The Panama American


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The Panama American
Portion of title:
Weekend American
Physical Description:
Scott Family Library Fund ( donor )
Panama Times, Ltd.
Place of Publication:
Panama City, Panama
Publication Date:
daily (except saturday and sunday)[may 12, 1973-]
daily[ former oct. 7, 1925-dec. 4, 1966]
daily (except saturday)[ former dec. 10, 1966-may 5, 1973]
normalized irregular


Subjects / Keywords:
Newspapers -- Panama (Panama)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
Panama -- Panama


Dates or Sequential Designation:
Oct. 7, 1925-
General Note:
On Saturday published as: Weekend American, Dec. 10, 1966-May 5, 1973.

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University of Florida
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All applicable rights reserved by the source institution and holding location.
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oclc - 18709335
lccn - sn 88088495
lcc - Newspaper
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f/ d the Treafl Bu-

Paul FIne atN YWk

an people la my district

tMta said that this problem not coa t," declared 2 rw
exit in Cuba ar a wh un-
"Cban relations with foreign In. S the ,-
hestor h beer ood1" he saod, dt.
"d they w '. ay..
", ian relations with the tb
aiatds of the Americas are excea. peechsa,, a-
lt," he continued "anId i relatens
States have never been better "
Barus po*d out that he had wu you r t I vote
aBvtred a rCatlat awith aRua-. rnr in -
socond thre I.r 13 "i.t that timeS 1 ais--tIquelledWafor.
"werefoIr b an'b*Ie Le going to w in Noe*
point a ,b r,"blhe said 'a m e that.
tbhr ilnge niscused by the dy- 'Bt by ao chasm we uM
namic andm l i-lse Irs" eremwa.
who rulesthe de ot ~ weale icati"t
iest island in t, o.--Indlc -.Ia
were: Co taeahOvcalI-Cba e's"
WS trying to g t way from bing a- pChaders:
one- ep country ... the ar Spakr added:
-Batsta will hold them this faSl- hoSes ha bee
will be rn -again?. wofld emumarie bt. a
The President sidestepped this reachng the sdoft my carer.


By Calbrtith

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ISSW. v ,S S S,!. ** -,l, .^ De>"r. Ca Wa, ,-s .a w. .'-. .--. Milledgerwilk vNoT CONSIDR-D AS A.M
' O."..'? S ',.. ..'"" 'A :st An anniversary FoAN SUC DAitpT -
1or alick u rdo M w reserMr .y. .e". RuW'the'turnedele5 ot birthdestd 1 stsw ef.m' "ren

no oCt1e D o o i Thsdrual"Ote T-ame tMin- e lva iersl tt ..._,odse.
Mr r. er : EM We d d e t the a t utt o e i ina l lttec

r r" z a o"a Mrs.ct R l. B e:e-. b I .ots ecr D... a' allowed ..file u enc q ift t..e t cI-r ture followingg a f lr e tin lm9 l.
e S49S o. ES F fo Mrs LlewellaB t and *aQuth to draw t?4 amd then gt chuck lln noter the j1 ant ate- Rs____e ..e
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Sr he -er : r rs.. ....atm..e bad lrna alaa le THIS WEEK'S WINNERS IN OUR
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a i a et M M Frank Blaton pital. Bual at Coroal c ueen. He qui"t. vaell-y, couyonamad tethh enddfle.

Ioy .Th.,rado V M,, Mrr. I wa I lOt Snatkrlo. ded oeadeethae t o fore thlte Wee LY. Kr.n_ L e od..
bo... *rt or rob Teo ....... ,,D eto falct t hatt th luee Ae- ?S bt

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hyI. p d S s.1 the- r*o.t. = airing=. a ,, no.i hwpir hro ld REGINALDO MACIASpo

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vtost. _mua l fro.lmr the atunn t ge late M r s, lh T., and .. Ca- d Wrshe finale reor"-'c of t he1 "T CON IDRY A

d i p. W-.A Aarit Carbone de tvaad wal e minstrel p l be on Thur l -.
Mrs. WDilelwam K ase tz"ac. er areenohgeddabu

Co Saotrn eoeadIg il a m t t Ma The curtain .will go upwaat
Wo r t ldrs T sf. alntsvi r ehld l oi o l Spa. lt SELECTaeseSaIeE sue..
'in ... ...u. Iter pto;lav the ,;k lgn f in*0 .II FREE W EEKLY |F FLE of the I a &1 v dif- b e Rd b 'l dis..
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2" aUct tehr of Commerce and dstr, elre problem with IeProcwed from the i gowa ,
Setocft Dia. ad Mrc. Piae; weens m est to the numerTrous chartd OR AT U

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s;. ?..^to ._ ...; In op. n stock '0 naty, e O MAHA, Neb.. March 20 (UP) REMEMBER FAVOR "the two for one store"
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and f ^mlflh ~. and Mre Jull o Mereadp; Mr. and. att Untr a tool 0 mgetn and to s han- IT FAVORS YOU I .
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Mr, ..,FraicopC.ehuw PhWdam. .de t; Mrs.w .bLdo c uI r. hebOict i NoA cite sa r
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I ando, ,,,,h ,rIa g uest 'tOreg .rs. D al n knSand t ot.- I u-f ony's .uen. int. Kly' nd
ia raa. lM ra. and_ M rs.A.en .t6:WNt t WiJlblo e rnd scl ardedrc k.dAnd ton enlWowiygRaftreinI. Rn.o"
are teifrsoMr. and M rs.; and r e4of a o tc C r "S t" lous Jerao
o r r..n Mr. ....en wnurld i ta wuld p k e Lowe. FI r ee lildh h / V
I / lef' I. ..iI arF cit'sMs.eHeycament o uthe Wetod ri. "andmb!IIo n ,k eb rok and arld _____-F V __ etwroe or_
e LinTTM. eand Cohe ndhr IAint hemae the ontarat, but Soiu mtd ,okethesir e.wa Into te'. ,
three I ; M ha lDvi U b d sa lll ledace the hearts ..of er on
rat tW. f Sher.. an M r s was c u s ohrev dummy.1Th e mintrel wap ud nm M n
or k olowiJ a visitoofsawCorrhis retiremenKeNov. 2. 0",ast.athrnaura..payeloew
n a t.oti...- 1n .l5OWa dshhM ring hatn f hic timee asa pa and dreth evd11 White. wit He n
boWinnhatsheldtJeatriukdrawingtCheekdirecnglthechorunWat ndtutoylCURTISoL.Ge.geTdJM. I ne
S-rvaeddanneaesmor n i ngOatGp Pb os, We futs tdnth nBucksPut ndgalst wihe
gfatttMrs. FraaklynS. Blanto, Ho. f a1.......i by fo.... dC oro decrer coul safely asti'sh"ow, lt loo as thoug Ithoend
rs. amnd-Mrs. .C- .neo f tMiss olta wl ste chrch se next o ard onid s la amonzm d losen,.homegron tal en'st.," andsthe
A sOo'...d.Mr. ,lN a;IMrs. Mr.aerie pn apd. dilgter;oano :' wa yers ld t he a e tf ulthf i-4-ouhladn't Y Elks.m- theGd* RLnROSAS.
....leartctIzen..Hancmrth to m an r nmn h ave eov ,,totM Castplans., to .ake uthem -
Min ..Li p au njk thra y toe t an annhal aefair.
JuWr Albar to. sn A o. Mr Of CoAeaadcarcolas IV, sevennofeh e tntarts but ti.
three-hll ara. a sn d yelteroda.yMar- Thcfinaalrivisiocfofd one thel* CEC. H"NE.

-da s'J taI Governor wther ro n o heldtherik deek ng..heh.orusad .

CLUB .........
NOWtlLY ....

SO.I rt fa

Tlh soard" of G0

fm, Albeto Aeman and Ms. A-; U I
a. and M Angel odri e; Dr Du Wi
and Mrs.Juan .Morales, Mr. and ,
Mrs. Julio C. Pedra; Mr and Mrs.
Jalme de Leon; Mr. and Mrs. To- W i a C
mas Gabriel Duque; Mr. and Mrs..
Jose Manuel Parede; Mr. and Mr,.
Roberto Motta Mrs. Iosaio Al-! .J
varado de,-Cerack: and Dr. and
Mnr. Aleiandro Perez Venero.
of white omantilly lace and pleated
tolle ober beavy aitppr satio. The

Swas similarly embroidelred and was
7 t attached to a tiny eoronet ofchan-
A tilly and tulle. Sh carried a show.
er bouqet e( white orchids.
SMiss Nivia Diaz, sister of the
brido, was her maid of honor, and
the bridesmaids were Miss Aurita
L Carbon, Miss Panama Delvalle,
Miss Marltza Van Hoorde, Miss
Maria Cristina Herrora. ndMiss
Patricia Cersick. W
Mr. Vlrglio de Lew servedd the
bridegroom as best man, and ush.
, en -weif Mr. John Albritton, Mr.
Cario s Iaz, Mr. Roberto Rosania.
...l.5 Mr. Olme_ Diazz. and Mr. Frank
...Um Aantp.,
Immaraffifay &HOlewig the core
Smouy, reLeptiwon wahed at the
Panama Golf Club.

. ynK r A in e who bas soft viit.
Bm lag oe~ sthrnms far several
| weeks wis l her mother, Mrs.


epad wI lhe atld it inbe
pmM u, oi Friay. April 2. 1 4N
mberrlp Is liwhltd t a attnd.
wmrerii wlf em owe at 7:30 pAL.

AIT Dog Food


I ACa_

O-yer doo oa hinw tIe'mplee IMke
en*L*Ration = I known for, alus the new and
snmataiet odor-dintnspg beeftas of cblrophykuin-
al at no extra cota
Xen-L-Radsomwh cbeRqphyila n shteM breath and
body odor hbive la teawd proHi with dog
wnts* who asw aem Ka-L*matui brimp unblievable
Start aduling Kea4-ndm Wday mad ow good-bye
to dog odos foreverI

---",- ----.-..-.-
- Coa,, dW A-t.3t, p,,4ed wi& les
,asma ...'k9SL ,ef omva .
e at map a te d I e f lPa' Vh d s .
'OU ***h fflbstM-dt CMl]o




don't "mask" bad breath...

et riLd of it with


h- si f, homawfter-bowi p- N
tie from bed breath m,be poy mith
COlMoodent Tooth Pute. The in's-
Cloropby* Pha'I
C&orodnmt couM bm lots of aClo .
phy ... ot all tooth pam as ve
much. And Chlorodmea aI 1 1al.
ishing agent clean teeth mmimraHay
"b Uwan any other ladi0g toot pam
G6 chodkt today far a awee


I --. -

+, +_ _,n +

_ _


'bT~ ..-,'. ..

I- TTT TT -v.era, includit agtt's t Be io Walting an appeal for B
S,- two guads toda and e :e..edt l.. for n a
S.. e ai f wia-hse P-o

dose o Grge Jessel. He was on to TV Kim Stanley on in the twin ara d the
S every third show, or so it seemed. best stage and TV actresses FBI Joined the hunt bea ed.NW
But gradually the Jessel shows played through an entire *"D eral prIonedurt e He is s ltafandppea l for i

ing. His sponsors just axed the last hae sh ys "that I could picked up another aut.
Ao, Mamma, I'll be home Fortunately, she played a drunk- mae theis bsk when thei
oon" woman. Shows you that were released fro their cell to
.a brokenifot Sl a ilver ining. hea clea up the
With "Omnibus" off. air- 4y slusged u Allp e Patrick \ ..
and t wlar't ,a beemn Kelly and -forced an econd jagil
In it e o a mOt ofis W. Schtick, to open an out F
*36j~ w^ wi (S .TV` is re- sde door at the point of a
0sp d rIa t r ma afternooncrudely-made knife.

any seduWoai cos ndtl a X -ar The two federal prisoners were
"ly OSWALD JAOBt and Fed will s tart a nowProl oMur Jarvis, 2r, R Lmond. Id.
r social functions We called"The AericanWe'y ned anted another bank ero Donald ea

that wEdo not aDW how to playfl sV akoy" Matthewsa. 30, were own aC the r w aCgt b fme wheeln
S aitte hfr NEA Service "Mn o the Week" Will r move in,

a Cincinnati eforrspondent. arom c luelne Officials said the escape alp- know how she fel. They p
p a p b ss.Pular as a pAressBtl rR
ame at churchclub This will be ety torobbin twin clanderbern, a Aen "fourtime r An ngwte opened the
sad ether social functions. iWe fd Phil Silvers' friends and who loser" from St. Paul .erber ln f rsop n who geftsHR feeling
Isn't? but the happy comedian and another escper, Donald eu
that which I take. I no progrlly d V aoy Matthew on 30 were knotown a the er at and
Smart hand B ut I sold Se. v So a tin it," hesaid, Mutt aBefore fleeibandg, thes in r o-ed ar fullt racs on alon
k'w l ri thpade i wat heod e ertah tha is suler or next opened the cell of Volney Da-l with the at r king a house

kai w t a .fllC .pla f. of. A 'you' see those e big black a member of ifthe notorious was Bar-pet out of the racsacoyn.
afted for it. Latw th other to pogrear. J t ouse ayou re Faell, 20, F ort Riley,

y ers, I was faced with a imi- onth tu," he sa with a Ph.
It was probably wrong to lead Hedon like ars, you an t o round a "Jack n, oe otw men ubbe -

thi suit both times. We ahn't givaeo ott Benny-type format," with a "fae renchcoat" bandits whose PRINCEON'M .- (UP) -

definite answer on this int iy of characters." He himself
er trump to the third in a coved an u was robbing twinties Mrs. Allen neral wholow doesn'tte opened the
aons on leading that may help he's on the straight and ataandinow

Players of 500. e r the wiggly anl wide. Arrives
The declare usuat h as length "You knows wi arrive, with a Philmost New Ore fleng, the prisoners strold a full- raccoonalong
Ina parteular spade suiWhat sholdl erta h ler, sumthmer or next opened the cell of Volney Davis, with the c She's making a house
as in the trump at and his ledfail.And'yu'll ee. those. I've bigblck a member of te notori.......ou Bar- pet out of the raccoon.
s to draw trumps and thn st up eyeglasses who lover week, not ick- ustAA" l 5
ized for sur on, with other "I don't believe un that once a
I. ayers, e was faced with a simi. month tuff," he said with
rlms aldo sltd ledn the eitLt *lversishI* i* hiseyes. "If UNIEDI COM PANYC

Sisasoi 'besultein "rit m. don't l do it do th way the' j
wronlh tnang times" the way ome across. NI F IT
S It was probably wrong to lead He'd like to work out a "Jack
that suit both times. We en't iv Benny-type format," with a "am-
a a definite answer on ths point s fly of characters." He himself
w- without knowmg all the facts but would play his specialty-a guy.Great White Fleet
we can make some general oaber- who doesn't particularly care if
,; various on leading that may help he's on the straight and narrow
S players of 500. r -r- wigelw Yoranwide.k Service Arrive
The declare usually has length MadelYou now,e Caollid, withl do a Phile- w Orleans Service Crtobal
in a particular side suit as well milversish leer.'s a little lar-
as in a thetrump s.k and his plannot con- allek draati sh own Mutual "YAQU"......... .. Apr

is to drew trump n mustard try t guess reiole, called "This Is the Story." "MAOKA ...... ......................April
his Barnerg side uit.The careers ta-they couldvery buyitheater,fS. "LEVERS END" ................ ..... .. .. i
p...ri.r should try to cooperate In mfthey like free tlckets;pI most ". "io ........................A ri
th plano e. 0 'thy parts ik 'Top Bau tna,' ,.S.,,S AOLA. ......................... a
W declare erbegins n or angel yet O body hated R lBUgRA $" a............... ... ..Apruil
I sour ausand then switch ~ tn ao or y *nd leSmed Chlled at' e le
'miultit should be eIS~.JlbJj I don't plan it Wi Way ;It's JustC
led y our own weakest sult, the de. ive doll ,ome across." ______ e

clarer will beneht p pront your "H come" -
Fl wtniep soul hvel nde ,c..Iting, So dnewu. a14. m Phil aners,. c a '

ithatli sild t ie bn apigood shape. wne er---vc A
arer wit tump and be. Store sweep around Broadway New York ...............................AM
S If declare, and your suhppn to Madeleine Car r s oft ice c abe melts Aneles and San Fra s a.ebl
in a t uimp k and cannot con m a.eek in ramedium oven. Show on Mutual
nue trup nto must try guess radio. cal.tled Thisy v s erbo Story." A man S.S. MAJOttle .....................................

Sometime leading an aM ce rtah t sqoande a rm aanin cida .I indl ka
Il".s if ht*e Is n th"r resou=Se .: -+."-,' A. S ... .
S prefer tohe lead a suit in(or worse ti head bruised beaten and bat- TELEPHONES:tobal to N
dots not bold m te aor the ace) is tha d Is sopped on the stler, asking
-If your guess is right, when Vyo for14 -_._Acn o d t
led your own weak suit, the do e dollars?" Murrays the pal CRISTOBAL _1 PANAMA COLON _
clarer will benet fro your tch beenOW come?" l l .
Sprompt action. If it is wrong, and 'Tmsurprisinqmy ife tonight,"peal nd trip farefrom CuoIbl to Nw I
"e your partner's long. sutis one. n the. tuto aild. ".'m tAng her out Sp+ l rn l tri f ronatean toNe e
bIch you have toe ace or king, to dinner." [Ae Angeles, SanFmanc~o and Seattle.
&*^mon will still be .n good shap e, -
A=- I ft itRll w trump and be- Storle sweep around Broaldway To New York............................... 0A
S I- and your suk p-faster tha.' P soft ice cobs melts To Los Angeles and San fraeisco........ 270"
4,,barrios .85 will then make in a medium oven. This onp is To Seattle..................
theas set up his suit. bping.bald by everybody. A mana
T, e *'th leading an see w -l vO broken arms, bandaged
In the wpaeg suit (or, worse still head, bruised, beaten and bat-. TZLRONNS:
eadingwgy from the ace) is thmi tered Is stopped on the street by
Yalu h-.the opponents develop an olad pal.
suit when you should be help-l ".ya, Lucky," says the pal. ClUTO L2121 -1 PANAMA. 24M4 COLON 1@
Af -, your partner develop him suit..'"w ltcha been doim' lately?",
-4 tHvRIN WUItIN. lanetoss' something Forgotten iai Russ WIIITZU A .M
_.+ .... ...... i

um cLWI ra Im I "so n

. ALLS 00w

- IlmatDemJtz


"1. aSl. LAM P Il

- N lNllm






7W -

~a S -

~. -' .--

- r, m
I, '
it 4 ~ i

; >;.4 K-

4''. i '.




re ~.e


,1 4

I ~d.

.9T'~Y -.

,* A.. -;, -. -

*. -.-..
,.-- ., .- | '.*.- ^.*,:, :

I'~4 ~


* R*.*. .

was. uN' ta eme arge"a. 0. t"

.s.h R a ,, he SSrrBe,,si t.. t a D cembeW I i tato vee h mouaier ltise
S3W te gd y, b aw. WMW c tant s uan .a

;-.. .. MT...., ,_."*dR ._-.a. "=
'.. ., 1"* ,-."- "-O. W ..,_ >. wiM"g *f." &nd: i a

Abe a to th derEdsTe arsr -Ltft&o=11W
at 17 T 15tk Wote 1T, n !. Lb ee
tff* Wa ohr 1I'*. to Ii '.2sn h detechion 't c an "a.f advice to ilalyweod ne the debatl
for ta mlrnte Let's te out ouri

b ho b5 Ta e O th atda i. eas we BOw4Bpegol d wp.t a
R% a meet at th oitlubse in an p il a ner ()

,M* a ,i @ .u a40stern o.tarh, as! sor a romes ()
SW ay e n writer a the cript b uc wat plot r toriel and I f I
t* hrsthSl saied .in eto all. the proe a Itt a gof.. g 1eny. arofd .id ad seie prem-

luMCs reg9laneeUngof B Gat oped ata-large l ina n le snoouts to which he ob t *. 's
A- gt witht thir aftf to ahmch he obInto tedbat
v~ishe aghe nd so A oEatr R ,i _____onWA___do d9 1A bosgodwiin ul
IId~h i i mlii n B l i esa em ,a om

* UI'And .lrowing
S (bacokof th Aneon pundry
S ... rtain: 8:30 p.mj, .
T"tk ta on saI,at b gmar's or oa t h Th *0. i




1:31. 3:M. 5:U, 7:1, 9 p.m.-I:L, i 4:115, :84 *i lI
IvIR KF- -

aaomtlew*aAme t "ALL THE BROTHERS
w omen ver smuS WERI VAIANT"




Lux Furniture

Robert Stock Joan Taylor, in "WA* PAINT"
-Wius: -

____ ____ ___ ____e e lD

DIABO AM -: 1:45


. Jo n WA M E
nm~me IM
01 ~lJOc =AnTl) :
S_A jj WKA~

ppe areah cocadWo

9o1 Bhioy AMdME

Murnso l datnon untla boya

1 anda o Mbn Bser v an-
raed for theam to bury, turn-
Mieo Miea mi t s ,esy ner

Sb as s to trhe
ts 5Slom odl t.ORe

n their X T bomidy w, wle
Ox retis dt until a tt of
Vow lr ncs to buray, 2.
ieka, Okprl..y, wheno r es ar

d papers found i Dto, said
lot anto Smith.rad d o-
ther In her place. Smith coro-
iTned to her early this week
st rA ad Mapp.eared witt
S ast9 a canoumera d
men hous in Da .
MM' AM Oraidy -roomed to_

I but Mhs didnMo & b


fer this ntk aly

Automobile Row No. 38
trel. 3-3399

Mrti sand Lewis. In
*Ing Crosby, in
n. LOW

LolaFl In
"= Trd r pema Amal"

Jean Peter, In

Hu|go nm, In
"GEI ON m 2 m= WE,
Suman Haywartd
"I Can et It I4 Wi

Ii" -


__ __ *-- __ __ __ __ __ __ __ U- __ __ EU _______________________ -I




Tin wa
EL Baorl n
t ,4


1 it
w obn byoa
m moa rv"m,



~.:3- @4


- --





I DOsey
aiStha -



APRIL 15th


\ him


. r -..-. -m =.. L o
.inm m


APRIL 22nd



0 0 : 4'*





zp ei tmn Wm


II *j~- Arv
-. K-. -

BALBOA 6 8:f4 5

__~ ~~*OWNI__


- --- --

rr...! ..;.:-..


- I V



./ .



- ".. .
,, ,."" '

...'.~ "-v ,. L m


.. -*' **


7 Strue No 13
JuNo Arnemmw AvG. and 33 AL
8Wrest No. M

CA8A ZALDO &mew ftt*W de PRMAMO
Canirai Ave 1410 45 C= lAvA

Fourth ol atJuly Ave. Caps AMI .

H Ara at Nn o7

FOR SALE:- 25-cyce frigidaire re-
frigerator, all porceloin. House 111-
A.,Phone 5-206, Gotun.
SFORWSALE:-Blond dining set: Buf-
t6C *ropleaf table, eight choirs up-
holstered, also gas sto5e. Phone
Balboa 3708. ____
FOR SALE:-Leaving. Bargain, 25-
cycle oil porcelain refrigerator, bed-
rogm set. Call any time, 0840-G,
*Bblbo..____ ___
- :pJ SALE-.- Rattan furniture. Sim-
. mons bed. diningroom, Frigidaire,
ItOve. Leaving Isthmus. Phone 2-
2249. Panama.___
S. SALE -Set of gears and motor
S..for 25-cycle Easy washer. Spindrier,
4$30, Sears ironer. 25-cscle, $40,
rnahogany china closet. curved glass
sides, $20. 210-0, Pedro Miguel.
^Phonie 4-317. *..
R SALE: Late model General
Electric refrigeraotr, like new; gas
o, Good price. No. 2, 48th St.,

FR SALE:- Chest of drawers, re-
cently refinished. Any reasonable
offer accepted. A/lc Pugh, House
,54, Apt. 3, )io Porros.

Boats & Motor.

FOl SALE: 16' boat with coblTi,
completely equipped and car heat-
er. Phone Gu ick 88-539.
FOR SALE:-1 1-foot boat with 3.6-
hp. outboard $110.00; also 4.5-hp.
Martin outboard completely rebuilt
this yeer $80.00. Albrook 4226

S fMiscellaneous
SAiNTED: Ventilating fan, wall-
mounting, with capacity for large
It. re. F. Icazo & Co., Inc.

Help Wanted
WANTED:- HousewbrRer, responsi-
ble. experienced to sleep in.. Apply
* serweenr 11:30 noon at
S'6 TivaH Avenue. Apt. 11.,

tVNTIE:-One stenotype machine;
.also one textbook. Call Balboa

merican Legion

OH1Id. Birthday
m icC Sunday
i r.a

FOR SALI:--194 Chevrmlet ls dee
Deliver (light pa el tm *). ideal
for l fiery s se set, de-, 4
lIivemy Tervices h vehicle ia lt eos-
celleont coditon, will selafice feo
only $900.0. Duty Pmd. Cell GC-
leo 211 or CoI, 146 ., I
FOR SALE: Going Stateside Save
$600 on 1953 Ford like new, only
10 months old. '5700 easy miles.
V-8 Customline with Fordamotic &
w/s/w tires, undercoated. Phone
Albrook 6188. A_
FOR SALE: -, 1949 Mercury coupe
$650.00. Phone, .Ibrook 5237, Sgt.*
Willett. Building No. 810.
FOR SALE :-Olds 1947 Hydramatic
blue Tudor sedan. Good tires, radio,
seat-covers. Driven 2000 miles
since complete engine and Hydra-
maflc overhaul. Best cash offer.f
Saturday, Sunday and after duty
hours weekdays colt Albrook 6197
or Kobi, 4290, ______
FOR SALE: 1946 Dodge 2-door,
good condition, radio, heater, visor,
spotlight, Fluid drive, good tires.
5623-C, Diablo, 2-4483.
FOR SALE:- Buick 1946 super 4-
door sed4n. Perfect condition, clean.
Reasonable. 83-6175, Curundu.

WANTED :-We buy for cash, stan-
dord geared 1951-52 4-door Chev,
role, In excellent condition. Ga-.
rage Elios. opposite Roosevelt Hotel,Y

Real Estate
home by more Canal Zone families
than any other city in the U.S A. Force
information on a home to suit yourl
specifications write James F. Olive.i
c/o Robt. E. Leo. Realtor. 611 FtrntC
Ave. North. St. Petersburg, Fla. (33
yenrs of real estate eyoE.leno. j
FOR SALE:-BUILDING, suitable for
warehouse, shop. Corner 50th and
12th Streets, San Frqncisco. F, ca-
_za Co. .
FOR SALF.-Two lots in olf-Hei ts
at corner of Old Panama eod and/
Calle Antigua, facing oceon. Call
F. A. Raymond. Telephone 3-0023.F

Aflk We lUnkff,

Ex-Canil Employe,

Ds h Carolin.

"fe Aerlc*n Legion. will cel- News of the. death March 9 In
ate l anniVersary with Clay-1 aSt.e. Georg. .C.. of Henr A'len
SP No. 7 sponsoring a Westendorff. well-known retired
n on April 4 at Summit r- Canal employee, was received
ens frm n a.m. to 6 p.m. Monday at Balboa Heights. Mr.
The nime-hot festival will In- Westendorff was 77 years old.
fde tres beer, free soda, door Born in Charleston, B.C.. Mr.
u,?, pony rides and various Westendorff worked for several
other picnic highlight. yeam with what is now the At-
S- lantie Coast Line Railroad be-
-0 ,fo00 R d fare coming to the Caoal Zone
WUO Reds in Wovember, 1912.
He worked continuously with
(Co obnued fram Page 1) the Isthmian Canal Commission
vbe the free world that it must until the new organatlon was
Idaintain without letup its eco- formed, transferred to the per-
m diplomatc an miit anen Canal organisation, and
nomic. diplomatic an d.miitary *r9ed without a break as a fore-
programs against Communism, man painter n the Mechanicalor
particularly In the far east. nter l the Mchanical
. Thesecretary also will outline Dlvision.
the possible dangers Red Since his retirement In 19M,
Skery the Ales can expect Mr. and Mrs Westendorff had
Meet when they sit down at lived in St. George where they
e Geneva bargaining table A- operated a tourist home.
X 20. During his long residence oit
Dulles' address will be before the Isthmus he was active in
tO Overseas Press Club In New Masonic affairs. He was a life
Wk. member of Abou Saad-Temple in
Balboa and of the York Rite
iWith Communist forces creep- body, as well as an Masonic or-
eloser to the French fortress ganizationa in Jacksonville Fla.
DBliena Phu. President El- and Charleston.
sent messages to Mr. Westendorff is survived
sident Rene Coty and by his wife a daughter, Mrs. FP.
N ,m Empror Bao Dal ex- L. Nosworthy. of Cocoa, Florida;
the profound admira- one son, James W.: two grand-
himself and "millions of children and a number of nieces
coa ltrymen" for the "brave and nephews.
reutareful fight" being
d by French and native
ps s iN the Reds. LEGAL NOTICE
e Pedent asked that his UTED STATE C
dishes" be conveyed to the UNITED STAT ISTCT COURT
commander of the ",al- R THE DISTRICT Of THE
t arrisoh of Dien Blen Phn. CANAL ON
*Ass Secretary of State Walter Blb" ~ Divi .
SRobertson said In an Ipter- IN THE IMATTE'rF T IF ESTATE
ew on the Gannett News Berv- or
radio program. "Caoital Me- N.FRANK .- MAULDIN. Depaell d
that the United States wil 2,1hra, ppllatatenm a Tomta
.make anv "danwerosUa or eofarr masm..... ao.^ou"rt
once ssions" to the Corn-m n1Or Chia f B.e4ame.
iM1atat 1t Oeneva In an effort ina nre .h -prbso Ushe. wi elf
end the Indochina war. FRANK n. MAULDIN. deoersed ad for
I-v'imn- e aof let ters tamaetary to Sa-m.
W -Frth ench are anxious m'i It. Ma11udle or f aeslent or f..f.
| f i.h wr.. t mI"' m child o* deadmr*l aq filed
n aplemienlt of Uie war At in ih, Court a oNe t 17. 19(4 and tht
V Ctwt anfd jsnme Amer- Aril tes as .'elo'k &.. in the
d ear they wnv may Cnuroim. of thi co r at Ant on. Caacl
i~mri en d Red Chlnese s lidettrn S.*bloat farlif hmday T.
fora truce on =or- so nom isoat ted appea r&ad osute
Storm. the name. and *hba nute. If say. why
fi-t'i1 ektleeni lead- ,Sld ettile. ,healmn .t e wated..
i de M OP lead-tch IT 11 4.
W.Itam V. mwaCnd Ca C. T. CriChk. J,.
b s warn c the admin- ,SEALI Cleh of Court.
_.." hat th e OeLva con- H e .
MS 111SS ^jmty, cloc


Control Avenue, "K" Street Corner
Telephone 2-3479 Panama.


Sealed bids, for opening In public. will
be received until 3:00 p.m., April I5,
1954, in the office of the General
Manager, Commissary Division, Mount
Hope, Canal Zone for 300 only emp-
ty metal drums and 5,000 only empty
potato socks located at the Commis-
sory Division LndustrIkl Labordtory
and Cold Storage Plant, respectively,
Mouot Hope. Invitation No. 10 may
be obtained frnm the office of the
Supply Director, Balboa Heights or
from the office of the General Man-
ager, Commissary Division, Mount
Hope, tefepHone 3-2653 ..

FOR SALE: --- Electrolux vi c u u m
cleaner, practically new with ol at-
tachments, including cord winder
and attachment holder; new KAoak
Pony 1.35 comeo, ease and flash.
Phone Ponbom.'3-2732._
Seoled bids. for opening in public, will
be received until 10:30.o.m.. April 13,
1954, in th office, of Superintendent
of Storehouses, Balboa, for electric
blowers, buckets, ii'r compressor,
crane truck, drills, diesel engine, met-
ol spray g u n, engineers' levels and
tronsits, loader attachment, wood-
working machines, testing point dur.
ability machine water meters, motors,
lawn mower, electric lighting plants.
pumps, thinner stake, tank. tractor and
fire fighting' trailer located at Section
"I." Balboa Storehouse, telephone 2-
2720j coffee urns, chain hoists, axes.
buckets, pipe and pipe couplings, se-
don, jractors and gate elves located
in th4 "390" Area, Balbo*" cords, air
compressor and trecters located at the
Cristobal Storehouse, telephone 3-
1265. Invitation No, 7r moy be ob-
tained from ite *above soUrces.'or frpnr
office of Superintendent of Store-
houses, telephone 2-1815.
FOR SALE:- G.s. "obie sdio $15;
Westingh 'jge afrletw,. 25,-cychl
$40; t.p- female Cbgiers. house.
broken, one red, yuan $35, oAe
black, t year $25. Clayton 3149.
water heater. Wednesday, 31st; is
lost day of $9.50 introductory of-
fer. Regular price $15 00. Phone
Inowi 2-1326, Radio. Colidenia,
126 Central Avenue.

Sand Fork's Jail
Sold For $231; No
Inmate For 20 Yrs.
SAND ORK, W. Va., March
29 (UIP)-The town Jail was sold
at auction for .231 today because
It hadn't held a prisoner in 20
Glen brIngston. local oil pros-
pector, bought the Jail but he
didn't sa8 what it would be used
About i0 prospective buyers
turned out to bkid on the little
white building near the center
of this town of 275 peaceful per-

Mayor C, M. Johnson acted
auctioneer, trying to squeeze
the highest possible price for t
rtmun-down, two-room hooseg
for the benefit of Sand Fi
streets. This $231 will be used
road repairs.

The town officials rented the
building as a dwelling for sev-
eral year,. but the last tenant
left some time ago.
'We used to have a drunk In
the Jail once in a while, but that
was a long time ago," store man-
ager Ray Jones. a member of the
Town Council, said.
Jones said Sand Fork doesn't
even have a police department.
"We appointed a Town Mar-
shal a couple of years ago. just
to fill out the books. But we
don't even have that now.'
Mayor Johnson summed it up
This Is a good community."
Ihe said. "Everybody lives peace-

Leal Notice
so*" ofDIIwe.
Iei. t1IN, Pebete
N"..'L1 0 herebY give. SOt a P.l-
Fi 1.,- tj WO teof f t illf of A.oe
Nathailel Finmed. de esmd: and for, he
iaaw af l-weo admals .* e Vp
larur eUarh II 11r54. and that Apr
to areU'be b t eari ng meld pe.
ham ad whey ayr m ia-
m W appear and ee ftet the
Pi clbw eagnl. Vay. w "Id
tabohM Net he m mtkl
Ikqla sam- c-1i 30.. I" Maro


C. ltk COiS B J,.
Cs aftCaoe.
f *&&&.IL

WILLIAMV &eec CtoMe ech Cot'
f=oes. condm wersl, meinuem,
nem bkoeom low050 ace .
Pfilpe. OcameMioe Mtaem SenB
Clare, Bo 485, *ol Phone
m 4.877.163.

Foter. Cotteoeew One mile -O
Sant a CbRm. -; bring your
|in|m-. L Phs olbk" I a

Gramlch Sant Cro fBch cottOio
electric efrlgftion, go. st a s
moderato ra. Phoe 6-441 er


FOR RENT: -= Chalet: 4 bedrooms.,
livingroom. diningroom, kitchen,
garage and large yard. 150.00..
52nd Street No. 1.5. Telephone 3-
2229 during office hours. Caretak-
or across the stret.

:OR RENT:-Furnijhed resideace, No.
36 Cuba Avenue: 4 bedroomm 3
bathrooms, lvingrooma diningroom,
kitchen, receiving room, bar, maid's
room, grnge. Telephone 3-34 a or

FOR RENT:-Luxurtou, cool, unfur-
nTshed 3-bedroom penthouse in fine.
residential district, Abundant closet
space, nmoid's mom, etc. Call 2-
1661 during office hours.
FOR RENT.-3-bedroom chalet both-
room, laundry room, 2 porches.
fenced yard. First Avenu6 No. 4,
Sait Francisco.
FOR RENT: Furhished chalet, 2
rooms and garage. 6th Avenue No.
14. Coc del Mar, San Francisco.

A m rtauas

ATTDfN N I. Just buit rwodeA
p.. eee t, aem twe
bedroom., hot, cold woer. Tel.
ephane Panome 3.4941.
FOR RENT: Moderm ju pointed
apartment: livln-iningroom, two
bedroom, hpt water, etuMts, go-
rage. Justo Aroemena 97. top floor.
FOR RENT: Modfn 2.-bqm
aariment.wlt! Itvkwi and 'liIo-
room. kitchen, md's .re-& nd
both in El Congrejo, neiawigo od
of Hotel El Panama. For further
particulars pleod call 3-4968.
FOR RENT.-Two-bedroom fumrised
apartmtnt. one aolr-conditioned, eg
Perei.l Street. Call 3-1277.

FOR RENT: Two-bedroom opart-
ment, living and dininl)oOm, ga.
rage. maid's room. Champsaur, T1el.
FOR RENT:-Lorge.I fne 2-bedroo
unfurnished apartment, 2 both-
rooms. Best residential district. Call
2-1661 during office hours,
FOR RENT:- Small apartment and
office Ithird house on street adjoin-
ing Hotel El Ponamo). Moderately
Priced. Apply Foto Halc6n Inext
door). Telephone 3-1179 or 3-
FOR RENT: N'ce furnished apart-
ment with refrigerator and gos
stove. Military inspected. Via Por-
ras No. 99
FOR RENT One-bedroom. apart-
ment, completely furnished, two-.
bedroom furnished. Available
15. Tel. 3-4911, Household Ex-
FOR RENT Two-bedroom apart-
ment, nice and cool. screened, un-
furnished. 3rd Street, Son FrAncis-
co. Telephone ialboo 1464

_ow FOR RENT -2 months, one-bedri
ork furnished apartment. Call 3-1
for or 3-3474.

FOR RENT:-BUILDING, suitable for
warehouse, shop. Corner 50th and
12th Streets, San Francisco. F. Ica-
zo Co.

___ Room

FOR RENT:-Furnished room to n
ried couple without children, %
kitchen privilege. Tel. 3-5099.

wirn I

FOR RENT -In Bella Vis't. beauti-
fully furnished large room. kitchen,
privilege. Ave. Mexico 69, near
43rd St.. Phone 3-0553.
FOR RENT -Nicely furnished, large.
clean, cool room. All modern con-
veniencet & good neighborhood
Peru Ave. No. 65, lower left.

Legal Notice
Babee DIle*m
N. 9199. Pmbehft
NOTICT. tih hert*r *et vau hut
ion fnr t he abate of lbe wIll Or Bd.
'Wrdl C Tnwansd. deeased: eud fw tL
iuin-u of letter TmmeutMare to .
ry T-uad wag fle itol t ltk cM
o- Meah .1. 1.e4, a) that Aenl 12,
154 at S Ioefk M.i, hi is. CMearm
Of 'hit Comm' t Aneaem, Ca-l ege. m-
be% at lot thr hmarhat *e if a eti.,
May aP-ar a ndma owt the same. &"
&hbw iae.. al, Why lleitMlpe
Should not be e a-iced.
DNad mt .i..naeo. Ca al go". -
a c. T 1, 1cconflaft
%ILVr ,La
*^y iMc L ijf



A W 'i -
*A MaWd Rwa Wy o

i Bmal t inGr
'1. *

G"O .. ,NOVI, INC.
t v, T_ LIX 1

I 0149 P w = I


He coth* r Td f*1 l

SAlbe &mwaadq
MeWM; 4 t p.B.

Hornett E. Dunn

zmt I IUuI

. -
f t m t, i'

25 I. kd. *_' 1.

eat "a 1 3f

.Ri 41.... ON

mo =

fackee, phippesN, Om".&
P. f.. muat gu

upean M ache to Ultrao
iatte sad yd*aaati' ttanig
mlaslt offen him proeilo6a's

RUpairn. instaation of ga
astofe. water eatee, et,





New,. ied.m sagtl t
We By agaSe
4l Aatmehite Dew

cs. t a. .*
Santa Avm Plai'


S.ow e
i or lbs

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p of t
'ce w r ga ra

InBut ientuck r aot m age o

ile r know they had have
it wallt TJohn e emaon forp.

hBt lKentuaM matter of
eadv. Iawen ce W. Wetohaby

ialm th~s year to beate eapi an.
ahnot beft John aeraas coop
l ad the knew ow to etm-

paor tomal ey. w%.
r. h atdwrnc e W. Wtberby
s "I think beftie Idealmnoa:.
ment an em ad later he "rtrghat
Iy advaeed" the veteran cam-

plSenar to arkle Is so hh in

h will be the uaestloned
tor. ll v-

orat embltm.1a

Steveusen InuaW.anm
Ony one piseasiueisa
ud e f
brot un.w sesb'

And mnt fige at- 5

I of dhf ull n s ofme
eonrm leavnef now ,=r4i.h-e?

Tedm I' sge w i'* ne

ed, up.
moer and fte aa

roly one pwoth wiIe hi a
to sade: 7
A~taemita 011 onlym ap9
t H o ty. .

Tea. ago. Ja7 BW arother. ena
toriUL cmacBrt

sahoutKd "I'm just settlac warm.
thnmorlthan&W hmur omwW and

this pokll e e be tes



b os badt that h .head
swan e' t
;ua ade.laMff AloWo
1, buc =lve'lweR received
Sadi;endiver), w onlyo

I by a, imulty
iH4 f a fuvln .aer dive.
standard ito .
tree JudueJ who w i cat-
tta* 'p werLe so leced to
in.&ta to poio to ethe
'rea 4fnm dory angle.
wrV-sthe audience regauld
h .M*fta' hed-flt
a, more oletor than the
weru. Sdwpite the fact
; they wer 4 to be leoa
uLa o m10 E m Fajardo.
Swore a dthandem rotu hi
t bat led ob M wax fored
AbIn Prl- Wrm follow-
hs iwvtmfmaj 710 ft. level.
abuffpto 90 S bi g court .
7tai -14 Terry
-t---I I SRady ..orida.
,d bo nd the 8_ l
leve. The asb ier said
beli _$ m a
p9 to, be-t ertaken -y

a pme St point when
&= loosened w
ooko rosms athe 120-foot
1. solomonw thrown off
SAC and tea .ideways, but
ed t ftnifhtfn pft an
before hitting the wat-
d wab lnhtrt.
fourth ace was Otto.
of Comb Ohio with
aInto. Te 4 etants vied
b=nor*. durlat a three-day

f is Ready
Coonstlnued $fr*me Va*W
ch nmeting of the Balb
S C~mmittte of Manm
2 htewin be held ith E
SChluon A Bdea Road.
%6-fofrml prmtabesto,
how noon when thet ol Im-
w*l board a train at boa
to a Oabo a where
boardoad r OnU
k the rieiabtr of the
hbound tranmlt, do1k64-- at
boa about 6 p.M the
tilers will bie w.loed for-
& *t to 8: 'chtel they
honored wit a reception


Protests Expected
WASUlOTON, Marh' 29 (UCP)
--Inbrmed sources rqevaled, to-
day that President Eisenhower
his decided 4n ask Congress to
cut tariff* even'though the move
is likely to kick off a major pol-
itical squall.
Mr. Eisenhower called his con-
ressional leaders to the White
Rouse this morning for a preview
of the proposal and the overall
forei trade program he is ex-
peted to outfine In a special mes-
,sage, to Congress this week.
Summoned especially for the
was larence B. Randall,
M e chairman and head
President's Bipartisan
SMon Foreign Economic

memberaip in tbe worM _iai -
*The b'ited N .toBns et M.nt
dbre without the supprtof *.1
opinion in the United Stas:
said. That is a simple etatemI
of fact. Let no one who bohI fte
U. N. dear lose sight of th at
fact." Wiley said he oppoeed ad.
mission of RedChina the U.N.
1. It is impossible to by peace
and security by apes n a a
gressor economncaul ltarily r
politically. h .
2. Red China should aet be
lowed to shoot her way into
U. N. or recognition by Waah*.
ton because the U. S. hold 'not
turn her back on proven alii
such as Nationalist China or South
3. Th highest military echelons
of the S. government have de-
termined th. maintenance of a
free Formosa, the seat of the Chi-
nese Natioalist governumtt, .4
essential -to the security of hois
nation and of the entire Pacific.

A. -


. 1. :
-i."* '

, 1 AEsU A21-

S "il.e gel lre LM 1Ou Kim.

*v & se e elUg rai l pamppe*
1.-mea* af -BM
^- b ,u r h' *
LACTOEN pimlsobIn a bm

S6 ZOO ^r-^
[grli r M .. ..'^ .-


_ ~_______ ~__ _~

m In

Wiley Warns' UIhM4yst

Self If Red China's Admitted



at. I

-- -t I -; Im ob wo

- lmp p_


rI L- -



IJ4a I',! 1"






4 '.+T*

- .--"


NEW YORK, Marc 4,T 3
Sdn. Alexander Wiley,' e4il .
of the Senate Foreign itelatiou
Committee, warned the United Ma;.
tons today it will risk seif-de-
strutioa if it admits Red China
to membership over United States
oppoitio. .
The adnBnistraion's chief d p
ein poley spokesman in the seo-
stlaid several governments
heve expressed the hope a'- ar-
roigteent can be made wt paw

Ike WI Ask Cut


.. 2 1

A R...... ............... S
I'.-, P C
"_.._ t ........ & 0

.. ef n.... Ped e.b ...........' 1 0

,,se *': .::.. 1 -. ; _/
PA O ......... .4. .. .

a4 0 0 ?alomas 3 03 0 ,7 5
'4 0 aPumM 000 13010-14 6 8.

1 .4
........'.. SPO Vty

2W c. ..........." i

I_ -I1

93::lesky. p iilu:-e .4 ,a5
e ...-* *****"*** T We. e

1f i .. 'It o Dark ta .6 Sa i

Nsaum a~..ani U ea M. i ea -

=" =--'--'-
cd sofa team4- in
gas h-iseo When tem a .n tat te. h ae

.. -"a (H AM T

e n^mr MMM 4, ,e. 4 n
-i" Sadism L Grl ren.l
..1-B m~k~ 8be LOrhiter Itt r
ure saemetfi ahierhW erOAr
Stmt reak when :%4 0m :9

as.Umr thn
l eo f the gem.
Sa seas harnep Ce brsab sabtt
S"upsfih. 1in 1a4. vt*Oa fr the-r
ona_^ 'athe Cereperls oLeasd I

-man'- I IM fu-Pu La' e i' A.

,.-., (.xum -sAess l oa

aira. (Int.) 000010 0 1 47
1Indsn and rinaman: More-
head, Agewa (t4), m Ier (
m~il-uo-. -.
Atilaom MlE .-. ,
A44bbeeIit1 0-
ft) 400 1 30-%4300 3
Fm. Littlefield (6). (t9)
and Moa;- inner, acR (4).
we(d. ) > (. -**Wo1* =**o
an 1AGWset (8). r,
soma, 8tephonm, maw, K,
EiXs, Mork.
At -rteem ma C, O i.
Giants 0l 130-10 14 1
In a 02 000 001- 4
t.l (71. Blntlalgo (6 l
ad tm; WC n a (4)

For ( a h anys

the rshe r fmt hefr th -
, AnfR.e lP -
etr' leHar -t R -tega lao ,

itMegt Mee as

now Oan ttis Certain to
lomng oe 0os Relays. 0 ti 4
the fi. i atheohm-nd

m7 Wile nmeinthe
Fyear B'o the elay

tthre S ter fs lt.e Ort-

thg -have a4.n
fualp twop a& ho s
t. 11 itn log m

ItS i Uitt In utLilri
thAC apoetntieblo

e vautd ite pa
rL ye1, Inlil.

"VSl m -S

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inS- G l
,- gr. i,' 'B 'at d r

'...,r.. 2 .- 3,0-- rn.- .., :0 "
.. O.. 4. 1 -,, i s a
.... '... ':. 4 1
906640. 6
i Ob:, i q) ,-W ?!i

ah S .. ,. ..a......' an-- Aarob

I.4 .6... I e i l.-Pit
91. we &, u -i(6), M.

'An .. ...... I IBM .

ri ........... I a .






p. lo ready, wen
ftff thb race was1
hntoat p d li
I* iWio ma-to

fluley scored S
Lw,.. ha

I Wit
--mb -4

Second wo who defeated .n 6 and 0 Hodes, 30, first ba: Go-
Pii.. ... .. .. sf R--Il ....A C "am' atsecond; y "C 1 ohu y
IVh M _orly. in O M" a iK in i S oo .. "- d ,base; Poe Was S37 t't
at e subst itatd was not tro J 1 .2S 3.0 A-Ron I- --
.,t .ield -0- ,. -m ta, m. o.toto'.,m: ,ddd -27 cent" 4

.USa.. ggaLoc aSWli Rj catches. R

fl-nhe 4.. rav. er-.l ,. i ..Track Chaplens e
Vlmnal L0.l en a id-.-i. 1 'Sfr, e... tre oe Smus n lf ti l

M a V tgLa .--,ere 3-. --0 Ier. e ..
,firtll I n.l.. and holes 4 n d -= teae I mor"..,30. -0-,tfloi tt- Ira -- "
..b Cb .... a ow er.ul'.g_ _rls a the Prs e poton. M ma n

I h...........E actwe -S 9 vlu s Danae.s wiro sated Mt t .ieW
ee. f ..............t 1 WO t Rt bom, C ei td, adtefv na. b.uk1
'WM ot f braves1eo hal taed lsI nkowhl d a ey I-WL a l an wo g lie $W .90, 2.20 S

the r p and fine buffe, ............ a_2- fti tft30. .3.. Tra0 tead0 04g"s f jy I m .
L S -- Ois -67-,$3, 40I .......S" 3a 1 0 ----ws of tr. *lrot l 47 al l Ih ofe Mnal nf
01-(Whte.3 0 3 3*: *3 Rainbow Chity 2n8the o- f tef r e a to ug

^d. g 1- 14 .. ... --- -, .,.r.bro.,uh b.. ,,- .Aftrh .........,hl.he *m. eha,, lplamibaipB
.. ........ .. 4..a ... 1 i.- hit t.s *6v 0.8 7 .40, 4 0 th T l In dai viol t ta..

tlanl B t I.. o.ker, r ............ t 1 0 til m 0 St o e and erIs._4 S
Da ,,,, b o,. ..... ....2. 0 0 E. _,RACE p of tMhe flat events for also r ael u p the .,s

Terr el. et .........2 0 0 Totals 2 o 4F 1-Lacwr $ l* S. 3.4,- Igirls gamse tt for the year, ua
cun iam .... 1. o .1 -ngs: W e and Tamp- 2-ina Ro *." 2.0 4a oon sered I points a the e t tividual
lS l 0 0 i0 Doubl kISv. e-Paag RaLbow Cuty eH.1g sa oed 4l tame. L

Wae1 Sb1 a o........2 0u.m0

poIs 1 4 Complete ........... ri win a Nmbers Ia te 0 .. Orday awing No. 1829, So.y, March 28, 1954. fl
i F i el The whale ticket has ,ces divided in two setUt "A" "" o in plIelnpeees e!ach.
to-n I H o ,, r l............,0 0_- .u' 1 0 P o o,_ 47 l mnoved byo_ y ui rtf I

M.Onke, cf........... 0 2. 1 .-0---I- ,IeO J nof' .30 2 the f.44even 4orlfodinlln dlip the anl liT

3 2 0' 3.........p 0 0 tr l iamnoc n t b t e t. isme.
.b.. F St iz .599 I2 $ 4 4,000.00a.

lb ............... 1 0 ........ of

02Dh ird Prize 4359 s hom o o,.........., 2 01 o F |anst Pe ,000h O a

. W0it, 6bf s........... 0 0 i t

S ........ 2 0 m s. ae a. .40. 3a. s. m 2. isb. j m s f eS
ota:ls 0 1 toa r 2 3.2 7 a
mea, be n.......b....a1 W 30 o W o n aPro R we1e Cu;ty Ih ekunueU D

.e ..... ..rubs ... 0 05
Eltuetif. ..........1. i d --1
4 1 2-W .IST th ew lf Al ea i I nefl O B Ni
lb. ........- 0 ai Roa .00. Of..,,I ,.s. P5, 0ri..00
Lire I .......... .1-18 0 10 1. ." 1! -UA- I
cu O t u (P I) 1 o, riics 4M. 20 f o. 0 T h lm n-- [A rhathrs

C9,_ ,Haf. ... IIeh 1 I IM IB I II II i A. M "s l! an d f mid

Ia e m ............ 2 1 W.Frnc,. I' 1i ir, na Pen L ,m iif
2bni r ........ 3 0 0 1 R m o t el

1 0 DAnls I Weig t m I |l-e 3l .1 i lg R aiALO 2.2 U Do e si n.a m I ai ii w Imr
LA l a n I.... -- --I- -- '--"
lw. ii e. of 1 0 0 :

ad, adog *M. *t suM

an ei to -

*a ma

40a Ukn

sstl a


i tie u B-tItii--tI

Pip wag Number yalrtooy's Lettiny MIrw Nwere ohS at: lat t Cohn td a. Inrdh s -in

IM CibtM W6st hse 44. waa Sdpm wie e oA eeme "NA" ad 'O

Signed by ALBERTO ALIMAN. ovienr *f Urs Provwas of Panama. Cad 47-121U
The Sanaueahilayne W The tuesasly OIVP0t A ULt1
S bfl: .Meo flain, "m e. $pu SUlL FA
. ." a i r a s". '-. i a .. .
.Q L BAd_* '-

;.i~L ~

k .

hA~ ~4 S.-.

To Cop:Wbmimn MAimnur
T -. i o 1" 1. i .1 ; '

qf5S er4s Wei 1S wi mew smlb a

PBfjBLr 'Act


' r.2'-

-." T---+


-- -!,

a-MMO--Pl w



"- --". .
. ":* ,' -. '* f."

* u *ir I ,.

,. ... .. r.
' r ..

i ,


~. -
~ ,s


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ForUS Win N
WASHINGTON, March k9 I will conist l. fuel 4 S
(UP) Congresbional,ated.6 Ut I ber ed ,in ~i t fA a
authorities predistes tedy dod=u surroundM 'phL
aEST ACTO--Will at4 Holden admires the Oscar he received that "ecenomi al nbempetltv to e neutrons, hem neeutu om
"~1 953 for his role in 'Stalag 17." atomic pwer will be litya fiuslorD from
as the best actor of 195 for his role in "Btalag 17." The nthe itedStateswthlli the may be = le .to .
award was made at the Pantages Theatre in Hollywood which hat 1t yr. 1ngl e ato fue
was packe.ed witcelebrities"
was packed with celebrities. And even before the. atom's lum, than It o n's at
I fantastically reht en Is to be in OpCCtte w
,used to run industries and i t .At tbe'ErIn "wIt,
Ur |cities it this country, they aid, $40,000 000 ur
nuclear power will be eonat the Idaho at
A de Hepb urn call attractive In other part an eiladae -b b
of the 'World less richly endowed a version of the had B Ajr
0 e with. cpal and other convention- which already, l was Ina I
a. fuet n al.l perhnental way, h"e w1suarmrb
-Also; Ges ny' Blly exporting the means of tuel hin amount- equal those
S nations. tese congrssmen sasd, new fuel either t ou f ot118 0 t nlhoW
r W rk atomic power can become "a 4houm. Its startup It scheduled his pre
or Stage Work tentil tument of U.S. for- for 198. th ti
sign policy" In the global strug. Homogeneous raotor coat- lol
SNEW YORK, March 29 (UP gle betweRthe Communist Eat inWo000,00 to be bullt at the than was a
Audrey Hepburn had a Tony and the g West. O Rqkde (Tdan.) national la- I elbourne,
medallion for her stage work to. These dletions were made bO r. It will be a bigger vr- fea l L MaIrl e
day to place beside the Oscar In a report by the research and saon of a similar on defense to the A
she received from Hollywood developmsat subcommittee of ed at Oak Ridge u atom government, M toda
t Thursday. the House-Senate Atomic En fuel n a solution which Is con- the hdroen bomb w "terri
The eighth annual Antoinette ery eamittee on a five-year ti nuiy purified .a it "burns." rm and caUed orn interna-
Perry wards dinner .t the Pla- reacteprogram recently This reactor 1 to into o conference to regulate its
s Hotel last night honored the I nebaedbNthe Atoamie Zner- ration in the aumn=m of. 19 use.
#tar for her work In the Jean Commielon. A later version, designed to con- always thought the atom
Oiraudou play. "Ondne." The subcommittee, headed by vert thorlum into fllonable bombs a devatn
"The Teahouse of the August Rep. Carl Hinshaw (RrCal.) dis.- l i scheduled fOe com- but tb H-bomb Is terr~
dMoon" by John Patrick, was closed that the ro will aot Neo m hea. i u a n ra
rrnitd as the outata dlng an estimated tom Thi wh L 8- iad not asa Oa
lai puOlay" and "1msmeV' by includes .$5Oo, fe'r a full e An 6 l ha
ICharles Led.erer, Lur ADavll1 atomIc AWr plant to bw thn t s toa at where
rest, as the outstandin musical e- il t Xb i t
_s o?5Zn 5 addition to thin fc.dr her ---Lg-- '* b--- t, -;-d., -.W
David Wayne won a Tony In plank rf rgt tm forc, .
the dramat ic malestar te tyr for de reso- n prs A aeama-
lr his acting in "Teahouse." to t differentt desl aIe. Some n n e .a ,,,1 _he rthered I d treg
Awards to stars in musicals Of the dpidfr lv pls of confrena n with his adv on ileeas wln"eh '
went to Alfred Rk 0 of "Kismet" Il e-fol 0 .ato0@ uel re o uru- eni i a I t "-
and Dolores Gray of the long- fe d-folO by ranuto pres-
defunct 'Carnival In Flanders." e ont mern d W est Germ ry gs Pea ce
Sthorlum Intofllonable.types ofrw t ermany pa gns Peace
; Jdrey plbu. holds J I- Aa u Mihr mi pi nt home 's
igmlam$ nt d March b t he" Dof lr o.ran "e et
.__.a ,,,j"Ahee o era L,. ht Aor rub Gra canllied Army IP' a dc
tl to the Oscar she won dp ma adoctsth, A l A. ue

a With- es truslof 3 forunda ro It I ends ou ealoreribute Pow.trie o m etrn with te I a
,i.n m foa, Hol- Calenoispi'sM
ay." "S'he-cc eerr Iwrl due by eal baraaw.a"r
i doing a play. K 10C Arab s At oner tom Ia eovaPe t BONe Germany, tarch s9 -h uo e tn rlem sat r
n w rhour atomic poawnercman com- Th PrWstl Oer man Presidentmean dn -a.e.t

or drastic revision o f ore stru attackrs to the raer threeree yearsl pn o veeny baltehou armye est dahat e l
oEno ah RUSALEM, March 29 (n) pete with other kinds in many a t n u u st eo l he unt the ti dat l on
that P at Wa Jordan charged Israelis fuel-hungry foreign fountr. aTWet aeropp pea c contracts b ow t edthmgm
-ela Jordn cbe widely Ctompettiive hene the and th.e muropean Ary ;VAlo t a _e.L s
Drove tacros the obo der and as- be wde co competitive re t t ty c at ea
t en wi ri uted the oan l a e o the
hlt the Jordaia vllage of cost would have to drop. to h and tlY he" mbto ebarteI
Se tta on Nahalin toay Ina qibya-lne n three-fourths of a cent. I wae Eltean f inastepth t eatyo mm t art m
attd Wenbeaedilefe th ar e a enditure of $i ,500,000 a year for old enemies in a anti-Co- tio both M i
Sand wounded 16 before the five ear on reactor research .munit dense mbloc. e with Oserut iU
S f wase rep r a rS.i tra goni beato them bt and deveopmentand or the h French -conlceive Euro-nmifed
1i t rv io charged the sraeli eandtr elopmret ad for these r i ao e E uro-ae f e
Jrun u charge tle rtht reactor plants: Rean Army pact provides for n a .I eanwuhlr, a ll hdatbe
foarc 2 0fstruack the village three The full-scale plant to be 500,000-man Oerm army a that the a seae t
29 (UP) f nide the Jordan near built at Pittsburgh by the D .- P f or.a. uemalan u army today thatfte r alonaill
.Iimn aid Te mull epa of unified European s tn the transfomaton
U. P s*gn Air Chief Harold E. Bethlehem at midnight carrying e e buit Power and Light Co ., rc.ut before Germany can Ea t Germa in
U m- ned alks with Brit- mines and explosive which with an atomic 'furnace" made begin actual con srption, the demo n" at the ov l oam
In and France today on Amer-.they tried to plant In homes by the Westinghouse Electric treaty must be ratified. by al oCommuy at PtS tycn"
waibnetor t reased an the vilmnge moque. Carps Dlquesne. which will use Rix members with Italy andl opening tomorrow.
Senad th I50,000,00 to the crucial tests.d
its of Jordan's Arab LeonLeIN total cost. It will be The peace agreements gran aL d
Stpase ted as inge gad to the Irees flhand uf $ 0,0 totecr test.
tsn was reported rad to the r.cuI atin orerment at least West Germany almost complete Geransi n Krh OmW' een-
Lora drastic revision of th tlq attackers to the order In three earse r
Britshplan to ease the stratWgiCe running gun battle that This plant has the east still must follw tho e u nit .e The conr t Btin
inbgo on exports o Rusa raged for one and one-half roiWe" of the five for the nf- States and Borita in In pp aow
S or European satellites. hours, Jordanian officials said. tre tt is the one that can them. Lst Thursda the SoV al mt bos
qu ckl on the basis of gran ted ita a ti In.... i...
It wonunderstood that a ,Jordan counted ten A prau t ly nrant "soveregniy" to tFascomes a rthles n -
Is understood thaetl dead In aahlan Innudin o nt tnnolo.. and i tI of oermin i. ut occupation troop' month purge of 100,000.I-fl
s Mniwe woman, six Nationi uu exported o remaiIn both zone.ember
nhu ri e w a men womand thro Arab cLegion- relations under President Chancellor Konrad Adenaue' er. J
'hu* -- at a eel .e-lih>aevet en and thrc A.,b Leg ion- ,s e ve ...... .... ...
Sint I nalres. Israsli casua tia we a re 0ee de toknow predicted dthee t a-
alst teaenkno..Ieatei b twain !ran.e and Ge.rmanyV .p ents:
tmrapte1 fi5 suchcountries IU Power proposed today that he ann
It was the b ttee t etcomoetitive.- 1. AnnFirecd that ful uneasy HolyLand French Foern Minister Georr ges- J BL
9gssedon.t unuwal.aoe5aadooei"'. a,0Is rae i ares A 817,000,0" AboU w Bidault meet "ere vEaster" for control ofS l nrweIN-
en was ccompanied t she sthe, dan townaeifoceo tobe builtbytheanother round of talks on the firmly in theha.q ofL ReM
toda Ms oAeninr megtone byi vice smashed the Jordan togn Aonal labor- Saar problem.0munists.
er Delany, his deputy Qba Oct. 14 in & op As M- It will cut costs. by;. Probable m b tquehoml e.I
a-W of adlmnl .tl.g the E sauit that drew dawn formal minx steam directly for The ox members of the r-the the aleelsw L"f. wta8
11% i*' which cuts off aid tO United Nations cnsur on eIon a turbine Idstead tf pean Defense Communlty are "boargeiWa" tr' alb
S forbidden goods Isfrael. emp oyn! complicaed "heat West Germany. France. Italy, Rast zone sMoE -
w w--trasf-"er"sstem.ExperimentsHolland, Belgium and si- L meolfe fatgere
,buVdcted at (he Idaho e- hour. bct, beaditi4
teststton in 195p prove Hollandt the only nat Communists bostuo t m
that such a remaer controls It- which- has approved the EDC powerful snge igue ior at
rfL e-R ientfley elfi automatically. making a alld deposited it-, Instruments of Germany.
or- dmgerouus "runaway" hnposia- ratification with the French
-ItI to be completed In Foreign Ministry at Paris. Ger-
1V. many OXtects to ake that s t aopd
"-,ASHINGTQ ."March 29 -- 1. A sodium-graphite reactor immediately. a.
O hP.InM D DeXtm. to be built by North American Both houes of Belgium's a
M osAviation. Inc., esUmated cost: lament have passed the W, lr .,
'd of five Congrsmn S10.000.000. The first of it kind, but the naton has not yet dC-
by Puerto Rl'a n terrorst
th e h osplEtl. .. .
.Ihd Stevenson Attach s saIf Be.ntey, 3g,
110s eredfar enough a-
i tat 01theroadtoto2 (UP) -rat Thoe 10ovr
return home, They said he-with ne .f
IINzM. jc.,Mrch 20 g(U. probably will a able to return wit"
-the Hotse of Repra atv6the Wntern

i-her Iluoip tooo the ot

For-Music Room.

fistsi a~on .an. artist's _ea" ls fed island structure Lions. ,-. .

cehhn 4 aa
: .,. o. .., '

un wno|= avr
staring to -
purposes. -f
F nature of Ua

l-.- .q wn

of a rMON to tlW phaltas
Sol ah i haid h i:ewt a.rt

h v water. Ja tes

tart the

S r -h e o the for ud

ofb s hem H ..
t wtwo had- Wrio k

t" lesio n_4v.
ha dkfauamea d u s r a day t
A. a ptooh n d

"' Pod nr e mto he aton
ar patent -
r's ere at lemein- A

5-y6 -o ld
t c ea t, a Io conduit *

.t or a.oma :re h pd.
S~fi^^010^ th Sik I
explosion~~~ oCf idoD bm's- SD

W wiei wh
Lh. wo .

k- Oity Iagto,

amlkle .to ilent aoot
al ambitions but .
i fhe wins uil -
I~ablywke to y 4
ovternoz of 1ninef. er
~ ~- i .- .*
I4 nterflr ia Tl

lest be be alsead at
g on hlis father

HooverJr., Df, a ft.*I
a h s tithe, ..I

IeHI the running

r epa i oanrg


oarcN. S o (UP)
CN, iO 8tan,

lt Reed ArIy med-
rhere he has been a
ice la -Oet 3.
Ltal upphmgian a d
en v dm"r t the
Ir0&1re d general's
inheb it loe a brief

alay. Marsw e

' t.I',PR

lA.'l'^*J:J~i^SB ^riM3 *- ,.

- iE**


3 KIMl-d0s Fire

Sweeps Downtown
Kansas City Hotel
(Ui) Fire 5*ept I 5L 6-U =
an the edge of tUe downtown
area iayndtn peyonm

- -.

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.5 -
12 *


Ii. .~ '~

- -.. -- '. 7. ,.
S .. : A1
I .L. -.1- .. ..- -
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