The Panama American


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The Panama American
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Weekend American
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Scott Family Library Fund ( donor )
Panama Times, Ltd.
Place of Publication:
Panama City, Panama
Publication Date:
daily (except saturday and sunday)[may 12, 1973-]
daily[ former oct. 7, 1925-dec. 4, 1966]
daily (except saturday)[ former dec. 10, 1966-may 5, 1973]
normalized irregular


Subjects / Keywords:
Newspapers -- Panama (Panama)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
Panama -- Panama


Dates or Sequential Designation:
Oct. 7, 1925-
General Note:
On Saturday published as: Weekend American, Dec. 10, 1966-May 5, 1973.

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University of Florida
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All applicable rights reserved by the source institution and holding location.
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oclc - 18709335
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AT LANTA, May 18 (UP) .

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sav S aSttded another meetinSga d has never been a
.Lamist t nor tn favor of Commutism. Yet he was suspended

T go owiangs quoted from a photostated transcript of a
e el on which : Senator completely ppeancorrect., 53.
"Question: Some of the mdnot thingsyou have said about
b|U onSe! loft toward CcmmusIa sd that they have been gul-
S Pl ow, b tk in1 r0 Iaorchof IN1G President Truman
a' ultimatum. tilh--e luIn, v were then Iny iran,
4a0 h ssued that ultimatum. and the uussians got out. That
W as March. Nin mon thIs later, n Nwhvember, 946you .

a. t besp corrtc.-you, In an Inteo.L wo.,ith the Milwaukee Jour-
W. tannp -poolora w or..h_ isareat
""I' to ieCmrihyM ; trt emar. onpiete I ,ncrrec nt.r-
S ton: They weret not yu statement enemt?
"Memaltr McCarthy: That I def irecnot. As f rt n.I rther-
oU, I didn't hivi any interviews With the Milwaukee Journal.
.=iusnatorst very happy to send oou an mlaue
of thlpi p& which carried th
eat Is inorret. Period. 140. L No.2, iwautee Jour-
il e Ic a n% Of my bitterest enemleL I do. l 40ithe.m .Inter-
'" They weren't oGas,,f bitt*Wa enemies in
... at r McCarthy: May I uk tot adireet question, rather
"'" ,. tnel dbsuaion wibt on to other matters.
,i, 4- *UW of an .actual copy of the Milwaukee fot.a for Bun.

*F 1a

as, uiuswaied w
parlra M rs Ben-.
la U.Uited.staIL
ol te tfWi of
ft dj ifia StillOfl

somc who cratid the firt
covei pro Comma isat ai
whscii deceived po mny gi
Jiaw, writes directors.
Among then, too, are t
who ave HIa h a
Fronamtei aOprng ea
Confcrecu of Stuol am I
grow o powrul min the an
ties that ii almost-reple
legaumnat AFL studio

The power bad sratei
na no Waort Ue other a
Brigle Ad. te men who
for hAm in elatlg die C
of atudiu Uniot*. An en1r
is his sMy7 2idei. B "I
comn mutinb betke the
Gate tand lyn i
*o No* Yuo-mnd a "wup
Hoel Parsoun-walil Mi
di three w .k.afld g so.
While in New yorI bha a
ticn'pted tu reach Cp-
Bradir-y, hader of theiW
.nlo uuqd wateod 1
hadt did on hit i
d to help fight the AFUL'sa
dialodge .e lWo gp
which will deid it fatI
nadiol a waterftmen.
But that did not keep Hit
worLkn 4aely with his
wood -&I wh oput thai
nui tite door I nto e pu
ket pisee about. the tunt

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of LoS

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Who's Gov.rning

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6 i Wali ar the wed me'I I ev i ome u have I te's a od frN
on every tohae. d I" thoe t Os r te rd work of government under Ike
meass" wa msWat we ot rA ao tpreitt a ood sbr Ia at the
the. Democrats fo[ a pvswaem umeo but at bua tre are Any aneaw
you'd ptut tt i he a p feoast among jaeka for ig rougi o tO tate ard
samft vAa lu di n I .w t' i .p e-a:. Cvery ti4* 1 l ,I be e s.
late 6CJasu ae I mined u p 001ude* if a-y work Is being dpne ael end ffiv a a ook at wht
=0 o ut a aldI arm a thel

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am unaware there Is any partmnt, or have they k e dn fr uas al.
.Iv ... .. .

Asia And America

By Peter Edson

WAh NGON --(NIlA .Jssida won World War IL IHey rThe &dl believed rumors
diuiiur tyin a h ad heard at Stalinrad and the thLa ey beeved what t,
S am Ruai.eteie of Moscow, Tw in he newspapers or
iMv~ei ._ii = a o~kafw tle Russifans got to Berll ocationwT reMn
w. what wel* iN their L -.'h W ar l""'
wer they at. .w. hvea t te l the pd An'one put atb
why dd a* s rt aaal#A:GL U C U ma4e dneeg wcauld le lkpeted tohave
U% wat t.lU a r fsH tFrac ii g. Bur wha rthe ard
taion of Re-ACoSVC W bubs fre Abu0 olmouib a wea lr
r ownovet me U. their i ld first rand, by pernuial
fIutukre? pr e e. ..i Thht people believed bl
An these i. h C ni- hbin ll e ed thia we lwayai utofjSci 0
exira~ .f a, Chte s e ws o thg lUm. .d Ion j1 Tl a dpowtrof si tbeComi t
,of Dr. Lucn W. Py, of i a the iit Tey e.t that Lotws nivr due' dot n ifThic re rat no comiwpla
Prinlctoa Ubiva o which the eoldlI
lDr. Ph..' .t.y ... part of. a Ir.- Cl a ee yMu.N II b ed m a mucrae .
r, re lurch project on the e that te t wl. h ere t
reaetioa of i ex-Com"mu woarde th ate About America the
throughout the wiord who lhave.. wf tr
boirkep wit the party. eref R'fxo hat atemon oriscl 6oa0 ordas
.i a 'Ia blonde el-Mar y w a o w he totc i o r cmf
Jn 'lVr'tare hatu. .. wa r. .e hao a va vadn om i

[thit ~ e. wo o GAns o at bob. ~ l bT'ihey did ee ,
wa t hora tShifa ,dtef Amezic ft Chinese bleved ti eIr Rsie ads atr f
parmtjs and ap"Mka Chinese flue.. 4Sitiaymvr had Won the In Thu. Whey iaglsed toW
ly. EoCnrea. ItSinally baViin. a4iin at of burcalows etha ctatd-
He *4 o r coMPlex with..LV where e ri6ch lved&
iettsekw is pea e ra MI Ke. thingdtha tbJa 110t14 E m-gaqItheI
they found'it did rot measure up Ikem roud at ChtTe tteu ers rpvoled.
.I VV190Ctory"at 1M Thc v bad heard 01 Wad *
a area now saHve antl-CoAnia. ,< iauts Chins. a as tkt capital of AJiia
aits. They had no bhestancy I .Thtemople whom Dj. ?^ Ii. wl.n akdwhpthey knew
taidaDr. P",reinBUeI U had a p&H edre. W waigirgM sme 01 theu
gidjVW their retadonsA to rld belied It Li wci one streetin *--i3
alztlw and odmoic forest. -. Of.t0ic,. They bhe~~dvSty- wh 0,iiyopornmf i
=AM.I #4 ,III.. w o Mat Propaganda wfUh be Thev did not beIev* I
WraHl of ftb believed het god at other aimgp too.m in Rasi4p5a

a*.- 1-*"' .

* ,
- '--

I Wha
Ca C

-iP 'Oi" "i' I -' iIW

taketi wi.h the uid *i.l I 7 ,.,
Hae W StwVia. "t ,O-' ION a .1.
/dui!s naor
.- ..* i
was iSdw S Ku
_-- j 19 92 *10 ago

ow dulrlct-.. w t- =- with a Oily eum IoiA ud ft AnUtt

ow s'b. 0
M.i'aw %Is- -hN P FNaIS.

o-iy Jowl c -M. o
a a *W"^- Sfi-no atm."rt _

ftey 12iiurItrbfk Al. .pie f lW'. r~

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*d' ,4$'K.

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day !a


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plaFearg m





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gtk*4a taotr wlh

ID *0r t
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I -9 O rm ._u -C

i inm fashion

*- li nm





d Surnht MWM. V XJ. Mar.
, kun, copt. e. a. I i d and
hMrs. Lue a. eawtiiU.
T Meetings of the oblety are
i* open to all Intermate peron.
SSthe Republ% of Panama and the
Canal ZAMe. They are ooaducted
JpltlU In a paOel style a nd' eryone
present Is able to ask questions
muone.' of the guest speakers.
The int meeting was held ina
honor of the dol timers on the
S tlthm and those who were
visitors at tou time..The second
meeting had for Its subiqoe "The
Educational Aytem During the
Construction Daya." The subject
ha planned for the next meeting
y will be "Aacon Hospital."

I New

of am

Asttd PorIt (Phoe

uI.. new

5:30-What's Your Favorite
6:00-World News ARTHUR
6:50-Here's to Veta (VA)
JIXWS (Paramount
7:15..--e o 86taf fod IhAW
7:30-late World New (VOA)4
? o ,s.

w av in *I
van in 4aH

the probationary period.
e time of his arrest, il-
i reported to have ked
sheriff t they would
the ehane f1r SI000. He
ily $14.01 In fib pockets at
ae. The hotel heir hbad to
dued tar ei
c l v "
',fl t f
| Jgfa an^ MasMerl .


.I, .; .
t -'"l

t ," -.' ..^ r'

.p,.. I. i,
,, .. f. .^,

, : '.- ;. 1-

, ^.,'., ;"

m o a (irls


I ____ ,T *' ,: i .


daiw Yu

VOA-Volt of AmerifM
USAF-US. Air rrce
UA-,U Anrmy
RDP-Mremeb D'eatln System
MS-Mutual BDeasting ya-
WRUL--World Wide B'eastlig
VA-US VeternM' Adinistrat.


Drive a truly STREAMLINED Sport Car

STUDEBAR Starlight Coupe or Hard Top Convertible
S In the economical six" or the V- Commander



b. .,


A* for a waatyeamltteiIi
Distributor '

Tropical Motors 1n&
No. 27 Automebile Raw Tel. .2-6 and 2.3172

J I -7
...wats fnm Idfor your roughest,soughisdIyr
...... ~..!g **a .o

LK, '. --: '- .... q... 9.

triod dIwS edi nimpittoma
Bmo TO da, DL Pon.
rf&. '
JBtalb. allgedly. poWed a
horse tnaoee i wd,
t1 sidM,'wa ar-
rested In. a eM teday, anad
Bracew'ell u pe upathis
residence. Roman wasarref-

It box ha aSq

Unme CANS.
Ar a#=* '-ir AU

w a wmo~iriw
y iis fa* -m
AfV -Wt YwrWI -f
mwIA frNW..

Seif-iw&c MJpnu *

- .N~
~ *-*~.


Ti's the kind of sevce t h Bitish Govm-
Mast wanted. They wanted a watch that could
famd *be sWmming heat of tropical jungles...
de seeing cold of arctic storms... the gritty
dust of desert winds. A watch that would stand
uop under the toughest jolt... take to water
Ike a duck... and goon uning and night
Swi"th f bt aldMiUcy. (

Omteg's @wtr was the S&sgrtr.


ItparStial scientific tests proved that this wftb
,was-and Is--ll the British Governmen d
handed. That is why the British Gorewameo
has selected Omega as Official Supplies to de
British Navy, Army and Ak Force.
If you must have a watch you can rely I -.'
always-you'Ull be glad you picked Qmg p3



* .4


-' ~~r-; *;-~~'*.*~~'*. -a
a- .. .. 4

- I.-,.

I. '~

* ~1 2 ~ ... .---- -.

~ ~ -

Mf dcif t colon




100 Central Avenue





_ ..

- ----

-~---~~ "

-- ----- -- -- --- -- --


~P"` ''

t. ~arp a



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- ~~i~.. ..

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~j~cu~Y~q~f~ I


-- 4 U -
^r~~ftiA~it.,^^ .' ^ y '*"j i -- .

pld ou
i a ful
la? thi

i hog

o f c er A fiis baudl
is tor ple tl
Sitter blue sirts. Tal
uty-Blajue,, the cheerful a
: r and-someiafer. i
SMaiek* that demands a si
,~ 1 r, sad it isn't too easy v
inW a-cuW blue shirt-a mu

" "** I have -them made to o
der," Jimmy says. "At the m
uent 1 have 42 blu shirts in th
house." Tb;ol ls, obviously, try
IM i tol 'the market.
_'fi~by got his big break on "Th
1n eak* Eddie Dowling's ol
ll avch was one of the fir
affairs. From that canm
i tldt on "$top the Music,
g mo.m another break"-in b
aving the Ritz Theater as
m was mugged, badly Jbes
F-'woud up in the hospits

Inaovered, hbe took it
.dda't sing too often. But
iKOukel on TV and ra-
lakert children's records
r'tn. He'd like to be an
I he- bhas definite ideas
line (?) art (??) of being
is an MC?" he
t y yaanswers-just
S ocan do some-
a,.k sing. Too many

S,- -- -
is MC1 today are right out of the
r- *nailron m-they can't do anything
ir but alk, and not too well, at that."
at Nelac.n Case, the super-salesman
'a of TV, ib looking for a house in
the country. Desperately. The Case
elan likes outdoor living, and the
e prospect of an apartment-bound
r- hummer ias't too appealing. Espe.
ra really now, with the lilacs bloom.
- ing. tioc seeds ge minating and the
* Jaianee beetles stirring in the
t subsch
I -" hope we find one soon,"' he
l sas ")r it'll be too late. It's too
late to put already, andi
e linoat too late for corn. It'd be
Stralic :1 we missed1 corn, too. Al.
W read) missed plas."

TV Toppers
be TV). Jai : How did someone
e like you get to be a bank rob-
n ber?
le Buttons. My father left me the
ze business.
This was delivered in the quiet
voice that lie uses for selling beer
r- and buchlike. Case feels strongly
lo that TVs ruling should be a quiet
ie jttacl.
y. 'I don't believe in loud about-
ing," he says. "Did you ever go,
he ipto a .tore and find a real sales.
Id man shouting at a customer? Well,
it why should they do it on TV? Aft-
le er all, we're Salesmen, too."

He got a faraway, peas-and-corn
Iok in his eyes for a moment,
hen came back to earth, and to
inrouncing. He says he visualizes
nn "average viewer," someone
around 20 and tries to sell that
imagimar person. And he looks on
himself as "the housewife's friend.
cr at l'st the husband's friend,"
1,ciutwe he's always aold inexpen-
Give products soap, bus rides,
bees and -so on,



*. *" q c 1 A r
M.V. -,,. .............;
Av. .....4................,
~ .V "N --^ ...
TO UNITED". i dbom IReY"

-F --.,*,*-* -,,*

.S., ...; .............. ,,

S Yt4- "IL I.ES UwI. f...N AtMrI...

FORD0O, IN.fe fIupLIsssTm .Tt'
*" "T"' "** -****

T lr"

W8.11 ** IMIi l >n1 .r l *. ^ .**>., ,r.; ,

A.. 4el0pl l .l,
y Maur -XI&W "0071 oi

4 giw of -soi g tftreIloB l ity

.".< e l4ft# eN l pektN et l'
i Lr m s sA IA.I, WT WO Av : i .
HH gA r
wangs a

us5ci~#~ us-

I i '1' '



el Kesof
* *'.B- 1 ..


5 .

*S*OTS~i'WS mr:amIBWM

* -... .* ...,,

SPays' to..


In The

# A ,.



' w' 5*1Ku is

1-LEP heoN6 q

- VA9VLl~E~

-WJ" O

B- .-. .

T T40,-lSN wor IC
C~~wr QKTNN K= M~t ~I;

p'. ISE,,

sUU Trylpq


.. Ma R..

Celr Sehealao


oUa ao iMi9 oVuil



out aU WAX


35!5T7?53dothl DCTISMpARD
; -ff-^^W~ttlW*rmBy no

^^A^-T-vME C19WfJ
-III l^^'lX^* *tOIILCH)

r~P ulE \iow

-: I

'., i

~ ~
* I. -
.. .

-' -
F -

JI ~ b
'F I
F. -~ ~ -

- -.'*



T ew ft m In deft".

i 0. m .......e or

WONS MOST XPEN INCE AIRLINE" L SehE N& kU, Tl. l.0670-Celm SalaIldg., Tel. 1097
a iWs&MU -L .. 1


'?*+o. -."
:- ,.

-. i


AUt it O

-- -

. .,

r 7




r1li, jl

+ y
1 +
W oo -
SE b'd& UAW

,....~. ,






,~1Dw~ U p


do im
I .- ..

I. -

* ii

IL.~ I


,S i a*

,l l .. ....
".,cap a b, ti0 m,: e. 394
8"" '

l"l.M 'Pus .-.

Iftl 30 ...Broadcloth U8.
sty MI ... Acetate t

style U1 ... rlen Taeltaba
with nylon muaqulsette tcu

A. Acu e I32-,36 ep 32-40,
C cup 3242... White only..

.!1r s' (ao T.mans


'II .~I -

P*~t1~1qu*, ~frsshh~sg ~
...' -
I. S.

.F.. -

- .-.~.- '

)" "':" 'S r :' .*.^-"'' '* -
* ,,- ..-, .*^ ,-; ..l..lo, y' .-"*,
/~~~~~~~~~ l -. o-. ..- 1.-.
7 Q* z "*lqf* *-I" *j^I

DWOa, of Coleveland;. Obip, If a tooth-
1.It was decided she'd be better o0
paring to yank the chbpS.

T '
* .' r. h'\ .

L~ -r~:


b .JU.i ore pal
frlto soim Waund
ii,,,, -re- 9

!Ice of'cra Ite if afr
huge armed Sem pobl, Na
wa Guar"dsa. a agryf a iti-
seta hI'scoured a swamp e*a
the Rolandsb home. It was feared
m, would b shbowoutribOt if eaugbt
by ny ai *0 ctiso en9O mGM-
bem .
The NeVr ,was quickly locked
Iao u. thaik of a state patrol car
and rushed here to be placed in a
maxlmuzm secuty. e with omly
a ftw P.eiau bl awara that he
baJ been captL
. Sheriff E i G6rdon of Colqutt
Mcltrie QCum had said the mur.
der of T. Nian, 40 ad J.
Crkt Fildy iht at a fruit
stand ss w a tmile from the
Roland hohml # larently had been
co.rmitted lby ie sae man *hoe
kiLed the Itlands.
L. C. Nermn, who was critical-
ly wounde *hlue rushing to the



b- ina ad

Mer is the pnot-to e ba a &b
joyous -mto ni all abot

I e yo Nde o u' e '
o ., y" ,ou! S i n
i th .,w "'t e wings You act
h ..yan.t as with
h m ,an' Comey in o.

tr^ Aiererc' -

.sS .I


ly as easy 4'
im n d try it--it's e
Sn1 a n otise-. A pr "
le lowet and ouor liad

Itha a certaintY

- I-

" ""1
- .,^ SC-

-I. -



* *r -:-: !, .; :- .. -. .;.*
^ ^ '. -'. .. ', *. -, '* '
... ..* .'' ."
:i -, ,J* -<*'" *- /. '. ,*

* *' '"' '
,,r,- ... .,. '-

N .=C -.,.




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s 4

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; :..., ,:. *?n-,
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Ada Matal


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F1111rovIingl 11ll M 'r*io anb ag1igges
.a* lel2I .f

., is4 .. Ir Lud j
-.FOR SALE:GuA l4ELaNo eOns

con edition, heter, e
f ,, TIP ,fl 8 ,,.--- --,0jU,,- ,, __-w/5-W

41 FO R S Ea 44ton. trc FORtn SALE:me 2v ar 9wt er des re
fiber nrm.$6 orRl

1%esUs 5 FOR A *' 1i M erury, A-i
Rattan iv- ephpne Navy 5b97. creena, very 0inl seditian. MSIu, Simet
.I. 2- FOR SALE:-'50 Mercury. ecllent ll C, SAL -I 2w 241 bbd i o.i afA B
condition, rdlo, s t covers. under- Siled bids, n trlpldslte. will

S FOI LE 193 Ford NR coach ot C o ,-'' 4
recordo player. FOR te an
'MercryAp t d, A-1t eeill7 a Z n uni 00 a

I mleta1l double bed an d FOR SAL E:-- 1953 Fhord 4-door 2 mto labor. s nr v ed a omd aria n ENJ, .
$.20. Bolboo. Tel2. 12579. rcor. mat- O s) e nd forge 9nt p urh :erf og 1 clu1ve "Campsi n lli ear

Sa mneForms of proposals. spe- bedrms Paqu
i- l n "* ot and f or iiticul m .be formation Estudi e Street No

wdningt 4 a d d373nlnscin fu,. iihtm. i u l e f Ar l. ..
01 u per $300. Tel. 83.7271 ater 4 doawngs will be issued onI no roto r N.

.ad N FOR SALE: 1952 Wil-iys Station f iedf pe c i MI ao o n r M
554 urH.s L FOR SALE111:-tmp
,..,--S *A .I- .1 p oaAl pat4pt. .o s ,I e tfur r ,a o U I m2 bnlS4i Ut 3

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ALE iAL Wen RA:-195i3 dod up Khct2-ditr-mYar o1nredp-

'e VALERIoO 82 re h P un r 'a d .indo ofn .d th^ ,
Coll- Aovernme nt W Nd ( fE:; ,. :.--W
u "White Shadow WAN .... C -., b ., E.b: ..- n
,.Sfln t~ na g FOR RENT: Moderf bprdntrh 18on.
ate r.s, oodIn- ,he Ea nhrm : Ibt "1 Rr
e nobo a.WANTEDi-Maid, "nalhra 5 hurl R SALE:-in Boqute, bedroom Uld'S g Corner" nl
4 eue ru and ce of chic e t$ ref.2rDcntCo. d .1 d o.
p n e1 V bottom. S one.. o Egl meter lot. Hot ond old run PAmo I ,
rSdelSboe- a t -ndrfornISE w ___11_ar 6"97 __ Aim
--S----- woar, electric stove, Rotten f S ounig. ay 2 -5503.of anell oIi..n .214. 703-4 bedo or w..e I'

_S _______*_ _l__,_ e law |CeuluiSE 7 bsa l ra2 bTtiio i.
inal 9on~l Zon l en For mofp oo -l als.rspei- FOR RENT,
*I j _r% T6s tPe qp' 'atioI S ,blat, 7h"

S sh her he W soalhled medi ca ge. "salutary" thia the ucoulrsh n di n t anumd il EIsr 47i
a rlug of o r 1 "ntualh rU ovt FORRENT -l Vlivi a pdni. lai-
I. V*. I.%o ,tA N N O Y "

so it an d sense 1vsin Roo tedm hom cii
rm, o'bert h we day a. 01 d ea alhs .at t t dhs ^
YbU.workldinI at the railroad's equa l tes E s odp r
a r im t o $ 6he' h c mf afou s il e 3739ort2 pws-2"f ortiratie 04 n .r
rAnof Pres h .FRN-27to r4dains RFo
o i Passe4s .pelse ie whee t drhjud hisJ osalI bate req VeAr F R ent-u,4iEw oanreo

bnmt of be uliesroom ilae, clan, cooll Aor :,v,
1 000 g ] Le skN. oyllw ll ~el@UOct.'No date thl wws st m, ernconvhln9aond dln
.Anoithtwre ie.N1ected-to7md mIsm _a
o t mo*4 FauthorStiL El- tiens, he sid 'edoatewn t AO weekly-5 ws

IksI "every grand l ea tvit e and In- 1. e o t"pdint a "spe- be ee msidee em thie old ? adisi
elve 30e are nor r n t CL

tuvdy the law- it vestr t toe state erimte ol no t o evience on its Uig C LPSEN
.i_,. sad s taJ edflell. then may -a dlail delay_ ef- t pee "e decres,,lut.e n'theo l hatchPn

t. continue .:~ 2.e Wh f the court Itself "perhapp the most Imrt chldranse t wa m za
d. 'One reult has been a greater should tbe decrees. functlon" aoi tet el tond.lo---O
ugh stated readinlw bere natead of after, burial. send ed kto the lower that any child may re XRs Tested i. co
asteng- iteporta show there has been only courts io i r of decrees. If be exp.'eted to succeed in lit
"'wasn't happy m ae u t a m eaerlnatlie the law wbpt the eases are lat back to lower he is denied the opportunity of LpI.UxuS o. (UP) -
oats e l et e t to two to court. tribunal said it an educationT- r
.5'r nh I ntor p. would r~b Ivie 8rwintis-s at bieorial
Swto 0 oPe content IL"Such n opportunity where er are d
Sh and procdur the state has undrtaenrebras woulo be ud to
J&_wne._r 9 too.eo it, i ariht whth ih mustbe aske rymtkly.n fo ut 0 -.
l NI -,r O i dode.M e t aseo children t ems," warrenn s taid. nr.t method terl

m7! or AMJcA bo was married here to choice In each school district. He said the Question then -a- or cold to rIM a "*vat
Sa.y'. i aToal ser named Hayes Dod- iter the court may per- ri a to whether regregatiote bateris which cause ae
wmier M ftOw of sow, Me."Rneflective gradual adjust- Of public school children sof lelyHowver, there arudsauig.
Ifer'+...+.. f 'w -mtent"to MMggregated schools, On rounds race deprive ml,
They Wort IMto the mountains a The la two lnts were a- o children of el eids bing cheaper ad
few aiee from here, bults their m thla on whch the court an Oprtunitiesa even e as. Xrdys would not dwagen
.iss.l amd raised a family. On the det .dit oreal guldance at "tan, le ai'ew aa wker- ;ros
. ,Dot arns ry of their wedding, ne this year. It sl believe it does,'h be8 ass. w',lO jrobse d tel
hesdv, tIit had to concen-. d be used after 's ,
"406a is p I well enough. But S0 traILe on the basic onstitutionsal -- .. reducing danger reea
S-or divorcee yoMa long unogh for any worn- .queaO f1rst and wanted to
M r Vd V with a an." .de.waeof carrying It out LEGAL NOTICE Some bus s tillto be w d out
at -w- a lo d -t he process arepossible changes
odthah worm-rED SrATEs 6F AMEICA flevfr. color orertWrVM o f
afger a The court's history-makinguZ ounee2L..4.
be a he7DWarrencas tesjj Court Per m .e
tetmwk-robed Justices return- Dividem of
-e Rber atwo'weekJacesso Jn-cm LC.oTOtb qo
:.,--A -a- --c Ju" ", ston 'Hotel'.
o e. ho ltoatend his No. Sits GuMts -
0+ '_ + n_ musio since he suffered a n 6 MoI s. its Vumo
aa ix weeks ago. lkhuim men ~t 80'
J .M.8M ,Thuroo, Ma...or- a'- P videos Video'-
L 6021 Sr. AI 'tsWArren and Mrs. s an emrequired to IIfe euse
S 4 MW W, In court for the ~ -and aI pO ( P) This elt "
OClrof rthe Dh(,W' wen, Ware
eservedae ."M,..000. moment. .Brownell mid sIMAMS. a.ort rl whm.-
VAL 0 bw he havno corcmmeat o i CoAna BalboDivisi.t.. ...tf1'O
r atheuntl-he studied It % Al.m= Canal seen aM 'ts "ote!" Consists ekt
until the dn~at borHarryIvLaI"
s.iC/A OWLa is l awsmt I. eo h 15 th ab l
Vn e A t2 .n"-. Anfcch. Canal ZEne. (I u. -il, e.h j_ ,
he ctarkof I.W 's a n *ald It wa riveti Avenue)Co or befom ee tiCoeaty
treb" m for v ,.whether from- .F.-r'13K- o.r they will e.y
MI-L. --A -meh t i,-: Dated at Anewi. Canal Zor ct.hi % ,
or wgggig M eutlaw segretated day of MYIMar15. ee A
n.. ".of n dat o.+ -, .' -*: .' -. ",
:-- :A. .R

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alesal Ahe Caecmy au
I ai major mve 1and Jshmy I dod in or i ar er ab b to *
.m Ebe lel ast- d
or s Mis Iall*. "G o-as tsap 1 ,ts ,l, ae. Is~_ i
.gIN Im ns oum e th a

.be u~e f t w hen paa ,1 la ti edy 1# Jhnmy I GIrns Mary: Ther's nobody in la
r ati ..e. r eb T'ahV I l'ot o o i

Wnag the ,trd L ..-et, tttdoh"tpIctures. a- a.
r a r S OWS .e ea* a r t 0gfa tel-

bg a boae erw T nf enro lik e

mae..e thn ATe TNaMeecar-
d .. i ad .IL3L I.. , F9 W.I1-sodl ,..r.

.. -- a la r an h t ow /
o" 'y"chl4 ,.' i"*lttS~~, 'v the st.ry of I t p ne "_i,. __ <_""_"--

.ha ~~~~T doa WA; InaR me tolde uot ft

mans440aedote someone ain H
I~l ~ ii-'r. ( II "i "-~b-~'sar Was a- ,; _aeeOI me.R_ t reeai s aIlht_ nol Why dao't we Just .i I II I IiI

a a ,, 'al aer hf l "oli klA ra b m e as

aw wwv. yo Oigt f t dhepl h u se n (
i s GO~*mpgo. s nsoe n o in
o o .a ~ qb o a uu n ,,u .iv, Y OUR SiD PAY5 tre- th ih..

rehd J es wase, soet in opa o ahAic bdn

"s bWm p**e* boardo'prany oh .tqee shne Aolfl no n-le m a
ist etR -egyl Yh the a bse o "lr

e brdte by Ia tiv, .Pr t pano alht" tha y* featuring cot w
ser ai f lctrur* w u fhowsri fte wih Whe you a qui f ATA le yew

Sl adm rla T(a thron fidolo amoothly over the wIh i
W.t f .- .. se .n.- a v her ,as, for two The i r do 't dra s stick, th11, wo

he safts eOW eyonAT yOU T H E A TE TO DA Onlv-srive '} y to mucp beu. du.
ts! tr n l t u of d dirt t e w off the SATINAwI e useh
s ;<.a M e. '. igftfr sh *8 ad Apt et aom Tiving your g-. ..mstrt, IC e O a "ilsh ul 5,
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...I t tiea ail p ibe- drik.Ad. s 1 ... ...... iv th a clean 1tan :
So4tl oldestt tp a e h tW*e NeworklAmr Icair Novembe-r Adi! au Ah Jrae
ioft. C"en most Zr = in Msathit
oikF _t '.rwh d.E
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ing- No ww.Your-Crdrit Card IsIm esrn Go& emm.' .
,,,,, t m a rnn 20brlsn~-,~,,tOklhoe.. ,- .,,1 il seo 1

FO FANS tOA STnd GeRONS .ahe L ''.
Si .. BOY. S, Czt.. I i9 1 i1NI.,9.4

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110 *a. set off _2h woireIts p uoc, I. ." -

.Bayoo il Ua .. t YOrk.,Utwul h ve an All.Amrie,, -.
C i a Drlarltly P .' ,'Al fi, rcb lbchtp~aul n Ag.t 2. atn outer
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: ,e NoW York 0 Company,..

.. ,add said,. I arly'v b s.i New Yt sum/ .

AAS Doieoia eon "or I ih" -iron ..o... "-.--,or,,.i." ,-*A.m&

" Univers TY tmaser Stewart Warner
Hosmftl Beach Mtiers, eto.
Buy thin TODAY E.nj tuen TODAYl
i ij

23 1:~,~&4~ink.4U

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r m. i if *' l
... :<'..L ..;"J ,\:' ., :.: ,' -".- "-: -- '.,

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~ ~ ~ ~ : ,._., ,/ ..: '", .:-7 .... '*o ".f
.. ; '. -/ .''' ..... ,*'
F ..,
l -~ _.
t "' *, t

.7 Chase Roberts; Py Of Spd

d PhTs to

WYORK, May 18 (UP)-Befty l'ta S uer Ja u. .
Cble.s Cubs, who hJs even tmre bas ~in to take. a

In h is Thw e fih sgseed
o hap t C .hni

*t anhome the l lIgh att c din pe0 d -awi-
4. w4 htbeen ptir- bur aw.-, y not
y srt er poely wa to e the Boston be fast noy in the
the Red Sox i 4-3 w ove Detrot33ar 3 ta f Ma 1~ .
-er Pitts- The Pllinter first-game was I wouIdnt b. a nickel op
re O undig the compacus of a game inter- anything lower than 137 miles
etdowi that rupted by 'e~ r.elA n Bun- an hour." skys Shaw who won
inoutfielder day after aix.' q when the the race three times.
Phillips were leuanj 6-8. veter-
N, M ml League's an Murry Dcipks;t Iable 10ae In '52 but last three iuil tt rotct the Glendale. California hit more
e3 wh-Inured hands first mpJor-leagle W for rookie than 141 mnie' to ebttthe pole
him, broke fast from Paul Penson. position. McGrath p~mits he
ga ttiS this year. his was a minor for a record qualifv-
tuding a 15-game The Cards Walloped four hornm- ing speed, but-evf'-he was sur-
befotp the recent Mes to wir the regularly-sched- praised he went so fast "I left
ofit him. uled night game. three of them plenty of safety marin," sava
B % other National off Phillie ace Robin Roberts. McOtthl, "and Il Wihe brakes
-i the Philadelphla Wally Moon, leadoff batter in'in th turn."'
at ir ofgames the game. leouted the first and; MeOratrh, who also i his own
-L cardinals'Rla.ter Ri pRe lskla-d Ray Ja- chief mechanic, aya he made
and lal 0 8-o andi blonski rocked Robert and Mu. no cht kes I .U Ct. *All we
# into ate with thelsial bagged his 12th o1e 3f cf did was change sparkplugss
syn Dodgers for first the year off reliever Karl rews. and work t he. chassis."
i Moon's blast would have been says Mcerath. "I4.4Wt't touch
nlmy Amerlean Leaguelenough to win, since Joe Presko;the engine after it left the fac-
ytesrday saw Jackie Jen. went on to abut out the Phils tory."
run homer In on seven hits for his third win. spe wl ho u p
I when the second session of time
and Sunday. "After all." says
the Californian, "there are 10
o ust like mine here and one
6Pthem ought to go at least as

7: '. !:


I Win the



tM. 7:, 9 p.m.
ion n the hottest
on earth!


Ob.k- Farley OGangear


L u X- L -,m. .
(Italian Dialogues)



Plus: S.


DAIR DAY! $Woe.o
Jeff Hunter in
Susan Hayward, in


Sn Snead

Scores Easily

In Round-Robin
By United PeuO
Two golf veterans Sam
Snead and Mrsn. Babe DIdrik-
son Zahar s won tourna-
Snead won the Round Rob-
In Tourney at Westbury, New
York, by the largest margin
ever. The Masters champion
finished with 62 polnta under,
a. special seerr systemp...s 6
more than runnerup BDb To-
A woman pstater saftered
a PWile f eftd killU at

Open at Landovere Mry d,
with a 72-hole ur of sfe.
The be beat Betty Jamseo
by one droke and her nea Sug
by two. Mrs. haras lot the
lead to Mims Suggs for a. brief
stretch and then parred the
last two holes to hold off Miss

Correlallon Just

Nips Hasly Road

In Preakness Prep
PIMLICO, Maryland. May 18
(UP) A big California colt -
"Correlation"-haa made him.
self the favorite for the Preak-
ness on Saturday.
Correlation beat "Hasty Road"
after a terrific stretch battle
yesterday in the Preakness prep
at Pimlico. The race drew eight
starters .... but Correlation and
Hasty Road made it a private

Hasty Road set the pace, as
expected. Jockey Willie Shoe-
maker moved Correlation to the
front in the stretch, and the two
horses fought it out to the wire.
Correlation got there first. by
a head. "Ring King" ran a dis-
tant third.
It's the third win In six starts,
this year for Correlation, ai
three-year-old bay. His previous
victories came In $100.000 races
...the Florida Derby and Wood
Memorial. The Preakness on
Saturday also carries $100,000 in
added money.
Time for a mile and one-16th
was one-44 and one-fifth sec-
onds over a fast track. Correla-
tlon-a slight favorite over Has-
ty Road -- aid flive-60o, three-
i20 and two-4.

I aL .I

MI oADV, OFc.rAJN Kan D"
Chapters 14 and 15 Plus: I

Sb While You Sleep
i.________IN_ f .. b binWg g pa It are swoesm, tsh o yw bReld
-mfy be oins t thrust e ul kideld
-: _. .._ Otlrn, is t of r MY Die.

.m a -
aw& lou Ads. ICotaU
"T.: J*MaW t6Irrita tel t dtti
a ". "^ .M.Y. drue*ers i es bo w ele l- M
Bial~~j~i~i~iB^ te.jg w-&~ w*ora ,,l-i


- .?. -



''_ -' woo. S"rges.'r
A utf ie je 1s-l

LHeavana i I o- Oo...'

.yin .A 1 -
... .":-.-..-,- .: .:. wood 6 m -, 0 m.,

lo y V. .. .. o n l y. ., .


.Tam W L Pet
Havana 17 :10 .s1
Rochester 15 9 .6s5
Tofonto 1i 11 .3421
Buffalo 10 9 .526
Syracuse 13 11 .522
Montreal 11 .450
Richmond X. 15 .348
Ottawa 7 15 .318

Ottawa 7. Toronto 5.
Havana 5, yMraoue 1.
Buffalo at Richmond 2 aniu"
pat4oped. wet.. gd ..
Only games scllduitied ).

The Ouban A r Ki-gs
down from s p 4n tet M
ternatlL Lna uetoda,'
the fSyrautel
he faste

Chili u*Wiekjve,.Win K
,weep of ,t st ei.
Havana now ledp .oh

triumph r gw
sox herir Sau oResovi
the Chief with four hits. w
Clint Hartung, ex-New
Giants' phenom, hit an e
inning homer
A three-run elly lI the sixth
inning enabled Ottawa- to out-
last Toronto in the MY olqi
league action. A Buffalo at Rich-
mond doubleheader was pat-
poned because of wet-grounds.

Fight Dope

.By niited Pr M
(Joe Louis- and g)

have met again -bt .not I tme
Schmeling last night called 0i
Louis at his apartment in Chi-
Joe threw he arin around.
eShmellng'; shoulder and ho
his hand. Schmelln ptted Joe
cheek. It was the meatigI
between the tm fte
since Joe kayoed Schmelfi In.
the first round of their fight
for the heavyweight title o.
June 22, 1938;
Elsewhere In baig, Conal
stoner Abe Orene pf the l.,t-
tional BDxing AssoIatlt u .
gets American -proat*

15th wesk- d f hal
The E4l.' ct1

"R, n -wa" a



T te.-flt. us moved back

to on .WlUlaum. led the mtsl
md-tL" CleSTbowlers with .85
while Dounan ae4 the PFibre, and
etclasu.tth .
,' .w -- xt r a zz a .. "

-k. -an S

Games At.
S104 180.33
=0tko 99 175-0
Bh 65 -175-B

ami m-
.T i' u has r2red s~
b.. R.l"


nflley "'10 lft-48 ny3ON9 912-M

zip*--j- -Al GMb lmemt op the
s ,..-2. .- .JoI ,I ksJ

10TD 1404,17 o a emornSing.
W hets Met the
ti wo5ndprlng

', 7 .2 o ai he ? I .
tofaspn a

1 3 Mtn~ .3. 01t. b ship.
axevwas sadu

SUgflfgh t
In s ch b plebl manner
.. "aiew -beIn.set-back to a, ..s
S -the.- pri de.,
n -1o # 5 H -hoig a- e o Ise, t T c a
,. .2 a. .g.1. -_t.a w a

i -" .How can"I 4wWaIua. t- ins. "th'.
r.WIlght 11485 1 480 "I didn't even know about It uin- qa the a i te lflVt a
dtrom 14 14 l hearing it from yoa' is
ta7 114 ."wen, d A46 "I, tt6A ao t L t- .i M
1Ru"dir 35. -., 05 Wes Al 't dtig.- voMit4g0a

Wlice 111 183 144 418
Blind 132 132 133 39
Ouck 14181" 1U8,07
Grler 131 135 17426
Hogan 148 465
-wn' 97438 inI 2a

Preekul 159 140 131 450
;ad. 148 148 148 444
Shanahan 157 18l 116 ..01
Clopela 124 174 129 427
OaRigan 178 216 161 566
Handicap 23 28. 23 --8

#nker 15 135 _4
ikngtad 113 15 .1 436
OEa. 125 1 136 439
Duo 160 214 1i nI7
Lafab@ 177 186 1IS 49
'/ .;.

ce you wrote aboul .t 4 Or htl his B. a tfali-d, ,
poisoned dogs, or "Of14W B- ,,nt to wcgkwlth the fte."
member? You tr* about how' it',vas'god to. knowtut
wa salt water or mustard wa- Sitfwonld 5be.O. K.
tersho be etdo at vitha for
once toijut" iubab ana get was'.t-' lkpi52e
the w df to emt mfhisit dach the tforha t fore
and then le aim teaspoon ofght and time to
epsom sali a R as o a t.h-fi aid[ protedurb
water and follow tat th rwhw o. ttd IntPhe
plenty of egg whup in, emeinrgpy A 0 ptlto
ml. Remember that?' work o .Up tg.

Sponsored by the IONS
CLUB of Panama in favor

Pru= Who At nThe


0A TIU? -.TO

,a l.eamn.-

PeteT The
41 .#.4. -.-j

55 -
-~ 9-
SSt'tt4'~, t S -4.---

sm.oo 0in PZtrZU

st Prize .......$50.0
2nd Prize ....... 30,00
3rd Prize ........ 2.0
Det n am the 4,r00By!
'*Ime. m s m Mtr..,p .

O n the ereen:

..F.-SA-V .

pnu loplit, qb .w
#- ..B ACa

a' t-i n as __
*. _-.4 .- ..4 .: -
: .... bl q t:Bq m ;.. .
.. .M ili49 -., -, -.W7aB q s -....

r~'r -.---
r- NW
9-~-~* ?b*~)S.!r~ -.~ -s t~. '
p* ~A. A~ .StC~4StL4i~%ie;44*Ir1I~Y~.nW :-. -

-I-- r- -- -A
- r -IA'

-' .. 4 -. -: ;;


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- -e~te heavyw03ga, another strolm
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I*X--URT-UpOMaturTed Xhunewski'4
t inn ply it a vemin rt for more
lest ball. (NEA)

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SBdn't Wa n medo R MRd

Didn't Want To Run, So

Mu.sial Hit Five Homers

f By BABT GRAYSON Irimn aked him it he couli
laor unch hit a a

IW TORKMay 1 (loBAr-
S i -s durable a

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Ia country and have
;, who will iwleMee In
tooight, ay he'd
Akt~a tef Ma fat

Pacic SM EInry

To Vb For 1

81'ht-u'seel one must quickly
figure the Albrook AFB All Stars
ua contenders for the 1964 At-
lantic Basketball title. A broad

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tenders enon t he .e
fat that ait
y toaml Iw0toU t M obsw

thor pafty two th Atlatic
0 o6 CSm., the quet -
lqe tfasct o um rifn

(NKA ,abwkeo)
VUIOI'B Roger auurlater,
the Brttkeh medical student
who sat a wotld's reord by
miles a hIl arrival In ow
York for a hu P. 8, v sIt.


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?en to i wevi to pitch/
f. -t auny t, gru gy tat
ti rau bad toudh, for he
*a.'Timi players amply ete
-.onfideneb in hbu. Hu unqued-
tkmonably had It one, but has
'loe touch with the modern
yas_ I'm afnild,"
I`M Catle Reds we out of the
iee dviTalon doldrum, and
It's. t to w Rowers
Hoems3 bow ou--for what looks
like th4 lA Um-on st lot

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eAfet Nml, U level
lt pitch
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to irmeto
oul e-hitter
AVrdbk sta rte Orlsodi whO
the first f l wa a flttoti
s drowe shoWed
t he hasU tme stulf to ,iE
many a tn f tame,
The box aeore:

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to .b-2b 0
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mowk.tet 2 0 0

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tha, 1 0 0
Sj1l 0
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cm.rIffith. If 4 1 ._
PI Malcolm, rf 3 1 I
T. Ute kin. b 3 1
Mi,. *a4 3 2 I
I. Ooodn0, 2b 2 0 1
j.WeWh.,M 1 0 1
Rmed, p S 0 0
?staide M
Hanteruns: C. Griffith; P.
IWO by lauIngs
Albrook o 000 000 -
oryse 28 210 z-8

SHoop League
T"o DfLI UP p Sketk
leawe o ee bo. Arme d
4 T010 A-Tso moves Into
its alth .e of ,Sly tuniHt.
The flt NU, Is schedule" for

lCan LIfttein v Far Wa (nma
RersM for tplfIht's wmna
will Wullmsa and LM-
rf anes. vallft e i cordial.
It invited ~ fre of charl

Marciano Knocked

"i Rteal Balmy .

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,"Let the MpwpU knou the orut and the eiar sf,


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64 R. P., TUsDAt

ratdk R Side s Cry
VAlad10. w1w was I 7
i Avenue without .

BlsS'Ike OrdersHalt
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Sware each
the peace

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-President Eisenhower Imposed
a partial blackout on adminis-
tration testimony 'in the Army-
McCarthy row yesterday, and
Senate investigators temporarily
broke off the stormy hearings to
seek modification of the order.
The 4-3 patv line vote to sus-
pend the televised hearings un-
til Monday waD taken in the face
of Democratic warnings that a
postponement would be regarded
"as the first step, in a possible
waite-wash." They charged the
h in may never resume,
The Republican majority, how-
edr, sided with Sen. Joseph R.
Mcarthy's angry charge that
the adminIstration had drop-:
redan "iron curtain" between
he nvetlgating subcommittee
and %he acts. McCarthy caUed
the President's order "fantas-
tically Atrange."
Under thq procedure adopted
th subm ittee. aet
airman Krl L3. Mundt Z-
SD) and spulil mouSel Ray
Jenkin will seek mofcation of
Elsenhower's directive before

r -L J4

.ar J lm s
The White lHouse had no com-
ment on the subcommittee's ac-
tion. Press .secretary Jamu 0.
Hagerty said as as he knows
none of the .o Anttee mem-
bere have yet con tAd any top
White House ol f s.
The PrSeI t .bad ordered,
just before the lIah session be-
gan today, that ivwment wit-
nesses t t not e subcom-
mittee pythli about confer-
ences that took purely in
thp executive ban
This touchSd off the most tur-
bulent ligin yet in themara-
thon beat"ig. t fo d Demo-
crats Jotii .McCarthy in de-
nouncig the prudential direc-
tive but taking an equally de-
termined stand against the de-

The rrmeatu lretive had
counsel Jo I idaMs from
testifyIng abt a hIgh level
Justice Department conference
Jan. 21 st oblh it .was first
suggestId that the Amy puat
its ehargesi aIt McCarthy
la'wrIti, -
The Army bha accused Mc-
Carthy and has aides chief
counsel Roy M. Cohn and staff
director Francis P. Carr of

Wlan To Face

I ,-
A chW of. ry which Is
p ntditela nai Zone by
not more than 10 years In the
penitenttary, wa ed peter
'd.y 1in the. Bklbea
ear-aM NdIc who

Srin re..fl naiy
a B a .Api AMr. Ca-
bahelutem f aendr oath that
she had at sold a bottle of
rum to the complalnin witness
whom she deiefever el.

w to
-*-1 o u "

using improper pressure to ob- on the ieess motion, prtedIftt
tain specIal treatment for a that if the controversy coOled
drafted co-Worker, Pvt. 0. David off for a week the hbelro8
Bchine. "won't start again.,
McCartlhy, t turn; accused the ."The American people 1i1 re-
Army of unss Schine as a "hos- guard this as the first ste In a
tage" in an effort to halt his poslble white wash." said Sen.
investigation of alleged Commu- S tuat Symington (D-p.1)."and
nisti in the Army. therefore I'll have no pattf it."
But Sen. Charles .qttar JR-
MlIc.) said no memb of the
subcommittee underllt a -It
would end these hfl Ic
a i n Ipas A S

,, > / ^ A lateraud"?nLed thttsWiaevfr
f one f the uty

.f rt devel.

i phWeodMcCartM y oa .. .
I nqu.amg r atry. d a rr
The twin uproar, first over the M fra d n ver
presidential directive and then d u tle rthW. ty
over the recess motion, almost do the a coopers-

orowneda out, another Iwpurnt
development the refusal of
Atty. Gen. Herbert Brownell Jr.,
to agree to publication of the so-
called "FBI letter" held by Me-
Carthy. ,
When Adams read lIsenhower's
' ,tos at the, tart
'f *assou McCarthy
Ib protested that 'there tis o
way of getting the truth." He
101%. the subcommittee he "must
have a ruling as to what facts
anbe ept, behind the iron cur-
McCarthy said he wants to
find out -_ among other things
- who besides Adams and Army
Secretary Robert T. Stevens had
a hand in levelling the charges
against him.
,But 4 he seotched any idea
be wi belt the bearings un-
less the erde;.. Eed. He
Milhbe will sta the end.
Sen. Joh n I. lan (D-
Ark.) and the othi two Demo-
crats blasted the tlunhower dl-
rective embodied in a letter
o Defense Secretary Charles E.
ilson 4- as "manifestly unfair
all parties In this dispute."
. McClellan said the letter made
t impossible to find out wheth-
S"responsibillty shifted from
the secretary of Auty to higher
levels" in the dispute with Mc-
Carthy and "who must take the
final responsibility."
The Democrats also raised the
cry of "unfair"' again in debate

PC Salvage Saoles
Area Being-Moved
The cash sales department of
the Salvage and Reclamation
Section of the Storehouse Divi-
sion will be moved from Build-
Ing 40 to Building 4Q, Section I,
on Diablo Road, effective next
Monday It has been announced
by the Storehouse Division.
At the' same time, continuous
sales hours from 10 a.m. until
23 p.m. will 'be established. Pre-
viously sales hours were from 7
a.m. until 4 p.m. with the sec-
tion being close d one hour from
11 a.m. until 12 noon.
?Tas .section covers only the
.ales of salvage ad surveyed ex-
cean property items. All items
which are to be advertised for
sale will be Ibcated in Build-
ing 40 for Inspection by pros-
pective bidder I
Building 44, hetion T, can be'
reached bY the entrance next to
the Naval Supply Depot on Dia-
blo Road.

Ano Pauker, Once
Top Red,- oes
On Trial Soon
PELIRADM Ygulslavia. May
1 1 (;ea-Ana Pauker. former for.
epa rtdaater f Romania and one-
Ima tor woman leader of world
commnwsn, will go on trial in
Buchatet, mma. October,
The T -gatiVews agency Yugo-
wrese reported todoy.
Tae ag00ay said tough, hard.
taci Aa will be tried along with
da &GfOr toms state dd par.
wae a sayvctor
l a F;

t~tcharged with
I ..p stile .a
-d sate adt





4:~ j."-~ 4

5) AiIm
t'~nwAu. dill


tIH sid
no sai

deN Vwa

town a.
.- ".L :.

* at aetl -

, t Se .
A stttaa

Ue w1
At -

would celebrate lndependete D a 'lot -
except for (he scene shown being' ,p-etaqi bhr...A
lately costumed, guides and crftime Irom tie ehlbftilu
Itgs and shops of colonial Wflamsuhg, V.., portray the d
session in the Virginia House of Biimse on m the day .
1776-that Virginia's famous Reblutipn for Independl
unanimously adopted. This document led directly totS
ing and adoption of the Declaration of Independence by*
tinental Congress. The historic qyev t Is 'celt ted esrvy
the restored colonial city. In t .upletre, tl, man :w
upraised is Impersonating Patrick Hepry, In the orsiunaal S
chair, at rear, another "actor". ipe~sonates Edmund -1Fe
of Caroline County.. ho _esided.

Mwelm*nd tkn.&Laul
Qur Mary El
h--nS The m.D.nfJr
Ywho b c't3 fe
eitdt n to the 4uIc
IOU"~ Conmk"lt-in
A %* o.n
"- .1- -
- .-W '.--- -. '

9elmig the

., '.. -
.' ~ .' iII

A ~ r
***-- ~~:; -
I ~*.V "C-:-.,. -~ -


ia -*

* 2.'4,/
' =

PO W .- '. .*
;!j^ ;s

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