The Panama American


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The Panama American
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Weekend American
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Scott Family Library Fund ( donor )
Panama Times, Ltd.
Place of Publication:
Panama City, Panama
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daily (except saturday and sunday)[may 12, 1973-]
daily[ former oct. 7, 1925-dec. 4, 1966]
daily (except saturday)[ former dec. 10, 1966-may 5, 1973]
normalized irregular


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Newspapers -- Panama (Panama)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
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Panama -- Panama


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Oct. 7, 1925-
General Note:
On Saturday published as: Weekend American, Dec. 10, 1966-May 5, 1973.

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University of Florida
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All applicable rights reserved by the source institution and holding location.
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oclc - 18709335
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PARIS, July 14 (UP) High diplomat*,t
today U;S ,secretary of State John Fo I
greed wit.Premier Pierre rMendesFm-
signe Secriry Anthony Eden that p
coln n "honotable" Indockhing.
next O -i'.
Three diplomats!
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trea, w Tharday, July 1 t the "y of the Udlwr and ams,to Thallilirn Mendel-France Dulles
oAwllronT .r w neighbor of Indochina, p atr d 51den discuied Indo-
I from the t ILM :ni. .............9,:28 attacks n the Seven Pa hat pro-Afmerican no chia problems" at open- The
Spo. ............ :52 p. godu region aredto be simst possible Co ag- Iig discusaion and wantto
-- a elamp bels are r len. : thought it very likely ar norl
,, ~, !M on ti' north ad 1a'-- a or -

yor ~ ong? US, Brtin Agree On P1a
trot f w f oLong. .,,ea
hi1 Retri A Hero Fr Germany's Sovereignty Azeq though th -
S-theirho dMON,.J uly 14 (gU ) D sai d f the new pai w
^^will not 1a a n.e A vo w mitutesW -ul cals o resl of tthe W_-

10 "it onorttaed to t Vitn t as afer frtw. profl
STe ol pane nt e d upon e r-Churchill talks and
ill ,cee.orre e aeri wtyttoe t r o nt talks at Lopdon. It
out at nerva- t n talr the must have ap proval
Ssaid Com idae t a Cmmuity, as and Germany. The d
not tred a pnew to defer rearmament of U)
woer Pierre sn a given t atinforma- to it.
etneweaslts for nego 4lgme.In,& letter to Ihe 1]erfdated 0
ptthe- military doc o C
fall of ns ToBe en l Fhe Hre use bly
t3 sims for an immediate Aittee.Dulles:,goam of Pm propoWi n Lo
@'I-t MfsetAnorthward ,towsw under the propo- ithinthe n 0a ie.Primis5 tdeferedformth yesitu MStion t r ,:othe iadd
of Hanoi continued to deferredforth o tm afty &Uth
la Saigon by plane and be g. French and Ital e9 aeje th
The,, would put to force out having voted on &a.i,

-the BamTltiiwhichMid.2Tse iiktin C fsbFriA0 "*6
S0 10 1 would ant sover to Va- to wind ip Aur,
:d'.itis To Be c re

tak for the ... A warning tfsaldlath.or ser-
4 a eeJunor coal-11"talr
re reminded that app)- onDOe0a
Will be accepted Satur- covA = 1Iaredto
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la Wint Ams- 3 afres thr1ea a al
it Is ver inconsiderate of the 0 tim, aUNthouhthey
Vto As t ,ime. Don't the Canla t ut
t ere will CnomoreLkiden aA D tt te .a tnd
"they aa tinE rid of the Dredgg D slO
i-, another a n1 mar i 'D'r In8V l3 atri 3t L
Sfditow iW sf st AON e nn au t- toe about as pass ed
u. R .W WII .a one-year
Wa- 'Wesl *l:" law which
wt again next

firebug' Sought As 3-fires."
a +d It "da-

Sweep Noth Carolina tity w t"e
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htIGH POIT NC July 14 (UP wrila e to agents hre to.aessist mat it
...-Three majofr'beLed start- Inetaor
bya l eobu roa*dre rss mndicated the f I r Ol by
W ie n the heart on thia would prove costly to ut pHultu i wa L
n ce r early today cairns- furniture Id ry A
dammeestimfiated at morefirm slnva idIfl4 a fl
m ar s d ?, were dirnt re h "al o m c m bt175
= U.. n doll J ''. comb e
two f them almost destroy- materalh. '
#e separate blazes f ri tr d
r :today there onst lloeiroee idte
i f "- losses, but Fire_ Mourms tht congress.

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stwo m to ,
eClaude Cnady said a ml dow meadmetook ____trl

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i mwO61. "out riht,"he El shower For, th Ittam .

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b fohb v.Wa, its.,Wihe-I NewYork

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wi n bwe annrs lto -o

14re beuh t u nra l servs aa s s an her hti r e f t
a pdl *aVwas Yesterday *M I a thPresident'sIn 6 3. B e : oft 's Town -
rfhters rot r of the pave tof $ s Mao n Abouton: o

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swept ov. *drove with hwa sboh to etre ties,ae d'a yohave toSulnsb e r t s. ds
n. h i tburl r Tey c b' t It aor e. Clrk
EH4m-b l ch e rouling P-a ala a-ofot tbhe Ine ici' -n "e s_ b eils .-eie Reuben rica'het a d h
lKM a fom a ned oae aelon wa co only n Wfat wa (f ). expect shadyiI U ,e .o iu

24ft the 1She1 b of 5FDR' Id ht w~e d. e of ca Pnylvan 7 State U ath bional lawe Comm. is a ik Cods Bat..l
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tta l a a aue thu s of o Bdolenc r Act.
as wed witho te famil t b ef r4 nat ure to SeO

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Health M u eie te. Meat

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T_,I,.,M .AIN ... .
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_1~11_^~___ ~_______ _~ __ __ ___ __~___ __~_~~____ ~_~~~_~_~~"S

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4J I -laying Of Judtfit Ann

SMIAMIvi 1 (UP)-Polre iin was unabe

Spportnt- to t mrde or the house where h c ta en
Se a mot etl and thrtian -~.r the oade chdd was abducted tee nst itutol u o te

'ar e M" is c as beLb nba. The-@el ly o Montg~mery 'ran he..' Yow, d up at M adrietta Ivestig.
ow. d- the fDraud by the pae stig ao w Thrn as duL tod.y in a valt t "r Yo., Sor erokee for vagrtany hei
.here frem A last niij h t, ed,
-"Chief C-ayhorse" and sa he

alw..e dbac tre." t te 0 meys" afe- ,und, he attempted t s a d chae w le th Mi i t
d .ubcmi'tsi der h sr btrtange death. seal and holsted at vit withrthin a(bult he o e d the scelwa telnd himtodh no totl
aa chain and pulley the Miami crime Snd e
by as adl C rt.. -I t.r.o 0 h le den i o t hEer since, thee h ea menwl
Sle t i a dba g Tor.ho e aosk eto e whad *t hen ed b h burly rdan from High .ointd e .wIi.s a slayer.b
the uu". U & citizensem atoofeh.l Cemetf.N, -e h ..... .... IaC ham told Georgia and Miamil I/
qut Cirie-<. Denaherty of Crial- the eighth of hi fmu1 to oc-l
are exh tton ed b Coroner t-c 1 tone ha .e placed olctu s tries
ca..n" an ba o,.. ar fora in^ at' ^..w o. o Requiem Moss
-a An a by 1 mlrll Widter McCarron. the gave as yet, h er. fIld as James A. y abduct a
wato this ed t.y. The Bethel MI~agon Church's McCarron acted after a panel took casket to Utile girl from a Mia home sad A requiem ma will be said
Nicholas Dra of Phoenix, Young People's Society will pon- of four prominent patholoats, .e contry meorg d said he take to the waterfront. But tomorrow morning at 7:Sn the
Ariz., regional COrepettave, sor a box supper .n the base- reviewing the medical evIdence coner ii chif Yow, on foot to the general San Miguel Church for the re
said tere mght be some local ment of budll~ 131 opposite in the case, were unable t fix thologst, Dr. erry Keayms. on vicinity of the murder scene. and e of the late Shela Lambert.
labor Iortage alog the bon the Para"ao OYm on July an exact cause of death. lhther auld te panel f path-n the modest apartment where J- daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Caleb
if wetracks wre barred c..mplete_ Beginnli at ,7:30, the Ing.'s In his petition to exhume the o hold be present when dith Ann w anathed alee W. Lambrt, who died here lat
ly. But he a iastive writers and pour quartet wil eIntetan te body, McCarron said further M o p"ane he wanted t from a saoa in her gradparent wee k.
legallylipted Meicas who et with vocal rendton, tests were necessary n an at- McCarron th od t o
hove been driven from the area after which the getemoen will temDt to decide how Thorne n the .caket of a
by lowwage wetback ecoIpet ltio for the possesIuon o the box- died. sburebut did nit i ndicte how
would soon flow bak in. e of their choice. Throughout trt the n o
Dragon wanted the bills mad the supper, dinner music will be The young heir, great- Mgrnd- .Tthe emt sn a rushd
v trig. to give the Immi- played. After the supper the son of a founder of the Mont- eThe exhmatloii was rushed
actio against employers f illegsl N f games. found dead in his one-roomner t mother f Thornine, saidi." Rqi M s
eved sIN ME#& j /h Wdd Mc a tharrong atoo M PRSt t

aliens."r As special feature two prile.s studio apartment June 1 se k ha reoe maw to bi gaii
late sh *, "h Be" n -rchushs h de conrtkeoh aefrn tomorrI I
director oD of National A Yori u ing the moslt attractive look- four dead on his bed surround us body. n er said ine wat -wsslI
ura Worker (AFL), sad frotm l a box and the other the ed by, evidence of a narcotics vwat alsed ea ndng out r
dlresmight be 80CRc 'willbe awarded, one to the lady Clad only wehshorts, he p dneath-edi
0 toM s0,6 _fartm wobrr t arenueman making, the highest and sex party. Meawhle the sensational int
y.o B outbeamltioenrt in Caliter Wo But the four consulting patho- queat into the pseling death
ma now eveteogh it i tl The function is benl hedi in logists threw the case wide open resumes tomorrow, when attor
eak ote fadm lbo r sfearo t ld of the new church building by deciding that Thorne did notM. oe havero-
He said e Labor t tmp which will sn oon be die .nrm narcotics. C dner's nt for Mr"exode hav bom have pro
wage rates fr leupod in Parao by the Bethel Mison physician Dr. Harry Lon. pr.-They hinted th eP would s how
SMeia ve bcome the Srand Inf stations and furt he f ouy had ruled e w tt Th rne the in t s he of
ard fo a ag-.ricultural wor~kerIn for this event t ay ue to a combination of drugs narcotics s n ters.
n the Southwest and California., be had fro any member of the and alcohol. h ..M'. e ____ w .as RE-
Swe, Gala eead church, TeL 4-102. Mc arron supervised te rals.
in of a Thorne's 450-p found

LI eAL S losngre0 '
I Gol Understates I'm ue t\is doa
' ud Pi..tes | W ..,
1US Unemplot2yment farm wrge board of taking ea
lok O 900, Oovernment and Civic Emn- f I t
ASHINGTON, July i (UP)- ployes Organting Committee-
I( -"- 7 The Amercan Feder~sien CIO, wioll onvene 8unda3% at 10
r or ipd to the headq rs PHOSFERINE
t Wno fln ueTefuconeployet Iii uo t ht m BoOm .
peak of tiM E ON YOfUR HAND ? ~r covenent te ratro of tae eoc tie ba ... TGr ts of all TprCs
eit a is s be`bose hdwill b- made a the various LR PHOSBERINE is a ally wonderful sonc for

-. p s're o- ie c Pao ing of the Iatha ms. -
Sea ,, n m thpre o. mve and PHOSFeBRNB is nIw lable i ces of
ie reteds 1 Bert Bldm, AL eeon ay lt in tbe l NUR N theyVOUSNI, WL AKNE, LASITUOh,
Ih ee i tr t, o a uni on offce.h et t lIo. DEMILITY,LOmtOPAPPRTIr INDIOUTION,
SL economic subecoommmtee. e group -- I i. SLEIPLdSSNdS
IZ s| J I l .. studying pxu. tb lovemafrent eCaoomic n^ Crit oblr Chanter will -^ "^ '
ReSTAURANT and BAR st TOCUMEN C for asdve on how such nd.rrthrough eltin o -
eht cI b Pro4ed co ficr Frda, July 23, at the Ui PROMOTES
B' : ___. "Club Tropical. ...


"Yes, but Qi1pp-r

Crgo gies -yo
The m e WLI-WIDE New markets brought 1 h. p,,..o^.,. o. 8,

countries and colomled on all aCv continent .

**:,* M. .:o ia be a.r aa b faenportat -ril flr- twr e
--- -- ----- ---- ------. ... w y fiw Tl, Po, i. -ed. -

A H Only at the top o( the price seale can yoC mate
Pontiacs sue, luxury and big-ear performance.
e B yg fYet it s piiesd w1tin a whvper of the lowetl1
7 ? 'That's the big advantage you start with-mo re

lead active live

I --

N ORMALLY a melf-windin watch
doemt stand up well to exoesaive
vibration, but the remarkable Tudor
"Oymer rIoos" comamummoned by
Role of eneva. never fallert. It i
mlf-wound, for its own reader accur-
acy, by a Rolrx-patented "rotor"
mechanism which has jkxible supen*
sion. Drive with it on. hit the ball,
hunt, shoot, fish, bathe, even wim
withit. It t till keep perfecttime.
T r1is testimony indeed to the ll-
round protection given by another
great Reig invention-the perman-
enty uwatproof Oyster came.
Does M Invulnerablity mean that
Ibe Tudor "Oyster Princess" i too
"masciIne" to be elegant? Certanly



hm. It ha Ie da im si-lm
perfectly tailoisd olt, ils
opulence of IM jewellery. We
delighted ito it ym-soww
be upwmed t Athe oMas

Sponored by Aeluo f
:,. ''


NOW. ,',ar


I 1 X I ewfrla faoss i nmey.Ad here's another reason why,
j Mm. O tl ies tariffs A mles A of Cippers espeally deal for deal, you cea't beat Pontiac. You pay less
S Ilhave besa drastically e for North- designed to anry cargo; each has a load in the long runm because you are always trading
S bed iio p t~o .trl I e ood and operates~ America's favorite used ear.

as aiu ou.

a"< to" So '"FAIM" ROM-^<

Amo o 4 o Gmw ow M
S-. -- -

A NMe a
4A NWhe PMakN. -e. AC

wtm ap*
Ui-AT An is nswim I

-, C -. -- -

a g ho od tok ,d feei

or as : 0 "e I I I
IrNjI, COl U WU I i., T.10 9M

But let Pontiac and our generous deal do the
talking. Come ia fi a Asowdown ride and a top-
dollar appraisal.
mr.a mmme mwea carr anar A










GM-20 **A*a-

"A;. +++ ++ '+




~rr~ll~Al~--- ----

' Or^,, -


w o -w a. M .-"P w* ,



V. *"..'~ "*~**

.2- *I ..

Norman To;.r, the young pro- to piano as. pressure of business
iheJoan aulfleld-Barry demands.
C s.V Ihow, "My Favor- Actually, Uhl (rhymes w I t h
Husband has a colorful sum- "ghoul" but nothing personal in-
aheda of hin. His show will tended) is a television director for
Sti lrst major telecast in color SSC and also B. He directs the
the bt~work next fall, so Tokar commercial portions of programs
to et teady. they rpoduce for their clients. But
he is a professionall songwriter ("A
BfortdE -te Sept. 26 colorcast, Romantic Guy, I") and so he dou-
S r v his flesh-colored hands bles in brass and knocks out Jing.
lu with make-up problems, set les as they're needed.
rob and, most of all, money 'The Idea may come from the
s. e says some of the client," he explains, "or from the
matters are the stickiest- account executive or from me.
e why a piece of cloth hung Sometimes they just tell me they
up M down will appear one eoor, need a little jicgle stressing such.-
lndI ung sideways another. And and-such a sales point, and I write
hy two fabrics soaked in the it. Or sometimes they'll give me
tn dye show up as different the words and I just set them to
haeti. music. Once in a while, they have
Sthe whole thing, including tune,
TV TOPLZ..1. Bob Hope (NBC- and I just polish it up and put it
V,: Wh n they took out Bing-s on paper."
appji' they installed a record- Writnging nging commercials
g machine. He's the only singer isn't the cinch you might think. A
Zathe business with a long-play. lot of people have to be pleased,
stomach. from the guy who pays the bills,
F- "th,. client, through a large assort-

SThe color show will be the third down to Uh himself who i a
hthe program next- season but
theirst two blackandwextesonbut creative person and likes to do
Is bte produced with a full color things well. Jingles have to be
be produced withey' a full oloready. catchy, short, clear, concise and,
Lights, action, rainbow.
Also in the color news is "The
SPayoff," NBCTV's quiz which
ft, et i tint treatment on Aug. & MAKE FfIJFMS5
5. To prepare, the producers have
asked all the model featured on
hshovw to synchronize their sun-
tans. They don't want onw girl 1. T
Ihowin" up golden bronze while
,mother still sports her beloved pallor. .
'ley simply do not favor two..
e tomatoes.
K ?Je Il seems like a very nice
bno :,+e'$ a good-looking man
th a crew-cut and yellow hair,
he Ia a pleasant smile and ar
rieny manner. ---
10ut beneath that handsome and
in exterior lurks a com- Your many thing the shoes the
sI ging commercials.just salesman hag brought out for your
tinshow you, yocxnt tell inspection look Cheap 'and loud.
.commeorcial-omser by But why tattAgonize the salesman
by being so blunt as to say so?
cor. ks in a neat little room Better to say etly. I'd k e
rth eice of SullivAn. Stauffer, something. muh Plain '.",
WA ,a"d Bayles, a big adver. A person who pread to
Agency. On one wall is a spend mene canusually* t
Mk On the other a piano. In away with being rude, which is
is Dick Uhl on a swivel Ijust one more reason why he
he commutes from desk shouldn't try to.


|Am sUu General Cargo For:
N itans: L&ery Dfteen Days for:
57 Houston and New Orleans
p: 3 ,gs Every Ten Days for:
New York. Philadelphia Baltimore
) ~~vry alx wed U)
Wilford & Medoy, Inc.
MaMaO Bauilding,. CriMtebal, C. Z.
i i 11 I I .1 II I I


: t..- -- 1
'- '

"I don't think Shultz areas much for bubble guml"

above all, sell 6merhandlse.
"I get a great dial of satisfac-
tion out of this," Dick Uhl. said,
gesturing to the plao, "but for
the life of me I can't fgure out
Remember the old dasi when
Hollywood studios would bid fran-
tically for plays and novels? Well
meet the new day. Now its a
film producer v, who paid a re-
norted $4,000.00 for theb rbts to

make a film series out of ft.
Since M1O, John Raby has been
a big favorite with the soap operI
set, appearing as Harry Davis on

the bid stand-by. "When A Girl
Marries." If any of you who've
heard his voice t, these six years,
want to see what he looks like,
he's making uis TV debut as the
male lead on NEBC-TV's new de.
tergent opera, "Concerning Miss
Raby's plying the same old
trade, but at a new stand.

Great White Fleet

New Orleaus 8ervie 4r OIstekal
B.5. .. .. ... .
8.8. V ..................... ........... July 1
"TO .................... ..............
8.S. "C' .. ..................... July
*8.S. "JAMA A .................................A.. ug. 1
eRaeduag eimgnted ched ad omeanl Cee

New York Serelse Arriv
S.S. "COMAT ,A6"';.;........................Jaly
8.g. L O ............... ... ,.......... .......Ja l .
S.S. RC DIA* ................................*.J

Weekly sailing. of twelve er ship to Now Tork
Ne* Orlems, .m ABm B S .nhels., and 8.atUk.

Spoeell reM trip fares fm Cristboal to 1v Tek,
Lee uAseid, sa rnas o seeid SeatW. F

To Sett. ........................ ...........sNm

' ew OrilM via S t Marts, Coi Ua.
8.8. "JAMAICA".. .. .......................... .U s
s.8. "CHIRIQU ................................. n. g
.S. "JAMAICA" ...........
s.S. "CHIRIQUI" .................... .......... u

A Cheek


p' ~v'

/ a





art affIIWO ^JusonsMu.ttWNE...A" ^
w m~uw Mtlww~ivMi\V
Im^"s I 10 (BMAWAWPOiMrW~y ^ *H

nX, --I *Whtr-

Bun Gunes

sYL' ~ -.*. r,r *N~,, l~

- ,f'.. "







IT w,

.1 fWIN ...


'F *-L -


- Al
L^k ji



. An the mprso Unte


^*^ Aup

I'/ EieuTz \

s mrnrL .9U

A Lin oen Punohlaelle

Xs axLUns O'MALtRX

I ILm3


t iift



i ~ ~ :- .-*


k~L, I,

~*! ~-

m... .^^tt||BHU||6a||^udHHBmiijC ih

a: V.:.T UMPIm


1 1


m* I
-' S

---cl----- --- I




mm+ 71Kw1win 1 s






I 9~ .-1 f

4 i":

hr. ,

, 1,,3

l..' .. .

* ,~
7 .~ LI.. ~


4 i vv


your baking is bre tq cosoe
out perfect, Ight and lu'mioum
*wry mhul Oct CALUMET today

--. ----
'Mr. nd Mrs. G. C. Lockrldge of Ancon have annouseed
the engagement of their daughter, 91beth Ana Lo irMg,
to Mr. Ralph Maurie Hual Jr., son of Mr. and Mrs L. MHu
of Panama City.
Np date has been set for the wedding.

al..i, and Mrs. A. L. 'T

Mr. and .r
th guats at honor at a rei
ornla c etratfm of thel

Od s. Charlltt PI
or, ad r. Leo Sokl.
44as1, ag
btcw o~t mume for thi

Aluzary ToM.
r0e Auxllary of, the Gi
Uo ChVrdh will hold Its
L 3 ayse laMog WedNday
_I at 430 a.m. at athe Chur
Itof the pariah are Invi

Haniade Cdarea Nodee
Hamada. Caldron No. 13
meet July 19 at he Pedr
guel. Lodge Hall. A buffet 4
will be served at 6:30 p.m
er the supervision of Mary
Underwood. Hostess for %be
in. wil -be Lorey Wray, I
Visiting members on the
mus ar invited to attend.
Either irle Meetig Mo
The 3ter Circleoff the I
Union Church will hold its '
,ontlny meeirr- Monda aW
at the home of M .
7-C Balboa d


e diatel.

S b

on ti ni sbd
.ib" iri^ ^
and Air' eu werek
an tae 4re At No Os.
Fn zaalvtih Mactre. e

On their: cm vote, 13 Dem-
ocrats, ?TtNegmB~a- n ne
voted heblback tocoma.
mittee. O -" -: 10O RePub-
illans and.14 Democrats.

blrch. Unr the bill the government
% C au are asked to tlehoe Mrs. would hav pl up to T per cent
4To,. Ursula doe Vintl un-.-;. or.of any "alnermal" loes au
ided Mrs. L. 4 ed by prinvat health l ura
'ci- a. groups wling to broad i tbesr
aoce Oa- eairW ,a Ib coverage.
hPert ..,be ,eea' Wives It was efere by the P
Club w hold H month- asa mubtitSte fr former
amb n M ia he Fort dent Trauma's compulsory health
egula l Ob Mee' .M d at insurance program.
guest sum'ar wVi be Dia- The recommittal moUone offe
ted to na slarl d b= hte topic ed by ep John Be WillianM
will be 'Panamanian Arts and (D-Mi4.). won powerful a pw
Crafts." rom Houie Democratic le gad
'-stesses wibe Mrs. J. E. Sam Rayburn (Tex.) who called
will Waik. Mrs. C. aay and Mrs. the ill a "blundering, stupid way
o M. L Matcher. to st a health prora
di a_ bullock argued the mspist
u. n- would hp bring "adequate pW
W .our eol. an ploded i v ls
ICO. with tHouse to "give It"-
HOME chance." -

t 1:30

I, mr W. w. Stowuner wl nbe It
Return To Isthm-s of Mr. and Mrs. Albert C. Aber- *s TL w
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Straus.o 4etky of Albanyl New York, o. IM. mes E. Lawson WE
Balboa hav returned to their cangIed WeddingvOs di ;leads theIdeotonas hand treaMer,
home following a vacation of four ceremony held S*aday at rm e l W be Si r who wir res
months pelnft a the United States. Our LOiy. of Vview r w the, bokWives .Ar Bu
Vito. Here From New York. .. wv
Mrs. Dorothy Hirsch of New Th -rL-.we -elofted d gjlv- -
York ty and her daughter, Ina, en in marriage by Captain C. amada& Gtto To Meo t FriMa
are visiting on the sthmus for Foster, Jr., USN. She wore a Ther r monthly meetinga.
tha summer months as the house wedding giwn of white Chantilly m anrtto will be held
guests of Commander and Mrs. lace and nylon tulleand her tu day at ,m at the Win Me
a. L. Teitel of Rodmaun. veil of illusion was arranged fromr siMal on. Balboa Road. Mebbee
'a tiara-of pears and orange blos- ar asked tobe presnt toh
Visitors FsHoU a soma. e 4th f
The Ambassador of Honduras to"ach." .h rgtl "
Panama^ Raudales Planas and ImmediateChiwil thto- SO e on In
Mrs. Ra' e Planias have as mo iy Mrs. a mAn Ca Peul'll mba ore
their hos uests Mrs. Lenidas bide, W t
Fined ad her daughter Miss tion give InD beprg
delia PSnda, who are visiting 0""0 F. SR nio .
on the ia.mus for several days Bas .
athcu bpme in H uras. Lm'e^s-O` e Sa Coiu f"; .
SuTho Doam iAmnaHdd .ra ea P. B. an was elevated
Mr. an*K .6. Aq,lmdp a P3_ i et. oa-ie ad "AIStra

.artmsge in Nafallr chaustegus andCeson o, who in registering for the Cook.n1

MIPSr -a -ft M al-i& C a i v. .o"
r JoseW
h ^4 a' UB jhTt@ ft a Ii t


The bottle baby
needn't be a

Robinson's 'Pate Balrey
added toyour baby'sonnmmi.
Sa mes cow' oilk easer to
digest-les likely to eame
indi i and oltiy.ery.
ing. elp yourbagt uaed
to starchy took, teo. maka

.dMank for
al' 2is writh

#*k W at^ k.^bhA^

The cheese Meis A NidicialW f ui
Messana cools, eases heat rash,
Srickly lhat and diaper rash. Special
Amylum baa Isa super-soothing to
baby's thoder s i. Medicated ingdWi-
eats cl ng cloUe, fon protective shield-
Sagainst chafe, proaote haling. Grand-
for all the hmily's minor
rWab, athletes foot itc.

sIWrge se qf4WSEToJ'r

Sui m aq i owap wmediapm sloks

m vrSywu p h a m n swo.









S eitt of all?
YOVRS with $27.50.
Ub...... .. 7 t
.- ,, ,.* ii

.\ i *.* -P -

More heat at less price
YOURS with 15.60I
Caib.., ....0 .S

the moat perfect and


YOURS with $7.50
Club....... 1,50
PLOOsk. .

The aton wa a Ishar upst
for Mr. ishower, who ad
ed it as a& major part of his
program ad a blowto
leader who ha predi

he house action came a
day after iMrw. sebowr
au g a heu a.

Ptcaliasue? mef.lme the
his .ta proraam-and o h eir'
prontihee t ire ng it would

losuirr ce.

That's the kiWd of sevice the *itish Govern-
ame wanted. They wanted a watch that could
stand stewaSing tIeat of topical jungles...
the frcing cold w of auzic stom... the gritty
dust of desert wiad. Av wah As t would sta%4d
up under the ughest j ... tae to water
like a duck... and go niningdyadqight
*with faultless acWuacy.
They wa"ed a -prswwkhl
Omega's a&w$ was the wsA4t/W.,


Use new

tonight tomonw
your hair will be
sunshine bright
ebuloi NowLol*l Ilmps e by TeI

Sl...o IES I A


"If he lkeed," auys Charle
Chirp, "your mnary would uk
for Fimeh's VITA-RICH
diet afird d and d Bcuit to
keep im healthy, In fne feather,
and bnugi to sigl It's a compkle.
beautiful food-and a terrific treaty"


Fr ench'


fm*&Y Ruh4Ve____iJ_. Q'

Impartial scientific tests proved that this
was-and is-all the British Governme
handed. That is why the British Govpr
has selected Omega as Official Suppliers
British Navy, Army and Air Force.
If you amt have a watch you can, rely
always-you'U be glad you picked O

mt de-
to the



o**> -; 4


nE T.., C

:'*- .i


..thats ruggd your roughest, toughest ahs

OLYMP!C e4A.fs
.Fo ro yria Oa. *s
piks. IN 1,0 1As ,
earedni adt inif dhl st"

pkts-theWLft stwweaw
any wafih his w
fre tah iuati. d .f tf t
'N &wolw. Y ofaM
of fAil ol MI

*,~ /
1 I'
Su/f-wia&g, waterproof, skeck-preteded ISd a#da44I~



- -s




al r




12 words

iU rA 'RBCIADO sreet Nr Is
OBBISON 4U P 4July Ae. A J 5i.
justo Arw ms meAve. and 3



ZALMO I Agenas Isnte rnal. e Pamlaones m; mp Mos
SA i14S I Central Ave. o M Ave,

No. 8 Ltlery Pla0a
Fourth of .uly Ave.

Parqu Letevre T
1e Ceunal Ave.

J -

- ~ ~ nrA.. TrW,.Ahal -


I __MAC __ TA_-__-_
J. Iro. de la 0t Ave. No. 41

viam ampa Me. 1"

. -'.

n_______ e .6

II.' HHusehold _
lS LE -25-cycle 9lcu. ft. Frigi-
air rfu,4eratOr .. 2715-C Sogo
Ave. Co-oi. C.Z.
FOR SALE: Winter Spinet piano
230 I set home* university ency-
sfdlo, 194, -edition. Tel. Cu-
jpdu_5 5162. HousO. 2167!-B.
FOR SALE:-'- 6-strand bamboo liv-
In' room set, consisting of sectional
estee 1 armchair, 2 end tobiles. I
aeftea table & 1 bamboo desk with
nJgoany top. Call Balboo 2871,
alter 4:30 p.m. ___ _
SFCO LE- Oversite ,'HoUlywood"
6 6"x6'6:', innertspring mot-
tre-.kcO; sing's bed complete $25;
Gsfnm cleaner $1.5; as waste'
lies $95; gcs tJove. Phone 2-
(,,3 or 3-4175. Panznra.
V F' '",SALE: Double bed complete.

Tractor in A-I condition ready
for immediate service AUTOS EIS-
ENMANN, Tels. 2-2616-2-4966,
Panama, R.P.
FOR SALE:-Dump trucks-3 and 5
Tels. 2-2616-2-4966, Ponomoa
FOR SALE:-1941 Dodge Pick-up &
1940 Ford Station Wagon. Best of-
fer. Phone Navy 3388, 3212, 8-4
FOR SALE:- 1948 Pontiac 4,.door se-
dan, Canal Zone registered. Coll
Coco Solo 8413. ____
FOR SALE:-1946 Buick sedon, good
transportation, cheap. Telephone
86-4225. ___

,t: l..r 3 L'poteredca Icsr-, m-
"t kit.::n c-b: of. qs range, deep FOR SALE: 1952 Mercury Hard-
I.:e:z rj.doa'r, 1 ernd tab!e, buft- tp, excellent condition, 5 new
i. !- V ill 'e I scp-rate. .Reasorioble tires; radio, heater, directional
p.,. Ho *.e No. 3, Apt. 3 47th lights; only $1475. Call 2-1442 or
.t.e,. Bello Vista 25-3150. ___
,R SALE:-- Leoving Isthimus: Gas FOR SALE:-1939 Ford Coupe, ex-
S'W44 and hc0 water heater. Options cellent condition. 0766-1, William-
Ma riient. Vi EspaAo, oboveSBello son Place, 2-4497. __
Vt T.heate., Apt.3. ---- FOR SALE:-1947 Pontiac 8-cylinder
FCR SALE:-Mchogany veneer bed- 4-door sedan, excellent condition.
rcoan set, new, springg and mattress. Con finance. 77-H, Coco Solito.
.st. o ..Ablook 86-3193. FOR SALE:-1948 Chevrolet Conver-
rl A tible, ex:ellenf mofor. Motorola ro-
WAN IED d'o, white sidewall tires. Quarters
V 257-B, Gatun._
FOR SALE:-1950 Ford V-8 2-door.
WANTED:- North American family excellent condition, heater, radio,
with to rent 3-bedroom house, in 39,000 miles. 5 good tires, seat
resi dntial neighborhood. Call 2- covers and defroster. Coall at 49,
.2716 officel or 3-2694 residence. 4th of July Ave. Phone appoint-
~ ~..--.e--*----.- ment 2-1107'Panamo.
UNG AMERICAN bachelor wihes 07"Panama -
to rent a moderately priced sloep- FO RSALE: 1948 Willys station
Ing roo:n near Anton or Balboa. wcqorc, duty poid. Tel. 3-3477 of-
psn't o' e De.ire private n- ti "t lh -, -
t,.-ne. Write 18 1. Ba o .

ftimndin Ge6n. U. S. Teachers

iohds Convkiont Impressed. Wlih

(Cpl Dickenson
GitON, July 14 (UP)-
ge ouert marua conviction of
p. wsard S. Dilkenson, th
piker's Neck, e., youth who
ed coRi nlwU wle a Ko.
'a War prisoner and then chani.
Smid, We' upheld today by
" Ge-.', Jho H. Stokes Jr.
Pke was aonjvcted of l-
] deslinwith1 peimy to

^ldt_ of a f.: prbgg pr'i
brat:.of a
plaz%. ":
8 Ia comm adin s omf
Military distritCAt. W.w -
M. His actlo'i clel tle way for
_iew of the case ayd the ludge
Ivocate general's review board.
that decision goes against him,
Ikeson appeal to th U.S.
o.g Milktry Appel.
.~og was sentenced a u'ble discharge,
j aU .,ey and allownee,
ars' confInement at aR
A rmy said he Wl be
h .S. Disciplflary Bar-



i4ci Chef" 4 bur-
r small gas stove
od condition $50.00
washing ma-
Rood condli-
.~~ .............. .50.00
pireesel" 9 cuble
freeze;: never
sed but very
00 -a be
ced .......... 295.00
30 Rallon
l water heater -
tlno .......... 50.00

N g- water Iawt-
Oft- ant ew -
ft condition .. 80.00
e "* automa tice
gta machnte;
unchecked -
iI= lan 95.00
Deluxe 4

......... 00,#
nr no stove;

% cIn u s e l "

*t 1,.00
12 ^ onit",

PAU Publicallons
- U.S. school teacher le put-
ting a greater emphasis on he
study of the Spanish language
and Latin American V,
according to Luis Rivera of the
Pan American Union's publica-
tions department.
River attended the annul
meeting of ft I N *at4a Educa-
tional Associationj 1^XW Yerk
rteently. and whill theree he
supervised. a booth h dia.n
played scores of booklets and
phamphlets Issued by the. Union.
Nearly 18,000 Instru tw'iAnd
educators from all pairt of the
1 l ca:
country examined the 0 b n ca-
taim. he said. Most of them, as-
Ieeal.y the elementary grade
teachers, were surprsinglyIm-
pressed with the? uedatlonal
value of the Unlo'S tisises and
their adaptability to the curses
of Instructions ln the school.,
Some of the teachers said the
process of teaching L & t i n
American topics In the lower
grades Is already under way in
their schools many otfthem In-
dicated that they favored the
teashng of Spanish before the
student enters secondary school
where paish is usually taught
under-the public education sys-


FOR SALE: Gas stove, 30-gallon
gas hot water heater, baby crib.
youth bed. Leaving Isthmus. Pana-
ma 3-3073.
FOR S A LE; Leaving. Complete
household furnishings, console ra-
dio, 25-cycle Westinghouse refri-
gerator, rugs, plants, etc.; also
work bench and 1949 Buick Con-
vertible. 0840, Apt. G, Balboa.
Phone Bato bbo 1563.
FOR SALE:-Electric Arc Welder-
WELDER mounted on a (4) wheel
portable trailer. AUTOS EISEN-
MAN, Tels. 2-2616 2-4966,
Panama. R.P.

FOR SALE:- Complete set Encyclo-
pedias, almost new; complete set
Books of Knowledge. Tel. 86-4225.

FOR SALE:-Male Fawn Boxer. Dr. E.
A. Perez. Phone Panama 3-2113.
50th and 12th Streets, San Francis
co. F. ICAZA CO., I Justo Arose-
mena Avenue.
FOR SALE:-Stevens single shot 16-
gauge shotgun. Never used. Call
4-485 ofter 5:00.
FOR SALE:- Beautiful hand woven
hammock, new (UrnesUelain) $18.
Ave. Cuba No. 6, Apt. 2.
FOR SALE:- Female Boxer, I year
o!d, fawn color; complete set of
McGregor golf clubs and bag; Trop-
icol fish, five aquariums; automot-
ic compressor for airiating. Call
C.Z. 2-4437.
FOR RENT: Furnished room with
private both and kitchen privilege.
43rd St. No. 60. Tel. 3-541t7.
FOR RENT:-Furnished rooms in the
city. Also 2 rooms at Las Sabonos.
No. 98 Estudionte Street.
FOR RENT:-By day or month, beau-
tifully furnished room, private bath,
double couch, icebox, stove, kitch-
en cabinet. Tel. 3.0638,

FOR RENT:-For couple, big furnish-
ed room, kitchen, gas, refrigerator,
iron and washtub. 31st Street East
No. 9, near swimming poof.

FOR RENT: Furnished room to1
bachelor, private entrance. Estu-
dionte Street No. 73, Apt. 6 (Es-
ther Maria) .


Lain American

Countries Cited
July 14 (U818). A report Is-
sued by the UN's International
Children's F u n d (UNICEF)
shows success in projects aiding
four Central America Republics
to initiate child welfare projects.

The report shows that In Cos-l
ta Rica, El 8alvador Honduras
and Nicaragua UNC6P support-
ed nutrition projects begun in
1950. Throughthle Work the
diest of ten of thousands of chil-
dren already have been taken
over by the government con-
Costa Rica and Nicaragua also
have taken. over malaria control
projectA started with UNICEF
aid and Honduras soon will take
over their malaria control work.

Mikt popular PAU series dis-
tribu at the NBA meeting was UNMC has allocated a total
the teacher's Aid kit, Rivera not- of more than $700,000 worth of
ed. A complete supply of 4,000 DDT, prayers and transport to
was exhausted ruing the first extend protective control over
three days of the conference, the country's malarious areas.
This Ut includes simple expla-
nation ofthe nter-Amrican "Since the aim of UNICEF is
system; the nations series, an to help governments help them-
economic, social, cultural, histo- selves, "the fact that the assist-
rncal and geographical review of ed governments In Central
each Latin American country; America now have assumed
a hand book on United Nations complete responsibility for so
and Organization of American many of the projects made pos-
States; and a number eo other sible by UNICEF aid, is very
Items contributed to increase gratifying to us," Maurice Pate,
U.8. citizen's understanding of UNICEF Executive Director,
his America neighbors. commend.

Coats Left To Sell
a House This Wav I
Veo se~ t te.. vup s veo
pehe- wer m eel 0 Ms em*
b O *m Pe-em ommn

It v ee bei- ib.. Wm a n
doe WiteA..


FOSTER'S COTTAGES. one mile pat
Santa Clts". Low rates. Phone
Balboa 2-1866.
fIClU. Ocamnside cottages, S11,
Clara. Box 435, Balboa. Phone
Ponoma 3-1877, Cristobol 3-167!.

aobin In rCOOL. Ce ampono Moi-
tains. Telephone THOMPSON e.t-
boa 1772 evenings.

food reasonable. No reservations
necessary. Dancing every Saturday

SHRAPNIL'S furnished houses on
beach at Santa Clara and a cabin in
COOL Cerro Campona Mountains.
Telephone THOMPSON, Balboa
1772 *evenings.

Gramlich Santo Clara Beach cottages.
Electric refrigeration, gas stoves.
Moderate rates. Phone 6-441 or
4-567. -

FOR RENT: House at "Los Cum-
bres," facing Trons-lsthmion High-
way: 3 bedrOoms, maid's room, ga-
rage and 3000 square meters of
land. Must be seen to appreciate.
Attractive price. Tel. 2-2643.
FOR RENT:-Ftrom August 15 thru
November 15, beautifully furnished
2-bedroom house in best residential
section; one bedroom oair-condition.
ed. Kitchen tUtensils, dishes, etc.
included. Tel. J-0638.
FOR RENT:- 3-bedroom beochfront
house, Sea Cliff Acres. Telephone
Bolboo 3022 after 5:30 p.m.
FOR RENT: Furnished 2-bedroom
house, large L-shope living-dining-
room, patio, carport, maid's room;
for 3 months. Calle Uruguay No.
18. Tel. 3-2765.
FOR RENT:-3-bedroom chalet, liv-
ingroom, dinlngroom, k i t c he n,
porch, furnished. 7th Street No. 5.
Son Francisco de la Coleta. Tele-
phone 3-4697.
FOR RENT: -.Two-bedrom chalet,
mold' room, Tappan stove, cool.
No. 59 Airport Rood. Tel. 2-2418-
FOR RENT: Completely furnished
residence with office, three bed-
rooms, garages, yard.. Information:
Ave. Justo ArosememA No. 76. Tel-
eph"e 3-39424


ATTINITION 0. I, Just built modern
furnished oaportments, one, two
bedroom, hpt, cold water. -Tel-
ephone Ponama 3-4941.
FO8 RENT: Furnished end unfur-
nished 2-room modern apartments.
Contact Alhambra Apartments, 10th
Street. Tel. 1386. Colon.
FOR RENT:-Apartment above Cen-
tral Theater building, Central Ave-
nue No. 141. Inquire Central The-
ater, manager's office.

FOR RENT:-Fumished one-bedroom
apartment on Ave. Peru, facing the
park. Available August Ist. Tels.
3-3099. 3-0746.

FOR RENT: Three-bedroom apart-
ment, living & dinlngooom. maid's
room, hot water.Tel. r-2279.
FOR RENT:-Sest located furnished
apartment, splendid for'-ohe or two
couples. 43rd Street No. 13. Bella
FOR RENT:-S-ml apartment, pri-
vate entrance, bth and kitchen.
Tel. 2-4912 during office hours.
FOR RENT: -. Modern two-bedroom
apartment, S1st Street No. 42. For
further details coil Zubieta: 3 -1802
or 3-3337.

FOR RENT-- Furnished one 2-bed-
room oportment, suitable for 2 cou-
ples. Also one-bedroom apartment;
both with hot water. Via Belisario
Porras No. 82. Telephone Balboa

FOR RENT:-Top floor, very cool 2-
bedroom apartment; price reduced.
Bello Vista. Call 3-0934.
FOR RENT: To Am6ricon couple,
small furnished apartment, 2 bed-
rooms: Apply afternoon, House 27,
43rd Street. B6ell Vista.
FOR RENT: Completely furnished
2-bedroom ofortment in ells Vis-
ta 48th Street. Modern conveniences
available; August 1st. Telephone
FOR RENT:- 2-bedroom apartment.
modern. "D" Street, El Cangrejo
(pink houseY.
FOR RENT Modern portment two
bedrooms. 16th Street No. 6, San
Francisco, near Roosevelt Theater
Tel. 3-2628.
FOR REN :--Co* 2-bedroom apart-
ment in beautiful side "Compo Al-
egre," garage. For details call tel-
ephone 3-0406.

LOST-,.vGls, bifocals, blue case
2nd Street Curundu. Reward. Trie
phone Bobee" 2555.

PAa W" E..t
FOR SALE.-La worth $3.500, sell-
ing for o'l! y $2,150; 630 meter%
frontlnaTpaf e i~an Highway &
th treet nr new Les A'gelse
Deveeipment. Exllent location to,
eme. Min rewrSW 2 warehouse
or hame. Meisn'. 582-B Ancon
.IdL Anco.


Home & Apartment
Come In and find ot
bow little t et ...
to take 5.1 0 or o years *ft
the age of your hboe
New, modern, low eest
glass jalousies
will add beauty,
full ventilation comfort, '
Increase property and rental
en a small Investment
Modernize now

Alhminum Jalouie ardw
Derinei and manufagt
I Panama for Punaa,
to fit ny size window.'

g2 Central Ave.- TeL 3-"
r I[111 1 MI I 6

Special Summer Rates
SSltudeo Air-Cesdtitor
Hotel PserMS
eo. 111 HnR. 4 So a t .
ea ** 42 5M Pm 2-.1lW
Rambo. Charleses Wa.
KnwtR Fox. C Tu;M ,
-<""o ftol

Hornett& Dunn

( blocka- k t re
c'm a *.-*-'.

I-I -i ~

I -

ACUA9IQ 0 1t iaCA:
Parrot cages o .0 ea.
49 Via e a tel 3-5411
(Beside Central'de Lecheras)

Homes omn cLum
call for Free timate
Auto Sew 11t .- &4


49 page BOOK


4sth St.,e Besf Vita

Don B Our Grand

otf% S AAe.
Dally g 6 ge p. L

Packe Shippers,
Tels.: %-n2M &t 2-2451


~ ~~ ~ 1u5tn lj .






Jack Weir

LOT No. _
A a-- -

















a .~ a'- ~ -.., -

H St e tMN 37

.' -- **. .

,'- -'I-.,


I .q~. I



lOT No. 2

, t "

















- t







^ ""~" '



I r

FI -




" wa


: ~- ~ "p';~D~c -~CY


l-*" "t *
. ,

*4, 5. L

gMB ANB MM3. 3pW15IUCMLAS 5'OKS nlJR., following
t r wld a lait t at he American Episcopal Church
of urSamvour CrS3SL M. Stokes is the former Min
Nancy SasMO. of .olon. r. I lwwy.-marrjed are honymoo
at Santa C a. u M eir reu to fCstobal they wlU vnlt for
two days with i -efamilui before leaving for Miami, Fla.
Captain and MX H. V. Rowe had a family dinner at their
Margarita reIdence, Mtday evening, for Reverend and Mrs.
Henry L. Del, whe are leaving tI s week for 9 ennylvnla.
Mrs, Holls Grlf n, l Chapeaux Mrs. Mary. i 'ngelke Mrs. -
the "8 and 4" apinted the louise Murray and Mrs. Agn
committee chairmen at Siomms were initiated into the or-
re. at meetn, I n tobl: ganzsation.
Seeatalre, Mrs. Betty Craw- Durjz the meeting letters eam-
;rd' 'Avoeate Mrs. Lydia Na- c ag the national Marche were
a; at ito LgIon road by Mrs. Marie Bennett, Le
-and ybczy. Mn.Mary o r member.
it- m-_ Jooa Cla ospil Mrs. Daniels lead the group In
iairma Mrs. Bu Daniels; the singing of the NaUunWal An-
a Mr. Eva Joes; them, At the close of the meeting
and Awards, M. Marie refreshments were n e r v e d by
ital ani fmbIU, Mrs ..dmma d un Mrs. Griffon.
ra. t Crawhfrd; ttt A
oni-an~d B,-lav :, 'Mr. Bay Ms- Mr. Ala lMs. _Badde
roip A tt e, etaun .Fromi iaI
n eanPartne- a#1 M4n. UWilUam Badders,
L Pacifc Mrs., P y Ry- of iatun, returned Monday from
re, M Adlee a visit with their daughter and
w Mra ty LeOr, sonin Miami. They were sacom-

MJfembers ef Finance Committee,. ----
M I Wett, MaloL-ed *vs., .Ia- .at Civic l eater
, : eeeaaet
'nTe Gatun vic Theater will
I'k :' :- .. hold its regular monthly meeting
Sr iMll Wednesday at 7t0 ip.m. at t-e
I lI Mlllmlnree Gatun Clubhouse.

UUiSOf attend.

Tap EvMidce
WI TON, July 14 (UP)-
Ib judilary subcommittee
tdl y to let the
.nem e um wiretap evi.
lepurity and kidney proa-
Sto outlaw all other
g ules permitted by
itate laws.
The teams, a partial victory for
he administrationon, came after
Hoe Houe Judiciary Committee
ebuffed the attorney general by
eecting two anti-subversive bills
lealgn'g th Commumists in u-
I lindudtry. It voted In-
ed to at up a special commis-
to st 'security" in U. S.
Subcommittee bill,
PBOgh going in the
j committee, appar-
ndrule out new proseceu
rao s eu h m-ch am s for.
Ier adovuar eot rgi Judith
SagaI s the deed
; Ths w t bll .iI ,a key
.mt in fte ,kkadnaiatr. ao an

easo ases of espionage,
heaao ad saotg.



New V.F.W. Pest
Being Organised
A new Post of the Veterasi of
Foreign Wars is being orgalies
on the Gold Coast and an orasia-
tioaal meeting will be held Thurs-
day at 7:00.pam. at the V.F.W.
Meeting place In Old Cristobal
whicb'was sd by Post William
Davis, which a i been disacolved.
All eligible residents are nvite-
ed tj attend thoe'meeting. Officers
will be elected at this time. For
further Ifuonmatlon Mr. Bonquo-
met at Gatun 554, may be contact-
Catholc Ladies
Meeting In Gatm
A group of ladies of the Imma-
culate Coneption Church In Get.
un met at the home of Mrs. Thom-
as Mc.lan. Monday evening.
Father Jr Kely. pastor of the
Church met with the group.
ae purpose eft he meeting was
tor te women into a
gmmrup to further the needs of the
con tiMon and study current e-
ew 4 they pertain to the
church as a whol. They wIll meet
en the third Mooday of each
month, In the homes of the mem-
v meeting will beheld
August fa s npv" a, at
the home of s a Nix 123B,
Bum e 4Vta Plate.


_- '


( y n ,|:00 t- o 0a

v. a ..h .a... ..e.
*he Oi lhe m,



Where sAN people Meet


Today, Wedaesday, July 14

14:'-00 t RevOew: LI If
WiThe Lyons (BBC)
4.00--Feaure Review: Caval-
3d" Of America (VOA)

I" .. aB Yur Favorite
a lalBstule Day feature)
6 .Io-M ac. o Musicale
.a Dancin Party
7:30-Re From The USA.
AV )
*:SB-Fanully Theater
9:00o-YOr-Asked Vo It (Re-
I quOte,.iSe phone be-
10:30o-MuSal Thter (VOA)
11:00-Mualc Tb D a By
11:15-cuwrt Mnilature (VOA)
11:30-Non 0 eddy's Penthouse

Tomerrew, Tharday, July i
6:00-Sign On The Alarm
Clock Club (Requests -
please phone before 7:00)
7:3o.-=Mpro ll ton
8:15-Church in The Wildwood
8:--usical Reveille
9:1,-Sacred Heart Program
9:30-Ao I See It
10:05--Oft The Record (Requests
please phone before 9:30)
11:05--Off The Record (cont'd)
11:30-Meet The Entertainer
12:0 L6 unchtlme Melodies
12:3,-Popular Music
i1: -Muae Of Manhattan
Il:0-Sons Of The Pioneers
1 S Of The Vikings
2:0I-Instrumental Capers
2:15-Singibn Americans
2:'0-Tex Beeke Show
45--#rl*thIn The Air (RDF)
3:00-8Or anar .
3:15-Freddy Martin Show
3:30-MuIic For Thursday
4:00-Feature Review: Family
4:30-Wk*t's Your Favorite
I cont'd)
6:00--French In The Air (RDF)I
6:30-Telephone Hour (WRULI
7:00-N CA ORGAN M.L-
7:30-Report From The U.S.A,
:00-Parls tar Timo (RDF) '
8:0-TIhe Pepe Act (VOA
9:".-Platt a.y (Req l
I-, easeplo e before S:
*-:30-usqlu c Fom Salon Estad_
11:00-Ms Fom Hotel
P: anamSerenade (VOA).
1U: e E0ddy's Penthouse

3"B3111-"BRo ing Car-



: ,

S .., .


paeis --** a-
Po. 5 -
PaX. Pa /
Opelago h*>4 e9


n most hbm tat I a at
! trump sit, y ik to

wise to of
.~u~o. Th ,a tr u-onep
a large nuber ol reasons
for such a trAnd one
of the mu sul ea shown in
today's has&
North's opening W s a stan.-
dard no-trump, s d itribu,
am ad I to,7s AN P Gar.
14 ofe Tacoma, e rtI l
the South hand e ike theory
t he would probab -safer
t two hearts thn partner
would be at one Io-rmp This
was a very close dqpi and
some other er .ts W one
no-trump with thev an, nun ,
West opened the queen o spades,
round. The arw6 then
saw that he wa n lose
four tricks in the iak paits. He
could tebe ore aoito mlse only
uit until

r sthe i.
in h hadPo

He therefore eahed the top dio.
m Iand ruffed a diamond, con-
otinuin with the see of clubs and
a j o c lub to out'ss kin.
East. bad anly spaads and
trumps, aed he could o othinu
tbetr than rem a lowa trump.
This solved declared's problem for
West won with the see of trumps
and returned a trump, South
winaftg with the ten. Declarer
nowgve p a second club trek
to Wes If West bad been able to
return a trump, ibe would e doing
deelarer's ob of drawing the
t r ump, rnd South's lest club
would be good.

SMnce West couldn't lead a
trump, he had to allow deelarer
to make the two high trumps ep-
arately, thus assuring the contract
of two hearts.

, Tomorrow

1 fK ~.y.

~ 4**f



Thwats always are taboo. Don't
fill him with fears by threatening
to call in a doctor or a policeman
when he misbehaves. Never threat.
ten to send him to a hospital when
he refuses to eat.


I 0.60- J

The most

Delvalle dbe d the vario
media of auj "lPkor Gand ik
wlter color 4 And guomohe
limitations "te th sh point he
continued to nlt out the hnter.
latn .f &ibe r emphs-
aizin the dramtic arts, the hal
ltneiesI of Uae "Julior Gu."
This i thefourth show of the
.ltist since g rturn to the slath
mum. DelvaUe ,a evioudy had
hi works di ae It the Ca
as Ael: i 1bi o f
Zone lUbr~a~, t_ Univerlty f
Panama, tlI Washington in
Colon -d ther groups her
The Irst show was at
the fanou Gie Tedesco nl
T:.s current showing. Is rob-
ably his las the.' Isthbmus 101
fore retro 46 Paris In Sepe
her for furer work, folbwsl
his disehare i.ror thr Utith
States Army.t. T exhibition n
continue at the USO-JWB Gallery
through July 3i.

Baby ois a much a an ipndid-
ual as every other member at
your family. "ven at birth, di4
ferences among infants can be
detected by careful observers. So
you llhave to study Baby hi
self before applmng infant 6
advieb to him. For example, Da
bia need to be fondled, They rii -
ly thrive on affection. Just how
much yours needs only you can

However, one thing is ertIn:
Too much or too violent fomIlng
is no good for any infant. Do .
bounce Baby roughly In play. k
gentle in showing your- affection.
Don't allow Baby'sL desire to put
thing to his mo-t.h disturb you,

and o releve p. p rOLm teeoW
ing.' Keep a suPY of chewabl
on hanbd for Baby.
Before Baby gets to the Ix
.clief-mking stage, thbk abut
how you wl handle the situations
thta $ay aIise. And also how to
keep such situations to a mini.
First of all, since children are
sensitive to suggestion, you wit
accomplish much simply In as-
suming the attitude that Baby wiU
be well behaved. Since he mut
learn as he goes along, help him
with suggestions and requests. 1

Local Boys Join
Guided Missile
Brigade In Texas
Pvt. John B. Moron, Jr., son
of John B. Morton of Ancon and
Pvt Rutherford P. Rivet. Jr..
eoan b Rutherford P. Rivet of
Balbeo, have been assigned to
duy connected with the Army's
newest wepon, the guided mis-
Both raduats of Balboa Bixh
School ave bem a signed to the
at Guided MIsUle Brigade at
the Antiaircraft Artillery and
GOuldd MlIle Brigade at the
frtnrlt. A'rtllrv and Ouid-
rmed name Center, Ft. Bliu, Tex-
Both mnentered the army
on Dee. 17, 19$3.


V LtBO 6L :f8: 1
S *gLO war I:u 8:

C28rMaL :U @-9m
alma w .

LA 50c

A4:15 o 8-
n- it r Sm
aim 1 i-


I, am


.w-~ Wuzgg~ ~v s.t~~U
'4 '1
--~ 7 'K

Strike the


u. 'At m U V b' -

rve. f the

SIs still poab .

"the l C bi There's renewed
dtL ct i her TV show In
ow t he comes west
bil-.W 5 -be fitted Into her
SMason may be rece ng
$,lepeait In Stratford, Oat.,
la e wife Pamela Maion
Sh WF Eiyeood., but it is not a
r s separation, as I previously
r ported. The gr pevne has
oi e twtin with the rumor
itir le, s andthe longdistanee
tWies are overheating with their

Ste latest big screen process
"b introduced In the fim ver.
ign of "Oklahoma!" U osing &mm.
twice te width of r
6 -by-25 foot curved screen.
S hoo in the Cinerama bignes
or lenses ranging from 13 to
T egrecs give perfect clarity -
1 answer to cutting from out-
o vistas to Intimate sceas be.
een two people.
bALLY FORRKS8 1r-week con-
tract In Broadway's "Seven Year
Ih" inay be extended for a year
I RKO gives the green light. The
prod-.:t.:rr like her .Pinlk Lee
wpbthed a jittery actor on a TV
row who complained he was so
nervous he'd eaten all his flger.
nafla. "Don't worry sai! Pinky,
"they're only 71 calories."
Discount these printed reports of
Volande Donlon becoming a nun.
The MGM chorus girl who became
a star of British movies, met nag.
lish Producer Val Guest in New
York the otherdlay, Pd the flew
ro London together. ihy'lI be
hitched now that, both are divorced,
am I told you a couple of weeks ago.
'Humphrey Bogart's saying
"Don't you believe it" about the
#eray cCepLed theory that he
SWarner11 bros. aer maiy years
"beesu I never want to play an-
other di ste or convict role' ,
Now IuD n a atue ct isi "M
Three A png ad "p wtth a h
pagsaturiar coming. up boZxl1
.Desperate Hurs." Boge's *ay-
"I left Warner Bros. beeause'l
couldn't stand it anV loger. Km
not opposed to #a r a knd 40l.
victe-Rf the roles and As plob,
are good. These are ood- at,
why I'm playing '" ..
If Paramount dgna' Spencer
Tracy a Bogle's costar In "Des-
perate Hours" they're tatt.g
about it--it will be another oly-
wooi reunion. Their only film to.
Rather was 25 years ago-"Up the

JANE RUS9ELL and Clark Ga-
Mle, who hay been trying to get
together in a movie ever since
NO refrsec to lend Jane to MGM
for "Lone Star," will finally make
Sthe grade In Fox's "The Tall Men."




.-- n I *N a -y, "z tf I af
:.,.:. J
Iw ,-, .-).a ,,, .





Sv e you.tried the aew,
J and delightful "fresh flavo e '
of KOOL cigarettes? Enjoy the
k. perfect combination of their-
lightly mentholated tobac
Get the mpt out of your
Cigarette. Draw out
f frhnesd when you s|it

Inia s har'if
I.O W -. -

1 I5 -Mtt
,r ^ .. _m .- ..

" X -

*. ,4'
'* :..




.-. wopmq


The good host series the right
not by spring lack & White"; it
is dze drink mht appreciated by his
. Every drop of this famous
whisky i distfed and battled q

P illed and Bottled in ".$ tnd

- -*' .., .. V V *


, n.


' 'I ,; -' (; .


- *"'6

p mim


S-' t'

,i:Sl-Star vIC ctoro[


* ..+: tS- --o. .. -"

1 4.j ior Circuit Slams Sluggers' Day.T

4Homers To N.L.'s 2 -
-' .ab r h e I
Ham er, 2b 3 0 0 a
By DICK FALES x Der ft-rf 4 2 0
Sa, a Musde r, -lf 5 L 2 2 1
CLEVELAND, July 14 -(UP)- Triumphant Ixluapwaki, lb 4 2 2 5 01
p erican Leaguers pointed with pride today to onki, 3b 3 1 1 0 1
r 119 victory in the heaviest hitting of all All. Jackson, Sb 2 0 0 1 1
,$tar games as conclusive proof that their'home run ays, elf 2 1 1 0 0
power is not dead after all. mp la, e 3 0 1
"' t yesterday's 31-hit, six- y Vaughmn of the Pirates, by Roberts, p 1 0 0 0 0
home nnybrookl left many htting two homers. He tied an- a-Mu ,ller 1 0 -
gtianal Lead uers muttering a- other Williams record by driving Antonelll. p 0 0 0 0
bot a-"mm l t halk tat wasn't called in five runs. e-Thomas 1 0 0 0 0
and a ',chip shot" single that' '"That aorta uts me in with Spahn, p 0 0 0 0
s 4ore the winntnc runs. the big rappers," said the Cleve- Orlinom, p 0 0 0 0 0
W "'. e days of yore. there was land Inosans' slugger with a e-Bell 1 1 1 0 a 0
S'o doubt about American League wide grin. Conley, p 0 0 0 0 0
pow-r-the "Junior" league was Rosen's two. blasts topped a Erskine, p 0 0 0 0 0
oed to be th luggers' fine day for home town fans. t
Mand the Natiorl was the Including t work of Rosen and Totals 40 9 14 24 5
t ."" vand theNationalenwas theer lerice World.Doby, Ind= players collected n .-A. V w.n
po' to hav e been everse d, [drove in elglht reM s. In addition, .
P Dt Al Rosen's two record- form m w oso oft o d s lbi g pitched .
g homers and ote eachl by the White Box of tWhe singles PMif1os. If-rf 1 0 G Ianrl mtah simi.J 2a
SDoby and Ray Beone and a walk and Boone of Detroit Plersall. rf 0 0
j -m'ley stole the thunder talso I a former tribesman. Avila. b 3 1 ;3 1 1 .r-- .
'of tihe National League In te- .. Keegap 0 0 0 0 0 Te
day's contest. Only Vid The AmerLian League oe, p 0 0 0 0 K n
iaewski and Glusoun of umPh made certain the juninoro d o 1 1 105. 4I
Cincinnati hoistred for the circuit will retain the lead i Mantle, 5 1 2 2 0A
.o.. ,oon ...... d 0 0 0 0 Joe c o h
S tion al .th e an nual series for at Iqa mi a T ruc ks. p 0 0 0 00 1...''t" T e. W ]P

(hrot pears oThe PhL- nonwuegra, 0 0 0 0 ap d hco Teamsda brook vt. Ofkin
S"The long ball beat us," ad- h o N.L years. r hebud mL -. Berra. c 4 2 2 5 0 nn T C S r
-itted NatlonaDLeague manager le0 dr 13.o, whereas an Nl.. Rosen. lb-Sb 41 2 3 No 0 s he Lto Pe P 1 h
5asltnr Al sto en dneD3n -. of the nBrooklyn itdrswhich had been pre.. l Boone. b 4 11 3

t ulhA dn tewint Sand a Tlhe AL th e ofdf ta s- l oPeorterfield, p 1 0 0 0 in Ar oc ll yer. 2 t
Sa under Aston h lead in te third inning ofn Rh a-Dox. 2u ble 0-0, t's1 Rd N- ahs-- a The jumped off VOficlua Mbd e ra M5 .e
o ng hhad dw otlbrook vCl. Ofa c n

dinmenBh v alnl home 3o gto 1-1, Boone'ls 2-2, blestte,. brothastly er, bus abs bth Fheav er. $00 Brow of Now Or-
o b *sth^^S run^^B Pintsbrhe l the t3 w ners ate A RuConson 0. Wnlerr t hne in is o f at m ot one of 0 0o 0 0eg tlro es lean Wll af at the Tocum
Srst concernedl the disput- off Robin Roberts of the Philos ouer a oe. In 0 0 0eon nocko xAh

Leon n 0e 0h0om e0 and wollo ol IAL, nieghat L. a rt %o Tn earbrook vsit a t n
when, with the ead ay wh 1lfive rni n the BWii s, r2 In 0l ai ay it reaTn ypned. Ct I- n ML
-8 Duro6her as third b ae fourth of successive singles by Koren. If 0 0 0 wo a hMc o ed a l rtodayt. al n Uet ama N.og .

Louis. 1 Cardinals scooting Stan Musial of the rd 1K us- 1in a tenroUnd eMatch ly 25 at

'"I t A 1 4 n 2. SpA d- ThutCpb D an-s Cacds W dobe b
of theTahigo souaweanCd oaf toube bodgers and b-Struck out for Lemon In 4th. NEW YORK July 14 (UP) against Rocky Marcano despite pits Jewinbd up his train- LUHihnger was In ti
&BifC r~A em!Bi one S t war of in f the De de ans. c-Struck out for Antoneli In h Tommy "Hur ricane" Jackson of the fact that a return bout hns l Oduie a the Colon Are- form yesterday when he

S tadt o- ate Doy AMilas o h e fi l atn d-Struck out for Portfield In New York today Was a two to leady been promised to No. 1 a wn o o m wei ts
bH l u tha Ste sam frame sced -Homered for d 5eLmn oni 8h es In their scheduld tenNid Valdes is the number two or, r ,A br l itr

Ssi of the White Sox f Porterfelbattle at Mdmon quare o eo a ntene, i Jak at h k. I acted in the
B ol an;thethae 1 Cm. rknne s-, n n dm y Ian r nwe e by Pate.wlrtsos
b aEiM tocooe-t a w ith trying roun butm Kttenlew
1sbuher ainn t er g-Struck out for Boone i 8t tonight. so Ieas Mnrated y ot.. n ot
ehads said the ut he N.L. ahea d again er NL, 7par t ea etoy tloy 0er Jackson ha been made the bA double by "ck ands
...": w h in tati alm eriant 0Lr ono- Jacklson anl d Valdest Is expected favorite -ei ople having ask In The. Panama lghtwelt..
Stone cotwou h e m ad e froen t i horn t n t he mic An 1 O -l atT ct only 60 0 D n because fre or rate g. thre a srhat h is a te i bea ay mlrt and bx psi

% tte got aythea same rand s ain ted the MOee oa raa en sy h
count. om d ff thf e present et Nwitcay he tlea wav rflo ie arowhn rer ecor ted alaero We a ow- hre
A *r. stt f te uiet. o. oohera 0 a 5t York and the fact that thle e an fight anwhoav fihts t i t ine tle no 'My. dno fighting s In'i e
b En l singled home another nl Jon will be televe and hbro dcat t buh t at tack yo th the Iwo- hn l
that he tbght run sixth to vPut the' A. otoe lId s of Uletmost I- ity of a tiger, tHrows blown I D H
tme a ,balked, ahead. Bl, _d e acnr, 0`t Fru o 2- Wn Roison, poke n9 bh t It Miers. V one fom all an gs takes iti At thrr..e .
byTe nrsrl t-eun f^ d eg .,ut wh., ..Ll ,i newh gr l o ne fel l K h oe Bco, p roby. n t he ir 4Tost D e M roo Mayse ita n
r\th a*e O ntp l,0 thelnon, ah ec oAl, o erl sted mias odlr one t, r sly e toowy thi e strea, ohrun es& er h at
n ,, srsit- 1hin 0 highy ra te the eavygh igt nd Rosen LeowNrewtl.- btee
onl bb ht, r Fo s 11, Icn -, L o ear. T wn ad ad hCurhta r l m the 9u BB Fhe ,s we BoA
l dm tdheU o tuo f. ormer 0-d e s Rr tt .two-. ro0 1 I reo t asConleyie on Jnu te. thimcthe nd tseyearsnt, e -
pe..r th te and to fo-ish 40rtam OfI. pnces. Hole. dyat *nmdyt. goh
o t An I 1t TR weltwg Vecaue MhoTar ot hies Ja lu c rarctn 2up
ogn matbY tN beF 0 Rea s willebe a, l bh Wea ntf atwoed it outs.H Y d
tppNEPublkcSN 1.a -on- toeln hy saodg his ahir-e

Fr I euSt n iea dn n C ortn i 2. rn m (umtha wrb he r,"
e o10 P A Coaney- 5 In -3n. Lrsnieem0ondhaAge.i ,d 1 y at th Ag wouldhtu IL
'Yorkt.handeAed lNew drsom-0eegn s22" o tongre n 4 otped 2arlmls falbora M helug tron 's ackr oe and Di eld
.AlttlbuRh lDOU LSh the nod. wnners -at Trck yie n lk a hot a M Rt ethe-.. on"Sedt on haso pr e xplalne tne out.dg
1aa.ol Ohs dnLsd -3 Kidn to e bwenihto b o lie Tra ie m odraw.
.The sndnoua niatles today. CAL on Ballaefant (In1-3HEri-e would YRu, Ju e shot at nMday It reay hd t r &W Judges nx Mon

te aY t I 5ee chsec A e Wng' s nL wth Motna the ar stor iny ra heres, aster that e. a Wo0d Iastst fer at t

artahge to a a f inesbut I'd haeto fthe lout a A or e do .
Itfis-rud byTo Te Wiliam de pAL) whteilet eNiti PapaTfloBr otonWedtter Thne n DMco My sd"y Calitf o I slgeMna
"'Osandtthehlat eArldSh itF tlennt to richk bon ago- ht..., pk riding Ja. 1 .e e
ngT."om i- ke uop au st mpiy at aayeb dayt the neave for
Biover oL the years Light heavy Floyd Patron York nym ra a setra thotne pt i return til
a1"ndmilwg Wler Tony wihh eg uno gy ee ngto___.n.
EWl.O8. 'Wly 1 4 t-ile, are 3 happ aboAugt dth e "good caosng
The-ocheser re Wings Bt. Lu ifhusth had. caut' ianer Momm L o yo
eam a he slm's on-oit ld o(nner. gt of bthe catorwin dan ni wante hto4goe h owethink
the ATor'nto Maple eafsd ne the Tine ora teo satoppe hors"eHban, Jd Tsonthe train p 11eato i iand,
thnt to pitcher Jh was- IFun to a rd hiske to fight .s -i ha t T U plans. H
of stakeol h1t tI of the earto Tommy r o haokie aesled to.tei o e e a. teaci, jo min London
roy-tlth stoeed fut o tonkg Acaop' ibu the uk hell -ay It.
19-pounder fro St Louisur th S ny-alsoe bbt heandAAuse dat. this story 'a M tran away
-1Mbencame thef eaguese tow inr Theed wfn an bothi e Pe and 'boin "H."L thoht"he
He efetiey sae herunnet"e"coe tra. Pt- k g u
mat TDD'hes sk h toean "ea to th better, out, wasen A New
paced the nursed thea 9-11 aTo Fie hlad utopped oheI
ta,..until the eOignhth wean ce. the C aluger M b r=els L Will b lstaye ar
irgnia treaened, ut k held Bhe land scr o edo. Girls tng u% then la f
ont, ear n0 a -S dec on. H' o I. to ru I
NEW -AIn blee dfad oy 14 three t aes.. Atd t hed Alm

the TLeanto Maps in the in 17w York. P tterson stoppe l si The trai -- t mller around

i th amt, the deciding game in the voted J.N
-__te ball match. Red failed to Lewis Of Leel BASEBALL
"ACT Of LOVE' tTe Whites won the
Service Tennis M Vclinh their Feld Day sk
imLy l~.ten theire wnth
All Courtesy P gI zl T eam Captains t "d their results
Meet Tomorrow bBe~rl' te. ttvex a lfor the Paaya O 1. RelaM won by to V the 04=0
T- EAT --SINNtr a sys
lie won by
a scratch
OLI tolptalfat If w
.b .n i ant b first in
100feUo ft tor b lima.
4 90- Morn.
1. _6t b e
r -Wj~qEA




with -.


-with -

,- .Whrf

-1tA t,418'
wfh -'S i ^^^^^^
"tO* ---k


% J 1T e
,Assw m

4 "'. -1 '. .. ,'


S' by.


ofe t-Itear-3ttr. lo1-Cur lettara 4A't

ber. UL.SeL 1'1dA the roda proUlaomNd -the In-
e ta' owner. thre anythag el to
Min.l4 yarA. Over the ame statch. O
a lonta, two of which finMed dead I"%t,-oneo
S"Iofflrd ace. Atthe some t % Ot
Oa secesoOndethe =ankees eight and never warms
boft Djoa er heie lat arrguanc
j _r' ,U until. a tlibhate Stonham
tpb p th1 9ridticismn vld becaMp before raving
pa y wrnmed is ag w to eaa el
indtou5t relgt eight p mtiatse.0stag day
I ** tk

v-r -
T nowfeel
14 o. OW No

When the Ola
, the covmten

eo two bale factor: (1) iN
j a m 4 (2) II put oMt,
got the first man up out
say, be got t menA out wt
Same' It also a perfect
t on the old Wold ao
r uta Iatriahna BmE brt 34

chb i much
ipop to win
U* h
irth an 1n-
w Duoaher
to offlcally

As critical
ed.. ..
14j *

ai tva*& That
mto BLErei and
a waika&.!'b JTea e-

* tea -ffeto d w- pu-
put' 6tthe tame. Th brought bnore th. My contention Is ta
Aiis or tdi t ace the flr* hitter he did net ath ll
amse teeore it wan Bet him to I perfect
gaMe. ho cay the ft btter have worked
himunr a barn on b"lo. tor Ow t i. wo. If we
are to go by the old l-mtoe,._ 7
Nor wa" the la hm or ptteip

". S
F a P ord Manhanuet, N. -T. .tim *a do you mean

d .r. n ai V op' w .a
d *mmwl toa~-iJakn-* "i fn


fanled at a

When the Injuna ne ther
payoff party with i te or
a CIeago, Gyn wa batting
loe to a= and seemed to bea
fixture ia the Infield. Glyan
credlts a tip from LopeX for some
of his pewly-found long-b all
"Al pointed out that I #as shift-
Ilg my weight too soo, and lung-
lnag, .e la "He told me that
ding ", In Detroit and
the At time at Bat I hit the
grand slam home run."
. Bated as the third ranking first
baseman with a probable return
to the mlaon, in the offit when
training under way last spinlg,
gra .fruit trail to ala the a.
Ignmemt. BHe beat off the chab.
I lsI tocky Nehoai the noter
altaal League'is most valuable
[p r pLrehatd for a chunk from
o durg ',-. winter, and
Ie a L.E'- aster, both of
L new back in the minors.
Onm wau. euslered an noth.
i an s .. aa the best the Indians
b, howvr, although he batted
St.B the first 10
Cpmt i gijmes. But t he
ft winning and Glyr

o, a red b hot spring itter,
0er 1 is
Thi cment worked well

via trouble at first ban
|9 q tote imhU i for i, old po
e medfinger put ia
th- MIUeiiI.
I rtu-


* %

I Mo l 41. p1I. k
*W arm -4A .&n

.tr(.A MLittle League.n

Peter commonn (bove) of, A=a .t. 12ut 1lad
of ts O hoMW -hhmDates Are Setf
S b. The beat Am eiint showl. i w, g te
Briarcliff. N.Y. whfihed ean t Th lro
/.ak-s _. mistakes In stride., con- .r XT M IRT BR lN IlKj IMP
them 5tspplng sAtona to NRA 11sf CeM1nwham t Uafm Y=
to G in mTiO y tell handicap g to eanoLittle League World starPa
S9t o ealu to otral d m- Series will be held at Wilma.

or acee Tournamen robrie a the. Mu Ba
*. tr. chm He trenws t ha t nplc, Call X.aM
Ier Here On Di poor t U profners, RQ ona A
slomuis Down Under fdea the buso- games is V %muelt
younger Druiher similarly gifted, the ;by eans of comm
,e h. w m ememat a'alri. csport el broadcasts In, To
The a on trophy, will b the champ lo i f eight an Slved near oursel coaA .
ourte of tha e Way C o 54 holes, ea t. oy. d ng World War II. and at 13 Na lop. headquarters a* t
dy BarCompay whih to be under 18 year afWeDmpe- w nl when the members .ia s rtliandlle more t to
p d to e after Chain- titon for girs f and uner Inhd o n he At 17 he went to outgoig pie of mail metrp
Sof the ortpo Na- age, and If iffient boy& 1 work a rubber technologist, but lag the dr yeo.r aeof
SJ -alr -o -years ad younr enter yn aoudwait tohrs smi get out on the a srtatientlcrept oer.
and the w n of ded ,t of h s holew course. Two years later he was T -asurer l b destIsn
Th a te C po n trophy, will be pthe opl traveling with Norman von NIdd., ne. The total a'r. -

ow evetrsonu a. Wr *w illWbers-ah salor5 groa h
omur ,loth So h rips are tm 6pen o sMe lar .t a lat asa tp at l w
aen Mh arrived her and p. ? ,? top boyI b Ia opI miade somewhat stren M by bl t r ta lal dt bMl. Ii
rearwas whene smears Agency n mbers im t von Ni le moref
Pdnr Colm w Inot a eut yt la A photo 2pher totally umac- *o

Satlon oed the pio em- 8 hfor r e m4hadf-in .A "we t.-aitoV,
Ion aoIdL a d .u g t.o-
] ev off the fue: o rtI of .,-age and If,_ wrk _s a rubber ,, b __u t __.l w ^ ogafr.I.. r,
,a,. (ffl r o or ,-d ^ h .... .r a ad ",

WiodcTtthle w of every young- Dmurer AJM
atn 4e1f he 9 t fon..t"- ..sme 1 lo *pt ig I te oh

coming tournament. ec 1
Local bulnea men and indl- .
hiduals are donation vno ll ariUWloust
prices fat the py ay the tour
zaament Is fat shaping up to be
BearA Agency il have the
ner nam engraved on the t
champlohip trophy and wUil TO 'TOWN!
alle sponsor refreshment tr -isr
the young mashle swinger dur- -,
Ing the presentation of prze on '
the f oal ,ay of play.
TIe Committee wishes it a-- EDDIE FISHKR .AMMY
nouncwd that all entries must. "
be made prior to midight of /
July5aml pairing ~,lsand -tarti-l 7 "
tme hale to be made up ana .t w- H i i n ---1
pubUshed In thee column .be1 41 <'q I I *i
Io u a 22, t ahd e tarhing date
of t tournament.
!AS pQra .d o Oy walnd i1the t h-b
onter i dso y rgntg-up 1,o-
cat ofteymocaj golf clu vntb. s
ignmilha literally gorve HOGawild to b YOU the boit siiIl

4 ea 1 Na le eag
WritteA for NA Service
QlI'ON: Gjdy 8tt00odash-

t. he, oe ,-foot me M
the nilearomed off I2s leg aad
was fieded by the bIr tup. It
was fra foul ball. Wa t It

taiu "we$




HOG reaches 100,000 isteners n Panama and the @ a Ze wifh a buy ing .ower M
aunually. -. ,,.,
With the easy, better iatwiag offered by stars such as Eie Wiber, Samiiy kaye, Ti
WQoria de Haven, George Madaditlla and others, sponsor cman pri te imre*flre s ales at a lower
ailes*dollar than any other ade ediam. .mci.












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~ --*

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- '._ .-- s"-,.
.... f:- %"* J..-.''; -.t -^ j'




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. .. /. -.'... ?h. o '..* ..... .. o

. ,+.J- ." +'^; .-f '^ "'.. ; ,+' '^ .*
* ...*- +++,,=. ... v
'7 ."

__ .j ;t., 1 .. .

..... e tions

*g tos T ^oed^. -.. .;' .,.M x ^ + ...... .. +
goGuatem ala-

:y / o .le ... ,.' An".th.;I dO 0p p e .
ON recent year WAHI July 14 (UP) The ein regent -

alrampd to man al-tim econ- TW NT a Flanders prom- ually certata off fire- ade and who
i aUnited tatl refedt ell d map out hi tratey to- work,. l eon former St al
t. owern t bf Iuatma- .....
'tto the MoTcow-bcnked re- dy o r ... to topple Befi, 1 e lteporarly .
way was cltghteared economic ph R. McCarthy topped h to let McC
P matte roennloion mt "d 'o 'b D

the with the An. regimerut
'.Iasi; night after GuVideot-e locken BO..'.

hd extent of future cooper The 72-year-old Vermont Reo hould non me and
vetimeont Ibetween the twol attempt to forSe a bow- what ..b.ect. tr. w.nt to dia- .eavet e ..
nais during recent years WASHINGTON, July 14 (UP) The c6mmlitteu eing, vr- e
slump. d to An all-ti' low. S .- Ralph X. Flanders prom- tually certaW _$o #mIh off fire- en, and
A United States rewiusll do 0ev 11iled to map out hie stratee y to- works, a. 1 e H. ackaon (D- McCarthye ane u.iU. 1

Possible to bM that tk e dAfter a talk with the Senate ash.) told te rteor the Democate Wl not a t huidaar
and tigt re kept out on pow Roeph R. Mublican Polhy Cfromco-mittee, Democrats ICst irae to lhe ings. He Mc had tcomntePacde
and bank loans. mites cha yesterday the o the is disputtee thought the Am to the monthly t
..nd OP leader William Knowland staff hearing that the 4ly (U)
- extent of ..future pe'a rls ewarmot Re witeh the A have de- stia IffnSm d tlD
official sad. ddepeds R can sctepduled cans told on- Mcthysaiitaberwouldtmembers o.ldhA ;ch,- wef
initiative of the Guateialan rpoce today to disclose how he be asked ipoS davne dto tell him thing, ah e y hl49 lthea i eone W*
unena are kept out of w- Repu he licy Com itte, 1s)ecurt Ura Us f;t r ise the ngs. I.. .._ co r.eo r.
i. ltand a e ane a showdown nextt qthrets agalonr Sn ee thr Demoorat will on U eow a aghe monthly t

atisae abkptoweekt Of staff Rheblcap policy acy enew 'hahes ate Madden Dnm81 Stis stars the Pora
hsd th Ue St l ? ddton tear ing tate satthrl abovo fettgeA m B

r ats Flanders said It d ta Luca 0 "M to theSme toal a- aor
fllals believe United aOP l ader William F. K nowland Inaft. "were e ve hg train earw l se2 / ci r d a n, 14( UP)
fea c a n d o i evea t a U n t d romib sed to Tstick n o p arliam on 50upu1 1T hd4"L o d er b
pcan nrm inratemaca.nomit ry hardles in the way of a vot The e .thre d a ,,deitij co W
bmanks O m al. on Flanders' proposl handedd ad a neonfese pIls s ..... i ele,. +f .
ailaob fodl as The Vermont Repubican told rounds that t- itteeo18.10 hesktj o e
ent e reporters after the secret meet- n tors denied Jacksonai "Mthe: D aIw e1' Td
o lg withn the Policy Committee learance toorn o
iuatemaaothat he will unveil his tratgy' .eDepartmn td wto n0 ms p cna scWtot1n Rw A -irOSt o M'-
in a Senate Speech Thursday members. made bee n.. w however, was at Rlat -,VU .
ght ib read and call for a showdown next tlhrots alg al MrDemwillan, beo average1tota4

out i sesa po aftfesha -up. W c s rnate. l o e BMaddoentS1 6- b il:Sturs 1h o!t

dh" n i rg e -agree tInadditiont can Sen.Inquirs at IBey ao a Sa id lIo e l
enew regime alo wever. that had t lea Pote o.). has as

..i vo irmiht bu aloflar g that pub We r t called e e dforon- the oo of t f the lad
tev Urmnited ttes. Tois thw aht's buoh nhittee Sowo whS ri wice Ca lesAmeren ,un sual amount ofn1111 t- t t ..
fu ed sell armso e o f percentinvolveda InltheAr elat uer d te r l t af versed an.-earf
n ment. b aeh mei." ight. This d hrw blyR iher IUTo Be If-uuJ.llade dtthe .poximity off the In- byK"elow .. .."-". ..""
an Aenore e.ouselRoy%0e11., convergene saone. lana, to ,aidlo, e enry
tnest are Flanders said It would be 'ustA o t uarrya ot r e th an half of thetot a- and it
toFY, the too had... for the Reutbllcans" The tuneleoald qlveMdathSeM urrrma s ht en
11 1raTY. ttiiif Senate Demtocrats provide his have been identified u 4t cin." .e0*.,Q__ u od Ux-asbd a 1 0 e Ju..W .
defense treaty principal suppOrt against aMe s Donald tA. Suinle, o Aer Fi retreis teemde 5o r h .. fr "
a TreIrtsInD-1147.eCarthy.Ihtseldat q annd b a r wh2 of then
aeo p-"It is my conviction$ lat the WM prfthAm,
hasthen Republicand ty d.. r a .o pr r. ..

bar" 'Brel"heksolo,"ou. : "c" "rn ag R4se Lnr y.Th co

.-mA *..j o bGdt- I,.tr. thepleof
,i -. teo lAz tIl o .aa .4 I i l m te a n ,hc camp l The- fa b uI, s re-3 i.nZt e Vr .
So seanw a bhe ead of h]IN rbale h ave also borke
ton m.e tit asuitfor daMagesprh

'u" as .8,itM'0 W3" haia aSO
ol cen tosurhe An' a-W hto n.s tf-II h ae .* u r g d durming
V ha.._e_ :It could. be coato Dam wm. ,
,j i u wite.ofy." for ou t i as 3, ricardedta teg t rtne.
d.idno wa. a laic e, raand oe bus on tire Ca- H ght seii mp ap dring peo
tne.ruR- he e ofJ f Ju e. ,. "u '
c tearanes, dri 14eroteb nHalvi s a o"xe -",- wat -et a...W.ta
..,lansawiise, .whe the AIL-rout visibiliy, o"igin.e h o ta --- -give.n.-"b
t o b -,.e .- -t 'Ja-._- aloneao. s ,Qspen -fIaearI TuofCo... A s
of. t'ewandTen gr he oimi To,-)- Fi.wdn1O

thy is aesh,% eowo o aM iui cc argased nthase s in d ays Intthe osr pita, m tr of s.a dU AWrsnd de -"r
Flongsf Jul ,M re tdr inpay ifur ol f u. n ity ser litser. slid oa on thes sn'ofA.Je m an.

'ed ay I* I n oi n omml no s eapn4ldra de- an 4 ,a 4

kenridse: ViOP cd.

aa ss., Ii"bi again ther car In t of teir home I
of. ,ransi" Is uced of wr u .ti"e bouut t he victm of Armny foi an expanaUon of its 159O,4!Selide d ueer been used Nole w ere tre atm h -'
b. lbs P Broad- .faee. fu. wne* mte Army r -.ucer actio, It woas atate- that the nor, In .te tbec .' But Army Taha.Mole Io. wo -

tresh o pMueC.. theirconomy. sw one te .yrecsenth le bo servamoatof to l whin. are part of the Ar. --
t"hitofJulyAftrudd q m flam Anter ap, war flSt break out I. mO ncaemps,.
Ie the her ., near mot Luthast Asia.. .o
of thE NRe c thateisscha"ine tiemelyser myas a I racture even mrsisted asR s dmany other townse-
ahbay sdwere ew g dr a f4 with 5Oo n regaerding Br-.enrdge. On. April ln of C~amb-Pow k In Louisiana has
l .d an owntootl o ta e In wic. 3l Gv Lawr ene oeth perby -lod10be4 attoe the pepl ol:
tote- wAtt r wa er divs. o e lae .. Camp .
doed, oilAers' pcomplttpe flow. clfled' on Tho ra.I A. Young, as- USa Aothe Un AlienaIs

en Useor" D,1be r0eopeed % ormum4 216

Poeofeudeuy nder- have bean com.
axfiespin elgd t 7 do. ot aNd turned back
"A wsft.. ham a c Camp
eeArmyt-e land oe ae 'mmel- a ndCamp
___h WMmeage ,Leals amet std. At least
Iasmaw up a -MMbIs.
Mae. tv ;30 Q!a04 tmallion aeon

8 ais ises. oGaep
rit il Ott IM Ip asMt-

LZ. -

- P.

- +.* .r T'i.-;'. ,"- -...



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