The Panama American


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The Panama American
Portion of title:
Weekend American
Physical Description:
Scott Family Library Fund ( donor )
Panama Times, Ltd.
Place of Publication:
Panama City, Panama
Publication Date:
daily (except saturday and sunday)[may 12, 1973-]
daily[ former oct. 7, 1925-dec. 4, 1966]
daily (except saturday)[ former dec. 10, 1966-may 5, 1973]
normalized irregular


Subjects / Keywords:
Newspapers -- Panama (Panama)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
Panama -- Panama


Dates or Sequential Designation:
Oct. 7, 1925-
General Note:
On Saturday published as: Weekend American, Dec. 10, 1966-May 5, 1973.

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University of Florida
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All applicable rights reserved by the source institution and holding location.
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oclc - 18709335
lccn - sn 88088495
lcc - Newspaper
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-t in1 WaawblnstO, DC. requ_ .them oPt ; ,..
ShaMi -d It as sometime result In favorable action-. a
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tme t wrill not be for the bttorment of the Cn daes tw
the Ai ,:..*v mob- n
to%0 add" to tl* .adl* Of Allegiance t we =Os it
Of Amerlc. -.4 0a
i t ed Stat es of Ameea and ta e W e te e
L'**I.W10 08 nation.indvisible, under God. wth rty more tasra
of at fully my e. Itavppar In the lat et vepo s
pher Nnews wherein thev ask theft York armem. an."
to do the same thing that I am requesting In his letter. qThI St asthy can co
wg that not everyon0D herereceives the Christopher lady a bW*sdlars a sone04edera o
Wasmr~ .U.r Aendous ci
Net S M but that your newspap er hs a tremendous sitres-or a a t or eao is e5sS a
-that what I read should be asked along to otbeam. i
-1 that the re anot many peopt l on the Ithmus w ho thi v oau M at
.this resolution submitted by Benator Homer Foir of byo
o He Intr6duesd this bill into the Senate on a rY Itt o redt

J d at, that ti m made the following s gnif cat st ate-d Z And .r. h

Q.. uote. .. N lI .._t ou n. r w. mi w o E r U ih t a believe this modify catItio fl .a u f d .r U o r 1 hooftthee p1.. ... 'W lt.o simp odrtant o raiw d._o:____ ___ 8.
Sligt e therealfundam t dfferece

4 3tr e world and the C6emunw lst wor ld namely, b ile in arer. ntly wuu N

IrC mr*G clase a ill Savings' lo w Whw
i Our ation -s founded on a fund m ntal belle t in God ee, and ed toec d c evt w ew

,? O m m ito th. e ,. t o.t at..fro very s. .. -ot w, w. N j .. ..laborrck.e ei d.Eda U

reallroe is SOL The dead .2Stda
0$11- a6.s have
Ivalues are ev r "t at important to the defense in& &acr? U Ma0wiby1
Sld pur Nationu aa aare M nd Economic tai uent David Dublnak 'a WASHINGT ON (NA)-A drive check tow 9a 100 which pay terest e fm f ould

t be d d b t s v L es orders Union for to sell an dios.l dollars' bad, t l. t o
tii cannot be defended by ships .ana and alone. T m i e O f g bo I w s at s a
SAmericans who ptre to eliminate God from It was l An TreasuryA wee datedhema. as to come back

twat Iuun rMaineroww fnd at ndi o's-u in.forgotten and burledIncommittee..freedDenedicto from that rap. and inl 11 "e bMod. R amndall" 0 o lwmS rniL
415 1 b rto, he ,aw.n drfulOpp o.tunit y m.r..her, V .n cenJws ,aaeo6ao. 14-M K- 3CA R ?EY'S- -3. A Gl, W

iaV derl oprt for Is Io believe i* n od Now we f^ i tha Be ohe nod Boy shoh aMlerear y It so yho oe1 |
I A taken shows th T07% of all Am4t1 n dol) to murdered o Vincent, was a ihargeof
Po eintoaorsaw one more reminderofthe truth unwhich our ea f aPs w den tOAr t i i Thi.w.e r wa a ._adpo...
So, fktr dc* who r whi i t i ao r xr ha the eo wibuch was bat sthe, lgar int say ead erMantoCa atits e r sy. onder V o, Jtoe Mc aerty got iii up ad

0, No) 126 g oFod ei sort Mwa-thurs.rIf teIway polae air ewst haah the a ty- e now at Oche gotb aenart e

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02I140 that, yuact idlatel. TK h ere Is ..a In delayw r dow you whdiita lA m lo *. si
Iyort nt Thre s d Viraen t t o ns prgi-
b aeu~s No 126. a C a ..i ao"s a'n"d Sh.asepnne hio S W14Sed Jo s.. 1o .1"ny ,,01

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Refe r to e e o h e Durable d ,i .. ,. 4 h ou, ID GS nf
'im 3.o Mylnws -Now, hi t Norheastetls Ps. ma ..-M r-st. iit .
Thrseehoe t e h ver dsup sp teor e" tahedtas bD mpup- tor e s-P D o

-1* 3w Laulr 4,1 o heah d 83 qualits .ta loctl re.eutatives of David ,achl was deeot N b e'
wiTSIMu 4S Tm l (omb. r D 's lo Grment Work- bonds seA 4.
ha d Unlon In ae, the uaiter ;of "

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Ths eread J- th ha k 'she H ods sl .is ",. lorhyh__:"Ieah_ _swo mo
a -No m o r then o P s r IDS

an FafTedea lt Workier s Comm w ich'eb .s. 1"
a.aseem stn .itohav ishapperd, fuhatte m.a ,0s
aoneea m.Wai te loaereeie tol g o DavidW F v llo,.. ewr last the reI l"
N whilYmcmbk ad Gar dumpent Wori li no.,tht _. n ft S.
ohe, "nl. i n, heads ihal a FL unow n W ill L uryc t ud l abo r f l,. h.. N t ,I ; ..... t Or

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.i" 401 and Federl a ti n is MrW rk sb gta w .n s....c i s tat4 =
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thWeycmeu egtsimure-dethedtlaapayerb'orayrol as t"A*G5 ".
mganyoers, heaot onl s wAs In I toA uSLSiniantse
the nedl .tradsb talso ,A was he udhaCr r a... ndd t oma im- in" do*SIDE G
P oi n t hi s t h atV i n c e n t l a b o r -endc ok t -erer gawtuN aGsW.-Im- w id" -i n
whot op e w Yorknni n d g othr i ms el ses 'k far'So. ea, d ainotehesB e &-aLa( -._la du1reea
.ly."t ey_ c n_ ae. .v eI ,na n
-urd eT e d jtnase o ae T reas u s- aLedsa ndb iggest h ftW. -- .d-
and: there l s N' ct a ma --r--ack te12 ,1..
in.-.-d-;,.e-b-r-lutoww nn.who dd oath t.o-"ha

-~. -poitutntsf the U 8_.

aamondnt bot ----nors a nd-- o -1.. _n

Wmadvomenedaml of student's --e
work I# an emblbt at the Y.IM SIN M
:a Ifr enough are Interested In tf
cias. It is also planned to O
Aa NF ida A o ornd n me clawat 9: MsD... .
V: A IV A W AInformatlon about the e
Tmav be obtained by c.....l...
.A- or Mrs. Bent.s at
A-IWclR-s on2-143. ProdaevenitonW. -N. W
-., ako Meet Mrs. nx beoem '" .. ..a w-i' "--*-'F.
*" -'" lip.Cl on Monday evening.
Ap 'A.
a k l .+. "., +' ... .- .$ "..o- .. -I
-" -. .. r .--. N c" ; + 4
.1`- 4-16-
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w the Problem in toid'p,
and the ace of
*4Ac ds i with the king.

At r.oe ,o.t B-was a mfe

dewi delatr West trickhad flhed
a aintlewn aesa d dube. li also
know that Wet had started with
0* two truut, and that West
surely had 'she se of spades or

At trick five, dclarer lad a low

West had to wi with e* qeen
of heas, a trk that he never
xecld to ma. Unf mabeiy
ar".b, however, he had to give
bck tric in return.
I West led apdes immedli.tly,
South would mhdo hW own imig,
@ forT W a.=*i



Payp z2% tt.Si AnMn on eiov m.


We make los with waarnte- on frlt W&ftima
*~ w W"

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. wz Aiff B 3 mO


,Al A AsTWRANGoIt-Mortoi

IAyoM-James A. Michew
aWl TH1IS HOUSZ-Norah Lofts
JUW VANITY--Smusl mnela-


eDH-Norman VInem
Pwto '

,- a.

deposits es cccpted thu a
of 48web.
Individual safety dpeittbses for Jwh*
Sdoounwnts~ l.. 0I~s ,t
10 Cental Ave. ,t lAmt" .
eemer e< " f 5 *,e alit'T r '.*. -

0. A. De ROUX,



'.ET D M- 'JB

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.G~ad^-X ILWhite
ti~TR LVING-Jul.

aIN Ehm BET-.ob-

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mauSy CWC-1o'*.

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14 J XNW ,,2, InN .m6

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^& .^ I^' *i4. ,

'",' .. ,i

upervlor o retail Oanr
The first presentation was Nellie Marti rom
mIaude yesterday morning eag when ommilary:na l
the award winners from the Baw- mina. Ermyntrude B.
bp1 oyid Anecn c6mrinemarie- Oladys A. 'rancia from
gathered In the Balboa man ba: Petronfla C.. Ade
atore for the event J. t. Evans, from Gmboa and Edwar
manager of Balboa and Charles from Margarita.
e--siL. -Latham, Jr.. manager at An- Thrty- of tte employ
f 'll.reaented checks to the reacplents of the supeui
iers in their respective for which $5 was gven. S
stores. award winners are entity
---A tImllar ceremony was held wear a red attipe on the
wIterday afternoon in Gamboa tification badge d e a s
dtm '_I101i checks were pro- their having won the
M to four award winners by highest award.
muer; R. J. Byrne. Winners of the superior
T r wlers from Oristobal were:
M Marig0ar Commlssaries Cristobal Crommlary:
ww e preaested wlth awars by row L. Lungrin., rlsto
O:.W. Raj., master at Cria- Buddle. Arnold 8. Orocc
tdbal and B. Harper. manager Jolliffe., Ruby Evans. Ow'
atrMarrita during a ceremony A. Moore, Blas Martin
ld at a p.m. In the Crisobal James A. Ellis.
msuar. AnCeO Comniiussary: Ve
iwer entire group of 41 cash Erley. Helen Allen. Ken
award winners, 11 employes are Bowen, Alfred Dillon. Do
sale& personnel who received the Arlain. Pamela 3. Brown.
htIhe*$-o exemplary .award for Gamboa Commissary:
_lin 0. Headley, Alfred L
and CatWteRne M. Brown
Margarita Commissary
C. SOepcer, Y eTv-' '"-Icfor
FR N S t t.Oregorie'H. Evelyn.
,. MAeC rMIGUS The ncentive swprd 1
was started .in Anril on
basis in five of the retail
missary stores and is part
overall Commissarv tranli
gram. If it I successful i
stores. It will probably I
tended to all the Canal ci
To be selected for an
sales personnel must i
State exceptional perfol
in their attitude toward c
era especially from the
oolnt of courtesy. They nl1
be superior in appearance,
stock maintenance and ot
In this hurtled busy age reoulrements.
any a man doesn't take the gt-loyeb in the non.
lmey or trouie .to stand up roup are beinR Judged or
Ihen a womaq comes into his factors as initiative, skil
te. ,-. mPneec and reSponalblli
He -e.. wti s iddtion to performance.
ihe ,, dwa, 1 At the end of each yes
lt 1 ^i.4P- Commissary Division plan
4-P -4 A~-a e s e suitable permanent i:
eVerI awards to the employ,
tied to wohave consistehtlv earned
n I o ..-. nd recognition during th
On. go


- 4 .
, .


M/V "C

'-8. ... "
Wilford MM

Anr Talghbons, I ..
-T u u

!SSn3 *-* .
es were! n MMipgI tes W
x pyard DigOR0 RAT3I y LOWAL CWAR
led to
ir iden-h
Wood--- _k---_ -
)hal A.
endolyn B.S., "CVCO" ...................................M. y
e apd M.V. "SAIfTAIDE .. ......... .... ... ....::::: .
MV. "INA DEL PAC IO" (18.06O Toss) .....ay I
Mando- ---
: Ema 8.S. "FRY IL'L," ................, ... ...........May 20
d and M.V. "SARMIENTO" ............................... M y 29
t ofthe M.V. "DALERDYK" ..................... ...... ... y 9
n ro S.85. "LOCH AVON"................... ... ... 17
omm S. "DURANGO" .... .... .......................ay 13
B.S. "P8.8. ARDO" ,. .... ... .,........ ........ ,May 19
Awlnl Sailing

All alilan

Sfalef to changee Without Notice
NAVIGATION CO Critobal reL: 1654/
PANAMA-Ave. Perui #4M TOe 3-1257/8
BALBOA-Tert Bldg.. T'eL -1-5j

ll. el-
Ity in
r, the
nslgniaffybojy s .la if d
es who
he year.

.- .so w h" o .p s Arrive

4I..I -*A M- i- M'.. h

winsLm c

1~. *
6'VID*U ~W3L6IN. Plarnetom

T BC wa sLOlovi

a OuT CAE... PLi'LL.
9 14EIO WT

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Unexpeoao( Help




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I .- ., : *-

.., ..::, + 9. -+ ..
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... a .. Ie .... "al .

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WZ~-B~UY~ JF ~
Warm 1111k? .Jha3L~h -,
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I ~ ,~
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. F, gIlh Words


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[i: ot s B. s0*.^


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[__r-^s-*TA^W 0 TRB OEfwVH
/ S1SilP II1F- TCA0mII
= -, 47 1 a 4 I r v
e+c.r ........ IF,

Ws W --

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.aid alt ie than a-le

T.e hel- 5, aIVA jl m,. wto a

levs.' tor fAl ; e
*4,:110 '-'.' than" ON

-... .- .. .

It taterS Electrical uon io nte
-eUSt Arthur art. To See H .

fie-: A -Film Tep .

W ow- mlript &l -IPt .
SW .. D .olan, ivl detfi meh. p
.. -- ., ,of the Can-l Zon ,- at .s
the union. He will spk onam
''' to de- with a
how to protect
S man-mFde or natural Unaitero ,
S- Th, t. In color, wIdlU o 1
,. Dol-a's thle.

2m aub paphe uBa as ulh -- ,.els --r--,

S Git XB .fc Mr ) WA -Aus M
t a 6pn.or pr.e ist seet. aarti Sa o, he mpl Wa* sby
ta w M s as =I s do frmat _li .
MJs, Many ,,. a d, .
weiAe~ns@ tue pow 3an eao wo

.- -,. .e ides a secret ,. and Mar-. fitat w a
SUm Mr. aM. hThe r rawre ___ -
t 3an DiSVon sales Fr 11011111y GA1NOw MADDO
wa ordB Mrsl. E. Bp Or*n ac u t Wt NVA VVSd ad Markets n3
spoo, wawsa The Dasit are warm. At
or 4I, of .n an ed ni te hme elr w y ;neDth
J f M swnnro(l.the- 0n od l the E? r,, ,JTot Denmmark. .a their _
i to e emaptry A y c so Jea a d, and ltMa re- a a'.. s
ep. rgare e- e ",.' Qi oS b Daah,'bh-e h. inad t k" .

morson, Di.n.,e Hannin, Dorf on.ty raFlee Dan ish blue hse, rt. Sure.
i, her. a'Ije& aem Pabon.. Peg Roddy wand Marcy p-aeed sreneve, 2 oepT laa-__iWee!na' t .

.A s Forgiveness a 'o. -B-ereMaoddy an" d Marcy res.se4 .-am
:Mlii i legel DASI r blezsoorns D L. '' ','.; ,..

En Electric Cman "M"n t '
e ."t e I rm thit n sr ie r ` r e r 4o
w ppn saw ICLR aDs b w *c *w .o. .ot. ed
".,l,, in SwtMrla it, rg mol k. rm a reed b Vl la-
S ', .o.. 9 .rom nam *yIouW t
petty, wgho rkd a oud. a noe Slolto Gir Scoutu and at aoO
a ar a aa the y Scout Room ondhAl a the o Solos
U on two a heet tablet Naal Sto n.
of A paper.-of -The leader Amri sraitn c $. *tt
ar, hDoriaed chauis, had re d na b uy
Sma tnt der ated he room and It nar in* >""
S .,d ,-. on Dae Gn Sth gi wit r,,-w"aBri-- w '
Pilgjude are ng y1o- pret were Mr. BueD Wi, ceru-Ued aDbIuMt 9
",.u ca rawa 5:, ..- see, 2 th

.a Wu pe ople ,Z-Vc .P046 MV, 2-34cup 'ns.: -,,

t B Moth, yTctlt wre shot to Ska. Shimoi '.,
M,,D ^TwBishpTooden uter e rMelt better 1 w inx..
.. ,:.Bce.o ..Confirm Class ,. e.lwr
Ait Sl Sa A ChmstaChu rcmh simmer, lw

M ,old W rte, butter t pan. t Ton..-h .
h a lt Iton SB atd e to cnTel. d aHI
-an. o.l-thre m i.n toue __. over .-c c .
a. Co.ty h Wr^e~ t egrv, wlthou-
from.. ,0a",Z.,,,,d,, NOW! for sunburnt, 'wn-f&IoIf o"
aoyommunion at 6 am., and nO
't a bustoThomas S ei y te Co tdSooan w il
as '4e0 Mic81 horal Euol arist sand Sermon athep y t '
o'-clock._ The rector wIll offllc- ,-bake'"d hair /
ate at teae-elces aMpreach a"t 1. y
at the t ft r-om -, "
.... .- .Ir. i.03. ..

h CO or-re "es t n

khikrafter Roux color shampoo

IA Ah, Il riou,.. IE$
^ ou ,.i .,.lm~y cl apt d .
~ those peer, poor heade
hair Luoky for you, uW
have. a qu, es)
i'" bOUawCUI OMwOr. wt

Ii ~

treatments you can rap*r
the dame the am ha-
dons to your hair : lr,
Put frah' new eoor ; mf ...
ural.leoldngr oolor. 1t**
e v e r y visible gray. sr
fade# strand. And S .Jh
Roux's luitroux 17 eelGa,
you can match your d,.*'
final hair shade. "..
brighten it, or darken R.
as you'd like.



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% *am

COL.o0 'H'S.Ji

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* .4-- 4~.
-. -. .. -.

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i -- WP----IP"
,. ".

g ieiflsi'h. U. WENDEMKE C
Kill"" m-.- MI.W -4,19504 54,4SUM IAve AnumR S.. .
fotGa1dit T e, 1@42 t H IH ":30. "I-o ub.

4ho 2.1219 r 4:0 .
S:-2 modrIid"Huloak dSx- .T
I i Co slet ut 0e, 12 o-to is. Gn

r e bon O R living- SALE--'
tn iNoun,"4$00ired .S70
L 1t.t i t o otu tM ou s e .p2

r e' sof o gdni g of I .large do- 1947 FItg r ha radle r na d cow plete wwih aciket. oaseiselu 1 te re No' 1 22
aw. foetasools. four o~bfe dltion. 241 o1. Phone Noav mouse 2002-U, at, Curundu s ide building g I" tro em '
il',a' 2.1,2r1r after 4:30 P-m. 11-3 log o.w.itoa -+ .. .
di nr fl.OM hOy1

*h Iup ,t .,22s 4d. d r $ o I -
:- 6 'rlfiv cho pl, 1.uhin Lwh-1 Ford FnEticb otle. o vl age Sr oet .
S rrtrig mallne trelsnl t pring edt .Prlc $650.CMaon b ret- o.
nulced. $ellAFt.. Cl-oo52dil3 oraR SFE TRADE: 1o3 FiOR REN--
'I ,. HSoM-111t.Cunr ndu Cathenl z O L, 5010. Z e n to 11 witho Tac onitande 'fur n mi sl, orfro l

si. a fte 4. :30 pAm. :90 S 4 door. Redio, hea tr POR SVL O; mo o rt; -~ .E
"r 5-534. -joll Le :-, a hed1, C-ellet .c 9hn a 2 cWn. cop N w h 4n5ta m
ute SALE: d 3 Air Forte, couple: de25lhntae,;wishrprer lh Posrglidp. Suon d M "u .la, T

S]l 4 oe- 3prvinC 4o bed- 44M ohonuse. 5 ,P one Hou.s e 2002, t Cnth Streol 1f.a RENT: M &2 u' m 6lr.n
Id.mahogany .ilnJor FOR LI NOW

tm f d oSALbte. Tlphonu 3- O R- RENT

'ctra b itnet if -vecrpud pl* tdsll- eul Pxcelle7nt r2l lg O RENT2 -AamI. Jr publkca e3N li.U)---r

owniditr.t Pehon e beo fl-~RENT:--H Two-bodlf o tO -REh rT
c'p divtiner sprngounitchen, l.r

ho me suo ry I 1- .on, h0 M Hlo h 1 i thb droos, h$15 watr, 5ote Z0enit Ttirlcanctdd
St., C udo ;Fic3 Cana iZon e$0r. Elt ieo -a.00 h4u dn oo lcn 11

_rnI. Ted. .l ern_, _l. nh0 pm 2-towr ISiwi, Cyn flowe b .. o lfnlad,io o 4 .. .Del eoomic Ste N.
'c.l no. a, CaInte lenre dt.--l- fvC. rl1 t30c-T, edo 404 zt. 27.hl ostut On irn" to the cools sci Ho Co. You n----kh
Tace,.~ o I" g. LOS it
3 hoe. 1589. AO reaod1Cd trunk1evr not condition InewFOR RENT:T-biendw t $m4, rloAlacAL. -or "
a oouse1l Ot .ai g n l ea Panama 2-1046 o

LF, BY-Air Force C2266M forl appointment endg k deta2ls. Evpel MltSF0114 Ultra. itSa M. f.t AMaZ W

1em fritucmplean:2 Fires orn Fti T mole nAC fa ite.n eip2on t u r e- laeSo Fat ncio.twol di Ts
U no s14"RAl A R CLUB I m 'on t- te
TE O.m '--,+ 423, o mo ,,. ,- radio"r i foyer, ho

.tkme 20:x ores od rn:Q.FOR RENT: C2rgZ 5lre. wadrn p e fn. lnaawapr T In. Michiga .
14"ousertfetabe.Abr.L Tinrelo hrztaI Availab 14 through ;"T
eouse,44hS FR .m .." kE -sta ion,,. gm

6.-527 r o rne s e the nal ife en or captured pleasb-05ll Del- 13. PhAnIhr o ho2567. -ep-,.prbic b)5 oANSiGl, MCou P)rry E a- -

and a o ter 4:30 beSm on or- EEJ.W %lo
,SL:-a-pe.-- ini n otr. l r.SALE --C nfOu l r re- bo 2-2622. FOR RENT: B lautlful resiene, e's b wa ode ?tj 1,e.4ngte e, froa l
thble th any:n atcc dr; AEN rican familyieferred. mw at hs tail-doh armbu nsI atu=:d+

Itol.d molsh Buffet, ad. ly bult, o cn ruclon, REWARD--Fr hretu.r a hr bedroos, tli ehram, hot o n at i o.t.t f t ', -
MsIf Interest phone. 230 Pirne a mtuh
pprri e retrc toart-rg nla Trl. 1301l-J or bonf. fcase token frMR tr Fridaeiy th
FopOR ri-- rotmwt ubuilding it --A ofi o lP O me. da J- O ul--oln 1d-4. e

St n p,- eftar..'O P.oe Om. Position roomf ,O nford lds ro
,e ft)4 2.gassto ie. alama id m Nfa li0 FOR RENT WesWm"

Sto ; m 3-020. pymbs in Venuel ir
mo i Smt esndeo. n:F c hqur. iticont 3.00 houi C s artm
AslElah oF4-cu. f.r deeIton Nl o.BuiCo r tr u petrr $3.75 hour. L aborers u3.0b omrbinotlon living and idlnngroeamd rSU I r
Sn l Office clerks from $3 .00 maold's room. Hot w ator. 14th St.
Sre sQ; I fl l ir l r 2 4$6;ale b L partodo ra 3404. monthly on. Writet to Ci FO. CNre- No. o #
it raante.Rois. .3 35 buE x339dCor20.e.a VenIeuaag-n rcoal artmenp:30 w o bed Cubliv-d U erL1 102aoed
ahN Ad sE stJoro Paeniorn SA., o1 FOR RAeNT:-u 1.r1, Vta, flodrt ~A 'n sa:c ea..: ,n
'. 8- h dledq b11 mrllro re r a lt0,Oh..o.condlit.onsin cu n. ep.rtet O twarr," ml e'. ., r1 r0tve ofr Of .n
ber t lad s ed totheCnd an beiortbREN ut iful apartment, tlellt Tol -h 27. P. years.
im R re m r a full opplicotin. I-dinlngrom. 5 oer. w a-o
on.e3-1794. SO-r eblea utifuld vie1r o. Ju w, A twm n NO. 9"2A /, 3 H et tolfid r .In II
SAPLEnace,. Pnl6. possort vilsa nd lvling FOR R EI4T:.-Twao-bCrml, woboll1k
AIM- S I.lq i ,o IIin the Country. ;slirlmont; hot w-ter, mold'b e om, W. Ralph tne e thLeb-
theo o "

K Holp s 'Zi sr.ern r ont. tile floo, maiEd's service, LA.PAMISIEN uuetosa si 6 mt hi, um.".
on 8. 6hStreeEast. 4 upstanirs.p ( she .2...b onal "" to1u .t o aG.
"fnt e cen Frtn .n _bf te! II00. Tl phieh-'- FOR RENT: C4m h. 1 1112511,Now

rinw A Lbnlshed lmh priv- "El CuiSW Faor
_oar e.elfeetab leh a. lb o ad-~ IlOaSv PR Meiot t 6ner 43rd N T opa 53 Albk- rtaly .rm Nv rrtret i 2

Io f mr i 1b-t ual co nfer-, "Street. Phone 3-0553. 2. "El C n ref)''" '' aajaQr.mi thud. yir ea sd s a
b.. 2-2612.p..+ FOR RENT: o Bouiu e r 601 of-, 411111 1n ., Iue hav, *
JAuse 2 rtms4 Ini Sobanos For 21eA,! 3 I41 A133 do 2 hL nr w-:ll rIl11t14 IC 4O I _th "
S A- th i -. dontejanoma.No. 98Bhiay uft, Estu- Id hael for wo $2s.itoo.blatkpl
id amily urns. 4 Sreet.f Panama. Dishes, linene, 04L' tat hIreun any oraewaersAarof fmilpoaching
i, wt Ia M beseabe d o s.I i bradeD -. I trounce. All conveniences. 43rd St.. I b nedreoms, ldins 2305m, din m a ,k.0

f.lci totTt1 o l0up that r, cool, furnished room in family, FOR RENT:-- 2-bedrooeam nparsoEfl ,]
eMd feelc dl;FOR REa-T0 nohe laLs tTh
a fn y s ratu s ,V Can. b-Amf. iro h home. No. 7Sat 48th Street, Be'la, Uvirigroom, bedroom, dlnir raoi, p tu-e 9cusned4

1 ..nd that Telephone 3-0925. 1 oaFO dmR enlerit.
.A.coal.n'e. .prfltSe.tlWve Carl i n,
---E--F FoI formtiolt3%4 orCIVAFOR ENT:-Ve il:of te su ommitte,

'AE:-BAGA O I,'Two wioth Y CE"1 "VORDh l "ORRNTu-r Fu-rnishhd apartmesnt, Ay were widelypuue
TWeoffeed n t e dane 4-der ivingOdinieraom, s bedrooms: to -r U M O1h rtf the wel2c- FOd at

Ma irl s t61 DPan frigera4to,
surstecia~o h Ivailu51e inm but wa.r .IP. 6 It at Ces* FOR RENT: -- Completely furnished .pert Of the jS. Depart-
Eertment. Cdn be sen 9 to 12 m of Agrlcdlture1 1nd fom
R Ni'k ,al SI sewireaf or-aeno,2to73 pm.VeNo.z12eCube mad Unleruow aced p9 t
Pa ym.entu re
haandpdsimaoTruckc l 941 .aoactve matrals in Maa- '.. .-
ft"d u FIitosrc gqnd.which.00sbc FOR RENT: -- Ben e dutiful partment. gO3lt or the p t S I *u'..
ne7lvouerw?$ moi furnished or 'semi-furn shed, 120 .Ak new development .In a .-
: ore check.Acos ,"egd, ti-ne ous efforts. Via Portas, next to Ro evelt The lue l m t e o c

MR"n ..rFOR RENT:- Vocation quarters, 3 "o
e"to A ugus -..
Coxd3rozal0 el* 2-9 3eu. 12-, Jun raioaive ,thatt

,. 4 4rIn, meitull aev-aJ Fnanro. 5enwNational al

'a se...atwhen thfu52r mfe q. o
..+ n II Pn-ANTD -xet ok oo ir. as icrn hm r "kk an_ t.
31 l uw -T : -4 4 .J r oe o nor ainaadrb l a r .nerH tlElPiai URvi a.6 nfdt

a ...,,,,.
"tv a o h ia ' -l
means be kngt m *as.weviI___________ sl t~as
urWANTED TO RENT:- Furni ied on -Sinc lthe
$b-.ttP iSI A. hehous 7 El e through ra -
ho .m a-b. f%& rL
S .Curun '727"6 r PanamZ -473as &
_A *. "





- f-. .
**^ .^ *'- t'. -

- 4 -

*1 .. ..
-* k. .4. -

. I, '

-Aa .- I


I IA TUf .'

Fa oi rSi e '3. I ..-. ". ... .Mo

WIIO lh aad_ m -

beu pr bto thue merit a tj.iive passed over at

.L .-r. e he sa d Ta"e ov.-, sa a r 'l Dd

_ant tha, e eno wr hato hear m oi ,e. 1*I p- ied ove th a

Laondbs btrsid. h riole i si "sOa a
__ ;. 'e 3 ...... U/ Ta Wa a 4inrkl j'G e ar,an
tre ..aroiel go e t he a r e a w

fer~a1yfitotear (It t aoo p th p I

.oad .ri. Vei k pepl a ,---_el
i IOfa puomlsa=eS [ 'n
itee t r Jwin' .p [ijGBB9-
i*.'"'ier We- o Oe A "M p g L "- ? t
M Ab &P Ave etten^ OM |a

HOWS: 7:IM & li P.M.
WITHOUT 3 DOftinrin

SAd"m. Prices: .40 & 30


WEARTA ':15 -7
abewN. s1

St pWith Capa ci y Audience a S ,1
.. ..w ia i ,. VM S:I""* "

S" h ClwcAtnd p Aud-ence n

Bd d t o a M m ajr ci- e a elt spun.. nbnor ethu qm
.d. .. ..O. .. llat ad e in f .. _C .a.l bo a e
coM mael M t t b*. Dolor loan. t $I"P pf is cal rumlneadr oaret *t you
bo -* *- /o we e" e 0=piofi

T hA .5 t 6 the let emte toherdp tO the y nert(wihh).
offrtwrad a la.' I RuisC p s e Godm
lratlditeadaug M r ecitw a tht r S tlmr n--hehehnt agi w Nerp p a plyf
ad n C n Rudolf Srkine ad for at,
P tIe tastot who br.01532 ,o av *e hi playluu It 3-
Hai tV5 wi he ofr a Beetovn's U-flat pcate

.5 dane -o ,~fE% the 2~ Grim nia la with e- member aof
ranging age from threto i. Phairp- WoWrd Qut-
prM4 a at ai euout.e -M* ae Ra y 5 tat B. muuaU p ig e
fat ArF .._.alls Mako tr nit eeatr a moSn nb hV14a0 6 ia
nare i lB e rlmat th reeatae re i to he B PM Leonard
b am ri la. Pro and
A toof 149 imaom3jj

off th witbt LullM Byiptomy under Gold.
.. a'dae.i. a ...Q..... ....6'. ieV*nN co. emp ,racompla,

P1b-s, .uerewhobuadwP re ason hN
rangingdtoda e from three to.It. RaggedyyAnod.Ir k Got -
Geraldine MOGiff. twa of Mr .' a Chman a-he ha.affiny for the
Waite' mot advanced, ih ool o*ldwis adi ) Lend
t t jrIr o eeRgRy k,,, avgo

S sauellmilaNot vag wa rO
T.ifrD,& erb a Siath

.Ie a t.....'tac r i "ing the U it d t be. L enr P
Sd.w Playarn" M : '" -T P ..
CILeAr -D ft Oroevnor, te
mA totrnl ad hl HOvr tw c no tu wt
o -n.of e wU h o ftJ2-benOE

an, P am Pan nit da r-m w'
e retlommertai. thnd af

Iquenee psemied bgra.efu _. !e.
ha c rd la rffa the p pn;@ con j tEL
wsp e.ks .e Compla ye Yob r Con2D W K
I e = dCm o f. D ig a- t i to o

any .tfl,_to a M kPew,. Verdiw WaIte, Pue<
io nd df- o ie of d ioteret In po le a
o her~. a i # efu .n- widely known eonte
I n a teta cel-Debys ,ith o vote de-

begaine'egovibla and educational oitanline h
I^^^^^^^^^^ B .t w10S f aueegeds hias rulde fronts for
a w4lrn a. I mag no m 8" Novatna are a
be- ean h i d dten h ge. aI
ebeo hi GTatl b the oc d -O
rt IOf'elo_ t awrld-wide c Tn-i
tie Inducational o rniza,

The th million tofA m aazi e 3NaERALRht
Dr. Cirooos 73, W bdior WHn

1 ateacher- t-ewnited StateLiew I- ".th
399 Alexander1-.-OMGrausnorA1ein-
Monsnr ooM.en ateep hooen thendiMay;9iCARMN.
kin fatndd vtta teoot ve ead 04it0rCaeaaf atehni-

rcbe fog .rt be c omecIim ,J, aAL,. 20 LOHENu RIN
Sdent ot Repuhnl i ctr _i the S cAieEty snE

xkt o,, .el;, UinI 1 -TtHe ABDU4
aih10 0,esudent Lampu bSEmAsLPese
ly tota nrt*'- Ma U, ...-- M ttVdoe united
d K of wor 1 -iOedi retr ta te.p e _e
oaS~ r- w1g numnun regime asn
inullde e air e the atonh d un-ti efot to eo
r hi botlh- the.soie ty.e L-sten to the

HMDop whee a elpae. Io aaw odd St ide vience to-
ia d cnl oR ea- tTh"eens,--i
i~._w h itha N Iali dru -f t.da that
low I e 1 tec ntn I u pts haiea

I=AlexanderG0 Kcss..
.mpr1o hDlonei andi Ma"y.btesN -.
91266. Posidm -fth~ g~1cI6-L RVA


2:.30. 4 6:30 .30


S Your Community Staon




p.'. -~

with the launching of the 19*4opera season by the Metropolita
mpunity Station will begin tils year's opera broadcast toanorrow,

ds season, we will present operatic works of such eminent. ompit a l"
dOi, Mozart, Gounod, Strasu and Bizet in full length. Some of the lamor
nporary operas have been added to thil year's repertory.

ames Melton, Lauritz Melchoir, Liia Albanese, Robert Menril and .
among the stans who will be featured. :

............... Bizet
iA .. .............. .. Verdi
D)A .............. Ponchielli
E ............. Puccini
AOE OF FICARO .... Mozart
D JULIET .......... Gounod
. .... . .Wagner
IKAVALIER ........ Strauss
. ..... ..... Delibes
........... ...... Mozart
) ............. .... Verdi
RE ..... ......... Wagner

Title COoi .
Augut: 1I-KHOVANTCHINA ........ .
8 --DON OGIOVANNI .s.. ...... .
16-MADAM BUTTERFLY ........ -lth
22-PETER ORIMES ..............Brl .
29-1 PAGLIACCI ............. Le. stitil.
Sept. 5-L'AMORE. DEI TRE RE .....Mop.ntem"i
12-TRISTAN AND ISOLDE ...... ..W a "
19I-BORIS QODOUNOV ..... MoW uty
Oot.: 3-MANON LESCAUT ..........,1
10-I ALOME ..................... '" .
17-MIONON .................. .T +.
24-LOUISE ............. ..... mChw ;.
S31-TOSCA .S ..8** .M-.
Mov.: 7--OTILLO ..... ..... ... .....V

opera TOMORROW and EVERY SUNDAY at 2:00 P.M. :
ov.' e.-. r
over .'***^


Your Comnmun y StatqIn

S. .
* -

- -~. ,. -

-._Z ~~. ;.~ZL~~I I..;.~r..~nb ~"fCI .Ii.~ rrrrlx~ ~ *' -i-



i Mh






pm.a.. p H5.2!ffj_.__

- .r .

1.r'st i r Es71n Ca es

WYARK. MMy 8 ( ) Clpi)a ti -- "d
.be ,w-, IM ay 3 (11) ._
ta Gl.C #?. M itoi emsn Dai c mer ones t
Ssl etq over ie mte t e d returning to ia0poi
S til sme, "l of. a ""Ie. es th ih, on at Belaont Park rIsterda
.. -'e "4*1 .... bf U a wellith atheiINg victmth.
ValIatine is nY the load.. perusson oficS. Hcic
Smth bl market values ~Asely The Ora theb lta Mfred
W406five-hit blanking of .the Vanderbilt's s fa
lsat 9W wA In-whi 'ch only o an e mereK toyed with flWl ti-
Railee^ third bas. s-ewhl -At the 5153 Opmfaidf 'ture,
we hld r lpha th Dodtes knock- hfisf irt start inn thJ*^^
Slimea Msa~p ht Xed the hil out o f first pOwe Ameritan Derby it a '
,yerun dj tl t. d enSad their ilx gale win- Park last Aug. 22.
B a .;' *. ", --- tn jstrak Irith a 3-1 victory .
Don' tMiea The- O H won s eally and wti such
nd Pirate were rpelneoV.ut* fnse tit urivahoahrsemen ad
M ,, -, a .>In the AmOrlean, LaL, the wonder whether It willbiworth
Red Box "reopened" the Useon while entirinS their honres a-
tt gamge pined l glast him. Track emt
b ea tui t Ug Wakhington. wonder whether they woald be
pl.-6, we t Yankees blanked stuck with betless exhibitions at 46
7be the Atatlcs 2-0, on Tom Mor- est or a series of minus pools t
t hAve 'to gan's five-hlitr. the worst when he runs. And ', --'U.
IUsT trif _. John B. Campbell, who ', .
potof Iiv- TaTU Ars STAB the weights in New M orgs han-
.imeelmdera lke Wu a .. .C dieaps. wondered whh wel1ht ,.a ,..
g Ineahtime, VA;- W smBacker of ? Cuba he would have to put on the ,I
Sa right-pitehed a five-hit 3- 'hnutout Dancer's broad back to bring
oever the .Braveai.l his first him back to the field he hun.t- ,.
4iirt. 1 t0Art' bled so easily yesterday when : i
there was a minu show pool of n
I' E U t VAL_-

4 -A- Q --

Ban$brth aF:uth
ff 1r.w. but
?uIne T Oihpn

[,.- 1from
Sa -the jreatst attifac-
Say. e ineer.


'I ..



Wib Over Rochester

For tNrd Vcory -
-IV YORE. May 3 (UP) -

Richmond at Bufflo .and HNa
Svani at yracuse were pqtpon-
e because of rain d Col

.6"uhPod No.e
tif The Amelan Red Orou be-
l.) gnner and Intermediate tests
were held recently at the Gatun
iwlmmin pool with a total of
ninety aildten participating.
thi foowing children suc-
cesfuy pyaoed the beginners
on Lt Bonsum4 Cookie
g0WRor Nutpn F7re
ana i l bit a nd Wal-



", a..m.. .

t ti Weseal

M UN1 us"
,111. .I.


."Ti4E TALL !j
with I


.. .P1U -; .1
wiMth ill U


Marxan-Ssraude.g '
"Till W I&. Ott-

Mickey Booley, lna

IV~ fM^,
ene Iclly, In'
clafaoe. in'
0*XM TAl 6.'n


1 ~~*~'

* *'., .
." ., ,

ptf. wonsiM

fir- t, 3 ".6*b, U

ago. 1n1 8ggp19W-5pgi o fee
meet wet:

100 YdDa4.,.-ltP ,(,,C)
10.7. 2. "bTeeJSf '(0? B,
110 Low HurdW. -" 1,
(M 15.7. V 2 L W (),. 2B

W0 .d. Ran :Nash (')
1:55. 2. Newhard (Cr: 3. Le s
(C) .

Ol 0 I

.-lo Yd. D.... : .
10.. 2. I ters (I).L,
(C). .
110 Lw Hurdles 1. O1h.
S.o 10.d Curdt3 .,
22o Yd. Bun 1. MaL."(0
,,.. 2.C ork (kL,., ( ). ,-. ( 4 .

. W

ZIo i .. .; ,. ,

I __ 4

Y. """- .- 'e -
Stermadiates were: Randy M a l

We would like to take this op- IUAGUB *
lortnity to thank the children I .
tuffr for thelr fine attend- 1t Wteek*-And Ba"ll
W^ Menl et me heldt thp al- nthe lk' tae t t
4o~I. elhy warn wawl repre- tt ', T1jWidtl he to i ra, 3
at the meet aIE made an hir I -, .. ...1..-avet-,,
S-ow-ng.'The reatZo, Mli nete_ 46 asU. 'ft-D.21'8a.; ,3
of meet were as follows nice*o thae .rou way -
or the oatun children: on to 668 to men .-seond
S.j...... and then bounced.faok to 865tor ,
a place w nneM Grace Ar- take the ital 14 145 I
Sen"o ud Slaugh- e The Wright i 1 17 '61
s amela1Th S041 br. team3etsto post13 165 1 151 li
d diving), .and Candy Ander- ,0 e with -- in2 00 115 Igo oi
Second place winners: Ginger wiolye th
ftatimas. Sue Shirk, Patricia Da- t the *A P wiz l'
greslenGeorge, Pam %erot; pustera%)ef 1up q mor. a
any Shirk, Jeff Slaughter,- the t. =. .....
M' ft ( ) Pbwell tepm nowd ..te--' .Wh.e
ple a t: Charlene Hatunder or 140 .1
Te rr au htir, Carol fv h. 141 15
Croix. Helen George and fth class C prlse albt pot 1331 1-
e Qunningbhm (diving). b new high au& series in d13 149 I
pet Grace Argomakes the score to overcame the Pqwell's 18 18 .18 SAl
.record broken by a Gatun managed to beat their avserae .
Sothte past.ew months. b Ib, pig witle, the at w"ere 754 e S *. i
George also broke a rec- missing thei I39'The Hats_. .
at the Gambda l In thealso hsd a b8 d so re, (pl a '
t Stye last Mch. blind bowler). Clp, Wal W the POST OPm
S -- .Hats with 72 whTile"e. S Gall- Waliae 13 148 201 ,
Jlsmtratlons may be made foran was rght behind with 48. S tepp 151 117154 a
RNCe. Cr Selader Life Sav- Th class B bowlers failed to LojwR i 132 o0 .jI
oure o M T 15. The class poet any big oreas this week al- Grie i 13 in 14.5 W
start June 4 and any inter- owing Joe Wright to get the Hogan 204 180 192
d adult.b-Wor girl over six- prime with 50W. Handicap *g g69 0
ten is eligible to attend. Please The Post Office and the Ace's
call the atun Pool for Informa- had a close match with the Ace's lt 341 1eU
tonI. winning the first and last games v. ACE'8
I by 12 and 1 pins rasp. The PO Spinney 15le i1 AN
D June 4 the awim- took the 2nd by f pns which Hlros 179 i 19 m sM
l l will be from w enou to gie them total Swi M 1l1o 60 0 4-
S a to e p.m. daily ex- and a ft with two points a- Beawn 202 I
oeat fatday and the hours will piece. Hogan 16d the P and Andron 142 114 1004
reNaai the ase, one to nine class A with 55 while Bseen .
94a. very Monday the pool is was hih for the Aoe's with 565. 174 M M s "an
eloed au da. This change of
hoars will1 be necessary In order PRM1 WINNERS POW.ILLs
to work in the Summer Play- J. Wright 145 221 161 507
d P Cl Am -Uan 5M Mmftl 1 158 164M 481
Class u-rW14g1f 507 Ndor 211i 18 142 'Ni
Pro. lass C--NordstraM 551 WtaM 147 142 .16' 445
-tree- TOS"N' Blind 142 142 142
G vas A Randicap 3. 32 32 '2
1S^^81 a 1Ban 91 1 1-14 g
StuntaS and R gan 101 11- 7 a3 I 7- m M
Sitnterplayground Bean 62 1V6-20 ws. WITE ATs CLU
noo es are required Robeon 1T6- 3 A Meander 16716 124.
M d above 4rabee 173-44 ahan Isa 166 i
hia n a nderaks s to 1., 7si0a 1

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If frba-s t o didto d ear. fo 6'
I Isla." I M rzd the pebli Invite od to attend

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the+ .G.umo n .. .. ..Pit.

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lutian v

religious WASHIGTONG May 8 (UP)-.tu' .the egaOthat ret radar te
Republicans plan to make a new tt. e a t that C th, N. J.
'.of thoe enate o d try Mcnday to cut short the drag- McC rtby'is congel, told said Carr, ta f .
o, with rayer. going Army-McCarthy hearings by Army officer *ts means VecCarthy Ip subs.I A& AB al 6S
Sboy hias t own puttine Sen. Joseph R. McC rthy when afonl was reused dadia te, Joined : ad Sa
on the witness stand, lat med K -
sourced sild t day.
Dirksn (R-Il.), told reporters h#St ,
expects to make a '"onorete pru-.
posal" to shorten the hearings. He wet Ia
would not disclose details of his Sft
plan but said the hearing sh Ad
Another source said Dirkson's

Srepo.'ed flail witness In the Inquiryr i
S' l that the r Thestery hearoins, In r hands in a.aa
oGeneral eess d unil efnday. have already iReV BcCay- el
,of Labor had run 2I days. ecd o 8 ( o the b d
the GOveryinset's The White House is known to heegg reco nMet to the b. Ii r to a
the e ristenee of a have been behind previous unsue- Juste Departmeant itdeviate -ev s t A
amo tcon report- cess~i moves to cut slhrt the fromthe testimony. tin" to ba se
s anti-U.commu- hearings 2. JMfer iNe. 4 U the the aggregation.
O .u0 ideal strategists bave subcommittee q tb n wpa-
Sshow f e reyasng ce eern ever per columnist soaf pi For o elo"
int paul the speclele of two Repnublean vate. Army Ad- vet to Calyaryl
b at the news- o us beating ea other over r amps alleged tov oThie ch9h a
tn.eq, al- te e before n baderw tel have n a hdvanc ft l T evilen, sd r rad a io -udmeos y's charges. ~ d the p adilln
re Hon- The thr Democrai on the ub to lp s "t o'ldatV,
gtw liarticu- coming ee are -oppoasd to closing 1 h1-,A left-wia.
h teme, inthe hear ea wthout-tesdt y 8' Mcarthy a MC h
Vprn assrS oin-^ fros McCarthy tsom coun a over whether h.e A; ot ge a ompmem
45n to" s"l eoy Coh, McCaethy ? a 1 e a "false" report ta Ss han Ia a.o io th
icll m. Fr .cP Carr and. A con '.uips eto" about^ lpt,4arot' People o, l l _
SJor 0.m a.,dami, who, along #accC th pudt ew a
,prv.0ilnd-,, ,. .As, -,l W A S Of
A til Cfbp t," w i dP v is t quoted Canr a sr ay .C. waas
sT e ton astr arta-1i1n ine se t d Iae abrge.7 t ,
in e R tP.t m c ,U21d be BITEVENS b' O # T Army. app counsel ;osgNp ba ,Stevendsd St 4t:
11Iit drIha ev i.d itoI by the R publi- Welch (rlght)vihnspbli Into Army Secretary La ert- tevena' w sa d wor
out ghtl- aq. s all aeas of the sub an he takes the wittsaWstnd at the 31i session of tB Me Dut'El
a et e eveo b asa Carth -my hr tnga. Whha sg o tor~ i

Sv Senate ainds EIsenq r -

SharpestSef/ack So Jar

S. The Senate yesa ry handed the Senate Labor Committee fr eoun ilsa
51W 'y pO2 ta tol te
? egry,.. let tsenh erha should try to bring the Taft- lie" aoent pst.
i''- MIS ^, wtblof his 1l .ba back to the' {lop. Itoe .arthyee. .5ait to givet
was arre4 i a fteAsseretan14 h 8noa t tTs ha4eL
" as anh sr iabrator wa rt of a pa s he l. t os no t al,.
i -tea of, y threats presur .ca H i. t InsL e of to v 6s ome ps l: li
.. agreed7%- sarp a n in wem. 't, p
Brown e Jr. If ady part of Mceap mitte; pellb "I'm and ehdip denim. .t McC. OWJA, rMay -
thy.'s PrBI l better" can be mtade~ dth for e k .p h ley bh. Stevens- obe q to McCa~ 'I AImprovement of
B1 psm lub lic.'s "y put ef an tion on Met. o Wyerla labor dge mpent e lor committee s assertion that was "
m Crthy'si demand that Brownell be lawt yet er ts own version of from a radak laborat h d
TSnr at unSceed d isr llaW'a a the Senate acti It now said "Commlie do not have ree coditl aY
aXDOWn te Re tr leader Will-teen bculle Nov. 16 Pe of tld the
tF .rl Mte. nat e Repub leader Will- t hole is ue access those laboratories I Direct
Browne 18- rej meet 18eA.i Know (Calit) said an year t Swoons rabelle d aNov. 16 Pew Ba Chol"
''i q s y a l mltte b ae cn vtaore 6 Itb Och a step wloilbor nilons sought mo- tagon meeotg ing support .6tr a re a
aby oins the be "repudt* -tid de- eIt not re eal of the charges al asta Cohn, and Cur.
i .cou^n e'r ,, tto rie -LawthOeytermed "It was feelin they wep .e g3ddthe World. 3K
McCatt and Army alit. The. hlef executive shaped by the Senate threateail sme. I Ut that tion (WBO
g. aknpd wonR the Issue of Taf ad du use eommitees re re- were tellng n that f I didn't* eltinwe in O
-Itvi was udersoe cC art h y W reiortt. -r- "e S active than the present law. s something do a omthingr
,ed" at the afternoon P~rte!ds George Me Y The bill shelved would have the seretsa t l.. "t
e theyi.teda-t t heggl m1a ternoon zA] &*
i 4 n his demand I Sen- t v te "a blow eased Taft-fartley injunctions, He said they told
n bo l a his dean "w.,1 to Wipe out 0acttlons on "secondary" boy- fought heIa ed rug
SIe t i 'll a has aT of labor ctta and 6n the uo op Infrom under" te wonm. oist tb- v is also on
aeto; query. t pre some industria' provisions tigatim byu saying he knew ogt o as, d e"for
S be re- "a ti htan moments. supported by labor; esviouage then. fo
Co ed. rpen c ite r dealing *s thte bill "did H however, it w oo Ind have ,e .
with aget ae i the Ar- ot .u'lry eCtent Elsea- strengthened th power of states
IN y n leigenee eo- hovwe campa. iedge." to cl restritionon o unions Services morrow tly.
o se tuno n lam. Acalled the n dispute rats a "clear anid For s Fa eoperatife
ur deCsnd te n. rthe.,,n Deoc S. L

-oldInaA .n ,,te-ed.t ,too .okeep TIht- prr -k d-Mr* o 'ForMrs.hori0 FranCis 1, ,,he e
N,& spl worse bdta saety' of state residents -
InelI a to oet Is e claimed& would' give governors 01 XW
to m earned." power to break strikes. Funeral Services will of d
one of the ranges dis- Evenmoe strinent amend- tomorrow at 4 p.m. in St.8 a the o
1 ad t pu plays of p ty n ece n w proposed by Repub- Church here, for Mn .o ombatn
ft- tthe bY- 46Df .1 vtuc for an h t r ad the Sad enase acted on lFrancs, w lho died us d
,n r vl action. They the bill Itself. terday after she wasn Indlra
e who has' tetened wre joined ladependent en.These, which had a chance of the Panama Hospital. am w at o4lt iron
einarea any- pendaY"nt--e
eale year t'. a e Oregon and adoption, would have strength- 64 years old. o
Sway, d. tmll's three Rop-- i Sens. Wil- ened further state power to Burial will take plaie In N. the anu
.. l maded I M.D) George W, Write restrictive labor legislation rpra Cemetery. aid
,It s.IeMal ) a o and idedfrgovernment e is survived bye her baN A t61r
an totts ,ilton .ndc secret strike votes Un .LeonArd. A s gM wil SaV-
-were made oi % A-exnder mt h -
S'ene e made .lr-m L. Alexander 8mith before I i ions could strike. aseral "ra en. pt in
A. IoA hall autl bbsdIget a-
a r O ay i aItionrsts Form Mew

Shon IluitA a tie subcommittee
hbs seg oIts 1%hour afler
detective disc us- meeting ~r C
Osngfromaaf :e e Joe M, c erthy IncLIded

__ i abseitee 6MayI(O ) .A Peration otfthe youp came-Gen. Robert I.
JIB= Clairnalstant Arayemen in a meeting of about 20 bu*' neatly retired as
rr .. Nest nerday ns mand ll callleader rs wt n ars
t' te du n e publisher of the C hicag It of the
br-llarLp, lueew.-T "un..on-

SeFla said the partipn put tioya.

neme .eur headed by up 6250,000 to finan e sk-e
ofew keaed been ml on.buttwadecde u ed

le ht and sact rather than wait for summo
!,,o too tbcIW Inclue

roe t w, imc lrty had not "agike o s o
."-chaira en WB p~ue.lonbI
th~. i :gi lue i |aI~rb ]ls sad helrtcln u ,iloL
m .l ea~db p '000t>fn etm ~li I h t1
._ or~am.been mdon ut I "tems



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WCK^ff'^'. 7* .'
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