The Panama American


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The Panama American
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Weekend American
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Scott Family Library Fund ( donor )
Panama Times, Ltd.
Place of Publication:
Panama City, Panama
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daily (except saturday and sunday)[may 12, 1973-]
daily[ former oct. 7, 1925-dec. 4, 1966]
daily (except saturday)[ former dec. 10, 1966-may 5, 1973]
normalized irregular


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Newspapers -- Panama (Panama)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
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Panama -- Panama


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Oct. 7, 1925-
General Note:
On Saturday published as: Weekend American, Dec. 10, 1966-May 5, 1973.

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University of Florida
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All applicable rights reserved by the source institution and holding location.
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oclc - 18709335
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A A.sychiatrist's report, con-
plts after BuidenrI W order*-
ed to uain e a Iental observa-
tlon exan, ae wg 4wo ubmitted
but not rad In eourt.
e The defendant waa em yed
S as 9a aeamaAM Pthe vt."
William H. oma at the time
Sthe tIndent urred at the
Y.CA on Feb l.
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BIailpity made a roun4 trip
ey Rcardo Adolfo de
I under whose gwbM
l ar bin new el-
for PaviauaCti=
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by the Ftrt'La-

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W lj xlb-on Mthis

to the of.u- of-

her4 eaMitoe
e t'mother and hAi
widow. ^ IdGAtuwl oela-
bert. oretary to whi. Re-
oAfr bltpecteon of the
stairs W. ibe retaurant bar
wberhampsagne, rum,. whisky
and pa i luwere served to
LaMUa. soqlaUt Udlea itn
flowewiat a teae'- rtudenu,
amid of MW.e tics

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: .wig2 OBTAINED

r this lett from 1ow uI a d aM
o l ookt ahsb*b to O. I ste arted to r adIt.
SCl tsM of a lichlsl ttleSko
7.i1iMn and mostaa and tr*; ... ..
Ph writat I fmln30at
d"NuteIs," I p aonmmlthly a nijtve m I clo
Sd e fP presntocation wher I have finIh-
m book. I suppose be th e de
b toit W ood tdto r. tASIn se) do deci 4
S WKe su soamequate rom it to how you how

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rerularAy t fei ret A&TVobAtin en(

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tih Pr dent of hDe. w e urowubr
most critical prlo": 2 du. _,._...
book With a U..
7o. mcnthk w .hat you like and pay what you think." If
W a ant day Americn .o he d hae to explain
%LMdr Jleaner and Velde& Cpd ltteeof Congr.
ptie er Amerian fhPu dorgus telna
ebmiiult o we were ber u am w. @ohm b eet nt
i Wwwegmfors to the unfounmdsCPCal attack on ,abe
SAulsist ieeretry of Deifns Ana Rosenberg In
Senrvatves ral her support, and the
e be3 asMinkig ship; tsE Jmped overboard
Comme ati v not Unfle o i motivated by
taie I reretthat he
a ........ r i d tooM n the anopheles
i does not eme to be widely dtributed In
Sitely at le tan egghead) Is quoted aa aY
a the moat se~e anU.Cofmiunlta ore unable
"twep CommU B e a danger TO AlaeciCA and
as a danger IN America. And as OeorGe liennan,
to Russia, puts it "They think Conmunism
in this counts abot 1St"
,*1 what is a donommalthe author Says
A Cmsmmm1t Isir sybeir you. don't g with,0 and
W- S Taft was e.o M4 at follower
' ti'S GeM-mmoIst lime by a real Me!4"eIyb I t bmaufethe

$3flm3 .-A s0f108dp t guaee by

Cmmi 't

ly VICnOS 3330B
TOLEDO --Ji-t a "-
of each 10 work l M tili.
to city is jo P. So .

as time being apor lpdfl
sm gfl oom. Rut_ m i'. o_
Of All toitoal ( fl
ereeds froa m ~a ib fri
tracl, they came togt
who lead labor and -wbch
met, each to contrlbui ft wa
nl 51 power, to S i -tat al
could earn their d -brdum-ad
'lir profits, too.
y auncheb d "e'il d
4d uno4oE w
peace atnd-'1 sOIe-
dtnal squabbles. _r
reasonable wap t b St9
Attraet new paste "ad oi
old plants out of am udt o with
other, aersor t* la "
Ui"as, eivte ea- -.d
Chamber of Com'nfl eeotfl-ted
blocks of cash up to W f0 eSd M
finance this common. t, to end,
Joblswineu. ', :h
contrc welta ito ..
When the DefDome Det, canceled
an order for ale ffetive lAst
March, the Deveopmet Cqubcl
dispatched a dorega 01on 1f -
trial leaden to...
These men e t hWt the
network of s A a sd the Kai.
aer-Wu1ys r planta.t 4more
contract was reinstated on' A' 2.,
The order called for 5 ljeps a
week-enough to end thea dsajer of
r 1* for a long me.
And only a few days ago CIO
L ... ... ode Workers iaon
vice-presidem Dick Gosser, whose
name and unionization drive once
uno* a time stored Toled. o Idus-
trialists chlolrie, revamped tlhe
*Ne systeiv at the wnya dot
plant, saving iba" t If t p1 or
,o a week for the company.
With this money, the cerpoation
will attempt o sareamlln ts pro
ductiop and Jacillid es. pu the ot
of aic unlst and lower 'pbe to
meet o*t-of-stle Io",.
SLst mop9t0 2.ap eSi ma
mittee, q 'i n f ,turn
Ion history,- ewtorkie
which union woe d.haye jotjuilon
over the new. p ,m wnudte
Steel power plans hre. ths.e 14
men-seven from a e i0P aPi the.
rest from ,the A L? .th4tplsnt
to the dO United Steelworkers
Union. They even decided on juris.
diction over barbers and window
washers-by ordering some unions
to stop organizig and telling oth.
ers the field was theirs. There was
peace. No gpployers were her.
But the newg was not this good
when the Toledo industrial De.
vtmae m Counh ~e~te td to.I
INS Ie* a g voray 490t4W2:W|.ger
contracted at *1-l A hnith n Iti



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Farm Surplus

lA W0ht e W bt whAu iuad b.e ould- been plowed up _nu
W W'UG Whl 19039 as 55 *tbeslg w49ohjfI nqwh taken out if
hie A CSoop&a. Insuraue* Me Wto e sistate area worst hit
farm problems wheat farmers in t4 q wl are by dust sorm, about 3.5 million
mear of AgricA% l eaitxef.. providing cs6edmdera M mediate acres of grassland have been #ut
.oapm Qare ouad a sbawae rellef. ,. D in cultivation i the last ns years.
Immediate damage to wheat sV. S. Department of Agr- This Is -about 10 per cent of the
cotton acreage in Texas, New IM -ue tu's crop l eres progpam 37, mllles c.. under aultivasdon
io, Okloma, eastern Colorado, i ifla on an experimental bsais. In the t ale drou et ae.
western Kansas and southwestern first exer ta wea nde 'he peple s ass-
Ne ska. on weat. e ult h tOgrae- land .-in wha otte n wee
* 1..*nditad e rop losses from he calmlyy all U. S. wheat aereao is rally the 'drugstore". or "suit
drought still aren t big enough eligible fo' crop. auw qe. case" farmers-from town who had
denm the huge U. 5. farm surpluCo n and coe nds m area h, hoped, tl a killing i the
reserve, sued as extensively. World War -U sad Koean war
There's an indicated T2- In the droht' and dst bwl marktS. -,
bushel wheafcLeo lrom the uot m for staa 1 With ab unt rainfl this
and a pop bushels at a a v O V- Wa rtwtbe land Is odnod wi.

ut Nam Ii th* story


must .adiust i.evletp awl
reaching g a agreemae ti
a to ouaw atom wariteb
ore we make t o, -mb.'
should appeal over toe heads ofi
Kremnli to,-*e Ruatsaj W
They wvi t*t .a'Sasa 0 e
terms.' .' -I.i i-' .R -lIt
"UlnuthaspealoS' eern t-d t
mentd group of aSt te't*
-. a&..6 aM,. lth. ...Ere

btAnby le Al i wep wS. this yebr, eid w9:i a tmer's hr S areas land is say, b,
,("^^ ^"*^^ ^^j' 2 5 ad w ^*^.^11 be- orSomiagot tibyl. "a a& l sllo o:
e111ow I R n vemr of .meay MterIsno chaneb'th plant aIato Sembrw m t ad
Spret a to e Co with a al ost don mistltuto- etop. varaT erom =.ilulr Emsr Tf
the evat that You or yoar real extat raan are aual 0an kee rmanit AoNsdoe
oe y b int ed. in u exeve got the Air orce reserve. agaIts o bale apartment of Agriculture clali mi
tWe Were BDor Free," by lmer Davis. to make the pliem available for of cotton were p ked ths year, aadja newm the ara u. tirement o-some land." b 1
'A *"" -- Crede Cathoup lease to any te producer (sub. the would be shortage. In, soettlements for ftormers whose An 4haIq
SJeet to the National Security clause Thise eestmade are based rois a a toel .. There no direct tJr --

er noisy Iron grates or el e boardseI the -th]L
CAUES ANO ). The Toleoap hope the there een what t total govern, gram to take t
Set tin ch walp bta pkeoa ns r rest will i Ibe g of ded
k months bac someone bot the Anno r eak werer pdue l d Dr
Jusmi nl the n In a loaen O abty I sThowa ihei M wine aooe forth Congress os till interested- b two thing "
44'df awsthemanl u o r *rkers they t A trying to u -insurance on a It will save e. r oI
in te a writer doatllu ap on t- her out hai tas st aay rarely restore. ka.ble bass. o this year,- for whlch it eued -t e and a-**
ath. -woa where tiesn la havelos labor la n T-le shr.e ti aul -solnol- millon'Wimppgrrwated For duc the creag i which erope At.. Naas
i d f f action ando he c s eighth on a tre Ise approved ke wheat and otton a aned
aT^ Ar^5 Sexpected-r th of atrike., auotn e- r like 19a U u thedamaed acreaw pluse whh pde da t
a l oing between four thirty at eent a they've these huge surpluases which now Il marginal g as and that ever saerlous farm problem. aj Privat
oar overny Irong rates or else 'boards in the iterested Republi l, Allied o aai ti n bob l
Sof a that is, It their b starts riht ca o y eAd General a Bry
U6g tAft 1AROtn an.&wasAomen Ad n toalover, )niIt e h

wi....ns .aes, ,ti ti, -w a 1e Y
ut rens HOTET SCANDAL IN TOWN oed oe assault and bUer. age High-School stnt. Th
ge!Wfhit cm* prophets On ofhimb doon.n these The eer scandal wll aes, M L.h -h-
awcera atrtirpd -Wnillve ved 25 tria eventu.e reveal that al sc- .. Th William DeWit (he's C-e .:
b a es.Oe the est ar i s ci andche (wh T tte Attorne's a' food tolyn:t) atd to Aswe to

It "bat"ao.n "L 4dt-g'ssarlt'en.V"ya lu
W0104 p-thaeft todhem loamea r Pase) vaste'

eeted. an ultra-moded ui on the Lot Alat AA ir mystery n its h A hve matrimonial indpenw f Bi IT r "

oho-twe'4U rD. odm'y" s-Si
,elpl .i d.s-.-ct of t hr utr -to wt o w l rele n .jatnme l..a rin (ord re s aev ,n...-- --,nmonsen -a. .r-.3' .n.
.Di _110df tI s heas Is ir a d ard room of ttheN.uY. Athletic Jp of u Blu

iheimer refer-fir) t e a re T Mahal-g b
tThe best Bry. It coacfo

Ba A. ."4 -. '" """ .' st,.d-.. with '-ne"stor f-t-- -"e .a a wed againIn ...eie.n beino as son elohestiog. am scor -' I 'a ---I,"g.,o."

r aAadI w sell a sizable amount hoet letter:eijIwowd
SI 8 AW rt7se tley expet it o o u ly pparetC ian tM o s
n Male twrker w- What sports aouncer can't city soliciting arial trvices f

shostbwtftaw'veIm for r phasm
Sde tuff nher. She la Mr. Prima Mplans ug orts lat o Pused York
decad-serdig al'. m ia hos4 and -un
.'asay dhthe most irast day as atdno.d said Howard Hgeals. btft :*of

mr e r i w Andre stress oee'ey Smith. Ike Joe RKO stock es oiunder a SatT
Nat ur thesudio prope-f t bfe luas '

aawho her or 4 yearW. 'hThe Pollce Gaseueais "ecear A m vide ntr
-- .' .1"^,F --- *.'_. ....... "~-~.. ".h. W-" Th best .. .losi n-g law ,At a"i m"'" "h 11 8r0.. ") ", 4,
.14 enkt otuad SIo SimZsC bekhing esotd etion s athB 5ait

Dri*cone. W hae tur. ter p")IefVlbag

M-on). A .om e
AC. w Bjaa aate ,

A-tot -i t wrterwas.whenw 'Tlstrholu

-Io.UI Wa- T-
_L.. ; .r C s -



s 'j q c f 'osdicwtet coruption"

d RW Ae m -


1. CI- 5 ,O RY ,*
:&--*'*^-y'l r --** eisa beadsta

h i&& huim MI. FR*1 said
t PI~r toward olabus

She said her husband stopped
the car outside the city, forced
her out and to disrobe, tied her
to a tree. then flailed her back
and thighs for 30 minutes.
Um Fraer sald she escaped
1fropn the car, after they had re-
Wmudthe tr home, when Fra-
"%lie-Oped to buy "hib sixth
'bo bt of we1n 4 hours." She
f"e to a o ee rand ot ff-
i CS a -ea uaier on drunk
dchauis after a short

y he said moNyday,
week as head of the

of one of his aWdes
"snows -r -

Cole said early Information on
he Individual indicated he bad
been "vamblng with large a-
was followed in July by
eviene the official bad been

tfor e the aA. he
Cole 4id not name the official,
but he sald at one point the man
had been In charge of PHA' a-
partment houe n-Insurance

charge of this pro since
193,T regted6 Oearlier month
with a commendatory letter
from Hollyday.

Cole cancelled the acceptance
of the resgnation' last week
pendinff lnvestlgatlon.
Powell, who refused to answer
the Banking Committee's ques-
tions Monday on grounds of pos.
sible self-incrlmination, has not
appeared In his office, claiming
he Quit lat week.
Hollyday, who sat near Cole at
the aringi,, asked (or a chance
to testify again later to "clarify
vy'thin onat made clear by
other witnesses." Capela)rt aid
he wi b heard tSomrrow or
7 -d '

KING SIZE- Tridy Golden
tests the ftvor of a three-and-
a-hel-foot dciear. MWade In Ha-
vana, it h suppoedly ylr
world' largest st@ e 'The
king-size cigar wa shown re-
cently at a Chicago, L, tobacco
distributors' convention.





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, "

s rt w aMeN dlb

"Boy, dos hee soaue easy!

Out Of 309 Employes Fired;

Two Suspected Of Espionage

-Two persons supected of se-
pionage were among 30 employ"
ea fired y the State Department
as "seeurlty rtk" last yearDe-
partment Security Chief aot
McLeod said today.

McLeod told the Senate ApP
propriations ommittes the to
taI dimnimssal Wtcluded 14W per-
sona upected of Communist a
tivities and 15 believed to be

He said 39 other State De-
partment employes were trasa-
ferred to other agencies-with no-
tice to the vil Sarvte Commnis-
sion, that the qus.a. eir
"u"curIr waa un"U oN4"

curity am CWaSlar flfS In
the now flees year starting In-
He aid of the 300 employee
"terminated," 148 had Informa-
tion in their flma Indicating
Communist aetUvIee or asoea-

Official Decries


Of US Highways
MEMPHIS, April 31 (UP)--Val
Peterson, federal lvt defense
administrator, said today that
residents of all major cities in
he nation face death In event
of atomic attack due to a lack
of adequate highways for eva-
Peterson, here to address the
Tennessee Civil Defense Confer-
ence, said "I don't know a city
In the United Statesi that has
adequate highways for peace-
time use, much less evacuation."
He said he would recommend
to President Eisenhower that an
"exprmes highway building pro-
gram" be launched.
"You cant duck, you've got to
run. Some people say It's not
practical to evacuate a big city.
I say the people will leave-you
can't keep them there,"

! Re nsive w Power

Im The 1954 a

S.nsnuW "pieaL Pw.
aw augua


Cmase mad fty*sftal kibliSta si Naeoommy. Now available whiDmr
T|II f -e erW-66 am 1954 N Shae. fwor Brakam., Powerft WVi
i.* AB> r *ugnhtI -k Dsai km See ali iB odeii tinta Amba*aa*da
fet mni si on a s leambesa aaamMor.riO..Chekted ewMJl

-Seu The Brand New Exclusive Ph Farina Styling

*--, .ABN" ASgA
_n fc 1^ja from ---l. A.e. PANA

'4- .. -
- -. ,..
.:W.-z~t 4

a .::

tima or Communist Party mem-
berap." Fifteen of the mploy-
es, he said were s o of
Delot members at o *pportig
F nphasEu that of the
empoyea had d Infor-
mation of more thn oe type
of their tilea, McLeed tad the
Ist alo included 10 eaum of sex
person, 39 CussM of _Immoral
or Infamous contact
SCommittee p ber were at
tis point aummoned to the
genteA flo or a vote and the
s tans were adjourned until 10
a.In. tomorrow.
yefar Sae-M aamtmmmCuffl

Leod suggested that newnmnn
have one of the senators ask the
question tomorrow "s o my an-
s wmerW prlvlllto." .
The other eatoearlas ted by
MLeod aend the nnimbr of db;-
charx d m"ployv Isted In each
were: habitual use of Intoxd-
cmnt., 17. mental disorders, 12:
driq, addictions s mtqreresen-
tation of coarnlment, 14: und
convictions of felonies or mnsde-
meanors, T

r srr To rflqe

fNpp .-,far Te*Ia-If

*l TIpP Ol nrrh
Easter celeat winl eon-
chide at 0t Tritiy Methodist
Church, Colon. ta evening when
the Trinity choir, under the direct
tion of Charles Wareham, will pre.
sent a Easter umoner.
Following ma Invocation and
welcome by Rev. Samuel Waea,
items tobe prented n the
gram will include tree athemu
a h th. eha'r '.Fl os Wide th
Gates," "0 Morn of Seuty," "Re-
Jile taheLord us Bg" and the
Hallelujah chorm.
Sop rano dlo. will be rendered
b the Misses AddaNRiedards and
DBonal B1L Dotmnd Danai&
will -render tohor o. "Mai.
natta" and "The HoW ay." A
"trio" WE besunt by rthe Four
Notes. Granv L Barrws w i I l
render two beIart o salos--"onu
Salth the Lord and "Why do the
Iniirmeatal number will In.
elude two organ selection. by
Miss Una Henry; two violin selee-
tioaa by Norma 0. 'Brown and
two trumpet solos by Victor Me-
Rounding out the program will
be two secutlouary numbers, one
by Mrs. Rub y F r and the oth-
er by William Arthur.
Programs will be distributed at
the door and an admission fee of
25 cents will go towards repairs to
the pipe organ.

.'Iam ipI



* .

'4- "1. --.

_. mwwa.- re..

_:..-, ,lodeg

nat pment r
SW pledge our-
tat to r itlon by all
meuas at our d ii.O," the res-
olution rea
Meanwhile, 0G1l, who Is ex-
pted to become the sxbth can-





ltt- eNadi


MR a as is U e gomsrnorUao
a. sid eftaer he .would not
be-i .a at

Talinad he tere are two
schoolsfthoug0t1 In .O faru-

in Atlanta and Washing-

He Mold no candidate could ex-
pect to win by attacking aegre-
; tin and the county unit vot-

The governor said the only way
to preserve these "nutitutlons"
la through the "united ballot of
every white voter In Georgia."
Thlmadge called on the com-
missionera to work for "an all-
out" drive to register potential
voters before the May 1 dead-

idatefor governor drew an He also criticized the National
ovation when he addreed the Assn. for the Advancement of
eonmlalonera today n the first Colored People and Its leaders
public apeech of Iis te r. for their recent "Inflammatory
o meeting" held In Georgia t
Oll!. who els moat f hisa stimulate registration of Negro
utppt amonm-Mte commlsion.-voters.


It y a partlelpatd l Ithi n
call the Lax Theatre effleoa oer- el
om *t he seky v

"r .'- -' -T '- -; *
* '. *.. ,r v % .
- *". *, i- .. ..- ,.
.,-. 4r'A,.7 .. :'-

T I- ... -.--, ti M- Cy,
... -; "B-, i


'..' 1^;
* a,:'.

Remember it. .. It'll save you money ';

S, ,.- &sv&*]
Sa &AMNa meuat raurra te psr eP sP
seto "#wG Mo fourm a 4,48Ae w fMfo Ms~:


-r Oe
PAN -- ***- -




I .. I '

Shows: $:So 4:M 6:3 19:M




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5: 1' 1

worbrrsae ai Mw.Inmortl GLENN MILLER


ur ti girl he wept off her fbe

...the romance...
the songs and
the laughter
of America's
't ^ Dancine
riL Years!

m t Bma es a -
*Me. -


' -1 .

,-- .''.. ..

r'. 'b .-- i .

r A

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.., .- .;
S- .* "- *..
L. .t .
K .: ..

Hear these
Glenn Miller Hits:
d 11^ y,- m

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'6. PUlip a couch and we'll talk Anyhow Chrlstopbhr says a ma-
erasy mtxedup opera. glclan must 1be a student of many
London the handsome sciences.
fMritone of the Met, says peo "Magic can be built around
pi'are paying more attetion to;chemistry, physics, mechanics or
eera's' psychopathic characters psychology," he said, pulling a
1ea days. flame out of thin air, "or al of
-'ly four favorite roles," he them"
a"ea, with a strange smile, "are Nowadays he adds, magicians
all men who are absolutely no must specialize. They build an act
good." around one type of magic. Christo.
The villains. these dayb, et the pher, for example, is an expert
b hands and most of e pub- In rope tricks. Some magicians use
ley. Like in "Tosca," where the handkerchiefa or parakeets or
a love Scarpia, a stinker hoops. There's one who does a
back. whole act with electric light bulbs,
understand him today," making him a- past-mazda of his
says. "We've all seen or trade.
rea4bout people as evil as Scar- How many different tricks are
pita so we watch him with fasei- there? Not many-if you Just count
station basic tricks. But there are infi-
Villains psychopathic or other. nite variations.
.wise, are generally sung by baid. "I did a TV show for 26 weeks"
perhaps that's why this sea- Christopher says. "and I averaged
saih,.bass-barltone squad at the seven tricks a show that's 182
-i1 s getting all. the headlines. tricks-andl didn't repeat and I
OThoF are four fine low-register didn't even dip mnt the magic bar-
men-u the roster-.-London, Jer- reL"
ome nes. Cesar Sipi and NI-
cola IabLe meni. Tenors -are Probably just as well; no telling
pth rey tmt ,-nrored this season- what's in a magic barrel.
Shydre and kind of well ad- -
sted. T *Billy Daw, the _punning press

"But," sayi TLion". ,adly, "ten.
ares still ge lj more.
See--the Wage. lf psychopath
are pretty low.
Notied anything different on TV
tlaudyTYbu can't be sure when
announcers and actors are read-
nag any more. Used to be, ts they
read their lines from big cards,
you rould watch their eyes moving
back and forth like tennis fans.
But there's a gimmick eglled Tele-
Q, which has the lines on a scroll
so eloe to the lens thp eyes barely
yu and you can't notice.
ow'i all TV needs is an elec-.'
trebe flub detector.
fai will see an Irish situa-
aon NBC-TV's coaxial
It'll be called "It's a
1"atd will star James
SMichael O'Shea. Hey,
* f a time to lower the boom

SThere is more to magic than
q met .the hand .which Il quicker
S han the eye. So says Mllbourne
S Christopher.probably the smooth-
et rabl-puller in business today.
Christopher is doing a Broadway
S bow called "Now You See It."
U t is, he says, the first time a
S lgician has held a New York
e alone. That's a pretty neat
kbeuause-aome of those stages
heavy, ..

*, ,aAn W M
T" saamc Mr 6
ageRk asoneKs1b ft

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agent, says n' like to do a snow,
patterned after "Person to Per-
soA," intervsiin convicted
murderers.ji d eal-it "Poison to
Poison." -
Ed Saute ix frank-type or-
chestra leader. I asked him why
he and Finesh started the
Sauter-Finega band. "Two rea-
sons." Ed "We wanted to
satisfy our creative urtge, and we
wanted to make money."

Doc Smithers says he often
wonders how it is that most!
people to whom ready money1
is. hard to get pay their bills1
promptly, while others, with
plenty of mdhey, seem to think
they're doing you a ~svor by
being in debt for as long pos-

*.*w aWaNTSMO-
l'. 'u .a *



tIlltr WEmjI. blausem

Unless you have a well-stock-
ed bar, don't ask a guest "What
would you like to drink?" There
is too much chance he'll name
something you don't have. In-
stead, give him a choice of what
you have on hand, and then
neither of you will be embarrass-
Hospitality consists. in offewr-
Ing what you have, not wheat you

Privocy AWtt
Of Wisconsi
keysi i .are
their inermost
a pee, hole.

T rla wonder meulein
you feel younger, etre
sIeD without intSwri
OGUNA from yourA dn
*.lufaotin 'gurate,.I


Great White" Fleet ;-

*S.S. "CIA AO" .............................,. ,A
.. "ER K" ............................ ....
B.S. "BYFJORD" ........ ............
*S.S. "SIXAOLA" .................. .......
*.S. "HIBUERAS" ................
8.S. "LEVERS BEND" .......................... .. 9

HEadlins Refrlented Chilled and General Carg

New York Service

.S.. "VINDEGGEN" ............................. April 32
.8.8 "SAN JOSE" ...............................Aril 2
8.8. "HEREDIA .................................. May
8.8. "COPAN" ...................................May 8
S.8. "LIMON" ................................................ May 11

Weekly sailing of twelve passenger ships to New aork,
New Orleans. Los Angeles, San Francisoo and Seattle.

Special round trip fares from Cristobal to New York,
Los Angeles, San Francisco and Seattle.

To New York ................................5240.00
To Los Angeles and San Franciseo .......... 5270.00
To Seattle ................................. 365.00

.,} .4.- .. ;,:., I-
Mu13Mg C To OMC BuL
*lOSM~5WTHN tUel~f

A Strange World





I t 's C r a sy .. .. .. ti -" ,
m (r. .- .1 .51.

SYCN'OM_ IP0^ .M .ssr ...^sr,.:m; coW.

MJ-4) -~

uoosy? Says Whic h

S MuSa AaeU lamey aasu- Fa



A Slow Baru

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uurted ,-ruth

Correct Gues

- p

. Plaila' POt

Weighing the Facts

? ALsA. M
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Caue fer.

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lX MUBAs iU'ALU3'-

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I 1-seiI ,

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|,T ._rowm .e t

L. Oaeley, Jr. of
wil. be the organist.
* geNIe is Iavied to Mammd.
HL, itsm Whts Ou

at' b r o n r a b u t h O F M a i ut w i n
ST ^ Wives Clubw m fi

.- w..-, a -s d r at theo"Mti s .eP n oittin t bu
-.--Gam log. -' ug- phea, f.-:eti.nent co ,- s -rl
01lostClbwotterseout 1 attur

an- "'d''1-i. ..y-.for tAcG U6 I a
A"V.i. te "_- he wo. d a tq

S, nw t Min_ m ouers at he st business meet- apar beeBausemthe
Ctot ast r ica to Peru was the guest io n l oha e o club wn ,aa her a ed
2fpev o d;--P Sb auntraud- year oWedneatsyhe ay .o Cn eElaa^e P
T*ilth rtil h l TeS :3 t.aa In the Fort Clayton 01- Welker 1flea held-A A rIef
D- bsoF-VLpe to P A-B 27 94 an d bes o
..WP nna an'd oftea anDiplomaSic The r n w officerserIos, b5mbwwill lose e d litm T
*ng tnbat mheCaqal Resdebeei die egy bmade b el. back ota
e i ne ar futur-. e w hherd h s d U Io ler.. ; ad t -'r ,. n rit.".. O
....e -la.eo. -- -id the r l i A
.. .. rgan ai -r a_ E. ,,O C __ _. C .... ,i .wp which neve haer en brought-
Mrs .her rr w ter nM. "#e61wigdheld an Inste ltio a d now h

.WV."!" cA--. "s.W. rang IM. it it former -on- The annual S. Luncheoa of
the uW oh ot.l "ier. _ie dagter of Mn. the Canu.-t Z e Coum e BZA ,R P R IS
you lpM Petfkevoatiog incitd. Jun auhr of Panama. be held t fte Hotel E lu Paame
~ommqdNtions, sightsee- es Mal ranged h-,r .aff
bg turs.. .everything. meeting iM the Canal Zone Col May 12, may be made by tle.i Enio r.1 om
--_ legeChlb will beheld atthe USOe phonng Mrs. R. C. Bmockham,
JfiCAtmed Forces Service Cn- lie; or Mrs. Walter A. Dryja, PANAMA y COLON
Sta. Vonqm Ny3. poMp. 38. se Inces.P is oo w
sNominationD m Thwi oIt ubdtefpr the person. h

"New airnval for the Junior ProIm
- from $31.95
I -'AaForwpalu 0i 1


nusE IFMIm l

lTjW dhms etr, I A iNubiPu

P Metae cools, a"se heat aah,
pitt beat ad diper mh. Special
Amylms ba is super-soothing to
hbf iteriaf u.Mecadp hedw
emb Clgs dmeew Stm -paetim afaj
aa As er b bi.- Gramd
r anf e SiopWe "m
- xa.- Ab's t.o o.
Ut,,tflwW_, f


3 IA

At malbee VUle Cu
The Panama Federation l o
Christian Service will be held
Thurlsd moray n at the Balboa
Union a Coffee and dough
mtts will be served at 1:15 a.m,
and lunbhem will be sves at

D6 ae c enatAy yt
at the JEB gallery in
This exhibit was arranged by the
Cuaal Zo." Art LaguetO coopers:
rMith thek uat-J4w Armed
Forces Service Center. The Gal0
lery is open to the public from
9:;00 a.1m. to 10:00 p.m. daily.
Tea Thursday
As Hotel El FPa
The Inter-Americams -Woman's
Club will observe Pal American
Dae on Thursday with a tea at
Hote El Panama from s5:0 to
7:00 p.m.
Dinner-D me At etd e1 P maea
The York Rite Mamn will hold
a dinner and dance in' the main
patio of Hotel El Panama on
Saturday. All Masnn and their
ladies are welcome. For further
Information please telephone 2-
M24 or -23S .


We cordially invite you
to pee e beauilul
.gieio ,at i


1 resses

We have just received, made of the
best washable cotton, nylon and
rayon- clothes in all Ae and lowest

$7.9 auI $.95

We have just received also the most
wonderful last styles in ladies hats.

Central Ave. No, U6.

IN COLON: Del Freate Avenue.


Pampered. ..
the Way Yeou'll
Look This Seon. o
with -a

^/^Ash to-I

sortneersoe .
tam mman*sw-
.... ... .... L ---.-

lam"t bmwf lpf 'fi
O tl -r.a

'Pw we

ri iii I

-.h .tedwanis. .e I.
h. tis he tie farAtwlM n& romon

- Md seoe hei in ajew l eWOO,
1 *Mm p*ats doe "111 Asian &


vim -Te e ,y plan tolauru to tlhew-
and. wVre inumd la Sepember,
tk e d geerl l ia e
ora s. Mrs.Gay Vieldas
Mrs. Mable Eperakld and Mrs. PMr.
Ruth Rubeli were chairmen for Mr. ana Mrs. P. J Barker, at
the dinner. .ato0 have their daughter, Ava-
- Mrs. Harold Chambers' Worthy niell now Mrs. J. Graddy, aid
Matron a Mr. Chamber s, two grandehildrea Daphe- and
Worthy Patron presided at the Richard as their ouseaergues
meeting in the Lodge Hall foll ow
Ig e dinner, Mrs. Graddy has a wide cile
o t friend. on the Isthmus as she
A musical theme was carried graduated from Cristobal Hig k
out in the deeorationa, with the School in i1a ad worked for ie
color notes. of pink and alver A Censorship Office for iS monmh
silver musical staff with taie first before going to TaUllahasee, Ila.
four notes of the theme ong for She has made her home in Talla.
the evening "Because of You," hassee since graduating from
decernd the front tf th preaid- Florida Stat Unifersity.
l..g M oer desk. The pedestals
Iof the other officers were decorat-
ed with musical notes and signs. Cristibal Emblem
Swags of pink ribbon and notes, Clb Meetig
carrying ot the theme were drap- Cristobal Emblem Club w Ill
ed over the blue velvet curtains hold its regular meeting tonight
at the front of the hall. at 7:30 p.m. at the Elks Home.
The homree was escorted by
fourteen Rainbow Guards. In a -
Rainbow ceremony ab was pre-
Isented a gift in a pat of gold at
the end of the Rainbow from Roy-
al Palm Chapter.
Special music was sung by Mrs.
Clara Barber, and Mrs. Neilree
Smith. Worthy Matron of Coral
Chapter. All of the mer.bers sang
special words, written by the
Worthy Matron to the tune of the
theme song. Two violin soloes
were played by Miss Jacqueline

SBon Voyage Dinner
For Mr. And Mrs. Oln
Mr. and Mrs. James Sehofleld
entertained with a dinner at their a
Gatun residence to honor Mr. and
Mrs. Charles Olsen who are sail.
ing Saturday for their home in
Pittdfield, Mass.
The other guests were Mr. and
Mrs. George Mitchel and Nancy
and Bryant.
Bride-Elect Honored
With shower
Miss Freda Flermiken, daugh-
ter of Mrs. Lucille Flenniken, of
Margarita, whose marriage to
Captain Andrew Stohrer will be
solemnized at the Church of Our
Saviour in New Cristobal on Fri-
day, April 23 at 7:30 p.m.. was
the guest of honor at a linen show-
er and buffet supper given by
Mrs. William S. Acheson and Mrs.
Virgil Reed, at the home of the
latter, Monday night.
he guests atendinf ere the
dy' mpriwlt and r 7:30 m

w Will attend Mit s FbenMkn ai
id-of-onor and Mrs. Johnny
Vaucher Mrs. Max Welch Mrs.
David Coffey, Mi*H C. Crump,
Mrs. Charles H. 1nH. Jr., and
Mrs. Elmer C. Sptet.
Mr. William R. Dunning, Jr.,
arrived Monday morning Mo to be the
guest of her mother Mrs. Lucille
l. F rlenlken, of Miargarita, and
to atPer d the wedding of her sis-
tear, Miss FredFlenniken, which
wilt take place at the Church of.
OIr Sviour in New Cristobal Fri.-
day April 23 at 7:30 p.m.
AMartic DupIlete Wiuenrs
The winners of the duplicate
games played at the Monday
meeting of the Atlantic Duplicate
Club were: North and South: 1.
Juliu Loeb and W. E. Gibson; 2.
Captain and Mrs. It. K. Y. Dusin-
berre; 3. Captain and Mrs. Mur.
ray. East and West: Tied for first
plaCe Mrs. T. H. Peterson with
Wre, Norman Chapin and Herbert
bedgwisdo wIh Irving Gill; 2. Mrs.
Lee Buta and Mrs. Irl Sanders
Jr. 3. Chaplain J. Draka and C.-
W.U. Patrick Rooney.
MrsMn. eort Complimented
a lrthOday Annidversary
Mrs. J. W. B. Hall was hostess
r for a luncheon and card party at
her Margarita home Monday, to
honor Mrs. Roy Fort on her birth-
day anniversary.
The gIests included the memr-
ber of their bridge club with a
few friends. They were Mrs. Raul
Theriault, Mrs. Stanley K i d d.
Mrs. Hector Grant Mrs. Marion
Taylow, Mrs. Elsie Skillman, Mrs.
Perry Francey and Mrs. Lesleigh
Mr. And Mrs. Owen
aill For Erope
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Owen and



'.- ,i .-..
*.o .._\.-



._ M AL -

COOl f ontI

test days with an \


Rf \ srsnr '-.

I '.

hy uffer from the sweltering het when )7= .40?
take life easy in a comfortable Allow spor q Mt ? -
You'll be delighted to find how cool asd
thehey stay all day. You'll be eve
more pleased to learn that you can th ose -o -l
ARnow shirts in White, and in a wide range of stripeand
patterns (not to mention the new pastel shades). mTrer
yourself right if the heat! Get several of thesw AIW.-
sports shirts today and feel the diftferene-nOt only i ,
comfort but in yw appearance .
See these superb A4,i"*
^. .sports shirts today! ThWOj
EU fi, hIW EI

pen n tn, in --com !m *
wearing qualities.
By Cluos. Peabody & Co., ti.


children want a hot drink,
m L mornings. For th. one that
builds real Energy Reserv,.
J i gee Nestl6's EverReady

THE INSTANT add hot wiatd. I's deli.

COCOA c' ou-yout e that ic d
Mode Right in the cupl ,IM .

m. -,'NO=

. l. -

I -r.4..-[1L-

The "Incomparable"


Master Of the Ivories


: .. ..

-.t .

IlI ....

*a an lk HXri --
1~~~r Ibif r
F:mD p.
th* iiHHe B

_ ~i_ __~L__





.... .U ea d "?..*

e ypou ha







S ,I


-AD AT 14 .

.. -*",.,
!* P ;+,:.-' .W W. t
e .x',j .ii "....*- .JMSBB ~-sU sB iLasH J *

++:-+ ++ "++ +- !IP
1'"' ow l-' ,"
-.ei a-
..........T.'rn us
2w4 rAN.

- I .


pwitimur"l owrrn oM c
vfDt lT OEl (
'- e.+ ,0

So n oi n i N

Sces Wo -" d, o t-'- #?a

Lv.- A~e

'i "i -
A.- "..-

__ __ U

I.- T a 3 a 55 d wee deto 14 9o0fholkoy. Idaeo .
No. 131. T e 3-55 80 rs w to dane for very little. 0-week
$111.o_____ a on the 8. Ancon of the course for ONLY $9. Saturday at 9
-grow wallet belon-lng to Pantama LiMF Mturday for New a.m. Balboa "Y" or at II a.m. El
SBan arou nd t rea of YorkI. according, to the advance anomo Hotel. Coil Balboa 2-4239 I
STheater. Offer reward o passenger list released today. j3r Panama 3-1660.
fin nd return .am ".WO passegers will r11 HARNETT & DUNN
kno questions. Call tele- th Anoon 0 o0 Port -au-P.'ince, .--- .. .
.olhoo 1530 Haiti. They are Mrs. Eric Best- J A I --
hot and trio Besthof. 'AEC Rel l SeS
eBlack-tan houM 2 months. The comtlete advance oassen.- e-as
Post Office, tel. 833296. er list for New York follows:
Mr. and Mrs. Nethan Adler, Patent On New
Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin Alk. Mr.
byThalberg and Mrs.e D. Barnes and two NI-Speed amera
YThalber children. Edith M. BHI-Spdrtez.amera
,. J 3. Booth. Mr. and Mrs. L. 0
m o ns With Bradshaw and three children, B. WASHINGTON. April 21 (UP)-
J. Brown, Ethel Brown, Mr. end The Atomic Energy Commission
l c Skier Mrs. John M. Carroll end two today released for free public use
'" f iCS ie children. Mr. and Mrs. Henry R. 18 patents including one for a
Chevevert and daughter, Patri- hig l peed camera having an op.
CT, Calif., April 21 cla Cicogna, Mr. and Mrs. Joe tical speed that will reproduced
K. atheine ThalWberg, 18- W. Crawford and daughter. Della millUor of frames per second.
A daughter of Norma D. H. DelValle. Gilbert H. Furey,
and the late movie pro- Willie Goldfein, Mr. and Mrs. The patents, owned by the gov.-
rvsing Thslberg, was lon- Michael Oreene. ernment and held by the AEC,
in wift former Olym- Mr and Mn. Paul M. Hhnlhave bmn transmitted to the U.S.
a fvr31ow a quit0 Richard C; Harris, Rebecca L. Patent Office for registry and list.,
E late BaHtten and: son, Mildred Kopt ling In the official register of pat-
Marion L. Rough. Hyacinth Me- eats.
you i couple, atLn at Farlane, Maxwell M.,, Melbye,
law Vle ski lodge near Louise Meerchant. Mr. and Mrs. Nonexclusive, royalty-free li-
o they were mar* Samuel R. Maeyer. Samuel W. senses on the listed patents will
n 14st -J." ,.The M!! F
m t r id. _er, f.? ond Mrs. Robert H. be granted by the commission as
S-a R7d tsh M er' Mr.11 And Mrs. Evans K. pert of its program to make non.
pil uaus ofthy o t Newtorn asd soi. jecret technological Information
.d auSber of the 1 48 Elabeth N. Ogden, Moises de available for use by industry.
A' A erin Olympic Sila Pena, Lydia B. Rens, Frank F
S Rusell, Mr. and Mrs. Ed- The high-speed camera repro-
t-he a were Mis ward IL aUmples and two chil- duces at the repetition rate of
-and her husband. Mar- dren, Muaret Sheppard, M14il- millonb of frames per second by
Scent Sldm Mr. and Mrs. Carl utilizing a rotating mirror to re-
Ey"- UB ern-- -_"!eand two children, Anna produce Images on a stationary
L Ho er u Mr. and Mrs. Preston flm.
oopeir M. Trim, latherine Urban.
SFMr. and Mrs. Frank W. Van other patents include a relay
Feted Horne, M d Mrs. Elmer Van system, electromagnetic fluids
BoeL Neae. CornMa Van Siclen. Violet pump, pressure regulator, elec-'
Ranchno RdmOS Ward, Earl C. Wooley, Charlotte fronic timing device, and other*
Yarborouph *-**'ntific devices.


. Hooper. a fireman at '
Station, will be the
gueat-tomorrow at a fare- nr6 ,
at Rancho ames. the A Panagra- 6B
Police fimge on the
Re T e uMped with the -nost advanced airborne radar
O1 tn ^the a.of __m_.a jrA e date, arrive. here to take put in the In-
M.s eS s augur4t, 's moiesl of the new airport terminal at Tocumen.
..e Psiags 1 tllhe rtAmt commercial airline to use the latest type
eiM n to radar aMbad me Ot Its planes in regular operation.
S m Mclntosh.I The radar enables Panagra pilots to detect heavy storm
centers up to 150 miles away, and thus avoid areas of extreme
per* came turbulence.
Ir ewas It is expected that the use of radar will result in greater
the Crletobal omfort to the passengers, according to Thoma Kirkland,
S ntrmSer- Panagras vice- president of operation who I here fot the in-
ha be ha been auguration of the new terminal.
BS aM bnter ''Mr.'Kirkland said it would be used primnrly for weather
avoundance aSnL d also as a secondary navgtonaft a weather al
Sa Pana had been fodlowin the deomlopmet of airborne
Ma-rdrO Past ten Years inM hope ofoffering psMengers
__lOOtMeB_,_ aWo.n as a practical and relible mtruent
a avaate. Recently thecomy ebtaned Ap-aA set
tvifu mt he SNavyand s tLlhSi it aboard .S ofg tO ftt with
BNtS. OfL ou $Ad Dougla Alteaft = From its
YMa^T Ik~ti8im eIWIrSfl aDD- to 0 early
+_#;M I .t1e1 R ]1-6..- a afsit, uweUll as
a- Do *an order, with the cominercld version
Bi ft --E J 4C M
^^ mpmi- .'L.u T=~s1 *" s 'iyf '

PmO bcaw
Clem. S' 455.
Perm. A. 1877. i S.
Gramnich Santo Claram 8 .qd 'ttl i
Electric refrigeration, ge. 0ewe;
Moderate rates. Phone 444) or
FOSTER'S COTTAGES, one mtile pt
Santa Clara. Low rates. No rei .-
ion necessary.

rage & large yard. $135.00. sld
Street No. 15. Telephone 3-2228
during office hours. C mutb-e e.
Wl building Jn comnlow-
chalet with two dining
livingroom, kitchen,
den. San Francla C
I8th Street No. 8.

Houeahold Au obie "PIANO TECHNIC)AN
Tuning, Voicing Actlorusoegulating
"LE:I Radlo-phonograph with FOR SALE:-i ng .,Ao In 1952 and Repairing
hogany case $120; Zenith Ford VS, 4 r, bbk. Heiem JOHN I. MO _
r $15; cht of drawers $10. 834-, Solb Ancon, C.Z. e,, -. tx 3018
S- LL. 50L0,'|EEZ o18 "1f3 FOR SALE:-1 52 Pontiac four-door '" o eS .
a i Pace, Balba. _____ an, 8-cyllnder, Hydromotic, ro-. R SALE
i SALE:-Sofa & arm chair $30; dio. Only 10,000 mile. Like new
s sbrnear gas stove, oven $50; dou. Apply Texaco office, Ponama City. MliceIliiOUt
+ # bed1 with springs & mortress FOR SALE:-1951 Ford V.8 Tudor. FOR SALE: Small station named
0; youth bed with plastic mrat 14,000 miles, four new recaps, ori- "Diablo." with saddle and bridle.
fress $12. House 10, Apt. Fran- ginal owner, excellent condition. Price $50. Owner leaving. Horse
cico Filos, Vista Hermosa. only $900. Phone 2-1527, after can be seen at House No. 2314,
FOR SALE:-I -cu. ft. Admiral refri- 4.15 p.m. Contractors Area, Curundu, Canal
,.g..rator. stove, lvingroom set, bed- F XR SALE:-1948 Plymouth Special Zone ____,
- e t, metal extension ble andd deluxe coupe; mileage 28,000. Tel- FOR SALE -'52 Plymouth sedan de-
.r. bufft, all in viry good condillon phone Crilltobal 3-185%. luxe, $1400; Westinghouse refri-
arnflid rlisionably priced. Jimenez. n i
SONNY BOY, Los Sabonas No. 820, FOR SALE:-195I Chevrolet 4-door gerolor 81-ft., pt n side
Phonte 3-0550. seon. Duty paid OrioInol owner, out $100; binoculors (7x501 and
-.-"--- r t r o Call Panama 3-r079 after 5 3C carrying case, brand new. House
SALE: Servl refrigerator in 8229-8. Morgarita 3-1365.
condition. Prce 560. House .m.
Apt 11T, S2nd St. FOR SAE'-Very clean '52 V-8 Tu- FOR THi HEAD OF THr FPAMILY-
2 -- dor Ford. Low mleage. Financing Since it is so dlffliult to make ends
SALE:-2 chairs and a filing arranged. Phone Balboa 21784 meet and your school chopping
p. 46th St. No. 18. Apr. -2. -- problems should be manly at this
SAE' FiFOR SAg t m E.o.4ddrso--n time, CNFCIONU IL ARTI &
SALE -Frigidairestve, radio. Good Ilii' Walent condition. Call ALMACIN TA@OiAihive'orranged
1mher, 10th St. 094, Apt. 6. 2529. for your convenience your obtain-
in-her 10th "t. 1004, Apt. o, all neceswry school apparel
_- POSition Oflfered without one pnny or tying obliga-
EO SALE:- This Week's Bargains. tons. Just pay whenever you con.
-JMohpgany twin beds with coi! WANTED:-Manicurist. Must spoofal Central Avenue No. 37 end Ceo-
s prlngs and innerspring mattress English. Call Iolboo 3677, YMCP tral Avenue No. 92. Penalma.
.95.00, Gas Stoves from 35.00 4-I Bequty Salon RSALE- tional NC1 Com-
Vardrobes 15.00 Dres rs with 'SECRETARIAL POSITION OFFERED munications Receiver. excellent con-
mirdrobes 1 .00. China Clos 150 -Must be Panamanian citizen anc diltion. New tubes. Fine for amoteur
fft 18.00. Mahogany Dining- bl-lingual. Age 18-30. Please write operation, $200. Zylstra, HOXO,
Table and 4hoiy rs .0. I giving brief qualifilations end en- 18 Tivoli Ave. 2-1481.
room sets from 75.00. Corn- lose photograph. P.O. Box 1572, -Z- -bicye, e r-
troom 1ets frm 0, ."Panama. R.P. R SALE:-Bay's bicycle, need re-
plete Beds from 22.50 and anma pairs $3.00; large tricycle $5.00; I
many other bargains in sets and in- WANTED:--..ManicLrrt. Balboa Beau! large dump truck $10.00. 2-2426
dividual pieces,-Easy Poyments.- 1 y Shop. Balboo Clubhouse, upstairs Balboa.
t#-. We deliver.-USE YOUR CUENTAS I I F
al Ave. No. 41. Tel. 3-4915 I Moiorrvrp r
Ri SALE:-9-cu. ft. Crosley "Shel V-nt Bloc- Real Estate
-vl 25-cycle, excellent cond- OR SALE: 1951 Vincent Blc ---
To Ft. Clayton 3208 Shadow motorcycle. New t res. Ex- :R SALE -- ome in San Francisco,
TeSl ".... ..-.!n---l. cellent .condition Telephone Cu- completely enclosed, wfth garage
.SALE:-Gss stove, refrigerator rundu 3125 or Clayton 7292 tof- Reasonable price, good location.
l, metal desk. No. 21, 40th St ficel. Call Panoma 3-4110 after 3 p.m.
T,. 3-0657.-.- FOR SALE -1948 Indian Chief rro- :R SALE--Chalet situated on high-
-iSAXEF-Large crib, mattress an torcycle. like new,. Call 3-3101 ao est point in El Congrelo, 1100 M2
1ited,4-15; 3 tubular chrome chair-I can be seen at 61' Frt. DeL-se-" lot: 3 bedrooms, dining-livingroom,
each; radio table-re:ord cabinet ---- -! porch, kitchen. 2 bathrooms, maid's
2; 5-piece rectional livingioorrl room with both. 2 terraces, garage.
set, plastic upholster1 $15. Eve- a ALIne Call Telepl.cne 2-0316.
.- or Sfdrdy. 613-B, Ancon .m LinI......------al-..-6
111111 or. PaM


ATTINTPON 3. I. IJut built modem
furnished oportment, one, t w
bedrooms, hot, cold water. Tel-
ephone Panama 3 .941.
2W-room modern aeprtnments,, T
Floor, cedr closets. Furnished

Bella Vista. Info onTel. 3
rOR RENT:-Modem wa rtmenf. two
bedrooms, ground' fla, inspected.
Parking. poce, carttgefll nelahbors-
Am'ericaps. Unfurilhed $80.00;
furnished $100.00. 43rd Street
No. 58; ____
FOR RENT:- Furnished and unfur-
nished one and two-bedroom apart-
ments. Call 3-4911.
FOR RENT:- 2-bedroom apartment.
Livingroom, diningroom, kitchen.
maid's room with bathroom. No. 53,
Alberto Navarro Street, El Cangre-
jo. Inquire Apartment No. 2.
FOR RENT:-Largeipaetment. 2 bed-
rooms, 2 bthrooms redecorated,
private garden, garage, service
room. Children welcome. 3-3774.
FOR RENT:- Nice furnished apart-
ment, refrigerator, gas stove, mili-
tary inspected. Via Prros No. 99.
FOR RENT:-To responsible person,
unfurnished apartment, 2 bedrooms.
livingroom, diningroom, bathroom
kitchen, garage, maid's room. East
51 st Street No. 20, corner of Fed-
erico Boyd Avenue.. Apply upstairs.
FOR RENT:- 1I-bedroom apartment.
completely independent. Francisco
Files Street No. 9, Vista Hermosa
Telephone 2-0313.
FOR RENT:-Furnishe4beautiful one-
bedroom oportmnt* gus stove, re-
frigeratqr. Overibking SAS com-
mis V n Vi -Belli Porras 120
iSon Frocisco)i. tel. 3-5024.


FOR REF;lt-rFunished opartmrft. 21
bedroom, iefrigumatr, gas stove.
milida irtpected. 82 Via Porras.
'"CR RENT:-4umrnihedaparment In-
ciudlng refrlgera sertj ol utilities
$65. Located at w Viea Belisorlo
Porros near RoseveL Theeter.

FOR REJlT:--Snwa t arment. G.I.
Inspected $40 ianrly. 2034 Via
EFpaWi (Sbones Road), Telephone

FOR RENT: Furnished room with
double Simmons' couch. refrigerator
and stove. private be lemni-pri-
vote entrance, Fentre4 located
52nd Street No. 3. Tel. 638.
FOR RENT: --CoIl and ventilated
rooms to single persons or married
couples, aim with melo,6 Peru Ave.
No. 24. Toh6ne 35- 3.


FOR RNT: e, 'eant
b-p _joA .._ .j.- *_ tJ r_ *

I a n ufrmet

star waw-length, Panagra's radar kind. of buineff ire. 79 Avo-
aatnnia t d Inta the n ne I cS.
ai"lww h ac at they met ....
W cc UterraIMn, and are out- baee -
aCtiimrm caters Within*dUtldWW
S-- the Msope a. "bla OiiWANTD: d t and
e rain rcanMwsomse wi muntaid, a cter
* mad cu. l4.


A Special Message

Amateur CQgim

1 wlit@ or r
Many Ti ro N ao Make
in Y6o mo ,W*bop,.

1 Cainfl A& 3-414


lam Bd*wd inug

S ad

Harnett& Dunn


eZl'Ude3 am. -we
hf Ner frm Lu. Tilie,

PaenoM. Sippers. Meve
Taller TranWportM Baster

Repars instUation 6f gu
stotea water heaters etc.
81953! MOhtRLL
G Cnjal Sup rvlsor.


new Bunldln i Plan 5 de M3re
Juie QuUiano Tel. -2ls

(Webetr Chleaeg)
Record Changen
Tape & Wire eorden

p a msa" ri c omea
ral 3-1316
T1V "A'L :L-a s-mC
mG LtM He. &. Beso Ifte

AFGE Lodge 14
Meets Toniht
Lodge 14, American Federation
of Government Employee, meets
tonight at 7:30 at their Balboa
Clulhouse to nominate a nation-
al vice-president for the olui
A discussion will also be held
with regard to a candidate to
reprelent the lodge at the AF5
national convention which meets
in Chicago Aug. 30.

INAEGURATION. giMs Vie-Pred .eds Arias- ,
and PAF P. Powers and nBte D. M ed f to Not)
wer al sie yesterday at the blauusaot tht e new tu-
men Airport terminal build. Power, who Is regional
director of PAA's Latin Amer div : "One of tAhe moast
modern and most beautiful tenalualk b tobe food in any
a ,.rt of the world .t..a. .

100,000 Troops Mass,

For Carolina War $ames
.0 '

FT. BRAGG N. C., April r--
uUPF)-UUft oW a transplanted in-
fantry division were airifted here
last night as 100.000 soldiers and
airmen massed to ue. thd Army's
"most important" atomic w a r
Eighty Globemasters roared in
at nearby Pope Air Force Base
bringing In 3,141 infutarymen and
1,500 to s of equipment form A.
lexandria, la.
The iQaitryme eompeise the
145th (Buckeye) Divsm being
moved out of Camp Polk, Ia. The
entire division with fall equipment
will take part the atomic "ex.
ercise Flash Burn" in the Care-
"Haas Burn" will be the national
most realistic maneuver using tae,
ties adapted for atomic age war-
No actual atomic weapons will
be fired but troops in the field
mut cope wil simulated Arbomb
As the Globemasters unloaded
unit after unit of the 1SOO-qdaz
division of ground fOrces, the Tao-
tical Air Cbmmand established
54-7.," the I1 Force phase of Sie
overall e .xe
Friday over hundreds-of squat
mile of Canuss asa a
S. *n (a rfii inoE' irf i~

heavy a lery rockets, eletm

11-ch se with amin war,
head. "Flah Burn" will be the
first field mneuvT use t o ese
wepo in this country.
Satome artillery will not be
red dur e maneuver but
off r w ilbase .mathematical
eom Mut a a their area de-
teOmed i e lpabflAs.
t"Tro wlu wear special plrowe-
ive nothing and carry
centers toa simulated atomic
bombardment areia while o- te I
their progress on televia sermas.
The troop will be accompanied by
Army TV cameras.
Ground frcese will be support
by the thi and 1Uth Air Fre
whh bombers, Jet fighters aa
troop tarlrs
S basefor ter maneuver have
been set up at Pope, Sh3aw AnB,
& C. Seymaour Johnson AF9 at
aold boro N and North Plaid
& C DonldM AFB-4. C., and
Charl AFB; 8. "I ,* ,**
Strat fegy fr the maneuver calls
S LefealalaistralaagresAor
rce B & Inland o*a the
Camrlins coast wfth cpearheads
.eaigre'so Knstoa N. ap4
Ibernw 3. C.

p et s h I pa as bee
Army forces In the field, wil maising for the exercise aor weeks.
al more than S0.000 mea in. The 37th was puUM out of Camp
dinlag the tM and the Id.Air. Polk last week, leavIn nearby
ovne Divisions. aesvflie, is.,. a "ghost tows."
The ground forces will be :sap- After "'Flh Burn" the vl
oted 2y 280mm atomic cannon. will be moved to Ft. ley. tans.

Sen. Douglas Says Democrats

'Effective Foe Against Reds'
o- 0-

I ICAGO, April 21 (UP)-_Set.
Paul N, Douglas (D-Ill,) said last
night the Democratic Part has
been, "the most effective of
communisn" both at home and
At the same time pre-
dicted a Democratic victory in the
Novebalier elections; offered Pres-
ident Eisenhower "our goodwill,"
and btasd other R Bf8lcans
.t to "ulde.moW" the
Douglas spoke to 1,50 Chi&cao
Democrats at a $0O--a--ae Sd'
raising dinner to i khe 14
cog toaIl campaign wars.,
Adu E. Stevenson the paty
residential noat in Ur, had
be;n6 Iedeed to speak at the
dinner, but was relead from a
hapial only a few hours earlier
after undergoing a kidney oper.

An aide said Stevemsom went di-
retly to his LIberqviwe. Ill.,
home and would be "t of comrn-
misslon" for several weeks while
Douglas, who ared *peakgj
hoors with Sen. John Ke oiedy
Mauckusetta, made a c de-
jt a accused the GOP of
eLy "baleisy. and pp.-
He said the Demoerabt, called
Conmmenist a-gresale a s eh

jailed 77 of 1 0e
1-dal thus far m
to" of thei
wh were ceeael
i erthe e a

Unity Templ e,31nKw
Unity Temple No. 750. IBPOEW,
will hold a regular meeting to-
night at the Faralso Lodge Hail
at 7:30 p.m. The meeting wlM
also feature a regular "sackae

- ~ 4'


"hamstring" him at almost eve-
ry turn.
"We offer President Else a-
hower our goo will," Douglas
"We. pray. that he may shame, in
the daga ahead, an increasing
good wi among his part."
Douglas said Deamocrats w II
continue tc support the President
"when we are convinced that he
Is right, as be is in the main on
foreign policy."

A gold medal, in recognition the medal
of the services of the Panams great plea
Canal Co. to the Colon Inter- compny-
national Expoltoln, was re- it plo
seted yesterday to Ov. with P
bold. 0o.U I
At the same time the GCover-*
nor was given a handsome, adHe dade
laminated' memor taltn g the to aey
"highly vasued ueopsatl4 i of3 1
the c aurnSavn ,
exposition. A similar iver bete
al had been preagea to the w
Canal Zone earlier IOr Its pa .
lion. This medal was accepted b, -
B. I. Everson, represent the

ve"ty of Chicago ad
Argonna National
aad motorist sal dro
Idea that raelt Paolfi H l
tflt could pct win dlahl
"If rad~tesnoud theo
mgs. the re4donm glaps it t
Arganpef tains o garden wow
be eaten away byBow," ae
dentist said.
Offlals -of the Pittsbus l
Plate GlaM Co. wmeh man i
fractures winDdahild, said norii
mal road wear" by gravel and
inder were to blame.
I. A. MoKinleyIr, an Atlanta auto
surviot manger hatd h
theory. ''ll"i g*' *
"Afl Mdi leA tag b uIltor
he aid. "Couequently, the tA-

Canal Zone Boy, ,

these as w am other part- ,
tlne lerical asUtin po
which te vacant at'the s men -i
Oi fuil-the seEt moe1 v

seda smre Oi bud .Miae -
W 0L, Ai.ttl
iemteof Ampelet aCanal Zleu.

for Ibep
have maWetanaed I aD-r
e- in Balbee sa La Beeia
The Canal o Ze Gowermane t
has paid the salad of the lo-
cal Soet NBeiqutarmr paiM
nel for many years; tb bm's-
mounted to an em t e oft
over 4g0,000 a-ia Oh
Scout endure are co
from I out funds, pivate-
ly donated; the loal Cout a-
EvitiM an funded- by the Cfa-
zone 0omtnunlty Chart.



* ,**

Seybold Gets Medal In Recognition

Of Canal's Aid To Colon Exposition

Wrand n ele saewt Re-


.,'*k*" P

_ __~__

. i




. I



__- I

,1 ;
' 1-

^ ;


o --


FOR f -NTe Attroew-'yo t
or unfurnished chalet, 71h1 Stie
between Ave. Peru & Cul. 3 be
rooms, 2 baths, parlor, dlninlroem,
porch, maid's room, gta nd
orden. Call between 8'.0 and
l:30 a.m. Phone 2-0369 2.
0479. 1
FOR RENT :-Fumrnished cottage. One
bedroom, modem improvements, in
Arraijan, 6!'2 miles from Novy
Base, on Pan-American Highway.
Sign at entrance, Johnson.
rFOl RENT Furnised' 3-bedroom
house, I block from American Em-
bassy, for approximately 2 months
beginning May 15. Call Panama 3.
5079 after 5:30 p.m.
FOR RENT: To responsible party,
concrete cottage: 2 large bedrooms.
one small, parlor and diningroom,
kitchen and garage, fenced lawn.
For information Via Poreas 91-B.


.he m that

,., so gn, ivtStAw B S billi In 1 8. Darlg the same period. ... ... -.
ta --- .-Oya 311IMNo ... -

Ne iou th doulh e:a IWi lb ies ttoo odhae sdnk forH

I ft Pondi" Ita trabi. r:two oa d ba s su Wh e de R
Dlawto. fs B .a V we rte a. e m....

-d 11 pwo ta osn hgatveaodtoatr temas hhed fdastten fo iSrte t as a a L
Is wwad fit.Gm anyd _r_ _i_ aoa nt_ bme n o- will be reduced b about m4 billion chr B LnA IA p *up uea
..awd a g e beUl forest Ift lyo p ie th o o ab y the Natio In ustsi alconferenm e o d h

Ireae ,e _una pd mah rT he Whde e b -a m d bed y ou r e m Ma throu
a n ad obd i that It bIa t -ewio a wa ed. SThe MTr-
____ ba____ _~,__ he s itee__e._mps a6nd S sho iet ewn.r uao'rourt b a small Ttu- for Sc, West V a, fie.g trfrerdent bode t her mea C Pe a a both day and
Jd te e a vod hrable ead, lt Foa. IJim l ea bon a tde ka raed
'If. athad opened a d tebo tdg dhe
w-.ds wulds haveate ak en one A 1-year-old womaa n,e who y
mgqad1B Sooth would Ave bhad sh e sms to haete fa knack fors
Ste lligefrom there in. always saying the wmrn s thi ain, i
Wes ac"tY opened a trump, wants to know iIt Iposible fo
101008 e0 Avoidohe lose olda Of cooeeit's possible. Perusonse.
MOM.trickG pent' born with tog.ft",learnshTW O

W CaePer'lWtion ceoeade Declarer won the first trick Pri inol. recently returned
hi ...I own hand and Ilsaily cashed Tefoundatiom for tact Is a genI
"i."Ig -- .three top spades i order to ae l ig for Th peop le. aln
-disard dam 'a n d. remark corealmoes nturall to
HOLLYWOOD--(A) -r x- graphical marquee o, r r .'g-md. He a lM th person dal).-"A

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eluady Ys Pubty w tars us aone i and other dmod asteth Star e
at UIlienes r ...astrt--a .. o Officer To Visit d 0 'ede IaJnd, ore

av^san. lreay ^it "t Cn a- o inver 5 a me-aes Orchid Chapter luHl
i- topnine down anthesubject od Uvlles ner din-thet 1 he to ur S mee p onsuet
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D hise "FromeH. r So. lL !ri SummeDrnnytThomaneve*rbee orste rn.8tarwil pay n ofcilI T
ii, despite othdoer romantic s. Rno a muploalv trun"d round ,f herte n. pmdqeestr, T _om l it was forecast today by Edward Intend sto be an odd-man out at edin tme. Heoins the chow e lpp a
amg Some of her remarksr n HOo.R M Isdeon Columbia's fortunately for South, hwevei a hanee that u mar be s n G. n voe prdent-sale ofrpu
bas oble would erl our settlement iray s o st ru ed the second highe question the other pen doenA'tPa-G
Swil. Nwouo eYork lawyers of the. studiomvMdreturnedB a trium.twb weant toMIM aan m Awa .n
w Neer oice Seven ear Itch" served er eagr thenape." a oChapter No. 1, o Balboa.
ong enough o plawhy a ilyt Mon. was to h elree in Denver. Youay

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befrt an appeara asnctthe studio for aegdley par ee gh owe orne at his slam eot tof e o asdezger miles over.this time L Op
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cillis ooning. to the Supreme Court. Gilds, who On& adopted the right line f play.B. Nothi lie Bd sroup iof expect ,.tudentsdoctors
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weeks ob. eya inhbuintonSerlm a .Paramount's pulln all-aewi resoarer can cash do othertUP heanwouldn't mind getting back Ctovitipi pouaand San AmericahLONDON, ppilewi (UP)n-w-iTo- BEL
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Fulat......"' "- -- ast.the sam.e tiae that sh&e'& at. South America. a cco r dn Lous who bcame a Britishh sub-i
rU nteI StAbbsfLamne Even if the hearts eakk 54, Five. Think before you PAer nd.a sirly comfortae say,'a.
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(qsa Cbsper'aw as the career of handsome hat designer prlmHanT1948, rweC E N T R A Lu__ _
sereen's leasita ailtave nore-.Dill Hawes whostarted out as anfrmPrip to Sut8, Arica.yHIS
"apuI a i u for bia actor.-latest play, "The Confidential
Cru3." Coop tissues P101s ounid ]Blow to Technicolor: Kirk Doug. ,and London.
is a Jove withse.w Deise DiFr- 1bt? tty jeo. fte- -.'
SOL AddeI Chear leyem; !. .- 1 .licesagasbtrue
w.ddi'iworry.r- Stark, Is dome In blaek and white. --Estern Star ft
Now.t's ow, more big-screen y, Rour.. 'V.
preemL4uperPanatqrand Pan- 1ecm1wto&hat h.'. -iuoket
Avis=Alread with us-, Cinema- over 50,000 in back income taxes
Scope- Vist.Vslon, SuperSeope, to Uncle Sugar and that he's even- Orchid Chapterfi.ta ,l
MetrXcope. Comeranemi d Cin-lsteven with the tal departmeOt up AMON Wn brfii1*6 wad 1;,"
erama. Isn't th thinggettn out to this year. Mrs. Ruth A. onea, Most Wor-
of hand? zapeenlly since an old- -- thy Grand Matron of the gener- int I"-'
fashioped flaiti. on mn old-fashion- Hear about the _Puerto Ricaalrand Chapter, order of the
ad skae,,"From Here to Eterni- verbdnn of Danny Thomas' 0,Make Zastern Star. will pay an official
ty," wIn Al those Oscars. Room for Daddy"? -P ,... hy ca l i him visit to Orchid Chapter No. 1,
Theycal it "Make RUM forO.s. of Balboa tonight at :00.
Jack -Carsa's Investing In his Daddy." .."o"bato hat'
uth oR-lwell. Th7 first 19 were At the lose of the meeting.
duds and he says, "No other actor James Mason about the English'Mrs. joneo will hold a joint
-cn make that statement."...Van- food dished up at the Fox 1 school of instruction for the
members of Fern Leaf Chaptr-AN
will step out of the Broadwaiy som- "Even hde Ys' t -id-e pUdbng .. No. 4. Pedro Miguel and Orchid M", ,Eh.

idGffp wix toi
Jib Il

_"CI__ __WINgW, city of kings, poised between the towering
venom M 0UI and the sparkling Pacific. For your visit Io Per s
A j'CB A.. a choice of flights: El Conquistador, Incpmpereble
A ...MM".m n 'U U DC-6 sleeper, or fine new DC-6 tourist servi .....,
YFORMDDN substantial savings. Eiwthr wey y fly weh
i- ci-M I2 .a-M_ f q' i mile captains and xperilnced crews.
-As e:a : ,For 'Minann a ds, c your iral aeni
Pea. 1IAvuenideTivehone 20975 Heel l Pa m -
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-.A M: 4 I-. T RnN A.T tO0N A L

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SP aaue BY

in Taming W

YORK, Abril 21 (UP)- Aex iKellner was r
Grover Cleveland Alexan"lr. and it look
.. e inherited the "no hit jinx" which plague
nly there seemed to be fate wd again
I oner last nitht when he allowed. only an
-out single b/ weak-hitting Wayne Terw
the Philadelphia Athletice to a 7 to 0 trl
ators under the rg flights In Washingi
ItAlexander, National' gve up o* l eghit In
Iihing star of the '10's! .U1n Out t*b Whlngton
about every kind of tors, 7-. ,
tir.ay there Is except! i
s.hitter. "Old Pete" hurled roLu t
e galore : In fact. in Fort KolI ops
ne re toned four of'
Sefor an all-time record. ButI J e A
the elusive no-hitter Armed Forces
through his fingers.
other night games. the seal Title
lphia Phils whipped the
Dodgers. 6-3. and the Fort Kobbe captured t
ti Reds outslugged the Caribbean Area Armed
Cards, 13-. leaving the Baseball Championship T
and Reds tied for first afternoon by beating the
.i. the National League. tIn Tortuguero team by a 6-
the New York Giants n the playoffs heldIn
Peittsburuh Plrates, Rico.
the Chicago White Sox'..
the Detroit Tigers. 7-2. The The Kobbe Lifelners'
sad Cubs were rained out
and Cubs were rained out terday was their their
other clubs were notCamp Tortuguero in th
Sout-of-five series betwe
Star Alex I Panama Area and the
. S. ofterday tl Sta..- wo baseball champions for 1 of the Athletics, who ribbean title.
I The winning margin c
Group Title a slx-iniin home run ,
btn. r lbe's Iacenterflelder John C
STomorrow ton with two men on
me TomIIo rrow ,-'break a 3-3 tie. Clappert
D-D.- 0 A the hitting start for th
|toBry- D. 903d Antiaircraft pin Kobbe nine, collection
ry Automatic Weapons hits In 13 tries during tl
who were acclaimed! games played.
of the first half In the Kobbe pitcher Jose
-Antiaircraft Artillery Oroup earned his second win
League will face the playoff series yesterday,
S.hbalf winners. Battery c.'galnjng the win In Kobbe
A .AAA Gun Battalion for victory last Thursday.
.ampionshtp of the 65th The Kobbe Lifeliners v
tomorrow at the Fort, first game of the seti
nBaseball Stadium. Thursday, beating Tor
behind the four-hit pitch)
v; n903d was victoriousI Jose Rosario.
I 4AAA OGun Battalion Kobbe also won the
ICfi PFort Davis Pottery C. contest last Saturday by
4i1thampion of the 90Sd;'yin. before Tortuguero
-ibttalbn loop on the'back to cop a 14-3 victor
Sday afternoon.

W -l.ger .. .. ..

iumph bitSorgIE St LaS S S f i
ton likeM1s i ioi

n..... w a- ,har s -
lDr arlesro Sloar 4 ..a ,. mesa as- "i

i sp... av I I b u e tgA h* New 0ea a. 6 H 0
t-a I oR.m T- n i e a a r~apameJIM Jrnsn

uert Ill. 6~ li e wo t r e hhe o s S g S- -'

S t o tere 1t5 L ot htalDo ae T rt I r r. -
St them 10mS frw n

beRt o complettorik o the m, -a kn, o w .nn d.n. thj- .O Maple f tl '5h- .er
T WN o Voflh L. Itarvonew nm Afnt c Finl and cro esth ab r3eb ut
fur-that TWA"mera f gee MT ht Trcuer Ch i A en tert ai
an yroes- fieiargn oliea ewis th er s th ualo point oston, Mass. t, 11 Marto tr t W go tdhe B1ook 1 01 0 00 0RG

Rosarlo iled E pg2t onte s, coven thoud h tor ang 200 1-3 points f Hisra wgis oxlt A Brsbl anther. "the I s f 3 p 1
b sth- her time fIrsthe in only ard the nine events hou h o, 2lT ht e eWJwh eng wuami relieot to w hlemmed Ra3. bhe ter
A l~.I atuite an 3 second.Alnt r ada e has had

on the e endedulo H be lo ua l that i t Rilch ol m o. w m t at Roe (0-1 ) Wade Lbine and
Anilsec e n po~brely hn I MVhm .a- .anh ts at nv n --e
.et erantrial whorse.-tu ---

Patroln S qu dor5Cdr: ons4m mee ta o goelldonhhisI eorln ar adek W5 1 gr W W 3 t N0 12n_. G 1 0
bas toe n, to w i nte 1 om-- l.-l Wi,ng- mah ni nt h.- _at. h ( -2 'a
w'o thannCht's m a n eee r how u.e_,a d tIteS
R CodptiIo SwimeR m ier, ng brit" t ba P st--I
gergto tir.el oIde oe1af1"it t h 114euCL n (iI rtin).
Patro l SqadI r onN ER splahers 'kuad etron's soa -sringnrade hat WC ef& iW ru n All enRtert ,0
Lisa *;in the neu or0 ew te arigbutI0p nem t r ight-.
Roa o pnd up 26od orh0 points, eve ough totaIn 1-3er points whe n raonl n e rt- h er e auyl r nt, w he f lUme T0T1DR'
o f the thyto f irstpa e fio lyhoneBscorng i n.te ine eve ntsHis1 h e gins. wh en I A. a relievedmby .l 3 W lniYtthe l-
!ad oer eventsto n'l the 19r54Ohiladey.htnse,0 Cr-a f olf e bh ge Iihmend a -3 ab 1 0 0 e a e0
foirbst- m endan t'es Cups wimmig r s 0 meters free-style: .fr.It,2 mpeyoungalnbiimotse X fifthbe .whn be lh4002t1ay.,0whileRoc
cmpnTetition eattea Rome ae rs, FAo2n05. 1 .,tti mr L


3. 3

Boston-at- Naw..k
Cleveland at m (N)

Detroit 0 Ol 00 3 i 1
Tracks (1-1) d. Ora
(0-), Branca, t, .and
House,. atta.

elphl 1M0 10 20M 11' 0
Washitn 00 000 000-0 1 1
Kellner (1-1) and Shants
Stobbs (0-1), Dixon, tone and
No other games scheduled.

Fire Truck

ab r bhe a e
Carrasquel, as 4 1 2I 4 1
Fox, 2b 5 0 241 0
Mlfloseolf-3b 5 1 1 2 0 0
Pain, 4 1 1I11 0 0
Lollar, c 3 0 1 3 1 0
Growth. f 51 1 3 6 0
Mchaels. 3b 3 1 2 2 1 0
a-Nicholas 0 1 0 0 0 0
Rivera rf 1 -0 0 0
W. Wilon, rf 00 0 0 0
bMarshall, rft-lf 3 1 0 1 0
Trucks, p 3 0 0 0 5 0
Totals N 7 1 113 1
Seluing,3b 3 0 0'1 5 1
Hatfield. 3b 3 0 2 1 0 0
Kuenn,s 4 1 1 3
Dropo, lb 3 0 1U 1 40
Detlsg, If 4 0 1 S.'0 0
ie. rf 1 4,.0 1 .0-

5,e. perts:' Fifventh thi ord, CoV-,. s. catld 4n aAry to o hth 10 I- of 4 4 0 0 0 0 f- i e o ypn p 0 : 0
Iiit. the Naval HSpital team R tho m an r r poins10 l.;fi.. sme onte oa d. a_. teams, '. S Ahre -. heLo Fkman. If-1b F o 1 4 0 0 TFfl 3 8 27 ;'t
J lfailed to score. se on Fene oon Hrbor D service e an, I t s th ol obro tt, 0 8 0 0 -Ran for M in 8th
IndividuaT IIEs cogIoorenene .,.... S points: third, Telposy,. enter the league are 1. to at,- firstptc wh 0b s Ro e.Aton ellt, c 4 0"1 0 8 0 b-Rounde, or t "c*W. WIn o.n
Individual scorin onors wentoth ,Ittend ths mein eM Amerlen In 4th, 0
105. who scored lO1/ points:n by ...ter d first. Magers tend tomorrow nij,,ad b attend ym ai ue t or aA meaurs d Irv I A1-WG ned0 for ne4 Ds o-.W
blaceFACr on 105, 5 points; se m Br cond, t will be an tadica lam that the p : id mghneSoys at -Lined out forAllie la 8th d-Fouled out fSBonovan I 7th.
n reetyle. first in the 3 meters h Camith mta. s points absentees do to Intend to parti- P entShan b-Flled out r Pale n 8th. C *
S If..ree-stule. first..In the S. met rr. third, Smith, Head aurtersAn-' a~..n d, mp.tre --- -b-H out for _, Palmse in 5 th. !l ae Ml 9 1 --
m la", -pJ Mdivlng, competition pnd third xe. i Hpo e uarten" An- d only thoe present the lp le---ngled for crHoowswt I1 1 100
olace as a member of the squad- o ..,. 11 be accepted. Each team i Before th, 'E the r ttbrh rra
p. .T; BELLA VISTA ea.ron 2 a0 meters o, thaeasm 200ta Poers .reay: first ked t hve a b rep.- ,scott er d Aatt Netw ork mil It- ue0l r1iS, ox Wm,_ttIael
IL PICTUR OF At 1:0 5:0 9:00 p.m. co Solo were tied for seond- w lka rra 10 points: see- esT aPek for the out e rep- tC s took charge of t Katt Thomas, S a i. B-Truck.
ARI LAST DAY O Te with In points each. Kar- Roff Matchmeer, be -.lony reen _. pt .______- Lockman 2, Willas. .2-Dk -Ds DP-K x (una s t-
STDAY-, tTiES kil3n onlapd first in the 100 me- oints- third, F -- t Ma is--. -' K a-Th mPAol. R ot- Loland fe: Gray, HuEDrsopo andd Hot-
free-styl, while Thomoon took points 2 kinnr; Dart Wam and Tuttle and Hous.Let.*
"EL GRECO" simBar onorK In tne 200 meters 0mete e ir. man. Left-PIttsburh 11 9 Detroit 6. urn 4. O
Sfree-style ad 100 meters free- VP-45 re o r o'A is, JimI New York 8. BB--La Palp 2, 3. Branca 2. Her l.S
RE1 .PRODUCTIONS style event. _. patrolter. n0 point s Ans c ,a rtonelll 7.IBO-LaPalmne 6iAn- Truckm 3. Dooal 2I n. HOvGra,
Moreland paced the Patrol Defens heo r tonellM 7. HeO-LaPalme In 8n 5 Tk 3. DBrane 2 t 1 Donovan
Sm- Donoeh poInts: th 'l, | King 5 In 1. R-ER-LaPalme 3-3, 2 In 2, Herbert 2 :a R-BnR-
S70 marvelous copies of Sto khaus Parker Oer 2 e e 3-3. Antonell S-a. Balk- Trucks -2, Oray 4, Ban
BhB the famous paintiI Along The Firways pointL.aaPanlme. W ou nner-Antoneli ( 0-0, Donovan 1-. Hbam i Crt 2-2.
m1). yaseer-Lmpalme (0.21. U- Winn Truc. s (1.'). Loser-
Smaster pl.cee Lad les fl -'- Dasooli, Gupau, VI. 'e t ". Or .l. '- Hurley, Umon
1.M DALSO:Is The Ladles 8pAnm r Handicap e Margarit B ew LM ELK'S T-a:39. aA-8U.B. .- .. lry. T-.:. 4A-S,7
STournamnt has been fun as' ICt -1o
well as good experience. The' Saitne 131 -0 16 I1
BEL Tom Kelly, I. final rounds were played on ( I II The Elks widened their lead yprtarw '204 138 13 4 474
"ADENURS and Thom' e winners and w0"Dt 2041361341474
1 TOM SAWYER" FT FLIGHT -.en whleecnd paPowerl-'s Stet a431.14 -!
Milli, m d Sen Tena --alosing all fat r to the White Hatsa-'f
N'IIIIPlus: TWO SHORTS SEO LI.-GHT Chamup-emaop i Clmes without any trouble to
lO olo Teams W L Pet. pt total by 10 pIS. Robtson vs. WRIGHT BROS.

EXPOS T IN Prices: ... Fran T rusman Nuavigation 0 0 .000 Plbrs ka IW 14 116 7 401 l
m Uar H F!Tnd W Army -ran,. 0 1 .000 Thr w White ats won all four Hea 14 0' 4
$1 C S, .0 .wi Naomi Ban" wI thou t h ai ng to hit" 1781- o tookoo 143 165 a
M aryoSeybo d. pri PLIG HTN OA" E r ave rge lb a single gam e La rrabee 177 152 W 4 5 -
fren te bost Aple Ftaight omtheon-a. wa-mes didn't a3s0 very tar thedeiecap 21 21 21 0T D, .Ttad
REPRODUCTIONShoevents.oP-45,MorelandongGu-llr1as were only down 1by 40
s lih-on o t. Bylva Carpentere April 26: n(t eonal DiNs .pis an thirty of then were for3
aA.Lnd, Connie Bishoph ave to pla yoA r mydefeh1Gheate a Wink W GA Y COOPER Panth bD
T Three Mus. trer Telnd et ultsi f. last .rsays sts ht led the Powell'r with 475 .
WDDAYZ "LoCOwR The ros h _,Low 425 ave him claMs *udtIuals 151S 14617 450and $V.V@ RCA t
k oN RITA rs-h |et" Tourna- Army Tfra wpthnl n C honors for the fourth tai te gaibd 147 147 41 MI TERESA WRIGHT GLENN FORD,
SI CASE Iwith I iat arde as follows: Paced a two-rma Uer homer this half. The loss left Powsll'i IShamluat 122 171 110 45
u i.TOUCrIR aw Grss: en Keem ADt. by. Wlltr aM Ie, C ve erpa Na-In second, with the Hats 1i- 13 ,5 li3.**
Gemen' i*- .mudaNr tional straight seap winners point behind third Gl2 178 131 8
Charlel .i U P Ner rKry ,ng and defending chn nthe In the fin ,match the P- .-2,
C lrJerry f2nd Pa cfl c .DlvllonaJ fb Office m e- up to fourth .a s -l 'isS 9 1 fC nmuva
S lr, I Van EI LIN There. was a good turnout ar iLeague, defeated a b win two tames and vs. WW4 T 4 l
SQTPlus A this stt, and emany of the a- portaton in the opener o thIe fom the h Ae's. Walgt 1 .
and Cot eil in 3 Sco Over Tok wes m the Spring layrnme t chmeammptloap e tkn M first tWo fom cra 1 1
TRACed also. 'pitcher of the went the third whden the Ace's cams to '136 144
lTTnwrsday there will be a distance with a. tme-hltter. life with a nice 916 game. e
.Srg I_ =OMurnm e.. SAWrYER l- ifnnr harTedK fr te lor 1wd the PO and the claw Bs we st a 55 3 S t 4
fourths handicap lu11 be allowB but yielded to e in the fifth with a bl 50 while tison's 543 th a a
VCAEOOFIHaraitxrued. pai.s only will coThdethgav ve t was l the Ace's.wnlhe91SM207
RCA OK O L IOLueroan h.nuIroen of. gen on8springer wam s t k Wr" thel ---to
Brr ature, ots will be allowed according eeaWt P* Weekly Ppise Wis.erso. WMgHTdIsWr
rand and sping, and you m wil us out io es' OaNe, Clts u4liet hgt t U15 1144
SM Ia~U Bea In e with scanors and string AIb Cla-0 i .-N sdbttam 3 l 4I
alOng THFOIGwith the cocTent0onal lbToWieP iarw, Conamhta Nurt 141 11
equipment. vy), os uv- thge, and tug TE1 14 314

S .Iuncheon for AWOA meml- Larigeagmars ave -- .W 11

VICTOR2 dA the g momma vN &theaverLI
-.n.t he.F sts i be awr de at make- e-te-7the ace -- .. B K--- '- "5 1
P I nnurgt t Ia* "00- ed oh:at" T oi....i, dte a-,,., aaA-
*"d." -, .,e-en o n1, -. e InIe 17
f-2,aI I I cINIIiji ilg'
." .- i"b': t- ". -" .- .' -""'"m-ght-e".A &
.. .. .,= .. .. .-s d..ies. I.n .th.,e. ..S,_ ,r.izi,,g. T..ourname.nt.., : ..
3 0 S",e"o.n d.... ....."o"y. -m '- ....-p- "in.. "th e.. ...L'.d"ies''" ,' D- --"a'-'='t" .. l"--e' f. .."r...t ---'.w o'
,.'.O ..- -.-RITA" -, .09 c a po eP o s o e n e ".--I.-,.- t"e. 14. ..6 -, 134rn ? -.... -. ,: -. ---.=- ,
with.. .,,.-,1.4.,. M.T.. RA".T.-To-u.-rna-men.t, al,,s.o' p.......r o the :. i .......he-thi rd w...hen the" ,' Ace'# ...C-UM" to '-" -1"'"0 .. "is -40'
.,,,,,..., .. .._ ,....: ._:,,,:: .:._. ., ,:... _.::- .- :,.. d .-.-l -... ....... ... ..



_ -'-- -- ---i--'i

II ll I I I

n .... .. .. W__c M.. Finil eld n w. he u W nw_ .< .

-pot as?-w sc ,acraw a es a o the eight o. ld l l
attulwa t w othe irst ai d Ae t
of te e rida eat two O Ide% -'--- e,
.... -0-A Al- a sA been done to u" -i -
. is h ome o f gro.mfn. i .tsh e o.y meote m.r.-e I nterest In relay .ra.c
adg rou. a t he u eig hteM Yehldi001knoll
808 Tf he r s one aam- oldgO r WhtN teA The wrkio bA.U. meet, o
Apac.t4 unredc I t "e -MIRl Y k Wd kitalyard Mb open to a n without a pro- .
S pe ,ai s: owe ta ~ e'lboa hef e ti
ap fhd.i,,,ead,- aWia el..In .. rage 4 f o b .I eshuet o l3* I. w I .

-started a ro i, -. Wallace Moon, i Bla h will have ;board In rooihMeia ISP Wa -hmacii 1
wl kickacroa the-. wh Closing Fridoy

T._ y 1d~ei h lw two MB mac alt-ioel that Buce t40e o t i he work lkllafe .... ktld te
E i first wins. The Balboa SwIm, Pool It t
S.. nTmore. blanks aye been sent laycloed..ay fcale
I to a o.arl t a tn, a -teem h. Lwe n -e.h t. b .

I henl frtem a leu pp l t thera wrolodaw s ey a o l fl St r I thl :-71o0. wo w.ilb n L "W co- on
id he wo too comn I ol can re w uinn from

wo inten t In hi, ssadppm debut. i s lorawl like a fourney-IIo Jela. I t ftl h 1 l1 (- ll ,li Ah 1 4oHki n J bBd___ A W g r 0 trht
ma jn gsuagandeeI consioders se ltian usw oou ednesiay, Aore aUng Ma Ltenance Di oinn 0 O
a ndhe .ule aliuttfor sithe o the re I .a le for the bhe e xlbe y tre 1.t etAli
s t h Iethax t I t_ c reopened on e r PA ie ill AS eIls one
The akee have two ses e situations t bey gg hold the i A A ue wI e .se hear me
must bb somewhao.b, Ir the t I -r. heat the Dieae n el its Club-
..ns. -Up to ow they've s a Seo-GIe break. ia RYoha e Ie ln tt I. a untds,"a .Tp.
first start d iy. On the NalnalLag dldt survive the secon* O. h ...
n u. When the Yankee sold him wto the Cards for r0,000 theya O D wis hat OUT DOeOR Sne c
,. ...he as too a "m end toe .: ,, ol.. a Sn se do. ,, ,..
w a s_ b l a n k s Nat flb e e n S e e c

a& th She to o ta ll-Vr oS Rae "h s st iRi ', a .M i col d
km. sold to the AL's wwith Eoutlw ing himlit ~ e~co~o t ttl a ...i :e rSlaot*. A+ .-o n li-t A t h
. f.a.-.ot'- t. 'w ti~~t- a tfh .d[!.bi .He look ourey-
man er and t any of Ctar Ute 's outeleldera has a btfer uand Jack Watson. Tok-
a r he be saving It for ando n er; tt e s Fa le it may he"- /blln'i b th
nM S I. herve hmmese l .caprtr._.' f t A faim of the "Wem Leue albn 1 i
n A i .* "o ri M niS t t m IWr e of h "Lue will be

'. -- guest, of League aoncluion of thea l_ i
A me A ND O utW llarlensos, are ert ilyfti t a
mhe Power situation eoId vIsOAe. The Yankees got boktr

ts i.aft hohle a wih rit ,, rsa oatnram.. c tu.ew aduI Colat a iati tf h un

-w on w assnai Izon wu r pi-'h' r
or another; but e it may w
I .vle some Ewffect o b C Aer ar film of the "Little League
e s bbeatfor4tie-Jiese roSllings that ma World Ser .s of 1953" w l be
..h.. t e pending w shows e at the conclusion of the. Cu
ie-a, tChlifr ah4& o o of th sp of^ oth ler b N y tihne te

Oftio .,the tb rv a r inni oeththsfshWsr the*teasrhm Ien* kee-~ K yR- th t inT Mo
or Soldto" ~I e is .uss..e prha s uplaO .u sot hwot stll i the sadepl rhee wipho on tent.i
total of watfowk s hot buthe non, rhapo notbaas andachkWatson."

rr sreca:,3faK 5;; Zweont orndl. ally

Ulg duh k ath toli n r. a sor, tht 't p fe
.ary for b orwan-=;- t rol. crodJ / ,] -__ft.. ...
faceateen.guroposedtso-anyoAerROOKIESe.n.t. No. 13a
.Thes.wer ot is a As0r 5LIE .' nUneiqalead inm n-
Slegalities n an1 form. The ra 6I, ,i your beet guarantee,--
..o /InIa0.ad10-ons aIdvoda t r UMcve i- r EWr o n f oequled r f,,-de eu In
"* 1 t.eo. part of As 8logn of hl s sor t are two: ewast-I -.----- -i-ni.... .
age of ducks hit with a woundingl nio And, i 8? years,
skiyscce-buste ad- the ruination of HOWr G oodyear has built and sold
i -' shooting chances for standard- RC(I18' ( V 600,000,000 Uir
u5a users by ultra-klang range ,Naiit 'vs ion ar ... .
Mew" oum fly drec mbrdm t om ohe magnum f rpi --
-r "Wo eterfy r suhdoters. Both are crimes, or aSt -i an any other manufacture
i-.-m 5.--w ntS Iy .Neropxer;potm'ao* Nat time you need tiie,
,hbser-.s.n ot 'tUt re Uoe u i matter oh edtt justhe Per? CZ tr put'. see your Goodyear dle!

om Tcua ..en at u. M... Miecal houer limets
VMng Mexco at a.OO p. -. (CST). on rs in rder t mite reck. 1
less driven?
The manm6% shotgun, hi the
VERY LOW RATES bands of a soled sataguaer.
aa wil k will kih ducks from 10 to 30 yards
S 11-ONE WA farther out than tadard types,
-...u "ve-ew ONE.- ",but this is no excuse for abuse (
j 166 .of the atrUment by attempting
A S.- -s-> ROUND TRIP to "anti-ircrat" ducks to earth I
S -' : om out of ke *elouds. The abuse I
o ,. "is not buih lom the gma but rath- -
$ tf ..I[- w& eor committed by the gper.
e$ MROUND TRIP Rersctne a gats T .orchar-
op. s wMfl no-top tbm ae... T
AM. .0 ,.i. .) idiot o wastee ird an dt ruilns

Army Thiportation

lot" m., s: Softball Ssi To

1 Ope This Suday
: .,.' .. -. .w' .. Transport "e

VA1 A 1mS o t- m to

a -o il. i oroe2 Ile Ha*-
S- sotb "l -will.t el-t o _w 4

itl Xiie.

on to wre te sa.anyone e@s wnto. I
dt; his eaJim, moUt wrestlers m onian he t
e thei e.. -when wo,, a aoolt thee
r n fe le bainn irat dl; ar in a

'5tw. sTed .is oph if thw 2*
i his hanJ' ftWi' la*, l
S yof the ch. Bu onc. Be in od li t I
o. itrt etr a ar uo Lk l

don his ene ofhai-anyo ln e t al
k Bhi man dows. He said he erse, sith h t'
d hear the man eircling him all musale
it kept turning wlith him brall athnd play
Sthey tinelly made conta ct. mlemoy.
know where' WIse at the ad out of bAdL.
t of the match. But once in

en ampu Jim is treateAd like And a tougli
Sher oppudent He likes at be glon an worti

acst. own nd seldom has any- enough
iWd with tU situation, JZi HTWOr"p ct h

ldead him. Now arcln actie little awlmming l M
Ib er of Lambda Chi Alpha shd elarinetly w
1 tey finally ade contact, memoy.
n gampus Jim is treated like And am

leading him. Now an Active MIttle aiwtnu nism
nber of Lambda Chi Alpha id clarinet WoTtKai

t ires HMI

. "


#i~-Tr~W'~v- 'TXjN

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Ma .0 l wrl @, ri n 0
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