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The Panama American
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Weekend American
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Scott Family Library Fund ( donor )
Panama Times, Ltd.
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Panama City, Panama
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daily (except saturday and sunday)[may 12, 1973-]
daily[ former oct. 7, 1925-dec. 4, 1966]
daily (except saturday)[ former dec. 10, 1966-may 5, 1973]
normalized irregular


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Newspapers -- Panama (Panama)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
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Panama -- Panama


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Oct. 7, 1925-
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On Saturday published as: Weekend American, Dec. 10, 1966-May 5, 1973.

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University of Florida
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a r:
- j Pedro Miguel will be vacated next March and then torn down
' What will happen to our only means of skating on the Isthmus
SWillU that be loT to the teenagers,. too?
The sensible thing to do is to get a skating rink, even if i
'I s in a gym, oloe to Balboa and available to ;adults as well a
ibildrea, The i. oIn charge should be paid a salary, an
oughhoulng by. te customer prohibited.
S S pecial nights for adults should be set aside and also night
*0: small children.
4 It would give everybody concerned a night of fun and entire
S I am sure there are many adults who whl agree that a place
g I f 1 i a nsessuty, as much as It would be In any part o
Fi w, Here's hoping someone will realize the need of a good whole
SV, sporti
,0 -A Sksting Fan.
This is for "Better Informed."
Do you, by any chance, live in or about New York? Or ar
-you one of those who has found a home here and doesn't car
*whether he ever goes back to the States, or whether he evei
e*' his family?
SPerhaps be Panama Line does lose mopey on the Cana
ane mlhtes r trade. That's beside the poin. The point is tha
tho ee he'so do not live in New Y.or or .Its vicinity uhoul
a ooe ie ptve of speelal rates bak t tB.ates.
Do you have any Idea what it costs to trave to LM Angeles
About 270. Perhaps you makl the kind of money that permit
i- eto afford it. I can't.
I We are all working for the PanamA Canal Company. A
l4" stated in his letter: "Consldut pon show thi
w b .,a b greatly appreciated, besides boostiaj thi
Sd oriehere partainly needs posting.
S. Or hff woted,

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it offAes on the inorulaij of Aprvri4
e was Laurie oSho secretary tle t
d Federated Iron Workers Assm. (t aS
ion) of Australia, w there th us.
ts thoties have fus' ripped up the
latest rontinenal t r in.
- minutes with. thPresident -
mlaut s with the Promdent, but".
e everdtime he to se% Mr.
f Eisenlhower deta lbim.
Laurie. Short ad tellig
Most fascinated resident 'the e
dangers to Ausul ip, so aru oe .. or
enflamnl In9pCblnqsbetiners.
The. the Auem:sald: *
tew pt to raise world's lvin '.
standards. But It you Amern. .
fall for the soe thighliaing
e standards autom""y t"veetT A DON'T COICAT t -
e the Communflst t work o u i
r wrong. And e a of u But y s n Jlm MeCot .
Sfactly what i re mk t n, aratio
Ing. Leninat.eo e c-e pet m s e r
d ously anywhere: Co lsh lat 'V e-to'to:5-
niwatfor will- ahieve that.o e a the:-r. a s te

the Near East. This Is a 0t, By Peo
war jn, ees u I t .
Economic and social problems, that"I..t
would not wipe out the Communist ts "mai t
underground. It didn't in my coun- WAS TON- ( NA t excuse for residential Assistant money went to repairinporches, r ft r esoluti
.try. U didn't i Europe. It didn't for coantol ofthe n Shermn Adams W demP Allly- refoofing he use s, waterproofing 'ls w alsowb
re. Adm t.ration I rs mw ih ndalps relOt.t basements or ihodernising plum of elder Stats hman h
"You must have key friends In It's wiat's behind tmhe :n No one its .e m. With.lp ad e wih c In
key spot in all areas of the world. vesdgaed$o of ach 5?rg2 of. 'o*egu. east s' splet os c o He other fwld -of setivty 4 loders with t e s on
Just look at me; I am a leader tlaritt in two of Sts1 OI tr-old is described qv rywhbe as a fine w hin ob hHA I reiTu.ties are strutive blpartis .' Senator .. ,.
of the powqrd democratic Au- gov'eaudat ag i p lt t Christian gentleman who won ,nat- charged is in "mor iblng out" t Lohman t" times .
rrs. I am on the Washington-on o xprts out. itael renown for his sponsorship FHA Insured loans or emerged New York, had deoe
the Australian aide the government, offir stex. of the itlmore slum-coi housing. ea tioAe of the ho lnna te asoin -.
fe been here for planation fortg he IAn m.I ear eduot unda eertt e ho this washposipaig Wn uWsic such
seen America opmmnts Wleh nows easl L Awasin effect from 1N to sI, were amadq ,aghasth
rat citadel of an the entireg- bdush r rare t. Wl feIt worked like this: h;e would a abe aBed ai a
threaten Its very e ste. an behalf of The so A builder planned, esay. t00- ee a on to
% ai d influence an In -addidtia t the 2a o tri emta yee 42o, uanmt h development. He maes--a thea
workshops intion's housing prant? Ste wen matIts his cost would ,bef Daletw w a tws a
tto offer free fewhie aa se al o mw Thea.0illion e H gotH aapo th is na4 I1 wg p e
c compei- Is m aset 0S*as this an insured motad u be l glle
also hsig .

for she doo .
Sms out st r. .. eI. ,t .
So Vsu1 uT. ez"0s517% "tw aoev. shcu .i
people l V0 you mor m at s o This buler would. still e am o Demoprs sits at Dusll1' o 1 A
chief executive IRA. ceis a(td IWminred to pay backhthe full1f S mi- to help.vimehimb.196hkp a
Yseaa, has reuam, ri, B Thi he would do tram current% gaie thlI_ _o
bIA em.ort tion.a hits A .- sale or rental Income. And the "*
plied. "Lon-gress zn s ra th au s agoverasent in this eas* would p t S
0moo. appo-d ese Hofiya caed this .fight to bo Is a hi ihs a.thn e A,, dim
,der the Smith- the l1111w .be.I sa The only chance for t Ia.ttiove
At, p e expenses of by e- te,. at a time, toalw- s r meatn to lose on H this. W he P,"lb Pto WSe
reign labor leaders tar short ad mortgage bakg assocla.di s year. zasnred U where the development ig ta -eakont papa m
studies of our country -VR)." tions The e fltons i e o of sModerltin f ad A fte to ta. nao theDefea Dpa n e
The President was startled. He ciady sa in i out. of the Iatled r a.-ota. l f $1,34X ioenir and operiat 'the ppirty. fense Mobil zata, and.EC tri to
tuned to a third person preheat developing an this n.di astn TI 4. s lo a Hea housing Admlntruator e o bilpatisaslab, they say, ns n hs yov.'n oAd
and asked why. Mr. Eisenhower But .asl Is site an building )r$. RaN .there are 251 of these cases on or been reciprcated ..
misttehad cut out the appropria-., the wats for e itrol over TFA got loans ht.vbeen insured for ma .-.But whether the goveirt FILMED VERSION OF A urren
tion to save money.But the Senase too hot to handle, the chars.of t al Io $7.4 blion. This ma. W n will lose all or payof t 'nis t TA ?W -lWh g e-er a
could still restore it, he was told, past irtegulsrties were used as as a aer gse deal about $46.. not kown. ut i re t
Ike sal.I restore it, and be tel.t -ata the aptl d
phasWe MAt.eSecretary of State the Desn Istht she f lp ow S i n'. &MOW
phod A eretary of State ..- -- ,can. Campaign Comtttes is now
flAsry F. Holland and told him to .nth s film for ad m Onst i d E
go to work on it. Wtlhin a day Qr -- ropa u. a hipfo terfelso Ols, 1 .u As ld .t. d i
so, Mr. Eisenhower was talking ) earsti of eTrdat'i TSh Isa me a Tapepa,. up
about Laurie Short to the Republi- fI Walt Raep lR a l /a, e- etw yea t M
can women's gathering. Short also
spoke. for hog.a T"tate Depart- party. ..
Set cis t up to t past as. N d need money on the Brooklyn tagle (ft-lase o Esewer .
weekend. "--Senate seS. Billing .e needs a Yrsa"- ... The Re tad -Editor Ganal hasn't ha a pres conference that bl. f.t
oe pi d otyut t a.. Rc arty The rid frBom hair since Marcih approve these treason t
br ...oreigned er over Ru..iant Co 9e4A. ditt y love Paul Re DO't ett the Idea that a-' yu De M ocra leaders mot ,tht i
S.e e .- -.. place a s til p e a .eed for a bRrosdwiy clicksho ttlf Ut d5 o 5 I '.. .r l ."
Sovie rea world by the score. n tractedemtc. mDaiw 's t na" st i-. a Adami No. \ ma mau
the past year they sad 50 Austral- all l ht ans i 31bqp Shell has always been on arie Cornell7 ni as aM ANHouse o 10 ued m
ans zor indosralititon. We had one reached e.Vega$ level wlide-of the underdog. Despises flap Toni 9r1 I ( So did Ue ss.
-Laurie She'. The *Soviets had hg luckusus ... Tl'Crafg s-Foselst and Comm qut Qarter Line) can aaIl herself- national ch-ruas, and a ot
about 10 from iw Zealand; we Steves 1ve a ... making a speeh_ (f Y aria Piersase. Her grand- ers.A
had none. Moacw gl1dd 121 from smiled .. Bob among varlou ie) a o anabe l l So the Democr ts
.from al.l of SouthAmerica. n Tu2, .h_1. fbet oacl yourself a teevy producer) are e tira Ig to give Eisenbeoe Wasiy /" e
MAu on Apri.? a British dale- a book. 100 .-mumyou're a rabbi."; a finish .. The numbers racket
gasion of tobacco union !.aders a- Rep. has 'J. ft- nk.. yo, Madam" rep.dt enjoying new weah OF
by K vMeha ath i aga d"IWO' SIDE GLANCES,
... ad by Ve. deic, .ad o. the It 1Hea .dr& drik bew' W,. c,. Mr Lord" .. SheLNew Look Cloths Theon d
USS Centrat Council of Trade Un an teevy. (la meil creclaVed for arr Herringbones, no doubt.
Iois. some Stases) -. A. bIfoal nat nent for Chea ...a..
The Kremlin had over 140 for- ass is w"You just show me, h The Orchid Garde: "Would You
eign visitors In East Germany dur Audry how you can l. et Me Hold Your M1 7?" (Coral,
Ing the Berlin Co terence. We had ires was down to kag a from saloons .wa Records) '
a iandful-a old .h17 ware there un .a turnament, and I'll Mtfew albug: ( .,x.rP
,-c- .,son U Ma; .. .wan' a biggest checker tournapot, Pey Taylors of
.,.....ased. first k yoU. ever saw." e ..G&- Peg. T, t .or Me"a s tr
s.o we lose i4 battle of ideas. Herrin Autobioegraphy: "This N9ma1
o we seenlat bn France, D'. .7 Robert oUppenhelmer Is Ia. Brokenshire" Grass's
Italy and t a ust. We've Ga,,, : d tl rieh on the inheritane i ins song sty at the
never really organized. Cobina a(Los f .. The Andy i.v Sliper Vegas ter
N'ow the P._ knows it. Per- press) W pgt Ia,(V la Ann Bea).) es .d-g. s bu l aslm p
hape we wll 'that p$6,- 1t aore I. s Yanks Doodle diaper J ut-a sheI Ori.nas' ama r'a
000 and tart some of sthe ple) who a14 *ke ... RCA-Victor and apitol trp dance-orgy ... Ihe- 8aughty
ideolgltelr -b.... ieindes fort ae veteyof a talent war.- ackout revue in called 'Too Wa.
Better at,,, mul-billion- thank a are chuckling. They stnd tl For Broadway." Niagara
dolla-r Somebody rate" ... .gee M the cash on the ctash... Falls too.
should a 4at' ort Laurie the apte thaak 14 .Tt lay Fame: One of -
Short. We aCl struck a blow aM ob oeAl al a 1 writers (wo had .ix Bob Hunter's Los Angeles x-
for all o01 uL of d",us.t.r.-an. tr),Is now writl i miner article on the Dsoeut Inn
,ta.. li. "...1111. 4 ane Russell is aw, tournamnt ofGolf Cbhs for
." h b"hr WalE t Ruyon Fund)
Zt. ku..sss ae ,r Tile'as at o im ulde'tt

.-I h mrdteni -at da e') ,,I-
n .. a. A as& he as ama


.- .- :n
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--,..- .
,. ,; -

a. e

a -A t

P A r (UP)- $t.Hsu

Iaid somd thme t

naol Assoclation *ofaj 0U
this administration,
Housing Chief Atsert M.
action will be token sooeS-very
ficiols of the candal-rntckd Fi

at ried the psibility of further fir-

S -.- -
I *

* '1 % ,, .,

i- i o "" .o-

1- 11

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o .r
-V .. .1-!
1'* ; ,
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WOA. ERS -- ,







f 4. A4 47

I, se ,w& :wa.I
d t""
a"-s m

wo* *I Ith

I elglaMi ..4

mo aI 1id r layer

aw mapher If 'ha a hep,
- m, r m.i AMA .e kK



I saa

a. kor an
Ws e the
a ad lluP a permanent
fgutl against future
niofala s uboom-
ii-W lsen, Leverett
a4, became the
mato reD In two days
e Intoa hGCoaiw acan-
does plan a regular
i evolved report-
1-5 ike bow Improve-
an gog. .. and axces-
eet- ~ok~ed loans
b .na which
Dra Sem .ie turn a

at. t, him a tote-

whether the
t w e any hep
Itm the oclat in- e lean-
ns up abuses for which your
members were epmon .ble."
Nugha, a PampM Tn.. build-
er, later apologsid for the air-
- statement, made In a prem
rIease last wek. and said the
NANB will "hoe ely and sin-
ceroy". help in correcting any
aThe hearing ended on a con-
eultf note with Capehart
ni that Nul 61H "lust got
a .tml t extd" an dInow orry
for what he aeid.
"I don't thinkit to In the best
Iteeft of the builders to bite
C band that ba been feeding
them Capeart commented.
lHuhes had Just begun a state.
mef defending the FIA as the
backbone of the housing indus-
t n he wu brought up

ad. Omr Delay
I J_"- rLMAL. EM._

s iomiSr evirD &ni

For 6 Piece Luncheon Set


S* Irv


0 Normandy

w5** ^"' agHas h-

A44oa l-,t fcul d
two HMbnds it t and the to
40top a ea Ithed the

Ufspau dlUia club.
*nd ld th ten e| Thede Ge-
tejkos ee du ttMw1do


g g Ae *0

mne oe ur *aay eoagbt
Nest In oBlmsy. dilastlad
dlr, mRUg wNo win a
uS, ni~t~hwold4 bee emly
on qf js two remladug elubiefi
WW-durbu Agy
Ent to=e md- y 11* !* o m

wodd f lwe msw I I& a
thd -"ab; sad G @ams woald
mdl have 0L e club obmer. hi-
* way, was rW r -to wliMn
sl a .it la hi s e unact


l meeting of the
oymee Death Benefit
for Pacfic aide
itw e held Is the au-
%a .a 9ona Servie
vndst at- S;M an.
awe for tran
el isaaacct re-


Eon Men-
-we of
s in %e
- will-be



. .lM Oilkls

33W 1, April 22 (UP) -
A er annoyed at do-

,New York local today
trea t Its presidet and
wa Injured.
a M7 aid the truck dter

blh ~dto drve his trunk on-
to during the wat-
= I& IM^ A".0 it'ME

Sad eal president John
said Tursellino became
a and suddenly pulled two
-rnm his poets, point-
Sa .5 calber automatic at
SraMng ad shouted: "Ill take
Mw"t me."
dantmy efsed to fire,
Nlk maid The awo officers
o toward the driver to "db-
amW im, and he fired a Ahot
from the revolve'. It went wild
and idged nto a wall. Hickey
angd S nd then succeeded In
nn mmg hi .. t
e no was bookedfor fel-
sonogasault and Uftai proe-
meSlonai firearnsc

Of Io.d W is'

Surlingd (Kig Groom, who
mad *nas*wost.wame
dthan-thrn week. ago,
was Mr ted tany Baltimore,

ta, ele o wm eres mtae to FRI
TfH Detmenupt o Jtesa

ly ( I=
Oir Ges a bad bn sought go,

Ghob baue roeflih tond w-


alleged abunea covered only a
very sman percentage of the
*Why -did you put out thia
o put tou I
committee and the preiGt of
the United States," Caphart de-
manded of Hughes.
Be saimd he realize only a
mall minority of the builders
were Invol In the sandal
but addd tha "one bd apple
can po a whde
SActua. t, ad, the
commiehaeI o up "many
caes" where bu e received
govemnment-bae 1mo I run-
ocup to B p elt of the
The houasnr chief sw urged
by Sen. BuraM R. 3atNk (D-
8.C. )to mahe lWit a rt of all
builder who made "wndfll"
profits ovezmm-tnlnm-ured
mortape. He rd0ld to impor-
tant to-"lear whoe dfdnit
make any."
Cole 'agreed bt ad he didn't
have much ann yetbabank
said internal revenue is in-
dicated 114 sucah oa ftwua far.

H r i r



; ^ k S* -. .* B3
r- *i -
*i r 1. -. ,'. ':
I ,Jr.. -.. .: ,"

.-. "' -* -. -.. fl
I -_" "" ." "" *. -'*(

* a ^ '* :' ^'*- .'-' ,'--
*j H ;- -
mr .

r '..- ;


sti efs ret iee se ad0 N 19 0 N Wt

TynI"al wgb.of a sh 16s. mh c adi r wth,-
toE te d, the dat, the moethS anMd i ph of sIM
meom--bit i Mscurny waM a maor of hancm. (Rpro.
dned o y W pennimsioa of l Wauoaf Compmar a
aCIadaka MoriiAMul foa e -o hoIuise aGOpid.MBiaiuMus B I&baj


Three hundred years

for an idea to flower

rfHE year it was made wan a year of
b change and fux. The death of
Cromwell two years before, in 1658, had
robbed the seventeenth century of its
greatest and most controversial figure
and in the Spring the second Charles
returned to the throne amid scenes of
wild rejoicing. A man who was to inspire
a great nation was quietly studying; and
In October, William Penn was entered
as a geneman commoner at Christ
That was the pattern of the year 1660
-when this calendar watch was made.
A cumberome, heavy instrument, in-
accurate and unwieldy-but it was the
best they had, and its owner undoubtedly
thought a lot of it. For it did so many

things. It told the time and the date, the
months and the phase of the moon-a
matter for pride indeed.
In time, nearly three hundred years lie
between it and the RolexDatejust; three
hundred years for that calendar watch to
reach perfection. Most modern of the
modern, the Datejust combines, t its
beautifully hand-finished case the result
of fifty years' work and research by
Rolex. Perfectly waterproofed by tO
Oyster case, afallibly self-winding (six
hours' daily wea, and the Rolex PrS.
petual Rotor sees to it that t- witch
goes for ever), the Datejust ads sg
famous Rolx 'firsts U
mechanism which contrivws i tOesM .
is shown automatically ias- wl
through a discreet windows o *.t A,..
finer watch., in fact, is just-aetad. Bif
acuracyMW is e highs that saR E
can reach.


A landmark In history
of time mWn tnat




*1' ~ -

swr Rd M aneiuH im>a ahryas seatU g
TH a .as
crmn-- sB em~an or sh t1!-^n *VS

W aSpi HtApitf en
STcm & AVU-l mA A
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S m..


G: e G Verdon. the dancing star! Model agencies act, In this eoe-
S "C!C nCann," took her dog for a section, like talent casting bureap. I J Central rPark. And she A request for a car-door-opener
iSO asleep on the grass under a comes in, they cheek their liat of
*arm early spring sun. sguls who fit the size requirements
"I woke up," she says. "and and are able to open doors, send
There was Basal, Rathbone looking several to the client for a kind of
dowi at me. I've never met him audition, called a "So-see," and
add I doubt if he knew who I was. then walt developments.
In fact I'm sure he'd been watch- developments lately is
Ing me for quite a while and I'm the fact tzat TV seems to prefer
cure he thotglht I was dead andIsmtll girls. Somehow, Miss Blan.
was what to do about chard says. small girls are more
Se. "outgoing and warm." And TV
-'When I did oppn my eyes, he wants those two qualities. Who, by
was suddenly very flustered and the way. doesn't?

he said what muSL have been the .4
first thin that popped into his Billy Dew think' there should be .. "
lnand 'WhA se ts your clog?' he a prize awarded to the'smoothest ,
asked, and then turned around and. highway built each year. He'd call
walked away." Ithe prize the Macadamy Award. ...-
All things come to him who A complete Mix-room house will .4-25,
waits. An this. him s Hugh Mar- e built on a TV het for the April
. lowe a muvile actor who generally 27th United States Steel Hour C. 1."drbyW99..
up getting killed or other- (ABC-TV). Only it won't figure in
'wise mistreated to the understand- the story-the house is the com- "Keep your liver an' onfonsl I'[l eating with the dqgl"
ble disappointment of his kids. mercial. It seems USS is going to
ut now he 's playing the lead in market a pre-fab house called .
a new TV Lim series, "The Ad- "The Westerner,"and will show, P &
ofenture of Ellary Queen," and., first o the program. Mary a ;
o se, a always emerges alive and Johnny will do the actua ell- ** '.
lnd triu nhant. tg because, as we all know, four,. :
mu r hnt walls do not a commercial make. .. .''
took big Sens. lef. 51-., and
H t ols 3, to see a preview. They Even stars have their worries., 0 -. ,
Mow look at Daddy with new re, Gather round and listen to 'some,-
upet. Their Daddy can lick other typical star-gripes: Bob "Howdy
caddies. after all. Doody" Smith worries about find-
WANTED: must be pretty ing time to go to the ball games.
WANTED: Girl; must be pretty. Deaf Arnaz hates to be called
but not gorgeous; fashionable but ,Mit. Ball." Jana Pickens
b ot h4gh fashion; wholesome but 'ume when people question the
not back-yard-fency: good voice authenticity o er Southern a.
but obviously an actress. cent ... Bob Hope hates actors .
If you fit this description, there who say they're bored with the at-
may be a iu"re for lucky you in tendons of their fens.
'TV commere lli. Ellen Blanchard, r
head of the Hartford Model Agen-
Oy, says that's the kind of girl
"Aqe users want. It's not an easy,
to find,
t-ease you're wondering how a
:Model a gen bappaens to wander
JSe a TV aoy, many of the alen-
.4ies, .- such as Hartford-- havyi I
Y o ap-rapping on
er doo. Nowadays they supply
anlly models men as well as,
Women-to TV for commercial pur-
poshs Next see a prett
open at car ~door or Posing
Yetly y -0move thlat')lI be a
model. I P
There's bi- mo ney for modeb Mis Sarah Trottl, ue tt
'-Who qualilfy lb T V. Milss l41onehtrd lovet 81 tell twun
,mentierb d oq miRl h lovew1to0 tell people the plow of
mentionl~med eta cia and Inew bo011 she had red unti'" U
she recited to a patIoes listngr TDAPWIf U Dr D' A entir.-aI at. tha "U I
2......ieuLSaInd hurtu lHar feesrn.FIC -PRAsoirlgtste"..."tatmn

for a half hour at a recent lit.
arL7 to;'. only to diwwo n'
ws T lkig to the althr.
-4 ,X11 L 1 .

m... re -ment
from policeman Eugene Barralone, who stops traffic In Washing.
ton, D. C., to let the animal cross the street. The squirrel wias l
search for new feeding ground.
I-,. -, "' ,"

,. 1.,

Bis TFaigt



Garbo. Wgiea ~ *~ *~ v.aaia~sL.,
C. -- ..~....L...............,....... --________________________________________________________

U ...< .o .

' t. 0mr __
----r-)E c a--

a I

t'QCMft.tRtfl.? Oft. E
oxl eAoteak 'A ,-
Itg o g i


,,-.~-- ~--. ----~~~---_ vi



7 -- %.- 7f' 11 -7

mlra AgOUT NS M.L ALO,
u wufl Pa


rn LeapourOsv
CAN LflAs o

"* w


Tm. '4
V -


cati'Aii sagX

SVAt, L'LA '

: B.a

The Plotter

, .A Scented Note

*z cIsa. u.I* -


Call to Arms


HTy 'To


*p. .

tuL bIAMuA uta ote uaJ5

SV wv e s. I


q, SMUPFY/eMt. P ^eR .MED, M 3ORT -M-E 60T
at 1 e omIDIN l ~ 'FR& o o TT r OP WS
HAP~~s ffReW 60M 5-
AND C0mtIM"* _vs.

"-I-. I*fl

I. p4
.4. iJ

Oti Uub WAXA

.4 5
A.- .4*.

5m'"~~ 9.-""~~

, .

- *--~. -


*44#/; L


. 4 2..:

I ,

...,.': .
A ,- .


. 4.




__~~_ ~




I, .

$ V1

-1 1





.4' k


,,. ~ ~ F W: ;..,

wl &, Fm
p r : -

v..D -.
.2 r 0. *..

- tIC- i m'--- '.."

Ja "f _' .M b~, Mf -
MU,,.'iK; te.- F... LuU,
wc^'mm1m," 10, J ,JPI D*\
i (.- Im^^m^t.


a- b
I, iSp*W i. wy ~a tfU ,.t.

aS .' .t.:

W .- r Ll

M YA _. .


W W4

* Theyt dep4 t C
and Ias t, BP
are other pta W i
art history and homecooit
; ;iequesta coma In m-th icfb
nufmlL tb mR marSt
liaf o Da ofhm ad.rr

M eW bdtea I"
m .e c. .m-;tan
m t"i dula.r-' ao "" '
passr-4- MaukanoStuie iw

:WqaR. la.w i a ea ii ,o aW
i .'htu l rs ifhe Btu t 'm a MS' s

. d f .?.. .um..-..i.

i ntaia pot at

"at mA. N alt *, tI, i -lk-

" -' .... .+' ,. rv k w t f MN*r f M.I
AUG.,A V10 64 p, Mrs. ., OFth jba. n -
' o .tl ._ mm-. .y, m MH_ M.. ;wg n Mlg'k

,. d .bM~ekw re '* *E. a m Mrs. -. T.^B ,

a ,W'. '' MBd aIe-, ,
wmc*'aa^ *v '* ^--fg i%|do&\~ rrtr*

I ~- u I wNn = n

dtay -oe

MOW tmhi 41.u
a hutr sen tet wh{mstewoy
-*--^*^- ---

Vilms.alvaMr s.aW
LC a D.aqvn lsemA
WOiN *Bma Boad b
boom wee wae usta fs Of

P-e w movies
Plewe t Da t ad asdiatle
s^.. Eut tdnsta club
bornwere cadalft Apt uh

vrle typ w a aovta ea

*f ttat c t he..r
taku Ouno cutd a moie
flk P~ipbp 1.3. Uqvee
to, fht Doad*s&and GuesS uism.
!uefvvT y.z

Mol Fider
?lan. rrcan

At)J" .ily

.WMMWO tW met M. ,

mnd stedwo W" Turin t


U, lOWn
*in}uuaB 83F mube a
lanmaaake ia l. ain hiBs n Yahnn ita t t adclit t A s

us^mp en atre. 1: 0e9
asery w -. rmhta lm r i ugla .d-.ine ate.

h*^SwmbWI%^5"sa a, hic wile be W he as the bank sfectrsl*m
topmb .wateheted.OWh asw off*cearRa
rloM. C.epiy = .i. el-rs.ui0 E.

-in-Co Sa-t. Of, "d ea J eaw he b-willtfoy. tonna- vSt& tdmefMrui
,as-i.-e9A- .. .- !-- f- u euae, tnamm. rTW C .
Cana nai lZ o9"noaanta
,u *t of e )itm- 0th 1W .huI4M5 ec,- t o- idlee wi 'h U tota-"
1 .orded. nmatlon wsoad wasbaptiaore r Dk e.
"e ---" ... boher C r tb e .. C o lle, b a d
dMrs..Da. .'arkua..... .trs
o 7. 231Mot isaees o sa te 'Ptham I d"M hu 9 Cr,. t."Y ..6.. e dye luq F olt rt Mesb .LWpM ba- Th .S..ra t r
b ar. s .ro ni --,,a-ede *.the.ts.. IIICU,
2M wi.lW...e electdd, _r ew o.ficers-are:

.r... .*" aratLnOes- int' nalo abea bf la legetCl ubm j

S1 '

-- --- ---i 1


at thor-


', -.." '.

- A
ka~C ~

When the men want to watch
1a fight on televialon and the]
women would rather be enj.oying
womenn talk." the hastea can
augest that the women move to
anoner room.
That way omar wi -be
I ,p ad the f wu l U Mbe
of to the t w ea-n.

Difstilled and Bottled in Scotland



ot- ee. SIV .. 6* aa CO. LTD.. I*IWe iP

.* .n. *yiA c ~ rtniA H Stf

'4- .t
A. ,-0.

* ._ -1-p.X .
-.-,. ,-- .. ", -'* -- ,
.ai .m .-..+ .- _- .. .P.... ..- ..- -

D* x .4*6A'r.r& j
k. .- ,
--. -Oll' A ^^ A%-.-'- i--..- .



1. 7 *.. -.. ...-

-L Z ^y -ftf. MShv .. -.- # Sfi ;" :-. ( -~ -"-'._- g* -* .

Ab6 a., b( A;


WmdwA er. plump ya f
lke 7.Th.flwb VAetsaofrnr...
adtma' noB wate wlauemmn yeo pay

*-- ---

or 6owl y iar
.W -WAZ .
... p .ran s... J'a

.. ;;AU, ,




vsL -'n

rw *t
t S

II: ~1
""C a
a it the



The "Incomparable'


Master of the Ilvode

Pr etH i

'r Ad -
"r '-

I l J i

. .O -

I ~-

-,- v~fr'

-. i


/- 1-4



'. -' .. ta

t,.' -u....ld
.~-i i I-cu. ft. Admirol refrl-
SO v, I ivingrorom set bed-
?, wtmtel tatemion s ble and
U i,, ialy priced. Jimwex,
oil hn very nditi a
NY BOY, Las Sbonas No. 820.
I OR SALI.- Serfle refIrotor in
cond ion. Pric 0. HoaunM
--"* ,- ~ '- -k. ..A -ll

a -2 chairs and a Caling
S... i4th St. Io. r8t, Apt. 2.
S'FOR SAE-Friglidore stove, radio.
WM, ibmboo dlnhnroom buffet,
SI' ai .0101th St. o0094, Apt. 6,
P 1 R': ALE:-9cu. ft. Crosly "Siwi.
Sty l- 25-cycJe, emcellnt condl-
M* $9_5.00. Tel. Ft. Clayton 3208.
.'AEA-G-s stove, refrigerator,
b eitB desk. No. 21, 40th St.
i v-at. 3-0657.
%AE:---Leving. 8-ft. refrigero-
w t O $35; 8-ft. Friaidoir automatic
d dtroer; Philips 7-tube rodio and
Simmons folding bid with
SmzT %,m= wardrol; tab;e; desks;
eto. *tc. Vio Epofria 146 (oppo-
: Si Vista Hermae entrance .
OR SALE:-Old typ Maytag wring-
ti $25, Coll Albr __ 86-6102oz
S i SALEk-.-Mahogany double bed,
SI IfSimmons nMattress, night ta-
' bl"C; Ralottan livlngroom furniture.
S .Good nditlorv$250. "D" Street
Si No. 19. Apt, 5. El Cngrejo.


OWti-BlaSbck-tn hound. 2 months.
SArion Post Office, Tel. 83-3296
) Reward.


FOR SALE.-1948 Plymouth Slal
deluxe coupe, mlieao 28,000. 'Tel.
phone Crletabal 3.1858. .

FOR SALE:-Very clen '52 V-. Tu-
dor Ford. Low mlelge, Financing
arranod. Phme Balboo 2-17 4.
FOR SALE:-'49 Ford 4.d.or edan.
Good tire, excellent condition. Call

FOR SALE:-1946 Ford VS 2-door
sedon, in excellent running condi.
tion. Call 3-1378 evenings, House
8204-., Margarita.
FOR SALE:-Good 1949 Ford Tudor
sdon $200 down, $425 payments.
Phone 83-6230 evenings,

FOR SALE:-1950 Ford Tudor Cus-
tom, good cqnditlon extras. 83-
5171 or 2174 8th Curundu. :I
FOR SALE:-!1950 Buick, w/s/w tires,
puncture-proof tubes, guaranteed
motor. Cao be seen at "Importadt
ro Selecto" Tel. 2-1483.

A am, al-..

.. .U-_... Boboo..- ,- .

WANTiEDTu IY.UY *Cas.t 1952-
1953 P ntloe, Oldsmoblle or Chrys.
lar. Telephoa 2-1483.
Position Offered'
-Mut be Panemonian dcitlken and
bi-lingual. Age 18-30. Pleas wflR
giving britf quallfiectlons and e-.
co photoaoph. P.O. Box 1572.
Panama, R.,.

- I

'ANTED: -Mhcurist. ali*6e Beaoul
tv Shop, Balboa Clubhouse, upstairs


S NetnVr ed__ Motorccles
. ;WANTD:--Expert cook. Good solo-'FOR SALE.-1948 Indian CKief r4v.
.. 'ry, Snll family. Apply Federico' torcycle, like new. COlt 3-3101 oa
-V .y N. ,.29. cn be men at 614. Ft. DetLsseps
SALE FOR SALE:-4shman motor mo er
S vn .l with side cdr excellent conditi*
Mnor. $7. Qtrs. 20,o. Phone 6274 A l
-.00 .0A:-21 -.ft. sloop Noi 236, .
WA- -k, t box, etc. Call Albroa WANTE ED
r after M6Pll.eM

Ail- -


Tutnlna Volulg Ao,- Rh~ulating
and Rwplro
Aon, -"0 .i 8 i
Anion. c2. x3018 iI

FOR SALE; Snagl stllh nomid
"Diao.o," with ddle oiil brijl.
Price $50. Oner l
can be seen atof
Contractors Area, CuntMdu, C#aft
Zwie. -

FOR MLE:--'5Z Plymuth dan do.
lU.Im, $1400; Wtlntlhous rl-
gerotor 8IA-ft. porceloin nside 6
out $100; binoculam (7x50) end
o eo CM, bqin4 now. HouLm
8229-. M arJtaio.-1365.

A-- ffico chairs. p.

fR R, .
fOR Rr


FOR SALE:- NstlOtW N NC183 Com-
municatlons Rclvre, excellent con-
ditfoi Now tubis. -Pn for amateur
Operfon, $200. Zylitra. HOXO,
18 TIvoll Ave. 2-.l41.

FOR SALE-Boys' bi;cl, need we.
poiry $5.00; large kilycle $5.00
larg dump truck $10.00. 2.2426,

Since It Is so difficult to make V
meet and your school
problems sb ad- be many
ALMACIN TABOGA have arranged
for your convenience your obtain-1
ing all necessary school ep l.
Central Aveme MeNo. 7 ed C.a-
tal Avemue Ne. 92. Peanse.

FOR SALE:-Sinpr sawingmachin,
table model, 60-cycle, like new,
gadgets included $90. Calf 83.

Real Estate
FOR SALE:-Home in Sqn Francisco,
completely enclosed,. :*Vh garoge.
Reasonable pricf,, OMO location
Cil P hanamo 3.-41 Oter 3 p.m.

McCarthy vs.
O-laueS e rn-Page 1)

W -t-iqv _-_,i: t --.,---- I

- p pn "j *j .

I ... -.- ." -I

FORg 3ENT:-Te nuftw 'pte,
llvlroom, dinl m,
k garoa, mali's J t
5Ty St tet No. 20, camewf .F-
arico Boyd Avanue. Aply up in.

FOR RENT .-RFUmild beutiful one-
,droOm apartment. wm ste, re-
strst, 0or e0 -SA- $ e-
misaM on Via Sel.lri i 3 120
a Franisca),n; l5C -


a,_. *-*

II" ~*'3..


^ .... -.


4." .

I fl




. i Unfea -o

l__--ii.ftffLtt ,
^BejT >*'fcANA.*^j


ll WANT:-Furrih p 2 '"
bedr&oms, refri g ove.
.lVerfy ihspectf Poes.,
FOR RT-ur.. op rtnot In-
cludl .w* Jtd oQlilities N
$2. LON1 VisoriW O
Porro, .ar-I
FOR li-vn-sopa po en a
tuWmodwsad au kWtcAen corner. |I


: 9

Pt iiur

)-St4-by.S l, Alen Ulweler
,f(e),';"X"-'m two erWet "aft
I",!I" Mae" gai- 'he
qeeofr not dami di 48

*ender saMd he di not- want
to mral eir n .me* but "d wants
t f, out I they- w e-being
Vruemod Maid tb wasi "otde

I Army invites Bids
On RR Trackage;
Aw rd. Contract

l t. .* !- ..
"rd hate lo d9w., Oed uoihl
sloms on 'Slt" e sa .-. "
" Well, would yon say ft Was'l
a bad as it was pillcisdr 1.
lender aa ,d.
the e n ho mlre' a
the aetsion of .ob ete- l

eakDlnr ADpir lcl 22 CHEVROLETS :
Curtain call o ministratIon "ew look" t ou it L

-hin a dolls J b~ oten 4 U W S Fa l d o d o nt fit4gB U IC K S
BW both 'a aoc"wr dlol ag;^-3 a una I Jof p |
a le~o .t ie therefore t. .e. ow

even'l L" Thrush this est makeafl C VDSMOBILES
andan and flashing o i retani aet t FOR R -Fur c ivea
riato a will sDeni ctar Cha eet ay arl age to ea s a... r No T telephone 3- 561eIn

Walt t mson aid last night the 1Aad-'-""tr, n- ,.

.doS Getting added that this country term t condt t f1i.lWi. with I M

St nats= on to keep substanta iBeman woh icn th cene r .
fts f t' tnr PAo l typesre readily a nlv em a ic e r oa m maim s.
,ra able and to biWand loca tnentag- s.ulm refto qi r '
,.o V, A.hs.o., _,l s u 1. Oi ? 'p I Ih

ror" an d poi chances oe urVtante to r rit atter s
Ti IiN 4 fo vn s hrt. I ents on l RIIOMrcvee Cn l ande lls l
lpan elan ta the La Ben n L. Mccrlan (Ark tion A c I
oson's1,. wIttha angcr e tot b rnoos inglem r mo a ome inat oi
"i tof the Par Zut, slnce adop attr w the 'newloo,' commit, also made t/an o nmmtie ,k Tel inoet P ar F

i ls D weu w l s- berauldor nleatre d Anatd to i ke erY tat. rty ita No. 24. Telephon 3r-5 61 bI
teodnd ienc e e to the wor lie e ha wrorsthat rthee t t IUo
falnd n oe nd I flan a oe r ndator cpblt tbie dtputi'.d "0 ~a._lotreat-t IOR RENT.--Furnidw romo ktch.
O' ar tiu .w lea' y eIn ionlict t an rivile ot convenien Is

ta sr Ut121h0t or e i ;s ful charre sw hich #iseh It
Le 60 tre a per p -a to a M er ssore of the e- W t, l Teleom e in I
Meetings t cos p t. ae o r sh a
ffonor" on his e par."d ii tre .ons_ t. A, / B I
as getting l.e added t ha ed t t tehis ntr'sthat the ommtee- exp aect d
e, o ar keep sub tnti' thm r o proc ed. a in the repo- i

AIN and anine to telve l" tions should re q that chv T
R dAffair' tl air uot sm, should H k h s n o' "
0" delroY an sil sors chances subit OY evidence ( ).-tame

%n h t fteor F wuth a com- R
fo r Se nupp. John ,. cClan (Ark.e. CA

*4th we mm bld EaT. aphauled that theMafunia to peak foU the Airmy in i ATE
,_at Mt mdet Nae aend Ai "at'lt sn GXomr a nEstO mem o O t

um l beulu- pmon w emaa_ levelies." -. oBut ;a a aotnv J. N. ,lh y "
Doint4 .--a nd or- Mesne e ,, --" w ... .
WU sedtpresente

'--a "WrMte It Out' iwlthtbeorw -rst m en tr* FrnncO o jE
^iH lBHM A '-nri 1 I a o' l + re ss toe TonU-l 1,.tern I A e acoBev a
*, fun fudge o tell -- st s e-_" tatement. LiMundt, dtr- e w s L. l- f l U.

-"b*' t7 .0d 1i emonr ethsenec tt iforI t MrI i

WillMfts" m udl 'Wilson qestion ch tOutfSti A d-fare o about sM Obnn fl 0 I B

"" ^?,: ..... -.. .....,...... B"-rosm "h~e ---- W- .mea~tae imbconlttee. MClelan (UP) -." hootft mialfK i
ee1 that nwpSrt Mownb snutick s 'sp
Am B 4 lic e anl.frm cn'coanfl tatment hatethe
9-w -an. tnIntrntsed a th "ny HeIwhoSIMIpod

o.n Inpn--fthe fst a dot lleando rou0,tQ

W" W -ad- tledged -ig.T .a_-,t to"c:W. I I iLast

6 +uAv -a-a p]=owa C-Ede ti

"2' ". -. .. ...... ..."-.. .. .. ..-
. ..:- .. -. .... ...
W "' :. .... ......,. .-. .- .,
-e -.,% ".- .. .- ."
$7 t -I


Sealed biA de triplicate will roi ham w a
JO be -recelvd uWn May 1 month and there
mBRCH r LUB Panm Project .Ing tun to pat
andWmen's M3inrod ClWM -h tcunar sae-MM
SLA PARISIEN The trackage and accessories old ve" etera
113 r will be sold as two, id .tems onb Mfj. 8wh -.uii
S, 1 Award of a. couflht in the Vlshlnuuy has been,- td
Ihw *sum of $1153 to the lectrie plang t rere for oMiMe
r Srviae Co. of Psanma for thee
i T Iprvement to water heati maiy. tu
br 'the us., tone
TL.aaoJ.9 and F fbl. was bir.
WulOUhiw 9c toda a by L V. V. ThW soWrees said hints t &W
her Ihalch pop acheduled to rtot an colmmuit WOMhave hO6.
Sr or about ,m ..
WAUKEE, W.. ". Urked M nvile Sas
n)-Because a dentit had
ecalt time ebfg a tou.h NW YORK. Apr0l ai.w,.
0e do venison, he designed a AMTERAM, April 23 (UP) Tommy ManvIle, wo hasM
v kind of meatchopper dentures. -Communist -Candidata are more mths-latha
p. .. .t, merely Irksome to vOters 4 the most any lM iviMM .maLo-
'p ront, tey look Ia ucr IsJale Of Uk. A _ed fom'hlns" n m fIt aran b aa -
.T'Y ft fou ro stabfor. to A -rovacZiM on.
rtcal molars and Me w polled otewo e B ad so'n divore
i are different. Theyn made lust one yesterday wreu n it wfe ltain
p tal, and the don't chew, bbr.Jl own .
y chop.
The rear masUastgl t eth mre
atnucted like pa punches.
mxgh meat is c up when e-
though holes by jaw psre.
k bite of food eoam-ot th e
a of the teeth.
laventer Dr. LT.. LCok of
Et, Wis., showed s ." to"

oaok said conventional false
th require more than 2a pounds
pressure to cut through sathis
:of wax he used t ian xpel-
is metal teeth needed a*ly Is
lds of pressure.
hoe dentist has beno working s
th since 0 eae I .
Wife to put a tough .
lson in the deep IFeoP h@
id whip up amt c "t Am
tat first set was mad. of
ma, and "I'm .tji wear lal
a," Cook said.
after models have molars bu
mspids made a chrosmeto-
k alloy.

irollments Bggin
monday dt PhW oetic
istitute School
rummuts vwi be- w& dm d-

th Church,

40 .'s p.L to

I M. tr, :-

.. .. .

- vj-r-'.:'Jt.


- ,

]NmHcffPlos am










: N ,.


W_ lTn4% NIV e. IOI .






i -- i liI



..0: ip l

I wV




m= d

S '''


,4ily ywSo : ,-, w Cf,,+mr, l .1 ,..anc GMn, !ba S'
,]" ber"y I, to)? aomE ". + '
I -

1- t r. o- me W e "^

te i'"len heaa ",

Sd o r I P
Smla Wa.a b

wshow ad s t dff 1a--

t a __ l I ie. to IA lmo 4, o
pAa io utttlf 3htte
awrgeFmondebu "t TV

"-' lax the eAmso.. .anad S. 4owmr.

At I g esredsles axes's. JC I % !ru

. l JWters o

duetioBsof is "Bwe


SAIQA 6.5 8sI5-
A&- -

_r_- q

S me ort s shl. mJ
e to me o- tI last Blas


rews a

-n -


ieslde lep ap ud* tb il4 b sj e
at the ntrmnM Oc the baste a us
at I .uffsd, or _ow- 4nd'tW. -j



,ii T i

pher bra .
Just s.aS.

* -i.o ,'; /rs_
'. / I


--. TA
. "-ULO.

ur-. r^
'r ^^X ,^^^ *IF" ^L
;,-: o g S .Sp

Ia- I.
lathe F
mba biaUXa

a in i

-oe a tdhe

(Cmpailed by ? obfle' Weekly)

XOT AS A S$'RANGf-Morton

SAYONARA.-J2-ames A. Micener
LORD VAirTY-Uau hm AeDa.
-Ernest K. m. '.
ther Forbes


oh m Mt
Itoeonox Wavl

10h iat two cards od the stoe
S(ia amba or bovia). and both
Off red brees. f yoe draw twj
yardss and only one of them is a
Sred three, you are allowed to meld
and diuad as usual.
SL-Ei mmea that yo.f diwsard
in the normal way. after taking the
Ilaw card of the stock pile. Thls
' diseard smay or may not end the
S w the next player cannot pos.
*M y pick up. your. discard, the
hand comes to an end. This will
be true if your discard is a black
At or a wild heard. It will also
be true if the net player doesn't
Shape to be able to pick up your

If the d next player ls obviously
able to pick up your discard by
means d a previous meld, he is
obliged ,to do so. For example,
suppose that the next player has
a meld of three kings O the table.
You discard a king, and the pack
is not fron. .Obviousy, the next
player is able to pick u the king
and add it to it S16 H is there-
fort obliged io do so taking the
reIt ofhr discard pile (i any)
into his hapd.

If 'the net layer canno pick
up the discard by Means of a pre.
vious meld, but Cean do so with
the aid of cards that are still in
his hand. he may decide for him-
seli whether or not to do so. For
example, suppose you discard a
king into a frozen pack. If the
next player has two kings In his
hand, he may or may not pick up
yom discard. Tip choice is up
to him.
If the newt *layer does pick up
your discard whether voluntarily
or because ie was forced to do
so, he is entitled to meld and
make his own discard. (If he mplds
out, the hand comes to an end
as usuaL)*
That discard, in turn, has the
same ,4ain the player who is
next to pl. That next player
must pel au if he s do so
with te aid previous melds;
but he hsb free choice if he can
pick it up only by the aid of cards
that are til s hii a band.
The game 8 ca0es in thi wy
until somebody eds out or untl
somebody o aen6 able to pick
up the previews discard or Is un-
willing todo o with the aid of
Cardtoia j Ian has&

-f--a .a -4

-*- ... +I -\ + "
-OF-.- ..,-

J -;

SA6 IARWELLWA. and Mrs. Ear Schockey, of SmBayde. 0,
rdl remove orpameots from their Christmas trew after
dtoir hn eS ayinahis third tour oat duty tn Korea, tol
S. fAt e t. Originally expected home
.jaam th^t.beUEdl. Frederick ren~tulsd.


a I %A!

natraml an
M-G.M's hilri-

H wlsd...oa te iwle
S ltf*4se Motion
.Pre 8.emM..ud


nuwn mu P




-- *-.-J,


ix Wspu~blvtWp~


I made su

ia^ Wqn^

1M|.^Jmu ft!-



r r '-

a, .~:.c5.


N ^SOW m

I,.. ** -, .- -; y A TL .

S .-
4r" ." '" "- at-

_-..' .- -. .... ..-

raw "osiAsa wmow

~it9 -y*j;,
.4 4
-. -

--- --- ---





. L

LICI~~- .I--



:' .

Irt Heartbreaker
.4J tia-o fuF- I or

I. u April. 22 (UP)- Al Rosen end Lrry "
iy of Civ.arid ".poilers" who combined tE fl e ..
tQ> 0 Tbfey' a heart list night, turned around today 3e Ith mre Bete
lit h' ialtlmore fireballer the supreme, o.onp nent aswan three ipaelreWs
Sj pin% tIfmte great young pitcher in the malis." treat oon. e n afd :
-. te Wy a'.old Turley struck out 14 Celeveland bet- ear th It. suls *
iOrs -nly four why of Bob Feller's all-time record of 18 Lelup'. .ini a
ufriltouts and held the Indians hitless until there was A??betf b
4'b.* out In .the ninth. au armthls fl
SThat Rosen selgled and Doby followed with a 360. only Pat! /
S iUf0*odter to give Bob Lemon a 2-1 victory over ,the emreber a, "t.
Lr a. i and thoroughly crush 43,383 partisan Baltimore k t M
..n who were cheering Turley toward a no-hitter. tuan d Mrvies mn ._ ae dolt
count na the rter b dW

-- .I ,o. taaL rira tas

Ju ft d he id: The Catholc Youth Or nil- HAVANA. April (UP) .

I American Leue tlon Little League Baa etball Cuban Sugar Ki who have
e Senators trampled Tournament of the paint Jo- made their first two tarts n
Z whsets 13-1 and the an* ueph's Church of the Atlantic the 'International League win-
4e ethec Nthe Red Box, 5-1, Side will be officially inaugurat- n et, seek a clean sweeo
Ain the National Leaue. ed tomorrow at five o'clock. over the Toronto Maple Leafs .
dvs beat the Phillies,I The last year champs, Los Du- tonight in a twi-nlght double '
Cardinal topped the nques, and ruhners-up Deportlvo header at Oran Staum, Ha-
n s d e.iwnchCln- Nightengale, wil clash In.the vana Nl
) manager r Tebbetts inaugural game. This league is In the league's only other so N -
the Pirate nipped the annually organized and directed lon the defending champion -
S a, 5-4 and the Braves hum- by Franisco Villamil, C.Y.O. Router Red Winge meet the
d a Cub, 7-3. Leader Richmond Virgn nt s nno thnr .n
-d--" twl-ght twin bill in" the Vir- ine
atum City. The VTrCi tias1 lo l-y.
h11 their first season in te In-
Sternatonal Leag ue, heg s yet to
in a ie in two stadm, fatnn
dropped both games-to.the R net

SThe Sutr K ne with ri iorns auls 1 "
io julio Morf o lediabnOLD th I-

wle, ctione ted te hitse four
Toronto MapeI eas, -, Wl
dn other games, th e Red Wi l
downed the Virgitnia e 11eo at
night. the Syracuse Chiefs.edged
the Montreal Royleals. -, on
gBob Bowman's ninth Innt n I
letics defeated' the Stffaleo Si-
sOM as, 4-2.
Homered R ed-. ing

d~owe he h a e11
t MneR.,, 2a. 17-0,

?omet 1g 0*
~m,11 0 0 1

.- 4 '.0 .
l" '0 0 0 10. .8 0A

utl. Woou lng 4b 0 3 0 01 0
1an 0 1 0 0 We dr mgt me p
Woot~is 1.&2ngif 4 0 1'0t,.

itos as os as s o se h -. e, y
ipDo 3t 0 ade. "bohumnlw:ertd.
a-Flinout for 3 In 1 4 0 0h. Over Sai e aIed Nokt, pho
b-leman, 2b 4 0led for u n t. 0 2 2 1 JACk whsnhper ber M do Is F e," therst on ahed.
xi-to,4as:350I12 2 0 Garden atMa ..*er 4=6said

X LZZ*" 2 BELLA VISTA out for four.. on 7t-h w. .ould i .__ *-a** sse
c PC o anB m a NaewI. Match -idi g teBas me to sendrd
C. PIT16 O1 and T O N Yor ,o ,Sx-5 Such a. Y.- ou. Tf fighters name
L. S~al VUA u wrfML RBI Goodman 7 Meoouaid r m adlng -an as- nmr
STA Jet 9en. Wh-Riuato. DP-White, Ma s Ayo uA IWpn I gtI
Lcpcio, Germert and (toodinan: old Jer -...
Riuuto, Coemaw and Skowrond. the w lgw so
Lef-Bostow 9, New Yprk Lr B between f 5 -to heavy-
-Brewer 2. Lopat 2.. -Kiely ly the* mos tt Be l a0' a'r S0 cameW
4, uvan 1. Lopat 4. HO-i-Klely come up sine Al turned i because he wanted
10 in 6 Brewer 0 in 0 (faced Marciano loose, sad the title a trly from State College, Pa., to
two batlers in 7th), Sullivan I shot. The Rock epecte4 to at- Syraues
-in 2. E&ER-Kwiply 4-4, Brewer tend to the Eaillr Charles d1-
2 ullivan 0-0 Lopat 1-1. tall, June 17., Leo Bou, Penn State
SWin1er-Lopat 4.H-0o. Loser- g coach, gcin at foot-
Kiel (0-1) U-- MoGowan, Chy- With this, the days at Still- ama' broad build.
lak. Panarle, Flaerty. T-2:30 man's ymaslhm o e getting to ade a iflamber of the par-
A-2-.356. be rather rewardiyg for visitors ty.
stwobaioerI h ..whoT know whet.tO 0ac o for. The
minute a se 'a rsece a When Nittany Lion war-': Paul .
.,.-eggswo, there ar1, 0U l to in the town..trnthepe n
1. who suddenly remember thbut et*re Of the allis dri 'vinghI- hiox
they helped the lad obtain a t a bit, -harder taa'eyer y
.eep .t evmr'- start. -'"n,-paS" lei.lwhO

martsO foed by two iuaa-r..

N FIOM THE mt L Rockaway ahR.-. e ot o ...

let tht saadAx%
ll Ceoll

-*map~~I OIUULa

tatte tae .+the "ound-Rob-

I ON sTaw TenIS Champion.
64. A *""971 "tved '''4" +t "
.JM$;t...- ,. .j. ,-.

.-i-#Crn. g --' *.... '

,I 'E. Ik441,*. ,,%,

I, ~

* *''f-I

~ Ur-f-"~- UP'

4M 4. "?
G- t e .... .

a.T (t -) iaq
wo. 100 003004 0 -
M*. "00001 100482 2.
161). ani Tr. Vale- li 0 'ame .,

S01oil 100 0o0-0 1 Z8" crt 0j _t.
_ee. 6 k 6 0m s 10 W
Le- 0- M ',+n a a,.
SpUM (2-Chisga~tst3tbe


-l11 it-o '. '



Up.. r-- '". --s-
''-5---.. -J

.- Puiuhmks, Jr.
0 tN t."
^ *}haea-

.- ... i.f.--

..., -- J1

.. ,"*. i -.
:. -":* .. + ",.-


- -

I -~
-At,: AJ.- -! 3 W. L


__~ _

j- .. .

- .



1% N

*IIrto i

p S S


At .A

k. wsavo I
Dewlato or.*
parlor que

L eagu bit S or
w "l two be ow

rteam VOl
r ito= Vai
between '
mMold rni i
tud lW

"r R

at believe
te would

J for ,a
p my u ra .to

*lShtV--d avelop odU, Ib t ,ht At a' .aE a .
so Iolmnualwalmvemeuber
s .he that shot. ?Ie ,

7hwi te? -tail "

"*~ ~ ~ ~ ~~Snm I *** -* *- e?^ M-^^



-A .

n.... .. .. ..
ua'ra. Xe;uiid bn
boo ever. -
r a- rn. i h mtefltbue

T ..,-
s ., "-.- !

... + .+.+- ,
' o t.":.,.1-
1~^ -*.,, *

ill ;
.ma ..

^ m."- -* : -*'-, ^

-? I
..J. *tr

* 1%


~k -~
r -,

-,<"to .e lew wa flsuirday
with on ly tew tmnuo

- agais m S m CaT).


. -. .S 1 -OUNDTIA et

Ms m-r wueaio n, Mai. atI ha osreresm
Wead Afrwma$ wen e as tar"vl fwls.

;; ...f- A .-.-
S, .. ,"-.. -... J..: -.

K j .-5. .-+ -a. --,. .-.* ,:

a yen
libm A

'The Smallbors RIfas

the al

or Harry Mtoflet M-an:. .ief

blan hte e e
tbeen reAeli n oa e m
tink I IIttI f

el fr a oto All

emmlix .

LOS ANSnar dai w nwtj.

tc* s-

5b. .

r -0 o.,l,"s.

xce ... .. 0

if m1 A* I

e.m *" ...... ... 0 "" 0. 0 h st- Md i o s t heIn

SO ." '" .w the a.Sw. Wright p to the present. Thi Dal- .
_,,... : ... 2 0 1 TClJS r mma e the eid to. S te h. .t- .S ..

L .c0, rt .............. o h how Intat. earr It el a other a e
D"LaM atr, lb ....... 2 0 0u:d I" his l.te Is se ,t ile tict to point 19 not
| ab 3?. *10 4 4 bqa bang-UatRp good hatisn re eve yaf a

"w 0-: A. far ma thy e abaunc of thai tW ,thi ate. l-
IIMAS3 FurI da3 night olr to y cerned, TZ ld bane to take a
at t r t ...... ayton i t- at. 2.. e d o pr lnto a wq th hld yeL o W the ll t. .

S........ .... bink t indidca n of the roa-
Le. e c ......... enT t e Ihance and not the actual

'DvA M r 2b0I e opsen dogl wi thr sme WO
""Mike Small two sorry i10 no4-
T4. .NBBa 4 bIng-U ,ood 9 hunting rpm o tRon-

lg crittereedgt tayed around

rto his place at different te.

SAHe took them tor aHnan they're

SClytn SU AY, APRIL 25, 1954 c *Tr's tof t hisn bdro thome ck di *
rab bits obuteofathe tilr. audinc hekoap-1ond

is t th at s always preet ple whe p a
d ao taesl distInguished peoe me t...' bo it's

LT r ricanto wa y to te
"Th Muu Inu ttlt'etMats t A runner oand

He tooas e mas to c atte The dar -
ersq throw Irs b and the' se-
. ab of tehh..s and y rs Isto "e +cswhr
It ENI-GUE ESPAIZA *fle'ssm oC

- t- .+.

ke I

"ub tral Hotel. ITitem sa.vatons at Wn s theu

uea .fr wh m___o .- -.... :..-s.'-
.- .. u -until 6:00- p Um.,nsi bt --I.

.'/ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ n .h~ -"'-. -MI --R-- _. ...

........ .., .+ .I .
* "." ,"&* ; ~ k. -- .. '" ." ,' """Z;A "*;'
. ss.- -? ."r, '+ --y*.; *...,. .." *. .*--.- .. ',
v.P.- -" ;4 t--~' -" r s""'' : .r-""t't-"

C- *
a ~ is t
is -.


; 'I



,.- .-,'.o..,r.%- +.





- *J2 -

.-/ ,. ''

, tf

f!- -4

Tutncoat ;,

i labor ai n' .

"p"I has re" o ta.r i t|
n pl. Ed- camp testified
. that he dcol- pria am co-author f o 1a -

saw DickMenyI 1 1 a so .
Sand signing Under cross-examinaton, Da- R oer
%mt.D ietitiont vis was asked: F r
|n rU ~ "At that time you began to ,'- -
a 41ktthing s- hate the accused?'
ofe ow pria.- "Yes, sir," he replied. WA
byIe Army. "And you still hate him?"- but
to u^ e tu who "Yes, air."'1 Vt I er
6-reCp. Robert. inbow City LcnaSyol
grnp": He so comment after publication H1 oyIc h
Ins cted to of the prie-winning article that as
ad oafer, '.,Wi Hold Graduatons Miy2
M A ti m, ,,e to he hoped "Comrade Lo would be f o
to An" pa for a able to get him some cigarettes, ol8 U tl
^ '.-is after auiaor d and ny," -a
R e'Com- cnt s article re- School activitVe, Of the MtI a lked to sign up with tlhfe ir nb
wield Come flected the Communist argument American uopo aheci gmnasium p M in
k C ragker Neck Raged In germ warfare. brought to an off:al clo May y May 3, W a S r
4 thatthonee0 UbroghtoSne ofor thi esr.Wll o ffice. y ,o
taf r; wd one po- a with commencemetV exscleA May a, and Friday, My 1 r A
P"a12 Russia al Record fi grgidu' stude aofComm

other AmericanB re Mof ApWi 22 (UP) or th BChool Dl) a 1 n each of eLa t
a ce yt r receid a reco r e time n Ma 2 fro B nto 11 a The Dr uttn ty
lQ t men to bla"nominal $l42,95O.OOO, be it 1tchinool p r d gl ed .
nor cig- calling for more butter and few- e te dao ( ae. C tap hed in
i tr "a^1r for r- W me day l do n She.loCalp erl 'N ic e f at*mu* B.!" i" a n T .';*'Y
even by The u 47 delegates ca a a forom a rwele.%a fl f; -a -
schootlang nt eha a-
the lli RilSb ,,,,+ow ,,ncitto.,H Cnl o -6 e utontlohe until 3 41. .odm 'alima s

la'rwlauIdl t 3, n-e bnoIM meeber si d a se- on ta.ment or d we. Icle i.a a eha
I lot,0 Ter. wso S '. on th ^ re A le slaltO Side.1 2 and Wa inll i> 00i1 1'r U Is ey- i
Ilor eo W krai. ThipConmmencement p _Am. *I*ue--, t to
Ote r Americans ro- W 4 Apr 2 U -"-t oo3 Idnaeachyo.f* tmty t H

ofuasa11 s8"new so oovietBeethe
ayrl st Inethe L a Noc a eClUb m Ahh

,,2 S aed yeter- received reeod 0 acetl me .e i l da O A a, i e re .e | .. '.. t ,...
an t trading budget of 31.0.000,000000 a- ." hr0 Bs o 0 0 a r .. I e '.;

feorcis toarin e sf butter few- ro;I a oeS In er ioay o ts hlof h n -J .. lw
Caala.m es for at o l ottH s th r sne oa u se : t

BThroe Dteme CeroraOs o> dee ea-aes ar res.b c ra i
foetrrJ'a deainnerb i ne i. nih i on aeo d ll l bura g w Ilh, :4
bterm nof He is". the o9be guest ag l ass H a mo"a uD a o

of. Rusl A 's new look" internal o t ll ocl en th I hee i

byns~aebng- masm-e A th wa n e free I t'i AtjE

2 -23. or Leo J. Krhaza, tel-itable tennne, a'e eara goenme nu6 -
*Low yPreeldent i l wetoa Sheridan, Cll tumd tfo- I n ta eLatl'n ker" in X eI_ M c
l a.n U Cl^- of it wmil prede at the A wh w h r er foroblalr o if3i h i O t er de
-1: p.. hiquet tae patt thpv prot. ram are player.
__________of-aa e d ay s be tod be lIck the
Y l t-M OtN StAFAR AbeA dewasle h dU HD
,#.11Ube OIL

**roTdA% Nllerti .o... re an te ehir.
A-' OP AMUb e t -ithe _qpid 'IaW.z-

lb Moeonda ym A Cp l uat :20eber ,y a duato-.r-. IhO elsl
LlD ~ throuehout sted-ofinJue. l S of d lunog U,
r. U.10 .roomD..le sao.In t YeRcabossupCitysedW o.! .o tm- ,
telephone a n- t Of ei edt hardl o ny n tisneof .were, oe5,7.04
LSm .PhNreiD ft Ve hridClub of Ln-duaW b01*i 4n mee18' thdeposron Malb" efforts ltogot

LArV ISTA atN 0TROJICAL tdnnchq i
I.. 1 i* n a Notre ws:lu Zih, ,botg it, mder y t oin -406 01e-
s r y the w d by, o. ASd to.e.of fOLTi, ,. -1.
CtlArlksai hee ...a ., -R-I-
eoelU.g servie i isne..oroo



Slutwrew -ambW tre
--- I
' t, .-e. .

- -, -. ,.
,,,- '-,

vR pp is.

&fidl^^^^^^^H^^^^^th ieeiJ f A^k^^^
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^Ium wuMl ud WB^W~T^^.

" -4

2 ~ 'i~-Q.

Oldest Wo~ 2)


-16. 1

.-" : '
- -

i-. .
mp^- -.'

* K

*-. i~*. -


^ 1%





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