The Panama American


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The Panama American
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Weekend American
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Scott Family Library Fund ( donor )
Panama Times, Ltd.
Place of Publication:
Panama City, Panama
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daily (except saturday and sunday)[may 12, 1973-]
daily[ former oct. 7, 1925-dec. 4, 1966]
daily (except saturday)[ former dec. 10, 1966-may 5, 1973]
normalized irregular


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Newspapers -- Panama (Panama)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
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Panama -- Panama


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Oct. 7, 1925-
General Note:
On Saturday published as: Weekend American, Dec. 10, 1966-May 5, 1973.

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University of Florida
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All applicable rights reserved by the source institution and holding location.
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oclc - 18709335
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OA 'EM MOVE fi.wmnkot
-itaade a 8uddaent be on
", west of Hnl ant slna. Red troo
mtheMoutala of central Annam f ,Observers believe th the first R
the Mekon Rtiver cties of Krate asd sun
ach bl .Strenmthend their freftn t1
p. aflulled -2462, blasted I
g n oft of the belkeed French Uni
IMlon at Den Elens Fu

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S' "a : : I'-!

Abizu. 'Camp .

,reets Polce '

With Gunfire

SAN JUAN, P.R., Marci 6 (UP) Polic.
tufre Nationalist leader Pedro AMbiu Comp. .
homB here today after smoking 'him tdut wit: toear

Elsewhere on the island 37 other "4anProw"
hbrs fjhe fanatic minority 'mty tkat4 st tIi,
CongweW lost Monday were ro .Wf-d4 ,_.d
sz Abiu, who was in a semiconscious state a
stuopred out of the uildig woas pOdWa i g
t la&I. sAd driven away to anmkdn Je
u P lcite sqid, however, "be will bI token t the
r, pe *t *wy."
Two women were captured a-n[teoent -a- di
10ook Albizu Doris Tor- otfin
resol&I td -pQl Rondo. '%%akv .

4!;. .

flWeai. -r97'u a


applicants wS be ratt
secle of 100 on the a
qualifying .eurtence nd, train
Full information and. la s
tion blanks may bare o
Ifom the Uxebutlve
Central Board of
Balboa Height*, or from an!
Poit Office.

Rate Of Knotks
ST. PAUL. I rn., Mtpeb6 -
'(UP) Si fte enuine tond-
ng to a rush.aOl fr Stat
Emnployment ars offte Lenarl-
ed downtown traffli- for 20 min
utes yesterday.
Firemen f o u n d a squashed
egaret at u b smouldering in
knot hole in a back-room floor.

lay moreS
Irs tl U.5.
it tp Ind.o-
forces ,e
t GOmm(ni
y returned

Mrtera tol-
ewill )e
it calendar
u11 Inluie
in I ay
ikn iiqut*

* gal

s. Bridges, Symington Insped TO;

f!! Report On -Defense! Plant Security
S March 6 (UP) were interested m studying tu- Prmlhe Wi Ar w4ton. Chur- l-
today from Uonshi to the so-led 'tew 'Pana
?m wof lro- 1 cok' military tmbuget nentlIy Ptiowe i ala
t n iu p advanced by the Atot iriiitra ttlz


erjr "M

sOFmurB gwuu --
ta EOts, 'he said.
aweN the U.S. utlna-
i& based on the
orf atolltry vie-
i t% CoimitunW-
uj. .cay how mu:h
iven to Indochina
o0. pounds It -I too
gl what will be needed.
awd admlnikato
i a "rtone eovic
tle fce o freedom
r -aOt a A" owing
d tht the 9=mw-
kiening." He
.1 both a mill-
a B ense_
- p'mlf t contrary to
from the
e nd Ba forces
*m weak e m they
.'ago. Be d what
fI sand the "gen-
of the natih
.bpeb LIA1's twi
to efea tbha VIet-
mmnihata army (p In-


the. decision of the .Woter Albte uW pre mit f ever
pweaf to inert with W Rush asd iW that stagd a abeote. ptaj
Red Chna in Geneva next the o .
tr .- ontib
o, Gevn mcitlg, which I his s
Cl3a lets f atart April 96 1 sy d Isaji*g fii vt
ty t*6taiKorean peace ,- the VAS. iap. r
tl nm t, It
It X av toet a far
Ueoetru af Pla te John Foa a Ittk MoDyH. He
te Pues waf t said the co.- ft pt preldent wan en- Hou
te seaim reduce peae in tmned f tor 1 .vears for wa
In .a4,.' the compuntsa his .t is In,tUe 19. revolt.
QP a m e but wa, patreda last .e:s on Edu
ue raiders strik- the stdvilee pf ctttrists after tiv
*nig to .I sucurbs of Hansi be told dntor bhe was but
clw r 10- neow-refitted C-17 bent* 1 to "antnie at- "htn
transport. of the Indochinese ter" from buUldinsg around the' gal
milita', airlift. yeaterdav and prWI Ip a sj
mporarv shut down the busy Mia h our Puerto Rifrna f
fi* 44ttid tipay.. i4tho the:ae-of Re o R(eerpti-
ot boldst enemy for.. tites. oo i aMfO a ~s U of at aema
ays of tm Wur brought the Copi- ifir tjelt fI-m m ie- Rme ntnt penj
T.unle eomawndai within rifle tbheiv at coal
Phot of fet-headquarters. It Fpedewal Judwe Jaws W. Mor- Air
set the Gau base ablaze with ris told the four at their ar-
explcding plant. and aviation rpuqement, yesterday be was
hon. ." -teined to eo that ,tine
ba-e a fair-trial: that tir
French authorities estimated .rihtli a orer wbi tny
Carnage eat 7156t,000. on't lU .
The blew en -o the bust re t wI
aeno end of Aitrmft ferryingt0 sam
n s 'danger point. do five
smor L -j j -Y ^.e
S10 bladed p tmbanesn. Th- bi r~r *i
an Simmuo

wenW bohillued tr ly reinforce-
ment, and ammunition to DIe
BMen Phu. beleaguered key ba3e
of orthwetern Tndochina ISO
m avtW Et HanoL ande other
64104 forts.
8teall through the tiLn
ies ofrech ar -ringn
the ft, the raiders place
U% ."Pwith etpiloives un-
eor .tb* of the planes
and- against repair bops.
T. firt the ards knewW u
t wah whett Plaa
jounf uIn r faM Theyf
l..teAr the field, ehafta

Ope Ba ecOUndo shot him-.
Qelf to arvo/, TSe.. The re4
van/ised in e duzlksis of ear-
iv Thnrdaj. and escaped aboard
(tc taf Mn hPage 6, Cdmn 0)

e u Big Three Want
srttj Foreign Ministers
^At Geneva Parley


.rt," sati Ynt
lP. Geomoe a.
J, Mthof 1
;aw wa 'rel'a
- P-t h- .

iour wwnu-nupwu W-UH onl
attorneys t den .i
Fula*Od y baWmi bd a
policewoman., t- four "s ao
intently Intereted in the, .
ro aroeeures but m
to saN* uwntl the-
ter thder "** t m -
SIM.oW east at -s. p.
of U.S. AttS. Lee A. mei
said the ft Ka4 f,,

The, fowmr orr : n.
LOta Lembr 34. the e
r .agledwa I B Rfa an f,, W :
randa. 25:- Acdrft Fgueroa Cor-.:
demo. 23.-and rvml BOW

Rdmw A!WMn W ai le 0.- ft t

I.f Mar"ch
a werfta
tw Basse

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al-polical commit.
b ear tq CmUs.
Myected TOrlello's
eolonhllum be dls-
ho e5cua tee vot-
'Vlan to;.tart thhq

ewo bnaros
to d'su
to dimeus

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pher- .ion

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-, .,- .*, -* ,' ..i--, ," ",,*** ^ '^ ^ '' j .

* ....: .V A&. =. .
,, ;. ::. ^ .. .... .
.;"* .; .-... ".. ; :-' -,''-- -'1
. ."

LLab-or NLttle


Spiritual and tCama
.H1Com' Xbe t
with.long and., .-i-tr-ic. .b
-.. --.-o eParty of the U. S. and Lat l "Amer-
A 1GM! TXl IS Is.:
SPOlE T Albizu Camoi r was fre from t.
the Is lan' s e deal pe D lt ary '
nie.K*osas .War wpason, .only last summer after wild bal
the | ?atSe of A was Bon cinations.. i He kept "wa I
F.":.: aIile. e t t jllrs that Washlag' ji
,. am ,nto almost at will. were trying to ill d hone as t ,.
i- to 'h. !, 'would put to vision an...iters
that the governmentt had surru r to oat ad I "
i".ked ahd smnned and looked some more. ed the prison with a *le tye of weay? d hf at
..a thB C Z.Badgt acraped the floor, atmi un which taled tlin. at by-ha' te a. te a
Si *dtl. comeTaxesor disintegrating rays directly a e -
voPeeeJlend him through the walls.
wrlVel tletto and Interest one. wdea rJ useh s ma i- i

ut to o ly empi bth pear and far and other responsible Puerto Ri
the poone and reduce the expense. him. He returned Imnediately to a hen
eactiviAa not paying to h the fence. his tinyo4= Nationalist Pa.ty, which on ro
"" is not truly political, but rather a-w .'t l'. .
$ roery prices rose gasoline P*es a @td fanatical band pledged to political a im
Sshe canal's effort to comply withedita- of the DBard. assassinations.'" a
tot were raises, the people obded.d* "The Nationallsts6 have .no po.laIen idt w st
bna protest was lgd, a rent panel perfected. li totical base and must not be con- a .

the trdiot vas secret, Was It success of bust? eftista" a legitmate arty which n n f
W he d t w ae ar d wu s fu campaigns on the- promise that itli
"' itc -amewill declare Itsef independent of a : t o, p
S..the rents t i h were too .g thn for revision. the U. S. if it ever wins an dec- t.
rei': took notice of embloye'a objections., his father was oer c
S.ered a firm to survey Canal One condition, The Albiu Camp group of kill- deS -aep td Conagress.
-,,. oSu haes vonel-to ow .tpers has gone into only one po. ,,
Su surey w ordered, tha o ln secret and tested. liticl campai That was bac. eA mb eleOan "'e

SAlen aintd to not in I whmin it p ot ic ofe t t5, h
-, hiopu nt eeWa s t p l ied, th o n a o. votes, about o ne gper cent of athoseac oi o a eli
almrst tUnlgoveedr.ToIOpportu nity U nli 'thp d
ftl waf tit, es rs 4 e ea, oet day s the atio nass areutn a lunaoowtit a tao ksi A ools h "
Vb&PopyoB, Peterfdson the gra mas of tea i.
"w itt tellcenthoffthe da.- binge wydtebuta1 -m ssosilof one
n- aIO M sus ,.pn.e.t uh ad a .p dt of the sau people beitd ..i
it. < ----. oC.,-r.-.d how. rm kg f t o Rice
St s'tut that lunatic fringe WASHINGTON -(NEA)- The campaign.-resel ma'odmum inten- donated advertising copy, space P' -ito" Mo Mari.'seet.o._, OSUedl.
ci t 1 ttohetlls' tu q a.sexploited cunningly nd de ati- newest s tsde which the Adver- sity tue spring;, w em n economists and time. ancuroiAg the hom e ue rto Rica "l-
Saob rther Cm i a apUsing Council is preparing to un- believe tral enofo down DoLthltsatt dolm to use atr mal toy tIdbyt i-Phanbolae
Sb o W leash on the U.S. public has for will e h whor., m or t th nte
adhe %it, moe .Nose thato tonoewo't thts ttl the s n, ornortuit Iit wlb e anett e eperti oe rsease wr other mp Ie t o teh.ueneo
t tloy f p0 Aa u esbt _dth according to the Coun- M ont to -w atch. -t-!rid a br e well mp o r tt reied w-t- fmtr? -
I~ ~b jle n a w r te t htJ o w n o, .M ou dW .y s shooting resu lted fm n Ti Pe u ,h-es, id e.ea P erto ,- .
.-. o t Isdmand. the diret provocation by ovit eil' resident Theodore S. Rep worth noting whete ot.the country Inereamkg the si y p of..l sma lean every tw cet e o
....,. ent opratin0 on aWfroi t no plier 'ef 'Washigton, s .tounsell can be-psyched out blue for w a a te. oruh.eRed P h. ~ e w te roi a --
-litens to histvolumeQ o ,mm. fr.m 'oew rk ta 4P o th pessimists on any belief that a business "erssaolt Da A4 3.1Cross blood don t ar. a Was chd-o U ,... a ev t, a. e ,,,,
4 s A l eOS f n 1954 is going g to be a year of do- cam psign. ot tit, it.e a Ing tr .., one of the hi Mi d no roteqlqoL hid
ofWt athiR v oiE

41=990 7-htaan eattsckder aeba aatt- vr- T a"(-tePrh

i f dn are ., er o September; also planned some Wso0lt wing, and there's nothing wors- m tha muh Ide d e he" pieople ,-. .,,
".OFr4K-ho.Stub ee'me and the' oportun- oi an aw nltrat -. FoLr It vas, On .Pro.ton4 the Red-. The halting or -the Pi, ..I
reso b in6ismIt t.-IA- sold to American business aon wa e aedm New s forest e p. arch 3, 1. In on of .. .
th 0_St oio b ew tkiser -ba6 the threat o at _as n op y.r ve or.prevention, safety* ..d1__ uqu eetlob,,ever.. .

,th ap .-a ratu " ty w cuther el po.i4 e ." ThIe. Counil.aM ca 1 set oer thae d a ge clmns

ow deawi letem'narsso .e-.i.noughthat.this. thae sugr All-of Puerto Rico
Ittue o( v re is GW i sm .a.s ,dn Jr., of New It welG.ou, big. From there.I , merito uted dowa t ve on-the qum.
pails, s bal. ?roe1ot" ul,"nod tton some dS wassa gaourd step to go in thae tI is t at it chest c-MeIowte ofm, w :ete it ls:S..
Stembear;eus o.-land some o'ae assembled nU,. oaviangs bond sale promo. _eiment or the, taxpaye a- s Commonwelth under theU
of -d tion L iA ec 1laeendyfor the teno th taskLwhichnte council is: Saevro hundred b. hd-o
it es sadan idtat ouer it usagt.A tof te. -vAd Counqil ull$ at... '. vertis agebeiw antowlsset.at0.s or-not
surmnore, Albiu Calnpos 's' i was next submtTed lion, re cmt o strident report theonefft .eathe
o rm M.-:Ad Council directors 0h, WVtCs and killed labor for the $1100 mnilliw worth' os- mrot n 0 wss ovwhownted comeThe Id..
eic to haveIna"colniac wiw b omN. a.n'dt I,, 1s war nutrla were other carn-. atitme for Its pubLO- peeut t
,o teRea'-h-Tloplan is to have the ag pb libel use o. ,sages. 'scarcerl me ,
investmentand ith4at ay sick man U o,"er..... what 'they e
......... ....... "ear "a" ""an 'ZcanI ro achie eb" t oekalo
v ..--..;-lW .o..t.a cit.e A" ,to- .-Wo ra ,tusiness
W Mt-i--.i haepr e.a At l
A- iooe tin t oolan isD stpdtiemen ,,a 0a

WhentI wr.rn to ahe andd- -
woo ire.eroIcans to'lhoot THE dayIaGS lANK

iloferved as Meirttive Mervce ijoar as t&
v "- tSplV',VIsopopef prupa- '.-t.
.- ..o.".411.0.0. ic n"talotast-o-.'- .- .. ,_.' 'to m-
---" .& a. bi& -n i t t tp"ju -. s'1

0.r.1lgdthsutae Un -o -.. ! on oe ow .W b. :.. ,i7 aunt spokoft red thesys sttl--,don .-M,
k -. an ewqswA ..i'ai mnetee caneatot .-We mae leaat,.esn't cad et., mpuit .. .

of ur = ..-skwhchte ouci. s:." ihave no out- .,. ,..... .
...f.-of.-... .. .1-at.-. -- ,., of teir own _... ..-.... ....s.or

wchast th
huse".lit a.toe'o-
um V..tu -: .. .t-:.'

4 -, it aw --1124 CWT O,-
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iikwh do g.......0- .-

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el rV '"9"6"

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11 17
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,, ....... .< lP ?W;.

-r .S ... .. hl.... 4.r .[ ? i 4 b ...l : ..

^ lk,^ t -lP 1to >udif4g 6he pm on Mon Mle 5
.1. 'p t,.* .. .."r.^ b e e a tit
Sc I ..p .e' 6:0.4. for the rP t .t

S". -' Tha e danamal Ca l Cpller

ol itssten s wl thld itsa meet!4 h dd
t41 a lsrlAmpaa z A

4 t.fl... AAri4Na ub, hort a l Ruppel, .2-, rn rs are

S................ u a te D. A. d to e who a o .
*****"** A cS.... a..... "*,. nas at eloible to' beome members are -- *! *

.i^&. iB l : "Alme mber S aCollege.'r uioet. oaty e iubl, w.m. PT
4 .:*i-fo)e l t W.. f l._a Monv teldl eto t attend. Tnh Earlchwht wtln eate rA. la ff AT
4 :0 0 prmnf o th e "i s ,
... -, -e3+ tae5Sm4,a e rte.. Mhoe jalboa tom be ",,^1 mltt .... -
toy ariv:Aets
S"ta'nb- an e atWI or s Cu reided urin pather

*m^ynrvaamed aftolub williholdoits monthlf motnU lip n fMi
sa tT. ,e Pens ma Caa C.har '3 oi

CI *el ..7 ... -, cer ..l ..a At Bn .Arer Atou. Ah obto ori uM speak on to nd tppB

BAli me...on oatthCollege Cm
eatMeuurArm-Nvy b, orsAedo.......r n..-.4 up..e. l. -lt w.. llere are trriveathe .oe f
-e--follow i ng.a.brn11ch "at 10 : aea. t e -intl hodto nt hy enAn Oa 'rs. :E arh irf-S
,. .,. .. -- ,"..s."b.l a.e.-h o a r-mm b r io C lu b4 1
:to T Panama TsC e th an ad those who a re FIR ST B A P S CR l
so, enrw ab. a oao w gseessuChUNES.negm Patsnam ThharInnate bl arto b mb a

sdwa DehnTea rs.Robther3Daotwih ,te r so fce.htateOdiee aoamsanee'sngC BALBmA w EIGHTS, C.e c
flue. F wr p. Tuett e i w .o p.m. en -tur- a ry ..JI .~ i this group in Paris7 France. Hamadan Caldt Notce s below th Adiii.tation Bu dpg)
AMb iM e Snior Cap d Mm. C. McDo The Ham adan Caldron will hold w re .sme m h ies -- tpI r

Ariie to1 "e YOt s h 'rglo WShp-Tue dy 7-00 T. it Aregul nar monthly business meet. I 9:30 a.m.--BIBLE SCHOOLt r o le o tt-

1 t a- Co. 1~mlt u ealS O n T:h o ai. eawti tent p.m. in the Girl Scou House in

w. Wl.e ...S- _s v....+. on.a.._, aeh ... ..l 10:4 a .m ..SATAN'S E R ..,.. ;
-n n r ;n aet.a.n.t.h Ps.t Home:,at.F ort ten ..dare.rem..indteadotibrnge re p -".SW.

i.Je.1 ntlmersl l ato ry o Anbo't7 :30.30 p.m .himand-Trp n I. ke d i.b
rt ~ bb ft Msrni ged Co fAte T fee Atj to d MAtrFmalb o Aol.eek ,,,, ,. P'ean whr kshu at

a ... ,= .. ..j. o,;,he At t.J alr h.l t reaoowf--- "T .ATTLE FORiTlBd O r"
-nW, .M AI. M ,,.e.,E d Dm .T A ib oo N. C0 0 0 1 W e ob rt J .. .. ..h-.

.'..<.Bk......... e ld it..s omwo n. EVERtOlWyL m oEri- NURSEi aiS RO-lBED

4.1_'1M .= oi.".'" -SOW;. hkeen..a V.
s" r I. ,i Hr. f h 9 :0 htom at te et rf .. i a n" m

-*I, andi sevsd at 90
*$330L p1The* 1. Club:e,,k o theC ahn e ,, b'h Int

O S" "'h m m a ." .. ... .... ... -. .
e EO-L~ua ar of t.~Luewlhld~-trg aocFsti o t dd

0$. 8_it. 8.W1. d rS JBu fta-I ddy, H 1l U .''
me asse go Nun.enemnddebCHUgi
.4.hfWen tIS and any.pim. o ndMaon Marc ai5, ate, whic l o l cald ,t' t -1'@

_. ....n....... P b -_ _ra 04 o n g
S ,, IS. li~le a. Nf werome rsinto Cluw M.l ofu g a grmaathtymmSo raniingow.. .-

(Utfal, .o:sid m add 1'd OFeai. ia.Dm r cllMfor.a
atop !U... .. ul_- M.......l...:.......d rs1hlim.Spel. r othy-inedrmee.lg ar teeaeflolY c r f lmLl awud i
a.......Ahet JWl.ualleeryHarry Nichothe on Sa.r day M araco rthmee13,.ubl
r 51._r,. .&:m,. ,Imo.., .soM s;NTi n e i c Taowot .h dt
F grea tHaorscrotchrmodtr n

M... a.. ,OTlWwra. CaMelM. _arahet15.
..l.9ofrl m..toAT owerAimed o rces Ser-oOwml Mot.

aIs-n ., ._ :g gi an, ftfkalV. Ol111111o St Lue wl,--:it" 8- -a ". .t he' esn Thrsa Mi ie Ceth e r, La E n Rad T
.I MIAI.mWIalke. lrAan :0 .im... .0Gro uphaanounca ths exhiitionisopnth a..rou ch Moay- whi- -.
S an eW ..tms ally c o n v in c Bish op M orris H all.ounofst egCan loZone C olle e dfro m 9:0 h a m .t o

.- :. ..- .. E. ,.. .... _............ ......Int..eskwil l m e a. t e h.
-.4110 otgL111,11,tow on M r c 41012- CWSelg e rap ersTofMeetrPLanothr dayA.T END HURfnh l

: 3. ...m gW g g acN e + .s,..c ra*mJi ,.*. o p .e.m "
. .M s .. ... ... ..,:gib M at o........... .

me j t-lDallat bght ..*i b th uede:ame Carnid-Ia,
-. -, Vgq j~ij Maaaii President .t -College- Clubthn ihe Alpha CLh.of ofIat,
i s p r e s e n ti ng-a n e xh-b i ti u aa t. .thth e a s s is ta n t h o s, e s s 'e w i l.irthoCy ,
jj, .,th'M e a ai.'-,,-. "a- Thn.ony mp dayW s Phi8wliA','its rJTr Fl RS* AT"TH
-e"mie r- -S e ga-t hA"bltT M e tPA.O A.ND.
9 od s U ,b m 0 V. M aC3 X .:l m b hu t r e c e nt y a .tt n eP e n o "an t h o l B Ai tA I I E J G N TSa rC

L i o e.1 1 .m.e C tm,Su l h8- 3 0 a. m. .. -S.. S ... . . ... ... C a .i e di l b m n t lyDT u e s.d aTh et :ad n C o nI1ho l d
Phoq". f -, -u 3:6.Iun. yon tha .Ne,"y't0eeest n wl p.m in the G hrt Se r House In C0:45R a S TM S AT
r cl.ayt..ic.?0..,. ,.= 0 -.. -Nap.---lvat,,-A-ir s l p .n -aon pUg'sa.
,a i.- -...s-. .i.. .. .a i. .-. .... a mpm Di A n n e K ar s t 2-M e e t9n g
vsu m su nd a -W r-114 -aAtMb t.Anlt naa'-ry
o th........a do.artyid.o a-"'
,-P o t i V.a n ._H ma. Iax N i
J u n i o r -6 :f6OVO.":"
NWr.......W6 .0*. ., M*......... 430mA ercan Post a. 1
4..1...L a o*m. Yunb eam bTuesaa tsor mo thy. Fr n Wilder.s.e.
b.' .' w"WF b .ktbw a bwan dv4 2p. 2u0tBobthwi t e r a l

c on ve rt Clam .710dm- -. ._. .. V rlda ;*19.Chu ch oo .__
-A i. h .30Iua3Bch" Now. a Oi 5 e a. COL- N C, Lt .e-G rl-cou.-. t a II- e i.1

M AI N a .W iner
1.9 t.,,v, 3s,.. .

Lieut.'_ ,2InCvar-A 103:'n] r a ses,. 6 .30pa

so&* 444. o en 7mdswt Ibe w6wcw
. ,f. ,. ,..,..ew iI is.a bI Why don't xM make
CY f.p4tpfrl ChubtYS3 -a -sTee a 5 Sev a a. -I WA RISt As" ab
p.-.t Mgo- .T =- on I "e 1 51y thMil tet stand rind1
-oeesswnaoue c wem~ae -tz. r. a 1m

"Ur. .. 5...".S us. an seas tO ly.VIC ROYB
it -S. u.s as e 5 ..* cud seethow'temr protective
fiter trap the nicotine

WNW.. 140 M .it,,a-not46rittatn
w i T aM u a a r- _6 9
O-.r. .throt .ungs.d Besides,
"" .,, vA .o

S_.VICEROY cigawett'
.s..-*"WE.VALikbeep ymwur mouth fresh, and
yor P teethwhitm... thY

,- 4*."2 :er vnl. ek i,

ALA..&.i "

*17 I~

r r-

ft5 WAL

- ~ir ~ -*

,- -, --.

,-- -.- .. --- "- .

..Sft A,>... 4.



i' r' '., *

.-. y- -. ?.i..
" ..; -';- .... .-,. j ,
:....-;... .. .. .. .. . .5.

Ser Nl y, the cheeked (UP Hn-

". ch@7r ster ."'mbeth .'unced .. ex-
WI lk'- et the WSining and \htm- the tes
-) Z riatLO di.ed here T*hsraday '( t -Nat i a
WtS bi e ,Noel. Cyt the nedou

Lonon orouh her de famous When yo are h c
W:lt" ;nW W e te thae wore dingias nd r t r ti h ae
115 ticy mo die d hure TflUMtm1Z .

Y .aS RegtwtAd Maxon AfmUwage. He _er "The Woman With oTe tp rebu^--d
N oe a wna a chlirbe iorn mt he Chapels ANNS ae nd give themDog." w t a

v '-* '. orMt Buring Plae UOg Day so-, x a a ...t,
*118 %O S LWono Pbcoer A y1? faeru he NN, Myo.u March 6 (UP) have loresting apl tate for the re-i c -
S14 listento Brahns z wrote children to the dyou leave the learned they hd notbeen de-

'found he could wri dance mu-|t
S10. *X c. It et said that bhel-was inupir

hea l bdaw ~y's hand wa Played ed b the then Lord Louis
Qe1 m 741 eoQandhe l. You owe It to both the sitter
S 43What'.sodne hL faladme was snd your children 'to. 4a that nearby ndeeanreottsl.
Snot "Noel Gsy." T man who much to FIt o themn off toea rood crue o ian W s Poort IS
k wS wrote edr tat nametaea.was born start. ant
aJ XIRegfiAld Meoxon A z ge. He I"The Woman WIth M

'S to o tJ e? f c Cor .o O h te how M/V "GRANA hA" "
s was a tchirbo.y in the Chapels And The Dog
SKM:-, BRoyal at Buckinshm Pala ee, DAyNS Nec-Nas IEtical elements

'athh e orth voud Lf a MarlborouhsuseW and St. i .l. ..... oto

shot tack sa ui ee d ORIS Oz
Sa-Jpdesp.Rac A yelater. LYNNMass ar ch 6 Cr have long ai e for the re-

S shuld he rel on a becanie organist of St. Anne' in ..
e ract yboh evereMass., ran over a dog seems in favor of theansr.
Ptried the Hpade f e and ca e went to Cambridge and took here One Hannovr n spa r
master's degree In Mus As he got out of his car to fred to the Nais a lel
theae totther dog ran across the street war critminals and con ed the
listen to rahs. ea FASTo thFRe doIHTs owner, an- it of maSERVIC hd n been do
It was at Cambitdge that Teand bit Thim. o finItelyest OAST hed
d* rc wtt cefound he could write dance mu-O SOT AMRA o
sic. It is said that he-wn inspir-
When-t, h and was played ed by the then LordC Louis
," I tot of mothde Swouth players verAst's dance .bad,.. ,'
04 uto .4" down at three dIn 1930 ho wrote ';All the
Of*be could see all the himt22,400. Other .ten follow- S.
iayera don't have that ed, ltmch as "There$ Something
In asal play. Abodt & Soldier." ".II-, Took My. Fast FrgPitCulblan Ports
,4 A tteafly every table Wst Ernto a Party."s e cargo for
t ehe .the a111 'f ads. Zoo.Trim show "Me. ad 3'W. Girl." Turnan6 Bessen Pura, tagena. Baniqull.1P
awoethefirst ,and rZtgethek whclhf nhe wrote In 193 t do b-
wamonts and w diked o the n.. If a-oorly at Londonf* aor-a
-put up the 4ack, and. -West I a? e when an"SXfowpt. was
*..Wfth tho, -, West then ir- brojcast by the titisfrv road-
%Mced-h .teto..or eight of diA- casting Corn. overnight the show1is
mmndt to fotee nW sthe queen fbm become a hit. King O'erge VI M/V "GRANADA
the South hand. saw It three- times, and It be-j SAILINGS: EVERY hFIflEfN DAYS
Deal$rer could w tat. kind came popular all over the world.
and ace of hearts, dropping West'ss Even the Nazis slcc.mbed to its A P P 1 1''
queen. The jack of hearts follow- spell. MCi
ed, and Then a low heakt. East Wilford & cay, Inc.
shot h ak a spade, pu'tlng the de- ARIs
*houg South tke a spade A- ANFRANdItCO,,0March -6 CE-sTtL#Z -
"easese, or should he rely on-a club MrP) -- Drmar0 P 34. a4. didn't "
guess for his contract? Anyodlike the interior of the South
who looks 't the hand In tod ay'sSon Francisco jail.
Rwsp~e can sBe that thespa He took out his dental plate -o,
f.sesseIs sour and that a dub fj fashibned a blade out of Its 'ft
213ses will win. At the tourgnament, metal-band and stsbbed himself The 316109T, 'N
however, practically everybody In .the arm. Now he's in corn- P i sL D
tried the spade 'flameo and came munity hospital. INCORPORATID OA borALCflRTmn taO ...

V-;..47 yfor. South to know. the rightF A
saw-- s -to, hbis problem. The keyF.S4%,SS F
fa.t was that West had won theI BETWEEN GUROPE AND WEST COAST
M`*cond trick with the ace of dia.dO U MNLOtt %
,West. had no high s ard.o. .,,, ., ,. ,.. ....

second trick. He would hope
b lis p ster would win, a later
1k nud lead another diamond.
tiu er couldn't win a lat-
-i ,d he. Iimseulf had no

West hda't" refused to win
second roud of diamonds. This
iHated thatjie did hold a high
rd in a side suit, encouraging
* t6l bliele eb .ould ats
d lT tr o-. The only h car4
t could so encourage West was
kilg of wades.
on this evidence, South
" b= the: -paw and
ald doend on an eventual lub
mas. The play of thea herts<
d. reveal that West had start-
with five diamonds, tw hearMts;
I four spades ( I or
at happened to- signal tJb:l
Wdes). Bast h1 be marked
b four'clubs ae West could
q osly two mth ),and a f
through the ,club length
d be the percentage (and sue-"
W51) play or the contract.

S.S. "KENUTA" ...................................Marh sU
M.V. "SARMIENTO" .............................. April 9
. M.V. "RENA D. PACIrICO' (,uS* M :_l;
M.V. "SANTANDER" .... ................ March .
B.S. "CUZCO" ........................... March Ie
S.S. "PARDO" ...... ...... ...............March 19
S.S. "DURANGO" ................................ March -
S.S. "LOCH AVON" ............................. March 8
S.S. "DUIVENDYK" ...............................April 5

All Sailings

Y.S6W rt~sL~%: "a,..

... .I -

'it. '. -a.


i t&m

Strange Taub.


, o'1.

-Laea.N SAMR

*..THA 1.
(et. IPu

.* y -t ,. '. '_.- y t+

NOW ,,,V p A ,



1 That'. Right

s0 ,IMWVT em o CARIFL coIRYL m
%S W%\TH t flLPrA t W 1 tzTlS
MPscWL Orr C W ?ya ROMC7om\I MAWhtLa

tok fome .

mcHMO~ WED Mr WW 11D]
wIals wqor uCn D6u&Av 1o v 9sur
uS( BRANCH PLAnT MM6I5,#J k Self

S .mSE
T'4, 1t^

-, bt L~IUC Thfli~'


Subjecs to I'anre Without Notice
NAVIGATItq CN CrIptlbal rel.: 1654/5
PANAMA-Avb PerO iSk Tel. 3-1251/8
BALBOA-Term Bids. Tel. 2-1905

r..' IM WRWLrIN Pltastes

.'r JijusLe.4*' Pru



-S.1 *~"i

Close tall

It DNw Des interest


* g al. VrBNIM

i ,

hr. ELM! a



Thin. Louie!

-teL aLIAS


ULMO c Duauvstu doUia


X) WWl4 'fU 6WUNG PF6R A
J 'MYW I|CO a.-,.

iabt Othe Time

I. t "*,


A U1 off

Q ai -_- __.-- ^40


~lfb~1~16 3*.



- -.

vo ', .7 9 *_ .
W .-+ q",'... **
,* ... ... ,i.. .' "s ": -<-.. f ,; *jj _** ,-





I -r ---- LL;r


. ..' [a .,


. "..





* *

* .

ra .Le v -$dgar4 Q A.|
eas t Am4s Boaraper
AX. 0: ,IL

rfl a, B adi ,_

. Rhodes, E. Stone, A. fuff, Joe
White, Cy DOLapp, Robert Seti
e .
Those who participated in t0
gifts, but could not attend the din,-
aer were: Mrs. Al SBar and MSA
Srs, E. Carr, Ge e WortL
ney, George Cockle, J. Sproul,
E. Trout, B er C. Shay_ S.
Dahl, J. Evans, M. Mc~own, Mr
Crooks, C. J. O'Sullivan, M. Grif-
fith, A. Waliee, Nathan Ashton,
W. Peterson ad D oig. -
Vs Voage.. .L:c'-
was hCbtess for a luncheon oven
at the Hotel El Panama yesterday
to honor Mrs. Marguerite Martin
and Mrs Wldiam Bnasham, who
are leavg to ret.ur to their h6me
en Columbus, leOhio.
The other guests were Mrs. Car-
roll Kocher, Mrs. Fred Nw.hard,
Mrs William A. Van Siclen, an
Mrs.. Fnrne Burton. A t
Vof.o N Coffee Give. h
Peor- adteridge
A4 informal morning coffee
was given by Mrs John Feder, at
her hme on the grounds of the
Coco Solo Naval Hospital, yester-
day, to honor Mrs. Charles Ether-
idge of Norfolk, Va., who is visit-
Iag her davgiiter and son-ln-1iv;,
Captain a'iMrs. W. A, Then of
the Coco Solo Naval Station.
Infernal Dlaq Party
Mr. and. W lrs.. august Campbeln
had as thel dinner guests_ at ahe
Hotel the Provost-Marshal of the
Caribbean Area, Washington, lieu-



start tiutig i

twy abt that
first Sr sttandl Let it be a
:'bwsipog in disguise" a
sigwi4-to you to cake action
n.Tdo somaeihin& about oby
,J a t.Ka 1-
nhew .066colio( So
'ter A a at In le'Rouwvm take
tooor Roux Oil. Sam.
'tp t treatment eoitceal
#W isuib* srrana of dull
gray hair give sparkling
fijigeaj epd lusre, ad
subtle, natural.looking color
chat change' ydur worry to

Caution: use only as directed
D mtibutm lif o n.

OleMphae M

Y. A.,j-o Arcmufe No. 5- Td. S-t

* ": ."j j 'j
fw! A ace poder
N o :-... e
i lf "

a.-.v. io ". hI ,M. wslt,

1 =.n W --- --. -S '4_ -


The gwtm Civie Council wi-
olds in haut lb Trfoil House.
s M._.,. Mrs. ad

STh members ot the SeCoo wll-

Sme ers ofthe itrcl, ,
Wihes In te Church )oho arn W
contibute may contact Mrs4 Sc
A. Scofeld-atun W, or TV
the donations at the church. P
------ 4

Moscow Observes

Pt AsiAlversary

l ler tln

p g'. er edged bo
Uut ffW-tm.Moscow buildliI
j es the first anrile.-
MY a0rw deth t'of Premier .i-
etat a 7V,..
Neweptn e as carried photo-
graphs rid lengthy eulogies of
t o= er premier,
...e e made It cale ar
Stain e- f tely secondary to
Lenin .n cpmmuniat hist ory, a
statements of public figures tht
recent months have showed that
Individual leadership has given
wav to a sadpreme doctrine of
collective leadership.
.Dlplomats today .recalled the
tensenets of Stalin's last days
and the swift developments that
followed his death. '
The months that followed saw
the tise -of Oeorgi Malenkov to
the premiership, thu swift reor-
ganization of the government
and tt pronouncement of unity
the Nbsational ousting of L. P.
c8le0, development of the "Peace
IW is" and announcement
t 3 h.kl of aBdr iv e In.



ncAnt Blava: P&c 11, ubmas-&
IntulNoA89 y; Pantoi, 0ubT
Paser J, R. Pack 3ub
:bbaster Thomas, Kl. Pa :t
SO mater Toaymond lyan
Pack 1T CubmAster an 'q
r, .,Troop 3; Sel"ter.
ke'P9uetatte; TrooD` Wat
ater obeit Roche; Tobn 1).
outmaster Vincent Bva
oop 15, Scoutmaster see
STrop 16. Seoutmi er
i Kernex; and Troop ..
-outmaster James Reynoid.
A full analysis, of progri
annitn or the next twi
oaths was discussed by William
allpry :wth the cub leaders,,
Sa. e Ru- tlue ..-lft t:he
1 usvtaswoe.p., for
ie 0 i eorg. be tld. Apt;'.

In Technicolor

.. .. 8 "q'A
"Coma, Pd K fl Pc ;8RIer.,
owart chair'n. f4B. -Am4,
ANt. Ca;iu N. a, 7. 'in-
cil Vlde- Preid t HAns e-
sen lng .and, afetaty
I w ( r

"u a- 3?: '


sit mew with c ut t oit

By poplar request we
will hove a Cbriovalito
donece with Marcelino
Alvorez ond his, Orches-_
tro -.


.' : -these
,,t tMa o AlsoFreAlso F Floor Show!
Unit- the foreseeable future. Good Eats Good Drinks
This can be summed up as: Good t o riS
1"" 1) Internationally. Soviet pol- and Low Prkes
Icy now emplalizes collective aP
rather than individual leader.-
ship and de-empaies. politicalC N Come end Dance under,
Thero $aiu sed semS o; the Stors!
Iprovem of bndivlW. matA.
lal well-being through e-
un.the production and m- TOMORROW
of consumer goods and an
*ll out"efort to solve the agri- *g*S "rAUTAIRI ElAft"
eultura -preblem...,1 l,." ... .RU
2)' Ii 1ore ap f lil.n order. .,__ ..
to carzy o .the above, the So- T "'I '
viet hf taw at m anament. But, at -r T 0 < ,- Ron in
the .a.- i"m- It does notpan e tt, r M .bara Stanwyek Rth Roman, in
to gilt .r& rlal. t polcal .-. "BLOWING WILD"
gain yhere. .. O D
-Plus: DMW Day and Gordon MeRae, in


On Central Railroad ,

kL Grows More Bitter
1 NEW YORK, March 6 (UP) -
The battle for control of the
giant New York Central system
- grows min bitterness.
* Robert R. YotI, the Texan
who sla seeking. O oust the Cen-
tral's present management,
lashed out at the rod's board
of directors, charging it with
";nisuse of corporate assets."
He filed a civil suit In New
York State Suprpme Court yes-
terday ainx that the central's
directors be restrained from
spendewg "any monies of the
New York Central Railroad Co.
for the purpose of continuing
themselves in office."
William White, president of
the board has accused Young of
trying to "drive a wedge" be-
tween the road's management
and its stockholders in an action
motivated by "some greed for
The Central executive, who
has promised Young a "bare-
fisted fight" for control, said
there .s no possibility of a com-
promise with the Young forces
prior to the annual meeting In
Albany, N. Y.. oc May 26.
The fiery Young told a press
conference his ualt was aimed at
making Central diretors "pay
out of their personal pockets for
ia0use of company funds for
carrying on a proxy fight at
great eXDu,6.f
Youa suit followed the Cen-
tral's petition to the Interstate
Qommerae Commissin Wednes-
day asking for a "sweepin I
v aon" of Youns methods
Stcaptur control the ystWem.

Unkww.. Taxpayer

"ap mS



WPs al-

,T a "th mnt

mI. e l
eu here by. the Noam
pkahow as etube.o ,
(to -e_ m(leRtw.

IA i open to anyone
TeTO -S r aryone who can.
ON" hav relalves in Teaws
Texnd, *b bers of tle Anglo-

't aSe rvice C hief

CA sMioi son F ai d
today he acsum. so2e of tin
merMm wt wbrkers droJpe
m he federal payroll, as sl-
eurity rira* had been hired by
me.. Blsenower admilmtration
SYoungr told reporters he hIs
O actual O eOvence that. this is
t, but he. 4 it Is possible in
view of the big turnover In gov-
ernmenf. JobB,
He said many federal employ-
es go on the payroll before a full
field ltiveattnon ts completed
He sald Ohe oheeiku under re
'lecurltv pru Is designed as khi-to scree new emn.
flyes as It is ti weed out ol,1
nies who ale considered lo e
YoUwK ta krd.-i reporters aft-
er a Confl1fBSe ?lwth Presidect
ISenrower u the swecurltv pra.,
r~am. te cughl with him his.
latest l reakom aw showin a
1. eO earae on the feh .
rie.n o UA toditW' 42 o
vhichfre ws. Wa vserul fi;
formation in thIflle '"
0 hka:Bn s ea tad ki-
u's will be inMrease d iist.
tiafly when (irl, returns are in.
Hell's Pavinig
C, UCAOO, March 0 {UP) -
"Hell Pt ave 9 with go nven-
VUonu, 1isttOry PjoesO -Peter
Vierect told a conference on
higher educatljpn, wheti he/ask-
ed lepa emphelsi on technical
uklWa an more on the humani-.'

1 I -



with m

Gregory Pdck. In
Charlton Heston, in

(Chapters .12-13)




Ray Mlland. t -
Burt Lancaster, In,i


'"* '



C i

* ~'. N



Canal h atres
64f'M'. *"

? re mdio LAMAS
Arbm DAHIl

- SAowing


"LW. vosar
It ACAjH--

IS A b Q A ""Air-C nditonMed 5
L B2.'00, 4:15 6:30, 8:45 ... .ag S dja

S. 'Aed Cartoon & Newere

^^^^R Hiaireimn~b

.^ ifil l-... -::





I "

I -* -

,I 7AWi

,,. -+.,- -+ .... : .- >.-.- + _, i
- -'.- ,...-,- .-- I- .- l
._'..i..s ^ -- --. -. --." -'
v--^J-*^ :.h ; :-. la t :_ ,,,-,,++,.,..-. -......- 4-*.- e-t. -. -; -- .

-. ~ -


tvelyn KEYXS

Joan CaAWrOur
"Torch Song" Teelom
-- 9 ..........a4 'i



----- -----


li I II


j ,ar

:, .

1, -


*' *;



S .. .- .

,# A"' ."'-" ,' .

J J '^^^
,, .-^^..

, ; "(

I .

.5 4~ fl


W i ". ,"- tv-'pt
ow-710'4- 1-.

. ,.
.^ ...- -...
WMI L^*^ fl-"1~^

,: si mo
"" s.- ig!"B

S.-. _~~~~_


S Hosehold
SALE: .-Philippine UAMBUO
. :ipIrs, robles, chaise lounge, bridge
,le glass topi, electric clock,
S"irrors, beds, portable bar. desi
m scellaneous items. Shrapnel. 15
lgp"vctt Street, Balboa 1389.
L:-Sofa,. livngroom tables
suitable colder climate
's size 42-44. wonrron's-siz
12-14. girl's 7 and 14; men'
lpJo large size: Veneiian blind
"~.' wide. matchitick blinds. 3(
nd 42' wide. 74 long. 44t
S. No. I 7, upstairs.
SE. -25-cycle refrigerator I
lanemous household g ood
,.j67-E Williamson Place or' Phon

ALE :-Livngroom sute, almost
$1: 100.00: mirror top coffee Pa
bId $520.00. mahoganvy bureau
$40.00; kitchen table & 4 chair
r .25.00; bed, complete $50 00
lt.eRheri cabinet $7.00, gas stovi
S large $35.00. small table. |lass tal
Ifthbgrny $13.00. Contdct A/li
SPuh, house No. 54, Apt. No. H
ot Porras after 4 p.m. or all da
FORa SALE .--.Refrigerator, 7 cu. ft
General Electric; desk; dresser
chip. closet, 'buffet, double bed
y.. mahogany; other things. Cheap
S83 Sobana. Tel. 3-2067 until I
Sp.m. ___._ _
FOR SALE:-Frgidaire refrigerator, I
iku.-ft.' perfect condition; Cahoga
d sninrgroom set. No. 8 Colombi
S.teet, Apt. 1, Telephone 3-5006,
'$ALE:--Electric stoVle 4-bumei
F , tables, wardrobe, d.ressei
It Tboprd, All proplucolly ne
$..'tial custom-built mahogany fur
Phone 2-3518, Panam.

.SALE:-Vanity dresser, $50.0C
It Panama 2-5613.

lE 1952 WestlMnghouse
romot automatic washer, 60
"Olt Albrook 7131.' -
:SALE:-Simmnons double Beau-
mottress and bed. Excellent
'itlip, $90.00. Phone,3-SB17,

- .*:r'; ~&* -

FOR SALE:-1953 Chevrafet 4-door
edoan. Excellent condition.' 1426-A
Carr St., Balboa. after 4:00 p.m.
FOR SALE:--,1953.De SatqW Excellent
condition. For further information
call Ponomi 2-4486, 12 noon, and
after 5.30 p.m._
FOR SALE;---1953 M.C. Mark II withK
850 miles. Showroom condition.
Must sell because of second car
coming. Call Navy 2533. days and
make an offer.
FOR SALE OR TRADE on di er model
coa: 1952 2-door Buick Special;
Dynof low, green & belea good con-
dition throughout. Qtre. 267-A or
phone Albroqk 6291.

FOR. SALE:--1953 -Ford V-8, Crus-
tomline four-door, black. Fordoma-
tic drive, underseal, 8000 miles.
perfect, $1800. Call Balboa 2-
1744. .
FOR SALE:-1951 Morrisacpsivmnble,
excellent condIion, d ut y paid,
S595.00. Tal. 2-1515, Balboa.
FOR SALE:-1941 Chevrrfrt coupe,
excellent condition. Good price. Tel-
ephone Balboa 4171.

.. FOR SALE: -: 1949.Two-door Ford
; Club coupe. Good condition, radio,
J, $600.00. Tel. Panama 2-4918.
6 FOR SALE: 1946 DeSoto converti-
ble. New top, point, floor mats and
Sgood fires." Phone Albrook 4205.

FOR SALE:-.49 Chevrolet two-door
deluxe. New interior & tires. '52
V4' custom Ford, 12,000 miles.
Reasonably priced. Tel. 2-,1784.

FOR SALE--1941 Buick' Century Se-
danktte, 16$.hp, Overhouled 1953.
'New rings, vilvan, cam bearings.
Brand ne Teco battery and 5
Goodyea safety tubes. $250.00.
House 555, Anton Blvd. Tel. 2-
FOR SALE:-1949 Buick sedan, Dy-
noflaw. Excellent condition. Orig-
inal'owner. Gall Valboa 1079.
FOR SALE:-1951 MorriA Minor, 4-
door. Good condition. Just Arose-
mene Avenue No. 75., upstairs.
FOR SALE: '2 DIdge Kinway
C tr,,.t-gim.- 13ian u ..0. 4n5f _

osur. i se a*Ii iv. mouse sV.-
_- '_F__-.----- D.; CururAd&,' -
'SALE :-Wshing machine, Frigi-
Sire 25-cycle, bh*i. drnsers ta- F6R SAlE:--STATION Wagqn, 1952
i, chair. Leaving country. No Willys, 6-cylinder. Excellent condi-
5, Poltilla, Tel. 3- 575. lion. Cocali 2532-A, Nicanor St.
Telephone 25-3121.
-Used furniture One da--- -- -----
t *w a*it thmetla, si de- FOR .SALE:-1947 Ford Sport coupe,
ord, bureau, metal' double bed excellent' tdndifo, completely re-
th coil spring end mottrese, din- upholsters, radio, new tires. Balboa
o tae .with four chairs. House 4211 or 2768.
t 6..Fourth bf July FOR SALE: -1947 Ford cQ .ood
nd wift Buildinrg Jefferson,1 nditian, radio, gt.' tires, rsM.-
LE--D-inigroom st, maheOg 00 0920 Amador Road, Tel. -
biet, bff et, ablt. 6 3212.
SI. metal kit en table.
9 Diablo. C.z, Phpne 2- W ANT .

:.QuoreIesfoster mahog Automobile .
Wl.ffet, remodeleb. $40.00; --
hen ble. endmel top $7.50. WANTED: We buy 4-door 1,50-
House 684, Corzal 51-52 Chewolet & Plymouth; Ga-
1I. ,-1368. ragd Elias, opposite Hotel Poosevelt;
.PRICES? We hove now 'WANTED
t ,. livingroom sets icom-
il reconditioned and reuphol- Mila1nOs
i 159.00; mahotroy dinin -
table and 4 chairs 71. 00.; a on
i Hollywood bed I complete i room, furnished Apt. .ijlI Panama
H ..child's wardrobe.., 25.00;. preg.. Cajl Rlgo9 velt Hotpl..
Smattres A9.0Sb ; b d0
china ;losers50. WANTEb 1i.BOO r t-
modern- f-flr c''M of ocrete h
mon Sit .OOO. Will day t%
l4O tai nt Tele*hpn.157. Colon.
-rrS'-niVe I- or jac
5 Eftr uzn Iproc- WANd t-V.Ra fgCnge
Pw ar6i "n* nd shed for nnr. L#otilAi Rio Abaj.
Other ttract lts.ou lx 57, Anpn..'
el Credit 'Card I at FOR
*iMue No. 41 (Autf Row ..T*,, R I Ptme a
1*. a I I

IS :- Modern airfoam cush-
love-seat, folding bed with.
OW sms, like new, cheap. Leavintg
w Calle 43. No. 43, Apt. C.

le p Wonted.
ED:-iCrmpetent nurse-
Ser' fi ilre i eo 3, 2 alary .to. rigtt
J' xOperience and refere2nes
i Apply 12 East 52nd St-

Competernt c
A-il -&ral housawefl.:
ead references agsentiwl.
Fis t 52nd Street Apt. 4'


i5;- -tetr ieter: V3
iwe, 60 cycle. .3
fl. B3-2141", 2T-A. Cu-

.E:-S-feot dmil*y -register-


FOR SALE:-. Clet. Livingroom, din-
Singreom, Ichen, two' bedrooms,2
bathrooms, garage, porch, laundry
room. Ernesto Lefevre Avenue No.
86 _______
-FOR SALE: Residence, three -bed-
'rooms studio, porch, terrace;-liying
and diningroem, gorge, kitchen,
mold's qucwters. three bathrooms.
I ,050 Si0 MAtf Telephone Pbnami
S34534, N6. 134- 12th Street..Pol-
tilla: Sin Francisco &e la Colsto.
FOR .SALE: Furnished -homi' with
, .ervant'I hQ'se in CfRRO'CAMPA-
Y NA..IrsM&as apportunltfies Shrap-
nel, Balboa .1389.
SSA14. ..--.F- orm.: 6 fpctereas
,lni, Wiqlon.-j.wit h house.- well,
rlt, Mftalt irme.. 'ptol B. 1037.

FOR SALE:-.-,t ofiaad, 400 meters.
Lot--- No. 52nrd bock, Rio Hato.
On-I Si lPtrwoe. Arme-
minerinnue No.-- Pwsnam.
FOR IE: .- , Sable for
-...rOus 41 .-eO.n .h and
ae' *

O NOF UtRAceIN-*.r 4aIA :5 ,

rURo 'Luz
IA .- I,- oU .,
i10 I 713 A'v.

SOV- Am' NO Vss as
,w-,"--. a Lr.

PRon beach, S AOFESSiA A L,
rne kun' % m'Tan u taFNW '1 PS.

Science Agale Cates 4Up
wiie BIt*Hlr:
The World's D rteu
Most Daan o Iut et
Nee .No er M

The Mgt Vo aC
Spectasaar' KljreXxot,
Ie BEBC ROiSt&tUtim .

79 Centtral ATve.-. 2.-8141


Sealed bids, in triplicate, will be re-
ceived in the office of the Engineer-
ing and Construction Director, Pono-
ma Canal Company, BdalI~a Heights,
Canal Zone, until 10:00 a.m., March
it, .1954, and then publicly opened,
for furnishing oil ,plant, tools, equip.
meni, labor, services, and materials
(except certain Panama Canal Com-
pany furnished materials), and for per-
forming all work for Interior'Pointing
of Buildings in the Canal Zdne. Forms
of proposals, spelificotions, and full
particulars maVy be obtained in the
office of Contract and inspection Di-
vision, Room 343, Bolboo Heights
(.Telephone 2-3739 or "2-26981.
Specifications and drawings wilL-be
issued on a deposit of $20.00per set.
Deposit will be forfeited if/splcfi-
cations and drawings oae not ,return-
ed within 40 cdlendaor doy after
opening of bids. .
Medical ..Clinic '
Central Avenue. K Street Comer
Telephone 2-3479 Pinomi

ORDER personalized birthday cakes,
party pastries. rolls. Call Swiss,' Tel.
3-4641 Via EspaAa 49.

LADIISI Have a color shampoo. It
brightens faded hair and it covers
the groy ones. Critelbel Clhaubee
Beauty Shep, Phee .1-1642, Mn.
Either Lorenue, menaeger.

home. Make your selection now of
these adorable toy Fox Terrier pup-
pies. Deposit will hold. Faith Fos-.
ter' Hilltop Kennels (see sign 8
miles out Trans-lsthmioan H'way).'


Shampoo bowl complete with ptumrb-
Ing; hair driers; Mtanicure utility ond
dressing tables; shampoo manicure
and hair drying choirs; steilijers;
permanent wove machines; gloss show
case; miscellaneous Items wand sup.
plies ALL for $275.00. Account no
storage space. Call Balboa 1589, 150
Prospect Street.
FOR SALE: Electric French frier.
brand new. Call 4-145-after 5:00
p.m. .
FOR SALE:-Pelgreed male and fe-
male black Dachshund puppies. Tel.
Panama 3-1816.

FOR SALE: Quartermaster table,
chairs, buffet, French Wilton rugs,
various sizes, 25-cycle motors, 'A,
!'2, 4, 1 and 2 horsepower. All in
good condition and reasonable. Il-
boa 761 -B, Barneby St. 2-3630.
FOR SALE:-Boston Bull Terr(ers, 9
weeks old. beauties. Frank Gute,
co' Casino Santao Clara.
FOR SALE:-2 cot couches, I radio
and salt water fishing tackle.
Phone Albrook 4205.

FOR SALE:-Beautiful Englith piano,
p months old to best bidder. Calla
43. No. 43. Aot. C.

FOR SALE:-Cheap: Old car, steel FOR RENT:-Two-bedroom furnsh'
b -.Caifl Ponorm 3-1701. 'fcjing pck quarry, Tel. 3-2737.
Sit fl ing 'c*le play-- *-- ---_- pyn ch ld\ oi *--a --- --n-'-Corr --squ-- la--.

Seialed bid, for opening in public, wIJIl
be received until 10:30 a.m., March
9, 1954; in the office of Superintan-
dent'of Storehouses, Balboa, for show
ciae,r.crackier cutter, parts for ice
cream'. freezers' and spray-type pas-
teumrs, woodworking machines, bot-
tle Ullngtond copping machine, ice
creona freezers, milk can washing ma-
chine, various types of pasteurizers,
i.ce cream vets, printing press, electric
'motor and row milk storage tanks lo-
cated at the Cristqbol Storehouse. In-
vrtatHqn No. 63 may be secured from
[th above source, or from office of
Superintendent of Storehouses, Bal-
boo, telephone 2-1815.

FbR SALE:-AKC registered Cocker
Spaniel puppies..Excellent pedigree.
Phone Panama 3-1227.

Ssaled,bids, for opening in public, will
be received until 10:30 a.m., Marah
10. 1954. ithe-office of Superinten-
dent of Storehuses. Balboa. for med-
ical ond dental supplies located at
Section,. "E," Bolbooa Storehouse. tel-
ephone 2-2930.. Invitation No.. 62
wnoyabe wured from the above source.
or. from' office of Superintenderit of
Storehouses, Batham, telephone -2-

Position Offered

emanian for sales & delivery wr&.
Tel. 3-4896.

stlblihed U.W firm in 'Panamd.Cit
requiai secvleti.f Panaronoen bi-
'linglui- aountn elerCI. Good pM-
sbiity for :ue d man. Write
Iti wnedt p ..B. T#.
134," -


P9.REIIT: One-bedroom unfur-
rnished i&rn -aportment, gaoae.]
16 8 Vi Beflsariq Porros.
FOR -REiNT---Modern apartment; One
bedorn, .North American neigh-
beorg '.'6.0. 55 transportatish.
Reqdy to be occupied the 16th. Tel-
ephon.e 3-0471.
FOR RENT.-Fumished apartment:
Livingroom, diningroom, 2 bid-
toorits, gas. sove, refrigerator., Itlla
Vista, 43rd5itset No. 64.
FOR RENT: .- modern apartment:
Chalet style. hot water, modem
convenci.ces :First AvenuE "El
Carmen." Entmance facing Juan
France, opposite house 94.

FOR RENTfl Completely furnished
apartment: one 'bedroom, sitting-
diningrooqM, 'kiten. garage, Co-
l Idmbio Street, l. 3-0743.

FOR- tENT:-- Fuwr'lhed' 2-bedroom
9ome0nt fw 4wO couples. Call 3-
75 oftr 7 "~enings.


FOR. R. furnished room.
Bet itK Separate
bltthearijlirtor. 43rd Street,
NoI. 1 -, ;

F 'mir a W. eIl coenIleneli
Amuiflo'"_iaiej Call Panama 3-
5441. "-->.."

FOR it.-'- mlt:l iy Iunrnhe

.3... /to

Mid no!A
oan-"- 1


4; 14*


theater I


OL ai.Cmponq -mounatain. npww
NIRAPNIL, Balboa 1389 orf ."r
cbreftker there. .
Gramlich Santa Clara Beech cottage.
electric refrigeftlion, gas toves.
moderate "roes. Phone '6-441 or
4.567. .
Forte- Cottagee. One mlle. post
Santo Clam. Please brin your
jinek. Phoeft ibo 2.-1866.
WIL.LAV' Soft.c Clam beech Cot.
taog L.Os. cenlmrtoble, modern,
nebr be Blboo 3050 excpt

oilUI QPuide cottoaes Sento
Cdmr, UB 405, Phone
Pfnemw 341877. Cristobal J-1673.


.... -; I II


4. 0.I

Idl ulimteo for ou weiii

"- 4 .


f y'r e e eer., yese9 e
O1 Ces pldresque -k MI*&

polite tthe.ol

- ~
- I



mg .'.w" i ri a se l
.. ". .,-- J.-. -- ; .x .'* *


*;.?.- '-^ ^ i ^ -
N ;-* oderful it
civamIctiand j'x4jl afC~iat& .fy.~r
dCf, only a few m i ." rme

1ma4 fi^'* mE
m4,g 4M4A10

.* ** rqS

.. .,? -."
;.-. : ^ ..-



FOR RENT:- halt: four bedrooms, -
one can be used as maid's quarters,
Livil pg.dom, diningroom, kitchen.
52ndStreet No. 15. Telephone 3-
222&-frorn 9 a.m. to 12 noon and C
2 p.m. to 6 p.jn.
FOR RENT: 4-bedroom residence -_l '
with '-swrminmg pool. Paitilla. Tel- ; l.
tphon* 3-1537. ii.

ATtINTION I. Just built modern
fsminlad apartment, one, t wc
ibedroms., hot, cold water. Tel.
aphorie Pmomo 3-4941,
FOR RENT:--Available raom March
17 until end of June. fully furnish-
ed three-bedroom apartment,. 7th
floor, Maduro Building, El Congre-
lo: Elevator, 'hot water, excellent
cook and baby maid also available.
Call 2-2766 (office) or 3-4775
FOR RENT: mrn m 'two. bedroom
Apt. 2. RIKYW469 -r8ntl4VTt9
detaflq olt" Zzblevlto. Pwe 3133jB
or 3-:lGMZr -
FOR RENT:-Four opartmnentss cieor
Panami Hdtel in house whIlch' woa
raffled by Lions Club. For informa-
tion inquire at Joyq rla Patgr, Pan-
amA C Stieerat Strt- Arm Plaza,
from 5 to 7 pm.
FOR RENT:-2 and 3-bedroom apart.
ments. 22, 34th Street. Call 3-

FOR RENT-'-One and two-bedroom
apartments, unfuirnished, ocean
view. No. 2, Uruguay Street.

FOR RENT:w-n Bella Vista, furnish-F
ed or unfurnished apartment: Liv-
ing-diningroor', 2 bedrooms, large.
porch, hot water connection, garage
and mold's room. Phone 2-1961 or
FOR-tRENT-.G.I. inspected, furnis-
ed c i4artment, all convenience.
Focdhg Ancon P.O. No. 5, 4th of
July Ave. Tel. 2-5133.
FG0 RENT: 2-bedroom, 2-bath-
room apartment, maid's room, gao.
rage. El Cangrejo. Call 2-3486 or'

25 Cic"e Reftrstors
Wetinghrushme h.i ai; im Is
oat, i 7, 9 a.,. 1 yar
guarantee. Easy eugmulm~. S

Matte and Hydramati Tran-
I .
LtoI A.. wathr hSt.a e etc.

Gauntl 1Servtsor..
Telas.: S-SESZ -5

hiatk md Hyr~amatte Tmn%-

MON.. water bo.ten. etc. -
QOierul Spervlor..
Teab.: i-sMp -RlU .

it --

I- -.


Tel. 3-12U

b l. e No. 3. Bella Vista


Tel 3-4628

Hi-PF sales and installations
at lowest prices. All popular
yiit oear Audio Departmaent


Rev. C. W. Hayes
is Married
To Miss Aubert
Anuoun ement has been made
w t'M. manrrae oM Feb. 20 at St.
. r CiCh arch. e o Ab
OFllm e o KI W4 n-c h aWe, Ref.
ce Iltla Hay". to MAu
Cn_ Ann Aublrt, dh-
S And Mrs. Hor I&
L ubert t om Piama City.

s7y w wzMI| s Ag
Sftear; tem


i t.:**<'^K4'

7 A eet ie 13


T. 'f .,



nrto pll!lll'
iUM Armeemn Ais. ana M S L.
3' StreeL No. M

, : ,





: A!W'

lenl I effeo -w. c> -4 an?
t e for a tr.ce
asneta pea r @e'.VI .
Is. He said rar'w
Pinned onh that cr nf C
Big Four and countries
in the Korean and
"You can- see the extezihe
complexity Of. thW problem,. poi-
ed by a ceawe-firA before n31o*5
ttations,0 ianlel told a heerine
National -Arembly His. plain
implleatIao was that they were
loo great to be solved In the
meaitliz.- -
The eoeably was maneuvered
Into debate by the opposition to
bring out teuovernmenta U2-
'tentuo. rerdlw. .the reae.t
proposal by Nehru to stop the!
ahooti until the diplpoiats had
their uay pt O eeva.
Laql.;l:id .the first m9. o
wquld, btn to come froin tae
Communitst. rebeis In Indodhna.
And il anyu-one, he aid,
French 'acceptance would be
governed bv serarity condl-
YaoU preelA4ii any repetition
I the' "Te kin vespers" in
which hiunreds of troops and
civilians were ameasacred by
the Redip in a IM ecease-fire.

$9SOS Navy

BildiA Poiwned
BYx Ga ,. Marph 6 (UP) A.
The NOimy today Irdlcated it will
not begin construction of a pro-
nosed 9-million dollar supply
depot here untih B195rt the ei-f,
In a letter to Mayor It. J. W .
;liam and owners O(' p.operjr
wvher the depvbiIt t :.b V qon-
structed, a spoktesmah at.6Oth
Naval District HeAfquarters said
construction will not affect th'
planting and harveitle of 19P4
crooa n. pr.onpeity liydw .
The' ),tter Oalso-am the proj.-
ect, "lUk. g, othean," ia be-
,fiLta poft heYavyhas. orN-
es a.oeIthfl *'e

t NaNo. .Ne rultemn1nut g IEht
of reduconh in military activity,
peruonnei and funds.

AMARILLO, Tae., March 't6
.UP The Amarmillo lly
tfNes hopes the wishful thak-
of ts readsrq' t1i
- home results In a ne* contest.
. The news ape r offered, first
'prize of an umbrella to the read-
er. who most accurately lreoct&
,he date oa/which'a one-fcich
rain will tall on the do_ h_ -'
stricken Texas Panhandle.'.-
1- .* '

m 12a0.i tonight A0rv.. -

7A .rowd 9asev 0fT
R asjuSlott

Mar9.rdlta fxl-a tf.. "
., the bonel A" lAami,
dneer. ,
leo-cream eath eo t'41
.. .

_r iS i _
tr A : t, h

Flm Producer

Visiting onwma .
Mr. '4 rs. aml-
ed list ItSbt at att-
it here.
Pal Ito woell kno fo hia an-
t r4Aroductip PA.De$.
ColUide" War 6f Ofl-Irids"
and 'cosnq"uet of ie
IFr hi lat, ptctum .
ton "a.ld .

vao.1 r ILI4,.


. I


-11 -



I -- -- I-----=- ---------L

1 3

I -- --

I -------- .






-- ~- I

1 .


' ;*W

143 CAI1LLAC &62 4.omr, Mack, W.S.W. ires,
radio, 4,10 10H Joi Jike nwC.f Pet


or. --
ut thle Navy I u n ta -
ed.a Jolt to owi--tL-i
tivW"l?4ia z
muit" uzwuito-a .Ilt#-t
itlonetoroe Af the
Nval Reserve, .
e isnot aff te.
Spoesm said .tt Gs
de l p operation e
d tShIat nhe muct take phy-
The, so6smI. .t -..
"odf" the o, he
can 1lT"A'Typmase
- co-plot because' ho ls more
The- CAS action aat na .od-
frey stemmened, Iroan .-JantY-
take-off-from the Teterport p-.
Lort after an exchange h Uth
tower -lew over 'wivhlh lAfty
he should use. On the. taW-of
be,- w red close to the
senme sCIo Its @cup&i
scampeilie for. safety.
Goderey wh. ianeoj:ed.-,opi
the episode or -i wiese
and charactrlsed hr i If as a
"bad boy,. ould have -aought
Rupper's debklsp. through tE:
CAB and the courts. The decl-
Mon to accept. means it will go
into effect Marobh. .
The examiner-said he record
mended the, m4sIxtz pel Aty
agaift Godfrey ia vile*l -t.
gravity of the violation.' He traw cO7tenol-
tion that the Wltd threw hlip oft
corse nd e ad to fly near
-,towtr to.AVOiCe an accident..
The entrtainer Iiad ,of thu-
deciaion after rogng off- the i air
at ll.SA 8 y .,
of te Colum bia adastiln
.ysteno$.whlic. he Is a. vhe
oresideht. thi-brief ststtemint
was lotued: I-
S"TW he
4. amp aUP



"" ': .



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- .B




., ..-. .
. .+.

r-a ,* .* :.- -'-.S.W
~ ~C' ,,.i,+..+
.- ....."....

S- *I





r do thM on the vS tis a4 31
.. .. ..3. caatoed i n
IF.... ; b uLm gto. te D mto e 1m

uea l i. t t i the tr 0W to be r red for

*S iardh result aofn* th a ye x tet* 14 ete0
wsrt- gaul syeb a tnr:ee eWs o : L e Ilbrs r0;?- I I at urmiw e m aylr hu avethe Code sAll
t. ... e c... L- T.n ...e e S atteSed sg, b. u
,- bcaa--. ,o-.a .i.-.r.. er ro.l It th ats ItsIt ts beeli.p i. w

b &11sigeWl fr'"'t' :" ...iaths, a a a hJC e t w matn ofta rualeAKe lwsb

..a ., .. ...: If o od.. -
doi d. .. ... .Afn 6&SLWbOU m ...t ..... .l ,Apm b be edSyTaytor e rPaun r L
i r 5:S tt d at-, .i 3rhaandmo- Atant oL ab e
,Cs~tate vreruli 8*4Wned1it we ai pach e d h ,

gildoD SlSo ea" or a ". f te' ai .i.,teaghe.du n.ab

917e41:eit d e t'D i enwIm t V"m0h AoA N the o f m ot lou '- -
l n 1 wi0 d....111.0...Alat te n to-b t a wei t o oe ,

eat dMr-aM h -- Tylor 1s th Pa ama arlo Luagu e tting e
n% ili& i ^jj'.,ite s j]jne!J. o3J lj. et i .ludiie l .... .. 1 3lS 41 4!. n'f" -16

eA-,-o. .-f s....Ic n te o ? J^ ff-^^ n*,, ? ,.
helpefglblgaoenfllag to efflelal tearu.

ta--bletyReng4. yard c po Oapii o n-les providE thlt la rr to
b. it1w.-:~aritt A. sauna u-nc, l u.,., ? tit. pafl ii Jfltye# es A i.Av'hIn a re eet at th e 3eading toth e o ar Ta ha d t
t.e1. thuS 1 .6 't *0 10,

-ooAl.gk ...2 20J.; -ft :; r """lo-i l free .. s fme st. lmev- ,bse.ed.-d ue c.t 0 hi l .
mustluw s.d yr.. apu2am 14}, O, -oo- ,,th h t

*We 'A 1 'sT0 Entt cot'-aim A"omt" b
-mc "=%, I Eepitt

1 tt wher n 110 RO.3 U i5O Sb It e to o ot thcon S andw h ... s tte. OnM 1 aet 1
O6n todbsvms Albk 63ul tome
"....... b-"";9- 1-'-" a one wr B an dno b, "tonn 3

s hom la- ther i and wei~ n o rllen onPetew as n inten- ot t 8mk's % O o p 8 0 l li n CM
1U 5 tbim ezot 1.1d i.n t ddnun-s a..De rMroMole: 0
frink ind thi cetr1
t*eqoSewem orIasncftal battenn h o e .awhhreetitle .pIt MUM thaI Q sm
go- bba..sW t wasd a S M
4 040 0 la oiftthe 1swuAp1Wlat CtC I t hth a1 W ofav eaele4f o r
A ,~qpe~.'.S Ti WA'"$h. ....a. im A'i ..ta t ic ao y l o ished 'a hB.

A s s h.:ol il__i.,eague rs.. ark a8t, we ,{raaB, -f a*.1. o a

fr game for 4ota MO oof A tA
-W..0M 1 mu oQm y w.eek- .. the as as ,r Jgtff.... T. .
--oud t,-r.-,. tl B,loa- ....o...a-o- m.m e IKfOa 2ony

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1-44.fts*ue edw case syad lIr(1I1~Z nberr,.om e &it3i* lfnttfl 5 Pew. 4 In WaeeoIn r m a

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Atariu menInothe bo'o ft1 of to e s t B 0ear 2,0 w.thtr11ee celstqd sev n of t,
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tirS ',xarry wof lr"o-

~t ieNY Piers lffcwe
ite olr woreri for the atio1 n, "if- popleknowI& -i lthou r :-k we
gl .-nep hustled ba..7e-e
lVzi ildlines I AEVUiAYI Wi ft 4 I,.='" H Mo
OIs scheduled to F31 T1FNTYNTU PANAMA* 14 IF.,-4TVWAi, i 1 '.:
a.r-PlVxirv rowe piers to- ,I, -
trikpfe of a wildest wa-
ftnt trilke that lhas affected
I94 ships in port. H1
,the Nationol Labor Re-
-Bi oard collected evidence .ss.s ,
I e For Fam Support Fun
strike ji de ninc ofr
al Itinunction, the Tntt,"-'
'Lines' end the Frenc-1
)per. id their office er,- .I.I
s aerviee R8 oerpil- U : ..-i
stevedores and dock hpnds. I! ib w,. .
re salinetln~ ie,- "OperA- ;h~
slhame Oer WAHINGTO M rh (UP)nethod whidb drew little atten- Undermretary of AgriLuture one ha* Uafisth ai
'Cjllous" wiel hve loaded _Tke N oue ise a ld cion to losses on the program. TLueD. ore, arguing for this
~I fteAe~~f e--I~MSThe gove.moo pt flsra, Lal~ spndn fr pi e .ly~e, farmers~ mor ..... : "rm u r l N c .i h ort 7 ., t-ni O li:
t han 5,0 M nitee 5oftbat- sent to the White uoe 4 bill tL It Will caur nd increIe in ac- r4atn before ite Asepate ricul- "AWon lad
Pboord the United .Stotes-' increase the overnmzlqt.s "farm ,.ial spending n farm pricetura;'Committee today, listed itto .',- ..
in of the Amerlean mer- ice support fud by 1 I4 lz support.,-but will hike the a-w give farmers. more pro re-
fleet w'not has 1,400 p 1s-'.ton dolari to a rec.ild :high IO moun Congress must ap .opriatelpert. .1'ver the lo_ run. love from +be
e re.-v ne, "stru" -led 1-2billioa'nnually for that specific pur- "Mil on a (n- -
1 ',""^" R"&g M '" ,, ,1:, ..... .. ..... ...+.r g + ... ,e d
A% l oad trunproblem The Volc ote r*.t1n' vsmtalc- Prose 1 ,N 4 @ n 4-.". i .
,en after the Hous 4e AcW warn' ,rth ur R e amlml .-
& lrheent liner. tLiberte. ens toe the H 3-4i.lli14Odolliarns Because of ., te igh cost of .t ie s-.o 9IFif .
bi" .,,,..+,.,,,,< ,T SrecreA .tI...
h.. h at noon E sT hdue". t now available to the.Comn anidw ,price supports itl .e sul pluBse b1l rell i' e ...
I knots of stike s t 'od redit Corp. for price a port p .they are saio to encourage, the i "ijolt It eama .I e "'for"
curbldot e oppof s trikers stood i:ur ses I almost exbaua sted., administration has asked e -l. at tB Ume." Fpi
jhe curbside ovtite the Te new money wll be used Imreas to replAite present rig- Ilti ior.r Loos aid the 'Ator emer-
tu reiLereaend wta her their to help keep croe prices at lev- Id high farm. vl" support pro- Fr/lde t cou!d give wayp domestic.
ew nued loadint work theu I els prescribed by the farm rarmn with a system of lower, 2 .billion dol or f ture
i ed loading eo u a price-support law. ible" asupports. s us term commodities under hth6(UP)
O' in 25 o=reeteme rature w How much If nyofIt ac'tu 'a* e ado ce7
!+..or-.+horeretl vbn usal- .H w ekhtfan 'ohet had We...e..m.-s-. ... .....
Vblow, P". morninf" oaneun all.* will, r present a lona to the'Atwhl boyt
S I,.mTsri e a w .r t o o e ,I I:on futuredpr soI.. It
-Or no ttril e, 'irt even bother du. tion and rce trends. .a r i eo
"ail it!";;i~he -Was Just An lirih. Lsi -
. oTheadministration asked r
*put in an e2earaice. the aditionC 1 3-4 billion dollars clken (R
Ato mame sre it will have enough woevth o d
to korLe p rmen tu y e atoar'a I l (Up e ao aAiken- x vofwacbillolotteis 50 4" me-.
Sree l oappo e ACH, Calirko f hrap raendI- 9 W airchera.a"mwberoefarM.

0 er on thent n hs ea' U)- ay II-, P
c op U ) s. l~lille l44wa .-i i e.s e e a '.t tne: _liAl ra I e il ee' ... ,.
'hft hes moifmaiAsnhe"did Ie"+"
prmtueSt tPI. -Vg el xp int here T re flfti#"tfgjoo
ot pratr twith Comu0 t ce-at Federal Vie- Pdid
pe b hefna.atIoz hiaheheabe*-up her tremseestinted groen. ShiO said lab s *wthte
Passe"e -d~ie4t t~oufor work wfth bet halr -color sh~e Aid it on a toet with.-I frlgn~d, psai.@pu
o remn carme to an end tocay at vowi colot her hair thetBl'
public attentlipn osthe Zoorequest of her eCalpyojrs and amh s ar-
Nee...I k the farm prlice-upport .Md If"' h erarl. &er

ChletJamehusbalnd.n She atn ed aW herhr.ghth stte nd aggc
dUn te oaoeND, hcd,. hMarch 6 irbs _.or.qu. ..
-r The new method Wi r faan r Cllege b inmwaI a -w
Co o"IoJu steeatooroughewith
twhonthe CC to t ooit war -period. .or A" lr
oereda rofuon l ress for funOthto M&eurlD
.!oato.nte ...1 ... ber .e ... ut
i~ig, aout iqoiosre fro price muop ortopo .t 'on .w.il1..
be isfrom a i9A ......
n1c i eason was give n "eThis"widr "
.. etytem undernw .,+._ ,
i8oO= 90 -1idtruck and canc$h the e n V I--.
I doenhOnL the nayrol, "o : h Lno"+. .t-
unndTreeu. er oeX a rpd ,
Aryi h ",_iver ofb t hieo,.

diana, hee of t rauae ~oftt'Jt~~CRPU D here
rPpOk fa U isit to atde Un-

Qaalt)of Mch wiLaInI Larcoli M, dAP ag4,
... tiers. ,.-- .. a ao iId w ithl i 1 .. mI wir
Res.t o t'ne4.tdl-y .

-_,, rauain rm.., the Un ,,.' o ,si
verityof Mihign
nol e'h p makeing Rhiso -scawtn ,h.P ui_ o
Ms havi nd ireBoard of .M eebeer
.,e,. iii Trumer Cm- 4eam't vey ne, an,
sh ort" aniito wen tAthe. L at-i .teeA cracg .-9,-A

brame president, h e
Zone.-. e .hlpa romaran.eaa
aSuVertvtax e F Exete i atd a 1.
()kle JaesF 81 Ie n makingchi s lmcymo .,Se

g~~d visitto th Canl ImmBiwaIn y fro ;r
arent of the to committee meeting of the Boar rfo w
of DiretorsI held in e bN.CITY, March 6, (UP) out" 1
rd % rw l "i .ohonl.,e hts duoaanring Jan. e Carl l4a san t t ai ao
4zeMarh atr to pend two weeks on the i tlto CathOlc howalteftl"s Lyga t1W."
:5in ,,ro Prasident of thehM, 7erOnhi T sau butmdw ilet
cAaged.LP'.l.deI.ha Tso.ff tti rene
tyheIprieeest all"Mg1. d1

rtgformerly servedasw of funl tltdu the utilth ,
ommitedmeeingof he oart a. aamv ar agefo a4 d IIftRV
lienM -parentsofgeeagaitst
tieaON! h.tnm"aO ietor eWold inwarb"VA=N-ITY, Pt MarchOD heab ~Cesal8ls
,,v.l.ue d.. ,u gj,.., p<..&*i <.U
do d totcseriedla cou(se) toai V4
-hduortnwar-perani. H l so%. '--
4:..Lanwttltoee appointed in "mbershp. Lk
I 1031,bm ee, ..a nd'mll t tbyhetwh
cha ezert d IL, t me

I Iit,e Svieregullaht ow .pi0l. li gWl ..'pad n" liiset nrven h ur. or wtl
zon. 90, W44 fflfidiL eada d.e

:'!*'-th e SeeNetay ot Wa1l oha reh. rgan e ro -.
o a mtatnooycomes 15o Th ckava1~g
N bwt Pe oid en t m en t i d July t1.d e Iawa "i S ae hO it 1 slid -h 4 d-t e U P. .
]l.. iU8 IAsitant Slecretary, w hc U -arel Vatican hint almkent, stomach 41c0ES malkers eldIn pl h ot ia, !. l .. .."' .-..' ..7- -
-l ia .8 Ii, sove 'rllned, i~h -I'. t --" :.' "
'it~ 1.948 heI headed the United :' .....--la .. .. I Wle c i
or. DrpsPhlaladelphtia Trust=

ltatels dele ation to the Londbod tdt. pndda P.
(oerence with Commonwealth a. J lthoritis watced
in, nJapanese Tradie le- Drpwiiurand ais-Iriorttif+
diana, he is a graduate of D
PMUW Unifoersity and the Unr- ......
veraty ofMichganWawrShol.Arm 'CE-Spa onviction wsM

hel was associated with law firm
Gas. Trla, be."a -w6,6 .w

llInN* York for seven years nft- 2"
er h4 i grAdn.ttion from the Unr-.- o .----,t.1 .
.Certto of Michigan. "+ "cargetokIRA
ofe now lives in Radtnor, Penn- -o, ilusah-J a.(UP be
~ ~vnservaed was adrctr (I 0Mounsethys MMIlln erss to an~

"ik Faielity TrusteCIn 190-i-l
fr~o 194dto 1950 when he -s...shtp. ua d
came president. mmmm ,e
au torfE 0tmiveud an -u "fte Ie men at
reguatl- When Bleluotuw aaired, a
'sid Lyb, 71 aate bnImnifty fro. .i.. e...-
trsfie, s --"-a ,u-k
and 1 In e a" 71, A-Z, alIla n h ---Wu "--x MI. died after, M., .

lnito-flthe eofTtOand ofWax -bmIngOatn eabodvcms In iaert- faestf 6
Assitant ,Secretay .L+ e. Xh0 atn, sto+mach,.

UR Inning f-m o"T.. d- atn e hi
+ *: -died at his home here I- d by the largest l mb .',!
Lord Ly. Ie had tcoet Vee ai one eer t
nevr... a"J-+ 4i- m wone ever i O MM
DOWP -neumonia during a visit .a t-o few If any
United Statep earlier 84Mom iu st or wuNoo w
"e returned home
t SPOIdJI but failed to rally. "O ,ppa" "
in 1o24 wle he worgo
-er Ofthe Houase
Lord M le o urrand
conusrvative seat P.

Et a i3'r a*
'teaatMbc )UL

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