The Panama American


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The Panama American
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Weekend American
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Scott Family Library Fund ( donor )
Panama Times, Ltd.
Place of Publication:
Panama City, Panama
Publication Date:
daily (except saturday and sunday)[may 12, 1973-]
daily[ former oct. 7, 1925-dec. 4, 1966]
daily (except saturday)[ former dec. 10, 1966-may 5, 1973]
normalized irregular


Subjects / Keywords:
Newspapers -- Panama (Panama)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
Panama -- Panama


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Oct. 7, 1925-
General Note:
On Saturday published as: Weekend American, Dec. 10, 1966-May 5, 1973.

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University of Florida
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All applicable rights reserved by the source institution and holding location.
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oclc - 18709335
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CARACAS, Mrdi4 ) -U nite 0d
ofl Stoe Johin J Fob r Is toi w R
ntihonsO n Goetam al Iepolim
eting the "polfoqouo pliCof ComaIs
ftedem into slavery in the Wasti lmuiA
buHes, addreusinl the 10th -ntrjrA
W spoke in support of a Uajt Sta*&,
o lt Sction by the American republics
matilft menace.
fl pointed out that Mt
Guillkno Toriello, in oppoami any
t.i .lutW asked is h ope, pec
tieolc. of.nj"$? 0

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at 5 v.n. today
Melo, who '
had been on ath
since he Vte h

while it was bzwir w ma rba4:
Melo wars' onle W I-w"f eraw
aboard thie WS a 1 l5 After
a fire in one oV tiBr lo, Whne
aboard to Inveugahe ti maUMe,
an explosion, O=iZred, ajllnz
the workmenl; M Wn the dn-
ly one vw. i O the
critical Dqt. 4$LMietpt fire-
man, James, ha Uo
been listed as tt 1til late
week when hlis nlt greatly
First emplowdrt a gean
at the- Balboa mn
1W40. Melo latWer O r ft V-
oleus Canal Zow to
In 1950 he retued-i ana
government artvipe astea
dore n the Balb 4 '.-
* Melo was r N at bnla
Job. He Is su a bls wife
Benigna, .fve ckSM-satS is*-
ter. Mrs. Angela de .

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dtesf a sona
T,, -re
re aca(ot,.efO ~

i er,
i was /oE&

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-A'el a ,- a
man ,ie a r
hat f J lc oa et-,;I

luifuk ~ ^^\!f -. li 'i~
hTa. So io E. C, A.- I

ume kbea; e

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agrossl III h
eanveddl blood "L t as
ful^- **^ ^ ifya lii**"u; "' *j gt F~ t

IMazch 8 (up);-

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Let monthin;

tanceled a"-
tor her wesn
- Iadieth o fP-
wo ito- id
o endihe fal fal-
.Icbldren at
e I .orh area.

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110 the peops* to
t e tour be cinu

pt was destberd'
eadd health f"d
he rigors of. ttd
t eorrepoindnta
kea of Kdan bog
tden da MINe

i. l e6ol man rdund
ta o aL
Deuatt. mard a' sived n

Sd t sthe '- said thoae

a l ei, a j
Sllot, e o sCont e

n o be onta.theol
eAtical Puerto Ricans
oflw0 had opened. f on

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l- le M aa eaM t rea
: s bet otnaturoad to
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Pe a Gueaexn.sufri warn
elej m't ed with the steady
IAppt v et of ls patient. The
spate said the natureof the 70-

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mst te amd" that te

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t t h end hiam bokEn e-na tW,
se ofers to the world
a a tcommuA e
Mt dienaed that re t
cnefnoreionrlstloi s l

thrown to hi dto treit i M arl .
yt warn tha ,th freedom l l ",
W ndow in Prague. Ouatemn
nless aeaain
cneus "any government or ny jn-

the 1t nited Iot th ee
vO lasn of beng either plottrs m. =_4
i flt. obS meoR ye 1 rM.- I mur lComa
t.GBantemah. dhe ldooth tf-n ua

trlhtinPmafne.- is
Dulle e( hiwo oat Cac-oUheuA

wl he Undtfe d state s "re- it,
itfthit thI nt of freedom Bri03
exbt in the Amerlac, "even
It may at times be bed .
'Ie warned that freedom can
be preserved onl b it s
"aodthose who do not t
will to defend liberty eden loss omaw
Should be fale to
ulae we anain oroeaimd Am4-
themt to this heMmUttnite yta
d1ni' to us oi we e tU oaI
edly oppose Dulles said. f

Jwns'Can't Trbust'.
f~jeno Me q
With Pretty Coeds tma
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, III I '" ; A dd

pt, Wi" $80 R LUM ^"' ^ ^Bavarian road# to a .
15amilesfRomtheinty .

W ^k t sehIv' ter a *' haMdi2tof art antd- -u--a
to Portugal. Tu get f I ,I, A
eom 6A00" Ia the .No md... ii .i pound watched. ovi- a k
r. a c4heer sn thoel *O eer8lay l i tth- n and their speea tr ai
weenrytis, i et toge lerads@i sputId6 lice dogs, guar tra -n
O as.e .pm.ulam ou M.oht. a spiN lster nii apogt a,
S onse F udksmeD. T oant Comm t raiders i .. t
organi ation.l~ce prc ar. "a aet

I st rIron Lurtain natl iemd t I
S- -- fio -- t lang the enemy, that a *,1'
th.E ,re .. M d Radio Free Europe, itselis Ondor
E RL m MENACE sarp attack an Aiper n un-

-h. attack on an satCo u-/ ,
nist crusade which I y
haa b0: 0o4b a conflicting number of a rts to aW ant heard in acti on as one
lett r column flkt I have been rock on o l .,ur most effective. wesppoLs 1
t "Sa Ste 4Alien" under m.. breath drM- of A cracking the economy, war P- ''
tely ctI#k and cheeringnthn deer alayex.. -.1 thi duction and m aupowetr eerve of
:or ot henry to get together -and .ut down thep realtuhe Soviets, has just beqn uunched
Si t l arsle t o ... .. .. leaders of the fmous F-ord Lo..
.ot lt g group of nitwits that run thq, loo ArMed al 600, covering the giant Ri*ve
sttcim ofldronaly referred "C and .Mt* ouge plant.
a"1obr CFoN" althow I where the BO This local Is a section aof t
is beyond me. LFS. other than being a second rtCIO United Auto Workers Uplu n
eangIn orgaliation, is probably the poorest manILa which for years has bee. at w ar
at programmed station. In the area. alon butt thI .t w _th Its international president. .a.
ODrVations alose but .~he n ]oneli. red a /Walter Reuther. Yet such is o.t
2of popular opinion here bouta s n.sany dlicttotW labor set-up in. the iu. ., that q
o so-cAlied popularr appeal" .o rammingebv s ea section of the Auto Workers .
a ati imes embted to toss A bi grenade into thei nty ly can slash at one of the most
Soae of the more common complaints. which do not IA- vital activities of the rusade o For
. .CFN Offlcer-In-Char e. are as follows Fresedlm-wbich in t, is sup..
Orted by virtually Ult S. labor
a"n.mming. music with sectio A appeal, this Case eluding eReuther t s, a
ithe baE t ltening pi0d.of the day, namely th Crus d's vi e t w
S 0 and even beyad. In er tdo .i C e The giant loca ets e ltt .Its
ScutG down and almost'compily out tIE.excelltt union newspaper -etaiit to .
S as.," For the unnforl 'wet bnal appeal'" dissuade the GOpI eI.ple0p ". I. .a
i to ,ro s o.. .oo. ..-mm o ,n as th e P anam a A rea there from gliv& I l i up / cu i
'radio exp orts as very very. oo policy. CN,a of port to t-is an-ti M ap -..
W wr'-e eof the oilpeona of expert s uda drive. "' IW
d The story range a two-co- ....-
itvent to their Insatible dAWe to air be-bop and umn, tl'ree. line fronat-aige head.. "N *
S. o. alltmied "Yawn Patrol.." h t lact ,that the beat line b"tarniy proclaiming: 'Lo l .
roft ras. of recent years.3 icludi. Glodfrey, Tex and El B d."B .n U Radio Free Zuros rhis.
st ed this type qfl rogramminp .maem no difference D"o' r Drive.
i th AM othe tan t Louis Blues th locals lmrc irs had gon e out of l I I "
I cari no t~i nt.~N..'" ""the:r way to adopt a motion sup. '. .
*.. .pe'ing the "Voice of America" as.v4;..a s

41kihfta;th,melf-dentlficatlon and m turlnadmiration'90 "arm Of the U. S. Foreign a to
e .l-i-.d-ntoi,,on"Pand olicaldmraon But a "On the contray," WELLINGTON N. Z. It would flow othe count ad. hive the lntegraeo life in-New Y.ork, M't.B !I
S M .i.e."Is .foatI eglf The old ant ou motion aid, the i l opposes seem to e thatt Ierto Rico at b and so p k t n tothat people soa .
4Byquim o" Lafr the ird0apa cWhmtelste- r It VA t aropagawk 'pro i ge %iven Its laidependeace gratoW. h As&a. ae kit hu tt 1on runth* Own C.IInb*
sMsa r-"- .to "vrwho'r-. l- s iwch a, ta s Rae dio Fnoeree. futa ly %dt atsoeHe wa v- r t h. m hould irove a burden on a f loW '- n i ee yot -WA8 ; 'I,.T ( hi,.
S t "- tpy"who.-who. theye are not controlled by out gov- lhg of sid ce I ipo.sed lee ,b..i.u ap or bor,. / 'd
avocate and annoonreme.t.po f ninWrent and are not resosive to form IanU rs trietnlgone ae- gso-tinWl te I pow h k e net e c0d k eistorya
Whhle AFRS ol ou be American people and seek to p =I I tl m Oil9on r stry Puerto 9
I-o frmAgtibn and Education" it seems as tho compete i n the world- arena ofI ia t e- OyerA pa. P v ta t
S tolproam the tvofmuc where not on death our government-ponor m t re s r t.aoo -. .i e ai n as. ai, p t
fatrooWus but the vernocwlar Is absol tely hou .or e6o ooaaI"ljoudcanCt lo a people with w t hdb t
ato might ask Momm s A a 8inc 'pt ss h o damnation but from what air
.t, AW y" ay bi. among tite too tid in pPpo i e' tI oknow was nele.m tIN rt kiow Of titsM.agsnJf ew a I U0 isy 11h -atn t W e
ifI f m ldren precateItor by'i) be ascla ted to leArn, Yor ths ar a b worst bura e ro cans havb would give "111y.
&0AN rer bdoleke!& A veope. d o t 7 t
Snob or a change e w i aolsea ai dlue in d
Switch i Cty aeI F A_ It It- n i'itis

A samTN by do for have been in wholly at8dn-
adoIn Japanzd.ja mbI- a of s a, and the had able
dt o ald the o obrds who .wearesponmtble are the strategic gant Ford plant at eye wl'ts and there always wil ,l as bed ntraw wh. lta. -. 4;t.Iasmglmi is t .
rjea 4 :. Thank God lo the tuning knob on my set. wih much .sedeofense material .isj be ego alaes scramng, e"l.. e .to r 6wp late.a._
.i n t ime of epuflict. And if end el" Iw.en.t can't th esence, .".be- lpe t-o y
-.''- Emlr-&obls- iT'sl h conflict, it's certas to at and wOwdn't be all owed to rM un Ib I I and ageM ee'
-.. be o0 y *ith the Tovara chi be. It I th had it. P'wM li havei5 vs ii e
yond the Iran Curtain. Whom are our haGa r d .. oa .. .t d , t P l uW Puzzle ye rnt to t aonwa- out o 8taes t..than Puerto ,Rico.we ls.--
4*i'r~CffrItuuo eP an inchdlng their independenmR our shor0g .gol
Anericat Ae t; itls Commit- work. We have taken their erl
.4 .h Annual Repop for 19l, .you ..
4 Ofcsratfind btmm Inthisweird aha
#-"., UW,9 tof our times reter'ine to Me..hi ,-s/.,a

'with ,or.. ., ter.Edsoit In ,In W alnshntiu
Ow d 'duC'_ .r::ssionalsrep n_. IyouR."J

8"- titil 37Colo 'of Foundry Unit (at. 9 .State John Foster _Duil -.a ar himm evt. t@e4.oveurnof's o A
SLsoe e hptien 30 Plant dust etgo) of the Conmintunh eabid' his birthday. T4lin s dt- idni.I-a
Ensterof1 .7 GIve to those 40,Papal capes aOesser llb. 2, WItu a quiet litl W.. .t ight be. -. s .-ofa-1= W-au.hv mm""
adid who hulig44 Gratuities .h oeor words, the Congresalon- f ner at home. ewapsideeba se
fl 8 Arrow popen 44 Muse of lyric ,charges that this a 0 .year pest retired they behave?" ia expected to ghunsts oelstly t tea've
3AA of 20 Renovators poetry h spow eaks for the lead- age b' there wasnotgthat- 10 was asked of a n414.1m
'sial34 Tarpaulin 41 Frmous mte on's largest unlonIdoled retirement in rtheWt Washington.least .y are r PI
1ft (ab.) Englishschool also a-leader of the ge tildeb week which the see- ere coasplcts as le peas toe u c 1lhuge
c d om m unit shop c roi t ry i t t i W a shingto". all ... ," ar iium lnp ..l-
tI- 1,'3 Id-e( s C7' mupon which pi o He hoase from the .an-lill t ey t e cases ivol charges 'dt
ea.s -Shout"d ,Open (poet.) has been d detetrlbo. ". atline vdr"_ '. le ... -, ,.dI H ,
Prt shop c at s ottic Taf nt LESiON- aureauof
i te national Commu-r"or q ,(D. Il).Pdl .-. o -, e s ,at:
'Is ..]" II P..a I. ., L. us wion e au'1in to m oraan_._ itv.d.s i. as 1irtt as. a d-:. i1
A- -wfrlm hPD oao. f Na leaders 4 __.__________,.- _.- _"e_
.hits frmon. Cmn., e..._ t l .t : -h&Vtule .. .
Edgar sa ho e. .u. .
i-]ers m l src SFeak aler." tA-serins comilainiag $_"'. "
.a onAtheau. some +a.p matters. Tbe pric at a i

G.iernment mee, who wil1 lpose a, m, .e .. S.

l..e. of blar aV6dm lbe. ,. __N' t. ROTECTON ,.-.e, d R. s IeTO

-' iJ -- -... .A T oiJrw i t* of t S -E A NI m ato_ .
;... .' -,i ."-: At B lb.oisL*. h .sv eliclot I

I a U_- 2 ... -.

S i I .- I. '.+, .. -
tt '----. --- -~ .~


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: 2' "_ ...... .
" ""n -. -:

PThis collecnote f alide has

bal une.. ..'..e, A andro Misdo. P., Curator of
the Musiro Mac3oni in P-namt
Ccv.',.o N Ar d o o fo he Canal S t w a c r '.'.hools ; .
o Ne Y 4 M o o8lt t ebe oh the Diabl" Cam era
b C it the fist time tat eto ,t
at thr of b .... ... a ,.. a~. .no p preside t of then
on saida the lan unpoyd. r g e omtentaor the showing
oW oa .ie b;in3uwe.h e I fborse
It was in hope we cannot only

e r vist asnd s* sd wte marrd ht mfraton sd but reverse s
'l rr Ban ot. Aoe thyul d ttrb added. 'Tractl all
e pnd pe oplae otos e ou- for his part lit S l9flS ad org.t. a Cranbrn oe P
puio ert r m plesisoo of- tt* I the ao o d b ore
eor acy fe uas dand fou A aer the world "Threu Is meadoubt Inmthe 237m2nd~it a bcuesu Ifl 1' r"e-
-uo ta Aw y lears -Stevenson sai that tese who signed to coincsieh aWihthe Lnat000 'nenployed. W*e n tin feast' tastef i
ttendsd Jninve by the "wola of slander at- Americas Meeting at C0 1360 at the latest to an" T e tnd
l m et...for now i-t said e. "The Ntihoe ei out er to a ooc0 j n n MO.
16 elo eagmaist dim. wanted to embarraa w ebUnite nMosteso said toel hose
- .. :.. -publ.cans." States. And that, of course. r tote betterment RIo
is We havestseenasorry fit very well w thComm ad bronmit an anby
au rmls awt ample of thip In the baseless oiahs which are to embarrass o And aoath ra the S A1 lor
h qcoa In the reoith charges hurled' ainst our hono Amerie. wherever tbsp can.t 'qpelt that the 2 200 e i 1il a -
ew l:sconrts .reoed frmjl."he said j n No a O5esO pointed of#'t hat the h&lad heli fI tly for colo by- Mi~ 3"
Avmy ieore a y rete na to ahr atebr t bsd 00at oplar h ave a re earsa The ui i kp tbawaua easier in.
-orea Sena te Committee headed on of about 00 in th ded. ardth um* t alnd on ys
ow admin- bv 5 en.W WilIdasmLrr(R-Nffi) and perhaps 200 In the h he on canh oo s n
tin do- Stevenso n osai nm ers- lined to acnowge the I ly oso t the anhop tonethol
e- WSJQ qi"aation t ratoi abused "dmo craca "political ptrty.' desefibing *ii not a somehow cause a del W 3 e V lan
fl wld proe ain thee "deception a- theu s thed as members of a roe- said. "' e mea obe osenunt ia o thean a
uf otna d ped. tout te 1,458-or th e 2,200, o "anatieal club.d sense of fair play of the Ame. Leitnaker. rep orted on plans or
M bu ea tiny tbe 2m274mployes allegedly s re The Ptoterto ter.n cotrated o people to have them realols the Beaux Ar ts Bal which is to
of our n from government J obs as these numbers with the of pe g that this I ncidenr is the Pwork a be day 1st at the Tivoll
d. .the emon- bha p 000 Popular Daocr f aet 5 u e WRasnt Iland, with rawaiian enLtealn-
ap-- reit ~Rioat of 2000,00 Idepde. 80,000 the tnded sd ashamed at ment.

-be U, tfedea pala eors odl one ate al otateoerd party. horrible thsn It makes one besf oudi nAero icano Gaeiens
g t thq we s eeged aothleoampnu sthas been .o helpless.'* oun Am'rianG etres
ttBB- found despite charges made Puete co's present status Moscoo indicated he did not and Museums were shown by
...0a.B rE., l this "tan American numbers that of a hrge self-governing ue the term "insane" loosely. Re Mrs. mea Karsh through the

wai't ole. 1uthis stander and dedelt, this bitr- ntd Senate rejected l int would .not be held Ie n e 5s). o Wereo Me. d Mrs. John Dnner-
an esshe haenene. which President TheNationalistleaderas hetand ughter, of Colon,
t- ao eatedl in statmerts eower has offered. Mapo r-'.so--ed in 1950. a with t Capt and Mrs. R.Y.Due -
Ssad 82 per cent of the people national er ps br the Naval pita
a I e ntidealnta ar more than the share repre- coincident with the asss. N. ad M. K6th Lane Mrs.
i. so thb the nad of ent. by the ruling Poelar' iatoR attempt Itn Washington Deanne rittell, from Crtobal

4-th r iete rhediqac. I hots thaorho Demorcat. support this poeltion. I c former President Truman. and Mrs. P. McDermitt rom Ga-
Srtteaa. fu 'mabt a .as that the The governor les has greeted soe said hed presumes siti- tmw.te-
aerate *saderb PlieYin 'p f utw dswar the id'a of statehoodfor Pueto la arrests and tillng willo fol-
pubeliban Congressmen it a ron
Tn r n beeowiated of defru .

we Americans Wre In
eug 9rooonth but We went slithpring down the IiIn full bloom and in moon
tevensofataleeta- ETt erlitdo awn oudethe t a ow tre tshe s
oee-they'than a week l ors and odors.
i r am r ing, to a Northerner, Is like a

fAn lhetemeraat s r lt, d n. d i sf a ENTERTAINMENTb,
I&y ifortslandothemorly o Ioutmn Ln fr r SONS PuAtYENo
w Sy w OPENUtlaP.sReou Ine l de- o4w ufan as Wel p otb sey
Hlviyi.-i a5d AdutromoblA i ROnw No. 38 -a's eroo-tr wthe eatt to o n pmtlC n t o
n:brir ee eoan Td| 3on33e fees lke Aorn, ualh then e bM del MORAL

E aao\itlmostnyhingr but orks oe nedoebas something ab E RAIMEt
atAMhor- Thgeesb crspkedun a own nt ohtorh ----.epaet ON E PIANO
t._otht-ouheer hlsdn .resenIto put i gentinoto tdud usthre dd to arado r* FawVOIT

unde *thid ne1oT Aiotree iuzzards f dto rnadoes.

h d sh to wit the GUlView Inn claplti- AI^nd dHowever. I have tme sl SON AYI
S-I retin taWtr iitol-sA- the taoraese oaesar no.t to h neek h m.
So beaded on lfbut pm ad ata And I ang auite thre thstwhIn

toI dowanbutio trpiw and hate enfoed al; ecah
Automobile Raw 'ts wonder andra'r oto fopense,
Swe w o hk to or Adown
mrd T.d I lt homet n ke in the doorel TIT
Sl ee" ,jIti I portnst tI sigt we esae a. i .ovanshte.euwnt ant

teIVamlnot otMl to ta you at,
d. heh eRAtwITIONER to a OaN betTrE .han i
a on capacity eed m own office. .n..(....'.. 495.00 :an I
ft. ou thsdthis nd-Se nateut ejecthedfu.In dswey wd gousibec to our own.wa
MA tL !t qhw hich,1, iessrayd "Gerold Ins rego te oCetsnd homea
WOt R- 82 pereigh cedow int of dheeF orida. o f l sts, 91trathe not go ngto ee NaouHa-
gm hanodors. The whaveMLfolders
Tincandothathat ebeemtcrattertihtesove drean!
taCp iubty. H95.Ocombeteen ond

S1IW CASES, Mahogany,

s *lpnchy with 6" hydralle Piston lift.
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$ 50.00




retbody has his own tastes
every *te has its own at-
lons. But I do advise any-
who can. to met away from
ie every now and then.
Sread so muth abot man
women xwtbng 8 d1orces
Search other: You a e their
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WED. Thru SUN.
MARCH 24th -

Fun For Everyone :ti










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* *K~*~


e Extras

i Dividends

,WW YORK (U.P.) Fred
ep is one landlord who hopes
tenants will remember him
ly and not as the grasping,
*by type of tradition.
T he i r reputation isn't de-
red," said Trump. "There are
Ity of kindly landlords. You just
" about the bad ones."
u#mp, a mic'dle-aged fellow who
ces as a self-made man, keeps
tenants happy with such ex-
Is summer camps for the chil-
I, baby-sitters, bouquets for
mothers and bus service to
ches in summer. In one of his
sing developments, there is a
ol for the younger set.
combination builder and land-
T, rump's apartment develop-,
ts in the Brooklyn and Queens
p elUs of New York house about
Families, most of them in the
4. income groups. He is a na-
New Yerker who started in
real estate business as a car-
W helper, going to school
to learn the building trades.
school he has provided is in
Brighton project in Brooklyn,
160 kindergarten and first-
oe children. It is an ultra-mod-
structure fitted snugly in the,
ement of one of the residence
loags. Trump and the New
k,,Board of Education worked
a deal-he furnishes the fa-
Les, they furnish the teaching

Every Trump housing develop-
pt provides playgrounds for
ren. Each has an indoor rec-
te center also. And his Beach-
e project in Brooklyn has its
& teen-ager baseball club, the
vaten Royals.
ch development has a shop-
C. enter, and the next one
.ap builds, in Queens, will have
Inedical and dental center free
rump is the first to concede
Ot being a ktndlylandlordpays
it being a kindly landlord pays

rI have a wife and five kids."
said, "So I know about family
kta. But I'd be a hypocrite to
ihAt being good to the tenants
t also good business."
That do t hw tenants think of
r landlord?
s. Robert T. Friedman, motb-
W two, said, "He gives you a
of his projects, Trump-
Mded an art instructor for those
a wanted o paint in their spare

hadwhy 'l hh.D .: .-
But I hd t. .stop the practice,"
f. T jra ywryly. "When one
nan akaked me to exchange her
mets to. The King and I' for a
- t 4r'-n Can,' I decided things
re getting out of hand."

Sign Of Rain
AUREL, Miss. (U.P.)-Hub Ho-
sald he knew days in advance
a the months ong drought .here
end-Reedy creek ra'n ich
wat-r." Hosey, who lives near
ce.eek, said when Reedy runs
O during a dry spell, it's a
srSign of rain. 'It never fails,"
Selamed; ...

CHm IS WULKIN. Planotee


"TWIN SURVIVORS-Believed to be the country's oldest living:
-twin veterans of the Spanish-American War, Frank A. Palmer,.
left, and his brother, Floyd B. Palmer, celebrate their 79th birth-
day at Schuyler Lake, N. Y. Thqy were 23 when they answered
President McKinley's call for volunteers in 1898. Both were'
w .oinded in t. cq~j .qd .ar.e till under medical treatment.

IF TIP *JT OF a rw rIr q
o ---

NEW YORK -(NEA)- There's anees, or. as Jimmy Iputs, "Con-
a big shake-up underway at the nie's job is to coHlWt the loot and
Red. Buttons show. The sponsor, run." They each have specific
reportedly panicky, because of one clores-Frank handles the ward-
or two weeks of falling ratings, robe and Bernie the arrangements.
wants to revamp the show. First 3i m my? "Well," says Frank,
off, the character of Red Buttons "Jimmy's an ornament-he helps
as a dumb kid will be junked and Connie."
a new character created. Being four good-looking lads, in-
To effect the change, the spon- stead of a lonecrooner, isn't the
sor has given dismissal notice to handicap you might think. They
the producer, director, all the writ- don't get in each other's way, so-
ers but head-writer Larry Gelbart, cdally.
and th&, chief straight-man, Joe "The gals come to the shows In
Silvers. Some may be rehired, but bunches," says Bernie. "They each
most are through. single out one of us; we're each a
It's things like this that make different type." I
the unemployment figures soar. And they seem to do their har-
-monizing harmoniously. They say
Jessica Tandy and Hnume Cron- they don't have any serious dis-
yn will take to the road next fall, agreements.
doing a series of dramatic read- "Just pillow fights," said Cog-
ings under the general'title, "Face nie.
to Face." The program will in-
clude bits and pieces of Tennesset, Hold everything-new soap op-
Williams, T. S. Eliot, William era starting April 5 on CBS-TV.
Shakespeare, Ogden Nasi and their It's the ol61d radio stand-by, "Per-
ib e. .. -TFeFs-Life." The problem is-
For an encore, they'll read old will we be able to face Portia?

.Take four choir boys from Tor-.
' who sihg L 'a0 hymns, ae-
'them to als.W
ST' a' har ii nutshell,
the story of MYra Araelf ,t eveyt:ldg
Bassery, Connie Coda ,,
nle Toorish. They're a P
great quartet who fg t- asif e of the term be-
kids geography with', 'Jita ul tA-#nh Wvdrs. hen Laur-
than a covey of grammn. .icheool liver and Viea Leigh were
teachers could do it a month asg 'Antony a" Cleopatra" and
non-Sundays. ," asar and leopra" here
The foursome, aU m. t sat, "Hi] how's t
look more like ch a" byt bibt ?g
stars. They're all shet \, --
looking yofngaters, wboa 'Mrs. Frank Henderson, the fabu-
ag a hig-h old time with eft 7-year-old socialite, is now
new life. These days they re Charleston lessons at Ar-
ly on the road-with 23 sultca array's. Her instructor pol-
record pityer, tape recorder, said, "Mrs. Henderson, you
tar and two trumpets. look 'lke a million"
"We have fantastic tips," said "Maybe," she answered. "but I
Connie. He handles the Lads' fin- .Wlfte20."

Bad Landin

ootip/ .

Ferils of Parenthood

r.q .

Both idea vuL.
MN.. w asg rik h
I 3aT. 3N.T. Pm

I "How was I to know? ask a
PiiLsbur'gh reader. "I let South
make the accompanyig hand, but
I thought at the time that I was
making a good play. How could I-
tell that I was going to. be. a goat
instead of a hero?
"West, my partner, opened, .he
six of spades. Dumiry yed,
lni ne, I covered with the jack, and
South won with the ace. South now
finessed thb queen of diamonds to
my king.
"I couldn't tell how good my
partner's spades were, but I knew
that my hearts were very gqud.
Hence I returned the king of
"South won with the ace of
hearts, cashed the ace of diampnds
and gave up a diamond tricl; to
my jack. Now I could take the
queen and jack -of, hearts, but
South still had a stopper in the
suit and my tricks came to an
end. South made the rest of the
tricks, fuft s contract.
"Was I ucky, or did I
makle I'b
OT=wAy 'I know, West's
op a fourth-
I at ea .C of Elev-
e, ast could 6at outh had
*only one card hbig tab the six
of spades.
In order toi. b the of Elev-
en, subtract t% ...umber of the
card leI from elevet.- The remain-
der eqls the ni"ub'r of higher
oard.seld $the-ather three play-
ers pist.togthei. Sixfrom eleven
leaves five, me lag that there are
five cards higher than the six of
spades in fhe North, East, and
South bands. Dummy has- two of
them and Erst has- two. Henee
South can -have only one. *

ed out thqe 'd He
should halk r 'r
wlnni hi$ 1atI
He would thu 'ie
mond trick and lea
allowing Weas ,to at
tiact with four. spade tricks.

An Hlenest Maa
LOUISVILLE, Ky. (U.P.)-3 ,
L. Evans tbNks the reputatlot
women drivers is worse than t
deserve. His ear was rammed
a truck when he stopped for ,
light. He placed a sign on the rr
of the auto, reading, "I did it,
my wife." '"


a Wr, PLl.T I


The Boy Maestro

MMAphiCICffBO' ) X 'BTEV 00 A "
sTagOIU NtI L.A. L eJ h I PI
*Tiaris ume :AN* '


' ~d.

E tUM Amp mS M BNam


ALk'1 41o



* .. --

Oscar Is Disappointed

Passed Up

C ."

C ^ ^~p~. ^
! y"T1R
cowm91 hm


s .., I v

ioaa tis! & wm S~~Mi'l MM MfAh~ *u3~l^



-f~ .~VY -.
Echo *~-J L~ ~t '. -

W9 i~~lUB'D 1t S e

DO. LILV.... Tn. cou-.
15C7 I .-.. "M

i. M/.OPTH TW l41WgO


Baa Moment



Ga VAM6HF./-l. WedT 1 TO 6 I AWCl--HE .WDRe
MAKi140 A

x-: 7. -, 77-7av" ;




5~ *..LWMM*
I -



lord Finds


. .. ... ..

i, -..v. .
% f
,G. 6.


, :..,^|


1'. 9. y



%. h



LAR -1


MRL~ 4;' ~


",if..l- -
C.- d0


3KMUI~o onI oth
Mrs.n A. ho-
:..a o ,h-e 4 ha m 0 ,. ha .
Im WIe""r "ei r... .IhT 1urnooif t,,l e

t-i Y er will,,e, .
.. ,t.... z, ...., .

,PI7 ~.. .:-a,. <,-,.g v ,.t"o. Mi .. rato ato.,

and Mr. d hed t e d e sneeelg 44.a s.aougX eth- d c,
Ulai iilrlb h -i$l ~ RIlll

o.... b T g n an nor. eoine btjo ouh1 e
dOr .0e1 hM.d e t ur', eof to ,

'-,.-,ance holdhome and care o OQO:

~ te andsoeu 1 t hirI tsr th FT~aal at~ A Ie baui eat a 4 n~ipd

doore :3 ,Anl.e Y..C .....
Mrs;o. rilMaWfteopwt
evcicni.tie t, i6 th Ann a dl P.M. mms 8 o

mb -h"** its b $h .,,
matn1peerti. bt..ei tae. .
th 1~4~~b ~reXttt w IV$qIW9 Author~ities. tldLaOUDC *90 Ad-

"..rit .iand ed P o t l t o. I u" c....

.~,: ~ ~k. ~Fhy ~1au t at pubuu. it fqe r. L4KC~~f.L nt
M ritAd6 0e4ua ,eni g en ob i g ae r o m .

f. .iinment, Cont dmot9 dance u at
.lb ;0OW .32 1,

W a y ped-by I, e ,, -
fIs anadrmeBand dalo- ri : h d ,I dd hd
31e d- & ,whIio e.i tteI .thre aR. b! h)wer. a .
lot Vab.

u.mi. d u, ., cn a.I m, ....I..,-.

,'ril. wiall n b oe iyed b w qi me fet zii
o'te three tq t her. a$8y.3elp oi '. .
kvdngb. ForI erYtUfltyog yd'nL

.&aor ..'ft e yo aur yot to
04L L.-.. :. e_,-.w nt
.1 or--ttp-tUs ef'r b nt 71b.19b h

f~o Ntd ,onk born '28i port, V? U']) I1
-4fyfr rmi,6 4.-hel hldat]RO E -P a "Y lowli e .

1...6rors os oft yepoke 'qne
Thil o. ie -whl ~w obuy ik kf
tm. W.
Home tomewill be bold g Fliteon Nd he

r tifft u t .i
3 1 at 7:00 in the Curd BooI-:O the

r :--~~.--up To
1 1# For*v 1U ball id Up.Tomrlaes X411
MheEight ang. 'Forty% C. Peter- bets Desips iAVID debt.

atnd h reguar meeietitlhg .- h-e
SAW 'N09 a enes&rV 'AM .. r u~ gionAutoorities 1mdto- 0 oAIAh

m g .itoayriuitthp j-m t s' "Crq o
tbi mr. ., .. ....., MAK #
.. .c..-o. ,' 1m.a' to i bv A ,r, La 1n I noter"ach

ft 1*:11j .. Ofp Icef a Td tint or 't'e!
toteUntd ft teC blrU m '~ap
P: ,r aebead'o rlu
itt. 04 s f thett
'.-I~r ...,


tlehern Shield.Tab 1l Ot3T1
ave 'See .- o
' Margaret is lke. a lot e other
women-b-she i dson 'most of her
Hying 10. year f n Bow,
Sbe has cov r~e that
hamma isoA *he ia U


"eh v.-"' d"u e r th'"e d"e

t- %, "t .

air A




* -C"-
-* .. **t




Special Ballroom Dancing Coorse
Teenagers 10 f1r. course for $15.00 per. person
Couples class 10 Hr. course $25.00 per couple
Beginners specialist Air-conditioned Studio
HOURS DAILY 4 p.m. to 9 p.m, SATURDIAY 9 a.m. to 1- pIh.
By appointment only. Call mornings Bilosa 2-420 after 3 p.m.
Ca' ua rmn S3-iO.:
I 1 '. .t' II ..... I tl 'i, --" : l L:


-. 4
o .aH op 0 *

, ANinA DE STC ,



Oh Panama

Sure they r






$-. ,- '.8

- S ~
* '~*ixj.'.i -
* .. ,~
I, v~.


' .

.' .

I "

- '. 4..
' .' -."





I; 4'*

- ,- -- -. ..- ,-.
i.-....fe ., .- .^

* "Se' *.
a ~

ti' '. ** ,i

-. AT NO COST TO YoV, .-
C__. ___- ____. ____ ___.____ .______ ._ ..... .- :. '"


fb~~~~~~~ {AMrj-. AA7^w~fffm
' .., f 9H m *.lfl ^ WH, U m ,: ';
*" ( '<.

m. I & o Si* .

* .1

I. .

. ._ __L i


,J.] ".jF II- ,l i."iV *l -I^-i '' 'ii**

AT ....^t
--* '- U A ^.;. .. .. ,'
AT' 0 '' IN
..... I:- A LT.. '

i' ',

:r J......a yI.,

. 7.- .


I' -- -. I.
-. -, .-


^ ; T |teeiNo. 13
a yo) hDOmr
S JuNe ArsomiwM Avft ad 33 IL
;.. .. 2-_B ,S o

e CAsA 2At ;O di o... de aM Dr .M A3RMAC tI I9 e il8 SII W
CutaLo A 0 PIS l Iem-. ',

st rat ma-AN

--- --l-.--r---s-

-Lr e One---- combIned Planeand boot Sant a P usb"
iSALE:-Sofa, livingtoom tables, FOR SALE-1951 Mors convertible, trips $17,50. l P
, theie suitable colder climate, excellent condition, duty pdo, San Bias Islands, March. 13th. WILLIAMr' Sntc Clre t Cot- "h t
mah's size 42-44. woman's size $595.00. Tel. 2-1515, Balboa. 21st, 27th. toges. Lor cumturtoblie modem.
:-4.12-14. girl's 7 and. 14; men's FOR SALE:-1951 Morris Minor, 4- neer bee p
lhats. large size; Vqnetian blinds, door. Good condition. Justo Arose. Darien and Perlas Islands $20,00 weekends,
4 waide; 4ntchstiek blinds. 30. mmno Avenue No. 75, upstairs. Lost trip, March 28th.e S
w. 37 nd 42" wi, "74 |rl. 44th I iiiiiI LU
St. No. 17, upstairs. FOR SALE-STATION Wagon, 1952 Two-day week-end oall expense trips 41117. '
__________ _-- Willys. 6-cylinder. Excellent condi-4I.t,11673.
5 ALE:--_uortermoderm tion, Clcoli 2532-A, Nicanor St Cartagena, Colombia, April 3rd & 4th. Houss on beach, Santa Clar. Also in RO i and StOp S.
*'-,'k Itachen tablet, remodeled, $40.00; Telephone 25-3121 1. Be n
a-. klthny bu le, arpmdeletop $7.50. Te"epone 5-31The Heroic City," greatest strong. COOL COOL panda rountains. Phone Oxi o Djape ratio, tc
'tiinger, House 6384. Cordzal, FOR SALE: 1949 Two-door Ferd hold of the Spanish Main. SHRAPNal., Boldio \a iee 1 ~ )
i. 2-1368. Club coupe. Good condition, radio, caretaker there.' .0trOI UNDER AT St.
SALE 2-1398'ut- $600.00, Tel. Panama 2-4918. San Jose, Costa Rica Gramlich Sonto Clra. Beach cottoaes. Albert Wtl6n modesa the u~w
CallE.-gp3utiful 9xi2 ChInes1 AprI 10th alth, $45.00 a eaesdlo bhat being used by At-
i-FORrSALE' oy vl Stovs S-d The,
P,. Mo 8d-3273. stween 8:00P FOR SALE" 'an of Enchan5ment0 r r44 m lantic 00, N. J., poloeT. The
m',,fn .00:0 m "L E-5aont "rato rOte. Phane 6-441 or Juuw i(O. Ot y vbl-e .sign of the radio
E:- Electric' fans Singr Rel Etflf David, El Volcon and BoqueteK 67 -- Ai "IKi "lhe hteina which extends
f machine, 10-ftl. ve? w- April 24th 25th, $35.00 t a the h n badwe. Inside the
bn nmboofeuriturne. -t)l. IP SALE: -'Furnished home with "Shangri-La of Panama." J l I GEO. F. NOV Y,INC. bat i a four-tube radlo. which
*. 150 Prospect Street, tele- servant'k house in CCURO CAMPA- Ian1i1N is th, l e or pckae of wig-
I Balbooa 138p.9 NA. Business opportunities. Shrop- Teachers' Easter Holiday Special _______O_ Centrl Aus Tel 3 o0141 arets. It was deaiaged by Law-
!, fo nel Balboa 1389. "Land of the Invas." FOR IRET:-tholet: four'bedroams," ra se Smi, police depart-
NS!d. ARGAI "-,bu- If OtU FOR SALE: Far m: 6 hectareas April 10th through 18th, $195.00. one can be used as maid's quarters, md t radio technical.,
fIn ittreactfr -but ine~q, Oplain, Arralan, with huge, : 'eI, Livingroom. diningrhoinr kitchen.
P HARGV 11Uod. Lbvnooo. iCH T M
:j~ffice. we *lust"what you "rer t Phone Panama 3-3171 Fred Busch 2228 .from 9 a.rn. to 12 noon and
E RMs-I- ,n.. MISCELLANEOUS ~ i to -- Charity Bazaar
Use y u '-*ueitop Core.rct .. ._____. FOR RENT: 2-be~room chalet In.
"iNCreEdit ard. HOUElOA-D:X wll d by o. DR. WENQEkHAkE el *1 Vista, cross El Baturro $10. !0U. w "
NGE. national Ave. No.:; 41 ine albled f seye Medical Clinic Tel. 3.1713, PenA. TO Be In May
3-491.. I' los Own Central Avenue, K Strait Corner FOR RENT:-Fuirlshed chalet at B r-
r -WANTED od *vrl g.your hets.O ,* v Telephone 2.3479 Pan6m i tido del Maestro, Miraflores. For .. At St Mary's
.; WANTED ,.? o-er o he,-O information Phone 2.4088. At St.t ary's
'' MistellmaeouS a. t l price. mre FOR SALE FORRENT:--Furnihed choleLo 40 2 c The charity) bazaar committee
S anew loe than you ex. Exposicioh f*y two months, 3-1206. W etinghuus. In| & it St.. Mary's church has com-
WANTED:-Vaconr garage or locked peet lfar Information and Mriees aneous 8 am.. to 3 p.m. I out. 5, Z, 9 e JI ear pleted plans for the annual
.had for cent. LWocatiA RioOAbEjo. Inspetonle ; ca: I r, FOR RENT:--BUILDING suitable for uaraate*. Easy toU See charitv ba sar, to be held at Sz.
57 Ancon. FOR SALE:-Cheap Old rehous, shp. Corner 50th anb MOUTNESI CIA. Mary's Hal. Balboa, on May S.
1osT WOLFF & COMPANV desl filing cabinet, play pbn, child 12h Streets, Son Francisco. F. Ico- l. th St. Ave. 8, 7 and 8 with A children's ba-
4' LOST aFOUND re ^ b Call Panama 3-1701. .C- "Bex TheaSU Szl. iaar 9n1 May 8 at 2 pm.
"FSTUNbee, Calla Pnomar3-1701. c ex = 'h =..-. .
-,W5h S street No, t "s, .--T _l '_ bazaar.a held ann Cly.
TS Wrist watchnar "Tel. 2-2333 c1111111FIRMAN-Red.Tso risebazaar f dst held ren An
'OwJN: M.n's wrist watch ner-" Wem. we have everything to ,catch'traiserfinds to helph Maeme
please identify and pay adver- I 1$45.0 Uop; underwater equipment, TRANSPORTES n'aeS Mary church durng
Wmti,,nnt. Teeiphon.a 2-3504. wears, e.Y trp- A mO TE t o y? win committees were
AvesArkSill .s Ht O 5 -p m.; Sat. All Tape tesJl iTer ce t o s e
Wq' n d FIciatied: ABERNATHY. No. 90, Peru Bl AXTERd,, .A, lecte feron.tom eof ta
_;kA Help lww$-A Avo Ham .. to 8 p.m.; leSat, m-m Packers. Siipp1 (iov pfr various bhases of the bazaar:
.. -_ ,'y 8 otm, toS 6 m furr. R DESB I w

T Te-31 9 ra 2-hour service. AM Y No FOR RENT --Avilable from March VALERIO TUON nance Com tte Carles M-
99, PFeru Ave. 17 until of June. fully furnish e, Loule Polletti, Walter Al.
.j e thr P .. ed tne om apartment, 7th rRp1% M itrnani in UltIr -n; Booth Costruction: Wi-
.1 rAMA CA" NT. floor, rModdro Building, El Cangre- ntionand Hy ramatleTrdans- lam Mummaw, Johfn G0 Putb-u
t fr a i.... cook dhd by m olo avoitr le. yWVoeea p ityReeilo. aeHernJaoue Lh M oili C-
+, hlls O*AFIlkVr V -.-.At -....oA m"rO.o.o o=,

Sg..- -,B1orid ;a ul 1M Ca ll 2.2M6 4toffici or 3-4775 ** alley, Carlm i Bell. Charl ittn nA I y
01 w 5 tc RPaL lr ea sl.ation of S .EI REU 1CaIl3
fall NT' ( W0 droo 00 111- I WAteNKwatera S S g WBiw ReOjcL W T i4Wf t *Vfrr

..,e d 6 A, t. 2. O .00 monthly, For katraJ a re Mat
'ii Ta March l ther ~ ae r l dl Ublt. Phone 3 3336 es r ie no t ae 6 p.
W61i.TOTal;Mar xt Iro .gtdsd plnt.1rt t ohf i a
~ Thoma Cn auF ,~RlEN ,wer, rse and 'onel t oaoTted Inp FOR RENT; o2-bed room,2-beth The committee wi l l meet agat ei an chte wh

bu ea'superflous (and)T r tlhe rrietOCkdChra at heGaurn HRus E NAT: s e r IflArbIBM 1 czp eggnog
h*gt bureatrl stra -to Flornda where to mout >ln< Ofr or from office of Suer FO1 RENT: Just pon e modern H WHS
Stfr snow is something y In t i St ou fleph old St ou ephartm ent: two bedrooms, t lv 30 pn-
ma, of books.t %o 2.1"5 I.5 dinnge-room, 5 cloets, hot water -85 1 cut~D skim mltotk 1 CUD ean Sy d

u wr chairman of nowed aimut i very whera Cr stA-Chorg at theG97a'u m t
S Codln ty (or Worth) E. in Northweat Florida welt of tie Pt l Office steel dUsk, like FNo. J5 to.m ... 0 R e a unch r
Blwer Canpaign oganzation -Apalachicola Rive .u area ztea npw r$B; console redio & record- --- P I I V A/ 1 D
1.. ly 175 Alules across)," the weather plswirZ5or 10 cycles $75; elec-i -rL1 UrJ Ill m WWi 0 2 o2 ie tongue 1 c 1)ean
bu-irfe *-A.^d^.ti^T aMt' orted. 7 tric farts, partition & louvers for 4- FOR RENT: Completely fumnshd 75 1 ed eR L tongue
A to pile u enough sow for sd 00 Bdbo, House 770- Icbo street, Te. 3-0 3 "good possibt" of a 5 1o bread
bhisra. the faie ere report 0 2-3148. FOR RENT: Modern 2-bedroom C 85 1 cuING.t ena on 0 trine
b It tu def l its m"lfth fai t in o mlst -nl ap artment, furnished, 10000. he r eee
n w darovrWbuordh)- Pl" INoet e reported at Tail- T he beat that you con find for the rece o Fr
C S airFxiSP Oeada B"oali Plpnaola ahd Pnena n Off :. oN. 58, 43rd Street.s Theae officials told the Unted
pr, pI I a o.r two places on te r ls $- C FOR RENT, Unfm hed emel el o
ly 175tihil near the weaste P d nP City beduem slour sjA b anes

Sfor M "We'C ha row before brt w p inom es -FOR RENT:- Clomp cool fumrnisd we be negotiating .14rimarilyed e.i ..
Bsb y edSl3 e t."M ? are 1eavy. People are th'iuedd sendl -beildign a pVirtment i 2-n modem d S atIP tOVERS wathve th llo bdrtt ead r e L a r seU _n at lto -
1 The fiT e settled on redbi ctonsi9her2,. ol 01 or 2-1961. ITIm c v6cinG this matter. 1 Sp~ ubss i ura po
EW o5 i l m, the flares ererd D, 2-348 FOR RENT: ONE MONTH. from W I R smea1 ed 25 1 sm led tomato aeredoh sprouts
Steh 'i. i sbeo e s tayed iab e St e. March 15 mto AarnI 14 small fur- HERES e t fri e a '75 e cuc water pape aesp.A Bicu Its anv butter
eratdefent at a b-,.o)e e,, .. rOnifeded b apartment you cn find for the rence on the Far E t.-

l t ta sma n i l e 4; mage was expected. O- a Cell2 locat ed, N BI E RW,7 w ed e between he ricdd Street. T e officials to ld ire m o -
elte- r -lg i SALE TOMBLE ROW 7 hernc t Geneva. They bear Coaee w
iGl fA qo & M trr Mexico.. ,.d "--r'i FOrrnspai us me i -Tel 3 -28 agreement on Korea, st ee nether f u.

tM3ne a rttheeastern .. of8321 l 2 A b-RoRO PIC L EL Closithe Patience with the Cgommver- 50 c
S3- 21 11-A Cu- rn"s efforts to beat wn Cm-12
pOfontld' 11.Furnished rdwkt, all convtenIoeneces. want to give msh I Lro n.

of.tnowfal.l oa e pleb Call, Pncmal M Labinets aN Gd .l
.M&.y AL plTo. '5441. .m ended by ald, "ist any matter o wich pp
tl nAo, ou'bWe've u (Uds P.)ow A calf foebt .eV. no "_Fr Umaitey-2604,ohs, fuen ng

Sa tootb ros up to N IT TES O AMERICA FORRENT: Cool furnished werge YOU CHOCE O be tias ay
lil roast ti ts ro tProm for 1 or 2 bach lors. .46th DESIGN AND COV LO tenin the milrymfel. b*U
dh pats ".lk sete ottlI n redbdd 5 t4 ObeITr, WOrNICt e U St. Nlo. 1 .ec''lr 2-196T. much v6ce in this M er.
saidgis eA1, P11.- taawltmlSowood and3 gse. dFOR DISTRIoCanTOF -T-E CANAAmericanoofficials viewed the

of the farer but the. ant bachelor independent entrance one position in any negota
.. pet. reedn bloMarch 15 to Ano office. Colle fur 75 e t cuo water a
re ewexarpet td.. No 6. At. ewedteons on the Amrean problem and
h t Doat FR RENT: Completely furnished. I Geneva then push orwa to the
FOR S A CTIO FOR DIVORC beautiful large room for 1 or pin r-Indochin s w
e 9 tactl r te 6 d sa d tp r o Fons Also hs icebox, stove. kitch- oa Ewill 1ake teurbi t
sweete- 1er .. W Com ri les, 3 pha es. en cobiner Private bath. 52nd St. the allies. Exactly w t ten us-
-.Mt i tol lun et*r da4 s ufter No. 3, ^elii.roet 3-0638. sean are ready to offer is
ffar haE 5b sowft In ume o ur erlanr to ** appear FOR RE T:-Nlcfy furnished room. H kown, but it is exposed to tie
beef a and umawas ad a is wnll be takLn private both for lad', suitable for tem bait to the Wsa-weal
ie d. nurse50. Tel. 3-0897. OUEHOL EXCHAN ome experts thin the Com-
.'enit to she DFu r Canal Zone. Bi d a, rn~.,ItFremut. tion rebels ndochina. Indof they should,

i Gao vor pre c r re m At, MC k. A 8 a Tonight teobile Row woubo e that the
v'a-f; i p Americn0co0uple. Coil Panama 3- W any Cabinets endedby-ain e

S -.*t. a es rhaet b ets The B ..eds -
LOGAnNA robyr us.gmAg or feaw
.r;,,I ton i(.ght at t-AO DiUR OCE OF that thees li U.S. od
room troras t .., rm starting s. .4th b t views o mn In iach yfil dhna

0a o drroa st UrSeFrenc tPierM or iep yl
SBARINGTON, N. I. (U.P.' andSTACT COURT St. No. 3, Tel. 3-4re ee

oAOIrs. George Green was skeptical mld B. Stse-ICFEN
-wddab in his car was caused by a ftauon*be a
.FORRENT:"-Unfu-rnishedrf ai br k that bouonfded or' noi the moWoiites 1easla
'the former W iy Pulett. plaintiffb lrin e- road as he drove home. tnncep sion an gO a .
'hreswe, block from Anc o pot office. Clleis e Soviet diplomats aeexpect
.""m "ret, too u out the deer tracks and er t llmw -
o. 76. Apt e. eeane ov eat. he Koreannro _._ it
counttllb.FORRENT:-sredk As Geneva then push forw tthe
,l al. jitg e we the em .t ifiledin the above-en obebr Pri va onbt f. 5nd St. th e s e alliesE xactly
.hd =-tm t .1, o bt .j ljt t

Guthrie 1P. s'lesGmay-even. 's

2au- w*

r.. 'i .

oil T1.11

:" I
r+*+ /


+ !'MON"



._ -





4. ." ..'

44^. s W.. -.j.. -

'*rrtrSh'^S A -A' t
":-------'.a .. q .
4w., .. I.-MP-.. .

tIC "
I *~fl~

a~F"~ lladi~ M:r, al~


', sMM. 4 B Y," ,.. ..
rsae, Mrs. Arthur Cran-
Patrick Chaney, Mrs.
o1t and Mrs. Joseph Wa-

-...e& -J-ae ..'

,'& -t. re- zone. ann
i4t 0..t of Colon and'
i.rir.m who w e'
"dr Mrs. Franmo
W1q. et qq.d Mr. IM, .
arr the locil manager.
,SSr Barton Dinner
Sr..Frak v -Barton, president
;, th AtI.mni i'ocltauoai of. Bos-
"too U wnet s'-,a the guest at
'a! ditfhi< fltB'at'tj(Hotel Wash.
igt.S -~ y ceal members of
i'.2 praeet were: Mrs. Jow
" vis of Fort Gulick. Mrs.
Genn Tt~affiager of Curundu, Mrs.

CkCq ?.AfEASE!
Shows: TIO 2:53 4:53
6:53 8:55 p.m. .,

Warner Pathe News with
the showing at the
American Congress.

i. i and Mr. Hen-

B z hts, were w e lu nco f
gu, SaSMwday of Bear-Admiral
J t D, Wilson an4 C a p t a j n
Thom b pon aboarr4 thqSTS

The patients submitted pictures
of their wivep or girl friends. Miss
Joudrey's was submitted by Car-
4os Iboune. he- fna Judging was
dgem by the. patlentt mh we om.
ears ward. ; -
The winning photograph w as
displayed through the hospital and

was published in 'the Hospital
magazine "The To*ver.".
SMiss Joudrey is a freshman at
Sthe. University of Conneetieutt, and
last Month was Initiated into Kap-
pa Alpha Theta Sorority.
Unusual Bon Voydge
Gift Fbr Dnmerons
Mr. and Mrs. C. D. Dameron
were presented with a large cake
topped with a miniature, confec-
tion, replica of the hotel which
they will operate in Urbanna, Va.
The cake centered the buffet ta-
ble at a farewell party for the pop.
Oir couple. It was -made by Mrs.
C. W.o Wade, .who worked from a
jkhotogrph of the building.

Shliows: 7:00 & 9:00 p.m.
,'.' ,. it I., I,' t'.. '.
Admission Prices: .60 .30


#ith Errol Flynn and
. Olivia de Havilland


Gary Cooper Barbara Stanwyck Ruth Roman, in
Plus: Doris Day and Gordon McRae, in

Phnma eanal T heaters -

r son- and
d her fani-
in. Balboa

SI. Mjrs JAlumnae
Atsodaio Meeting -
.The regular meeting of the St.
kary's Alumnze Association will
be-held tomorrow night at the par-
ish Hall of the Miraculous Medal Plans will be c-ompleted
for the dance to be held May 1.
Coral Chapter Meeting
There will be a stated meeting
of Coral Chapter No. 3, O.E.S., at
the Gatun Masonic Temple, Tues-
day March 9, at 7:30 p.m. -
There will be initiation and' re-
freshments will be served,
Buffet 85 per
At Gains Unio Chatreh
The Ruth Group of the Gatun,
Union Church wll serve a buffet
supper, on the church lawn, Fri-
day March 12. There will be 'a
variety of courses from which to
choose, and a booth of desserts.
If the weather permits the ta-
bles will be arranged on the lawn
of the Church.

Lift Up Your Hearts

(A Lenten feature of the
Panama-American prepay r d
by- the Rev, M. A. Cookson.
Episcopal Church of Our Sa*
viour, New Cristobal.)
Yesterday was observed in- 18
countries around the world and
in 17,000 communities in the
United States as the World Day
of Prayer. When men, women
and children gather in villages ,
in towns, in cities, to pray, for
the ff 'and"'tak of the Cubife,
and for peace in Our time, thty
will be meditating upon the
theme, "That They May HaVe
It has been said that, for new

DOb tiN n .. i tnLI PearlI

pZettou from. simiar mflyI
comedy shows and it's Oppenhe
her's theory. .
"There can't be too many fami-
ly comedies on TV if they're done
right. It's seeing the same plotsb
on different shows that's beginning.
to irk the people. With more car-.
acters and by involving the whole
neighborhood, we mcai-lt Lt cy
and Desi in a variety of new sit -
Oppeanhelmer believes the sdtw
has become a hardy peconnal ad
says: "There's no place to go but
down if, you're No. 1. Our goal is
to be in the first three top shows
on a permanent basis-' '
Six-year-old Joanie Borsten lifted
her dad's eyebrows when she told
about seeing the early evening re-
run of "Dragnet." "But that's not
a 'show for young cblhftl," he
p"Oh, yes, It is," said Joalie.
"It says 'the otmes have been
changed to protect the innocent."
No More Guests

TV guest stars on their way out?
Spike Jones thinks so and hopes
to shelve the visiting-talent iea
after Margaret Trurman keeps her
date with him on his Saturday
evening show.
Says Spike: "Guest stars arejgo-
nfog out quicker in televsion than
in radio. You have to l d scripts
around them and most of the time
the efforts aren't too successful. I
know what my cast can do. I don't
know about guest stars."
Friends are worried about Bar-
bara Hale. The wife of Bill (Kit
Carson) Williams has been ailing
since the birth of the last Wil-
lams baby ... John Carrac ne
will be a permanent member- in
the TVersion 91 "My Fri.nd
Irma." He'll be a next-door neigh-
bor to Marie, Wilson and Mary
Shipp ... Don Ameehe's set f
teleilm series to be made over-
seas ... An auto company will
pick up the tab for NBC's teleest
of the March 25 Hollywood Otar
.parade-4$,O00(- Mark d fn
April n the debut m- atldc n (BS
for CW'Howard's aThat's My Bit."
GH Stratton, Jr., will play the rple
Jerry Lewis tackled li the movie
verqlon with Eddie Mayehoff re-
peatintg his proud-father antics.

nristisans, the favorite verse in Lack of Tiae -
the Gospels Is St. John 3:16; .. .
"God-.l loved' the-werld,.tht he fe'e's-a re6tta1 Zo-my reent-
gave his 0ol. begotten olon. that .7l2 ed belief that mad-in-
whosoever belleveth in him l teeil" -raias (not
should not prish, but have ever- toa_ ) vohavw f mnis-
lasting life." takabe lavor of '* m~nvA and
pulp magazines because of poor
The. Gospels vibrate. with life writing.
abundant and eternal. Our Don't blame the writers, chorus
Lord's earthly ministry was a telefilm director and a writer.
deeply concerned with the whole Blame the lack of time in half.
life of man, physical, mental hour shows.
moral, spiritual New York's slick one-hour dra-
matic shows, Director Marc Dan-
He commissioned His early iels points out, "give the writer
disciples to continue His life- time to write, to create his people
giving work, and so, through the and make the telling of the story
centuries the Church has borne more convincing and believable.
witness to the power of God to There's no time for good writing
transform the lives of man. in Hollywood's half-hour shows."
Our Lord attested to the fapt Argues Writer Arthur Orloff on
that prayer is essential to the the same track: "Telefilm produc-
Christian life. This is especially ers want 'plot -stories'-.-stories of
true whqn we understand the events rather than of people and
purposes of prayer: their emotions, And if you re tell.
1. The purpose of prayer is to ing a plot story, you leave yourself
do honor to God. to advance wide open to saneness. After all,
God's glory, how mnny plots are other' *
Any other theories?
2. It is the purpose of prayer -
to help God accomplish His will Alan Young is close to a new
for the universe. TV show with a new "for-me" for-
3. It is the purpose of prayer mat ... First telefilm offering ilat-
to helo our fellow men. terned after the serial thrillers of
S1 I a i the nu a ose f ofurav er-

to aid In' our own spiritual
growth, in the development of
our Christian characters,
5. It is the purpose of prayer
to obtain the things which we
need for our minds and for our

Create in me a clean heart. 0
God: and renew a right spirit'
within me. Through Jesus Christ.

Coal is Deluxe

Travel In Ohio
BEVERLY, 0. (U.P.) In this
region where the underground rail-
road passed its human freight 100
years ago, a new "railroad" hias
grown-with no passengers, cars or
It Is the four-and-one-half-mile
conveyor belt that carries coal
from a strip mine to a power plant
on the Muskingum River near here
It lugst he coal over several reads
and goes across the Muskingum on
a suspension bridge. It goes up and
down grades that run as steep as
12 per cent.
The coal on the belt travels tt
slightly les tha seven mules an
hour. The whole Sstem is. in.14
sections, ranges from 500 feet to
3,964 feel Ie l .eigh up to
est emes AB ae a s l w7Ve.
'TShet Sb. F. F. ood coma-
pany madam the belt. lminM, the
a cd to ledIe amtIe electri
t tthe aftheS OW u dlkett


II u~ cFRIDAI I1 and MO
EXTRA!!... First News of the Shooting at theJDYC OA
American-Con,;,,ss bk Puetorf DRicn N io lits^.I, b ack in I r I UArMUrMPe Anna Ma

.... I *l Iw1 MUi l l f MI I i*wll IV w ne llq illBnsllei|at
-also release feature!
- YSe pres" r-

k f the g

y b. m a "

One pound ground round steak,
2 tablespoons finely chopped on-
ion, I teaspoon chili powder,
teaspoon salt, teaspoon ground
black pepper, fine bread crumbs.
-.Mix al ingredients together r
thorougLy. Shape to Sl a baus
the size r a walnWt. Roll In bread
cruminbs and broil until done-
about 7 to 8 mInutes. Serve on
small plates or on toothpicks.
Curried Celery ........
(Yield: 4 to 5 servings) ...
Two cups coarsely diced celery,
1 cup boiling water, i teaspoon
salt, 1 medium-sized apple, sliced;
1 small onion, sliced: 1% table-
spoons butter or margarine, 1 ta-
blespoon flour, 1 teaspoon curry
powder, to % teasppon salt,
teaspoon ground black pepper.
Cook celery until just tender in
covered saucepan to which % tea-
spoon salt has been added. Drain
off liquid and save for later use.
Fry apples and onions in butter or
margarine over medium heat. Re-
move from pan; sttr. in flour and
blend in the celery liquid. Add cel-
ery, apples, an4 onions; cook slow-
ly about 2 minutes. Serve as a
vegetable with poultry or pork.


-The St. Petersbur, 'Times re-
ceived thWs letter from a subscrib-
er, Lloyd A. Freeman: "I am 82
years old and I hereby challenge
any man, woman or child in St.
Petersburg or its environs to com-
pete with me in the ,ecitation of
memorized poetry."

4 -iiirfl~

Harnett T. mae
THINKING No rm an Vincent
Winston Churchill
J. Sheen
C.arles A. Lindbergh

Convention Revelry
Is On The Way Out
ST. LOUIS, Mo. (U.P.)-The old-
fashioned convention of cartoon
fame, with lots of whoopee and
few inhibitions, is becoming a thing
of the past.
Howard F. Dugan. ice-president
of Statler Hotels, told a sedate
meeting of hotel sales managers
the sober-sided trend for conven-
tions is increasing.
It used to be, Dugan said. the
convention-goers checked their in-
hibitions at the desk. Now, he said,
fun has given way to profit and
loss charts and the boss gets more
for his dollar.


At The Air-Condjtioned

A real drama A rare Jewell.
Vr-ad sntiralv In Parlls

because it's
only one
away from
youl .I

Ilm iMu-
1 S w,""! B



wan wlo ran a olor ,
row. Tfylor, in color.

f .



for ANEMIA, lack of APPETITE,
Known the World Over
to restore energies quickly.
Available at all Phamacle and
Liquor Stores.

an '.. ..... .. w.; .' ,
w- 'uaie tooe.


"One Rainy Afternon" ay not
be the best ihture now on TV,
but it has the most interesting
credits. Ma y Pickford and Jsse
LUsky coprodua'ed. A teen-ager
named Ida Lupino co-stars with a
young .and dashing Francis Led-
erer. And comedian Sid Miller,
who laughs it up now on TV with
Donald O'Connor, does a one-line

r -----

Here are a few "different"
dishes to add distinction to your
Sunday dinner. The chicken recipe
we picked up in Paris recently. It
calls 'for cognac and wine, as
French recipes for chicken fre-
quently do.'
Chicken Ambassador .
(Serves 4) ...... ...
!One small broiler, 1 table-
spoons butter, 4 teaspoons cognac,
% cup white wine, shallot, 1
small sprig parsley, salt, pepper.
Cut the chicken in four parts.
Saute quickly in butter until all
sides have a deep, golden brown
coler. Pour a teaspoon of cognac
on each of the pieces and set
aflame. For easier flaming, warm
the cognac in a saucepan, ignite
it with a match, and pour onto the
chicken while it is flaming.
When the blaze has died, add
the whit wia, cover the pan, and
let the ei%.en cook slowly over
a low fita When it is nearly fin-
ished cooking add finely chopped
shallot,h pasl.y, salt andtpepper.
Chill Cocktail Bals ......
(Makes about 2 balls). .

1:30. 1R0. 0, Loo. 9 a.k

- s hAi

Icou O I


Ia.oDs imnsb* biWAm&s

Gregory Peck. In
Oharlton Heston, in

Burt Lancaster, in
"From Here To Eternity"
Richard Conte, in

I f



P ,n.

L.U X I'
Spectacular Biblical

Wi.t -



JoE Negrte, wt
Tin-Tan, in ..
and Cantinfha

Richard Conte, in '
John Hodiak, In


*- '*

-. -1
5'e~JyV~ae-Qassi d




MAN in nIrnu

- -.-.4-. rt;r.:~ -

At'. a
iMrs. 'Ca~b-leb dec41

the sabowfg
tMe menberi
arrest of ft
shown .ao
Stack an- ,




;* ': >*"."!t--5



-- il

kis I

: =~, : ;'

~ .Ilrs-~

.......... v

,- .

ajor s Protest Over
41... -,

federal Commission OKs Turn-To 3-1 Choice
SIn Kentucky Derby
Broadcasting Of Games Opening Line Odds

NEW YORK, March 8 (UP) The Federal AQUA CALIENTE, Mexico
March 8 (UP) The Irish-bred
,Communications Commission has turned down "Turn-To" is a t3-1, favorite in
protests by three Major League teams over a the opening line of the Kentucky
copnysDerby future book.
.Texas broadcasting company's re-creation of games. Turn-To heads the list of 137
three-year-olds nominated Sat-
. The New York Yankees, Brook-' FCC- officials give no reason urday for the Derby on May
,lyn Dodgers and St. Louis Car- for the decision, but indicate a first. Odds-makers In Mexico --
k-dinals had filed protests last' formal opinion may be issued who run the Derby future Sta-
Iuummer. They accused the Trin-'later. ble-book say Turn-To is lead- .. ...
ty Broadcasting Company of, Ing choice. The colt owned by
ikrating games ana asked the A spokesman for the Cardi- Cain Hoy Stable won the Oar- BLANKET FINISp The thrilling wind
C to stop what they termed nals --Anthony Buford"- calls den State Stakes last October Paredes Classic yesterday at the Juan F
TIauthorized broadcasts. the decision "very Important to and the Flamingo Feb. 27. pion Main Road tookthe $5;000 added eve
The president of the broad- baseball." Second favorite tat 4-1 Is was second a head behind the winner. ,
'casting company Gordon Mc-I "Porterhouse'... last year's two- fourth place went to topweighted Noven(
'end on -- calls the FCC ruling "It appears to be a far reach- year-old champion. Turn-To and Oiraldo gave tht winner a splended ride.
!"a victory for the radio indus- Ing decision that Involves more Porterhouse are rated equal in
1trv and the people. !than baseball," says Buford. the Experimental Handlcan rat- *
S'"It has been a long fight." says "The first thought would seem ings... usually the best line on
'MeLendon. "but the M a Jor to. be an appeal to the FCC. but three-vear-olds. .
League baseball monopoly has that appears to be out because Third choice for the Kentucky
O suck out in its fight to deprive the commission already has Derby (at 8-11 is "Determine"...
fdio stations of the right to turned down our request. So." winner of the Santa Anita Der-
.r nlay by play news reports onladds Bufford. "it's a matter of by. Next come "Duke's Lea" and
-- me bsai9 as newsoaners" 'oln to court." "Ooyamo" each at 10-1s. an -
Other favorites are "Fisher-
,... ,,'. -- .---... man" and "Hasty Road (each at
S....~ .-12-1)... "Best Years," "Black
S' Metal," "Due De Fer", "Errard
at 15-11... and "By Jeepers
"Correlation." "Mahara a h. 'a ;'C l lR iley
-."The Pie Kin and "War O'-
| -.. Roses" (each a 20-1). tJ
SAlong The Fairwaysn Isthmus Thi

L h j 'i. .t. az.< I-- -

'* iHOPITNG---Bii Bob Wiesler, up from Kansas City
;MAn How" Yankee hopefuls how to follow through on the
,u, d. Watching him at the World Champions' Prospect School
-i Miller Huggins Field, St. Petersbur, Fla., are Wally Burnett.
ft, who won 21 games for Binghamifn of theRea rn League.
and Bob Grim, out of the Army. (NKM)

Ing 1
will t
the 1
cess i
. Tea
ft Wn r

S for 1
S* *i i which
,altering Philip f
brsipa..ft: ,i rUiea with rUales.
iPweiiwr steps and raugs he uaes HA
ilpain would leave h home like new- bing a
SClassinfeds,. ust the rilht elue! the I

By Ace Hamilton
One of the most popular, In-
teresting and entertaining mixed
golf events of the year Is sched-
uled for Sunday, March 14th
over at the Fort Amador Golf
Club when the male and female
members will participate in a
Mixed Scotch Cross Country

e interesting phase of this
t is the layout of the golf
se. All holes are played in a
s country" manner requir-
tee shots over under, and
times around buildings,
and like objects.
e past restrictions on bus-
and wife teams has been
A for this event so a record
ut is anticipated. Each
estant, regardless of scores,
be presented aL award-from
ist of prizes valued in ax-
of $175.00.
mis must call In their en-
(82-5230 or 82-2311 by I-
Thursday, 11 March but no.
nations will be necessary
the tenderloin steak and
of corbina buffet dinner
i will be served at 6:15 p.m.

Could Be
R'TFORD, C o n n. (U.P.-)-
William Hemmerly was giv-
talk to his Cub Scouts on
role parents play in shaping
ives of children, one of the
gsters interrupted with: 'The
trouble with kids is grown-


Ninth ranfng featherweight
in the world Charley Riley will
arrive. at Tcumen airport Fri-
day t4 erniltate thmast part
of Istia etbl program. for his
asceduled,3 teo-indi 133-pound1
battle agat.'s un-
crowned* WeghWetghit 'king Fede-
rico-Plummneft the Colon Arena
March 21. Riley will be accom-
panied by trainer Barney Wright.
Riley will immediately set
up his camp at the Colon Are-
na where he. will 'work out
every day (probably next
Wednesday) when he will trav-
el to the Pacific side to dis-
play his style to the "capital-
Plummer, on the other hand,
is already in almost top form. He
has been pummeling his spar-
mates with consistent regularitY.
Federico Is apparently aiming

Complete Prize-%vinning Numbers in the Ordinary Draing No. 1826, Sunday, March 7, 1954
The whole ticket has 44 pieces divided in two-series "A" l& "B" of 22 pieces each.

m PriMs "o. Primes o. ris No. Prices so. Prims JUl Priaes No. Prizs No. Prizes jro. Prms N. PsPi
132.10 1987 132.M 28 M 132. 3087 132.0 4087 '13. t i1. IM 8L07, 132.0 7%T I3M 1WT 1i22. -Ha 138
132.1 I1ST 1 132.6M 2187 132.S liA? 132.M 4087 741.8 1St-12a48187 S1J2I 7 87 132.0 I 132.0 187 S132.0
.1 S I12 Iat.M 2M2 12.00 I.328787 132.M0 4187 1S2.1 87 1 SIt7 132.0 7287 132.61 122.10 287 132.63
A S l12.m 1338 132.nW I3S 13 7 13233 4387 13L1 RB7 13 eMT 132. 7387, 132.6 I837 2,S *387 132.30
132. 147' 132.6 2487 132.0 1 132.16 4487 1372. S132.0 847 132.0 7487 1323.00 S47 2.M 34T 132.1
1T 32. 1u S87 1320 25S7 132.SS 1 132.6 458; 132.1 T 13 SM7 132,M 7587 132.03 .i 132 M M 132.'
BM 1 &2M, T Z,n87 2.02 s 2087 S.MM t S 2.e 2 4"7 ZM,2, NL,1MA [ SM -- 2,=0e.M 7987 2.20.0o 0 4,.. seO 2.2N.9
S 13.S. 1587 132.0 2787 132.8 9 I '3T 1322.0 4787 13 12 2132 687 132.M 7787 132.M 8NT7 132.0 T7 T 132."
13.M IMT 15200 28837 213.M agg 132.M 48847 132AIM MS ISM.Im1 lBS 1 7 132. 887 132.00 123, 7 .
S 132.-e i7 132." W ,7 132.Mi am 132u.M 477 132.M 7 132.. I t 132 M 797 1.B.M M7 13.M 9T 132 M

Approximations Derived From First Prize

40.*0 1 =I "M O 4ss 0 '4. I MO 4." 1 S8 44 1.1 I M 41M .M M M.M MM s I M MM

Approximations Derived From Second Prize
__----------- ----------------------_

4 s
eM rn -u
448 itt.M
Ia 'ise .

8442 UL.M
7448 I12.84
7640 ll."


3442 rn-nM
7451 116.M
es use

5ml 132.0 Il M I.

SIM2 1116211 13.M 2153

-* -.-: ..,..~'t. -OK., s411%-'4*'

. r

1F ~*r ^ --L: *-' U T~ ^ ^
-' .*. .' .- -c
I wl r..A. '

ap of t he a- ap 4.e half furlong Francisco -Arias
ranao track. Antntio Angulzola's former track chatm
ent for ti~e Mecond time in three years. Relampaga II
Alorml na'took third money 'another head back 0nd
o a no se back of Alormina. Colombian Jockey Lul.

* *

*' .*

;cores Sensational

Classic. Victory

o Arrive

s Week

for a knockout victory. He wants
to get back into the interna-
tional picture and a convincing
over Riley would assure him
This fight shapes up as a
tentative knock-down luagfest.
Riley Is an unusually hard hit-
ter. He twice broke "Interim
featherweight chamlpon" Per-
cy Bassett's Jaw. Local fans
can recall that BaD ett put
Plnumer on the shelf by. re-
breaking the jaw of Plummer
that was originally cracked by
the late Stanley MeKay.
The rest of the March 21 pro-
gram is as follows:
A special ten-round semifinal
between Beau Jack II (Rodolfo
Francis) and Leslie Thompson
at 126 pounds, a four-round pre-
liminary between Steven Ben-
nett and Al Stewart at 126
pounds and a 135-pound opening
prelim between Justin St. Orte-
ga and Hankin Barrows III.

Pacific Divisional

Softball, League


Cerveceria Wal.
Army Tranap.
National Dist.
Pan Ideal
Navy *.
Quarry Heights
740th Engineers
Ordnance Club 15
60mm; Tom Collins

W L et.
4 0 1.000
5 1 .833
4 1 .800
4 2 .687
4 3 ,571
4 3 .571
1 5 .167
1 5 .157
1 5 .167
1 3 .250


Tuesday: 7465th Engineers v
Cerveceria Nacional.
Wednesday: Pan Ideal vs
Thursday: Army Transporta-
tion V. Ordpance Club 15.

C. Warner (Ny)
H. Lina (ND)
M. Couloute (AT)
R. Robots (AT)
Hughm. (Img.)
8en M(QH)
cad - -ing (CNI
B. Mcrath (ND)
Andri6 (QB)
Butcpher (Oavig.)
0. Plince (Ny)
O. PhIlips (Navig.)


1 ,n 4 7147 111A* ?I14: ,nf 7T e..u5:I. UMi ue: 1 : al s as.ea "n zI o D ile .m w ,
S anl mbers of yesterday's Lottery Drawing wete sold at: 1st in Colon, 2nd and 3rd in Panama. .
k. oNess aWme In -7 ae sai&u lowe Nets wb. Frees-e folbnsd low SIRa
.A 'w...i n. ,1 M.W ..
4 plevpes, wMefr; tp ewy umming and "- s
oveme r-47 .1 ne "
ALRO. AN, Oovernm0 Ol-Prhit0e of PanamL Cod. 47.12156 4. "


Former track champion Main
Road was in a running mood
yesterday and. displayed some of
the class that placed him at the
top of the Juan Franco track's
ratings several years ago. The
seven-year-old bay son of Fair-
way-Superbe copped the $5)00O
.added Francisco Arias Paredes
Classic by a head over Relam-
p ago II. Alormina and-Noveno
na four-horse blanket finish.
Don Antonio Anguizola's classy
Irish-bred sped the six-and-one-
half furlongs in the. good time of
1:20 3/5. He received an excel-
lent ride from Colombian jockey
Luis Giraldo.
Main Road, more alett than
usual, broke on top but was im-
mediately outsprinted by Alor-
mina and Mirzatoats. Main Road
rounded the first bend third
while Alormina quickly raced in-
to a wide lead with Mirzatoats
going in closest pursuit.
Midway down the backstretch
Relainnm o UI moved un along-'
side Main Road in third lace
and the two then raced like a
tesm as they started to gain on
the leaders.
Turning tnth the homestretch.
Alormina held a good led and
seemed k sure winner- when i1
suddenit shortened hli stride
and Main Road and Relampago
II closed in on him.
Noveno. iundkr the crushing
imnost of 128 pounds. came uo
with a arpat big rush- to join in
the thrilline whirlwind finish
pnd Main tRoad, Relpmnago II,
Alormina Novero flashed under
the finish lino head apDrt. No-
veno, which closed fastest of all.
was onlR a nose bark nf Alnr-
urna and a neck behind the
winner. -
After the rkce. the Domt c1asrle
ce'rnonies wsre presided liv
members of the ,nforeetteble
Don Pancho's family who were
+he special une'ts of the track.
hwnpr Ar li.dIl rpre fvd the
Ipsele trophy wh'i b~e little son
"Toflin" oosed with the former
track champ.
Leading loelrey las Aguirre
returned to his winnlin wyvs
with three victories to take the
ton honors in the saddle depart-
The dividends:
i -ReinA 5. $4. 2.20
2-ronsetitlin 43. 2410
*.3-Avivato $2.40. ,
1-Moebito e3.R0, 2.80
2-Voaklto $3.40.
Fir*" niuble: (RegiMeebl-
to) $11.20.

1-TIn Tan $5.60. 4
2-Coran 13.80.
One-Two: (Tin Tan-Ceran)

1-Ariaval 3.80, P.80
2-Golden Time $4.60.
Quntlets* (Ariaval-Gol d e a
Time) $17..
1-Daniel 84.20. 240
2--Amasons $2.40.
1-Albeit $10.40. 8.30
2-Verticordia $5.80.
1-Pebetero $t. 3, 2.0
2-Chic's NeMd 4.40, Iao
3-Atom-0 tf.50.
Secondl Double: (Albelt-Pe-
betem) SU 0.

1-Don Onto .20. 3. S
2-Westow, $320. 2.60;
3--Numbers $8.0..
tow) $1I.3

tihn te1de l.- ner pi lb wjl. w .1 W ,

Its eamed p i at i
S.(G t rig, where the Yatkse, WJhi- oe
re werkia og a Ad. those who haven't a f Ua .1w a
on Em PosL .
Generalasouio George Welss got on the phone sa4 soiWe as
"We believe we. cn win again without ReftchL f1 ib s t eam
old, Hie pitched ly sve complete gamps last tesm *, :W j
him big money wfn h v6n big. He is now p*,th. e wea.
he can win big for anybody. It is significant that noody a-in.
our league wanted him." -
The Qenerallasima nmqfnoed something abouf4," wg1a
com lacncr' of whblc&ioWChL presumkblv was M B
"This condition has a alse.1 p oint where sate o.t wiet
seem t4 tfe they are doi0B It a favor by playing ga
sharm, defiant snort And t came over the wire wit h
force. -
There was further Justification. as the Generallf jlber
ceeded... .
"We have been productive In every category but pitcher. We
had to deal with other clubs for Lopat, Reynolds, ,altnp, lCto
and Kusava. In the future, we will put more emphaa l* 41d.v-
oping our own pitchers. With Raschl gone, we can start our
younger men more often."
Whether Raschi weald have stayed if the big right.hnder
had been less arrogant in his relations with the front office, Fer
whether he was secretly tabbed to-go when the Yankelesgot Hsr'
iv BYrd from the AAA's last winter, deponent knoweth not, Used
sparinglv he can still win and he's one of the leageap-better
clutch Ditchers. '

* *

If Raschi lost out because he flunked his Emily Post by de-
mandling the Yankees come to him hat it hand, lhpuUlleoa skull
comparable to that which cost Charlie Dressen his job it Brook-
lyn. Raschi could have taken a $5000 cut-and still uWde. aPre
than be get with thp St. Louis Cards. His World tal
practically a certainty, would have made himr $8 00 8 Wi
Nothing could be of less interest to Gus H. t8an that-a club'
economic problems. Nevertheless. it itr the dore of a clubt opera.'
tonss. and there has to be a point beyond .vlich the clu iab not
go and. sill maintain solvenlo. With a payroll close to $00,00
the Yankeep mar 4e appRob tn.gI that point
Unlike any conventdozi 0 es
a penalty ~a baseball. .t.he ,
of five straight pennants,. hve -laye to fewer cash catqhpr
each year. At the same time. salaries felg pedf__ we acillt-.
suatess. This Is customary. A player who has helped make &
chatmplonshig possible has earned a raise.
But chedl does it all end? If the Yankees win five more pen-
nants in a row, which is .oncetvable, and salaries are boosted ac
cordinilv. the payoll wnuld be- $1.6 million. A bit far fetched, ',
it is true. but a championship ieani must always cast the front
office more money the following season.

* *

Does repeated success in baseball breed apathy? Incredible
as it may seem, the evidence points that way. A show like Okla-
homa can run for years with increasing prestige sad profitK The
reaction to a similar phenomenon in baseball Is, "Oh, It's time
some other team won for a change." Hende the dry, "BreAk up
the Yankees." -
Parathentically, do players in a Broadway smash hold out for
more dough after each successful box-office year? At tb4 end of
its fifth yetr was Oklahoma's payroll 30 percent higher, as, was
the Yankees? In a sense the problems are the same, since both
are in the entertainment business.
To get back on more solid ground, to what extent will the
Yankees miss Raschi? Undoubtedly there will be certain ey
games when they will wish he was still around. A pessimistic ob-
servation is, that with both Raschi and Johnny Sain gone, the
Yankees start with a deficit of 27 games, the number the two ac-
counted for.
This la specious reasoolngi Byrd won 11 for the A4A's last
season, so on that basis the deficit is already cut. by 11. Jim Mc-
Donald will get more starting chances and should add to his
'54 total of nine wins. Tom Morgan will be out of the service soon
and he was 9 and 3 his first season.
So until the final returns are in next fall I think Ift safe to
go along with the Generalissimo's words. .. "We believe we can
win agam without Raschl."

Atlantic, Pacific Twi-L oo

To Play Two All-Star Games

Officials of the lAtl ,atle and a e Twtt te," .n-
cently aegreeda t-M two All-Iti* ia wUth a f s fr4m
their resplome" _oU at the ust l s the somse. The -flit
m e wl be played t Mont ops d the eCest at Baftes
stadium. l

The Pacific tTw j a m_'a team w. be peked by t s
fa Pausm will hka eppoo bwit = .iih.@S i
Ineup, with the l -nTsV ort he rehr ta 1
picked by leSsagM E h S2 ttb Wl A*aidt. -t
ubstitate playe.

x 1rea S Walter b ma.MAat2 XLm.t
this a- 11 .. t. oat and ma l s itato m If$
dro MIeL" tMhe butt to the gems sel-
beItn iyf allatet with the eroedsoer.

The GaNte fer B blgetsf is Much 1.

1,,, t _','t -1 "
fc.^---. V^ ..... --+- --
LA S _' -+ .-.L *. 1; .

tg^ ^ -^.- .:tj "--:

:Ji.AA .,'..i4, d ., .

4--- 4.

- ,

*-4. .


First Prize 8687 $ 44,000.00

Second Prize

Third Prize

7442 $ 1 3 ,00.0 0



1442 M2.
14.6 113.M1

2442 M.w
1437 Ile."
7428 11M.

3442 2M.66
74M 116.0
744" it&M

1 .5
4442 Mm 562 S4
7441 11..0M 44 I1".M
7443 lt 1445 nl.M


6442 2WN
T44 IIf."
T44 116A.6

Approximation Derived From Third Prize

3151 123."

I. a o
455 13M

S ai
-5 .m

em m11u





__-^K -- 11



or- ... .

~ ~ ---------

Apprmimafiou lk'dved From Third Prize

:" ^... .:- ._
or+ =. + .- L+ .

.- ,

' ... .- ', -* ,


'.- '' -? '* "' "*B E ,-,- +a- '





. -"



'-t-. '.^..w .-.- .... .. .

, .,,.,., / .-

; *'., : ;'

,A A -* ,->
-' i ll,1 ,

,.,X 7-


. .- *

*dyM ~

"I -ntolot-
*a tPuhx
"i Mwta

.OUtl J
,and' li.

t.eeptV-0 W 1Mp

-a :JN b fe bits coMn-
,de the
Wls, Put. centerfieldet was
thd only 'plait from eiWr 16earm
to olet or than ape hit,
b tt Safef to n two appear.
%*4 PuP9 were caught with
flvmen tnda andthe I-
wnemjon If .e.

Oethte tM
d Om, t I O-

do So th.

ill sen 0 12 2
a. CQc 1

0. SeCtWWBLl A vs.
8VM0 .... G..
SCpl e, .

SDi rauwrl *tWow r-

6 to $4. on tbthMS Lw tWk
'i CSlovr.. CQ: S_. dU L, 7:

0. Wg. L. LM .'

;-.A'owt8 not out;

iI 1 0 it: Kirto8A. not
*utOO 1. Ci .ls.OManning .0

*Co. B" 4;NG

cl 0. Uwe. fo'

yCGr NMq I

Te ot e s La F Ly-
aur Ae- dpto K

-A ?e u,, i."

iomjota;t na
mtW. ,-w I.f.l.-a.

Tuuday timt
Dlbl. Dlamond.
Wo n6es Vi. PunM.

ab r h pe4
Cortian, 3b 1 0 0 1 1
Will,. ef 4 0 2 0 0
Butherlald, p 24 1 1 1
Sa s ... '3 1 1 0 3
irkland.,c 3 0 010,. 0
OClmon ib 0 6o 0
Deheb.rf 3 1 0 0 '0
Trower. If 2 0 0 0 0
Loveady, 2b- 2 0 0!3 0
L itd,-rf .0 0 0 0 0
chwlm, If 1 0.0 0
4 4 31. 5

Ca.Zb 10 20*1

50 -0 o 2 1'1
Si, 2. 1 40 0
Mum'' 0 1 1 0
M. lb 1 0 .0 4

100000 000r -
BguwIaz mRun, batted' In:
Lovelacy., HomrA Suatherland;
DP0oulP*.I: Haydl*, Chmase,
W-a ll.: iora:. Pum#' 1 (0.
IrSand) Cmo 3 (Rleys,
aMtn Ln on tqe;: 2uatma 8.
Coae .a 8. I. e.r o4 bal: off:
.Sutth.mW ONa, 4. Strudck-
BkI'eA n^ PuW Sf'Hf-bat-
F(mu 4AM)- Win-
tautw packetr: a r (6-a).
OmiMre MohW, iAeM. Time:

1, 3. ,

hEpk# If

Nuiamaad, a
"$Mika. 4

Malv a., 3I

QtPdta of

Faep a.

a- dersen
S ol 2nd

Ocelots -


-ne thl
h toeha-

Rmulbot qlrutatcbe;:
t:bmipiaopl4 flaht
lke ll~weaki, d eBato
SlwI (10).
Crdeker, 4 ed tU-

dM10-Sotat defeated Dab
af eli defeated John
Lrtker,4S s.
Bob Alexasder' defeated Don
. ue, I uP:
Dp;. ens defeated Vinawu
Lomoro; t itd 1.
ackfThoma4 defeated TOny
Jiatus. 4 and 3..
SAce,Hamiltdin defeated Per ?
GCiroam, ui1 "i
Lutter lemting defeatedd Dale
Bean,. and 4, ''
. Thatch& lisbee defeated Jack
Dale op ddteated Fank
: .,n, B oqJ,. :. .

thu'r Msrray. 1 up.
. Ma.plahdqpe defeated 8laz
Pulle;r, -up.
Pis Swm, r. defeated Mau-

geead liftht
maimn Wa&e defeated Doc Bul-
SMly Pauofi defeated Eddle
Fred tudt quhb deft d. E-
Witte. Jim
Myers, and.11.
Robe rt V.1U- defeated. Don
Kllne, 3 anda'.
Jim Des Lend.' JAr., defeated
Al Cum aP _L5 and 4
Har,.Swptg-deftted-. Ven
Prir, ln
Richard RHaa defeated 11
Pchustet 1 lup

-- Third Flight
,,,mv Marion Harley defeated' Alex
OCLOT L Clark, 1 up. .
ab r Jim De Londes. Br.. defeatAi
0 1 0 0 JM ai r. defeated
, f ? ? A., COrAl. te1, nH. .
1 0 0 1 1 fKenneth CrulW de.f-Wated
1f 3 1l 1 Woody Penderais4al d- 3
p 3 1 1 0 1 Fred Saunders defeated Mor-
a 0.1 5-1 ri Cherry. 7 ofG.. :6.
* 2.1 0 1 5 rits Humpipey s-lucked out,
3 0 1 O0 Arthur Lopea.l up,
3 2 51 1 2 James Armlrtroig va. lmemi
b 2 0 0 4 0 James. No result po *d. .
-- j j--j- dward Bentor-efeated dam
t. X 3 7 21 11 dl'ma, aand S -
John Krka deeate& B31 Mc-
PALOMA8 Cue, 6 and 5.
- -0 0 4 Fourth Flight
3 2'1 5 2
a 0 2 1 ,Robert May def#l.t Jim
-. GumO A and S. :I. I -
t 0-. 1 BJ m ioron defdatedS Jiu
lb 1 0 O 7 emnn, 2 mdus "
Ift o 0 1 0 P o Roon defeatedM Dick
2-0 0 0 0T ovater,3. V
b 20 0 3 Pranci Bsrr defeated towan
9 0 .09, 0 *rare, 4 and 3
l georn an Ds defeated Ot-
1 41 X 1 4 I 11 R Folds 4 ai d 3
Johnny Wllka t. B3llv RoUP-
ran for Vaentkc el o1.0 no result posted. ""'
1 InI, 7t Tomy Wagner ,ftted Arthur
Ballte. I up,- ....
we f. ,% ltirUngn Bu dafasted OHH
00Z 001 3 Sol 7 4 Fth F9ll""
100 910 0-3 4 2 Robert Hunt defeated Wan rtn
W.bWek I -I'.
F: tu n batted In: R Obert oads defeated Tamc
3l, NWRMi 'Twd- ItenOed, and 4 -
mat. 71156 3bidtt 7owne la taed Jerry Bar-
ffatllit. l Don Lee iftht4d fled Clamn
36& Pbevd defeated Daa
^ l^~e-'vip*r1l.4 defealtdi iake
so defeated p. ntAW
I: BomJ, l _xr6-- -i 1f
!"flc^ rfi'* *"ro

- 7 "- a .-


-. S.
< tra-"*- >i2rt1~K~. at

t-init B w ith i

. +, J -- W. W. ,', ". "- -- .." -.'J. *. --.^I. e We
;-. 4 'or n fl. or :i '
i > ._ arot)

NCAA Pau On Sqeee

For Cage av y,
.' -'PA M '" i ... t h .. 1 ",t '
tNo TOSS. Mob Il4m)w t#al ndbt4 tb Way'iat Sot-
p4 o eitb elos am*e*r 'ain' f" "' W.Cleg of New
apoN-s rte utte d Yrk-ce4 lt t4he eght he walk.
wea 'd il i. w it i :d info: -H .- guide his
ain rover .t: e o e. .'. 'eamt t- p5,fat t game
SNot otitM4.with 2 1 In a d k aan TU.. .
th. as amteur te ta ue a' iue
to Mbtc Auslatrula iceutomti al o' Sefol eater-
t4to the Davis(u s n. Ins osw ordered
ea Wld the World.y the by
budi Ib now i tartd t tar
me'lt arnd with what bi always ad .t L'
a the highlit o t e no
b l
tSHRtStitt. IilaW-at nu
tt 'be, ehoa i ... .* '

fair. teg FIn IPavdt ad doll tl

of bea 4ii 70 lerwa.
thk 74CtbUaLA b

alg* OW ,CIA ,wo1 ..-ae, Wy Al Faye. .
tc. with' ,. pt. i- pI. 'f
t a a Bed Ctos ben.
NCAA Vt fftlthe -aI dt -

vent Jams, in ind then pressure '
event Ai t pressure t
Wrist Skit tujinW a- an offer. ^
uDhbe' bt v as.the Middle "
Atfb:._ tax Cone ence $w eedr
La, d OlW lefgC with. Tom Golv
to attl.'mN^. degpte tu e x.
,3ii$* coal h, "l. .. e*
Aith itletic director,
Th reisrons *r drIctly eco! p p
ie. The scleB aFa't reoevo .e -a ,
much money fa tl-e' NCAA if- /
fair a. tYt d&iJ_ Itn w Npip York
event the 1NCAM certainly 1LL
eneft.,..SOp oy, you see, had.
to pay or tihe-fpaer oi which an- S- I*UI-A
Ia NT talig,
even tl e sac e

Sports Briefs
y, UWfl) PRESS

MMs.- John- NBwln .asd Mrs.
Donald hfnt1lPoVt1 #-Sd the
U.S.. Wooles squh nux,,ueta
doubles "U t Wmd Iy M g for

ar .w -o.,f North

Iael a4tattte." leo -
er "depro "thotoes of- the
"au steur .usMr .of iWtW-.ol-
no. Bsilitre doltoe o the
Natloamel *JoOstaR Lea have
ric Sp4uPpJ*;P tIn r tackle
O'del WMBOf Stlt hDkotat.
Thne 21 r-Oudder was BaU-
mora' 14th.; choice. In the player
draft.. .

A 5-yftr-g f,.t hlnfLn In
Austr*4 M..f OADY
James Dit; e.rtuly
handleappi f th n o races,
lunkied doP T i a" tt ili~ngs.
Wben t s-ift St t" noe"wre
over waroy apeeu.tbm-

SI. DMt mas -arby

liurpob tthe l*tlofil
rookie taetp anDue ieattl and
0'oe r TMt p]Jyd (Tr

A116 InWtlal-



p "". ,m. J" %


.. '". .. t
m wt r with irow + .
1 4*e yw i.aetag$Tk ;. '
." i I ...-

Dn wir *t: muj.tihh t wt i
.#nn-nt ; tit 4 -*. ......3. ,p .

Don't wait. InJTy thn fti el ",

T .Y -...... ." ^

R --- ---~- nI -


... .

ViE stone


3k s~





....-.5~. -



a' -

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iv -l ".



da. in-
[- b i

;, ,-Bia

* 1,.~. **~




a ;, L

._ ...



; + "
"__ .

,..... ..- '.-. -' ...: .


- I


*"'* '


, .<., 7t. ",,-1 .; .'.' t .... ; ,.,,. $ ;l t. .**., '^,B.a
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OI%; STON, March 8 (UP)
Boston Red Sox slug-
r Ted Williams will un-
rgo an operation tomor-
r'W. for a fractured collar
,.AKbons suffered during his

or orot spring workout at Sa-. sa f e
. ted d t ul Fla., it was an.-t or i' .
ne ene re un d today. .
"Let thiApoplAe knwttuth and the s W

4"" T W Ke-N T T- W T U UAr V A'N AMB ]R V M O D AYM & N, K0o di" H t, -. '.._ .*..... ..-. "^ .....;'Sj,.,H (- ..

31na A sH Hr < n ds utr w)s. 6)0P. ste s ?" !"'. .
connected Wit h ys Resnation
WAsHINOTON, March 8 -UP) the United States Army," heLsure and "h .rcalxtt li wes at what uas-1 nb goda tpro-
SDeputy- D e f e n e Secretary said. C omple te soi-.wp 0 oeIbat teo 0 U lw h hi. d-
Roger M. Kyes' resignation, ef- He praised Kane's work as a DeslD tI tsve .fr l ea im d la t h(
fective May 1, was announced at "devoted and faithful puli wea ubc '" l. -abl HBa :o e it wre n
Ithe weekend, and the White servant, but said Kane had been e ia do b al T uart en In ,aId- r ea2 fso l .a li tr. polr-
House sai d had no onKecs on in a hospital for a week or dubt Pe e n to ie 1hanc~ is is ullg mthe
aLsSIAN wBN The mwh-th e A rmy-McC rthy- di- treat ent of high blood prets- ow W 14l t ta oth p iA r d A

as ^with the legal e q na T r -the Army lonathi hnes article re ith I. arc h
-m n f The p ter oo
annalsays that American 2d Ste s e d ers ao To i" i ino

I- hisl -o ha .i nof meInd ahot e "His e a o a as u e forGe rac onay e r lege,--N hJ a
.Be Wln d k fIni- .bf 'a.e t meS at denying that he o intends i s re rt f or 9 t n ae tY the N t I .
c ar, h oad r ,t t St e vren s'ce 5 t- o Cleo ane rs to o- )ltno. uh, a rtdar, t nd'Urt "t J.';u
'lht e with o es n ..oasreh o .sme on d srtst a ult o the aot o
ored ChiinaeWylum.eelwa-tih.tover tha e wOes- wterscompetethetwo-da4.
.Varnaian.aA K eid rd an iaally have )encount re d weg .. e a .) m.for tDe d-u"u roit wP rc itg

hisinl. Are m 8is sre -h 0 h. tuero 'elec a newpth- not oid tea om"4 ander -raau p ioe h I?4hi
1)ioF senal r r e annouSncMed that Kg rende I t l ay hl 1hletr reteath a rto ti. p douM n thsi-hh h sS
ord from the terican zone Nevers heled m a the a surprise n n)-ye ,ete"te fo eU A M (.t a G aue ...

.-' of eAustria lastJanua ry. reoucment ath o res would --ladhI-em h hou saer a8h(UP)hAL Y Pa sa1(n s ideea no. t a t ha Con. ..3 H .,
L auren t be otoehr and .2 Defens e S eary Eor th prncicte voting wr eporea a t modf ed podtin.NBe firsttde Ee
S. n .... ..*e ut ot the awvChaars r Defen .e ed i thea y 4 pne'we reear ed c Te i c eeroe fdun r ee a llpe od ~, Wt oItlst T A. e T o ag a t ofJut -ecar e '. :1 ]l s ''
la hss eh eness ut r and s H ia n It kspslf td frt nenr oldl, un ii Mt a pubi- s. e .
Sre, h apr t ) e withi e seph R. Mc- old insthe ,owAv a d. H i Sa4.co4 t lner t flurry q o df -roal w a sme r icationsaids iiac torlathat
he ya n to revR-o m.t by t oth e rtehe Co i-vot ers e omoratted the te erwo- saty t so l ing th e "El td th_. Ie or i a ts ppdU- r e seident"
thinawu i munciJ -in Ar my d ssue. t o l ta al o elect a new or A Wise ae'T iis _iPSte ven
theelealoe t t, oe ywa T rSeverale eso. were yjurede Cllae teahaelt .m' ".. .--,

trria aelyane h ur aft eri h to Fpllde the vies asyri nte tac b er a eth d t ";' : "- "s ....xctie

enwhrheths d o m f ajoer owller esasll UaPit t r ii dpr ht 0W m 1nt tor.iftU l h p-Be dspo.? af *Iter o n. Iwho"
t eter at nnentt quit re s nr al to het ar u ahr ~ fter. dst' EtaoPaistane all h.f ti s.M OO00igo to -
Oa Pernidat nen,,Savonul0M

or ii nea, fT~ as ?ayrie. t"i eB ho_ WAbHINGrON. MarV.c 8 (.^ Te W tbrooiusttee nd di t rlaW ittmp'Ma rc at (UP)- e.d .

l oan.rlen pe M aonis m en Hubert H Armpn rey (R-, t te .t .t r .sai e* th e ,-a- efate l to Tfnatl4i tse h ert el e t o Iwt ethn fla esuea e. i' .tl o-t a 5mE
at d toa7 Mhe n.) to-houws n t wa oIunder- P ladelp w hih Pair wrn cw ladw a m t. a- out"to. ''W" .
?wo rlt eXWa s onntdafw d ta to thee b "e7 prBtevee w-cC a 'rt e c"dp u.t a mo e B Ea .Jspisser r tct, to complete rat- aes a on i t p
"St.uLaur ente1p.e, ativl O'umnt .yhoa e
befoor gantihP a r centneetingill.- take- eiveo 'a1 --sta.eGose pcsf'aiiufl6ofa ny pThA.,
Saa~eaby. altl edf. s intes trbe rte payifc Notes .. ww ere st n en
oin when-a ed. &It. The for al'go ni we'o w1 h'9' he cyo 4~tevje.ten aw~ent g,,ig:i.f Ea .I M m dinldallu itdIire, .
nari esencetlw ata yOf h e asn' aP9L t hefs r a "- ent he Otan- 15 ".t a't tonorneo t4 t o3Isle, o one
t lo r~a wtorhdxwar i wnidthah K a 0re emet dt 1eaoh a K ... d a p"tea-t inhdiv th t te
., itweoet s teday he o--ce a rkno wnea s a "forgh 99Y exp c tedwhchold p erio qcwd FcicoiLUct binf es.
t~o ~ t.~e-.o't o t-s aDeo-ato, co uithern -latch les'duingo hc he i 's i e*--b ..1 I biga $ma) .ingnaa. "OP.
-Chin. woul dberewc-butfai"hrpdte-orhsotnal ef Miyet4enha eehi.LOld a e
wro dt e d pavthematuest0aoymogf'tn.MA-I at Reh'biam rs hif d bis"-8
Stevens tbh edtoospikesOneoh ani wthe asygoe e ar. we sone*e r-
p n. td e Oi en. L. M riu. k Asu r .,
on wfe n- h.t -a eaet s Withe Merauth.' When ol ioe, a c hl i l ele1r"nnilgrthei voet"_the .ew
ean cn i te _these whom he lstie dst uin. enalf o every t ossession e xhancet n rar ..... t heep1steO earn e c.atithe P05t5 ictoR NoiMarchbsngo lal MAPA
n the tls.o4onto!, ptr-iverNs,. ane ,, n e stioge fin os dt ehss ed e"bTO ,a rh U i,.- .
i na' s tuna n woresenceea tet o d-e u lafr e nextg18rcaduseestimat ed 1.0erma.
.s t Amrhen. His poverItay doe s pot tes T. o and Ja n e neralt ors In ask ed f yu rel
Udse Beaniham yr asoed t hoct nit e odS tat e iseAlrm Ntw o w threturno his gonemost .yaI ,eal:n dItale en. ad th0s0lve ....forth.b
worldt warssaid taraMortisaOV61 c1", with O o istte e he9p ewthe.
'don'tnknowtha'itd maw yea too oi h ve Ia e r r s vo te w t duMnWo rsk o s te-Witn notacntpartowithetr
Ith ia1 rof Idee the mat Army oronf sub- resideponlts frcelachi y nngAo m3w 0o, e, t n d
ot-m ffothtatshe to conieue.l n re jst, n earaased ,hute:.tate hmg,,tge 0'omonths;
Armh thesereta wa t the pf earene l 'tMEhipZI5gSeOver u on opined O nerl oa n i uked ofteglustm, W ipi .
b h of t eScrbes t ar thyoand, htse THM povery dterevenw ...-n.eato.aft .i

m o by. also ns C LA 0 P- Ti es bea kutwe s ignduoedwtohhiatsre o O llsha to 4UZ ._.. ,
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yearadn-A eputyee ns erjob w na v '1ni anncent "do-gitgaB4m leinotifas hu at
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,,6vet- wh tt. tp er sn e Woredharcei a ole sitd wlu t ra r he once t only tea bto 1 ,e
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ea owledge"aofthe tO-ma r.tal o tmarte n, seworld ar bdd ee hins --&atexLaborC oeonmts ed mitn b 1ar-t-iUi'ie ra ty whe re Hbye '
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Afled;btato was the d sge otaemmod-rna~ionallype'
i nt e a Or n_. atioa J thaes ,n attonhe at.teimereaa teweh_2aionef00.l.
1. recommend ta erl orw n ee -s.lay d.-tyoresef"d L. MartivnCo., wo "
HA" deofeeselret arcktoWison who nort Whe ntlatch isleaer an fipwar. a l d berno fe d, al m y er ha anne
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tew MY. Ve.i S teven s. Ineew tihf'M. cfrth" taous.e'oi ndsae t he puanIes epntold'SheUFiredeBERLIN.dMarch 8'A .-n
te 40 Tterda xt1 vers. ug eKangersdt o t b 'ofevdust enddrxcept ro"7 e nionswouldfor t hel nex t 1 8Y riues r, edL.OW 'Ea"
min d e- o, hbatwd". n.lhp touse.dH Ipo v a irp t i=a ,andjoined al MotorsnInde a- skedfor, teds uteu- h Jt EUdt .

_o an t .ei ionthyesupport e pee ded -tbe et tb eopu- b; .io..,"'-..-, all '.
,., c retaset eer al. 1 Motawoe het resort-r "tthyinterest,"atipottcespla.on.cnthea cf te e-N 1e.ta a

5.en ds i Birds ^ *, ir, a Sn <* %s|% '".g ".
1VA o pl "11 feel that a ilhlat has tbansot. -A. )ann* Chaasf (U,-W.MI t tas or thrumes-o
sell*P.4 with reference to the Stevens Of. i Honduiat. a year47 a. acL t. the
wt ad $31 prompt action on etablabiinf P(ILADELPHIPA (U.P.)-A new I n alb s m ea t8 .o.-a th Demorat1 ha Re
Scode of rocedure'wand rules that study of bird life has begun en -wtbut Wrejudi-e" bea Od a eporeoCe of all their
will bring oo ttees beak into the UBalhabitd Traeffe Island off eMa te e'ectM.ns a4ua mte fer touaoraw for -
reved ad eft since of the BriTMh Rmdras an expedlz i Ianwatsifid 1The Ift q i thl niilwp l e o dis- Tb.
beaded by James Bond of e Cn OlMMta wna ah ^ amhe a" dad I
i.W p- di| al tmee a mJ A am. d Natr l s lcenctes f ".aptt waa ba
g lawp n an s' wife. who writes a, '"' equieoaut ft
Sid -Ix y. b a Fasiftn age aiat
jpm a mj use -a tot m-ter some of i r AtWdo .

mA n O w4.d He

-"--'- -a- -.--m -t-- .h. *

S ".. :' -
... -- *** **' -^ *i^ .* '.v i ^ s-. ^ a

.' ".

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