The Panama American


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The Panama American
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Weekend American
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Scott Family Library Fund ( donor )
Panama Times, Ltd.
Place of Publication:
Panama City, Panama
Publication Date:
daily (except saturday and sunday)[may 12, 1973-]
daily[ former oct. 7, 1925-dec. 4, 1966]
daily (except saturday)[ former dec. 10, 1966-may 5, 1973]
normalized irregular


Subjects / Keywords:
Newspapers -- Panama (Panama)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
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Panama -- Panama


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Oct. 7, 1925-
General Note:
On Saturday published as: Weekend American, Dec. 10, 1966-May 5, 1973.

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University of Florida
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All applicable rights reserved by the source institution and holding location.
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oclc - 18709335
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rFC Schools

Met Break

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School books and study will
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Sthe C Zon enjoy the U
Snual aster Vacation which I
y Ill= next week.
I- FridAy will be the last ch
day before the holiaW wI
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m- open Monday,. April 4...
ht Noeepell events for etudem
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SIte aInnak s state The Chief Execs'ie, uI "nf
uf~ wi .-'I tioning, also described CBS
t under te pouorhi or the row as a friend of his.
SAmerean Legion AwSiay.. Murrow was attacked tlorniakt
was responding to ant earili
SCuTo Dea a t Theft, 6im
me"t fr, MeCurthy o0r41i "1ht t* ''
T ernment had caused an 8-m.enNh Ade
SI Saw Crme the H-bomb.
The *iesdet anwered
that he h ir neriF rd f aY

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... tt ot d tela
Trm; e I I e ie whacth on th hydrogen h ea re
S7 P Nm d not revea wh e ma "our na tion ay wcge duierl" ww er heliad
re t lr sad t beas of the de CBS d n
Score" to Of the Bustatement he had The time wa allotted him bid w

Somed about to to the olice, claiming that CBS commentator ewar R ubcom
f acul,..a ne Miwr M ..ol old Sod otee l t h he d te m th e Huse-Senate Atom-
.Y, e"a o-ad a le t the hPuerto Rica n-pId e aids
oa hRal. day after day, U snh t.
hfr eid i-n aLe to escape .y ta heire te time je hpulal l
_es l oler rhad fought around the room h lrogh hbehmb. ro but he iosad
Iasi th thie knockingamthefurniture.
on over the furniture. hA the charge durir a whether he had tf
ST. 1o- r- water toy in the DiMarica -anyh film apparnce n a CMs tr- d l
A1 tonoeys orI (Hloarper refused eviston prograndom.
SAt th bud a pool pol'Ie have aen n e e Che l d hahim bylT9 tWal id wB aa at
S"atray he I f haand for rd lven to the police claim that CBS comm itentator Edwa, a. ubcorthm Meo had

a drrO I 0 op men a' he to take part*and of Harper sid an attempt tno motive McCarthy's statement n-w debate
t t e- s 4 he left are h etn up is prove mm hle story of me paed reaction ws

S1ti. It ae At alone The lude the kin. expressed ba Sen John 0. P- e had t b o

*J ae lear leftist Aptis* Hotel, ine Rat- -toN D-R..), another commit- bout ea' fa Waashngo
amnt l Wtad roH.- However, To-i' a bofe botbnd, Ma- at .Rep. W. Sterlna Cole, chairman ofIstU a
s' t l 'it H tua in thee Mdder Me.- to.h e rinr.a, told pogloe that he and the mad o the House-Sear M nathe a t aker
*. ote et Ed t o- i rdStrerda coune dea girl. WOth whom he had no co nelmmittee. .
ee re said 06 h de. to lon martial relations occasionally country t ook a long time e
-hataeydel ret eflo"In- The TAB.a weafe sanvc r U on A W so, werefree had ua Dring the lst a to bild the hydroe b b,
Could t no rarg asa aao e Coo sesaan. today the C mrm dU one, on March 2t Harper had "but that-- does not meare g f
,0h. a- Wiing Pool A threatened to hr, Maria was anything minister nessr-
Maih, ,, =,,- ith lms to ra-e eouh m-ai ly.w.
aft W p w 1 gh met. T Police have been unable to roe. Cht Holfleld (1)ae. ash s o
At Suuuon's Body butald ha V"itUV fel be of thecld
Satio woud A-bo for O du hen. locate the nmu rdenr weve na i I the roymin war. DaId cL a oserl
,would exchange D wiego.w- of -i r fve PaAMa City fo tionwhich ofo-econtinu the quest"onh; "I I't know what he'scoead, be McCar .ad Co1
o H o e to te part and. of Harper In an attempt to cor r ame puled reation was eml
,X6_ M n el Aik a sea an str ted by e f lly Ben John
uF So uleo t@~11jDONThme Include El the killing. e d b Sen. Joh mefn
l on Aprae another commt-bout Sr' a r
adtoo member.obbt h
S 1 of na NN Lewis, L. iStrauss. chairman of atteses
Ss uzamsx int who oI fn M: t wAr a areo w Pa the Atmi Energy CoatOt
S1 fwSSblack foM virtual tw1 EN e remarks and therefore s h.oAyPoee

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K.Bill Brown of Yorkville,
Tenn., his mother who has re-
married, said she won custody of
EMugene when she and his father
were divorced and that she
him ."to live here" in
T e.
Eugene was living with an
aut, Mrs. W. W. Hendrix, here
when he ran the following ad:
"I am a 17 year old boy. healthy
and ambitions. I want to finish
school but I need a home and
will work hard."
A number of families offered
him home. He chose the Evans
Iand tarted to move into their
lakeede ubsutban home last
Butht father arrived from
Gory and talked the youth into
omlneg home with him Saturday
nlerht. The bagy had visialted his
ater In OMTry previously but
aM he lId to support himself
.thm1 01 jsand was
wa s. i d his wife
,n. ar~0 booked" at
d' the tt'We were
tw. .. II #story aud
byi1 h-ambition..........-.
Who 31.8 amodShst"yt," hamid. C AII
a" Dnntypik amitintentma
AIN11 10Y r f19mWawefe -"needs -
AN W5~Cr- lgT t u UU

rR Wash nton

a6W.'aHINGTON -(NRA)-7The e
Te-s... ...., -'d.b.-seatn ew power of -a .-bomb
-'.. ... s l N -- .' ., %.4.

. Le rte m eehato"W le Ad eye headed T bn ". bg'et a" wast_ f'tm m0n
d kt er it, has whetted the terest of .
it pi c.uies a W iam deM'd he bemaibsr I I dtfesD's w sH ansy people in nowe more
Plweis khp he leaied i we lg. dose of radlatioa.4
deni > sole w r arse is held o w isi test chdese..
This &wspap&lS ir-, m-aes- seepeiuibHllot Isilutese us slopieaw RwibO aexplosiot O t e50e,
pts. dM -flMtea s im 1 -sor ees M af ates a aitz. Isbmr tia cerj asd-a
amount of background radlatila
eM AT a in the aiaosphereatiThere have
n number of repon that tio
THEGMAIL BOXA eiger count on barotdrdi-
Stion in the U. have U
since the H-bomb testseIXr9Bh.
There have been a number o -
WEY NOT USE TnE PORT OF NEW ORLEANS? quirles at the Atomic Enegy Co.m
pir mission on whether there Is Im
S Why cannot the Panama Line boats make New Orleans a ntew or greater danger. to the
ort of call? American people from this sowe
Am 1 the only em lo e on the thmus who does not live than there was from the A-bom
1t0 York or it's en ons? Or, am I the only employee on the tests.
btbmuu who so table to financhea trip home because of theft ex-A baa s tock answer for a l
iae from No w York to my hoe s uch *queries. It doesn't t

to return home At least 0047tlodnt. Ho*eOver with the csos t mi b ound radiautili adt ,-"
thef livn t in the un bein wa a unable mtoptison th .e o r radioactive e o r s
a home. This Is, of *MrO.Ofns1rAtothe"sine"ere sbeit s he eatisral e tP
There fore: st sor mIg ong ep two Panama Line ft he aile i be rea uram beu t
tied up and, u when fewI Orleans, only artio o het tohiesrie wl ....

from Crtbls ELLar st Bf LeATr preventson eeverpreser a nt levels. r o

fer Cistoba lital i mrc, I called. t zatud hs anrd
Banama Line bo ft goinat ot qentay tloated e aew Orleasd T his normal background rai s-
Shereby enabling my of ei ayelf t InnceAvItaa tion o l c uresr tmrane td e a -
ome? allN Ad terias in the earth l'ssrf .Indace awltn ds IM
Are there others, or am I the ly emplye In thi ls position? he from the osmic ray om oute e
t or borait a lrnar, aThe o the" o Ignorant apace. A layers te of l tol one oot
s th l tmo r t ba s deep and mile afqu r will on.
I.E CELLENT'?'"-'YTh BU LATE bion, on the avenge, a gran o, -.
Criutobal radium. tihreetons of uranium and...e...

Br anch) dn o s recital the othernightnd thought It very good. ute C rb a t horizontalse rTace t on i
The choreography of Red Itidin Hood and the Invitation to inch sqt're .
t e Waltz was ver good in e e little oIrevr who had the This background radiation It the sits Te
lead role of Red Rid3h O GH wal elXcellent. abe ttshows so rea ter In-inm y ntuia ous reg PtsE usurope
ls of becomlUhab 3 erina.T he solo Miniature Music eo x was it et "lvl tr s i I It may Ibe
AsO s wotyo DOte, wellt creased as nhbchb ia tenimes -ol reby
Sore ia wa wrth attending and oPmaybe next time raten or snowfal i Which seems to o I

heybwillnot t hl audience waiting forty-five minutes be- absorb radioactive particles ien thee in cBuyie l s wesWn
s ti a- when uiek Oh l a m o e, on thee sy tRe r P R radiation ndcan be measured habe
__ __latold __ __" us an t-' l-np t on ever- prcau se it cases dama e to e .the.
Sm l m parts of the e throu -whichie t A good des l of criticism woul aoppeai oedn lW wern buropeanr otris must have trade
S.r to Previous Puzz ei passes o In which It s saborbed. t rn theannouncement thUat the United outeuts.
Estonian Escapadte o, yThin pro cessoI ci ledIonization. States has agreed with Britain and b rawt*. to Befe World War n, they had a sizable tde-
Whati fmeansI that l se wan di- revise downward the list oftrategi goods em- hwet atern Europea ata.n oaIt wa inaral
tlion causes the amolestea I n the bargoed I n trade with Russia and the Iri on our n
De9rWstrs. .-o'fo .rcedabre akig r a anium dt i e o fa, a
b DON l hitond sue which. Abavo o ese- tamn countries." ofm....tesnf.e .. ourdis as
S po odt d thef rie r. to batd Into Thholdt will likely develop despiteathe vua most-o fltes. tcontrieUm a'
:I EPoial Is a 1 One who use charged arts called e eondecided not to') rest lotions on stratei etship- 00,ePranceg have never found wholly-. adequate
cou nuy e r2 pitcher 3Thehunithor meaturngthe 1- meats tcoCommunismot Qun asd ytho.t. eaT .muute outlets.a peldtAmrct o
gusinto ado Russianphyl Suheft-ofrs tit.-ntevtit.lpmentoaildbedmo' te
Sldthe rongen. It was BMe after bullp for A. possible breaking of the aed lower Its barriers tots
tha the discoverer of the X-ray The truce In Korea between U and Red fore.cts. could, be soldthea.
Smaoperatodefinition of a roeUtgen ismso tech- Msfor-permiting wider trade with Russa and But despitesuch 'efforts as President Sinn-
h bl st furnaces real that only A scIentist -its roe tia-thewillcontendowerlasttoinactance of a more liberal
11 wavo ke aue derstand It. The palest thing for with conderable plausibility, that this will be Policy, Congress has treAdfear.
a e 7haver 23Wall paintings Sariow the average peso istoU the of very defionite benefittdWrt wvist orbit. There A w od w maw us41Metowuntr -to have oure
AL- on i4an Em7Tis peroentgenfos grealed. like the o no a agrou wk- it, CA adeatrjIt,-iop. W, want tod le urope
Sa5 Time gone by 7seborsa or the ki n tow -e

1ROSS DWaNen ohadtnc i ,"e 5,W srgetd a
!O Eoa1toi 3 a n ess r 4oeatmat(rari canc called bons inewereo ed t wet hsngra ut a- an a
r2 Mnke a lace 21 Blotches 21 Dress .43 Me (Fr.) to 4000 r. of 1-raysfrwith no effect atslst communism out ofhits difNlort Thoey. B do tean
2 dintrebto er t aof hia e ofs sl eknowl ltheil.favoroloedAt- ed
24 Hikret400 r. to all partsof the body. at

hearings Thximu safe exposure has
28 Sailor en determined to ben three tenths
29-Onaer ofeamoode fiteio n o a 'ekintndefini te-e o' e d a ad t, it sh f as P e

Smanifest ldoonsin the U. S. has bewen msas-tesethe eus. ace o a
4 Church utend s from eight one hundred ths lla thwe hated ad er
hauntbh v et~s Ot.0.0e.toe of Mr. a year. o Thisis to oa.Techretng f r-0wee eti al
40 Stpef asaesfe exposure given in the para-
41 Is na$t'spnMnr I graph above.
Scotta o T U. S. Atomic Energy C,
Pboif misa ion matrintain as 121 obst ea-on
43 P ow.erfur small discover the pU. S. to keep
4e4 al ie on radiation count. A ny
4rStepsotMe -rthertad1i6ation fall-out-from

u. --a -Ah HtI.. 5* ij*

the more vulneemlle i
has ts primary i
Mr rwove kn
.t GaP eloders noew thatWn. MIl6 am newts*
. O A-rt M I S If

the eatorial prSai race is to .-

ry ils beeue she Is tO NeI S
s adPraure from GO leaders g t
trytol torero p whren herws
the. ta bill. .
oSagaibnst a n ltaeders oenoesl aite t

threatened quto Jtlaeteraidsa S hi Id-a
bills sponsrqd by rs. oneA s if a
she votedto recommit the tax bll:
alo ad tht she mght re
slated in her OppOli to tse t 3aSAY
GOaP leaders in Massachusetts
regret" by gerry mandering, Mrs. Sl
Rpgesn strict. I fact a bill wss
a lso t s u th Uet s he mig h unprt !

!-LLii1, bou I 4 <-F ".I kfS


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4 .atm .4 81
udl asm t~reI1
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ut Ia *

for Sm
radiOS ibm'

w 7m fl to La
Ismogs t


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* 9?~n
:. 1 :
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-- : -'
n n n '. ." m n
=.:.. .". .'

in MiOer SoIe
CUCAGO, April T ( aP) t-
nation's two largest mail or
houses today reported snar dra
oR in sales during March coa
pared to the same month iai

Ruth Ans Price, Flfrle Ty- atgo Wad &. C.. sa
r I- lot, hirly Oic, Janet PJaain. itMireh aUl e .Stre A.I M
caRL, Noasa Whittle, a decrease of a, pr cent from
Gaines. zaii Zamcl, C last ydarsa M sales of g7,e
p e- Heas, Browneler, Jack. 0,. .
qu, ie I b, Judy Benon, Patricia Sales for Februar aod March
PeL Paterson, maelne Carroll fA. ot1 UK were $IAO*,, a ado
aMthy A- en. Cynthia Sie@l ley. e 1 p b
a Ann Kelly, and lyi sales o g$14,78X Vfturlng the
nad Huy. sawMe 'an of i -
Ena; All mothers were Invited to at. Sears Roebuck & 'C. saMd it
tIo, tend the ceremony, sales dartfr March were $310,
-t-. ce,3m. m a decease a 29,7,301 or
Gb t6m CoaueLs 12.3 per ast from the total a
it Adult Mue let Tuesday Io,oS.Wfr for March I9m.
om- All registered adults of District Sales for the two months ofFeb.
eOt- ofm te Canal Zone Girl couta ruary and March of i9M. amount
idla Cunoll anre Invted to attend the ed to ,$6,1n6,0m as compared to
uam- ne*t district meeting on Aui 15 sales of 4 8,08 for a r e b
dIn- at-9:30 aiL at Balbo. Scout 1M. lThis was a decline $50,M
Houna. .k .MB or U.S Per cent

5 *19.5M
A ftiv touch Ito Bate Upfed heombed fottIfnrt.
scalesula scattering of ._eltbr ftkm diaaonda ands-ad.
Bow-ted, bld trimmed. Aia cmpete slectionte
of bauti CtondraaMWc

gea ,


Eli rLA..L~.Ak r .. .1


ki L

P^.11 C-`Oi-k

3441* --

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S ... '.




.. L

'. ,..'.. .,'.
--..' .." --
I'' "/-::".

> ..-.,.,

U :..".v.': "'

', -";.. ".4::.'.:'.;a
:, ,,;*-'..* .'* /:


Tickets on sa

' .fl .

S. | -r'. .

~- *. .... -
r- i4Wt">t I. w.. .u.r .
... c -L e -l -.. ,;mr,'.,-;,.*
-. -"1 .' 1 **- *-. .'*, ;? .. o '' -" ;- .


Announces its Special Drawing in aid

of Panama's Physical Education.

To take place on Suifday, July 4th ..

$50.00 entire ticket

1.00 pr fracti


e World's Best Lit -e

.L"tt ,-
-. .4 *, -.~j3I'~I.A*-3-

.. 4 ..

.- -'
'," .
,, A -.

.: "-

. .. -, -. *-; i'- *-x_--..

: _-.. ...-

*~- ,1~
- ..ttt


F't F


Vw "I.
a At. uk"I

.4. .~
* ~&;4~ ..4A
~L. AL'

EAE now ToEW s -PM S i 't -.


Come in and e

J"I. xWo k


- 2-o



I I Tw"

,. ,

------ ------ I;- `II` IL ~I


' I'



anqflu gtohjg betp .$m.

l. A I '" "" taiaW| U T ft i-t ,f ft..of
"order ust land Uvlt. s u ea u.mbma to the

U ted Staties round-trip air t t on he air- Wcte teet
on Brantiff and other U.S. car deluxe. serve be-
rimn Srvl outh America. The tween nine Latin American cl-
an aclarhlp program ties and 4 US. cities. Eh tick-
tinued by the et is good for one year from the New Orleas Serriee rit
SBy law. U.S. air- time the student leaves his
Xro net permitted to tlve country and cannot be renewed. .. "LEVE BEND" ....................
eonwlmelttri trasportation Branff begun its ater-Ameri- .S. "S OLA .....................
neis pedcllcmly approved by can seholarsIp urogran in 1950 .S.......:........,....Ar1 S
CAB.) when It received permision, to S i.S"AGGNRSa d RG" *" ................-.....
C .)gmri are elected by the give transportation each year to ..
nsttute of International Edu- Latin Amerioan students for ad.
nation, a yer-old oraniss- vanced college work in the U.S *9.$u1 a Bh14 rmiaei chilile ud -oamis cug -
p;on which almintaters the ex- At the same time, grants were
thI s of matudenti ,among 70 also given to U.B. students for
nat1s of the world. work in the various Latin Amer-
aldeta s W toare lcan countries.
tb Vl awards The 1964 travel awards will go New York Servie l
B.S. "MAJORKA ................ ....... Aprl1
S.S. "ANDREA" ....* ....e..g ........ ........Aprils 1
S.S. "COPAN- ......** ip. th.*.......t J

Weekly alling. of twelve piaseuir ships to New York,
New Orleans. Lee Angele, San rageaso and Sea ttle.

To New York ......................... i
To Los Angeles and San FranelIe ..........$ M1tH.
To Seattle .................... .... ... '. .. .
0nOR1 & SOUTHnAND rurs
e.. COUOW A............................Ar START THE DAY THE HAPPY WAY!
B.S. A ., D # t .................................. April Ith
TO R RICA A WEST COAST U..A........... April 2fAth JUST YOU-ye ar
ANTILLES .................... ................ April 1ath i nSr iamis. lr the e-ow dt'
1, ,UOtOh ild, biI wuneSl rgyb pe~k,
N.i ILE DE FRANCE .. ... ........ .... ... ..... Apr11 17th go tNes id's Iverleady
EvER READY Co.. i's 3
INDEPENDELNCZLINR4pooefulp Is a=p meid
iNV.SZ.~ND~bnI.~.C S. NTB HE INSTANT Sdd hot WISge d'" deli-.
41iebly IVAN Carru Service tw CrCoield fbo t. W CoM oM OM dd hoc wtl9 I's dell*.
,_, .4 and Ca adga d r t vl lI. C COCOA do-yo'll ove & rb
COCOA hoolata e flrla
WCurtabi: REZNC.IW i .o. 9.2m re. i-Tel &ms Mode ilsghtin t he il c lwl
-s Pseni:. LINDO & NMADOo,8. A. loM 10 ai
-' Tel ra.nms a.t-i -- s1.1 WHOLE MILK AND SUOAR AR AUMAOY IN ITl !111
L .. I J _

p. 4.^-.^

&.I. WaUst. rniiea






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Sound Trouble

Quick Decision

Oh, Is ThaL What 1U ald?


at vasesa~t




;1 Jmg~fflE hi1t' e "

* -4 LI

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Out Gc .rwe,.

AU B.oo



,.. -

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the ath 41er
l t ae it M* *
^* .M t r. ..., a

.5f nori l...B J.1 Wm e of Balboa. .

s; Vuis uitors Rere Texas
M Mr. and Mrs.. A. B. Wharton at
v va ft Mrsi Vernon, Tenss, who have been vi-
i s.. Sis Baluwhr. si tl on eIsthmuns for the past
Dr.?&ar e An- **as at Hotel El Pana.
aA I1.igand ma, left Panama by plane Mo -
-t *morning en route to Vther
Mr. hom by wa y of Guatsmala and
An-tassa- Am ra chap Mexico. -
is W6 & I
"The Ambaqsador the United Mr. and Mrs. Vemon =lWhatde
States To PanaSSflde Cbain of Pasadena, Tasex.d M r.
sndBKrs. (IIap. e th.SeuStinm VaugI5 Bryant of .htauj_, nfl ci
Sanati p Uu *a wie hve Hbeen_-
.zt W9&1 F' t

An eat-,ofofi ers w ha
it this -et
Ms Faeer Se en.lutala
Frieares9 a p c

at :00 a. at the home of Mit

TeBakr of h the aDsitDat o.est
M Fuiti r el W e. ned w ro.
at :M. At tku= AnaLdm%6a

hm the Palnma NaUoqa 4

Lg uM' asn Mrs Monday.
H adno eeo o wall bdei

Atpi il a.t at the Slo utHou m

'now VTs mih s'. !

j- -
mn. Berman AnA .m
MrMn. orge Berman an her on
an viItfag n th.e Ismq wt
members Ither AmUly, Mr. and
Mxq. Ramon Parades, unfl the
Benma family leaved fory Vee-
zuela, where they plan to make
their new home.'
Mr Aad Mrs. Rilkedft
S Fr U. .
MrO nd n. Lester Kilttrede
Of.rd.CO naclt, who
bave Dl NI a'v t &=alt W m for
the pat week as the hou q guests
,l r. and M rs. Crso. leaza, sall-
nd Monday aboard the S. Junior.
ceave Peor KFgaInd
Mr. and Mm. oa W. or... ofd
Masters, ew Zealand ea, led
Monday aboard the S. S.& Rangt.
ata for England following a v
of several daya spet -n titheIb-

Brilge Termae WAlI.
Winner-of the bridge tonera-
ment played Monday evening in
the Card Room of the Hotel TivO-
i included ist, Mrs. Ann Pavis
and Mrs. P. birey; ahd. M t. and
Mrs. Robinson; rd. Mr. and
Mnr. K. Frauenbelm; 4th, Capta
and Mrs. 6. Sciafer- and 5th, Air-
man M alcnlm nd Airman Qreen.
Varhey Nigh Aptl 11
- Anoer in the sdies of Variety




-BSI* W U S M WS~ j' A *

wuufl BOWL urour'
BvL 'wAnt~i = mar

smooth white swimming sut.'
thea PasntlA struts the form
which won her the te i
Italy's "Miss Fasl Model of
la." The shaply brunette
fow Florence ew con over
24 other cte oRtsIn Sa

a gnt Ho it ftach of

ameas soite th te t o

m ... .
saws Oi ria eemn


atar punt nt.w imelw udias '

Cf. t DeM*ilea a hi~ea
"Teel ma n i btebjiTChrt"d
or of tt B1e e
Itsem Newas ., asta y
fore soyub taf ol afa sitn

'Oat" for t he cOu r ,roake
woof t old Jdoe Jut a nd e whato

tlethat ithpeotan a.povle quetens
:CBrunetote fearePs aa poised
Is be the ma i Wdvnadtew ofr d

C. B. DeMDle'a1.e 1"The Tern

It's a "pleabs)lr. ,CcoC plea
that eduhsi from gbsgou 3arbua
Darro tI belf of every HoIy.
wood doN wbo ut d sn't ee what
It Is that tbo. tBAlsap movie queens
BDaynetuarbae Is all poised
for the stardom lapm this year at

flMs 7MilE buy mudsme 'Sad.

Expert at Deflation

Make Reom for Daddy" ABC-TV
ws, Da~ flsy la the
dlub circuit for two months
artins AriL Reminds me oa

...n s' a .: .
ane 't M d eve* the
VlHl U Ulm=wl

.L. "M A....a" s"in "
o. f
put fo on~iiU fl aBou ee ylM

och lifkemre (tBeratta~e)
bat lnrsvbrhaaedsaod wht

Saa Ts- "O
heSewv title f 'US..f*re.
"It has become tradtiodmal In
spameeadvnto f las," saysi Har-
ly Caring, 'ft the men to wear
more and mo garb ard the wom-
en Ieo and less. This I known as

Mga aa a adpd lam
Newery Sil rBB LaaTn
Pffnsw." oh, s

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r T 0 DAY --


Tells fabiloui life of World's Greatest Heavyweight
Chulmp, opening today at the Central Theatre



over theoppy count
Aroal buS
numbers freon
Alexander 1
over the count


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.A.. :: ...w ^.. KiS ^. ..*.. .. ""

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mwaf ak& vie based on th
b S 11 company s life.
dirlKo,. Joseph Gernld
brought In eight members
old Biller band a well ast
Glenn's closest friends.
The result is satisfying.
enuao's studio orchestra ha
cesidl" duplicated the old
rhythm, especially on such
as "In the Mood," "Stri
Pearls" and "Moonlight
Deca has picked up the
from the soundtrack of the
movie and transferred It
eminently lltenable 10-Inch
uaty record which by now
be available throughout the
Capitol's Ray Anthony al
aid tribute to the famed o
tra leader with a 10-inlher
member Glenn Miller" whit
tal such Miller standards
mer's Tune" and "Chatta
Choo Cboo."
Capitol has issued n lb
nine tunes from the me
'1bhree Sailors and a Girl,
will bewelcomed by fans o
Pow61 Und Gordon MacRae.
Peggy Lee composed the
of her latest Decca hit 5
"Where Can I Go Without
Peggy eteellet backi
victor Youn, who wrote th

la Clarke, who as b
pui f both tSerge
manlao and the arabl
New revivals: "Call Me
ig" (eae the crooner's st
by Eddy Howard (Mercur
Only lirHave e forYou"
Voices of Wakler Schumann
Eat Myef in the MonU

ury p four a s

Dtc Garea and "W
Bues." (BCA-Vt PD. L
.-raw, -

GresAheSe Wee


of the
two of
f 51UC*

to an
so has
"I Re-
b con-
i "El-

um of

Ion .J loof-11'* W .. i o 0
aef Cab Dbe"..

Lat eve the i.H- A=l
Harp V= th.Margarita

oablmeonm e ud -

Tandthe w annr-dtuer. IC

,. meldg-iBap~-i*gnM

Tlu Cotllcn eClub
Idr Coat D nae at the mar-...
ar"Club Cy Mday w
ytez vVIN y r l~
,ad the wi wee l. ...
& JriaseAand W.p Fn. ie; ,...
N ao* n Mrs. 2. G. ai~ *?
4. MtattianM Craba aWd 0.-T 9
Patkcr ooe y BSOL

The CotgiomO ub WMl bol~d 0 a~
SotCost Dais* at Ome Snous*ntc.
Brook clutr db Satuday .The la
Api 10 from S,,30 to U'Waj. *tat
cuigthe evdgofltee"29= mma
be l~fd fr tenwya.weX

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A- Mrs T. Wester, of
?" ,"" as

CL. _A me. 0R.

Mr. and Mnh. MaT Wel- Weof

ttit .- "Q ,

Mnto be ellg In lme .
Mr. and Mn s. T. Vibeiter, of

Mrs. Wal as d Mr. nd M. er
Te. Amstroes. The maternal
,s anwrd oth, PAfelom a
PA. Ids. Ortot.

Mr r.and Mrs. M riI
of Crigtow ae oIseea tlae

Tn he oe lo Mixed Bowlng
lr a theiree ar ban vac
nL b etno of office s at aan

WThe yrdent. It. ,C. A Mir
Mr. anrded M.the lMal we
maUr pgarita, auount e the o f
riello foro the hih eamns aver

o'amen; tco Mrsl. u
MU. LWe. is the foM smeu

Arden Armtrong. The maternalds

ta, and the s Lotea granlarkNil
arn Mr. Andv urwaiaWrUUo u

Ow iftautti sound of 09 GlenMl

presently penmg an antIU-trm'
of Justice ugaits Pan'Anerlci
Pan-American and Ore to dj
oanur .The CAB pointed out
rr oand Panora Into a
carrier "would offer effective

om zr Eom

tole Artu-

board,7 i. .

1 and look better in

rffi. You Jus ea't beat these new And these sparklIg
Arrow lightwdght for cool, weght Artow %=is
tCoal- cool comfort! Nob how ti& mie SeT fit, thon. ..
Swee thin they are*-ald how hae.'
n Old sm Evesy litdte se Sp ayL
abash rush In and out -- leading ad '

alwe o o .B.m bd.m -l.iS .
They anttiy .
.with wi. .. j .. -i
.. i..s.. Thy ; .- h .

WW*;, a -..-_^ A' V80*4.***^ ** -


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- ~ --

DILtA w m of.t

announced today the ap ne of a
breityo ofacn aagtef t sit
rways and W. R. e an Opny,
rotetton dmaatennice Oft thOr t I.s
a Itoh I dern in ait
would satst the objectives stated b' the Ci
in Its ret the or4INew
The oa"aM*t m f 'liiott i 'nm"
William A. BlalSe and R.I. Whitfd.
in Ia recent decmian tIn the ep ew Yorwk/ll
the Civil Anoaustius Bosad defred- w o. 4aO mp
for through service between NOw YOeM to U1
America o ixty d and stated thia0 4iM p Uo t
the OUnlSa fl b Y OU

M. .

, -I .-. _-, -'. -.:_ : .. ., / -


iYou'll fl cooer...

1' ,' .." "'."

*-... .. ,Y: ..M-A C .YO M....,.: .
S'.... ; -.-...-- .-.-. >' r \ -, -. ': f *, -,7 '
-.:.o, ,., o. -,, ,;:.. ,. ,-,. :? .,v' .-:- ..s ,. 1 .. .-,- .,- .: ..,'r. --- S t 4 ,% ~- ,.,_.

.r..o z', ..' i. T-f !U sr !

__ "-:_ 4 ". .-'. 9, .. -' 4 .--" ''

,WW DCV!is
m Ar---am Ame. s1 i u
a. moS~u


Oats&)Leo. uie

. irmmtb 0 July Ave.

.Lu~biSS 'SE3Skuiiii

UN uFANAoMAbMERICAN j 7:V' w rsoZ;

I .ouseholl Automobile h l... .e 0
FOX SALE .-Overstuffed davenport & FOR SALE -1941 Plymouth 4-door *ad Ieer qui-nrvilse weabla i
ir 3000; Fn chrome din- sedan; 1942 Dodge 2-door coach@ 2. 1 de11y 1feelS ee
cho ir $ 30 .00; Falcon ch M.. .m e an.. .. r., Ca e n n a.-. u .. w -. r ...f
pette set $60.00. Qtrs. 203-B Al- Mke me n ffer. Can seen THE AMERICAN CLUB s, .'m y '
brook: Phon rW 274. anytime. House No. 547, Corozal -FS...... o ae'rr /.n! qmPh
OR SALE--as h ter, 30 gallons. I for excellent homemade lunch or GS al. .
year old, rf.ot condition $80.00, FOR ALE: 1947 Cadillac sedan, supper In European style. call 3 gi ai gt Clam e d '-.s .
and Magic Chaff? sto, 4 burn- deluxe condition, motor just over- 1789.o.r
Os & ovn $50.00, Apply Politila. hauled, new paint job $100 210- ------ r. .. 4,5"7
r N0.- D, Pedro Miguel. Phone 317, office 47FOR SALE ,vs,
SALEn FOR SALE:-WALLARDsKSport Rood-r MfOe-e-mM u -_ Isp_,
$100; Sears ironer 25-cycle, excel- str lent condition, 1 0 JUNGLE JIM JAUNT TO DARIEN w k_ .... .-. a g 'f
-it onditnn V foengine. 160-hp.,
Irit condiwton $S4b .fn, 15 I leather upholstery, good top, Ton- APRIL 9 -10.11 A*Iu-y
Pedr- o .L ..eo ,.3, FOR RENT *' ,8," -*a
alMiguel, Phone 316. 2 neuD cover, hand-rubbed custom -SpinsoedbyN odElumsF R 1: -
el diningroomred lacquer pint. Over 115 mph l days. ave AprIl 9 o 7:30
!Oft SALE:- Mahogany dioo top Speed. 0.60 mph in 7 2 sacs o.m., return late Sundauy afternoon OngS OIL
Surrture. 45th Street No. 15. Cost 4200 new, sacrice for Im- sApril Fishing through the Pearl o
jac klighiaet iermisnghomeCulu 6241,oeyemIndianleaicrocodiekrlighngtflln, kim EO, SR-- whoM
s otar $90; stove $65; buffet $12, n erin Alpbonr aokC 648. da ys. hunting, cruising up the Samu river, t o age and I C Olargo y B4i i 7Wc
S $90; stove 65 buffet 2 aboard El Panama's Virginia, Last boat 52nd Street No.I ls m -
530; dresser $10; bed 60; crib MAN, radio & lighter. !i -hp. Ser- Bring old clothes, comfortable ihoes o r across the street.
'15. Other items. Cash only. Peru vel air-conditioning unit and Ascot and DON'T FORGET YOUR CAMERA. FOR RENT: bautifta fclrtled Sfree M aNUS 18 u
Avenue No 72, Apt. 1S. gos water heater. All used two For information, reservation, phone home with all modem cmt fences. 70mim -Urm ltsa m S
SFOR SALE:-Mahony bedroom set months only. Leaving country, Tel Jungle Jim, Hotel El Panama, Panoma Telephone. 3-1-1263-343 -
. ,auch, writing desk. made In Pano: 3-1504. ________-r .n-. 3-1660 or your travel agent. RENT One-bem ht: 81l I4 5*:-in 4PMte l i fl. items
t writi k. made In PAno-FORRENT'.-One-b
ma; 60-cycl RCA radio. table FOR SALEWAG OR SALE:-Cocker Spanl puppies. livingroom, diningroom, gerog, B-NW th .
model; Indian blanket; lamps; Chi- 1952 Willys. Excellent condition. House 6211.A. Crozal. C.Z. Tel- fencd. Rockgd intllpktion,; a, :11- 5-TheBO fW td BSit Pro
tie tables; figuriner. etc. Qtrs. Priced for quick sale. Phone Rod- phone 2-1656. new refrigerator. Preferabl Ameil- 3 S11
574-H. Curundu Heghts, Tel. 85- man 3330 or 3121. FOR SALE: Fw plates, glawar, con family. Moderate p c. Tele*. t i It t th9, .
'421 daytime, after 6:00,83-3290. p 3 n11r t
L8OR Sdytl Fwogar:00r83-3 nfiFOR SALE:-1949 Nosh $650. Must one Rem.ngton target rifle, Aven wo. i :0-re a0 the Staa
FQR SALE:- Leaving country, Ren- sell n 2 weeks. Phone 25-3245. saddles, books. Taylor, 2-1327, 50. Ready for occupancy April 12. 10:5-Off R d orMi l t
eult taton waon, v r good condi- ANTED: LATE MODEL cottage 5852, Wlker Ave.. Diablo. FOR RENT:-Furnisl : 2d e .rd(1tO eIr t ldedW o
ion; "Hermes" portable typewriter AUTOMOBILES FOR SALE-Gnmn Pole po bom convincon, anmd In i|mlow1 S L
A record player; Philips radio, 10 e AUTO OBILE5 o FOR SALE:-German Polie pu le, &half m ies in Ar n, in- 11:td
We PAY CASH for late mdell auto- 4 months old. Inquire 6thS ZpO,--onne %r -
bonds. Con be en at "B" Street W e 15,9 1953-7 Frniso Q Hiy W S Wt
No 33, Apt. Ak fora Ernest. mobiles. We prefer 19 51, 1952, 1953 No.17, San Francisco. Mrs. Guer- terntionl igh y. gn drive- A tok
No.-33. At. )tA. Ask for Ernesto. wayJons n.t total
F r SALE.:--4-bumer gas stove, per- PLYMOlTHS, PONTIACS., FOR SALE: k and chir, of

| FO SALE^.25-cycle6fotWa-goddpedhetrnprttoex A rSA dard typewriter, bediPmgro tol. W N 3*0- Litle C r cS5 I e smel hael D
hfet conditorn $90.00.P0 rque LHefe-oAU8N wrng condion. Call 2 2 bv- i ,nri pth. 3 i n to a r 0T
woe, th St. No. 20. TeBlbr. Phoe -1416. dPmaomse fore 4's:30 h. Lod who A-c Brvice "lC.g Cir. Ml*,
22 Fo ALE -Dinner table & 4 c.h FOR SALE'-1947 Chy1:K-r WOinr FOiSALE d rtie r Avll. El A.MAN.4"EA p Cstios I A. OrlAtobal RJ. lttt
$20.00; sofa & Frm chair $30.00: owner $495.00. Phone Balboa located modem building, for any A NTi built Pht2ile sti eid VALIe et e loro1r T. 11 1 ,1 a CPSa
:4.burner stove, oven 550.00: dou- 1389. IHouse 150, Prospect Street, o Abu ld ng, f or 31 A efirInt wiesatof i
b d with springs at s Balba Helght n Quarry Hs.i kind of bus iness, offices. 79 bAv Ie4 apartlmentone,, t"wo A;mntyohowo;o:1-AD ef9M
M. 0 Hous 10 Apt. & Vmattresst a lnu i ad e edr oome, hoQe, d wets. d, Tel.; .2:be drosThWco awmtel t a.Tl-le pen es ., n to .nickels nTab l u ; A*O
0L.00. House 10, Apt. I,_ Vista NCty. ae pne Panama341.ra ddis
oE AErcn lady dires FOR SALE:-Deskninm chairs ,fr tt ohe M: -r-Teottle o the Ba ndlt t6 f tllm- Wl3. a o mfla : atll
rm FOR SALE-91 Plymouth Coup bltype7 drawers $15.00. At Wz FOR RENT: or n. No. 14, 45thich BA X Rli n AWt eM M g widt k Ib to Crtitobal
.FOR clgood dependable t, oal. Dow Walker, Hosiz Ti-yr. has 3 Vbeigoes, Ilvgl M a nd5 e i, rMKf the Pnt Ltoe.t t o t a. II 1
hInhousi r refrigetor $ 0.,0590-A. t cellent condition.House 801 4-B mem doraers eGelo.or. oreoormnILr---w w -P thasn. surp e R1t ye, Do- lGO Sldla ps2Y
Baiono Sb.. Anconm TlI. dalbo a Mrwt bTha Leoulcat ony ting 3- 71 ls. Bot wsitentihl o. 4rd i Off in s CStowl L afterJons I t

Bs. Teawfle~zophor 3-2265, Pan- of Bertram T. CIayton Post: No. 4. E C C' r k C** N*I
2522 (after 5 p.m I FOR SALE:-194 Chrysler Windr FOR SALEH d cl: Ir, Ave. Eusablo A. Ma No. 4"l
oin-n a bi:--Foorucckh the American Legion dio, 4000 bAms, 5 E1ch Cra." edr- n0 alo g VALi TpUION re .- Flia Yoo. r. A ..
Bt S f sed f e 42cr0 m 5a0- teens buck., A clothes baketo, 129dPoanma arn 8. non es, donationR. It Al T
Nol.,*,ds -,, .0 Oir refrigeraEtor In B. Diablo. P", j:-"--W =g TOW- pi "A-*Io
Scondiltl $120.00, FourthP mOpo brooms, etc. r e- Furnse pt WA r nr o, Se

lblin d 5 8.0 0 bHa d m p t yt ih o m eeteny we Tl l it h .ua v a C a ld..op e te t ob.-1 8a
0,pcnicIce boxece in at err m Will ca- f iltin tOffered m F-4-hp 5- furer I rl, pie e.T -
cycle), 2 o motor ors. Shranel Bl e

F or Kds i.tS t ..-,".. p. ECRETARIAL POSITIO OFFERED. aam Ext d Ortgion @y.t "S, )
EaiStor 2i 5 o 6 leag. P.rl B,- *ine; Ager sin machi ln South AmericVowit 5..901. -
U 1 o0 Pemroe-eat Stee Bo .ropect e o ime, or qu t ica t onn mndt; n- o RNT- -.In wwn opatim ALL W Ssw..l- A&
Sb.wip 7-tube radio with table; Sim- lvlngroon, dlnlreom, poVth, L L; -.
'e ', mane f oedoi bBella Viead. Comat esmfortsb;e lnd roomhe otbeatiful hot6cwets m s ws A 1 i k T. -k h eric
ptCo- WlSimmons double bed mattre.,s room with balroom, 0ara "" -n hA nol 01-13 4e, -

WANTED 10 WANTrdrobes, deks, tO BUY 25-cychin, et c ldrrn" No4th Street, ill.n e S ha n. lsh board fhstn e mn to at- nr

Ba'.B. of te l a:eu fr1 i Via i 4 th6 monthteVto Baats btal-beirinC motor. T.T Bo, steVet (ed 1 yO terday to_ a__ __. lr ".' .
S .eaexroo 1hoe 8 H.mota rentaonce FOR RENT-.- :maml Npu Ntmt=ea dt aBtB. Jl
191PoeSt 7-tube radio With table; S w ^ ^ livingworn, dining"Orn, porch' ^A

.... Amera n lady desir; FOR SA.E :f-Dlningro n set, 4 chairs, n;ud. Maryrd couple wwhit c ,S te' i

Sio dbCredit Ubemon Club atres; room woith rnB goep M.?^ Lo -, A^ -cjIp

l0 Services Instals Officers r^^,i ,},7"u'M 'W ,;^ .
hiA T EDordrob dess ta bles chacirs, ec cs Buildings" 49th Stt Ir eder b t hr n ote r c ra-nu mber of 6, a
MEETIrNGSnhl Via r apop a 146 (edpopulatedVista Vista, bres(Mioaart bcuMJ. a ddp
Hermosa entrance). FOR;R g s faoImoC y
a in 1 and- A m erican ladyp eesarss 1w OR SALEa n na i non e m oret. w workers dnIDs 7 d. M arried, couple wit w h l adrto
apartment with private ibth tble; sideboard, custom made; 2 dren or ingle pe Fon. N. 14, 45t. Ndle I entator t- A ij*Harr A ie11' Haririe c om
i boo 4-303. ootseratr fo, grl' sizes -yrb-yrl Streo No. Bellea Vis. F matett wtd a con rnl." lr e D
:-Chalet or iponmenort, 3 AMERICAN LId- r rio. courage Latin Americants who RN: oe oo funi UA (VGA)vt
garage, hot worat "El, CLAI-ON PO'T Nt.l 7T ci n -0ion. Hou 159, o l artene. Bs sdenaooler .owls 1111adPic Is. Ce rp
dr Bll Vista. Call The regular monthly meeting ere: wlah to mgdte to .o to another sO Bt-r e idntialarea.43rd *.-Ot Sal S E teo Mr pe pon
xiTelephone 3-2265 onP- Ci Bertram T. Claytoen Post No. n A n c Street No. hP1, ft- lon te lah c Ole Mr. tleitarlw '
7of the American Legion will 'LESSONS ___ __ Rr RENT rf aw rtmentst
Beeby. Lemuel. Hat e:0 p.m., M theondy. will d a common lanFOR RENT:--Furonhd flo rt. thneag ilBgtr. ---- o n- 1-t-tuted- a -ffllte"t om eteBe- LOD f1Ih i"mml-20
beun. theldat7:30 pe. m. Mon dao e SPANISH CLASSES to English-speak, madamoe brno edom .00, e0also aeu m Sin or list f p11Tarslstoviet I-Yok.1;6 7d
Hrr. a in the Americant tr arer- aISH CLASSES to Englrh-g- H. Ae m A.ur ho rtati t. Aeer R I Aeenas etot L W
OWN next to the former WAC bar- Ing Americans. Ave. Peru No. 23, 2-bedroom apartment $85.00. So- 6o-1LweI wku, moetpaelntfut Ma1111o10011411s. empt pe oI-
ralcks at Fort alyton. Apt. 22, entering 29th Street. cure parking space., G.I. Inspectd, 14 sOpp VGA-Ye of A R B1.ley n rneateame
an t ghetj lianaght tbe Meeting will very cool. 4 ud Street -N. 8. a a Mr- and.R Nf R.the- C-
be an account of the ILegon'u auraio RENV.: 2-bdroom Dnt d g~-, ,raniff *

a '- FOR R :*o p R n Rif f M o af e i'4S H. B k
u D c anniverary pocl ohld at Sm- Position Offered ,FOirolr, inkV-o- kitchen, ,,. M.J May akieE,;t
Ga .. t rdens In the Canal Zon laundry rs in, mai r m w ith onh Mrs a Bradey; Ac a s,,. O ur
rFr K W s last u nday. A.-late snack and SECRETARIAL POSITION OFFEREDg bathroom, gge. -Albet Nv- nd O r ations.., ASL
refreemnt rlnl mbe served fter -SMut be Panronimn citizen an No. 53, InquireArmnt 2, 2 i"El Mrs. -"sIa
edssto ume Maesers, famol lies, prospective givin brief qualifications and en- O. a l; s; ad M-r. -I e,
dncecla at members and Mer a in close Photogreoh. P.O. Box 221, FOR RENT: ;10 weoki 0 4binAL, e., =7 11M )- l:d .rJ. an i d.
M rtrrtDff p'Jtmo, April 24, furnished aq taimt In eTex., A
Y M A-i- te nalaona ays w i n n k T .4k8L
Bella Vista. Cool, comfetable, end lnoeilgaW the poesqitrs -E #A yN. Condz
,1f-pri ,egstrtin .,OXR-T"- NG FAscreened. Reasonable rfnt. a athe h'od-toz s.dU C.Crosa i
FOR SALE 3-2968. M" its'owationis *0 1e11 A- ter; snd:aul. C. Curtis
l110&h Ice roegfetrl &ttlon0FRUEONTHLYMbSTIN F OR L J DLsAVergne; and bow ththe U r
be The h regulOr monthy, meer FOR RENT: Nice furnished p- U, e sids pls
morning # and 10 of the Canal Zon Central Labor Bment. Via Por No. 99VMtN aiye Tbrani borar board V.AMrs.. 819I.X kwo~.t d
Union will be held onmee' AN T BUY:1-hp.25-cyce inspected. art le3,.I Eo Mr"l. an [r. ti on
mof tbe'o clasg w eArlielr thil mouth due to Rast- boll-beaorinl moor. Tel. Balboa de; M. id
bthMW ny requets or Sunday falling on the third. 4234, house 720 Apt A. FOR RENTX taw Ae In ra
by l mett amd U nn Sun8 fy; the date of the us family without hldren Fis byteCIAw are f
to ofl Canal Zone monthly meetings. The meeting Filbs Street No. 49. Tel. 3-5730. U 5i- Ht ar t r u- Mr Gtlbert F. .'d Mr.d: th a a t r s
Waltz, ifx trot, Itt- for AiIr will be held Monday in O m WU SaI FOR RENT:--Fumili beamtifWul oe- w s". tM.ari.che R. lFu;ler and
.rhiPtba. mambo, sam- the Balboa Lodge .11, begin- war1 V pwl bedroom aportmrt,, gs stovieto ; s b teidecai erwhis1k mr W.t C; Mrh andle ll. FUllerainde e
I0stgIr be taught forWnlR at 8:31 ai SAS ck rat ic tlo.r GoSC, AGhl antk en Mr. mwy.deR. nds;M.
.I Importnt legislative matters 1h Latin Amo kaav2inn
sn be made by1wll be discussed at this meet- lca *Tel. 3-54 aaneW.. G a e S. r. se bn e
boa 4232. or at the i ng. Ma..,. war ELa FOR RENT -,Fun,, ,spar .pp M U. Godet: an M. coprt.'.
......Credit Un.on Club i .e .,desk of-B.lboa FOR,-, .*, ,
tIN* Rij siL1% LIVE9 bo1, %7 t Frank Z. Greene;
Credit-UWoAS..NOTO-(,Ap.l '" I'ya Free M.. o. A... c b.4
i Services Installs Offiiacers i. int%&.ma, dlngrm, Mrt.-arO (CUO tt l I)isA-- ; Mr. r;, at
t*; Frd.y slon aheldnd an xtrordnar3. poulaednru-u

PI8Join WIrut Purdy, Credt Union wile several Lan Amer-r ti

a~aultr un sa g vernm nt- ~th~reetEmsel's. du gi 1 son 3. he~is: 10 0.. Net aG m

as armrs n Is.g' A" t-16th" ft ......L o-o JA,, hU _
-Ai'T'i ve ad W 4 ,b Mr.~ MpNfN.B ttp
"This sortofthingdesesEZ,
f. sAU strongest encouragfmentt ~ ru n -- abyh wrmns ft e u w a eetI W g
I. I '' .
SWk, am. Itpwill make for a high-
T,- is. fl" -...orstandardof Hlivng Vth-oug h.out
Q- teltime: Acerica. ndmtote 1 = j1A '-S"
rabomammwme iaft4
C* CrXftgoroswa e btt-- em= urAgeIM irON edy LSP-frNt m a

a *~. 4
K -- Sm.- -~-i&i

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--. :.1.. ,-

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.4 *4.1,~

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A C~1

.t:., 'Ic

ers 4

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4 ; w ....

, W:
1.C.C. ...e&. 3
G.C. ....ssq S
. C. ...... 11, |
r. .e ..... 2
*. i..... I.

a 1 7l

1 4
4 1 1

S--, of A 4

Wavy U eilbhsde softball
doaube-haaer daftlen I
qnoat .Feld in beago

M. e...". -. I e at-r o In the first gam betweenE
STmoor Agec p Clovely at runner-un ta e of the 6Mlt o .&
.-. u. -1"d- -CC^ lt :.d fteo- Paebfl0 ide, 100
7-0 Sehind the two tat g*

soran" Whitainre. A Wte e b
= nSears C.C., 123 for Srpartm .ea was the only xtra INe at
I S CrawllrC.C., 1 or7;IClo.C.., blow of the ame.
ofwaslotanOn back..91 alk In the eigth ining turned f crofNe v
(5n fr t ..- ... :l:1 p tclher01 we Mor Agency, 14T for 9: a setaldemate lto a 6-3 win for rn er
AU j; forowPhilit Maia., ommor raw ommnation.ns'ia"

bfUSE cr I0 VIAtmtan Swar the ote b a li n -C.0ar $fr c D Along The Foirways

pel l oed when erye tIt baseman Ed ob on ad. nr W ww. S

la f e TM, Je deal In ,-erbu tfo.ic HeCrkets ade U; ei clubs and some Ingenuity to Rs ing. lbh
., keee anth 2ee by ale Is0: Samuel C the not out, shoot a creditable game of gcup Allen, b
....aba __,,_wa re an._so i/,of te Wlt ba ofmhrire, p .1-

toett M at talists t ase- M y Ttt e tnot out'WeraJ e.,. therjem l tourbare Clark---Net 74
a4e r1M. 1 -e wpe811 1.E ari e 1 th ot ber face the Spart o n b ifi 2nd Gloria Pores Net o tw '
ahBS thew S Jhnn hooaned ob sonand Garfield Brown. f 7 The four-week tting ringer Campbella. f
5SnP^ui t oe Jat nonit eaue. pan 1 w are the successful bowlers of ended on April la with eeyeralnLabne, as S t
mta aL .flwet a his and Man St Paulo Sears. Trrundling for Sparton close scores. Heien Miller andi Walker. Sb
SWf E e R d h PL .C., Richard Burns had 3 wick- Darbada Rhodes tied for low l

Ri c dwing The secon*erdl l be har ds sa os 'John sn a r ti h u i g e Btwa tae S run rooersw and ha u six ero t-c.
wInecthangedipitcherflar omtthefelwtakeneto. a h im ofa thel1 o labe l r for the pTast ears, Bloa Mk. soe o f theu Spa 1.. -ol mg mtch bueray there u llt e r ,
ai t. 210_ A Ne9a r, e -eano kidn Neyw oraf. P terin 0 wicto R. Burs 9 :fiimtourna ment brokt -i a ond w o. J- ims
sudn Bo anied b bwg )gpg wok usJed t"-M AtLr yh to tog he alsho wnheegiigwfot I gf sta n e rT scaar a oC k-aund A lc S et Pro e b
m te .20e INAo -eR. won R. ipath adbut-i' n, tcr."_. W arell r.C ; C fo r 7; uew, courbs pao de omer oing.eCnuity

their ath-r B Ve al ad tfte Wuith the a 3 "MNcale. ;, notou. sh outay credit yum to o f g 8
.t o""r r.p eat v hii-w. He he aegla geo-oas wNB.ei i "e f I- far Jddan f st o t or s, a re m aNt H erh, p .,A
de eI m er aniurs s pay wuhinh lhiar .r erlnoth In the N a.ern:mdnd, o Frr eE eas w v Lee u a ta Ce0 Mtiert an bo wlin g. t l oroa et ioesr e and ie t ul I.a. N A -
a .H "d t nort f rnao tand pai ther" Iaesod the b on osrllo -e oa h el.e ao the llels n t e n B al, oe A. inor ,,ode rh vret, 2 A -e
es ttBao Maaclor g as stn the m.Roniw igthe. Alss ton sayo nb e d Ii h ee. ed oude an t ae .ubeda sr o e a A Th r h ele il nd b eta 3ea sb 4
WtArae AnWIonnnoet1 out; Extras, 11. "Ereplay" tournament. Fourtime.

ht biuts. ip m in cihengl Wain tahe o rersb W nikes the lhigstd. D. *C aw c C ch o fr sd uaren g eDo. ndio, 4 3arysd; buest e d mayd re erI t G
h y TA e taeioro3 raunnd.d bh e ginningxe wr urnd 1 1 b ifo re Clavel 1pue nt of 3.
awR rul ;. o Thursdayn -inh idtc 7: oarh In te trioalys s, wainF teld ,te h o Licmhegrbt be 0.0d, c aogt ou. wT. py skerI chi i be mt .. s
Sax t L Pot Cacand- moe d e angeer d W alt mer u tch o e r toe llhenraieoethe .Budll eeleaers nansd fo r ingem a ulalpa rodyss1 f ollo in0 oRing. hai ca o hb, jbtiea

topetral sPwhip te Chicago At stake in gthis tw-out-of- Alston say* either Ruas eyer thib tamed track event, these wlaner, with team. Brathwaiten 23; To Jemmott. 0i and 11 Auril, Teluive. The Hra t Coeus. SB 0 4
s sandttaea a lead three series to dete eond or iy oes will a e events ad gontor be in mate Tommy Hughes second and J.Alleyn not out: E. Tho round played durin this time Mercadante If 4 1
at t T a in their place are the trophies-to be a- Brooklyn opener agat Pta th lie throughout t Niclaher third. Jim .lton, BR a V. Pinto ; 0. Moore, 0: will be the qualnd round ulp,

-. "6 Red warded to the runner-ap team. tpugb on April e5. -FWR1R n ABaker t mosp ro e r, 4; Toun, 01.a*ameant may i 3
the 116unt s maC 0 W Th muy. D ewr ,om320Co-fe fore oDrC b ng sarJ Thlriall player Juthe muto.hoe rf 2t6
outfit, shuld en, better to the with a the In 24 J. te for 8 J. Clau- The tournament is soeduled as an and .
nodde i o 3King,-6:CInauseau1n the fltldp Oyeeats where the y in their ls fnda re aef 0 for 13. follow:
Scid w rovery title champs in thr events. Noel Clovey C.C.: J. AHleyne, c for Tuesdaytt Aoril 1 15 and 1 L.'

Sdo- In th fW IWAMH --d ft H P -" In Ali thusobion n Labert MaptovanM i; J. Brathwailte, 2 for 23: T. Thursday. pril 16th SeortwSih6lte
Sa f wins_ and 11_ lse..~st TheilthStar of laet year's weightih ed or the th eump viit and jemmotts 0 for 8 ig r. Thomas. u lrday, Asr, 16r f'ordetails n t hqo .be b 2
u nNAThe tw eve h amtnsRoparo of the absoi won ae broad mp. for 14: V. PInto, 0 for 24; 0. The 50-cent entry fee Is to be h
Baio unle ed a 1 t atb iee b M were pi. me y c Iu C Atr d hr p abel air year olaroonce Bettencourt Mbhoe 2Me, a 0 for ul. l L. prior to nlag the quail- 0 .u
n outbve i tcdn-it ,t g biea ing th e.other e t caNel"Wch" ; "the lo n Plulien Sb

whip t 2ey hag-_oAtsta.ein __is .tw a-out-s B undteand 1r men eod after back to net his thirf etrawght aof I ,mour Agre ncy, 141 for a: around. .o consolati2 .,,totr oadr ms y

-his dis and shot pu les. It le vaul victory. bson and PtLhip Morris, 5 for 8. fights of 16 each will be e
Wayeroosl GeorI Aril ten (UP) doesn't look e any one man ettencourt repreghsent the A. llC 1mour ARenc had Phip on the front ne rinek to sMerat, If 4

SColembfa 000-0 3d0 hte or Atdw how to and Mantoval the Balboa Bull- Morris on the mat when time In- rida y there will be 18 hole and.
wa hRedesB" 101 000 .-2 4 0 comep ena ue winner as Ro- do9s. tervened to bring about a draw. There wIh be two prices, one for
~m iB "Kde, ,,rg LaMotta (pl and .arlo d last year. Of these three. Bettencourt Is .eymour A0ency: James Lord each uight. Plenu se check the l-,B.eronter r sl

LO 1 _P9 BELLA VISTA adecidedonh is Wpen wg l t dayg hlang vics toorystir rcom m .Me, B L, 8Eplay e dans u wo h
LP Kaeber tpus ould give J.C. Curtis Jtrdes of Balboa Roberts 22; M. GrannumA 9e V, It Is aticspated at there ot
S4 d o trophy of the and he has not yet touched Be- MLod A. .. will be a free lucheo i Apr

& J 2Bd.WEEK A LaStrneaybeeg Vhle night hould Rahave a bad tencouroms best of 11 ft. 9 in. Jef- Oreaves. 4 not out Extras 4: for A.W.G.A members at which t
i a e... MIGHTY ADVENTUR, senator 001 000 0 ithe winner's smte .i ,oM a u. for the Rner tour- th
SINDIA IN Judsonverink(7)and Bal- cle. among these are than Bettencourt has gone this A. han. 7 J. Nes, 0: E. Kn, nament wll be awarded.
S l ewar rno ( Pas- Chr o A.C., Bob Mor- ear, but the champ sti get C. awards, 0 C. Temple. We hope to see all of the olf- a slight
ibson"an amer Mat ; 3. Rrawte. 2 for25: 7. Thursday, nil ltT
RipRe LPatotheearmyrRlRkethepsttr wers h tod for the h oump istrsh aond Jemmot. 0 oar 8ni, nomoat, 0 Friday, An'tf i Sorts.tA Shrtie
dam a the-ad Sban4fI.j1.,d ro on BlAzndm f h ldetrys, 1 V. Pinrto, rs4,0 To 24 50-he n w entl y rnam e Theo ttsburg P.rfr ..sis on m
Sy .u i thl.hAto d P O e 04eha wil be. mo _in ore.n ter, Cl arnce Bettednceurt arns o 0 to n S.. Im Cor to plain th qal, 3;d four adlespDyesanitapT urB yol.

an 1mnbw e onga fter I bakOogeshsthrsdr str h S ymunorthy 11fcor9eyigrun.TooansltoPo lotaohrmnA. tdben v m orc. r awlls, L mrt f
/ ir th- /his di and sot put tieles.0 It ole vault vc y. G b on an Philip Maorrdi 5 for 6hr. fa ec will boe 0foe twe t
Ito IIWaycross. Georg., iA ( l-)ndoes't lk m f ra one manen soul represent the An.i Seor "e2 A. had Philip on the fronta nne onn ThnursTay'-Suhw u-
Uo ladtre odthas0e the.sinr .ow toL oland Mantovani the Balboa Bull-Morris on the mat when time in- Friday there wW be 18 hole play' baderAndylc e-,tiaoado pd:

anr Laotl (6w a nd &arly oir. O t-ese three, -ettencour .1 Seymour Agency: James Lord, each flghl,, eae ceck th D e wer sold1 t-
__VntheirTAacer, 6; L. Roberts. 3r: .playingthe0qar lround. Coet tea a retur
...... ..runne -upl-bu"Its seAonid gold trope a -he yt uched B '-Menmd, "I; "A. Blron, 3: 0pr wvdll be a ree lcheon in Apr.l tsfiedlwine
ndWAt Lynebug, Vna niht. Should Rahave a bad tencour bet o 11 ft. in. Jet- rve, 4 not out; tr 4: for A.W..A. memer at ce g
,- Redles 450 050 320-10 20 0 n ght, there is a ostof mucle tries best l been 11 ft. 7 in.. tsl 141 for 9. tIme to rb -
T I A UNathorsP 01 mwl. o 44mn tlnip M err: A.C BaDes1:nfor.4th n to
OlF o' I I Ju non Zuvernk () and al -c ircle. O e amo areth ttecou ne tsA. S, 7: Nl es, 0o :. K g nament wil be aw..ardd Oi D '
la nal "andF t. Gerald. Wh ie and Jim Jo ea,, mmas ofote nod whe the chips areA. Denni, 1i ; 0. Bruton 0l : lug ladles out qualiyin for.te.ea t hach
~o'n.' L-P"---Stewart .' fl"" NICklahers BUil Robeisof of down. Two BB youfgPtsrta, Don Prince, -, not out, 0. Scantlebu- tournament, and arti.natn8 Athletics.' A n,,
ewki.m, the 94thA, Moore, Korn1ven and thee bronze medal, withArNoeldve for,5. Ladles Day gyery Thursd. .hulde. 1
P IA-a--bIrtGreen.bore,- North Cars. Bawling,'-,a,
Gr of!ladI I eensbiro 000 101 000-2 5 2th'J Philip Mor Is: Tr. Prince. 2 forA
Grim caiecko, sciek(8 anno4 :.. o. t o, we d u -34 for1 ;A .
.....SBy, e Pre"..wilnbsd.nyrrb M re0for:.vdOan.1for 32:
an, Silers (6): Parkan. Aylward 'a. G. Bruton 0 r I f or 2A Blades.

WaycrinsL ino- iApwid. HR rSeymour Agency:C.Or leaves
.ow. 'd'a" Braves 000 011 0-B Iiaw hnsc J 3aon 13; w. Mike, Ufarh.
..dg-eUClJomoahR Nichols, Pa2ne (3), 7. Johnson ann m.,e ran.u.0parterre.
i sc d o to o tenih and eJohneon (8)and Cadlrone: I en, their only worry......

lus: -



i s '~

with At Montgomery, Alabama
ISTmBO HONIC soadt aI rates 310 002 108-10 6 1
SIAthletles 232 050 05x-17 21 1
Danglels8 King S). DoOsoL
6 ) and Shepard; Kellner and
SW. W hant. LP Dangleis. HR
SDOUBLE Thomas (2). Zrnial (2),
"L PROGRAM I Renna (2). Shepard, Cole, Ward.
-sAt rtanburtg, Eu th Care.
w"th Phlues 000 000 131-4 8 1
M1Vr TIM 000 0 000-0 a 0
-Diekson, Konatanty (I) and
eI *Burgess; Oarver and Abe r (8),
Jj Claude Mran (91 and Batts, Lakeman
I B IDAUPHIN (8), Branca (9) and Batts, Lake-
-IS A. man (8). WP Koontanty. -P
- Pl -IU- Garver.
"Sorry. Wrong Number" --
wVIh Bt Lnueaster At New Orleans. La.
EDirsM wyt Ins 100 130 321-10 1i 1
S- _iWants 000 201 00- 124
.- IWynn, Moad (8) and Naragon:
Gomes (7), Spencer (8) and
CAPIOLD Kitt. Westrum (8). WP Wynn.
C- A P-I 7 0LI f O- oomL HRf Rosen,
olm, Pu-s, inDente. I

Ora'- AWi c 000groo to 7
Ca- d mas 130 104 011-913 0
---- 1 lIimpon, lama (4), Keria-
.............. ....F K 3vMMler t7) a Nice. WP

New for your ole interest. You can ejoy the emy give of
i s dude .s tys built by Jsur for year walking please
The pew Jler Hand-Flexed Sole and the soft cushion tread
rubber bd In this shoe are yourmseurance of munpb m-
ret. 1a upai. today.

siOn s EQo MIU

- -.

knocked off. Jim May. Montova-
knocked off. Jim May, Mantova.
are all 6 foot jumpers, .with May .
and Mantovani having done The Screen Finds New
that height this year. GIbson c n Fns w
and Merntyre, however, are ex- Gfory in.
perienced hands in this sort of '
thing and that will ke the dif-
ference. Giving Gibson the nod r'Ue IA iAIII
for st, then the other three HE JOELOUIS
will got a triple tie for the run- U *
ner up spat.
Jim May with a ump of 21 ft.
8 in. this year wil ride the fa- SO
vorite's ro e In the broad Jumo, '
and will be pushed by Gson. Americo 's
another BBS boy, Bruce Orvis, .
and Tommy H hes. Larrv Grtne
Keese. third BBS entry, will WOS
Imake t 5 boys oall over 20 feet,
and U looks lie the first three In His
wil be over 21 feet Past per- Fisth...
formanke saw May, Gibson and
rvis in ftat order with Hughes The
the bet bet to get in the money,
whiae ion could win It al Screen s
with the five field events in. It '
stacks up like so: Athletic Club Story
icked up. and 1 'S here to add gI sIn
to 1thr16 scored In the Individ- ..
ual u afor t a t of 4 and His
1/3 po ts. I S added 12 2-3-1 Heart!l
the 4Md evets to their S to Us
track fr 30 ad 32- points. J.C.,
Sthe other teem to core a In
the MW events. adds to ther
Ist place I the mile for a to- -- T
"m Irmuc injug M I BANkI$121S.00 At5
wo t withSht.reelthrl "W M

the -w, b wait 7 t '3
I* r m~

-we ~ *

$1.10 per CAR



.~ 9' p..A1


(ttlin Dialoge)
' with -

: i :;*. A-V: '-*
. -.. ;
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'5' *.~* .p-..~. ~j, -



4. -
'T. 4 ."
ir: ,-


eq 1. :st

iAs 15i e Hard ta- "Let the people knew the truth and the counry efel

:es =est Eisenhower Policy :3t "I
I calo 3 7ls for sla0shin
gn ldmoe thanIn

l .d the outcome of .'-.
Siocn l war "Is of the WASHINGTON. April 7 (UP) But if they ean' do It alone Mesanwhile in London i" would be a strong Jot
a tt sgnificance to the xe- -The Eisenhower administra- the door has not bc slammed lnter Sir Winstot declaration of. Three iu
Of the United States in the tion hais deeded that Ipdoebl- en direct Amerleah Interven d 1 his cabinet to other lpq0i 0 W de
immediately ahead." n and Sotheast Aia must tion on a --c-dented cale -s a an Ama the flat
~ad uttinglei hea Inte
e rt ingle Item In the fall to amnansm recardh In southeast AMla, 4 fors Joint Allied Pfor Eaata
ll y &I c" #a- ,:,
Se a in n direct military the riaks a ithe dancers n. of trantendnt Impooa rtancend the otdia L.. I iiat e aratai T reeh
prto idoShina. The basic decision to block Red to the United tatesa and thes wasll ._in sbgt Awms d ud uwud
* ltamresaMsl the aldmainst- a treieon in Southeast Asia free world. Secretary of State o S i to
l e plans to take an ad- teon recently by the National John master Due ay Red atemed uo see.sI Vrit- the halte a
S* 3W million out fet b- Security Council. domination must be resided by sa wld pnf tfor Join wat o M
Ma5ai7 aid funds to help Under President Elsenhower's "united action" even though it the Genewa emeI eO Chiam to east ofte i-
vm and free native leadership, the council shapes Involves 'serious risk." .the AWieS tel1010II do**le se
broad po lcies involving the na- Here are the tmderlyn fa- evea to a A full re on the Interns-
minlatration's total re- uon'sa urY. It Is the high tos which brought a the eartes the w tlonal 1t udngan
"rft j 1958 compares court of U.S. global strategy. National Security Council's e- Authoritative ouuai dl- outline of Wangton pa
7 -.000 appropriated Now that the deciall o has calon: cated, however, that Qea _W to put oI n ts guard, wa
t fiscal year and been reached the hunt is on for Indochina is the Comma. au r tain womldbr ared t given a Ut
f r last lear.'O- way to guarantee' southeast nRits' big taet In souetheat to the United Sta. in But off el Ire s Id the
r h made it A 's continued freedom from Asia. If It fal the gate wil pl e assltance to rafnce cabinet did not" i the pro-
will eek tber cuts Communlem, be opened to Red eanquet ofthe Chin soe J rM n po l Initiated dby Dllas de-
SThaand, Bma and ll ina. first to the advice of
Sg ins apropri- Thinking includes a joint Al- southeast Al, t oday Britishn meet- the cautIlou a Assembly
S dm lat year ed declaration to fig t If nee- Indochina, therefore is of a fowed ex asulita- before giving a reply to the U.S.
totht dochl Mssary. a regional defense pact more Importance to the free tons between Brlti a Amd -
ht _A .. with United Stea' membership, world than Korea wm Ican officials on 8tIte l. IL 9- /
ore Ai. the economic and lomatic sanc- Southeast Ai haa a oopula- retay hn FotIt eM I Cb UP
t i ~~nl 'di oVans, United tion"s action, tion estimate at 160,000,000 peo- for sted acti..I n the event
lion fom other sore aid for @edangered coun- pll living n a land area of 1,- of further Cha Inbl.tertem *MJa.aa-I. Ma. /m..-.-. "".a.-'' L --
Rinds. tries, and poIbl use of Chines i0 000 aquire miles. In southWt Asiad .. 11 .h.- 1ilaea
$tmon diesd Nationalit troop. i poduces more than 90 wper The gravity the risks ys *s r os 4io W21 t we*
a ta ,3, 00B in n- The Unite Stats wants to a- cent o the world's ra rubber, volved hI to I .pr= dUL Lo rrak Rescs Nea lt o
p for aid funds will void comml its ground, sea 60 per pcent of the world's tn, ag to a o far V f toi wtr IBalboa pmer. as ne o e
I dJuly 1. not including orair forest the battle. It tungsten petroleum, Sl e iae, lad, da l.nM. U- ., ,to Warty out mercy ru IA. the rp
Slumted new u*. wants to e native forces carry phosphi cotton, coffee, tea. coig to authoritative OU- i .
'ske5w Sth r rou the fightlan burden. sugar and pepper, projected warning tha fSu m e a
k- S 'ktheVh I Crash Rescue Boot F

SVietnnh Attcks Try To Tie Don Gets 2 New 63F.
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orcen ror UieN. -en r

SIn ely-separated Thnew Red M
sard o bei iut form In southern possible French U fares to gus.
t witholi -i dteenders 40 miles rom the In the Red va nd
l a I. e*" Thailand frontier. found of iu tblled soua from e replace- d'ly-
Oti :of t- pes., Sharp enagements alo were Hanoi mo tj" night fro cents close t the Red Pi simd ? r -
W st rmw shted M vital Red River battles ard of Hanoil's Lborer

E OLd n 770 rd tedVNPch vital U a
f a ulapamlMokhere the new he ner eds ad tookup Other uces ber.
about J13- fhtli c Is bakoosm now. the Ww=naCl1 de2 BBlapid-r uccess bi dden w
S ae..a.rm = ol mr e Mekon River b eain the city'sei wor mreen DiM.n lee- h

of Johnosterilesdmouthiofa ulo andonr in Jan to the theTii Bt (PPad-'llse 'i6-
the.l_.- a It lies 40 Miles from the Tha- apitl Um. srad irt e grma s s or ib o L.;o
S l ke adri land frontier a lnd 18 miles noth nwhr Vo Ngyen
new look"iirof the Cambodian border where Glap batture2gln Waxed wlot be 2 e
______ the Communists have opened an- their rip on Ien Thu s to- 14. s to b ero cu- inc,
'' _other small-sale attack, day and Fren patrol 1 nrobed Imrt n thiA ir odath^ ough --:
M TA The reon s a rich rice-grow- ingerly nto the basted no heard rali n' rquall. t
jsINdS 10 Ar inmP center and one of the few. In ma land ou the for- W4seo l ao ..- J, .
Indochina which until now ha tresss" e t -^ TOKYOn A' 0 P)--The To-
"tia a been spared Red assault., other the eoan4 straight night mh. tor as ao as kyM mt avea
WrU .The French also disclosed that no Red tata.k we lan c.ed r oene A reri a lulo a new vWe etak
other Red soldiers have cut the on the b Lealt which has held ial o rome- wasoo fora e rvicel
li l u Important supply road running trW a rock under almost a e=tiine e resoter s it
b f tI 1 fro Saigon nordwad up the of ammaulL S. i lsthe rod of noaan eha. ir wts nrre std le Wi&
,* Makekon.g' left bank to Vietiane, beeuers mpeulated Olap had 5Sr onbrbern gheo

little the kindo leodifn to ta.tin aheet mt. or' Obs
NO Apr il 7 (UP the admninitratlve capital of te thdrwn h men tohe Atgroupil MN the nch anion ao d t

toe Houle announced lttle eingmdom of Luad. them for one last onslaught to at haS eddd addional lh urchll not
.t. 'iden uLenhowur in- hThe now are in a position to win Dien Blen hu. no matte b as the .i pnei I I .
S i nh Ater ian. bo Mekon r stt ea o l me o t ao. promised ooPrssi
rgo to Augusta, Ga.n, tg t. Mekong Rrer to before othe Gre. t reltorwse ens age w0ere
S Other rebel columns, aed new ,o atois u n saiad the los of e um, a l mI n i .t
Msii.rtar James C.hHag- threats to the Oambodan towne over half his 40,000-man armyM .e ,rncews. W sge April ItP)
ar n id the PresidentTvillipar ... Prbm eeivtheIM-
s pingday base- "o iinz h e pa bes-fo onr..a
or TebeW eAppande notie ioperationsagainst the honora
PCn a app ent ce Exams.i OpenS B5bri k es top Aan
'York i *ankees.* Toheuar0d o0 e tld rien wOpe ring aoeth 1 ,1ma.
"I would Isu pect11 .... 1 .1..h to hm _t o emenbM the Oart-
al will be aCotomndRb U eFrenclnwaarplanesrrangedowevrunderra
U1:1.ter.. ., To US-RP Citizens Under 23 a?!i gteo
i!theerebezeeut vewilli n the I_land mounUl.n today foth fI rst Gart ....
[ psbwgtofleptheroaftrrno an- ththed a ee n is e ande a s of a cat"
or possibly' wh"e aero stie adinch ni o theI MdeA ssast le
leay. Twenty-one new apprentice- their trained ina the Atant Ie h dr Weere Iae ench iet on at WeUor ge. .
ethe Prident joned the ships covering more than a dioo- 31. te .aWrim. .at lead en i f sM hi te hpsr
National Golf Club en crafts will open this suunnA Fpur wIreAnO apprentto-hts M icaft ar .molde his ba-ner-
aft Wor14 it War u, he under the sponsorship of the are offered, but In most of the mood tSf Slt 55a
ada point of visiting the Panama Canal Company, it wA cra ft only on or two o ln "t'in -' sFt.s, InL-sigis have% -beenSmounted2
W Sll-ortly after the an- announced Wednesday at Balboa exist. ,ach E4Pia wlUWre- gb-e -istumadvancee ae the Cw ome- o te .aved oak inth set
3 M0ate r s Tourname nt, Heighti. quired to A eoof themu Al andic ymwll bse ew some adde #w him ia n the tam
wqhd to end next Sunday. Applications for admission o crmfts a chi ce bu suchl ^ i ',.?Sr. n.n n t month .i...
*tmr Mi--- the examination are now bolsel action o r hi froh m / ony nut mont wl
re ceilved th Ofiomindet u_ tl i L .
Owd Expected rhanees of the Trandnmustfbe In er. In' =eratl dfaUR1S heCfa ls deepfor.n Queen W coronation lest
-Personnel BureauBa I bloa hnuld la-cr m-fi l n oeeen e troops ,e Jun.
.r.ini ll Concert Heilghts. not later than April 2L. tatfl a iobe yeoyous. It wi te the -year
t *o G.Those selected for admission to --
., High the examination will be notified Uie e mia! .
in time to attend. c0ritens an t 1 Br Cnk As nO-M
r d fill expected to Each application must be tG- eAo -mu AsksgP.M
o" Voe miual S0pring Con- companled by Standard Form 11 0ip l
Sbe ve tomorrow at (APPlicution for Federal Min"31,ie" --.A I a r -
nin, the o Gym.-p loyment), toether with the I 11 r Ill
byb$ f191fDeMI- pliant's hiFo school 5-- For' L I r'in g W l
k*".he -aUa Jr Ib and him voloen transcript it Meam i na o d
em l ,has attended or osa, m for ithe ap '*AS.-"- Arl W)- km. An ue- pFeb a21 fo- das
B he Silcal hlghgts college. ma aallS prennlo Brig, ufW Milton W. Arnold l- after ;treeved a Florwiaa.
3-thePcncert .request form and Forms6 7.. _9I 'h e ada. daaHe lon-dollar damage "t to b .
,be obtai ned from, the PersenelAinte Noyn,1.1. tw da aga 1104"an fu -e

..uild ingJ+_=_ 5te .=- ,- (tu he Co- the A S.S fa it a M our.Sid
direction "ar datyagafere d W IIp itus La bor h Ofi t Rc oanseBM Mk ing "lavishand sb E

i.emaN -B.nke,-fo r"ar. .. -"#AM:"..s.i

The new crafts, oa0 of mare
than 100 ordered wr the Ait
erme to replace o mant now
la was by the Cra g e S"r-
Ie. rrIvedthis week abroad the
sMorniig Light at .Balboa,
Te thirty-three ton craft
raw only four-and--halU feet
of water and. ha o a cruising
speed of 24 knot, with maximum
aIeed of 30 knots. Tey carry
1600 Igls of 100 octane fuel or
a owuling rpane of 480 miles.
The g arme IpoweM d th two
m0 au-;et 'Dt Sender"
fresh water cooled mazto. en-
gines. *
Sp ped to handle O oft
Sreacue work. 'OI c Is
and the latest ele0 r nllie
such m radio comipaI, rar

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B, |L\ *j
W g,

Regins t

ofA I


lme iresM't u-a m' mb'
lunch. .4,3

To Give Winie A i.r

Prime Minister to Brita n's high-
est knighthood aa bake him a
member of the Mite band of
those "dearly beldve to the
Churchill's enty l the or-
der Is almost belated. great-
est of Britain's W ld t
military leaders wr lp a
ldeorge VL fro hg
nizabeth will th the at the
ceremony shortly afTor her re-
turn from the 44M-sdbS royal
world tour.
Churchill will kneel at br feet
and the Queen w ffll at the
peatly jewelry of tUp order a
gold necklace from geh hangs
a medallion ehow a QeeINI

slaying the dra,
The star and t r a
incribed with thea

aker To Pay

Pe, ChiId

an agreemeat VS *a &A
a n immefdiatei ?

"Honi soft qut mat

has been invested. mot bi9
The origin of the order is ald Tbeatw
to date back to n inldent MIt a of loe
royal bail in 134. betw a
At the dance, Joan. the emot- honed f w.

j^ ^j^'.. .^ k t"'* "

.The su 4ifHt W.

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