The Panama American


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The Panama American
Portion of title:
Weekend American
Physical Description:
Scott Family Library Fund ( donor )
Panama Times, Ltd.
Place of Publication:
Panama City, Panama
Publication Date:
daily (except saturday and sunday)[may 12, 1973-]
daily[ former oct. 7, 1925-dec. 4, 1966]
daily (except saturday)[ former dec. 10, 1966-may 5, 1973]
normalized irregular


Subjects / Keywords:
Newspapers -- Panama (Panama)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
Panama -- Panama


Dates or Sequential Designation:
Oct. 7, 1925-
General Note:
On Saturday published as: Weekend American, Dec. 10, 1966-May 5, 1973.

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Source Institution:
University of Florida
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All applicable rights reserved by the source institution and holding location.
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oclc - 18709335
lccn - sn 88088495
lcc - Newspaper
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View of tba u ownf p-ratl"p.of vj chain food ii aot 9.17.wbeo
mgflttAOio ;tr 5,'I~tit Unid tAtes and ttJa*Uetn
01 aimed f or ,W-As.T1 O'DI-R""
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*sSwho,-"deIldeliveriO, und ubswbe teoder ..-.
u r oaetu s te o tlsladles mi at the La-monts l h "1awexpires Jued
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Unio-. Reprsenaive-PAdWandSimOR,
wh do ot ottheaan a 10 years o 'tn ', t,

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-Dun .Lapped"-W.t -years afterit.N
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Kit- 'lThes-tsreaoows of Dutch Elan- page to ea
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Bil-To SavelOld t-.
AnnOK'dBy Cowmittee 21.

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*ahoadpabe. ,. am "ioeA collect o th ls Wy taxes;
"You ow" aid thA Mg. 19"um to or iuan banb o vr a Roberta mle te a mtal tmG y a no t be e cara
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S, & .31 .50 to he:r ur ac.t, .aon be the gooh e mh e .

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1 ,e t I- an o. -. --,s, Robrattio ratr mL :f-t. a- .. ad afor m noit bn S I T ake
J Pokes. a- h It Ir. oe y r a wih In t o e taxes a .v ai
IV E t1 i'',.N- S+ M)o d w an0h ane p o o duc 1er9 an eoirgrly ,se ttee.
Mk Mrs. B. baae whathe didb ed warno thro ngs choonl
.WO xmO*ri T 'e' wogr owe hi 0u tb i re vd th alve f4e h lbe, tie. l '

1nhaita e o.a i b orotI ,h ban
add 009^I. Aft to- haAs muica _oey St no ri ct's and" i Must alc an t t i a. yas
r O r Rco d Shou ePeeo Bs cause edi onl6 3 ets

nert from the U. S. A. pad on the principal's te;k, signed Is tet a Dunph fatry bna ben mca
,S-IIUWIISIIZLU u F o ..te: Parade a ?Js.nvrana a,.'- FI ndin Smeol To te e A
C...m l ly C IIy 2unlock. eCape si ly rhen you heel thee's aal ha
W- wave nothing tmome t hich
of Ic- sh nge W hadr.ow,,gent o woid Nesty --. e" h,. to

her" t,.om- I j;WI 2o:U 1AV! t-ewl OffD r latmiss al pce rO. ailte l,-t e. e

Y tIe1.+++W+, .-,tS 7:00-.-T Mt"n Clock Clb Meloonew pt ^oth A
?5 2t j it two
-ne ree rae*La.

W. thes1s'. -34 W5COiiaflI
|uI0w wise, S fi 0-
I:15- be Se Heart fo- Canal e o rsy second vT e n
-as and 0 sItdaent and seFvreturry. ro t a e a t

U..; i..0.- Joew Record S veral vacant i yes sstillr de. sv a forOe d tk
*'0 111 =.v. i.vit ot .F oBBC. # b a by Srt a yefinlng. a'fi t F h td Tt i k en

the Ro- (contd.) hn a ~ OPEN UNTil 6 P.M. T

lbem inf Automoie b Row No. 38
~- lil+ul :. :.. ... "Se ,. ?erst boo nw o c ye.< eN EWr O A oar 1 (UPI ....

h tJtAAIe1 V? Nzre s ihrc. t:1- DoPofplar Daza la an n zeuavter M dvniaoe *sc om-t-
.8 .w. Im "1: A Aerla n o r o5 ITe -I'm hi pdtathe Paa., rod- ea.4
.*f ,ide dsrtve. .:dT a i. M S S it e i e i. -tq .., at two l oa men Air- *i
I B Trows eq -o0-Th ,e Little Cl concert
22 uto at p. 2:16-The Ll Mewit onto ?.fsupone far Eth *h thar o
(*tf t7WI'tamat r'a" *fm *' : S ut SrnuY.r7.4$ Eh7p dArdte s txpe 0 Put -AS
je .*.To$a..a..... 5:P-S- 8eva "Ioh.rc h Ayself t. .
I s 36-b;at You a v irttoe.-.,.. -. ;'-. l o .day *aa oiiri

: 1 i-LUtEr ZMe etidga P rat t h
;-'O G --"--Tv" moov -ho e ( BBC T e ktl L etaies met n et --s oing or o&
.Fa .... aoo-K A oG E cme St fot'irk's D** = ..n Mus.t .

Wg No. sati oan' 7:i00.-NWSOA uRGA 3Wit d e f or Bu cdy ehs be e v. Y n llm F n sptf at the
'7- 7l V OA Sta ffop d o w n. h ohuryth on .
frg the .a ton wl be a-e s e No
'iRM 8Mle 15 M4 r port a U. A. O Fttn-s .sd Lo t d....and as.t the
a1ht ..r --V t i an A l t hes Cz V'hv nohn h o ba .
N'WT 10:45 mm Ok -Sa churchtat
'I is. ,;0-N0" hi.R;ol .!teistig.c"di-are

aOsetr !. aOie osr GPON. W e Wlil*
A OU4 *O ..Et ot I.,.L-;t_". h eeptn w l lf -
12V: -i-" O-"ff 'arnur
AM 3utab Rme ti -a
". .Im%!.o The. Alava "i i. fl ar it i-JgB ISLs

am ooMN =4 NC'YOrr Machit(U
::.. _: h 0 4:ne.xtl'l AM.l It~lt is alo T l.339
01 W20lLt1c~n ui ,.Pj&
;.,..:.and +;. .zi,, :' '
0" .+ 'O '7o-+ th iz.3.4P.ul. ,o,..ftsio"+++" "++-"'
00~~ :0 tes WIAotd YAI
5:t-Wh' ILu 1. -New aJel 17e le oatn .Pr;" B.:- ... --+,
1%e "wd will b-,- an'... MARd. .. ... ,.
;. ,..+ ~~~ ~ ~ ou on ..ofk! _, the.m~ mmm eo.

r'. ... .. a-A b uly 43i-er -o e scae s"--
...-A Temperatutes .....
qp Opu a.pau aw %, pr ii~ r po five t-ao
I~~ to tohedM
Tboug MidApril ot*ate

.3 : 'tt r S t ,TA :Y A ;.+,. l ~ -,i o )'. ,s .. .,."'" 'VS-:-.,
-lo.t.. i lkn

A..- van -.-,,
-.+ XIhIl.le el m. r a<

A f. 0--2 g- "
,.- -:+.. ..+, .... ..,

U'A^ r*t-.~t. *'
--a -s

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Ii a n to the
a2d 8.8. "Fla.

Sn r bathll Ale
.'ibe fe- of aer veaerjb and bl

"o~ag wd 0 hn t tt t- for

Acobmmodatolw will be avail- b

ee 9a del iactiico" which i
are based on the Spanish atyle
e oresque and Colonial pe-
When commissioned she will
it n the "Reina del Pacifico" in **
the company's service to the
?West. Indies. Panama Canal and
'e West Coast of South Amerl- Never order a small child to
dao give a guest a kiss. you'll bee em-
,t is also announced that a barrassed he stubbornly e-
nw cargo-pasenger vessel of fusend And you run the risk o
,500 ton gross, having a dead- embarrassing the child, who
wright capacity of roughly 11.000 may not like going around kiss-
tis I will also be joining our- In trangers.
Sbasute," "Cuoco" and "la- All thas should be required of
c" In the early spring of a c- Nevild s that orde speak to child to
t is year. -at a b d hake hands f It Is a
She "Cotopaxi" is similar in small boy greeting a man.






.. ... ... I .. ^

I .iv.

i -~ I

\w wmWin =op IXPE .W CI A U-rNU

PONMa. L hu -M NY. S;TAt 6,. su l-.i N d l. d 1 i
w a n am 0maaumri

CUil WEi~tLKIT Ftanuteab

*0i61ui for *a"es

IPA VAMee3 s9

-. Prii r-l IOZ~~

Start Explahll.g

* Crsti I. Wrm-g



I. .. .
as.s "i ... ....................

Hanadin SeflB~wl, cWmd Wi< operIn cB'g


S.S. A 'NA" ... .. ..... ........ ....

Los Angeles, S Francisco and Seattlie.

ro New "orkN .. .. .......... ................. N
To Lo Angeles and San Franctise ..........11T
To Seattle.............. ....... ............3SM.


-- PANAMA 2-28
- PANAMA 8-880H


.-I I

e i *wa shtar ei. "
M.S WYOMING .................................. March 18th
S.S D EPPE ......................................... March 28th
S M.S. WASHINGTON .......... .... & '
S M.S. CAIpONMN .......... .
S.S. AN ................. i April 16th

Weekly Fest Cr erve B VeBa
U.S. and Canada addu a
Critobal: FREJiNCII LINE. P.0. 1I
Pananma: INDO'& M VJJlOA.'J^ d ,'' "
Te-. l Panam


Everybdy 4&01P04

Bi~ B]Sb WW~M.oliai

C C- C~ ~

AL&Mat V..

IOuuAs AMi A aur a Aui&lAd

- .. '. ... ,

.-- ".....,..........L- = :. .

Wilma, Euuaoel


The Old Story' ;




bisin Man's Daughter


,t, SDWL...
, TDA.'ro,

M. P

D C,


MAUM toUuta4


iF F.

ai ':.. _\ .'.-;- -"..
-r .. _,; .-s ..-.- Y... ^*'"- : .
,"" -" -'"""' -. --'' : '

7;. .. 7*..-.

S .

-V ~ -
- -



-- I-'' .

.., U ,. : ', -
w. -.. .,.-,=. ,f -f. ..,

. ,: : ;. ;* .;.:f 'j ^

Ai 60W .416~191~-

i-C ; I

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." .l
i,, ". ". ,' "

K- .-

I.- I

.'. A.l- ,


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-. .. .. --....
t -..- ".* ., ._- ..


: 1'1

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To t'l

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Se dd di-an otcheult

nIghties of a


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ea of 54 b.,te -lj. I
afIt's seat fr 'ew York.".
9 "at's g et f rf ok

,r3mu um5 =. -one sewed up TThe ---W Jm don't take it on the road. Te hicks
rSarty at the hi e view found audiences as won't get it."
B-- refrs, M r. and Mrs. Hear the expanse o sky
S.-.. stitc.lig down the Marilyn Wants alse
M L w.s given o lawp ," t hFamnw es. NOW4Pean-be-tld' sdellt .to
who'".ss wererplayaw lin; ta'a- Ira: M .18 wwth er
iRa W on the pre. : port.nt pers h he'- studo: She wanted the very malo-
--. dram nti role that Jean Simmors
SThe yo ug es t included'-. Add zany new names of actor. wiu play inDeslree.", p I
4*.r' 1ik CoAW, Dn ail the rounds of studio c,. ger pay cheek Is her No. 1 a.
II1 u ',.,- lu.AZD-~ f- W P4= IUE am~l In offices: 1 Marion M o _a.f ros

LUjis Aligger, Linda Brundage, Rick O'Shea.
S'tt4 WFl.Y DANCIN C as u n Iue Pet. -
kins. Dead Kight -Case
Mrs. Davi Smith was present '
fe ring ad Mrs.'L. A. Skels and Mrs. SOT. JOE PRIA ove
George Aligpier assisted the host. mo~ aet-'_The
STal" -- 'aed to Director Davids
Sl Ue. -pnT Barbec At ararita He was cooperative. He
S. ,. ,The Margarita T-on Church bWhind Pa palm tree azi4
intl:-.= ;. wl ,hav 46 ,nugbrbecu .sup. me W ead Casta .
-*pr of.tEfchuifhe'h4wo Inttstfay, throat- W03 ".ott. e l
12Ircri Ticketbs area ogar Adults 'and Sq cents for e ren. son. e c alde
There will be booths of interest riding peacefly tho a 13
to adults and children. oasis when this Ca kL
... .triqd to.ride .bim a.d
ture him with a
SB MinstreN.ow "That made It his rmodve
is Week. pulled knight from his hor
'e. f rt'. performance of the a -scimitar over hli s
Elks Minstre Show will1 be given Knight went to Assft.ant
Thursday March 18 at, the Cris- Oriq Haglund and sold he
tobal Clubbouse. It will go to B1al-
boa on Marh 25 and back to Mar-
garita. Clubhouse on April 1st.
Pla to see It at one of these
__ Opening:


Arrest f leader AXiat Gam-
pos in Puerto Rico... Plus the
#.Arztenoaz C~nfesOce of
? c a Repubics in Ca-
rac* **. -

.a:- On the ,> '..

lil ROL ^<~ri



Di u

w -d t United ists
R!a mug U ehitb


Pbr the first time In beautiful
Technicolor the Royal 8TuO a-
round the world Her Majesty
Queen Elizabeth II of Esg-
land. You can see a close-up
of the royal visit to the beau-
tiful Island of Jamaica.

S'-. .-". : ITVOLI'
San Day! $125.00 Cash and at Sand 9 p.m.
t John Wayne and Robert Rycan, in


am "Gs of L plerm Ila nd"

N ES^^.em 'AN *T. "Wz In Bul,,
BB IRO A G L 7:10
T* htwrs nDr

: r "GirJAg"

1U5 4 -t' 1:6

Written for NEA
question l bo% *|at,

lded, and disc pile is
thefore huge. Only six cards re-
main to be drawn, one turn for.
&ff;ChtqAW-- ,.I J4t is pew my
and hold my whole d e.or may
I play as much as posqile, even
though it is Impossible to make
canastas and go out?"
First, let me iemind my readers
about the game of cutthroat. This
is a foray. of canasta for thrca
players. A separate sreis kept
for each of the three players,'and
each player is out .or u hiself.r
a player takes thef discard ple,
however, the )AIt Iwo become
partner for that nd.
Before the discard plie is pleled
up, each player is on his. wn'_ If
you wish to meld fro. eyourE ,
you may do so. Such a rel d oes
not make the other two players
It is seldom a good idea to- meld
from your band in the early or
middle stages of the play. Such a
meld makes it possIble for you to
get the discard pile at a later turn
even if you have only one match-
ing card (and a wild card), but
this.Is eum necessary. zw dims
advantage a:Mn early Peld 1 th1at
you giveaway too much IlfernRa-
tior about your hand.
When the dlay gets down to the
last turn, however, you aren't very
worried abe .revealing had.
It', quite a right to M what
you can, In order to avod, getting
stuck with the who .
Ifa plaer takes he afier
an opponent hM- meld d'fom the
hand, the two oppenots become
partners.Those two opponents are
allowed tob merge. their melds
whether or not they have been put
down on the table before the dis-
card pile wiai picked up.

Q--In the game of samba,
player puts down 444, of spude
together with -9-10; hoping to Joi
them eventually with a s*epv-
spades. The parnr B s A.-4Q1
of spades. May he add these card
to he 1844, comrletn a saub
but leaving the 4-5-6 out in. t
A-,Tbe- partner may complet
the eanasta lIt he way ] odioate
egardless of the 44K The ,

e to uam

i sU mI

* -k-a? -'.

That moppet who's such e I a
tauneh. 'Roy 'Rogeri-Dale vans,
TV fan us at it. agai. When ides
a, a parent tolM r they had aidd

e Sheit' r wv tqytU

I,=. AnII

. 'A



NIow LAW M-k

jaKD thAMAesa
p iabuloas H I S

The adventure and Intrigue' behind thea sry ofi
Hope Diamond are promised in the WaImn iW B pI
S olor, The Diamond Qoeenf," coming to ,the *C.t
starting next Thursday; Mrb 18tb: Fernandw 14a
"abl and OGibert Rolandtar te action 4ramspk
The pl1ture tells the stOry of sw&dfibuOkWBlp i
Tavemler, the "Mareo Polo of France." flut UtUD9nI
p dia, who later retav ed to France with the
eme tcatn. o he rown of Louis aV. Ths
played by Fe ando Lamas, a made-to-orde swasbbi
* colorful and -thrilling story episodes.

I Anat in his twe Atgna bef
'W' tllame II Hollywood, Lan 6 ed rea
i Dah1 with whom he has en making sa
lthes breiit iB Awell

Arlene Dahl, whose interests outside of Hollywood .
a thriving lingerie business, plays the role of a wotaw-,
beauty brings an empire to her feet. Gilbert Roland,
ing a romantic part, comes to' "The Diamonr Queen" %Sp
his success in Warner Bros.' "The Migacle of atima, .



wya CEOt


Thursday 'w '3I5)LJEtb

;' .... ,H,.-



A Sizzling, Sexationol


The'tory o'iai4 pwn
girl In Hollywoodll ... u7
Wllm be shocked and you'll
e de ted withl All the

"Side Streets of
H' Qlywood




I:35, 3: 15, 5:l
W Er -

I ..A t
,%-- --. ..------o i^ .- I- ,



CleltwleI You can ganoslf
toch they because these
color featurettes are In
SThird Dimension

and -
Mht At, ."o Zombo"

O rNl&Jew ranet 6.
ir, ,, tiL ow-,
"M:' rlj


A ".,LS ARD I .


'" .I In m

"The K: fr Waf ? F iel "YVAPfI

Jean Chandler, o -
..,I T OFr SUNAP -
ToBy Cur l.

* -,mimD i i -n


, '--

.- ...
,-. .... ;. ... .:,


wobd Ss

nhw. .41

Lua s the tit

bt ook'tst
Aar&-- --^I ,


.q. '-'

_ ...




try ,I.'


=f al I

i .q Ire. .J, %" .. -._,.



* -f **
- 4

-. \. '-

~~~~'~-~~:,~.1: .~_. .....--,-

,-: Y --L -,


r I? rii

", --'r TOA iD-'A1.'4
.. ,,* ., ... .. : ... ^

I Street No. 13

Juto Aroemensa Ave and 08S
SStrqeg No a2

I.A As


rdut 44 July Ave.

.*.,.. IBE rANAlA AMtICAN .i '
SH Street No. ?B

- Oi FO: SALE:--Mahogany dining table,
6-cha,rs, buftet-china cabinet, as-
bestos roblemots 5 150.00; Broad-
loom wool rug, maroon, 9 ft.x8 ft
1 $.00; Venetian blinds. variOus
sites and colors. wooden. 146-B,
& th'St. Now Cristobal, Telephone
. 3-2977. ___ __
FOR ALE:-.Three mahogany beds
"' complete with springs and Simmons
> mattresses $75.00 each: one chest
. oat drawers $50.00. (Geen, 1 14 Via
Epo"p. opposite Hotel El Panama
S FO SALE:-Dshes, &po ts -
mrtol kitchen cabinets. 0767-E
Williamson Place or Phone B12boa
7. 3749.
FOR SALE:-Kenmore washer, 25 cy-
$ca 575 00. Phone 2-4424, House
C- 41"2. Corozal. _
-OR SALE:-7 Venetian blinds, alum-
inunt 60x90 to fit Type 332 house.
like new, Zenith midio-phonogroph
.. console, 25 cycles; mahogany cof-
'.. fee 'table, mirror top; 2 bamboo
chairs; Bolster cushions; 2 motors.
25 cycles, one for G.E. washing
* machine, one 14-hp. House 505,
0 Atcon, 2-1364.
FOR SALE:-Singer sewing machine.
electric and pedal. Practically new
Telephone Albrook 86-2206.
FOR SALE: Metal dresser, twin
beds, buffet, four drawers, wood
Iu stands. Tel. (loboa 2-2987, from
i12 to 5 p m.
QFOR SALE:-Fully automatic Bendix
i oshing machine, 60 cycles, 5180:
M., vacuum cleaner $18. Tel. 83-2293.
R SALE:--Due to trip: Frigidaire,
stve,. Rattan furniture, diningroom,
.Simmons beds. Excellent condition.
.h-ne Panama 2-3249..
".L:- 8-cubic foot Westing-
hlUsee refrigerator with automatic
dtfrgstr, very pood condition,
3S.00; Maytog washing nachIne.
o yea old, very good conditoin.
$ 15.00. Both articles 25 cycles
.Phone 828-3079. Can be seen at
.trs, ?2543-D, Cocoli, C.Z.


FOR SALE:--1950 Buick 4-door. Hy-
dramatic, Dynaflow, new tires.
Cheap. "B" Avenue No. 43. Tele-
phone 2-4671, Panatno.
FO 5SALI:-194I ChevmSet sede:
Delivery. Is excellent eeadsle.
Duty paid. Used emly in the city
since mew. Bargain, will .sll e 1
$900.00. Cmtont Preti at Ceole
FOR SALE: T942 Plymouth, good
condition, radio. Call 87-2295, aft-
er 5:00 p.m. 112 Via Porros.
FOR SALE'-1949 Ford Tudor with
rodio. Reasonably priced. Balboa
FOR SALE:-- 1951 Ford custom sb-
don, 2-door, radio. Car in A-I
shape. Phone 86-5261, Albrook,
FOR SALE: '50 Ford Convetlble.
Duty paid. Call Sgt. Dunlap,.Navy
FOR SALE:-1949 Ford two-door se-
don, good condition. $200 -down,
$425 payments. 83-6230, eye-
Ii ngs. __
FOR SALE:-1950 Chevrolet 4-door,
new point, seat covers, rqdio $950.
6th Avenue, Coco del Mar No. 72
FOR SALE:- To the highest bidder,
without warranty or guarantee,
1948 Chevrolet panel truck. Can be
seen at American Embassy. Sealed
bids accepted until March 29,
Real Estate

FOR SALE.-'--Beautiful lot of land in
El Valle: 6880 sq. rnts. with 32
mts, along street going to Cl u-
Cpmpestre and 32i mts. rear alonc
Rio Ant6n, Reasonable price. TeleT
Done 2-1809. "L
FOR SALIE- Fou-.apwemd b bMld-
inm in "El COnreoje." SGed l inve
meant, Telephine Panama 9-3070.
Bu in a1iittme-you AveLIis-rre

S' K.- 1 B|JA 11 I in a Infetirme you have this chance.
WANTED TOU YUT Conclete siolet, two bedrooms, 900
sa'- re meters, hear new Race Track
ANTED TO BUY Modern home on'y $3,900. PATTERSON, Ave.
nilcely located. Call Hotel Tivoli, "A." 16. 2-2346.
oom g58._FOR SALE---18-eroom butting, f$138
monthly income, Callp 3 de' No-
!I'IJ^ ( h f |viembre' No. 2. for 'only $2,000
'I b inl*S, 4Tata pc $5.,01' ATTER-
SON, 2-2346. *

C Cooweralon
'MASHNGTON, ; arch 17 (USIS)
Aadiap Foreign Minister Les-
Pearson said today It is es-
that the United States and
'da .continue their cuetomo of
i oeratio and consultation
toi uentt ofvpoltcies for de-i
e-f free world.
I. ,ltaug beore the Nation a !
i 0t, Pears6n said the two
Uns bpsve a solid basis for mu-
I coptention. This cbmes from
c ommon devotion to freedom,
-ad jusce, in a common be-
: the'supremacy of the indi.
r oY the state, and in a con-
(S fedt of totalitarian tyranny.
$bvt ive tiestrtnfes' saneised
ae tmiwt j a great amd aX-
Jve .communist empire which-
atens those thminwgs w b we
-i e," he said.

w0e" Canada's rMlation-
the United States a "Iu-
its closeness and intl.
fay day )more then 140,
SerOss our comm bounm-
SCanadiam, unleas
Sl-fp--, age. bL**
a Inm A al ....'
.t earaon added, i
f aitae tbd a.hik
0 ws eOuntrl aftre
aiU so many ways,
*nI As^ sH tfaingt;
a"y opeae*aw isntions,
a in nw s ;me

IMIeA aly A"ee, in
i;( forea or dMes I
itfr *Mtbat you do

prt the free world
be ~is-We recos

la *Id n thWuI-
-s .U ae eeeape'

rtaae- f "a.toinn
a- wbute In tha

FOR SALE:-Lrga house in CocO del
.Mar. 2 oparrtints, 1560 square
Meters, $8.500 -total. asy .pay-
ments. PATTERSON, 2-2.46 Ave.
"A," 16.

Tou will beamed by our
y!oot o01 0.yotr hqd,
a Pyig fa tt It fnlrb
A nd beet of 1, price s
how Ipwer thta yole
Prt. Foer informaoe ahd
MWrOtle.. CH: "

I th Street No. 2

Ir --- --lr

2 tBw Eqiqys

liked ly Pef4.4~

4 coeFo tr
- A 'ttl! of 22 pemnent so~
y1, four of whom wra hired
thse states, joied the Caval
OTniiamtlon d toi 4h tw~
to i9teioa fs a ..'rom
Slren.' bhenfhe
new I el ftlyp1 oe W eas fl w

United States, their birtbpl sea

Ohio. supervisory miy

Swgine oter.s C' Di
Jr a Morrp ofitt all

Newua sonp l employed ittal.
art PMee DtTkPon Iad-U

Aster. C,

K ..i ..,

Central Avenue, K Street Carner-
Telephone. 2-3479, Panamq.
I HAVE 3 cute Calico. kitten to give
away. If yoiu-want one please Call
Navy 3478.
ad NYLURES, any color and size,
Underwater equipment: lungs, fins,
masks, etc.; spinng 'rods ,
reels and lines; outbaprd'motorp,,a p
boats. Everything for the fisherman.
ABERNATHY, No. 99 Peru Ave.

FOR SALE:-Double-fed innersplig.
mattress; 1952 edifisn Encyclopedoa
Americana, 30 books aond -diction-
aries; baby scales. 86-6296 .

01 tM111$ ISC R S
Sealed bids, for opening in public, will
be received until 10:30 oan., March
18, 1954. in the office of Soperinfen-
dent of Storehouses, iolboq, far portq-'
ble power blowers.: air 'Compressors,
belt conveyor, canpe parts, pneunrtotic
drill, bar bending 'grinding, paper cut-
ting. margin glueyr, rptpa and bolt
threading, sewing, slbr, sharpening,
and weldthg machines, electric motors,
pumpq, pump units, tractor, wlihch,
pneumatic wrench, semi-trailer ond
panel trucks locatdd at the Cristobdl
Storehouse, Tbthone 3-1265; Bur-:
roughs electric bookkeeping mochinep
located in Building No. 5118.r Cristo.
bot Shops Area, IndUdtrjil Divisidn,
telephone .-I10. Invitotilo NO. 67
may bp obtained from the. pbov
sources, or from"Iffice of Superinten-
dept of Storehots, Tel.. 2-3-1.

FOR SALEW Acuorio Tropical pet
shop how located at 49 Via EspoPia,
beside Central de.Lcherhos, hi front
police booth, phone 3-4kt4,1 fit.
, stock: New -variety fishes, including
ettoodnctus. bumble bee, rasbotio,
kuhli,'laoh;,lso budgies and r-
rots, dog,, cat, bird, fish uppWis;
aoqur'rum cement. '
Sealqd bids. fr'openir it in public, wilf
be'received' until 10:30 a.m., March
23, 1954, inr.the office of,Supeiritef-,
dent dfr Storehoues,'p f. f9f truck:
crenqs, power dttcher, Coticrete mixers
qnd pavers, and ewA shovl located
in thm "390" Area,. Bolboo hitm*
ind cn ng machine and ;zoteraor
trair located at Section "r' 1,. as
Std ouse, telephone 2:2370;. l"I
bodt located at Miraflorpe L arm$n
power shovel located WeAt Bank ',of
Ptdro Miguel Locks, thtepheoni- 2-
1269; sand pump located in $Shps
Area, Dredging Division; t lephone 6-
120; t'd air edmprs.or, frequency
concrete machlee and power shovel
concrete. mtchine and power shovel
locate nt-, Cristobel StOrehouse.
telephone 3-126S. Invitation, No, 68
moy. be sedurkd. from the jIove
sources, or from' office of SuperInti.r,
depi of Stor hbuses, telephone 2-

00oit a Motors
FdksPALE ritwd 64i 'outbor
,*V otr$5flfl alboa 4371.,

f S Et; I hp. Evin-ruds out-
PwfeQ,'runnrng canditlop.
W E 7 27- -2-J,264. ,

WANE T __ _Y:---24-inch girl's
Ic ..PuE Kilbey. 2-1584
LOST-- A" o-grepn plastic. billfold
withjipn l e & d&rds in Bal-
.boo. Op Lnay,.March 14. Gener-

. Oue, riWord. a f-return. House 364-
0, 'Armor.- W

bu Offl'

WM YOW, Muarch 17 (UP)6-
Sbroke today on the 10th
r M ..'s the world's lari'w t
1E~fjnuss store, and 100 enlpog
m Mwee eveusatd temporMer
from ai mstMu while .ioat of
the eustosen bopped below un-
aware of be. W-ae.
Smodk ml ItWo the ase. s i
mid-Maahattaa draWiL a huge
ermwd 1n the 21114442 below.
On the first foar thee wap some
*aMr sad ant nmwe left hastily
a i pma 1aMd In 'from the
reat to tau tbheam'e building ap-
p..ed.-Wbe b go.
*oh am s

which staft-

-- e
m Iwo thf e Anue


FOR RENT: Cwbt. 4. hebrOOnu.
livingro4m, dininrsoom, kitchen, a-
roae and laere yard. 52nd Street
No., 5. Telephone .3-2228 from. 9
a.m. to 12:30 p.m., from 2 p.m. to
6 f r ,' -

FOR IEN t:;-Two-bedroof- oafoBt Ir
Bel ~ Vlan, across El Batuft $110.
Teo 3.t 713. PaL ,. -

FOR AR f:-Furnished new nadrn
chalet in-Mlrafores, Itsacher' rei-
dentiat.-sdtion I: two bedreoms, ga-
roage $110.00 monthly. .-CoN 21

enId0434 r. P4207
0434 or 4207.

FOR RENTj-Fumished ce;natd&tw-
bedroom chalet: modern converdn-
enctes also sitoble fort two couples.
112 Vio Belisrio Porrao ear Roos-
Sevelt theater .

ATTINTON &CL Ji. t u bit madew
fumrniahd aorfmeant, er, twe.
bedrbbm, Ct eold water. Tat-
aephohe Preda 3-4941.
FOR RENt: Two-beduoem apart-
mert, with' aragr and laundry fa-
crlitltI Ith Shnt No. 3, San
F Fmoacods d: i Caolet, Tel. 3-
I.' _. :
FOR RENT.--uwvnishd 'eteIedubpm
apartment, mim,. 14*1 li
rio Pe'. .

i FOR 6Nt T Two-bedroom apart
I Mnt s$11401 In El Congrej Coll

N00 RENT: Beautiful 3-bedroom
apartment, .lvJngroomr, diningroom
upataIm1, 11th Street -No, 3 San
EranciM-, Via-.50th Street. Tel.
. 3-2600. -

FOR RENT:--2-bedroom eapart'rst,
Siving-dbningroom, yOrd. 13th St..
San Franciope. Telephorse'lobaq
S2-:464, .

POR RUNT -' New modern apoft-
nents: Cool, airy, suitable for
Amerciion famiflet with 2 & J bed!.-
rodms; ihoru 2-1282, I

FORRENt One-bedroomn ap 't-
menrt tlh garage. Airport Road,
.- f. 04Il H. E. Coopes-206.

FOR ",.T:--lMished opanrtnt.]i
Panm -city. Modem bar, wo
Mahtn, ec. Phone B5a.a. 347k




,. ,.

i, c
.. yi S

371 Certral A*f. -1 el4 e-46
Aft *" 1r.... "


* f .. .&w. w1



V bleatfromn Lwt '5tfrei

25 Cicle eg8erators

-ft, f, 7, .Se, year
~t. W- A.

Iv.. sBg Ps I-

at&". his proft 1 wAl

-, ,,..,' '-* -.


K*i i 1'7' W-

FOR RENT:-Room, furnished or un
funmishatd. A conveniences. Amer
_on coaple.. Tel. 3-5441.

Mi bMeliaeoft 9
FOR RENTt.- STIORE:--oarge, cn-
trdMy located. modern buIlding; for
amy, kind'aof business, offices- 79
A urw t. '.

.. '

txpilox& 1P it (Us

vhatein" ,w uk i

C t nhich be
AId.Valtu e
WmSiain.tos flWA, 4




. ..
I GiffatA:^Cf

^g^ s* p A n^^d-LIIk''''t~
Sr '^? ?f0

hntl arrangenet t4 are bee7 3
de ,or the to' i iint
Sby thi Ms WSf WTON, r. IT (USIr ) (
th -PI fthe er A
S 'tt a n t tonot the
droh gsriy -, T t)'rs route e eal to gepegate otuu54
;beaa -Tes W pytriit Fy y nuclear a t
oert B. Cooper 9d ht& been aniu* by thnucle AaAr COM ati
t. Albert has dontd bic Enery a muasd seiCatian
,o t. his fnet teers for this i thUS ayf u "About ,
by the'r U afs -to the
special added features will be: Pitb h, ai a
Shut bo e I Id tea.
td by RigAdles A t ir c m ..ortI
rifle range A 'cbatet at ready' hi beSb
&,. o dt, hobpa, feed Den- signed with the Wetfhof u sut
Dimwic- coneealosa Will be ltric Coratio t
heated by the.Youth Fellowship coliatit retor,
ier the auperfi*on pf 8. RosM fuVae't t'produce bet 'atteii i DO
ninugham, r 0 po t.fia e nlr

'he coffee wI) be supplied by asi f *
SDurn Co., soft dribits bymaietl br st te
cR Cola, Nt Bewerynd at. -
frt4loa.Q Wbe is ne'6f a oad byr
dogs, Tbswer 32O, or Dr.-e ; .
i otO bar.. e -d4. *0men theC. t t. e

i m iammdueng one iof' atomic ner
sta. .T wfl e, tw~~ bem ~r station th
Sthe ronewi; a osl t f a deti
otfujw sts rteiines don- hi .
ly i a AB fJh aer tinhis i
IprBtet. eta oth a ds ti es alu'eda ta
' ,0 .W. ZHall. T oW a- ast embr tact-i v
bis, btht master 8of co have become ,
Tii. uI4 be puatrd* The Pssof. r at#uA %.'

pinC SPAN natipsa 1N- i d

.i-s pe S pA w bai
Irwo a.led .a^ es Tt &
PIs co oft, tWeorde ted
that[ w ftwillst wr ........
NW. V2K. March 17 (UP) oo %UJW1
- "apflpti %to obtain t1 t- 0e, a iSUs anteries.
rei.of a im lon pefona ma he project. tabe talertak *jd M w
!d *flrsut Red Chink's .& Es'it wa pointed out, In order to
on theitnite Na gatin mor d ed t ldh ROI qu
a re" ethecal e ence i ttWdlei'-14l
r lat ~ .. tainied frot the o0eratl n
.rlpt.u! mni ., ..1 t let plants and.te.Povide accurate. t wn otBol

.ts Mi.,to nottt4m u ost estimates f fu ture plants. themm'

tpe er of A sh i l aer s.
i4~owedd .m .'osl, m. "0' "-

(suffiient i dea, pwi x.
nVlt Sr tot Met = w

a e f. "... .. -1.

Ia Qo *o a a- .
,raw glle" ,'S 1t"

;'... ,.

n t ,, ..-



w'ivelo t-bee-

f .


t ted ba1

t grt.135
'll 'Itert

S- -mw -' -

-. me ilfc-..

--. .

4ii-, .-~ -

_ -.- "

'K y' ''"1
wed -
?* .' ^ :.I .


-" $ .4. I Is
now rowIF

d. i -. ,l,. .,








"-ifii m






I |ll

.- is




14 ... "



.* 5


. ,.

- I


--- I--


, ,-
^ .4'

u.. ww -

." ,.=. -'**^ '*-i'". ,,-.? -" *
..'.. '. ".


i-,-+..- ; .,*-.' *' *" ---.... '. ,_. ;. ;, ..

': ." .- ",;* .:,--r"" ;-..: ^g. .-

4m64f hn'7 M
,... w..

to.- _i

r -i W-44



- ..


M ';, ."-.
MM "" l

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,o Me.... .. "- ,L,-from Cri l
-aa ot ,mi ill be put wAl 'I "
of ~0Mfi6st snVable venael
,nosed, o'iaey l VasA haleated-.ontersation wit Aen. Kal Mundt (R, an i.oaStor ulf ....
,0.f.............. a ceremony at the White House, in which the Prea- tha na fectedbythe S
,Ba tt ad' W a 'old-prated key setting nl motion the generators j -wU leaked.
I *ta 'ro'hndall Dam I aSouth Dakota., 80. McCarthy has of- But's of noon today noio1.
's elnat redt aAdse and let Ben. Mundt take charge of his sub- peve mall-carriers wers' m
f %thmatftet ..te pI '&,investigatioenof the Cohn-Army squabble. ink uD over the horlson.

SOlEverone Is Seeing P.nth, r '

W-"GrAowl WearyLos Angeles C "
a ,U"L- -O 'ANGLES, March 17 (UP) receiving reports of the animal 'Some said the
tr= 49= lic br' fte
B-ea wealy trom alarmed citizens. backards. Others
b black pantif- "ow everyone is seeing panth- ..
U )J+~ ,..- .wdierng in a city oer," 'said one weary desk oer yl

said wRoberti story was being Ti
or Industry ..ceked closely. ......-,,.s.........
OROLJLVUq"W or heardafteaw
SmlslmaSI l was at sa.wati
S-Roberts was not avaieb lable IA .
SCOMMON o mmee Idi"ately. is au old-
So being ta k- lady sai be was out hunting tle
MtIo crews pe panther.
Jr ara and NhA Alhoaw* some parents ejpes-
an...pls.. Board of .
wa* sai re d WalkDom lag a n
~erof __ed m among chmdreaat
eada b kInte neighborhood AM
mhat the budhnt etad. ,,

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