The Panama American


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The Panama American
Portion of title:
Weekend American
Physical Description:
Scott Family Library Fund ( donor )
Panama Times, Ltd.
Place of Publication:
Panama City, Panama
Publication Date:
daily (except saturday and sunday)[may 12, 1973-]
daily[ former oct. 7, 1925-dec. 4, 1966]
daily (except saturday)[ former dec. 10, 1966-may 5, 1973]
normalized irregular


Subjects / Keywords:
Newspapers -- Panama (Panama)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
Panama -- Panama


Dates or Sequential Designation:
Oct. 7, 1925-
General Note:
On Saturday published as: Weekend American, Dec. 10, 1966-May 5, 1973.

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University of Florida
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All applicable rights reserved by the source institution and holding location.
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oclc - 18709335
lccn - sn 88088495
lcc - Newspaper
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s I-tae* owed him
Mveral month and
l him.The theft
I _re .mrning April
go of the Items were
Phe District Attorney
Id a three year sus-
tense Novelle had no
lice record.

in .. v .eI t iThe d.d defendant. Area-
a O a0 dW-0" F el- d .19-year-ol farmer.
Wt o arid of at he wa gulta for
Sad nw cethe gar ^ (oe, amd/got ty o
Te 0 the c0.- anoth t finally I
reqvw of his I Oem mand of Jean' de otehrge oft lar- l
W"-ViseIN It reveco.Rous cen o*
tal*hayvetaking a machete
SWesofrom a Canl n
4atM D a u I ame who.Be claIm- a
0 I98 when, bee was Al .ase10011 d,$for pi aA
.y. e Crew e atoes. In July -
MeNasw8 e-. convicted of fr
wgge saled t efead- efIt sl4*be- ad d to serve ten ybars nan o't
befte Ientol'Mved It s e ish in'however, he was re- a Wn
bra e ver de s Moe o iTg
c C!1ity nshey bll to- ( herom the i( ng the district at- they re
M iMeale. who W ju 'arrisOn. mendation (three mefte It

Elm, crow* points Odie po- ftoradt
Upear condition Mot th fetm 6e w stkMe a t I. '. tta
ftadnat tof Uand'" t naet was rlpe I Mo ulleue.
brot. and oan to rth.

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Milo tb h three.
, Mmare mile In area
s hit Baturday
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" Ior It aild was
e teds.
pnda me ag were
trench, Vietmesae.
bc. Italian and
atb benefit of the
rtment of defenders
regulars, coloniala
a. LFreign Leion-
arioua natlonalltle.
ttroopp. i
Spromlaed haven If
a death without a
I? did not. But tbu
smrflred before i I
Ifiered to exchange.
A Legonnmaire it si
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toward ed him.
killed him. C



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?ictim oft
tp e tia in Was
im UJ. Embuas staff htr, t well

kit'AW,"ai f tR Orice
at M for o post."
aislM ula prmlnent member of t
ret eat in thO Mc earthy win
mrel influence An the present
ee ms to ava atj wit
bilan of Pno fnayltul. After
W Ambassador. Scott was Inno'
that the United Stbewa WM a"lig

nfAtmhilm as an ldeoftcy If th

alt to th
Tuno; 1
M6, w

u Job I

16=2 f0C AN and co* rt
tWst that Muocdio dt the I U hm

ly of the servihn a o et
bb tho lid'ouriudggeo, den nha
bat ta't all tha evidence agAinst Mueeo
I from the 9m "qu1 yte" univflity A
dyIt stetesa tl)
WIS, MIrIepo tMcMlqalt b rn Ino

#1.0" pouraS WM Pesis not otnf
kt, 1a0 though wat ,ev iden ultiMe hi

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Iaiadd gofliflse
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1i"the most i parts of .

se.Iplant t cke ven, blast,
S pe -furnace and open hearth ..." or
be treaty nego-:vert wor-ers these depart '
the wiwL -hunt- mats over to the p .arthny ,t he
hington. Jbhn recruits can be trained tor sao .a ..
known na wefl ssIgnments and Ipoleal
wso (flitaioA ( prapt a. .) .m .

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2sSSittS K ores Thes "dleft
redw by pl usant. .a.tthe tOen, pa r
twhea--sp and h ha t th o
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Sfloo of t L6Wars o then. ee aads Youon
Isian Ahfhe an, oli3d wrec ttv eesy6 omi aes

SeW Ms% The pa se soane a t :
kg Al n "Ithe hiA; o ut o fiat at th eat fuN
1t1tdoe i torai
vitto Korea. h isI, Il | ftwtb "
oyed by Muheco's .f Y alu w aat tU 91o r elp reMa orI e .4

tea s on rawitheattel

w &t aat4Ies aor *.s .1 ""
oe ne INrids ft AeIn *h e f'e t
O. t he 5 WbIeae ri l t lhitnory e vall
ta Uliteds mtat The d lre osaysew scnd et atwith

wr s wThes f tnd tl osv
Sfloor Of Con U- the r 0 w(mthamtdut ir at
so ppren wor M, first.
I-""n Teht's T"op- tu reta:

l berllewt a ANa. tat hi mm t ta' oi th po r d in r
pUttses to do with w bl l. a t ntr ma xrt the Stature
Srn-s. fe ci o every iio re o 1 l

o tk thhe r ther *
\po--i n 2f i .ib e lv WEual at
I Sen. *y, 2, true I sorom

J y W t ed wohers chief, Davi d e' w
Sent moh e ant when comr. M

Thoste eletio tl pided an Jdn I n.b

S O- b Vide ntm could *,ark itoppages ii least' 6 t
Arh a' ie d l ihl e ur n to ot o huret our .t th e g r

m b o everonomy. a U
ra' lb(t BtUom.R between th. V ft\ wa ae thi l
uen utfte l ithr aitl "eo mammot h i

" add th w Bi On Ma y 7n d- "o

to take t. si sW vi.m e o f the tet r
SiaU' WM poney commlhee ""' .-' T -k'-
e loaw This wold eara up the
hepef David

mtdv balan cdo be bN ,
Wem ee negotiatfons beontwee to phe V T t pw d1
1di a nd 11h e m am tl

w e stre htaelltead taer stands

ftor #dl % -~fnyer ate age yr work Gmtes *e to
worke il who a we can ese -rlilAo

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theI lr. i.
belleema litto The comealsw Ter

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*du s uadpr t' we dstorter. weT6
bid tos disve "latMp teO n M ,th
D IIte t Wt ,forIity
do I Ithein f f th w.oers
tas datanie h it o Aremthe re a ktonyi
sod .f.1 the demands.loc

o mine Is never lnets ein in
ltti ,st b the

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4Ouse W%. .
uat6sure of & mftm'h I flutene sad
S aKdicaUy in the newt low dO-
muta on own Maw w" t not
* -i- -

ng Time?"

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P. A-.


tenreykl Aln: Ms
Hoem tpa dn M i
er, ae f ittSd w sa le lrmanr
the boltr.
ThIs I the htl chkin tat g I .
evolved Id the Kefuver
.aihe i i. -d m
:elvd fin Fr _
On for R4aths
astl He W ao by
boiok i thefAt1 u-
In AWut1t 1 A. R. tVild, mim
oA wiM ntot ata is the
vi 1 U Odge-
Ite NIi IM thu'

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brder to whiellty MS hid&

said he WibWsfte ...
oar p ptMliw wtr





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Hibad Ine hwm hids he arvardte

"Nt h Wdot to ser ve I nu t "
-me- betrain .l Arm k Vn Ai"a n *rm
Ok-a b

u.*ad o rig?"
Slii i e ifiei '
i- I 1 ,

w Is i ll M "' 11 Mt Ti
L>a h 11 C11 o9 le d* ? 2 ltortA ,. f i.,
aI m oftt oe Ta l tpW.halut Ih wS you lt &5* S
hadqf tl hmu Io. flb 4 .
4vro.!4tt i orderPlkrv gf. sa
mU Who sw h o i inaft trend fr a j uIen ran a ota MUo
tally, he eared his ftdlton of
bire WoUunto the Sftnth IOLThEATER M t UL

1* ~ ~ U# I'puzaiaei .0n ,sla



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I id seors
"d ftoodrl
lot I


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" F Aski

'frl -. -,p .a..
=,If lD For Victims

a ii


Mand ladst m,-- woM t e
M an durword won asked B saturday to
the o. n a help thoe "oppressed by Corn-
rs? = %ofhe p rnAlregisetoreain1 their
)rovingv ar m ntlowObMl Bd socd-liberty."
SiUC S T04 "o -was part of a ma!j-
n, p tio tedto lsoed hde by h00 db

In thdfds of O, t d
ilth vocational Y a he
and CI._______ d Tm-
" raw- HAMt TW-
Ser, eat of the Interna-
tional Confederation of Chris-
CM 1J tlan Trade Unilo*ns.
r The MRneto expreed the
refugees'solidarity with their
,~ s country sufferingg and
S'pr y the Ru an Commau-
and exploted in the. factories,
the Wholkhomes nd the forced
labor camps."
They. called on aJllworkers In
Sthe world to "rejet the lyn
kS E Way tobeap we
5JHBE2 Se~fe-SSS?"1-andB

3B~i~i~iibM38i35- I3f~mnii~y 19|XOw4 '

A1G ieqUipped to
im itdiu 'wtihe4ier

b yi (ant looking for bargains) we have
both new and used furniture from
SIf yo need furniture of any kind, and
akto aftooa to4 pay high priceI, conie In

;; wpmuw

rMatt) .. ................

............ ..............rom
I~e complete

I ...... .. ............. ..

.- ....................from
"1 OlupIl i R i1e as iit i

HX ous~,od.
4. I!B [AV16. .


li p-41

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.,. 3-' .. -

*i-XN' Tt I ST

- .
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stm og X t
On the aide aof the led-
er, Mr. oets Fome aom*
cow- tbahip. di-
cusseir i -M

fmay not
ide thSe So

He dwea the t bleu "lm
Salo*f AIM' contuuinc o
shortagel China winle dnj
food EbeSa hippemd to the
viet d unfavorable
action In China woer the
Ise of more Iosumer oh
Ruslsa while the Chineae Ie-
f told to titen their b
and make frter sacriflc.
The artlole notes Chinese re-.
mentment toward Rualan terrt
trial expansion, an dturbe
react4ots I China over the -
viet alure to net "demand
of the Chinee Industriaultao
program, the B, the
Ea m a t, a or
vel pments. *

Walker believes that the er
clal Issue In Moscow-Pelping *
lationa Is whetherth S
system can heop aslve problem
In OChina--uch w agriultue-I
whlh It ht not been able

The second family rosary eve
aing, whlk last year had ma e-
timated attendance of d ,400 At-
lante riders, will be held n Sun-
day, May 0, at 4:30 p.m. at the
Colo mdlum.
An residents of the Itllus are
invjd to participate t m aA
cit nation of the Rary and are
Wed4 to do so sa I t l beer-
vae of the Marian Yar.
The recitation of t roory hav-
ing been encouraged by te- Blo-
ed Virgin Ma eryfi r ier a
parition to St. ominie t he i&
century, and in her a
Loardes France and att
Portuga, Catholics are
tbat, a in the *pat. ih
will again prove ef e bri
ing peace to the world by' eed-
ing the return ao men to
through His Blessed Mother..-
Processions will leave tithe
various Cathole Church a Co-
lon to meet at the Stadlu at 4m10
p.m., for the reitatin of the Bo-
saryund mWl al benedkt of the
most blessed saement.
AM Chao org4uz OB
Atlanic SWide are'sewdV w arki
oan the detals aof the fais* &osa.
ry amndng details, w"i, wKB be


I. -



b* estsetakes nixnr 1
* *Outiz edB b Jl'b



~' -


Take 10 day test and the poiat was pavm:
They go to the ATLAS GARDEK foreft
Pinky (The Owl) Sanders: After rlUif at heAOwAt
I sould braw 4Me e~46wbteu.

Bnrahe (The-.Dt) HeMaing: After ddu u t t

.a w '.. jW ,- .
Dee ( ih ) -Fm)Helnae : wH ..r '

K A i.:. -'n

Only Mae Price Tag Tells 1

Nm-,aa is a Low Priced Car I


li .o -aon the prie- ta is
p nly. that pt Pedc is

YW Isru *ielpuonoting qual.


**'~. A

kAb. -

!3 .: .-

manufactaring so fine and sond that
Pontiac is world-famous for economy
and dependabiity.
Add t he b flne-car feehures the
fct of Pontiac's modest ooet and you
Sget this ~swr: Here's all y, ,e ever
swCZe for tihe leas yvti eer pay.
See and drive. the car that ehalliages
the finet-and lowest-pinced

.-C.IbV Sa

.ClY yS.
Ave. w CoM

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0*r Great Annual


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.- *;. *.Si-

r: IJ

i no fun to
town wft sW
she orders 4
,with ao m kl
.hnt annauh. n

-A.~ ~

[ Relly could4ake a
ttte-Tear-Oldw ha
auelched a playmna
the piece of ca
mot frosting:
rTake what yet


Th tcl Stem iavIgatbn company


e.s. "CUzCO" ......................... .......M....
M.V. "1ANTANDER" ..1................. ..... ... May 0
M.V. "REaiA DEL PAClNCO".(18m TM) ......May 18
S.8. "KENUTA" ...... ........................... ,M y 4
M.V. "SBARMINTO" .......... ................. May S2
M.V. "DALERDYK" ............ A ..................May 9
L.5. "LOCH AVON ......................... ... May 17
8.L "DyVUACO ...........'..................Ma.. y
SJk PARDO" ............... ............... .....May 13
All ,"ins Subject to Chanar Without Notice
ACC TEAM NAVIGATION CO Criltobal Tel.: 1654/5
fORD 0 IN0. f~JAMA-Aw' Per* #55. Tel. S-l1/
D CO IOA-Tema iMd. Tel. S-1905

* .A4 ? *-T;'.-.'

Fa, .. '

.fl.~ ;A'

No-T-& 1 PA- u "ima

MA WASH rNGTO ................................... M

* To M a ,,ADO.. Fi C,. aa-
.. .... ....... .............. "

u OUI a ...........o..... .... ..... .... ...


s.&. Ar A N UtL ......................................: .. y 'w-fla

.s. NDR................................... -..-ay

Weekly ,as p c. n^vsi 1 w

Cistmeal: rEINCH LC I. P.O. s PIf Tel. -14I< A I= ,
"ftmi: LINDO A MADURO, s:A. S* i.,
Tel. PmmA 3.igia .il .



hWat oAr IAKW&w! ,
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Ti, denudi On

0anuursamff r Wf a iru14as f I

t'"* s no'vu ourwSr^ ^^^Tf
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'U .
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I,,. .*

AMU. -

f. .. .L... ,.',,-,..-E

MW.06-6-,.,t S bl rt

fivemile..-7 "ilff -t liAND WVE APOLOGIZ !.
Long,, .' 10V s nw. THERE.WERE SO MANY THAT WE

,sta. o" t, *g COULDN'T MAKE THE DEADLtKE.
*0 w O," c.stu = L4"" "a.-'vN3S

e,.,'. ba. ii H Contanni, 6O-year-ohl watch-looms bouds and notified po. JOSZ Luas MATUTE Z.LI. B
as th re baskets. One itea rr- To ke room rheaul
or 0.000 In qu M.00seat of theas. a,.: -Q
d- "' bout two -e1ure, after a .. 7.drove A.

S_ Ba wfil Two of the robbers seaibe ERoy wy t = hat Coentanna wihorked VIRGBINIA AMADOR BERTATA BO

ft. *at -ft P.manu uk whileeo*bbr his R .
"e"e d ghte. r Df MA A Lt
IfDia. h. I R. VELIA N.Id

-- Ie H 3 1. *-,-
1 .otuirdr k 'At I erMnsj
l ,- q a a Di d u knoB there i s
-Mtbound sJos"oh opytAee= BA'UIREL
a.u wr tach mat ConP asc a, = a gh oolt to. b e ro t]t.l

lo tw te afsr s ad Taotfr a fAormlo nea t ndMaeY F

ay T sond I also cited the ed-deyr o kon e who e res around i
*S i fth- Amen dmwe"t and reued lo Ate i, biu6 jea and her dad' .I
Su la ben ca M.5-. -- ,+r.a....

S|- committee was overat im y wts know en Og h about human nature .^

w __ e k at i 1943-46, and in radia. and ,ntle men, they abre m re
w,' d tly tion at u,-achusetts tlk., ,=o act like young ladli e nd
of the InaPar- Inhtitut feIbe fore ge nn a
________ ,__fo om t to#V, tthe IN TIME FOR
twoof'a Ct ein Cold New rk be a wul sO.t.s uee r awa .
.,,tyln 195.,. eoaoe e oatrinohe. hard to reach tes1 th e
.Army vin 143 h worked aa an t tr little world they have

*do, ,. a s._stant to a patent attorney at bu.t f ar them nelves o- with their -. .
.-Cam. Eva- m near ulmont. N.J., atyle Ro al their own absurd fads.

Boomr on .1,led SeaeVpina dIveI- w have growt humn bored with
..op.V.en. He efuse to ay tat world th e m e ves, they r e
whether t he wAa a COnaimanis takm a step in our direction
'-. ",when he appl._ for .gnal Llad be urea they know the lath

IS .ArVCorps ob'. I.a open Uand the welcome mat is oe.
.oarisBrisn nvoked the irst, ou-t. plaid
;_fth and iglxth tendme lts .in

Refusing to tastily about
part- meobeIhip, Infiltration,
o f."the Amea FPedotion of- n o bsY ITEMS YOU WANTSAT

MAN;. are party n en. apbera a a th letre h n l
Witness on thl d e inle

antayo das a byRep.ait?" ardy
set kM rllrlCh.)p.ofaukined.the Plmt,.or -

I0"R 0 BalIchrgeid LSne~~'yo.-rwult.Becayd. .95 yd

SC1yok.12."M"t ac lieh

... -- ._+. ,.r. "*C a* *a.t y. ,oa .-,e
,5 +- : .+ + .. _.. :- + +++ ... .,: ... ; + + +V ,in 1 9 51" B ,fo r e "oin" in t oith e loirlac h tle m t
""~~~~~~Am in" .9.4" he'-worked as"... a." li...... wor-.l, r''ha"v"
"+'- .- ..- .assistnt..t. a, patent a.t..n.y. a..I."them..lve.s. with",thei'
_+ ~~~~~~ ~ ~ ~ h ..i.. ..l Corp. .... ... ....:.- -. at mm -- .a" t g.,, .-.,e.-" a." crazy .
., .TON n- ..e.mnt,. styl-s,,;,..,_her+.own absur .....
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ o c-las..+".... .*: +-='fl.... "ed+ ;'. + O-f -e]- -t,,W.,h.-e;gro-w.... .- ,ith
+- .;. ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~~~~P fu.sed =. t....o--,',..a-y..,,. w,,o---"l.d ,t.-h...mselve-s....... --they .-are-. .

4 4:

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- ,--- -
W*7 W AW wwolWinds
^ cnes... Onl
JAD 3-4459 eSter S 6

1 ,dr

:-mWeb_ _ehin_
"n .I m 6g2ny .r 5.
f (. n #t l= 2

s : Cu. ft. Westinah
.,IjdgiifttOr$ 115. Exceltent cXd*I-
S4 dinintroom chairs; lampl
d6 red 2613-C, Coell,,.Ph1ne
L:-.-Brn4 rnew 25-cycle Frl-
nlit, n l MM-74. Al-

O SALE By Air Force coupe:
bed f c .mplt $25; 4-bum-
as_ s tv 20; metal dresewr
: I.?Af *. ouwe 32. 44th St.,
pjt er 4-30 p.m.
5j-ji :- II menW bedspring, 2
qldisse. Call efter 5 o'clock,
STALE:-S-ndix iui4ntic wash-
wer, 6-.ydtl, good condition. Phone
'Quarry Heights 4261 doys. lIbruek
S5134 evenings.
FOR SALE:-Wt.nghoup refrigers-
tor, 25-cycle; 2 ceusheg 2 small
irp; now metql recker; blnds,
t mil. DeLnIspe Building 600-14.
.Coil I-3191.

sition Offered

Secretary with complete
of English cnd Spanisi
Iplcatie n In Iboti lan-
P.O. Bex 131.

Real Etate
kLE;;Peach frontage 5 acres.
from Santa Clara: Cottage,
1.qarters. lights. well, ;oed
. "'s Retreat," Los Guils.
INLE;-Cbttoge a SbMianita, re-
h IIf;snocrqto rs,
- .L;-J. I-B
qw 4s.47.)~llKk~l~lwv' W. .-iJ G110"




,bft SAgI-&a Pifmah 5-fa
* Weni.Uke now. Six fesailt eld.
7960 kaiu*e e4I nd whfte tiresi.
SA 9 Tudor.
"%aI geed stvtf I

Condition or 00.

FC* &LE-.940 buik Super, S s-
melMnt 4Mln, t en. d tires (two
new), rm, $525. House 0855-A.
Ola St Phone Bolboo 3558.
FOR SALE-'4 bWSoto sedan, good,
*- ulg m g 'er; one driv.
* ... .

FOR SALE;:--f7 Fletwfsrer Ctev-
2IC. CetiPhona NoW 318 .
FOR SAM- Il k Sur
Riviera, In iollent condition, with
.. odt Telephone BelSW
27a71 1irf&4: .3(

FOP SALE 1948 Oldsmobile. My-
dr mOfl c,d6O(io sp resP. Orilnet
e*wner tlun, Phne 5 314,
FOR SALE:.f953 Ford -8 4-.- ,
000Mrenao .xcollpt -di.-
F l. o k .4

Boatr & Motors
FOR SAL:--One landing craft in per-
feet condition; two Dlesel motors,
225-hp. oeah, capacity 50 tons, 56
Sft. long, drought f inches. Call Ur-
bonitadara General, S A., Tel, 3,
5471, Box 1802. pvaoma. R.P.
FOR SALE:-20' coyuco wiil 5-hp.
Elte rnotr. 7416-D. Lqo Cruces.
Baolboa, oftir 4:30 p.msi

Help Wonted
WANTiD:--aid, general housework
n1d 0qr s of small children.-Brinn
tefer= !' 8421 Shov Stem,
I Maorrft '.


a. : mm nw if s ."" ,

Ienela aIuene -
M u 'eem aO id nthefereat de6the ar
saenow Is se Pleo a t Q

cJPel OTIee oing day."

("*tA that In an address on April 27 the

HwscBftr uc putrd e fo A e a
w *. ,or an..-d.e KoreE

Iw I 16 ea Md In A uathel
the a nd o t lk the supervisor

ltaiF t Ov O.
&wpm s of l natl a01t hia ot hS erv

tan cmandd thi o battal-

rjj I ac. ao.
r MM .. byse' i r e -ito
-'i ioua In out thenr."
Polamul commanded the Co-
Ma n i battU bTIU,
M i,' "f -' othou iv tr "rand,
:-:--.. ..: .:_.:.e ,,m of merit for mallant-

+ P'Nl'1 CHS Band, Chorus

.... Ody For Annual
IF' M FotIval

.'4P an, which-tis part o,

bira wl l,,,,

Cr LE aCSAr wf"ti ti f

tpr; 12" ulow wito e -.
tsr, o. ailun vod
ter~MW- f~froStl

tal Avmn g -A.

FOR IWI- Telwm ,o '

radib $5, moetl tbe $5 ai
pressor 75. buff $12;
'$0; desk. |l0; 9.ft. refrdt.
0; chest lO; high choir 5;
* ft. refrigerate $30; *elctrlf clCI
$2.50; radio canotr ( 12-1p spkl .
'r) $20; drycloset $3; '/a/ p. 2
cy= raier ;10,'/ 4-hp. 25-y
vter. 5244.8 Roussu St., Die,
.!a 2.4492., -
FOR SALE:-Upriht piano. larbads
. Strut ,i fIt, Nou No. 1041,
Apt. 8. Reasonable price.
FOR SALE:-Uprfoht pno in xcel-
lent condition, I ~5. "U" Street,
house No. 1. room 16, Oalldonlo.
FOR SALE:-1948 Ford Six, $450;
25-cycle Laundrormatf nd refrigero-
tor; beds ohd ethea' furiurd. Tel.
phone 3-1668, House 6, New

LOST:- Butt for surf spioning rod,
small spinning rail attached, Last
seen Sunday tefteAion 6 p:n. Bal-
boa .yQcht Club p parking lot. Call
Cranme. national City lank, Pan-
L 1 1 rat bra e
brown-halrWd I. Children, pa k

M 4 (UP)
.ao M --

wit fun., f'om $map heap,
The bill also opened the way for
ittoraaon of the Olympia and
Oren .v r vessels with 11.
, I6 reIcor, i interested 16.
Sa *' 1 forward within a
to elaim telm.
tderehAl t to the Senate
r W wld. I authorized to
1dthe rottfut Constsatao
Besm hpr Baltimore,
h iriit waeria d in 177. It
wIid be tu ee to m al in
rova to be trabe d b it a preserve.

Hartford, t he served as Adm.
David PA tf flagship during
the bowbr o thie fort at
Mobile Bat would be hauled from
Norfolk, Va., to MObile Ala.

Disposal the our vessels was
included ia d f authorizethe
Navy to .had with the sp0er
cent Murk of reion
e a t e rr -iWot e
rralua at ft Boith? 'Navy



As Nct Step
-A were locomc
may be i atppatl
the o-atomtc

N a yamtMn

-. -0

. A .

S. 3,

p- IT


The ataal



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iI I

rs 6 ThteRecor, th.monT:' ub... mo wa.i.,& .:
Consit Muue i 1Ii.

aES a ra

SMy a t' ..
., w. 9-o.,. .a, ... .. ..

1 I~'vj flk, j ,toyed at thea Jo "
II II.,,,net the''' tat
we tis. A".,
a s derbthlar a e r
much A
as w th as bectoThee

ON 1 "'111 1 -To i I- I"-&"

'I 0 A'"" AMeD

t1o1u1 Wrasis *il

40 a.or
"My fie a amt-
el. wllAVIanI
am Feww.

E- .-'a.

* --4

O .,-

.. -, : ,. ^'p ; .. "_ ,
. ..... *" .. .. ;. .
V .-a

,I roR-ww,.!4
i; *; I ^ a
I w e ,,A

g RENT: Uflamriy
furnished Irge 3 I
howe, 3 betho lt Ndo
Sboth, bg
neighRT a.
No.3. II

M'rUITIISN g e buit seoders
''~hat a Iron-Tel.

FOR RENT-- 4rtment.
cm*sttel it rkdlden-
L. tol ti. fi 1343rd Streetf.t
BDella Vista.
fumlthra. Twb eiarsT
I tdlhhgrm, alservatt a gpm

kad and bbp ra
Ialy I by at
nak k M M .o K ^R oles.? '

ro0& rN-Moihdv *ptePOOmt: Two
Ia~so ~ con-
AVnflnm No.
55,v -t C oTel. 3-3164.

SR Va apretfy furnished
VUt Fr4 ne, Mga. tale*
pnVi thoe uwa be.
FC ftENT%-Sma fumihd apart-
went, $60. North American nelgh-
bors, frequent transportation. Via
ispafl, CeArnMullo Second Street,
No. 48, Tel. 3.0471. -_
. RENT: -- Two-bidreem sprt.-
.ment. furnished, Gas steve, water
hea=or for e e two couples. 821
Via Mrrer 3-2d04.
PW RENfi -- Femihed one-reomm
oportimentt, uOp ly independent,
lr ehany f e s Ond
rh tByAtvaE. cuodor. 30.
FOR RENt S';Zj-furalshed opert-
mient one bedr%, smoll kitchen,
both onMi ..l See Fabreg er-
n .lly, S No. 18,
rear r .1Matk nif," 10:00 to
12r or' to 6.00 P.m.
FOR RENT.--n inod% m a d
independH tpi,#6411. 3 ~,oms
cemnbadfle Invftand dininro ,
meld'swrenM tet lWer. 14th St.
Na. 117.

FOR RENT;-4n nw 5 fnpel's opart-
men hute in .Cwoa : Duplex,
2-bIdM: <.on rlor--ln I-
trQraoef G RiiMaCi.i. piNGedrined
igroenm, kitchen, Oufdd mveredl
torraft Wd= wporte mnad'Wl
morm and launy ronm. Ideal loca-lI
tion. Ph.3o f -0479. I,

OR Rment int
porq 3-524 6.1

< a S t.
2tfrh .hT **-H I
n ag N@6 I^ ^i^yt it:'|
naiow, iy~yy ^.




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7.'. h .1


~ A~A.EM -~





M l. *t" Ig

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91C. *.

0 A & __r -.--.. -w





- ,,

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~-Y--I~~-C~~ LIYEICI~L~1


T If
. ._ "':-

im No

r eT:~I-Resi ^ es
Mm*it two beimagi a
Aricon familana
te"a 2- 031.


MW a lis a IL IM

Moll.6at ft hlsoa" o

Another habaad iks Meleado pMb
Igo. 700,
S.ssaew O yIth this. You athe in I a
t and have uW fives,

.. ... .toa.,t sajg e .. t
f o hlat llthe 2 pot o hle sat aI
Sa a seereaw d bea any eard
,aIs played. % us only pai se a le
ch.... Al- ^ la~-~ or t hlu Iar- sco hired it he o dd. f a
soue, ed o er :th ,tr thav e4 Je rO e a 4l t e
f* l she version '.0eno, ep
at ep g~cot sab~ "tI'll pOatheI1heandto
,. thin 1 tat eases we're get's. "wha re too o t h your e, t to e s h.

.a ser_ ._ oah, Jr.-w.t- .adw... Jr.a, was+lh
; : ; ..i W.: c gow" will be tii .I likeg I GLN FOD n OI ds," Olman But e to Ie rilt aiel. A h e wS
S.A. .. rBuref^tuKbeeJ- ccuf"tl net. .," af Over TVtalent m. -07ws3 wl badro, a.i.;,m mo h .a scr
l N l iot that's not past t g small ty's se-o told me r d never t adae ous tced t, ea pe the o hold a g. in.
srm. Gg btme. -dHyoungsdirfu w wto -o a-c4ors a hd= au h
POO cBfblgyngtned up at time from cradle to grave % slg 's oqe young ww

Sm .rade s awls it ae eors are to cribbage. I alas a mteh
Wro~ honored C O. and thing news" the Vy uhlv el U
If you have other to do w es. T ombinae ple
ng 5 .;theWo "It'e the flst time we're get ere metoo a of t h with your time,a ont et to e to obl eve acrs t h l he
we have the kids, we' never run m as e Q I iled tocot my il insiders e a movie s

we she Mr. ,i ,s r ass t aB A
.out I audee. w be a A in a reft t
ae'b at sh lop efa them every dean." pe fit ne I s a i ar. t, sh
S,.e a ina told me I'd never made we the a~ d i Mre N as all e bui .
a meti of the Mon-nor atus:ado as an actor. Now be's tl. his own. Is s legal? "I'm t I show buslasqa," sh

to had that's 'a gee 4 p yur, ,TWO Nall
mov s all ow It NOW table thobec to' v doer~ia
., MR. tor j th e h- errftr cn inf m o7 =1W-_ .o

*Y 64 N 1m vieasrrpeog eaa ee at home." o

II dTICKETS.TO hd D w 's A 2 arry The a"
2-m an o mdaine minister and Paul ries must pas a stiff clean-lv- 0 Sr O US
BROADWAY Het11 hav the* ir choice of lg est. .n tereby hangs a
buch stars asJia Russe Ron- eye-poppnlg tale.
.T, rECHNIte COLO '/el Rog. r. ._. T Mton "erle brother, Phil, lhs ,
5dtr ri5 edu the television rt theAC I
ITO INCREASE .T. 5e 5n Uable Travis Kilefield once Jane Wy. finance the serfe. Warmer Gland R A SALE
awe T. amT .Fm anan for an angelt_

am^ i- Mman's makes his TV sing. and Pagey Toler played the al- *
IN ADMISSION! Cpuge lam4-..4 hg1. do doder his new name of mond~syed sleuth on the s5ewn. *L
STiny Travis a Dinah Shore's widh pnces my rdcd on ouWrIe s
S11 brr nbtnow a o aua's Cie T w e-
.*3 ..e oo l. Hawaian serte ,for the footpr o rPi y-
J.^ I"' "*hat's *Uvact me to wed TJ wo anyTn OtBSERVE THESE SMALL DETAILS
C, 6" .1 .l nd mcemnr as the "Makelol for Ladles eite before 7.95 ... .................... .NOW

on t, te a *hipA"s m ed i ..e o Ladies panties from .......... ...........................

Slead In t h f irs tw s- andb tk
due dum y ha rebd n a i p ............-......... ......
S*oot arl o' las t noe l, or lde Ladle umbrellas, peelal quality ....................
i .1.r. S.i. sd r. o 'I llelen-P "Cannon" pAllowoasi, 2 fCb4r ............ .....
SI hand. a sers i conIdedeagS "Cannon" sheets double..81. x 3 ....................
.- .aaWW and wooseaeo Plastic tabl loths 54 x 72 ......"...............
-11148 te-e:eorD O.A erlh a" assa"' 1%

a1 : aiSg, Storting .JeLad ues-fine Rayon hon-.........................
V 4, %I a R W oE T A I t fm ...otfls.. Vw..--w..........e
aseorn' -'e "+ -" "'" G EAaNNUwe

dole J urhe: an u p iC. i"hTiVo. .. e Ch|idren's o sel ....................
-B:-ft... t ^.H' Ofto M111 4" .|9 'LtI aa fa *r 11 f
r m Ae* Q1s man s wRm elRo-w6
s mm m, e C, .M ,rie uLadles bathIwng suti.e 3 o. .,nly ......."... ...

T. LM 2s n- -and 2 E L ade sn lsfo nn, e a .........
..,g. ,,s o,.,Men's riunk fr. .,... ...... .. ... .....O.
IN ,,- -ieaawithpt Men's ooks, elitly staed r *........-..
.IOUoA", peab ipe1 11R MWMayMeTph evnid s nvft ithe re;.,-t

outins ode b oid.k ,'rmo r th ll oopies s o |Wr

". a-f"r"&'-M"A' :A"'" '


I ~ ---

br:-. *'.
* ~' 4
* [4;

L .

.,. ', A '- V:. : ." .
'.L : ',, '. ,.- .,, '"

., :- iii u i ".,

INMYORK, ay 4-11P)-Well, they slowed

have otherforthright lu. ggers, fqr Ray Jab-
i avenged the insult by slamming a three-run
r In last night's 8-2 victory that pnut St. Louise sl
-a virtual first place i.e with the Idle Phillies..
was onlyan Ineident In the ald's bat Is silent, there are oth-1
SQg Tha. u ic or swing ers who wiln sound off.
lstwutlme he had Last night it first rookie
9INW. azki Beries, w hen 1 who contributed dkey 9 ht Aft-
a .4' a aa Yan er Mont Irvt start d the Of- i
, t rvd. to show that antsi off in front with a two
W ill have to be rn homer it the first inning."
w the in this mad n schi looked as 11 he might
h f *e oat l League be in for a rough ning. ISSUES CHALLENGE t-
IF But sfter a walk, Alvin Dark's wehPt Ernesto Reid aSo O
i .e ge teerror apd two mog e walks forc- "challenges h'" ~i :7 B 1 t- J b,1
ni ndf. o tover ha A eic mrun. also In the, Samuels to a 14n 7-po u ar
Sist Inat n i -gt rooki e Al ston struciek at riten ly fp a erI .
S Wa-runtoi a double to send started 'underthe pla eer
Sbv a Cards made it 4- off rookie Ma- e Flk loWE ing

d'n r n A1 100fn g hm in e.andr leatu out g/n ohe-e hnd- wee oil tien .was"auspe' ei'ays bettWSAB p e
lb 4 0 0 a 1 r Pcone in the third and took bOU eau o Ed o g c l Ao lm .
S0- l t 0 1 ola ls margin 1 ttn the fourth when has Idat MW.onceto .la w e
of 5,1 oWt ubwe h wi t lt couneltUe lI t the ,
4.4*0 1 1 0 In that frame, 'Red Schoen-
2 T3 lg-est doubled and Musal, who SIe I N ,
4o. n p t bfll ohl- n t0e0n3 l ouhd iu .,. ,.. .....

Id 1dr 4 8 daayo aoff d el t n S as pth on r nWarsle akv
an Cl ire 1en0t0 0al0ba e nto na walk Jab-eI t be13tee&l a. It it i P^0dot h f ru eM
H 0 0 loniak t ol ow ed w ith hioes fi lth e t o F L-e o k wye :. prS. .a ... e r, .S
-s 3P1 0 1 0 0 wmar. The only tw me 47 win ohead9 P o o''"' -e'" e .0 l '- -"''
... p 4 0 i0 thdf e o oInth e r major league h6m- .'treatdhmIlike)I 1 id, w. It .0 -. '
g e0ea c h on e d r hrtdrb drrOentbeed
rePa r00 c e Mu aido a n kav, .nkUv g dl le ie 3. ,. of a.'a ayi _.los
0 0 0 L of te Cuba with eight l I3 t __II, r ppl "" I .b,

es. ST. LO S Mu.S ali, who xdidn'tf h A bm. ."l" have" much A W,-,.es
0o1f a chance, was at bat only American s aoratbe atp8
.onq,.officially an i a i foreigners Monday I dA rwe h R ...-
2b fl.t5b 2 2 2 4 waaed. him three times. He stole championshipsDn.
S- 2 0 1 0a b ase;' hOw ver. Raec iter -/ao-d_.- t .1. -
3b : _At..Clevelanded i .'-rs-iw -r'h.. ... -r on 11.po.nzsbehi. E-- ,-
b 0 el4 1 1 1 1 hIs bad start, settled dow h to At Inee n anChO Cia- Co orpitirmAmu8
;, o 4 0 2 d pitcher a strong seven-hlritte learoWalde.a0 Pwiu hdeE ei, iA' -I .

.0"",-".walking only three and striking 0Wcorld Profe nal -ourn -'ent. __"p"...- '
W 3B 4_0_1_4_eutheeBfou r. q A.e hORh 18 were. in e0

.0tte0s P1oe w iMo- n auehe olyo_ theorm jor leau eAustralia, -,on w 6-, _3.. l __.. i --1.
p 3 0 0 3 1Poe In; the o nly ov ther maj Pe o h e or o rloGonsale and Pan obo Segura i aa
ai 2 9 12action yeated, right wander beat Sedgman and lei hBudge o CrM M u'open Down" AUTO c a d

an.y 8pookue a maintained-.36v.,. io l -e 6-3.oLt ple h, 1o- ii s L.ia 14 18 4 l g.:.c. --.,
the.brilliantppitching tempo of 19 Wi9all f h4 1 6 UW42 dshe othebo
glduforlooneinnsevenththeWhiteSoxstaffwhenhe AWt e-aAN MOn t9as ight of lpat*hns 10 121 la
tinto doublmpl.y for WOAsoburled a two-ht14.3oAnto eToteunh3m Mu-wo n to theaWPOA521 a8M To ed L rCeI
-b n itnth .hitr lecause o vic ory r da )fBRADiegowontoor- Guardia poina sfrm point ns to u 182a be
Sninth. over the Athletics, missing a no- qof-their r -thid emor e points tou' e r C 145 h tu v bo
Iwaeh2hokfrm nt. LItth neMo trouncederimoeW 91d#1oin -3!18 me

:54! tOi. hanewas hi to: t er. Don1 o t h 1 h a ed ot,
4,Adlos2oRcee8-os eL 4p 1Lpop4.-puttilnr o ande _1 W ,--
the. InA LU h Ig tou'"sb At omanlye h d i ,a wiftrom -n
d trdi a hand were only tied Once i i5nhiref

2; .Pl:bneIe Tc USIAMaARVE OIdoublell1tle-ft."
N1nmei d(piche .rTDORIn' f.-.,otirde. p.lace, anp1 d f. te":0 plc. 1ie
th R s n eaedrneh14tedT thrinthCu eee wi b oKoten r.e was S
.ce 5 o th A ti ae 1op A e w 4 4l. .a
I Baartecanr toohghhema foinIta s

'e ach a -ito teace r if Co lpan- F ord a 701d th l 1t 81, d h. .. t ia
e d l a e ta C :elintos reo-nIoatef hrd4 15 2 2e C a n
r:ntot heugun wint T8 Ni5. 0 loa 1a ink th

10.a.S ainnM, Oa i..iS n e-th 4 38. u.tar.the 4141 14 won.......oblow n .....,r
eam0 ll:M crll5 o. d ouints ,T. "Ata.s.usralftn h Pr4sr e le niph LeCsto f rpiaer ..a,...
ptai nstsmwhi ch'knokestrr c d huta e

00.[thweere wi 1e 8 t Ith t 'on Hel" -J aulHI
52 .1 re 1 h10 fo0rthed..... the yea.rIne15 142S 7an, 2.tto thd -o1 1deth sted yDtlcdI .Iii5 4'
Walkq 1 6 a888821382he 138 18Uw b t.

= 3. -2;Tcon 5'with ItInI 1 1over I1h124u ouaotet on8. t.eA t nrl= I t- "
S du.n-d1 gha w5-t 1 on -erae(otBe
15itter ""1l "-soh wTeaem Nh aW Ii o or. a. "
Sma"tchesI.nI i t he Ifr enColpne Fordy 15-18 0 l t ey ettnhat130- 10 .30 .he l-.-an.

...... er will b a8 w 4 2 .tob 0
p'sa 60s..4.8b 7o97t4e y ar. n es31 14ou7p wteo tnle worl' '.li -.I ol out,

inWaloy'sincBar 35 49 46 63621 1 ,.2 b l. A r re8184"ed fr a 12...'_anRe E.e-i"i:. t"
Kuke 8"BT%.(m) WILD ONE"43.V II e I TOT ENls 15.0 u and th p a1t54 11 crowd 784 threiu ib- 1-.-of..he

CO .R) .nl. nIP O E .- _oks. moreo thes B 12T i8127 8 l kitt "_ t Ife-L I l"-"
T~~np Sawyer faj) 130 1 30_ _________
"r-; -.toI t an iSCut. Tommy Handicap 19, 1 1107 32 __66 % %I e.. "
tIe O n o -Ithe llmers' tran th- m i. -.-'-,
C.. .... AI TOI r qCou t. rhapin Totalsn- nusRvs ~ZR u
....sM B~E D r u-. ,,*,, ,._ ... i.

?.B.he m i"- in"2- 1.7 33 ''t,
(NANO3ZIO O Tom" 4

In.. ..C A 'TOilyo at .uneul 163 10Hw

won te Ntihan SothAm-nad ca 18 1616 0
I S. p o lf: PoyrtileyRe 23 2 HUfIj 14ilo7s. e

7."" I t he'tam Amter Chorenm 11 1~l t21 i ,. : I '.r"i .'- '-;. I ''i
SLu te nis! Billy oar Pt won thebolF moves

K un l I N I W .0. .
wonI lndlIthAI- r a n an H and icap I go 10 I. .1I !
# .-P P L. Va t 0i'

Hwulica.. I I. In 0

U ..

A .-

- 4.*--.. 42



* -i"

.. milk
t fiCs

S,,,Spor- B-_ t
I .W* f n~.^, a n .. 3.


rrenm. n *.nmnm i
'" N* t

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WASHMNOTON, May 4 (UP) said he only lnf Med McCarthy
natliv isgators again today as an act of operal that
u2med ways of bobtailing he was thnkn f relieving
hearings on the Army- Lwton. The nel Is Ut In
S rthy dispute but failed to the post. .
res agreement. 4 Bteveng ad e had a
The di nons were held Informat:0t te l* t news.-
b e doors as a source paper. .st6s edl by I
eleto Sea. Jeph I. M cCar- l1irthtY t* David

pod to te tn chair beforeLT of when' he "he hel"
The Sena Investigations 1ub- Ft. U1z, N.. .
committee faieg to agree on any McCarth, charged that
m Iuch proc however, d L.ateve asand Adm with .edm
returned to the Senate caucao( iteebakrutd," Issued a
room to resume questioning off g reportafter the .Mo-
Army secretary totert T. Bte .arthy suboommitee demanded
"ens to-rWaow ther aes 'of thoeI
he televised bearings were In prnponble for "overhg up"
their ninth day. Stevens has Amy "security risks." .
testified at, eat part of earth :. ,Army -eunael Joeep
asinc.e began. orola. rest the, Afnyaj
S Therl session. 17th of ca after ,earta tetJAony
e hea~m, began m Steve and MCarthy. ut
sb shedule aue o a McCarthy ld be could not may
subo0nlmittee's cle Dl1n. now how many witness he
Sen, John L. e Inw. oalk.
AMk) said the subcommltte .as ,en. enry M. Jaion (D-
q onslideraln "several" diffe r@ t Wuah. proothedath he sub-
propose, for sueding up Its o i4ttlee t*-u4estn .r Atr Force
SArmy-McCarthy hearings. zt. Herbert R. Man ,ster. who
Melan aid one p aid be ordered the Iw-fimo
was tht picture of fteven and chine.
SAe s the nxt MW In all, three version of the
lowing Bvens whb-has Oln Army's proposed pr ss release
-teUfyn for eight dys. figured In the dayas tstpmony.
i Special su _tt.e- cO i were cited tb~ Mc arthy
Ray E. e lam in a an effort to.bols hise charge
MYr oL* to Mo et
Soth ati a si -

thrdon.d ut he

H+ ^ said ,, be. "turned
Skth irst '.and p eond
that 1*44wln'appoffice

aat te e te pr d statement
0b~p~o'RMcCanl n .. .. others

i'' b Cyma id;-.bea"turned
hnrmed at th. spetacle of two raft.OftO ppestatement
Ah r s of er o thll he Ansbut tha third was "more acr
6ne senator pu. It,. on ml srea by subcommittee coun.
of television screens. Tie n the oped press
yesterday afternoon was a Wd ead Ms r-
In nt "that us war "favor-
1 y ha, A.dams :aid."_ hawsa 'root ot aeciy risks at the
S m tt y Tood memory t I ha prve t.
no reo ec'on of The satment atd the Mc-
SBubcommittee cun Jenkrlm ubccmie was con-
retilnded him that n Ad im ld continue
_""2" wts another veilof t -'the prose m l It t l a rted oand
Ti fact that he may somt U3 ltheJustice
thing doesn't mak ttrue," A-e I
dams retorted. manyA-ten
As the stormy hearing ended work-
their eig hth day with no end ai and at
Ssht., there were these other 40- *adthat the few
elopmet:at. efe
1. Steens .denied that he t nany other
to "over for anyone t described
might haw.been reponsbllol h apples that
"Any 6M~andlkng ot Army' M'
curlty risks." He was being release then
Uoned by McCarthy about, y that the sub-
Irving Pereas who was ivet call witnesses
honorable discharge alr m under subpena at
artly devq*ced -li a a. ";new York and
"ifth Amendment Communisut. heti .
S. tevens testified the AArmy hearings erupted
Inspector general is prepa I 1 Ia ,s atUte over a pro-
report witic should show, dted *press re-
w.U responsible or, &,h'l. efforts to
charge. -He OiNd he- ext".t nldS of the Army
"eceve the rkpot before
hearing end.1- "he. coshed heatedly
3. Bteves .tsifmd he could eolellor John 0.
snot sxecal .vw .p 1ng *a -.prsi statement
artoy he wu awTAlly t j | a October in
B sellaw's l5 OY3l or1 n dlth the Wisconsin's
M eo..n *B Rstilon of al-
a Ft. Monmou cmiaanaer. H len C un .s .at the Fort


oth, N. Jr rada
approvin the
oauset itn uiry.

s0 lip
of draoppllDtb Ne-

ven testified Adam had
e to sme mnmt s hlW
McaIthy's threat to
poeas for the boaist eMi .
Hemid Adams e'u W1ftG. &
Ide til directive thRp n t
Army from gtvvft lt mublom-
fttee the in formUt iD
Btevein8 told MU at he5
been advised by t hi&y u
A'ocmate Oen eral ofie, b
adinslatrative umIt,
Martin, and "pry Ad
ama the board Ibrs ould
not accept the supoetas.
Stevens said th question
ohalidered ib imnplortt it
taken up with Atty n. G Herbert
gowneU Jr. sald he did -not
kow what advice Jrosmlle
Cohn, who ed th~at
fpe -can reject a subDoen, re-.
minded Steen oWe member of
the boarl Shereod FaIut,
auuoned bY the lMeCart t
rmnlUee October. Ot
ted why lt w ptrpr or
board member to aeept a -i
p "in October and e Ja
" We may, avo iy aM the
in October," 3t en rplied-
"Or in Januiy," McOCarthy fe-
torted. -
Stevens 4enI4 earme Mari
that Adam threated to s-

thy and 0ehn eotltued f.
fort to uubpena board maen-
Adams a "principal" in the

Tmfperalures Drop

As 1Spring Hits

RP, Cana Zone
String, so far I_1t ever comes
to tr~ ionps, esa In the air yes-
terday,. se th 't heavy showers
of the rdnyfesaon drenched Pa-
nama and the Canal Zone amid
brought a drop in the maximum
Temperatures from above 90 de-
grees to the lower a'e.
Although the rains were only
showers in most sections of the
Canal Zone and surroundig areas
with only a fraction of an inch
falling during a 24-hour period,
heavy downpours were reported
from the Interior over the week-
A total. of five inches of rain
drenched the area around Reme.
dias in the Province of' Chiriqu
and 4.1. inches were recorded at
the Cantlelarla Station above Mad-
cen Dam. but with no particular
rise In the Pequeni Rfver.
According to records compiled
over the years by the Balboa Hy.
drographic Offle, the rainf sea-
son in Panama usually begins
sometime during the last week in
April. This year it can be sai
that ft started about Wednesday
April 28 or approximately t wo
weeks after the suam passed direct-
ly over the Isthmus.
Since Wednesday typical rainy
season condition; hoe. persisted
with a rise in humidity, scattered
ashower and a drop fa "tempera-

N t r- .- :

Lindbergh Wins Pu litzer Prize
NEW YOIa, May 4 ( Newsady. the Lang Island tabloid of the Washingtea Pst nd Times.
Charles; A. Ibdb_ was a .. d r 'i expose of New He aid. Block's wiln carton
W. Prize forj. eet maek scandals and showed robe@4 filp epresenjlg
with Jls own ary, ifg. f the meritor. death saying tous= lte
St. 0es. .. ss ,p -l e class. mier Juief Stli, "Tonu were al.
The Breadway plas 'I % aJ Tywo g awards, one ways a great f d of mine, Jo.
house of the Aust Moa"' een v- each to burg. Miss., Sun- set"
ed the prize f rA- ma. Aa day for "outstanding For news pos y. Mrs. Wal.
by John PatrAk is a .. a-. *e e eerage'f ote Dec. 1953, tor- or M. Schau Sae. A fo Calif.,
the American t e ado, dWW -Alvin Scott McCoy., an a.nSteur U who took
wa after oadf th. !a*as Cty Star, for "a a picture gshow rescue at Red&
5 aboard was H tr e- series eto reignation un- ding, Cal
"der fip-of C. WesleyRobertsas
.-e -- t RePublica national chairman." The muse prism weat to QuLincy
FllQ or attal eportin., Richard Porter I his "Coneerie fr Two
.Wilson of the Cowles newspapers Pianos and Orchestra."
IH r .w"ae y pubieauon of A travel u bda was
tetthe Whit@ House awarded'10 4 LmNi.J~e Rom
IP the White spy clair N. J.
SThe prizes are awarded by the
Strusteem o Coleuma Uiversli y, a
.lt, the Boston ,he r__ma__s-doae&a a nt
Sram DoE Li llc


ce'onsin ', ll-ik 16 0 be
ens hat e d-l y'u Ino

the ica l e .

make It el rt
fuSe to the t.
nhes rejoined he it "

rmae r tt
e i: g I&)spour

not aytha tthe-s l

would withdraw from. t In qul t.

um It a
--^ ~fre
liitoaueW~i or

4uq 1WW^ 1 a|

the ost' righ1siders In major .'
league a0Iesll, amA Mrs. Sim. mI
mrs' husband is one of the best vi
Mrs. Roberts, Blither of twoup
smal b Is a veteran of five
pring trips to Clearwater.
lud one," she said, "in
which I was sena hiome two days
after I got here. iThe was
spring malgr Eddie Sawyer de-.
ddeat e date to ban wives
at t5:e c3apm." y "
Mrs. Simmons mother df a hus. 5:
ky S-mmotluhsId bly named Tom-
my, is speadg her first year at
eamp. -
Spring tralfain i. deslned toA
erse for the .tegu-
S ese But rs. Robert says,
It lis the wives in shape, .to
e irls acquire heavy taJs and
some of thea use the six wee r or
so of outdoor We to slim down
"I.usual I, s five or uix
poe 0atMn. Roberts, apret-
. h netw. "By the time tie- T
ome, my drses fit moer O .
The Simmons and Robert fame N
ales, Iaying at the Ft. be
hotell live next dior to eicResf by
er In Mndowbrook Pa., suburb
of Philadelphia. They a 5
friend. .
. o rt said the t f
rafma By s a s.y Is %"LeMt
Bg t problem, said
S"s feeding th -
dres" L1 |
"Amen,1' said Mary l bet, li
whose bos are Robin, Jr., J A6 ,
Dan, S oatw. =
"R.obin's no trouble,", ,ths-ld, d
"because te sold enough~ e a
with us ia I he hotel d-i W ,
and he eats aythinv we tat,*
"But feedingan Is is am-dBU eq
else. GeAWqia milk016 S
wash btw, with Plti wtr No
"Toumm wats .0 at ma
aIn the d room th
thai fast.we quit trylif
him tere.m"'
"W6 feed him In the
Msry feeds Dan,' Mn.
sad. "ANd we baby-st fr
mnd 9"olkwhiletbf--,
Curt ad I etat"
'"Evren wi h al the pnIM
the children, I H ike
Mr, Sim a m es added. "D
anmy .fi N in the
game and wanst to ee *1

smy mind ab1ut
Ms. Siamonsa aid, 't

-4,P .Q

S -. .

. .. ..
-- F '


a it

,wte sth ehab fep

w aT. w en .
Wednaey, mayk pol *
: %aM. .......... 1I!4 re3aV

supremee C wrft H i* Qwn

New ivil ghts in

ie Supreme CO
rtant new civil
led unanimov
Iat Jjckson COI
en violating t
U keiglng Mo,
Eu desonmW

. 4


w* ias o n I a n_- a
in c( Mexican
"al shooting iw

as antenced to lfe m
Tm at
* antUon has thue' l

*W v

-X muu-
exists lb
hlx a*

,-" -


*4 -
*~ ~, -

o ,' l ". ..'. --

" *" _*



Costume n
Setr F N "_ _..
S' ** *. _- a







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',': f -


,. f t +. ,. i ,.._c

*? r +.* ...,.,. +

" '''*
... '*


trwoversy, asnep
d. at watchful w



-:: t

* a*



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