The Panama American


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The Panama American
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Weekend American
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Scott Family Library Fund ( donor )
Panama Times, Ltd.
Place of Publication:
Panama City, Panama
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daily (except saturday and sunday)[may 12, 1973-]
daily[ former oct. 7, 1925-dec. 4, 1966]
daily (except saturday)[ former dec. 10, 1966-may 5, 1973]
normalized irregular


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Newspapers -- Panama (Panama)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
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Panama -- Panama


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Oct. 7, 1925-
General Note:
On Saturday published as: Weekend American, Dec. 10, 1966-May 5, 1973.

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University of Florida
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All applicable rights reserved by the source institution and holding location.
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.$y oi Lncm mrY be worthy, but If the O efikOw16Y
dibled war vetrans these men can obtain used stamps from But pe r h a p these volume
ny OcUPDe ltponal the at any veterans organs ation, shovu I be wr 1 v. Fp the.noves a
The Car'ibc. n Stamp Club solicit tamps from Its members, are ilo)dinl thh ecunl wiL i r- A
.a t.S bli eUds ld acquaifntances, d several times. a year snu. morse and liternlti: e of l1:.d ex-
'lae bzas of them to various ve rals' hospitals 'n the Statl. nosure. wiidnh nl-lee l are c ;r,,,Uan
they Lre added to and redlstribu ou to thoe dLsOb : vet t Ihe an" "vm.miunist fight- by con-
W" Alro ae rothm and o t o m.udetr4 a a L ia fP using it..
e1 sympatlhles of pole thousands of msi:.; away.
should any of your Lenaers .ish to help tie "Stamps for T havc In the Post year reeled
Wounled Veterans" program. we crca5t thlc to Lil- I.' 'ieds of such l bafletsbullet Jun .
dr s sending their stamps to the Carib.:.n EL n p Club, P. O. : little newspapers-devoted to r
unoE 40, Anoon. O.Z. We ha'l a:' tlir thcy are distributed to -':-Comnunism but confusing
toe ? ho S ?ry In r. W' I;;: 'I rals, labor leaders and lads- NOe 6t<
It~ r" Holbrook, Sec'y 'rialists, Including the head of o ea
.-. huge steel corporation, with cor- e
"' minunisO. I have even 'heard PrEl-61
io O I dent Eisenhower, ahd before him ew..
yI c i T el l S e the I lte Senator Tift. oe t rulgret k
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Spender such confusion attack, we, 1 try th i tane
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W 3 o TOJ& D.C. April .- Ling urposes," he said. CIO urg- ros he h r become "cow' rover. Fa ts Fomt s tTesoa v
chrl1ed t ,0 "y t ,t cu lnat esun an agenLy belpac sl',, i" and therefore cannot move. lionaires orplao network,
pU and prri r.e f a- ed IAi the Department of Labo r. So we alo se. rP at m v e .1 takenaover a other ale e
re skIlitabonk of the Read also commented on g o broadcast, Reporters' Rondaup,
a haid w .' a',d "are so 2759 anld 8.0393 mihh e I cannot tell you more about AThip the Mutual Broadcalting Stg tem. 'dow with
t, ore personss are "are referred to inQ for that is in the realm. of the This makes the fourth coast to- take sT
anetuly 41, fabled easci, per. as the Admitltriltt bU ('" hlmelligence services. But I can WASHINGTON (NEA) -GOP chairman of Inland Steel gave a he owed. But that story Iot most coast program that Facts Forum con aamlopo iedChtna
we now olit t CIO'sl citici.s l actflietme: e,- parallel the cue with th-t ofan- leaders argue that in spite of Sen. demonstration of this while brief- of the iroat age attention, and produces.
ibrgteer. me inte:ti- nes.t he caid, consists mainly other frien'-one Harold o -Joseph L McCarthy's differences ing reporters oals the President's the MO-page et Offlqe Depart- -It presents "Facts Forum"' A use heolig at it
pp.r. for delivery to- in t,.e fact that they nn piece" b-nI, born in 1910, sonr of coal. with the Eisenhower administra- new freign economic policy. He ment regrgani sation plaii got bur- 22 radio stations and 22 TV ta Dullehidias
Ra Ra d." secratrv of meal measures in o t alJsecp~ di g* a Patr;i k Thomas Gibbons aion, he hasa good record in sup- was asked about the number ofn ed inside the paper., tions; also "State of the Nation" aed not to go.
tonT CIO Lommittee on ins with tho rest, oft r ray* and Bridget Gibbons, at Taylor, port of the President's program. bills that would be sent to Can-, broadcast on 315 rpdlo stations; G.mitt.t,
ador InGthonis pn tht Paye.r Thi. is the lator's 193 voting ess to ut the Presldent's plan Gdvernment officials have learn- plus "Answers for Americanas"ri" o leel, clateatle.
nte Cemittee on -cou i record on 10 ey ipues tabulated Into effect. Giving an unsati*Ae- ed the hard way that they should 390 radio stations and 25 TV sta- 14e .rh
Ad Public Welfare. rc dtIn lon. Gibbons is a labor 'leader by League of Women Volers: ory ans er, Mr. Randall *hs never make plans to do anything t ons. th, t ma fe
who is aIED exe .tive eo h measures, he continue streamline rigrc down to a 32.inch McCarthy voted "Yea" on these: pounced on to clear up the situa- eols when their appropriation bills All are wanted, free radio tune more anxious to remain
aat to dCIO ,cretary -tras- "rcn. ant some improvement in waist and an education in a col- Reduce foreign aid, July 1; re- tion. ar before Conress. But Nel- on the theory that they, ari Im. Ca.
Jr limes F. Car'"I noted Ihkt c,'.:1. '11hey do not, however., lege which t r a I n e d him for strict use of aid funds, July. 29; son Rockefeller Undersecretary of partial, nonpartisan progranjs.
vi e prr--_Tnt"p I Michp.el J. bC 'a to approach the main Y M.C.A. work. Tall, slim, good- admit additional immigrants, July "I'm sorry" Mr. Randall apolo- Heith, Eduoae on and Welfare, ot
,l is I n of the ,aigig. looking and eloquent, Gibons pse 2; restrict stand-by control, May gized. "I've aeen working on this caught off base on this one Te th t are fl-
I t or Ibhr -lift commit-. '- t o ;nly. the CIO is for ln- ast, for he took on the Communl 19; federal jurisdiction over tide- even days a week for two monthao r a named 'li l-
l in t' tc.* mn. i' c fac Iti ly, e 1 and the crooks n a running f t lands, July 2b30; Communist China nandn 's out on ayfeet. Id 'f u prailousl Mr.-Rock. lo.alre.
as pmetl e of nerma- are Lor better formanmeet over the Uears. should not be admitted to the UN, kdcw how many it ; will take." 'of .r a iepal I
t*.'" an row. We B B loiokag at o grog but Today e is an fifluental le-r Judle 3 (Mesdrthy absent, but eat, at Counella nd to
ed that "ito ti we do n04t w.I prl pu of the 9t. Louis Teamsters n would-have voted Yea if present Yu never can tell what .for the
,a.r uand the antith" k .---. .,,
e e aMcCartby valed 'ray" o Ithso
Soa **a le Iborpeac 'at 50, p issues: .
hsor w contract to bull doay rean e cougervatlo June o a; d47 to Jutt auadesibeglning tp hhw
.aStls tihe said. *-Abeen l4t or too themselves and then t 0 1; the 15; increase hospital ls in Ip n -e 9ak, Mr. Roe I r got ap McCartht y ti
pp lm ly 10 million on and the performance h tractor to forge the t nd July a A ore or ra the Post
ac" -- is "a ''- S in the Unite(d ie e xremely po ."for brick and structural work-;f i ds So illion, pJuly A2i eaph baitae te' plan hast b A.d tons Com. l
i Si. T-th .090 ufferli. 'This measure, he said, would the contractor wants to do an legal protection forwomen, July making or 14 months. Wth tee as bout to waited J. B. G e wll e t
pan ao et up 'o-called workshop sinessagain t he area. So the 16 (McCarthy absent but would ats and expert aiistants, Mr. on h-dpa t s money Matte any live drab un wit
". '. -Tas pesaentl re-jto p:'ovide remunerative e lobs hate Gibbons. The Comm hive voted "Nay" it present). Summerfield spent over an hour Discarde l' sat pretext who my bower
"n" c Te'"atocgn seSof_ atnd ,'-","-:it to severely disabled slantswhom he fought i the Amok- explainin what it was ll. about. Mr. Re kfelle .ade a fewbr J. Bm. My sa h w e
S i.e wer e on-le 'u i-iduua whocannot be readi- Veterans Committee, in the of the print a reasons w Even Rot Mont omenry, White rm ,narks about the health program the P ra
ae 0 I ne om dft fterdon-. vr'--ored InTthe Pompbu tiv6e Teachers Union, in the Retail add some of the key Eisenhower ad- House radio nd TV coach, was i d ogized"0 b d est it for Capite with minpnist symptizersi
ly -0ersons ear.e r market. Th isI u a n nWholesaleat.Union and on an intes- ministration officials ut after lit- there to help out. an so sot to keephis con- chare laterinvest n- iea th Ji
y .0 w*t Aret' or.4y o f obu naa front hate him no e more than a yeas service is gressional master waiting. ejected by the ose UnAmerican a trim,
an r m is an-Comunismthey can't take the pw Just as the confeenee was about -- Ai cviaes Coma mittee. .. 4
rot w" ,le cosidered a : ve thrown around er n de~f American Legion for the District men wich s top overnren to break up, a reporter as It is now illegal for anyone in tloomsko on ioedinb
trriteprotecve relate ofn st Columbia recently awarded him requires. Many bus ess executives nocent ueston about other Czechoslovakia to buy or own du- Factssrumealsonop red
It be r. *'e tboeat r .- the %l ] lo a Citatibn of- Merit "for outstand- have had the idea that being a Sen, Josep R. McCarthy had ever plic tin par. The National Com len Zoll, a notorious Ameic rvcs
wet* a rel I 13:d :"V treou om"I ng service in combating ComrAu- Wa bureaucrat is the asl- settled up O f misuse of his 4on- committee or5 in port* Fascist, whose organstio l wm-h
i -t il.edt C ittee nsm." e 01 ia the world. Once here Ilona frank, or free-mailinlag this news Iron listd on the Attorey Genera's as w
.oslao, want is the op- l plchin "initl hthey have discovered that they bud g o 6vernmentW ba inattr this altuAtlon o subversive list. It has also Air ,
po:" r:l, to (et bac: to -T t-y n thte e ra When Gibbons went to France to work harder at more com plex It took Mr. Summerfild a Communist e. ~f is the mated Merwl art, whose padd l
Itl er-T.a Ri.,;n for I ': -mtent where it beloh for the government in 1950, he problem thpn they ever did In m nute to eaplala that Snator c- committee sa far th peo- National Economi Cuncil was give the S a
St, Pd to ccmert b, tha federal re funds aire Tound French labor dlAided into a pr ivate business. Carthy had reently mailed in his pie will sort g undergund, accused of antl-semnitism by the The new A
n-"W alt"" "er --aM -l aM l.... = ;f
4 rrj by the states to do powerful Communist federation and Clarence Randall. board leek for 00 pay up 6n what anti-Comm paper House Lobby Committee. sige to
t td .' jo th the Ople of t~ ar. anti-Communist group. hard.- Yet Facts Form, *hleh both ete
ladto-owed obhat the Paop of t shelled and not too entusiastic promotes Senator McCarthy's lees as we aa
anndtoheUSutewcouotory wwtdone."promotI I 3 I dent vi endopps romue o frs- o. h
.. + ----a"teonWenchell'ln New+ -+York .
Amero c1 Ca ns Lyon, viopdse mu -o nft r s.hl.
o a. B ,ta.- --Pel ph by day and took peart in their union -on a h u l Am radio am oV "t1ie f oan 41111a0ttt u
.. pro.tld ___ v' P" tok day t I a h th o diomaTice the
'tog.tfo _11, g separate lr'rnl eloYfsoT bya a he wned o meetings I"nght--'or four days that it uif pardeal .e end
aa rehabil- C k aunad lif. Wp. they left Emanuel __
as," ytll 1caltrehalb~i-l bMrL ~p.; ,,rk.lieadonn i dconi district chief oR the anti-,, Jungle Deleat i--
.seOU si. of th2':ferTls hsb enlIgOm 'on sme. Communist union, F6ree Ouvriera, April Comes' After MarchJes' Call We Perfeaser Dept: dissented. "I eompore him, wit _
". ot _"houa_-keep-. vehibet. telephoned U.S. diplomats ia Parip .Puzze: Whtt ward contains all the Mussolinil" A third tomSred him some of &e most impot t, ed for
-,r tO IiViou5 Puzzle to say that nothing since 19415 di [I guess this year we ll have the oels and i* their ordbv? with Peron, diplomatic cnve. l -iahso s of theomeeuoe.'
so much to pr amote underatan oime old rationbeFacetousb. "You guys 141Y J ce last decade have 1), M takingont
agan friend for America a As sentimental.spirits are aware, -- .ededpBob stewart "b1B I notice nParis a8n4, W i"ItOn rt as The only dier -eeteen
Zihbonm and his colleagues. Of April poems about precilplatlon, At Cafe Society the Gd Glah foS you dare to compare him effort to keep the wa:-: ,n French offer and epise man' .-l-
p 841, 0 our Seventh Army OW wind and ra caressing were on the Pan. "Look thae h" with 6talin," from pulling out of Imio-C-.iU, form is in the insignia.
asebliqd on on the way lojer,' ha ir said a rooter, "the, .df4q *"--,-. "
and & r,.fro..And nonorth to leiie Fralce. from. agai sticking to rer. -. "D. r, ater," writes e doctor. ,IDEGLANC ES 8.
called Spot- maudlin fables, Hunt, by stcklng anyboy." .lemilnag and hawlal? Yes, we E GLAt
.JS iei tjis t Ns'-wa"neof a6oresef such Of hearts in lower neathh those --. hN"jd somedifflculties in the begin. .
r e e, p-h e r devoted to exposingn leaden skies After Kid Gavilan was defeated dlng. Yes, we lomnd some live
Com munist Conspirac y in e How magic rain turns homely girls y OlIson the Kid was praie61 foo -virus Yes. some monkeys did die
And never les mascara in "Is se," puned Lou ttian etches. Yes it is rue we found 4
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$I..lllilte l~e Fe Croquet slick It saJs that narold J. Gibbok seems. Two show gels were e6nirine the button again You awful Side.
20 Apsualse 31 Preelude hau profited by Communist Party Is on a drippy, puddly April day, brand new mink coas. I aWlk Leboarintendant! What do i
of 26 Bellow 41 NuIlity techn s and I following the Fair Cjpld's *1a is better when it mine," said the "irt, "urn (We 'h- yeu msa _by alertilig the families
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10Chaste herbl 52 Tatter The unare d confused. Th* AEo i it geqs, the amean d soggy'.,George .. Cphan was N 1 Ae. Bravol" .
Te m s wers come, "tor along Broadway, also One Ot "f e.
saon n labour fight against treason. --- -,hs a it se, he S .
drdiseosain ledgers & Hammer- l : 'Don't that guy like pomit,_rep the Con.
-B 'tela. It's the frst time to 11. al.l e's Georgel" m o inv te _- es t i.n
m's Broadw tr haa't one of ely f .MmojeqlMas ae amms-a sIt

lowS".,- -tLatIl Mother-ia-Liw-Daysl a mtte sad MOD' MS .. r -
BURROU GHS .what the*'r d *al'= -lyed hono Ar t matM ot
,. ..?". ad least iey, an h eeprwl-
Ohobiy," chuckled Buddy De omtmber of the family ca
"- -=&;;=V. ,, pUor Unemploy' needs no argument became wIth-
A j...,ita nes them')V d never have had
Mmn iness "s w0th Y ,ove. :
Sa Jamaes R. s now o- Me4At ln law, are

dep e d lea tadilne: "HBeoMb Can Be for the role of Granny.
Or r U For. Good Or Ei.' -..
or Bydsge. Some reporters ware e eIa
.. :,----- unu l as u a I Ie to "
K' Eahn'ssa ameestimdrty.

0Tid .sta "CSd a Ca-s i. imoeier .-. .

. ... 5 .... .. .. .. .. .. 9 +
S-, : .. .- ,- : -. .- -- .. -; ,- 4-., .


- -



,.l iL i.-^I-- "
^_ sSf% '

il; -.--- 'J ^" "-' *w^.'
gn+ii'l"",., "Sr: -....
f ..% r ,', i "
', ^ *. '.,. >>,-<," t ',, ^, ;
.. '" -_. ".

mt leaw
- ='! ".A "
a t a^ *i^r
* <*fW'
i ^ S; .w /.." : .!' ^

+... -

4gr adar-
mS Se-s V

elegged Vk- b OH



atmes sext ame earlm

wesuWt 5oi Obf toe NrIth-
1m11". ..
nt5w con&a
ftom A.*c'Air ee_
Do he am a m- te
mEr to to. s
Sutaf is "ntaag te "eanly
wardtag~~ -.os tbati
oorb~et~r as was as north-
WwetBappoce to North A,

-f I


For bedy rn spirit, s

Sthe moot stubborn
S dane loort An aree.
to melt the stiffet e
Sjwy It an before th


emp the moost
Musle to co ax
ible atmosphere
rterior t
he rainy saso

compels its en. $3. 50per perma
*A For te spirit, Indeed,' is the
hiewroua hit
Held over until Sunday!

Our first audiences had their spirits
lited, bt definitely, with the down-
to-earth fun of this current Broad-
Sway play now being tagged by El
Panamla' Circle Players.
i, nwifl this productim.Aur theatrical
o, up celebrates t first anniversary,
M ly Une colon L

i,,,... .... .. i ..,*^

A Kk tM

* ~ II


We ore unpacking

Cereal containers ................ 0.8A
Vegetable storage trays .......... 1.95
o re ing trays ,................. 0.85
And other storage vessels at .. 3.50

SPlastle bread boxes .......... 1.60 d
* gerator defrosting trays .. 1.95
, woe ""1 m ldge" trays ...... 1.35
* ooyi j d.,.....,............ u1. 10

** POt4lders (pair) ...............0 8
*. Btte .r trays ...................
Metal cocktail mixers .......... .SO5
e Metal magastne holders ........10.M

WZ ^mortata (par) ........... 4
iu Ke e en oftet trays .... 3

e AMRnl .and e .ra ... ........ e. .




F l, .

L ad


out parM
ready to;
ready fm
So our

Fenitent w~Ln w torma ha t tf
basis. O o O f hlvn: ot
lfe Into ttM"Of a pru-
ence, and o n Gct tod bw
Him: of trw unbftlk follow
tn with all thl wmo repent
a believe; of spiritual curU
which can never be detresoed;
of Joy and peace.
Firstwe must know that heav-
en centers around od. Wee-
in with God. He must be made
Center of our life; not our-
aelvea and our ha pine, not
even the world I nd t redemp-
tion, but od. e mut be al
HelIsin L AM e
The second truth that eav-
en mea true fellow wth
others. n spit M ofa the a d
-natlonl, racial, and rel
-whits we see the w orld a
bout u, the I bleve a
&rowlnU sense of Wene f
lowh, a growing desire to
break d the walls whichep-
arate anfrm one another..
The one unity we all have ls
that we re all ners. Sin sep-
arates But when we view our
unity from the- stanpoint of
heaven we recognixse that it can
be brought about only by super-
natural means-our union with

Third we must realize that
spiritual security is a matter of
gradual attainment, and It will
not be attained in all its rich-
ness until we are In God's full
presence in heaven. This is what
makes life wqrt Such as-
urmae br t the eon-
veron of tpe. Be
had aft Iian f afo t

DOW @1211taf

NEW HAVEN. Conn. -(UP)-
The police radio dispatcher. Law-
rence McNeil, received an urgent
call for help from "Car No. 1.' He
call for belp from "Car No. 1." He
sent a cruiser post.baste. Car No.
1 was found stalled on. a main
highway. The occusnt was Mayor
Richard C. Lee tqhe-cruiser gave
him a lift home.


er utu wobe
w of the Bnotf
1 6 a~m: and-.ll"
Mdy 'thuh daa. J


x SStion ia -a fbwf |aw
,rWo m. at.30 \
lee at 9 .m. a the threa-hour a I
raslon S evle with ameditations
on Sbs Sieven lat Word, from f
noan to 18 n.: saturday, April
11 e Bve, at 4:30 VAL. the __"
sut. r Day, UTl Com lun., T r jell

children's festival service at 4:30 16t CINTI AWINULS PANAMA
r vd. wth the pe.entam' of-
tlenten mite box offering.
a- I i i 1 'd I i



-A N D-

ei i "; +, + "+M 0 'l+ ;'p



Montesrrfn etrset Near TROTT The CLEANER


-I., -- -

WR BAV3 Just anpasked e new preelous
baby asertment...
' e PAJAMAS shorts and long in cotton, rayosh
corrugated cotton
DRS E beautiful styles
SHRTS- all sizes for bables
BONim oute styles in silk, lace, nylon and,
A Ma UMS s UNSUr s
and many gift selection for all occasions


..A, '
.vqr r ...rdr

F .





An Up To Date


0 Cari




Under the personal management

dges, Record Players, Pre-Amps, Amplifiers, Speakers and Tuners

of the Finest Brands. Native Mahogany Cabinets maoe to. suit your
requirements- Choice of Design. Finish and Color.

N. I VI AE".L'H 7 ,",-"3"

No. 1 VIA E. TELEPHONE: 3-0033

For Solid Comfort

There's Nothing Like Our


Modernistic Arm

Come 1

From left to right:
Chair $59.85 Ottoman 431.50 Saucer Chair $4'6.5


AiM -*

Park Free in our around the corner on 4th

__ 9.51gNmes ri, mI t
-- pemg~ i

Jl Ai Bt


S~ -.
~ -.U,,


*t A





a --
~ -'-'S

-,i. -

A- *

-- .,--- ----




, I

*7 *F- --T l -c."

IT T.-: .'..

t."^+ ".-... .,... --


.-. --.-..,4 ,,. '
.. .,- _,.^,..:,,, .. ...... ......

**' .'.
1A ~

AI tl Cuba and Parents ladles. Pack 2, under William
rotlelpa"te in Picnics Mallory, took High hone for
." A ranrd total of 847 Cubs and best attendanWe, with 10, while
tbr parents participated in, Pack 15, under Thoma Kirlby,
-O district cub family pic- was high in parents and others,
S ate AntIAld by the Canol Zone at 61. and Pack 16, un4er cub-
S Oodat.od801 camping and ac-t-I master R. R. Ryan, wa's high
tilss committees. This ws the with 16 leaders.
second of the four arc award
programs of the local council. Other Packs -present Included
S The Atlantic District picnic Pack 3. Pack 4, under cubmaster
Swo held at Coco Solo undez the D. P. Hutchlnson, Pack 7. cub-
lretson of the Atlantic district master Carl Widell. Paca 10,
eampina and activities chairman cubmaster Vincent Blava., Pack
Majo W. F. Gerard., while thej 11. cubmaster Rev. Paul Hollo-
]Pacific picnic was held at Sum- way. Pack 13. Pack 17, under
f mit Gardens, under the leader- cubmaster Eugene Slider.
ship of the Pacific district camp-
In pnd activities chairman. Council President H. 0. Paxson
Wesley Townsend. spent the afternoon with the
Throuirh the coo'eralion of Cubs and congratulated. the
inelghborhood commissioner Fe- group for their fine turnot. es-
S lx Karpinski. facilities v.':e ar- peclallv parents. He slated
| ranged at Coco Solo for a nuin- chairman Townsend with the
ber of sporting events. The Cub presentation of arcs. Viee-Pres -
tug-of-war WPB r on bv I. dent Hans Pedersen and Pacific
Margarita: the wheelbarrow race dia'rict commissioner C. R
was won by Pack 8. Ft. Oulick. Taht assisted in the program.
2nd by Pack 12, Gatun and 3rd. -
by Pack 1: the relay race was Asat. Pace dMrtrit co ,-'
Won by Pack 18, Coco Solo. 2nd sloner Al 81ban pruesnted cer-
by' Pack 1. and 3rd by Pack 6, tificates to those that had Juat
Cristobal, the dad's tug-of-war7 completed the bade-iub leaders'
Was won by Pack 18. course. Pack 2. den mother Mrs.
i R. H. Ashbaugh, Mrs. Blanche
After the rames the entire Matheny and Mra, Jva Smith*
rop enjoyed a swim In the Pack 3. cubmastg lfdridge Bur-
in C _O o ol. ton: Pack 4 c 06 D. P.
with the activities Hutchinson. mst reore.
B l.eorge Pate. 5. J. Oled- tentative Charles C r y; Pack
111 .a.iMd Edmund Prospect. 11, cubmaster Paul Hollow and
Pakk 18, under cubmaster W. A. den mothers, Mrs. Ila Cowell
BlIcka, had the largestgroup and Mrs. Caroline Stewart; Pack
resent with 125, although Pack 15, Cubmaster Thomas Kirby,
E undir cubmaster Wm. Ho0- den dad 0. M. Manning and den
bert, had the most parents, etc., mother Mrs. Sadie Kirby; Pack
with 70. Other Packs participat- 16, cubmaster R. R. Ryan. A.C.M.
Ing included Pack 1. under Robert S. Cole. committeemen
Asat. Cubmaster John Vaucher, Alfred Retterer and Lonnie
Pack 6, under cubmaster E. T. Wetherington and den mothers
harper, and Pack 12. under cub- Mrs.. z. Clemens. Mrs. Helen,
3aester Joseph Goffin. McDonald, Mrs. Constance Ret-
Following the swim chairman terer, Mrs. R. R. Ryan and Mrs.
S :rard presented the Arcs to E H. Thum.
tose present. Major Royce 'Tum.
waves, training chairman. pre-'
nted training certificates to
,Show t who- ha completed the
etpb leaders' "baste training UlIU3 I ail|M
Urse.. These included the fol-
wg cpbmasters: Vern Cris-
t ph. pack 1: Wilbur Holberg,
PeCk 8; W. A. Hicks. Pack 18; H VI
AWLt. cubmaster D. W. Drohan,
?pak 6; committee men Ramon N iR V i ,
vsle, J. A. Howland, Wm. Castro-
oto. and den mothers Mrs. No-TI
ra Green, Mrs. H. T. Carpenter, R. L. Sullivan, Mrs. John T. RNE 14AT I
.Brns, Mrs. F. P. Washabaugh, wrmt foods and drinks'. wlro *vr.
Sr. M. W. Jones Mrs. F. Camp- woreg, and (re .*gnt eo14 a o ut
bell, Mrs. 8. i Brooks. Mrs. R.Bladder troubles nu r cab
Pennington, Mrs. Ramon Vale e.diry. er trong, Clouirn s
a id Mrs. L. Hackanson. up Kits, urnimu Pl .s Los, .
Pacific Cubs ha varid a v aid ervouensU, DiNoiness, Swoei
Pacific C a varied Anle, Rheumatilm, Puffy Ey elldsand
number of activities. Softball,I feeling old before your time. Hlp your
S ckiCball, rope climb, tilting. kidney purify your blood with CytJx.
{ Crtex tOot right to work helplnirrw
horseshoes, croquet, swings and tye al i. Clane out qWb
vWrry-goQ-round were kept in aceld. Combts germs in the rnary
pl v all afternoon. Ft. Kobbe Isystem. oothes qnd oIla s Irtast
C -qnd dads took the oti7to .to g; kii i'
race. while the mothers of Al- = ruyo i
brook AFB took honors for the' -* _____' ', __ ,

a wa u5 .mi....- i-. ,, ---- -- .
Treaty Orgaalution nations Jeob foros nuard Supremea Head-
quartrs Allied Power, near Pari. lBted in the Jeep a" Corpral
John B. Peteramn, United State Army (at wheel), Mauehal Dm
LUWis-Chde Andrew LhullIar of the Preach EsINdAo PrWtel (at
the c'rroral's right,. and LaenM Corporal Donald fPra (rta). a
mmber of Oreat BritiRn's Royal M"Iltory Police.



* up-i A

. ... l .: y : *p-. TT ;II **-'
:. *I 2 -T>. '.

'-" i _.uff ua


' y

Great White Fleet

New Orleans Service


S... "SIXAOLA" ...... April 10
*S.S. "HIBUERA" .................. ...Apri15
S.8. "AGGERSBORG.." .........................

*rfnmltng Reftrlerated Chllied and GOaearl Car

New York Service Arrives


S.S. "MAJOREA" .............................April 11
S.S. "ANDREA" .Ap 18
S.S. "COPAN" ...... ................... A 1

Weekly smDings of twelve passenger ships to New York,
New Orleans, Los Angeles, San Francisoo and Seattle.

Special round trip fares from Cristobal to New York,
Loe Angeles, San Francisco and Seattle.

To New York ................. .......... 29.00
To Los Angeles and Sau Francisco ..........270.00
To.Seattle ..... .. ... ....... .......... ..53 5.0.


Wizy I UC"wtJD ar


S for
That's for You, Baster

Very Simple

SR .~. w ii.

Msk UUis,, mLAAAd5&



Word With Dad

o u0tMD.cANLC ITA.... .I
L :-a4JI





I~~'V 05 Wi M~5

VIt~ &1J1'Z

r~emn WVoraflU


SI MWp~uML qVMiii;~~

51 5 MMM





- C



I W Nm
l"r For

* as.n

L -



.~ Viepi

.. .. I

New York Serviee

I! '- ,
74 0 ,


, J


S -_-

a L ~ -~' I
V a'


i -
igb...all... af dd ... el..r. tial.
Y* 'le .erry.,e4at he is.ighLt.
el of tbis haely hoet
KA qw Iptqie he v a M t- --W

belwhieli goa t sM npamewill not
twhe Sei .aetwewm orta -
- :s ... "" ".. -
'A *qL AY.

HMa" O1tile pda agers ad
teepany officials, kwiatwoe Ot
b.,:i3rtrf i iateft
Tbe crew m
fled as Cat. L *
fleer D. W. ;twatrd IL
Fanner and Stew Me Qula-
icy. a of V '
tetraier,a two~ f arvard
was believed toWAbe the Ro
Canadian Air- Far 1-aen mtgi
prairie city, 0 ai wew t # f the
;provienial capital ot .Xgiaa.
SWitesses said u wy 01 the
pla'se'i oeupant were dl6meber-
ad by the i a;et. A I nourt
Itarth wtd s
. It was the third e*st crash
la TCA's hisary, aste eo-
pbany' ft fatal t Is t evn
year. Bell, thae .:ara vear-
nof 14 yiars NII who
had ofl IBwnI llI sb4
nmles, company. q man said.
Requiem Moss
A requiem meai will be sald
for the repose of the soul of Mrs.'
Tula Caddie, who died a year
ago at St. Vincent de Paul's
Church tomorrow at 6 a.m.

-lae bate" aa n rfisd
.wo DevM and Me
tit, too. The Arm y .nlt isa
awddh about this *om Alen hs
ai It d 'de't lt moc. aaysway

Sunday At JWB
Another In a series of '"varty
tight" Will be presented at the
UVSO-3W Armed W orc Service
Center sunday at 7:30 .m.
The program wUl InlJude a
group of dances b oean Heftf.
ner, Bana BabbHtt, Margie Ma-
lone, Jeannie Bowll. Caro E Ka-
pinea. Chrlitlne H Bet
Dykes. NMano Clarke and X U"S
Garda, all of whom are pupl
of Mrs. Dorothy Chae.
Also on the program ll be
the opuar*MeUow Toneso" pl
no seleston by Mrs. Joan Iele,
soAB by MI Mary Jane BSmala
and mAISle Sefor Reynoldo."
In private life Irving Erlich, a
member of the society of Ameri-
can Magliatna and of the In-
ternational Brotherhood of Ma-
gclaa. ,

Anyhiag To Please
%GO, okla.-(UP)-JwutIe of
the ace M.S. Watson was stand-
ing outside mls office when a man
walked up and asked this favor:
"Lock mne up in jail for 10 days.
I m drunk and want to sober up."
Watson obHged,

'i~ iii thu a wonten sold


-- .; --
'* *h *4

SH.VeftHdlalg, WHy.leic, Cool ad Lstin g ,
For further Itermaum phoe PaRu=2Ma S 1 W
Cathedral Ila arenad the aower lae rom aelilsi mm



, .. T ---'; i p U Sg Wjm J
.. ... -. -. iMranrem

Ier rn
., .W-

r e fd,.
"" YB
..- B a ... ''I
teer" .

i) it'.t 91
,. + k ."o"

B .' .I eV'Ui s. l-&i
. S '' J .- .' *v ~

&e a

. 1

I~$.I .1
= I

1* 4 : &. f .*~

...,, .
*' .L't" I'" "

i e I .. ,' .

i s- .

- W -"'T.JS4&
-/ ,:' ,;' .: -

IflOifle~t U1
To Purchase Your A

To Purchase'Yo'ur'

School Supplies

T T T.J~ 1i~ ,-' *'.

'.9- --

-. -~(nave 47go g tof our -f

ientcti cOdon card .

10 to huy on credit

Ifot drp1 today at any of

"'" w, d we a b 4,W
. n ,. e ,u ..g a ,. p

.. .

-f |yo",6 m arpm .dy .-yoarinei yo.-

readyy po pOal y paqyuwt for

;" "W E A "- "-* o ,..,. "'"

M dAO"

I-.."-V .9. t*.A.T .-

.ffV .. ..

I' *


pr Bmae mand

v .aIo tr- 2.o do.wn

.idewii atI card, w are

kW sAZA^
^& *fAe-;A

AIl tht yqu need to buy ca be
obtaped in the easy way ofred By
\.. U.onieis Accont" ,. A.'

\ "C0omoercial Accounts, 5. A.

I. i 'New Membwer -

BAZAR TIC TAC -- Ave. Central 12S
NINA MASTELLARI (Casa de Modas) Ave. Justo.Arosemena No.


113 Central Ave.
98 Central Ave.
78 Central Ave.
100 Central Ave.
If Tivoll Ave.
54 Central Ave.
79 Central Ave.
4 Central Ave.

70 Central Ave.
10. LA AliBORA
138 Central Ave.
37 Central Ave.
40, 44th Street
81 "A" Ave.
* 90 Central Ave.
102 Central Ave.

25 Central Ave.
71 Central Ave .
Ho1l 1A PanamA
41 Automobile Row
30 Central Ave.
115 Central Ave.
S1 OCentral AT.




a .' .-
4Y slim *.-,, J '. .-.-
! ** .'. .:. -" '.+ ;: .
^ lf. T .. .l ,If" = Si V o ..

For your

.onveidence our offices w in o avery d from 8 am:. t, fp.
( to iday) a 7 a.inm. to 9 p. (Saturday.)
?"" J' F t t-..12 &dam--


-- ----r 4

1;*~* ~

y.* .-%:"
1 r **'.


A.. **


- Anriv
Ti .



--- .4



I I I I--I---I-,---I------4-




( :rgll--iiry~~..- ~,-~ ~- --

M I J I m

I L.t' ues~;: ,I~~aura~-

_I+:L. ~~1- .liE--~~ --I -- ~- ~ ~~-


iwffw Ll


;F .. .- -






* ,- .. : -,. .

\r~xV' ~:

v..:l ^ .,.
. .. -; I

i -=" t

WIls^' U Allow '.*FOR RENT: -, Furnished room witi a last ditch defense eort 1 ... -*. SUO.* JI.4W -
W will Allow on Your Car Top Prices on a 4 rse S-t .
4"rd St 3 t-54711, Mrs _.Me New York-New Jerais ;
nst a Better Used Caoror Against og0 Joseperz. w9 shose rea lOnam eay .
+ S. .. .. I 0. s ound gy tl '

o tt of perjury..-.-'. ., ..

-Adonis1 njsabou25 14
COLON ...45Vir..b ... -.--- .
Tr.' t t-



- -~

-. .--,

* --, -.-- 4 .% --A p .. ,-Al
+: .. ..~. 4 +- ..-

- '--. .- N, .
.-., ;-or ., .--T-,:'J - * .* ', i .." .: -^ SA... *.-*-,



- SALE:--a hear, 30 Ans. OL N Ms dM s iloh

yiar old, perfect cndition $80.00,
and Mac Chf ov, burn- FOR SALE-941 Pymouth T AM CAN CLU S
*r6 owen $50. 0. Apply Pakillo, god dependable tronsportation, ex- IF YOU want to Pake orrengdmnf .salspl
h St No. 15. cet coditio. H 80 for ellent homemade nch
a-25-cycleWestnghouse M aoerf.P e .1 r In European sAtJll = f fti e .

fr tor FOR SALE: 191 Mod A Ford Oc

SFOR SALEFOR A onvr Sly Co.E No. 14 "J" StrNUt.
erS 25Tcyc. xc0llnt condsi. ble, rodloE S/w tire. Perfect 5on-SPECIAL FLIGHT TO Ml AMIb-l rvP- FO R RENTe C-441
r5.00. Terecphon d 3.3254, Nw diion $2600.00. Cn be f Inced. ing Pnama April 4 Mimi. to

SCristabef No. 10. Pefu Ave. No. 91. Phnen3-4994 Panama April 17, F lying AREA BOw S- A l- QatieS t res.
a ntMtalgirn- 8-ft.o Co4bpert r-FOR SALE-1950 Noi A lbwodor, Ru Eo ,lP i-2 more FOR RENT: Chal"t: 4 bedrooms,-,l i -- M 5 .. ..' I t.I.^ '/1. I

lars.* oven $50Cr ppl P-3?% ^ a 9a on spas tsi e-IaOa nto S pok s s,
r buttonho ottachmnt; Phil- ning condo. Cll 8-209 2 65 Strt No. 15. Telephone 3- -. f i 4 ..

"b. rodi withtabe ire, during working hour,. 2.30322 offer FL2r a rdurl_ oir_ houri Carltk- GEO.F TO. .. ... .F ."

_4seetab4 fo excellen hom mad rEHUFur
Of 5tr'r nc6 eppst Vinghose Margaiitam,' Phone 3-1 FOR SALE:-Gur n Polp e ua.l Te_.lephon-, M" 126-3-0347. __ .* i S ; .
.. $,m~mS do uble 2 4- o o u h FOR RENT- 2-bedroom furliuhed' ar11 ,u. o t lbe utility ^O.,. ;
abs, ol, p e. t con diin $00. ell wees. pa condition -oe I.FOR SALE:--19 0Hdrn Pdonlel ki, F 4R ENT:- Ch 2 b4d0 ..
1 3 P ... a. : 00o-- to. 5.0C difference later moo .l. Flde ucc *r sedan d 785.00; G.E. Ar dic 3- roomt Ionr- room177. al room. ent i L 1 l"ggl I ** -aI l' ,tS' 6t S i "- .._" i -

.E HOLD .-.. 0 FORerA' -. ; 1953 e"s --.r "o.a; 581rnO5. m diirk $8.00. oil hammo N Hne miles f .the l Si iP l^ ^ l ..f ;S ^ 8 te t .,
SALE Fiedoue re'rigerpor p o d tre.all day. t-m tl t
onl x month lke Cll r 2-1515. F SALE:- 6-mm. ou sln

000 s Telephone 3254. O2 e cprtor; Amo P r,FOR E Ti
soe anmaApl_ 17__ s Flying_ AREA .

*o ng o t Si*r.el"on, d st u p 156,. .. .. u, 1,d-"M ,., v ',-s "0-wa projections la c dr, w7 s5 ^ i i k ,.Ir lihc l VSp.S&.__ .... X ll lt *.; ,,-*y-l- ',. *'
50. e e i on Fhone Balboo, 2-3069 on d o hot ter I
Cl h, t tea .7.i mRuchin bedron.rmreFOd "REN- C h et" P" o e 't "S -S beod M s -. ,
i mR SALE -Lt. Cndroom rte, larg FOR SALE:--1952 0Chevrolet .-.cor d vt ,n calecn 2 bicyslea r m. Teasonable.Allble My e o ble tion o
ngerl Me ruauPco tcbed1o6. O eS rOeneN.Plue, mo. 59 C I0or5. aoue 2183-B, 8th 2 trt Fr ippo.nt nt N. 8.Tl ol i .
r, Vaiob uttonholoeatta288entTPAhino n dti0n Ca3ll '5 E6 9 -'-- ".Te l i h-e ele
rWis fol siringba an corr- 4 p r .I' PoRoeALE0itirn a- ta d narbeteptto-IYOSttoffl ff~f e m q r
pOR nULE m:lcycle Ws31.50 Chinaghou.e M a ArL --ita. Phon 3u1 'ti- R In LEond stye otI i. iourer. nmhtRSoltr IrteN I A o.R5 ..A. II et i ,nH 0 Oa- n ooad .11 B

r:-- "'.00 I t, floor deba r, rai Ah re, wiO, S -r bree d rt 'Pone ma 2ienad .phor 3-3113 from 5 t/o f l -m, _S__ _. o
PLYMOUTHS PONACS. -linuol. Age 18-30. Plee writeI

i ax6i rusi, mtou l dinin d ttbe. sI'NMN Bivs brief iih e. FOR RENT; CfunseAn pl eor_ i |. IUaS iS N --
r ad s.nd chst aT drln irs, eC .FOR ALE'--9 he t 2- ,I h d 1os der nd "polisher; m c. i chl Two b edroo livining-liv-on ., -_ :_ Our t a M on ai. '- -
Vaer fur 2620-C. Coccpho i Fieetahne deluxe tie h pan3 w ,temhil boring. Payne. Hou J i ngoTem, kitchen end garage6 Soni3ll034 7r. spors Bate IInA refmee by CapweB TO r &prJ 9 (UP) -
l AvL N 4c hone _~io nde o-cnton'Fl ,o. -Phone 2 O96. Balboa. Phon e 2-4l Frncico Ith Sroet l l VAL O T N to
I t ber aes -, IurtSr h1-A, FortAmcdr ..-were o the e t6t o- k ll ed

SALE:^ Complte .iin groomo.No. 1,. S onFr-oeanciso,-rmst. ps. .- IIoe o -o P.or.r. near ;-..l: .h
.... -15" 0 t a 4efctiie- buffe2 tci le atndfte "" 'o. 1^ "ht S --". I. : a, '-- ..
a i coSit i S000o, 21i5e i- PODty p, O R 2S : $- 0 .00. gA6-n Tni urs. ea 4e r5,lrc I .- .
,,,a, no. w E i S.,ate 0 Pos m itio An Offered .. ..
mos Fy IRCeC hineWs 9 1 C ad l lac cn eRrt- pl PRy C L N 1 ""
rt c eIxscell to n d ithe N bo ,raieo.w/lwetHSir P eOrftI C o n -SPElCFIAL e FLI T TO ia Fe l RENT: C e 2 lv E
4 1 Pban Na.1 0 Pm W e N50L deru cl ae At I ne ,c lorsedI N ear A pril. F.. B 2, h s bdroo sliin onom
a AAve No.N1.4To 9.ow151 .se rcodplynd 3bla in994.e-. Pan O" S.E ., an.iiN.rc hel

10 W Ihru 14 o? Al1en's Gorgon-- FOR SALE -Good propos15ion invERt Aprji 243 15rnnhge rofnsnl to
SALEch utife S menr. Pgnidm high laend crapo An- BF-lo VidaN Cool, P Eble, and

iAert aE-- c. sing oiin S on.pc. non... mod Rsonble Rnt.

6,-Tft., like Aa, $200,. wic.S
folin bed as 6nd _-.. ., .._.......,.. ..
;S, rng r n lm a te f atd o I t a eDlO liPFaSALE-6indaDip t S' rom iniomnet, kiteen i O. e o
lc esii, se. 4 du thonl e N-4ixm o. Phil- .oj r t P r an ma $15001 FO tfur .e.0.t

w.o TkLEnghrouronsp22. l02 a f-1 w or b er c tor ylet asf ret:T hr T.e dro ,- twobath. ft
c ftn be So nhot geoic. Ie: FOR5 n ICcndea l WANTED Pn hihndheea An- ..N.o ... m T".,I Ga En
r sAle ir A F OiE. P us Ca Mi ella.neous .. -FORRENT 03eno 19 1 D- T349 u s Ja 0d o r
ermos etrance ur.50, __.b_ good cdP ne 2 ont 3 FOR SALE-boGm r-30oic. puppNhaies, Telepho e 2&--0347 F uIUtsBt.

3.329, N, 111. 15thStreet.r Heoi-WEcelden condiron.Joyceo.estovro,"4,CTrgarag e. T9h111nCH w0LTIA"-",.nd
V ti a itae dboa o2Eig 6tsdan. 33,0d00mils. qmiuters cn terPno_ h orn.s modiutemcentenesO .r e
.i -- o i W EDmac i ne uredo 6t lhUrn OR T Tbedroom furnishdbeiove r
dininnr blu ite, d m-re- tefEo liRvein r ooingSMt ea, mal -
ca s Rved iah n.y ,o like w.t eFOR ALEE HANGCd-Ford3!4 ......Fran ollo in&
eOby.Coed.Chinell.Hose5bArand 0doornewP- .s .,8'13-A,_ MFro l.os,. Telepon 3w-4084 .&Rif le'
*heP.n 3.n. h Ireet T A NrolnAHal r 1 951 MeeEV te nledrs b.wSeretdn"
350;readstlk$800.rivalal lmorsfrom the cP..
HOLmisc.. .....- ...p.eeORrnih9Sg r r N 35 50 3 p Sn aslw ,teoe Ao t tand.
V r a gdach es rerigeraor ,' perfect c dllcnslrew;mar ccch- orIG day.allday..i t._Two.bedrooms.__,i___l__t__t__-
C r21.F.r IC, like$ew C$200.0; wcFket"ires.B ar w Se h,- Itan d yeoin -1 .P Ik.. .......__WT O_9 --i,'

used. ,on. ,.lyw s month lke t. ll Pa ., ro Pon 5 ALE.-165.eBlboa sne dFaie r' o_ E T p-meetN o.S.ARrA
O SALE: I- uphols.tIFOer *lrSApot -erlcricbn .c y.ell ,e rla. 0 laFRahENT:- luon olne n f idna min 'g"_ea RapInf e" pprtlls, d.-. a .ul
cnitebl odchairs.ef S immons stu ndiFORcouch 19yauhe -hdgoo 750-wNattTO peroectcondlow $30rivePawitwaearestcSpota T hanlkcenCl m
h a f a n b Al- aa2 edrator,"2red vnte beltslicoves.Ecelltcon:rfsttnokand sicsodc hoNeB A nIso d, tlibead if truly

m. anytothw$150.0. Tel4.condi ne teio ille 1 4 i tin FOR:.i s Phe B lbom allaoaar .poi, a23in06o9. N pathoe n, n'eI0sel 'e" "ed" e Are...o
;_"+-"...,-A"t. Panama--Balboa.4221 da.... wi 4"-24o. 3272._________ __-0on! paed$. 00. "udt hl-ot -;welter,"Lhem a

79 No.- '-" Street,--Ppla1ia Poi-,Erxcel llnt cod ition., ...yce,.mT..oOu
ioC -Ba-lb oa -3069. R HSALE:-l- oUtHSematias ri t c ga, a sfl. 10 th TiA E
ViSA.L L.%ng om SALL -DO952D0 Cheernet AL L 5J i;m aciebled A furE'At.niueOg ren. IoS llo miues cetorPn eao bl.e..-not,
0. Vdmor ora. diin ,bl, -- FORAe.31131,. from 5' r. X ER S.A." Ii -
Mcl,.a.a. y w..a.. -, 'MOBILES oi-i tion rOff eredwereto4 Le*iltf htho-kirnll
bed(no w mattrm.50 QuartersAIl-ASH FortlateimdelefOR t IT.- Cilsh le. fishe dpe n Ultra po was e ed
4t Stret A 5, Pa.nInama- balboa 4221r days b1 2 .9 3 27Itl2ong..t.w.
a ... a.ridmnyoth0 -.t..c on e lf rFO R t. b nr p h d n rm k n, of rI o. n r N
eit ___,,_,_To__cTblser-AY
arid 4 chars3TE0 $3n0.00;t-F 2FOR RENTl---M o' .prr ..vsr I
Tel, wi.Tminers1- Aanoma ..clo-eII l-a,"2-3630 Box21,"h+.-'Am.,ns a an
plefts ( clsl ie-N 3 a A H tP.nP C f l ol -niu. a n .<-inte o we' -
Cloerestets25.0ero .riteneoSh.Loca 1"e4 olis..W.ef I 5 3SA IO.SITION. .+'..E .
j 70 ,WIpol Wash- l CHEVO0LJrS FORDton- OST & F'JrS, -MuDt b.ePanamani.anctznad No. 4.I1-"
I -- Mrowchanlneack soot-yigre or Foreyln, tTablecoll:I
LO: -)Cais o. ONTdk S -s otHerv Ped. ss LYMOUTinS,1%PoNTiAC0.R B E-lingual. Age18-30. Pleaseawrit.
,0anomie.-c losen'soGorgoa&-. P.O.Box 221, _hasp bsedtoonInvest-living_24. aud-i.hed ..e'-suIn -i

- '


'4 q~.


,- ,liaid a !^
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I .*:, L .

ly .- --

wbeapp mslm &humowes he 1til -ow Is getting
Msuh good nomup t -
Pure,1 isl K*.l* I. whlecne Upbislmg.aS^;*k

eaamW Kilnbsaalqd
" coot~aniuMi MIjiti' scomeLs---- -'*i ^-; .

adl adama aeId olihr hfwod UK flae
geoo-..waaiin.. eird .ee *. 4


I, I

I r ,VIA EPAAA No. 2
TeL. 3492


from toet to teen


3 to I yr.

: F

.lap oia th, meters as th o un

Rawch Fleana Cand his orh e
r ple L P's din for he t ewI
0. L age crowd adoe dams

tert Joe c ,0u sfo trdw

to. o a sor a a e associated witll a N (
isms. I de I .t..ter d dr ebackgro ynd).

p i kea walke16 lokn 1 0e 0,E
te..amg UO' Bh -igrDt" n oothriterpiho
S rn. S, o S. it ri achievement is a n 1mis LP u
fthe ti.sR Nobca on rieu. ni .. i i thot *rou t i led "Dancore mWit Lte Berow
-' w.. j edii. or-ea a ab -i s a(Columbia). It contain 1 g t n
3VN. Club, hi ai.nd r_0 he m,a Wdd in 1 a .1 &oncludin only a a Coupl.. e tCEda.

J etI. "te "-o AL-A es whT g your on yoIa _ahae Aod a sg" and )atw I weeld
.- m... 'Bu.d deadst o 1 riod atoe acsea tara al F r i(ce ole fl li ltiWe'ore 0

tyN aW I O aai s a be. e eoen o at loevean' d "oul e Ne lb s

th! a To wide wive teeae eo the wwoa Who nrs ln amose C th la tha reiotBdro

the of*^-?.* SS'te "" S aal s~th ae r ,th t pro ramn unl or taey bea u. o soB e (rou k n Ca a
m Ar weroBeatiGer y "Curtain Call," vd

w s. Df a iN OE m. i b* Itth ume six in Dicas's: videos Cof.
S. a o r at Without t ithoutorded cores from the od
-- rt w Ptrinra1 e ikper whward ebowe sahe et up days. This albums hdaWistr

ee? reeretiaed oe our ane, old toe naln own oail ave o made famou baeachc
k t? ts .n Daishea. adhnvment o haattractIveI (See accempnaygif hate .)l" o flt oniee
Sores D vistride. (Neier mood'es oo o("Stormy Weather" ant "Ma
t h Ciubes C l u b met at t walkers look at their be-.e-ver.tha") -laFitzgerald ("A -.Tisk
ed AMieIber, M. idind isionsek eithe l back and fwarthn, or ("Baltimore

Dahn. farewellss were said r. bending and straighteAag, the an
ll.I 4,1 nI to in F a. / aw w t 1out lud1ile and ou've Never o

Cla*ton. As your al.ogiene' losr thenasyou wa k. us*,-lu")antbl ag-e.atlr
SnThe eIpls Ialto Ba,. o there this improveent JOIN go down on Bailey on' Chair" a

rday i rs t 1:w aEe graceful dwlkt Ilfg yar: Re- Yo u leading a you sayeah winJam: id.", MIU-lwt W Yourstrlde.-e e iWhen you have made ph...mlc Tbhisia.superb hlb-hideuity r
P n beAlmht ties t ote of your shoulders, endwalking your own, yeouw recording, offered at a ba i base
MisS.. a g .. eside oti... baat testIdded nother faet debars tolmet price, of New C
* ,, sld be trghthis b teforee no door tht will not open art Street Parade' and "C
.". ,wet ere .praym octime walking: rotate tbem to the woman who "wlk InLove Cal." Hly recommeo
hostesses: Mns. Frme. Mrs. AI. WC the back and down until hey beauty." to serious jazz fans.
mom i -raa. Pt ,, G i ,.astfej el perfetl roland
Vi Mde l (al preMsided -a Then, to losen th kinks In
the FIinaeq i" w eand ml .h yur knee, blontd a chair ind

Macz I, 'toia 'wIgto mIFort kne a-In C 010fl?
t land drop into a natural nositdon
..m- Dae Io"r l 6 enth will lift somewhat. To
7 *l, j~usaLct f u r th e r this improvement. JOIN T-lEFUN
urday tma. st Nt : .at bmethes deeply, lifting. yeu rib
thei f WR_"hs to be anoe o aw7yo5- 1
It al t be o t but

'Iet y,' 'm S_% I

At ths time they -.wll elett o-fW- ii n andlhow ft coftrfi n a MXk-I
fleers am o the Com year. et ane, yem haive jult oane
-- mog step to pe r yor walk.
Storaceful at a It NOTLs..
Allm eno the cast of the is to go dancing. It marks the
to I give at the Gatn difference between a beautiful
/1m CIl are request& .to walk an a. c trlv one. It's
comn t.,-* auri Saturday at the hivf facdori boniy poise..
1: p.l a it hearsal. whe'you I hav a rhym
The mls bers i the Junior and in your rat that is, when your
SSeai reminded to at- timing is right, you feel self-con-
/tend. c dside M ehldren firom fdemt.
the knd gat"a l adults. This Is pointed up In a very
practical manner when you con-
WJZl ar wal up and downstairs. FROM
eting .at te Depmlicenci Is- ically doesn't clutch at the rail- =
raoolitaWedm eday Mrs. Fan-.- -- -
Kaplan prealdnig. Twenty-
ea er,. w present. Curacao Tri
'fr far te occasion were
Mrs. Am Jaramilp, and Mrs.
f Bahel' Ira3" -" I.
.F- '}so was o3 FLIGHTS
-- wlc ny wa.. e of. h door WEEKLY QETWEEN
whiii was douated by Mrs. 1or s
Zebede. 0
Mrs. laie Balgelman was SI
welcomed as a new member. The
a. next meeda will be held on May


e l* m
Dep6 "dturealfrP

U tls ew a relum j lglo

(fi toOf q uaity & daitiactla)

r ~ ~ ~ ~ ~-.. U LI~ I-L-.

at the

for dancing with songs
by "Aguilera".


It A ST*

Larg eSavfis..

C ig-,} ::::..:::.::: ......... .... .
r ... ..l '.l.l.. .

S ......................
. .*--t ... .... .... .. ........... .
S O uI ....................... .. .

I *K ..........................

n -o ...... .... ...... -
ABO WM415 le sE .............. ....
W r a U.....'. .'
MM a i o ...... ...... .......................
mLe SAE S .................T .
u 41 _em 5 Lo,.lieNM..........
_WAO r with4NIUM........................
I~SON CL AIII NO FOW 3..................

h ( bi ......................
at.. i. ....................


is A4
.m 4lT
,Is .:.






* Barbados



nsoM 2&5 P.M.

000 wOP--0 -U.?ir
oo or Mor b. Ash or
-**o **Sb 1 -

- -- A I e es 4 .
ub nU mnas. j'sts sam'

La )

S:- __ __- ,-- a


A Mluxuriant pattern.,. sculptured, *
bold in itshaythmi degn. A forvai
pattern, created for your midcetumr
decorating trend-a balance ef,ti
leam...a peter for tody and4 r
C.r haus uI Glm h pum .
meanm It res ;',
m -at P. ; M.. --L--
...a SmimlsheGo dham

'-. L .

-A :- .-~ -

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__~ _1-. .. -11- I 1w~___



."-94 a1q K JAM. .. .: .- ." + .- *
:. -. o?- .>'-y r- t .....*

. g -

.2'7 -!


JOE by

jAhwufg one little word after another and whatever basate
e three times In the Chicago fight, and It missed e2a th-.
I T ba a Ildierou product of ballyhoo. and Is.MtUt. 1for the
and the bums. A real pe wouldnt gt hit with the erude
tu ism a month of blue moons, which explains why the
- middleweight champion. the Kid hurt his right
as1a he belatedly claimed In the Johnny Cuninghalm fight,
16 s1'tt from fighting. It would have had to been from oarry-
p Ag be Balntinmore garbage man. I happened to see that h oe An
le -a Gavilan couldn't have inflicted les violence if he
. B attacking with seap bubbles. Little bitsy nes.

Deservedly the NBA system under which the fight was scored
dew critical raps from coast to coast. Not so much because all
S tree offlIals didn't see it alike as because of the confusing
mathemalios. The winner of the round must 'get 10 points
SWhether he wins big or little. The loser is scored anything under
10 1. For the guess, or don't know rounds, it's 10 and 10. This
a' ht me closer than it was. It certainly wasn't so cloqe that
ft l5',i-S t of margins decided each round. Yet that 'se Iny -
p o' it a.Innocent bystander would get from examining the
olflam,' card~so. The poorest score a losing round on any of the
Sth cards drew was an "8. There were nothing but e, Iua and
$on the three cards. S

: Tis rte W an emmonplae t fight in the senea there were p r
ads, fair rounds and good round Ie the offi ials marked
;Jiicarsar cordi the n U was P m aunco ltmienetay as they
O. Rd to go. A a matter of fact, both figh is had roundsin
S theydidf little. ocThe third was one much for Olson. In oem-
AL --- at; Gavisan's success (this was Ia big round for him)
St eted no more than a 4 or a B Instead, he gt atwoe a
o. Tsohe r "airth and the 11th were m aximum) points for 0l.
t under the systc. ring official the ways the officials Interpreted "
So" system. the se rig indicated Ga iLam functional mp y a
Swater-thin edge.

n'ot pos rtible to make out a good case for the use of points
i ainsto rounds n scoring fion that lobecd some roun a th e
Sreductiveand, therefore, warrant higher rewatopped,. But I the
s ysy tem Is an example of what happens wen a relentch of
.Puip wearers get together and decide to. seehow involved and
"eol/cmeated they can make a problem whichnt. An theen can be
s liveh. olsy by personalopinion, anyhow. Their orn ecr k ve should
to simply the office dn't chores nstin much as possible. It occurs
Ah me It might be helpful If arbitrary values were stipulated for
m mparing degrees of performance.,Let us say one point for "poor,",
-- V point for "fair" and three maximum) points.for "good."
m he mo fficia would work from a score card, not unlike the one
h a scorers use. The squares thle writers use to record singles,
triples, etc., ring officials would use for the "poor "fair"
"goodfiav gures. It seems to me this has a unctonal stmpronicity
S ha ould be attractive, and particularly so to TVlewer got a

i l- *'' not resorting to the second guesand main a effort ceaive
Sto a fight observation that looked far fetchan ed in tb the
t happened. Gavilan had nevet been stpped,mina. but r him
SS Sbs. might bring it off by keeping the pressure relentless
Si b his customary style chare hedidn't. And th avroughout
S- thlns omager sintheing from theo et a 100 perkept urging onhim
6i W i ush. G ns why hedidn't do so Instntivelry was erou as
'e IairT leaplaiation I could hit on was that he foun tShe
S~ ,ins I. Vssling, In any ease, he was not, In the net. mult,
a 'H : aloHsu against Gavilan as In his previous triumphs over

Owlsn didn't misnsatoppleg TIarpin 'fV much; (I thought the
-' (:I l saved hlrin the l3th) and he was much bigger and stronger
than the Cuban, do I must still believe he could have got a SO
losin with Gavilan from the start and maintaining &a ceal e

r' 0'la t o stall charge When he gould have
0 1 Stil,.as I wrote from ring side, it's
_et thing In the world to get a 100 percent return on
[ [i when-the qthsr guy goes back faster -than you cM
i n forward. .- Sl W tougIO t the kind of tight that, expoiW
mminlinuufl. of peril. That's why he didn't throlwhisright,
WEelet le8ding with the left. And no mint, t wFar
-1 iaew"asoft toketlmasi a fatipay day.

r U PANA0 1s


I ... 1iS, l : 4 :4 6 :, 3U
*~2nd. WEEK!
Them I adv emff rn of
o 0
S- with-
Tyrone mower Terry Moore
DNA"J with Stereophonia Boundl

LaIIA.. -

L tWoW at lart IPA. aON or SORRw 5-3)
AlSi Also:
|Rl|~~~~~~~~n '~~ IMIBOOU&DKAS

C and
is. --'. #4..'. 6 In

-*, .s- :

.- ,,--r & -I

Cardingion Green, Kiostco, j

Dejelo Solo Match Strides
je wqM

A wide open race which-brinsp together a gronp
of horses from Juan Franco'h Classes "B" and"
over a distance of one mile for a purse of $750 will
be tomorrow's headliner at the local race track.
This well-matched field r n- mnay be able to hold his p ed
eludes Cardington Green, which over this middle distance.. ow-
has qualified for the April 18 ever. Klosco, P4trioticf and Car-
10,000 added President's Clas- difgton Green may force such.a
sic. Opposing the Oreen will be fast pace that either Postlnvflie
Dejelo Solo and Postinovich, both ors Bendegu could come up and
of which were impressive win- tae it all.
ners last week.
Improved Klosco, strong-fin- If Follow Me 1I ets off to a
fishing Bendeguz speedy Patrio- ood start he will be most Iltaily
tica and unpredictable FollowLn the thick of it all the way.
Me II round out the field. The race has possibilitifel
Guillermo Sanches will ride An added attraction is a "`pI -
Cardington Green, Hector Ruiz cial Race" for recently imported
will be aboard Postinovich and British t ho 0 r o-ughbrod .over.
Victor Ordofles will pilot Dejelo seven furlongs for a purse of
Solo. $500. This race should at least
Dejelo Solo, strictly a sprinter, Produre a winner which Pas a
has been improving steadily and july dividend.

Juan Franco Graded Entriet

P.P. Horse
1st Race "F"

3-Tilin Tlin
6-8. Time
9-Sin Fin

2nd Race "B"

2-Don Temi
3-M. Ooddess
5-Golden F.

3rd Race "E"

3-Lady Moon
4-Don Pitin
5.-Black Gold
8-(La Hora
a- (DoA Weand

4th Race "0"

3-8. Velluda
6-Tin Tan

Native 7 Fgs.Purse: $275.0 Peooel ee: 1:45
First Race .of the Double
H. Ruis 100x-Any day now 5-1
A. Angula 10x-Longshot possibility .10-1
F. Ban. 101x-Nothing to indicate 30-1
M. Hurley 118 -The horse to beat 2-1
A. Gonza. 100x-Would pay fat price 3-1
R. L. Gil 112 -Best early speed -1
V. Ordo. 112 -.-Should be clone up 1-1
A. Ycaza 103x-Dangerous contender 8-1
SV. Rodri. lot-N-eeds better rider 0-1

Native 7 Fs.Purse: sU5.6 Peeool edees: 1:11
'Second Race of the Double
A. Ycasa 119f-Hard horse to beat 2-1
K. Flores 115 -In form once more even
C. John. 106x-Not in best shape 15-1
J. Phil. 109 -Pair recent races 5-1
L. Valen. 116 -Could be. winner here 3-1
J. Chuna 117 -Seems off form 10-1

Native 86 Fgs.Purse: 275.00 Poe eloses: 1:45
A. Ycaza lO'x-&Good early speed 15-1
F. Ban. 97x-Doesn't belong here 30-1
F. Hdal. 110 -Rates third beat 5-1
A. Vas. 115 -Fine effort last 10-1
V. Ordo. 115 .-O-d4s-on favorite 1-1
R. L. Gil 106 -- turns from layoff 3-1
'K. Flores 116 -o. 1 costaderm 3-1
t t. Rualdi1AsW t e4d only 9-4

Native 6 I71. Pool eloes: 3:M

A. Vas. 11 --howing improvement 5-1
J. Bravo 113 -Should bet these 1-2
F. Hidal. 107 -Not against these 30-1
E. Orte. 109x-Rates outside chance 10-1
H. Ruiz 100x-Not much recently 10-1
0. San. 112 -Strong effort last 5-1
A. Ycaa n107x-Could be In money 10-1

5th Race "I" Imported 7 Fgs.pahse: 375. Peoel Glese: :iw

1-M. Princess R. GiH 115 -Everything indicates even
2-Rina Ro O0. Chants 108 -Could take It all 10-1
3-Black Bull F. Hidal. 102 -Rates gbod chance 10-1
4-Veranda J. Phil. 112 -Nothing to recommend 20-1
5-L Martha A. Ycaa'100x-Hasn't shown much 15-1
6--D. Duchess K. Flores 115 -Reportedly ready even
7-(Chucunaque V. Castle. 116 -Good race last wqek even

th Race "G" Imported 14 FPs.Purse: 45M.6 Peel closes: 3:35
First Race of the Double
1--. Windsor J. Phil. 108 -Most early, seed 3-2
2--Pin Pon A. Angulo 102x--Once much te best 8-1
3-V. Darling H. Ruit 102x-RHa good workouts 2-1
4-Tilama R. L. GOil 110 -Form indicates 2-1
5--Corista E. Orte. 102x-Nothing to indicate 30-1
$-Mr. Foot F. Hidal. 110 -Longshot .possibility 10.1
7-Mingo A. Ycaza 107x-Improving slowly 20-1

f7t Race "0" Imported 0 PamS. Puree: $450.M Pet oleese: 4:M
Second Rase of the Doble
I,-The Bouche J. Phil. 115 -Palled with Bravo 2-1
S-.Dlxprincess J. Bravo 113 -Stretch-burning flly -1
3-Westow L, Plncay 115 -Much better thIS week 3-1
4-Nobbecrook M. Hurley 118 -Must Improve more 20-1
6-D. Sunset A. Vas. 113 -Rates good chance 5-1
6-Numbers K. Flores 115 -Early s only 15-1
7-Toletaso V. Castle. 112 -Rates fair chance 8-1.

th Race "Bpecial" 7 Purlong se: M.N Peel less: 4:44

--M. Mistake
$-4inn Feiner
4-Bally Nell
6--(Gay Spot
7-(Lot 0 T.
&- d Anlo

J. Phil. 113 -Rates longshot chance
0. Chanis 112 --Showing impre t
G. San. 110 -Could be upS .
F. Hidal. 110 -Haswft shewn ash
A. Vas. 112 -Impressive workouts
H. Ruiz 109x-Promising neweeert
K. Flores 112 -Will be ready moon
V. Casti. 115 -Should be close u
V f.ird. 119 a a(d m.n ...t&!j.4aI a.


4. : '
" q*!
' .* .=.. .

. ;


- A) -f-I ~r
hg L~ Cii ?stA,
*.4:c 1Xtr*?

vs .p~auu. a new

g .i H

b % tt, ".,.- :.-, r
-A w in


-C the m Xume `0. two yr
thurst dfalwb her eec-
stakes winner.

nd or .t r


TFor several em4fth ak.A R
and A ,chi-e Tur hv -Bm
seen whisimp n in corners. And
cover h4eate of. aer with
hier"gei. ftA e. on pt-
day evening" a te lbo, Cm
Club Board mI munge, t elublt
of this planning wet antoneo-
ed to the world. This be,
Three-Two-One match at 'S0Q
yards. Any rifle, ay rif calibre, any
siht may. beo used.
Trh first stace will be on 1
yard decimal targets ani4 the
second stage on 50 meter deci-
mal targets. Any shootitf poe-
MITo b. a b used Including
nch r"es Any m sho In the- tr
tshinr, any other shot In the
bckwll count to, any shot in
the whita* eritn a wilH count
o2e. There V a &6 int
bomt' hero dmises. in either

An dir anousncemeat of this
match wiu appear at a l water
date, In the meantime, yvur in-
dustripus and Inquiring reporter
asked several shooters to Rive
their opinion on this match. The
8. rTodanter Todd: A "Hank
Ro.s peeal" to end ali "Hank

h -11 I use. mY .222 Reming-
ton or my .-350! .
Dk Dllman: It's simple. All
you have to do is sty in the ten
ring, and you can't loe.
Hank Ros: The man who
thought it up shouldn't be a-
fraid to shoot in it!
Nelson Lute: Group Tighten-
ers will hav to be very care-
fullv adjusted,. that's all there is
to it.
John Bird: I left here just in
Al Joye: This'll set Isthmlaa
shooting back 50 years.
Pill Jaffray: My equipment
lb s getting pretty heavy, but
ithto' Ilike I need a calculating
Waoe "Dude" Lucas I don't
understand all I know about It.
JTim Bailey: The .22 should
never have been invented.
Nobby Keller: How about a
match with hamburgers for tar-
n vieow of some. of the com-
ments *hch. yb r reporter feot
were at best somewhat dubiotus
ly complimentary. he followed up
with the H.00 question. Are
you Koing to be there?" Blne
the answer was almost unnit
modusly, "We wouldn't miss It R
anything!" he came to the con-
clusid that some of our asboot.
ern SeM to be a little on the ee-
eontric side, and wandered oft
muttering to himself.

/^* J

1- A oa P v. ro..a -v"ua-on mutual en.y e, -- O
SY ears n Natleial League
9th Race "E" Imported 84 FI. Purse: 55.M1 Peel eloses: 5:15 Written for NRA Bervice
ONE TWO Question: With two runners
on Mbase, the manager sends in
1-Red Zbor V. Ordo. 120 -Form indicates 1-2 a p9sah-hitter. The latter ti-
2-Pebetero L. Valen. 11 -Improving steadily -1 ple, but neither the ma
3-Proud Pearl R. L. Gil 110 -Lonahot ponmd= y 16-1 wMa the batter announced T
4-ranero A. Ycaza 107x-Wlll be close p 5- 1 dtf to the umpire. What
5-R. Light J. Phil. 108 -Apparently offaormn 0-1 Dmenps?
6-.Pavero V. Casti. 115 -Rates second best 3-1. Jwor: The play oes as
7-Albelt 0. San. 106 -Could score in upset 8-1 Smb u but the manager whe
to make the
aem" to the umpire is fleBM WOIL
1th Rase S&C' Imported 1 Mile Purse: 7Flk Pool elees : 5:4 close game andS t
So. 0. San. 110 -Has excellent workouts 2-14 hab .n. wb sM-I
] N H. RuaI lZI.-Dstanmeeto ltM, 2 t gseee l,.. --10
F. Hidal. 102 -Lonshl elu only BW-S "f
4 Yosk.caaa l03x-mt1exhandie n"4 Should 3
5-follow Me In R. L Gil 108 -Depeads tart U"-1 an sud 1
86-Patriotica 8. Car. 102x-DoSe't seem lie-ly ti- S l. nt ewt
7-Dejelo Solo V. Ordo. 120 -In A-1 com kdi 1 ,'4,O 5S h r tehSl benweA
-A------ M uened usually m wa*
11 ae *A* NANatve o i rS. P : 175.P N P ea eale. .
many pame did 31m
1-To1lkltO N. Rule 103x-Ijat o 1t win w In his bot y ,ar2
-aA. Vas. 115 Rtm, e ? -t&
V. Ordo. 120 -WIs UM
L 16W Oil 107O


. I .
A e

Ir .~M'Ern.1 old w.- .,!m
Sa look In of the
ea twn-,a i4 -deth4 up
S their for e

Stho w

WIifd-- 'rB de- r wco -a
er Rich n

wadsN MI Wse ov Ons ,. who
Ita tb on'League, a oTed sl.en basa.rp f lg le to right
te orrrA
Is:,d x pof t her a

lugtbe pack. Minpi Mifesoan game. Two of them were by
Y SBrg 'a4 by consider ted' othr wa htwby
On two smonad knees. Mickey the oflY. hit bv the besltanmen
Mantle mould .make old-timers and ruined Hilgert's bid for a
forget .-l-t of hitters they rand perfect game.
about, Zarry Dob only has to Nb date has been set for the
quit bgin a problem child. presentation of the Command-
Walktng mote, the Tigers' young anVs Cup championship trophy
Harvey reia coand take it :. to Commtar.
On the home run side In the
National aini7 games at The box scores:
BEbb"ts oldb Mathews oi f*
the Brayes wud t kp Babe COl a, lALtBOA"
Ruttla r-sord OS oknt finitesl-
'atn. Bmatewy. n s bnbo a N no HN6 r uent f r t e

.Aeercan Lague oeupme men
ar .Rosen. s Zo 1, ,
rr R Boo a .
LkW er and ob
hard win et i in en Pmr s
to.:be up am9os the la ders.
Suhas authorityy ag Paul
Richards of the White S x aSn
others contend base l as ev
or sen such ltching.
SubstantIating tha point are
the meg aimtin aat v0 t /iesA
Ty .,cludo tht Nabla ial
Lea. e's Ro o q. Curte
%IsLaW. n Ne ,C

dta end Gerry Staley. 1W 4*
W League gives yoU N !-
Lemon3 .Ite Sa
Mak FDm e e ot _
Trucpks. ly e, fv^j
and tddie Lopat -
tueverting to prevO. Lnom,
little Bobby Ohanta and Ala
oellber could attain theA pa adf
ll pitchers with the Atllettes
and Harry Byrd sdol do the
saine as a Yankee.
Pitching takes more f a tell
from an athlete these afternoons
and nights, but pltobeuare now
telieved at the first sielf f trou-
ble. Relief ptchera havt become
specialists. Pitchers' sar master
Iwith a greater varidy O stuff
and freak ptches.
Baseball has its dpefenav
standouts, too-Phil Ri-to, Pee
Wee Reese, Chico Carrasquel and
Roy McMllan. confining your-
. self to the shortstops.
Baseball stll has tsames.
AU It requires is pm mpat racr-
m to go with them.
IndianapoUis (N"K Nine
who have won either.
mUe race ,.r the MAAA tle a
entered in the Ind20"tpo014
grind, May 31.



S 0 1.
l. rt 2 0 1
rt, p s o o
5 5 23
%be, 2 2 0 0
lb 3 1 0
, 3b 3 0 0
e, p 2 0 0
a, ss 3 0 0
andte, I 32 0 0
c 3o 0 0
cf 2 0 0
ith, r 1 0 0
n, rf 0 0 0
25 6

Stolen, Hse: Ormea ,, Stoda-'
bhl eI.. rm : -'l" Dob l es
S3. :gmelks e
:. il
8trk bhkx- -.s .o

: !


It &. 1SAI

M t 1 .. .

sUllian., b .
SAlex p .

US N t

Crowther. oft .
Cooper, rIt 0 1
Vol, i f .
Tnes, c 1.' 1

sn; lb b 4 1

1. Triple Walker.
qAlen e-Rue fout
b hitm re. S 0. ot
ten 4. Baes on ball y Gook,
5. Bases boues: C Mlite
off Whttmre, in -t/3. lts off
Cook, 6 In 60 innings. .its off
Alex, 0 in 1 innMnM, W..Innsa
pitcher. Alex. Losing pitcher,
Whitmire. Time of "Me, 1 hour
and 33 minatesO
Juan.. Fs t

Abodse (a) Le ho
10.-Postunovich Fellow B II
1lBlseaya la loi



.. _.-.. .. .
'lt or 1 'v''^ ; *

WEEK-END R13I.UASII SMew: 7:m and 9:M pa.
IJOAlN LO R MandiN-'-hhais
They were huntl M 4WD own


"coW couwmr1r

SANK! $t -At SO 9 p.m.
#E1-VfHl-Hir 1t1 *lV'3-B.r

*^ -a '-; ..<*- -,.

Plus: -









5.'A .. ,..


-- ., ..:

lub Tha

ain S ngth For Fii1

Sunday At Amaor ..

NM11 1ha Sunday atol1-P rong opuosenta ot of the
hittow.of on- Id -GabtilS Bla Guardia k`14 11 06 the- of mis tel

r toee ea r o tackle the d's. from th -e ko-d op clear out of sB

bo Elg li Hrb Batbourne. Ste. estbcr on the Buldofg 0 so Sa *r tSo T- I ag in y softball be? at e a n revos bout at n" B :
o6L h ot hd erIUTPer m e ul o peO esp to r L M mooppl

w't e t dou be la h w e three-run In The aolt Wrt Aeblaton ,nen Innae and afttr USe dust ornce he has fou-hi3l 84 u ro b*&
4L 4Ad-the io & as e-o

ullen and m Hughe. e Braves with the run they eed R ardon M al Trophy rered the two manager il c don't have ol Neo Nat Peple o t
macourW9prC.1 r;',

la.; Ther can r v ll t h do.1cre hJu i oJeep oi. t o runlr Bb w homrhe ittWede, fhere dh been
7 sit.t tit.tlh isd r tyt't- w uo 1 e lf h it'
wll al omuvtCha pi iremwom',tvdr,,Tomvrrow .ia, m anak ot of'r t t -, e ,

__ o -_ right down to the fenal put. ra in elsht l o la lead- ftDm t caner OIGra rdoi 8n to re ho *ll S the by l e ai chi(estor's Note: Pees
T ,John MIntrwe. 4At o *h oas, woel treol
Ta.rns S"InferalAudit"oureaufnn rdlat e Mayll7-ewerer thanm Rout does
ON*aa. 11 -L-,, The deia use ~.ame ram alg a twl ei w

i .ad hi rdl. m ethe. fs t i oet pss from teHe c oafreh. 3r'd?. Mo M
..a..1_blw nin Herb is nootI m e.ndog ad forrae t hol a ballot among the khearte t hes M sm e l.

1qu3art mu el. MithtD! the mot sema-rBennettille. .C. Pmy vol. nl ofhe thores lop same no w ea aher father dic when rhe axthlonnn cand ph
hig Lfar behi Alltrl

2 4to.mtararka.h.h-wnatZlheled.ilHeer.Cocotl i raA dm nsttlo nr with monly. fed. MId o to
.nve y se fr a"Iadaedmnedoespite geatr eu- o o

:P rrrdgk -aWai Jr. are- inwMy s timke n ." a idg
w in b ush eMdrhard by.610tneIn prio d O th arnica awri t h wMpoPe W ad e Reai man ki s A o t
In ..lm.d."M "h.Dp

'.Jh... amnd n m Hugees. o wiothe RhUanin_ T4ry t de tomal nae r wo i theheen t e i b-
tihe.r unsetahey ... i-nt or r, atnM Wh.ere h beenn
Leh c an V n SUTn to MBr .aietd D abeal ud it" Burd a tH e soer rb auto whether he

eWith him.r R ftri ie!) ad..t NI- ns le etay hor Ih d nrs.
Balboa Rlays Recrda as w two, ill t _fi--t1bgave tries0oveathe- mreiSehriasfortheeodtsposern;frg A- ltheHe .eadJonsephsdeluardsnaRewth he team.

a night daowr to thefinal pIt. rl Iant eig ht dsI n. Io Ca ilia cancer op eraion to r- wo ile eg f

bur A in I 9: McI pa.t 0m wth aMimleagrhil h6ain ae haenairlslpe form, led- I* rers me tha willbe
th a n ao tRelays h Atten ti lO, the Cardnw' Iumt agnoat s erderI Wcu e Hrgn a g e l pofsi f tna arte, driteAhcs *.Lm DONe aPOn.Td

al A indsl f l tryim ern t b n im lr 7 rLP -Narie min. or The so p asoainidf t a lot will ayale mSHOWING AT Yotha D.-

"813 In the Relay sI .IL21 WI T qupw p q mr J CENTERTHEA 7
0. O wb. A. o 1Tb3. ad _. W5 b-d e in a ba lot aiamn. g eBOut -tothetr Nitde ^n
HHenry althe beaun hand deS BnR ed ren fr "theiGatc
will D e ,av 3 a radb DoBh Ib doerd tSche et ady= gof w d ilimh cleared andshelat man Is boo. the-i I nnllngan

7 ann e en ^ (7.LP mD IroAnnh BUTHERFORDy
a og s.eaRsT g the pn- B es .Mw eed- i retired the two manners w
is er.0an NaYtkm tS h PLWo.tewtoscuen r (4), Mrotin rt ti. 7 it mayit down end auit the score-h .twemean. Catribut Cievtan glans at14 ehitan- Idendo ofthe ._.t g ,ou &figurswillbeMINI ,,,,,f ., _

Jonl "I tateretet d Brt lZe are CTh and at o eok; Moh d. n her hmplo a Np llud refreshment that will be" a. T s
These arethe ks21athleteswibeunn for htttend qutheb .wata Lea ) oithe t4. LTrat- f (ACR overPredent at the game.
as the o f s. chBalboa Relays are heldsato a a, Sdium: dm twhei nolheg 0 l ; e theUCr P Mn.d bu -eAt h4 hi mI THLtm Ioe t easnrl|F-

A nd low h frd Tehe Failways ue deaforsti Me' o f oGufrdodtheicdatmomen cst orest. thre i
MiThe evenl record holder, on--niut-on, record and rearNhrCeo At Memeh.TeC older UInnew0l4.gerlnii"g MUM. e no u e t e s wrif e gta DdM *A
made: he wir c alll a rmmr on t wHu Ie s M m T e- he14h1 writ group P sos.ree.IbA you |I U INtTi
rittno "uz.ea lbn cOrvi s I eg n to thboat .aL ien acn In itctei",,-h'd. 1aemonllheMhl-
SOl i -b i ,Henry ct bound a d dt 4 You tyOrnlelMB.eTae DorIh () K nd spo er for ieleonof olerto, ,aXal msiIn, c t wil R "
Mile., Fm .ino Lopes ag, n .w, 195 R n m ed tof M L arh (. HR osfain. Boabo orLs oon'home e _wih to receive the t n Ha J Award.n ntoie"ld wn p r .t. r_ Mied.
H;John ~*Mc4ntyreYefntXRE O Gtes16th oABU.147195.Remlee.e. ps,&-2,.,re; _sThsswardtnof tpersFonr whor Staru" a Hennesy. lt base re" isoera li
-cntyre.1thl U.isedro. Brya.n R4sr 'lfi n dPh-Ph ilae lp aP o sah aleem had a p tWls "hBna H ner, 2nde baseA

ol Sel. cart ennd La l on 4 three If te 954.2, all the wlyf b ln o b doe At Wooao nnh" n "ittae.7.adbs, .C. Umcla .s t .hen m I
t Jumripr. ol Ea The vi21n... in.. eilfnni To -Dodge- n a.1e -yL 7 2 ol AA A cF -"M o ist er, shortstop

19 52*i ... hht the most r. @ 01. ... 1 a _.."Prea"wiob^rd bahe- o e o l o *nem wat h M O|
H igJp ,l Bb Giolbls Ie r aOfet BO. Ne i T ftYasorkn (hoa ) r.t he medeLi ncoln e stfteN-o A woaA"H ighVoltl erld

ShtPriuit. .atmn Rsarotlk tP.lB 2ah ini,9. teams. niRi h tllnmar. f ore Waa D 'Ten pein (n" Melat a uen A let t field
ment dm Dtok WP Baek. LP r* wa* ret o i u, ntf
DiscusamWe foarto; h, 1'.6.. 5 tha utterly iemton;,1.e& Resu i. ia LS"aOerhead"Re-ildent olythe wxtoup t" -. "Jupiter" r .
880 Rela. Jzr.HLe, lrchM, iato, Lowe.c mt, Csb t msrl ha "FairValur'.Mdeonr
'1:4.7.1553. In years gone by. Wflaom 6ret we .
with-lthefocethoChat0 chance
..1.-.0) If .y, ShardUIOrennTonS d wcoh.enWlson,tPanama,11'34,pspee dthei rfth nalBa-tPrsedonbuth Ohe h as made a "rem e re- .
brona R elysnw i ml e tistr y a bo ready-forT .V@.- opvne N" feddr e form aesthree- injury.
uThompson,Schulte, McArthur, C., 3:39.0, 440 nd Wo a r9:30pap. eRCardli na1 s.yer edwat ar t he opning of spring
h"ereHomeeft Ml"Ler1 (8 andBat of: the Atlynta Journal, 0=6 "PuerO" Baldwiny(Mgr..e. hionllyocty...opeopla
MedleyRelway.n Padbiela Perkow.kin(y &and.DrVHNick-rxbitiWioVirginreroniodtheF.rAWo rE-_*Psuas"NFaEorth.pther
35d 3%2T toeyrara i Landrith. WP PodbibrantLPho ever,'iucand WA Walli.r".....trr e t bsn whel e 4..iai....a'
Pole Vault. Clarence Bettancourt. Albrook, 11 ft, 9 in., 1952. wha~t wilUl robsbtylk e tW6 fast-i- ft w i',i b.e ibis ,Topla. That willobete. d _
BroAdqJump,ui0oegmGibson.AC.21 IL11114in.195. eat bali-mile o tm oftherlv14 toIn Dr. R ,ussel SuMllon- er, enrdop'0Mren ,
-. ] -rJunp,RBobicibson.A.,1ft.2 1.oe2l.1anchoring themVrgin aid Willia"
tout, Ruse 4,eeams.rphngWillneverforget0Tenptn"Menson,leftfeld
Put. Rmon Rosario. h, f t. 2!J/ in., 1953. theD utterly sensMtionallrlc e dkr IMMnW illard "Local' strode, cf.npat

Alidd .vre ythis patdrah o d f Mill L -ieaulee"Mldleot,"l
a d OrtyeK t ydpdnoW i shHofomeyer-dke-g
with AU the forbeu tIheatyoun- Dv1 r 0 2shnoon, cancelled, rat.a tenCerT.ELHAsst.
cant Ap.ord toM ams this. It o ne Giants 0V. Indian at Ch att a t aWga1im'n physician reported MhAr.LAWlyN
an earMso don'Aqua,-O__,_--..--,_ra.tda.,e______________,__--.__
be iamon e tcir...C ADntv.
.uLnnugBa te aal t PortsmouthdiOho 10de "*BllWL ASre
'7.wMen hBl tiresMScenecy000 115_1 tatcoverr"g"rom PRshoulderIinjuryO
4A.oy aelathe Ulle hpisoto lylsho (4). Mr0 ,,10 mNALLsLTe opning of springD]

urgedAtten m(rai Hr-etaWSS H IJr.sR
AlongThe Fi rw Landrlth. WP -- Podblelaen. I LP Guarder, hascme'tcn'tesinT-d
u"-'-willt.aalr to play. That will be "DANc
I"ik: 0" ""s d ra-n 51 You brdi.ehmi-d, znis left to Dr. Ruas ell m ullivtnsIn
isiS afte AItr eed m 70 Dick320-7I14Y1anL e isn (4) H0R 12-7 Fadi benen
J "h l.... a Reen-ond -00010002 PnaidWRircemo-dhk s b d en 3 Is "*.--m.00....dsolr..s...
Disallowed o1a65evervthin-5except:
-rnu *g -ote"MakeparAtIhin n, o )da tt, practice..
l...Ditedstoitwofne7anBerr-" 0 Td0 7 i hard to hold back. Va- n -.
a .h ver(Se).ao Nardells,0 tar4- )
All inel--.. meter, ca tot"r a t Roe.lLPa N5 dLella, physicians idt
I are Inu%. -atend &mea AtLr ki.,,Tmo ( Ibser feels a w F bA it Ad wb- -
ft;ruapl.1 Nbalbsm.a Redi k o000 s'it002-3 2 Ind Fits g bt n"''
6.-, m.o_ B.,k ted Buhl and-Crand SaBrown,'
cwbinter k tbi .. EL Ann RUTHER D
ef Brown.
,4,..,.., -.P' ee l OE I .;Aft, A.he .. A hAWAAs'i m :i.,

A -O A N T
ft "Penn Rate wm- isfi"w 'pn nv and. (t 4 so"A7 od in

Mi ienaidMat me-.-


- X -" r -. :." -:-
.. Cf:- '. '. -. .

., '. *. .. *
."* l '- .. .. ... .* **f -^ .-f- ,; .- r -

.jz'4 V

.., ".*



HT i



fl"Y-Y-Y wrw wat yr'

~r f*~j )~
'I' k-i


w. "Let the people know the truth and the country is sale AbraHw M
V -ODON. April 9 (UP) At -.... :
!Not 41Me -rsos were killed Yes-"" NM-.
SUy -rid21others were miss- TWlENTY-NINT THEAR PANAMA 3. 1, F-DAT. AIL 9, 1954
di li three aviation il-

. "o todayirk.ethree n_ -re
Wus in the air.orn
S A South African Comet Jet t,."
S wieS rw oth 21 pers aton WAHINGTON Aprl (UP) Rep. Kenneth B. Keat (R-
SP medSiely ordered Co The House handed. The planeen, N.Y.) sponsor of the dinr 4
I. n eri 14 psuen gers and seven' I P B D = -
rn wson Foverdoues e "substitute oT
d amtLondonto Johannesbturg. u s t reu e F orll h they wol r have no m ,

S. whena trn was on plan The substitute was approved bill than one return a court .
1- nth Africa from the Brlti3ne
Ta CAirwaysd Corporation. WASHINGTON, April 9 (UP)Ph Rep. Kenneth B. Keating (R-
Sis d inmedlatey order areld Coe- wae House handed Atty. Gen.Y.) r sponsor of the sadmlinstra,
suspended throunghout Herbert Brownell Jr. a sharp re- tion measure, informead er- r .n
of the train plane and buff today bn thepang a Demo-i. er that Brownell aneral the -- d of

W oman whpersons werea t cra- The H house measure would his "anti- rector 3. Edgar Hoovern hadetold rme o ces
Sast Mose Jaw., .sk.. yes-tralitor wre-tapping bill. .hi.m they would rather have no P). lo"h, a
S when a training pane The substitute was approved upl rter ofne requirin str court_ m .

te wrate Ianvestigationse by a 378 to 10 roll vote and sent order l aut was necessary Btolabda bermout hs, evd ence .P
the rains Canada Airlinesa to the Senate, where Its fate Th e House rejected 212 to 378 ak : .e Tn. 4
,.nA'hedead included all 35 per- was uncertain. The admintatra- proposal by curtis to el minute a erts
Sboard the arlinef., thefour bill has not even been in- the retroactive feature by deny- th icem the
Snthe training plane and a rownduced in the Senate. ing the attorney general the T ---- o ---- re'ottrse
woman who was trare et The House measure would le-nright to use wiretap evxpress- military eAersonnel.Ander t9 w outside the Defen S
m a house onto which the qalize tapping telephone wires now has.. .. I NGTO AprI (UP) |WI __ 11_0_0 WhI' tbe-m- .--
fel air over Ox in national security cases and Supporters of would permt "pole adms ame security staa- T the El- DefenseDe partment to-
ore Basepara. One nvestwas ausin evidence thus obtained .intion bill argued it wao s necesairyo day lad ownst n P0 W It btea Mafe r n -'.- pef
dis was ter beof when today.he be usderald n court undases against al-togive the FBI and.othere- to rid the armed f orc Tenn.and.

Occurred. laws. t e s to-- Defense Secretary Char, i E. a person would be ff t the out of t 1 aS deted e gag
nquest also was scheduled to legeould spies, rmait the attorney y" agen sove son said Ipet means "we can military. rejected '
*ll .. eand seditionises. dig ou spies.traitors and abo-reject a man i we think he Wlson oide ha sued a. N. t d bot ? .. .
Swere kled las nhtO ready has for such prosec autihor- Foes dubbed it as a "private The 10-pite direct s got b abe given receive aou n for a s laWesher 9," t h
S B F-94C atarfare jetsty voted by the house would hoping" measure and express- military personnel un review otde the Defese D eo
Wlead in the air over Oxnardpenable the government to move ed fears it would permit "polce seae s osan.da ne -pae '.O t ..

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.atkin off when the be used In court under present next. ohworakersg ,d g encyse. L whe, ther adde,-
;.. occurred. laws. Defense Secretary Charlap. Z. a po I. should a peso ube fept Inthe *I ,X'bOlr ataty 0 bi
*.0 t would permit the at orWilson said It means "we a militaryN ewar t k- rr _at_.reant_ rI e d.-.r
S .lopen through Sun general to use evidence he by th P rsitionnel Bu reject a man we think he'for Wilson said e has ofsured a dreas te on ds'n to d .. both -A. ri P LPIA, 9a .",- )
Sreadys for such ated group and seven are in the Otheadrwie administ wel as If hewarot- second directive calingr for "W s a d RWsba Welles, hea i o en er of ty
-~ cu y's Zoo_'. reBuy haa fodra schroraeur No w Avoiloble flat feet." review of all security Cases dBlo marriage to WM:the _

a: I^S~iBOO contains over 400 an- I oul raNt group. The sitions may Ings wito be held. notoray disgrefulctnduc ? ^0 i I don eso out with tor bttlrA^ n o
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uahoe Sundpay suchevidenceInd anal Service muntats will not be inducted Iharges case, ma e If
St lon t r Theadministration bill d ee n itions are present to the armed services" and re- information of meabrshi.p their w n W ce
9 n igh the olon Tradey Fairhave l r hn vi the Panama Canal auitres each offlet e'otlistee and er thesweeoaiaron oIrm te the fi ed.rlcutter gttTIsevie
w.c was one of its cnhief.authorize future wiretaps for vacancies contained in the trans- davit. .fu.toAn wloyhltsuertifiesat e-w .wo.ontoem,_ a ut su. so .
Seat attnractions, willonational security" case. fer vacancy bulletiA issued this Thatdirective provides forl t signr ates. Uoaxrd f-ilvore. e "n s
openthrohSunday, we-e kubyPothe openontel Bureau ourt-masrtial u th relatives behind the Iron Cur- Hal0iestwas dtig9pstid t i donte.
aembly lant hee ater a pro include auto repair machinist and came under attack by en tiA lfu violation of seouritya. to pack up an Ve io p ,, 9
S, Ch les Bradley announc- .Ten are in the classified and re- eurity -hsuspects when0 e. b etulhemin, oO"athy 2Ho t- "Wha 't- a-ui now," ahe s$ad, .- el... UE...,
Sconta ohle 4 ev hated group and sevenpri reng in the Otherwe admits lntirtve h dishonest, iral or this, flats t a her student .YeF- snueer of .

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; nt d p omffecan rdarn-o "changes have ehn made to nF C dim Overal ea eo as
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Si nto ~iStedfese for th i thepaantU andn sbe transmitted to theEmploymente Gar- than honorable," he wanct to prverson. C Company re- byham." home M.n i o

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b a on diathe aa e oe y.s -- and Util nation Division. type den ding on the p la- er s ao.d tot h ihhltt.

S admission tot Leta d e o Vacanciesir n the following tdoe rems. In the Peess case of the NeOWy I MA*g
S beltent for adults, 10 Layso ff Nl H it v I1 A oflworkaresated In the clamssed x lal the directive to the gY or dtim oali |a
tb t fhaleAl relsted4 groups: admeasurer, So1 Ar meud Ser vics Commit- I"_ A.1 afte ho I -dtlto a la sn .
t hsc MrscZ TIclrk-mtendgtaper, rktypisthted it ighti" -
clltharlge rNRIP) The Ford Motor Co. 041 cor t wntactnassesat, electri Ona room esno o as -oren ti 1tyh d eor
wlnlnrls today that approhimataly r, meteorological aide,n p- c, r iadd on at e : to' visit theZOOM0 new automobilesWre da-. and shorthand reporter..g th 40M.Itgonse hewr how

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_Get Scothi ten ever, to say whether the ame; sst Spn tu r nr a adm e tho c aasp onama, NY Firms 'o. o o4a
agetv e : Lost SpringrTouro tmer Ii1rf-" .t *toothineek!, ,
h at thereafter a pro- towing grepaighted and under::: by Me- aeaMA W*tu a tcUn"rwr
srom s who pwsoe oe1affct0d0 Othem ly r of Summt Gardens Cothy waosbadly han dled.CnluP |" F"''"Eef2n0 oUt: ,
f f a, effective yesterday A Changes have been made tod B Wm Over; g .bs at, s.e missed To ide. w .-luderlp
Zan studentswhoownwspokesman'saidnocharges. w.ou.l. Iokepl ir itontofj l v with thedCanalad iies, wiod the ch.. .., rtl r.
wbegivendivemand be filed with policeast of the dry aerd mitoee. Wiloontde dcon- fo-12years,warecently dwhb-tut lheelari up
v tapefair ver The company d, uhoistet "The as rteoaf y onmye. w. bt The sale of 17 lots O f mi.o e. moted from policeman to-.pVldcarer. bal
lmattape ead-lfe hIe" ompmal,.anys uph oltryours o f Summit Gardens will be Wilson saida the arme d services lneoaus steel shaus advertised nsrnt. sad. 'tisbeat'for ife to .ewifa.i'I
zon H- asre ippewsc hea g stamwi aLiven tomorrow morning. The "are not goin g to be soft" but at for sale to the highest bidder by overall is also. g: loct ra.o be home s.q thenth-M. .
th i ur will leave from the Gar- the same time do not w ant tohe Panama Cansl Company re- ham. .. home e fli er thee. M t of 1
to vis i-'e = ear- in the cars dens' main building at 9 a.m. "smear a man Jot life." gently were died between two .
Wek and atply' each rolling' off the asebl .lin, The tours have been conduct- He opated that there could ompanies it was announced to'
:x-.?'_, tre-'-,asr a wi o ad on alterhOrnate Saturday morn- be a difference between a day from the office of the Supply
ri ders Inur thtM ost ofth g ocred i. since February 20. The man proved dislo yal and oneaDirector. -e :.
r .seen .ter Monday, Tuesday and Wednes. Ioup su accompanied by one of deemed security sLk. Ten of the lots were sold tothet i
or day. The plant was closed to re- e Garden staff, usually Roy The directive states that the Panama City firm of Vial Herma- O 1 )AV .r..LT D A
f t con- organize the asem b 1 y line Sharp, who points out and ex- separation papers of any service- nos for $706.2s and the seven oth.
-tbY the Ameoean Le lop, schedule to conform with cur- .,. ..
hl th m e edul t.onf.or witcr-openlains some of the unpaual and man discharged under the pro- re lofs were sold to Michael Flynn
s --,-- .next Mon_,. plants andtr--. -D- -toern a reference to the security fa $1^4.45. -T
wereelsd- b--- h- -t e
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pon a lime there was xgo London daily who was sitting In want to use the Bella Vista room rest of the women in the show oal nw
be a review of 'he Seven New York earnestly following the to eat in. in haklng several return trips to
.. t w" In Yesterday's paper, account on a ma. of the Canal Principal Ingredient of El Pan. the busy little mind of her husband, M cl.a
project went awey Zone be appeore to have spread ama's "Seven Year Itch" is Paul was talm. possessed 'nd effective.M c.lan!Named

0t4-.. ti & e yerd OUs -the uucunaque in out- executed from the advantageous were played by Jeannine Dorgan,
It- ea-g. adopted by "Excuse, me, but did that take Part which kept him on stage for cock and Susan Bolesn........
:solaul reviewers the them as tar as Gatanboaw' the entire performance. His pie. Leadinglady Arlene Lincoln bab- Capt. C. McClean was elected
S around Doesn't aw s So Ithat's where vaudeville went. ture also appears on the program lC t o en a
u Tater' u, .Oey.or even reviews of sme.l Hi t apRtiasr Sh arIs.-C s d ca .ter of the Socletv for the Pros
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ma Ho. Wednesday night presumably nothing beside what married, whose wife goes off on Davis' effectiveness as si Barber. Aop Quartet 8ingrinheld
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