The Panama American


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The Panama American
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Weekend American
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Scott Family Library Fund ( donor )
Panama Times, Ltd.
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Panama City, Panama
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daily (except saturday and sunday)[may 12, 1973-]
daily[ former oct. 7, 1925-dec. 4, 1966]
daily (except saturday)[ former dec. 10, 1966-may 5, 1973]
normalized irregular


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Newspapers -- Panama (Panama)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
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Panama -- Panama


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Oct. 7, 1925-
General Note:
On Saturday published as: Weekend American, Dec. 10, 1966-May 5, 1973.

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University of Florida
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oclc - 18709335
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At Geneva

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HANQO, Indochino, April 26 (UP) -
'volunteers were pmched into faMd .'i
today to reinforce the garrison whFtlC C
Red aOttcken hld iswrn to "finish off" ak e
An undiclosed number of reinforcm a
from low-flying' transport plan esI : I
morning milt whiAk shrouded t4he st
ed defense p emer.
A Frem k.h t mmo iil;.-a ll. n
obscured t ,he rstrp A
troopers ju-4 f.

Ib a nsr0


FJI ,~

iSder fetM*M f
that MICeoy's
have "apeedftlOg
a of Asme enr

due" basic
ao his for-
Lbe sgiln-


law -
d toe

lot the
eral becfUa W
not be aailgal*

W + klre--" t" "' r a

A .
Ttesq Frenchies...
AiRS. f~,~.- ..CUP )-c
ts Wicte atmt today wst
mid praim -bon paiOring th

"Ammo 'I"l t *. 6 w b -hP -^e v..
-1 lni *'


.be; ,e ;
SUe iuM
a, per


Around tvoli
A young- PanamanIan girl who
at firat l-ed guilty in the
Balboa Muirat Court to a
charge of fIteb4 fffd the
back porch of the lvol HOtW
le0t the court t.i- morning alter
se was fined.55 .VprotetUng her
The defendant, ooefa Torres.
directing her deprt riarka
to the court clerk cried: "But
why should I pay a .fine. rm
not guilty 'mI a .'"
iepiled tb oe ch, J3
Mieoli i. am nett yoir. tere
Joetsa told t e o r~abshe had
ber p oture tam -.f Y .A yo"0g
.eu dream bmt_ ev bo hase
adjima- em Utbnmwi.

po"S ww

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:t. 'r^ ".- -.. ..'. -." ?- ... .. .. -'.*. ".--,.~, ; .. .. .
.' ;; -, / -os, .c ., ., ..., ;.,-.-o ..: ; : ; -
"' _"__ '_' :t -. r .. -. ..;.. "*;' .- ,j'-"r ", <, .r ..:,. "e ., ':. :.. .,

rI. "f

**?*-~ *-*

s', il ita a mtoat
toegater must
wert false
lv role in the
BCr Pute wa to
ilon of the Ar-
of evunta re-
he dM, wa
t a WM l Defeme
t. woit a
SM- Ail

and wr mfl" a" of
If the e doer taok
into. th wl h "it should at
the sque 1*. i re Senator
WtetmeexkteSnto the the
w haw mder 5-

elet e da a. Isle d a m

e attabaw ith t Mci w Cr-il.t
a m,.. mut
Sthe ya e e c al ed i no

Cow of cow-
4miPue wIth at thereto
to the kinme eate nmd in the

Cetd I emoMM. at the'

-M anicol Mind'

S ,. f tho e tIu ,will
~M e"0k

Mr. o,
bp ht

no etro leadership
n ad.thetat a
.t confident bea at

.o.y Orderly
shnr lred In
RHoptl GCorage
A 31-eW.-old Sant T o m a
Hort ot rderly was found dead
hin h Up1t 'ga Wr yeaster-
day g. Jorge bana il
waclu only n underclothes
when his body wae found bt
other employs of the hoptail.
A'. autopsy revealed that
death wa caused by fractures
of bot a the e and top of the

police belsve that sahtana Oil
either- Jumped to his death or
with Jp The hoapipUl' s-
e ,ca under te e=-
pi a,,/ o ,ii l y '__

- 1'1

(MA Radio Telephoto)
Swim soldier erect a barbed ee* I
*eatitfl"ury" n Vexo. =cped .by mChnp
n ,ndter Chou- i da the For
at BGneva. tt the oe ded
BESW e bs aso down camt.

S -i

A .. ., .* .. .... _
-*/ ..t,'*I *.?N.'-*f% te

ove r the postage- ta idi
dirp" so. ns .1
dhe Ia n iWto which the m mnaer
can be parachuted, It was ex- dtfie
pladd r "o tier that "
tw* *'Noc" of mpen-each corn Freait
vg -a tls eiawr*_mn.n be. r nf ka.a


pdod mh Dr un.e a
The jleawcrossu the drop
o ftnass asd te. Jap. le yaM
ers adst ,I thee r s's n I .P*
mdel %'w duemy halta w me
Even so.. .come down at the sa m
extreme Wd of what re- arer
main In Pf of ts for* t. he. ."" fIe.
mer main $ktrlp of the fortress. The llOUjnaan Fretm sju
The srench spokesman would (Ceamtinae d mhe Cep
-o- *?T.

'Bele Of Dien Bien P-Oh 7

Is Stranded French N
.,., ,.. --. --,

HANOI, Indochlna, April It. GI dO G
(UP) A French nurse, waol r&uWe.k wB*DI:on.-.
helk was deatroved8 by In the h-W 'p
Im sIlfire W ase-

waaw aumuw r

ad 4. the
haa been on vo
duty. and. ha s
In as manyy
day. Her cabmnw
Of the almoet-
bombardment b
tough soders 4
garrlsod the i
A reulsteitpf
fint In W9,4
TTarranh saiind



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todaj- eiI ale to -IIg

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I. te I o AI

SS .4 ,4t"iihta t ics. frabo L of mcnry lo a J an o r *^^ ', fi l .5o ,:iife
S r t W Ie dboul s, l I -
-i hS IaWN cam

.,'*dIP. .e___oon__;;:_..iuir'op~:, n n w t e nC m enst ni e-wicu'o -o W i L? I i | i Ilk
840 aINa d At Lss labor .9 1 : Y

L xtv lo- the a hip'owo elob a cud d In S "leush Mr .miltn- 7-.i 'i I-- 'i ; yS i
;o boAe e _. n d a r u B wI '- I
fat that

-r ade Sam:n 'r wa u o The o er, wh t e eer
S Orch. o1 to ur remarks of April Ot. h ul ab
This SB--"-- th-:-" you mention was rathe! forcist att f eBeu ,,t -
bMfY when a calm, quiet father's nV us eto s
by the yaklty.iality-ya tot Ru corae surenthe nt cr spi g corol'h obof -
ma ae first toon the r a o n u hem, ut Th rows stsof -
mied the poit urra. but they "could not do anything about movements a a 1

orMty *on mremtnwa ds merat tpaqt was thinkin ot
S ad f Concor and tok Japanese co nterpadrt of our A
t ware no .z~pusor jqu kht mmaers op- Dlffereb e i s that o t h
04 a inl tA on wn Was It- because the oc- Sohp q s taltj
baethamzne t noises x agk th eral Counwth of Trade
' fine a. eDr; ht a child in a "launch a puatimon*_wld p s abo
at& )01- 0 .".butdid they 11c oud-od or shoot ing. aIoun- pgrta g a aO
t am one of m an S y who will contribute a buck to pay this The statement was m
,a"fine. Alth he may have be I r em in using firearms, picked up by the Sov ietized *

U1 pfr 1_1" I I Ibr si' '-- a l w" Ai n di i u
,__ __ rookt Commult newscaster Scte r Cim
n insir e, teir 0=111
S* a aotaer victory for the o powaes lobby, since Mtiheo wO,. ew tS
,a A mloxel p b ole f the s the a.ioican oio com att 'a u' av U-'w n Aeeal
e i S free ghthoues, broke employes. I his 38 woUds of Jap a led n pf in nT Rraa anseo aedned .t a te Panfrs.

| J apTr hIiai n ka.di. A d ant' c1 n I e the em T-e P i ta ls ver h apotion
4P i 4 1d r --, ew one provi ew Ml heard n mm *U, D
m.. Ist-oamogstoei gIO d-. which ha yar, eo suit
Siere is anotea a go r t a Ad e ofo man Both wee on I, I l, i "
ss i Words I point. This ah s i -'th a world ol c ewa agre meant i M. 0 Pt It ch ta t sinc da rtm laim Unsdra
wrtenterstat ementte
-tne. Ato he mas ylaavmir etv.wronginusin gfireart.mthe pikeasteaisau. aivde UP by"the e P 'hohlu

ober s k I ndt *o mevth a e t i y o S have notahaial ao d o EM .. Pt to, Sou a 4

.3df 3Ck pln h0incep od t i lelo ol c oUlv. ove5r int ur Hae W Pe r E. ",
of Ame II--- ..roo culr re e a m ab u t the SO- fr&'er the -a titgu srene

te p risthere bcase tew, .
Not e s leahi n ghdown.So-iem eavae4 la a t B AI Ia tahkewhishiteP s

It i!netmUt his Lj te th agay-
..,,,ee in t omEd.p e th 3 cm a ee e at u d a1 m1o" lnvt ook -, -- ..
tiin in e the s en"ndoei c Itel thavrt
7 i/ the P ne th_ cn granm,."," s .em- P1.
40a vitory or t e sh ier. sor wordytincerMacis4 eM 11 4 "er6 0i a nua ls. H0e107s0o0n4d.y

ne.el Ii onD8can win tu forT aen'sp r an Seie- d h--oa t

LpFirst ic e s eflde an d-att I entsintere sta n *a t lani1 e* n uhea l erc ara gine seanthat he o fut c
Mel chairman po hAL s aMbr DeVg-a io"Welse se i ee o chsed hm is V p rtothe S i r$ C ureN

PartyIsis otbiuoIn talte r W indidi I N ew Yka
Wtepo-owihidof Rofss dIiploat

Op.n,"tutO* obtno res ._, uss and Gd sablrebIns

Was involved i eomatat.t ,Publisher B.W. Scripps ea 7lIdly tMI [s. T. eguaul at --sm.
warfare. Compto aged ia adlmted,: "Our one bus esa )saltlau hsag .mus operate ON
I. stree8t ~brawls wi h1am aand ,ex. elm a mudeise. Whate e else It basis e r al eeimlty
tema e their barrage to his family. Is, a ,ew.paper must be ee. tval' dema that nu -
71W s abuse dre ehi wsife ivay IntreatlagU. HUm be'self.- sppo-. To ben e
al ofithe. .msowe, mustnet h6e -bm. m ot be 1I
L O-o.Whileni- l ei~reeur di I 6owovw, lud i idf
eft sutinued em aswwapeps must be ai." npubshers who ne16
*le as ob

is Dat"so"

M u ri t M I

i Im

;~i.. ~

I bsu ~ ~iiw,
'4.~. :.

'~i -

* uI-*

V, 4

" 1-W

" ASM a. *



-. -.,,,4
... -t ^:7




-, .e.. jg^ -T^ s,. -'

7 .

.- ka -,

tm*s exa'*mB e la
ta a p~~iro~ vna
TOL hARMu*ott~

u-a-k.l^-l aft VMS

auda the Nt ha alhnady

IuS S olis pauWto t~a
saM fet k(whothe

asMk* al.ope dm.
gw = w ^rLmom i
SB^SAtS o'A an

^i ,- ii;t .... ': .,

o1i am, dvs r tne But f e ie te f

O MlIeg "tu m aNdvl C OU, ill'
be "K a idan en eet 0 -00 afted r

Sanfthe atinue from time to i

elerred to i t hed' caM n tier the 4000o-a8
effes %w par- put- .r hazaram Area aoundn

not Obet, .
thie 'current VA .ni Tho tote Dep-arebt bm

gusis proved they would RO. XpXM 26(UP) -t
work. dredsF da prisoners
simlat reports have come leased yoar under s
from former government offl- nesty law will hsve to go back
ein s and tram other Conru- Jal Court of Ca
onal soue n s om. n rules tem.
nut owlie rn xn mentsi d o namt

"We do -ot- Ater Y tea. Fnam

Sdeed longer the poved they woud ma ,e 6t. pi U(MP) --t
'from former government offe new) law wea hrve to go

theal and t he Mas eb waUb I a t aeti Cta
Bu? oemnindn namea .._ r .._. .



WyL ie

SJ3Q4 :yd C. ,Douglah
o* m e. .il
T ra Poowt or PosmvE
IIG -- Norman Vimcetm
oPeale .
J, Sheen .- .

5lwaut H. *lmroek
ertoe Marhall



Z A1

A C4
' +-_+!



:.~~~~~. I, -- --- -,


Thi".. 4. A '
^ Dy ^>.,





... S

"itd I Ns rrif attrib-
- ated Itatenrrifle vitlehce to Ws
of msterIta in forms and pro
f ortUtu no employed In tin
Mrdroas~tot of November. WM1
m seo The abnr k shot
waR the word' flint rue hydro-
oen bls t
0oi00 Batement did not deny
that different materials and
technlonu were used In the 1902
and 195 tests. One difference.
It hs been reported, was that
the 1952 device contained refrie-
erated Uould heavy hydroaen
whereas the March 1 adget wa
Famous Novelist
Dies At 74

tWat SEA U SL CITY, NJ., April 26
to (UP) Joseph Hergeshelmer,
n2"rIl 74, famous novelist of the IW0.
died here yesterday after a short
B6 Illness.
-gselmer. who speclalized
I. We In hio a novels, was one of
the most prolific writers n the
county and for a 20-year period
one" out a novel a year.

Schools Head
Worried About
7-Yr-Old Genius
LONDON AnMr is- (UP) -
Schbol a tholh s Ipumled to-
day over what to do with a saven
year old boy genius whose IQ Ia
higher than that of children
twice his age.
The boy, whose name was not
revealed, learned to read at the
age of two the Hampshire Coun-
ty Education Committee reveal-
ed. Now he whlles away the time
while his elasmates learn to
read and write by. reading the
newape. A &llbumzan for
the education committee Mid
his IQ is 16 compared wlth
for a 14 year old boy of average

"The trouble is finding a suit-
able school for him," the spokes-
man said woriedly. "He's been
doing advanced problems In al-
gebra while his climate were
,tUg g over '-a spells







HONG KONG BASKETS ( fallkinds )


JAPANESE Hand & Shopping Bags



























-.7.5- ,*

S1.00 1*0

1.95 .
3.95 -



S. our.,der to make room for ne ,tocks we offering -
Sfor a tli mid tie only the famous RUSSEL WRIGHT ai lssmare a t HALF PRICE.
DINNER PLATES....... 1680 G."

1 -
,, LU SOUP sOWLS ..... e.80 o.40
.V.A... "U 1.41

-. I' t,,no w. =


fu rnlture




E PAmI O Of.I L, A IIUN rfffE. Ta .sEe-iUL

': '_ -T -- .V ..-...

$ r-


.4 -



. ,. at

'. '1

- r. I "n -
, -f : f *-

~ *~

* .~.. -

* -1


'A --

S t I *- -*'* *-J "--"-- *'






r .


- 4 r. A4- ~

-~ w

AZ, ~:- d

e ral sales It's a genuine looklnii glass -
Pua sv et sees they're sM looking.
TV sth per bomse. dgar Bergen uses a full-size
be for pmotpr a.ndfather dummy in his theater an:' night-
r the ds. Te others will lub act. It's a she-dummy named
She says, for the i-. Podine Puffington and Edgar danc -
e maid. es with her.
"Who can afford maids, "It's the most lifelike dummy in
maybe TV set manufac. the world,". Edgar says. "Cost me
.-.- ,If it's lifelike for a dancin part.
Sou ever watch "Winky-Dink" ncr to cost $4000 here's where I
(S-TV, you know that it's a ake up soltaire.
yove-average children's pro- --- u-o r
But even so, you'll prob. Even success has its drawbacks.
S surprised to learn Just how Tony Mlavasr. now singing in John -
d lentific an enterprise it Murray Anderson's "Almanac,"
%ade his mark in "Paint Your:
e "Winky-Dink" enters your Wagon" a few seasons back.
a it has utilized the serv- "The part was a Mexican," Tony -
teetehnoiosa, some chem- recalls. "'d had 0o.a ting experi.-
eye and a child ence. Never_ ven sap~e or sung i a iA'E SeLTrze
.clhl3dasd build with- aAccent, But I cop- _____
f -1) es. T led the aWcomaif msn 'd worked "She got it fro
sidM eye doctors were in with in rhumba Hads. w o.rk
g lw topment of the green "After opegabg night, some exec-
sheet which viewers affix utives from RCA approached my
Mo, .(Aside to non. agent. They said they'd Ilke me
us: children who to maske records-but they weren't
ow draw on the plas- sure if f could speak English well
am I with W-Dink.) engh,"
pay gist, Irma Si- It a ail worked out, however, and
BIek, beeks all the Tony i as now happily singing every
a sees that there's noth- ght n "Almanac." He sings
whIch ul give a child an "Anemsa ore," the song that
nervous system. Ybu might Eddie Fisher i riding to the top
retd in two of 'her pro. of the record list. "Almanae" is
ammin t~emie: one show that keeps changing
9k.a-. ; ". ,-the Mnusical numbers are Juggled
S, Aim for the boys. Girl watch ane rejuggled.
qat boys like, but they won't 'So much changing around cre-
teh what boys don't like. (Try ates inhbitlons~, Tony vays.
on your wife some dark argu- "You're afraid .to cut loose be-
t..) Cueause you're really experimenting
wirtn an audilnee." .
1. AJA for the older kids, and It also maans the cast must keep
nt'. hbod the younger ones. rehearsing,-even th ou the show's
All this chemistry, ophthalmol- been running suceentally for
and psychology seem to' do months. That's enough to make a
lk. "Winky-Dink" is a hit- guy long for the good old days
with teachers and parents, with the rhumba band. Well -
and critics like it, too, almost enough.
ruis inning a wild gamut.
e been 400,000 requests for
tc sheet, crayons, eras-
o_ are sold at cost.
N about "Winky-Dink"
the only TV show that could
S ly ha ve been done on
marches on.
i May 6, the Kraft TV Then.
bb seven years old. It's
an exciting seven years.
ttrigulng incident in its his-1
Stehev case of the vanishing i
F. r one play, the producer 's." "R 1 OARAC
a steel.and-i mlrrer, "ball irase" wouldI
,Wet by eight feeL t was'de-. ng problem. Shown
p the stu lo but it war Maod money is the stuff o worn the circular garage
shoW And it'sL on has to raise te roof p get. would be 170 feet

e ; -


Ir T

* -.. .--.^




4 .4'-.

r q

.- --:;;- *." .*i.^ -- r **s ,
< .. .* 4 -, .. .m a
'. .
-. .. -p .
i ** i .. i
I Iij l >.VA

ALL r Rider,

i|LMINaS O~F. lABaO U iL ^-


MOUTS Amu a3R sWlba iM

OW.a T TWo 6' E
Stm 7Lf 2THY to

E IDEA-4rof. Peter Birkehol thinks his
be the answer to Munich, Germany's, park.
n with a olodel of his invention, he claims
would accommodate 1000 cars. The project
high ou be built by a new, noa.

,F o il ii

'U** .


',, q .



M-^w fcsaw


still Tugh ,I

*LAPO ir l


fOT... Bur r PLAY ro KEES
.,.TH15iom N

r"* A -y*. r A-

PUT gS o o rf
-riii~iisiam ew--

HilK~f~l CAN PlyM


A Wpag Perftomanee


-ER ~

cw. "84 Ii mS f h





popular Town

-. ,-*

N 'N* 60OPY 'lOUT 'T1
CATO Tn4LL hIMlt -



eas Steed

f.f r
* *

- 1

. .
,*" 1x.
-- '., !.

IOTA aftsiMp- .'

lr'b Pr

5W ICIsuia,*L

* *




I. I



om television-thAt's her 'kiss








''.$" ~iLFl

ue ne-use. en-
~ahW' un~eas

Mary's B*~ubr
.~- '~

,' a ^ .... ". ."' "" '. i O W c f V5 lwhat the e
A ?ar.. dl =,mab e of he t oPo
aub d: ca annD oaby Maknow
the tofe d

!rkdo,, mmit, akt4 humans.
IeI at ism 4 of Apo da* -m *rpost t-N test ex Ito show
_. I/ ,h re wfver 250 whether these mIl w o
cleo At d anae dme I te Znwe slear A coffee beei the. ehil ren to beo tal
AVb _u. LAMras, .P eden .. .. ee o W.0m b e tof .

101 nFub.the P e t e r L W T fo rf s W e a a I egA I C..s ..ep..ble to WHOo VB. ,
PMNmO elt iS qw iute Daclu morWed.dBengtewa" i ta well kn to e e I. Health officers in 45 6ate
I Mi i n hamlet_ Balboi a=I3.: .I-- o-- h avabout ZUM..m. aZU Ealvthmas nie requestmed Walk var n ein t
M u II of BocL-u l in f ha t,5 teou Iations.
Mis a iveasron of Bal- NBW YOaK, Ap (UP)- aetjeom member Ad the Bas C phe Only Mdryland. Arsons- and
boa Mi t endricks of Pacia dau of th. de the d heDstrct of Columbia ave
Pabnoo a P DujailaH rilrried actor thrt aa Qt nby her I former U. recommenda~en of a nesota has not decided whoeahe
S P tCMratll Mr o. J. 1. e weekend ,n a aend- A a dr to Great Britain and a e advisory conamltte Another addi to take part b the test.
oBerf e Dr. Je1. X. by se sectaike o nvit e of cthe uatioe's mo st suce nted (o a ine cri aril be. tl
U i Canavag. f el aan0mas t t ad b ma rs.and businessman e a--p abruft to hed. e opur
S Captain go5.Bar? IsTfly9 o wih com mi i aew1 pp wrn' a eltr bImth '.T m mittee ruled tht the wi4l eu h
aFop t aii J Ca~ao of church. bei.e t temo r a e named tor Its ljav tor, the Ba-r to
aa. e.. eclin...bef -an... .d i..te ,e i. with thdir
,l i K% anretwoed VAcrowdoiu can be 1e1180,110_p___lal rapt__ 'Fi tS
to the Cab a a lengthy l"nsja3 p -d the 40V ,.h h b o oon
I. d We. ?iomlAnd Edwardme l
M a.W s Wfte tstpiti? a S I T I M I DY. 'in aarp* i

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Svforl at c thedr gt adwford'i bride asede fmto g ot h-U srteo a.a aoTre haae been blued. by L '-Crops
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SI A Br K afutio L with chlorophh today. e I
Itar pSt..g t mid IMlB l. he.Ithier" -. Price It

** rasIrs es One block from Tivoli Ave. "NASH" A

,. -. -.. .. .
I.*. '* 'A-
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To owns fe.l .or 1 eawat m
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purchases at UM Fatdieh... .Mst
for men and women... Gt h
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See thi Ivm f
Luxurious Compact
"Hardtop" Ever Built..',

The New 1954 1

Country Club-.`

You've never Ms m ch luxury in a car
so eoy to tdt4 and park! Come me daring
continental nyllng by he oem and only
Piain Farina ... new Paris-mart interiors. -
And think oft gting up to 3Q miles a pfllo
-.. nthe car dmt'i quckme ntraffic...
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Sea -.d tHI e.rW h Bmad new Nas-h
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J' oubI beEAV:-Mus sllT19sil 52 Ford FR HTAD 0Ur OfTH U .FMIL 4L- Mdrte "'.
o- a, ol Ao--s a l jll.e .:n "

tMiraculous MeAL del .Chur sear ditil, owner levie C. 1195--$550 S. Inr oi dR ult t lo makel or 4
Mey 19th, 20th, 21st. Call Phone Balbo 2-27a8 or Albrook C~o AttlA v n veo Cne- .k
Crstob 3l 3-1343. 7292. tral Avenue Ne. 92, Pip me.
S- SALE:New dinnerroom set,ra.FOR SALE:- 1948 Plymouth SpecialFOR SALE:-Just receivedPedireed FOR AENT
di evictria, bd. dl. toasters, dloupe mleeC 2. T000. Te- Roller Cnries. Cell Tel. 2678
Plants. etc. 'Gl 3-3493. *pherw Cristobal 3-15. -3-4953.
iOR SALE:-Exellnt oenditlon 3. OR SA- 12Pontac Converti.-ti FOR RE-Ch4
rand no-sag bombop lvingroom bi,. Position Offered ingroom, 'd l
furIturn, 3rpkje sectional and 1 Can be o at Y.M.C.A. Wa tch e .'
rl tchingw tables knehile Repo Shop. WANTED:-Aviotloht company wishs Stre No, 15 -2228 l
2 0hng table lamps; flI r FOt 1951 Chevrotet 4.door t ploy SecretrySt er in dur office .le b-
S46' str.w ruJg all for dS d. r a Sph-d Erihsh; god start M lding O l f et b-ou B .
AlM a gloss toble top ll'x63. l P -50'l 9 er 5:00. salay for well trl'nd person a
S6164 after 5 o'clock. 1951 Chevrlet P. 4- detailed account of qualifications tun from May n- to Sept. e d
deS w a mi se ver and include photograph, to: Apar. Cll 5-360. .
SSALE- .ouslhold effects Chl- t tod 572, Panmm. FOR RENT: thrn -bee e Se
S rugsconsoe ord player r- Plme 8 11. PANAMA CANAL COMPANY roomhous. Be t. 2 iS2nth
i gnd crystal set. 334. SAt-Leoing May I 1952 OFFERS MISCELLANEOUS ITEMS beginning May IS. Cml Paa3.
Er-R rigerator, gas stove. Ford V8 4-door, lack $1100. FOR SALE 5079. I b md
A. i m tW desk. No 21, 40th St
; Tel. 30657. 3050. be received until 10:30 a.m., May 4. of l --, o M
SSALE--"Top n" delux model 194. in the office of Suplrintendent ter tt l-
Sin rfect condition F SALE of Sor Balboa, for dust c A t t he.
priced, 50th Street lector machine, suction bench, dental Al MAw RA ipr
-" ,L 1l ,ryp vibretors, cane, motorcycles, pumps r TlileareilFA
and spare parts, water still, tractor fTlereIL
W ntd JUiST AMD-n famus N.S.U. and wrenches located at Stion "," "f -inr, r o o. I .l _
anipW~n~eO Madowi 1". 100 ccJ; Mx. Balboa Storehouse, telephone 2-2720; TRANSN, )RM "W6
WA -Moid to lie" in. H"oUse. s ifl~meui ~ 00 eel. PWONL remixing and pumping concrete ma- 10th Street, phone- 186, Cn. Q-1W
Ap, cook. partimen r 2 chil- T.. A R eed No. 8S chine and tank truck located in the A TTe NTION L hu e.
Refrenrc required, House a .Yc Is.he .q3 S helA Phoe '"300" Areo, Balboa; power hovel- air tw

| b pe D. nc n rs. T l. I :* requted House j Ole. o ftNoff
d Ed St., Margarita, -ol. l" co ted ot the West Sank of Pedr O Mi. bedo. h mot eeI 0816et. Tel.S -' srceL e. sin .Pn4t
515, rd ue Lc ee ho g c t; St. a Margiarit a.E4l OP. L *gifts -mte US 'A
IN rMle tywrRSt orehouse, ter e rone Ph op32rtm2teSIp Aatm ible prtet r1nf -1269;"1 I Ient h
.".1 o .wrenches located at the CrlstobalN v- Nl 0 MWr eeas o s
PERSONALS C oionl Storehouse, telephone 3-126S. M iE FOREN:--p rtment, 'rawh rrt h
-.AD.A,. 1th SreST idat=,tmw
Stai trs Tel.S,, r othe above sources, r frm office of th t t. He l, Pal iIa. Ai it e
of raur wvah astranin stress. Tel Superintendent of Storehouses, tole- FOR RENT:-Beollel *V Iq 2- 2 0t6 a*n A"Uf t ame :r 1 .4 "Z" eera

S 2. 519 by appointment. o phoneU t2-ehoe 181al bedroom, Nepmet. -fala f M t i e a 11
tai FORt SALE:-Record player, automa- apartment. Call no3-0816. a ervice.U nie f tI
Laolr i V llCO ns tic; refriera, good Econdition; FOR RENT.-Col. SUl *e It- i 111 CmI ftiZy j]
po ssi le par _bdo. relofmfment

mdVSUt3 LiesprurIUand abl portable typewriter; miNors. Phone bOR RENTo-Lr ,0 nt, 2 top]A" a'dw.ySai
s rit oseg i a e n o r 1 U Pedro M iguel 301. moive neir ghbormhoo. e3rd iMexicoM IOOndcb 11nt. t
Sw 1rAinp. 2oupto moveor r PANAMA CANAL COMPANY Aoved, No. 64. Tel. balbo~0 d sTe. 30. W 8h eata e

s3B^v'?*1 oJ ^ ". -,-.i OW lanuro0 .:. R m-9F r 8d D l e1 Stu 4---D oo
aruh c t or som of RENT: d eiothhallirafimeo
1 ItREGO SPRINGS, aiif tem, important rain and FOR SALEN San Francisco u Inqur ui5Me30 Tbll Sa irt i
So g o a lveatock regions ofU n I0 t d Sealed bids. for opening in public, will to 9:06' p.m. Mrs. Poplar. |l BuWt= they doii10th t 4 T-pI .eDiea
iS acre n sael p be recei Oved until 10.30 a.m., May 6a FOR FOR RENT:- Completely furise tl fc t bvd-bel abelt

n min the. once ad orre- Winter wheat cropa al- 1954, in the office of Superintendent one-bdroom partmen. porch.
l "Ame lt re ady b ea nseere a. a msed of orehouses, Balboa, for Underwooda ne lbveni entn loc .
A rps lastdwell vnntilatod, Pr9 0 monthly, 52nd nedri re a:,0g,.be$
ne1t'oi a-- ndarlyt Vattheft aoll ond Royal Typewriters, Co mptmeter. SCoa elTe. 3-5245. nO a-
SDINMolush frtili va uHandhandmElectricsAdding Machines, C T.-4 c STOM ESu .*mi-Ie,
thon a __________________________

d or n countryerthe Electric Computing Machine, Bur- FOR RENT:-Lerge, modem -bd.
'. 1 jo lr.' elo 1tIN roughss Electric Bookkeeping Ma chnes, room ap m ent, mald's r m oomI
S. Safe, and Time and Date Recording both, tile floors. 'garge. 17 44 T0l $
oftMIspcul0Machines. ted oinBuildvng No e, 28, trWat, el i a rt | 44th Stremt, e .

.N I msua s lndusr o, Sa rurIn. sst6an e Mri A.
sthis year. the ic of S ernenent of Sore o f t hei te rnt1e .
geologial tele oe. ur atlll d onla bey, v ldaleela froi aartment

V-. 1 U And nI a ; durtgeyr n ot a 2 on "'44" st Street N 37 2.S bd I
aL rve' y rooms, unitary l e ea lo .ti n n c r. A D
0jse"p _ithiehd over muh oe ot wI.rtment, l aom, doni w itgrso
4060i" 0, Ouveporch, $1 ma0. InquCiore 48th Street
n-or moao t No. el .vrta f(ewttn, Cic e .m)
toeri aod," the sua rfurher, anfor Aarin 26(UP)
vfy- 0a. Asl island 2 who Nwas FR RN 0
,Hod.overmuch..rafNe T:t the u.s.. MarRinReNT,.,.
as. apa rromet" was serio.s Corps .w hil a llnorwegion, twdly M i. e.. o- e 4 Wi s ," -. '

lt l t l frome the O d Va lley a. e tOnorie aot beLinr drafthed- en -P) E (Web Chic ag Mo
S a ta t0 a "Stremfow lower thn it o an Ameeand m.chns It s e cwas rtes -- by t Ci
tmjlt mo draftedeinto the h U.S. Mrn FORRENT

Sple of years go, to new sesl or rec Ow.e .n whoe a Norwan no. te. n s
im s pe m e b, &"u a e da .Anterscen a vytwhihlp pa- FOR 5R, E n d
wirthand .. o a r nm retne w tvitY. "Mx p rer.y number .ii up i or serv-

fitSipy ofo .?P 11r ago, 1to newneaducl oen reordIOW."terlwh n" t 11 2=
are ; 15e. pg unpes. tr off d Icnthat sb remlainedW Io nSithe Norw ian Na. If I Roo1951 ForV Tudor Deluxe. 1%9 Stte 4
anli ee, d ic i"ntsad A ou n .ld-water go h. l te FOR RENT :-ll-In 1o Vista, bep.uti- .jt e.
ow- baccaln- t r o ms ormaly a ors fully furnished room, kitchen priv- a S i .y ..Finish iL i*
aopIfu Gets H.ouctskeh Awaoerdm in '. Av lg *9, s. veMx.,...- MER I CLUB

inso a shd1foaa &oWl oom Alle mn LA PARISEN NylonSeatCovers. A one
Por7%n woas h a other cneics excelen lao 1"+ C -" "

But the offi e id kel on fences, xcellen location; 11 t
0-Z O wa .e ded ac a Km es i, o ghborhood. Peru Ave. No.
.-., fupwlr Pute ieed In mthe'mht be-able.ta apply for a---e.,-wne-Pp Wek-o-py--e--
ve,.. uwards 8000, ., deferment and avoid goin Into
nm brii -wile: -w, Now 00 Navy Immodlataily upon nr
of. tabe&"l are r_.t_. OaIn -oriay. Poppy-Wee O$102 15, 0n N
mand rushed to thi metro- ePCeo, weArn ..
WrWt49 Gwbe anSS ^ lab^d 1111111 In 191 delSnd, while a
marketsme ,t C do wa sB f ohort s merhnt i si ed hiss e Cw oming up
before popes are ripe inasu Colora 0 U Ma Ilch por c ,ant seaan tedh
of the of norinS. r aluf iHinreee acot ea "kmeW 5pN.n." an unu- Bright red poppies of memory
a"p 141l04t 4 While thereie was notified u Now fal Zone during Popy We,,
64 me"e4y to file draft re-Wly Astories Art .to May 5th, in hoornd mw Olive drive an ldeE
,. -g back tIoF n it ndr. wardead It oas.
med e am MUe M w~ rating. adhch he diddunetato asdelenttmw detectionsbeenationcear eiths BAr- Awroi- I.
i ue resro. foo t he.. J w en ndue t ca e ntarkIt Hack r d, S me* othem paist ed wi eem of n er t .
ualr lowt bi nbrtcSl_ M bac to.i d, 'Wrl .y ... .
S msnive da 1940. tcn LMA Aaxiloryy _, to I
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'mis .ees te water i The UnYd 8I Td Ich- "I wasya'e a to o takejme, enona Ne York Cyw rei ,ou,_ween fo e

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only one tens )fMateraa, P5=as doa FaIn e Ls hra
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two years at tA Coe o Naval
wrenadieod with Mpg -
S wil be a feolg by
tb da er. Mary aend
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fa the service and they will rsq
t n t oxill e, Teom., to make

F ar Te
Mrs. Pablo Zamora e nn
wi at th e Mount Hoa ",, ry


Puneuti service wjLi beWheld
at the Mount Hope Cemetery

Sil&OMlse Pto kaeeWs ao
ar.e to ago. a ook
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offer during the ec-
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that he held a or phas A
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reader the wdord over emw le
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the notes on:the bo*.jaket ab
the aunShr Ot Ida Uade .
Hf Cok hFine a sirgle
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But he expect to be help.
sdu me v ares e
'"e h~v bn he says, "doesn't
have much th in actors as po-
liticeal think ..
NOW IT CAN Je told that Para-
mount -AM orp m an Ha Aaye
flew to Ne York ad back just
to mmake p oIemay oomey for
Sappea ve y W he ts dodger
& Hammersteain TV show. It was
Rosemary's Idea.

Jerry MahMy hladI his wrsuit-
case asd fa e to fur fuor a
summer vacation ... John Ire
lad's tetlg for the role O Jdd,.
the heavy, in "Oklahomas"...Leo
Dmbcher ppeaW up as a dramat-
iW actor on Ja Campbell Sound
Stage April ... woy star
Re Alien, bo Just Ulef the Re-
pubie cortl, is ploi a you-
know-what kind of-serles
ids a wll make a movie
dtifd. 'qWht Kvery W pmoan
Wants." Is that mseay or EZie
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Pro 'er Hal Makelim's word-
a about big westsrn he's lfan-

Kepi aso Nortnna rassele deny
d latest flood of ramors about
their mrl unhapjne. So does
Keafe'a mama, a wiewho's Bet-
ae's hadreaser On Colum-
bia's "Three for this Show" set


wenesay afternoon. The CRr
tee will leave the Colon dsl- kle Linklater a Scot beat know
ts morvue at 3 '.m. for humer an4 fantasy turns to
Mr. GUI issurvived by his drsma And terror for 'I e He o
wife, Annie: sons Conrado, Wal- Sof 6hO (Hareourt Brace)-a story
ter and Gordon and dauhtersf re evil that uses all of the
ybl and Mrs. H. W. Parker. drk olof the, "Gothde" novel- a
Courado Is an infielder with the st exept the ghostly visitant. T
Spur Cola team of the Panama naslp Crone enant of the b
Professional Baseball League, ieus ictorian house on the
iglan mo of Gar, is a true
Svian rather than one of the
RP Archaeology here-revere of the modern
_rW er, The spidery old man
Discoveries To.. rather than confesses the
achievements of a career beauc
Be Discussed with blackmal and extend
Recent au eololcal discov- t r4er to o'
series in Pnama wl be discuss- Stehn Coryat, who first stum-
" n nriw ht at th r bled the house of Gai by acQ-
mee anms 8 A dent, cAon finds himself involved
or the Advaement of Arche-i its affl d deply that he has
Io S" The Jn t4 tl be hel J te to fear both for his
bat 7:0 In o. 20 of the B- .ie a -b libetry when a Jnal
boo Jlen'io f1e.Pin of viupslence.brings the book
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Madde Lakes
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Sfrom n er sitw vides tragedyfrom
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ThepIs nte to attend may b regarded as somewhat of a
"" skillful achievement ...
Oi& hWIS To An Amerlcausyehoanalyst, who

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SS 4 War 1 P defeat warns that they are
*.key to ;a revenge for Biroe
rates e a put sne the Dr. Juaes Cldark Uolto gives
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to kill r f es of aBom. retri e eustems that remain
Joe Durham, esftan or the m-ha1 d, war or no war, and
group, said the aw is needed be- that ie could Qagain lead to
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bade e Ia 3 h ha o tAe Japam toie s a- oa century ago
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IV dad

Oh, no! The hero of Sherwood
'orest will have a daughter who
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chenk's upcoming "Sword of
Robn Hood.
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new that he'll take over Bergir p A4MWt
honorary commander. Ma). RVito Rank Informs the
old veteran of the honor, while Gene WIHmla the colonel
helps hold the flag

.de t from Phppin '



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AutoAobile Row No. 38
29tb Street East No. 22
Open anU 6 p.n.

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'S. ^*-s


* 4:. 4]M

*^ i*: .>- f-

A *, I,.~. 4 -. -

' .A7 -


I :cfls.


.v c -~ as~ss
C'.*B Kl SM Si

-;t ,

w AI' 1
I I~mIrO ,

* 16


by Ns upedelsyw, hSa ,hu
SLACTOSEMi poWft in a be

dense be"ae t lsqr g t e
^^^^^^^^^^I^^^^^^^^ B9-n^^^B^^ rWMB^^BlI,^R

.t *




- ----- ----

- ------

.- ~----



_1 -- --

* '** '. .




i '~--:.---




.r-a successful season this year would be
M by first hainan Ferris Fain and at the
it is no coincidence that the curly-haired
)rnian is red hot and Chicago is In first place.
eason-'Fain was in Rt h-! a battle with lefty Curt Sim-
ag-house so much that mons which went scoreless until
e-crackers said he even Don Mueller singled home a run
for his breakfast, but he la the seventh of the opener. In
rthe kennel club any the second game, two-run hom-
a, ers by Monte Irvin and Hank
Sas the White o Thompso and a run-scorinf
2 and 4-3 victories orr single by Whitey Lockman pro-
to take over undis- vided Antonelli all the margin
isesalon of first plae in he needed for his second tri-
erican Lea0e. Fain it tumph.
loaded &Ingle eithq bot Pittburg
e ni bring S !h battedaround In
iig run In theaecos d two big Innings, the first when
was his third hit. boost- they scored four runs and the
mms hbatted in total to seventh when' they made five.
for the league is his In the opening triumph over
t his bating average# Brooklyn In winh Frank Thom-
the Oeer Vori Trucks as t a three-run homer and
S -hist baufqr hihi CurtRoberts drilled a three-run
Sb mh a -Loi. double. Vern Law strumled to a
Si"o 19r-themargin 12-hit victory. In the second
A. o r a thi' ame lefty ohntty Podres toes-
C7 t-ioo.mter d a three-hitter and contribut-
fkee ,topped the Ath- ed a run-scorina trinle. Oil
+1 tth lost 4-2, whild Hodges singled In two Brooklyn
Sb Detroit i9- In runs.
L At Cincinnati. Bubba Chur-hi
of the Cuba pitched six-hit ball
iLeanue, the against his old mates while Ran-
lb 'touts dy Jackson pegged hjN major
i1 5 b lank- lea de batting averap at .500
4.0 .8 U11Mag- with a homer and two singles
oWlhits aend Jhn- and rookie Ernie Banki had
gKi donled e three. three singles and a triple. The
S topd Brooklyn 9-8. Cubs made 14 hits good for 23
t9 while Chicago bases. In the second gamne, rook-
Sout a 9-2 conquest of Ie 4rt Fowler pitched four-hit
itt then suffered a -2 ban as lefty Howies Polet forced
SLouis defeated Mil- home the wining run. Hank
SIn i12 Innings. Sauer and Dee Pondy hit horn-
IeonaMd gained a six-I ers for the only Chicago runs. In
Shfor the Yankees over I the 9pefher Ralph clner alsoI
l ior n the opener homered for tlhe Cubs while Ted
delphis which featured Kluszewski and Wally Post hom-
had tossed one-hit- ered for the tReds.
heir last starts. McDon-
backed up with homers Jim Pendleton droa)ed Red
SCleman. Phil Rizzuto Schoendlenst' fly with the bases
Pkot on. In the second loaded In the tsth and two. outs
ly 'Morris Martip held to wive at. Louis its victory, IMd
pka to fvle hits In eight Mathews hit a two-run homer in
e Athletics r lled in the ninth for Milwaukee to send
sh- shortened game the game into ettra frames.
smides bv OGus Zer- Pank Aarop of the Brave" and
Don Bollweg, and Bill Stan MusMl of the Cards also
Icriflee fly produced hit homers.
EMBOYe bi tw-rnm MOOle and Johnny Antielli

Si c (NA). -

e big blow of Redl, .are renflfz lounge chairs
i to bleacher enatrntprs who come
d hie t r d to Crotey Fleld for a suntan
al. ,blS lo' of" eb wiI henir la tt
t.o bleacher enstntnirs who come


PA is I
gy ^






M.V.P.-Gary Maloy of the Mot-
tua team in the Atlantic Little
League was voted the nlou's
modt valuable player for his
sterling performances during the
season which recently ended.



Wins Horse

DANVERS. Man., April 26
(UP) A 62-year-old grand-
mother, who has developed a
"system" in 20 years of betting
on the horses, won a thorough-
bred rater of her own Saturqay.
She said she hoped to keep It.
even though she doesn't evep
have a garage she can use for a
Mrs. Evelyn Foley a Boaton
policeinan's widow, had fo rt-I
ten all about the "name he
horse" contest she entered
mapy weeks ago. She. was
speechleas with surprise when
she was informed he was the
For naming the two-year-old
Mrs. Foley got the horse and
two tickets to the Kentueky
Derby next Saturday. Sponsors
of the contest will pay all the
flly4a bills until May 16.
Mrs. Foley named the horse
"FUle4qun," but she said he
could not remember how aho.
happened to choose that name.
she s she eelf had- .forgot
she was notified he had won


things are looking up.Only
Mrs. Foley lsd st haor beet-
betin onthe ponies for 20tudy
rears and that she thouhave to dohe
was ahead of .then the time. he
admitted that she had a bad
year in 1953 but this year,
thinfB are looking up. Only
last weer she collected onga
2-to- longshot, she said.
Mrs. sFol' system for bet-
thng bats oa & careful study
of losers. he figures out what
weregulr losers would have to do
hado win, ad orswhen the time ons
ripe and heir competition thoughts
lust right, she bets on the longs
ihot That's the way real ex-
perts bet, she claimed.r
Mrs.Two of Mrs Foless she'd like tons are
tarried and have left home,i
but one salt orol es with her In
her neat little framehouse on
HEigh street, the "Main Street"
of Danvers. Her five sisters
were shocked at learning she
mad won a horse but her sons
were delighted, even though
they never bet on the races.
F1liequin. never has run a
race, but her trainers say ahe
Is about ready for her debut.
(rs. Foley said she'd like to see
the horse run, to find out If It
s worth keeping.
It coste $5,000 a year to train
&nd stable a thoroughbred, so
Mrs. Foley will need a winner.
"If It ever ran out of the
money," she said, "I'd be sunk."



In Technicolorl
Plus: -
..-** fY


I ,. 4:3 Shows: 1:1.J:U .
I .m. 7:86 9:4 p.m,

a- mim e*MA m& m


Ray Milland, in
John k
"Tm T*


Written or NA Service
:15 A Question: With first and eec.
ond bases occupied and one out,
S the batter bunts a short fly to
m^ the a eond baseman. The latter
Sdrops the ball and all three run-
nera reach bae afely. What
Is the ruling?
SAnswer: They are safe. A bunt
is never an Infield fly.
Q. With runners on first and
__ second bases, the better drops a
bunt alone the first base line
and the first baseman comes in
S and fields t. Is ther many et of
signals he should watch for inI
order to know which play to
A The eateherw Aiets thisI
O by yelling out the base he
the flelde sheaM threw to.
." How should pitcher pace
himself between pitches?
A. A goeeo either varie, the
bltarval between pitehe. This is
""bag aid n spuettang the
battneas alhi.
Q S Wuma runs didDel En-
nisi. the ] lles -utfielder,

E a.
5 V I
5 L


TROPHY PRESENTATION Co- l. I P. Alexander, shakes hads with Brig. Gen. N Aj otolo
(left), Chief-of-Staff. UACAaZ who has preseUted individual trophies to w nbr of-the
Fort Amador Golf Team, wntda of the Pananma Apet Armed Forces Golf Tournament om-
plete dFraday afternoon. OGen l Coetello also holds the tem trophy awarded Uo the Amanor
club. Members of the Aader team are left to right) C :t F. Alexander, IA. C WZ bert
Meeks, L. Col. John Taylor aJ1. : L. Hamilton, M/rgt. ,a4 Th6mas, and CpL O tn Laion.
Major Ben Bewell was tei, whie the picture was ta e
S Arm photo by St L.,f0ig.)

Co ra I o of Fo rt
Awor wo I Pan
Armed l'oF nltts amt
TcFday byfte fal round
of 72 on thhe A couna
kound with preoug scores of 74
three str kes* the to
eweek at Fort i a andn o aador.

M D.a
h,"e ,ac 6 i
awarl runner-up =
bad an W aggreatl s ore
A ~o Master*.agpian
n Jack oma of Fort Amad
and Don ea of Port yi
tied r north po with a-
tical c se of 302. 1ena rallied
on t ik final da of pla
a round of 70to tie homaa
Wi/hoi/ied in L77.O
Eartler, Larson. Taylor., and
iThomas, led the Fort Amador
con tn t to the t&nchml-
pionhp ver the first 56 holes

Chief of Staff,. UsiAAUIB, (left) prments the trophy to Cpl. bined score of 598, 15 strokes
Glen Larson, champion of the Panama Area Armed torees Golf ond-plat e finishersL
Tournament completed Friday afternoon., Larson'.s dally scores The f dual scores:
Cpl. 0 Urson f71-7041-9-.2
of 74, 70, 77 and 72Wadded up to 29W thrrestro~e ahead of his SIC. ,. G'odnan 77-72-81- -
nearest rival. hiwleft hand, Larshonld hils oph awarded J. '1s-7477--"
to etch .of the membere of.the winng Fort Amadr golf team. b -74-77-
(U. 8. Amy photo by SBe. L Grileor.) 76-7482-7
AMO U. T. Kuklenoki
I T?-72-7?-
M/gt. G. Roberts
lfc. D. Bean 7 -7-1-5-
Mi. D. Shine 77-75-7'4

By ED OLIVER.TotCoins (0ol
By Z3 10 ( UOA n QIJY mBS TON. April 26 (Ila

uck in the 1940 United States aT the elt ,

open at Canterbury in ueve-
Because I of head of
schedule, 'I was' oafedfrom
a play-off with Lawson ittle,
the eventual winner, and Gene
Sarazen.* 4
That's why the ensuing St.
Paul Open, with. practically the
same field, was one of my sweet-,
est victories.
The last-chance shot I made
on the 18th hole has been the
shot I' point to and say, "My ~
The last hole of the St. Paul
event started with five tied for
the lead and when I sot down
to my last shot, I found a. birdies
4 on the hole would give me
the tournament.
The only trouble was that my -.--
bal was in a trap off the green.
The only way to play this oae I
is to use of a wedge and blast out of
-take a lot of sand with your J
shot and keep thinking, first, of thIft
getting out of the trap and, sec-
ond, of winding up with some
sort of position on the green. I (Wd
set my feet in the sand, .low.- monsgI
Ing them to sink in. then swung.
I managed to put tI proper S
backspin on an almost t Lmau- .
sible 60-foot shot. and the b l ti
rolled within inches oa the hole. Oew

.to I

'w *ft

h Zql&

CmroGlilme) .
Chimlgo 010 I1 120-9 14 0
CinWinnati 100030 000-2 6 2
Churh (1-r0) and TW. Jud-
so e (1-1), SutfAlZulrtnk and

(Meeow Game)
(le Gme) 101 000-2 4 1
.110 0z-3 7 0
0-1), Racker and 0K-
nuolL. Ybwler (1-0) and Lan-

MU. 0 di 012 0004 15 2
St. Lous 0 004 100 001-7 15 0
pabt one, Nchols (0-3)
& r4 a al j. Wlelr, Brazle,
Fr _t*_l i Vvarl.


S'" i '

and BerrM.. Mprtln (14) ad
Roberto,,. .

Baltnmoft No 00 00-- T
Chicago 020 100 0624 9
Larsen (0-3) and Courty.
Trucks (2-1) and LoUsr.
(Seeend Game)
BaltimUore 000O 00o4--14
Chicago 00 001 012-4 T-
/ retiow. Fo. (0-1) and Mur-
ray, Courtney. Poatleles Do
Harahman. Consuegra (1-0) and
Wilson, Lollar.
Boston 001 000 000-1 7 1
Wahlngotn 000 000 O5-SO 0
&Kely (0-2), and Herria sad
White, ptobbs (14) and "M -.
Cleveland 101 140 010 2-10 1$
Detroit 210 00 102 1- 2 16
Lemon, lou1teman, aarsei
Wy f, Masi (1-4 and H
aoeft, 3anc, Marlow"eNHerbt
Welk (1)-1) alU Houde,.Btts, r"

* .-~. V

il" -.

,.~ -~






I -.3u T
a ... 0 -, -

-'"`, -'. a."a '. ,.-4

- I I IIj W, ,U. 5,W'"I D N UJ,- 'Z'





SL 16 sflf S wek to 4in of impre-
vig eming c:limatn oTI noa-

1, 1-1-ve11cedIt-O ias Jsm

-5 r ,
S -

IN in WE Iami i" un IPA
Sl AppimatiOM Dyrived Ft Thkird Priz

| U, l i l, ....l Mlt. K m mw o nAm me

The M oft ed we eheb 4 m m nmi s as s w a
- T The whebe ticket ha 44 M t whMob WI toseMm w Ma ` *A" w 302n

S ined by ALS9MEO ALEMAN,, of the Provlne of Pmnami. CW. 47-121..

Ta ...r-et.* Wh,..;H
A. -

7014rno*o on he i i.

ion dasV id, yu a t a loo at

ssess The toh iA b dh a2 sh lro ss a f be lal sd a i
rs C SN S for t w Pi l. s-d, then o el. o t rm his tod one n a

Sto al lowth ft dTr e If we *heyre tu ~ ill M ltt
T h eir t1 $amp~os wa ald be1 Ort -h d ese r iou th wo reat H ar a bl~ i ti.p
Sth don ren an tn clIb

-hOolo t n ya b It tOen where by to a it
Sh tre ret-tlelsvne who Pawoul thathar" h w at home. la a to
le 3 S5 elc r on I e other maodr Tt Tha.y Id Real, bt r

eague outnts. T.OR, AP od. hena you figure tb I'e 1 ha ,B
T.ey ads their It i Cionpr wybut3o Ofdt hat d.on e e you
'h E d Hon'y Aerenwhomcad v. lb 60 "l |R

2S. ".riiel. See A.oai"'b I bS i D Leabue s ParIer W 4.A.
.t ha I r a r OA 'o k r n a e whe se b o y rd h r the were

enh _____ ____ B a tre __ll_ b II MILu
a.les rwe, Iree he who woulc 11N I .""hey uoksr fLO t e e is ta
h1t 1An. $e oeM O F on 1NI other OuFcor t he te m a thIoa brna
t oe penry a ro0whoi e l --r It r 1 0pI that r uch .or ""l h l i.
15,, S2.on,--ba ndlwod, L College Ball Tops-,s-

ad eoonsid3re4 aW as,&
when 1 b ond theclub on

6. S : (Dnty 0mplete zwl Numbers te Ordinary Dawlt No. Sunday April iC
..I" = 0 r Wa, 1 SecondL Prize 135f 3nt 2 a 1. ,
for I t, L i ns '3.A b b LII tili IIRyeROll, ni r h tO

6I4Aor eat a h erei uHL st. one A mae en Lt e
kt.PhaWASwh N ewil tht eamto

S.'" e WS XD o r b 1 e il.. O. r. t l o- ,r
e .T "rith a. ln e, -,the a er t d w t youwai to do
yeij .,--, w11141,t pm. be ing un- s L. I toAi"Al piraawo

de Sant1 Om 3 "ue at 1s CAs1auo nab a l autI L ,th f 'islton Dril s how." O .
NT uee moent"a
takeloJoebe O$60A2.20,D220to ,-e a Oed

storm AI in ui *i ic oln Pin 135 2 lon I 13,2p0r0 BOB" 0 t.

ion how-.'.... sL W S O4 lh.... .l u-lll .
I- 1-Red d"r. 1 0. 4.20, 2.o40yoag.i
heetumble ovepr%= tdelb: fnceu Y11 mweet Pa SS N 11 4WA 12S.

oft av i1,16I0.MI e.I mSele 1o!I ut UI il*
... .=h y F irst P rize ,eritedFome

0 1 "W"'go,- "- j -,t= 4'11K !SU1a




. ... p.-.. .. .g..
; ,- 1' R, -p n' "

H dereA by ssistat ere-
or a s. '.dek ,s,
or the Psm Canal Company;
-aw e dt auben la the Cal Zone;
"aari irs' housing;
ofse bit the military siWices C. S Co.-Canal Zone Government;
l haynsltedles fer MCal sZone uempleyes.
-dlarorkhssema I t& Any:
Aa, sod fba e is met slniflcant projects,
lteIt te dvel t the posron to
to 4 theU.nitd I e late gvoeufmemnt with respect to
prpogp hldiU .bMtIf r theepublio of Panama.
"hiMee proupdeas amse ever uob subJects a a request
s eai b sanultil to be p by the Unilted States to the Re-
_j1ie.. of Panama; a demand for medication of employment
,'Um and peastiesi in the Canal Sone by various agencies
"n the United tateso i ,rtn. matters re pting to commissary
itflges forU fauWi espplos w In the Canal Zone, and
Sa between the United States and
JrijiDK ~ i Paabl '1f f-j~u

t-iw A rs Rebecca 4 left) and Yasmiln being held
a lck yme, have been placed in the "pro-
of the Wastchester County- N.Y., Children's
Ias petilon of the county Society for the Prevention, of
to C ren. Rita and Dick are vacationing In mida.

worth Late To Learn

0.i 44 Negiect Charges

O RK, (April (UP)-- rowed aguar sports car and did,
tA Hiywohtb learned not read newapapers..
tVom.Washinlgto friends That is Why they did not earn
tiejhr. .rPrevention of of te new crisis in their lives
IZ wi hot had charged unt they droveup to the home
M'ie. e ngleeted, and of friends Washigto Saturday
Bur "y yusIterda she uiiht, he said.
efd" at eh "baseem" "She was terrible shocked,"
, C.- run said. "hbe said the charge
were boaee."
.-tIleyrCruwa sali-the When M a C a.tkth, amnd
lvu 9. dMi nta H y we T l tora two-
JtaRr thart tR*e week vacadon, ey te girls
'aldi w the, with Mrs. Dooher.
aaba t Plaini Mr. Camera 'n aawa0 'OV-

a hearing s G the

.ab am
M4)tir)lMs a weekend aUtiTue shop near M ber '
hetieid s Plains. *- In a businee district of

a I a e a ildre in

.h" ss atreM.a him ,erg, "E Siduge the

P i et au. ShedA bsne a oll
v .l. f aIKn .>Z *nd I
-'.- h f ig- drawo-e

ss. jkmYkWl avAdW bt fWromI

..4 o o ~ m m' rope. et_ o


U- -*fp

A-Thi World's Oldest War (6)

ei Iae. m It lowyIl V
y~ ~ ~~b y W^^^i "^^*
e.!p t"


' -i~.*

"Let the 0 *t*8fthl


d' ri dIW


Case Of Peter H. .easie i ,

HouseGr '"', Ta ksIt

O.^K US T.-" -

Assistant Secretary of the Ar- is crtainly viola l att- admonished the I roun
my George H. Roderick told the ute. l- law Iand rt- o
House subcommittee op defense Hes: .It ap* : laoan AO t t
activities that Peter H. Beasley, U rd: It tovt 4 0 e, Wth
former special consultant to the w e In or4 1* tea to eln d employ-
secretary of the Army on Canal ipe. within b e to p
Zone affairs and presently con- verh (tRod riIod. TtJe e and
aultant to the government of the asked the attontiI belief on tmeVenal
Republic of Panama, did not an opinion on thlta. st tea. .
change his loyalties from dne Roder ck: That w turned Roderick: That. I ijght
government to the other for over to the Departrha .of .- Courtney: An.d L;tin the I
gain., tice.... ao a stt havig to do with
Beasley's services had already Iesa: Did you l ie rinf t he retired roff ithe. United
been terminated by the Army Departmnt of J, States, but .,take. I.Mr. Scre-
when he took his position with Roderlok: Just a cl tary, that this dual bt
Panama, Roderick told the sub- silent that it was un d-ii- tt a retired offer th United
committee. Roderlck went the States?
The subcommittee considered subcommittee of a I or rom Roderick: l9at, I 46 not know.
Beasley's case earlier this month the Dqpartment of theAim Courtney: Fro 1 acpunts,
and a transcript of the proced- Beasley, setting out jgwtflm he appears to be a reserve of-
Ings was read to yesterday's governing the rgertnon fo r, ad do uIn not be lala-
meeting of the United State* C- claims against the i ufied under t o a with
tizens Association. b, former governmaenl';.- eay. respect to retir oi con-
Roderick also said: Hess: Have you heard .. corning ma e t which
"While it may be that no stat- thing at all from Mr. Bea they had done aomie as of-
ute has been violated by Beas- since this letter? flers of the Uga tThat
ley's employment with the RF-. Roderick: I have seen Mhn 1i in a special sta e
public of Panama, nevertheless once, as I inferred, an4 de Hardy: DO you have any
this situation points up ar area stand that he does ba knwlwedge of a-y.i a-
which warrants careful consid- occasionally and he" dA g oV itin whichB ea-leb d been
eratlon. to the Pentagon to me e o esgagid. where use i the k4wi.
''I am strongly persuaded that his old friend in the Air Force he acquired as an e.
the United States government and Army.. of the Ary might ,
should not permit any citizen to Hess: So far as yu ika h lde available by te Panama
Work for a foreign government la still In the employ o ti an-I government?
If this affiliation might b e. ex- amanian Government? Rodterick: We liaVe no kW wl-

e United States. o RodericIk SI s IgnrV tt hi t2 atha
cted to bent thatforearn p*Corts a'8t swodt h tse hat th St his headed,
government to the dten eHas he ever' actu eourny: m at lwe 'I=
n' eo S...tat eo .... O ..ccupled a position as a ne o anntma ilan otraheilnt in
believe, however, that teretistoatorJ. ahy o theaR and of Itsef would not Aem -
are situatonsu transaction, or aon sily involve anyun palrofI
Sloym nt of a frmrs United tweaa the Deparf ret nt of tae lw ln er ter

states mlote' unsCout oe, bercau. Ne the nnt ed ha It l iede uruet Ie
tao: toe enploysby thn nf~rent va rand the Panamanian tre- RIa eck a oprn Tn
Iernment wou ld In fact a-nIs we stand l.- hr I
bhe, and. that in osu c e5 ls,-odarin : Iude-r tand that rdY:. Ther, e ,, ll
there would be nooblo previous to his e.o.. s fro" the thneW hl, h mli. t die
to p .l an. Sae? knwArmy, he dd e lita on some ol 9oulbxto r b emely e a I
toca difflcueour gothanement but we have
t on te oppot e side of the th th P- our
a ormer memoAer of his W O- amant rearerantatve noJ knowleda as to whethO r be
,minent." Courtne f Segregat enad S edhools
Aforeson"e I could regard- beroad
re' fll0"e-
governimen emla a ,n there haitP i I l a t ioa nt

nait i gvernmen economic a- pre-walnning edwith the Greentl cho.

aor vlle Mion., Del Doevm oc r a t "This matter of choie is thee
f th nit tat n ollt. od hoad any drect me WashriaonLe er
u c it al -ieNone th nite no a sbever e owtbn if h
nay: not thge Question broader S e rtains lof ouo was at then cam In plo et ob repreenting
thn that? The qeston of s- hea lnto, thosu the Unite sate. i
formic t, woe n n e plu oys 4 catiVer v Iv v n Yen on t ek 91 i 1

J iiaoaohl difficulties ne ty:he sense ie Not a dret r- Amo ean R
Wheit t Is against the security r Rod undu: No. we raould have have 11.o n of hn

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By Walter Parkes and Ralph Lane
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left out.
Roderick: What Mr. Courtney
said Is correct, and I-have out-
lined those hi this letter. It was
more than the Panama Ca9.
nal Compa '. .
Rep. Blrht:. Mr. Sere-
tary, you saye tat you under-
tand front time to time Mr.
Beasley returns to Was gt
and visits s6me of his friends In
Roderck: That Ito what I have
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Birthright: Do you know w at
people he visits over there? 1.
Roderick: It is onl0y by hgar
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think, in the se ca e I

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An Aerl A. Plce
weft c fn 15 this
In th Balboa Maglattrate'O Ca
on a dcunkenneaa charge.
Both S gt. and. Mrs. Jhifnlb
W. Dougherty, of Albrook, peWd-1
ed guilty to the charge whhl;h
involved a police report that
they were disturbin the pae
by fighting at the VFW CC, z
When a policeman arrived on
the scene, he said today in court, i
8gt. Dougherty's clothes were I
torn ad hls lp we el% dln g .l
Mrs. Chevilete R. Dougherty
was previously convicted W die- c
turbuin the peace at the Albrook
dispensary on Oct. 31, 1953 and t
was fined $25 in the Balboa Mag- |
strate's Court. She appealed he I
case, but District Court. Judli 11
luthrie F. Crowe upheld t0e -
lower court's deciSion. k
Originally, Mrs. Dougherty had d
been charged with drunk- driv- c
ng, but this was withdrawn. As
a result she filed a $5,000 dae- le
ige suit against the polIeeIan v
Prank M. BSlv WhoW ar sied
her, charging Wa1iouU N I"
cution." However tl..e V"1i4
ditalssed by Jtn4ge4 .-

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