The Panama American


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The Panama American
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Weekend American
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Scott Family Library Fund ( donor )
Panama Times, Ltd.
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Panama City, Panama
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daily (except saturday and sunday)[may 12, 1973-]
daily[ former oct. 7, 1925-dec. 4, 1966]
daily (except saturday)[ former dec. 10, 1966-may 5, 1973]
normalized irregular


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Newspapers -- Panama (Panama)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
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Panama -- Panama


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Oct. 7, 1925-
General Note:
On Saturday published as: Weekend American, Dec. 10, 1966-May 5, 1973.

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University of Florida
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All applicable rights reserved by the source institution and holding location.
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rr A.
,4 'A A. ,f.

4 ASH.N G T ON,..M r 4. t(U P) F"d era..'"

"s.--Eie hoo r S e.Ietao.- .,

"'s 'eath P reseu"t

|ERTtICAN GOVIEoNOR IN CAPITAL-Luis Muftoz (right)- hh vmts e ted tode
SG-uerto appears with Joe artin
P d E h oe o ftr...

.to Rican (right), A. held for the rand juryas beeve is de.lh et o
U. 8A Cmmigsioner Genqdict M. Holden, a....... Y; tl olom k i j
a onatz we chargeUle y I. e// AttornePry SimonI iu in
with threaing the life of Prealdent ise was to lve,,4 the government source said the is
Gov. a Luisiu ozMat r ir ia l-at $sooooW. fear here that they mo mae. ano wTj Ial^at
v L-uis M u WozbMairin ngS. po a- to "unr*ptea

LauIds Forbearance Communism iur s eO' wih am |
being guardJ do ,jwt a and 's aey

f American People Sovereigh Rights, Ed aid a ere
Of*meic n Pauomwl e.n a n ardcan hawaat
y Lu i Van"ip M risk L 6la a reat moe i ourt
orna wr d h D S Tells Parley bl ube -0


*a 0e Ve F. sin Jun athat ada- Whacco
eare teraseraZ. Al 4'id awill siscpun WWI .x.ains a loto awhila eee
aincan peqj canl in.the Ia f" m 0190 1 c p-tebbrony In tom, kill the ;U11h aU
^of : erplew outrage. 11 in ar... nel Ihan eA tl Ati tho 97 'WSaving de- Hoover, and Gov. Lup a piou (Goe*,ne o
I a g Is a reassurnce that eicrash to eat- L0 tutS. he pro- Atn of' Puerto RiCo.- ...
Samm glad to paytribute toratint. In t States and i o poses for ater es o s of the iu an.d the state of his
American people and the u* afewom afrenonbr at 3m .l os notably onfernoe. health may be the key to the.
gress. It is a warming yeater y's -day speeches next ve th fanatics who
i would like to reiterate, That OfItal Moo and in by p* bto. Peru, Vene- Thformants said he iwii stress are consuea with the ida that
Puerto Rican i.ationaUsts Dnuflb thre Stab 4l "e aS great 1 to zpuela b Indleated the aenale5 of Conmpunim to Puerto Rico should be given tt
fewer than g. Puerto Riep -has instct one anther' ps i nti-RAd' i will be'p- oeren in the He- independence.nw oTPSS.
suffered from their lunacy. The raise by aiatlon g i oved, by -other i American na- bphre oeut e entoning :
mainland., alo utas sufterd, from wta osecpOmiAc problems htio es. .zsay boontry nabuonn in orderwaehln eCm
d ,oIn the p at .t.merca has, the rnei h tates is "l n ter- Monday was part plie a plot to rur s
r v. e ov e throw the assain ar
CA jo gg. 4 4pavia CDC, .) I have offered President Eln- As for the leses but crucially been nd t to iin" a y other overthrow the United at e de
Shower a still rton iof policing, I cn omm- Lot the 20 na- Internal auiml rs. o levemnt hiy the cou e ven
orr OMau ampWtent ".a-w t*-' he u. t an nl oe *(c edn, an.M u, t. eanian fe r feel hE B. ittfeVSl
quetly hs bd St by the Com ath goveturmet .sll e available to various tions h cone ed it as an lon of Iots leaders se e
edmen te pnOW in dealing jol y with this incred- po the Stqes and th nern conspiracy, but few Venez.ula, -Cuba and teru save re ae ea
flu*lnalbopn able and intolerable situation 1. oroatio thb baie Munyth)ag effective to advance Sgns yesterday they taken to deal with any new
S$ nnetiv3s. E er y organized compaity ivould 1w up with te Unit. outbreaks of lene
Obvleani NDo- Sas tr, a ules protection of Eisenhde to dtnclA fi
Additional cauti ,
.. rre by al nidrul. tH teres bnew t'a eseafo io t s sa oe Els e ion-

: :.: :a::::: _? OeImnslDll u 'wilrof- deoDulls arind A br Dulee, H ad m T 2me
...... ft.......... L T tooRicofI6ao muee n th A of.fe.empWt the aide oPe t Rin lehader was sc r- !nd ut ent of 1 ico

*r .-..ed.etbe.enhower ,ad- .m ajo.r dity oul...."st p or m u taneonsl.wthe te s oftin in -
is, n..ndic7,te0 that07privatne action to curbInts n read. h- nd the psIbfrty oefkef to therIn loe

fl'. jerr ~. "" ... ""i *n ,U ,u voe;aaage~z aet~rtre t rs sPUC

a.<. ,^ A -...olent and aggressive h- have him retrn-ed to prtew as sources d
..8- -. -0o 9 .,200 9400 0 1,00 nr oist force n our a probation violator likely wor
-1 ...... ..... 10,30 1 10.600 10,800 11,000 11,200 t aeretn affairs Marcontonto.b then a member ers on the
. 'j4 .*... 1%,000 *I 12,100 12.350 12,600 Fbreign Minister RI- oteAmerican 0 Part 5 years o th ea
.......... ........ 12.801,00 " vera Schreibe told the said that "the conduct of the e.
........ ..,... 1,800 t at foreign. regimes *r.Bi is criminal rand assassina- Rep.a
..... 14,00 gA power in recent years tion against Albisu. Camos." who
4-.e schedule for tbe Crafts, PrQotective. ad Custodial Schedule shall be as 'atc i the hemis r ie. New York ongrresen d Iica
r-. h r rontainin thousands o Puerto said he ay.
'Grade Per an"am raIes The stron_ anti Communst Ricans.
----e -6 I,7tone :.of the speeches buoyed Albizu Campos was uoted in tor
SC- ...... .. ... 1,10 $1,870 $1,930 $1.990 $2050 $2,110 $2,170 ue hoes f inn- an interview in the aro Te
-2 .. .420 -20 2,30 2700 270 40 roval o a United Sttes resolu- dence newspaper Imoaral as condering the
CPC'.3 .......2.....,....... .. 3 2,082 2,712 2,792 2872 2,952 3,032 on to be offered at later con- saying he considered Puerto R- bringing
C -4 ................ ... 17"0 2,830 2,910 2.0 3,070 3,150 3,230 ttance eetings. co at war with the United States. ainit the ler
S.-5...-... ,............... 3,000 380 3.160 3:,0 ,320 3,400 3480 --- The interview'also quoted the Lut fanCt p
9 ..... 34 3.410 3.40 3,570 30 3,730 NAtionalist leader ass aw in tonalitPa
l .. .s.... '.......... .O3,. 41' amoo s low Urn Monday's terrolst attack In tO rdI A"
C'C-. .......r.." ..5...... 4 4,1 -. 74,6 4,500 S, C.. onares was "subletme heroism." I
......... .A....... ,THOMATO Ga. March 4 w s e Dit
r 10t ..uIw mlI. r f4 t s -,7 a I5) A thie traveled 15ti0 miles ti west's outbrak i we quad a
V to the biesmaton me depart- A. at tor-prist aemaS ers sand fair
wriso1 y 'or offlMcfrshi ia ptoyes back to werk on a day when no eL gt P'mide aaThan% 3e la 1m U
fit overt! iat we c oempenus, T excee t Als ch-aMled fwore 9e ire wow waiting when ea twr salrtivrew ye 1l .IM
S bl, 4a rite does not exceed the be paid for at two -. -trL t in from Mi- hthe aawear l ter.
," a at aaaiutiomuMn-%eduled rate prov-dt accordfn to an~tber frin ,n.. ( ATele ) 4h0s. qttd with A am to i fei ikl.ed. I rI
dir or -..a, e i xne. ,ed for o rrade 08-9, ovetl efit mentioned ln the bh -l, POLIC ON TIM ALET WDS polh nieaem Bar&- ,.r t Verlc iW bales of cotton A". ltoalt f leader wa a 46s
4 ls" -eif W SmiasW A ply -a s ball be eq4a to=n tone (ett) I" Joaw T7umi n hapwt s the e oa re.. -tteed to pri or 81a yea one oow
94 songM4NG Sbe ne lialf tmes. thM Whmrely It also, moves for V8y- patrol the Cdwtol plata. Soenrty rWolations throughout the Thal le beheved to haL'it Dan afrt in 1960 revolt,
I.. M giant of o Ct th nrea wert totne .eed eix thpee aton g in the Houe of uJarted at t.e leading point, Wa' Mtnt ar t ler btit,
f isiat to ay eh itatives. sWith Cat fo their Csonsress* Vot out CI tkly. Half th basehia
n t selo waSS rate 1e An employee who is ai work on a o it of Congrs were destri. ila e was subbcl- to a

'.* -' '..;..;. -":'-; k% .. ... .- -.. ; ,: .;.' .,. ... ...! ..r i .' .,. f-.x A ,,u; -. ; .. ,""

- - -i-,-- ;. -


Labor. Ne Did Ev

E .. I

1. .

, f" ,
2'" -.

.dI By VicTOR ItAs
I t 1 1A1 OW i l For the second title
..nt. t.. the influence of ihte.i l. "
toi6t do m seo tn. lem to rde-s of The feneau Am.. geater than
Mae uelwed gratefully and eeb handled ins a wholly eati- country's law a ers. I
Thatut he flt m m-I.Of
en ea letter doe'a behnspales fl It doesn't appear the criminologists who have be '
i6 i are p bished i n the order res going into the under rid ifor at
l. ,e. to a a hs l mght lime trd mit ede .s r 3.. government-and ow.find'lo tl a?
fOy Hiullo W bSis held in stristt ie tagAh selves orphan e h apa ft t ',o ..." "
A hi ouaeOM siln mo responsibility 0I toIltmea at epH alB gr es. PM
For the e .- .t ah elo
leaa t ea
S..MA IL r ,II'2# -
--^ f.i lu ove i~Mum M A ILgt Now ats ur cbrlme- Uistiag u i pe ""
-1 0 A Moa Appear toveAv
fluenes to Et t -
House of Reptelent 60 kill
0 probes into labor ra e a
GLAD TO GIT BACK This latest char came from

a on vilAtion but I didrlt enjoy it.- I kept 0 nin iwC i s t
at Mmndi while A wIs one. souras ha reliule comm tte hlie
t I re oo d t one iof tile L A awou aomd of of meh tsrur htpe nlh
eme~raptA aip only gives there best ter ine ote mb eir.AAO fmoaud b hept u j. l u *
tIke t good care t ter thm and they take good care rk aaisl me b
siu Bant m. They think im Uncle tam. I don't disalluslon i th A Nlet lity
On A d00a of it wouldn't be patriotic As. T1might1re0Di tw wewil as 1w boh
laoit n efm uchmtoir a d iu '
dro In the ter-rat content. 6t a. _le. tt l conl ue l ft A s t o
i Got her d ill aa atim e er the Carnival. Looking iot onit the elv a are m u hty .
ow, f souldn sWyed away anotaitr wee. lhe llOy 1let met likengg no adhel he.
Lt a runn tI atrat on fiestas. Like fer the ul etIanllr lomaro m l om nortwsh of e,
Y saLrtMed about the middle of October to ceebratehthe 3ord ot There A& labor Ie r e

member tered o aout the middle of Novemob -er. -me tmuond an are il -
trh the t-day carnival. Over here at Mfatl its aliut s1 lo yet beu. a lAnh t t mo
Th Vel havne s dauor two no t countIn hinldays. 'a'ne Alonb two weinb er W gh a
S alnrlitL on i aturdIyt al n they W on fltleat uiLtel nf p gament n ilanit asetk a an f. *'*_b ".U_
a ted ad asl e t ahe wenath.i ts A straiha, o80in tlmes, sle y that it Is m0l yl 0 lhael u eO
1 eet in fei din k about deer huntiitn gn the Pacific rside. r o noi o e dwa* d .

e Aint not whin wrong with deer hunt in an we donie a lfote the .Theu stteu uio whic ithe
SIn south Arkansas. iLots of deer there two an Ilen a buci t ori,.. nlron ated ithe oMehnlra e a v
gits into your smoke house n softercates hsel to death in .. t Wee t An nily
doft f season-. why thats two bad, BtA We ooalit llte mea cliilgin so iAdheIvrly that I
L feW I tint it any doe neat as longs uoh can Ak terten so problem now aIs now to use 6
in Jima word to u te llers In .Aiqo Whoe I see by M11O per, oulldin agai.ll..
om6 of thIre deer mdit to oharlties, to lU it e llow The bomb was thrown into a .-M
ll mty have some eXtrA. doe meet hangi aronn an.IIIbe- rhp owned by be Olsber,

h over An lit i tt. Melt Ien $ tt g e tOtfIs MeatOinhte pu rie n i Ine1! adina.
SwhfW6 might list be t 0 gt g .tI, Ur er the Prod uerAs i A iatll, whlh the..
-ris kw n 8routh AraiAs a1 we Att'deer With htes e an synglte wou o take over.
Pitgna for all 8t Bre et ot a. gn W_ to uea ra Tnlt shop is in Hazelton. Andonly OI"0

t r. abote |10,0I over ters b i agt. Now n under-amid an enormousr system ofb-
A that,. Wt ,h litem deolilhl point pusheerta Wori m on tie shakedowns, the House of-Repel.. -T hy asy the quest for. "the itved' f1, 4k. u-ayf ,dat 1', l I tho illt -t t f p. g
S ra ueall all the tihe. wh t tint writ circulars ienltves rejets the 4r b, abominable snowman" s nearing Whq 0 no othe t e
og wo t think they wo uld bB A e tlifu Committee bid fbt 00,000 to di its goal in the high Himalayas, and chunks ii mr t L, 1p i bildb iflstw ff o lian and fetch him .'a
tos it v friend that but he asat it W*S up*$g'j into theme racket. ream Is not to I sure hope -h edition fl*" water and growl;, SAd seems to Duck al-li lor everybody to see. sfll .P
.sh im to explain ht on11 aCasa tw eu i,.h glty him itTy Tey ire U have spel .molit t ijl'if n on al be's ten fet -, l s a lilke.
wlrm B albry ut eil1 I the other b :e t o e ~4 around the erpa country at th fours. Bs ya4l0t b ta ea
S A ti r qauit he oot4lti be replaced uiern finaeing it utlifie po e moment, and, according to the at Your aget here Is not geared to is hairy a over like a prfessi
I Was eoa btdlt ale 10 b, 60 alter a while lowIC of the were reached by hometown tlcounts the expedition, any m- the newer and tenal. When y th ihot
hAL d1 eny Jobs, lOihed that u er was a lot of cos who were, in brn, rah ute the itnalaan Toots Shr is sup od I *
m ue the tinay n Tts Sr 'i quept fotelivedia '1111iPak 1 ii^ sthat t" -w
,r i e S t fiAnce Bithr 6 thatet But thih s 1 how Atur Toll, Con- apt abo lesno wn Ian s' n'r n whosa 1
Oyve. Thui feller tale m. the noL O bo i a s t the Dirert- gressmab .endermh let counsel 1 A" s hel #O ev ybody wh 'sa
,h lmt n ausltiUtet audit n eipae Atont a sees it. This ii hnW the Emblttenu ly name isn't it?-- Is soupploed o A eO t fb.lil
ls her kihik ethe 6e3nsenaN floor a he trsno b batgr pu- t t eu bl sla sor r1 t .
f h h thent Isdtpe ,htIHm reuty sab i an did ttl o w n .. t 4 r atIe t, a e.,
say tht res w ir ut. it seems .toabe. r n dta et t
Mir t ht Ra t to cll. s s to sear .- ,, e'. U a W h n ,so1,

aati sol l, wu hoe lt i tiltraveSpYp rI.Al t? i t' rb of oh

""T.. "V r "ms roioerM"t h t e _We iv t ts ib .nltIMat7Ee

w werI threw alit ehedva c etifthelg to oeO.nyhfnfflaeblsWenSow an reuIk
aft. fact u t not ing. We s is tatier a t. I sai *ta Lai sh eorlly MinTsleJaeR
As ril ally ins tuted te % at he not as i usi wht littlemoney we n -thu *i k l, its t s nlls t a tohb s dtlen. odl KI" i l
Oraftd, ded as a means to facuilit raflltUent to p teeo as planed to hol i tom O ft. Ml
tet. li Viflt aetnalm alRobA0h the eber a ad saty isk eto t-wr. eope 1)Cw,.anai o the w Meufa
SA a ure to f rted the iA tht ti aloery N and I am tired of television. el a ast, as h I ia s ves In you. YOU, ad the MCar d headline
crsfta i stse-sagrou..ret hatthewflctth th n e I we Pih o learn t thi now I w hear 11 boy, and the few other une o -e when, a n- in i. a
refict,4 dId, eapdaliin vted dopn Sex. i aca in oo t no itt whO durse Ofttd a I e doclrr,
mift eoSIw eumiutowttldw- qflvia I o ti

ateesetig uer Windill Neil w Y iork
t .othe tn imayanyiffner ntl aruniosees-we te o. i ea fl"ad. the e
Lb bki arengtya rrtA=o3
Ohnotd U mdsurebettiaeduallltole ns: llahaIa t- s im, dms theristieStditt eA higaa skii gIe &na fe
IM fiNore .. th"4n ihe d m n ou saff ,ger 'ra ller r g1l .n s
: W1 ;rio Ilfell thato r.. is a-ht'IarIlo n

P e al% aaushoriu gmat Ast *eek daFIthdpink a:i
ont ofeasiteto Eaedflu.oesRAtoNf4astoern. into nitaIof r -'. .. 1. ) .ltr
..i.s. mi..4.. I tim... riowpazlitroWrbt2.
.ellt ed lt-r, lS iFB- try ,: "Why"Idet be l e a producer of "C'an- Mayo
rtuu llauWsId. b# r -sb-iniwnn"A and Dls o

IRA evesA earlUU a IBh 9a.dd
0l f .SheitrleA tiunrtst edp ng.Wiese6semen o utoftSIDEGL ANCESy c
nt.l lsalle insl le PenotanIlt .ai .[-.e .io lf th. pow heath witnesses? ldy,
,iieti'e madASsenetantsfs t .... t'sn" tt? v isas er liveto n e I Hll

tEaet e ars le. n, to hv.A.l. ,, ,,
-, tee.p, ~a cludsCmn h3 E ao, .wd Gerad as het rI i old the.4.
t i t fl5 t$4j55lit I at n ft'W 0 1 i s- "-"m 1- '-- -t A Senatorerad thiisbtneath.ra .,. ..
Thereduc wheisTale11903412lolta aTolY ArA md ,of ,,a- weh hatoednyo 4
.t42m h s l ty"M WhyO&he r v eryl sn Abe s produ*er o Cn- ito ofrthe 1 wt" "e.. "
edindAP w.ilk ,,i aouvterus 5 ad N and WDltd (ndthelofewc. M i 0 hay1
Iditm colthtlyer

the ;.aInbtens nafcontes fo r th e
fli69004 11L *J *016tors Aprilj6th.

17 Are tcerohint aid *e V nAh A UNrdua'
DLirti MAY aurlienene c aIoe. 5 ti, tawoususIo ,.1''wYovente vlars apea Ransom. (last slasHli t,, t

--Id s .ttuiltly big enouUhor Anf'the

-*a a a r anotWb blam jrjss f Hap t hiilopm
f custmers, w~e. aehi "itool Il "* il*l el Inthe y)
h m tacit a tin tl lat yU).
P mpM P ndo tssm s$r iItlow
wife. ;a~k{'elofMA& hM Com" "" "Mii lil"; ta 1P (ti -

# 2-"i-anFle.-

Tin aV7 OWM M h
we kow the aot.
Nd i i ell -=x--T'"'-

S'.New.. 4WE-. _"'
;-': : ': a restW o.n a a s alli i l:t l.. .
sa'tl, "w l" G od t"- -igh tb a1,ase--



-: **- ~-\- S.
' .t-5A A -,. <-.4

:t:-"- -.


. 1



Ili _

., .... :* : L: ..

* aeLiY~I

SP-, n t
Oi &V o teir o the Je a l uers

"IpC EGW thJ& e thId owe rIt thite Ith

maqn-o -lu m .,. fl i -t e

S '

t b 'et r bbo olte
om tht .t
m that e kin pon

Ints" teen3 -
at tl .I eafsl t
T 4 '0t1uULppes pWOed

Wa tchconsult. t-*
imWutl~.~ in~" od.h!Rallz-
f. g. low incGpiDr-
.IU ,ty"co(ipalmlrbthe

t 1 7 .fup te lt
Ioflwilllways mh. svarto
c lal troble at,
ille.oon It.

Coffee wvth milk and sugar

S- -' Inack
* toulumB mlk 1
a 1 m taei Luneh

u I moctum banana

St wter-pack
S eitb l anmon

cup hot chocolate

cuo cream of pe a sou
Cagned balmon (with ol)
Lare serving macaroni salad
Wafercr:ss, tomato, carrot
curi Tala, mayonnaise
or S lies bread and butter
Tangerine with Brownies
Coffee with cream and sugar

Banana with sour or sweet
Grape juice
6 o. broPed liver with pan-
browned onions
% cu)p steaend rice with toma-
rsp- to cheese sauce
1 cup spinach with butter
Celery sticks. olives
Hot muffins and butter
1 cup rea berries with heavy
Tea wit milk and sugar

S <--. 9- Snack
d^4 p *krnunl -SF8'Chowke
S.. fM.. Coffee with cream and sugar

s na .. ......

' I Ii L v M
t.; -**'i

1 OS F*r Fora limitedd stock.

o worn sIo

* I' -. '+ ". i' .

S" .. .

*.J -

S-- I- ~..5 -- -



V .. '-44,
9',. I' -
k~L,.L1tafr&st Y ~ Wa...Ia .as~L

lars i federal. -
meti, theater rad pm
travel and other item.
But the Homue Way
did approve the Preside
taxes on liquor, beer, wt
automobiles at current to
This wo ave the the
About OO1,100,.000O,* nfl .
r tI the estimated 4 ieas1$
uor tobacco, gasoltne i -
drop InAprila p 1ted I ax.
Pr edensiddtlrB
the cutse I co voeao thgr*-
times known a
eponsdred by CommtW9-|a'
man Daniel A R eed (-
and sprted bSouse
The chief executive said he a-
mes with 'TreasrySeoretary
Gebrge M. Humphrey that th
government cannot afford the
jeuts now." He refused to say
whether he would veto- the re-
Shortly afterward, the com-
mittel voted to reduce a
taxesto 10 jr cent eept those
S' -sor pilAbing In Wa
he1 preat 20 t 'ent tax on
'e furs coemetlts, lugi.e,
admisoan tickets,, club 4acs,
thotograaphi equipment, light
bulbs and tubes, pens and
mechanical peplIls and cigaret
Also dropped to 10 per cent

Doctor Lists Four

Signs For Spoffing

Problem Drinkers
NEW YORK, March 4 (UP)-
Dr. S. Charles Franco, aksoclate
medical director of Consolidated
Edison Co. of New York, listed
today four signs company fore-
men have been trained. to lok
for as indications a worker
should be referred,tor treatment
as a problem dpkur.
Franco said, the ompanyls
experience with alcohol treat-
I ment over the last .at years
showed, about two persons per
1,000 needed nome treatment
and that more than. Spent
of those still had their dkng
"wrant owtrola'. tWVeen U
taer teatmet ,
tWnaoo whi
call for treatment as a problem
drinker--- not necessarily an
alcoholic are:
"1. Consistent tardiness or ab-
sence on Monday morning and
frequent occurrences of leavif
early on Friday afternoon.
2. Unexplained disappearmance
from n assigned post during a
tour of duty.
"3. Recurring excuses for ab-
sence de due to minor illnesses,
such as, colds, bronchitis, stom-
ach upsets or too frequent off-
duty accidents, particularly'with
assault as a factor.
"4. Personality change In a
previously good worker; such as
arguments or criticism of others,
recurring mistakes for which he
defends himself, minor acildefti
which he blames on others or
on equipment, marked variation
In mood. and disinterest In his

Lift Up Your Hearts
(A Lenten feature of the Pan-
ama-Amertoan, prepared by
the Rev. M A. Cooekum of the
Episcopal Church of Our Sa-
viour, New CristobaL)
Reed Psalm 14
'Blessed Is the man whose
strength is In thee: in whose
heart are thy ways..."
From the Book of Commonl
prayer we pray these words Al-
mighty God unto whop all
hearts are open, all desires
known, and from whom 2p se-
crets are hid: Cleanse the
thoughts of our hearts by the
inapiratlon ',t Thv Holy Spirit..'
In other words, nothing is
more Important than to "cleanse
the thoughts of our hearts" for
*out of the heart comes the k-
rues of life" In this way we
eliminate thb daily conflicts be-
tween what "we have left un-
done and those which we, ongnt
to have done; And have done
those thian which we ought not
to have done' And there is no
health In us." Forces that are
constantly dralnpng us of our
energy and sleep. No amount of
,ltamlns vaccinations or vast-
lions wli save u from the fa-
tigue which results from "blat-
ing between two opinlons." 8:.
l~man i unstable In all hIs ways."
The same is true Of a person
with a divided heart, divided log-
allies, etc. The swe l, et
when one knows the a f the
kaeart and molos mind In a-

agreement: w a aingenesa o:
et tIs a nving expIenuer
SIf o reoa.anmt da wvi wa1 '
come Inward ted la Ch
ad lifted above tl tevel of hu-

is" u
aw matd ?




.. UP)


t axupn
I fce -the -
w Up. Today,

M Ifmpt} too a' a

A? him. Wp '.. V the
he 15 per cent taxt. ol .ta99e0 ;d a y wn he
one calls, telerafoa s in. -,
4..m -a l eea fo 1 --n tP
*6omEtbe defeated a...I bunial dth
af w"I" lef t ohe' Mvfi mes tout-
a i ? leave t ttalnment alld. I
4 ad 4 a l and madmLs along
_bg eontt inhea the exro e Iof les-"

Was. feto to tell whether IfatS6 O'Shea
vtony-bill before he decded Wo a talent tfor

"s s aometimesyou i a o t e to workI4n
ow. dIose of e:.stage In a
ge on eth everal years
rer t ht p Wkeplans lke the Palace
louse coaonttee 11in New York, 'the ?-ve O'Clock
i) l suecnfl I Miami *ech and the
mnot 1the rea t other tax IERancho Vegas In Las Vegas,"
he meld.
R srPbnr said Monda e In addition, O'Shea, said he
triton is wiln appeared in club in Chicago
xort "selective reductlonas" and Los Angeles. He was em-
ciae taxes but the cuts in the seeing in a Camden, N. J., night
committee Lill are. "more then club when the doctors told him
he treasury can afford at t he'd have to quit show business.
frlsent timc" He ha a, the "In fact. It learning the ho-
administration will cut x tl 'business m fom the bottom
further when the budget is clot. uO and' hope to buy into a
er to a balance. partnership here soon," he said.

1 en. 'Nuls' Harper

To Take Command

At Fort inning
FT, BENNING, Ga., March 4
(UJP)--Maj. Gen. Joseph H. liar-
per, the officer who delivered
the famous "nuts" message to
the Germans at Bastogne dur-
lug World War II, will become
oommandlag officer at this hugq
intfntry, training base this suan-
Army Secretary Robert P.
Stevens announced that Harper,
52-year-old navet of 8ti Pond,
Mds, will-.seseed Maj O Q
r allby; r., who lr b g -
signed t MuArlopedua dutl. Har
per nowt I B handing offer
of thi 4th in 1 rope.
IHarper was' a coldndl and regi-
mental commander of the 101st
Airborpe Division which was
surrounded by the Germans at
B attogne. He was called on to
deliver the now-famous message
se t by riL Qen. Anthony Mc-
Auliffe i an swe to a Germat
7 ............ .....surrender ultimatum.
W & -Nnhr U ,Ml- The message said simply: "To
U jawP ow tlup M nWn the German comn nder-NutsI"
Lt t T O o i Whi n ing -
-h zAj aw*. The dunfom
hae Jacket, with'
formal lki4red at.the hem,
o Ua bile4 blouse f wbt
Eift ft it Ba aet wooth S
buticeto worn open. A
quame--tipd black aseot is HEADACH
wor at the nel SlIver andNI
gold Marine Corps ornaments WIN
are worno o-n hJacke's scar- TIMNIM
let, rolled collar. The headpiee "
is? a tiaro f e w
leaves and acorns. ..

If you tell your baby that
you'l be home by .11, 4M9a not
fair to rush in at 1:0 with
brezy I" elnt it
you lid yu would, tleM e
and te Is agreable w.h
you oaby dtter
ama by inaIdtegal ntu'

The annual meeting f l Pane
Company, Inc., will take plot an bWWisrj,
1 th, 1954, at 3:00 p.m. 1t the 3W w. S
Company, at Campo Alegre. Via' Epft
cardo Aria Street, to ensider ths fef
1-ectio of Dicto. cto
2.-Inventories and BahIQce. .
3.-Ay other matter duly pres"e to-.
Assembly. ,:
"rillucet'A v'f"li-


* I



r-~ ~




d4l9 MH *ggf'. amal i aM .dflIf 911919 WM99- Ur. t*I1 '

I, .I MV*A,
6 AFag Med####@M#
Al l aesgetees ~dsas ts*ese se

- .

N '1
ly +

NM **'
.* .,-.+
'" .f 1i

$ 695.00
550.00 A
690.00 1
499.00 *!
590.00 -V;



1947 Bidek (new paint)


Kaiser ..... ...
Hudson Super .

. .. ... $1,000.00
. .500.00
. 890.00

Hudson Comm. ...........
Ford Custom 8 ... .. ....
Mercury . .. .
Hudson Comm. 6 ... .......
Vauxhall . .

1949 Dodge % ton Station Wagon

cOWar premaipea sbdl wi
"P, t :.p .,e. =


ugla a S ot a-
,.s 'sw a w
^mpi^^>^^^B n sia^"^ ^^^^-w ^ ^

- s


Hudson Super .
Hudson 6 ....
Ford ........
Ford .
Oldsmobile ..
Hudson Wasp .
Hudson Comm.
Consul ......
Lincoln ...
Super Hudson .

. . .


(hydramatic) .
..... .. ..0 .

. ... .. 0 ..

1950 Hodson Convertible .......





* J. C. BOND








"r -


"1 .- = .- .. .-y .:*
Auosnom ia Row (Pirt of Inveiufa Gewais N
F X,
*' -A 4*a -
--.,.. .
,"- l-.

-,. -c -i C -.,
,- .. ... < '?- ':-..,'-"- -".: .-- -" ., --*.. idB I-

i' in' ,to

s and Means Comie,
wt's request -to, "

M A .C : ..

. r ,



4- ,


& /ic anBel

S pjtsta in general are "oo-*
ate costlv and poorly man-
.aaJd Dr. Robert CollHr
tIe, letu er aL the Harvard
hool of Public Health.
re is 9 ctrine need fir
irtrizat. n not only in eoumI -
mtent but also in managemer t
mrid aimlin;.trat'oun. he told 'he
qi-Asarhus-'ls Hospital Assocli-

"hyoodi 'vho has ever been a
*tienI in a hospital will prob-i-
W hmartllv egreet with Dr. Page.
who ie as medical chief t.f
Standard O of New Jersey. and
dftight to Ik.ow what he it talk-
In. about.
Many pe..le .= particularlyI
those who eniov good health -
c hospitals are institutlo' ,s
with pretty. nurses chased|
raistent internes and getL-1
arrfet' to famous suo--
or ni'lllonalre patients.
during their apare time.
l.atareier! sirens sit on thiv
e of the patient's bed and;
KIt#s htds or are otherwisI
e In amot ous Dursuit,
ar4less of the patient's tei.-'
,At least that is the movie and
tbqvision version of the
Hospital. Sometimes you see taf-i
ae bringing a tray-full of
t deicacles to him. an-i
't .the man has just had a
sto.-ach operation 1-.:1
hesIo t of totally indiges-
in reas life it's entirely die-

:e fine rit plare, I have never
out why on earth they
Syou ur at jueh an ungod'y
hour 'in the trorning.and t.o
?w through all th; tiresome roti-
tines of hospital life long before
It seems necessary The hospi'.al
day is long ei.ougb without mak-
inn it any l'nget and even more
In the second place-this is a
very sm-all r.attci but it gets tin
your nervea-nine nurses out of
0 will never asi; you, "How are
,..o.0 this morning'" or "I'll bhva
-1-take vo..,t temperature." uIt'a
S always "How are we this morn-
ing or "We'll have to take our
e th'rd place. there are
n many homely nurses as
..are homelv women outside
tal. o dQn't you men
us oporatfon or a
ne that reqifrea hospitail-
Sin hrpes uf being attend-
Axgcu4D.a01h.) wlltte%
her' is another point.
even whel. the nuraes
etty the hospital book-
re .bout the moat cold-

becab.FotL hev have
irth them
Spareats then drove to the
ky hop-ttal but the biby
m the way.
lt3ao are wonderful instlt
., IAYea c an ad do do a
Fsjo4. We could not get a-
iu them.

tMg WELuIN. Plansm.



* -4.4.4. ,4.'t


.Writte nfor, NEA Service

X 10374

. ~3

*Q 4AJ3$2
OU!B ( :,


Set NWelO A"
Pnit I N"

0I-_ i

When Edgar: aplaft, the New
York expert whose team wont he
Vanderbilt Cup last-yea, held the
South cards he decided to open
the bidding. It's a debatable open-
ing bid, with on*y oe jack in
high-card sti-ength outside of the
hearts, and many experts would
prefer ,to pu: instead of bid. Nev-
ert~hels, iKriap's decision .to bid
cannot.l b e d eccentric; it's a
bI' had. .,

line c Sherman. with the
North ck' had a perfectly nor-.
mal response oftwo hearts,
The ap Of t#1larts'show
ed ab ut j its t.a haed
with ea Kaplan
knew ett might have
Only 4- I.,' higfh cards;
and bh e nt only -11 points
in his a I wa clear that
thfr .o ata jority of

if West
might re add get
whatd ob cKa

h nerath-

Acot e t Ie ad West
S ad" but and
South decided net to risitt. They
bid five hearts and were doubled.
The los hete was 400 points.
Thisde Wce of 400 points was
largely due to the fact thpt one
player. knew what was going on
and made sae that his opponents
couldn't find out.

'0&& bI.W. -.. I fr.b.W--1. S

i: Po, i'

> 1' .

AMBD 'l Fr ,,N

IW a

Persuaded .- t
;* '.- :;" ** AN. q4.

US a

1wJ'IUT: P,(

FOR "PLAWE" SPEAKING-Tbe mo arh "AWle Magns," main
auditorium.of Cararas, Venezuela's, University City, will be the
site of lath Inter-American Conferen.e starting March 1. Con-
structed without any internal support, the 000seat auditorium
gives all persons an unrestricted view.of the stage. The speaker's
voice is deflected by the hanging panels and is sent in equal
volume to all parts of the auditorium. Each seat has a telephone,
and the delegate merely dials the language he desires to get and
almost instantly he bears a translation of the speaker's address.
.a -

FLYIflt HIGH-Eagle Scout Jack Lowenthal -gets the thrill of
a iete as Mundy 1. Peale, president of Republic Aviation Corp.,
in New York, explains pointers about the new F-84F fighter-.
bombet Jac was a guest of the company during the Boy Scouts'
44th annivqrsaay celebration.

rwrbo4 d Classifld

Coming to Earth

A-.a- r p



ni .

-c. 1 *
-t en


Getting the Business


Following Directions



S*I 4

1>1 I I 1 1 It1
fl% ,b LB%
At1 .RUG0VIEa, *




You Don't S !l

Still Worried

- 'C.-,
93 E 2, 1a*t3
I ii




LOWLates nihr ,o~t~
TH6M we w MW T lKt AS
s WPirpART )


EmAR LtINw f wle suwPRw corAVWPM
li-- CI4 0 TOIIjO INT haTI. thwI

ULOn ua&tMAfLahu aursA

5 MLMUSh.KL U'tM4tSk ,

.z' ..

IT. M. < .- UMa
Cue ir. son,KAtwdun.h. s


utfl~j #1

.4 {j&1
ti di tAW 1>

-. T

- --& t'. 4. -.

o z2a4. 4.

1. "

.t- -

-~ .4
-"~1 -'~ --
- 1~
* .-

T* t


'. -



. a

.. -.II


,,,, ....'*

, *.


: I

. "* "" .



S .


p ip..- ,'- l ... .. .- .. ,. ". -
^^ f^ .*"^^ A ? ..... *..-:. ,

||||^|||^ !il il i~. ..11 ,.ni, ll]i -i i~ i.Jmii = il !.W '9^

":-.*^, ':'i .:, -: y| .

Ii'.. -'

poped oapperan we -n. bM
tfon he ar In htae,.glit iasm
court *p waA axralgn*

Ast. Dfst. A ktty. Vliet DOWr
mod y ad th1t- pwchlt1tut a I
Bellevue reported that Wethber
needed at eaattwomore weel.
tif '*servllof ben' at'. medlt' ,M-

j o90 wert boetsrn wapen "C n usdy t lt
Pana *mflt n Tuesd p.ts the Panaa Canal and Pa- a
osr pidsto Tiu subject la vital l epo
&e61 a a brnval celebraton St tainc and interest to all reldents
.SS% oUs. -" guest s.n

a. t1 Cowron def. Mar 6:00x p.m. for the aomial sum eC
-h he een vi,-s.i a5 twenty Avg Cents.

freBel us or ser't-7,s 'e sa Ldat
Sta ner W d S. Ralston and a textof eta -
r -t9e Matin a a 1e ere at at aym. lan pdlane i orat it h CanladP-
m Canil, a~e P toa o teWure reieenathrL m e oeetn lg Tuesty at 7:30 -
T home the nt inthe Chter 1: at C-
ittlreit tes wie s'. L aedu. Thoheq whal o areoniable -t be
l :- u d M l. e Bennetts are Mrs. RalstonCuc KarSt, Mr. a M D as- to y"-eard thi, haoa
a.t irra n.interest to
*ember saeuad
rFents, and Mrs. ostW~ck is "e b e, d f -4 erroument pr-
sitof er.o D.- n. Won.e Otchid .eRecently promoted to, captain, the handsome oicer.Is a "model"
'h1ay mornil wit will h ld an exhibition at the w Marine, actually as weil as plctorallay Captain Melvin won
pm ^nefon ffe..e gvra t he World y Of Prler Sevc Gallery eluinning Friday at : the Navy Cross for extraordinary heroism under fire In Kore.
uidte Marun of .Columbus, be observed Friday at 9:30 a.m. Leen planned in ooperatlon iWith
Ohdo, who 4g luietint ao the lath- at the Gamnbos Union Church with the US4WB Armed Tores derv- .. .
bard oe. Mo Anre *ob The the pi t.hror u whona yarl ch n m a Linedk Sal tg-s-
hmus. ,e folowei Churees parv t pat- ice Center will be open dally to. Pa
The horee plans to leave Pa- in: The Epscopal Church of St. the puble through Monday, March Clu r I
m ) .*1..boardthe Nieo- AndrewI.Cobl, The Cathedral a8 8r. oms00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m.
en to'retr atoher .fi St. Luke, "The uBalboa UnMeon .
.Church, The Pedro Miguel Union ] LRnctheon
Seludat d Mrs. Church, and the h ost nurch. a n an 'b Mr. and Mrs. Crlton D. Dam- lork yesrdayswith a total of
Crl Hall, Mrs. Edward Hodgon of the B Woman's Club will eron and young daughter are 84 ps.a6t for Crlatobal ad
b, toold 'astuonym r e d dish luncheon among the 119 passengoreached- 43 paeers en, route to Port-
Wed sdy"t the Westwood home u ed to sail Saturday on the au-Prneup. alt r
S of 'Mrs p art, Schiling. The oup Panama liner anama, eeord- T a a dance passen- meeting wcBrost' de.r the slate lit. r. Dare eron, Kupervort of Mr. and =. Francis Apl.-
o the yal r 1354 wc 0 will be ie*a nor t.h e d i f Py; M and M rs 5. re r 6.
Spresnte e Clubhouse Civision and Manae ail f;. r. an. Mrs. Howard
=are asked to telephone Mrs. Ieo- pa s severe years, hba r .'ies n(u d Mr ir. W. W. Blelock: Mr.
naPd Ruppel, 2 433 Members are to enter private business In Ur- Mr R. M. OCawford: Mr
4 1. \asked to attend and bring their banna. Virginia. athd Mrs. Jasper W Killing; and
friends. Four of the passenPere sailin Mrs. Gilbert Fafard.
ee War- tT raIn -iiday, Mr and Mrs. Ol fford Mr, anid Mrs Philip W. Hall;
spe-Xs oMf.ol9iSbo vdT h A iBs nBa and Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Dr. and Mrs. Bernard Hau-
a9 43 Ahbrosk h-Sh8h ey, are to debatU in Port- brich; Mr. and Mrs. Loui G.
rThe Albrook N. C. O. Club will au nee. The .d. Panama cs Melmick, Jr.: Miss Margaret;
hod its regular bimonthly bu- one day late on Its north Henden Mr. Mart Hi
11 nesd meeting in the Game Room bound trip this week because of Mr. anu ars. -W. F. Holding;
of the Club this evening at 7:30. the late arrival from NSw Yorh. Mr. and Mrs. Charles' HolleM-
SIt sailed two days law south- der; Mr. and Mrs. A. B Ja-
Arts, Crafts bound because of the holiday on ouith; Mr. and Mrs. Sama -Jar
And Garden G To xeet Washington's Birthday. 'iJe: Mr. and Mrs. Charl I.
SCla M. w HoAnThd Garde ani and Gardeln Jer s an; and Charles W. Jro ha
Groups of the Balboa Woman's The complete advance list Cf son;:
Club will meet Ma 17 at 9:00 passengers for New York follows
am. at Farfan Those plan- Mrs. D. Abt; Mr. and Mr. Mr. and Mrs. James B. fale
sning to attend .remindeluo eDames F. AdandMiss Bernice Dr. and Mrs. H. Larson: Mr.
bring lunches. .Allen Mrs. Ma H. Eagihaw; Eduardo Levy; Mr. and 3dr.
Instruction by Mm Ralph Otten Mr. and Mis. L'ther Baker; Dr.' Georgd Lowery and 2 ciMdren.
will be available I etal emboss- and Mrs. Frank M. Barton, ; Mzs. Mr. and Mrs. Alan Mayerhoff;
in elen Bates: Mr. and Mrs. L TJ Mr. and Mrs. Dtl ndo Miller:
Meeting.,Th n- g Bateas; Mr. and Mra, William Mr. and .sla Mroard Mucke:
Batea Class Mte nlght gank: Mr and Mr, ls BS- as Dorot Na*Mr. and
T.. "bi.- aes Frra r. qe Ma
And Gare Gee t oWyd; andg.' childretdyl', a :Mr. K
.Club wil l meete Ma.p .if..,,...00paseges rNewaYrk._.lowi,= ,, .,

tlu s ga W &o w- C- ow s.- ra
JWJ Foresbiee Cet. M=. Ann Brudenba. Mr. a.PQOft
ter, La Boca Road. Mr. and Mrs. Louis Cohen; ad MrkL d Seld Ri and
Mr. and .Mrs. Walter Conley; Mrs. Irving Re4njeck; Dr. and
Gamboa Woman's Club Mr. and Mrs.. M L. Coplan- Mrs. Leon Rousen and daughter;
To Hear Frank Wilder Mrs. Erelen Cullen- Mr. and and Mr. and Mrs. Victor Run.
The Gambop Woman's Club will Mrs. Carl '- Ddmeron and kin;
hold its regular monthly meeting daughter; WMdln;i..Mr. and
at 7:30 this evening in the Civic MMs. Robet.ELi,sstrot; Dr. Major Gen and Mrs. J. L.
Center Building. This meeting will and Mrs, carl W. I sp; rs. chley.. USA Ret.; Mrs. Eleanc.r
be open to the public at 8:00 p.m. sle. Farrlh,; Mr. and Mrs,. f. Sfa ; ArI- Lucille Swbolt:
to hear the guest speaker, Mr. FTocl WW Feeney; Mr. ThQt- Mr. a rs. Paul W. 8llfies:
Frank Wilder, discuss "A Threat Wald .F0tastrom; Mrs. I. H. Mr. and Mrs. Robert B. 8khin-
!bur Seourity, Kdbw What's- f e" UMrs. Mildred ardiner; ner; Miss Efid 8pangenberger;
Going On And Be Infomed." Mt. alud 'Mrs. John Obj rnett Mr. -ad MrS. Harry R. Span-
ine Gamboa. Woman's 0 and .. Winda HAys. a r. an__ wnberger; MiaS Doris Steventt
the American Legion Auxil ary, ex- 'Mr. Ja .Oould Hirsch; Mrs. Ma- FrakA. StevMns: Mr. and M' .
tend an Invitation to .L relents y 8, S owell; miss Catharine Henry C. TAIeri: Mr. and Mrs.
of Gamboa to meo 1th tem. almoes; ad Mr. and Mr. Leonard Von Heul: and Mr. and
n manWi A. Uyman: Mrs. Thmna C. Wilson.
Mr;, ,ad Mrs. Jacob 3'neway:
Mrs2;Oemldlne Jones; Mr. and
i rs. A. O. Kalser; Mt. and Mrs.
/ /ranfL. n bling; Mr'. and Mrs.
r trelianer; Mr. and Mrs. 3 -
Louis uott and 4 children; Mr.
Bragging Can Be Profitable, H and Mrs. Fredeiick K. Lelach; .
You Boast About Others Mrs. Virginia Levenson; Mr. and
One of the braggingest women I Mrs. rSi rL, Levr ; nd
know is also one of the best liked. ,eArJeur Lyburger;B Mran.
But here's the catch. She never ,- .. e ney; M. B.el Man-
boasts of herself. She always brags ti,. sr. .a Mr. SaPer isna-
about other. o'"; end Mr. 'and Mrs. WUa la:c f
If you're a friend of Sue's you N nmff Mr. and Mrs.W a &
know how smart her other friends Mr. Mrs. Bernard Paley;
are Mrp. Maria de Paredes; Mr. and Acidaifs ore often cowued by
She seen to have a knack foMrM Clinton Parish; Mr. an peO Sn. think they own the
finding out what people are proud Mrs tL.C. Paulson; Mrs. though they don't
of but too modest to boast about, a la f A a l. t r th a la.
and passing the knowledge along. RocT and Mrs. BejamiF.
Instead of talking about other H,li. W andUr i. Jamin
people's.troubles and problems and Rubeastenl, Mr .and Mos. Hen-
mistakes, she prefers to talk about "Myr ,, Schldt"rankSic m
their good points, their small tri- Mrs. EnJ. 8 Os 11lec i n oo-
umphs, and their accomplishments. ert 3. Strr s )M. Lillian
And it works wonders. For it .trom, Mr. and Mri. Samu.el..
makes for c,,, rful talk. And some- to MDr. and ,Mrs. Torri t -
best about her other friendshe'll ucomb Mr. and Mrs. Caphr C
do the same thing when she talks Turner; Mr and Mrs. Charles
about you. ha en; and Mr and Mrs. Emil
about you. A. Weitz.
Such a Person Wins Maj. Gen. Jullan L. Schley,
Our Esteem and Friendship former Panama Canal Governor-,
and Howard C. Petersen, mem- e rees-
What's more that kind of talkede taotUe boardQ o Dlrwetors of
often gets back to the person it fl Pauao ptaon Company, are *
was about. And how much kinder amoiR the vafengers expected Maiy eems with Thevslen
we feel toward the person Who to arrive hi Cristobal Mondy
has been spreading something good from New York aboard the 8.5.
about us, than about' the person Cristobal or the Panama Line.
who has been telling the wotd Petersen Is .accompanied by his
about our shoriomings and faults. wife.
So everyone likes Sue. And Sue, The Criatobal sailed from New bAVg.
because she makes It a practice ar
to look for the good in Peoplein-
ad of f ookin fr u, profitably, by bragging about oth- on Kl A % L 0.
likes most ,: u to.r
It's a geat p to most If n gple discovered that
people to do a ittlebra nw secret there wouldn't be such a
and then. But Sue has vered great temptation to most folks to
- the one way that it cap be done brag abou.theaselves.


A bitretI

A dg bargain, foo!


Wonderiglly ieuda plump and juicy!
Comes cleaned.r cut up, ready for the
skillet. The flavor is out of this world ...
and there's no waste whatsoever! You pay

only for what you eat. That's why f'.it .
such a big bargain! Birds Eye Chicken il i
perfect all ways... and always! Serve i r
for supper tonight! ..',,

"- .-.

beauty know
is Pond%,'
th Countess de la Falaise
Though her background is English-
her fathn was the late Sir Oswald
Birley, England's Court painter-the
chic young Countess de Is Falaise has
the look of a true Parisienne. For her
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One of the great beauties of society.

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"Thls way of using Pond's Cold Cream fl
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circle fluffy fingerfuls of Polo's i up
and out from throat to forehtad. 'Thlb a.
ing releases embedded dirt. It At .
tion. Brings up fresh color, 'fI '.5l4 i 2.
Now, a snowy "rinse" with fre.i*" p of
Paed's Cold Cream. Tissue off W
a U t film of the cream to )
whiB you sleep. -.. -c .
Foarda divWeyflatsern wppwthW 4*Ju
you powder, smooth eon t.b eS of
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Give your skin new beauty with these twe
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H, pehold Auilaomiwi.i BEAUTY SHOP EQUIPMENt Hnuses on beach,.,an"ta Clare. Alp i R... mn ea .
Shampoo bowl complete with plumb- COOL Compano mountains, P one t -r e U
"- .. --autlity h SHAPNoBaboa 1389 or we
tSALE.- PhilippriBe BAMBOO FOR SALE.-Flying to States, SACRI- uig; hair driers; manicure utility ahd SHRAPNEL, Balboa 1389 or 4 1-- e n
-heirs, tbles, chain lounge, bridge FIC 1953 Ford Custom 6 (tinted dressing tables; shampoo moanicre caretaker there. ...O r formitnl B of t
t gtass tqpl, electric clocks, gloss., just finished 2000-rile and hair drying chairs; sterilizers; Grmich Snt .Car Bech cottages. Sciec C "mash hit" d Will
beds, portable bar, desk, checkup, $1650. Shopnel, 150 permanent wave machine; glass show pectric refigeration, gas Mve.i e hp e de .,sarcb 1 t
iWBSleous items. Shrapnel, 150 Prospect Street. Telephone 1lalbao case; miscellaneous items and sup- moderate rates. Phone 6-441 it e P 7:Ii i.m. at 1he a 0uloClub- ;s .
treetBalboa 1389. 359. ALLfor$ 5.00. Account no -5 7.
h'pa g e s p a cet C albB a 1b oa 1 3'de"9, 1 5 I f i"''l" "l : tI W
I:-Sofa, livingroom tables, FOR SALE:--953 Chevrolet 4-dpor lorge space. Coall Balboa 1389, 150 --------e Th WoiftM and t th
426- -ntA Prossect Street.e-Poityour Co Need No LO@ Eml. pe ls "Mr. R ie woe nwich
",--ia abla. colder climate sedan. Excellent condition. 2426-A Prospect Street. Pouter. CottoseCl P sOne MvbNwrie Idyou dM IhdNoaves N.x p wo.e Wp- ,.Co .ldr iii Whit;
S i 4.14. womcns s',e Corr St., Ba boao. after 4:00 p.m. linens. Phon aiboo 2p-18.. sNeed *1r tIhr ee iferent set- the Caribbean R th 54 A ua
"g14,91."is'7 : 4 ni '-ORSLE:-Ci"oc FOR SALE. w-uo,,, oso .!aoo 3i ..: o,. M i. .u. i ,etory of =.IlIn It-N
larg size;it; n 4l;l Je2n OR SALE: Caac 4oo dFOR SALE WILLIAMS' Sontt Cloer beach Cot-fn 1I i of Stro
wide nsitzeVe n blinds. 30. 19u model with*hite sidewalltoga. Large. eomfenrtable, modern,h aw eks" andhheernh e. o lnr
ide. ntchstck blands,30. new tires, hydramltc and radio. MiseeIlanebus nebr lc. MALAT ON Rhen srerberation of" e ,Armed f o
4 gpd 42" wide, 74" long. Call 82-5173 or 82-5216. Fort weeki 4.S.b .,'Bobb r-e.i.theOC
il 17, utoir. Ar,,odor. F__OR SALE:-Plano, gash register, Iar The I it Powerfi alid k"e ler .T..
SLE:--Or.e'sel Ration Peel liv- FOR SALE:- 953 De Sato Excellent equipment. Apply Contina Tampa, Pli O n sidi o Spetael F e I'et, the e Throfe d i W- te Porces. Netwo I
ro6m or porch furniture, 5-pc. condition. For further information Colon. Clara, Box '47 C, Balboa.Cr bl e-1. .. E ermi. ftt Contl ent of ..C.'rihb ai e Pallhi, ",n orr6.7
'gne 84.2157 or see at Qtrs. call Panam 2-4486, 12. noon and FOR SALE:-Pano in good condition, & BHC Reistant Strains. forest of vorluptRed rep&sA t& Geneal lra uhSI
Fort Kobb.___ after 5.30 p.m. $200. Transportes Baxter, next to FOR RENT r 'e M- d wasme tnat.* W *d Comdana M 3 Ra
EOURVncho. GEO, F. NV d,.ve -was.-lang .en- o nd
kLE:-Dcuble bed. complete; FOR SALE:-i 953 M.C. Mark II with IJ.RaS2_hE--r_ _._n._OE grY, wv INC.aro he SatdMa 4 f aniEst
ing table. House 7026 As 850 m|le. ', i. -onditifOn. SOR SALE:-Uprigh piano in good i .. .. Ca M ee Chapter at the ConCtr tltis" i h
. ,lOih St. Cnirmst-Meseez cMs selY I.ceu1"f sitond cart condition. Apply No 14109 Me- 79 Central A Tel. 3-61 a A eatca Red C O fss f seeks to C n tr Ut ( o
*enu Coln. Morning hours. coming. Call Navy 2533 days and' lender and 15th St., Colon. FFOR RENT:-Chalet: four bedrooms, ear oalf
5A.-Ee ctic slc- e. 4bunor. irioki or offi er. *l---r ---------- onecnbusdamiisqotre con be used as maid s quArters, A.., S f. O e' f
S -Eectrc sto.e 4-bune. mke Or oR SA4L:-31 Model A Ford, truck :Lvihge .ddmrigrobm; kitchen. Do or'er Mar~na8upel i tlP fA W i t M
le p.wordraobedresser. F~ pd, everything g in good. condition. 52nd Street No. 15. Telephone 3- g ef f cond ted throu out t a r dedctl s

- oo board. All 4. practically dnow. F O anF -wExtra parts $250. Rifle 0 R N T f fro 9 tlneapon nconde d r dded
3 Ldea rn oed n m e8n t .y con d u cted threho erh o ush t N u tyroll d ed ttlon t1h0m....
Sture i.'Calle 24 35.8o. 4 Apt. S AlE.j le roun Crag, goad cohdpp i on, m 345 2 p.m. to 6 p.m. 'f o.Studio ord48i to h b: .ssuea month ofde .-airM dt eI
A ED L. dranm freezeoro, tm0k caDenns 8- ir FOR -aen t7 bed room .ne Na fan t -fer thrl'anaa n
'ol itm -bu i B bo mao g. -r ed o tuKni details cll Zubi Phon 3-3336 .
-lborefrigeraed at the Crto FORobal SLStoehou In- E180. m ral DowEered he NEoto a-irh3 .tIc s$ eA-a. .d ..
hscelleous seholdgooad Qpy rs. lay r--- ___94_ "95.'" Adm.Wrw.stioe WV

i eLorigus old or o .cptal Dak son 4- 8 47 95 .dtaton s- .63 bs c"" fro, FOR ReNTifa Completurro $110. .tur tud to. w a. 0d1. 18c1dine ... ..s Meama ne mbc d Alb io c '"-ar .
SSuperintendent of Storehouses, al- Z Id l for servicemen, bloc from b s. J. A eelet
767s Wiin lian Place or r Ponoma LOS te fo iK i, iU lPAhACN N -AA o E 4 1 i from. re ian ATON RO126 O M c
b .. ; n -r--- died bidsb for open ig ingl public, will u FO R S T t a oo aoand'he I. i. cl f'
SALE::- II scatter rugS. .4iR S* L. 440 th& k.t agi. bA Aq.,ag"b. z t i.e i

E:0cu m be receiveduntl iPn030 a3m., MO rch411";. Peel tphe.4 hn p.c t I Pn.. e.
or, dishes, English earaenwr .i NA Bus s otorcc wh ccessri Bet O f 9 1954, in the office of uperinten- .. Op He*aboc de arrl admiral n Du &i h fr k

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w. Balboa 309...6_-8. ...... fer. lnque uorters 2138-1..Cu-dent of Storehouses, Balboafor show T1 N Jus;tbuilt moder r t 5 tke.r, Tthide" b' o ti e

Meaod r aed a rund 4: 0-0. r!e, cracker cutter, parts forIce ur o apartment r ... O w us e tto a f : N; ten .r h Qr in l
foldingre h Ffeam-freezers and spray-tvpe pq- a ot. o w ai nl.T.Scotng Fb l l s n. n r

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"orFnO L: acheap..Le. lpeurizei5, woodworking mchnes -, b ot- iPOn mO -4 1 -qunre noyeioan:.. ts. id- ; le. a e h she lo'
Srlon i cream freeze s. mlk can washing FOR me REN- Meri t wo e bedroom

ryi t 1PL,- lbia 'n FicR cAtle.--Fr an Eepino. Choe JuA .ment'o. nst 7.Srt. 4-.Fao e otloveS rWkh'e/ a a ard h e*al Int Si de
curoWANT olpmED 1ndinex var ous types of posteurizers. Rlparitmrent,5-T1ouStreeteNs. 4e 2.Me. 2 l-Ul La i Uciatrvaiift *

cat ran-d l .t Ba, Icecream vats. prinin g press, electric 'I A'pt.h 2tf, r e a r t C lo t rV
boolmi'etIrnenu :s.b a et mn re.-2and raE milk storage tanks lp- details call Zubieta. Phone 3-3336 -TrELTONAp ., ..chs a.Z U. 4-, or e e ran te

Ey t r l.FOR SALEh .-Gapet. eri-ed oa FOR RENT e ; Academy-1 *- o ared -so8 Nth arS id

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o wro h capital D rri k8 Ped station No 63 may be secuiere d fro a e ce rd .Ac ademyr re ed.u w 'ad ap for.r aarS r -i d 4
I iwtter or o an LOST Near ePark, ladys boo, telephone 2-1815. I nqre Household Exchange, 41o. R .tet'to oin o t doy c ha r n ana e 4(t
4l wrote o an is offers tocrBox slac ad-r- wo5ie rbaog annt o-M n'N'r1vlfuns_ Au tg R T. da n. Rncen4 -aga e ph ZrRENTr a of tomapza d to auray -
neon I green wlle witl9rope tfco iSn .OR SALE'-A.C. registered Cock e ~Rm oITr. halr e:- -Port hSre 1- f h ed e n
a- ..a, o-e 25 Cc.hor-fri o. iU. -fl oftE nil a paa

*,- qp 8.- n ah ,n f an l ea5h.A tER E
gnrie r. i n L P tono'Odee Bllck wh ite 1nd blDo ck, tqn. R Ste. e ruete l. Teep holne x 2ch' -g4 16. .lB L n & e o. &tnt1011'- ol. t ar o WA nU

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furn t l rbaa 1s ...?hd ,-Onr sal Po- R.NEFir:q o Cut, ,' 9u. Itotar Co. f r the Midwest area.'night -wjth a, .prfa prouia ji Wie'w sced' mto Li tays
furnishe Furni2abadm tQ -bbedroor ap ortment, round floor am 1 tee. ry eti etlte eaub ac
o....... n firs t -: Furnished horrid ww-a &DR-flli

haar t o e st3 oll Cprtolf iOw t he d 2RR fiou apartment n.yI W s h d
-301c r 'comet' how servant's house ,n CERRO CCB teaHe Is ,8W 'by

A. Busiess opportunities. o 11A ne'nv in, modem, r n.' Tr I e-b.L a V t L -

nelson .
mTr i n e B Pr 0,nwmn. e' a
.. ..-.. P .r,5 ,r-.. n d

-ri~e n nansi- t o. R eatEst"a 1 ,po na.6 e ytinl ho 3-0841. i. n
;'"'f Pa nm'.nianNbi-4;.6o. Re"l"-Estat Peru fisT .". lT ,- ''. -" .;'Nova&
T.'- .-..- C A WN-.. h .-
B i ,ul8i nv FeriOR SALE: Fo rm, 3 milesFf sc- "' 'c -ree B e N OriA 4 ,o j. foK W CL l band
quil lefld man., Writs i OOPC.adth e t rB.r E he- G ied wrom w-bedroom api'rtrnent in cgAn llom"lr T aporteserThelastcathedral ells.ah
11 ata;h.g phot..:fTorrcattlen lmarer-bildinginSellooVista. b t*l T N -Tbeedfust ha runggllse t wI tfl ie fr
'forcatte Voter 'ICMB I Q1-a" U4"",Ponn J-ec6 or 2-0339 .
n-r-'-&. onwl.,l 2-0.ithewa .1.1 pla-n Box"' 3121 eaatt ln a early yestef 7" hen0WD
Pe ar solesfansole Cic .Coco(, Canol, Zone. Lot- of frur i,:O RENT:-Four apartment, s near iExpert Meaanic it n Ultra- t he GiS erberated3n a French her te, el
FOP ad.- F 'SALE: -Chalet. Livingrioamdin- ,on urea toyeri a Pastor, Pan. rvki A gOa ofstunts 111dd a anledoof v iaustoodahms
F":j "' ut #4, orkp wu latt-r ,ngroom, kitchen, two bedrooms 2 am& 'C Streqt at Sonta Ana Plaze, e- coritch ) l. tu d .. o- The-yo utr sta redn hi l and aoe. h
Lute...oc a o s r ,pIOUuno e rfot ..o ar f tepaors..tnstalleatton o Ir 'r.. feet,' walked to the street ald Ult e.Ze nd 2be &b e
ml...1bl-.----,cgtl--in Pere-"Av. Co, ,Isflf.'ORRE-. InA- Police said It apparently wa a ia blow to thojwwA
-expnalod f Pafamanian In- FORSAL.E-Farm i---E. Chorre- Juan A. Jimnez. house 7, Apt. '.,0] eeoIr--HassW
c an nd ht rian I uVerv sor. came of love grown cold as the Wong th rwemrefl
dudstries to r eo-mplemretand ex- ra. 4 2 hcs. andnear river. Tel No. L vosh.3-4812. -- magical spu t it Y. .- Ne -md,, ..nd
acurrentproducton3-7 1. FOne-bedrm R. shined et Mardi Gra' gave wwAv"7 bpou -a'i. a "drink.- They
beth -" A d wd eQeF E :_BLrgikr. Completely fwr- dance, ',kichenette, Ilvingroom. Cel. '
.the CO W e Che i.r9r0bOth' 4W iin-and 1i 51 V6 two-bedroom hcue. Hot &rugstuantaDonordescribedas ed the flh ov
t"og hi ezxtldibiltl tnment, z nt uLh0 been in the '111. co4 Water. On Chiriqui ejo River. -.e-Od r1hT"."eatSnTO- 8Upnu w h-blooded bov Nwreauty of 2rg "etethnem," to
4 3;m.ft.' ci'ndnvewstmonk fie4 asixPh ,2-4384 or bao84, s,. A- a rtm.nt, completely Spanish-blooded beauty of 24verybthw eei e4, te. las-
0..w. .i ennt ,Ir.1.NewB Yb SI rOr ;_Tr ... wutrhnmfr. t-bedrrom coow withti- ho alwaYs swer- nothing Jled -pen eharge pndi i "The w dre In
".Wke 7 1W C_ I1... blconii. Very cheap and centre.' lhelp b ougta oi the lie ofhe 9y ft OftWMe tr w.
haab e u thettant FOR tAE:-2 lots in beautiful cool L Tl .3-49. l. rtsha
DeTense Mobllbatibi4 '4O: Household effects. Re ,fggeIIola1t
s* m ,on ret ui ble fr genej*,-st ervi. tibf. Phone 2-3631. "M P pd"Uapartments, Parr's drugstore, det
'en e r OR SALE: --",461401423.1111h ap a leP C K U- Porr's specializes in the oldrfash. orma .j, '.n
A M .- to ti c d2RENT: Orie-bidr"--unfu r Nnts. -c YOUcanI blood te
.i ffi tlon.., rn. 12r o 2nd St-; Los Cumbres. Tel. 2-3124 niahed modern apartmen;- gorag-. hot Co--1kur_134 tin'ufr fa retdent.hey

nFOR RENT:-2 and 3-bedroom apart-o ", e W Jobn Lo Pour. -npersto, on t d' by 1
In tie d deVelopment of records-j Will. bpo a rased by oent t Cl-S-year-old drgstore, also e* nsu- The p- by i'
t spe.d archiVed eetonoresidence. 4lyunlucky0reoipietof a door- DonorMr
N ..- en etvIOelSY ttnized for govirn- aind building Jots. Own the FOR RENT I $ocious apartme ,f", Mb in the eye with leoehe rt,.
an arrtuat,-o J rnj n employs. In-tddlati, whe 1"i ,ve"'siour heid, vou modern, 2 bedrooms, furnished, in' Telhoe..She m lling sad .vary the: smxedtharlst .......o
ewilt-,, AfCaC2ry'o atudir -.he-jin .9K-Iflyng .fr It anyhow. spected. Parking space for cars. ver" color.. ce Wan
4141T "f.-1K,,"- prove No. 5.A ONICS It,,Mtonly in l4,,le"VW. j- c
r brown cdly documents in the go C nt POW lowertha YOU x- Abarroterli .Lq Dala, ,a.sthat ort' tas l eh
are grown MCI atn..ofae. .... r ay, s'%M--i titen and -.... ..... .tedoand true, Recanded
,, la of O vO f a' r-tona ,. -FOR RENT:-.- Attractively furnished 4o-a.e daszdttut. r e llly- i ra.ier zta M -. -A....
; man, of w cU a e opr ea blacked out-Steels:..n-
A -A-graduate fromk.Ve- mediately.coal clol.ione-glbtbo"oaedrtment,iresni-_ .ate clru lsto. .. e hk ]1e h .o b .-
wl eer oi __ 'vf t#MiWohizan tn? vCrol '. -]COWPANV clntiel suon; hat water, tee- .OS inheddrugstore. Thq wou eawn the tSF re.
I du V- "e~o.aAdIniIornu, dtm.ur'W.nel[ tOe wea e oduld tee( onIyoem. the ar'let
hand tv offer 'uwlaaas I' hou 193s. D. t'". f lo Caleta, SUPtCOiERS

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;. .... .--Of: .. .gas,. ieve- m ll- .iinvurrro t o,. ........
.. a Ni ....ic.,I L.... SY LVANtA
frfroe Pae 1) A ames McDaniel, a 24-year- FOBR;-ENT R A D 1-0
Soan will see to It thi Veited Sates Detrect Coat Fo. T"e old, fireman Who was badly te.L.4&57. itc, SAn h ia-
I ,o-, Dn' l a 1"r ihl oi Feb. 6. FOR RINTr:--Exceptianally beeutifu T U B ES 3.t6l
-y e. i_ se 5 r.1 wk'en an exp] ion occurred dfurn~iie reoom wtJ~t._eoxL stove.
wasu. ta e tea list private both,' M12 i-prate
. u808 that edd t a Pr h" os y at Gorgas Hospital. to or- or two persons of good taste.
bo-. he -has been confined Tel. 3-0638.,
haswar for es N o saves r w a- sinee the aeddent. Nicl f her
h" th a -gr. aFOR RENT: aNicely fumioed c n.
ha .t. .LiAmeranwas roome for 1 or Ns. E B
., A 1,- rate s.Malo e a S7-year- FOR RENT: --CleAom Tfurnided rrn
dim dl.set .t a Panulit-nan carpenter Best residential "so dtton. S- ew b
.,Cir "cwaei another bad- bathroom, rdr lte. 43rd Stn

a:. 55ai4 t 1her v in I BUY-Men's wi... ch .ts. per Eut ....
CaOdt te rtpy were r atpe 5 r. 1E ing, oarm eve Wrd t l
F lift. -bbe. nlssto re- d. astora

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w it h k # W M r. e li11 t. .. .. i -
w" cigrete celpany in ana-
as fit om a Viit A -

Ten. s o.made a trip to A",theegulr meeting of the
Sce .8' told toast Otbid $.clet' plansI
and. Mr; er 'LlG* fori were made for the annual orchid
realluats tI .- exhibit to-be.. held t the Hotel
ashington' r March 12, 13, and
Mr. A oung.-14Mrs. Thomas Fels, who con-
ionored Wft" ducted a very successful exhibit
Mr.. i, arl.Beagrive en- last year, will be: -general chair,
tertaine-' ywy w.t a receptio m an. --L -
at their' .res0i ce o ehoer Mr, L. W. Croft presided at the
Mr. M"_rVictor Yeumgrwhen e-business meeting. A large variety
recent weddi was of interest, t of beautiful blossoms were n dis-
a wide cirbaf .rineds-on bottom play. Mr. E, E. Orvis had a unique
sides oI t IS Isthmus. arrangement of natrv- of hids on
, The. b.g1 decor-ted driftwood, which eauseda.o~sidb.r-
with Mn -coored faren flowers able comment.
and large sprays ot bougainvillea Refreshments were served bfy
were used- .-the--patie. -- Mrr-IHaral- WldtW -nd-rt l Les-
Te. Lf ent' tatewea-eov' -lie cforMra:r lda MeCarthy,'
ere wlsi a s' nitme lace and who was Unable to.atted.
embroiderd lunn cloth. A tS The following members were
tiered.cake topped with a luster resen t: Mr. and..Mrs. H. E.
of widdlg bet s e, hels.ed with mall, Jr., Miss Sue Prier, Mr.
blue hydi'nas eand coee' rosel, and Mrs. T. W. sels, Mr. and
formed .the c al artangelment, mrs. L. T. Schuberg agt. and Mrs.
It was fanked-y silver candela- C. Rymut, Mr. and Mnr. L. W.
brae holding white tape. Croft, Mesers: Percy Hooper, Walte
Mrs.' Frant B0k0y, Mrt.a Car Crdft, Messrs Percy Hooper, Walter
Nix; Mr. and Mrs. Paul llla, M; Wil- "n, ,arti Sawt,.- i'. E.
and Mrs. Ralph Graam; and Mr. Orvia, R. T. Ray, George A. Mar-
and Mrs. L. EL .,tevena aswiste4 tin and Henry Buticaer.
the host au* t..
Mrs. ThoBsit fl4a wad if'Charge Informal Sapper
of aee guest book, Mrs. William aasham, of Colum-
On alf o r. Yo bus, Ohio, w isleaving the lsth-
Oil ,i ,i r.l" .TS'AJ ? aild M-u,. eooB,-was .the aupper guest
In aje I of Nae h -o of Also
Ralhl Grha i .eta..dii r t.ho wer Mre. Fred Newbard
present. chi la thrngi ew a d Andra Lee Nash and
a silver pite, bread t.ay and Frl Newh'a d.
covered Vegetlable ih.. ,
The outowt-town illUnes orlude rOut.-eer Supper
Mr. and Mrs. V. a ,Loaden, lof Panned Wr atan
Balat d n. d., 0 .I M rG AomlMrer ilnn be
t -ra. w ..wl. B.p .. s u p ataU naisn
.. rk aChurch AUxHfllary for F'rd '
Ma. .a MRs s Vi rginia 'March :1. The supper will be
ah mb .f ber bure t.- s te o t. e and-if the
Th wikjts x wead thes-perpM li&fs l*bett

lMrsd. wAiDse Co, M,.'Mr. and Mrs. ava nnof dishes from which to
Iii .i... rat P t '&'_ Ay Atlantic Side rsisdentsa are

eand, Yaw o. prominent Visitiors
MrAid;aatrsoung;. andtMessrs.Wl M Fo te ahl o
Frank ... .oma .l s Mr. Frank Rewdy, vice-president
rak!klei11"* Thomas w ofathe Waldorf-Astoria, and MM.
re'W auqap ready wereu the recent luncheon
guest; of Mr. Arthur Motta at the
Hotel Washingto.
:: The vilstnre were making a tour
Queen Ma.mjah. xJxtrimra > w a.s of :tibis region.
crowned 1Miil Qua06 ii t& --
Flor6entin-ee I tl0-1t-eII .'Ai .Mrs. Wltaker ...
Washington. She wai-.eaertit-lgi UigittgJ Costs Rica
Messrs. Curio Harris and Julio Mr. and Mrs. J. P. Whitaker. of
Baitgleiiff., ---- -- ProvtdelUe-,R. I., who-taver been
The members of her court In- the houseguests of their son and
elu ded?- Vias Sqe.w da..ter-iBa.w, Mr,- and Mrs.
lectr Rmanuia ._ .-e,"la' .ibtaker, are now spend-
Aide Cfmio, kqtt lg An s I somtime U ft-S l3m. C. B.


She"a: 7:3 & *iS. pa.
ADMS .o 1ICE .
.60 .nd .30

IIh Our Fint atiUn Amenicap
*" fgbt ( owingi

wied to- a
The Ab
meeting il d
Brow" Mrs. ay C. I

The Atat ets
with hiu 1i. 2-18 -1

Chpreh of Out ?ate h
joit service 1tt the Uin Curch
in New CristobaL The Church will
be o ull dyfor hol who.wish
to observlie .(ce ..
A, h:15 p.i. therewi e a hl.
drq 's pieopaa whh..oung peopi
Mrs. Norman DaViso wli aIso
tell stories to he young group.
The alart eAle e willTe h i t
7:30 pdL mrs. At. W.,i b l
be the l4adgr d mtW6 ft
the quest speaker and Mrs. John
Sugar wnr ReverJl 1
Cooksoa l i lead.ft. dBv e.
Alsritdips te.^n ,te_ la-
erwvlill e. Mr r. tafleawfifta-
ker Mrs. Luke Punbo, Mrs. R.
L. Sullivan, Mrs. R. H. Emerick,
and Mrs. RdORW'"laining.
.. ..,ao4y ..avjted .id
' u -- .- e -

tain nd Mrs-'"diqrd W.,
,.A2, Vbthe Shivation' Ao
WMf If. S ut tr akkrg aot s
wItrim &orf th Ik"rE and

tory 'llmU'B_. "
nary fainlt CPtk

Fait.cas -Wn.rt a t4ilW
Sttlnr.PFatr'CO mjittU, 'httre j-
nmmced tat-due t-totrte piLropltr
o the rchpnts anhe -support
veln the as end sIe

hadsd endsto dreiaienJbyled-e tc-

Matison o youth d'ireo
tHre heideehs bWeskef*s aVin
biy Mrs. Jbaephine White 'of MaW
gaN..' Him- MrBwany.Wjiitt wQon
an electric toasterand Mrs. Irene
Burza won a be&tut e1, Mrs.
H. C. Poole wa the recino ent of
handsome I=ebeon clothe

lil Day Advewuis

Plan Youth ConfresS

Here Nexl Week
.Clayton I Hqnrlque.. youtn
director of the Central Ameri-
ean Union tf Seventh-day A,!-
ehitlsts, wili ofjiees In n Jl-
8c. Cota Rica stand Reinaldo R.
Mattilsn, local youth director *I
the Panama Conference, have
announced tnat plans are beld g
complete loI a Youth ConiU s
which wilU oien Thursday night,
March it and continue, until
saturday, Mirch 13.,
Arrangements ale- being made
to -acommodate the large num-
ber of deetqse expectoq fromin
ihe interior of the Republic anor
Ahier arts 'f the field.
This con'oesa promises to oe
JSuer tbanfthe flne held here in
W,_ It wil' also bring together
ruenddsa of youths comprising
jtqMdJiopry .volunteer di-
Dar ment of the oCeferenoe oti
OA.S Injb ield. -
te. orI4. legate will
AOeKI, yoVut W %tor from
Wfslite. D.C. ;-and David
i, youljdlr.ectp from Mi-
!a"i h ,j pubib till seiZ
for the flrq e, alj e ovestdture
eh:vi n w many youths
and- youth !e4 e recelfe
Haeir .naafr to e li razb V

'.- ". ,.. i i iti i : .

.-. .. :. -- :.e ; .-

. ; -, -- ='"i- ;: .. -.
i ^f^ ^^^^ y Cr ^t -''**.

k k7_ -=T ,r "'r

es ma5J.' pb. ''
'Marilyn 's se oes
Mis Four in How marry
Ift'. f .e.. 0S 4 ,,

se fhbashe caS

met 15n l te
ainc en i females at wo.
l* tight-happy About the state o.
Pretring ft me through her glasx.
es on the set of "The Bridges of
Too-R," Grge. iajdje things
it: liaIpe I to I haen
to her all the time. "otonott,' she
confuses, I can't { eegnaze peo-
ple mSore than five feet away. lt's
Hollyoqd tes put the sour-sgra
-t Vo?4mitMb'5abl
'He tManue a screen comebantik
tO -"$uet uletard" Ibut how
hifs wali:
*A Wte comnar6laa noieo.
amu Wh. balked uro at 'every
t.ta, hve tie itmoet coattemp"t.
bile tains' "Angel Unawao"
Aars-I-d .57.000 copies raniks
Si Qahll ibis's tpI ILDfr*ItU
bust44 s. ...-Joan *I -6
l an. eve ar
hitr-,l wit"hel ig:,i
un erm contract a of
its and tages dark,.wapmrvs
tae- War o r' r Ud
litS "*Good citiza ^Rtf-
put re making..,. T four
Hell ,R -design"B gowns.q
rya dr on is wearing ii h
nightclub -M In -Las -Vew'cost
her $1800 per glad rag. _

she wat'flim- To g- to Canada'
Wtop l. teaiolof.,8 etiiea
.jf-- iwts *;to. talr t ,-
Oit m Up to t lnd, Pamela's
Ybe unquestioned straw bosa
IWlMtSaoo .caater.j -.
..j Bm'.S.rnYAn ,is
.;'.. Pior.ABeli .bealmb
over-lt .W -i .U101; 411411
cetfiiae. She's en scootingosul
t u abtry :,eUeY Sw Monnths
t.--enty purposes,..;. Milton
;A t',,' only browiTurrow these

Toida on doctors' order. ..
SDUM& oh h
tnwe unt a w
by-pasaing .atoaI x l or
r. i. favor of atloaae n

A -t aYTa ieAn ts i
ig. t It -a I ms a
Iya." Eveiy li e-3 ow iB,(U
Ytt a: *l 11= oat6t7 #11i
are's more mneey to be made
telefilms, if the producer eltiA s
n ip. t -atS .lftel dI
and e t M I 0 to ilI'

irEt ON "E SSRC.
Right now;" layl ThaYer, "te're
Iorr that ;M. Little Miris' i a
old t0 a naltoal spionor. heIra
Eucy and Dest are sorry,-too. Oyur
flms on-tbe she could e making
ioe tfonfey than we make from
argfsg out a new show evey
Jack Webb, says Thayer, was
itacky. His sponsor let him sell
Dragnet ol a second-*un basis.
Now Webb' dwitkhing to "Pete
Kelly's Blues." I

"'"Wat'Wrtrbt," the new Preston
onisldiutlemftwy- vbgkqj gk
Foter sadrfes, will get tie 68-fllms-
la t nhit and then Foster will
l. ItL w caw racter.

Tow-f Babel note on "Marn-
t s,'_e 5sfiled .* Rome:
atid speaks -E flish and
Italian to Sylvgna Mangano. who
answers i6f pu Italian. Vittorio
Gataman pbpks* Italian to Shelley
W1utwer and she replies in English*
A'.al predicted ulcers for Pinky
Lee whenP,#W TV show was ex-
panded to a five-days-aweek half
nour. ?'Not a ehibed," said Pinky.
,VThe, only time I get ulcers is
whn I'm. OFF the air."
.; lt's.:Bolt Hopp's gem from his
3X radio show about the Dixie
moppet who listened to Edward R.
Mur'wtgltk about an election andi
wal Rutplled by hit use ot the word
Finally, she turned fe her mother
"I 'rqNstrpl' the Yankee way of
.gif. restroom, mamas?"

---' .-

W Pw M "l-I _. Mar.... 12

Span for theannual Pacifitc athe Ancon Liquor Store wil
side ballof that GarJ Zone PuO- undubtedly Drove a welcome.
.cem A A o.oitlo .are work." second pries and the winner -a
ing up forSt bit la s mevenin ti the third*prlze will recelv, by
Hotel- Z Pa-nma on Fri aY. court, ti l sPanama
March 12 ren- 'ire VO il end at tnhe n-
Danlng tq continuous mu sic tel.
u.s la1P .l Tflrviiy Neifte' Ho-7bThe personal taopurclLae
tel El Panair, aBand and Rudy tlcketi bat re unable tq atten.d
CGentic a Orheastra will b in- he ball, ahtuld retain half the
terrupted at 10 p.m. by a floor numbered ticket. Indicate their
show witt .Iird W Cheasoi na le .and. i5dlesl on the other
master or i* nkllIntroduc-alfolf tlft rosut aind frequests ,
ing the im. Dance a canal Zone tolUleman to submit
of Harntui. _I une, the Mhis It for p.ttlulpattlon in the door
Brotheri--tbiL.Oaflitinental Trm prize drawingsi. Should the tick-
an Anieain Combo featurir, -c-ldrawn Tor: iny -one of the
Dick Bfalburn. Eddie Alonzi, -hree prlze hbe. uthe name and
and -Maria Luts Tru illo. addre of tAhe .parchaer, thit
The drwlin tfor the door prlz- o eraon willt- be designated the
e wI tldnht ad a winner of tn prize and contact
reIa 9401ifl _iJ-- a will be made by letter aa well as
k ey bcte_ lswl "er lnt e aIb announ ement in the local
roun i our Ifnigan Cuba, nesvia Pb he wc ai
se^ll;t J06 Pr.i' Parking .pace, with guard
anenitS .l.oi l Se totato rvlce. wll; be provided at the
w Ai quol donabei th vil Affairs Bunding for r guests
oiat ra- t the ball usin taxi facilities
mtater-gu-dO. # order to quail- 4t ;5 cents per person each way

-ation. t 4-1e1.;r
for te vario ingnias the r the Cvil Affairs Building
indivtilua mulst meet require- to 11 Panar-a..
I 1ents co iy akin to that of the 'Tickets ire available at $1",1
BOy scouts, each from any Canal Zone p -
They wM' Owe apDear In the ,iceman ano table reservation..
official unfornm of this organt- PiAYb! Wde by calling 2-1277 or
ation. .

I PLanama

BALBOA 6:15 --7%45



^- j ^ Ail

. ,

Canal &eaters -

D1ABLO TR. 6:15 7:M5
:a ober ntj aW
ridmT 'IAI' s JT"
.1 r Il' liATr.



GATUN 7:58
-Copi TWO"
FI. -njnsro r N lnomo.

.,.i .A

- eli

gof a
or better At
Honor will bs'.h
ores Apr11 24
Bridge of 5lunol
".lorer Rends


Major Wmin. Gerard, A
Dirct Cajnmptn* ud At1
lhalirman, saye a full rep e t
'4e 4-are Award protrg Aud
i l- ,Oed the Awar be -in
ed. O m utoect-. nseu tIlb
Ate Wuld I the D Otrib t ulJ le.
T1he next ,eout the Onftee
and-the next explorer the -
ldevout. Cam El Volet
uly 12 for ftur weet.. Ci, omlw .
approval was glvh the saoeft-
edUpalorer Program as re brted
ty Chairman Gerald DoS with
recommendations to plan at
least six of the projected ideas,
Plans call tor hiking the Las
Cruces Trah oy Units with pr
or reqnitlun given; intre
,.se of Barru Colorado =liiN by
Units; an Ocean to Oc S Race
on Council level: waekld iai-
campMenta at tht ISlMd da
coed nartles. a native animal
0oo;. an azcheologloal Expedit
tion; and tri into the.it3ah. Lt.
Leap V. Klutts has been. ao-
no3_ed J .. the. Albrdokl Com-
mand to serve as Air Corps Lial-
;,on officer with the ExplorL,
L. SV tr.iha. Ot on
and JSxtenslun- Chamnk -ta-
nounced thpt the Committee felt
.hat wlti the okkanization ri
vlye new Units, the Council
would be -gRint rull eoveiage to
all boys del;ing the touting
nrogram Tfs Itoludisa i Pfaci,
I Troop, ano 3 xaigrer UnitAs.
Plu asre bcinlo 3e.loed by thed
Health and Safety Committe
for a First Aid-Meet for the Boy
Scouts and a Jeplth and Batety
ToWrnament for the Explorezs
according 'V: Chairman RIuaeil
T. Wise. Thurwtill-be in the fail
and will be the 3rd Arc Evenlts
for each grot p. Apprqclition wal
expressed to the'Red Ortns I"
their cooperation at the Scout-

Lt. Col. John J. pavis, Talin'.
!tn CIairmuil, requested pe-
minssion to purchase the Flm-
strips "Meet wit pur Pa-
trol" Iegr in by Do ," .'o:ir
PFlfol Leader' cbupOc4," and
"The Troop Grows" ail, t1.ejgi
'onte, a Scout." He r9Ortt
Atlantic PIhtrict had na Iet
i Cub Leadterd Cutrse and *
teoutmaster's Basic with 264e-
qetvlnq certificates 4
-couarsae ilt, be ,6ed di
each district rur.,nlng twO bouh
a nightt .pr h wo eeks. ubjects
will include aTaiT g, ;SurtlvAl.
Map and Conmpe and- Field
Sanitation. Program otbbooks t
and Sheets hare been ordered
for 1964-5i season. .
Finance Chairman L. A. iKau-
ler reported' In tle revised 1r54
Budftet base% on receipt -of he.
o mpit Chest Conitrbutlbu.
Al Ohairnra. of the pinner Corn-
tnittee t f ave i a full report t@
this activity thanlnr those who
nhad prtlclbheted to make It a
Iuccebl. It was acclaimed by 'e
wroup as .one of Lhe best nut on.
Wi.- W .r y.O ,. Vice-ChliUriti,
Pacific Di trict and Prograi
Chainan.i jttjyolcan, gate
A brief, lepttt of the summer s
prograW-%t camp and dlstrlbut-
Sd lnfortation that is being re
eitased tho e Parents relative to
'he summer camp. Board Mewa-
Iters Charles Whitaker requEsttd
that ampl oRnartunlty be af-
o Ased the, A Scouts tpr Merit
Nad 6rk and *a Vassured by
llory that tht .would be done
Some Of thie rfinx workings anid
Lacktiound Of tre cumvj wks
voiced bY w at; Preatdent G. C.

A full returt .f the Scout-c-
itma -was r.ade by Vice-Presi-
dent Hans Pedersen, General
Chatirnil f.'r the activity. Fo.r
hundred thirW-slx Scouts frp-h
27 units ougTlflev for the Stand-
ard Award Pacific District
Chairman W. F, Fearn reported
the aditlqn otthLc Honorable Ed-
ward Altma& as District 0. an-I
E. Chairman and Major Robert
SDeir as Pubie Relations Chair-
man for the Da-trlct. Treasurer
Frank Hobhann reported Coun-
cil Finances were In good shape
_b illsl were being paid regu-

Council President H. 0. Pax-'
tio thanked the Board for ths.r .
fine attendance and -gve .-
brief rundown on the population
changer as it would lffet the.,
Bpoutln pro ram. Cal. Charles;
Cailoway nm' Capt. D, V. GlaI-.
Lat, U 8.N. reported In for the
l tagy. 4atlofl'. Collhcil Repi- f i-
resenttive C. R. Taht an-
nounced the Nathion Meeting
at Washington. D.C.. May 28.
29 and then presnted the Reg- t
htittOnmif to Preuidei hiS ---
son who In turn m- med- tin
eUda-to ti'ell outhlrord Mr 'w%
bvel, m e W. h -

=rMASc"d-erannwaaed *hft aemb I a

4' P iI
n-i -l

WS .ill _a University
rfrom oAth Bend
dt'atha Gft te-qage waui
t Wi ;tioLalz brotherhood
-mw ~ akilin by the Natloral
tontereabe. of 'Christians and
.. ies. She'wWl get the award
an Feb. 21, opening day of
National Brtherhood Week.


-:71- ---- -j.ti'



:l .,. ".1


FRIDAY 110 P.M. .



^^*ateH sam

p..A, .
-* I I

w T
'1 \




Great Biblical Dama.,
furtsnn ID''-*, ,-I


with '


* Grtflase

h "- il


Ism I
e .....--

* .;* # ': *^ s m

iila- ttT..:: ..


a -'"-* O

ilgTOml. a:18 :ill

-4'ft4T saS nI


S "'; -* ';th

- -. 4 ,-

' -,
' *I .



A" -"

JUNT*. .
4 '

Y. ."

'W V
:C. ,t W~ A

. *. .Jr 1..
: ;, :;.-,<* ; ... *.
", '-:..: ,
"* V ,. -.& ,a


? 'Ns^

" tS GROUP represents the Fort Kobbe s5im team which will compete in the swim meet at
Gamboa Pool March 5 at 7.30 p.m. This team, under the coaching of Sgt. Delgado. is probably
Sthe strongest and best represented of the Armed Forces. and will have two or more entries in
each of the senior events. They are especially strong In the back stroke event and will have
tvwo crack Medley relay teams to vie for the Kni ghts of Columbus trophies.

Fastch League ITrade Talk Keeps Jackie Rnbinon

Sny iYIi-LLC zInnsnpxu

NW L Pet.
*tPlomasZ 0 0 i.00o iln Training ampse
Oceota 1 1 .500 1la Training Camps
Pumas 1 1 .500
:,, S, O---t Trad1 lk cropped up today
The Pumas and the Ocelots in the Flor Iia trading camps of
sg'astlich TeenAgers played be-1 the Cincinnati Redlegs and
-"fooe a good sizeA crowd Tuesday Washington Nats.
p afternoon at tne Diablo Dia-
moand. The Pumas club won the It's reported Cincinnati may
Wloee decision 6-5. sell Graay Hatton to the Chicago
*if White box, who need a third
S.; SlasI 1-0) started for the baseman. The 31-year old Hatton
.Punas and went the roult, giv- has played second base for Cin-
S.idng up five runs on four hits, cinnati the last two years. He
Pltwbof the hits being honim-runs. was a third baseman for six sea-
Xirchmeir started for the losers sons before that.
S*ivin% up six runs on nine hits.
Q.fne hit w s a l7ng homer. I Washington is said to be on
lqa, Pumas Pitcher, explod- the verge of sending holdout
'the first grand-slam of the first baseman Mickey Vernon to
*-eamo. .He also had, a estile the 3tn eSox. Spch a d
Oki u it a perfect day 'St bat. would leave W hingfor wth
Sutherland, Pumas shortstop only one left-hinded hitter -
4Wo staked out a perfect score ete Runnels In the starting
rthe at, going 3-3. I lineup., S Wsahlngton Managqr
V rch O, Ocelot hurler, had Bu Harri has started re.
0 l sh with one man on shuffM is plans to -t more
while third baseman, left-had power In thbatting
opson, also an Ocelot, horn- order;
wth two men on. The two
nad-trippers accounted for thel Shortstop Phil Rizzuto check-
'Ocelot score. ed In with the New York Tank-
trchmeir struck out nine men ees at 157 pounds... heaviest In
Me- Salas sent seven men 1 years. Rizzuto was all smiles.
n swinging. "No ulcers... no arm trottble,"
^ ^ i.'..- "he says. "ItV feels great to atafl
,r NEXT GAME: working out without worries Or
Macaws vs. Palomas aches."
S Today, Diablo 4:30 p.m.
ST.ody. a 0 Rookie Frank Bolling homered
lit_ In the fltmitn rTI...i.. .-a ..a5.r

ie box score:
ab r b poa
gan. 3b 1 1 0 1 0
Sf 2 2 1 1 0
erland, as 3 1 3 0 3
2 1 2 0 0
d. e 3 0 0 6 1
on, lb 3 0 1 9 0
vwrf 3 1 1 0 0
m, It 3 0 0 1
lady,2b 3 0 1 0
U 6 9 18 6

4d cf s 0O
2b 2 0
I n,c 2 2
eir, p 2 2
ff, as 3 0
lb 3 0
pmpson, 3b 3 1
g if 20
as, rf 0 0
lalke, rf 2 0

. 22 5 418 8
*eere by Innings
.. 1500000-6 n0
000 203..-4 4 2
Bu'Sumnary: Runs batted In:
t ierland. Salas 4. Kirchmeir
.Thmpson 3. Three-base hits:
SNhmad. Homers: Salas,
-trehmeir, Thompson. Stolen
baws Black 2. Sacrifices: Cor-
tan. Errors: Pumas 0 Ocelots
fta on base: Pumas 3, Oce-
3, Bases on balls off: Kireh-
3. alhus 4. Struckout by:
r Salas 7. Balk: fa-
Wlanl niDtcher: Salas (1-
Lasing pitcher: Kirchmetr
Umpires: Di Klernan,
.'l. Time: 1:31.


ino bne WVnVoV -iigers- iust intro.
squad game. Bolling a second
baseman is a brother of Red
Sox shortstop Milt Boilling. The
Tigers named southpaw Al Aber
to start against the Phils in the
first exhibition game Saturday.
The St. Louis Cardinals take
on the Yankees in their exhibit"
tion opener. Cardinal Manager
Ed Statrky says he will pitch
three rookies... Niles Jordan,
John Romonosky and Bobby Tie-

Rainbow City



By Herbert Moese
biggest upset was staged in the
Teso Six "B" LeaRue when the
second division Elementary
Teachers trounced the contend-
ing Falcons 13-10 in one of the
most exciting contests played so
The Teachers led 6-0 in the
first inning and continued aegr-
ing to run the count 10-3 ata
the Ramon. Iendae (Falons)
team inside three Innig. At the
end of the fifth, the Falcon. in
their characteritic splprge, had
tied the ret ten rum. In the
Teachers sixth, the scored
three more to go and stay ahead
,of the Birdmen.

This defeat eliminated the
Falcons and thusae st half
honors to W, o Youth
Organslatls oB e How-
ever, the heWins_;Mt chance
of redeemnre m w thev
w'roteted fi er Sb that

The S lew's
Ae~u5~OPhms rt-b

f- ... --

W- @V ll W I v IIIU VIUwWI

.. -h < -. ,"'
..- .,-*. '. ., ; *: ,., .
-. ;* .- : .,
' ":; '. -^ ^
-^ A.*.

Records May U ,_

T---l a.- ml A a ,a t -. /.-I,_.m'_ ......

justl s surely as the T4 ,wlinSw across.
the Isthmus, a crash of record yo by
the boards tomorrow Vigh tt 6 pool t
'n the 1954 Invitational S by,
the Gamboa Civid Council ti Aer iM 'rectla of
the Physical Education and Recreation Branch.
This conclusion is drawn from the number and
calibre of entrants for the various events in the
Although 'he number of events netformance will be entered, in
s less than last rear's meet, the the opening senior 440 event.
number of contestants sl great- As the meet moves along. ClUnt
er and each race is studded with Olw, iiager of Hotel I
talent that.ahould tend to make Pi Aift poo and former A.A.U.-
the action crowded evening a diving champion will perform on
most interesting one. the high board amisted by Bill
Zemer, former Ohio State colce-
All C. Z. champions In both late champion. Also, Mrs. MUl-
the senior and Junior events w5'l dred Trimburger, formerly of
be on hand, including members Billy Rose' Aquacade, will pre-
of the U.S Girls Jr. Olympic sent a.watet ballet exhibition.
champion nr.ed'ey relay team Six medley relay teams; from '..
composed of Lola Fraunheini. the Aimy, Air Force and civil- i fL
Charlotte Sehulta and DanleLe lans re entered In the 24th and ~ I"ml
Harned, with girls like SaUlly final event. InomAll
,myser, Kathleen McConaghey, Fans can expect to see swim- be aboog for
Sue Lincoln and Grace Argo ming at its beat when. the boys le bck tohe
showing why they were good and gtills churn uD and down the
enough to place second ans cool In the different vepnts. A
third In the U.S. Girls Jr. Olym. large crowd is anmtpated, and
pie free stye relays. fans are uriedj M6'b on hand
Bob Conn.r, a fifteen year old early for the g favorite ea&. VO*F11
Sophomore of Balboa High, wao There .Is no caple tor admi.- -
; always givfA a crowd pleasing sion." 1 Mal


Brewers Play CHS Tonight;

Hopes To Make Navy Edges Pow

'54 Last Season STANDINGS Balboae
S By UNITED PRESS Atlantic Twilight Baseball
y UNITED ESS W L Pet. With Nav
Balboa Beer 3 1 .750 close down
Brooklyn star Jackle Robinson Naval Station 3 2 .600 Brewers kn
hopes to make this season his Powells 2 3 .400 take their
last In baseball banner year C.H.S. 1 3 .250 they are to
or not. an force t
Robinson first Negro to Naval Station 3, Powells 2 to a play-
break Into the majors says TONIGHT'S GAME they meet i
he has a good chance of landing Balboa Beer vs. C.H.S. tainly be tai
a job in radio or television. And thi one.
Jackie says he will ault at the A pitchers' duel featured Tues- Noel Gib
end of this season if that works day night's activities at Mt. Hope the second l
out. Stadium with Navy's Charlie a one week
Burns and Powell's Tommy in pin-point
Robinson says: "Baseball has Hughes locking horns in the Cristobal to
been mighty good to me. But at battle that saw Navy .win 3-2 pitcher, rool
35, it's just getting too tough to and move to within a halt game ias, so far
go-oa:'" lB adds: "Actually. I'm ofithe league lead. i ae .ibest p
Stbbfter Thape this spring than The win brought added signl- for the Hiel
I have been for several years, ficance to tonight's C.H.S.-Bal- Despite t
but it meant I had to diet all boa Beer game which Navy will be W, Crlstob
winter. My legs and body are watching with hopeful eyes. Na- iangerously
starting to feel the wear and val Station does not meet the over the lei
tear of my years." Brewers, who are currently lead- an imports
ing the league, again this season who will be
Jackle who played both the and must, therefore, rely on Plons. Their
Infield and outfield in 1953 either- the High School or Pow- one against
says he has no complaint about ells to do the job they cannot and another
his $40,000 salary. But Jackie do themselves. Station nine
figures he ha.s reached his salary Charlie Burns was master of Balboa Bee
peak as a ballplayer. The Brook. the situation Tuesday night. C.H.S. game
Ivn star says: "I only hope I can ordinarily the little Navy left- face Powells
do as well in radio or T-V." hander is plagued with control and wrap
trouble, but Tuesday that was champlolash
Robinson now training at all gone and he walked only
Vero Beach. Florida sees no three batters, while striking out
reason why the Daodgers ten. Burns* took home a one-
shouldn't do well this year. hitter and that hit was a bloop-
Jackle says: "It sure would be er hit fairly high into right
nice to nuit the game as a mem- field by Larry Cotton and Just
her of the 1954 National League out of the reach of Stuart Pool.
champions and World Series Tommy Hughes allowed only
winner. That's just- what I'm five hits in trying to pull Powells
hopinR to d6." up into the thick of the fight.
struck out eleven Navy batters
General Manager Guy Moreau and gave up three passes. The
of the Montreal Royals says loss left Powells with only dim
.Tackle can have a lob with the hooes of finishing the second
International Learue club which half in a tie for first place. ",
&ave him his start In organized Navy', first two runs were
ball. scored in the lower half of the .
first and after the first two bat,
Moreau says: "There always terms had struck out. Lott drove
will be a job at Montreal for a single in the hole between
.Tackle. We would certainly like short and third the ball golng
to have him back next season," through the legs of Bob Hodge
Elsewhere. Vice-Pr e s I d e n t in left. field, rolling all the wav
Richard Nixon has accepted an to the left field wall and Lott
invitation to throw out the first was across with the first ruan.
ball for the Baltimore Orioles. Esola, a right handed hitter,
Baltimore opens the American sent a grp s-cutter down the
League season against the Chl- first base Hne for three bases
cago White Sox April 15. and scored moments later on a
wild itch.
S, Larry Cotton rot the only
MIr f I8 Powells hit In the third and bat-
La Boca D ivi a tl ed in the first run for the los-
ersa. With Lamas at first ona
walk, Cotton lifted his hiuh two-
tba La bsgper to right and Lamas scor-
SofaIIlUQII L Ug ed. Cotton again played pn I"m-
portant role in scoring Powell
se- Pond run that tied the score in
the fourth. With one away C6t-
STANDINGS ton walked and stole second.
Rinebart rolled out to first bwise
Teama W L Pet. and Cotton moved to third. Ar-
Cerveceria Nal. 4 0 l.n0n old Mipnninq hit a roller to
Army Transp. 5 1 .857 Baron at their base. and when fh
National Dist. 4 1 .800 the Navyw' hot corner tia rdinit g; 'NI
Navy 4 2 .667 threw high over the firs ete- ms, Mule i
Pan Ideal 4 2 .667 man's head, Cotton scored.the at the Q
Navigation 3 3 .500 tying run. ood CI
Ordnance Club 15 1 4 .200 A scratch hit by the Naval was traded I
Ouarry Helghts 1 5 .167 Rtation and a mnmorv lane by the Ori
7465th Fntineers 1 5 .187 Tnmmn Hushes Poelln witchtr.
Comm. Tom Collins 0 3 .000 allowed the winning run to dent
the plate In the lower seventh
The first, two batters for the
NEXT GAMES Tars lhdd down oerftk bonts.
but Hughes was oapik to ernE
March 4: Navigation vs. Navy. off the mound and- beth Wst
March 7: Comm. Tom Collins and Oallahre were taped out ot j
vs. Ordnance Club 15. first. Charlie Burn walked.
March 8: Commn Tom Collins With a runner at first aU
vs. Army Tramoortation. went to a -l'o w-d u. ma S
March 9: 74 5th Engineers vs. Burns w-as V tf MMad nmrri
Cerveceria Nacional. Burns had sbandt already
March 10: Pan Ideal vs. Navy. r~iWned mmd wenQB OWfet
March 11: Army Transporta- lifted tall fth baN to hrt Iot
tion vY. Orqrunce Ce ih I. renter. Powe'.sleft alt egm te
A league meeting has been .raft- ttoMtr
called by President Rudelob it f. f rteae t o reen
Prinre for tomorrow, at 5:L0 them Wa1e te wter,- l
in.. to deal with the protested ly w. t. rVI .4
mnte between Cerfcera WNa- Of V W MW
rinal n4d Army Trt w toerton .*IIIE .I.A *w ti :
Al S. wrewrePutatives are th e gim ier In
"-t" to be pren t -, ..*%. .. --

S. ..t.. -- "-

lls 3-2

ir Meets. last place
UK .-.j.Aa.

The Color
has approve
will feature
weight Chl
Federico Pl
the Colon A

me TonightIIS U. V 5
133-pound I
al Station breathing Rfeey is I
their backs, the *r and ha
ow that they must leading 12
next two games if for about
win the second half his K.O.
he championship of Bassett (I
Twilight League in- (7).- Corky
off series. Tonight Jackson (I
C.H.S. and will cer- and Art Pi
king no chances with Riley has
with. Red Tc
on, the workhorse of Glen .Flana4
"talf leaders has had decisions to
rest and should be lie Pep, F
t shape for this one. Georgia Ara
>o has a well rested Th* 4pp
tie John Coffey Who frch, 1i-I
th s year, turned in a tieq.ous
tabldt perfdrmahces elaj" bet,
h 86hool nine. (4Rdolfo I
heir last place stand- Tbompm,
a- ha been Gmong prellliiari
close -to victories pPoundu I
iden and will have AI Stewart
nt role in deciding tea, wersu
second half chain- Ii at 135
final two games are
the Brewers tonight.
r against the Navpl p 'i'i
6 next Tuesday ni=ht.' rP ciC
er, after tonight's
, will still have to
s Sunday night to try
up the second half ll

bA.L-Ths is lt
billiards star. It .is
Sthe midst of a good
Mncy. Mass., Neigh-
ub. The outiMeldet
by the White Sox to
oles. (NEA) /



Si r .

I.:. 1-

71 i~

"RS -- This arry of tauhttg
Albrook Field. --"h will veS.3
reports from Albrook Pool or the
sonie of the 25 yd. pool records ar
e Air Force Base.

-vo ,U w e a satwaresi wtr l
t a ta deter ed to take theft aIV 5 tro-

Boxing Commission K's

-Plummet Marchl21 Bt

I Boxing Commission
od the program whish
top ranking feather-
arley Riley against
ummer March 21 at
rena in a ten-round
a veteran topnotch-
as been among the
6-pound contenders
eight years. Among
victims are Percy
2), Dave Gallardo
Gonsales (8), Nate
5), Bobby Why (5)
ortley (3).
exchanged beatings
ip Davis, Bassett and
an. He has dropped
Sandy Saddler, Wl-
Ra Famechon and
porting card for the
program will aelade
ad 1ipound "spe-
efpL BeaU 'Jack. II
tanels) ani Leslie
plus four-round
lea between 126-
Steven Bennett and
and Justin St. Or-
as Mankin Barrows


I League


Arai Cola 3 0 1.000
TAT 2 1 .667
Aleman Jr. 2 1 .667
Malta Vigor 1 3 .250
Pundador Brandy 0 3 .000
Fundador Brandy vs., Arsi Cola
(at Paralso)
Aleman Jr. vs. TAT
(at Santa Cruz)
Aleman Jr. 5, 'Malta Vigor 1
The Aleman Jr. outfit trounc-
ed the shaky Malta -Vigor nine
5-1 Wednesday at La Boca to
stay within one game of the
league-leading Arsi Cola team.
The game featured the steady
hurling of G. McGlure, Aleman's
pitcher, and brilliant defensive
play by both teams.
After scoring three runs in the
top of the first Inning, Aleman
Jr. was never pressed for the
laed by their opponents. Aleman
Jr. tallied once in each qf the
second and sixth frames to com-
plete their scoring, while Mlta
Vigor was fabled to scoo Its lone
run in the second Inning.
McOlurp gave up four base-
hits in winning her first game.
while her teammates collected 5
safeties oft Oleg Joseph, the los-
Ing pitcher,
The riNtter was V. Aus-
tin wittl, three.
Malta I or Ot 000 0o-1 4 4
Alema Jr 310 001 -- .5 4
TAT 7. Pundse Br .y 4
Last Wednesday t aralso.
the TAT tire-wirls came from be-
hind the hInd rupdadoy rnmdy
a 7-4 defeat.
Wth fadador Nran 1ead-
in 4-2 Utp until the 5th frame.
TAT scored five big to ce
game in the sixth innin.
The ime was a a from
the start s both Wal sfsatt-
ed seN bas-blowgofa b -
losing pcher. ta .fine
game u the

I he aeote ob Ib'tIla




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f a ,. -
f bZ
.. .R-. ..

6a STRETCHiINO IT. l' **J Pjtd P~ro amer at l!EVI N! iIcholaS Ar,1,~.but W
..t O F

A : ",~ ."

nw.I .,ti

Cituy UrjnvettLS ob ltitaet
g-byL. -) .-_ ..... -

Lucky Strike Wt twa

plays legion;-
Ply 'i Pifth Balboa Relays cun Clu Note
BHS Wins 9- Sd r pr 9
Sla -- ted .- 1 ".Apri 1 9 L 0 ,
...41 4 Ca.le eW ror st Mrp
r ed Aa 1 7 1 8 ie fifth trai th I plbo l
Powel' 4 and I I H nlt a 1 83 It g 8 M fifth A gl ht y rn (t6 tf fil haoat BUh t prt will tf ct
.t le1i, 1.943at1 Wl qll.. At106141a M ?
con M I tl It Arn tufit 235188% 16 8 i B 0 l w t at I. Palleasr he. t Cat68ai L11 a t t tB i -
to taaeit a5 146 53 hrlft LPOR .. 4 I I 1 m. I S ea a' Gun Club term sneaked up whia' t bt -MtnG tC t t I
o iato two wa t forth* e 10 30 aA at a nut lift yest the Balboa trniu ,tet ahootr.. r*
oe ,tShId. en.. i J---- k l t e the Balbot 'Ooif lP., A rA fl 1. be t d fned i
W 1 k ;08 at Lucky Strike ... .. 1. 4 on th lh i t flind m away with the tt&tc., a-B ,- o 7 aS
i a 1.'.....- 6" hi,.-- "' 15001 it atW WeO tl dbtsuie m k ij4 trhd w no w01in! tht l0 so
o ., theSI' co ueted' i O e thea tlo 5T6 fa;S
U0ft I ,. 5. t ,. .i coacthern:rin0 %h Me at ca 969k .as I not o"
-the PA yoEda b Fflir..t..Od1. a. ad_% nt

to'l l 'a 't I n e m : m*' |11^ z ] r ... l Xfl O bae Bot t, 1 ts '
1? e ayI
tr on. 4 oteortla stte Srtu Sr aea1 -adnd hInrVa "19Vl b*AU, tm rer.W.

lll 'S 4f,.i val"^ .h t BRSPni tA,*fai.elte icril ei. lI t r. g. t 0 1 B id Hatrri Ly
t......w. .th cv.t.'d ta m T11 ttcbas and only two of thet 1 ta l my rtttrddOat, ldltt

... MI .. _th r .... t5 "" l 4 wer< unearrced. -- m. .ft .m I rtt01al Poli1e ilth 1M. "1`61,. j
170 1 0e5 491s el "V I *fo r 'Tont t V I coa h fohr B i the ail;tir. t a 0 s9a Mllo, ai wila -rt ., ..
1.. a e -- g 3,4 ,rWean S ,.whiPe. o i ne U ta t t Rohiis e4e n th one U A
a Ingto U3_4Da. -1 te a t ut oal:y t1 1 1fi Ottn. 111-0

I Aa1i. .l... .n-. a ri ... .. their tt ubl .imwe Sif3'ljgglif !.4 *r. 1l..l ,.
,L" .bi. t alto t .,. m.. .. *e -n IM ter, by e i t T'yBiIJB
with "0no """ "" .Tb. -Tw All-Si '," ...... -.

5 2l o A lo r ,onl t thtb ongut' .Klm l ti 1b fbiree d hhe I% t l. ..
ror.B S AI fej"loturll mor t ntyou f favorite ew"I i rVt uica i ia to e a 0

ht.tO...llt .its : a bifletb.i .-7 7 21 trike w rs of the f.rst ha a tra, .. .............. 196 ll

V rr L ins 4 scored asrn g t e. oelf las year but it r tuu- meeres e aner
B e it n cl a r r e adN" .egh e 1w ni t R bWn .. .A "rrth. W I n*ek ..S.. f
$1ay? "ee^ Wpo* An a i ta to t .' hy l ii

I r* < -' ..... ..... ..... ,S W tthas e 7ight. "iE tw'a fl -tao .-fl .tt.l A a Ao m, t hetf te .id Oviralrd 13 to
A *iar ilase wit annowdILIde-

i4', ,, ,, ...... ... .... ;

........t ate hanah O T hese runs ca me of 3 o tt l .1 L zr i nbe.
twl. ..... led theo .. andS." Morton e b a ndy 3 reaoga: ay- tWO n.j'uar O nFl***** I ...... J-n ..
wel f1 M se k d. -it IT Player 'T m fkl rso ............. R0..e,' I 1swi !
a -'e 1 A- as a.e utnlW .. .......... w t e.r b .. -. ....
"to of'o1f1101t

W I S HI | a ... U e "u i b' 'k ._- -ri k e -L .. Jr . 1 8g .l l* nft h l r d l 6 U alL i 1 1 w r u i b D ft N 1
....J.. a wt h the aeifar '^--b. !P" -- I } --Wit oa n l ............... 1 9
to k i mi -^; r.A at i'e'awilr~h'!u' uti nbyhe ;. nS n l is- Id #lMAlt

PotPst- O .of.folefa.,, .shawi si @wtW otot talrmdt t alsp cMI a i MSo .............. i 3ttlg M|t f
st"rle.--Emrmi L o r r. QUI, ....... ... 1

-- -.t.r Amirl .-jn.. ., I t :............. : sft ntt lh' l g:
'.t'n g t "- ... ." a'w ill h i W 1 : I. :r t m o ti il -.. .... ;i *, '

w .9-d .-u... .' -
ttT114 r5ta16..r....ut47ic e:811 rla"to*e
Wo gus.o ma7b1no1d1i1m1de-
-h e I 0,a ." ." "la 2 o fir

I.-- _- -::3.--t es" x h b..,d ..,hi.. t- -- IotawI-
-ac a 0 ~ ik-..2% .. -iatta=.1 *7P76111114'r-- S Mill...66111 to-. -. ITOW N i- %aJIblka _

. .. .".. ..

-" ,: : ? ,'-.'t

J 'fgit At

' With Ike'

$ cCarthy Says

I -,WASHINGTON, March 4 (U
.,- Sen. Joseph R. McCarthy sa
zday he had "no fight wi
Ifenbhower at all" and hop
- heir dispute about his Sena
la stigating Committee proq
Are now could be dropped.
mThe Wisconsin Republican sa
and the President had mad
Positions clear and th
s -f~ljlsenhower was as strong
-Mit the subject of Communis
,,-'.Carthy's language and a
Se today were friendly ti
d' the White House. But man
r tal veterap4 saw in yeste
.and, today development
e postponement than answi
S ,/ne of the hottest politics
S tiohns of this general elect
1 year. That is: will McCarth
$Mlt Mr. Eisenhower and th
epublican leadership to month
his conduct of committee in
SYTepterday's forecast of an
4,5epbhower-McCarthy break or
'ihowdown o n investigation
: ,ceedure did not quite come
6f What happened was a re-
petition of last year's incident
which the Prsident gave
bip;news conference an Impli-
Ad M ebuke and repudiation of
SMCarthy's actions. That one
S."loted t6 foreign Vollev. 'Yes-
.terdey's bad to do with Me-
PCarthy's rough questioning of
,WS.ui General Ralph W. Zwick-
or. .
A, mimeographed, two pagi
4atement at the President's
"ews conference defended and
Iflsed Zwicker. whom McCar-
a. ia-alleged to have abused in
1pptlona about the honorable
Otharge of a known "fifth
Ovodment Communist."
aec President's statement also
ilored and repudiated "disre-
of the standards of fair
recognized by the American

,k'S put it straight to the Re-
p-bIcan leaflephip of Con-
s to enforce those stand-
i n Congressional hear-

-w'$kls statement unmistakably
y .-directed at McCarthy and
S d, a rebuke. But it did
Io e tie Senator. In ani
her phase of the conference;
Eisenhower said it was none
McCarthy's business how
rq. ahlfted among per-
-iles of,the execu-
*; blican leaders
doubts to-
beSI tbilfty to de ^
rek'. llh will. end

tt'it ,rto come up
Soln ab r vtoeots during
teaywOkatt making of
S it om.e bluntily- predicted
wllroultjAxd others
tYsaid there -was,
to lobse by trying.
be. S eate utOP policy conm-
i sit reed last Fxtdav to
inChainan Homer Fer-
nS o (Meb.) direct a study of

W |decision was a direct out-
9 pf the dispute between
arid the admilsatta-
0' sal t the m of GOP
A was the Uadlina, of thA
c.-o Chie JuxU U ri
S Chairman WUllam
S,(-NJ.) at the Judi-
:Committee. Langqr was
criticized for making
unevhluated charges a-
son held a preliminary
with the powerful
SK Cotn.}mmiet chairman yes-
R... eportd that no con-
ae been reached yet
to predict what
S l, vwelop at conferences.


.ta Ca1 c Cm ny fus
ad-growsn pr ,

"*not later than .nd
3 S J 4ade as.-aopon

aqordimg Is te stae ao-

-f MManasger of 1se Cam.

r .o t .H
- 3ry ji

* .. ... ,,- ,- ..

e __.,- "'. 3, 0^
... 4-'... 'S-,

.1. '- ,-'4T .

r, ,' -.
..: t. *.' ...S i .' _

- 'Alt 1At:.t

S, '.-' ., ,


4 ~. *1

4.~S 4%



.:'" r- .-...' f,^ ,.. .." S S ^' *r -'' f '*
fbft' WA.e~ i.- At .
-" ..LO ."', '- ., "
-' r; *.,w p
fiiti^ 1. .'"

44 4,).,4

.......-. -.. ...
,, ,,*:.'yc ,^ ,,.-*-p' .;< .:. ,', -.-.. '.- .. -,,- '.
"* .......i^ ^ ^ ^.-~a^


L~ ~ -

"* : -', .w :.r"

',cp-o* know a6 tn h a e isw w- Abrahs a
----- .. "._____ ,, . = .. .. I.. .'.I .'.,' ': .* '.S'; i.-- ,', ;,, "

I_.~~~ ~~ I. ..t p .- -rr-


- Chen. the Kuomintang' candl-
late for vice president. aid the
tJme was almost at hand to at-
Lempt to wrest con ol of Red
China from the grip bf dictator
Mao Tse-thung.
"We will not gamble with the
destiny of our nation and the
people, Chen said. "Judging from
present conditions, I believe the
counter-attack on the mainland
should not be far away."
Cher said only under Chiang's
leadership could the Nationalists
hope to smash back to the Chi-
nere mainland.
"President Chiang has 30 years
of experience in fighting the
Communists." Chen said. "He is
unequaled in his determination
and farsightedness. No one and
nothing can substitute for his
leadership and inspiration."
Chen's statement of returning
to the mainland was the boldest
official prediction made here on
Nationalist- intentions, although
Chlang told his troops previously
what 1954 would be the "year of
decision" for China. k
In Columbia, S.C., Gen. ark
W. Clark said today America

er '
al HANOI. Indochina, March 4
c- tUP> Communist leader 1i
Ly Chi Minh charged t o d a y th
ie recent American ground c r e
i- aid to the French air force wi
i- "anqLher step toward direct U.
intervention" in the Indochir
Ho's communique, broadcan
over all 'rebel radio stations i
th is country ashd by the Re
China radio in Peiping, was th
first official Communist reactic
to Increased American help 1
French Union forces.
Its violent language cause
political observers to take a seri
ous view. of the communique i
the light of the forthcoming Ge
neva peace talks which will dis
cuss the possibilities of settle
ments in Indochinas and Korea.
Ho said the. United States Te
cently "made another step to
e ward direct intervention in a!
m lowing the American Air Fore
A to particilare in the massacre o
- the population."
i e charged that while al
"peaceloving peoples" are trvini
to reduce international tensions
"the United States government
is devoting itself to -developing i
war of aggression" In this count
He said the Umited States
wex violatiw the rtveuignty
of thethree eindohinose tate
of Laos, Cambodia adifL Viet
Nam and..'fep#ting. w arwd
preoa ence.Ola(fl ..
The uonferhne.ito aid 'Inrthe
"massacre" of- Indochinese. pre-
sumqbly was In connection with
the arrival of 200 U.S. Air Force
ground crow members to main-
tain French war-planes.
Dfplomats aid Ho's kharp re.
action against the Amer.can fd
virtually eliminated the a4 1m
hope that.the Communist Viet-
minh might give up. thed asist-
ance they have been getting
from Communist,'ChlrA
The,'rebet, maeabwhile, step-
ped up .a series ofr uttered
attacks whichh apparently were
aimed at-ga lin as much p.O
ltieal prestige as possible be-
fore the end of the, campaillgn-
ing sea-o and the onset of
the Apri muonsoon.
One attack hit an outpost six-
miles west of Hanot today, and
a "flash alert" tleared4 the streets
of the city as.the boqm.ottrtll-
lery echoed through tpe 4l
The .streets werx de&e6 e-
cept for military patrols durlnf
the three hours the "state of
alert" lasted. So far as was
known the. Reds made no at-
tempt to enter the city.
Preach authorities refused at
first 'to disclose the reason for
the, emergency measures,, but
word spread rapidly of a surprise
attack on the outpost at Senho.
First official reports skid the
defenders of Senho had driven
oft the Communists without
themselves suffering any losses
In Formosa, meanwhile Pre-
mier Chen Cheng told the Chi-
nese National assembly foda
Generalissimo C h I a n g al-
shekl's armies were muktnr "ac-
tive" final preparations for. a
counter-attack against Red.
The 'iglng Premier said he w/a
confident beyond doubt that
the mainland eventually would
be returned to Nationalist rule
"Our failure was not made In
one day." Chen said. "So our suc-
cess cannot be gained in one
dav. either. But we shall not
wait for the enemy to dlsinte-
grate by himself."

. CI'CAGO 'Ma:rch 4 (UP) --
When IVaine Brenner, 18, gets
married 'March '17 she will
weat soMething old. something
new, something borrowed, and
-by t idJtin-asomething blue
,The blue, however, will be
tinged uifth black.
Miss Brenner received a
"black" eye in an auto mishap
last week.

- IVW Y i.the Ar Force's
)gtaf-lta % lane was
Am After -Mtbch and
I s_ w u alic f or

.- .

should "get out of Korea and
get out fast," and "There's a
sood change e" the Chinese
Communists would do likewise.
Clark, former United Nations
Far East commander who re-
cently ended a 40-year Army
career to become president of
the Citadel at Charleston, 1. C.,
told a Joint session of the South
Carolina General Assembly the
Communists once said the y
would leave Korea if American
treess were withdrawn.

"There's a good chance 'they
will still do what they said," he
declared and "we should gei out
of Korea and get out fast."'
"There's a better chance of
settling things If Korea is left
to the Koreans," he added.
Clark aid America should
never again "let our first team
get mousvtrapped -into a war
with a numerically' superior
second team of the enemy."
He said the Uni'ted Statel
should keep building up its arm-
ed strength because "force is the
only thing the Communists un-
derstand, and if they ever start
another shooting war let's come
out swinging with everything we
Despite popular opinion to the
contrary, Clark said, America
"never had the means" to attain

US Travel Grans

To Panama Teaches
The Unitd States I ntrmangd
Service (USIS in PanamkT an-
Douoces ta avalabilty of travel
gra=ta to .thb United tatea for
members of 'the teaching roA
feation in the Republie of an-

Teachers from throughout the
world will be brought together
I Washington, D.C. and then
will ap e n d approximately six
months travelling throughout
the country and visiting school
systems in various communities.
The purpose of these grants is
to acquaint teachers and Minis.
try of Education administrators
with educational institutions In
the United States and with the
latest procedures now practiced
in all levels of education. "
For application blanks and
further information, see Alfred
Leventon, cultural affairs o1fi-
cer, U. S. Information S.rvice.
Completed application fo r ms
must be returnee to the USS
office (No. 20 'I" Street, Pang-
mA City) before Friday, March

Balboa Tides

Friday, March 5
High Low
3'-38 a.m ........ 10:0o Lmait.
':03 p.m. .......... 10:25 pan.

SWrNswTrx-N5mr E X'EAA

Pope Is Taking

More Nourishment,

-Making Daly Gains
- Vatican sources .reported to-
day that doctors are stepping,up
the amount of direct nourish
nent they are giving weakened
Pone Pius XIT.
* The sources said the 78-year
old Popes condition sho wed
slight improvement this morn-
ing for the seventh straight -day,
While the Rio ma n Catholic
Pontiff faces" a long period of
cotvslesceneq his doctors are
encouragedl by the manner in
'which he has rallied since suf-
ferine a setback in his recovery
On Feb. 21,
Since he fell ill with what has
been officially described as gas-
tritis on, Jan. 25. the Pope has
been on a mainly liquid diet,
having eaten only a few mouth-
fuls of solid food in those 38
. Most of his nourishment In
this trying period has been ad-
minisered indirectlyy, But the
sources reported that each day
the.Pope's doctors and attend-
ants are able to feed him addi-
tion4i quantities of nourishment
through the mouth.
SRome has had springlike
weather most of this week and
the rise in temperature is ex-
rected to be a boon to the Pope's
laope-a-for recovery.

Bride's Black Eye
Will Be Something
Blue For Wedding

Vl .1.- -.. .
- amw muauAns -1ra

r auu9~

~-I~ -
i-'a& 'x': :9.


a hitplete victory in K orea
without "entirely excessive cas-
ualties that I Would not permit."
He said he was against sign-
ing the armistice without vic-
tory, but there was $'n use go-
ing on when we didn't have the
determination to win."

GOP (h .- Says
M M ..

NEW YORk, March 4 (UP)-
Republican Natlpal Chairman
Leonard W. l-a V4ald today it's
nonsense to Make pluch of the
GOP's "family dife! nces."
"We are ihot a divided party,"
he said in --a.. aVeeh prepared
for the lunAfMeetinR of the
National Republidin Club.-
Hall told, reporters Tuesday,
after a meeting with President
Elsenrhower, he dod not like the
"situation" developing out of
Sen. osaeph R. McCarthy's
charges that the Army coddled
Commuhlsm. He also said he
could not "go along" with the
Wir onsha Republican's attack on
Army ageerate
In hs speech today, he. dis-
milsed suh issues as only "de-
sre s of .tpnlQa, emphws and
B A *It iter like combit.
t t1h en d gets o C0
munismn, b.ot on, he hom ipR t
and at the council tables Abroad.
we are In ea2rnt teccord," he
delared. "We recpnize the evil:
w are. doing K inWethbng abovt
| I '" '
'He accused- Democratsa of
5preeding the idea the Republi-
cans "hav6 split Irrevocably over
a problem Involving personali-
"That's nonsense, of course,"
lie decliLed.


saet y, his relatives. Sewir otte
mn who were not named .w4e
strike and' rushed to the pHiol
P@RO said an autopsy revealed
tint Pielotta, one; of GilluHadW'
top llteutenaets died Feb. 9 after'
taking medicine containing 24
tigratns of arsenic-enough to W
Pisciotta, a handsome, curly2'
haired outlaw, created a sensation
when '-he confessed it was he and
not police who killed Giulano. Pis-
ciotta shared.a cell with his fath-
er who said h son's death was a
vengeance slaying.
Both of the Pisciottas were perv-
ing life sentences. The younger
had received three separate -1e
sentence for a long chain k
crimes committed while a mem-
ber of the band that defied Sici-
lian popee or years.
Prison guard Ignazio Selvagglo,
37, and another guard whose name
was not disclosed were charged
with murdering Pisciotta.
Shortly after the prisoner was
found dead the medicine was ex-
amined.but showed no signs of
.The elder Pisiiotta told police
Selvaggio changed the medicine
bottle to remove the one with the

Weight Of Evidence

SW 1tMEAUIS Minn., Marh
4 ( who broke in-
th athre last niyht
"a 7 it)a portable a.-
dt, a ir ad left a
note whichtgit Borry. All we
could ctrty.

Hair Lines
NEW YORK, March 4 (UP)--, cdimpany reported today
Its researchers had figured thai
an "average" woman combs her
hair abbot 2500 times a year, or
bout ..84 times a day.

of' theln

it get- bi
en the -
* Sr

,_ ". "[' .- '. ^ "^ "> .. -

carton of cigarettes and scat-
tering canned gbods In the stor-
age room, It ws learned today.
The robbers el bed, n. -
roof of the building, and cut a
hole in the orruated ,rofi
early terday ornn Th
Splaed t robc the
aafe. However, when they climb-
ied down from he root, they
n the ooma lft open and
roOwners oft t QooWrn ct&

stores slterdaY orin.oit
two ,tonthi lttd. -bin
made to bl e d t rolh
ed downfrom t he ,. h

lsewhert i
'i i

A polieStan, 'twil
guard earl, ytst
told one tof the m
heard a noise, and lo
round the flont of t
However, he- saw. oth

The roof wT"l
today. TOtl, -!o
of cigarettes and
milk which were
the spot.

Seybold Invites CZ Groups To Help

Plan Goethals Memorial Dedication
Prior to his departure for estions from the unit under public relation irectorchair-
Washington yesterday Gov. their supervision and by ad- man; Lt. C.p. 8' S 'Parker,
Washington yesterd h von.
3. 8. Seybold stated he would vising any part a bureau or divl- military assstant to governor;
like for, all Canal Zone orga sion would like to take In pa g F. 0oor admnstative
nizatlons to feel free to make tribute to the "Qoethals era assistant to governor; Arthur J.
suggestions which should be oldtimexs" who are expected to O-Leary, hMel, -ccofintg Divi-
eonspidered in the current plan- visit the Zone for the occasion. slon; P. Thornton, acting
lin1k for the Goethals Memorial An enthusiastic response to this gen e ral manager, Clubhouse
&de tion activities to be lbd request has resulted In numerous Division; and Fr DeV. 811,- ra-
at te end of this month. events now being under con- tired employee member.

Ali groups, he said, are in-
vited,to make known any, desire
to participate, as an organiza-
tion, in the program of related
evebts being arranged to extend
over a period of several days.
,. ;governor previously had
urged Panama Canal Co.-C. Z.
government bureau directors to
participate actively in making
.ans for the forthcoming event
.by presenting' constructive sug-

- I

World Day Of'Prayer Will Be

Observed By Zonuans Tomorrow

" By proclamation of Gove" ; and the Balboa, Pedro
John S. Seybold tomorrow has el and 0 a'm b o a Union
been designated as a World Day OhUrches.
uf Prayer in the Canai Z!.ne. In making his proclamation.
Should responrlbiolties p.,event Governor Seybold noted that:
some people fro.r ittendhin the "World Day of Prayeg will be
church of their choice on that observed this year by more than
day, Governbt Seybold said: "'I one hundred -countries during
urge them to pause in their work which people of many tribes and
for one minute of prayer at high nations will lift their hearts in
noon to ask God to give us the a mighty chorus of prayer: and
wisdom and courage to meet the the Church Women of the Canal
problems of oCr times." Zone will olin with church wom-
Consistent with the purpose en throughout the nation and In
of tI .. proclamation, several thousands of communities in all
churches fave p ed s tl hrt of the world to form this
services of devotion for Frday. cholhf of oraver."
The Atlantic side will sponsor Although the .World Da y of
a joint service of the OGatun and Prayer is sponsored annually by
Mrgarta Titlon Churches at the De a rlt ment of United
7 t pJn. In the Gatun Union Church Women of the National
C0urth, Council of the C h u r'c he s of
The Cristobal UpVio Chtrch Christ in the U.S.A., and' the
ill have a children's service at services are planned primarlv
:15 pinm. and will be joined by by the women of the churches.
SEJIo Churcho. pf .o1r a spokesman poigted out that
m su an ada ms4 sh men and women customarl-
Ti p.m. o- attend the services. All will be
SOn the Pacific side it was al- welcome.
bounced that one joint servtq Tho's'e particlpating In the
will be h e I'd in the Oamio. Oamboa service include the fol-
St 0:30 a. lowing: Mrs. Forrest Geno, Mrs.
s$ w rt Malone Mrs. John ey-
ion of the Si a u Army oU", Mrs. Roger Greene. Mrs.
I b M ainpa Ba Q.urch. al px lellens. Mrs. Anton Holger
Cu, w betoe e smp lham. Mrs. Cuot. Edward Nodpon,
X 01S = f8L~lake. ,W e Jo Lp ftASWS *hsohvsLc 40 Dica


F' ./;:.
- I -
:vn&~.. ?'X- -

sideration for an overall pro-
gram extending over several
Final plans are being formu-
lated for the formal dedication
ceremony itself which will be
conducted ox Wednesday, March
31, at the site of the. 8-foot
marble monument eucted in
Balboa to the memoir o6 MaJ.
Oen. George W. Goaet l, chair-
man and chief ekginedr of the
Isthmian Canal Commission and
first Governor of the Panama

Meropolhn Opera

Tries T Tom Dwn

'Of eudsi 'Fa
lf f .

NEW YORK March 4 (UP)-
The Metrop ian Obera served
notice today that "unruly and
offensive" opera fans would
have to tkoe down their tradi-
tinnal ahAo. ta F "Bra al"k for

In addition to' eonemta atifg lhir favorite singers
the outstanding contributions of
Gen. Goethals to the- opmnerce Manager Rdolf Blg took un-
of the world, the. f ation precedented steps to control the
ceremony and .the retl events uproar created by "citques," o
will highlight this -yet 50th organized. groups of pplauders
amnnversary ot- the l over The have been ralsjy the roof
of the construct o f t e Pa- at he stald. -ol "'1et" lately
nama Canal by the United trying to outo0 each other.
States from the French Canal t
Co. Opera lovers who lined up In
SRelatec events, particularly on a biting cdd wit ou.tde.teW
Tuesday, March 30, and Thurs- opera houae Iat fight rstatd-
.day, April 1, will bece a part ing-room tickets were handed a
of the official pro6ami being mimeographed message fro 0
itsigned to interest' sident"s U Bing. It said the uaber of
well as the former emplqyes and standees admitted would be' out
other visitors expected .t be at- In half
tracted to the -one bedse of
the international fame of Gen- "Recent demnatrataoS y a
eral Ooethala and his work on limited number of dmndlg
the Canal.* room patrons bave niM uly
The Canal Co. boar* of dl-and offensive .to'mie j4".
rectors han author a In R far men-'Vt," sa u te
as accommodatIons aft able Metjpoa a akust
a special round-trIp fare for peasuruia Sn proval,
retired eaWsp r or w ltants such de mut be
ofon theust
of the "otk l a-On the et with ll a nrate
Panama .dUz r Aw the w south- wih th digatty oft C le houIe."
bound Saiaun prTsJow -e'
cation (arriMai lThe S- t dl buy
March 2 and.n ~ V)and their wi tt oi hose
the two northb af- at the ak
ter the eve she t a k i
lated' eombt 4bs
membos of tAi -t
tee which,

M -ony a._. h as In-
The emb- Op S OS 1-qU-tIM"pr
." w a s ,- r. ... .. .

.. -. -. -
-"- "; V ""-' '" "" "''-=" ., vT."= '
: : : ,;: ...,A-A

"d-r- a- "T -te
I S un.r-

ses and" over "the' ,re
force. toe, *r
sool put at ,
I. .trot's mam th auto
kaonts lnauteeism' as three
timbs ormal. Even Iz the police
department only fnn-err de-
tectives anwered g roll

k a lon
X~rU r bu" t the
dr lter t!e :u t Sue
dt cars wer l ;_ the
city's Willow Run closed
down and Grey us ckn-
Wled W. ups to-to. -

Return ID Card,'

S .P to
,. member tUS. m" ed
-F ", s .ji to n. d

t ao. f .
Af M~ett- *&N~- *^-J. *i


Judgts IS

For having r U a In his
IMueS1n,, gtu -,A.' cavarria,
a 24-year-o PAnafimnlan a
fined $15 this mornthi In
Balboa Mxit's tr' t.
Mario Garcia, wan Bs,
was fined $ for Io6tIrD a-
lound barracks building ob tit
Vt. Clayton.
For following another ear too
closely on i8atl a RB1, Carolina
de Arosemnga, SIR.-M- rd
Pananiamnn wgs -iwa5.
_bertR .. -Burton; $1 r-
lag.wthout a'thaMufer'f lice
wa fined $5.
Ior paVWing but on Mablo
Road. Jose I C n5. Os.eta


Ban n a .Aae
for hiclsto ttein*
o-ain t athe l ok-

-Charles wasi:
toda b l wPasS

for his lst d at .
car office, A lt to
he a U g '
r against the lRa- 4 eT

Benefit Cos'os
To Be Resumed

gaBeftem -ags Ubee
ca t d "rMo
whisk wm SflekGe-

ANf r A-m.fl -


.. :


I '







"W^-y .






* 'I

*- .- -'*-.
: *~ r.^*.