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The Panama American
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Weekend American
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Panama City, Panama
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daily (except saturday and sunday)[may 12, 1973-]
daily[ former oct. 7, 1925-dec. 4, 1966]
daily (except saturday)[ former dec. 10, 1966-may 5, 1973]
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Oct. 7, 1925-
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On Saturday published as: Weekend American, Dec. 10, 1966-May 5, 1973.

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HINGTON, July' 15 (UP) until conditions become a little
rety of State John Foster more normal.
a d today the Big"ThW Referrin to his talks in Pa.,
era have oked out a plclly Dulles sal'
'constructive allied unity" These talks have brought a-
h will aid the cause of free. bout an understanding concetn-
at the Geneva conference Ing Indochina much more coi-
idochina. plte than hastheretofore exzt-
lles flew to Paris Monday 6d. It enabsledus to demonstrate
emergency talks with the a nel the solidarity of the West-
Lh and French and returned eO Mijwegi In the face of Com-
Sto report to Predent hostility and intrigue.
wer. He said "I believe that "The Unied States has been
have found a formula for concerned to find a way whereby
tructive allied unity which It could help France, Ytet Nam,
have a beneficial effect on Laeo. and Cambodia, find ac-
Geneva conference, ceptable settlement. w _thout in
told newsmen at the air- any way prejudicling hascprin-
that the formula "carries ciples to which the Uited States
anger that the United States must adhere if it is to be true to
abandon its principles" itself, and It the captive and
it will never sanctioh Corn- endangered peopisi of -the world
ism's enslavement of cap- are to feel the United
peoples. States really believes in liberty
"I .had the opportunity, In Pa-
les described the agree- fllsy to explain the Unitd
Son Indochina as "much Statet position in this tepOtl
complete than has hereto. to XL Mendesw amce, whom I
b.,i-b.,ws.._ ao.. s



In Paraiso

recentt heavy rains ha s caus-
'ed. a minor earth slide 4a the
aw residential area at raise
said a short section, of lbfalaba
street has been closed two-
way traffic to prevent sible
damage to the pavement.
Approximately 200 cubic yards
of material are involved In the
earth movement on the slope
below a section of Ipalaba
Street. It is planned to fill in
some of the low area low the
roadway and install a drain to
carry away surface water in the
general area.
The closing of one half of the
street has been dope to prevent
possible breakage in the pave-
nment from heavy motorized e-
The slide which occurred there
is some distance from the major
slide below Gaillard Highway
which occurred about two years
ago and necessitated rebuilding
a section of the highway.

Channel Widened
At Slid- Areo

New Rot:e


The House Post Office and Civil
has recommended to the Congreussenc
raise amounting to five per cent of it
grade (except Giade 18) for federal e,
eral Civil Service Schedule and the Craf Pl,
Custodial Schedule.
Word that the House committee hao t ..
ably on a measure to boot the pay of a e i. e
collar" federal employes wasreceived on lhei
Local 595 of the National Federation of -dTi.I
ployes. .
A representative of the local said tod40 that
the NFFf does not consider the amount 0f-the inm
sufficient in the lower grades, it is agreed that th
sure has an excellent chance of enactmnwt ifto law
It Is estimated that if the 5 th eswhedule o r
per cen boost becoMes effective sua for a oi
t will co the nited States a 7.
sit= aboikbo 1181"500,00
uu~K1 *' '*' -jgfcd h Aim tijb

a(NEA Telephoto)
9 LAW O WITH AGU'u- Frank Hague (rigbt), 78.
former 'i ess who- once declared, "I a.i the
law," i i $h orm ot process server Leo Gattoni.
incident place in ftont ofaa esety City funeral haoute,
where ls w fr6b'!Urope to attend nephew,' funral.

* -, 0h~)

af R 1Sleu ia

Panama ity. detectives, imblit
tered by the death of one of
their colleagues at the hands of
a marihuana smoking icUie,
tronided up mote than mem-
bers of the underworld ist. ilht
In a stepped-up version of their
nightly raids o hoodlum hang-

Widespread raids followed
swiftly on the heels of the-dexlth
of basketball laying detectlyv
Antonio CastorM|a, 24, while 94
Ia rouine roundlp of marihuana

Castorina, a member of tae
Ogarrlos Panama basketball
teanwas fatallystabbed by-Juan
VVioaero Jr., 26. when the detec-
tive- asked to see his cedula
(identification certificate) after
finding the marihuana-smoking
hoodlum in a room where ho
had sought refuge when the de-
tetives surprise a group of
young thugs asmkng ."reefers"
at 25th St. and Avenida Cuba.
Vdlanero, who stabbed the do.
tective with a home-made knife
he had concealed beneath the
cedula he stretched Cas-
torina, also was fatall Injured
by a. bullet from the detetve's
Castorina fired his revolver
twice after the k tabbed
him. One bullet tnjureI Vilane-
ro fatally. Both died wih mln-
- utea of each othar in mA0o To-
mas Hospital where tWif wae
taken after the lcideat.
Castorins was well-known and
liked In Panama sport itnIes, In
addition to being a .TullI
player, bo was a regular' ulamer
on the Ancon team of tth Pana-
ma Football League.
Funeral services for detec-
iUve will be held this aftmoo .

Susie Odom
Dies In U.S.
Mra. Susie Odom. fr m-
ploye of the PanamA al Ac-
counting Department. -died- In
* quglnglh Alabama p lay *
cording to mea received W
Isthmus. a e .Va g tI
Mrs. Odp w as
the' Oaal rganl -

A- -- .e.t "..1-'

thht %?0 19caltI re Sboth
adhr to os bas r plaes. t h A tlsh' Ministers
Chief d theee that the odtedr .thenenswh.e
States d oe have a prWmary at thee .. o
sponibity ftr the Indochina .IwlU-le without
war-peae situation uldt It the .a United
I-tA.nIy opposed to any ap- States Ilea which I ad
p ennt peoe. dacrie.
ospeva. It wba reported i beiteveihat we have found
that Eden and Men ee-mce .AIrn%6fbr .otructive allied
agreed on weswf eu oitdi- .ilty w illhave a benef-
ta for an Indmochb4 p"aca t fect on the Geneva.con-
that would cal.r a c' a tre rene. And arries no dng-
line partitio VIet -=am, tt the United States will
irgeat of the treb assoMtlate M.n Its prtipciples."
4tatC, roughly About the lth was _was at the airport
paa5el, h British Ambassador BtN Roger
LaosMand Cemboda, the other =lakins. French Ambawador
two associated states, would be Wenri Bonneta.nd DeputyUn-
peturalilsed. and Vietname i derecretary of State Robert
elections would be postponed lM phy.

French, Reds Exchange POVW

As Isolated Fighting Flares
HANOI, Indochina, J *whdrew may
(UP) France and the' frm trenches and fox last
n st Indochinese today hl t for the parade, and re-
ed prisners for the turned them as soon as t was
since onthe-spot tre a over.
started north f o twoMarching before 100,000 cit
-tth aides promised t de ens of Hanoi were crack para-
100 sick and wounded trooper Foreign aegionnaires,
the same number o nred-hatted Senegalese, Algerian

tai xty tanks clanked along the
The i'neh.sent hel t tree-lised avenues in muggy
the ceaelr of a neutl heat. Artillerymen marched be-
4miles northwest of ato ide the gleaming barreLs of new
pick up the liberated American 155mm Long Toms.
union soldiers.
"htlag flared I Military sources said the pa-
aion the Ind0esmal sade was planned carefully to
t t ere was w Hanoi that the French
tlons both ldesj t would defend the city in case
ed deWisons at e diplomats fail to stop the shoot-
The French Union t g In Indochina.
encded cate
northeast of Hanot, Relatively small scale com-
determined assaults i i n- 1t crackled all around Hanoi,
el* who attempted t. .-n while the 10,000 were
their positions deait i .arching in the city.
rockets and bomber s i d 'O
go them by French i Twelve Communist battalions
A Prench hb'hA- Im completed the encirclement, of
spokesman said e rel a Hung Yen, strategic land and
vletely had cut Camp W.ruo' off water transport center 25 m.l*
bat had suffered ble southeast of Hanoi at the lower
INOes" In their rep bids tfo anchor of the new French de-
the M fense perimeter.
inpS t SThe Reds also encircled a
t French defense post named
a. Camp Erulin, 30 miles northeast
en and Luee Nam. It was
SS ppled by air. Red tops tr
un vain to cut their way through

ria is lpally rock.
The dredge movd a total of
8,5010 cubic yards of material in
the 24-hour period, ending at 7
a.m. teday it wa4 announced.
The -dipper 'edge is being
used on m C 4-h o basl to re-
move the slide Plateral which
moved into the Canal channel
last SuMday nig,.

Brazilian CIadets
Parade AlIng
Central Avenue
Stepping snutly along Cen-
tral Avenue this.mornlin, lra-
zilian cadets osf the training
schooner Almlante Salditha
marched from Canco de Mayo to
Cathedral Plaza.
Their commanding officer,
Capt. L e v y A. Reia, placed a
wreath at the bust of Dr. ARa-
doIt Gerr o, a founding father
of the RepZublic of PanamA. and
ts first Prdent.
Officers. called at the Presl-
The training ship. is carrying
29 office* and 470 crewmen on
a round-the-word cruise.
Her four tall masts ,brought
nostalgia many old timers
while Wle was. making a south-
bound transit of the Canal on
Tuesday. Today the masts dom-
inate the skyline along Balboa

Personnel Office
Moves To Corozal
The Civilla Persnnel Of-
f e eadquarten, USARCA-
be Moved to itdM r 2 1,
Cor-al. This activity was fer-
Merv- Wated in the Cutandu
Army reervation.

Diverf lave fished sUcing off
wo r of the saterbord propeller
bAdea of the paienger ship Md -
aresa nd are tW ng on the third
blade, agents for the British lin-
er said today.
Work of cutting off the blades
under water has been more diffi-
cult than was at first expected,
it was explained. For -one thing
the metal of the prop Is reported
to be of. eteedliahly bard pre-
war quality."
As each blade is pared down,
It Is necessary to turn the ship's
screw so that the.aext blade can
be moved into position for cutting.
Each time, a wooden platform
lowered for the -. -; of the divers
must be raised ad and relocated.
The Mataroa damaged two -of
her. starboard blades Monday aft-
ernoon. when h te trn swung into
west bank of the Canal at Cuca-
rachs Reach while thp ship was
maneuvering past last Sunday's
slide. In the accident, a float was
crushed against the bank, and
paint was scraped off the vessel's
Lat. inspection at Pier 15 Val-
boa revealed that it would be
neceusary to cut 25 inches from
the curled edges of the two dam-
aged blades; as a practical mat-
ter, It is necessary to cut the
same Lmount front the third blade
also, so that the screw will turn
with proper balance.
Andrews & Co.mpany. Balboa a-
gents for the Shaw, Savill & Al.
ion liner, had hopes yesterday
she lizbt suil today. Now they
are cautious about a firm predic-
tion on her departure, remarking
"maybe. tomorro- ."
To relieve tedium fc. the 370 dol.
lar-shy pazsengers bound for New
Zealand, the imp put on a movie,
"Captain P. radisi.," last night.
Most of the passengers are in-
dependent Immigrant going out
from the United Kingdom to make
a new life for themselves "Down
Under." Some passengers are

Unemployment Insurance

For Govt. Workers Near

Unemployment insurance for tee's a
US federal employee through re- nation
Imbursements to -their "tate of Federa
reuldenWe" moved a k Bearer Text
to enactment into law e"fly this 12 pa
week. In
The S&ate Comiidt e of F71- for t
nance ha u reorted f asi n B aw In

action was received from
al headquarters. National
ti.o of Federal m.ployes.
Sof the bil runs to ame

Ilta barbed Vre entanglements. HR 970,. a bll to ested and
S Balbom Tides coeeon ,w
iwprove oumlthee d with- emame
Sosted Friay, Jly Mei eaBr Blih Low has alrsdy pamed th i e S of e
3:52a.m. .......... 10 :I am. Representative. -- a
.l.., te l:M pmn. ............ 10:30 p.. News of the Sqate tomunt- une= I

Thtue gah othme lM w
to overmear dIffeuntlala.
on the I thmuse Who
with tpracu l M'
differential Paid her e
been Included in bet i
ral ee. _,

2 .2. ,75
Gra.e s om.

2 2.1 2 e UP
3 aDA-N

15 4 1
16 2* *JO
.. *
.. 1 .,

8 ...... |Sl i i


'* B 'S
.....S p 2. .
-- 5 0~
.. a *. .
I u .r74 -
- *. 4.l 37
*:: B srj15

- ryins make n
en U.S. seildes t'a I
ing them prlwS:t I
trimpeidup a
The Amark
dom tbnu th
tined streets hig
iron curtain r
Germusand e
guards had Me-as
to U_&Ar"- ASin


4:~ ~
r,.. i,.;~.

T r
ar tu

_ __

I _-

. ~--. ---






* Al,;. '

S. .


3.1 ,- Tanie A i ;V-. ....
, YE+. a Bv A, s. ,- 4-1 .. Oi '


Thi Mll Bo3. is an open laeum roe seuds ,of Tlhe P"ana A
Ma. L ef n lived geeotsful.y end are ban"leld in a wlIlY e li-
r bI e1 a kter den't be imasp tle t iti d*tve apreagobt
tom*t im the 1Ies limIted *t em pag le ,a*sh.

1 = 10 0 isomers ee .

ear So-lled Soab:
.This 0 written in a vein of sympathy for you but I must
ex my respects to the skilled craftsmen that you comn-
Itavery unfortunate that due to the policies .ot an "econ-
y" minded Republican administration and a w fuAlly inept
I personnel do-artment you have been placed in an embar-
g position. You were employed in a job in which you are
welcomed bY your fellow workers.
Now lt us et to the basic elements of the. situation. The
aftsmen cannot be gainsaid in their contention that It is
hy desirable irl emergencies, to have every towing locomotive
he capable of working at a highly skilled craf The con-
-minds', o athe other hand. are quite right in pointing out
at an emergency may never arise and that it is an ovious
Seof skilled manpower to hve electricians, machinists, heavy
ge blacksmiths. etc., sitting in towing locomotives.
rBoth sides being right, the situation called for consultation,
Swill and a skillful selling Job. "
The governor and his personnel director had to sell an un-
teasant deal. mainly. we suppose, because the G.A.O. and the
budget bureau (with that Republican Congress breathing down
aeir necks) saw a chance to "save" some money.
I wasn't what they did but how.-they did it that count-
Instead of getting the complete complete cooperation of the crafts-
men. they proceeded to ram the new deal down their throats
with a zeal that only self-righteous men can ever attain.
The present situation. as you point out, is loaded with dan-
ger and It behoove the administration to g to et gether with those
selfsame loyal craftsmen that you misguidedly accuse of "ridnto
the gravy train" while you were "over there trying to make t a
better world to live In."
If you take a moment to consider you know in your bone
that those very men gave you all out support when after being
denied the chance to oin the Armed Forces because they were
i ldred m dispensable) they bitched in working many hourd
In rtlme puttau the slops through, then engaging hl all sort
4voMintt .woW k such as civilian defense, bond salesmen, US.O
workers, etc.
i Don't.4 rect your anger toward these men, whom no one has
bothered to thank for a lob well done or to assure them that
,heir security Is not endangered. Those who want to stay here
lre'nre than welcome-they are needed. Those. who want to
o back to the U.S. can still fipd good jobs (or can they?). .
-How do you suppose you might feel about teaching your job
to a lIcal rater (even with a 21 cent bonus) so that the "economy,
minds" might make further 'savings"?

- Observer


*i.A -.'i -

artny is again abp i
f-to ,ecLivA-J
an working
Working man St.
4m ita tactics ait
l ishIft is this:
,From f pc:twar
hauculence, twe party

Fe American people, the j-rty
|ta.cates, must be mot to Ulu
that there's nothing tq far in com.
amunlsm I

SA public statement (called a
"draft program") issued-lby the
National Committee- of the Com-
mfunist Party, USA, this spring
points up ':Li sfit in tactics. The
very tite, "The American Way to
Jobs, Peace. D nocraey,' betray;
the Communist double and
tMe st.. ment is rem c d the
wartime "*.Eri .rowder pelod" of
the Communist Party (u 1-1S)
when the Communists dd every.
thing possible to "play down" com-
munism and to "cooperate" with
free government. It reveals that
the line now is to lull Amerieans
into believing that commusm
does not conflict with American
traditions and beliefs. Witness this
statement from the dpaft program.
"Tie Communist POrty declares
that it seeks no conflict with any
church or any American's religi-
ous belief."

That from a conspiratorial group
which has atheistic materialism as
its basic tenet!
One must know Communist tac-
tics of the past in order to under-
stand those of the present, The
"friendly" period came to an end
in 1945, when Earl Browder, ex-
ponent of the "we can- get-along-
with-capitalism" theme, was oust-
ed. The party, taking Its cue from
Soviet Russia, Locame more trucu-
lent.. It denounced "cooperation"
with capitalism and urged a more
militant class struggle.
Now, as more and more Ameri-
cans become aware of the menace
of ccir.:. .lsm. the conspirators
seek t- allay their fears and hood-
wink them by again donning the
"friendly" i ask. .
Men and women wl.o are mem-
bers of American unions must ex-
ercise the greatest vigilance of pll,
for it is toward them that the most
concentrated efforts of the Cbam-
munist conspiracy are being dl-
rected. From its earliest days the
Coammugiat Brty has stressed se

'~' :c



Instruction For The Future

-D 0 -j

The crushing of Communistt y a military' unta- undet Col. how much strategic guidance
and pro-Communist government Carlos Enrlque Dia. this country might have given
elements in Guatemala repra- Distant observers were akepti- the rebels may not be known for
sets a smashing triumph fdfcal of the move, fearing a trick some tinp. Indications are it was
freedom in the Western Hem y_ Arbens. _ven the junt'a out- not much.
aphere law of tiMe CommAun Party Wh d count was
The 12-day revolution which faled--eonvince.o Cos- he o Aoterla. Am-
brought about this result was a tell said the war would go on b asadr John Peurifoy, symbol
weird series of maneuvers in an until the government met rebel of the great power to the north.
area of the globe notorious for demands for the complete crush- Quietly but forcefully, he lent
strange wars and stranger poll- ing of the country's Communist moral strength to the men who
tics. elemehits. were emboldened to overturn At-
Por days, the rebel forces led There followed another palace bens and. clean out te Coimmu-
by Col. Oarlos Castillo Arma$ coup, wit another ju fta beader ...,. *
seemed to be figHting a shadow by tough .C1. Elfego J. omaTon The Communist fe spot. In
ant4nn Tnnnearman w&A_ *.antm- moilnr in Ma eaw A lftal n Mid WKaUed .lNo11kas h*ia

ed out ac u baaa d a

mottee has hd t
that it cap hI no IBvUai

quite a ct Ai.a
at eary $3
ate financial sup
gate snead.h

OP that It had b e Otb;,

I.Yw t* o eto
b at0 e e

reach. Imnet at the Atc S e& tr
geour. Ir




mty e


Despite this handicap, however,
and with the strong support of
Chairman "Lager a Republican,
tie Senat- c.m mitee has already
uncovered some imaI'ng facts.
Here are some of them:
1. Pressure was brought by oth.
er public utilities to make sure
other competing companies did
not bid for the atomic energy
plant at west Memphis; thus the
Dixon-Yates combine which got
the bid, had an outright monopo-
ly-thanks to Eisenhower's per-
sonal order,
2. It was apparent that the prl.
A-te utilities had. made a deal
with the Eisenhower administra-
tion, perhaps as s e as a year
** A o ut *Iaenwn fima eiet'eQ Ini

I "M C na" F so qa1eP.

000,000 less es:' padicived,
life I -W f htVon
Treetow, withoutt imntio i n g
nemsr"' e pla
Wh en Moan was e ll to thee.
witness rtaM he anja al over
the aoUmee room.ibut fl'aUy,
ad mtted tht he witE w trom
his business ara oem it withh
Votn Trieko because of presa:
. private ilites.
AMe n also out
evidence abdwlng that the Atbmie
,ergy Cemt qa could ,have
built A1 fo- at Pt o ,
060,5 leou, *hen spread/over the
10 at the contract, 'under the
Von Treackow proposal.
Furthermore, the powe' plant,!
at the end of The contract, would
have reverted to the Untted4
States dnatea of booming the
property of Nion-Yatia. as a
rifled under the contract Wrcblh
President Eisenhower orded to
be signed.

These a some of the facts
coming to light in one of the most
signifcant probes o( the power
companies since gen. George Nor.
rib of Nebiaska showed how the'
power companies had subsided
teachers, paid for slanted text.
books, and financed certain nqws.
papers in a drive to put their
own power policies across on the

Foot Soldier Still

ws a..l'W7P

i[ Anser to. revi s. Puize
I~~~~ aaaa fa

S ACROBS8 54 To cut
S, Iraq isthe 55 Auricle
A e f-- W Aor4m0nusof .
Mesopotamla maples
SIt saret DOWN
producer 1 Amphitheater
among 2 Stair parts
its ief crops 3 Declare
12 Get up 4 Howe-m*.r
13 Americap *
writer. GOrek letter Nymphs
14 German river Sidelong look 25Dress
15 Essential 8 Rot flax 27 Small bird
Seeing 0m 9 Form a notion28 Go by
i summer (r.) 10 Stops S3 Decree
17 Rip 11 Strayed 34 Lease-tenant
oJorn 1 1Mod pleasant 36 Peaceful
STrap _'20 Ridlafes 7 Freebooter
G1 Peer Gynt's
23 ndia In n ram
Iweapon '. _
34Matched T
36 Scattered -
I ,,Tops of hea I
2 IAlways .
30 Social insect *
.91 Consumed
.' Capuchin I "
monkey I
8 AncIent i- -|
(poet.) -I -
,SXpfk of hair
4 Weird
41 PaId notices
n spanewsapers
4 Age -
45 rate
S 43Hgh eOrd *

0 16Statlon (ab.)

S3 Small pastries
40 Diner
43 Demolish
44 Things done
45 Fruit
48 Priority
(pre50 x)
50 Fondness

a c in o a Into
Iban lbor, entire
union, uencing policies, and
exercising an influence far out of
proprtio to Its umbers.
The nation owe, a debt of gratil-
tude to,those vigilant elements in
Amerli labor whtieh realized
S oceerred. Alerted to the
Is of Communists in their
matsL, patriotic union members
acted promptly to rid themselves
of this evil.
Many of communism's past
ains have now be wiped out.
though, as in many other areas of
American life, inroads still exist.
Any defeat eof Cdn.mmunst intrigue
in the labor movement Jnflicts ser-
ious damage to the party as a
At no time have the Communists
relaxed t h e i r efforts. Their in-
structions call for an intensified pr.etrate the labor move-
ment, apecially the so called
"right wng" unions-to gain re-'
c to rculate party literature,
to iluence ilicy.Y
A ,a c "lwc'niTation" program
to plint ndividualh, not known as
ConAunists, in national defense
estabshahrents is presently under-
Thls rereesents, a menac; it
the greatest magnitude and re-
veals that the party'.s chief objec.
tive i not to advance the welfare
of labor, but to abWieve, the means
for eventual Levolution.
The party is striving 'vigorously
to give the widest circulation to
Its recent statement. entitled "The
American Way to Jobs, Peace,
Democracy." You may receive an
unsolicited copy of it. If you'll re-
gard it as a statement of an or-
gasaUtion which is anti-American,
an-labor, anti-democratic and an-
ti-religious you will have seen at
srue meaning, Once the false face
which cries for "peace" "demo-
cracy," sad "jobs" is stripped
away, you will find a Communist
lackey whose first loyalty is to a
foreign power, Soviet Russia. Look
behind his "double talk" words.
You'll find he's not really inter-
ested higher wages, better work-
ing conditions, or helplbi y He's
out to promote communism.
The American laboring man,
through knowledge of this shift in
Communist tactics, can do much
to defeat. Cqmauntst objectives
The party's tactics shift and turn.
Its ultimate g o a I remains un-
chafged. That goal is a Soviet

Born Dance To Be
Held In Patio
Of St: Joseph's
A barn dace will be held in,
0e patio of 8t. Jouph's Church
0n July 31 bW thea Aholf TothJ

been more fighting than could of American Statek, a ceawmftre it victory
be reported. And when Colonel was arranged. need for unflain vi-
Castilo's small air force wun lance closp to h t an obvi-
into fuller action and was unop- Thus, though the rebels never us. lesson from Oa mala. A
posed, the war's complexion put a ground force In the capital blWger one may be this: America
changed. Important towns fell to and never took more than a fair must use its moral and material
the rebels, and they marched to- portion of the country, their per- power speedily, in the early stag-
ward the capital of Guatemala sistence, their 'tiny but damag-as of trouble, if it would really
City. ing air force, and the moral wipe out or check the Commlu-
Suddenly, thq impact of this backing given anti-Communist nist cancers that arise to infect
gathorl e'itorm was felt at the elements by the United States this globe. In many cases it is
alace. The pro-Red regime of produced the dramatic ouster of now too late; but Guatemala
President Jacobo Arbenz Guz- the Reds and their aympathizers, provided instruction for the fu-
man resigned, and was replaced HBow much material distancee, Cure.



__oif o
I .I I 1 I I II II --

1000 Pairs

50% Off


-- 4.



-- -**~*I,* -
*;~.i'j *~


", .- L 4 ..
.4 4 4.


T -.

supmpen s wi v ea s u *lw W
n13 eampas n th strategy was
so-carUM y prepared that Esen.-
ow., actuallyspelled out the
Dixon-Yates apla hin s budget
message last January.
3. The strategy of blocking TV
was one reason for dumpg-TV',
Administrator Gordon C lp, a
nonpolitical career map who had
an excellent record and who was
nmeLatel cnachued up by New
Yr City at a hlbhr salary to
hadles Its pewo. U*ba. lisen-
bowel told Colafes a

*Ionae at s eh' at:
Tennesse Univerity, who ob-
viously knew little about power
The way in which the utlities
arranged not to let anyone else
bid for the atomic energy pwe
plant told In a sec hearing
when senators crosa-exa min ed
David B. Sloan, head of Gibbs and
Hill, which had helped epare' a
competlag bid for "Walhr Vo a
Tresckow, former vIce reside
of the Hanover National Bank in
Nev. York.

w w.wpe rt pce eo5 R oo t ol
dier ad rfle, n per on
Shoulder arms eleves,
The role of the rifenman In theo
past and the weapons made avail-
able to him from colonial tUime 4
tdy described in a boo,
I aI F to MI," by JoSeph
W. aelds, ., just published by
Cowird-MeCaa, -Inc. (7.o0).'

& a a res re.- "..
c sp8lae U P f E

"Not uetll.a l fleman pldants his
GIbp ts l, An pecof sila dr e.-,
was to dig rected towod that
ibethe tare el a battle ao n

Shields says that the rifleman,,
andbooton weaipon oerm a aune '

combinaonf in warfare he taa
COMPANY TAKES A POWER operate his weapon and earry hll
ammnumltion all by himself, he fres
Gibbs and HUl Is one of about by direct observation ad I 'ane
seven big engineering fir ms self-suflcelst combat team. He
which draw plans tfor .c utII- IMgt"h". aIddtionnto stoa
ties and hd ben retained by wepon re h fie naoa eo
Von Tresckow to pepar & bid seek, Ways of flking its infantry..
on the West Memphis-plant Sud- men more efchve. _

By Calbraith.,,


~~L J'





* .

-. ""a i n
j rq nvosion

Cot a Less To Sell
a House Thio Wavy!
Te. " soe* go te "
INe hweeh sm rm e tWe Went
Ad i, 'e Ph. ma e AiMrew.

'*~ -~

r~ ~



IS] ti i M

mrrrlupl r~i9tfl





.i l~t~




*Lk ,. IL


h m E.60





r p

and n

ofnA and Di
a U Goto

e -h to set
'ys tg th a striif

G. She 4BMiic Cowan V W B
The Gqvemors' Captewimae tr .o*n to t l Wl i _O
ed with election of Gof. Robert rpr e vs such as H e
F. Keehoi of Louisaan as hair- otr trfe t. .o1 ne~s.
man for the coming y1ar; uge sa the te house id-
Chicage was seleeitd the vmrs would be glad to matuain
site of te 1 5 meeung.. clsel relations.
he gsver v.te" to make -_-
their a* t iu. jb.% way
Needs "an lm a.-
boutPr B House Okays Kill
W 10-year uead bald- 7 *I
qeta,, was .,, ToUet Novy Build,
lead toA40on was e
lead to ahg'o 20 Fast Tankers
late thl ear to w as theomat-
ter wft e Presidtat.": -
W#tedt '.wN, Jul 15 (UPI
or 510- /iio.-dollars In IAbe dt lt, the Navy Jbuild 29 fast new
five yes. kers.designed tp etrun sub-
nIt w uns almost al mltis marines,.
Thesn post posting to ecoqo- Up to 150 million dollars would
mic lmprovement Heae madnto- be appropriated to .pay for the
elude 'e loyment fiigrel o r vessels, which wold he construct.
June,-I "work we n a some ed in private U.S. shipyards.
mark stability a bettral- The bQ1 now goes back to the
anc. i inventories. Senate, where. It was passed earli-
Beardsley challenged Hauge's or in a different form.


New Tires
870 x15S
S with your
$14.095 old ti.


670x15 $8j0

i r.t C o u t .. ..... a... a

.;' ,. R r... Co.e. cl m t lr
Spast a o
a ed e to bifi
_,'z r _aM f wttsn .1 were "Ilagrant errors" oobu
^ a .'war surpW ted ln the trial of the usl
J. A whc Jified their Ie '
*^ ,r -War flj aote t bail pending an.appea ;e*,;
they o beg uerg cha ed the Finns and their
a years for hae ey played for two week in
Watr n a treet g for ball while engaged ti
yts Irat h _. prrt.. "planned" publicity eatipagle a.
ie-and tfh district behalf of the brothers. .




r-5-' f htwed chIo tee i o
m elue, the m^ asie trit_
nealt. said (
meal aWnt wa totatd
but tecbulcana UIpod B taiBe
could a.h 1 me adittu until
the face sh l heaw i t peeW
ablutIon overziflii. *
btxouni) R feewed f eaurh of the

As pellee awue fod result er
the tlt a he T-blrt, and ,
dlter coembed the lake bot-.

SThe La Boca B.enef6 Aid will
hol Armed it regular onthlymeeting
tonig the Pafic Srv Boca series
center commencing at. p.m.
There will be a big sie atb
the meeting for those artensding
It was announced.
CIO Armed Serviaes
Chapter Meeiang
The Armed Services chapter of
Local 900, GCEOC.CIO, wIUl hold
a special meeting tnigh 7:30
in Coe Pacific Service Center.
The membership will elect new
officers to run the chapter for .thb
next 12 mboths and delegates to
the fourth annual meeting sch dM
uled to be held on Aug. 22. In
addition candidates for local alof-
fices will be nominated. Father
C ele, secretary to the Arehbih'
opric of Paiama, will be prince
pal speaker.

XAY r .j 9=n
Hayesformrwapl Dr.
Samuel Sbeppa of y ViI-
lage, 0.. may be called for
queationina in probe of brutal
murder of U prdp's wife.
tom,.authorilles till ought to
establish the motive for the
They continued questioning
Dr. Sheppard about his relations
with Miss Susan Hayes, 24. a
fortner ale at Day VIew Hospi-
tal now living In Los Angeles.
Dr. Sheppard denied any ro-
mantic interest in Miss Hayes.i
His two doctor brothers. Rich-,
ard and Stephen Sheppard,i
asubstatiated his story.
county Coroor Samuel H.
Gerber, coordinator of the in-
veatigatlon. said the three broth-
era, all .osteopaths, still refused
to take lie detector tests.

Double Bed 17.50: Sngle
10.001; Metal Dressers with
Mirror 18.00; Living Room
Suite 39.00: Dining Tabe
with 4 Chairs 29.00; Sofa-
Beds 125.00: h i 0 .Chairs
2.00 ; Wardrobes Modeth
Style) 66.00; Bookcases
.50; Sideboards 18.00; Din-
lig ablels 14.00; Many
other Bargaln in New and
Used Purniture. Also Refri-
Tel: .

17' ~

i *

" Newest, f or j, ft#




1 ** i


TU n the COMESOcA, thA handma.b nW, .all-ed station
I mof Studebhw is aimbaduent Is ts 1954 lne. Designed "for
romple who go plo s" its new brings b a memories of the early
Ammdem. pim..e who "went plaue." In tO original boredrawn
ComUdgsu of mar than a menstry ago, ay of whiebh wer built
by the faondinM Studeldker brothers. The station wagon Is avail.
ableto both the and the Commarandar V-S.


No. 27 Automobile Row

. o Tels.: 2-2086 and 2-3172

Your Favorite Night Spot

'," a1 -1- *'U

WhE gl'phy meatemso tes at ynar tawe
I uerp De ...............$. p.p.
SSpecial s te tMes Cadle $1.5
. ; Z*. .... .. .


PALL MALL'S attractive, bright-red psekage is
always present in places where important and
distinguised :people meet. ..' because it's the
cigarette of distinction.

WI *

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importnt a

.i 1

Fly KLM.for Business and Pleasure

KLMhas been called the n.'aig1ecaue of itsw ft ad
inua i o m b is d BM' t w. iuuu al t hu

emM detsrvcesW.oan Pam rto me e sn won
pleaSure airine whether you are just going t
Europe", you wil appeciate the comfort of a jo
te luzu riuKM i UAdb"n


* Dirone fth
* Vie CuMae

*sa, Triddi


. M*won *
1 U re ki *i a iMion '
to %4A d CAN'5


MID a. i


WO* lh prai -
IN C.,T, I,. ill"O-


w an
ITo"w. Clam .

On all tue fighto KIUM A0 .l
airumft 'a Super Conteflations, DC-WiB Can
84W,, whIch ae -l pruwm..d aad rnx.Btipre..
of coume. ybu enjoy KiM' fmounoM
serM everMy tine you fly the WORWS I i
fet fu.. ..wmiv w Adk id. sa w
5nuee MAdw A. .6 VN Mr e., Tel O 24



..,-*';" ..- i




- 1

I, g


-~-- --

*: ''a^.,..


" g


s '*


i ,.V ,i w0 V l Iuwo M^TV
w Iuby GN U" Jjobu"

jYWOOD- (NIA) -Nota- follow a career In pictes. It ea
Stables: be a nice life. I know I've e.
*(lmg Berlin, on why he won't joyed it."
t O dotted line for a movie -
00 his life story: Charlottq Austin, Gene's daiilh,
T yw should I when Hollywood ter, blushing to the. rumor ti
Smy fiction and my songs? If are will wed Dan DaJley:
fataily wants to let a studio do .
sfe tory when I cool, It's "Now, now. I've known Dan
adriviege." or slace I signed wift Fox. I h
fun with him. He's quite a C
I fuihes. about her acter. But I don't think he's snil
't. b Hugh Her- ous and I don" think Iat, NX,
Wo "The Mood Is ther."
un6e1 is preoccupled with Paulette Goddard, on movie
.j virgity. fame:
"A woman should nt. make a
W ~.W s about television: career of work. All she will end up
the iip$Tme in the history with, if she does, is a secretary
two creative artist and a book of faded press clip.
da oportunity to address pings. Neither is a consolation
f p .ple .The lesson of when you're old."
Me and ease with which TV I
j- is something that we movy Dorothy Dandridge who plays
ars have got to learn." the title role in "Carmen Jones,"
"man, fming about holding forth on wex appeal:
|IlHd .Merman, fuming about the .
eat allegations in Lillian "The.o'i never been a good ac.
SI'11 Cry Tomorrow" biog: tress who couldn't register sex ap-
F wh"le thing is so ridlcilous peal if the tole called for it. If
* dtn't even want to c om. the actress falls to be convincing.
l t. I'mc certainly not going it's because there's a mental block
to defend myself. How of some kind, Tell a good ..e ass
n know that I saw her to ?onvey it to audiences, and she
Paramount Theater in New will be sexier than 4 wrmap who
when I was a stenographer? is blessed with all the physical at-
S see some of the pictures she tributes of beauty and magne-
'rrcl Flynn, about his three Barry Sullivan, on why he pre.
tWives: fers live TV:
"I married twice and they were. .
--th mistakes. I: was only when "You do a bad live one and It's
married a third time to goodby, but the filmed ones come
trice Wymore-that I really fell back to haunt you over qnd over
love. I'm still n love. 'his time again. An actor's taking I chance
Is for keeps and I am going in a television film. I see bome of
be a good. a huand and a ood them and I'm ashamed for thq
g. I'm just plain lck and ed guys involved. I'll do them only
being regarded as a not-very, if they're darned good and I won't
coto-know sort of guy." Ifeel like crawling under the rug
ig'-'-"when they're shown for the 10t
HUlegard. th glamor spinster, time five years from now."
about marriage:
real Mr. Right hasn't come Ida Lupino, about directing her.
'~ljet. I he does. I may evenIself again in a movie:
u sp this work I've given m 0,,
Being a very erious Oh, sweee, I don't ever want
ses means forever with me." hdothat again. I'm an actress
,- -.. who needs a director'. It's just too
I oel MecCrea, about an acting tough to direct yourself."
'" glveo oba tion. 1 think he Robert Wa, "I'm not a star,
ll do very well as an actor. Hebut an actor. Thanks, anyway. 1
something like me, but his think the life i. terrific."
are better. He get them
another. I'd like im to Burt Lancaster: "As a kid in
1New York I had a fight every
day. But I can' remember ever
winning one until I wa; 14,"


Ug msOy Or aARTRiat WAI

^ t^ r iS!IStI?A
"1 ***I uCvoUMigMTHlft
*. **S22lla


E git has the Nan of Kames
as she scuds over the Firth of
her. Tricky winds have yachts-
during exciting racing. (NEA)

Royal Velveeta Soup

Dona DeliMc says
Usle Veivet 4 in all

pr Vlvesta soup with flavo
fit for a kingI With tip-top
nourishment that's wonderful for
your i kl Per wery "ving of
Ivast hos mar* vital fo w'luA
n.mn8-br.glosvofn ml".
Obe a pt. of potato waelr. Add
pw hot, m qbe$pototqe. oncr 1

* 4 I 4, dsurddqd Vlett,. SMir
Add O and' ibn.Ad
1/ fts Wocestwrshnir seOna Serv -
hot, garnished with chopped parsley.
Every serving has more nourishing
food valve than on -8.oz lass of mik

Ivesa by KRAFT

Acceptance? :'

What Every Humabaad Klow


in [1XLL


AL" Vml

~.w i ...



suu'L 1 MU mUlb IA u u



On the Ma '.

Details ..IdilIW

o.TN ) SIXwtl .I S
on mv WNG i

.`' f~ ''~~?ooP~

vtU VAUL "No ws 9% w- -
B IF OYT T 05RMI yPoLomwpm t

TIU6. *---IH^C 'nuWfirr

Hot Trll


*I mAgOQ aUmSaM

.*tl 0 L .TO liai

dlS &






SI.-I'Lt 014 Om-

Uam' mUa WAO

Dmot vpo.
ooi .t*m-
w pTU'5
I .Aq0 Wlro a~s

* 1.S. WOUIAMf


I CAM'7 \Iou6C

^'SAi.^/ .-t^
a VA";,^


1- .
jLK MUk .- 7:




*H f.064

- --

'r :










- '. ., .

L l- --* '.Y.
'*..." .


.ism WE THE fr1

kAMUTME; ~ ~ V C*mm 4Ut^ 1&'HM OUT
MO seROI pn KT JAn.

1, o

dr.'IL uisU .Y.

on the t w .


, t Fo members attend
Bm-wskr-7. 7 J. omifleld;, Mr.
Lesaard Board. Dr. F. J. r
Dr. E. P. Carpbelf, Mr,. G.
Conger, Mr; I. F. Jessee, rs.
Dora Ducry Mr. P. 8. Fox, Dr.
J. J. b" Dbr. J. & Hathaway,
Mr, A. IL o y, Dr. IL R.
Jonne. Dr. E. J &omsM
Ca Kan, r. Bow rd
Mis M. J. a, Dr. Gustavo
Moa r rI. C. Parsons Dr.
Cliffod :eaa.e, Mr. atarles tlfo.
r. Vanme, ftogers Dr. F.
-Rogier, Dr. W. V. Russe Dr.
W.-TSow.ler, M4VU0 Name Ort.
a& Mr.. W. IL -Afi mi U
Wirdhw Ji. ".,^We

The event for ;uly will be .a
dance to be, held Saturday nigt
In what used to' be the Curundu
Commissary Ae. The commi-I
sary Wars mre ly closed and t
apsae has ee to use for
comniBimty rtaument.
T annex a part of the club-
house, affording ample space fmr
a W dance with refreshment
faeWL res rooms, etc. un-
de n amea roof. Clubhouse d
Sparking areas are ample
for ac.imodartl of the cars o
everyone who attends.
ltcketa went on sale last week.

thi pwieth am i and

ar."m ia wr.- uw on. misS gMi-., ', t -
-. 10 O 6..... I aK -.
or ft rle=b"gad 'va t.

were aom at lst wees
met board directors Bll To Up Scale
S- C i,.wenOf Re-Enlistnent
lntniman of the. dance coo"iBttn. uest...... '-.1O L'"
Imported everything in i*.s Bonuses Cts Okay
%r the bg event.
S big eventWASHINGTON, JAly 15 (UP)-
The proceeds will be addqd 'to The House today paed and seat
the swimming pool fund whth to the White Ie a bill to in-
has grown to almost half the re- crease the scaieof r-enUlstment
quL d sum. bonuses in thd armed services.


$6 w-,a

W.SHIMGTON,'Ia 15 (UP) -
The Fed Comi catimu Con-
m ln. today to Interfere
with plans of Western Unio Co.
to increase its telegraph rates by
in average of 11 per cent.
The nw rates, filed with the
comndssion an Jan. 15, therefore
will go into effts t at midnight to-

The increases, affecting all types
of service ipt ress telegrams,
are deulgnee to rai se Western
Union'# --ve-a ly about 10 mil-
lion dIltars a year.
Western Union said *@ boost
lion dollars in additional revenues
a year, but that the Inreased
rates will cause a drop of about
a million through reduced use of
The increase for domestic tele-
grams will amount to about 16 per
cent for all customers except those
who use telegraph service la volF
, The eommiaslon,, In announcing
r wlH permit .th e to Ao
Into effect, said i Would a u
Union's earning .nd upon the
ue of the telegraph service by
the public.
Commissioner Robert T. Bart-
ly disagreed with the majority
stand of the commission. He said
ihe would have held up the i_.
creases at least until a PubniC
hearing eould be held m eI'aMM-
LImtfmB BHMOU .- I. -_-,,",

ftd !. oBria pedals agc hlbl water i*w Ud HU'W3IaW
sAildent of Toledo, Ohio, Boloes atslibStbb eve
e_, .made of a bicycle trapme a
S l .. .. ,

47 .';
* ,?..

1847 ROGERS Bl08S,
Choice of 6 Patterns

B But. .
You can Serve,
with this reserve .
for 8...a-ud pay
in convenient
payments ,


ONE cfrNT'
A --46



- ,' ,>. .. .. / ,, -,1.

erftalde OgMe. 3 Une1 ioave'e a "Family Fun Night" tomorrow
crashd, kaln 9 persons,- ap- fro 5:00 to 8:30 p.m. at the
aritly eause of 'metal a- Churcbh.
iue" audby high cabin pres-- Games for young and old re
gure. by h planned. A one act comedy, "Not
uyewl s said the big Vic- 4uch ba oe"' will be pre

ward u," wom n sa W General a n is 21 cents,
en a re tt te huge.lerift not tU We 0per family.
a eomed abot to nw Intous. .
but iaaed ia few Ineh above n MulfIN&i .
the th df ti bui "Jt after- Tuhe Pamaa Golf Club will hold
war tIe tall appeared to fall it regul r Suday evWg. asbuffet
oft." upper ronm 63 to 9:0 p.m. A
second later, the mighty Jet program ilner mu will be'
cr shed and& blew up. itesend..
The big bomber first flew on, -:
Dec. 24, 195m, tnd It had made f IM e .u bds .
numerous sucessful test nights T Suanit Golf and Country
.hnce that time. Pilots had Clb will mposor a n to be
that aU they did was to point the el at 7:0 this .evnng. Cash
plane at the runway-from there pzes will be awaldadthe .winns.
on it landed itael T pub S nvited toattend.

* *. ow +


Cske. T e up. *e' op *o.
ki he W out ofit workd...
ad taere'awasl whatoewerl Yoemy

l fo what youm t. as wy it in
such a big barpul Bird Eye Chicken is
perSed aways.. .-sd always Servo it

3~l~1b~ muss ~..,.3L a. muir am 1




"I am unable t1o .ee.
time that the P =,
*re just and reasong



Colors available in ALL NATURAL,


' r

5 x 7 . .. .
6x9 ., ......@
8x 10 .........
9x 12 l ...... ....





While you're .here see the

fmt w uAuLITY 3us



Shop at'the.TWO for ONE STORE. J

o QT. i "- --U.j .R

&flm&# .


* ....'-~.- -.

.d .. a r.

offer |
for thu





1 ffO f glasses...

from just one


Omaga Lemen*Ma bmpe Rasphavy Skewbusy Chebmy






- --- --

--- I rs iree*llrrClwn

- ---

: ---,-----


>eijr^ ow^


- i "^t,

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4.'T t I- ; .

.,, ,.**.

*'^ **.";- *^ <-^^B
.** .*'*''.-**^m
'- .< ,' -.,'^'?
/ -... *** ** .^^l
: -.^rt
*'.** *** ,'-^^'
** -. *^T^.^


FOR SAE:-f 946 Buick h i
t'onsportation, cheap. Tlephone
FOR S .LE: 1952 Mercury Hard-
top, excellent condition, 5 new
tire-, rodio, heoter, directional
Ights; only $1475. Call 2-1442 or
25-3150.9 "d
FOR SALE:-1947 Pontiac B-cylinder
4-door sedan, excellent condition.
Con finance. 77-H. Coco Solito.

FOR SALE:-1948 Chevrolet Conver-
tible. excellent motor. Motorola ra-
dio, white sidewall tires. Quarters
257-B, Gatun.
FOR SALE:-1950 Ford V-8 2-door,
excellent condition, heater, radio,
39,000 miles. 5 good tires, seat
covers and defroster. Call at 49,
4th of July Ave. Phone appoint-
ment 2-1107 Panama.
FO RSALE: 1948 Willys station
wagon, duty paid. Tel. 3-3477 of-
fice hours.
FOR SALE:-1948 Hudson. Excellent
condition. Priced for quick sole
$395. Call Curundu 52f7 after 5
p m.
FOR SALE:-1948 Ford sedan with
radio. Call Albrook 6118 after 5
FOR SALE:-1950 Buick Specipl 2-
door sedan, excellent condition, one
owner. First $850 can have It. Geor
shift. radio, under-coatingl, eat-
covers. Can be seen at S508-B,
Diablo Helgeh (Haines Street),
Thursday. Friday or. Saturday.
FOR SALE: 1053 Pyi Cron-
brook 6.800 miles. I-k wn.
er leaving Canal Zone. s 81,
Albrook or call Albrook 8142.

tF. LE;-'* 6-strond bamboo I
.f Ingroom set. consistini of sector
settee, I armchair, 2 end tables,
coffee table & I bamboo desk w'
mahogany top. Call Balboa 287
after 4:0 p.m. __
FsKOR SALE: Oversize "Hollywool
S-bed, 6'6':6'x6'. innerspring mo
.tres $80; single bed complete $2
vacuum cleaner $1,' gas vwGt
e water $95; gas stove Phone
00 3 or 3-4175. Panamao
FOR SALE: Double bed complete
drksaers, 3 upholstered choirs, me
aI kitchen cabinet. gas range, deo
Sfreae Frigidaire, 1 end table. bu
fWt Will sell separate. Reosonob
Spriceas. House No. 3, Apt, 3, 47t
Street, Bella Vista
R SALE:- Leaving Isthmus: G
.sovq and hot water heater. Optic
apartment. Via EspaAo. above Bel
Lista Theater. A l. 3
R SALE:-Mohogarn veneer bea
S room se, new, spring and mottie
Best offer. Albrook 86-3193,
,ORSALE.E-Sngle Beds $10, Doub
$17.50, Dressers with Mirror $8.51
Choirs $2, Modern Wardrobes $61
Desk $19, Bookcases $6.50. Lir
h room Suite $39.50, Dming Tc
blex 516. Innerspring Mattresse
$39. Many Other Blas ins in Ne
and Used Furniture Also Refrigero
tors and Stoves. We Deliver wit
First small payment. Easy terms c
41 Auto Row. Tel. 3.491 1.
1SLE SE:-Westinghouse retrigeri
Stor 9-cu. ft. 5100. Phone 3-299.
'; Boats & Motor.
S'SALE:--75-hp. Chrysler moto
'eb7ilt with intention of using i
bOt. For further information ca
.Sherwo od, Balboa 1236, Monda
'thiough Slturday

FOR SALE:-Lot worth $3,500, sell-
ing for only $2.750: 630 meters
fronting Trans-Isthmian Highway
155th Street near new Los Angell
Deveolpment. Excellent location for
business establishment,; wreholiae

or home. Meissner, 582-B Ancon

N$W' YO K, Iuly 15 (UBm)
- T Texap _liaiern Traamla-
31W 0orpoo on, wifoh owns

.ONE OF- t

IADO Str-eet 123
Sf July Ave. a J 8'
SAv. and a3 SLB

iI .

,Iw e ott nvri
eptember who
lrtd under 12- imt

ttt t. Tate t The
t.login the fel-

ila to Its Latin Amer-

Students will be offered a va-
I of sub ecta including geolo-
geogrea1, behimiatry, phbW
U, engineering, accounting,
gat management, marketing,
murance and banking, foreign
at, government adminstra-
10, 1egal institutions, and in-
matlDal organizations. Fel-
mp rec-olentes may S aent
'much as 2R. per cent pf their
I Workhin In Industries In the
SIas-Fort Worth are.



"Malc Chef" 4 bur-
ner smal ps stove
"- good condition


Barton" w r In
.. 50.00
1ftreese" 9 cubic
7 freezer; never
ued but very
noB d can be
.t e .......295.00

O .- 1rB.wo l g A.

Ml pas JORaiT hkat-

1 9.00
-4 *

. ..... 10080

3& 2'5


WSALE: Ips sta
og. hot water, heater,
youth bed. Leaving Isti
mi 3-3073.


fUdh Ocmantlds cottage^
i* Ba. Box 435. olbioo.
mgawa9.19i77. Cristobol

FOR SALE:- Complete *et Encgyl-
pedlos. almost new; conmplute t
opt f Knowledge. Tel. 86-4 .
FOR SALE :-Male Fawn Boxer. Dr.
A. Rerez. Phone Parsoma 8-21113p,
FOJA'M :-Stevens single shot l" .
Oauge shotgun. Never used. Col
4-485 offer 5:00.
FOR SALE:- Female Boxer, 1 year
old fawn color," complete set of
McGregor golf clubs and bag; Trp*-
Ical fish, five aquariums; automat-
Ic compressor for airiating. Call
C.Z. 2-4437.

FdR SALE:-'50 Studebaker coupe,
good condition, very reasonable; 5-
piece wicker set, cheap. Call 83-
FOR SALE- 50-ft. string colored
lIghts for under duplex $7.50;
3 2x40 black top Quartermanter ta-
ble $2; baby bed & mattress with
plastic double covers $15- almost
new blue baby buggy $11; green
upholstered davenport & dwch rtO:
RCA-PA system & record player
$25; 3 wooden lawn chairs $1.50
each. 1554-B Balso St., 2-,1284.
FOR SALE: 20-ton taller with
mule; also 2000-gallon tank trail-
er. Livingston," Phone Colon 51-J.

FOR RENT: Furnished room with
zpivote bath and kitchen privilege.
4*1 St. No. 60. TeL 3-5417.
FOU RNT.--Furnished rooms in the
pity. Alsoa2 rooms at Las Sabanas.
No. 98 Estudionte Street.
,fR RENT:-By day or month, beau-
tifully furnished room, private bath,
double couch. icebox, stove, kitch-
en cabinet, Tel. 3-0638.
FOR RE ST:-For couple, big furnish-
rrdri. kitchen, gas, refrigerator,
I washtub. 31st Street East
near Piscinp.

19. V rymodern.

1in Offered
WAINTEO: Single girl about 20;
must be good typist, must know
Spanish; ard English Thoroughly.
Enclsae photograph. Write letter in
EnJlh and Spanish stating quolifi-
.;atejb.fOB 5028. Ancon, C.Z.

to e.- big m en and .little a ie- .. .
aT"1 W giat tDru ifaturer
netlatin ith the Mexin
...Tmop a r..

gere oUP and R gasne h
Tenmft h delivery of ejthn PPts
er 1 mlIon o, ao n u.
ble tTof gas per day from the N
rit Mdean Rg fields In the ,
state of Tamaulipas. e W. Jull 15, USIS
NEmW : ;ul 1S, (UI81,
The N'w York Times predicts Dow Co. has enter-
tqday, "MeUMan natural gs may ed intoCne with, and
soon be flowing north to serve a purcharesst In Py-
iare area of the northeastern rina, '8. Jrfor the
United Btate.s' manuf 4phara-
,e Stceutical l iA fo the Mex-
im a s rirrespndbnt Sydney lcan mealS th rial of
9wrft from Me*Ico CIV Codmm0e6 tSyM
TO .a s Iam ew York
wilt. Pt $1 mi s or new .tt n 1949,
2 in lcome to1i mx to WUiIIlf ti*ior the
over a year iiod manufro apiriz, salcylie
".n nUdpation of tbe Law up, thatthe
aled aett sites "Ptme m ther p ae
rlt o an fOr c- P e o nir l s lnn c manuric-
trAt ofa Sm8mUUion absmor- ture of ag.rer variety of drug
tlon plnt at RynO ear the p uduofpr the'Maican market
border. The plant will remove .prodt preMuly Imported
valuable dlates fom the i other contrie.
3 Dr. ,.a .S iOlagran, Mex-
be ~tpnth Ci Gen.. .. h eral In New
Mexico will see at a starting York. d ,John B. Olenn, Pres-
Trice f 14 and one quarter M contset 'the Mexlcan Chamber
a thousand cubic feet, with fixed erce of the United
price rises as the .cntr;t. c- 0.states.nended Dow's move
tinues. a e saed ppeciation of
the "vable technical assist-
.. .. dance companies like Dow
are etxdig far the economic
develoufpnpt of Mexico."
At the name time, Don chem-
lial announces etabllshment of
a New iltyi as office
toA Z Chemical
re service not
aintll but

.In~ witibe
by' N. Zilck. who

SVN Owsns New
Jnfn Center
In Ctliombia
new UnItqd Ntla Information
Center the astWeet kofS0 rh
world centers, wu formally
eu ..a -m :
MA ,

....t b. *

;obin COOL. Cerro
' tins. Telephone 1I
boa 1772 evening

food .rasanabe. No resecatilbns
uecessary. Dancing every Sdturday

H UAPNIL'S furnished houses on
beach dt Santo Clara and a cabin inr
COOL Cerro Campona Mounbinf(
.Telephone THOMPSOIN BalboA
1772 evenings.
Gramllch Santo Clara Beach cottages.
Electric refrigeration, gas stoves.
Moderate rates. Phone 6-441 or
FOR HEALTHFUL change of climate,
visit Club Compestre In El- Valle.
Just 80 miles from Panama City.
Newly remodeled under American
management. Inquire Tivoli Travel
Agency. 8 Tivoli Ave., Tel. 2-0461.
FOSTER'S COTTAGES, one mile past
SantO Clara. Low rates. Phone
Balboa 2-1866. .


FOR RENT:-From August .15 thru
November 15, beautifully furnished
2-bedroom 'house in best residential
section; one bedroom air-condition-
ed, Kitchen utensils, dishes, etc.
Included. Tel. 3-0638.

FOR RENT:- 3-bedroom beachfront
house, Sea Cliff Acres, Telephone
Balboa 3022 after 5:30 p.m.
FOR RENT: Furnished 2-bedroom
house, large L-shape living-dining-
room, patio, carport, maid's room;
for 3 months. Call Uruguay No.
18. Tel. 3-2765.
FOR RENT:-3-bedroom chalet liv-
ingroom,. diningroom, k it c en.
porch. furnished. 7th Street No. 5.
San Francisco de -la Caleta. Tele-
phone 3-4697.
FOR RENT: Two-bedroom chalet,
maid's room, Toppan stave, tool.
No. 59 Airport Rood, T1l. 2-2418,
R -NT.-r *1b1iu new cftlet,

de s .n r2 .
: co so.
R1'Y*t*1 &Inde-
pendent room, 2 potthes,.garage.
'F" Street, El 'Cangrejo. ,
ATTENTION G. I. Just built modern
furnished apartments, one, two
bedroom, hot, cold- water. -Tel-
ephone Panamd 3-4941.
FOR RENT: Furnished and unfur-
nished 2-room modern apartments.
Contact Alhambra Apartments, 10th
Street. Tel. 1386, Colon.

FOR RENT:-Apartment above Cen-
tral Theater building, Central Ave-
nue No. 141. Inh uire Central The-
ater. manager:' office.
FOR RENT:-Furnished one-bedroom
apartment on Ave. Peru. facing the
park. Available August Ist. 'Tels.
3-3C99. 3-0746.
FOR RENT: "l rbedroom apart-
ment, living *rplngroam. maid's
roorr.. hot woer. _TeL 3-2279.

FOR RENT:-- -e0located furrnshed
apartment, sp* n 'd fur one or two
couples. 43rdM Sti No. 13 Bello
Vista. .

FOR RENT':-Smil apartment, Wi-
vote entrance, both and ktchn.
Tel. 2-4912 during office hours.
FOR RENT: Modern two-bedroom
apartment. 51st Street No. 42. For
further deflist an Zubieta: 3-f802
or 3-3337. .
FOR RENT.-. Furnished one 2-bed-
room apartment, suitable for 2 cou-
ples. Also one-bedroom oportment
both with hot water. Via Beliario
Porras No. 8.c Telephone Balboa
FOR RENT: To American couple,
small furnished apartment. 2 bed-
rooms. Apply afternoon, House 27.
43rd Street. Bella Vista.
FOR RENT: Completely furnished
2-bedroom onortmentin Bella Vis-
ta 48th Street. Modern conveniences
ovaloable; August lat. Telephone

FOR RENT:-Modemn apartment, two
bedrooms. 16th Street No. 6. San
Francisco. near Roosevelt Theater.
Tel 3-2628.

FOR RENT:-.Col 2-bedroom apart-
ment in beaoitl s Cie "Compo Al-
egre," gae ,.For details call tel-

FCR RENT: Aodern apartment,
centrally located, 25th St. East No,
I. Tel. 2-04o0.
FOR RENT:--Niaey furnished-opart-
ment including refrigerator, aood
surroundings, $65. 112 Via Beli-
sorio Porras, near Roosevelt The-
FOR RENT -Apartment: Two bed-
rooms. hot r". furnished or un-
furnished. MN. 50 Avenida Cuba,
Exposei6n. T646. 3-3329--2-1227.
LRENT.-- Idea aportnent:
Colle shut from 41h


unes T

o "I ".."A.o -

to.1W. "i ."

:.or'O." 1,.

Now, mada.,, *."a

gla jalouies
will add ibeatd,
fall Wuttlombsnemecs,
Wcreas 9eet and rutal.
on a mall a1Ivh at,
Modernize now
4lumimnum iolfge nlr4ware
Designed am mauf"=
In Panam for nammiS.
to fit any dabe widow.

279 Ceptral A&V. g. 3 .

8 12and a m.,
Stday: 8- 12 noon.
I1 block from Lux The-tte)

' '" --***----^**--


ommS. orncr Mm

49 page BOOK
Understanding HI-FIDELITY
written by leading author-
Ities in simple lanruage
Stip in at Panama's
Hi-VldeiUty Center for
your copy.

I. TeL 3-I151
45th SL. No 3 Btelu Viate

Don't Miss Our Grand
Mid-Year Sale.
4th of July Ave.
Daly 8 a.m. to p.m.,

Packers, Shippers,
Tels.: 2-25 2 & 2-4U51
I Panama.

,......-,,+,.,.,, .-.. -, ,
.. + .. ,
(. -. .t :'... ,
&^- *,' ."-_ ..- ,.

is Air tome .Ba, Nev'., i,,uoe
theu d 9Jd. 'aed. ,

Ik THVWt"- t Sen.
J oe.l .O'Mahoney (D-'
Wyo.) lr-ivmndidata for the
Senate iegt of the late Demo-
cratic lBen. t C. Hunt, who
took b i dw" lfe on June 19.

Dusty medal .. )
HIS MAN-When the situatio
calls for a piacb-hi tt., Lep Do.
richer looks la the drectle eof
Dusty Rhod.s above, -batting
.4A8N (NE.-

Fo fing Trainees

n. DDlC, AJIy (UP) -- ti.n of the mail disci lnarwy
Tlne commaandtg O f as n- "sta-d-M ae aun" IncdtJast
fan otr v d o a dils_- June 21.
ative ft t u' at we order. Moran was accused derelle.
d today .to fae eburtmral f on duty "in that e g
trtl tree o atd at ly failed to take aoprl ,car.
aeno r iao a hor In 0 recUve ten to a t n
deeehat. autaried treatment 4, phtiOwm,
1110 ore r* saued by Col. In hia command."
Had L. ,co.amRadi, of- Whtback was charged w':mil-
m 7 co eu.nrtmal Mtl be them formation ad t
here MB. July 1. f, or as excessive pqkdr f l<
.. Ringter acted oe i t.ert'
iNamed In theorde "ure L. Army Invsetlgatrs recq"lugded
Robert 8. Morgan, WUk ,rBarr "diselplinar action" asinst lor-
Pa., commatdl e olfe Co gun ad Witbeck. tioucd
paby Land FC Richard Wit- is dddaion afr tudy t v.
beck, Wimington, 0., the admini.& ha nous report submit btely .he
trative first sergeant. Both Uld iavestigators, who auest odaelpc
been WelMev .l of ,mand duties of the traines Involved in d1e Ma
when Ringler opens in an in -ctvldent.

TWICE IN ONE YEAR-* .ur children In one yeer wet& bor
to Mrs. Robert Cunningham, 18, of Marion,' Ohio. Twin. boys,
-Donnie Ray and Ronnie Jay, held by their mother, were born
June 25, the same date. twin girls were born last year. Thbe' irs
are Bonny. Lou and Connie Sue. Daddy Robest Cunningham, 21,
works In a steel milL


From Magazines, Newspapers and Trades:. .

"Beauties of the Nights" opening tomorrow Friday

at the Central i .

"Very funny. Full of delip"tfhul ,rjicl touches."

'Raojw easily among Rtn Clair's best works."

"Wondrlfy.y iaatty."

.~,- J~,


SUtterly d elilful, lively, comic, witty and charming."

S" Gi.f Lollobrigido in a very scanty harem costume.
htdh reveals sue sure isn't kidding, is a formidable at-
.' rdtilon all alone." --N. Y. TIMES.

'Wide swipes of farce in the style of 'Fanfan the Tulip'.
,, Rene Clair's light, deft preen unuor is surely applied.

Sxc ent (Hgltttig). ow fle it is to ale twel-
come Rene Clair back to hisupeak ef cineatit fame."
--K. Y., POST.

u aelhifal lEW
-H. Y. WS

~'~' .y
.x ~I.

.t b.w. t top

AD AT.14


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, I ." ., .

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: SF;. ;*f'

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calm- aew dared.
the WO o1'_wi n Llet 'i

rh erainleasWould ne st Jim
NIh, .... h00.4W5@.hie muth s h.,ehhe

4' t wi:M AWMWT1 py t ibi- motfNSWfl Islae police here. ha* ad ce
SSne^L^^ W e ha n t h It ecalled neteanw for ofldfsrt a hr
8:3K.- (, .. f.te him." m. inary exam naton n '
o mehvmesigator f" Oo treat o aneat fa m wno the "act fro hs u iht June
<0- I, .y Pro 8 an- B t ACOBT ou t asegal 1.b.t" l ha"n m awl otos ; -*soAl wit h l
'"wuitqhei. .pre_01 0 *' n tU
d...w ? t !..mater a ow t6p

eVOA)a t~tla ad. J9 nne daysbefoe ___ .I IM 6.vrtu 7 c ut da a befireu _e .-,-. I h

an db r.1ta a ais? take two wlefat wss noo0114ofrh he knewi

12: "^(fNtiB u to ^ would wht to Thorne was lusa drugs andvu w previous tefti on Teorne's body Ml MarrY Celoa Cole and"
ate ner eadtan asd le O IAe bt h caut. wath deaa h l ud t n paicrtmnt eon

8 a On Alarm Clock dl ore atd aakt ls'n tBhn dhsputehe. same floor Thorne occued, tes-
1'' .t eathuameU aawt ness. ,seems-totintfteere r

S: i T1ol aid he d rec- F Another wi iteses riiedis. Thorne wne fount paad do..od -Iwn hiruter ndewi a'y ptdr-

8:1. Pau Wl od .( a z : : a tmIa le t heoi m in naer mstiona une

:ueer program ealaid hi own ve" ThsU M CcOn. red-faced another The coroner's ofIe had y In a nted
.; a wa 3 2. T ey iould indicate deep teitdmony of Charles M caugstro Thorne' death s due to a com-.

lO 8JOUi AI aborpton with fin andcng ar 18, Akron, B.ue a Fordham Unner- binatteon of narsotici and alcohol.
10-: od Re r oro a Resuts B yam JACOBY I .MUt to ywt e A big legal battle hal tbltn make microsopl toxicologi-e Jricte og rt r tin
S p Thore wuorth-Soutndvul said. Another advanced the "u Previou ttoke mriaThorne's carett body oo Celwa exhume Cole and
11 W Socompetenth den" o memberr you arrange a He told of a "wld r. showed t e presence of drugs, Gloria Borgiumree girls who
1 AJMa RaorlonO ld he nn t A e but th cause 6 hism death play live in aneapartment oon theh

: O pa de clab tteim, and how re Delvin Into Thorne'a i last
i: IN -aim Pa .en strangerr to ak hours, McCarron "same floor Thorne occupied, te s-

2" --ew oI written aula.I where to y drugs. Largely he of young persons In an attempt
SL ht MleM O nead-A o be recertdin to ated statement he made to to find owe to Coggin'sI Thorne attended par-
ph 2n ? b : 00) r e i over the e. fure here las haee He Thorne was found dead In his ty br- t did not see Thorn -
: e alchelm charged that McCar-room n doan apartment acromen thJune

2 3tdaRnawh faon clubi 0ld-ve AV.t wonderful Sarhta Clirt bach and cool off THAT DOESN'To r.
8: I'Re veid (lRUe st 84 2 *KQ0a d, w ismt ... esu inhel hn1 with ths finr t b chigE of one of the morit
V QeJs-3 h oeK10e7eft -renteae ..,sm Vt.- sa i -s WaihsO earee estor
44-54 .g paetIrr.. Thebitter club came over the The corolv ar' office had listed
9: Ses-- .it6 Th2mheysuuneIndcatdm. ea 9vestimony ofC strnes tOasThorne's deaths c due tod acom-
1 ( P:dsOdro3o32 absorption witten ancugi- 18, A kron,. a Fodg. L bm Unver- binatlon of narcotis n andalcohol,

1 p fease nphane before2opasenedtothehesaihe a rgeth athe u a-ndttholQn o overruled the verdict.
9:30) N.rth-South vul. saida Another advised the u-msmooke marijuana ciarettes.b
IlZ: "TheeRecordeont' ,. o f c44 u 49 Pan s Vmatematist w denius; play t a Ca.raok chim on In NewdYorol oHObuy
11 M.. osta-T "eEd t erataer o

I 01--Lvns lme Melodie s "s Opeg, h ad-*tAw-1 4 h a dti:t"anstlbe eeain to sun. withd theme finest oe to find out If Thorne attended n
.oeItkY,'bring your own bottle" par-.

2r idt ... t CHARGE A PENNY

'Cm. dBSdmwiluteu
*Mid hdwimL JdponU
gay.: 'ftid~ Odd
'u hsne^it-r

aB B SeBora Lage

Cream your skin to new beauty,
as lovely society women do. Get
at hidden dirt that hardens and
sticks ina pote-openinp, encourag-
ing large pores, blackheads.
Pond's Cold Cream is specifically
designed to soften and ft out
this embedded dirt.. make
your skis took clearer in color,
finer in texture. Every night:


-- "--U.-..-..
1. Circle Pond's Cold Cream A
from thirat to foreheadL ThiOlh*t
leases embedded dirt. T.het ,
well. 2. "Rinse" with pi i
Pond's Cold Cream. TIl.P ..
lighry-i evingis Ita .
of cream for soltuain -,
ing. Starl now. You'll o --
care does so much good or yfaWr I
skin-so quickly /

amnooth, refines


' r

.. ~


1 -




SYour Favor4ite
I Showc (u.Ny

Itl5.ror Partyr
M Y!Y pta lro1m Tb. USA
8 S:00-MualcBy.Roth
a:,-.Ta It From Here (BBC)
9:- Yo Asked For It (Re-
Ies --pean phone be-
10:30-London Studio Recitals
j1:30-Modnal ditrenade
2:00.-agn Off

W -WorldivddaBra dumt.
Sxplanatn ybol

i ng System
i -

Sabw .i beode Itemretoed in
s ? tals ..forebe if
S to walk erto 'll e
0 .hate. reacheG out to tosuh
e babes. Apparently he ron-c.
gaM*M as beig Bnmore like
Sgrownaups are.
fY aeuean .e him or enter-
Sfre s later on by
' ee ing to it hat e has a chance'
to bewith eser babies. It's true
that during his first two years he
pwill lay oamb bat he enjoy
aing other c rn around him. n
Being ia their compay,he will
learn mor. qleky how to play
with them. It's best that the child. I
dren be clos*k a age and that they;
be allowed to play with as little'
iFne-rfme 0-boe adults as pos.'

Baby wil.LsaMn better, and'
more cheerfull, if you arrange
tbOa N sM the harming wig be
Sas east-asd elehe For in te,

whsure to e to the toddlerow
S ta, help IJ rn to draw
hmaself by paitiag his cothing
lw IB Muk A C m deIN t, -w he.
earn gut at is top without dif

PO most-used clethem in the
lower drawers ol his bureau. Amd
surft to plaee a mirror low
f .m* so s w3 become aware
9 n g ~ i l. 4 l l l i la 2 -w d ^ -
--*PtB MInIB
9 i

diamonds d prompt-
S ueen of daod at
was no way for ast to
stap the slam. He could take his
ae-f trumps, but then South was
sure toet as many discards as
he. neec on dummy's long
-Nw let's back to the open-
bag9.-d ad lewhby it meant a
ce t 4 regardd of last's bid.
gjng.ylhen East bid five clubs,
he new nothing that he hadn't
known .at bis first turn. Hence he
could have bid five clubs to begin
with, and he must have had a
reason for bic'ing i hearts first.
East wanted chiefly to indleate
a favorable opening lead. In this
situation., East might bid a com.
pletely void suit, or he might bid
an eminently leadable suit. He
would not dream of bidding a
shaby, unjeadable suit.
An opening heart lead would
have deeated the slam contract.
East would surely get a heart
trick as wel as his ace of dia-
mends. I

Ron Cortes
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Special Club Reserve Scotch
Royal 'Mounted Canadian Whisky
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Desilladora Nacional, S. A.
-Womack American Whiskey Co.--
Tel. 3-1791 Pana ia"'

ewdt *o servei

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Celse le, VeMuala ad m iesader. ,'
For infaef ieo, as_ yewp Trwel Aloe ]F r b" u ins as IlMWl t 9Ro.'o. t.
em I Coelee fly te "I
CaNs L N9 4S- (FAA), TM. 2.0T. 0 ? I wk.l c sffa cmiamdlawt ew i It.
"S Af'i 1 teo- ,S,-s ,
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F7 -: *

H url -- ."<
-- tless

'Hurls Hiitless

For Four Innings

. --
, NEW YORK, July 15 (UP)- O1' Hugh CSwe
. 'gAs the Brooklyn Dodgers' relief pitching hei* in
. ,nant years gone by, so the Dodgers wqre .edte
.-: t ay that their dramatic triumph in the opeati
e* of their big road trip was given to them by
ieman they call "the new Casey"--big Jim Hughes
'aughes turned in the most hauled down in deep left field
*' bllant relief chore of the year delivered Gilliam easily with th
S the Dodgers last night when winning run.
'taidled out of the bullpen Despite the defeat. Mlwau-
Sithl hitless ball for four in-1 kee fans had two big reseni
4 sli .and lead Brooklyn to a to cheer. First, the crowd o
RT Ito^one 12-tinngn triumph at 35,470 pushed their season's at-
ISi ukee-.- i .tendance over the million
It was a bi morale-boosting mark to 1,000,476. Second,
S riumph for the Brooks, for they Bobby Thomson came into a
m 'rthe road trip just start- regular season game for the
.s their big chance to pick first time. The outfielder, ob.
S hNew York Giants' "pennant tained from the Giants In a
Winter deal but the victipm of
".'nd fughes, a jovial 210-. a broken leg In srng train-
rounder- nlc'named "the happy ing, pinbh-hit for Logan In the
ftpoby hi mates, was the blg' 12th Inning and drew a walk.
.* I l n more waves than one for That was the only action ir
SihobeIleauered Dodgers. He took' the major leagues last night, bu
ter in ninth inning and al- the All-Star game vacationu
only three walks the rest: ends for all other teams tonight
e w Although it was only There are four night games an
@.fourth triumph in 32 relief four double-headers. the'Dodg
li prances, it was the 16th era and Braves are scheduled t
Sme that the Dodgers credit play a twi-night doubleheader
with saving. whichh gives the Brooks a chance
a to gain additional ground since
1', be victory, the Doduers' the Giants are playing only
I north in five games since their single night game against St
,L disastrous series against the Louis.
Oianits, cut the Giants' first In the blazing America
S b leadtfive eames. League race, the Cleveland In
bb Pe W s rs b oo
ukea ider drove in both diaps. cheered by the heroes
f the Doder runql. In the fint roles of their players in the All
w nh and the 12th. with sa- Star game. risk their half-gami
**'flea flies to deai a heart- league lead in a night game a
p lking lon to riehthasdr Philadelphia. while the secondL
,lrFw Burdette of the BDives. ulace New York venkees play
'b e pitched ell the wa toi host to the Baltliz"re Orioles
rf., his loth defeat against Third-place Chicago Is at Wash
oMnvietories. ington.
ori Olliam opened the
me for the Dodgers with a YESTERDArS STAR
t single. moved to third on a Relief uitcber Jinm Euihes
le by Pee Wee Reese. and of the Dodgers, who pitched
home on Snlder's fly. Dodg- hiTless ball for four innings to
Starter Russ Meyer made that beat the Milwaukee Braves,
tally stand un all the way 2-1, in the 12th Inning.
-thalf of the eighth
*gbhen the Braves tied the
'a _walk to Bill ruton. MIDGET NATIONAL
17 Logan's sacrifice, and
"k Adron's ritle. I Raeligh, N. C. (NEA Bill
Sthe deceive Ith. 0 liai' Frpnce he, scheduled the 100-mile
f'lttt ant oit le-n. Ne"-tN'to,1Chunio.nbin..m I d g e t
111WAAMI&MAW 4. -*&16

i6.1..' *

1-'0, Z:45, 4:40, 6:55, 9:09 p.m.




"Creature From The
Black Lagoon"



_--c' weum
.cy.. It's O rls-Ful...
"It" S 'In French...
tI 'pdns TODAYr

t wIk 'th -



S Plus: -
"Or'e A Crooked Rooa"
-th EMe.ey ROONEY


ma nmwTig y. Si.n

Ofmg uatti n -
I'.l 031 YQV





RP Sports ,-

Mourn Death i

Of Star Athi I

~. *.'\

OTORBOAT ACTION Scenes like thisll be.AoWoplace at La 4e ga in Taba this
sunday when the Panama Outboard Motorbpat o atl will hold ramew .fo X and 15 horse-
jwer boats. Interested parties may contact A. AOt At tColpa Motorw. The entry fee Is 3.
hus far eleven speedboat have been entie lrand may more enthesUarerexpected.

d Panama City's sports loving
Sdeath of one its basketball and
ir football soccer; heroes- An-
he toni Castorina who was fi-
o tally stabbed by a hoodlum while
a performing his duties as a de-
. tective during a raid last night.
Thne Panama Provincial Bas-
n ketball League has postponed all
- activities until next MTonday be-
e' cause of the tragic event Casto-
- rina, one of Panama's stars dur-
e Ing the recent Central American
- was one of the heroes of the
7 recent first half championship
Same in which the Panama Ci-
- garet team whipped the Bombers
in an overtime thriller.
Castorlna was also a crowd
pleaser in soccer. He was a mem-
ber of the Ancon eleven for the
past eight years.
The a4-year-old Castorina is

Margar ma Cage


*r e t ii a foul on the first pitch from Whitey Ford of the Ydkes "p1
4il? P l l .okbarali ganel "n4 v6* alat,,.e ,,.+
iu da Inhlvee ( n e(. re. iee sl d Rom mel.
F'*:Lesgue schedule the lath.
hm Invitatlonal Basketball
Tournament has been changed

to enable Fort Kobbe, Fort Clay- V es Ts
ton and Aibrook Flef to par-
Athe the tournament shapes up
at the' present there will be 11
for the 'winners trophy. The fo-
lowing teams have designated
their ln ness to particloate,
Naval Station, Powelis. Gibral-
tar Life, Uniport, J.C., ArmyC
Atlantic. brt Kobbe. AlbrookN
Fort Clayton 0th M.P.'s and
Batt. C.O 9 AAX
Sorry'about the change n re- I The American League' Al
gard to thd start of the tourna- osen covered himself with glory in the A
mentby .but to in, sure the success
of tJ. elntounament and to brin l (1 and Whte ox's Mnne Mnoso (. The Tigers' ay,
togetlor the best teams on the
Isthmus tPe change was neces- with two homeelp the Americn Leg
rita Gym S-2300.

Ste e rickety

lSunda when they dC.C. with E
eior by an 89 to 29 sor- COLLEGE P. July 15

hRadsng against threat ned w basketball aide ddleco hoed
downpoir which might have
halted the e and eventually h. d the ee bu he
forcTe siler City-Surrey chain -
e onL u p playoff, the new chain-t d
l s!onCIp layoff the new h o re

that havd characterized their
layl theouughout the season.
A tr io of bowlers -- R. Esca-
Innas V for t), e Small (2 for
2'. and R. Joi'dan (2 for 15,.;
din ed of the slon g Excelsior C
bttin l id e in approximate ly n
te h 51r followed hs he park in Cleveland. Here he roes the ple after,
and J. uvelyn, IS not out. For Avila (1) and White Soxs Minnie Minoso (91. The Tigers' Ra,
were i. Perh 15 for 5), and five runs with two homers to help Le e
K. (4 for ). win 114.
this year the winners emergedli
ti itde Inappoximkelyhonors
with 45 points a they wonm 8 Penn fSta TEoAch R e rts
ames, n los I1 and drew 2. Second

were X. points. Following in Iee owihf whhasre therAme n' 1 th
order were the Wanderers, Mor- STATE COLLEGE, Pa. July 25 golf touraapt which
land, Mlat d, and ills clubs.econdt ssr tody iev

bowler, Sa aind eloa al-athletic ciruit. st.ed oNl th hU
ogainst tlo Jama loan team ear-I 5eame.- .d at Wooster, bet _ff l for wt he
lian thMi Pasrdngd. 'Totl" uth E- admissonS t r the Navn n ROTC atesesalrts o ffaIr, n heveaea-
sornted~ter andr & ia t
a n p the pan t r.--m a sM

..&Lriw O'". WI

(NIA Telpsto)
amner. of the P, p'ol. out
ay baW sounded fore AU-

on To Get

ship Bout

NEW YORK, July 15 (UP) -
bn heavyweht contender
lo Valdds, la night im-
proved his ceane for a cham-
lbnship bout with titleholder
Doeky Marciano by scoring a
technical knockoutt t 2:35 ofhe
second round over Tommy (Hur-
ricane) Jackson, 190%, of New
ork,,a Madison Squre Oarden.
haeuon, a to 1 favorite
held his own durn the first
0.*d but wasn rocked by. a-oi-
d left the Jaw while st
the ropes in the early tafes of
the second round. MonMts
later, Jacksoen was down rm
a short body blow.
Valdes swarmed al over Jack-
on, S soon as ho got up and a
Durry of rights and lefts to the
ead oon had the eccentr New
FOrk Negro on the canvas for
the second time.
Nflo kept up his relentlen at-
ack and, although he seemed
hired, dropped Tommy with a
: right tthe jaw. Referee Al
er stoped the bout at this
out because of the ruling which
makes three knockdowns in the
ame round an automatic knock.
It was the first time that
-Jackson had been stopped I
Z1 fights. le had been beaten
twie before. For Valdes IIrwas
his 31st win amto
eit losses and SI
ds, who so red an.Upet
.'"?' victory over Emrd
ae arestlo"ta ne-.flIst
Ireak. btwin

^riay n lat e e a .at.-
Phemer h-T W
ort Cia -of. ""d
weI wb 411

TWf i a night atf i4Htat-

--- ---- JW*- NP ani-

MEW. m, aW
CasMpanella. B~rd


000 001- 9 0
010 00-1 8 1.
(4-1) -and
te (7-10) and

Playground Sports

The second half struggle in
the local summer recreation
cage league turned out to be a
surprising event .when the'high-
ly rated Black Hawks team, win-
ners of the first half, bowed to
the Silver Star; 51 to 43 in s
one-game payoff for second
half honors.
The Hawks took the first half
of the loop playing undefeated
ball, but played rather shakily
in their arst two ena gements
In the second half of the race.
They manage to regain some of
their old form, winning five
consecutiVe encounters, but
dropped a third tussle to finish
in a tie. which resulted In'the
game playoff.
A fine team formation, apear-
headed by a terrific attack by
the teams formidable forward
men -- Dawson Jolly, Ivan Lord
and Rodolph Douglas proved
bewildering for the loidpjg aggre-
gation. Jo O R*k ,I points,
Lord 14 and Douglas A. The first
game of the playoff for the 1954
championship will begin tqmor-
row at 1 pan.
Action waste resumed Tuesay
In the firstF round o thb our-

-. .


Open date.,

0 CeflMeack Tr"&

Bob Tria o
who disapoi In
league trial ith the h el.
phaAthletL.,,tarte along the
cwoerubaektrl in the a
tonal League today.
The 27-year.old hurler rom
New Cumberland, W. V.,m
up with a 21-10 record wlt the
Ottawa A's last year and that
performance earned -m a
ticket to the majors. wIh the
Philadelphia clul he cmled a
7-8 record and was charged with
four straight defutU be-o be.
Ing sent down for fuathr ea-
soning, Wldness pl him
from the start of the e-
list Iht, Trice wkltled to
his first ctory of the yea r for
Ottawa, defeating the Mteg
Royals, 21-7. He eontrlu
his own cause by rap t
two-run homer In the ae _d 1-
7he A's Jumped an Montreal
starter Joe Black for two "ns
In the cond Inning. ob -in t heU
thrd amntd ten b nged hboan ut
durti f a flve-run 1utb3nt in
the Afourth. nnlg t m -
thoe A's spelundtet'satC ,
flve and ftr unin aggleiptt

Blades 6-1, 6-1 ; GeOwrge l and
over Wrheat Blades -V a
Earl Best over Antonto Hpw q s'' whl-theS ^ .
6-3 4-6 8-6;gtafael 1W
Goode'olerB.O- 6.1, .k
Herbe G li over o Sports Ss
Blaes 6-2, -7.
The boya in the "'. divlon .-.
followed wit h noretbe hte mplaI ormer Pn .aHiaek
del No -6, -6, 6-3: Wendell three-year Wonta head
Maynard beat Ed. Bl4e Y 7-, cofth at ..lana lvwty.
3-4, 6-1 and Albert Blade turn- The one-time =e6h of the
ed back Ruthwin asmniela 5-7. New York GOant i ftn f'bladel-
6-3, 7-5, ph, 8g 0eplacesAt alae

FOOTBALL cLM IIW rte1 Internsonal d Club
announhea fformoer, te gbht
Frankfurt, Germ'asny-(Na) chatp Jimuny Cart fl. feet
Ray Eliot and four members of Glen Flinagan of at. PU on
his IWhols football coaching staff d at 4 at Chicago C who
are spending the menth 3 Jly his title to addy De Mar-
in Europe conducting cl forl c last March, In to
the United States Armed rc. met the chmp next e r.



- n -







a"" CU
ATh 9.~~.LIug:
S. ~uI~vAL14r,.d


,,, ...i

p*;. I

~'Y. v~

- 1

r i



' 1



V .?f

-/, .. : L ".'..: ,,
,. ... .:;-.. .. .J -, ^ ..i y i

.L. V, I
", ," nis^ .-

GAMBOMA 1 OU m Lewt;, *an
Lynte itgi (rht. wern' tI e Oaeao onom Cort m-Age-
wood RKiear Unameti ortable Natlonal bDatil*
li ULa 6 6o Ciktal 1I efiorlta Cortea (center).

International Loop Standings

S ams W L Pet. Powell, Crimlan (7) and Qrif-
ocheater" 34 .622 fin.'Melto. Caeche (6) -and
'oronto 51 3 .614 Ouqrra. WP Cueche. LP -
*ontrea 47 38 553 Crimian. MR Jethroe.
havana 49 44 .527
S yracuse 43 45 .489 Second Game
puftalo 34 .47 .420 Toronto 100 ZOO 024-8 10 0
chmon- 34 .405 Havana 200 000 130-6 12 1
Dttawa 33 7.367
SD---- Blake Shore (8) Lombardi (9)
rYTIP)AY'5. RESULTS abd GriftfibL Iott, Harrl (8)
Montreal 110 061 400- 7 11 0 Cueche (9). Moreno (9) and No.
ttawa 021 535 05X-21/ 21 1 ble. WP Shore. LP Cueche
B f tabbro (6), Owen (6),
Cimo (8) and Thompson. Trice First Game (7I innings)
od WatUngton. LP --Back. Syracuse 003 01 0-5 9 0
R--. Thompson, Trice, Tswlor. Buffalo 210 010 0-4 6 1
,--- Peterson and Heyman. Harrist
(10 Innings) Lary (6) and Iyan. LP Lary
.,ooester 010 001 200 2-6 10 0 HR Gernert, Hansen, Rich-
Richmond0 000 0 400 1-5 7 0 mond, Heyman, King.
Luna Connelly (3), Jacobs (1),
,arkel (7) and Riggan. Thomp-
n, Zelser ( )and Johnson. WP Second Game
.-Parkell. LP Zeleer. HR Syracuse 000 201 002-6 14 0
.yk Buffalo 034 101 02x-11 12 0
.- Sanford, Tully. (3), Lovenguth
..rst Game (7 Innin) (5) and Heyman. Brickson and
.Soroato 003%00-3 5 1 Lakeman, LP Sanford. HR -
-,. vapa .00 0113-4 681 Hapen, Blatnik, BlayloaL

*i ""

You doN't have to
shouit from he1
Sol by

lowem tW e -tad
ecti .w. the t.

eat way to read
c woto.*enyt f

-. "
* Evy seal vry week s very 4ay-
-'Ia~i ^A ~ wa ~s ij -i^*s ~^ ^e H ssw BrsssfiSSS^SS

"_ &a jfl. ^.l. ^ T i.

Bd y se hav n-
Ia la '.he bsall lives of WO
llama : too busy holdlng up the
GiQts' middle, Mgli getting thi
otht.: Jjusa out.
A of World Series cas
S A wmnes.e ba

da k Williams, for eaAmple.
lea too holddig up the
Wlentmiddle., the getdbatheu
OtWL a 15

who woraes World Saer es cast
cheM ad. 'e' s the key to 1

n it would teem, oic paper
"nowat, t hat tr anay is .W

evka baseball addicts in a dae
Wrms em, s i...4eennd baseaf
who6-ourlnd Ttnroheo oes see.-
iat W keOf'oathte .23 mark,
-They t asy. h Mowever, has. r

cha tha W1a he was the he
tend rUstiek more that, enee61e
'A'nway, "thaA Lany mh e. Haas
adst goig al d out thera y a n-
ning gameWV f1 me." .
To talk about,* 330 hitte on a
red-hot fi-rt pla oelub in these
terms seems mrprisig, at first.
But then yed begin to listen to
guys .who have to coated with the
bsMe fO A the Mew York Na-
t als..
"They talkl Mays. Mays, Mays
and-then some more about him--
and the way he's going, they have
to," Robi Roberts of the PhrUes
said. "But that y out on second

Swa al iien't -waste tee
many words, but when a s ke d
aboqt Williams' worth, he arched
his eyebrows.
"Every good aaub needs a
strong middle. We're strong down
the middle, and that means Wil-
liams. Does it help to have him
playing behind you? Yes, sir, mis.
ter "
Throughout a six.week stretch,
Williams didn't make an error.
Last year Williams hit .297, a
misleading Ifgi-e la view of his
in-a'd-out playing which Bsw a
bad back keep him on the
bench more than half the season.
While he was out the .Giants
used everybody but Horat. Stone-
ham in an attempt to got the dou-
ble lay.
This year, vays has shown he
can do everything in the outfield,
but he has yet to prove versatile
enough to make a Fdouble play
pivot from center field.
Without that all important ma-
neuver, Mays' efforts, and those
of the whole team would pr6b-
ably go down the drain.
"We'13 a different dub w ith h
Davey at second," Alvin D.-. rk
points out. "We need him for the
whole reason, too."
Williams started off th year in
a bad slump; which saw his aver-
age stay at .156 throughout a sev-
en-week stretch. Then he began
to catch on and thumped his way
to the .2'1 mark.
"A bad start likc that is going
to keep me down in the averages
over the year, but I'll be a :275
hitter the rest .the way," Davey
Williams says.

Ballplayer Wishes

Governor Lausche

Were Baseball Scout
McARTHUR, 0. July 15 (NEA)
-Frank J. Lausche may havo a
carcer in baseball If Ohio's gov-
ernor decides to vacate the State
In McArthur attending a cele-
bration, Governor Lpusche took
time out to vratch an Ohio Valley
League game. Alba defeated the
home club, 92, behind the five-hit
pitcl ng of Athens' Ralph Nuzum,
who struck ," 15.
Tie governor complimented Nu-
.. .u had nice control," he said.
"I wish you were a baseball
scout sutea." of the governor,"
said Bert Barr. a teammate of

Serewball piue is em f the man
uas"al typea of trW at Gul-
stNeas Part. It derives its name
from" he twisted lect of its

STOKYO -( A) Aamericaan





TRAri nIghts, T Kro Dursaing, r

days n the coach's box these after-
the Giants on to victory as they ride
.. .--J

Two Pacific ketball Loop

Games At Balboa Gym Tonife

STANDINGS youngster in high-school,. -Is
starting to reasJly make himself
Pacific Basketball Iague known as one *0 the better
W L Pet. players of the, I-Urue. He em-
A-brook Air Base 4 1 800 ploys a Jump shot with deadly
-6th A.R.. 4 1 .800 accuracy that la next to Impos-
Universal Sports 2 2 *. slble to block.
Junior College 2 3 .400 The box scores:
Atlas Gardens 0 5 .000 (Fibr sne)
S--- 2lTH ARS
:SO0 Atlas Gardens vs 26th A.R.S. Helmuth 7 2 2 16
6:1S Albrook A.P.B. vs Abernathy Fugman 4 0 0 8
Universal Sports- Ullana 1 0 3 2
-- Estes 0 0 0 0
Tonight the Balboa Gymna- Kislo 0 0 1 0
alum will be the scene of two Ziomlio 0 2 3 2
a es bf the Pacific Basketall Rahl 3- 2 0 8
l ea Both ames should ptove Thoomson 5 2 3 12
to real thrHe.r. IMcCormick 0 0 0 4
' ,te ey test w-
rden quintet, up Against the vi. JUNOR COLL EG
gih flying 26th A." -lads. Al- Mnhis 1 1 1 4
though the Atlas toet has yet Wflson 2 2 1 6
to win Its first game, they have Nickersher 3 0 2 6
such outstanding IndlvMtial Troncosa 0 3 2 3
stars such as Noel Olbson,md Cotton 1 1 2 3
Capablo, Wally Trout and Ray corrlgan 0 0 1 0
Reyes That an upset would not Dlllman 0 0 4 0
be Improbable. Smith 3 1 0 7
The attraction of the evening,
however will be the game be- Totals 10 9 13 29
tween Unisport and Albrook 'at
8:15. These two aggregations (Second Game)
have faced each other In com- ATLAS GARDENS
bat twice prior to this evenings FG FT PF TP
encounter. N. Gibson 2 3 3 7
Once in regular season play Trout 2 7 1 11
the Flyboys eked out a 59-58 Capablo 1 3 2 5
decision. But more recently, In Reyes 9 5 1 23
the Fourth of uly tourney they Martn 0 1 4 1
met once again. With the tour- Martin 0 0 0 0
nament at stake, the Unisport Cover 0 0 0 0
five turned the tables to win Cox 0 0 0 0
53-52. Bacot 0( 2 0 2
Last Sunday night both Al-
brook teams managed to keep Totals 14 21 11 49
their first place standings by vs. ALBROOK AIR BASE
romping to easy wins. The first Sharp 4 2 3 10
atne saw the 26th Air Rescue Herbst 2 2 4 6
quad from Albrook hold the Abeyta 0 0 1 0
Junior College team to a new White 1 0 2 2
season low of 29 points. The Pazera 1 0 2 3
final score being 52-29. Scott 4 3 3 11
The second game was quite Flaharaty 1 2 0 4
the same as Albrook walked over Diamon d 6 2 3 14
Atlas 65-49. Jim Diamond again Young 2 0 0 4
led the winners with 14. The big Finnegan 6 0 0 12
gun for Atlas was Ray Reyes
with 23 tallies. Reyes, still a Totals '27 11 18 5

eAt pachba with Tape. Jut a
few bort pac will hold
paper tishL

--- J

24 Years in Natlonal League
Written for NEA Service
QbESTION: With men on sec.
ond and third bases, the ball was
hit to the pitcher. he pitcher
threw to the catcher, who ran
the man w heade "',te
back to be he
found the an h on
3 or i

yelled them for the eight tih
i1n JA games. .. ,
"Those coal miners' capa 'make
the Pirates look like space cadetse
even. funnialer than they a,. MaU
be, Brapeh Rickey intends to *p i
miners" lamas on them. That%
the only way 'e'll get them out
of the cellar." I
The Buccaneers living off the
Giants and Braves, two of the
superior outfits is one of the deep
myat.rm of the campaign. The
divided 14 ames with Mlilw uk* e
A11 the others treat them for what
they are. The Dodgers. point to
12 more games with them as the
surest way they know of to gain
on the Giants.
The good people of Pittsburgh
nhave gvLn. up on Mahatma Rick.
ey. In tree years under Rickey,
attendance has declined from 1,-
166,67 to 57274 will not reaca
50,090 this trip. It hit a high of
1,51.011 in l946 and th6 Pirates
played to 1,449,45 in '49.
"Things have become progres-
sively worse all the way along the
line under Rickey," testify the
complainants. "The other clubs
improved, including the. Reds nd
Cubs, the latter with the double
play combination of Ernie Banka
and Gene Baker. We got worse."
THE TIP-OFF ON the Pirates
is that only one o. them, the thump-
ing outfielder Frank Thomas,
would make the Cubs, who wire
seventh, 25 % games out at the
Rickey nas dealt away athlete
who would do te s Rate, ad th
of good, stress the dissenters. And
they have something ir. the way
of a case when they finger Gus
Bell of the Reds, the Braves'
George Strkland and WaUy West
lake, the Phillie' Burry Dickso
and the Cubs' Ralph Kiner.
Kiner would at least be an at
traction, it Is pointed out, and that
is the 6& subUtute as yet de-.
vised for a miserable club. |
There is nothing left On their
Plrate4 to show for Bell, a big
player with the Redlegs.
Rickey has been quoted as say-.
ins that the Pirates have better
players with Hollywood and New
Orleans than they have in P1ts]

!W* 9 h atmaI &thew tha mln

u- as a va
that-be. Hasn't. tho* mwe ad
e4 man the right to the base -
less forced-John Campbell.'
Answer: The original holder of e OutIelders
the bag "was entitled to it. The Walls in a package dea
other man wks out. The mtO e W 0o. Si fell has
advanced baserunner must bave if- bespectacled nu baby.
stepped off the bag. Baserune. s g d why not band W sthe tPiFt,
get mixed up and do that somi. burg-bi" ask the weary h ome
times. t'-.- customers.

at. In year.'.

printed At.
doesn't to.
chauI.' rAS j

b3 c eata nAM
stri Av

Mueblerfs CASA-
JW CeMUWal Ame.





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Sth eonvmsim red and sm holder.



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to bap db L 1w 7 IW

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?' ."_.- : .' :../ i' *. '." ,-







ple,-z ,



* ~*



.. JULY IS-. l.5 : ,H .r,


-- .. I *., 1

New Pressure

x., Far-m 5BiIs
denrs (R.Vt.) to strip Sen. Said he expects to leave for a
ph R. McCarthy of Is coan- summer va nation In Denver be-
e chairmanships. tween Aug. 15 and Aug. '17. H e
d be definitely will appoint said he want& to remaus fere to of the Tennessee handle the bills left by Co s.
q authority before Congress Declared he is l ot let
mrns. He said he had a chair.- his international af-om-er-pe ace
in mind, but declined to 1- plan die if he can possibly help
y him. t "
| | |ue
rnders Punish-McCar-hy
ive To Begin On Tuesday
mm O e ,di f U S 0

wIFE O tE ]
heat wAY- lU
S.. he

Comnlnres tresapn held
Ibe center"o the taw:n- Ba-
boax Magltatr a co yeter-
rancisco Almengpr, ST, Pon*
amandan aid the iars, fie,
ed $15, for tresp n t Lus a*.
D16genes Amat ., 37, Calwl-
do Saljfr, W6 and Qsrtaw-x l'
divar all Panamaaian^-paid
Albert Charles ly was ft-
ad $10 for & B I=' In-
other ML Ifo lofting around La
80c ballU park.


Id, .:-'-

-T ..: *

I f .

7k ? --* .



B, Tunslaia, July 15 (UP) TWENTY-NINTH YEAR PANAMA, R. P $i 1DI
bh Resident G e n e rail
*rotsard today promised
Muppression" of rebels in
ift-,aend announced he wouldi
in the troubled pro.
noatter what Itsenhower Puts
CId sad that --any act oWEI *
S will be pitilessly sup-
W'D in applying laws and
?kn ofte protectorate. f1 -I9 .^
:d that anyone found car-
.weapons or explosives-,
I 1thoration would be To Psss
S~tly Judged by milittary'
ose-whoever they are- WASHINGTON, July 15 (UP) President Eisenhower said the Flha
S innocent blood, will be President Eisenhower put new plan would have to be studied be.; Jos
fromm doing any fur- pressure on. Congress today to fore working out financial details, lf
Wi,"4 he said. ass his controversial tax and 3. He has not decided whether Said
1 measures were presum- arr bills and pledged to fight to ask Congress again to raise a new
proved by Premier Pierre for his House-rejected health plan the 275-billion-dollar federal debt Valley
Prance on Volzard's re- "as long as I am in this office." limit. But he said he does not be- adjou;
to Paris. He told a news conference he is lieve the government can proceed man
ist attacks have raised a sure House members who defeat- on the theory the United States dentif
fury among the protec- ed the health plan Tuesday don't can live forever on deficit spend-
,French settlers, many of realize there is "nothing to -be ing. l
were massacred on their shutting our eyes to Discussing farm legislation, L
-i the western mountains, the fact that all of the people are Prepident Eisenhower said it A
1,have had their crops not getting '-he kind of medical would be a grave error to raise
1, care t- which they are entitled." government subsidies on butter to p
e it, he ter ri Asserting that no one "except 85 per cent of parity as recom- j
the e tle,, mthe.trroft the American people" lost through mended by the Senate Agriculture D r'
nandJohntDillilner the House action,. President Ei-lCommittee. He said it would coat
e nd3 e"H ~senhower said "hils is only a the government some 100 million
V alenegunning crowded t. .., ... ...h. i.n. .:_ ...wi -, ....

ANkt OAILY -',-- t D : iri: "9

eLhtt teL peoplet knos the truth andw abuntry is safee" Abraham LinW -?

ibut heat, it of thei
117.5 degr-etJ the log several
= .M t, greater
at. Loi. s, slterln in 107 de-
res today eported our deaths
inm the at and downs of
prostratlofs Twenty-eight per-
sons collar d there Tuesday
and }. moewere tr fe or
pratrtl st .City Hospital a-
VIA Wa i two deaths from
the heat a inois, Indiana
and Texa onmamh.
MiMM~tt^'Kxi, parts of
IllinelJs d the SOathwest
were the _ffos wth *U tiame
SReriA Ol'f t m points.
The ni.t reached 118 de-
grees at UVqll, Mo., equalling
the all-time r rd for.the state.
at. Lo's-had a record high2112
and Decaur III ., a rord 13.
8prlngfleld, Bl.. had. 113 at the
airport afid1l3.5 .dD*Utgwn WKd
the Weather Bwreau said either
one was a record for the date.
KansaiiM t, Mo,., a 109 and
many p-t i-n Okjahoma had
105 or e64. Ohio also swelter-
ed, w rekdIngs of 105 at
Chesapesk& 104.4 at Columbus
and 101 at. Cncinnati.,
pIt was.fl htIn I ndana State
Conservator Director- HarteY
cook "'e JIM long
down in honey W pcdutlo
In thbe-leat, meanwhle the
tempate climbed to WAX3, de-
gres at w" York City, a new
igh. for the date am for the

,v im ..
-4 .. ** '. *
4 4g


S-, .i .

orid Fisherman Finds.

Pitas Bay 'A Paradise

B DEAN C. MDL" 2 35 or 40 aStrikes, 14d .
Unidzd.-t sports -writer" ep -^ton ISZPcea
PA..AA. R.P -.. My 159. (OP) lZ1 wters in s, a a t.
-- Mm qona le Cnar ae 'Johm sen i t jo-son ,- 5 ftg
of Pm Beach, F.a. and Aahe- d beautifyf "
ille,, e.It I f.i ed tor every ,'ature eve 4 tr a i t os
^ne spo ,rt l--m every ceorneryba,. Beause of
o the orld ,and a nb found itras on schedule evey .
what he considers "a paraOse noon In Plas ,ay. We-t
to bg ga zrlme fisthrmen." ca te Jr "s f
-.JuH~ak~troeight days of gX buga. lnelr SS
om th aoa;ann worst asiny, thejn"quA.
*ate -i u Pnam Bay, J. h- -S
natk=011 .'Snad .mo. e hPamama Bay, John- ...._-_
son biavonT GthB "next
al -of sad fishing PU
Bay, i l-lockebdyo wate W-of atfWt
on the"soMtheast comer'oV Pan- '":'*'^^ ;
bsna jseT.- ti of :the Colom M-- a i'sJI
- .,, .., ...D, .^ 3 A*^ t P)- .. ,
never UavLswn .por~wim -.. -a fi'stinae i,,= f'i.en





temorarypm ee t et; lThis ing will a year..
from passing automo- be carried forward as long as I He said the only persons who WASHINGTON. July 15 (UP) a measure must wait one "legls-
Se carram in this office long as would benefit are middlemen who Sen. Ralph E. Flanders an- lative day for action.
orsmagt Undersoi is words with ac. haved irected agaistuttinclast A nounced earry he w ill d b
ld.aantalT ties, the President immediately prillwhen the Agriculture Depart-. nfrm snaeacin eti J ,n, w legs,,t,, a sa
Z-ym. sd d ,Sen. JosephR. MsQCongrsstovotemiion antc t Wiession
w day ago the personalollars fr federal health re-insur- per cent of varity. Wis.) for alleged com t" o- rather than recessinuntil the
$an of the Bey was shot. -nincatihehoisea Ment Mr. Eisenhower also: the Senate. next day.
dion indicated be hopes the Senate [M.1leh~e :s: W etesnt.Y
ON in increasingly large l revive the plan. Disclaimed first-hand knowledge
Ms have been brought in-w haive h land of a story told by Gov. Walter The.-7-year old Vermont Re- By forcing a reces rather
protectorate to reinforce (R-Na anof thb Senx a bor J. Kohler of Wisconsin that Kohl. ublican told a news conference henda r o. .n.t...tor a _9
c% security guard --from Committee urged theeSenated t o'r induced him to delete remarks 9 hmo v _o neh p to sym*ve might
.s *Jca, Algeria,Moroccopas its own bill. Husaid au g en.George C.Marshal chance or passagin b_=,- the.statof -n
1" 00e sad hi"ts'elmfh.s native danyand thu 8s a 1
Besps its n Housed defeat resulted from "shIort. from a k952 campaign speech at by parliamentary methods." action on the sue.
lamps proclam ot Frnch sighted"o sition by the Ame. Milwaukee."'tion"o naid SenaI-"s su
the urgency of Frenccan MediclAssn., which feared Said he believed he could safe.- landers said Senate Re ,.b-

sew art sKl blsnes out'w ----- dmands fora sseda golndtl thtieLSeate
'.demands for protection it would lead to social medi y leave up to the senAdtor the lcan leader William F. KnoW- ^s ul .a. del^.a'

,nadMs 'cnol nn aud reomi frhih o ate" ,m on a moto to blem Fl@-.
11 va already made de cine and labor unions o favor campaign of Sen. Ralph E. land (Calif.) ..lipromisedcno. ....edh....ytryont b. w .th odraw
S Of s bi c hs t ilit y t o .... fc ? T?* ,- r .' '-h-" -'--"' z v ;e. ^> .-" 's s- ,-"
been r faie d to hsitempusory hea xt ndihprogramteii e od his pr lamn ta ry0 ksuha s sekingtheo Coemi ttee.
whom the blame ed in In d hiscu ss rig h s 1 1. d ...00 rutt hatot e r .e .ato. orc ...ed fom c. .. ..mmte -

,ri Bngfileetn Protection, Th taxsreform bUi, tes abredo. 0.d flln hl eeraing that cas he said e thoter ecrtoe e oW rt netde ho
o e adentr saidIt ,will ho el mpp lonsras b ih hI V vote could omeon e1 the ubt oo stp arestthe h cmbateble or a M4o
snd tohoar tantd o- ris bytb the te r 1m u TxhC P e ote at h buoalnotted mon hi .. motion o f.en stue oe Plan -
h h er Co m ,e o n ,.a.d tetoe ,s. The resolu on h es n,, .wihv ...don., *.. .." e lo,, d" a st at t a

a bLaw 4,l Asit nt 1Seereta ry ofl s tand'= t e JhnFs-tst wr fMcdtoate ate r thd y faDes ca test In 112rollr ai 1,10h* ltr
erno He said provision so fPhe olea- erigr ,ou e ad o wn dr the Senate investigating ubomamrth emi toou -e t

bn assgned to se "" "o"s to extendrng on. Panutnt chos .reoa./" cr an of I, T l s.

ihe nthed Ctanal Mialar prig ipld h i th fam ricespetan and dahe Cgom u int Plish N 8wonlt vtee nex Tuesar y 1 to ore ou ~ nt al ocsa
any As sisan com to Frnet Hoe aDs ad a oie o Co ere d omte hs non otes eu ta st a"eden. ow h
stur e sd ( Ih t n f c ol b e Fpp b th h r ie t h e A A s&o `o on an r s
oewonXe wil x ,Ltu~ vt"o oo optbe h

Sa r who clas bn0iFe ee i s 2 e hand o d ercnt or p outc safd. onves migatinceom ite ha- *
a 3 th rile od Teno- t loy mhemoe hiss e tillon m llar o t me Th e er edr sm thatn hebot o h dh''co t-hisy S s a
arm ,Ireedn toe atre bea se oueeol11.dnde fo ated the ete te d reaesthat n thea ac--

et wh h reent do on to Ltdprp d Ios the resdmentt lsan cns to off e DATO usluaty e wtUP)d
bnsangeen g and Mo s. hpigt*fbaIP A nnoud e toedanoor

thei two a m e s add ent a newhe tou mins I rk Londonn vote" on a motion lunu-y re.
re dilntary made ce h Sesretao s re Bfsources atd thd ris Fold the aSe nbate la-oter. a oy t the anti-Me..
ytier.t Canal onPrfallat tne high farm prie spt.eral dsgTo in Zurichswt- vote.nxt Tuesdy to force outfrom the Rules CommFttee. A
As leOStantoes tn M iity ae pc e d a pro.erland and flw here yesterday of the Rules Committee his e re- moon to table forces an me-
On.ayin14.Hcom s V VMHforance. i He sai uppors ranged wth hoietso Cosers Hea vote because hIs not note ode.e
taf W# wtrehom ti C d -born wie, the lution to strip Mcrarthy of hidWst dn oort bcuetn t de
-o ju whohlaene pa V ov tingcommit mtee-mrlsr -pourts ranor n
V.,ere r, wo hisu ad geamb o90prcoeenrfdsmo odan croen w
aivthePortlandEngi paftHe but the issue stll must be They ertedthat he bolte to ee msh e lay eeh

tore cocre int frm8 ht pe et fsuwe//,inhoutBitating bomitte cmmitr- btle
t hinO. esolvedIn the Senated. because "objected to attemptsosesp
., Who Istueoed Col. an President, who touched on to inject Red propaganda Into The ,resolution charges Me-a crISenators need n1 fear c-
tor aEd leering and mor. %an a, dozen issues in a the creative work of artiAty. He Carthn showed "contempt of his tlon agaeist McCarthy would set!

digwy uipt s senator from Wssnton frtis innhe, ocS.

arouts aye rephortersoneurai
sa- tMonth ago. sai r of Communist meetings ar- questions about his fn Sne YTOR July 15 UP)-
a1. Sereayof Stae John Fo. tists werored to attend the raised by a De critic thy Is himself unprecedentay ed,"
SwbrnIntenn- tarD lullesWent to Paris chierlysour ed Senate elections subcommit-

and was graduated to keep d Panufome alwa chairmaneof

asited lmatauMiirf tary basic pris* n, Ks wahoe yith

Lare or washingo renn desourh rsur ha heBes a tra,- t- .xor rms frmth
n.tSatesMtry s i lnt n o u i f tee I nJanuary 1953. The Rules Mahoe Bay U
Mme said Dulles wanted toaociety of Coimposers. He had Co]iee has ot actedont h0.

fa~a V-yoi sta dohn.r Ltd iq.r, of Canada. urh
hmus from California o If the'endp of a hih receive othec enhest Commun proposal.te ,
ehas Just completed aUSmoffiial at the BigFourle.dhonors And wa trusted so much- .c S e o

4 tud for his Master's neva conference would be the e e th heRedrr e showdown on l Sanders'|La. e a
Okl intiuteofTecno-fiancnghismoemigllohthbe poAea
by Aii ntanrina as s. Se hares no demnie la folmetto wal gith n Eladifficult tohoe mUgh be -nderae Brtnce s ."TwolAmerica11 --

In theS abr? so _f" 8ta ap ea New haleaad lamb fe saeet the teggaBd. pressure repeat the same erro Francis Connel, 49, and William
Instit teo l e. tlondo I I a rgo to Zurich to make recording l motionard to "dtsihare"I aCom-eod, 45, also charged with on

eve ^a? Sabli f the of. the 3S netraa Nea.^" "Aels mee het edy nist all see in Asid That' what spirac-are tre on $1,000 ball
Shighwa man y ri a improvement progritam of his ow, eu the Wsourest. suith id. mlttee fromts consideration each.o
..... AYTON, 0., July 15.--(UP)--i

r mt a cory isr To s ce.A Lo nrmBeo".W'etdln heyl ath"Anglo-Amer'aay partaiisho.
as t t aost gety, e Mcrp is more like a marne -delmThe four were amonluxury re-
a 8Ta's l Be s Arerie th saehigh American Tt W ane, BayBrititsharms nt

rdi.ary Bri.ton als a t yBo claonehr I have4a Rus- j"Whher it i0 "ggg ottifryoBe
plan came from George A. Poa
stn O he Wrl ak sA a k e tthe corporation. at a board of di-
s .. .rectors meeting here.

UShLEON DENNEN s ed. they arela opposed to the rear.olae to the .opan
i Is tryaet e HW maee- ed can nevof Ger many end West nadian orporaon pleaded by A-e
tGerman participation in the die- eeeapital, holds 28acres I
VON, July 15 (NF.A)--Com fense of Europe, ostensible be- ofJmarican c ad nldn w
112rinetainy'on te would eGe cause it muig involve Bitain's and one-half miles of ocean front.1
1moeeayoewud permanent partiipation in the
.4 by the uttet' lack of defense Of the West up to the fur. 1 ada$0.0 lbos o
Sof the tremeindens his. thest frontiers of the Bonn Repub. the sb aida y30.mclubhwi us e forl
ma now being enacted in aoByClbwilebutI
Pi~n Asi. Tus, houh thy caim haton a 20-acre site adjacent toa
andAsa.. hu, hoghthey w tosa e lafreea natural yacht basin, and that it
*ftaey Briton Isaforfthe civilize, will bb completed this year.
11Bmreitonernedor the tion, they fancy it can be done
.mer te donestnyd wfitteb1Iwithout Britain being committed
'Wold w Aftederst4nyeartheto fight to save it.
'Wrd fe 4ya Bevan'sinlecinBianik US Trial for
has just been abel. Senator McCer*' nteUS
It~ian' discontentupt piamong a the i~nol~ orb o~ryeea~rtdt ls ~orP et
mj .l 'ops, yes to the gromwih of neutralism
27 n Y man or woman nd appe. segment in Britain, U.S. NX YORK, July 15 (U.P) -
Itemrlffrs of tthe ",,A. t iplomats believe. The. ovwrnment today set Sept.
wew rA s They are still bitter at what 7astie trial date for Carlos Prio
they, frankly term Britain's "bed 8ocarroa, former President of
faith They claim that it was uQ- Cuba, who Is charged with coa-
I* O-e Y0ur Washington re." der British pressure that the State 891racy to export arms from the
)l~aDepartmentrs rejec~ted France's re- T nited stares.
1*4 e =8*m io frle quest on th eve of the Geneva
rechn asked bria a conference for air support in in. Prio, 50. and his former into-
h~gVitoiadoehina, tier mbd 8 egundo Curti Me-
dshti l as abreeman Tis -- the U. S1. diplomats be. dn,43; were arrested in Miami,
at Ahare ama ny ieve--tinped th: scales of the eon- = yle. ft edral agent-, f6lowhn
J11 nU.tere arese ow ,l frence in favor 6d,11e Red bloc. their Indict'ment by a edra
'161o dopSot-oiresulted, am ong ~ thlig,,n. rW u.
dro -bob itLe All o tepro-Ameriean
o aaa XaFrewn,' government of Premiler' Frio and Curti are now fre
:b-.saority l hre's no mea mm ratfoteg 61 111111910nd, Wil the U.S& -- mder British sici*oly To 'Ameria"i..
Is tim eLabrse'fel lpOR.New iajllind ku]%aslle mot the dsmallw, pressure -- repeat the same erorilFncisConnell, 4e1. and Willisan
VORU"d4 it s with regard to the anti-Commu. L alochor ed With con -
i .11a .0*Uc-the Pies of the e.trallstL Now -.American fascist threat," ready'nist all: Dee #AAid-? Tht's whatir noo~dl' 4' 80rg_
Amltoimii; many trelkft is as rife in Britain && gto engulf the West. .te ic mtshee ener free on $1,000 bell
Ileb ootscreis in hece.a As oft_ of -- v ,.n's boesm pu t, Anglo-Amer'.121111 prteiah I
I k O t t s i h d g o w y Lt, !r i s m r i e i i e m p V p T h e f o u r w e r e a 1 .r
so"8r 13 ft 011"If d he *&Vt M 89& aw few menft Q Idthan an actua l sanuowe odd a sf tau:Ina
-"R "" ed. the reosios2=1000 anmw o m AO
.. ... a t a T hs ey ,,utb u m
L-'u m,:-, ,. _,111_ oil !.1 .pra, thit .--_ of.. .
bri ep. mL~a m,,m uch clmr,er d

V A,,,Aust, -.J"ly.8. .)
-Tna t*e flood creitrioared
P ehoslovakilk were the na-
Ition's MIlitary might was -d4-
ployid..along the'-rer to tr. to
tol t.' r .
Pr Pg radO sa.. soldiers from
garrslo js alt6 ove the coun
ware as 4ae ofod b~e
work Unffi. lxa ise. It
said th^-sttua_ w s worst at
Bratislava, povin.tal capital of
Slovakle where the Danube had
swelled to 31 feet and was still
Radlo Budapest reported rivers
rsing troughout communist
Hungary. It said the Danube
flo crest is expected te hit Bu-
dapest over the weekend with
enough wter to subm=re sCMe
cits simets three f aet dep.
Flood w rs continued to re-
cede from dster areas-of Aus-
tria and ermany, leaving thou-
sands .f s~pm miles of harvest
arn= a hundreds of .ommu-
buried in ime an4 wreck-
The -dlsease-laden bodies of
dead animals bared by t re-
ceding water constituted B pr-
ent epidemlc threat at many

- -
Nine pieces of flating equip-.
ment, including a tugboat and a
derrick barge, were sold this
wee k by the Paanaa Canal
Company for total of $189,114
to v a r Tous bidders frm the
United States Costa Rica,'Puer-
to Ricq and Panami.
.-The highest price for any item
in the lot was received Io the
oufboat U.S. Umon which-was
sold to the James Hughes Inc.,
of New York City for $;IMf.
The boat U.S. Wolcott, a former
coast guard cutter, -brought the
second highest price of VSII,.
It was sold to the Pactin Tow-
boat and Salvage Company of
Lona Beach, California.
other vessels sold tckiaded the
derrick barge U.S. No. 220, wich
was sold to-the Obide J. Cenase
Company of New Orleaag for
$20,196; Scow No. 108, sold to
Jhpn B. Carter for $800 Oow
No. 106. sold to Cia. Petrolera of
San Josh, Costs Rica for $17;
the gasoline launch U. a. go,
and launch U.S. Heron, sod to
Charles L. Venice of PanamA for
$751 and $561 respectively and
the historic old quarterboat US.
Ta Valley. which was sold to
Autos Elsenman of Panams Oor
Bids i the vessels were open-
ed June 25 simultaneously at the
office of the Sunerintendent of
Storehousea in Balboa and the
Procurement Officer in the New
York City. I ,




, .
Jug& Bot

SBHOWS: 1;N -IIt- 4lf*,"
li Jhs ,-j I"-

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