The Panama American


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The Panama American
Portion of title:
Weekend American
Physical Description:
Scott Family Library Fund ( donor )
Panama Times, Ltd.
Place of Publication:
Panama City, Panama
Publication Date:
daily (except saturday and sunday)[may 12, 1973-]
daily[ former oct. 7, 1925-dec. 4, 1966]
daily (except saturday)[ former dec. 10, 1966-may 5, 1973]
normalized irregular


Subjects / Keywords:
Newspapers -- Panama (Panama)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
Panama -- Panama


Dates or Sequential Designation:
Oct. 7, 1925-
General Note:
On Saturday published as: Weekend American, Dec. 10, 1966-May 5, 1973.

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University of Florida
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All applicable rights reserved by the source institution and holding location.
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oclc - 18709335
lccn - sn 88088495
lcc - Newspaper
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L Loit ters Fined
tn Balboa Court
X hAtidful of lodt"tCr. !l

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S-French eatinef Jn Crisis
wra. o -- ,
Ade PAgit May 5t) sIIace when Ifdoshlna tlOts are start-
fcabe thrat m a ttrnet in at. m t-
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us urgent mne -a pigriae father cri-

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726 Late o goey dtst bim li.talts
aond thua andangM titleneva s M Geoares
cofer 7 -.- B auth e l_ three
00T0e will b8 tattognorm- b att or his
tIw 13, 13said. qnd n t a IBi t' the
S w to alikjoari tin if
1- MO-oiWt Jfor -a f voamate V t Defenem
Sveaeli t reber lsal fr Conmunnit. to whih
Sdtelkiledoft the both aGigtI unlt
ber SA. TWE. be M
srla es tamrOO MW 5, in said. d vote#a ilvAl thej
effoot: ^; Lante gover B t norr6w
Do you want FrBada)OlMot a may very weI bU alm- I
Malgovernment at thevry iAgpMt ed at aidault. ,

ipCpS. W. who hi
oriord. w m. ma
J t tlafor
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algh. Wthe 5, l b "Tl ,,hammersdr o ,
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ni the a bef1 e d& of Ire u 1 e TheI
luh o tsaaSto ntha has f endof the. w M is
turns th rs4Into a grave- r -the oy-unobtrtt- s
a f, of rebel ed sA paracsuted rein- R
fdwi ~e c orcemenoma bd o ouppimes.i. fer 1 i
The- rebl reriouped under Tshofi tfrthegl e u t t
cover otoiht at the stronghold th e strong t be0 w i. tl
paraie d ntt-ie tingl
o s onthey M yPe dOy and held makiupe.four mwtre o. e4g- f1 1r 1 rhatthe .i
aal tU : ned attack by hoPl .h. r i eKd btr e n i

tWy tfl deployed his A 1 ut'$Irge aihaurs 3. eije- -
Ia ol the expect- 'fli in d to t S i tTat tfor
ad. deaAJO brd"tfIg the unlfiCathm deor dirioi a "W
n ien6d looks n own eMnS w the Itt "Ateme.. W
FrlhU' psehtl ar1S t l nonD OrI =ea .
r 5 on reach MlJe. coffee Iro"ue no o
-It r Jug south reUulC t ny.Sd- ToeW 4o.*t
he 8 irpl ae Couto~,a sai d he f r er e bla stetw
e S to rteive s w sldw e do-
MR- by air. (Cnti~au it Pago, 4 Col. 8) tbs f nu it 0 ua!
p hold is one of 0' ly. IunRP O to th- "pUm.
o lIve major defense Alto'To Conduct on ". a
now make r p the uth o W am tk
racI annot identify it fur.. sesSi's ill DOth l4.t Dh W" tiat thea ea a
Wtt.y S.'.. .. ',, ,w confemnce hl produced no f A't4
. er during the night. dei' U anied at h ba no trn- now.e
aelane out of the ed fInptwor eonfereoe at 0GOP
A 1Cy asose ar RnT mo r1 Whd ,a otod tok e IRMsO a -
sel t ha been raining Ia n oleave to ke 1R
teadlt nc e Sunday -- an' 1 oP a Fajr w I rdhn d *
manxrifse aid with the 4f ad aonrt lo owe re
I&f pmust make U 41wjt 1 coanductia m ,,
2 ohherlfeion tdn rebel bewT tedumor
some tes Home TovPh
P U -houdners. French ources r ou e creth d tr- ed Di
ald. i .eunnot supply hhi 49,- cith'f tgfrt wil be held m he O iruel l x-
0Oo manuan uwrroundig Dioen Sjy, ^ tWi!i ySdad Friday .i.w ngte
MGM eEhae 9. Meanwhile In Oaweveaf.t
Rims was eummiig D N wIll be United States and Brtain werm TroIf l
out e Catris whose air on u d Threty momn- reported today to be piuhing aA
zWlrf-t e n been misnlg m .oe lg bg at d:30 o'clcok dih e to lI-e up P Ice and Als 1
the lrt begn the May eay and eoo, Monday b outmeat Alan en
the AYMon week Mond -- .,
M-: A major Mp. throg iThe Tuesday clidipg India, aot fw y ugu
in l anmouncei by the Co V ad trnoqt session I c rea on.
ce fand s= ha snot bo e will 1:0. on the fformevd mugre ildd lS
mado. other d begin at aiM wan to get geiasatos I rW
Fren bi hgh coT'cmialoner Mau- o'looL.. a tron etand. one a Mee Sh

Wr Comes miome To Par s
PA '-W.y X (U"P)-a Mw-. Moro, A,, wert stretch. de Q S te (DienDimPDamw.
44 T. walked slowly oM=n erIs merovl gra y Al blan- m.a., )fir),.equetly," -Bt dI^i
Sn I DCr 4 tiat br~~.ugt keis. T. t -s-- belte
A w to Paris'Or- Most h*4bu tR* of Dien 'CoMmilst) dll
u at from the hell Bign 1k ;l elle a bout me lea i

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o DOT SWORMo ...

ofer reading e thetthe li nt lrnor r6-
to the ca nal.tet to write aImme-
bwcma of dner r SpjtA a rIhaveI
8ibm4wha t cooled off, ana would lik to ent as follows:
1. I the attitude of the linutMeant vnor antd thee Health
ag oelTh41 pu"bl c (em
the IsthmuPest to "go out and
The at tment of the lia r o
aI i ur own doctors** ad breathee hs in your home toyn"
1i : An'rs hasult to the employee. s .
3. I sneerely hope that aneiter the lieutenant governor nor
tMemebe of the hierary ever aa misfortune togo
i. ti k dental A Hient in, a, Not be-
BiSB .the raenain We4uAU of .the .Iw (f,(they ar
lcltl' me, and anre oi rwolt C.. bt b. a.e
S t okf t.em an w ld il, tllA and the so ort staff of:I
a mU tsand dtis to properly ea gor the needs o the
i Who does eye work? Who d f lay work? Is there a
bld blak? What equipment la l nWve you tried o et
a d l appointment lt e ate e tc.
4 t is not for the employ bring medil facilities to the
iana A Canal. It is the bounden duty of the Canal Zone govern-
iatto furnish adequate medical and dental les for em-
W tlbder the present set.-p In the th Bureau, the At-
1aofidde will continue, Ias ). to lack proper
Med d dental care. w?. i
The reas ns for the a ortagO o t,
MW K andsule. p
aire: a. poor pay; b. poor worktl g conditions: ec.
Sofl centive. TIey will stay in ad lu reto inment retire t
hatV t aselon man min W lc'klidftSShole y cond lt t
Very ft. *W then why do they leave after be o her n It
-i they fid thee 'crcumtsi ,A !. V lC oerr then
conditions, and the Canal's proadm i.ta. l e, n te
IIIs Itiethae t the governor, the neMith Bureau and the
-moqleslldo som nest soust Pos hins -and onlea p es
n asil go r athen eort oto s horel..otr,,own er, th








akor in canal Zoners to Ilw dotor %down. here, the
nor might'conside the redan why the dpot;4 who come
MosW. SVei the advent of Income tax and the In-
rsat. l it does not. paY eoun .d
'Wve enjoyed my work as a doctor erq very, muc,. and
e to et. But It would not. It fair my ti t ask
i make the necewary sacrifices. iy father put my' broth-
m L myself throub medil school, and I want to do as
ra should they i tof w tlis or any
y7 here w,'t w 0 ,
iI earn J lust el to iitain is here and

t "tatus. ofi Canal re
Stals In haf (as suggested by surveyors
I..aiya. lthsretgr, there is only .one
.. '. Departing Doctor

we/ &A Ant.^'' i'A afjf~t.spsi-

4ageA S Uhagpitated5

4 The Ameicun -

461 city
al43 af~hls

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i the

,:.y ;'-

lab6r ezpe r J

labor chiefs. w .
tion of the .nlao
have li' e ff c d

trahtio. bpa u e i
In to try for the laber vote by ap.
lg dir y to rank ad
ie me" is at their
cseer. c .= *e a .

The first of these the props
ails which white ioue 1W
accepts e te states h
power jo opMg
Specif tdas p aL which
will be t i but inl Be t,
gives e, "the i-
act or thei oW l r I.
erstatie .tt "
This ae that te S te egis-
latures ans "wenei aWop *a l
can limi let= ng _e iters.
Or the stts ea elfi t strike
leaders mst ga3e 0 0&v =No
before the out. ut people.
Or the s cail ds ~
strikes consttute an gency,
lowaver, the Whit -Nouwe, ol-
low its Intcy of afulinlg, -
rect y- te rank all, Ot
gree clauses' these aw
poais wm would uaat te tn
the rights which worn have won
under federal laws will not be in-
terfered with by any state.
That is, the rlgha to organize
unions and the right to protection
against coercion will be inviolate,
For example, it will continue to
be an unfair labor practice for em-
ployers to refuse to bargain with
a union selected by a majority of
their employes.
The secondd proposal which the
White House has decided to ac-
:ept would deal more sternly with
secondary boycotting. A seocondary
boycott occurs, for example, where
a union striking a steel fabricating
plant thrws a picket line around
a construction job on which the
struck miol's products are used.
Thi 'means that building e n-
ractor having no relation to lhe
original strike sud lenly finds .il
own work stopped. ;
al ttulrdj l Wll w broal!eu
Udriht = aluidnessmel end ilia
Floyes to speuk at
an lat ene and some udlo at
ispeefflc plant in particular.
The White House readily tgeM
o the last two proposition,
balked for a *hDle on returning to
he states the power to regulate
strikes, pickets, emergencies Iqd
union activity in Interstate cmi
Iareb bu nesses. However, since
Prelinent Eisenhower has been in-
ldimh e a 1 w.iwhIch would .k
ood some of t'e promliei e" gaile
ai AFL at its 1952 convention in
New York right at the height ot
he campasigrle White House flb.
ally ad to yield on the "steitq.
hightv proposali, too.' ,,. '
lewow )"m only with the flt.
tiern senatonrseod
the. 1*. use get any4ind of
abor btfia&sed makidi good some
T iouthe ners felt that -he bill
is paeuted .b the enate Labor
;omttittee weihoo pro-labor. And
he sothern deeded A#.$eq
with thOgortbern New Pealer ih
,=..an_. -fibM S ha wkl@ k ln *

whatw Sere-


th ereof b prt
So Hdtarty y *-
Its .
hee l this. a con-

," ,
w4 q) *SA



---- -

:. .... I- -; .*W *"* '*. --- .' ,.

"-field he i' probably fiest pho. know more about 1 and e oI it
I have recently met again whom just go out and Flt e for months which I Eosider to be a dangerous t
I" .eenider to be a hePen man in u < ,me .withs rUimal. siy're aponr ereawlt e armed. *
the truest se nse ohappiness. Hris interested is. .. Jmrs! s >A1 used to carry a gIe!
name is Al lltte, nd in his I relkon that Al andl Elhstoday guna for prmmoie but he Ij~y
field he probly the inet pho. know more about Io sad el- ired ofit He ad to. carr it, cipe
tographer in the world. Al has pants than anybbil ever knew o so they quld:un it. Anybody els. pows
been the winning about lions ad elehnas. On the would get trod on, laut. th graft
of four Oscar by the Walt Disney ioo business they w and Milot. The ants know they trs
tnior, with esuch pitSre. asIved with various Bier of'lio. a ne 'a *ilnlj J._y
"Seal Island," "Beaver Vally" When the lions movd, the MUlttes Tb lPtt*R don't mae a great iggi
and "Eskimo," as well as others, moved with them. Al mowem that deal-of moUney wiecause ey work days
He bhas eollahorated on such as one night when he Was adCmpabh on a simple yearly salary w h b iseb
'.Nature's Half Acre" and "Bear lAg one belua friend DsIh i..e Dide Buitiy aren't i a, hurry, battle
Country." bush that the lion got lot ad he either, and ,I eoss doesn't push grea
I have known A) for about two had to show his tle way..Mi t themnIf. thy,!rt to. go and spnd Bu
years nqw. In Africa he has been the family. I believe ktat,'i:ideoe zlg: mioaullfthoi.g one trbe of oom*
quety setting about inning a .1 know hb he Works. A :. baboon;, th! go and spend the don
other couple of awards. That i e He and ELma are never dl aix ieaths is, Bisney wins the
wll win em is certain, hbecuse When thy wait and wat theRie ftJdsa, a. d bittel
nobody @v0t took Ictrnp In, quite animals to do something a pan
Ssame waty tt Al n his ful the camera is was wa 4 Far better othitwo y Il bve i

asau. thae oe .~_~.~. utqi a.iS, li otS
ootan eepheant or n out waving *trgei fe yoii pise when you leAt dadei
. t h lap.. Others assame that At and ElVa.onces ta th tq room to spend a geny, this ima
they u uip emaselves with under water at an is enarkablte hve
oae e unters a at re- a because tey e N long ago .I show Al ladut
ies of natives. Not he flotte. curious about what hbpod e I had made. It was rough. To
y lust hop into a power wagon when they aub sd. t shape ad i one eq uee. i t
a a Jeep and talke, off. They a bi tatk nd became lippe r said mildly d "That's nice rain." ury
don't crrry any weapons. They the l0 day. And they also hive I felt as i too, t h, ad won an gilve
don't even shoot for food and they spent mrW time than anybody Academy Award. That Is what the in CI
ib't kiac aney nativ staff.. Tbhey eing -aboeat with elepMdis, Milotus areU.le, irrije

., -t -
MAN ABOUT TOWN headless are almost ready. Visiansky office na ltter
y- a Vidk fc hgnovered 90
rsM. t mlamy Manvillae's (ever Headline: "Irantm PF-tod Near $3,200 depu "as bte ola'e byt
? kill, lil.Y." daughter Za :idal .
e *... -0W -ibq 'he psychic. Ran Paul -
dlt. O..t!^6utla town 2 yr. Ago. -They i -ick Condda (Marthea
_.Zul ,-m,'tIdan I .aye, ex-gem) hal' covered
4 March lth, 1953. She wants Add Perfect Timing: Coplien. from bet s i wedding. Happy
Spermits revoked. trial's a sue features ith Clew Jhos, a pretty blonde.
*t .. ... .- "' .siB`= Lewlaburg" (d-M '
-d.k llesher SapsRoth) Gwen Grbves (dgia of tle6 A
o got indeited. .B project GeneD) iand Brit-
Vfa Itsat a aeears plus a$O.OO fi*. PtVI b ar ban
s -. ......... --, ,- scummy mUthp.n a so loehgrinnbg' aL.(et als.r
.. L- bhaeg lice record. ;:e. Sime ". -
isGaaor' s petent ail Stuwart, h hasn't slept Aft Ge. res tied fo
sts w nany amOhAs.- .Lo merlc t.togSea Mr-b
H Botbampbes (0f L ChW Trcoet :wh im on the a oaly, a6 .ad
Mao hav,, chums depressed., front ~.ea wih, a ay yarn _Would you i hi tidlT" Un-
.' saf "B t hat eMwoulA ed. Duke heuitatlngly, ie rliOd: .1. Sir."
The pape ,s thI e (whiBbe debuaked.portedl -
ditto Ma was "sigileant ut ul.000.ifor a woman
absent at urder.ed broth P r cu dofnini 15... lated ( a n: A-Point of
^W^ _t :", -; ....I* n ro p* g Unored h m.) Oreri T.sto tI pi taitn
a Ok Mei of
may t..e .bil headlines wi l who osa .are Bg
^^^. n fr( Mn witnosset hWe geh Ub th6
'Th -~"'s .'. 'th A dm w"ek" .-l k thi
e .. of it famous divorcee Coqrt fAvm i.tblt'.
t ells alql he .may have his ri sW I of i eterS They re-
A AyL & ot lit In a rest home. an", -o ai- iil Com.
Lt !dhe H&t' MW nheimer case may csmilttee In "' d.)g
with a tay. ( is bushhush.) prove mu hotter than the if.
Quite--- s trial If "t isn't tossed lmt to6 I* -i th il -'lae. alce
t se kne on front of the Cort lap" of the Atomic Energy Cont' t -.B era ii and
er when a wife crowned the mies. To prevent a whitkwash, fpp rayntaslin Mudialsaais
Ilrled of a stage-hand with her -write Senator Jenner and protest i~e-'nj ev -
Sletting the AEC handle it. -
Vesailles' co-owner Arnold was Red Face Dept: Dr. AufrM ...
'ebbed *al$1(, in gems. Valdmanis ( 130,000 per cow f i
nomic chief of the e da ds
1 .! Ree." probing the Govt) has been arrested oraod
l e" d actl0esla f -a of Premier SmalMwood. T T~e'
mous doctor? Who special. was a Nazi collabber lf atr
les .In (deleted by edhe). ThT years ago when hi? record viat "It waI M
-as a itier official) was '
SrotMlaiI'a skewp: Jhanoe Ru. lPrilur Siallwood i t' ad
Uella bhmeI a i asRoad Hill R ad charges we re. ix
The Bob Sterlings-- (AHa e Ha. asn't 1ste --. A. Hogan "Marq--.
mi e lrt'. t
a o ibe

ieM Lor quit her waltsa
a seeikume u. Morad) hive nt t e
"4 a I (G.m hae i
m ,- 4A- ---n.n..a..i_ ". mI
,imE. is, Waill-

,--0,1 7,

Gas I


op th

'-th ust a It e t
WiM 'tyehetil
ai secretary of the ilurm 9om
- ha give thgre lightto a
rsa l, tD yI ri y
Irat .ea vo
ifo M i l vote

tlu r tit'vU & i
i, giveawl y tiN elr .] al a i

NlU h atI

get aroeud Uw twow..po
.lel4atipnMa ots iqel
!MclEy Ab W .pu

ition developers .
and Eleetric. In adtl, t

Ibachel, lle ins.

>a .kr. and usq elE.. ----

Ab b ot ago. bb
using .

r. 4

- t-

-.:--. ,'* -.*

; ,'- :^ -. '.

a.- ., ',








- -~~T----- ___

-C- --I---l*-;n.r

.... 7 ,

--- --


I .:~.*


I -

_ .

- -- ---'-- ----


31 oemnunion
U~as ImdayI
ilw 1l

iI .

;", _. .

Ciitimd am .. .. '. g

S sad D. Ste l

. i.. ,

rs from the Red. A
M g1ot 6tbe easy
IsA Its qurbea
t t. bride.
-u itt aktar when
was imflnoumBd.
Ir soHer left his neat

apparently frying to

eoa'l b ro fh-
ther-i-law a ls o
M the verdict.
one of Atmerl-
I repatradon af-
Col. Claude J.

their mind and refOroed home.
Bochelor also- faces a court-mar-
The outcome of the Diekenson
trial, which started April 19, s ex-
S to set a prmeedet lor the
A 'sis haddUlig o similar eases.

S ...^- : .
M.I'.luail filth MoSt. Amep

dWin imon ba.ik ,
business In Cat ai
d writes on the, ide.

AWAITING WSi FATS C- CO. WS& 8. -lckensonA S7b
Straitthtefs his te for himat W tn. DiakenbjMbeI
found guilty of collabora h t d. and oft
fellow pridOSerS to North Korea.

Blast Traps Miners in

As Women, Ils Weep In

GROSSUTO, Italy. May the t1tdm m eight ,or.. .
(Trj-wumpma peaeut w ul vived te xpliona gas.
sau Gnuuant ..f a u e. rst l* M soune came from t eater-
uay, as liw rLwasU woVMraa **** .I y air holes dqg la the lft
ubu'asiin uwas to save aba earth to lt the gas -mg o the
epaA a co une -. _.- br _w 'a.& on.
toleq, arommest asu va- b Sa, m bft-is ijlS
rqscuenW $ug men By ch swebi :lbe @ SO '
ae Ataltt, ,uw ien un rgnus, Ol te colaped .in;.,
were toe men have mO wSaf penut Sotb a' Wo t,trd
r Son at's ,I, i- S
eth _or. t.ip -wit ,~. aATf.. wet o r

amen MesMPO- a!MtOW1 asM gb> b *
Plug atoa U- a.ea a- a v-t
.. etaslmm *also*uS&5t- sieW A ilfl petred ot dar.
eiss. -r r t hefitO.ail t

has takenP adaOi-
r a a smauee
k..ottter ~a~sm r trnk.
ft OTs a bo there
and li s prop i minla.
Sbullrg with seatB capacity a'
He also manages a .6lot bull-
figt academy which constitutes
iton. tw ieal l,."
The or Amerleainsa* other
fmm-Spansh buli tui ee is A
Im for mo s This
cludes private lastretfsm five
tty a week u-room nod board
as the Frann helmeted. In ex.
change Sidney drill prospective

Underground Wafer

To K ,eep H iT
Alr.CoidAK n d
OLIN OAKS, N..Y: .;-.4U ',-Un.

: .

'rnu4fl asacal lal si litefr4 a s .,i
utaeuf pe*utalr have uhed to tbei homstSo S*
4s4 ntae itsieraton clous girelatovO s dSfi r
inflation t the ast eadem n polce. -
It estimated tat for the piod eWon writing at the a--th i
1M6-U, coraprofits were ovl O th n we pt ad prayed res-
stated ,by 1,000,, or nearly cue workers emrGWi,, t btevals
one.-tl, to say "nothin new.
awit htoThere was but a Rat t hope that
A #ChWeaadycampay- wh---
0would hes had its profits cut
400a:inve Trntory and de
pret edjsmentm to compen-
sate for changes in the price level. Iu g e St
*rge *p o

I NEWORLA S M 5, (1U 1S)

structure to e foreign
rade and .a ore
3dfficient r O t custo-
i n eusslos here of ltW Miss-
sippi Valley Trcadle Cc l.=
The conference adopted a res-
S solution Friday alag the
Federal governmwl t to adopt the


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BStifat dBWeM knowut, MaU

an Afr, the -

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DANISH A more liberal forein 'I

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for sir

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r IMAer fire to rt o weer. In ie w
hod be. .eald off tei same a ls are used
Sb m"f tTir me- cie~~late heated water, warmn
a, opened receafl. the teoowms rough radiation.





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fived do mnck...

4ty l d 60 t. o0




Remember Her on

May 9th'

with the Gift she prefers...
a gift from Pelx'.s

* '

4 41
P *%

A NEW DRESS: We have Jut. ulqcked beatiUftal COITO18
in all sizes their iotn Spa ke Jbe
new paint yet are washable and cool
lfom l14.95
A NEW HOUSECOAT: Then are o new ones NYLON ad COTON .
ort or long

A NEW BAG: Handiangs galek-whl te d In I l edela,
washable-revers'ibl* inen m ta .

And, of course, we have lovely Nylon I aN, Ce~tu JIewely and oI
the French Perfumes she lves, at very us te pries.

F LIXl, tX *R P.
31 mSnMrl AveDm M
A w.. .,e
X 'd : i



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*.I'."9. *~ .
..4 1.

I .*j~ *T~~


, Sat


Open duriaenon hen. fer ir esmy U wA,
Pak free On oetriet on ath p Jul A. Pee$Wgh




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W .. ,IF- .l, :-..
,?J -, ,. ,. -

f HA Loan

Bm. Wbrrv F. B -r

o'ecuti buildersW ho eed 'rr-J .,"1 fl- a th-billion dollars nadt4u I sf '..whicb re-
Htillap* pOflts by obtain- sultMtd i ,on to the govern-
government insured loans ment. Uj he government takesi
apartment projects tfar in ex- t .a there will be a,
i rd said he has been In- g on their loans. Williams
I the. Justice Department predicted.
I "diapoted" to take ac- The government has had to
Said the windfalls "were tak over 273 of the 7,000 apart-
I rsal te u have eat mortgages It insured under
t6a1lon meivhere." the now defunct postwar pro-
rman P. Mason, acting corn- gram. .

"lit.' ~

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nbab de F ';i


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-- 164*..' j~.fl ~ #1A *1g.. :j*..,' ~ J
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Alum.> .",

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&NOW. "

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Ni~h M0


-ateU; 300

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1 I~bn YM aw died ,ohL mint
"d am sa.

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thd wide vorld


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to your fingertips
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m~. f a. 1appelarted *ftt
a so q. ..* b n usw

7The ; Beautiful




"ir h tfoen, U ,-,,
.; (4 -r B -
Mfinr 4. tablespoons our, I p
.llV, 1% cupS grated Amerwea
S Tabasco, o a tu u salt,

P0" Ma|hreae ht and- cooled
1 ki f aadd Tabuko It 8onp .
Beat egg white m stiff.. Fold
Inl tn ehewBmv. Tumr imo a
Mu I

ig b e. T ai

ey. ut o 1 cup.
WW 1 ,g. .'d i,

lovely gifts

artificial flowers and delidous chocolate


(Both across from Ancon P.O.)


B. 'B. ~

a ~j9'

14 ilyii asssta
s* a a bor syar .
*p tio 1mthto ji b
dwY'sn.ih^fh how bm xmj)rw

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NEW ^t


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a.- **' I '
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*' I


; .- .

Opposih the La Mersed qureh
Tel., 22.U64. 4M



~jI *~'
a,,, %a. .1
*..* B. *~BB
*'-*-'.'*'~~ sr.. -~

I ",e-', .I 4 ,
S.1 *. K';

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but Nafrlb

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,*dWaum&a. drw. tmpa.
J-di two t du mya eun

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S. LO-. OU r .... .A,-Mlf-S"
k I R :.a1Cass p iD.-
:: -""-" ;6L.

-i17B-i .


Eight pe m W1AM I P roth S
I lo, od caditiz, $.x oths old.
,~s. rnd fhit. tir.
3903.piecesoilfldmahoU6I Tel. 3'7lf ,ob 29th St. No. 22. lara. Low 141
S, go condition. Ql dAL 47 mble Tudor.: .... ,
S87-5140 or visit Qtrn. ydrometif YNo., oad tirs, seat ers. T "
,Ft. Clayton, 6 p.m. over,, nditiol for $400.
SAE-9-cu.ft. Wstinghou.s Prefes S -D. Cuundu.
ator $115. Excellent condi- FOR SAL I B 1 quick super, ex.
S M ...dlnnreom chli; -- '"O: llent c good tires (two Fu w 7
& reel. 2613 C, CcOliP, Phoneflnew) S.-Houe 0855-A. N BN
3185. __ Balb3558FOR SALE.
C-----=F---ee p cl. $325; mic;abuto p rt. BM, Cosino oB ,
LE:-Brond nw 25-cycle F I FOR SALuw947 Fletmoster Chev- 1946 1100-hp. Ford emgine 75;
*Wire unit, model MM-74. Al- Vy $575. badl. and other extras. radio $5: metal tble $5; air corm- FOR RE
5236. .2613-C.C oh, Phone Navy 318 pressor $75; buffet drit- r,
E By Air Forcp couple: FOR SALU:-tat# 1950 Buick Super $10'; a* .-i Lr rgtO
S le bed complete 1 $2; 4burn- Riviera, ln axtellent condition with 0 c Sric,8_ FOR RENT:--Chlit bOrrf,.tiv.-
e tover$20; frtt.l"dre"sel t~ae i Te-he refrilgerbir _gllN. ie..
S Ap3. o 44th St. 7 tirTelephone $250radi e groom, dningro1w, klte I :
e10 91 4ftshi 4s$t-,or) $20;. M-P &1`9
'm e Vista. after 4. Pp.m. .,.
.. 4:30 pm FOR SALi:- 1948 1ismobileHMy- yci 2e No.. I
I SALE:-Bendix automatic wash rmat rdle, two spes. Original motor. 5 fZSt.. during office hur,. Lretaier
S r, 60-cycle, good condition. Phone owner Gatun. 5-364. 1 ol 2-442. side building in eonstructi ih
ry Height's 4261 dais. Albrgok FOR SALE--193 For V. 8 4-door, FOR SALE .RN' : _Cotige 6251 Now
.. 5. evening. fr ra- 800 t. lo. edilJlent condi- 25-cycle Or frail. S l, AvoilabbMay 14 thrulh
Id01 LE-W.inghou refriger n, ,.Ft. Guik 88,238. bed, el 3ly 3. PhonB, alboa 2567.
E2-cyctle2ouches; 28-23Small; beds her e.Tel-
25 sI FOR SAL h s wh t done.1, u New FOR RNT:-Furnished chaolt or will
D&cessp n.w build ig 600-14. 5. anl d 6.4005. Cristobal sell, beautiful beroomd Mlims
Of I gothl. iNoI. 22. FOR SALE. -to_ p". -rnitur dinng ro .on..I. Apo nw. ,I
io-10rodia-redordcafo dnroom set. A .i
gSAIr '-25-cycle Eosy wash r FO Fod V8 2-do ~r new tA .;i935 from phono 82-2418 .
hidu scdi&se "asi h, nmn"- atch-$0 st. oert FOR PALE
.. di.t ing. table .4with 4 .ihilsdn 4p i co.M
d 2'. e t ot 3c9r o r_. d.2 FOR RENT: Unfurnished or semi-
che drawers '2898 Gor- FOR t FO tALE: o nderwood typewriter furn large 3 t4-dr
--goRood. __y r PowNerg l. wht ro sidwl tasedi. Lesr .4-hGcod condition. b-- phen, 3 o 4 l er-522e nc id
ALE :-Lvingroom s t 45 5- thnt I f if Prled fo quick FOR SALE:- Mon's.i Wol nw, quietly neighborhood. 48th Street
S dining set $45. Albrook.86. 0s ner horn, size 4 4-5 6, No. 3.
g t.. A Pedro Migu el -
F RSALE:-One 5-piece wicker liv- SALE OR SALE: Upright pl good
om. t. A .0777-J, William- condition, bro O Li Bo-P T

re set, e mirror 85; line. 225-h ch, depOaity 50 fumiid pm. ,
sleoUn U 9x 5 and 9x 12. All Pgood 8 nc C I Ur- _dricei. fob_ ct l TlA
Bcondit. 52 Apt. D Ham St.b a S.A, Te. 3 uLOS tt for sur, f i ng d, h- s tne 4941
Diab'.5 54 ^ S_- ..* sell Snnda w Bela FOR RENT:--prh, completely
-E" ----. piece set Coia Rican FOR '-SALE:- t-i. bos Y u. Can furnished. Two bedroom. living.
i ri Ph newly r-covrd. e2Ba mlBtor,. Cruat4er., Cramer. National Clty Bonk, Pan. diningrooN, servant's quarters, g-
s et lar 6372.r Bolbo. $af 4 g a;ma. rage. Please call 3.1036. Panoma.
I.e E any coffee table. FOR SAl Ir Aor cutg .-OT.-One mixed breed, long, light FOR RENT: Two-bedroom apart-
t"r chest of r- .. Tel brown-r de. hrodom' pet. ma fur h I ,t., wter.
owe~2,o an. .. w. Phone r. l .oLot at the Thrpun Clib. Reward heater,f n or tiomd t82
2-354 Ancon. 0440- Frangi- oeed to finder. Dial Coca Solo Via Porr 3-2404.
,.. o -, 8611 -c FOR RENT: Furnlshed o.n-room i
SALE:-Mahoony veneer WANT'--Mai, general houowcr LOST.--Thursdoy niht. Indies'brwn oportment, completely independent
S set with spring and mattr.s. and car, of small cuitdglen. Inu'n bilfold wlh..initals B.N.F. Finder bacny fa the nse Od
Sl 6 rens 8421 Espove Street please return comiswsry card anda A. cur
S, Mr. nd Ma t billfold to Mrs. Ferguson. Apt. 5, FOR RENT:-lIn Poitira mddrn and
d, -ry chrome din. r Building 63v, 4 of tJur Ave. Re- ideendent apartment. 3 baroomtsl
5127. c ~ ntoiMtblnnn living and din h igro mt,

"A.. .. -..t o u 3 in E : u -p I
-o f @ ^j 1 ^ -H ~ i F O R S I ~FO R R E NTf' c u t

U ti Crt afecd e 2- FOR Et'r roodm, in .amhy -reoonrapartment, parlor-din- a
M houe lndepennt, furnished. 45th ngr ,hous, independent o e 4, covered
.- .Secr t ,ry with cor te StPreet No, 14. terrace and garden. seporoe e maoid'
-,f -n-I-sh and S nich rom ofd laundry room. I l loc-
Splcaaion in t ih OR RENT --A furnished room to .ti. Phpne 2-0369o -2-0479.
Ir5 aplictio 1n 'n r- fs ,oWt oi-- A s\' aupe *tltou t hlUdNn. 45th Strel .o I
vto' odr 134. W o. 46 en. I lt... FRa RENT, Smoll apartment in
F R S E dR RENT: BeautiHfully furnished Pcrque Lafere. Telephone 3-5246
W S.. .ri a. V .m-. am alW rnom willifrivotc bathroom alnd n .e Fi R RENT:-A furnished apartment
SI a~ -l Alnt conveniences, 43rd St., for 3 months only in 44th St.
.0MwlBuiding63,____ofNo. 13.Am&
frotag 5i cres. NEW -.--- ---A or. _______ __ No.. 37, with two bedrooms with its I
SALE S i:-Beaech fro 5 table rwe pente pro- iOR RENT:-Room: Kitchen, bath- ervces, kitchen, diningroom, porch.
is from Snta Clara: td ane fl f"r er, room.c, independent $40. Via rlor, maid's room, balcony with
e 'i tS' PGu. ~ Po~rras No. 64, Telephone 3-2907. sea view, refrigerator, freezer, stove,
..ret *Wlo a ------&I ......- .- etcy. For further information tele-
MSALE:--Coo In Sbnita re- T. oai4 FOR RENT phone 2.2310.
nt concrete construction, el R RNT-From Jun 15 for our

S, dinlngr-m 2 bedroom ma V to responsible party on-
Sli tcohen, porch, garoge, u al a oi k of buine s, offices. 79 Ave- ly. Cgal Pnom 2-0143 or 3-5454.
.74 sqsre meters f Ian the .. ea. .- --. FOR RENT,-Bautiful, one-flat, very
Lenat*hio~n tephone 5- fttS comfortable, 3-bedroom apartment.
-SAL-1UILDING: Stomale The ws cy" "rs' 3 baths, anld's room ond garogei
shop. Corner 50rShanc .rougho. nbldh 150. Cal 3-1618.L
ifSen Francisco.tfIICA" I- rOR .REN, V2036coti-n quarters 0 voil.
S. t n able May 27th to August 30th
h..rarillla~a~tL The^-.h ws1ndMargerita. C.Z.. 3-2804.
I "-'*.ofth'e r,- tt "alB V I TV Iportment, lvingren, diningroom,
W ifaim ,ISeals IR-tl ihee ,',4i on"- PORT M"R- 81y', New Guinea Iporch, $150. Inquire 48th Street
toP b n -- 14 ai4r9ilia goNveronment1 No. 27, Bella Vista.
.. Ja.|a adiu-lnitrators are beginning wrkl FOR RENT: One-bedroom opart-
%,.,, plans to eulinate pidgin E5-. meant, furnished. Golf Heights. Tel-
BFor e anT Imbh from the speech of natives and phone 2-5613.
S tna My fo ti and the white ettlers.
: ,,i T a from Para- ,stove eli mnates the nee ror a Tney are working with Bruce FOR RENT.--- o"and two-bedroom ,
That there a.-l "B, om C R-obert, South Paoie Commssimon oportments, hot wtefr service. Also
.,." Samy revolit hi I S 2trasCo F laC O, .e expert, whose recomnmen ideal office locations in Devecux
Sll Paraguayan capl- o ) dao include e distribution of Building, facing Hotel El Panama.
M- I night, wehtA _*'---- e books in 3nUdsh to be available to Col 3-5692 or inquire at No.
,, plpl of lOel ti Edw venur i 38th 0 natives. 2034. ubanans Road..
i. wht before p.p.. .. i...l ch the -aai.n English Is a ueer. i.x- FOR RENT:- Furnished apartment.
same wall paper. tu of native and English words, Two bedrooms, living-diningroom.
" WSS Joo t mieO vaeast ,,' ......... whzc.h uu be l.eared both the gorge, servant's quarters. Pleose
MlairlNw Giu, ie tthWlia ePoab e thec.all Pgnam. 3-1036 rr. lease
;T pab 't ca be wrapped. a. .nd European setters. It Is expected ----....
SvarI t with head- a diSad s eniL Thisu mean that the the plan will take at least flve FOR RENT:- Nice furnished apart-
Staged the a s y cover, curved sur- years before any active group ot- nent, military inspected. Via Porrosi
1 .-..-N6TueSag epo -3 290e7ctue angles with ease. side the white-dominaetesa-, No. 99. e ,
r 1 It ltf a 0 veneer oIte speaks english freely. r FOR RENT: One-bedroom apart-
r, .". tl S n "- ment near "El Penoma Hotel" $60.
torlco-F v-RR- toTaagegenral If you buy stove, refrigerator and
d dln.te set for $140. Call Ft. Clay-

74s ef moor ton 6231. phone 3-1270 after 5
S.. reFOR RENT:-Apartment: oand 2
coBMte av6! wHIq, Va. -bdMooms Tel. 3-491 I. --
-B s e or y ia that a stogie FOR RE NT: One-bedroom apart-
4".ConeSW and oof u. a6 mont $40 monthly. 2034 Via Es-
Eioom *to Ji ?. It e oO tiga the oi AB at th *., -Call 3-5692
SI a I g hta'. iy. .ame. .sm the Cb .a- FOR RENT:-In Bell Vista, modern
S- -" ra eal the U1i eon- ing-diningroom, 5 closets. howa- I
A If ia ,eaent solve r Iis anCaster Coty, ter. Just Arosemena No. 97, top I
SwMhe I spotting house Pa.. to a the faou. Cmes- floor..

D:-3-b~amm t,
preferdly with woter
Ameriwi with one s im
El Canuetl, Camp ARo
hess iletalc irii hist ^.






i' --


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If ;an.~
us.' gun~.

Sto UI
Bxpen- 'uaems an viOtai
mTi vUJabIdasmatle Traai
.Adtl@Ssr ..
Moii #Ad Am11 Bcfunaw*
-mcsa* wo W -' io



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i l rl 'r -. '

A ,i A R K"
, & M. 49
mbe wk4.1


NEW 1954




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t the
iolbr 4 %j
r it{ W& i

B 4: C)I

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ir Frenchmen

uing r Two-Year
m W.OM T vail

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~ ~~"* "-b
.. 1-4

... -
.. ,L

r: ..,&
.4. '.- -*

.'. 4
a.J-s~L.4.~-- ~ A- 4


r-. 7


.-i._~ -~~~ ----~ I~


rr ;1~2fi~.ri.

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; Wi&f



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. ,... -

. 1

cult rale

k s'imt -
"-o- -e l see what
they ,w.7 n Wende"

The more es these
tud*dd vqrlety, ,
Apple sales in New, York state
bave reased greay .. tbi
h* ce 'tcrdgrea ylit the

'se tMj j

hold pt neithae is dayS

lo, -Idwe

boredlr Dae e
S t dse nei,- Sorority is
,hold lts i c h1 year daunee:
Sat e:30 dpre at tthse ol R
i Ntre. 'ft- *
Co., c o C S

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ot birhdae


sad gtegwtair rit
aT ed .1* crtqaga.-

O B iwi wer the I pike oa

em frs 6A41% f ur thes"a

.nfo- th es

4 ~a vista
aw n Ip ntmg a film set
wsae w- A u r BUf-

y 1 because
fets re ord steod at ,0 m on a
iii~fWKlfu e tender t<"

With I-s eys-0 t ita & rgtpicks. 01
fir %C!o~i~~ la~ia. tinifl. &*

*fetv i srdtood at tl. onI *

Spantn wn e

In th*ir

School '. ?
Traffic' Vi tore
KILUwA .(U .4U>-Jevenile
traffic volatrs are seededd"

Monday ihit two.Iour aesins
asa-ety aWn four
cause 1, vIlw rev io.
iatioes n Ithb court
rather oan diseM Ca

_I -~



"; p"j 4- J,
,~~~~~~' e --W&mmA --

if \ au A~r 7'*low~,BBBBB


h, ~oS .wTea nu

gi ur r Tufty. Kitty a
-- -. it


) -: ~~"J

,YWOOD -(NEA)-. The
Parade: A poled 'movie
Nas about to dlebrate his
, ad his wor to a

asked the salesman.

t of a couple of rival
dolls in MovIiloI at a
od u*l;t y;.Fh $u eat there

SFelds oe asked a a
to please lave the tOe.
ut die olUves in his mar-
aid Pelds, "I like to bob
Oeedw sWm making Baa
'the .o. sily about
r to a quickie producer
. The ihr was pae.
a was uni
rI URii oN,. andde-

The director said: "We str
shoo i asIa< .m.-actors of o'

OOD: Where half the

Ddlzdtlob of movig press sgentt

Overheard: He's a character act-
or. You know he's only -acting
when lpe shows character.
Jacde Gleason revived this old-
ie: An unemployed movie actor
wAnt to wrk.or a eus. The go.
tll-,W d .attn actor was
hli*,tet deo hgoihBAcostume and
do tricks on the trapeze. The first
night he missed a jump and fell in-
L- aLt .

in Hollywold I can't tell witch is,
witch." .
am man t tele :
"Nobody Allowed this Tele-

Si on a bicycle at Paramount:
..Polfe is- e- rft .: Plew D9
No Ia HttuHollywood
beauty parlor- "Where the irs
twinkle until they wrinkle."
Ak vinbrEo4t' other day
in the film.cutting .room of a audio
which has bn'tum mirng out a
i~et of p f Talklag!
'-.They put out Ih.t ze eore
it C64W much good."
Talktag about a movie glamor
doll, Grger Glass said: "She goes
gh whining and dining."
Oveeard: "me's the -ad of
Z 01 who Tblspers swbets i rag-
i I Oyew oar."
Sign on skid-row theater: "Sixl
Major Feature. You Can Sleep
All Night."
G O t MARX I spent a u-
Sat a awnk hot MW
VA n. f be ,, bg

to;the do.. It reird: "Nobh-
l but-the dresser and I couldn't
t that into my suitcase."
Depreusa musilcan to another:
One of these days I'm gogin to
end it all by Jumping lngeadfst tb
my phonograph while it's changing
Red Skelton says that business is
so -bad in some movie houses that
the managers' have asked the
ushers to help out with the cough-

udge ohtLen ,. niy of the C.nifr .- ..I.d -o
Id en a dlrtm,.wb Jtit plans and the actor screamed. .After a r
the school, aOd that the IS The lion jumped on him, slapped nia cold.
islature author a safety him with a paw and whispered: stand dip
ol Instead oLpoolo_, if de- '"uie yps jerk. Do you think "Sqpimp
ad Befo tr t lglution, you're te only actor out of a
iuhs wht ewerg epnam wit ve- job?" Jimmy Du
le violations I ile~t A es. --- his hba)r
Vhenstbe coure oauiree class J. Carrol Naish said it: "There "There's no
sions is co.m'eted, a youth are so many temperaments doll -mclwe inm
'eives a certiat. to be pre- -
sted to the,. _chnia' chart.
Lewney erpessed pp the school .
uld be 'a consmnrive ee bor Kids Get

ood Tastes Bettel Whi- Parents Serve

ith Right Decor -
EW fORK*(UP)-Cdors can 0 y
jus aL6s a n as foods, s Eac .. h WlPlr1B.eC.- (UP )- no n
,D ip IB 1ler. a toty-t~o.. lthflbor ehflden nw left in
.ieawii .yf ..erM.urtiftr take their mprisoned law- age from 0fl
.I yOr 1 ih0 e l- breaking zhandplaced 0. a co A "W
an4 comM eCaa play hob special ool here beg ailng lotheg is
h a patrto.blnek of food. to show acgt of shedding the prat- el, rn
We tred a aBirteoumuae d iea of the fae*-o95 fancyw
as, de@rtlle Steak Joint doma sect fflcia said. fancy work,
eral time and dlcusldng the The c n started school after sing has
t whi the ti. their parib were given jail terms ht of
".' Stampler euns11 "I think for nude din at Perry's i mi of t
learned m to as ong ing th this interior v said
Peoli lbod-. *'r -e Columblan town, last No-. Morning a
htheisaonr vemberWrlg
-9g r l t li15a cbs arm The school I. a former sannto- prayersA re
the ofit S' S Sd o u and Is etaned undr the songs sung-
rthe u anew oY Theo childr
BB the ing un rie"doit. every day 1
the 1s00 I w ag ise g started in i6
or howheefIs in December, jhe children showed A I!;s wbs t
bow Welt I t S:* rebqfllousstreak. Protests, damage greatest, th<
= It shad goodto .stripping and hunger visors saidL.
eui-dN a strike b0"aptsM part of the daily that they a
I.tO 'WVta il So lb3y n q" they were It
rope's ai",-. ,., Ihowever, thecldren
pler a settxg down according to

Most otiaffsw m a e Cantoe
FI Io's'Budget zfot,' lel Lot Of
heheroo= CT.
o, w$ens N.
or o00 4. Hoffman,- 13
Those a are feolowifg tbe teaer so
W DwBIMZrP> 2ddi wfl guidance a ._. Sup t_ about foe

~-----' ,4-M.L

-t southern Califor-
a highway orange
Wyed this sign:
kssed oranges."
rsante, pausing to comb
before a TV show:
t much, but there's a
very strand."__



er Doukhobor children
the school, ranging in
ve to 14 years, ar be-
esternIzed" Canadian
accepted as tadd,
eat in ping-pong, foot-
, sketching, drawing,
knitting and even lab-
taken the place of
demonstration in the
e boys and girls, Mrs.

nd evening, Doukhobor
recited and Doukhobor

en are allowed visitors
t the love of parents
m othe warml, and
the children mis the
a teachers and super-
They noted, however,
re happier now than
ee months agox

iGirl In For
0. --(UP) -Fraacle
, who eMpeis to be a
Sday, lta gunlag to learn

PEN WlDE-SereuoVandlsi
world, a two-legged foal bo-n
'on his Ferirara, Italy, ba,. A
veterinary found the animal
otherw s In top condo It
hope around like a kangaroo

iOn The Records.
T64. low +,%

Concert Muile
NEW YORK-OUP)-Decca's re-
cording engineer also have Was
on the heiht of high fideltyand
are exhibiting :her in a new oie.
labeled "especially recommaided
for H-i." If you have the equip-
ment, the records will make tse
equipmiept jump.
They also have sound musical
qualities, all three having .been
made be Alfred WasUeansMin and
his Los Angeles Philharmonic. One
tifl5ath* e
Symphony, filled out by Beethov-
e ih. IlThe aetond is of SAhW-
be's fourth and Fifth eympho-
nies. The third has Borodin's Polo-
vettaan Dances, Ippo tov-Ivanov'I
Cauesslan Sketches, and Eneseo's
first Romapilan Rha y, put to-
gether because of oreestral range.
It's ti*i e t alhe Am U6

It ith' &**I Iro 'Quar
tet a oart's major K. IM
a onn cor da
5affk;. joft-eqo, qutet, With
]hg2a P 't playtng the second
'cello, on a (MHV).

Gleseklug Debusny Seriee
From Angel comes the news
that It plans to offer all the piano
mate of Debussy as played by
Walter Gieseking who, probably.
is the-greatest living master of the
Debuy piano. The first record of
the seres is made up of nine pise-
es from his formative youth plus
six of his maturity but of second-
ary importance. Yet all are need-
ed to understand fully the greatest
piano coemposer folowingCbopn.
The newest recording of Bac'S
"Cttlnmas Oratorio" Is a stirring
aeMavement The voices are
youeg, the spirit is young, and the
composep is well served by music-
al tretness leavened with warmth
ani dro It wps made by the Detl
*S _mn*e4_) Atademy of Mu.
sica choir and-orchebstra with Kurt
T a a as; cducting (L'Oiseau-
t .-lBWM WHch LP'.
Modem composers are well
served by Leoold StokowsiM and
by the Louisvie Syphony Rob-
art Whiftlnt dbldctor. The oe-mar

Phgoa-a otD

iah o4lu.. resebs was


far g e frtherest g .
r .S w su aRpd. MgsS f orfie
aendaWl hand R

oh nem wa mlt elr.
18 man hav n boys werent Adlw to h *i fc
at d tn their JAbs and intended of A dOut tf .,'f
an r s q. ,, for the rest S '. .
ft object of an .most of "

to u e for elma .l re- -

a ery riday from 4:30 to 6.




U :- I Vt t,; ~'V ~:fl~PVU



IMi mAtlUm

: ANTA T 0yx"IM .: .
a Yvo ,.e do

L A OC.. 6: :
0outtaws f Tex

4 ."

.at ma' a *g aa..hat
up sumay

.' ..,. i ". ,-./: ... .-'*


riT- ." "..


. '^s A. "*


-. .4~.. 4.4tk~ ~.

A lj. .


2'~* -i:*27- -'



" 1




Fourtighh t der
.-St k ht

k1 YORK, May 5 (UP)-Broad kouldered 4 j rs1 tsat
Sethe serious Bible-reading. Negro pitcher awavd In the
Athletics, was a strong early-season eandi- Ronaof
ow "rookie of the year" honors today, because w UZ*5
H as a "good book" on American League hit- officer.
A'- Bge. Joe Hotff*n;, our
handicapper, copped th Bta's
iax-foot three-inch right', five-run second inning upris- low gross prize with r-1uWi- of
:won his fourth game ino in which all scores were un- 80, while Mrs. Pfaf .an to".
.t a defeat last night, set- -arred. enabled lefty Billy Pierce similar honors l,,. e..!
get the heavy-hitting In-:to struegle through to his see- events with a acorl o .
i*eton eight hits. He now ond victory without a defeat Hoffman also won a riW; for
aVen up a total of only most birdies with total 5.
uns in his four triumphal Tn the limited National League Mrs. J. P. Jones was t ht..
ag *A to need relief help. action. lefty- Waien Spahn of woman t score a birdSi an
y beat the yankees the Braves 41tfeL thKbe Pirates captured the ladies priae Ia 311
"tore 5-1., nd Boston l-1. trtkinrPft 14 In 37 degree event.
had two straight vic-:weather at Milwaukee while the event
ato last season. Philllles toDoed the Cardinals 14- to wnet for men resulted in a
110 In 11 Innings at St. Louis pitch-and-putt contest to play
a eonsmientious Bible where twd new .nainr league off a te between Sgt. D.van
thinks his religion records were set. Baltimore at Dqn Brook and et. 8 F.-Ullmer
moral Inspiration. 'New York end Detroit pt Boston who both came with a net o0
sised that "You've ift the Amerie T. d Brooklyn 69. Van Den Bro won~ the lon-
Ir k rk on tolie hitters, jt Chicao *-atf New York at test and the pr s. 4ow nmu "n-
l Cirrlnnati In the National were ors for ladies went to Mrs. Dor-
Wlte Box took a game; postponed. othy Odomr a 323 andpS er,.
a 'alt toe-hold on the S who scored io02 t* a net ot6-.
ban League lead over idle TESTEKDArS STAR
It with an 8-6 victory at Mrs. A. N. Hughes and Mrs.
kpton in which Minnie! Rookie Bob Triec of thm Ath- Bill Sutton tied for the second
0 hilt the first grand alarr 'Bseqt who rained his fourth low net prize and also had to n-
fth.l the loon this sea- ertlirht victory; an elet-hit. gaae I na pitch-and-putt con-
blgow, which climaxed 3-1 triumph orw the ldlan*. test. Mrs. Hughes won this toss-
"" +P up. Lt D Chandler. with a 04
gross, 23 handicAp and U713t,
coapped the men's sec11n e.t9"


CAR 4 .0i, :5P. 9t p.m.
*' .

Lin i



e waucat. e

co-m- n

iCAi 70O
t Taylor and


T 'ark Stevens. In
Ann Sheridan. In


I Ihaws!




with AUm 1



James Stewart
*P d AstaLro.

I hwd it.ova



. -

i=- "4M

Third prize for men want to
St W. T. Bearden, and for the
egs, to Mrs. J. P. TJones
Chief George Wise a
18 gross to take the men W;bigh
ro prize, while Mrs. J, Cooper
C e n with a 133 score to Vop
the ladles prize.
High hole tIonors went to
Chief B. Feeney, who scofed 14
I strokes on hole i8. Mrs. Cp0er
was hivh for the ladles'Wit a
10 count on the same hOWe. Mrs.
Taim TB LV7nr A w the door 1rize

PM *.U donated by National iUrs.
To keep the tournament s1Drit
roiling, the club has scheduled
a Ringer Tournament. It is now
SJIMA I" in progress and will continue
untu the end of the month. In
with addition,' qualifying rounds for
the club Handicap Champion.
JYOH5 ship are being scored until the
WATNE 16 of May. All members are
0 invited to enter these tourna-

H 'By l 40te Bs11
Former Maryland defensive
SRM back, Joe Petruzzo, has signed
with the New York Giants of
LOR-, the National Football League.
Petruzzo spent the last two
years in the Army.
IAMB The Chicago Cardinals have
a6mned Sob Nowaskea end coach.
W" he- forlbar ChicaIo Bear star
x. r places Dick Gallatoer who re-
witned t go into private busi-

.Olympt 15 hundred meter
60=1hsplon, Josy Barthel, will run
,L a an Invitation mile at Har-
IGRAMI I V&a on May 15. The exchange
of .4 tdent from Luxembourg will
NE 7 mpete against Fred Dwyer and
lV4I agefita, Fred Will and
with ltee Asbenfelter.
lrNDO ._e Leonard Richard Stakes
Il'ANDO t ee-year-ol s at Delaware
So lJne s a12 s drawn 89
aT ,auoatos. One, It "Hasty
zPHw 1" runner-up In the Ken-
Plus: tuchy Dery.
EWISOr M rt of Coral Gables.
ISODE" l otda, has scored easy second
IUR and third round wins in the
ShIrley Park Tennis tournament
it Croydon. England. Miss Hart
beat Rita Scarles. 6-love, 6-love,
and Miss V. Moore, 6-1, 6-1.
L I 0 The N-C-AA Executive Com-
*.rs. mittee opens a two-day spring
meeting today In Chicago. The
committee, will discuss, among
other things., the 1954 football
IRTI tteleviaion program.
== i KENTUCKY r-
Two announcements come
from the University of Ken ue-
Sn ky. Former Kentucky fullback
r" Bill Moselv has been named var-
sty backfield coach and fresh-
In man football coach. All-Ameri-
ING ca Cliff Hagan has been named
meet valuable player on the un-
beaten Kentucky basketball

Here are the winners of some
of Monday's top sports events:
In boring: Middleweight Wal-
ter Cartier won a split decision
from Bobby Dykes at Brooklyn.
In racing: "Palm Tree" won
the Great Neck Purse at Bel-
mont Park.
In bowling: Tony Sparando of
Rego Park. New York, won the
singles title in the American
Bowling Congress Tourney which
wound upn I Seattle.
"NA Hoop Lue

YMCA-U 0 holds a Morning
Health Class for Women every
Tuesday and Thursday at 9:3
a.m. Activities are Calisthens,
Volleyball and Swimmin. At
4:30 pm. A Iho Class is hel
for women alo. This elan is
Sto Service wives as well as
HIBB-B. -iuas

- .1

- 4

V~i+-Vf ,...If
*f ,..* *. ,'

- .-...
_ .-
K \:

- .. :*-' '. '^.-

l."^: ~-"j-
- '" <.,

TUE ROSES With hockey Ray York up. betfnth in
the winner's circle at Lofte, Ky.. after winnui tatky
Derby by IPj lengths. 'Oiner A. J. Crevolln ( kisses
___ ,theorse.____

President Gets Gold Pass;

Campy Underg

By United Preft
The man who means so muih
to Brboklyn pennant hopes un-
derwent a wrist operation yeu-
terday afternoon tfew mniutes
after the Dodgers said It wae
called off. ,
Roy Campanilla, the National
League's most valuable pi:
last year, was operated on w
the removal of a bone chip.In
hfi left wrist., The burly catsgr
will be out at leat our we
and possibly 10.
The fi ....

says Campanella W ve thee
hospital by tonight.
hPresdet Itsenhower has
received a lifetime gold pan
to all National League games.
League President Warren Giles
also gave Mrs. Elsenhower a
-see paW

roes Operation

Giles says he told Mr. .esen-
hower baseball Ls an. aprproiate
recreatlo for a iredent he
can watch the public: critelcie
umpires even when the, were
right. Giles says Mr. Elsen er,
an umpire In his own .way called
them "words of wisdom."-

Zere and rhe Ap baseball,.
telPalge he expect to


over "general duties" ih the
The Texas League got the
cold shoulder from fans and the
weatherman last night. Only
one-thousand-324 fans turned
out to see a double-header and
two single games.

Kid Gaviln To Defend

Against Johnny Saxton

By United Press middleweight Jacques Royer of
Prance has been substituted for
One champion has agreed to Rocky Castellani on May 14.
defend his title another has Castellan has been sidelined
turned down the chance, with a bad back. Royer with
Welterweight Champion Kid one win and one loss in the
Gavian wllmeet fourth-ranked United States meets Ralph
contender Johnny .axton at "Tiger" Jones.
Philadelphia ti June or July.
Psfmoter Hermsn Taylor says Tonight, Middleweight Holly
he and the International Boxing Mim s a alight 15-7) favorite
Club will co-ponsor, the title to beat George Johnson at Bal-
bout to be held in Connie Mack timore. Neither fighter is expect-.
Stadlum, rain or shine. A huge ed to weigh more thap 153 or
canvas canopy can be spread 154 pounds.
over the ring o shelter the
Details of the Gavitan-Baxton M h J k av
contracts will be announced UE JordWi Read
later. Taylor says there will be
no return clause. Oavllan hde- l Pith Roc ssler
fended last November. 13 in Chi- ,, wVI,,
cago when he defeated Johnny o In Le. ea-- l
Bratton. The tried to to tke To An her PnnaI
the middleweight crown from
Bobo elM Ct month, but
Olsoed. n t, NEW YORK. May 5 (UP) -
Niles Jordan, the much-traveled
A for Olson, his manager. Bid Rochester Red Wins' hurler,
Pliberty, ha .niu a of served notice today he I's ready to
fr Bobo d an itch the Birdsto a second
one is r. straight International League
Matchmaker Frank Tiber want- pnatun
ed Olson and Jones to fight a l .ordan. 27. turned in a. $
charity bout at Bay Meado was-lt record in 1953 help
California, re tack. lherty Rochester win the pennant after
aY Qln i0 s too busy tratsferring from Tulsa of the
der the offer. Te Lea ue in W mid-season.
Former Heavyweight Chm- Tue n md-season
pion Max Schmelin has a Last night he went all the way
ed an offer to referee In for his first victory of the se&-
waue two weeks from today. son as Rochester beted the
ThecablCuban ugarRing. 14-4, n the
eepnce tO, prUns PhI Vl- VI only gaw lyed. RichmonA at
ley. The Tornto an a two-night double
very much ftor t ow ."ut It between the Syracuse Chiefs
will take the approve thead Buffalo BisonsatBuffalo
Wisconsan Athletti Commisn we tponedbecause of cold
to get SchmellM In tihe a watherr eeal and Rich.
a referee sad In W adwere not scheduled.
Sates for ne first time See we.
im. w.... I o.da,_ ho broke In with
selamelt S O 10l O i ath -aillm. of the Far W s
men paratroops dai Wld In 1 h. has Dleed wth
War Two. OeurerFy o df mdiffr enb s
of the WVoasin. O..o SmiN Philadelphia PhUlMe m
rgw ,wbre W ,r cat Reds" or fth eNAn lA
boims &r giBm.tar _..lIM i l"E
Iw l an thir B3 I satS' baseg
1 IU-i'm of to year in the on
diw- t. l ttUd the M s N M
h :AM there the W
ftla ifts a S* we e1n to sere sx rums i ne

4IswO O M PIa. Dbll" on
zor on
nIng uPti e on the
already F*jhf AFe5r have
uzprasedce to-
W1rds Ae twa-ime
ohampiam P.*4 )haf been
Work-ae 1p tw t- scom-
lsah the e a '
STh av' entries are
BqTedhi aBegood
.I WiW In .dead Ye C- bm
We, aif _
rBdn v r pads rh' f aru
h ni t of the,'-Atantic
= : = 4u. Th practice
In actual gam Which these
three teas are o getting
should play an-l nmftant role In
getting away to tajit W tart and
could hew 1a0t iIporttbeatbring
on the evr loMf.1 o ne of the
c Gold Chmaveeq
'1540 0 .
Buthe twe n teams are
not standing bI dly waiting for
opening ntaht Wlthn.nly two,
instead of te uitd three. cil-
man teams entered tls year,
both should b Mtrng and offer
plenty opposition to any pen-
nant mined .uintet. Both Noel
QibsOn, Ysyers Gibraltar
manager andU Brner Jorstad of
e Powellie fiv have been
scrambling or the services of
the "free" player* d both
should c6me up with teams that
will make third Weight felt when
they start shooting tot the nets.
For the put two weeks, sev-
eral nights a week, the Margarl-
ta Rymnaulum, boe of the At.
lant D BasketWa League, has
become a bee-hive activity.
Obth OGl tar Mad Pwels
ve been lpinr long hours
of ractice In n rt to off-
set the early s of the
Navy v % *to.
Th1* vIt48 I MWWNWa abl6
diL u i rny matiU regard-
Ing te ith n tetr to
Coast C -age.oo b the mA
arkinD no.quadrot ha coenh to
tiwil m t yrItobalr
to *er 1 aMs should be
ipme ondeaho ot tfh th ype of
team thbp upset to flor.
This. will mark- the first' yer
that an All-Pacific side tem
has seen action .in the Atlantic
League, and Cpl Cannon has
made It clear that his Flyerswar
asking no quarter and Intend to
give none when time comes to
vie for the champoiaship,
Cannon, who has represented
Albrook In the first pro-seasmon
meetings., i quiet and much too
reserved In hWl comments Dr-
garding the -quintet, but one
cannot help but feel that they
will be right amon3 the leaders
and could easily tAke the Atlan-
tic Basketball Leakue trophy
over to the Pacific side of the

Cricket News

Taemo W L D PF.
Sears C.C. 4 1 3 1i
L. B. 8. Agency 3 323
Cragwell C.C. 3 2 3
Clovelly C.C. 4 4 1 9
Philip Morrise 1 2 5 7
Sparton C.C. 1 5-1 3
Samuel Campbell (Searms) 4a
17 (ave.l
Roy Best (S.A. ) 33.33 (ve.)
- Joseph A eyne (Clow.) U4 wkW
J_ eph AIWD. ey ( Olw) 4 wkts.
Gary r 1own r(flh 8- wklt.
for 17 runs 7.48 es1.).
Seymbdour Agency vs. Sears C.C.
at La Boca.
Cragwell C.C. vs. -vSparton C.C.
at Santa Cru (12:30 pn.).
EAn C.C., 7er l C.Clevs 71
Sears CaC. took sole pobtweo
of first place in the cloe chat-
pionship race of ther trlpr.
Colon Pacific Cricket Le e by
runs and two wickets.
et. Clvely collapsed for 71 runs.
temptiUng the wipe o the sm-ll
score but finally cam threh

Cloves C.: .. Mr lDil. l;

Brewai, 3:; Alley, l1 tE.
SThe:e 0, not out ftu, a t

Brown. M; M. li. 1:0. _^,
olds, 0 not out; 1KMa a, S

Ma;: 3. Brown: *0 IrS;

M0; f. toer,, l torm I:

ips tynn a I.

', %"000. 10 6el 08-14 l
flf5 2ou 30 w 021 00-b WI

Brmade, L.ML Prsko Lint

B at Chicago. Postpon-
eCitd (old.

.. .. .. 2 .-"

Pacifon c Di.visio a

ChaOleanship Setor
a W L PLt.
vece2ia Nal. 3 0 1.000
A .. 2 1 .
Natio D. .'.U. 1, a. .3,
Navigation B S .000

May 6iic Ai" i

NollTfta7,lhM Lagitaue
Chmmp~onship Ste

May 11: Navfgation vi. Crve-
cerie NaeMnA .
May Cerveertd lonal
May lt Army Tranportation
vs. Navigation.l '
Army True7" 11- Navigatlotm 3
Cerveeeri NaL. .U; Nat. Dist, 2
Cervecerla Naclonal took a
commanding lead I the cham-
nionship series of the Pacific
Divisional League by trouncing
National D.stmers, 15 to 2, in aI
replay of a tie game.
Army TrOnsortatlon remain-
ed a contended in the home-
stretch drive by overpowering?
Navigation, 11 toq 3,
Albrook FLy booked for
a tune-up wa 1e0 Optl&
Ra, ThUrS.Ttt PI, o
La Bo3ca B


(4-4) wd Men. The
daltimore iat Ne Tork. Post.

it at Bostor. Pdstposed

ab rh B
Abram40 If 0 0 3 1
Cole, 3b 4 0 1 0 2
skinnr, lb 4 1 0 7 2
Thomas, ef 2 0 0 2 0
Lynch, rf 4 0 1 3 0
teard, e .4 0 3 3 2
Rob rtW,Ab 0 1 4 3
Alt-., 4 0 4 3 4
a.boukn1 0 0.
a-Janowies .. 0 0
a fwle ,. .0.. 0 t
l o, ao r, ,Q
MElrg f. .-.0.,, .0 I

"* t a t 1 +1 4'" 1 1, 1 2. .

Adcoctb 4-1" 24 1
PAst,. 3 0 0 0 0

Crandall c 4 0 1 13 1
pa1hn, p 3 0 0 1 3

MISS" 1 ,on 0"@--I out for LaPme ka hl

,,* ,40 4 .-
p lams-Robeort Skinmr 3. Al-
lis. RBB-Lynch, Aqosk 3, Cran-
dae, Pafok Logan. 3B-Shp-
ard. Home rn-Adcock. Double
plays -- sle brt-fiBknnor;
a otrb qMe-skiner SAlberd.
Kin_ -4tkinner. Left mO Wae
-Ptmehas ?, Ml waskei &

23 3 12. W- -
.(-)..LP--tR. t (1-3).
'- -

-- ., 'e

V-0. L-I -
*A a r,' At-1 Md -0

a' -


T; .. .W -

l: at' r, "'. .
l*' hI ..rr'
; m bi,- ..: .
,: ", .,- iil

Ki-f.._ ..;. .,-, E
a: Wlt-^* ;-^
. a.J

..... ; *-,." 4 ... ..... .. .
Si.a^- '.-..- .=. '


----~~~~~~-~~-~~- ~-~~-----~--~





I "qWI

-I -,-. 14....
-,. I..
i-. #,,4,

N'- i:-E-

at i

*. .:

Oi 3


iont. '1Venti sad Eddie
mwkins. front to r e ra tl uhtq o--m in woy

1st Round Matches Announced

For6AAM Ha ttournney
-- o ..7 S.
y, ACo MIMTo.
After I period df 9 dM in .
whiCh U5% of the eligible 224 tehes v. VanVz
Sclub ms partlcat the %.a. 8. air .Q M.vor
3 bhole qu- s a n rou oalt the L. vs. M er
1i54 Won Asnador Club' C 3MO ee v. Kinculd
* pionship Banicap TOUStlD D. Drennan .. D.. Thompson
eBI otflf126 teuWArW 0 EUh vs. ChYC5Sm
rca f l ti off in th.1terfst Ja.k. ,vs. CoArtO
te lu Cb' No. 2 SU M ^w Atkna v Msuer.
i utf eml:9at fo tasafiuer 41 HPUGHT

phed dividing h the-3241
28 edbe each TI r
in .l'ght-.with handicap sh fol-
r11gM- to 13 I lS M
2nd f~sant brlhaSS /
4th rught-13s te 14 han9 t
Sth -VSgt-l5 to 16 haaiws=
" F l to 18 hS m [
7th Flight.-I to 22 handle.
Uth FlIghbt,-i to 4 IM hadlPts.P
The att eteP w ofrithe 26,M
members in each lgM tp .try
OW ufy tofonr.o O .t aS10
Ot rore,-.thus e.who. co t
omuace a score-near L. .and-I
Icap were eliminated drxng a
wee k's qua .plnutoura. (-|
should know). ; .
There were some real rp
w net aefres in several t. Ue

Spelts r. tte
Sppn ira,7 -Wood-
R. WllmaupTw. Top";.
A. -m m vs. Mahtw
Brandl vs. McO das
Best vs. Klevan
Beavers va Wheeler
Laid vs. fowles.

Sansk' vs. Y. Barr
H. Unc f -ts. Hlardle
L, Pullman vs. Wcner
Oberdor vs. ve.
. Irlanad ippn .
SHammond vs. Ioline
va. Weade
rwne v"i. hi tone
Nearly vtl. Wht

Stear teon tor before 8und
runner wpoiel1 m; evw t a match ends I
these beftuI40bSo a opponent. willeither p1i
pen and penci dek ota t 9 or
gold tract cal- wth priority' coming I
dad to the eTO altu In any event
In order to produS the C aiast c uw ow on ta
Handlesap .Champion and R I VKIe-f I d.
n-p^Pb*,flig$ winers ICSLJ32Jt! ?^.0?1c'6



ri.W &_ 9. _um.- ,P & cnnpioi

lfg and better
Se rpE. "aM ,agu -

w.A. O .M- W st pd .
J .ta iA .i" ;
W.i Mhr-wDS V,- 7 -
M O "S S '0 _

MiX f= ftw ~ A^ARff li on

- t.

: o .. ::_.

.: 4\

etct at Baton~iq tte ni-
can Lusag wPb cald~tW-
Ically, a Der-It roo ie colpoed
from the heat after Ohe r-

sRonal a are T W ai

of the wost Red wo and oob
Turle i of r -
WTe toPlayers d it nk-

ever Rot _ay prel.eregjluP treat-
went, in frt, they .aned the
othe; way. It .a aytbin"gW.-
I e
llMnt, who was in t .es
during World WattWO, aamjc-
tion as a fighter v lt i)%A1Pa.
SWilhlapi comented
,r ,sr. ; 'sCe. r c

or *a a dear a

ujnuUK amout n1am noOg -4i
same Jobs. But," says the Balti-
more rght.hamder, "you: lay
ba4 and they hop an you.' 1
rtley continued "I played
ball at Port Barn Houston, Tex-
as., and we all did extra work.,
They pushed us twice as hard
because .we were examples. I
know we worked.**
Don Newcombe of Brooklyn.
Bobby Brown of the Tanks, and
Owen Friend of Detroit also
played at Fort Sam Houston.
It's revealed that a foster
Yankee second baseman, Billy
Martin. has beer transferred
from Port Ord, California, toI
Camp Carson, Colorado. MartinI
was one of the athletes the Con-I
iressional subcommittee investi-
gated concerning special privi-
lees. For Ord officials say he
not none.I -' -' .
A Fort Ord spokesman says
Camp Carson is a replacement
training center which specializes
In mount*acn tact .
The n pOusL s -says "Mar-
tin's status no Ia up .to offl-
clals at Camp Carson. He could
be as lgned to an artillery,
medical or service unit."
Major General E. K. Wright-
-post commander at Sort Ord-
says be will make a statement
"sometime next week" about
charges that ete L are being
,coddled" t -.that California
camp. Wright says be wants
norte ^ to btud*y the matter.

writte lor EA rv
Que W: wilnoath tae nd
. runner oa first base, the
p te takes a ln.windup and
e runner break for need.
He coMpleis t-Stel before
the ball romWS the plate. The
hatte r swl an mim!es fo the
third stri but the ather
drew the ball and thrws wtud-

1 post AMtbase =4W bttr

he fact atWI

-. -UIt ad ,t o I
eTbrv b i,-M S.e-tuiner

A. W flgpir jBaAth

*-... .:- -.:

* jI

C ochave art0

s cue our !a


T A .


.. ." l' -'. '
I. to r.: Nadmil Barr. Mary Seybold, Slva Carpenter, Lou Orohs, Ilea.Kemna, Mlle Hammond,
Barbara Clark. Fran Truman, Mary Jand ..
I :! ** s

Along The Fairwayst
*- p
Golfiln Gossip From the
Amader Ladles,
There were strange an4 f 4
cinatiag sights around the g f
course and the Army-Navy Cub
last Thursday. The laode partl-
cipated whole-heartedly 4hb the
"Goofy Hat" Tournament. It was
a low gros-low net gain with
% han dlep, and hats ha to be
worn for all 18 holes in order for
layers to be eligible for the
three hat prizes. Ellen Kenna
won low gross with a 76 and By1-
va Carpenter won low net with
a 69.
The gdta of the "Goofy
Hats" ok place. at the Army-
Navy Club priorto the luneh-
eon. The three competent and
diseerniag judges for this event
and the surprise leg contest
were: Brig. eral N A. Costel-
lo, CoL H. 'ubbs and Cdr. A.
IM Clark, .,
The 3ut& e awarded pries aa06
ribbons to;
Charley Hi elfthger est

Th e Judges pv the leg con-
test their eupertenced coneh-
tration, aind finally selected wag
Hughes as "Mrs. Lgs," andpe-.8
seated her With a speydii a A
ribbon and the scroll of the "Or-
der of the eorgous GassY
The "Goofy at" then .as
carried out In s dining room'
An= --l a PhyllsB M of "MRS. LEGS," Rae Hu.hea wlnne of th Order o the Georgeous
the i -- "u committee- waereem." iroin Fort Aamer Golf Club.
thak for their many winige
aaslstaito enM contrlbutilona. Fourth Flight: Naoml Barr, 2nd Low Net Gloria Perez
After delous lunch the MarySeybol I Mot Improvement -Marion
tout ament prtzeq were awrrd-- Doris Hamilton was the mod-, .islavasic
ed Ov Helen Miller, A.W.G.A. Ialist and received four wOOd
pre dent. "covers donated by Bob Lom- Qn La s pay this Thursday
proia. The. winners of the two, there wil bea "Replay Tourna-
'The winners In the four Consolation flights won sterling meant" Four times during the
fligbht. of the PF,'4n W*iljJeap silver ash trays. gainme you may request your op-
Tour r ,ment were sw --4d en- First FMight: Sylva arpen- poent to replay a stroke. ,Thq
grand stirling rlivr" melogets tsr will be match play, play
and the rmner "'- re--, -4 en- Second Flight: Marion Tubbs twMsomes and parings w
gravd st.. ting silver butmtter The prizes for the two-month by handicap rou Come on out
plates. Ringer Tournament also were tand join in e fun!_A "Ladde_ .
First Ellen Kenna, awarded at this time. Ib.urnamept also will start o
Milt Pi wmon4 QroTSs- Ann Little in rsay _,and. run for .w
.ar yaFO t: ktobs, XP Low Oros Ruth L 't h please see",the, Cl
-M- -rI: im Traw. Low Net Barbar C lp ta ta
-dr "





! .;. :. ; *-.
.te :
-. .. .:
.. ... :




taking J K] s

The Grwzisd UdIY
FAEL is aor ft ,, i


- -
- dl .." "

-: 'IY.'2;.'L:~,~.

* *-..^


w <

, % J


- -., --

eOw, May 5 (UP) -jconfirnm -t t the BI director
lower said today had written It and to get his
is backing Armye consent for Its )uble distecbure.
ert T. Stevens to McCarthy saidT-i did not
the dispute with blame BleyenC I he fad not act-
R. McCarthy. ed on the bads of the Hoover
wer said that he letter because it was sent before
to Stevens several he took office.' lBudt McCarthy
ethe Congressional charged that.'someone has 'ben
ited on the McCar- derelict."
1tdispute. The most The date on the letter was
Swas last Friday confused by "Jenkina At one
point he referred to r i date as
eid int o l that be t2. 26, 11. -Later, he said it
Amerles may de- was written fl*. S. 1t."' At
it from the hear- any. ,rati t apparently was
what 04s" baelh written long before Stetqns took
way et nlaternation- office In February 190.
iatd national ye- Before peild his eeve .R
letter, MeCartlhyf aid Cahn
that when 'he said bad Ieemsed Stevel' eoflice
Athat be ,hoped the lviar the 'a "*atped*" ley-
oIuld be .concluded aity file eXt'l-.a Stens.
-did not mean that saml he kn$' t*3 ablt kl
c"ttlang them off be- but Amy '.ja 0" U6
W ugrest ot effective Adam w ent lyaty
Sthe main IS ues in- Intormallat hta beW remove
ed'frofm the16 ll ives Me-
WIa selected as Army Carthy. h.e givesent
glth great care, Mr. Adams ,rea letter be sent
r said, because of hisW McCarthy Oct. th forming him
pa for the post. the informatlOb had-.been elet-
atiwer added that he ed in accordance with a preasi-
iotlng in' the way dental dircette laiddbld di ds-
W has care out hi1 closure of _;_Mlt -.O. .. B
t would ause the Bt the W ade said that. w
ii-any of his wn-ion e otC .ile4 Jnsertlgators te
WM Ardy e1setary. ls l h 'ij,.e .elnormd-
Lad ewi back tion I W a beag fOrwarded g" .

lth AmyMe- Macarty sM$o Army snt
sps$lwere thrown him the t1%lklf information
w awrteahbya on O' ema-onty ,latter .-we
tlatihe atheattleyc ght you red-4inded stripping
I t M rthy i d 8teve
Arag n read the Noqver letter to see If
l rl ty he i ha .duplicate In. his le
ya. J "bce of a'. sequence from the
pea sa py of a W51Tan Slttuat" at ;Xt MS"
Smow r to Lt. mouth. MeGarthy said the Army chief disregarded Mhe Hoover. letter.
de de-bntl he launched bi Mi__a-
Sae' uj mouth lnqulr. u
bflter. stevens *id the A ad
th nat been in contact with the TB- on
,iteuritt. mmatters',"faome, .alnzg
Sthat sos were sasonded Zt
31 -Anny aoutr before M carthy t e
Sriving $ &eut shor.t h !_
i af, t inl. RemuMtlfls mums.ers jof tsb.

Int.Iad a f
II% F.l, signed
WM- i" and ad-
t t tele-
w Phicho Me.
w uhdestood that

its of oover let-
loee4 McCarthy
t ethe Army
aean, ,lone of 35
ma sQapended at
1 a "direct cnm-
a Rpifsonage a-
I accuMed the Ar-
blocke nvese-
pd subt iSn at
r radar enter.
ged that it used
Ichlze former
ltat. as a "host-
tle 'to callu

HMM $0 S 10t0

.ww I

Iupld be dNObk. all $e
eftc_ from e-Lle on ithe record.

had. "wdhedl os up n
iareemeth agr eed to teArtfy

frmfy~ -an d"lwdatneaadr!
Welch sn h *AkMOC i
The nintthh o w e e-"Y
hearings ylMltsy .eoo- W
ed these de o en: e-P
f1, -a. v tM' Dirkun (R-
Wel) d he nawil.h nad thMat thCa
subaegomittee m in close."
seldol to decWde whether to hold,
peial night a1id 8at y sea.1
dona to eed the itngs.
Mun4t sad h believe, Saturday
uaceionl Mare ore likely than
night nmeda s.
2. Steven# tasttled .that _al
far as he khowr none of 3 per-
sows sounqesd i MemneRt,
wu a CLomatt'Wbhed in-W

so n s. r "
Camlling, f. atemnt
"false" McCt '.wretedn t
Ruth Levlne.' mo a pdr
vate firm r work forth
ArM Bignal'- I.f Site W.d
cited the visfthm iAsmtM*s--M
fore MeCartlh' iflbeminbltteM
3. McCart w t p P"
ate" one of a w8l40lt6e
dispute Ast'l4e1ese SeM -
tary H. Strve HnS el-* tIean
the proeed 'it' it weOW u-
derstood he be object to
investigation te f. Htf sews
counsel obuited, unless Mc-
Caithy Zdnltd hia ui'rg a

tt That "he
4. aStevens stdo at "S
have to use 'the-kad Old Amer-
ican prinepaii of fair play"
when McCarthy .nd Vohn re-
petedly referrW Coleman i
oa mmita1. Bt AlSaens laid re-
via* and Saijst iaton has
not been wen .
The pBam3bCpeM up the
beafln ul thea.m number
made j-r ne1. t was aeo.-
@d at a Ioeed-door meeting

dfn Ink ^S

A. '-


t, ~
'A -


. e- : .

*** '- +*, -,.-

*7 v37k
S+.17- :if
5) -" : ,..
5.-; '

-C .-
_..-.?-" -.

** .1

Afmny Robert
lj Joseph We
rftgs at Wa"

mn. wnv all u
^ dull pen

ni Dalbo"Tchd W R oa aT

plaque on il ,

o the cr-stan mr-

l, Lon .J. Whie their a

Mia~te tneiottae hInby dty when hift f
.embers the lss ittmachete wii),
lent Lt. bamen W. Mo w land, on the R o the

Ceat away a small t thmue: 2200.
Bothe summit f, the raoeonop ,yit, r1t

ehib ited ea eer; and cJ-
plaqu ilingt l so th i td
Ist Lt. Jam" W. "o Ma lend. on the Of the
cut away a small pImus. as*.

tional Guard. in Jtile so the aned heM b
VAllarlno, Commander, PanaMjpa Following thea& yoeUen
.With the I and R Platoondur. p w
tlsthetrek Usrepret. 6 I S it'
2nd i -. var--. hmart ier, Pc- m p ly 04 j I y ., eg p
84 Natona1Gard uMcd I To' hotgte4 tS its qMe of
r., *o.h w'."Ire

pitn DIvson, iepublc of Fan- MeanwhileI i VMofV66WK of-
,ficlaiy that.ghe pw"tom tkved

Everybne'tI G&e Ifo Act

At Armed Forces Day Show
S a
If It's worth exhibiting, the puchased from Panama sand
Armed Forces will have it on lastbut not least, a field bakery
display for the public Saturday, with the attendants on hand
May 15, at Albrook Air Force giving away free samples of
Base for the greatest "Power for br ,.
Peace" show ever conducted in itor will be able to watcl
the Zone. th# med Fborces Radio Staesmi,
Canal Zone ani Panama res- CFtl, hL action at the Infooas-
idents, aside from viewing and tion and Education exhibit and
actually playing a roJe In some at the alme time other ld&
of the demonstrations will have functioftW will be displayed.
an opportunity to see 38 exhl- 'B Provoat Marshl wll-ba
bits which will be placed in the a lIe detector on hand, and t.
giant hangars by the combined those who desire,,flngtrprlhtluk
services and other agencies, will. be available, in a Joint eg-
ready for the public at 9 a.m. hibit, the medie of the service
on the big day. will ahow an Iron lung, a- dS
The 33rd Regimental Combat ture conAtructlon difllay, lens
team from Fort Kobbe will show grinding and spetcle manu-
recoilless weapons, mortars, facture, and tipU on Insect Cn-
small arms and, junhle survival trol wUIl alo be given,
equipment while the Inter- WllUe all brtnes of the ert-
American Geodectic Survey a- Ice wil1 be represented e
agency will have a display of ama. anal CompMy,.ed Ore
mapping equipment and instru- American Legion. Vterans
ments along with one of the Foreign Wars, Boy' and Gir
helicopters used by the organ- Scouts and Eierve Offtcor As-
Ization. sociation wil bao .have
Army Ordnance, among other ready for the public. .
items, will be able to test your Thp gates at Abrook L Jw
personal watch for accuracy. thrown open to,the pix b .9
Hobby people will be interested am. aturday, May 1,
in the quartermaster's show of demqatrtlb d an h
the processes used in furniture "Powb for r A -Pe "l u flim.u
repair; a showing of foodstuffs until.4:450n their Aira q4l.

. -

'i' -



the nt ,T.,
eame by, picked thm
totk them down tl ri w
darknem to Join t4e' ,
^"at^ We Sji
theeane wV S-ai
prjyswfue to rain -
Rro .
. mollowing are numbS

In 'l lboa Court

%^fl~tei^'.Sb ot

LA' *

Wi ..t0l -

In Mon th fOf n#
\ There wt-p no stmiet urt
seslaons durfting t
June, It Was I t
Ancon by Srd
' The Jud to .e ...
Isthmilsus t tir
month, aM i.enchr 1
turn about thet inl4 t
-i .. .. .* 1 S '

h .


"-'. ..-- v.

Opeoiun '44fS3Y4D"AI
I TODY .l.*n,.k

I V .II's I e- I II ei I
=.--+1, =se

nuts 90*


* gT


j$S. ': .:- .
''^^i^p'i~g 4l?;' :46,6:5 3*:10'

:~ 'r


5 '. d+'.""r'
_- -> .-. .;



' ._ .... ". .


MEMBERS OF A U.S.-PANAMA disaster a f. .
emergency fUgIt instrucuons ,.Wtor af an a1
Service SIkorsky H-19 fromAirookMrls be ikeS.
miles over-water helicopter fllht to SOabUa IhL o
lands. A a result of the tea's surgery rel mee S
land's inhabitants affected b! last westS sro
Republic of Panama Red Cross sent about d alA
and clothing to the Igland a U. 5
right are: Majlor E. H. CumoS
bmrnch, G-4,
R. Peatck. helicopter CM te
quadrn., Albrook Air Force -1n
Oiard ROs, director of operatlus AdaeeaAI Ret
resphtsi and Dr. Lui v vAt t

." I'. -
'-; ,
.e~iar~;aa~a~~a~A. 4s~a~a

-. ," a
r^ MhS

_ *..1

d -.n.


.% .+ ,+..; ....*: .
;1,'.- ,. ,- .-.. "-


* '1










'-, :
... .-- ..



- --- -- -




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