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The Panama American
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Weekend American
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Scott Family Library Fund ( donor )
Panama Times, Ltd.
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Panama City, Panama
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daily (except saturday and sunday)[may 12, 1973-]
daily[ former oct. 7, 1925-dec. 4, 1966]
daily (except saturday)[ former dec. 10, 1966-may 5, 1973]
normalized irregular


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Newspapers -- Panama (Panama)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
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Panama -- Panama


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Oct. 7, 1925-
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On Saturday published as: Weekend American, Dec. 10, 1966-May 5, 1973.

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University of Florida
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First Phase

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,Requests for bettwnm& I-,, ir
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mantl ^IjgI WOMt gfnga
m .night bkteen reproee u-ofe
Y ithe Canal's supply and Service executs.
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South to permit mstallne b jpg. .
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's expedition.
to w6rd ed by
t: Jo R.
.wlmet ne the
S -Ke's party,
A. the .repo
tht r orney was
.s ,, tehat because
I j Aglretches. -
do. de mty said today

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the Reds -heed the warn-

T SfZtwA 8l (UP) -Weep-
Moam~fti cWmoned todey of-
eto lock him in
a InpaOl S beeanme he
wanted toD. suicide "to
end my min JaiL
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waabea we to it

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As-officer atjthe hlgh com-
mand headnter n Hanoi
told newmen the rench had
been, tyn to find out hetler
fhti with he Indochinese
"We've no such proof even
though we have been trying to
pin It lown for two years," the
officer said.
"On of the diffloultles is that
the Vietmnh (Co munidt> re-
glars often dress in the well-
Known Cbhnese-quilted battle-
jlakets Its a fact that erttes
ome confusionon"
(The Chinede mmunltis de-
nied today they had Swoop In
Indht Pelpn. nra %, a
brodeat monitored to To0kyo,
ua ecretay tatoe John
7t000 DUes emarging
the Reds have nterv ned In the
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WASH'W,_. A 9ri (4P)
Senate's 1951 "minko eaot n-
dals" inveutlation "O te-e-
cislon from theU of
Appeals today Igini'ree,
the other ordered to
The court upheld .te perjury
convicton of erl Young, cen-
tral figure tn the mfltpeat in-
vestigatloc of the Reconstruc-
tion FPance Corp. He..wa; con-
victed of lyn about M1 fnuano-
es to Senat investigators.
The conviction of Mns broth-
er, Herschel Young, w"s evers-
ed. erschel was c.viWd of' ly-
nlg to a grand Jury -Iaconnee-
tion% with the sme g inR in-
vestigation of the nowAefunct
RIW. Both, had been stecedu
to serve four months. to two
years in prison.
The basis for the reversal of
Hersohel's convIction was the
read na. at his trial of large
portion of ind y 'tes y
given by Otto. La
Ident of the Peerles MVad
Englpeering Company, C ago
The grand Jury testimonyidealt
with matters outside the scope

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Servants' at Rubira's apart-
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tress had put in asn' pperance
thm hto ret-hi m.
Rubirosa, now w rated from
dime store heiress Bfrhara Hut-
ton, flew his converted B-25
bomber into Pars less than 34
hours after Zsa Z a had told
reporters he was "eoming back
to me."

Al In Fun
ST. LOUIS. MO., April 8 UP)
- Sheepish volce consed to-
day someone bought tickets to
their annual circus with a coun-
terfeit $10 bilL
The bill turned up when the
funds were dapoested in a bank.

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Yesterday the thenomet hit
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the year. Tuesday was a de
second with a of i
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*rordays recently n
perature was 3 grees or ov.
Warm weath e or thif lme
of the year ai not unusual as the
sum Il paying the meridian of
the Isthmu and the cooling
trade wlnd' are beglcnir to
slkek off as the rainy ft ap.
ebs. April usuy the
hottest month of the year.
The all-time high for the
Isthmus is 97 degrees whih was
set on April 27. 148, .

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hthat muh could be

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ter the part of ed
pie. b= In
also for Anti cr151

the Com usary wvi which
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siome =O Aro, was Planni ng
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em -d. A Afull-time trIntm,
offer been appointed for
the Div n, he added.
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Johnson said that the payroll
ded Mn policy V as not
by his offle ut that he wujd
refer the tatter to the u
sources. .alw pointed ot t
credit mAtas have been o urn-
d in the local rate poimmS-
Oter matters discussed more
briefly included a reported short-
age of registers for ehecek
out at te L Boca self servlde
Section: lownes of service be-
cause iacker were not avail-
able; a saUgestion that cones.
tU In the self-service secenms
coud be eliminated by penrmt-
tin only those with auh
cards in these sections, are
numbers of Children thereby be-
ing kept out; a suggestion tht
rice be displayed in glass Iars
the eStomer would know whit
Guslt is available: provisom of
refrig, eases for meats-.I
these have been ordered. mohn-
on sa. aSt their arrHm t

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..... Comment

-ej ed I By VICTOR -1RUNL
COLUMN Dwight D. Eisenhowa belief
that Politically and dogly
he's the same man he was in 1944
gIs M0 A t a- 11 *t o M n lint The AIs-e Ame. -when soule of the nation's top
|mmilegea s-eel ved grelely n d ea e ha I i a wheWpv sea- labor leaders were the first to tale
i... &1 bih sli Ritpubliely of him as a presidential
a- ltteint bh meswweat E M sees't appear the posailbuilty. *
I- 0,- I e.--l-eps h M The President of the United
$s *e kMe Ae h be es- pg ldgts. States, It can be authenticatly re- .
0 e1 ig 0 w s4 b held IS 16141 t.oefmeP. orte, ie Istherefore genuinelyo
,? 1....9.... aha-0. i,.kitodame ofB vas w, sled over labors b iasts at .
ims Inl oon m ,r-er ieon he'll have the chance to ask
a OMid M -- h se' AFL leader George neany and
T H ", J CIOOchief Walter euther directly
THE MAIL .BOX has invited tooneof
stag dinners at the White House, -
but the odds are that the couver-
0HS -- -O-- satin will be light talk. At the
ITO WHO WORK MUST EAT... SOMEWIgERE last stag meal, the labor leader
Ancon, C.Z. present was treated to a colorful
isuission of the stores of strangely
f c we, As a group, are not represented on any of the civic Ways men have been caught at-
n or shirt sleeve conferences, there isn't any way to bring tempting to evade taxes.
authorities attention -the fact that the nurse of Gorgas But on the eve of the tumultuous
DIM tosieat lunci and super tSince we ar supposed debate in Congresai over a new la-
'with igh idealsand urp erap we arena r law to make !abor and man
to et hungry, but I'm rad I'm coming hungrier agemcnt less unhappy, I find
ladylike with every meal I ml. can sum upl for the first time Pres- \ ,
ident Eisenhower's attitude to-
There are several vague posalbiltiea. If you don't own a car, wards labor as he has expressed
S ou can bring a sandwich and eat it on the ward, or you can go it privately. I
to the little PX (crowded with patients and attendants) it the The President believes that in
hospital (it it's open) and stand up while you gobble a sandwich. all the .uproar over labor laws and
(Offciala forbid the installation of chairs: Tuo much time Is labor policy not enough emphasis
But sinceI do not choose to eat on the ward. or on one the rights of the individual union
loot like a crane, and I do have a car, the hurlion grows wider member. ,
-, but Wte time availability aborter. The President's whole approach
Since the officials advase us on pealtvy. of a ticket to is to protect these rights-and to
ukt oir cars in the parking lot tha. was built for the clinle keep those of the Individual mem.
building that doesn't exist. one must walk down the hill to one's bers. of the men who lead unions
car (and walk back up again, remember through rain or noon and of the industrialists who em-
sunshine) and sally forth for lunch to Balboa. or Diablo Helghta. ploy workers, in proper balance. .
He wants nothing done to hurt or. -- .
The Tivoli Coffee Shop la Imposible and too expenalve. It g nized labor. But he does feel that _.--... *
ha limited parkingspace and a longclmb between parkedcar he Wagner Act strengthened the
and coffee shol. And it has taken, on tnree occasions, between labor leaders in their dealings with
15 aI- 25 minutes to be served pie and coffee, while In uniform. business and that the Taft-.Hartley
s am only allowed 30 minutes for lunch. from the time I Law strengthened business in its T'
leave thr ward until I return and relieve my co-worker for her negotiations with a vastly strengh- | Tig r C OUnil V
lunch. ened labor movement.
So I've tried Balboa... Result? Now, after two decades of experi.
1) No available parking space within two blocks of the ence with the Wagner Act prince, y 808 UIARK
atera. vi con edpes and seven years with the Taft. yw .RUARI
2) School children eat lunch at 11:30. Sl vice is congested artley Law, President Elsenhow-
aNd nall- er feels that the new law should
.') Dv to and from Balboa at this hour gets one tangld strengthen the position of the rank SUPHKA RRANaE, Central hunter-since h' was 1g. In bis life
SWtMl adcool busea and children, requiring unusually slow and file workers and not just the India-Well, the tigers scream- he has shot 153 tigers and has
w 'ill vcan.. ...ak.. m union leaders or employers, Ing in the back yard ana the pan- supervised the shoot[Lg of another
"-In Other words, try as I will I can't make it In 30 minutes. g I ... others are on the doorstep, and ere 300. That is a lot of tigers.
The lat resort is Diablo clubhouse. There we have good e articulated this at a meetn is little Mow -you remember S. Jamhed Butt got his honor
BF t W but ovierrowded conditions, making it difficult to se- with his labor advisers last fall. the Kipling character who was ary title of Sahib for some work he
cure itabl at the 12 noon lunch period.And there is the small They met shortly after the Plumb- raised by the wolves-living in did in some local troubles quite a
r ta of distance. Traffic is slow and heavy between An- er's Union leader, Martin Durkin, what is called a dalobungalow. few years ago, and also for get-
l and one can't drive the distance and eat lunch quit as Labor Secretary of the Mostly dak-bungalews an haunt, aig the best tigers for the best
t dlgeastn in 30 minutes. U. S., chasing he had been dou- ed. This-one wa built in-1910, and visiting firemen at gland used
i we do? ble-crossed by someone in the ad. s should have 'hfUll complement to entrust o hit care. ime of he
-"* 9' lnr would welcome any reasonable suggestions. ministration. After the furor, Ike of ghosts-you tho r the type, people who have tigered t.. range
-A Gorgas Nurse. told his people this, in effect, as trict Officer who got Into debt ad have been the Duke of Connaught
.j. Please do not use my name. I really like my job. they reviewed White House labor trouble with the local women, aad and untold viceroys, rasa. and
S C "T O policyael : aocnded it all with a patol shot over, now me. That seems a comedown
EAST COAST... WEST COAST "Please, I don't want a point of a bottle of budy. But this dak- both for the Suphkar Range and
i jj view expressed which emphasizes bungalow t 4 JIttle Xlr Khan Sahib.
3 Wef3- e I aftLhat the dock strike In NeV4ofh ainauy1the business mn or the labor lead tan the a* anI OOns ahort notice, .ha b.fas-

'Ibere are three boats. There are also three coasts in the peas one' clip wPthe. rJa Mnec umfli6
: ta. The Atlantic., Pacific and the Gulf. Each Coast has a the power strugIl between labor origlnatS, Gond a l.gBags. he wal," a mao the jate.
eaentative port For Example: New York, Los Angele.s, and and management' ar" as black as a s and At onei tia Khai. t ad a
SewA OrleVans. Weeks later the President out. gen gin ad worship stones and lot of money, but they kept putting
lined his e thoughts on labor one aft- trees and tfger. The tiger is the him in jail after the partition of
ow there are many employee from the states who work for ernoon, in aat bad god. ad e als eats heir and very time oved
!he Panama Canal Co. I venture to. say that all do not live in with James Mitchell, while o-ffe cattle. Hence, they are happy when him into the brig an employee
the a ty o ew York. I venture aa, to say that some and ing the New York department store you do the bad god Bgh or Shr, whie off with a fresh clump of
y any., lv e in the Central and Western sections. How executive the labor post in the as the tiger is called, a swift one rues.
anof these can affrd a vacation or trip home via New York, cabinet. in the enye. -whe reason they put Khan Sahib
o deeper. in the hole? Not many. I'm sure. "I want a man t (as secretary of The viet-president in charge into the Jailhouse was that he is a
Labor-VR) who will pay atten- keeping me unmauled is a bturdy Moslem, comes from BaluchiataD.
Therefore why cannot the Panama Line route a boat to New on to the nmass of p nd n typ who is named Kahn Sahib w h a in Pakistan, and he
eans and Los Agele The conderation shown for it rn- to the power pla between la Jamsed Butt and the spelling is ust w. go hack home. After
awea would greatly appreciated Posalbly it would help to leaders and mani gemnt. I want correct. Khan Sahib looks like an a while they qut putting him in
somie of St e discontent osay a man not influenced by one side old fashioned Tultish wrestler, Jll and h went k to the bui.
take the table sitatoa Im told that by the or the other but by interest n the with mustache to match. He is 51 nes of contracting r mber and
e ables arrive n C toal via New York they are mass of working peol e. I want years old and has been a shikar- shooting tges t his spare tim
us -ointh e*ld. and have to be euet and picked over until decisions to a be m --adeinnCr Ithw h es all cases
We finally get what we ce in the Comamissarles. he fs of Prvi s wer lee i

.,d. -acmeaf lre,..aWlualoe Wchehl it n
Therefore. whycannot the Panama Line make New Orleant idewnt Eisnh owertn labor pro|aRN
S S gam Or se ut pyppcly. ew Orleans especially. By letter eid ncethat n h-em, hIa tr recmt. wSaehilsli Ma w n 1 ettih

s Orleans is only ho mla evr opren t unt y to o .... r- elis Jonran:, Cae Far Fothe Cnhhsin an l.. A
t he dalu11 heo be gd e s nor nd. ei o his pay each adl M rn oger Dnn makiy n the book "Casino Royale." -bi.

niwe.o |- 1--G--Vria-r--'-geestpenes 'o em the ot Whiebltre House staff dis" wh ustarla chvooing! ... Joe (Everlovin) Buerham's exclrting "The Web Of
SUnfcussed with President ElR senhower ws, the star, stealing the. La Subversion." Sh er at the .Red
SAnswer to Previous Purzle a message to Con ress urging thnt vie show ... Audrey He burto menace which some people would.
SiDC lpl ad Cdl more poer be g "1ven to states, to (alone) Montpy eve'g at 5te and have you belieVe is exaggerated
deregulate peaceful strikes and pick- 57th in slax ... Jolle Gabor and ... of Hearts," Broadwa's
Sufub, a eating, the Chief Executive was for 57th in slax Ben Hogan, latest J er ... 20th's new m
e g n Used baml such a move But he insisted that who failed to enjoy a Birdie (for "Prince Valiant" ... The Im-
Sun do Ml such a law include positive guar- the first e in eades) the periale, on E. 44th, where the UN
S l 4Cmel S tantees of the individual rights of other 18 Holes with Shipwreck celebs feast ... Buddy Racetas
I: *%"Umt- Daaale worker to stay in unions, to strike Kelly ... Newcomer Connie Chinese waiter routine at La Ve.
S.e s eul o p lyle eand co exercise their full rights. Towers (a blonde Eyeful Tower), Watch 'em steal it!
i veg t 7Handle l l i e Because the White House staff who debuts at the Maisonetta ---
Sei sh plit over this issue, that message Room tomorrow. She hails frs Midtown Vignette: She ca 't
i 1 Lare ver went up the Hill. ap r e Whitefish. Montana. She was In the and being alone .. A w w
Sa"e 10 Aborved ifff never went up the Hill. But this "AU About Laye" trou E at Ver. whose husband left her better-than-
Mal&e ICon d u r IHhas been the consistent ap reach sailles ... Drama edtor Ward comfowtably-fixed ... Likes peke
r (O0ssvem) 3 1aSt5B 1type31 Hardg he' ine s 7 Kind of and thinking of the Presidnt of Morehouse (e Bway and Ceorgia) ... Eajoys chatting with cab-.
1O6R) S3 antesaprer 3HEarsdy herones 4 the U. B on labor and new gis- who just had his wrist tattooed drivers, bank-tellers, waiters, news
ft e anmleo ah Corcts 48 In etxces latuion on this front showing a Confederate Flag. stand dealers or the corner cop .
e 43 estra Ir CleytonTeen ge Ho theDemocrAtcig Cr. A her o a

jiq 3 betateral 46 Used to tie up 55 's ti Club 0To Sponsor "" I'"n A '" ."lcss in k d asn
:o bookmag al dog (*b.) Easter Dance I **.*a the gals he Kissed. tendant (who cased her for a ape)
M sf'"i -' Dance I|Iand-Told on," said a eritle, "It's decided she interfered with the

e B m i I I iA easter dance will be held, te a 2nd ra!musical eoemn- -r""rv or Romethioe .,. He told
S' I I pt f Fort Clayton Officerse Pitls replaZs ea says her to scram The signifiek
SClbnexFort Cl"eayt oe.5rt'5 e wouldn't marry ubirosa "fer .., hurt, left without
Club n-Ac Tuesday by the p lau or munnyl" ...For Pooblee complaint ... Went straight to her
The dance will be from 8 p.m. citee? Banxs (the Irving Trust), and
al to midSight, with admlo B bought 100 shares of the bus-stock
Smpriced at ent, In addition to Broadway OwIc David Brooks ... Just so she can sit and lock at
S p. m for dancing s p w1 b uialhowGa oriole) V ... And tell That Cluck
i offereid.Pw-Naomi Gallain Me VgW es He Can Go.

I lItaly's top bankers .J
-Nowiu i He P"Piny aT101 o1 o Hemos of a Midnighter Rumor
"IB N a Traube had another battle. (That's has aillionair C. Murehason (of
N3 V fa.. a A secret rfeit prtn in a lind bid for 5 million
K the Securities & Exchage Coa for the entire Bklyn Dodger sy.I
1-dg an attempt -tem. Wants the teasp in Dallas?
i UD[at -9 over" cca and wreck N ... Lovely feud shaping up -
", Rai-kail. Wall St. : tween Audrey He aad
fs -- I TIPlaced March SMi. A British actress Chrste a
i. ." ashld it: A (Brdtdin's Answer to Lana TU I
-B_ *lm : .. g:r ... Are th11 over the latter's alleged tmhSI
I Giants trying to a te ... Watestbester eivie ebilef
-SS S I I E*V feal with nakCe (. litg on a dynnaire keg. P&au
Columri's "Ma I /la are eospleted--coln sub 'rible -
lUttleffrt to disg iise s and the od is ar a NeuR
Ia1cters in I the Clutin the area
_... ._ Atck. eatdon.~ w Gorda is 'an se ,
Attack W ld Pe 8Frank, the at"dI


He Is now the head shikari I
outfitting. firm called .A
Cooper, Ltd., in which there
Mt. Cooper. It's run by .
young rahmtin named V.C,
lt Who sees no humor iit,-i
that I call his firm ShutM
and FoUy,: after some o9W
friends .
Kna Sahib is aopeued to


are ace I am sloet .was p uce (ar Pen
ethe tiger, became Kah en2) 0 wa it.s Ow ~~" and p t
[0e wau "aS It oar
Sahib's cannon is literally held to- ready. We made the run. iom tet.
gather with string. Shot Island down to the anchornagply to a
The drums are going in the vilU. aof the Bates in a fast crash boat. ported
age where the local Balas are A se .... tawi I
bMinnin a purely local beguine, As te minutes tick away before 2..
andagan the tiger erie out "Be the eMplosion. StAT BuriNs, comn.
still, my dear," says Khan Sahib manBder of the scienUflc task force The St
to the tiger. "We will deal- with explains hat the detonation coud medlatel
you tomorrow." be stopped the last minute in case rad Al e
I don't imagine Mowg-l ever felt an emergency by "radio link dl- page go
half as lonesome among the wolves rec to the firing panel in the shot approved
as I do here in this Beverly Hills cabin." thr= *ei
Hotel of the Central Provinces of i l~aalone
India. If I don't get et up, I will 32 EMPIE STATE BUILDINGS that Wes
toll you something about tigers recopn ie
pretty soon now. But there is no last-minute hitch. "wor ch i
The switches are pulled on board cunning,
explosion rocks the screen, filling

JNew York 1a4

merging with singer Tony he oster witnessed. If the icture io t rein
1st week in June. at this point in the clod's rowth, and des
the height of the clond i. a pproxi- manr x
matly 40,000 feet. T`"e me:, 's', 3.r
Show Business: Hildegrd Do. Empire State Bull( lgs at l19 Goovern~
lores Gray, Howard Keelan Bill feet per building sc 'd b6 ple' on speak Ur
Johnson were among the ans to the other. So-ni t 10 o lr ,3s --Te
who had to click read before lar the mushrooms telud pe-o C t2 Idy"
they wer. noticed back here at of the cloud has tw- r'd ain notcean
home The other niht Dave around 10 miles and spreot s out any r.
Miller (the re g titan) was
in a Iondon deadfalln pocket in

was a contract mr te wr*I.w r zig
of a Portuuee sbn smash
named "The B -nti ,,.
stars named BIy Sh d ()
was striving to win over the gabby
audience ... MiUer lafsed to
Billy's easy way with att ...
Boom! Short Cut to the Big
T'me! ... Miller optioned Billy
recorded him next y, and the
next day picked up Aetion ..
BritiUsh recoriL preestamped
out 10,00oo of ad' "Ban-
dit" number. Ray Martine crew
doing the tootling ... UJ. disc
Jockeys got a copy yesterday ...
"What part of England yOu R0om
k' .? aiked Miller ... "t. Louis,
.. :" -William. "1 was
working as a helper oi the N.Y.
. ..... trucks when I
i;t .a chance to sing at a benefit.
A British night clqb owner heard
me and signed me Up. Io've only
been in London 10 days!

n the Night: In Cafe
Tokay: "It's a long climb to the
Top ,and a short crawl the Bot-
tom" .., At Do s 'l m;Com-
Wis' pet hate u Dirty Pit-

z c -

- ." -... -


-- F -

.. -

By Colbroith






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theirB MWdSW-

sport te fra fleina effort, .oAf frffll?^lh'lap ,y sd s ed^? e fa v r th before Sr taon e-,er
,, i n .n-..e e a pin ew to w ltheoa o r s o earr .t e wh e, heh Rd s-la
S ,,, 'Luther 0. .ceW 2o of Woods, 2 .
Sthe octed to the ro a them. The A icans wee -

Die, d a, uk....,on.. The two Atericans amid Ov
Swherever p l "we cannot tand returnedround with a radio "noep allt -

needed, any frr lo In revenue and corporation taxe e ded nd tea to rotiditrat they turn traitor.
S= vr ard Juldoq. T y spent moterdnuest of their

Sp. a for tik eat battle, have the AI Ar 8 (5P) vent hou e of canneptivity at a Ruslan
na twe ntmo Your tridd* e3 F Nd ma g o Y Fsan. dee Gue demanded to-irheadqnumbers and nothingere theylse.
o .w, s e tx gha touch wheo r edaedg and cook hlpw t i on. me- Young and Woods w snatch-
that aem-neigorouslyopposed a Dem- Mon I3onst ecl Detroit to New Orleans, hah pM. ed by five heavily armed men
( o -te.. om mitt I npdonoated a $l th 't e t ai. w .I a th rort1n1 too alborderweap
Setty Panuse is Part of here at 3:30 p Malksnday and
n6mtwo o n tVariatoalsneatthetaeo.b~ rert held until about7I.m.estEt-OS
chees, Manrtomwouldobout eKon Wa-MISS ucon.

't m l d n en-l w- i fl _rv d waer~d tb~e e iF dnei e tA jflj0Ttherefth.rAom anoJea raar Ifex- day.

voe A.T aBCto In the e y ttWe B re rnsed t a
bN h, Edter ole d s t r f tr d t e-, S Young anid he and Woods
Senate Thtesfled h Housen efort torform- The nitaPrl taxhre-"were "at lenu h80a erds" from
wootftalt In a portad te Ae a untert he see.b T'il'hc,-rS. the border -s ond h western

e% BE:In hins in.. iwthe red pan to $7 doan ovtt adt th eret strdel Ahlphs Js, dorid tee aid nor3- whSthed a" hsloedn
h ta e n a- Humphrey ted to te iodg e -od e" of present aie the e nte" e

-p'-r- -opplago is oflultratedsin on ao ofe lel he '-l deal me geh. tJ da aid e
Jthe.ts. to the a"munt ea y a them. The woAmericans e ra l e a
erneed an urt os revenue andlcorporation e dnd round steaks ode fla-HoA ter a ra ion h er
e' cnto d H eA vborle and eulslnu., hiey spent most ofe their n o

SFor thick beefr cptatt : \ have t he Apri (up) Gen. hours of captivity at a Russian
ha rm -n.,Your Stridels. 3 meat ground iI once and mee ale do ue. depnnded to- headquarters post where they
ght touh U t h whes i ad u ookL a ta a cede velopIts own were questioned for hou r

cooking through. ,L ent ro bu asorn adse
Variaoe s of thep bmer os a teso between to the 1United stNa
b'n o tb \t Stine ehis. a V on atomic
a oes t e re Amers m edtn or toe at the first e con-
Jr s ses. The adhems pw t y oI beence he han ohdl In fivein
a yThe hee f e e l o yr He denounced the American-
be cut to fit thin patteseduro n Army Pla
ooked bee and tuck ewI en D o Gulle ado sharpil at-

o a l a aT tOer wo patties bed ore c d tacked Premier Joseph Lhael
a ax s t bitue rat l th er e o to ea ,ee tw t P ce o a Ltbera- m evi_
or don 't shapenthe
meat in a thic barbecu sau cto newnmen, diplomats and lea to

v ap o create oaceof a ad pace weimb o r be laddover the er So ald bunws. p fIgaretsa crossed child to behave
These are know. as "ravern g- at aenitrl Part ie well when you have guest, It Is atack
one" i )o metrtas ou the country aThere have been reports that wise to hit a happy mv dium be-
andoarea special favite of the Mar hall e lphn A eJuin, dis- teen aInoring the child and
b h Atee-.agehcrowd.graced and stripped of all his making him the center of at-
S.French Army pot as an out- traction. If you Ignore him corn-
eHat nr ge o eao groWth of his opposition to the pletely, he may start misbehav-

co e tnb.eTe nex thrhwtmwithrDe tuo An ho,.r rn igng. s otn |o. If you make-m the a en-,
Z uropeI Army, will join forces in ihn order to get your attend
Mix 2 tablespoons .sWrwite with Do Gaullemin., an all-VAbt tion. if you make him the con-
one of the follotg and spread on fht to defeat the plan. ter of attraction, he'll be tempt-
hot broiled'br pan-fried hambutrg- % eaulle, his voIce mounting Sd to show off.
oerlpattiesbeforfeserWlg:ttable-htoa hbigh uIntense ptchdand his Try maklnhim feel that he
mona Worcestershire sauce; It arms flailing at the table be- abaree your responsibility for
tblespoor prejdred mustard; 2 .fr fore him,r adl France still is a making the aesat welcome.
Soblespons blue chese; 2 table. grat powate but ha "abdicated"
osdaochopped chives; oaC com- to the wishes of the United
el e s pft2otablespoonscalotnipostates.
l and 1 teaspoon piespaed mutar

at er ds eamely is JfaeOtNt here lr be was sr vnotit

NNoi'end-- do'a a sclesrreade.n thrwase. .esto
el d .ellrtel Do'tOhiHt- er yourseps. Bt toeo reteres Atou i -l coAtIs 1 mIALsZionlrdnl, April 8
y A EAtNTEDITOR'NOTE!in this ar- ar your t But the reverse Missall asked Beani had wit- (UP)-Jordanian officials s charged
N"tS Ia$e-yEditor tilde, third of a series of four does not follow.esses.todayatfore of up to100 heavily--
ehto NOT d walking, the Importance of If you are a long-limbed frl, Noseir, the wra drunker aed crossed the front-
o 'prNObabl ` n& thispat th-poied pduang Is broughtout.don't adop a m e.d theo n d o tried to attack
ele bird of a series of four on Ag od pause position is ll-l Keep practicing until you achieve th via uan near in,
a the Importance of poised torated In trie accompanying one that's a happy compromise; tW hove "n Isrehd roied h
pausg .Is ,brought out. A good sketch. The next article, the long enough to suit your length, wrllrch 3rArd. klledtn a
pau position Is illustrated in thae las of the series, will deal smart enough to look feminine. u ,nits of Jordan's Arab Legion
accOm sketc. The next with rhythm and relaxation. An iof raeu ad Jordannnationl guardsmen,
-nandrJordanian national-guardsmen,
deal rhythm and relaxation. Have youever sea model show era back to the border before they
Just-as soon as you learn to ,clothes.? The way she pauses anda reaebad Uman, the' officials re-
walk wti feet close together, toes resumes her- stride is a study inpreoh e-
n straight and legs leading grace.Jordan d said there were no
rte body you should "concentrate AaJrdan adieosaid the wer noov
oma, =e.teI a loose stride from In adopting the model's pause Arab- csuiesftW but it Whs believ-
the t that hits the foot at the position, on will aomplib two some of th tankers had been
heeLi eprimss oe-stepping, things: You will show off your kill or woundednor said the Jo
please lenito best advantage and yoq Jordanian sotrcess hn e A-
aem dan delegation to the United Na-
AM for long, really so that there will be no awkward AI Led armestwiche comis
eweepng abrides and put You break in ur stride. v .odgedaprotest
heels down delbeately. Do tsHere's w to do It: Am oom i last wk


..r ,a.'al.


I -.


* Names YOU KNOW '

PLUS --,,-
The Biggest and Bkt



------------ ----.^



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the latest faslhimf




S.. .and many other household


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* -- T,.,,_.

9' C i. '


Last year. the Easter Parade years later." he says, with a
proved to be pretty much of an 'inor laugh, "or television
;igg-layer on TV. All four network '' a ars sooner."
coveredd it. but they paid mor The program uses mostly young,
attention to commercial plugs thi It was on
,m Easter bonnets, and the pro- "Opera Cameos" that Bill Tab-
"ests echoed for weeks. .sie -.iia the' unforgettable
Perhaps that's what s c a r ed '"Younger Than Springtime" in
aem off, for, at tne moment, only "South Paciflc"-made his debut
Wne network plans to focus on Fifth In an operatic role. And they've
Avenue or point at Park Avenue used lovely Lois Hunt, who, Mar-
this Easter Sunday, April 18. NBC. tinelli says, "sings like an angel."
IV is the daring one, scheduling "On television, he says, "you .
an hour show in color with Tex have to be careful what the artist
Mid Jinx doing the commenting. looks like, as well as how he
The Easter Parade should be de. sounds. So many singer are fat
Ughtful in color-unless it comes and moon-faced.
Vp rain, which looks just as good
in black and white. Add dangers of being on tele-
vision: Gwen Verdon the dancing
AprIl I also marks the debut of delight of "Can-Can did a dra-.
artha Wright's new show. The matic role on NBC-tV's TV Play.
al who took over for Mary Mar- house. The script called for her to
Sl "South Pac(ic" will begin eat She ate. But the food hadn't
a liminute show over ABC-TV, been refrigerated, and had sat on
u after binah Shof's pro- a plate under hot lights for hours.
-There'll be one novel twist It tasted O.K., Gwen says, but the
4. iel stand still and there'll be next day she had a bad case of
0ovable scenery behind her. food poisoning.
If, f6o example, she sings "Get See-you can get sick on TV, as
Out of Town," t'll be the town well as of it. "MR. MUSCLES" ON THE LOOSE-This he-man pie
that does the getting out Nicholas Rocco Casello, on display in New York City, is *no
A TV casting director's lot isn't new in the way of "wanted" photos. A wrestler, Casello Is
The impact of the I-bomb, as all pretty blondes and handsome by Secret Service agents in connection with passing some WT
shown In the Governmntt's "Op- heroes. Doris Shari, aho cass for Department checks. Stolen in 1944, the checks are number
eratiop Ivy" awful and "Robert Montgomery Presents" to 5900, bear the word "Navy" and may be signed "T. EK
awsore. But the HoIlywood touch. (NBC-TV), had to find a locomo-
es to the flmIwe uncesnary, tive for the April 19 show. She *.
tending to tarn what should have hired tha largest one in the world,
been a'powerNfl documentary into a monster that weighs 1,206.750
melodrana. The H-lomb doesn't pounds in its stocking wheels.
need supporting players. This was one assignment where
she almost dug off more than she FLY KX M TO
At the age of (censored), Gio- could choo-choo.
vanni MartineW has a bright new
career. He's now a television star.
For one of the greatest tenors gh ing A RE
opera has known, this is all a tre-
mendous thrill and wonderful fun. CALGARY., Altr AprQ 8 (UP) Many flights weekly from the Caribbean
Martinelli and hb old friend. --A woman and her bulldog walk-
Carlo Vinti, do "Opera Cameos" ed Into a downtown hotel and ch*al Choice of Super Constellation or DC-6B
o -r DuMont. They take an opera, lenged the night clerk and guests A De luxe or Tourist class service
present excerpts from it with top to a fight.
singers, and Martinelli tells the "I'll take on anyone," the wo- Northern or Southern route
story of the opera and explains man said, "and anyone I can't
where.the arias fit in. In 21 min- handle my dog can."
ttes R~tir time. they do a fine Police removed the two, the wo- For full information see
job of UhpottiUn the opera. man to jail agd the dog to the
la showing people pound. yourlocalTrvel Agent
op04 2 1OK," sayb Martielli, a The dog bit a policeman's hand.
g man with a shock oa white The woman was charged with be. WORtD's IOsr AIRLltI
hair and ruddy cheeks and bright ing drunk and disorderly.
blue eys,-
The people do seem to find opera HARTFORD. Conn. -(UP)-City
OK. ra Cameos" this season Assessor Fred Newton discovered
from a local New York that the men who held his job 150
stton after three years, to a years ago received 25 cents for 'K L
Mettorkl And the audience ac- every $1,000 on the grand lit. At
cording to ratings and fan mail- that rate. his salary now would be
grywas ach week. Marinelli grows l$49,101 annually or 16 times ROYAL DUC
anore in love with television each greater than' he actually receives. AItNIS
Week, too. Newton doesn't plan to gsk for the
eitherr I wish I was born 25 old rate, although he'd like to.

V0U nMvNT& AOF o 6 us a W on&U UM ne RAU,
Fog you, THWWuWs... WHO e

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Too Late, Boys

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a dlent rank.
'i '.# "W IS A 3S APrl P

wt.meatm it oo T. wqan o _i ncin-' nat, a
ai 5 "opp ,d ] admg Me t lyman, says

.u a t a aro use 5eb I-. "a
Cr eus ~' iBfsuH ett
dS 114,150 L =A' ANGUEX AprA a de(UP)-
mmet St s lmen LO b* a a d ncb uatU. a

ar gen re a wal" fe. a

IK i^ES,^KH'.mt IHi d t _a Bt. '

played by R p:
AM0e 7 bow IN
ane ftal lullek t

am pmsa.gwitha'Thpe" a
6W pi.m w UAL
* fw shart phoes wW heol
M*W .

.W.OTAN.B -., sue tbe.t
Lk f an,,d l i ile a =
he I stindd mllmp hahbM.

14OU tt S

c ..ttl on Chalks
,. ai pi :l -_ _aP_ ofety Record ,

M,11 excellent ratlags us of Mabh
S' m. emande rren H.e
fStuer h ehaistab rhd ad afM
| ---0.-A D S I owd @'I "' -- m WNW

LA PARISIEN -;' orchid
:' : t .-.,-,~i, l Ae w." PFreom Motorist

,:na t --i-, *). -'t) A motorit madl e Bsato-

fn. ienutor o
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IE he.n 5. a. ta the es

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L'*-:.---- -PA---f e". :ce f-, ,

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owW, onia^ ifbthe a% L

57L MW#7

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IlS E.i

|d: it w 8supona it a o ama
n It. U. Ht ta. inS .t i*i .....
frl Lsevor orgos an.s1Wo.M

6we HIs th 4 gliftie oI eour
It wu fittlW, ta tn e farst t ...a ,
word rm te od be aI
prayer s h was we
e. ThInk how ot '
Iteachinw the at 8 a forgiving
ptsrlt w as ...l
In th Serm on ae touut

Sa nRe had ftaiuh For ouridsvepl tond
Sra for o there Po-even thoul otbe -
who He hurt or percut Do we udw
Isl aD a~id Id bin pra tice what we profit l whenat
S. weayWebel'eve-nrdhefforgiye. A
nes of.'hin? For oftrelnin

The roeas stands half way. be-
tween Heaven and earth. On it
Chrlst reveals the nature of Ood
to men-and the nature of men,
to God. He la pleadin our cuee
-lifting humanity with all Ita
fault u to the very throne oft
God. Do we keenly feel the cmon-
nection between our sins and
His sufferinf? Do we tnow the
reeemlnr power of the cross?
Do we know how ChrKt inter- B
cedes on our behalf?
If we do have this knowledge.
Christ Is omethlng more than .h
just a good example, the martyr- .
dom of a great soul, or some of
our other modern and beral no- .-
t1onc. He sa the great s rah list
W, 111- iIwho is worthy and able to repre-
4 Aent uYa besefore the fIet-et ,
w of, A? ato Intercede on ourd
behalf. Our Lord still prays the
same prayer of forglvenesa for

,.towek the -
SBe.Are Draws to GirlWho the

B How de I dhkeo a like -
o me?" asks 1yUreA-o rd ti.
then shb adis. "It I asked my -
er mother would taB tel- -ak
Iqure. at n wers herl hir b-o .

c edes andore a, hoe e, .d" os

No gl who hsas t ar opumnot l .m '

Foj a poor opinion of herself With Hety Tomato Ketchup-.
grl an eard. i shy, or toome p
uher o o t her o etloantgoo ia l.-
Sseo wnHt sihe Iy arse here ar i- Et
iglsn youse, beoyres lthe oseat I 4 .- *
Sof era to ant a ol o rl

breh ake ds the ielyMea t

veryemost of hr ogirs.foa
coMig|yFre sr a in to fhem e- Gils-

Another lmportant'oundaaon for Ie
Srelfly, cnd oakes th v e
most of aadeng w agi. d ag l

welld tel aml

e girl who doesn't e along w i T AIi

Mpr on o you. can. l oik sa AnId

highyountono ___________er._..nd. -you_ savenavy

. tender Haddock, Cod, and Perch.
f.ids, ,uia.-ftms nm y after
ka Thee'a aWsolutely No WAIrFl Every
spur sh-eating. .. you'l kve BIRDS
ol Baked, fried or broiled-any at the
a wimdp .supper dish!
atswod In yew semmbseery



the timing metropolis that ranks among the wor
most beautiful. For a perfect visit go El Conqufatadc
height-d-luxury DC-6 acmonrwidlew or fine new
DC tourist service at substantlel savings. withe

you fly with million mile eptain a e ii r ed
SiI __ ___ _.' m

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.3W* *AjL
pse5ans 14J 156n 0
raitl stsAv.'


RSALE:-Gas heater. 30 gallons. 1
;)or old, perfect condition $80.00,
Mend Magic Chef gas stove, 4 burn-
4 rs & oven $50.00. Apply Poaltllo,
14th Street No. 115.
SSALE:-25-cycle Westinghous
'erigerator, all porcelain Inside and
'out, good condition 550.00. 2715-
0, Cocoll.
SALt:-Youih bed with uard
iis, .spring & mattress $19.00.
.j e 86-4296.
SSAJ.LE:-Westinghouse refrigers-
*ot, s25-cycle, excellent condition
.00. Telephone 3-3254, New
,' olrhutu No. 10.
; MiBcelblneous
ANTED: Amercoan lady desires
,amoll apartment with private bIth.
t Phnse PIbo 4-303.
.YAN Ri:-Cholet or apartment, 3
Sbedrooms. Brage, hot water, at "El
"Coenrelo" or Bella Vista. Coill Mrs.
I Schwartz, Telephone 3-2265, Pan-
m; aa.

It. WANTED:-G-od6 baker. Apply
4* "M" Street. 12th West or
S.~~preet McAlmon's.
A d" U^k ilvalM

at 7.



ster, excellent condition, 13,000
miles. 270-in. V-8 engine, 160-hp.,
leather upholstery, good top, Ton-
neau cover, hand-rubbed custom
red lacquer paint. Over 115 mph
top speed. 0.60 mph in 7! secs.
Cost $4200 new, sacrifice for Im-
mediate sole $1975 or best offer.
Terms phone Curundu 6241, eve-
ninpg or Albrook 6148. days.
FOR SALE:--New, just run-in HILL.-
MAN, radio & lighter. s4-hp. Ser-
vel air-conditioning unit and Ascot
gas water heater. All used two
months only. Leaving country. Tel.
1952 Willys. Excellent condition.
Priced for quick sale. Phone Rod-
man 3330 or 3121.
FOR SALE:-1949 Nash $650 Mutt
sell In 2 weeks. Phone 25-3245.


* .' -


usl ift""c -W
end olter qule4e-rvkle iea
am a d Me fl
Mfaeellanou i
FOR SALE:-Cocker Spaniel puppies.
House 6211-A. Corozol. C.Z. Tel-
ephone 2- 656.
FOR SALE:-German Police puppies,
4 months old. Inquire 6th Street
No. 17, Son Francisco Mrs. Quer-
FOR SALE:--Desk and choir, office
type. 7 drawers $15.00. At Wirz
Memorial. Dow Walker, Hotel Tiv-
FOR SALE:-1950 Hudson Pocemak-
er sedan $785.00; G.E. radio, 3-
speed record player, cabinet model
$135.00; metal desk $8.00. Call

FOR SALE:-1941 Plymouth Coupe Navy 348, 5:30-7:30U p. bun-
good dependable transportation. ex-'day all day,
cellent condition. House 8014B. 6 o ito f e
Morgarita, Phone 3-1287. Position Offered
sedon, radio, 42,000 miles. 5091-i -Must be Panamanian citizen and
B. Diablo. I 81-lingual. Age 18-30. Please write
FOR SALE:'- 1931 Model A Fort giving brief qualifications and en-
Pickup. Duty paid. House 6260. close photograph. P.O. Box 221,
Corozoal. Panamo. R P.

ku u41,

FOR RENT: Chale 4 bdroom
llvingroom, diningrali,; kIdthen
oe and large yd. $150.00 I
nd StretN. ,15. 1eLTe, N3"
2224 during office hours. Caretak.
er across the street.
FO. RENT: BIea4tifu furnishec
home with all moderom cowenlence:..
Telephone 3-1 1Z6--3-0347.
FOR RENT: One-beodOm dielet:
Ilvingroom, diningra M, garage.
fenced. Rockgas insallation, stove,
new refrigerator. Pmefwdrr Aietl-I
con family. Moderate p01e., Tele-
phone 2-3075, Ancon Avenue No.
50. Ready for occupancy April 12.


S elp UanItU FOR SALE:-1951 Cadillac convert.- b
ANTED: -- Cook to ,laep i the ble, radio, w/s/w tires. Perfect con- FOR SALE -
,IwAo. Bring references. Cole Mirkt dilton $2600.00. Can be financed to
eStrriat r No. ? Peru Ave. No. 91, Phone 3-4994, Real Estate w
16t0i Street East No. 4. during of- afternoons.
fle hours. FOR SALE-1950 Nash .Afebndor FOR SALE:-Good proposition Invest- FOR
meant. Panama high land cheap. An- cl'
OST & FOUND good condition, easy payments, con, Canal Zone. Box 44.
4 __ wifl trade for older model in good
F :-.Smoll brown and block fe- running condition. Call 85-2209 FOR SALE:- Modern chalet, cheap.
t"64tr dqg. Missing two weeks. Re- during working hours, 2-3032 ate, Highway, after Chorrero. Rents now
Call Cristobal 3-1751. 4 p.m. for 50.00. Inquire 2-3078, 2-
FO, R SALE:---Chevrolet Deluxe tout- 452. -3703.
._-Crusade door. Condition very good, low mi.e. C LE A
SSA.. age $800o0.0 5738 Diablo.L i LE S.S 0 N S
FOR SALE:-Singer roodster. perfect LESSONS 11+ SPANISH conversation 1
cver condition, new coach, new tires. See .. for beginners. For information tele- FOR
ever. itl and ou will like it. Call Panamc. phone Panama 2-1872. h'
Wk WANTED .|, Luke's Plans w
e0 aPttibiuton from the Aut oblieM PLn .. .

as uportd thr
e for Freedom
to 018 to date.

Of. radio
h e Arbe

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i tolhe bOieaiadoat
iU 0 a sd beard tho

the fte this e
re wll ere B dm
p < rg c
AMe anoeagourage
behma the &n M
ta theibroadcasts
or a410o free Europe
*a&" being hard s
AA o ?GWg or le
1 a"e frm H
prt. "What f
rf, oSe who have lost Itr

PLYOUTHS, PONTIACS. The choir of the Cathedral oi
'AUTO IRO MAN St. Luke Ancon, under the diran-
Tel. 2.49f,.- -2416, Peneme. tion of Earl C. Keeney, organist
will present its annual concert oa
Record Pickerel? lenten music on Palm Sunday, !at
4"30 p.m.

Mrs. James 1. Martin claims to be
the world's champion woman pick.
*^-j.k A. ^ -_ arL. k 1--16*_ .-;--

Choral selections and arias from
the passion according to St. Mat.
THAW Y B hR aaaJ. ..

R RENT.-Furnimhed- cottage one
bedroom, conveniences, one ond
ne-half miles in Arroilon, on In-
wndtional Highway. Sign at drive-
ay. Johnson.
RENT: 2-bedroom furnished I
Ialet at "Borriedo dl Maestro,"
Atiroflores. Telephone 2-4088. ;|

riNTON 4. L Just built nadern
uiilned ap-t-entW.t to*,
adrooms, hoti d water. Tel
phone Panamo 3-4941.
RENT: -- An apartment which
vs 3 bedrooms, livingroom and
iningroom, an Interior parc h.g
iald's room witli'bath. Located on
ve. Euseblo A. Morales No. 4. "El
ongrejo." Feo Infornmation call 3-
29Q Panama.

w4ath.l j I .Iuegre,
neghbrod.of HO E Panama.
Fo. further partculae plese cali
'.-4968. .
MOR RENT. 10 weeks beginning
April 24. fumlhed tw l t In
Beflo Vista. Cool. omfortable, aqd
screened. Reasonable rent. Phone
FOR RENT:-Furrished beautiful one-

oU9n eral nsl-r. She caught a picxerel I *-' a unn Sercbasan Bach bedroom oportmentr, gas stove, re-
Sa- in Ptoo Lake that w hed l be ung by the choir with frigertor. Overlooking com-
nine pound., five ounces-aai to Marta Sped, soprano, and Per- missary on V1 Belisario Porras (San
Hpr- be 5 oun'bes over the previou- l0o Borg, bass, as soloists. Francisco). Tel. a-5024. I
S7world I '. This great work uses the text FOR RENT:-Furnished apartment to
S. o St. Matthew's version of the bachelor, private entrance. Teke-
lt now. l Fre Europe crucifixion and ws originally pro hone 2-3732. .
S behn utd e rd hopeI fnr here duced with symphony orchestra, FR RENT.- Campo Alegre apart-
I d Sb It what a 1les te organ and double chorus. Present- ment: Two bedrooms. two bath-
ra d t t It what areed iaver ing the work on a smaller scale rooms, six closet, ooms large. IR*
u to theta p-wrecked. WVith an effective rendition is achieved cordo Arias Forty. 3-3774. a
OU6- iatfl W think of th the uie of a narrator to main. c- --- I
he who to the malnten- tan the continuity of the scriptur- FOR RENT: Two-bedroom oaprt-
c {n or& development i al Inext between the musical pas- mert. living-diningroom, kitchen.
A e- t i nU ." agsa. hot water, service. Phone 1-0422.
Sthe Indlviduaa and organiza Iluon ,OR RENT:-Nice furnished part.
ne- dM rit to participa m in the The Very Rverend M Richard ment, refrigerator, s stove,
at In O Ui an d o almpvl by MacDonaIl, Dean of the Cathe- tory inspected. Via ros No. 9.
oal m *anr aatributlon or any dral will be the narrator on Sun.- F RET
vid- moui to uale Por Free- day. FOR RENT:--Lge .modep two-e
Ivt Omm Of Postnater, Ca. room apartment., r id' room. Wse-
io B. Mme. Spoel will give the aria ice, garage. No. 17. 44th. Seet.
;rope "Bleed and Break Thou LoVing I Inquire upstairs No. 19. 44th St.
muet Heart; the recitadve and arias
our. THE "Although Both Heart and Eyes FO E N
S'erflow, Lord, to Thee my FOR RENT
atd si xW idetrio dervel Re- Heart I Proffer," "To all Men
pro-.. e. works on 25 Jesus Good Hath Done" and "In Ronm
evi- San 6I $160.00 Love My Saviour Now Is Dying."
Matters 0 EL DIABLO Borg will sing the recitative and FOR RENT:-Furnished rooms, in the |
,att" n A Pan". A aria. "The Saviour Low Before city. Also 2 rooms at Sabonos. In-
M1, lip UHisF Pather Bending" and "Gladly quie Estudldnte Street No. 98. .
real- Would I Be Enduring." FOR RENT: Furnished room wit s






wi.. Y u C T P o a












kitchen privileges. House No. 60, -
S- 43rd St. Tel..3-5417. Mms. Powell.
'OR RENT:-Lorge furnished reo
with own entrance near Cahd'Zene, i
both. Reimer, Calle Edlantc'l
77-A, "Tonlq:M io." Apt: 10, .
'PFOR RENT:-Larg IBry roon toglr| .|
gle gentleman. .7th street Nk. 25.I
top floor. I "

FOR RENT: -urnished rom with|
kitchen residentlol action Tele-,
phone 3.1282, from 4:00 pnm. onj

Five More Firms
Engage Space .
At Curundu Fair

p -*
* r;

- .: ikd

Pwurs -i6

Si.1 -

S. ..W'oI

!i- -----

BA Rp S.A.
Pakef. pWW,. Mmo
r. 8 wIwasi.l

mao and ~mac Tra*s-
inrala .e oe,, 1 ga D gtoag f,

trm _t i tlo at .
^ QMallprtw


A. g-A
* a 1
to I

Mr, W9O 7JUlU

M a**'

New IlalM = Pl Maw
JuN. (tame-I 5w -aSnr








Tlhe nmes nof

Ourundu wtui3rP
gLUtion werertik
The new a sdud-d
Uonal Brewery, l8i
Wede, TivollTravy
American Baur an4

A ra"ifi
u" f "i"lr'tTn

__ ........


-J. I~: -

m~m-- .. .---- -__
ea.Ba to AM W w t rt .I '4* ._-.
smunmd orile and mcbnbwu ftore; mortar, arUnetiadm" ww
ph-io.r nrmblihng teq-, diving planes Bad' even b*Mrklu d00.5
*:', is* "L '

- .

eeu su S-d -Vd
e -ft tr el inthapd
Ix. =a-. .Um~otsw


-. ,t "C

-?A -





,, 4


Swi Allow on Your Car Top Prices on a
de .Aist a Better Used Car or Against
19c r a Pontiac.

rW. M ^ PWTON IA Dmr,.



, II


i 1"

I- -


m _





Ai mta .s



v T V.

ra ro" v

*,M.e to orw *ev
. wll be at the piau'
to 1:00 p.m. to lay

i -. -1

roTo n-Crooerd-u -
MAL r toh o tis he
ntfna. foe w as arrested'o
r deportation on gramads
that he asked to be ecisa
rn service during
Worar U as an analles ea
eldtses ud Agfenuna.

Thbit rOf Doce.

SbIAprl 4
Made Locke 's Theater of

A lare vari toh 40 numbers,
aIU l _nhlde such danroutines
A4, itz w ,r

reeds wll i to ae World
Service Work othe YMCA. Ser-
ismen will be admitted without

H---^f Yu e. p madeli ou
*a Mier Story.,
eriti(w lcarged h t

Jtaia theory:
"1M er id That Glean and
I War ri ntl u li C8% -move.
PIo t I- pfr1ia
tao y to ook like the man you're
portraying. You spend all your
u me in to look te part 4
ti M e to coae'e trate g
yqk trap yOiWpl that
may. Yeull eleig a par t --a
mlimlo-ee a actorr"
ttry, dark-' ed .R berta
H s asked Columnbia to tear up
her cotrat. after losing. out t-
Donna Rep4tdor he hofden t
In "Frtam Hre to Eternity."
JM now about carter
t. o t. wB so as nk

Cal presence, and ht' *at
makes a star."
True-Not Fake
Pier Angell about a trip to Italy:
"Big crowds meet me at the -air
port. They say to me tiat they
hear all stars in Hollywood wear
false things and do I wear false
thin? I say to them that it's all
pulbcity, that only some girl In
Holywood wear false things and
that I do not wear them. They
say they are very glad and they
are hapw."

t.epartme 4 Wee"trl": Dr
Edth SitweIl ile, biarre Brt
lady of lters ought to HollU
mood by Coluabt adio to adaV
F te emd m c
tom atr e 6 I6A eain yot
her -. e tbe thermometer read
80 Dr. Swell owns up t
beang 80. -When # 101, that's he
a:e at the moment.

Rieardo Monta4az has been bat
ting .1000 at MGM as a romantic
vis-a-vis to La= Tulrr, sthm
Williams, Jant Powell Sbelle
Winters and other celluloid queen
The Latin's woldage on mfkinj
love in front/,f a' camera:
"I was never earLd. When yot
work with big sars like Len, yoa
know something Is 5 pected of yoi
by the public. You have to means
ure upto her. So you assume az
attitude, you think more on a re
mantle basis and you give ti
love scenes more. You can't show
any self-doubt about yourself as a
movie, lover "
Clark Gable fi selling the bi|
San Fernando Valley home and it
memories of Sylvia Ashley. He'l
resettle in Arizona.







If a perfect matahig em
sition and artist nay e h
ILovia' pe" O rth Rea
(RCA-Vitor) shotd am IM th
a gleoa records. It k the 0t-rht
vehlele for Eartha's talt '
flipover, "Somebody Bad S De
Wedding Bel," is an musinglittle
ea tyso tune that Eartha n andles
with lne ho*manshp.
Sammy aye also m as turned
a double-barreled single that aho
make the folk over at Columbia
Records happy. Both sIdes -"Y
(That'q Why)" and "Bella lla
Donna Mia" features tNK y-
In the same vein, Georgte Shaw
and the Jimmy Leyden singers
combine to make "TI We Two Are
One" and "Honeycomb" the kinad
of record (Decca) that can be
played over and ove again.
By way of comparisoi. It's diffi-
cult to determine whether Frankie
Rullo's volce resembles Louis Arm-
strong's or Fats Waller's. Perhaps
It's a happy medium. His Mercury
recording of "I LoveParis" should
find an preciative audee.
Best "sleeper" of the week "The
wonderful ,Waltees of Richard
dodgers." This M-G-M LP contains
eight Rodgers walttes played by
Paul Britten and his orchestra, in-
cluding "Lover," "Oh, What a
Beautiful Mornin" and "It's a
Grand Night for Sgingg." An al-
bum for everyone.
-William D. Laffler.

University Women's


Wil Visit Here
-To enceorag. antbe1 organ-
ize univeslty woena groups in
Latin Ame a the I

Dr. Mlnne Mt Miller, vice-
pesident from the southwest
central region of the AAUW will
leave for Central and South
America In August. During her
four-month trip, she will visit
upa already affiliated with
e W In Argentina, Brazil,
Mexico and Urugay, she will al-
so contact university women In
Panama, Cuba, Rica, Pe-
ru, Bolivia and Chile.
Dr. Miller will be granted a
leave of absence from her post
as professor of modern languag-
es at Kansas tate Teachers Col-
lege, for this trip, which the
IFWU is sponsoring.
The Lat American visit will
not be the first one for Dr. Mil-
ler. In 1951 she traveled In Pan-
ama, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru,
Dr. Miller. who speaks fluent
Spanish, has studied at the Cen-
tro de Estudios Historicos in Ma-
She has written a number of
books on French and Spanish
literature and civilization, and
has contributed articles to His-
pania, French-Review, Mddern
Phfilology. Modern L a n g uage
Journal, and the publications of
the Modern Language Associa-
tion of America.
Dr. Miller has also been hon-
ored by the French government.

Lady Nancy Aslor

Discounts Furor

Over Hydrogen Bomb
NEW YORK, April 8 (UP) -
Lady Nanoy Astor discounted to-
day the furor in the House of
Commons over the hydrogen
bomb and said the majority of
those who are kicking up a fuss
"don't amount to a lill of
"Don't take the howling of the
leftists in the Labor Party in the
present discussion too seriously,"
she said. "They've always' made
a lot of'noise. but nothing else."
The outspoken viscountess,
calling for England today aboard
the Queen beth, said unim-
portant Eng individuals oft-
en are quoted in American news-
paperst as the reverse is true
n the united Kingdom.
Lady Astor emphasized the
close bonds of friendship exist-
Ing between her country and L~e
United States and said if the
two stand together, "and I be-
leve tiy A, heywill be a
teol force for world good andi
for world peae."
@al gemmrafs Grapes?
WATRURY, Cam. (U.P.) -
he ea f ctty clek eatrol-
ler 078U. Relftafbien^Mtatud

y era e s pern ad by i-e

n qT O



~(Wh4f~i4~& 4


i, ..,



;Z. ,A
Ih.d. it. o


Io I
OW KCs. *^*N

* ">- kA. ---- -s

'I ;

- ,...... "". *. .- o ., .. r- .
."oil. '- 11-- ... -"

-~ I




n :~t~n


ZZRu &ncgA-

-- .-w

NEW YO pr P a A-.sL,- .

4 IP' .^.-.-1 ..|..,

'-. ..- .* .- ... ..
NEW / W iORKi Aprils8(UP)--Manager A I Ipez i.& ^..^'! .!%.
Sl'today he will recommend that Hal Newhouser < -" S,., a .
signed to a contract with the Cleveland>Indians,
the once-great southpaw and general man- B-s a. a
Hank Greenberg "can agree to reasonable i8.i,

,"T re in no doubt that New-'stretched his string of consecu- l a dl LP- -
r can help the Indans, tive scoreless innings to 22 with
r eaid after the 32-year-old a three -inning cleanup tip job. .n a1
Tiger's Impres ive five-
- ork.aant. iran. Gulek' s Ma. Hayes(. ..
e ouner. who quit the TI -1I"
after Ditching in only seven, m t tp, lil o I IL,., ._.-- e,- a.. .n a -
e falns to pore a vie- t w tr t o eR (>Ml Dl M Otro o B t
111eason h as allowed five. m in. tla h D T 5 n ed be atr re Wftlt
Ia 21 innings. He turned in I mI ale l t ae will e I .... iam f id.4 l of -S
alt effort yesterday-str k- InT I sl li IIn. l i l_ dop...s .lAt_ e tfe se nd. .-
t ebatsr Rsan iunearng Sunday the Singles finals of the r, AND OVER Lacbert m antovang, E I at r. tied with I 0ol A bo ost lsat rv1- .1 0
teis a ea ne eriquz Open Tens Toarn A year for the Balboa Relays title at six feet. Th n is Is' over Monty's J1 0 61 12. N umMRe5-i for I-. 30 nd ab ? ed. Lon wa2 o0
tD fl lSe indefningathough he meant was completed, with Maj the straddle style of jumping and i sshow1 n the prior to roll r n bla Corley t ( i e ,or ti. g u .dl tor IT S 0.|
S 2 uh defeat. w I I oisf Forn Gulek defeating stomach and giving that all important kick wi thuhe p.and Cran* ad A oS.laNo); aa bn'ul d for 4 a 2Sd
sold: "I was a toe Averba F ore Ptt te Peaa tn C 1 t Parnell, (W (7 a 8. ) atw8 has ben twoa o f r been. Mfr
;AcI ePei of PzasiC.'Z.White. U (. or ,.. to- r..-
t onvinced and he finallydid, ta al pHayecas conPernroinal o ll *

.....el ...s.... W ilimhlet de'l ,U ...... _-f.---- Ma. a" tn"T an d
The St. Louis Cardi ona ls. Bo- a te ill fe Z....l with.Sma T4M Ca e s' Mi
Sorae ecr- e first, eon a tan td tibrk. NnW lI J 00,rns .-. rs.-thef irt ea-.....
enouraged by.outstanding laCto tTaft and W hM T A b fon ,f take.thq3 an B d a lp ohvre t o s ,ta -

exnw q.'a berlin 02 aes e fiolrel rwhle etit bdeapon =anyt9le froudor utare na oo wp de la hern e 1e teo Pan ama l L
.oeIr...Aedtrun 2 and o he la I s ed Sx.u oFI hA 4 spo sm ge.5 .liam -cPtal Ata -re w M (ea wOo.tla 1e auaItre b e i h t -u h an tte dta _.h el l
Ing day pitcher Harvey Qeater Coun G<*<>-- rf f n- "< fo r B t. 1 3and ,ic yeB

i the Crn...rowdsof brackets p c and order. aem w ner G .l t W oee COOn ah o .
terBoLx tis players. anpo roved to be is n- PHILADELPHIA hAprilS(P Ie ist o fans and bae ba ,. W ,a" U e ai n4roes =r. IO. t oru sn hte dtm a re wMc .i'
i-na 20-game winner last teresting from start to finish. Maj.The 1 bTe baseball eaon- iUl era. elleama saysma e ther 'is md.oehai Ba. e An, aeaI- --, B s(rd.h 1_ Brs..iino ..rdmwhic hn n
ne t earned hampn2 iond- taye amatch a for th enlocal Pett tobnRed s.las artii eaudf o t-eeatan tw u" vip tand then amed woice tauoictl0

t ey r Norfolk fermankde .whie emep t trop hy, aend to anler- Wiliams.h whor a s eensin Pn onest l. enrik-s-*;a ab oem e
afr tPe butt st O2 -A in n tt n edaoll1 srin with abo knhe ai t mpt.", atnl0Ato w0 0 a Afdoa fdo ft afC-dle
p Fol o w" g t A t h Edie Hen- or bonescays hewll thr aranse o n WQtl. e huer, ( NdWoarlb i n ti WhI" w ih Ith e r
that keppthis spring aver- drawn sad commences ruri e o ,aneeNem .da
frbl00, Matthew Pyefha current week. ,ttrscthedudlde benh-sco lanes. as eireire s -'-asoe li s -Pyaa Cole (4). W ffeO-Ant ( D~ nd posted o ln d5 ,n bb n 0,g O
a debut bd on, of th e ae ae .fCamp Berd after ..thi s season, ste atleya d Krefusedt h Am a t r rme.a -B.Murra y .ttmudR tyngthg e Int e = .

week age Oriolsc The mandy players who stHi wit themaflhna tackle bu e. in t. wa wille gt vne up n b ve 8m lb
alstruck out eight b gat-, que de Colon, presented w nnler M The 3year-eld slugger an after i t base r k If 3 0 0
ette's n e-Innsing hx-.area throu hout.-the uear, rainr orrlmt,.t- WhO he aer.bfettme By ACth CAMITON .tCown 3rdpoeiuionsnu tohao 14eCSPora'eso0. 10,"' ann.. D e-a-llq-de-led-hi- a__m pi _o a 0 00 4
SUtugh wt ws "in d Hayes with a beauty ul tennis a nounced hisalpoka I t hn The p B0 ethc .n I* li e Ma- o a two i the ame ln tM nT 0
ate heir Norfolk Tfar mhandt,' achievement trophy, and to runner- In the Saturdam Evening Post. r ooV above In the felth and

Soe combinhomred f or the up Petit went three tin s hof Slasen- Wl aUN msLsays e. original. r a. t b- Ala. ..
ithRed Box bea late-inning the doul- bles tournament will ba be ha from r of duty in the Marine Antonel Cus be l n a iand inM r, h with ag e s
that kept his spring aver- drawn and commenced during the Air Corps. caused him to change Wetrumh. Newbddisel, NJrleodel ared with the buam. T
r'400. Matthew Pyechby current week. It isr theduled tobehis a ns.and1 Be'An.WP ( Da dob l Ua s posted ehis la2
isdebut as abig leaue tged Con thel sae CampDhis J s season, Williams- A maa eson setting lo, a 2 0

i ., ays he will devote h s timetoh battestrikesi and L
it the Cub 2-0 decision tennis courts s a stimulus to theA
the Baltimore Orioles. The many players who stick with the his fishing tackle business in-AtAletia 30 0e0 ,2 swalkingogivingupe ifiv 0
also wete delighted by game of tennis at the Camp Bierd Miami. ba9 W,
Sit was in a o-- shine, playing the ame of ten-batting average of .348. alsom0g t e erns

x- rotakes rnaf r fjr tke atrhe 0OTg its. Alainboa-mitB ant pa tr rlnsau Sb 2 0
w rT.t he top100 ... .tu... ---.. .. oh..wt h I Astroth ,Green, W (3)&0 on two hits woo cs )tripe H t. k 2 .pE

in pro le ms of y r is marer.. olfe rsrepm a a b oot a no L & tsvaois. Li-- o "al-. .toa a o u 2 0 .
o n o l ston'solopening! Henriquez Sr. further stressed inr ob l fgin ira*rOet an Bern an m s t. S w. I i nl o
pthradoneTthtthatuasrom terget azhosn oBrook, r paints bvdela GdDerFort Davis thaPsolidm._ttle=Le061M
comblnednfor a ix-hit- doubles tournament, as in the GUN.CLUBsi ma. iotac Wavringinag.fo70 er Drt.h l 1en
-. ..e Red Boxbeet the M ruaspof singles. may be had fromolfllb a- r sa TTLE.l..y,-h is

webravw d7-2. Parnll Will,-l" ..iam A rth'attoh t5el.tet l. b r the e d 7e" toe P--l. T l w,, .
.x3AN ,o R t.Aeffort.4o.t"e n f o o ls cent-3.asfn r
Sol2 A Uoa # TmporA. eforrth A odersI 1the eoese e rom b e mae'
roooerr0 nc .e w n t od. e T. 1 'lh 0 0 h do th
as annoRt nced a pistol matoh d to _repr6ent-ood ofrtes go ua n ive a rae r a me theOM l,1 1 1 San ,
ARo.efor next Sunday similar to those cluseon .enled ,abve b 0 adthe.lichigh0umtd
which were so popular here a eA:.bO.-0t. = --it, Clubs-foraoafmo a-su e Lit-AS--o--;,-0' -oa-e,--
w ol bear oufiredoverthe.matchthGLuordoh pote
cou r ago Tfrom both clubs. mit. onflortornA1 aopast-seasono"all-sftar" geat

wil'befird"oe.eCamp P -Th eacul bi4tem le tha i nr l I sow l a, nt foto. c 10n nu the Fort C n baseballfilSc 't tifeT0
wil b the handicap gimmick. en ach lubeaml This m eans I adt ,andbaggng for Portth'ed and Bluegame ln
ley shooters may use f their favorite r a 1v w e ana, s 4 1 02 the Pn m a t le L
wea on anythe ing from targeted tcuh going'o. orisfoth raotfhrpints Dv.nPk
MAYT H E A I k E S o nd thechgos.ingbon forhoinBihontohIfn .gGRich-iad the evthe2a

shoA Toter And Jatfr a nh1and- i pe d 4 )onts d4 ede anr-o n theirteama s terseptfr. th ond 8 _tT.B0h.r, p,0lb 0 s..
The eCeutfhrdthin, earibbean 4Hon, lb

carefiuld ly In mnd that if he ownt Isr bby1:30ram.,Sunday. and FortClayton e wni icr .
surpasses the higi, possible 300 3 lionshot Into a sa dibot oft The Na.waid 2 fvemomesa sn e ein, he Ared o o e r R

w pointsred they will epaTa.r ,oe. 20 poiInts ar awarded.eeduedO0.1and e Reds. He a dthe
Sfrom hisore. Hence, Ia man the ivesomeon each hole with Tee 9:00 am. Thereafter. th Cuidu team t first pl I GIBRALT de
s e, t shoots 25 he will have ball 4 to the third low ball from No. 1 tert 10 mnu t IL ue meaon. D ra don. 2b 3 0 0 le ad a p. a
test of all Italian films! a corrected score of 325. Since fourth, and fifth -ro 8 B"ich- Iand no.10 tiee e very 10 sin- Ai rore B bea eth e eer' o00 hitt-er30,1.w

OFdI0 And lwt hene and 4 *edge IronsLiofan thl wkysox .coach of the secondplace hbrta
,mswith His score will be 275, usin the head -by his opponents and o F ay. No e i e Kobbe team. -will lad -the 1 0A.At- ,

istInIce -s-., and-i behove -""4#. .mahI Pa hdp Dtvish0nalil

&.at. trnday. AD.lii an11
SICIUA DOL ou'll find Out Isa- t' just By Mike DBrandeo nrtpent while Owen Butb Apr4 Itay vs. NailbtipN ..i
--t PROORAM I skeany other match ony one __ve up the dMst walks m-- 4:,".
e ,,, shooter can win It I ... PrrITCHING RECORDS .... szty-~ Alx.A 11 9:3d0 a.. _.a .. i e
-ND "TALL IN THE SADDLE" O-- --l proved to be tho [. Y ,f gemne of M I .
with TRAPSH' TAP OOT AT GAMBOA Owen Sutherland of the Pu- ea hithrler in the a- AprP 12: Quarry nuiuatg 75.
R*L.HABEI with SUNDAY mas was the top Itcher of the ble Opponsuts collected InmhmQm (Caonolatia Se1 -
In John The last registered shoet Fastlicb Teoni Age with a off 01 buhf Harley And rl ).
........-WAYNE prior to the state .shot at tCrl- nine and th reer H..e was5 .the rk-hor f-oes. 1: lb 1
*s tobalwill be held at Gambea followed cloly by7 bEd KirchmnnMr ~ir eae1 pitching a to1 at 1 1l1ghtee Olub 15?5.
SI : -_Ella ISunday morning at 1e:0. AU of the Ocelo. w th a nine a4 104 InnaIangs. erles).
S RAINES Ieete o are welcome. Yesoo esan six record. It was the first tiM, -
Plus: sharpenupyour sheeting m7e any pitcher of the Fastitoh S'utherd had the bgt s. Alfred Bowens CrveoWla Wa-
andlu-m Linake a tlte League has won nine games in a ed rul sasmig with 2-a t lamlonMe 4 t1
'i~L0W HE SAHARA"' G Ih53D.O lsl ~~ze ~h
en T HEiICOLRA freshment wil be avals- K ear sent 95 men down dame e 13,60yand aHayd asMwL
It TI able. by strikes to excel in this 4e- 3."3. 10
Pau i
Pitching Records 'i o
14 TV C AP IT 0 'LO1954 1 fair tfor
wahoo amob.e..N .a. ... ae -Tpm N a w e"Tt. a am 0sosi
Mc eown IMae&=s)... 3 0 0_0 6 13 : 5_0nI4
.t.barlnd(P .nas)....-12 9 3 .780 733 32 54 0 2 2 "''
Harley"(Palom, .).. 18 -aI-4 An'.1j"..Al 43.S-0.3
.h-O ...16 90 4 .0 m11s
Hatd9n (Conejas .1.3 1 6 18 810K7 It1 WI 2 61 in
(alasp(Pumash. 5 3 0 601' 2To44. 1 1it 1
Dutoils (Ocelots). o 3 1 o. a T
Darmn (Palamas x 4W 9' i
BiruhnMancdaw s)... 3 1 "' I&7_e -7I I'i "
-'( C- .... .. 0
o .Ocelot$). ..... 1 0 3 5

*:, ..~"



&ui yi
1..7 ,1,m. a. 9 ALA

Qsame w the Magu'e's leadlis piteh6r.
- .P. AL1A .B OOL
An i H 33 a RBIS A
gam,,= A,, R 8 $ SBBBBI A

17 7 6 0
48 5 12 .1
10 1 5 0
a9 1 0
i1 0" 3 1
14 1 3 0
44 9 0
10 1 2 0
48 10 9 1
2 333 0
27 4 01
96 7 4 0
1 0 0 0

S.. .467 61



110 9. -. 6

0 41




Pitehers W L LP UCI so RA Pet.
Cmla ...... .4 0 26 8 3 3i 1.000
Mantovanl. 3. 4 46 43 8 So0 Il .438
lkle .1 2 23 18 3 15 is .2 0i
las. 1 3 27 16 4 1 3M.0 2

S *Napoleon was the

S Name
J. ..

ti, O0 ...
Price. .

D anB.. ......

league's leading batter.


. 4
. 4








3 .210
3 .Me
0 350

0 .M2

* .19
2 .1V

0 .088
0 .068
0 .000

OTALS ...... .46 s u 5 1 42 .188
PRtoers W Lm HL B SO 8 RA Pat.
*Prtto .. .... 4 87 6 12 92 0.0 .667
Hlll. 1 0 4 4 4 7 10
Deledo ... 0 4 16 18 0 8 2.- .000
S. 0 10 7 2 1.40 .000
t ...... .. 0 0 -3 1
ey. ....... 0 0 2 2
*Pretto won the moi valUable player award.

aine A AB o a R 3I B HR *1 BA

GOIso. .... .. 5
mbree. 10
S ff : .15

s J.. 4
y., /. ,. ; 3 .
L S ... 41
... ; .. 41

.. ..

Rceownt. ... 113
McKeown, J. 11





* 0

TOTALB. 444 56 78 8 3 0 32
Pitte W L JP P SO X0MA
--- -. -
2 1 22 23 10 21 3.17
.'... 4 49 28 19 14 1.71
Oluf.. .0 0 1
,Id ... 0 2 11 12 4 13 1.7S
..... 0 1 10 3 I 7 2.10
M .. 1 12 2.3
0 -1

". w or. .... ...... .. --i. -
*. n, _^^* ^^ ^3 .1; .....-..-- -

0 zi






IM*Haeft so ***%Wft Mf
d6f tw.. rwu Ut... om lW~

Ttt egnti lgd ith. wev llf M .

a~~l ti -.ft H. kbam
^L^L __^^._rLJ Ye--- apart*^ shrt pae s '

Ial Opna stasr rnwar y -

oto do

C ic ke rse t the en
Wltuhen gdot du l1 U i

WAn erers vs. r l ver City .-

Uo 9for v. Wla ad Mt d

ated prtarmances of
Sunday, ApMri 11

the Sarrey and leeuCor, bluat
ti premuj vse. on ths CRY-
alon the C, 0X a batttng
frst, and after loa sen p
Sthei wIcets tor Il runs, com-

rCI r e I. 61t V a -1
piled 1. for i, and then rd-

23. Trundlng tor Sfrrey wer s, I
The n of the attack was
Alla tt who. scor
qu rt )at when they were
mot needed. .he s pahttB

bitt were K. eOrfflth 25 for
7 P. H arwperd 20 and 13 ad A.

CampbplI, 1 for 1M.

'At Cam Blerd. iver T City 0.C-
moved up to tie Surrey for first
place by alninR ano thm deci-
Mon at the xpene of the p
less Midland O.C. Midland's
bowler showed excellent form
MaR. Ba4ule (3 for 13). A.
FralkUn (3 for 15), A. Anglin (1
for 24). and Walcott (2 for 3),
eollaborated In holding Silver Ci-
ty to 1 runs all out. However,
the Midland players crumbled at
the wickets and the ide was all
out for only 31 runs'-A number
for which they have shown a
marked partiality this. season.
Leading batsmen for the win-
ners were L,.Bowen 15. and
0. smiall- 14 Small withS for
12 and R. Ebcalona, 4 for 16 top-
ped the bowling.
-At Mount Hope. Wanderers
C.C. held on to heir second
place ti with xcelsor as their
match With MOrltand C.C. ended
in a draw. N. (nr (), C. C Col-
lins (20), D. Atherly (10: and A.
Riviere (24 not put), paced Wan-
derers to 135 himns, Morland re-
plied with 10afor 9. led by W.
leiouza (49). & Waterman (22)
and C. Cox (13). Successful bowl-
ers for both tea n were Mor-
land: C. DeSouza (3 for 38), A.
Drakes (3 for 30), R. Waterman
(1 for 32), and C. Lynch (1 for
4). Wanderers: N. King (3 for P).
A. Lynton (3 for 21), A. Brath-
wa<e (1 for 18), and A. Husband
(U for 29).

'njumd (ag Star

Ini Kellog Under
Paralysis Treliml

M _E ROCK. Ak.. April I
(UP) Former Manhattan b&.

meent iast
0 hosphal
! KeUog's

... ....

--, I.". --- ,_--,*- e -. '
BI Prheroe lft, hopes o ntinus wh ib more Inmportant games
the Miere. Bob Lean, tMert wll sette tos y another -game season with the di.
Allie Reynolds plans to continue put ting out fires for the Yankees. (NEA)

Fourth Annual P.A.A. Tourney

At Gamboa Golf Club April 15

Sports Shorties

The Sit Louis Carmnals an-
nounce.- they lost 7X In
oever.-au operations iM yM
- but GenOeral Ma.ager Diek
iMeyer mum ha Iy e Misis Ad.

Cc --Myer" ys the "0oiy was
Pan American Woid Arfwysu Golfers like JInt Riley, Crock- well p t.
has announced the dots of April er, Roberts and Kulowin t .eyer says: "-Atr mall, we're
16 fr the ,ourtA annual P.A.A. the Gold Coast and Mitten, tryig to build a wilnuer. We're
Panama nvitatiotal Golf Tour- Goobdm .n Janku Chadwick. hopeul of reducln or loss
ney at theOeamboa Golf Club Gerraps, Muller, Shine, Geo. R~ somewhat thIs year.
sad extends a cordial invitation ley and man .or9 from the
toa the membe of an local clubs Pacifoe. ytn can hap course. The greens are perfect,
t comiete in this tourer y pen. The one who beatu Mu- bu. you have to hit them, no
ZIlbteen hole medal play, Murray will earn the title. rollit on.
Qualifying rounds to be played There have been some changes The course to open .tor. prac-
Apri 1 17 or There will at lmos. Band traps have twice play to the contestants.
51 Prisr wwl be bet n added and No. 8 has beon Watch this paper for the dAte
award toaudalst winner and changed, making it one of the and location of the display of
runnerup of each flht. Match tougest holes on. any local the primes.
play eliminating rounds will be
.played pridr to sundown on
Sunday each week by mutual
auresmeof contestants, other-
wr" ial starting timeawill
be 9;R amJ. each Sulnday. Inal
rounds will be played on Sunday,

ut s 'drown ar th
largest entry m t, of local .
tourney. Last year 268 ayera a
tied for the beautiful A.A.
res and Old Regable John-
I aurraydupliesated his
1952 win'when he set the exist-
ing 7 under par course record.
The wise boys this year thi k
it will be different, witil the
'field'wide opeft.

R P. Chase knlk,

Excs $Oftballers

To TmoTwrow
+ The Bxeefrom 5aJbes,
i r a a ..rme w. ninm .
streak with fiv wins and
three ties over the Panama Re-
tarim and ever the
Balboa Netiomnal City Bank
SClhbbers, .1 take on the Pan-
sma Chase Bant softbe1l team
Friday afternoon at the An-
con launry di amond.
SRay Wilon will do the hurl-
leg for toeb hes from Wisdom
Hill with Tiler Jim ThompnI
behind the polae. The C"bee
Banor. under the able di-
rectln f Wrieis "na"o" Co-
ebes, are an Muankown qumanti-
t but the ."5ni" are con-
dent ef keeping their win
streak IntaIt


Mr. Virginia Of '54
QUANTICO. Va. Cpl. Steve
Kl1sanln. a marine weightllfter
here, was chosen, "MI. Virginia
of 19M4" at the recent *Virginia
state Wethtltfting Contest in
Newport News.
In addtlon, to beihg the "best
specimen of manhood" at the
contest, Kilsann lifted a total
of 820 pounds ...... 35 pounds
more than his nearest competi-
The Pennsylvania marine holds
eight other titles. In 1949 he was
named, "Mr. Pittsburgh" Mr. Al-
leghbony" ad "Mr. Pennsylva-
nia." Two yeas later he won 'he
"Mr. Albuquwque," "Mr. New
Meaxieo" and "Mr. Southwest" -
Last year he was chosen "Mr.
Health" and "Mr. Junior Animr-;
Ica" and laeed fourth In the
Mr. America contest. t
Klisanin Is no alouch when It
comeseto W+ihUftl*ng. He held

SThem e -




General Shade


TICKETS ON IALE at Iberia Restaurant, The A
and The Central Hotel. Ticket reservations at
until 6:00 P.m. Saturday.




ITl.: ,

* T I X.






.1~. 5
~' B
*.. I
~ I.'

* ~ Aj






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then sure when you have your tires retreaded witb the NEW FRBTONE FACTOtY
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end holes... Try the NEW FIRESTONE RETREADING TODAY. 0e 0 t .he M ".0
your tires. Remember, your -u beIs TTWR wih F TO .
y oH
-o>, ^ a



-.; -_ .
..h .. '



.. '~-.d..
- ~. .~ -~ .dIA -

General Sun j.





,. s* o


"> o9




* --. ,5."


S7~.~a3L, '~

M a. .

* ~
L ~
.5. 1,

. ,"Let the people know the truth nd the.e

~; -'.-''^ l ,

.- "',, '

fc : .. ^; -."

~raniefm LJ

A* ti .

I. *~



.*'FEBS.-Jonathan Mitch-
Uw the Senate Internal
Ity Subcommit t e e, at
'-binft onr that the late
Sxzter White predicted
* ib Dall of American cap-
aUam t nruivat llunchpeon

* I

* 4



114 1. -.
i i ~'*"-' '.

ti0 White, once an asuis- TOKYO, April 8 (JJP) Two ment, the President salad he Congressional sour=c said allies. He has u idA
tat.-secretary of the treasury, Japanese fishing boats which never had heard of any delay previously that plans called for would like to share 1
id'bweni described in prevIo- said they were outside the 450- in development of the H-bomb the detonation somtlma- this on atomic wearaps.
tietm4*tony as a member of mile danger area wheh the sec- as charged Tuesday night by month of a device with a des- The President ale
Soviet espionage ring. ond U.8, hydrogen device was Sen. Joseph R. McCarthy (R- trucuve force equal to from 40 as far as he has b
..--.' exploded in the Pacific March Wis.) in an attack on TV corn- to 45 million tons of TNT, determine the V-
26 arrived in port today with mentator Edward R. Murrow. Strauss told a White Bouse have not produced
Ps cargoes of radioactive tuna. The AEC's brief announcement news conference a week-ago to- directly applisble
Parts of both catches destroy- was a hydrogen blast. But H-bombs big enough to. knock energy.
Sed. None of the fishermen felt Strauss in a White House state- out any city.
S IA sick and It was not immediate- ment a week ago, referred to the Appearing before a lematte-
UK A-D| ly known whether "hot" dust current experimental program Appropriations subcommit ee |
from the hydrogen explosions as "a test series of the onu- yesterday, he was p to
showered the boats the Shoho clear weapons." have bactea up Presid ; n-
Sn Maru and the Katfuka MaSu. The announcement also hower's statement that bigger
K lln Japanese health experts im-, gave no estimate of the des- ones are' not needed. -
BoiWVin ,,v --- mediately began an investiga- tractive force of the explosion, In a general discusmon of a-
v' B l tion to learn why the tuna was which brought to at least 57 tomilc-hydro g e n dev mts,
--- contaminated. the number 6f nuclear blasts the Preuident said he thma the
N...April... prime Two welfare ministry officials by all countries since the a- atomic energy law -should W e
N, oAprl 8 (UP)-Prime armed with. gelger counters tomic weapons age was born modernized to permI -freer x-.
eWU stone Church into crawled over the 30-ton catch nine years ago. chang of Information with ur
cted the H-bomb nto brought back by the Shoho -
M bo lin e p aI dispute- Maru and found six fish record-
t exple cAmerlican agree- ing from 60 to 1,300 counts a
consult with Britain be- minute.
,W n atomic weapons. About 45 a minute is consider-
ed the maximum for human
StlI abort. Jeered and safety
Ste 9 year-old Prime They ordered the entire cargo
hen he 'on told th banned from sale, but later re-
of Commons Britain lost leased some of the tuna.
ht to veto American use About one third of the 35 tons
t dred H-bomb after of tuna caught by the Kaifuku
lAber government permit- Maru was ordered thrown away
a- warume agreement for when it recorded more than 100
en -se of atomic beats.
to lapse. Parts of both boats also
showed radioactivity. The Shoho
[a statement touched off a Maru, which means "Radiant
round of the bitter con- Phoenix," landed this morning
which developed on at 8himizu, southwest of Tokyo,
a when Churchill accused while the second boat docked
r government of letting in Tokyo harbor.
ment die. The skipper of the Shoho Ma-
o g uo MRANs Zolomya"Ps oid he
An whtKe the 43 was sail froa : h Ito 1
oil e the A-bomb would 0 1 ar
appliedtothq H-bomb as That areas was tripled in se
s C i after 2 3Japanese fishermen
Sslowly, Churchill re- were burned by atem dust fal-
ling from the March 1 explo-
sion. Some of the tuns aboard '
SQuebec agreement was their boat, the Fukuryu Maru,
p (between Churchill was sold before t could be
t oe President Franklin impounded.
e ) before the U. A third major hydrogen de- Mugs_ INM
a 19e de 50Won to proceedwith vic was detonated at the Pa- o
1-bo In 1m en cifie proaVing grounds April 6. (NEA Telephoto) ready to tep into it
rt was mae bwe did noThe announcement of the last SEARS RETRES AS COUNSEL Samuel P. Sears (right one glamar s 1 ap
if It were poslble explosion was received calmly covers hid mouth as n. Karl Mundt, acting chairman of lyn Monroe esn't
F te hydrogenn) bomb. in Japan. tU l6 enate Investigating Subcommittee, announces the with- ing movies geo. a
the t Meanwhile In Washington the dtiwal of Sears as counsel for the investiatlon into the complete baln ci

Ln force vntfe the government yesterday announc- Mthy-Army disp.te. The committee, holding a showdown well as
in fores ntil. The first ed a successful new hydrogen meeting at Washington, accepted Sears' resignation unani-
of the H-bomb In explosion just after President ouslys n
IMt, IN, I should have Eisenhower asserted that the ,*
that It applied to United States I building. H-* t

ql ewMdemand- TheyAtomic er Comms-Lr Piced
t eoner demand- on announced that! the third e mountain PICke -
kw n Dow Churchill re' in Its Current series of hydrogsn
rntad his statement with olgats was "successfully carri dYEscapes
[ ments Issued by the White out"'tuesday at its Pacific prov- 0 Ve~tNJite artr y*u m y Feud
and by Mr. (former Pres- gin rounds. e -DENTON,* N. C., A
SHarry Truman to the AEC Chairman Lewis L.-... -___. hoVN,,C,%fr e
That the agreement did Strauss said It produced "infor- o -- Afound'aW i a ar
oer the hydrogen bom mation of reasImportance to WASHINGTON, April 8 (UP) be up to the subcommittee to y ,oM widow who losta
Prime Minister side-step- friAto d ud e .nse." Jenkins, -a rawboned make up its own mind teacher busbeild to a
That Issue by suggesting It ny shortly beforePr- mouri n lawyer who "never Jenkins, a rugged-looking six- by trap in ea uIsolve
d formally, in writing, Ment 2 ehower told a news lost a client to the electric foot-three. 57-year-old t r I a '
l eu d by parliamentary easfeenes $be United States chair," started hunting a staff lawyer, was picked unanimously T.bomb exploded
I.. does not td to build today to help him investigate the by the six members of the sub-. y17 injured Pollee Chic
maightler --bombs because the McCarthy-Army feud. committee late yesterday as the Dail but Mrs. Imogen
uity.wreekers now In Its arsen- Jenkins, a Knoxville, Tenn.. impartial counsel to head the foe whom it apparent
aI, meei al possible military Taft Republican, said he has a inquiry. tended, was not injur
requiremenutL. "completely open" mind about McCarthy, regular subcommit The bomb exploded
For the same reason, he calm- the case. tee chairman, did not parti- was taking it into the
lyadded that he has no fear He promised to assemble the cipate in Jenkins,' selection. He tion to txamine it. He
RUssi.mighte try to build pro- facts ofndthe brawl between the is away from the capital. b. eyr edA eigabor
HOe ix tedi that, from the Carthy (R-Wis.) and present -Co-brane's for
milItay .view, the point of great- them "fairly, fully and impar- band William "H. Coe
eat efficiency and destructive- Itially" to the Senate Investigat- was lied four months
hess has %men reached. I1n subcommittee. maingageby a dynay
In another H-bomb develop- om then on, he said, it will wired iothe starter o
Shiadr al she r et wo e
Cyclones, Thunderstorms Lash ...,d she
Councilman George F
rum. tiWs month buttw
Midwest With Hail, Torrents t.Neewspso
o -- .ft, wbo have been
CHICAGO April 8 (UP)-Tornm.- scotched across tiie uthwestern agngtr husband's muc
adoes mashed farm buildings in part of the state ls Iowa County uou since he wasI
rural Wisconsin yesterday as tur. and a least one person was in- at Mhou t Airy
bulent weather raked the nation's jured. they were unable to
mdeetion. Mrs. Gordon Gflbertson was cut twho might have a jeal
the black funnel of another twist on the head and face when theli
er Was sighted near- Battle Creek, tornadoa n t a tre crashing th ce t haS A t hle
Mith., but apparently was swallow-,through the bedroom window of ,d.e.
ed up by a thomderstsrnt without her farmhouse near Avoca, Was.
inflicting damage. Mrs. Gilbertpon and her husband H s V
To do threats in Michidan and fled the house only moments be-Ar HasV
ornen ldian and hilo abated, fore 4i was smashed to pieces, a-
vf evening warnings were is- lon with other farm buildings. For T letyp
ir southbarn Indiana and II- Oher damage also was report-. oty
j thundesterms and strong Heavy thunderstorms swept port -r.
l I' Midwest as a f Iowa Wiconsn and Minnesota EA OR g 'e The aiilia person

wave waralagi Delfield after covering i half, by the National Fath 'ar, y .
.kogaa ed downstream, what bis recording of
Fleod workers sandbagged a dam Papa" had done
dustr i at Fryhurg after the rising water across the action. TIl M m 4 t

qinats weather of the Midwest moved in. Fisher in Rollywog at
to thu Ohio and lwer Mississippi alter the committee

&*1HBAND Arid
of 0he th
f docked hm2wft i
after ue I"

lawii-- 0I. t *Vummiulk mmmBSa
.2TbiWPOW aft Arufun to UA
We KordW""MttRLn.__

roman Widowed By Booby Trap

; Fire Bomb; Cop Is Burned
kpril 8 (UP) BMe-eyed Mrs. Cechreme "ser rane's husband, a popular -
bomb -s ely before her ertice. year-old agriculture teacher at
of a Mr. hran said sh kew of te Plains school ner Mout
her neho- no one who would want to kill her Airy and son of a veteran Frank-
similar. boo- and knew of no one who had rea- n, N.C., police chief, waj made
d 1951 slay- son to kill her husband. With dynamite, Pratt said.
Police Capt. R. IU Pratt said Mrs. Cochrane, bhom demon-
and serieus- that if she had started her car to- stradtion agent for Chowan County
if George I. day "she might have been burn- was overcome with shock. a;A
e Cochgaue, ed alive." taken to an undisclosed friend's
ly was in- There was speculation that an house.
ed. unknown jealous suitor placed the State Bureau of Tuvestigation
while -Dall bomb in her car to soare het into Drpetor James W. Powell sent
police sta- breaking off her pending mar- five gents here from Raleigh.
was severe- rage. inc i two who have been in-
had remov- The bomb that killed her bus. vestitga the murder at her hus-
mer hu .- ba- d was far more powerful, po- Powell alerted all agents to
Ilrr an Jr lce said. da.
er -e Mrs. Cochran S M ick "drop everything else anhif g
"after their me wilt" ,,h beel. w develops concerning thi ca."
mite bomb seit l .hercar am -
Shis pickup dowi and saw a es r z. bWn
intly tod "0There was no cogr ea it and "'
nd ldit had what looked t hwoe w l k r
a l little pebbles In it I... B had a
Pa tler n,- comb with some opp wi re hat t-
maced in ran to a little belt i* *e airn ,"
nvesti n A ne bo tookh t Iet ofthe
c- ar and Dail came adgot It.
dverc at -lU- Cochrani sad f taste U
killnedDa the rains in the bw and sai
kiUed D "it looks like somb y is playg
y N.C., said a igty looUsb'lr."
find = The box was filed with matcheW
aousy motive and gunpowder and equlpdw
e*w U a flashlight battery to pSde a .

acanc' slsssm ^kj
2U-bomb itt ead Coi.,
i-2 Figre it ot

PORTa D, Me.- (U
9--- --1mo tb *--l

.at taW

.Mra Act.,after O.w-,R
.of the. o
t er her enta
Almca. H husb6f h, 4
een rpended aro the
neral electric Cofmpeay f6r
refusing to testify at h Mudar"

0-w.r M W. in
Jnitoday for
-uto-few A

t. outIt ayma
Sfinancialtroubles In a ew
yak hIatelk
Torem made two hurried' tele-
o from the aror an
ld rep a they a al at-.
temptift to locatbe, hls clet,.
who was last tepore'd -night-
aluhblht la w W
Tierney at 2a ta

Quartet To Defend
TihteOn April 27

in the second manual tt
qa miCotest at the b

TiMets-te belagid ws
ett and o iuea of
a 6t=051wtuartet BjMgbat 1

1 .* : ~"a g.:

M .E ,-C


~-T f ~I ~
-* .- :. ,'
-I-. 2 '- -;-' /. '- *^ .. % S '
.. ..!,.- .
.... ...~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~~1h mo,.o.', ..:..;- -" .,_, .

aysa she'
be "number
ot if Mar-
he has the
it her sludlo



If' 'l


- .

nel off*eer,
need a lJb
UI I fol
BS4L. 4 it IBU-

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