The Panama American


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The Panama American
Portion of title:
Weekend American
Physical Description:
Scott Family Library Fund ( donor )
Panama Times, Ltd.
Place of Publication:
Panama City, Panama
Publication Date:
daily (except saturday and sunday)[may 12, 1973-]
daily[ former oct. 7, 1925-dec. 4, 1966]
daily (except saturday)[ former dec. 10, 1966-may 5, 1973]
normalized irregular


Subjects / Keywords:
Newspapers -- Panama (Panama)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
Panama -- Panama


Dates or Sequential Designation:
Oct. 7, 1925-
General Note:
On Saturday published as: Weekend American, Dec. 10, 1966-May 5, 1973.

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University of Florida
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All applicable rights reserved by the source institution and holding location.
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oclc - 18709335
lccn - sn 88088495
lcc - Newspaper
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tituN- Jordan, July 5 Doihie
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I'm wS MA2PO? to hat wh '- Aoced '1 I sev14l th Ns Ire -vp A )o .~ fThe Mr Rg ida this hde
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his m. wl ars by beomiwaa Mu- m a n a t toe s h In! f tI bsta-a mJ K aW

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By Colbroit

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"ia t yrs Sly.
e the eh e 1 re M ._ G wrt de Vri es,
SS e em thelThe irl are meurly nine r 9 Automobile Row Phone s-411
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B ekrs Rpendy wT ..a ohane of ds~ m'. Commuidst forcs to he Although no major cuts ar ex. ar a sot. wer five lhomen W M ,
toedltoe of f or .A r ti- eed by committee in .he from Leeue|in ospt b"J. :
Ban ers Ready To" ;"" Drive PrAbonKp lii siI p..b
A ",, 4T. TetheForeign ulpt ons foreign deb at when it the small De VIres home toa w
T De ad Sr e aed te Al are ge eas oe re a ramte floorI shake hands with the par thts
Saera Nt laina r atved bw authorik A the for ed l the oan teon fgres. nl dtworln who nd o headlines n the
.WAS O'I, Jy 6 )-- e 6hid program foray year. dilfoats ae r wold press. sthe parents and
o Two ud fi cpp tabh a Ta e committee hopes to complete French pollela and the annarent r dre n i out of the pa's-
k nOoien. tltePM Prl ns otI action this week. new moves to win United Nations or's smalt ea, th rowd fright
NOXIIL Team, July 5 seat since 10 when "Parson" dangeroim subversdves in case of Smathers said he thought the recognition for Communist China. ened Tjltske and she let out
(UPtT-ma4 Jenklns' backers said Brwenl ow war a elected by t Le. war with sa are be used extra 10 million dollars for Latn healthy howl that soon set off
today they would renew their lture house a overflow federal America should be taken her s nallDo reteroe
"drt Jdeadngs move despite t~o e Jenkis, In andnoid a e would poplawon, i was learned the 215 million dollars
Pav pic ttory mat Ae- not be a. landidrated sahi o rman eyst in the Near BaSt and The twin t hare a s
meant he wos not run for the mm onea to rt u Point Four 'dev en bed iat and toe m other il k
Senate. feel my candidacy would meet The pop-uitgris aht "an "l- ance" programs.. '.- care dOf them herself, just as she
Jeins, wisst to prominence with a reasonable chance of suc. time high 0f30~!T3. He s~id the4 million tn a m has her ottier five children.
as corenas to- the Senate subotaom- cess." hle.bll o aR der- wol prs.
mittee that investigated the Ar- Te mpZ in uble are at l te bll fpr Lamfntrorl e. deo
my-Mcar thy feud, said Saturday "HoweTvet he addled, "ethe -ve. roo, Pa., and Fence, Ariz. scribe. the perentaoe as "quite i n
J nhe w a candidate for good prospect of winning o&T are amon Werest of a-crw then peratt air Aard te .rderer
the Sedate sea held by Democrar ovember Is outweighed by other baned Army ost4 taken "T h way I feel," he said, "If NE YORZJ I5 (1.P)-Ja- A s Parol
tesOI Kefauver, another Tenae. considerations. Not the least o ver by the Pr a n ure ter we are to sped t 1-2 beillto do- quell o Cochrine, a firut womrn- oe
sea who u- TV cameras to whish is that.napparently forse- S.enacnient of t ye MeCaomn lars I wdul het to ace at Irast an to rCak the sound barrier, ad
gala national prominence. eral weeks t come I will continue Catm at control tilawn 150' a tal 1 llionl p nt ifn our own Maj Carlie w. Yaeger, who asl
But Tom Wall Jr., Nashvw e to be engaged ad work assigned to h empherse" hour, will receive the 1954 ier i
attorney leading the draft move- me by Senate permanent sub The law autharized tihe gor- ispheNr.t" a _h,- ,nwown morel thana les, a
men aid he s contnuin to add comm en investigations. ." ennt to round up dangerous n nteatna avaton wards, MEXICOIT 3 (UP)-
signatures to his 00foot-lon Wall re p I e d to Jenkins' an- Commulnsts and subversives tno it te anat d.eon aii mtreliable s brces aid today a th
ion asking tenkins to run. more nouncement by saying, "We will ee- t of war with the Soaviet The awards ou e tops n e Mard cha
than 3,000 persons already have continue to remote Mr. J enkin's Uon aviation, tr are eent
ys f sia ciS atdacy. e don't beli ste he ed by the President dur-pg a Whit. o ur cera of esl ils, Ce u. .
rootse lege r teo-ynd a aieplie "fo"rer,
kinmay still be nfluene- will be completely free to ay The other camps are at ot AvWon Cs lere eo parot thYatpplie r"P
ed a genine draft from voters 'yes' or 'no' to a draft movement Park, F la, tula Lake, Calif. and bl b e r arote
Sthseout the state," Wall said. until he has completed his Senate Wtckenburg, Ari. 'foch uw wae t Tstees oft he 1liff rd B r. ay b
S Jtns, who calls h I m solI f a subcommittee work." charge of a care-taker. c aaen m n Trust said Yeager, the first
aft w epu bl an," jumped from Should the draft succeed, fJe mmn who flew faster than acund, of Mornrd who has been a
'"backWoods" obscurity to nation- kins still may pass up the Aug. 5 It isseoti known how many per- SAN ANTONIo TexL July 5 was chosen for "outstanding con- mdel priso .ner," became eligt-
a prminence overnight when he pimary and Jst run o the o s would be rounded up ifwar (UP) Two s ailand Air Force trlbutions tothe field ef ble for parole e. 20, when he
al ernghthenahe.meySattrune earmanentsub-Ttowhhauthwrisedted- Loestrcesllreceivethe19
became npdhsel for the Senate vembe neraltion s ould reak but Bureau ouIr-Base s ermon, one the son. of a P.eidnt trowe lrs anr .ao.enr tshe t eJu- ly eU )
Vgauet h 3olW1epl in sa inimediately began lor and Mempns business man date almost any number. The ney, were being held today in perimental aric~, to a speed ofudd Trotsisdo
bhioer the Senate.Re Ro e Grt~ are entered. the camps n-benlrged ey connection with the rutl r more tha 1,9, at Edwardse mde e orel
,1 murd mriof au trey a- l iiB s eIn, Cint,'ea dUatftie ni-t r1i
-- d ntt run In the primary D t e pr bmably would e inwrde, a aut west of here ast r. hIs freedom at thrt time, aid it It please to park In frkut e f aota ioli *
Ser ared to run as the Repub- respo nsible fr conduct the me here oto w Yeaglmer first cracked to dwa reported hitt he feared h We will gladly pay your parking senses
SC Clotn nme, t would be po si- rouod sk ince It Is chargpd with found b y raped and beaten barrier seven years ag. The award would be aasatrted In his
(t for ee winner of the primary, presU the nation's internal shortly before Esturday mid- aid hes mnitd.. fitr "e trn if. Releft e reports
mthe formsa othand a r half-deatwo-mlpes away, where she had wards designing a nes or re. tM10r Ilnltry to. set him free.
at omeof iortana istic effo auver faces stiff competitioena Gerans and Japan- been tb her phenta ular supesone operationo" ,Theea nme r o the prloLner,.
as nowa peless. He wan e ocratlc nomination. t day after the Japanese at- serbed'te murder as "the ms rane, o Ne York now, r a th hkoI n
Iom s lasa et Sutton is w a rao and TV he entire war It apprehended Bxr County with he ster than sound on May S finitely Identified a
eone tie, he was also On campa i 1ad e alen,. Of these, 3,00 were sast 30 y6ars."?d" ar ..V. ...
totr wvellima subcom eeme dcanpgerous enough to bf rones said Airma's S.0 Immie She was chose for this and for
-Taft kdpubic., j ed.ei, 20,fr Srapo,. -miand,, Tel., was hao
S, At. w ,a. TO ehad l i
w h n gel' ,atona coanidthrolub lot eng Ridgway Sayst
shoAmerula' A eran butBu citizens who were enoetesam, .o d an 1 iofbA am aw hedesdtaa
Amedeican To in a 196, "bu
subcommittee andtt s Re-n oworkincs on behalf of p fore omn ed i rhams pickd up erweey hItaetaoak nperseldfng b ryfor i lts
trough r I power, tee baracks at Liwe The l Harmon, a pioneer aviator rr EhA1
ol iiepry. Ybt he was abl 1 to Ag e ri To Vai.i t T e M peu a1eson of prominent attofnhey 8umdr.ftn t is*top aN balloonist..
e a. ioup1imate in New England. '."- ter C. Brawloy II, stetdfastly do- -W ORn, O uth iUn r --
-. mo t n today lard wilp visit New York, Wash-nied he had anything to do witt In previous years enitzens o The uilted tar eWs stressing
Yo ..theuncna tochsur.2theaf Wregonsiblevelacnduct San the, mwsre.ea. h eamoGreat Britain, Germa y, ]Belgiumqalteraity he tere hwADUly"
su beou anatiTort ... hr' ngt.o nei- r _h i~loni te edk 1n d he d -rince, Ia Swatzeriad army dewen poossbiledIlty
he ~tr o.nd I t .A, DeddIt.frsh adi noargedw. he compand shaver on It eeknd ha bte n naned r alon nae o eno Mathhe
to. wedp' tt courage WASHIeNGciTOzn, July 5 (UP)-- willtrave.ino wom hnd se D.ass toh the bad where the ou wh al y Abe amer wiot calos n anotherwar. en Mapr t.ew Bo.
nved h trae beense sd h ~w ra n w wite mn Aricans. p uideswaY. Army Chief of Stfi f, W yro are arTaang of et ehscor ay a n e cre. rortetpd c tte
alD.. "e aw den te u," will arrive n *Tu, ua ste Dp g for-,But Shaver, In aP a sta buerto Ri n Week's Lucky Wit nel s
pins , 2a el fNew Yororkld or ato thdrte, gnservit nifo yer- a Ar- monat. blamed ohaoer s theotRAdgwy, in a speech before
ttrfme n tn nuah- Iofe teen B le. Hea sd t Shaver he thhe. 82nd eIrborne Diviion Mao-r n-FRED eAMPBELIe JOSE A, "ARANG .
Sr io r ia. orem- Rep. FrcerP. Bolfn (hh'O.) anrs. oetn a....oom cyme out of thi bar, t. wler was aoreden d h Inr
i b asicvweeourofes.nnduNavytotocn a raoWytodayssoldhehitlon, sbid t the brhseIn- d
SfacesIeF81-aano1,7ncedang ae atndheworeell.twuyor oreshdirspersion, raiwd centre h0
deed a teaz to the Mrs. D0lton Is chairman of a. beck s cat d' r her ts. o land great mobility bof airboo b rne forcUL ** M. M
omthlr m aoaltnd a le serves "nation d welcome, confiattie'n "We ara delighted Jthat on the shaver sad .te swlry e to SeY CIT Y, Nm., July5-forces.A DF LEa

S ome f oar tistic eff sontsfr om Rin.Patthefore Devmsit -: 0 t nniefre ary ofhe thle gratel heif, tuDeed Jonff ,de- .heAndPu
mera n '.. ride.... ghtlngale'&htstHorio-Ao-g in l .5ldotD.liUti.e girl Started RicaM dishwasher, Victr RNvew-aor "Victory depends upon suc- o Mrs. J. W. HARE JUAN S. IREDEMER
evrI.and- t H on- Mle. De .Gard Isdthe first the Criea Jawar we sela t-ocryln ibe fe aundeHras"t hit hasybeen cleared of suspicion of cesslul offensive operations," he
we el bi.eve'Sfttoreisgncitizengd twaeralyadiooVuhentirelwomItan prehoended-tand Bmmr Coaver s ithatwensd. "And a prerequisite ford. a
tdhAs-wouaa him and ,ge took otf across le oPresident Eisehower, p-uccegiaul offensive action Ip
L,"oh Is upland enate posed at unique in- ton. uteohyeft qecameho roa pldm up ewhsp and efor
ou ceh e-.ere's station of resT earlution, introduce ek -.
001F CJprayer. othe free wold French fortrk in daily sacrifice e of nurs and f and hCs body wu cratchl.rtow.
ride conwiuuethr.olught ,. The Indochinb. Arperica's great need frr more Police said no cre had doned bn malrshlnd near the "Only by ratd concentra .
best time to see wae shleoimmr women in the nursig profe- beenfNiedagainst either Shaver route the President was to tray- can we maximiZe the effecte-.
the saItui--ave in N 4 n. Mrs. a d ltonsaridCWI.-Do a-so Brawey IIs that they were e1 o hIs Fourth of Jtiyzweek- n"sofThe -ucp dStates Is t is
lardWillvisitNeYork.W sh_ headntin dowtetBrti monility tbrBelougt in-
iThemurte 0d both end.dthewe-hua e tht th lzpr
Fra.... ...and I" Meanwhlae, an autopsy i Polie said to share teew, and that there
the edaAt cause of the death of worI f.9Uhwng his released winneosa especially significant,"

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fiw Oalpd business has movie, "Francls Joins the WACs,"
STV. One company Os, at the WAC base in Fort Jay on
' e of- cards hattringGovernor's Island in New York har-
conmericals. There's bor. As talking mule pictures go,
r Ite".happy birth, this is pretty funny-but the WACo
I ft kie Giason "Away got their biggest laugh outo f the
nationn card, a "Toast Hollywood Idea of women soldier.
OW'! ValealUe and many The movie WACI all had Jane Rus.
sell-Marilyn Moorge figures, and in
sa ggestlt, free for snapping t6 attention stomacheh
an, chests out") it looked more le
fact, ma'am- a beauty const than a pidtooa.
Simply am.
Sha 'em. Eddie Fisher and htrie ooth
lk du., sang duets t party a one
',,,.- morning &noAt auO
the 'age of specialization. good, too. UhhIey= was p d, s a
rMunry's NBC-TV show, neon peacock at Eddie's comment:
upman whose sole "You're the guly pers0 who nteg'
Me is to make the legs in my key."
lrray gals look good on
I. screen.

oU him going home to his
ir work and paying, "I had
*day at the office, dear-f
id calves and a miserable

ve been news comments-
sr since some caveman
dfascslng the chief's rul-
I 'tearing bearskins Inside
Hle stalk ig pterodactyls.
the centi the fine art
Meting has evolved. TV
I C. HUrsch has discussed
d its meaning in newspa-
to Christia SUcience Moni-
radio (NBC )and now tele-
(BC again). And he thinks
a tremendous difference
be the three media.
iting for a paper," Harach
ou start with a lead and
ot of the column you ex-
y your lead Is justified. In
'ou start by building an
it and you work up to your

,I Imagine, has to
more convmersatonal. Eric
tells me he may talk
.sme thison radio
Sfor TV he has to cut
adript by about oneqfifth."
called, appropriately,
t He is one of a battery
tea who are called in from TWIN RARMITI no
pa t discuss thin. squirrels ar so rare that the
thb d a Weshinton. HE capture of a pair of them at
$romgb' that it in TV'S duty Benes, 1I1, caused much ex-
o al opinion, like a cit nt. The snow-whit dd-
ewsper wouldn't be a t re pr es of two nrmal.
it just had a front page wild red uinrel They are
Sua"orlal pa e," he says. pictured Jone,aS.,
too, ld have its ed. whose parents' land they were

so ar is U -
he'. decided that he 'd ke
one TV radio n-the
mera st, r ti in-
mera straight in-
Sat. all times tradition.
ewateh some poor goop,"
i and he grins and smiles
you square in the eye.
a wld be to take a radio
commentator and Just turn a cam-
ta on him ad let him read his
m-. But I do as I'm told, so I
iW at the camera, too."
Ted Brown thinks that with sum- .
ow here they should change the
te of the hit Broadway play to
Il ed-Tea House o fthe August

Usveiysal premiered its n a w ,

1o2oTr OF MArTBA WA!

1,a UUsiULa'^er

"What seM you

Hoover Commission To Study

Central Inteljigence Agency
WASHINOTON, July 1 (UP)- Carthy at all. It is merely part
Former President Herbert oov- of the Hoover Commission's job
er announced today his Goven- of effectively reorganizing agen-
ment Reorganization Commtason tces of the executive branch of
will study the "structure and the government."
ad histration" of the top-se-
et ntral Intelligence Agen- Clark said he expects to come
cy. here in about two months to
confer with Mr. Hoover and then
CIA Director Allep W. DullUs, tart work. He said his Job will
he nce. blocked Sen. Jor4ph R. be to give guidance to a work-
(McartnT R-Wis.) from tiveU- committee, and he probably
tt agency, ed meet with the "task force"
l asued a statement a"Yn& he once a mouth or so.
Mc ha said the pncb- RH. said he probably was chos-
lem of Red infiltration of OIA is en for the Job because of his
one of the worst in government, prior contacts with the CIA.
Mr. Hoover said Gen. Mark W.
Clark, former UE. Far Eastern He recalled that he headed the
commander will head a con ms- U. secret mission to North
aion "taUsk force" that will make Afrie that paved the way for
recommendations on the super- the Allied invasion of Africa in
secret CIA and "other ksdred World War ll.
foreign activities." "-

The ex-President said "other
personnel of the task .force will
announced at a future date."
The brief announcement gave
nt of the nature of the
: bmo sktuy of the cM
o reason for it.
Hoove commlasio has been del*
egated by Congress to make a
new study of astep to streamline

announced at the
hy hearings June 2
studying alleged
infiltration into

SDMies firbd back
p,'s, "charge that
netrated by Com.

and ko s the federal exec- M tary expts said Dullees,
Utive branch. backed by he Whit House, took
the stand that he could not let
Clak, who now heads The McCarthy examine his subordi-
Citadel, mlit ary school in natq in the free-swinging fash-
Chareston, .C., told the United Ion that has marked the sena-
Press he was approached by Mr, tor's past inquiries.
Hooer, "close personal friend I
two or three days ago. He said But some officials have main-
he accepted "because I felt t talned that the CIA-especially
was so important for the welfare because of Its secrecy-needs
of our country I could not turn'some kind of "watchdog" over-
it down." seer such as the joint Senate'
House tomic energy Commjt-
Asked If the commission In- t or. C
quiry was a move to "beat Sen-
ator Joseph R. McCarthy to the Sen. Mike Mansfield (D-Mont.)
punch.'t .Cark replied: "I think has introduced a bill to provide
it has nothing to do with Mc- 'such a committee Of 18 members.

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The Thinkers

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Can't Think!

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. htklu Mr. Wyflet

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*1099AL AgW" Ar
i, ws?. %=alM, t,
'i-Wlt.V M~OPIMl
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ly now seeptoo a WAS jam

g-o--. Ar ,a o to-A r.-1 m _aa
wt t la~ )r tkitI teh -a s an111

I 5 a Id KIPN A COOL ping cool hot summer
Mr*- 4 esuais ohain But nght can e a ing to the New York menu-
pals l rtr. str AJ beupg~e faciuwer of ti ie of non-allergle vlngl plastic, it
r lw ofte bridg was in charge of Tem Ammasador the U.nited suppoly lVa time curves, lumps ad bumps to fit
see oll'lawotll ltn lh iobre' boadm, rae to aasse, en Chapt the sbhpe of the hwmmn dd keep It relaxed. A small amount
or sail-a a. bailerne length Wilder served the weing ecao. W4 at / v wato put tads .h allated pillow kelDi It ool
Mowl eora 1s-ma o For her going-a~way ensemble te y ta a.. at the EG mba ss
gw a si adsY r a frk residence on La Crests in eelebra .
5WZ~d W of lace. sweet- white linen with blue floral de~sign ,IOU Of t_. L1th a~Saversar f ..

j... Sparkrnan Blasts GOP For
i oseay of the same a 1 A Pedro MI- Far LOSIng Out Fore n
Mi h "i a brd .. a14. an M hUSa 3. Wemaes, ',-,".P lc
mi l.wt wago bide. ur To Uni le whopan to leave thels o o
taicFa to tata worte matrown ofhn. r.ndr. yUJN alepa "'rca vtlostin the
t0cal? etot f. the maton ofhro n r odfe ork- Ct left t ., were the guests hn WASHINGTON, July 5 (UP)- ruptey of ideas" on foreign
w r ace fb aquamri. iertgwn uu Strgi nhtby pla1 or at farewell 8 Sen Jo@ .JekmeflBald1 to- pohacy.
was ~fasquamarogeir. r latp hn atend the wed- URssne s. havie ot 8parkman said "it pounds Ike
a lonwece o er ManI wo -re, a tr ock h C. J. .Nalepa, W ID y rltih initiate in U.S. .laying a alibi for the loss of
.~ ~ ~ ~~ ~~~1 h C b ,s..,,.,, .... .,e *; ; o

fe or aadaw r. t th n Karat oof, at hoe i Bella t. eli ad 'outhUt A Is rdochin. and possb 8uth
te .,d- n a,,, nd- a skit of three rut- Friday evening uI'the Frort Amea- firtu, ,ally prone.". east, Alat -- to tZie cL'ommii..
fl e. ~ooe a dhlgnon of tiny dor Chapel. in as. Whlo The Alabama Debiat said l
oreblg4 -oiers in the back of her During their stay inPam Tecmadn eea.Ui- M 'tah port esi h eulcp s
hairc aeatried an orchid colored tie via tors wire guests ed Statt Tes AraribbeerJal. Unit eO Mame ot es he oRe u a a
e~ rd'n d .Saer.,c doter-VIOPmif~~b~ ue ofc o h um~

bas, ed Wih m-lt-colored flow. Hotel T"voll. Ancon. G Leser J. htlUek and ~ sixon lu..a.. the ltepobicar e that they would not be satI.fli "
o the t ofho are laying the grnuddwork d "to conin Comm they
at a eH ~rty gie an "alibi for the leossof In -were going to push it back."
satin.. .a..and Mrs..ord Payne "
af mAessawBe In etlla Vista. nte But now, the said, "Soute at W
Gen. and Mrs. Whitfock plan to Spa kin said in an 1n o- Ala is virtually gone." i
I -fd wi leave the Isthmus J0 1 rthe view that eaors in 'lboth parie P
i iUnited States. that RAed ChInalmsiy e reco-ns" Sparkm agreed with Put- th
ed in the Vnlted Nateods de breIht that the Democrats, de- M
Oanno-asretew11 c hod eT*gees. hat under AIY forelKt spite Nixon's attacks. abould not w
S sl oae Oanlrgyhi SocRtd F "we are ao "ur lowest bb In our withdraw their support fromt to
oldoo regula, monthly meet- stnndtl La the worl at b dpart.san programs such as for. M
Bfdw it pwh theaid.that the eps Iayan0 tsse n ifh no
h Armed or Seede The saRe, at ion...Corn.. nape
nta. deoe utradb im e rsah yu c .
emocBfte iAtrtur$3the000, 00 foahe i"been dt
Dian '?C,.- L-fwr ti e er tine"ebil to ofuther House-a rovdoM
f, r'o a m r ag,8 5 2 ,0 0 0 0 0 f o r th e f l a id

r. } t ,- *" .' -,. -
^ y i r ri O~~~ i i l i i i i f~ ~ Ii, | i l


" ,*

.. .- '4

DRIVE AFELY, LIVE LONGER-The safety lesson being taught at the Military Police
Canp Gordon, Ga., Is one worth remembesrin. M/Sgt Beauchamp E. Nichols, lefI salls attM
to the comIng July 4th holiday weekend,, Jatp. Sherlff C. W. MeDonough, safety ofCfcebl
Richmond County, points to the skeleton, y by Cpl., Edward E. Smith, hnd theb MOO,
highway carelessness. Safety ap-Driv tely and live to enjoy more holiday. "?

WAKNS iKK- p. noMU wi.
faon (.M IlL) has urged
readent Kisnhower "to resist
e blandishments" of Prime
minister Winston Churchill
hen he comes to Washington
discuss world problems.
ason also said the talks must
1t be used for the "further
peasement" of tussia or
new foreign policy blunders."

aame to choauln
to choose the sis

HOME Robins are indldUMfaaiti
a spot for their nests. Th rfaimly
of a Hugoton, Ken.. furniture store
happy borne.L

e2 vtl

T IJM ,dt h^ M w
are coo da, vite-Fast R ,elef from
exhlt w o4 tir tocaeA e et- 4 t ntte Di ce AMn
ser rede society wA Reqst f yt e VOS
e Ml, irees their e president for his attacks on the
ar of eReall* of Paa Nimxon has blamed the Demo- i-. .V
re, ofori te..- ,tht .e loaso IfChinatothe .. .Ios t
-areco-. ommdi, ie to thea wars miery. shake
tdM TA6 Gear C6MU aidm Kni eorea and olo4110 .. .. dt "Com on Megr.e-
fi.Pd 34.B ina~n, chairman Sef. William I. Puibright (D- f l __Onm jr. ii san, ..

ruet re-a ent toM te V A requiem WW wl t lsd at O
#ited Statet, the= o wiP member the St. oep'o Church, Colon, A P A1 I
I0 co thm,.l ngmeat tomorrow morning at 6:30 for | rrl I
hit r e: s.. mwe ntMt., the reqoe MAN .oul for t hel VIri sIM L iJ
mcc Lean m Comdr. late Stewart C. Lazsarus, who Complete Prize.
David A. Sharp. dted in Colon recently. compete nze

Tap Dancing class. cq6nbined with ballet
exercises f lr$ltaeginners


every Monday and Wednesday: 4:30 to 5:30
"Red Door" Diq.4 Service Center

, '; ,f
v'*4 ?

: ''




First I


Numbers is the Extraordinary Drawing No." 1843, Sunday, July 4, 1954
The whole ticket has 50 pieces.

Prize 7384 $ 10,000.00.

Prize 6065 $ 30, 000. 00

Third Prize


$ 15, 000

. oo

S Prim I f, Prilsms We. Mi e. PNris No. rt o. PPm me. i N Mo. PrI M o. Prime Noe.
M l 3000 1*04 6:0s4 33 55 1N 4 M '3 W .M 614' $ 1 84 30.0 M34
i es se i siosI se see soIs s eoueae sese sM ie uss sees.o iss sees. seas
A S M LM li 31.5 W 5 3 5 5I1"4 3AH.M l A S 6M 14 SO." 1 TI4 20-. 0 184
er2. a. ss4 s,.o m s 4 3aN .0 I ass s4e4 s 0. as esU 3 a5 s2.0 aMS
"OM"4 is" ," o, 0: /" 34 3ooMes I a oa i IM i, o go 31 0 M lOR jol 7alM4 a" OKM
U 30401 M 10040 / MMd 0U N 0 45M 3o0 l moral414 0.0 A$/ olO 77M 300 7t4am
I"Ida,,am2 =Il -0.0" 00I

Approl atioumns Derived From First Ptize

I 1 7377 114 T17 | | 1 I M | 730 SMt 73 I 1,
fl .e 73MM Iin 0 0M0.o I 7M ,esA OO I U l ism s1M3 I 787 ,OMeS I 738m 1,e. I 731 1,e
SApproximations Derived From Secod Prize
a a a U i U i a a

(- mHe

5665 HUe
- uses
mu ma

-u s -w I I I

Approximations Derived ftrom Third Prize

-I 2W.M
-e -seWa
Ini ages

* 4

TI- an m"
sa ases I a-.t

Ss 2 l asI

aim Nl
23 -I

em 2"A
esm sue
:: r.:

on q ae n
Om "n j m 3...fI
un un- *m -

OW a.m
51 351.3
*33 W.15

Prie-winnlin Numbers of yesterday's Lotry Drawing wre old at: lrt aat reond in Calmo, te la
The Mine Hundred iwhel ticket enaig a 4 sad met lnmd edl in tp abvpat win *Me humored ( Msah.

Signed by ALBERTO ALEMAN, Governor of thM Previmne of Panami. Od. 47.12155
The RApreentaU ve Of The Tra.:. O A- S I .
I. J. Gonzle C6d. o. 19-406 1O
Andrds COMa, M. No. 47-NV71o Meta.y


si *,,

I D I s lg 5. I
agHr asM | aN O

. V.. -~





_ ___ __ __~ _

_ ______ ________ __ I _1

wr iumm

RF'- -',L t rl"



v. ,,.. -, .
-.. ..., .t ": .a





.Ave. .an No. 3ootterY Plaza it =M e tSvai
Fourth of July AveI. ,ntra .

SStreet No. 57 Via bpa No. 24

Hous old i Automobies Gramlich Santa Clara Bea ch cottages.
HFOR SALE: Quality devetipig. Electric refrigeration, gas stoves
SALE.-Frigidaire "Cyclamotic' FOR SALE:- 1948 Hudson 4-dobr printing of amateur film id our Moderate rates. Phone 6-441 or
0-cu. ft. refrigerator, only .-,ne' sedan, good condition. $5395. Tile- own laboratory. Foto Halcn, -. 4-567.
r. excellent condition. also elec- phone 83-5267. Curundu. cross Hotel El Panama. FOSTER'S COTTAGES. one mile past
Ic stove in good condition. Tele- FOR SALE.-'51 Ford V-.8 Deluxe, Santa Clara. Low rates. Phone
one Curundu 3286. I excellent hoape.. Coll New Corozal Boaboq 2-1866.
SALE--BeoutfuL mahcgan din-tI 2-2975. THE CURUNDU Post Restaurant Fund -
-is offering invitations for bids for Phillips. Oceonsidc cottages, Santa
S* room furniture, mahogany cof- FOR SALE'--1942 Studebaker 4-door yhe operation of the Ladies Dress- Clara. Box 435, Balboa. Phone
R1 table; desk and matching char j sedan, good condition $100. Coill making Shop located on the Curun- Panama 3-1877. Cristobal 3-1673.
1441, Apt. A. Owens St.,. 2-47;21, Agencoas Cosmos, SA du Army Reservation. Full informo- CFOR RENT
Iboo, i Auto Row No 29 tion may be obtained by contacting FO lEI I
I' SALE- -- 5-p.ece bamboo It FOR SALE 1951 Oldsmobile 88 Lt. Vance, Custodian. at Headquar-
'00; also diningroom bet. 9 pieces 2 -door sedan deluxe. rodio. Hydra- ters Curundu Army Reservation, HOUses
100. 49th Street No 30 Tele- motc $1100. Call Navy 3075 be- telephone 83-4268. FOR RENT: Chalet 4 bedrooms, liv-
S e 3-3496 or 3-147"7 oftce teen 4 p.m. and 6 pm. Con be Ingroom, diningroom, kitchen, ga-
rs inanced.-__ FOR SALE rage & large vard. $135.00. 52nd
SALE:-Cheap and in good con-IFOR SAL-E-1947 Hudson Super Six Street No. 15. Telephone 3-2228
ition: I crib and I mahogany Chi-, 4-door sedan with Overdrive and during office hours. Caretaker be--
a closet. Call 51 37. Curundu. Hudson air circulator. Phone Clay- Miscellaneous side building in construction.
SALE aut.ful din.ngroom ton 87-5201 during duty hours, FOR SALE--Baby Grand piano $375. FOR RENT:-Cool. well furnished res-1
St. Could be sold bs pieces orcorn- Curundu lher 16.00. Qtrs. 54-A Albrook. Tel. 4243.. dance in Ave. Justo Arosemrena &
Sete. Make your o0n price. 3- FOR SALE:,- 1952 P c 4-door. ------38th Street, Vista del Mar. 4 bed-
_____712. ________ Hydramaric. raodo $1425. Phone FOR SALE. Upright piano (Win- ros,2 porches-Apply to Tel.:
Balboa 4328 "-------- throp. "Chonis Land." 3rd Street, 3-099 or 3-4117.
lub Altamnira FR SALE -c1946" 6uck sedon, g; House 9. Apt ', "Retiro." Piano FOR RENT:-3 bedrooms, o large liv-
GGvod price. 46th Street No. 414.. Perfect condition ingroom. garage. hot water, etc.
o i eMta ine Bella Vista. Reia sonable r rce.---Call Tel. 3-
M.tin e e.FO "L 9 $ V tiac 2-d 8 FOR SALE -One W inter Spinet ia- 1031. L a Cresta.
cyli nde, r9 Pontic 2-deroor, 8-no, in good condition. Price ner-
turday Morning r les $1400. Balbcnoa te. Bennett's Studio, Telephone FOR RENT
h sh --2--.-.0 0 -mile$1. Ba"boa 1282.
S he 'Club Altaa)a.scholarshio 2432. Dr Barge. FO RENT_
ilttee will M or a mati- FOR SALE.-1949 Portioc C wt i- .. Apartments
Sfo students :Panama City ble, 6-cylinder, duty paid, 1't0; *. ff.s J ATTENTION 0. I. Just'bulli modem
ma6W schools onh aturday at and paint less than one .trold. .NOS n ered furnished apartments, one, two.
Sa.. in the Ceoia Theater. Cll Panama -233I afte ".w bedroom, hot, cold water. -Tel-
| S announced toay. FOR SALE: 1941 Buick sInel -p PaaomPoa 3-494 r. Te
S matnee ..part of the Mako n offer. 885 Mof Ave. WANTED:;- Capable young man for FOR RENT:-2 and 4-room modern
n '*: tMiess to raise Telephone 1232. B Iboa. '~. otlon as billing clerk. Must be apartments. Contact Alhavb A-
SJ t la scholarship lingul, Appli in writing to Box parte s. 10th Street. Telephone
sold by will be available af theJ water 893. Panoma. 1386, Colon.
.MnP. b 'ittee and. Saturday m morning. .' ,I- -"
'111M... FOR RENT:-Apartment. all furnish-
ed. 2 bedros Drh. eVvn

.5 -

C' HOOSI NG 1SDES..Duke Snider left. of the Dodgers and the Giants' Willie Mays point up the
great New York debate by matching hands on a bat Who is the best center fielder? (NEA)
Ah_ i t ..... ...... mal? -'" ,& -'Ti,>

HAPPY TALK.-When' Leo Durocher calls a Giants' squad meeting these league-leading days. It's I
a happy one The manager goes through the motions in the Polo Grounds dressing room as son
Chris, 8, top re-" ier, listens in, too. (NRA)

L.,- I .,.' ']q'

soEt- mul f Ahol ? w% oMb sll

., Z bdurooms', porcn, very ven-
tated. 45th St.. No. 34-A.
FOR RENT: Two-bedroom ooart-
ment.. mall farnily only. Vig Espa-
Sfia No.. 106, Apartment 5 across
from Pasadena Police pt
OR R -.-ApnuWmwtl' ia Vis-
to,, 45th Street- No. 28 :wlih'all con-.
venlienes. Three large bedrooms &
porch, garage. all screened.- Call
phone 3-1694.
FQf' iRENT :-Tp floor, Ecuqdor Ave*.
nue No. 14, three bptrooms, ter-
race, maid's room, garage, hot wa-
ter. Rent $120- 3-470.
FOR RENT:-Top floor of apartment
house: i bedrooms, 3 bathrooms,
modem co'nvenlences.,jelephone 2--
FOR RENT:- Apartment, two bed.
rooms, hot water, stove, refrigero-
tor. No. 58, Ave Cuba. Telephone
FOR RENT: Furnished apartment
('livingroom. diningroom, two bed-
rooms, stove, refrigerator. No. 64
43rd Street.
FOR RENT.-One and two-bedroom
furnished oDartments, excellent lo-.
cation Federico Boyd No. 1. Phone

FOR RENT -In Bella Vista, beauti-
ful large furnished bedroom, kitch-
en privileges Army approved. Tel. 3-0553.
FOR RENT:- Nicely furnished room
with private bath for I or 2 per-
sons. opposite Hotel El Panama.
Meals available. Call 3-1789 or 2-

Britain Sill Hopes

For Selemnent Of

Suez CManal Dispute
LONDON, July 5 (UP) Mip-
ister of State Selwyn Lloyd said
today it still is Britain's Inten-
tion to reach agreement with
Egypt over the Suez Canal and
he hoped to get some results "in
the relatively near future."
Lloyd's statement in answer
to questions in the Hbuse of
Commons strengthened unoffi-
cial reports that Britain Is work-
ine out a new compromise plan
fnr settlement of the-Sues Ca-
nal dispute.
Lloyd "told labor MW R. W.
Sorensen that It was Uv Brit-
ain's intent to each a "suIitable'
agreement with Egypt but that
he could say nothing moe.,
"Are we likely to iret some re-
suilt In the relatively near fu-
ture?" Sorenen asked, and
LJlvd rose again to reply:
"I hope in the relatively near
Iormne Labor Defense MiNla-
ter fihanuel Bhinwell then de-
manded Lloyd's comment on
press reports that a high gyp-
tian spokesman had ad eva-
cuation of British troops would
provide the opprtunlty for at-
tack against Israel.
"I have seen that stsament."
Lloyd replied. "I th0 k I Is very
much to be depoLM If that we"
the view of the XcypUUa overn-
He added that "w ave s0
reason to be, uA ,
in questioned lMfe
LatemenLt." -.. --

rc. %m iA .S. NV
TMi ,_.


Home & Apatmena
Come In and fad out
hiw little it est
to take 5, It or yeau n ff
the age of your hose
New, modern, ow oast
glass jalousies
wHI add beauty,
full ventilation comfort,
Increase property and' reatal
oB a Mmal inveltmset.
Modernize now
Aluminum Jalousie alrdwars
Dettgmed and maufaetured
in Panama tfoe ama
to fit any sls window.

g79 entra l Ae. TeL 3-B*M \

Drs. A. *n S. OMLLAC
12and -26 pm.
Saturday: 8 12 neon.
Srer Aveae" Tel. 3ae.1S
(1 block from Lux The-trrl

Packers, Shippers, Movers.
Taller Transportes axter
Expert Mechanic in Uftra.
matk and. Hydramatic Trans-
A lb of Pe am his kii~eaglanal

Repairs, istallation oz gas
stoves, water heaters, etc.
General Supervisor.
Tels.: 2-2562 2-2451


Call for ircs buEiatBp
Auto Row 71 TeL S-4

US, Britain Draft

Plans To Rearm

West Germany
LONDON, July 5 'UP) -
American and British diplomats
met today to draft plans f6r
bringing Germany into hill
partnership with the West as a
first step toward German re-
armament if France refuses toI
approve a European army.
They met at the British for-
eign office and will report 6a
their study "within a matter of
days." And they met without
Prance, although Anglo-Amer,-
lean. spokesmen said they would
keep the new French govern-
ment of Premier Pierre Mendes-
Prance informed.
Their job was to spell out in
legal form the deciard inten-
tion of President Nisenhower
and Prime Minister Sir Winston
Churchill that West Germany
should be an equal partner in
the West "where it can make its
proper contribution to the de-
fense of the free world."
The study conference here wasi
another landmark In West Ger-
many's steady resurgence to soy-
ereignty during the past few

p oLUDf AqdjD)3j
(Centlmsed tr Page 1)

The O nan. who were not
even exlrted to finish among
the firs t tei ati, defeated
the unrians the favorites
in the tournament on merit;
showing Iuvpeuorlty i pspee:1.
strategy Imd defensive play.
For thb Germans, who were
behind b two nil in eight nIn-
utes of "ne first half, It was a
great ti to tie up the score
before Ehe half ended and on
several oeasilois it was sheer
luck on the paOt of the Hunga-
rians that saved them from be-
ing scort upon again.
In the secondd half, the Ger-
mans were favored with several
lucky breas and held on dog
gedly tv iiWo the final oal art
er3 mmo4' Of play. Toe goal
was Scor$W fulde right Ral.
The lf Vm a bitter one for
the Hungggk%,'who had made
all arr& 5 nnts for a victory

Bobby Locke of South Africa
is "beavW (3-lA favorite in the
absence f defending champ Bue
Hoan ofd g8ammy Shead Of
rWhte Kulphur Springs, West
Virginia. Locke Is a steady play-
er who knows how to handle the
cold Winds which sweep over the
Southportt England course from
the Irish SBeg.

meWanW y vA uart AmnuMMme, ae.-
ida; Tom Hulverson of Sapping-
ton, Missouri: Ertest Arend of
Deal. New Jersey; Bob Sweeney
of Palm Beach; Ed Price, sta-
tioned with the Army in Ger-
many; and Al Watrous of De-
More than 200 have entered
for this big tourney but the field
wili be pared after Tuesday. To-
day and Tuesday they will play
qualifying rounds, the low 100
being eligible to continue. Those
low 100 will play 18 hoe rounds
Wednesday al=d Thursday. On.
Friday, when they plby the final
38 holes, only the low 50 will

24 Years In Natleal Leagle
-Written for NEA Service
QUESTION: With men on third
ald second bases and one out, the
batter hits a fairly long fly to the
center fielder. The man on third
base tags up and scores after the
catch. The man on second biue
did not tag uo before goig to
third. The ball is thrown to ,se-
and base and, on an appeal, the
man who left C, t base s called
olt, Does the run cost? Piul
i Awer: Yes, provided the was
seaesIg I across the plate Vefere
the mas 'who was e seed is
Q. Ilow did the Braves acquire
Joe Adcock?-Henry jmnerlef.
A. The Braves sent Barl TerSe.
sSn to the Phllies for luss Meyer
and cash. IThe Braves traded
Meyer to the Dodgers'Mlor Rocky
l and JtAm Peudleten.
ioge amad an mamzed p layer
weat to the Reds .,Jashek.
Q is Wally of the Cardinals toe
f.rat Mcon t# play In we major
legues?-G G abteh

A. Pitcher X" MeewyW hi %e

try fror. its Trench and British I dd
allies. Q How many games did George
The administration is firmly op. -A. win in his best years wit
posed to Peaing's entry, the idiansc-Ike Pedstein.
Britain and France, wi not A _
e~tally os the record onthei*. AIls -m 2 'U B.d' 2115
oen art said to be favorably i---'U e- heAa1t U aAnd .IS e
eibed to adoUttMg Peip ig-par- hoe"en WIth .711.
a**e .is reac in dochiaa.
afimaee or=et Suator Me- ezereising very iatellhget leader-
dsrp spit Mal*m is aeo
sad its two manT pwrfi -New .-Sete Re aa aler Wa-
pean abie. ge replied ttt "I Has T. Knowml prdiatur-
tuk It In lIFe l a mnok o dayC gCo ess wiM v4te t .
Iltef ce or* t Io Senator MNo- &lu from the U.N. if 1 I
Ceatby s Bwi ," wRed.China.
Asmertlu a at hA -11..
esMed El Ito qmaut thib Knowland said ealBar Ua weK

Wn h e wthe wo
that this W V ue ret i.. ^-M-.-r-

ADMIRING TME FOUR ROSES silver chanting dish trophy wAch
will be contributed by Frankfort Distillers Corp. to Panlama'q
Second International Sailftsh and Marlin Tournament Dow be-
ing held In the Republic of PaFama are: Panama's Conall, Mr.
0. de la Guardia. Victor Soskis of Trail ad Stream, &
Tilt of Sports Afield and Allen Craig of Frankfort
The. trophy was previewed at New York's Trail and Steai4 hdur-
a cocktAll party given to promote the Panama fishing ar. *
namient. The 47tb St. windows of Trail and Stream wll be do:
voted to the promotion of the tournament with the Pour RoWes
Trophy a part of the display. Later the trophy w-l4 -babhown
at Hotel El Panama. along with the other beautful trophlI'
which have been contributed for the tournament.

'Knock On Wood' Danny Kaye's eSt

Registers Laughs Between La.ughs
The promised great day arrived Saturday at the Balboa
Theatre where Danny Kaye's brand new Technicolor comedy,
"Knock On Wood," made its hilarious bow. What fuz it IsI
Danny sings, dances, prances and otherwise entertains in.n ei
of the funlest madcap mix-ups seen In these parts inace-time
A Paramount picture written, produced and dlrected-by th (
talented team of Melvin Frank and Norman Pahama, -We
story has Danny Kaye as a ventriloquist whose dup msiyltao
only talks back to him, but insults the customers as .4L
As this situation Is considered to be slightly out of kilter-to
the norm, Danny Is sent packing to the nearest pycld't*t
The mind doctor he consults turns out to be lovely Swedish "ob
star, Mal Zetterling, and in no time at all Mr. Kaye siaa Vad-
ly in love with her.
A; the same time some extremely dIareputabl esp0O4.
agents swipe some blueprints and hide the documnentf1 in .-
heads of Danny's two dummies. Unaware of all thisDf
boy goes about his business and is promptly followed -,lU
another gang of spies, w o are after the plans themaglws.
Tha esu tI a s of complete wacky

whmnagirt slas eAch o t m
As a matter of fact, paw.tlsBed r alet .
and is emblaoned in the'headlines as the "reA-ha '
per." -
S bis. efforts not to get himself shot on sight and
tempting, at the same time, to carry on a romance wte f
mind doctor girl friend, Danny assumes the dtsguises -ofVW_
diverse characters as a pompous auto salesman, an igjh
plutocrat a celebrating Irish tenor and, in a side-splittilg ci-
max, a ballet dancer. MAsquerading in these variegated
Danny not only eludes the police and killer splie but:-'-
provides just about the most enervating entertainment tb .al
corner has ever had tlr pleasure to witness.
Mr. Kaye is perfection itself. He Is a comedian who ep-n
sing, dance, act and otherwise grace a screen to a superbb 4e-
gree. In "Knock On Wood" he is at his miagnlficent be-it.'
fim is everyone's cup of tea. It is a "must-not-missa" p
from beginrng to end last time today.. Adv

With the great James Cagney... openig next
Wednesday at the Central Theatre .

?1 -

^,l W ^jg e S' be swtteg via
Aft, T WM iiiii ~etwik o"

bb. *badeel. he .tue it con'.
aim... "A UON m iN m iW wirnp- Wng ig
Sr B s dl msu6. A6I.

I.. .r~lr

- *1.Y*'- -



^ '* .'' ^ *^ -. : ,, --'-*" *" .' '" r*, a .-.'- :; &! ,wf~i ,- .* -' "
Sq. -* t, ..t -- _'?4 H
........ .. _.-r 4..-' .. .
it .;" .. -= '':" : ,s

C 00j,

-N, I.

~--'-Yy --

. #


". 1


- Z77-A--- -.. I --.

-- ._ *.. ... "" __*- .; -. .- '

. :.

" "

*1MM S

-r r.
mm.. -

*dr. BS Na." Dit.ait C
a 5,.. sreeuadv u tk l
nmatirWal. Amth Eai'u aaL I


.r s. Rer e
T t" Mrs William B. Mddlemaas, of
i .Iiore.n p% ,_ Bra os sailed on theU.F.
a.t e ofI ,Iv.I. L fbe rlssfo M'IL -dur.
Berar up ows Pilr i hl vtii
S" her -later in Anna' I, leore the

.to _Tbv -were N. mmembw d ber. -
pontiva md serd .

_y Dcrp ,viUas,, th atotheSS V compa es or the ^
M Cl J Dos J decmteo ,d general ppara. [
z an Po. CUef MayWr Pastor o for the dinner. Thed w
Ramo, r and director of prot Taa-rpMlo, S. A., Walter Huanil
col CflL & t, ed Fruit Co.. Banc do
BDe. GmJ S.Bebd colon, Fuera Y Luz. Park D. ;
erns of the Canal zW,. was We svis.a D Ubre de Colo, Pf0
eat ith other prominent Amer Giltte and Transportes Cala.
canm These included L. Gen. W. ...
K. Naiso Jr., com.oader-in. Mr, and Mr. James Plaia, of
edef, Caribbaun command. Brig. Panama City, with their children,
Gen. A. Cost llo. chief o staff; Dean and Mary Francis are th
Rear Ad. Milton E. Miles, holiday guests of Mr. and Mrs.

Grandmother, 65, Sets Out

In Ketch Bound For Tahiti
-- 0 ---
SAN FRANCISCO. July 5 1on the Makai from a 6,000 mile
(UP)-A 3-foot ketch bound for trip to Hawaii in 1946. We are ex.
Tahiti ailed througL the Golden perienced blue water sailors and
Gate today kpp= e by a 65-. aviators, Webhave a great re.
year-old grandmother-newspaper- spect for the sea."
woman beleved to be the first The Makal Is carrying 42 cases
wemat ever to attempt such a of canned food and 100 gallons of
voyMge, water, enough to last the crew 75T
MrN. Constance Hitchcock and to ) rays. When possible, rain
her two-man crew expect to make water and fish will be taken by
their first landfall in the Marque- the crew.
sas Islands 3,000 miles away in 80 Also aboard is a two-b u r n e r
td 45 days. kerosene stove and Connie will
Departure of the Makal (Poly- cook a hot breakfast and dinner
mesian for "looking toward the- and serve a co d lunch.
se") fulfilled a life-l on dream It carries a radio receiver, but
for Caonie, an energetic, greing. no transmitter.
blonde with sparkling blue eyes. The- boat has 73T0square feet of
A-news reporter in the Bay A- sall a 25qS hrpower motor

"We want to cuise the sunlit ow .
Sboth Pselfe Islanda," she said, C=e planned to head almost
"staying as long as we wish due south for the first port of call
wherever we want to and then in Talobai. Bay on the island of
dropping ,ff eor lines and moving Hukabiva in the Marquesas.
n to er next landfalls." The next lap will be 800 miles
Oaw two crewmen are E r i c through the Tuametus, known as
Johnston, professional yachtsman the "dangerous archipelago" be-
and former San Jose, Calif., news- cause of low-lying islands a n d
paue 4an, and Robert Anderson, reefs, to Papeete on the island of
yo=c ,San Francisco businessman Tahiti in the societies.
frd-PrM o', Idb. She also plans to sail to the
Cannie emphasized that the Cook Islands 800 miles westward
4,00W ae trip to Tahiti and be- and to the Australs 600 miles to
yod is "itther a stunt nor a the aouth.
pseido-scientift expedition." The Makai will return to the U-
"We are going properly euip- wanted States via Hawal. arriving
peZ," sh said. "Eric and I have in San Francisco in the fall ofI
planned this trip ic our return' O9L
---- ^-------------------

^-~ JL A

TO .

c~ x

S. ow you cal k direct
p; .g- mo axico vmery muday
wi h only a few aaiute
landing it San fee

ltI 1*1 l avtg frew Tocumes at C4 a. .
eating tNfexie at 8.00 p. m. (CST).

S- S111.25 OUND TRR1
i t 90 days)
IUD to* -e')

abol & ias-emWe e at s ant eFm I --.
woo w" d o at am*no




d i h av rely o r
youngsters' Oppetite to te llher
when mealtime si approaching.
Living atop a time clock in
Augsburg, Germany, she al-
ways knows the right tim -
1- I-


S.:35 3.45

DIABLLO It. V:Uf 38:

MARGARITA 8:15 3:05

Crist6obl 5t.- p s g:25i

LA OCA *f:lS 3 l:IN
"BoB more
FABArSO A-1:15 :40
B-7:30 only!
b)U-"Af"oes Treasare"
santa Cru A-4:15 t:"
B-7:45 aly!
a) "Seb Couldn't sMy No"
b) "U er The Red gea"
CAMP BIED :4 8:35
"S3JI "

Don s Dilemma

"a's peeketad m u soova

Ibm a P, A. Wa s be

r from

Ivenon of the .itadway 1tage

S nw Combinsa studio
r a muskir. ME versko ofARIM
tar E. j,_" but it will hav .- I
gto do with '"Ita a Wood
TwD," the Broadway apUtcal vwe
ofo"My Sister Bilsn."
And Fiot in pn a
which was based en tteO v-
mon ofat "Anl and the Kinq of
Yea, siam sober. But please--po
TV -how titled, "Boleen and ahe
King of Slam."
TV AND RECORD star Eddie..
Fisher I making no secret of why
one's in Hollywoid. "A movie" he
told me at his big Coconut Grove
ope is what I want to do
mliore fl0 anything else."
There's no deal ?et, but agents
are huddling on big celluloid plans
tor the warblr; who gave olyL-
wood a lesson In humility. Even
God.rey, would have loved him. He
gves t'.e niters its' greatest ag-.
tug act sine- Bing hit the Jackpot
Here's the OFFICIAL eta i
for the big screen version of, "Okla-
homar" and diseouat aH other
printed reports: Gordon MacRae,
CurImty Gloria Grahame, Ado An-.
nie; Shirley Jones Laurie; Gene
Nelson, Will Pairker; CharlotteI
Greenwood, Aunt Elier; James
Whitmore, Andy Camnes, and Ed-
die Albert, All Hakim.
le West ipakes her long-de.
played comeback, with an eye on
TV, at the Sahara Hotel in Las
Vegas 'uly 27. The Van Hefllns
may have a Yaee Doodle Dandy
.,-the stork's expected July 4.
Jeanne Crain's lopard sn beth:
ing sut in "Due n the Jungle"
is giving censors a repeat W the
"French Line" jitters. It may be
snipped from the footage.
JISBNNIE ir is asking big
ears at Fox to consider starring
him in x remake of the oldie,
"Trail of the Lonesome Pine."
Henry Fenda appeared in the last
flicker version.
Jerry Lewis qualified for a big
lqcal afateur golf tournament,
aSNm bi'a kldn g: ,If I n
SREALLY have to getaj new
jpu*tier. Ii turn pro," .,-.
/The photograph in "Moulin,
Rouge" won all knds of honors,
hut John Huston's predicting even.,
more startling celluloid for "Moby
Dick." A new process that tints
e ilm tm give a faded lithograph
effect. .LLi St. Cyr and movie
stuntman Ted Jordan tie -the knot
in July. He'll be her fifth.
Jerry Nicholas divorced Fayard
Nicholas, one of the dancing Nich-
olas brothers of nitery fame, at
Las Vegas. .Title of a new TV
sho "What Do You Have in
Common?" sounds like the last
chapter in a Hollywood divorce.
Now It's three generations of
Lurinos in make-up. Ida Lnpino,
her 22-month-old daughter, Brid.-
'et, and her moth ev, Connie
emote together for a scene in "Pri
vate Hell So."
TIF IN-AND4OUT careers of
cowboy stars at Republic studio
was being discussed by Gene Au-
try at a Movietown luncheon at
which veteran oewpoke Tex p tter
was a guet. ,'"First it was me,"
said Gene, "and then I got out.
Then it was Roy Rogers-and he
got out. Ther it was Rex Allen--
and he got out."
"I'm sorry to interrupt you.
Gene," spoke up Bitter, "but I
think v' made more westerns
than anyone in Hollywood. What
I want to- know about Republic
studio is this. Tell me-how do you
get IN?"
Flins of the Alice Faye Phil
Harris radio show alter seven
years on NBC may or may not
mean TV version in the fall.
Alice, once a top movic star, is
reluctant to fa ce home screen
cameras. Phil may go it alone.
Jack Webb, who just completed
"Dragnet" as a feature length
movie f.: Warners, will diet an-
other flicker there this winter.
Whether he will also star hasn't
been decided, but Warners loves
him. He made "Dragnet" "11,000
under the budget.
Bellywesd career note: Once
an Our Gang comedy kid star,
Carl "Alfalfa" Switzer, now 26.
plays a 102-year-old Indian in
"Track of the Cat."
Gregory Peck,
Wife Announce
Their Separation
HOLLYWOOD, July 5 (UP) -
Actor Gregory reek and his wife,
Sreta, married 12 years. have
announced their separation "on
a .Met friendly bails."
The weekd announcement
not my when where or what
u the divorce would be
Mrs. Peck acd the Darting was

se2 and have tre aosM
Attram for the eopte saud
te two were "about to reach a
Miuuy element and aree-
shew lfiMefor dl-

"HO G"

- f Ae'

has literally gone HOG-wild to bring YOU the best sales agents


HO' reaches 100,000 Hsteners ia-Panama and the Canal Zone with a buying power of $S0,000,004
With the easy, better listeulag offered by stars such as Eddie Fisher, Sammy Kaye, Tex Beneke,
Gloria de Haven, Qt rge Melachrnoo ad others, spon sors can promote sure-fire sales at a lower cost perW
sales-dollar than a y other advertising medium.


PHONE 2-3066 NOW!




I L 1*



Meet the

Taste Triol

here are three of the world's
greatest tobaccos that, when beautifully '
blended, make truly a smoking treat.
That's right, blended. For, like
many other taste treats, the secret *
of cigarettes is blending.

Turkish tobacco, for injstwece, supplies
a very particular and inviting mildness.
Virginia, with its golden tpbaco leaves,
makes a smoke that's tasty and gentle,
Add a touch of that fine Kentucky flavor
and you get LUCKY STRIKE *
the mild cigarette with something more.
That's the way to make a cigarette. \*
Blend the finest tobaccos of all the world
and combine them to make a smoke
that's really pleasant.
Light up a LUCKY and you'll see that its so I


No better combination for smoking pleure

- ~ ~ *<. i-- .. ... -

All1. -





/('.-4fi .T



*,t '...~.

i o ... : : "!. -' ` F




I .-

'- .-_:' i 1:' -T -,, -T- %~ r
Iw "w i

, ,-. : '




T 1 *


I^ 4-

f 4A




~ 'C,

,l ". -.
i I .. -- -*'

i .

m u -


uizolas Mai |oad J


ack Champion Toys

th Rivals In Stretch

Don Antonio Anguizola's classy English-bred
,ieven-year-olf bay horse Main Road yesterday aft-
tiSon raced to a ridiculously easy half-length vic-
Sn the $2,000-added Fourth of July Classic over
S iule and five-sixteenths at the Juan Franco race

e ng-striding son of Fair- here to bim by Lord Mastou.
u be was a heavily back- Besides the classic, Ruben "Ca.
.'-* gejmid choice and returned a liche" Valquez' rii "g merits spe
AD' pr0 o c.acat despite the cIal mentiUon. In .seven r, this
IB 'lg ~of former track Amo- hard-riding Pinaitlanla. ro f e as-
*'iBt I L te track's veterinarian. sional won four raee and was
W ,yet ruled" that Amorio was third oece. All of his victories
and ordered him retired were har. earned, two of them
S the race after an examine. bordering on the sensational.
a:i t. .ngly. Dark Millionaire Mutuels choices virtually swept
I- /r talked the overwhelming the program. The best win odds
choie with $3,612 bet on were posted by Lt O'T r o u b I e
J 110to while the Anguizola ($15). This mare; previously a
eat off 'i il .483. The only maiden, was one of "Caliche's"
two scheduled starters were winners.
Szo, wbicl carried $518
tank outsi et Relampago$ i The dividends:
was to t e extent o onIRT RACE
SRACE noe.
S .. r howevaer.I- 1Matruh 86.20, 2.60 2.40
I go11 a ,mW: ho e 3-Montmartre $4.40, .40O
SR rgo II wa huL.': theI 3--Cocaleca $28,0.
| ro n Ight after. break with .
and Dark Millionaire SECOND RACE
nla c t pursuit while Main Road 1-Bagdad. $5.20, 3. 2.20
7I Id fell lengths behind, far 2-Mettt.$4.60, 2.20
the other three. 3-Goldeh Wonder $2.20.
Sg the .taal tIe first First Doubler (Matrub-Bag-
Smpago p led by one dad) $19.40.
S Dark Vlinaire was sec.
der stout restraint by Jock- .THIRD RACE.
1, B B "A guirre. Jaquimaze was I
tb "oer length back a n d 1-Tampol $3, 2.60
fa v..-, d with -Colombian ad- 12-Chepanita $2.40.
F dte ace. Luh Giraldo allowing theI One-T w o (Tampoj-Chepa-
Strir champ to get into his. best. nlt $ 87.36.
s _tr ef kouht up the rear four
lengt.further back.. FOUTH RACE
<. Ajuhrf made his move turning
SJto e ksttch but he could 1-Mufleco $4.00, 8, 2.60
st t. P elaSptgo II. Mean- 2-White Fleet $3, 3
Pi Road started to creep -Sirena $4.40.. "..
0. up o .iel. fle eased Jaqul- Quniela: (Mueco-W h I t e
M BiaZO t id t far oft he back. Fleet) 16.
:. eah was. ily a length be-
I d fast gn pacesetters FIFTH RACE
..W-I'ci "*1 flashed pas! the mile
S" ,d ,h l1-La OGaaareta $3.20, 2.40, 2.20
2-Golden Fa n ..80, 2.20
"" o II turned into the 3-Petite 8$2.20.
INeS a. ahesaC o, Dark
". l S t;eJaer SIXTH RACE
S a qt l uoed mo. It-State BPrge 04.40. 2.80, 2.40
t befoer in L1 eas-. 2-Grisu $.2 32.60
` le ar and opened up a 3-Royal Alligator $3.20.
IBH M^N^-M iwth a.halMur. -. .< ... ..
to .i .EVIT~ A .-
.his cap end i-VMUGA 3f
r ved hapWP to the overflow 2--Devon M d $34, 2.i 2
Serod that d gathered for the 3-Oranero $2.30.
- ,- doffed big event. Seodq Double: statee
*o, Mh Road flashed under the Barge-Vertleordia) 32.
i a halfr lentl ahead of ... ..
S faltorig tiHTH RACE
,"rk MI' "alere wound up an- '
t e length back in third place. l-Lot-0-Tiouble $15, 6.40, 3.40
I Jequimao finished a poor last. 2-S-smd $2A0. 2.40
STae time over the very slow track 3-Delhla. .60.
*I 2:23 2-5-more than eight see- Qulnlels: (L e t-0-Trouble-
Smrd off the tito record set in Suamo) 135.2.
I --rh by Mtnatala.
i .. Amba tasor to Panama NINTH RACE
I R I tja1lated- v. o-n-
Ch u aiI tuaB haer t l-41lstone. (Exeluded from bet-
i lht victory in the post alsseC tin).
Syerle. President Joeo Anto- --Red hbor 34,0, 2.40
1 0"Srloa ws also among those --Vedette $4.40.
ho toasted Main Road's popular O ,e-Twe: (Red Ebor-Vedet-
Sv':'.-y In the classic winner s en- te) $9.6-
il j u....r'-e"-'- Rfirrn. TENTH RACE
, totamarbgB .o l ,le: to .n0e1
S second o -Main Road 24.40. 3
g^'^ i'.a e'al-~e tedtdsm ew 2-Rela Ihf oT 1 $6.
J bH earned more baa ELEVENTH RACE
n w as 0 ZL f lr* r1-Blsceys 6. 4.00
S to a n ear r 2-Baby Ito 40.. -

;KIRK Pft A and
t -In-


i* MAt SXt 4:,6
UK It" sML

- TODAY! -

In -


Glob tehroftr, in "GO, MAN, W O'
!aO wit kreI*chskWa




t. ..... .---_


hr I


BrownWhips Sampson;

Semifinal 'No Contest'
0 -
Panampa lightwelght champion Commission to suspect that the
Wlfredo Brown 143. turned In fighters were nt doing their
one of his best performances to best.
score. a unanimous -ten-round
decision last night over Colon's Robinson and Thompson have
welterweight t itl e aspirant been cited to appear at the Ma-
YodgS Bampson, 147, at the yors office too0rrbw. Their end
Panama Gym before a good of the purse haa been held up.
crow4. Alfonso Perkinson, 133, eked
Brown was In complete corn- out a split four-round decision
msid uWoat of the way. He won over Jimmy Minton, 130., in
every round (on our scorecard the main preliminary. Perkin-
despite getting into trouble on son's wider ex,perienoe was the
several occasions, decisive factor.
Wafredo started fast and Melanlo Pacheco. 116-3/4,
had SanampMo down for the knocked out Edgar Miller, 1001,
/npdatory eIght-count near In two minutes ten seconds
thorEad of the first round. t2:10D of the first round.
Sampa weathered the storm
In the thl'd. however, and a Ll Ce
t baisland some tellin UU UI
himself. Rochestr Gains
Stmes during the mil- A
ampsg connected with On Leaue Leaders;
botVunch--a solid left to
ja.- and although had |
*obbly momentarily he La0ord In Shuoul
I not press his advantage.
':febest round of the contest NEW tO, J-u- 5 (U)
.- d~th in which Bar n E- W VeR_ j (Up "
asir- hainl t hfor ad Tp'Roche Red Wings moved
a rown duringal an n of first place
En wdurng & one x-In the Intenational League to-
.wn went cdown to one day as a nr t of a 4-2 triumph
bounc back upv er the gue-leading Toronto
We round was over Mperth eafse
bs-d alsd nbee knocked d Maple Le rf. m. I
... ..count... The so t d game of Sunday s
oi t h ntest was twin bill AtToronto was halted
all w.j e opened a cut over y curfew after five innings
Si l left eyebrow In the with the soire tied, 1-1. and will
sI P t ln the eighth. sampn be resumed at a later date. But
:as right eyebrow was also t the opener, the Wings scored
s2. SM .Ln foughPt the las tw oiruns in the ninth Inning.
2 ="l .ro ba*thed In his own one of them on Tom Burgess'
o bse. o nd homer of the game, ta
if- finall was declared break a 2-2 tie Memo Luna
AW ".utl" at" t end of the pitched the distance to win with
ft mu"d after referee -Ma- a 10-hitter.
0Mtune abandoned the
Le Mij: le Thompson. I In other games, Havana nlck-
aIt aTr a Pas nam. R* I Richmond, 5-4. in a single
S- 14/.sai --- red to ame: Montreal blanked Ottawa,.
I a Ue at.-" 50in i the frst fame of a dou-
1 fj i was a substitute for blebeader bat Ottawa took the
L" e h Tmn t 'a s low' St.econd. 7-2: and Syracuse swept
cU!ipw ht it si along a twin bill from Buffalo, 2-1 and
L Robinson'; "Wlt-and- V-4.
I hait producedab .ig Juan DelW ninth-inning horn-
A caused- t om m broke a&f- 4M to give Hava-
-'the Panam&a Boxingna It victory at Rich motd.
| .... -- i LevT=Lorda spun an
* SA._ .. MW__ elght-hitter to score MontreaPs
r "t II. n NEW ITI shutout victory in the opener,
... but Ditmar's four-hitter, plus,
AM a4&N. --(NlA)- Plan a five-run rally in the seventh
t olarkso evise Sat- end last Intings. rave last-nISe
IS MV ]iPft, rm Omah,. Ottawa the nigtcape. trium .
BW.71 l Johnny Sanford vitkbed 16o
.si. ;Sikii USEt dance for Byracuse's ope
. : ..* '.. '4ctorv rilstrn a shutout when
WUK --. M ..) Sugar he allowed a ftjlnth.inut rnm .
IiXR UWi in E.u- Three Cbf pitebt e ombnede
I lqhadif to ha to a o hold Buftl to five h Nu2
S' the seven-innlt suaid gas-

..--- .n -*-. -

Road (Top), sUpebly na-
tloned by trainer Henry Wto,
cromwi the finlh line by a

cap. RelapaIo to
Hidalgo Jr.) is Mcod nd the
disappointing mutuels favorite
Dark Millionaire (Bha Afu-
rre) third. (CenterGlo. ,
wco avm the champ a
cellent rd poea wti Don
Antonto .Anguleola'e iar la
the inner circle after the
2,000 added one-mle-a-
Clr tc yesterday. .(Bottom)
U.Amblaiador Belsen pha-
I llkMalrea the trophy preen-
ton 9to the hi 1 An-
tonto in the elal 'nnner'a
enclosure. Let tb igh) -- Ol-
raldo. rask manage lnerno
de Obanr Amerin. oeto y
Prealdent Joeph artagton,
Pretidint lode APtonio lemon
Anguliola and C hapl .

Widow Cots

Biggest US Double
in R acing HIstry

I (VP) A umi-dle- d San
Dielo widow ooUeeteod l27-
US--the bget daly double In
racnlg hbstory-Sunday at A-
an Ma,.i .. A ,a o ~ ,a f.

Sak Trick with evertlngIm
the ra ."
SUlck Triek, a sprinter, was
give a good chanee to win tib
fifth but Roecklite wa a field
hptse that had finished far
bak In the pack in his only
p eo start. But he rolled
t y to pay $3.
Mrs. Alexander's maneuver
broke the previous all-tmeu
Ugh d08ly double of $10,1f7tV,
set when Joy Bet and Merry
Caroline connected at Wash-
IgtMon Park In Chlcag, in
19. The local top payoff was
1,107MJ. Set by Silver Horse
and Radaway In 14.

Tops hlbting

.By a offer
CHICAO.aly 5 (UP) It'll
be t ,ankXeetwo apdians,
two Wh so ad a Tger a-
nab and a
Red annual all-star
game evad July 13.
Thou wmere t ,l except
for pi qtn N, Mptel by 4.272,47

vote taulat-on l owdioed ye-1
The New York T es and
Boti;dgrm, 1I flag win.
nes,. .nd place in
'Mthis 'ft ss, were
first w EiTting fans. Each
pacd S e u e the line-
uu rCasey
e ste fprtum League
and aton.i fthe Nation-
al m imt start and use
for tWK- three Inings..

for -mith e St. Louis
C"p~-gA tIndivtd-
nast ,ix-time
rNa -eatt eham-
T e d, wa sec-
ond i l, votes to nail
dow. Ainer League first
ba te i atcher Yog Birra
of was third with
Cent' elder- Mickey Mantle
and right fielder Bank Bauer
were th other Yankee nominees.
Duke Snider, center field
Jackie toblanson, left field and
Roy Campanela, catcher were
the Brooklyn selections.
See6nd baenlap Bobby Avila
of Cleveland, left fielder Minnie
MMfoo apd shortstoe Vhico Ca-
rramquel of the ChIeag White
Sax, and third baseman Ray
Boone of the Detroit Tigers con-
pleted the American League
starting lineup.

M sial Campanell and Klus-
ski started for the 1953 Na-
tional Leaupe team which beat
the American League, for the
ferth straight time, 5-1 at Cln-
Berra, Maate,. Bauer, Carras-

1 -^ j

umpl, snapped jh. n Men, -1
hitti streak at 18 straight A S --
games. B t R TAX-&I
Narefl w -* bO let-*<
Baltimore ,swept Its 'three- Iief pitching heed' e
game ries with Detroit as Lou to a I-1 verdict aver Chieagu.
retlow tamed the Tigers, 3-1,..
on a five-hitter. etroait's looe .
run was the re of Walt Drod- GOOD COMPANY -
po's pinch homer In the eighth. .
Leo Klely'a elght-hit pit;chng GREENWOOD .LA, .N:-.t.
paced the Red 8O6 to an 8-0 de- (NEA)- Paddy be Marems. Arc
cision over the Athletics. Sammy Moore and Hurrican Jsatepo0 a
White led Boston's 15-hit attack training here for fight

.- m**

ams W L Pet G1Teamps W 1 Petd a1:331W- IaI'
New York 50 25 .667 Cleveland 52 .703 I p A.N IO l
Brooklyn 46 28 .622 New York 4 280 % DRAAk At
Philadelphia 38 32 .543 91 Chicago 43 08 .s i D. -
Milwaukee 36 37 .493 13 Detroit 31 401 It. --- 1--
Cincinnati 36 3 .486 13% Washington 30 43 .41 21" *,._ .I
St. Louis 35 39 .473 14% Baltimore 30 44 .405 '22
Chicago 27 44 380 21 Philadelphia 29 4 22
Pittsburgh 25 50 .333 25 Boston 27 s 23%
Phiadelphia at New- York (2) New Yor at P.h l a phia (2) -
Brooklyn at Pittsburgh (23 BOston at PWhington (2)ii "a.cmua Or F"N
Milwaukee at 8. Louis 2) Baltimore at Chgo(2ClnenI
Chicago at Cincinnati (2). Cleveland at Detlo (2). -"--
(1o Innings) Washington o ad T o. -
Brooklyn 000 100 000 4-5 10 0 New York o 7 0 TROPIAL
Phila.. 000 000 100 23. 10 1 McDermot (t5-0) and irpton., *
Ersklne 19-71 and Campanella. ,r -3 ) and Berm. TDpYo! wic
RIoberts (11-8) and Lopatan1.R O and TDAYN
- Lopata (4th). Phila. .000 000 0-0 8 1 1:21. 3:22. 515. 7.1% v1. -
Boston 212 200 1k-I 15 1 TheI year's most_ utcltlfl
(First Game) Sie .Dixon (3a Raeth_ e (7)_s 5 -- I
Chicago 010 003 0-4 8 K Ijely 2-5 nd Whit. Li Jan ONTAIN -Jak
Minner (6-6e and Oragla. Sma "1-3). HR White (7th). PALANCE Corinm CALVKt
Tappe (3j. LP Presko (3-7). Chicago a .. 010-1 1In -
t Baker (th), Repulk Clevend 000 101 -2i "FLIGHT TO NGIER
5t Keegan (11-3) and La, WGLHT TO NG
(Second Game) Wnn (8 r and N aralon, Tean
St. Louis 011 050 000-7 13 1 '" an N.agon, Begin -.--. H
Chl.cao 000 0--000.' 0 I- D oby (5tha).r (2-0). HR
ajnaab92a-91 And d a A MnDo

JUl -r A xr np a-
steln. Brpnan (), Cole (8) and
Cooper. L P- lMpptein (2-7).
(First Gae)
New Yotk 01 40 000- 14 1
Pittsburgh 000 000 00-2 3 0
Lddle, MCall () and Wee-
trum. Burkot, Purkey (4k Pep-
per (6) and Separd.WP id-
de (3,). LP Surkont (-10).

(Sees" Game)
New York 010 611 30-8 12 1
Pittsburgh 000 a 0x-7 11 I
4Aau. WHebin (4) GOSom
d( -- i(s) La-
f Btl (1) and I WP l.
-I nw m (14). LP Orts-

Detroit ooo 000 010-1 5 0
Batiniore 020 000 Ox-3 9 1
Oromek. Marlowe (8) and
House. Kretlow (2-4) ad Court-
ney. LP romek (9-8). HR -
Dropp (4th).
mom (8-3). HR TIhomnpbo
(13th), Gordon (3rd).
Cincinnati 000 004 000-4 8 1
Milwaukee 001 ae 00-3 9 0
Jadson. Nuxhall (8, Smaith
(9) and Beninlck. tutttae.
SNkhob (4), Crone (6), Johnson
(81 and Crandall. WP -- Judeon
3-3 LP Brdette C4*-. ER
Logan (7th).

Esther WillIaUs, In
Teresa Wright. In

I. U2. J


I .

Richard Widmfart, lan

*wke The H1% OOmar
R R -



"City That Nst



And t iht f te ear

fW'ofrt ta
: .
.,, .; .....


- -b-F _, *- -* +.. -. .-
"-, .-./, -; ',, .

C -

Y '


- --


: %a


. 'e. -.' .
.; i 7t ,L

_._" .- ., .,.' .

q .' r. L '. -" U *"'.- i

T.Otaint s toMsgo

Seon Place Y s

ORK Jly 5(UP) Al Lp
th W4 "Cveland's pinant hopes 11 in the
dui ltUsedid be htes specifcally re
ri ar d Tribe ever who.
huonLg .dl g I
tltah'- e Is Iy. n three n ith
Narl three hurl- homer and a-sinfle.
ers o.- dn Brooklyn ck Rob
hit fI vc ver the -White for ruMi-iaq n t 0h
Sone.._erye- ave n s In- to bea ,th;e% utm, .5> ando
dI._Amp-x pon-b withi o e 9athe
ah W* lead in the A ict-wiLopn-ill o with his hpha tw

ayerleday whodropped outhin of5 Little Don o MdlAM a
b= hbsl in 194 followtng a_ ai- a walk, and doubles by
erab3 I p of hitle ballof. e2-10 d.wodgththe Gand Ci Fu et

with Wk Bn the a of e it a twh
e rooki te seahton before, run homer offu Cal e6.rakine
wa with one out in the In median the bottom of the 10th.
triumph over the wilting White
oxn yesterday after pitching 5 Little Donp the iw redit-
2/3 Innie nga of hitless and h ball. ed a with a hom a vito

S iI the iopenerl wi
The rookie right-ider from ra wi although nieus ed thGo
Camden, NJ., took over andMike help of Johnny mer off with
Garcia with one ouet n the ecBill two eat In the ninth. avety
ond when the middle finger on Rhode, installed I t.heom
avry was pitchreg hand suddenly lineup tr the first a e
became numb. Narleski struck this miaen, drove In three
out five batters and hurled aChl- runs with a homer and a sij
mo flawlessly untilth te eighth gle.
when he the leadoff bat-
ter qnd then committed a wild In the nightcap, d Gordon
pitch. Wynn thn took over an three-run pinche Cbhomer off
althouh a un croed on Bill Grisosom In the eighth gave t
lynn omewild throw Nrlesk. men's Buc 7-6 victory. Hank Thn
victory was preserved, son ha opgive the Giant a 6

fthi only hit wta two out ain the seventh.
i-the nb n but stal-
lar. LaY Dy In both Royce Lint scattered nine hi
runs off elob KtA" n, the to lead the Cardinals to a 7
first with a sin- victory over the Cubs In
g the e 'wlhis nghitgcap Of a doubleheader
l5th homer In the sixth. Gene Baker's three-run bom
By beating Wahlngtop 3-0 on opener. Paul Mhnnr e
rookLe Sob Orblt's 1 v e-hit his sixth victory na th

the third place Whte so tolin the blat Ino
2 ges. You urraW7& kO up gles and a Min




B i--

OL'a and has Drea
year contrAct. "
end on the nlub, the
I so forth."
ws disclosed for the
that he had to tal k
to taking the .latbush
of his association with
seo added: "We have
for .the future we're
, but we can't reveal it
. It would have a great
y baseball future."
urafly, the tw and Dressen look
the comin g of.big
bal to .-Caulornia.
Laws said that Drea-1
anxious to field a win-.
nad mnaintala, the fans'
baseball in the San-
'ay area that some.
Sto jump on his field
ient hi tromI

or e a, a week 've
other big name managers w t
never went beyond- asigned du-
-.ties. .o.
"The Dna s rented a large lz.
1a:0 .6 home in Oakland

Broola fine in Oakland
Her pal trouble had been
er The preaure isn't nearly
Ssevers in the Pacific Coast
eagu altho .Chuck has hisl
club within striking distance in a
fluetuatg threeway race.
Traveng n the Coast Leaguel
. +. -. ;--, ,-- .

C- halt Dri esWt _-..,
is better than in the majors. The
edbs fly everywhere. It requires
lebr time 1o get places on the
golden stop I n comparison to
IaN eastern 'diles. Series are a
k ledwith NMo ddy off. With
a -db ;a Srnn F'reIelsot across hO
bay Dres:ea is bo. ue a god she a
or timh t. *.
But you are qu'e aiafJ' in wager-
'ng that .if aager Dresmon w'll re-
itufrto the nilure
' A tqotrAt lor ri.tre than one
year alone *I:l )I!ug him back.
Obtaining suah i contract: be.
came an oubemaln with Chailey
Drsen In lI Bro yn.
Hell show 'e

QUET : With none out and
p mua._onl nrt base at Sorts-
man's Park, St. Louis, the batter
popped to the third The
t0 baseman dropped the ball.

Q. Does an umpire send a
game?--Jack Lane.
A. Net -ulei soetman el
ordinary apee -
manager pra from te ga1
est. TBe-mw the umpIre
evolved In tIe tle fbea a
port. Onldy I the ease qf a
teted game do al four umHp
forward reports.

9 ~,,
- ~'..

.mk wl- -l
QT, wt-KT

S1hl~~sl, U .4
~7~'.~w* ~
ANS I OrnAte ~ 6. LTa.. SLA*~ W.
a ~ I
I-.-. '.

p.: .I A

- fanwiadhy

BY A NE(CKJ-Fwdeamiokeo. utdli, JAt uWit U&
irona, 1.a ave-furoeitg laiing race Wo'-oW d at
g-. ird Is (NEA

I yo wit:
- -

Mj..Idwaol&V you loser view of the i
S I't 1. ,oddix miustrates his fast b
L. Center Is. little Cardinal left-hander's

.W L Pet.
44 20 .632a
r 48 22 .63
39 34 .534
41 38 .519
3'? 38 .493
d 30 41 .423
29 4 .4A08
O50 .375
000 000 000-0 8 2
010 200 20x-5 8 2
Haog (7) and Plumbo.
and Thompson. LP -

(0end Goe"m)
Ottawa 000 020 5-7 9 3
Montreal 010.001 0-2 10 2
Ditmar and Wattlgtaf. Cox,
Hood ), BlMaI ( and Howel.
LP Bood.
(mist Ganm)
Recheter 000 1-4 1
Luna and J,' "ho,
CruImala (ad Hffiiard.u^ -
eJobamn. R A. Waso, Hur-
T'sz, mON m.,, a
syrlm _200 ooWO a-2 8 1
Lary and Ryan. Sftd and (3 isit.. (


wu I

Srar, r, o,
* e. -

"h a a baseball than be
ad on the right the one
a after delivery. (MICA)

g- v o .fonceU .. w. *,no
-,,. have ti fetit .p u rP the
The tense young man who wor-
ried himself out of Cleveland has
(*nd serenity i Detroit.
The Indians? They've had-three
men at third base this year and
are just now coming back to Al
- Fqr its July 10 program, the
Saturday Night Fights wil tele.
vise three top-notch amateur bouts
from this retort city der the ti.
tle of Champions of Tomorrow,
- Johnny Roberts is leading in
the race for the NASCAR auto-
mobile racing sportsamn division
national championship. The Brook.
lyn, Md., driver won the title last

1090 Kcs. a 1

+" A

.AY- f l~~ *'f~

'..> #: .
m' M' -.



A quality smoke with a flavor and aroma that you will really enjoy.
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Ike, as thelub ca
him, found e of .nd in
Brigg e tu M t e ws haunt
ed imt. E b A dr 6 Aie
anmic ,aveMwg.
Ie, Utlme,."a s al's
got to, hit er whl4 'he's not
worried Lut li flbldnA At
thirl you 't have time to get
wor.ed. h ba -. .e down
At ybou ia .1* _ater .do or
you don't.
've ollre en aWefleer
flw Mrios a -. tchilig I tot o(
lmy fe. Pe uit. now aUl t gt
aro to ft M it Mre I'm
4 lotofmy im-
prvyed battU be Dieln oit.
y ry blipyenokaws- it a hit-
te t's park. LM kmqcklf l'a lot
more runa beeu 'in'nm batting
seventh or w owthere some
pl out L*i. meot mofthe time
a always ew 1o hit. AW
W's jut A e9v Gpnelt was 2 A. OR l
alwa)i a ,auW pitcher. didn't .
have to coa, to 'thtfilh me
to prove it. eever he a .u
chance, like t.that Woa l.rief *MII. .'.,*
against the Ar'v *-ai 'i4, or
against the Yanki, h delivd.
"It beasts me why I was never
given a shot at third with the In.
dians, but I've got no 'pe. I'm
pnefocUy happy li Detroit'
Boone is thesolid man i. a De-
* trt lineu-p spled th young
EacEa bIH e p4k W4 a bi tter,
his p a this eUon,
le+" iae"figa ( or the
rc Lea aiUome "a lead-
"Give ob 'hoe an as.
slit for that," .e m "emem. ,
bar when be war uupingfto hi bad
for the Giants a .uple of yeats ago
and changed bhi batting isthe to
a crouch?
"I i p ,n exhibition
ganam&l1.t'year and got Ma idea it
aught help e 'the erd, gives '
me mo'e power., .e, thp. ball -
bette0l*' ; *
*{..d ^^p]faedst.&Q
1. ~ ~M ,"' --

I ", Sa, .

' -.4'. .
* .r. -. .... -.-... ,

' f -

. .
**-. -

S -



mo e em ca se t e
y cost

4 ,941 ,,, ,

Ir. 41


"Let the pI Tw the truth and the country,

Safe, Snahe Dr"vis

Stateside Holiday Weeend
NEW YORK, July 5 (UP). for the balance of the holiday The MIwTet J'o.ed .oio~ta- flooqs we 't rains of up
The nation's motorists, alert period, the nation has a chance of tively cool, dr weather after to ve X
to safe and sane driving, cut In- fulfilling Pr6sident Eisenhower's week of aeer4ibreakI* heat. At Feoa t p, WI., I cane
dependence Day holiday fat F e ta drivers to cut the pre-holl. High w lBgting a heavy were ag e lagle "eita
lites sharply today a siety day death estimates almost in rain Saturday used rable reaction" t rash. Oe per
experts were hopeful the baIlf." damage Ia' ean of lwa, -lN. iob was
end total would be as much a Tda's weather picture across nois and Wisoal u i, B
100 deaths below pre-holdfly the natlo was almost perfect sons weort at Cioat en halte on road
estimates. for te eanmal parades amd pic* a short ci-uitjot up a st0 et ear oewi awork Wa"U
United Press survey slswed _ade.. pole andulapi the ti po ome wdonew, byAr naftrf1
(N..A.Telephoto) that 406 persons haudben kfled Te area from the Ohio Valley a e, rmultlg!in a a oprg_ .tE 101h. ntl dthe
in all types of accident eastward, however, was warned to Thie s lort strit rent when llearfpact ciars in the
SAlVERSARY Mrs. Mamie Elsonhowpr strikeL. 6p p.m. Friday. These In.le23 expect showers and thunderstorms the trolley re through a 60odWed _s a 3of "o d t it r r Ue.
cameramen as she and the President ait for pictures on e ded Ie cn at 1 ne a teo an cve r d section sr d a rwB eta. o fTsat at W000.
-en nine deathsinplane oinahes, Idtenselyl hot weather covered .I"
lawn of the White House as they celebrate their 38ath gh by fireworks, and 52,-'in Dixfe. Temperatures pushed ,to 106 Severo m soutrwester Mea t a lercarns and Eu-
House as tllaneous accidents. deiees or more and high humidity consin't eo a a were cl h to to
weddlnR anniversary. Michigan led the state with wilted holiday celebrats. up the m was by il atelof July in
edd' .n ani y 24 traffic deaths. Callforlla, hoj i'ems wsdt b;.' B '
Tem 17, Ohio and North squar 8f, olkM e r
C. arolina 18 etch.r
"Mamiue Get Old Fi laM e CCGO. r.u 5 ( On'Red S-
lI et Fl i plC pe parently heededthe person. be$t. r wood r
'..,' i 'I" p!..of President Elaenhow** fr t Ai /t^ ;a lde ol- P. "
S' tree caution on the highly wsfte braf- eaes
This July Fourth week and.tI e I .
SWedding Anniversary Gn traffic dea th Uran well be"alow No.A- ,A0 5 (P ed sti o
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i oifmmndael ous of'gantza- base.of the- statr.e H4 yars bt eubeautydcon
a, stain d sons n tera who bave yeterdrny. stream of touriZ \ 1 M ,
_Moniv re- ToMrs, Ken, t ootedIice went down not loago and .
iS, i osulwg'repo ies, owoD0 racial house in the worl d. M her we sai; 1UJ the old iandmnrka ate .- -.:-
S45th IteiNratAon s he kept lit- w-e h h u. 1.

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soctor,-was sum emoa d ,a u neow t a y te d tfihg rme
V: lielra m o.AnCOU6s8odafe nr-e thib an the all right frightstom -
tateBn-g Christian fellow-h base of the-;- imlzI r md p t e j tE o.w..
i when hr herllo icle-, ih elvtr-V
oC T h e General Assembly I up t. the i tae hlr- t
Mt. of the e an Church In the I I In th0e thetee e veb year, acoi to -o "
t3Meteriz) recommend a deseore- thie r b' 'y bINtEn tidll s Tbh'a f.eone!
"-anto o,,t,-acaalua ,,tuons w .s sixgrw h ea,-I r he -v_ oss paak I "n FU
d '.4 Wzen ai, s of colo and "that sdovlbuilding connas, toid sh and fmIa weand hope. i nnol ,""na.goand
hsed jogdI* y' bits and leader s im. ther family wluWgve traveled t b said, "but to- me, it wil al- .. amhle.
th, .Iro. pesonal aituoesa the itahue ,-,-a- If her was .-t-be the lhiod,.,'_-e."
AF 0Intga0 tnor o) By Wte hoCua1nI 4nd Reaph Lone "d;teU

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