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The Panama American
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Weekend American
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Scott Family Library Fund ( donor )
Panama Times, Ltd.
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Panama City, Panama
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daily (except saturday and sunday)[may 12, 1973-]
daily[ former oct. 7, 1925-dec. 4, 1966]
daily (except saturday)[ former dec. 10, 1966-may 5, 1973]
normalized irregular


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Newspapers -- Panama (Panama)   ( lcsh )
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Panama -- Panama


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Oct. 7, 1925-
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On Saturday published as: Weekend American, Dec. 10, 1966-May 5, 1973.

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Secretary iss gretl ,k ,. m e:at tle c sasM s
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Remon s Actionj Caused
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ay In Cabt Firing
S- 2

WA r -r-, Harassed, -r
diaid Te;a~frcatstet Dullea..Ay
have u pm the fry ing
Sato. the e'. e tra ere4
Sis diplma from Berli
.to Caraces. "
INot'ina.ithe Aixt Pan reed-r
tan confe"Wesee it 08 whOhe
United- Satlfs d buz a of
pF oters t ndi of MOUres
la. NI a 'id d the i g of
Mexico r as U.S.
delegation fe h an lend-
i atmospheG. h.
Part ofh h the enera fee
ing in t"ii t rea tat we lust
aren't interested in the good-neugh.
Ar policy any more.
At the Havana coerence of 1928,
for i sta *e American en-
voys wert President Calvin Cool.
idge, Secretary of State Frank B.
KEllogg and arles Evas Huges
--the thee tp Republicansin the
That was 'ne last time a Repub-
lican Admiistration- participated
n a Pan American conference.
his tme, incontract, the new
republican Administration h a s
sent as delegates to Caracas:
1. John Foster Dulles, thoroughly
up to date on European problems,
bu. with no chance in .Berlin to
prepare for Caracas.
2- .John Cabot 'who has just been
fired as Assistant Secretary of
State fo Latin Arericaa Affairs.
He is a4 Caracas as. our Am-
bassador to Swden instead. While
-Cabot hks a lot of personal friend.
among the L&Uns, unfortMunate0 he
ba prstige of a- as*bMln

Last aumer, when Milton was
ant by tI. President on a gooW..ill
trip to .Sbuth America, As itm
Secret of State Cabot went ith
,Is. C a sincere, cos e n-
fo hrd-working creer'
gmat, a'4 iin of ex-Sen. I a-w
bot of Massachus ee
,p the bluest I in
Zd Boston, whe it's
sal Lodges speak.
Ca td the Cabot a pe
to But he also has a habi
of rub some people the wtont
way. A when Mitop Else1hower
came 4ek from his trip he quietly
wen alosut transferring Cabot tc
another post.
However, the President of Pana-
-na intltvened.
SPrTi' Remon did not mean to
to elp 1C hot quite the
W lastf. After his 'official vtsit to
Wase on, President Remon went
'-p 1% ," Waldir.' in New York
wher te told his Ambassador,
Bob ate tte;
"?',tmbassi.dor, I hereby give
bu tt zillowig instructions. You
can traosct business with the Sec-
retqay of State. You can transact
business with the Under Secretary
of Stae and you can transact bus-
inesd WIh the head of the 'tate De-
pprtient's P. namanian d6sk. But
under lr&cumstanes are ar n to
. ay ,s at.& hy tlmelth
M.1rt a te AUsM aast $eO&

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Ask French Premier

R ,of with- .4.e
IFXore Otcross Uy 1ers Coonditinsyu

A ot Natilcna Red Cro Vse' II r

eewpmn releiw# from Yt',l- .. 0 ------ carbbeen Command,
1 0Telephoto) nnqane tero- opening of thlt HANOI, March 5 (UP) Daring Communist raidl
SA. Ro is conductan, di to the haketo within rifle range of French' military hI
Pinthe roi lls ofthe four man of the Canal Zone Chapter, quarters for northern Indochina during the nigbtl
HuseshootPein F G. DBunmoor. ynamited airplanes parked on oan airfield wit in
defense att or car coi t is desired to stmoy em- City lfits. Dintage was estimated t $571
mur ering C nVited oU8e a- 6nbya teb, t Commal.y lwas one of the'-oliest raids of se. lIdoci ka
lineman when an attemo wa sheadui.rter tqt a The teidlnr httjy flo.n i'from Jtapa n
Mader on t.feof n can.4 to sle police siO
Pre-sdat Trumsp, w aill no be' e fI wit
Ie R head okftrrr (W^ e l qp Rdfl
!,wll 4cbutui t.e r it a th trt f that defenska peimeter'
C on res Cops', VMY. to the N, S Oe .e ++ '+""' t .
ony tSS oLnye OOSdet thte sfunb The su*e nattak on thF othebtmhan ppot' a '
tar reservtlo, b report 4M hor after, r ta. .v talPll i
A ptry Seprvide ta.pVl t-Cormoiuit attaefk a enho:o U.S.! teehdiidba
A e B p 0uerlad t .si x ml am anot Ahnd thr redy ,eiif s
Sleckersoru, SN raribtiet Com- uy a aF daria rao on ) CAT said the r
mand, Dudnoor sdi. Dinh, delt ss ty.% Al; Ahedued to be Mrch .e
these '-ohnt; are nsilde contractt fo at least
OAll A contrbutlon received by Frenc perimeter. months Is "actually on an
0..^ tthe parU ZonaCcijapter through A Gommunist soldier who kill- 'lte basia," a CAT
t He fWtq' of the anpasrn ed Itinself when he saw he was said.
WAISHINOTOK Mrch 5 ( Committee, cjhairhianedby Clat tred by security Rguards wAs
b1) Kiubps" wild locally '"l au ty. Vietnam
Ca Ltaopout t. th"lh purpoga s Canal Te npmler of planes the raid-- _on today .S .
+pHOi.M&I .fa...*R "14 1= bftmlr+ funds "have be u o etroved before. t:. ao- Sto fW. _'.rol-

Pmf -mn 1.d*a L a xgi i to
e*adh Amn e e ci hin 1 ssn &11rut n 1
C1*4 75rr the recapt of the zto:t11 flikm..tja e. faced "Ur w ifh a .
..r.. excedlleinLd mltiona uindIdt wasg d r c 1a
PE AND CRAI eryone except for- m nd s than eqet t a Ch ttaled *25- 1 t uniform of a Vietm ed National A mb to
CARAA, March 5 (UP.) projects being presented to The of John Cabot as As- After t, te tn Wto mlltary person- 'Some 200 persons were beln POp uar" government be t
The heads of five delegations them. Wsistarn -p State Oil r ,,De t- were remInded el ae otherswhpt forthcomng Geneva Conqi af
o the a cor The. meeting o s porarily change of tit oe f in te car gr conducted on Frenh authorities said the The Nationalists
e ter a n r- he. t o e o- S t t r e t .t t with er t s ohe Lbe'uniq
ece speak to itt thrd plenary da ar ose concernal with a'n t e nfe fir. ing Cabot t Mni feor P t l- military o Canal Zone Ch.p- Reds might have usedunderwaconditions for the sft
ence speak tod -t outle e uridical-potical,. economic, n tAmeriee affairs of State. The Uta att wasy aAiU ran the'Ee Bo icr exoendItur for the sae ter fromen to enter the side f of a Ve g n
en t d s con sci and cultural matters, F actually fir by the ceeided, could not, e put in the cht a shootig al- period totaled .$34,f 38. The deli- the airport that borders on Lt 1) Rapid election of a
ferpe o fltalie -attempted to Te. re.headed, r&pectively, Presd brother, Mitin Etisen- position of transferring a man be. lay ow there is a move s.It was financed rom reser Red Rher. al Assembly.
sp "ed te 4 Of the h lem- ?y jervilla. Sacasa, Cuban For- hA has brome the abie! cause, in effect, a foreign govern- o to4tpbefeaise t:nds the Chanter has been Meanwhile In Paris, Premier 2) A government entirely t
tm adl oy-makes- mt arefu nusb A nding over tih -e Joseph Lael tol parliament sponable to thia Assembly
Spa, Cel -Renmon, First Lady tin Anarcs. Today, whn .a -L d s get their 4000- rears. today that France tands 3) The prop d A sseb
o nitr uillermo of Panma, and Penherrera American diplomats want advice So Cabot toyed on until last -year ob rm lawmakers be read to ep re
Toriello, of Guiatemala, Lts-la- It was expected that t they go up t) State college, Pa., onlh when it was quietly arrange ongoing to part in power. It The Canal Zone Chapter budg- proposal" by be.C unt any ture ndepe
dilla Nervo of Mexico, Jeronilmo conference .would hold another to talk to Milton Eisshower,.JPes- ed for him to become Ambcssador is a matter of political patron- .t for these min. purposes th, for an Indochina ceaseflre an
Iremovno of Arentina, Luls plenary session Saturday to ident of Penn State. They find this to Sweden. age. .'often study at their year is $32,- O0. tt campaign goa: will not demano uncen4ltionl
Anmonio Penaherrra of Ecua- continue the series of ministe- mor satisfactory than going to the postsb this doesn't mean they is $25,.00. Wit the announced surrender ol the Vietminh reb-
dot, and G0tilermo ~villa E rial speeches. It probably will State DeLartment. Actually Cabot has been an en. aren't #ri their work: withdrawal of Armed Forzes ins, -
Cas, head of the saraguan ne the only business of the There we Iwo reasons why the) thusiastic booster of the good- In Plice Capt. s r the Canal Zone Cap Conditions for a cease fire,
deleation wre today's speakl- day, and. will be held in the go to can State. First, they know neighbor policy, though an ineffect- Willli, OMlck aid they ter pro financing from r..- Laniel said include complete r LN a
ega. morning to allov the delegates that Mi Eisenhower iA an ex. ive one-partly because policy has do a got 1 -dr the circum- brvy W S~.meMurably ,- evacuation of all rebel troops B u ;
her. five aea left eight arid thle 'starfd to rest until tremely ale getteman who has been directed from Penn State Col- staines. uas at aftermath of creased from the panned $7,000. from Laos nd Cambodia an
of the 20 diation heads re- Monday before resuming their his brother's, ear. Secoe, they lege. Unfortunately furtirmore, Monday has.tas urged Congress It Is urged, therefore, that establishmentt of a neutral "no iru
malning to press their 1vis Work. kns, chat last October MX'1 ten- every .Latin Amerian plomat to esta Aa force of trained, those who can coclieni ,ualy man's land' around the renc-
if le f cretar tatively fied John Cabot as Assist- knows the Cabot-Remon-Milton El- career' 0lit officers. .support the loca Re Cross pro *ntrolld Red River delta. Al Bids are being req d
if they wish oh queentis f- Secretary -of State Jbhn Fos- ant Secretary ofState, and though senbower sty so hisinflence at Meth Goy. Luis Mufioz vram do so to the extent ther Ped troops must be remove advertisement for flr
continental Interest land clear tt Dulles 1yterday called cm Cabot continued, 'the diplomat fig- Caracas will be almost a. Martn V erto Ricn left Wash- rreans rmit. The Canal Zos Tom the ara, he said. antin 40 local-rate
he way for concentration by Latin Airr can nations to join n a position ington t ome today with as- Chants p", continue to fulfill Lanlei made his statement t Rainbow Cty awntass
..e con te. ork n lia04ear and final" warning to make major decisions. The incident illustrates the lack suran tbat his hurried 48- 'ts charter obliga- opening a critical debate on lIn-. Rainbow City, n tar
rave k R. iol~ich held to cpmmunLsm to "keep away" T.'- divB of atrhonty between of attention bing giv to our hour t s ueb appreciated t;on of sene to servicemen and dnchina in bbe national assem- and h Parami Cunad
hour trt lae o o evc to servicemen ad dhin In ,he cationse :n Pr
Sorgns.JinM yester- trom_, OThWeste. hemisphere. ahbigte, D. C and State Col- good neighbor relations, despite by Pre l S Elbower and by tneir dependents as well as :ti WY. CaNl
a.y. f Joscow or Red "way- lege, Pa., obviously has not helped the fact that Duller nd Eidenhow- Congregl. civilian welfare activities, to tne In Hong Kone Gen. Clare e specfica cllfor
Sw Tour o.emis'ons were stations" ignore the warning, a hariro vus good-neichbor pocy. er, campaigning in 111, repeatedly e 1 xten its remaining resources Chennault's Civil Air Transpo-s t h icft c fr
n ct- Dulls said, the. Americas He: are the backgrotmd events promised an improvement in Pon Re Wg o told }hPre are no permit, Du..nmoor concluded. airline announced todas itw ha.ano lenini emoaSt p i
aence -wqra the. (Continued qa Pape 6 Col. 7). wich I'' American relation Il feelli. towards the Puerao lined a c ntrct with the apartments an a man air
.:- .,' ... .- ... .--- ------- -Rican pople on account of the I rench government to supply 24 as and a n-
S" shooting lst Monday. pH t American rilota to fly Flyingthe always n bul Id p
SZm i 4 Cs b M r IU Ui BoxcarA in Indochina. Rainbow City, seveIn hu
M. Du & brief stiay Mnft The Amfan ivillian pilots. Santa Cru and
IItruct nD' Kids Tamed GoG-tors- Polio Fund rGo
*heir C a JIj^L^O y 1\ ICIS fust GrfgfC I\3 O TtlS f^M- anmmr of- 25 j gov ernment of to be band at Halnh we
o t flals wsw mIintg thetighten- flv the big cargo plane. I air size from two to 1.
Sri Inm n -ecilt menres a- ri drops of sakpplics. The French meant. to a unit Indi
Stown master ction. ca tar a. .re.. the li. Iin o speak to Corinne," has dorinne'wfrst teach b at he Determined to bring a touch tl *ea inM the Ismd. ,, Th the flt te
Ar plenty for years been the standard crude little aehoolhous In of civilization Into the construc- Interi
-seakoto Corne first teaclap catie Detion e h ds toibning oaot-N! oucht
uningJ. prescription for civilian, em- lbbta was her own oldeAt sister tion camp, Mrs. frowning or- He reached Pwreement to hbln OheIks totaling $26,407.36, re- quarters.n the past all
'-i w1iAs ploy63s caught ln,a riff, unhappy whb. presently selected a hus- ganized a choral society and a ) 1v fIfdfmnatlnn fo t h present contributions by mil- ga ( I contract. In the past. all
that was _to hitch in their jobs or Just eager for bamn from among the 25 swains minstrel and wrote to a Con- "oe rom tte on UnPertcn Itary an evilian personnel of a been d
boete If ypune wathe195 theo u pt o eMr s. F wiy foun os
SboxIf 7u wanted to play 'orae Mrs. Feeney. found jobs for front porch on Sunday after- seeds politicians were wont to "over qationlists in the main. in the Canal Zone to the 1954 give
and thousands. She also, in her spare noon.. The" next oldest girl got hand out. When the seeds came. land. March of DImes campaign, have A San Blas tadian who is a advne e to all
moments found time' to write her job. she rounded up a Chlnest and been sent to the National Foun- two-time.loser, was bound over of to be
tur eainne a gt published dozens of ar Corinne Was still 'fond of the set him to growing vegetables. If The or hurried h e'r e daton for Infantile Paralysis in for trial in te U.S. District ed regard
tTueicav.esp and short htre with aorn still -fon of t Court for returning_ to theCaa
e o i and short stories with an pet' Algors bt two of them her little plot was not the an- Tuesa to onv his New York, according to an an urt for return to the Cnal
.a v l d a boy. Isthmian background. She teor erman and Sherman had cestor of all Chinese gardens on regret Jftldient ptenhower wounc.ment today by Head- Zone after deportation. o, S
Sthe an acti e n several or- so t Mr. Bwning the Zone t was at least the first for the ont t I t e artem Caribean Command. The preliminary hearing was t !
J 'f heldet rt In severl ior-n
I- II u tgton alizatilons and was a charter decreed I lad to be taken In the Empire arts. He c all the woir.-'" A cheek for $18,753.51, from held th's morning in the Cris- ut hourf ach
? n ei Mstich- member of the. Canal Zone down to thihauf-fitshed Canal AfterCorinne grew up. sht at- ree" ati us e x e t $lvin the Uniten States Army Carib- tobal M-_lstrate's 'Court where leasnn 48 hours I
at. ed D randh of the Leue of Amer- and turn.sp1e. Later, In 1914, tended Louisiana 8ta. Univer- Uent.h eo.,tlonwas too bean, included over 950 obtain- all for the defendant. Anto Other .pecalany w o
f c Imno eti Penwomen (who wined and when Cortna made the first sity and later took some special *'ow vistors. ed as a result- of Armed Forces Jimnnez. was set at $100. under the cta
w t-iW ied her at dinner Wednesday shl trandt lioard the old 88 work at the -Canal Zone Junior Rad),o ation C N'S fifty four Jimenes was released in Au- under the cenl
e hee Wafrau Co e admits that she A she on "hou se oreo .p College. She has mad e extensive hour 'Musicathon." The contri- eust 1953 ter having served vide that ony men
I, rl t' ee.t two years In the pen ten0 r be wd
I n lfe verl but she doesn't e ct to be on- a time the kownin kds and use In reeiue. Y, Va I -. r sol tuo aof Army, civy and ah smarar of returnavn to a comewientflt s"1
+ without her us -W 'h4. 'wW s of the'abhn onur at iehavnecmntn'
-- rt" Idw Ne 0? a W"

aotpllg mar, 4 ed- wpr whblc college the ly. now lives, or lor da. Atter A teni tan stabber got offma. O M w- March 18 Bld OoreaSwsoti
r b away ueth of t priut madett the p lt ots visiting her daughter i-s wr fluted L1a, Ct' bh a Casino hon March 1n Bid forls,
WE.r osta.nas bre si for as- odg end t e tw -"eao penen fatm e .s irews cationd and fn uivlean
Iadrpoenoinennd. addudre w e ie rt ith o th .t o
Iasntb n ro ittl i ofn Arm y Oy adte Canal Zn after

"ymo anmon foura 1 Th sa S Ush wgl 1944; whe sanare of rhs'v -h

e n l no he ctn w m l a a ma s a e
Swat. to"ellObtz* cboutan d is&ite e I =ea&"&:th 5h U Shome b1dutlg Iih fieet bhmle

ay qrer Cas o t l Sa ns 1ds, with the i18.' i df
O eow: V I auer son r. epof s
,nq- -e* Was 4 a- 1 A .
m 061 tb A -" I
#_ _- -F. wo "-.--.-" t-
.s = ?oR4. a".-. Vb --s ",t
-4' -a -i. b .,i '- _
,.- ._ ...- -1 M. r." Stori es.- .. .- I s: W-.1.. .. -
aft iona d lbl Jv teirCam.. W..Ps if bab..e

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., '. f. Tir P o. Sq1 as3. PANamA. R., w P.
S.TW. HOns PANAMA NO.e A74_0 40 .LI3Ms
..p eukaietOe1 ta.i17 CENTRAL AVtNUU RTWEtEN 'SrT4 AW4ISTN I
p eta.,.- w R, PmNTATIvrl. JOSHUA U POWER&, INC.
S- MADImON Ava. NNW YOg I171 M Y V.
.VlpotX- WMmXMf. f AAVAN92 ---- ,.'


0 M114
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o. is H o open fqrum ,r rn ders of. Pma Amenr
bJ a lv40e gaffhlladdar er@ Ml:
doeael meMi r. : -~ ,-0'
I fou eadmlributea letter don't be Imupotent ite1? 4 Idpesa t her
ment dffy. Lettm esn published in the order received "
Plbie tp t keep the letters limited to one pp l nget* .
identity of iter ewrors is held In strictest M eff iee.
This ewpoper asuMnes no responsibility leD eulmelme op1lens
apreased in letters ImMr reader.


o --
8irihe I felt that some official explanation for the, killing of
tile dee'- l Ancon would be forthcotning, I'have. written, nothing
further on this distasteful subject. However, as there has been
no explanation, since the deer killing is continuing, and a large
segment of the local community has indicated to me Its complete
t uA my position, this final Jetter on thbc subject a pub-,
mitted. The citizens of this community have a right to know
what sla being done Whether they favor the killing of the deer or
ar itpp'sed to It.
:'qe pre the. facts as I havejeen able to determine them:
n the very recent past, some military authority at Quarry Heights
,-pJllcd the Governor's office and informed that office that the
military authorities were going to "thin out the herd" of deer at
Quarry Heights. This was to be accomplished by granting a hunt
club pe mission to kill deer on the hill within the military res-
ervation on Saturday mornings. It is not believed, nor can it be
determined, that they asked the Governor's permission to do this
but simply Informed him that this was going to be done on, the
military reservation.
Since that time these deer, which are almost completely
tame, have been slaughtered and to date about 15 of them have
been killed. Many people in Ancon have fed these deer, made
salt llck. for them, cared for them, and delighted In them, men,
women .nd children. These deer will be seen no more. They
have bern "thinned out." They are dead.
The original statement on the deer nunt by the military
was that they were to be killed "on the military reservation."
It is my belief that the military reservation of Quarry Heights
is completely fenced In. If this is so. the hunting and killing of
deer outside the fenced area woald seem to be highly irregular.
Where.tse "Canal Zone" ends and the military reservation .e-
gins, is not known to me nor to the deer a~ :apparently tDb to
the hunters. Certainly the deer that waar'illed near GOrgas
Hospital last 41aturday was far enough awaY from the Quarry
Heights residential area pot to be considered a 'pest."
On April i; .1952, Governor F. K. Newcomer issued a booklet
prescribing the regulationss governing hunting and fishing .1 the
Canal Zone. -. this booklet Is a map Indigating the areda "in
which hunting, is nrohibite4." Included in this area are -tll of
the Pacific side towns, Section 8 of the Governor'a*Regulaonts
states: '
"Areas wherein hunting or use of firearms is prohibited.
HunttnA or the use of firearms is prohibited: (a. Within asay
townsite. '** (fi Within 100 yards of any of the following: (1)
the limits of any townsite: (2t any railroad or metalled road."
It should be noted that this section says "hunting or use of
firearms.' This means one thing to me and obviously means
something else to the Canal Zone Police. It says huntingg or
use of f.rearms. aot "by" but "or." TO me that means huntng
bv gny m neans s l ncIMdln firearms. To the Canal Zone
Ponce tnas iteaj p oxy. Don't ask. nd why, but thn is
the roauwt:. zi vo
There ls a deer run a Anon Hill now with an
arrow thronuh Ita face. S1mas hunting in the Aieon'
area either with a bow and arrow or a crossbow and It hap
been reported (but not confirmed) that the hunter has, be-
sides cruemly .utmndan this der, killed another.
It hs alt& o||n naporte'tbut nrt confiftedS that thi unt-
or Is a Cnh pa*em ;t the .
This attr m tak th l the Cna
.Zone poloGs 'itl ber eply-wIs (hat this was to lairro-.
,bitha h a u la ai -f s.
Incident: local rate employes of the Grounds Maintenance
Divitlbn encountered a doe with a fawn on the grounds below
the joovernqr's house. The fawn was hidden In the grass and the
doe (like all pests) would not leave its child. The employes of
the Grounds Maintenance Divisiofh set upon the doe and chopped
it to Dpqies with their machetes and butchered it on the spot. A
complaint, was made to the Canal Zone police and their answer
ias that there was no law prohibiting hunting with machetes,
These same Grounds Maintenance employes have hacked to
' death every fequl and coati mundi they have seen so that now
wildlife in this "protected" area of the dahal Zone has practical-
Sly disappeared,.
The Governor's Regulations, Section 1, governing, the
"Carryingr af keeping of arms" provides that no one ettep-.
J tas peaacq officers, military personnel and certain others;,**"Ma
harp or sear arm; in th Canal Zone." Setion orI .the
R. atuiuons provides for "Forms for application for tiert
to are or carry firearms."
Obtously the Governor Intended to differentiate between
"arms" and "firearms" and the regulations are clear in that re-
,ect. Webater defines "arms'" as: "Instruments or weapqs. 9f
.ottense or defense: loosely, objects of any kind that may be used
as weapons!." The same dictionary defnlm "arrow": "A missile
Weapon of offense. to be shot from a bow." If anyone doubts.
thbt a machete is an arm, all he has .o do is ask the pathologist 1
or coroner at Santo Tomas Hopital or the Panama Po~ce. 1)i,
the Canal Zon6-police have : l that killing animaill With a4-
rows ana/or machetes Is ...huntipt" within the terms of See-
tion 0 bf the Governor's regulationa quoted above.
The claim has been made that the deer are "pests." Perhaps
they are to some resldpatr and hOo doubt these people have com-
palned to the executive office about them. This they have a
perfect right to do. However, the countless residents who delight
In carinir for and ig~NRa these wild animals have never written
Wt the executive eayig that they want to have these ani-
tal arftld: th they esaoy seeing them: that their children
._liht in themn I do not desire to impose my likes and dislikes
othen. but ueIler do I want them to impose on me. Let
Wmteru hvnt Wbe it ta permited and let non-hunters enjoy i
What has beenvtthemn to enioy and should be protected by
Abe law. r
,These aur de'0ot belong to the military on Quarry
NHeiohs. They Wiog to all of us. Perhaps they belong to c
ma"e of Lt Goed. Men have long recognized this and
'-.lave protbect,4hem l iVery civillired American community.
It ae '.W .creature the signal to rush in id slaught4g it. I most de-
'n.sly resent hl. This is a reflctnon on the entire community I
.d an indclation of the low defree of culture bnd civilization g
-V sh some Americans condoned and even apbalud. This india-
htinate kHlink of wildlife WOild never be tolerated ina decent
AmOrean community and ZI.afhot see wly it should continue i

ji aht, esd to p$titton the Gooernor and the Commandinl
"if*_> t putt I llate stop to these savage, thought aa

tE s ah u t ic Philp s a. Da nieon r

be ".-- o ,
I T fi^ m fs W-to ". i .E I"

By VICTOx 'm

While hundred
gence agents .t WiA h
New York, Ch&Iag'-.e 't
Rico from San Jtaztt l Ju-a
hillsides,..wo m 'wa I-i
about New York- City, alt
they know considerably more
the rest of theU.,, a ut tMi
Puerto Rican Nitiod4f4tt f
and its leader, Don #edro$p
Campss, .

One of these carefree characters,
a former Congreqema flhillf, is
Vilto Marcatdhio, aftts ee for the
Communist Party. o~t of hel
sympathy for his -fl -,* ridden
ex-colleagues in thA6 d Oue. Marc-
antonio should tellwhat lif 'kndw
of wild-m n Camio.swRwTth-whumn
he posed Jg friendly pictures. not
too long after the Nationalists
openly dedicated themselves to bul-
lets instead ot ballpf .

To see that picture, one of the
wounded Congressmn needs only
telephone the Congressfonal Libra-
ry for the August 1938 edition of a
-SovJeteering thing called "Eqpal
justice. Tnerein is photographs
evidence of the fraternity between
Campos and Marcarntonio.
But there is another man who
knows even more thap Vito. That
man is a former intimate of $ta-
lin, a former organizer of the So-
viets' network on several bontin-
ents, a former intimate of espion-
age agents. Rig name is E rl
Browder. It was Browder who
nursed the lunatic fringe boss Al-
bizu C .mpos, around 'Nw York.
The government I0ow. that. Cam-
pos and Browder Werefollowed by
platoons of FBI agenthk
What weird nonsensee keeps us
from pressuring Brbwder into talk-
ing? Aren't, an attempted assassin.
nation of a U, S. president, ah at-
tempt to iibvert t'uerto Rican GIs,
and the shooting of five members
of the lousq .,q .1o presentatives
eqp"gh? A, J

against the U.; ,kAoerblint and
recruiting soldiers in' Puerto Rico
to serve in arme4 hautUiities
against the U. S." That was in
1936-1937. We waited .17 )etrs
Wiry? Innocent men died at the
hands of this plot. Why did we
Albiu Campos an4 Ue atiak
list wordd closely a4h the l '
nas 'In iLaber
aeav, am, 'nise- Was put
on tha "ILD's' national board by
Browder and company.
Mass meetings were run and ad.
vertisedc in Moscow's American
herring wrapper, the Dfity Worker
!e the JAie 15, 1937, editon, page
r), at which Alblzu 'Camnpos'
SOne of .es as-
nsaw' held right InWalhinton
on Tnffe 192021, 1937, "at w
plans for the coming Year will be
mapped," it said in the American
vecsi on of Pr-vca.
The pro-Communists even put
Albizu Campos, the assassination
specialist, in their inner councils.
As late as 1943 Albizu Campos was
a member of the National Commit-
te of the international Labor De-
fense. Along with guess who? Prac-
tically the entire leadership of the
Communist-line unions. With Albi-
is Campos on the board*.was Reid
Roblasdn, a leader of the Mine,
Mill and Smelter Workers Union
who' right now is working hard to
keep his hand on vita copper mitb-
ing in Butte, Mont.
There was also Joe Selly, head
. the American Communications
asn., which still sits astride our
trans Atlantic cable communica-
ion' over Which the Army, the
Navy and other services keep con-
tact with each other.
There was Ben Gold, npw on
trial in. Federal Court on charges
of having perjured himself when
he filed a non-Communist affidavit
under Taft Hartley regulations.
And, of course, toting that bale of
propaganda, too, was ol' man Paul

The Inte'national Labor Defense
s gone, but the Nationalists linger
on right through their own gun
imoke. .
The record of Albizu Campos'
collaboration with the American
Communist apparatus is longer
bthan a Soviet confession. Point is
hat it is still operating and that
a friendly Latin American govern-
nent recently told our own iatelli.
gence services that Soviet agents,
working out of their Guatemalan
ase, are in Puerto Rico attempt-
ng to organize new terror bands
of NaUtontlists among the Poprto
'ican exGis recent@ returned from
Core. s ,
The Commies aren't having
mawl luck. Nit they will always
ad a few nuts who can shoot as
wildly as those who invaded the
lOML, t's call up u rowder
$NJV" XMaWWfi Tine Wy

^neS pro~uos 25% of fth.
* tof pesouce
4itw~i-to~b^o *o*

at..- .'

* '
.' It ^

.e .' ; -"
4... C-/+. 4'
.. ,-

.i- ;-2
.-.- ., f .

.' -.A -' *. --,r .' .- ,
- -, .-5 '
i:. ; /[ ;.. -:


* -9'... .,.. A
-. go


r toa






'1 j

' th

,m.,, -


New Zealand


a,, a4,,,,

WELLINGTON, N. Z. It is I'm told that there Is really no
really surprising that there are necessity, any more, to be born
only two million people, give or in New Zealand, because every-
take a few, li"ilng in New Zealand, thing is so graciously handled from
because there is obviously nothing womb to tomb thet yoa;are jua1
to do after dark ut hold h= s marl4 t e betffee defvery !d
for a"tusemej. Valps ynu oun disptaaTp. is s tf 4( ind dtes
horne s r e-.trotter*Sor orenmd not bbtin in the Trre HoWl
keSeB S. Or 0lle i -utt at. in th i ty of' upo, not
land, where the animals are so oecauiodally around the hot'water
busy taking the country away from pools obtab!d the Hotel Wairakel,
the people that you have to fight which I believe is run by the Tour-
your way through the chamois, the Ist Bureau. On some Saturday
thar, the deer, gee. th, elk. nthtMi-t is a .i#stIqt pleasutp.tA
the mope, aWlo elfin r. het"been bo tti you ar heA%
der to emigrte to Noeth i.yendg the T'u I area, eVe lf.
YOU aren't a 3Ma2 .
New Zealand Impressed me at i
greatly as an object lesson. The We will ndt discuss here the old
land was originally owned by birds customs of Maoris eating the
which could not fly. It had no ani- choice tidbits of people they didn't
males and no people. It had no in- like, save the one observation that
sects to speaP of and no snakes, they were forbidden by tribal law
The people came and brought ani. to eatt ham after 7:30 p.m. Eating
males and insects and more people, stops in New Zealand after thai
All the people ar.d the animals and hjour. It is a carnal sin to be hun-
the fish and event the gnats grew gry after rurset, or on week ends,
bigger than they were In the orl- in New Zealand.
al state. The people set fire to
the foasts acd then had to hand- New. Zealand is one of the few
'amnt new forests in order to ere. placet I ever saw where they hid
ate jobs ti keep people from set- rbai signs warning you about wild
ting fir- o0 the new forests, when ho'se3. In a kindred spirit, I did
they might just as easily have ant onef0i e a sign in Uganda saying:
set fire to the old forests in the 'GIvd Way to Elephants," and ano
arst IR.lan. aher which said: "No Overtaking
New Zealand seems to have been Hpo ".
first in everything.but amusement. ut- that was in another country.
It was the first to o all-out soial- .One of the things I noted in the
sized, and the first to grant asft. termal area of New Zealand is
frage to the females, a dreadol t hatI country seems tob very
mistake, and' the first to do ias. upaeaq The land gets angryand
and the first to do that. It sousas slips $..he soapstone, say, so that
like an Antopodean version of you do not-have to start your farm
Texa.s. at" of a hill If yoU wait It

bit at the bottom, your farm wI
slide down and join you. Also, th
mountains seem to keep bloi g%
Lup, which makes lakes, if you lijl
,and ,ou e1 tfa them
'w m 6 long
th n a etrou.-i
On pL l the fish-

Speaking of thermals, and
fish. th. tell me that you c
catch a fish ic an ice-cold strba
sside.Rot*ua, give it a :lip, 0id
a hot spring right net
r46. t in the best tavern tra i-
'tint must be a lukewarm
spn nearby so they can serve
it to you semi-cold. And always
eore 7:30 pm.
Due to my association I migot
say, my passionate Association
with' fish on this trip I cannot
speak authoritatively on the sub-
jict of New Zealand womanhood.
Some looked like women. Others
didn't. Msqtly the;' seemed to be
wearing shoes which could be de.
ascribed as comfy, Maybe ,thi hills
make their feet hurt, I dunno.

Do not, please, mistake my lay-
ity for lack of appreciation of Aus-
tralia's mortal enemy. New Zea-
land has the most sky, the most
water, the. most mountains, the
most fish, the roast dear, toe most
epeasums and the -mit over.,
ment ir te world. It ala baa the
mos famous beekp, some
bloke named Sir Somethlng Eliary
who keeps climbing other people's
ountauins with a staggering sue-

Geneva Conference

By Peter Edon

- 0 -

WAS~I TONGTN -QEA)- A A41 Nam, Laos and Cambodia wi- be tie
Washingtoi interest in foreign af 9t the one side. Soviet Russia, Red ti'
fairs now centers qn the Far East China, North Korea and Viet Mink -
peace confmtence scheduled to open will be on the other. faH.
at Geneva, Switzerland, April ao. In connection with I'qNda Mit
with at present ony in terms of ig details to observe t.lth goa
broadest speculation. It will be whether Ho Chi Minh my te&ew as
something new in international con- leader of the Viet Minh rel=`'a. hei
ferences. be bought tc Geneva.
At best e it could prode Similar speculate on sa -
observers j y expect that. Is of inttest. Will It be
At its wont, it cOuld be con- Foreign Minister Chou-
biaton ea. esge i'mwiaded arIs No. Community of China
twice neotata.4 at. anm Injo. the mission be entrusted WA
ant te MO stiust attudwa oang-hua, hi- aide, who w
show by the y ommunlits at tr eAmbassador Arthur H. It
Tw thing. _th Geneve confer In?
e will aVU It t will not be a It is generally expected t j
LA ^Mk.' th hau at the SiMetary of State John
SK saart'. toA del willk hef thea A
it wfl ,rt ulcomEam ng toa to teneva. lHe
roo t to oider. o the nUre confeen f
.te n numanadtioas will be out into a talkatln IN,5W S
at Genva.Russia will attend as a Nrth A t c
co-beli a not a a mere ell meeting cheuid r
iblttneuatral. s mid-April. It wil be.'h X
kl fbt tau M cGeneva on.- fy or Secretary Dute pN
ferenMa is Da d to actual peartci om *Stl eoqeree eX
Fants -i fl two active Asan wart Wite IBereU. y
gives-it m o te cific problems Carscas, veneola,tIl
of Noel s doChlon to deal weeks of' t Intter.-A
with. The.-Cmei tsa may try to ene the p
eela rto a te intothe Gea neO
oral ofa reh s tb s .
but aate is T"A&
ii S Clfera6a om MOtter -onWidth
erthel s. w allied conw- .wi.l guo
tr. tf One the ie

Western allies. Particularly, he
id to plit of France from the
T 0 and EDC aMiXnces. Hei
d in 1*as with Flndb .oreign
diater G o r g a s Bdat But
at the pition of t pFrnch
nament will be on te" alli-
csa by the end PI, Ai l who
foreign minister w are

ae wetati An= bve thdi

0M it aasus t b.L af^ few

"1d 'i la t I ab u t wes

Ro tW s tm m a m *.

6 Ago
is a6

a -....

net officer in recent cit ixj R
democrats heg -i
the Itepaabl Jt
Itment Was ov6 .- -
a os r. `in_". o With
two previous bn has,
inside speculatid aas to on
he en last.-o he wa
handed for e he
press that Amercan bases l
would be euilppd with atd6
bombs, ,ate e a t a ercan
press c rf at. the United
States wou Ua es ind
wartiiewherw ai ,d it or
not. '"WI's goig to aoprs?". he
asked-a satatatumi order
for .eMftprW. aadlits.
Wen Talbott aepe before
the House At ortins dl '.eo.-
mUtete e o day.- he attapt
ly didn't realize that It is one Mf
the moat important committee; on
Capitol Hill. A Sundaybridge part-
ner qf President'Eisehower's, te
walked into the cwnmittee room
of 1" were -ady-etfr-a rubber
of bridge,
..... rsman Harry, Shephhr,.
Democrat of Clifrnia, one if tq
iieta tn mBat" on
ga Pore W-

Ca2ito ta bases. iX, pointed out
that he. had asked tW t hese-.eports
some time ago but, had received no
satisfaction from the so-caUlled "ia-
son committee" between Cdngress
and the Air Force which Mr. Shep-
herd described as the "brush-off
Secretary '"albott replied that the
Air Forde was cooperating with the
Lungressional Committee in every
"Why don't you tell the truth?"
exploded Shepherd. "You know
very well that reports have been
withheld from this committee .
Talbott finally admitted this was
"'But," he asked, "what is so
special about this.committee?" .
At one point, even some of the
Republicans supported the Dimo-.
"This committee," minded
Congrepoman SriVoer of NAsaOs,
is your. 11i6 blood. If you N twl
to cooeIjrate wi tth lw,*.t.h.r
then y41 ju don't ltnffw.lrcbi
front and whih Is rear." 7

Congressman i sw of
Masacnrusetta, chairqian of the
sub-committee and a very restrailfn
ed gentleman, toen proceeded to
give the Seg!pat the Air Force

SI DE GLANCES By Colbraith

Ps -"Y

r be. "'.

90 .14 .. .- ..

y,..-. 0 -i am

"Yua' e riht we ye
," shot back e
you're stupid., No leat's get
Wo somting flalwe la;e"
At anoth er t e a essiaan
6iiihard.tAd i rEa Thief
ll lra mWIlesawth
banged gavel. T albot ad been
?..*aeVrddits. aw seserMa
rs. B .had t .e -been t
fitted to reali, ,pa5paSed St
meant. -,
'lack at-Q Pqtg a very
meek .Mureta 1 o .tAir Foree
ordered that every letter to. ay
Congressan in the ftiture must be-
cleared personally by him.
Congressman Al .Morano 'Con.
nectieut Republican, recently
ped into his own pocket to hel
Saln in Italy he'd never met. Th
alian had just resigned from
pro eapt otioa in Ita ae
bthe man's

mily during d

Juitment B Huskey, recently
signed State Department Secur-
ity agent, has a dt of legitimate
ripe against his bou, Seuty
?hIef Scott McLeod. But here'I ohe
be doesn't even know about. He
wae shadowed while he was pro-
tecting the King and Queen of
Greece. Protecting the Royal cou-
pie an their coast-to.coast tour was
.a back-breaking' job mfid "Huskey
asked far an assistant "No-'one
can be spared to help you," was
the reply. Has h, worlu So
house a day, did the ob u d.
However, wh a. y doesh t
how is that W was working
around the it protet the
King and Queena, a State De-
partment agent was Ijttly trailing
him across the nati ,- to seet
se was a fe n,

k which he
.tet ie political
f0ht I vote
on fe erway,
abrmy laie in'n :tead
States. Salty vo the Wa-
terway bill when the passed
It more than a mon go and
couldn't now chiae his note under
parliamnentar: rnle- eveN if he
.wanted p. .'


- "--e


r,~.-'ri,~'i,-LC.3.. .'.-- -. -

12 "*


m i


l-...i-,,, ..,'.^"i-,;.I'..f.t;,
*, ,

''t -, ,'' *
.. .. S

- a. 3

. .-7" .. ,, -.." .* ..
geYe W9, -
b' as etfective,
oUt. 't eti"ve, than o e
tonZ one.
aU 0ado as he dlsovered tU30
h aedotrate Suvot on
..Aef. ia.
for a cownlrtable place t
he& beackof t cc'w ith t.w hewy
onerv r the soe rsI,

?rep or tht fob. Ane there are
for a com ortable place w
treth o..ut'At home. hbl fot
,,e back of I couch than they
ire ,oa the floor. And there ate
:o pleas on beohaif of thq turnmL-
sure or of dtcorm ntorthcemltag
'rom this housewlft

(Written for NnA Service)


50 1 sliced orange (mdium)
100 I sm ls toast

85 1 cup aklm milk

130 .2 slicep cold leftover lean
zoast beef (2 Oz.)
75 1 hard-cooked egg .
10 Pepper. rings and 'et-
tuce wedge with lemon
100 1 euo fresh-fruit cup

10 Cucumber ticlks


(3500 Caloriea)

1 sliced orange
1 cuu corn flakes. 1Icup milk
and sugar '
3 fried egga, 8 slices bacon or
2 or 3 slices toast, butter and
Coffee with cream and sugar

* 1 cup malted milk

1 cup chicken-rice soup
2 roast beef sandwiches, butter
and sandwich spread
1 hard-ceeked eg .
Potato chips
Peoper rings and lettuce
wedge, blue cheese dress-
1 cup fruit eu, cookies
Coffee with cream and sugar


Ice cream
1 cup whole-milk

SSapper ,..
Broiled .B e (no3 broiled chieqik. '

Ij Iqce and t1- Lettuce and tomato salad,
maIn salad mayonnaise dressing
Lemon pi: (2 in. sector, Hard rolls and butter
9 In. dialn.) Lemon pie (4 in. sector)
Coffee Coffee with cream and sugar

85 1 cup km milk

1 cup whole" milk and eake

Syoua're reduainr, be patient. Give this diet time. Remember,
It teak yon months r years to gain weight, so be patient for a few
we a and these pound will disappear.


We are unpacking

* KTCB STOOl with rubber
seats a 2d -ron pe td In
black; Mata p yeow and
aed. -
W" CI AL-.M14iS and 1W.AS
nodem iit, black, strawberry or
citron c l4. Can be easy moved
k, -L.11.95, 1
* COVBR8 for ,43MIg boards ....................... 1.00
* LQUID for cleaning porcelain ..................... 0.7
* pNOB styled in "duck" form ............... 0.601
* S TARY BRUSHES for toilet bowls .... 0.50 and 0.00
METAL BOXES In sets of 4,
Sprinted to appear like threaded
_cloth, la green, red and yellow
lK EACH BET... 145
B M2TAL BAD BOXE= painted
t appear M e threaded
in green re4 and yellow colors.
.5 ...- S'K 1- -" i
painted to ap-

i ,- +*AM t

su- 3fP

r( -' Ulsv" -"(-

h l-he. "bwis: U'O-i^M$.

a thrL-.uthoas. as ttooe. H .
hr. V- Xbary aa ,w
lows: American dra a. -~
bNt jaw Vo1924, odd.

-Madelee Grotwn Utp-
rhe secret UIAtoy of
aftm. OrCow, TW.'mmd i^ HH.... .
Lewis and MLark. D Vot .
oitongn the Por Wa't o( ...
Mindy Tb iova., Burmtn; heRO
no Url. Dar is: ltapbw c the
Roao, FPrbem ,ng's R ObO. ,Ie-
ran: Ratooi. Rookie; and The S
Nalked Anug% Webb. .I ( M1 .-
Added tQthe Reference Mo AfS
lection- wwa -5rS
and bonk if et for 1954. _____

Lux Furniture

A* a m. **

a ,,.o -i 4
F ,d m :i ,** .''* ,* *.
u -kimb

fem 1*d',I

for .
Holidays Street W r
or any othw oomlef l,
Enhano s*ur b*u' :An# yu
figure In one of dur Js t-4ri
Cotton Models.
i : "-. ',"

.. rhis.tonly LA MODA AME RICAN
OPEN UNTIL 6 P.M. ______

Automobile Row No. 38
Tel. 3.3399




a I


.. L ., -















- -U,.

~nu1zAwt. &l. t Iop

C~ft#I ^

.. 17 __ -.- .- --

- I.:
* -U

* '-'7

*~~* -4--. -S.

U, ~*1-~'~

down.._ a *;* ._ ,a._'

1Ioite s ,Ai-
or fenet "

f E t. ,o h is ..

or so1 hour to roid. g 1t gI
iroui a egrAt ?klp. The doA0-

-_*. .-

. "., *..V.. "-.

. n .


* m..

-. .



- -.,- I

' = = M .


-*-.. "'

a ru~bq~rkeh~i


Ii' -* ,A'

'.A- $.'- 5
.'--. .':. .. /


S of Lord aaden-Powell.
i M'(S' "' -W 1v the founded .couting *o,'
A1 in btoa Uand 4 .adv when
S" Q5 i-nternatoifaV is pro-,
,:' ^<. meted. '. .
i" 8AX8J412 Mro B ed rlrno leader of the

SANT Alitas, and four Rirls rePresent-
ing their trpop.-Tareufta Ven.
f 1034454 A f. tura. Mare,4 Alan, I J 10o8 and Vicky PDwell-were vresenj
.51012 ? 2oo werf-auur' t btl
95 lF7 r iand allo ined playing
msOUTl1 (D) games. Refrehbmefrt were merv-
6Q @7 eby four hostesses: Ann Cook-
WA 76 2 athleen DeLapp. Tita Doig.
*AQ6 a Rit Geyer A circle was
4.A88 formed Sd everyone joined
ides hands a san "Taps."
dm vL. Leader f the Browrie Troop
o *s-Wed North Was are Mrs. C D. DeLano, Mrs,
IA Paso 26 Ppass R. C. .Rice end Mrs. J. W. Liw-
1 Pass 3 Pass kemann.
4 Pass Pass Pass On Sunday Maria Whitaker
1Brownie VrOODJ f at the Rally
of the M14 hach Gulas de Pa-
nanm4 (Girl Scouts o Panamal
Whet yiu..are a defender, it's which wasrbed at the Hotel
very dange4pp to lead a suit that Wasbington
dummy can: ruff. If declarer is _
also void of tWe suit, he will dis
rd while dtummy ruffs. This ruff- 'Lo i
dad-discard usually gives declare
trick that he couldn't get for CLUMBUS, lId., March
Since this principle is quite b IDr, i .bt d.isa a de.
miiar to experienced players. it here man., S he SAp Bakery
usually causes a stir when an ex- her.
drt deliberately gives decarer a
ruff and discard and profits by
Today's hand, played at the re-
i btain tional tournament in Dallas .
caused a bigger stir than usual go or
beckissd' tHi expert, Leonard B. PISTURj
R itmon, of New York, had to give ,
declare, two ruff discard plays
in order to defeat the contract. IS
Harwaon opened the ten of spades
from the West hand. East won with
the ace and returned the jack of
spades. South naturally covered *
Harmon opened the ten of spades .n _
from the West hand. East won with On of the things tht might
the ade and returned the jack of 'e to deceqse'swmring Is a
spades. South naturally covered simer Incrne-tox form. m ,-
with the quep, and West won with...
the kinA. .
At this .noint Harmon had two of spades. If East ruffed the fourth
tricks poet to sa tfbtd trick with the the ace; and If East failed to ruff,
king of hearts. Where was the set- South would ruff low and draw the
ti* trick? East couldn't have the rest of the trumps.
S .a or king queen of diamonds
inJ iew of South's strong bidding. '"" .. ""-"
ter some thought Harmon led
ihrd spade, giving declarer a,
e ce to take hisiff and dis-
4. South discarded a diamond I-!lhl F ng flI
.ummy and ruffed in his own Ww ww
.Now South had to draw trumps WI out O rIl
and limit the trump loss to one If you feel old bed your time or
trick. Hoping to get a clue to he suffer from nerve, brain and physical
trump distribution,, Sputh begpa by weakne .ou Will find new happiness
la. yig down the acef hearts. Ie *aowy r Ameb reetole uta l
then led a Ipw is towar4s trlou. and vitillt I q Tioker I a
dammy's aueen.' Cd ertoldt mpl M
ruom woro n donDd t'er",tori. Sb
of trumps with the king-and fed d fsda to ke, butt
upades for the fourth time, giving sert -o -t U1C0enu ilvfC r.
2e?,. L k A ..?ca. efaa ru r, J *Wr 'to Mai Ilol It anta sIreoy'
South a second. chance for a ru q. g pr.gind4, vMrvs, and vital r- *
ano' a discard. But SOuth didn't as, bulls w, pure blood. and
welcome the oppounitY, for tta anyd W -e
fourth puod of apataes etablleod o, tL U on-on on Id
s. t's ck of Bt the se8m ,w .. lv iPOwe.'W m.
trick t.l a9ikta CA Improve i -
if South tIudf 'dumy. 41th Bw ,nd u
queen of hearts B tsjiack would vicour ne.ortU ,. vi. S0. d a
be on the high trump later oi; bon tMted ild proved by theoundi
e lse' d r o n vmow ble emi
i a$n ic Soudth d anything else, a he.O et VI-Taie today. Pu it to the
as? at could rfef With his jack and text. S the big, quick improvement.
win the sretin* trick then and Takethefull botatl, wble lastu iht
days. It will make eou full bt
tlre, ?iour, .nerRy and vitality, &ad
.South could have. made the con- te years younger. A special
etrant if he had begun the trumpE bottle of 4 Vi.Nair cost little
;.by tIeding a low trump towards Y| .ab -"rT
-.- nyjmy.'S queen. Weap would step v W W oimiit ta
.' with the king but could not aestres Meahed and Virtall
ain by leading a fourth round.. -,

S-(- IRIM WILEIN Plmetee


"LO ,Auwy gApio "
WMr 'Pm pim i
WaL !, iPlm.
INW .4



"HIBUERA" ..... i ..........y ., > .....4 A.
"CHIRIQUI" ....... ....,. ..
"TYAQW ............. .. 7 .
a B ...... ....

"* Lm'urat w c.
I -y. .. ? ,.
C a"' i- B ntrl ,S qIie4m ad. flsq C


S.S. "CHOLtTECA" .........., ....r.. ,, h-i.J
S.S. 'cJ NIOR" ............ ... .........
S.S. "COPAN" ...,,........... *.... P. 1
S.S. "BAN J1SE ...... ... ..:. S

Orleans. Leo Apir San jli.'i t.--s -,:,Nl%7uh"i

Fortnigbtly pasge meioe on e 1.5. Ci I., to
New Orleans via Santa Mafta, ColombIa.

Speilet$ repn*.. hpl fare from Crstbakl 'b New tiab
SLos i&es. San Franclsoe and Seattle. .

Toe New To .. ........................ w.. e0, .
To L6s Angeles and Son Francesco ..........1110."O
TB Seat eal..'.......... ..... .................



BESSIN............................... March 9th

S.S. DIEPPE .. ..... ..... .......................... March 20th

1 CH ............ .. ... .M r

.... .......... ,....... : V A .
. .......... ....... ..... K p. i lou '

.i.' --,.
,.., ,e. + ;

-. F -.



Curiqur. Eh?

* V. T. 5451.

.... .......................... March l1th
-................; ................... Mare a h.

t Ca rN .tIee Between Cri t6bal. kBa A WedS Ceos
7 f of J.5. & CMIada.
VhNCKf .'LIE. P.O. Box 6015 Tel. 2-2476 0 S11

',I m ,,aumt LNO & MADURO. S. A. Box 1038
l: PanmA i 3-163 3-1691
" '.. *v .su ~., -':" -I


No 1Siga1


A GPO PrAZ..ip


Onyx Turns

p "r s fa .
*;'-'-1' : : -::^'

1TO WE CttzlAPa


S, So Sorry!

NU S t Is'TwAst2fru OusT

A 11164 *rIlP..

yS^SL (M~f7

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~~A44t .3%. .~ 2~.
.~ F -. -.
#d~~~j~fr 9-.


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7 c-st '- 7
Fe 7 5.
- F- j-~7 5.~.
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uuLI uuI WAX

- F.,

EA Service

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s. 1,1t

a .4., WiLLIJAM


__-- -------- -


'F -I -

'- :f MW :WAL
Wften bf:


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.. .. ,.. ...,o....
.-.. ', ., ,- ..-/ :'.& -

--I ~ ~ r.. .. ,....... -._~.~ -.. 1..



r L


siF~aup-Y '~rty.**

an and

.. a. B. .W A a n a
rs ewhArd and 3ts.. .C

W eter INFttft Cuifa GS ma v nd n Ah. lgitre A
M f Mal Sd f.o Paul et of Ns o N a t a en
Sa ersey a nA at .ons be u
fourt M T r. l 7 41 a e- ..
D f n or i a tam oa Wid Cow oerAry L a YO 1N1 A O' 11.P1.111 1 11111(111lo p f a p
Eu ~r C'. a and oms.a ss, o arcj. t9.:00 a.m. Dale ,8, 61% hat ml tq thie. : a10tu-d
Mri, S AocheA chor to the aathe atal u above hm. Brian, a 10th-grade
S,- .sh '.%?Nicarlaat oeert .oewsstu dent &it Cotmun'try a' thool 'in Norton, a... has an L Q. of
Fa &er.n.a lmU or., The or ti eTh'itohverave been ipro- 185. The intelligence quotleat of a g a ius is 4I0t Brian speak
Mrara e visiting a sit Alfredo de St. Malo languages, and is f imen IHebrew, Arabic, Greek and
Snd r rk an rpgu for sav.-l days msd pnI March 8. has been pre-B. exe to na for college when hl's 10, but
har4 etc e2 1o egigd-preter type Ivsthmus thi.latterAoay MarSm may be held' ba nid bt 15 whn school ofols believe he
m as tliorby L Airwy i part l arch. pd oo heldst op.M wilb a 'orr 9 equipped fr t-high education.
foui atsn to Icurod, at e Armod Foret.
Dutn Ws:t ldle.; L PerN Amnador OI4.ers' Wives Club ri r, la oa HR
tugsit ipain- Fraie Swit- The mombirs of the Fort.Ama" now rs Tl U r
zerland, a etyQj oDF dor Officers' Wives Club will mee acomponIst.'
markwiG e -anh. o, ""owere at the Army-Navy eig W anClub on Tues -RESGO "ee FR IU C "U B
mthe anda honorary at several day at 9:00 a.m. and will then siablton Of Colored Slides
farewe1 parties prior to their de- proceed by private cars to Sum- The USO-JWB Armed Forces
p e mit Gardens for tour of the Gar- Service Center, La Boca Road, WIN IT! DON'T BUY IT!
-' ens and'a "bring, your bu" p ic will present a showing of prize-
%f'aeaioners wei. r 8eh ie lunch. There will be no Itach-. Win'ng coloredtslides of "Flowers
of rta dinner gi haon Wednesday. of Panama -takenby members at Buy yo l ky number in our ine
Ct NalSghaiS'. broth i,.w "' the Diablo Cmeta -Club. The est-
sister Vf. iand Mrs. *4. d Quarry t elghtsh Womaas' CIo- hbit will open l wednesday at 7:30 ,
cer U. D on Wed Thergular monthly luncheon of p.m. at the USO-JWB Club. This
.. Cr the Quarry Heights Woman's Club collection of slides has been shown
i r. and Car will behold at the QO ry Hehts all over the United States and will
Ssiten Rn d ,oI .aic 6tj Cluba. a ednesaay, be oe.display in Panama for a 0."0 CLM 3
dlF r 1eI 't eon 2March. 10, at 1:00 p.m. short time only. .. ...
T a ee .MBail of Rebesh Id m Pn lc iXta ry person their famil-
B hr. Ba, oere Te Rebeki Sde Rebekaa Lodge Family leale Leandthe pucof the Canal Sad S tp
Bifn nr.d atnnmr The Rebeka f l d e, .ld S t-nsor o Zq and of the Republic of Pa-t
giuen m.tshni.s ng a family picnic be held Sat- nima are invited to attend. nd.|-h,
som ,on h. .thf 64.y- u rday 'Marlch 1, at l0:00 am. m a at -e o aK
Navy Cluo the S tarea The od BrIdge Tounament Mondad
r.i a M. hard Piof wddil iv soft" z lr those Te regular wdekly'bri e tour.
B a .ert ined for i- att g. Each f panient will be played Monday at 9
Mrs. G .am with r vide. inches tw esy is the Card,Roo f the 3 -
i en 8 yn th e otel And their vests. ote Tivoli. The bridge-playing .
Those planning to attend are public is invited to attend. CLUB $3.50
Viit opqred, asked to telephone Mrs. Bakker, CLUB 3.50
At F wel Lunche 5 25-313, ais are those who plan to
Mr. W a. *as wer bt .anti.p, Si de Rebekahs are n. la- .
l* ucheon given ds at Hotel El %I ia I g Playpeis
man y Mrs. a ', I ibon. Panama Rotar Club Lancheau "Baby Beau y" mattresses
Th- honorees pan t s all March The Panama Rotary Club met for crib
15 aboard the iclin M for dy for its regular weekly Near uernavaca Spring Coll m 7
CARD OF THANKS .P). A W1.t chiif was kill-
aed and N. so ers were
'THE FAMILY OF wounded In a s soi we re SIMMONS Innerapring
in "b outlaw c o 3 mattress MFF 1/6
pol e repo.d sy. l ,Wood ho f j'1Cth of te center, Mahog ntay bed 3/
ey II b / ac ldret -report .0 CLUB $9.500 Four upholstered dining room
Siy the cdent a. an chairs
Sellioh against the got- Revolving desk chair
Zi authorities, and the residents of the anal o nment. The version which W Sprint Charm
Zone'for thiB eipressions of sympathy on the deat labeled false by authorities said .
soldiers learned of a planned
S-p. poTAli Quintero. attack by rebels on the village of
March 5,.1954. T:lsquiltenango and set up an 1.25 CLUB
The bandits .ere said to be
led by Ruben Ja'pllo, a former Two-burner kerosene stove
candidate for governor of Mqrd- Mz4ogany book ease
jo# state and a "member of the 18 x 36 mahogany dresser
outlawed Federation of Peoples witheout- mirror
Parties. Modernm living room tables
SThe Mexico City newspaper SIMMONS fpnersprintg
%Ultlmas Noticlas reported an- mattress MF 3/3
other leader of the party was Children's mahogany beds
sought in the mountains of Children's mahogany bureaus
southern Mexico on charges of CLUB $975 Mahogany desk 261 36
plotting 'to blow up ,the huge
Miguel Aleman Dam 'p6rth of VISIT OUR FINE DISPLAYS
.. Vera Crps..
1 Cuernavaca POlice ief Oil
Sanchez Garcia said troops were
%,searching for bandits who had
been holding up homes andFI F
motorists in tMle mountainous
country off the main highway,
and ran across a group of four
n or. The "troops opened fire 'and fi ve-.IE
killed the leader Identified as
SPedro Lope&. Theremainder of'
fthe bnd sfledwoundn toe CENTRAL AVE.- "- E.ST.PHONES2830
fidto c their flight, he -

Atil, .! ,

sAt. Lot- .


aE s

LTON, Prane, ma (UP)

WXt back ts 5to
a "ldid M or
.1oc-rt fWfn*er"of s
PlieMo, who ia igins0lued
fe : Commuste "pleae dote,"
oat -the i In rnqpohe tt. a
.ettb m city council men
ho thought it would bei nHee
* have something by the 8tkn-
h artist Ia thE Lyon mueUqm.
None- of the oouncll wntEd'
St.ea the- u.w to Retorot,
htse ap val was necessary
t length, one man was chosen
lot to show the statue to the
1-year-old mayor, an invet-
rat foe of communismn.
Hsrrtot vetoed the purchase
roMptly. No one would say
whether he objected to the eta-
1u, to Pldcasao's politics, or the
rice of $1,371.

* A ... .

Therm'e "ew" soft
brilliance .about the ,
longer-lasti Ytardley -
ipsticks. Nine fascinating h "'
colour include the '.
R&@ CorL.. 4

', ^ .^ ._ Feather iMhfl
m A met flat~t.'Am, sout .-
new liquid crem .'
-C" -1In three subtle te ase %h

r a lasting mltt fiolh.


roee eiurig nwr shade .
Pink Cbampagne, Rose
been added to tha nge
of exquisite powder.

,. ,- A. .
'" J .1 .*-r. i f ', ,fi. ...f'. :


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She's get 4S

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too, em buy 45 casIm e A
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eas that comre frea
Sfeor months. Y ea.
LVOSET apd depend
i to tay sweeL

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06aida a,& Y

With tie


S Improves health,
races fatigue

fag Ulme of milk in improvin-g
employee health and th ir
production. lm k is swved at
te* Ite f to prov edwry
ekecttra. gtigu. w

issut Arl~AKO'
wmyOnal l aThe s a e.

athr, S&rPndwyouw
dme adin
m .d &a1 ones 1.





When hot rl and bothered
feeling gets you down-give
yourself a cooling shower of
fragrance with .PmOd's Dream-
Seower Tale. dreSbing, satin-
pmooth Peond'as eTbothes
'you with im.ddl fu seat.
) Lingers for leaW4 it
protects aai too ...
almorbe exce'daeatre in a burry.
Stay sweet and'pely every day
with Poid's DedoawBower Talc.


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I -. .'..o;-.- .. o -. .

A s b *.,- _r-t-'* m d r .t
Also beautiful assortment of modern table Iomps.


.*-.i-. ,"'- I-.. ? ,/,. -"^.- -.


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- 1.5'''

HIwords ,

YOM 'O -A AT, 14 LI'

*, .. .. :- t. a_-

-" L' "' .
: *;. ., .. ..... ...-",

:,le^..,i;:,.-, ..u.

, 1it3 ;

ass.i. .-.s and 33 St."
" Street No. 2

S m. 7M
pfW.k..*.B J> ^

Pttla~ OP.U.

P Pla a

o' VANAMA .Aelt CAiN r ,
. .. H Streel Noa B7T A.-.,^'



" l' tm-al, de hria
,e, .u* Letevr I Street
.. Catral Ave.


4 ""*(7~

S 4 '

..l4 4i* i II l or r r i- i PM 6 41 or i .... ..- i
fStOled bids, in rj lP l ~t1' Philillpsi Ouudatnto
S itl le OR SALE ved in the office iF inger-" Orem 4, Pone
:.p. ppine ouBAMBOOg, FOR .SLE: ldorolet 4-door ng and Conructlo Diect poan- Ianem 3-187. Crilt c .1673. .
-top), -'electric clocks, cdon. E r m.jtion, 1 Z6-A ny oCanoal CoMpony-botalbo nHd*ts, Hou" on" bil h SW o AAlslo in d

laneous items. Shrapnel, 150 cOR SAlE 4-4dor sedo UIN, 1954, and then publicly b ientd, SHRAPN&, ajboao 13 9 arr sej he
et Street. Balboa 1389. 950 modt 9h litd side wall let, furnishing all plant,, le.s ip- coretdker there.
.mo tityo radio. ment, labor, services, L n epm eralV.
LE:-So fa, ivingroom tabls, r -2 .radiO. mxcetlcerai ma,,nt ClbchrSant, rarc aBeng .a
a suilecolder climate, o nea oCoil dr. o urn -shed mater electric refri ge ration. go$ stoves Coes M t 1i ast alt ualo
2; OR Ca- "
4Sfize 42-44. woman's size arm n.. 6fog all work for JnterImr Pai ting moderate rate, Phone 6-441 or (aboi"). ore
4. girl's 7 and 14; Men codto AE:- rr Sota. Excuent of Buidigs the Cna4 ne. For 4-567.o
large slze: Venetian blinds. condlton.. or furt I'r-T Ormatlon yt propop als, speificaotins, and fult Foer itCol One miled ap os. -i n
Si1ae; rnatcha hck, blinds; 30. call Poa 2-44aI",ib 3n nd p may be obtained in thd Santo Cla. .Please bring. r arrive ihere a In telC l .... iIS
i42".wide'; 74" long. 4 o4th ater 5: office of Contract and jnspafinc &DI- linens. Phone belbae 2 1B66; trtl#,r @tolmhst woie
S:llas 3______ sI 'O. SALE:c.. M k4r i th Vision.p Room '343, 9B7lb Rih WImdS bdom -- -e -deh.Cow- ith tn ,nfofe pooe a w ith tiA to
,On setylo Ratuan Peel Iv- '850 mile 5O(vrOm co dfort lTelephone 2-3739 '410.. M 68IJ WIIIAMS' Sratc lora bed4 h CofC- be Ot: I, 'an U
One set athn Peel co Specifications and .drawinss -will be tQ Aps. r comfortaoi, modern, Set, ol. "u itctn fd oipf er wi n esta o ov al oo0t has t b tnfc,
r porc4-2187-h furniture -pc. ust sel eause so at Qtrs coming. C Nv nd car issued an a deposit of $20. 00 p r set' ng2r beach. Salbo3 3050 ezeeq mnn in.d ung CJp). S.. W. NHoo geon and mcr at. s t o
o4-2187o or see at Qr s omn. q ovy days d Degos;t will be forfbifid if pecifi- weekends- F -nu !r c nferen Le the. offloera o. pea- .
ort Ko-bbe. _on caons and dr ngst e ot return- rising the staff. a in t
an'Mde mod eaoui h lc 1 o &inf40 ;."'EOF1NOVCuthe
-25 cycle refrigerator & FOR SALE ORTRADEon older model ed within 40 "dleandt- days after FIRENT Eo. FC NCaA =-e has served i almost- it;. o. t. ati. .
c. s noose old lood c : ,ole1952 2bed -door BAd .Specto, openog, o o b FO R R E T c ,t h 11 =a.. hae e1 p t a v i.
SWillhamson Place or Phone Dynof low, green & breolge, oad con- D--R- D-ENniH 83 FR AE Ce-a F'rli" el. w3-01 ie p an pot w a ttt 1 ..
Ibo 349. 50 dition toughout. trs. 2 7-A oMr edic.El ClM ,inic .-." "- post was re Aon, co 'muma mos act ,. era 1962. HS 4f
phone Albrook 6296. d efor thesalrnvathe lArmnd8otr M _e odiow.g Wd
SALE.-Litingroom suite. almosJt _e -A------------. ------- Central Avenue, K Street Corner FOR RENT:-Cholet: four bedrooms, -.evac illdaWork in the Ialandaotahe "datangemU.enCUWth
$100.00, mirror top coffee li., FOR SALE:-1953 Ford V-Y, Cus- Telephone 2.,3479 Panama one can be used as maid's quarters, L lgCing e, Prv _po tmet e a
jamalea cRuse the .
$20.00. mahogany bureau fomhlne four-dor, black. Fordoma- -Livingroom, dningroom, kitchen. ie declared ;
0.00; kitchen table & 4 chairs tic drive. underseal, 8000 miles, FOR SALE 52nd Street No, 15. Telephone I .' nd uded ndlm aocre lt Ara red nitd 'c al_ ed-
S25.00, bed, complete $50 00; perfect, $1800. C Balboa 2' 222.8 from 9 a.m. to 12 noon and i jnm l malca; d!- sithalon, .
kitchen cab-net $7.00; gas to' ,. 4. isc ik eous 2 p.m. to 6 p.m. ,vilfa der In Britishdd Ii..

195r1 Mornrni convet 4. I 2-___49___ (5 -
rg4 y,$13.00. small otoCtb AU dFO: SALe: l95 MorN ris converiitt eb. SOR SALE:-Upright piano m god-FOR- RENT: 2-bedrooarn chalet h..Bain I -a bhave the oo, we ee th t al de o .
Pugh. houe No 54.Ap. No. 3 $595.00. Tel. 2-1515, Balbo. on. Apply No. 14109 Meortlofhimatt ideal
Via Porras f Arer 4 p.m. or all day F S ldndez and 15th St., Colon. m lTel. d. $-! h a713tPtA.h s *te l to o it
Joturcas. xcellentcondion. o cop e. OR LE:3 Model A Ford, ru ; FOR RENT:---Cottage with three bed- Wl, l'le. t aitsion Army jaliUp '
SALE.-Refrigeratorc, 7 cu. f et., rhecite inGboo dri.Te body, everything in good condition rooms,, unfurnished with steel gym. a i
General Electric: desk: dresser; Many extra 0amrts $250,r Rifle 40 h East Street. No. 21. Coall arnet uf n Ary Hal r ng an closet; buffet, double bed, FOR SALE: 1949 Two-door Ford 30/40 Crag, good condition, 345 .3-3211. 14th rC at 11 a.m. wi th
838 Sabanas. Tel. 3-2067 until 6 $600.00. Tel. Panama 2-4918. 6251. v. servai.t's house C Io A A-, e .

,P3 S abanas. Tel. 3- servailt's house in C : FO.SALI: 1946 DeSoio converti- FOR SALE:-A.K.C-registered Coci- NA. Business opportunities. Shrap-.
-t. dresser, $50.00: .le. New top point floor mats and er Spaniel with s. ExAellen ped nel Balboa 1389. orl
S a -61 t re. Ph one Albrook 4205, igree Black iv e nd Ick, ton FOR RENT 4-bedroomi s rldenceI
SAEfFig-idire-ref8gerat or 8 FOR $ALE:- 49 Chevrolet two-door-. Cl 'L_- -. %w,-th swimming pool Paill Tel- 0 Z "n um na
cu.-ft., perfect condition; mahoga- del. ~e. New interor & ties. S'2 FOR SALE: ~ icfrench frier, ephone 3-1537. S rurday; -Utl e3"Ja' nV |awt.i r l j
diningroom sqt. No. 8 Colombia V-8 custom Ford,, 12.000 miles. brand new. C fl 4-185 after 5:00 ( ok_ o m ,LllS re h g t
Apt. I, Telephone 3-5006. Reasonably priced. Tel. '"2-1784. ... FORNT "2 block from n "eptrs.
R e FOR R.EENT: NTiri pby:OER hotin o p
R ALE:--Genoral Electric washing FOR SALE:- Pe greed maele and fe- c E f i n ani
A -ane, 60cycr4, ;excellent coodi- FORRENT mole black Dachshund puppies. Tel. A artmcn.s c, f il. on a u
ehone 5Alb7ok 4296. Apam e-nt I. St .. -. '
WANTED o dN.o..-.9r S Q u emastr table.ATTENo ION L.t. Just built modern e.,s st aa sa
-i o l l' Best residential section. Sep rare various size s 25-cycle motors, 4 bedrooms. hot, cold water. Tel- out, e 9 ea ,1 ea of two ve t 1e
Sobahrcom, refrlgerato rd Street I nd 2 hQrsepower. All In ephne Panama 3-4941. ara Easy fi th s
NTED:--. W buy 4-do r 1950, No. 13. 7 good condition and reasonable. 0ol- FOR RENT:-Modern two bedrodm MOUlY I At* Savl after Na ;dR
-52 Chevrc-tr & P n-oith. Go- eFO T boa 761-B. Borneby St. 2-3630. apartment. 51st Street No. 42, VlTDA. 5tit St. ,-r- a ve. senten to 2 years a sec r ratie p-
e Elis, opoI I eltb Reo a rried ro m c OR SALE:-o stan bul Terriers Apt. 2. Rent $100.00 monthly. For bsa bode La He reld bty ha e p evu ae
IWO Wee. n^t details cphon 3b4eta. Phonefu am6 tc/o0bn 20,and Pat ls Ruth the first m
W ANTED Stret No, 12, last fl oor c/ Csd Santa Clarq. or 3-1802. Hor ba k, .er hu b.,a d th fisc r
,,-8 "espo ..bFORe RENT. Furnlshed room, oFol FOR SALE:-2 cot couches, I radio FOR RENT: Completely furnished ron Peter Goldmane and Samui Meb ers o f the le 14 Den-
i. OUS e, beautifif location. 48t and alt water fishing tackle. new apartments in building near e TRANSPOR escaped tm thqC at tal AA eat R wi lfl re 'mr tl
en "3S years old with c Sree No. 7 Belle-Vioa Phone Albrook *205. Canal Zone. Ideal for servicemen. Am unt,., jlt De. s. with the Initer-Amerle an M 0dbc l firot htf 0h ptlr
St36 years old with capital e Inquire Household Exchang e,4 Fo days later, Goldman and Convention to be held at Botel as1 fert ,
rnd $10,000, would like to e Curnished room, all- c FOR SALE Shopsmith with 1i hp. Auto Row, Tel. 3-4911..BAXTERs Hobekep police In a gun El PanarA from March24 to Approximately a-third ci
i'iSsocOted and work in estsallshed Am ....,erican u .--, C al Pa- 3:C 60-cycle motor, twp saws, drum and -ornbckensg o ign -faB
sIne.s sIn i..e.orormPanamCllrn-ama3 disc sander, nd inch rout- FOR RENT:-Comfortable apartment, N. Mr=, eers battle out a nijht club near it was learned today. le t
-Pakess!inhtne oror onamo/,4g41.b1ttwCua nIii and r inwh rortd todyR pur-de table apartmdnt.
""ty Mail written offers to Box -n '6 .. ers, i, andt f inch mortis Ag tools furnished, in house No. 5 First P. U i i Jacksonville, Fla., Goldman aJ The Isthmian Nurses AAocian year wore meat talots a|lB
674w -Ancon, C. Z. "c RENT:-- tm Stre et.u ie T'Irto4 whe__ l R*n- p
S ed oed, sh peF fence inch Street, Pere Telephone 2.456. Tler rte trolman A. Robinson were tion who are al joining the r
beautiISO insh-aper.neeInhoitems r.j- erTlerLuekilled. Hornbeck is ja~ed in Ji- convention, hai n priac.oeslyh an- toal vlue of such purchase
watut riIofn ivAle brtnlsceintmsQra12-(-SedotheirIntentionofo
" rlcan baciwlor reui vrs poi bed- boxam t |' bin *, -ve a t KoinK, F Eone -36m31.rt. e-V -OiTR -Q---hLagroouvm, rleo1 now VTjaat o on t r e p 1ooe thir Ietain o fhol- exceeded 0, w ith- ead f
, furnished Apt. in El Panama o T b oJ ~ phone e, one 37. -bedroom ortfontgrour foor rr charges of. murderin Robinson. Ing sessions at El PanamA dur- this amount being spent t6r live
C~Ill Roosevelt Hotel 3-0on ..'. F oil convenience. m4ntEl FBI agint E. J. ower s, J in g the doctors' sessions. bef s r
A D- 0 ftrRM efsdfiSALE':Cangreio." Telephon2-7.-matadoffHydramslhs' dia charge of the Miami office, said This week, doctor memb
ANTE -2o onrtoe h ROuOMS for rent furnhed. unfurnish-T r FOR RENT:e Twobedroom apart seoffers E prolesirona rs. Ho ek admid ac a nt tirm e miteohe hos t committeeforthe du
Sdg. o..T.w -iY roomapartmentsom ment. screneed. Bellsorio Porras 56 lgi a gun and arrao ng forI. vent in and member of corn- t month e i. A ta
s.Ed trent. Weaone 15", Colon. di ntNStroetN o98 u-. FOR SALE:-440 Indian Scout mo- $60.00 Apply for key Apartment e smuggledinto the jt Svan- mercial firms which will have of 60,000 o ds of fish
1rolodNoa 6 Phone 3t0841.TFtree
R" orcycle with accssores. ess t of- No 6 P Repairs. Installation of gas' nab. Thee sid Horbeke a d displays were busy making plans over 000 nyd o t p
D:HI.. -ASettos 'oa tafr. Inquire Quarters 2138-B, Cu-stoes.teeatersetc. oldma escaped by using the for the exhibits ..oter, an d a.we J ulgt
hot. T. a ire,,draumh o I-Stot .rn and u u 3 0.-o"0 er F6 R RENT:- Four apartments near SID NE NM ORR ELL. S M .-nt i.. i hoped that about 6We o- toor
Nt TNoa Pai -b t udu 4-o i ...op l in307-0 0rp. ew warTe two girls also were tI tcrsl from all over the hemrs- S.
....e hvni Pnmo a"a "o Lliho c S As 5mraffled by Lions Club. For 7 ,n charg e5 of bein g ale es, pere wll attend the codeltve n- cn h addit n tol -the owe lit,
TE :-Vacantgarageorackc 'aE aa e a s on inquire atoro Pastor, Pan- el: ---2451 after the fact in the baI tion. Many will be accotmpanied of fresh frit and be

shrwed today. inqui r a tN Aprrilool 2- Mrs. frnbeek w t oe the availablet l s rice b-b-- t-
iad fdr rent. Location Rio Abol./eVts ELa d! testU S UEd 'Celestial-Navigotion; licensed Master ml C Street at Santa PaoPla zaL W GUARu E with their husbands April by their families. b ought localy by the P lama
5Io7, Ancon by will conduct course evenings. SIM- from 5 to 7 p.m. A a when. $3,000 was taken' a-t h Severalpapers by distinguish- Cana Copeay, v y
CHICAGO Mar (UP-od Iified modern methods riner" O' ENT:Ap en southikle branch of the t. ed phylcians are on the progrm other food and cultural
tIN Ma... P i arklane 1 a.t~he Box 9.C S- c Of TApp i ren oe. Calre Ow the c thern Nabona De. whc w o ne move r t

..r.. aTiheoni rplanesr arei bdi eish- drive-in re staurat h e s S one.e eh. _rSm 'o..n which will include mioe t
Ssh -- mL. I s r. e oD.uiy the E -. -o pe.Applyi n PerelI Ave. Col. hhe 5 vannah.ra ad t women-de weescientific Interest. Ao t
S rsNi n IdrUstryon 1 hobb, O but nmbere'd plCan oo 4-4h.eiam-os. Gd OEn66 d Juan AJmnez abusiess aurne, erte noe onbe mdersn willthesdeavere
o iol30 bddBrViset0 have become an lmportantFeO o R cattl, W Atrc e werNor F RENT. :- a ,nd -bedroom apart r482.-ner PICKEs UbPS wa eOin la n tssa h Praersn osi nthe dnersea jlul

IN, Ma nrcdho5(UP"tam-ga rdnnllgetnort an hom ei landth parand Box 31 2 a,, snon34ho S-tee, Call the apartenth .threys anhdatd e will daeiers the radwearof
tr Germlan hatim Comu istsd oleaCanacrale Zone, Lotssof frvuit 47, s2d oioncwde omigereabot D 5om aton s essionfon
&reALIFsREfo:r-a- rsecent*d hobbles wr:Mdl plans, I C;rntes w asean t a=eniho
Ofm ram eM showDed today. ARieal XAstaF AeIRCHLDtcohFB FOsatened IcR -aNFir stLd yI el i -I ie-i-- I hete r h e d a PdecUll,
I sicurw i t a de ribe d r t hera..... -btbhatbedroom opeciousiapartment .i"bat.a drive-inorestaura t her e.Ather EE CglOsh or p snh y w

today t h Geyayknowe I oe survey, conducted b the FiOR SALE: -C rm 3 miles from nFOR RENT:f- district 2 betrnhtsmen, she was working aHea those delegates when anod tl To '.'

..o rk O W l..e]trains. 'ie' bo--.lokd lit ecR RENT:-hd rhsph a-bedroom wil r W t To Take pTime feutst ._a lthe
Softh ommunitEast A ngssociatio PresidentChlare w -SaLE -ALrEandpn. Bompletely fur-FORRET:ne frniosheda- N26-narsld plqn o f cop-
Iwbrh, MasGrc P23eselbed -the et annual hobby i-us.cIlt wteOn Chieui Viie. River, 5t1 Aoe. No. T.5 eROPJCAL ELECTRONIC Sh' a ua tCth, wla1
serneatipolice. Mist r orees.d wtwrk.C o-bero e2ana. HZone.Lot r Saf Facs deitp4700.d IaCpeta.ou fhe saapearane ahe a freoen with #1eweY..1and-
s--ecunritye, sdfesruie fr...ies trae aiw sow, sithat pjG:t .HPhoene 2-4384 or BoF S BaloaFORd- Me a Ir. tmN2e lv annw "l lgly oda wh '
West Gransible fou a rcest set ItsoCT woe t PaiiaresenareoeOn-FORRETAcrzv RENy: -uArnabs-aed.oom partentofrMrs. engieethaa9ulut buried a hand
lo n marwhl e ine sabotage. igc sintheobby fj opog arage-porc -ai chaltmsents,- uotwater, modhater. n 't tA3A fhelrwlf are bast n-be te a
I e pi .ned i The naint selts w ho h wall ow atinSe a I.$ oeies b9, 2eaui u cool convenience. Firt2,t u, 'El-o bu e ro.. ,"r no,- ,-- ., o,..
ther ssIs dth n -adt aberea color-areas on a cala- mo d c $540, HrestodehleftreAe b@-N FO.rahncaetcpo house 4r.5 SEiPRCOVERS TO ALL CONSTR.ZT-RS Pai'-f Dv Russia
workof aire, whieh teurs t do oils by Jollown ..; cs $480.0or 0 the oth- Cang-reo. 2 tc fac.n..g. Juan "WStE5an(U'* U
S.0othnsr onste yscoainnr.d-0eT eSata thalesheS 0tBs Ra.nt. T'pset heod numbe r "o
-rFOR RENT:-u-.lnefshed o apne-bedroom1-i Dit t llY5imen.
seg reept apoctran e yyaMi r Moe boaCits advac Qf ~a, -L.E:-i 2o-bedroom apartment, Iecln localoan Feds- ULJ No.n r.nd28itksed;-c Wy Russi.a- T;e-UST aeTm ennu tob ninth. d5. Ja01iwte. gydAvt. N. Tel351 unv plainind t qesiraised a- littte seingre
i suy r dte .t. a -ssaid the. hV. r. .CbeTel,2h o4. T.,ALELERNI
nd t e spread -mod elbot Rae --r .. IFOR RENT:- Mb eru u m, 2ode fN tn, epo n ge e rs ia 'e a k w ca
aI c t o esa bo g OR SALE:--Very reasonable price nis -e om apartment c ,- .**in og. r e sonu adt, .. ws i o tat
e cmai bmoe L OiC Beautifulm modern and comforabje5l et style,. incloing everything i AR OW, a Russian diplomat l.aa u t n h-
German si were sO- a ti-. w" ",ert he.s "a n _
ouAthe 'AL ZON"c .ol Fine opportunity for a fa:l, o.f aporTments, unhurnshe. aceo !. e, o a yet last Aug 0-
Spain. .I ol. S ...e I man.t. Phne 22969. 2 -29461 v- N !2, UtugLP StrReet,.O a' I" W f m si. xth rti.dsT "i...O SALEI-esienc ree- i, 2om GRarge "We" I *-1511 0W

." t l" eh d t w t ny Te. 133 S. 9a A...M-okf trh fr h w e h uI

M=t' anyhew .. !fflIIl

SE ,Letasi an )r 510o n sales &r delivery work.
d W0 &' a COMPANY iskiedsU_&firm in Ponam Cit Os f -
MO2 requiresnseuvc fg oPiananotk B i.-
ingual eccouing Cek, Good pos-
%WIbfiil for f'relled man. Write 3 .1In-_
---- bm. .attaching photo. Box TP-. Il V .b--: i .. 1 I
5' 4 I I --::. -....". : i "- ""




. .. .. .,, ....


* ).I -
*1- ~
9. .'.~.
4 ~ .4,-.-.'
*'-.~ t-. 'r


smugriiai (a Ipubca a Wk u ,
iMs lm edo thi p es Matia where he was the a *te e.
. ,.'5$,ls the roe, while hi. partner, 't -iktLab, dfvs

.'1/4_ -. 'i' fj' *.tj.ig '

S" *

yet. oieny had told him he
couidnst r sure, but that maybe
om troii w?,h wee dueod
mis parents werS born b Poland.

I Bond Deductions

Reduced To Asist
Low-Income Buyers
A new plan for .Nhaing
lUited states SaviW g bonds
through voluntary- .w ly
deuct ibons a s low as 9.75 has
beoh ,bonhounee hby the O'te
of t Comptroller as f con-
veMnlce to Panama Canal
Company-Government employee
Whoe salaries are In the lower
ftof. grpoups.l
The revison of the. payroll
deUtion plan for the pP--
abhse of bonds ws made ol.

d it five
The do-I

ts annual public meeting..
Wil IR. Pce and gugene I.
Askew were eIq d to e board
and Will 0, An, public rela-
tdons dire r the Panama
Canal Co ant P. A. White.
chief of the P. 0. DredgIng Divi-
slop Were elected as new rmem-

The board pnd members of
the participating agencies ex-
reed their apprelation to
Leonard irock~Mn for the work
he acpomplrhed as chairman of
the boerd of directors In 1952
and 19m.a

New USARCarib
Engineer Named
Col. Willia W. Smith, Jr.,
has been atSed to the post of
U. 8. Army ribbean ainz-
fleer, nulanfl. Col. Charli eR.
B7tumwhQ left the coMn-
mnd eatly week for the
United Ae ad retirement.
former tutve officer un-
der Bathrust, Smith, who was
born in Washington, D. C., and
Is a graduate of West Point.
arrived in the command in
May, 1952.
Smith came here, from the
Engineer School, Fort Belvoir,
Va., where he served as chief
of the Operations Division.


,*; ., -. \. -. .
'* '". O .

., o ,. 9 fL"

4001 AN 08 **4 '" lf
id *6* um.
*',11 f :


<' ',. .. ,i i ** '. ._ .

1.S r .

. W4 fle
e esS


'!r' i .'u -

-. .. -.- F
J .

_1. ....1 rr7~-3cr- '-' F- 1 '' y I c


S I Ih




4 1.

-. -V
.$4 ?.A..
I ---. ~. -



1 3

4. :'
x;~. .~
I. I
p.'..-, I
-. -t

A -'* ttA~


t .t .
L "
, ,.

I '

.i .



..*A. 'jo


. .'* ;
*- '- *.. -4.4 -
, -t .. u ....

- t-~-.
.4. ~4

S -T T -- P : i;t'.

* s'.
':\ .\ 4...:



V *,.

A g
a -~- u... ak..' ~






4y9" I4l4ai.^a

I Si

4'.-. '-4.

St .4



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, .4

ii.-. .''
9 .4

A.. L.WtkM

j-* eau* 'tips



a R. -f

, 53q


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- 4 ..

i ~I ~_____ Il~_r _1 ~___ ~

~ ----- ---- ----- --- I


---- --

-- -- -- -


| I I I -"

.r LT "


:i :


"4I -

3 1: '. -'. '.
." -

.A',. -.

.: 1 I "' P.,*AN.A A AMERICAN
--^^MMM --W ---- I _r tl-m

19 .au. J. -u, Q'-w, 378
.: 4:,. .**. .. y ,... .

A't ..g
A farewell buffet supper was t Range at re
ames Brook, boyfriends and fellow _lbouse re
n to bonor Mr. and Me. .i i:t are rin,
tomorrow to make their home. I, ,
r. Dameron, who has been on Mrs. Arthur B, Busbey Mrs.
Isthmus since 1941 except for Irl Sanders, Jr., and Mi Lee
of duty in the U. S. Navy Butg. -
World War II. recently re- f
his position ps supervisor Ensign And Mrs. W Ulams ,"
a. o Northern District and man- Annouae BJth Of Daughte l
a the Cristobal 'Clubhouse. Ensign and Mrs. Arthur Wil-
DameroLr has also resigned lams, of Coco Solo annoau.. the
t. ,uon with the faculty of the birth of a son on Tuesday Iarch
ta School. 2, at the Coco Solo Hospa. V
are sailing with thqir Ensign Williams is state d atI
d.u r, Nancy Sue, and w go te Co Solo Naval Stat with en
to nna after a short vist in the U S. T1ibHlier. -.' j
e *in
buffet table was centered Emblem Club Meeting D
w: ivid sprays of bougainvillea. The Cristobal Emblem Club No. na
Wilson Crooks, Acting Com- 52 held its regular meretil at the
Services Director present- Knights of Columbus Holee with C
r. Dameron a solid gold belt Mrs. Jane Huldquist prodding.. F
e as a remembrance from The other members protent in- ,,
friends. Mr. George Marceau eluded: Mrs. V e r a Faggrberg, dl
rented Mrs. Dameron two fig- Mrs. Dorothy Facer Mra, Ann M
Bs, the balloon man and womr- Maner, Mrs. Geraldine Cllucci, an
as a bon vpyage present from Mrs. Dotha Cougher, Mrs. Mar- M
e participating in the party. guerite Larrison, Mrs. T h el m a
er fifty friends of the popular Wainlo, Mrs. Marguerite Ashton.
ple' were present. Mrs. Fanny Kaplan, Mrs. Millie M
S -- Reccia had Mrs, Tessle Lowde' t
rs-Share ce
nors At Luncheon Carnavalltq At The "Y" joi
Mrs. H. H. Stansbury, of Catons- A Carnavelito will be held at'tbe a
e, Maryland, and Mrs. C. M. USO-Y tomorrow evening at 8:00
bridgee, of Norfolk, Va., shared p.m., with Gus Trym's Band fur- pa
ors at a luncheon given by nishing the music. Cu
W. A. Thorn at Quarters No. There will be dancing, entertain- SSc
the Coco Solo Ntval Station. ment and prizes. Br
; '- Stansbury is the houseguest Fr
niece and family, Captain Station Card Party L.
rs. N. M. Head of Coco Solo, Mrs. J. D. Hereford and Mrs. Lu
S rs. Etheridge is visiting her A. L. Maccubbin were hotesses Ga
|u ter and son-in-law, Captain for the regular meeting of te Sta. an,
and: Mrs. W. A. Thorn. tion Ladies at the Coco Solo Offi- Fr
Sc-- ers Club for an afternoon of
,Duplicate Winners cards.
The Atlantic Bridge Club held its Sixteen ladies played bridge and ,|
weakly games at the Margarita canasta. La
Clubhouse, with the following
members. being the winners for Former Resident Decorated
th, evening. By Department Of The Army in
.Tortland South: 1. Miss Jeanne Mrs. Nadine Robinson, wife of
Do'ie and Mr. Harry Friedland; Major Donald H. Robinson, assis- Hi
,. J4l4us Loeb and Irving Gill; 3. tant preventative medicine officer, U1
Citain and Mrs. R. K. Y. Dusin- AFFE, was presented the Army's
.:e;. highest civilian award, the Medal A and West: Mrs. Julius Leob of Freedom, for her work at the in
O1 0. 0. Brown; 2. Captain and Severance Hospital in Seoul. bot
JE Brc
,, Wi den

b. ,O, /W~ /
" '' /Woo7


Mrs. Robinson 'volunteered for
he non-paying duties. and in Aw.
ust 1952, began caring for the Ko-
aan il and instructing young Ko-
ean girls in.the Science of Nurg-
The presentation was 1de by
ajor-G e a e r a Bale dlee,
hif Surgeon AF :.
Major and lrk. R. le were
formerly stationed, on .e ,Gold
out, when he ws -atthebd4 to
e Medical Staff of the ,CO= Has-
tal. They are now' stationed in
otarlans Entertain
Iidng Governor
The Colon-Cristobal Rtary ClubI
itertained last evening with a
inner meeting at the Hotel Wash-
gton to honor the Governor of
strict 110,. Francisco Ruiz Fer-
indez, of Alajuela, Costa Rica.
loir Enteztains
or Members
Mr. and Mrs. .William B. Mid-
emas gave a dinner at their
margarita residence to honor Dr.
id Mrs. Jack Randall and Mrs.
ary Worley who are leaving the
lantic Side.
The members of the Choir of the
argarita Union Church also too4c
is opportunity to present a mis-
llaneous shower to Miss Mat-
ire Price whose marriage will be
social event of local interest.
Those who participated in the
rty were: Mr. and Mrs. Ross
nningham Mr. and Mrs. L. T.
huberg, Mr. and Mrs. Joh n
own, Mr.. and Mrs. Worden
ench, Reverend and Mts. Henry
Bell, Mrs. Clara Barber, -Mrs.
cille M. Flenniken, Miss Jessie
rdner, Miss Alice Chambers
d Miss Carline Taber and Mr.
ank Dougherty.

Ist 1907 Houses

Old Crislobal

p For Demolition
total of 23 houses located
varlous Canal Zone .towns on
th sides of the Isthmus are
ted for demolition soon and
* being offered for sale to
e highest bidder by the Pan-
a Canal Company.
'he list Includes six four-
mily houses, in Old Cristobal,
c last of the 1907 houses in
it ar"a. They are located jon
oad and Market Streets.
therer houses to be sold and
polished include seven old
irters located in the old aec-
n of Rainbow City; a one-
ry frame structure on Light-
use Road in Gatun; five two-
ry houses on Schoolhouse
ad in the local rate town of
agres; two one-story houses
I or)e two-story house In La
SaP at a r-family, two-story
ul AnV-B oatPlate.
rhe house in Gatun and the
use in Balboa are the last to
demolished in the two areas
the present. The Gatun
ucture iE the last house built
or to 1943 left In that town-
fork on the demolition and
fWYal of the houses must, be
itpletd within 60 to 90 days
Stiw .OR.te the contract is
araed, .' =one remaining old
..e UKilBalboa Flats area,
!ever, ut be removed be-
ldafo i&iW-the buildings listed
I be' opened at 10:30 a.m.
rch 1.2 fi the office of the
petintendent of Storehouses,





--Bid forms with full particulars
0pay be obtained by prospective
buyers at the office of the
Superintendent of Storehouses
or from the- housing Managers
Dn Balboa or Cristobal.

_*_ Londn To Get

"WAR PAINT" Color!

,M "Fliit To Toawier" Technicolorl

M GARITA 6:15 7:50

at. "LurrsA IT AGAIN"

CRIW OBAL 6:15 1:00

sat. "TOeH gOn"o

SOa9e f0 Late

Kig eorge VIA
LONDON, March 5 (UP) A
statue of Queen Elizabeth II's
father, the late King George VI,
will be erected in London, the
National: Memorial Fund an-
nojuncqd today.
Tho-.propdsed site will remain
egL4 t until the Queen returns
ft er world tour and gives
-T announcement said $280,-
as been set aside for mak-
e statue. Altogether $4,-
has been subscribed to
and. The remainder will be
uted amone various char-
organizations helping
S *lHd~ren and old people.
a'# --

BALB Alt-Condtined k
DMALBU0A4:bo, 6:25, 8:20 Vp j


S- C A Z 15 1:2


.. i mommuW 0:15 7:

imh K, m wm.
4e Se.-tm Yua
Wi .tteS.
t we"uh aufato

SCRAM They're rushing the ueas ,Io the ltea of
Donaueschingen, Germany, are anxious to scare winter away.
The practice of the "witch" demonstration datfaback to the days
when it was believe that evil winter spirits wire chased-away
... by rattling, shouting and wild W p4qg..

IT'S NOT MATCHLESS-Paris gendarme GOge spDussaus,
say displays a model of the famed Rouen Cathedral which he
created of matchsticks. It took him three months to finish the
masterpiece, which is currently on exhibit at the- Police Art.
Show in Paris. ,i

"HARD STUFF" PAY-OFF-Officers of a Salina, Colo., building
and loan association have a back-breaking job after a patron de-
cided to pay off a mortgage with 3000 silver dollars. The unnamed
payer, saved the'money in her home for several years and made
the lump payment. Shown taking the money to the bank: C. H.
Kelleher, president; Theo Jacobs at the wheelbarrow, and Alice
Chinn, secretary.treasurer. Standing in the doorway ready to
accept the money is banker J. Ford White.


~t 1111M~tiII

Show: 7:00 & 9:M'u
.60, and .3"

-* -


A Wonderful Pidjtr.f


Visit Our Snoc'k S.t

o rtce Louse
Campben, tk he -pNi un tr
expeOt their *ecad a
month." Then it's i caer mie-
back for pretty Louise. It was Hor.
ace who almost fell out of hb
chair when he saw a British moie
on TV the ether night: "No *One
wore a trench-coat and no one
drove a Jaguar."
I ke Being A Creep

Peter Lotre shed his Merchant
of Menace title to play a role with
humor in "Beat the Devil," but
he's not beating his chest in rage
over night-club comics who stall
satirize jim as a creep.
Let the Impersonatdrs slit
throats and barbecue babies under
urple spotlights, Lorre loves it-
leer after leer. He's been a star
for 20 leers-I mean years-and
he says:
"I give credit to these nightclub
creeps. They've kept my name
alive. They work for me for noth-
tsck in Hollywood for the first
time in four years, Lorre will be
on the lUght-comedy side again In
Walt Diseny's "20,000 Leagues Un-
do the Sea." le's been. emoting
In anglknd and Germany, where
he married a pretty movie press
ag.entThey nave a year-and-a.
halffold daughter.
"It's fantastic," says Peter,
about the child. "She looks like
me yet she's pretty."
Litnd Christian isn't through
with her movie career by a long
shot. When Mrs..Ty Power didn't
set the world afire in "The Happy
Time," it was whispered that e
would forget abou. -iJCker fame.
But she recently tested for -the
new Martin-Lewis comedy, "The
Big Top."..'. The Corinne Calvet-
John Bromfield parting for- the
second time--omes more itder
the head of publicity, thn hones)-
to-gosh marital woe. .., Ther's
position W aUion wivith AMy
Khan ,n Gene Tierney's uide. Her
mother and brother are dead set
against her marriage to the Mos-
lem prince.
N New hole fdr Sn 'R

Burt Laneaster has taken his
first step toward breaking out as
a classical stage actor by option-
lug "Zorba The Greek," a reeent
best-seller. He plans to tour the
country in the role of a Greek


perfect inodelor-uens at the-'
Wash. The eUldre; left to rig
Wckhit CM eapb dd, and i
idy models of t'eik pit ani

WhoSart Glean

SELF SERVICE-There's ne need for sales personnel in this,
department store in Moscow's Red Square, according to official
Soviet sources. The customer selects merchandise on display InI
the showcases, but they are unable to handle or closely examine
the items. -ldeptiflcation tags coWe WApdg to 4Brbe on,
the displayed merchandise m .taken t..m a..aRc. n.trete theI
case. Te tag to given tea cse onateianah u
t th,..u- .-


sPOTrr Vialou Twy
Moo t back-rp *erea,

br put an Mff-.nel tagu
__ q th-mo-ie .i.a)B.

W. pri w~f..'

1:2;E, Spectacular BibiJcal Dramal


M TGI no
.... 'ad


II As:



: ." ..-

Robert Ran, In -,
."On Dangf e GO unS"
Robert Osarke, in

v #Et* A
aw .. PSOoAr
lltlil .l'i a

DSfA O.., -$125.00 Cash and Free ofat 5 anJ 9
Vivnii Leigh, in "A Streetcar Named Desis.

I Hit NI.

niAT'! .


*The Lo : e

IL. *
..b "

4 ~...-r -- '.4 --
V 4.4.4.~ -


54'4A1. 4."~.
- S -

lijLO HTS. -m- Late Show
TONIGHT 10:30 P. M.

-.-- --

[Pa ama Canat C Jnea ers

U; ______________ p

ABLO HTS. 6:18 8:1 edro Tuel ,:15 1:33
S* Colleen GRAY / Howard KEEL
ABRB JET" -- Color "KISS ME KATE"-Color
sat. "KMS MKII KATE Saturday "ANGAREE"

A8 0 A

. ..'*





-*\ .


Aiure ome r 4q

l lye VeJv^lt Thailand

S .

Turns In Lower '53 Profifs

'O1aOLULjV CU')-'The Hawal- profits on a drop in sugar pri
ian sugar indtry produced a rec- -durng the months that the tjaw
cord-.breaki crop in 19B, but the ian sugar was being marketed.
plmtatoi s reportede a drop in per- Donald MacLean, presddeat
mton net rr f the Califoria ann Hawii'n 1
The ..aweao i Iegar Planters' flM Corp.,. saidd mohaset.'pri
Association reported a yield of dropped bee a use of audant
S1,00,323 tons of ;,ne harvested if "eiand &. t. made by the pet
Sthen -tw lath year, a y. ug
vest. Yet the lIads's refift Hawaita plantations last y
mad rtreU, etfgai'lioVs 04S4r were te world's highest paid
Smate hat pfI _from eact o icuItUral Workers on a year
of rodtae aiitledonlyJ.a round besto. The alL tLd hi,
cor oni t r e i0 S p1.;s Nktielast 1,ptemberniw
1,,** .a-t : =- /ag WT daily.for p1 lnE t
-| Pif~aftts fc-Wprod;aB;m workers.a- TiMa .LVO
J porft'bt Wi tlfla, thg HSPA said, eds4
41a to_.7' 1 a day. The 1932 averaj* 1
J u. oeB siad4 soai s ws $.70 for sugar wwi
as f'iinr The ..rMiort.ybv th HSPAi'

--. -.- -- -
; -" ,. .- "
N Y, 6flC-(NEA) -- Televi- She started out to be a ballerinn
sion ii having Frankenstein trout -and she was pretty good. "But you
the TV masternifids, having .annot Lng e jauc. m i
hly -keed, have discover ballet." Snie. dwitched o'aim .
aarecha : it is 0. as beautfut sp. the
Ta, S bf": Shp tkes tlie beauty of
edea vd-Ud- the'ob'aet and the much money of
ed that if a .show doesn't offer the movie. She'll: ie t have both.
an opportunity for eloc*o*' t ikk- That'sla .vie, kid.
ery, aute to it. .
My speolic c amplalht is a de-, Wheb. ot TV arrives tJ pro-

vice caid "pr.recording.'.' This
meahs at singers "record their
numbers before- a show, then ju
mouth the words of the.
camera. t
them roam eQ the
show, without
ae's rangsom,
lips to .so5 r1
It 1 kow a show hae=b! pre-
ded, I'd rather go apd

"Wrgeu" vas, DiMet's
master in "Down You Ge," Js
ex-ert 2- sielaasc faiesg Aftr
SeallMes y agahist falHug for
l"tegn '. ey" frsm India.
= l,. t r y la g -

!a liqboe blue

grants 1. s e s-f te rsebw
will mostly be two h4*srs leaig. Tl

or halMfho r ww.
, wVe..U wrkweAt color. but
the iBt seeessarily was red
hm(, tee*
One big network just wasted
lot of dough. They planned a show
based '.', astrology. A sponsor was
retdy. tAllag.,iod atdd-At e
FCC said no astrology on our air-
waies. The network thinks tile FCC
was born under the. sign of the
At a I erary .party, Ben Laele
Dhur vim.o Wvat the re at
.,-.nltat .--aVe- !- L p M.- of

ol.n.t t AOrt mes
Invite Others
To Nd'On Assits
f*t tx, March 5 (UPI -
Colopal Airlines. Inc., announc-
ec today an Invitation ha been
etelnded to etern Air unes
i ato -al ALi bmes to submit.
- ofem tor the purchase of

J. ..a l -

~'r i

- ~ A-- -

* ..... '&.L' r

i :.. 3 -;', .:.. Z .

V w .m--z"xuuwr F AFWu m1 OF yor -
MO-J^ondon St440tulo Retal
S10:S- t u w of PC 49
r O Nesat

:2:05--The Owl'k Nest (contd.)
S 1:00-.S 8 Off
. Tomorrow, Sturday, Miarh C
- 6:00-Alen On The Alarm
M-eek Club
'7:0--'The Alarm Clock (contd.)
7:30-JTaz Salon u
8:15--Strietly Instrumental
8:30-BBC feature
0:15---Glad to Meet You (BBC)
9:30-As I fee It
ces O-0-Nf the ORecord
.ai- ll:0--Ifwas !
S11:05--Off the Record (contd.)
; 1:30--Meet the Band
Re- 12:00-News
les 12:05-New Ttmn"Tiine
TO- 12:--popular Music
io l:O--Nlews
by 1:1S-The Personalit Parade
ear :4-The DPavidRtose Show
to 2:00--Th1ronh the Sports Glass
- 2:15-A Date for Dancing
Ih 2:30--Aftermoon Melodies,
or. 2:45--.Battle of the Bands
io 3:00-MuAec for Saturday
S 3:30- Meeting of the Mind,
e 4:00-ipre tRev evew.
ay 4:30-What's Your ravoite '
er. 5:30-NeWs
low 5:35-What's Your a v o r i te
set :- ( contd.)
s 0:00-Lest ,We Forget

S7:3O--1t from the UT.S.A
Irst 8:00- -lW erwork from France
the 9:0'0- ILps mHIT PA-
:a 90--The saturday Night Juke
zded Box Club
lg -0:00- Tomny N es and his
SlO:3"o-ymp- t-xaa,. U.S.A.
1 i:00- 0'Owl's Neat

12:05--TO Owl's Nest (contd.)
1:00-Sign f01
ExplanaUon of Symbols
BBC-British Broadcastlng Sye
RDP-Rad-ldlffusion Pancaise
VOA--Voice o :Amerloa

IN ^EW POT-Vice. Adm.
i Thomas Sel Y Combs s the
new commander of the V. 8.
Oth Fleet in the Mediterranean
area, succeeding Vice Admt.
, John H. Cassady. Admiral
Combs has been in charge of
.the 2nd Fleet in Norfolk, Vas

. -v.-

_ : e
nowk- We 1LI''J~- ^~-
Soi- v ^*4 i-i~:jHM

-. ,
.. ." ......- -. ,-.... .

ai "..,r B

I "Thetrical
44 Male child .

"" .a. I, '

e Cal. ~. l, c a'
M r m ^b a1
S Trld thombdme 'J_ nal
G f l__t tri ldk .. .ch ...h. w ii 1 O* t~4I 3 W U

-"Ge -300

r BMuid wdeiesT6 Mwe
tw wifo Calo t iem Au.) fleow le the ysbcr and.
her .asevenb Bombardment lasrst AU 'An-lBrmI National
so-a ofcm fore ch dies. Pr a .FgaaeYther gtDU

inlsmn bus i s together In t summer of next
Wof h ar but m e mem fts showed up.year.
ma ser have th Seventh Mrs. Hilaman i wifeho works s av

t A do. et I" shell
heri, s. I(:( .e lt.h.. or-a.lefirst

n a few ristm-a-so," Mrs. Hime in yrr," said flman
sMore to is morme ddesses Maga e PTailore to
and "the just grew and they atomhv ned another product

grew.s with a ature-the uummer of ner-
'"Now write on the ae sut of st:dy o eama' witlemao

three letters a day-sometime- 25 lead-ce e-,teel.
when I get besind-to more than The lony, tubular vault-which

300 former group members In ev- comes equipped with a handle and
as Rio ed Janeiro Japan and Ger- st aimp l he. transportaon andtr et-

many," soe adtha. storage of radtoattve materials.
Hil n servewal Held uranium, as' w as san, who works as

The Hillama"s are always trying which keep radium for the treat-
to contact T remembering ho ent of atiet can use the vault.

may N to her Ir tersa Virtuaflyj cble, the fire-
starited wtetght1 of er oeliea safe place

Ymth PWr ad? Aor s no1 Unea iroflm

nOham!e asao ISet is 'ad v eub. Te house-
thaatHe a e e holder -Way family papers
tflee onad and pnclo gt in the vault.

bee p moes ad. -at Te 3Ejysl>' raTges upward in
Sr and e t ong unit
-r*--+ t'l'I i .. .. rult I a

i Xo0-n 8 a lsoteh kinmg de-

e re design allows ex-
andet adted wot stoeg .. back .

an fIndste Mrs.eHillerimen wit
krew." 3W whith keporadn fohre athe sueat-

aon 'Meat rhd-t jmuos rew han uethe lom, there vault.
300 former group members in ev.- comes eqiped with a handle and
ery state in the .nalioaand as far rests on a flat base-is designed to
as Rio ed Janeiro, Japan and Ger- simply e.te transportation and
men e.ddedBmant | storage od radoiotive rgateriads.
l ieunio Held 'uraniurn, 8141'wee- as hospitals
to contact *ofvtrememibering how meat o!fpatie.ts, can use the vault.


tra resistance to severe shock. The
container combines the high mo-
lecular density and shielding prop.-
erties of lead with the physical
strength of steel. The lead coat is'
chemically bonded' to the steel.
(Knapp Mills, Inc.)
An extra-soft rubber heel for
men's shoes has been developed to
make walking easier on the [eet
Resembling the oinary rubber
heel, the neo item is light enough
to float in water. It's twice a* soft
as most. heels and has a.water-
proofed 'wood gore to permit easy
attaching ,tothe halaid6. the
shee. ,



.., ... .- .,, .'..... .. ,

iiation l 0 a Q19
nal Z a, ..l.: ,a:
SSatu r '" a

c9'bu the clId wu n

ow be used a traln m
John W. PW.,Pa .e.1, h
el HaroldB. C 01 n
fmall, Arthur J. M : Kefe* ';Vr-
Verneel A! L TEt v aan
res. Robert W keko IA erd

d B. Walker. James A. Ras-
socks, Pearl E. Ford *d Dad i
T. Poster. The last 'fim en
nacity as truinees am4 agsetait
intructor ine, the course.
The local coflanll was also for-
tunate uto hae a trani team
ful for the lelp of utma p re
omall, Arthur J. Mmeunit wI.
VerOal ADOs. h tl4 -r4, J n-iD'

conducted a cl ftw in.eigehey
first aid W Rbe r, Asba acout
Rexecutive for omiUer, ~BSA
who gave leLtlra on 8" 0An
T. rftivdu. The al otofve menrw

commissentioned seorve o dual 801,
nwhat Instrueted In the oulae. .on

program planIng for trocyp --%.I
many pointers in. hiking ani
The camp was closed 'o
Thursday in the afternoon, aft-
tr the cam dirlc tor had gives
fwal f to the Ie pwing train-
ommunitteef "oka a Fltst. Wel

scout iAthur J. C aKen De
fene harmann the un q oe AW e
conducted AB cl In.d evTen enoy
exenutljute for Ooand erneel 80 4.B

Bushelo (aveletr oa "sterl)wl
anm clarencd te Rone Tht, dcontrict-
teomm nis tothe r Counril 801,
while Evinetrued Walker wlas cre-

terogram pbingthe fbe troo reen-
fative of brotherhood.
tatlve of brotherhood.

Food for, every taate plpared
Masterr., no snack bar, this, but real
dinner, served buffet style.

Only 13.50 per person

For weekend pleasure, It's the
never better than now in dry.
season. Totnmy Nufez' Orches-
tra plays.


A Kirkeby Hot

I htad iovr


1090 Kes. 1230 1c4


pu. ..

F ,


A?- *. *
, -.." -,

'-f ..'
*= r. '



. .a. e -

.' 5.
- ~




* -.5




.. ---

-- A t .- r ..

At. 7 P,-ALSI V

S That's when our wt ut


S to .d ,delight lofalpatrons
ond visitos from atroad. ".,


I '.-

^. S- : .
L VA .

- -. .

.. C--M~

- ; I T -- i


Everything call .ted. to:a ml.e ,,
roUnds the ,guew. C.l lovly, I aIt-eit -
patio swept by ecool dry"e ,
.. .the ripplin tn ,e of '
Toreadors and LuNaho A ar 'e r-
gan. and crowning all -.. e bantiful,
delicious buffet of Choe Mullerl


.L I '

ions Qaw Chi

wiendegu, Angli Main

Contenders In $150 Race

he Cuadra Mexico's reportedly high-priced
British thoroughbred Lion's Claw is an almost
Sth imous choice of the local selectors to win to-
fmotrow's $750 seven furlong sprint for a mixed
,grraup of "B" and "C" imported horses at the Juan
Fraco rate track.
'l's Claw wil] have a decid- In this race, Welsh Fox, Cara
'tdge in the jockey depart- de Gato, Sedur. Discovery, Vanm-
ioiltjtHe will be ridden by lead- viresa and Piropo II all-rate a-
sift 'ockey Bias Agulrre while bout even.
hext best rider In the race. A photo, .may be necessary to
'ean Victor Ordofiez, will oe decide the winner of this race.
outsider Tanger. However, we hope that It it Is
gideguz. which is considered as close as the Discovery-Paverm
ost to be the Claw's most finish of Monday that the finish
erous opponent, will be un- judges will rot make an unsat-
guidance of the usually Isfactorv decision as in that In-
le Aurelio Mena. stance.
2rA fther top contender An-
;..wilnbe ridden by In-and ip
trFortunato Hidalgo Jr. An-Juan FRanc Tips
will race in an entry withP
e orly erformin e Scvtha. BY CONRADO
ir is apparently off form -
recent races have been olden BoundFilon
3-Golden Fan Sixala
a confirmed 'lon shot 3-Oceap star Vilarreal
will complete the five- 4-Lad Moon Tap Lady
ed. 5-Donny Boy Fairlyable
other interesting races 6-Legal Frolic Royal Signail
included on the card, The 7-Silver Domino (e) Baby Rol
nih race, a seven furlong dash S-Our Fancy Aogu de Oto
Eor Clas iE moorts, is uroba- 9-Pavero Grist.
)y the 'ost evenly matched on 1--Sedur Piropo II
he progr4m 11--Lion's Claw Scythia (e)

* 1"


Rotary, Execs

In Extra Inng

11-11 Deadlock same

stanslna s
Execs ..:............ .. 3 1
Rotary ............. 1 3
The Panama Rotary and Exe s
softballers played to an eight in- 11 to 11 tie ball game yes-
terdav afternoohf intheir weekly
It was an real old-fashioned
slugfest witn thu Rotarians get-
ting 16 hits and the Ixecs co!-
iecting 17 base knocks,
Dick Nelson, Bill Schmitt and
Abad were the heavy hitters fo,
Rotary wileach man collecting
three hits four trips to tne
platter. 8cintt hammered out
a bases lojp ed hiwrn in the
Mixth to W .amens a six
run bule at tha point .
"Rosy" Fred Mead, fllling in
St first for the absent "Oaucho'
Baldwin, led the i xecs t the
)late. collecting tour hits in five
trips. Bill Wifk ad a three-run.
homer in the otonm of the sixth
to give the Execs the tying runs
of the game. Bart Blich and
Herb Newhouse helped out witn
three hits in five trips.
The Exec s showed a snappy
doubleplay combination, reeling
off three doublepiays to halt Ro-
tary rallies. e. Hp DehlUa-
cer. hot corx:er Ruardian for the
Panama lads, set a' team record
in fielding; having seven assists
and a couple of near misses.
Ray Wilsoi went seven innings
.or the Execs with George RiUp
pitching the eighth while "Wan.
dering Dick Nelson went all the
way for Roary.
The box score:
Panama Rotary AB IH
Scadron, lb.,..........4 21
Abad, C ............... 4 2 3
Gerhardt, cf ....... 4 2 2
Schmitt, a........ 4 2 3
e, If ............. 5 1 2
&5ehlinger, Sb .......... 4 0 1
Glickenhaus rf ....... 4 0 0
M0dence, 2b ........... 4 1 1
Nelson, p .............. 4 1 3
33 11 16
Helmerichs, rf ......... 3 0 0
Campbell, rf ........... 1 0 0
Ml.W p., 3b ............ 5 2 2
M lb .............. 5 3 4
S .............. 5 3 3
Newiouse. ef .......... 5 1 3
fnsworth. If ......... 4 0 0
W"i. c ............... 4 1 3
legiiner, 2b ........,..... 4 0 1
W3P .............S 3 1 1
8R ,.o., p ........... 1 0
40 11 17

Pacific Divisional

Softball League

Teams W
Cervecerta Naefonal 4
Army Transportation 5
National Distilleries 4
Pan Ideal ......... 4
Navigation ......... 4
Navy .............. 4
'Ordance Club 15 .. 1
Quarry Helights ... 1
7465th Engineers ... i
Commis. Tom Collins. 0



hE YOU GO1NG?...-.ordham's Bob 2teese (1) plays police-
.o ton LU Salle'sgo Gola.lnd breaks up a try for a basket in
seat Phildelpiid. -The referee, aloag with the cameraman,
however,caught thi id GCola got a-foul shot. (NEA)


Sunday, 9:30 a.m.: Comm;s-
pary Tom Collins vs Ordnance
t;lub 15.
Tf s p.n.: Commissaay
tatio ns vs Army Transpor-
Tuesday, 5 p.m.: 7465th En-
gineers vsa erveceria Nacional.
Wednesday. 5 p m.: Pan Ideal
v1 Navy.
'Thursday,. .m.: Army Trane-
porthtion va Navy.
League Meeting
Today, at 5:30 p.m., La Boca
Ball Park

Navigation, 14: Navy. 8
The Navigat!on lads ferried their
way to a stLtnniip 14-6 decision
ever Navy to mote within strik-
ing- distance of a berth in the
four-team championship sei'i-
Of the Paeific Divisional Softball
The Thatcher Perry traffic:
handlers pushed across a run in
the first inning, added two in
the second and chased Holne.n.
'he losing pitcher to the show-
4is in the third with a six-run
barragP. Davis came to the res-
cue but yieioed a lone tally In
the fourth-and opened the Rates
for a 4-run upraiing in the fiftn
NavY ha4 a bir 6-run splurge
in the third but thereafter were
subdued by pordon. the winning
pitcher. who rave up 6 hits whi.e
t-is mats banged away for 14


rxuns: a ujsaajj 1414
Seymour Agency v&. 1J-14
Tarua rac mftsrnufmfttbtPnAHoj



Dan's Dilemma s

Dan's peckets had no Alve

Por some money be wi as i Mlut
rben a P. A. Want Ad Ib
Got a Sob.. aow w*b 9 elghted:


I. h~t.-flgwI

B a third
Bank .by
i.kera 9-,
Band won
st won .

Cta t '-._ "ddownto l
tsaoreess the last ee in. lto extra b its
wee 'also the biggest blows o
th game:
Vernon Sndera started Fort
Kobbe oft alth a two run-homer
Uin the firtInning, but the Kob-
be youngsters failed to hold the
lead. .. ,
Henry Lavender doubled in the
winnips run for Curundu. David
Bean lt theee for three to
pacete Fort Kobbe attack.
,The lte score; .3 "
curundu 60 302-6 8 1
Fort Robbe 212 000-5 6 3
Batteries.: Curuidu Chas-
sin (WP) a. d Aaato. Fort Kob-
be Sanders (LP) and Burke.
Fort Clayton combined six-
-hits with sx 'i* errors to
win their a Clay-
tOn. -' ", "
A five-run f!pC ing and a
So~ur-rouae fiu. taie provided
Cayton witt'.purgin of
slotwry. Weoatn struck for
three tallies in Ut'firt and ad-
ded a pair in the third and
fourth n1hd b..P ; ,.could not
holdand d
Billy Thal *I winning
hurler f t t young-
sters, while i Cabrera was
the lose Bb pr led the
Clayton at [i a pair of
-A1Mk-- IIl .-- t.-- ----,

came up wihn a I :-wuy
and knocked the l L
team out. of frsat =
Police come up with a oi ;ameu
now and then and ft alw veni
to be the spoilers in mt .aPflc
LitUe League this in..
The Cpersot poMnthe
bottom of the tt when G I
braltar scored three runs on sin-
gles by McNall, Sales and Hall
but came right back In the top
of the second tying the game
with three runs on two walks
plus single by Dehulngr and
Ammirani. The Polee Mored the
winning runs in .the ffth with
Elllot and Btrnes punching out
Freddy Roe went all the way
on the mound for the winners
scoring his second win to even
up his pitching record at two
and two. Roe allowed seven hits
and truck out .one a did, not
Pv Lny free pauses. Charley
aer t-pitched for Gibraltar,
strikinR out three, walking four
and giving up nine hits anO
suffered the loss making jls sea-
son's record three wins and
three losses.
Frankle Ammirati was the
leading hitter of the game with
three for four while Marquard
and McNall led the losers with
two for three piece.
The box score:
ab r h po
Dehlinger, rf 4 1 1 2 0
Roe, p 3 0 2 1 3
Ammirati, 3b 4 0 3 1 3
Corga 4 0 1 1 0
Scot b 0 0 6 0
Browder, 3 0 0 4 0
lliott, f 2 2 1 1 0O
Barnes, 2b 2. 9 1 1 0
Bettia, If 2 0 0 1 0
Mruard. 3b 3 0 1 2
McNall, b 3 1 2 1 2
Morri, .e 3 1 0 5 0
Rsla, 4A. 3 1 1 0 4
Hal, ib 3I 0 I,,10 0
.tger, p- A. 0 .L1 0
iRaymond, rf '1 0 '1 0 0
Brandoncf 2 0 0 1 0
Steiner, If 1 0 0 0 0
o 4 3 7 18 11
Score by Innings
Police 030 020-5 9 3
0. Life 300 000-S 17 1
Winning pitcher: (Roe 2-2).
Losing pitcher: Rager' (3-3).
Struck out by Roe 1, Rager 3\
Bases on balls: Rager 4. Two
base hit,: Rager. Umpires: Ridge
and Eager. Scorer: Reilly. Time
of game: 1:23.
Armed Forces Little Learne
Second Half
Teamn W L Pet.
Curundu 6 0 1.000
FortK obbe 4 2 .668
Fort Clayton 3 3 .500
West Bank 2 4 .33
Albrook AFB 1 4. .200
Caribbean Command 1 4 .200

lOB brasis owfn In
-York Metropolitan 1st
ate record toa
Ispo ball 3 fatI
e& The fold vab I
o n C o l u b iT 'a & a
i'n"w m e< Umht


islMT. Clfl

C.A.O,N m

r -* ..t-.


A' .-. a -


wava ftom the Yi
Cardina during- a
pute, aske the me.
first time In o Redb
at St. Peterasbrg,
ini camp. (N

tee tothkd
salary dis-
id for the
d uniform
la, train-.
A) I

Pacific Softball


of the sixth frame.
in the Liottom of the sixth,
Jimmy Pescod, te first seeker
for the Firemens. tagged a low
fly to slight left center and with
the aid of follotin wind the
ball went over. the center feld-
er's head foo a tour-baggr and
the first ta o the geae.
In the top of the seventh, Mac.
Lane, nlarr the receivi po.-
sition for te beermea, marked
a clean country mile homer to
left field to make the soro one
all. -
The PFZnen's went down one,
two, three in thu boat~as; -the
With one out, in their tgl the

etie bo s a .e: .

, ........ -, .. .. 4 1 1
vs o Itt, f ...... 4 0 0

ok p ............. 0 1
.le *3*. **.*. 1 0 0
nwr lb .......-.... 3 o
Stb .....-.*..'.:..: 0 0
rtsr. 3b ........ 0 0
rea, Tony, rf .... ..2 0 0

1 2
TiM a 0

th* l k. pbj-tos '. I1
7 '" 1a

"W'-'.e 144
t~r ~':4- -

-,- --- -
4th Race Native %j 5w.m- u 4sbm4

,Tap O 41
7 -aya; ins a 1d..1

5th BaRUs "Speeciw" 8'yeer.oldPue: 6Utflel Sapa 1:53

1-A. Fulmar F. lMdal. 108 1-1
2-Denny B0 A& V.i.. .115
4---Wirable J. Btvo 11 J-2

1--Rose mp A. Va. 110 -,,Dist g lk as

2-PL&. r; A^ 1i0 1W ii.^ ,
g:.,,l FroUc .4 guL gllS j W C -^ ,ten

l, ,- 1 ... -. ; .
6th Be "P Impertea 4%-FggU"W Pool turns: LIg
ec Bnd Is. o'. A
~'*1_L_J- n *j /'l- 'nm 3'' -i- -. x" i J

B-dptelirr gji

Blas Re "I" JI1ported M.Po.Ss+' e us..4.
s ,- -- *
1- dpOro -X. areo 110 -Usual1 d1-appofats 54
2-vernal ., 3- artolo 8. Carva. 10x-Needs better rider 10-1
4-Wild Wire F. Hidal. 110-Lakeerl 2-1
L Olral, 12-Eveya, d 3-2
--8edy edroy .OS --_reer _.y 4-1
7-Prestlgto M. Hurley 112 -Needs lI- dlortan 16-1

9th Basee "P" Imported 1/8 l.P3urb4 Wool 'u: 1:1

1-Pavero V.. Ordo. 115 -s 4-1
2-NHray Lee V. Drown lO0O;- -- .5-1
3-Grimu A. Vaa. 115 -BA:!__m even,
4-Turf Lodge B. Au. 115 -Jock 8-1
5-Carmelatl J. Bravo 115 -0.Sexna Imn- 20-1
6-Quo VaGls Graee.U118 -o toE'ts te 50-1
7-My Dear V. Castl. 110 4 -uld do better e 2-1

10th Race "E"
3-Plropo II
4-C. deo Gato
8-Welsh Fax

Imported 7 m.tante:* .00oi Poo ellos p:5:44
A. Phil. 115 ..ates far mnAe 10-1
J. Qrhuna- 11 -Culd puFM surplus 10-1
Wa 115 -Wa nevbd er 3-1
J. ftavo 118 3-Usually runnerup 3-1
SV. rown lox-est early Wteqi 15-1
'.Phil. 110 -otngtav.1 50-1
A. VaS. 115 .-JI n g fut S3-1

lith Base 'B&CA Imported 7 F .A t : -s
1-Tanger V. Ordo. 108 -Can't e overlooked 4-1
2-Lion's Claw B. gu 115 1-2
3-Benderu A. Mensa io -1o0hai1 2-1
4-(BCythia J. Chuna 108 -Poor re3t. s 8-1
5--(Angla F. Hdal. 106 -Bates i stale 8-1
S .., .


p ~1S

-. .. -. .i
. ,-


t -- .- --
- .'.."

-J i ,+..- ''_PANAMA


- '''I'' -
us ..~t..






AswfN AMioW
Uvol aw ^ u UIPERARA WTH ,WvU
OWR ? N MTOD SS,=FOR f t rUtME,.
WwtTn reV NEW MUM- JoE
.e /o O. OPO P BAUSE. E

I .' .

+ i

esAn paW sWoK.
'Dick Wret was the winning
hurler. Jbany Tacket was the
. The line score:
Carib. Comm. 334 14-15 10'1
Albrook 152 30-11 9 a
Batteries: Albrook Main,
Tackett (LP) (2) and Tackett,
Stepheps (2). Carib. Comm. -
Peret (WP) and Howe,






care how many

tsa weULn vell-
k Igeat a bril-
Amernenai.1 and Santil*hot '
Se,- who all bhig ...pol with
his ha v e-to-se-it-tobMR ee-It ..
i" .-, .team, m"rks "an.hip. '3o^ P
Clef l n, tuelky, for- No one observer picked Bevo -
ward. fPranc, the Rio Grade sharp- '
Dick RtAkettso DuuesBe:, for- shooter, an his first 'or second .
War .:. :
I Ga, louea U iU simons on all ballots are
S p .e1. u-ras : n, A '.rd. and Selvy, the season's top
Rob e pd.lq, gar4. ld duals..

D" Taco Palaz 1l ....F
Boob -SN F 066t.scwiqer. .t.
i ,-;- :. so ft b'rap- s, 16 ra- de-... C"
.lbM baq"- ne. .. .G '0n% Marshill, Wa ,i Ky.. ... i
Arnold Short Okla. City.:...G Frank Ramsey, Kentaucky ...I ,.^ K I0-

HONORABLE MENTION Littleton, Wichitta Jdin Kerr.
Co". -. nlllrnoI Paul iert, Ohio' .
Rd Ce '-f .Ible Sate; -Bob Wl~a a., Calif.- .
W., orna: swede _r ifa k; Ore
Nitagra; St. State Bob Dk Cal-
Finls;- Im T ,'DI- Itrnla; Joe Pebant, Seat-
I dilif Genue ui lind .lie; B. 8. Bom, .anAs; John / J
ik. i t ,lft" >'w roet; Horan, Dayton: Wait Walowac, l
Lor TZtRu.olii sentueky; Marshall; Bill HuU. Utah O
Chck' 4 nIei, MNlaesot*; State: non. Rvers, Wyoming; .ump
r g Nte a De Merrell Murphy, StM.V.; Ken rf0
utf Jiuset. Tenineme; Cleo Searts, Santa Clara.
S" l6 Stl e ol'iu s thoe fin- Leonard who sets up Schlundt .
e_ "1* .tundistsulaettl for $ the local man "" .+." i-ia.
oplay Inside to rbund out an All-America
o.or de,. s it oor. short, t eam because he's the vital play-
Spas le a. fast break and m ker. Coach Osie Cowles of
i thei'-in defenoaiva pleer in inesota sys, "He's .the beat
i n1e4 him at etorti4eu nhe'd defensive plser in the confe r-I. .
i as tIe bu lboouder. eones and agroat outside shot.",
t ._4_' c.UtoMW#_ Dick The tipoff is that in t he Big
SQ Ten they don't disc s, whether
|! on- 'i .le" Leonard .the beat this year...
Sof, the I ut whether he's th. st they've
is InUOS$ of rb bad.
@ no'of the 0i a disavidno. backcourt men
tih D Tkes, "- Ju5t as mention must made of Sthuso
SClIM aan the man unboat- Green of Dgeispa.le and Ar iold .
on \/ntvoky relies on In the BShort of OklaihltL City. Green
jl ,l .aia, at 8444? eriftfO et ra$ tha yIit's ottstandlng new-
but saubmetllvto .ne to uiralty basketball and
z w9 determination .nd. r ott sotw cn't w- All-Amer-
S lgl touch..": tn-; -. When
n That's w 40 ei s ro NrtM o t h 1ree. hei
suc. to oke hir Short is a22
I 4Matt-1W g n the -

known for rem
if! but coaches who'vC
rA g";~ Ids*7 aMa- ater- Choal
around value. As a ih n,
he's a shade behind Hagan of-. Giga lt. (11 ,a-
fensively. The other two join GRAUnCE ARGOF (13), Gatun's At- tur'sAtlantc side lmpoor
him on he sond tem To Retain title lntic side champion has eter- s age h entered .the
i =='"'-'_"'- ___ "--'.'.-ed the swiM meet to be bold at met to b held at the Gamboa
a Oamboa pool tonight. "Oracle" Ip tonight. Dbiddg won a flret
Ag ainst DeMarco will vie for honors not only n t. a fi
girls events but also the beaststroke In the A.A.U. meet
women She -has past history eld last year at the Gamboa
NEW YORK, March 5 (UP)of champion swimmng and was Pool A Inrestyle the
-Lightweight Champion Jim- on the A.A.U. girls relay team eleven year old champ of the
,, -a' C a rtt I-s a .top-heavy (1) which placed third in times from
favorite to retain his crown all over the Uniited States. Grace
0 In t heilrflter Paddy 13. will again swim on this team in
S tonight's nimet.
round ehampieaship jbbut ato. i o ..
i M16411" Square Garden to-
30-year-old champion
Mlud is a solid (5-7.) favorite to
h&it up his fourth st2aight
a 115-pound title. J
S I *-deAfe of the title and he
/s .. s the last The New York .-
i ,03. 0'lsvln where ZIa Gawl- .
an rfles th weltr. The ,
1 iIe Oan iO an takes the mid-
I!I llgweht crown from Bebo "
OlseO in Cieago on Apr.I 2.
/ "BE-year-old DeMarco
1 lest four fights out of seven
last year. Paddy decion"-ed
Ralph. Dpas in his emli start

ILECTRIC ALARM Dn win he mut gve p. .imned bo
CLOCK eaiseeper,

fly with milli
in, 312 Inches high with California car
cheerful, cleat bell siarS- RgY CROFT (14), Gatun's boy
champion has entered the swim
/ Ri ,:-t-- h .ime. Avai meet to be held at Oambpa Pool

a .ble:"" un l i d tonight. Ray can boast of three
able 'yur mous dial and first places in the 1983 Atlantic
Bide 4th of July meet. Not only
tie l: Wea" does he swim well but is an ex-
oellent diver having placed sec-
io 0*t.fodId wold and in the Virin A. A. U. All
state Championlmp meet beld
clcd.-' a'w: jut sum-mr.

Along The Fairways

.U'M "-A-t TOUe Rri,
.4.e W-O kmIN,, O. N

',ea "I"e Uw ," s. lct a '1, N W P 3-
td saw itn Viat 1 -" Wuwd uW

it ol. Unrait. maW i~l s -tioe'"m
1 >... .. tl .'''' :n tmt mew~d-w a, u knel..,
~~O Is -:,),h...4 .-
Oman12 t e = as U ritl
i .-- +._ ..... !it the. A O B I'
i .- .E "+n x~. _a.- ,m,, i ...+.-- .

-: -' .- '.-" '


- *---.;- P..-. -
- 7

(*4 $Z~~~4

*.-. -r.--, w i

i=. ~ ~ *' '. ", -.. '' -"'.

Hk ,*. I-.. *. ... *.... y ^. -*i l


S."ww wV -w .i

Atlantic, Pacific Twi-Loops

To Play Two AII-Star Game

Officials ot the Atlantlt and Pacific Twilight L=agmUe re
cently grrceA tp hold two All-Star games with plsys Lron
their rdtptilve le the en otheen4 of the seM. Thl firs
ilan will be played& at Ilent Hope and the seeAnd at Balba
Stadium. ,.
Thd Pacific Twilight League's team will be played by thi
fans, Fans will have the opportunity to sleet the startlil
liUneap with thy exeltion of the pitcher. PitcherS will bi
ple d by Iletige officials, The offiblae wilU al6 adleet th,
submttttte players.
Plek your startlar Haup in tine ballot at the bpttoui
this ztjcle. Cut the. blitz out sand tallit to Geoei- MIt el
Pox 1bS Ialboa Hfetlht, 9rito Walter. Hammtad, Box AI. PF
di MIu il. ou may alse6take the bAllot 16 the .al$l .0il
n: 1in %ayed iqd leavtitith the seoakteeper "
The deadline for all ballots is Mareh 1S.
Position Player Team


PA~ttICf Lease t
'Won Lost Let
S ,om. ... ...... 0 o 1 ,
.Pt ma .., .,,,...... 1 .5600
O lots ....a....... 1 1l
;Maan ..b......B S .s',i
SPalenas ilt Meaetws
The Paloman aand Motws, Fate-
1'ch Teen Azera. hooked up in i
Plul-t-est Thursday afterndoon'
at the Diable Dlemond with tae
Palonms taking the Macra 7-S.
Barber (-1.) hurled for tiWe
Palomas but -needed relief help
tromi Harlev to keep the threat- I
eunik Maaw* f"inm the platE.
Mead *f s charged with thn
I oss ls' fIrt (0O ). He pitched
ed ball. M ia was ated .'
Stwo home runs bile ln Up
"a total of ton hiA to the. e
!mat. o
Mlotz Palomm4i catcher, *ai
Idgh man fob -h .team I.t 3-4,
one a roandltr*pe, hmi third a1
the aseeon. Hots a i a- rour
stolen base. topping field th
that. dparteaint Lopes tollowrd
Closely with 2-4 sd a fine steal
whilee Curdt hbit the circuit fo-
his tit'h of the sbila further
Sniurinn his lead In the home.
run department.
T m fee, Macaw catcher
-*0poed AettinL s 3-'g.
W. Iana a .t3e .
V w' 1J~rtaen Mend
'a a. -ttaded six on
a-. WeMatcawe had four
men ief hind.
!S Doubleheader
Pi-naes vs. Clonejoa :0.
Oelot, vs. Paloma, o:00
t S. .i nw !
The bb coxe:
S Paloemas a r b pe
r Wink)uk .. 4 0 01 2
N Tot* .... ..... 4 3 3
e 1. 3b ........ 4 2 2 i
Jti, Cf ..... 4 2 1 0
f i p. ..... 0 0 0 1
lb ..z. 0 1 8 (a
2 -t4 .*.. ; o 1 1 5


.Ul L
Proi f i.eii,.t/

ain :0 .,- a 0 o
3 -.T 10. Y5

JeMatM. ..,.s 4 0
Yun If. ........ 3 1 1 u ',
ja~ ...l. i ,l O
CoTn, l2b ..... 0 0 i 1 '
Pitmai d ...... 3 2 1 1 0
T.ely, 'f .......... 3 1 1 1 o
T. Durtee,c ....... 3 1 3 3 0
1' 6 8 61 6'

*. '.',.. .

- > .

cm t~

ie studios and television shows-its sunny skies and
)ulevards. Ideal choice for a vacation, just as El Conquistador, superb
is the ideal way to-get there. Or take Braniff's fine new
service, excellent accommodations at savlhgs up to 25A. You-.
on mile pilots and a 3 billion mile safety record to
ihections in Dallas or Denver.

L<_a -., :.i N '** -.. '- _i' .' 'ii. t t I..*" ^ ^^

,. -..-' N Ai T ^ ^ L J
. .-. .....

As .-. ."
1 .. ^. .: +, .- ..
--- *1 -. J..---'.- ..- : -. -'. '" :- .. -. ** J
-ss_ s : ._ ,.., + .tr i A wn ....- .i .. .., -.... S._

"*- '.-""

~C'rH ~~1




I _


l ef.

,m a.i ,P<.
FW 1*

VA4 I ,
Poll yids
Ind i I~Li


'2- -32 v-

"rr' '" '." t. *,1" '*'c *
"* 6
; ..
.. ..: 5- ..^ ^

IS ig


- a.

.4r w-"3*-~p~j~f J-,w:EWr .wrwr~~rvf~~
I -- ;5r.~t'~ -~--' -: -
--4 1'- -
-' "--'-4 -- tr-~

-4 l 1-II I. .

- -- I, --4-l.-

- -,.. .r '.

Ii'ji-V .~ tiij~f
ts-vw-n *.j--'*''<^**^rfi~o~t^'*'^T^S

S ,.- *, .

C -l

"Let thp people know the truth and the country is safe" Abrasham Lnoln,

S Army Codd ling Commupnists. -

Damn Tommyr ot ,'Says Wils.on thi waatq n aa
WASHINGTONe M arch 5 (UP, l power at all" he said. "I'd hate THE O..M.AN WILL BE' LATE F k flan w at .
Doenase becrdary Charles E.i to think the day would conme anow-cvered helicoter that was forced down la heavy snpw-
I myrd t a i hen the President is expect fall that hlt Chicago. The helicopter was S bgln lo ail ieo
toemcr to clai m it I. to agree witn every senator and Chicalo from these aburbs when it 5~ B f ored l~ ng 1 t a
cod ling cmmunism, as every icnato is expected to a- yar t The pilot, dWinPacker, wasuqIt Anr d thscrat.wa
by Sen.Joseph R. M- pree t the pesdent. not damaged. The stow, which topped nche,,was the heavy -
Sroartir e"I hope tre matter can dro .eat snowfall to hit the city since Januaryot 1939. ..
v pro~tl retorted ere. Tnere is no reason on
*oisody osal, uheiArmy a-s. earth why ar.y Republican and I ** *
I WE od in4om c td. thotsld be arguing& over the Com-
:.- Sut hem said certainlyl ndivid anist isse in*eeno uru *o* s or 'a '* -r-e 0 '" "''^. "' .
;- i i:nu the Army havtoZe been er fto els as strongly about fulfl- s.ots a it '.-. -, c net ,.t ...... ..a ,e ,. .-,.
Soteetng. promoting, cover- S Cold Front E. -
g up and honorably dis- Communin sts out of governmese. t old e t E
. charging known Communists." aomn I do. of o m tc4
eaw hBut Pushes Deep 1.t&$Q
l. WIrving friend e ie .s p defense stud ty project after, theo' kn-D' ;- .
U. ordered a special Defese medic refused to anawet loyal-
nartment m tas teforce. ktovo d M ac4ar-_ s CHICAGO, MatpI c (UP) tions for the East and West ae ralsogw^ t4^
.to .the.mater.per-turessides. Several downtown.depart- c aleway. the
t ethod a e committee wh tnr he s or was ended spring-like weather in the meant stores kept their doors dflft tr r~-
t.o sd betoddlnagnewsCommeniscrmn thy's Senate i icitigating sub aptly com'o ped t U 0 hsie Several downtown n de art ale away ti-a a,,
S "r Pet. h Armn Comm it east yesterdartnd pilesheedeep closed Thursday and many in- haad. it
td be odan ommuAA McC rt v told the 25-year-o into the Sou th dustries either closed or operat-
Mck rthvls ccsths-- rde ty tellt M ,' teO M } 5 (U) c e ttae an foadWt"octor, serving us a private at p .
Aiof tthuhe atrccdd a ne terene ta e ho te Ar es u trtn e r alos. d out of nLVd rpe all s i oraidantowd d
.of such cldd'mzingi.-the ca.z! the Army's MurpnN Genefal'Hos batteredug utoCle,41= got more "a andz -to b tool
3 h ere s t. teo --- toral at Waltham. Mass., the baNered Con e "ml tmo "Nobody'd goin o. "to be to
forests, who refused toe A e t ubcoma lttee has "infrmati- snow. All pullis and parocniaI enough to comn t o.wntowh o-
fMc or eat s he Atr p (NEA Telephoto) that "You are an active membPr schools in CieTeland were closed day," one store manager said.
tee SenateRES TIAL STAT ENT President Eisenhower (right f the Communist conspiracy." until Monday. The Cleveland weather bu-
Worthy. Informed 6! W'I- faces cameramen at his news conference tt Washington. The He recommended that Belsky oa The cold wkve spread East- rean listed total snow-fall of
a r ai told .newsmerr P president deplored the hfimillatlon of executive department prosecuted for contempt. e war old n idaol spFeom the Great 19.9 inches iV e last sbury
Abeenetabiihtd heyn representatives before 'Coge-esional' com mittees. He did nottfo ch st
i bc tbility ofha doubt ty1 call een. McCarthy by namoreut he slab led out General Zwicker McCarthy said Belaky was "In Plains, dropping. t q mercury to night. not countft Thursdq's
otesti tmny'- at "certain in payn am tribute to the loyalty of the officers and menof thei position contact patients" a low of 25 dgd at Nei York fall. This was atessured o(-
tusmn" Inr b tthhe t oary a obha e osr icers A indv l of orking on "Project Lincoln," Oity, where two'- *We of warm ticially at.another 5U inches.
protect in Rt ds. Army. er v. which he called 'not only secret weather had cauS trees to bud
t' surt e Charlie W1 l eifY willinglyy and cheer- bit topmost secret" and tul ip-and crocus to peek Detroit countedsix deaths at.
R -wihe th aich"lie sa'. ly PY." McCarthy added that tn:- He said the subcommittee will out Of the eground.. Wed M b to ut178 an,000 rstVri
Swas "a ste forward from wh s k the Army to explain "wday.A,-ol
S danrt onl't have to wasL. c we, have been wi tnessing In the ths man who apparently w nta low Of 28 children wees a f 28. cihr
Si0gi about the Fifth ~ s known to bea Communist, wan degrees with rto' winds and-cla me sh b ntm lad
att ,mmuhists" h oidi th chaeHse b ne4 to tht particular hos- even colder, weather -was n .'o.... t.
d4.4acast for the eelty andmphat
*dt4P ii.2aa -t qtatementsiswith the PrCode ltl.last for thecit and-no b*-
Ac sai",eItz mh ow:Beisikcy refised to answer moSt gia thursdayy11 ht?. in ..i
-.lcca omi.i 'he Madldhe t andosition o questions 0n0 co n t It utlonal -Natttrd by Corms sce M Rin
),)Ad ma~de positions clea 'h. hIes lowerA A o.ARM #
oft Io=,anNp s thathilloee asrelgiisfrnth hsoa N
Findetoatthe Plesdenr was to uda atl Ithat auwers migh t *dowtw r ne p
tat "bul ieommdirt brew-.. strong as he 6. the subject t dtoclMate I ad b e t eu ..
16ommhunisthio hve dild say e i that he had tVt. oie e0*r0eIM(s e.
ingrthnks the nem-passed any iafornatlon from his -6. .toitderOS'dadrin t
Srh o the ate. hi statement was more frend patients to the Communists a.I r theti~tme i i '
wbo tpte ,ftc the fact that v toward -thi White House, b t that he ov-oses force and vid- WlnDa t f50... to. 60 uMl et1i -
..e e. olmund st bR-. together with ptther develop- enc and refuse to use such hour oy e more snw Ino
wtt-t dtitewith It." sitents it still left unanswered .method, if rtrdered by the Corn- Cleveland. wtwhis has'bo n bat-
ad th*-dlke1the bi calaestionoftimunist Party. tired' by rms since Monday. CRIOBAL, C.Z Msrh -
."ca Iecflon ytr--will McCartu:.' Project Lincoln" Is a re- But the qh off Lake lrie V Neas of,.the' :-death llst '-, L o.
S-of littermlt sEnhoer and OP search rojet Massahu- a frealsh. fair that hit the aabefl, Dodds a' 0 NAUt ,.e
Si i onressona& leaders to ud setts Institute of Technolo downtown area and East ide, cipal, of Crstc ,1 ho
Smio I is conduct of investigations Cambridge, Masr It Is manned but left the West Side untouth- on..erh F.rsn ther eya
rs W.h* 4"C14,t aat o,1, nd the Presidet "have ma-ie making a continuous study of -For uth fir t e ote Itin n.Cle
teett .aith MI erthy dte- &Vs McCarthy soil that both to chiefly by civilian seiestiuts e lu mh timerilrved. -h.. -" wt *lqtbo rson.
S 40l alenhower, ani our pPoitlonl, clear." air defense problems, o iader land's history the weather bu-r urial took place n Min I- told f, jCqOu "pt9p5.
.Karle, I ]nt (-81. o I have n.; fight with Eisea cr'cnraet to the Air Force. rean issued two sets of predic- bota. t lio Iearfte ozbto
thaMCar hly-admliltl .st..A-.

L. CalCil For Panam a 'Aviation Ciu'
atien In NewI. Yok -'. (lTelepl t -
U 4s "not a droidedeparty-', HPl WA TORkAL- RpLY samt-.
1 Deaocats' rt spread hng aer:otoP reo 2 .hen.-e no "
Sthe Repubhloans t% e news conferec e- rema of,
ove: d"pers'qliti" t atid mt- Joseoh McCarthy lmwnda ny 0ol. JOHN C. L. ADAMS I mia has the most excellent fly- VyVpe number I Is oal or -Panamt of te type ,i4 d
A us "nonhense. of Course" Iament ing weather and conditions in country .ub type of avlbtvop i number ..ab*ovei'-r*med
Wsm quid thI,"r bMbst (eSre said "thiis illy tem .pet, Tiih invitation is addressed to Central America and has the club, vb should primrily -b this blqw to Panaln,
s lnob fow- "jan m ."a Itatbaoot arose .csW,' .S de.nt -of Panama and the greatest number of interesting for pDlpose of sponsoring il and presige..Tohe or
comV. t 1 ns" oith dared .to bring to llht" '1 le Zone who would like to tours and historical srotsawalt- activities connected with ,Avi ot necessarily a
S e wsad oc d old unpleasantt facts about a see Panani once more occupy ing such visitors or ocal.aie ilon, primarily for its n tcipant. in.' Panam
bta hl enhf .ndment Commutnist first place in civil aviation ac-ion enthusiasts. ebelg, but t should be Aviationbutt
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,osal is-the -to formation of Suc h an organiza-PanamA urgently needs new nuestige to serve as I-VA -s.......

mnd ii tkaodt nattlcptu ha Unitedl States airniane owners nr InnSr nnunm'.waat-----------------------------

In- tander4 m will ad pilots. or ndvidual -
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to In-.U M.A: to Organi',an

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