The Panama American


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The Panama American
Portion of title:
Weekend American
Physical Description:
Scott Family Library Fund ( donor )
Panama Times, Ltd.
Place of Publication:
Panama City, Panama
Publication Date:
daily (except saturday and sunday)[may 12, 1973-]
daily[ former oct. 7, 1925-dec. 4, 1966]
daily (except saturday)[ former dec. 10, 1966-may 5, 1973]
normalized irregular


Subjects / Keywords:
Newspapers -- Panama (Panama)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
Panama -- Panama


Dates or Sequential Designation:
Oct. 7, 1925-
General Note:
On Saturday published as: Weekend American, Dec. 10, 1966-May 5, 1973.

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University of Florida
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All applicable rights reserved by the source institution and holding location.
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oclc - 18709335
lccn - sn 88088495
lcc - Newspaper
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Wy -ttrday foras. iAthM da
:.n Yay tWO Morsl pee~s cMr
My first drive around town for several days yesterday
mSa AjM aofconstruction going up. Do t look like any o -
WW .No. break in. four-year *dwth, .but a lp uty qf
atuall kinds on the market.r
I& oig for water tor t1 d17 West in to divert a part
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SI.A k_ .a" literature -- movement ia tor
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aWa & S 6 SUt v t lhe yu ngr I i dals. m a

S U hat tim e h has to- ,ae y f th. s u
.* YnG wh ohe t 1i the vod for today' s t m e t o this: wf n t
u toha 1 oa1. b ever your hand find to do, that

1.1e f-r 4n 13uas a t hm IA It r Il fto @= terminatIon to on er Its difful.
wit t e tle 0 i.. 4 ties and never to let them conquer
b l imedM N r ie. my th e aOrea m ,e 'as flue ope n g b m d adt three ,oU
as .A16-1 d, acon wall.sroq -ft .; ]mf aalt heworde fort o day' t alleamounts ro grhswhto.
e ars IWIbaoofdee matter awkward ar "No thak too smi to be done
ashould oubletoWhit ~ Mband; ad tsha l a nt ia r tan w Is ot
.t ..sher home .a lr tea u ISe ish qalsymot me hor t hai to ner hIo m tede o

St with the Recein and orwad- He ha a M rt W- "ma- the United tate s a thi
u whe.SS r",, ln orgu am n dl d to- a Worte eted n sooner or later the m op tunie de pon

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o amid 12 n 1 t P theaSin o and rwar- He ha a l = e "ma e nmt press the United States at thse
Zone, In al _911 to bMoo -, I*d ld World ,Wro Bae w thea ard adi nontrabtat ndfowrodeatio er 0-o
ut b .w irt m rn hC e r Cto ae t In mfe orw h war forthee"withetheusolMndothem iw L dev. come or e rrnu e
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wisaan soes i oi. s zaa as r i a A ii I" k a hearts. Ea stt l played Athe Chu ol imself hinted hi
Disri_ ,mas Bo. C. b e .adbne-tmerW.' A w.,, he actam Nor,, th to U wsth m tn ,,,sad hc h h. J --, w-n-

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w*_ Bta ndemi oIt. is eo "S e a e The re ia i ve this enn actolis e warn t eo monsyE iiste-
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atrndo M2wfMhac a dHe i n atu i e 0t hc Mrd th sa s d. i ffMo- Hoar centr k Itt t e wo r ti A mera ws
k D- m 0e t r u .uNehwo le d WIlmt ordill Jrn., without worsf rvtio mthe eWaeled a smlltr heartcritical staeof ntheprue
U0 10, e nm rion ctihen. Bef1 0 or tc i on tr ba t t a o too e amtt. vee dy paeasaitt o thee ntsr tide whree ne wledin t

Ie laH Y O U R C AeR preeakt he I Cor l.
SaoM te SM atots ho ra in MarI n p o a rt i js anta ts.,iets u t. ,olaae t h h itheaimeostturn gdt.l

B a eri T anne tee, nd torked De oe l to e thae d oe ate m orLt Mn. en. eore peaeal ue o sto ple
S a.W a talnnththe a is. mm T ijV d -The g tt I tannod beg preeHt rm banwhooorthefirs tti he
SAru .Manwork- b r927. h" m =" ut empleed by World United aftty onhe tcthe Canal tone to attend the d athe p a the onhe

ta w ul a We st w id ely l h e C o mmW k t D ithat e ai va id U r' f d ed ica tita s era ao nued o n M art h b om b r a th e r the dw i h s a e te
( 0kveto.S Waph oewtan n citob and be- .t. h Govei er s eeSIoS ncler wep ithee s
a* mnd Teda. h e caW a ailntanta i at tb t n thern .dG re "Durin ay own servc In the "oMt o ot o t "s had

Sisthe an o He w no afety in- et on tf temt Can al Zonee I came to appr* R mts tarted work on tbe Hgan-

*f aHastra~~rr-d to Balbtoa. -aeon ly to m Canal a,. enginring d."
bti e. haif Hmn oN t M s terred to t he Ofn i triumph aad tmpt e of The in let off a test -

w virginwa there s tce h mse of t1 4e a urn7tor d Supply Bu malt be u farole t e tawu ae operations to tn tat i e h sonal bomb eat AuPuat. Ca-^a
-. ea u it Bacbu Iayi Is 10 tL1a an a e a y trff. It as indeed fortunate Straw dened the actual blast frw
Son wa born n In n s petor, which po dtlon he held g to at .e e Cl that the nation wa Abt to e i extended to the Innormou7 rsH
large olul r n, and Ie n dustr-al flM w llla delabau a ,ortJ ista(Qea WsC5- Jrut urpwn g eu t-st

Sa M *eSi t* we e sa Wsti upon a leader of General oe- of Hoe expl n b "

te s e ste-re dt. l tate to fumC a aol rat ther e awl3 ) qatd a tr e i e
Yer olfadA uWliy aore- an aowoesf the rsfad .ithe d ing tAes
the00nir. be au In 1923w unt i ne1a40, tSmom t-i s g ipex tre'e dissatisftt I ay
i. 1Veteran of h ine- o~mm ay on e t i ne M been a I t o It.on haos wa ers G as is pant. -e

andMwa ked9 forenuima C iy. MN w Br ndy h ee a utat doduede jworltdeaffa.irorshth inh wohich
L.5 BWIW UandI Ina n M e. w asv ic ham bee nye ttheof t srehel aiO utT(#mslo' wtekng. '
,,h?.t.Sinaeelpi40 o eIS-'TO CH-BombONE

bet zr.ot hoamhe d s to e en ates He "th e move ofC N 4 onpl ue-SH. grll, yEe-at
ae oth 'with Mebe D s ithamclhIto a,.4410. e a too "sh e JeseM
by fto- to m k tc tm"o e-neac ekasid tin ce M arch 1 tet...
aj.m.m n 1 4 a 00 m D e5w5meu Itfi he mefw th "f 1ouPt freakt
with tif W ic diaeu"
be w de l 9. hx e w u as S e nto f r i Aai Of theic ould n' t itheW. 4
titredMromeuMnalservicerrcemt-hijs uanurat'usequalmto
has beenhe lthgr1k.tat o t A e c thom the Unite d To.s e caael sourcesto-tT O C A N A L Z O NEe w
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hw o ldr-s of thvl mu ust OO J toOes Rod 5 7oned b t Vrtote d t e w

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Dig-eHe w orked Ir a Detri t;1 1n ourish me nt ted to o r n f t e c rease re memdas iso a on t h

a S- S-eybold aid: the pattern for the Canal's sue- United tate.
TU"We are delighted to have cesful operation. it is mo snot fit- Mewhi It wa deled
E.W ru K TI M plte 3 S to his memory y a memorial at rg- d Prime *futider Wittatsa
aAIlbole te Importunt role the the scene of eztraordinarlly Cheh net to ppoe the
INTENATIONAL AEDITION Republic ha p n joint dinguished services. Ame -bmb tests which
humanitarian mdul to-- -M congratulations go to all have bre-uht fieLe Labor
ilale dl the o: tnre sdentothe who served with Gener Par aealPtlat aepiapt US. U.
_Republic of Panamg, ae fAnto othab and to those who now pesy.
Sua Roen *serve Jn the operation of an en- But o intense was the So-
: t o Closilosw He Introduced the peaked: oing asterpe which by rebelion that Churchill
SMaurice H. 'tcher, ony af tanda a memorial to y d set next Monday for
Cash& Hoteld " t is Industry oLf may a ebateain which he will
'Miorrilu' smian aConomam; and ddted rs. tat "position and
SMA.hTM. dWh. tmad.A r"eps aed:- Dl'ht D. lsMnhower." po fetA H-boimb develop-
: MATMOR, e the O010a10 d ea e e foreanaredm
we c a i *at to esi. n'o add: "I propose to
and te Agentas Offices -A welcomesd GookhfsousoagMson you is dti ll hem a5 at-trther Astate t,-
ad te Agmes Offs Dr. Thoma X Geeeals r welo *DTd, sad with it we ee.adI to demribe, first of all,
H .s .*. ., a 1- a obb ths eu try
A L I uAodmA-l die Publcgdm.s 4% antanr r f. tedW trM.o-
-W. a t....lOw w3*a.T ,,. _B. _h a*M A GENCI,
A.ol InI nm wEl ass ne m wfthe t A war tlsg i
bArOs No. e 2m1 T. 199 tio o on and without delays, Obrbwis when Soctalt 14 CEN
S. war w.'Uildaid toha thel'Colobel always l b&atiutoaloil
tip ChagE 4 a ta "w in na m T u Ay fto to

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may suffer a bad disoppot-ment "
It's old-foshioned to think you ivin -.k
hard and sdly sy thanks" r t
to discard.
Don't wait 'til its too late be ths Muebif
your Di." Tell you pr rene w
LING $ILV5 R to our Brides' Rgliatry so t ..
friends end family can see at a gloneo ht )O -,
want, instead of picking and choosing by Umi*
chance. 3
ly important that you doeit wait Ontdil toms
chooses the wrong pattern for you.
Come in any'time.and chose the design you g .
going to live with in the future. .
you'll see the largest selection of sterling .m l
the finest Silversmiths in the world; the f .
service and advise of well trained staff is atf pt.
disposal for purchases at our duty-free prices.


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otually helps you stay afloat!


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""1^ "
AUSTIN, Tex., April 1 (UP)
-State Rep. Maury MAlaverick
Jr. said yesterday the Rio Orani
S de Rjver Is ao low that mftcamn
laborers who ase it lleglly to
work In the United States ari
now being called "hotfteot" in.
sead of wetbackss."

{ ,r;lre've been so many bad flagers in dgens of other ventures.
leaves about Edgar Bergen's At the moment, he's up to his
S alans for TV next season that the checkbook in a onmen orange juice,
record should be set strahIt. I a new Cnlerama-type movie sys-
talked to Bergen over a dish of tem that uses mirrors and may
S.nMa rhubarb and discovered the be called either 'Iilaporama" or
S llowng absolute facts: "Superama," and a continuous win-
1. He likes stewed rhubarb. der for tape recorders, which
2. Edgar, with his associates sounds impressive. There are other
Messrs. McCarthy and Snerd, will things, too numerous and compli-'
make four TV appearances on the cated to mention.
Kraft TV Theater. (He'll doo He's an Anniston, Ala., boy who
this season, in May, when Kraft -e's an AnnitonAla. boy who
does "Alice in Wonderland.") He's made good in the bag city. Right
also permitted four outside TV now, ID the Broadway area, 260.-
shows. Charlie is even now being 000 feet of neon tubing and 380,000
measured for TV's blue shirts. lamps blink in Leigh.built "specs."
3. His weekly radio show will In his shops, there are some fancy
run an hour on CB3. He hopess to gimmicks in the works, to make
Jazz it up with interviews with Broadway brighter and more spec.
Washington figures (sample: Mor. tacular. One is a device which
timer Snerd might talk to Sore- blows 3000 soap bubbles a minute.
tary of Agriculture Ezra Benson
about farm problems) and ma "I'm waiUng for just the right
originae in Washington. New York space for that one," hesays. Why
Sa ndela where, rather than in Hol- not,,put it next -to a dirty bulld-
lywood. ing?
1 "I believe in humor based on
tact," Edgar said. "But I'm not The onlx.Jhing that worries him
Sgoplg to go too heavy on education is a blackout. Except for that, the
'-there's never a waiting line out. future has a rosey glow.
Side the library."Robert Q. Lewis: "The way the
There were some major changes buck is dropping today, all of us
in the order the stars took bows may soon be spending our bottom
after John Murray Anderson's "Al dollar." .
manage." And some of them, Seal- .
d befaboure who, got sedlightly temno How's your sales resistance? Bet
peramental about itL lr get it tightened before a special
show called "Easter Parade of
Somebody ask ed comedienne Stars" on CBS.TV April 6. There'll
S Alice Pearce if she cared when be 10 cars shown, from 10 differ-
ibe bowed. et manufacturers. And each will
"If they gave me more money," be show "by i h lffeYeht glamor
ashe answered "I wouldn't care if gal-Nancy Olson, Buff Cobb.' Rob-
I ed at all." in Ch Evq Gabor,An Ruth-
.44 tI gPh3lfs rtpg-
f.i i "tyepO t be interested ,. Evelyn (Miss
ola"g brides and grooms A i l nd Irene Dunne,
- i | t h i Ut wudlngs. So I checked'
f b Plil Hanna, who handles the iV acar, ple.ase--i-he one
Sand Groom" h ders and red hair.
( a the show which
og can watenic
B nwhu popular, Phil says,
"Oh, Promise MASIN N, Marchi31 (UP)
'TI ,U You Truly," "Al- -Defense retary. .Charles E.
S-and I "jI've Thee." What, W inon Ipted photographers
mnebed% ~ad Stole de Wed- at his new unfesence Tuesday.





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"You're good e sigb-oly If
something better doen come
No friend is grSoi to take that
kind of treatment ndke Itl

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Great White Fleet


Arriv es
New Orle AService Criatebal
.S. "LA A" ................ ......... S
S.1. BEND" ...... ... .........A... I'
S.S. I" LA -.. .......... ..................,
8.S. "HIBUERAS .................. ..... A
*Handlta Refriersted Chilled -d GeWural Cairl. .."
"'" n r.n.- ,.

New York Service Arrihve
.. .. Orsteobal
s.s5 "MA.A"..............................April

Weekly IUn s of twelve pasenger ships to *W York,
New .e0sC. s i,.1ielts, San Francieo and little.
A':. -. .

Special tound 'trip farem from Criuto al to New York,
SAMeloAgoan Frandisc and Seattle.

8peelS tvpMLJA6.'1 froM Onruebasl to Rie ork.
.. Aaetf 8"an fraoelaeo and 8eattte.

To Ne.* t' .............. 4
T; r teluul Sap WTcscb .......... s 0
To NIm rel ......................... $ M .0

C# OBAL 2121 PLVAfA l t ..- CwOLON nt

'-." .* .SS..... J *' -* 'I" r' w on..., t .,,-


WUUt'S AND IUM Ltkasa uu



UOder Wrap

S ,: --- -. .. :. ,-.... ,. ... '- .-
L.M" R A, A,


s w.tssuai

.LtSlM PL'
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D_ bl OOCevi

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atiiaus*B wasfw o eva reW
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sw-u ohrmsi lcSmmw

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SUN. Please* '



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B '' >'* -'i

lo Luck Yet

I t ONIri 'i

More Than One Way

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Vfl TLI C -"
^ ,, ,

s ,AL VyRmUs



I! ,6 AL.Y CAr"
I M# siwgARMN' CN


Botle of Death



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8B J. 5UJN

Ss'rulpowr 6a
TO sam FB lot co",?
dirr THOSW PD4eies J


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.1 *
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.. .... .. .;. .. s tes wrt i. 1' "-. .. ,.
of, S^The dlsastr V"* biM wa

hosr inn-an OS" "a lbai -m -ind .-. oe, t hss s s%
L M m inn S ndhuiL. tlhaoJ .n to see you in a hitati moods
Y". Bt Sa. ft 13"61t.,t.a needlx" e

al regul ar- i einr d a the mue than one mUtut. J shuffle
Camer caught of Capat horrified adt many o th put thgame ofremaineatdon hearts
Ka 7. N. paren= l9 a0ldettn t do, ot youraeh by the wiyo
,.oU. h omiea, cL d, ba oatbd. .ave

ofos~r~, at, aS ,b a rs wbeinhd t l Itforth timet lea l i d s

ab-y arae msi ele by a fleet of lin twoU n1 A hilarious) are
ai m l ton t raced to.the oni the e trick, they

-- M t I ... a.. m ..oment a.te theat n e each oth ea out en lyg
terr i4 d atcert .o'* Ml 9 I tr 1 ,INV@I* ulkyau s hears,
Srela 3two standard -udpac pades.

Swe ofnll_ oer, amd deal he owit M le at a
o teein' y ithe were to ha left ime as far as nd neither f you will winthe
ro up o ~h o nt ,tcatd s-d the ischo ro l thndhu Th ar l wo ti deal out ev ienly

t Wa., the A Sa.-- Arra..e..ent ..o have already 38.and practice teacher Ju(tne y usually wit both of the
m .... .antb ea n ma h, .. a trick is du
" n Msa e our. Mrs. Duy.dley Patfo rneitedame that prod.e to be of the second," said M Mahan while ardedto the winner of cardthe s)ol-
Cameron daughter of ho Cazhnyhi .out $0 put the remained fatse down as a
Mr on o Ca. at,,t.anolIedseraotdow, to be taken bypthe Winner

--0Tho-no dune etpaker, Ana a" kid' lmkng and parents' ap- offered bura on the backs f lowIen mtrc. la. a t.ua1ton.
Rodman. wheretmarta.nt of thern a- At a sudden there waa body ws rick and therebybe
Panama National School of Dac. Pree beer door pries, an as- loud noise. Suddenly tMeck amoke fomes the leader to the ext trik.
Ving|i under the direction .of Doa out bnaoame, free sdas and and flmed tlnh (a you've never to he).aret
:mils *wll discuss the ",elat.,n of the main tpoti nts enter- e .._the doe s e ritheyI quickly. Each tk- w s led Ula ke
Sthe Anatomy tothBaethatnment p o the c .. a .c.ed totl athe a trick, t ey
leyol.momenta aft d the, tb aCnel each the beit Naofther

ebeve door ses da b the wxplos but they utvof t la heet
-Rebek wll meet ThiUI Jewele Cas Mot. been some ofr the may makee to it ly t.e auandt

Friday eve at 7:m. ane Ratte and the wgcar l to lad. a uea o
N. .7Wilif grigor Stud yil" ,foth wk in*lftpso s U m he be pla ye d on the

Cro-etlassB o A nieayW, a
boubhofterplenleatSit.Gardens In t e school for lunch. They e- eI the until all eas mme innoent
Caal Zone ; Sunday. the music room attending a cla soul i wi.n the trick with a
OM Ste B a directed by Mrs, Melba Selbolnesley three of spades and will


SAn after the e w
and Adjacent Parts oh the ddl r clutch ha
East"MwUl be presentedby Mr.Oh, Ant! their mouths to ste e
M G Braidl at the UsJWB Arm- ed anxi. to0 Ud
ed Force'Service Ceter. La IB MUSKOGE. eOkia.. April 1 er their 6h
ca Road, Balboa on Monday at (UP) The bWlprit who flipped L Io Ulri ch_
8:00 p.m. a red se ore signal and lazt, two engine i
hltaery B tir family halted the Texas special school main nf e, w
and the Canal Zbt of the M-K-T aoad yester- tioned by Erie Couti
AND OF 'Seblc of Pana5a day was expect tarT lmad ot- Arthur D. Britt and D
are invite. tendn. ficial said today. pt X.Dwyer.
a "Boy eC He said a red ant crawled In- "I don't know what c
1Thtroueags&.h f to a switch box, caused a spark happened," Ulrich laid.
Boy ilby Bella and that flipped t.le switch, and d* U.iich was eatbrl I
Samuel Spews be presented inthe prooees the fire broke. ta
1 nlig 1tlt 0h urday bjr the, e. *\ .: ... .
'Iu i the Theatre Guild
h ous. e bhind the Ancon *
TklK S tufrday
.made y C I b ,k

Morning Gualld To Meet Friday .
The regmar monthly meeMti ang of
the Morning Guild of the Cathe-
A dral of St. Luke, Ancon will be/ .'
h ld at the home of Mrs. Oscar ,B
9borie, of San Francisco, o
Frday at 900 a.m.
action are asked to come to the Ca-
thedral before 8:50 at which time
a .P will leave or Mrs. Wen-
S _borne's home.

I "


by AMWs





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every, occasionJ- ...

new dresses in beautifA .
* morning
0 afternoon ,.

evening *2

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by Aieri%
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A big tfre

^ A big borgon,fooI
K\ -Wad&


Hi'gaIj "Frmhe-the-Dew" flavor in every golden
"- 'o ,df Armour Cloverbloom Butter. It's churned
b Ge neat U. 8. dairy section... comM to yo*
6s fedl Wy bit of its ich, nauriAhfum goodnea and
Pe Pid thW really better butter when you're
.# Iph t tomorrow.
:MAViWn 4- f you like-
tOl the i kierter-pound
.spopUlar with

Wonderflly esider, piamp and ucyI
Come cleaned, cut up. ready for the
skillet. The flavor e out of thi wodd ...
and tJc's no water wbatsoew l Y06u py

M l d I

only for what you eat.ia T t'a it
such a big bargain! Birds Ey Cldken E
perfect all way always S rve & .
for supper toightt

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TI2 quA A II CAt "

i FotttA WITitOw B o

A-,Mtoi ^''... ""'* '. '"^ *s 1"'
n.i .... ,... .
sssai cow Aft^*"
btS 43 tum*"
45 Cabal Av


.,,... MCenmtral Aene "K" Stret Comer, lg g ..
O SALE--Len. Brgain, 25- FOR SALE: 1949 Mercury coup Telephone 2.-479 Panamao.ra Phone 6441 rl I
cycle all porcelain refrigerator, bed- $650.00. Phone brookrok 5237, S. _4,,M C 4*567. I
room set. Call any time, 0849-G, Willot. Bulidft No. 810. **M ISCUILrrTA KIN RoART lWL' L
"rgleoma.essayMfe-c- ...1,, m, .o ,iunWLLIAMW/u1. b Clam. .oh Col
.- Boalboa. FOR SALE:- Bulck 1946 super 4- between ege 3 IS Cel .-2111, tIg. Ldem
R SALE:-Set of gears and motor door sedan. Perfect condition, clean. ee n 'e. B e sc
..* for 25-cycle Easy washer, Spindrler. Reonable. 83-6175. Curundu. TODAY the American
VOR S $40; FOR SALt 67 oi
S$30; Seear ironer, 25-cycle. $40; FOR SAL OR TRADE:-1948 Buick Club will Institute dall service of a Ho on beach, S iwt ClM Also in
mahogany china closet, curved glass Super, mechanically perfect, quick 75-cent Busnmen Lunch end COL mpn mountain. Pone
sides, $20. 210-D, Pedro Miguel. sle $550.00. Phone Clayton 5105 other quick-selvice specials. SHRAPMIL, oa 1389 or s I
Phone 4-317. or 2283. caretaker there.
S OR SALE:- 5 rooms of household FOR SALE-- 1947 Buick Super 4 FOR SALE ,
furniture, automatic washing ma- door, good condition, good tires and m Rs 4 l S, n 3 ..-a I
chine. House 2183-B, 8th Street, radio. Tel. 2-3712. I Mtil M MM l 3.
[ CuruMndu. FOR SALE--1952 Ford Six Custom- FOR SALE:-Cratsman tools. 60-cy- Flirs CIqo gm"ll IP
SSALE: Furnitures: bedroom. i,ne, perfa t condition $1350. Tel- cle w/motor; one drill pre, floor Sode Clera.PIl_ baI Yaw
'dlningoom, Norge refrigerator phone 85-3175 during working model; one bind saw wartnd; one tn. Phone 2. I
stove. Leaving country. lth Street hours or see at 2036-H, Curundu. builders saw 8'; on@ belt C disc
8052/27. Colon.FOR SALE-1947 Clu e wander 6'; three clamps; one motor. FOR RENT
1 OR SALE: Sittingroom set refri- cl n, block, radio 0. Call Pn-' Quarters 129-A, Ft. Gulick, Phone Hm
gerotor 60-cycle. gas stove 4 burn- ama 3-5242. 88-453 after 4:30 p.m. nOu
ta, dressing table. Amodor Guerre-
r, 6- Si. 6088. Apt. C lon FOR SALE:-Sacrific 1947 Lincoln. JAUGLE JAUNT TO DARIEN FOR RENT:-Furnihed residencwith
Sr ., 6-7 .Si. 608 n t. tp Duty pld, 'nw tires and battery APRIL 91.1.1 rage. Would prefer AmericonI
FOR SALE:-Slngle bed and mottres $ 50.'-497, Ft.Clayton. S red by Nel I Pnamamlies. If interested SM e pbne
S $20; kitchen table $3; Moyg F- .. C 3 full days. Leave April 9 af 7:30 2-3035. Panam.
washing machine, 25-cycle. Phone FOR SALE:-1951 Cdillac converti- a.m., return late Sunday afternoon
6-116, House 189-A. Gombo ble. radio, w/s/w tires perfect con- April 11. Fishing through the Pearl FOR RENT:-Modwn hol.t, 4bed-
dition $2600.00. Can be financed. Islands, visiting with primitive Choco rooms, 2 li- Igrooi dird I
FOR SALE:--Genotl Electric refrige Peru Avenue No. 91, Phone 3- Indians, spearing crocodiles. lack light maod's room. g.rago $22 t
rotor, kitchen cupboard, double bed 4994 afternoon. hunting, cruising up the 6omu river; Street No. 40. Inqmpr. Jull g*e
complete. chest ot drowrs. No. 54. R SALE:-1954 Chevrolet Bel-Air aboard El Panaom's Virginia. Last boat lonoa. I
Apt. 2, ViaoPodrr.s. sa ivory & blue, power glide trip to Darien this dry season. FOR RENT:-Two-bedroom furnishd
SALE:- Modern sectional sof radio w/s/w tires. 1000 miles. Cost Bring old clothes, comfortable shoes chalet $100.00. 54 5th Ave., Sn
S wrought iroa lss top coffee table, $2485, selew ice $2100. Can be ond DON'T FORGET YOUR CAMERA. Froncico, Tel. 3-4027.
ORke nSA. 4 immons beds, one financed KIenaly, 307 Hrrick For information, e FOrvRE -Furn, phone th
FOR SALE: 4 Simmon. hbed, one Road, Ancon. Phonalbo150.Jungle Jim, Hotel El Panama, Panama FOR RENT:-Furnishd chalet with
3-1660 or your travel agent. two bedrooms. dining-livingrocm t
chffoner. on cebox. Cheap. Tel- Sealed bids In tripliat- kitchen and garage. Via Porros,
3.1629.._ WAM TED Seld bids in p-cote will be re- 18th Street No. 8. San Francisco
FdR SALE:-Double bed in good con- A u cved n the office of the Engineer- d ia Calet.
di, .OR SALE' .h-Double coled pIn ri con- A__uh_ ls ing and Constrtion Director,. Pana- .- _- ,
dition, with double coiled spring ma Canal Company, Balboa Heights.
mattress Hollywood style. Avenida WANTED-We buy for CASH 1951. Canal Zone, until 10:00 am., Aprril RENT
Cuba No. 67, upstairs. 1952. 1953 PONTIACS, i PLY- 14, 1954, and then publicly opened. A pu tu s
FOR SALE:-Wash machine, 60- MOUT CHEVROLETS. '.A.T. for furnishing all plant, tools, equi-- A a_ _
S cycle, 1 year old 75.00. orinl No. 31' Row (National. Ave- ment, labor. services, and materials ATTENTION 4 L. Just built modern
I y14.0. all,. zo.0,o,,iat..^orwI
cost $140,00. CllIAlbrook 3219or nue).OL U 4624. Panam., (except certain Government furnish- furnished oportatent, one.w a
s it at 262-B.'Albrook. j d materials), and for performing all bedrooms. hot cold water. Tel-
: FOR SALE: C -airs 200;- Table e .on rk or Cstrt of M ol- p e p Panomm 3-4941.
3.00; MahogaL DoubleBedscorm lector at Gatun and at Mt. HopeI in-
00; Mahogony Dobe Beds WANTED:.-Meld to live in fo lre the Canal Zone. -Forms of proposals, FOR RENT: Furnished aprtmen
plate with new Mattress 78.50; Of smal chl.o gpner houswk. specifications, and full particulars may 580.00, Including utilities. Phone
Dqbi O ladsO tcompleto "--- no :l -' )
Me l Dqu w lads complex lundry, Sa cqokig. Ref es be obtained from the offhie of the Panam 3-2051.
S e; Wardrobes from 22.00; required. urp, House c A, ontract end Inpection Division, FO RRENT:---Aprtment,- extra nice. .
y Chin g trom .; Ma 9 Cacdos Rood Iner Ad. lp .). Room 343. Balboa Heights ITele- 2 bedrooms, hot water, screened.
S a .Diningroom SLivIn Ca after 4:30, or Wednesdag nd phor)e 2--739 or 2-26981. Specifl- Third floor, Compo Alegre. 3-2108.
S Leoes covered Livingroor Sufs week-end. cations and drawings wil be issued on .
from 159.00; V ties with Sol deposit of $20.00 per set Deposit FOR RENT: Nice furnished apart-I
S. .M 1" WANTED: -C et k. |le, i! f orfeited if cificotions and mont with efrigerator and gas
-*: duu t I. cf t MC u c '-Idrawings are not ra ned within 40 sove. Military inspected. Via Por-
ir w C-is areo in Tth in 40
T O .... W perr. poi WIcalendar days ofter op ning of bids. ras No. 99.
sl AOfTDpen S WAmAld fsl l tI FOR SALEBe-oat shaft 9x1 /4, new; FOR RENT: Completely furnished
S2S -sp0 English d r .strhary o ae accessories less than ap trments, oan to bedrooms.
-~-a. lf I ,o .' rt Af- alr"coh- ressor 0. Te phone r -49 mT.
n r iu dAsi b4 c ml boy's bctwla. used FOR RENTt Ans u taetu which
o" I andress t washing I34t. l otoks. Contact ABER- hau 3 bedroomn, lngroom end
brIn reference o NATHY, No. 99 Peru Ave., Phone diningroom interior pr h,
So 6 Ave. Eusebio A. Moreles No. 4 "El
!h tL6at m9@tiffi.a sNo. 1 or PANAM A ANAL COMPANY Congrolo." For information call 3.
Se- aoled bds., forr"ning in public, ill FOR RENT: One-bedroom unfur-
6 6 | rttf fbe received unttl 0:30 a.m.. April13. nished apartment with livingronm;
S' N S. J V 3 -- 1954, in the office of Superrntpndent porch, kitchen, balcony, all screen-
T. AKE AD-~"4NAGaE OF OUR OFFERI WANTL'm rlaenced Englishof Storehouses, Balboa, for electric ed top floor, in EIdorado Bulfding,
4 ivat'E dance- lessore for nLY toiphe Mut hv b bucl ts i front of Balbo Beer Garde
4 lT U *.- t ttnin crayn truck, drnll, engineer met- $60.00 monthly. Phone Ponmoa 2-
$9; Teenagers 10-hour coursOn 4"aJOw Attrtac ry. Cl, ral spry u engineers' levels and 0027 or 3-0763.
LY $9. April to April 15 oy. Mr. Calp -022a I :00h.t h.- tronsits, Joader attachment, wood.
-Call Balboo 2-4239 P-anama 3- 120.0S m 2 m working machines, testing paint dur- FOR -RENT: One-bedroom unfur-
1660. Studle El Panoma Hotel. 0-'9" on, 2-5 p .m. ability machine, water meters, motors, nished apartment in La Joya Build.'
HARNETT 6& DUNN. WANTED:-For Secretarial work, girl lawn mower, loctric lighting plants, ing with porch, livingroom, dinette,
with ability to type and shorthand pumps, tinner stake, tonk, tractor and kitchen, both, hot water, etc. Phone
; WANTED TO BUY in English and Spanish: For inter- fie fighting trailer located at Section Panama 2-0027 or 3-0763. I,
T OB -HU FA view Callg JOse frar ciscoe dla Oss Balboa Storehouse, telephone 2- FOR RENT-- Modern two-bedroeo
S WANTEDTO BS No. 41. HENRIQUEZ& GORNELL, 2720: coffee urns, chain hoists, axes. apartment with living and dining.!
reody for Installation, 30-inch don- NC- buckets, pipe and pipe couplings, e- room, kitchen, maid's room and
meter. F. Icaso Co., I Justo Arnm. WANTED:- saerinced salesman for don, tractors and gate valves located both in El Cangre|o, neighborhood
si ht N Avnenue^. agencies andhstribution. Only re-in the "300" Area. Balboa; cards, air of Hotel El Panama. For further i
liable Person with good references compressor and tractors located at the particulars please call 3-4968.
; should appl 10 to 12 a.m 31 Cristobol Storehouse, telephone 3- I
IFc db Inl AIerAie, upstal.r 1265. Invitation No. 76 may be ob- FOR RENT.-Fumrnished beautiful one-h
Fc- I- a AeI, stir tained from the above sources. or from bedroom apartment, gas stove, re-
SIFOR SAL office of Superintendent of Store- frigerotor. Overlooking SAS corn- 1
oI I G ei l $ 5 i5 d 1O ,R SAhouses, telephone 2-181 5 missary on Via Beisorio Porras (Sar
S I Real Fronciscoi, Tel. 3-5024.
Prieinitlon of the two $25 FOR SALE:-Loaving, chalet in Las IT 3budlt aarma .
5sndsowill be made lo IGH .2nOw utBlames house nwHotel
Thatcher to the CuPabres. Teephoe 2-o00gPnama. Call Tel. 2-2154 or 3-
Soompeton for the bea T.nFoHb,. reign AgencyF R T
| 4 I winners >re: 16nadt HISM_ FOR_ ".. FOR RENT U ---
M ay Abele, winner In compe- o i For Noe i i w Partly RNews) 0Room. I
t" ,I Ygoi lvuaenAp.. ,.upr nished.' lo....Tel.FOl
|' S Sdets.Miss Abele BELOftAE, Yugoslavia, April RENT:-Room, furnished
i wat ie In vsarous school pro-iDli Al IM ImIl 1 (UP) -The government "urnihed, a conveniences. 1..
," un., and has just been elected I oU V IHH I" blamed "some foreign agency" Panama 3-5441. |
St theI Niatonal Honor Society. today for the mysterious an- FOR RENT:-Furnished room to re-
K bhe acts as student secretary in MINEOLA. N. Y., ADril 1 (UP) announcement of an opposition po- sporsible married couple witw
he. ROTC Office. -A tenant had his landlord all- I itical party, children, kitchen privilege. Telft-
ed today on charge that the The "new party" claiming g to phone 3-5099.
S lass Caroline E. Zirkman, win- landlord repeatedly rammed the challenge Marshal Tito's regime -O RENT:- Fourth. .
ne: r ln 0ompetion among Junior ,hoW with a UMAndre-half- wae the major topic of conver- FOR RENT-Room. Fourth of J
[se lttool students. She is 3 n truck in an effort to get ,id station throughout the city to- Avenue No. 7 upstairs.
ri-- nMat I In school activities, of the tenant. day. FOR RENT:- Large furnished r ;.,
:- gior o Rainb8Oow Olrls, anda I Mr-'e .....l .. own entrance. Near Canal Zone I .
| ,church work. John B. *B'own. who with his the lirnt tim.e mento. d h,^ Apt. T0.o Moei a',n
S- tnt.wro. on the subject: .... t.ahowou-ire 8i co repMo ndent nay.- i
|o ntributiO to the ret Neckcs due n WANTED
1 ft. t ault &with an -ac"utomiobie and ,cialst party in th o-Apa-ent
.S.-t xtn r e5 b -nd htio said e 1o reig of- jj
r Jackson pleaded Innocent. was The radio said th r WANTED--Air Force couple desires I
Ift-, tt .tw ..- e r C ou 5na rce had studied the documents Call gt. Cohen. Albr'ook 2163. I
".Rwas sent to Ja Mdnuel Le- be o nluded "he "c lb! a m. thru 3.30 p.m. 1
B -t ~ "n-- l utdthat J, C .--ed the truck tihat they were a move by ihe WANTED TO RENT: Furn.sdhd
I l P G, A 1-- to l o e asul e m-o- t to stir up unrest Was house. El Volcin. two months, reos-
I Ga.,s llowe a UhiW" s^uc-es He a "alt mentIoned In the official ac- nabl. r uPhone 7276 0,
isbib birthday his wil thrown to the floor count. write Box 1289, con. C.z.
Imitif. and bruised and that she suffer-
i e e-ad M00 damage to her fale MoloRcyc SA
( II .Jo mTe landlord said he has been LE-947 n .f
l boaits. tellli ~ Brown for some time that FOR cycLE,-el9ln47 Inditn Chilf mn..
the house .would be torn down f Sorcycl,. excellnt cond n. -os .
a bidimilprs Waa1nd that ha w h to Duty poid $175.00. Telephone 83-
I...l.. I ... U t 4 711a, Curundu. 85-264 i
i r g f i 1 1 i ii i- .f ,4ie llIiB n T"n1 I e < ,C \ b --- .

Sima -a


Mileeanea.u s
SWANTED: Spor h ral
- ,199. -mm

Auto-iiob --


G.O. F..OVEY.rC.
if t,__A44 .. g


p I whF
J cIi aBfflSt~lP

*Ii^oc. "But



1 I cU _1 A By 10 p Baat wat
S aa dsr ho l oN d to write j"b mao a
ftor r esut)m =ton .g
T O TES be INof myW ~
I A S.A. aI l d. i r n. _r
r. L BrM rof RAet-
VALRI TUa N The ane d &b wbs hI ...:i-

atoce q eatersZ'.- IhIeI o .w ttem ay- ""
I Bx 1m -en-i- to ltro. H as L- hI Ia, '
I havwe some roB a usn t go-m i..-' -

I -*- IIe n do -tfoo t lre w Waltd j Yu C nM" "'
Repin. Isutautiaon of -0 himaTh or" tao m h. raS
*t** water beaters. 09, k L tte ae-
I. DNSI Iihl l nui -to e |"" |ELL"p "" A
oMeral Stapervisor. hif at of denc,
Tels.s *-w 2 ,t0 toda .but wa HuO-
ALL WORK GI ne pain. al l part-
he ed 6-foot blue kralt. Your Community Stali-

RADIO AND t Presents
ADD'IA E tourlt Mondy. ---. ,

SI.A I i J I rru l i &aa2at4 ignored the bite, put Today. o UfruT Ap 1I
Sthe blu kralt back In its pI, I k '. V "
RE PPAIRS |.and commted that he, 0a :. .,e,
REPAIRS "glad" It c
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O F F IC E S i1 -" B r, waa .- ,- ,
II -w OFFICE t| l yesterday wl full hon- Teomr.w, Friday, Ahp I
C i| .r-i,.a. a f..l -,. | t feattrng a parade of 2,000 A.M. O e
| II U.? 5,- Tel. Ii ma g troops. 6:00--8.n On The" Alrm
i- ^ ---- <" -- P.. ,. unable 7:00-., ..,.
S '. to ated the using endoff for 7:0--The Alarm Clock .-lab
I -- the 2-year-old .maral at -l- (< rtd.)
-" WIIfCannen at a White Ho. 8:15-Mor. n-ar etlep
I .nc V Ouesdat. They a/ ust Agelll#
... .,goa 9:30.-1 I ie..
-. I I: C annon a natie of t LakeO
I .i ty utah. l. a b, e a t o st lo,:or-.,fhe
OweeFe MeeeS *e AterBer tfa-i
I "a ,,.- .. le "at p --- t (c0.o td.-
re I y li s, ra fu l e major e tb U! p To20:,00-N mw d -
I ,*-^. i. iiB .m at ing r a zra,.._ffads l. of 2.00. t. t

p l active service. hTt e oop nly se- 12:0O6-Lu ntshac Must
.w-h ;officers who technically never 1:f0--5ew-.
SALEI .i.v- ceont er-o r the suiui ivesta l:4S-,um -adAb"er
reth-. u.1 Ual 7:
Air Force Secretary Harold f 2:Of-7l0h-- Al anld Reaoa
I 'rmv ^' ~Talbott pinned a third oak leaf 2:a8 1- Iao Franee (DVJ
*, Ne'* cluster to Casnn9 '. Dlstungt Ish- a2:3e -: ft i .sm atanoiIS
Sed Service Men a at the cere- M2:45.- t the Bards
I i monies which eded ST yeac Concert wBa
Service. 3:1-D itl *

,* W NW)af Oas 1:o-W uta Yehur Fa>irita
I ey FEEch. : :-k duLUthImO I IWeo
S PARIS, April C :0- .3-.
'hrI s raa kS V. fe, de- o. .

S .-attlefeld prnmoton t -a fS S
& I idrhn:s5e 3t o De n e V-The M uB l-Poar' v- ""


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.... a ed O f 2 : A
,- D (c._N'

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R. at. W. Al 1e th diJ.a.tI N_-._ S :.e...Coa bettw..= -top_ oper btw t ot hemred M WJob hadoonly---'-m

Of C Car. M p to wor fim Id thr do fol lt w lag of 's diLm- be m r ld y n u Ia w about I .
Martue ecGring ere, thc H. I sb th eaployd by the Thcln for that aO ptgrphe oon -- rmoor" wdich. dsititst

Con t Ilai sI.ul in ( M .e. -. .l .. m.. e tractive ic. agla, -s rot-at all the ; ..
Marchthe --- tth b I ael b.t. maind A t
l the.n cu" 'f eMi-MW m no.,,.. '.. nI- on dw meh 7 e 1 W- "e/' Tcll theLue e L t e
.. hof =. ...e... Iniltu d

in te d i.t Club cent. ....o r. ..-otr ll ,,... .I v b t UM a T Al -- ,,o ,.
,e Peers l it b4 se e t S them and TARTSSATU DA

Cd unl t th a m. at Critobal Mo d re or o t ey o t l ," h turedaIMaa n are ethr day In Lon donasI tgs .. quite g
-o1.eriWitt, A.,. r.m.errsoan-"a1o,,AaMPa. Wel the,

fem.arw .h Line even., g wl eod Ga d. report BhEyvenAni A a as 8 no de on the CLONEY '1
ow. be M. Mine Luckys. N. Tcord w madme at Jack CARSON
o.f .a-,, .twoM thus...s, (C" "- la bnd;-w taol". bShe sf p wad oml um.- w -. Too wa undero- e out I l

aend ad& ort whtt we thout h would be redro anl l.ondon are n t r.f S i pat CROWLEY

..m _., .m. + M .. ![,- Va, ,,,e-^^h IN, TBO, I
e e fFar be rI.St from mm to uncl efn

*Succes C Story 3. e2[B. oit UAn" the So egTi',E
*ftniuk, I have t d KENO O AprI .1 iln1Wha (UP)f- I da sity Parus I -OM a a r Mot
Si be rewarded tomorrow ut--t a rot f Paorile You wonder t the rea be They
21eyearlofRK"hwon-e-tbihgbrdrw J bre ai aCrin. ompl a the .indalI / m1r o rar'a- we M e
ay .C.a d b, ,w's OWB I .d Nofe's.lo tiSO_ nr t ahle d.. shooti.i._ as d ra the

-"---"+ --n By-hciden t' II x. OY*^ i IB
% P rm ryb V= ,HU 406hta r vfirsOMIS= or a mn marital weDn. ... Jn wowerLagegatsfornMr. whioI saidteboAbert yA
V.t n r s ud thed. _M prr Powee D-ey filmetsm Ae" a et Polt" wSa Mew. os bn bt w
R.O.3sdab. Vt... em ,,I .. .uthoe NLB Z 1 Ule-teaad oAeteoafe
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..,- C~ MANrollI 6A =a a k a. eortdidate or adSero k o the German,_sy cama vet ltla f e- of,. o._

,e, a W Is di u m aemte;'ssrfrbt.Perfo ance w asin aa. al tea'sh fvmedter Ty-
--"e0 y2 P.airent b n. 0 acaeeri ut 3I and It once had tre lldlaa .M aTol rd g h im remaZk ab0ut
1, m. ~ ~ oe ro month a year amg4opbe t..ear-
W .*nfwILi, -for.m monehortm0 ,,*Lmit

S uhe t otha em m T. .me darkest u ia a n Germany. 1 at .-

Btotend J Usn TY PSKrINAn te m afterbhe woo nljure S dhi fon
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pow,+,daddo,,411...inBo- he .es _thatrofa.-..a_ Va. r. .w _
S thn As th. hAnd O .ap, dd Cowboy Mr.tar Rand Aen' broken tht he'll be ready ea
an and i apder. Gatu e birtare b iang ct of from the an d. than onelg-bewavictiherm-wiwe cn her baby e the A i
sr. ,r _t .ao ...W rfi"sx. e e 1-t o u t e ieloP eatr i c. c STARTS THURSDAYot APRIL tt o
lj r.gchse t is' employed by the T124 amatt;o u me Irmoor" wbigh, despite its at-

Juls about w h TBGtu L okp se le orR.a qab gt haven't madeb on eb Bray ginis not at all thea for
in .Ca.. umtfsecond I'kf eelam's o,. ,bins(to -beat a manle L--because Ma-
thearlyI' eo'-thInpicture in, yearsbecauseI bf e"D 'h h b'

in t erc a sthehOU w oibeM n .. ad Aeer .M donasomthin g1 upIN .1 w 1_sef ....e PIFgCiS RMedunedCalla te Lucia,

S1you 've ever ha1d ri p .r oaunt. I dos'___, i A .
. ..t T .. 510 ievarth nea II s w.idt ."Ita. -,1 bld. m I r 7tmper re 'A 'r

.of noily the K g, has turneCdIi quite satisfactory. ............. oo

Iw M theCristobalMasofecods e A "LIMOGESr Ri PORCELAIN
t Ik 0111y aan C. or. Pl.teS tnglmrl.c.t.p.(.......t..are.o.the 8.7 awesome
, i. w -' ,.be Mrs.M i eLucky. r.- -'Vi N...sayso-HnItend,_-Fl..e, ".9. "..a0
"-_ '_ ,_iA-_ I .._i_.lady.,,,-a i,,, MurndaVno Vene7iadreted.Sadhe' CystalV-'English Figurines o3 "wot

S. d Of wht we thout she Would be re"ma rk n ostnteresItalian Bronzes, ng an gs, gurines
.r-', .dvehcle. from the publicity abuke r Wdi-. other movialeton =iViakl.. -4s a highlighting Vastx-im.

T I nw Far be it from me.tar taiH asapn.asi
g i. | rm -. Oserizers, rDormeyerB Mixers, Fryers,t -e

'U-es *- eTe *t MA JoARITA CuTyoBAL uts5.7:a M Tesstpors Bluendearse 3
21 years of. 117.. arl,-hBt T h dat 'sw ham,,n ,. l d o l l sIi ]losses

Poel l'sleP6|eke. teem"lI "m WereaD sdown 5
SMors', ,3 onEC.OImeDP~8 ge ..r.3./.J2.OFF
"Ad )-t'sabout.time. 25."...TKenn th ca ll ANNIERsbmmRYgal tera aLE

d,,daddy. se lived with her gand- .-qMaynkeVaiDaDdrn's debating

O e./Mari,'s trnla gic m 'lliIakre Bill Stead Jane

ae Wbeing cut of from 'b.. o' leg-h was I--Iin/victi'-will when her baby Is a Jw
keephi out moi-g re-:. .,-'asepaint er.
1.SO N,, 4 -. ha-4 anlOreI I n qlub.nextmouth B ray Uas bee signed for
I-t w'iS o r W a I Idead imelso 8,,ahlWAo. The.supporting."..WhA.Prices Reduced

30096 a IIFOfM r,,st, ,a,,.o. own.s or 8 o, .......... .... .4s.

I ,is in"o WW II. -moa 1

I _Ihe..144M194"kof "LIMOGES"- --- ,ImE o ReM ixers, Fry.-

i 5 ^ B. ^T'.-" d i I ondo-t-isie eox. ee Dow I I n ,- "- | 7d 1Ie sm. Se o
~ "V T "' '| .y~ *'- ~o 1 M*b H o w 1 .. "
right." and M aala r hA m C B *:U al

iTI Eyes phemg t OCA 6:15 AMP 3IR 6:15 H 3:
I a i... we "VAes D" oIm Io-m.w

soft.... a" .Sh. .AWW.... ...M Dow a" 0TH O|WAa
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.4m Iuu

:el 'ieal Worried'

t eight Games, Lost Fifteen PfOForYar Same A 1
--- 0 -- --
_I4 says he is "real worried" about the World I-m-6..- '. "

S ampionsrpoor spring showing. tremors en
HDarleM s orter. 4 .6
tensel is esnedcallv concern- Hack loaned the Cub last DrPowlllioars r *5 ,444 t555 :wab. ^oE 5 & : pfljfoeurlB
tie c out ltcher Whl'ey Ford. 'ht in Shreve ort, Louisiana. e amrr N ioa 4 .00 5aa 4f 3 4
d the Yankees' number one 4tan plan to e hi first meet. ci Ncn4B.0* 1 e4 3. t'In
ointment. Ford who won na with the players today. TOMORROW'S GAME thw o
s last year received a Cervecerla Nac. vs. Dark Million. 1.wew
tin from the Philadelphia First baseman Eddie Waitkus RnoCI w al a
nTesday. The southpaw of the Baltimore OrioleA-says t bt min thethiri Mad
buht h e gave s, Lost worth if he play regularly SPO r Yam as
'- the second time Whitey- Waotkus-who rode the Phila" p a,.r- ..the as aft- oer e .core:
... CITY .. ,.

S15 pounds ovagerweight-has del la bench thYo spring' The defendlg champion H- t
| I ed to laut an inning. -was sold to Baltire two le, er d ytera cppd cplalts the 1nat athe hn IMOUR A6KNCT
The Yankees now have lost weeks ato h Itheir d fth consecutive victory tog noramic tl at the lond p. p I-t s
I rcod sh owsonlvyeiht winsrnd Eddie says-'Vic Wertz is elv-Rainbow City a So tball I q P Ruddleout E*1on phteiC p 4 I
Sdefeats. tengel says he one a rundown on American League. The porter downed locll out or ou P
have to do sont methint Ford-' twho woget n.eague nw ith the players. They tell me the Cerveceria Nacional team .But that it t e lb
th e sClub ouat yearof its slump. 'hrceve a i a hitter's aerv r .s.rI'm 7AM4 glo .'- Pea"on.3b
ien the N national L eague, an- usu tase aroun d .28 e Waitkus Rudy Kirton hurled a t.hree- k M-l, lo ad Pearl, 2 4 I

other manager busy thinking save he likes being on thehitter for his second victor a f
1 deas for his club. Stan In-k Ore club wl He Its mo-nety five a setback. Carlos' J WOMAN BULLFHT and ke th w, f, rf
but-who replaced Phil Cavarretta or cent of the plaves you see dropped his second Rgame as mwe by famous Amr-lea woi.att bulthr Orti Clark will to.telecastam nBAest a BromFaAng, if 3 .
as manager of the Chicago Cubs have an actor's temperament. I compared to three wins, abound at the La Macarena i7 riga arae4. Miss w8,1is".hpall t- arallnh f l
-slays. "The idea is to win. And hate to get left out of any act. Harlem's Rodman Nufea blast- Clark will make her local debut on a pz'uWz that wilU Include y night j tele- lMcowths, rf I g
that's what I intend to do, if That's why it's nice to be with ed two homers to be the game's Peru's Humbeirto Vain MexM o'iiMer Gaola. cast at wi, int#& t-al l or ric, 4
dos. etolate." Baltimor." timore top hitter. He had a perfect day co d schools catit p ontIm-P TV only si- ,
r Yankeesn.the plate with two for t wo once al -eIpI. .- m 3 16
ecoshows onlegGeorge Atierly also helped the ddwas acpaoledMei-Agnn y'l dare cUgadu

New Cubs Man ner Hack Ar Leagushe it"hwot foo 0ng b Onu,. t... R.roult w-
Ilnescoreter aT: 101 02elm2teCreoinonat maeal
tNee s Lots Of Good Luck a're h-4 C Over Gl a iai n Dr pr iTo 7ie I 1 j
n the Nanaleagueoppon-uv arolend .89" Wat. Rudy rtond Cam uraed a three-en, Walker
.By TEt. SNIDER iaer the club needs while ItC, ni
other manager ds busy e NCAA co, Exo o
United d Teas Sporhs Writer 'dogs in the leaue. hnen vouie B-itte BorhGUndCL tion asBUaw fr tIGe us sER. We _ctiolierINeol (3). Wg".d Craonea B lres. bf 0 10
United Press Sports Writer builds up to the rest of the top In Chicago, ph sical c todl-to a to bruak the rules alnce otrol taOsdLo (8) WP Roe. LP Crone. Hn olnppera f 0 0 0
don the leaue. When oure N tonin h had a to do with itth con athew Demp r
NEW YORK. April 1. Let's in as deep as the Cubs, it's upI ti htening the oddM oh Kid d dlio d evfitbbig and he (t eight analngm Played on Crawford, If 20
all wish pood old Stan Hvak a to the front office, not the man- you see dropped eD ae an's vbout with MnddlweIht won. rt -mut nt). Ro p Sb 2
a lot of luck as manager of the ager, to produce a winning comrn- p re t h rew wishot i Lani Lonn promoter Jagk Bole. Potter, rft 0 0
Cubs. ,bination. -d or pth oothe ve The odds favoriitw Olson to Baof who hopes to match Sy Untea 1 te At. L etersb.r Florida Bettis If
that' wa I in to On that score. Branch Rickeyoersehe akeep his crown on rlida short Cockell agalnast HeaVyweight ate. 00 01 001-9 8 0
eed more of Ian o t rates rates a then the Isthmus during the last ened (from 5-8 to 5-7) ater Champtn Rocky ao kee 00 00 0- 8 1 Toa
H' e r thhea nor nof an tPrhate. ranch te a caey old gen- fifteen years. luan looked goo4 in his work- says he i hurt by De elo's TURP YPzrkey Green (0). and 1hep- sb
IGa e h ol ^8 ad zen-the AapB Roulm
wdawtinto the 1954 campaiwnf tfeman who freely takes Cl S. Sander or "Pon" out yesterday. On the other complaints. Solomon. tosaove -0,000 fans are expected id; Wiesler, McDonald (2), Wifn pitcher: Nuddleston
Ntime to et acquainted. nw i tSaa rcnd Araheper- or Vote .bl
seven-nlsce finisher last lea- He employed asing Bill My nlt will leaveon nd Apill erdforahce.tu els o loauaus argyho. Y or Tebrtraction is the $25 -- dlSton 5. Bae on balls: D
son, the Cubs figure to be lust er as his frat Pittsburgh man4 for Calin where hewi has a cold. match Cockel a Marcano 00 addea Paumonok Handtcap. Cubs va. Orioles (A) at Bhreve- ble plays: Amm ratito Bot
[ as dismal under the smiini rnd ill probably would be make his future home. Flaherty also says: "Olson was ih a heavywelg tl fight "at White Skies" ridden by jck- port. La., canceled bad weather. Roe; Kine to Pearson. Rome
akHarlemaSporterlthey1i-7earleroR.ckytbougtEIn Th oriam for7theashootnwi0lI0t

BaDEk a they dt earlier th tere yet if his health permit- h, r, ... o.. ,i never an Impreseie gym peortr let b'ext Eddle A .a.o will carry l --- run: S. Allen. Umpir s: Ra
arrrett* dOred Haney, a solid basebafr ofa I S enators 003 005 10x- 9 0 of game: :45.
I thetied palotnfstwonethmkea rpell without earning any on this coming Saturday, Apri Back i the5 l9nftr T refse aq an entry uted by 79-year-old Baile Shea, Dixon (7) an4 Pl .
te a n ou e td n fter, w o th h n e as aenius. of one dol r waltar p~m.-frm g fights it- a gi "N ah, Ji n" Fiti5 in anons Cj ra WP Shea. L P Minar- eX a l s
thati hse husti g bpestyou can witn whe Igi w l e 6 1 ... m .,lr bUer d o t choice In t o g n Ato l, 2 a 0 f
An enry fe bI* ForGirlSoftball
o-ut oeafte l club' n hoe oumoe"'uhalo enerso tle top -the- on ixfaupr l oenng ve t. the rule0 a0-cont 0~d. o ,. .o-7 5 TeDa0 0 10 1 0- 87 1me e

-UN LUBb aTebnll giveRtbuk'(). les his
.e; palt sonality ol ptn s bacf enane e t he beunt wtseo n- t.,o .of.. hsh a lW lr oo h a n Wa nus-ow mn I ,t b o o( [ uld vren. W p

By VN1y7D FU. of Crne 2. j.nson (a) :
-wthth utypet of club he. d o a n 132, tat rne pan't-I t-e dayhceane.J and cadjusting lth of ththou n,-
STaelp ot l uy ll paeron. outspoken oornu by and led thle and ta o shotm h wnnrtSS the lao bshotBerie tsersi tAwedneitAtholetlc dedera- have thealt (hdgo.t e *B
H.. h re. tort heaithe ltoa ate cs, t of th hInhiafgoe 5ah lcol-fo rtroa htort web Roures t-eo secort ro_ lr e(o)8aWPaT-Roo.LPNns C
h retge tobradlet who wcu tn e erontlly ed the club to a when the ne omaten tookover' lans Cybti .odtiinea mo anage ut'hJa nl ad nr Wr ue d',,O .H lerlhason mit u .b 'a 0- 4 1 "lluo-eM1r 1Arturo aam
rtmm but he la even-temper-next season. he need It. ail* ovey, on 8f o "Imaha nt c. om editions." goo ,anh003 0 0 12 O
SI ad may be the sort on a if man-1 n each case, however, the o- come Larois hea Caae ad maly P ther Be as I hutyDe to e n ed ar ey a (9o dSlesn e o
eIoan eTn.e hu Oisn to t in b.4a hf ,-h Pw ..fre ke hks e fron at mea r e u sedSt ede
i ncludi ngJimer yt Dykersof thed !bowbrht id.l then Ler Pop ."r forotew elu t an ord i..l.e L A o he g um --s .rd es w oin -Ami _i fe w....r ,--- D ot ona.

Ori oles.u- Th oteJ J least hisd'al league .pIs scheduled to hibftlon game for the gaoetha du d and liowarn stielke Jb Thedfor AngesOf have Nw7WP ryL-i

S to etAddtfo rt you coin? .t.ko d n I artl 1sh oamers era dmen playeas .ar-t chargft the tilbratem. 6. nametBll asMmanager
lor outsokend Hoabeyw allnle hoe ad hon.Tueday, sAprilanye .thea dea uto e bo, to -ae- uLael, -e .in f reow rn, fl. d roe r. 'A

n-w an.- 1n- r-drl e ctcml rbslons ti Bl ioer e oe s sa yb d t dtoT attracstind is 00 n ,d .
...othe..... .. .oserv orp or,..ov.lostrowd h-ns h _srireepittsbrghDaistacerCalir i e 00..

has atecopilotsrwon Cuba e 1wto h u ertan n ts. .C te ar.. bto -eartou- Apni 4 4
asdtheclt ahenher new mentor ver ad grandsons tookpartinthea T bowusbore: a in Micod
ri ni- .a-l-thIp m nTnee reeo d n ri mf a n ten a a eti toai at ss ae ea Ip 74e s ibie g i vt hr ee more drivers have been to. A t n P n

as Cubmanager fc to te md mopG nmm innHnawa a s 17 new players look Ctieme AB U named for the Ind(ansQo 500- in theo *i0 P4so Ato n
Fdn1ea -osnoliarba r bak in 14 tschedule f o i- over from the first two teams th HudleN so-f ......... 2 0 0 cousl e an to race on May b. n eh'ew at0i0 (0 a
SwasfiedtwceasC nwhe ohadbeenlat Jimm oifand thoftheaoellarvluthe beginning of the fourth In- J. Hert, lb ............ 1 r BOun ---f e cW iStUtiATtd OF arTniB
DiA., Pgeslons:"aItoneemgurt..ow. pun,-cht s, We.. tLi, suNDe, But,.d, chief Kt W: P- r New\ AMEm CANct LLPIGthlBl
spellewhietheodnut eawningtatyearft ole'wihbyaon at. od wa t r. 0reaedC to

I ', ..... A l-e o fslagd the_ vr luck oaenathnh Bwa.estepalgo .guynd "i "" t reaDin inSe d ford
So tfied Lnv fastr or. ntheefso r h with. .hre g more 3 t. Pm.. 3 ..-.. 0 m 0 .an-,c a -Gu -l -s e "ei. -. :.

Stil btai e ma e abarr evt S-nextos:e heei i i tlmt somb ne onsh T .
may be the sotlmng ieactyoucasih oweA n entt rif, ,n ea;ow..... er e ed tof. t hLe Fr
out o thecb'& willbeonredorlthemn0t10151tt e--six-fu rl onalee

.o Hoov :P wb n r awed n tou- i 'o a e k.r Tpla tK o
Pov h le nJs.,a n a can th
There Pill be a nsw
% WbasealbaLegue.Theaci ler Legu ce- duReswtoid l.. i fiv
I-,froo$15 C h i t."eem e ldEsac rwotfhtheeueal lclasteheCuosmavepfrataeetnay.t.ill.b e wzlnrr, ekp" ---
g' greatestballnclubIndthet .inrtvestbuttlueyr&Io havee. will beaon testaytaned' threat oeritalsdediction0newd Hoet& fluB.aknma
Ied thetculasuccesservedwfor practie ses.ionsftam-oer ethe Culebda te.pItosed onhstelambe'shIn'goand
hal t hise. aryayeI.t chalmanagesafterth eseaso nop ea llervic e m eawrs a e codth iat ll Thi t h-fe itgi'iiidii eto." keeine lU-nd orIts Ru enh ew matcyes air ,,n -
PInvitosendcepsentativer ah nd grlndsonsd took ,partn hoaroxfscore: theI Cmine Hltebon TUioi eenIii SuTuiasnd ay_ April 4,548e
theduthoe ehnnngofar.the.fotat.hI-P-.leega.relb......tih.1
led nthe ddnwlofirsthInningeasero etssu"ually od rw"... oatotd homlidr as
F nLES"hbsuby-AletiWhtwith Donte -ofreddie is-gabn' E pireBeas udtr
,XT, ,_ab Hartnetthe ndsort oc shartn-i aedvantaseelevedInritmandhtheamhasan-estaeblehed idnte e thes
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Roe andmagboomingOdoublepby Timers'.........2 01 aftea. .,.oon.o,,
Bobbyirilterepuh acroste immyPeiron and theduelforthrewi lle ar.evictory-h' starsfod I the browns,1
wh 0RayagoedDoAhgerstalead"it ---ms
islno inoll thr- eM fifh whendJackie M era lkIi.a l o" -boy' I cToead 'in thiT wartc hovero
walkedUOWrmUo rnd ed and wodenbyftree-
comforteythesortofeman-ueIneschedased to thehowfenrcetin deep_ c et oftheem al.ot ert
qAlert White w Bas.h eadsng -ati"'t atwtco U.
siwn gyles intwon trips while' Dick1M~rr-~.~ 3 min ute.ow 0cach pfowi r-fif.the
nl'Old.T mersteere YrTetracks.-ir"
Theresnll beed Crandse ttoinok and Kn Tet1 1uyneWtweekend
fvinuebra playeorst two eheAt H.mRayo r, b...... 0I 1 rae.

iceeadWons ortoh-I lBearts in andled tnoXeM r o, 0P .....r......... 1 if amt." szDtc oo td o i rs howe,
hittr o the18m, Retln two 4.e mnut, 10 I l -ift
slnllesIn wo rip whie Dck ~r 3b ..........1 11 ~m for he U-rrloI i "'
Sct thadul n ltMN lb. .. ,e tri .

managingand cha e D ,. o .......... I a.. .4% ll (I
ainton s new cin blhed t D s Dilemma c.......... haestarted toehow their stuff
,. n w c i b h a s aD sumpiring and s e o r ekeeping. P. C. eft....... 1 0 at the Slat annual Am erican
le and d ier a new measure of walking pleasure! an's pekets bad Freddie Mohl. Jack Ridge Jr. and W. of ......... Bg Congress Ttument
DOl r, 0 ........ .... O 1InSeattle.
of II .'-l ftrom Jiiarman'sI edy-goi la g : ......... 1 0 I ut t h motor city's chlmlion
ol iird r. b -.;...... I If Ber low udA is off to I
Per some mesy be was ............ 0ibson Detro 2it
rhen a P. A. Want Ad he *7* -... .,r 1 i 2 g"to b ra t aB eot f
(l.t siMsbr -.*.ns h.............. ., j 1.AI J, ,
t z stze a __ Ou T oung -ahas moved into
L? EzzaTA "a-s o 224
...Get a job...."Wbe det e l agr..

_____ _____sTHE ATLAS 10.- -, n,, th" "
NUL i~IILMJ b spAU %&&Am" temo ladm -ft-

___IV ____ zr__- -

Si_ _______

~L*. -.

S --
!. _.- .1-I,.- -_ -

- .' -

. ioi


1- '- .





- =:......
- b- -,.
,-^H :- -.U-," B ..- .. -. M -
^. --- *-- *A .-; *. ...' .
.: -. *.



i .z "


t la hitting, though tha e a cobllest
it's the otltrS
i' "ps. '
t hitters a slump I no ,f-eem NI
Tbe Man it is tor w. most Osum'
tfagt form in bseball, o-f macmnery gats

Iulal has won the batting crown
ORT of Rogers Hon1sby ad two
ages. Both prtty n.r country
Srem of four stralht oing. for 1
0 of the uIms, hittt U4 pntu b
iwer at .344 to The Man's l,.
bt happened w that Musgil ot
I slem.that all but bknoIed amL
tr. Atoneestage he was the ltti
Ik an* going into late June he was
a orusbing 320. He must hoe h
I to finish as welt ahe did.
i commenting on this in an earlier

Terent breed ti cats, really.
won't get as ma "angle Jits" (dulouta ttot beat-
leld ground) at he used to because' he'-e, Ps' other
i even' he'll stM.taad up thete and slash-tway at all
Thing and at more bits anid,mfa fewer tUM, than
Ie in the game. You pick him to win as mibanl ally
len Hoian. And for the game reason. He's th best. *
's am level headed a youa* -mans you'd want to meet,
t anu ttit toward hitting In ehlt gamM that
r removed from alpersltOMU. HRe wants to hit the ball
in the nose, but he doesn't want it to fall safly too
ma hIs two best years came when he had poor aver-
Mowb It could be a ballplayer only hab so many hits In
"' The Man once said. "and if that's so he don't want
em in amei that don't count." I
a most vpat Musial was neuroticalty miserable last
ag 350 or thereabout, and sure enoughwhen the sea-
ge col.A't ty y hit an(g had bis .,ost unprepos-
PG, 'it'most discdnsolate man fil Flortda. The
L.1wpCU hit sf4 h bit os


elain i
:hn an
and tr
Int In.
at hes
for thl
much i
te mo1

If .


;:4 6:55, c X pTm.
S:55The shocking truth about
'Ohost Surgery"... the Sate
THE MIGHTY ADVENTURE o .the Medical .Zroeamito
r. eI.Pq4AC TH

IA 2:11T. Sl, 7:W2 9:: pamL
-In -

IN1 -4 -.
AMI "z. t-


I e.-mf. q0
M ctrt.
, UlTK".&;



I t

GO Au seD, I n I
-" l -W '

O .. BOT MAKES -GRADE -- Quantio Varie Wa.
pase a tp to two of hs hbaseaUe. itOhe I t"JA
(center) and outflelder Joe Ridge. both f er
teammates. Konooka balls from Jersey Oity, N. f., i
pitched for Ferris.HIgh School. At Notre Dame he t ao
18-0 record in three seasons, while Ride bathed
average of .325 fOr the Irish. Joe. whose hom4ls powI
ton, N. J.. was born in Balboa, Panama Casal 2S.p.
for Balboa High School. Quantico. the defenmt A
champions, will open their season at h:me on, April
the Universtty of Pittsburgh.

J^ ii l *I .

.I -

fstAi ajtp uk, tFI NAL STANDINGS The lst Army
She nTeams W l PW L Pt. ian, fuihd mtae
t61V tPuris 7 2 .778 out the pig"
HIMI70 A WArZs Maion"7 3 7 7 0 An AU-s tio t an
i n e a m "I'7 W IN INV celp ts 3 67 e d rom th e -
pua __ Conelos 1 7 .125 teams in the
ton would have t e Just Macaws 1 7 .125 play a gamte W t
t to he odt over a Pumas next Saturd
: .t^rnf0 Consolo Free's Goodman Four-Minute Mile umr S gtag Champsg P at
In elbect, to e de. v, _The Pumas capped the secondG ete o2.00
tr hOs on co 2 .Just Around Comer "? "* PA )MA1 t.
an to deftch laonco-I Alf title Tuesday night to make
W.h lso Sub For Teddo W lTiFviams IaA a clean sweip for the ason
C11110n o ds ti ra.lalI NSY when they beat the Palais Winklosy
Sasheld C n i a mh hard ma 3-1 tilt at. the Hots S
Olson Is the heavier andA Loe,
or t ha t w ill b eco m e v ery IN U .P_ h" lB albo a L opn rf n
r. that will become i A large and renmthugas crowd Curdts, ef i

oIt. a1w cracd up te track world Glenn Cunnin- had the situation in hand from Harley, p
If 7 ham-says the four-minute mil the start of the ame allowing Valentine, b p
st. e wil ay s o Il Just around the corner. oe'run onatwo bt in the first A
himold. Yet we swInning and an additional
impletely nullif sturdy Cunninham says there'snoth- hits or the remainder of te PUMAS
Outwf uiy sturdy Ibl to he bief that a four- ame to hang up a neat four Co an Sb
URmn nute mile will require super-. Lter. .1.

S," hes.. Ath- wins to his credit. r.
ab g t # n their heads that h the Pumas scoreless Clemons, lb
ile- T RErc it cant be donde. .that it's too the third inning when they Dehne. If
i aleior heh~ard. So tBhey don't do it." pushed across three runs that Schwali rf 1 *
bhat's -a uiniiuc were eod enough to preserve Lovelady, 2b l
I old-time 111. Cunlnngli saysa present ree the victory.
seea to be ords are un t wa ting to be The Palomas' hopes rose when Totals _
to Bobo Olson, you're broken. and e says the runner they started a comeback in the Sore iby.i
with the rig h attitude will do top of the event as Chisn Palom as 100
iit. ;'.bThere are, there will e and worked Sutherland for a walk. Pumas 000
theie have been aoys," says Cun- Chlm s ale second and went to Errors: Palomas I
ningham, "who can run a mile third on a pasedbabll. But ky) Puta 2 (Sutherl
in four minutes if they get to Sutherland bore down, striking mons). uns batted In:
thinking they will." out the next two, men to face Will, utherand T .
him with Harley groundirn out hits: Sutherland. Stole
Cunningham is 44 now. In to the second baseman for the Winklosky. Cli-m
1938, he ran the fastest Indoor third out. Hatchett. Double
mile in history on boards-four Sutherland collected 2-3, one a land-Clemmons. efto
minutes, four and four- tenth double. Dehne also got 2-3 for Phlomas 4. Pumas 6.
seconds-on the oversized Dart- the Pumas. balls: off Sutherland 2.
THREE FOR THE JMONEY--sa While, Billy Geodman mouth track. Winklosky was the only play. 2. Strike-outs: by Buther
sad Jarcke ieasea ler to righm hae eVy o diesuelnIR at Rd Sex' er on the PalomAs to get moe Harley Wid pitcher:
arasota, ia., traani camp ea tk p sAbje-baa.(NEA than one hit. e had 2h-3. land, W.inning pitcher: Su
Spp- edS Sutherland issued two free land (Q-3). L n
y HARRY GRATION "passes and struck out seven Icy (8-0). UmpIre: N
While Harley allowed two walks wnrer. Ki ernan.,
sSARASOTA Fla April 1 (NA) The pitching starts with thDont Worry and struck out one man. Sutherland.V Tie: 1:4t

solo making like B1 Martit utt eruly am as g fireman, .
second a would have poed yeh ld Ei ner. In between
one of tin e plleasant problems ai the i -handed ih DURHAM, N.C April 1 (NEA)
for the Red sn. o B a, la a Nixove a n I -nNormally, when a baseball
But what to do with 5R Y 11 and P-ennhet flowers and veteran turns out for opening
Goodman was plain wo SitS 11ft-tnhded Bill-Henry and practice with his colic e team- J J.
I ere Willlma cracked -ap ifot W le. and wobbles, around with an in-
mt 10 inlles. .... y sustained in football-lt
LouB toudreau hopes it Will k eWil a slim left-hander starts a jurisdictional dispute in
work out like it did the last time wil someth ng of a whiz W the athletic department.
.ndy Man Goodman suplant- Wt thp Army called. Jre Dob- ,.i.. t Duke
.ed the great Williams Vit left Met Is tying to get in a final bit That i n't the cvse at Dciped
a That was after the willowy of mileage. Univeritiy. vens the cri f ope
fIlherman broke- on i his el-' condition, thanks to a oot al
bow crashing in e C ke ut odrea is looking to accident, of outfielder Jim (Red)
Cmse But Boudreau islookingf to tter doesn
Park wall In the AU-Star GaO fresh faces for pitching, too, and Smith, .413 better, doesn't
of 150. Blly the Kid went on to WM0il b" ddappoMIted fie d a nv cause the DBlue Devils' coach tol
win the baJtIng champlonshl 0 rt two out of five bright rht- roar out against football.
with .354. With Indications tht n .d htpui--Tommy I rewer, Ta' bcueh i
Williams may be out until lat umanClevenger, Crtis all meDuke kf WD RELEASE :
May. he's even nicer to have a- Jimmy Erer and Russr K 'Pa ll-tme Due l i
EASY s Shro e Sibreound how. -, .lst them aiphabt- league star. Parker also playedT64Rt
for balance water sking at When, the Boston Americans baseball with thi Philadelphla A
re Gade ) obtained Jackie Jensen, Ma All have d from one to thr Athletics for a tim,.
or Boudreau expressed tlfe opin- caqapaigna in the mlnor4. Drew- -l
io a dall-rout, out of the Army. has aCUrDOI
roundaoutfield in baseball the change.u and pe. Clevenger
Twi ;; phenomenal Jim Piersell" being is remind I of Tex HuIrson.
Tw it.. the other man, of course. Good- Curts sasesses a live fast ball. S
man won't hurt It, but Jensen nter throws hard. Kenmmerer
Bo l; left more toan.400 men on bas as only to acquire control.
for the Senators. Karl Olson,
rated highly lIn the obain before Pinn White will do practi- a
going into the service, but ap- really l of the catching. Mickey .
sears to have left considerable Owen SB, was signed to help M 2-in 8_ 11oLeague
there. Hoot ers is in fine with ie youngsterss Wr. for A rv
/ shape. With 011 those kl4s, Lou Bou-
dreau can use an e inst-us- Question: An umpire sta-
The Geld -se' youth move- tor. tloned at third base calls time
w.ment is a couple of flears ahead _out. but plate umpire doesn't -
10 ow ON f VimI Of schedtud,-mak. othemione ..ei and permits pitch to be
s the r madul an c thelub made. Batter hits a home run.
5.18pIIp&ansen They preset s new What's the call?
w". alse owl ri ivt ide of the Inillold i/..,rry
wet Sp ev anis havinde thken 1overS Ki Answer: It doesn't eount. Play *J w
strnad 8. ,me Dis k Gemnert re. i is suspended the moment anya vu.aC
metIn eahis first year- lmpire sails time. u&byTogwnA
o*a tl i ab left-heidedsan /Q. How old SoBli Leely
way ,fog, aroff a.oDlyto ooklyn right-hander, and how
.M1 for Louivl Mt home Imany games did he win last I 1:s, :, 4:54. :57S, 8:1 p.m. Aa
t 3M un -In. He .year? .
-le uana to eafl lb baseball A. LoeshIs 26and won 14 while .
fOO ageoax rr Deo. Nosea e tm year. T-IVQ .t ,

q. DidM as u Bowr. te Amen-
can Leue eer play
hi, Nai ktb#awjaPU
heb t sw
ssag ?aa

Plus: KE4 OF'C
ad Xf-BfWl~M~taif'*^-

4 ~- -- .0.-



S '

.. .. .i-M "" .* -
." .-.. ,'$ _o,* ] ..
.ff .-. --: ~', -'*. .. .. -.*--

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St* 1- '

4.' -

I. t|*.-"e- "Let the people know the truth mn4"the 'couny L1 UC''
..?ion.a .1.

71 hm" ;

allFa1edewl Sales Tax ash 81

WA _,l4Tr e.g 4 bl e hg t h ot -'&an t
P dd tsdn tw an sndaa hor*a- itd 3uimn w ho

I- .t ..n The .n.- ... .IL
es ,*cemc telephohe aeouIe ;nd tow altetr m. as Be dCh taa n pJewcr- Moie 5 0sad he

tti -sadao sn o-d Ar Doceae Ladr- Retu wouldre
e -o le f Ifc e so r oye rlmtt th o hn o

tA MA A nate7on depp ers Y v ly saal lp
we h the busrness.ta ea evru, l,
c cared Jordan wsit a d s ow wie ae

pew-"e Jte nvil lane o-rde'r al onstngtiognsed t o ,. b -a san o'sT al o .... Se".phe
Sa ounted In the Holy

Ii Wasbeat in chae d autom s oN sr City stli 1LaU aus
Tsh Jr n in d N. hier ntat r kett l tl
.lsbe irs maussa i cred 11 .."he rt on..n e i bl w p pT* e Wter ti war *S'
W. A rlt t(U o ndTe.s wabenmo. bder il-nvin d unn N O pr thogh Ct-hehi = a., ,a 27 p o Bu t.d1-" I IN -- am-tr i t e

Sin full battle dress roaredton with Intend to conrie spr- The p 0-man wage scale cod- d fteot trick s ro ld Rator toda
Te second cae, gat tern on nhore n' otd to rardg thet l igt b a a id f itolwho
masti., ,,,.thod toughmeuuh.saBe,,w p'-erde

SlB boe TideSA Herbert F. odielda46-ye-o Asn met for n hour to con- onghoeen .a b re- a a. nd y a
S *Panamanian, was continued gen-ader the oer a -centtrc e ait Oct.1. tl lt iwht' h t l hh ,l

e Frbday, April 2 erallr In threeseas Intervals un-hourly package wage booatl eesntae Bradtax alt he Moont ha ngeslip fiat .ing
oa rew n mediates- Toneauyfo soidg opp .. -c Cosetttot'.hid+yeet.o-

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Se cosa t e le hones e e le r mt np to cuuto dropatai tnt sn

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TheCmemsn t.ogo Insureoeffect e. (.es.eysboe- isroer' ng a.e. Indus o. The lilytub an boome

j orr Raidingsreduction by a a-d dta f

-" edffdian.i dird r]e arshoth RIini

was the larg' ' t e ye
p.olw onler violations last night,-at1i0-pere T oK va u25
mountedI n the Holy sadT15nper e at, IPxmuvlY.
reports that Jordanmanle TIR.e0dGcfnterooeloiirFO
I NW troopH O.wereS -ass,,nmaernfttee1,r- phtcetbulbs,"1:Iandra In eilerms:

SA Je qblan yesterday after-s andnetrhralatbe o akrep re 1rofor uoa
W s t w ereneo assevreasuryfrombaloralnrttNw,000,os Tet
,.triteaile Washigtonnchateredbuses d000ar.'Theutmoilso lomNedwSPoIrkNGCiAVr..t019 w qt.0t.4 g9 J"fIt's t 1 tb
hdl.-vldss ths fold e v.Am to cut city #,ipi4a0.1hn
-a nterontixersA-. dg'sBncnDcer'Medesteece
to -o0aedeoendig wopprmipper' Wage sffertta thisax. =Weal A. t1, inbnt,
f fn or thewatch 21 Ay in theeof

M64ow at sid tinthe Lda-er.e woreasotiutheWO Wl bt mout everU Ssl
aVothe,d condemne t wN YTb edactS upon y theat the r the
PdCvi ETINGTHEla e N- tiont ofa opesor setatle- iast B o.Trd' re clomp- Wn ..x to make W.OtaW
S-tuc loa o wf a legi nr- test m onstrmti ongaga13stt thea 278 m1tio nt d1o. l lar s.4o. Bi e _4 X y.e .&. .. -i1 W O tet" .. ". W Im .-al
earlierrin;th den.or mth ePort of New idprn's n ti n- fl.0 sve W w a W E NYwWn t-to 6 -- to.,
W n uincharter ando14 An tforn hsourto c '*o longshor n 12 aeLa:

Low m ..........S an. ihr gto-thekCrsnaprsi t e O gt Ili'hhr T.e

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re-etterdedTWalterbReeedh8enoffthis byayhOClub- wafr. -. beside

OUTLAWIeThehtauecon demn edt.bho. iisre18sha l u r' searo of
were Jr.,rbarnoreturnedutrila n oit
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ow onalled.of.where.Wto on he N otein lbra- g.i -r.s'u t uhi..
will..o.n.Mrs......Ina*Indan-smio$435from ...-.make.4 lu, fouD i l j
grnesectoraofmJerusalemr "eIII the- i ber whoast hatbens a.ttheh ebopen-i petmhe .._nextdCa n l an. do t ide ut

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oT!0,0 A
~~TODA V'+

Richard Gn G s
AssMA d All i mt- 4,rt -......
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*:~,:rM. .d fr. -

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