD LAD
bfWsent down for One
-I%__fit aMtrefusedrtovSr .


"I .mdertaad yu'wve
Osi int -am.
bow 0Ce -''i -




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,o_ W WN-

at te Ya 7 '** 2 8 2da 1M nteam-ew? dni ni plgay. RandicXo tt Ft Da@ M
Tm "T b r N g l h ,,
Sf ve braltar Lif Cage Ine. d w .
-- m or I

-i jamgtg ( ), r -'* -'' UE '-N D G ls W N! io ulebadr oe kte of Vh pw. hevl be hlane d re for aol o iorw9 r d LyON Bau

Hn 145se. son Kinder gl5ini ( s anE .pr sarsd se on a lewine ofh atesrd 'ayr ,the indiv~ua
S I.,. 0 _

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rodoud anda, AV a, roug tog. .
A *in eth re faeB t slde w-0g, hs bleher aderadd Al f e"Oros Jiifbe P Inmtetgr Af4 .a.on.lca ..-M ;- in

(04 YI 1 0. 0 l7 t0eaatk jel0i f. *s lae*llaottlef Bas* blrR N Ol and &l lad w1"44(
c.. =. rima cs then U Mw.

,0 0hI0 ei". '0 'lu. aN. "-P'- ." l ---n p i th" nalown g t 6 ha oIR I i dt ht w i t alo w d r h. B w ,
.u,, i. fo. (-e ... ... .. h. (.1 3,-- .. t .d aat heg i w,,r-mb.r t ea mta N usd o'.7t e t ti nll.arnot s" mio A., L ..

'o 1. go t orn-- Tltolni
won o w$i .h _lto- Plae wl ,0 be I two lir -, w ll t ato 8
i t .. 9 S.i.a u he-- ,,, iltan B .... d S .750 ,.o o n t .ei r .-I th, "us through 10 and 11 through aff a th --" .. c; ..,alit.

IW(Sm h*& Iu -a, Jay Nal S otao ft on4 oube sl b hyo s u t o ibr paltar Iice a foh Nl a on be l k of te te aS e AlE S
B0 a ( .n t .. th lant e n down ..r. V.P.-5 W will be atlo w- boae n.w.o d btoo tum lagbo .

iM, -.. a n (.."' ,00 1b .y n d and a."pe h nld arrow Nihti awo ,a.nd oe he Ai,.p ot a'nee TtO.s br-tlt

r, 8 ... .. 3 e. Wava (,,7 ) a, estream'iot te .p;.Nav__ -_atio nd GI, rma nenwe asse, mt II g v e arnt- b oe "
OP,.. .dS)+ ." fv:.batp r lLeeo w m eah-o bmrte La c Teeth awtler belo e P fa r trip orfo a ao l brd oo ta o v the tl o a .i

(Hg) 1db home eh nen of ovetamae tb leod h hMina n shn to" inero eaL whc Aw dleate In Lackne mansd the Ilai l ..atut
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Sa o d the thn f nt a l M lu r e e w In the dm or d erec6 fl o iht. 'Ir an e uba sai 10 t.

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ir N r d 0 0 0 e t ea- o t he leae u ita TO O Yl C inl et a nd r f o f ra to n d t tI n h. .t .m.. I
'Mo (e -r mo ii COe,'l mea-I a Cslr t e o rn o _..r ., nal 3v 1, bishr rd me e t l_.eTot <, and .Coarot

od a a. o rugttM a lethlt aedre tho a e dpay s io Rupert.aial, the r lae tn th as fa0 aled Iat n th e e n ot fe fawce fia throp 3c1a o1s (0S
umA, JSulwt 1 d s .oso _o-ed e Ithe that b te a o i d t e o...6 t turnout b repleuep atJrh_ _are -d h
11 Phc.34)tMou RPAW have 4r I Wednmt e a mem igh' es pmointm him rd R. ., o..p.... 2l0h0 a d. thea fitosts. Sal u p n a aad. ,a. .a.e v-
flgera eIid -w lub and now rate aos to he. le ,o Ii Mon ln,..Rn m al "'. 1 -ttmp, to oli, ,L ..
damrk thr WkWe 1 oe the rIepea t r i gt 0 o e-

hez 8:s1'-lo an l^at Sht o s narroe!Lwed rO Ohe ptakin 0ho h Ol p' t troph l
o...., ten g. 1r brasl tie on.' R ie f .. d en igh rme best-j
e ro e b piat. 5 I R( -). "rou to. o u, l, "e wh en i ... .rd ..braltar Life, t r
-- -a i-I 8 ,. P- .raalthre-"-.ilt o th ree A ntenlderu 0w matam mote as the..... p u l 0 mi be. Whi Rochester-Ric b. LiCeline o ca me alve ID ---the

...< 'N B.. ; ,, OS erdwe .-SS, m., red i n te T,, ouo .......... 5 1 1n a11 ,. .T cl wh.frt s lI '-
wHeloery 0Jeihine o thtcay eriinn an y rhha twotham wHm e ID cor ie 2-2 11t1n AUo ,ot e ee t *eouner wift wAlbopo S, lta i i,
Waleko a f.r rtnb f io Strla ede torb o ntit aei an d h euflo left-bander Ken ohn- afa. the i l C or il

doubleS haoar wro- Isen odalfoeasi wm. ruit h an l al n t's it a nt
S O" *12 2 lad' fi s t fru Eibraldtas D n foarth einna iumeaah U ao- r ,src au. 6 N e Criabo2al and 6rp .fcIi
re ma _, a aoedr dn the fast oo be byl aBout Gibraltar's hCi baon St.a oo... .. t e u nti
O4X-2 0ttag fulteral POXVI T8 Nardl *0 -h ninth P Therr wlll beer irs Prinse e for mope f.a.1E
and p501 anW WTaB O A WLhate tinr yNear ad glo owt r eiac mst ar o erw e oI..n., ., .. recer. 2d the
Pid lt a 0 l1 1t 10y. We dnn a n t mt ad O w- er n a aw u tor fl t f or er o mr crt i at
over thPht in Gamne) e t e L a S sehen atoe dns wo rem a rningl, thirdb st Inth lo .In rteA i n s e elef Si n t he flcond. 1 2 Waildlbyr
t" i ,1'.. N.. ew tor .0000*0-4 0 o* .t n e r oU the schedulA are a- The .ptn.of... Navl- in larteswttriumphe fromele ndn A 1en4 Inl st sdl4fuliOmur. -
g l1Stl. L__ b--.s 000 000 f00- r 0w b ooe e 4e ther.o... s.1dF0. t otr e .. o oi _

(Might de=a ba&M wt Aea M tat At-
I l. o e on p. e E m rarh major leus diCOMPAltA PANAMEl I
RDow 7 U two,-sm ,ir, vLUB CAMTP ESTFRE ,, I.N AI oe Clyo to lai
'-- p ma W p 06 7_. hav a 0 Outi 0 f Wet-._. mavtal of 2uden te th d cbamplonhhp. eg t anlmNod th ie pa ticp a 2 a '0 triumph.
sm Kidunn Dii.Con (--l)., .andathant .y wi .".ith a ppe u- rou; t mo c s -o New York lef nder, Roer Food. .
r ,,,GA,,,F,,,.,,,, The box s0ores: .he Qh tJn cknei (41t F'
S Adrey Don nd penty of rt n cool omfort re yu -
00H sCaOf Iqr ei H. ..h ., the bet tonel for yer heavlthio SEND, to rIEVk TA SIETE, the b1-t p.etre

)M I(* sOeme 7 t ^ Color by rchnicol Oil- I wo .'.Se .. St, .. I '
Nowbby nisd-, qnro d on t -two. in other ,..... 5 1,
Usti. U2,6) oa-,y orwhen 'thevy_ T. ............... 1 110
", Ieyr: O8 d') Ie halt, to Nval (1ur-7O ....... f .....s 1 tr 2 ee -t to andl tefl maaelt"-' .9a Row

s._4_I "_ .ILi of the .Ph tla phia Phelllu wih GIbson, N......... 5 1 2 ',.w-d Care ne ..
._ ,to',IL see- l an umpre .do mthes- B ........v Sore by am
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1i 2 u fi s' ru nkb,,r, a........... ) --._ bu. wILlhbe completeld t I -M....C...."
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lately left f 1et oenoey couot Are you a good AMATEUR PHOTOGR.PHER? .
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^ -LATE SHOWS 2.... Be the WINNER... make out .0

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GOP Policy Commit tee pps
hasntreed to hold no.

outside Washinvton. b.
P Carr, Mtac director T L'me M. .
'eainyss-Try To De-Commttee
ng wee o WAS.NGTON July 16 (UP)- after polling absent member. u- gaoistion and operation of the Sen. deo e. ot -,,
- a methe Boston hearing The powerful Senate Republican unanimously adopted a resolution ate. drmte as'rr" o Wah- "P"tlicy Com.itueeid uen. ,whi. .'h u-t-o "s .Sn .a' .t e B'w ia.Whil"the u 't did m" e b", *' dk er to ',,
M .""eat t today to try to block GOP can leader Wiiam F. .wld ... R ec

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rday. But McCtrth1 day they have dischained go s. cusedtheArmy of ""oddi"a" Coin- ,ucb a catatse.- .a ,"ing
herey action by rnject- natert ir erly r ." clr to the gt.tommhi- see si- gnmatt ers noin or- rm not ur e o
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while, Sen. Charge c.ul oo.oeU o o frmed Forc es ecar Ch t ., TD, u-. .,4,'.:.-iaa ms
thl newsmn .. ershiT D e m.. .
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Kmissioa's Third Ca Dev p oflIt aneed CommieSs work. honorable conditloBf. He Sid Sr of es^Tpagaee p
t me n p o a'll top enAdnte ra p the ervi .as casg. nate floor. R. i .sk s .l t .g.. .g ... ..
ir t Bstoa n empr ns he poled. fl dteR S ui t has said 80 c -ado p ted o'ae. rsheb %g e T "-,. r P h .s. .

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I o g w l 0 eold I rie ao and are studying ano rtment's plants di.u r ed t topr y wl' be peraorlsd. ers s ow w e-- .-l sh o .

gra.cRtance Of The Detikermined Uaur
the eA B n Rof Sn Areoustoy, De cre- Shak A enBtqry gSHE F ra --
y t usMi y t a w Sevts native of Omaha' ta ry Charl ried the man of tadI- t n.etermsd abd t. .. ..
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Mont. .n 9 r0% for Admintstra-mo In defensoItyae plthen ,;e re Cseu w&S 62y Cases Hey i, or, tr no U l

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