The Panama American


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The Panama American
Portion of title:
Weekend American
Physical Description:
Scott Family Library Fund ( donor )
Panama Times, Ltd.
Place of Publication:
Panama City, Panama
Publication Date:
daily (except saturday and sunday)[may 12, 1973-]
daily[ former oct. 7, 1925-dec. 4, 1966]
daily (except saturday)[ former dec. 10, 1966-may 5, 1973]
normalized irregular


Subjects / Keywords:
Newspapers -- Panama (Panama)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
Panama -- Panama


Dates or Sequential Designation:
Oct. 7, 1925-
General Note:
On Saturday published as: Weekend American, Dec. 10, 1966-May 5, 1973.

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Source Institution:
University of Florida
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All applicable rights reserved by the source institution and holding location.
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oclc - 18709335
lccn - sn 88088495
lcc - Newspaper
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VE m dftamE edrxmally. Would It be possible or me to ex-
Ssy thanks to all throuuhthe Matl Box, especially to the
of th eaautlte eards.
S .lffj?? verym rTteful to you If you sn, 'for I enjoyed every-
-i very muen.

Ethel Poet
(Mrs. l Pbp T. Pat)

SAns to Previous Puntr i

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In a hurry. Mr. LI
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not too early and
Now we are all
Ila him, for he
move. And I bell
trip he started b:

two amse

Lewie must have known tat
would end him with CIO which he
had sired. Bu it Iwas the loss A
the great steel cUni a par-er
wieh must have disturbed hs
moat. For ring that stay 1 Pitta
u he went to a Unmed jUL.
w e. Uni policy comM f
meeting presided ver by PWIw
Murray, sq to succeed & hi a
CIO presift.
Lewsl told, the union's exzm '
about his train rip. He had los-t
out the winw as he was bhlms
spe to the iron city.
On one side he could a the eoau
mines, he sa id, d on the othWN,
the steel mll. And be was re-I
mind4edt of his days a a young.
union orgasmer, He had had a via-
lamn then. A visi of the m hers

8oon however, be broke with the,
gmte HPl Murray, whom a mPast
14Ie love itways ete the Jo,
viasn n Lw tried *
wreak on s erstwhile Untumtt
But Lewis vrer broke h ath
vision of t h.,oal and ta unle0
LTay, L d bas i mae b* nud
trip of thi 1W90 train ride. Having
met secredy and publicly with Da-
vid MeDo-ir Pld iMUla's mue-
cessor, aqi a vfni draw4 frost Me-
Donald the inner excitement Lewi
Always enjoyed In the early days
of C0. wke e gathered around
him the bright young men of that
earlier battle, John L. is ready to
To understand Lewis in the corn.
eg month, realize tat he not
Interested merely in thildi and pres-
idencies. Mr. Lewis wautsto sppak
with the voice of spectacular ec-
ontOe power. He wane to n erpte
Oi' liratMawof thmue e "
1ayS .when the White. e Hodus

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comer to the civilized world that ,pow buin you t fineryy
thing have reaUy reached such lve hfM a .ne*- 1'.. Ow
supreme Isi tythasty won t far as to qlve.bIt mt with
be worth' at all. the gae4Yhul ha color hut
What I mean Ua that soe of dte marriedd"
eiparette ads havp removed alt.tbe All I eln- think of ls-'tlI.apat s f
nicone., mre o0 .1e. b Yo0 .sl most of e pAt rfe y rs being
Savt removed he ealbhoL and one mPad with ama beaTuse he
o aup won'tbu m "o irritsur ei up plne ne day without
Ike .qrdinarry sha-.'I.' A dip telling as inWa 6M Ab..*B aI
ty hbyoay yor;n _yu sBt four ye=r 1i0g to her A
of t i 6as&tiUaaa t No t* change I t banik to the color It
"HI ." wanted to usy married to.-iowuy
Is brown wih 00der y
,assl 6 gralpay. WSeo
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we got to taiper with every"ung
from gar slf to complexiMS t3
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uettes. It dno a Odan erouS
itata f miC a complex round.
bgut. to e mplbte ulviaUt.
Pro ae seared enddiusatk-
lef and H-bmb-hapy. They'-are
tryi .to si fI r te and n r-
Snena in A c W ealm to apd.
To keep thesoap out of the
tbol eyes, tto rce6 car driving
o one metions wles the tra
Woo: t0bad you oulnM't ge
,6he 5 theA iOy,
schaugbf 'i hair when what
b4e =eir fl ist a uinge Of


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with wa#ala
ter S I* th oft..." i
claset in place etof.

lohin. preferred to lre tone. & bt ,
and though bne year he did have ti.i dsm
a roommate, the rest of the time, 3
by paying a te mre bels *a 4 Ale2te*ioff
living room ___ed > to_
qwles, cold
ewn to t- pount

' usked: *- --7 t "-. j ru-n j-.l. 4,.

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w 1 sh= hat he t s wat-br-l ne pfgram whflh e always without Si e w written two W t lw-
atte t ho of a e. nefit of any kind of talent My as d

tha e battles for the published by Burke and Van Hu. ,.Na G.- ttr, &he0 p
beleaguered try that' hard
U. "-1..a cr z &61 sho ks o f a e. e ofa At Harvard, yong s.f kindeofietaabtOM -a

alone With r lel walkout 'of a government daisy chait to t. p sbtg urpis cheea, butter now in Eusope haveag OOO de" if sayoee got oe 9
el1owever, he caa low. It coneeras the old "section or m and dry m d en ta-wives eandchildrea-liv. seqd to asume tOrtL.Goo
tav pecttle of the Federal Housing A ta The tholy forms i, with them. In adis to the ed to use h rke wa .Va
oi n Lewis' me, lion scandal% now se ilsjl. pershable amlk and steam Caf< be ga4 t of 1 al thaee pee oua dresser sat ht weatea ae uhdl's
SHth to suffer from anthe F 1 a i sored for considerable pe- pie educate the S pr- dance, hehiredana exanatio
he cannot cob David McDn neary time without p e. v g ere is the eaon-terpraeted byoe as e w
aed to strik h6 a teel mills this There wd WTO N ileA- abe Hmts ppbroken down trpr wiole larger pr o their aseelit in way of cmpena og his In s for group
umer o' ext winter and bhe any offers the old 'se tion theodyrpus by-wott eat e of war. aferiity com e b toa hE ing: L

amount they borrowed to eby pt ack together In the to s five diviaoi to te arope. Use had gon t b ita M .
When he lunched the other day the operation w on a lermens Aliar s r substitute wnoae milk. -- Roy caln o ai gta' ofoll W. ayes, th
I 0,n di ut tpehtcle by of the i"Federal Housinge ra- .f1Gl A10" f.. a with-them..ft',

with Dave Beck and Dave McDo. guaranteed asnowagbe, ine pek rl A moniored do breaddast kiet-sbd l eover rte of wok.
n onald y h s d eutthat by Insinating eted pro 4fit et.nce as a Defenll eseas Secretar rkes E. from Tokyo recently reported Mt m o at first are r. on will bege '.wiit
not n eal and teel e pmfit Wa has given rs ome rain faing in NIgate alter dathe eire Had eolardered relation a.. A
allied but the .union whiph ThI government has no chancaol new faea O the a pouw H.bomb tests a te4edipaetivity ha uee 7S haad teen set ro -dh
tru the and metal over te getting any at this mon back. nlton shoOge, which W's a mauir at the rate .41 cout a lever, heading. ;
road ala. him in this fight But the govemBmemt ca tcIt Iacandl I mnhte i by Soe a
i Ani .at c .l David moment h n i come tae 6 those. -. O ne tiB aeele n that T- afsouner said r he L
ad to strike ta. stragem which will If the VfabAt collehnl a Neral p d of hm wha analyei ol the ra it oE A Colbrel
tell toe aime that atet may control capital ga ta on these p t, ay lb Korea. had been to asee iff riitrt _
cil y w a eeastIn ithe et i e C n btIe a a ne .o t iea eled tat ith tw be at m have'O
hiadltan TheLwroadcast u1ndivdAbomb
herppmo eets for orrey fhe al Wle eporning8me ofthem enviltaqa .e e .dto as .wot b e tat
oW then he lunched the other nin the opreo Ts estimate a ad an adtde wi stm mlk.. T"S -.----at Ro,1 W-ftl i-

o yoh DofveBers and Dauthrie MDo,- m ,eoou on 11 projects -.A the ck. steel casing could .e e- cotaga th e op aa v
S'.WLOOK-The Navy Department in Washington, ao k r ts' ln the united MwM h government would not have bene lo taoe. a reused five tml, n.t Wteorry
ASP dStAils about two late-dl planes. The carrierale to collect any taxes on them ds sa yVae elan wtahey a.t tecdtt
So d da e ogee ta evw theltires A Taic letters state that Lewis has at- ll Kh. except that the oiier It eo rahep frm teeit 9 r -."
guided als. proved an "international of our The U S Dliry products prie. l the ort lorea w t .
I own. J L. Lewis ham further pro- support programs completed a cycle told of It Ob his awn popibiMl). miaee Wli 0Hati
Sposed that f it is our desire he of silliness the Other day. nat ty he decided that the 1 -ia. me lao gal A teeM of
wvil flancae a nation-wide can- wlas when Departgo e i t of AgretI- steel easing should not be re narp- edueaisohl teleiskea S. a
Su ign in order to bring as many ture announced still another pro. ed the U. S. and he ordered Oi that date there a ed-
-boat amoa possible into our Unit- gram to offset the bad effects of them smashed up. catonal TV tatt a-
ed Mariae Uvision (and) our in- all the other programs now in .Houston. Los Att P gh. '
temnatinal will be under John L. feet. Testimony before the House AD- Eat Lanslag, anFraMo and
Lewis' beaner." As everyone knows, the governw- priprlatibn. Cotns ittae re v eal Madlson.
e.Thus, land and by sea., Le wis frum *ee r _ta_1t' in L 'o .1_ n : -",'-.': i ._. -.i a ._
has oved his forcetters iconto place rmoredthwdfl, as ded.dto r
afIo vunt...adnotnpwconflict. This itt-s hIa I

yo. off>tera a0nds him, therize-s,00,0a114protecs--thestupsteeltS uld...e r-

K..--ThNavyin a Washthling ntou'd Cther do than help .vre wo not. -. (ae vl loa dqetd r sedfivejtgq. o M All Mity t It
SWorkers?" able to uleet any taxes o n -them l. lPn woul nave IMt 1e 1 e o
abotTwo.5l ortp"extThcarrt

aco "v.. 0 ," "a
:' -" h~~~~ou'droi wNdo tnheres... .. .. .. p__ ,_. ..
do~ m t~d = ... :=-,. -.,*

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fa4, 4-ye
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H4USVHOL EXCHArGE Ibs equipped to
Sll lour rare needs whether
y"e s je sog agm.

:uN tf eo W.0 fr-Flro om any kind, and
i* l d o. WC&N m'nIe. to- y ri .tom eons
.. (... ....... ........ a 00
em S ie ................ ...... .oo
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,dro .............. ............. .o00
......................ftrm 12.00

t *i(Wg a lad at B.ohold xmpletne and
y: eam law :tt:: : p .

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aemettespolmma Mad
,uripc Um ek-end to emih
to e MonldrM attheM al
on of the Ihnformation wMin
nusto de-la.Fe, tmah.l-
Tho sup. ion wfl beet

iw days.
The council decided that fi
M >nnnMltntlanl awMmAv n

-! ^2,C SL h Re t yave Id
v.iTo form a a
S m o n lw be
uIt 7, eCinduU, B oB ented I- with sa. s. er-
1,. under Advsor ny Tn near t oTu eono
'III. -butI19i.. I par It

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Se n r o s e
1881 ROGERS.

now reduced to

.omplote stock of additional plecea
also available.

S' -
Tne brodcaster was quoted a
o(ng 11Oe u on time r an
f arodu.W Invited an

Douglas pat he had s ued on
Homp as a Och.d and reread to
reekt utor durt his co. l degeh
It, Se ltoie=" tim- know-

d t St. Lawrence Unlver3Ity.
tRh w ob r war. wrote
nd kcwho Homo r wu, 'but in
c t fifth ede hitory
it u1 me about Homer."
.Dougl said h e had studied
Homer as a 41ld and reread the
Greek author durtn his college
days at St. Lawrence University.
immlrant, said the
only twown he was answerinw
the broadcast was because it
did "much MoreWthan attack me.
It ucea me as an instrument."
"I true purponest tore picture
the Am wa of people a a nation
cultUre and education," be aalad
The actor Utd he wil make
his own broadcast In Russlan.
_I gou o.ruth to beat down
Comment es, he said. "I
think any honest ideture of our
Amera wAY- Of life will do Just

a, ditend. cu NW au
diamond, spakis .e.
* dksmii. Ihndow y u "d u m
,g a .



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. T : m '^ .- ^M *A .- -, it -: c 1'
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~~~- .



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.ahegtas et

ihaa lkIoSS
*W ams

Vssfmas and LOTION.
aC risks sift ft her

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the agMggteC gSft

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- -- ..~.. ---






,.- ,
..,', "... ,
, u ia ,'o.^"i n. -

BAS 5*le- tu- ment.beU* 1"
4 4 1 J1O" Vishinsky has bediths
58 2 A K84 S t= figure at t U
1 6 l *tionI dur d most of its -y
S OUWi history. He was Sov For
& A QJ 10 I2 Minister until the death of St
VAQr when ht was "demoted" to
J? Current os.
9Qg U. N. observers believed 'isbh
Both sides vul. 1ky wouid definitely return il
S th u vul Indochina problem is taken up
Ml iesh WM the United Nations before the i
16 a eral session opens nelt Septeml
SSPas s u,~ther, was no ,a Ote of
Idochine ceing up .fore th
bBads-* I or the GeetaFar Eastern'(
Visihuy found htb1uelf oI
Uk X bles a slam laialg tidilt me Ld
i-O untarily, -he hd Co .'.tion'
abet his partner to board the6beth to
,WWQm eg lead. For for home. ei
the on. He supported A b objeed
a..:., double_ :a, whieh tmi l, Council
Sfirs it bldby vot:- -.16 In decldin#
trty, 5 ithelast lew.i ad tefaee at on conu
Sy jhave swung over to there ae bya esrd agdJordea w
a l.yiat the double aphou mere. cetee b.rdtr complaints in I
doan ummdsua .d clu. .
Te 8-2 (IA
pdaerenee can ne enornpatU. 'di
as f a wseen in today hand, na .I'b d such
rom brandnew bte-newbook, bete.
New In Bridge.",. --- -
atre West, you must pick tricks wihe
woafcd t opna i lead to defeat and theo ace u. si.
thThe double warns you You might quite reason
nob to ead hearts. your partner's quarrel with North's jump ra
bid Since a trump lead is to three padres. I agree with
.. off question (it is almost the* this is a slight overbid. N
aly, the worst possible lead erthelens. South will make t
a dm) yod mus choose iam unless the diAMla is on
, .. |Kaifmoads and clubs. too$.
A, K partner cannot be-void of -I pim
bcqiuse he merely overcall- 'Wo wl
ed t.omdha; itf. he had beef
." eay st in elubs, he probably
wond have made a takeout dou- "
f Me onea club. If your partner
ancluhb 4rieks, It is extremely
ntklyv that' he needs an immet *
'. dite club lead to make sure of
os to tricks. Hence you have every
TeasoMn to believe ,Atat' youl paTt-
: B's double calls for a diamond
you come to this correct cin- '
tl Idon, a diamond lead will per. When o womon brings out t
I" tt Y par&"er to take the first beast in ano mane.ui tWS1n 1
de rer wl ea4fly take l. ."


- lIm TOR! o. a

-,.,,- .

. UMl WILHu. lanes


8* *'


I lL

the. PIRST ',DIENCE Po0e Plus, cheering.ecM.ol shildreIn
At Vatican C1t,' Tbka wdathe .ptliff's first audience plfae IIa
. recovery from a' e.l and severe illness.

'o e .* .'-

S.*.Many jihf wMdy from thi Caribbea
ono Choice of Sup~"~steHation or DC-6B
b "gbe.l* or Tourist class aurvles.

o l wiasoyAWNees

6M fCAMT w MT matt. As TIME ^C H
WU S ALLWE urn, j L 7G
sear namC&m




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tern~er Mrs.
abntm treasurer;
'uemnem, eplary; Oahem
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Mnr Mr. a7 OmaiW, assi
jan erresponding serMnW
CTh new Ciamifl* .ldel Mrs.

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Enjoy pusthbutton wMi$ -

ease wherever yeoudre

'Bandy Paper-Mate is perfect for your handbfta'gi. .
No cap to lose-there iap't aty. Jott pr sf
a button, wd you're ready to rtt '
"Click" againand itb point retcatem
PreciIaon paint writes aoo r- t ",-
at fet.,er-touhm-hlwayB -tayi
clean. Paper-Mate's* Myirmixole.,
ink-formula X-217-an't smear,1*4 '
clothing, transfer or fade. It's approved by k, "-.
-safe for checks. Guargatd f SO fe Sr
against mechanical alre. Mk)0
Paper-Mate one of your permnanei lan~b "

Refills In blue, red, gro eMaeck Hlkk



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***^,.. ; .' '1: c "".* ^ ^ .,

i~ gTMp- "A

dinl Cocoll. Phone Tel. 3-171, East 29th'St, No. 22.

3188. FOR SALE:-1947 OIdsabiel Tudor. .
-- By At Ferce 'couple: oydremr tlc. radio. Wil fires, $st,
bed compile $25; 4-burn- cove. Gkod cwdion fr$
B/ $10. Apt. 3, House 82, 44th St., FOR SALE:-4I7 Fleetaster Chev-w. to 7 pn
Ise Vista, after 4:30 p.m. vy $575. Radio and ether extras. F U
:-sndix automatic wash- ;613-C. Cocall, Phone Navy_3188 RSAllRrALE:
4o-ndiaidInr. Phone Rt SALE:-L.ete 1950 lBik up ahu
I 4f^ < sk Albroekt Rivier, In sIlet conditlen l bl pri.
i- t house refrigera- 71 afte 4r 30.
ccl etouchqs 2 s s SALE= v-1 "8 Oldemobile .
rwt 2 w rckdr; bling r, %wnl two.BliareseedOR p I
Building 60-14o wat19dinWT

st. Ap. 077, Wiliam- t, $1, S0. Ft. Gulick 88- .office
e FOR SALE -- Three tires with tubestle.. t l ":.sbudingIn
S'-Mangle $ 5; 3.plce -ply and 6.4l FOR SAL..,:-.4 RENT: -
vingroo set $100; lce bed Office 5th Street No. 22. call new, I
set, large mind 6125A lI FOR E1950 4-door Chevrolet. o4"Jmly 13%Ph"
i.tion. 5524, Apt. D, M,4ins St., Powerlis, i sdewall tires. es iENTte:w
S. 5 1 then 10 miles. Priced for fick FOR V butf
i ''."". --sale. W bi 3121, Belboa 2 '
:- h ny s coffee table. male.
tc resser.cst off b FOR QUlgK Must FOR SAL' Va2 .
.. rs, table nd chairs. Phon Monday np-n, 949 Buick Co*n "00.:1-, ll. .
r -3541 Ancon. 0440-J, Frangl- fible exellent tires and Jto* 32nd Sish
sol.thalet. 32nd 4
nt. *- -- condition th phito $800. A, T
SALE -Mahogany veneer bed- Albrook 16-51 6 anytime
3 "th spring and mattress FOR SALE: ao0nytie. iANTD T,: .FOR
"3 1 car, see tha' Oe A, price. d justabi s A
i JBLE; :-Hellywood bed, Mr. Und ed iht. At rook 0-528P. uRsonab. A
t 150,-6-5127. 1 d- SALE: 41 Ford. Go MOT

S SALE,:-, 0r-cyclt Inmore w:sh-.. word. n fu w
m.i ..A L: Cnchine. wringer tachd. Per- t h r two couples. 82
S condition. Tel. Quarry HeCght WILL PAY -500 mmk ftor jd car. 0 Ve ,. t.-.
--- light or medium wight, Mat b i ENT n -
R.SALE:-Sofa and two arm chair: ood sh, no hi k. PiP. pOX 35, TYPEWRITING .TtAtI "WANtD
S upholstered, chairs, trbles, chil, Anen. for private-school. Address applica- I
dren's desk. gas water heater 120 -.a tions stating atltn. Box B Ecuador,
). 43Srd Streetr Noa. 44. FO__'___n___ON_;tw
s t.corner-hutch" mir- 8OOM8.n&c
4 iHouse int POR-ALEc-O lnndin crft in per. ROO
SSALI-One Sintger win 25-hp. each ty 50 s, 56OR RENT:-To responsible person, a n44

I.. -Ai t. inO maci hine -
cZdatwln 2I43-A Cc

'1inom st 35 N.. 2, 48tAS Jewish at to
a FOR tLE -.m .. 0`1 tre e :

With approach 6. the rael tod celebrated the ixth F~QRt RENT:- Airtments: I and 2
telJ ,,, ,',,,o1e -,0 o pereod the Bnankveraa of ts foundinlg a bloomm. Tel 3-.49.|
r01a SALE- t. Sg oc., a ia la& f ewlsh state In 19 con- FOR ,:NT-ln ella Vista, modem.
5 miles from Sa CF ra: Cottfge. 'eool apartment: Two bedrooms, liv-
mlat es nrhts. well. f bound. 'C Th center of the Indepen. Ina*dnlnirroorn, 5 closati. het we-
rof"cm ls ghtrt," L Gurar, ,[ifKblc y deace ay Ttlon t.ths t. Just Arosemnoa No. 97.
S"Cotta in Sebanita, r- -the- Hi ths dt, ked vlw w floor. ..
Sitbut, 24 cor Atructon, 'a e Tel AVYV FOR. RENT:- Fumished apartment:
b quki Joa D. Ro. di boold Mge. d ti e Bdroom, iJingrem, dini toom
10.-J or 456-J. Colen. ,r -ach lcted for the as nubo kitchen. Cn b en 9 to 12 n -
S O A pen-nd 2 to 7 p.m Cub Avnu M
-- 'rom Ilolboa 'dnce. 12, "Laredo" Building. 4th flo .i
.2 ares4, modem houie, electric Ams an Satd Co.untle lrtment p. Telephone 3-444 .
chicken house, trees, troctora, a re Dr.Ir t r th d s crowded RENT:-Two-bedroom, two-
SBlboo 2-4269 g apartment; hot ta mied's eet.-
ALE- Ap1arment building in i-l70 sof tert, 1i5entol white rago, ner o' El "St

. .... u. ... AB" MIs an. tninpiring vl- FOR RENT: pteiy fumlainr

S POPULAR or CLASSICAL Piono In. -d .' ,.,t. _e l o. .,- j 4.
A L t iucto given in the privacy *of ;ia .nSof in- 1 111.o. Ss tda dJi- r.- n B oll oportr n
HF- .your honi. Call Bennett. Tel. 2- e; H ntine:t hend. Othee. 4&d Street No. 41. Tel.
B:&-. *a^ 333 de hundreds et tele nonmmunt w, Inquke aprmt upstairs.
S. Frank A. striving tpmae Israel ecoo-
'. qand Mra. mically Wetted. FOR RENt?- 2-bedroom apartment, I
ds k. 0ffmcwy ,ih.dd qne livir-dininmon 45'dl St. No. 64.

S' I tl: 8tarford te Ar OWs, Israelis today FORENT;-Jlrge modern apart-
L. J. lan- iar ro-thedu1t than In those rmnt. tile N. med's service, s-,
Cc a11 in Mrs.d-fi fadependence. rage at 17 44th St. Keys at 19.
kea imand us. a1k .--
Jn0 Mra a bogedFOR RENT usedarm

S. ORand dlr Mad to.m.2Cub Me Ne
il, fromaaBa o cT O1, Mr. re.," uil d ing.4tf
chcknhos datre s. n-" 3$N0 ,o-, .wo-
zBa.t and a Dr.h DgU crowded
T lt Jtflin T. Glhncy; aol Serwiita wid e Adwi l t e, no 43W1 Serml
Searnil B Walter A. ora Mu.,. ,,,,d MrS. ,.zM .
,E "-s '* s kett m l* *
;WHB^B^^r' '*i-f ^As m rant tr bidniBylpa ,i o -wr t ar n W*Mre. wB r n T~ & #,Bit St
4,ra bn.. ., .afd--a. -Su,_%dIHt -E
Lf S ON 5""m- S IdWO th an pa-o

-, ~WLani St~mret. pt

M; MB.
Wa ; i.- t

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riodayearWa 'Row
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~with reparto to. )foudg 41




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I I LCosm ur

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iao the kitchen Jut as "S
p the abiplo for a
-I thought I turned off the TV
set," bunbled Lederer .
Gary explain o
-st of "v' Cr'm" whi hoh y

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-famm D. Laffier.



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~ ~ ~ m ,..I '^J 'N^

]^.--i iS '-' ,,,.m _^-,**.'^^ 1^ .
.' .a"m PON" : ,.,
./ M O W N a

!'A '. ,,,,,,-.....

'~ ~ ]1;*:, ;''t^" ~^^' f^^l
= 'a"i -""'q'u" .s r.,r i
.. ". 1 .

A I V~- L


S.- ...
A; .- .7' *

b' aY A lAseN to W"rya
bio%`", t b I h SuYGo-old *novelist
o adhway -said be was shaken
up badly In the aoond crash. Hi
i nuries wore not described as -
the local bile something new and dit- riu at the time, but the nrnal
are entertanmeMt, O idl Ptures of tie appeared after he eame to
n able to aea #mt apme difficulty, the Venice.
Ba s nh, on the Ipet films ever turn- "You.e can't tell about obch in-
* .- j juries until later, "Hemingway
ubeli the Feih fitlnaustry can well be said. "But I've got this about lik.-
ll be. eJoyedB ,Y9M W coafier it our ed BOW."
it althou am thf e ohapn o the y said be was going to
ctu ISAe bsO r. 'mnrg- see a parish dcor next week
nt without fer g by all thow who oA his-way back to Havana, where
handing of dffret human ac s he own a farm.
ItanlM anodien a thing w I mary NHeamfgy said he ohten had
wr liV ,land In ealig with the faults of bee asaed why he who covered
S n ep s the e nh Civil War, had not
y 8U was not 6adse for the PurPoseO f goae to Indochina to write about
indare aa to ry, fbetweenor the entbold r- lf h ni there.
D are able to d between the bold -Tnso_ erazy about wan,"

e other obtitanditg qualities of l'he
can add Its star value, as it features
)f the European screen and state as
th Amern acseen), Gerard Philipe,
Idal, S Miria aund FrancooIe RosAy,
Sector. Eht of the leading M Iefh
pa atd ta the flUM e Seven
that the laca public will be degghted
mmenelves for having gone to me"'The
h now playing at the Central Theatre.


, 1.~ .,. .

=^^^T^Fc^^^ ^^

low FRI Y. 10.0 P.M.

r ,i-

-11---~2-t ~ILIIi~ -

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BOCA 6:15 :M
Pat" dma mIDrA

4 ~ A,'
'j. ~



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,Y : 04'. :4".'
: W .

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Befferbuq B


lft "won, .

@Sm urn M- a d &q


- 4.-a --.


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-.. "-..' .

SYORK, Mpy 6 (UP)-Oh, those bases ot

t a manager's lament that has caused more
ran wild throws; fumbles, and missed signals
Prisch m a d e the by Peewee Reese and Jimnor
n ot a household word ilUlam and walks to Oil Hodges
* when he quit %e a! and Carl Furillo which forced
manager and became home a run. That was all Rusi
play broadcaster. Even Meyer needed for he pitched a
otral seat by the ml- six-hit, 7-0 victory, his 11th in
those walks hurt him a row over his old mates.-
At St, Louis Robin Roberts,
*'.at the damage they coming back after being kayoe
rtday. the previous night, hurled a
ME$".t, Iast nalht seven-hit. 10-3 victory for the
f e an. who had Philllies' stth In a row.

Jl4 a row for the
S t Into a bases-
the bottom of
and walked Roy
iPwEe home the only
0.lte0uper wkictory.
4ts., the Baltimore
t Yapkees in their
t hit sltimp when he
two safe blows, but
L when he loaded the
wth wafks in the fifth.
I d Lopst squeeze-bunt- run, then Turley
i t.otbter man and. Joe
: snacked a three-run
Rosh lot his chance for
; In a hurry at Chicago
the Dodgers loaded the
n the first Inning on Aln-


In other games. Cincinnati de-
feated .the Giants 7-1 handing
Sal Maglie his'first defeat, while
Milwaukee rookie OGne Conley
pitched., a six-hit. 4-1 decialoin
over Pittsburgh, s ud Mathews
lilt his first .I AR
25. Cleveland tpd le
tics 7-2 and the Tigers and Red
Sox till -were held Idle by the
weather in Boston.
RobinRonobets, who ame!
back to pitch his third victory
mnd the Phi ixtlz In, a row.
10-3 over the Cardinal, who
had knocked him *ot the pie-
vious night.

iit~~ ii~i~


- .

i~l 'rr

clan TOUCH-Jfaoi (-h
training to rmutie his ptUng
at GrowMtger.t, .Y, tluinins
Ceamp. HeafywmedI atld.tV get-
la ready ror Charte
bout on Juno 17. (NRA)

Sports Briefs



""* ,? .,

Of Ar Coddling Unnry

764th Gis Cristobal "

'Y' Hoop gue Led

Station I
AA# .2
3uU cle
n-105 0'
ts -0,

1. tUX tow-t;
i.s. ttr m. MOGM'S BIOo hioM'CAL
b fl FOR 94!... FU IN
...."EAY TO LQV. ,


I. I
3 *Jti

roar m.aut

i&- [4


P~ 14) '?'
, M i)L_ 9- .
j i^ *" '-*Aj^ "" *r _o-,<-.-'' k
ta^hn L00p4 i

"' .' **-* o'* **, *- ,* t 1 ,

ac A
IA; .



spupp ix moving pasrw. breaking offselw .3
coach -Wood's t- t104ea
'e has "MOTn4-aaqmoq w Mar.
Sby plane at Inglewood set bak ar .
,1,orwal, fit bya 46-21 obat. The a
S or X Molter sawe Deter- of basketbaUl diplayed l.IV, WI r t Mit Ir
Qno wil have. short rest be- uliok certy ve troupe to Uim llm in the $60.000
WWK. .? .at Hollywod Park ftutuf opponents. All tbm WSW iS 611 m
e 'a3 a Moltersays tb little colt menmbera offer a scoring threat. 4t"stion WIth un1mers al
A, Aj wood Gold Cup on Both teams $*i be thorough- o ead 1 6n
wm ly tested Thursday y Night. The thrd a n&o a % tol
wood Parkoi Meetig League l$d will be decided wehn leot 7 dealer epayefol.e
fbat we"o- the Naval Station powerhouse to thirdbae.
and Determine. Corre- meets 764th FL Qullck will find tt
the Derby favorite, ran Its work put 6ut when it tak AMuson, -third.
9L tdAthe. Run for the Roses. the foor gain V.-4.
*Ant PANBON-105 bufre
mave the battle to take the -B. 7 a,
Olympic away from Aus- Garfalo 4 3 1
L:ahley 4 0-'I a jwyouWi
D "Dyrssea of sweden Loxao2,it-rest o
WWIIWTram~t ofoxg02 say Currie.
aNDaum amWlgSOR u y et o. the batter or to aS "A
N: USWW thwll fight forAreassign- 1Sullivan 1 0 2 base onans attempted plck-offC .X
ent$of the me; to& a country Carey 1 1 3
n ml wi.gto =*t tPhe art-r." Parsley 1 .

Wwe e annoyedlatAustralian l Y64th AAA Bn 511 y s eh

A"boarne Gamets. McNulty 5 10 Q. HOW my ears has Hank t

.' js New Ya*% Denies "
oTmOwn reua i tigtons for h fors-ae, s lyW .
b l a ,,f, ls ano ey s 5 11 ,erIf h Io hras his

Yabr uoh .... t ar tow ar m

: Cannon 0% i n ain c s hr *O *
SI Net Att hr d l pa ctically proh i oerneby t t ei oney 0th is
Ap .o equestrianW evleabt the Mel- Rivers 6 3 1

Anew' Yk i MN u -e 17 el a ofhy It anke been l
wPost mar akInv Denie s Referees: A. st Sm aonand A". st ,m p
Nw tlt Attorney a a S
rra .l wn g a o. toted a pubright ouo. aa... ..maw
,1 'a1s his of fire is not No brushtoulow you'r,..
-ves Hgatlng any fixed creIanmoto dog yourmaz.jots=tpubshewi...
.--, hinns e ayixedtfights, out comes lathe!r'Tat. Aaot*mvj... the
*ate aw. Says Hogan: investi wonderful new "cannads. A'un
.. .ryts l i ey falae." I jufa .... $u iafl g i nmualX ..
IWi ihe Igthat Hogan and Ge tAno SxHvs Lathaem b today.. a 0
.. "". ti ket staf 1s top Ski won't leak 1hes yTftPw "

.t: : P"r-

-. -
.4.- .
- .ck *-&~ -
a 4~$%~ I *,:-
aia~ac. A

- a~*- '

S .


;f. 1

L t. .

rea Of

F -. '

* Wa~-:





. ..._-/. .w.a

:- Is ..m *s

^^^ A j iamw '
.^^ K *. ** .n .* -f- .f-- f f *_ ,

Zelis ~,. .. *
915 ~5flr H~
~*- A~ 94041'

-... ;. ; .*.** } -:: -' ^ *^
-*--"* *** '" ** 4.--^
.-. -- -***^ '.. < u xrBS B

S ,.'_'-.


8 r8n1 Ib h"eO j
a runs lie he mi




* .

I _


- --v 4.r


-, ,

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). :-



a 2 ._

~~4Dt ~3.
I- .g 6
a-IL !.'19 .aL~ ~ ~ b V
~i~Wh~'~d wi.LMi~Yhti is usti~h~'s aipt

and aMe

a .itint-Melter an

' "" J eash "a
21d A1t

i bebU&i4 llkeash the er gthwaed as If
AMC* N e

S his ba. (non to be V selh rAdsa.ut shtion dwh

h eat tlkth trauk, san alo that the atmrah? ,,e arsthred

SwT his Ii -the
MWbIleO r edited the Sa1 for making lei

shafe rior aat for the 6ne that united. .
t *

- -i we-- l that mins inste o fb atri th
I il s'ain "

.. I- p ot t

Nty as raan.alemt exactly the same sof. race his pap
ago i te Immdiatly ad ,
t hea W ttthe final st eteane or u r
Sa wheI" .edhm kutan eighth qe a mile
etooI roe wasvoW. Tt longer went the wose I was
be for cOta wo more money th any -rrold
abl"seyltwa maze and wbalCe lh mwUed to make closer
iVold aat the wire. Hasty
i i ee Determine Crelatfon"s failure to
bk A fatiOrat sy tmsn was the only real surprise in the
rae. hough fe did hav*esomething pf an al
S -*

Fshaerins was eof loa~ew naudoe homsa that had no ex.
.eweSe Ia$11 t-ahe9 roo. Whether e eid' have
sastni 3herm9a'5 trailer was made a. Kentucky colonel

WyssW O" I iaDteare aWAY
at me 06* Who *,' &nyjA, What the
in no" m a-.n. t- J r.Som am

f,~~ c~ ,..-.._ M ea .ila 'IQ?

i" *I I I*-A ~ i I : I' PI

S.- .
IAPI: !JC3' -d
Tt 7

.. .. ..


nars Get Home For Dinner

.* 'I
itlns te only C
bred which ha won the
rudhe waas New Pik ow
ama4e vaa~et EIW
and asec zand In
8stte. .'
Go the etraodnarp t ofe pt
the ,eutukly-bred
In the Banut Anita. u .34
UMnaj Dermblf tad 9M
Tr--were throw
favo I te -a

based strtti n the 6ngON
tim P and the W W
morse ta aie. .M a.u
Coiam bNe vict ot m In Coma-
fornia would ractiesaly has
been unnotic or disouted
tea;auek -in t *E.._ It,
h i- a .

I l t r -

rne Utea o.

daler or Is q.jrip
"e or f ,1
are full run to
Florida. A et a
tL Anl or ood Pkrk i't
liely'to get m more than a.
suick or two of type.
Yet for six consecutive years,
California has shown the way in
purse distutton-.-wlth $11,002,-
39 in 1953. here gold n the
Olden west. With the most
money out that way, the racIng
and breeding has to be good.,
There are now 100 breeding
farms in California.
Calvfornia had y .-round raC-
ig. Thet'o sre a a den.malor
tracks-Santa Anita. Hollywood
Park and Del Mar In the south;
Golden ate hlld. Bay MIead-
ows amd Tanforat lit the north.
Santa Anlita aLd ,wood Park
are model pliBt. There Is a
half-mil count fair Circuit.
Andy Crevollat Is takInsi D-
termine homs fort OtRe I at Hof.
lywood Pa' caluumet wpuld
have come east this year only
had It bad a Derbly colt.
The California owner no longer
has to come east looking for a
day's pay. ___
\llie Reynold of the nk0e
id not lay baseball until he
attended Okla A. and .
fieldd for the 00-mile automobile
ace, May 31, grew to 52 entries.

TWO fut.. o

S Y te lar V

dgnggsita Via Basi
1 Twtbf A Vo l

w as*tb
wICU abthe
*_Jtewk t 1jbe

web Rlll eK-MjrM
***t -

& IM *IUSOiM~faUa

-When Tigers Use Gromek



By JIMMY t an .hohr 19 minutes.
NW YYORK, May a A) Fr e ibO is all for
Th aped at whie tw aor roek'
league teams got through s- ,ourt getw theor,
c-bader am eauMe.afr W- testifies agr nutc aon. mn
e ew, e along tWe t "We have to aitdh a train right
Iur of sittings a nd aes a mtn we go w
wn boarda,-wbether ule- o s. -
based hIs a1we0N His J &&dt. y ear hnI
i the in caused pleInty of M eyebrows.
Peffr Ma inifote ali^ L6!a d a big
and lost 0 for during
'uins t iMe the war-tini if sameOa. True.
tl.e, meot of he did Wl d ga me
He early-sea- In 148, but be always wa rated
.-on twi bilIs as nothing ore ma fill-in on
turned into the tron Clevelad etaff.
th ihtmaresa "That'awhy he b1gurs to d a
w ere 'ex-. lot 4ettlr for Wi,l uphon
a far x0Hlalns. "He get
,.fuFeds. His controo Is eeal-
I o. en- o, atreteh there -e
Sbeause went 80 Innings without king
S that the
anS om an ceuiome p with d
am t l e. ltt t sinker. New pitch for m a
'" w t'n e ti r it' go: to have &' ea

go et. tobl, e te s. r o, re-t

league Q -tae ftue.decudwwn hjv s atroita defenahg tam.

with fer-Cl IaU uat t hlb n he can't hit t goed--ad
took, even g '|jSW :. e you-l see Ihi 5 neg fr .It more
throh his games 3:22, fat and keeIng off bal-
i2 a.d 2LOG. 0 an averat e ace.",
he finahes.up a ninnml An off-seasn bowling alley
game a halt-ur. Pg han ppiret 1f h Hattramer
." .an'...e much ense wat- mek think his fa.l start .wi
ing around and adafftag up dirt c over the whole season.
iad stuff iyou like to work fast .1-lka in' In the heat
like i d," Oromek says. "I like beto tun cl euly-sebaln
o et that ball. get the sign wea r. S o I 'figure to be
then throw. Once. when I waner July and August. I
with a Cl l. gol I tthew spi- -gb.a

I needed a double eagle on'the .
par 5,Mg-yard 18lth bole to tie
or the British Open Champion-
AND of 1B 2. I
From I yards out. I laid a
6 Iron shot about 12 feet from
the hole. For moment, the sec-
tlon of the gallery around me
believed ad holed out. It was
a manfcent failure, however.
for I hled the autt to finish a
stroke behind Bobby Locke.
Yet I conadser taht 6 Iron shot
n, greatest. It ave me the
goCfUn thrill of my ife.
The Met that It did serve e a
perfect Illustration of how hrig-
lyWalter Hagen is regarded

SSports Shorties F
A Wuht anto Redskin L ..
back a slys h w stick to aI Citil | *.i4 "
defeUse ob tUieu pro football '
makes It "worth my while."
HaI Hynes says he has no
intention of returning to the (Piter Themsea will be a-
Redskins. but might consider an inucrt taIyx to beat
offer frdm the Los Angeles b "imSSu rs1 i1bA iR
Rams. The Ban rracUlaco News thDy
said yesterday. that Washigton x L ifU
had traded the former Enta tffiua Clara tar to the Rams. Ba yn u em t
says: "My family settld I flr .)
near Ban JOse, California. We
certainly don't want to face the after, all tbw s. My sho
problem of mrtng Est again." wuI alat 14t 'to one Tbh

the ternatonal Tu
MaRm |WM OfBan VA. .Wi

-y. W"x mea lnlate' -g ti

01 IL 2sr y S
&TOEltd yL


0 mushroom. tr
national Littlue League
lW being put ona

Clap haivles

To hR fro rayor

W Ga e todn ehea

Ne NS elr. a .
Swae tlo e, t s

-Ww Mm 4
lwash "to seE wbat
me A

ery. rs e hea
No. Any penal
hat te Zi'i-M

he uls, n 1I a
A. ar. P
*m am

r wa JIB

.9t F

- I- -.---.. a ,9t-

- : ~... I-

I ~*..' ~ -
aU ~ -

" i i '"f4".


'a .



oo&, r AT-
A combinsat jlenl a k ry
sad ir thot be h l hee
Balboa Gun Club's Farfan rage
this coming Sunday May Si. as
a farewell party for a ndmbe rof
tshe asdve glitry aeabers wio
are abol dus to leave these
shores through rmton. The at.
fair will sta about :.80 a.m. with
the pistol .t, and the refresh
antn wMl be served Immediate-
ly thereafter
.Amons tAse members soon to
depart the. pait rinMgRd shoees
are Col. Hnk Roag wo ha done
a tremenop aumout of work to
forward umn acting both
Military and ivllah,. .t. L d.
wrd Marsh, member of the
club's board of directors, Lt. CoL
Brewer who accompanied the US
ARCARIS pistol team to Perry ip
195, M-Sgt. Maurie
team- hal e alurl
who aa sompasleW a fine reaod
wbo has .eo- mr
wit the b l rile'w e in
parts X sg Ne. N l ut. a n-
tualastice fW and 9wtot. bot
M-St. Frak Smiley, who ha de.
Yloped Intr a fine pstol shot s

lo has b- aAnd 0ir so be

rao upse- 1#0is rep1b ad b at sb
leitu, ti al6t1s" l wimn-lr..
tow up a JA

thea weI Ls
lt to$a th ato ansy .
evr t shortly lheter ep
their fin to be're and taXy

have t et up telar onad tosi
Vali fAl oonbrl hP e will
include the women and a dbea n.
Iirt n the fesavit ins. Cut

res. buit "her aredAt malta wf
hake t gpetedl
I fwill be fbk fry for wie

IIse alsoobe a wienie roams
andwith breer for p are wl also be on cu

hrate, bwt there reupplt mainy
athe &F.ecertaNacdl al especlo
yre will be i occasion.

berobeewween the d by experts.
SThere albo.a G wion C e roastwi
andr beeoor and on wl alo bev o
1 or t l occasion. gazons

Ah mornI n's m ist match will
W. out there prpered to pop a
I fr Vietory I All shooters can
e par. with five hig& scores to
Emnt for the team. The course
flUbe sthe Camp Perry course of
afe, aU at twentylive yards. This
has been arranged to avoid undue
0tVaIn and wear and tear on those
shot pollee barrels!
It ias been rumored that the
Old Men of the MonwtaIns, Mr.
L. Todhiunter Todd wi Amrsent a
hcturs on "How to impto your
rifle im." right after lunch. Mr.
Tedd should be an authority, be-
cause anyone who can go from
OF ut of 400 in the first match
of a tournament to 30 out of 400
it the second match sute knows
bow to imprmvel Holding this lee-
tre last wilI give Iveyene a
oebase to go home before It arts
without missing any tied. How-
ever, this report figuresr 0on be-
ing there and aying until the
Iwt. He wouldn't mIuss ae of
Golden syllables for any.

iANANA nl "U... .

toblen bat B1

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, .j.
, r ~ i^

-, ,". ..-

W 6 *w

W ., .

"_A4.ue T-aehG o W- Qw Vico77t ate,. eio g

4,sa_ Prince C harles, wa c th eir M ed Cterrffnetbn le escort asse ble for c O decided fe to send derogatory J
4o4to t u.tice DepIr Idd a r seome 6 phr._
dt oepcrtpt ofao t eearLih After M- ..

tH und For Gibraltar M,71. .et ",. -w
to(te.,A Ra0dio T5 uoto t '.--

Y o Ol d O T -- The rsh Royal.';ly, Queen Elizabe.th11, Duke .d.d -it Wat Sen. AumP er he took of an four himself w .
y pro e nd prineighharlesvote h the irwo Mediterranean fleetescortast e b l fore.W i n mosta s msu nhs baroreate b n omm jtent,-sl
D e I<^ tseedn I..en Her Lifeyah Bt-b It a fraudulentt e'sn his i d vero gatoitny .
ajAR.May (UP -t h t hu pho d.i ^ on the' step at try pap grans ted to Bpania~da 't out its aiutheth g McCarthy retorted oft SteY- he hope thed wld1e do-
Iis anctim ednt ii- pwroetm here to a look at The colon recruited d a speolal ( leat a He b a i annouin han 131 aqUIII hPaagu co't l et. 'tier-
bastion Monday do- th e ikew, Wrports m au donstabiaaoi of 200 men to H- e caretdhtat Symi eto e Arn wald her ) tRd a liot astlegal unl l-
protests of neighbor- tey would remain a- slst th on pol force. andecarohed obrat ts mun- an d otsr hated Ao Chtppestt,*Jte
and -r dependent r t ihe royal a t tritan- ePrm aros pte it r o ther bo in e th ratedoo ofd. 'M IM u -
h oheuon tFor-n Dvi- wra caed t bc h re ar wrhad p. g St e, ya,, .-.ta n, bh m

d potentially hottest alon- pae ts from LitlrQn artov- non-working iewiena atierh oa itho otff te c norevea. shown th of a emphe_ __ -__-
e routd the I world ed here well befate th. vi-t to the isit festivity t : Awir of lu t do t 10 day. on the w m n .. o. -.antI
sa expected beak- oversee security precautions. o raw permits that anlw n Steveldh heil e k wa tyi n m Han WTMd ea s ess- S S
thatShn.etLny er he took frre M m

tJfons S ecros Ai* the rontther paniords to live on the Br4 McCarthy's oetburst eldo Boshow what he 414 taE- aj liona
lb De pitorder to p out possO n Hible aer iLifet was a- r te i-- -Iat eo kmebod ein p The marathon hi- h but did not e ,
fi c -ators. informed sources said permit were bdyt sent has eena ltyEatt olat* a howed no sign of end, 4. dcCar i' ea .that
ieroun oct. Spaen- poli-ce canceled hundreds o tof- restricted.u. ot e s fie d Io ab ahon n e ..
E r "o eio con -as r w m ireauit ate selthree ,

01- roster saheWri dtoG reSte irT*A rc
a-.s ge raeurnoedd to her t~o hrl Ad i A *of :a oA9a0 ar- oa a h

nto o Get Bored At Daidy's r eo Game w. aeto beok f teldr tt 'srk c" r.e m -g the
b1oPthi 11, land to ba r their 0c t an 'erI c ny but-lnotn -w orutniet er, oreuDa1u to.afe .. .... y"

M u .e laed **"t loTed wt Thek bo lot er l egta, .tt -dimd r emmacny y yesterday brough- S t 0 ttet,
tr a BeOt a mherseato en Le i at ot el n d t es la w .

B 1,"^lritl e ALarale.a JMa 'p tca' (tP l fCihale n cal it a hetoer me ur ntdo mset Ar I '< od de Ie t sc i
tiie--yeakIn P- hemrathnhelr nthei other d wt she fa bu t'" Ithat Hoolo had- i,
t aole related u and rea Te rde of I the f daml yt r ... o -

-MiT eond p splvdato nsn C the ara rt h huas t eonlen.O Hte -
protessI o neih or- Mt W t r eu m ai s-ms the to kenresu f ore .aio oa *b Ro-,t --- -. -i -1 d e r Ie nn Nove e. to .n -'

Sbrm eaohrl dr ae lr tare m ohe r "nire aS l a qi

ap -ie Ae e roy Ya StqIa aromas n thdbr de An tim rI e tneIoITGIundez -
t- Ad. outr .o""csDa d y" A ba ckr earinu ad in-.AM1

mtilet c Akert B .ahr a thare"m eteatd gultgat wso the st bcommtte e,.. tAhe.,, E. m
Ar oya Id rr uL-dlr .oT 1e qe- t ioonthin abu o-rmdt

o prtet. ae t. lttod l 94 eP "'Rn Tev e n llme "ine a p11. ato Stevln s. sh wingth HB I e er-C
w de s b m er vce n a rn 't he iw oreednde but. h nales 1eeen armouth untieh t1staortted a t- 24 he itO m
ac ro m s-.tther.11.. .et g no d d a n to n e ne tr-,
s "crso.T "h Bu' I m'Dtaeoand osrto hies ameM.d icCarth t wst ifyingmtshe.The57..

Br le sep ra"i .their l a 1aed1n= Oi h hthe a n;ew dwan o wstine, a bet h r a o.mwom rt a seartma *' ce o- *nsdr iiad dcrb t'
S e o Tf pealrmni0 owtoF "i whpc mo t r a th freou o

I h iyranace m B e ba itralse o all-es iay bure gtee, a bd for e tor-wor, d erst.bI ind .anp of n
Ond t *lBe Mnd a t heon p o roath e etow o cC eal ha rIn4.16 ,Hemrbu by didnnto e p pld t c
~o The tto n m sn to ee oces a r ted r es eae of- s-e R obeftC. Coli ha e fcei ae A sri SDe nocJtose Mcarnhycin hovie s re swidtdcoe t an
offic ilh-polneiancel diohndr d s a lof en- s ne iheret Pe ttnd .Ingemtapfwanby~iW
W t sic v ous con-o scuriytnferr tioathadtc re a
d ic V io fe sa fothlownoea o hoeplen Iiatly e o g y re-aiorsora, e- seonsntWlin"no
IMP e sC e ed p 4Herott M rep y' u et uMcero e te d uer ate bt*e*e
rto ya l 3 VSacmos o l __ell_ d G Ltr. y dmecp o rim aoue J- rn-T

.ucoId bp er s er dor, n loc atha Perern moth hhil thre soit namelu averted i- Hart-y T ruman G
al true' iesetr, m a a i bl d, in ot ee P an- oWioaaltls, d el.tedor oter tor co er t i him of -e n .

iltndOthtrolotaer voacantybulleids no ca ogesrm itt t the c tl ye sthe and w oul erd b"hav e tohmkeir nea t re
IssOed ,th s nerByoh Pedersot PreD' t f 'ra pro enr" stand,- w ashen.As m

ears ago.. .lo l theclssifiedmlg on" the aewi lbepr i8ye -wC rafterWelchl u n
C hars mtia stimone stherday boumetng a oa e A part omalescbe te
out-thatopartsnof Itetrtf h b u,
*mowa st& Al LNd A M a g toup a. 44 v ) Bte e proosel d Aname e of. rn thewi Mc arthy dah t.tres abeof th am dathe .
a heW.dtcal.mwithaa eew u1 -yn d Demo.tie -oe

7VanCdsiro sshir gamo others a Hooo s "p ony."d b ebybn to help plan s t n ak cote a as
old ta siitte o h osao N'redpl C e ec eo ral goss in Noveember
eempeetF0inD r"es t in They' te Pa- t subc omtteer -

ro.f seeaiSCivic onciTmarity onferredwith Hveruer y r ueeiners wh I i S bad our A fwed whFo d.

nd A erica n tetacaci in enoftose oihat and gn e te tat-
rbaistdeithefcforoze thend am "tl"0in

groups: asndepartRdothe asta tcarth's"otteu" ere ebsodTenlt

oeerren- Thername"Lo-moi"willebe r "onJl" .aoctmem_--"e
C iw tiun r "n keeinran-pheelretnamssioathOtetiieani 2t stpwoaa
gatd Yoeniadj 2- ytec hnrdeint to e noew fundwich eoument aaty OPc loes el"lI eonedigU

,th lteiamic m id, short- bi d n or erbatim esbyt
and repote r,'ar lrorthe gier ad man OeNICE e N. Trt Kad he
h oioduaeowthat aienenthihCts llhlA ,t "M ty h id
W te thecat.nying4 at ire a m te as t he api tsp rdM t wo na n village are b t w t ,d
baotl-a brf.t atown to el bars ther- ad bter s bhor9rer."e theirenolk
ats propose a meprrhrIro-to mak af llIn'l id i. the reaas a r ent y a o i .
UM O = 0 Btpr, c to 7 Wo r sbe eatites are. al m" to ts ile-ofee.

oile Cup eh appliatil CiE' P Daaax nihs i e l =te bratio S ept l-P

ow II4ptnrelsl s.lbe ahemrra s w re movemen t. "
ThelittR waa pro. The beardsr have posedaarof Robert

rther a r .t onhhihasao A m dae raoena t rdn h upsiy proteste p
c efbearo JcodraondeboardmingeterotewbsDreeo

agemouoh t;0leadrseThyndelacredathe y w
ert nt Eliz a .,Pearkere the beards ds pea
fromphecerroMdhe t.o'ead rk p. et
Fcllal aa'ncu.6rt-oitd hrdtttimeatpo r oer
Willad210 .Mc aus 1 '1tufe Army-McC.:d earthy t e ar"were ersaid. tr ai n aonmrby hivwT het,
h~ lt n g Ad L Eal onl teere e Of the 0016 mn treegketeepi ngbearns0,e11.
itd, onrI o e the' ~epinl with he treet naesm~ellCOrh ffiergaveer.Josehpihaameup. wqthochec Interest"
l-,Alden seiinse
.-mmg1s the n .eaMoun min t v aeewt hed"

Chale wo q ir lnth c asif ed R M I.,- ,, w th n f, d ysqesio ed-hth r ,dcu en, D mo ras s rei.ab y ".- a_ a pl.-,i -



ine"torA Agg siAUm afl OMESS Gov. 0.:
MS MOma -otf Canada tolvs a standfth ovation as4 ho s
me-m.n of Ogre0 In the Home chambw. MI
PmgatM> [,I 1i Vce-Preldeomt.chard Nixon (left) =i

AWQ A G~NiA3cC6'u


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