The Panama American


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The Panama American
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Weekend American
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Scott Family Library Fund ( donor )
Panama Times, Ltd.
Place of Publication:
Panama City, Panama
Publication Date:
daily (except saturday and sunday)[may 12, 1973-]
daily[ former oct. 7, 1925-dec. 4, 1966]
daily (except saturday)[ former dec. 10, 1966-may 5, 1973]
normalized irregular


Subjects / Keywords:
Newspapers -- Panama (Panama)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
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Panama -- Panama


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Oct. 7, 1925-
General Note:
On Saturday published as: Weekend American, Dec. 10, 1966-May 5, 1973.

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University of Florida
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All applicable rights reserved by the source institution and holding location.
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oclc - 18709335
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between the w*ern
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ts wWl play In the

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Ss ong 'History

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It,. Hop Ad efi.

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hsp$i~ aid

rn 4~

Florenie aWd Prive left
their mark.
It iS divide by 't-j Rhone
River into two steiW.
The old seeto Aits nar.
row, twistwn ,e m, d. peak
e4 buildings, the o aoi e=

Saint e V. a, te-cet_.
and tourist c eaer whe chiller
e pleaant'home. t- rthwe r
hotels, e mBany pWIuSd\
,ed BaUons, thy juara. Agk
Il i -- ,, :- .
It is a city of busy bbu .
houses and bhu-nin f
where wateheos, a e
muqic bu a dJk tr.
'41i Mme e e ..

Geneva has always offered
fuge the oppressed.
Jon- Calvin came here to
found the Academy of Geneva;
ogallUy a training school for
,v4a ftant, It be-,
oIW. a have ri persecuted
abolars from all 4ver Europe.
. Genev' also de a home
for r eas fele St. Bars-
.tholom Matasre2 in Psri
ain. ae of whom, skilled
'a started the in-
dOfeSwiMB city.
e, Aa',.,peepl of Geneva
v been proudly
eitb S ~their attem
COlpl org za
ir w ai" nven date from the
t .:l~l ib ,tu. Though once a

Trcic Fines

Not Always


XLRIA. O.-(UP)-Metlng out
Jueic ia'touglrenough under ord-
nary circumstances, but when com.
placated by an emotional obllg,
tion, it becomes a "rotten job" in
the estimation of Mayor Grant
'..;Ralph Wing a M year old
Obthe r, was hailed into the traf,
c court for running a red ight.
He explained he had stoppedfor
the raffe signal in a sme ol
was talking to his wife when
eomaene behind him honked his
WorA. -
"I fqt automatically went right
through it with kids all around,"
he added. "I feel terrible."
What made it difficult, for the
MaIor was the faet hat, alx
months earlier, Wing had saved
the lifa of Keys' year old^qa,
John, when the tot wandered Ito
the street in the face of oe.pal
ears. Wing swerved .ds sUemmoie
broaedide in the street toek
oe approaching trs aae Wa,
Jumped out of his ear ad eaimed
the child to safety.
Mayor Keys, however re1ti
he was to doso, fiM WiNgS
and osts.

IdJ law's the law 1" *Wi
SN'.m "- .

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.^y _- : : .."^'.'. .'. -'

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- M/V
8AttNew a


Wilfori 'McKiy, 'Inc.
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p ; ,-.. .... < -.-./ .*" '.. o P
+^. i'-*^ -" I : :.-, fe .-:." 2;_ *--,! ; .+ '^^

Ao. o hinst. fod ,l.


* a1 wee. 4

le woman answered, "We have
Ijail unit at our.diepeal. A
fl al 0 Wio."
be Consumer ie pt.a-pook
popular idea th Bt amtot -
are waftar-ahM-bd yare.

Vkious Sheep K g Dingoes

4Aait HuM Australian Flocks

diagaSS^Lo ha been k to
to Nw
S .tb ad ulte
= I ,,, m,,a If otb adult

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the wes

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re* fly abovr
father '..
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w* sp*S *t* ***L W q s4 ***. 9 'OC.. y S
,.' ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ **y'*^^r '.'*.*^ *^ '^ .'""*I ******
H e ^..%^*A* .A* .t ._.I & 4S.4y... $
*...A'm~we.en..,.w..e.a... S

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S.n~mled tLht the Natisea'Government has deele
DMOM NACIONAL" bWe forN a vaml of one millie

E1!!of tin issue wim be used .elaulivy to finasse the
u se',- ,tM i, a.e e Aateovum,.
WON._a the .m. do Pamau" 'Cob do

*lf .: l -. a. *" "

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I O & a pd -i nileige;
SNw, 4 won ask how it

Wo n Fa 66,

Says Ske Teo

Busy To Roelre
MEMPH I Tena. (U.P.)-Mrs.
Blanehe Stoker laughs off thou
who au*et that she retire. now
that ae-i old, enough.
Mrs. Stoker, at Is too busy
tig her 4-sere Cattle farm.
S 2e h nfarming *Ie@e her
husba nd i1 years a&, and
she til gets out I the i like
any other farmer. She's been
known to pick 400 pounds of cotton
a day and keep up with her house-
work als.
Now, the farm is producing beef
cattle and Mr. Stoker runs a trac-
tor and bale hay better than many
Winter is nof Mrs. Stoker's fa-
vorite seasao. She says she got
tiff last winter from lack of hard
work, and it took hr some time In
the spring to get the stiffness
worked out.
During the winter all he has. to
do is feed the cattle milk, mend
fences and a few other chores.
When she ea get away from the
farm sh IM kw t hunt and fish.
She cultivte. l garden and
buys only aew t r gro-
ceries. EveytMng e she raises

Mechanical Mouth
May Cut Visits
To The Dentist
CHICAGO (UiP).- A wech i
eal mova- with wh- a dentist
can make fiftb or dentures
while the pieM keep his golf
date may O make. anappear.
-a to denieo' dfiea.
SIhe L ad a pmtraph-
Ae naa trat dor. makes a
meastreat of the chewing mo-
thns a patient UNUA*y mags
& The Seemsama ame :=ur=wh

ar len se a metoa o Frame-
work hot meeanly hol. the casts

arry Kaas o aeton, dupctes1
Opoet motions ad thea
M a p e to to t h e derr..

**~' *~~-* tie'

-- *._ .. I


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'* '. ,:
",i,? ,-
4 : ';




." ".
i~. --

RAFFL ., .-;'
-+ ', ...

-. W/W. r
f-aa M a' h*i & Srr &rit ,m
/NOOI. fift ind Df t M fAllSfT 17,*n
ul 9 a "d rI f##f lffr tf'i .As11 O4 D gs# "iU/sfs rv in,

S -

1. 4' .;.- -

I K'

..-t .



I ap

- '- .


- 4
-- All;

. --t

..... ____._. .._..


----;1---- ~---- '~

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I .



=' -4;+

' -. .,' <

* t

.5A l

a. '..... "

I* .

4 .

S m aa steA whe"n she pets away
inr to a plan. Paper bats a*M boxes are
me, Mad emnts are art d eegording to storage

A 'Mtan Writer

y -. cod wangle more ri rk dishes to the right of the
i04 enrgy to spend oUtdoors sink (if right-handed -in the order
d ?den? WeU. you can if they're to be washed. Learn to
* Ibr ways to btsiplfy Ius both hands to wash, rinse and
surou s. iack.
S a ehod Cut down on the number of dish.
Shub d ad es tn be washed by serving indiv-
iu MR am Idual pates om the stove and
llr d, ydub ,prpof cooking
e s and serve g dishes.
teaches time and mo. Setting the table needn't Involve
at tha UoIvaralty of a long wlk around the table with
sannd hu e. worked in an armoad of dishes.
ae nd standards Try standing a a central pot,
Sa home economy. spreading the dishes with both
r a nerously helped handsiL
what.simplify- A study of the motions required
Si wbrk ea4 mean. to hang up the wash from a
--taa-to cut time clothes basket placed on t be
rnaVspeec task. Mrs. ground led industrial engineers to
u") (1) analyze the recommendations that cut the of-
1atstWeps or mo- fort by as estuimated.0 pox cent.
or if the They suggested the use of a suptr.
0 he improv- market shoppilg cart to hold the
g ld.~ etij wet laundry at waist level elimi-
..ved method noting the tiring motion of stoop-
ini, and rIitigk .
lib^^^ ';^ On hnlerM study, the enineeri
showed that a ho ewifem'aki
Sbd can V 10. Steoa p e





IA ", ..*^JA... ,-- -'qlw
,/:: ...^ :.^..^^^f...a I

. *. *. .. ., .. ...
.-;.: ;, ., ,... ,._i Z, ^ * -,,. .,i'- .;.*-.. .., ** .1. ;^ ,--)/,,*rt' .,

-' '* ,"''-, : ,' ^ 9<^',^ ..'t- "; i]

:" ..

The we
drew a
alahed s
skin lan

length tide sp* w
I O' Ft
r 's. w

a a

iAsrminmaM tbft ibe l

*.t'i Iborter tlw
y gove

Wr~ Na~r r -
. .

iwi- nsM JwaFr
irinrscr uha 1

In i a

t1- pm. as thnd od- l eah have a .or
IW ie mpor ce o l r.s Wr boeh of isd sift reu
te -p tt ile In m b hr ... .T. .wol abel canrealn

________e______e__ maree Thera evw 'uic l ahlr is ,ad sn e
__a r "0B R
d hI~1)P~jtw nosG 2 L__ t i vs e -eies ,ryU, iair. l .g.t.u" =.emitbiid n t=. m r .cm u,-, -. ---"s e,. -im, ,' h.ra.., halve a t

eumtoi n 9 these C. fe hd e..,.. to Ia, n w c s..
ml.aswhat pinting help ms e to ke T

C e hd e Intmybi bee mour e ecoomi a

V eptu ea, dogl I -_ e,.- J .l i ed to wi~sh well, to dry ,quickl y meore s good bews fo".e-d_, wh' aote ..... b"--
bm soaps, at o 5'amd I, needl little o r no i g prfe tos wreae eheao'ther staih ..Pri 1 as talyu.eev r esy (oue' .You k bl..i ve a. woa
obl eh oora cncao, a ~ e ade a-, -diteb,en ad a cd
miottpem&ed tel _h te uceta amea ht eio

oor has crtin I .l that e i's nne likely to oide, terT h ealn up ihe

Irh spring's tooe I'marevln
Liu len othel shon g p '. ae rs. h e s n o1tta.. e WkNb1joesesee, lnea oss&tessio? mei softer t.a n evor. The new k b r a oabut ah

menus from the g:s fh
zd c d Lurta l leter and echeasre AeI wle .a
. freezer"C rnc ho.."'e... .. ... l 'dl" 'ea e moeeoomcltgabrt l dstueop s-. l to aa

in g ents utomrato slrel .'0e vralleW. .
ub'9Lfols brae o as eosnfr wmonulud that.
-' a o Canned Innehhe meat and y,_ ree beenaa uo ora blsse
l on brea td, peat, oape h halve netdry. ,{"ec.n.l. w
osu ti m retana 1 hounc
:,sol and so tcreama cheese mIxed w itn
rial Se reg s, th n

ded). oatmeal ookses, m
OlCa ks t bHeart cees dso iwithls
SI X I fruit eoektaoil, ehoea
Ybonp heasatal d er s iestsgo

'"Thl1s hl s s ses a lre

Itdat anybetue ti e sinethe wa. .

ie I ee- aseb hlhas b*enu labri rs wdue -otae -e tO .q he
p0aao4 delihtfll feel but ala o

t et bg aso frag e asx o" would B e bri,.
In tat tandtlikely to s iTak e onl reasonable crne,
S4ed T a ery I rt m he pnhel by lee A can su our silk blouses,
SJls e ha at wi e. vgt thaY inlo ded in et ar-t a e as

evr " chor ip uits teoo th.eV.= ne wae fo om tah oy l at vod pung
t Ve wrk ,. eeing a tht hat' d e .Iui he raised and TI dun sof eyesu dnve w ilk g.
wnrldngad "r t't o ly ewe s 'idm # b edrelwce. e a yeehIeow not s of clnt the e.u -

H:Ctain acaacg n be cut from a If you want to make r boxed, '

cllo usee arich '. at sin r aera the back adLk.

tmso1that p0s ,oe am will pre uin-r PIP
Milk., ,-"rvw .We. ':- .rme ben .o:- "-ul .a'
iCaa. g sd. L c....ij, .t lv enjyfl- a .-- -, t;S- .

lightecreim, =;'o.-1

-6r. '

Mis St"r. leve)l :'erio an
jersey Aft's hrisate-s mlela
erselL It's' trbimned v.-Hi
__, e '_ aplt di..
.- .

I9MP *9.sda..

Sa -

* '?i ~


* **q* A4.

1 .1



JE,, -

' ''


S.. .o-^,
: ":.


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I .,


I. '


'1 *ra"
et w *A
S& J. IC'M


iwa 10 WOii
ahimead M .

base at Houe Un

nT i b


...r p'M w -y I

* .-

,t ,,-.v i


Si' h


* I*A .. -

S^P6 Ihe aoWisf -E


CO t IN pan-
am- ,Mrs, Ford d

heGeneraloth Mth-
Gerardo Jia nd an dd a- -'t",
hodwho pls anle leavea j hod ush ui=
.-AMnis#A. Ml.. Ne. C Wcedes' -d, ;
4.0 t *6 Coat% uIeaY Bld0guac.

ro t. 0k A k C W.0. C lu

Ir willn the ou w T roa- C.
.t0 -the birth b u' is aCUn Mbwun ah I

of nattig amhulr oay, theA
WI' be lO itn .f. t uGsday Orpen SeeAn th Amteroom of
th4 oft Ch Neu"

heFor Clb A regutal aer. m oaac of
rd Tuee e*a t I: p.m. in the Chap.

S2 C. Ann fwtthe Ahpel Unan" oj Oreelanis.
: .Doaing her visit an the y will be held.
*i MW Johnston WU i MI hawkes decded by the group
ASSw I*"W Pwow the way
ris moftI date in *e 9fe
w be the f AugstTuesday In"
a^ i ^t*Coroeal o1'-, ^ ib Abeome
MEL be he t 9:3:1pa6 Tuesday A recital of Esa sicspoa.-
* Rsevatipmns ay be made by sored byth- teIsi*on Brh of
f#S f.. I. the American Guild of Or unistus.

iL Mr. d ine gr l t e P' TeC v a t mh ,. nuil.. .a forma

paa Mr. aloi Mrs. HhM _ft _a w., Ma ldd Merle Ru M alt'ema'r
'SMr, and Ur. iamen Bi merts- Mrs. Pablo Zimora and Mrs. ill Mann, Mrs, o e. top tmeulaie fahlnoes, even as
Sana Mn. Du dy, Mr. Johint. Hardaker were hostesses for Mrs. Ernest Erno, Mrs. Tommy they criticized the .ed foe their
lMi.U aSlfd M .. t Tht e r l ladi*s were ae tU h lt _en it th Fort Davis Mrs. Robert Elli, Mrs. dra and conservative staM. And
Mrso bt e L e a pI r. M o itL. Des Mrs. Ber Cb, Thursday aft e r- ed Apll, Mrs. W. R. Siry In the st few St blouses
Mrs. De and ne JaGb M .; Mrs l Mre DavisO. oek,, Mrs. James Deekery, Mrs. tailorId e a mas irt have
M r'. W'. H 1[Malv ir M2 Thelma L. e Mr ~ .s. Sex- rsT .-. ., V. Dusinberre pre- Geor Lean gle, Mrs. J. Ws Y r- been popular.
Mrs MrkL. W5S. Mr. MHt: MeOtsrrt Mr'. Mrs Patton sid at he a serve aeind .'S Mrs. Joseph Wasesk. Now, designer Hatue Carae. -
ron F i, Mr. ati.Paul i Mr. Julia Wade. Mr. WilltDm served punch. Mrs. John Franks, Mrs. John has gone even farther as
o BlebS. Mr. and Ms. Bsuy color scheme a pale yel- s. refined the shirt, but not even both-.
Sa Ch low and green was carried ut in e tuk i i tall.
DehSN M, a2 r, k e st a a a ent w. .yel Mday Mcale she calls the result the rt
Wade Mr. and*Mrs.1k. .I Psala Dvel dauMgh .f to W er agd ph-iodendr*. Mal e sa Sonmet tie seller is
and Mrs. W ml .. M r. and Mrs. J. A. d the eed a tn table. Th.. ne e l aul meeting of the Mon u r a ato r efet San
SMcM and ae e bi eewM home of Mrs. Alvi are ta
Ahutes tgat has been as- are the same, and t e gl
e Mr. and Mrs. Par l the 4 s aeGiv called duringnrTedsm
rarMr.ft=rSng dedand sll modeb r'n the same as that of a man's
art, Mr. aA MAro. Jasrer L. ]La is sIChne.istul dsein-wty ea sht
V Mr. Mnd Don M, .riad he emee latlly tin One of the shirts is a eht
Wrs.anrtiM L. S. wyei Mr.'w eanf h.Etng an average of 2. or Cathil Daiglt ih s .ritizethepinkfo eteir
Mrs, Bruce Sandersl, ithollc Daughterr Do A. At Home over a slim-cut daytime ik dress
rail D.alk 1VaneL. aft.M. N. r sperandr. gaand hr So m ne ra thvei ait. ar e n
Ciod' Nicel !Mrs. DaC. SEaiuMrseW, 11.ery (in tOu loytthew r01o
d Mrs. FGlt. d, Mrsr.wtill be a met. Pu mls.ofntde-itekeha Jeo 1 ea anidoto wear ta d h h
ondEy'*T atIthe 10iye stomorrow evening at haveet-resol.e.o

r1. -,, LI T E. aal i.iet roI. ,ld o,.be. .d Gryrs.. J W sadben fppua.
Mr.*. .*alid-=Mrs -osephY. sqeaL s and he ,- ~ mn&i
ro 'Tb M ert GuBck M N. C.O l. Wi ve s't ; ,. .
m om" v" -.,. low.&" g n ub t sr cguarmrniegd c.

I| Mrs. F. F. V1 |. D eo ,-I M a isd so' ial to be hld Wednesday at ae, wl b h tomor a me

Na' fort me X"Asrprise programe re very pleaded to n nounee gdt die ae
.d-y.,Ui ready for d y and we will] start delivepringld
Senrs M. .. .P^ .h rneada Plea .have your 195s Daretory .at ehapnd Is edMt
1. .O i A. PHOTO OF THE of 1954. e. -

I r a ,at bgin with -jple cA ,t othe Fuersa y Lus ait
., .. Sdnthe flrMt gt 'To' call at our Branch Office, S
:e '-" ... -. H Nm- uIA etMrir Satuarlo NaldeuMH del rnom de Marei for your



.- ---

a ..
mob" o_ -"

wrmn w a
.'.Ot picture you ha ve ever
44" l-s othe winner this,
mwek.... make out $,00 Ex-

*" We RE Q O E9T BxKl"
ph ss. *

Additional copies of the 1954 Telephoe Dir
fces after, KYe 10.

d- mi -

- o. mo ft&. .
Sm t~ PmAlm

-.U -.


MwU '4

.* .... ..
,PMIXT ty 2Ort, L

*-~f from 7 p.m. in t,.9
Deldous hot an* olt
(Muic for fl
Tommy NuB= nd biw
ILuho, a"n" i



r to aGUW sW o e

(e6 Buildaig om Cemal, Avre..
Mel Lewis Streela ir' he new
.cony of the 19S4 D ,ire-ory. -
ectory may be pasaed at the abwiw.


DM R y' Y


-~ ~ ~ ~~~~. --I* --------i ~ .~--~ -

* -
* a S
* ~


"7 .. *. *: -
-._. :-'... .. e

- .~-,:...a'

- *~SLT.

'I .- -

7 1_

_~_ ___~







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L188L08 I
* N


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r i



. Aft

,f MI..;

sedan. In eellent running cndi-
ti, Call 3-1373 evening, House
8204 -.. Margarita, .

Dt. SAQ:-4950 Bukck,wla/wtlres
puncturw*1p1hotubee ,
anato.o Can be seen at "Impotado-
ra Selfaco." Tel. 2-1483.

0L SALE:- 51i Studeboker. sky-
S'lark blue. 2-door sedan, $900. Will
consider after. Whittington, 2174-
A., Curundu, T*Ie.,Curundu 6115,

-MU. sll 195 $ Pord-
Custemline, perfect $1195-$550
calbe tinced. oCall 85-3175
diT atking hqs rat aq l at
20 ,H. 'CurUndu
FOR SALE: Leaving May 1. 1952,
For VVS 4-door, blick $1100.
House 834-9, Bolboc. Tel. Balboa

FOR SALE:-'51 Cherolet two-door,
Sdeluie with Powergilde. Excellent
cpndliien. Fan Amodor 24-A, Tel.
FOR SALE:-1946 Plymouth 4door,
overhauled $350.00. Good condi-
Sttn. House 5758.8, Diablo.
FOR SALE:-1947 Kaser, good con-
dition, aownr leaving C.Z. $375.
IPhone Iboo 2-2728 or Albro6k

FOR SALE: 1950 Ford Pick-up
truck; good condition. House 13-,
2nd St., Coco Solifo. ,

OU SALE.-- 1948 Plymouth Special
delome oupe,.nwilege 28,000. Tel-
ephene Cristbal 3-1858.

FOI SALE:-1951 Ford V-8 2-dooe
sedmn,.4 new tires., 2 por, set
cove 21,000 mIles. 219., Gor-
gn Rood, 2.6389.


t I
CMie, ex-
nh. Sunday
thru Fridoy'

S: ,5ls PONCW
-I (mea to e- i aideli, ie
II ^^" ___


FOR SALE:- At a lot of
land at Puble N plp1:91 road.
Tel. 3-49V. "Eil. '
T T. PETER a The tow'
find good aitreilv i Irmes-
cob ;pr ; sW .ood In-
nice come prHavesc
b A. F. WHITE. Rf AL 195 9th
S,. North. rel.70344.

,> Taleii

0,4694. I" 'ide ..---J I *, kll kA A-mn .

*au mOO an Tu GBl erms


conmp4te 75-cent Lunch In odditIn
to eclal dishes and the bat 4#ub
stak ovaelabl. SpecIal pfiot for
banquets. Call Ponamo 2.1482.
WIWDANK LAMi. Expert bweaut
Mrvlce conveniently avillb. Gen-
iel's uyShop Coellt Cubhouse
Call 4AZL,- Navy 1tL2.


TI l Ml HEA l 141 i 5AMl--
n ict is so dIlff& to make ind&
meet and your -io shopping
I deM'n his wanM, at th1
law. KL ArT &
amA TAOM hav how or ed
f* Your convenience your obtan
ing all neceary school apparel
Iamet, A w. N. 37T dCf a
Seal Aesue Noe. 92, Penm .

FOR SALE:-"C6Rllns" 32-9-2 amA-
tour transmitter, with "Turne"
dynamic microphone,'and 10-rter
rotary beam. All lIke new. HAL-
MAN. S.A., Via Esparlo No. 1, Tel.
Bids will be received in the office of
the Supply Dinrctr, lboa H t
or General Manager, Commlisfary Wv-
islan, Mount Hope, Conal Zone. until
3:00 p:r., Monday May 24, 1954.
when they will be opened in public,
or furnishing 3.973,000 pounds of
Fine Granulated Sugar. Forms of pro.-
posal, with full particulars, ay be
obtained in the office of the Supply
Diector, Balboa Hlihts, or of'* ,
General Manager, Commissary O '.
ion, Mount Hope, Canal Zone.


FOR SALE:--Chevrolet Pick-up truck,
venetian blindcls, electric clockI, bi-
cycle, golf clubs. under-hailts lfur-
niture, lattic, tt accodion. Hous
174, Gamboo, 6-324. -
f SALE:-2 showcep i1' & 18'
long. Very cheap. Panoml Ato.
S.A., Ave. Joq6 Feo:-.dai-le C
r No. 5. '. .
FOR SALE:-'52 Plymou h edn
luxe. $1400; Weuti OUr '
-ftor p I/S-ft.,Ad
out, $10e; bf .< .7 ,
1595. '"

FOR SALE:- e"ll & Howelll" 16
mm.' projector, In excellent obndi.
St.on.- A.MANB.A Viu Espoto
No..1, Tl.'3-0 .

FOt SALE--- Leglthlerovered Wur-
Slitter Slinet piano w/bench $250.
S0766 Williamnsof Place, Belboo

aOR SALEF Doc.hhund-puppl1m 3
toAths old. Male $50, female $35.
Gomboa Fire Station.
OR SALE: "Gibson" guitar with
coa, In perfect condition. Good
price. W t 13 Street No. 65,
S.uptair. Telephoie 2-2032, Jo6

Position Offered

WAN'ED:-Aviation company wishes
" to employ Secretary-Stenographer in
, Spanish and English; good starting
Ssalery for well tioined person of
ood personal. appearance. Write
detailed account of quslificatrons
Include photograph, to: Apar-
t 572,

Memorial Plaque
For Ski Tow

Wnwed ;.

YL .-(UP) A
i, b U unveiled
Setabn of the s s.. ki
nOw in ths U'#5e4 Btea.

Luir Soante ;:"
E u Overlooks ow i'. ip
d by ish ke trow ,.
O. refri.p!ator -., s
,7. Prvate p
,2-mip. walk). 6
Prg. bodmirnt 'W
e ,t.C. CallNaqA



*,. ,"A %- |
.^ *,-''.:* !

GIich Santa Clra e-oo&'*
Electr -efgere tn, ei u i-.f&
,Moderate rt Phe* or

S ry. L U -

FOR RENT:-Furnlshed house, n Go.t
twn from May 21st to.'SOL ptth.
Coll 5-360. .



2t/-room modem apartmeir Tile
fl"ors, ceder closer. Firvished and
unfulrnihed. Consult office 8061,
eth Street, phone 1386, Col6n.

A = aN T f I. Aul tuftt 0mod.n
iopormytn w, twoa
,* bdomn hot, pd ware Tel-
'pilne Panaoae -4941.
POR RENT.-Fumirhsd opertment. 2
bedrooms, refrigerator. gas stove,
milrry inspected. 82 Via Porrtas.
3,4404. 1'.

FOI (iNT:- 3-bedroom optmeAt,
,. g, hot &I
l..t ''l-Y l f_, Si~ m. IIpiitiiio.

- .i -i -fI

ForR bro6m S#apitnmt.
for kiformoeg 3Ah Street No. 6.

F RENT. Bellet Vista, lorge 2
kedr9 m, ompletely. -furnised
. poartmelt Call Pqt*na 3-0814L

FOR RWT":Co- i 'wel furnished .I
bldrobm ropartmift $130.'Attmc-
tive neighborhood. 43rd & Mexlo
Ave. No. 64. Tel. Biolboo 3060.
Oft* RENT:-Apartment, 13th Street
No. 17, San Francisco. Inquire 5:30
Iq 9:00 p.m. Mrs. Poplar.
FOR RENT:- furnished apartment:
Two bedrooms, servant'a quarters,
,ar ge. Please call Panama 3-
FOR RENT:- Completely turnishedI
one-bedroom apartment, porch.
well ventilated, $90 monthly. 52nd
St. Call Tel. 3-5245.___

FOR RENT:-2 concrete apartments:
Porch, livingroom, 2 bedrooms, din.
Ingroom, kitchen, service, $55 each
Hoie 9, 7th St. Parque Lefevre,
Tel. 3-4436.
FOR RENT:-Lorge. modern 2-bed-
room apartment, maid's room and
bath, tile floors, gartfge. 17, 44th
Street. Keys at 17, 44th Street,

FOR RENT -Typewriters and adding
. machines at ra-qhhr,.utJ by
w. e z. ."

R R T Fi' r "

FOR RENT:--- Furnished room wih
1-n 1----n 1--t IfcDLA.a n -i -_ i


4 '
I ."
-- ij B iir :

"a *
* a.
* ~ **L***


9SRxp Milbait o 1I Ultra*
Wi and trials uofuITntm
m ~agbc e matedou?

R.pLtL' I"


kkL. -









I' .-. *.' -.


m isling. I

"' ..-- 4 *l'. 1.
Pik Adm"ea

0 CVe Itf wat-fr
it JWB Monday 1

SA lafto concern by
W0uate wilI
Balboa USO Armed
Service Center, tomorrow at
8:15 p.m.
Fuater, known for his Inter-
pretation of Chopin and ot-eodI
emr music, will offer, a variWI
program of the mastte, as fol-
Chorale cantata No. 147,
Back-Baner; lFantaaiaS o Mi-
nor, Bach; Rondo C a iediogQ,
Mendelsohn: Two Cho n e9u6e1
and the waltz In A PIl; DDt
of ALove, Limat; Omipa llel, -.
pantil-Laszt; Two Arabealise:
.Olaire de Lune. DebuWs;- A ira-
da del Gracioso, Ravel.
General admslion Is $1 and 50

Ihb kchof H

CHiCAGO -(UP)- A Nb*abn
high school has repisld t eiH
in a classroom wikh bainh siwu
ry cars to teach toe Sapien.
d r iv e ,
The.Oak Park aaSoesrest B3VI
School installed i river
er system developed by the
Aetas Casualty and

The eompany d i1 XU
was tested in a New York Ciy high
school, but the Oak Park ucool
wua the first to buy a coinliete in-
The school hopes to axad drfv-
r-trainer to lstodet with tie
atw eguipmem. Ie tsUroman .
ud in 24 hours at the
fte trlnhat device. Aa.
eight hours of driviAg e famaly
car under suipervisia of prwetas iI

Co-Ed Learns

F0ion Tactics

the aaeies's artl l 4'1

any u au ow, c
fi i h mLamn_ fllmm

rEc, UDIIa nousui
lng, reading, ate
woodwork and w(
hood: Julan Hal,
ooklnR publlic
world b6othertooa

.w ...**
a. thn~e

~'h~;.' "a


, -

, ""

A cal to remb "
**- *? ;a '* :' j

oatch -a id &f Wu D

, SU &Wi6ta s 1



Wtow old mus
ea s1 3i.i

- : .... :"' .
.. -* A --"^ ^


'. A *j -



. ',

, 'a ,



.. lIn I '* ."- *. ...., o
SSWoft 2 UhIirs I P;

~'ld'i. 2 1uit' 2>
orhbiln 5 o.0 od
I 3.00d; 3 wood ardn chairs
;. wooddina table 5.00;
Mall Ilf .3.00; 2 asih 25-

ciubicLe t

ipuot. POWL5R.
Lt*25-cle Westinghou.
. i.r cgapwrtmet,

M td i t
w it*

L .- ;I 4fr7iea,, -cu.
n al
S 5 e Finnihs
p.o, chnce.'

fl w2 0il- t C_ _
I were., &N

n ture, linens, kitchen

fci ~ ~ bd' -highm' IH^1' a



ItL .


Pf 1'

- ~

__ ___~_~I r

' "" ~




A -i -- .4 .04."-ft




t .



iIl g .... id m --

i' K- F

I fI







- b 1




. I

. F


leg leOmV or C148)3
l es. Telip hone -1483. ___

II r -1 -


. 1







/ ~


...... i,


I~~~ -- -


1 1



P- --- -


i Ii,

* "; a

-;. *_

m ."Mt
Ktac~tfha f

"- i


,, :-v

;,7 ._-'. B ^ii.^^do

!P $a

rBr^a'. *T-T -".T.?



I ~

"* ..- 'S *
s -s-. -- -.,- ,. ,... ,:.**
for a tm

ft 0

.vi"al ,an idol o .A a .- ,

S. a e L....... .LOW .t.iea. the
= 1' 'r'" 'Mb M e s w l ea'

F t af T e c r c t w ..thfe thre.: oar .I a d' the.. a ., ".. ,s
... .. .r-rdi .. .

S.r m.a"biu. t ,i, ...h ie tiri .e ra ws e 1-
#so srt6to Gd..

gahf ik AI alw ar0 too r sd h Rdley te Ip *< t ng 1 oitr e' a sho at 1 >- Why Jos e thoup. *tttr eae what lhee d & e d_ nel-said 'boua the Pane q mt*
-wer e., m r', .. s tp t d-.- .- a t e.,I t&. sgtaa r, te.e a, trle
4eha"e o. tlba. r 'b bin enerat hs .ww nb -A s -.y'iglh" fo r I "'"
d h -d: P -ii i fe iOn. The' Records v i c ,c se dinto i .m!ea tAro. Ua d o.I p trl. UisedIt hea m o u ti ,n

Ws ^ ."enr~ 3 % ." ?? sy !J@ aend. cores u What. ts Bebltthee" g Bell s a m dlu r"-
uros a e s fentC bet slep the s fm a s t h d e I would-bco
.. .. ..' .i ..' d p i : Ie E h wit t '-" "u Opu .. '". a .. ... ., "" f .c, *M, ; m-.V ...... --*.. .,Mll.. I, .,. ...

AentearN I NI -_ltem .., m, -h.t a"medp i D I N
erth e prbat e l h P ound s pers ase I e h e e whae to r ack. cr e -ores pr o u k b uteG M w oun'tale
e ee p a r we 1" "d-T heh e n .u w 1rh I w as w r e r W W)
;,.u-Y.... ._h-y. ,F ,iod.- d ,- A. e wi ers roime r. ijt. bo tth f lBe6 ... ""e

Eauti~tec earns l_ c erD~mseU geer ates nlwI ( "Our ct s action 8 a leAd Io Pitcher-what lig see on t ahd saudweb be|n ard with .,ruan.s
Sioncr haveira eurOhi=h e or, i Ree a lk mwth eintotebeba rt-ster s A e Un air to o
B ?. ~. ., -. a.paouI no-lo ok, V Altho. tdy se -: L l ou e m f r k o e. ,. .. b. si.. *, I .. i.. i -
of.s e ade hio m kno w. inga.e e .'e n te r lorT n y. Co, et w n o.n m u rtis or ... df .: ."- .

Boiseanray, ,'f Idom orten ex t M d, ,, m ,h .O o reot- A e, yoe t m .-t
aicte b e th eJeo iv D u r t i at tl em a n, a rah p e t a t O t w hra vedadtv ig b aekth eo sabane w t n He b u ir Ns n or e, T e q si c m o a

'R l Cit uoung tdat-re cf s s o t m -sa Do ,v wctracts meo who i ao tg Yod rA p S A g T L
a N ri. Gsone vtntl dl, o b^f ulaa sn t~rbi i tbe o lugartfp n s e,,e a y t ohie dh o ll youngerh
SI=i t- we-Ganneplays N 16 l, A s Alsthroe, a su: wi e a l n r THyA odt
S asi o ateksa Rt e t h Ktniut ,. ng ou1,I, Th e backe B uat ,i a e wi l l sh. wy, y f...eampe h, how tothav oladeJ aoultbtel ePN

h. ,ol tr se o hae in ted of i ro d hL, r E b-l tis e ot ora :es da
.... dr.,. ,ned.;,_ ; .-e.-,hron .,.oau. o. insCoel,~w urD~d r ebbieamfom. pwh, 'db

.s sad s ayswh hateefandesef year baDebalCebndItneofp.siofthav tor* o.el4sthw

______Dorey_ oncathewho i tsopoe mr es o o Iu .Trpithler -wAt a y-ousase be on the Exc ept fasw goth e saying .is t
t.i k@- ar c. k- I d h e G r d oauva c ioan so ne" .p ane s, .t o ao in .
eo e liz4he4oue e b st I .meoo d --ImkigaIs, pos Vitiehek." .e-_. of. TH.r y theCues l t andT .Mely,

1aa. Omnibesawillrbeolike.
Elabeth cRzO f elmsefelirmng makohing c orn- rforthe g iver s a W
af,,ae a d... ,t forso, bu-ee i l pt for he h
piano P t. h emP2 CLuLtureTn the mafes o r hi i orte i lty ma ,I rh lgt- st dl." na ree tNaouldo."
Wi.s oin Ama n r ser. re SouldeaI ton)ofsumed tg. Be= tgvefr at afa n anygmi i, ltofc rt.ll.y oung er

V_ ..a% a,,. okemh ei s

& ;" UIR t5U. I re c oWd2o f0 e:o s ng6a c t r n ed- s ,3, t e .'
vtotfr wi h
IsfAm o. Neet a te Wesoo- ho OmuN, b ue e i h hWm-,g b i t" at yon g H ol eiono-
.a'M seeo Woe= ....
M~"~rr r A n th e ona,,, I _- .wd-4 a "-"" "a -- -n.ast ba .eIn q re e r ofte hoi s wasur e s'
tdatI vl I our sMeDu d Ao Iut Alistai4 Cok a ..-w d v
t dn r h gtf e Cwlh be a.-rSeo ii bal-lck -saegy do i Stre e rtadthr ewPon ld A

e o sothr ngt. e e d Cnee a wh er hel et a weekl t s eonhteSeonahum3i 44tW. done d
V d uo chatacterssandm'ihboade' yam' "Wee--saw.
c io developedby 'the .ngl Wi wit k nve s ." A' n pera saon wi en.i you iI S- sth base ballse.asonsmreyo Hret' ongraeop. A leal d.
o "o" trust ac orvoiewasdasenahitad of dn g t s urpay base q e h-ouha.vetgot thGe t

11141r '16abearR b doesn't know when to scream,/ Schumann's t'. Love"., of Warmig up-what the cen orb, e -we had -l .we' do trat
,, L..-_,s'..ioncoload'o sustained a n d most beaufli/gbl a-w orks... .byformovie_ S w IaIethI
PC, ,lights throu o ,du alko is T" In lT t nl tandscr eea.enh am pro oyu nk Eiabeth Tayors .
man Reb'el.-.._ussni at codm"frigend" one of the most t-t o reaize, werelde major ctinges In Om- "g*Voe at thes da ylsbe-
i' loeJIj witfI. l 1.i'y orse_ "H'."fts the which ie asithe m ore reIo.. to u. ",,--eh is lelUt i l-sa.-in a ... arge. ofveg -caus oft ubby Mi hael. .'
of naaont &&404 o dbeomcheer Gerird eou ,enty what sl "Our un a taone, S deglmk ex- ncldin ,, .i.n..hints.. .4w. ,SA40",.


, j* x. .'..7-2 -0 : '..%. .. 'a-
--.- a, ,- .-~ "L

.-'. : 7' .-.. .,.. ? .. ,.j..r t.

-, ". T#Mel A- .-
, ., .. .+ .. .; + =_, -* .. I' ., ,. ^ -.. .; I -. ., .. ,- ,. -
S ,* *.- r'. ..-- .

I te lp Anuo clasy re. Bore Joey wt

i "lc. in tej.oday' ut ae "G-w WNativ p%
vand .,aaf .flog .sprint for ,.Be ... "h mSiat te Juan France race --mana a u.
two t o..m. ,. ._ ,l-

.. esh

iftmd beult have ee
trp CmiEslug v of suchl
led yetooy oora strong
i ,"D ald sprlintrs tims
l ert are of the o-
-WNamu etoirin better
kwtr md euld haven eve
trkw boeulag of such
ts as- ped and srtout-
APtinovich, entrymate

) go
sMd sprinters Kloye

txltMOih over Dejelo Solo
e the- at time they
Do adlo. shape up
AO tochief conten-
WO Solo in expected to st
and tr for a

H i ifillStud e 'a
WSaWer soe tbey turn In-
! m r flSFT attraction
am better horse
is a mevn furlona
Strack'I Clas "D%
4t the soen ched
as rate good chances

lM5iaI~Aster re-

f a nued her winulfg ways as
raced r0 haboo ovek a
field of:d Clas "E" im-
prt over one mile to finally
conv dissenters of her lass.
After Oranero, Bolo Joan and
aics Ned had spent them-
Vts forcing the early pace,
DIbprincess came up with a
rM1 three furlongs out swept
the entire field by the time
e reached the mile post then
gadloped home the rest way Un-
der stout pull to score by three
Vcanlzado came up to take
second and Rathlin Light got
he abort end of the purse. Co-
favorite Don Cute never t to-
ing and failed to threaten the
Djxiprinceus turned the dis-
tance in 1:43 4-5 over a slight,
ly slowed up track. She paid
15.40 to win. The day's only
bonaide longshot was Petite
W-hlh returned 332 to win.
Other mild upsetters were Co-
ran ($12.60) and Pull ($11.
Jose Bravo rode Dixiprincess
but the day's" winningest ridlr
was Jorge Phillps who garner-
ed two.
The divid dst
&a 6.80 4 2.60
3-Proton 4080.
1-T Itan g o 2.80
Nobb $3.40.
out loe: (Regisa-Tla-
ma) X64th.
-PetM a32, i o60,
2-Geolden Bound 3.80, 2.20
3-Yosilkito 2.40.
One-T we : *(Petlte-4Iden
Mond) $13MJ.
1--o an J2.W, 4.40, .
--Cmmon $2.20.
IIN. : cceqs-Unle ua-


lad Rafe "

2-Thi m
4-T. Tt
8-L. Molly

- I

* ,.r. .*l

rg t -
s -i. -

V, ,own11ox-o1up too a j
a 0. Press V

G" Natje 61 V : SP &k

o t. Vas. -S")i egsput

@o120 bt
da PLOtO 00*-Needi better
Vl .i1x-Group too stu

rid Race -r %hUfYiW 4qf-.h^ ti eIW'.

"-Con Valor II Rul lrf''ft reentM
2-Brisa A. EIu 112 O-m r:
3-L. Bhm &- 1. 112 -ab~r ,.,g5 -r
4-B.BMual J.nwyo 110 mn
.- *u-o 10oox-Wil be close -
--DoOBSa J.-.e I0x-Not
t7--Cohrao Mens'.L l00xa-lrss: u s R
# : ,. -
1tb Bus *Noa-,WMBers' A FP.Pume: $=-M.I Pel die. 4 ;:0
.. Qll~,QlNMA

1-Tampol -.L oGiraL. 11 -Claas newcomer
2-Burlesquito O0. Chantl 112 -Excellent workoet1
3-Melvina E. Orte. l01x-Field too tough
4-Ebony F. Rom 115 -Will fight it out
5-D. Rafael V. Catli. 198 -Complete failure
6-8. Nacletnte Reyes R. l03x-Doesn't eem kl
7-La Ouararena J. Bravo 140 -Promising.newqdmnt

5th Race r'BC' Imported % Flruhrse: e$M Pel eoMs:

1-D. Soldo
3-State Barge

V. Ordo. 118 -Fastest at gtaway
H. Ruit 112x-Rates outdd
F. MEdaL 102S-Returna in far ape
8. OCrve. 102z-ider handlaM p .
a. Prea. 110 -Distance ha aps
A. Vas. 110 -leemu much the t



6th Race "I" Imported 14 FPIsPur e: 375 I, eM alO : 3:25
First Race of tUe Double,.'

3-True Blue
5-L. Lady
?-D. Dut ss

B. Agul. 110 -Mas',A w1.
C u. u a 106 -Nolfl K to, I ,,1
F. .idal. 105 j r i l-1
V, castf. 13 --.1ed "
J. PhIL. --o il lt 1
S. Coreho iOTx-e
R. Vas. 118 -MoS5.-,, 8-1
J. oago. 1Oax i Lttoll ent 8-4
ILH. Ru1i lit--Loaiban 8-1

ith Race "0" Imported 6 FsPnP f -el eloeg: :6.
Second Basee etl- Dtb

e-Wod Wire F. Hidal. 108 o t 0
e Dauber J. Phil:. 1168 -Same, e o .20-1
,-J_ tt"_ r B. Agul. 116 -Must Im roe more 5 .1
-Iee. A. Mena 113 -Has m ealy oot 5-
fD. Sunset A. Vu. 113 -Seems best of group 1-1
7'-T-oletaso Orts. 103x-Could win In upset .

Bth Race "I" Imported %I Frgs.Pure: '5.M Poel eses: 6:49

1-Pairlyable R. Vaa. 115 -Last was revealing 1-2
2-Begonia. L. Giral. 114 -Ready this time 4-1
3- na R. Gomez 118 -Nothing to recommend 30-1
4-Chucunaqb F. Hidal. 105 -Rates good chance 5-1
&---w '. lw I ..~mftI .a... aa ..rEC& ..... ES s

. -Rt. vIM
" .--More Fair
: 7-4n. Time
9-(L. Frolic
10-(M. Fairfax


" u 11-.1 ATR



B" -


Ith '

SPlus: .
il lE'FROM


t r. SitS 1:10 5:15
', :4 .

U' .. U :4m pmin


I : .,- 4r i i
.m r.:M .... .-i
.. :.- ...m,. 5 .m,

. -

d. gUlong.
A. Vas.
V. Brown
H. Alza.
B. Agul.

115 -Dappointmnt so far
103 -Could scre In upset
107x-Nothing of late
110 -Has good workouts
110 -Rate good chance



9th Race "F" Imported 7 Fs.Purse: P0S Pool coeMs:
I-Sugar Plum L OGral. 115 -Mutuaels favorite e
S*-Milngo V. Ordo. 112 -In thick of it
S3--adrino 0. Chanis 106 -Oood workouts 1
4--I Signal F. Hidal. 108 -Barly speed only :
M Inaqnr J. oongo. lOQx-Notbing toeLt. e
-.edur..,-. R.L. Oil 115 --S.iss Warot
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10th Race "D" Imported 7 Fgl.Parse: I$0.0 Pooeel elese:

-. Royal
7-Welsh Fox
JIth Raoe "r"
1-Lady Moon
"-.. TIMu

V. Castle. 118 i-4 test a15.1
F. VidaL 108 -e onleMe 3-1
V. Ordo. 115 -Cl I -
K. Flores 115 -Better chan ow 5-1
R. L. Oil f118 -aet one to beat 2-1
G. Pres. 115 --Ret-ptn from 20-1
A. Vas. 120 --Can beat tees. 14
Native 6 V F Vrse: WUS.M .lme : xn
E. Dario 104 -WnJfIght It 0 .* 4-1
Mena R. 12x-RI4er h mlca 4
B. Agul. 115 -Batk In best f 2
A. Mena 112 -Betteor than ewf 13


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whou Ot a (I), MOsl
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d House. Newhouser (0-
1), RR Boone (2), Doby (2),
Glynn (1), Avlsa (I.L
e. (B, McCullouh (7). Podble-

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and Bures.
Westream. HR

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Intersehool Swimming

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t back and relax talks, 'case w got wre- flagm an
than Carter hasV" pf, ,", ,I.
Mtay 3. ti k t dew in ; jaa-dl *
At 11:6 iaj.o the above date $hi Pannagl al
lm sta t servi fool for their an trual "M
be served as ong as the fish holds out,. ftih4 tha
of or t ma and It.per should be s. s eem. tor. thee.
AR. A enidtr. the Club.their furend ae m nt-
ed hu a membrqn of all c In t he aaa1 S r.
that coersa tM of round btt dan'We n
sot ; belong to. .q ub. any b the
Oqnot te uxpe esaa. Lest yetr they Si*4ea jab'
e ds tiear a .re aexpoutifevM n s- n
thu Comeearly and buy me n+. as,.
We Wmedt boa b '. 4 -

Last weea'tfewot thtowelon' a tte mut l-Ub DJs
Bay rune thfisha gW d flabno 1h asiow ftihaiM
Worry theri ae al out there yt l to be t i
1*t and dolphin caught wen r te s
Bait Was g*a found amutha t .
Cat. Howard Patterson, a mber of. l
tidayth. Wekome to the Caprm taPli Jd yo
at leat a dozen more before youav ourlih1g Tht .
Sam Torrian ant Neil Doherty have b to
on the Iowal International aCftobm
1954. They rqplfce Frank Vletu
tives bi the Psaama )darlln Club. aug for the
ment are going along utdf we atug kawvajs d{ the 6 if
soon. ( )
Friday we tepot from the Pifi ay a hrt
Leopold and hL are fj Theg
the Qaiman II L J"
dope on datch- n

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Wortz. D"



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put W 4 l. sSm. i B

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eoMle- ride on G@tl'h

than on any othor makq `
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. Now doesn't it stand
to reason that the tire
that gives the most
stifaction to the
o people isthe-tire
'for.yoa to buy?

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"'Let the people krawle tie t l 4 tie-
tro pst*Oof the TWENTY-NINTH rEAR W .PA~ .. .
m ta team which 's '.... .... .
a S e rigor of the Darl en
starting last wednecedi,

SiIke Gets Back'
0 orap lg.trng to
1 verb Friday as thu pu a e ... ',

a.s ..-e-- 0: ..:.1-42.
b o a mtry uat over the sam
.. a" a bi hardy groupeof ; | .
.. resiealr in :-151&. set out1
am Moti %Village in the wild AUGUSTA, Ga.. Apr I 24 k(UP) 7 a
A atea stry At 0:30 a.m. Prl President Eisenl r rmae o
M aiverin two 00-- day from a gruelling 3000 pil R
pi a i rented e from tour and a round of Apeechma .O
iscauged by the onset of In his latest addred the Pres- 4
terS3 waier Cald into that the battlfree .,tDiny San t
the we Air i .nat .a wi th ..n,.
S river of the area represents a tet" of whethat
., t t to f ll somewhat dicew,.o-s-ip or .reedof wil
0beheatftdea aind ee faltTr-pel... the i
ed thd% e, bn In operatSon- W4 .!-
0- oeniplahnt o .
the cuff" at the 175th convoca- north from I today tof Arr 1 ,.rq 9 Sneighbor. wer.
+ e bherth use natie beits tion of Transylvania College dur- for p nse y arof the two d eA .I.M fcagt e I
tiDp dowt the Chuen- Ing the President's tour of Ken- term she is e wth nlect- 4nD p Orby end the
River the Intellitene tucky. In while vacat oning wrthe r .a m on allep timos te
ne e e is He said the bitter ba a.: mtigt fourth. hudsban Dicet napm n de Trierly. tt
IPr 1 ird th, SI- store for a broad slice of Asia Haymes choke t out of sa he j
ei m wild, trilnes of the free nations pre- yesterday at about' th5 nfor ta1< on coampahint a
time the too"children were'l a ta1111e. to
Morning an Air ailn. gIn placed in tdonieal Jau T 3wt tonf Cruel t
r of the 6th Ar The President emphalused that of sheriff in auburba Whit aid sySaid ti
a flown by M the united Stles need npt fear Pleais. h'yI tiaon. Veto ing "ale mis -
d Bowers, Jr. U8 war the Far East. howeverso The couple, ending a two-week 8inyth lett tihm Mmest the t.Ote-
"ai~j~r'I looraRobert n.Abart sIttabnos b h I ndtevacation of sunt athlh dChpimpbesr" carb atee,
Si* 3of he1 Founding Father's principles a fishing, headed north iq a oe.- aTue sa ha-a
-- L._ 3t aviation demeny and justice for allo k n. rowedJaguar sport a'Car, .y tualdaipoition. O. P t rincef J. -
.ight BMr. E senhouer repeated sev- expected to.uarrive, t, ekr a.t, t .d a-IUghteOF.
a clearin eral t meu the need for lntrde- hotel here today to concert with s a wh
pendence amone nations eo RLttore, 0 tle "jl de _1W_.....""0._._..
Sur andmet e nomiC4lIy,' politically ar4 irl- C dre __ e
X in g ,th e--... "-"
r-l.1 beteopter brought Earlier. In a bri
a" acuated fkl Hodgenvile. ky., th
hadlItAnctioning. of Abraham LYr. o b the 14-
t In hoto ean- dent praised Lincoln as anl A
A~rom analh merican president who never
s who are photograph- stood up in public a d excorat-
edanod h a er Ariear
eIq9 rOaed _the president enlhower retrsd-
r a vilage n ed. to his vaMstlot ,n adqnto ra e rtOr ao. : r
forivInae-underoft at the August 'nitioth e olf
ubfIndans of the ;l late is at, natt. le dr Isa--
Z Ing AugubsThursday he had
h ias eal tem .s ntoW, vitdWashintol. New York.etWee

.ti deab Mr. Eisenhower worked brief- eemto

tiurpto swim ly in hivTos ofWdce h rq thiste Umor-
meat. theus mnd R ng..'then got in a round eoer
u o eedin with some of rals ha friends t ths
me- ai f ofared mi-YAuglsa na tiunal golf club.csift
of hipvacationbesartors.oo
Morth m illage Them Presidenthexpbctd to re-
~i n~ l flas. a nditor, iturn to Washingtono we in r rti
nmoo the r a f ete argesetfs b1y theiaw;;eon1
uaIt ison. Beside being Ms. John S Doud of DenVer, rtheat
weremoth er ofthehae Pro i .';t t he
the n atinswl e Mrs, John 31aephOier. the CC16 C'I' uul
Inherbirhaluing PrPesident's 4 Itu g I t e r-,-law, nefrT ta
O tt fo t ere hn s el fornnhes R imsnR
m ll meeting oabl wlO return immedlat- .tleftr, Slecial CO Wsel
Kilnswof ih hrood tees hden uest.n nMiles aAWeeYd

t Cwie sM i athc teri Artiler Ued o ni.McCarthy. .AR
m lu m i.Fort Banning, 0a.,,wherehM jeMera1nsg tn 191f.Wth

tWe plat John Elsenower Is stationed .now ca

t, AM or the Sigh1 Cub4 a1ye muo
tinpdowne the MarC attervcedmdAtr cnon
Oe ythe latoheonale t e aes
.redortheSf bl u eae sowt afanchest-
soadvan. drte of the op- STEVENS PASS, Wash-o-(UP)-oI
07 to lcu'up some native Tests conducted by the U.S. orop-G
Loen'of the 33d RCT estr o Servce and Army crnnoneers

the men were them down before they become do-
through aboundm In sltrueve forces capable of bury-
Inelh it allimators, laig town or sweeping away
Id monks. Thereis ao traima.
d e of fruithand other The Army gunners were given
-0 throughout the carefully selected targtui by the
Wenatchee district's forest ranger,
*6 fe Was 0 0l- MN.E. Peton, diretor of the teo ,
'a thi "We have tO hit the,
Xmt their third poitsuch as overhanging roe
imel l bus*1J loml. snow banks, and spec
or/-ChU`8uou- slopes" Peters said, pointing to
for treaty Skyligh Mountain.
eti eeuI ndlan "is-is agood test site. A few
fRC T,:whlch #n Ihundred yards down that ridge,
ermu nd Inlvit. war- slide Oit three trains in 1910.
W e. pratiorp. Wa's Either loose or packed snow can
0 on their water th. temperature wind and

A-,The World's Oldest War


(5). By liter PrkesaudRoaph Lg*
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