The Panama American


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The Panama American
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Weekend American
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Scott Family Library Fund ( donor )
Panama Times, Ltd.
Place of Publication:
Panama City, Panama
Publication Date:
daily (except saturday and sunday)[may 12, 1973-]
daily[ former oct. 7, 1925-dec. 4, 1966]
daily (except saturday)[ former dec. 10, 1966-may 5, 1973]
normalized irregular


Subjects / Keywords:
Newspapers -- Panama (Panama)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
Panama -- Panama


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Oct. 7, 1925-
General Note:
On Saturday published as: Weekend American, Dec. 10, 1966-May 5, 1973.

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University of Florida
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All applicable rights reserved by the source institution and holding location.
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oclc - 18709335
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E iijb onr Ils a-9 U Ild~ ia-The week-end Amecica .-:san. Hi s :racket tat v t -
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Itime tennti cl.ib setAot.m over iMaone .Delecb inLa n In
... Eva Gaibor 1 1 j Chawa we 1L
W0,l0to Postmuarksl: E arl did the go412 IB Id, an '!g("G g- 'I
IA ona, tech math It old flamet..eak o
MIT as brought to the Atomic Metro chorim ( We VI
Sy Commish as an "ladispen becoming a am), will ed
a by Dr. J. Robert Oppen- producer Via Guest i la t M
.t.. hel.a -- -,. Like's West Point class er his divorce Ual,. -. The mn
mnat IA. Gen. H. R. Harmon will head m-n.t rance is rated a .
Wbe the irst Air Force Academy curlty-risk i WagshbingtD. Because T
Sat Col Srad Sprngs., .-te he was a us e 1* the Pai aW,
-. Auy Wils k int e eu.- en undeIwrrl
rics a inggl tbvy and mov -
.,. -.. Sihta. firm", whose stock, Lyle Stuart (real alme Il Is
____ '-'___"- esmar lugLh than money. Two Simon). hn, l iasqueradesi U
--' -"h -o me vnishd... One of Me. author and writer m ..h w asW
a Paointers praised an convicted on d eut rt.i.,
I.a i "-IOn writi) was arrested &o,.J.. 4sWa
Sn. e U..: .The-tte Law: HinohInj~i.D~J
---lql hasksrease trar deent a W
: bierenial hate be tick.s ...Lson
S.'WATM aUtyr.s sUil W stad dslr
=da mstig a N.T. mimide

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m ail or tI, Is assl t oe Io ot. r e r. can e e n"Ih-n -a ,give olt aL*
re I '.'t'' not -A S fis nedMSpa

St NteIt ar lta ne annd tita n atsm h ll l4te ut. a o r.
& te si. 'th oer ap.t Preieo ro .. oat happ.e In h bn ar 1Wad.. *Jm mriiea
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There is lca o yours? 4fl iI repreIen rtet GOW

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main- an othehos, taoun of" th ssitw to wl ea

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7heml -By Boo Rur oim at- .ml bli. fIoottIor n aTn) lo td thi M ig rg aW' t totl nra tax

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co. djs isl ABOUT TOWN caame Indbfrr ferom1# h ( nY do Asrrhaft (nFi e b Ean) at the wife od 4

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0A 800irds phave bee moreD i lnar ith oh (she N.Y., t o bro I"hme tiltto rted wftu) tat Nell b a.... I e "la .
s "lit'u "ou rb a whether Rus- Saying she 'woo r ota Thea omnw hasI
kon th0 eoast... NaN.

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Sis4 1tat rresisnt rot M meean S
Sat 10 bit treprelwea r-a mongat nth tbyasue's


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andMr. Donald wroe eO'f
Mao ha- rod to theUn te
Btater for bialdtrai at CVIPN
Bdckne, New Y rk, h.w
ni hts -seconi.year at mth Uln* t
edSttes m Academy, West
Point. .

Histeru SedtCty To Meet Tonight
Thle a&toria Society will .ld
its fouat m sn this evening at
7:30.p9.. t ie I .'Yvol. An-
con .bea th r dicus "the
Police JMn' d .the Pana-
i Rs l- tion ays.

are asked to. attend.

a Claytou Ofiers' Wives
hold itt re&Wti month-
on Wedneada t at the

Irm winl include a display an.
Icisslon of linens by Mr. Gener

IMesn (hub To Meet Thandsy
The regular monthly meeting of
he Balboa Emblem Club No. 49

C-r ~
: :

":.-*. '

appeal to West Georman voters.
Hie Chrtista Demoratic Unidn
emerged as the strongest single
patl in North ihioe-Wert-
pulls, key stat which In-
cludes the industrial hearutlnd
*sJtlieR eu3.l-

AMA HEAD Dr. waer B.
Martin, of Norfolk, Va, is the
new president of the American
Medical Association. A practic-
ing plhyscian for 33 yes, he
believes a doctor should be In-
tereted in and responsible for
th. health of his community.


hal ic rafters


I!* uip-awn m -
a narsth4mna

S -.4

be l ~.sda at .the Stt
:Rilm -iite tBl at 12:30 p.A
Eare *rOmbr is aded to brio
a covered dh.

Sa msabern of the Inter-inem
can Women's Club who are Is
terested In Joining the classes ib
Spanish aught- bu Mrs. Delins
studio may begin Thursday a
1 a:0 a at adquarters o
Shaler Road.


e Card Group of the Balbo
Ish taught buy Mrs. Delfm
an's Club will hold its regi
Tinnin residence with MrA
itine Hinton, 2-335, and Mn
ray flpper, 2-096, serving a
ntesses. Reservations may b
ie by telephoning either o
* two ladies.
i Decorating Class

The regular batea decorating
clau, taught by Mrs. James Ken
nedy, will be held Thursday a
7:30 p.m. at the USO-J W Arm
ed Forces Serivce Center, La Be
ca Road.
Military personnel. their famiies
and the public of the Canal Zoni
a-d of ths epublie of Panama
lAr luncheon meeting Thursday a

Sake Ani -My hwbl
I .

believe Baby's
this MIDICATED wayl
No unmmedceded powder can re-
ieve your baby's Diaper Rahk,
Diaper Chafe, Urine Scald and
Prickly lHea RKas u Ammens
Powder does I
Por Aama i specially med-
eated to soothe, protect and help
heal irritated skin. Absorbs mos-
ture wonderfully-and is so soft
it promotes healiig by cushion-
ing baby's chafed skin against
further irritation. Get Admns
Medicated Powder today.
asll -Try Ammens at our ex-
pease I FPo trial' size can abso-
lutely frer, M W postcard with
your name and address to Dept.
GK, Bristol-Myers Co., HiUsid
N.J. (Offer expires Dec. 3

h Il n iasi. .r a as uan to be

o the Soviet embassyhr he. He
was ousted Jan. 1, SL3 after he
was linked with Kurt'Poner and
. Otto Verber Aert
cans convleIed ac
1 Reds. f .
i The U. 8U C twir Iden.-." -:
t fled as Ltl.' Pwa _2sl c
n U. M o a. at- Tan., IlU K.
Stache in Mou2wai sM lj. Wl-ak
tor McKae7y,.,airthnt air ata. .- .J
tabeM osoq Amfriad embay Monday At USo.
I The Soviet newspaper Trud as At the UI -JWB Armf .forc
* far back as Mach 2. called for es 8ervlce enter In Balba, Dr.
1- the expulsion of Felcblin and Mc. Weldon C. White, a mof
* Kliney aloa with two other A- the staff of Corozal me It
' merican mlry pers el. will give an llustrateda r ttre
* The ewm paper charged that on Holland and Portuga nzet
e the Amercan had left "esplo IaMonday at 8 p.m.
Sage notes" i a department The lecture Is one of a series
they had eeutpele a a trans. df colored slde-ulustrated talks
Slbiriaa tras being sponsored by the USO-
The newspaper said the illegal JWB in cooperation with.. the
Photographing of airfields and oil Diablo Camera.Club.
.* dumps in Russia occurred In Au-. -- .
t gust and September 1 IM during Junta Femenino
I- trip the Ameroians made from
M- Moscow to Khabarovsk. i Po a d
The Russians expelled from this Me ting P stponed
country were: Tonight's meeting of thne Al-
, Cmdr. Igor A. Amosoe, assistant ta Femenina de Beneflcencla, at
e naval attache at the Soviet em. which new officers were. to be
a bassy here. He was declared per. nominated and elected, hba been
t sona non grata on February 3 and postponed,
left the United States February 8. The potponement w as tmed
* Alexander P. Kovlyov secondon the crent trnportio
secretary of the Sovit detlegata strike wbtJa went into its aic-
o the United Nations. He also was ond dy today.
asked i leave Februaxy an d lft A spokaer an. for the JPB Ad
Jebusry 10. the tg ha bem r _chedg.-
,&. CL 1 onw. IC ye,, tv. N.OW ed l w4fit. 7:,
MbSwy, hen e w d-clared dW ..
persona non qrata on May A He haveae made use of their star In
leftthe Unela States Ju & the Union of.Soviet. So lltde.
Oti l sid, t she xpaldon p le b carry out e9anag
thee dusia m wmas not 4elased work id tvave ln ttis Alanm
at U A ti nt I thee teSoe t i.;eti hi atty ie b
would notw Aliate, 1r s, wei tmaec ststqi aa
e Sthte D.seprtm e .s 3 "I-S -I with SL. CeL'
wa adeld that mnmheo fomb their ed drture from
WAS de th anoS oe m u a h- Fe a Mand WX w cKln.
da im wetl ver a 'te al t nay re declared to p-son'
owme aswe eing the a f to rr
tes Aeria r em hel in u ao ta and the ministry of
cow dmnaidlng t- h enae-t. fgoretgh affairs expectsaltt the
the stw American at~ be smbasuy wil. takee emes s Jor
It added that "there i n oou. their immediate departure from
datlon whatsoever for ethe a rbSir a Sv.t UU union "
ry action of the Soviet govern- The S tet Depas l ms~te,.p
lpat" and "it is obvious that the pEb. ve 6 ed t "o a sa the
lovieti authorities have take this miel siebw*reo g_..d u n't
action n retaliation" for he ex.' or l e assn w as aId sta
pulsion of he Russians. M i embassy withes ot- wron
Mclinney and his family now t~a neither s t' e f0 msrS L
are on vacation in iEuroe and will _r mem ers* 91 5 s lr
e|not return to Moscow, the depart- .hNs-1.e aged i ag _
met .said. It added th arrange. e ata mewith t.Lher dA -
menswere teing made for the ZIiau.tS 1 !" srvesmU m..
early departure of Felchlin and dlMtry -111 os evidencen.
his family. ulPort of Its allegation agiaL.
The last American to 'be ousted Lt. Ci. FUlehBli and WJ f Met
from Moscow was former Ambas- i M y7."
sador George Kennan. who was -..ydam called the Russian ac.
expelled on October 3, 1952. The lion "etaliation pure and! sim-
United States rejected Moscow pie."
charges that Kennan had made He was.asked whether the ease
"slanderous attacks" against Ruim of the Americans was related Ip
sil to the press at the Berlin air- the article i trd. ; can't ans-
port on Sepember 19, 1953, but wr that question," Suydam tf.
di4 not send him back to Moscow. plied. Butihe said re was aure the,
A July 3 Soviet note said "coar two men were only fulfilling their
patent Soviet authorities have es- normal duties in Russia and that
abolished" Felchlln and Mc nEauy theyrhad not done anything wrong.



M DayWhlit rights, direct service by DC4-B
Convealent morning departure, arriving Lima f
Chelee of First Class or Tourist Serv
Stops iW Guayaquil starting July 17
* Also direct ELM lights to Europe Fanao

or dinner

m KLM Service

dwclm wmuvIcQ np ebt
d :a 1|t flrcht r Et~art
DM^tsellnd llgl~sa to-flw fws
-r*ngtP UgtaP stress this

Walfer WinceIll
(Continued freu-#age 3)
He'a now Mr. Big at a resort run
by Den Gold's Ceoaa-controlled
furrier's union.

Up at Columbia U' Shhool of
Physcians and Surgeous a witch.
board gal answers calls .a besutl-
ftrAmerica. "'o rue. gose she's
the only Tibetan femamn athe U.S.
... Her name: Tenlk-Tdafld -
studayi to be, a merlso ... Were
Algam orp. and Yonkeiv Trotting
Track quetly-msrried last teek?
(Confirmation expected this week)
... The Internal Revenue people
are concerned ovep talk of a 40
P.c. auh in penoal.. Phyll
sW i theu.*lov' i thing on Me.
*ver) "adF1t;iirom have
decided qn ala sep...The
Ammean Medical As'n Journal
Bo longer aeepts etgle ads...
Jce Cata (Mr ad be teevy show,
S"Itl and Jef') weds fashion
ii r J-eand Sud&stru t at t.
rat'. P a th.tbPa .ka m Wp- ad t
tmawt Donna Lee lekey (Miay
I'i n n "*C*3Ae-'Mutlhm") vw the
rst to take ler lm name for
eps. That's how Ase Sblrey
Zt ber. T~he'leloWy brun ette
Carets a (Boht f R Gude) at the
Br. b yea o -n Fr o r or Dnache
Geanueopii of Cofleopee Falls,
Mas'.,. Betfhted:' t- DeMarco
of Ad Age and Mary CarroU of
A m- e riE a Weekly.. .Tie Geo.
Clarks (Boston Record) expected
sier Baby on Firecracker Day
'Their last child aws born July4h
... Warning to speeders: I.bgnng
never lasts long.

Help Your Pi
:Stbn hour Swt
ewnaMrbian beoar
Le -d Itchlnc. .l-IM
gg l~rygba~ lt orDwiili

Just me of the mensyT besM
mnres, mwgror se4umaA
I. r- "
- Attractivbd eemunt for
Canal Zoen dvery-

z rrrtw

I t I -, SW-------
nwan vt am u e.tor to. olata
seeng the which iwo c A

and approval of the trptdent. t e n thei

wd' C""t!:*' ;'- T -t -
e adm=tted bY a s0mple majorl-
ty vote pt the House and Senate 1ll:3 pj&Ttn
and approval of the president. Ird Vth M

Smnathers said the -states
should have a voice in the ad-
Vm= of new,a tels.beoause It
affects their voeinl stWagth li
Cogb reand cna equmutly their
al to Influence ipollcie they
copader beat fow zthetr welfare.
Be woe that;he hadooncelv-
jd proposal a year ago but
did iot Introduce It at e time
because It might,hab appeaed
ie WM troyIg to block rtaeood

The House passnd a Hawaiian
statehood bill last year. The
Senate approved the measure
this session but also provided
for statehood for Alska.
The bill ha been Mea up in
the flsere tv "'tleos n 0lW e ever
/alnie aWt-4h n aosi)u 'pi ch(lce for

t- -or e t favors
yes n

Smalfe said hls *optusal has
hlstorelosuapport Mce tpe same
[lequlrtuefits prevailed.'under
the tles of Conrfed- atn
which linkEd the AmCerdi al-
onles before they wro" Own-

In hil letter pollcitt spprt
Lfr h is p 8ma sald,
"'its elso of a state
note m a pthe aphy
of the united States b .Hi a
resul"titht'ef aer.a e a the
comparative voter strength of
each state delegation in Con-
O~slae6 swell .! tew sm.o

Augely. We the gh and
privileges of the voters a eac
stats,an so vitally afftesti, the
people df your state andd mine
should have a h pass

"On the queAdionRjjiuch cx-

1 a I

Items wf be repdi&7 M
indm atudenta 1-
theyuest of h
. rrut la,iii^

HandIcrafta iA
dents wi be 4j.p
| ....., :



A MONODATIC. a asi a
-i .', ""y .
an your wris t ao

..-2 ,..'PAN AI I ;',
. .. 'i

Fgfeae Tour
.... .i

- HtdelNacional I


to offer

S'A --., DAVID oad BOQE'1r

-long,, all expense "wf keltd valtk 1
ai at
-V*. "
'wAU:feyt. .m" ., ,..C




U'~ :

' i ', : ,:..
i; .- "
"* .^ :' '. .<.;* .-

* 'I


th Cunchde*

doI" #OMf




For full Infennelen see year oca leve
agent or Services A6rees SA., 16 Thell
Ae, Tel. 2-2331.



. 1 V ra


_ _

: I
,---- -- 3-

: ~*.


'I -_ ~;



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f[e '.:4 .
4 i. *, v._ ~ .
,' l.-.. *.' -^^'.,''*

~~44~"~* -

64'" '' (

-'*' '** *
'* i *. v-

"a ita wul

,P", y,I
Should be
Iw aroum

-- .a- ;
'e ,
Sto discuss from prducer.He wanted
O "The Mar. a shoat- two its walking togSb.
he and his er, wi t e otefm. Mla n be.
'..rdy, arem n hhd ani kiuit thiUra,
They gSt ,to. .
I televisidu t --
Marriage,' Barry ian one of the stars
1 be on the in "The aJ. Mutiny Court-Mar-
gnored some tla" wasi tlkin about the great-
p that have eat ad H1d 1 ever heard. I was at
r refer to aa Holl party, and Larasine
set a fam- Day had st come back from a
-they resent trip to an with ihar husband,
Don't use an LeI D r, and the Nv Yorkt
* pratt-fall'; Giants. Pale were asking her
about t htikUlty of J Baese ball.
'Never write players, and aie saw ttat, al-
though Glast were' taking
the cliche- some f Jaese to spring ttainng,
nd this sum- she doute they could make
the teami

"So it shouldn't be a total loss,"
said Groucho Marx, "they can al.
ways mow the infield."
Ted Straeter, the bandleader
who ha&L. ..zninl u jL.G.iont,

reached- -i stuo a hall-hour
early foe one program. P1ino
tuner Augsit w'la was work-
ing on Strtetct'c piano, playing an
unfamiliar melody as he went
about his job. It turned out to be
an original Klauber composition,
and Striter liked it so much he
played irp:. theaet l8resraam. nd
ie platto red ItT or MGM
records soon. See, these things
really 'do happen.

KNOy Tenn.. Jul 6
captu .8. Senate seat
here fot r Hnt time since 16u
fell today when rock-Jawed Nay
Jenkins maRdqblsref l to un
"definite' kd'hal."
* Jenktn6 vwle bull-froa voice
danmintAtB' the Armt-Mesrt.h

O&mi not
rufr. That's

I y, g you see
rfat Thea, who
TV's Film Services
tis. charge of the
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Great White Flieet

*.S.: "VERBAOA" ..... ........................
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*O.S. "J6AMW ....................... ,........ IJul
S.S. I AV U ..................................July 1U
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S.8. "MAJOIIKA" ............. ................... l.Jnl '
8.8. "PABIMM A" .............................. Jm. I
8.8. qM ,," ....... ..:.:...................... July .
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Weekly NOU of twn wmpa r *w tft NOw T60rk
New Orleans, i. LO s A e, < rnel o sad Ierle,


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8.8. "YPOTABO" ................... .. ...... y jU

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New York 8ries



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?ueT ul1de o'6 te he IE -Tilar teleBlalon SctDT u e1A
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Sto hum about movies? e N
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Sw t e ;F R j t rem ThE U .SA. are: Fo r Fa er u Know l i a cea t et l f

cooms's 1ret!Ci C.urch at 13:htpa Mo,
t meani V isitor'sNigt SE< NMZE ... SO
Ie Mr. WhYite at OGurst p e wil A6 t hMbe ME irs.d C-r $ -m

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_ ,_ ___ ____ __ ___ __ ___ __ __ __ _a
k,, Islt. I I --ILL

S.... *rOI ME' -AL m s
.. Ho.ehold n 1i Kginmar,- BEST PLACE f n'"r PROFESSIONAL A.
mahoganydn-FORSALE.--;.1941Ho n 4dor FQK$ALE...&*byrN d $piao $375. pestre l gobl V.6k. Only -
O i 5Al E.-- o-Be tli rnar, In-OW ,--." ,Only..
ingrooit furniture m;'ganyu cofi en, jse 4onlt.if :.95.'Tel.- Tel. 4243. miles frofm Atirly rem*&dei ilh
Stes.t desk andmtmhig chir. phone O rn u FOR; SALE.-- Upright' pono (Win- under Ami antagment cail C-To
Ho a1 3441, Apt. A0. Owens St.,FOR SALE: 5th "Chnis Land" 3rd Sre Tvoli Tridsl.Agwy. T, Tivoli AvTO.
,boo. 2-door sehi- d9juve; .a House 9. 1, "RHetlo." "Piano Tle &. 2-045. Apre c3 -
'a. bamboo t motic.51100. C Nvy pefct c lon. -FOSTER'S ;-one mile pot a fa
';s... bamboo -e- motic m- S t C i f u .'.
S 9 9 pieces tween 4 p.p. and p. Cqn be E:- S~mll piano, excellen Sonto Clr.%h OInrs1AILt .,a
S. Tele- financed. u,.. I ,. m I ,a $1n0d oe and find et eve
4,i 9or T 77 office FOR SALE:--t947 Hudson Super Six t :Na .4, Apt. 4. PHiaps. S "Lnts L fid ol Nee a t
4-door sedan with Overdve and betwv enS:Ql .0 .m,, Clara. Bo, PtU ta l our litteit i
ad in good can- Hudson air lcrculator. Phone Clay-FOR SA.L'---o Jiful mod living- Panama I uI -161W Alageof eSo e r ne
i )nohoOony chi- ton 87-5201 during duty hoursL Troo, m, rstudirp 4.door De- *mlich Snt .kt c bgom, b.
rtGramlich Sonti t h cotfeiis. : "-'
.Coall 137. Curundu. Curndu 83.3111 after 16100. f lmolt Ing condi;.t- Eloectr reMPgf sltd n o ew, ades law eels a
.nhaaoany FOR SALE:-1946 Buickt sdo griay. tion. 4Stree No. A. 6. Moderatevr z s. *.qn6441 or s j Ilolui O -. llfe
o dowers, 'vanities Good price. 46th SIrbat 'o. M 44, E geatb~, ; 4-567.
h .i so.ll). Like new. Tel. Bel P.oa 3 3.5 V boys' and I bicycles; I- 1E& /3- B ll o Vst will ii beaty, N 4M ald asa.tir
36iogkk.S new, TeI.- ;ll add beauty, -a- It
d i 3286. FOR SALE:-1952 Pontiac Zsdoor. 8- hf. 25-o corae; air c mpres- Fra ST S Mic tUlat.ionm c.mfe b.ast .beats. The
.l44 freezer' portablec- cylinder. underootn Te. 2-3-75 l4 bes pr fi barem. bta FR ET-TOl.ea 37
gtr usewng machine, auto- 12.000 miles $1400. Balboa 2 FOR S.ALE- 1-rdC mtm- 8ilant, .... a .. et
washing machine, baby scales 6. Dr. Barge. Soll & Howell; movie aomera rnm FOR RENT: Twe-bedroom chalet, m I atoed. .w o rs' crse
er2 twin-sil r-springs and FOR SALE:-1949 Pontiac Convertl- Res re magazine type. Call 211, mad's room, Tbpien stove, cool., Modern~ wir A1. 7 t ,
lr, picnic ice box. Phone ble, 6-cylndeer. duty paid,'tires, top Colon. No. 59 Airport Rload. Tel. 2-2418. -Al.swnr: jOl 4 I
1.95, and paint less then one year old. PANAMA CANAL COMPANY FOR RENT.-Two-bedroorm chalet in w- ith a 11 dohe ie wa
:-,-Beoutiful. ohaprogny bor Call Panoma,3-2331 after 5 pm. O~FERS MISCELLANEOUS ITEcMS Bello Vista 50th Street No. 48. -lae n a-tag lla d lw..
large mirror, m odernli- FOR SALE:.--.41 Buick Sedanette.. FOR SALEV. Tel. 17 13. h-JU S alousIBe Hall rd- m a tIo mr se
glass top and doors with Make n offer. 885 Morgan Ave. Sealed bid, for opening in public, willFOR RENT -3-teo6m house un- o ian fmr an Q. st Sl
r upholstered chairs. Must be Telephone 1232. olboe. be Sreceved until 10:30..m., July 8. furnished. App m 9 to iI and PImi L le wndow, a- h otlle dle
to be appreclatp l. Leather up- A;.*IV Pontia s nfr o-r-- ---.-- -..-,. se to by rook-
to b ei rom Leathe pisFOR SALE: 47 Pontiac sedo 1954,1o -t office of -th Superin- 3 to 5, Mexico Avenue No. 19. a y W A
.SP 2.22,98 offIce hous. eq uipment, $e2097 0e 1 --bedg rEu n OVYet O
ra vgn gm tendflt oStorehoum," ilou'e.or
2---298 aftice hours coupe, ten-- t*: of storehouse,' SoI TOa for T; -.------- *-.0.- |.- 'N-a---,1,
BoI- ca, o 1297 between 2-4 theater eq uipment, birb'll hirs, FOR RENT:-- Cafsete bunplow: 3 ti pd tn le
Road, Balboa129"7 between 2-4 deep foa trying kettle, ~ lolling, bedrooms, 3 lsorreie parlor, din- OF. NOVEY9 iN w e --a, M0
toran new gas stave. 4- pCm. dee fb f, uhng kttl__ I K d-
r Snd teet vegetable peeling. popQ vending, ingroom, big closed porch, kitchen, A. 1-
..Cristobal. P SANd t N bA LS glass washing" and orbonstlng ma- maid's room. washrooms, garage, C central Ave. Tel, 3-1 m0"e i.sbe. o same.
chines, oven, stocks. 6gts, cooking hot water connections $135. Sonny I P ul-. c d
C ,HEAP, oll-porce'ain11011 nanges, refrigerator, eiertric motia., Boy. Sabanas 10. Phone 3-3041. It Sandyi tn!
C 1 +Eu bread iddler,
,MAc Chl stove, be G E 8s AB.. J.. H.L-Euroa bread silcing, meat sliciqg and dish- FOR RENT--Si house wihot Su Rt es m lleu l AISnce to Sa R anr,
P agny ching closet 25. peon Adlustint Technioque. Re- washing machines. scores and steam water two bedrooms, leundryroom, world feat apls
oitffle Itabls 12; H6over lease of d strasld a rnrl"n tbls located at SeSction "1. Balboa coa(etely furnished. Call C SI Ple. AIC e : X bl-e hu"
m sweeper S13,' parrot cane 75 Calle Ai, b2-0. Telephone Storehouse telephone 2-2720. Inviro- 705. c. phone n* Franmi BlQUESTION: A. baternnuer haer
v $8; tire for Morris Minor $7. 2-5159. hirent. tion No. 91 may be obtained from theying bac to second bas because
eIlaeor mieaell nt L1 4tnms-i4pt. ,e I,,- ning b|ekto second b. becau s
l.r misc No., tel. Apt. FOR KENT above sour or from ftice of Supr- FOR DRENMT ke .24 rVa P. blutted ibacki play, 13--Pit by
Panam ENT Intendent f Storphouse Lnlboo tel- a"m-abattedball. o
Mineellao US phone 2-1815.W8a 111 1116.a l. Nob bale. s oun aap t?-Pinte
AFOR RENT:---COMPLETE TOP FLOOR Position Offered F'R NTSo- Ls e-.o m & n o "'i"i *- *ut' s*pe ia .t mnli
for offices or other busine. Jus- furn lhec s parupts aneB, leon eS t. le I
to AroseT, oi Avenue. F.ICAZA WANTEDi- Capable young man for bed roi hot, l' water. neft Dun -o p it 4 man.
poiCO. pon as billng ck. Must b ephone Panama 3-4941. oe Q. Mb t ao "r mati
ment, ,sMl faml ly,, fVia ,- po- S.ib Ia awa r' li soay ... 7U batter rac. fora
seMd Na, 106,. Apartment 5,. arss W first bae and ta he a o t i THE
Ait.a Six You llige f R b aare1 o)f lLVm Pousdena o nceMBd" t heo m M t
i -up-t, -- reportedd FOR RENT--Top floorrBorn A je. ,fw Pi ,r m

(ndependedce Dy holiday w1 a m frem conveniences. Thlelho.d 2-
aJuly 6 -4UP)-acreas- State ited PrS Tported 1 9e06 1 R Tte d Q Wo o pbetoe#&aS

is benlg pai to out that eelor the foarlhu sure at iis yedtr fthee n ra FOR N r ._' ot- e'. B A.A.. teso --S _t_
by c p the naton n er. t or N r~ ub90. T loro
^^ Is In mr, xrt ab. safe o ss aiii. Jim: tvWa9a b s AM'
toeate iarn gs wehave l saved-over t ei t e tre Tlhaute: 3 bedromane 3 o _.F

Independence ay holiday w modm ern oprtmenct, e -8 VN so ai the
atmraio and e. s. oN, July SU e,- The 1456., TRe.the

.LNDan "the m l j T re- Via Bell16rlo Porros.. ,, prt Mechal5 *in h- Tnkeel heala, II.
f~ I w n the A United Prom -surves a tren editor, a. oShp e F-lnntIeI FOR RENT: AOrtnent r ln~ BAXtMd SdA. re Q Isit e S.AMan a lris ranb-

saTeid today. r -Yasd I .a'S "Fe'dFR RENT:--Fur lSo oprtfmlt:fe
samimar. -wilmptin 7nismave shwe ". rsn klls arhat rooms, hoimiO, sitluie,n rfrigero- a -o*ek -ttbeller. 0 last aift-I, D.;tws eafit
sul'r was on -orand "the -inter tional O11 tar. No. 58, A.Cu 43d Street Non 2". 4se e.. a. e
e sortium Per spedd foreachedr cope agree. 33329-2-1227 rb lo,
is twe*a r Ar WOWdown ent anr premature. F N us n Tallraspoe211a1129M blehe-Aw, I C -
tne eve ofGD planets a, one FOR RENT:-fFumirhd ape-j'droom ON" not ) 5 iApkat
tbey ..e.. td ALd ,C-r6
H overmentrh have sa thre. are modern apartment, grpnce. 4-1 VALERS soTTels.: N -i~l- 1 e a b the
o .en "heha $50 mit O, Jos-at de Faiara. E-Maedichann o oltr se.

..ndTi was one qthme two mna- UlrNo8e
U..I. evry Idispute:y n tbe FOR RENT: Onelland om apart- maRE dUdt TrI- Q M a -band

s oe th o er in he id. .- Street, coaTel. I Clon. Nf wit ssea11 r s his ,riJ tesstle rl Bdd rme--
of~ng settled." Uruguay. vie Aw tmo.k2a

ent' lsetravtl .A..- to a- ae o In FOR RENT col with aseavew .2,port- Amissonterahs pa e rB uabdl

4e i1s Uh r'ent ivr dn maid's t,-- mlhe wa y.g ga lea wh iI
G ;T Ohio 17: sa Iran a 'FOR RENT:- Furmihed apartment: Repeiw, QInssiuui of gag te was .
sioes Two bedroms, inclbding.rifrigroo- stoves. water heater, etct OQ Lrs WthwMfr- t fiest
Sand 't Ub 2d mtar and stave. 43d Street No. 27.t and seo ba m out,
2a2s01, A. Psal a the battr bdl !# IW 'Ar
L a his msood ofr o )t. Ott a ,FOR RENT:- Fmrished apartment, b Guioses tt te atI beY r
the consortium and b P-ersia splendid fo or couple or bachselo, took runner o ooeM o
government have areed'o]h a modern convenience. 43rd Street -I' h la-on
Amerin compromise over e ts a Nal 13. Bella Vi2st .tALL wr WAr the a se,
mea im F l a 1FOR RENT :ml pmentliving-The rebel lo .ksr sksnd themt
the first three yoa's o N opera- dinnron broom. rtl n ther
Avenue NA 18, Pasade a. Roman Stthrow to t.t otto nail the
"This was one d0 the tw MaI- Co~ni. batter. Th Epro

July *a T O % 1.% .e,,i.ii.Ep78 d' d -he, ,l.
%-FOR RE-"NT ""eabedroom. p ae oTwAi -1fBl.

Vot, o ,ow H1= _!W; L T FO

nitGu. EbE- roam ,hotove.r.- Tfl.ar279hses ef-ogi'-

masr ose oslntLi.hd e .uup h el, euaenlnJd unalmT:--Hunting dog Blue-Tick," in lhIm in endlm
el. Street,, NTeL' 13 T, 2rb-0o'. trw emt aa t

A. l2 7etsa thees W" an Oe &Aanohi
br affairs. wian I soF room R hot RE Thre. bel3 led said the
overa .FRR hENT: Furnished torrtment Q- L it VityMat
p~taushe1asne e ed t4 Red 10? Wd., Re

ArFOR RENT -- Aprnimednoot, RiHe saidthe --.add.
etndt. ee a 54 ,' 'ed ji s
Cvcrai. RaNd.AT.e 2-06Te. Ii. 2-3707.LL a-' sfed orM

_ sluum In. r~~oEB~~

a: :~r'; ', 1J 'I **-iC~:
.+ ,
I,'uwCIkill -

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r~t 13 14-. ~- Ar
Id -"..f0 & -~I~E~,~EL "-Jar~~c
C-' LiIt;_ '. .

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"h's;- iaitt--: .4
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.1, an_ ". .- ,,. ,tflp r

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All.,W-.,SlWl.Rl S IDW
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Xl~unl tiM *~f ~tM~fn *tmrf'J^ a" ~i *r rik ll". '--- *^
ij '** t-l .- .-1( ^'. i *. : > .- **. '


Ii 31st.
a to
rJ OaLomal Stars

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