The Panama American


Material Information

The Panama American
Portion of title:
Weekend American
Physical Description:
Scott Family Library Fund ( donor )
Panama Times, Ltd.
Place of Publication:
Panama City, Panama
Publication Date:
daily (except saturday and sunday)[may 12, 1973-]
daily[ former oct. 7, 1925-dec. 4, 1966]
daily (except saturday)[ former dec. 10, 1966-may 5, 1973]
normalized irregular


Subjects / Keywords:
Newspapers -- Panama (Panama)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
Panama -- Panama


Dates or Sequential Designation:
Oct. 7, 1925-
General Note:
On Saturday published as: Weekend American, Dec. 10, 1966-May 5, 1973.

Record Information

Source Institution:
University of Florida
Rights Management:
All applicable rights reserved by the source institution and holding location.
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oclc - 18709335
lccn - sn 88088495
lcc - Newspaper
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The U.S.
nch for the I
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France, Brital, .
8I and the thiM M f.
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.tMa Alienb ib'eru 10a r nfilor.a Y-
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Reds Begin Brainwahing

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V A-. T-'
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"'The -o Ume In hi acoird*
TRU. WiM .Is a -re
cent d kUMiLft lU conduct
an overall O t the ne-
otlations when fte result of
the clariflcations id rectifica-
Mons mentioned-are known.
"Naturally, it tp s.t Possible
to predict at this. lr, what will
be the result of the more recent
negotiations, but the govern-
ment has decld1 to continue
and to broaden them with an
unswerving faith Wi tb. Justice
and right due to Panama and

arly Approval

Of Ike's Socd
crity BidSo
h house Ways & Means Com-
tl starts work today on
Mldnhower's proposal
reased ccal security ben-
o dft e and wider coverage. aSrly
approval Is exectedfor most of
OWreflumaOdations.f I
Chairman Daniel A. peed MR-
Y.) called today's sessaloof
e committee to beg draftin
istion alo the hiumn of the
nI t' arpoalt.
ii. isehower askgd Congress
SspecIa message Jan. 14 to ex-
old si Ifnsurance coverage
a M 10,5; m00 rson not
aewovqrded ,- doctor, lawyers.
etists.1aniers and others -
.an' tw"ftkg their resent scale
O f ltbff S to $23.50 a
US Navy Employe
iven Oxygen -
At Amedor Course
An Ame*sn iNavy employee
mhn h"ad Mffnultfw hvrl.-IhWM

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at the CuMM

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cubiI yaS

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emoh' v a first iond tudy
od M eo of tia crtck alone o

Civil Works Division In the Of-
Members of the Bard of Con-
te United atates.Ao artlyl be
sultans Ire Dr. Arthur etwo
othde, bbe rt Dr. C. W.
ott. of the n rack elogs
Fralis t. Slchter, Chief of thef
Civil Works Division in the Of-
fe of the CVhief of Engineers In

Members of the Board of Con-

" =vn-tone and Edwin B Ab-_

bt Engineers and Thotws .

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neite WorsDiv isionInlteiO -
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terms: im W

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permit our Ucrificibng quEtI^ farnirw
S.r .'" *.. ,, ", J
A ..; W .- U t A.



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coupon'^ D u -* sanda*" ", -il ^

fo .Pir ".,.. L vin
S^.Ur'-oll, lgood. House fli--AC

Scoustily. Call Pm 3..4415 any
.f rk time,

m ,of et elsy, w'
"ng mattre.$ls .

foim rubber owr
size 6. Phoar At

W M77MA-4

*- gl. -
re6k8 86-

ftE:-OeLwue u Fl eg'
e with large fee ,Tef
tovne. bth guaranteed. Col
credit. Houehold W. 41
-to -- Ave. (Auto _owl.

EW. I: trion, Box 897w, i-

beans S25
eW. Hbrisn, Box $89, GOil-

SA -2 choirs wi
Sg E .-2olm^d o.,

1. hdkeo'.rto "ed by -ato

K o, cgs 3 t
w 2UoS*^ *"

KIR SALE:--Nw 1954 Ford 4-dpor
tedon. Automatic, radio, w/&jw
:tire.Call Navy 3124. _

P -SALE-1942 %- tn-trunk, Fx-
ullent condition. Call Navy 3124.
F5 ALE-- iSick 141 Kaiwser 4-
Excellent condition. Priced
t. Phone Balboa -2-272L.'
s t 1917 Mi4e CuIv. -A
ncanimonradio. heater, not covr.
A, -bHmn, 2543 CcollT. elt-

on rdo, neat caveM under-
. a Ce n finance, $79. Cl

0Ford ach.




a.... BoataeS,
SSALE I-Visel te S!Wv.hadow

raeO W offer. accepted. In-
Whils Shadow, P.O. Box 45.
s del Toroo. .
iS.ME:-t4-.t. OeLw runabout
l. ambled, V bottom. New.



FOR SFord 4-door 2-
5..2531.0, Ca-

WANT D 4-- mechnic.i Able to
work an mke of cars,. minor
and'mto Mrnm Report in per'
son .o Office o
WAN1'l Sa( on for part d-
parp. t of electrical, refrigertibn
and'. .A c business. Preferbly
In lie, Salary and
coa dtF Mt have od fer
.rI PAp ."EL.Pe" AvDistrl bula.
SS.A., Peru Ave. No. 72,

- a .n .. ----- -.. -I



WAN raTl hou
' es.19 eiWt ard. .$40 nwonti,
sin deyt Cefl-enVhingi 26014,
SCciit. ___

!lia ^$Sne
-,T 7-

L. t

ia .O the Puaampi
to sail from Newr
SwitJ 54 passenger@

ire Ia Criateg

te advance. Ippvp-

G. la=-ba, Ul. Mo:
W. Barker- 2,. L

C. Carrqll; Mr w1a i
Slchard Cawley,; r. ad
,Iffl qriles H. ChristiUn, Mrs
DT D. H. Delvala; Mrs. La.
Andae Davis; and Mrs. -Pa
m sU.La Gi;er mit'
to th e ZIer, n. Note G ld
ws the L tU
Marcllo; Mr. aW- Mr.
McCol and daughter; aRo mer 3.
.ar Nd a Mr. M .
por-t MRt I '___~e

1. PC in
I Vw

Rone O'Brien; as
; Mr. Gertrude M.
':6 PowR. Reel;I
aoNpde M.o Lee os
AL U&lFre Id.l hmaIl

i I

and hoir $
Par n a 3'2 5...
OR6 SALE: Excellen.
kitchen cupw s
Inches all a
mrned vwoot@M
.rpbord.-' Wr,
53.50; Cown' Wnilrt
slot screen. $1 Pl.''l~
for concree guarte*
width, 56 each;- 'lM t
furniture f ninlh Ro*
room, nu ny. "I
pair as above yutt Q
mode. $3.75 each. T
razor, cost $28, Mil $1
rifle, excellent, $30;
fair, cheap; motorss'
one-tenth, 25-cye.
diving helmet, pump,
,chool-shop made, tM
tln Golf Bll," 2,
ioaer, fair. S10. -Ph"a

?OR SALE:- 2
reens, very.
OB40-C, Tel.._

OR SALE:-Piano, in
*t. fen. Almost new. T<

[6l1ed bids. in triplicate- wwllt.
Ieived in the office of tUe 2ir
n and Construction DirepO
'Carol Company, He.
14954, Oa nd then
fr tins and ngfu ill plarntculate
, auml .lob, services, COWd n' h
(xcp obGemtaind fro the o ffie of
@a1r10s!, rind for performing, I1
work Wr "Cnstruction of S ge,, ta
posa Fa fitin at rainbow City In the
Canel Zone. Forms of plopos Is, slac:-
flfttlons, and full partktulta may be
obtaierd from the office of the Con-
tract and Inspection Divlsion, Roovi
343, BElb a Heights (Telephore 2-
3749. or 2-2698). Spcifictilonr. and
drawings will be issued on e deposit
of $40.09 per set. Depoit will be fat-
felted If apeclfcatiom on drawings


Seven weeks Spe n ei 5M e 0.
Adveated fie Sm te 7 .. Regletr
Siee -pnd.

Real Estate
FOR SALE:-In Boquete, 3-bedrom
.eMpl tely furnished house. 1400%
f r.- lot. Hot and cold rurmtin
. water, electric stove, Rattan living-
*tm and diningroom furiture, ou-
S'tatic washing machine. Phone
SA42(n.P&no or write Dr. To-

tireleep where It is peaceful
Squiet and te cool
huums a lullaby.
awake and relax, ad-
g the magltilcent
ry from the emberant
den or the .spacous ter-

In this handsome,
maintained residence
t a ee a expaWdi j Cmn-
i tl me 2m*of

Wisor plan: Anple living
and dingt room, bar. large
Master bed-toom with well
ir n bat second bed-
MOL with bath, tudio or
lbrary, a kitchen that Is
true Joy to any housewife,
nmUerosa and well desin.
ad closets, hot water
'tbrohout, andl bat but
pot leathe terrace with
ta m~ onealent bar-
,*Rt&t U your

Bm ad'B Idl end- ent

..w.uensi rr. -, -arer

a W t smiseqe"** *"1^ "n

SA k-For 19r54 .D.W e

%,'fC To AFL Parleys
ZCanaZoe l o n .,.. e....
ft Qa rft cam To FL Prlay

taribc this ---pown ai
r ddM4aibstmil

-a~-. ')itr FMa


ageruV waw elected lsad

..d.wo MWet uSept
Nagnor TM eetdb
teWMwr mte*Mmirt

:.. s .<;- e,. e*' tig a

d, ,s
,- ..,&

: A l 'Vi,,'"
' 7



a s a

run RENi: run'ne e
43rd Street 6.
FOR RENT:- 3-bedromi p
2 bathooms, livinerp. dFlNl* n
room, parchr. lcrh. neld' aLW
with bahttoom. garide In "El C*iW
grejo," Via Epafta and Euscbho A
Molues Street. Tel. 2-1322 r 3-
1914.' ,
FOR RENT: Two-bedroom apart-
meet In best erldentil section. All
modem conveniences. Newly paint
e. Call Ponamo 3.0430.
FOR RCTw--Fu mrH Mr Ir
th city American
Ir f e 2 5SP

dia ing-Iireom, ad rm 3
oba me marine a nd hot emr
Phone 2-145.

FOR RENT: Fumbhed apartment
suitable for 2 ouples. N. 160 VIa
Porros, Sen Franciscom, 34572.

FOR RENT:-Vca2tion evai-
Margorita. C.E. 3-2804.".
FOR RENT:- 3-bedroomM peitnwV.
2 boths, maod's wm hh .
porch ond rag in ey d
ig hood, prici $440. 4
P. co Boyd. Tel. 3-4825.
FOR RENT:-2-bedroom q :
Livingwoom. bedroom, ln m
rlid's room. No. 30, 44th
Telephone 3-0925.
FOR RENT: Bieautiful
apartment, individualit, ofr
U"Crecio" Building,
lBella Vista.
FOR RENT: Modem oprtrnen^
Phone 3-491 T...
FOR RENT:- Best Jocqqtidfu i
apartment. Splendid fat one m-'t
couples. 43rd Street No. 1.
FOR RENT.--3-room apartment. A
ply 1080 Colle Los Dos PelmerS.
- Water day and night. P Mhty co
FOR RENT: Tw- bedroom, two
bathroom apartment: Hat .wate
maid's room, re. Corner "L"
"B" Streets, El Canrejoa nmr l
Panama Hotel. 24486 office hour,
Sunday 2-5503.
FOR RENT:-Small apartment com-
pletely furnished. Tivoll Ave., Mul-
ler Apartment. Preferable American
family. Call Paonma 2-3035.

D B"mlI

OR RENT.-Completely Independen
large, bright, furnished room, semi
private both.. Midleto,. good ree.
dentill area, convenient troepors.
tien.%Phonle '34 11.
2R Rt; -. Well vntlianidae;
centie lfly (usted rooms to respond
sible people. Via Espaf 28, up.
stars. Phone -517j.
OR RENT:- ldep Ment.furnhshe
room. Rsidtln'eleulen. Tel.2,




I: I.;

I,.. '- '


4 4r<

, w u r


,V -- ^^*..! .'v. ^ i.. -,

'"^ ~~ SSSJ14,

* .-
* '-

ALL. ww ,.

ca4 trn n I
AL -'


E. : a: ._ L ,


- C '

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4 ''-

k ,i.'-
i ..4', -.'. ; .-
.,..4 < .

edge 1tMkamu ide"au

*SB fSlbrna bnfl"A w
Of tbe tlanaktk s
thw f lg u u na me a
Ta p..= ALw




4 4 7 A R 4O i l

.-- ..

ol mi" -- -



,-- -- --- --


---fi ---i-

.--- ----


I'Ll Fqr-.%-






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-- ------------- --

. ..


--: : -

I. J '


ml J



, ", .O,- .. .'
m ,jft ..^,^.,.^-r "'Ci^ ,


.-- -= *.. ,^ 'f-.-
.Ie. ty daghe.': ca d.iM,
sly j *r
o' I. K**J "----*mj

- - -- - -



a. T. .n. M a at
tehe thead oor, orw "i ?t

Ike And Mamie LookOver

Their Retirement Home'
GMnYSBURG. P, May 17 plan to retre some day.
(UT)-PreslMent and Mr rsea. JThT_ U P.o AtOffarmnfor .
howe." vtlaed their Gettybur ,w AM. n Iour whieei
arm at he weekend ad were ingtcan to Cmp la
pleased Red tht work is PresisenUal rMawt In thee.
leB ...ra. ri, mnounxt", of westa a. r-
tSot w h they nd, whorm they spent a t wow

Tou'81u L aughl-..iour


Speakain of tit]"a. Ekrtba Kit,
as a dftf eomito an a" She
made sib aew sid s B aeco east.
Amoflt tm is som th llued
-Miakr Schinish." Bariba cme a
wraveed a rur piece"
Dick's Piclk. "Tbhred Chw In
the Fountam." (FoUr Area, Does,
ali Toni Arden Columbia) "The
Graks Looks Grener" (D)ek Is-
fd, Mereury); "The elUof
Notre Dape" (Pald Weston Co.
humb "It Ain'vt My Baby" (Rug.
anr D ir, Mercur); "BaTe
Man" fBut lves, ea): "Good-
n 1 h t Swfteetht ea. "n


w ^ : ... _-
"I lmWi t sail ajto

Misia Gayhor and her .nther,
who guided the dauttak '
Cerea sianne he was 0 .W
are ,vie under. sepra An a
hardly tal in. The rBTToa, '
Moila's ietios to the Allitte-
ndinig O ta it' career by Jack
Beab, we boy friend, an& to Jack's
drastic ntme' JO 10 ve.
lease her ri her Msa%
Ina Claire C ie m arri mhn
Gilbe rt l .is Ltf e i.e
caIme.r as In "ao
'nlel Ailred Hthcoi dd t
persuadbng. XwdiSt aiM
nana .infection, 0doe fared te be
homet.nipl worse, Aurned out to be
a ju1tale singus that he eoutracted
in the Verk crux wdt whtie tWill.
in heem f tor "Grea shadows."
CANA Ul U wte wans.-
died ber raes ,-from. RKO..JuAst
ab tae @ wuso w nrdy to purh
jerta = ..a
ever eve ^,doS'as i ikey

:. /t aattl.'^
^d~~i *^ii^^han

fFr 1 i et, w
dbe td, as it nd
dki. .I a an

1'strict a m I IL' tin 311W
Fares Nby Dmck se0"a

41 abl meth ee

Dillk Bnue. ohs 4no direteo t.
l'lm irlirendeveah Be* auP-
ether W' tam hits, ik tlk. lg6.
CBou a .aIC be.t a dramadc
TV mrlies.
Mrilyn Monroe's bluaUshing again
sbouL TV demoting her to a bit
player. She's :een withett
the iopen mouth throbbing
,voice in Mickey Rooaiey' "Fire-
ball," nBC oat he hWODe Screns.
LOyo Butler, one mDebels Dayst
TV grl rInend -is a 8la Bj.
clab warbaq t. .N.C. .
ftg to a tle~q clu f ..
"Te *~S~S jS ric'
IT frid icrgmt*'s .quous to a
Bntr h eribe:
"tOly one thing makes me want
to go ack to America. I long to

'f: .,,.

... *

*".- I

s .t-et,' a'"

beauty uft B Js

Ul eteu Trlhi

TRENTON: N. J.-(UP),Mrs.
Mary hoebling, a vivaM : 48-W
year-old eandmeoftr, ra to hMa.
tlenal irnderaup to th weo plex
Onrncial word beeaMe abe re.
fuses, to be a bit .of "useless trim-
ming for a bank.
That was in l13 Wh the tall,
blue-eyed brsnette was te-.
ed .4 the board didreesn of ithe
Trenton nort Company a gea-
ture of kdmaess -and yt .
Marys husband, Slfied who. t
had a heavy interest i the bank,
had JuAt aeld, e a b lut
career a a brideblulder. 1
was only S 30 at the itme, but the
bank director ddeidd townake
her a member of the board.
,I m prtty sure most of -the
oen hoped Id be No the p"ley
on a famb chop, she recalled,
"just a bit of useless trimting.
Oee ofI 7 Premden "
That was the turning po In
her life. Now, Mrs. Roeblini t lone
of only even women bank pri-
deata ir the nation. dl.
rectonrships In M compsalea and
beIhmW trdosese of civic and -w
etol clobs.
Mrs. Roibling. who cred ber
mume to Wingwin. men.,*bl
peop Ja fvesmeat bnkleg,

614 ~ ~ ~~rh toftte atae *lfte

truest company at "Mary@ bank.
"6M people 1b0k a banker is
a species o uM -god she once
8aa1d, invm n the lap at luxmy
othe =ab- earninp from po-
plea Mnvtoa.
In ireecase througout the coun-
try and abroad, Dheats uocesful,
ly invded many traditioeally mas-
cull. ields.
O. he Als Lecturee
She has lectured on everything
from thrift to bread liineS, always
pointing ip the fact that "women
are a perfect addti t the t highly
mochaniz-d scheme o(,..
She studied at t Uiversit. of
eanns ylvla a NeVw York Uni-
vcerty and last year. was named
TrntonM "Woman of the Year,
ard this February the American
Womas Aassociation in New York
pIckea hbr as the "Womia of the
Since her husband died, she also
haq had the job of reariag a son
ard a laughter. Both are musi-
cians, bit people sayt hat Mrs.
Roeblinps favorite instrument is
the telephone.

*kfj : 'f.*K *It

ku ,-

6. t o
1 rldA o ff Over-
,tal.Maw_ Ytok eCity, the.
I.oon seo 1,sao aod the as-h

mzume sofor zat
am. seco860 ca1 wa UNqpain-c
AtwZoo oneK e
sgbcrawn had eepn a n ah
1hop,8 cage ata tfoe Bokrelated
hOO vesaIp'ay and onm Wa saboi
to deaui aetore it o e sd t sj In.r
t the zoo proper wh A l w l a,
Scrownapd wth bu i
ler neconad .at W IlareV ackr
o Captivity with mornetias of eat.I
ae u, &ers, threq u a r te r sa
jrbwn had been cohand In the
zoo hospital 1or j eArment
oa roundworms. |
'htv escaped from a iteae when;
a deeper itieuto tealum the (orMs
r viumy alter seapaf It. :
I'a's.banus in er.amas. attracted
by Lie irivait sritg e W a t u el r, i
ere at me zoo wamene oanerouai
loeuaib aim~ A4UiU6U 1U lIfll Ulla
01 wieft unutral naita ib W1ronl
Jeep mo,,mu separatng tnem iroia
wen crowu.
bert; was an escially-largeo
throrng of caldren because toa~y
alaitl use ot ug 0 or uoo-
iteius p ,i updai's doo and ilarm
Wtlipe )outsouterc Iau nluuh maU
piD ly WMla 1a1l a unaW ,eak wuh ra niM auAugas lawnw.
-ou tU a .enala ito a w*am-
ana comuu.arua encim g aura"crm

to kr i he. tilvwrt
ot he 'o atipat aIiledita buam
ag were- hearbyhehrgutawars dL
tfc dana 4*9i WetfROi a yeu-
nod buou xjruanu towarflitt

doubten tna the neimals i have
sacea the wak owt, e8oo propem
DOjt we could sio aba e .,"
Un .at wan a1are dtol ea oo
Idwii ohe Of meaol mkeper -held
iter at bay there uno r u cotla
in second i talked about the
couitaaij,s anarng at the offers
o mean. a
"1'retty soon the cat began get-
Ling resdiebs," *ial Jteau. ne
wa, pairing up and down and look-
la pretty i ouc. 1 ha.Ia tne oraer
to kill her."
,ihi shots thae fojIed the beast
wtre heard, by the throngs outside.
bean ,j.le the animals had been
bOfli it last summer from a Co-
-^enhgen Denmark, dealer. He
Said th, y had not been given
drug which would make th e m
eitier esitve or .leepy,
In a2-analog flowers, cut the
stems with a sharpTknife ot a pair
of sheark A fresh cut absorbs wa-
ter better than an old ne. Remove
arv leaves wil.N'* o, < I-'
water, for the Woiage decay nuick-
-" .Id miakesuie.._j.wv.r ,., .....
I wht. a

IL "
.. ;fa-

HBeter Flavor "

" _________* a: ..j

to #A aparit
.oll-en lOf

MIS T ,wan= IN
le. romaUDm
sw t. Clarence
spproached a cabbo



Dr. MJ Iton EZlsenhower, the
President's brother, and his Wtfe
were waiting at the farm to geet
them. It was the first time Dr.
EkeJnowe, president Of Peaal-
vania State University, had vit-
ed ne 18N acre farm which Mr.
IEsenhower calls his "retlarement

tone fmnhose, paat the Mag r d
bain ard dowa 6 a pid.P
jabouL 200 yards from t. e m.
John MGaM. "th Pre'atW
Ihe. Ia er it s ab-
e ear. P. a
erman Wa ge, called to Moaay
and -,"d: .., .
1 "it a nouw to UN yawr -
afro6 an #wa and~ try- a

but-nix cama Ora"ce Not a sinf
Sle strike. ..
MI. litenhewer, who by hiW
lime bad picked up a M._ _
8000ae Bd M-Wartaplrter 10EAS
enumra s, awled. &o~r to Join
7on Ae Pre*Ashtt tried svf-
iw3 eistt wih We apae luck &a
hL. valet. .."ia Gwer co-.
mented tWat b O utr duydid not
care for ainit rd, f bit wa
noc c.ear whether tls was intend-
ed as a fsherman's alibi, .
oi. Elsenhower comm that
the dt) looed d oop haow. O
said ;Vs Presidet w avhe to
;lave some work d itb.
it be sueea ed
witA bass.
MAr. ,,isenhoWer menhibi le
wab escorung her sisteNp-law on
-in inspection of te houad. She
.eedi,-,rd the Preident later r
Ismaholsy aare&--tt It o
work aaJ bee rde seInM 4ey
Iag vifted the farn tw weeks

Serviced by,.

. I

raeogoi ldustry, the "A
vn r t he show. A R
aw .si ior ant8/ /a- *epam',
itf'ar-hi fAy the a-wI -%or
taBH irl ,,l b 0.-,,budi-
aa-iT- am ag t AoN diet A
X a at M Coral's Bobb
"I'v* beep Interested In records
al as I can remeuobas," Bob
s, Jos s tren was far
ftH* Baftv4. At l,5sobe an a
e ldc that now numbers In the
SIn NO gh schdlm anrt ela.,
hei t Wraw p -- drew
as record laeb. One, e.
C a eRm*sne. Iwh ich
,j Sw c o dCapl. aCh
Sacad Sp be amd Bob a .-
tuy stilr Signatue records
Jai~J&^ rw~sriaalmusician.
a jh he ad a high school
dat ea Mi a ean play the piano
a im bsx. Bl he has am inborn
fce *k pop ossie and pop singers,
Saeal thaUt has been tranated
into a steady rmmat, of hits by
such Coral stars as Taieas Brewer,
De tnall O a Md ie Barton.
At the .Joametm Bob is excltd,
abut a tend he's had a lot tod
Wtrmit --- talk reedc"

|J %a I:P pmIulr waw/tor tbo
i*sh & ejdw%," her hm.j
So B rtw t I w a the veryou
C .. i C f: m ai O
W -O"a eq.

eo over heard it, you .olt for
oet It. No% Mils AndersoW fm do-
Ing an album of the same type of
a G R inluding e- writ-
,y .editor o r .wou e
1 Gr it's all-
TA'U tiaKieaAiy

(Elfa dlae orse. Capt
A Cime" (The Iar
* Lasy Afterwon" (K
DeccS) \
The two top male
ibc past decade Bing
Frank Sinatra, both h
butans Corsby sings
uld CteL.uts" on Dec
nas trsued some of Sin
"t on 'Fabulow Fra
classickl, RCA is out
lar's eoMmeom
annivaary of t e
condutr. Ili k ea ha
'adeat, frnom Straus
,ad Cihrwmmtel."

l); T ; roof is now sO a8d Mth Wans
rA, IloWd); have ea nroUghd in. Two to-
aye Ballard, porary b stairways Iae bee lIna-
rtiled to the p ot r. "
vocalists of 1 omplesed tabehouse will
ICrosbyand "us% 14 roonat T2 100 be"
sae now al-- Thefrt loorsa is "red by a
"Some Fine Ause balw A. A O be tIs a 37
ten ad''RCA'Dy 2 wdth
atr's -4-e trends are etrewith 1
Xklo." gemi. msuie Also on the o rd
t ,ith "Pled- r a ddin'" rom, aeen, the
orating t he Prement's oahrbeamed attidy, his
os pops secretary 's eoftco. a bedrom, aad
lamPflae as- Lhrce b s to "po. *a 's VOon dOrr er betd-
* -- -v"-' xorme &ad a private ri loom.
SA tudio is ben built ona the
"Ttandot" tiUim d floor whe l. Wisenfhower
f wel t f- Wil get lany 0 9 ftlfor hs Ua oif
r.U'- pa;ntAi&
a Verica The rst Lady' bopedtdiet will
Gw -C -ude. L many v*ih Ifm th@ raW-
-,,*a-part. hldr jand added, "we don't'
va.,- 'asurel," h I muoh room 'or o.
bl e t 1 ULVOL. '
;li M s P ihe pointed t an old windmill
L & qBIp at thewd sore a st t emner
of he hotue and aad she intends
mummum --orm 1 o6 vep it. Ihe dior ben Wh
mce e,,lW' farmaa0ds to .f,
HKUllI "if1'! 11 f* 111 in i o i .iiij~y
I I i~said. +
N is Xepretuly, oPoin_. ae
coiiuwtod L ttre in at the I a
the houce and said they. it be
k]_remove L


It's Chlorophyll* Plus that makes


L-r 'i

: .,:;,+.'.-.
' *.i'



WaeIPM a Chi @ d Me Tooth Pasts cos-
iala iotei" of Chlorophyll, natue's magie
muetance eed by dentiis a dendorant preo-
Srationm. And ita pateitd pw idains afent
chiMas en momuraby better thm any other
Sfimg tooth foranla. Chiodest can
give you a deah, hah mouth hour after hour
Ch lredet doien't just mout.der,
not &eOys 'ft. Ctiahmad mew "Maly
. pelw ly after bal,msain sfveinaymlmova
AlaiDiht Paok.i Ow. B oy Chuesialt koday.
ChaMmk mIw ts adity svor.

wi *



ia a


9PP W-. .
- ^ < ..


- --i-'yr*-;'-'-"^^

, L i'

Sc1ha z

.., .. c

. .* ; : "^

'- ; '. -. .' *
~ooul .e. U.S.A.." '. ... .

-----,* +* _' + -,Jr:';;

0 in~ ^-^tfi4tai -X*


Record Shop: You can et
t anylig on records now.
11i. University issues disea
re, rd sou_, a "n!a
i_ .l,-_'_and alo aw
fl "Valeis &f th )M"

'i's buildafg ts Coming dawn
What a ,ouM1 4 0
Arnold Stang; StWn under it.


.' hod ata -.- e--A- a rash,
yriasbr aSgo X Spca
4 Aflfm.baaela O t-oothing to

.. a. el- d. form uptpv e shild

Meassin.taeJ IM M
S. ..


PE*R" ..- ,.
:,- ;. .. .
)' *" .' -, -

.M .-. -*.,.- -.. ,

W '-;":.i < ***-i .. ,'r .. \7*^ *tR -~*;r... IT' ? .*;. *^^ .*^.;t.'
^ ^''* : '.^ -- -^ ^ ..: .'<* ^ .. .:. ,
* .; ; .. -.- |*'^ .;" ... ... *- \:,"^
(, ".'. *^,. .' ;.- ".- -. "
^ .S ,. .";-.Fk.-aC." ... -. -,, '
... .:,/ ; ,'- -.r. ,. .,. ... ... .-, -.. .' *
iX- ::--, ..= -- "'
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~~~~~~ 15]: ,:," '?- i;,'.,! :-

l -ar.Dwelling Bosx Martminez KO'1

med To Last Place Francis n 5th
If -0--. ar,:sunchen two Snt-l. i.r _: -
By CARL LUNDQUIST downs for the count of eg th
lastnightl to overcome RodolfO
..Francis, 1251, for a technical
N,,, EW YORK, May 17 (UP)-Maybe even Ted kout 1y oat 22 of thehnic
lUai ms won't be able to get the Red Sox out of fifth round atthe Colon Arena
C& Martinez rushed out of his
.,Manager Lou Boudreau said, "We'll be aU right corner pu=nn Xfrom the open-
Wen Ted gets back." though he were f ting a four-
rounder. Midway through the
.,r. uJut yesterday, T hum in' when Solly Hemus hit a three- second with Isidro still forcing
,, am re returned for his first run triple for the key blow and the fighting, Francis caught him
I-- ; day since he smashed his the Ph s led the Cardinals 6 flush on the law with a beauti-
S r.oa bone on the opening of in a six-Inning curfew-asuspend- ful right uppercut which dump-
,' rngS training in Florida. All ed second game which will be ed Martines flat in his back. '- '
Si did was smack two homers, a completed tonight. Francis' inability to follow 'u
doubleble and five singles, batting his advantage caused Martinez I
seven runs in nine at bats. Joe DeManestri's fourth-in. to weather the storm and fis
l ut all the Red'Box did was ning single was the only hit out the round. Near the end of I
m,,fop twice at Detroit, 7-6 and 9-8 off Gare a, who walked oni the third, Francis again dropped
In 14 innings. In the opener, two batters. Al Rosen and J Isidro for an eight-coat and
,*,'eOn Williams cracked three Hegan hit homers In the open- had him in visi ly bad shape
l...Xalea. none was as vital as one! or while Don Boulweg got one when the bell ,oude,4. -
4.b.V ex-Red Socker Matt Batts for the A's. Rosen also homer- I however. Martin ea Me bak
aho delivered the winning run ed in the'nighteap. strong and was lit control at the '
a pinch-blow in the eighth.
Williams' two homers and other Larsen was within four put-rened of the foavaie rti nezt
',Afl in the nightcap failed to.outs of a no-hitter over the' tred suddenlyvandt unchedia-
"-equal theimportancO of a homer Ya]nkees when Andy Carey, who wayt smost antdIl I, nh wa
l: Ray Boone which broke up had homered In the opehersi way almott. wlI untl It w oas
game in the 14th inning and led. Another single rbtank letely beaten fighter
Save Steve Gromek his sixth Bauer and a homer by Bob Ce rvpefreeld Alfaro" then
a a B Polo vmLuReferee --id Alfao 1 the IN IN' CoLi
eictory in a relief chore. BoonemIn the ninth_.gave the Yankmes storedd the contest t :7 of
a b t Detroit an earlier omer. their runs. Ven Stephens and t over Vicente Worrell. 126, t n the tory in the Hore Oners Association C
It was. lovely Sunday a nLa Moss had three hitas apiece hit T b A. Ti i w to
Sver the molor league map, Stphes getting a homer for packed u to the moment

hm to he ca eh Table Tennis Play A
t as far as the pennant aes Baltimoe re sond a hc eo n me .came
er e c s a e f, the nPorterfield's triumph was .r a; Lupe Pancho. 127, silug ed IN WINNER SCIRCLS-- Cardington
were con erned, all of then-, T he "V
Sbut Detroit and Clen- fourth and Pete Runnels sot men his-wav to a unanimous decision .che" Vasques up, Is shown after his t
ot have just as well -tte at bat with a triple and two over Vicente Worrell 126, In the tory In the orse oWners r socltlon
la their front porches singles. o drove inix runs eighth-round semifinal. oa Arias trainerRu t
S eat .a restful and relax- with h is on enin game l t spree Daniel Ward. 134, knocked out propaganda clef e i ro Fetn ndez aren't
Sabbath eeuae It was a which Mike y Venon and Roy a Bruce. a
t off In a r thr Is le ts tof the Nat7 and Sher.t third and Mrcial Molnaar, 125,
:- lt a lf it oer dn Loe r leh o te i no alsho hit put Baby Austin, l N, to sleep at Atlantic Sde Ion Chai
sn. hi, ho.ahod i r. in t 10h oehImn2:48 of the first round. Austinr a I i
Mike Garci a pitched a onebr -' wt' r substituted for teens Bennett la t fore

hit ter for the Indianh in a 6-0 Hodges' rand-slammer put who claimed that he wasrd ie Uonk st asf the cific
second victoe pfer Tthe pound- him only g to behind National to fight because of slight1scratch olem Ten n i aA
ed out 16 hie In a 12- opener League record Ralph W- on nhis fin e er.
i ,vethe Athletics. But after the ntr ns Rogers .Hornsby who The Colon Boxing Comm- quarter I s o ha e
ai-kees made it six wins in a havellift I 2. Preacher Roe gain. ates d i doctor. who e s demineds C1n tO laic Side
low with a 2-0 triumph on Alli ed first tri umph after two Bennett, declared him fit for r et
eyn. o-ds three hitter, the defeats while Podbielan won his fighting. 'Bennett is sure t e A large group of sports fans .
rebounded fr a 0-2 .i-. third 'ame as Gus Bell pa.,ed severely penalized by the Ctm- Including Julio GrImaldo who
Another thrhittr hitters with two inle andmission at their next meeting. played the first ba, was on
L- arsen-" Bob P da double In the Cc wint i es. B ies nd for the Interside table toen-. CP

S Konen wonbin: Ingn tBhreeenre runsbots ofreeGeorge Granuod, current 1 th-
aewith a hromer, t l aPondy c- i
atsin p-va Mi Tr o n rnae lyi aln Jhn" aster oa- tfo,'
sing. cagm -, w MOOlhoumr1n. A homer by Hank lteal, w hi ay r I o i
l I a L ue. iBaser his 11th, was the onlye run 'N
I es. hit a grand lm Thies in the nightcap. Thirty two epartle.lp .. conducted at the.- ,aland7 ,
0h o hiN career Jogive. ted In the m y Panama at 12th and 13th e
Iyn ...4-2vi.ct.ry gin Adco...thmedthe-i-lW omen' GlAssociatod tourf- Aven ae InColon, ~laed was
' n rn in theo .0th of the nameno n la g bd -rthe Atlantic .side. -ad .... -eM. a
p o .sver t o l neo Bur smadethec hon, edet waswtheaertt-onte I ade aL.
AWL1U 1 14bnSindgle afterltrip-eFdgross obrlyGInlte- v L
S 1-struck Out eight Of histex- r e.. Ad su l sore af the ay 8 e ed that the Gold CoSeste olw

STHL LA Ce"ndph11K omeOd runanduningling oh I omhedan'8 d
ates a 7-2 triumph for the home other for Mwauke. Winning low net scores were: I n for a lickinr w as the dIett William
1to" 1, .. Hoarv Ma d the. e io a A n bsid e. representatives copped theJ ieKaZj
1 a2o0 kfter |b ae i f ise SPort wer 6 first two engagement when ham In
en rookie Jake Thie twirled=a frst ame victory atdphiladal.. Bve Wright 71 Malcolm Francis and Donald 91-14 a
-h.W- r for his first major DA D o byIoh Wry Louise Jone s 72 Leacock trounced Lotis Callender Despi
S h Ie In a5-1Piratehtri- WthevDilfer 73 and Coleman asso, the former Coaster
topp, thI front in the hun-up Barbara Clark 74 re being 21 to 14. 21-18 while nament
0Ft. t Int10on -l ell frot2 l Je s t p ylva C carpenter 7 the latter decision was 21-17 and a ecutive
V GAdok drove in 10 l n lgOhesothree nrum.h g. Pat Warin. 76 21-15. But the most formidablelspectai
ten New York won a 9-2 deel- Yesterday's Star Ted Wil Eva Jones T 77quart et of youngsters to have match,
Sas lefy ohnnv Atonellillamag a the Red w h ICharlie Heffelfinger 77 develop on the Atlantic ido inchamp
i ed a seve- C hisbcl t.r twohor AAlyce Frenh l80 the last ten years went on to former
S win singles bi Gloria Pere. 80 take victories In consecutivematch,
St. Louis top i la 7-3 7-6 aa 314 In 14 inninp. l Perantle and Louise known stars from the Pacific games.
.Jo tied for low putts with 31. end of the Isthmus, with th:
.. .w2e game was followed by a The quartet, which in now the verd
,ddl~loua lunch, discussion cf
~bu~iness and the awarding of
"the rize. Besides the lovely .
ris selected by the committee
/nLND-from nPanama GOolf Club there I kd ,isd i
,-"g e I were two bottles of Agewood and ll r. enern
LT,, I ers -hpdone bottle of Ron Cortex don- I it ir
PANA" A 1WY 'at by National Distillers dnd
..- a,, ottle of Kinra Ransom don-
YUEI I i fI Ited by Jack Shor. The Prias
T-N.E "A[ T I' I were chosen from the display in
'IOrderof low score with the turn By GENE SARAZEN
w uf Ihoice on ties decided by the "
-opular member and good golf-,'entire Ife.
.rr from t Atlantic Side, wast It was the last one I made at

to the States. PWGA wishes her my flrst Unte States Open

........ Phi.. ,w,,vy... Lf1 i-e...xi y~ou can foret it ove wyith

!1 "j$ 1j WinO Tho Hwk" UetR oyW Jack McGrath. thatlake', yuUnll be all right." with the
,Irt'a a I Tw I tft Gendale., ltf.,. 141.033 miles I tbed the club in In order to wind lef
- a .With TA an= per hour, JimmY Daywalt, Wa- get more distance than ordinari- from the
Phoni.Arits., 1,0.6 The ball never left the line of NEXT
2nd. w Johnny- Thomson,

VAMNIBH DOUVMBt C &W a, 138s7 Don Freeland,
Maria Pit In-Slewood. f., 138".
CA ELI 3rd Raw- Jimmy Roome, Ok-
Ti C i.n Ilabhad CIty M13012; Duane Car-
ter, Indianplis 38.238; Bob e
Swelkert, Hyward, Ca in, Faltfering Ph"lip
b ak, Calif.IN 137,S0: Troy Ruatt ftp' "lIe t Ued wilUh brise.
M, LynwooCaf137'# -M nd ribho
n 2AM TS .%In ad., 137."w u- r e e rgs he "w
am-go DoNaM Ch9- Spalr w01M 14UM his &eba like mew.-
Dick a- ;. C

.. ....... ..M b SM_ Oar-Gu


a J -

7 S

reen, Jockey Ruben "Ca-
hrifing photo-fnlIah vie-
lassie yesterday. Oowar
SRuds anMd the track's
also seen In thUis picture.




)NET, Australa May 16
- World Bantamwelgbt
plon Jimmy Carruthers
Samoad his bi re-tire
from boxing.
reot tops in tablq tennis
Includes Horace Qpragg,
0W adnu, AlbT Loriey
,) 'Ic.raU, finKK took
ensure of AlLta inC
tch In s id as
Ami byowno who p Iked
polished off Fr nk Dur-
a three fie se -19,
ad 21-17.
to the fact that t e Gold
* had copped the tour.
following the four con-
Swin, the sponrs ave
'rO the propose ,venth
which featured qukrent
on George Or and
kinpin John HJ L nthla
John looked ke .a8 utre
after taking tile to first
But Gran.m retaliated
ree straight Wti to take,



topped t virtu walk In t
homebtrech. DlxiprinM netei
got going and was never prom-
Relampago 1 barely held od
to take the secondary attraction
for "A" and 'B" horse .by a
nose over Amorlo with NovaO
finishiln a head further back
Ruben Vase also rode Relam-
pago and had a third Wnner a-
board Pin Pon to be the d'
top Jockey. Rolando Lope Oil
was the runnerup In the saddle
department with two victories
The dividends:
1-Tap Lady $11.20 6.60, 2.80
2--Voador $.S, 2.40
a-Sirena $3.40-
1-Tom Collin $31. 6.20, 3
2-Esoandalo $, 2.20
3-Limestone Lady $.0.
First Dqble: (Tap ay-

I-Lady Moon $4, 2.50, 2.60
M-9-400 $2_ .4%, 3.40

blaito) 42A. L adyMoon-

S 3. 60
3--Don raM 4.40. .3
IQalael _Oktnlaua-Golden
Beund) lW .
l-Aprontes J80 2.20
a-True Blue a$2. .
I-Begonia $10.80.5, .4.
2-Pale F ce $10.2.0, .40
3-Atom-O .AC
1-Pin Pon 3W58J0
2-Bedulno 7A80, 8.0
3-M-ngo $4.
SScoad DOablO: (eela-
Pin oen) .
I-Millstone $.20, 3.- 2320
2-Chic's Nd $2.20, 0
.--Orande Dame II .20
Ouinieles: (MMutOM-Chies
Ned) $214.0.
1-C. Greeh $12. 1030. 3
2-Sugarplum $4.80, 3
S-Red Zbor $2.80.
One-Two: (C. Greea-Sagar-
plum) $51.20.
1-Relamp"o X 0 4 4, $.0
X-Amorio 4.4,
-Noveo 2o.80 _.

Cuban Sugar IO s


lfpohsmOL d


.00301510 2w12
h 000 110 1M-. 10'5
ir (1-1) and
(1-3) ochlm Pe and

h 010 000-1 4 1
7h 001 20 0x-5 7 0
* (0-1), Jeffoost, Chur
raglola. Thels (1-0) an

First Game
CincinnatI 000 00i0 200-2 8 0
Brooklyn 000 00 OOX-4 8 0
Wehmler (0-1) Smith and Se-
minick. Roe (1-2), Hughes and
Second Game
Cincinnati 003 0 N 040-7 8-1
Brooklyn 000 000 02-2 7 1
Podbtelan (3-1) and Landrinth.
Meyer (2-2), Wade, Podres and
Thompson-. I I

nndzik, iconfaney U0ZJ, IUPP
and Lopata. .. .
Second Game,
St. Louis 1 to 00$ 4
Philadelphia 201 1004- 7 3
Schelb (0-1), Lint, Wrligli
Deal and Rice. Penson (1-0) and
Burgess. (Called at end of six on
SUnday curfew.
Firt Game
MIlwaukee 000 100 010:0-3 8 0
rew York_ Q, l 000 00-1 0 o

Second Game
Milwaukee 010 000 010-2 7 1
New York. 014 020 llz-9 11 0
Burdette (3-3), Johuon, e Pa
and Crandal., Antonel. (5-1)
and St. Claire.

Anned Force Swhm

Prelimies Set

For Clayton May 26
Preliminariefs of the Panama
Area Armed Foces swimming
Championship for 1OM will get
underway on We nesday, May
26, at the Fort Clayton Swip-
ming PooL
The finals of the Chamolon-
ship Swimming Meet are sited
for Friday, May 38, also at the
Clayton pool.
The deadline for team rosters
to be submitted to Chief of Spe-
cial Services, USARCARIB, Is
next Friday, May 21. Rlostr* are
to include name, grade, Aervtce
number, organization and event
by. Individuals.
A scratch and entry meeting

fis Game
' gIf g: tIf"-

fei"rs Gam ,

FhI Game
Washington 003 Ol 0N- 8 12 1
Chlcwgb 300 001 Sx-10 11 0
I Mrrero (1-1), Din, Stuwarl
Pacual, Stone Wnd Oldi. Kee
gsa (5-li and Lol)ar.

*10 00 -0I. I |
001 000 o- aba

( .ob==

Now York 110 0 00000 11 1
Baltimore 000 000 000-0 3
Reynolds (4-1) and DBer
Koalo (-1), Kretlow and Court.

Seuea Game .
New York 000 000 02-3 I 1
Ba4imore -011 103 Olg IX 1i

Phldelphia 30 001 tO- 1 1
Cleve and 080 601 02-42 16 1
Fricano (!-4). Roek, Via
mBsabant, Wheat and IhantE
Feller, Chakales (1-0), Narlesu
and Regan.
Second Game
Ph4ladelphia 000 000 000-0 1 1
Cleveland .004 010100x-6 8 I
xPortocarrero (0-3) and As.
troth. Garcia (3-4) and Zaragoan
of all team manager wil bI
held at the Fort Clayton Swim-
ming Pool on Monday, May 24
at 10 a.
Eight events wilL ake up the
Swim Meet I this order:
1. 50-metem free stye.
2. 100-meters b$ok stroke.
3. 00-metenr free style.
4: lbeter breast stroke.
0.: 3-ameter On
1. 00-metehs r e (4 men).
8. 300-meters medley (3 men).

STW YORE, Ma y (IT ) -
The Cuban Sugar l gs
today within l0 p20 il
petes of t Ie O M-f
national League with o.u._
a sweep on a i~r of fOr-i

Ig/deys tbl henov wal-
.,-.,b. uei-0

l1 inave W
irt one eI=

&nd thede
ohe green.

much, It
be pinand
:od h6a w.Ut UM
Same ljub eBa iam
Sole. ,
!BrmB M-n


uS p

'-I -I- r --- ---- t

-" "'- -"' -" -P
-, .. -*..- ^ s ^
"' '": "' :,' ; ."'* *
:: ., -. ".,
---- -;,., -. -
N i.; '*; ...g

_ *__

*W---T- *H
A mu"e

'M WE.-




,- : .. .

' E_.j

_:- V t t4p't1'~ .

.... -. -..c
S.;. .'' : .




the Cubspl-...o-,,sn.. l a l -%-rai.l baa-.

Xiwi M &mwiapeAvll tS
; a-P r's ,ess Thf la iwhy it gw* aa sdedp, lS TAR
that 5Cb sad preserWis yr sS. TJ tis Det) Dick Chap-
-I.- ou o' wi Ioo ra smar d as ss farsonb'r. mn no hi.mjra
bow non,aUmA
a La NO M combination for smoking pleaS

K f W* #..".- ,,,"- Was
** b H.I frS upA I f l tm k 9 p I 4
t, 3-- a- -. a + "
+" + + i ."" + I I I -- r 2 A s i" 4'j. .. II I i~I". .1 f II

* i--.c1,-

". -. Wp

tickUpThemr.yh Fo V isrit to !5
"y A- *-u ran a : s ar" a .." "h m it l

rlroi4 E r e u Mrna d wa I. to Iwa a
1WAe- -

.oi. e.... eN uat l

o hoI aLwais wi* erdAssist n
S.M ,&.: .un Gan .l, udr na, .ir i the It h !8
aria enftSfir tit .,m,.

Sm I h t b a ly -o oaf prnt s ame-rought i-

Heur he was, anyway, the flirt w l8 Vadl~f I to sat wd t h eG daria

world.@Wkpa onstant mi a 3 It dVes rnnk 6 ei s.
do wha .t -.* An m? d-A.-ead o. Maa .
IrflonnfE Bu called and Banite n'w sttaarsr-1 Io sato all after- tSe
"W It flout!
ni ay ao e, hemdt lii 'r-bl, d ,. wsumn10,. he. 2K WE-PE

th tiep s wan 1 ~e a t S Mdal o baS to n. e a- oe T ou a e t '

soman n& adia le3 t e *s'ltlaabltlo :* and amongtahe earee Ihe n y opfic., hdya h wh. s r ra the. rs lenm, -pi.atmaob airmisI'at e ,-

the.amn bSSnokan O y es. I waa. _s

a f bu e wl f gtden rre r t bn 1 u n a ym wcar- : a e 1 a
sa"of bt mosti bl" ih -law atoo f.t n r abt ,. outwete ,-o t ho n at.t u -r ah." re-
thoe Nhper t as per fl---ine a a re o r t -l s M I ek

en-tr a a i l and ha atae o thal .N uaed I
ue ean fha alte i d The pnrow aw a o ug ,eM6 to he nu e er and M l- .. .

ant ceases ofi aharkor he barn M hole a foo gtu leaet a o, hx. He hit loof doreesh. paieU __ w r:./ '* i
for te m iS eenS l. ae o at u std He o ibea- d the r uns o ... .t .

aud b nogbl h l o rlteto ae ,,aterw h 'e T tams we hunnesroto H ehl towphtwau fI C I lI L ,
air ththero. nsowg k upn -e epf clan d ve = =trte ad et n mm t h
a whchat s oans ptr the" f tse dd ddlhrttr o ot On chi srrangmoI a i .

,arrexbtm anj d lik dene ompanoy9s rthe bo e ,tor on ou "im art me llon 'll trned .utn koe f thpla ae t1
Sth aat e ia bl a et kaA d ,o=fla .e oab dI. as en, it0 ed .a. thwA Inv ita o

Aledi mn't-o hshylf-rhe Iasatoistlae Divialone of ioehe. Runnipr n et t n him. -d Srom cet t \
bea i uainer n d Watp hs 10v was laos cky ill the at il. Tha on be egtu f c
,1utmhb, tnd or t'ee ftomh-o w o.rn se la m.rou n ge t her al a Wh a hee or o' h ca\ -- r -

.the smimfat ogt rept wohy slno ioff andu lae ou snr, haete lomn be ise throeerut. M 18 ial tl a n salesttel a. beng I
the or'mttt Ir-w-ter lln e--- i rt te ida ltwe a=ItO dpnil gere a r ut wte ewal t -L
burllai, lne Of ishsha jnve ta- sror t b t he Thalle, igtt bllesodie m der i thee vp ,"C .a in ..-In
twer.e t M ay pea- wtlamlae eo "Toh e baulm n oe ? h ,.

pano, .e ooftheshrwkllorets pf tloyolu Ki n be, you g ~ e.r heeeooewo ald
asa 6to m1h h ,oaausownaP, f e and fve 1.h nd

holedbu f oraettcIayoistu denWcs 4w e s-men don't show 'ti
aaldtaledeand wasmore-ad M0sald
JrdN..Ot .s bowdus._ atun ah blaladdntoeo.
asiy.g they He .catchwnhadrdina!lcan' t:ver twelct0Vome _rte the t.uryett
We.aec...stop..nrtcifleftbo otnrn doelyMeaw osmuc ., oe rlyarpigbringoean dy kolenbm k n
de. = #*,*" Tur,, ..,h." t'"-i Ort9

Thn ttee bid wasbluehiofishrisBraa bi. or t haweudlwn Valleyuarnd vitin idne
him..W tht cIedp.

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Md e aa-rb i natop a. ye imoetrrihtiel,. he e lviL

minut Thefeltbshbrtwalking pansh eIsasontrakseemtoaarengeon gsmd
ti' lffle Sob thattnevorccWeops eeshvlte Long Sthrow Muslalplayedleang= 6
sot*,s ti -i.,se sIo.' n m 1""
li keo lw, c_.I.ethe way- e Will t' itrie .l e _owu h ---to.d"Nttthe ave r-duringhthe nail -otb t
underL manet pnder" s ofeIgI andinetne osl ne much strong arm

saw, th er upo row aue' h- pa tenrsd. thereb dtre 1 w" Tste
schoo ihal o m tn a bt ane e hils-o his.slwoand bermi rih and PStUU hd ,
hepb n.snookua ndouswotsuveahi m y, a e i ftlhed In atn o Asl m akesll Mt hIiIe p layvsat

theese fidshweill-,otto uou getin the f aboc be dn t lf e. -igh mea LCoYlth.U.P- _Mrto..o."
cojt getstarhen bouttuosntfihesi mplh0or a bttent nI oe -ifdltyI A e ..'n h.
us. A.l.SHOE.. a smoking trat.fsb

was mma lan o he.tshetfout s t h e ree oe
foabo_ __o -ut toef cgrte isbenig
2 n withthe wi t t e pitch, a vthee C throlds maksslsm ketha.stasy '
a d f r b e be cadeyo a oc htof., e'

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4anotertbo rethahmd gr te wi eatsthsom ethng morret

9Ate.a4no 96001u _.aUwe
".' .Dd.. itu.iso of.;.
ft r t sOU a k- s.L A t s h s h' bl A Vk ef e G e R
ffiz ot ..... .-TO.Ad.andof .e agl-g ,r= wrke


~ ~ __ _

C'- **- -


T'.. M r.-

.. ,o..: '

--o w er ./. ..G. -
! .: ,-,.;J___ --. -
.s -.


' T-.
.-. .....
. :- .' '*- '".

ttiying At McCarthy -
GTON, May 17. (UP) gven Informally last week to
iasqnhower today Army counselor John 0. Adams,
rmY-McCe1 warthyn said at a high-leveel admin- f I ag
8 ythng shout con. stration conference Jan. 21 on
Sly within the ae the Arme -Mcarlhy ldis ute. A--
threw the investl- hearing rord at McCarthy's
obeamittee into an request.
lets its future course Brownells separate action
came in a letter to acting sub-
Itp Iib. MeCarthy Amt- committee chairman Karl E.
stits order and said: "I Mundt (R-8.D..)
0lak t n t ho All the subcommittee convened,
hible... I don't think Mundt recalled that he had ske
anIent is that bad." ed Brownell If the subcommittee
% re sed to put any could make public the 2V0 page -
-Questions to Ariny wit- document. or any part of it.
,w until the subcommittee McCarthy had interjected It41
'nI executive session and into the hearings week before
oih tre s e dut ar n r ord att puthd a ny coul ma k op.g P cf .. I'(?"
t whether to submit to la Browne, calling I tet a copy of a 1911 Rasth e o .
dte f'. FBId letter to Army Intelligence The nN TZ-n I a p 17 ( T h) P_ ar nd..acr o
: d the order drewi an about Ralleged security risks on T1 Soviet WiI M at r hto Meee- h' t i
l. S who was really ree d ta e ha d o
Wrte for the ,i r isure Brownell wrotelMunit that M'iW n or the nw a oeunder o tho.e ,--charo.n:, .t
o agai st himself and, his the Justice Departruent "has RulAia n at tueeto 30- '. rThean aI r Na rft u W AS thir ,dou' Ro

of u rilbomitte r misn "e o sure o t omateial cou sa ithhme FbcIiialb wou l uph we n teft) ou h tremen te i 5lS er widrSBrpsrlunraktb'h
rewbel A r. ha rit McCarthy s t yestifedota t Defensolementor n K o- Th oed stro l .ro
tieoohiasr Odooncuermto in ont o pHi are w --l
that A ttha t pbad ed e tionol ig the e'sl dinrKomkia .h" todi estOrwercat o rth I, '
So rthtt e iltoArmyle- dme o rn Aanddarte Joth, n o p .r..mi eaw onea Korean1 tF l st oin h e

at ie ofw ith ere DialoCnauowtor izeled ch (left fo OIT H t ro n t a n le-nr
Ssubc mmittee e .o what h ree natheti hne e teri alens b to d cum the a. o a a.hand .tl le vl s"I.n.
i e- eruth t e y onGe nera l n d oeid ,no ta nt wh bert lih d i seias e l ai ha. h .

weat B ro wn e ) -J po l .a car n within, y ied .t atoN Cn naMi o W rel.larmey .ileto rt ora* n* oa ..
ef..o a three iubli aeh slncineAry ai etse de ovle nWaA nf. To e t opar .- o n Ie n aft creL t, th .

leeodl ad whi d h se"leter" ss u meYli e ce
IVhfMc dart h or eaornr s o rt e my trh cora ende las Tu fee n mator eft. ar tar el e T r tussind itian edI
oIr le wo reeatue rh"e chrowe ll ra no te e a"nd hist abol of h e iv o l velm i n .h- notea '- h iI..r..L '..h.e sudy( of I)lr
r Ar deged e pthero s r u n de e ond i erss on edhaidpr o r mea ns to.n ma,"in pmuie the 'special ag re s aon w s a ncedr- the-o-erouhot hkflM .t ,ga. -nl o a r

go e ub P a n"-A 8 said om t The pf t bthes beyo n d
eeeral o Mear the consu elt tn te ."th aetM u w r

VI~h -around at Jan. 21pl veemtinat na turenofCrtsthegiousr
e't atawne l. ner. in- e whic Armyu o u.nselloreAdaem. s n"".. ..--_ .u ans.ttheIcn.No., os. aery s m.t. n.u m -lr ,

baronthoe Se retlary c t d is- cue an r thyee r h Aoee .Merno tA .
se disouietw convthe presdentlt e assist- p taboutovietdInoovemen in tCdivisions ot hat -pdre& 14e Ci nad- edtto thehearm
IM, ,tdayfheftr ant e ,nDe o Aaoms;migAtte caer. withdeoreaonswaroueh"hechrde'sOak A thes seficamajore we_.dK Nrtsk" bffy T'ii or_

HerlW M isrerselhaJr.: United arthraene tsubstantialummeers
J -- .i os panrghae Widie nt ithdie H ounsel aish bTheeove rnam levt tathorecoy hh e en oa.or- a..

the nrdhi ,tdesyuseca"Impropers means"toerahepunnl North K eay fSvtadins
p. doeraend ,,,o.OfKoearev House Innt. W.the"woe.bnvlmw

S-hesgiln mii rmstiget have r 1ncles ass m .I un b TOr DD ( t
tld. ... p.. er A." oa NM o1 r in t r s ontne atrment t afdInd ai ysote s .rlrgeuanuy h l ,_ -"(f,

s' ire r n lat io nol eletion M c am. ny p r o nt h ) ussian contrdV ove rthe -,
a I, f De epub- Pvt. .) David Scn ef ormert -stues.nd" the--- -i D .t ...,u m ,na ..On a n le, .._ .
,t 1 l aden carthye caton supltant.c nhe .dl W .. teh e l
meeredotingdoanto-e The document an Chinee theAovernmentalatr of.

't r .y6aM oe n Oird nnisust 1 se .he Jacthoun of.Wver~r111_;el
i' Aneuter with presidential lst- a t It Involvement in the
U'orn.: w ai e th a gsIe e t r i n.. -.rI s. ...n o. .
N4.atoi onsAm ador iHenr~ T Ca- e 2 peonoriot r
A 1oLdodge Jr.;r and White House 1),

admnistrtlya mi antG era ldmu nit NotltmIRo lndena,
d tee'.am tham" .-5'.., ... ,....

A dams olftatcuerso el is ten nd sdr- an l
tiEnEo "reakd own ahelstwt
-i r beaet aroftena personn io-North m r
ys.. W.'ID..R.. D

yP t stie e n over
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